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File: 1449768389032.jpg (50.83 KB, 640x360, 16:9, phil-fish.jpg)

78e16d No.308786

Judging for the corrupt IGF is going on RIGHT NOW. This was the BIGGEST STORY in the early days of GamerGate when it was proven that the SJW festival skipped over real games like RogueStar's to give awards (and CASH MONEY) to SJW garbage.

SILVERSTRING MEDIA has a game in this year's entries, how much you want to bet that all the judges are going to collude to give it an award?

Other SJW shit like Undertale and Cibele are also in for awards.

I remember other anons were talking about getting into the judging group to make sure that this shit didn't happen, were we just too lazy to do it?

The top prize for this is $30,000! $30,000 in hipster welfare to corrupt SJW trash. WHY ARE WE NOT DIGGING???

78e16d No.308787

got a lead?

78e16d No.308804

File: 1449771342517.png (199.29 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1441196054537.png)

>Why are we not IGF digging?

Dig on what? we already know that shit's corrupt, but if it's ongoing, we don't have much to sift through. We can connect the dots in the aftermath of their results, but if you were expecting some sort of Hollywood-style "saving" of the awards and a last minute replacement of judges to award some underdog a purified award, think again.

The same corrupt shit is going to happen this year, as it did last year. When it's done and over with this year, one of us is going to thoroughly shit on it, we'll get an infographic or two for the twatter crowd to spread, and that'll be that.

Concerned about making an impact? A lot of my friends actually turn away from games that are indie and award-winning on Steam now, and push it from their marketing with the "Not Interested" button. It's not going to be a glorious, public win, but the facts are going to come out, and stay in the undercurrent of public knowledge. It's not heroic-looking to an outsider normie like perhaps a dad over your shoulder, but it's what we do.

78e16d No.308808


I can't find my thread on the 2015 Indiecade catalog, but a majority of my digging ended up being used or mirrored in the 8Diamonds thread here:


Not posting this as an attention whore, but just a reminder that active diggers are out there, sometimes on other boards or sites, watching and waiting.

78e16d No.308809


odd, my thread has been deleted at some point.


Well, there's the benefit to leaving a trail across multiple boards I guess.

78e16d No.308810

File: 1449772586369.png (363.9 KB, 600x400, 3:2, rizq.png)

The IGF is tricky in that there's definitely some stuff that doesn't pass the smell test, yet there's been no hardcore smoking gun yet, if I recall correctly.

But to summarize (and correct me if I'm wrong here) there was some news in 2015 with Brandon Boyer stepping down as the chairman, being replaced by Kelly Wallick, the sister of GAME_JAM invitee Adriel Wallick, who in turn is the girlfriend (?) of fairly corrupt game "dev" (really just a PR guy who can't code) and top-of-the-totem-pole-progressive-stack-wise-since-he's-muslim, Rami Ismail of Vlambeer.

So yeah, it's fucking corrupt, but PROVING it is pretty difficult. Not that we shouldn't try.

PS: Fez entering two separate years was complete bullshit.

78e16d No.308821


>CNN reporter in pic related


The Obama News Network. Son of a bitch….

78e16d No.308824

File: 1449777787367.jpg (20.7 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


>Other SJW shit like Undertale and Cibele are also in for awards.


>SJW shit

Learn what you are talking about and maybe people will pay more attention.

Here's Toby Fox on SOCJUS journos.

TEG: The protagonist in UNDERTALE is of ambiguous gender. This is also true of many of the monsters he/she encounters along the way. Was this a design choice, and what role does androgyny play in your vision of the world?

TF: Skip

TEG: Romance was one of the most interesting aspects of the game. In some situations there are sexual undertones in the dialogue, but these quickly give way to absurdity. Why did you choose to include flirting as a mechanism, and what role does sexuality play in a world like Undertale’s, where the storyline centers around the polar opposites of violence and non-violence?

TF: Skip


78e16d No.308826

Undertake is SJW tripe, you sad cow.

Enjoy getting fucked by your gay lover.

78e16d No.308827


Well, I'm a leftie, so *shrug*. Just sayin' I think these SJW dev-wannabes are plenty corrupt without trying to rope other narratives into.

Maybe the CNN chick was there because of the bride (shudder). No idea. Of interest, however, is the fact that Wolf Wozniak was there just to the left of the CNN chick and I believe it was that reception where he said LW sexually harassed him… before Philipe Poisson (what is it with these fucks and the pseudonyms!?) shouted him down on twitter.

78e16d No.308831



Everyone, let's celebrate 456f08's opinion. Clap please!

78e16d No.326140


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