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File: 1449921939938.jpg (102.4 KB, 600x837, 200:279, cho_001.jpg)

1993ad No.309054



From the same mindset that brought you "anime fanservice is normally wrong and disgusting and misogynist but Kill La Kill is an empowering feminist masterpiece" i.e. "if I like it, it should be allowed"

I have no idea what the panel said as there are no videos yet but I've argued with SA goons trying to make the same points before (horribly) and I doubt these people had anything new to say on the subject.

1993ad No.309055

File: 1449922000963.png (24.33 KB, 536x291, 536:291, wudilqwudliquwdliquwdliquw….png)

fuck broken link twitter.com/MyOwnVelouria/status/675484586902556672

1993ad No.309060

They either haven't read the developer interviews or pretend they never took place.

If a Japanese game has a sexy woman in it it's 99% likely that it doesn't mean anything,

1993ad No.309063


They usually refer to the fact that the female character designer finds her a power fantasy. They might also refer to JP Kellams' SJW ramblings on Twitter even though he's not a significant creative force for the game and his Japanese peers likely have no fucking idea what he's talking about when he talks about how Bayonetta is a glorious feminist heroine.

Kamiya himself basically said that she's a hodgepodge of everything the main staff find the most attractive in women. She's the very definition of an "unrealistic idealized sexy portrayal".

I think part of what's going on here, beyond "I like this so I don't want to admit it's just as 'wrong' by my standards as Dragon's Crown or Dead or Alive", is that Bayonetta is too big to fail. It's by well-established superstar devs and everyone loves it; even if they tried they couldn't take it down a peg.

So instead of targeting it as PЯOBLEMATIK, the clique is instead trying to explain how it's "still sexist to an extent, much like everything is ;););)" but ultimately "better" and "more feminist" than the lesser-name projects they target as disgusting and misogynist for the same level of sexualization.

It's so fucking stupid especially since one of the boss attack animations in Bayonetta is basically a rape joke: Bayonetta just sits there naked while the boss smokes a cigarette in a suggestive pose. Does that mean Bayonetta was raped? Hell no, but it's definitely suggestive dark humor. Which is ok, but SJWs only ignore shit like this when it's a game they like.

Same with people like Brianna Wu; she talks about how she loves [sexualized game] and how Gamergate are lunatics for thinking she's sex-negative but then screams at Lionhead for tweeting a girl's boob cleavage (and a guy's ass cleavage) because that creates a "misogynist environment".

These people have no standards; they just try hard to appear holier-than-thou but they're just as perverted as the big mean gators. They then try to make their perversion look like ideological purity.

1993ad No.309068

Kinda sucks that Platinum Games' most vocal twitter user @pg_jp is a raging SJW.

1993ad No.309073

File: 1449924123306.jpeg (45.53 KB, 500x500, 1:1, jR9qiBR6.jpeg)


I really, REALLY hate that guy. I don't want people to call him a faggot or whatever or even interact with him AT ALL because it won't end well. But he's a complete and utter clown.

I saw him have an EXTREMELY long, apologetic conversation with a loony far-leftist Tumblr girl trying to explain to him how Bayonetta is misogynist and disgusting. He tried really, really hard to defend himself and the game, touting his women's studies major as proof that he knows what he's talking about and is totally down with the rightthink. He said that "Gamergate should be open to conversation if you want to be taken seriously"; so I said "okay, let's talk about Bayonetta & sexism". He responded with "I don't care; we at Platinum just want to make good games and care not for politics!"

Okay, he was just busy, right? Nope; immediately after ANOTEHR Tumblr woman started ranting about how Bayonetta is misogynist, so he resumed his usual shtick.

I asked him if he can explain how the aforementioned rape joke fits into his "Bayonetta is an anti-patriarchal feminist game about teaching cis white boys a lesson" rantings. No response.

It's so fucking sad and I can only hope that his Japanese co-workers are rolling their eyes at his bullshit instead of being influenced by it.

1993ad No.309077

File: 1449926199631.png (259.45 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1438218751443.png)



>Bayonetta scares cucks

I don't know whats real and whats a joke any more.

1993ad No.309085


Here is an idea. It may not mean anything in particular but I'll give it a go.

Maybe…..just maybe……..the author actually played this "problematic" game and didn't find it sexist but fun instead. You know, what gamers have been saying ALL along.

Now the thing is, SJWs are NOT going to admit that gamers were right which forces them to say things like "guilty pleasure". Which also means they are going to use their own brand of "spin" to make the game seem "acceptable" for SJWs.

1993ad No.309089

I think what piss me off in this kind of shit is that feminist see anything deemed 'strong' in a female character as something that MUST, surely, be entirely dependent on their ideologies.

However, upon close examination, anyone with a brain cell would quickly find that the strongest, most badass of female characters are in fact the complete opposite of feminists. Feminists are all about blaming external factors for their weaknesses and faillings (mostly just men) and all about demanding more; they want their cakes, to eat it too and then demand not be called fat when they've eaten too much cake.

Meanwhile the genuinely strong female characters (which is to say, strong characters who happen to be female, not characters who are strong because…uh…magical vagina?) are generally competent and self-confident. These kind of characters would never waste time feeling utterly offended and threatened in their existence by mean words or an ad on a billboard. They would never blame their problems on some intagible force designed to point fingers at. Why? Because they are strong and strength itself (not strength in terms of physical strength or power levels) including things such as wisdom, intelligence, self-control, self-sufficience, self-awareness or a desire to improve oneself. These are all traits the feminist media juggernaut seem to despise more and more out of women. It isn't to say that there aren't some 'feminist icon' fictional characters who posses such traits but they are few and far between and, often, the result of other better writers handling these characters. Still, I find it utterly bullshit that a good and/or competent female character MUST clearly be a feminist, if anything, our modern times are proving the very opposite. Only the ballsiest of women find the strength to shout that feminism is shit, partially because plenty of (if not most) women don't have the moral fiber to oppose it because they know this system favor them in the short run. It take someone sufficiently pissed off or willing to set aside the short term gains and, yes, priviledge that come with the feminist regime to say: 'That's enough. You people are trying to bring everyone down and control them. You are filth.'

Going back to strength in female characters and feminism; this is the difference between Ellen Ripley and Female Thor or any of those modern day female comic superheroine. The former does not make a fuss about the fact she's got a vagina and is capable of handling herself. She doesn't waste screentime remiding people at how strong, independant she is and how men are a bunch of evil useless pigs. She does her shit, she does it well and never stop to demand special treatment. There is no way in hell these screeching mentally handicapped harpies out of modern academia could ever write a character like that, because the twisted truth in this is that feminist cannot conceive a woman having any strength. If they did, they wouldn't have power, because their power exist solely in exploiting the fact people feel bad when women are hurt. Their entire power rest in their ability to play the victim while claiming to be oh-so-strong, when they confuse strength of character with beign an immature cunt.

1993ad No.309091

File: 1449937239835-0.jpg (158.06 KB, 800x600, 4:3, myers 1.jpg)

File: 1449937239837-1.png (1.14 MB, 1440x809, 1440:809, MaddyB_G_WfKVAAAvaxY.png)

File: 1449937239837-2.jpg (207.76 KB, 544x601, 544:601, maddy-myers.jpg)

File: 1449937239837-3.jpg (31.96 KB, 480x640, 3:4, MaddyB7EnwmcCEAAsQMp.jpg)

File: 1449937239838-4.jpg (177.25 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, Maddy7jn9mYo.jpg)



He seems more like one of them thirsty niggas into it just because he thinks it'll get him laid.



Also is Maddy Myers like the only one sane enough on their side to have consistently had this position since the very first game?

(and even their sanest is still insane considering she only got >>>/fit/ because she went full Otakukin)

Probably the funniest bit was when faGGots that didn't know who she was were passing her articles around unironically, she got all offended like "OMG NOWAI DIS ARTICLE NOT 4 U pls stahp" and then wrote a pro-keesian thing in response.




So much "stop liking what I like!" in there.

https://archive.is/DHFDY and she hates metroidvania type games because blind fangirl, lol

https://archive.is/Qudhl also fun was that time she got into a fight with Ghazi after Wu's little tea party with Wardell.





https://archive.is/SeAf8 good shit yo, good shit.

>>309089 actually, minor aside: there are some like Millenia who do get offended over silly shit.

Jappos think that's an inherently feminine trait so they're liable to give tsun-traits to non-tsuns to 'feminise' them.

(as opposed to pure 100% shitkickers like Canaan, Claire, and Balalaika)

You'll see this most often in comedy sci-fi series, like Aisha in Outlaw Star, Canal from Lost Universe, Yuka from Geobreeders, and pretty much the entire team from Gall Force has at least one such moment apiece

1993ad No.309092


>there are some like Millenia who do get offended over silly shit.

Yes but it is a different form of 'beign offended'. I draw a difference between 'character is pissed at stupid thing for in-story reasons' and 'this billboard has offended me, I will go on twitter to mount a crusade to dismantle the company'.

1993ad No.309094


>He seems more like one of them thirsty niggas into it just because he thinks it'll get him laid.

Fuck that. I honestly think he is afraid of losing his job for not appearing full SJW. He knows what happens for having a simple opinion. He probably has a family to take care of. He is crying under his facade at the bullshit he has to portray.

1993ad No.309119


If that's true, it means they don't give a shit about their ideals and will jump ship if they like something. It's not saying much.

1993ad No.309129


samusclone is fucking delusional https://twitter.com/gooniestgoonery/status/524133742307454976

LOL at cosplaying "problematic" samus though hahahaha

1993ad No.309130


he could just act like Kamiya, he's fucking working for them. he has no reason to suck up to Tumblr slobs.

1993ad No.309131


>I have no idea what the panel said as there are no videos yet but I've argued with SA goons trying to make the same points before (horribly) and I doubt these people had anything new to say on the subject.

A saw a goon once try to say that Cutey Honey is feminist. Social justice nazis are the dumbest people on the planet

1993ad No.309132

1993ad No.309136





She's one of the first game journos that pushed this "give this person money because victim and oppression" bullshit.

>I always knew she’d make the videos, of course. But I didn’t care so much about what the videos said. I knew there was a possibility I wouldn’t agree with them, or that they wouldn’t be good, or that they’d be too 101-level for me to learn much new information about feminism that I hadn’t already read or written myself. But it means something to me to support other women games critics and researchers, whenever I can.


It's TOTALLY FINE to want varied portrayals in games and work towards that goal yourself instead of bullying others for it. It's fucking INSANE to give money, and then TELL OTHERS TO DO THE SAME, to a woman who hates all the sexy video game characters you like and treats sex workers as brainwashed puppets of the patriarchy. All because "she's a victim and thus needs money"

Fuck this cancerous culture holy SHIT

1993ad No.309138

File: 1449958455764.jpg (232.16 KB, 903x1024, 903:1024, 1448782089131.jpg)


Give this twitterfag.

Pic related

1993ad No.309142


>it means they don't give a shit about their ideals and will jump ship if they like something.

It seems that the only people heavily invested in SJ are those that are most "protected" by it (eg trannies, pedos or misandrists). Normal people with some sort of ethics sense of justice will not be as invested.

1993ad No.309150


>It's so fucking sad and I can only hope that his Japanese co-workers are rolling their eyes at his bullshit instead of being influenced by it.

That sounds a lot like the bitch from mn9, how about we get someone who knows moonrunes so we can tell the japanese devs about what we think of this cuck?

1993ad No.309162

I think there is some basis to it. Bayonetta's underlying plot is basically the Da Vinci Code on acid in anime style, you have the old, patriarchal church that's basically a Catholic church stand-in run by male Lumen sages with a uniform of loose fitting and concealing religious garb and a matriarchal, sex positive, persecuted underground in tight-fitting and exuberantly feminine attire.

Cereza herself is strong, capable and solves her own problems without dwelling on what she's been through. That is the grounds for arguing that she's not a feminist icon, seeing as those qualities are noticeably absent in the third and fourth wave.

1993ad No.309166


Honestly? I don't give a fuck, it makes Anita's opinion wrong about that game so it's right in my book.

1993ad No.309172

I thought they hated Bayonetta?

1993ad No.309175

File: 1449973804050.jpg (294.19 KB, 582x600, 97:100, murrica.jpg)

This completely typical of a politically correct/insane mindset.

SJW's and other bandwagonners will do complete 180's on certain topics if being "right" is the "popular" opinion. On the outset of this debacle, salty cunts like Anita were screaming about how Bayonetta was pure eye-candy for fat, white neckbeards.

Lo and behold, the general populace thinks nothing of or about Bayonetta OR video games and are starting to view crybullies and other whining retards as complete fucksticks who do nothing but complain. Therefore, "to be on the right side of history", you'll start to see previously "problematic" depictions of women suddenly by TRUE REPRESENTATIONS OF EMPOWERING GRRRRRLLLLL POWER.

All of these idiots will eventually become so irrelevant that merely mentioning their names will be a source of derision and disgust.

1993ad No.309177


Never make the mistake of thinking your enemy is homogeneous and has no differences to drive them apart. John Flynt talked about being a sex-positive feminist and liking Bayo back when 2 came out. There's a lot of people who can be broken off from the SJW blob by showing them the things that will be taken away if Anita et al get their way.

1993ad No.309205


John Flynt flip flops whenever convenient, like most SJWs.

1993ad No.309211


No, he's friends with Kamiya. The best we can do is hope they won't be influenced and he won't impact shit with his views. If you try anything else it'll backfire since people listen to their friends, not internet "randos" (I hate that elitist fucking word but whatever)

Besides, what he tweets are his own views. People shouldn't be fired for their views and so far the quality of the games has not been compromised. He doesn't seem to have a lot of power, he just helps make the problematic games in some small part and then tries to convince himself they're not problematic.

1993ad No.309212



Wu is a hypocrite. Talks about liking boob games like DoA and Bayonetta (because growing up as a straight white nerdy man will do that) then makes Lionhead Studios take down a picture of boob cleavage (even if they also posted male ass cleavage) because it "encourages misogyny"

So yes, flip-flopping is correct. Wu is a tool.

1993ad No.309213

File: 1449996111977.jpg (124.7 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 0002538695_10.jpg)



Oh, however, I really think people should keep >>309136 in mind when criticizing this stuff. Draw attention to this horribly broken way of thinking where even if you dislike Anita's videos (which Maddy, as someone who likes Bayonetta, clearly does), it's still your job as a SJW to give her money.

Not for ONE SECOND did she consider that maybe, MAYBE there are better ways to help "women in gaming" with that cash. Buying an actually-good game that a woman worked on or even created, then writing an article about her work and why it impressed you? Nope, because these people are tools and social justice blinders can only see the latest "victim" that their clique is telling them to care about.

They don't want equality, they want you to condescendingly support women purely because they are women. And this lady was as blatant about that as possible.

1993ad No.309220


I hate all this, "Bayonetta is strong sexually empowered character etc, etc" Its almost like they haven't played the game, yes shes a sexy woman, yes her fighting moves are pretty sexual but her character isn't. She isn't remotely flirty, she pretty much mothers every non-supernatural character and treats them like children.

1993ad No.309228



IT's simple with SJWs.

1: Find something we normal people like that they hate..

2: Start "liking" it and creating a "narrative" on how it supports their political agenda.

3: Scare people off by the fact they like it.

4: Thing dies off from lack of interest.

5: SJWs Face/Heel turn saying they hated it all along and are glad it's gone.

1993ad No.309236

File: 1450021176996.jpg (35 KB, 400x552, 50:69, qzWvSke[1].jpg)

> Bayonetta empowering

Tell them to look at Kotaku's reviews and let them eat each other.

Also, I like how they need to rewrite history and preach that we never liked games like Bayonetta and Metroid because they have cool powerful women; and according to SJW narrative, we're against women.

1993ad No.309249


>Aisha in Outlaw Star, Canal from Lost Universe, Yuka from Geobreeders

Weeb oldfag detected. I have to re watch Outlaw Star.

1993ad No.309250



hahaha, oh wow. I didn't either. I'm more aware of her cosplay community hijinks through /cgl/ than her vidya writing hijinks.

But either way you come to know Maddy, everything checks out. Gets massacred in cosplay forums for Listening and Believing often.

I would not put it past this being why she threw herself into vidya so much in recent years.

There's also something to be said for the fact she supported Wu's samustranny article, despite being a samus fangirl herself and damned near otakukin about it.

Fucking bizarre creature, that one is.



John is legit insane though, like Shanley.

Look at those dead fuckin' eyes.

The best thing to do with those two is either stay away, OR help them get further into the clique before they go nuclear (see: Wu vs ghazi)

That lionhead thing is obvious hypocrisy, but Wu criticising huniepop but loving DoA is probably his stupid ass Listening and Believing.

It's just a shame Milo's antics got Shanley barred as toxic from most of their hangouts before she went Listen and BeWeev #killallfaggots.

Imagine if she'd just finished being a keynote at GDC or xoxo the day before.

>>309220 Considering so many SJ men are fat widdle manlet babies you'd think they would know a milf when they see one.


I think the


about the Metroid narrative is they have an uphill battle to convince people (even normies!) still familiar with the incensed hatred of Other M that it's all because she's a womyn, right alongside articles criticising her sexist portrayal and hookerboots and sometimes even quoting fansite community managers both Japanese and Western about how much she was ruined5evr.

This is how you can tell feminists always wanted to invade gaming, not get along with it. This is one of the clearest points we could all agree upon, that sakamoto needs to be beaten with a tire iron by a beefy blonde bavarian bitch.

>>309249 ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

go hit some Area 88 and Votoms while you're there!

1993ad No.309280


I guess they forgot to check with their messiah McInSark before writing that.

God dammit Platinum port Bayo2 to PC. I really want to fucking play it but don't want to get a new fucking system for like 3 games.

1993ad No.309307

Does anyone have an archive of Anita's video trashing Bayo where it was painfully obvious that she'd never played it?

1993ad No.309389

File: 1450126157808.png (141.53 KB, 255x278, 255:278, 710.png)




1993ad No.309394


That could describe literally any of her videos if you hadn't expressly mentioned Bayonetta.

1993ad No.309395

Just drag Kamiya into any twitter scuffle about Bayonetta, and he's set those fucks straight. He pulls no punches in social media, man is a beast. You might need to pose a link or question to him multiple times though, he's a busy guy and misses some things directed at him.

1993ad No.309397





Maddy Myers is pretty delusional. She kisses Brianna Wu's ass and WAS featured on the Isometric podcast, but quit two weeks ago to focus on her band making their gamer album, lmao. She's also a fulltime editor at The Mary Sue.

She has contrarian, feminist views about Street Fighter. Likes R. Mika, but dislikes guys controversey over things being removed like the buttslap, or Beard Ryu. She's a real shit writer and beta person overall.

1993ad No.309426


>stuffing her bra

….fucking nasty bitch.

1993ad No.309494


I don't see the problem. Stuffed bras are not different from makeup or photoshop.

It's not like you're ever going to see what's under the bra anyway.

1993ad No.309499


Just wait until an SJW eventually starts shit with Kamiya. It's only a matter of time.

1993ad No.309588



I say don't get Kamiya involved because only bad things will come out of it. He sees our side as dumb faggots too and might end up siding with them just to spite us.

1993ad No.309591

File: 1450242306400.png (222.47 KB, 600x572, 150:143, CWTgKmrWIAA6TA1.png)

this person is insane.

disclaimer: don't call her names or whatever, it'll just give her power.

1993ad No.309631

File: 1450273976116.png (172.59 KB, 640x400, 8:5, my fucking sides.png)


>Nuh hu Bayonetta belongs to us we're the real fanboys who got her into SSB, it's not like we ever claimed she's a fighting fuck toy.

>When men play they objectify her but when women play it's a female power fantasy so thats ok.

>Stop liking what i like missogynerd this toy is mine stop fighting over this stop making a shitstorm, don't harras feminist when they win, cus it was definetly the real feminist fans who where the ones always supporting the character and the devs

You can't make this up

1993ad No.309633

File: 1450280842285.png (346.15 KB, 484x340, 121:85, commieculturalrevolution.PNG)



sjws are like the commies in rewriting history, the only difference is sjws hate guns and would ask someone else to fire on behalf of them.

1993ad No.309661


What do you wanna bet this crazy hasn't even played Bayonetta? As a side bet, who wants to bet it's actually a tranny?

1993ad No.309666

File: 1450295231706.jpg (54.36 KB, 338x960, 169:480, 11147884_1430614447258554_….jpg)


There's nothing TO get. That's the fucked up thing. It's better not to waste brain-cell time on it and play Vidya.

1993ad No.309671

File: 1450297323958.jpg (164.96 KB, 502x471, 502:471, 1364921565297.jpg)



this outs them further as completely devoid of logic and reason.

And it is fan-fucking-tastic

1993ad No.309682


mental illness in this country is a real issue. Just sad.

1993ad No.309689


> Stop liking what I like, you're ruining my narrative!

1993ad No.309709

File: 1450313604925.jpg (166.49 KB, 500x806, 250:403, baroness01.jpg)


all this shit over a mediocre game starring a total ripoff of a GI Joe character

Shit sake, even the same damn pose.

1993ad No.309710

File: 1450314965473.jpg (16.62 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1300044776986.jpg)


yeah, I bet the Baroness shoots guns with her feet too.

1993ad No.309713


Is she a witch too?

1993ad No.309734


>we added a new weapon so it's totally different

This explains why you are stupid enough to believe Darren Wilson was defending himself.

1993ad No.309762


I wasn't aware that the Baroness wears a suit made out of her own hair that she uses to summon gigantic hell demons

1993ad No.309782


Are you that sperg from the other thread?

1993ad No.326152


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