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File: 1469894760166-0.png (219.02 KB, 976x644, 244:161, 1469846305126-0.png)

File: 1469894760166-1.png (461.59 KB, 1774x1034, 887:517, #What are Daughters of Meg….png)

File: 1469894760166-2.png (560.37 KB, 1794x812, 897:406, _Daughters of Megalia_Nexo….png)

File: 1469894760166-3.png (554.32 KB, 1797x709, 1797:709, _Daughters of Megalia Insa….png)

File: 1469894760166-4.png (165.15 KB, 1791x344, 1791:344, _Daughters of Megalia_Oper….png)

8d7412  No.326174

Discussion on new S.Korea events goes here:


I made this it's own thread as I feel as it's own OP the thread will fill up fast.

If mods want to combine the two topics, please delete and repost this info in the S.Korea thread.

Recent events in S.Korea have exploded. Now being the perfect time to show the rest of the world what SJWs do to a country, and what SJWs do when they don't get their way.

Priority One:

Red pill people on S.Korean SJWs and the terrorist actions and insanity of Megalia + Daughters of Megalia.

Eliminate the DisInfo on No Shield being the Korean GG (it's not misogyny harassment either, and they're about letting certain companies get censored by the government because they were betrayed IMO it'll backfire, but that's discussion for the other thread.

Aim For:

People drawing conclusions that western SJWs could escalate to this level- or discredit western SJW by ideology proximity.


People thinking the S.Korea example is so extreme it'll "never happen over here" (by showing the opposite end of the scale, people can't see how they could get there)


Post info in comments of articles & tweets, get GookAnon to interview HeatSt (Gook says he will), create infographs (but find other sources to verify).

Follow Up Operations (in rough order of priority):

- Produce Infographs directly comparing S.Korea SJWs to western SJWs (to help the stragglers who've not yet made the connection)

- Contact other S.Korean anons to back up and verify information. believe it or not, some of this info has been verified on the S.Korea board of Reddit IIRC

- Get good outlets to produce stories in S.Korea

- Get S.Korean literate people to dig into Meligana and the connections. (Like Korean Huff Po. Pic coming up.).

- Push for anti-SJW stuff among certain groups that can be whipped into a frenzy easily (soccer moms, people with disdain for US education system/common core) using the S.Korea comparisons (In this instance, play to their ignorance. "It's foreign so it must be bad. They were against us in WW2 right?!") to get them to campaign against SJW shit in schools. Yes, the school will just rebrand it and carry on- but the more we make them have to cover their tracks and re-work, the more errors they make.

- Create documentation tracking how S.Korea wound up like this. I imagine it'll be /pol/ tier people using S.Korea as a testing ground, and if we kick over the wrong thing we'll get stung- HARD. But it'll help us find more string-pullers and dig into who or whatever they have fingers in.

- DisNod companies that fund S.Korea SJW or supported Meligana ("Hi [Advertiser/investor] did you know [company] supported terrorist group Megalia in S.Korea?"). This step may be unneeded if the previous steps go well.

8d7412  No.326175

File: 1469894909681-0.png (74.48 KB, 971x255, 971:255, _Daughters of Megalia_Medi….png)

File: 1469894909681-1.png (556.08 KB, 1000x1150, 20:23, _Daughters of Megalia Insa….png)

File: 1469894909681-2.png (19.63 KB, 1300x267, 1300:267, ##Stop Being Apathetic to ….png)

More info. The second image is genuinely disturbing, please do not read if abortion upsets you.


This guy from HeatSt wants to get more info. Send verified info to him, or get him an interview with S.Korean people.

8d7412  No.326178


So the second image she had an abortion and she talks about how much she hates it.

Thats straight out of a horror movie.

8d7412  No.326182

The womadic facebook page has visitor posts by Korean Anonymous. Google Translation is shit but it sounds like there is a murder investigation.


8d7412  No.326183

"A controversy has belatedly erupted over an offer by Starbucks Korea to provide free coffee for soldiers on special leave."

The English doesn't mention the name but the Korean says Womad (워마드)


"Megalia vs. My Blog" - no idea if it's worth watching or not


[NSFW] Exposing the Truth Behind Korea's Extremist Feminism Website "Megalian" (self.korea)

submitted 6 months ago * by flourisher1988


The "Gangnam Murder" on May 17 a man randomly killed a young woman. Womad went nuts about it.

> The suspect, who had no prior contact with the victim, told police that he had committed the crime because he had been “belittled” by women many times in the past.




Womad's twitter:


Womad just uploaded this cartoon to Facebook. I have no idea what it says, what the right order is, or whether it is offensive or not.






8d7412  No.326184

The current disinfo campaign is to compare it with Gamergate, then declare that the whole thing's retarded.


You fucks are doing Heat St.'s job for them, and they resulting article was still full of garbage and inaccuracies. FFS.

8d7412  No.326185

Heat Street can do whatever the fuck they want. This is interesting and worth looking into.

8d7412  No.326200

New OP shouldn't be so low.

8d7412  No.326201

Gookanon you need to get in contact with a journo, blogger or anyone from worst Korea with a bigger platform that speaks english and put them in contact with one of the english writers, heatstreet seems to show interest in the story on twitter. That's likely the only way this will spread over here in the west.

Stay safe bruv

8d7412  No.326202


If you haven't already get on twatter and get in contact with William Hicks

8d7412  No.326203


>You fucks are doing Heat St.'s job for them, and they resulting article was still full of garbage and inaccuracies. FFS.

Their article is what sparked all this.

Have you sent them this info to correct them?



In a previous GG thread, he did say he would. But he was also super stressed, so he might need reminding.

8d7412  No.326219

i remember an anti video game video from Korea i should try and find it and post it here

8d7412  No.326259

File: 1470422385807.jpg (163.54 KB, 1200x570, 40:19, _Daughters Of Megalia_Anti….jpg)

Have some more crazy.

Daughts of Megalia have posioned men.

They actually put antifreeze into men's drinks, then confessed to it online.

They are literal terrorist feminists.

We have been given the logical extreme of feminism on a platter, and no one will remember S.Korea exists unless they get a medal in the Olympics.

We need to expose this globally.

Not because we want to slap mud on SJWs by association.

But as a warning for when they do try to use violence (because once they are beaten by logic- as they are more and more each day- they will turn to violence.)

8d7412  No.326265

File: 1470468203155-0.jpg (98.54 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 789df9d5de93fcde44dcedda34….jpg)

File: 1470468203155-1.jpg (246.69 KB, 1279x635, 1279:635, 4577_1612_4121.jpg)

gookanon here. glad to see some dedicated thread on hq. forgive my incompetence, i'm having temporal break from internet and sns to protect my on sanity. last few weeks was hellish but the circumstace got better, the people started to fight back against those genocide gender war terrorists.

i will come back soon and try writte some proper tr;dr thread that describing the current situation and megalian from 101 so gimme me some time to recover.

any journos interests about this megalian incident contact Kukmin-ilbo, Choson-ilbo, or Donga-ilbo. they're the few defiant journalist medias against DoM. especially donga and kukmin.




NEVER EVER try to get info from Hankyore, Kyung-hyang, or MediaToday. they're the four horsemen of the korean apocalypse along with huffpost who leading the disinfo operation to make Megalian as hero and the new order. their articles are full of outright lies, distortion, and false flag.

and have some OP No-Shield logo made by korean.

god knows we're fighting against the absolute evil. if we let those fanatics spoil our society, our children would suffer. i have never heard or experienced this level of insanity and fanaticism. this is shitty lightnovel or anime plot tier of happening. women supremacy gender war terrorists demanding genocide of all men? reality is sure stranger than the fiction.

i should have mentioned them earlier. i underestimated them and thought them as temporary fad and i was wrong.

i feels like i'm holding the 7 continents and weighting 8 planets on my shoulder. the proof that my ego is strong and i'm far from the eligtenment.

i'm nothing but incompetant ronery gook. thank you guys for trusting my rancid rant posts as reliable and confident source. just thank you.

now let's exterminate this outbreak of madness. this must end here.

8d7412  No.326271


>We have been given the logical extreme of feminism on a platter, and no one will remember S.Korea exists unless they get a medal in the Olympics.

Well, nuts. This is unfortunate timing with the Rio Olympics happening. Any pushback on Megalia will just be spun by their puppet media outlets as hate propaganda against South Korea. If we're going to expose these feminist atrocities, we'll need to make sure all dissemination cannot be misconstrued as anti-Korea speech.


It's great to year you're alive and well, and not already gagged and straitjacketed in a SoKor mental asylum by the social justice overlords. You're also right that you need to take breaks as this is becoming big really fast. We're only human after all. Maybe delegate it to like-minded people you can trust?

Good luck and take care over there.

8d7412  No.326274


Have you seen that Heat Street Article?


The article writer also wanted more info on South Korea:


Please email Heat Street or message this guy and offer an interview!

Many of us told him to contact you via Twitter.

8d7412  No.326275


Gook anon has his work cut out for him


I'll certainly trust rancid posts from anon more than the media.

8d7412  No.326276

File: 1470503294566.jpg (85.62 KB, 743x1168, 743:1168, 좆린이.jpg)


gookanon here. that website's comment makes my brain melt

>they actually shut down a site where men posted revenge porns and pictures of their naked(or sleeping) gfs or even sisters. there were so many women who suffered from it but nothing was done about it legally for years

They didn't do shit. in fact, they really ain't did shit to block down sora.net. Korean Police did. After sora.net closed down, they fucking came out from nowhere and screaming at twitter and shit, "WE DID IT FAM!@" and fucking stealed the credit from Korean Police to make their reputation good. And fucking lefty media in Korea suddenly praises Megalian as they did something heroic. The fact is they didn't do shit and didn't cared.

And sora.net is just pornhub where lewd pictures and talk is allowed. They have rules and inner mod shits. I never heard about revenge porns and shit about sora.net. Sora.net is more mainly for swapping wives and making helluva offline sexparty shits.

>this site didn't post any kind of pornography but they protested against Nexon's pedophilic 13 year old girl character who begs to be used as a tool.

This line making my brain melt and malfunction. First, the fucking charcter ain't 13 years old, she's 18. Two, the fucking character herself isn't even human. She's like some kind of oni and dragon half-breed from other dimension. Just fucking google 'Closers Levia'.

And there's no fucking CP on their website, huh? Their daum frontbase 'Womad' has it's own paid members only CP board in it. There was fucking shit tons of CP videos raping boys and snuff video on men. There was some whistleblowing member leaked it on the internet but they quickly removed it, then raised it's membership standard, and made the sharing more confidential.

The Police announced search and seizure on Womad and Megalia. Purge soon.

And you know, some fucking kindergarten famale teacher posted story about raping boy student on the balcony on Megalia site itself before. It's fucking notorious. I attach the screencap. I'll translate it if you want but you should probably not reading it.

After she arrested, she changed the stance and backpedalled into million miles "It was just saying I want to fuck! And it was joke!".

Her trial is scheduled soon. She's already in custody. And megalia already announced that money from the t-shirt fundraising directly goes for this pedophine kindergarten teacher lawyer fees and the Megalia women who made shitloads of false rape accuse to 'Mind C' because he made negative opinion about plastic surgery.

The fucking voice actor who worked for Nexon knew that the money goes to the pedophile rapist. That's why Nexon terminated contract with her. What she did is just openly support and donated her money to known pedophile rapist. It's that simple. the t-shirt ain't matter shit. Everyone knows this. What's matter is they openly support rapists becasue they're women and for feminism.

I cutted the comment section in the image cause it's fucking clusterfuck to your brain. If you want to see bunch of female supremacists sharing strories about raping their student and bunch of megalians blows whistle and gets horny in the commenct section, I will translate it.

The article itself is poorly written and there's literally no fact in it. They must be informed the story by Korean Megalian supporting 'progressive' media who desperately incite gender war and chaos.

Haha I should fucking get my shits together soon and fucking writte some proper shit with facts in it. These idiots seriously have no idea what we're dealing with.

And also, the 'Mirroring' shit they talking about is just empty, meaningless excuse method created by Megalian after few months of their creation of cult. Not a single Megalian are truly believes in 'Mirroring' and they themselves know this is just scapegoat tactic used for pandered to public image.

Jesus christ, why there isn't a single media covering it with fact in it. I heard Korean language is difficult to learn but jesus.

8d7412  No.326277


William hicks is a retard who actually thinks megalia dindu nuffin. He has been told laready his story is bullshit and he never changed it.

8d7412  No.326278


I have a question for you, gookanon. How extensively is this covered within the traditional/mainstream Korean press? Because it is hard for us to see how big it is from English-language webpages.

We've read reports here on 8chan that it has become a meltdown, with celebrities and TV station taking sides and so on. But it has *only* been here that we hear that claim.

I've been reading and searching the Korean newspapers that have English-language sections but I can barely see anything on this topic. (e.g. KoreanTimes has English articles on its site as do many others listed here: http://www.w3newspapers.com/south-korea/)

Like, to take an analogy, in the US media you could find articles about the Ghostbusters meltdown. A couple years ago the initial GamerGate wave also was in news. These were reported in the mainstream press even though most of the meltdown was on Twitter and social media. I was expecting to see that in the Korean press too.

8d7412  No.326279

File: 1470509543877.webm (717.19 KB, 640x358, 320:179, King of yell.webm)


This disgusts me greatly.

What you Koreans have to do is rip off the bandage.

the longer this takes, the more people will suffer.

The truth will cause the psychopaths to out themselves and act crazy, because this is their only avenue to rebel against the truth. And it is very ineffective for them to do this, because it benefits you and speeds along their demise.

The more they cause people to suffer, the bigger the backlash there will be for them. The South Korean government is immoral and corrupt. After their Megalian distractions are dead, you cannot stop, ever. Because they will use the Megalian cult like they did our feminists. They want the biggest distraction in the world to hide the real problems, like the fact that they imprison you for any sort of pornography, even fictional, the fact that their censors are still going on, the fact that is they will try to silence you. I want freedom for those in chains.

To defeat the Megalians, you must learn cold anger. You must never act like a beaten dog. You need to bare your teeth, but never act in violence.

Your weapons are truth. Their weapon is the sword, but yours is the pen. You must record their actions, and spread news of their atrocities. The internet never forgets. Make use of that. You are anon on the internet. Make use of that. Even your enemies can be manipulated to fall on their own swords, through their anger and evil, shown to the world. Make use of that.

8d7412  No.326280


It's just language wall. No sane western man would dare learn this hard ass language with no compensation.

Big Korean broadcast channel called JTBC sided with Megalians and covered them as some kind of victims of misogyny. Also praised them as feminism activists. It happened like a week ago.

The 4 horsemen of the femipocalypse as we call, Hankyore, Kyung Hyang, Media Today sided with Megalians and they making loads of BS articles that praising Megalia along with huffpost. They mainly false packaging the situation that this is misogyny case, or just about t-shirt, which is not. This is fucking resistence fight against absolute evil and pedophile genocide killers. The fucking lefty medias desperately drag this fight into some kind of men vs women gender war and incite stife and chaos. At least few dozens of articles on Megalians are being produced by journos for daily basis.

It's fucking big shit, more than GG ever was in states. Literally anyone who doesn't live under the rock in korea aware of this shit. Every Korean internet communities are either spoiled by Megalians or fighting against it. Just like end of days.

The key point is it's more like over 9000 scaled up version of GG. More hypocrisy, more insane, crazy SJWs, with more dirtier tactics.

Those fucking Megalians already falsely packaging the story with outright lies, distortion, and slander as you see from that fucking HeatSt shit article. Article says anonymous Megalian contacted them. Fucking scums. That very fucking article itself is full of shit yet normies believe it.

It's not men vs women.

It's not gender war.

It's not about misogyny.

It's about good vs evil, sanity vs madness, and truth vs lies.


The truth is our most fearsome ally, and love for humanity is what keep us fight.

Thanks for the encouraging word. We're fighting against the final form of Neo-Feminism. We must end this madness in here, for god's sake. This madness and insanity must not spread any further, especially overseas.

Expect some BS english articles like form HeatSt that heroize Megalians as new order in future. Sooner or later if we don't extinguish this flame soon, the foreign Neo-Progressive MSM and super powers will participate to aid Megalians and that will be fucking full chaos.

I plan to make some tl;dr article about them in future. Should I make another thread or post here?

8d7412  No.326281


Either is fine, but if you make your own thread, do it after this one is through. Any source of information you have that you can give us right now is great.

8d7412  No.326284

gookanon, your plight makes my blood boil. I just learned of this and I'm going back and reading it all. If I had the money for a plane ticket I'd come over there to join the inevitable male uprising that puts those cunts back in their place.

8d7412  No.326293

gookanon please tell me you're still alive

8d7412  No.326305

God bless you gookanon.

8d7412  No.326330

From the average Westerner's perspective on South Korea, there are many English language articles about general gender inequality and misogyny in South Korean society. These articles date back at least a couple of years, before the subway incident. To be clear, the tone and content of these articles makes the case that, among developed countries, South Korea is one of the least equal when it comes to workplace equality and cultural treatment.

Honestly, I would *agree* with this since I don't see good reason to doubt all the reported stories.

Stories about inequality in the other direction (i.e. radical feminism/misandry) are not easy to come by on the English web. Even if I don't have any reason to doubt these stories, if you are planning this "operation bbq" you should realize that that there is going to be strong opposition.

Like, even if you spread all the unbelievable stuff about Korean feminists, it's going to be countered with these much more authorative articles. People on twitter and so on are bystanders who aren't really invested in seeking out the truth. All the existing articles on the English web that talk about gender inequality are going to be dug up in response. Those articles don't directly contradict what you are saying, but because they are "primary news sources" it is going to allow bystanders feel "comfortable" in denying or ignoring the uncomfortable stories.

Korean news organizations only seem to translate like 10% of their articles for their English pages. I'm not sure what can be done about that.

8d7412  No.326374

Just start a meme war just like GG 1 or Crooked Hillary.

8d7412  No.326376

This is crazy. I never knew the enemy took this form. South Korea makes SJWs here look sane.

8d7412  No.326400


>I plan to make some tl;dr article about them in future. Should I make another thread or post here?

For maximum exposure (also keks), contact @TheRalphRetort as ask him for a guest slot on his blog.

Hell, get @LibertarianBlue in on this and get your article quoted in Breitbart.

This has potential to be far-reaching, and we're squandering it by not reaching out.

8d7412  No.326402

File: 1470887063736.png (753.16 KB, 1019x881, 1019:881, scared.png)

Are you alive, gookanon?

8d7412  No.326457


He's still active on twitter, so it's all good. Probably drafting a huge-ass article like he mentioned. >>326280

8d7412  No.326633

Bumping to counter the slide.

8d7412  No.326651

gookanon here. done interview with HeatSt. will publish article with The Gamer Ground soon.

and it seems BBC just published their own article about daughters of megalia, which is solely relied on information from 'Megalian activist' Alex Song.



which is, of course, full of BS. not mentioning the main reason that the fund raising money directly goes to the known pedophile rapist Megalia person and that's why Nexon terminated the contract, and falsely packaging the whole situation pretending she 'fired' becauseof just t-shirt, which is not. they just removed the voice contents from the game, that's all. they fully paid her. the t-shirt itself ain't matter shit and everyone knows that.

someone please e-mail them about the fact that fund raising money from the t-shirt directly goes to the known pedo rapist kindergarten teacher who shared her rape story on boy on Megalia. it happened in 병설 유치원 (Byung-sul Kindergarten). bellow is the korean news articles about the incident. as i said, she's in police custody and Megalia fully backed her lawyer fees in last June with the money from the t-shirt, 'women so not need prince'.





and bellow is the archived link of the pedo rape post from the kindergarten teacher on Megalia site.


the Megalians now wants their movement infects out through foreign land and started to comtacting with foreign medias, spreading their outright lie narratives. thier weapon is the lies and propaganda while our one is the truh and fact.

we must extinguish this outbreak of madness before these fanatics succeed to infect this insane movement overseas, and now they deperately trying to enforce their BS narrative by contacting foreign journos.

my hands and body are now shiverring with fear, terror, and anger, watching the truth being distorted and the filthiest criminals being praised by the media, as 'heroes'.

god knows we're fighting against the absolue evil and heaven knows we're fihting for our childrencs future.

keep fighting. i feel the end is nigh.

8d7412  No.326658


On the down side, the BBC are good goys.

They'll never tell the truth- especially if it displeases the same people who want Megalia to succeed.

The good news is, people are resepcting mainstream western media less and less- what with the constant bashing of Trump and defending of muslims.

However, I share your sentiments, and will try to spread the HeatSt. interview far and wide.

8d7412  No.326661



RE The problem with the BBC:

Now I'd assume calling the BBC out would be pointless.

There used to be the PCC (Press Complaints Commision), which is now the IPSO (Independent Press Standards Organization).

However, they only deal with physical print.

Meaning you either rely on Ofcom… Or the BBC's own complaint department:


I think because they are such good goys, even if they got many complaints (written, called in, and email) to show no one was deceived, they'd just double down.

So is it better just to try and out shill the BBC? (post Heat St. article in their comments and in reply to their tweets)

Or am I being too negative, and Dis-Nod level messaging OP could get them abandon this battle?

8d7412  No.326662


I sent this. Not holding much hope.


It makes it look like a bot or a "campaign", and it'll be instantly rejected.

Also, if you spend too long typing, the web-page will re-load and you'll have to start over. write up your complaint in notepad first, then paste it in. Or at least copy paste it into notepad before you click next.

You have 2000 characters.

It also has useful info (like a wiki of Megalia activity)


https://archive.is/xv3Ph (7 months ago)

https://archive.is/CFvNy (today)


> As detailed here: http://heatst.com/tech/the-korean-gamergate-is-happening-now-heres-what-you-need-to-know/ Megalia members have engaged in horrific behavior.

"But Megalian.com, on the other hand is despised by many men in Korea. The site is described as the feminist 4chan, […] making jokes about male genital mutilation and celebrating the Korean War (because men died)."

> They have also cheered aborting male fetuses, and even a female teacher who is part of Megalia molesting an underage boy

> http://imgur.com/a/5Mpoc (Warning - Censored but graphic)

> http://ilyo.co.kr/?from_mobile=1&ac=article_view&entry_id=157605

> http://www.ilyosisa.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=92866

> http://www.sundaysisa.com/sisa/m/bbs/board.php?bo_table=Asdfjk_68Ads&wr_id=9433

> http://www.fnnews.com/news/201512281443223082?site_preference=normal

> This is an archived webpage of the school teacher talking about molesting her male student: https://archive.is/qpsfX

> After she was fired, Megalia admins asked other members to help fund her legal fees: http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=webtoon&no=953166&page=1&exception_mode=recommend (if that link does not work, here is an archived page: https://archive.is/SZmNV)

> More of their activity has been recorded here: https://namu.wiki/w/%EB%A9%94%EA%B0%88%EB%A6%AC%EC%95%84/%EC%82%AC%EA%B1%B4%EC%82%AC%EA%B3%A0

> A rough summery of this list can be found here: http://pastebin.com/56QAQhmB

> The outcry was due to the shirt representing an organization that has not stopped members illegal activity and morally repugnant behavior, as well as the shirt allegedly funding the legal fees of the aforementioned pedophile, and members who have falsely sued men on sexual assault charges (as mentioned in Heat St). Though the shirt makers Megalia4 claims no affiliation with Megalia- despite sharing the same name and beliefs.

> At best; the matter is not just men hating a women for wearing a feminism shirt. Please report the worst & best of all parties involved.

8d7412  No.326663


Complain about BBC:

Phone: 03700 100 222* or 03700 100 212* (textphone) *24 hours, charged as 01/02 geographic numbers

Post: BBC Complaints, PO Box 1922, Darlington, DL3 0UR





You can still complain from outside the UK, and can even ask for a reply.

Gookanon- if you want to complain to them- consider them like the US Daily Show.

Refuse an interview, the will lie and twist what you said to support their agenda- taking an answer to one question and applying it to another, making you look bad.

I would just send them sources of information on what Megalia have done. Nothing else.

Don't link them to your twitter. "A korean person would never call themselves Gook- even as a joke. This must be a racist man." That's what they'll think.

Showing evidence of globalists will just make them ignore you as a crazy person- same with "passionate" language.

Be like a robot. Present information on Megalia and nothing more.

Because then it is a lot harder to legitimize a group that rapes children and threatens people.

(Then again, they've done it with Islam).

8d7412  No.326671

File: 1471310864625-0.jpg (65.17 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-there-is-much-to-be-….jpg)

File: 1471310864625-1.jpg (40.37 KB, 515x402, 515:402, journalism2d_large.jpg)

File: 1471310864625-2.jpg (36.06 KB, 740x348, 185:87, quote-how-is-the-world-rul….jpg)

File: 1471310864626-3.jpg (38.33 KB, 960x540, 16:9, twain_truth_lie.jpg)

File: 1471310864626-4.png (1.01 MB, 960x600, 8:5, twain_news.png)

Well, seems the BBC outright lie report was super effective. Now more than dozen worldwide foreign media covering Megalian supporting new article pieces on their language platforms. Megalian on the internet declaring full victory, saying the fortune is on their side and they're the new order.

These are the list of foreign articles influenced by the BBC report which is full of lies and distortion.

Indonesia : http://redaksi.co.id/79974/artis-korea-kehilangan-pekerjaan-gara-gara-memakai-kaus-ini.html

Netherlands : https://www.powned.tv/artikel/slogan-op-t-shirt-kost-z-koreaanse-baan-af

Hungary : http://444.hu/2016/08/15/emiatt-a-polo-miatt-veszitette-el-allasat-egy-del-koreai-szineszno

Romania : http://stirileprotv.ro/stiri/international/o-actrita-a-fost-concediata-pentru-ca-a-purtat-un-tricou-cu-un-mesaj-pentru-femei-de-ce-s-au-enervat-barbatii.html

Taiwan : http://theme.udn.com/theme/story/10157/1896557

France : http://www.directmatin.fr/monde/2016-08-15/femmes-et-jeux-video-le-gamergate-frappe-la-coree-du-sud-736421

Vietnam : http://www.bbc.com/vietnamese/world/2016/08/160815_gameonlinekorea

This is like mass ourbreak of lies. Haha, what a wonderful world we live in.

These all reporting Kim 'Fired' because solely of the 'T-shirt', enforcing BS narrative the slogan of the t-shirt were the reason of this whole situation, which is totally false and lie. Everyone in Korea knows that the t-shirt itself ain't matter shit.

She knew the fund raise money from the t-shirt directly goes to the pedophile Rapist teacher of Byung-Sul kindergarten and various other known criminals like false rape accusers to MindC. That's why her voiceover removed from the game, and she did not fired. Nexon just simply did not extended the contract and removed the voice because gamers did not want to hear pedophile rapist supporter's voice in the game.

Nexon is the biggest Korean video game company. They don't fire voice actor for thier video game's main character for just wearing t-shirt with ordinary slogan. They made their decision because they can't just openly support and hire the known pedophile rape apologist, who insisting it was okay because the pedo rape victim was male.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the power of yellow journalism. Now you're witnessing the outright lies flowing out of everywhere, and the most filthiest criminals in mankind's hustory are now 'victims', and justice.

The Megalians are in full victory mode as I said. They openly saying lie and distortion is more powerful than the truth and fact, thinking they're the center of the universe, spotlighted by the god himself.

Isn't this just like the early days of GG, right? Except this one is more sinister, despicable, extreme and scaled-up.

The truth itself cannot be destroyed or be killed. But we can. Lie can't defeat the truth but it can defeat our mind and reality.

You know what to do. Spread the truth. That's only thing we can do. And keep the faith in humanity, love for mankind. That's the only thing we have.

Right now I lost my will and faith in humanity. While we fighting against this absolute evil within our homeland, do us a favour, spread the truth. Inform the uninformed about the grim dark truth in here.

Sorry for not replying to every posts and being late for update. My mind is crumbling like pieces glass right now. I quit my job from the massive stress since last July 3rd my granma fainted when she saw the thousands of used sanitary pads on the streets putted by them. I have even no will left to find job and live.

Don't worry about me, worry about all of us. Not just Korean, the whole mankind. Pray for these fanatic insanity would end soon well to whatever god you believe. And this madness would dealt in here, not spread further overseas or empowered by foreign people.

8d7412  No.326674

File: 1471317365005-0.png (23.49 KB, 574x174, 287:87, nazi misandrist.png)

File: 1471317365005-1.png (209.66 KB, 900x720, 5:4, hitler.png)

File: 1471317365006-2.png (243.82 KB, 712x540, 178:135, 156913789ee46c91a.png)

File: 1471317365006-3.jpg (809.75 KB, 850x708, 425:354, 1569137842f46c91a.jpg)

File: 1471317365006-4.png (659.27 KB, 999x800, 999:800, womad.png)

The 'Megalian Activist' 'Alex Song', who contacted with BBS, turns out to be a fanatic 'Womad' member. She posted it on Womad about her story being published.

So, these people are the one BBC supporting, huh. A Neonazi extremist gender war terrorists.

Way to go, brit. Your media openly supporting and publishing stories from New Neonazis from Korea!

8d7412  No.326675

File: 1471317780868-0.png (484.39 KB, 850x1511, 850:1511, 156911eeeb946c91a.png)

File: 1471317780868-1.png (462.14 KB, 850x1511, 850:1511, 156911ea8d946c91a.png)


This is the screencap of Alex Song's own post on Womad. She already contacted with Independant, Guadian, and Huffington Post also.

Know that Womad is runned by strict membership and archive.is won't work. Womad is the website made by founder members of Megalia because people started to dig dirty shits fromt their website and archiving it. Megalia.net and .com is currently blocked new register and mods and founders already insisted members to move Womad. Womad is the main place and the real substance of the whole Megalia movement now.

Expect more BS from them. This ain't easy fight. They know how to make lies and flows propaganda through medias.

8d7412  No.326676


I can see where this is going:

Since the media has essentially failed and the western feminism movement has become a laughingstock, now they're importing Oriental flavored feminism to deflect and obfuscate their corruption.

So, how long until Hillary pledges support for Megalia?

8d7412  No.326678


Posted on /pol/


Be sure to update the thread there too.

8d7412  No.326684

File: 1471323198966.png (185.06 KB, 712x540, 178:135, declaration of feminazis.png)


>Korea is waking up and realizing how degenerate and weak its men are. Maybe its time to pay them a visit and cooperate against Fuckchi together? Our dicks are bigger after all, than dicks of those weak korean homos.

Here, I made better accurately translated version because for your autism.

The image was I picked up on the Korean internet website and it's badly translated. The original hardly mentions homos, and just hate on generic men.

And that "Megalians will make korea great again." shit was aweful.

I will not update on your faggot OP thread again. Your thread reeks of autism.

Good luck having coorporate with pedo rapists and psychopathic muderers who wants every male on earth to be dead in horrific ways.

8d7412  No.326707

Why does anyone care about Korea? I'll never go there. Their culture is dumb. They could sink into the sea and I'd never notice.

8d7412  No.326712

File: 1471403128544.gif (65.75 KB, 180x123, 60:41, leekspin.gif)


c'mon, troll harder! You can do it!

8d7412  No.326718


They make a fuckton of MMO style games and have e tournaments thats the extent of my knowledge about them.

Oh and apparently North Korea wants to attack it and unify with over some dumb political ideology shit

8d7412  No.326817

But why does anyone give a fuck about what happens in Korea?

8d7412  No.326838


>But why does anyone give a fuck about what happens in Korea?

But why does anyone give a fuck about what happens to gamers?

But why does anyone give a fuck about what happens to white men?

But why does anyone give a fuck about what happens to Americans?

But why does anyone give a fuck about what happens to children?

But why does anyone give a fuck about what happens to you?

8d7412  No.326857

File: 1471802287543.jpg (169.91 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, worldbuilding.jpg)

This is what this reminds me of

8d7412  No.326863


So you're saying Korea doesn't matter?

8d7412  No.326917




So, try to send this to BBC >>326661 >>326662

Or just skip straight to public dethrone-ment by spreading the info?

Worth contacting Breitbart of Heat St so they can put another nail into the BBC?

8d7412  No.326926


YES! Also, contact Fox about it, so that this goes public. Sending this info onward to conservative outlets, and Fox will be


8d7412  No.326953

Gook Anon's posted about Megalia protesting outside a kindergarten within Nexon's building/property. (Holding up signs with shit like "Daddy would you rape me to?").

And a new PSA playing on kids TV (Mean comments online will get you arrested).

We need evidence of it.

8d7412  No.326964

File: 1472096458117.webm (2.65 MB, 720x406, 360:203, 방송통신위원회 공익광고.webm)

8d7412  No.327056

Ok, I manage to make a page about the new operation for the GG wiki.

8d7412  No.327234

Any updates so far?

8d7412  No.327293

Teacher gets jail sentence for having sex with middle school student



I'm guessing this is not the incident that was related to the tee shirt controversy, right?

8d7412  No.327582


Probably, probably not. If it was, it wouldn't have been an issue if it wasn't connected to this:


> Megalia4, the group that sold the T-shirt featured in Kim Jayeon's controversial tweet, is the fourth iteration of Megalia's Facebook page. Created months before the split, this group operates independently of other Megalia factions. "As far as I know, I have not heard of any felony or misdemeanor [committed by Megalia4]," says Kim Nayoung.

tl;dr - A popular voice actress of a Nexon video game was advertising for Megalia, which was what she got fired over, and not the whole "feminist message" that the mainstream media parrots.

The connection is that the group selling the overpriced shirts are using the proceeds as well as from other ventures to fund the defense of lawsuits like what you're linked.

8d7412  No.327584

T-this is fake right? [s] some type of elder troll r-right [/s]

8d7412  No.328163

I only just found out about this whole mess, has anything been happening recently?

8d7412  No.328334

Do not expose yourself too much gook, I'd rather have you not post for a while and be safe.

8d7412  No.328546

File: 24593416a5053fc⋯.jpg (130.26 KB, 1279x634, 1279:634, 24593416a5053fcb687092a0c4….jpg)

Bumping this for major new update.

Discussion of digging here:


Discussion of what to do here.

The "8 goddesses" need to be exposed.

We need to push Korean BBQ hard.

Get info, and spread it. Before BBC's disinfo covers it up.

It's easy to spread thanks to comparisons to Hillary (stolen emails reveal female politician[s] doing bad shit).

8d7412  No.328728


Collecting links to updates on SK's current proceedings would be a start.

8d7412  No.328785

File: a6f3aa455b86bb6⋯.png (125 B, 10x10, 1:1, gookanon_update.png)


From /v/ thread: https://archive.is/DAlDF

So the foundation of Worst Korea's shadow government turns out to be narcopolitics + cultists. Here's an idea: let's forward this to the /pinoy/ authorities and have Duterte go after the 8 Goddesses? Imagine adding "Gamergate wages a successful anti-drug war in Asia" and "Gamergate topples Worst Korea regine" to the checklist of Gamergate achievements. Kek.

8d7412  No.328786

File: 797254486a68d14⋯.png (24.89 KB, 984x353, 984:353, gookanon_update.png)


LMAO, image broke. Reuploading.

8d7412  No.328788

Soft bump, keeping an eye on Korea.

8d7412  No.329070

File: c4e963a61d27b07⋯.png (181.5 KB, 1275x343, 1275:343, GookAnon Is Free.PNG)

File: cc198e6f9728a95⋯.png (413.15 KB, 1548x950, 774:475, Protest 1.png)

File: f061dc46b0b3c83⋯.png (125.5 KB, 1082x369, 1082:369, Protest 2.png)

Gookanon, congratulations.

For those oblivious:


> The impeachment vote mirrors the public sentiments against Park. The corruption charges and scandals have pushed her approval rating to plunge to a mere 4%. A recent survey also reveals that 78% of respondents supported her impeachment.

> Massive crowds numbering between 500,000 to 1.5 million have been protesting the past weeks in Central Seoul strongly demanding Park's ouster. Banner-waving crowds outside the chamber likewise greeted the impeachment vote with wild cheers.

> With the affirmative impeachment vote, Park is immediately suspended. The vote, however, needs to be ratified by the nation's Constitutional Court within 100 days to become permanent.

> South Korea's Prime Minister will take over Park's duties in the interim, although Park had earlier offered to resign if lawmakers voted against her. If Park makes her resignation, new elections for the nation's President must be held within 60 days.

> Park has yet to issue a statement regarding her impeachment. She has not been officially seen since Tuesday, preferring to hole up in the presidential Blue House, while fervent demonstrations were ongoing only a mile away.

> While presenting the impeachment bill, opposition lawmaker Kim Kwan-young said that Park has violated the Constitution and other laws concerning her public duties, as well as forgetting her duty as the nation's leader and administrative chief.

In a GG thread, Gookanon even said there was no violence. (Police & protesters gave each other water and warm meals, despite a guillotine being shown off, a park fan attempting to stab someone was only beaten nearly to death ;) ) And various politicians and police refusing to work cost the nation one billion dollars a day.

Shit is pouring out the woodwork:


Viagra was ordered for (alleged) sex orgies for Park (a woman in her 70s) and if it turns out the men were underage, then this might be tied to Pizzagate. It might already be tied to Spirit Cooking, everyone involved with the cabal is being arrested, and Park was revealed to even be a drug addict. She may have been missing during the ferry sinking thanks to her being off her fucking nut.

And yet- media silence in the west. Now successful coups have been ignored before IIRC (something in the 2000s, italian/spanish like country), but this makes me wonder and worry:

- Allegations of South Korea being a testing-ground for the west's demoralization (an enemy at the gate all the time, the leader controlled via cults, encouraging the destruction of the family unit and even the relationship between men and women)

- Even if the above is false, you have S.Korea being the SJW paradise- banning of porn, strict online control, etc. Literally showing why SJW doesn't work and attracts the worst people.

- Even if the first thing is false, people have successfully overthrown an SJW and cult-controlled leader, and with no loss of life or violence. This is shit-scary to anyone who wants to run a nation like Choi & Park did. Occupy Wall Street needed de-railing to stop it, but imagine Clinton was elected and news quickly spread "Clinton supports Pizzagate". You'd have protests, but I'd wonder how many cops etc would actually stand up for corruption of that scale- not just out of decency but out of fear what 10 million people teetering between "social unrest" and "day of the rope" would do.

8d7412  No.329071

File: 70d3995851b75f7⋯.jpg (310.04 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, Dragons can be beaten.jpg)

File: fbc34a85f91c23b⋯.png (1.38 MB, 960x854, 480:427, YouMove.png)


Obviously there are key differences.

The US is larger (meaning- bar a pilgrimage- you'll only have everyone in major cities protesting- in their cities),

The US has people in cops/national guard/etc that are less human (rumors of army dropping people who would never fire upon US civilians via sneakily phrased questionnaires),

The US is more likely to employ false-flags and other attacks on civilians,

And people at the top of the cult do what is best for them (unlike Park who- out of pure insanity and brainwashing- might believe what she did was good. Hillary/Soros knows half their shit would have sunk the nation- and she'd bank on it.)

But the point remains the same;

The Western Media does not want to report on a nation that successfully ousted it's corrupt, puritan, cult-influence leader.

No wonder they're trying to kill all non-media approved stories with "Fake News". Only problem is- they have a nation willing to talk about it.



==NO ONE WRITING AN ARTICLE? DO IT YOURSELF ON FUCKING MEDIUM== I'm willing to bet some/most of you did well at research & report writing at school.

This helps everything else.

It shows that SJW politics ruin nations.

It shows that leaders can be manipulated, for the most bizarre and dark of reasons.

It shows that leaders can be corrupt, to depths unfathomable.

And it shows you can still pull off a rebellion in [current year]. And you might not even need to load your gun.

This is dynamite. Use it.

8d7412  No.329073



Nah, not my thing.

/pinoy/ here, am actually thinking of writing up an essay comparing this to EDSA, aka. the Philippine Revolution of 1986 this weekend. Whether the article will materialize will depend on my free time, unless some other filipino anon will do it first, it a no-brainer.

8d7412  No.329074


As an aside, I'm wondering if the latest news of popular K-pop celebrities quietly retiring en masse is related. I was going to bring it up over in other threads at /v/ and /pol/ but they're all currently being spammed by butthurt /leftypol/.

8d7412  No.329075

File: 086c9523bf56e8d⋯.jpg (159.56 KB, 631x960, 631:960, 15391232_1354362974620697_….jpg)


Whoops, forgot pic related.

8d7412  No.329090

File: e366e3bb4b60813⋯.jpg (26.71 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 8538790_G.jpg)

All I have to say is in the picture.

564fa8  No.331559





How social justice in South Korea has ruined gaming

Basically talks about all the shit we wanted to talk about S.Korea. Spread it around.

564fa8  No.331702

File: cd7d8670bbbf67e⋯.jpg (38.22 KB, 868x458, 434:229, DaILJfZVAAUHU0N.jpg)

9dd5e7  No.331889

Gookanon, are you still alive? Is the happening over yet? If so, how did it end?

Have you been murdered by megalians?

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