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File: 1439140655721.jpg (252.44 KB, 939x960, 313:320, south korea.jpg)

7735a6 No.246229

Hello, the original gookfag here. It's been a while since I wrote this posts in the image. Here's some archives. I wrote some helpful posts in these thread so read them if you interest in Korean affair.



I make this thread to warn you. To warn you that this might really happen in your countries. I feel the happening is nigh. Especially in US.

I'm a former political member and my family served the current ruling party since 70's. I know what i'm saying.

There's some well-known rumor in South Korea among the politic scens in Korea since 60's. The rumor is that the South Korea is political & social experimental field for western investors. A test field for various social experiments.

They say we got the fastest internet in the world because the rich westerners want to see side effects of sudden digital information days. They say we got a female president because they want to see side effects of fanatic social Neo-Feminism.

There is no dominant evidence to back this rumor. But I want to make sure one thing. Every major social events and economic affairs in Korea happens in other countries as well after times. I've seen it all.

And I think these Social Justice & Neo-Feminism is the next event they're experimenting in Korea. The experiment is over when we elected a female president and the introduction to the western country is nigh.

Here's the story.

South Korea's Social Justice and the big brother censorship pretty much escalated into sky high right after we elected the female president, Park in 2013. As you can see from the image, the censorship level of S.Korea is just insane.

A self acclaimed 'Feminist' female president is in charge in Korea currently and we live in SJW dystopia right now.

Countless batshit-insane laws about protect women and children has been implanted. Basically you go prison for at least 5 years and registered as child sex offender if you watch Japanese hentai.

The new Korean anti-porn and the child protection law prohibits any of fictional porns about children. They all threated same as actual child rapists or even worse. You go prison if you see Hentai of any kind of porns that the actor or character 'Seem' to appears as underage.

Because of this insane anti-porn law called '아청법', 15 years old mid-school girl registered as sex offender because she watched Yaoi novel on the internet. 70 years old grandma had to sell her own PC-cafe to pay penalty because a Japanese Hentai manga found one of her PC. She's now homeless and registered as sex offender.

More funny thing is, the porn threated as more heavier crime than the actual rape in Korea. 3 years minimum for rapists and 5 years minimum for porn possesion. 45 of rapists ended up being just suspended sentence but less than a 10% for porn possesion.

Some reference articles;



This law has been introduced right after election of female president and being praised as the most notable triumph of Park's administration.

I talk you about this law not just because it's crazy insane law, but there are more hidden agenda in this law. This law isn't just about Social Justice movement. Perid.

Last month, anomymous whistle blower revealed that the offficial Hacking & Spyware tool by South Korean National Intelligence Service, has abaility to implant "Child Porn" into any citizen's device.



7735a6 No.246230

File: 1439140750337.png (19.83 KB, 790x247, 790:247, ministry of women.png)


I want to tell you the Social Justice is just false front to rule and take control of us.

ILBE is growing everyday. ILBE is Social Justice authoritarian cancer in Korea and they're the most visited website in Korea besides portal sites and search engines.

South Korean Ministry of Education force to children to installs "Child Protection" app to every student's phone and device. This app is just plain literall spyware app to surveillance children. But the thing is, the app blocks every non-educational websites on the internet, except ILBE. ILBE is only exception because they blindly supports Park and her authoritarian Social Justice acts.

overnment censorship is passed the China and middle-east's tier shit and we blocked over 500 thousands unique urls on the interent by the name of female president. This not inclusde the mandatory child protection app. They won't tell how many websites are blocked in this app but people assuming millions. Plus non-refusable remote control of device from their parents

This is your future when the Hillary elected as your president. Plus all of event that I described in the image I attached.

They'll censor you, block you, and plant child porn in your devices.

They'll block eveything that not suits their agenda and ideaology.

All of these happened right after Park elected.

No more vidya, no more porns, and the SJWs will went full Chinese Red Guards and will starting to harm real people in real life by violence and terrorism.

These fanatic cultural revolutionists seeks only to destroy everything in the past. And to forever ruin our future.

I woke up from the nightmare in cold sweat everyday because of fear. A fear that this Social Justice cancer might happen in other countries. Especially in states.

Please, vanquish my deepest fear, /v/. My country is corrupted beyond salvation and you are the only hope for the cure.

The cure that end the Social Justice cancer from this world.

You can't just stop here.


7735a6 No.246233



I know social justice warriors are a problem, but isn't the true problem there that South Korea is the most christian asian country?

7735a6 No.246237

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Last year, a Korean church camp literally butcheres, behead the living goats with knife for "Sacrifice to Jesus". With a bunch of 5~12 years old elementary shcool kids.

I've seen the original video and the kids screaming, crying and running from that insanity. And the grown men grabs the kids and force to see it like a scene from the movie Kurt Russell's Soldier.

This is what South Korea's christianity is. They're big syndicated, corrupted mob scene and fanatic crusaders.

There's alot of videos revealing that how corrupt Korean clergymen are. Pretty disgusting shits.

Our 17th (2008) president is blatant christian and the official South Korean Christian presbyter. And he's famous being Japanese (I mean, really He born in Japan.) and the most corrupted president in Korean history. Involved in all kinds of dirty gates.

Every famous politicians are member of his Christian church clique.

Korea's christianity is nothing but big political mob scene. Corrupted and vicious.

7735a6 No.246242


>This is what South Korea's christianity is. They're big syndicated, corrupted mob scene and fanatic crusaders.

Like all christians 50 years ago. We only have the actual child friendly christianism because the nazi lost.

I hope you guys are careful or you could turn into the total oposite of North Korea but equally bad.

7735a6 No.246247

File: 1439143661551.jpg (93.29 KB, 501x585, 167:195, happy korean merchant.jpg)


>total oposite of North Korea but equally bad

But we already are.

We are authoritarian fascism state.

We have crazy law about knives and any tools that has over 5cm of blade will be considered as illiegal weapon and you can be arrested as assault weapon possesion. You must have licenses to own knives. One license per one knife.

Think South Korea as big brother completed UK. More strict laws, more surveillance, more boot-licking sheeples, and more fanatic SJWs.

7735a6 No.246254


Holly fuck… I always thought of South Korea as poor, less crazzy Japan.

Sorry to hear all that. I hope you guys can improve your style of life.

7735a6 No.246255

File: 1439144374104.png (204.18 KB, 744x843, 248:281, 1432248373935.png)


Hello Gookfag.

Your version of Christianity is very old testamenty.

So that's what a modern Theocracy actually looks like not much different from democracy to me just insert religious fervor.

7735a6 No.246257



Anon, can we tip fedoras together?

7735a6 No.246260

File: 1439144799233.jpg (91.99 KB, 829x589, 829:589, christan fedora.jpg)


A fedora tipped to you leader on this glorious sunday,Christ-Tan is the second best board mascot on here but she can't beat our Viv no matter how hard she tries

7735a6 No.246261

Holy fucking shit. Sounds to me like it might be time for South Korea to go for a good old fashion violent revolution.

I'm not fucking joking. By the sounds of it, burning it all down and trying again might be your only option.

7735a6 No.246262


Well, if they do that they might get invaded by True Korea.

Or maybe I'm just silly.

7735a6 No.246264

File: 1439145322696.jpg (166.96 KB, 553x499, 553:499, 1430938147130.jpg)


That's a bit extreme, the major problem seems to be the corruption and nepotism within the south Korean government officials,but that exists in every country just at varying levels so….

7735a6 No.246266

File: 1439145454469-0.jpg (64.18 KB, 500x329, 500:329, 01.jpg)

File: 1439145454469-1.jpg (76.79 KB, 520x372, 130:93, 02.jpg)

File: 1439145454470-2.jpg (211.3 KB, 1509x990, 503:330, 03.jpg)


I think we're corrupted beyond salvation, just like Norks. Mass revolution and 21st century's Reign of Terror can only end this misery.


Everyone knows it's just another tool for the ruling elite classes. Religion was efficient tool for take control of masses through ages, and it still is. It just shape-shifted into form of corporations and now people worshipping companies instead of Allah and Yahweh.


Exactly, my friend.

We tried it in 1980's in Gwangju to enable democratic vote for president. It ends up with massacre just like Tiananmen in 1989 did.

One of my old relative dead in that event and his kids are orphaned. He tried to see what happen through windows and the soldiers made his head into honeycomb.

The suvivors still suffers from ILBE members and the gov fanatics call them as "Rioter" and "Traitor". Many sheeples in Korea still think it as mass violent riot without any doubt.

It's sad reality.

7735a6 No.246268

File: 1439146145480.png (140.66 KB, 640x797, 640:797, 1431492519932.png)


Religion is the opium of the people and don't you forget it,i guess if the ruling class is able to influence the religious leaders into supporting him and thus win validation among his followers.

Religion = Capitalism(megacorp) this sounds wrong somehow

I think you meant to say megacorps control the world now in the modern world supplanting religion.

7735a6 No.246284

I'm calling BS on OP being actually from South Korea. Not so much on his claims, but on his identity. I'm still in the process of verifying his claims.

7735a6 No.246287

i recall we had a similar warning around December 2014/ January 2015

7735a6 No.246292

File: 1439149855111.jpg (34.07 KB, 299x306, 299:306, LA-Koreatown-Defender.jpg)


Wut, my identity? Are you from NIS?

저 코렁탕 먹는건가여? 우왕굳ㅋ

Actually there are several mitakes in my first posts. 0~9 hours is actually 0~6 hours and I checked the law and it's 1% of incomes not 5%.

I double-checked everything I said after posted. I didn't lied a thing. If there any misinfo in the post please report me.

7735a6 No.246293



>저 코렁탕 먹는건가여? 우왕굳ㅋ

That nose reongtang geongayeo eat? Good blah woowang

What the fuck did I just read?

7735a6 No.246296

File: 1439150255028.png (189.37 KB, 803x688, 803:688, dank meme'd my friend.png)


You just read a Korean memeposting!

Peenus weanus, my friend :)

7735a6 No.246303

And here I am thinking S.Korea is a less crazy Japan.

The fuck, if any of this is true why didnt I heard anything about it yet ?

I mean fuck MSM, but lets just take Sweden as example, not one word in the media but Swed cuckary is discussed allover the net.

Never seen enything about Korea.

7735a6 No.246304


Did you just try to pronounce it.

7735a6 No.246310


All of the places that you might hear it from the average citizen are blocked and monitored.

All we (the west/outside world in general) get from S. Korea is govt. approved media releases.

7735a6 No.246318


Obiviously, but is very deceivable with NK being right next door and all so you woulndt think SK is pulling the same shit.

But thats again where the media propaganda of the big bad Russian/NK'ers and the perfect democratic west comes in.

7735a6 No.246321

File: 1439154382079-0.jpg (71.43 KB, 364x400, 91:100, adachi approves.jpg)

File: 1439154382079-1.jpg (37.46 KB, 353x533, 353:533, 1430458798722-1.jpg)


This guy gets it.

These kinds of anti-system affairs are things that even our medias not coverage.

I bet most of our citizens aren't even aware of anti-knife law, because they can get kitchen knives from supermarket.

But then again, any knives over 6cm (I checked it and it 6cm not 5cm, sorry) of blade can be considered illegal weapon and any knives over 15cm are illegal weapon. Funny thing is the law says whether if it's illegal or not, is judged by police's own perspective.

I know this because I'm a huge knife collecting /k/ nut. Police does occasional yearly raids against knife owner with this law. Even the media villainizes knife owners as "Gamers are dead" style every day. See this "Surrender your weapon" can from UK? It's just like it.

7735a6 No.251941

File: 1439764961424.jpg (161.21 KB, 700x609, 100:87, 1428823852596.jpg)


>implying x isn't the opium of everyone else

>implying video games aren't the opium of lonely tards on the internet

do you actually think you're any better than christians

7735a6 No.251989

I live in Korea too and this is all nonsense. He's pissed at the ruling party so he's spreading lies.

>We tried it in 1980's in Gwangju to enable democratic vote for president.

OP confirmed NK-sympathizing leftist. Gwangju is full of them.

7735a6 No.252000

File: 1439768583021-0.jpg (56.2 KB, 680x787, 680:787, well meme'd - actually his….jpg)

File: 1439768583021-1.png (22.5 KB, 207x239, 207:239, do you have a single fact ….png)


>NK-sympathizing leftist

HAHA! Well meme'd, my friend!

My family worked for current rulling party since when it's called Minjung-dang (Democracy-Justice Party) and Shinhankuk-dang (New Korea Party). Probably way before you even born.

Stop eating government propaganda, my ILBE friend. That's all I can advice. At least provide a single fact that the Gwangju uprising has anything related with the Norks.

This is not ILBE, dude. Your blinded hive-minded narrative does not work in here. This is foreigner's playground and at least do some research before make this thread into fascism circlejerk.

I'm just anti-authoritarian and anti-corruption. I hate Norks to death and pray every nights to their tyranny to end. I've seen some shit while working for the ruling party and that red-pilled me so hard that my anus still bleeds today.

>spreading lies

Do you have a single fact to back that up?

I'll be just waiting here for you to debunk me.

7735a6 No.252038


This is terrifying anon, perhaps you should leave South Korea

7735a6 No.252050


That Get A Life slogan is dumb. If anything, shouldn't it be "Save a Life"? The issue with knives isn't knife owners being losers, is it?

7735a6 No.252059


>At least provide a single fact that the Gwangju uprising has anything related with the Norks.

I'm not saying that the Gwangju uprising necessarily had anything to do with the Norks (it is possible, but there is no proof). The NK-sympathizers LOVE to point to that incident though, especially because Jeolla is full of leftist useful idiots. If you're not a NK sympathizer, alright, but you pulled some things directly from the script they tend to use.

You know exactly what you're doing. You're taking advantage of the fact that nobody who frequents this site knows anything about Korea. Anyone who has actually lived here knows that this country is anything but a SJW dystopia. The UN ranks Korea #117 out of 142 when it comes to "gender equality." On par with some middle eastern countries. I don't agree with that ranking, but it shows how butthurt the UN is over Korea's lack of feminist nonsense (terrible countries like Sweden rank the highest). The Ministry of Women is a do-nothing organization that they devised in order to get the UN off their backs.

If this country is a SJW dictatorship like you claim, they're doing a really, really bad job at it, since actual rapists generally get away with it, people watch porn at work all the time, and sexual harassment in the workplace is never punished. My girlfriend works at a hospital and they have a guy there who just gropes random women all the time. They still refuse to fire him, though.

The funniest thing is the way you painted 박근혜 as some radical feminist dictator. She's a puppet for her dad's old buddies and nothing more. She is not the one making decisions.

I would encourage those who are taking OP's rambling at face value to do their own research, or maybe talk to pretty much any other Korean person about it.

7735a6 No.252134

File: 1439775000082-0.jpg (29.2 KB, 460x345, 4:3, sad korean.jpg)

File: 1439775000083-1.png (824.42 KB, 1000x798, 500:399, This is what a feminist lo….png)


Not until I pay my 1.5 millions dollar dept and clear my visa problems.

I'm not even considered as a normal citizen in Korea because I refused to register my 10 fingerprints to the government database.

Every people in Korea must register their 10 fingerprints to the goverment digital database when becomes adult, to be recognized as legal citizen and get resident card.

Luckily (or maybe unluckily) I was awakened enough to notice this is total BS when I was teen. So I contacted some human rights groups in Korea and they patched me to people who against the mandatory fingerprints registration.

They said total number of peoples who refused to register their fingerprints in Korea is around 2000. It's estimated and their group is ounumbered by my local chess club members.

I can't drink alcohol, I can't buy cigarettes, and I can't get a dependant job because I refused to be a slave and chose to be a defiant.

Most people thinks me as potential criminal because It.

Thanks to the human rights guys, I can drive and lucky enough to get passport with some months of phone wrestles with ward office guys.

But I don't think my visa is in still effective.


You saying that Jeolla-namdo is full of useful idiots. I've been watched many some political-conspiracy watchdogs articles and I'm familiar with this word. It's disgusting slang among the ruling-elites like Henry Kissinger and their Bilderberg type cabals.

It's nothing to do with like Jeolla-namdo. It's for the lower class people who blindly supports the system or hired goons like soldiers and police. Jeolla-namdo is full of southern people who been ignored and suppressed by the government and media for decades and brought most of notable uprising against the goverment during our old dictatorship era. They led the countless uprisings against tyranny since we're occupied by Japan.

And what now? They're mocked by people like you because they don't support McCarthyism. And whenever we mentions Gwang-ju uprising, people like you come out of from nowhere and spitting out "Muh North Korea" narrative every fucking times.

I've met people like you in my life for thounsands times. Literally. You are the one who they mocks "useful idiots". Like I said, I've worked for the political scenes and I know well about this. Trust me.

As you seen from my archive old posts, my mom beaten by my father to almost death and fleed from him when I was 3 years old. Yes, they're fucking really, REALLY bad at their job but it's the principle of Social Justice movement.

The social justice is merely false-front to control you. They talking about women's right but only they do is censorship and talking about how bad video game is.

Our fuking female-jesus talking on TV about how we must do gender equility and punish rapists, but like you said our womens live in shithole.

Fucking female president, Ministry of Women, government media propaganda pieces from national TV channels, and all we did is fucking censoring porns and regulating video game industry.

And that's my friend, is what Social Justice all about. It's not about women, or who's right and left, it's about control and hypocrisy.

I've seen countless young lady workers forced to to sex jobs by their bosses. Their right is worse than the fictional hentai characters on PC screens.

Am I taking advantage? Because I said truth about Korea? Like I said, it's SJW Dystopia. No real women will be forced to do blowjobs in SJW Utopia.

This is what Social Justice truly derives. A real women is threated worse than the porn pieces on the internet.

You just made all the points what I wanted to talk about.

And by the way, to all readers of my post, like I did in my old post, I want you to do some research and don't hesitate to get second opinion with anyone you can talk. And ask me if you want to know anything on Korea. I'm here to spread truth, not some stereotype narrative from conservative.

My opinion is radical even in my Country. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only sane person here.

ps. sorry I got too many typos.

7735a6 No.252186


Is it true that in South Korea, women are such extreme vapid plastic whores that men find wives in Vietnam?

7735a6 No.252193


>They said total number of peoples who refused to register their fingerprints in Korea is around 2000.

That's depressing to hear anon, i would have thought there would be a huge backlash to that sort if tracking

7735a6 No.252249

File: 1439785650003.gif (89.4 KB, 250x252, 125:126, 1423719234195.gif)

>south korea has no porn

>people who watch porn are put into a database

>everyone in SK is tracked constantly

>yfw you realize Shimoneta is actually about South Korea

7735a6 No.252260

File: 1439786242159.jpg (58.49 KB, 720x481, 720:481, 1430068174405.jpg)

Korean bro I'm curious as to the plight of gamers. Do people even play anything besides MMO f2p bullshit? Like, does anyone even play shit like Metal Gear or Nintendo games? Are all gamers just completely deprived there?

Do you have to basically break the law to play anything worth a shit? I mean jesus it sounds so bad. I always wondered why there aren't so many Korean gamer bros on the internet. I guess this is it.

7735a6 No.252275


fugging japs stops raping ur contry again

7735a6 No.252337


So, worst of both worlds? Somehow I'm not surprised. A utopia of SJWs is all talk, no action, and a different set of rules for the people who have power and the people who don't.

7735a6 No.252348

Fuck. Just vote in a hung parliament mate, works wonders. We'll get to actually hanging the politicians after lunch.

7735a6 No.252357


>the most corrupted president in Korean history. Involved in all kinds of dirty gates.

weren't you under a dictatorship for years following the korean war?

7735a6 No.252372


>The funniest thing is the way you painted 박근혜 as some radical feminist dictator. She's a puppet for her dad's old buddies and nothing more. She is not the one making decisions.

Just want to nit-pick a little here. If Hillary Clinton gets elected, then she, too, would be nothing more than a puppet for her husband's old buddies and not an actual decision maker.

If OP's premise is correct, and what has been happening in Korea for the last couple of years will start happening in the US come 2017, then at least this piece already fits. It doesn't necessarily need to be a woman that decides that we need more government control on the basis of protecting the women, but whoever decides it might think that he needs a woman crying on TV in order to sell it.

Sage because I have no idea what's going on.

7735a6 No.252387


Damn, that "riot" propaganda feels awfully familiar, as a black anonymous in America, ever political movement by the civil rights front is spun into "pointless thuggery" unless it aligns itself with the far left, but what most white people in America don't understand is that many financially secured, well-to-do African Americans, a number that's steadily rising, are far right.

Its to the point where the minority of black people in America, the loud, obnoxious, poor folk in ghetto have their image magnified to make all African Americans and their grievances not taken seriously.

I think its already happening in the government, but in America, we are using black people and immigrants as catalysts to get the white folks to usher in their new master by coercion.

7735a6 No.252401

OP, please cross post this on /pol/. I think more people need to hear about this.

7735a6 No.252414


I know that board is a lot more hostile, but maybe you should post this in /pol/. I just wonder how they'll react to it.

7735a6 No.252443


I suspect they will be very interested.

I've heard of this story before, but coming from someone like this, who can answer questions, is more meaningful.

7735a6 No.252484

SK has always been a crazy shithole. Nothings changed but the methods.

7735a6 No.252509

File: 1439811413445.jpg (42.73 KB, 192x196, 48:49, deth.jpg)

The first world is turning to shit.

7735a6 No.252526

File: 1439813310736.webm (2.58 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1416374368342.webm)


> list of gender equality in the world

yeah isn't the United states ranked pretty low too? I mean it's not like that list is just a narrow minded, one sided, dogmatic vehicle for delivering first world guilt to rich white women who use it to leverage against anything they don't like because feels do reals





Who wants to play

Video games

Sage because vid related is mfw this thread and it's very late and i am a rubber chicken

7735a6 No.252534


>yeah isn't the United states ranked pretty low too? I mean it's not like that list is just a narrow minded, one sided, dogmatic vehicle for delivering first world guilt to rich white women who use it to leverage against anything they don't like because feels do reals

No, USA is just that bad at social security and ensuring the equal pay law is followed. And activists don't help it, instead of informing people it's a crime to discriminate based on sex,nationality, views or race by giving lower salaries or refusing to hire, they just scream about wage gap and how bad it is, thus, instead of improving the conditions, they spread the idea it's a common thing and making more unsavory businesses abuse the female employees.

7735a6 No.253219

File: 1439885429994.jpg (104.81 KB, 740x555, 4:3, 02.jpg)


True. Most of the women in Korea are so proud of themselves, they don't even looking at the common men in Korea. So most of the countrysides folks in Korea literally buy their brides, import them from poor south-east country like Vietnam. It's very common sights in countryside in Korea.

You can't believe what womens talk about on the internet. They consider Korean men as maggots and eager for some white dicks.


Thank you. I decided to go positive. At least we're have 2000 wakened-up people, in here, right?



Console players, or even hardcore PC players they do exists but largely, I mean LARGELY outnumbered by F2P, P2W MMO players by millions to one.

Most time when the Korean media refers 'Gamers', they mean the common F2P grindy kiddies in PC bang. I couldn't see any traditional buy-to-play gamers in my god damn lifetime. Except on the internet, of course. Their community is quite small but they do exists. Expecially since the Steam got popular.

As I said in the OP image, everyone must register their personal info when they make PSN or Xbox account. The government tracks your playtimes and the youth are not even allow to play console because of the law. It's pretty dread situation.


Lemme speak in east words.

North Korea is batshit-insane 1984 reincarnated in real life. Tortures, executions, concentration camps, JUCHE ideology which is exact copy of Big Brother, and other disgusting, unbelievable shits you can't even imagine.

South Korea is Brave New World come in life. The government is own by multi-national coporations, everyone brainwashed in the government education programs, college and media is fully controlled by those few companies, people serves the power by their choices, and think themselves are 'Well Educated'. Every people I've met in here thinks that serve the power is the most important virtue in this world.

NK is the worst possible communism, while the SK is worst possible capitalism.


I don't think that'll be possible in my life. The Korean congress is just.. corrupted beyond salvation. And the voters are jarhead.


We lived in the military dictatorship government until the 90's. All of them were taken the power by coups and they were outright dictators.

Unlike nowadays, young people in that days were defiant and constantly uprised against tyrannay. Literally, they shotted to death and set off their bodies into fire to make difference.

Do you remember the famous quote from the movie 'Apocalypse Now', "I love the smell of napalm in the morning."?

Well, we woke up in the morning with smell of the tear gas in every major cities, until 90's comes and finally we're able to vote for the president. Constant protests and the legion of fully-armored cops with shield and beatsticks.. It was turbulent times.


Stay safe, my ebony brother. From what learned from books and my life is that everything is connected and there is no such thing as coincidence. Especially on politics.

The ruling elites of the world is connected each other and do whatever tactics that proven effective, to control our lives.

Divide and conquer, my friend. It's one of the most effective tool to take control the power. Whenever the times, whatever the places.

They'll dictating Facism while we yell each other with meaningless arguments, and kill each others in slum.



I considered it but I never been /pol/ because I usually avoid same old topics with the most conservative people I can met.

I'll do whatever I can to avoid the confront with 2ch Samurais, Chinese 50 Cent Parties, and the ILBE facists. And the /pol/ is fishing spot to bait those extremists.

I just don't want to derail the topic with the people calls me as "Yellow-skinned Jew" and "Nigger of the Asia". /v/ has some thread like this few months ago and there were too many derailers screaming "Muh Japan", despite I said stop bring those god damn Nippon Masterace topics because it's not about Japan.

I'm not a patriotic person and I'm pretty used with racist stereotypes. But I'm not a dedicated keyboard-warrior samurai, you know. I'm here to warn you, not to persuade every misguided person I can met on the internet.

I have done enough debate in my life with the same old topics like Comfort womens and Japanese occupations. I just can't handle it.

7735a6 No.253285




BTW you can still cross board link on /pol/. I just want to remain this topic to gaming and SJW specific. I just don't have any passion left to start Japan occupation debate all over again and again.

7735a6 No.254925

File: 1440040736575.jpg (69.58 KB, 788x1024, 197:256, fuck.jpg)


My brother is a hardcore koreaboo studying overseas in South Korea right now. He already gives me shit for playing video games and his girlfriend has heckled a mutual friend of ours for being single. She said it was because of videogames I don't mind my brother dating a woman from overseas. I mind the fact that everything you've been saying has been showing up in him. I don't even know what to do anymore, his obsession with South Korea is getting out of control. When asked about his obsession by a mutual friend he's stated "I wouldn't say I hate America, but it's just better over there." this friend is also a veteran

I'm not saying America is perfect. We have our own sjw problems, but I can see Korea's SJW problem influencing him through his gf really hard. I just don't even know what to do with him anymore. I'm seeing the Kool-aid affecting someone in person and it's taking everything I have just to hold back on getting cocked over it.

7735a6 No.255648


If you really want your warnings to go further, having all your information in a concise and orderly presentation will work wonders. Find some like-minded people and get about collecting/sourcing/organizing facts to spread around.

Vectors like TechRaptor/NicheGamer/TheEscapist will want to cover the video game side of things. People like Allum Bokari and Milo Yiannopolous would be interested in the political/anti-feminist side.

7735a6 No.255677


What is Shimoneta?

7735a6 No.255691


An anime about a sexual repressed society. Moral standards is everyone's responsibility. Centers around a terrorist group named sox that spreads the word of dirty jokes and hentai.

7735a6 No.255692

File: 1440148895498.jpg (157.91 KB, 846x846, 1:1, StraightOuttalovenectar.jpg)

7735a6 No.255693


Ok, time to check youtube.

7735a6 No.256202



>for anime

Fuck's sake.

7735a6 No.256267


Do you have any online news site sources for these? English preferred, but Korean can still be auto translated.

I know you aren't interested in "The Japan thing", but some news stories about the bombing, and politicians later applauding the bomber, would help to shut up Brits who claim to "know about history" in every unrelated news story about Japan, when they only know about 4 years of Japan's history, which happened in Burma.

I'm a bit of a far right, ultra-nationalist myself, too. But cabinet ministers applauding a "patriot" for blowing up people with the wrong opinion? That'll keep me grounded and stop me from going full stormfag. We had a bloke here around 2000, called David Copeland, who set off nail bombs in an Indian market and a gay bar. I can't imagine our politicians giving him a standing ovation! (Though if one of the "Labour 22" actually goes to prison, and stabs him, they will).

7735a6 No.256282

File: 1440182555040.png (584.8 KB, 4000x2666, 2000:1333, 4000x2666.7_Japan's_naval_….png)

Flat noses once again prove they can't be trusted to rule themselves and would be better off under the control of the pointy nosed master race.

7735a6 No.256289

7735a6 No.256292

File: 1440182896843.png (79.92 KB, 672x372, 56:31, white_dragon_flag_of_engla….png)



Well, I fucked that up.

Anyway, "once again the kilts prove they can't be trusted to rule themselves and are better off under the control of the pinstripe-and-bowler master race".

7735a6 No.257800

File: 1440364988613.jpg (96.02 KB, 652x508, 163:127, when-the-mob-governs.jpg)


Our government successfully suppressed all those facts and the truth to spread out through media both inland and overseas. Most of these informations are not even Koreans aware about. I seriously hope some foreign human rights groups or activists clear this mess we made or at least help to foreign people to aware about this, but that's just in my dream. The reallity is no one outisde care about some random gooks and we're corrupted beyond salvation.

We legally beat kids everyday and no one seems to care about that. Every TV channel broadcasting propaganda about how we must punish pedos and school bullies but every adults In Korea beats their children and students everyday. I already abandoned my hope. I just wish this won't happen in other countries.

Some proper western media covering this dark side of Korean would be help alot. If you know someone can cover this around you, tell them or email them to read this. I will provide any facts and advice I can.


Stay safe, bro. Let him see this post I made and tell him we fucking beat kids legally in school and home. There's alot of shitty things going around in Korea and child abusing thing would be help to aware your bro. I've seen my freinds tores their eardrums because of beating from teachers and my left ear is deformed because of beating when I was kid. Every students in Korea wishes their teacher has good mood today when they go to school in the morning. At least I did when I was kid.

Koreans are terrible people and there's abusing in all kinds of society. School, Military, Workplaces, Home, everywhere. And every media and sub culture we producing is funded by terrible sysdicates and they're all shit.

If your bro interested in our culture, that's fine. But if he thinks we are some kind of perfect oriental society in a fairy tale, that would be problem.


There's alot of facts I provided in both the OP in the image and this thread. Tell me the point you wonder then I'll provide any Korean articles I can. Bellow are some Korean wiki articles about the insane laws. Use your own translator to see these.





Bellow is the news articles about the IED terror by ILBE member.



He announced his terror on the NeoAnime, the ILBE's sister board and broadcast every moment until right before he throw the bomb with his smartphone. He even uploaded a post in ILBE board while he was in custody.

7735a6 No.257801

File: 1440365054901-0.jpg (117.32 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 05050601_1.jpg)

File: 1440365054901-1.jpg (33.64 KB, 530x295, 106:59, 폭죽날조.jpg)


I've seen TV channels how they cover about this terror acts and the TV channel called 'TV Choson' called it as 'A patriotic act'. I've seen it myself. They also distort the fact and broadcasted a false informations that he blew up some "Firecrackers".

The second image I attached is the TV Choson distorting the fact. One of security guards burned his body to 3rd degree and had to get skin transplant surgery.

The suspect hosted a large celebration party after he got out of custody and the party include the Korean rulting party congressman "Hah-Tae Kyoung". Most of Korean media araid to cover this incident and few of them even applaud this as "Little bit twisted but it's brave patriotic act, anyway".

The first picture is him after the party ended. He uploaded this picture on ILBE by himself. He's a hero on both online and offline. He received hundreds of celebration letters after he got out.

As you can see from this picture, ILBE members are huge weeaboos. Just sayin.

Ideology, especially bigot things like nationalism, communism is insanity magnet and will drive people to crazy. As you can see from the history, the madness spread like a plague. And the ideology is the medium. I've seen ideology drives people insane and the elites use it as their propaganda machine.

It's all about the power and control.

ILBE is alot like Chinese 50 cent party. Google it, they shares many common traits. They're monster we created.

Every ideology can be distorted and used as propaganda. Like many other past saints said, Love is the only law that rules this universe in the end. This will be your country's future if your people blindly fall for propaganda ends with "-sm". ILBE is the example for McCarthyism went wrong.

Korean language is very complicated and there would be problem to auto-translate it. These links contains just about everything I said, though.

Just to be clear, I double-checked what I said in my past post and there's some mistakes I made. The shutdown law is from 0AM to 6AM, not 9AM. Also the sneaky tax thing is actaully 1%, not 5%. Just to make sure. Sorry.

7735a6 No.257802



I posted these with some VPN services on. Ignore the different IDs.

7735a6 No.257839


Lurker from Austria here.

Thank you for all of your posts. I was not aware of South Korea's problems at all. I only knew they had some overly strict laws regarding video games and other media, but I would have never guessed it was that bad.

Do you mind me asking how you accumulated such tremendous debts? Is it related to you not conforming to the system?

Thanks in advance.

7735a6 No.257841

File: 1440373524146.jpg (47.23 KB, 800x503, 800:503, cloud-atlas-somni.jpg)


7735a6 No.257845

how the fuck shit like the loli race in TERA is okay them(+ all the sexualization on korean MMOs in general)? I really wanna understand, never imagined things were that bad there.

7735a6 No.257864


I have a proposal for you, if you're still reading this thread.

The deal is: you gather ALL information that you can on this situation. Verified, unverified, anecdote all work as long as you believe it's legit. Try to get all material you can.

Then take a plane to Italy, Brescia. Ask anyone in the province for the Facchetti family. We'll find you a home, a car and a job of your choosing. We'll also have trained bodyguards escort you in secret and hunting down possible spies following you.

In exchange you'll provide us with those informations.

There are very red-pilled groups in Italy that know about all these attempts to rebuild fascism from social justice, and we're trying to rebuild The Partisans.

The Partisans are what killed Mussolini and bombed a ton of fascists back in the '40s.

No one has power to stop us here, but we need more information to act in other countries.

We have people even into GG, important personalities, diggers and masters of shilling infiltrating socjus.

There IS hope. Always.

There is no bigger power than a revolutionary one, because we give up status quo and are ready to die for the cause.

7735a6 No.257871

File: 1440378076312.jpg (19.03 KB, 340x250, 34:25, 1413702160228.jpg)

Jesus fucking Christ.

7735a6 No.257873

7735a6 No.257893

File: 1440380917994.jpg (59.91 KB, 403x406, 403:406, in politics.jpg)


My father abandoned me and my uncle raised me like his child.

He fought with cancer for over 10 years. From lungs to brain, eventually all over his body. We tried everything to alive him and that costed alot.

Well, it's personal story and it's not because of our system or something. Prolonged cancer treatment will cost alot in every countries in the world.

Plus my granpa used all of his fortunes to be a congressman in Korea. Candidated three time in a small southern city in Korea and failed all times. He failed mainly because he was in the current ruling party. The current ruling party is absolute facists and no love in the southern people. As you can see from ILBE, they all mocks southern people as 'communist' or some other slangs.

I able to see this dark side of Korea because out family was within their ranks. If you're side with the evil, you can see more shadows beneath it.

Now the intenrent warriors from ILBE denounces me as 'communist' or 'NK sympathizer' because I badmouth the government. It's fucking hilarious.

Yeah, it's little bit off-topic.


That's my point, exactly.

Teenage kids dancing half naked on the national TV channels, MMO games sexualize kids, women forced to serve sex, students raped by their teachers..

Then I realized it's all about control. Nothing more.

They screams about women's right but all they do is banning porns. They fucking literally do nothing about the real women's right. Korean Police's porn busting cyber crime team is bigger than the actual sex crime team. They allocate thousands of manpower in special department to bust porn in Korea while 45% of the rapist got away without punishment with suspended sentence. Porn possesion considered as more heavier crime than the actual rape and you will threated more badly than the rapist if you owned porn.

They screams about how we must protect children while kids beaten by parent and teachers everyday and the law approves it. Korean high school students go to the school at 6AM and come to home at 11PM. I myself experienced this and it's literally insane. And the child beating is legal in the name of 'corporal punishment'. Child beating is considered as some kind of virtue and most adults in Korea beats their children like it's nothing. It's daily basis in Korea and nobody makes objection about it.

It's hypocrisy. Ultimate hypocrisy. The hypocrisy, is the basic principle of Social Justice.

It's the Justice for the plausible cause. It's the Justice for empowered people. It's the Justice for ignorant fanatics. It's the Justice for hysterical hypocrites.

They don't touch the fucking MMOs because it's their financial source. They support those corrupted entertainment companies who abusing young kids to sell sex because they tied with the government.

They banning porns because it helps to make cause to censor and control people. They pressuring video game industry because they want to take control of the industry and make it to their honeypot.

They fucking don't care rat's ass about common people like you and me. It's all about money, propaganda, and hypocrisy. It's the soul of Social Justice movement.

I've been visited the MoW's official building before.

It was about 15 stories high. And the one they're using is like only 3 stories.

It was middle of summer and every floors on the building is freezing cold because air conditioner is on the full power.

And I've never heard about any schools, police staions, or orphanage with air conditioner in Korea.

Yeah, that's what I wanted talk about.

Watch a movie called "Dogani (Silenced)" if you want to know about Korean child abusing.

The movie director says the real incident was too extreme and insane so they had to tone-down the whole story to 10% for make this movie.

7735a6 No.257895

File: 1440381062571.jpg (56.56 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-if-you-have-always-b….jpg)


Bro, genuinely sweating because the feels that I've just met a totally real badass from Italy.

But anon, I'm nobody and I'm just a bellow ordinary guy who lives in my long gone granpa's shadow.

I have no connetions, I have no friends, and I'm a young lazy slob who just acting like a semi-aware armchair quarterback on the internet. A pretentious sloth with half-opened eyes.

I'm aware all about this because my granpa worked for the current ruling party for over decades. I could have might helpful for your holy resistence if my granpa was still alive, but he's long gone now and I'm nothing but a talentless ramdom gook in your country.

Thank you for your words, I really appreciate. I felt warm in my heart with your post and I regained my hope because you're the sign that the resistence for the free world not dead yet.

But I'm really a nothing person and won't be helpful for you at all. All I've got is some ramdom pieces of articles on the internet with little bit of the stories my granpa used to tell me.

All these informations I wrote is can be also acquired by everyday normal Korean.

There will be no spies on me because I'm nobody. Maybe some cyber polices for my hentai doujins.

I can provide my e-mail address if you want to talk something privately. Ask me anything itt for any open discussions.

My knowlegdes are constructed by mouth to mouth and my short experiences. I didn't lied a thing and never will but no one would trust me as legit source, not even in here. I'm treated like a anti-social misfit and my opinions are considered as radical. From both left and right.

Stay safe, anon. Thank you again. In my mind I could write a book about my country but it would be helluva lousy book to read. And I don't think I'm capable to do that.

Feel free to ask me anything that you wonders. That's all I can do.

7735a6 No.257898


And may god bless you and your family. White hats like you are the last hope for the humanity.

GG is the distant light that I saw in this endless dark tunnel. May god bless you all. I'm a buddhist tho.

7735a6 No.257911

I liked how South Korea was recently bad goyim for naming the jew in the Sony trade.

7735a6 No.258022


>Korean high school students go to the school at 6AM and come to home at 11PM

Thats a fuckin nightmare and i thought 6am to 6pm was bad, no wonder the suicide rates are so high.

>It's hypocrisy. Ultimate hypocrisy. The hypocrisy, is the basic principle of Social Justice.

Probaly somone asked already but there is literally no one standing up to try to take this distopia down? I have read here that people tried in the 80s but failed but sryously u guys cant just give up, thats all seens like watching a trainwreck in slowmotion.

>They don't touch the fucking MMOs because it's their financial source

Yea suspected that, I heard many times that the goverment fund these MMO companies but its so funny to see they dont give a fuck about the game content while those feminazi litterally yell at any sign of porn you may have

>Watch a movie called "Dogani (Silenced)" if you want to know about Korean child abusing

Will take a look didnt knew things were that fucked up

It's like thousand times worse than I would ever imagined what it was to live there holy shit, thanks for sharing that man, I just cant imagined now how your goverment can manage to fuck up everything there even more. Stay Strong man

7735a6 No.258046


Puh-lease. Animal scrifices weren't part of christianity for 2000 years

7735a6 No.258071

I don't understand this guy. He talks about Korea being too much of a leftist shithole and then attacks the main social presence in society trying to stop it (Ilbe).

What the fuck?

7735a6 No.258074


Random italianon here. That still doesn't make what he said about the internet any less true. You still require to use your social security number or somesuch nonsense. That's all I need to understand what kind of police state you guys live in. I don't even care if the whole thing about videogames is true or not at this point. Such intolerable violation of privacy belongs to a shithole of a country. They don't even have the decency to do it behind your back like in the US.

7735a6 No.258075

File: 1440415663680.jpg (29.64 KB, 643x368, 643:368, f0046293_4c7759d8aac86.jpg)

7735a6 No.258078


From what I get, their Right-wing supports the korean equivalent of SJWs. Which makes sense since Park is "right-wing" and pushed for so many of these laws.

7735a6 No.258082


Italianon here. Where do I sign up for this and do you guys accept any kind of people, regardless their political beliefs (like how the Partisans had monarchists, communists and democrats) who are united against this kind of bullshit?

7735a6 No.258095

File: 1440419733053.png (679.57 KB, 680x647, 680:647, well meme'd m'lady.png)


Thank you, anon. Korea is pretty much closed society like middle east and no outside foreigners coverage this kind of fucked up stories. Even our media won't do that.

Also the Korean language is hard to master and it's worthless to learn compared to other Asian like Chinese or Japanese. The language wall is huge.

I just wanted to warn you all.



HA HA! Well meme'd, m'lady!

ILBE always support the current ruling party no matter what. The current party is the origin of all these hypocritical gook style Social Justice and the ILBE is their biggest supporter.

They're pretty much like 50 cent party from China. All I can describe them is Right-Winged SJWs.

The current ruling party and the ILBE members are McCarthyism tier so called right-winged bigots but also they're SJWs. This won't be familiar to westerners but in Korea it is.

If my prolonged connection with the decades old ruling party taught me anything, that would be a lesson about Left-Right wing agenda. Left and Right logic is created by ruling elites to divide and conquar us and it's virtually non exist.

There's no left or right, chaos or order, or even good and evil in politics.

Only obey or disobey. Pawns or X-factors. Part of their plan, or against their agenda.

Another country's right wing is considered as left wing in others.

ILBE members might looking confusing to western politic standards because the current ruling party manufacturerd them with their propaganda and brainwash education system for over 5 decades.

They're new age's fabricated, synthetic man-made political goons attached with every political agendas and ideology there and there, in both left and right, progressive and concerative.

They're basically left and right ideology's bastard children. A political androids named ILBE.

That anti-southern picture is cute. Are you from Korea?


I don't know. I've never met people like me in my life. Their fingerprints are all registered and they were all part of the system.

The current right-winged ruling party peoples are all dirty scums who live in Imperial Japan's shadow. The nowaday so-called left winged activists in Korea is nothing but screaming kids and all the 80's real deal activists and social movement guys are all retired and old and powerless now.

The current standard of internet community in Korea is far bellow under international average and you won't find any good men on the internet. Seriosuly I feel my IQ degenerating every seconds when I browse common major Korean websites.

Only hardcore anti-system resistence I can think in this land is good' ol hardcore activist college students in 70's and 80's. They literally fought the power like tiananmen square younsters in 1989. Like I said, they lost the war and now they're powerless, old and hungry.

Some of the congressmen I know is from that era and actually tortured like hell because they protested. One man I know is disabled his one side of his ear because of the torture and beating from 70's. He's in the current ruling party now. I'll e-mail his name to you if you want.

There's also anti-Park movement within our political ranks. I don't know the details but one thing I know is that many people don't like her tyranny even bigoted right-winged old men. Many old congressmen in Korea thinks these kinds of anti-porn laws and video game preasure is unnecessary and anti-constitutional.

The anti-system movement in Korea is pretty much dead after 90's. I can't seem to find any decent organizations in my lifetime and all I see is bigoted goons of government like ILBE or New-Right.

Like I said, only 2000 people refused to register their fingerprints. Situation is grim.

Contact this guy named 'Yoonmin'. He's the most awakened individual I ever seen on the Korean internet. Bellow is his blog and tweeter.



His e-mail would be something like krysialove at naver dot com. I'm not sure.

I might have to spend this night think about where we can find wakened individuals in Korea. Honestly I can't imagine right now. Maybe some anti-Japan historian groups those who refused the paycheck from government. Or maybe small number of jouanalists. I don't know.

7735a6 No.258098


Filtered. Christianity ruined Korea, and Christianity ruined America. The first feminists were a Christian organization.

7735a6 No.258101


I. LOVE. this image. Mind if I save it?

7735a6 No.258103

File: 1440420997994.jpg (146.66 KB, 834x696, 139:116, anti-bully ranger.jpg)


Sure, a proud Kike of the Asia approves that image!


we all know it

pls no bully

7735a6 No.258126

Good luck Koreabro, let's hope that saner mind prevails.

Keep reminding people that this will basically lead to Cultural Revolution, a nation-wide madness where people voluntarily kill and lynch their own *family* to preserve ideological purity and political correctness.

In the end we woke up from the nightmare when Deng stepped in, but we Chinese haven't recovered from this severe damage to this day. So please don't give up, for the sake of people closest to you.

7735a6 No.258128

File: 1440425124497.jpg (59.48 KB, 540x810, 2:3, manly gook tears.jpg)


You too, bro..

7735a6 No.258138


I very much agree.

Part of Gamergate is getting good journos to do the articles bad journos won't. Plus, this is sort of a black mirror to show people what SJWs will be like in the future, if the stories get big enough.

> Isn't this kinda close to what South Korea is doing?


> Why are you so defensive, I'm just saying-


> I am now.

Koreabro, are you willing to do an interview with a western website? Your name would not be revealed or published.

7735a6 No.258195

File: 1440440047821.png (143.4 KB, 358x368, 179:184, smug gookface.png)


Bro, I'm nothing but some random gook irregular worker in Korea and no one takes my words seriously except you guys.

If my warning could be help to vanquish the Social Justice madness in this world, I would do anything. But even in here I'm a lone misfit and outcast. I don't think any western media would care about us. I just provide facts and spread truth on the internet until the people outside aware about how hypocritical Social Justice is.

Yeah, I will do anything for Gamergate. If any foreign media bold enough to coverage our dark side.

Hold on a sec I have urge to talk about some 'Multi-culture' agenda in Korea…

Writing some tl;dr longpost. Gonna be a long rant.

/pol/ would be very interested in this.

7735a6 No.258209

File: 1440442764263-0.jpg (38.29 KB, 336x239, 336:239, 2313_00001.jpg)

File: 1440442764264-1.jpg (23.46 KB, 247x328, 247:328, 2313_00000.jpg)

Daily Reminder: Current Korean government and the MoW supports the human traffic and sex slaves from South-east countries like Vietnam or Philippines, in the name of 'Multi-culture'.

As you can see from my post, Social Justice shit in Korea really affected people's mind. That won't exclude our young Korean ladies to tainted in twisted SJW minded agenda.

The prolonged Social Justice propaganda from media really affected young people's mind and the females in Korea started to refusing to marry with Korean males.

Before I start to talk about the human trafficking, let me tell you some story.

In 2005, large amount of posts leaked from the website called "English Spectrum", where the American English instructors hang out.

Their posts on there was simple. Bunch of rejected from America bragging about how slutty Korean women are. Some says they're gangbanged with their students in the institute building. Most of them bragging about how many they fucked in a single night in a Korean club around Itaewon.

But there's more. This becomes a national internet scandal because later reavealed that the English Spectrum hosted countless group sex parties with Korean women. Later more post on the website translated into Korean and revealed they shared datailed guide to how rape Korean child students. Mostly under 8 years old.


“10 reasons why teaching English in Korea is better than working in a Walmart back home.”

You could make 40 dollars an hour just saying a few things in English and being a little entertaining. In the United States, you couldn’t make 40 dollars even working five or six hours in a Walmart.




Lucky Guy

E-mail Address



How to Mollest Your Students (

Well this is a bit lengthy and perhaps a bit of a test to see how censored this board is. If this gets censored, I'll know for sure how serious this website is about censorship.


I'm only going to focus on girl students because if you're a sick fuck and like little boy, do your ass-jamming somewheres else.

You want a student that is happy to see you. One that smiles each and every day your presence occurs. If you have to, butter a child up. Give her special, but secret, favors. This is maybe laborious, but worth it in the long run.

My favorite method is candies and money. Kids drool over man wons. When they see your fat wallet, they get all googley-eyed. Watch the reactions. The kids that don't go "WA! MONEY!" ignore completely. Then make a note of which ones are wowed over a few green man wons.


Ages are another thing to keep in mind. Do you want a real young student, or an older one? If you're looking for a kid 4 to 7 western years, it's gonna be alot easier than getting an 8 to 12 year old kid.


Let me tell you one of my many experiences: I had a student, all of 15 years old. We got to the point that she would do anything for 100,000 won. And I mean anything. Needless to say, for eight months after that she visited me twice a month. Sure I was a bit poorer, but I fucked a virgin korean middle school girl over 20 times. Can any of you attest to that? I doubt it.



I will omit other part of the original article because it's so disgusting shit. Click the link if you want to see the rest.

The problem is, no one actually punished from this incident. Not even a single investigation.

What the fuck?


7735a6 No.258210

File: 1440443252260-0.jpg (61.59 KB, 588x334, 294:167, 222_00000.jpg)

File: 1440443252260-1.jpg (57.37 KB, 432x468, 12:13, 222_00001.jpg)

File: 1440443252261-2.jpg (66.28 KB, 588x419, 588:419, 222_00003.jpg)

File: 1440443252262-3.png (599.35 KB, 480x563, 480:563, 10544395_564744000298124_5….png)


The American instructors all fleed to overseas and the government not even started a single investigation about this. Because in the name of 'Multi-culture'.

There's two learning from this incident. First is Korean women's fantasy about white and black dicks. This was in 2005 and let me tell ya, the problem is more intensified through time. 2005 is the moment when the Korean Social Justice being escalated with the Ministry of Women.

I saw handful of captured images from this website back then and I remember every moments of it. There was insane amount of /pol/lack style stormfagging about how slutty Korean womens are, detailed guide to how to get threesome in a one night in a Itaewon club, and how to fuck with youth Korean students. They were all talking same shit. Korean women thinks westerners as some kind of god and always eager for white and black dicks.

No media coveraged this, no police ever investigated. It's the lesson two. Social Justice is nothing but hollowed propaganda. Actual Korean kids under 8 years old got mollested, raped by these social rejected degenerates from America and literally every official media refused to cover about this and there wasn't any police investigate. Women activists and the MoW ignored this because it might harmful for their Social Justice Multi-culture propaganda. It just didn't fit their narrative.

The one who leaked it and spreaded was Korean males. They begun online operation to punish those sick bastards and literally every media ignored them. Because it won't fit their propanda coverage. In their stories, Korean womens are sacred, oppressed beings and will never do such things like this. And the forigners are all angels.

That was end of it. No media coverage, no police investigation, and the website just disappeared into the thin air.

Enough of these story. I can't describe how hypocritic Korean womens are in English words. They're street slut for white and black males but cold heartd queen for Korean males.

I heard numerous stories from Korean husbands around me that their kids are borned as blue-eyed white or black.

My bone is chilling because, just imagine it. Even now the problem is so serious, but what would happen if the abortion becomes completely legal as they wish?

Jesus christ.

Now let's get back to stories about the sex trafficking from South-east Asia…

7735a6 No.258211

File: 1440443332910-0.jpg (81.04 KB, 500x366, 250:183, 002.jpg)

File: 1440443332912-1.jpg (32.05 KB, 500x337, 500:337, 001.jpg)


The current male to female ratio in Korea is the most extreme since our civilization.

From 15∼29 years old, male outnumbers female by over half a million in Korea.

The current high school in Korea is already peaked to 5:3 gender ratio.

You might wonder why this happend? Yes, the answer is simple. Abortion.

Abortion in Korea is currently illegal. But I've never seen or heard a single mother, ever busted by police or punished by law because of abortion. Ever. It's connivanced, semi-approved crime in Korea.

It's like vicious cycle of Social Justice. Low class women are treated like shit despite the MoW and all the Social Justice policy and agenda they doing because Social Justice nothing but hollowed propaganda and they don't care about actual women.

So young mothers go to clinics and do the abortion because their child is female. They don't want to their child beaten by her husband. And the law and MoW ignores it again because "Muh women's right".

So the gender ratio unbalanced like hell. Young females choose their hasband like a queen and young males do their scholarship to graduate shcool, to build a 'Spec' and marry with better woman. Now the scholarship and gap between men and women increased. Now women are unhired because of lack of "Spec" and the wage gap between both genders expanded.

Now the ugly thing begins. There's alway poor, talentless countryside guys. You know where they get brides from? The official human trafficking agencies all around the country. They're all legal.

They literally buy their brides from poor South-east Asia countries like Vietnam or Philippines. They have handful of catalogue of those womens from 3rd world countries and they choose any woman from the detailed list like shopping at the mall.

Names, family, wealth, physical abaility, how many she marriaged before, previous convictions, self-introduction lines, and most of all, the looks. Any informations are on the list and you can have them all with handful of money.

And it's all legal and approved by the Ministry of Women in the name of Social Justice and promote multi-culture family!

We even have a proportional representation congresswoman from Philippines, Jasmine Lee. She suddenly become a congresswoman in 2012 and now she's the National Assembly standing Committee of Women. The Ministry of Women is their jurisdiction ministry and they all controls the censorship and ban legislation over media. Especially vidya and porns.

She's the one of those handful of radical Korean feminists who actually controls MoW and all those insane laws about banning porns and video games.

You can't imagine how these multi-cultural propaganda they spitting on media.

Every national TV chanels has their own TV shows about promoting multi-culture family. They literally casts real husbands and wives from those human trafficking agency.

Almost every husbands who got married from these human trafficking agencies beat their wives. At least half of these woman slaves flees away from their hasbands within 3 years.

All of these because for the Social Justice.

This is what Social Justice all about. A corrupted, hypocritic, evil society pursuit nothing but hollowed ideology.

Just see the picture I attached. It's the signs from those human trafficking agencies.

International marriage; First Marriage / Remarriage / Disabled

Vietnam virgin (Pay Later)

Vietnam; Never Runs Away; International marriage expert

This is soon to be your future if you let these Social Justice insanity to rule your country. Importing 3rd world people and until our society crumbles into million pieces.

I hear the government trying to revise already insane 'Defamation and libel' law into criminal offense. Now they can block everthing on the internet without complaints if it sounds 'Offending'.

Maybe this time 8chan might be blocked in Korea. Gotta go fast, time to renew my VPN services.

7735a6 No.258214




So whites are the niggers of South Korea?


7735a6 No.258220


Well… Every race haves degenerates, it seems like they push them away their own degenerates to receives other degenerates

7735a6 No.258267

I'm gonna tell you now that focusing on race mixing and sexual fantastys of adults isn't something you're gonna get us westerners to worry about. If your going to blame socjus for something focus on explaining the under age being sexually abused by the school system offically and put greater emphasis into explaining how social justice brought back slavery as a industry. Oh and don't call it human trafficking call it SEX SLAVES and SLAVES trafficking is too light a word.

7735a6 No.258286




So whites are the niggers of South Korea?


7735a6 No.258313


It's true the "big websites" would never cover it, but smaller websites would, and then it would be up to us to spread news on it like wildfire.

We just need that "spark" of information to happen in the west (an article/interview/etc).

Even if you don't want to do an interview or article, are there any existing articles online?

From a GG perspective, we have the perfect chance to SHOW everyone how ugly this can get!!

7735a6 No.258318

Have anything to say about all the koreans going to the philippines to learn english?

7735a6 No.258324

File: 1440459058811.png (49.54 KB, 554x439, 554:439, 1413336209267.png)

>worst korea

>social experimental field for western investors

Guess that explains all those Illuminati symbols in your music videos.

7735a6 No.258379

File: 1440466970606.jpg (114.64 KB, 480x640, 3:4, killerofmoralfags.jpg)


>old poetic books ruined everything!

ur enlightend ;)

7735a6 No.258383

File: 1440467575328.jpeg (177.87 KB, 960x832, 15:13, IMG_130380593876027.jpeg)

Holy crap South Korea is messed up. God speed to all you Korea anons

7735a6 No.258388

File: 1440468451000.png (208.47 KB, 523x389, 523:389, 1424567204567.png)

Hold on for a second.


>If this country is a SJW dictatorship like you claim, they're doing a really, really bad job at it, since actual rapists generally get away with it, people watch porn at work all the time, and sexual harassment in the workplace is never punished. My girlfriend works at a hospital and they have a guy there who just gropes random women all the time. They still refuse to fire him, though.

But then again…


>More funny thing is, the porn threated as more heavier crime than the actual rape in Korea. 3 years minimum for rapists and 5 years minimum for porn possesion. 45 of rapists ended up being just suspended sentence but less than a 10% for porn possesion.

Isn't it likely that actual rapists would go off with a slap on the wrist in an SJ dystopia? Sounds plausible to me.

After all, the only thing they've ever been consistent about is their attitude of "it's okay when we do it", and an upside down moral compass.

7735a6 No.258666

File: 1440520830321.png (628.78 KB, 540x814, 270:407, 기사작위 이수만.png)


Thanks for the tip. Young youth students sexually harrased, raped is just age old thing in Korea and not a big issue in here.

Students raped by their teacher and principal is just daily ordinary thing in Korea. I see hundreds, thousands of new articles on the internet about teachers raped or sexually harassed in Korea when I searched "Rape", "Teacher" keywords.

But the thing is, they rarely get punished by law. Many of them even not getting fired and countinues their duty as teacher.

As I replied to other anon, if you want to know about the child rape thing in Korea, watch a movie named "Dogani (Silenced)".

Let me spoiler the ending. The rapist teachers all got away with small fine or suspended sentences, and the first whitsle blower teacher who report this mass rape abuse has been fired and blacklisted from Ministry of Education.

The more amazing thing is no rapist teachers fired. Every one of them got reinstatemented to the school after the incident. Some of them still doing their job at school. They even charged counter-suit to the victim students and their family.

The movie directoer said he had to cut about 90% of the details from the real incident because the event was too horrible to filming. Plus there's no way to be this movie able to pass the censorship if they put all the details.

This is well-known incident but still they didn't get punished and the victims still live in fear. And the victims couldn't even compensated a dime from the rapist or the government because they lost the lawsuit in 2014.

And you know the rest. Even this kind of issue couldn't even help to properly punish the rapists. A whistle blower, one novel and one movie, and it wasn't enough. The rapists still livinga as a free man. And the victims didn't get a dime and they lost the compensation lawsuit.

South Korea is the Kingdom of rape. And also infamous for the most strict censorship on porn in the world.

Like I said, watching porn is more heavier crime than the rape in Korea.

Police spends their thounsands of manpower to bust porn and porn watchers. And they literally do nothing about busting or investigate real rapists.


I will do the interview and help any journalist to spread the truth about Korea. I just not sure is any foreig journalist would interested in this.

Let me know the point and I'll link every article that I can found on the internet. Just don't expect it to be translated. You will have to use your own auto translator and it will very lousy.


I'm not sure but as both Philippines and Korean government approve this kind of human trafficking or as I say, "Legal sex slave trade", I assume there's many tie with both government. Philippines is literally living like shit country and notorious for the most large number of child prostitutes in the world. Approximately over 600 thounsands.

I think they many Korean students go there to learn English because it's cheap to living in there. I also proposed from my family to move to Philippines and learn, because it's so cheap to living in Philippines. If you have about 100 thounsands US dollar, you can live like a king in Philippines in a 3 stories house with many local servants.


See this picture. He's the founder and CEO of the biggest entertainment company, 'SM'. He's name is "Suman Lee" and he's literall member of Illuminati. It's the picture with Philippine de Rothschild when he knighted from Rothchild family.

I myself have some knowledge about secret cabal in the world and the conspiracy theory network. South Korea is literall honeypot of secret cabals from west society. Bilderberg, Commitee of 300, Freemason, Rothchild and some other bloodlines, you name it.

Expecially Korean entertainment world is rulled by Rothchild. K-pop, Psy, everything.

And they likes to put secret symbols and subliminal messages in their work.

Enough tin-foil chit chat. Just know that K-pop is worse syndicated mob scene than Hollywood.


Thank you, anon. Stay safe.


I already replied him. Many people in Korea thinks we need more Neo-Feminism and Social Justice because actually women living like shit. And you know what? That's exactly what SJ about. Control the culture and informations while ignoring, or even incite the real problem of women's right.

Inciting more conflict and problem between both gender is their true goal.

It's Social Jstucie Dystopia, not Social Justice Utopia.

I'll just monitor my thread daily basis and reply best I can. Let other people read my thread and ask me anything. I got plenty of times, anyway.

7735a6 No.258718

Been reading down this thread and replying as I went, only to have the replies all lost. So here they are all are as one lump, like I should have done to start with.



Thank you, I was mainly after sources about the bombing. I'm working on a big picture illustrating Cultural Marxism, and want to have something like the (western) media whinging about the Yasukuni shrine*, but ignoring members of the South Korean government literally applauding terrorism (literally applauding the terrorist, a week after the crime, no less). But I wanted at least some sources, so I could "trust, but verify" rather than "listen and beleive".

*-not that I'm a Japanese-atrocity-denier, but Yasukuni is not all war criminals, and western Cultural Marxism is all about finding ways to put down celebrations of a nation's past, to concentrate on the "better future". Plus they want to "punish" Japan for not toeing the SJW line. See the western translators "correcting" "problematic" videogames.



On the "left" and "right": Ireland doesn't appear to have any "right wing" parties of note, they're all differing degrees of centre-left - and many British leftists support returning the North to the Republic (though I think our government's refusal to countenance such a thing is counterproductive, too. We give the Falklands referendum after referendum to "prove" they want to be British… what are they afraid of in Northern Ireland?) ((also - some of those British leftists give themselves hilariously 'Irish-ised' names on Facebook 'to show solidarity')) - yet neither the Republic nor the North has abortion, and many of those leftists also call themselves nationalists. As did followers of Gandhi, come to think of it.

No doubt the nationalists of South Korea grew out of resentment at Japanese imperialism, so have left wing ideals behind them.


Hah, if SK is the vanguard of Socjus, the UK is right behind you. Charlie Hebdo has been openly described as "far right" here. Calling for absolute free speech, even if it's racist (a position The Young Turks have advocated this very year) is seen as "extremist"…

And, the BBC, beloved of our centre-left (allegedly) Labour party (the one Tony "brown nose" Blair was in), is known by virtually everybody to have helped cover up systematic child abuse by Jimmy Savile (a TV presenter of music and game shows in the 70's and 80's) and his friends for decades. The same Labour party that gleefully bought in a law to lock up lolicon and shota owners for 4 years. We've already seen somebody jailed for years, and put on the sex offenders register (aka "will never work again") …for having a few Simpsons porn gifs. Oh, and he was the only person taking care of his housebound granny. Guess it sucked to be her, eh?

>South Korea is the Kingdom of rape. And also infamous for the most strict censorship on porn in the world.

>Like I said, watching porn is more heavier crime than the rape in Korea.

>Police spends their thounsands of manpower to bust porn and porn watchers. And they literally do nothing about busting or investigate real rapists.

Surely a case study for porn-as-a-safety-valve? Doubt you'll hear about that from radfems any time soon. I suppose it'll be "remember the 1-in-5/4/3" and "clearly the censorship is not tough enough"

7735a6 No.258818

File: 1440541288378.jpg (289.65 KB, 450x500, 9:10, 20140109142420371667.jpg)


Note that those self acclaimed far-right groups opened a donation for the terrorist. Dozens of "Patriotic" lawyers offered him a free court defense. It was just literall fucking insanity to watch and it was too insane I felt like I'm losing my mind.

Also ILBE is called "Far-right", at least what they call themselves. Although their political agenda is sef offed miles away from typical far-right in other countries.

Note that Japanese imperialism shit is too complicate to talk in here so I just don't mention. Yasukuni thing is also merged with various political agenda and it's not just left-right matter.

See this picture? It's the subliminal message scene from the Japanese anime "Super Sonico". First scene is YASU-KUNI-2-3. If you read it, it's called "Yasukuni-Ni-San", which means "You must worship Yasukuni".

Second scene is "TOMI-1-4". If you connect it, "Tomi-Ichi-死". Which means "Die, Tomiichi".

I see these kind of nationalistic, anti-Korean, imperialism subliminal propaganda message from Japanse anime daily basis. It's not "War crime shrine" or "Not all about war criminals". Yasukuni is nothing but hollowed political propaganda tool nowaday.

I won't comment further more. I must write a book to explain all the concerns in between Korea and Japan.

Japan is safe from Social Justice madness because they're very independent, solid state. They're politically independent because all the political cleanup and purge is done ages ago and they're strategical partner with western elites. Not a slave bitch like Korea, so they can avoid being chaotic political experiment laboratory.

Unlike Korea, they're free from religious agenda because their leading cabal done all the genocide against christianity long ago. Ever heard about Fumie?

So called South Korean right-wing nationalists are literall pawn of Japan and they're not even real nationalists. They literally worships Imperial Japanese state. It's too deep shit to comment here. I must be a full tin-foil hat lunatic to explain this shit and it will attract some poor-informed stormfags and raises more questions. There's no politically left-right in Korea, not like other countries.

I don't want to comment it more. It's heartbreaking stress to me for comment the current Imperialism insanity. Plus I don't want to lure weebs and anti-Korean stormsamurai legion from 2ch to this board.

It's agony to here some affairs in brit. I know some current situation in britain from articles on the internet and they share many common traits between Korea. Your comment helped me to understand bit more.

The political experiment shit I talked about seems apply to brit as well. There's no way to be this stable wealth state to be this chaotic in poltics. There's many signs that Britain is sold to Rockefeller and Bilderberg after the war. All the debts and secret treaties.

I don't know shit about brit but I knew that Tony is fuckhead.

Stay safe, fellow britfag.

7735a6 No.258912


>I will do the interview and help any journalist to spread the truth about Korea. I just not sure is any foreig journalist would interested in this.


>Let me know the point and I'll link every article that I can found on the internet. Just don't expect it to be translated. You will have to use your own auto translator and it will very lousy.

Every little helps man.

Now, GGHQ: Who could we set up an interview with?

The gaming websites would be a weak connection considering the other stuff going on ("Korean E-sports could be fucked over by government; also rape"), but I'm not sure what other news websites to contact.

This might not seem like a big deal, but if we want to tackle the SJW front, this is a BIG boon toward it.

7735a6 No.258974

File: 1440628482390.jpg (26.22 KB, 480x717, 160:239, This is war.jpg)





Reminder: >>>/christian/ is shittier than >>>/asatru/ >>>/atheism/ and >>>/islam/

7735a6 No.259062


Haha, well then again, we Britfags aren't in quite as fucked up a situation as Korea seems to be. Interestingly, we did come second in a "happiness in childhood" survey. Second from bottom, that is! The lowest nation being, erm, South Korea. There, it's probably kids being worked to death at school… here, well, did you see the Milo article about "boys being treated as if they are defective girls"?

Also, that hidden propaganda in Anime is pretty cool. I have to steal the idea! Best I've done so far is have two enemy tanks in a war comic named Alison (Bechdel) and Anita (Sarkeesian). In future I want to make a Doom wad set "after the great revolution" (in Europe, in 2014), which will have a bunch of subliminal background messages about a rise of civic nationalism, and downfall of SJW's - Futhorc runes on bilingual signs, costume shops with an advert showing a White kid in a Native American costime… oh and huge Protienworld billboards.

7735a6 No.260528


Daily reminder that this fag is a christian shill whose goal is to make everybody else look like shills.

7735a6 No.260625

File: 1440784308741.jpg (60.51 KB, 543x960, 181:320, LOLCocacola.jpg)

You said that playing videogames is very frowned upon in Korea, but games like LoL seem to be very popular and you can even find soda with advertisements of it. A lot seems to be done to promote these games. Can you explain why that is?

Also, do you have any idea about how professional gamers are treated there? Korean Pro players are known to be the best in the world in some games like Starcraft and League, so I'm just wondering.

7735a6 No.260895

File: 1440820222483-0.png (5.18 MB, 1540x6227, 1540:6227, Inafundme Part 1.PNG)

File: 1440820222486-1.jpg (1.56 MB, 1540x9392, 385:2348, Inafundme Part 2.JPG)


Jesus, half the screen is blurred out most of the time, how am I supposed to tell what the fuck is happening? Censoring is bullshit, stop coddling people.


No. Anyone can be brainwashed, but keep tipping that fedora until we ratify the Gamer's Law of Killing Niggers and Illegal Aliens for Sport Law in developed countries.


Seems like he already explained it here: >>257893

>They don't touch the fucking MMOs because it's their financial source. They support those corrupted entertainment companies who abusing young kids to sell sex because they tied with the government.

>They banning porns because it helps to make cause to censor and control people. They pressuring video game industry because they want to take control of the industry and make it to their honeypot.

>They fucking don't care rat's ass about common people like you and me. It's all about money, propaganda, and hypocrisy. It's the soul of Social Justice movement.


Hey, thanks for sharing all of this. I don't know how much I'll follow up on it in the near future, but I'll keep this in mind when discussing faggots like Inafune pushing people to be more like Korea or China or some shit.

7735a6 No.261319

File: 1440880198242.webm (6.13 MB, 1280x528, 80:33, italians.webm)


>Ask anyone in the province for the Facchetti family. We'll find you a home, a car and a job of your choosing. We'll also have trained bodyguards escort you in secret and hunting down possible spies following you.

I imagine that would go down something like this.

I'm sorry but I couldn't resist

7735a6 No.261359

File: 1440883007138.jpg (201.81 KB, 700x376, 175:94, every korean ever.JPG)


Note that SK has the highest suicide rate as well.

Some guy from statistics company said that the government put every effort to manipulate the suicide rate stats to make it look low. By excluding legit suicide cases from statistics for various reasons like they have no family or the motive is unclear.

Funny thing is SK is still the highest suicide rate in the world despite their effort.


LoL is the new Starcraft in Korea and almost everyone plays it. It's mainstream as fuck and feels like some kind of 21st century's digital religion.

Note the the government wants to take control of gaming industry both financially and culture value by censorship and syndicate it by their own goons, not completely ban all the video games from the Korea. Same shit like in China.

Sure people will eye glance on the people who bye those cola and drink it but even they can't stop Coca-Cola company from collab with Riot. SK is corporatocracy state and if big multi-national company like Coca-Cola wants to do it, they can do it.

Pro-gamer in Korea is pretty much like football players in US. Only handful of 0.01% can debut on the pro stage and even few of them success their career as pro-gamer.

E-sports in Korea is little bit shrinked it's size because there was so many dirty scandal around syndicated e-sports mobs. Like outright, countless match-riggings, refused to pay copyright fees to Blizzard, conflict between e-sports cliques for televising rights.. The match-rigging scandal shit was too aweful and corrupted, so many viewer left the e-sports scene in Korea and gaming channels on TV shutted down.

It's pretty much like sports scene in other countries. Few corrupted syndicates and the committee controls the industry and manipulate it. Monopolization and rigged games. Just like FIFA.


The original video is removed from YouTube and that heavily censored news piece was all that I could found.

I saw the original video and it was fucking gory shit. Blood and screams everywhere. The butchering adults screamed Jesus's name just like ISIS screaming Allah's name while they murdering people.

I couldn't slept for days because the stress from the corruption and child abuse. It was pure insanity.

Inafune is either very, very poorly informed or payed shill from Nexon. I can't believe he said something like that.

Korea and China is anti-christ and dark dystopia of video gaming. I can't describe how stressful to be a gamer in here.


I told my family "Mom, an anonymous internet gentlman from Italy offered me a job, car, and bodyguard escort. What do" and she said "Italian? Son, it's a fucking trap and he could might be an ISIS. Your organs will be stolen by Italian mafia.".

We both laughed. I believe the Italian anon 100% and took it seriously but thinking about gook kidnapping Italian on 8chan is just to hilarious to imagine.

I can't just stop thinking about Hardcore Italian Mafia family kidnapping me in old restaurant, in Godfather style. A clueless Korean screaming and crying for help.

I watched too many Italian mafia movies. I have fantasy about Italian famlies and it won't help me from stop thinking it.

Sorry, Italian anon if my joke sounded rude or offending. I trust you 100% and carefully considered it through days. I'll remember your family name till I die.

7735a6 No.261367


>I'll remember your family name till I die.

I'm sure Chunk would too. ;^)

7735a6 No.261396


Bastille II: Electric Boogaloo?

7735a6 No.261426

File: 1440888404150.gif (23.14 KB, 266x200, 133:100, wutm8.gif)


Yeah because I'm going to go through all that and hope you aren't just a person on the internet telling lies.

7735a6 No.261517


Yeah, Inafune just strikes me as an ignorant egomaniac. Calling himself the "Creator of Mega Man" when it's convenient for him, and revealing that he isn't when it isn't. He never even spoke Kitamura's name, just referred to him as "his mentor". Now, we don't know much about Kitamura other than he's a very, very private person, so Inafune was probably just covering for him. Nevertheless, Kitamura will always be known as the director of the first three Mega Man games, and Inafune will always be known as the guy who greenlighted the awful DmC remake, said Lost Planet 2 failed because it was "too Japanese", abandoned Legends 3 despite all the press he drummed up for it singlehandedly, and refused to greenlight a more popular title like Darkstalkers 4 because he didn't give as much of a shit.

This streak he has going on now about saving Japan by turning it into Korea & China seems like the result of a savior/martyr complex, which is something he's been quoted on. He compared himself to a revolutionary from Japan's history who tried to unify the fiefdoms in feudal times, saying that if he lived in feudal Japan, he'd "probably be killed." You produce videogames and animes as a senior corporate exec, you hack.

7735a6 No.261753


If he lived in the Edo period, he'd probably be going around saying Ukyo-e and Kabuki ought to be "more Korean"

…and would probably be killed.

7735a6 No.264665


7735a6 No.275199

Glad to see you're also on /v/. Godspeed.

7735a6 No.275200

File: 1442787799257.gif (1006.22 KB, 500x700, 5:7, 1422912615349.gif)


Oh fuck don't even get me started on united cuckdom, fucking criminals have more rights then citizens do over here.

Remember that massive pedo ring that politicians and cops covered up? well fucking no one else on this shithole of an island does no one seemed to actually care oh but one politician "allegedly" calls someone a pleb and the media wont shut the fuck up about it for months, even after it turned out he didn't.

I can't wait until we get space colonies i'll be the first to sign up.

7735a6 No.275210


>One of the driving factors of America's colonies being made

>Is the only reason it was bad

Okay buddy. Listen, people do bad shit in the name of religion. Does that invalidate the religion? People do bad stuff in the name of GamerGate, does that invalidate the arguments that have been made for it?


>say the name

>Turns out it's a sting op

>get arrested for shit you never did

That's what I'm afraid of.


Koreanon, thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Stay safe, God speed.

7735a6 No.275246

File: 1442794971179.jpg (49.31 KB, 960x720, 4:3, what we're fighing against.jpg)

A copy-pasted from /v/ GG thread. I think I need to share this as cautionary tale.

Prepare for potential fallout from LW speech in UN.

It's a mass propaganda tool for censor the internet. To get justification to govern the cyber space.

Simillar thing happened in here. In 2008, the government used a movie star's suicide as their mass propaganda tool.

A female movie star named Choi-Jin Sil suicided in 2008. The goverment fabricated the incident and blamed it for internet bully. You can't imagine how big it was in here. Every 8PM newses on all channels screaming we must censor the internet and payback for her death.

So, the Choi-law was made. Basically it's real name internet system and you must type your all personal info on every websites on the internet. It's really funny thing that you can see every poster's name and their real address on the internet. Fucking hilarious shit.

And you know what? Surprise, surprise, she killed herself not because of internet bullies. It was revealed after she died because of her husband's years of prolonged beating and abuse. Then he threatend her to take her children in the court and it was a trigger. More funny thing is, there's sudden radio silence on media about the truth about her death. They literally fabricated the Choi's suicide note, distorted her death as their propaganda tool and got away with it without any problem.

We got a fucking official government's Ministry of Women and they fucking do nothing about real womens get beating, abused by males. Because it's not useful as their propaganda tool. All they do is use someone else's death as their propaganda tool and censor, control the media.

It's real funny thing that the MoW actually advocating women abuse and even endorse it.

The law revised few years later because of mass personal info leakage from it. Thanks for the law, Korean's personal infos are being traded as less than a cent in China right now. Still must to put my every personal info but you can't see someone else's name right under their nickname no more. God, it was hilarious.

Oh, and the husband of Choi got away with it but few years later he suicided too. He couldn't handle the guilty. Literally no one blamed him though. Because everyone thought the suicide was about the internet trolls. lol.

The hundreds of insane censorship laws derivated from this incident and we blocked over half a million unique domains on the internet now.

This is what SJWs pursuit for. It's all about power, control, and censorship. And out children becoming more like fanatic psychopathes because of the influence of bat-shit insane hypocrisy derived from it.

Their hypocrisy and corruption is beyond our imagination. Their moral is just inhuman. Even feels Demonic. They will gladly fabricate the history and brainwash you without any moral consquences.

Oh, and we beat children. Legally. And only 21 of people jailed for child abuse in Korea this year. Average less than 30 people yearly.

It's really fun to watch when the media and government screaming muh children while they endorsing public child beating and rape as part of 'Discipline'.

Stay safe and be caution. I hope this rigged UN speech ends as global mockery and fails miserably.


Stay safe, my fellow brit.

Pedo sex parties in politician and high rank police scene is very common sights in Korea too.

At least dozens of whisleblowers in this country leaks this disgraceful sex parties and services every year. Even videos and pictures. And you know what? NO ONE FUCKING CARES!

The Feminists, Ministry of Women, the whole fucking media and people. They don't fucking care. And no one cover it in mainstream media. Everyone just fucking ignores it like it did not happend.

In 2009, a famous female movie star Jang-Ja Yeon killed herself because of the stress from forcing to do countless sex services.

She left notes that listed all big figures who she have to do sex services. And sent that notes to various media groups before she died.

And you know what happend? The government and media charged shitloads of law-suits against who dare mention that list. On both offline and internet.

And they sucess to put her manager to jail for "Defamation" charges. He actually goes to prison for whistle-blowing.

Can you believe this? No one goes to jail, nobody put charged, no one investigated by prosecution because of this incident, but her manager who tried to expost this to media.

Later revealed that her list include the CEO of the most powerful, biggest media group in Korea, Choson-Ilbo. His name is Bang-Sang Hoon.

Still the Korean internet fears to mention this incident. If you mention it, expect shitloads of law-suit from beggest media groups with finest lawyer legions.

And MoW will laugh at you.

This is the true face of Social Justice.

This is what we're fighting against.


Thank you.

7735a6 No.275252


Thank you. I hope this cautionary tale vaccinize the people outisde against Social Justice.

7735a6 No.275307



>Sacrificing animals

Either that's poor quality b8, or you Korea's have no grasp of theology.

7735a6 No.275308


It's probably the latter. Jewish tradition might have bled into their practice if they're using shocking images to get people to listen to them. At least, I think it's the latter. Otherwise this would be a massive and fairly successful troll.

7735a6 No.275314

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's some Korean news articles about the open animal sacrifice at the kid's Christianity camp.

They not just stopped at just butchering the goat, they fucking skinned the goat in front of children.

The original video was 26 mins long. And most of it was screaming, crying children at the insanity and terror.

Use your translator to read these page.




You won't believe what Korean christians and pastors do in here. They're fucking batshit insane. Their preaching is just fucking pure insanity everytimes I hear. Saying shits like good believers give their virginity to pastors and the Buddhism is work of Satan. I've lost my words when they screaming, chanting words "Burn! Crumble!" while projecting Buddhism temple at the screen.

And all these are not done by some kind of minor crazy branches like jehovah's witnesses. They're done by major church cliques.

I'm sorry that I triggered you and thought this is b8. But this is true. And our 17th president is the presbyter of Korean christianity and he's famous for all kinds of dirty gates and scandals around him. And his also Japanese.

Sounds insane, huh? Welcome to Korea.

7735a6 No.275318


>good believers give their virginity to pastors


The middle east is a mistake, we should crusade into SK. Holy shit, I'm so sorry you had to be exposed to fuckwits perverting Christianity this hard.

7735a6 No.275323

File: 1442810650700-0.jpg (44.29 KB, 640x353, 640:353, 한국 목사2.jpg)

File: 1442810650700-1.jpg (32.72 KB, 500x213, 500:213, 전광훈.jpg)


The pastor's name is Jeon-Kwang Hoon.

He's millionaire famous pastor and his preaches are full of batshit insanity.

"When I ordered to young female maid to remove your panties and say let me fuck you, if she obeys then she's my holy believer, if she disobey then she's a heretic shit."

"We must sent all buddhist to jail and quarantine all monks in island and airdrops instant ramens by chopper to build true christianity Korea."

Some of his famous words.

Also he threatens his followers to vote for president Lee Myung-bak or he's gonna ban all the non lee-voter from the church.

I post this because this is 8chan. If I post this on Korean website, I'll be sued to kingdom come.

7735a6 No.275325


>Lee Myung-bak

Shit, I remember that name. He got behind GamePark Holdings when they made the Wiz and wanted it to compete with the DS. Me being fucking stupid, I forgot he was your President. And that pastor is a liar and a thief. I assume you're only allowed to have the version of the Bible the government endorses?

Koreanon, I'm so sorry for the situation you live in. If there was something I could do to help, I would.

7735a6 No.275327

File: 1442811384529.png (597.04 KB, 983x551, 983:551, you can't.png)


You can't.


7735a6 No.275358



As a Catholic, this sickens me. The fact it goes unchecked means that either it's kept from the Vatican, or they silently approve of it.

Either answer makes me vaguely understand what could drive a man to launch a crusade.

For what it's worth, KoreAnon, you have my prayer that this does not go unpunished.

7735a6 No.275397


I think people are forgetting that North Korea and South Korea are essentially people from the same culture.

Some people in SK are capable of hilarious batshit insanity like people in their North can. Jesus even corrupt priests in the West won't brazenly announce their lust =_=;

7735a6 No.275405


South Korea Kun, do you mind if we invade your country and spread some freedom just to save you from yourselves?

7735a6 No.275406


Ups, forgot not to quote.

7735a6 No.275453

My girlfriend won't listen to me and doesn't believe any of this because.

KOREA IS GOING THROUGH A SEXUAL Revolution THEY're just learning this stuff.


India is a third would country S. Korea is a 1st world country.

How do I explain this topic.

7735a6 No.275460

7735a6 No.275614


>In 2010 the UN determined that the KCSC “essentially operates as a censorship body.”

Holy shit, that should say it all.


Ask her

>Shouldn't there be laws to protect against rape no matter what?

See what she says. If she doesn't think that it's rape when a pastor does it, I'd be hard pressed to keep that person as a girlfriend.

7735a6 No.275655

Good. Porn is degeneracy and rots the brain.

7735a6 No.275758

Okay, so I did a bit of poking around about Koreanon's claims. I can verify there are people who are Protestant following the President's crazy views, but I can't learn how deep it runs. According to the internet, the Catholics in SK are much more open to the buddhists and are much more tolerant in general, while the protestants have a history of being wackjobs.

The only thing I can't find is a good number of people in the wackjob group that make up SK. Because I can find KKK or Neo Nazi extremists who want to kill or actually do kill based on certain features in the US, but I wouldn't say the majority of even those in power are KKK/Neo Nazis.

The other thing, from google translate on >>275314 links, the news seem to denounce the acts as crazy or present it in a neutral light, so I'm wondering what leanings those news outlets have. Are they uncensored in Korea, for example? and other questions.

Everything else seems accurate, including the rape charges on kids, and obviously RealID monitoring. Just need to know the depth and breadth of this corruption of protestant "christians" since they apparently never read the Bible themselves otherwise they'd know not to sacrifice anything anymore.

7735a6 No.275766


>since they apparently never read the Bible themselves otherwise they'd know not to sacrifice anything anymore.

I think a lot of Asian "Christianity" in general suffers from syncretism and in some cases can barely even be recognized as genuine Christianity.

7735a6 No.275770


True enough, though the Catholics are mostly okay it looks like. I know China has an officially endorsed Bible filled with lots of censorship and having anything but the endorsed version can get you in prison indefinitely. Missionary work there was crazy.

I will say, when Korea was still united, I had a great-Uncle work as a missionary in Korea, and he was a normal dude just trying to get the bible into the hands of Koreans that wanted to learn it, and when the split happened. South Korea kept the religion around and from what he tells, there wasn't anything neutered or perverted with it. Though I imagine since SK technically got to keep the religion, I think missionary presence dropped, so it could explain the strange belief in following the Old Testament.

7735a6 No.275848


Sorry, but not really, this is the most common bible in China:


And it's based on what some white dudes wrote in 1918. The same book is also published in Hong Kong and Taiwan, so if there are weird changes they'd probably know.

They don't really have their own Bible, but the Catholics does not answer to the Pope in Vatican, but to CPCA.


7735a6 No.275904


I like how you're biggest concer is fictional fantasy and not goverment approved rape and slavery. That was sarcasm btw.

7735a6 No.275912


>That was sarcasm btw.

Awww, is this your first time using the internet?

The only reason I said anything about Christianity is because it's the only thing I can find evidence to counter the claims Koreanon made. India and Middle Eastern countries have rape and slavery laxly punished by the government, can't do shit about that. But thanks for shitposting anyway, nigger. If you were really that concerned about the facts, you'd do some research on your own.



That's the most common protestant book, anon. I don't see any remarks of it being the most common in China. However, the fact that it's published in China is interesting. I wish I knew Mandarin, I would love to read their translation. And the fact that Chinese Catholics don't answer to the pope is already troublesome. Not that it's 100% controlled by government, but they are separated from the normal Catholic church. In reality, that doesn't mean much, as loads of official Catholic churches aren't the same, but still. It is interesting to note, only 2.3% of Chinese people identify as Christian. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_in_China#Statistics

Again, not tinfoiling, just genuinely interesting and something to look into.

7735a6 No.275930



I think the Bible is also used by other denominations, the new revised CUV is consecrated in a cathedral in Hong Kong.

Also, from the article:

"After more than 90% of Chinese believers around the world used the Chinese Bible (CUV) for over 90 years, the revised edition of the Old and New Testaments were grandly released."

So yeah, CUV looks like the most common Bible version among Chinese believers and it predates CCP.

7735a6 No.275952


>Now, GGHQ: Who could we set up an interview with?

>tfw only journo I know is Milo

He might be interested, but he'll probably need more concrete sources. If there are articles that can support the claims and maybe other people willing to be interviewed (even just one other person), it may become a real thing. And it might even turn heads over here and picked up by somebody else.

7735a6 No.276009

7735a6 No.276010


*add to the picture

7735a6 No.276080


>mfw I could have been that "someone"

god why didn't i find this any sooner

7735a6 No.276103

File: 1442938248975-0.jpg (65.78 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 03162456187_61200010.jpg)

File: 1442938248976-1.jpg (28.66 KB, 500x333, 500:333, myung sung church 2.jpg)

File: 1442938248976-2.jpg (150.65 KB, 658x718, 329:359, 앵무새.jpg)


They're protestant, not orthodox catholic.

Catholic is Korea is pretty much dead in here and all the churches you can found is protestants.

They even protested while the current pope visited Korea, saying the catholic is 'Heretic' and the false catholic king and their followers will go to hell.

Most of our economics are occupied by protestant cliques. Even one of our president, Lee Myung-bak is well-know batshit insane protestant presbyter. They works more like 'Corporation' or 'Mafia' than real religious group.

Their preaches are.. just insane. I hear it myself. Saying "If you don't pay tithes, you go to hell" is like too common, no one doesn't even count it as 'weird' anymore. Every pastors say that.

Looks at this church building pictures I attached. Many buildings of Korean churches are bigger than football field, or even college.

According to Christian Today, in the rank of worshipers number by church around the world, the number 1 and 2 is by Korean church. A single Korean church that ranked in number one has over 800 thousands worshipers itself alone.

Korean protestant is not just religion. It's multi-billion business with millions of fanatic followers.


Yeah, many people ignore that fact that we're same people derived from same culture and relatives.

Prolonged occupation by Japan distorted our people's mind and now we're doing same shit Imperial Japan did 70 years ago.

We were people of peace who never invaded other country for domination in our thousands years of history. Now look at us. We're warmongering, dictaorship states that follows 1984 as guide textbook.


Only if you're 'murica I guess.




All I described in this thread and past 2 threads are absolute facts. In daily basis, hundreds of people goes to prison or pay hundred thousands of US dollar penalty for reading Yaoi novels and watching Japanese hentai magna on internet. While 45% of convicted real rapists and 70% of convicted child abusers don't even go to prison.

It's more than just comic 'censorship'. They treat Japanese hentai pieces as real CP with real child. If you read hemtai manga in here, you searve more sentence than real rapists.

If she don't believe it, then it's her choice. Many people will just denies the reality when faced with hard, cruel truth.

Even many Koreans would slander my fact as BS. Because they're not interested in this deep affairs and out media won't cover it.

I see people who translated the Japanese hentai manga pieces as 'Child porn making syndicate busted' on the Korean 8PM news.

They're now serving 5 year sentences.

It's a fucking dread reality.

Anyway, thanks for the English articles. I need some of these to back up my story. Thank you.


Catholics in Korea is humble nice guys but they're ournumbered by fanatic protestant more than 10:1.

The goat sacrificing would be considered as batshit insanity to neutral people's sight in here. This event didn't even becomes a hot issue because there's so many other batshit insane stories. It's not even considered as serious problem.

Out media is.. 100% government occupied 1984 version of media.

All media and press must write and cover what government ordered them to broadcast.

We call this "Bo do ji chim (보도 지침)". This goverment doctrine leaked by brave whistle blowers in 1986 and all the whistle blowers went to jail for national security act. And of course, any media didn't cover this because the Bodojichim said do not cover this.

And it exist still today, probably. No one said it's gone.

I read some oppressed journalist's article. He said one day one middle-aged woman suddenly called to his office, crying in tears, saying "What the fuck happening in this country? I flopping out dozens of TV channels and they're all broadcasting same thing, reading exactly same scripts. What the fuck is happening? What our ancestors fought for?".

See my third picture. They're actually all different major TV channels.

Last year, Sewol-ho ship sinked and over 300 people died. But suddenly our female president missing for over 7 hours after the ship sunk and nobody could found her anywhere.

No Korean media covered this but foreign media. One translate-only Korean news website translated the sudden president's missing article and you know what happen?

Police stormed their office, and search and seizure within a day that article posted online.

Because they didn't followed the Bodojichim.


I don't know about bible. I've never been into christian. Sorry. They're probably not censored but I won't be surprised if they're censored.


Thank you. I'll see that cartoon later. It seems like tale of a orphaned guy adopted in western. Interestng perspective.

7735a6 No.276123

File: 1442940755976.png (108.64 KB, 2000x1400, 10:7, illuminati.png)


> He's the founder and CEO of the biggest entertainment company, 'SM'. He's name is "Suman Lee" and he's literall member of Illuminati.

>Satanic trips

I want off this wild ride anon

7735a6 No.276142

File: 1442943681437.png (232.13 KB, 448x360, 56:45, hmmm.png)


All of the overtly strict laws and none of the sexy clone slaves.


7735a6 No.276148


Wasn't that the entire point of the song Gangum Style? I mean, it was popular, you'd think people would actually look up what the lyrics meant.

7735a6 No.276150


Ah. Thanks for finding that. Given what I was brainwashed in school with about Mao, I'm surprised anything before the CCP survived.


Thanks for continuing to post, Koreanon.

>If you don't pay tithes, you go to hell

Wow. That's hardcore, old world Catholic corruption. Yikes.

>See my third picture. They're actually all different major TV channels.

Holy shit. You aren't kidding. This is 1984 all the way.


>implying normalfags care about lyrics

My parents confessed to not listening to lyrics and just singing along for almost any song they find catchy, and those are songs in English. I doubt anyone cares about a song in Korean.

7735a6 No.276153

7735a6 No.276164


>I assume you're only allowed to have the version of the Bible the government endorses?

whoa whoa whoa hold yer horses we ain't there yet

7735a6 No.276170

FYI if any korean you meet refutes any of the info in this thread then that korean is drinking the koolaid or just heavily dosed on blue pills.

What OP says is 100% truth

7735a6 No.276179



no offense but moon runes alone aren't a way to verify ching-chong netnews.

7735a6 No.276182


>moon runes


Pick a stereotype, nigga. That's bonafide korean writing.


>What OP says is 100% truth

As an outsider, man this is hard to believe. Your media can sure keep up a good public image.

7735a6 No.276185

File: 1442947923243.jpg (384.31 KB, 1077x1567, 1077:1567, DSC_0461.JPG)

7735a6 No.276188


Yeah, Korean church preaches are fuckin' hardcore. Probably more mindfucking than blackmetal. And also they're extremly political. Imagine a pastor preaching we need to kill commies and do holocaust against anti-government people to build true nation.

I wish somebody record these preaches and upload some translated footages online. Cause they're fucking hilarious.


Thank you for support, my fellow gook brother. There could be some info mishaps I made because most of these are from my memory. But other than some numerical value errors, I guarantee I did not lied a thing.


인증샷 우왕ㅋ굳ㅋ

7735a6 No.276189


Proof enough for me.

7735a6 No.276190


>Probably more mindfucking than blackmetal.

Definitely more. Black metal is understood to be artistic exaggeration.

7735a6 No.276192


ㅆㅂ 익헨에서 딸치다가 니글 읽고 찍은거임

님아 언능 비행기나 배라도 타고 탈출하셈

쪽바리들 이제 당당히 재무장 할수있고

미국도 이제 우릴 버림

중국에게 붙으면 사대주의 고려/조선 회귀함

우리나라도 핵개발 안하면 좆될거 같은데 파란약 존나 들이켜서 안할거 같음

7735a6 No.276194

7735a6 No.276195

File: 1442948829562.png (105.9 KB, 340x340, 1:1, sweakingoldsnacks.png)


This is getting intense

7735a6 No.276196


빚을 갚아야 이민을 가죸ㅋㅋㅋ

그리고 정치쪽에서 일해봐서 아는건데 북한 최대의 지원자들이자 북한 체제를 먹여살리는 세력은 다름아닌 일본 우익들입니다.

이미 남한은 네오콘들의 졸이고 북한은 일본 제국주의자들의 졸인 상황.

이것들이 뒤에서 작정하고 한반도 화약고 터뜨리는 순간 뭐 국민들 수백만 죽고 평화헌법도 휴지조각 됐겠다 자위대 상륙하고 3차 대전 발발하는건 순식간이죠. 중동 꼴 나는 겁니다.

역사는 반복된다죠. 이제 남은 건 우리들이 손에 달렸습니다.

이제 다국적 자본과 지난 백년동안 권력을 잡아온 민족 반역 세력들의 노예 신세에서 벗어나 대한민국이 진정한 독립을 누렸으면 합니다. 이런 대한민국을 죽기 전에 볼 수 있을런지…

Sorry for ching chong posting. Just some chit-chat.

7735a6 No.276198



파산 신청하세요

>이제 남은 건 우리들이 손에 달렸습니다.

우리가 뭘해야합니까?

저도 답답해서 미치겠습니다

7735a6 No.276202


your animu your vidya your everything

they will be gone if you let the feminazis and your parents' generation make the loudest noise

rouse your peers and fight back

7735a6 No.276203


>Showing your face

Sheet nigga, I hope noone is monitoring 8chan for dissenters.

7735a6 No.276205


I'm technically a Canadian citizen now anyways, Korea can't touch me

7735a6 No.276208


Then I'm curious, have you told anyone in Canadia about your experiences in Korea and how have they reacted?

7735a6 No.276209


Aaaaaah, sweet sweet nationality change.

Got a Russian cousin who managed to avoid military service by getting adopted by his French step-dad.

On to the topic at hand: why doesn't the government throw the people who've been proven to be rapists in prison, if only to make a show of being good guys? You'd think it'd be good publicity, no?

7735a6 No.276210


my indonesian friend is not surprised at all

he says it's the same in his homeland just poorer

I don't think any of my white peers are even intelligent enough to comprehend the redpill

and those who would would just avoid me like plague anyways which is kinda understandable

7735a6 No.276212


all the males in korea knows that if we even give our women a slight edge in their social power then we're cucked to oblivion

it's bad enough as it is when it comes to obnoxious females even with the current 'rape' problem

and our government already pats itself on the back with pardons whenever a new president is elected anyways

7735a6 No.276213


fucking K-dramas with their female power fantasies has ruined our women to the point of no return

7735a6 No.276217

File: 1442951259172.jpg (219.58 KB, 900x802, 450:401, censorship.jpg)


부양할 가족들에 비자 문제까지 있어서 이민을 가는건.. 머나먼 꿈처럼 느껴지네요.

"If you do not have the opportunity to do great things, you can do small things in a great way."

"위대한 일을 할 수 있는 기회가 내게 주어지지 않는다면, 작은 일들을 위대하게 해내면 된다."

-Dr. Brian Weiss

전 체코 대통령 바츨라프 하벨도 이런 말을 했습니다: "모든 일은 작은 것에서부터 출발합니다. 처음부터 보다 나은 세상을 만들기 위한 거창한 비전을 제시할 필요는 없습니다. 양심에 따라 가까운 사람들에게 친절을 베푸는 것만으로도 족합니다. 찝찝한 기분이 드는 행동을 멀리하고 말이죠. 나의 행동반경 안에서만 실천해도 충분합니다. 전염병처럼 널리 퍼질 가능성도 있거든요. 하지만 퍼지지 않고 나의 작은 세상 안에서만 머물더라도 항상 실천할 만한 가치가 있는 일입니다."

지금 당장 거리로 나가서 혁명을 일으키지 않아도 됩니다. 진실된 양심과 자유, 사랑에 대한 신념을 가지고 소신있게 자신의 삶을 살고 전파하다 보면 언젠가 이 사회는 바뀌어 있을겁니다.

그리고 우린 혼자가 아닙니다. 대한민국 사회에서도 남모르게 싸우는 소위 화이트햇들이 존재합니다. 아무리 일본 우익들이 대한민국이 불바다가 되길 원해도 우리가 있는 한 그렇게는 안될겁니다.




They're all pro-rape degenrates. The government, the prosecution, thes judiciary, the judges, everyone. They're all fucking corrupted.

They more disgusted on porns than raping women or having sex parties at luxury condo. They think having various sex services is normal thing while watching hantai porn is fucking outrageous crime against humanity.

And there's Social Justicie agenda on censorship. Yes, it's actaully all about censorship. It's just like First World Neo-Feminists screaming on video game character's boob while ignoring serious real women's rights problems in third world countries.

Plus, if you caught for wathcing hentai onlines, you must pay at least over 20,000 US dollar penalty. Imagine you bust hundreds of porn watchers daily and racketeers this money by name of government.

Yeah, it's about censorship but it's also business.

The most funny thing is it's all approves by MoW.

Hentai anime characters' right is more important than real women and children's one in Korea.

I've seen some short documentary about women get raped in office job in Korea before. Literally hundreds of women killed themselves because of foced sex services and they're all rejected and ignored by MoW rape report lines. They just don't gives a single fuck about women in real life.

7735a6 No.276219

File: 1442951662879.jpg (439.66 KB, 1600x1065, 320:213, tim hortons.jpg)


of course not eh, he's too busy pouring maple syrup in his buttcrack and shoving Tim-Bits® up his ass, ya hoser

7735a6 No.276220

File: 1442951733626.jpg (219.8 KB, 900x1222, 450:611, umbridge.jpg)


시리아 난민놈들은 비자 없이도 잘만 건너오는데

and MoW is fucking puppet

all run by rich protestant moms and Korean Umbridges

fuck they don't care about actual marginalized women, because they never were marginalized to begin with in their youth

vile serpents all of them

can't wait to pretend to kill them all in xcom 2

7735a6 No.276221


After I have read everything about their heresy ITT, I suggest you Dawn of War. Yes, they are fucking heretics. The good news is, they may be already burning in hell.

7735a6 No.276225

File: 1442953051372.jpg (38.61 KB, 620x349, 620:349, tibits.JPG)


Have you ever even had Timbits? They're fuckin delicious ya fuckin scivey.

7735a6 No.276281

Koreabros, I don't know how useful this advice will be, but if there's one thing Gamergate has taught us, it's this: you are not alone.

For every loud asshole using the system to promote their own corruption, there are 10 people assuming that asshole is untouchable. For each "social justice" partisan shutting down someone who disagreed, there are 10 people who stay silent out of fear of being the next target.

You are not alone.

Speak. Rally. Get mad! Talk to people, online and offline. I know that what we faced is nothing compared to the governmental forces you have against you, but the single most powerful and infectious weapon is information and ideas. Spread yours. Every person you can tell this stuff is another chip off the wall of ideologues, and I believe more people could be receptive to your message than you think.

You are not alone.

7735a6 No.276339


After they chose the Reese donut over the Oreo one, Tim Horton's can suck my dick. How did that thing win the votes?

7735a6 No.276346


Eh? Oreo donut is still around here in Calgary, last I checked. But if what you're saying is true, that's bullshit. How the fuck do we have a nation of manchildren that think peanut butter beats oreo cream?

7735a6 No.276351

File: 1442976561368.jpg (84.61 KB, 546x364, 3:2, beaverTailsExpress1.jpg)


Still not a BeaverTail.

Why are these fuckers not everywhere idk. Ugh, why even live?

7735a6 No.276357


BeaverTails are just an overpriced invention of Banff's tourism board.

7735a6 No.276370


Ontario here, none of the places I've checked have them, one lady said they got rid of all theirs. The signage is gone too.

I would have LOVED to try a Reese donut. Thing is though, that's not what I fucking got. I got a Boston cream with three mini Reese cups on top. That's it.

The Oreo actually had a unique filling. This? literally just Boston cream. No peanut flavouring at all.

7735a6 No.276402



this is the realest shit i have seen in my life.

7735a6 No.276466


>I'm not sure but as both Philippines and Korean government approve this kind of human trafficking or as I say, "Legal sex slave trade", I assume there's many tie with both government. Philippines is literally living like shit country and notorious for the most large number of child prostitutes in the world. Approximately over 600 thounsands.

>I think they many Korean students go there to learn English because it's cheap to living in there. I also proposed from my family to move to Philippines and learn, because it's so cheap to living in Philippines. If you have about 100 thounsands US dollar, you can live like a king in Philippines in a 3 stories house with many local servants.

Late for the party, but as a Flip, this checks out. You can visit the /pinoy/ board for confirmation.

7735a6 No.276505

Hey, gookfag. Where in Korea you live in?

Wanna meet up and have some somaek?

7735a6 No.278535

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Thank you for your courage words.

The ruler, the elites, and their corrupted goons underestimating the power of silent few. The fact is that the conscious, virtuous slient people are not really a minority. The fact is that we're outnumbering those sinister rulers and their fanatic goons to 100:1.

We must wake up and cut the puppet strings attached to our lives, and rally against those corrupted.

The fear is our worst enemy and the truth is our most fearsom weapon.

As long as the element of dualism exist in this world, as long as light and dark, black and white exist, we won't stop fighting and we won't let this evil ruin our descendant's life. We're fighting for future.

It's not just about muh so jee knee or SJWs. I've seen the true madness of Social Justice, and the twisted ideology devoured my country and destroyed the fate of children.

You're all fighting the good fight. This is not a cat fight or internet drama flamewar.

You're not awared but the fact is you GGers fighting for the future of our civilization, you holy bastards.

Fighting against the corrupted ideology that could lead our society to Brave New World dystopia.

Good luck. I'm right beside you.


Thank you for checking up. I've seen people from your country working in my land, payed $2 per hours, gets raped, beaten, and abused. And the Korean people goes to your country, ruining Flip culture and economy by extortion like evil jews.

Now the government using Filipinos as part of Solcial Justice multi-culture agenda. Despite the fact is they're the one who extorting Filipino people and approved it.

We even have some female Filipino strawman congresswoman. And she's the member of MoW ruling committee.

I just hope this wild ride ends.


I live in the southern edge of honam.

Sorry, I don't drink alcohol. I have bad trauma about some violent alcoholic relative and never tasted single drop of alcohol in my life.

Maybe we can eat some gookbab someday.

ps. I've did some digging around the UN speech yesterday and found out that the Korean MoW won the Public Service Awards from UN in 2012.

UN is not your friend and they're with the Korean Social Justice mob.


They won the category 'Youth Policy'. You know what Youth Policy in Korea like? Beating children legally, extorting them 6am~11pm in public school, and force them to install official goverment spyware app in their devices.

Fucking outrageous. Expect them to force Internet Real-Name system to western like EU or USA, just like they did to Korean.

They want to kill the anonymity of internet and wants to rule the digital world.

LW speech is just small propaganda piece to get cause for mass internet censorship.

UN is your enemy.

Do not trust their lies.

7735a6 No.278547


>UN is not your friend

Yeah, I've come to realize that since they put Saudi Arabia at the head of the human rights committee.

7735a6 No.278569


>Watch a movie called "Dogani (Silenced)" if you want to know about Korean child abusing.

"The Crucible" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2070649/

7735a6 No.278583



"the press guidelines"

>Another attempt to control broadcasting can be

>confirmed by the official broadcasting guidelines. Journalists used to call it „today‟s

>saying‟ until it had the official title, bodojichim („the press guidelines‟). The guidelines

>consisted of prohibitions on certain news items such as the activities of dissidents or the

>opposition party, university demonstrations and labour-management disputes. News

>stories in the everyday media were graded as „allowed‟, „not allowed‟ and „absolutely

>not allowed‟, and there was a specific format and a way each story should be written

>(Hangyore 12th December 1995). What was worse, marginal groups such as the

>homeless, orphans, those in poverty and the handicapped could not appear on the

>television screen

From: The Discursive Construction of Discrimination


7735a6 No.278628

File: 1443195472680-0.jpg (26.93 KB, 510x357, 10:7, korean approves.jpg)

File: 1443195472680-1.jpg (92.09 KB, 600x400, 3:2, remember the june, 1987.jpg)



Thanks for clearing up.

I remember those brave whistle-blowers back in the day leaking the shit out of this Bodojichim existence to western media.

Basically, conscious few journalist people opened a surprise guerrilla press conference with bunch of foreign media journalists, because they knew the goverment can't touch those white poeple. It was suicide mission for them and they knew it. That time was government just line up people and shoot them in the streets.

They all went jail, and soon after the June 1987 revolution happened. Fianlly we can able to vote our president and those brave journalists released from jail.

Good to see English article about the Bodojichim. That was more than 20 years ago but there's probably more English articles about it somewhere.

Sad news is the Lee Myung-bak revived the Bodojichim and it still exist today.

Well, I guess we need another revolution again.

7735a6 No.278641


>Good to see English article about the Bodojichim

English people seems using "Podo chich'im" to speak about the "reporting guidelines" sent to newspaper editors.

7735a6 No.278711


There are tons of Oversees recruiters m8 but nothing really from Korean recruiters, only just bad shit from Saudi and Middle East, I'm guessing they wanna kill their competitors in sex trafficking biz. Also expect more Flip slaves to come, the 2008 K-Pop insurgents really did a number here. Korea is popular to plebs and poor people here.

7735a6 No.278728

File: 1443207014757.jpg (112.57 KB, 393x292, 393:292, 1384997751873.jpg)


>welsh dragon


7735a6 No.278742

File: 1443208480832.jpg (56.5 KB, 396x301, 396:301, 1360486335353.jpg)



7735a6 No.278762

File: 1443210436507-0.jpg (36.46 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 한국 목사3.jpg)

File: 1443210436508-1.jpg (45.55 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 한국 목사4.jpg)


"Here's the thing, I don't like money but god himself likes money."

"Stop talking each other in whisper and just Give me all you've got."

Some ordinary Korean church speech.

Just normal day in Korean church.

7735a6 No.278775


Interesting thread, Korea man. But what's your issue with goat slaughter? Are you a vegan? Here in Norway we take all the school children to the farms to show them how it's done. Don't need people growing into faggots thinking meat comes from magical icecream machines.

7735a6 No.278783


Not gook, but I'd say the problem is making them see it as a religious experience, as well as forcing the ones who don't want to watch to do so anyway.

7735a6 No.278784


Do you honestly believe that prime meat wasn't eaten?

7735a6 No.278789


If you kill a goat and skinned it in front of children while screaming Jesus' name, calling it "Sacrifice", then it's a problem.

Your education system shows it to children for education purpose, teaching the value of living life, awareness of burchering animals.

But they're butchering goats in Jesus's name, which is no other modern countries do anymore. It's emptied, hollowed, meaningless did and only insist religious madness. To them, the goat is nothing but tribute object to god.

It differs like killing men in self defense act versus killing men with a knife painfully, while screaming god's name.

Those crazy batshit insane cultist didn't even know how to properly butcher a goat. The goat painfully, slowly died in front of bunch of screaming kids. Fucking bloodbath. I watched the original video.

What a gory way to kill a goat.

Animal sacrifice is just minor way of human sacrifice. If we let them keep killing, skinning living goats in front of children, sooner or later they'll try to sacrifice living human beings just like Aztec did.

Think rationally. It's a fucking crazy shit.

There's a reason why other Christians don't do animal sacrifice anymore.

Are you gonna put same standard with the sadistic psychopath people killing, torturing mammal animals for pleasure and legal hunters and butchers?

Every lives are precious but think logically. They are definitely different.

7735a6 No.278790


Anyway, let's not derail this thread into anti-christian thread.

I know Korean Christians are batshit insane and there's relation between SJWs and Christians in Korea. But this topic surely belongs to other board.

7735a6 No.278926

File: 1443233792318.gif (298.99 KB, 633x492, 211:164, Nixon_Moon.gif)


>Some ordinary Korean church speech.

So, I suppose Sun Myung Moon and his Unification Church are ordinary things in Korea?

7735a6 No.278938


they be like scientology in america

everyone knows they're fucked up but won't deal with them

7735a6 No.278941

>What we know about the South Korea NIS’s use of Hacking Team’s RCS

>This research note outlines what we know about the use of Hacking Team’s Remote Control System (RCS) by South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS). The note synthesizes information found in publicly leaked materials, as well as our own research.


7735a6 No.278946

File: 1443237225120-0.jpg (49.08 KB, 490x700, 7:10, JMS pastors' Sex Slave Men….jpg)

File: 1443237225120-1.jpg (88.25 KB, 800x572, 200:143, JMS.jpg)


God damn, I didn't want to hear that satanic name in here.

Moon-Sun Myung and Jung-Myung Suk.

And their fucking fanatic cult of Unification Church and JMS is the last thing I want to hear on chan.

The Scientology are general nice guys compared to them. The only thing I could compare to them is Japan's Aum Shinrikyo.

Here's some picture of leaked document from JMS. A large files that listed youth sex slave believers with their pictures, ages, height, school, phone numbers, and some self-introduction.

Basically it's pedo sex menu for high-rank JMS pastors. You can just pick one of them and they'll serve. They're vary from age 14 to 18.

There much more horrible shit going around Unification and JMS church. All the fucking corrupted crime shits you can imagine. Torture, kidnapping, murder, rape, sex slaves.. All you cam imagine.

I just don't want to discuss it anymore. I feel my mind breaking up just thinking about these cults. Also I don't want to derail this thread.

Let's just stop mention them. I explained enough for those who are not aware of them. Just google them and you'll see plenty of unbelievable shits.

I personally don't want to think them as christians despite their claims. It's insult to christians.

And yes, they're popular in here. Their finance and assets are exceeded most of big corporations. And they infiltrated into out every systems and their power is tremendous.

I heard if you combine all the financial power of Unification and JMS, they're match with Samsung or LG.


Glad to see some English article about the NIS's hacking spyware tool.

Their goal is basically plent the spyware app into every citizen's device, surveillance them and remote control them if you need to.

God blees for the brave man who leaked this info. They're just batshit-insane. Something you could read from 1984, not in 21st century.

Few month ago, they killed a random NIS worker named 'Im' and faked it as suicide, blamed all the hacking tool incident to him.

They also faked his suicide note. Saying "I'm the one who charged the hacking tool! but there was no spying against citizen.".

The whole event stinks like hell and it's badly staged.

Like reporting of disappearance after 5 hours he went to work, and the receipt of briquet he used for his death, is actually fabricated. The store he bought the briquet is actually do not sells briquet ever and the credit card receipt is proven fake.

Enough of tin-foil talking. Just remember that Korean NIS is like soviet KGB.

7735a6 No.278953


>The only thing I could compare to them is Japan's Aum Shinrikyo.

Frequently, these cults are just tools for intelligence services.

Is NIS the real power behind the curtain in Korea?

>NIS agent dies in apparent suicide


7735a6 No.278967

File: 1443239769778.jpg (86.75 KB, 600x350, 12:7, CIA MOSSAD MI6.jpg)


I honestly don't think those talentless goons have that much power.

They're just fucking script kiddie level amateurs compared to real intelligence services in other countries. Talentless jumping jack thugs.

If there's any connection between those cults and NIS, that would be NIS is working for those cults and they're JMS's personal bitch.

All they do is spying, monitoring citizens and doing dime a dozen hitman jobs. They're nothing but government's approved thugs with some resources.

They successfully managed to murder one of the ex-president though. It's staged like shit but thankfully Korean people are dumb enough to believe the fake official narrative.

7735a6 No.278972

Isn't the current U.N. Secretary General South Korean?

Would explain a lot of the U.N.'s current questionable decisions, such as inviting the worst online bullies and harassers to speak against online bullying and harassment.

This right now may barely be GG related, but considering that the U.N. is all but openly declaring war against #Gamergate as the visible strawman target against this intangible concept called "cyberbullyng", maybe it's high time to disseminate all the info in this thread to the general public.

7735a6 No.278979

Huh so I just learned that a few years ago, South Korea scrapped their law that requires providing real names online.


7735a6 No.278993

File: 1443244270776.jpg (2.12 MB, 3500x2333, 3500:2333, Ban Ki-Moon.jpg)


Good point. I mentioned it on /v/'s gg thread.

Yes, UN's Secretary-General is a Korean named Ban Ki-moon.

And you know what? He's famous for being fanatic Zionist and Israel supporter.

His nickname is invisible ghost secretary general and notorious for completely incapable to do anything.

He's basically the worst strawman type you can imagine. Like android machine, he's just personal bitch of US and other powers of the world.

He's incapable to do shit by himself and they pull the strings and he dance.

He visited Palestine few years ago and more than 50 people literally trew their shoes to him so he had to fleed away.

I read articles on the internet that if you mention that you're Korean in Palestine or Lebanon, people will deeply despise and disdain you, calling "Fucking Ban's country".

Yeah, he's that incompetent.


Shit, I thought I mentioned this. The law repealed was about publicly showing your names above your post. You still need to type all your info to signing any major websites in Korea.

And more scary thing is, that the SSN typing system is being replaced by goverment's official digital version of micro-chip-in-your-wrist, 'i-PIN'.

Damn, I thought I mentioned in this thread. I should described it more earlier.

The i-PIN, is basically the government's digital identity database that replaces SSN. Your fingerprints, your persinal info, your PC's MAC address, your mobile smartphone data, your IP, all of it stored in the goverment managed database servers.

You must visit offline goverment office or get a que from government approved credit company website to get register to i-PIN.

It requires your credit card, digital signature, phone identification, or personal confrontation so it cannot be counterfeited.

I'm not lying. Go major Korean websites like Naver or Daum. They all requires either your personal identification or i-PIN.

When the Korean government announced they scraping the SSN typing system, everyone applaused it. But you know what? It was all ruse to replace it to more sinister, more big brother compliant digital day's verichip, i-PIN.

Who would ever thought, huh?

Basically it becomes harder to post anonymously on the internet and the government can now access your personal info and privacy more easily.

Imagine you need to make a goverment's NSA account to get signed any internet websites like Google or Tweeter. And they stores your physical and MAC address, your name and other personal info on their servers.

Yeah, it's that insane. And it's now replaced almost any websites.

I don't use their fucking government surveillance program hivenet. Never ever. So I have problem with using online bank account management. Everytime I must use my aunt's laptop to transfer money online or checking my deposit. And other so-called 'portal' websites are complete garbage so good riddance.

I fucking fear if they force me to sign in their i-PIN program for just use the internet. I assume sooner or later they'll do that someday.

FYI if your website or domain exceed some point of traffic, you must install the i-PIN and identification system to your website by the law.

Don't just think it as Korea's problem. Digital verychip is the old concept that western ruling elites planned for ages. It's just happened in Korea earlier for test purpose.

It can be your future if you don't stop SOPA, TPP, or net neutrality.

Defend your digital rights like your damn life depending on it.

It's the only advice I can give you right now.

7735a6 No.279008

File: 1443245488056.jpg (62.65 KB, 900x900, 1:1, aliens_template.jpg)


>I honestly don't think those talentless goons have that much power.


Then, who took the decision to turn the korean society in dystopian nightmare?

7735a6 No.279023

File: 1443248217175.jpeg (11.55 KB, 350x196, 25:14, YES IT IS.jpeg)


As I said in OP, Korea is well-known for political & social experiment field for western investors.

Korea is official bitch of US.

I heard in the Bilderberg meetings, bunch of old white people talking about selling South Korea to Japan for pay debts or in case of another great depression.

Believe or not, this is all carefully planned by white think tanks. SK is test lab for western investors before they initiate the operation in western fields.

The Korean government is puppet of Bilderberg and Japanese. And they're corrupted as fuck.

7735a6 No.279036


>Korea is official bitch of US.

Aftermath of the playacting called the Korean War, I presume?

7735a6 No.279048

File: 1443254598397-0.jpg (104.81 KB, 740x555, 4:3, 02.jpg)

File: 1443254598398-1.jpg (684.36 KB, 1262x2876, 631:1438, This isn't the Britain we ….jpg)


You got that right, bud.

Just like Britain lost it's old glory with bunch of secret treaties with Roosevelt.

When the norks invaded, president Syngman Rhee held over 2000 of american hostages in Korea, oficially threatened MacArthur and the US goverment to aid Korea or he'll kill them all.

Fucking hilarious piece of history.

I imagine a Korean state where the MacArthur wiped those norks and Chinese commie scums with atomic carpet bombing. And we appointed him as the first president of Great Republic of United Korea.

Just my wild fantasy.

7735a6 No.279068

Holy shit I feel like I went on an old school /pol/ redpill thread.

7735a6 No.279088

Oh look it is the "culture war" faggots again. Listen, just go to your Variloh, ralph and kelly hugbox and cry there. Nobody cares. Fucking radical GG is shitting this whole movement up.

Mods, please ban OP.

7735a6 No.279094


Pretty sure it was the SJW-light tranny squads coming in long after /pol/ and /v/ made it that shat it up.

Fact: You're a broken faggot, not a woman.

7735a6 No.279095


Aaaaaand here come the shills.


What're you talking about?

7735a6 No.279097


Are you being problematic right now? I believe you are, shitlord. Consider yourself banned from kia and GGHQ. This is diversity safe space.

7735a6 No.279103


I'm not calling you a shill, I'm asking what you're on about. Check the IDs and post links.

7735a6 No.279161


Go be a SJW faggot somewhere else.

7735a6 No.279209

File: 1443300682796.jpg (14 KB, 255x139, 255:139, frickin' bothered.jpg)


dafuq did this guy come from

7735a6 No.279229

File: 1443305131593.jpg (10.92 KB, 448x335, 448:335, 1250795319438.jpg)


>Last year, a Korean church camp literally butcheres, behead the living goats with knife for "Sacrifice to Jesus".

…Hasn't the New Testament reached Korea yet?

7735a6 No.279232

File: 1443306958698.gif (1.99 MB, 499x374, 499:374, 1378248544326.gif)

Holy crap, please, someone archive this thread.

Take care, koreanon.

7735a6 No.279260


BC here. Our Oreo donuts have the Canucks logo on them. I like them.

7735a6 No.279273

7735a6 No.279274


Ontario faggot here there is one place in Mississauga that still has the Oreo doughnuts.

7735a6 No.279285


Nowhere in the old testament says that sacrificial goat offering is bad, anon :^)

7735a6 No.279294


Old testament encourages that, but doesn't the new testament say sacrificial offerings are unnecessary? They say they're sacrificing to Jesus who's from new testament.

7735a6 No.279303

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

hallyuback confirms the weirdness of korean internet, even if they do not acknowledge the consequences.

But they moved back to the US, which kind of says it all.

7735a6 No.279313


The holy trinity, man

tomayto tomahto

7735a6 No.279316

File: 1443324401883.gif (1.91 MB, 329x319, 329:319, 1359515469579.gif)

I read through the entire thread and holy shit I didn't know things can get this bad. I honestly thought dystopian novels were too far fetched to be real. I honestly thought people would have the courage to prevent shit like this from getting to this point.

Now I see this thread, i'm honestly afraid for the future.

7735a6 No.279388

7735a6 No.280015


Shit anon

I'm surprised that your government would care more about censoring porn than the beating and rape of children or the fact that a hostile country is only 35 miles from your capital.

I don't know what else to say other than to keep fighting and to hope that this ends.

7735a6 No.280018


Hypocrisy, it's always hypocrisy.

Social Justice and modern day Neo-Feminism is all about hyspocrisy and power.

They want to retain us within our invisible cells while they dictating their BS agenda.

It's not just in Korea. Look at euro countries like brit and swed. They encourages violence and rape against white people.

They want to dictate their censorship and cultural oppression while we rape and beat each other in the streets and on the internet.

I lost my words when SJWs and parents in Korea advocating how we need more child 'discipline'. The parents in Korea literally begs to teachers for beat their children more often.

Don't let this madness infect your mind.

Keep your rational thinkings and critical mindsets.

This whole Social Justice & Neo-Feminism ideology is dance with the devil.

7735a6 No.280036

File: 1443484367574.png (356.12 KB, 640x480, 4:3, pffffffff.png)


shill detected

7735a6 No.280075


I know that it's hypocrisy.

If the head of this anti-porn movement had a yaoi manga on their computer, it would be swept under the rug or they would get off an apology while any average person would end up in prison.

It's also the only time when saying that a virtual character is more important than a physical human didn't end with anyone in an institution.

7735a6 No.280080


>Don't let this madness infect your mind.

Too late.

7735a6 No.280519


where do I move to after SJ infects the US? Israel?

7735a6 No.281108

Why hasn't this guy been interviewed by Sargon yet?

7735a6 No.281131


sargon is too soft

he's still bluepilled

7735a6 No.281628


Nice try, Chaim.

7735a6 No.282014

File: 1443813096029.jpeg (117.67 KB, 485x647, 485:647, guy2.jpeg)




>average white man in the anglosphere and europe gets cucked by average white woman that ONLY dates 8+ Chads

>average asian man gets cucked by average asian woman only dates 5+ white men living in Asia

The world in 2015 is just a gigantic circle of people cucking each other.

7735a6 No.295234


Lurker from Austria here.

Thank you for all of your posts. I was not aware of South Korea's problems at all. I only knew they had some overly strict laws regarding video games and other media, but I would have never guessed it was that bad.

Do you mind me asking how you accumulated such tremendous debts? Is it related to you not conforming to the system?

Thanks in advance.

7735a6 No.295239

File: 1446673060077.png (177.76 KB, 594x400, 297:200, image.png)


Report necrobumps

bump current threads!

thank the trolls for their UIDs and PPH!

7735a6 No.295275


Thanks for reporting that shit it's been so long since I've posted with the tag

7735a6 No.295807

File: 1446826780325.jpg (315.28 KB, 1500x994, 750:497, 전태일.jpg)


Good to know someone outside gets aware about this total authoritarian madness. It's not about right or left, it's about obey or disobey, and the power and control.

My family debt is because of completely personal matter, although my family has been politically assassinated from the scene, but that was because we were stupid and incompetent enough to couldn't take hold against the current corrupted opportunist politic figures.

I'm still lurking and monitoring GGHQ and this thread but raising this thread from the dead could be bannable offense. Maybe. I will answer all questions but use sage just in case.

There's some shit happend since last month, like pedophilia rape is officially legal in Korea by the Supreme Court, while fictional porn is still considered as more heavier crime than murder and rape.

I can post some latest unbelievable shits from this SJW occupied Korea but I doubt anyone would read it anymore. There's certainly limit to spread awareness about this shit in 8chan thread form. Every movement grows with it's care and attention and I think almost every 8chan's pro-GG lurkers got a glimpse on my thread and lost their attention by now. I fear that if I continuing post in this thread people might call me attention whore.

Anyway, I still monitoring. You can still ask anything.

BTW my IP would be changed by now so my ID would be (1).

7735a6 No.296839

We need to stop this

7735a6 No.298901

As long as this thread is getting necrobumped, there is a report of large protests in South Korea being suppressed by the police and ignored by the mass media. Whoever made this imgur album claims that the government is planning to replace all of the schoolbooks. I do not know how true or false that is.


7735a6 No.299037

File: 1447709312852.jpg (21.35 KB, 303x271, 303:271, orwell_1984.jpg)


More than just replacing the schoolbooks, but the government declared from now on, they'll wrote all the schoolbooks in history classes and take control of them.

Basically, from now on, all the schools must teach students with schoolbooks written by government, and approved by government.

The current female president is daughter of well-known batshit insane Imperial Japan's army officer, Takagi Masao (Park Chung-hee). According to his Japanese comrades while he served in Japanese Army, his nickname was 'Crazy Man' because he hated Korean so much, and went absolutely crazy about killing, excuting Korean resistance people.

And of course, he was the absolute tyrant when he overtaken the South Korea by coup. Several old people I know privately are disabled like deaf or blind, because they're totured by Takaki (Park)'s regime decades ago.

So yeah, as you can see the new history class schoolbooks are absolutely favors in Imperial Japan. Like removing sections of Imperial Japan's evil doings done to Korean people, and justifying Takaki's tyranny.

I've already seen green, young teenage students gets beaten, dragged by police few weeks ago. One 70 years old man went brain-dead unconsciousness from police brutality. Apparently, freedom of assembly does not exist in Korea and every assembly more than 5 people can be considered as riot, and can be, will be arrested without warrant.

Just sayin'. Let /pol/ take this part. Just explaining this situation to those not aware about.

I wonder where's all those SJWs when the Korean government take control of the history? Believe or not, the Korean ILBE SJWs welcoming this change.

Last October, a mid 40 years old man, who raped a 14 years old girl and made her pregnant, decided 'Not Guilty' by a final decree from appellate court. He was wealthy entertainment group CEO and tempted the girl to make her big star, and raped at least 180 times, and made her pregnant age of 14.

The reason why he's not guilty was the court seen this incident is done by 'Love', and it's considered as act of 'Love'.

The parents of girl begged to the court to punish him, but from now on, pedo rape is legal in Korea.

And less than a week ago, Korean court decided to 'Not Guilty' in appellate court, to a mother who beaten her 6 years old child to death.

She literally beaten her 6 years old female girl to death, make her dead by cerebral hemorrhage. The excuse was "She has kleptomania".

The court decided to believe her BS story and from now on, you can officially beat your children to death in Korea. Well, that's already dime a dozen thing in Korea though.

Where's MoW when pedo rape is legal in Korea? Where all the fanatic SJWs and MoW's goons when parents in Korea beat their children to death without any problem, and the government planting spy app to children's phones?

Like I said, South Korea is Social Justice Dystopia. All the fanatic SJWs will be went to radio silence when these kind of things happen.

Everything Social Justice drives for is control and power. They don't care about women, or children. All they want is censorship, dictatorship, and our children's rights will be trashed while they censoring fictional porn on the internet.

"Think of children" my ass.

This is the true face of the Social Justice, and this will happen in your country if you don't stop them.

7735a6 No.299158

File: 1447740860983.jpg (230.97 KB, 1116x726, 186:121, hail_our_glorious_leader.jpg)


They're not even trying to hide it anymore.

The U.N. is reduced to nothing more than a rubber stamp.



7735a6 No.299164


please post more, it's interesting

I though SK messes with Japan because they just hate them but it seems it's because muh feminism. Japan should just sell nuclear technology to NK and tell comfort womyn to go fuck themselves to death like they did 70 years ago

7735a6 No.299171


Haha. Sooner or later UN and west media will praise Norks and their Juche BS. Just see.


Korean MoW and Feminism scene is running by pro-Japanese scums who are literally descendants of well-known traitors from Japanese occupation era.

The current stance of female president Park's regime and MoW is denies comfort women thing. Like I said, Park is literally daughter of Imperial Japan's Army officer and he was also known for member of communist partisan group called Namro-dang during Korean war. He tried to stick with North Korea and conspired to take over South Korea by communism mass killing uprising, and failed miserably. He arrested by Korean military and plea bargained for naming all the members in Namro-dang he knows.

Current South Korea regime and the whole MoW Neo-Feminism shit is literally run by pro-Japan traitors, ex-communists scums. Worst kind of combination you can imagine. Fucking opportunist scums.

Current female president's father, Takaki (Park) ended all the comfort women compensation thing by snatchy-treaty with Japan in 1965. He traded with Japan by giving up every right to demand something about comfort women, and he spent all the money from treaty for his own profit and business. Search about 'Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea'.

The current Park's Korea and Japan's Abe regime's doctrine about comfort women is 'Ignore them until they all die'. MoW and the government purposely dodging, evading subject about comfor women for over decade, and now all comfort women survivors are dying from age.

Korea never officially demanded compensation on comfort women and we don't even have any rights about it because of the railroading ram through treaty done by tyrant Takaki (Park).

Most of the comfort women survivors in Korean never got any compensation except some fund-raising done by few Japanese.

Just wanted to make sure things on comfort women and Feminism in Korea. Sage for off-topic. Most of westerner people knows it wrong or filled by some fabricated, biased point of view from Japan's Imperialists.

There's no black or white in politics. Only extortioner elites, and extorted slaves.

Take this part to /pol/ anyway. Tired of correcting ignorant people who knows nothing about politics between Japan and Korea, they just keep talking shit.

And I don't want to lure Internet Imperialist samurai warriors to this board. Let's just keep talking about subject on Korea.

7735a6 No.299175



Double posted, god damn it. And I can't even delete it. Mods, do me a favor, delete this duplication post.

7735a6 No.299230


>The current Park's Korea and Japan's Abe regime's doctrine about comfort women is 'Ignore them until they all die'.

this is not what headlines on every japan-centric websites since a few months ago are saying

7735a6 No.299241


Most of those same websites are also critical of their current Japanese government. It's almost like they are an open society that practices free speech.

7735a6 No.299250


So south korea going nork korea? Dang

7735a6 No.300046

Hey OP, how are you able to post here if accessing porn is illegal in South Korea? Since porn occasionally gets posted and there are boards directly responsible for proliferation of porn I'd think 8ch would be a blocked domain in South Korea. Since you're not using TOR (based on your ID) are simply posting straight from South Korea or through a VPN? Based on what I have been reading across the internet concerning South Korea it seems you guys are only democratic in the sense that you get to elect your face of the dictatorship and get to do what you want as long as it doesn't promote anti-societal influences. I'm highly skeptical that Social Justice and feminism has anything to do with your country's strict censorship. Also I have looked for the existence of the Ministry of Women and only found the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family which is roughly equivalent to the US' Social Services.

7735a6 No.300169

File: 1448066108226.jpg (63.79 KB, 650x416, 25:16, mow.jpg)


Please, elaborate. This is pretty much truth as far as I know.


Because 8chan hasn't blocked yet. It seems like the government hasn't yet aware of 8chan. Gamergate and other things related to 8chan is extremely minor thing in Korea. 8chan traffic in Korean seems very low and I could only met other 2~3 Korean people on 8chan.

Every websites contatins porn I know are blacklisted and blocked in Korea, like Pixiv, Paheal, E-hentai, everything.

Every other websites contains contents against governments gettign blocked too. Like YouTube video or personal blogs.

It's only matter of time when 8chan gets blocked. Just when the time that corrupted government officials got aware of this website comes.

Luckily we have some useful bypass tools on the internet distributed from Korean anonymous individuals. Like Dodge-chrome or Dodge-web. Government controls every ISP companies in Korea by Korean NSA laws and they gets blocked within a month by government tech elites. But as soon as they gets blocked, anons on the internet makes another bypass tool. God bless those anons.

Korean government already declared they're inventing special technology that will blocks every VPN services on the internet and they're planning bills that prevent citizens to use VPN services by the name of law.

'Ministry of Gender Equality and Family' shit is fucking deception for non-Korean people. The name of that fucking ministry is "여성부" in Korean words, which directly means "Women Ministry" if you translate.

Few years ago they added "가족 (Family)" words next to "여성 (Women, or famale)" so they can grant more power to MoW. Full name of the ministry is "여성가족부 (Women Family Ministry)" now. Not "Women and Family" or even "Women of Family". It's Womenfamily.

"Ministry of Gender Equality and Family" is a fucking trick and intended mistranslation to avoid international problem. Everyone calls them "Women Ministry (여성부)" in Korea.

And FYI, adding "Family" to their name was not intended to avoid problem, but to add more power and authority to this damn ministry. As soon as they slithly changed their name, they started to plant Government's official spyware app to every students' phones devices in Korea. This project is planned by MoW, and done by MoW.

And you must know all these insane Owellian style censorship laws in mentioned in this thread, was excusted by MoW. Almost every one of them. Shutdown-law, anti-porn laws, planting mandatory spyware app to kids' phones, and every other anti-video game bills. It's all passed by MoW and passed by MoW.

MoW in Korea is more like "Ministry of Control and Censorship" in Korea. They taken charge of making censorship laws to oppress citizen and free speech in Korea. Especially against the video game industry. All they do is making, passing censorship laws and spreading propaganda pieces.

And the vote, yeah vote is nothing to do with Democracy in modern days. You know the North Korea also vote for their leader, right? It's fucking joke when the vested elites already occupied the whole system and manipulate the whole voting system easily.

My uncle used to tell me stories about his service during 90's. When the general election comes, they force soldiers to vote for current party literally in front of gunspoints, opened vote places. And the situation doesn't changed much by now as far as I know.

Social Justice & Neo-Feminism shit is just false front to hide urge to rule. It's all plausible excuse to make censorship laws and nationalize the media industry, especially the video game.

If you keep giving power to those corrupted Neo-Feminists backed by Zionists, sooner or later this shit would happen in west and MoW will rise again, and this time to fuck western societies.

Don't hesitate to ask question. Your question was good one.

7735a6 No.301447


Holy crap, South Korea turned into the real-life cyberpunk Tokyo dystopia.

And >>299230 may be referring to sites like Manichi and Japan Times; when not attacking their own readers and the rest of the population for the failures of their country (especially the Japanese otaku and/or NEETs), are assigning blame to their neighbors for said failures (like China for encroaching on Japanese territory and illegal fishery, Philippines for stealing their blue-collar jobs, and of course Korea for stealing pretty much everything that's supposedly good about their country.

7735a6 No.306455

File: 1449130245322-0.jpg (56.94 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 140321182633-hillary-clint….jpg)

File: 1449130245322-1.jpg (543.48 KB, 576x939, 192:313, Park_Geun-hye_(8724400493)….jpg)

File: 1449130245323-2.jpg (2.11 MB, 3500x2333, 3500:2333, HillaryClinton.jpg)

Koreabro, I think most of your good people have actually left. That 2k might be just it.

I know more /n/atsoc koreans than I do white people in my area. In B-grade movies about white nationalist groups, there is usually a token Koean for some reason (ie The Substitute), and since all I can find about SK online is koreaboos and slutty pop stars, I had no idea it was that bad over there, I thought they were put in because lol randumb diversity.

None of these guys like to talk about their home country, and instead like to talk about problems and situations in the EU.

Now I see why. They've given up on you SKbro. Your expats believe their home country is dead and have adopted ours.

This also somewhat explains the drive to encourage your women to only want white men. White men are 'the representation to the outer world'

Korea can control the perception to the outer world by having their women seduce and then brainwash/control these white journalists to write articles praising South Korea over North Korea. Your very women have been weaponised against you!

This is like, SJ version 4.0, with all the kinks worked out of the software, while in US only fat ugly dye-hair cows are SJs, they are still on version 0.8 or so.

Mother of shit, this thread…

and to think there are some such thirsty omegamales that they will shill for The Hill without even being paid!

For fucks sake they even look similar!!!

7735a6 No.306524

Why are you insulting Ilbe, when Ilbe is actually against all that social justice bullshit?

좌좀 꺼져

7735a6 No.306526


ㅋㅋ 오피 참 재미있어

난 한국에서 일하는 원어민강사다

열폭 하지말라 좀…. 한심해.

7735a6 No.306741


Are you blind, or just a Nork?

7735a6 No.306751

Getting close to the 300 replies limit. Thread archive: https://archive.is/W9eF5

OP, maybe it's time to make a new thread soon, with a summary of SJWKorea's latest shenanigans so far. Though it's tangentially related to #GamerGate (since SK is where the biggest video game industries are located, mainly esports and MMOs), I consider this one of the most important thread topics of /gamergatehq/.

7735a6 No.306959



7735a6 No.307083

File: 1449238448106-0.jpg (65.36 KB, 588x811, 588:811, illuminati-card-internatio….jpg)

File: 1449238448106-1.jpg (56.95 KB, 568x808, 71:101, illuminati-card-political-….jpg)

File: 1449238448106-2.jpg (99.41 KB, 563x811, 563:811, illuminati-card-power-to-t….jpg)

File: 1449238448106-3.jpg (64.77 KB, 600x271, 600:271, 일베용팝.jpg)


Still don't know what he was talking about. Everyone knows the Abe regime is right-winged and they're totally denial on comfort women incident. BTW, comfort women thing is currently in agreement discussion between Korea and Japan again right now. Content partially leaked and it seems Korea giving up rights on comfort women, again.


It's normal thing to Korean does not talk about domestic Korean affairs. Even Korean in Korea doesn't much talk about serious affairs except k-pop goship garbages. Cause our media is corrupted as fuck and won't mention the real problems like this. Most of Koreans does not aware about things in this thread, except some serious activists or few people with insights.

This is digitalized 21st century version of Social Justice. pink dyed hair and e-celeb feminists are just the beginning. You have no idea how Korean women are badly SJW'fied in Korea. Literally praising white men as 갓양인 (God western men) on the internet, while denouncing domestic Korean men as 한남충 (Korean men maggots). And talking about buggered by white men in a club in 이태원 (Itaewon, the foreigner centric town) last week, and how tasteful, fantastic their dicks was.

I wish I could translte the whole Korean women centric forum in Korea to English. I feel like my mind blowing up when I read Korean women's posts on internet. Tumblr is nothing compared to them.

Funniest thing is; they will get beaten up by their husband in the future and no one in Korea would help them. This is the dystopian future they created by their own hands.

Note that female president Park's father was commie dictator literally conspired to stick with the Norks in the Korean War, then take over South with communist regime.

Like I said, Parks is the mini Hillary. Both are insanely simillar in political terms. And everyone knows that Korea is mini political & social experiment field for western investors.

Any sane men could connect dots between these.


>Why are you insulting Ilbe, when Ilbe is actually against all that social justice bullshit?

Against social justice while praising, worshiping the female, commie ass president, and her commie overlord father? Topkek, my friend.

Please, tell me, what you guys actually do about against the Social Justice in Korea except literally conspiring to rape 6 years old Chinese girl in town? Picture included.

And you call me a 좌좀 (Leftist-zombie)? My fellow foreign instructor friend, my family worked for the currnet ruling party since it's called 민주정의당 (DJP, Democracy Justice Party). And I aware about this not like you, I've been seen and heard things within the politic cliques. Unlike you shitposting on the internet with your skimmed, biased, brainwashed knowledge, I know shit because I've seen it all.

Now stop spouting buzzword and worshiping commie gods, read and educate yourself. ILBE is literally co-opted by the Korean government and currently owned by the government. That's why it's not been blocked or censored in Korea.

ILBE is literally purchased by the Korean government in 2013. Your IP and informations are dirctly shared with the Korea's National Intelligency Service when you posting in that honeypot. Just grab a phone and ask the police to why ILBE is untouchable in Korea. They'll dodge your question and ignore you.

Many reporters and private investigators tried to track ILBE to know who really running that site, and all their investigations are pointing the one direction.

Ask your fellow friends in your circlejerk honeypot to raid this thread or whatever you want, I don't care. Call me a left zombie, I don't care.

You right winged SJWs does not capable of doing anything.

You're a foreign instructor, right? Then educate yourself instead of jump on the mainstream opinion bandwagon that fabricated by the government. I won't ask you how many girls you fucked in Korea. Or neither go back to your country or some shit.

Educate yourself if you want to live as a sane person in Korea. Because you just stepped into a dangerous poltical shithole.


The new limits are now 300? Well shit. I will make another thread if people need one. But right now I pretty much wrote all the stuffs I could in this thread and past two threads. Currently many good informations are blocked by wall of language. I urge people in GG to ask your local Korean, instead of rely on my personal opinions and informations I know. We need wider spectrums. I didn't lied a thing but for this info to be spread, we need trust but verify.

There's a possibility of your local Korean a insane ILBE like socialist though. Choose your source carefully. Just remind that majority of domestic Koreans are extemly bigotted and batshit-insane, and that doesn't exclude our young children.

Right now let's just focus on MoW and government's Social Justice brainwash program, and the anti-video game propaganda.

7735a6 No.307196


> no one seemed to actually care

Are you wilfully deluded? It was all over the news for fucking months. People talked about it all the time.

7735a6 No.307235

Gookfag I feel for you.

7735a6 No.307304


You're probably right that I don't have the autistic knowledge of Korean politics that you do

But given that the pathetic 열폭 stuff ITT is basically bullshit I see no reason to trust any of the rest of it

Maybe if you spend more time at the gym or on self-improvement you would get laid more and complain less about the horrible 저질 양아치 원어민강사 dating your women

Funny for all your anti-Ilbe stuff ITT you smell just like a 베충, honestly is your room tidy or is it smelly and filled with old ramyeon bowls? Are you gainfully employed, or are you xxx 씨, 3x세, 무직? :^)

7735a6 No.307353


>it seems Korea giving up rights on comfort women, again

ayy lmao

abe does it again

7735a6 No.307542

>porn threated as more heavier crime than the actual rape in Korea. 3 years minimum for rapists and 5 years minimum for porn possesion.

So… unwilling women become the new porn?

7735a6 No.308784


7735a6 No.309088

Daily reminder that from now on, Google Safe Search is mandatory on for South Korean legion and every IPs from South Korea. You can't even turn off.

7735a6 No.309428


>I seriously hope some foreign human rights groups or activists clear this mess we made or at least help to foreign people to aware about this

Don't count on it. Most NGOs and human rights groups only serve to use naive people who don't know better to do the bidding of ruling world elite while thinking they are doing something good.

>Ideology, especially bigot things like nationalism

Your terminology is off and I feel you are a bit misguided on these things. To be 100% loyal to your government even when it is screwing over its own people is not nationalism, I'd call it jingoism instead. Nationalism is something that I would describe as loyalty to the ideal of your country, what you would imagine to be the best outcome for the nation and its people. For example a real American nationalist would never sign up to go fight in some over-seas war while his country is being ravaged from within by subversives.

7735a6 No.311667

Daily reminder that from now on, you gonna need to register your fingerprint to PC-cafe's database in Korea.

Using PC-cafe (PC Bang) as under 19 years old from 10PM to 9AM is prohibited in South Korea. And now PC-cafes introducing the fingerprints registering system. Your fingerprints WILL BE registered into their database wihtout any encryption.


Will post brief translation when the successful migration comes.

7735a6 No.311685


>Like all christians 50 years ago.

You're missing a zero, mate.

I don't recall priests killing goats on stage in the US in the 50's.

7735a6 No.311697

its fucking over i already accept it

7735a6 No.311704


sauce plz

7735a6 No.311770

This is fascinating, thank you.

7735a6 No.311771

7735a6 No.311900

it was nice knowing you, gookfag

7735a6 No.312242

File: 1452748880298.jpg (43.61 KB, 960x586, 480:293, unthinking-respect-for-aut….jpg)

fug, migration canned? then it's time to shitpost. sage for bit off-topic


Well, I actually abandoned all hope about the divine western intervention. It's just my wild wet dream. All of these shits, these Social Justice and Feminism shits, are made by us, and it's our responsibility to clean up the mess we made. We now blatantly rig the elections anyways. I still remember the day that I saw dozens of non-park voter cards in a sealed ballot box written "Park 100/100". We're that corrupted. Only the mass revolution would save this damned nation.

And I was meant to the batshit-insane authoritarian genocide tier of blind nationalism, not honest, honorable patriotism like America's forefathers. You know, wrong kind of nationalism which is supporting, loyal to the government no matter what. Thank you for your advice. I should use term jingoism from now on for what I meant.

Feeling proud your race, blood, origin, nation isn't quietly belong to ideology. It's our job to do. The true nationalism, patriotism comes from the philanthropy and love for humanity, the common good.

Seems politics ruins everything. People should know the difference between the nation and the government. Everyone nowadays think those two are same thing. But they're not.


I already accepted my death at the age of 14


Glad to hear my rampant shitpostings helped you. Feel free to visit this thread later and ask any question you wonder.


>Implying we would not meet again

As long as those hypocritical SJWs, censorship apologists exists, we will meet again someday later, in different battlefield.

Gamergate is just only the beginning. Sooner or later many other people would realize that the vidya is under attack, and rally under the flag of GG, forming mass allied against this sinister agenda to conquer this industry.

You are witnessing the beginning of the end, the end that will lead us to true free vidya.

It was nice to know you too. We'll meet at the other side.

7735a6 No.313855

Everyone, please help Koreabro get on Twitter!!

He showed an interest in doing it, to spread awareness.

In either case, we need to start spreading this info into the main stream.

Every time SJW and feminists are brought up, show them the real face of South Korea.

7735a6 No.313860

File: 1453696984950.png (143.4 KB, 358x368, 179:184, smug gookface.png)


Correct, I made a twitter account. Still trying to figure out how the fuck this works.


Please, let me know what to do first and what should I Tweet.

7735a6 No.313947


Good work so far.

- Don't include #Gamergate unless it's about videogames. Yes we do stuff with SJW, but we tend to do that outside of the tag. For all the shit you have to put up with, #SJW or #Feminism would be OK.

https://twitter.com/gookanon/status/691481744067936256 This is good (story about political correctness doing wrong, so you tag #SJW)

https://twitter.com/gookanon/status/691483813051023360 This is bad- in my opinion, maybe not others (a story about porn and sexual rights, and then you include #Gamergate, which is about games. People who don't know are going to be confused).

Keep track with us on what's popular in tags, so if something relevant comes up, you can join in.

(For example, in the upcoming olympics, use any tag that's talking about South Korea playing- and post evidence of life their instead).

7735a6 No.313957


Try not to overuse the #GamerGate tag. It's been used as a dumping ground by spergs and trolls so much that Twitter delisted it form autocomplete. Like >>313947's comments, tag info when its relevant.

Check the Off-Topic thread–I know, it's full of bullshit that should be purged from #GamerGate, but info is info, and twitter is a battleground, and ammo is important–and AVOID engaging to any e-celeb mentioned there, or at least do not initiate conversations with them unless you want to get sucked into the pointless e-dramas that twitter is now known for.

On that note, info is ammo. Tweet more about current events in Korea, and not just #GamerGate related–the point is to build up your own twitter presence and make your voice heard over the flood. Just be mindful on what to tag them with.

On the subject of tags, a popular trick used by twitter e-celebs early on while establishing themselves is to tag themselves into the popular discussions/trending topics and add their own opinions/contributions to the subject matter. Make your tweet relevant to the hashtag, and you'll have your audience in no time.

7735a6 No.314071

Wait, cartoon porn gets you jailed but the shit they put in their mmos doesn't count (and they do put nudity and such in some like Scarlet Blade if anyone remembers that one)

7735a6 No.314111


This is pretty scary OP.

I just wanted to confirm something: Recently the korean version of "the iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls" (if you don't know what it is, it's a japanese mobile game about idols) has been terminated. I'm curious, is this because of the all the things you explained regarding video games?

7735a6 No.314145

There is no such thing as ministry of women, it's the Ministry of the Gender Equality & Family, you'd know this if you spent two seconds googling instead of gobbling dicks. http://www.mogef.go.kr/index.jsp

The internet real name system was deemed unconstitutional and repealed.

Yes kids aren't allowed to play online games past midnight. Sucks for them, but they all use their parents accounts anyway, and the little shits shouldn't be outside past midnight in net cafes to begin with.

No one gives a shit about the registration or censorship because it's Current Year and they have these things called overseas servers. No one got five years for translating cartoons. No one even got sentenced for translating cartoons. There's not a single court case.

The 19 year old terrorist was condemned by every mainstream media and only breitbart tier clickbaits did anything else. Perpetrator has also been sentenced to a year and a half in jail.

Two minutes skimming, three minutes on google.

Don't take everything you read on the internet at face value lest you get outed as the retard you are.

>6month old thread and 294 replies


7735a6 No.314161


Took you long enough to find your way here, ILBE drone.

7735a6 No.314261

File: 1453945291785-0.png (22.75 KB, 640x448, 10:7, farewell.png)

File: 1453945291804-1.png (15.8 KB, 512x640, 4:5, farewell2.png)

7735a6 No.314377

I got a pretty bad food poisoning and enteritis from spoiled yogurt. Need time to recover. Sorry for neglected twitter account for days. Blood diarrhea for days.


There is no such thing as Ministry of the Gender Equality & Family. You'd know this if you spent your time on propper research and investigation instead of two seconds googling. Or just fucking Ctrl+F what I said in this thread.


The name "Gender Equality & Family" is a god damn propagandized purposely mistranslated, deceptive name to fool foreign people. There's no such thing "Gender Equality" in the name of the ministry in the first place. Go ahead, search what "여성가족부" truly means. It's "Ministry of Womenfamily" if you properly translate. Ask your local Korean or something if you don't have time to learn Korean.

I'm tired of saying same shit to same old uninformed lazy people who have incompetent to just read what I wrote and do proper research on their own instead of cocksurely bloated with obvious propaganda with 2 seconds of Google search.

The repealed one is "Showing" your personal info to the public on the internet. Registering all your infos, being surveillanced by digital verychip called "I-PIN" 24/7 is still required in Korea, you fuckshit. I also mention this in this fucking thread. Fucking read the fucking shits I wrote, for god's sake. And do some proper research instead of skimming Google search articles.

You'd know this if you tried any registration attempt in any Korean websites. You must need at least 1 of those 3 to register any Korean website, Credit card verification, cellphone verification, or I-PIN. Try anything like Daum or Naver.

Yeah, the 19 years old kid got free defense offers and thousands of USD from charity. An year and a half for domestic terrorism which literally bombed the public place with twisted ageanda and hurted loads of people. And is being called "patriotic hero" by public.. Does your media report this? I don't think so. You have no idea what is truly going on except skimming what your 2 seconds of Google search.

My body is literally sick as fuck right now and I have no time for dealing with people who's cocksure with his 2 seconds of internet skimming, and bloated with misinformations which are all debunked in this very fucking thread by me, and he's calling me retard.

Oh fucking god, please.

I'll be back within few days. Need time to recover.

7735a6 No.314506


It's sucks that you're sick, get better soon! While you get better, I have a story to share from little place called Switzerland. In 2008, an online penpal of my was illegally detained by police for 10 hours. What crime did he commit? Well, he drew graphic image, and posted them to his personal art website. He had been doing this for few months when he decided to share this website's address for a job website.

His website got to the police, and they hold him for 10 hours, before making him delete the website. This was a horrible thing to happen to him, because the police then, contacted his school, and he was kicked out. Since he no longer could go to school and didn't have a job, he chose to go serve the army duty there.

This is how Switzerland treats artists that go against normality there. They hate gore and pornography even if it's fake. Here in Honduras I use VPN to protect myself, and it is out of country. Police are able to just take your stuff, and they can keep it if you can't prove it's yours. My friend had a computer "searched" for posting anti goverment speech online. She got it back days later.

America is online spying too, don't be fooled. Laws was passed months ago for more "terrorism" monitoring or whatever. You should just know people know how you feel, and we are still also mad at how your goverment is too. Get better.

7735a6 No.314544

File: 1454141825036.png (750.57 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, https://archive.is/Osmue.png)


>Sorry, but your browser needs Javascript to use this site.

Fucking evil site


>Sorry. The owner of this board has decided not to allow Tor posters for some reason…

Fucking evil Board Owner.

Elderly prostitutes reveal South Korea’s dark side
Poor pension system, erosion of family ties force some elderly to sell bodies to live
by Hyung-jin Kim
Sep 27, 2015
Article history
SEOUL – As a dozen elderly men loitered in a small plaza near a movie theater, mostly chatting or watching people pass by, several deeply wrinkled women strolled among them, trolling for customers for sex in nearby motels.
“Hey, do you want to go with me? I can treat you really well,” a 76-year-old woman with a limp said as a reporter approached her on a recent sunny afternoon.
Despite a police crackdown last spring that resulted in 33 arrests, including an 84-year-old woman, the “Bacchus ladies” can still be seen near the Piccadilly theater in Seoul’s Jongno neighborhood. The nickname comes from the popular energy drink that many of the prostitutes have traditionally sold.
The middle-aged and elderly women and their customers — both pitied and scorned in this conservative country — provide a look at the dark side of South Korea’s rapid economic rise and at the erosion of traditional parent-child roles. As a growing ultra-competitive middle class has become preoccupied with getting ahead, many elderly and poor people have been left to fend for themselves.
Despite the country’s dramatic growth after the 1950-53 Korean War, many older women in South Korea’s male-dominated culture didn’t receive equal education and job opportunities in their youth. Widowed, divorced or abandoned by their children, some now find themselves without a social safety net and so are forced to take up prostitution. Some get paid to drink with older men and only occasionally have sex with them.
Elderly widowers and divorced men seek out the women to fulfill sexual desires or to fight loneliness amid lingering prejudice against second marriages and dating among senior citizens.

7735a6 No.314545


In late 2013 and early 2014, the number of Bacchus ladies peaked at 300 to 400 in the Jongno neighborhood alone, according to Lee Hosun, a professor at Korea Soongsil Cyber University in Seoul who has interviewed dozens of the women. Now, after the police raid, there are roughly 200, many in their 60s and 70s, Lee said, with about 20 women regularly in the Piccadilly plaza area. Hundreds more are believed to operate across the country.
Prostitution is illegal in South Korea, and traditional red-light zones have been disappearing as urban redevelopment projects encroach on old neighborhoods. Despite occasional raids, however, the sex business still thrives in the shadows.
“I know that I shouldn’t do this,” said the elderly prostitute with the limp, “but no one can say that I should starve to death rather than come here.” She agreed to talk with a reporter at a coffee shop after she failed to solicit any customers, but refused to give her name because her family doesn’t know she is a prostitute.
She started out selling Bacchus drinks about 20 years ago. A couple of years later, she began selling sex. She still does it so she can pay for arthritis treatment — about $250 a month.
She and her husband live with their son, a low-paid manual worker, and his family, relying partly on government subsidies. “Every women here is keeping this a secret from their families,” said the woman, wearing a checkered blouse and navy-blue pants.
One of the women says she needs the money to take care of her ailing mother. Another needs cash for her disabled children. One is illiterate. Some don’t talk with their adult children anymore. Some are ethnic Koreans from China who came to Seoul trying to find a better life.
“It’s a tragedy,” said Lee, the professor. “It’s like our mothers are forced to lift up their skirts to make money because their children won’t feed them.”
According to Confucian ideals, parents are to be cherished by their children.

7735a6 No.314546


For centuries, elder sons took their parents into their homes and cared for them until they died. But as the country modernized, younger generations moved to cities for jobs and school, leaving many parents behind in the countryside. Others simply stopped looking out for their parents.
South Korea has one of the world’s fastest-aging populations, but pension and welfare systems for the elderly lag behind those in other developed countries. Nearly half of South Koreans age 65 and older live on less than half of the national median income, and the elderly suicide rate has nearly quadrupled over the past 25 years.
“My two children took all my money. I bought a house for my son when he got married, and I also spent a lot when marrying off my daughter,” said a divorced 71-year-old Bacchus lady at the plaza. “Now we don’t talk. I’ve been alone for a long time.”
The woman, who also declined to give her name, said she has been a prostitute for many years. “The first year, I felt really ashamed,” she said. “I couldn’t sleep well because I agonized over whether I should be doing this. Even now I cannot sleep well.”
The woman, dressed in a dark two-piece suit and red shoes, said she hadn’t had a customer in 10 days — a similar refrain at the plaza as the economy cools. “Some women here are skipping meals. How can they buy food when they can’t even pay their rent?”
She said most women at the plaza earn 200,000 to 300,000 won ($170 to $250) a month, but the very old women sometimes charge as little as 10,000 won ($8) for sex.
For the male customers, it is often a matter of staving off loneliness. Many elderly men were taught to sacrifice their personal lives for their companies and to keep their emotions hidden. After retirement, they often struggle to fill their days.

7735a6 No.314549


A 78-year-old divorced man said he comes to the Piccadilly plaza every day to kill time. He said he sometimes goes to a quiet back alley with a Bacchus lady to chat and pays 10,000 won to touch her hands and breasts.
“I’ve been living alone for a long time, so that kind of thing makes me feel refreshed,” said the man, who has virtually no contact with his two adult sons and their families. He identified himself only by his surname Jung. He used to buy sex from the women — 30,000 won ($25) for the older ones and 50,000 won ($42) for the younger.
Before the police crackdown, a subway station near the plaza and a public park near the Jongmyo Confucian shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage site, were the main hot spots for Bacchus ladies.
After the occasional raids, authorities usually release the women they round up with a warning or a small fine because they know the women are too old to make a fresh start, according to police.
“I feel really sorry for them,” said a police officer in the area and would only identify himself by his family name, Jeong.
Lee, the professor, said most of the women she has interviewed had dabbled in prostitution when they worked at karaoke bars and teahouses in their early years. Just a few — five or six — were ordinary housewives before turning into prostitution in their old age.
“No one told me they became prostitutes because they like it,” she said. “Is this really these elderly women’s dirty problem, or is it a problem caused by the ordinary people who point their fingers at them? I think it’s our society’s problem.”

7735a6 No.314968

Some statics and facts.

Korean Video Game industry enterprises numbers declined from 20,658 to 14,440 within just 4 years

The numbers of workers in Korean video game industry declined from 52,466 to 39,221 within just 2 years.

The estimated damage that "Shutdown-law" caused to Korean video game industry is 1160000000000 WON, which is about a billion USD.


Even if you're a legal guardian of your child or parents, you just can't allow your child to play video game from 0AM to 6AM. You just can't. The only way is your child use your identity verification like I-PIN, and that's criminal offense.

A Korean female indie developer "SOMI", who made indie game called 'RETSNOM', tried to release her game legally through Korea's mandatory rating laws I mentioned in my very first posts.

You know, every 'video game' forms must be rated, registered, and pay thousands of USD taxes annually, or they're illegal video game in Korea.

She wanted her game to have Korean language. It was her pride. Which requires to be rated because Korean language itself is considered intellectual property by the government.

The cost of her pride was over 3 months of watings, hours of presentations, few times of rejections without reason, hundreds of papers of documents, being forced to summon in Soeul numerous times.

And finally, some government's official called her and going field investigation, visit her personally. She told him that she's not absence in that day.

And the gov official called her "Crazy Bitch" on the phone.


Now most of the Korean PC-cafes demand your fingerprints registrations, and your IDs to use. It's because by the Gov's official crack down operations and regulations to hunt down every 'Illegal Video Gaming' in the nation.

You know, as I said it is illegal to play video game at night by kids. Government do occasional sweep-out operations to hunt down this illegal video gaming, across all the PC-cafes around the country.

Intended or not, if underage person busted in your PC-cafe 3 times, you will be suspension of a business license.

And the Feminist government recommending PC-cafe owners to collect customer's fingerprints. Now everyone adopting this. And they're all unencrypted.

When I used PC-cafe last time, police officers used to do raid on PC-cafe occasionally. To hunt down every 'Illegal gaming' for fuck's sake.

7735a6 No.314972


it takes a cucked as fuck country to just demolish their market like that, it's beyond sweden tier

7735a6 No.314996


stay strong brother, you could escape to a nonshit third world country

7735a6 No.319248

File: 1458162163895.jpg (52.38 KB, 604x517, 604:517, HAHA I'VE HAD ENOUGH.jpg)

Daily reminder that Korean government declared 'Video Game' as disease and put ICD disease code on 'Video Game'.

February 26th, the Ministry of Health declared 'Video Games' a disease and officially announced that they will put an ICD disease code on 'Video Games' and start the 'Cure' campaign, which will require schools and colleges to test pupils on the subject of 'Vido game infection'. The government decided to put 'Infected' people in the mandatory 'Cure' treatment process. This goes for all ages. Even grown adults can be indentified as 'Infected'. Video games are now classified as a highly contagious disease.

They declared that the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Women and other departments will work together to start an 'Early Sorting Test' project on youth. They said that they will 'sort out' the 'dangerous' children infected by video games in every school. In case any child decides to be 'Infected', they will be 'linked' to an 'Universal Support Center of Addiction Control'. They will start the distribution of SBIRT manual on 'Early Sorting', 'Fast Intervention', and 'Cure' on video game addiction within this year. They plan to do 'Sorting Test' for infants in 2017, and an 'Early Sorting Inspection' on elementary, junior high, high school and college age groups. All 'infected' students will be linked to the previously mentioned center where they will have to attend a mandatory treatment process and compulsory education. The educational program made to stop children from being 'infected with video games' will start soon.

According to the Ministry of Health, approximately 680,000 people needs immediate treatment to cure video game.

1984 in real life. Now people will goes to Korean version of FEMA camp if the government thinks someone infected with 'Video Game'.

I have no word.


7735a6 No.320183


> you could escape to a nonshit third world country

If you know where this mythical fairyland exists, tell us. Finding a 3rd world country that isn't shit may just as well be right next to opening the gate to Gensokyo.

7735a6 No.320191



And now there is a fucking feminist PM. shit.

7735a6 No.320206



you need to come to China.

you'll blend in with the crowd

I'd suggest assuming you are too NEET to marry a chinkyou learn Chinese now for your naturalization

7735a6 No.320207


I imagine, like the Chinese, they have to use words that when said closely resemble another set of words which an existing power may not like.

It's like spelling SOCKS out makes some Spanish phrase, or "Whale Oil Beef Hooked" for an Irish "We'll all be fucked"

7735a6 No.320208

File: 1458954322251-0.jpg (21.64 KB, 799x139, 799:139, motherofgod.JPG)

File: 1458954322290-1.jpg (22.34 KB, 684x182, 342:91, wtf.JPG)


Why did you do this to me KOREANON?


7735a6 No.321984


Sounds legit.

7735a6 No.321994


This will happen with or without Hillary. Get ready burgers.

7735a6 No.322032

File: 1460498628568.jpg (51.54 KB, 599x433, 599:433, vpn usage.jpg)


Like I said, '여성가족부' merely means 'Womenfamily Department' in Korean.

There nothing about 'Gender Equality' in the name first place.


Just like Chinese did back in time with 'Culture Revolution'. They just want to burn the whole industry down and built their own new world order from ashes.


I don't want my organ stolen by public safety, anon.


Maybe you're right. But preventing Hillary from being president would suppress her masonic influence over the country for a bit, and delay their NWO agenda. You have no idea how she capable of.


Sorry for late reply. I heard some shit going around euro zone about online fictional pornography. From what I heard there was some witch-hunt shit happened during early 2000 to 2010 but it quiet settled down recently and euro judiciary doesn't charge people for fictional porn anymore. At least not much as we do.

The problem is in Korea, more than 5000+ people charged with anti-hentai law and they treat same as real child pornograpy with real children. Thanks for the law, at least 20% of the entire 'New Child Pornography' criminals are actually underage kids, and some of them are bellow elementary school.

The most fearsome fact is all of them gets registed onto the "Sex Offender" open list and will be prohibits from getting most of the jobs. They can't get any job related to social acts for next 10 years. Yes, 13, 14 years old kids will be registed onto the rapists list, and they will be jobless for next 10 years of their lives.

Europe's bust on fictional child porn were like small scale witch burning. What we doing right now is fucking genocide, massacre, and mass murder with weapons of destruction.

Here, I attach some resent worldwide VPN usage rank. Here in Korea, VPN is god damn man datory. Or you'll get visited by police raid forces for piece of Japanese lewd 2D pictures.

7735a6 No.322037


And the 5000+ means I meant yearly. And my IP seems reseted again.

7735a6 No.322072

File: 1460518750322.jpg (589.6 KB, 640x905, 128:181, Korean_Ministry_of_Gender_….jpg)


>Like I said, '여성가족부' merely means 'Womenfamily Department' in Korean.

The official English name used by the government of Korea is Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. You can analyze and debate what an accurate translation shoud be all you want, they're literally telling you what they mean.

7735a6 No.322154


>they're literally telling you what they mean.

When feminazis claim feminism is about equality they are literally telling you what they mean by the world feminism.

But in practice feminism is the opposite of equality because its focused just on helping one section of society.

>People have been shat on so much by feminazis and other lefties that you have to forgive them for being skeptical about this crap

7735a6 No.322158

File: 1460576834233-0.png (239.54 KB, 1449x977, 1449:977, gookfag south korea sjw 23….png)

File: 1460576834233-1.jpg (69.78 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 1378028961192.jpg)


thx gookfag

very appreciated news from your strange and fascinating country (tbh it's the women that interest me, but that shouldnt surprise you and i dont want you to take it the wrong way, as i respect them averagely)

7735a6 No.322160


> helping one section of society.

say what nigger?

women have never been that unhappy

and they're not making babies anymore either

feminism is destroying us, women first

7735a6 No.322172


I did say its focused just on helping women. Which is their aim.

As you quite rightly point out, it has the opposite effect in practice.

7735a6 No.322214

File: 1460611139852.jpg (61.99 KB, 640x470, 64:47, south-korea-is-worst-korea.jpg)



Where were you when I was in Korea? We could have been good friends because these were exactly what I saw in this corrupted land, despite the fact I have no governmental ties or anything of that sort. I did make a few friends from church and generally the few that were not brainwashed by the organisation did agree with me. Some people believe because I speak so negatively about it, I must automatically hate Korea. I do not, I despise what has occurred and because I wish it to become better I speak of the evils that has been put in Korea by the powers that be. The people of Korea are haughty and complacent with the status quo, and I am deeply saddened by it. You are right, the bottom feeders do not know anything of what the powers-that-be, and as such, everyone thrives on bread-and-circus while the top employ all sorts of dirty means just to maintain their power. The country (if you can even call this fragmented dictatorship a country) is ripe for judgment, but God knows when this will occur. I only hope our countrymen can wake up from this nightmare and fight it. Only if organised will it occur, but I fear in this globalised world of ours, it will only get worse and every puppet that is placed by the international community will only make it harder to resist it. I hope we can talk more and hear from you, and wish the best for you and our country. God bless.


Kek. Google Translate is wrong. That says nothing about gender equality.

7735a6 No.322259


>We have crazy law about knives and any tools that has over 5cm of blade will be considered as illiegal weapon

wasn't that law suggested in the UK recently?

7735a6 No.322322


I have a question for you OP

I'll be hanging out in SE Asia for a year or five.

I was intending on going to South Korea for at least one of them. Should I, or shouldn't I?

It sounds like the restrictions are worse than even the UK somehow.

7735a6 No.322440

7735a6 No.322599


Well, it's not very bad country for western foreigners since western people are higher class than native in the Korean caste system. Wonderful natures, decent people, yet terrible, horrible politics. You won't find any difficulties if you're from west. If you're Chinese or something, well, you better go somewhere else. If you're people's person and not interested in politics, then it will be fine.

If you want to feel real deal untouched Asian culture then go to Japan.

I usually persuade foreign people to not come here because there's nothing good about this place. Land is overpopulated and politics are fucked. And people are getting more and more aggressive recently. But I think at least it's better than China. At least we didn't have culture revolution before.

It's your choice. It's not that terrible country if you experience. But if you're intend to get a job in here and you're not very rich, I suggest you seriously think about live in Korea.



It's just like in Nazi reign in Germany back in days. Good hearted, righteous people certainly do exist in here but they're forced to hide their true mind and shut their mouth. We beat our children since the first grade of elementary school and every men goes to military and learn to obey the wicked. Truth is treason in the empire of lies. So we leran to not speak the truth and follow the lies and superstitions in this empire full of lies. And we're good at it.

Good to hear you met some people who agree with your passion for the truth and doubt against this madness. Honestly I never met a single person who agree or carefully listen to my idea and creed. Not even my own family.

But you must understand them with pity and sympathy. Usually every male person in this country suffers their own serious PTSD from constant abuse, beating, and irrationality from home, schools, military, and companies. Their mind is distorted by the absurdities and all they taught from this society is obey no matter what they told us.

You may feel lonely or isolated. But truse my words, you are not alone. You may leaved this country for good but our mind, our passion for the truth is connected. We are not alone. And we will make things right for you. Someday we will.

As long as you believe in the love of truth, god, the true one creator, and the humanity there's nothing lost. Keep the faith.

We already made our own true democracy revolution in this country by our own twice. Not like some kind of commie shit like China, or like Japan who never achieved democracy by their own will. We overthrew 3 dictators in 50 years of history. No other Asian country did this.

There's is still hope.

My family were members of the lowest Masonic cabal department group in Asia called 로타리클럽 for decades. So I know little about how international cabals like masons and zionists work. They may have placed their own puppets in every societies but their end time is nigh. This is their final effort, the final twist before the death of their old cabal circlejerk. So enjoy it while you can. Enjoy thier last-ditch fight to degrade the humanity. Even they knows they will lose in the end.


Thank you.


Um.. I don't know what you're talking about. 'Ministry of Gender Equality and Family' shit is just plain propaganda to fool foreign people who does not spreak Korean.

It's actually just ministry for women. Really.


Well I think it's really late to correct but the '45 of rapists ended up being just suspended' in my first OP actually meant 45%.

45.1% of entire 'child rapists' in 2014 ended up with just suspended sentence. AKA probation. Not just sexual criminals, but actually rapists on youth.


7735a6 No.322642


your brother is a legit dullard

7735a6 No.322647


>It's your choice. It's not that terrible country if you experience. But if you're intend to get a job in here and you're not very rich, I suggest you seriously think about live in Korea.

Yeah, I'm doing the english teaching thing. I don't really know how many years or what all countries I'll go to, but I had been intending to go there. I can get soju and such where I am, it seems to be getting somewhat popular in the west.

Basically everybody says that it's a great place to be, and they had lots of fun, other than the 'north korea might bomb us' sirens all the time. Then they got used to them.

I hadn't heard anything about how locked down the internet is from those circles until I saw this thread. I had always just heard that it was faster there than in the west.


I might do that, but all the mega weebs place that as the number one place to do it, which means an extra supply of people and so they pay less and there's more competition. I have no doubt I'd at least visit it at some point while I'm in Asia in general.

>If you're people's person and not interested in politics, then it will be fine.

Well given that I'm a foreigner I likely wouldn't try to learn too much about local politics. That's largely for locals to fix.

I would talk about it if asked, but mostly in terms of what people in general should do, such as looking into their past and finding what actually worked for them. Different stocks of people seem predisposed for certain types of systems, so just because something works for some other foreign group doesn't mean it'll work for you.

Possibly just about how things are in the west, how they were, and how they should be.

But I'm highly interested in my politics, and now I'm also from /pol/.

>It's just like in Nazi reign in Germany back in days.

If you're going to talk about NWO and even zionism, you should use compatible examples.

>It's just like in Soviet reign in Russia back in days.

>Their mind is distorted by the absurdities and all they taught from this society is obey no matter what they told us.

Yeah, that's definitely communism.

>There is free speech in Soviet Union. You can stand on a soapbox in Red Square, and say anything you like, for hours on end. Until you're tired.


>We already made our own true democracy revolution in this country by our own twice.

I'm not sure I'd advocate for that for Orientals. Because we're not even doing it (assuming you mean the word in the normal false colloquial, because nothing is actually a 'democracy' where every measure is voted on) correctly in the west, where it was invented.

A full democracy is often said to be two wolves and a sheep voting on who's for supper. It works out to largely the same thing in the west. But there's a better example, because the image implies things.

Have you heard of the story of the grasshopper and the ant?

>The fable concerns a grasshopper (in the original, a cicada) that has spent the summer singing while the ant (or ants in some versions) worked to store up food for winter. When that season arrives, the grasshopper finds itself dying of hunger and begs the ant for food. However, the ant rebukes its idleness and tells it to dance the winter away now.


So what democracy really would be, is two grasshoppers and an ant voting on who's food or earnings are eaten by all.

Therefore if you do actually end up setting up some type of voting system, make damn sure that none of the grasshoppers ever, and I do mean ever - and that would include all single moms who use state resources - get the right to vote.

7735a6 No.322648

this fucking thread

holy shit

I thought korea was just some random western puppet asian state like Japan that ate dogs instead of having super high rape and suicide rates

I just got red pilled

it eats dogs, censors the internet, kills itself the most, and has more rape going on than a catholic church or a british school for children near a muslim neighborhood

7735a6 No.322674

File: 1461174126369.jpg (58.49 KB, 550x412, 275:206, 파치리스팔로우미.jpg)


안녕하십니까 동지여 ㅎㅎ

로타리클럽… I must have heard of this before. I am unsure where. There were many rotary motif in the place I lived (거창읍). I am very conscious of symbols. Now that I think about it, the place I lived in (거창) had some interesting rotary motif in some of its bus terminal benches, and it said Rotary International. Probably unrelated, but it made me think about it.

I remember trying to register to play game for 3DS for Pokemon or something in the Global Link, but it required every one of my personal information, which I'm sure was not there before! It makes it infuriating. It was also the same for Starcraft II, so while I had the 한글판 I registered the account in the North America server so I did not have to do that (I was not 만19세 at that time). Also, the 3DS is stupid too because I look at the other language 3DS and they have features the Korean one does not, such as themes and other games. Friends from other countries kept telling me to keep up, but Korean 3DS is outdated and really a censored version of the rest of the world's. I should just get Japanese or US versions ㅎㅎ

Yeah I understand when I look at the men. They are very unquestioning and obedient and actually more feminine than the girls themselves, who have either degraded themselves to become whores or manlike. I am quite obedient and "too nice", to some extent. It was in my nature, which I don't think I am able to fight. Now, I am against beating people senselessly, but when I was there recently, the children were less obedient and more crazier than they were when I was born. I believe corporal punishment does work, but there is a fine line between discipline and abuse. I know I was not spared the rod when I was little, but I am unsure what the psychological effect was. I am not saying that this is only because teachers are unable to discipline the students now, as there are other factors (mass media, smartphones given to children, sending children away to school for virtually whole day, the trash promoted as "pop culture", etc), but I am sure little to no parent / family involvement in the child's life does play a huge role in how they turn out. This is what they want, easily controllable masses to do their biddings and destroy the idea of the strong family.

South Korea is a social experimentation country just like Japan I guess, the testing ground where the Judeo-Masonic cabal experiment see how their social programs work before implementing similar ideas for their New World Order. There is such a high suicide rate in the country it is not even funny. Most people I know who move out of the country do not even come back, only maybe occasionally to visit their relatives/friends/etc. People I talk to all want to live someplace else they say. And the imported "pop culture" that is passed as "Korean culture" is hardly ours. K-Poop and the likes are manufactured stuff that only makes Korea uniform with the rest of the globalised world. It only serves to degenerate the children (who its main targets are) so they can follow their "models" in their vanity and dress scantily clad or tarnish their God-given natural hair colour. Once people say something is cool, they will just follow suit. South Korea has an odd tendency to take all the bad stuff of the rest of the world and conglomerate it into one. I only wish we could be true to ourselves and not try to follow what the rest of the world is doing. That is wrong. I'm upset at how the women here abhor the native men here for being simple and yet have no problem falling for the occasional foreigner, forcing the men to go for the Vietnam/Philippines/etc brides. Thanks feminism. It really is a testing grounds isn't it?

7735a6 No.322675

File: 1461174155490.jpg (8.17 KB, 271x186, 271:186, 광해군2.jpg)


I am seriously appalled by the lack of actual Korean culture that remains. Other than 전라도, where people say everyone is bad (being the black sheep of South Korea), but on the contrary I found them very hospitable. I'm a 대구 person though, so I can only speak through the few experience I had when visiting there. Everything is, well, for lack of better word, neo-Westernised. Even our vocabulary is slowly becoming more loanwords and less of our own words. I like 한옥 and 한복 and all that makes us, well, distinctively Korean, not these rectangular complex apartments and slutwear that passes as "normal". Not that I'm saying those stuff define what is Korean, but the lack of such for every day life just shows where Korea is headed in general, towards globalisation and not exactly preserving their national identity. They say they are proud of their country, even calling their sports team "Red Devils" (what the heck???), but what they have is replaced their own with something strange to them.

Politically, I am of the monarchist persuasion, which I am sure is unpopular as of the modern times, but I feel it is what can keep stability in Korea and actually reunite it. The false democracy and the false dichotomy provided by the elites will only serve to divide the Koreans further, and for such reason, we are weak and easy to destroy. Yes, in the end they will lose. They believe they can achieve world peace through their own, but their scheming goes against all natural order that God has made. Even though everything seems to be demoralising series of defeats, there may be some glimmer of hope in between to give a small glimpse of victory that will eventually come. At least I hope to see such things. I am sure the Koreans can do this, should they not put their trust in this world but on God, the Creator of this world, and He will come and heal the land.

Sorry if this sounds like a rant and full of uneasy things, but I just said stuff that was in my mind at the moment. There are still some beauty in Korea, but it becomes apparent that those too will disappear as the world continues on. I love my country, but not what it has become, nor its pandering towards globalism, nor its unsafe and unhealthy habits that makes it suicidal (figuratively and literally). Am I not allowed to be critical of the very alien aspects that eat up my country with my own eating itself?

For you, Korean brother:


5.1 광주민주화운동 Theme song maybe, 임을 위한 행진곡

7735a6 No.322742

File: 1461323358459.jpg (111.87 KB, 816x816, 1:1, 1410069783008.jpg)


> mfw all that redpill about SK

Now we know what that bitch of Hilary and her rich friends have planned for us.

Thanks for the red pill OP, like everyone I was full on the kool-aid of SK being a super-liberatarian version of Japan, meanwhile I've not heard of a single good game coming from there. There was something odd.

Now I know what it is, they have pretty much killed video games market for the sake of 'muh women, muh children'.

Frightening, because you can smell that this is the same shit they will pull elsewhere, "no we won't come for your games", fuck that!

7735a6 No.323448



7735a6 No.323762

File: 1463338066482.jpg (26.53 KB, 740x348, 185:87, every-election-is.jpg)


English teacher? That's good for you. Because average English teachers in Korea gets pretty generous payment and work condition. My suggestion about seriously thinking about working in Korea were meant non-instructor job. Working as instructor/teacher in Korea is fantastic environment most of times.

Stable, without worrying about being fired, generous payment, good infrastructures compared to other south-east Asia countries, fast internet.. pretty much perfect place to work few years. Though I might suggest you to seriously thinking about long term stay. It's good place to work few years a teacher, honestly.

You seem fine with local politics. That's good. You're from /pol/, huh? Well, if you're going to reside in Korea you will face some pro-Japan, self-acclaimed 'Patriotic Conservatives' alot. But remember, so-called 'Conservatives' in Korea is founded by pro-nork commies, and rooted from national traitors who tried to comminize South by the name of Kim. And they still are. Park, 'ILBE', and 'New World Party' shit. If you upstream their history bit more you'll know they're from ramnants of officer ranks of the Imperial Japan. They're basically puppets of Zionists in modern Korea. There is reason why Israel calls South Korea as a brother nation and two are extremly close.

In a nutshell, real commies are disguised as 'Right-wing Conserative' in Korea right now and they're planning to make THQ's Homefront real.

I know this because I work for them. Just like the lyrics from Hotel California, you can checkout but you can never leave.

I don't know if you're aware or not but Rothschild and other bloodlines funded both sides at WWII, even Nazis. Yes, I hate commies to death but that's doesn't mean Nazi reign in WWII was good. There is no such thing as good side in the war between totalitarianism states.

I agree with election thing. We able to enable democracy vote for twice but you know what? After the two revolutions, thousands died and all the bloodshed, people elected the puppets of the past dictators twice. Sounds stupid and aweful, huh? But that's what election, vote thing is.

Democracy is just by-product of transparent, honest regime. You must know that you can't change the world or nation with vote. Even norks and Russian under Putin regime votes. Vote is nothing. What important is freedom. Just like the forefathers from 1776 emphasized.

Yes, the grasshopper tale is pretty much nation loved fable and we taght about it since we're child. Though the main point of tale is but different from west. We teach kids to obey the ruler and work like an ant since they're 5 years old. The grasshopper thing is part of that. 'Work like a slave or we're all gonna die!'. It's that simple.


Welcome to the 21st century. Where the whole world is corrupted, and South Korea is top of that.

7735a6 No.323764

File: 1463341185511.jpg (54.24 KB, 309x214, 309:214, rotary club illuminati sym….jpg)


네, 그 로타리 인터네셔날이 한국에서 서양의 엘리트, 프리메이슨 권력을 위해 일하는 말단 조직의 역할을 하는 곳입니다.

Yes, the Rotary International is the lowest, workhorse class organization for the jesuit & masonic influence in Korea. Pretty much designated Freemason club branch in Korea. And like the most of people who actually work for masons, majority of the members are not aware that they're work for masons.

The personal information shit has actually gotten much stricter and stronger after the real name internet law repealed and Lee and Park regime happened. Now it required your 'verification', not just typing your infos. You gotta verify yourself with your phone, credit, bank account, or the digital age's verichip, I-PIN. Even Google and NetFlix requires your verification to use them in Korea. It's pretty deep shit. All your personal activities on the internet directly reported to the government and police department. They knows whenever, wherever you log-in and post which thing. Facebook, Google, PSN, Xbox, Nintendo, everything.

Nintendo is so lazy and discriminate about the whole Korean nation and I seggest to now purchase any Nintendo device in Korea in future. They have their own special region code designed only for Korea. You can't run any other region's title in Korean Nintendo system and every titles in Korea has butchered.

>more feminine than the girls themselves

That's what modern day elite's propaganda meant. Feminize the male, and masculinz the females. Illegalize the self-defense act and taboos all pacifistic mind. Pretty much emasculate both men and women and take their unique, strong points away.

Abusing kids is deeply related with totalitarianism and the brainwash program. It's basically traumatize when you're young and make you into posteriori psychopath. And the abused kids will beat kids when they're grown and ok with 'corporal punishment'. Thus The Vicious Cycle goes on. Just like the military.

Kids in Korea crazier because they're just reflection of society. That's all I can say. Teenage stars dancing naked at the national TV channels, government scale corruption scandal for daily basis, cheapest, lowest grade of pop cultures, while they forced to stay at school until 11PM and beaten like punching bags at there. I honestly has no surprise about youth crimes are out of control. Because we made them to.

Yeah, SK is social experimentation field. One thing different from Japan is that western investors, aka Illuminatis, they don't treat Korean race as a proper human. At least Japan made acceptable deal with western when they lost war, and western treat them as proper mankind race as the leader of South East Asia. Koraens? We're not even subhuman for western elites. Not even 'Useful Slave' tier. We're just some nasty disease soon to be wiped out from the face of the earth. That's what western elites think. Like Hillary or other shitheads. We're actually bellow than the Chinese in the race grade chart made by Illuminati. They're just using Korean as expandable stock and Zionism front base for South East Asia. That's it.

K-Pops are downright the most garbage like 'culture' made by mankind. That's what Illuminati strive for. Destroy the legit historical culture of civilizations, and replace them with counterfeit, cheapest, lowest grade of artificial cultures filled with Illuminati symbolism. I can't even stand with Korean national TV channels more than a minute. The only decent culture from Korean nowadays is movie, because it's independent and unspoiled by western capitalists. Though the government started the nationalize operation to corrupted the movie industry since few years ago. They already gobbled up the Busan International Film Festival and turned it into Zionistic circlejerk.

Good for you about leaving this shithole. Cause I guarantee, things will get worse in here. I know some people fled to LA, France, and Sweden and they all live happily. Never look back in here. I'm just stuck in here because of what I did, and I will see it through, one way or another.

7735a6 No.323765

File: 1463343824070.jpg (150.8 KB, 648x500, 162:125, orwellquotes.jpg)


The whole '지역 감정 (regional antagonism)' shit is just divide & conquer mind program manufactured by corrupted elites. Prior the Korean war, there was no such thing as regional antagonism in Korean history. All the regional antagonism historical material you can found is downright fabricated. Seriously, look at this tiny nation. It's 1/10 of the whole Texas state. It's fucking tiny dot shit in this big round earth. You can across the whole nation within 8 hours with your car. People who badmouth about the South (전라도) or other region are just brainwashed by the D&C program. Simple as that.

They make discrimination about the south region of Korea because southern people in Korea are god damn diehards. Just like the good ol' American rebels. Southern in Korea is the only region left alone fought against the Japanese samurai invasion during 1600's. And Southern people are the who led the inland resistance war against Imperial Japan. And they led the revolutions against the tyranny after the Korean war. When others kneel before the power, southern people in Korean stood against the invasive forces during the whole history of Korea.

The whole current situation of Korea is commies disguised as conserative and blaiming the real conserative people for being commie. Like I said, the current Park regime is rooted from the communism revolution group called 남로당 (Nam-Ro Dang). They tried to communize the south and stick with Kim. Now they disguises as right wing conserative, calling themselves as patriots, maintaining the fake colluded cold war with north, ready to sell out the whole nation for north.

Monarchist is the most dangerous superstition of mankind along with totalitarianism. Monarchism is based on warmongering, endless conflict and expansion and destined to fall. It's not even proper makeshift plan. It's the fastest way to achieve NWO without fuss. Unstable, fickling society between chaos and police state is what elites want. Strong, independent military force totally different meaning from monarchism. We're already conscriptional. The more monarchistic way from this invading other countries and self-destructed. Remember, war is not solution.

What Korea need right now is not something end with -ism. We need proper constitution written by real minded people, based on freedom and rights. And we need transparency and autonomy. Not some fucking ramnants goons of Imperial Japan and North Korea. Right now we have broken constitution and the ruling elites are so corrupted, they will sell out this country for norks in any time when profits are right.

It's ok to rant. At least itt. My first posts were rant too. And this whole thread is more like some crazy gook anon's rant.

The beauty in Korea is quickly fading away but it's our job to keep it. Keep, protect, fill, find, repair, and develope what is beauty in us. It sometimes seem too hard job because every elites wants to destroy it and fill it with their own fabricated culture. You are right, we can't blame alien people. We allow them to come here and destroy what we care. We're the one who failed to protect the things we loved in this country. Now we becoming the monster. We made our own hell. And our job to fix it.

But don't worry. Have a hope. I don't know this darkness and dusk or dawn. But I can guarantee you, we will make things right. For our children's sake, in the name of the one true creator, and the goddess of love and truth.

Just like the wise Korean once said.

"No matter how many chickens you slaughter to prevent them crying at the dawn. The sun will rise and the bright morning will come."

"닭의 목을 비틀어도 새벽은 온다."


Thank you for listening my rants. Now you know the deep shit about Korea, you won't be disgraceful koreaboo in the future.

7735a6 No.323850

File: 1463538669256.jpg (26.44 KB, 450x316, 225:158, 40080722173320.jpg)


다들 이해하도록 영어로 계속 쓰겠습니다. 하지만 님을 뭐라고 부를까요? 별명을 말해주세요.

I just saw the Rotary International sign as I was walking to the bank here too! I wish I can show you but I can try later. Even that picture you show me is cancerous. A lot of low level Masons don't know they are working for the inner circle, yes. I studied a bit about this and it seems the structure is pyramid-like, but at the same time, circular, as outer circle protects the inner circle who does the dirty deeds, but the outer circle are unaware of what is happening on the inside. They are, as they say, sacrificial lambs unwittingly protecting the true evil. As they ascend, as Manly P Hall even says, the power of Lucifer seethes through the palm of their hands. The whole structure is demonic by nature. You say your family is part of this vicious cycle too?

Yes. I remember having to use my phone for verification to even register for this kind of thing. I cannot even purchase Korean Nintendo 선불카드 (I don't know how to say that in English lol) because it requires things I am no longer able to provide. The game library in Korean 3DS is very limited. I guess a lot of Koreans bought the Japanese 3DS for a reason. I'm stuck with little to no event Pokemon because of this. But it's okay, I don't play too many games now, but I already know firsthand of how hard it is to be a gamer there too. ㅠㅠ

For those who don't believe me here, just try to sign up for Daum or Naver email and see the registration site. Also any gaming site requires their own I-PIN. This is the prototype of the Verichip technology stuff and ultimately the very Mark of the Beast these jerks want to implement to ALL mankind!!

Breaking down the nuclear family is the elite's way to destabilise the country, and by doing that it ultimately ends up with people unwittingly being slaves of their global program. Once males and females have their gender roles and whatnot blurred out, it is so much easier to divide and conquer.

I never understood the Westerner's fascination for the Japanese. I also don't understand why we as a people want to be American so badly. Even the Japanese keep many parts of their own culture it is distinctively Japanese, but South Korea, not so much. We're even divided with a North and South to keep us further weakened. I say the 6.25 war was there not to destroy communism but to further confirm the UN's role as "global police". North Korea did not even have to exist but it was allowed to so whatever the elite's endgame was can be furthered.

It is also interesting you say South Koreans aren't even considered subhuman either. I can see that, actually, because of the way their plan works and how cold and ruthlessly they are marginalised in nearly everything. What seems to be a "spark of political relevance" in this world is just all show. Why do we support these circus freaks? Shillary also is mentioned a lot in our Korean newspaper in New York 뉴욕일보… and the newspaper continues to bash Trump and portrays Shillary as the saviour of the Koreans or something, with polls saying Koreans want Shillary. I was disgusted. Not that I believe Trump is amazing either, as every side is funded by the same elite, but these people ought to just speak for themselves. I'm Korean and I certainly don't support Shillary.

I'm unsure if the film industry is all that clean either. They started to add Western motifs that I realised was creeping into the movies, even my favourite 사극 type films, and I'm sure they want to globalise Korea even further. Have you seen 설국렬차? That film was interesting but involved key Western actors and was filled with NWO-like motifs!

K-POP is not culture. It is anti-culture and all filth. We have our own kind of music from the past and it is distinctively Korean, so why do we not promote stuff that is our own? This is because everywhere that is UN policed and whatnot are there to destabilise all that is natural to humanity. This means family, nationality, faith, etc. Make everybody the same. Think Communist blocs of the recent past: those monstrocities are probably the blueprint of what this New World Order will be like. Their end game is to usher in that world government, where they police EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of our dirty human lives. They want to become gods at our expense. They think they can do it by offering many souls to this dark cruel god they serve. But they will not, for their master will betray them as well, and they realise this not.

7735a6 No.323851

File: 1463538778425.png (799.27 KB, 779x481, 779:481, 대한제국.png)


>Monarchist is the most dangerous superstition of mankind along with totalitarianism. Monarchism is based on warmongering, endless conflict and expansion and destined to fall. It's not even proper makeshift plan. It's the fastest way to achieve NWO without fuss.

I'm sorry but I may have to disagree on this. Actually, no, you are partially right, and I will get into that. Also, please keep in mind I do not say this to go against you nor do I wish to cause divisions. But I want to say my reasoning so you can see where I am coming from.

The Judeo-Masonic conspiracy found it necessary to get rid of the monarchies of this world because they were the ones who were standing in their way from implementing their one world (dis)order. This happened recently in history through revolutions such as French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Revolution of 1848, etc. Pre-1900s world was a lot different from what it is now. Democracy always leads to oligarchies, because people themselves given power would tip the balance far off. I don't disagree with people having basic rights, but this whole natural law and Enlightenment garbage is pretty much what led to the destruction to mankind, and was not its academic pinnacle as people claim it to be. It gave birth to the Illuminati in May 1st 1776 as we know it. The past 300 years we had republics and dictatorships spawn up as a more dominant form of government was not stable either. Republic or monarchy, there is always war. This is just how human nature is, both are as old as dawn. The reason we don't seem to have war now is because of how the elites set it up. They knew the human would be sick of war by now and would want to cry for world peace, so this is the perfect time to set things up, it has very little to do with monarchy or republic in this case.

Monarchies in themselves by principle is when God chooses one to lead (or so people believe it to be so) and their lineage continues. Of course the child that is raised to rule the country from the start so he is responsible for the country's success or fall. Politicians don't think that way and they want to leave all the mess to the next guy while he (or she in modern case) rakes up all the money for himself and cater to special interest groups (political party), and not for best interest of country. I don't like totalitarianism either, and I want to speak more about monarchies as I feel it has been misunderstood by modern people. I am no Nazi nor communist or anything of that sort. As a Christian I believe in what is right in God's eyes is ultimately what is best for us, and I believe since heaven is a monarchy that is the type we should try and follow.

I don't believe North Korea to be a monarchy if people try to bring that up. Yes it's dynastic, but their president is a dead guy who pretends he's the sun god. I'd argue it is a necrocracy (rule from the dead), and they always refer to themselves as 공화국, and are very antagonistic to the very idea of a monarchy. It sounds like semantics, but 김정은 was educated in the West, not from his psychopath father (not that it's much of a difference) and I'm sure they were planted as a dialectic as another wing of the same bird to create the New World Order. They also are atheistic state, so they have no claim in divine rights or mandate of heaven or anything of that sort, it would be hypocritical to do so.

I will agree where I have to agree, is where you say it will bring NWO with no problem. This is true when the whole world is under that same system and national sovereignty doesn't exist. They do want to bring a single ruler who will rule everybody (what Christians believe to be the son of perdition, or anti-Christ, or the Beast), so if going semantically, mon-archy, single ruler, is apt description for such. Also, current monarchies that are allowed to exist probably do because they are already aligned to the Satanic cabal that rules this world, ESPECIALLY the Crown of England. And perhaps it is very difficult to get back to the right track at this point as most monarchs installed would already be under the thrall of the ruling elite.

It is okay if you disagree, but just understand why I believe what I believe and it is not an unfounded argument.

7735a6 No.323852

File: 1463538890879.jpg (190.9 KB, 864x623, 864:623, 1454977573642.jpg)


>The whole '지역 감정 (regional antagonism)' **** is just divide & conquer mind program manufactured by corrupted elites.

YES. Exactly THIS. We're one country (or what should be, but it's a concealed military junta) and we should be united and focused in thwarting the foes who are right before our eyes. But apparently that's not what's happening. Whether you are from the north or the south, we're all Koreans. I hate D&C because it really works well, even when Koreans are so-called nationalists. They're really not, just more xenophobic but combining all the bad parts from the rest of the world and amassing them together. Our governments are traitors. Is it also true there is a huge network of underground path from North all the way to 전라도? I hear 김대중 was a 간첩 and helped this to become a reality so the invasion can happen easier.

Sorry about pic related. I know its Arc of Reunification from DPRK, but I cannot find the pictures I want now.

>What Korea need right now is not something end with -ism. We need proper constitution written by real minded people, based on freedom and rights. And we need transparency and autonomy

I agree that -isms /주의/사상 are not the way to go. Any ideologies spawned by any pseudo-intellectuals are really elite pawns using it to divide and conquer once more. Whatever is the best to benefit the people of this world would mean clean transparency and autonomy surely, but in the end, we are all humans. The next group to take over after the current elite is overthrown is another who will fall into the same trap due to our human nature. As long as the "god of this world" (Satan) rules everything (remember he is the one the elites serve), anything that seems to be the opposition of what is made is actually just another ploy to destroy mankind in general. His endgame is to destroy the whole of mankind, God's beloved creation, and he does it in the most subtle ways but at this point in history he seems to have all but won everything. You may not be one of faith, but I do know the elites despise Christianity, for it is the truth. They control the modern churches, they have corrupted everything and have perverted everything to make this world seem hopeless for us.

>Never look back in here. I'm just stuck in here because of what I did, and I will see it through, one way or another.

Actually this is one part I do regret. I did not leave on my own accord, it was really my family moving and such. I will say this, I love my country, not for what it is right now, but because it is my country. I do not know how else to say it. When the time comes, maybe I will return and I will contribute to fighting the vile influences that corrupt the human soul to this day. The poor Koreans cry out because of their chains and shackles, and they realise not why and how they are being exploited. I am studying to be a Christian pastor, but I really pray to God I will not fall to the traps that are laid out by the foe, because Satan is much more actively trying to destroy Christians so they can be his instrument of wickedness, the non-believers whether they like it or not are already on his side. I want to help people like you, and everybody else, somehow, one way or another. It is cowardly to leave like that, if I should say so myself.

I will say this, the Korean-Americans for the most part are degenerate and helpless too, many being left winged SJW kind from what I've seen. Not even churchgoers are immune to this. In fact, it's more prevalent there because a lot of Koreans who come to the U.S.A. go to church to meet up with other Koreans. I do not wish to generalise, hence I said "most". But they too are my kinsmen, so I have little choice here.

> I'm just stuck in here because of what I did, and I will see it through, one way or another.

Is it okay if I can get an understanding of what you did?

I have so much to say, but I don't know how to express it much, sorry. But I feel very refreshed talking to others of like mind and wish you the very best.

이렇게 재미있는 대화를 하니까 기분이 좋습니다. 감사합니다. 나중에 또 다시 이야기합시다!

7735a6 No.323853

File: 1463539478123.jpg (486.34 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Arbes-Talmud-in-Korea-1-12….jpg)

Also one more question. It bothered me to see this in my cousin's bookshelves, and I read about it, but why is the Talmud a bestseller in South Korea? Are we finally embracing our inner Jew??? Who am I kidding, 主/주/Ju means Lord in Korean ㅋㅋㅋ Okay bad joke but I am curious about this.

I also want to say one more time thank you for making thread and I am glad to see more people like you speaking out against this, though maybe this kind of thread is more for pol than gamergate. I don't even go to this board but I was linked here. Don't give up and there may be hope yet.

7735a6 No.323872

File: 1463576951901-0.png (758.73 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ubuntu.png)

File: 1463576951901-1.png (782.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, chrome.png)

this is not really sjw/gamergate etc

but it feels like korea is limiting OS's



7735a6 No.323886

File: 1463589030747.webm (1.87 MB, 960x540, 16:9, K.webm)

7735a6 No.323887


Could you be so kind as to translate that page/image?

Also, I have a Talmudic education, feel free to ask me anything. (Thought I'd rather be learning about Korea than talking about the Talmud.)

7735a6 No.323890


Everything in Korea seems to prefer Internet Explorer. All of their pages are of similar format as well.


Eh that's just a random page, saying a rabbi returned to the village and decorated the church (says 교회 but probably means synagogue in this case) with diamonds. Then he says "Shiny gems are exactly what the youth's mind/heart (마음 can mean either) are". Is there any Talmudic phrases that correspond to such?

I can probably say stuff about Korea if you need me to, though it is probably best if OP returns at some point, as I do not live there any longer. Most of my distant family, however, do.

7735a6 No.323891


>Then he says "Shiny gems are exactly what the youth's mind/heart (마음 can mean either) are". Is there any Talmudic phrases that correspond to such?

It doesn't ring a bell off hand. I'll ask around.

7735a6 No.323895


Ooops. I read in haste and forgot 그 which would change the meaning to "that youth's heart". Must be a continuation of a story. I am just going to assume some young man did the decorating. Either way, I don't know because it is in the middle of a context I am unsure of.

7735a6 No.323896



Maybe it's saying "He's a kid, he doesn't know much, he assumed Jews would love jewellery."

7735a6 No.323897


Eh the page says the rabbi, who returned to town was the one decorating though, perhaps he's just alluding to the young man's mind or something I don't know. Either way I'm not sure if the pic related is a Talmudic story but I have seen copies of Talmud in Korean there.

7735a6 No.323915


It doesn't remind me of any Talmudic stories, but the Talmud is so vast (20,000+ pages) that I could easily be wrong, especially when only reading a tiny snippet.

Is there a full, translated version of that book somewhere online?

7735a6 No.323931


I'm sorry. I found this picture off a random search engine after searching "Talmud Korea" or something like that, and it got me that result.


I don't think you would find this online, and I saw Talmud in my cousin's bookshelf in Korea, where I no longer am. I was hoping if OP Korean guy can shed some light about the Talmud sale in Korea if he has any information. But the link I put here seems quite informative. Maybe you can learn something from this?

7735a6 No.323952

Sorry if you've been asked this a million times OP, but what measures have you taken to cover your tracks? Do you believe yourself to be in danger?

7735a6 No.323953


>The movie directoer said he had to cut about 90% of the details from the real incident because the event was too horrible to filming.

I'm afraid to ask but… what details?

7735a6 No.324101

File: 1463877709345-0.jpg (42.16 KB, 550x412, 275:206, 20160519214701257pykt.jpg)

File: 1463877709345-1.jpg (38.81 KB, 527x395, 527:395, 001.jpg)

File: 1463877709346-2.jpg (133.43 KB, 540x303, 180:101, 1937691_article_99_2016051….jpg)

File: 1463877709346-3.jpg (89.53 KB, 600x338, 300:169, 54_1.jpg)

File: 1463877709346-4.png (65.45 KB, 512x771, 512:771, twitter lie.png)


I will link un-archived direct link for the Korean articles. Use auto-translator to see it.

The new Social Justice psy-ops in Korea is happening. On last May 17th, a guy who suffered various mental illness along with schizophrenia, and has 6 months of quarantine record for being serious schizo, killed random woman passby. The suspect was also ex-convict of theft, assault, and other crimes. According to the Police investigation on surveillance tape footage, he passed at least 10 men and 6 women right before his murder with a knife.


But somehow the media and the whole country picked this as an 'Misogyny Hate Crime" and the thousands people protesting on the streets, demanding Additional Punishment Law on male to female crimes and legal discrimination, regulations, and double-standard on all males. The mayer of Seoful already announced that he'll force bill about shutdowning every websites on the internet that contains 'misogyny' material.


The shit just got real. The media is aring this as a special report 24/7 and every channels, every internet is burning about this topic. The media is literally inciting people to go out streets and make gender war riot. And they claims this is problem of all males in Korea and made the new word, "Murder Culture."

Yes, the "Murder Culture". This is the new beginning. You're now witnessing the 'Rape Culture' evolve into 'Murder Culture'. The whole new era is begun in South Korea.

This is complete, typical Divide & Conquer operaions. The media, they're inciting the gender wars, the strife betweens the genders and the new age civil war that divide us forever once and for all.

The politicians going crazy about it. Numerous policians already visited the crimes scene, shed tears and promise for legal double standard on males, and stopping misogyny no matter cost.

I think this is the turning point. The gov, the corrupted media, found the ultimate hit piece target, the scpaegoat, and they begun the opertion of whole new D&C tactics, the gender war. The uncanny revolution to pressure masculine and male identity, and divdide the whole society.

Media encouraging people to make 92 LA style riot and lynch against males. The mayer of Seoul declared re-seperation of unigender public toilets which once were unified because social justice warriors demanded it. The Korea's largest political party's Assemblywoman, 'Nam' already announced that they'll gonna bill new Additional Punishment Law on male to female crimes.


The police officially declared that this is not hate crime or misogyny, at all. Even the profilers work for the government and professionals like professors says the motivation is not out of misogyny reason and this is just random crime.








The media demonizing all males in Korea and there's literally thousands of hit pieces during last few days specific on males in Korea. Some of media outlets demanding introduction of new commom core cource specific about 'Misogyny'. The media, SJWs on the internet claims this is male problem and demadnming new laws to protect women in Korea. Gender war has begun.


Soon this story will be aired in your country or local media.

Spread the truth about behind the incident and tell your friends and family about the truth.


I don't know what to do. This is the ultimate hypocrisy. My mom is a single mom and my whole family is women, and I raised by hard working women. I never insulted a single woman in my life and I respect them. And today I disagreed to my acquaintances and they treated me like I'm some kind of women-murdering freak.

Now I can feel the false-flag gender war ops with my skins. The end is nigh for this corrupted nation. The ride never ends.

TL;DR: Propaganda ops to make new laws about heavier penelty on male to female crimes, and arresting, shutdowning websites for being 'Misogyny' is happening in Korea. AKA 'Female Security' laws. The goal is D&C, the new gender war.

7735a6 No.324102

File: 1463878207014.mp4 (1.97 MB, 404x720, 101:180, 강남역 추모현장 팜플렛을 든 남성에게 단체로 성….mp4)


The video about bunch female protestors chanting "고추소심 (Small Dick Coward)", "고추가 작아서 안 들려 (I can't hear you because your penis is too small)" on a male protestor who preaches pacifism and disagree on violence measures, with the sign written with "Do not divide men and women, Let's be friend".

This fucking beyond the Sweden or Brit tiers. Honestly I never thought we would brought down this far. I mean, I started to deeply hate this country for the first time. The whole incident is framed by shitty journos and the truth is not even out there, it's right before our feets.

Yet the whole country seems united under flag of Feminism and misandry. It's just like the 92 LA riot, with more twisted, hypocrite reasons.

Just somebody kill me now.

7735a6 No.324104


>I never understood the Westerner's fascination for the Japanese

Because they are competent state builders who once controlled a decent chunk of the world despite starting on a small island nation with few resources and outdated technology while you have per-capita GDP less than Spain?

7735a6 No.324106

File: 1463885561491.png (199.37 KB, 423x468, 47:52, 1457534308194.png)


야…. 이건 아니지… 한국아 도대체 뭐하는거야???? 한 미친 사람이 어떤 여자를 살인했다… 그래서 모든 남자들의 탓 이라고? 그 병자가 문제야 이 멍청한놈들아 ㅠㅠ

Okay I am mad now everybody. People would be so easily divided in a country whereas they would be united on this stupidity? In the west you already have race wars and such propagated along with courts favouring women to divorce and seek alimony… just wait until this kind of stuff becomes reality. Divide and conquer is what you are seeing here. I must be mad seeing this happen in my life time.

7735a6 No.324107


>It's just like the 92 LA riot, with more twisted, hypocrite reasons

You mean the 50's?

The problem is that the group being ostracized now are fit, trained young males probably with no other reason to live thanks to feminism and the meddling of foreign interests. The perfect antagonist, but not the most logical to wage war against if collateral is something the government wants to avoid.

I really feel for you gooks but the same kind of thing is breaking out in most Westernized countries, including mine. I guess we can all suffer together?

7735a6 No.324127

Archive of the proposed bill:


Reddit sub on Korea, many speak out:


Police declare it not misogyny:


Journo's declare S.Korea start teaching women "you're lucky not to be killed by men":


CCTV footage showed murderer passing 10 men and 6 women, proving it was attack of opportunity:


College Police Admin Prof says it was an attack of oppertunity, not misogyny:


Police officially declare it is not a hate crime, but maddness and a former convict:


Murderer had schizophrenia, 6 months psychiatric treatment:





I keep saying, get in contact with western news groups who aren't mainstream who run stories on SJW (like breitbart).

They will get you an interview, and may even pay to get you out of S.Korea.

Please prioritize keeping safe above everything else!

Please get out!!

7735a6 No.324134


B…Buh… muh K-Drama. I thought South Korea was like a super modern, anti-cucked democracy holding back the collectivist North Korean hordes.

;_; m…muh "fighting"

7735a6 No.324291

File: 1464216849923-0.jpg (590.28 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, teaching-feeling.jpg)

File: 1464216849924-1.png (143.37 KB, 549x653, 549:653, gook drinking chinese seme….png)

Apparently 13 people arrested for playing or uploading Teeching Feeling in Korea.


The person who arrested were includes 18 years old student. They all prosecuted with 'Child Pornography Possession' chages and will facing years in prison and 20 years of sex offender registry.

Police vowed to more serious crack down raid on filthy criminals who played 'Raising Sylvy', as they said.

Fucking hypocrites, SJWs and soccer moms who advocating this insanity. They all advocating this madness with using excuses "Other developed countries like US or Europe do this too!" or "Pedos deserve to be dead". Fucking braindead shitheads. It's just like Orwell said, Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

Not even real child rapists treated this bad in Korea, both legally and from society.

In Korea, women's rights in 2D is more sacred than the real life. And also the headpatting is serious business.

Fun trivia

The numbers of women's rights organizations in Korea: 581 The numbers of men's rights organizations in Korea: 1

Source: http://www.wngonet.go.kr/home/ngo/GCH_Woman.do

And the only male rights organization, 'Male Solidarity', the founder and the representative committed sucide in 2013 due to oppression and financial trouble. His name was 'Seong-Jae Ki'.

Glory, glory, hallelujah, Seong's body lies a-mouldering in the grave, But his soul's marching on.

His soul's marching on."

7735a6 No.324434


>No other Asian country did this.

Not to rain on your parade, but this is a Philippine national pastime.

7735a6 No.324449


flat chest cartoon girl = pedophilia?

7735a6 No.324647


Reality and fiction is impossible to differentiate with these people.

7735a6 No.324681

File: 1464904469596.mp4 (6.34 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 남혐 女들의 놀이터가 되어버린 강남역 추모공간.mp4)



Here's the video that female protesters at Gangnam chanting "Jae-Ki Hae (Do Jae-ki)" on male protesters, which means follow the suicide of 'Seong-Jae Ki' I mentioned in >>324291.

And here's the Youtube link.


Korean SJWs making western SJWs look like innocent kids. At least western SJWs does not screams "Small Penis" at passing-by men while they protest. And their obnoxious tweets are just… anons, does western SJWs females conspire to rape and murder male on the internet? Because Korean SJW females conspire to picture hot men with hidden cams and rape or murder male online all the times. I wish I could translate those gender war misandry tweets from Korean SJWs and propaganda Korean media pieces saying "All men are natually assailant and wrongdoer since from they born". It's just beyond mind blowing. My shrink urge me to not read news or SNS on the internet because my depression shit is getting more serious lately.

This fucking D&C gender war and all culture war shit in Korea is just beyond the salvation, and it's making western Social Justice movement look like child's play.

I'll make reply and some short exlaination about some government approved gender war & misandry internet front post called "Megalia" later. Right now my mind is full of fuck and I can't think right because all the madness happening.

7735a6 No.324682

File: 1464905250723.gif (1.21 MB, 350x184, 175:92, 001.gif)


They also lynched a 15 years old mid-school girl with sign says "Stop Hate on Men".

Yes, this shit aired on TV news.

The word 'Feminazi' is not even metaphor in Korea, seriously. Since all the Feminists in Korea shares same ideology with ILBE and actually talking about gassing men in totally serious mood. Right winged Feminists armed with pure hate on men, they are.

At least western SJWs prefer hypocrisy. Korean SJWs does not even try to hide their evil minds, and the media keep praising them.

And the media keep pouring fuel to incite more conflict between both genders. You guys should thank for can't read Korean because if you can, you will get mental disease. I pity for our children.

This place is a fucking ideological abyss for sure.

I fucking want to die.

7735a6 No.324823


>They also lynched a 15 years old mid-school girl with sign says "Stop Hate on Men".

I-Is she gonna be okay?

7735a6 No.324824


Not physically hurt, just some angry feminists grabbed her hair and slapped few times and nearby men stopped the lynch before it's going further. Still insane scene to watch.

7735a6 No.325581

File: 1467418921932-0.webm (7.64 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 게구리 핵의혹 무고 사건 해외 보도 요약.webm)

File: 1467418921932-1.png (179.31 KB, 571x600, 571:600, 155a590e65946c91a.png)

Meanwhile in Korea…

A fucking nobody 17 years old girl 'Pro Gamer' accused for cheating at nobody cares shit small as fuck Overwatch competition event preliminary match.

The other player made an objection that she cheated while they matching. And yeah, he was a dude and accused one was girl. Then the fucking media starting to claiming this is misogyny. You know, Blizzard is the new country religion in Korea and not playing Overwatch or having even slighthly negative opinion against Blizzard can bury you by society. Accused for cheating in pro e-sports competition scene is fucking daily basis in here but somehow this ride the hitpiece media propaganda wave.

Somehow the fucking whole country started to screaming misogyny and heavily blaming the guy who accused, saying he's misogynist and need to be banned from e-sport. And few days ago Blizzard reviewed the case and conmfirmed she didn't cheated. Don't ask me, I don't play Overwatch.

After the blizzard confirmation, shit just got real. Now the whole e-sport team which the guy who accused her for cheating belong has been oficially dismantled due to fucking shitstorm aftermath. And the guy has been semi-banned from all e-sport scene. Because they accused a innocent girl and that's unspeakable evil crime in Korea. A fucking reverse witch burning has begun. Even the girl and the represent member from the opposite team she belongs said this is too much and stop criticizing the guy but the ignorant mass don't listen. The girl's team already made opinion that this is just ordinary cheating accuse and nothing bad was related. But their announcement made the problem worse, now the people worshipping the girl as the new saint Jesus!

The whole internet treating the guy like as he done some mass-murder and the accused girl became the new martyress Jesus icon of gaming and the 21st century's digital Jeanne d'Arc. There's new cult worshipping her already. Kinda like the way Acid Man loves Asuka, except not wanting to fug, because that's misogyny. Worshipping her marvelous godlike gaming skills and admiring that she accused for she was too good. The whole internet thinks he accused her because she was a woman, and that seems enough crime to be burried from the society and doxed on the internet.

You know what, even the fucking Blizzard artist made special art present for the poor innocent Jeanne d'Arc girl. And yeah, her main character is fucking Zarya and she used the character in the match she accused. I ain't fucking joking. Her nickname was '게구리 (Frog)'.

I attach the commemoration art from the Blizzard artist and the video compilation of fucking cancerous neckbeards and dyed haired forein hipsters at YouTube covering this story. Beware, it's cancerous as fuck. Bellow is the jewtube link for better resolution but I advice you to not give any more view count to the video.


I fucking don't want to live in this country anymore. It seems now the fucking everything I saw and hear at least partially related with Feminism or gender-war. This country is deeply infected by the cancerous ideology and now people just won't stop connecting everything with misogyny and women's right. How does it even related with misogyny anyway. It happened like literally 9000 times before, except this time it was a girl who accused. I don't fucking get it and I'm just a evil lone misogynist according to the internet.

The fucking insanity, it's madness. And it's intensifying everyday.

Watch out, this can be your society's future. Millions of white knights on the internet worshipping the new digital age's Jeanne d'Arc and witch burning the evil misogynist man for dare accusing the holy innocent girl for cheating in video game.

7735a6 No.325645


You should've just stayed with Japan. No really, it has such traditional roles and a healthy society (with enough problems to be sure, but way way better than here in Germany), and now I read about this.

7735a6 No.326095

나라 안 뜨고 뭐하세요

상해임시정부처럼 외부에서 썩어빠진 사회를 뒤엎는게 답인거 같네요.

우리말 안들으면 양놈들 말들은 듣겠지요.


저는 우파 성향 진영에서 선동질 하고 있으니 님은 여기 좌파 성향쪽에서 잘해보세요.

건투를 빕니다.

동서양합작으로 썩어빠진 범세계주의 "진보"주의자들을 척결합시다!!

7735a6 No.326104


>나라 안 뜨고 뭐하세요


>상해임시정부처럼 외부에서 썩어빠진 사회를 뒤엎는게 답인거 같네요.


>우리말 안들으면 양놈들 말들은 듣겠지요.




>저는 우파 성향 진영에서 선동질 하고 있으니 님은 여기 좌파 성향쪽에서 잘해보세요.


>건투를 빕니다.


>동서양합작으로 썩어빠진 범세계주의 "진보"주의자들을 척결합시다!!

Google machine translation

>What it should open country


>Looks like the Shanghai Provisional Government cider answers to overturn a rotten society from the outside.


>Korean yangnom not hear the horses I hear.


>cheer up.


>I am so seondongjil and right-wing tendencies in the party's leftist try better side here.


>May the luck.


>Pan cosmopolitanism rotten to tackle the East-West Joint let "advanced" progressive !!

7735a6 No.326108



These gooks speak in codes man

7735a6 No.326113

Koreabro, you are now in the middle of a Cultural Revolution. You should panic, but first of all, you have to gather with all your close family and talk with them so you are in a same page, lest they "rehabilitate" you for being a male and gamer or something.

Back in Chinese CR, lots of dumb brainwashed idealist kids even ratted their parents for not believing in Maoism and send them to be shamed/lynched in public. It is very easy for this to happen more than you think, now with biased media and social media and all. So you should talk with your closest family.

Good luck Koreabro, I was afraid that this will happen hearing your story a year ago, but… it seems, well, it just happened. Stay safe…

7735a6 No.326176

New OP: Korean BBQ


About redpilling the west about S.Korea.

I kept them as separate threads so this thread can be "the news room" while the other thread is for discussion of what to do with said info, and planning. That way we don't max out one thread too quickly.

7735a6 No.326303


Jesus why are koreans so fucking insane?

I don't even see this shit happening in Africa!

7735a6 No.326307


East Asians have a global reputation for being very emotionally restrained, but that's actually just a Japanese thing. Stereotypical Japanese-style emotional reticence is actually a fairly new, alien thing to Korean society. The reality is that Korean culture and history hold very much the opposite; strong emotions are meant to be spread and shared as widely as possible. This wasn't much of a problem at all when Korea was a low-tech society, but modern South Korea is wired to the gills now with all kinds of instant mass communication tools. This means it is very prone to epidemics of moral hysteria and cult-like mass brainwashing.

As a side note, a warped reflection of this cultural expression can also be seen in its brother country North Korea, where all that emotional energy has been channelled into maintaining a brutal nationwide cult of personality.

7735a6 No.326442

Counterslide bump.

7735a6 No.326577

Maybe our Korea anons could offer commentary on this article I read today:



I was wondering how widespread the problems are and which of those problems are really the most important to people over there. But you'll probably have things of your own to add too.

7735a6 No.327903

I just hear S.Korea got hit by a 5.1 earthquake along the South East.

Gook anon, are you OK?!

7735a6 No.328253

Still monitoring thread.

Gookman, come back to us.

7735a6 No.328339


They may not be catholics, but it might be worthwhile to raise some awareness and share this horror story up the ranks so that someone tries to do something about the crazier christians in South Korea.

7735a6 No.328351


More proof SJWs are just rebranded religious fundamentalists.

7735a6 No.328470

I believe gook anon took a break again, though hopefully he'll be back soon enough.

7735a6 No.328544

File: f7304b9142f8467⋯.jpg (39.1 KB, 800x469, 800:469, Hitler-quote-f7304b9142f84….jpg)


Is there nobody doing anything against all of these problems?

7735a6 No.328545

File: 24593416a5053fc⋯.jpg (130.26 KB, 1279x634, 1279:634, 24593416a5053fcb687092a0c4….jpg)

South Korea has gone full anime.

The "8 goddesses" need to be exposed.

Push Korean BBQ hard.

Get info, and spread it. Before BBC's disinfo covers it up.

It's easy to spread thanks to comparisons to Hillary (stolen emails reveal female politician[s] doing bad shit).

7735a6 No.328547


Live discussion on:


I'd archive, but the thread went e10000.

Reposting posts (each gap is it's own post):




Quick search got me these:

https ://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/nation/2016/10/116_216623.html

http ://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/news/article/article.aspx?aid=3025312&cloc=etc%7Cjad%7Cgooglenews

http ://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/news/article/article.aspx?aid=3025234

http ://english.hani.co.kr/arti/english_edition/e_national/767646.html

Not gonna bother archiving.




>It is truly frightening that this confidante, with no official position in the government and apparently without any qualifications that could have given her the sort of power she apparently wielded, was allowed to continue uninterrupted.

>The administration did not hesitate to pressure Culture Ministry officials to do its bidding, going so far as to remove officials who refused to toe its line.

>Culture Minister Yoo Jin Ryong was fired in July 2014 after clashing with Park. A Culture Ministry official who wrote a report that was not to Park's liking was demoted and then finally asked to leave. The National Museum head was allegedly removed for refusing to host an exhibition that Park wanted to see.

>The Mir Foundation was launched in October 2015 and K-Sports Foundation in January this year. Yoo pointed to then-Chief of Staff Kim Ki Choon as having ordered the resignations. Yoo further alleged the Blue House screened Culture Ministry officials' "ideological orientations" to arrive at the list of the six officials to be sacked.

>It is under this administration that a "blacklist" of nearly 10,000 cultural figures "classified" as being critical of the government has surfaced, despite Culture Minister Cho Yoon Sun's disavowal of the existence of such a list.

>The president seemingly allowed her confidante to exercise power unchecked, especially in the cultural sector. It is suspected that Choi and her closest associates exploited culture-related events and organizations for personal gain. The lofty goal of cultural enrichment, it appears, was appropriated by the president's confidante and her cronies who sucked the marrow out of culture to fatten their bellies. It will be a long path to resuscitating culture and rehabilitating it back to health.



>Former Mir Foundation official says power broker Choi received detailed presidential report almost daily, and led meetings on governance

>Behind-the-scenes power broker Choi Sun-sil received and reviewed 30 cm-thick “Presidential report packets” from the Blue House on a nearly daily basis until as recently as this spring, a witness recently claimed.

>Choi is also reported to have used the materials to hold behind-the-scenes meetings to discuss all aspects of governance.

>“Appointment issues were also discussed at the meetings, and decisions were made on who to make or not make a Cabinet minister,” he added.

>“It’s a real break with common perceptions to say this, but it’s actually a system where Choi tells the President to do things this way or that way. There aren’t any issues where the President can decide on her own,” Lee said. “It’s basically only possible once Choi has been asked about and approves everything. Even the Blue House ‘door knocker triumvirate’ are basically all just Choi’s messengers.”

Someone help me archive/repost if you can see the pol thread. I'm keeping my screen up, but I need to AFK for a bit.

7735a6 No.328548

File: df40444de0a5c85⋯.png (415.25 KB, 991x987, 991:987, 91fdbe326817d3c71f8d94a4cf….png)

File: d486f80cc8d1d03⋯.png (968.17 KB, 1184x1108, 296:277, 431d0ab673e8f6a7146e9e66a5….png)

File: 6f061f0c3a69b01⋯.png (229.53 KB, 772x535, 772:535, 6f061f0c3a69b019fe86f1f5bd….png)

File: 2ade6ccc123dfc7⋯.png (45.99 KB, 1068x162, 178:27, 6a2f4f57c2cb35711e3e911709….png)



Notice also how recent (((attacks))) on Japan have been launched predominantly by Korea, in defiance of all diplomatic commonsense.

Now that we know these (((financially))) powerful women were operating as a shadow government this whole time, does the batshit behaviour of Korea over the past almost-decade start to make a little more sense?

china has already started to embrace the fucked up policies of these korean shadow-feminist nut cases. just like korea they are implementing a government program to force certain types of "socially acceptable" behavior with government issued cell phones (set to go online around 2020), you get scored on all activities you do as the tec basically watches everything you buy, say and do. you get a lower score the less socially acceptable behavior (shadow fem government approved ideas) you engage in.



>Everybody is measured by a score between 350 and 950, which is linked to their national identity card. While currently supposedly voluntary, the government has announced that it will be mandatory by 2020.

>Among the things that will hurt a citizen’s score are posting political opinions without prior permission, or posting information that the regime does not like, such as about the Tienanmen Square massacre that the government carried out to hold on to power, or the Shanghai stock market collapse.

>It will hurt your score not only if you do these things, but if any of your friends do them.

>Anybody can check anyone else’s score online. Among other things, this lets people find out which of their friends may be hurting their scores.

>Those with higher scores are rewarded with concrete benefits. Those who reach 700, for example, get easy access to a Singapore travel permit, while those who hit 750 get an even more valued visa.


>In a trendy neighbourhood in downtown Beijing, many were enthusiastic when asked about their Sesame Credit ratings, proudly displaying them on their mobile phones.

>A mobile phone game designed by Sesame Credit encourages users to guess whether they have higher or lower credit scores than their friends, encouraging everyone to openly share their ratings.

>And, even more concerning, many didn't know they were being rated by Sesame at all. For now, the pilot credit system is voluntary, though it's difficult to circumvent.

>Within five years, the government's mandatory system will rank everyone within China's borders.

>feminism is yet another tool of societal control by the jews disguised

>The motherfucking president of South Korea has been indoctrinated for decades to follow their orders

>Hillary is running for feminism

>Trudeau is a feminist (and we know how hard he fucked up Canada and its gold reserves in 1 year)

>just everything on fucking Sweden

>the shadow cabal is already executing the next phase of their plan on the West

>mfw I don't know how to react to this shit anymore

The first test run was the Congo. Belgium practiced extreme D&C on the Hutus and the Tutsis, which lead to a race war between two previously amicable races. It was entirely planned in advance, and a huge "success" for Belgium & its proto-EU friends who were then free to spend the next couple of decades getting filthy rich by mining essential minerals for computer system and even nukes from a country no longer capable of defending itself.

The second test run was Korea. The US practiced extreme D&C on the Koreans, which split Korea up in to two equally awful halves, whereafter the US successfully convinced the world the "rich" southern half of Korea was better by contrasting it with the "poor" North-Korea. In reality, the south is enslaved to the economy, the north to its leaders. South-Korea has functioned as an economic laboratory for the West and a prototype for out future divided society.

Then the D&C efforts reached Europe with the Balkans, and now Europe itself is falling to extreme D&C through migration. It's the same pattern:

>Make one group of people appear to suffer heavily, whether they do or not is irrelevant

>Make the rest of the people dependent on economic slavery that masquerades as a free market.

>Run the "free market" from the shadows while keeping one half of the population spiritually destitute, and the other economically destitute.

>blame the people for not performing well enough in the "free market" and remind them to work harder or end up like the North-Koreans

It's disgusting but not surprising in SK's case. They've had five-star AIDS for some time now. What's important is that this global pattern is recognized and brought to a halt. We ARE next in line for D&C followed by tyranny.

7735a6 No.328549

File: 7dc68ee01d173f7⋯.png (123.59 KB, 823x501, 823:501, c46cd7c104643ccdbf92dd5ce5….png)

File: d1457ceebb48a1b⋯.png (1.31 MB, 3108x1632, 259:136, 63eb72ddcd7a57cf7e5689e856….png)




I remember hearing about how K-Pop music videos are chock full of "MKUltra programming tropes", and now it seems fitting. What is this MKUltra exactly? I never bothered googling it because of how much disinfo there is floating around.



In my opinion, KPop was used to divide further. Sexy women in pop videos vs how the women acted IRL. The men grew more disinterested in the women, giving move fuel for SJW "men are scum because they hate you" propaganda.

I personally think the illerminaty symbols in pop videos is a dead end. You can read up about it, but at the end of it all you don't understand the world much better. In this case however, it shows that kpop is under the same ZOG umbrella as western pop.

MKULTRA is important to understand, but approaching it through the pop lens is the wrong way IMO.

Also, watch that Derren Brown special where he hypnotizes a guy to be an assassin. Shows how easy it can be.

>Megalia cult shit

>Using the UN to attack Japan's entertainment industry because feminism

>Fucking over their own gaming industry because feminism

>Poisoning random men with anti-freeze because feminism

>Their president is now confirmed to have shadow cult guiding her presidency called 8 Goddesses

>People will still claim that feminism isn't a fucking cult designed to destroy societies


The rest of their thread was de-railing and arguing.

IMO, expose and share- but the "UN/EU used S.Korea as a testing ground" part- (while true IMO) will only make it harder to swallow.

Show the world SJW shit in Korea.

Compare it to SJW shit in the west.

When people begin to ask where this shit comes from- then we show them who started these ideas into motion. And even if the head of this "chain" can never be shown- we can encourage a world where this indoctrination is easily countered by an educated populous.

7735a6 No.328550


Turns out problems with the archiving was just on my end:


But do use info from /pol/ to help.

Discussion of the op in /v/ threads might also help, as we can get more people discussing.

7735a6 No.328555

if we actually lived in a patriarchy, none of this would be happening.

7735a6 No.328560



Even with current drops, the US has one of the highest fertility rates in the first world, why are we on that list?

And why the fuck are you talking about Jews when Jews don't have any role in this? Pointing at a vineyard owner like she's a criminal mastermind because of her family name is absurd. This isn't /pol/, you don't need a fake boogeyman to get our attention.

For that matter, blaming the US for diving Korea when it was entirely Communist fuckery is even more absurd.

7735a6 No.328564


>when Jews don't have any role in this

Jews see every non-jew as kettle. Big chance they have a role in this subversion too.

Why do you think they are booted out of countries for centuries? The hate for Jews has a reason: people get sick of the scheming of the semites after a while. It looks like we have reached one of those moments again.

7735a6 No.328566


By that "logic", the fact that the media has been blaming Gamers for all sorts of evil behavior for decades now is proof that us Gamers are evil, rather then proof that people in power love to use convenient scapegoats to blame things on.

7735a6 No.328571


Define "evil".

7735a6 No.328589


Odd response.

The media has been blaming us for everything from hacking emails to school shootings. I'm sure anyone who bothers to come here is already quite familiar with it.

7735a6 No.328605

File: 2e4878dbc04b5cb⋯.png (219.42 KB, 1467x899, 1467:899, __8 Goddesses Shadow Gover….png)


Got better sources on this now (with other stuff mixed in)

From https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhlBrxOqm0c intro has a LOT of goofing off, but 4:53 is where the summery really starts. Unfortunatley he keeps doing gags in the middle of it, undercutting his summery.

If you're explaining this to normal-fags, use the video from that point onwards. If they're sympathetic to insanity going on at academia and political-correctness, you might not need to though (the opening sympathizing and making them more open to the preceding info).

AskAKorean: The Irrational Downfall of Park Gyun-hye






AskAKorean Sewol Three-Parter Index



AskAKorean Sewol Three-Parter Archive




A Ritualistic Sacrifice



President Park Apologized for Corruption Allegations


And http://www.oneangrygamer.net/2016/10/south-korean-officials-forced-to-resign-amid-8-goddesses-corruption-conspiracy/15419/

While all this is official, all the "Goddess" who fucked over the president confessed to was aiding with speech writing- as far as I can tell. But the surrounding info is damning.

Also, don't panic. S.Korea is fighting back (pic related)- but they need help. Don't let foreign media re-write what happens, or cover it up. It's a perfect look into the future, and might be the wake-up call some people in the west need.

The best way to ruin a conspiracy is to expose it.

7735a6 No.328619


that aint no Christian service let me tell you that

7735a6 No.328628


Nice dodge. That's a non-answer, though.

7735a6 No.328809


Another lurking gookanon here, the proper translation should be:

What aren't you leaving this country?

The solution is to overthrow this rotten society from the outside like the Shanghai Provisional Government.

If they don't listen to us, then they will surely listen to what the foreigners will have to say.

Keep up.

I will protest this as a conservative, so you guys do your best as liberals.

May the luck be with you guys.

Let's topple the "progressives" with the combined might of both the West and the East!!

7735a6 No.328966

File: 712ad37d188378f⋯.png (4.72 KB, 720x88, 90:11, kor09.png)

Crunch time in SK for President Park Geun-hye - a parliamentary impeachment vote to be held on Dec 9.


Protests every weekend for the last 6 weeks too.

7735a6 No.329842

File: 75d0d4828119ea0⋯.jpg (64.55 KB, 800x800, 1:1, aautism.jpg)

I'm Eurofag ISP wageslave who has tech level dealings with SEA state telcos (including SKB, CJ). This being an autosaging redpill thread, let me sperg about few things from that angle.

>The porn witch hunt

in SK is real, and so is VPN usage. It is a bit peculiar in that it is reminescent on western war on drugs - smoking pot is seemingly tolerated, yet people get suddenly busted all the time.

If you're an avid torrent user, you can notice a trend with peer ips - download anime show and you'll see much higher % representation of korean peers in the client than you would if you download JAV/hentai (especially if it's loli-ish). This means SK torrenters specifically avoid risky porn stuff compared to asian average.

>Choi Jin-sil Law, RRN and i-PIN

is an interesting and ongoing story. Basically, SK indeed was always a bit ahead of the curve for some reason.

Choin Jin itself was never that much in effect (ie you didn't really have to put in your name except 30 or so top sites 8 years ago). Instead, RRN - the SK equivalent of SSN was used.

Few years later, they realized plastering SSN everywhere is fucking dumb idea due to amount of ID theft it resulted, and i-PIN (basically a state-approved, commercial provider of proxy-SSN) was adopted. Both RRN and i-PIN are still in wide use today.

Meanwhile as shortcomings of RRN became apparent in SK, the rest of world covertly transitioned to more covert, if less stringent, method of ID surveilance - phone numbers, especially post-2012. Try to sign up for any popular service today, and 99% need a working phone number, unless you use some equivalent proxy which already tracks you, such as facebook account. You can still buy burner number for ~$1, the powers that be simply relying on that nobody bothers.

But in SK? Good luck staying anonymous if a site wants i-PIN, going around that is much harder, short of being a dick and stealing somebody else's identity.

>Korean internet broadband speeds

are misrepresented. Sure they get those, but only in a 100mile radius of language bubble, and speeds to abroad drop off to almost that of china - it's nowhere as good as japan or HK. Note that this is common in a lot of 3rd world asian nations, but SK is supposedly in HK/Japan/Taiwan speed tier while not really.

4df8f8 No.331704

File: 13d11440685b9b1⋯.png (129.45 KB, 1274x555, 1274:555, The start of a happy new b….PNG)

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