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Comfy feelings.

File: e7afd174f91e053⋯.jpg (32.78 KB, 550x412, 275:206, olli.jpg)

3980de  No.17028

Just wondering.

22d90f  No.17125

when they death grip and violently beat their own cocks to masturbate

fucking disgusting

263537  No.17126


How else are you supposed to do it smh.

b9bff1  No.17139


this is why circumcision needs to be abolished

3fc95a  No.17140


Won't that just make it more greasy?

b9bff1  No.17173


That's not how dicks work, femanon.

With an uncircumcised penis, the skin slides back and forth over the rest of the dick, creating stimulation. An uncircumcised man is less desperate to get off than a circumcised one.

81382b  No.17174

File: f52eac1391cb6a6⋯.jpg (22.54 KB, 286x380, 143:190, 21a94d13630f97c193faab3b3f….jpg)

File: ee6626ab6145933⋯.jpg (35.5 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 6b07e12d2bfdd55d2cf218a18d….jpg)


but what if you grip it just right starting at the tip?

>implying you aren't just jealous of not having a dick**

81382b  No.17175

2ce67c  No.17180


Dick-cheese, anon. The dick-cheese. Makes it more greasy.

c95cc0  No.17181


t. doesn't have a foreskin

6d694a  No.17182


Nobody's saying you should let a rabbi bite your dick off right now. It's no doubt that the full sheath adds that prominent sheen and slappy sound.

35ba62  No.17203

the fact that many of them still have horrific habits like picking their noses even by 24/25 is pretty offputting

aa7a17  No.17204


>using a tissue

>at any age


a298d3  No.17206


This, use finger.

7a7624  No.17212


I keep a t-shirt behind me while I am awake and on my computer…I use it to wipe my hands, blow my nose in, and wipe food particles off of my mouth. How is that more disgusting than bleeding out the cunt every month?

3fc95a  No.17215


Honestly, you should just cut the crap and buy some handkerchiefs. Disposable papers are for poor people.

3980de  No.17296


Can you please throw that t-shirt away, take a shower and just be clean? Please?

The thought of that t-shirt sends shivers down my spine.

47d4f3  No.17676


Hee-hee, yeah :^)

Here, let me take that foreskin for you, it'll make it nice and clean!

a00377  No.17680


>implying there is anything wrong with greasy peen

71d232  No.18002


You are supposed to clean your dick with water if it isn't mutilated

71d232  No.18003


Very little OP, but for me the number one thing men can do that I just can never do as well is relax.

A guy can do absolutely nothing, he can just chill in his own head. He can be chill just thinking, or not thinking. Men can reach a level of chillness that is just shocking

5c7a15  No.18030


Why not leave it be?

1d8968  No.18722

File: b335fc404137d3e⋯.jpg (14.05 KB, 340x248, 85:62, roots.jpg)

How come guys have such a hard time switching between topics back and forth? I can think and talk about 10 different topics as fast as I can CTRL+TAB between my hundreds of open browser tabs.

But then a man can alternate between emotinos so fast that I feel like I'm getting punched in the feels when the emotino of a topic changes from something funny to sad in an instant, and then quickly back to funny.

Adding to that, a man can thoroughly think through an idea or concept like a deep taproot, but a woman thinks through many topics at once like shallow but far reaching roots.

2f81be  No.18726

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

girls seem to be surprised at how asocial men are

2f81be  No.18727

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


different brains i guess


second half of vid .4u

910cc0  No.18741


>girl asks guy how does it feel to go a whole year without recieving a compliment

I haven't recieved a spontaneous comment for my looks in years. Except for when an old woman molested me last year, but that was rape, so it doesn't count.

f1ee0c  No.18742


I really like your hair today, anon. Is that a new haircut?

1330f3  No.18746


Men are singularly focused while women tend to multitask. It's literally why men are more inclined to STEM fields while women work better with people.

The best piece of advice I can give to any woman is this:

NEVER NEVER assume a man knows how you're feeling or thinking

We as women are naturally overly empathetic and pick up on cues easily. Men do not. When you're being pouty and getting mad at him for not asking you what's up or fawning over you, you're just being a cunt. They literally don't know and even if they do are just not equipped to deal with it. Learn to deal with your own bullshit and life with men gets way easier.

973d2f  No.18781

when guys have belching and farting contests

because my brothers know it will make me leave the room

973d2f  No.18782

how guys can go days without talking to their male roommate, and it doesn't mean anything

or months without talking to their best friend

789294  No.18783

File: 6250d328533e3f1⋯.pdf (95.69 KB, send to Q.pdf)

910cc0  No.18814


If only I could hear those words from a girl I'm not related to.

a6b463  No.18815


Yeah, men bond by spending time, not by chatting. That's why men do things like fishing for sport, because we like to sit there in silence just doing stuff.

309006  No.18821

File: a27321b4405456b⋯.gif (610.27 KB, 220x220, 1:1, Zohaib Confused.gif)

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