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File: 1452298654401-0.jpg (139.53 KB, 663x1024, 663:1024, 01_0_1.jpg)

File: 1452298654402-1.jpg (530.16 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 02_0_2.jpg)

File: 1452298654402-2.jpg (161.51 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 03_0_3.jpg)

File: 1452298654402-3.jpg (229.51 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 04_0_4.jpg)

File: 1452298654402-4.jpg (272.69 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 05_0_5.jpg)


thread for Teasecomix comics.


File: 1452299176120-0.jpg (233.92 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 06_0_6.jpg)

File: 1452299176120-1.jpg (227.24 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 07_0_7.jpg)

File: 1452299176120-2.jpg (237.59 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 08_0_8.jpg)

File: 1452299176121-3.jpg (215.82 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 09_0_9.jpg)

File: 1452299176121-4.jpg (202.58 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 10_0_10.jpg)


File: 1452299247846-0.jpg (247.48 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 11_0_11.jpg)

File: 1452299247846-1.jpg (230.15 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 12_0_12.jpg)

File: 1452299247847-2.jpg (220.36 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 13_0_13.jpg)

File: 1452299247847-3.jpg (182.29 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 14_0_14.jpg)

File: 1452299247847-4.jpg (187.69 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 15_0_15.jpg)


File: 1452299323550-0.jpg (214.13 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 16_0_16.jpg)

File: 1452299323553-1.jpg (178.46 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 17_0_17.jpg)

File: 1452299323554-2.jpg (220.82 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 18_0_18.jpg)

File: 1452299323555-3.jpg (248.88 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 19_0_19.jpg)

File: 1452299323556-4.jpg (265.53 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 20_0_20.jpg)


File: 1452299345801.jpg (229.1 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 21_0_21.jpg)


File: 1452316474719-0.jpg (847.17 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_00.jpg)

File: 1452316474719-1.jpg (953.16 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_01.jpg)

File: 1452316474719-2.jpg (935.23 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_02.jpg)

Posting what I have of Witch With No Name.


File: 1452317066488-0.jpg (1009.34 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_03.jpg)

File: 1452317066491-1.jpg (934.32 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_04.jpg)

File: 1452317066492-2.jpg (1002.26 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_05.jpg)

File: 1452317066494-3.jpg (1.1 MB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_06.jpg)


File: 1452317652848-0.jpg (903.18 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_07.jpg)

File: 1452317652848-1.jpg (878.45 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_08.jpg)

File: 1452317652848-2.jpg (266.68 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_09.jpg)


File: 1452317722559-0.jpg (267.19 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_10.jpg)

File: 1452317722560-1.jpg (244.24 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_11.jpg)

File: 1452317722560-2.jpg (283.39 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_12.jpg)


File: 1452317792075-0.jpg (240.1 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_13.jpg)

File: 1452317792075-1.jpg (200.36 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_14.jpg)

That's all that I have of this comic. If anyone has more then please post them.



there was a guy posting it in the previous board but then it was hacked.



Yeah. I think that was me.


File: 1452938071929-0.jpg (784 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (1).jpg)

File: 1452938071930-1.jpg (876.07 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (2).jpg)

File: 1452938071931-2.jpg (1.16 MB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (3).jpg)

File: 1452938071931-3.jpg (801.8 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (4).jpg)

I'M Back


File: 1452938099916-0.jpg (968.64 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (5).jpg)

File: 1452938099916-1.jpg (741.95 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (6).jpg)

File: 1452938099916-2.jpg (1.08 MB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (7).jpg)

File: 1452938099917-3.jpg (960.07 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (8).jpg)


File: 1452938137523-0.jpg (1.02 MB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (9).jpg)

File: 1452938137523-1.jpg (801.38 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (10).jpg)

File: 1452938137523-2.jpg (749.51 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (11).jpg)

File: 1452938137523-3.jpg (868.08 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (12).jpg)


File: 1452938165402-0.jpg (867.98 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (13).jpg)

File: 1452938165402-1.jpg (1002.52 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (14).jpg)

File: 1452938165402-2.jpg (961.57 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (15).jpg)

File: 1452938165403-3.jpg (1.08 MB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (16).jpg)


File: 1452938200663-0.jpg (1.04 MB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (17).jpg)

File: 1452938200664-1.jpg (874.66 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (18).jpg)

File: 1452938200664-2.jpg (954.49 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (19).jpg)

File: 1452938200665-3.jpg (1.01 MB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (20).jpg)


File: 1452938221585-0.jpg (910.91 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (21).jpg)

File: 1452938221585-1.jpg (817.09 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (22).jpg)

File: 1452938221586-2.jpg (1.02 MB, 913x1504, 913:1504, 1 (23).jpg)

File: 1452938221586-3.jpg (998.55 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (24).jpg)


File: 1452938243925-0.jpg (970.4 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (25).jpg)

File: 1452938243925-1.jpg (933.87 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (26).jpg)

File: 1452938243925-2.jpg (796.71 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (27).jpg)

File: 1452938243925-3.jpg (868.35 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (28).jpg)


File: 1452938341999-0.jpg (868.35 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (28).jpg)

File: 1452938342002-1.jpg (789.96 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (29).jpg)

File: 1452938342005-2.jpg (884.77 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (30).jpg)

File: 1452938342008-3.jpg (789.96 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (29).jpg)

File: 1452938342011-4.jpg (884.77 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (30).jpg)


File: 1452938379889-0.jpg (936.51 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (31).jpg)

File: 1452938379889-1.jpg (789.89 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (32).jpg)

File: 1452938379890-2.jpg (969.19 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, 1 (33).jpg)


File: 1452939025263-0.jpg (158.5 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01.jpg)

File: 1452939025264-1.jpg (325.1 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 02.jpg)

File: 1452939025264-2.jpg (332 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03.jpg)

File: 1452939025264-3.jpg (372.89 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 04.jpg)


File: 1452939036737-0.jpg (332.48 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 05.jpg)

File: 1452939036737-1.jpg (295.09 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 06.jpg)

File: 1452939036737-2.jpg (320.37 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 07.jpg)

File: 1452939036738-3.jpg (291.68 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 08.jpg)


File: 1452939048614-0.jpg (312.85 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 09.jpg)

File: 1452939048614-1.jpg (319.38 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 10.jpg)

File: 1452939048614-2.jpg (262.58 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 11.jpg)

File: 1452939048614-3.jpg (369.32 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 12.jpg)


File: 1452939069046-0.jpg (419.29 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 13.jpg)

File: 1452939069046-1.jpg (370.2 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 14.jpg)

File: 1452939069047-2.jpg (385.71 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 15.jpg)

File: 1452939069047-3.jpg (377.21 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 16.jpg)


File: 1452939081271-0.jpg (389.89 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 17.jpg)

File: 1452939081272-1.jpg (393.92 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 18.jpg)

File: 1452939081272-2.jpg (381.71 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 19.jpg)

File: 1452939081272-3.jpg (352.09 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 20.jpg)


File: 1452939092881-0.jpg (402.36 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 21.jpg)

File: 1452939092882-1.jpg (436.63 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 22.jpg)

File: 1452939092882-2.jpg (441.32 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 23.jpg)

File: 1452939092882-3.jpg (398.44 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 24.jpg)


File: 1452939107939-0.jpg (431.06 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 25.jpg)

File: 1452939107939-1.jpg (384.13 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 26.jpg)

File: 1452939107939-2.jpg (340.38 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 27.jpg)

File: 1452939107939-3.jpg (425.46 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 28.jpg)


File: 1452939126172-0.jpg (418.04 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 29.jpg)

File: 1452939126173-1.jpg (394.6 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 30.jpg)

File: 1452939126173-2.jpg (372.53 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 31.jpg)

File: 1452939126173-3.jpg (388.61 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 32.jpg)


File: 1452939141560-0.jpg (402.88 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 33.jpg)

File: 1452939141561-1.jpg (411.12 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 34.jpg)

File: 1452939141561-2.jpg (426.15 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 35.jpg)

File: 1452939141561-3.jpg (359.64 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 36.jpg)


File: 1452939159519-0.jpg (537.16 KB, 988x1517, 988:1517, 37.jpg)

File: 1452939159520-1.jpg (401.47 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 38.jpg)

File: 1452939159520-2.jpg (391.9 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 39.jpg)

File: 1452939159520-3.jpg (390.91 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 40.jpg)


File: 1452939188798-0.jpg (408.2 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 41.jpg)

File: 1452939188798-1.jpg (383.65 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 43.jpg)

File: 1452939188798-2.jpg (398.22 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 44.jpg)

File: 1452939188798-3.jpg (315.43 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 45.jpg)


File: 1452939206101-0.jpg (336.99 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 46.jpg)

File: 1452939206101-1.jpg (342.56 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 47.jpg)

File: 1452939206101-2.jpg (267.69 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 48.jpg)

File: 1452939206101-3.jpg (241.68 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, AAgUGiRm48.jpg)


File: 1452939224011-0.jpg (255.5 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, AAgUGiRm49.jpg)

File: 1452939224011-1.jpg (265.78 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, AAgUGiRm50.jpg)

File: 1452939224011-2.jpg (233.51 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, AAgUGiRm51.jpg)

File: 1452939224012-3.jpg (278.63 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, AAgUGiRm52.jpg)


File: 1452939242824-0.jpg (818.22 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, AAgUGiRm53.jpg)

File: 1452939242824-1.jpg (815.03 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, AAgUGiRm54.jpg)

File: 1452939242825-2.jpg (807.27 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, AAgUGiRm55.jpg)

File: 1452939242825-3.jpg (844.19 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, AAgUGiRm56.jpg)


File: 1452939262011-0.jpg (793.39 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, AAgUGiRm57.jpg)

File: 1452939262012-1.jpg (852.97 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, AAgUGiRm58.jpg)

File: 1452939262012-2.jpg (863.84 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, AAgUGiRm59.jpg)

File: 1452939262012-3.jpg (822.58 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, AAgUGiRm60-1.jpg)


File: 1452939288130-0.jpg (837.32 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, AAgUGiRm61.jpg)

File: 1452939288131-1.jpg (881.58 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, AAgUGiRm62.jpg)

File: 1452939288132-2.jpg (839.36 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, AAgUGiRm63.jpg)

File: 1452939288132-3.jpg (828.28 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, AAgUGiRm64.jpg)


File: 1452939304510-0.jpg (820 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, AAgUGiRm65.jpg)

File: 1452939304511-1.jpg (712.38 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, AAgUGiRm66.jpg)

File: 1452939304512-2.jpg (627.92 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, AAgUGiRm67.jpg)

File: 1452939304512-3.jpg (919.55 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, AAgUGiRm68.jpg)


File: 1452939317216.jpg (270.96 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, Jinora-y-Korra.jpg)


Anyone got the rest of the witch with no name?


Does anyone have any of the snake comics? Both the one with Kim and Kaa and Of the Snake and The Girl


For real tho does anyone have Of the Snake and the Girl and its sequel? We've managed to get all th other comic by fixxxer





how much you give


for it


Like 15 bucks to get in


Hey they've got ANOTHER "Of the Snake and the Girl" comic started up on Teasecomix


Bump in the hopes someone has the newer Charmcaster pics.


I can get them but I want something for them


Whatchu wont


>>747 what?


can some post more of witch with no name





File: 1454925524504-0.jpg (292.55 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_15.jpg)

File: 1454925524505-1.jpg (261.66 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_16.jpg)

File: 1454925524505-2.jpg (264.9 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_17.jpg)

File: 1454925524505-3.jpg (274.71 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_18.jpg)

you all fucking welcome


File: 1454925558992-0.jpg (282.96 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_19.jpg)

File: 1454925558992-1.jpg (257.36 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_20.jpg)


Happy :<



awesome thanks


Anyone got those snake and girl comic up next?


>>857 New pages maybe? <3


File: 1455863875311.jpg (218.07 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_21(1).jpg)




ive been waiting for something like that to happen


File: 1456177088045-0.jpg (805.48 KB, 718x1102, 359:551, Fixxxer_Jungle_Book_Kaa_Sh….jpg)

File: 1456177088049-1.jpg (746.63 KB, 718x1102, 359:551, Fixxxer_Jungle_Book_Kaa_Sh….jpg)

File: 1456177088050-2.jpg (568.96 KB, 692x1063, 692:1063, Shanti 01.jpg)


File: 1456178008559-0.jpg (495.18 KB, 718x1102, 359:551, Shanti 02.jpg)

File: 1456178008559-1.jpg (525.21 KB, 718x1102, 359:551, Shanti 03.jpg)

File: 1456178008559-2.jpg (509.59 KB, 718x1102, 359:551, Shanti 04.jpg)


anyone got more of the witch with no name


>>1257 anyone got more of this



This is page 21 or 22.. there are now 32 pages now.. PLEASE more


File: 1456363753526.jpg (144.08 KB, 1260x594, 70:33, tumblr_o2nbl8JDwK1tt650lo1….jpg)


All I have right now is this teaser.


I have more coming soon





File: 1456753846447.jpg (184.72 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_22(1).jpg)


very nice. please more.fast.nooowww



Thank you.


>>1670 Please.. please more! :D On TeaseComix they already have 34 Pages :D


Hey I have to find the pages wait or find them yourself


>>1718 i just thought you get them on teasecomix so..^^


Can someone post Kim Pornsible 2 by CartoonGirls?



I'm getting real tired of how long this has been taking for new pages. If the rest of the pages are not here within 48 hours, I'm going to be forced to take matters into my own hands.



What, you mean like paying for them on the Teasecomix website? Witch With No Name isn't easy to find on the internet, which is weird because the rest of Fixxxer's comics are.



Maybe… The question is, how badly does Anon want it? If you beg, I might just deliver.



Well here we are almost 96 hours later and no new pictures.





File: 1457905199385-0.jpg (286.96 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_23.jpg)

File: 1457905199385-1.jpg (260.07 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_24.jpg)

File: 1457905199385-2.jpg (280.23 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_25.jpg)

File: 1457905199386-3.jpg (203.63 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_26.jpg)


File: 1457905281592-0.jpg (227.53 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_27.jpg)

File: 1457905281593-1.jpg (228.11 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_Charmcaster_28.jpg)



Thank you



awesome ,thanks.


Anyone got any of the Kaa comics besides the ones already posted? Namely Of the girl and the snake?


File: 1458169285340.jpg (805.48 KB, 718x1102, 359:551, Fixxxer_Jungle_Book_Kaa_Sh….jpg)


File: 1458169355815.jpg (746.63 KB, 718x1102, 359:551, Fixxxer_Jungle_Book_Kaa_Sh….jpg)


All I have.


going to get any more updates to the ben 10 comic?




i want to see where it goes with gwen


File: 1459716215906-0.jpg (42.47 KB, 630x274, 315:137, 01_Charmcaster_30.jpg)

File: 1459716215906-1.jpg (31.62 KB, 373x315, 373:315, 01_Charmcaster_31.jpg)

File: 1459716215906-2.jpg (26.44 KB, 311x315, 311:315, 01_Charmcaster_32.jpg)

File: 1459716215906-3.jpg (48.68 KB, 630x315, 2:1, 01_Charmcaster_33.jpg)

Once again, all I have are the teasers for the new pages.


File: 1459716246953-0.jpg (44.82 KB, 630x307, 630:307, 01_Charmcaster_34b-630x307.jpg)

File: 1459716246953-1.jpg (39.15 KB, 630x224, 45:16, 01_Charmcaster_35.jpg)

File: 1459716246953-2.jpg (28 KB, 375x315, 25:21, 01_Charmcaster_36.jpg)

File: 1459716246953-3.jpg (56.15 KB, 630x315, 2:1, 01_Charmcaster_37.jpg)


File: 1459716382352-0.jpg (50.52 KB, 630x315, 2:1, 01_Charmcaster_38.jpg)

File: 1459716382353-1.jpg (56.73 KB, 630x315, 2:1, 01_Charmcaster_39.jpg)

File: 1459716382354-2.jpg (61.07 KB, 630x315, 2:1, 01_Charmcaster_40.jpg)

File: 1459716382355-3.jpg (64.95 KB, 630x315, 2:1, 01_Charmcaster_41.jpg)

File: 1459716382355-4.jpg (44.39 KB, 630x268, 315:134, 01_Charmcaster_42.jpg)


Where are the new Ben 10 pages?


Please post more of the Ben 10 Comic.. Please :D


Are there anything new? :)


File: 1461725133345-0.jpg (83.09 KB, 700x411, 700:411, 1461710181247.jpg)

File: 1461725133345-1.jpg (39.3 KB, 311x700, 311:700, 1461711530900.jpg)

Just to keep this thread alive……


Can someone post a siterip



if only is that comic had a good artstyle.


File: 1462307832431-0.jpg (280.13 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 51.jpg)

File: 1462307832431-1.jpg (268.55 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 52.jpg)


Two more after this.


File: 1462813637758-0.jpg (315.17 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 53.jpg)

File: 1462813637758-1.jpg (295.61 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 54.jpg)

Found in another board.






the more it goes, it feels like they are less and less likely to actually fuck


File: 1463510684925-0.jpg (290.75 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 55.jpg)

File: 1463510684926-1.jpg (320.81 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 56.jpg)

2 new pages.


File: 1464206509113-0.jpg (228.02 KB, 651x1000, 651:1000, gwenhowell1.jpg)

File: 1464206509113-1.jpg (231.84 KB, 651x1000, 651:1000, gwenhowell2.jpg)

File: 1464206509113-2.jpg (250.96 KB, 651x1000, 651:1000, gwenhowell3.jpg)

Just a different comic.


File: 1464206595386-0.jpg (229.68 KB, 651x1000, 651:1000, gwenhowell4.jpg)

File: 1464206595386-1.jpg (225.2 KB, 651x1000, 651:1000, gwenhowell5.jpg)

The rest of it to date.


Anyone happen to have Of the girl and the snake comic?


File: 1465319359521-0.jpg (281.53 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 57.jpg)

File: 1465319359521-1.jpg (251.16 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 58.jpg)

File: 1465319359522-2.jpg (304.33 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 59.jpg)

File: 1465319359522-3.jpg (261.85 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 60.jpg)

Back to Witch With No Name.


>Ben didn't get to fuck Charmcaster in Gwen's body


>Ben might get some action with Charmcaster's original body




inbefore we get a happy ending by charmcaster making herself a clone of gwen, using mind control, so everyone but ben believes it, and the have a ben X gwen X gwen threesome, the end.


most comics are pretty shitty but i'm impressed with the quality of this gwen one. mad respect to the artist



is there a continuation of this somewhere else?



If you manage to find the most recent two pages 19/20 of pt 3, i'll post the entirety of 1/2/3


File: 1466266604950.jpg (232.24 KB, 651x1000, 651:1000, gwenhowell6.jpg)

Last page of the Gwen-Howell comic.


File: 1466384133235-0.jpg (305.16 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 61.jpg)

File: 1466384133236-1.jpg (282.35 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 62.jpg)

Back to Witch With No Name.



WEW lad. did not see that one coming



that all for now? or somewhere else where I can find the rest? the suspense…



I post them as I find them and these were the last two I've found.



you're doing god's work


File: 1466965204703-0.jpg (300.99 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 63.jpg)

File: 1466965204703-1.jpg (276.69 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 64.jpg)

Pages 63 and 64.


File: 1467209836445.jpg (10.93 KB, 200x200, 1:1, normal_headdesk.jpg~c200.jpg)



Haha! No smex for you! Yet!


Does anyone else think there are pages missing? I mean, at one point, Gwen and Pinky are doing sex, then Gwen realizes where Ben, Max and Charmcaster are going and then it cuts to them already escaping and Charmcaster ready to swap bodies with Ben. I feel like it's just an ass-pull with no explanation how Gwen and Pinky escaped prison.



There was some stuff with Charmcaster's uncle. If it's not here, there might be a link.


There are some stuff, but not the full pages, just little teasers of them.



that would be sufficient for staving off those that wants more pages



The ending though


best troll euw


File: 1469539249651-0.jpg (29.25 KB, 630x221, 630:221, The-Snake3_20b-630x221.jpg)

File: 1469539249651-1.jpg (81.94 KB, 658x700, 47:50, The-Snake3_21b.jpg)

File: 1469539249651-2.jpg (59.64 KB, 441x700, 63:100, The-Snake3_22b.jpg)

So "the snake and the girl 3" is now up to page 22, which means we have three new pages available now, please someone help me get them.



Please post, I've been hoping to see this girl finally get coiled up by Kaa.



What happened? It seemed like this thread was rather active with the leaks and now it's dead. Is there anyone left who can leak these?


So this thread dead or what?



Someone help please!


So, who was leaking these anyway? And does that person have anymore?


Of the Snake and the Girl 1-3.rar

Size: 24.5 MB



File: 1472103857103.jpg (518.46 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, a-villains-bitch.jpg)

A new Kim Possible comic.



That doesn't contain the three new pages for the third chapter though.



It does contain two more than I had.




True, but it only goes up to page 18, the third chapter is up to page 22.



Welp, hopefully someone will post the last three pages eventually.



Still hopeful.


Anyone gonna post pictures from the kim possible comic 'A Villain's Bitch" cause I saw on Teasecomix they are up to page 11 and I'm really curious to see what's in the comic.



I'm curious as to who leaked everything in the first place, and why that person hasn't posted anything new since.


File: f0bbc3ba709229b⋯.jpg (69.35 KB, 905x514, 905:514, avb7.jpg-large.jpg)

File: 1349c10f3d7a03d⋯.jpg (73.75 KB, 905x514, 905:514, avb8.jpg-large.jpg)

File: fc334d8cefe27dc⋯.jpg (58.12 KB, 905x514, 905:514, avb9.jpg-large.jpg)

File: 6eda97a4cb752e4⋯.jpg (59.33 KB, 905x514, 905:514, avb10.jpg-large.jpg)

File: 83bb81fab6ff331⋯.jpg (73.69 KB, 905x514, 905:514, avb11.jpg-large.jpg)

Here's some tease pages of the comic.


File: 4adfbd1c15d5983⋯.jpg (74.45 KB, 905x514, 905:514, avb12.jpg-large.jpg)

File: d72d42e7f6aca2c⋯.jpg (79.4 KB, 905x514, 905:514, avb13.jpg-large.jpg)

File: 0cb2c86ff0447ed⋯.jpg (89.8 KB, 905x514, 905:514, avb13a.jpg-large.jpg)


File: a0c118a7d871dee⋯.jpg (233.51 KB, 1929x656, 1929:656, a-villans-slut-slider.jpg)

Another promo.


File: c6596b7a9643de7⋯.jpg (72.21 KB, 908x523, 908:523, Cs_jNFCVUAE7-KZ.jpg-large.jpg)

File: 53f79e905020e09⋯.jpg (84.53 KB, 908x523, 908:523, Cs_jxZkUIAE2f6C.jpg)


File: c942f7653020d58⋯.jpg (71.93 KB, 908x523, 908:523, 17.jpg)

File: b6b5940d2796522⋯.jpg (72.44 KB, 908x523, 908:523, 18.jpg)


File: 36b7b3c99df2121⋯.jpg (72.85 KB, 908x523, 908:523, 19.jpg)

File: cbf629c5a227ce8⋯.jpg (67.39 KB, 908x523, 908:523, 20.jpg)


Well it's good to know people are still interested in this thread. There's still hope that someone will leak this stuff for us again.


File: bea8f9ac42c555c⋯.jpg (498.41 KB, 782x1200, 391:600, 58665028_p0_master1200.jpg)

don't know how this works. first time. but if someone can post the pages relative to this.



this looks like its by fixxxer

knowing him and what he draw, im gonna pass on that one


File: 140b907a7ca376a⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 913x1411, 11:17, 2244256378546-7.jpg)

Anyone got pages for the legend of the white ape?


File: 81d44e7e11cf9fa⋯.jpg (304.85 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 65.jpg)

File: b1dfd2e5b57fae3⋯.jpg (327.3 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 66.jpg)

File: 08586e3ee5ac9bc⋯.jpg (294.88 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 67.jpg)

File: ab1f90d9becb3b0⋯.jpg (311.58 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 68.jpg)

File: bc00aa4d39cd154⋯.jpg (265.32 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 69.jpg)



Thank you for the start of the new Ben10 comic.

Any help with the KP comic?


File: 36aa1bd7beec37e⋯.jpg (209.77 KB, 910x1397, 910:1397, 70a.jpg)

File: cab2d00532dc07f⋯.jpg (295.11 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 71.jpg)

File: 55a6463a9a7da98⋯.jpg (191.6 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 72.jpg)

And the last few of these.


File: 021d99315e5e772⋯.jpg (77.63 KB, 908x523, 908:523, 21.jpg)

File: 8010e244054729a⋯.jpg (72.44 KB, 908x523, 908:523, 22.jpg)



I hate cliffhangers.


Bump since this thread seems to go missing.


File: b48cd5d7e20055e⋯.jpg (57.62 KB, 908x523, 908:523, 23.jpg)

File: 038e769cc562d29⋯.jpg (69.84 KB, 908x523, 908:523, 24.jpg)


File: 5d84b230fe27251⋯.jpg (70.83 KB, 852x523, 852:523, 25.jpg)

File: d84ead23f20f0f7⋯.jpg (71.38 KB, 852x523, 852:523, 26.jpg)


File: 5d84b230fe27251⋯.jpg (70.83 KB, 852x523, 852:523, 25.jpg)

File: d84ead23f20f0f7⋯.jpg (71.38 KB, 852x523, 852:523, 26.jpg)


All preview images but not the actual pages lately. I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever get someone to share this stuff again.


File: 7f410ddc8b75339⋯.jpg (323.72 KB, 908x523, 908:523, 27.jpg)

File: 53d1424edfca02b⋯.jpg (371.56 KB, 908x523, 908:523, 28.jpg)


File: 4cedb24c9a8808c⋯.jpg (304.94 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villans-bitch-promo-pag-….jpg)

File: 931b41863adb7e8⋯.jpg (300.56 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villans-bitch-promo-pag-….jpg)

File: 0c0d96b0b610b9d⋯.jpg (324.35 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villans-bitch-promo-pag-….jpg)


File: 17284f0b0d2b45a⋯.jpg (160.83 KB, 908x523, 908:523, Ironwolfxxx-469506-Kim_and….jpg)

File: 21047890fadfa1e⋯.jpg (134.79 KB, 908x523, 908:523, Ironwolfxxx-469507-kim_and….jpg)

File: 5ca5b707cfacc18⋯.jpg (122.35 KB, 908x523, 908:523, Ironwolfxxx-469508-kim_and….jpg)

File: d69cd8611b75094⋯.jpg (154.6 KB, 908x523, 908:523, Ironwolfxxx-469510-kim_and….jpg)


File: d0dc0eb29f9ac04⋯.jpg (47.69 KB, 587x901, 587:901, 1480489446653.jpg)

File: 938c097a4f332a8⋯.jpg (619.02 KB, 769x1181, 769:1181, 1480495477894.jpg)

File: ce35f45f9c50063⋯.jpg (676.35 KB, 769x1181, 769:1181, 1480495833075.jpg)

can anyone keep an eye out for this new comic from fixer and post what you can!?


File: 3f25d6d4c4103fc⋯.jpg (292.24 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villans-bitch-promo-pag-….jpg)

File: 220474ad7da5483⋯.jpg (310.76 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villans-bitch-promo-pag-….jpg)


File: c9c765f6422aa42⋯.jpg (277.47 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villans-bitch-promo-pag-….jpg)



I would also love to read this one.

…Anyone? :\



I wouldn't hold your breath, no one's posted any full pages here in quite a while. I think who ever was leaking them before gave up on it. Our only hope now is for someone new to get a membership at Teasecomix whose willing to leak content.


Is there a site rip for Teasecomix.com? or 8muses?



There is, and it's easy enough to find if you look but unfortunately it's rather outdated.



Care to Share?



Really no need to, everything in the latest site rip is already here and on e-hentai. Like I said it's pretty outdated. No one's made a new one yet, unfortunately. I don't even know who was leaking the content in the first place or why they stopped.


File: 8c6701ee04489d3⋯.jpg (222.99 KB, 908x523, 908:523, Ironwolfxxx-471490-kim_and….jpg)

File: 152501b17d119c9⋯.jpg (136.36 KB, 908x523, 908:523, Ironwolfxxx-471493-kim_and….jpg)

File: 0e3a0d1db1473aa⋯.jpg (199.37 KB, 908x523, 908:523, Ironwolfxxx-471494-kim_and….jpg)

File: 7c1905ccd00080f⋯.jpg (117.85 KB, 908x523, 908:523, Ironwolfxxx-475899-kim_and….jpg)


File: 035b27a21cf1187⋯.jpg (178.08 KB, 908x523, 908:523, Ironwolfxxx-481226-kim_and….jpg)

File: e5db3f7531248a6⋯.jpg (128.86 KB, 908x523, 908:523, Ironwolfxxx-481227-kim_and….jpg)

File: 72a53f5cf04f9c0⋯.jpg (178.34 KB, 908x523, 908:523, Ironwolfxxx-481228-kim_and….jpg)

File: 95c82bdf054a6de⋯.jpg (135.43 KB, 908x523, 908:523, Ironwolfxxx-481229-kim_and….jpg)


File: a101187fe83961f⋯.jpg (305.15 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villans-bitch-promo-pag-….jpg)

File: 109001a61958b00⋯.jpg (259.59 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villans-bitch-promo-pag-….jpg)

File: 5926b4a6f69f968⋯.jpg (267.83 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villans-bitch-promo-pag-….jpg)


File: 895b17034cbce52⋯.jpg (269.17 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villans-bitch-promo-pag4….jpg)

File: 9acd71799521739⋯.jpg (258.59 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villans-bitch-promo-pag4….jpg)


File: e401c5ad78c5d87⋯.jpg (297.4 KB, 591x913, 591:913, Ironwolfxxx-484324-kim_vs_….jpg)

Another Kim Possible comic and we haven't been able to find the previous one.


File: 27f6e73271802f6⋯.jpg (425.28 KB, 908x523, 908:523, kaa1.jpg)

File: e7c4fafe659df91⋯.jpg (369.08 KB, 908x523, 908:523, kaa2.jpg)

Looks like they're following this one up. Also looks like someone should bite the bullet and just subscribe to the site for a month and get the stuff.



As somebody who has been subbed before the sites releases are consistant but a little slow. If somebody subbed now to post a Villains bitch they would probably only be able to upload half the comic if its even that far yet and for kim v kaa 2 if he posted the new pages each week we might get 5 pages before his month sub runs out. It sucks to wait but we are probably better off waiting for 1 to finish then having it all be posted.


File: 863813847200a0e⋯.gif (3.1 MB, 960x540, 16:9, 2094553 - Kim_Possible Kim….gif)





File: 98731d293a8fcef⋯.jpg (252.77 KB, 1929x656, 1929:656, kim-porn-promo.jpg)

Still hoping.


File: c402a9e5d8346db⋯.jpg (100.85 KB, 768x442, 384:221, kk1.jpg)

File: 395b5fd02a3965f⋯.jpg (97.39 KB, 768x442, 384:221, kk2.jpg)

File: 056555a9290bb14⋯.jpg (352.55 KB, 908x523, 908:523, kk3.jpg)


File: 55f36b45b523e09⋯.jpg (323.13 KB, 908x523, 908:523, PROMOS-KIM-vs-KAA-08.jpg)

>>16539 Looks like Stoppable's gonna get in on the action. Does that count as sloppy seconds?


File: 1e8faef7998fd0c⋯.jpg (292.84 KB, 908x523, 908:523, avb1.jpg)

File: c17ee46d502f458⋯.jpg (289.36 KB, 908x523, 908:523, avb2.jpg)

File: 3565e49e1c56d00⋯.jpg (263.18 KB, 908x523, 908:523, avb3.jpg)

File: 8f3e3b91ea27ac8⋯.jpg (314.63 KB, 908x523, 908:523, avb4.jpg)


No pages???

UGH! What a…………..TEASE!


File: edd948f9a6f2929⋯.jpg (101.42 KB, 768x442, 384:221, kaa.jpg)


File: c8a18d1791e2505⋯.png (560.32 KB, 562x864, 281:432, 1.png)

File: 76ae69fd503f461⋯.png (1010.34 KB, 559x863, 559:863, 2.png)

File: 72874f7533530a4⋯.png (681.45 KB, 556x860, 139:215, 3.png)


File: 68835e448e74390⋯.png (593.55 KB, 555x861, 185:287, 4.png)

File: d0c424f1bbfeb28⋯.png (754.67 KB, 555x859, 555:859, 5.png)

File: fdb044176344c81⋯.png (787.74 KB, 554x860, 277:430, 6.png)

File: aa8b4eac8ea1ca3⋯.png (762.79 KB, 555x860, 111:172, 7.png)


File: a36550997ca7758⋯.png (788.03 KB, 555x857, 555:857, 8.png)

File: 71596edad69c2dd⋯.png (704.85 KB, 555x861, 185:287, 9.png)

File: 5ddbe9a76b0fec5⋯.png (793.32 KB, 555x859, 555:859, 10.png)


File: 44c49e6c5f06dab⋯.jpg (59.64 KB, 441x700, 63:100, The-Snake3_22b.jpg)




Can you post the last few pages for Snake and The Girl 3? I've been wanting to see those forever.



If you have up to page 22, then you have more than I do.



I don't, this was just a preview that Fixxxer posted on the Teasecomix Tumblr. Are they not on the site somewhere? I just figured if you had access to those other comic pages then you had access to everything. I'm confused.


File: cc6ef16c96d5ee5⋯.jpg (257.07 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, The_Snake3_18.jpg)



That gallery, and any other gallery that has the comic only goes up to page 18. We need the last 4.



Man, anyone who leaks this would be a fucking god.


File: d18910299376317⋯.png (800.81 KB, 681x1054, 681:1054, 1_1.png)

File: c7034f7451a00aa⋯.png (1.34 MB, 654x1015, 654:1015, 2_2.png)

File: 54bf069017bd9f8⋯.png (989.92 KB, 679x1053, 679:1053, 3_3.png)

File: dece89289f0d4b7⋯.png (862.4 KB, 683x1048, 683:1048, 4_4.png)

File: 938c7f5cfad756f⋯.png (1.07 MB, 682x1047, 682:1047, 5_5.png)


Here are the first 10 pages at a little better resolution than what was already posted.



Not seeing the last 5, but thank you for the better quality pics.


File: 71d898f8d4e72f5⋯.png (1.13 MB, 676x1045, 676:1045, 6_6.png)

File: 15aa12149b1c5c0⋯.png (1.08 MB, 678x1044, 113:174, 7_7.png)

File: f32771bc9061fce⋯.png (1.13 MB, 679x1046, 679:1046, 8_8.png)

I can never figure this platform out…


File: 5d123849487cbc0⋯.jpg (259.72 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 00The-Snake4_00.jpg)

File: 88869a4a9162a80⋯.jpg (261.83 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01The-Snake4_00.jpg)

File: 55625c5a55d9de0⋯.jpg (95.31 KB, 700x604, 175:151, The-Snake4_01b.jpg)

File: 26653c66cd48e30⋯.jpg (94.86 KB, 700x516, 175:129, The-Snake4_02b.jpg)

Looks like Fixxxer has started Chapter 4 of The Snake and The Girl. Still hoping we get the last few pages of chapter 3 though.


i need help, ive been trying to access https://exhentai.org/ for over a month and i keep getting the sad panda i use internet ex and have tried all the other browser sites and they don't work. how do i make it work for IE?



There's actually a better way to do it, without the need for add-ons or anything, and it works for all browsers. Go to https://e-hentai.org/ and make an account there, once you do make sure your internet cache has been cleared. After that go back to https://e-hentai.org/ and login. Then you simply go to https://exhentai.org/ and you shouldn't get the sad panda.



i already have an account



Are you logging in to e-hentai before you try to access exhentai?




Hmmm? Well then I'm not sure what it could be. For me, simply logging into e hentai then going to exhentai has always worked.



idk what to do, ive tried everything



Have you emptied your cache and cleared your cookies?



just did, now im gonna wait a week to see what happens cause that's what other people have been telling me


anyone got the new avatar comic?



Clear cookies.

Log in through the forums…



fixed thank god



Make sure you put a check for "Show Expunged Galleries" in your Advanced Options when searching.



ok just did, why what dose it do?


File: 75d96d4822d8c00⋯.jpg (100.58 KB, 611x700, 611:700, 63461201_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 668b8180be0b47e⋯.jpg (127.27 KB, 700x409, 700:409, 63461201_p1_master1200.jpg)

More Snake And The Girl 4


File: 66d9be9dc255930⋯.png (1.15 MB, 678x1049, 678:1049, 10_10.png)



Still missing 9_9



It shows what doesn't get listed because someone finds the pics objectionable or it belongs to someone other than the person that posted it.

You also might search for "Forbidden."


File: 4237e7b7a263027⋯.jpg (143.52 KB, 700x359, 700:359, 63683070_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: bd491570e6413da⋯.jpg (244.34 KB, 700x696, 175:174, 63683070_p1_master1200.jpg)

File: 4314ded7ddeee5c⋯.jpg (133.84 KB, 700x330, 70:33, 63683070_p2_master1200.jpg)

File: 41fae0688b91102⋯.jpg (203.62 KB, 700x682, 350:341, 63683070_p3_master1200.jpg)

More Snake and The Girl 4.



considering this is by FIXXXER, im gonna skip this over.

guro is not my thing



No one cares


File: 3add71271b3b715⋯.jpg (337.14 KB, 1929x656, 1929:656, The-Snake4-promo-slider.jpg)

Another image from the site


File: 00b71ccc64da5cc⋯.jpg (321.14 KB, 1929x656, 1929:656, Charmcaster-page-promo.jpg)

And an image of the new chapter for "The Witch With No Name".


I'm curious, does anyone have a teasecomix account that they'd be willing to share? If it's hard to leak images from the site for some reason then at least we would have a way to view the content.



I doubt it's that easy or we would all be happy


File: f074284baad27a0⋯.jpg (156.93 KB, 700x447, 700:447, 63906690_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 0dc07b47feb83ff⋯.jpg (65.76 KB, 700x178, 350:89, 63906690_p1_master1200.jpg)

Some more.


Man this thread is nothing but sample images

What a TEASE!!!!!



Unfortunately, there seems to be no one who has an account that would be willing to share this stuff with us right now.



File: 04c1f0e2ccabf4b⋯.png (1.04 MB, 677x1038, 677:1038, 11.png)

File: fb31c4dddd5d88b⋯.png (1009.24 KB, 680x1009, 680:1009, 12.png)


File: 682f6e30d971adf⋯.png (1.14 MB, 679x1035, 679:1035, 13.png)

File: 4f9059e597f6e24⋯.png (1.2 MB, 678x1042, 339:521, 14.png)


File: 2905c46b9b38df8⋯.png (1.26 MB, 673x1037, 673:1037, 15.png)

File: 5484f234117c962⋯.png (1.17 MB, 675x1037, 675:1037, 16.png)


File: d5ec377435cc13f⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 782x1200, 391:600, 63246516_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 77dabe8ca3f973a⋯.jpg (240.87 KB, 700x484, 175:121, 63246516_p12_master1200.jpg)

Does anyone have the White Night comic with super girl?


File: dad0556957b5b86⋯.jpg (144.48 KB, 460x700, 23:35, 64141312_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 404ea97771f64c0⋯.jpg (91.96 KB, 700x263, 700:263, 64141312_p1_master1200.jpg)

File: 12e60f2d27b5c31⋯.jpg (90.44 KB, 700x277, 700:277, 64141312_p2_master1200.jpg)

File: 9649f40bce0e9ed⋯.jpg (133.13 KB, 700x491, 700:491, 64141312_p3_master1200.jpg)

More Kaa coils in this one


Any luck on new snake and girl pages?



There's no luck anywhere. Part. 2 was finished a long time ago, you're gonna be waiting for a while.



*Part 3*



Hopefully we'll get those last few pages from part 3. Seeing the girl get all coiled-up by Kaa was what I was hoping for since the series started.


File: 1965b967c5f8cda⋯.jpg (40.06 KB, 700x210, 10:3, The-Snake4_17b.jpg)

File: 6e0e4fd24a72ff6⋯.jpg (60.32 KB, 331x700, 331:700, The-Snake4_18b.jpg)


File: 877c31193d7a497⋯.jpg (76.36 KB, 700x416, 175:104, The-Snake4_19b.jpg)

File: 31994629602acee⋯.jpg (119.28 KB, 700x630, 10:9, The-Snake4_20b.jpg)



File: 435741dd93daf77⋯.jpg (500.65 KB, 1092x1677, 28:43, Teen-Titans-01.jpg)

File: 1a0dc5756989d03⋯.jpg (546.36 KB, 1092x1677, 28:43, Teen-Titans-02.jpg)

File: a4cc9b5fd315e3a⋯.jpg (570.06 KB, 1092x1677, 28:43, Teen-Titans-03COM.jpg)

File: 25b2641e0c5a33d⋯.jpg (548.2 KB, 1092x1677, 28:43, Teen-Titans-04COM.jpg)


File: 22863e1540aad06⋯.jpg (601.88 KB, 1092x1677, 28:43, Teen-Titans-05COM.jpg)

File: 134e00cb45d04d5⋯.jpg (825.84 KB, 1092x1677, 28:43, Teen-Titans-06COM.jpg)

File: 141263a6063cc94⋯.jpg (487.79 KB, 1092x1677, 28:43, Teen-Titans-07.jpg)

File: 934f3cefdb75e66⋯.jpg (484.42 KB, 1092x1677, 28:43, Teen-Titans-08.jpg)


File: 9c7bbea9be09f12⋯.jpg (531.53 KB, 1092x1677, 28:43, Teen-Titans-09.jpg)

File: df2d15ef8797a62⋯.jpg (648.79 KB, 1092x1677, 28:43, Teen-Titans-10.jpg)

File: 80a032b9334340b⋯.jpg (588.23 KB, 1092x1677, 28:43, Teen-Titans-11.jpg)

File: 4b4d6729165d45a⋯.jpg (604.38 KB, 1092x1677, 28:43, Teen-Titans-12.jpg)


File: a9e077f6e9ca5a4⋯.jpg (572.89 KB, 1092x1677, 28:43, Teen-Titans-13.jpg)

File: 0e9287f3eb96a58⋯.jpg (240.68 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, Teen-Titans-14.jpg)

File: 6fff9a4aec75e5d⋯.jpg (263.08 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, Teen-Titans-15.jpg)

File: 0a0a7b84194c3b3⋯.jpg (247.92 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, Teen-Titans-16.jpg)



The snake and the girl 4 looks really good, I hope someone posts it, and I hope the evil girl gets eaten.



I'm still hoping that the rest of chapter 3 gets posted. Those last four pages have been missing for some time.



The entire thing has been on sad panda for over a year now.



No it isn't, the third opus stops at page 18 on exhentai…



I have 19 pics and it's supposed to be done at that. Of course the new one(4) has been out for a while now



What exactly makes you think there's any more to it than what is posted already? Are you sure you aren't mixing 4 in with 3? Because it seems like the end to me.



Not him but I also thought 3 was still ongoing on ex. I don't know why, but yeah 19 is the end







Page 19 isn't the last one.

As seen here >>8008 There's still a few pages that haven't been posted online anywhere yet.



Because if you go on their website, you'll see that there are 22 pages, not 18.



Too bad they'll never be posted because no one wants to subscribe to that paysite. They can't even learn to use patreon.



Well paying 18$ to have access to a few pictures is a little bit too much …


File: e3a3fda2b2eb4e3⋯.jpg (956.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, snake-and-girl-02.jpg)





What's nice? All those pages have been posted at 900x1400 resolution over a year ago.


File: 3f3078ab104596f⋯.jpg (619.08 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_00.jpg)

File: 6b34a709c2a03a6⋯.jpg (759.89 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_01.jpg)

File: 3281a3cefb3c7f2⋯.jpg (831.78 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_02.jpg)

File: 219cf053d916956⋯.jpg (728.88 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_03.jpg)

File: 79d1a421e5fd892⋯.jpg (715.29 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_04.jpg)

Here we go


File: ed3f5ecc86a1607⋯.jpg (737.16 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_05.jpg)

File: 01de36e4dcd17ae⋯.jpg (752.75 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_06.jpg)

File: c549eb42e3c0bd6⋯.jpg (810.65 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_07.jpg)

File: 068eff7391d6adc⋯.jpg (866.71 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_08.jpg)

File: 05560d8acfbfda5⋯.jpg (822.13 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_09.jpg)


File: 4c1dcaef0c41987⋯.jpg (737.54 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_10.jpg)

File: ff3bb6ba280ac5a⋯.jpg (716.33 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_11.jpg)

File: 356aa5682e0606b⋯.jpg (997.06 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_12.jpg)

File: b46f7ea975aebd6⋯.jpg (778.86 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_13.jpg)

File: fd1ea962b8b9a6c⋯.jpg (858.46 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_14.jpg)

I'd like to thank the people that upload stuff like this when I couldn't.


File: c54e8db68cede27⋯.jpg (840.7 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_15.jpg)

File: 7790b464dd7451d⋯.jpg (736.16 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_16.jpg)

File: afd8f52888d28b3⋯.jpg (838.58 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_17.jpg)

File: 770bf59a2003f6a⋯.jpg (718.38 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_18.jpg)

File: cf16dec7de0a48f⋯.jpg (769.61 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_19.jpg)


File: bc0d83a54d0d131⋯.jpg (778.48 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_20.jpg)

File: e83d72c8d204216⋯.jpg (837.07 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_21.jpg)

File: 25b11df849efcc6⋯.jpg (604.74 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_22.jpg)

File: 4c916d30acb0954⋯.jpg (790.25 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_23.jpg)


File: ad4b826b8473680⋯.jpg (702.17 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_24.jpg)

File: 2e4913b3df62f0f⋯.jpg (712.23 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_25.jpg)

File: 6c5a6b2bd83a637⋯.jpg (679.3 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_26.jpg)


File: fab2384a2a09a3e⋯.jpg (544.73 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, The-Snake3_19.jpg)

File: 0b2cec6685de654⋯.jpg (664.49 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, The-Snake3_20.jpg)

File: 259fd1ee8577800⋯.jpg (590.97 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, The-Snake3_21.jpg)

File: f67717e41998b10⋯.jpg (622.24 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, The-Snake3_22.jpg)


File: 3311ef42c79a332⋯.jpg (475.27 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, a-villains-bitch.jpg)

File: fb66bf1e70a34a3⋯.jpg (535.79 KB, 792x1224, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-01.jpg)

File: c16558cb5ddd8de⋯.jpg (468.35 KB, 792x1224, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-02.jpg)

File: 48c1b4109bbc001⋯.jpg (471.02 KB, 792x1224, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-03.jpg)

File: 278bd2bf1c9ecdb⋯.jpg (549.27 KB, 792x1224, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-04.jpg)


holy shit this comic is large


File: 0326b6373248727⋯.jpg (464.8 KB, 792x1224, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-05.jpg)

File: 9709d55ebeb9976⋯.jpg (449.23 KB, 792x1224, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-06.jpg)

File: 914ff7a1a4ea943⋯.jpg (524.57 KB, 792x1224, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-07.jpg)

File: 727f3fd1a6ffa87⋯.jpg (546.87 KB, 792x1224, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-08.jpg)

File: e8ee41b4d0351c5⋯.jpg (473.8 KB, 792x1224, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-09.jpg)


File: 6b17974b9df3d78⋯.jpg (438.94 KB, 792x1224, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-10.jpg)

File: 1264cd29e9bc14c⋯.jpg (554.93 KB, 792x1224, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-11.jpg)

File: 0b652f8e6ecef02⋯.jpg (443.7 KB, 792x1224, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-12.jpg)

File: cf3ea20d229049c⋯.jpg (469.56 KB, 792x1224, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-13.jpg)

File: 49f98adfdece76e⋯.jpg (436.52 KB, 792x1224, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-14.jpg)


File: b50cdddf5f3b1ca⋯.jpg (530.61 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-15.jpg)

File: 843c9d3a0d0ae44⋯.jpg (545.71 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-16.jpg)

File: 14288b62dba6290⋯.jpg (496.39 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-17.jpg)

File: a272399c7e24a99⋯.jpg (546.21 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-18.jpg)

File: 5570e319a3d16d9⋯.jpg (555.98 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-19.jpg)


File: 2c2a739cd87eeb0⋯.jpg (497.4 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-20.jpg)

File: 63f1c604c31ac14⋯.jpg (533.99 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-21.jpg)

File: 959e48521d78541⋯.jpg (510.95 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-22.jpg)

File: 1ba686a7c7048d5⋯.jpg (440.72 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-23.jpg)

File: 687347d3cd7aebf⋯.jpg (549.05 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-24.jpg)


File: 8e1ca7e3a78d7ba⋯.jpg (473.83 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-25.jpg)

File: 405b282f79764a7⋯.jpg (544.09 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-26.jpg)

File: 35ef0e2a53fe562⋯.jpg (511.38 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-27.jpg)

File: 5cc70e0d8817759⋯.jpg (620.76 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-28.jpg)

File: 0d3550776f8f87e⋯.jpg (586.72 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-29.jpg)


File: cf2fd8969eff7f9⋯.jpg (465.82 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-30.jpg)

File: 14c8702eb817fd6⋯.jpg (577.57 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-2-31.jpg)

File: 9c1d811b841f42c⋯.jpg (548.02 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-32.jpg)

File: e9f5c22301b6e75⋯.jpg (456.11 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-33.jpg)

File: 8b985bf302dc430⋯.jpg (399.9 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-34.jpg)


File: 1759856e1f1351b⋯.jpg (412.11 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-35.jpg)

File: a25d54703022ec2⋯.jpg (560.34 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-36.jpg)

File: 1e751c3bb62a86f⋯.jpg (650.74 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-37.jpg)

File: 5b96b225b3639a1⋯.jpg (512.67 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-38.jpg)

File: 7dd468770c7878c⋯.jpg (534.55 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-39.jpg)


File: 715e54fb660469c⋯.jpg (594.94 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-40.jpg)

File: 7be31c9c4f90112⋯.jpg (551.52 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-41.jpg)

File: 736eb64c8a988a0⋯.jpg (515.98 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-42.jpg)

File: 2bdac1a9f1a6c95⋯.jpg (510.41 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-43.jpg)

File: 908ff6226983daf⋯.jpg (461.9 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-44.jpg)


File: 1f480f3e0b10e17⋯.jpg (430.17 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-45.jpg)

File: b87c7d52074a75a⋯.jpg (579.63 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-46-.jpg)

File: 3f4ef289347bd39⋯.jpg (714.67 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-47.jpg)

File: 1f7ee8903ccca58⋯.jpg (598.73 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-48.jpg)

File: 579ba239191f03c⋯.jpg (575.94 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-49.jpg)


File: 8253a51cd1e5ed3⋯.jpg (714.26 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-50.jpg)

File: 711a3f43c0e7c20⋯.jpg (590.3 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-51.jpg)

File: 95ab0a2f611736c⋯.jpg (645.14 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-52.jpg)

File: 7e0001b2ddf744d⋯.jpg (500.18 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-53.jpg)

File: 298925ed5294a22⋯.jpg (552.46 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-54.jpg)


File: f77608307459e20⋯.jpg (598.92 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-55.jpg)

File: 3290fe3ec09ba95⋯.jpg (598.46 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-56.jpg)

File: 709d47821459b31⋯.jpg (554.36 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-57.jpg)

File: 55a084b96030a76⋯.jpg (632.59 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-58.jpg)

File: b6a2e2dbf6d7e29⋯.jpg (491.73 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-59.jpg)


File: d0deb2df604307a⋯.jpg (565.39 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-60.jpg)

File: 2a93da121f077d8⋯.jpg (588.43 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-61.jpg)

File: 5c7c9d3ac57fe46⋯.jpg (635.7 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-62.jpg)

File: bfbb0e4335f0c86⋯.jpg (529.34 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-63.jpg)


File: ab9e6603da56304⋯.jpg (696.49 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-64.jpg)

File: eccb0db4409bc6d⋯.jpg (679.5 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-65.jpg)

File: 09fb797be997f88⋯.jpg (773.11 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-66.jpg)

If you guys have requests, post'em.


Thank you! Thank you!

Anymore to Kim Vs Kaa 2 that hasn't been posted?



Wow thank you! I've been waiting for this for a long time!

Have you the 4th opus of the series ?



Not the guy who put up these pics(I was gonna do a couple once my trialwas up) but no, I think it's taken a backseat to 'A villains bitch'



It will come but it hasn't started yet. You can see what's being updated right now on the site somewhere



I think you've misunderstood, I was talking of The snake and the gril 4 which is already out, they updated all the way to page 22.



Oh, I was confused because 4 was finished a while ago. It's 23 pages


File: e42913203db5e30⋯.png (2.9 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 001.png)

File: 48ad58afb525323⋯.png (3.5 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 002.png)

File: 0f810349932d144⋯.png (4.02 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 003.png)

I'm too lazy to resize these


File: 929d2555e631fbd⋯.png (2.88 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 004.png)

File: 085e09320b93a42⋯.png (3.74 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 005.png)

File: 893c35aaebf6a96⋯.png (3.9 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 006.png)


File: 063e8ae73f5913b⋯.png (4.18 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 007.png)

File: 0c0b401a93033ad⋯.png (3.98 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 008.png)

File: 8fb7595229e4b5d⋯.png (3.62 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 009.png)


File: 8343a4a189437d2⋯.png (3.45 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 010.png)

File: c8b68b063d8b2cb⋯.png (4.13 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 011.png)

File: 6a634ed5228cabf⋯.png (4.23 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 012.png)


File: 5f33ebfb2dde33e⋯.png (3.89 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 013.png)

File: ba36b5cdbf960ed⋯.png (3.84 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 014.png)

File: 17dbd33a8b92812⋯.png (3.55 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 015.png)


File: 7cecd96b799de93⋯.png (3.66 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 016.png)

File: 27bb1791d63208b⋯.png (3.53 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 017.png)

File: 0ffce0a166ec138⋯.png (3.79 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 018.png)


File: b5a2ab440949156⋯.png (3.9 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 019.png)

File: aade3831db2f180⋯.png (3.93 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 020.png)

File: a6602b746b1aeff⋯.png (3.75 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 021.png)


File: c1b033d0286f918⋯.png (2.95 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 022.png)

File: 7d71fa970d4217e⋯.png (3.7 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 023.png)


Do you happen to have either or both Deep Down or the White Night?


File: 8dabb78b68434eb⋯.jpg (135.88 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_00.jpg)

File: 9b962a86e3bfe37⋯.jpg (109.91 KB, 700x689, 700:689, 03_Aethel_01b.jpg)

File: f25fa05cf8eb360⋯.jpg (89.36 KB, 615x700, 123:140, 03_Aethel_02b.jpg)

File: da2217ed8dbb41e⋯.jpg (71.49 KB, 498x700, 249:350, 03_Aethel_03b.jpg)

File: 79e1cef0cd29aba⋯.jpg (74.65 KB, 573x700, 573:700, 03_Aethel_04b.jpg)

^Wow, these are nice. There's also the third chapter of Aethel, as seen here. Another one I'd be interested in.


File: f21ce54c73d4059⋯.jpg (174.15 KB, 700x804, 175:201, 03_Aethel_05b.jpg)

File: e6644680134bb6f⋯.jpg (136.44 KB, 700x489, 700:489, 03_Aethel_06b.jpg)

File: dd2fc46a1d7749b⋯.jpg (123.6 KB, 700x489, 700:489, 03_Aethel_07b.jpg)

File: 6aad215444dfaf0⋯.jpg (123.43 KB, 700x427, 100:61, 03_Aethel_08b.jpg)

File: 2cd4690640d1f32⋯.jpg (62.61 KB, 360x700, 18:35, 03_Aethel_09b.jpg)


File: 8202b2129f983a9⋯.jpg (117.03 KB, 674x700, 337:350, 03_Aethel_10b.jpg)

File: a9ea7ff63f6fbba⋯.jpg (41.65 KB, 700x269, 700:269, 03_Aethel_11b.jpg)

File: d6f417626d0e87d⋯.jpg (117.91 KB, 700x682, 350:341, 03_Aethel_12b.jpg)

File: dffc3879804901b⋯.jpg (64.77 KB, 700x316, 175:79, 03_Aethel_13b.jpg)

File: 75a92ad9ebb7a70⋯.jpg (77.22 KB, 520x700, 26:35, 03_Aethel_14b.jpg)


File: 974d49f5017b2dc⋯.jpg (66.22 KB, 700x382, 350:191, 03_Aethel_15b.jpg)

File: 2e41e6da6ddf964⋯.jpg (89.7 KB, 700x556, 175:139, 03_Aethel_16b.jpg)

File: 9950aa1931b7650⋯.jpg (50.59 KB, 700x380, 35:19, 03_Aethel_17b.jpg)

File: 9bec6ee64cb9cb6⋯.jpg (43.68 KB, 322x700, 23:50, 03_Aethel_18b.jpg)

File: 49d2f8607f41f64⋯.jpg (33.07 KB, 192x700, 48:175, 03_Aethel_19b.jpg)


File: 6a7fd7289503ceb⋯.jpg (46.46 KB, 700x265, 140:53, 03_Aethel_20b.jpg)

File: 916c5002d13d636⋯.jpg (48.9 KB, 700x327, 700:327, 03_Aethel_21b.jpg)

File: 5873d7d991471cc⋯.jpg (61.27 KB, 700x392, 25:14, 03_Aethel_22b.jpg)


File: cdb2fe62b23c73a⋯.jpg (77.58 KB, 700x517, 700:517, 2Charmcaster_21b.jpg)

File: 4d421c1d526465f⋯.jpg (64.02 KB, 700x311, 700:311, 2Charmcaster_14b.jpg)

File: 3506be1a59bdc30⋯.jpg (228.67 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, Ben.jpg)

File: 583ec5bb887fff9⋯.jpg (53.64 KB, 700x243, 700:243, 2Charmcaster_20b.jpg)

any for "the witch with no name - turn into" yet?



look further up







Man if we got Aethel chapter 3 as well, that would be awesome.


File: 10be456f69547b0⋯.jpg (405.64 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-67-p….jpg)

File: 402e6c4c62d0555⋯.jpg (395.65 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-68-p….jpg)


File: db93a5675163762⋯.jpg (726.28 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_27.jpg)

File: def1f2258122925⋯.jpg (774.26 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_28.jpg)

File: c44760a9db53896⋯.jpg (688.62 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_29.jpg)

File: 4f204b68b00d3de⋯.jpg (727.04 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_30.jpg)


File: 5bc38071aad7266⋯.jpg (384.95 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_00.jpg)

File: 21670eb727f9425⋯.jpg (804.62 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_01.jpg)

File: 5efb8eadfb2e7c3⋯.jpg (759.17 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_02.jpg)

File: 253f3519a6a2d12⋯.jpg (654.76 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_03.jpg)

File: 0816a6612b1623e⋯.jpg (675 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_04.jpg)


I need a beer.


File: 1651f2c2c911ed2⋯.jpg (831.35 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_05.jpg)

File: 89b36b661a0f15e⋯.jpg (716.75 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_06.jpg)

File: 368aca019fcd9d5⋯.jpg (745.36 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_07.jpg)

File: beb66a4c3d38d45⋯.jpg (828.4 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_08.jpg)

File: bc145be6bfe6f9a⋯.jpg (773.55 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_09.jpg)


File: 676c99b4aad42bf⋯.jpg (969.41 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_10.jpg)

File: d192a00e679c380⋯.jpg (770.84 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_11.jpg)

File: 21623b33acb4f96⋯.jpg (778.8 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_12.jpg)

File: fe47a30e5118678⋯.jpg (879.29 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_13.jpg)

File: 96e72b498b9a906⋯.jpg (773.37 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_14.jpg)


A cold one.


File: e577fbbebb62150⋯.jpg (718.33 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_15.jpg)

File: 5b6378290c3d5b6⋯.jpg (621.86 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_16.jpg)

File: 9862e99873f3dfd⋯.jpg (580.71 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_17.jpg)

File: 4c01d6a29990e45⋯.jpg (611.77 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_18.jpg)

File: e291f8cf8ae390a⋯.jpg (806.26 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_19.jpg)


As many as you can.


File: 04bc5c73523000d⋯.jpg (835.9 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_20.jpg)

File: 7cf4993cefd2d2e⋯.jpg (670.83 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_21.jpg)

File: 540c7c15c190ea4⋯.jpg (740.98 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 03_Aethel_22.jpg)


Got all that?






I don't know if the other guy uploading just so happened to give in and get a month like I did but my month is coming to an end. I'll look at what was requested and upload my stuff over time. Hopefully someone will upload both Kim's and Aethal 4



Please don't forget about "Deep Down" or "The White Night"?



those faces..


File: 09359c693c270bd⋯.jpg (396.21 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-69-p….jpg)

File: 44945607773e1fa⋯.jpg (373.38 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-70-p….jpg)

File: 277486b633758c2⋯.jpg (327.76 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-71-p….jpg)

File: 39ea2ad41fa6e3e⋯.jpg (415.33 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-72-p….jpg)


I appreciate all that have been posted. These are just promos for pages not yet posted.


File: 19599d909507d16⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1600x2456, 200:307, 001.png)

File: bb8f04cccd355c0⋯.png (3.16 MB, 1600x2456, 200:307, 002.png)

File: 89c484a4469b1ed⋯.png (3.77 MB, 1600x2456, 200:307, 003.png)


File: f9f1caca41477f9⋯.png (3.53 MB, 1600x2456, 200:307, 004.png)

File: 53948a47c031534⋯.png (3.73 MB, 1600x2456, 200:307, 005.png)

File: e33819f95a66bd9⋯.png (3.7 MB, 1600x2456, 200:307, 006.png)


File: 08a25192f50d0b0⋯.png (3.38 MB, 1600x2456, 200:307, 007.png)

File: 48b3c517ef00b49⋯.png (3.18 MB, 1600x2456, 200:307, 008.png)

File: c57a0ee572152b0⋯.png (3.62 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 009.png)


File: aaa4f7c7f4b1e01⋯.png (3.83 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 010.png)

File: c07b410f745827b⋯.png (3.44 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 011.png)

File: 5044df7f6d0ec2a⋯.png (3.73 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 012.png)


File: 23390ceac012900⋯.png (3.66 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 013.png)

File: b3018778ec4ff42⋯.png (3.57 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 014.png)

File: 0e71830938a0bc3⋯.png (3.7 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 015.png)


File: 6669509b1a7abe4⋯.png (3.6 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 016.png)

File: 4723e466f6c7321⋯.png (3.55 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 017.png)

File: 6acbc1b75aee417⋯.png (3.45 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 018.png)


File: b31c41ec2d6bc06⋯.png (3.62 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 019.png)

File: d083c86fdfe2be2⋯.png (3.45 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 020.png)

File: 94b55b0602f5075⋯.png (3.89 MB, 1599x2396, 1599:2396, 021.png)


File: 5098dbbcc270de8⋯.png (3.59 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 022.png)

File: 9f3d186043876ca⋯.png (3.66 MB, 1600x2460, 80:123, 023.png)


File: 8d95534eb07d19b⋯.png (3.05 MB, 1599x2463, 533:821, 068.png)

File: f8c92def09e2582⋯.png (3.4 MB, 1599x2470, 123:190, 069.png)

File: 5048a7ee46c31ad⋯.png (2.5 MB, 1599x2466, 533:822, 070.png)


File: 883a7c66b8e77c3⋯.png (2.86 MB, 1599x2473, 1599:2473, 071.png)

File: 58a3252c6fc1751⋯.png (3.45 MB, 1600x2470, 160:247, 072.png)

File: 2f63efc374f769e⋯.png (2.67 MB, 1599x2466, 533:822, 073.png)


File: 8e2552b543c502e⋯.png (806.41 KB, 1600x2477, 1600:2477, 019.png)

File: efd086408ab9322⋯.png (2.75 MB, 1599x2469, 533:823, 020.png)

File: 488b15a64be1770⋯.png (2.7 MB, 1598x2467, 1598:2467, 021.png)


File: dc261426e483e2a⋯.png (3.08 MB, 1600x2560, 5:8, 001.png)

File: 575e7d3de4b7186⋯.png (3.52 MB, 1600x2560, 5:8, 002.png)

File: cf89ad3d1b879d6⋯.png (3.41 MB, 1600x2560, 5:8, 003.png)

This is last update. My subscription ran out(Kinda worth it honestly, $5 overpriced maybe but no complaints)


File: 84b4ef2e545acae⋯.png (4.63 MB, 1599x2454, 533:818, 004.png)

File: 5eb36926e8e8b44⋯.png (4.37 MB, 1595x2458, 1595:2458, 005.png)



Thank you for all your posts and help.

I hate to ask but would you still happen to have pages 17 and 18 of Kim Vs Kaa 2? They seem to have been missed.



That wasn't me that uploaded the batch before mine so his file names will be different which is why there is no 17 or 18. All the files up until now are here(I think) it's just not in the right order because the site messed the order up.


Thanks for the updates, but I feel like there is a page missing between 19 and 20, (on the teaser pics, there's a pic of Kaa being surprised to see that he's got this device on his body, which doesn't show up on these three new pages. I could be wrong, but it seem like we're missing a page.


File: 44357e93d5e06e3⋯.jpg (379.67 KB, 908x523, 908:523, Kim-vs-Kaa-2-page-17-promo….jpg)

File: 8cbc845b7b1dddd⋯.jpg (335.13 KB, 908x523, 908:523, Kim-vs-Kaa-2-page-18-promo….jpg)


These are the promos for the missing pages I believe.


File: 2be105883d6c191⋯.png (2.72 MB, 1600x2470, 160:247, 018.png)

File: b5bb9a9c11aece5⋯.png (2.78 MB, 1600x2470, 160:247, 019.png)


…whoops, I have no excuse



It happens.

Thank you again.


Bump for new Kim/Kaa pages?



It's been over a month(or feels like it) shit ain't coming for a long time. I didn't feel like waiting that's why I spent $15 for a month in the first place.


File: b3dff31e7867e29⋯.jpg (261.93 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villains-bitch-page-74-p….jpg)

File: 9fb4fc62976e4a1⋯.jpg (449.57 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villains-bitch-page-75-p….jpg)

File: 645f438a4e0b262⋯.jpg (222.71 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villains-bitch-page-76-p….jpg)

File: 5c8cde0bd42aa00⋯.jpg (229.2 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villains-bitch-page-77-p….jpg)


File: 4e57e375b5a3b96⋯.jpg (364.6 KB, 908x523, 908:523, Kim-vs-Kaa-2-page-20-promo….jpg)

File: f9d7f1926487e61⋯.jpg (331.46 KB, 908x523, 908:523, Kim-vs-Kaa-Vol.-2-page-23-….jpg)

File: efdc74b4cbeb19e⋯.jpg (265.43 KB, 908x523, 908:523, Kim-vs-Kaa-Vol.-2-page-24-….jpg)

File: 7f538c46259aa53⋯.jpg (322.86 KB, 908x523, 908:523, PROMOS-KIM-LOVES-SHEGO-2.jpg)


File: ddbb34f911de5f1⋯.jpg (294.37 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-78-p….jpg)

File: b3f6e5edb784308⋯.jpg (343.6 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-79-p….jpg)


File: 93f6ee964716016⋯.jpg (378.22 KB, 908x523, 908:523, kim-vs-kaa-page-promo-25.jpg)

File: c3bf69ebdd0bb3b⋯.jpg (451.68 KB, 908x523, 908:523, kim-vs-kaa-page-promo-26.jpg)

some more pages


File: 9064ca79207c52c⋯.jpg (186.63 KB, 687x700, 687:700, 65723733_p9_master1200.jpg)

File: 016606c65c30809⋯.jpg (80.49 KB, 700x253, 700:253, 65723733_p14_master1200.jpg)

File: 92a96b4d81974f2⋯.jpg (155.17 KB, 700x626, 350:313, 65723733_p16_master1200.jpg)

File: 63b79011fefde4c⋯.jpg (175.45 KB, 700x480, 35:24, 65723733_p18_master1200.jpg)

Anyone have the new Ben 10?


Fuckin hell I wanna read Street Fucker but $18 for a porn comic is steep and nobody seems to have it.


File: a4a49e52c931658⋯.jpg (475.98 KB, 908x523, 908:523, kim-vs-kaa-page-promo-27.jpg)

Looks like Ron's going to get into the action…and KP.



I mean the complete package and archive is an amazing deal if you do the math but for one single comic, no it isn't worth it


File: 8846f4353b55624⋯.jpg (357.67 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-80-p….jpg)

File: 81ff2941721c11e⋯.jpg (360.95 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-81-p….jpg)




I just noticed they raised it to $18 for 1 month. Can you not just pay $15 and then cancel it? I know it's only $3 more but $15 was my limit so screw that. I guess I'll continue to wait here for the Kim shit, I'm sure someone will post something within… 8 months from now


File: 6a1d99fd0d92ace⋯.jpg (1006.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, charmcaster-carr.jpg)


File: ab04f46a9939871⋯.jpg (407.21 KB, 908x523, 908:523, kim-vs-kaa-page-promo-29.jpg)

File: 97e65d19250cd6e⋯.jpg (447.08 KB, 908x523, 908:523, kim-vs-kaa-page-promo-30.jpg)

File: a68063eb184a199⋯.jpg (386.85 KB, 908x523, 908:523, kim-vs-kaa-page-promo-31.jpg)

File: a51dd592c3330d8⋯.jpg (302.8 KB, 908x523, 908:523, kim-vs-kaa-page-promo-32.jpg)


File: 755d97e7b6444b3⋯.jpg (316.72 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-84-p….jpg)

File: a577dd1c023d478⋯.jpg (62.12 KB, 768x442, 384:221, tumblr_p0g74w7PgE1tt650lo1….jpg)

File: d8ffbca7857081a⋯.jpg (52.2 KB, 768x442, 384:221, tumblr_p0ilii828t1tt650lo1….jpg)


File: 3687bf56e814cd5⋯.jpg (73.51 KB, 395x700, 79:140, 4-Aethel_09b.jpg)

File: 144d75486943a43⋯.jpg (47.99 KB, 330x700, 33:70, 4-Aethel_10b.jpg)

File: ea3bf6fb96e5d9a⋯.jpg (56.75 KB, 700x362, 350:181, 4-Aethel_11b.jpg)

File: 997915872a40a24⋯.jpg (94.78 KB, 700x608, 175:152, 4-Aethel_12b.jpg)

File: 29f21540c833ec4⋯.jpg (97.22 KB, 563x700, 563:700, 4-Aethel_13b.jpg)


File: b5417b8a9ee96f1⋯.jpg (35.09 KB, 700x181, 700:181, 4-Aethel_14b.jpg)

File: 16eb76d5c452333⋯.jpg (102.73 KB, 656x700, 164:175, 4-Aethel_15b.jpg)

File: c4f811b53149938⋯.jpg (100.85 KB, 700x606, 350:303, 4-Aethel_16b.jpg)

File: 040deb116301168⋯.jpg (69.76 KB, 700x421, 700:421, 4-Aethel_17b.jpg)

File: 64b138701b257ba⋯.jpg (57.75 KB, 700x525, 4:3, 4-Aethel_18b.jpg)


File: 2a863cd38a5744a⋯.jpg (78.34 KB, 466x700, 233:350, 4-Aethel_19b.jpg)

File: 64402ee221d4141⋯.jpg (104.44 KB, 660x700, 33:35, 4-Aethel_20b.jpg)

File: ed7e878d081adbb⋯.jpg (89.21 KB, 700x545, 140:109, 4-Aethel_21b.jpg)

File: eea31d1784dc2bb⋯.jpg (65.1 KB, 317x700, 317:700, 4-Aethel_22b.jpg)



At first I thought that snake was Kaa, but the colorization is different. Kaa's dark green and this snake is blue.

Perhaps it's another (Possibly a female) snake that obsesses over this boy the way Kaa is obsessed with the hunter girl.


File: 755d97e7b6444b3⋯.jpg (316.72 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-84-p….jpg)

File: b24088cd64b7ca0⋯.jpg (294.66 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-86pr….jpg)

File: fa0c580e9a6e05b⋯.jpg (322.36 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-87pr….jpg)

File: e9a655174e90d37⋯.jpg (330.54 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-88-p….jpg)

File: 22f7f2bd67ac96d⋯.jpg (324.68 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-89-p….jpg)


File: 50015d669044a62⋯.jpg (77.1 KB, 600x301, 600:301, Wonder Woman.jpg)


File: bb964cf7987d3b5⋯.jpg (59.77 KB, 381x700, 381:700, 2Charmcaster_57b.jpg)

File: 9210fdf877b04a7⋯.jpg (47.27 KB, 700x269, 700:269, 2Charmcaster_58b.jpg)

Looks like Ben and Gwen might finally get it on after all this time hopefully.


It's on page #64 already, anyone got an update to post?



Looks like we'll be waiting a while.


File: bf51f4f909c4efd⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1670, 108:167, 074.png)

File: bf51f4f909c4efd⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1670, 108:167, 074.png)

File: 931080670f8c012⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1660, 54:83, 075.png)


File: f5b8e109508bbda⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1660, 54:83, 076.png)

File: 98677cdabc42bc7⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1080x1656, 15:23, 077.png)

File: f6baac9cd058fee⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1663, 1080:1663, 078.png)


File: f5db312bf92fbad⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1670, 108:167, 079.png)

File: c9873693daeeff7⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1660, 54:83, 080.png)

File: b7bcc4a9246b070⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1658, 540:829, 081.png)


File: 4fbb7ea3222f062⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1661, 1080:1661, 082.png)

File: dab8e08c66e1733⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1080x1665, 24:37, 083.png)

File: 8cd2c8cbb16223a⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1080x1654, 540:827, 084.png)


File: 604ead01dfae979⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1670, 108:167, 085.png)

File: 320a4dc45197e5d⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1079x1659, 1079:1659, 086.png)

File: 47302847e5829c3⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1662, 180:277, 087.png)


File: 7408bd8651235c9⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1658, 540:829, 088.png)

File: b5caacb680e2c83⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1658, 540:829, 089.png)

File: 72e2449de94c82f⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1659, 360:553, 090.png)


File: ec3bf781ebe8192⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1079x1668, 1079:1668, 091.png)


File: ec3bf781ebe8192⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1079x1668, 1079:1668, 091.png)

File: fafcc32b88da988⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1655, 216:331, 092.png)



Nice, you wouldn't happen to have the rest of Aethel 4 would you?


Any updates on the Kim vs Kaa 2 story?



It has been updated, as well others. Now it's just a matter of someone leaking them for us.


Horny (\(\(\(\(*3*)/)/)/)/) Octopus


Also waiting on Kim vs Kaa 2. I hate it when comic creators jump around from comic to comic. Just finish the damned comic you started first.



Same here, I'm hoping someone posts the rest of Aethel 4 and The Witch With No Name Turn Into. Plus while Fixxxer is working on the latter he's also doing She Is Riley at the same time.


File: 7ba76fbb150b9ef⋯.jpg (302.77 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-93-p….jpg)

File: 4148249228ad45b⋯.jpg (323.2 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-94-p….jpg)

File: d91afca995d6e4e⋯.jpg (332.59 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-95-p….jpg)



File: 521b9ea2dbffca5⋯.jpg (291.94 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-96-p….jpg)

File: d3536de30951dc9⋯.jpg (287.63 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-97-p….jpg)

File: 2dc263495a3386f⋯.jpg (361.13 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-98-p….jpg)

File: 51ca36f85394be0⋯.jpg (388.84 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-99-p….jpg)


File: e071dc130fde53e⋯.jpg (417.16 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-100-….jpg)

File: a2c9b6da6a67020⋯.jpg (368.15 KB, 908x523, 908:523, A-villanis-Bitch-page-101-….jpg)

File: 8c19b76ec31aa0f⋯.jpg (585.31 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, A-villanis-Bitch-page-102-….jpg)


File: 836e2577544218c⋯.jpg (411.7 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, A-villanis-Bitch-page-103-….jpg)

File: 4ec9b0e4ab30d69⋯.jpg (527.53 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, A-villanis-Bitch-page-104-….jpg)


File: 836e2577544218c⋯.jpg (411.7 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, A-villanis-Bitch-page-103-….jpg)

File: 4ec9b0e4ab30d69⋯.jpg (527.53 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, A-villanis-Bitch-page-104-….jpg)

File: feb101c517d78c2⋯.jpg (436.88 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, A-villanis-Bitch-page-105-….jpg)


File: d35b715dc73646d⋯.jpg (609.09 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, A-villanis-Bitch-page-106-….jpg)

File: c18b8d5ce67269f⋯.jpg (505.31 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, A-villanis-Bitch-page-107-….jpg)



looks bad I hope they go back to snakes and vore



has any snake stuff not uploaded here been posted to their site yet?



Assuming you're referring to "The Snake and The Girl" series by Fixxxer, no nothing new has appeared on their site. All the current chapters are already posted.


Might be referring more to the Kim Vs. Kaa Part 2 series. There are several more of those pages which haven't been posted.


File: 259fa9b6cfa205d⋯.jpg (276.87 KB, 908x523, 908:523, kim-vs-kaa-page-promo-22.jpg)

File: f9d7f1926487e61⋯.jpg (331.46 KB, 908x523, 908:523, Kim-vs-Kaa-Vol.-2-page-23-….jpg)

File: efdc74b4cbeb19e⋯.jpg (265.43 KB, 908x523, 908:523, Kim-vs-Kaa-Vol.-2-page-24-….jpg)

File: 93f6ee964716016⋯.jpg (378.22 KB, 908x523, 908:523, kim-vs-kaa-page-promo-25.jpg)

File: c3bf69ebdd0bb3b⋯.jpg (451.68 KB, 908x523, 908:523, kim-vs-kaa-page-promo-26.jpg)


These for instance.


File: a4a49e52c931658⋯.jpg (475.98 KB, 908x523, 908:523, kim-vs-kaa-page-promo-27.jpg)

File: ab04f46a9939871⋯.jpg (407.21 KB, 908x523, 908:523, kim-vs-kaa-page-promo-29.jpg)

File: 97e65d19250cd6e⋯.jpg (447.08 KB, 908x523, 908:523, kim-vs-kaa-page-promo-30.jpg)

File: a68063eb184a199⋯.jpg (386.85 KB, 908x523, 908:523, kim-vs-kaa-page-promo-31.jpg)


31 was the last promo they listed.


File: cfa06cf841ba9eb⋯.jpg (520.09 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, A-villanis-Bitch-page-108-….jpg)

File: 8a6252c79ccca30⋯.jpg (547.11 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, A-villanis-Bitch-page-109-….jpg)

File: 2099b6586243527⋯.jpg (261.43 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, A-villanis-Bitch-page-110-….jpg)

File: 3aa11e86555f299⋯.jpg (429.09 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, A-villanis-Bitch-page-111-….jpg)

Meanwhile, on another comic.


File: 81088e8e48b29c6⋯.jpg (355.34 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, A-villanis-Bitch-page-112-….jpg)

File: 38ebff3a72b0e3c⋯.jpg (506.88 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, A-villanis-Bitch-page-113-….jpg)

File: f11a36781681af1⋯.jpg (515.95 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, A-villanis-Bitch-page-114-….jpg)

File: cb2a95be39363c9⋯.jpg (552.56 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, A-villanis-Bitch-page-115-….jpg)

Meanwhile, on another comic.


Thanks for the promos. Looks like the snake one is mostly smut with no swallowing, but it looks pretty hot.


There's also another new Kaa comic that they're doing with Tarzan and Jane that hasn't been posted either


File: 0d9583bc01340b7⋯.jpeg (3.19 MB, 5079x3307, 5079:3307, teen titans.jpeg)


File: 81e059f48da7b4e⋯.jpg (174.2 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, The-Snake5_01b.jpg)

File: 86d99d262f12d68⋯.jpg (163.63 KB, 1080x1081, 1080:1081, The-Snake5_02b.jpg)

The snake and the girl is back.


File: eb4e8b911a31f3c⋯.jpg (192.03 KB, 1080x1079, 1080:1079, The-Snake5_03b.jpg)

File: cf7bac1eb8ea908⋯.jpg (206.57 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, The-Snake5_04b.jpg)


File: f315bfa699793be⋯.jpg (714.77 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, The-Snake5_05b.jpg)

File: c77c060988e9459⋯.jpg (651.1 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, The-Snake5_06b.jpg)


Ok, this chapter looks like it's getting good.


File: 9ce2f14e0b45d05⋯.jpg (149.93 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Ironwolfxxx-595930-kim_and….jpg)

File: 2cb581465d3e5c5⋯.jpg (154.27 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Ironwolfxxx-595931-kim_and….jpg)

File: 94363a00aea2a48⋯.jpg (196.98 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Ironwolfxxx-595933-kim_and….jpg)

File: 22652b6119ee597⋯.jpg (146.56 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Ironwolfxxx-596249-kim_and….jpg)


File: 143d82c1aa98a7d⋯.jpg (134.31 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Ironwolfxxx-596251-kim_and….jpg)

File: 399b838c1489cd6⋯.jpg (133.93 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Ironwolfxxx-596252-kim_and….jpg)

File: 12ad1ef4d1b46c3⋯.jpg (171.38 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Ironwolfxxx-596254-kim_and….jpg)


File: 86875de44b6b82f⋯.jpg (388.87 KB, 639x988, 639:988, I-want-a-batcock-promo-00.jpg)

File: cd69c409a92122a⋯.jpg (582.84 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, I-want-a-batcock-promo-pag….jpg)

File: aaca1aee5c57232⋯.jpg (673.27 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, I-want-a-batcock-promo-pag….jpg)

New Comic started.


File: 49eae1738b12fa7⋯.jpg (106.33 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Ironwolfxxx-597149-kim_and….jpg)

File: eee659c2e5aa9fa⋯.jpg (192.84 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Ironwolfxxx-597151-kim_and….jpg)

File: e521fc7d2ff133b⋯.jpg (196.25 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Ironwolfxxx-597152-kim_and….jpg)

File: f562643b2f1c92f⋯.jpg (117.6 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Ironwolfxxx-597153-kim_and….jpg)


File: baf28e60c124dac⋯.jpg (222.86 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, The-Snake5_07b.jpg)

File: cf54332d6677642⋯.jpg (185.03 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, The-Snake5_08b.jpg)


Can someone post the rest of the pages of "Witch Without a A name Turn into?" I think it's almost over at this point.


Can someone please start uploading full pages and comics?


hentai is haram and all of you will go to hell



Hey, at least all the fun people will be down there.




Well for that to happen someone willing to leak the images needs to have an accHopefully someone will get one, I personally don't my credit card information online anywhere.



I have an account, just trying to figure out the workaround to get the full size images downloaded. Right clicking is disabled on the pages.


File: 6184579ba22b3ad⋯.jpg (570.07 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, The-Snake5_00.jpg)

File: e1462568db2bfea⋯.jpg (752.3 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, The-Snake5_01.jpg)

File: 70670d35e856452⋯.jpg (770.43 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, The-Snake5_02.jpg)

File: 364486ed508806f⋯.jpg (715.3 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, The-Snake5_03.jpg)

File: 63ab1b4bc75d375⋯.jpg (723.1 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, The-Snake5_04.jpg)

Here's Of the Snake and the Girl 5 so far.


File: d5e6dca1084542b⋯.jpg (913.37 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, The-Snake5_05.jpg)

File: e7033aecc7f5d1c⋯.jpg (960.32 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, The-Snake5_06.jpg)

File: 551638fb8963ef0⋯.jpg (763.85 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, The-Snake5_07.jpg)

File: 4256603ea6139e4⋯.jpg (755.41 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, The-Snake5_08.jpg)


THANK YOU! FINALLY! So glad to see more of Snake and Girl. Now… about Aethal 4….


File: 2365e23e8440011⋯.jpg (589.34 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_00.jpg)

File: 73a15dc52ba8133⋯.jpg (715.2 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_01.jpg)

File: 641154ebd2441bc⋯.jpg (687.76 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_02.jpg)

File: 134227c0e994f41⋯.jpg (899.72 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_03.jpg)

File: 6e76657ccc5fc84⋯.jpg (824.49 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_04.jpg)


Here ya go


File: 913b9f8a70c0c74⋯.jpg (901.6 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_05.jpg)

File: 4a30f9c0bf508ea⋯.jpg (782.47 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_06.jpg)

File: 1ecc836744e7626⋯.jpg (813.05 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_07.jpg)

File: d600a4f0b2da9d6⋯.jpg (851.13 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_08.jpg)

File: b696f51b3829121⋯.jpg (891.84 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_09.jpg)


File: 3a9e935bd0e2b39⋯.jpg (764.35 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_10.jpg)

File: 3641705d4f8346b⋯.jpg (826.56 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_11.jpg)

File: 846f92fc5fdfddc⋯.jpg (841.38 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_12.jpg)

File: 303be4360353303⋯.jpg (786.57 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_13.jpg)

File: 561b160a32aaa2c⋯.jpg (713.88 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_14.jpg)


File: e7f5d3b8eddae95⋯.jpg (886.25 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_15.jpg)

File: cce76806d7e5440⋯.jpg (872.36 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_16.jpg)

File: e3b6e70f2c753a3⋯.jpg (804.72 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_17.jpg)

File: 1595db770f02f8d⋯.jpg (596.55 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_18.jpg)

File: 25658cb1f1cf5d4⋯.jpg (786.5 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_19.jpg)


File: 4c2bc4582529eb6⋯.jpg (822.61 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_20.jpg)

File: 5398640fa0625d1⋯.jpg (693.23 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_21.jpg)

File: 778dd2981e3d5f5⋯.jpg (873.25 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 4-Aethel_22.jpg)


Could you also post the villains bitch and turn into images? :)


File: a28c835c5e0de42⋯.jpg (555.86 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-92.jpg)

File: 49f53f28c9e8d65⋯.jpg (497.54 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-93.jpg)

File: 4873973f1ee1a64⋯.jpg (514.91 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-94.jpg)

File: ebf878f6cffbfe5⋯.jpg (559.57 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-95.jpg)

File: 9048ad8289d8060⋯.jpg (518.22 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-96.jpg)


Continued from a previous uploader.


File: 1fa01b8252f059f⋯.jpg (550.23 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-97.jpg)

File: a73a55559bfbee9⋯.jpg (524.31 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-98.jpg)

File: 0d0e22b84172c05⋯.jpg (621.48 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-99.jpg)

File: 6434e594261f96e⋯.jpg (665.61 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-100.jpg)

File: 27708862d036b2e⋯.jpg (654.61 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-101.jpg)


File: a67338c17918f92⋯.jpg (743.84 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-102.jpg)

File: 21cf4598baec688⋯.jpg (588.6 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-103.jpg)

File: 63a30aa8baa58ff⋯.jpg (591.8 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-104.jpg)

File: d3f1e386dfd4098⋯.jpg (649.81 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-105.jpg)

File: 51b846bea7f33bb⋯.jpg (741.35 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-106.jpg)


File: 24a7221091f1d76⋯.jpg (566.83 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-107.jpg)

File: 329ac8752647c76⋯.jpg (651.02 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-108.jpg)

File: 31a7f05ec7ebc3d⋯.jpg (709.76 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-109.jpg)

File: 4feb09817e2f4db⋯.jpg (631.88 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-110.jpg)

File: 4a42f077ec360db⋯.jpg (494.81 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-111.jpg)


File: 712a4bd04352235⋯.jpg (527.29 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-112.jpg)

File: 019b3efd840ea23⋯.jpg (465.62 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-113.jpg)

File: 85064c8b149a71c⋯.jpg (629.14 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-114.jpg)

File: 782417560c84ba9⋯.jpg (689.33 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-115.jpg)

File: 8e1421bbb43da4e⋯.jpg (670.47 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-116.jpg)


File: 3a5e8151605ea79⋯.jpg (589.08 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-117.jpg)

File: c94ba02a251a086⋯.jpg (672.69 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-118.jpg)

File: 1bcda42426edc77⋯.jpg (495.78 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-119.jpg)

File: ffcebb6a77f78e5⋯.jpg (572.95 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-120.jpg)

File: c38610f8b254e85⋯.jpg (611.85 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-121.jpg)


File: 2f564e29265d508⋯.jpg (657.63 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-122.jpg)

File: 0cd2d6caf4fcefd⋯.jpg (652.56 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-123.jpg)

File: f964699e3e99bb1⋯.jpg (537.48 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-loves-shego-page-124.jpg)

File: 4346cafd985a7f9⋯.jpg (412.86 KB, 621x960, 207:320, kim-loves-shego-page-125.jpg)


Alright, that's all I'm posting for the next 24 hours. Do leave requests and I'll get to them then.


The Witch With No Name (Turn into)?



Yikes, that's a 90+ page one there. Has any of it been posted here already?


Much obliged for the postings friend. Whenever you're ready, the Tarzan, Jane and Kaa series would be appreciated.



Kim Vs Kaa2 please and thank you.



The Witch With No Name (Turn into) would be awsome. some pages are up here, but many not^^



Its an older one but I dont think I ever seen the legend of the white ape and the snake ever got uploaded before. I would appreciate it


The rest of Kim vs. Kaa 2 please and thank you.



I'd love you if you could post Street Fucker


File: ffa4465ffcf8507⋯.jpg (753.49 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-vs-kaa-issue-2-20.jpg)

File: d11a81bfcf31744⋯.jpg (815.29 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-vs-kaa-issue-2-21.jpg)

File: a508653c23b0892⋯.jpg (807.05 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-vs-kaa-issue-2-22.jpg)

File: 462a7140436d1c5⋯.jpg (703.57 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-vs-kaa-issue-2-23.jpg)

File: 5d1b1ec2ec10fcb⋯.jpg (778.19 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-vs-kaa-issue-2-24.jpg)


Starting with the shorter requests.


File: e9436a69eec0227⋯.jpg (671.34 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-vs-kaa-issue-2-25.jpg)

File: 38800d443dd6546⋯.jpg (701.53 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-vs-kaa-issue-2-26.jpg)

File: 2c9e663a0d313cc⋯.jpg (743.24 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-vs-kaa-issue-2-27.jpg)

File: dc6be1c0bac27a8⋯.jpg (650.04 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-vs-kaa-issue-2-28.jpg)

File: 4f6ed8227510fd6⋯.jpg (673.75 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-vs-kaa-issue-2-29.jpg)


File: 93924b8c5003d8f⋯.jpg (720.2 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-vs-kaa-issue-2-30.jpg)

File: 4b43228611891df⋯.jpg (616.78 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-vs-kaa-issue-2-31.jpg)

File: 1cac43402545958⋯.jpg (582.86 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, kim-vs-kaa-issue-2-32.jpg)


File: af766361dd20ba4⋯.jpg (693.11 KB, 792x1224, 11:17, t01.jpg)

File: e73d833065ac779⋯.jpg (864.75 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T02.jpg)

File: cb7a8d9b709e124⋯.jpg (885.48 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T03.jpg)

File: c7b07cb012f04d7⋯.jpg (856.52 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T04.jpg)

File: 67e19241c22e61f⋯.jpg (760.89 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T05.jpg)


File: d141773391ba47c⋯.jpg (679.08 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T06.jpg)

File: 7c708c6399bde89⋯.jpg (720.88 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T07.jpg)

File: 4b65ee86964eace⋯.jpg (641.3 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T08.jpg)

File: 93256fbade4e027⋯.jpg (669.65 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T09.jpg)

File: f5963663550b586⋯.jpg (558.91 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T10.jpg)


File: e7457c85f7feaf0⋯.jpg (692.14 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T11.jpg)

File: 22e08d2dbf7d206⋯.jpg (769.32 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T12.jpg)

File: 918d467f629b74a⋯.jpg (897.86 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T13.jpg)

File: bec452642b32a6e⋯.jpg (824.04 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T14.jpg)

File: d6567511f964ba1⋯.jpg (757.34 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T15.jpg)


File: 8bfd14271daba71⋯.jpg (824.82 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T16.jpg)

File: 7b19fa749b4e35b⋯.jpg (820.51 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T17.jpg)

File: 23f30e067b863f6⋯.jpg (782.14 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T18.jpg)

File: 73e15c85d9e2148⋯.jpg (814.2 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T19.jpg)

File: 1cb3f07aae1b52a⋯.jpg (780.82 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T20.jpg)


File: 8283eb063166f2c⋯.jpg (991.25 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T21.jpg)

File: a0662338d7fba2d⋯.jpg (890.07 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T22.jpg)

File: b67ceeab63da4e7⋯.jpg (896.24 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T23.jpg)

File: c2f8f4a7b1849d7⋯.jpg (920.8 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, T24.jpg)


File: 9a206933c95d8b0⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 913x1411, 11:17, tarzan-kaa-2-00.jpg)

File: 250d5cad9216520⋯.jpg (840.42 KB, 828x1280, 207:320, tarzan-kaa-2-01.jpg)

File: 5b3264da0d11236⋯.jpg (657.55 KB, 828x1280, 207:320, tarzan-kaa-2-02.jpg)

File: a739d153efb156e⋯.jpg (1013.85 KB, 828x1280, 207:320, tarzan-kaa-2-03.jpg)

File: ff03610fdd522ae⋯.jpg (896.16 KB, 828x1280, 207:320, tarzan-kaa-2-04.jpg)


File: abea4a21bfcdead⋯.jpg (731.05 KB, 828x1280, 207:320, tarzan-kaa-2-05.jpg)

File: ac5b22c4e4fd4fe⋯.jpg (720.14 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, tarzan-kaa-2-06.jpg)

File: 5454e5df8155834⋯.jpg (874.34 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, tarzan-kaa-2-07.jpg)

File: 6887b1063690e2d⋯.jpg (746.08 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, tarzan-kaa-2-08.jpg)

File: 51869207f51e686⋯.jpg (766.91 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, tarzan-kaa-2-09.jpg)


File: 40458a4dded0b50⋯.jpg (730.7 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, tarzan-kaa-2-10.jpg)

File: c7347fe3b6642ac⋯.jpg (725.62 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, tarzan-kaa-2-11.jpg)

File: 915ef56ca51d7bb⋯.jpg (761.01 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, tarzan-kaa-2-12.jpg)

File: 6739bc668790b43⋯.jpg (677.07 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, tarzan-kaa-2-13.jpg)

File: 3882a5677f40401⋯.jpg (772.01 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, tarzan-kaa-2-14.jpg)


File: 33f08091bb0361f⋯.jpg (834.13 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, tarzan-kaa-2-15.jpg)

File: 42ed9acbe80d891⋯.jpg (648.31 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, tarzan-kaa-2-16.jpg)

File: 63df12deba43389⋯.jpg (840.39 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, tarzan-kaa-2-17.jpg)

File: 9b1c870474230f9⋯.jpg (890.31 KB, 913x1411, 11:17, tarzan-kaa-2-18.jpg)



I don't see one named Street Fucker, unless you mean the one with Chun-Li and Poison.



Seeing I did not get a reference point, I'll start back at page 1, just need to eat first.



Ah better yet, found the found the first 31 pages here: https://e-hentai.org/g/1120864/5be17fa141/

That saves me some time…


File: 2e0ee8093f6850b⋯.jpg (727.12 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_31.jpg)

File: ce55aecf9a24a0a⋯.jpg (632.93 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_32.jpg)

File: 95ecd0c065cdd00⋯.jpg (823.1 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_33.jpg)

File: 23830f13d378995⋯.jpg (793.19 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_34.jpg)

File: 23fa6cc22eef909⋯.jpg (728.78 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_35.jpg)


File: 3931b4889f4e038⋯.jpg (669.34 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_36.jpg)

File: cdbe7fcc25ebd82⋯.jpg (768.75 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_37.jpg)

File: 5d2ced36c07938f⋯.jpg (832.12 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_38.jpg)

File: 0b612e1bc1b5a65⋯.jpg (708.49 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_39.jpg)

File: cb690ff3f2e6b8c⋯.jpg (790.34 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_40.jpg)


File: d8440fc0100da41⋯.jpg (766.19 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_41.jpg)

File: b8e0e3a1d7b8ccb⋯.jpg (764.65 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_42.jpg)

File: 4cc2b1d0debadd8⋯.jpg (719.05 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_43.jpg)

File: ccc218902fa13a6⋯.jpg (802.18 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_44.jpg)

File: 745177355c543ea⋯.jpg (811.81 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_45.jpg)


File: 962209c7e56d101⋯.jpg (853.11 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_46.jpg)

File: 7f75648d9b09c5b⋯.jpg (766.04 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_47.jpg)

File: 257213d7dd06036⋯.jpg (756.88 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_48.jpg)

File: 4e178d67640d924⋯.jpg (728.86 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_49.jpg)

File: 46666323cb3b168⋯.jpg (766.87 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_50.jpg)


File: 0039af6bf66036e⋯.jpg (827.23 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_51.jpg)

File: b53708518efee90⋯.jpg (747.39 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_52.jpg)

File: 973782f103d4227⋯.jpg (741.89 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_53.jpg)

File: 88960305cf4c02c⋯.jpg (845.87 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_54.jpg)

File: 36ec5ba7ef70a76⋯.jpg (853.08 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_55.jpg)


File: 05bb904901f5c64⋯.jpg (842.97 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_56.jpg)

File: 74118440da6457f⋯.jpg (745.6 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_57.jpg)

File: 8cdb817f2fffb86⋯.jpg (698.55 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_58.jpg)

File: 1d07a5d96d9cf45⋯.jpg (803.41 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_59.jpg)

File: de10a22e621fa68⋯.jpg (746.85 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_60.jpg)


File: 4c66441ea4cc1e5⋯.jpg (589.53 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_61.jpg)

File: d24e9918c94ad59⋯.jpg (755.05 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_62.jpg)

File: 83c747f8c09e3ac⋯.jpg (813.99 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_63.jpg)

File: eb9fd5f04fb4218⋯.jpg (744.74 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_64.jpg)

File: 78e27cbbec35719⋯.jpg (776.69 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_65.jpg)


File: 57844551cb71d44⋯.jpg (751.14 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_66.jpg)

File: 89e0cfa23d9f482⋯.jpg (704.17 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_67.jpg)

File: e9a651463a5fb01⋯.jpg (745.33 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_68.jpg)

File: 2ed731671f52a17⋯.jpg (751.94 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_69.jpg)

File: 0f3656a2f99d6f1⋯.jpg (722.58 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_70.jpg)


File: a92f956ceae8d66⋯.jpg (704.41 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_71.jpg)

File: ff8e2b539fd57dd⋯.jpg (742.29 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_72.jpg)

File: 7b50a8cd798aca2⋯.jpg (655.42 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_73.jpg)

File: 9a16f543c0d9c00⋯.jpg (741.34 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_74.jpg)

File: c05efcb1f7b25f1⋯.jpg (679.56 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_75.jpg)


File: 92498d457c0b966⋯.jpg (792.33 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_76.jpg)

File: 32a2e9315f39d5b⋯.jpg (665.99 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_77.jpg)

File: 25bf0b544b9f07e⋯.jpg (640.24 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_78.jpg)

File: 5d71eb27c98659e⋯.jpg (682.23 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_79.jpg)

File: 29c5fd8e61d9e94⋯.jpg (608.83 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_80.jpg)


File: 1ece2d65d02cb0c⋯.jpg (569.18 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_81.jpg)

File: e5ab1aa14de265f⋯.jpg (686.63 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_82.jpg)

File: 2d64a3643c78218⋯.jpg (675.78 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_83.jpg)

File: 629be68a2b1d67c⋯.jpg (633.53 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_84.jpg)

File: 2c6d0a4762cd336⋯.jpg (640.71 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_85.jpg)


File: 9c87e521aea9b8e⋯.jpg (548.78 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_86.jpg)

File: 771d419bf0277db⋯.jpg (840.45 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_87.jpg)

File: 5207902c75dac8a⋯.jpg (923.5 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_88.jpg)

File: 056069181404e71⋯.jpg (733.94 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_89.jpg)

File: d30d9b7cca9b750⋯.jpg (722.74 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_90.jpg)


File: ca08b1aa08061fd⋯.jpg (791.9 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_91.jpg)

File: 9d8c4c4a862b223⋯.jpg (777.15 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 2Charmcaster_92.jpg)


Alright, I'm done for today. I'm still up for requests that I will upload tomorrow.



Thank you kind person.

Any chance of the newest comic they are working on?