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File: 8628f000f9ba083⋯.png (59 KB, 646x442, 19:13, FOBS image.png)

File: 380b6b3f7806770⋯.png (169.94 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, FOBS2.png)


Last Thread Archive: https://archive.is/1jFVZ

>What is it?

FoBS, or Forest of Blue Skin, is an HGame made by Zell999 where you control a shota in a world where you can beat and capture or get raped by monster girls. You can capture these monster girls by performing certain actions and attaining skills, and using them in interesting ways. Updates usually every couple of months, the builds of the game right now are free as it is still in development. The dev intends to sell the game once development on it reaches a certain point.

>How do I get it?

For the current version at the time of this posting, you can go to https://ux.getuploader.com/fobs2/download/13 for version 1.13a. You will need to paste the password in the password field under the URL, which is fobs113930. It is a good idea to check his blog listed below for newer updates. The passwords (if there are any) and other alternate download mirrors are usually listed on the same blog post. If there is a new version released, first thing you should do before posting about it is going to the blog and getting it yourself.

>Where is it normally so I can check up on it myself?


It helps to have a translation browser extension to translate specific highlighted text. I usually post images of the blogposts translated if it is something worth mentioning.

>Help! I want to know how to…

https://pastebin.com/SFfa6W00 is a pastebin written by a fellow anon as a general guide on how to play, as well as a majority of the monsters. However, this guide is outdated by a few versions.




Information on monsters in this version as well as ones not in the first pastebin can be found in the archive.


File: 5d2d96eca385264⋯.jpg (136.05 KB, 804x555, 268:185, 92a3ce0851fef1ffce51bb3b8f….jpg)

This is the only game left being developed at the moment that gives me hope for the future of H games.

What with Rampant patreon kikery

Oversaturation of text/Trainer games

And with Nyaa going down and all


File: 295e0983ad38f23⋯.jpg (81.63 KB, 637x496, 637:496, 1409075041548.jpg)


>That Frankenstein girl

tfw zell will never implement the purple Futademon he has lying around


>update after update

>Still no Spidergirl

The content poll he has is depressing catgirls and furshit always leading…

its enough to make a man sick



You have no idea how much I want that. Gender bender with futa dom is pretty high up in my list.



Thankfully japanese seem to have better taste than usual weebboard futa sissy degenerates.

Yes, I am stirring shitstorm. Just a bit.



Implying that's an incorrect opinion


I'm still waiting on the cat ghost that turns the protag into a woman


Has the game always run this slow or am I having framerate issues? I haven't played since 1.10 so I may just be misremembering.


File: 5ccfd741b33b7ac⋯.gif (2.54 MB, 286x180, 143:90, Really.gif)




Choose one and only one.



>He doesn't like corruption/demons, tf, genderbend or futa

That's too bad, it's a lot of fun.


>Thankfully japanese seem to have better taste

where do you think I get half or more of my porn from? If you're going to shitpost at least do it better thanks.


Version 1.13b is out. Along with bug fixes, it apparently added a new panel for the little devil. Anyone know where it is?


File: 35c60b022dd2c21⋯.webm (3.19 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Russian MMO.webm)


>1.13a 170 MB

>1.13b 102 MB



File: fa59f2149b5a74d⋯.png (27.3 KB, 610x322, 305:161, Capture.PNG)

1.13b was released as a bugfix update. Seems another panel was added in as well.


Password is fobs1131010



how the fuck did I not see your post


File: 6b7e4673ffe8db9⋯.png (39.87 KB, 634x477, 634:477, Petit Devil Panel Location.png)



Found it surprisingly easily. Notice the embellishment under the stick? Walk under there, and it automatically takes you to the panel.


File: e2f965f7ecee9eb⋯.png (3.42 KB, 83x123, 83:123, icon.png)

Oh neat he changed the application icon for 1.13b


>still no blowjob ogre

>still can't capture pink slime

>still no cow paizuri


File: 0ced0655521eea3⋯.png (70.95 KB, 635x479, 635:479, bunny_icon.png)

Just got the bunny icon. Free warp to home base but there's also a sign with the same icon past the red and black doors in the area with the press trap girls.


Does anyone have an updated guide or a full save for 1.13a or 1.13b? The one in the OP is outdated. I'd rather not try and figure out how to capture everything (or if you even can), but if I must…



this (should) have everything but let me know if i missed something



File: 7e4a2804057c8d9⋯.gif (16.37 KB, 180x180, 1:1, minotauro.gif)


>still no a fuckload of sprites he made but not implemented

It's easier to say this.






So sad TOR posting yields 504 errors.

Gonna be pasting more on nntpchan



The game keeps crashing on me on the latest version. Anyone else?




maybe you should use it in front of that shrine


Came in here to point out the bitch who yells at you and who's ass you slap is my favorite.



Run as admin. What OS you using?


When are we finally going to get the much needed english translation for this?



Why though? Japanese is succinct enough tbph, I rather have emojis/images for universal understanding


Zell is having a new poll guys. From what I gather, he's trying to find what everyone's favorite monster is, and what monsters people want to see added. He also says that people should feel free to comment about any animations they would like to see.




So, we have to reply in Japanese, otherwise he wouldn't get it? Also should we link this silly thread pn the comments?



It's a shame I can't give my reasons since I don't speak moon.



I'm running it as admin and Win7.




Sorry, turns out to be a driver issue.


File: 476c8c2bf7e615c⋯.png (85.06 KB, 615x425, 123:85, Capture.PNG)


Little late, but here's the post.



ありがとうございました! >>133268




is this Google translate crap?!?

neat quints btw



You can vote multiple characters, right?


File: c5238a6203286fc⋯.jpeg (57.79 KB, 398x542, 199:271, madaraki_fran.jpeg)


Remember to vote for Franken.


File: c95bc08086392b1⋯.jpg (249.74 KB, 816x816, 1:1, 1347439086745.jpg)


File: 6d3885ae846bbcb⋯.gif (8.46 KB, 160x160, 1:1, ImagePreviewA.gif)

File: ced6c482e531fb7⋯.png (357.51 KB, 681x416, 681:416, War... has changed.png)

>haven't played the game since 1.09b

>finally retake it now on 1.13b

>lot's of new spunk marauders

>get to the latest forest zone with the wooden bridges

>there's a girl with a thick blue tail, looks like a dragon-kin

>approach her

>she hits me with her tail and knocks me back like a sack of shit


>start flogging my holy sword

>building up my holy water

>timing my tactical fluid launch, waiting for her attack to finish


>she quickly fends off my cum with her tail

War has changed.


>download new FoBS

>Music doesn't work

>None of it

>Sound effects do tho

>Check older versions

>Music also not working

What do?



Install Adobe AIR.



>complains about catgirls and furshit

>while expressing a wish for one of the objectively worst monstergirls there is

It's like complaining about watersports porn while simultaneously talking about how much you want scat porn.



Installed/Updated, still no music and missing some sound effects. :(

Please help, I need my fix.



Install the Javasoft runtime.

What is your OS?



Javasoft? You mean update Java? All I could find in Google and it did nothing.

Windows 10.



Alright try this and report back if it works.


Or try to install the Greasedog (x64) package for Windows.

Let's hope this works.


File: b676934c0d2ad81⋯.webm (234.54 KB, 1012x1080, 253:270, [angry_oni_noises].webm)

The fucking batgirl gave me less trouble than the white rabbits in the slot machine.



No good (plz no virusarino), and Google shows me nothing for Greasedog.

Still broken. :(


File: 353f2bc8ca1f95a⋯.webm (7.35 MB, 640x345, 128:69, Anon tech support.webm)


Alright, i have triangulated your problem.

>Step 1:

Click "Start," type "cmd" and press the "Ctrl," "Shift" and "Enter" keys together to load the Command Prompt console with administrative privileges.

>Step 2:

Type "takeown /f C:\Windows\Rule32" and press "Enter" to take ownership of the Rule32 folder.

>Step 3:

Type "Icacls C:\Windows\Rule32 " and press "Enter" to give yourself rights to delete the "Rule32" folder.

>Step 4:

Close the Command Prompt console by typing "Exit" and then pressing "Enter."

>Step 5:

Close all applications that are running on your computer.

>Step 6:

Double-click the "Computer" icon on the Windows desktop to open "Windows Explorer."

>Step 7:

Double-click the icon labeled "Local Disk C:" and then enter the folder labeled "Windows."

>Step 8:

Select the folder labeled "Rule32" by clicking on it.

>Step 9:

Press the "Shift" and "Del" keys together and click "Yes" on the "Delete Folder" confirmation dialog box to delete the "Rule32" folder. Click "Yes to All" on any "File Delete" dialog boxes that you encounter during the file deletion process.



>tfw no alternate slot machine girl gallery animation where she's masturbating with her leg up against a wall like during the fight


File: 3baaa76d0f37956⋯.png (116.38 KB, 479x347, 479:347, mondo_cool.png)


For the people worried that he doesn't read english suggestions, don't be.

Zell is a good man, i see him reading and replying to english tweets, he most likely translates them with google, but still a nice touch on his part.

So, go write your suggestion, he's gonna read it even if it's in english.

Vote for Shadow Demon



Poll won't load for me. I tried all my browsers so I don't know what the problem is.



Must be your connection, try another DNS.




where is the fox girl tile? its not where its supposed to be.



>fox girl

Which one?


I'm not sure I get how to capture the Cyclops Witch. The pastebin says to just approach her quickly via Forest/Kappa and then cover her, but that doesn't seem to work at all.


File: 91aea0206568740⋯.png (43.72 KB, 640x480, 4:3, masturbating_SlotMachG.png)


But there's exactly that. Just masturbate in front of her and she'll join in.

There's also other interactions if you try it with other girls. Not all of them have interesting stuff though.



Oh, I posted how on ghostbin link >>132842

Btw, anyone updating it?

I think the only 2 I'm missing is singing sprite and caterpillar from dense forest 3, after black scorpion girl


File: fdc7400dcc9b276⋯.jpg (70.84 KB, 460x401, 460:401, Fran trying to decypher wh….jpg)


>black scorpion girl


File: 44832b4b5e0ef3b⋯.png (58.25 KB, 615x351, 205:117, Capture.PNG)



Does it really matter?



Fuck, I'm retarded. Thanks m8, I'll have to give others a try



Caterpillar is not capturable yet


Are the red harpies capturable?




How about brown harpies?


File: 7c627b7334eedf4⋯.png (34.88 KB, 636x400, 159:100, Lost.png)

I've tried just about everything I can think of with these, but I always just end up where I started. What am I missing here?



It's the answer to a puzzle elsewhere in the area.



Oh. Thanks.




I'm not fond of the room I have now found myself in. That hopefully last burst of asses to remember fucks me up.



It has stopped fucking me up. Fuck me I'm blind sometimes.



Was getting a 'wave file' error on Linux, but now I'm getting no error but also no sound. Any ideas?



Sauce on the doujin ma dude? Not getting any hits on reverse image searchers.




also requesting source


File: 4de87359197b1a0⋯.webm (501.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, WRONG! .webm)

File: e97c561e0d48402⋯.gif (184.33 KB, 640x480, 4:3, fuck japs.gif)

File: cc182bb8063a637⋯.png (53.66 KB, 802x945, 802:945, fuck japs2.PNG)

File: 23166e91c46b8fa⋯.png (253.05 KB, 300x385, 60:77, fuckasians.png)

File: cffb1c90c893ece⋯.webm (1.09 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, [distant_screaming].webm)


>Thankfully japanese seem to have better taste


The poll results are in.

The podium is literally presided by the least "monstrous" girls once again, one being a human puppeteer with magic powers and the other two just having cat hears and tail, fucking japs.

The second row is decent, but still underwhelming.

The third row is the best one and probably where most of the western votes went to.

Here's the results:


But the most jarring thing about this poll is the third section, do you notice something? Yes, the japs fucking hate the big girls.

>Franken under 500 votes



>Only 2 of the girls I voted for made it to the podium

ah, well.



>tfw you did it manually the first time

I might have autism because it did it on my third try.


File: 65eb00e8af1ea7f⋯.png (141.05 KB, 296x290, 148:145, increasingdiscomfort.png)


>Puppeteer is first place

Also the fucking new girls list

>All slimes are low, with Clay Golem being in last place

>The blue thing with two blades has more votes than most most monsters

>The 2 most voted are cutting boards

For what reason.



>one being a human puppeteer with magic powers

Well fuck everything. I was going to make a point about how people might still have voted for her because of the dolls she is using on you. But then I saw the dolls were actually separate choices (I'm happy to see the fellatio one got the most votes out of those at least).

Thus far I like that Zell took chances on some weirder monster girls. Here's hoping the poll won't have too much influence on that.


File: a24682c269c24fd⋯.jpg (19.61 KB, 139x188, 139:188, rage.jpg)


>????1&2 didn't make it in again


File: 69dc9c1f1ee2e92⋯.jpg (284.79 KB, 800x900, 8:9, Christ's Sake.jpg)


This, Jesus Christ.


File: f4907e114372ef8⋯.jpg (15.79 KB, 409x406, 409:406, 22688713_138588500125628_7….jpg)


>puppeteer being first


File: 1c9bf1260147934⋯.gif (516.21 KB, 500x281, 500:281, the anger is unbearable.gif)


>bech girl in 3rd place



Fuck you too, japland.


File: 9149f9f5e7c2a63⋯.jpg (149.86 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ASAP.jpg)


>1st: flatchest with petite body

>2nd: flatchest with petite body (already has an alternative animation)

>3rd: flatchest with petite body (already has an alternative animation)


File: 1addb2dbc6af76e⋯.png (121.53 KB, 334x552, 167:276, 1addb2dbc6af76e250bea2b84a….png)


Japan's internet is full of normalfags at this point, so this doesn't surprise me at all, then again, this whole thing started because anon thinks a futa demon is somehow good taste and not the most gay shit ever. Japan still holds better taste, even if a bit misguided, voting for the most normal looking girls in a game about monstergirls, but that's ok, because those at top have the best fucking scenes.


I don't get all the hate for this. Those 3 qualify for the top 5 of best scenes in the game, sure, both ???? also have pretty great scenes, but I see why normalfags be attracted to that and not the most human looking girls.


>He doesn't like lolicon

Now this is shit taste.



There isn't a shittier taste than lolicon.


File: 7df5a0b9b8de4b2⋯.jpg (2.82 MB, 3777x5166, 1259:1722, 7df5a0b9b8de4b28a2c3c6fcac….jpg)





>Male niggers

>Orgies with just one female

I can go on. Lolies are one of the most tame fetishes, is like saying anal is shit taste.



They share the shittiest spot.


File: 491c85f56d7b031⋯.jpg (122.54 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 1093769.jpg)


That's not how it works, nigger. Also, good job not providing arguments.



It's simply biology. Unfit for bearing children. Because they're children.


File: 7afbbbc611d22f8⋯.gif (239.83 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 7afbbbc611d22f85a68aa3e738….gif)


>Humans only have sex for reproduction purposes

Do you want me to post dolphin porn too?



You may, but it won't change my view that lolis are not for lewd.


File: a8e5c4c5b8869d7⋯.jpg (39.3 KB, 597x531, 199:177, 12249968.jpg)


It will not change the fact that you are a faggot with shit taste either, but I can't do miracles.



But in truth, you're the one with shit taste. Don't even need miracles to figure that one out.


File: d4e83d911dd4d8e⋯.png (306.8 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1424039438229.png)


Nice argument, anon. Does having shit taste and not liking lolis also makes you a retard?



cute girl and not him but I'd dispute some of those. I'm all for promoting NTR as a fetish for nonwhites. Diapers are basically lolicons in denial, so probably a bit less shit.

Not sure about male niggers, does anyone even have that fetish? Maybe some sort of trannies or something, as far as I can tell it's a forced meme by people just trying to trigger you.



Why not try to make your own argument? You've only ever claimed that lolis for some reason are for lewd. But never why. I've already made one point as to why not, but you've not made a single one about why.

Go on.


File: 283bb38d7b36ee8⋯.jpg (83.64 KB, 850x760, 85:76, 10394025.jpg)


>I'm all for promoting NTR as a fetish for nonwhites

I actually like that idea, in which case it would be just netori for whites, and there's nothing wrong with netori.

>Diapers are basically lolicons in denial

I wouldn't be so sure. Pretty sure lolicons aren't into infantilization as much as diaper fags. You can say that diaper fags are kind of into age play and age regression more than lolicon itself, and they are the kind of faggots that would be into oppai loli alone.


My argument is composed of the pics I've posted so far, anon. They are lolis, and they are lewd and sexy. If it doesn't do anything for you, you're probably the one with a problem.



If anything, lolis serve only as a bonerkill for me. Lolis simply do not hold any lewd purpose to me.

Vag and ass too tight and underdeveloped, so it would only be a painful experience for them. Breasts, also, are far too underdeveloped. I'm all for small breasts, but non existant, and at that point, you might as well go marvel at the chest of a man.


File: 3499a51135d439a⋯.png (98.45 KB, 500x303, 500:303, stop-my-penis-can-only-get….png)


> Vag and ass too tight and underdeveloped, so it would only be a painful experience for them. Breasts, also, are far too underdeveloped


File: e11880e22f46338⋯.png (461.96 KB, 631x776, 631:776, 544954.png)


If it doesn't hold any lews purpose FOR YOU, then it's subjective, and that's your problem, but objectively there's no reason to say lolicon is shit taste, in fact, is quite the contrary. Younger women, specially before and during puberty are usually more cute and easily more horny than post puberty. Their bodies are easy to move around so they can be used as cock sleeves and so on. The only problem would be legal, and that's even more subjective. Lolis are benefits after benefits.

>Vag and ass too tight

If this is a problem for you you're probably a faggot and those walls can easily adapt with a lot of use while keeping enough tightness to feel fantastic, both for you and for them, in fact, their state of horniness make them a lot more sensible. There's not such a thing as non existent breasts. even the flattest of flattest girls or underdeveloped girl have soft tissue in the breasts, which is still fantastic to fondle. Guys chests don't have that kind of soft tissue unless you have manboobs, and that defeats the point of flat chests.

Seems like you're just misinformed of the whole thing. It's not too late to wake up.



If that's something to wake up to, then i'd rather dream unendingly.


File: 541687172c3f737⋯.jpg (402.81 KB, 769x1200, 769:1200, 1390776157579.jpg)


Then don't get mad when you're told you have shit taste.



From my point of view, you're the one with unerring shit taste. Hope you start dreaming some day.


File: bc46eaf9bc25c82⋯.jpg (130.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1548031.jpg)


See >>138342

Objectively you have shit taste and you have not proved that wrong, you reduce your argument to subjective shit, I don't give a shit about your point of view, and you shouldn't give a shit about mine either, but facts exists regardless of your shitty point of view, and the fact is that lolis are great, so no wonder they won, which makes you a guy with shit taste for not liking them.



You say that they won, but they obviously lost. Otherwise, the law would be different, wouldn't it?

Unless you live in an islamic region. In which case I pity you.



See >>137128

The 3 most popular characters are lolis. Explain that.

>The law

Kek, sure thing, anon, because arbitrary rules whose objective is to keep society in check is an argument against how pleasurable lolis are. You do know that laws tend to vary not only by country but also by age? You didn't need to be a sand-nigger to marry a child 100 years ago, it was common practice.



Maybe in incestuous noble families.

To me, the act of sex has to be pleasurable to both parts involved, not just yourself. I suppose a pedophile would have a hard time wrapping his head around that. Anyway, it's getting late. Sleep tight.


File: 0b8109da418cdf4⋯.png (532.07 KB, 1240x605, 248:121, 1355023994427.png)


>To me, the act of sex has to be pleasurable to both parts involved, not just yourself

See >>138342

>If this is a problem for you you're probably a faggot and those walls can easily adapt with a lot of use while keeping enough tightness to feel fantastic, both for you and for them, in fact, their state of horniness make them a lot more sensible

You seem to be a misinformed faggot incapable of comprehend the fact that pre-pubescent girls can feel pleasure. I hope you choke in your shit taste and misinformation while you sleep.


y'all are fucked up pedos


File: 871a2d60165c50c⋯.png (556.6 KB, 640x480, 4:3, this dog bites fascists.png)


I'm glad I've convinced you that it's OK to release lots of pro-NTR materials in non-western languages (in fact it seems they are in general predisposed to the thing), but I've read some of your other posts and are you unironically trying to convince people to be lolicons?

Regardless of the whether or not it is superior, it's a dream of a thing anon, you can't do it and live in any civilized nation. Better not to consider it, much like it's better to avoid developing good taste in food/booze since it effectively just makes your costs go up. I'm not that other guy and I'm not going to follow whatever logic there is on whether or not lolicon-ness is superior, but I'm saying to you, don't go there because there is only suffering. Not worth it, only advantage is being able to be smug about it, and you can be smug about other things if you feel so inclined.



I'm not saying you should go around molesting children, because that's illegal for plenty of reasons, but just because it's illegal doesn't make it inherently bad. That's the more reason to like lolicon in a 2D format, And don't worry, I did go that route and there was absolutely no downside to it, not for me nor for her, and we are both fairly normal now. All my argument is reduced to the fact that there is nothing wrong with lolicon other than it being illegal, just like how incest is illegal, and yet there's a really high demand for it in the porn industry, and the reason is fucking obvious.

But you're right, some people shouldn't wake up, but that isn't an excuse for not liking fictional lolies, specially when you have things like loli vampires that are technically older than you.



Well you're right anon, but I would point to the fact that there is plenty wrong with illegal things, specifically the illegal part. Not that, there is anything illegal about liking cartoon characters of whatever particular style, at least not in what passes for the free nations of the world.

My point in general is one you touched on in your post, that it's really better for most people not to develop taste in certain things, much like it is better not to develop a taste for expensive wines if you can hardly afford to pay rent. Yes it may objectively be a superior taste, but your net enjoyment will be lower due to life restrictions (in the wine example: scarcity due to costs).

I think it should be up to the individual which tastes they choose to refine and that you should ruthlessly and with deliberation repress development of taste in areas which are inadvantageous.

But that's just my opinion, so take it to mean what you will.



To follow up I am not implying that legality is implying any sort of moral basis. Simply that as a member of society is it preferable to avoid doing illegal activities when possible, that if you believe in the democratic process there is some legitimacy in the morality of the laws passed (that is, they were put into place by elected officials), and that it's just plain convenient not to do illegal things. So it's wrong in that sense. Not trying to get biblical or preachy, don't get me wrong.

Anyway, this has gone for plenty long enough already.



flat chest is best chest, I don't even like loli.


File: 688742877ca6ae5⋯.gif (830.54 KB, 240x228, 20:19, clint-eastwood-disgusted-g….gif)

>Younger women, specially before and during puberty are usually more cute and easily more horny than post puberty.

>I'm not saying you should go around molesting children, because that's illegal for plenty of reasons, but just because it's illegal doesn't make it inherently bad. That's the more reason to like lolicon in a 2D format, And don't worry, I did go that route and there was absolutely no downside to it, not for me nor for her, and we are both fairly normal now.


I just want to masturbate to animated woman, why the fuck do you people got to be irl sex offenders.



ITT; a bunch of nerds convince themselves that it's actually good and right to want to fuck children.


Can we go back to talking about monster girls now


File: 04e4b72c633d310⋯.jpg (20.26 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 650.jpg)


Bench girl's scenes are lame compared to every other girl in the game though.

I can understand voting for catgirl thief because she has great scenes, and puppeteer's are halfway-decent, but bench girl is just a placeholder, and thus she has no business even showing up, let alone being in the top 3.



Footjob, sure, is shit, easily the worse scene of the game, even when the means of getting it is kinda hot, but the other one is god tier, and it's a decent reward for your time It would be nice that, if the game is finished, they'd pull an Eroico on the bench girl, put her as "place holder" in the last boss room and make her suddenly transform in the last boss


Sure. Remember those 2 lolis and the flat-chested kemono girl .


File: 825999595821307⋯.png (179.31 KB, 365x765, 73:153, thefuck.png)

What happened to this thread.


Man, I just wanted more poison lizard and hungry oni instead of yet more cat thief animations. Is that too much to ask?



Poison lizard is top tier.


File: 53e43705888756b⋯.jpg (61.46 KB, 342x500, 171:250, solemn judgement.jpg)


Mental Olympics and Virtual Paedophilia.



More like moralfags VS animated not existant girls

The soon the moralfag die burning the sooner we actually evolve as a species

ps, not caring about loli



>ps, not caring about loli

Uh oh, watch out, now they are going to call you a fenceshitter.





>Perfectly ok with loli

>Thread derailed more then enough

<Let's derail it some more, fencesitter! (Not even spelling it right, you fag)

Don't you have something better to do?

Like actually expression opinions relevant to the thread, far far away from here?


Don't you prude people have a forum all for your own? Oh right, trash



calls other people moralfags while trying to enforce his own morals. get the fuck out of here dawg. Your fetish is garbage and so are your opinions.


File: 878b095c008fde8⋯.gif (3.9 MB, 385x392, 55:56, de6.gif)

>Be animator

>See people throwing money at animation for popular animes, for less than minimum wage

>Steps in here for a moment

>Looks at net profits from MGQ and Breeding Season

Listening to these guys might actually make me some serious money and all I have to do is draw some 8-bit porn


File: d52fdcbff967fec⋯.gif (1.59 MB, 256x192, 4:3, Hank_has_had_enough.gif)

God fucking dammit.

I've been trying for hours to get this fucking game working in WINE and nothing is working. Always black screen with "Failed to open WAVE file" and "SE registration error" and nothing fucking working.

I've gotten this working in WINE before too on another computer but for the life of me can't on this one.



File: 794df1829129a36⋯.jpg (158.14 KB, 499x365, 499:365, whogivesashit_0_u18chan.jpg)


>What idiocy look like


File: 42014bb2144a5c8⋯.png (72.47 KB, 616x467, 616:467, ClipboardImage.png)

How to win against her? I simple cant hit.

Post last edited at



Wait until she stops moving, then hit her. After hitting her she'll adopt a counter stance. Wait until she gets out of it, and then she'll begin to walk. Rinse and repeat until she has been defeated.

Also I think she countered special abilities too but I'm not sure about that



Linux or mac? I can't for the life of me figure out how to get this to work on my linux box but was able to get it to work by installing wine with homebrew.



I'm not a linux pro but why use WINE instead of a virtual machine?



Do it. If you think you can do it at quality good enough to easily rival established artists in the market, then it's win-win - you get to be paid for stuff you do, we get quality porn.



Dude. If its something you like, and you can do it, just do it.

Patreon that shit, have no fear. We'll love you, you'll make money, pirates might pirate - but you'll do good.

Just so that we can recognize you as the anon in this thread, memorialize this post and whip it out when you're famous - because trust me - you'll be famous.



>Patreon that shit, have no fear. We'll love you, you'll make money, pirates might pirate

Fuck you. Only scammers and pieces of shit use Patreon, specially now after all their retarded rules. Seems like anon seems upfront about being an scammer, so he might as well, but if he does he will be labelled as he is, a piece of shit jewish scammer, and if he evers tries to brag about it in this board I'll be the first one to shitpost, derail the thread and use mental gymnastic to throw him off like towerfag.


Ok, I've got no idea how to replace a save file for the 1.13b version of this with another one. Instructions/insults?



Nevermind. I figured it out.



I mean, artists gotta eat. Imma pirate all shit but if he can find rubes to support him I will happily wish him luck in the endeavor. Its only when they start doing the patreon screw of "No updates this month guys (or the month after, or the month after) but thanks for the cash ^___^" that I wish for their death.



Sure, good luck with your $1500+ monthly monthly dinner. The only reason you'd have a patreon and there are plenty of better ways to get money for your project. It doesn't even have to do with the amount of updates you release, but simple no matter how much money you can win, it simply can't make you work better or faster, patreon system is just flawed from the beginning, and scammers knows this, so there's no way you can have a patreon without being an scammer yourself.

As I said, anon seems pretty upfront about scamming people, and as fun as it is to see faggots being scammed, is something that plunge this wanna be scene even deeper. Fuck anyone with a patreon.



>Nevermind. I figured it out.

>doesn't share how he did it


Is the green singing girl in dense forest 3 capturable?



Yes. To capture her, cum on her while she's singing, and while she is stunned, begin masturbating again, and when she spreads her arms cum on her again. Should make her capturable.


File: ae0b7e12a14bfba⋯.png (1.6 KB, 240x186, 40:31, 20171106204421a24.png)

Good things come to those who wait.



Been trying on Linux. I managed to get it working on a different machine also running Linux so I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.


Using an old x200 thinkpad, I have nowhere near the resources needed to be able to run a windows VM.


File: 957120e56cfb583⋯.jpg (611.67 KB, 974x1189, 974:1189, 20171119223315da5.jpg)

File: 3994913b9fec7d6⋯.jpg (62.57 KB, 600x865, 120:173, 20171119223646d17.jpg)


Fan art got posted. Most of it is shit.


Futa enemies when

I swear I posted this earlier, is my mind playing tricks on me?


File: 051685ca52675e5⋯.gif (7.59 KB, 140x140, 1:1, tfghostidle.gif)

File: bea4ddca11b1d11⋯.gif (15.76 KB, 172x109, 172:109, tfghostposess.gif)

File: 3e53c98786a5f1e⋯.gif (10.64 KB, 140x140, 1:1, tfghostsexakuma.gif)


zell had these gifs in separate posts on his fc2 blog from a couple of years ago that shows some sort of tf ghost that turns you female when she possesses you and your transformed self taking it from behind by a futa succubus.I don't know how exactly this plays out, but it could be implemented sometime in the future.

If you're hoping for some futa on male/male on futa future content, I wouldn't keep my hopes up. While zell has included a variety of sexual acts and fetishes, I don't think he'll have more than one penis owner at any time.


File: 380b6b3f7806770⋯.png (169.94 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, FOBS2.png)


Well, she IS in the official banner, along with other non-implemented girls.




If I remember correctly, the ghost was a choice on the poll for what characters people wanted to see added. Nothing certain, of course, but maybe we'll see her at some point soon.



the problem is that she can't come alone, she will need to come bundled with other monsters in her own area to fit that original idea.



Another idea would be retroactively fitting some or all of the other girls with extra animations for the female form.

Although that would be nice, it's probably not going to happen due to it being too much work.


File: b6cba65d9d8f5f8⋯.gif (1.59 MB, 386x343, 386:343, sr.gif)

wow such 90s innovation


File: 2a2558ac9a85362⋯.gif (10.33 KB, 210x210, 1:1, 201712021732431c7.gif)




You speak as if somehow people who'd shell out some cash on someone's Patreon would then be forced into indentured servitude or some shit. Not all Patreon people scam and with those who do, it's usually because there's shitload of gullible people. Wait a bit to see the update schedule before pledging your support, make sure you get your money's worth, if you're uncertain ensure that the patreon is taking money per release not just per time and that each release adds something good. Cancel your pledge if someone is doing some bullshit. Simple. I don't have any patreon but I did support people in the past and never even once I got fucked over.


File: 79bbac9f5e4147a⋯.gif (13.13 KB, 240x240, 1:1, 20171206011439d16.gif)


File: 6e6a53eb635866f⋯.mp4 (1.55 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, nice.mp4)


>more literal titty monsters




I want to stick my dick in every opening of her clothes. Both the titty window and the toeless legwear.


File: 3cfd2c5f870ceca⋯.gif (42.63 KB, 240x240, 1:1, eee.gif)

File: 755b8a806558a40⋯.gif (15.86 KB, 180x180, 1:1, feee.gif)

Small update showing off a "Mind Jacker" enemy, that seems to take control of you and jack you off. Apparently it will have "special capture requirements" Also more titty monster.


File: 89142c3323e0179⋯.gif (2 MB, 270x429, 90:143, 1438999551798.gif)

Praying for a snow area update before Christmas


File: 09279dcf25d6e77⋯.png (300.68 KB, 2042x1391, 2042:1391, Map 1.11b.1.png)

File: 45cb33a2317c390⋯.png (300.3 KB, 2042x1391, 2042:1391, Map 1.11b.1.1.png)

File: 29a448f46136d21⋯.png (384.46 KB, 2512x1261, 2512:1261, Map 1.11b.1.2.png)

File: ce6d777502f7f37⋯.png (391.74 KB, 2512x1301, 2512:1301, Map 1.11b.1.3.png)

File: 53fcf6e90e83aae⋯.png (392.47 KB, 2512x1301, 2512:1301, Map 1.11b.1.4.png)

>New thread

Did anyone ever expand that map I made a few months ago?



Sweet Jesus



it looks more complicated when you put it like that.


File: 69bd1a0994bf19b⋯.jpg (212.15 KB, 1218x1015, 6:5, huh.jpg)




File: a37753f2f46ca74⋯.jpg (25.02 KB, 400x500, 4:5, a37753f2f46ca74451b0c8531a….jpg)



>Better taste than futa

From the people who brought you "girl gets raped by obese smelly man 25"

Yeah okay



Not all Japs, specially since this is a popularity poll and not some niche shit company that always makes shit games Fuck you Black Lilith.



>Not all Japs

Sounds like a slogan.


File: 2b473cdb8898fac⋯.gif (12.62 KB, 210x210, 1:1, ririkafu.gif)


any idea how to get past the stone woman (gargoyle girl) that traps you in the room with gas? I tried everything in that room.

Also, there's a room outside of that where there's a gargoyle with different horns. What's the purpose of that room?




To get past the gargoyle (and capture her) you have to hit the gargoyle in the bottom left, middle of the middle column, and upper right. The room with the other gargoyle gives you the answer to that puzzle.


can someone post how to get to the marionette/doll controller boss plz cause I can't find her anywhere ;-;




No. Go away.


>>130999at least half look completely unfappable to me



To find the marionette controller, you need to go past the drop traps in the mansion and into the double doors at the end of the hallway. In that room, use the rabbit medallion to get to the boss.





anyone knows how to pass/capture the roach-thingies at rotland/swampland?



To get through the roaches, you need to jump on the platforms that have grass growing on them. At the end of the area, there's a hidden door with another roach inside. Cumming on her allows you to capture her.


File: f90f3e1dce27e39⋯.png (11.91 KB, 398x177, 398:177, tika.png)

Google translated blog update

"Regular report 1/7

happy New Year.

Currently we are working on making Yeti and underpass. Snowy mountains are going to be through the underpass.

As an adventure monster in the underpass, we are planning a mind jacker, Puyo devil, Franken etc …

It seems that it will take a long time as gimmicks are formed only after they are completed. The snowy mountain is about to touch.

I will make it carefully this year, so thank you."

So it sounds like we might get a content update after this area is finished, with at least 3 new enemy types, the Mind Jacker from >>152252 a "Puyo Devil" and a frankenstein-esque monster.

The picture is what he posted with it, the new area in question or something else he's working on? I don't know what "tika" means.


File: f492036387a5a6f⋯.gif (303.18 KB, 300x258, 50:43, aishanod.gif)

File: f492036387a5a6f⋯.gif (303.18 KB, 300x258, 50:43, aishanod.gif)

File: f492036387a5a6f⋯.gif (303.18 KB, 300x258, 50:43, aishanod.gif)

File: f492036387a5a6f⋯.gif (303.18 KB, 300x258, 50:43, aishanod.gif)

File: f492036387a5a6f⋯.gif (303.18 KB, 300x258, 50:43, aishanod.gif)





I just dled this and you're telling me all this work has to be done?



think of it this way, there's all this fapping to be done


Version 1.13c is out. It only added the evil bunny panel, some bug fixes, and some sex interactions because the snow area is taking a long time. Anyone know where the bunny panel is?




File: f4532c3077258f1⋯.png (85.86 KB, 656x538, 328:269, ぶるーすきんの森ver1.13c_2018-01-1….png)

File: 1be532a2b3a282a⋯.png (47.47 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ぶるーすきんの森ver1.13c_2018-01-1….png)

File: 1654de6f9f4e3ef⋯.png (52.87 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ぶるーすきんの森ver1.13c_2018-01-1….png)

File: ef9961a712522fa⋯.png (38.64 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ぶるーすきんの森ver1.13c_2018-01-1….png)


First door to the left of the shortcut into the pink area, behind a wall in the pumpkin ghost room. It's where the candles are in picture 4. It's actually extremely disappointing how easy it was to find after I spent a long time combing the upper floors.



Oh woops I didnt realize the first and second picture were basically the same, my bad.


File: 675ce9f802f620f⋯.png (24.04 KB, 603x377, 603:377, Screenshot_1.png)


Sorry i may be retared but where can i download 1.13c?

There isn't the usual link in post.



It was posted at https://elog.tokyo/action/game_355.html. The download link is above the comments.



Thank you!


File: b073dd39cd5a0c4⋯.png (7.6 KB, 290x174, 5:3, 1516226599905.png)

Seems the new Fobs update added two panels actually, the Evil Bunny as mentioned earlier, and the titty imp.

Anyone found that animation yet?


Anyone want my save i have every capture in the game (i'm uploading it as i type this)?



Room with mouse girl you need to beat either gargoyle or ass puzzle to get the lock open


File: 3bd4d36304859d7⋯.mp4 (455.76 KB, 640x480, 4:3, DS3bu8EUQAAkWtK.mp4)

File: cb9204e3c9d6294⋯.mp4 (144.27 KB, 640x480, 4:3, DS75FP6VQAAWxp3.mp4)

File: 67cf2c9e4319c26⋯.mp4 (135.13 KB, 640x480, 4:3, DTGVPncUQAIRM8-.mp4)

File: bd39d25fc19ce3a⋯.mp4 (285.3 KB, 640x480, 4:3, DTGXHFMV4AAt_IJ.mp4)

Keeping up with his twitter isnt a bad idea by the way, he posts updates there occasionally as well as videos like these. We got some yeti action, apparently they can hide under the snow some more of that shadow ball bat creature, and I don't think ive seen this dagger thrower before



>filling in the subject field

>asking if anyone wants the save instead of just posting it

This isn't a forum.




Thank you, anon.



Can we get a mega link or anything else atleast? shitty site detects download accelerators/split downloads and locks you out.



For any Linux users with this problem who didn't read the previous thread, try taking all the borked moonrunes out of the filenames and just change them to something like "FOBSv1.xx.whatever".

That way it should work fine in Wine, and I've even noticed that performance has improved slightly in v1.13, after area transitions had been slow as fuck in previous releases.

Back when someone in the previous thread made a full english translation for 1.09, that seemed to work perfectly.


Can pink slime girl be captured?



I'll update my game when this monsters patched in.



Not yet, but hopefully soon



I'll update mine when Futa Monsters are put in


File: 342e359c5deaced⋯.gif (41.43 KB, 119x300, 119:300, Good_920cfd_5380459.gif)

Very good.


File: 76e5d225255d96d⋯.png (163.65 KB, 1688x970, 844:485, good.PNG)


File: 72b37c224527215⋯.png (572.01 KB, 1402x942, 701:471, goood.PNG)



Is this save the one for the new version (1.13c)?


File: dd7f7f858bcb471⋯.png (32.77 KB, 467x289, 467:289, ClipboardImage.png)

ˢᵒ ˢᵒᵒᶰ⋅⋅⋅



Yep so far no one said i missed anything.


is this game actually worth playing?

got a bunch of the animations in webm form but the dude who was making webms quit.



Its alright. Plays like a sidescrolling collect-o-ton with no end objective except build a harem


File: 1ab8e6c9a48f103⋯.png (275.55 KB, 633x468, 211:156, unknown.png)


File: 9363fc428d84033⋯.mp4 (948.55 KB, 720x720, 1:1, DVhPweqVoAEU1VP.mp4)


I'm getting hyped for those girls


File: 79b8549ce51e259⋯.jpg (38.65 KB, 532x481, 532:481, DURO MONSTA KADO!.jpg)



I do it to appease my own assbergers, but people complained I was stealing downloads from the original and the translation was unnecessary.

I think if the author cared about baka gaijins playing his game, he would make a engrish version himself, it would take him 15 min tops.

So if anyone else enjoy playing without moonrunes, here it is the english translation of 1.13c:



This seems like an odd game to need a translation because there's barely any text and the abilities only take a few seconds to figure out even if you can't read what they do.



if mt, delete your post


File: 5eafd6b8b4e008e⋯.gif (2.55 MB, 600x338, 300:169, c38990173408b29e5f9af84c44….gif)


>so far no one said i missed anything

then I'll be the first to tell you you're missing shit

does anyone have an actual 100% save for 1.13c?



What's missing?




>Marionette girl

>Her dolls are sexier than her

Seems like an odd choice on her part.



She might be a female cuck



well it would also take like 5 minutes to translate for that reason.


File: 22f2dbe990a2e27⋯.png (932 B, 158x132, 79:66, 20180218205621375.png)


Zell recently said on his twitter he wants to try to release a new version in early March, hopefully we'll be seeing those new girls pretty soon.


File: 38ebb93ae301ac9⋯.png (21.12 KB, 606x303, 2:1, 1.PNG)


Did they change the map layout since 1.11? I don't remember the area to the right of the purple lizard slimes being full of cockroaches. Or the cockroaches in general. Getting lucky enough jumps to reach the end of that hallway reveals it to be a dead end, too. The guide doesn't seem to mention the area



>is 1.13 different from 1.11



not every version changes every area



a 1.11 guide isn't going to cover the areas added by 1.12 and 1.13



A good amount has changed since 1.11, but there's been enough discussion in this thread and on the monster board thread that any questions you have should be answered. If you can't find something, someone can most likely answer it for you. For example, the cockroach area isn't luck, you have to jump on the tiles where grass is growing to not fall in. And at the end of the hallway, there's a hidden door that takes you to a capturable cockroach.



7 underground new monsters became 7 (of which 6 can be captured and 1 infinite extinction). The snowy mountain remains 1 body. I'll upload it soon.

Update any day now friends


Version 1.14 is out boys


Let's get a guide on the new stuff going.


Anyone know how to get the Puyo Devil?

For the other six..

Knife Girl : Use Slime Wall against her knives for both the three normal and three gold, attack her when she closes her eyes to throw a bunch happily

Mind Jacker : Obviously use Kappa dash on the far left of the main room, hit the button and let one completely have their way with you, capturable after

Alarune : Use your holy water on her just before she throws out pollen

Frakengirl : First hit the button and run back to the main room ( or just run past if it opens up? Didn't try ). Then defeat Slime Boss-esque girl in the room past it's locked cage. Just run back and forth or jump and hit her 'til she goes down. Hit the button, done

Puzzle room : build up near them until the light above their head changes color. Should be the 2nd one in the room first then it's pretty obvious. Make sure you either -finish- the one at the bottom right of the room before going left or use Mask girls speed to hit the button or you'll be trapped with the one next to the very last button that will not let you go.

Yeti : Just block and make reads. No but seriously just hit her enough times and don't die.


Anyone know how to hit the button in the Alarune room?



Look for the Alarune with different grass.





File: 91a1223bfd517dd⋯.png (58.06 KB, 616x591, 616:591, Capture.PNG)

Right off the jewgle translate presses.



From the >>>/monster/ thread

>Ball girl (puyo devil?) is cum at her and she will block it by turning her ball into a dick shape.

>Start masturbating while she is still blocking and she will start as well.

>Keep going until you both speed up and then release and she should be capturable.


File: eaabba5140bc445⋯.mp4 (355.31 KB, 638x360, 319:180, eternal_laff.mp4)

>5 months of wait for a new update with new girls

>2 hours to clear it



anyone willing to share a completed save?


File: 3baaa76d0f37956⋯.png (116.38 KB, 479x347, 479:347, mondo_cool.png)


>not starting from scratch and capturing every monster and panel all over again + new ones every time a new version drops



Or you could copy your save from the previous version into the new one and carry on from there.



This doesn't work for me, but who cares even with new content is a pretty short game


File: 48f860b79fcc137⋯.png (40.25 KB, 261x344, 261:344, but also.png)


>he hasn't replayed the entire game over ten times

>he doesn't know by memory every monster moveset and range attacks

>he hasn't become the immortal devil boy who's out to sex up every poor monster and make her part of his harem


There's a new shortcut portal at top left of caterpillar area


File: c82e0cb06a841cf⋯.png (197.69 KB, 798x597, 266:199, Capture.PNG)

I literally cannot find a single monster.

All I can find is a lot of portals.



Go back to the area with your house, then go right, to the portal with the >> next to it



The area in the screenshot is the fast travel unlocked via yellow portals in the different areas


File: 354bcf5412afbc4⋯.png (59.72 KB, 638x477, 638:477, trapped.png)


Is that this? Somebody please help me what do I do. Am I screwed? Well, I guess if need be I can probably dash through the ratgirl to get out, but the woefully outdated guide says nothing about this girl and whether or not I can capture her


File: 2b1ea276ce761d7⋯.png (46.33 KB, 640x479, 640:479, pinned.png)


I got tired of waiting and tried to dash through her and she just piledrived me. On the bright side I had enough health to just run afterwards


File: 0f5a2fdf9a1c974⋯.png (70.85 KB, 638x471, 638:471, ClipboardImage.png)


And who the fuck is this now? You know what? There's a save point close enough I'll just experiment for myself



Alright, cumming on her leads you to a puzzle that, when solved, unlocks the door from my first screenshot.

I'm considering making a new pastebin/guide/whatever


File: 9be6649181b1cff⋯.png (19.53 KB, 207x111, 69:37, ClipboardImage.png)

Working on a new pastebin guide to replace the one in the OP. Can you capture these girls yet?



Well, I haven't done any of the haunted mansion yet, but here's what I have:


Includes the area with all >>166382 I don't know what the zone is supposed to be called so it's labeled as "Swamp Labyrinth"


File: c29da61384cdb4b⋯.jpg (206.25 KB, 1917x1440, 213:160, Untitled.jpg)


You don't need to dodge the arrows and the last salvo can also be avoided.

I'd also suggest you mention that you need to shout at the mummy girls twice since that had me lost for a second there.



>You don't need to dodge the arrows

Say what? Whenever I got hit I got paralyzed, the screen faded to black, and when I came to I was on the game over screen with the lizard from downstairs. Maybe it's RNG whether or not getting paralyzed game-overs you? It would explain why it let me through even after getting hit on the last volley. I don't know. I'll leave that segment as-is for now until we get some more concrete answers

Thanks for the bit about the mummies, though, mistyped that



missing the snail girl in the room you get to through the secret door in the coral girl room


File: f48eb00f61e0ab5⋯.png (66.5 KB, 638x477, 638:477, ClipboardImage.png)

I had no idea there was a secret door in the coral room. I'll have to check around in there. Do you know if the snail's capturable?

In the meantime, I'm currently going through the haunted mansion. What's the deal with this? It's in the double-doors at the end of the puppet hallway and I assume I should do something here before going back through the portal


File: 93cedd74b1f8a2e⋯.jpg (314.68 KB, 1914x1440, 319:240, Untitled3.jpg)

File: bb7f407bb9f6d31⋯.jpg (331.35 KB, 1929x1440, 643:480, Untitled2.jpg)


Apologies but I meant that you can stand in one spot and you don't have to dodge them, they'll miss you, the screenshot has the spot.>>166702

I've played a bit further and you can capture the pink slimes, I'm not so sure about the order but I think if you hit the pink slime button in the room with a bunch of them on the roof (you dash through the wall), then attack one and let it grab you, then let it finish, when it gets off it'll be captureable.

The button with the purple slime boss allows you to capture the big orc-girl, just release her when you walk back past it and you can pick it up.

The girl on the evil medicine ball, her ball is black in my game and she needs to see you for you to cum on her, she blocks it with her pet, I think your instructions were a little unclear on that one.

With the caged girls "inner top right" and "inner top left" are terrible directions, just say middle top left and middle top right, specify that you only need to do 2 of them and then hit the button. Maybe I'm just stupid though.

The purple slime boss you only need to hit 3 times and she appears every 5th attack.

Don't you get a secret card that give you the bench girl?

Other than that I'd say that you'd probably get to the beach before the swamp since its path is pretty obvious and in the desert area, don't think you even need double jump, I got there before the swamp.



just cum on her when she pops out of her shell to capture the snail girl

i suspect the mouse girl is capturable too but i can't figure out how



Ah, alright. I'll put an imgur link to your screen for the arrow spot

>So THAT's what those buttons do. Alright

>I say inner instead of middle so you know it's to the middle of the room, instead of the middle of whichever side. I specify that "If you guessed wrong at any point you're dead because the third girl you fuck will milk you until you die, even if she was one of the correct ones", which I figured implies you only need to do two of them.

>I don't typically keep track of things like that. I probably should. I'll make a note about it

>I'm terrible at recognizing girls from the icons so I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case

I list the beach before the swamp. I go:


Gets you the basics you need for everything else


Gets you a couple other basics, leads to the temple


Gets you the rest of the abilities

>Temple Garden (others refer to this post-ghost place as temple 2/3)

Completing the temple takes you here


Part of finishing up the desert branch, capturing everybody requires stuff from other areas (You need double jump to get to the coral, which is most easily captured with the hammer)


The last of the desert branch, requires stuff from the temple to access it


Saved until after the desert branch is done since it doesn't require much to capture everything here, but leads to the labyrinth which requires at least the doublejump to navigate

>Swamp Labyrinth

As stated above

>Snowy Forest

Is only accessible through the labyrinth

>Flower Forest

Technically only requires basic desert things (doublejump to access, red attack to get past the lizard), but placed after the swamp since the swamp's what you first encounter anyway


According to https://ghostbin.com/paste/8uhba it was confirmed uncatchable (Heavy Mouse X) though that may have changed this version?



Oh, and the girl with the big black ball will block your first volley. It's what she does. You just keep going in spite of that. When I first captured mine, she was facing the other way. It's probably even safer to cum on her while her back is turned so you don't have to worry about getting attacked




You have to hit her when she is standing still. DO NOT attack when she is walking. When she takes damage she makes a counter-stance pose - don't attack her when her arms are up. It takes several hits to beat her. Masturbating on her does not help.




I was thinking of it from a first time players perspective. It would be better if it was listed and said "come back later" or "you need to get these upgrades to captures this girl" rather than putting it at the end. Especially with an in development game since people might think the guides outdated.

My issue was that my shots were going through her and not connecting at all, when she finally blocked a shot it was after she'd turned to face me. I did try to get her from behind, and above, might be a bug.



How about that, it takes forever but it works. I'll put it in the guide


Yeah there's a couple enemies that just can't be hit in certain animations. I'll put a note about it in the puyo devil section. As for the areas… It's probably not a bad idea to just copy-paste the list I just made and put it at the start of the guide. It'll be useful for people looking for a specific section



You need the emblem from the bunny girl boss to activate that room.



What bunnygirl boss? The brown rabbit you get the doublejump from? There's nothing else in her room that I can find. Just the girl running back and forth



In the part of the mansion with the sleeping sheep, after you do the gargoyle puzzle and flick the button the shield drops and you can go further right past the warp point. If you beat her minigame or capture her she drops a power that will tele you home, it's equipped next to the black square in your inv.



Ah, I just haven't gotten there yet. Alright, thanks


Alright, I can't figure the jack-o-lanterns. The old guide said to fight them as normal to kill them, but replace the last hit with a cum spray to capture. The ghostbin says to shout at her blob, then interupt her charge by cumming, then hit her, but neither of these methods give me the [!] that I'm looking for. I can kill them, but maybe the changed the capture method? For the second time I guess?



Just went back and tried it again, you hit them twice normally, then the 3rd time you cum on them then hit them and they should !



That did it… And I think that's actually everything.


Well, with the exception of maybe a couple bonus panels that I wasn't keeping too great of track of?

Gimme a moment to do a gallery checklist



From left to right in the gallery:

<Haunted mansion 1:

>Ghoul: Two scenes, but not a bonus, there's just two variations when capturing her, so both are here


>puppeteer and her three puppets

-The trap ones leading up to her are not there, nor is there a space for them

-The dolls are also lacking a spot

<Haunted mansion 2

-Big empty space, no idea what for. Possibly pink slime?

-odd bit on the floor matching the dark maw's hiding spots

-Two things sticking up from the ground that's probably for something. Has a bonus sign, but I don't have the icon for it

>Sheep girl




>Door leading to the six wallbutts

-Big empty space. I'm suspecting that there's just a lot of extra space here, though we don't have the casino girl either


>Slug w/ bonus

>Red cap

>Mushroom (two variants, but not a bonus)


>White bunnygirl (Sign with a missing bonus)

>monkey with bonus

>masked elf with bonus

>Slime with bonus

>Kappa with bonus


<Flower Forest

>Tough lizard with bonus

>green wind fox

-Heavily wooded empty spot, probably for either caterpillar or siren


>Cyclops witch

>Catgirl thief with bonus

>titty imp with bonus


>mummy golem


>Wolf girl with bonus sign, but only one of her in spite of having the icon


>Warp demon

>Brown harpy


>Cat mage

>Red cat with bonus

>Yamabiko with bonus

>Brown bunny


>Big mouse

>Loli oni

>pipe fox


>green lizard





-Odd bit of ground hinting at something being missing


>Purple slime lizard




-Doesn't seem like there's a spot for the white hunter yet.

<Swamp labyrinth. Maybe I'll call this the dungeon, actually

>parasite slimes


>Puyo Devil

>Cage girl


>Knife juggler

And that's all I got



Oh, and the yeti in her own little room inside the dungeon's gallery



that's nothing but the solution to the gargoyle puzzle


>odd bit on the floor matching the dark maw's hiding spots

to capture her you have to escape and then shout at her twice

>Two things sticking up from the ground that's probably for something

That's for the evil bunny (casino girl). You're supposed to hit the slab until it cracks then let it capture you and escape. It'll end the minigame faster and you get to capture her.

>Heavily wooded empty spot, probably for either caterpillar or siren

It's for the siren. You cum on her then masturbate in front of her, wait for her to lick it off and pose for you, then cum on her again.

>Odd bit of ground hinting at something being missing

You can capture the mimic, something like cumming on her while she's out or maybe hitting. Don't remember, vore's not my thing.



Mimic? You mean those jumping octopus girls or did I miss an enemy entirely?

All the other bits have officially been validated and added to the pastebin



nah, I'm retarded, it's what you put down as the snail


File: 2a1a655916bff0c⋯.png (25.69 KB, 616x261, 616:261, ClipboardImage.png)


Yeah her spot isn't really marked by anything. It's weird. I'm also very much not into vore, but I am a completionist… and also the anon that told me about her existence didn't mention they were vore-focused:




You should probably put the fast masturbation trick (hold down and spam a) in the pastebin.

For the bat girl, you can just use the kappa dash to get away from her when she teleports behind you. Easier than jumping and even easier than the old rock tactic I used before zell nerfed it.

And for the girls you mention there's only one of despite having a bonus panel, you hit up to cycle the animation. Also, the bench girl's alt animation, when you get her tile, is triggered by masturbating in front of her at your home until she starts rubbing herself too.


Yeah, pretty sure nothing goes there.



>fapping trick

Oh yeah, I've been doing that and meant to put it in the guide

>Bat strat

I don't feel like going through the effort of test that, at least not right now, but I'll mention it anyway

>1 girl bonus panels

Yeah, I already have that in the guide, I figured it out after posting the list. It's kinda weird how it tells you to press up one on of the signs, but not the others

>bench alt

Man I still don't know what gets her to your house. I'll still put that in the guide, though



you just let her give you a footjob



So it is just by interacting with her? Thanks. I didn't realize I had her until after I did a lot of different things, so there was no way for me to know what triggered it.



Yes, and I just remembered the white rabbit tile is. In that room with those water vore monster things between kamaitachi and irvank, you double jump over the right wall and the tile's there.


Wheres the Casino bunnies bonus panel?


File: ce839fb0c9f7f52⋯.jpg (56.27 KB, 621x702, 23:26, brainlet 4.jpg)

Can someone make webms of captures? I'm a brainlet and can't figure out shit



Huh, it never occurred to me to jump off that little island. Guide updated to acknowledge the water tiger's existence, and the token they guard


Don't worry, I only figured out a couple on my own myself, but a lot of them are pretty complex, which is why I'm making this guide:


There's no webms, but I'd like to think I describe things well enough



I'll get working on a playthrough to record the caps for you



I'd appreciate a completed save file, fellow anons. I've been beating this game over from scratch for 13-14 versions now and I'm sick of repeating it for <5 panels. Thanks!



added the save to the mega folder with the videos



Thank you. Such cool, much deliver.


damnit, zell. can we trade the vore and the pregnant purple butterface for the uncapturable girls? jeeze.

????2, 2nd purple slime, pink slime and snowhunter are some of the best anims in the game. ????2 even has infinite animations. i cri everytim




The batgirl attacks based on input rather than time, she comes at you from the opposite direction you move to after a second or 2, so if you attack and move immediately, she won't appear until you change direction and if you stand still and wait a second she won't attack until you move. So the easiest strat is that you hit her, wait a second, then move, if you have the run speed on then you can just outrun her. This also means that you can do the fight very quickly.


pastebin login?




youre a mad man! just copy and save your old save file _memory1.actsave, and paste it into the new game and experience the new content properly.




Thank you and thank you. This is great, got them


anyone know how to get the bonus panel for the pink-haired, blue scale dog. I can see it where the mouse, on a ledge, behind a red barrier.



You have to solve the lizard's puzzle first. Go to the guide here >>167173 and do a search for "ninja lizard"


File: 573c6c3dab70335⋯.png (183.26 KB, 629x566, 629:566, Screenshot_1.png)

File: 508751a96e23e30⋯.gif (10 KB, 140x140, 1:1, Old Elf.gif)

File: 03bc6c18ddef5e3⋯.gif (10.45 KB, 140x140, 1:1, New Elf.gif)

Zell says he's gonna update some of the older character sprites, plus more bug fixes



Can't say the old ones looked really out of place, but I'm certainly not complaining either

I wonder what the bugs are. Hopefully some of the wonky hitboxes


File: 42e87cb4ce96beb⋯.gif (9.1 KB, 160x160, 1:1, 00.gif)

File: fcbfa72085b92dc⋯.gif (13.03 KB, 140x140, 1:1, 20180324121028c1f.gif)

File: 13ab545b65965f9⋯.gif (14.45 KB, 100x100, 1:1, 20180324121029a06.gif)

File: 85c20f20e6e1098⋯.gif (8.16 KB, 140x140, 1:1, 2018032412103028d.gif)


More sprite updates. I like the improvements so far myself, but I'm really just waiting for Yamabiko.



Hopefully the updated sprites for the doll means we'll finally be able to capture her


Anyone else have trouble loading the blog site?


File: ba57721d2ad1795⋯.png (599.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


works fine for me



Odd. It times out for me.



same thing happens to me as well, i have to use tor to check the site. Not sure if its an IP thing or an ISP thing though



I can't get zell999.blog.fc2.com to load either, connection time out.



maybe it's browser based? I use chrome and it works




yeah same, I use chrome and it loads fine.




Possibly. I'm using waterfox right now. Problem was resolved by using a random proxy service.




Downgrade for me.

I prefer the old style, this new style it's like Wind Waker's HD version: it is just adding more lighting



Well thinking about it, most of the game's backgrounds are kind of dark with some exceptions. I can understand lighting up the sprites themselves to make them pop out from the environment, but it won't help areas like the beach or mountain.


File: efe4edd070479ff⋯.gif (11.17 KB, 240x240, 1:1, ghoul.gif)

File: 43e50a353e20209⋯.gif (11.69 KB, 180x180, 1:1, nms2.gif)

File: 58b97716d156c43⋯.gif (62.33 KB, 210x210, 1:1, sarara.gif)


Desprate need for a bump. Some new girls, Zell is still reworking sprites.

Machine Translation:

>While moving forward remake now, I am gradually starting to put on new characters as well.

[Remake completed]ま す, doll musume, lizard lizard, forest dweller, Ali girl

[Add infinite purification] Harpy, it is the situation that it is called. With regard to harpy, we plan not to have one body but an infinite seizure which is fucked by multiple bodies. Zombies and dolls and daughters will also make the same specifications.

>Currently I am creating new characters such as swallowing, but when I settle down I would like to release it even before just remake.


File: 280add029fdfcb9⋯.gif (868.11 KB, 800x529, 800:529, giphy.gif)


>We plan to have… an infinite seizure

Anyway, really digging that chick with the fire tail. I wish google translate was better so I could have a better idea of what the hell is being talked about


File: e945d81ae9c84d1⋯.png (292.43 KB, 629x869, 629:869, 25_17_07_2017_013f9630bbdf….png)


>the one in the middle

Is that my fetish I see? I do so hope that's some hypnosis/mc there.


Where do I get the slot machine bunny alt scene?


None of the downloads off the site are working for me.

I might be retarded, or something might be broken

Regardless, could someone put up a mega or something for the latest version?



Are you clicking the links while using Google Translate? Don't do that.


File: 2962adb6e61fbd8⋯.png (49.73 KB, 613x630, 613:630, Capture.PNG)

Update contents. No new monsters were added, just the redesigns as showcased >>169550 and >>175098



>free english translation and updates

I really appreciate this guy and what he does man



>addition of infinite elimination

That means they have infinite animations after you lose to them, and in the rooms, right?


File: a6cd216d86a6add⋯.png (4.94 KB, 177x126, 59:42, Loli Doll Girl Cap.png)


Loli Doll girl is now capturable, no special method required though, just defeat the three of them and the last one will remain.



>english version

I appreciate that guy, he goes out of his way to acknowledge non-japanese fans.




Been a while since I checked this. Looks like the new update didn't add much, but I still updated the pastebin anyway: https://pastebin.com/Bq2an5Zp

[Capture import] humming girl makes me scared they're changing the capture method of the siren/utahime, but I don't really feel like checking, especially since there's so much here that I really don't understand what's being said at all (such as "addition of infinite extrusion by alternating pluralities") and I could very easily just be misinterpreting it.


File: 288103072e759d1⋯.jpg (117.04 KB, 604x653, 604:653, Hotfixupdate.jpg)

1.15a hotfix is out.


Siren is unchanged as far as I know.

"Humming Girl" is just Google Translate fucking up the translation of "Doll Girl".


File: 812d2b11b9998ef⋯.png (74.52 KB, 500x501, 500:501, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 509532749dfcd3a⋯.swf (1.17 KB, _memory1.swf)

Full save up to 1.15b, for anyone who needs it.

rename file ext to .actsave



You're missing rocket golem in the Temple. Should be between kitsune and mummy.



Seems to be the empty file that comes with the initial download (1.15b)?


I think,I'm the bot,but I can't rename it to become ACTSAVE file.Still SWF :(

(Rules 0, 3d)


File: 62b9f5286ffae19⋯.jpg (87.41 KB, 404x404, 1:1, 62b9f5286ffae193a523e30ac9….jpg)


English motherfucker, do you speak it?

> :(




Started working when I used the japanese version. Thanks!



This anon mentioned it a while ago and I'll clarify, the panel for the evil bunny got moved or is missing.


The panel is not in the spot that this anon found it.



The evil bunny panel is just behind the door the evil bunny is standing in front of during her fight. It's not really hidden.



Strange, saves should be language agnostic. I played the English version of 1.15b and saved in that version, so it should work.





Does this new English version work on Linux?



Same place where you download 1.15b, just select the eng one


Yes, with wine. Doesn't require renaming the moonrunes anymore, so that's a plus.




ice zone next confirmed. gender bending ghost level never ever


File: f2796373181a68d⋯.webm (6.16 MB, 407x377, 407:377, FOREVEREVER-long.webm)


Never say never.




I was trying to download from there, it just gives me 404 when i click the download button.


File: 2afa3f784e798e8⋯.png (236.28 KB, 497x480, 497:480, works-on-my-machine-starbu….png)


In the puzzle room with all the butts is it actually possible to win the last one or is it a auto fail?



It's possible to win yes, but you are better off doing something else. Look around the room, keep your eyes peeled.


File: 8eb8dba7b7e2408⋯.gif (30.15 KB, 240x240, 1:1, 8eb8dba7b7e2408f4554c7e8fb….gif)

Is there anything new in v1.15?

Last I played was 1.14 but I couldn't find any new girls, I'm not sure if the update was bugfixes and redone art only or if I'm just retarded and can't find the monsterbutt.



The purple slime boss and the doll girl can now be captured and the game can now be played in english, as little as that means in this game. In terms of new encounters, there's nothing though


The last one where it flashes through like 50 of them? Yeah fuck that shit, go through the whole in the top right.



You and I are friends now.




Oh I know that you can capture them before that I was just wondering if and what happens if you can actually complete that seemingly impossible challenge.



I completed it. It lets you exit the area and you don't get anything for it.

Then I went back in and fukken got the capture. ;_;



sauce on that gif?



Oh man thanks for saving me the heart break.



MGQ 3D by hdoomguy.


Does anyone happen to know if there is a fairly updated guide out somewhere?


Are the brown harpies bugged out in 1.15?

I've hit them numerous times but they never get knocked down for me to dash into them




Works fine here, just keep trying and they will eventually dash into you.



thanks mang




I do my best to keep https://pastebin.com/Bq2an5Zp up to date


File: d8eece714c522ed⋯.gif (6.06 KB, 120x120, 1:1, 201806292205135f6.gif)

File: ae3e67b8ba7c9f5⋯.png (21.69 KB, 605x323, 605:323, Capture.PNG)

File: c9494c1a338e301⋯.gif (6.47 KB, 120x120, 1:1, hanttaiki1.gif)

File: db4e931e1587c8a⋯.gif (9.41 KB, 140x140, 1:1, yakokakusei.gif)

Update next weekend.


I want more wall butts.

I want more butts in general too.


A new version is out with new girls, let's get a guide going


-Snow bunnies:

Let one fuck you until completion while one watches, the other one will come fuck you until completion, that bunny can be captured

-Honey ant: Use the shout to break the eggs and kill each ant, this will unlock a door where you can cum on 1 ant and capture her.

-Floppy Ear bunny panel: Same as honey ant, a door up top will open, this has the panel

-Fighting snow oni: use the shout and then cum on her

-Vore monster:

Use red cat strike on the vore mouth portion, she'll act all hurt and you can now just pick her up.

Guest Boss OC:

Guest boss is in the area with the sirens, and the chick with the swords for arms.

Just beat her in a fight, she just charges up and dashes like 5 times and then gets tired. I used double jump to dodge and then just hit her till she lost.


File: 1aaca1d79570d55⋯.swf (1.17 KB, _memory1.swf)

If >>222490 has all the new girls, here's the full save for 1.16. Just rename the file extension to .actsave


The OC boss is not in the gallery. To access her, you'll need to do the following:

1. Go through the flower teleport.

2. Move left and jump down. Go through that portal.

3. Right above the first siren that you see there should be a mushroom-laden area. Go there and hit up (like any normal portal).

4. Girl will be in the house.

There's also a new area to the very left of the gallery; seems like a boss replay area (with the elves and slimegirls for some reason).

Snow area people can be found naturally through the swamp labyrinth/temple (once you're in the main area via the teleporter, fall down to your left, then move right until you reach the new portal.

Likewise, captured snow area monsters can be found in the swamp labyrinth gallery.



Correction, no idea what the area to the left is in the gallery.

Is the snow area boss capturable? Doesn't look like it, but I'm terrible at figuring these things out.




Correction 2: I'm really dumb, looks like it's pre-captured.


Where can I find the new monsters? What new monsters were added?


can someone explain to a retard why fobs is not working as the password?



Because the password is fobs070716a ?



Thank you google translate was fucking up the password


File: f8ac3f9322e7c8d⋯.png (40.57 KB, 639x521, 639:521, miss.png)

did I miss a panel or is this placeholder? Finally gonna fuck that rabbit.



You've missed it. IIRC its at the end of her boss arena after you beat her.

Check the guide >>213713



who's boss arena? its the brown rabbit not the evil rabbit



Read above, it's in the area with the honey ants



ah shit I missed that somehow while getting everything else in the post


update out


Oops, forgot to check for a while and a new version is out


Thanks bro. I'll see about verifying that and updating the guide. It's not that I doubt you, I just feel like checking everything is a good idea; sometimes I even come up with tips of my own to add in



…and it's not accepting my old save. Though I guess it's for the better they actually changed a few things early on. In order to capture the regular ant girl, now you have to hit her while she's fapping, and the layout of the tree has been changed a bit to have mushrooms right at the start. There may be changes elsewhere that I haven't gotten to yet



Got to the temple gardens before calling it a night. Guide has been updated accordingly, with a few edits to previous captures and a new notes section way at the bottom detailing things that have changed this version. The official site probably has an official changelog, but it's also probably in japanese and therefore probably not very helpful. Probably.



>now you have to hit her while she's fapping

It's been that way for a long while now though? Or at least it was a possibility for a long while, it how I always unlocked them.

>the layout of the tree has been changed a bit to have mushrooms right at the start

Also doesn't seem new to me, I didn't notice a difference.

Even if it would take the save I almost always start a new run on new version, so maybe thoose are old changes you missed because you stuck to keeping your save?



My memory isn't the best but I'm almost certain the mushrooms in the tree didn't used to be right at the start; could've sworn they were in the same room as the redcaps. I might just be tripping though, and may or may not just get rid of the notes bit at the end; it's not really that useful anyway



Define a while? I've been incrementally updating since 1.13 and my save still works? Is save breaking normal?



I have no idea how common it is for saves to break. I've only ever tried importing once or twice, and it's possible I fucked something up myself somehow

Anyway, guide's updated with the new additions:


Beyond the things stated here >>222490 I also added a strategy for the yeti boss, which has been changed, as well as updated a few things that either changed or I just plain got wrong (slime boss attacks one less time before becoming vulnerable now is something that changed, various directions in the labyrinth is something I messed up, but are fixed now) as well as a couple clarifications on bonus tokens (now that I'm slightly better at recognizing the faces). I haven't checked up on the mansion yet, though, so that might have a thing or two off



The new boss door in the gallery gives you enclosures for the various enemies depicted on the signs. Why? No idea. Seems it's only for forest enemies for now though




Everything new is in the snowy mountain past the swamp labyrinth, except for the guest boss which is in the flower forest. For exact details on how to get there and capture them, read the pastebin here >>226159



>I've only ever tried importing once or twice

The way I've done it was just to replace _memory1.actsave in the root directory of the latest update. It's also how I've been providing full saves (maybe it doesn't work for everyone?) Maybe just try that?


File: 0105ff3091bc549⋯.png (73.21 KB, 602x856, 301:428, Capture.PNG)

Bugfix update.


Wonder if he'll ever make the temple ghost capturable in some way, it's without a doubt my favorite from all the girls.


File: c6029bb155afc3c⋯.gif (324.04 KB, 306x228, 51:38, White Slime Girl Encounter.gif)





Or just give me an actual manticore



My nigga

That and the mummy my top 2.



If the batgirl or warp demon is your third favorite we're twins brah


File: b2f252dc32e22a5⋯.jpg (23.47 KB, 680x447, 680:447, b2f[1].jpg)


File: 1dfea34ff8cc214⋯.png (431.37 KB, 640x478, 320:239, just like me.png)








>warp demon

Only patricians in this thread, I see.



You mean the red hat?



Yeah, it's the ghost in the temple where you gotta transform into a rock to not get raped and game overed.



She and the mannequin are my favorites.


I love watching the mc masturbate I wish he would get fucked at least once



What? Have you played this game at all?


File: 8e5af55a0716c10⋯.jpg (158.5 KB, 600x465, 40:31, confusedmeduka.jpg)


You do know what kind of game you're playing, right anon?

You even need to fuck some of the monster girl in order to capture them




I think he's talking about faggotry

retard either way


File: 4b082b5db852625⋯.png (65.9 KB, 638x478, 319:239, Blue 1.PNG)

File: 63d15920d462ffe⋯.png (66.31 KB, 636x481, 636:481, blue 2.PNG)

File: cf081ab780d091f⋯.png (65.99 KB, 633x479, 633:479, blue 3.PNG)

>new version

>download and add the completed save from kind anons

>enter gallery

>"oh this looks like a vore monster"

>it's a vore monster

>watch animations

>grows a huge dick at the end and cums on itself

>have a massive vore fetish

>hate futa immensely

Come on Zell please, put a dick girl somewhere else for those people and leave this one alone for people like me. Are there even other dick girls in this game anyway?



Are you sure that's a dick? Couldn't it just be that she sprays herself with what the player ejaculated inside?

That creature that is riding the black blob may count. During capture that takes the sape of a dick and cums on her.



Bunny slime, particularly the animations in the gallery, is all futa on female themed. As for vore, there's plenty. The snail from the beach, the dark maw from the haunted mansion, the water tigers from the flower forest (you have to actually go to them, since they're not capturable), the slug from the tree… and it feels like there's one or two more.


I don't know, that third screenshot reminds me of something.



Oh no I mean there are other vore scenes I know, I'm just upset I got a bait and switch like that.


How do I capture the blonde fox girl who gives an amazing blowjob?


Whats your favorite girl?



To catch the fox girl, you need to swing at her, then dodge her rock form when she attempts to fall on you, Then, hit her with 10 basic attacks while she's still a rock, hit her with the hammer, and you can catch her



Hard to say, I'm a huge fan of the blonde rock fox, red hat ghost, and portal demon


File: f6b199ffa8146b5⋯.png (34.14 KB, 613x359, 613:359, Capture.PNG)

File: 09c680f5ada0425⋯.jpg (169.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, pixel game maker mv.jpg)

File: e3464e38fa8aec1⋯.png (4.89 KB, 165x165, 1:1, yambiko.png)

I didn't feel like this was worth posting at the time when Zell posted it, but I decided to after thinking about it. It looks like the next version is going to be ported over to game maker MV pixel game maker MV for us if possible, so it might take a bit longer before we see another update.




Feel like I'm doing something wrong here or there's some weird setting fucking with things on my end.

So I start the exe and soon as the title screen loads in it's frozen and the music is stuck in a one tone loop doesn't crash or close just stuck. this happen to anyone else or what to fix on my end? a google search came up with nothing.



Are you running in Japanese Locale? Are your graphics drivers updated?


Could have sworn I locked those down ages ago guess windows 10 might have broke them in an update. Well time to find applocale too I guess.



>It looks like the next version is going to be ported over to game maker MV

That's it then. Game's ded. RIP.



Why is the new engine worse?



>Early access - 0.8.3 beta

>Uses Javascript

>Its developer: KADOKAWA CORPORATION Most known from KanColle.

If you need more - compare it to engine original FoBS used.



Whether it's better or worse, the unrewarding and tedious porting process is going to kill the dev. It's over.



I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. If he's been putting out content for more than a few years now it's probably safe to bet he's going to continue either way.



Aren't they all have ruby programming language as a base?



MV versions use javascript instead.


>"The dev intends to sell the game once development on it reaches a certain point."

as if that will stop people from getting it for free, just look at E.C.M

Post last edited at


File: 73830f186e05855⋯.jpg (25.39 KB, 397x520, 397:520, 1443697671307.jpg)


>dick girls in FOBS



File: bea4ddca11b1d11⋯.gif (15.76 KB, 172x109, 172:109, 20151231140511b20.gif)

File: 3e53c98786a5f1e⋯.gif (10.64 KB, 140x140, 1:1, akumasex.gif)


Someday you might get what you are looking for.


Son I got (very old) news for you.



possession level never




I can't figure out why you thought of a couple of posts from nearly a year ago upon finding the original image but I admire your dedication and sharing spirit.

I doubt the original posters are still around though and if they are they've probably also forgotten about it.



I don't think those are in the game.


File: 933f58d75cf5976⋯.png (38.67 KB, 379x347, 379:347, ClipboardImage.png)


They're not. It's possible it was something thought up and ended up as a road the game didn't go down like pic related


So whatever happened to this game? One of my favorites along Eroico.



The dev is porting it to a different engine.

The two likely outcomes are either that he gives up in frustration and the game dies or it returns better than ever because he can now implement all the cool stuff he couldn't before.


>Image permissible amount of old Akuchu exceeded, game project file ceased to open. Opening the data a little before and deleting the image managed to hold the data somehow. It seems that Minotaur was the trigger.

>From next time, I will divide it into two parts, 'Buildsu no Mori A (up to 1.16a)' and 'Buildumin no Mori B (1.17 or later)'.

>About ★ B ★

>· Departure from new base

>· Past monsters will not appear in the area and almost all monsters will be new monsters.

>(I'm thinking about making the 2nd popular vote upper monster appear at some base)

>· Save data is scheduled to have compatibility between A and B (You can come and go by changing save)

>Although it is an urgent procedure, I am glad if you understand it. I can not afford to think about panels and capture of old monsters right now.

>New base schedule Although it is not understood what time it will catch up with the current ver, I would like to make A · B integrated version little by little with MV. (Although it may be useless depending on the capacity here as well)

>By the way, 45 kinds of new H animation are completed. I will do my best still.


Now if only he'd fucking release it.


Can someone make a patch that improves controller support through steam's controller api thingy?


File: 1de2f72bbcb4661⋯.gif (152.79 KB, 849x458, 849:458, icon_of_java.gif)


>Uses Looscript





Thanks man.


Could anyone upload their 1.16 save file? The on earlier is broken/corrupt and doesn't work after changing it to .actsave




I really hope you are aware these languages are only related in name and in nothing else.

I admit that both of these suck anyway.


File: 76d7b8a59d48ee4⋯.png (352.74 KB, 603x404, 603:404, ClipboardImage.png)

Update looks to be dropping tomorrow… and it says saves carry over? Is this not on the new system yet? New included monsters include that minotaur design from way back when finally getting implemented, the floating hypnotist that was teased, the slime doll is likely that slime/cat/mannequin thing, and the "what what what" afterwards refers to this thing: https://media.8ch.net/file_store/5e5fbc58378a9de982524071e2e55c347d99297863487e3f6f0c1d138389536b.webm

Any thoughts on what I should label that as in the guide? All four are supposed to be capturable on release, which is nice, and also just the trend now

Actually, reading over the post again, it looks like it's splitting: A1.17 is the old game with a bugfix or two, meanwhile B1.00 is the remake with the new programming language or whatever and the full additions (at least it's seeming like it's implying the new monsters and areas aren't going to be in A1.17)… further speculation on details like that is probably largely pointless due to language barrier and the details may not even be there in the original post



I guess some name suggestions for the new tiddy monster.

Evil Eye | Eldritch Eye | Dark Eye | Stare Devil | Winky Witch | Tearlube McTitfuck | Mono Lisa | Beholder



Having played through all the content in b1.00 (it doesn't take long, none of the areas from the old game are there and the two new areas are really small right now), none of those are quite accurate. She doesn't have eyes, her face is a hole that she shoves your upper-half into (but at least she doesn't vore you entirely). Maybe… dark… horror? I don't know. I'll probably label it as the proper name of "???3" and then be as descriptive as possible. Or come up with some other name based around trickery/confusion, since that's its main deal. That and being genuinely horrifying if you fuck up one of its puzzles


File: 4ab226577a7c488⋯.png (340.77 KB, 500x628, 125:157, nobody cares.png)


pic related

For everybody else, I've updated the guide… though I forgot my old login details so I had to make a new paste on a different account, so find it here:


Credit goes to an anon on /monster/ for finding out how to capture everybody so quickly


So…where is this B1.00?



Same download link as the regular version. Once you put in the password it asks you which version you want


Is Zell's site constantly down or something? Every time I try to connect to it I just get an error.



It's never down for me. Are you using a proxy? I think his site blocks certain IPs for some reason.




I wanna say I heard it also had problems with firefox or something. I use chrome and never have issues


So what's in 1.17? Anything good?



As far as I know, 1.17 is just the old game with bugfixes and stuff, while B1.00 is a separate area with 4 new girls who are all capturable


Feels like he's running out of ideas for captures. These last two updates I didn't even have to use a guide whereas some of the first monsters I was just completely stumped. Looking back I wish I hadn't cheated as much.



I only use Firefox and never had an issue.



Where does one find B1.00?



Bruh, that question hasn't even scrolled offscreen yet




File: fb6bfb1e260a627⋯.webm (682.65 KB, 640x480, 4:3, DsM3YQSVAAAZ3BM.webm)



Guess what's on the horizon


File: 11ce07f5e686268⋯.png (233.23 KB, 708x534, 118:89, hello penis.png)


Aw shit nigger.


File: e3f825042bee563⋯.jpg (47.6 KB, 680x779, 680:779, e3f825042bee5632ad7c7e868d….jpg)


Well, well, well.


File: 05406a0b25f235e⋯.png (100.13 KB, 571x449, 571:449, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4e59db739d5d58e⋯.png (72.7 KB, 800x800, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Got one big heckin girl, too. Looks to be the one in the top left of the second image. That being said there's never any guarantee that what you're seeing is what you're gonna be getting. What I want is that spinning 2hu looking girl he posted on his twitter on halloween



It's been over a year since I made this map. What version is this on and should I make a new one? Seeing as how ctrl-f "map" appears to show no one else has updated the map.



The newest version of the game (11/1 update) has a pretty small map, so you might start there? Not sure how worth it'd be, since again the map is small and might be subject to change.


one of them still is eyyyyyy



Skimming some posts, it seems there are now two versions of the game, one with all previous content, and some sort of "fresh" start with little content but some exlcusive new content. I'll be working on the former first.


Just found out about this and 100% it an hour ago, really good shit. How long do the updates usually take? And from what I see is version B just gonna be integrated into the main game eventually right? Also are some girls just destined to be forever unobtainable?



Version B is the way the dev is dealing with the engine. It couldn't handle all the assets in the game so he broke it up it to two peaces that the engine could handle.



I thought he was porting everything to the new engine..

oh well i can just have two folders for fobs


Anyone got a link to the last version and the password?

The site won't load for me.

Also, how many new girls since 1.16?



Download from https://ux.getuploader.com/fobs3/

The only new girls are in B_ver 1.00, for which the password is fobsb10026

It has 4 new girls: The minotaur, the slime cat, the nightmare (hypnotist), and ???3 (which is… uh… this thing: https://media.8ch.net/file_store/5e5fbc58378a9de982524071e2e55c347d99297863487e3f6f0c1d138389536b.webm )

There is also A_ver 1.17, but it only has bugfixes with the stuff from 1.16. Same download link, but password for this file is fobsa11726

Guide is over here >>272819


File: ea3f589d71fa344⋯.jpg (448.73 KB, 600x755, 120:151, ea3f589d71fa3449018b4a5d39….jpg)


Nice, thanks.

Also, wasn't he starting to port the game to another engine? Is that why there are two versions?



Bumping for this question.




I'm lost here. I start the game and I have a lot of girls already unlocked and shit looks a lot different from what I remember.

Is B_ same as A_ or it is different?



A_ is the game up until a certain point.

B_ is the game from that point on.

Allegedly he broke it in two for technical reasons, but I'm not sure on the details.



But he doesn't plan to put it together or something? That's kind of fucked up.



He probably didn't had any more space to add things.



Until what point A_ goes to?



It's better to think of them as two separate games with different monster girls. There is no "cutoff" in the first that leads to the second, you just go through the areas, capture the girls then move on to the next version using that same save so you have access to all the previous powers. Or you can use the included save which serves the same purpose of starting out with all of the powers unlocked/collected.



That has nothing to do with your save.

I think they where mostly placed there to see if the migration from A_ to B_ worked. So basically a leftover fromt debugging that was left in because you can't unlock them in B_ currently anyway.



And here I thought they were just living with you from now on, converted by the dick.


How do you get to the Aberration minigame no the Bgame? I imagine it is about the heart button on the hunted house, but not sure how to actuvate it.



Get one of the slimes to go into a mannequin and it'll shamble after you. Lure it to that button and fuck it there




Can you escape from it?



I just let it finish


update whennn



I wouldn't expect anything before the new year…

Early February should be about when a new version drops



never ever


File: 0c919419268a50d⋯.png (197.94 KB, 607x816, 607:816, 1.PNG)

File: a0d6d00f2e834b7⋯.gif (8.69 KB, 140x140, 1:1, 2.gif)

File: 688af037c21179d⋯.png (1.46 KB, 132x176, 3:4, 3.png)

File: cd289a6192d063a⋯.gif (81.79 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 4.gif)

File: 15d2f8dfdab8601⋯.png (204.72 KB, 605x796, 605:796, 5.PNG)



I wanna fuck that horse


File: a684bed09835ce8⋯.jpg (61.53 KB, 600x800, 3:4, Deep dong rising.jpg)


Is this a new release?


File: df9c0f5c3b9f99c⋯.mp4 (306.45 KB, 700x700, 1:1, DrjcmJWUUAATw34.mp4)

File: 2c600c03db429d4⋯.png (166.88 KB, 1550x500, 31:10, DskkCxOUcAAJKzD.png)

File: 64c53e1178d163a⋯.mp4 (766.3 KB, 640x480, 4:3, DtLK8sNVAAEjKY5.mp4)

File: d3819dfdbc77668⋯.mp4 (1.09 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Du9Dwb4U8AAs7un.mp4)

File: 85059dcf5ba1a42⋯.png (89.3 KB, 520x352, 65:44, Dux34tNVYAAvKaU.png)

Also delved into Zell's twitter. Here's some stuff I missed.

The mouse doesn't seem to be planned to be a part of the game.



Probably my favorite image of the three posted


Sadly, no



It's clearly a cat, sorry.


File: 0470ab5611c48a6⋯.mp4 (1.27 MB, 640x480, 4:3, DsxpYzOUUAA5cgw.mp4)

And finally, progress on moving to Game Maker MV is going well apparently. Also, the url for fan art has been moved since it was last posted at >>144566


http://forest.x.fc2.com/illust/-index11.html of course I forgot to include it in.



>A cockatrice

Holy shit.

>The cat doesn't seem to be planned for the game

What a let down.


Something that keeps me from going on is that I don't really get what's going on with Version A/B, I understand that the current engine is too limited which is why he is splitting the game in 2. But will that be fixed in the new engine?




>belly vagina

yeah no vore alert going off the charts



>Vore alert

>Not Unbirthing Alert

I'm scared.


Still waiting for possession genderswap ghost. Dev said it could make it into the next build. But I am not getting my hopes up.



I think thats a cloaca.


File: c790595cd6cf909⋯.mp4 (1.3 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Dv_y7rgUYAAaFxe.mp4)

From Zell's twitter


File: 51330ba384883da⋯.jpg (8.87 KB, 113x145, 113:145, 1482089838650.jpg)









A cat is fine too, but that dragon's way too fucking furry.




Doesn't really look like she is trying to eat him, though.


File: 33c6a56ad7664f8⋯.png (573.37 KB, 1198x653, 1198:653, ClipboardImage.png)


no worry

am not eating

just putting head in mouth because love!



Looks more like she is strongly embracing him and kissing him.



Generally when you kiss somebody's head you put your lips on them, not around them


File: 2be07ac9143afeb⋯.jpg (23.28 KB, 624x351, 16:9, 85473109_c0066683-euthanas….jpg)


>still can't capture ???2 or whatever it's called

>more vore shit instead



I see Zell is continuing the time-honoured tradition of h-game artists who can't draw horse bodies to save their life.



She's just too big.


>Can't capture white slime

>Can't capture any of the ???

If it helps, there's that blue slime/shark thingy vore that you can't capture either.


File: 098b69ad6a6b784⋯.png (5.44 KB, 138x162, 23:27, Bear.png)

Consider this older sprite of her.

I think vore is pretty much guaranteed



You can capture the first one, the mannequin looking monster. Isn't she called "???" or did he finally give her a name?


Shit, I knew it. Happy for you vorefags but I'm also mad as fuck.



White slime?


File: ff522550aa68b98⋯.gif (797.15 KB, 844x475, 844:475, elven heavy breathing.gif)


>this thing: https://media.8ch.net/file_store/5e5fbc58378a9de982524071e2e55c347d99297863487e3f6f0c1d138389536b.webm

>An actual titty monster and not a lame girl with huge titties



>posting a link

You can post multiple files in the same post you know, newfag.



I was just quoting. I'm sorry, I'll stop posting for another year.


Judging by Zell's most recent tweet, next version release is going to be middle of February.



Will be be able to finally mix both versions?



I'm sorry am I seeing this correctly?

Does this thing really have a vagina for a face.


Good at least you know your place.



>vagina for a face

It's pretty unclear. it shoves your upper body in there and you fuck its tits like that


Zell's latest post says mid February is when new version should drop (at the earliest)..

B includes: 4 new girls, bug-fixes.

A includes: bug-fixes, some reworked captures.


New version is out and guide has been updated: https://pastebin.com/exKJayvr

Version A got a couple bugfixes and it said it changed the capture method for a couple girls, though I haven't investigated anything yet. On the B side we got a bunch of new girls:

>Giant special guest boss in the golden forest

>Water bear in the golden forest. Vore by default, but has a panel(kinda) that lets you do missionary with it

>Blue zombies in the horror house

>poltergeist in the horror house

>mimic doll in the horror house

That's 5 new girls total, plus a bonus panel



was expecting the bear thing to be a disgusting vore monster, and she is, but god damn that panel animation is top-tier


File: 2300175d122975b⋯.gif (212.51 KB, 528x297, 16:9, rika.gif)


Thanks for updating the guide anon.



In the guide it says there isn't a panel for water bear but I got one after doing what it described twice.



Really? Just by having sex with the hidden one that makes a panel in the gallery? It wasn't working for me and after double-checking just now, it's still not. Do you have to not capture it? Or maybe capture that version first? Which version were you playing on(english or japanese)?



I was on the japanese version, captured her first then did the extra scene. I'll see if I can replicate on a fresh save.



Okay so I was able to get it again.

1. Beat/Capture boss

2. Did secret area and "captured"

3. Left the secret area, re-entered and did it again.

After the second time I was walking back to the portal when it did a fade to black transition to another screen with the panel.



Got it that time. It's possible I had elf sprint equipped and left the area too soon when I was doing it before. Thanks



The first two is because people are lazy and want easy money and do easy work.

People wonder why the world is fucked and why every system is fucked, because every system is run by a person and well re-read the first paragraph.



Hey buddy, I thik you got the wrong thread. The stationmaster thread is one page down.



Oh shit you right, AHAHAHA

Thanks can someone delete above?



Hey you awesome guide faggot - The zombie tunnel with blue zombies in the haunted house get scared away if you shout at them.

They'll turn around and walk a few steps back. It makes it pretty easy to survive the candle timer.



Well, either this or they path randomly, but the shouts do some minor damage and appears to make them walk away - Hit them enough with attacks and you can KO them, which is nice.



Thank you.


Shouting does seem to turn them around, but only at the right distance (somewhere around the exclamation point), which is pretty weird. I only ever tried attacking them twice, and they don't take any kind of knockback, but three attacks will make one stop. They otherwise don't really path randomly. They slowly walk towards you but they do randomly pause

The guide has been updated


>can't even figure out how to properly put in the password

I swear I'm doing it right.


File: c4f4dd2cba21fa0⋯.png (83.92 KB, 915x614, 915:614, ClipboardImage.png)


Fine, let me get my spoon. Open wide


is vs 1.01 1.02 B bugged or something? I've capture all the girls up to the mimic girl and after I beat her and capture her and destroy the blocks the next gate doesn't open…

Anyone have a save with all the new stuff unlocked past that?



nvm, i'm a retard and was supposed to go down below to the zombies right


here's my save file for 1.01B if anyone wants it




how do i unlock the rest of the mansion (first floor)?

the pastebin guide seems to forget how to unlock it


Does anyone have the PW for "FOBS_A_ver1.18(ENG)"?



nvm, found it, you can put away your spoons.



Are the two versions ever gonna sync up again?


File: 36a16ed6b8a0781⋯.mp4 (210.31 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1.mp4)

File: 82fe56754c9e888⋯.mp4 (462.07 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 2.mp4)

File: ed6d25be3f254ea⋯.mp4 (322.27 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 3.mp4)

File: 766c08bde7c948f⋯.mp4 (5.65 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 4.mp4)

The first 3 are from Zell's Twitter. It's been a bit since I checked, so it's old content. The 4th is from Zell's Pawoo.


File: d52597b503c49ec⋯.png (92.59 KB, 1280x463, 1280:463, 1.png)

File: dc0b76e8fe650cc⋯.mp4 (247.21 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 2.mp4)

File: aee07a089cae8e4⋯.mp4 (135.47 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 3.mp4)

Going back into Zell's Pawoo for more shit I missed since the twitter migration. Here's some additional content for FoBS. These were posted last year and one of them late in 2017. If I recall correctly, we've only seen fox girl in the first image so far, so the others may or may not get in.

I haven't touched FoBS in a couple versions, sorry if these gals are already in.



1 and 3 are the poltergeist already in the game. I don't recognize the titty harpy though. That last one doesn't seem like something that would actually get added, but rather a little movie made with the in-game engine just for fun.


Swimsuit fox has indeed been added. She's the guest boss of path A. None of the others have been added or even brought up recently. Next version's additions are seeming like they're going to be the lava zone shown here >>295440 and a new farm which may house the centaur in that same post but I don't think we've gotten any confirmation on what's going to be there


What is the difference between version A and B?



As I understand, Zell had to split the game because Version A reached the limit of the engine he is working in.

Version A is a "Complete version" while Version B is adding more content with completely new areas, which is supposed to be a continuation of version A.

Any news on the new engine Zell is working with in order to merge both versions?


I happened across something that I thought I'd go ahead and link here. I know there's something about (not) posting patreon links, and while I assume that applies to this, do what you must.


Other than appearing to be a game of the same-ish genre, I know nothing about it. I'm hoping someone more capable can take a glance around, thanks.



He is literally ripping Zell's art. Going to send the link to him.


File: 6ef47bf4294c28b⋯.png (639.42 KB, 1601x997, 1601:997, ClipboardImage.png)


Zell already knows. In fact, he's supporting it



Isn't ripping assets from one patreon and using them in another not a "problem"? I mean, I've seen worse, though I don't mean to imply I condone such cases blindly.



…How, by the retweet? Honest question, I've no experience with twitter.



There's a link on his website for "Succubus Affection".




It says "New game under joint development" right under the image-link on Zells blog.



Based on those tweets and >>322902 , it's a collab, not art theft or whatever you seem to think it is.


File: b43feadfb6c29d5⋯.png (499.9 KB, 604x453, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)




Good thing I left it for today, then. If it is a collaboration, great. But it still look like one of those cheap korean MMOs, those dungeon crawler ones.



It does appear more promotional than anything else so far…

Latest demo is 0.02E, and from what I can guess, most of the currently implemented content is likely visible on ci-en. Give it some time.


… I think you're exaggerating, at least if you're referring to non-interface visuals.

Though, I say that with only your picture to go by, as I've no experience with those. (That dedicated cash shop button though…)



On version A the Ranch has a warp added next to the two trees while the guide says it doesn't have one.



Yeah I haven't checked in with version A in a while, I probably should since they changed some caps. And thank god they put in a warp for a ranch. As you could tell by the guide it was a pain getting to and from that place.


File: bf5527ed80571a3⋯.png (75.8 KB, 643x484, 643:484, Capture.PNG)


>Take the bottom path with the sirens and you'll spot a platform covered in mushrooms.

It is the upper path.



Wait I'm retarded. forget it.


how do you defeat the dragoness lady?



Which one? The guest boss Reptilian seen here >>295440 ? Or one of the flower forest mini-bosses? Either way it's in the guide https://pastebin.com/exKJayvr


File: 0c02abe00e8a95c⋯.png (16.33 KB, 595x156, 595:156, Capture.PNG)

Seems like centaur might be in the next update.



Makes sense. She would fit into the farm that's confirmed to be in the next update


File: 65844215cadffed⋯.mp4 (1023.31 KB, 640x480, 4:3, D1cq4lNUcAIafZO.mp4)

Didn't think we'd get a preview of the centaur this soon after the tweet.



Are you sure thats real? He's not being raped by the monstergirl.



That's what's going on behind the bunnygirl sign… it is still pretty unique having the horse ferry you around though



Does she have a back pussy or something? I'd believe it if you said so.


File: f7d7f49321a4fe4⋯.png (459.6 KB, 881x717, 881:717, Capture.PNG)


I just post them as I sees them, I don't know shit.


File: 981a7c6605d1026⋯.jpg (41.32 KB, 599x336, 599:336, 1450764018.jpg)


>her butthole is at the base of her human torso

>she shits on her own back





I think it's more likely that she picks him up off her back and sucks him off or something



considering the top of her head disappears after the censor kicks in it's probably just that they change position



If that is what he goes for I'd be pretty disappointed. The only way to make centaur sex justice is to have PC pinned to a wall, balls deep in horse pussy and unable to escape those strong horse thighs.



Who knows? Maybe he is raping her for a change


File: d492afa7578f9bc⋯.mp4 (876.54 KB, 640x480, 4:3, D3nlgFWUUAA2z0F.mp4)

From Zell's Twitter. It's censored like the centaur preview, probably due to Twitter's recent policy changes.


File: 991435be849fcb9⋯.gif (1.4 MB, 250x141, 250:141, 90270036447d0bddc668648ecf….gif)


>calling reinforcements

You cannot comprehend how hyped this is making me.


File: 3d68c245a56b45a⋯.png (52 KB, 619x381, 619:381, Capture.PNG)

File: d8f3f1189d1ccd0⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 211x152, 211:152, 1.gif)

File: 4d65e63b32dbb4b⋯.gif (5.93 KB, 150x150, 1:1, 2.gif)

File: 7415451eda82571⋯.gif (1.5 MB, 239x155, 239:155, 3.gif)

File: 008cb3b46c24889⋯.gif (1.49 MB, 309x252, 103:84, 4.gif)

From Zell's blog. Latest update is coming probably in June. I imagine some of the new monsters include the Harpy, the Centaur, the salamander from the last blogpost detailing the change to the cum meter, and whatever is shown in this post.



I wouldn't mind a few months of no content as long as the faggot merged version A and B. A is clearly incomplete.



He can't. The reason there's two versions is because he hit a limit on sprites and adding any more causes the game to crash.


Is there a guide for the latest version?



He said he wqs going to change engines because of that faggot.



For B side, yeah, I keep the pastebin here up to date: >>323862

path A is a version behind, though

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