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File: 0b8a7039a216b2d⋯.jpg (6.21 KB, 255x89, 255:89, 9bdea6f5d0c23b84dfe04a032d….jpg)


This thread is for discussing TFG games, any other new TFG threads are liable to be deleted or bumplocked.

Previous thread



First post newfag warning: TFG stands for transformation games. Games that focus on Male to Female transformation, Traps, Shemales, Futas and Furry(although not really discussed in thread). Do not be retarded by coming to the thread and getting mad because it includes gayshit.



Game I played called "Surrendr", you play as male or female and you have to choose to submit to your captor or resist and attempt to escape.

Sharing in case anyone else is interested and hasn't heard of it. I wish it was still in development or more games were like this. I also wish it had greater customization options, like your hair or the guy's stats. Maybe a bit more interaction and what not. Regardless decent game.




I think he is implying that the game has been abandoned for years, even if it's still on the site.

Continuing my question into the new thread in hopes of a game.

>Anyone know a decent TFG game that involves pc being trap/futa/MTF and going around banging or being banged by women/traps/or futas? I just don't like how 98% of these TFG games always involve the PC going around getting fucked by generic males, that shit is gay as hell IMO.




Godammit sorry for double name fag I immediately jumped into replies after creating thread without thinking. Please edit/delete those and ban me, I deserve it.



Redeem yourself and save the old thread on archive.* before deletion or not, I don't care


File: ae5292b73fc4734⋯.png (38.96 KB, 1903x176, 173:16, Capture.PNG)

Reposting, anyone else seeing this "ad"? ublock origin and noscript enabled.


File: 5d4de149f0271fb⋯.png (32.64 KB, 1024x132, 256:33, banner.png)


I don't because uMatrix blocks it by default.



ublock origin here and I see it. just killed it with the element picker.




Thanks for responding, it's just been so long since I've seen a malicious ad that I thought I might be compromised.



MtF is straight as long as all the doms are female.


Male MC fucking a bunch of traps


Trap MC getting fucked by a bunch of dudes


No abominations like futas or shemales.



Former would be a novelty.


Archived it but it's up to the mods to unfuck the thread since I went full retard.

Previous thread https://archive.fo/Mv2D7



Are there any games where you're playing the dom sissifying/tranforming someone else?



>last update 2 years ago

Why even bother? Last I touched it, it barely had any content and was basically a 'get fucked by shit you don't want' simulator.


I guess.


There are old battle-royale type games with this focus, but they're all clunky alpha-only projects.




We need more trap MC getting pegged by females.



>female on trap

fucking waste



>fucking waste

fucking hot*





I imagine myself as the one getting pegged. That's "cuck" at the same level any other porn is, fag.



>trap MC getting pegged by females.

That not how biology works.



But it is exactly how strapons work


Perverted Education update fucking WHEN?




I think this one is, though I didn't play it very far because I'm not interested in being dominant.



I'm mad there are so few text games that don't include gayshit.


File: ff7be35699efd15⋯.jpg (16.48 KB, 241x255, 241:255, 9303fc7f334aeb61c929449025….jpg)

It's an issue ingrained into the entire MTF/transformation subset. I would imagine for many years the MTF fetish was exclusively for RL fags that literally want to become women because they are (classicly)gay and want to be fucked by straight men. That's why there are so many games that involve a MTF main character that gets pegged by dudes.

The MTF fetish hasn't really grown in popularity, but the traps/futa fetish has grown substantially in the past few years. So now there are a lot of people like us, who want a game that involves a trap/futa that bangs women, traps or futas, instead of the classical trap x man. Traps are inherently intertwined with the MTF fetish. On TFG specifically they are usually used in MTF games that involve the PC to fully transform into a female and usually around the mid-point the PC will be a trap. It ends up being ruined though when the PC inevitably fully transforms into a female and goes around getting banged by dudes. Newlife for example would be far superior if it was a trap banging women, instead of a MTF getting banged by dudes.

The only way to find these games is to look on websites like TFG but there are so many men loving trannys on that website that it's so difficult to find games that involve traps fucking women. I also believe it's a problem with the search engine on TFG. For example, if I'm looking for a game where PC is a MTF trap that bangs women and I use the advanced search, am I putting FxF or MxF? Does the website consider Traps to be male or female? I would imagine male? If so, if it's a MTF transformation game, when exactly would the MTF PC be considered female, when does it go from MxF to FxF? I don't know if i'm making any sense here, but this confuses the hell out of me. I think if the search engine was improved to be more specific, we would be able to weed out the trap x female games a lot easier.

I think there's a big void right now that needs to be filled and it will be eventually, but for now we just have to wait. It's inevitable that trap x female or futa x female will become more and more popular(because it is the fetish of enlightened individuals), we just need to be patient because it's still currently dominated by fags that want to become women and get pegged by men. The best thing we got right now is Tales of Androgyny, but that game is taking so damn long to develop and it's combat system is ass. There are a good amount of open world sandbox type text games that offer options, but they are still in alpha stages and they don't really focus on trap/futa x female, it's just something that can be done.



>tl;dr im gay


File: c71e8a837597931⋯.jpg (50.62 KB, 600x849, 200:283, trap74.jpg)


True, I actually thought you could play as a trap and fuck females in Newlife since it had a male/female start option.

Also would be nice having games where you can MTF/MTT someone, instead of being the subject of it.



Female to Trap game when?



Male to Trap game with no females when?



Reverse trap to slut when Perverted Education devs realize the game is hotter that way



Dominant traps will always be rare. Generally speaking, if you wear a dress, you want a dick in you, not the other way around.



actual tldr: im a fag with a specific fetish


new Girl Life version out

worth re-visiting?



I think you are simply in a very lonely category.

The biggest genre is fast transform games with complete magic level transforms. These games are in my opinion liked mostly by Autogynephiles. Then come the sissification games sometimes with surgery based transform, I assume actual transexuals and gays like these. You can go futa in a Spell for All BTW.

As an autogynephile I wouldn't mind seeing more futa PC games, it still has a pussy after all.



>The biggest genre is fast transform games

The most popular game by likes is perverted education by a huge margin.



You're right, also masculine mystique and ewardrobe. Okay lets reverse it then, the biggest genre is sissification and surgery based transsexualism, the second biggest is semi-magical transform.

Regardless, there doesn't seem to be much market out there for traps fucking girls.


There's no link between Futa and Traps, try again.



File: 891a80e4950b053⋯.jpg (228.01 KB, 800x800, 1:1, trap51.jpg)



I don't even wanna google that


I feel like that's more of a straight thing, like straight shotacon. Same for transforming a trap and fucking it.

Personally I get off much more to the idea of making a trap than becoming one, that shit is gay.



the changelog isn't really that big, but I tend to revisit the game on every update and every time I discover shit I previously missed because the game is such a clusterfuck




A man who fetishizes being a woman, but has no body dysmorphic disorder. Can also be straight outside of the context of the fantasy.



The main thing they're working on is the mind/perversion shit. In the current state there's a fair bit of discontinuity due to these variables and they pretty much have to rework the whole fucking system.


File: 5654e6264c14d97⋯.png (256.81 KB, 1478x562, 739:281, Screenshot from 2018-11-08….png)



Here's the actual forum post:




>wants to have sex with women instead of men

What did he mean by this?



It's not that I want dominant traps, I don't really care either way, I can work with both dom and sub in games. It's just that I want games where the traps are fucking women, not men, even if it's the women that are dominating and controlling the trap. Perverted Education has some content like that actually, but it's still pretty rare to have trap x women or futa x women.

I always prefer futa over traps because the traps tend to be flat chested and the futa's still have pussies, but the thing is I will always prefer both of these over male. I simply don't want male in my porn, because I'm not roleplaying as if I'm one of the characters and I rather jack it to attractive futas and women, instead of having to deal with ugly dudes.

According to >>276648 that makes me gay. I guess I should drop my preferences and start jerking off to 2 dudes fucking each other in the ass, since according to this anon that's as straight as it gets.



>I guess I should drop my preferences and start jerking off to 2 dudes fucking each other in the ass, since according to this anon that's as straight as it gets.

Women are gay since they lust after men

So if we assume that a man is 100% hetero and a woman is 0% hetero than it means that straight sex is 50% hetero.

On the other hand sex between two males is 200% hetero



Well if the men are lusting after men, they're still pretty fucking gay. Maybe it would be straight if they both looked like women.



When mommy saoirsa is consistently bedridden by chronic developeritis and come and go daddy aprilryan goes out for cigarettes again I'm gonna worry about the baby, especially when all the hanger-on aunts and uncles can't seem to do the simplest shit in their absence even if it's all planned out on a fridge magnet note.



>PE and Secretary get small update early in the year

>No more updates for the entire rest of the year

>People are paying monthly for this

>both games make more money than most Steam games do in a month and yet are far worse quality



>>both games make more money than most Steam games do in a month and yet are far worse quality

one word:




>one word:porn

I have a better one for you:


Beside porn games are now on steam and still don't rekt all that money



my point exactly. There's a heap of porn on steam but it don't make anywhere near what these games do. People of TFGamesite are fucking retarded.


It's more like early access shit with a patreon than TFGamesSite. Plenty of other porn games make absurd amounts of money. Never finish your games.



Link the best sissy steam games



>>PE and Secretary get small update early in the year


isn't that fucking dead?



Deedee said he was aiming for the next update by the end of the month in October. If what he said is to be taken to be an honest assessment of how progress is coming along and no huge pitfalls manifest/have manifested themselves, it should be coming out not very long from now.



Is there any good estimate on how much fenoxo makes?



$32,025 per month on his patreon, other people who actually make his game also have their own LINK REMOVED/are paid by him, plus the 200-400k I can't remember he got just for promising to make a game after coc.



man, where do furfags get the money to throw at these people? People are complaining about these sissification games making a few grand while fenoxo makes more than I make per year in a fucking month.




It really puts things into perspective huh? When you actually quickly do the math on the kind of money these hacks make, it's pretty insane. Fenoxo is definitely one of the extreme examples, but at 32,025$ a month, the guy is making 384,300$ a year. Many americans don't even make a 6 figure salary, the ones that do usually are around 100-150k a year, this guy is doubling that plus some, to make some half assed porn game that requires minimal effort and talents. He makes more money than doctors, surgeons, lawyers, tech specialists, engineers, physicists, etc. Fenoxo is literally a 1 percenter.

Most patreon hacks fall into a similar category too, but not as extreme. Any patreon dev that makes at least 8333$ a month has a 100,000$+ 6 figure salary. Many of the hacks that make like 5k a month are still making a healthy 60k a year, it's kind of insane. Then people go out of their way to defend these hack frauds, that's what really blows my mind.



That's fucking crazy.



Well 5% goes to Patreon Fee so 365,000$.

Basically google decided he would be rich.

If you googled something generic like "erotic text game" you would get CoC

because the site also had "reviews" of other erotic games and erotic text-based games (with alot of cross linking between those sites which hosted those games)

If you look at the whole picture It's just random free advertising based on an arbitrary algorithm that is he essentially won the lottery years ago and just had to cash in the ticket.



>man, where do furfags get the money to throw at these people?

Disposable income from not having wives/gfs/children, which are all pretty darn expensive. Being a fag has its advantages.



they updated it so that now you get cucked by your best friend and can leave the house with female clothes on. Games still boring as shit to play. I only play this shit because I'm extremely bored. Went back to Girl life which was a mistake as well. These games are so poorly made and they're using stolen art.

I like life choices because at least the developer has been doing constant updates this year and they had a bit of a falling out with the TFGamesite mods plus its not sissy shit. Only reason why I play these games is because they're free they're porn and I'm bored. Don't know why anyone would pay for what is obviously phoned in games. I liked secretary because it was original art but on looking at the discord most of the art is fan submissions the dev doesn't make the art half the time.

I got similarly frustrated with the Sims kinky mods takes too long for updates and the game quality is overall shit. Its so hard to find good fap material lately.


File: 66e87b7fe21d664⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 126.45 KB, 680x1507, 680:1507, 29c.jpg)


Government handouts? I bet most of them have some kind of disability or at least pretend to.



Nah, that $32,025(now $32,040) is what he gets at the end. So patreon fee and processing fee is already deducted here. Got a patreon account myself and noticed how a $10 subscription adds about $9 a month at the end. Not to mention it doesn't add up if you calculate using the no of patrons per tier.

So $384,300 is with the 5% patron fee and around 5% processing fee deducted.



Doctors, surgeons, lawyers, tech specialists, engineers, physicists, etc are going to make money from ~25 to ~65 and fenoxo likely won't last near that long considering how little effort it would take to surpass his product in quality.



>secretary art

>stolen art

The fucking guy at the canteen is Nicholas Cage, I can't see how anyone can vouch for the art past like the first 5 mins of "gameplay"



that's a placeholder if you go on the discord you'll see the fan replacements they look really good. Shame the lead devs so god damn lazy. The discord submissions look great but ever since it stopped being updated the fans no longer submit art.



>fenoxo likely won't last near that long considering how little effort it would take to surpass his product in quality.

he'll just pump out a new game.


>play perverted education in the first time in like a year

>it's gotten slower and worse somehow

god how did I ever like this garbage



I think it was the most enjoyable when the punishments system was the most extreme. Once they had toned it down the game now is just boring because they're wanting you to grind more than before. the only thing they added was more padding between stages 6 to 10. The rest has gone untouched which is annoying because I'd say stages prior to 6 are the most fun. Instead now we've got fan-fiction bullshit with some nightclub and a new cheerleader branch being added which was never really needed. Most people wanted them just to revamp the therapist so that she had a bigger role in the story and the less said about the diaper content the better fortunately its an optional mod.

Could be worse though it could be accidental woman. That game keeps getting updates but the game isn't playable and never will be. Its also too complex for a game that's just for a good fap.




It was most enjoyable when some random anon posted a version edited to have a female MC


File: dd32c39ae070565⋯.jpg (78.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1a63dd2a1924bde6397716412b….jpg)


But literally the entire point of the game is crossdressing

How is it better if you remove the crossdressing from a game about crossdressing?



then its about bimbofication. I sorta understand.

Same reason you'd play Girl Life because it has both TG and Bimbo as options.

I think I've grown out of these games. They're just too shit to be enjoyed anymore.


File: 282f0a7e51eb199⋯.png (62.16 KB, 275x417, 275:417, 1441608569456.png)


>then its about bimbofication

Oh, that actually makes sense. Yeah, now that I think about it, it's basically just a corruption story when you remove the crossdressing. Pure girl gets forced to do more and more lewd things, etc.

Now I want someone to make that game. There's not enough corruption games.


Is there any good game for mtf, no bimboification/hardcore sex, prefer gentle femdom (hated perverted education but loved magical camp). Just want to be a cute girl with cute girl interactions.



>loved magical camp

Last time I played that game I played for like three hours and didn't even find any lewds

How did you enjoy that game



The appeal of the game is the psychological lewd of the protagonist being progressively transformed. There's a few lewds but it's notoriously shit for fapping, just fun to play.


Look. It's just porn.

If you hate gay shit, why are you here?

I am just looking for games and you people have to make things political.



Not all of the games there are gay. Or at least some give a non-gay option.

Very few…



>not liking gay shit


so bisexuality is the only way to stay apolitical?


nightgames can be pretty not gay.


So perverted education is making the exact same mistakes that Cursed did. They're going to split the PC characters sexuality into separate sliders. Gonna say this project is going to die quickly because now the entire story is being fragmented further. The amount of grind is being fragmented further. This is stupid.

The only thing anyone asked for was that the therapist character be incorporated more into the game. That was it. Who in the fuck are these idiot developers. They clearly have no idea what they're doing. Cursed died from the exact same stupidity.

Part of me wants to revert back to the version where the punishments were at their most extreme. That was fun. The newer versions are shit beyond just adding a new wardrobe system they haven't added much.



>I would imagine for many years the MTF fetish was exclusively for RL fags that literally want to become women because they are (classicly)gay and want to be fucked by straight men.

That's not it at all, though. Sure, there are some literal trannies (mostly because some doctors actually prescribe MTF doujins and shit as therapeutic reading, what the fuck), but the bulk of people with this fetish do not want to transition or be fucked by dudes. I don't know what to liken it to - mindbreak fetish, maybe? You wouldn't assume people with a mindbreak fetish want their minds to be broken, yet many seem to assume people with MTF fetish want to change their gender.

I think it also has to do with most of these games having the protag transform instead of having him transform others (which would be much more fun in my opinion). The reason for that is clear - it's significantly less work as you only need to focus on a single character rather than on several of them, and you can just write down the protag's thoughts rather than put in some actual effort to show the changes through dialogue or the way the characters act. Still, after so many years, I'd have thought there would be at least some games about this.



The main thing is that an objectified sexuality woman is considered the easy way out. A lot of men look at that and think what'd be like if they were in that role - as in if they had that option because men aren't valued for their sex but women are.

I feel the biggest one is this sense of being desirable at the expense of being humiliated. Where as a guy finding a sexual partner is a challenge. Being a sexually objectified female is easy but also very humiliating. I think that's part of the fun.

my biggest attraction to it though is the barbie aspect. Women get so much better choices of clothing than men and for a video game the customisation is the most fun aspect of this its why I always play female characters in games because the level of customisation is far greater than male characters and I like looking at my female character because if done right she'll usually look very cute. Play Home for example is so awesome for customisation.

The biggest part of the fetish for me though is mind control and the degradation or loss of control spiral into degeneracy. It has nothing to do with sissy shit and everything to do with the fact that this shit is hot regardless of who its happening to.



>The biggest part of the fetish for me though is mind control and the degradation or loss of control spiral into degeneracy. It has nothing to do with sissy shit and everything to do with the fact that this shit is hot regardless of who its happening to.

Reminder that corruption is nothing but a getaway drug for cucks.


File: 42f2567074b3b1f⋯.jpg (180.96 KB, 800x600, 4:3, aroused.jpg)

Recommend me good CYOAs that prominently feature blowjob options. MTF or otherwise- just as long as it's female POV.



>The biggest part of the fetish for me though is mind control and the degradation or loss of control spiral into degeneracy. It has nothing to do with sissy shit and everything to do with the fact that this shit is hot regardless of who its happening to.

Good taste




Lots of lewd (and non-lewd) CYOAs there, if you want. They're not games, but still CYOA.



its only cuckery if you're imagining your wife/girlfriend being fugged. If you're the one being fugged its a different story. Seeing a woman corrupt herself is hot but its not something that I'd actually want in a partner its the guys that do want that in a partner those are the ones that are cucked. I would never want that ever.



Thanks, homeslice!



What does it for me is the denial, fear, and shock of the transformation combined with slowly accepting and adapting to the new role. It's for that reason why willing MTF does nothing to me. It's also why I'd love a game where you'd get to TF the bosses you beat and maybe build a harem out of them or something, since that'd be exactly up my alley. Just imagine TFing some fucker that hates you into a petite, dainty girl and then slowly bending her to your will through Stockholm syndrome and behavioral training until she becomes a loyal maid willing to do anything for you. It's a crime there are no games like this out there.



Will accidental woman EVER get an update?



only if it's an accidental update


File: b4b814d68cf44cf⋯.gif (1.91 MB, 309x226, 309:226, dildo_play_7.gif)

When's perv ed update dropping?


File: a084dcaaf5e71af⋯.jpg (172.04 KB, 1000x823, 1000:823, shady nasty.jpg)


Oh, is it Disgusteveryoneinthethread o'clock already?


Wake me up when there's a TF game without cuck or beta male content.



But anon! We'll miss you so much when you're on your forever sleep!



Programmer and team mommy both have terminal patreonitis and chronic family emergencies, so maybe sometime before next christmas if the patreon starts losing too much money.


File: 81b09738dd36620⋯.jpg (93.61 KB, 732x537, 244:179, student transfer carrie.jpg)


>(mostly because some doctors actually prescribe MTF doujins and shit as therapeutic reading, what the fuck)

If doctors actually do this, I would be beyond astounded. Imagine some guy who thought he had mental issues being prescribed three hours of Student Transfer and Press Switch for week as treatment! It might just make the problem worse in the long run.



They stuff kids full of drugs, how can you still be surprised?



I just assumed they would try to be less over the top and more subtle in their delivery than giving people obvious fetish smut.



There may be content updates in 2019.



Psychotherapy really is just made up bullshit.



>mostly because some doctors actually prescribe MTF doujins and shit as therapeutic reading, what the fuck

Fucking kek, imagine if there is actually a self aware person who is mentally ill and wants to control his illness and actually be a productive member of society, so he goes to the doctor in hopes that he can get help there, and what the fuck does he get? A fucking doujin about catching as much dick as possible in a girls body.



translates to: We finally added more broken UI panels to the map screen that don't do anything. There's also a heap of new items to buy that have no graphics and no gameplay impact what so ever. The game will likely run worse because we've added even more obnoxious HTML5 bloat shit that will probably crash Chrome and Firefox. Don't even think about running this game on Edge.



Hey, if I had to choose between a therapy involving me being drugged up just so that I'm quiet and don't do tranny shit or to get the blessing of some shrink to masturbate to tranny porn, I'd pick the latter.


Anybody got the 0.5.4 release of eWardrobe yet?




I've got a tranny friend. When I mentioned I had a MTF fetish, he immediately went "Oh, I know that stuff, I had that prescribed as therapeutic reading".


It was recommended to him after he decided to get his dick brutalised (but before the actual operation), so I guess it was meant to alleviate the wait or something? In any case, he's not browsing tg doujins anymore. The operation annihilated his entire sex drive.




>I've got a tranny friend. When I mentioned I had a MTF fetish, he immediately went "Oh, I know that stuff, I had that prescribed as therapeutic reading".

The jewish tumor MUST be excised from white countries.



>dick brutalised

>alleviate the wait

>annihilated his entire sex drive

Jesus Christ. What the fuck are we doing to people who want to get help, why are we encourage them on their descent into madness instead of trying to steer them from it? Why is it allowed to brutalise people's bodies who don't know any better because they are unaware that the way they go is not the way to get better? Why is it celebrated?

Just wow. Holy fuck. I was laughing, but this shit is just fucking Mengele-level sick.



Anon, if you want humans to have free will, there will always be some that engage in self destructive behavior. Why do people smoke, drink, take drugs, procrastinate, engage in self mutilation? Because they want to, there's not much you can do about it and why should you? It's their life after all. You don't need to think that they are doing the right choice, all you have to do is accept that they did that of their own free will.



Don't misunderstand, I'm okay with people who choose out of their own free will to cut their dick off with their own hands, overdose on heroin, throw themselves off the roof. They want to do it, they can.

However, I dislike the fact that while other types of self-mutilation are not societally acceptable, this shit is celebrated and painted as something "good", like "YOU GO GURRRRLL YAS KWEEN GETTIN REALLY TRANS VIBES TODAY". I dislike the fact that instead of trying to actually help people who want the suffering to stop, society encourages them to horrifically destroy themselves in their blind delusion worsened by their mental illness.


Can I post straight up gay games (but without TFs) on TFGS?



If they don't feature any TFs, they will be removed from the main database (https://tfgames.site/)

The forum has a section to discuss non-TF Games, though (tfgames.site/phpbb3/viewforum.php?f=60)


File: 0e28de88b6b08ab⋯.png (15.77 KB, 797x597, 797:597, pending.png)

Does anybody know of any visual novels like Press Switch or Student Transfer that are actually finished? I can't stand getting through what seems like 75% of an interesting swap arc, only to be snubbed like this. I understand that have having this many branching paths will necessitate a lot of writing, but there's a point where it's beyond tolerable



>all you have to do is accept that they did that of their own free will.

No, you also have to bake them a cake.





If it makes you feel any better, he's doing alright. No sex life or anything, but he's relatively wealthy so he had the money to pay for gorillion plastic surgeries and actually look and sound female (albeit a bit on the androgynous side). What's really sad is when some poor retard undergoes it and ends up looking like a bad crossdresser with severe health issues.


If they were actually clever, they'd do one full branch at a time, going from start to finish, and only then started branching their way out backwards, instead of doing this absolutely retarded layer-by-layer approach. Press Switch eved did that with many of its paths until the author went "lol let's rewrite everything multiple times".



>Press Switch eved did that with many of its paths until the author went "lol let's rewrite everything multiple times".

The fact that the dev simply removed entire portions of the game from the 0.4 to the 0.5 update is astounding in how dumb a move it was. I'm sure people would be fine with a little inconsistency in the plot for what is basically a porn game instead of less content. No wonder people seem to like Student Transfer more.



Because while it isn't the way the get better, it's the only way that we know of that improves their chances, even if only a little bit. The current treatment for transexualism is shit, but truth is we don't have any alternatives. Trying to convince them that the feelings are an illness that should be ignored only causes more pain and ends in more suicides.

Tbh, I think the dick cutting is still too early, since we can't make proper vaginas yet and the person just ends up with a permanent open wound that must be regularly stretched just to stay around, however… dysphoria exists in a spectrum, for some the presence of the dick does cause so much pain that they'd rather die than have it there. Definitely more of a last resort, though, we're too early tech-wise for that yet.

You can compare this to how we treated teeth a few hundred years ago, just ripping them out or filling them with gold. It wasn't the right treatment, but it was all they had at the time, the alternative would be to let it get infected to the point the person dies. "Celebrated" and shit is because we need to get rid of the hatred these people go through on top of their already shit condition. If they weren't getting stabbed left and right maybe we could even try to find alternative treatments, but as it is it's like people think the only possible treatment is the same used for schizophrenia, as if they were the same problem, and then no one wants to really look at it as it's own illness with it's own set of problems.

iirc suicide rates in trans people are at the highest for the untreated. It goes lower with HRT and even lower if the person has enough money to do the surgeries (FFS and SRS). The thing is, being trans sucks, so even in those with the best conditions, suicide rates are far above the normal population. Unfortunately we don't have better treatments available.



the real kicker is that he gets patreonbux per-update and his latest updates are just re-releasing what was already there before for the most part



>The current treatment for transexualism is shit, but truth is we don't have any alternatives.

The "treatment" for transexualism is literal body mutilation, and is psychologically the equivalent of playing along with a schizo, telling him that his delusions are real and that the van in front of his house is full of agents. And instead of actually looking for a real cure, the field instead seeks ways on how to play along better.

That's not to mention that a significant amount of trannies became ones due to peer pressure (something I saw first hand in one of my acquintances). Maybe if faggots like you stopped defending this bullshit and rather than celebrating trannies, they were told that there are more important things in life that they should focus on instead of centering it around their mental illness, it wouldn't be such a problem. Fuck, trannies WEREN'T a problem up until it got pushed by the media.



Anon, you are a first class gentleman, or other preferred gender identity as appropriate.


File: def821b84cfdfd0⋯.jpg (96.92 KB, 1017x228, 339:76, Student Transfer Bainpost.jpg)


>"If they were actually clever, they'd do one full branch at a time"

It's not just the main devs, a lot of the custom mods or scenarios for the Student Transfer game have the same issue. One would think that people would make mods to sate their desire for finished and polished content, yet they make the same errors the creators do. The closest I got to a completely finished scenario was that wasn't riddle with grammatical errors was the "Always Check the Warranty" scenario, and most of those branches were short enough to finish in 25 minutes.

Is it just the nature of the fact that these sorts of games often have many branching plots, or are the devs/collective fanbase just lazy?

Pic related did cheer me up somewhat though



I'm making a Student Transfer mod (about 80% finished but on hold until february due to IRL shittery), doing just one branch (will branch out backwards from there, if you know what I mean), and the branching adds ridiculous amounts of work if you want to actually do it properly. All the more reason I don't understand why they keep doing this "I'll do a bit of this branch, then a bit of this one, then a bit of that…" instead of just finishing them one at a time.



Any hints on what it's about? Any psychological damage arcs?



Without revealing too much, it'll be about John summoning a demon.

>Any psychological damage arcs?

Depends on what you consider psychological damage. The characters get mentally fucked with fairly often, though.


File: 01a658d169b236c⋯.jpeg (2.36 MB, 2000x1400, 10:7, 9323320b64dd652c6cae1a06f….jpeg)

There was this one game I played from there and it was essentially some princess who got exiled and is being hunted by said exilers so she has to keep moving around between cities, towns, schools, etc and to do that you need money which you get from prostitution. Theres barracks where you can train or sleep with all the soldiers ports, dog kennels, horse farms, etc. I cant remember the name but if someone could help I'd appreciate it. Pic related because sometimes when you would travel your caravan would get attacked by goblins/imps and you would get gang raped


File: 92b43abda902c2f⋯.png (1019.44 KB, 923x702, 71:54, 11.jpg.png)


Please, tell me you're not looking for A new dawn.


File: 0790e13fb2b37f8⋯.jpg (43.67 KB, 599x399, 599:399, 1444200402.jpg)


>"I"m looking for (game with hand drawn art)"

>"Are you actually looking for (low quality 3D model of Ariana Grande getting molested by bankers)?"


File: b5a9f82390ec5c4⋯.jpg (37.63 KB, 500x436, 125:109, 766AK11utt04po1_500.jpg)


>ariana grande getting molested by bankers

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.



I believe you are looking for a game called bounty




>that pic

It was obvious that whilst some people got their jimmies rustled by the gobbo rape, some also rustled their jimmies whilst looking at/drawing lewd pictures of that scene.



Is this a joke?


Good thing it only happens once in the manga and never again, which is funny since it forced Crunchyroll to add a pointless "advise" in the beginning. She later kills herself in the light novel.



Laughed my ass off, thanks anon.



If the game didn't have pictures, it was made by some rando at blogspot but he did died and never updated again. I don't remember the name, but you could make find it going through the web of links of literally any weg dev, since they all link to each other like a huge circle jerk.



No but I'll check it out



It didn't have photos at all and it was an all black background and windowed. Also I have no idea what weg dev is or how to do that.



Oh dude that's the game thank you so much. I fucking love you


Also lol I laughed


Anons, what sort of writing for a TG transformation do you find the best? Should it be detailed about the anatomy, like describing the breasts pushing out and stuff, or should it be more abstract, like feeling strange weight on your chest?



It should be imperceptible to the PC, there should be exposition that logically establishes what events could change your own condition, but you shouldn't be made aware until you get feedback from the environment or other NPCs. What's the point of having transformation if they don't interface with systems in the game world anyways? So many of these games are hollow because they just say "the ass was fat" and no system in the game has been laid to react to the ass being fat.


File: 0b80e44edf79155⋯.png (25.56 KB, 476x445, 476:445, 0b80e44edf791555c0455d9004….png)

Any games with straight sex and big dicks?


Anybody played this?


is there a way to get the vampire spawn headgear in the public version? That page is a stub on the wiki but so are tons of things in-game.



go to the dedicated thread, it has links for alpha unlocker



feels like cardboard cutout of Transformania Time, I'd recommend that over what this anon posted.

it's quite fun in chaos mode, standard is too slow for me.


someone spoonfeed a helpless retard please, where's the perverted education straight mod? That turns the game into bimboification instead of sissy shit?



>straight sex and big dicks?

what are you gay?



You didn't mention that it had drawn art in >>288198



You see it in the damn pic



The only thing really implying the pic had anything to do with the actual game was:

>Pic related because sometimes when you would travel your caravan would get attacked by goblins/imps and you would get gang raped

That says nothing about whether the game is drawn art. There was no information indicating that a 3d game should be ruled out.


File: aacf202ba942e67⋯.jpg (241.36 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, web-dennis-skinner-afp.jpg)

God I hate MtF, bimbo shit, etc

But man, it looks like the only lewd scene that isnt dominated by fucking retarded Renpy normie linear bullshit and full weeb censored animeshit

Im starting to ease myself into this


Best roguelike sissyfication games? I enjoyed trap quest quite a bit even if its quite shit



You think the best game that fetish has is shit. Might want to develop a new fetish cause the rest is FAR worse and it'll stay that way.



Bet you like FtM fag


>>293757 Oh Boy




The vast majority of porn games on steam are vanilla or have very mainstream kinks like incest and dubcon "rape", as opposed to games like PE or Trap Quest that are much more niche in their appeal. Hence the porn game revenue on steam is split between 200 different titles that are all more or less the same shit. On the other hand, PE and Trap Quest are by far the best games for their respective kinks and so they have entire niches cornered.



Maybe give the company a try if you haven't already?


It's pretty open ended. Yes, there is MtF transformation but it's easily avoidable. You can be dom or sub; male, female, or trap.

Then, of course, there's hard times in hornstown (which you more than likely HAVE tried) where you can do basically whatever you want as long as you can deal with a few bugs:



File: 8aaebc6228d5844⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1332x899, 1332:899, 2.png)


>tfgames thread

>no one's mentioned Insignificance


File: f59e2ce2edf1664⋯.gif (448.58 KB, 444x258, 74:43, tenor.gif)


I guess it wasnt…

Significant enough


So what is it most of you are looking for in a game off of this site?



A game that is finished and doesn't have a patreon.

So a unicorn, basically.



Sounds interesting



Tbh, I prefer games that never finish. Once a game is finished, there's no new content. With a game that spends years in the alpha phase there's always the chance that, next time you open tfgames.site, you'll find a game you liked suddenly has new content.

I'd rather have perverted education with more content that a knockoff of it with different content.



I believe I know what you're talking about. The game is called "Bounty" and it was lasted updated in mid-2016.




It was pretty good but only had the first level done when I played it.



Something that isn't instant MtF, forced MtF or a CYOA with the writing of a 4th grader that has learnt some 'adult' words.

Also would like some character creation, since it usually gives some replayability as well or at the very least adds a few minutes to the game time while I fuck about in the creation menu.



Some proper MtF gender bending (none of that gay sissy shit) that's prefferably written as a sequence, as in it's not just "poof" but it also isn't 6 million pages of "I lost some body hair and I got an inexplicable urge to taste dick all of a sudden :—–DDDD". Needs to have either good writing or decent visualisation. Either is fine (I can stomach a word salad if I get cool custom illustrations and vice versa), but if it has neither then there's no saving it. Prefferably without furshit.



That works for sandbox games like Perverted Education, but not for more streamlined games. There is nothing worse than being blueballed with the message of "END OF CURRENT CONTENT, PLS SUBSCRIBE TO PATREON" when playing a VN type of game



Sounds like Kingdom of Deception if I'm perfectly honest


can I get a recommendation for a game where you transform/corrupt others, and not be the one who's transformed



Well there's Parasite infection. You are the one being transformed, but the goal is to corrupt others.




Village of Nightmares, maybe. It's not very good, though


Lets see how many months it takes this year before any of the paid patreon projects on the site release actual updates. Oh look they added a page of dialogue totally worth the 12 months of donations.

If it wasn't for Life Choices and Girl Life I'd probably not bother with the site at this point as they're the only 2 decent games that get regular updates/mods. Everything else either doesn't interest me because its an RPG Maker game or has been stagnate for months-to-years.

At least in the rags years they admitted when a game wasn't going to be developed further. Once they adopted Patreon it all went to shit then.



I made one that was about a phone that took over a guys life. The phone came alive and turned into a femdom. It was cool but the feature creep always kicks in. This is why I would never charge money for it because people will start a long list of fetish crap they want added to the game. Put diapers in. Put Furries in. Put Shemales in. ect ect. When all I wanted was a game about a phone that went crazy and started messing with the guys mind and body.



Sounds retarded…



Still better than 99% of the shit posted on TFGameshite.


File: ea7ab0251b29596⋯.jpg (17.07 KB, 326x318, 163:159, REEEEEEEEEE.jpg)

>go to site for some good 'ol m2f

>see new m2f game submission

>click it

>prepare for some good rubby rub

>look at tags

>sissification and crossdressing




Have you tried transfigure? Its probably what you want



>playing newly submitted games

Why bother with anything that's less than 30% done? All you'll get is disappointment.


File: 63fca8a81205686⋯.png (331.42 KB, 875x639, 875:639, 63fca8a812056860e4344421d7….png)


>MtF and slow tags

<turns out it was a sissy/tranny game all along and wasn't tagged properly

>but only being revealed after more than an hour of content

>have to finish off with an emergency visit to exhentai folder

Most days I wonder why I even bother. Learning that the whole site was tranny elusively before they branched out solves a lot of the mystery though.


File: 6a72b9c5628caa5⋯.jpg (14.11 KB, 263x191, 263:191, 1369904068687.jpg)


>not wanting to mindbreak a man who has just been turned into a woman via lots of fucking and impregnation



A game that is finished



this right here.

Why would I play a TF hgame where the payoff endgame was anything but tits n vaginas getting creamed. Who wants man content in their hgames? I would assume only homosexuals.



>he let trannies colonize his mind and that all mtf stuff must be trannies

You poor pathetic fag.



He must have shit taste



I mean that's the approach Patreon encourages with its entire model. Paid per month? Just don't do anything. Paid per update? Shit out microupdates adding three sentences of dialogue.

Finishing a game is actually disincentivised, since if you actually did that, most of your donators would probably stop funding you because why should they? The game they wanted is finished so what use do they have for you? You'd need to start working on a new game and attract a new userbase of donators for it, which is a lot of work for no gain when you could just sit on your ass and twiddle your thumbs instead.


>m2t tag

>it's just one scene after 20+ hours of bullshit that takes like two paragraphs


>implying trannies are women

Wew lad. A tranny is just a man who did some self-mutilation. Saying a tranny is a woman is like saying a fat dude who took a knife and carved out some nice abs out of his fat is muscular.


TFGamesite newfag here.

I dont really specifically love or hate TF, but I will play pretty much anything as long as its decent made. Any recommendations?



My recommendation would be to leave as soon as possible. Second recommendation would be to SPECIFY what type of shit you want before asking. We're not bloody psychics. Third recommendation, should the other two fail, would be suicide.



I recommend you use the advanced search on their site to tag for the things you're interested in and only play games that have been in development for at minimum 1 year.



I've noticed with the advent of crowdfunding a vast increase in the number of games being made and a vast decrease in the number of games getting finished.

It's ludicrous, especially considering these developers are pulling sometimes 10-20k a month to occasionally push out 3-5 scenes of content every 3 months.



Tbh it's a waste. I've only seen a few devs that seem to have understood how to take advantage of patreon. Which is: finish your games… AND START NEW ONES.

Endlessly adding content is not necessarily bad, though. You just have to find out if that's what the payers want or not. Given that this is porn, I guess endings don't matter, just add more porn into it until you're bored, then add ending and start something new.



>finish your games… AND START NEW ONES

Why would you do that when you can just start a game and spend the next five years doing microupdates while getting a tidy sum every month?


Looks like the Perverted Education devs ran off with the shekels.

Threads pissed. There was a news update on patreon that isn't public and the backers are all jumping ship now. Stupid idiots didn't realise how good they had it.



Yearly reminder that you can say whatever you want about the lack of any real game mechanics in akabur's games, he has still finished like a dozen of them and is therefore infinitely superior to pretty much any other creator out there



on the one hand i'm upset because in the back of my mind i was looking forward to more updates to the game

on the other hand watching them crash & burn is pretty fucking satisfying




The gayest shit. Either go full MtF or fuck off



you have a screenshot or something?


File: e8e90a16a0cf24a⋯.png (4.5 KB, 277x271, 277:271, where's the proofs.png)



>Either go full MtF or fuck off

>Somehow that's better

Why not start as a woman to begin with? I honestly find gay men who knows that they want a dick up their ass LESS gay than people into these fetishes.



>Why not start as a woman to begin with?

Because that wouldn't be hot? You seem to be under the impression that this is some roundabout way to jacking off to dudes getting fucked in the ass, but it's actually the transformation (and subsequent mindbreak) that's arousing, not the sex.


I have noticed the overwhelming majority of the I have played so far are about the player being TF'd.

What are some good games where the player is TF'ing somebody else, rather than being TF'd themself?



>Corruption of champions

Sort of, i'm not sure if that game still does that.

>Free cities



slave trainers




They updated on the page now that the patreon is pay per update because the dev did indeed run off. Then the replacement dev starts talking about the work that's about to be done and I can't help but feel like this isn't much better. At least people aren't being ripped off for no updates. That was a pretty shit thing for them to have done from the start.

>sees girl life got update

>its just bug fixes

fml this site is better when I'm ignoring it. Not worth following the devs. Half the shit gets abandoned on here anyway.



Even a lot of devs seem to have forgotten about the site. Altered heroines, for example, completely stopped updating it's listing on the site while new public builds are still released on patreon.



Same for Innoxia and Maverik.


my fine dudes, what are your favourite games from TFsite and you would recommend?



For me:

Cursed - No longer developed I like it for its simplicity. Only issue is that it doesn't work properly anymore on newer versions and the developer is an idiot that added furry ect shit to the game instead of making just a vanilla TG corruption game.

Anger Management - No longer developed. Great idea, I really liked the concept of the game subtly hint at what the facility is trying to do to you. No other game on the site does that as well. Its a TG Game.

Life Choices - Great game about corrupting a dumb runaway. The porn used here is really good. This is a non-TG game. It is purely a corruption game.

Girl Life - Good but extremely buggy. It is for the most part a much more complex version of Cursed. My only issue is that it gets boring after a while because its a bit too grindy. It is probably the most ambitious game on the site just due to how many options and how much content it has. Can be a TG game if you want it to be but the vanilla experience is not. The biggest thing would be that the game is extremely modded and so you can find external updates to the game so you're not having to wait around for new content which is refreshing compared to this patreon wait around bullshit.



if you're not into sissy/m2f shit:

>nightgames mod

basically a sex based turn based fighting game. each chatacter has a specific transformation path and you can pick up said tf from them by your own free will

>hard times in hornstown

a sandbox where you can explore many sexual fetishes as either dom or sub.

>the company

another sandbox, but much more story oriented. still, it allows for both sub and dom paths. Much better writing, but a lot less freedom.

if you are:

both hard times in hornstown and the company fill these niches, but there's also:

>perverted education

you're probably familiar with this. decent sandbox but you're railroaded into sissydom.


another you're probably familiar with. roguelike which attempts to railroad you into feminization or bimbofication but you can still fight against it and play as a dom if you're any good. no way out of wearing feminine clothes unless you wanna go naked though.

>the sissy girlfriend experiment

you get a dom gf who forces you into a sissy lifestyle. your choices have some impact but it always ends the same.

>the making of a slut

shows a lot of promise, but your choices have no impact at this point. I have a million criticisms but it still tickles that itch.

honorable mention:

>altered heroines

good art, ok writing, can play as either sub or dom. It desperately wants to be a sandbox but there's simply not enough content there for it. go to the patreon link for the latest public update as the IGDB post is severely neglected.




why do all of these names sound like 12yo autist came up with them



Your question already has the answer.



Why put your patreon cash cow next to competition?


How much "tf" content do I need to uplaod my game to that database?

Is simple gender-bender and some crossdressing enough?



I think so.



As far as i know, you can upload a game without a single tf without problem. I have already seen some vanilla game even if it's rare.



Mods removing those games.



Lolno. They don't go around broadcasting it (let alone talk to the community), but they'll take down games with no tf.

Damned shame too. If the site didn't focus on tf content, they'd be the itch.io of porn games considering how old the site is.



Fuck off vanillafags, let us have our porn niche



What do you mean with gender bender? Because in general it means full MtF/FtM TF, so obviously it would qualify.

Cross dressing would have to involve some mental changes, ie. sissification shit.




My bad then, i didn't notice any game vanishing but knowing who the admin of this site are, i believe you without problem.



>What do you mean with gender bender?

Original character is female (but you don't see that stage), now it's male, but crossdressing into female.


Sure do love that Perverted Education hasn't been updated in fucking forever, ugh…



>Last Update was September

I'm very sceptical of the new dev team. Their target fixation on the cheerleader story is ignoring the fact that the punishment system is still broken.



That's their focus because it's what the remaining writer finished months ago when the first team took over. I don't think he's written anything else since.




Why PE and Secretary both the best games in this genre filled with shit games, and at the same time the deadest? Why is this so? Are there any games of same quality?


I really do wish there were more non-sissy/m2f stuff. Transformation can do so much more than that, but "you become a submissive homosexual and/or female" is like 90% of the shit I see.



>why does tg content almost always have males that turn into females in some form or another

What did you expect? It seemed self-evident to me that this sort of content could only ever take that route.



That is because they aren't focused on trying to make an interesting game or good fap material. It is all just wish fulfillment for them.



Make one yourself!


File: 6bdac8fe5e5b25a⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 324x238, 162:119, Just Keep Moving, Heard It….gif)


Any games with bug or slug transformations in them?



You already have free cities and degrees of lewdity, what else do you need? Those shitty html games are all the same.


>most of the shit on /hgg/ is still AFK with no updates

>its been more than 6 months with no updates

The sheer state of porn games. Well time to go find something else then.






Get the bug out of your ass.



>Replying to 3 months old post




I heard Student Transfer is supposed to update soon


File: ba8deaa70acfef9⋯.png (11.64 KB, 712x140, 178:35, Screenshot_2.png)




Supposedly new update soon



Phone UI and Cheerleader content has been cut. Only new thing they're adding is rather they're readding all the broken therapist fetish options that still won't do anything. Calling it now this is just going to be bugfixes. New team is proving just as unreliable as the previous team.


Does anybody remember a game where you live with your alcoholic dad in a fantasy village? There was a blacksmith you could work for, some lizardman merchant, and a bar you could also work at. I remember it had incomplete hand drawn artwork, and cannot find any evidence of it anywhere, but it used to be on tfgs and was discussed on /hgg/ at some point.



Trapped in Life


Queen of the Seas just got a big update, finally got some 2d avatar action going on.

Most underrated game on that site imho.



File: bc9c65eb2d87cd3⋯.jpg (74.78 KB, 797x827, 797:827, SuchFeeling.jpg)


oooohhhhhh shit niggas!!!!


File: e41a70a349e4303⋯.jpg (135.65 KB, 1629x737, 1629:737, NOCOINCIDENCES.jpg)



Apparently its got balancing issues. Not sure if I should ruin it by playing it now or just wait for hotfix.



The fuck? No it isn't, the entirety of the bimboization fetish or however the fuck is called is about non-gay tranformations, probably a lot of other ones out there I don't know about too



The balancing issues are basically the new gaming skill. If you play PSBox a few times, you'll win almost every time you go to the arcade.

The arcade was pretty much always broken anyway just due to the basketball game but now the car racing game is laughably broken. It's actually kinda nice in the early game when you're trying to rush the 2 wifi spy cams. But after that, walking into the arcade after school and walking out with $600+ gets pretty ridiculous.



You're forgetting about furfags.



>If you are [into M2F shit]

>Lists a bunch of exclusively sissy/trap games

I swear that "M2F" tag should be reserved EXCLUSIVELY for content that transforms males into females, but that would mean defining sex and pissing off the retarded trannies wouldn't it?

I'm not interested in any content here unless the end result character is female. Also the sooner it happens (and therefor the less gay m/m shit) the better.



Trapquest can be either/or. You can even start as female if you want.

Also, none of the games I mentioned focus on m/m content (except maybe perverted education but that's what shemales mode is for)



I bit the bullet to try it out. I like that now the breast punishment goes up to C cups from the start and its semi-permanent. The cheerleader content is a bit lame all it does is adds yet another grind that said I haven't finished it all yet because I got bored. For the most part it seems like the punishments system has improved but again I haven't finished it. I do think its much more padded than earlier versions.

Its a shame they removed the dress for the first time events as I preferred these because the PC shouldn't just take to wearing a dress like its nothing. They should instead be panicking until they realise no one cares. It is a bit annoying this part was removed because it was a fun scene.

I feel like the cheerleader domination shit is a bit too far now. It feels like every woman in the PC's life is out to dominate the fuck out of him. I also think its creating way too much extra work for what is a totally optional side quest. Same with the night club. Totally optional side quest no point in developing it. Just focus on finishing the initial game and then when the game is done then you can start adding all the diaper fetish crap - yes that has been readded.

See you in 2 years for the next update.



I love it, honestly such a breath of fresh air from typical sissy modern life shit, the wheel also keeps my lizard brain stimulated long enough.



>I like that now the breast punishment goes up to C cups from the start and its semi-permanent.

the breast augmentation depends on how far along you are with buxom's route. In fact, she can force you into max size if you undo the treatment and continue to disobey her later in game. This applies to the ass as well.

>Its a shame they removed the dress for the first time events as I preferred these because the PC shouldn't just take to wearing a dress like its nothing.

refuse to wear the female school uniform and she'll give you tasks along that line. This, as far as I can tell, is basically no different from the previous updates. How you play the game has always influenced how the player reacts.

>It feels like every woman in the PC's life is out to dominate the fuck out of him.

well yeah… that's kinda the point (except your friend who the creators explicitly said is supposed to be the MC's refuge from all of that)

>Just focus on finishing the initial game and then when the game is done then you can start adding all the diaper fetish crap

rule #1 of tfgamessite: never finish your games.



the best thing about QOS is that the developer keeps adding useful stuff every major update, unlike other games that shall not be mentioned who obsess over adding in content no one wants to see.


File: a6c6f79483354c0⋯.png (754.72 KB, 767x720, 767:720, 1463621971999.png)

>new Student Transfer update

>haven't seen any old routes fully completed and lots of new routes only partially started

Every single fucking time. I was enjoying the Cornelia one too.



Just wanted to say that this game is great. Thank you.


What do you want to see more of on tfgames.site?

What is your biggest pet peeve (other than all the gay shit).


File: 0c71328e9662ddb⋯.jpg (33 KB, 375x342, 125:114, 0c71328e9662ddb2f8a2679efa….jpg)


The fact that EVERYTHING is gayshit is the problem

Sissy = gayshit

MTF = gayshit

Submissive content = gayshit

NTR = gayshit

PC Female Transformation with forced male partners = gay shit

Using actual IRL trans pictures as placeholders for Futanari content = m-m-mega gay shit

The PC gets raped without any chance of resistance = gayshit




Yeah, I'm really hoping that Zoey gets a finished route, or even a halfway done one. Little girl is that energetic.

Or a better way to mine control the bullies.


Man, I wish in The Company you could dose your mom to having sex with you without having to dose her such that she brings home strangers to fug. I just want my incest harem, dangit, I don't want to have them fucking strangers, just the MC and each other.



is it worth it to play The Company if I'm not into incest at all?



I'm working on a big mod for ST. Already have one route finished and ready for release, but I figure it's better to make the whole thing, all paths included, rather than drop it piece by piece with every menu choice having placeholders.

I don't really understand the development cycle for ST – they seem to make a bit of every route every update, rather than doing and finishing the routes one by one. Not to mention they keep rewriting old shit for some reason. With such an approach, it's no wonder their updates take an eternity and nothing ever gets finished



that's supposed to happen in a few patches, I'm waiting till like midsummer to look at company again so they can get the mother update in.



Too many cooks in the kitchen. It's already pretty obvious that different authors have different intentions for various characters. Take Sayaka for instance. Some play her up as a straight bully and antagonist with no redeeming qualities. In other routes it's pretty obvious that she has a thing for the MC and it's complicated between her and the past with Kat. Others seem to want to mash her and Kiyoshi together. It's all over the place.



You're most likely right, seeing as how it's a collab work of way too many people. Still, you'd expect each of the cooks would at least finish his dish, if nothing else, yet the progress is haphazard and nothing seems to ever get actually done.



You left out the most important one:

Futanari = gayshit

Don't delude yourself homo.



Oh, well, good. I haven't kept up with the development.



There seems to be little actual futa in tfgames. It's just shemale shit, no vagina.



Futa is more of a japanese thing



incest is avoidable, albeit there's a lot of content around it. there's the chars at home and the chars at work, you'll basically just skip interaction with mom and sis on the weekends.



why does everyone hate gayshit, if you're on this board or tfgamessite you're some form of gay. get over yourselves, gay boys



I love the company and I don't give a fuck about incest. It's a bit of a turnoff but I still play through the incest content because the content itself is pretty hot.



stop projecting, fag


File: 9ca13a917a3c161⋯.jpg (226.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 11_sex_sasha_z_cum_inside_….jpg)


Rad Science, your friend becomes a futa who can knock you up. The game hints in the future you might be able to do the same to him, but it's on hiatus.


Are there any tags on this site or some way to filter out games where you play as a male MC that doesn't transform (or can choose not to) and fucks traps/shemales without getting domed by them? I don't really mind if it's mutual fucking, just not the "your mistress stomps on your balls and calls you her little slut" horseshit. I feel like I'm the only guy with a trap fetish who just wants to fuck one and doesn't want to be one.



You're on the wrong site. We've only got Male-to-female-now-go-suck-cock games.



There's quite a few games like that, but I don't know of a specific tag. Generally, most of the sandbox-like games offer an option to fuck futas and the like.


This is probably one hell of a long shot, but does anyone have the latest patreon update of altered heroines?



Anyone got the paid version? .45 is on tfgames, but apparently there's a .6 version with another GB of content.




The Yui route got finished, I think. At least I don't recall it being finished before this update dropped



Man. For a second I thought the PC became futa and knocked her female friend up.

But of course the gayness has to come in and the PC gets knocked up instead. Holy shit.



As I said, the game hints that would be possible too at some point (the PC can avoid being impregnated). Shame the creator had a mental meltdown and development stalled.


What's your favourite TF (or TG) anons?



racial/cultural TF

stepford TF

having niche fetishes sucks



>racial/cultural TF

Those are pretty hot as long as they don't involve niggers

>stepford TF

isn't that just common core?



>isn't that just common core?

it has the weird combination of being both too vanilla and too specific


File: a1efb769215175a⋯.jpg (11.65 KB, 213x200, 213:200, 1459872771876.jpg)


So long as it is TF and not TG. Also no furry TF. I usually don't like the rampant hedonistic sexcapades either and just try and focus on getting the character as feminine as possible with big T and A.



Mine's TG, by far. Don't mind most TF as long as it's not furry autism taken too far (no, I did not need or want to know that cats have barbed cocks, fuck you). Corruption and mental changes are of course also welcome, as long as the focus is on TG. Sissies and trannies need not apply, only pure TG, none of that gay shit.




penis shrinking but not full on gender transformation


File: 3869a060ce02f87⋯.png (439.04 KB, 539x414, 539:414, ClipboardImage.png)


RPG maker game with custom assets where everything gets TF'd and TG'd into monstergirls. Finally a game where you transform others. There's not much content right now, but what's there is absolutely top tier.



Is there any 8ch-developed game on TFG?



Crossdressing in Camelot has a little of that. Not a lot of content so far, but shows promise.


site is down. Any idea why?



It was up a couple of hours ago. No clue, but sometimes it happens. Shitty hosting, maybe?




It's back on. Guess their servers shat themselves


File: c98c8de99dd3879⋯.jpg (46.8 KB, 500x521, 500:521, 8392749287.jpg)

>tfw press-switch, student transfer and secretary will never be finished

>tfw most games that I've play from that site was just shitty html "stories" full of typos and random pics from google images



Student Transfer updated not too long ago so you might want to check that out if you haven't yet. There's also mods, bulk of which are written by illiterate brazilians, but a few are actually pretty ecent



It's a bit grindy at times.



>most games that I've play from that site was just shitty html

Try the rpgmaker games instead. They tend to be better that html shovelware



Press-Switch and Student Transfer can never be finished. It was never on the cards that either might be. Too many pathways branching too rapidly - both are victims of an exponential growth function. Not with every writer and programmer on earth working together could you do it.

Secretary, though, that should be possible to complete. It won't be, but at least it's possible which makes it legitimate to bitch about it not happening.



>Press-Switch and Student Transfer can never be finished. It was never on the cards that either might be. Too many pathways branching too rapidly - both are victims of an exponential growth function.

Both can easily be finished if they start using a different design approach of branching from the end rather than the beginning. Start bywriting a single route, no choices, and then slowly work your way back, adding a choice and continuing recursively. That way, every version of the game will be free of placeholders and similar shit, and when you finally lose your will to continue, you can just say it's finished.




Secretary is still under active development. Check the discord. For whatever reason the dev doesn't upload new versions to the site unless its a "major update." There have been dozens or so updates since the last one got uploaded. Additionally, I think they are nearly done with the next major update last time I checked. Happy to actually be able to contribute something.



Can you post a link to the latest version here?




forgot to add:

>if the files got a password, its always the game name in lower case



Sorry, I don't check in everyday but it looks like I wasn't really needed. Told you it'd be soon. :)



The creator had this to say

>My 2nd in command has already written so many new scenes, and we don't plan to add much code changes this times, just a few quality of live functions, so the next full update shouldn't be as long as the last one.



Dude I am so fucking sick of the default RPG Maker sound effects. It's not hard to find sound effects online. Wtf people?


>you can view games you've reviewed but not games you've liked


File: eba74ae8252c9e6⋯.png (201.98 KB, 538x540, 269:270, reeeeeeeeeeee.png)

>click on game with preg tag

>fuck as many people as i can in it

>game ends an hour in

>no preg related content happens

>if i look it up its usally tagged as such since its """planned"""

why are westren game devs so annoying



Your fault for not asking in their dickhorde or donating to their goytreon to speed up development :^)



Maybe the dev tries to obey copyright. There's not that many good assets falling under Creative Commons license, especially since the author needs to explicitly say it's Creative Commons, so finding ones you can actually use that don't sound like shit is a pain in the ass. And then you usually need to also add some way to actually credit the author since almost all Creative Commons licenses want credit to be given, even if they don't ask for money. Sounds like a hassle, but if you do not do this, you do open yourself to the possibility of being sued. With all this hassle in mind, it's unsurprising many decide to simply make do with RPGmaker defaults.



I guess what I'm trying to say is that your fetish porn games use shit sound effects because of jews.



>Traps and futa's are gay because they have a penis! However, fantasizing about being a """""straight""""" man that gets transformed into a women and taking a sea of cocks is totally straight. Don't question my heterosexuality, faggots.

-The delusions of a closet homo

So based.


File: bed34d3893b301f⋯.png (7.61 KB, 464x464, 1:1, bed34d3893b301f654132be943….png)

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