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File: 85d62f0eb63a6a1⋯.jpeg (61.97 KB, 942x707, 942:707, DaQdczEXkAAXFIl.jpeg)



File: 41b767d39f55411⋯.png (322.56 KB, 578x632, 289:316, loli.PNG)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 69618aa3ca11db3⋯.png (817.13 KB, 687x575, 687:575, ClipboardImage.png)





reminder that namco high is unplayable now



thank god



i still have a siterip


File: 327066055e531bf⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 528.17 KB, 1280x1808, 80:113, woomy.jpg)



i can't remember namco high

at all


post puniman


manmenmi > woomy



it existed

one of the tiers you could buy was 500 dollars and came with a hoodie and a shitty ring


Out of all of the homeless hsg posters who has the highest probability of getting AIDS




File: 1a45a91e00d5866⋯.png (378.83 KB, 527x496, 17:16, ロリ.png)




File: e30152f645ef9d1⋯.jpg (68.76 KB, 750x903, 250:301, IMG_20180415_121850.jpg)



rev will you take your epic turn in the epic awbw?





hsg goes to puniket




I had the opportunity once but I didn't take it

I felt like I would stand out too much being a foreigner


i honestly completely forgot about the advance wars thing




i would go regardless but i dont want to get a fingerblasting from us customs




hsg meet incoming


"sir why do you have cartoons of naked children in your luggage"

"come with us."


File: b9ac74b7d3ced02⋯.jpg (122.99 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 66cdf608-a604-43f9-9064-e7….jpg)

it doesn't look to be very tight...

i can only assume the material is at fault



its probably really thin


I'd wanna go to a star trek convention with you guys, I dug talking TNG and DS9 with you guys


hsg goes to a pozzing orgy



turn em inside out, let's see them catch you then



i don't know anything about star trek but i'd go



tumut i would LOVE to go to trek convention with you. can we share a hotel room?


File: 36c8c6f752584cd⋯.png (664.67 KB, 823x889, 823:889, ClipboardImage.png)



wwanna buy a bat'leth


*over radio*

requesting confirmation from Xray-Lima-Romeo, what's the status of your dildo soup, over


i still want an arisaka


File: f3d2fbe9b972e9c⋯.jpg (89.81 KB, 616x700, 22:25, __mystia_lorelei_touhou_dr….jpg)

I've been drinking this lemon cake rosehip tea all day

it's basically hot crystal light but I like it



...but is it




yes it is






those are really old and why would i ever buy one

i'm on record as saying that 98% of homestuck merch is shit.


why does c+p add so many spaces



i think i saw this in a video recently


in avatar could you fake earthbending as an airbender by using air to cut the earth and levitate it like that?

why is bloodbending a water technique? couldn't earthbenders bend it if they can bend metal?

who gets to bend steam?



>who gets to bend steam

>who gets to bend water

xlr you can't be this dumb can you



>in avatar could you fake earthbending as an airbender by using air to cut the earth and levitate it like that?

is this a joke or did you just forget when they explicitly do that

or well, i think it was the other way around, but yes you can

>why is bloodbending a water technique? couldn't earthbenders bend it if they can bend metal?

it's 92% water


>why do the waterbenders bend something that's 92% water

>who gets to bend literally just water?


who gets to bend vape vapor?




there's iron in blood as well, though!


note that i didn't say vapor

steam is water + heat + air, so there



steam is water.


metal benders manipulate the impurities in metal not the metal itself



watch the fucking show



>there's iron in blood as well, though!

Yea and there's pieces of metal in all kinds of shit. It's 92% water my dude, it's water.

>note that i didn't say vapor

>steam is water + heat + air, so there

this is rev-level stupidity



Steam is water

you realize this right


water is water + heat otherwise it would be ice


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

blood is like 0.00000002% iron

airbenders can't bend earth like earthbenders they at best can lift something up and down if there's a vent underneath


File: 079ff1aafc4e1cb⋯.jpg (84.71 KB, 920x434, 460:217, 079ff1aafc4e1cb55166dfe208….jpg)

>having a crisis over if i should buy wes's pstv or buy 60 days of game time for ff14


if you're gonna argue like this, airbenders can bend anything because they can blow it around all over the place

Steam is water and should be a water technique, though.



is wes selling his

i might buy it



don't firebenders get lightning for some reason though?



>if you're gonna argue like this, airbenders can bend anything because they can blow it around all over the place

i mean, they kind of can

aang's main trick was using airbending to spin those metal balls


is oil completely immune to any type of bending?


The only ambiguous thing is lavabending since it seems to be a utilization of earthbending and not firebending but fire lord sozin cooled a volcano and turned magma into rock by absorbing its heat even though he's not an earthbender


>airbenders can bend anything because they can blow it around all over the place

No they can't since air doesn't have the strength to control large pieces of earth or volumes of water much less change its shape or do things besides push it around


There would be no reason for air nomad avatars to have to learn anything except firebending


i don't remember much about mouth silence but so far mouth moods is ok

mouth sounds is definitely much better though



cletus i'm agreeing with you on the airbending thing. I was trying to make a point.


no one complimented me on my sick burn on cletus earlier

i thought it was good


File: 222b1148d2dd7c5⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 38.94 KB, 321x272, 321:272, jeanathussspeeds.gif)

you all get the seizure edition



why does everyone call any gif that has more than 1 frame a second a seizure



maybe lavabenders have to be the child of a firebender and an earthbender




answer my stupid questions please




Fire Lord Sozin definitely doesn't have an earthbending parent




i dunno but sure



lightning because electrons or something and fire

it's not as good a connection as the others


Daily Reminder that AtLA is about the Second Sino-Japanese War



didn't he just manipulate the heat of the lava but not the substance itself?



True, but I've never seen firebenders ever have the ability to suck heat from hot objects


puni puni

puni puni

need puni puni loli manko


please post pizza vriska


pa pa

tu tu

tu tu

tu wa wa



her name is tips.......


okay i might be off about steam but lava is definitely earth so what the fuck


File: e5ff73031a32cad⋯.png (555.53 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 1071331_1341854939939_full.png)


that's fair but there's all kinds of unique benders

like combustion man


File: 51343e93aebbff2⋯.jpg (106.47 KB, 962x1031, 962:1031, DYoO1N5WAAAZL90.jpg)



Firebenders never lavabend, only earthbenders do

I know Bolin does it in Korra





she's epic



whats wrong with her left eye



maybe she got some pizza grease in it


>you will never lap up pizza grease out of tips' cartoonishly giant ass


File: 356877b040e5005⋯.jpg (254.59 KB, 1280x1798, 640:899, 001.jpg)


hsg wesson party when?


File: 1d1d8da609de3e1⋯.jpg (652.11 KB, 1280x1805, 256:361, 008.jpg)



late but lol


>take a bite of pizz

>splurge pizza grease everywhere


File: 1b4b4d1cfb3461f⋯.png (166.94 KB, 858x802, 429:401, wesson.png)

check out these 50-60 year olds talking about having greased up orgies


did cletus waifu that waterbender without arms


honestly? pizza sucks



I was outty by then Korra post season 1 wasn't worth watching but she's cute I guess



what the fuck


my tax return has like doubled since last year

that doesn't seem le right, but maybe i had it le wrong last year and got it more right this time?

pls no bully irs i did my best






hey the adventures of avatar wan was pretty good



yea it was really good

most of the rest of it wasn't that good



I'm sure it does where you live


Didn't the Korra lore contradict the idea that people learned earthbending from badgermoles, firebending from dragons, airbending from sky bison and waterbending from the moon

if true thats gay


File: d9269030ce114e7⋯.png (89.08 KB, 886x366, 443:183, ClipboardImage.png)

remove fatties



it sucks and it's basic bitch ratchet ass garbage unless it's made at a real restaurant with real ingredients (which is fucking rare)


i don't have access to the jew pizza that cletus enjoys on a regular basis, admittedly



yeah basically the lion turtles just granted the power of bending to the people

I guess someone could argue that they just learned the technique from the animals but eh


please god post puni puni loli manko



sponge i work at a local pizza shop, it's literally run by an italian man and his wife, with one of their sons also being a chef and one of the daughters used to work there

it's markedly worse than dominos. I don't know about pizza hut or papa johns or other chains, but "local home made pizza" is a shit meme


okay hsg, so like

and think about it

aren't liberty and justice the opposites of each other?



do you ever read the stuff you post later and feel shame


also there's another mom n pop place about 30 minutes from here that's even worse than ours



I like crispy thin crust pizza

The problem a lot of pizza places have is that they use way too much dough and their pizza just becomes tomato-bread



babys first societal deconstruction


maybe next week he'll figure out what left and right really mean



that's not what i'm talking about either, i bet their ingredients are dog shit and i bet their pizza is soaked in grease. i'm talking about fancy bourgeois pizza



sounds like you just have a shit local

local stores are better for 90% of people



i'm just a petulant pseudoinquisitive infant babe




the pizza doesn't have any grease on it

i don't know about the pepperoni but i know they make all the dough, the cheese is from some company, and the sauce is from some other company but they do stuff with it


it's bad. it's a bad meme.


i can make a better pizza than my local.

ive gone to tons of small pizzerias and they all suck massive donkey balls


File: e2396634e50290d⋯.jpg (580.04 KB, 1187x902, 1187:902, 1517560646575.jpg)



it does contradict the lore but it's fun if you ignore that

You kinda have to forget about the last airbender entirely to enjoy korra


pom would be a waterbender but he would mostly bend pee


my local pizza place is relatively better than the chains but it still sux



>You kinda have to forget about the last airbender entirely to enjoy korra

That show would've been doomed even if it was good




yea what >>1177855 said. the pizzas i made were a lot better than the place i work at and that other place

that might be because i put a shit ton of pepperoni on it though



are you sure they're not egyptians or something?



epic steven uni reference



i'm sure they're italian



maybe the fire lord thing is some kind of conspiracy

unless they show it directly in the show then yeah i have no fucking clue other than what aradiaflag said and he's just special. out of anyone i'd expect the fire lord to be special.


File: cd279bafb91f144⋯.png (613.05 KB, 849x1005, 283:335, 9958538.png)


italians are niggers



they are? i thought they were just blacks


i deserve love just like everyone else


File: d2ee1a66f6f9d38⋯.jpg (57.52 KB, 417x263, 417:263, camerondiaz.jpg)



i think they are. i'm not sure now that i think about it


File: 611dc173e830c47⋯.png (34.56 KB, 377x384, 377:384, ClipboardImage.png)

there was an addition to that cosmo stream


i don't like thin crust pizza, but if the crust is thick enough to become doughy it's even worse

there's a very delicate balance of just thick enough



i honestly still do not buy it



im ready for the memes



can't believe i missed this all because i can't handle too many linkin park songs in a row


why does the shitfucking christcunting mousewheel button always break way faster than any other part of the mouse



i don't either


this is my final le


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 8e320489ab2baa5⋯.png (657.73 KB, 1126x669, 1126:669, ClipboardImage.png)




i prefer thin crust until the pizz crosses a certain threshold of ingredient quality and price


File: c1aaa03a0a99408⋯.jpg (5.97 KB, 205x246, 5:6, directfeel.jpg)


i don't want narcissa to die

please be happy again, my epic fake internet pal


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



tbh kinda would rather cosmo die than continue suffering



Did he fucking die? If so, how did he manage?



she probably needs to stop smoking weed and start eating real food (not soylent) for a little while



this is epic


rip spongelord


an epic angel now harvesting mouthpics in valhalla



he ain't dying


unalaq was the bottom of the barrel for avatar


i didnt know narcissa was almost 30

and why does she do that twin ponytail thing, it looks weird



nah the fire guy from the first season was a lot worse

or well, he ended up being

he was an ok idea, i guess



Soooo... if he died at the end of season two, would he be reincarneted into the next dark avatar? Is there a second avatar running around somewhere?



cause she's a GIRL teehee~


wasnt legend of korra just a show about pretty girls kissing

that seemed to be all anyone wanted from it



That was the end goal. The writers just needed to figure out how to get there.



well how difficult could it fucking be



didn't he die in avatar state

you don't reincarnate when that happens


I'm not sure who you're talking about, it's been a while since I watched it


File: 88302ba32e4efba⋯.png (296.69 KB, 1011x386, 1011:386, ClipboardImage.png)



I think anon's talking about Zhao from the original series.



no i am anon and i am talking about amon, the really dumb villain from the first season



Oh ok. Amon was a waterbender so I got confused. Psychic bloodbending was a terrible idea.


i support trans people and their right to transition into the gender and physical sex they feel is correct for them

however i feel there are some trans people who are mentally disturbed completely separately from their dysphoria, and they go untreated because they are surrounded by people trying to be supportive of them. telling them nothing is wrong and anyone who says they're mentally unwell is a bigot and that they're perfect and beautiful and they just need to keep going and they'll eventually reach their true selves, all while they're becoming more and more unhinged. and you end up with these horribly depressed people who don't understand what they're doing wrong and why they're feeling worse and worse, and eventually they become a statistic. they get stuck in these well-meaning supportive echo chambers and get cheered on as their free fall to their deaths.

is that wrong



i just remembered that he had a burn and forgot he was a waterbender




shitlord white man baby cis tears :)


loli : furry :: puniman : donut butthole



that is 1000% true and anyone who isnt a smoothbrain should have seen this coming with the sudden trendiness of trans in the past few years


i wish moody was still here

i need his wisdom


i hate cold it is even though it’s the middle of april. there’s an inch of snow on the ground



uuuh transwomen are assholes


this thread


of lolimanko


*opens window*


File: ad7ccda45ae3238⋯.jpg (826.35 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 1512888834534.jpg)


>w< my ass is pwolapsing!!



those are the best kind of pajamas

this is a bad image though, die


File: 6aa71059f2929d6⋯.jpg (57.79 KB, 524x800, 131:200, mystia lorelei (touhou) dr….jpg)


ugh those pajamas look super hot and uncomfortable


wait, what if

shota manko



whats wrong with it




fuzzy shit is good, but it can get hot yea


sleepwear ranked from best 2 worst in terms of comfiness

gym shorts

short gym shorts

the above + shirt (bonus if the shirt is long enough to cover the shorts)

short sleeve sleep set

long sleeve sleep set



File: 28aa6fd946b23ef⋯.png (16.42 KB, 243x165, 81:55, ClipboardImage.png)

i think it's kind of weird one of the main upgrades for the area you get is get a second chance at catching them if you fail

normally that kind of effect would be really small, like 5%

it's 50% for this


like I wear fleece pajamas pants when I'm lounging around the house in winter

but I can't sleep in in anything except thin shorts and a thin t-shirt


i need to go to vore rehab


I'm a degenerate who just sleeps in my work clothes.



not included

none (1)


File: 4c78dbcdd93917e⋯.png (2.63 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 68211281_p1.png)



why is fran holding a piece of gum in her mouth and why did someone spill water all over har apron? they didn't even help her clean it up


File: 441df488db70ad1⋯.jpg (307.93 KB, 1448x2048, 181:256, __flandre_scarlet_and_remi….jpg)

my brother sleeps wearing jeans and socks and it's the most infuriating shit

I should get a fancy pj set though


File: 4d969a56db891c6⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


do you ever just get a little aggressive with a google search

"what the FUCK is a boysenberry"




File: 83f5b5a8bdab70a⋯.jpg (97.79 KB, 1020x1447, 1020:1447, Daz9l4fVwAA-fQM.jpg large.jpg)



still really hate new nekomusume


ok so one of my harddrives seems to be dead so i've powered off the whole machine just to be safe. i should back up a couple of really important things (password database). i don't have any full backups, and i actually found out the drive was dead because i was getting ready to set that up. i'm scared that the process of recreating the data on a new drive is going to kill the other drives.

please pray for me



btw this is on top of my phone's lcd panel shattering

so i'm out two computing devices in a single week



i would unload in all of her holes tbh



she's a disgusting generic moe slut with absolutely zero appeal of the original character and she's a fucking disgrace


File: d593c4d35b41bb0⋯.png (1.83 MB, 900x1080, 5:6, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b4f5762169cc36b⋯.png (1.51 MB, 900x1080, 5:6, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 16c34964da95035⋯.png (1.72 MB, 900x1080, 5:6, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 69f149c771cd40d⋯.jpg (314.15 KB, 1125x1500, 3:4, 69f149c771cd40d2812ec68083….jpg)



i never watched kitaro

i just like the teen loli apeal

the 2007 one is good too



have you even watched the new series or are you just complaining about her looking like a moe slut



no i haven't watched it

because they ruined her




File: d04ba3cde7b4e83⋯.jpg (75 KB, 655x1200, 131:240, helena.jpg)



how 2 get a gf like that


File: 1836726c8878c48⋯.png (27.08 KB, 298x400, 149:200, Left3_01.png)

i could jerk off to this




her design is shit

why would i bother



presumably, you know, the actual series

if you liked the actual seris that is and not just jacked off to her previous design



as a fan of the series i don't appreciate them wildly changing the design of one of my favorite characters from it. i've also heard about how much they use her for fanservice and haven't really heard much of anything else about why i should bother watching it.


uhhh lets take a well beloved classic thing and change one of the characters from it into a giant slut lol


The Incredibles 2's plot seems very predictable just from the trailers

I hate this


File: 10e9cf9b8bb9c2a⋯.png (393.7 KB, 1200x840, 10:7, 68239559_p0.png)



japanese psp or a pstv


i wonder if nano is


fully functional


>artist i follow starts posting scat out of nowhere

i hate this.



what's the point of a japanese psp



there's no point really, its just cheaper than others after shipping and all of that because it doesn't come with a battery




you can hack it so it takes a usb drive instead of the super-expensive memory cards



oh damn

my only reservation is that i lose portability



>doesn't come with a battery

but why

i would go for the pstv personally, i think you can do almost everything the psp can with the addition of whatever the fuck vita has that's worth playing



some jap is selling fuckloads of psp systems on ebay for like $12-$50



if they weren't japanese i would have assumed they were stolen

but uh, i would only buy a psp go if i were to purchase one again


File: 32fa1f1f9bfc39e⋯.png (23.79 KB, 813x127, 813:127, ClipboardImage.png)

snagged, tagged, and bagged




it also looks like they're showing pretty much the entire movie in the trailers



this is a good image but i hate how much nichijou fan art is based on the donut cat thing which happened one fucking time



the one fucking time i fucking click


File: 5d78fec42dda4c3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 314.16 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 68136036_p0.png)

File: b43a68ef80cf677⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 426.1 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, 68166005_p1.png)


orange peel's art is good


File: 896e2dc97a1fe02⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 292.5 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 67532637_p0.png)



i don't watch trailers so i don't get the entire plot of the movie

however, it's a bit weird that i'm seeing screenshots of the underminer, because there was a ps2 game that was supposed to handle that plot so i guess it's not canon


reminder that it's less than two months until e3 lads


lewd nichijous feels so wrong yet so good



it looks like it just touches on it a bit

this movie picks up literally the moment the first one ended i think, so they address it for a few seconds at the very beginning



die fucker



what about the guy actually posting it


File: 310bc7440518883⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 352.05 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 58418301_p0.png)

File: 2958b1ce1b03c7b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 464.64 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 58428268_p3.png)

File: 7835d63974dc500⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 296.1 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 67517376_p0.png)


File: dcf8c4af98123f4⋯.jpg (150.65 KB, 700x846, 350:423, full metal hopper.jpg)

holy shit



File: 69eee13c0b76181⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 325.07 KB, 1600x1151, 1600:1151, 430e570b26979cff3d1c887e5c….jpg)


i will live.



fallout new vegas 2 is shaping up great



cute dogs



he can die fucker too


all i want is to be balls deep in a puni puni loli manko


File: db4a331b9eb1f5a⋯.png (979.38 KB, 680x645, 136:129, ClipboardImage.png)



delete this


why is sports shitposting so good?


>Davesprite gets put in Namco High

>Turned into Davepeta

What was the worse fate


protip: artists who draw really detailed buttholes are usually into scat


i thought illumination and sony pictures animation were the same company, but nope, just turns out they make the exact same kind of diarrhea


File: fe233d8cbe2ac92⋯.jpg (14.24 KB, 459x249, 153:83, 55ksjfkh88o01.jpg)

the cool thing about being an adult is that if you want to buy five pounds of beef and eat nothing but burgers for a week, you can do that



>participate in a shitty game pretty much nobody played

>nbe forever cemented as a waste of a character

Gonna go with the second one



how much are you willing to pay for it


oh my rubber ben


File: 9fa62b7e6005121⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 334.01 KB, 880x990, 8:9, alicesoft porn.jpg)

this is the protagonist of alicesofts new game

her name is ポルノ


File: f0e3f05975df358⋯.png (37.88 KB, 452x149, 452:149, Capture.PNG)

actually mad rn



i hope the gameplay is good


>r lee ermey died



File: e8202f9f3630191⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 441.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1523840269477.jpg)

i want to cum inside of porno tbh




im not gonna get started but

come on



it's a porn game, wonk.


File: 31ed3d3f8df587f⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1200x669, 400:223, 1523840592635.png)

i want to sexually annihilate this bitch


alicesoft games on switch when



put on a trip



that's not what


i said i wasnt gonna get started

but come on



File: e2cc3e0ec54118a⋯.png (1.48 MB, 800x1250, 16:25, ClipboardImage.png)



i dont understand






i dont have a sweating image sweaty enough for this

this is damn good


File: 35d264d3057533f⋯.png (1.23 MB, 880x1300, 44:65, ClipboardImage.png)



god i want to just fucking flatiron porno

holy fuck


do i want to know what flatiron means


get in before they scrub japan's image lads


her name is porno?



retards call it pronebone


the interview on the porno blog post is great



it translated to "pornography" in google



it sure is



i don't know what that means either


i'm pretty sure it's a codename or something.


File: 219ce97e553e3c8⋯.jpg (99.33 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, serveimage.jpg)


is there any actual gameplay or what


good(?) news, that friend who became trans actually looks kind of cute

i don't know if they've started hrt yet but they're already looking pretty good



its an alicesoft porn game



it's an alicesoft game so yeah probably?


File: 6ed9b2ccdb73c85⋯.jpg (134.27 KB, 912x1084, 228:271, flandre scarlet and remili….jpg)

I don't think lolicon is inherently immoral and probably shouldn't be illegal

but it can't be healthy to lust after little girls



shoo get your good opinions out of here



I mean as long as you don't want to fuck real little girls

I get pretty grossed out when I see a doujin or manga or something and they're drawn realistically, and you can really tell they probably studied cp a LOT

but lolis with thick thighs and wide hips that are very sexually aggressive seem pretty far removed from actual little girls, at least in my opinion



little girl lust feels just about as unhealthy as normal lust to me


File: 3ab94bb175e6a95⋯.png (10.42 KB, 326x72, 163:36, ClipboardImage.png)



you can learn to draw children realistically without looking at cp you know



this is the correct opinion, everyone please follow it as a guideline


I think it's really just a matter of

>Do you want to fuck actual children

>can you distinguish between fiction and reality

>are you mentally well enough to realize this is a fantasy


Okay but there's literally a doujin on sadpanda that's traced from cp



pssh if you have thousands of hours to waste



conforming now, master



>>can you distinguish between fiction and reality

>>are you mentally well enough to realize this is a fantasy

maybe the sjws were the pedophiles all along.........


the realism thing is why western loli is basically universally garbage too

they combine disgustingly rendered western artstyles with VERY realistic anatomy and it just is completely sickening



western loli always has a very strong sense of infantilization to it that makes it really gross to me



yeah that too

although I tend to separate things like cartoon porn from people just drawing kids getting fucked

you know, that kind of art.



poor western man forever bound to his worldly concerns at the hip


what is the consensus on junior idols


File: e40041107a951e8⋯.jpg (68.24 KB, 644x583, 644:583, 1523798742786.jpg)



I can't believe deku is a child molester preying on eri



>hey guys i found this loli can i keep her


File: 10ba8668011072b⋯.png (129.43 KB, 502x558, 251:279, krmtdng (pendago)_touhou_i….png)


File: 43552d74a1ef5ca⋯.png (604.14 KB, 684x920, 171:230, __flandre_scarlet_izayoi_s….png)

okay I've seen the light

I'm going to start jerking it to loli right now



i thought you did already



7,8 yikes out of 10



it's fucking disgusting and I'm disappointed it isn't banned already


idol culture is garbage anyways


what if a guy gets turned into a loli halfway through the doujin



i think it's pretty much being phased out



they're more like gravure idols than pop idols

which is worse


do we still do child beauty pageants with the obese 40somethings who never got enough praise as a child forcing things onto their 4 year old


junior idols are almost exclusively gravure idols

it's really fucked up



making dinner for the family tomorrow and i feel like being a bit extravagant

what is something interesting i could cook



i don't know what to think about it really. it's not like it's really harming them, but at the same time, why does it even happen? what are their parents even thinking? it's just weird.



>it's not like it's really harming them

i'm pretty sure rei kuromiya was really fucked up by basically being a sex object since she was 9

it aint right man


destroy loli


are u in2 lolicon or related fetishii? follow these easy guidelines

shortstacks: fine

above but the titties are small: borderline but basically fine

bodytype is loli but for some rasin they're of age (etna, neju etc): maybe don't????

an anime 1x year old (media goes out of its way to let you know that they're elementary/middle school kids): definitely don't

western loli: i'm puttin you on a list



I like pettanko not loli



[TSF no F (Kurimochi Chizuru)] I'm a Succubus [English]



nobody cares xlr



fried whole barramundi


my only saving grace is that i absolutely abhor rape and abuse and such.


xlr you go out of your way to moral grandstand over people jerking off to anime 17 year olds nobody cares about what you say



>shortstacks with small tits are "borderline"

are you australian



"i only like it for [insert kink here]"

here's a radical notion

find that kink in things that are not loli



fuck you



will she be in NMH 3?


ifunnyposter's influence grows even stronger...



i don't like (sexual) loli for any reason but if it shows up in a doujin and isn't egregious i generally don't care



but i like loli


File: e932f80ce2ade2a⋯.mp4 (1.58 MB, 406x720, 203:360, e932f80ce2ade2a7983000d222….mp4)


I don't care about the morality at this point

But aesthetically, lolis are shit

Liking them suggests sexual inadequacy or insecurity



why do you think ifunny poster was the start of loliposting

i almost find that kind of offensive



this is how I started liking loli

it's weird how the brain works


File: 8062049033f54f0⋯.jpg (114.31 KB, 1080x801, 120:89, 8062049033f54f00a99ecb8a53….jpg)


probably because i pretended to be ifunnyposter loliposting



cursed life


File: a8262dea4f09196⋯.jpg (275.58 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, a8262dea4f09196899b70f1b04….jpg)


i like cute girls but i'm not gonna jack off to them

i'm also mostly gay so there's that barrier to entry as well



this is what im always talking about with conditioning and generalization



what if you aren't insecure about your kid dick fitting perfectly in little girls



understandable have a nice day




>Liking them suggests sexual inadequacy


what does your amputee and fucknugget fetish suggest about you though



i'm hyaku paasento fertile on the first shot tho


i started off with occasional ironic posting, joking around about stupid anime

then i watched victory gundam and it Flipped The Switch


>wonk is right


File: 38cfba763c827b4⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

probably one of the stupider things i've done that no one knows about was that in like, 2011 or something there was an /a/ thread with this picture and the title said "go on, kiss me" or something of the sort and i did

i don't even remember how much i knew about haruhi at the time, i think i just knew she had goddess powers and that was cool


man known for wanting to turn women into his helpless fuckslaves suggests that the fetishes of others implies sexual inadequacy



i dont remember what flipped the switch for me

i think it just carried on from me masturbating to pokemon girls a lot when i was younger


the other thing is you can like little girls AND 18+ girls

they're not mutually exclusive



truhsg did this with the troll edits



he kickstarted the seeds of chaos which plague this general right now



>Acrotomophiles may be attracted to amputees because they like the way they look or they may view the amputee’s stump as a phallic object which can be used for sexual pleasure. Acrotomophiles may enjoy the idea of dominating the amputee during couples play and they may also become aroused with the thought of having to take care of an amputee.

>A Jungian explanation for the fetish is that it stems from a desire to resolve discontinuities in the collective subconscious by means of distorting the geometric representation of man, which traditionally involves five points, six when focusing on male sexuality, and seven when discussing incarnations of the Logos from certain religious cultures.

Uhh I dunno which





yeah that's almost definitely a factor for me too

gundam was just like, not stupid moeshit but still had cute girls in it and that made me come to terms with it instead of ironic shitposting.


i can't believe i'm saying wonk and xlr are right


>may view the amputee’s stump as a phallic object

>may enjoy the idea of dominating the amputee





>>A Jungian explanation for the fetish is that it stems from a desire to resolve discontinuities in the collective subconscious by means of distorting the geometric representation of man, which traditionally involves five points, six when focusing on male sexuality, and seven when discussing incarnations of the Logos from certain religious cultures.

Thinking mans fetish



cletus doesn't have any self awareness


I remember a long time ago I posted a picture of megumin hugging a staff and sako told me megumin was not for sexual

how the times have changed



ive been right but thanks for acknowledging it, i know it's rare as hell



yeah trump is a fogey



that was probably when she was 13 in canon

once she hit 14 tho


File: 07d4beb783483cb⋯.png (568.82 KB, 700x1040, 35:52, __megumin_and_satou_kazuma….png)


hee hee



either it looks interesting or like wanting someone to take care of someone




what if we change around one of those words

what if "man known for wanting to turn into helpless woman fuckslave"




Cousin didn't really have stumps, both of her legs were amputated at the hip

I never really was super dominant during sex although I guess by necessity I was the more active one


The whole "it's a manifestation of the desires of a young man to both breed and also have a child" theory as well as the "some kind of mental disorder where the cute and sexy wires in the brain get crossed" theory both speak to me very strongly.



I don't remember when her birthday was but it was by like volume 3 i think.


cletus can try to justify his horse and fucknugget fetishes as much as he want but it's not gonna convince anyone

ive had to fill out like 10 fucking captchas to make this post



i think i'm the sole person here with that fetish so, it's safe to assume the answer is always going to be yes



just kissed it


xlr gets mad when people jerk off to any character with an arbitrarily assigned number that is below 18 so just ignore him when he tells you what to not jerk off to toh



stop strengthening it


and really it's not that i particularly have a specific fetish for little girls, it's just i'm a gross deviant with a wide strike that goes from loli right up to milf

honestly not too sure if that's better or worse



>cletus can try to justify his horse and fucknugget fetishes as much as he want but it's not gonna convince anyone

What did he mean by this

What did he mean by "justify"



it's just cartoon porn

i wouldn't worry about it honestly


>someone calls out my fucked up fugnugget amputee fetish

>better go right to defense mode, i won't look defensive at all




the moment i clicked on it it cursed me and i couldnt stop thinking about it until i gave in



i think the term strike zone is kind of weird



it's your choice to continue jacking off to what you jack off to



so it's already that strong...

mods please spoiler


xlr and cletus will be locked in the pizza kid tunnel until they reform

wonk is just hiding his power level



you're right but the fetish would still be there regardless of if i beat my meat to it or not


if you look at the overlap between amputees and centaurs maybe clete just likes weird legs





dont let wonk, who is always wrong, convince you you're somehow wrong for cranking your hog to a cartoon drawing of a person that isn't real



the tf/wg life chose me



who do you think posted it in the first place.......







wonk is wrong but the discussion is putting me in a depressive mood and making me doubt myself



*punches computer in the face to establish superiority*


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

i love this guy

all his stuff looks super tasty


i should get the guy who made clet and james images to make other legends then me and my friend group can play commander with them


when does a 24 hour mcdonalds stop serving dinner and start serving breakfast


why the obsession with saying i'm "wrong"

im not trying to be right im trying to encourage people to think about what they're doing and what they consume, not because of any external results but because of internal ones



this but unironically



honestly it's just kinda funny to say it, sorry



by the wee morn, probably 5am like harvest moon rules



>barb on the couch five feet away while he's filming this



wonk and xlr and cletus are the 3 people who you should absolutely never listen to or give heed to on this board



yeah well

you're not wrong i suppose



read that as give head, which



sako when did you get into konosuba

I'm trying to find a post you made



xlr pls


File: eb745b16383a451⋯.png (17.7 KB, 815x80, 163:16, ClipboardImage.png)

did i ever tell you guys that the idle games general (as well as kerbal space program, undertale, and one other general I don't remember) was plagued by a guy who owned at least one cat that he frequently raped and would defend for hours that it was not in fact rape because he could tell the cat consented by not attacking him?



no yeah i'm capable of independent thought and i don't mind what they're saying and they're okay for saying it. i guess i'm just in a downer mood in general right now.


woops, read that as pozzing my neghole by accident



how do you even fuck a cat

like how even


File: 3bde6a83ced7dc5⋯.png (153.63 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)



very carefully



it's just irony... heh...



is this an attempt to localize 猫の手を借りたい


File: aeded36fe132b39⋯.png (776.35 KB, 900x1500, 3:5, ClipboardImage.png)

can we move on to more wholesome subjects

like homest*ck


File: 1199f83c07c1504⋯.png (17.42 KB, 1012x159, 1012:159, ClipboardImage.png)



I will hurt you



how about,

the homestuck of anime



robots can't idiom



it's a saying, i can't believe google translate can't handle it.

it means you're so fucking busy you'd even let a cat help you.


File: cb872e66ab1c710⋯.jpg (140.35 KB, 600x960, 5:8, DJXhiIRUEAADGHw.jpg)


don't think you're clean just because you censored it



oh god i remember seeing him in utg


if you tap

you WILL play



was he a tripfag


File: c8e0bcc9d8b48cd⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1280x1296, 80:81, ClipboardImage.png)


have you never heard "a cat is fine, too"?

it's not an idiom






if i were to take a whack at it, I would assume that the doujin that used "a cat is fine too" is probably referencing the idiom

we just never knew about the idiom

of course they could be completely separate things


no he wasn't


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

real ass japanese hiphop with a line that goes "MY SHIT IS TIGHTER THAN SHOUGAKUSEI NO PUSSY"




are probably absolutely right, that makes total sense

it's a good idiom


File: b0bd220a70341d6⋯.png (4.22 KB, 340x172, 85:43, sako.png)

the archive stopped working but I found this anyway


File: 5a98b2405b4755c⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1280x1656, 160:207, ClipboardImage.png)


no he's literally saying "a cat is fine too"

he fucks the cat thing from tsukihime.






sounds familiar, but i've seen at least three greentext stories about that sort of situation


porkslope turkeyhandle


how do you pronounce thot


i'd accept even a cat's pussy



like thought, right?


File: fe2dfb96c633807⋯.png (339.91 KB, 1196x854, 598:427, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b5d5fc6652f5919⋯.png (229.07 KB, 1280x1001, 1280:1001, ClipboardImage.png)

chickenfoot calliope is good stuff





why don't they just like

make their own characters instead of warping someone else's until they are nearly unrecognizable?



I honestly never thought about it like that


pun unintended



>nearly unrecognizable



File: 1ef57db7acdc09b⋯.jpg (202.55 KB, 1024x1463, 1024:1463, 024.jpg)

yeah he's just saying ねこでもいいや


ibm applies watson machine learning to create a robogf, they'll call it deep thot


*takes a character that is supposed to have snake traits and makes it look like a chicken*



i used to have a screencap from discord about sako saying "the only thing I've lied about recently was not wanting to fuck megumin" but i guess I deleted it



but then the question is if the whatevergatari thingy is referencing that or not





if you got rid of the green swirls and her logo it would be a different character

that roxy is already a completely different person



i dont actually remember if that's the actual dialog

I'd have to redownload it or find that clip again


jap rap is pretty cool




she's a basilisk


lamia calliope


homestuck should have ended with john literally fucking caliborn into submission



japanese rap is awesome

the way they bent the rules of the language to make it more conducive to rhyming is really interesting




comic improves marginally


im not saying you have to like it im just saying dont assert your belief that it's bad as fact



then what would they draw for easy notes?

original content?

on-model characters?




but why not just make your own chicken foot character.........


File: 5898f3fb201be62⋯.png (371.47 KB, 781x335, 781:335, ClipboardImage.png)


jim cookie clicker updated again with probably the full garden update



you're the first person I've ever seen call them basilisks


File: 843b4790662d7eb⋯.png (5.26 KB, 754x90, 377:45, lol.png)

I forgot I posted this last year



time flies



oh yeah

this was nominated for the most pathetic post of 2017



i stopped caring about what strangers online think about me



oh right, could be a cockatrice

i think the basilisk is more snakey

well whatever, that was the design influence


cuz "what if the cherubs looked more like cockatrices" is a fun idea that they wanted to draw



say it loud, say it proud, you wanna fuck (anime) kids and you're proud


File: e3c8299bab9dda9⋯.png (278.4 KB, 637x358, 637:358, ClipboardImage.png)





you're gonna stop with the tantrums then



I don't mean it in an antagonizing way

I just thought it was kinda funny how drastically your stance changed



cant be assed

i dunno if i have the patience, how far into it is that stuff



no i get it

nothing has really changed i was just lying back then

i dont care anymore, and I doubt anyone here actually gives a shit (besides the usual suspects)



it's like those politicians that are opposed to gay marriage but then turn out to be gay



essentially yeah


File: 90a985c1366ae17⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1407x791, 201:113, ClipboardImage.png)


you only have to have 1 farm and 1 level to get the garden though



how do i level those up

i really dont remember any of this


I hope I come up with a really good pathetic birthday post next year


File: 04454e0c237b3ab⋯.png (851.56 KB, 793x610, 13:10, ClipboardImage.png)


it used to be that you didn't start getting them until you ascended for the first time, but he just changed it to so that it automatically starts when you get 1 billion cookies

unless you wiped a previous save you should have hundreds to level it up, you get 1/day



poser faggot


i'm only p-pretending to be p-p-pathetic



i guess im not playing in the beta then cuz that didnt happen


i know i saved someone saying something about "my birthday was forgotten and something about it next year" when we were still on /co/ and i wished the guy a happy birthday

i don't remember if it was 4/8 but i think it might have been

did we say happy birthday to you?


garden is still in beta, but sugar lumps and the other 2 minigames are in live

beta automatically goes off of live and you can go from beta to live as well


aaaaand i just imported my save to the beta and immediately got 15 lumps



what else should i level up



I don't think that was me but there was another person there that shared my birthday



1 temple 1 wizard, save 100 lumps



garden is by far the most powerful, but having the pantehon and the grimoire is also ok

it's 1 per level, i would suggest putting all 15 into leveling garden up to 5



what do i put in the temple


File: 124aebcd732463d⋯.png (351.95 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 1523753048365.png)


Are there any mods to make minecraft more like terraria

because this fucking sucks.



idle is molkalseum, celebrak, the building one

idk if godzamok is still good for active since i last played



i don't really bother with it anymore

there's an epic strategy to use the one that gives you a buff when you sell buildings, and to combo that with some variety of clicker frenzy+other buffs

most of them are probably not bad

Jeremy, Mokalsium, and Rigidel are good for idle



dave's dick curves to the left


I don't remember what the seasonal boosts are, celebrak might be good.



it points towards treasure


File: 9a0fa8dfb80d3d5⋯.png (123.89 KB, 1139x953, 1139:953, ClipboardImage.png)

Crossbreeding Chart in image form. Meddleweed will spawn after a while on an empty fertilizer field, when harvested it may be replaced with Brown Mold or Crumbspores.


the headaches are coming back lads



oh man this is making me want to do the opposite of play this

this is too much to give a shit about



turn off all screens, destroy your router and phone


i guess now that we've got this out of the way ill stop loliposting

it was kind of fun though

puni puni


File: 7ad3d63a92d63f8⋯.png (42.58 KB, 738x372, 123:62, ClipboardImage.png)


there's an image that makes it a whole lot less imposing, and 70% of that is new and some of it doesn't seem super useful

the 14 original seeds are good



consider it done



until next thread, lad


huh apparently coital cephalalgia only occurs in 1% of the population

who knew I was so special?



its too fun to stop...


puni puni....


File: 2ed387b3fe08041⋯.png (276.17 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1493204400069.png)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


puddi puddi


smash. kill. destroy....




is this an invitation to post flan pussy?



threats from a gang of hackers calling themselves anonymous





i'm feelin the depressio

help me out hsg



absolutely not

only flan the food



you wavin your magic wand at me?


File: 824b0228e62678f⋯.png (3.57 MB, 1659x2319, 553:773, 824b0228e62678f2aa9635b45a….png)


what about flan being cute


File: 448e073ad0decda⋯.jpg (168.12 KB, 900x650, 18:13, flandre scarlet and remili….jpg)


>keiichi Sigsawa wrote SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online

hey what the fuck sao isn't allowed to be good



okay but you're on thin ice


for some reason i can watch something like a speedrunner trying over and over again to get the run for hours and find it entertaining

but when it's just some dude(s) playing a video game i can't take more than like an hour before i start crawling the walls

i had to politely but forcefully request my friend turn off an overwatch stream today


File: 5387bb370e91402⋯.png (3.57 MB, 2500x3447, 2500:3447, 1505284984755.png)


File: a10e50f8f5c1ab2⋯.jpg (50.92 KB, 749x1000, 749:1000, a10e50f8f5c1ab234708faa919….jpg)


flan is cute and not for sexual



maybe you just can't stand bad video games

people say tf2 is kind of hard to watch but overwatch is so fucking boring


File: 224100e06456106⋯.jpg (894.64 KB, 1380x883, 1380:883, flandre scarlet (touhou) d….jpg)


I've heard this one before



if this is sako i dont believe you but please only post nonsexual

if this isnt sako im sorry i called you sako


File: 13824b159b9144c⋯.jpg (130.03 KB, 800x1129, 800:1129, 13824b159b9144c19da4a6b77b….jpg)


yes yes i thought of the same thing when i posted it

luckily for you i'm not sako


File: 0b8a5fbe5b1b81f⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 1600x1600, 1:1, 1501602974968.jpg)


its not sako

as much as i want to rail flan i wont post anything lewd of her


for now


File: 22b7f37324bfb38⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 22b7f37324bfb38f4cf88e13a1….png)


full offense but i would prefer to be confused for sako than you

fran does go nicely with "cute girl that could/would most likely murder me" though



i dunno, it's pretty much any game

it's just grating on me for reasons i don't fully understand. makes me restless like i want to get up and get away from the stream and go do something.


File: 76d5cafba838d92⋯.jpg (99 KB, 620x500, 31:25, rlNipRr.jpg)





ooh that hurts


does flan even actually want to kill people i remember seeing someone say that remilia is just a shithead

i should play the games sometime the only one i played was like half an hour of junko's game



begone, touhous.


>buy some m13 packs

>get a foil

>angelic benediction

someone tell me if that's good

i also got nicky b, planes-tripper so that's neat




File: 7762253c5aefe4a⋯.jpg (435.3 KB, 792x900, 22:25, 1505284844284.jpg)


File: e1bba0946fcb40c⋯.png (384.55 KB, 972x745, 972:745, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 05dd9ff94ec90e0⋯.png (1021.17 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 05dd9ff94ec90e057c1cd4bcc4….png)


why'd you buy m13


File: 7d2a64d02ab3504⋯.jpg (490.2 KB, 1280x1806, 640:903, four of a kind.jpg)


*pours msg directly onto brussel sprouts*




i want to play with pleasure flan



i wish i could separate the horny out of me into a different person



cuz i froze when presented with a pile of boxes and i dont know whats current and i couldnt remember and i remembered some cool stuff was m13


i want to play with timid and angry flan to make them happier



*timidly sucks your dick*

*angrily sucks your dick*


File: e4a340fa8e682a2⋯.jpg (552.32 KB, 601x900, 601:900, 1507756893130.jpg)


File: 67edbd57b015338⋯.jpg (969.05 KB, 1971x1746, 219:194, 1510931690313.jpg)

here's depression me and horny me

they can fuck each other while i go on to be a productive person



both are playable in commander, depending on the deck.

especially nickles

not really anywhere else though


yknow what yall need




any advice for a casual player



loli tulpa



i've honestly considered it but i'm not stupid enough to actually believe in it


productive tulpa that nags your depressed horny self


horny tulpa that nags your depressed productive self



you mean with those cards in particular, or just in general?

in general, go play some drafts or store leagues if your lgs has them and make some janky edh decks out of what you pull over time. can't go wrong. especially because the have a new format called "brawl" coming out which is just commander with standard sets, which is about as simple and casual as it gets.

for those cards in particular, i've seen rafiq exalted decks running benediction. bolas is just pretty good enough to run in anything in those colors, although planeswalkers are hard to keep alive in multiplayer.



i don't need a horny tulpa to nag me when i already have my dick


should i uhhhh actually look into tulpas


naggy naga tulpa



it's not worth it


tulpas. doesn't. real.



neither do "you"


File: 96d945c3941bafe⋯.gif (1.36 MB, 750x750, 1:1, 1447901719593.gif)


i considered attemtping to make one but i had no real time to do it and when I got time it wasn't long enough for me to stop being lazy and start it

by the time i had enough free time to try it, the moment had passed



i kinda want to believe even if i don't ever actually bother making one


i don't trust myself to be able to come up with the ideal tulpa that i would have no regrets about


File: f3b43a906b67f29⋯.jpg (367.63 KB, 1280x1821, 1280:1821, 001.jpg)

I'm organizing five gigabytes of anime girls and hentai pages

it's truly hell



ara no


i will not humor tulpaposters


File: 19cfab842df56d2⋯.jpg (309.58 KB, 976x1400, 122:175, relationships wanted.jpg)


that one page is probably the worst thing I actually have saved



i never taught mine to talk. you can use them as a battery for good feels tho



quit making me want to actually look into it


I really like The Order but it seems that midway through the game all of the bad ends just turn into "Some guy brainwashes you and enslaves you" and don't get me wrong some of those are good, but the main reason I liked the game so much in the first place was because all of the bad ends were mostly tf like dryad or harpy or succubus or bunnygirl



the order 1886?



yes xlr the order 1886, known for its fetish brainwashing and changing the main character into a succubus


if tulpas aren't real then why do people pretend to have them



i love sony now

whirrposting here i come



the closest thing I can find is the order of light

but generally speaking, I can't get behind games that gate their h-scenes behind game overs


can't access any of my porn because both my phone and my server are dead

what the fuck am i going to do



right i forgot that was the full title, i just have the folder named The Order and forgot

>I can't get behind games that gate their h-scenes behind game overs

i think that's just the name of the game where the point is submissive fetishes

you do have stuff like trap quest and magical camp where there are things you don't die to

plus i think like there's a good amount of content that isn't hard locked behind a bad end, it's just like "get 90% of the way to a game over and then you can just say no to it"



look all i know is it's got a vampire in it, it could have fetish tf.


File: 249ff420a0c6a39⋯.jpg (229.95 KB, 600x600, 1:1, __kasodani_kyouko_touhou_d….jpg)


I'm just not a submissive I guess

I'm too fucking alpha


hsg how do i get a cute loli tulpa


actually magical camp has very few bad ends that are porn, most of the porn is main line


if the order 1886 did have fetish tf i bet it would have sold better



drink bleach






that's mean :(


File: a0cef645bf518c2⋯.png (982.02 KB, 1280x670, 128:67, ClipboardImage.png)

donadona looks cool


how would you write a porn game that catered to subs without any bad ends?




while not mandatory most of the maingame content is having more tg events happen to you (all of these also buff your in-game stats and give you more powerful attacks)



make losing an integral part of the progression system. like, you have to lose to cash in XP or something.



make it the good ends

in the bad ends you instead become a confident independent go-getter


pedophiles, like communists, are not people



what brought this up



you are actually offending me now please apologize


don't make them ends, just have you get raped and then go on with your life, like in coc

even though i like the concept of bad ends having to go through the bad end cutscene and possibly loading save states


File: 96937a7d9955429⋯.gif (210.61 KB, 440x383, 440:383, roxykitten excited.gif)


File: 7b1acd1b8c4adbe⋯.png (627.13 KB, 532x757, 532:757, ClipboardImage.png)




File: c8d85902f85bb5d⋯.png (1.12 MB, 856x1200, 107:150, ClipboardImage.png)

i need this


File: 41f412a1e891fea⋯.png (436.56 KB, 866x897, 866:897, Untitled.png)

I spent several days doing this thing


File: 40b185c8cebfb2a⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1177x1459, 1177:1459, ClipboardImage.png)




marisa's hair should always be at least as fluffy as it is in Fantasy Kaleidoscope


File: 843da139c102db8⋯.png (15.39 KB, 532x113, 532:113, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 12e891e054fea66⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1791x805, 1791:805, ClipboardImage.png)

i've never heard of her


File: 27a86aed235ecbc⋯.png (2 MB, 1791x859, 1791:859, ClipboardImage.png)




is 9 9 7 anything





wes save us


File: 51463dcbab9f1c8⋯.png (3.52 KB, 320x213, 320:213, 320px-g.png)


i still feel a little bad about not being able to beat a touhou game despite playing it semi regularly


i hope chanta goes pro at some point

i love his art



if nagatoro can make it he can


File: 4c9b331a2338be2⋯.png (870.49 KB, 727x1205, 727:1205, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 036440cfe3ec14a⋯.png (381.24 KB, 806x1200, 403:600, ClipboardImage.png)


File: acabfde325c61a4⋯.jpg (90.39 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, mystia lorelei (touhou) dr….jpg)


yes I'm sure that's the one person on the list you don't know



zun's character designs are so strong that i can recognize just about every character name on that list but i've never fucking heard of rikako



i've heard of mystia lorelei

i haven't heard of a single character on the last column outside of reisen (manga) but that doesn't count


if junko was just one spot over that'd be a different story


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



File: ad55a63a171d4c4⋯.gif (2.62 MB, 256x256, 1:1, F3DC0DEE-FFD5-41F0-8DF3-F6….gif)



this is gigantic oof


File: e246ecc66b924f0⋯.jpeg (150.25 KB, 1384x952, 173:119, 3B6A430E-2BDF-4777-BA51-2….jpeg)



i want to fuck boss a lot



it's beautiful



would rather fuck the boss



haha what if she farted on the pizza




>I just went along with it. I actually pinched him on his behind and said "you made a good lookin' girl." But I was only jokin'. He's not a good lookin' girl. He's a very beautiful man.

el grande mondo oof



it would be extremely epic


File: a53ebd8b5fe6df4⋯.webm (2.85 MB, 600x600, 1:1, 1522782097483.webm)


my stomach hurts



too much bbc cum lol


sponge one of ur friends left a mean comment on my steam profikle


File: 0a0b5f037a91e59⋯.jpg (183.41 KB, 965x1041, 965:1041, __mystia_lorelei_touhou_dr….jpg)

god my head hurts and I feel like shit but instead of sleeping I jiust keep fucking playing video games


girls humping and thrusting is real real hot


File: f64693fb0189319⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d6746c616cdd18e⋯.png (847.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

I can't believe Sakura is a furry



what did they say


I am the tallest person in hsg history

I am 6'5"



they called me a gay faggot



was it cletus



is this sakura okay to nut in


i’ll check this soon




it was (4)phoenix



big ol epic



will msg actually kill me



sakura belongs with syaoran


File: a31cdd4fa2a6701⋯.png (4.02 KB, 250x250, 1:1, good night anyanymouse.png)

goo night hsg


I'm the tallest



sakura belongs on my dick


File: 1dc887bcc76498f⋯.png (24.03 KB, 112x112, 1:1, hyperthink.png)

>12-13 (Clear Card Arc)


File: 946de5fe8658396⋯.jpg (413.2 KB, 965x620, 193:124, 35980823_p0.jpg)

why does my dumb ass keep drinking milk when i know im moderately lactose intolerant


HSG Plays Roblox



actual lol


File: 781cc395a9ce33a⋯.png (357.47 KB, 700x700, 1:1, DS7hIbzUQAU3tKv.png)


File: 6d4b6644d8e12e9⋯.jpg (254.47 KB, 894x1261, 894:1261, 68159260_p0.jpg)



File: 8681ed57ee43e14⋯.png (861.34 KB, 900x651, 300:217, Dazp6kNVQAAHwaH.png)

File: 992c48ae1465f89⋯.png (657.56 KB, 920x1056, 115:132, 1497109646007.png)

File: 628c5e82407cf2e⋯.jpg (158.13 KB, 1506x994, 753:497, DavEldvVMAAgIqd.jpg)


File: 3092c2a76fd7299⋯.png (198.57 KB, 448x445, 448:445, ClipboardImage.png)


ok you nerds can relax


ben who was the guy u benned who wasnt niggerclit

he bane appealed


File: 817784a706f7c7a⋯.png (672.25 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, tumblr_p6rovgN86o1qgfprno2….png)



austin powers movies are actually still good

u should rewatch them


File: 1c5323da7fce9a1⋯.png (31.69 KB, 574x162, 287:81, Capture.PNG)

good night hsg


File: 66855ede8b2c4ae⋯.png (121.51 KB, 800x225, 32:9, flan-chan.png)



i wish parabola would do more flan doujins.



i was wondering how well those held up a few weeks ago but my friend wouldn't watch it with me :(



hes a bad friend



this is true but for other reasons




stupid bitch



I did relatively recently




I got



File: db72af0446d067f⋯.png (832.92 KB, 1264x608, 79:38, 1523857573659.png)


hello, paging the stupid bitches


this ps3 hack makes me want to die


File: 999a795f4ff9315⋯.gif (320.08 KB, 372x346, 186:173, 0baa6648-dce4-4b80-a9f7-52….gif)

>Underrail: 30 hours

this shit is actually good wtf





i need to play that eventually



i advice you to check the internet for tips about builds


why doesnt microsoft put halo on pc


its almost unbelievable that they havent



they want to fuck with you specifically



am i the only halo fan left....



halo 1 and 2 were on pc though


is underrail related to undertale?



it's Metro: the CRPG




where does blunderfail fit into all this


a friend of mine kept referring to some musician named "bay" and finally after like half an hour i realized it was a nickname for beyonce and it made me disrespect her on multiple levels


>doesnt like beyonce

normies leave


all pop is normie tier

no exceptions



i don't even especially dislike beyonce, although i do not understand the cult of personality around her

but referring to her as bay repulsed me on an instinctual lizard brain level



make this the next OP


pop is the only good genre of music


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