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File: e3faef45c4f247b⋯.gif (1.92 MB, 300x259, 300:259, i like to jump like a hors….gif)


make a new thread you fucking tunas

old >>1184360


somehow i knew that would happen


oh god






this is a functional website

didnt something happen to 4chin today too, what was that all about



Nep thread best thread



this was the most recently posted so just stay here and deal

hopefully ben or grant cleans up


i'm just gonna leave until we settle on a thread





actual new thread


real new thread: >>1185129

thread for pedophiles: >>1185128

finally, a solution


i'll definitely turn you into a lolicon!


ok this has the most posts so i guess it's decided




File: 327066055e531bf⋯.jpg (528.17 KB, 1280x1808, 80:113, woomy.jpg)

this is now a loli thread


Thread for Nep lovers.



heh cute

my dog's skinfanging with her tooth


File: d47f4bcdd5ef665⋯.jpg (596.59 KB, 802x3212, 401:1606, Screenshot_20180424-143940….jpg)








the job was epicly hard

and frankly?

hardly epic


File: 68b0fcac789979a⋯.webm (2.94 MB, 1110x534, 185:89, 1524541842445.webm)

i wish i was like Goose


File: f94db97244944bf⋯.png (152.69 KB, 474x288, 79:48, ClipboardImage.png)

i dont think i have ever unclicked harder


File: 5edcc06fdc4b3b6⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.64 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ltmmg1h9jit01.png)


File: 0f4188a03b21215⋯.png (260.1 KB, 447x500, 447:500, 1524596034104.png)

4chan was dead because of this asshat



do not @ me with dangit bobby again or i'll unfriend you


File: e7a0d7b0be928ce⋯.jpg (339.1 KB, 750x900, 5:6, 50031753_p0.jpg)

tfw saria will never suck on your schungus



Wish he got more of them



why did nintendo turn me into a lolicon



the site fucked up, dude


*animorphs into chad*


a thousand and one bikecuckian nights


lib-a dib dib

thanks for the snib



I've actually met this guy IRL. Chatted with him a bit. Told me the stolen bike bit actually did happen to him.



no one thought it was fake though


and then everyone clapped


and then the manager came out and said FREE BIKES FOR EVERYBODY



I was curious because it was a bizarre reaction to bike theft.


foot puffers anonymous


im trying to decide if i should upgrade my playstation account to a master one or not



jim is right the whole shit show over the bike cuck comic was ludicrous and one of if not the weirdest memes people have done



what part of "Oh this sucks, it's a bike who cares" is bizarre


i also hate /pol/ for forcing cuck as a meme because moot said hi to some asian girl once


Remember the I will now buy your game meme



he should've armed up and hunted that thieving scum to the edge of the earth



that's not how the comic went at all and you know it



soymething libby this way cucks...



it was already a meme by then



"Someone stole my bike (which is an insignificant item that's like $50), i'm going to put a small positive spin on it, maybe because I'm in a good mood or maybe just because I'm an optimistic person"


>bikes are an insignificant cost



like i don't really care about owlturd either way but jesus christ did people flip out over it

some of the edits were ok but jim was right that the response to it could properly be called "psychotic"


ids on




Deriving pleasure from criminal activities is not something that should be celebrated, or tolerated.

You are the reason AR dies and he is very disappointed in you.



What did he expect from the internet


People joked about him because he somehow turned being a spineless little milquetoast into some sort of holier than thou self help advice


a bike that isn't potmetal with wheels cost like $150+


Getting upset over stolen things is a moral failure, somehow


bike theft is probably very routine for the thief



"someone caused me suffering but at least they got some enjoyment from it so it's not that bad"

literal doormat thinking


this monitor has glossy finish, anyone want to steal this thing please



The reason AR died is because Hussie knew the comic was going to go to shit so he wanted to at least the dignity of one of the carapaces.


I never saw any legitimate response to the thing. I saw "stop calling me bike cuck" but that was an edit, so none of it made any sense.



found the commie




what resolution/size?


all I want to do is *lib lib lib lib* and *snib* and take your soylent


Shens too soft for the Internet


There's a difference between "it sucks but it's just a bike so oh well" and "my bike being stolen increased the amount of happiness in the world and made it a better place so i am glad that it got stolen"




time to get back into the real world, anon


*steals a bike*

hehe... time to sell this so i can pay revs rent for two months....


the best moral determinant is if the amount of revposts in the world increase



i haven't used a bike since i was like 14 i don't remember how much they cost




staying positive and not letting an asshole get you down is fine

but "hey my abuse made my abuser happy, so it was a net positive!" is, well, bikecuckian


File: 11f27ac729bd239⋯.png (792.51 KB, 582x1036, 291:518, the_queen_by_princessharum….png)

Nepeta punches you and calls you worthless

Sure it makes you sad but it made her feel powerful.

The overall happiness in the world went up, so it's okay.


jim should start being joyful every time trump obstructs justice

after all, trump is probably happier to stay president than jim is sad about it

total happiness in the world: increased!



how would nepeta punching you make you sad


i vaguely recall a fic where terezi let karkat punch her when he was angry

it was weird



She calls you worthless



Find that shit



there are more people who are sad about it than me

this is what happens when people try and make metaphors into something they are not

the reaction to the bike comic continues to be crazy and i continue to be right


>Death Road to Canada on Switch delayed because of the based Toronto normie slayings




dropped your flag eh



you guys might be pretty bummed about it

but have you considered his supporters are even happier than you are sad?

therefore, we shouldn't worry about it! obstruct away! happiness increased!



>but have you considered his supporters are even happier than you are sad?

while possible, i don't think that's the case, considering most of the rest of the world



pretty sure its gone forever my lad



I arrived so terribly late to the party


jim now represents most of the world



have you considered that "base happiness" is a meaningless measure when considering government policy and that this entire thing is fucking ridiculous

this meme is dumb!



i'm not jim and bikecuck is still retarded, as is that example


give us the fic


>even number of garden rows and columns so you can't make a swastika

wtf cookie clicker is so cucked now


I made a three paragraph text about how /lgbt/ went to shit but realized im not the intended audience anyway and deleted it



have you considered "base happiness" is a meaningless measure when considering a crime inflicted on an innocent person and that comic is fucking ridiculous



mtfs are a mistake



How many rows/columns are there? Can't you just make one where each line is 2 wide?



how can you get worse than sodomites?


File: 6a470b4e87f9ea0⋯.png (36.25 KB, 1008x721, 144:103, 1523483900077.png)

File: 66f80b6f68b3cc2⋯.png (21.18 KB, 1046x394, 523:197, 1523483831230.png)

File: 7b568c6ff358caa⋯.png (27.7 KB, 1500x1150, 30:23, 1523483767696.png)

File: 0691050017a8c77⋯.png (85.62 KB, 1225x1072, 1225:1072, 1523483707022.png)


Roll a power and design a character around that power.

If your post ends in an odd number, you're a villain.

If your post ends in an even number, you're a hero.



>when considering a crime inflicted on an innocent person

that's not what the comic was considering! it was considering his own perspective on events in his own life, not trying to impose those beliefs or measures on anyone else

it was just a harmless personal comic not an attack on your worldview


File: 8ac279c5a8a653c⋯.png (1.06 MB, 926x816, 463:408, mtfg irl.png)


Dice rollRolled 5 (1d100)


or roll dice, post number is too easy to game


>nightmare imprisonment

hoo boy


Dice rollRolled 95 (1d100)


>Umbrakinetic Combat




give me your hot take, what could the fag board be but anything for fags, like me


File: c3e71d295fb8c9c⋯.jpg (34.18 KB, 600x541, 600:541, 666.jpg)


>World Manipulation

>User can manipulate the world, both the planet and all of its natural features, inhabitants and societies. They can control civilization and all environments as well as all activity and affairs that happen on the planet



i know

i am attacking his worldview because it's stupid

the person who stole his bike selfishly inflicted that on him

i'm not saying he has to be angry about it. shrugging and moving on with his life is fine.

but framing his violation as a positive thing because the person benefited for inflicting it on him is a retarded point of view and can be used to a) justify almost anything and b) avoid every confrontation in his pathetic little life, and he deserves to be mocked for how stupid it is



It was a dissertation and not a burn




>The ability to transform/merge oneself with possessions.

i am Bike Bull

i go around absorbing people's bikes

i am actually a hero, as this increases total world happiness exponentially



as wonk said, this is not him espousing some political belief onto the world, this was him saying "Oh well that sucked, but I'm going to make it into something sort-of happy instead"



it's the stupidest possible way to make it "sort of happy," and he wouldn't have made it a comic if he wasn't trying to make some kind of point about it.



>and he wouldn't have made it a comic if he wasn't trying to make some kind of point about it.

have you seen the guy's comics



and his logic in doing so reveals him to be a fucking dunce bitch

are we not allowed to judge people on stupid beliefs now


File: c37a814e3d1d82f⋯.jpg (95.41 KB, 1024x923, 1024:923, 1524605548181m.jpg)



we are, wonk and i were just saying that half the internet shitting themselves over it for weeks was a severe over reaction



I love this



who's ready for ms to announce they're leaving the console market this e3


File: f3dadfcbac5bd1b⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1002x1500, 167:250, ClipboardImage.png)



at what point did the initial d meme song change from running in the 90s to deja vu




he chose to broadcast his stupid view in the most permanent form possible to the entire planet. all people did was react by mocking his stupid comic, it's not like they came and did something terrible to him.

although, they would have probably derived happiness out of doing so. so i guess they should have, for the world's sake.



so your response to your analysis that his worldview is harmful and might be bad for him is to mercilessly mock and attack him, rather than, i dunno, ask him if he's okay or maybe would he like to think on that some more because it's not healthy

your worldview is more dangerous than his, you gotta admit



i still see both but whenever eurobeat or whatever the meme genre is


libby's breaking down on a numale's back


i cant continue the conversation because i need to go get a haircut

when i come back my trip will be back on, promise


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


exactly here


WV has to fucking live with a whole bunch of goddamn bratty teens. That are kings.

Why does WV have to suffer so goddamn much?


wonk bikecuck?


youre my power too


ever notice how you never see wonk and bikecuck in the same room.....



someone should flagcuck him



yeah i guess i'm flawed since i mock someone i disagree with. luckily we have you as a morally unassailable rock who always reaches out to people he disagrees with instead of doing something like spamming a general with mockery and complaints about their stupid twitter posts all day every day.


File: 458106e0b9ddfe7⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1600x4712, 200:589, ClipboardImage.png)



did you just make this

that's kind of sad!


File: cb653a09c9db4e0⋯.png (296.67 KB, 545x362, 545:362, ClipboardImage.png)


no.... those 120 seconds i spent in paint.............gone forever


cletus the paintcuck





i told you dude, the fic is gone


nickel bow loss



this can't be happening


File: 34995f6f7aab1ea⋯.png (47.36 KB, 500x373, 500:373, tumblr_inline_oeuoqtqCdv1t….png)

i double checked to find that fic and rediscovered the same guy also wrote a fic about the trolls running out of food and eating each other

i distinctly remember karkat being forced to eat terezi and then staring at his own shit in misery

here's an image that went with it





oh super8ad was the one who made it?



no a guy called writerfag did them all



>the trolls running out of food and eating each other

don't they have a alchemizer



post it



Fetish probably



i mean, i didn't remember the guy's name, i just meant the one who wrote i gotta spin webs super 8ad



i didnt think that phrase was credited to a specific writer


File: f7eaeb26b9e56f1⋯.jpg (249.2 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, Sorta better pic _0e061bd5….jpg)

Look at my dog


File: febda1320f5b60e⋯.jpg (80.7 KB, 633x599, 633:599, 1524474868255.jpg)

tfw no hikki gf


File: f6a461698344a66⋯.webm (9.51 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, outside.webm)

One day I would like to fuck outside



it was from a specific fic about how vriska ate something(?) and then someone had to take thread out of her ass


File: 67854853987caa7⋯.png (285.56 KB, 861x1000, 861:1000, tumblr_p7dx456aI41tonh98o1….png)

File: 77568e513df6abe⋯.png (229.03 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, tumblr_p7dx456aI41tonh98o2….png)

File: 147846e4a08f6fe⋯.png (219.38 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, tumblr_p7dx456aI41tonh98o3….png)

i think im a furry now


File: c4c5e9857997f14⋯.png (180.75 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1524523329492.png)


someone link these fics or so help me


File: 844135f8291084e⋯.png (27.69 KB, 650x450, 13:9, ClipboardImage.png)

how does gamzee type the way he does with one hand



/utg/ has plenty of shota gote for you anon



capslock commander



this is a girl bunny



I wanna FUCK that goat



I wanna FUCK that bunny



/utg/ has a lot of genderbent gote for you anon



caps lock or he can just use the other shift key



i dont want to fuck goats

i want to fuck loli bunnies



File: 2304ccea7a9e475⋯.jpg (134.35 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, flanheart.jpg)



why are cute girls so prone to eating yogurt messily


File: c713e4b944d391a⋯.jpg (86.56 KB, 824x569, 824:569, Definitely_624d25_6583036.jpg)


File: 5e966325826694b⋯.jpg (125.02 KB, 1000x1300, 10:13, zeldaeatingsoup.jpg)


little tomboys eat hastily and do not care about manners>>1185304



eugh I can't tell if those are pock marks on her face or jpeg artifacts


Remember to beat your kids



I'll beat you uppy


File: fe1dc7467575eee⋯.png (169.38 KB, 1145x470, 229:94, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f888b8372c22ea9⋯.png (4.35 KB, 366x81, 122:27, ClipboardImage.png)




oh he uploaded it? cool


File: b8cbeace2ca5055⋯.png (391.78 KB, 720x823, 720:823, oie_YxjBGAUOifEq.png)

Is this the real Hussie?



what's with your font



I like it


*gives mini orgasms*


*gives hyper orgasms*


File: 9bc83addbd34166⋯.jpg (17.61 KB, 209x153, 209:153, Boniface_III.jpg)


File: 1b58d5b4e44a0a0⋯.jpg (220.89 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, __moriya_suwako_and_snoopy….jpg)

aw man I missed the bike cuck arguments



important question for you specifically

how do you write the uppercase Y by hand



I don't know if I've ever written the non-cursive uppercase Y by hand.



i assume every human just write the lowercase y larger



also not wonk, by the way


File: dd9adda5534d646⋯.png (7.77 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


File: 74671e64a9cd0fb⋯.mp4 (4.45 MB, 480x480, 1:1, 31218154_646820582331434_5….mp4)


File: 548cfa60ec77186⋯.gif (1.77 MB, 500x281, 500:281, tumblr_nazg2uvmYL1sfpykco2….gif)


File: 63b2ace56900cbd⋯.png (452.77 KB, 692x883, 692:883, ClipboardImage.png)


i promise a killdozer for every incel



i was writing "Yikes" for some reason, and was suddenly wondered how you'd write it

that's all there is to it


File: 8a60b0da8babb20⋯.png (2.73 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


that means your subconsciously flaccid

if you write it like so you're subconsciously erect



>yikes made you think of me

how sweet



i dont know enough about the study of handwriting to dispute this but it feels like bullshit?






i pooped and now my butt feels really good






*nae naes on this post*


File: 316a2b97778459f⋯.png (17.64 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

actual scene from grant's wedding





File: 3dec6b5b41be063⋯.jpg (33.86 KB, 550x438, 275:219, tumblr_p7imsl7E7H1vdbx3no1….jpg)

what level slamsmaster is grant?


Anyone else wish questquests wasn't dead


File: 617c6c53b7c6af9⋯.png (388.71 KB, 665x460, 133:92, yuru.PNG)



this is epic


should i watch mitsudomoe


should i watch [sumo sound effect from ed edd n eddy]


File: 9d3ba9263cc269b⋯.jpg (1.91 MB, 2576x1932, 4:3, 20180424_212542.jpg)

dont fucking police me nestle



I want Joey to forcibly marry me to her!


Goddamnit I wish Nepeta was real and abused me.

Knowing she was coming over and crying to myself out of fear.

Welcoming her in and getting told to shutup.

Having her tell me to get and my knees and then getting my face beat in. It's honestly the perfect scenario.



christ those pizzas aren't very big right


File: 4d9826283c999ef⋯.png (54.68 KB, 594x77, 54:7, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 71823fccee92739⋯.jpg (77.95 KB, 600x600, 1:1, __hakurei_reimu_kirisame_m….jpg)


not terribly

that particular pizza is I think 1600 calories total so sometimes I'll just eat one of those throughout the day and nothing else


File: 60c13d4d2e7f92f⋯.jpg (24.53 KB, 346x365, 346:365, 60c13d4d2e7f92fc7220a3e947….jpg)

File: b7f504aa0649d2a⋯.jpg (33.87 KB, 402x404, 201:202, b7f504aa0649d2a52aba7ad626….jpg)

File: c2cd3dce9021e71⋯.jpg (44.67 KB, 640x500, 32:25, c2cd3dce9021e71d8bb310296e….jpg)


oh no...


ifunnys in the house tonight...


File: 4da220f6090c3c6⋯.jpg (18.62 KB, 407x352, 37:32, 48d5d641dddac87843373ed63b….jpg)


looks like my kamehameha attack against ifunnyposter was all for naught


God just thinking about Nepeta punching me gets me going




can i get the

"this is why i fucking hate all women" one


catgirls are boring and i don't understand their popularity


File: 641d45207bb1bfc⋯.png (146.45 KB, 1079x557, 1079:557, ClipboardImage.png)


File: c8955c8e90bf3a5⋯.png (541.29 KB, 1280x1376, 40:43, tumblr_o4xtu7v3151rx4alho1….png)


It's okay Anon, Nepeta will beat you until you accept that she owns you.


'the hashtag In-Cel movement'


File: fdea9612f63ad8c⋯.png (270.58 KB, 650x650, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Imagine Nepeta pegging you after beating you.



*pops a megaboner*




alright new guy this is too far


File: 29ed801bea2bb19⋯.jpg (46.23 KB, 640x500, 32:25, 29ed801bea2bb19fde8d573206….jpg)


File: 5907d9c3a22151c⋯.png (124.9 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



I can go farther



What in the sixth world is that


File: eaff6bc1ca9e923⋯.png (836.59 KB, 1280x1071, 1280:1071, tumblr_o3am54BkOW1s9rbjbo2….png)


File: 29728e1cb2b7bc0⋯.png (217.88 KB, 618x649, 618:649, ClipboardImage.png)

homestuck porn?


File: b09120ab4e34a04⋯.png (38.76 KB, 811x434, 811:434, Homestuck-Porn-r34--Rose-L….png)

Pron is it.


File: 67ec463028c0544⋯.jpg (31.31 KB, 480x360, 4:3, e22132a44ba201157dcef915b6….jpg)


eid pmurt eid....


File: 73c69b55fc0479b⋯.jpg (41.26 KB, 640x500, 32:25, 73c69b55fc0479bad61270aeaf….jpg)





File: 4bf4360fd100a39⋯.gif (6.93 KB, 650x450, 13:9, 4bf4360fd100a39ef69d1d6de8….gif)


>Get over here so I can beat your ass



tfw no ripped nep gf who compliments you on your gains and urges you to keep going



You'll never catch up to her though.



that's alright, just as long as i can keep getting stronger. that's all that matters in life


File: 696260ab1164723⋯.png (1008.12 KB, 750x563, 750:563, ClipboardImage.png)

get in


File: 318b692775ef588⋯.png (160.05 KB, 250x313, 250:313, ClipboardImage.png)


*throws plasma grenade into car and slams door*



ignore biocunt orders


File: 1b04e5c4b50475c⋯.png (584.11 KB, 760x1705, 152:341, ClipboardImage.png)



why is griffin mcelroy a trans alien



i almost offered the sexy cashier with braces all my tip money in exchange for some pictures of her epic mouth



Why are braces hot



they accentuate teeth and are also epic



also happy birthday in an hour


oh wait two hours since you live in illinois.................unepic....................................



two epic hours...


i don’t want to be older i want to be a sexy teen!


thank you tho boo boo


File: c302aec748dfa88⋯.gif (371.31 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 9223430007e98ac94e2dde80c3….gif)



because teenagers have them



i don't find acne attractive though



that's 'cus you're not a pedophile like sponge



*pops pimples erotically*


File: 242d9e6e947838f⋯.png (777.98 KB, 869x848, 869:848, politics.png)



actually i’m an ephebophile


ideal woman: 10 years older than me



where can i buy a "I HATE JUGGLING" t-shirt



that's what they all say, bud


curse you sexy seventeen year old!


21 is still young enough to solicit mouthpics from 16 year olds


sponge please don't go to jail






could scott pilgrim be made today


if you can drink and they can't then there's an issue


statutory mouthpic harvest


*86 year old sponge stumbles up to a 17 year old wearing a retainer*

>hey there young'un! mind if i take a gander at your epic throat??



honestly probably not



it'd be called soy pilgrim


could homestuck be made today


imagine if hussie went through with making every page a flash



i gotta poo


soy pilgrim vs the hedonistic dopamine treadmill of the last men


soy pilgrim would be mostly the same except instead of being about games in general it would be about specifically speedrunning


everyone would be gay except wallace gets flipped back around to straight



fx has the movies


>MS discontinues halo fan mod with online servers

At least AM2R is more rage-inducing with that shit remake



*with that shit remake Nintendo licenced to


File: 9ad6e6f7702ff63⋯.jpg (159.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0025.jpg)



Okko is cute!




this is epic

I want sponge to live to be this weird old man


File: a94311deb82ba70⋯.png (303.44 KB, 583x423, 583:423, 1524627135082.png)

You: pen and paper sburb

Me, an intelectual:


the gurtle hermit







now to get fucked full of eggs


can you get multiple anuses



I just played it for 20 minutes just this second



unbreedable pussy would be better



no, fenoxo jus thas that line in as a joke, so people will ask that question


File: 0902e6c5776bdf8⋯.png (523.7 KB, 606x581, 606:581, ClipboardImage.png)

someone bought soulja boy's old domain and made it redirect to dragon dildos



i thought this was popeyes...



yeah i thought it was chicken wings or something


File: 444b9e85f90714c⋯.jpg (161.74 KB, 900x900, 1:1, __hakurei_reimu_kirisame_m….jpg)

donate to my gofundme so I can get an asian slave maid to cook me fried chicken on demand



i can fufill 3/4 of those requirements



cooking fried chicken isn't that hard


why does my brain only want to work on work stuff when it's late and i'm tired



for a hicktard


asian fried chicky is better


File: 98e72f95c2af08b⋯.jpg (120.34 KB, 851x493, 851:493, yes.jpg)


what should my spotify account name be


File: 1c8f120b8eb3df9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.55 KB, 640x500, 32:25, 107cad3b2530b304cc394148ec….jpg)









File: 4d0a998e72c80ad⋯.png (76.91 KB, 637x446, 637:446, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1302cf58d7e308d⋯.jpg (139.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0029.jpg)



i wish we could go back to vanilla chris, before the dark times



something threads severed something something persist doomed world


File: f23b96445d619b2⋯.jpg (27.78 KB, 600x328, 75:41, 1487774647253.jpg)

>>Non-binary is an gender option on spotify


why is it hip to watch kids shows this season

iirc time travel girl wasn't bad but this is 2 in one season........


File: dfab24a8673680b⋯.gif (382 KB, 408x408, 1:1, 1478302095079.gif)


he's prostituting himself the absolute unit



its too ealry in the morning to see this. come on man.



the psyops are speeding up


i wonder if this will get chris banned from twitter

that has to be against tos, not to mention federal laws


not one single cwcpence until he films a new barb advert


File: 0a117dbf77c736a⋯.jpg (25.09 KB, 468x423, 52:47, 1499311697733.jpg)


gun to your head, who do you financially support: rev or cwc




how is this even a question




rev this isn't a question in the slightest



rev is younger and can turn it around!



rev is my epicest lad, but cwc and barb are probably not far away from actually dying


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

thread theme



rev isnt a non functional weirdo

hes just a raccoon weirdo



he's kind of non-functional

as much or as little as it is his fault he's been barely scraping by rent by begging people online for money and selling off random personal belongings



i think hes just kind of a dipshit and not mentally fucked up


rev needs to move in with sickly mama rev for both of their benefits, but he would rather the both of them suffer instead because ???


.8 kg of chicken we got on sale expires today

either we have chickey for 2 meals or half of it goes in the trash ors omething


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



File: 5456214687de214⋯.png (187.08 KB, 646x799, 38:47, ClipboardImage.png)

i accidentally googled a shitpost i made


File: 75c90c783db6e6b⋯.png (3.25 MB, 1757x1494, 1757:1494, ClipboardImage.png)



rev obviously


i do agree though that i don't really want to give rev money 'cus he shows absolutely zero signs of improving his condition


File: ce9ed1ef0f6839a⋯.png (49.24 KB, 309x518, 309:518, ClipboardImage.png)

what kind of monster liveblogs watching a video in the youtube comments



how do you improve perfection



twist: he is liveblogging a different video than the one he is commenting on




is that the "worst pre-release rares" video?



nah, top 10 dom cards for modern



damping sphere is the most hate-filled card i can think of in recent memory so i'd say it's pretty good yea



it being colorless is huge too

it's like now everybody gets a bloodmoon against tron and a canonist against storm/eggs, it's neat


my brain won't stop thinking and i need to go beddy bye!!!



imagine if you will a saltlick post, and feel your brain drift away



take up weed


File: 0eb441f40981246⋯.png (190.08 KB, 639x573, 213:191, ClipboardImage.png)

me every day at work


nice mvc2 installed with no broblem

epic ps3 fuck


File: 4f625919009b08a⋯.png (12.74 KB, 370x369, 370:369, spongespritecutelips.png)

this lad serves as your guide in sburb, what do



offer mouth


this is a mod for trap quest, right



epic lad



I would never be able to tell who this is



File: 68209902b2c24dc⋯.png (6.79 KB, 337x287, 337:287, spongeoflight.png)

File: c50f72baa69aa8b⋯.png (6.81 KB, 337x287, 337:287, spongeoflightcutelips.png)


its spundgelorde



Ahem wheres my sprite



give me five bucks



no make it for free


File: 947fe0bdf831b34⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, 1491205470392.jpg)

good night hsg



i would do it for free but i don't know how to draw, you'd have to ask the artist i commissioned from


File: a31cdd4fa2a6701⋯.png (4.02 KB, 250x250, 1:1, good night anyanymouse.png)

goo night hsg


File: 549224e4bceb3f6⋯.png (436.99 KB, 710x472, 355:236, ClipboardImage.png)


this is how you draw homestuck sprite edits


File: 8a08b44e88d7c74⋯.png (179.29 KB, 438x346, 219:173, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 935964e8776b8b8⋯.png (169.84 KB, 473x425, 473:425, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4b2107460a14e2f⋯.png (212.69 KB, 473x345, 473:345, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 23fdf1ba1a45098⋯.png (118.54 KB, 477x424, 9:8, ClipboardImage.png)



its alkmost that time of the year again


File: 7790b9d2cdfb035⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1280x1274, 640:637, ClipboardImage.png)

i cant wait for venom



i like venom but i have no faith that the movie will be good



>screenwriter did Fifty Shades of Grey

It's shit batman.


i need to reset my psn account but i dont recall my birthday i put


File: f8fbecee0fc1d6f⋯.png (486.67 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, tumblr_p7q3g3lYW21tbqjljo2….png)

File: 76a376cbd4d5773⋯.png (365.51 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, tumblr_p7q3g3lYW21tbqjljo1….png)

I get an almost perverse pleasure from being hungry


>security question is "where were you born"

>dont know what fuckin bullshit i put

thanks ass holes


File: 9acdd507de32066⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1280x1112, 160:139, light.png)


>he doesn't have consistent details for his made up persona


i figured it out

the year was 1 year earlier leol






it's supposed to be pose but it's not super clear


File: f89389e1e505554⋯.png (163.91 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180425-024303.png)

I have nothing to do on my phone

can anyone recommend a non gacha game



whats the point of a non gacha phone game



game boy emulation


theres a yugioh game

its a little gachalike but you know

fuckin packs of cards, man


File: 2fcc20008db9c62⋯.jpg (403.23 KB, 626x885, 626:885, __rumia_touhou_drawn_by_ma….jpg)

ah fuck they've got me on guard duty


shut up


Ah fuck I just remembered my homestuck fan troll.

Why'd you make me remember this


Maple Story 2 HSG guild


would anyone like to play world of warcraft classic with me when thats out

we can kill elves itll be fun please i dont want to be alone



we just had lunch now im gonna be bored lol


where are all the FUCKING diverse modifier slay the spire dailies


>third character info is out because of the translators leaking it

fucking based, bros


How many of you fucks had OCs


actually acquiesced



Thought you fucked up a word but nope.




past tense: acquiesced; past participle: acquiesced

accept something reluctantly but without protest.

"Sara acquiesced in his decision"


File: ef17c832d18a4d8⋯.png (432.21 KB, 540x295, 108:59, ClipboardImage.png)

i told you the soy face was older than you thought


File: 351debc466c8312⋯.jpg (209.78 KB, 595x870, 119:174, BB14_-_Dan.jpg)



Woah what's up with the T.V robot mom


File: b44f60f426a2b76⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1000x682, 500:341, ClipboardImage.png)


it's carmen from spy kids 3d


>playstation bundle

>all the games come in one key so i can't sell the dupes



Do you think Nepete rps ORL with other trolls only to do a 180 and becomes an abusive dominatrix.



I think Nepeta is a kind and caring person stuck in a violent society, anon.



Sorta true, but in my fantasy she's an abusive girlfriend


goo morning hsg


File: d82ba741106cd4c⋯.png (343.03 KB, 692x635, 692:635, Untitled.png)

Lupin The 3rd: Season 5 aka Everyone's Gay for Lupin


File: 4cf4f464431472c⋯.jpg (260.17 KB, 654x1028, 327:514, tumblr_p2i8bi5DVv1t09dnqo1….jpg)

It sucks that hsg is dead during the time I'm most active





linkle is shit, and gay


File: 89b145310bcf3c7⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 346.89 KB, 1514x1884, 757:942, __elf_and_linkle_dragon_s_….jpg)




sounds good to me



this but with the entire internet




welcome to europe lol haha




i hate it

wtf is wrong with europe why does nobody post online


Do you think Eqius Rp'd with Neoeta and had her choke him.


File: 09779cbc2070eb5⋯.png (20.08 KB, 670x453, 670:453, 19 and 20.PNG)








someone send this back to 2009 era chris when he was afraid of fags


the fucking gun


this, in how many months of paying rev's rent have you seen any sort of improvement or betterment of his lifestyle


File: 93d9a6d308659dd⋯.png (10.98 KB, 432x442, 216:221, nine.PNG)

real question

how much would you spend on a handmade sonichu medallion?



made by chris?

15 bucks maybe



Made by Chris-chan himself?


Made by you? 6.






i wouldnt want one?

not even free


to payingrev'srentanon (ben right?) does anyone in your life know that you're sending large amounts of money to a near homeless man in seattle

do they say anything about it



can i sell it to the idiot that bought the sonichu totem?



is someone here like, actively paying his rent

i thought wesley bought him a pizza once or twice


File: 5e38baa6d8bd3b2⋯.png (44.19 KB, 657x527, 657:527, ClipboardImage.png)

tfw granola bars i like arent sold here


>Nepeta will never choke you until you beg her to stop

Feels bad man


if hell tore open and demons poured out of the ground and into the skies of seattle, i feel like rev's expression of stoic, mild confusion would remain completely unchanged


File: e1ec0c6aa68b512⋯.png (17.64 KB, 558x453, 186:151, 18.PNG)

of course the medallion would be made by chris

otherwise it wouldn't contain the same magickal autism blessings that keep him alive despite all common sense



Thank you for the Neps


whoever bought that sonic totem has to be dead now. they probably got final destinationed.

that thing was bad juju


my fav granola bars: quaker chewy ones, nature valley sweet and salty ones


File: c34c887b7b66624⋯.png (17.41 KB, 332x370, 166:185, cfeda792e3c5102eb89885bacf….png)



Goddamnit man


File: 119b952ec344874⋯.png (89.09 KB, 578x445, 578:445, 1338988569521.png)


the nature valley sweet and salty bars are fucking great

peanut or almond?


Insteading of paying rent. I'll pay you to role play as nepeta being a good friend to me.


:33< heya maxie!



i helped pay for rent twice -- shit's real out there.


Instead of rent I kill myself



depends on how im feelin that day, tbh

some days the almond one is a bit sweet for me, some days im not feelin peanut. and theres also a mixed nut variety


damn, good lad


rev sightings are growing farther apart

i'm worried about our boy


granola is the biggest scam ever pulled

it's about as healthy as candy but it's marketed as a health food



he lost internet access a few weeks ago.



i know, but he was still managing to check in once a day or so via borrowed wifi or small 30 min windows of temporary access he somehow acquired

but it's been awhile now


Which one of use is Rev



he was on discord like 5 hours ago



ok good


but also ok bad because discord


small brain: microsoft seeing the el dewrito thing and putting halo on pc

galaxy brain: microsoft seeing the el dewrito thing and putting more "buy xbox" ads into windows 10


File: 421788426af8d09⋯.png (79.13 KB, 517x529, 517:529, 1331350507519.png)

I should really stop enabling the new guy with my bottomless nep collection



No no, keep enabling.

The more Neps you post the less I'm talking.


File: 6d515db56c8fa4f⋯.gif (22.25 KB, 125x125, 1:1, 1314948821169.gif)


well okay


Neps are nice


Neps are nice

but Aradias are better


We used to have a nepeta thread (and a peridot thread). Did anyone save all of those?


File: e992832599cfde2⋯.png (728.69 KB, 1400x1100, 14:11, wake__by_uixela-d4pflir.png)


tempt me not



I hope so


File: 1ba0e5a648e16c1⋯.jpg (249.44 KB, 1478x1053, 1478:1053, 1524660026102.jpg)



say you have a friend who is completely clueless with his money and finds himself in increasing debt, but also very averse to accepting advice

what do you do



Cut all ties.

Dead weight is dangerous.


File: 6eb31d1f9b92807⋯.jpg (80.86 KB, 500x402, 250:201, captain eridan.jpg)


get him addicted to mobage



I would eventually yell at them and insult them


File: e6ccd992d5cb496⋯.webm (2.87 MB, 388x690, 194:345, 1524642544705[1].webm)



This takes me back.

Miss those days.



despite his flaws, he isn't mentally retarded


File: e8f1ec3d036ee87⋯.png (13.17 KB, 650x450, 13:9, lookin at porn.png)


I wish I got in touch with hse when I had the chance



he's just got this stupid thought process where he can afford anything if it's reduced to monthly payments, despite having no job

$600 guitar? no way, too expensive. but the shop cut him "a deal" for 10 monthly payments of $75 and he can totally afford that!

and the second a job prospect appears, instead of getting ready to pay off all these monthly payments and credit card debts he's accumulated, he starts looking at new cars and prebuilt gaming pcs. this is before he even gets the job, mind you.

it drives me insane, but he doesn't want to change.



is he like

a good friend otherwise?




Let them go.

You know you'll have to, sooner or later.


<scorpion> is fucking shit, i dont believe this has 4 seasons






he is my most epicest lad and i love him dearly

but he's just very emotionally immature and i dunno if i can take it forever



not clicking



begone thot


File: e264ec73479a0fe⋯.png (156.77 KB, 600x500, 6:5, 0001.png)



Don't know what to say. Sounds like one of those "lead a horse to water but can't make him drink" kinda deals.



where do you even work


someone on farts might still be able to contact her


File: e793029e9f246bb⋯.png (171.25 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 1319862099472.png)


I work at a store

they had me watching a bunch of potting soil for four hours to make sure nobody drove up in a truck and stole a bunch of it




i think people have to want to change or interventions are useless

i guess i just have to hope he eventually figures things out on his own and just stay silently frustrated in the meantime



ah that's

better? than what i was thinking i guess


File: 7e82e5bad5dceaa⋯.png (366.01 KB, 758x251, 758:251, ClipboardImage.png)


I think the worst thing in my life is that my creative spark was so heavily broken that I didn't even read books



I know how you feel.

I'm sorry anon.


File: a1d16e598096af9⋯.jpg (55.45 KB, 644x818, 322:409, Wyattgc used roll picturew….jpg)


File: ab07437a872f07b⋯.png (551.48 KB, 728x546, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


File: fde0612709f8543⋯.jpg (291.66 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, mystia lorelei (touhou) dr….jpg)

I feel kinda dirty posting so much homestuck

good night



goo night



Night bud


Is it okay to post a fantasy culture I came up with.



The Kolsa are lizard people from the great swamp, split into hundreds of somewhat independent tribes who all serve the high lord.

Greater kolsa are large lizards like crocodiles and monitors while lesser kolsa are small lizards like skinks and geckos.

Lesser kolsa are slaves to the greater kolsa, who usually own 2-4 slaves a person depending on their status in society.

They eat mostly what their specific species does, Crocodiles eat fish, birds and crustaceans so Crocodile Kolsa eat the same.

They have many gods of fertility, cunning and strength, fertility since the lesser kolsa are in high demand for slave labour and traded for raw materials, Cunning because you'd need to be quite smart to keep track of and ensure the loyalty of all the tribes and slaves, strength sorta speaks for itself doesn't it?

Each tribe conquered by the high lord either swears themself to the lord and stays somewhat free or else they're forced into the army.

The high lord has a couple magical artifacts, objects and spells with them that not only give them superhuman powers, but amplify them aswell, making them seem like a living god to the Kolsa.

There are specific tattoos for the greater and brands for the lesser to show someones standing amongst a tribe, highly tattooed Kolsa are either a source of great pride for a tribe or a mark of a hated criminal, and slaves won't move ranks much expect for worker, scout and slave-guard so that they can avoid being branded.

Kolsa are cold-blooded, as such campfires and other sources of heat have an important cultural role - guards have to remain near them to stay at full activity, the sun/fire god is highly venerated because he gives life to his underlings, and warm-blooded creatures are often kept as pets because the Kolsa like the body heat they emanate.

With pets, pigs and boars work well, assuming the tribe near a group of pigs has domesticated a couple.

They are big, but not so big they'd trample. Can be bred easily, live off almost anything, anywhere and can be eaten. However, boars are often territorial and foul tempered, so whenever they have them, they set them loose to hunt for fun.

Lesser Kolsa sometimes ride pigs as scouts, messengers and the uncommon gladiator

Is that good or not?



do the girl lizards have titties


File: 666a0432fd7bbd8⋯.png (537.37 KB, 800x560, 10:7, ClipboardImage.png)



Some of the ones that aren't purebred.


>spit in sink

>see a bit of blood in spit

well, how about that



brush your teeth bitch


File: 6eff0b13954291b⋯.jpg (148.35 KB, 1280x905, 256:181, tumblr_p7qwyaWDIk1wxbhzjo1….jpg)


File: 7721b9a20712c55⋯.png (14.66 KB, 966x37, 966:37, ClipboardImage.png)

oh how wrong you are



yeah this is bullshit my dog is definitely autistic


help i'm getting a licking/sloppy kissing fetish



you mean sloppy makeouts...



do you like "japanese girl licks a glass window" videos too?



I'm eating oreos in my car



do you even own a car


File: a41312feb6f1c6b⋯.jpg (52.17 KB, 726x690, 121:115, ichigo.jpg)

i'm def buying a Switch next Black Friday



I don't believe anything you say



that's like six trillion years from now

you can't make a decision like that so far in advance





>buying one after the inevitable v2 model that fixes the exploit to boot into dev mode





redpill me on the switch exploit

ive only seen paperclip memes



it's not going to be a "v2" model. they're silently going to just start releasing new ones that are identical except for the fix.



i'll wory about it when they start distributing them


File: c045a3b6a8391be⋯.jpg (153.92 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, mpv-shot0044.jpg)

File: 9b547f8cb35b88e⋯.jpg (189.82 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, mpv-shot0045.jpg)

ben get your fetish out of my childrens shows


File: 06d19633a75743d⋯.jpg (160.1 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, mpv-shot0046.jpg)


yeah silent fix is what I mean



koreans are weird


File: 7c3236d9eceba5f⋯.jpg (274.27 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, mpv-shot0052.jpg)

File: e1e101646109ed4⋯.jpg (266.79 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, mpv-shot0053.jpg)

File: bad041810f3faad⋯.jpg (271.07 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, mpv-shot0054.jpg)

File: f85e45f9b1d69fa⋯.jpg (272.21 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, mpv-shot0055.jpg)

*grabs vag*

*grabs dick*


File: 3cbd09be41432f4⋯.png (152.81 KB, 674x377, 674:377, fgfd.png)

>4chan is down again


File: 97cb8b25bae80dd⋯.png (3.54 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



kinu is a goddess



the fbi needs to download everyone's posting data to quell the incel rebellion


File: be1698ce80a6d0c⋯.jpg (250.84 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, mpv-shot0056.jpg)

*grabs dicks*

*grabs boobs*


I wish I had some dice with me.


File: 3b6134541417d80⋯.png (730.37 KB, 474x767, 474:767, ClipboardImage.png)




How is the incel rebellion different from the beta uprising?


i still don't know what an incel is





INvoluntary CELibate



weird how the priestess looking chick is gonna end up being evil-ish


nvm no switch for me i remembered that i hate videogames now



>There are people that don't like gambling



dEsPaCiTo :o)



betas lack self confidence, while that is not necessarily true for incels. roger thought he was extremely attractive and desirable, and that belief not meshing with the reality of having no gf is what inspired much of his rage.

in general, i think incels are more likely to be unhinged in some way, while betas are more just bitter failures.

either the incel rebellion or the beta uprising succeeding would probably benefit both parties however


I love you


*fucking shoots nepposter*


File: 1588114fb07ce98⋯.png (11.3 KB, 447x378, 149:126, at last.png)


File: 0fd0c01f3c7ac06⋯.pdf (1.36 MB, 2018-ward.pdf)


the virgin beta and the chad incel


File: 28c3e4bda76b8ea⋯.png (3.36 KB, 289x85, 17:5, unknown.png)




1000 kcal worth of bread and salami


1000 kcal of just salami


.....................,,-'´ . . . _,,,,,';:-,...................

....................,-(c\ \`;-=´,_,-~-, \`...............

..................,/ . . .¯'\, º ,/.'-~°,' .¯`'-,.............

................../ . . . . . .¯,_ ~--~',, . . .'\..........

.................| . . . . . . . . ¯¨¨¨(̅_̅_̅_̅((_̅_̲̅м̲̅a̲̅я̲̅i̲̅j̲̅u̲̅a̲̅n̲̅a̲̅̅_̅_̅_̅() ڪے

.................| . . . . . . . , . . . .`'-, . . . |..........

................/\ . . . . . . ."-,,,-'~-~' . . . '|..........

.............,/'`\,`'-, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . /\..........






not clicking


i had 1000 kcal of good brisket yesterday and i basically jizzed with my soul

i souljizzed, hsg


File: 4dbacb2a545480e⋯.jpg (102.88 KB, 690x595, 138:119, Dbis_VgWkAAcDOL.jpg)



the high mental health dude looks a lot more unstable to me

that is the face of a man who has relaxed his grip on reality

he could do anything at any moment


File: 8d536029c1348a6⋯.jpg (52.55 KB, 428x500, 107:125, Anon Wojak.jpg)

File: 8d536029c1348a6⋯.jpg (52.55 KB, 428x500, 107:125, Anon Wojak.jpg)

Should I namefag



you already flagfag








it doesn't make a difference


File: 095763ad5ad94d0⋯.jpg (604.72 KB, 1095x2186, 1095:2186, 1524626247737.jpg)

wtf i love /toy/ now


File: af63beb64459510⋯.jpg (39.38 KB, 480x524, 120:131, 284kq7.jpg)


Let's play 20 questions



is it bigger than my cock



does it mouth fart on the first date


File: 3c5d5433a6ad27b⋯.jpg (36.94 KB, 640x500, 32:25, 3c5d5433a6ad27bd791d30ef17….jpg)




is it a loli




is it food



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ifunnyposter's battle theme



is it the pizz


File: 2486f74602fa121⋯.jpg (40.02 KB, 640x480, 4:3, sikataganai.jpg)



Foreskin cucked by my parents...



f-f-fuck off evo psych bros!!



is it foreskin


not the other guy but i honestly wish i had a foreskin



there was some jew on NPR yesterday kvetching about catholics who would baptize dying children of non catholic faiths to save them

pure lol


running through the children's hospital doing drive by baptisms to troll the non catholic parents


i'm tired of hiding in the shadows

i'm tired of my turtle's lack of turtleneck defining me

snibbeds.... UNITE!



you can't self-insert and the phimositic smega-encrusted kimoota in eromanga now



snibbeds revolution



they kidnapped a baby, dude


>The Good Life demo



snibcucks vs libcucks

the final battle for this world



this is literally mormon doctrine


oh gawd not the holy watah


oy vey, my son's a goy!


File: af2ed3984d58d9d⋯.png (1.11 MB, 691x662, 691:662, Untitled.png)



so this is the power of

whats it supposed to be on again?



Steam and PS4



why are people excited for this game

me no understand



because SWERY is working on it

that's it



maybe it will be as comfy as walking through town in evolution 2


gamer dudes, and dudettes


i post the following:

SWERY more like SHITY



swery makes gold


*spreads cow gold on my crops*


File: 50caeee73f08c8e⋯.png (137.56 KB, 776x843, 776:843, Untitled.png)


what the hell




is this kamen rider/sentai



nice purple link


File: 1c13483e8336f7c⋯.png (148.08 KB, 490x370, 49:37, ClipboardImage.png)

a good cartoon


File: e7c26ea40c8a6be⋯.png (444.02 KB, 596x365, 596:365, ClipboardImage.png)


i can't find the image for shit someone post it


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

powerful video.


i’ve been rewatching kill la kill and it’s even better than i remember it



this but with yu yu hakusho and instead of being better its just as good as i remember



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




are you watching the dub or the sub



grant you can’t watch kill la kill bc of your epic prudish sensibilities



ive watched it all the way through about 3 or 4 times before this current rewatch

literally always dub


im not prudish i just find hornyposting to be uncouth, and if youre in a relationship with a real person thats rude



grant watching klk is not hornyposting



no, i know its not

im saying, calling me prudish is misrepresenting me


hornyposting has kept me out of prison


File: 93084924c13467a⋯.png (151.25 KB, 474x311, 474:311, 1474805220441.png)

>hear the tv news actually use the word "incel"



hornyposting is a prison


I need money


File: 949069a3e955c9d⋯.png (72.28 KB, 600x458, 300:229, ClipboardImage.png)

this dude has zionist in his bio



not necessarily, but the epic harvest is



well zionists are winners


i love my wife!!!!!!!!!!


File: f86fc98d2ae2883⋯.jpg (290.31 KB, 556x840, 139:210, nepeta_leijon_by_leijonnep….jpg)


I love Nepeta


File: 33ee8a255607d49⋯.jpg (43.57 KB, 603x497, 603:497, 1502106670914.jpg)


I love Joey!


"Every incel is a bullet. My movement, 4chan, is an AR-15"

- Tyler "Adolf Fawkes" Poole


no..... this person whose net worth is hundreds of millions of dollars and whose life has nothing remotely in common with mine has different political beliefs...... this is unthinkable................




cletus is leveling up


File: 32754c715c0ebf2⋯.jpg (110.6 KB, 762x1000, 381:500, 11e77bA.jpg)



File: 0aec9dbce95ad79⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 600x338, 300:169, ezgif-4-5ea8cf1dfa.gif)


File: 19f7decbeb30791⋯.png (11.88 KB, 699x177, 233:59, ClipboardImage.png)


File: c10583b312dc41d⋯.png (138.97 KB, 315x523, 315:523, Untitled.png)


File: 39e53d95ac64877⋯.webm (3.94 MB, 480x480, 1:1, Umaru w sound.webm)

this is melonpan


weebs are result of child abuse


File: 14dab4e04119915⋯.png (34.78 KB, 594x303, 198:101, ClipboardImage.png)


File: c95372a456b106f⋯.png (19.73 KB, 1047x167, 1047:167, ClipboardImage.png)

why the fuck does it never let me just put in numbers and has to fuck around with % all the time


kanye west is literally the next president of the united states



he can't be worse than trump



you, tiny soy brain: uhh drumpf worst president impossible to be worse

me, normal man brain: trump is doing a mildly subpar job at worst

glowing space brain: heres how jeb can still win


File: 88263a721c69ada⋯.jpeg (80.69 KB, 500x428, 125:107, 6sCgjR.jpeg)


File: e7c81a3c3149e69⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1080x540, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)









File: bec471dd7de6720⋯.gif (892.13 KB, 300x300, 1:1, thinking in an indian soap….gif)


>me, normal man brain: trump is doing a mildly subpar job at worst


*obstructs your path*


based black man



small brains on in november 2016: uhhhhhhh drumpf world war 3 uhhhhhhhh all the trannies and coloreds in concentration camps uhhhhhhhhhh

now: same thing as a few years ago, basically



splitting the blackbody male and blackbody female voting interests would would be an epic way to curb north american negro worship



I wish he did put all the trannies and coloreds in concentration camps but the jews got to him


pwease stop insulting trump


post lolis btw



hail 0din br0ther


ive never had an interest in anything triggers done

nothing about any of it seemed worth my consideration


overstating the situation is gay



>uhhhhhhh drumpf world war 3

did you miss a few weeks ago

>all the trannies and coloreds in concentration camps uhhhhhhhhhh

have you missed like, dozens of events

granted those events have happed before trump but they've certainly become more frequent


File: 63e24a52431f75f⋯.mp4 (575.6 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 30746391_1912646908808761_….mp4)


only i can overstate it



kill la kill was really good though i could understand people not liking it due to SAVING ANIME shitposting

luluco was unironically great and i think everyone should watch it

i only watched the first episode of kiznaiver but i heard it wasn't that bad

LWA was good

Trigger's not the one who's writing Franxx but it's still ok


wait i missed ww3 did russia hit sanfran at least


File: 7f1b02412befcff⋯.png (113.91 KB, 343x361, 343:361, ClipboardImage.png)

i forgot they made this, this was also ok

and inferno cop is good too


i award hsg the dumbest group of bitches award, for being the dumbest group of bitches



did u miss norht korea suspending its nuclear tests and both us and south korea going "this is good and we will be having more epic diplomatic talks">>1185798


we back


File: a4e4f2d50b19a59⋯.jpg (900 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, RE196228_img_smp1[1].jpg)

speaking of hornyposting my 24 hour no-hornyposting has passed, which means i finally get to post this image


*transforms you into someone without shitty fetishes*



>now: same thing as a few years ago, basically

you really have no idea what you're talking about



*holds up trophy while a single tear runs down my cheek*


u cant say trump is worst president ever

le bush face




yea except nk isn't the country we pissed off

well, recently at least




not clicking



bush was epic...



[in catgirl voice] nyat clicking


I witnessed Filthy Frank's ascencion, downfall and death. The weirdest point was how tumblr kids loved his videos when he made fun of their archetype, then slowy corrupted into what he was making fun of and now they completely forgot about him.

If pink guy made fun of vore would tumblr follow it? Asking the big questions.


where's the porn of russia and china spitroasting america


is political tf a fetish


File: 0edb5903c2b65a4⋯.png (285.21 KB, 579x535, 579:535, ClipboardImage.png)


filthyfrank was stupid and all he did was just scream at a camera


File: f1a434875e16e3e⋯.jpg (161.21 KB, 570x743, 570:743, Nepeta.Leijon.full.1122897.jpg)

Who is the ginger





what did he do now


File: 4452d8ac7b375ed⋯.jpg (460.72 KB, 1280x1393, 1280:1393, GrilledKambling6.jpg)


political futa femdom can be so I don't see why not



i don't know if it's a prevalent thing but i've jacked off to one instance of it, kind of



just scream at a camera



He was coated in irony. Part of the fun was people like you who never understood it.

Then he lost his touch after getting in hospital and his fans grew up, so posts like yours are no longer funny anyway.



wore a maga zentai





they're not female, it's hermdom



it's just a prank bro



top left>bottom right>bottom left>top right


his shitty soundcloud rap is more offensive


u dont understand bro, its ironic...its just a parody of the audience the content attracts...


File: cbd74763f1ce9ed⋯.jpg (222.06 KB, 1999x1334, 1999:1334, 04c9dea3ae08f21a1656fb2b27….jpg)

File: 888260c3d8e0e6e⋯.png (1.51 MB, 810x1080, 3:4, 6901f5a02789651464a013cec5….png)

File: 72bb2d14b92c971⋯.jpg (183.89 KB, 1009x931, 1009:931, 1519302484278.jpg)

File: 424378aa329f369⋯.jpg (74.43 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, 1524322358487.jpg)

File: ce9e57456cf01b0⋯.jpg (97.12 KB, 900x675, 4:3, aid1373254-v4-900px-Surviv….jpg)


tch, figures it would be a waste of breath trying to enlightened the uninitiated...


blasts you with a "portrayal does not make one above itself" knowledge mean


File: 8f166845350ac95⋯.png (9.72 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1435297890199.png)

Who is this



go away crossie


*stabs wolf*

*backslide cancels*


me gusta irony



i told you bitch


I hope I can fuck the girl with big cans tonight


File: 5eb62e83c7431a3⋯.jpg (377.99 KB, 2282x1008, 163:72, 1524245197225.jpg)


anyone who watches idubz/filthyfrank/h3h3 style "internet drama about how dumb internet drama" videos on the reg is no longer my friend and banned from any current or future mmo guilds i own


File: 94e0946f9171b34⋯.png (145.66 KB, 500x500, 1:1, tumblr_mqhhc8S2yb1r8dr3eo1….png)

File: 153215e62782a0f⋯.png (20.1 KB, 477x518, 477:518, 1375410830560.png)

File: ff0bc0eba18df4e⋯.png (36.71 KB, 509x430, 509:430, 1375257201136.png)

File: 76103b77c40ac97⋯.png (27.95 KB, 659x373, 659:373, fantrolls.png)

File: 64a790957baf37e⋯.png (242.49 KB, 900x806, 450:403, RyuqVyP.png)


Homestuck General



if your possession porn is also transformation porn youre doing it wrong



shape deforming examples are bad



the great debate

mousy jewess vs saucy jewess



i dont get how anyone can fool themselves into thinking its not the same shit that keemstar or whoever the fuck does


I've got a boss rig. A hefty battlestation. I dont own any anime figurines of any sort, so the only thing around my computer is bills and knives and stuff



did any of them make the ironman numbers video



i'm not a tf fetishist but i dated one so i'm speaking from moderate ignorance here

but don't most tf people just like one or two types of tf

being transformed itself isn't the fetish for most people, but rather they're getting transformed into a particular fetish-thing, right?


its literally just daytime tv talk shows moms watch except its a racist white guy on youtube


tfw old bills stashed everywhere because you don't know what you're supposed to keep for auditing and shit



cum town is good, actually



i don't know if i can speak for tf fetishists in general but while the main tf i care about is male>female tf in general is usually pretty good, the act of being forcibly transformed is definitely a thing in itself

none of those "shape-deforming" ones seem good though, and "material shifting" is a big maybe



my moms started watching the view and it's kind of unepic


I have pawtism


File: 9ba83bb8c9fa25c⋯.jpg (78.3 KB, 630x728, 45:52, 389509.jpg)


>my moms


File: ccce1b41359e724⋯.png (25.12 KB, 391x340, 23:20, pawtism detected.png)



anon you can't keep giving away these hot takes for free, get on youtube


*steals your takes*


also i've jacked off to clothing tf once, it was surprisingly well-written as far as shitty tf fetish snippets go




at least admit you never saw a video


File: ee5002daa0db454⋯.jpg (164.46 KB, 1080x1366, 540:683, ee5002daa0db4540c501f3a734….jpg)


in the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room

in the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room


who let wesley out of the cage


Solidarity marches to protest anti-Semitism are planned in Berlin and other German cities on Wednesday after an attack last week.

The attack in Berlin involved a 21-year-old man wearing a Jewish skullcap, also known as a kippa, who was suddenly attacked by an assailant calling out "Yehudi!" — the Arabic word for Jew. A Syrian asylum-seeker later turned himself in, claiming to be the attacker.



id rather die than wear that


i can finally afford to do laundry and buy toothpaste but i don't want to be seen in this state, so i gotta wait till midnight to leave my hovel



my friend once had this huge spiel trying to explain how idubz's diss track raps about other youtubers was different and not pathetic faux drama for 12-year-olds

but he has since realized the error of his ways and is now very embarrassed by how passionate he was about it



wtf i love refugees now




File: ec67a23ca16bd3e⋯.jpg (164.73 KB, 1022x547, 1022:547, 1524691617305.jpg)


File: 22805cf25565cc7⋯.png (138.15 KB, 484x318, 242:159, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 01ef8299dfa4a38⋯.png (205.53 KB, 500x319, 500:319, ClipboardImage.png)



big lol at this post



Anime is gay


anigay LOL


finally, someone let wes out of his cage

now tomoko is nothing 'cause 'dot's takin' the stage






wrong way around



the wesmoko ending is ghostwritten nu-wes material, it doesn't count as canon


>hurr switch is doomed by evil hackers

>ignoring emulation was already achievable and games are expensive in some countries, and PS2 sold a fuckton


File: 7c9346ca1ac859d⋯.jpg (151.81 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, We really shouldnt let thi….jpg)


wwhere is the neww thread i gotta take a shit


File: 33da10e26f3cdcf⋯.png (1.04 MB, 960x660, 16:11, ClipboardImage.png)



i have no idea whatsoever why people think emulation means the switch is harmed



Butchering music like that should be punished with execution



this is just one of those strawman comics but meme appropriated



It will be epic if Trump causes Korea to reunite and the gooks nuke japan for a third and final time



make it the other way around

does korea even make anything other than esports


new when



kimchi and gangnam style




dead japs


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