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File: d1aa945c67f0a54⋯.png (619.89 KB, 1022x770, 73:55, Capturesdffdsdfsdfsyt.png)



How the fuck do all Russians have the same art style

Or is every russian simply tracing off of Akabur


is it any good?



Glorious Soviet arts program, comrade. We take 1 art and distribute evenly to all worker, very good.



this is actually true



For the kind of game that it is, I'm 2 min in and I already have a scene im satisfied with. So this might work out to be an alright game.



it's basically just dialogue for now


English translation is pretty poor. Not a whole lot of content but it's worth a quick playthrough. Could be decent with steady updates (which is always the caveat for WEGs).



I guess it isn't all that different from most anime looking the same, or how most comic books have the same style. Kind of odd when you think about it.


File: 08142de7c97bfbe⋯.jpg (111.5 KB, 736x610, 368:305, wew mer.jpg)


It's called a trending art style, anon.



So… Can you post some kind of changelog to see what does this game have?



There isn't one.



One BJ scene. Some text. A map.

It's 0.1 brah.



Could be worse. Could be the american trend of copying Sparrow.



that's captain sparrow to you, nigger


This is actually pretty decent so far. Art is good. Animated scenes. Lots of choices. The writing is functional (i.e., not terrible). Unfortunately it's at 0.1 so see you in five years!



Good, another 0.00001 trainer game that will be abandoned after 1 month



Nah they gotta milk the retarded whales enough to get profit. I give it 3 months to start tiny shit updates, 4 for the "im sick, sorry guys XC" or "hard drive broke I have to restart :c" 6 months and the game will be dead with a few retards still giving them money because they forgot to take dads credit card off his "game" subscription.



It's captain jack sparrow, you brain dead cunt


Honestly, I really hope that this one gets finished. I really like the concept and the setting; it's not just another disney princess.

I'd like to drop a buck on patreon to help the proyect, but sadly there are so many jew-devs out there that it's pretty hard to believe that donating actually helps. It's quite infurating when you can't really trust creators.





how about you investigate yourself, you useless faggot?



what a salty faget you are, anon-kun

still though, no news, no new release. i doubt this will ever have enough content to be worth playing


File: 9d3a3ce95b2f61c⋯.png (53.61 KB, 306x379, 306:379, main5.png)



pretty sure he means that the amount of story for the next updateis done


This is one of the few titles I have some genuine hope for. The art style is pretty good and the launch game, while threadbare, has some good bones and you can tell it has the potential to be good.

Shame it's another Akaburesque Russian, too many of those lazy do-nothing fuckers have soiled the pool and dropped expectations wildly. Maybe we'll beat the odds with this one?


Release time will be as follows:

December 21 — the Aristocrats and above.

December 25 — Burghers.

December 31 — Citizens.

Fingers crossed.


v0.2 is out. No links yet though.



F95 has a link

Nothing of interest really




So far they did a redrawing of the fat bitch akabur made but so far it looks like they replaced most of her dialogue with a oc charater, and maybe took a few liberties with similar bodies. The rest of the art is pretty unique though, like the jew bar owner or the mc. Also animated scenes which is unexpected.


File: aaefcf8197780b1⋯.png (43.6 KB, 547x419, 547:419, Untitled.png)


By the sounds of it, sounds like they want to have an animated backround and the next update may have less H-scenes added


The first update really shaped this into being a game. It added an Akabur-esque day/night cycle, money, quests and a stat page for the MC and "Jack". There is only one more H-scene added and it's brief and with the same side character as last time.

My concern with this title is that while it's shaping up to actually be a really good game with excellent art and mechanics, there're already so many games with tons of content and almost no H-scenes. Too many developers go down that rabbit hole of trying to flesh the game out, then add sex and people lost interest and the games fall off. And it sounds like the next update is going down that route.

Currently the female lead has no nude scenes or even borderline ones beyond a tiny bit of cleavage that's very brief once or twice.


File: 10b05840b4bd197⋯.jpg (176.71 KB, 710x888, 355:444, 10b05840b4bd197bfdad8cd3b7….jpg)

I like this game, looks and feels like a Akabur's game

it looks kinda good, and i like the setting of the game

And whatever the "dissidents" and hipsters are gonna say, Akabur is still one (if not THE) of the best porn-game makers in the industry

Also, inb4

>shilling this hard



ye I like the story and art a lot has potential if hes not slow as shit


File: c51860823a541df⋯.jpg (50.56 KB, 379x250, 379:250, PP102.jpg)


I beg to dissent. Can hardly imagine how much more can be made of WT mixed with some sprinkles of say, HHS+, different rooms, locations added. Heck even in PT you had to run around town doing shit all the time.

I believe having a lusty Ghosty McFuckface visiting the girl's dormitory at night, or creating some extra potions in the lab to try out on an unwilling guinea pig (MS-esque encounters) would have added a lot more fun to WT without too much hassle. Sadly it never happened.

Nothing against the art tho, which is decent. Minus points for the grind of course. But Rubaka was one of those who led the way, that's for sure.


Thanks for the little review anon. Guess I'll give this game a try to see for myself.




Yes, it's 6 months later but im still gonna call you out.




I do agree, WT was in concept great but having to grind for chocolate because it was unclear when Hermione was ready to recieve the D was pretty much anoying and time consuming. That plus the point system where you had to be carefull not to give her too much point or else you had to wait for Slytherin to go up… grindy and artificially prolonged. And I still have that tiny torn about what he was going to do with the bird, all that petting and feeding for nothing.

Then you have SC34, the decadence of the guy who arose the popularity of trainers shit for the western. Grindy as fuck, the sex scenes are tiny as fuck, GRINDY AS FUCK FOR GODS SAKE, and short as hell even if you want to do all the events and shit, getting the 100% completion requires basically to dance/strip for a couple days, rest some, dance/strip and repeat for eternity.

Let's hope this game doesn't follow the bad dark akaburesque ways, just the good that were in PT.

lol I started to rant, sorry.



It's got a full sex scene now



to early to tell, but we will have to see how they progression works with the combat system


File: 7cacdfb4316c18d⋯.gif (64.02 KB, 209x276, 209:276, 7cacdfb4316c18def4265348b2….gif)


I see your points, and i kind-of agree with it

But i think thoses problems are inherents to the core of thoses games

Thoses games are basically shorts visual-novels, and the only way to make the story progress with by triggering events

And sadly, you can't really achieve that kind of gameplay without any-forms of grinding

Because including grinding mechanics, is the easiest way to do exactly that:

Making the story progress slowly enough for the player to not completely finish it in 2 hours and make the reward you get from it satisfying

And funnily enough, it's the same when they have too much content, you need to add some grinding so the player can get exactly what he wants and still feel some feeling of reward (Corruption of Champion is a good exemple)

Now, don't get me wrong, i'm not saying you can't avoid thoses problems

But to avoid them, you need one thing:


Look at Segoku Rance, it's a VN and the story progress as you trigger events

But it's a real big video-game, made by a studio (Alice-soft if i'm not mistaken)

And even with that game, there was still a lot of grinding if you wanted to get certains events

Same goes for Utawarerumono and Tears to Tiara, they're VN with the same kind of story-progression

But they're made by Leaf, a pro-studio with at least enough money to make a decent RPG/Strategy game even if you take the porn out-of-it

That's why i say thoses problems are inherent to that kind of games

They're cheap, therefore they can't have too much content, so they can only focus on as much as two things

And since they're VN

That means they need to focus on:

Either writing, as that's the whole fucking point, you're gonna spend hours and hours of reading

Either visuals, as the second thing you're gonna do most of the time, is look at pics

That's why peoples go bat-shit insane with games like "Inbred Saga" and "Town Uncucked"

Because they both look like shit, and the writing is just inexistent

They're look bad and even more amateurish than games like WT and Overwhored somehow

They're boring as fuck, and there is nothing more to say

The only thing keeping thoses games alive, is the need for fetish-porn felt by thoses backing-them

That's all

That's why they go fucking bonkers when Cypress Zeta say "they're not actuals relatives anymore, they're (((step)))-relatives" in Snow-Daze

They need their fetish to be fed, and that's the only thing keeping most of thoses games alives

They keep screaming and crying about cucks using the power of money to "corrupt" devs into adding cuck-content into their game

But they're doing the exact same, they're just at the wrong side of the fence

So as for Akabur

Yeah, i think his doing pretty fine

Yeah his games always have a shit-tons of grinding and it can be annoying

But that's what keep me from finishing the game in 25 minutes

And it's not like it destroy the fucking games

So i don't really mind thoses things as long as the game is good-enough

Also, i never had this problem with the points system

The first thing i did in this game was increase my relationship with Severius-bro, so Slytherin was always ahead

I like his art-style too, as weird-as-shit as it can be sometimes

And i like his writing, which make me laugh sometimes

Can't say i've ever had any forms of reactions from games like "A Town Uncucked" and "Inbred Saga"



I also agree with the premise of "grind=necessary evil"

After recently playing the grinding-hell games Big Brother or Superpowered, I have to say that grinding gives a feeling of accomplishment and even adds a connection to characters and the world that would otherwise just not be there. In both titles the gameplay sucks balls big time, but the time spent forces some kind of immersion.

In fairly linear VNs you have hours of text to crawl through before you get to the juicy bits, and in more 'game-like' titles you have the grind.

I would appreciate it if the game parts were interesting nonetheless (not necessarily engaging, let me play with one hand and without quick-time events).

The simulation part of "Free Cities" is what I find a top-notch example of excellent gameplay in a sexgame. You cant expect that level of detail for a h-game though, also the sex and characters in FC are severly lacking, unfortunately.


File: b3570918cdcc2b1⋯.gif (394.35 KB, 305x185, 61:37, f9e.gif)


You also need to keep in mind that actual VN made by pros are MUCH longer than amateurish VN

Because since there is no-form of gameplay whatsoever, they need to fill the game with MUCH MORE writing

Take good exemple with G-Senjou no Maou

It takes a solid 30 hours to beat the game with the true end, and 4 mores to explore each-routes

And even by standards, that's actually pretty short for a big VN made by pro

Most of them take at least 45/50 hours just to beat

Take a example with Fate/Stay Night

One of the most knowed VN

It takes 60 hours just to beat, and you gotta add a good 25 hours just to really complete it

Same with Clannad (the game)

Takes 65 hours to beat it, and you it needs 10 mores to actually finish it and get the true-end

And again, same thing with on of my favorite VN ever

Majikoi (Maji de watashi ni koishinasai)

Takes a solid 60 hours to beat, and takes 30 hours more to get the 100% on it

I wouldn't really call reading text "griding", but i get what you mean

If the first thing you're searching from a VN is it's "juicy bits" (i'm gonna assume you're talking about eroge, and not non-H VN then)

It's probably gonna feel like grinding for you

But then, if it does, it means that you didn't take interest in the game

Majikoi is pretty fucking long, but the amazing comedy and amazing characters always entertained-me, i never felt like i was "grinding" with that game

Actually i wanted the game to never end, and that's a pretty amazing feat

G-Senjou was the polar-opposite for me, the story was so amazing i just HAD to know who Maou was, and how the story was gonna-end

But i never felt like i was "grinding" in thoses games

Because the games were so good, even if they took-out the porn, you would still get a hilarious comedy-centered VN, and a amazing story-driven game

But still, i understand the feeling, that can happen to anyone, especially with nukige

I did play a bunch of nukige, and felt like "damn that's boring as shit, i just wanted to see porn"

I had this same exact feeling with Bunny-Black

The gameplay was too fucking tedious

First, i don't mind dungeon-crawlers, but in Bunny-Black, they don't tell you your position on the map unless you have a monster with the ability in your team

And boy was it a bad-idea, it makes you fucking hate the whole concept, as you get lost and literally need to keep a in-mind map, even if you have a actual-one on your fucking screen

Second, even if the story was interesting, and the scenes pretty nices, the ratio dungeon-crawler/VN-scenes was poorly balanced

I felt like i stayed in this dungeon 5 hours, just to get a 5 minutes pretty good scenes (porn or not)

Third, you couldn't even direct your own teamsquad

It's a fucking RPG, and it was out in fucking 2010, and you couldn't give orders to your party-member

What, the, fuck?

I hate when they do this in fucking RPGs

A type of game when you got to pay attention and constantly adapt to whatever is actually happening

And it sadden me as i really like the idea of a fallen-hero becoming a villain, and raising in the ranks as a evil-guy

So yeah, i did feel "grinding" in this game

Felt like i was wasting hours and hours inside of this fucking dungeon

Only to get a freacking axe barely better than my previous weapon

A party-member i wouldn't be able to direct anyway

And somes really short scenes of reading

But i might try-it again someday

I'll just need some guide/walkthrough along the way, so i don't waste all my fucking time

As for games like Free Cities

Well i wouldn't call them "VN", as "VN" literally means "VISUAL Novel"

And Free Cities is a pure text-game, no visuals what-so-ever

And last time i played it, there was no plot/story, only naratives arcs driven by events

But yeah, i really like thoses games too, especially Jack-O'-Nine

Good gameplay, but since they had to focus on making games with interesting-mecanics, they couldn't spend the time on making visuals/stories for thoses games

That's part of what i said previously

"They're limited by their budget, so they can focus only on a maximum of two things"

Free Cities and Jack-O'-Nine decided to focus on interesting mecanics, and good gameplay

That's why they feel good to play



yes, "juicy bits" refers to sexual-content (this here is an h-game board after all). I dont think FC is a VN, it is the complete opposite in fact. I also dont think VNs are games in the first place (they are a chimera of (interactive) books, anime and manga, very rarely containing game-elements. You would not call an eBook a game, just because you read it on your computer using a mouse and keyboard). That is what I mean by reading in VNs serves the purpose of grinding in games.

I guess the point is that having any kind of prolonged content outside purely erotic content makes the eventual 'porn' much more rewarding.

The player gets to engage with the characters, can immerse himself in the world and identify with the protagonist.

Grinding does not equal or replace reading a well written story, it just serves a similar purpose (forcing the player to spend time/effort and interact with and therefore immerse himself in the world). By itself it is only a cheap replacement, but still better than just having sex-scene after sex-scene without any effort.

As you said, the very long (and often better) VNs have a lot of staff and dedicated writers to produce the story/content, something that a small studio or single person could not feasibly replicate.

Adding gameplay elements, items and stats is something that can be done with a lot less effort. If the balancing is right, and there is still some degree of well written scenes mixed in, I think using such methods can result in a great game as well.

PS: I somehow forgot how this is relevant for this game in particular, but as this is a general rule imho, it pretty sure is, somehow… it could be posted in nearly any game thread on this board though



Well i understand your point about not considering VN as games

For me, i consider them as a pretty basic kind of games, like platformers, and tabletop games

They're simply laying ground to build something atop of it

I wouldn't call a VN a "ebook" tho', as thoses usually contains fews, if not no-pictures at all, and you don't really get to choose what you want to do with the story

Concerning the feeling of reward of porn

That's not really what i'm searching for a game, unless i only play it to fap, like a nukige

For me it's quite simple, i like good stories, i like good characters, and i like good gameplays

Basically, i just want to have a good time

And H-scenes can make it better, or worse sometimes, it depends if they're good and if they're well integrated in the game itself

If the game dosn't have a good story, or anything interesting at all, why bother?

If i don't like the characters, or can't even tolerate their existences, why bother?

If i don't like the gameplay, or can't overlook it, why bother?

And if i'm playing that game only for the sex-scenes, and they suck, why bother?

That's how i think

I'm not asking for the game to be perfect, or to have the best story ever written

I'm only asking it to have at least one interesting thing that could keep my interest for the game

I played Majikoi because i liked the design of the characters

And i kept playing it because the characters were amazing, and the dialogues hilarious

The game dosn't have fancy animations, or even a actual real-plot

But i liked the MC (Naoe Yamato) enough to keep playing the game, and the waifues were so good i kept playing the game until the end, and now i find myself getting back to it every 3/4 years

The game was already amazing, and when i got to the sex scenes, i was pretty fucking happy

Because i liked the characters, the relationships they shared, and of course i wanted to see some lewd-kinky-vanilla-romantic shit

What i'm trying to say is:

I liked the game before i liked the H-scenes

So for me, they were like icing on a already pretty fucking good cake

You could take it out from it and it would remain the same amazing thing

It's just a little supplement to make it better

As for griding and immersion

You're both right and wrong at the same time

Because when it's well-done, grinding do give you a feeling of imersion

Like Monster-Hunter, that's one of the very-ideas of the whole serie

You play a Monster-Hunter, you hunt monster to get better equipement to hunt even stronger monsters

But i can also dramatically backfire

Just like it did for me in Bunny-Black

To make the griding immersive for the player, you need to make sure the player dosn't get totaly overwhelmed by it

Because when the player get to overwhelmed, it breaks the immersion and instead give the exact opposite feeling

The player start feeling like he's being ordered by the game to do chores

It's especially true when the player got certains expectations, and the grinding get into his way

That's exactly why peoples complains about grinding in porn-games

Because they just want to see the porn, but they're getting cock-blocked by the grinding

Of course i agree that grinding does not equal or replace reading a well-written story

The whole point of grinding is only to make the game last longer if it dosn't have that much content

Or to give a feeling of satisfaction when you reach your personnal objective

I think it's really relevant to this game because it already possess a grinding mecanic

>working to get money

>using money to get booze, clothes, and pay rent

And i find this one pretty bad for now

Working dosn't get you enough money, and the things you can buy with that money are way too fucking expensives

But then again, the game version is like 0.00000001

So it can still be balanced

The dev(s?) is (are? how many are they?) probably gonna add some better jobs and somes rewarding quest to balance it-out

Just like Akabur always did

And yes, i do think this discussion is relevant to nearly any-games on this board and HGG


File: cbd82cda368c328⋯.jpg (70.06 KB, 392x500, 98:125, 1437669426434.jpg)






Jesus christ this is a discussion about porn games, cut the fat somewhere on those



we were having a intellectual discussion about grinding in video-games (especially in porn-games)

no-one asked you to read it anyway, anon




Found the fucking neckbeard!



Since the thread isn't banned, I assume that this is what a Quality OP looks like in this day and age.


Whats up with the blank space?


>Not being one

What are you even doing here then?


the new version is out



one month of work since the last one. Is it worth it?



probably not, but we wont know until its released.


So is anyone kind enough to post the latest update that came out?




Not much added, 1 new scene, a new character, some dialogue. The devs admitted it says their next update is going to have more involving training jack



I only hate grinding in porn if the story is shit, and the grinding doesn't offer new scenes or at least different expressions and dialogue.



thanks for the laugh


File: 5d92d69e8789967⋯.png (493.95 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, JWzsK3zo3-oJpJcjnBWH6J4PiV….png)

"Hi, guys!

Team Borch is happy to inform you that the new update to our game is completely done. But unfortunately we have some troubles with our interpreter.

Anyway, you will be able to see the new update on the 27th of March, as it was announced before. But it will be only a piece of that awesome cake we want to offer you. The other parts we will add to this version within two weeks. They'll appear as soon as each part will be complete.

So we will keep you informed about our progress. You can wait for the fullsized update or try it piece by piece… as you wish. Thanks for understanding.

Team Borch is happy to inform you that the new update to our game is completely done. But unfortunately we have some troubles with our interpreter.

Anyway, you will be able to see the new update on the 27th of March, as it was announced before. But it will be only a piece of that awesome cake we want to offer you. The other parts we will add to this version within two weeks. They'll appear as soon as each part will be complete.

So we will keep you informed about our progress. You can wait for the fullsized update or try it piece by piece… as you wish. Thanks for understanding."


sage to not bump it


Of course i forgot the damn sage



a-are you alright, anon?


File: c54dcafc646509a⋯.gif (486.64 KB, 500x341, 500:341, tumbling_into_action.gif)




pretty sure sage doesnt work with images anyway



oh well look at that it works




From the patreon page:

"Greetings our dearest patrons! The first part of the new update has arrived.

In this part you can get acquainted closer with twin sisters. You probably saw them at the city’s streets earlier. They are kind of weird, but they are very energetic and like to…train so much! Little but unforgettable event awaits for Jack. So…go to the woods. Adventures that way!

Soon: at the second part you’ll have to deal with the alchemy machine and to make the first steps in alchemy - preparation and use of the alchemical potions. Also Jack’s room will be added, and you’ll find some changes down the bar.

The third part will be devoted to hunt. Jacks tales and reports about adventures on the graveyard.

And finally, at the forth part you’ll find awesome blonde Lucy and new scenes with her participation."


"Game" part of it is abysmal. There are a fucking time limit for every event, no clear directions for anything, fucking grinding and other bullshit. Does he really thinks he is making real game and not porn?


after day 20 you are greeted with the credits.




Thanks Anon


File: 7457e9aad995027⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 96331_A-zQRv3971QKkRb93AGI….png)


>Jack in bathroom.

Picture over at Patreon https://www.patreon.com/posts/jack-in-bathroom-17969621


File: 70106a5180268f0⋯.png (319.88 KB, 433x795, 433:795, 102539_jHVyu1NqHJXLaLifktQ….png)

>WHT Development news

>April 16th


File: 56266ef81a73d69⋯.png (21.86 KB, 719x561, 719:561, 102540_Screenshot_125.png)


File: 30b380da721f77a⋯.png (31.44 KB, 728x603, 728:603, 102541_Screenshot_126.png)


File: 383a867b82ff841⋯.png (374.98 KB, 1045x782, 1045:782, UAaE0Y9Xd91jNn9mF5wbsSr-ha….png)

"No deadlines anymore!

May 1 at 3:23am

Ah…finally we did it! We are almost dead on our feet, but we did it! The new version become technically more complicated. It also grew much wider in substance as it was planned before. So we decided not to make farlooking plans anymore. We will continue orderly work on project and will inform you about progress, and the date of the next release we will call before one week to it.

The new version of a game is completed. It's available for 10$+ patrons now. For 5$ patrons it will be available on the third of may (release date), for 1$ - on the 10-th of may. In this version Jack's room added. The alchemical machine finally starts work. Jack begins to experiment with potions. You can visit rebuilt bar, chart visitors and even make(or lose) some money there (mini card-game is available), or you can stay at home and watch Jack bathing."





Help, the bath sounds won't stop.



Im calling 911. Where you at?



Just stay on the line, I've dispatched agents, help is on the way.



how are you? any progress? not much going on here just hearing someone having issues.


So are there no actual H-scenes involving Jack?





Thanks boys. The issue resolved itself after five minutes when I kept playing.



Unofficial, a little tested Android port by a fan




Pretty decent so far but honestly these ruskies need to learn English seeing as most of their money isn’t Russian food stamps. Also the quest system seems better than the standard grind and whine mechanic most trainer games have


Waiting for some Jack scenes before I throw a few dollars at this. I don't want to get burned with a game a year + into development where the title girl still isn't fuckable.



From Patreon:

>Team Borsch

>Our programmer can't deal with Android yet, but he is closely working on it. You can find the previous fun's version here https://workupload.com/file/NjstkAr


File: d816e1bef697299⋯.jpg (604.72 KB, 900x719, 900:719, d816e1bef697299612f26d5f71….jpg)

Downloaded android port v 0.25++ and after 16th day there is nothing i can do. No training no quests no h scenes. I can only work, do dtuff in forest and sleep. I can't even watch (((Jack))) bathing. Am i missing something or this is it?


After rescuing the hellhold, are there more missions or are they finished in this patch?






Where is it because I do not find any?



Behind the building.


>> 49913 you mean in the bar?


I feel like I've missed the festival scene where lucy comes out for the first time as I get to it?


*I feel like I missed the festival scene where Lucy goes out for the first time, how did she get there?


0.3 update


- New trainings with Asian twin-sisters (if you’ve already had previous one)

- Midnight visits to Jack’s bedroom (Chief, only look how the pale window moonlight highlights all those curves…Isn't it beautiful?)

- You can send Jack on a self-hunt and receive reports (partly illustrated) about it nightly.



Jack nudity yet?



No full-on



>most comics have the same style

Kek, confirmed for not reading fucking comics.


How the fuck do I kill the tree?



You gotta have and use the Def+ and Att+ potions.

To make potions you gotta fix the machine in Jack's room, which becomes an available quest after a week or so in game.

Def+ is made just with some booze and seasoning you can buy cheap from the Jewish landlord, but Att+ requires you do the quest for the librarian to get a hold of Mandrake root, and to send Jack on graveyard recon until she comes back covered in ghoul jizz.


File: 0173077f5a0fc8c⋯.png (300.29 KB, 860x645, 4:3, 102542_E3L9ICTZy4L4YblRSPy….png)

Been about a year now. Any H-scenes involving Jack, or is this just another go nowhere cashgrab where the dev adds new characters every month?



This is the latest info..

>DEVELOPMENT RUMORS https://www.patreon.com/teamborsch/posts

Greetings, dear patrons! Soon it will be a year as we are making our project for you. We are going to mark this little, but proud date, and to gladden you with little, but hot update. And then we are going to take a small pause in the story development and to focus efforts on the game-play model.

Here is a little teaser for you. Yes, in is Lucy, and yes, she is waiting for Sam. Why and what for…well, you’ll find it out in new update.

And now – welcome to our kitchen – or why in all takes us so long. As you may know, there are three of us, making this project for you. And we all are very different, with different work speeds and different endurance limits. Sometimes we need some rest, and sometimes have to do an official job. And all this stuff usually happen in different time. But when we finally manage to meet together – magic starts…First we create and clothe in words the story-line, or we watch new illustrations of our artist, and then the story borns. And when everything is almost ready, new idea suddenly comes. It is so fresh and so perfectly supplements the current moment, that we have immediately to insert it in. But here turns on, that for this part we need another background, and another music, and change the dialog here, yes, and there too…so, everything starts from the beginning. The only thing, that excuses us, is - we are trying our best to make this game for you. And we are very grateful to all of you, who is…was…or going to support us!



>Team Borsch

>We still have some work to complete, so the first link will appear on the 4th of september, right on the project's birthday)


File: f29d5b0f0ffaa94⋯.jpg (123.89 KB, 350x263, 350:263, 1517668408_witch-hunter-tr….jpg)

So, no. Nothing involving Jack yet. But random thot Lucy might do something now! After all, after ONLY a year, you can't expect the girl the game is about to have had sex, right?


is the MC still being cucked by the cupid?



…? what? Cupid hasn't fucked anyone in front of or recording of anyone Emotionally attached to the MC. If anything the MC has Cucked cupid.



This is /htg/, don't try to make any sense of a sentence with the word cuck on it.



>Hey, I'm gonna fuck this bitch.

>Oh, no, I actually arranged for this other guy to fuck her and come inside while I watch instead.

>No possible reaction other than being completely fine with it.

Gee, I can't see the slightest reason anyone might consider there to be a bit of cuckery involved.



Just ignore the word cuck on this board. The turbo virgins on this board will call a woman using a dildo cucking.



Dude, there's, like virgin incels, like on this board, dude, virgin incels, like ON this board, incels (virgins), dude, like really, incel virgins, on the board, the non-incel, non-virgin board is filled with, like, virgin incels, and they're like on this board, doing incel virgin stuff, on THIS board, ruining your Chad life on this board, with their incel behaviour on this board.


File: e1f59edc2d5dceb⋯.png (87.27 KB, 228x216, 19:18, e1f59edc2d5dceb52466fac6ce….png)


>get butthurt about being called a turbo-virgin incel by some anon on internet

>try to sound funny and ironic

we should have a law that prohibit birth of peoples like you



Dude, first girl you're going to fuck, the cupid literally fucks her in front of you and cums inside. What game are you playing?


File: 86491a640c5bfd4⋯.jpg (71.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, wm.jpg)


>You're a vingin incel, r-right?




You're hurting my feelings.



Just kidding, and yeah, this incel meme is pretty retarded.


Game's been out over a year now, still not one h-scene with the protagonist. Patreon feed is littered with people canceling their subs over it, but the developers just keep introducing new characters and mechanics and ignoring the one thing that actually brought people onto the project.

The game hasn't really progressed much from my review nearly a year ago: >>34717


>Corruption game

>There's cuckshit



Anyone got the new link?


File: dc8b223171aee7a⋯.png (294.23 KB, 515x572, 515:572, WitchHunterTrainer329riwjf.png)

PC https://mega.nz/#!dbAkCSKT!0RAq4xWUHqeNu3afBqs5ex9JujCeMWfeXHgCmZJ4yYM

MAC https://mega.nz/#!pXZC2I6a!cjJH7MHI1iteRLqwIHCuBEFloB12NdwKv8z6P93VO4U

"We are happy to inform you, that the new update of our game is completed.

As we’ve already told you – it’s not the update in a literal sense, it kind of reload. We hope, that in this version we finally managed to do the thing, that should have been done from the very beginning. We have formed a kind of skeleton of the game, which would build up muscles with each subsequent update.

That’s why we strongly recommend you to restart the game! And yes – you can still skip dull moments be pressing the Ctrl button.

Now, about game play changes.

- First of all new time-management model was added. Now there is certain quantity of hours that can be spent on work and leisure.

- Some changes of aesthetic kind were made in game interface, more significant changes have affected the characteristics of the characters.

- Map was extended and it is not the limit of game geography still. Some locations on it are active now, others will be available in further updates.

- Also we changed the process of making money. Now there are three ways to do that – you may wander through the city, looking for casual earnings, you may look for job through ads in the newspaper, and you may work on Augusto at nighttime. But be careful - each kind of job has its advantages and disadvantages.

- Once three days you will get the newspaper full of city gossip, sensational photos, ads rubbish, and sometimes job advertisement.

- For example, in the newspaper you can find information about the opening of the bordello in the city. Please, welcome! The assortment is still very modest, but it will expand from update to update.

- Process of training Jack for self-hunting had become more complicated. Besides getting hunt – equipment, shooting training and night walk, you have to work with Jack’s physical shape – get special sweat suit for her, and train her on a special sports ground, which requires reconstruction as well.

- You will finally see, that Jack is a true gentleman with brilliant manners – breakfast in bed included.

- Two new events had been added. The event with mysterious glove, that can be found near the abandoned mansion, and the event with “a true blue, dyed in the wool, genuine Fairy”, which you may randomly meet down in the bar." https://www.patreon.com/posts/hi-23556977


After the last update the game became much better. I recommend it and will keep an eye on it.



Any h-scenes with Jack yet?



A slightly more fleshed-out sleep molestation event.


>As we’ve already told you – it’s not the update in a literal sense, it kind of reload.

So not disappointing exactly for the lack of new content in my opinion.



Stop being an apologist, specially for a shit game, faggot.




A porn game which focuses on shitty retarded "gameplay mechanics" which are rewritten every fucking time as if anyone asked for this. And all of this "gameplay" exist soloely to make game look bigger than it is, so you have to fucking grind(aka waste time) to see 2 porn scenes.


File: a504482896cc9ab⋯.jpg (67.19 KB, 700x600, 7:6, children and safety eith ….jpg)

I'm really surprised with this game in a good way. Even though it has almost no H-content and the art is sometimes (just sometimes because in general is good) not the best in the world, the story is very enjoyable, the writing is funny (it even made me laugh in some events, what's is very rare). And the gameplay is also good. Overall it's a good game and worth a shot. I understand the complains with the update rate and lack of content, but I personaly don't mind because I have real 3D pussy at my disposal and Im not a patron, but take it easy boys you should try to understand the devs…


Fcuk, this game is so autistic.


File: 9820ada1752e8b3⋯.png (468.01 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ass2.png)




you guys are either retarded or closeted cucks, or both.

>Cupid hasn't fucked anyone in front of or recording of anyone Emotionally attached to the MC

>He fucked the girl i'm about to fuck in front of me, without my permission and came inside her. Jokes on him i'm not emotionally attached to her




is this supposed to be a funny scene? They both look annoyed



Gotta love those plump lips and i totally dig into the gender swap idea.

You could make so much great scenes with what he has as a basis for the game, too bad he's a retard and the game is going nowhere in the moment.


File: 126229dde2c6198⋯.jpg (22.21 KB, 640x480, 4:3, I'll slap you hwat.jpg)


>saddam getting jerked off by triss who is getting fucked by the king kike of /v/ mark

What the fuck is this game


File: 82f161accd3c9cd⋯.png (328.56 KB, 1240x298, 620:149, Witch Hunter Trainer 0.36.png)


Mac: https://mega.nz/#!FHgBnIZY!1kIHNtn2yhenK4KQqcUXLVFeU0GDT3qqbf91mhEiwKI

Win: https://mega.nz/#!5Op3wCKa!GVoWG44aSE46SS_-MExvIHTxE87PVt-RaF_w8N74HvE

Unofficial Android port


Feb 25 at 10:13pm


Hi, guys!

We hate to say it, but we screwed up again…

They say, if you want to make God laugh, tell Him about your plans. It works perfectly well to our job for recent four months. As soon as we made a road map no matter for a month, for a week, or even for tomorrow something goes really wrong.

Do you remember the dungeon quest, we told you about. Oh well, we wanted to make full clickable, but at the end we get it full bugable. We tried to deal with it till now, but finally we have to admit, that we can’t give it to you in a such raw condition. We’ll try to fix it a little more again If we don't succeed we would have to return to our usual manner.

So here is a link for the new chapter. It includes everything we told before (New exercise for Jack on the training ground /New source of income for Sam/Time and place for Jack to put summer suit on/ Jack will open her secret/You will know more about Jack’s first sexual experience/Fresh newspapers) except main dungeon quest – it will follow as soon as possible. Hope, you’ll enjoy it!

mr. Beef. Lovers of hardcore … stories, I strongly recommend waiting for the release of an underground adventure to get the most out of the current update.



links ar already dead


File: 74f4066545094c3⋯.jpg (34.96 KB, 499x364, 499:364, 1363751009722.jpg)



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