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File: 3282cf4ff15a30c⋯.jpg (719.04 KB, 615x1000, 123:200, soc.jpg)


Hi Guys. I was wondering if anyone of you tried the game " Seed of Chaos "? You can find it here : https://www.patreon.com/LordArioch. It's been ages the Patreon didn't make any public releases on his blog : http://seeds-of-chaos.com/. If possible, could someone upload the latest version please? The drawings are just awesome.



From the dev page on Patreon:

>>If enough money is raised, […] I'd like to work on expanding the world by adding […] a trainer mode (similar to Slavemaker / Princess Trainer).

Drawings are indeed good, but this is not a trainer game yet, if ever. Chances are better if you try to find some anon on /hgg/ to help you out. It is still a demo though, so you don't miss a thing…


Damn this looks like a good fucking game. Doubt it will go anywhere with only 1k coming in a month from Patreon. Sadly :/


File: 11a2b9b6b4a5cf9⋯.webm (450.66 KB, 720x404, 180:101, ich bin ein jude.webm)


Guess you're all right. Too little content to go anywhere. Thanks anyway for your comments guys.


There are plenty of games were the developer did it with less or nothing.

Since when are so many Patreon shills here?



Why don't you criticize the other threads? Isn't those some sorts of shills too, Mister I Know Everything ? You talk as if 8ch.net belongs to you. Since when.. bla bla. Chill out dude. I was just seaching for comments/help.

Besides, You're no white knight.



woah, I read this like three times and it didn't make any sense to me.



Nobody is frying this game, and there is no Mr. IKE, who is in control of anything here. Expressing thoughts on this thread is what I call exercising freedom of speech…

I am not against this game, but I already mentioned it does not seem to fit here, check >>3394 for my comment. Another anon mentioned Patreon devs with no real content, and why they get publicity over here. That is to accept. Anon did not rage, just made a statement.

A little analysis on that game-to-be:

An avalanche of stuff they want to include i.e.:

Different realms (maybe), pairings, kinks… If half of what they mention makes it in the game, it would be alright.

They say some stuff would be extra, players can choose not to see certain things - need a working demo first to prove me this.

I am not into futanari/furry, if I can deactivate such content I'm fine. Most of the art I have seen is concept art, no actual ingame screens. Ppl might be interested to find out how it looks like first. This also needs to be posted on the actual homepage, not on Patreon only, for ppl to pay…

Demo on homepage:

They say v0.0.16 is now over on the play page (post is from July, 3 months old…). Current version to download is v0.1.01 with MEGA link, actual Patreon version is v0.1.03 I think. It is the Prologue as they call it. This would be alright, as long as there is some playtime included. Still they don't do promote it as they should. Would be better to post more content on their homepage, too…

Two questions I have here: what is the actual version now the non-patrons can test?

And - they are still at the beginning of development, it is more a proof-of-concept - why don't they offer the actual development version *for all*, until they have got sthing they can call a demo?

Pls check 4 Elements trainer to find out what a demo should be like, check Summertime Saga for how to build up a community/fanbase.

They are making one grand per month with about 200 patrons, which is not that bad considering they have no other games to show off, no real demo (again: just a "concept", not more) and no feedback threads. At least i saw no recent activity on their homepage (sth. like "ask us anything" e.g.), and on their Patreon page there are hardly any comments to find.

I will keep an eye on this game, because I like the art, maybe within half a year it becomes sth. noteworthy. Even then it mostly belongs to /hgg/ - you may find ppl interested in VN/RPG like games over there more easily.



Dude. I'm getting your point and I understand where you're getting at. Trust me. However, as I said, I've got nothing involved with this dev. To be honest, I'm following his work because he's french and I disregarded the posts on his blog.

Here: >>3412 : I said, you're probably right and I even thanked you for your comments. No more, no Less. Freedom of speech ? Don't worry, I respect it. But here: >>3417 : I felt the dude was trying to make me look almost like a spammer for advertising the game. Well, nevermind about it. Even if no one trust me, I've got nothing to do with the dev of this game. I'm just someone who found the drawings amazing and wanted to see more. When you made me understand that this project won't be going anywhere before a long time, I just gave up. Well, if you can help me, I'll gladly delete this thread. There are many many other promising projects atm. :) Peace.


File: 936bd5735c0fce6⋯.jpg (70.09 KB, 416x342, 208:171, Spam-1.jpg)


We all are spamming, that's the essence of such a board. Nobody is angry with you and nobody cares (else mods would be around banning att).

>>this project won't be going anywhere

Give the team (not one but 4-5 working on the game) maybe half a year I said. If they deliver a usable demo, fine. You are encouraged to post anew in /hgg/ which many of us follow, if you see this game fit for promoting. Btw you can also post ingame screens.

You don't need to be associated with creators (I did not think this), but if you're OP you present it to the crowd. Expect messengers get shot, get used to it. Hand dude.



Holy mother of god, I've never seen this before but god damn that dude is cold.

Ice fucking cold.

Like, Hitler's fist is so far up that dudes ass his Initials are engraved on tomorrows shit.


There's a 2.02 out to patreons


Some rl would be fine I guess.

>Release notes:

- New map exploration system added.

- Castle management overhauled to improve strategy elements.

- Scenes added to introduce player to castle, explain their role in game.

- Two new sex scenes.

- Three new world events.

- Slave training moved to bonus menu to be developed later as subgame. [Mehh]

Known Issues:

- Missing art (BGs, CGs, tiles), added as funding allows in later releases.

- Exploration GUI currently very basic, spruced up in later release.


Does anyone know what variables are gold and things like that so we can change with the console?



That is what I have found the other day…

For castle:

castle.coffers = x - set COFFERS amount

castle.training_coffers = x - set TRAINING COFFERS amount

castle.supplies = x - set SUPPLIES amount (1 soldier consumes 1 supply a week, 1 peasant 0.0001 supplies)

castle.peasants = x - set PEASANTS amount

castle.soldiers = x - set SOLDIERS amount

castle.morale = x - set MORALE amount (caps at 100)

castle.unrest = x - set UNREST amount (doesn't seem to have cap, beware - can go negative, unsure if this has benefits)

castle.rp = x - set RESOURCE POINT amount

castle.dp = x - set DEFENCE POINT amount (not sure how this affects buildings. Each soldier worth 2 DP)

For Alexia

alexi.[attribute] = x - set any of alexia's attributes, from energy to nymphomania.

Hope that helps. For gold you could use something like [player].gold or use a name, and see if you get some. Report back if you found out.



Thanks will do.


I'm pissed that he's giving more attention to the NTR content

Fuck this shit.



They've got their fans for that, they get paid for it - what would you do? And I think you can avoid it, I've read something along the lines at least…



Yes you can but you will lose more than half of the content.



Then it's pretty much bullshit, hope they bring extra content to make up for this. I should really give it a try - and testing newest version… hm.



Alright here's what I actually found once I extracted the archives

castle.treasury = x is gold

.villages_income = x is gold given by villages

.tech = x overflow research points at start of new week, hidden

._iron = x


avatar.gold = x is the gold of your current avatar

And a few more.

I can probably just upload the unarchived archive.rpa to mega if anyone wants to look at it.



ty anon, that's a help. Good job..


Does anyone have the Version 0.2.06



Bump on this?


>tfw shamelessly begging like a whore.


0.2.07 out



The question is does somone have it for us T_T


Please someone gift us upon this game.

It's pretty good.





I found a 0.2.06 around the web.


Beats nothing it has some new cg and a few more scenes and events.



>he said the games takes inspiration of darksouls,witcher,BETSERK,etc

>a demon fucks your wife

Like a poetry


Does anyoe have the 0.2.07 yet?




Glory onto you friend.



I only wish they didn't force m/m scene that was some bullshit. good thing i avoided it this time.




Do you live in russia by chance?

Also, they're optional you fag.



>Do you live in russia by chance?



File: 3fab52253e5e1b6⋯.png (539.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Seeds of Chaos .png)



>missing the best part



>the only scene where the demon is actually remotely nice to you.

Oh well.


File: 92717d6b42a3530⋯.jpg (6.32 KB, 184x184, 1:1, parking.jpg)





ty anon.

Changelog for 0.2.11? Any news on version 0.2.12?


>Watch your wife cuck you and fall in love with someone else the game



Wow. Thought that shit is option, if one doesn't like…



it is option.



might as well not play the game since it's the only content this game has



Any more of that plot in the update?


File: 456613af5e8e3cf⋯.png (224.17 KB, 393x377, 393:377, 1491301944677.png)

>turn off NTR

>welp I guess you are LITERIALLY GAY heres homo blowjobs right up your ass with no warning

why the fuck isn't there switch for all the homoshit? doesn't help that even if ntr is off the mc is either a bitchboi or gets beat the fuck down for standing up for himself even just a little

this is one of those things where you need to forget about it for 2 years and maybe there will finally be enough content for you to enjoy or hopefully it will have died.



theres been a link at f95 for over a week, they got the mac version too



if you are still around could you upload that? that sounds really helpful.



>fucking dwarf wants to measure your body for statue


>ends up giving you a fucking blowjob while rubbing his facial hair all over you instead of giving the option to jerk off or get a slave to do it.



I could but it's easier to post the rpa extractor I use.


Instructions are on the readme.


0.2.13 is out

Version 0.2.13 Changelog:

Release Notes

– Turn count upped to 22

– The second goal (capture Raeve Keep by week 22) can now be completed (or failed)

– First society decision added – influence the twins and shape life at Castle Bloodmeen

– Almost 20 new events, bringing the total ingame count to over 100

– Six new sex scenes

– Courtyard and keep exterior backgrounds have been added to Raeve Keep (interior to follow)

– Knight sprite has been added to Raeve Keep scenes

– Two out of three (plus variants) cgs have been added to the X’zaratl x Rowan x Alexia scene

– Numerous typo / wrong tense / conflicting text mistakes have been fixed

– A number of castle room features have been added to in game menus, with the rest to follow

– Orc morale cost has been greatly reduced

Don't have link and my upload speeds are shit anyway. I'm sure a generous anon will grab it from another site and reupload to mega.




>Dude new sex scenes

>but they are actually just a few lines of barely descriptive text for nonexistant CGs

This bullshit has to fucking stop. almost 2000 buckaroonies a month and they still can't get more than one sex scene with CGI every two updates? This really flusters my fanny.


Link has been removed. Can anyone please reupload?


Full save?



The guy is at the whims of the artists and that's where the bulk of the money goes. What do you expect?


completed save yet?




0.2.21 when?



I'm honestly guessing that the latest version will be leaked tommorow at the earliest, even f95 hasn't heard a peep yet, which makes me think the leaker is waiting till november to pay so they can save an extra 5 bucks.


File: c5fc5cfa8735817⋯.png (371.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, AlxGar 1.png)



More Alexia ntr, who would have thought.



I dropped this shit for the ntr, lack of images and lack of direction. Glad to know that was the correct choice.



Not to mention gay shit, have you seen the cgs? Futa on male on female. In that order.



I remember there was a choice of 1. get gay fucked by the demon dude or 2. let your wife get fucked by him and either view that scene or not.

Oh you some great choices there. How about you shove your shitty game up your ass and I'll play something else.



also that's the least gay of the gay scenes.


File: 13bdd6f618625d6⋯.png (343.81 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, AlxGar 3.png)


You choose the order in the scene I think. I don't know, I couldn't take it past the village bribe scene so I just download the new version to rip cgs.


File: c6d04df2f63a75f⋯.jpg (106.68 KB, 531x783, 59:87, c6d04df2f63a75f8232df59000….jpg)

The name is a dead give away of these games being shit. Anything that sounds remotely edgy, that involved corruption and demons, is probably going to be filled with dumb shit that only dumb people would enjoy.

That being said, I really like the art style, and 90% of games like this have good art. Why the fuck artists agree to work in the worst games? Why are they even profitable?


I don't like the new art style. :(





>t. butthurt cuck


File: 7418d91df56fe9d⋯.png (382.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, GreyhidexAlexia 4.png)



I don't think it ever changed. It's still momdadno.



So the MC's only friend cucks him too. Fuck.


What a shit game full of cuckery and NTR It should just die.



My only hope is you can get with the blue chick.


>why is this overtly cuck game full of cuckoldry


IRL cucks are so ridiculously easy to spot. Simply see if they get triggered by NTR or not.


File: c4271e5020e9256⋯.jpg (18.18 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 676657f46938ff958f97f2b403….jpg)


File: 2a1fc656a74a490⋯.jpg (71.25 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 67b.jpg)


you say that sarcastic but yes, why does this game exist and why does it have an audience that approves?


File: 2fc7d07725d4dfc⋯.jpg (40.51 KB, 495x235, 99:47, 2fc7d07725d4dfc23332df2dc1….jpg)



What with the influx of cucks lately?


File: d250f3cf30719e6⋯.png (346.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, XxRxA 9.png)


>why does this game exist

Because the guy making it makes 4k a month on patreon, probably pays about 500 to both artists and feeds the public with promises.

When I oiginally heard of this game it was pushed as a game where you play as an evil coqueror in a dark world. From the official website, "You are the bad guy - Unlike most games with alignment systems that allow you to be good, evil, or morally neutral, in Seeds of Chaos you play the villain. Ethical decisions will focus on just how corrupt you character is becoming, and the consequences of that change. " So, I expected edgy Rance. I didn't get it, since the gameplay was and still is pretty boring.

As the game progressed you kept getting scenes, but they were all text only, and I don't fucking care for that.

Then with each update there were new Alexia scenes. CGs focused heavily on Alexia. There are Alexia jobs coming in (he just annunced that he is adding a Breeding Pits job). Rowan, the titular character, gets fucking nothing.

I unpacked the archives from the .22 version and counted the cgs (without pointless cum variants)

Rowan-Alexia - 6 (9 if you count threesome with a futa and a scenew where Alexia whips him)

Rowan (no Alexia) Straight - 9 (4 active (Village girls, Helayna, Goblins), 5 passive (Jezera, Xo))

Rowan (no Alexia) Gay - 7 (2 active (Cla, Draith), 5 passive with Andras)

Alexia (no Rowan) - 13 (8 with Andras, 3 with Garth, 1 with Greyhide, 1 with Jezera). She also has 3 job cgs.

That's pretty much it. Most of the game content is Rowan's wife getting fucked by literally everyone and Rowan getting fucked against his will by men and women. Most of the incoming content is on Alexia.

And, as all unfinished game patreons go, the guy just started a spin-off project, so good luck with the updates. Just go play fucking Rance.

I like the art though, momdadno does a good job. A shame Rowan is in the game at all, it should have been all Alexia from the start if that's what the guy is interested in. She should have been the hero and that's it



>why does this game for cucks exists and why does its cuck audience approve

>why doesn't every game cater to my fetishes



I have yet to understand the appeal of NTR and why the hell the dev is such a cuck where the MC is a total loser "Big Brother" style that accepts being fucked in the ass by other men and "women" while having a slut wife that sleeps around with everyone and the MC is okay with that.

So the option to turn off cuckery makes it happen off-screen or not happen?


File: 0e94553592ad429⋯.png (657.51 KB, 598x547, 598:547, 0e94553592ad429702ce2d1e2b….png)


>Anon think cucks should be treated as humans


File: e5d496e3a7ad1d9⋯.png (374.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, AlxRo&Xz 2.png)


The official website says that turning it off means it doesn't happen, but you are turning off a good half of the content.



This is my problem with the stupid "turn off cuckery" buttons. You shouldn't make cuck scenes in the first fucking place.


File: 39323f2f19ce2a2⋯.gif (3 MB, 498x451, 498:451, wrongu.gif)


They do still happen, they just aren't shown. That's a blatant lie.


File: 283c4f9fcb90c92⋯.png (16.55 KB, 1149x158, 1149:158, Screenshot - 10_11.png)



thinking about it now that is technically correct since you can choose to do a gay scene instead of a skippable ntr scene. yaaaaayyyy


We, as players, are cucked too and we cannot avoid it. Because Rowan is not the MC anymore. Not only the sexual content is either about Alexia or is gay: Alexia has also magical powers, as Cliohna finds out, so we must expect to see more non-sexual content about her too.

This is the ultimate NTR game: you only win if you do not play it.


The NTR in this game is weird, it's not the usual "kyaa monster-san's dick is so much better than my boyfriends's" where the boyfriend is denied sex and reduced to fapping in the corner, but rather with no progression, escalation or character development Alexia is turned into a turboslut and Rowan likes taking it up the ass. It's just so dumb you can't even get mad about it when the emotional manipulation aspect is missing. They just took a fantasy setting and projected their fetishes on it without any consideration.



I can do that.



Just like Trials in Tainted Space which was taken over by furries.



>taken over by furries

when was Fenoxo's games not at least 80% furry?



> you only win if you do not play it.

I WIN, peace out bitches.



fenoxo was always a furry shit, just look at CoC.


Is there an option for Rowan to fuck with GreyHide?

If not, is it known if devs are planning to add this to the game?

3rd question. What is the best way to do research?




No originally T.I.T.S was created because of the influx of furry in CoCs. Cocs was originally not furry but dealt with monsters and fairy creatures. then the furries infiltrated and they had the most money so that's the way it went.

T.I.T.S was created because too much furry shit, then the they turned it into furry shit rather than aliens.

the creators are also assholes, i once posted a replica of tits, i hand coded myself and draw the earth myself and the fuckers yelled at me for stealing from them rather than just praise.

Literally thought i was going to steal their patron money for some shit i coded for fun.


File: 1d2bbec4aa4e863⋯.png (382.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, XxRxA 5.png)


Rowan has the same scene with Greyhide as Alexia.

You have to tell him to consider men, and I think not introduce him to Alexia. Then there will be a scene where Rowan gets drunk and they fuck.

Weirdly enough, Alexia only jacks off Greyhide, but Rowan can suck dick and take it in the ass. No drawings though, my homosexual friend. This is Seeds of Alexia.

Best way to do research is to unlock developer options and just skip the fucking research altogether.


File: 46356df279f9e21⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, tumblr_p0y11xKpWo1s8zvmyo1….png)



Well, there are cgs now.


File: ab254eef38b773a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.53 KB, 900x506, 450:253, FemininePenis.jpg)


>Seeds of Alexia


File: 43ffc6a4dcb938f⋯.png (84.23 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, lul.png)

>"the" NTR game descended into gay shit

>imagine my shock

>pozzing that neg hole when


Spoiler that kind of shit, faggot.


File: 48d2fdfebe715f6⋯.jpg (27.89 KB, 375x375, 1:1, DMRsAS1UEAUV84t.jpg)

great a gay cuck game where you get fucked by your wife and her lovers.

every reddit users dream


File: 2c75027fc4af6ca⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, tumblr_p0wxn1ynTu1s8zvmyo2….png)


>fucked by your wife

in more ways than one





File: 4b817b0b0a2bef3⋯.jpg (59.58 KB, 500x320, 25:16, 4b8.jpg)



>Sucking futa wife cock.

Man I've seen some sick shit in my time, but that's gotta be the worst thing in the game.



How do you enable console? I dont see an options.rpy


>half of the game is gay

>half of the game is NTR

>creator claims you play as "the evil dude" when you're basically a weak, pathetic servant

>creator says he gets his inspiration from Baldur's Gate and other famous RPGs with choices

That crap game isn't only a pile of horseshit, but it's also built on lies.

Check the patreon, it's laughable as fuck. The creator doesn't even mention the NTR or gay-as-fuck content.



Open renpy\common\00console.rpy, find "config.console" (~ 100th line), change False to True () and save. To open the console, press Shift+O (like Oscar)





File: 60d2227070cc0f1⋯.png (71.47 KB, 455x779, 455:779, Screenshot - 16_12 002.png)


Just unpack the files with unrpyc and Rpa extractor and see the images.

Dev build is easy to turn on that way.


avatar.gold = 9999

avatar.exp = 9999


>check the patreon

>the latest update is ANOTHER scene of Alexia and Andras

She has more scenes with that guy than with Rowan, why is Rowan even in the game?



>why is Rowan even in the game?

Exactly! That's the good question. If "you play as the evil guy", like the creator says, then you should play as the demon, not as Rowan the Dickless


File: b1484e39ec7143a⋯.png (37.74 KB, 688x257, 688:257, Screenshot - 16_12 002.png)


You should play as alexia. She has most of the content anyways. I would even say that it would be better, unless the creator is making bank on the gays.



>Wanting to play as a woman


>The guy is banking the gays

Doesn't make much sense, why would faggots want to play a game where you also fuck women?



Because the gays would do anything for a game where the protagonist takes an anthropomorphic bull's giant cock up the ass?


File: 7a18fc31bd8f5ba⋯.png (235.09 KB, 511x537, 511:537, joker.PNG)


This is why I hate faggots. They lack standards whatsoever. That's why they are filled to the brim with STD.


Not sure what objective I need to achieve. I keep failing but no quest is appearing.



First objective is to reach a portal. It's in the centre of the map.

Second objective is to take a town. It's somewhere in the left lower corner.

Next objectives I didn't care about because at that point dev build allows you to force run every scene in the game.



How do you force scenes?



It's because of those cuck scenes this game makes the amount of money it does. You might not like it, but cuck and incest are money makers.



save scumming.

People bitch about it, but in a game with limited weeks it's needed to see all scenes. They should find a way to disable save scumming by the end product though.


File: bab8c2c16645e6b⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1590x895, 318:179, Screenshot - 17_12.png)


With unlocked dev build, click on "show debug" (only in rowan's chambers). It will bring up a menu. There, click on events and then just try everything. Most of these are boring talk, some are placeholders.


File: 19a4ef626f06e3a⋯.png (435.18 KB, 1599x896, 1599:896, Screenshot - 17_12 003.png)


When you are in the list, just choose the event you want. There will be prerequisites. You don't need the prerequisites, you can just force run it. If you get a renpy error, choose ignore.

A warning though: when you see these events, game marks them as "happened". You can get Helayna stuck in your room and overall break the game (assuming you care about that shit).

The debug mode also allows you to add turns in roaming, add money, prisoners, skip research, add experience, etc.



>no option to make her die horribly


File: 7a90d2eab114255⋯.png (2.16 MB, 1596x893, 84:47, Screenshot - 17_12 004.png)


I think she dies in some bad ends, which is a fitting punishment for such whorish behavior.



>not wanting your wife to fuck the family pet.



Just wait till Red boy gets involved

>You riding her cock while she rides his

>Her and him talking about how much she enjoys his cock over yours and how you seem to like all except yours anymore.

>Talk about changing your positions in the relationship

500 shekels this shit has a feminization bad end with you being their "daughter"



This game is cancer and should just die like Big Brother



The very next scene after the futa blowjob is a two futa spitroast with Rowan in the middle.

I doubt Andras will get involved, and even more I doubt any "ending" being ever implemented into the game. The development isn't really going forward, there are just more and more characters being added with each update.







Going through the rpa and i don't see any futa Alexia at all



pretty sure thats upcoming content not yet implemented




This is doomed to fail.

- Too many people working on it.

- To ambitious, he has loads of things he wants to do and implementing them (or trying to) all at once.

- Trying to hit every possible fetish, which limits scenes when some of those fetishes are lockable, skip-able.

- To many side projects.

Dude needs to drop some of the people working on it, needs to stop doing side shit and adding extra stuff (like the wife trainer) to the game, and just fucking stick to one or two fetishes.


File: 40b7fc332242d10⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1594x888, 797:444, Screenshot - 18_12 002.png)



The scene is in the game, it doesn't have cgs yet. The cgs will be in the next update, momdadno posted one on his tumblr and it was posted in this thread.

Event is called alexia_become_like_xzaratl


Nothing will help it. It seems like he is trying to make Kuroinu (with all that talk about conquering each of six realms separately), but this is such a gigantic amount of work that it will crash and burn.

I also believe that momdadno takes at least a half of the game's budget, considering his rates.



From all the characters I've seen introduced only Greyhide was interesting enough for me to want his route beisedes Alexia's whorish behaviour is annoying so I want gay route with Greyhide where in the end they can say Alexia to fuck off



I asumed Helayna was the Alexia replacement, considering that she takes up her spot in Rowan's chambers. She is also a whore though, but she has an excuse.


Anyone have a non in game gallery of all sex scenes in the game?


File: 5d75674bf1bad32⋯.png (328.29 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, AlxGar 5.png)


One on sadpanda has almost everything, the rest is already in this thread. I could unpack and upload it for you if you want.


save complete please ?



I've never figured out how to use/access stuff on sadpanda… but yeah that'd be awesome if you could!


File: 740900a87f41d9c⋯.png (352.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Alexia Barmaid1.png)


File: 747a1eb060f0040⋯.jpg (31.07 KB, 470x470, 1:1, 1507038679902.jpg)


That fuckin artstyle has more angles than Disney's Atlantis!


File: a5060fb64d54feb⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 245x200, 49:40, giphy.gif)


>implying that atlantis didn't make my dick diamonds



<Ho Ho Ho.

Good time considering the time of year.

Why isn't there a trainer game set in Atlantis? Got her, the tomboy mechanic and Kida.



If we're throwing out ideas, the game would be about enslaving Atlanteans and selling either them or their services to the modern world in some kind of mash-up of Free Cities and Princess Trainer (or part of 4ET).

Since not everyone wants to play an old guy, you'd preferably be an officer under the command of Rourke to manage the enslavement of Atlantis. The rest of the crew (main cast of the movie) would be for functions like engineering (Audrey), "acquisitions" (Helga), etc. Going through their quests and/or fucking them would improve their services and make upgrades available. Kida's role is to be a figurehead to show how you're in control of the Atlantean monarchy to their people a la Princess Trainer.



glad to know i'm not the only one who poped a boner or two watching this movie as a kid.


Where is the developer version?



>unpack options.rpyc

>open options.rpa with notepad

>change config.devloper from false to true.


0.2.23 is out.



link or changelog?


File: c80eaea6d8afb60⋯.jpg (531.23 KB, 1000x1387, 1000:1387, 002.jpg)


Not yet.


File: 808c68fc89bdc21⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 62009_soco8rX07IUw8u60dlMM….png)


Release Notes

- New ruler events

- New map events (swamp)

- Six new sex scenes

- New job for Alexia - Breeding pits

- Continuation of the Helayna storyline (to trigger it, refuse to help Helayna escape. Storyline revolving around helping her will be added in a later release)

- Introduction of Rowan's first staff member, Liurial

- New sprites, BGs, and CGs



How do I unpack options.rpyc?


File: 16d2276a8af5830⋯.png (393.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, RoxHel 1.png)



Or do you need me to walk you through the process?

There is also unren, but I've never used it.


File: d8894ad4f8a4916⋯.png (120.28 KB, 721x879, 721:879, LordCuck.png)


>New job for Alexia - Breeding pits

Kek. And I thought that the game would have been uncucked, after some (((patreons))) have stopped supporting the game.

>Continuation of the Helayna storyline

Probably it's better to let her escape and save her from more corruption. I'm afraid to know what LordCuck has planned for her, if she stays in the castle.


File: 5bac2e2703a4c42⋯.png (352.33 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, AnxHel Dinner 2.png)


I don't think she gets fucked in the pits, yet.

This update is really light on Alexia content.

Helayna is a big wasted opportunity.


is there even a way to brute force the scenes to be all unlocked?


File: b262e8a587b1a9a⋯.png (364.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, GreyhidexAlexia 5.png)


You can run every scene you want in developer mode.





oof ty



How do i go into dev mode? All i wanted was some goblin pussy but i can't get her events to trigger and i have absolutely no clue what do i need to edit.


File: eb4ff4540394f58⋯.png (402.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, RoxOrcWoman 1.png)


>unpack options.rpyc with unrpyc (just drop the file into unrpyc folder, wride cmd on the folder adress, in the opening command window wrote unrpyc.py options.rpyc, the file options.rpa should appear)

>open options.rpa with notepad, change config.developer - False to config.developer = True

>drop the options.rpa back into the folder, delete options.rpyc

That's about it.

Just a warning though: your saves from an earlier version won't work with the new one for some reason. No idea why that is.



Enable the console, normally line ~100 in renpy/00common

Then open console (with shift+o in game) and type config.developer = True

You may want to type config.developer and press enter before assigning the value true, to verify you didn't make a typo. If a variable doesn't exist, it will create a new one when assigning a value.




Fuck, i had no idea it was that simple. Thank you kind gentlemen for this tip.


File: 36527396040e96b⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 67816_rowanXdrider.png)

Dumping the patreon locked previews.

Rowan x Drider.


File: 779556e985d1081⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.52 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 67818_andraXalexia.png)

Andras x Alexia fucking yet agan


File: 222e5ef7bf549bf⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 67817_Fanart.png)

Andras x Rowan and Alexia.

This one was commisioned by someone and won't be in the game AT LEAST FOR NOW

So I guess >>33442 was right.


File: 9d2d9cfd047d410⋯.gif (3.85 MB, 300x245, 60:49, 9d2d9cfd047d4104a4d0d185ee….gif)


>Y-you're the bad guy!

There's still a single person that still believes the biggest lie in these games since "You can fuck all the girls" in SS? Jesus fucking christ. I guess being a cuck makes you a bad guy.

At least the spider girl is cute.



First of all, those eyes look a little weird.

Second, I am looking forward to reading all the Andras and Alexia scenes in a few years when the game is finished and just pretending that Rowan doesn't exist. I really don't care about the cuck angle one way or another, I just love the prospect of Alexia slowly submitting to her clear lust for the demon. Huge bonus points if she becomes a demon herself or wtv. That is my only wish for this game.



>This is doomed to fail.

I hope it will fail. I have no words to describe how much I despise this "game", mostly because of how dishonest and lying the creator is.

This game is a fuckin cancer.



Don't get me wrong, I consider Atlantis as one of the best Disney movies, and I'm sad it's not more recognized.



Fuck this shitty cuck game, i hope this shit just dies



Anyone mind reuploading?


File: 8fcf6acb4fb07f6⋯.png (396.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, RowanxAlexia 3 1.png)


File: c374b314495a613⋯.png (383.37 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, RoxHel Keep 2.png)


This particular Alexia scene takes place after Rowan doesn't let anyone claim Helayna and takes her for himself. Alexia is mad and gets drunk as fuck, and there is a choice to open the door to Andras. After that Alexia disappears from your room, instead of her there is Helayna. There are currently five Rowan x Helayna scenes (only two of which have cg), the final one culminating in Rowan confessing his love to Helayna. I think the dev realised how much people hate Alexia and this is a replacement pure girl that is only thrown into the rape dungeons if you initially desire it.

The other path is even weirder. If you don't claim Helayna and let her get gangbanged by orcs/knights she will eventually appear at the castle as a slave. She will come to you begging her to help her escape. If you do nothing much happens. If you don't, she escapes anyway with the help of somebody else. You find out that Alexia helped her and can rat her out to Andras. If you do, Alexia disappears from the game completely. She's not in your room, you can't give her jobs, it's over.

So the dev probably knows that Alexia is a giant bitch, since he added a replacement for her and a way to remove her (but not both at once for some reason)

Problem is, Helayna isn't sexy at fucking all, and her sprite fucking sucks. To be honest most of these sprites do.


Is there actually any NTR here? I haven't yet found any scenes where the wife emasculates the MC.


File: 0ac3364e7cb4d7d⋯.png (464.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 97233.png)


People only hate Alexia because the dev is a cuck and decided to write the actual MAIN LOVE INTEREST of the MC as the biggest whore ever conceived to literally no other reason than cuckolding.

>The dev knows Alexia is a giant bitch

If course he does, faggot, HE WROTE HER CHARACTER, you think he made her that way by mistake or something? I refuse to believe someone is that dense, I refuse to believe someone wrote a character like this by mistake.

>Helayna isn't sexy at fucking all

The fact that Alexia is a huge disgusting bitch makes her a lot more sexy than Alexia by default. Then again, they are both disgusting whores and this game is worthless, it's shit, and anyone who likes it is either the biggest fag in his surroundings or a pathetic cuck and all of them are as pathetic.


Seriously? See >>35513 and >>35514 and >>33906 and>>33398 and >>33174 and >>30332 and >>30241 and >>30219 and pic related.

Basically, your wife is a whore that fucks everyone but you, in fact, she goes and FUCKS YOU, instead of the other way around. And that's not all, there's also the fact that MC is a huge faggot. See >>9139 and >>30353 and >>30395 and >>33164

Do yourself a favor and drop it right fucking now.



there is, quite a lot even, but all or nearly all of them only happen if you as a player decide that you want them to happen. There was one scene where andras was angry and demanded either you or your wife "calm him down", where i dont remember if there was a third option. there should be.

The MC definitely isnt a badass though.


All of those CGs are in the game, BUT they arent nessecarily canon of your playthrough. The fact that you actually went and spent your time cataloguing them is a bit disturbing. Like someone who brings dog shit from the sidewalk home, then sorts them by size, consistency and taste, so he can explain to the mailman and pizza delivery guy which turd he hates the most.


File: 9fd7a184591353e⋯.png (46 KB, 900x1151, 900:1151, fe45b91f80602299530398e045….png)


So, what you mean to say is that it's (((OPTIONAL)))? Fuck off, nobody will fall for your tricks

>There's quite a lot

>But it's no problem goy

>Just cover your eyes

Here is the thing, the fact that gay shit and cuck shit greatly overweight the amount of everything else in this game, makes this game a gay/cuck game, what is (((OPTIONAL))) is actually not being either gay or a cuck. So if you play this game, you're a cuck or gay or both, and if you play this game, you're the one bringing shit home, and you're the one that justifies such behavior.

You know what's the most enraging part, though? YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE THE BAD GUY. You can easily fix this by making Andras the main character instead of Cuck McCucking. The game would still be shit, but you'd actually be the bad guy.

>so he can explain to the mailman and pizza delivery guy which turd he hates the most

If you hate something you don't even know or understand, you're a moron.


File: 34649af64abf928⋯.jpg (54.77 KB, 625x626, 625:626, 4e5.jpg)



thats netori, not netorare.

Netori is when youre doing the cucking, and netorare is when youre being cucked.

Shame and strange there isnt enough games out there where you outright cuck other guys



>thats netori, not netorare.

Then you don't know what the fuck Netori is. Netori would be if you played as Andras, but since you done, this shit is straight cucking. You don't steal anyone's wife unless you count Helayna, and even then, comparing the things that happen between her and Rowan and the things that happen between Rowan and Alexia, calling RowanXHelayna netori must be a fucking joke. In fact, I'd say that AlexiaxAndras is more of Netorase than netorare, and that's somehow even more pathetic.

>where you outright cuck other guys

If you count VNs as games, there Ochiru Hitozuma. But since is done by (((Black Lilith))), it sadly has a lot of sharing and non-netori cucking, but seems t be the closest thing to it that it's translated now.



>I'd say that AlexiaxAndras is more of Netorase than netorare, and that's somehow even more pathetic.

That was my complaint. Netorare isn't good unless the man is shamed and humiliated by the experience. Rowan seems like he hardly cares how much Alexia sluts around.


File: bb82eafc1d695f7⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1288, 135:161, 078a7e089e899492dd811e5a87….png)


>Netorare isn't good


>Wanting netorare

Opinion discarded.



>You don't steal anyone's wife unless you count Helayna

Helayna is yours and only yours from the beginning (even if you don't know it). You cannot steal someone who belongs to you: so no, imo it isn't netori.

<inb4 Helayna best waifu and you're a cuck if you don't claim her!

OK, if you don't give a fuck of her AND you choose to ignore her, maybe you aren't ackchyually a cuck, but: 1. you have shit taste 2. you are an asshole



I guess she is the only redeemable thing of this game. Actually, the game has quite a few interesting mechanics and characters. Shame it's all wasted in Seeds of Alexia cucks you every time she can.


I mean I like the game but I ignore all the fucking story about the wife and husband because it's that fucking cancerous ntr shit. I mean it would be more impactful if right off the bat the game wasn't throwing it in your face so I just was like fuck it whatever it's some dumb bitch fucking some red dude and anyone else.



It's not just that, but the creator is trying to hit every possible fetish, and when they''re all optional, the base content is rather slim.

Add to that that there are 10 people working on this project, they keep adding other stuff (like the wife trainer crap) before continuing with the base game.

This game is doomed to fail.



I agree. I find game mechanics to be pretty good (I don't remember I've appreciated many adult Ren'py games more than SoC, maybe Loren The Amazon Princess). Too bad the game is such a cuckfest.


I thought you were all memeing about it being a cuckfest, so I still downloaded it. But no, 15 minutes in, before I get the opportunity to turn NTR off, already cuck stuff. 4 months after being captured, the wife despite knowing her husband is coming seems to have forgotten about him, and just throws herself at the demon guy not even a few months later after you have arrived. And the MC turns from strong principled hero to a wimpering mess in the first scene with the demon.

I didn't even get to the main game, I came to first demon scene and uninstalled. Shame, the art is top tier but I can't dissociate from the plot enough to just enjoy it for the art.



If you have to ignore the fact, doesn't change that you're playing a shit game. Stop playing shit games.


>It's not just that, but the creator is trying to hit every possible fetish

And this is why the audience is being reduced with every update, because at the end you're trying to appeal to so many people at the same time that you end appealing to just a few. The people that would actually want content for the base game would be put off when they read the fucking changelog, specially when after 4 updates they get nothing for their specific fetish that was added among 10 more. Devs should really stop doing this shit, it makes me fucking angry.


But remember, you're the bad guy!

>I came to first scene

I have bad news for you, buddy.




You took the right decision, really.


File: 848dc8bf9a83460⋯.png (35.59 KB, 544x500, 136:125, Whytho.png)

Fuck LordCuck and his gay agenda.


Helayna Blowbang cg.


File: 407f4e668855e53⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_p2r3357vjA1s8zvmyo1….png)


Where's my image?



So the new pure waifu is cucking you too? Fucking Kek



She always have, more or less. Pretty sure most of her scenes with others involve her having to rather than doing it by her own will. The reason she is considered pure is because she genuinely likes the MC, it seems, unlike your whore of a wife. See >>34243

Then again, it will be likely that even her will cuck the MC to the max, because you can't trust the jewish cuck.



yeah she looks really unhappy there



I'm not defending her, though. For me all characters in this game are trash, just like the game itself.


File: e24b9e2dc36081a⋯.png (406.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, OrcsxHel 1.png)


She's not.

During capture of Raeve Keep Jezera puts a ring on her that makes her constantly horny. From there you have three choices. One is to have her raped by orcs, another to have her raped by knights (which is happening in the image). Both of these will result in her getting fucked by Andras in the dinner room later on I believe, and lead to her asking you to help her escape. Third one is to take her in as your own to protect her, and in that line she isn't fucked by anyone but Rowan. She slowly adjusts to the effects of the ring, becomes way less crazy and it ends with romance. >>35623



>regular orc females instead of futa

Shocking, if we consider the creator's obsession for cocks.



>her getting fucked by Andras

You mean by the game creator's projection of himself, right?


Are there any cheats for ressources? Or is the only way to cheat the dev debug mode? If so, could someone be kind enough to explain to me in details how to activate it? I’m computer illiterate and too retarded to figure it out despite instructions ITT.



Wish the villain wasn’t so edgy, tbh.


File: def8ae91ec14bde⋯.png (85.62 KB, 395x600, 79:120, andras angry.png)


The worst part about it is that Andras and Jezera are shown as incompetent, Rowan being better at almost everything. Andras pushes away potential recruits with threats, has no strategic thinking, actually believes decimation to be a good way to raise morale and overall is an annoying shit. Jezera constantly thinks with her cunt, is ridiculously bad with diplomacy, has no idea how to run an army/government. So, one is a retard who only wants to fight and fuck and the other one only wants to fuck. They have zero reason to conquer the world (aside from MUH DADDY) and certainly have no idea how to do it.

Without Rowan they wouldn't have captured Raeve Keep, their quest would be over from the very beginning. That's why it's so unsatisfying that the trickiest hero of these lands has no option to somehow overthrow them and make the crusade his own.


File: 8c5dec831ea946c⋯.jpg (58.76 KB, 842x725, 842:725, 1469944.jpg)


>actually believes decimation to be a good way to raise morale

>Implying it doesn't work

The game would be better if your main objective is fight against Andras, not being his bitch. Alternatively, playing as Andras and leaving things as they are. But as seen in >>36070 the dev is a fag that loves pushing his gay agenda.



You summarized perfectly why I think this game is built on lies and false promises.

There's no likable character, the writing/narration is mediocre and everything is about cocks.

That makes the original statement - "Inspired by Obsidian/BioWare rpgs - even more insulting and false.


>The game would be better if your main objective is fight against Andras, not being his bitch.

Fuckin' this. If there's an update where the stupid pathetic MC is able to behead that red cunt, then I'll consider giving another try to the game and rush it to get rid of this annoyance.

I despise Rowan as a main character, he's a pathetic bitch (even Claire in Claire's Quest is more badass and dominant), but I hope at some point he will wake up, kill Andras - after humilating him by letting the whole orc army assfucks him - kick that pseudo-wife whore out and enslave Jezera.

For now, the "You play as the bad guy" promise is a fuckin' lie.


>"In the interest of fairness"

B-but…muh gayness? Nobody wanted it?

>"I guess elves are popular?"

You don't say, faggot. Elves have always been popular! Mostly as sex slaves, but still popular as fuck.Is he living in a cave or what?



>Inspired by Obsidian/BioWare rpgs

Actually, that's the only believable part if you consider the nuObsidian and nu BioWare, specially when it deals with faggots.

>Is he living in a cave or what?

He doesn't have a single idea of what the fuck he is doing, which is why the game is turning out to be as shit as it is. See >>34242 He is also a jew.



Honestly, the "Inspired by the Witcher" comment was much more insulting, in context and departure, to me than "Inspired by Obsidian/BioWare rpgs".



I didn't mention it because I didn't remember it. But you're right.


File: e98dc0cddd4659e⋯.png (561.75 KB, 1440x584, 180:73, pasted image 0.png)

>The side project I have been talking about for the last few months will be called Jessika’s Curse. In order to reduce the amount of time I need to spend working on it, I have recruited my friend Yron to be a co-creator on the project. Due to this, and my desire to have a large number of animations, full voice acting, and more, I have decided to start a new patreon for the game (similar to what Sierra and Nomo do over at Hreinn).

>What this means for SoC - In the long run, Jessica’s Curse will have no impact on SoC. By starting a new patreon, it will fund itself, meaning money from this patreon will not be spent on it. Also, by recruiting Yron, I will have to do far less work on the project overall, which should assuage worries about time keeping away from SoC.

>For those of you interested in Jessika’s Curse, I will be sharing the new patreon very soon, and for those of you who aren’t, you’ll be seeing less about here, so it is a win-win either way. :)

>The Eternal Feast Joins Venus Noire

>Since Yron and I will be working on Jessica’s Curse together, we have also decided to bring The Eternal Feast under the Venus Noire umbrella. This is primarily a business decision, as it makes more sense, from a long term point of view, to market a studio as opposed to single games. To that aim, we will soon be centralizing information and marketing for all three games to a single Venus Noire channel (tumblr, social media, etc.).

>What this means for SoC - Nothing. Yron will continue to spearhead development for The Eternal Feast, while I will continue to do so for SoC. I will be giving him a little bit of help on the project management / development side, but nothing that will take up a great deal of my time.

>So, overall, some big changes for Venus Noire, and very little for SoC. Hopefully, those of you interested in adult games will look forward to having more to play, and by doing this, I can eventually turn Venus Noire into a real business, and spend more time and money making them.

A side project that nobody wanted. I doubt it will be any better than this one.



He could barely keep up with one project, it should be interesting to see how he handles two.



SoC is cuck shit, tEF is a lesbian game. I wouldn't be surprised if Jessika's curse were turning straight men she fucks into cuntboys.


File: be139bdf35f601e⋯.jpg (48.8 KB, 1229x940, 1229:940, latest.jpg)


>Side project.

>Already giving up on the main project.

>Roping some jewish guy to help him out.

>Full animations!



AHAHAHAHA. He's actively milking TWO lots of goys now. And he's bring his game with the other guy's making that THREE patreons now you have to pledge two if you want to see everything.

This shit show of a project will suffer now that his attention is divided. But holy shit, I knew Jewcat was good at drawing blood money from people but three separate patreons… Now that's being a Jew.



Incoming Gayssika's Cuck


File: 3e325b030ed6cf2⋯.jpg (97.06 KB, 493x425, 29:25, 1413570001413.jpg)

>We're probably actually going to move on the trainer before the Seeds of Chaos is completed. However, I doubt there will be very much news about it until the latter part of this year. It's still in the design phase.

>The update schedule has nothing to do with the presence or absence of side projects. The reason why monthly releases aren't starting until Febuary is that it takes two months to make an update time wise because of the process of tasks. Writers need to take a month to write content then artists need to take a month to draw. Monthly release means is both can be working on different releases simultaneously as opposed to one at a time. As a result, the transition to a release every month cycle takes a full month because we need to accumulate enough material for update every month.

So, the project won't be even close to completion in a year. They are also working very slow due to writers taking a month (what the fuck, there isn't even that much text in the game, and most of it is worthless)


this is comedy


File: 7741998948235d3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 531.72 KB, 731x512, 731:512, AndrasXRowan.png)

>In the interests of fairness






File: 56a94e569f7b58d⋯.png (505.87 KB, 603x463, 603:463, 56a94e569f7b58d8f26a62cb3d….png)


I'm angry.


File: d5ec476fe99cbe3⋯.jpg (26.91 KB, 271x294, 271:294, d5e.jpg)

>Hello everyone,

>I'm going to keep this one relatively short as I've been doing my taxes all day, which is about as much fun as a frontal lobotomy, but I just wanted to update you all on the progress for the next release.

>The next release is on target, as planned, for week 3-4 of next month. DM has been working on some more Liurial content, as she seemed a popular addition, as well as the follow up to the Greyhide dinner scene (also popular), the alternate Helayna escape event (with Rowan's help), and adding the next job for Alexia - the forge. I believe he is also planning to do a bit more on the orciad as well, hopefully that will make it into the next release.

>Yron has started working on the fey storyline, and has been developing the two different factions you can side with. He's currently working on events for Queen Kassandra's, the Twilight Court, which will introduce you to two new characters - a large breasted, MILF-y nocturnal elf, and a twinky femboy fae (backers will be seeing the concept art for those two soon). For future releases he'll be working on the other faction, the Red Sun Alliance. which has a more beastman vibe to it, for those of you who are into that sort of thing.

>Art wise, Keidi wasn't completely happy with Liurial's face, so as you can see above, she did a bit more work on it. She's now working on the two characters mentioned above. MDN is working on the CGs as usual, and Erick will be starting the next background soon, this time for hill events.

>That's it for today, hope you are all looking forward to the first release of 2018. :)




File: cd65f5e3af3eba5⋯.gif (1.7 MB, 163x177, 163:177, 1503705672735.gif)


>still no option to kill the retarded red faggot

>still no option to enslave the slut succubus sister

>still no option to be the fuckin' main bad guy

>still no option to get rid of the cock craving pseudo-wife

>starts the message by "I've been doing my taxes all day, which is about as much fun as a frontal lobotomy,"




>still no option to get rid of the cock craving pseudo-wife

There is though. >>35623



I mean for good. Not just replacing her with another woman.


File: 229585b590ac0c3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, True_love.png)

St. Valentine release: sneak peek

True love will triumph in the end


File: 359d5c9c1537aa0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


>Love will trump hate



Another update that will have maybe one new non-cuck scene, and 6 or 7 cuck or dickgirl or fag scenes. The game has turned to absolute shit.




As if it wasn't always.



>this cuck game that has been a cuck game since day one is ruined now thx to the cucking

what? did you hit your head on something anon? it has always been shit.



It wasn't as bad in the beginning as it was just a side thing with the demons, now it's cucking you with everyone, or you getting gay with everyone. Little side content to appease the faggots has turned into all the content now.


File: 3680e56688230bd⋯.jpg (68.86 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 368.jpg)


>Guy licking dick

Pretty gay mah dude.



Only faggots care if something is gay.



i didnt play myself since a few patches ago, but the options were (iirc what the guy said):

1) just replace her with another woman (wife is still around somewhere)

2) let her help other woman escape, then expose her, effectively getting rid of both women

dont know what happens exactly after 2) in terms of sex scenes, i guess its for the gay lovers? should be what you meant, because you wanted to get rid of her without a replacement.



>red cunt is the game's creator

>alexia represents cuck patrons

>rowan represents faggot patrons



I want her to disappear (even if it means killing her) because I hate that character. Simple as that. I don't want to get rid of all female characters, I'm not gay. I'm just more interested in the succubitch or even the goblin girl.

But that redhead is a pain in the ass because the game tries to push her forward as "the wife", except I don't give a fuck about her.


File: 55a25bd2a033e3a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_p3gs3cinIv1s8zvmyo1….png)

>dat cameltoe

good shit

Also momdadno draws alright faces but he can't draw the same face for the life of him. Every character he draws again has another face.



That's one hot little green slut, I have to agree



Finally a better proportioned goblin.



>Not because the "wife" cucks you at every occasion

Fuck this cuck game




do you have to watch your wife get reamed to fuck the goblin?



You don't actually have to watch your wife get fucked by anyone. That being said the game is still shit since going the 'non-cuck' or 'non-faggot' 'non-futa' routes leaves very little scenes left. The dude who is doing this is trying to pander to every fetish. and leaving very little interesting shit if you're not into those fetishes.



sounds like he's trying to please everyone and pleasing no one




I'm not sure he even.


File: d1f7ad802728f4b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_p3ike6vsNA1s8zvmyo1….png)

I really like the pic, but it kinda looks like Rowan's spine is unnaturaly twisted.


File: 12329cd30e92bfa⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_p3ike6vsNA1s8zvmyo2….png)


cum version

why the fuck is there a 1 image per post limit on this board?



It is a shame that the art for the game is good. It's just too much extra gay shit that makes this game a pass for me.



that amount, that's it?


File: 19ee7018654b730⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, oi.png)






It is above average and it's pleasing to the eye when it isn't literal shit.



I like it, even though Alexia's face is always different.


File: 4335df8f71670b5⋯.png (77.32 KB, 1695x425, 339:85, Screenshot - 14_02 005.png)

>patrons have voted for art for NTR scenes literally faster then we've been writing them

There has to be a limit to such cuckery.



like i've said before, (((patrons))) are probably predominantly cointelpro jewish shills that donate $1 in sheckles to astroturf independent porn devs into making NTR and BLACKED psyop propaganda pr0n

<you probably think i'm kidding or retarded

you'll learn



and f95cuck is past this limit already.



To vote on these polls you need to donate ten bux.


File: 96b7dab64a209cd⋯.jpg (33.72 KB, 481x401, 481:401, 96b7dab64a209cd0b5543802ff….jpg)


There's no reaction pic that express what I feel right now.

Also, he must be fucking wrong because the last time there was a poll like it went the other way around. https://archive.is/cBSKP


Patreon is for cucks, I've always said that


If you are a cuck.



>I just counted all the votes, and tallied the doubles, and the winners of this month's CG poll are…

>Rowan x Alexia x X'zaratl

>Rowan x Dryad

>Rowan x Liurial

>Rowan x Alanthe

>These will go on the commission list for next month, along with another one chosen by us (probably from one of the new scenes).

>The plan is to get the next backer release out at the weekend. There's been a few writer issues, but I'll still make the deadline. If needs be, I'll release an extra version a few days later with a bit more content, it just depends how long it takes to finish coding.

>In terms of actual content, you can look forward to:

>The first Alexia dungeon scene

>Two new Liurial scenes (including one strong dom one written by winter)

>A Rowan x Alexia x Greyhide threesome scene

>The alternate Helayna escape event (with Rowan's help)

>Alexia's forge job

>Introductory events for the two new fey characters

>There's a few other bits as well, but that's the main of it. Hopefully something there for everyone to look forward to. :)

So, the next cgs will be all rowan, but this weekend's update will be all Alexia and femdom elves.



Wow, it's fucking nothing.


File: 8bd4ead84354ac7⋯.gif (600.79 KB, 500x281, 500:281, pyg7RMC.gif)


File: 384251e8b4cc932⋯.png (56.76 KB, 724x473, 724:473, Screenshot - 26_02.png)

And now we wait.







Dang nobody posted a link yet



File: 2c366967934ad8c⋯.png (396.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, RoxHel Window.png)


Thanks man.



Gee, non-cuck content in a cuck game.



Non-cuck content is (((optional)))


File: 6155ae3488091f0⋯.jpg (447.26 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, lul.jpg)



Thanks Dood


File: 10ca5c71c582e7c⋯.png (17.82 KB, 350x302, 175:151, Denko2.png)



Could anyone post the new art? God know I can't be bothered playing through the game again.


File: af1c1fa041aef7e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 436.56 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, DriderxOrc 3.png)


File: 8f3f506485295b4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 405.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, AnxRo Arena 2.png)


File: 0b26a4a920b6d81⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1519872362914.png)


Only a commission so far


File: 9ae78d27b2f3f79⋯.jpg (59.11 KB, 435x528, 145:176, 05693c04f2f5bdcd1098faceb3….jpg)



I hate this game and anyone who plays it.


castration is the only solution for cucks


On the 22th of October 2016, I created this thread to help a fellow french dev, Vénus Noire. Now, I'm completely speechless with all the cuckhold shit in this game. Too sick and too ambitious. If I knew at that time how it would turn out, I would never have helped the dev.



On the 22nd of October, 2016, you planted the seeds of gayos on /htg/


File: dae997e65d2be19⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.49 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, Trio.png)

More artwork


File: 3619184404b4c97⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 400.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, RoxToadette.png)


The demo totally deserved it, I remember I was very hyped after playing it. Nobody could imagine such degeneracy.



Remember when they said this would be the first of a multistaged project? It's been two years since then and no end in sight.



Like I said, I never thought the game would take such a fucked up direction. I regret helping him.



Yup. Nemesis Mode was a greatly awaited stage of the game, but nothing really moved forward since 2 years. You are right about this. This team has a twisted and fucked up mind.



Well, after Rosaria (the starting location) they will make Frozen Tundra and the other realm. There are six of them I believe, with different people controlling them. One of the rulers is an elf woman. So, I guess they were talking about that.

Also there will be two spin-offs, one about so girl and the other one is about slave training I bet the mc in that one will whore them out and not touch them himself

What I'm trying to say is that at the rate the game is going it will only be finished in ten fucking years, considering that Rosaria isn't finihed yet, it's been two years and there are five other realms.



Lol. Indeed. If we are lucky, we might see the end by 2028. Such a shame. I had great expectations for this game when I played the first versions and was a great fan of Alexia's renders.

Didn't hear anything about the spin-offs, but like you already said, I bet Rowan will be cucked. -.-"


File: f4bc1854b34c6b9⋯.png (352.27 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, JezxAl 1.png)

The biggest problem I currently have with the game is not it's random nature, lack of explanations or even the cuck shit. What bothers me is that nothing actually matters.

You see, I don't really care about the cuck shit. If you don't attach yourself to a character it's just a cute girl getting dicked until she gradually gives in to it and betrays her principles for dick. However, it's not the fucking case here at all. Nobody dicks Alexia but three people. Andras only has anal with her in the prologue and after that doesn't demand anything else. Alexia never really shows any signs of desire towards Andras, doesn't enjoy the sex and kinda fucking hates him. The second is Mr. Garforth, who she can fuck as part of her maid job. That scene was written by a backer, so I assume Alexia would remain unfucked by anyone else if not for that. Also, in Garforth's case she freely admits afterwards that he is bad at sex and Rowan is better. Nobody else is fucking her. In the Greyhide scene she gets naked and touches his dick. The rest of her scenes involve Rowan.

The game has a corruption system for her, but it changes literally nothing. She has about four dialogue lines and never suggests anything new. Her sprite doesn't change. The latest update adds that if she helps Helayna escape and Rowan snitches on her, she will be locked in a dungeon getting tentacle raped for a month. Then she's just back, with the same lines of dialogue. Andras even stresses that the tentacle rape will have no long term effects. I don't understand how the cucks could like that game, since all that content is toothless.

The gay part in the game is weird because Rowan is the submissive guy in most of them. Also, unlike Alexia, he takes minotaur dick up the ass easily. There are two scenes in the game where he is actually fucking somebody in the ass (one with Draith, one with Cla-Min's brother). The rest is Rowan being a bitch, and I'm not sure if that was the idea initially.

Rowan's straight fucks are mostly boring, mostly because these are nameless women who appear in one scene for a cool cg and are never seen again. Helayna scenes would be cool if it didn't happen every three days with no cgs, and if it had any effect. Right now Helayna is always naked in the room going "fuck me" despite her scenes showing her slowly regaining her sanity. The new elf chick is alright so far, but I still know nothing about her.

Overall: Rowan shit is boring because none of his fucks are characters, Alexia shit is boring because it has no effect and rarely exceeds heavy petting.



Spot on


File: e0f7a678d539854⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 87013_AlexiaXRowanXSuc.png)



>the problem with this game is not enough cuckoldry



it makes sense though. the game has enough cucking/ntr to trigger people but not enough to truly cater to the fetish.

the devs basically do the "can you fuck the daughter/mom yet" thing, but with NTR.

sure, the wife gets fucked one or two times and into some weird situations, but she isnt "stolen"


File: 44c8afa12346fa3⋯.png (30.42 KB, 697x384, 697:384, Screenshot - 13_03 005.png)



I guess that is what they are building towards. Just wait until the theoretical end of the game which will be released in 2077.



In a nutshell: it's trash


File: 795febd08d58ebc⋯.png (4.15 MB, 2432x1368, 16:9, unknown.png)

>Hello everyone,

>First up, the bad news. I was hoping to get the release out this weekend, but I'm going to have to push it to the 31st. There's a number of reasons, but the main one is DarkMaster is still having health problems, and Yron has been busy with real life. In order to mitigate this issue, Winter has written extra content, and I have also hired a new person to help out, Rein. I'm also currently negotiating to hire another writer as well for the next few months at least, so this will be less of a problem going forward. In terms of content, this means that there will be less orciad and fey material than planned, but there is still a good chunk with multiple new sex scenes, so don't worry. :)

>Moving on, Erick has been doing some excellent work on the new UI, it suits the game a lot better, and I really like it. As previously mentioned, it will be implemented over the next two releases, as four weeks isn't enough time to get everything done.

>Here are a few sneak peeks of the work in progress though:

>New Dialogue

>New Portal https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/388073301047509003/425744442423508992/portal_screen.png

>New Inventory https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/388073274317340672/425942896571711488/unknown.png

>New Shop https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/388073274317340672/426365628681814026/unknown.png

>Leading on from that, one thing I'm noticing about monthly releases is it is going to split some jobs "in half", so to speak, and it doesn't leave a lot of time for polishing and testing. Because of this, I may "skip" the occasional public release if I'm not happy with it, and release a larger "two month" (or more) size build when appropriate. The first time I will be doing this will be with the two UI releases, so all changes will be implemented in the public one, instead of half. This will not effect backer releases in any way.

So, the guy makes releases once a month now but really it's half of a release and he wants to bring in even more people to pump out 2-3 lines for every sex scene and ten pages of backstory for some forest that nobody cares about.



wait a fucking minute, DarkMaster is working on this?

As in the guy who wrote the addicting minotaur in CoC? Can anyone confirm it is the same guy?


File: 103b41fc4250c7d⋯.png (616.61 KB, 1338x620, 669:310, Screenshot - 24_03.png)


Looks like him. I haven't played CoC so I don't know what he wrote.


is this shit even worth trying out? from the thread it all screams "MC gets turned into a pussy ass bitch boy" i initially had interest but now im not so sure



That is essentially what it was. It was supposed to be a multi part series but they've been milking this for close to 2 years I think? with no end in sight, plus all the male dick sucking, pegging by futa girls and the general cuckery, it's really not worth it.



It's worth trying out and forgetting about afterwards for a year or more. The art is good imo, but the game has some really charged fetishes that don't mesh well together and rpg stuff is just bad.

Still, it actually has some content. I'd say wait for the next update at the end of the month and try it then with dev mode.



It's shit, don't play it under you are a cuck and like to see a lot of gay shit.

>You're the bad guy

My ass.





I don't know about anyone else, but I'm still smarting under the creator claiming this piece of garbage was inspired by the Witcher.



I think it's more akin to Cisquisition.



Well, second book did have a chapter where Geralt finds out Yennefer is cheating on him and considers suicide.


There is any walkthrough to see all the scenes?



what a shame, i really like the cute redhead


File: 7923224dc9691c3⋯.png (341.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, RoxLi Kiss.png)


File: b0f76811b4590c5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 412.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, RoxDry 2.png)


File: fb73a91b488f010⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 315.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, RoxAla 2.png)


File: dd51eb790a3d427⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 406.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ArzxRo 3.png)

This one confuses me. It doesn't fit with the rest and was clearly done by a different artist. Did they drop the previous one? Would be a shame, since it's literally the only reason I still download it to rip cgs.


Changelog 0.2.26:

- Story advancing “Dream” events

- Two new repeatable sexual interactions with Liurial

- Week one of Alexia’s punishment

- Two other sex scenes

- Introduction to the Fey narrative, introducing two new characters.

- New job for Alexia – Forge

- New sprites, BGs, and CGs



That's the 0.2.24 changelog.

0.2.26 adds some scenes with no cgs, some cgs for lame shit and butchers the ui so it looks terrible.






at this point why dont they just switch the main character to the wife? this shit is just getting worse with every update



did he decapitate an asari and skull fuck it?


if he does that then how is he suppose to milk all the cucks out of their money?


File: 6651f4a1555a30e⋯.png (102.99 KB, 1545x685, 309:137, Screenshot - 05_04 002.png)

>his own employees openly call him cucklord



>Not pointing out the quotation marks



God, you weren't even being hyperbolic. That UI fucking blows. The hell were they thinking?


File: 16032b9de07327e⋯.png (922.3 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot - 07_04.png)


I think they were going for the new design, but everything but the caravan page looks unfinished. I assume the rest will look like that as well. But they still haven't made images for items so it still looks bad and I have no idea what I'm buying. The inventory is also kinda better.



I just keep clicking until I get a AR of 14+ however, I still don't understand on how to level up.


File: e67199f864e6c58⋯.gif (816.61 KB, 533x300, 533:300, room-format.gif)


I already knew this is ganasa's artwork here somehow. It's like only ~20 people in the world can draw non hentai porn good.



To my knowledge, Ganassa isn't involved. Where did you get that?


Anyone got the latest backer build?



>Wanting to play a game from the cucklord



Are you fucking blind? 0.2.26 is the latest version, it's linked a few posts above in this very thread.


File: 86fe03813497144⋯.jpg (235.27 KB, 1514x854, 757:427, wulump x alexia wip.jpg)


File: 4fc98fb157a4828⋯.png (106.4 KB, 350x250, 7:5, quality.png)


Is there someone this whore hasn't fucked yet?

Great artwork, btw (pic related).



I prefer Helayna anyway, Alexia is just boring regardless if you whore her out or not.


File: 1a6dc7e55ec3f2c⋯.jpg (4.1 KB, 160x127, 160:127, 1392195762240.jpg)


>another artist

bring momdadno back

he's literally the only reason I care, this artstyle is nowhere near as hot. It would look well in a serious vn, not a fucking porn game.

this game's greatest strength was artistic consistency, every sex scene was done by the same artist. momdadno might overprice his art, but that's the horse they bet on.



He's still working on it, I believe.


File: 920b9aafd4375e2⋯.jpg (13.03 KB, 510x335, 102:67, media.media.cb284a12-1508-….jpg)


>this game's greatest strength was artistic consistency



It wasn't, at least not in face department. It's opposite of sameface sage. Sprites are different too.


File: 9bb7e52a5224c4f⋯.jpg (50.39 KB, 292x302, 146:151, 1429812431986.jpg)


Yeah, didn't think it through, momdadno couldn't draw the same face twice to save his fucking life.

But really, his art was the only reason I cared. The story is shit, gameplay is garbage, fetishes do nothing for me.


That's weird then. Why do they hire a different guy for some scenes? He did a scene in the last release >>42847 and I hated it then as well. It's just worse overall, looks like an unfinished sketch.


File: 98c8fa5d041e923⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, elf.png)


Well I think he's still working on it, not sure, but there are some new stuff from him.


File: 825a8c89abee51e⋯.png (895.47 KB, 990x920, 99:92, Screenshot - 13_12 003.png)


That's cool. Guess he refuses to do more than 5 cg a month and they can't find a similar-looking artist.



pfft, if that were really the case I'd fire his ass and start over. Fucken baffles me that anyone would put up with being someone elses bitch.




>showing spine

Even his devs are calling him cucklord. But at least he actually delivers content on regular basis, unlike some.



>Providing cuck content


I'd much rather for him to fucking stop already.



Non cuck scenes are pretty good.



>Playing a cuck game for non-cuck scenes

It's like playing a gay game for straight scenes. Kys.



Cuck scenes make up less than half of the game, sadly if you add gay shit it's maybe around one third, perhaps a bit less since we got more of non cuck scenes lately. Good enough for me, and Helayna makes me diamonds.



>Playing cuck and gay shit for straight non-cuck scenes


>Good enough for me

Because you are a cuck, I guess


>The whorest of whores

Yup, you are a cuck.



>playing porn games on the internet instead of fucking real women

You're both cucks. Hang yourself.



I have done that before.



>Wanting to fuck women that have had sex before




All vidya girls are implicitly virigin beside mothers and wives, obviously, unless specified; if specified, it's a cuck game.




t. Delusional cucks



Momcest games are cuck games too unless your mother is the Virgin Mary.



That raises a good point, are you cucking your father, or is your father cucking you in that case? Is it mutual cuckoldry? Does it still apply retroactively, even if your father is dead?



I included the proviso for mothers

Also: unless the father is a distant shadowy figure that rarely if ever shows up, then yes, it's a cuck game

kill yourself


Can someone tell me which noblewoman i should speak to complete the Ulcro part in "Orc-iad" quest?




You can't complete that quest yet. You will have to sneak around camp to find her (you can do that, but there is no progress beyond it right now).



Oh, ok then. Thank you.



File: 073b3e39bf3bc3b⋯.png (284.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, WulxAl 4.png)

I'm warming up to the new guy.






Bet he's big in Japan.


is there a way to just unlock the gallery or get a save file edit? I cant be fucked to click throguh a billion RNG bullshit and suffer this god awful writing to get the fap on.



There are a few tools to extract rpa files around. If you don't have an aversion to anything related to F95zone, you can use UnRen:


The instructions are written there. It's pretty braindead. This should work for any Ren'Py game you can't be arsed playing. There's no guarantee the images will be sorted in any meaningful order, though, that depends on the game (can't remember what this one does).

Otherwise just look up an alternative. I doubt it would be hard.


Am i retarded or dev forgot to include "level up" button in new update?

Also, wtf with rightclicking on the item to get detailed info about it? Is this some next level UI?



They didn't forget, the UI is unfinished. That's why there is no public release, it's essentially unplayable without dev mode.



Didn't think about that, Thanks, bud.



Enable the Console, and enable config.developer from there. actually plays the scenes in the proper order using the dev menu.


File: 7bfc00905571aea⋯.jpg (219 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, yls4kKFjAECuqJcT_bF2uGJDce….jpg)

Anyone have the newest patreon backer release,










whos the brunette? i thought the slut wife was a redhead?



iirc she's some gipsy you can meet at the tavern or whatever facility. Is Shaya her name, maybe?



Gypsy one is tavern owner, this is brothel madame/worker.


Wtf, I thought /htg/ hated cuck games, why is this still here?


some nigga needs to post a complete 100% save really


Can someone post all the names of scenes with cgs from dev console?


0.2.35 is out. link?




i dont play the game i just like the art. i literally extract it with unren and check out the art.

stop calling everyone cucks you basement dwelling autists




thanks.. the old artist i liked a lot.

new one not much at all



>guys i'm not a cuck

>i just like jerking it to cuck porn


>ur a cuck but I still play this game and frequently visit this thread checking out every version…but you are the cuck not me



It's much more offputting when some of the character designs are drawn much differently (and more poorly) in the CGs than compared to the sprite art. The female characters mostly look good in their CG art, though not as good on some occasions. But the male art in CGs is pretty crappy and honestly doesn't look like the same character oftentimes.



There should be a chaos/corruption path where you go for Jezera instead. I have a feeling if you intentionally wanted to lead your character down that path anyway then that's the natural course it would lead to, slowly nudging Alexia out of the way to have Jezera slide in. Maybe overthrow Andras too since Jezera never really liked his methods of takeover anyway.



There's like no consistency in how the faces are drawn for the CGs. The devs lack quality control in this area and it breaks any immersion the game may have tried to have.



It's not just the faces mind you. Sometimes he'll draw two characters (like the gobbo) completely differently between GCs anatomy-wise.


Holy shit this thread is from 2016, I just played this game for the first time and its severely lacking in content

Holy shit how slow can you be and how do you carrot on the stick so many people for so long?



Cucks like getting cucked out of anything, including their money.



I realized now that it has more content than I thought at first but the awful gameplay and utterly disgusting ugly ass CG that looks absolutely nothing like the beautiful character sprites made me delete it pretty fast



The cuckholding gameplay is the Patreon account. Should be reported but they love being KC modded.


File: 33d52c5320a4452⋯.jpg (31.43 KB, 558x787, 558:787, 149950_alexia.jpg)

The devs keep promising more Rowan as a top content, claim that there will be a way to overthrow the twins, etc. But currently most of their paying customers are NTR cucklords, so we keep getting those Alexia/Andras scenes over and over again. I wish you played as Alexia, she would have a lot more choices and variety in gameplay.



>The devs keep promising more Rowan as a top content

>as a top

They probably meant Rowan riding futa Alexia in cowgirl position.

Expect X'Zaratl to give him an anal womb, so those two can even have a baby.


File: 06a31a854af9e6c⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_pdtm7m6e4W1s8zvmyo6….png)

>momdadno uploads SIX pics of Alexia fucking some random futa

>that futa is not even in the game yet

>those cgs won't be in the next update and are planned for way ahead

>meanwhile every second scene has black screens

What the hell is with this game's planning.

Also why is there one image limit on this board?


File: 89ae53002cf03c7⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_pdtm7m6e4W1s8zvmyo5….png)


File: 0d98fb760785361⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_pdtm7m6e4W1s8zvmyo4….png)


File: 4a454b4d6f68ae8⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_pdtm7m6e4W1s8zvmyo2….png)


File: 1c4b139bfa89153⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_pdtm7m6e4W1s8zvmyo3….png)


File: 08868868dc41dcd⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_pdtm7m6e4W1s8zvmyo1….png)


File: 27d99b959057c25⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.8 KB, 518x528, 259:264, 27d99b959057c25b8e09db2004….jpg)


i like this futanaru content and is one of my main reasons for wanting to play but ik seeds does it all including yaoi or gay and ntr two tags i'd rather avoid so my question to anyone is, is it optional or can you uncheck the tags in question ?


File: 1f095e56dd583b3⋯.png (113.86 KB, 600x908, 150:227, SoC.png)


Choose your poison.


File: 2830ac634209d41⋯.jpg (135.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, DazzxRo_1.jpg)


You can avoid every sex scene in the game after the first Rowan x Alexia scene. But fair warning: a solid half of content is Alexia NTR, and the other half of the game is clearly less worked on. There are a lot of gay scenes too.



>i like this futanaru content

>does it all including yaoi or gay

Hate to break it to you, but Futa content is gay content, not separate. Dick girls is gay shit.



true, futa's are gay but traps are still straight.


File: c472e69b6c9d87d⋯.jpg (70.09 KB, 613x531, 613:531, image-48.jpg)


this answer ny question but makes me just as sad it was the art that originally caught my eye and i really wanted to give the dev the time of day but catch me off that gay shit literally and ntr well i watch enough hentai to know im actually not like the rest of the cucks here my ntr hate comes from a genuine place weeaboo virgins anonymous but yes *sigh* idk if one artist wanted it or the dev is all in but if they just made it optional like i would spooge smekels all over his patreon


File: e00394077473a9e⋯.jpg (32.06 KB, 597x351, 199:117, e00394077473a9e5cf30deddf7….jpg)


ain't nothing gay about a woman with a penis that's just a generalization of a sub culture people don't wanna understand to prove their point that their in the closet shem lovers or futanari but it's feels wrong bc she doesn't have a peen all i can say is there's worse things fetishize ie two girls one cup a video never forgotten but was a scat porno i make you all remember the dark days again


File: ff553725bbc6bef⋯.jpg (12.41 KB, 480x480, 1:1, FB_IMG_1511307897432.jpg)


your very confused that's like saying boi pussy is also straight the problem with you trap lovers is that the thing you love a boy with a dick dressed as a girl is inherently gay and there's no middle like like with other fetishes plus you shout to the heavens about your love and pride but you only out youselves as a community that you accept it's man but bc it's looks girly you'd smash so it's somehow straight but i tell you this when astolfo is cumming to meet you in the nite your ready for a bulging peen while at least with futa she got tits or even a pussy you ask me one those seems much more gay than the other


File: 1e4358a3195032d⋯.png (395.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, RoxLi Dun 1.png)


It is optional. Every sex scene is optional. In fact, there is even an ntr off switch. That's not the point.

The people who want ntr the most are the patreon audience. They consistently vote andras x alexia scenes to the top of every poll.



Bullshit. SoC polls are rigged, see >>36070


File: 80f47aa3c0f9378⋯.jpg (83.1 KB, 1024x1106, 512:553, 20171222_-2046080224_01C27….jpg)


it ain't gay if it is a feminine penis.

futas usually have giant dicks but traps have small feminine ones.

the smaller the penis the straighter it gets.

traps > Futas



>it ain't gay

>feminine penis.

Nigga, it's gay, as are you. Fuck off to halfchan where all the fags congregate.



it ain't gay as long as i have the bigger dick. the trap is gay but i'm straight



>as long as I have the bigger dick

That just makes you the dom. You're still gay.


File: e4ce27188852e11⋯.png (550.22 KB, 789x2109, 263:703, FireShot Capture 001 - Rei….png)



>more than half of these fuckers pick andras x alexia every time they can

The only reason it's not at the top at the poll you linked is because it wasn't even an option.



Even when straight options win, Lordcuck pushes some gay/NTR shit in the interest of fairness.

Also, his wife/gf/whatever used to make porn. He's a confirmed cuck, stop blaming his patrons for his NTR shit.



as long as my dick is bigger and i say no homo after it's cool.

it's the current year anon, stop being suck a bigot.


File: c53a46c2d1dc7e2⋯.png (319.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Hel's Daydream 2.png)


Oh, I'm not defending cucklord, I'm saying his fanbase are faggots as well.

>his wife used to make porn

Name, link? I remember finding out that DrGraevling's wife did amateur porn. There are at least three vids of her fucking another dude out there, and that shit wasn't in the past, they were already married and he supported her decision. Can Cucklord outdo that?


Looks good, but can you kill the red demon thats fucking your wife?

Im not so cuck obsessed but I need to kill that guy, I dont want to be a some demons bitch.



>tfw you can't kill Andras and Mindbreak Jezera.

Feels bad. Also, can you get Helayna back or nah, cause she's the only one I like. The games great in general, but the NTR and futa and being a sub kind of turn me off tbqh.


File: 313a93d9f967358⋯.png (293.01 KB, 1280x721, 1280:721, AnxAl Dun BJ 1.png)


If you claim Helayna nobody but Rowan touches her, she gradually gets used to the curse on her. She replaces Alexia in Rowan's room sadly only saying dumb shit like PLEASE FUCK ME no matter how far you've moved in her events and has the most vanilla scenes in the game, earning her the best girl title.

Helayna>Goblin bitch>Elf bitch>literally sucking Andras dick>Alexia



Once you remove the cuck, gay and sub content, is there any left?


LordCuck himself mentioned it, I suppose on Discord. People made a screenshot and used to post it on /weg/, unfortunately I didn't save it.


File: 4656bdb2fb72fce⋯.png (99.6 KB, 298x288, 149:144, 465.png)


My fucking sides.

>Game made by cucks have cuckshit in it.

Like pottery.


Please someone have this, I need to laugh more.


Does anyone have the latest version for android?


File: 1c6c323b117976a⋯.png (23.66 KB, 654x243, 218:81, 1537907884115.png)



Here you go.


File: a355984fc32362c⋯.jpg (88.41 KB, 600x699, 200:233, laugh.jpg)


thx anon, i needed a good laugh today



>his avatar is Andras

Big surprise there.



>she made me put her in the game lol

great, now her gf is cucking him with literally characters in a game AND all the people playing the game.



What if… what if she's not alexia?


Where is the link to v 0237


How do I keep the Princess girl we mind control? She just gets broken out then I can't find her. She was clearly the best part of it.


File: aba99785ed08f7f⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1280x721, 1280:721, ClipboardImage.png)

I wonder why there are so many gay characters in SoC, you would think Chads like Andras and Orcs would rather slam females than males. But thats the SoC world for you.


File: 293dd7f6e575701⋯.gif (995.79 KB, 500x271, 500:271, Thumbs up.gif)


I'd buy you a beer if I ever meet you in real life. Thanks for making my day.


That's pretty gay my nigga.


File: e48896f87ac9795⋯.png (339.25 KB, 1045x1065, 209:213, ClipboardImage.png)


>I wonder why there's so many shit content in a cuck game

Gee, I wonder.


File: f291c911aa2a786⋯.png (42.24 KB, 350x490, 5:7, fuck_this_shit.png)


>You are the bad guy

>… in Seeds of Chaos you play the villain. Ethical decisions will focus on just how corrupt you character is becoming, and the consequences of that change.



>You are the bad guy

>how corrupt you character is becoming

>Most of sex scenes are gay shit

Yeah it kind of fits


File: 7345e38f12bb5a5⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1280x721, 1280:721, ClipboardImage.png)


Some Orcs are not gay at least.


So gay = corrupt and bad?

Based cucklord.



based AND redpilled


File: 77cf58650694adb⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


LITERALLY swallowing the REDpill.



So the orcs who are not gay are fucking your women. Truly the epitome of cuckolding.



who is that? did they introduce a new woman just for the MC to get triple cucked?



That's noblewoman in orc camp, Lady Delane. There is a lot you can do with her, one path is to turn her into a camp slave, another is into a slave of a pretender chieftain, yet another is to make her current chieftains (who is in love with her) lover and concubine and finally you can safe her (you can fail and she dies or succeed and she give you fuck, I think devs hinted that she might return in some way if you choose this path).



This is information you have found somewhere which is bad or you have gleamed from playing, which is worse as this is a piece of shit.

What are you doin nigga?



What do you mean? It's how it is, though not all scenes have cg right now.



So text cuckshit?


File: 28cb59faac035b4⋯.png (256.95 KB, 1920x969, 640:323, Ill Pass.png)

This is the way I check if a games worth playing



More like "seeds of faggots". Pass.



I would like to see these videos. Got any links/search terms?


What's required to start the Orciad? I can't seem to trigger it in the latest two versions



I don't think looking for cuck in /htg/ is a good way to know if a game's good anon. At this rate you're not gonna play anything.



>Implying there's anything worth playing in /htg/


File: 297401c8aa1111e⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, lwahrleff-647701-Seeds_of_….png)



Nobody cares. Fuck off with your cuckshit.



Is there a console command to unlock all the scenes?



Yeah it's they're don't bother fuckwit




lol… no one cares… directly followed by someone asking for all the scenes.



lol wait is that the pregnant lady full of cum while the MC is there on the right?

Is this shit just purestrain cuckolding?



>He doesn't know

The devs are openly cucks. See >>56954 and >>42912



Notice how the MC is also full of cum.



So, it's true about cucks literally paying to shit on games with ntr.



Problem on itself aren't the cucks paying for the cuck games but devs willing to make them or add that kindkind of content.

I'm a dev and just the thought of including cuckolding makes me as disgusted as the thought of including cuckolding or gay shit. So at the end, I'm pretty sure the devs themselves are cucks, like with this game.


half of every thread is babies whining if I was a mod I'd make you post some hot porn with every whiny "BUT FAGS BUT CUCKS" post or permaban you


provide content or fuck off, virgins



Emasculate vermins like you have no power here, faggot. So stop fantasising about being in control, you just don't have it in you. People like you were born to be dominated by bulls. Now go back to fag95



This game has cuck and gay stuff in it tho, so they have a point.


Does anyone have a 100% I could download?



Why would anyone play this?



The NTR is not to bad as long as you don't self insert yourself as the guy getting cucked.



Typical apologist shit. Reminder that the game description says

>YOU play as the villain

Meaning that you're supposed to be the MC and that somehow you're the villain after getting fucked in the ass by orcs.

Fuck opff with your cuck gay game, apologist shill.



Typical apologist shit. Reminder that the game description says

">YOU play as the villain"

Yeah but it never said you would dominate other people.

"Meaning that you're supposed to be the MC and that somehow you're the villain after getting fucked in the ass by orcs."

You can still be the villain and be fucked by gays or be cucked by your wife.

"Fuck opff with your cuck gay game, apologist shill."

How am I shilling for a fetish?



Nice Reddit spacing.

Kill yourself, cuck.



A full save? No, sorry. Take a look at this post to unlock the scenes >>46368

If you just want to see the artwork: e-hentai.org/g/1319956/c2923c764c/



Great that's what I was looking for thanks a lot for that.



Holy shit this is infuriating because inbetween the disgusting cuckery there seems to be some great art, lots of creampies and so on.




Its fucking infuriating when the cuck scenes are much more worked upon than the vanilla scenes.




Don't forget the gay stuff my nigga.



Seeds of Gayos



More like Seeds of Cuckolds.


File: 6af8ec5772d20df⋯.png (320.29 KB, 557x900, 557:900, 1545508663697.png)


the game was already a shit but the new art makes it even worst


File: 3770e95e43b1107⋯.png (400.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, GHxAl 2.png)

New cg from 2.40



That's from a few releases ago. It's gotten *worse* since then.



based minotaur


Remember when this game first got unveiled and it was going to be a corruption game where the badass main character slowly got corrupted while doing bad deeds for the twins and then eventually usurped them as an even badder dude?

To be clear, I can barely blame whoever the fuck is making this game sinceI guess making cuck shit is more profitable. However, to be less kind, this game is a prime example of why actual attempted gameplay in eroge is such a fucking mistake. Just make it a VN, no one cares about your shitty, poorly produced turn based shit.




There's your problem. This game actually taught me that. Corruption is just either a getaway drug to shit like cuckolding or just cuckolding in disguise.

>I can barely blame whoever the fuck is making this game

I can. Cucks should hang themselves.


File: 1306165773d688a⋯.png (444.37 KB, 731x727, 731:727, Futalexia.png)



File: 208340f82a7f86f⋯.png (333.45 KB, 732x642, 122:107, Enjoy, faggots.png)

More gay shit.


File: 549884f0c895b54⋯.png (441.54 KB, 750x1023, 250:341, that_domain.png)

Please, tell me it's a fake.


yo guys, never played the game, is the ntr avoidable?



some but not all, it's the "they fuck behind closed doors so it'snot real NTR" kind of shit.



NTR wins Patreon polls so much that there's barely any content if you choose to turn it off. Might as well try the game in 3 years.


And people still play this shit.


Why oh why is there so much text.

You're making a porn game dude, keep it concise.


File: 1acdb8055ab3607⋯.jpg (92.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 02.jpg)

This game has amazing CG


File: 7730bc299850a24⋯.png (677.02 KB, 749x821, 749:821, Courtesy_of_cuckchan.png)


Of course, it's (((optional))). There is a very clever way to preserve the purity of your beloved one.


File: f98c680558510c5⋯.png (511.18 KB, 752x1002, 376:501, Rowan_a_cuck.png)



That's just straight up wrong, the game tells you in the beginning that if you turn ntr off, there won't be any "behind the scenes" ntr. Not to mention, even if you do have it turned on, you can still avoid ALL the ntr scenes by choosing the correct choices. Why lie?




Really? That's your excuse.



>Cuck game tells you that cuck scenes don't happen

Great argument there. The way the game works is that even if you decide to avoid NTR scenes by turning them off, it is implied from text that they happen anyway, specially with your wife.

You're a cuck.


File: ac07c10cab849ca⋯.png (66.87 KB, 1652x802, 826:401, anons are morons, what a s….png)


Do I even need to tell you how full of shit you are?




>new sex scenes with each twin

there's twins? i haven't playd this in ages but when were twins introduced and are they hot?


File: 7436ffed509fc97⋯.png (537.47 KB, 926x525, 926:525, nina.png)

>I don't like sexual content x, do I have to see it?

<No, all sexual content in the game is optional, and clearly signposted, meaning that it is easy to avoid if you do not want to see it.

Sure, just wait until the dwarf will take your measurements.



>Believing cucks

You are an special kind of retard, not only for denyingthe fact that whetheryou turn it off or not, the content it still implied to happen, but for defending this cuck game.

You either come from Fag95 or you are a cuck, or most likely both.



You know, I was actually baffled for a moment by your reaction, not knowing what the fuck to make of the incoherent mess you just wrote. But then it hit me, you're a cuck. Not just your ordinary, pathectic, type of cuck, but advanced cuck. You're the type of neckbeard cuck, that should you actually ever find a woman who would cater to your sad needs, you wouldn't actually want to be the room whilst some BBC railed her in front of you. You'd want her to go on a date with Tyrone, go to his apartment, get double-teamed with his roommate Jamal, then go home and tell you about it, maybe send some pics. But being in the room with them would be too "alpha". That's why you so desperately want the wife to cheat on you, but not actually see it. So when I come along and tell you that there's no cheating, unless you watch the scene, you get horribly triggered. How could you fap to the game, if she doesn't actually cheat on you? Well, I guess you can keep living in denial, you seem to be doing it well enough so far. Sorry if I ruined your favorite niche fapping game, but there's probably other on the internet.



>Defend cuck games

>Call anyone else a cuck

At this point I'm convinced you are the cucklord himself. Literally no one, not even Fag95, defends this game except for actual cucks.



Sure there are.

If you like fucking disgusting; Andras and if you like sluts, Jezera



If you post Alexia under Jezera she literally sends her to fuck some nobody if you don't stop it. And Yes I had already turned NTR off. I legitimately looked back to see if it had somehow switched back. No. I looked to see if I was just being dumb and watched up until penetration. That was a mistake because of course it was a cuck scene. They either they totally forgot about that scene (which I can believe, I don't expect competency from them.) or they are trying to trojan horse their shitty fetish into the parts they say are free of it.

Not to mention the fuck is with your actual post. I forgot to read this one >>65330 . This is just hilarious; I don't think that Dolby™ projects as well as you.


File: 6c089bb60c5ac6b⋯.jpg (211.6 KB, 853x1137, 853:1137, just right girl.jpg)


File: db678bc2cd7a619⋯.png (340.55 KB, 749x737, 749:737, Andras x Alexia (Baths Har….PNG)

Here's the latest cuckpost for you to enjoy



in what fucking world would andras and jezera be considered twins? they aren't even the same fucking skin color.


Is there a way to get Helya or whatever her name is and have your wife stay in the room?



File: cdfb451e37ac1c0⋯.png (438.49 KB, 739x819, 739:819, Rowan x Helayna Rough.PNG)


In the world where they're referred to as twins multiple times in dialogue and exposition.



Also cuckpost.


File: b894a0361b30bce⋯.png (254.13 KB, 744x645, 248:215, Helayna Solo Rough.PNG)

Looks like Helayna fans will be getting a lot this round.


File: 1814be7ff2e34f8⋯.gif (1.41 MB, 250x225, 10:9, 0265.gif)


>too bad you cant have both Helayna and Alexia :)


File: 47b852c04cba9e0⋯.png (43.02 KB, 541x429, 541:429, Winter on Harems.PNG)




File: 5a430e73badd981⋯.jpg (39.7 KB, 517x517, 1:1, 20190205_135049.jpg)



Nice son those faggots got there.


File: 7255b0c9c6bd168⋯.png (363.71 KB, 753x637, 753:637, Goblin Dinner Rough.PNG)

Today's cuckpost


File: 479621f0775110d⋯.png (390.98 KB, 758x645, 758:645, Champion Sculpting Rough.PNG)

Miss me with that gay shit


File: ce5f6bce5e6588e⋯.png (304.29 KB, 747x645, 249:215, Rowan x Alexia x X'zaratl ….PNG)

Another day, another cuckpost


File: 5105534d471b12f⋯.jpg (13.02 KB, 352x395, 352:395, 5105534d471b12fa6b354efb02….jpg)


Why do you keep posting these, faggot? N nobody cares about this shit cuck game.



I do. Here, have a bump.




Same. I dont play this game but looking how degenerate it's is kind of entertaining.


File: 306683f43ad0ab4⋯.jpg (42.37 KB, 680x861, 680:861, 306683f43ad0ab4a69c187645a….jpg)



Do it somewhere else then, faggot.


File: 0c5cbfdb1925cdc⋯.png (319.68 KB, 757x1021, 757:1021, Helayna Solo Line Art.PNG)


>N-nobody cares about this shit cuck game.

Then why are you even in this thread? Just hide it famalam.



Thanks for the kind words frens.

Now then, onto the actual cuckpost. Normally we get either rough sketches or finished CGs, this is neither.

Cucklord can no longer afford to pay for an entire set of colored CGs each month, so the solution is to have MomDadNo do 2 fully colored pieces and 4 line art pieces while Sommelier does 1 fully colored piece and 2 line art pieces.

This is the first line art piece finished by MDN.



This is literally the best place for it.


Also Cucklord might be a huge faggot and a cuck but i respect him for literally being the only western dev to deliver on time, have work ethics and for doing a passion game instead of a shitty incest themed game designed to milk Patreon bucks.


File: e16b99f22ca0b28⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Also thats pic has the nicest ass i have seen Mondadno do, he and the new artist are usually terrible at asses.

A shame because asses for me ar the most important asset.


File: 8ff9669bc553368⋯.png (785.27 KB, 757x1024, 757:1024, Arzyl and the Midnight Cou….PNG)

Even a half-finished piece by Sommelier still manages to blow MDN's work completely out of the water.




Kys, cuckchanner.

I'll start spamming gore soon anyway. Fuck off with your cuck game somewhere else.



You sound upset, famalam.



I am, cuckchanner.



You should calm down famalam, it's not good for your health.



Being a cuck is not good for your health.



Well naturally, but you should work on your anger issues first. One step at a time.


File: 2d475db2ade6170⋯.png (337.42 KB, 753x620, 753:620, Goblin Dinner Line art.PNG)


Whatever floats your boat my dude, you do you.

As for the actual cuckpost:

This is the second piece of line art finished by MDN. Personally not a fan of how it looks, but I guess I don't mind when it's for these less important SFW scenes.



I honestly don't mind it much, especially if it's for less important scenes that are only meant to convey a random action in the story



Wait, fam is not filltered here? based.



yeah, i would probably not waste money on art for such scenes but Lord Cucklord has ambition so i cant really fault him for wanting a CG for such an scene.


File: a7a8bf7f0bcf011⋯.png (345.95 KB, 751x823, 751:823, Skordred x Rowan Line Art.PNG)


>yeah, i would probably not waste money on art for such scenes but Lord Cucklord has ambition so i cant really fault him for wanting a CG for such an scene.

You should see the raw scripts, they are filled with notes for future CGs to be implemented, even for mundane shit.


I guess you could say he really… 'lost his mind'

Also, cuckpost; more of that gay shit.



Holy shit, you are so fucking cool. Can I suck your dick?



is he going to be alright?



Depends. Stops bumping the thread and you might find out.


File: 2f61b68bacb4ed0⋯.png (839.71 KB, 753x763, 753:763, Helayna Solo.PNG)

I'm telling you, these 'half-finished' sommelier pieces are infinitely better than anything MDN does.



Love how self aware Arioch is, knew he couldnt go agaisnt memes so he rather embraced it.


File: da372394ae5e073⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1918x1080, 959:540, hipster_andras.png)


He started embracing it months ago with the SFW edits in the release changelogs.


File: 62d4006f9236247⋯.png (275.24 KB, 756x739, 756:739, Rowan, Alexia and X'zaratl….PNG)

Finally we can get on to the actually finished CGs.



>it's a tender scene

right before she gives alexia a dick so they can double team rowan



Who is she?



Based seething autist


File: 5c54047b34b8dd0⋯.png (684.1 KB, 750x721, 750:721, Andras x Alexia Baths Hara….PNG)

First of the coloured CGs


File: 04176890ad7f793⋯.png (807.49 KB, 752x927, 752:927, Rowan x Helayna.PNG)

And the last.

Only Sommy's finished piece is left.

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