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File: 531becb2612deed⋯.jpg (89.42 KB, 1280x691, 1280:691, ef39f51e551338e7f498094bca….jpg)




Did you maybe want to refine this OP to include the previous thread or did you think that just posting the blog and patreon links and a retarded name was good enough?


File: 7be59f48152fc59⋯.png (93.92 KB, 901x400, 901:400, IA Banner.png)

Old thread



Don't be rude.




That was not very rude by 8ch standards.



Look forward for their new game.



New game? Did this one get canned?

I can certainly see why thanks to the Patreon overlords.

It was fairly solid though so I guess I'm interested in a new project they might have, where you play a really short but definitely adult guy visiting his friends family who definitely aren't his own and it's definitely not shota he's just short



I think the new game is just a justification for patreon. IA will remain the main game.



Patreon gave Sexcurse the same ultimatum that they gave DMD and BB: remove the game and all links to it from patreon and make a new game that doesnt violate their TOS or get purged. So they have to make a new game and hopefully still working on IA.



What's BB?



Big Brother, Glamour is the patreon friendly game (Though that game was already been developed before the Patreon review)




You're an insufferably retarded subhuman piece of shit who can't even rub two brain cells together to copy and paste the previous OP into your new thread, you cocksucking yid.



Wow, rude.



Oh my gosh why is he being so rude wtf



Even with your dubs, you are still rude.


listen to me this shit is sick i know this is sounding like an insult but it is a compliment its fucked up its despicable you should be in jail for even liking this and if it turbs you on then you're going to hell but thats what i like about it, the high rissk hi reword. LIGHTNING THUNDER CLAP GO!



Drawings should never be illegal, regardless of the content. There is a huge difference between this and actual child porn. Anyone who contributes to the distribution of real CP should be jailed and its producers should be publicly tortured to death.



I dont mind it but the Sam route where she is a full camwhore and where all their subscribers are pedos jerking it off to their streams is some pretty sick shit, Not to mention Julia being an expert sex whore.



Pedos? You're mistaken. Sam and Nate are both legal consenting adults who are at least 18 years old.



(21 where required by law)



>Drawings should never be illegal, regardless of the content.

And yet islam prohibits any drawings of people or even animals (at least originally, I don't know what's their original take is), and I've heard jew/christian canon forbids drawing their deity as well (and also knowing its name n'stuff)

…I guess it always comes down to some religious crap. (And yes, even atheist morons do manage to qualify as they somehow manage to produce religious fervor without a god to worship somehow)



And I suspect they're 25 in Korea, too



The Sam route is the most interesting route in the game, brainlet. By far.



I wouldnt mind if they do it in private but letting everyone see your naked sister (And fapping to her) makes me feel sick to the core.



If they did it in private it'd be just another incest relationship. The twitch thing and everything it implies and could develop from it is honestly probably the most memorable thing about IA.



I kinda understand how you feel. But the point is that they didn't do it on purpose. Plus, they are masturbating at you fucking your sister. If it was only your sister I'd agree with you. See it as a happy accident.


Lol at people complaining about pedos. Ironic how y'all are the biggest bunch of disgusting pedos who enjoy the same route smh.




I have played enough porn games with exhibitionism that ends in many guys drenching the girl in semen to let it slide, thats why i dont enjoy exhibitionism routes.



in reality they are midgets and actors. Sexcurse should be draw the IDs showing their real ages as +30 on game Credits.



Well, this ain't one of those. Seems like the problem is that you play shit games. Try BISHOP games after MK3. Exhibitionist doesn't have to end like that, it just that hack writers can't come up with anything better.




Indeed, i would have preferred in SM that Marika instead of having her final route scene giving handjobs to hobos

I would have made her have sex with her master in front of the whole school and have her covered in his cum, still exhibitionism but doesn't have anything like that cuckshit

Fortunately that wasn't in other routes and the MC didn't had her get fucked in a gangbang like in older Bishop games like Uro Kyoushi.

I don't know why the devs were so cancerous to think adding something like that was acceptable



Well, at the very least BISHOP is one of those companies that learn from their mistakes and knows what's the market to exploit. They're the few if not the only ones that do shit like that without any cuckshit, not anymore at least. As much as I hate Black Lilith, they do know their public too so they do just cuckshit.


Meh, Bishop, Lilith… I still play classic harems with romance from studios like CATTLEYA. That's the golden stuff. Every single one.



It reminds me of that doujin where some dude marries a magical girl and he loves anal sex so she is always sad she wont get pregnant. Anyways its all vanilla until the last release where there is an scene where they go into a hot springs, the dude fucks a friend of the wife in the ass while dudes around faps and cums on the wife. It was really disgusting and makes me wonder why japs sometimes have to be such faggots.



I'm not sure what it says about me that I know exactly what doujin you are talking about and yeah that scene was retarded


New update when boys ???


Is there a linux version anywhere?




The "pc" version works on both Linux and Windows. Just run ./IA.sh. It's Ren'Py though, so you can use the launcher to repackage a game for any platform in a matter of seconds even if the devs forgot to. Or just run it directly through Python. Or use Wine.



Thanks anon



I am stuck at the bedroom unable to do anything but go back and get denied access to the outside but when I do go back there is no option but Back.

Am I missing something? I remember things like sleeping, etc, being another button.


File: b3304fc1720ef6e⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20180422-043034.png)



Oh yeah, that's still a thing. Make an empty file named "fan_mod.rpy" and put it in /game/.





fuck patreon



Can you fuck the gothloli yet?


File: 7dbf06284417e65⋯.png (689.6 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20180422-054948.png)


Nope, but she'll let you cum on her feet. She doesn't make you lick it off though, wasted opportunity tbh



Not working for me



Why she is so fat and badly draw? Another artist?



Do you have file extensions enabled in Explorer? It's possible you named it fan_mod.rpy.txt instead.




I remember reading that too, do you guys remember the name of it? Trying to find it again.



looks like the game got shut down. sex curse is making a new game.


New dev build is out apparently



And where's the link then?



They're still working on it. It's been quarantined to their blog though.



No, according to the IA discord (not the Sex Curse one, but the one that's exclusive for IA) they just put out a dev build, or at least that what a dev said when someone asked if the game was dead, yesterday night


so what is the new game like?

they separate into different blog for IA?


File: 7f8d16f1b6e6218⋯.png (74.75 KB, 544x757, 544:757, Untitled.png)


They could just mean the one from April 1st, they're usually pretty punctual about releasing a build around the first of each month. I wouldn't mind a link if a new one is already out, though.


An RPG in Ren'Py, apparently. I wonder if they're planning on making an autistically elaborate game with proper mechanics or just use the Patreon as a money laundry operation.




>Honestly if this means romancing elves and Orcs then i will gladly sacrifice IA for it.




How do I get girl in picrelated? I just downloaded >>45211 and it seems the same version I already had.



I'm honestly not sure, she's supposed to be your cousin or something who visits your house after a certain amount of time. If you set config.developer to True, the game has a cheat menu which lets you replay all of the scenes and dialogue.



No, it's not the april 1st build, it's a new dev build, they always release a dev build at around 22-24 of each month

Apparently it went through email to patrons, since they can no longer link anything about IA to their patreon, hence why everything related is removed from discord as well, and they had to make a different discord for IA only



Does anyone have a link?


so the discord link on the ia blog is the new one or old one? jesus christ… one patreon ban and all link is fcked up



Oh nvm, they're still using the same Mega folder.



File: 00b3e2c59d1094e⋯.png (484.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bg Kacey_Anal_Fuck_clothed….png)


Looks like you get to fuck the gloryhole lady now. Two new scenes, not much else.


File: fa053f4ea2b83fd⋯.png (665.02 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bg Kacey_Vaginal_nocum.png)


Is Kacey some relative or just a randome lady? Cannot wait to see her in threesome with mother



Just a random girl.

For a game that is called "incestrual awakening" (True title) this bitch shouldn't be even in the game.

I would have preferred to have more lewd action with the mother or more proper sex scenes with the big sister



She could become a relative, like they didn't even seen eachother yet.



Like the opposite of what Patreon is normally demanding?




That would be kind of hilarious. IA, the game where every random character you fuck ends up being patched into being your direct blood relative.



I just had to start a new game or just play a bit in my old save and she got randomly added.

There are no good scenes with her yet though, which kinda sucks. The sex scene with the loli sister is a garbage angel and all shota ass.




Sounds like a fun concept tbh (as long as it isn't coupled with forbidding incest of course)


File: cac8c885c52dfaf⋯.png (677.25 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bg Julia_Fuck_Tip.png)

0.0030 is out, you get to fuck the goth loli now. Only one new scene though.



File: f572db172e54b3e⋯.png (217.39 KB, 381x856, 381:856, 1524668715100.png)




File: 6bb7f8333a849c1⋯.jpg (8.57 KB, 225x224, 225:224, 20914537_10210177517340426….jpg)



Fucking shit angles again. Just like the scene with Sam where all you see is man ass.



So much this, all those work for nothing.



>I clicked the space bar 8 times, all those work


File: a95ceea38953257⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1155x662, 1155:662, ia2.PNG)

I can't see choices or things like the preference menu. Is this just me or is there a fix?


File: 6fef102b50f674b⋯.png (46.92 KB, 932x563, 932:563, 6fef102b50f674b6302f61b9f8….png)



That worked. Thanks



What in the fucking hell do you mean by that?



Rough translation;


<I'm a nigger.



File: 0cf7b99584280f1⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bg Kacey_Stall_Fuck_Blur_C….png)


One new gloryhole-less gloryhole scene. Bretty good.



Are saves of previous versions compatible?



I think so. They usually are.



i've been using the same save since 0.00014 and didn't run into a bug once unlike SS bullshit



IA is pretty clean code-wise, they usually just add new scenes without touching the rest of the game. SS and some other games get rewritten from fucking scratch twice per update.


File: d6a1a5ba73fefb0⋯.png (90.97 KB, 566x664, 283:332, d6a1a5ba73fefb00bf52bc347d….png)




File: e30c287a03694ee⋯.png (62.38 KB, 674x448, 337:224, 1525734987431.png)






Will every update now be for one scene at a time? 400Mb for 5 minutes of gameplay every time is getting tiresome.



They update a couple times a month versus other devs who release one update a month. If you don't want to play each new scene when it is done then you could wait and only play the updates with all of that months scenes. That is what I do. Just ignore the indev updates and wait for the ones that just say alpha.


File: d612bd9f8baf850⋯.jpg (31.69 KB, 297x290, 297:290, 1518041565476.jpg)


File: 70bcd1e6790df78⋯.png (91.74 KB, 682x900, 341:450, ClipboardImage.png)



>more characters

They are milking it



Literally only one scene in these updates and this fag comes in here and spoils it. go fuck yourself, retard



I mean, it's the one reason I'm even checking in on this update.



They gave a choice.

If the people want more development time, then they are the retards paying for it in the long term.


File: d92b4819fb5906c⋯.jpg (85.5 KB, 1024x808, 128:101, dabbing-emoji.jpg)



impregnation scenes with the other girls when?

>inb4 they're too scared to do it



I think this is a common "mistake" that developers make at Patreon. In fact it is not a mistake, these polls are strategically done to validate the milking.

But I think everyone is already well aware of this. While there are successful games at Patreon, what will happen is that these games will grow in scope and take as long as possible to be finalized.

It's the only logical thing to expect, unless you're dealing with a developer who has enough confidence to finish quicly a successful project because he knows he's talented enough to start a new one that will also be successful.



>get Sam or Julia pregnant

I don't think 9 year old 18 year old pregnancies are healthy.


File: 763ac772bbbeb4f⋯.gif (214.28 KB, 266x198, 133:99, tenor.gif)


18 years old is a very healthy pregnancy

9 years old is possible but Sam is not 9 maybe 13 or 14



>the joke

>your head




>what the fuck is going on




You dumb nigger learn humor



>it was humor

Humor is funny, not just epanorthosis and a modern lie about pregnancy.


You need to go back.



You need to kill yourself.



You are an actual retard™



Stop derailing the last good thread on this board with your autism.



>pot, kettle

The new update was trash, wasting an impregnation scene on the gloryhole whore.


File: 3aa55cc017a0570⋯.png (831.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bg kira_poolchair_bikini.png)


How much sex is in the game at the moment?



quite a lot, you can already fuck all of them.



Has a new build been uploaded?

If so, why didn't you include a link?


This nigger draws one or two new images per month. Literally one day of light work



File: 094618d5faae804⋯.png (130.42 KB, 250x300, 5:6, 094618d5faae8047514bbd1505….png)

>Revist Kacey scene

>"Did you want me to go inside you"

<"No need to worry about that anymore now"

<(I'll have to check if i'm…)

Pregnancy confirmed.



At least the low amount of content per month is made up for by the fact that they actually follow a consistent schedule, unlike literally every other HTG.



It's always the same link. Every single time.


File: d5c133243910de9⋯.jpg (10.58 KB, 349x262, 349:262, 612bfdb6d3a1df50a3e619097d….jpg)


New Scene is big sister cowgirl in the pool and piledriver with her on the top, ends with a facial.

I hoped for a good creampie but came out dissapointed


is there a post or a site which talks and updates about their new RPG game ? .. wanna see how the paladin looks like


New scene needs to be re-scaled, his torso has the width of her thigh, what kind of a fucking giantess has she transformed into


File: 09c1d8908f3669d⋯.jpg (105.39 KB, 400x400, 1:1, wait-a-fucking-minute.jpg)

This guys got fucking lazy they had 1 low animation per month now they give 2 mediocre drawings per mouth …i can commission this art for 60 bucks and post it for free ….they still earn a lot of money "3k almost" why the low quality change



Because they are working on their new game right now, the small updates are probably a way to keep people giving patreon money in the mean time.



so they do the incest first for the money then when they get the suckers to pay for the incest project they make a stupid porno fantasy game ..how the fuck do you guys not revolt


Is this game good?


I read some comments on Patreon and apparently people are not liking the guys' idea.

And the devs seem kinda lost, why the hell start a fantasy RPG when you sell a family-themed incestuos game? Or they have no idea what they are doing, or incest was just to raise money.



because (((patreon))) is on a jihad to kill all incest games. they were forced to remove the game and in order for them to still be on patreon and receive an income they had to come up with some non incest game.

this whole fantasy game is just a cover so that they can still have people donate to their patreon


the patreon's bleeding out money, their total donation's have dipped bellow 3,000$, so it would make sense that we'd see less content in the game as a result.



Maybe it's a cover. You can't exclude that they started developing IA to fund their "gamedev dream"

And let's face it. IA is not a game to die for, it's just good enough for it's purposes and the reason they didn't done anything stupid with it because they are not that invested in it emotionally.

But really i want to discuss (read what you think of it) the probability that devs are not that invested in IA.



>Is this game good?


How's their other game called?


No it doesn't. They made the same amount of content when they started at 300$, so a dip doesn't change that.



theres a market full of fantasy porn games from the japanese ..with this mediocre art style i don't see it to be good

the only good thing from this game for me was the big sister


File: 568e87773b922a9⋯.png (931.46 KB, 1240x1651, 1240:1651, ClipboardImage.png)


Nah, thats just a conspiracy theory. People were saying the same when Summertime Saga was getting rid of incest and they eventually went back to it. Its just a simple fact that Patreon made them choose between keeping their patreon or being kicked out. Inb4 that they had left.


Art looks fine, leagues above IA. Im actually hype, i love fantasy settings but for the most part they are filled with shitty Orc gangbangs, "romance interests" that fuck anything on sight or female protagonist being raped by everything. Even among jap games so i welcome this if it manages to be about you romancing your mutiraced cast.



>Is this game good?

I liked very much. It's one my favorite VN.



Source for that image?



One of the characters or SexCurse's new game.



SexCurse's new game character. There have been some revealed.



It doesn't have cucking so its already better than most.


File: 3e523ec90d1bd2e⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1240x1619, 1240:1619, ClipboardImage.png)


shame it has a full on furry character.



can you fuck her?



As long as she's not a futa that cucks you, stop being a bitch about it.


File: ba078242a16bc2e⋯.png (631.42 KB, 610x608, 305:304, H4G9lUn.png)


As long as it's not degenerate whitetrash's siblingfuck inbreed fetish again, all is fine to me.


This game updates pretty fucking slow for what it is. Only two sex scenes a month? This isn't Summertime Saga or something where the dev has to program an entire fucking questline and different zones all over the place, it's literally just some texts of dialogue and then a drawing.


File: 081a8a2d8de2e16⋯.jpg (37.57 KB, 625x419, 625:419, ee2aa0bb8e886ead9e162dd5f3….jpg)



As if Summertime Saga were complex …

An experienced programmer would have no problem with that crap, even he would avoid basic things like a character popping up in multiple locations at the same time with a simple "if"…



i don't know about you, but i'd rather have porn games that update consistently monthly without pointless half-hour long filler quest lines, and new areas that are completely pointless because they have literally no content. that's without even comparing the art styles of the two games, with STS having easily some of the most unappealing looking characters in western porn characters, which is really saying something.


File: 9c02cb0240ba646⋯.png (34.39 KB, 1019x308, 1019:308, scree.PNG)

wewlads, the retards over at fag98 finally unbanned the game and the devs are already there kowtowing. kinda surprising considering how much the staff there railed against the game initially



What caused them to do a 180?



probably one of the pedophiles that is in the staff of the site began shaming the others or money … .



probably true, tbh.

Now that it's on f95: cuck content when?



Hopefully never



You can't be a pedo without a working brain. With some luck, it probably means they are desperate for more people.



hopefully soon, i cant stand the small dick of the main character



>Paying attention to the guy's dick

>Even though it's biologically correct

You are a faggot and you are bad at liking shotas.


does anyone have the mega link for 0.0033 the - Alpha built?



It's not a shota game you fucking deviant. It's an incest game. If it was a shota game, the majority of the characters would be little boys rather than overly sexualized family members



>you are bad at liking shotas

Best insult.


It does have shota though so it caters to that crowd regardless of what the gameplay is. Also favoring cucking over a small dick is shit taste, undisputed.



Same mega link



>Even though it's biologically correct

I know its anatomically correct, but guess what, looking at phimosis 10yr dick isnt pleasant


File: 96141f64148a60c⋯.png (20.08 KB, 515x495, 103:99, Untitled.png)

This guy would have about 1500 patrons today if Patreon allowed consumers to consume whatever they wanted.

And his strategy is obviously wrong. He's trying to put a fake game on Patreon to raise funds for IA, but most people don't make pledges there because they're benevolent, but because they feel like they're getting a game (even if it's instantaneously accessing the link when the game is released).

I think this project has no future, unless the dev does a miracle and get it published again at Patreon. Or realize that he can charge for the game in an alternative way.






Fucking kill yourselves immediately



>not cuckshit

How does it feel to have a shit taste?



Cuckshit is awful



Eww. Please remove yourself.


File: 32c2946aa06d520⋯.jpg (27.78 KB, 405x322, 405:322, 32c2946aa06d520d4704b01fed….jpg)



>Aug 3, 2017

Nice bait



can't tell if trolling or legit retarded

in case legit retarded: that's the join date of the user

post was made on saturday, like you can see at the top of the pic, on the red bar, white letters




furthermore lol the thread didnt even exist until last week let alone 2017



>whitetrash sibling fucking

Oddly enough, its shitskins that fuck each other more often



This is one of the most quality damn games I've played in a long ass time.


File: 20b72108d318902⋯.jpg (147.93 KB, 1024x938, 512:469, 851625426730323968.jpg)


I seriously agree. If anyone is reading this - I HIGHLY recommend this game




Yeah thanks dev.



Could someone tell me if art is so bad because it is animated? This scene, for example, is it animated? Or does the artist have the talent of a 12 years kid?



No it's not animated ..the artist just lazy now because of the patreon money


File: 5e77b2da9cb3de1⋯.png (154.9 KB, 799x484, 799:484, Screenshot (262).png)


You were saying?


File: 08e432abf815f6f⋯.png (155.8 KB, 799x484, 799:484, Screenshot (262).png)


You were saying?



It makes sense, I'm not saying that the original art of the game is good, but this particular image it's worse than average, it looks like fan art or something.


File: bf5fdb6ff2cd89d⋯.png (900.42 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bg Julia_Fuck__XRay_Cum.png)


File: 4ea69afe63fbe9f⋯.png (592.35 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bg Julia_Fuck_Lift.png)



lol this bitch needs some woodleg



Set flag to true, but how do you access that cheat menu?



Shift+O as usual in Ren' py


Any other games like that that break Patreon Rules out there ?

I used to be passionate about this games, chacking very often for new stuff, but those Nazi's censors ruined it all.

Like I hear now that Patreon forced a dude making Bad Brother game to change MC character to look older ! (and he looks like scrawny years old if you are particular about this - not a child at all !)

I just wonder if there is any resistance to this ? Some underground movement that believes in making games acording to Authors artistic vision without any BS.

Fuck all censorship of art.

I hope HBO gets sued and has to return all the profits from Game of Thrones for featuring incest in it.


* "like scrawny 16 years old" I ment



just give yourself lots of money and then you can just buy rep/love with the girls.


File: 318692087a34e6e⋯.jpg (37.6 KB, 800x450, 16:9, oogaboogaaa.jpg)

nEw BUId wHEN ?




I don't play the game, but if you open the console and type "dir()" (without quotation marks), you'll read the full variable list.



What did it add?



which file do I edit?



You usually have to enable the console first, see >>50858


>dir() brings up a billion things

whats the one for money?



goddammit i just wanna skip the minigames



is to add money.



it says none after I put that in, do I have to wait for the game to introduce money? (just started a fresh file)



dir() has nothing to do with filesystem, it returns list of known identifiers in namespace


globals() and locals() produces an unreadable mess, not a list of names


"None" is the evaluation result (same as null/nil in other languages if you're familiar with any), meaning "function call returned nothing" (which is normal for actions like add_*).

As for your question… What's the point in changing money count before money are usable?

To make it simpler:

"inventory.money" prints current money value

"inventory.money += 100" adds $100

"inventory.money = 1000" sets your money to $1000


>What's the point in changing money count before money are usable?

cause im an impatient bastard



A couple more new women with 1 scene each.


File: 57591f8ab4c1a1e⋯.png (5.2 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at ….png)

>divorced single mom thinks being a housewife is bad and that people shouldn't get married young

I recognize that this is realistic, but it does nothing for my boner


File: f0890dbec41c195⋯.jpg (97.63 KB, 352x198, 16:9, 3f2acbdc59fe6762c399b06f35….jpg)


it will when your porking her



Nope. The only other new scene is feeling up a new bitch with comically huge tits that are several times as big as her head.




Can they stop with the new characters, why are they trying to milk it so much?


File: 8a7859487fdd6c4⋯.jpg (107.73 KB, 808x473, 808:473, thick mum not pleased.jpg)




agreed there's still so much they can do i mean it started with all of them so why can't it go on there's something for all fetishes btwn the 3 girls at least i thought so nothing for NTR or diaper weirdos



The less of those specific fetishes the better



>milk it

I thought the game is off Patreon? Or did I miss something?


File: fbd25b6289a5897⋯.jpg (80.13 KB, 320x212, 80:53, 15645317_1282516768479255_….jpg)


i hear that i feel the same if it's not even sexual what's the point


File: fe4cfa39aead8f2⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 680x680, 1:1, b49.gif)

The Poll for June asked: For a future build, where should a scene with the Grandmother occur?

With 45% of the vote, the Grandmother's House claimed victory in the poll!

This means that when the Grandmother eventually arrives in a future build, there will be a scene with her that will occur at her house with Nate! We have a feeling she will be giving Nate more than just milk and cookies…

This shit is fucking rigged …Stop whit the new characters,next update will fuck the family dog if this goes on




ew is she going to be old as fuck


File: e6403a461816a71⋯.png (194.31 KB, 400x651, 400:651, Adventure's of Flavio.png)




although I do agree that they should really just continue expanding on the characters that they've already added



Eh a GILF would be nice. Dont know any other wegs where you fuck an elderly woman. Though we should at least fuck the aunt and secretary first. Shit the secretary doesn't even have any scenes.



that should have been buttholie


File: d3fbf7c7d6078c1⋯.jpg (158.62 KB, 710x888, 355:444, 10b05840b4bd197bfdad8cd3b7….jpg)





milf, gilf and lolis

this game is great



>baking some cookies on grandmas ovens




It's obvious that the wilder the choice the more votes it will get. Put the tanny uncle in there and you'll get the same results. It's the dev's choice of how far they are willing to take it, there will always be more money the more degenerate you get.


File: 647feeb167ee1f4⋯.png (166.36 KB, 640x563, 640:563, fatpepe.png)

Who has the latest leak?



So we need to add the non-binary cousin.



My goddamn sink




its been the same mega link forever just bookmark it



Very little new so far, just a titwank from the purple haired z cup bitch


they should stop adding new characters and instead just explore and add more scenes for the existing characters



or more threesome or more scenes

would love to see the cousin and aunt,whole family,cousin and little sister


File: 009d2eb2c3da23c⋯.png (456.16 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0001.png)

Well that new scene was pretty great


File: 2c6c6ed90a4b51f⋯.png (150.92 KB, 304x408, 38:51, 1460526235399.png)


File: 8827cd71a7730bb⋯.jpg (9.86 KB, 184x255, 184:255, 8827cd71a7730bb6dac278ef5f….jpg)


stop, stop,

i can only get so erect


File: 2a1adbc0a905ea3⋯.png (463.72 KB, 1324x992, 331:248, 1507427138476.png)




File: 795b339ef4a1231⋯.jpg (28.25 KB, 463x260, 463:260, 21149962_331621407308025_1….jpg)



It was, but I couldn't help but notice that imouto looked… different in the scene where they're both on their back waiting to get filled.



Is there a way to do this with boldness?



yeah, she looked even more like a young version of Winry from FMA:Brotherhood



Oh shit nvm. Cheatmode letts you add boldness without the console.



tits to big


File: e19e33cef70acb7⋯.jpg (42.77 KB, 384x384, 1:1, youre gay.jpg)


>tits to big

that's the gayest thing i've ever heard.

kill yourself faggot


File: b6910f9088d9917⋯.png (446.15 KB, 500x762, 250:381, b6910f9088d9917d6ea227c4ff….png)


what are you some, sort of homosexual?


File: b0d1292ce20508d⋯.png (242.6 KB, 588x579, 196:193, b0d1292ce20508dc87542c24e2….png)




tits 2 of head woman each ovaloid

fucking ostrich egg fetish

loli is great fine



Your skin must be as shitty as your taste.



Tits that big are retarded.

Bigger than a head aren't fun. But you probably don't know that. Fgt


File: 6318cbbeef9ba89⋯.png (699.56 KB, 777x1000, 777:1000, ClipboardImage.png)


>Bigger than a head aren't fun.

What a pleb. Go fap to some toddler shit you faggot.>>53331


File: 1e1301910b4d687⋯.png (3.35 MB, 1600x1857, 1600:1857, 1e1301910b4d687c0c8a0358cb….png)


Begone gay community!


File: 3989b62dfac51b6⋯.jpg (38.05 KB, 476x687, 476:687, tumblr_o6y5mjzjNJ1rmerh9o1….jpg)

MFW I've done all those boldness boosting typing games so I can do every scene without it being cut short cuz MC ain't got the balls for it yet and most of the scenes automatically boost your boldness anyway.


File: 3f9bb1845061682⋯.jpg (77.24 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1516120720154.jpg)


>tfw you will never suckle on your waifu's nips as you furiously pound her moist cunt


cow tits are for fat fags or those who want to bang his own mother irl


File: 3dec5a42bec9609⋯.jpg (1.94 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, 283ae7fc41264acc811b31801d….jpg)


Cow tits are best tits and you're a peasant if you think otherwise.


Buncha starving niglets ITT


another 1 scene update? just making sure.



I mean this is an incest-themed game.


File: 717b1ab5489c62e⋯.jpg (68.45 KB, 576x768, 3:4, VQ5umSRARSf84nYsgBaYwW-P3A….jpg)


or uncultured beasts you haven't evolved or ascended to plains beyond normies fags ans cucks


File: 9bd17d8f510421d⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1750x1313, 1750:1313, freedom.jpg)



>this butthurt over their own terrible taste

Tits are life, the bigger the more freedom.

Go fuck yourself you commie son of a bitch.



keep fighting the good fight anon



It is okay to be wrong. Not all of us are into cows :^)


File: 90d06d94195f019⋯.png (904.85 KB, 713x2444, 713:2444, ClipboardImage.png)


Those are still cowtits.


Its okay to be gay, you cant help it.


File: 77bb57f27ba2a55⋯.jpg (27.33 KB, 300x300, 1:1, leave-my-tits-alone-adjust….jpg)


No these are cow tits.


man the harpoons, the whale hunting is going hard on this thread


File: 83397efd0ffd7a9⋯.jpg (139.18 KB, 850x927, 850:927, __ebina_nana_himouto_umaru….jpg)


that's the point im down with big cow tita in reality imma ass man but when the PLOT bigger than the average head look out


One question, does somebody knows what the assets for the house are from ? I have seen the same rooms in multiple games and other things already, are they free or something or the artist just doesn't care ?



We get it you like fat chicks and cow tits. No one is blaming you for having bad tastes.



>fuck the family dog

Please stop, my penis can only get so erect.


Why all devs put minigames in theri games? I stopped playing when I went to talk to her mother in a sex game about incest, and I had to solve a fucking puzzle. What a piece of shit.



Because they want it to be a GAME. Don't see any other reasons to add them.



Yes, there is another reason: to create a sense of achievement in the player, as games normally do. But as this game is fucking porn game, this sense of accomplishment has to come from the player's relationship with the girls, not solving math puzzles, moving panels, etc. There is no excusve for putting puzzles in adult games unless the puzzle is the central mechanics like HuniePop.



>the plebeian is still trying.


Is anything here moving along?


There was a small update on the 24th.



What did it add? Can't find anything on the changelog.



A porn scene with Vicky.

A character building scene with Julia.

A porn scene with Julia



The Julia and Vicky scenes are old. All I'm seeing new is dicking Janet



link for in-development builds - https://mega.nz/#F!gZBGEbLR!Un0C2dXajoGws7pAvmymQQ!5VIFAIaQ

link for public builds - https://mega.nz/#F!wUBAVICQ!UWnDRO_1ytgYcHi8wGWZMg!lUJExCTB

I'm assuming you have one or none of these links. They don't change they are the same

->EVERY<- month.


Where does this game store save files? Anybody know






Don't bitch too much. The racing minigame is easy as fuck and the math problems are super easy middle school level stuff.

The only ones that suck are the sliding puzzle and simon. I only dislike simon because it's so damn slow to play the damn pattern. It's why I hate grinding for mom in my playthroughs so far.

But even then, it's not bad at all. Tedious at times but not hard.

If Simon went a bit quicker i'd have no complaints



Hi. Actually, after I stopped complaining and decided to test the game more patiently, I realized that the minigames are not as mandatory as I thought.

And it is possible to buy gifts to increase XP with the girls, so basically you can avoid all the minigames except that of typing.

Anyway, I don't think anything would be lost if there was simply no minigame in the whole game. Or Dev could put a "cheat mode" where you can beat the minigames just by clicking on them…



You can buy a thing that skips the typing too.



I don't see one that skips it for writing those reviews for Vicky.



Hire review help on the first page of the shop



Oh I thought that only worked for Sam. I didn't know it also worked for Vicky. Thanks.



Is there a difference b/w the development and public builds in terms of content or scenes. Does one have more than the other?



The dev. build comes out around the 23/24, tho they did have an extra build come out the 14th of last month. The scene(s) in the dev. build will be in the public that comes out the first week of the next month along with the scene(s) made specifically for the public build. So you'll be able to play the some scenes early each month.


Are there any other games like this?

Son getting with mom?



Good to know. Thanks.



What's the new scene in the dev build?



Probably the new scene with the aunt.



can someone post this and any other new scenes? currently can't download the newest build



Summertime Saga, but the cuck who makes the game renamed the "mother" as "friend" or something.

The Twist you fuck your mother and sister. But the graphics are similar to GTA3 and the game is kinda bad (not totally bad, but it's bad anyway).

In Big Brother you can fuck your mother and the two sisters, but the game is unbearable and there is a guy who stays in the house fucking your family all the time and it takes a 5h of gameplay to get rid of him. Until there you're like a cuck. And the sex scenes in general are crap.

I only know these. I would not recommend any (maybe just the Summertime Saga).


New update, grandma makes her debut. Don't get to bake any creme-filled cookies in her oven though. Just strip teasing.



Normally I would complain about them introducing too many new characters, but we've already impregnated half the existing characters so there's not much more they can do with them.



> but we've already impregnated half the existing characters

which characters and more importantly, does it show?




Milfy city.



you can't fuck her yet, you don't even fuck the older sis\ younger sister

expect lead to nowhere blueballing this update too.


File: d937c90b89be806⋯.png (157.47 KB, 374x396, 17:18, grandma.png)

Is it just me, or does the grandma's art style seem a bit different than that of the other girls? I noticed this as soon as I saw her, but didn't really know why. I think it might be because she looks a bit less "cartooney" than the others.



>Narrower eyes

>Colored-in lips

>prominent thick eyebrows

Not quite different style, but she does have a radically different structure to her facial features compared to literally every other character.


Mega link?



The link never changes you fucking dumb nigger


No new update today, it will supposedly come out during this week. It also apparently has one major scene to be included, which is why it's apparently not coming out today, still being worked on.


Sam and Julia threesome scene is up



Fuck yeah been looking forward to them two doing a threesome.

Still disappointed in the lack of the Sam and Kira threesome though.

Also disappointed in the mom and kira threesome since it honestly sucked.

Hope the dev does another scene with those two.

Also looking forward to Mom and Aunt threesome eventually.

Don't give a shit about the bathroom lady or grandma.









In the store, dipshit



thats a not then


File: 398a840c6894afb⋯.png (2.96 KB, 240x180, 4:3, 8cf2bba51e4986fcd3c0ec1dd0….png)


File: 09e4dde06b427ae⋯.jpg (24.83 KB, 402x413, 402:413, dumbass.jpg)



>buying gifs


oh my god the mcs foreskin hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhng

you got me on the thunder dick cock fuck



Aunt dicking in the Red Robin fuck yeah nigger bigger!




What exactly are you talking about, my dear autistic friend?



Did you take your meds today?


OFFICIAL best girl tier list

loli twin > mommy > bathroom slut > aunt > business slut > granny > muscle sister >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> goth loli

if you don't agree you are FUCKING retarded and gay



The loli twin is my favorite too. She is the only one whose development of the sex scenes was made carefully enough to make me horny.

The rest can be summarized as "click to see sex scenes"



yeah i wasnt expecting her path to be that good. Did mom and big sis first but the twin was pretty good.





Sam, aka loli twin is the only one I felt that really built up to the sex. Literally everyone else in the game starts sucking the mc off way too fucking quickly. The Aunt and Grandma already suffer from this greatly. One of the things I want is gradual acceptance of incest, not incest-ready sluts. Kira and Mom weren't that bad at this, but weren't as good as Sam.


I think the goth loli would have been better if she wasnt a loli and somewhere between twin loli and Kira


new versions out btw



you mean a …. teenager ?



No its not.



yes it is. Developer build anyway.


Assfucking for Janet and Vicky. The former has an animation.


Found this game two or three day go. Was hitting me hard in the penis. I saw and download. I could not believe mine eye. Such immense boob incest. I tooken day off work today and yesterday for this to be masturbate all day. I just cant get enough of Kira's buttery asshole I wish I could slide my penis into her armpits and make her my cow. And then there Sam who I would cut my cock for. Yes. I would not care for the jail time, I would just initiate her orgasms. Twenty four hour orgasms. Yes. I hope the creator continue the work. I shall return to the masturbation. I am happy man. Thankyou.



My intelligence feels damaged from just reading that.



Did you have a stroke while typing that anon?



Well he did jerk off for an entire day, so it's not out of the question.



Grats on the bobs and vagene Ahmed.



Don't let the incest take over you life anon. At least remember to poo in the loo every so often.




probably the creepy details.

desi-posting is an art form.


File: 32c1b81557ef7b4⋯.jpg (337.91 KB, 600x682, 300:341, like.jpg)


It's like I'm reading a text from a really horny fake tech support agent







Apology for the english but no word can describe my love for Sam's Asses. <3

Saddened that I reach end of new content but blessed that you are in able to REVISIT sex! Never before. This has changed me. I am a better man. When I done fuck my sister, I can fuck her AGAIN! OVER AND OVER! The player is me and I am happy. I love game.



Additional, I'm looking forward to rubbing penises with grandmother in forward update.



This sentence is basically art, in a morbid abstract way.

Also stop giving them ideas.




I'm not sure if you're shitposting or not. I really hope you're not.




You were doing so well and then you ruined it.

Pack it up boys, he's a fraud!


Guys, do you also think the game would be better if the characters had more personality and it wasn't so easy to have sex with them?

I know some games do it on purpose, but sometimes creating some obstacles before sex makes the sex scenes better.

The mom, for example, at first thinks it's wrong, but after a couple of scenes she's already having sex with the midget boy.



Congratulations, you just discovered that having a reward for doing something and interesting characters are some of things that make porn games better than porn.



I think devs should start noticing that. In normal games prizes are usually silly things, like a sword that kills all enemies in 1 hit, or a cosmetic item. Not funny at all.

But in porn games the reward can be something that gives real satisfaction, like seeing a girl that we like having hot sex and behaving in a lewd manner.

Does anyone recommend games that get this feeling efficiently?



No. The characters are interesting in you as the MC, the MC being a kid have little to no knowledge of sex so it's ok as it is. Your effort is the minigames you do in order to win points.



Did you just said that you enjoy self inserting as a kid because they have 'little to no knowledge of sex'? Kek.



Yes. That's my fetish.



>being a virgin is now a fetish

wew lad



Yeah. It is.

>You'll never have horny women raping you out of your virginity


File: a3582ba252b98ac⋯.jpg (86.58 KB, 680x680, 1:1, d93.jpg)


top lel

that was probably real and not someone ironically posting, lmao


There's a new release, but the public build seems to have the same number as the development build…



That's because they're the same. There was gonna be some granny content added to the public build but that got delayed



Does that mean we have to wait until the 26th for new content?



The dev post on ATF says they're going to do another public release when it's done.


I went to Patreon to get news about their fake game and apparently it's so fake that it does not even have a tech demo yet.

Their strategy is completely wrong, they could have more patrons doing the fake game with decent art and then raise enough money to produce the Incestral Awakening and market it in places that have no censorship.


New Grandma scene was good; I hope he keeps up a sort-of exhibitionist/risky sex thing with her to differentiate the relationship from the other cast members.

also why doesn't she wear a sexy tennis outfit when they play I mean come on now




It was the aunt that had the exhibitionist scene i thought. They fuck out on the beach in their newest scene.



That was the Aunt not grandmother.




Man, neither of you played the latest update, did ya?

There is a grandma scene with a hot tub handjob.



Then there must be a glitch because I don't get anything else from that old bitch since ver .43


i haven't checked this game in 6 months, who the fuck are half these characters



wait is .43 current build?



I did not play the last version, as far as I know the cast is:

> Loli twin

> Gothic Loli (cousin I think)

> mother

> big sister

> aunt

> welma from Scooby Doo

> big boobed boss of the game reviews company

> grandmother


File: 8743b79a98474f8⋯.jpg (12.23 KB, 275x275, 1:1, kevin-2732-275-275-1539401….jpg)










Dick cheese is smegma, not semen. You don't spray smegma, it accumulates if you're a nasty subhuman fuck who doesn't clean their dick.



your so cool dude i bet you're a lot of fun at parties



>i bet you're a lot of fun at parties

chad tier insult, plus anyone who enjoys "parties" is a faggot



>plus anyone who enjoys "parties" is a faggot

Spoken like a true worthless autist


File: 0fa15226269e470⋯.png (294.77 KB, 536x651, 536:651, smug.png)


>normalfag trying to insult anyone


File: de8a46b224a427a⋯.jpg (36.07 KB, 225x351, 25:39, nagatoro15.jpg)


Seconding this.



So pure.




fuck off sub soulless trash


Where is the new update for this game?


Yeah, it's the 29th, and no new update yet. Usually at this point something would be out.



He missed the last one a little bit, so the release period may have shifted now. I wouldn't get mad just yet.


Public build will apparently be up next week, but no info on in-development build.


File: 0d01f5c8e096e23⋯.png (14.45 KB, 708x118, 6:1, I need medical transportat….png)





As you guys should be aware by now, being an artist is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Seems like every other day one of them falls victim to vague medical problems that impede development by weeks.



Did you seriously name that file after a fucking jeff dunham joke



hey dude you're the one who recognized it



It is you sit around drawing all day probably not cleaning so room is dirty and get sick in your own waste. That or its around the time people take more rbeaks cause holidays



You're on /htg/ dude. Everyone in the world is expected to not have a life so they can provide anons with mediocre fap games.



you have a point my dude


in dev updated


more granny shit



The disappointment is strong with this one.


I take back what I said last month, grandma is in fact the best girl. That fucking grin, man.


Any link for android version of the dev build?



All I want is a mom/grandma scene with some real girl-on-girl content



You can probably just replace data files.



There's no official android version


public build's out but it's just bugfixes.


new update. A small scene with the Grandma.



yeah, I noted this too.

This is "the dog ate my homework".


File: 07c51e71dbc2a37⋯.png (291.79 KB, 1830x583, 1830:583, Teaser.png)

New update with another grandma scene. They also released a little teaser of a scene with the whole main family



Learn to lurk. Shits already been mentioned, made me go and check the mega for nothing.



It literally just updated dumbass



The game itself? No, we've had access to the dev build mega for a long time. It's the same update, he just made it public.

The little preview of the family foursome is new though.



Oh that's my bad. The changelog said new grandma scene and it usually mentions if new scenes were in dev builds



If there will be a foursome, what a shame. I mean, I love the idea, but it would be rushed, what about Twin x Mom and Kira x Twin threesomes first?



>calls me dumbass

>didn't know about the dev build mega



File: 07b21b8f0f86ba5⋯.gif (206.84 KB, 312x322, 156:161, 1434678840382.gif)


>foursome scene finally



There's already a twin x mom threesome.



Yeah my bad. I did actually know about the dev build mega. I'm actually the one who mentioned that update too. I just read the changelog wrong. I'm the dumbass



There's also not even a proper Mom and Kira scene. It's just that blowjob scene and it's kind of lousy



>you will play as the protagonist

Thanks for the clarification SCS here I was thinking we were going to play as the innkeeper.



I actually thought it was going to be a female protagonist. So I'm glad they clarified.


is the .0048 version acting weird for anyone else? such as not saving names or money when loading up a save?



All my relationship progress is back to level 1 in my saves. No sure about money, but I did notice names reverting to default as well. No idea what's causing it.



Oh so it's not just me, than. Yeah I also notice anything I buy in the shop isnt saved either


someone please post some of the new CGs, my old computer went to shit and I can't run this game right now but need to fap


File: d3e288ad1781a62⋯.png (930.41 KB, 672x787, 672:787, d3e.png)


This game is so fucking ugly, Anime shit merged with western cartoon shit is the most hideous thing there is.



Thanks for your opinion, brainlet



It's not that ugly. Some drawings look amateur and have little sex appeal. Others are a little more acceptable and exciting. Overall I would rate 4.5/10 for the artistic quality.

The biggest problem with this game is that there is no decent relationship between the characters. You click and see sex. Only Loli Twin has an acceptable storyline.




I think the biggest problem is lack of unified style. Grandmother looks really out of place.


New update is out. Adds a group scene and expands the mom/Kira threesome if you revisit it



does it fix the name and relationship reset?


saving names and relationships is still busted



*and shop items

Hell, I've even tried deleting the save files folder in roaming appdata and nothing works


049 alpha is out.



Is the game good now or more sliding minigames and cg scene


Using .0049, stats are still getting wiped after quitting.


someone mind posting the new scenes?

id like to see them but dont wanna love my save progress







Use unren, see 'em yourselves ya lazy fucks.


Strange, all my saves work?



Pretty sure the save problems and the stat problem were solved in the last hotfix.




Stuff bought from the store (and in turn, relationship levels leveled up that way) still reset, but now money saves and so do custom names, so it's half fixed



Any updates?



Next update will probably be some time next week


File: 4a775c44e32e7a8⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bg party_Group_NoJS_NoCum_….png)

Thank you devs

I really hope that thet add Kira DP with nate and some friend from school, since Kira say somethign related from nate's friends



Now where did ya find this?



New update. Here are the links. They stay the same every update.

>link for in-development builds - https://mega.nz/#F!gZBGEbLR!Un0C2dXajoGws7pAvmymQQ!5VIFAIaQ

>link for public builds - https://mega.nz/#F!wUBAVICQ!UWnDRO_1ytgYcHi8wGWZMg!lUJExCTB



Completed everything possible and I still couldn't trigger the latest scene


Pregananant scenes when?



Same here. Something's borked.



Sleep at night.



Does nothing

I'm not that retarded


>>65635 make sure vicky is complete as well, that fixed it for me, if it's not that check the other characters.



fucking typo i was replying to >>65625


File: 63cfb11bf4ee247⋯.png (84.17 KB, 1359x330, 453:110, RIP IA.png)

Well boys. End of the road. After the next update the game is done for good.

Hydro says the reason is that their artist is moving on to other projects and also how much harsher everybody is getting with ss content.

They also said they are gonna leave the game open to modders but I doubt we will get anything good from that.

The game had a good run though. One of the first games I have seen that actually has what you could call an ending.



Kinda figured. The latest scene is labeled "finale"



Good riddance. /ss/ is trash.



kill yourself



As long as the final pic has all the girls and confirms a harem then its good that its finished.

Now Erolon will hopefully get some damn content.



Ehhh. The ending definitely feels rushed to me. We were just getting into 3somes and 4somes within the main family.

A 3some with mom and aunt felt obvious to me as a step of progession. Same with adding Julia into scenes with other family members besides Sam since she was living there. A vicky and kacey threesome also sounded nice.

The big orgy with everyone was super out of nowhere for me.. Especially with Kira just leading the entire thing.


File: 3b6ff8feca58b64⋯.png (456.12 KB, 810x480, 27:16, AMvj7XY.png)

RPG porn games are a miskate


so let me see if i understand, cucks are being cucks and whining about one of the only few patreon porn games that is not generic as fuck or ntr shitfest instead of consuming literally the hundreads of generic games that would suit their demands they are fucking the few ones that are for a nieche public….and being ok with people making fortunes by making furry porn games, well i needed to get out from my computer anyway so long it was good when it lasted at least is a step further from wootch and nergal



how do you get the orgy scene?




Who the fuck is Vicky?

The only person i'm missing


she is the business woman she contacts you when you do a couple of game reviews



People are angry because the game had a lot of potential, but after it was banned from Patreon its development became a mess and now is clearly having an improvised ending.

In the current state, the game does not properly develop almost any storyline, only Loli Twin has something that can be considered a "storyline", the rest are sets of scenes without proper implementation.

This is a game with incest and original art, two things with a lot of appeal, but that was clearly neglected by the developers because they want success in Patreon and think that they will achieve this with a generic RPG.




I knew it had to end sooner or later but I'm still sad.

Is there any other /ss/ game that has kind of the same feel? As opposed to "Chad Thundercock Jr. mindbreaks all the bitches with his comically oversized dick".



Nope, the Japs still make them but they never get translated. Western games are 95% landlady or "Chad thundercock fucks the entire town after talking to them for 5 mins." type of games.



As the other anon said, most of them are untranslated, but there are good ones like this one




It's not really an improvised ending, you pretty much did everything you could in the game already. Running it for much longer is just bound to ruin it, although it would be cool to see the gloryhole girl end up being the teacher and similar shit. Hopefully they'll at least end the grandma story, but I kinda prefer this over the game turning out shit like Summertime saga did not to mention the fact that after the Patron fiasco, it's unlikely they are making a ton of money, even though they do kinda deserve it.


There are some western games, but it's usually RPGM instead of a novel. You have Bones Tales: The Manor, School of Lust (kinda a mess with the dev being a cunt, but still worth it), Town of Passion (plenty of content and good art) and its copy of one of the Nergal's games. I'd advise against Nergal games as they are a mess now that the cunt is back to milking it.



>even though they do kinda deserve it.

By that I mean they deserve the money, not the game getting fucked by patreon



Bones Tales is NTR cuckshit where your dog cucks you and School of Lust is also NTRcuckshit where your uncle cucks you and one of the girls will be ruined for being a futa.



>the worst most disgusting girl

>Complain about how you get cucked by your dog by her.

Shes disgusting. Why would you even care about her, when you so many better options available.


Is it in the ripped games list?


File: 45f5d34083f5de5⋯.png (122.6 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 0c1b2e71d314d2a744ed8cb636….png)


>Bones Tales: The Manor

Dev is a faggot that insists in making that fucking shit ghost following you around. It also looks like shit compared to this game.

>School of Lust

Planned cuckshit. Kys.

>Town of Passion

Genuinely good recommendation.

>I'd advise against Nergal games as they are a mess now that the cunt is back to milking it.

I liked A Zombie's Life. It ended nicely and had relatively good art, story and gameplay if you avoid melee and turn the game into a survivial horror. Urban demons as a concept was always shit.




>Why would you even care about her, when you so many better options available.

>Just eat the parts that are not smeared in shit

No. The game is shit, either because of dogs, because of your uncle, or because the dev is a fucking cuck like the taffy tales one.


This game is and will probably always be the best western h game ever done. It's good that it's done. All things need an end, even if it's rushed. Plus, it didn't need patreon at all.



>Shes disgusting. Why would you even care about her

Also, I differ. She might be shit, but she is probably the best girl in the game. The other sister must be literally retarded, your mom is fucking stupid too, the big sister is the only one that actually do things on her own volition. With the little sister you "fool her" to do stuff, which shouldn't be hard with a drooling retard, and the mom do things because she "feels guilty"? Compared to them the big sister as disgusting as she is is far more interesting and she'd be great without the whole dogfucking shit, which is actually pushed because the dev loves it like a faggot.



Basically finish the game.

Max out everyone, max boldness, and get everyone's scenes.



>Who the fuck is Vicky?

Only the best girl. You fucked up anon.



>This game is and will probably always be the best western h game ever done. It's good that it's done. All things need an end, even if it's rushed. Plus, it didn't need patreon at all.

Although I don't know many western games, I agree that this is better than the most that I've played.

But analyzing only the game itself, Incestral Awakening is a mediocre game in my opinion and if it is the best that the westerns have ever produced, then there is no western game better than 5/10.

IA can be summed up as a sequence of minigames that will give you necessary points to unlock scenes that do not even seem to be erotic.

The scenes with the aunt are the best example. You swim with her naked on the beach, then take pictures of her naked, and everything done in a mechanical, uninspired and non-erotic way.



I got her, you have to do the middle writing review for it activate the other two don't do shit.



>then there is no western game better than 5/10.

There isn't. But, the game goes straight to the point, is pretty much a nukige. It isn't amazing, but it gets the job done.

>that do not even seem to be erotic

They don't really need to. They built the characters.



>They don't really need to. They built the characters.

Yeah, but that's exactly what I think it's missing.

If all the storylines were like Loli Twin (which is very simple and fast), I would have nothing to complain about and I think this game would easily deserve an 8/10.



There's no reason another artist can't be hired to work on the project. "Sole artist" my ass, the Kira couch blowjob was clearly drawn by Idlecum.



That was a one time thing and im sure this guy is more expensive than their main artist (Which is probably why we didnt got another art piece by him).



>This is a game with incest and original art, two things with a lot of appeal, but that was clearly neglected by the developers because they want success in Patreon and think that they will achieve this with a generic RPG.



thats only because if you have someone running on two legs in a race of cripples theyll lap the field. this game passed the bare minimum art requirements of not looking terrible that almost every western game fails, had solid direction and some good story ideas. but the writing itself was still pretty bad and the games, while not absolute ass and unplayable, barely functioned as more than time sinks.

with more time and money I do think they couldve fleshed out the story more and done some other things/introduced new characters without it becoming an aimless moneygrabbing boondoggle.

hopefully the artist and whoever the guy was who made the shotcalls (after his retarded furry rpg fails) stay in the space and can make a game that wont get cucked by patreon


So this may be the wrong thread to post this in, but 8chan seems rife with English as a Second Language types, and I've noticed it most in this thread. Are ya'll some teenagers who don't pay attention in English class, or stupid adults who struggle with the world's official business language? Your sentence structure and grammar is absolute dog shit, like I'm reading posts made by fucking toddlers.



Cool blogpost fam


It's ren'py.

Just mod it and add new scenes.



it's weird alright, but it's hilarious scrolling past threads where it's a few of these guys arguing back and forward in broken English



the issue is getting an artist and the artist wants nothing to do with the game anymore.



or a smooth bottle of bourbon is involved. Last time I checked none of my English teachers grade people on image boards… are you volunteering for something so pointless? And maybe it is a case of ESL. So why does it bother you, it's not like it's really important.



seems like the artist was just tired of it more than fearing the shota police



What version number will that be?


File: 5866d06624dac9b⋯.jpg (19.48 KB, 200x300, 2:3, 10outta10IGN.jpg)


There is no shame in being second to the GOAT



what a faggot, he goes all the way to this point and then gets moral about it?



Whatever the case he is moving on so modding wont do shit.


Its more like burnout, i mean unless it specifically your fetish for the most part you dont enjoy drawing as much. Im not particularly fond of ss or incest so i can understand him getting bored of IA if he did it just as work.


New update.

It's a small scene with the grandma. Next public build might be the last one with the epilogue and then it's over.


File: 6b38bd889a61b00⋯.png (367.06 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0001.png)


File: e6174257053f341⋯.png (442.02 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0003.png)


File: a82ef35db7e6e25⋯.png (381.03 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0004.png)


File: 202af4321c3aa16⋯.png (348.12 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0005.png)


File: 0456b926c7cfe7e⋯.png (244.35 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0006.png)


You haven't heard about spoilers, stupid faggot?




>in a porn game


File: c838220d53f704e⋯.jpg (48.14 KB, 350x456, 175:228, 1541462305597.jpg)


Porn scenes are literally the only reward you have in porn games, if you spoil it, you ruin others experience. There is literal no reason to post those pictures here, anyone could play the game for themself and see, but you choose to ruin it.

Please, act as a educated man and follow the code from this board. Also delete your pictures and if you really want to show they, use spoiler, i bet you won't hurt ya.



You're right, but to be fair, adult games are rewarding because they make the player engage with the characters before offering porn. Just seeing grandma's art says nothing to most, even though this art is of low quality. It's the character development that makes these scenes hot.






Should have creamed her pussy instead of her ass.



This isn't reddit, ppl can't just delete pics after they've been posted.



Want to know how I know you're not from here?


Use this thread because that one Matthew fuck that started the other is retarded. Anyways, new Grandma scenes are pretty hot.



They must have changed it fairly recently. It wasn't so easy to do it in the past.


File: d85f37d5b30a39e⋯.png (602.56 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0002.png)


File: 79e464d2c4d7b40⋯.png (464.16 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0003.png)


File: 1e034f163cb7891⋯.png (456.13 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0004.png)


File: 32e3607bed92b45⋯.png (723.45 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0005.png)


File: f2a3991390bd174⋯.png (537.8 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0006.png)


File: a851186afe2b355⋯.png (620.42 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0007.png)


File: 4571d0a50b3a11f⋯.png (441.5 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0008.png)


File: bc7201c2547df53⋯.png (712.65 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0009.png)


File: e4975c4b64901dd⋯.png (570.2 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0001.png)


File: 822ba421180a663⋯.png (579.88 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0002.png)


File: 4885ecca1ac4a2e⋯.png (581.05 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0003.png)


File: 6729b69df1b8592⋯.png (586.33 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0004.png)


File: 8baf5faa5124075⋯.png (592.58 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0005.png)


File: 7f4fc342cc9ed98⋯.png (597.94 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0006.png)


File: 269ad5f6bef5875⋯.png (604.73 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0007.png)


File: 978a6369e3f8621⋯.png (611.37 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0008.png)


File: b3b647791426da6⋯.png (616.62 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0009.png)


File: e187b9d0fd5f79d⋯.png (620.34 KB, 1178x662, 589:331, screenshot0010.png)


File: 7ff487560278a15⋯.jpg (19.87 KB, 500x566, 250:283, 26804610_1733056123417274_….jpg)




It should be the same one that's already in the thread. Ctrl f can help you find it next time




You don't like women?


And people jack off to this shit.



Summertime Saga is in the catalog, are you really that surprised?


I haven't check this game in a while since I knew it'd be ending soon. Was this last update the final or should I keep waiting?



This is the last one except last bugfix release( assuming they bother).


Damn, this is an amazing sex game! A western vanilla game that isnt ugly, and dont have any weird fetishes, besides grandma shit. Better than Summertime Saga shit, with its obsession with ugly faces, and inhuman tits like most of western shit. Not fan of incest tough, but beggars cant be choosers, after all. Cant wait for more updates.


File: d4b776e17f0917b⋯.png (328.76 KB, 534x500, 267:250, sadman.PNG)


>Cant wait for more updates.



File: 5a2b0a7cf590da8⋯.jpg (37.83 KB, 610x407, 610:407, 1465156156.jpg)


Grab a chair then, you'll be waiting for a while



There should be one coming up within the next couple of weeks, but there's probably not going to any after that one.




Ok, now I know its the final version. Im still happy with the game as it is.



This is what happens if you dont make game exclusively for patreon shekels.


Well, there's always the chance that someone might take over it, or that the artist comes crawling back to work on it again.

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