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File: 105eb2931fba75f⋯.jpg (251.69 KB, 1280x865, 256:173, SigvsE.jpg)


Ive been making a game, but I need people to link me artists, so I can try to get art in it. Btw, all the devs are pretty lazy as far as I can tell. I was able to do 1 full girl, basic map management, money making, gifts and such in about a week, although no art. It seems pretty easy. And this was me learning from scratch. I lost respect for /weg/devs when I found how easy it was.

If it helps narrow it down, the game I'm making is an r63 based on the Primarchs of the lore during the events of the Horus Heresy, though not much is similar.


If it's so easy than where's the game fuck boy

You can easily just put in placeholders



I can link it tonight when Im at home, though I haven't really inserted the placeholders into it (Probably a dumb idea, but I wanted to see what they looked like so I had a better idea of where they would be appropriate.)

Still lacking on the gui as well.



Shit i think i remember you. Ferrus was the one that was good at giving head right?


inb4 this turns out unfinished or just another text game



Yea, good memes. Ive been trying to save up / learn to draw for art. Feels bad.


I hate text games.



>I was able to do 1 full girl, basic map management, money making, gifts and such in about a week, although no art.

>It seems pretty easy.

>And this was me learning from scratch.

Can't wait for your buggy unplayable mess.


>Be me, OP, realize I forgot to deliver yesterday.




My bad anons who don't really care about it. Here's the mega for the writing, though it's not all done. I expanded it to have a love / corruption routes, so Im still adding to it. Also, it's a bit particular so in order it's

Talk > Smile > Tongue > Chastise > Talk > Feet > Smile > Bend Over > Smile > Armor > Tongue > Armor > Bend > Tongue > Handjob > Feet > Chastise > Ends here for now.

Feel free to C&C me, would be appreciate. Also ask for shit, I'm pretty open minded.

Also, nothing in Rep Acts rn, since I'm torn between in being popular in these games, but it's also kind of cucky.



>just spam "action" button



One question:

Do you really think your "skills" are needed?

What you did is available in ren'py's basic tutorial, and literally ANYONE can do it.



I don't see you doing anything aside from being an asshole. And it's not gameplay, lmao. Are you daft? I ain't trying to be the next hottest shit in the toilet, Im just saying its decently easy to do stuff fast. Why the fuck would I need a lot of gameplay in a fucking trainer game. The whole reasons to jerk off, not be stuck in a fucking grind loop.

But I ain't falling for this b8 after this post. C&C or leave, don't be a prick for no reason then to cry.



You genuinely have zero clue about what you're talking about. Weg developers never claimed to be experts at gameplay, the reason they're popular is because they bring something DIFFERENT to the table in their own chosen form. Regardless of how shitty it is. I'm referring to the Devs who get $1000+

Those 3D games? The developer either knows how to create attractive characters and/or produces a lot of content.

2D games? This one is the most controversial due to how fucking difficult it is. Unless you draw your own art, this WILL be difficult. They get big because their art is either incredible or abundant.

Text Games get big due to the stupidly high amount of content in them. One page from a text game can have more content than a lot of renpy games.

What are you bringing to the table? It doesn't matter how good your gameplay is.

t. Developer earning over $1000



Ya forgot about tons of shilling, jewish pledges on patreon and other underhanded moves. Without that little bit of marketing targeted towards normies you would get shit. Go on steam, see how that will go when reviews start coming in.



You seem to expect a lot from me, despite the fact I don't even have any art in yet. Its like you think this will be the final build.

Also, its more of a pet project rather than the jew devs I see around here who are money grubbers. Im more making this for myself since it isn't out there yet.

You are just being an ass for the sake of being an ass, which is not appreciated. Give some advice or just get gone if you have nothing to input.



Turn it into per major release, no paywall shit until it's NSFW then repost somewhere else. Use it as supporting not selling platform (if you will even go on paypig).

Now, in terms of artists I will break it to ya. Forget it, finding ones that want to spend time to do something like that will be hard as fuck. You are better off just doing the game and hoping it gets popular and some artists will do it to get popular as well. That's basically it.


File: 05924c6ac697a66⋯.gif (371.62 KB, 533x300, 533:300, Do it.gif)


>Create good art/ produce alot of content.

Some, not all. There's an entire thread to bad artstyle and most renpy games are shit.

Still you're defending patreon so you're a whore. Better fuck off back to sucking "donations" for a living.



U jelly?



Nope, cause I don't suck dick for a living.



Some devs are lazy, and some are misleading like the guy from Monster Girl Island who got rich promising something they'll never be able to deliver.

But I think you're making a mistake thinking making a game is easy just because you made the foundations of it quickly. The real difficulty is creating the events and story.

If you try to create many events very quickly, they will be bland because creativity is not something unlimited, you need time to have decent ideas.

And the more you develop the characters, the harder it gets to make new events, because you need to maintain a consistency with their personality and story.



>Over $1000

>Probably below $1100. That's ~12k yearly.

>Making less than McDonald's employee



What this anon said.



I'm not even the person you replied to but if you think that's how much we actually earn, you're genuinely a full strap idiot.

I'm in a lot of developer skype calls and every single one of us have multiple sources of income. I can't even begin to explain how wrong you are because it's just funny


File: 3a6440de9c2f349⋯.jpg (182.5 KB, 717x880, 717:880, vcpPZ.jpg)



>I'm not the same person!



File: e93e2ad1d432fe6⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 400x400, 1:1, "Are you serious" Junko.jpg)

Idk whats gone on in this thread since I left, but Id rather this not become more of a shit show if possible. Though I did get to thinking about gameplay.

Since I eventually plan to do more of the Primarchs, I might make you have to actively participate in the war, and having to beat the different Legions to get to their respective Primarchs so it would be non-linear.

Insofar as the actual girls gameplay, I'm trying to keep it more simple, since I personally dislike it when there's too much barrier to moving forward with a girl, though advice is appreciated.


We're not, mostly cause first one was me, the OP and I make 0 dollars on the fuck all of a game I have.

Again, constructive criticism or ideas are welcome and appreciated, but please stop making a such a ruckus if you would be so kind.


File: 7ddf49f205ff550⋯.jpg (92.77 KB, 818x626, 409:313, Sth.jpg)


Etheross of course



His human stuff aint half bad either. and Id fuck that snek



Thanks for the new fetish, mate.


Fuck Etheross. Least dependable artist on the planet. Disappears without notice for months at a time, but doesn't mind collecting his Patreon shekels for literally nothing.


>Btw, all the devs are pretty lazy as far as I can tell. I was able to do 1 full girl, basic map management, money making, gifts and such in about a week And this was me learning from scratch

As other have also said…

While I do agree that most porn game devs are under preforming, programming in its own is pretty easy if you use a solid backbone system like u4 ,unity3d etc… Even more so when you do game systems that already have been implemented in the genre before, it is fairly easy to an basic inventory system even if you have minimal levels of coding experience. The issue that arises is when the game actually gets going and there is more code to work with. You will face duplicate code fairly often, unit testing will be also a issue. you will add a unique feature for girl number 4 and suddenly girl 1 intro will not work properly and you will not have any clue how and countless other similar issues (one specific item not showing up in the inventory, map bugs etc). There are countless books just describing proper coding structures, behaviors and principles of how to properly code software, If you truly want to make a proper game you will need to look this up deeply. This is coming from personal experience as well. I made a rts game in unity I made the mock up in under 2 weeks after work but getting everything to work properly and connected is its own dilemma


File: 6853852835d43f5⋯.jpg (197.08 KB, 747x1354, 747:1354, LionJonson.jpg)

Well I've finally got some art in for Lion and Leman r63, and working on getting some actual VN models for them to be in the game. As well as getting some backgrounds, looks like Im finally making progress for art.


File: 5fbcc402370fddb⋯.jpg (790.79 KB, 1971x3150, 219:350, LemanRuss.jpg)



Ehh, don't know how genderbent Primarchs will go, I assume you have some background in /tg/ stuff to bring across the personalities/inside jokes and lore that'll make it good rather than 63Leman being angry and howling at the moon.

That being said, art is alright, waist on Leman is abit thin though, like the artist studied for CLAMP.



Yea, some of the anatomy is slightly off, but I have a more professional one doing the actual sprites who can fix anatomy, the guy I have do sketches is just always open, very reliable and good at building them from the base with me. Always streams with me and does what I ask of him.

And yea Primarchs are my main fascination about 40k which is my main hobby, so I think I should know enough.

Unfortunately the sprite artist is closed till next week.


>genderbent primarchs

Not sure how I feel about this. In any case, here's a free 40k porn game pitch:

You play as a daemonette who has infiltrated an Adeptus Sororitas convent. Your goal is to corrupt the sisters in the convent while avoiding discovery by the inquisition. Find some way to possess or control the sister superior and have her give the sisters under her command increasingly lewder orders. Hide your work from visiting delegations of the Imperial Guard or Space Marines or find some way to turn them. Be careful not to play your hand too soon or you might have a visit from an inquisitor, which you might have to fool, dispose of or corrupt. Gain the Dark Prince's favor by spreading excess and debauchery, be blessed with the biggest tits, or dick, or both! Work to thwart the other chaos gods and play your part in the great game. Fuck your way into the higher echelons of the Palace of Pleasure's hierarchy. Embrace your hunger, your lust, your desire. The universe is yours for the taking!

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