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File: a9b5c9fc1eb395b⋯.jpg (196.16 KB, 1005x753, 335:251, X23.jpg)




No actual Laura content I take it? Can't even remember the last version I played but seems like not much has changed.

It annoys me to know end that every porn game in development that I care about moves at similarly slow paces. This is probably the worst offender tho.



Funny to see the same shitty format being used in the OP because i started it out of boredom at night like this comment


Yeah i don't remember either.

Kinda wish i would never have come across Princess trainer, then i wouldn't know about all these porn games.


Has the mod loader ever been completed? I just wanna make more clothes and not have to code anything to get them in game. Makes quality checks a breeze as well.



Eh, shitty format maybe. But at least there's links included to the previous threads, even though most of them after 1 2 & 3 had no real useful information.


>Ok, to get it out of the way at the top, sorry about the lack of updates lately, don't worry about it, I'm still working hard on the next update, it's just that the work is mostly boring to talk about, adapting existing systems to work for Laura and adding new dialog options for her, yada-yada. The next release will hopefully be in the few weeks, it will include Laura's chat menu, several new clothing options, flirting, shower stuff, sleepovers, studying, fondling, handies, dancing, and a few other things, probably about 60% of what the other girls have so far. The rest would be targeted at the release after that, mostly due to art limitations. I'm mostly done the code I need to get done for this release, but have a bit more to do, and then I need to finish up the last few graphics I need to get done. One of my support artists dropped out, so I'm still on the look out for any high quality artists that would be interested in the project, but I can handle the current goals.








Handling all the girls on screen and their interactions with each other must be hell since each girl is a set of variables instead of an object or whatever. Lots and lots and lots of Ifs.

Once he finishes Laura he should definitely try to abstract things. Hell, he should have done that when he started adding Emma.



This is what happens when you have someone that learns to make games while making the game.

>creating a good foundation for my coding is too hard and long


Another example of this shit is sunsetrider for a game based on breaking girls with a 50/50 chance because you went to their room that one time while not knowing how fucking games work also



hey niggers new build, Rogue has a jumpsuit inspired by her comic & cartoon 90's self.

This one guy is adding stuff too like Emma's actual dialogue and the like, here ya degenerates go.




screens or fuck off


File: 1b1c2c7cfdbbc1b⋯.png (898.47 KB, 1020x765, 4:3, rogue.png)



Now we only need the old hair style



Is it just this or all the mods so far? Also does this come with a sex variant or does she just strip like with most of everything else?


File: 32edecd3c1471a1⋯.png (764.31 KB, 1023x767, 1023:767, rogue2.png)


It's all the mods so far



he did some of that already, that's why the mods are broken and nobody has gotten around to fixing them I don't want to make any promises I'm not sure I can keep



>It's all the mods so far



File: 538b350ea942678⋯.jpg (37.2 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1550774892582.jpg)


is mystique still shitting up the place?



File: 37d6570532ff61e⋯.png (922.76 KB, 890x698, 445:349, tacky.png)




So. to anyone here who is actually able to code or competent in anything the game needs. would it really take you this long with this budget to progress as slow as the fag oni does? honest question btw.


File: 72285731bdf6438⋯.png (96.26 KB, 890x698, 445:349, error.png)

Game freaks out when entering the Danger Room



Are they really all in the current version now?


Depends on competence level in both code and art.

Oni is good at art but hos grasp of the code is hugely lacking.



I mean if Oni wasn't a stubborn sack of shit and accepted help and let people show him how to properly code shit would be far ahead in terms of content. His grasp of code is shit because he refuses any form of help with it.

It's like offering to help someone using a hammer to put a screw in, and showing them the proper way to do it. It'll take them twice the effort, and twice the time but they'll eventually do it with it looking like shit. Or they could let someone show them how to use a power drill and put multiple screws in, in the time it takes them to hammer a single one in.



I think you can fix it by opening script.rpy, looking for newgirl["Laura"].GirlLayerLayer and changing it to newgirl["Laura"].GirlLayer



>with this budget

It's not like he's a competent programmer who makes an actual software for money. This line just sounds silly as fuck.



This main screen looks so… weird, they should keep the original one.


Soon he's gonna have to either stop adding new girls or rework his code



Well yeah it sounds off, but it is still a budget and in my opinion more than enough to deliver something not this crappy or at least not this slow. thats why i was asking. To see if im ignorant or he is just a legit shit dev.



This has been the slower copy paste I have ever seen kek

And remember that this next update won't have sex scenes for Laura.



>but it is still a budget

I see money being rather irrelevant there, it's hard to believe that he invest money into development of the game, he's not even getting paid for a product because it simply doesn't exist. This looks more like a guy is doing this game as hobby while people are trying to support him with donations.

>or he is just a legit shit dev.

He doesn't deserve to be called a dev in my opinion, because for starters he doesn't really treat this project seriously, there is no clear goal or dead line either because he's not making a product software. This is why it takes so slow, by the way. It's clear he doesn't treat this as a real work and same thing goes for pretty much every Patreon fag.

So, to answer your question, if he actually treated this as work it would have much more content by this time if it wasn't even finished already and the code wouldn't be such a mess. If you want an example of it being done right look at Japanese VNs.

It seems like only Mity has a clear idea what the fuck he's doing and you can see that he's trying to treat Four Elements seriously, even though it's still not perfect.



Wait that is supposed to be mystique?

I thought it was some smurf oc from a 12 year old fanboy




Blue bitch here. Hasn't been taken out yet.



You can do it if you want it so much anon, you just need to delete 8 lines


How much would cost another artist to the art for mystique?



That fixed it, thank you.



Did this guy ever upload his work?



nope, he also made some edits on Rogue and also never shared it


Do you know any date game like this? I mean no useless graphomania, no stupid minigames, but instead many functions with wardrobe, sexing, dating, slaving, ect and interesting characters. Many of games is just bad, as "Press Forward", not replayable, no include many choice.



There's a comission thread on half chan, you can check there.

You could also check with the guy who made the 90's uniform

Has Oni talked about which sex pose Laura's gonna get?


I have no words how much I like original line with Rogue, and missionary from this mode is so lame looking, ugly. In first place it was fail by Oni, and editing makes it worse.



Emma's cowgirl also look very bad in my opinion. The doggystyle are the best ones



Not necessary. She's pratlctically nonexistant if you don't go to her room after the second event. She'll only appear as the teacher for the first class.



There's also that. I really don't get all the Mystique hate here, you can easily ignore her if you dislike her so much.


Two questions:

(1) The game in >>66070 download, somebody changed X-23's pants w/ a strange see-through… how do I change it back if possible?

(2) I wanted to try and avoid Rogue & not being aggressive with her - was that route ever possible?



1 - open Mod_Laura_Scenes.rpy and delete line 5.

2 - no idea, don't kiss her at the first day maybe?


Game throws an exception when asking Emma to give you a titfuck, anyone know a fix for this?

File "game/Emma/Emma_Sex.rpy", line 118, in script call

call E_Titjob from _call_E_Titjob

File "game/Emma/Emma_HJ.rpy", line 1669, in script call

call Emma_Offhand from _call_Emma_Offhand

File "game/Emma/Emma_Sex.rpy", line 1756, in script

$ PrimaryLust += 3

File "game/Emma/Emma_Sex.rpy", line 1756, in <module>

$ PrimaryLust += 3

NameError: name 'PrimaryLust' is not defined


File: ea1ad848b609800⋯.jpg (198.65 KB, 1005x753, 335:251, bj screen.jpg)

Mar 2 at 1:02am


Rogue-Like Update 03/02/2019

Ok, I just wanted to throw this up here to see what people thought of it before I invested more time trying to animate stuff like this. I got some feedback that the BJ poses and animations I'd been using on the previous girls were a bit stale, so I wanted to try something a bit different on Laura, and settled on a more sideways pose. When brainstorming it, I realized that with some tweaks, I could probably make this work using mostly her current art assets, which means I could add the scenes to this upcoming version, rather than having to build entirely new assets to support a new pose.

So this is a bit of a mock-up just to test whether it would animate and look how I thought it would, it's not quite what the scene will look like, I don't have the "swallowing mouth" type finished up yet so it's all external, but basically she can bend down like that to the side of it and her head rotates independent of her body as needed. I might also separate out the neck if the animation doesn't look quite right. Does this look good to you guys?

Her body is also a little low-rez, since it's the default, I was considering perhaps re-exporting it all at a larger scale, but I'm not sure it's worth the time that would take, so I'm looking for feedback on that as well.

Oh, and in other news, I finished her stockings and her towel, and I'm moving on to some face tweaks and a few last art assets I need before final animations for this build, so it's coming together pretty well.

bj screen.jpg

Rogue-Like, update



>I wanted to try and avoid Rogue & not being aggressive with her - was that route ever possible?

Can't you just upgrade her resistance and lower your addictiveness? Pretty sure you can ignore her hints at doing something more than just a simple touching when she's desperate for you, I remember she was getting a bit colder toward PC when I didn't want to rush lewdness with her.



Shut your mouth



Motherfucker did not just tilt her fucking sprite.


>>66337 >>66367

Thanks! I'll try these out.


lol i just wanted to share:

rogue sends me a naked selfie, so i sent her a dick pic. rogue rages lol wtf indeed



Get the fuck outta here Zoner, you obviously don't belong.



Girls likes green dicks?



Sure it isn't a pickle?



at least he's listening

the BJ animations are god fucking awful with that triangle sameface shit he has for all the girls



This build needs fixing.

There is an error with Laura when entering the the danger room that the player has to fix. Laura appears on day 1 in the danger room but can't be interacted with till her event begins. Kitty's intro event is gone, though she is there from day 1. Emma's mouth during the middle speed of cowgirl is fucked. The threesome option isn't appearing for Kitty or Rogue but it's there for Emma and they aren't recognizing that I'm dating the other and thus not allowing me to start my harem.

Also, didn't the girls, with high levels, use to automatically whip your dick out when making out? Cause I swear that use to happen.



the variable "PrimaryLust" has not been defined

So define it some place

I think a lot of variables are defined in the file "rogue scenes" or something like that



Haven't played this game for like four years. Has anything changed at all?


File: 80fa876869d292c⋯.png (187.67 KB, 442x438, 221:219, Capture.PNG)

Why the hell doesnt my dick actually go inside of them when getting a blowjob, Im pissed



Imagine if there was a competent coder on the project how much less hassle there would be.



It's going inside here anon. Do you have the latest version?


What is the command for teleporting the girls (Laura) places?


File: c89c0fd5eefeed5⋯.jpg (601.07 KB, 1200x1747, 1200:1747, 9Cloud.us_0023-023.jpg)

I really like this style of free-form dating sim where you're not railroaded into a single route. What does it take its inspiration from? I just know there are probably a few Jap titles out there that do what this game tries to do 1000 times better. Any recs?



sansha mendan


Latest patreon post:

>Hey guys, coming into the home stretch here. I've got almost all the art done for the next build, and almost all the coding I intend to do, all that's left is the handjob and blowjob animations, which hopefully won't take forever to work out. That leads into the topic of today's post, Renpy's ATL animation system.

>I kind of hate this system. It's a real pain in the ass to work with. You can't really see the results of what you're doing without reloading the game, so a lot of the process is trial and error of "did this number change alter the animation how I wanted? Reload, wait ten seconds or so, see. . . no, ok, how about this change? . . over and over. :D

>I'll start with the easy stuff though. "anchor (x,y)" defines where the "hook" for the image is. This defaults to the top left corner of an image, and all movement of the image is relative to this point. This means that by default, if you just drop an object into the world, its top left corner will be at the top left of the stage. You can move this anchor point, either by using pixel numbers, "anchor (120,160)", or decimals to place it relative to the image, so "anchor (.5,.3)" will place the anchor halfway across and 1/3 of the way down the image. One good use for moving the anchor is that you can set the anchor on an image slightly above the bottom of it, and then whenever you place the image along the bottom of the stage, it will automatically leave that margin off the bottom.

>"pos (x,y), xpos #, and ypos #" are used to move the image around, relative to that anchor point. Like with anchor, you can use pixel placement, or relative placement, depending on the result you're trying to achieve. I almost always use pixel values for animations. One thing to keep in mind is that if you're using pos to define where an image is on the stage, then the pos values will be relative to the top left of the stage, so pos (300,500) will be 300 right and 500 down from the top. This can get a little confusing in that raising the y value makes the object move down the screen.

>It's also important to consider that when you layer images, like I often do in my animations, the pos values you use may instead be relative to their position within the new image, rather than relative to the stage. For example, if the main image you're laying down is at location (500,500) relative to the stage, and then an image contained inside that larger image (which we'll get into later) has a pos value of (100,100), then that value will be relative to the anchor point of the larger image, not relative to the stage. That means that it will end up at the position (100,100) pixels away from the anchor of the image, or (600,600) relative to the stage.

>"align" can be useful for simple things, like UI, but is a bad fit for actual animation. What it does is combine both anchor and pos, which is good for centering things, for, say, locking a UI element to a particular place on the stage, but I find that any time you aren't centering something, the results are too unpredictable. Better to just fix an anchor and then use pos to move around it.

>"offset (x,y), xoffset #, and yoffset #" can be a bit tricky as well. Like pos, they move the image around, but they actually move the image relative to its own anchor point. basically if you do xoffset 50, and its anchor point is (.5,.5), then it will move the image 50 pixels to the right. Functionally, this doesn't mean much more than pos, but in practice you can do some tricks with it. For example, this allows you to choose to establish either pos or offset as a fixed state, and then use the other one to move around that point. In some image layering techniques, the pos or offset values might end up "locked" to a higher layer of the image, so that even if you try to change the smaller part's pos values, it refuses to move. In these cases, adjusting the offset instead can allow it to move. It's basically like having two different options to achieve similar results, so it's important to keep them both in mind.

>Those are just some basic elements, and I'll get into some more stuff in the next update. The actual game release should also come relatively soon, maybe next week, or even late in this one if testing runs smoothly.

>Oh, and if you were wondering about that post last week, it was just a preview of some of the art from the next build, I wanted to get a little feedback on it and also send a little extra reward toward the $3+ patrons, which I really don't do as much as I should. If you haven't seen it, don't worry, you'll get it in the game soon enough.


File: 485904f55096565⋯.jpg (124.14 KB, 894x670, 447:335, 2019_03_03_03_45_57_Recess….jpg)



Maybe you should hire a coder. Someone who can work renpy like workhorse pussy. Those Modders did a damn good job




It's not really an issue of needing a coder, most of the time consuming aspects are creative, editing dialog, building animations, that sort of thing. the actual "programming new things" stuff takes up only a tiny fraction of the design process. In terms of hires, 90% of what I need is a few more quality artists. One more that could put out a good pace could massively speed up releases, and two more could allow me to add additional pose options. I'm also always looking for scenario writers, but even in ideal cases that's 80% "can write good dialog/scenes," and only 20% "can learn very basic Renpy coding. " I'm picked up a little writing help from one of our own going into the next build, but I also lost the artist that was working on backgrounds and some clothing options.



There are tools with dragging options to do that shit.



not gonna read it lol


File: 0ab304c277d5893⋯.png (267.14 KB, 480x480, 1:1, dinossauro filho da puta.png)


>almost all the art is done

>just missing the blowjob and handjob ones

>the main point of the update is the handjob and blowjob scene

wew lad


Fuck, I didn't know I was suppose to use the saves.


It's been what? 3 months since last version?



You're clearly new.



>editing dialog, building animations, that sort of thing

Exactly wheat he's talking about, and that's really a bitch in Ren'py. It's why I gave it up for doing what I wanted to do and switched to Unity.



I don't like hentai or anything, I really don't. Honest.

But source?



Clever? Solution by [Syati Kamaboko]



So are the f95-fag mods using the latest version or are they still on 0.978e?



>Those Modders did a damn good job

a good job would be on the current version with X23



Seems like they're gonna stick with 0.978e.



I've got a cheat mod almost finished that works on modded and unmodded 0.978e and doesn't crash the game on 0.981a and adjusts Rogue Kitty and Emmas stats but I need a copy of 0.981f or newer to test it properly, can anyone repost it?

Also I've already got 0.981d and will be testing it on that at least




Danke danke sexy man boy

As for the thread

Feels like I haven't played this game in over a year, it seems incredibly dormant


Dumb question but how is possible for Xavier to speak to you telepathically? I mean that's one of his powers and it shouldn't work on you.


File: 0eaa3ad46fa0b5c⋯.png (193.12 KB, 590x496, 295:248, Skepticism.png)


I would assume Xavier can imprint thoughts into Zero but can't read his mind, just like Emma can. His power is to nullify other mutants but he needs physical contact with them. That doesn't stop people from using abilities on him however, Laura can still stab him for instance if she's pissed off and that's my reasoning that Xavier can project thoughts into Zero but probably can't read him.



Sounds like a bit of bullshit but I'll believe it




now that it's been pointed out i agree, it seems a bit like he just didn't think of that. i'd agree that x's claws would kill him, but thats a physical thing, you can't turn it off in the same way. it makes sense that xavier can't do mind shit, it makes sense that you turn her regen off, it wouldn't make sense for her claws to just disappear. he's basically like a null



i've worked with renpy, it's pretty modular by nature. he's not doing anything with it thats particularly pushing the system to it's limits. it's basic shit. so i can confirm he's blowing a bunch of shit out of his ass


File: aac92df7a5ea9a5⋯.png (18.51 KB, 1011x715, 1011:715, Untitled.png)


Again, it's more that he can project his thoughts into Zero. He may not know where Zero and his chosen girls are having sex outside but he'll get a report from a student, lock in on the girls in question then yell it telepathically seeing as he can't read him.


File: 43656bb34c0cba6⋯.jpg (383.95 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pythonw 2017-03-07 15-34-0….jpg)

>05/03/19 almost handjob and blowjob animations




Neat have the pose animation for each girls sex animations so I can stare at it I like to look at the girls bodies



>When you succ too hard



Why suck? Pretty good business he did with idiots.



I said something to a specific image posted, not the subject matter of the post

nice reading comprehension fag



is that from Oni's patreon?



Why did you name self nice reading comprehension fag? You nice and reading?



I feel like I should point out that when you're having sex with someone, there is a conveniently placed fleshy security cam on your dick that Prof X can use to see what you're doing.

Try not to think too much about how every time X gives you a talking to, it's off the back of him having experienced you thrusting inside him.



Retards like you belong on the cross, he was very clearly providing a caption for the picture.



I have a working build ready, I tried testing it as best I could but I probably fucked something up if not in the code then the grammar.



thanks that helped


That's a vague tall order bud



Eat shit m8


There's a mod from fag95 that shows off Rogue's pose art for doggystyle position and you can see various clothes, I'd just like to see missionary for Kitty & Cowgirl for Emma



Is it animated or static, also post a pic or collage if it's animated.


File: fe8ce47ab04216b⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1651x972, 1651:972, butts.png)


It's just static and this is all it really is for the mod



That sounds like a lot less work than what I did for the cheat mod and I won't have to spend hours working out the windows batch parts either. I'll take a crack at it in the next few days after I relax a bit.



File: 0d210ceeeca7cee⋯.jpg (29.97 KB, 750x533, 750:533, hank-hill-tripping-balls-t….jpg)



Yes, give me that baby rage, samefag.


File: c686fa42f864257⋯.png (94.85 KB, 769x263, 769:263, ur mum fuccboi.png)


File: e1ec0bb35dec693⋯.png (72.39 KB, 769x263, 769:263, c686fa42f8642573e369f9a728….png)



You're so mad you edit something that is clearly two different people go find something better to do faggot



It's clearly you shoped it first lol. Go to pretend to be two different people somewhere else.



What a fucking pathetic image.


Still 0.981f, huh? Guess nothing really changes here.


Is this any good?

I haven't played it at all.






anon at first glance someone appears to have simply turned on developer options, the shit Oni used to bug test Rogues poses. from what I can tdll most of the "mod" is just integrated into the game.


File: e19c7655bd2aea5⋯.jpg (167.24 KB, 1467x832, 1467:832, kitty pose.JPG)



So I had some time to look around and all Kitty really needed was a call for the position with an if else to hide the dick, along with the dev mode mod you already have, Emma is probably about the same. I'll get around to making a patcher in the next few days but in case you wanted to just do it yourself now here is a screencap with the code and references to it.


Maybe this is actually common but I've been playing this game for ages and just discovered a neat little mechanic I haven't seen before.

Not sure of the exact prerequisites but basically I had ignored and not touched Rogue until day 7 when she finally let's the player fuck her addicted face in the morning (only correct way to start fuck rogueshitters). I came once in her mouth and then for the second time I tried to come on her face but then I get this line: "She leaps at your cock and sucks it deep, draining your fluids hungrily" and after swallowing she says "Sorry, Sugar, I just couldn't let that go to waste"

I suspect it triggers when Rogue has very high addiction and possibly only after she's tasted your cum once as she knows that it helps calm her addiction down.



not the only time she does that, post your 3 stats for her when she does that and I bet addiction is over 60 and inhibition 1000 for any of the girls 800 for rogue and emma eating it off their hand



huh I see well why not just apply this as the same type of folder I ain't use .exe's thanks


does anyone know what did oni say in the last post?



I'm not sure if what you said was english



How your cheat mod worked it's a .bat file and I don't wanna use that compared to the mod I chucked your way which is just an edit like someone said



I see, and I get that, but you need to be able to inject the menu option into the code with the cheat and the adjustments to kitty and emma's wardrobe options.

The ANONmod was just an adjustment that turned some things on. You could however create a giant code block that does the pose work as well but that's a lot more work than injecting a few lines since you have to proof it.


First, the reminder that this will likely be a buggy version of the game. Casual players who just want to have fun with a sexy game, I love you, but you should probably wait a few versions for the hardcore bug-testers to get in there and find all the many crashes I've hidden throughout the code. Probably.

So, what can you find in this new version?:

-Laura has a lot of new content. She has her chat menus, wardrobe, dating, studying, showering, sleepovers, kissing, fondling, HJs, BJs, masturbation, etc. She should now start wandering the school like the other girls.

-I also added a new outfit for Laura, a jacket, skirt, corset, lace panties, and stockings (with and without garterbelt).

-Kitty has a new flirting mechanic that isn't active in the first build, but I hope to finish up within the next couple patches, as well as some other small content for Laura.

Known Issues:

-Laura's BJ animations might have some janky transitions between them if you swap speeds a lot, I think it's a memory/caching thing, trying to figure out the best way to fix that.

-More of a concern than a known issue, but if you find yourself in a scenario where Laura is doing a sex act that isn't listed above, and doesn't seem to work quite right, let me know, it may be one that isn't "built" yet and I left some loophole in to reach it.

I'll try to update this thread if I add more features over the patch cycle.




I forget, what's stopping him from having a bug tester?



Why pay a bug tester when a bunch of cucks will pay you to bug test?



Too fast, sorry. Yeah,there was a bug that was keeping Laura from showing up, should be fixed now. If she doesn't start showing up in places within a "wait block" of when you first meet her, then something else is probably wrong.

On the bright side, I got her "touch cheek" option working, as well as her head pats, and Kitty's new flirty option.





Fuck off, dude, you didn't even implement the sex scenes and when you do, they will look horrible anyways.



Why are you saying fuck off to this anon providing us with links?

I've noticed a lot of low IQ posters have been coming to this thread the past couple weeks


Why is the mod version so much quicker compared to Oni's? Like load times from room to room or just choosing an action



0.982a seems to be nice and responsive like the game used to


Laura has the best bush by far. Even with the weird as fuck face she might be the sexiest one



He definitely did NOT get Kitty's new flirt option working properly, it gives me an error every time. Although I haven't seen any complications yet by just hitting "ignore"


File: 164280f9ccfcbb3⋯.jpg (389.25 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Rogue-Like 2019-03-16 20-4….jpg)

Well, this time it was a-l-m-o-s-t bad. At least no stupid points of view as it was with Kitty's bj and Emma's sex. I must say Laura's bj animated pretty lame. Her head twitches dumb, brokenly and AGAIN - look at resolution of the body and look at head's in this scene. The pixels feels bad. Here is no even one reason to compress body's sprites. It's 2019, everyone can afford to download 30 Gb porn games.


anyone got 0.982b?


>no sex or titjobs

Blowjob was decent when her mouth didn't clip inside the dick I guess?

Also her wrist bands disappear during certain scenes.



No, you. Not everyone can afford to download 30 gigs of porn. Especially one that needs to be downloaded each time there is a new minor hotfix out.

Know what we need? Oni making a fucking updater and yes, I do agree with higher DPI sprites. Only if we don't have to download it every single fucking time.



Most porn is garbage anyways 2D is better also who the fuck downloads 30 GB of porn?



>Oni making a fucking updater

>For 100Mb game



Honey Select, Wild Life, Sexrim and other wins exists. Also 2d win Something Unlimited is over 1Gb with high res sprites. Not a problem for me to set dl in background and do something else.


Can we take the MILFS for a date now?


Rogue-Like 0.982c (A little something risky)

Ok, this build fixes a few bugs, but it also fundamentally changes everything, in a way that if it works as intended, none of you will even notice.

So, hopefully everything will just keep working as intended. If you notice any stats behaving oddly, like shooting up too fast or not moving when you think they should, let me know. Maybe Thrans run through your walkthrough and see if you get vaguely the same results.

But that aside, I also fixed a bug allowing girls to have a threesome with herself, the " L_Intentory " bug, a bug related to using colognes around Laura, one bug in the jiz cleanup code that could result in a weird stat swap, and some out of sync stats in Laura's dating system.

Uploading Windows Version cause thats what I have and my upload sucks




>this build fixes a few bugs, but it also fundamentally changes everything, in a way that if it works as intended, none of you will even notice.

>none of you will even notice

People actually pay for this unprofessional spergery? It's a changelog just state what you've changed and maybe your thoughts on it for fuck sake. He could have installed a keylogger or trogan into the game his wording hasn't discounted that possibility



>download something

>requiring any effort at all

ye love ye bruv



but sex and tit jobs coming in 2020tm



And it looks like we're back to the poor responsiveness of the previous versions.




>What did you expect, it's Oni coding after all. Wai till the Z version to get it fixed.


File: c268fdf9239fb4c⋯.gif (2.91 MB, 267x212, 267:212, 1516810420164.gif)


>Ok, this build fixes a few bugs, but it also fundamentally changes everything


File: 1882aa120447273⋯.jpg (254.34 KB, 737x797, 737:797, You will never see jubilee….jpg)

Laura needs a leash and an option to make her even hairier



We aren't all French anon, we don't like our women that hairy or for the matter smelly either.

If Laura's cunt got hairier it'd be the stuff of nightmares a woman doesn't need a fucking toupee load of hair down there thanks



Then just don't pick the hairer option. Like how I am sure you just pick the shaved version for all the girls



I don't mind the girls having basic pubic hair I find groomed hair attractive I'm just not a subhuman who needs a bitch hairier than me



someone post mac version



>but sex and tit jobs coming in 2020tm

Not needed. Just let Oni do beatiful sprites and clothes of other girls (he is good at it) or make same angles as Rogue's sex. Emma's and Kitty's sex are very disapointing…



>not wanting Laua to go full animal on a leash



you have autism



who doesnt here



Mac users can go fuck themselves.



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I am. Was asking a question


Maybe it's Oni by himself salty here? >>66895

Or just a random autist who is salty for no reason?



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>Go back to your shit hole country

You do realize the internet is available on other places other than whatever country you're from, right, retard? Or is that too much for the autistic pair of neurons that pass for your brain to comprehend?


Previous threads:


>>Salty salt



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File: 8f4675c1b13a5f3⋯.jpg (6.55 KB, 300x200, 3:2, baby-rage.jpg)


>Your mom



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So, all sex scenes are basically flying dick + half of a girl?


File: 0c9026eb8e91d0d⋯.jpg (23.87 KB, 360x349, 360:349, s-9PSP33PL0.jpg)


I have to admit, besides the spaghetti code, i really like where the game is going. If Oni can "refine" the code interaction for the girls, specially on the threesome, the game is going to be gold.



I'm American not slavic I can't read vodka diimitry


File: cdd28d51f250dc0⋯.jpg (229.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bandicam 2017-02-20 08-18-….jpg)



>an shithole

Holy shit, learn to speak your own language before bitching about ESL, you braindead cocksplat


Please, report the angry shizo of the thread. Piece of shit cancer.



that's my fetish


how to instal the moods?



Well, generally I find music helps to instal a good mood for working.


File: 3e623ef3b2662fd⋯.webm (8.27 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Honour in Sacrifice.webm)


Ah, but sometimes you want more combative stuff to keen that aggression when playing online.


File: 6b9fca6e598bdc0⋯.jpg (527.32 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 12312.jpg)

What is function of this? So annoying and autistic dick, pointless animated per frame, waste of patron money.



I dunno man your mom seems to like it tho



Oni, fuck off. You have stuff to do.



yeah like masturbate to my own art and sleep a lot


File: fce4f6e289389ef⋯.jpg (87.75 KB, 476x640, 119:160, 2019_03_17_03_47_05_Rogue_….jpg)

so when do you think this game will fall to the "redrawing art assets" meme



Oni redraws his own assets to make new characters and scenes btw and copypastes code.


Has the Linux or Mac client been shared yet?



You masturbate to It? …. >>66751



when 1.10 drops I'd know I'm oni tbh


man you should see some of the kinky shit I got you'd laugh your ass off me?

I think it's fun






What's ESL exactly?



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Bullshit, I made up.

ESL is English as a Seconf Language






This, I've been calling foreign niggers, especially mexicans, ESL in other threads. They teach ESL as classes in college and that's where I got it from.


File: 6ba61769debe4f0⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 1920x3782, 960:1891, headpats and stat ups.jpg)

I figured I should look at the differences we shouldnt even notice, I dont even know why he mentioned it, escecially when there is a much more interesting bit of code



Nobody will help you make your game here for free, get the fuck out and hire programmer.



I also forget to say that you are Oni.


File: 4ccd82a291447e9⋯.jpg (118.06 KB, 1033x800, 1033:800, scrolling menu.JPG)


Mod that adds Scrolling menues, should work for any version but I only tested it for 0.982c




you're an idiot



So what does this do for the game exactly besides optimize the overall menu?



that's something that was added to the f95 mod a while ago since the menu was getting so long in some places that options would get cut off like extra clothing


Oni, why are you reading it? You are not supposed to be here.



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Appologise for your attitude fast or unsubscribe.



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Suck my dick.

-Oni 2019



Made a little mod that adds the black recolored green panties and the red and blue shorts for rogue to newer versions of the game.

The 7zip includes:

-patched rpy files for the mod for version 0.982c

-the needed art assets for the mod

-the patcher filesIused to patch the files which should work for every version of vanilla going forward unless there is a major change

-and a copy of the vanilla files for version 0.982c in cas e you want to try it out without using the rpy extracter



Thanks been waiting for this.

I noticed that Emma's room is not listed with the mod. The last update Oni added it under sub menu girls rooms.




Forgot to add, Laura and Emma gifts




Sorry maybe I should have just made a list. Laura seems to be missing in the mod menu's completely




A quick glance at the code for 0.982c shows that you have to meet emma at least once in order to visit her room, and the code for meeting that requirement is in Emma_Scenes.rpy which you will notice is not part of the mod in the post you are replying to, and you probably should have noticed the absense of Kitty's room as well if you played a fresh game of 0.982c, and possibly an earlier version.



The menu for Laura's room doesnt even exist in the code for 0.982c



PANTIES update!!!111sfsjvc DX GET all in th car


File: 15f50fcdccdb4e1⋯.png (4.62 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images (2).png)

PAnties update - O, MY



It's recolorized, so almost new game.




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I wonder if Oni still a virgin.



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More like no.


Haven't played this game in forever since these types of games have slow updates. X-23 is best girl in this like everything else


Once he catches Laura up to the other girls, I really hope he adds stuff to do in the game. It's been the same corrupting the girls til you have total control over them, going to two places for dates, and going to class and the danger room when you're not corrupting girls. You can really burn through all of that quickly


File: f1a68d0683c7bfd⋯.jpg (45.68 KB, 464x454, 232:227, d538517a75a1e9721ba63e3402….jpg)


I hope he adds clothing options, fixes the dancing option, adds new positions to girls, new dating sites, animations for massaging girls so they stick their butts out like Rogue at least or Emma puts her tits in your face for a nice close up.

Yeah you're right either way I hope he adds more content, fixes established content, fixes his code if he feels like it but once 0.983 drops and Laura is finished hopefully anyways Oni fleshes out content, fixes issues with girls before adding a new girl as for new girls Storm would be nice but I think that's the upwards limit he should go we don't need a million girls we're at four now and I think one or two more would be fine, a unique sixth would be great as well.




What changes? Plus 3 lines of dialoges? Not needed.




ye how's undie's different nao?

As for the mod meh.



Mac/Linux version?




What's the difference between the mod and latest version?



Thank you.


Is there a android version with the mods? The one in f95zone it's like 1 gig and full of shit like mystique



Android people like you can go fuck themselves. I don't do anything for bots.



Please man! I have to move out of my old home because of drug dealers and my new room it's so small i can't put my pc!


File: 0783f376d11e242⋯.jpg (233.55 KB, 1317x1014, 439:338, 0.982e.jpg)

I dusted off the old code I was working on like a year ago, it was mostly good but I double checked it, added what was missing and cleaned up the code a bit. If you find any errors or notice anything is missing that I may be able to fix without making assets let me know.

The first 2 links are all you need to use the mod on 0.982e, assuming I didn't miss an asset with all the testing I did. I also threw in the half passed towel recolor I did months back since there are so few assets for rogue in the missionary position.

The third link is the patcher, it should work for any version of the game going forward.

The 4th link is the rpy files if for some reason you want to run the mod on 0.982c.

The 5th link is in case you want the cheat ray files without having to use the patcher for 0.982e

And the 6th link is the leftover rogue sex assets that I didn't use just in case you need them for some reason.

>Mod Art Assets for any version


>0.982e mod rpy files




>0.982c mod rpy files


>Cheat mod rpy files for 0.982e


>Unused Art Assets




wew been a while



I'll Rogue Missionary in the standard non-modded either way.



kek did you need to use the patcher or was I supposed to use the art assets alongside the .rpy files?

I crash when I try to fug her in missionary.



The Art Assets do not exist in the base game, you need the first 2 archives and you need to place them in the game folder.

The patcher is for modifying the rpy files for old and future versions of the game like 0.982f which I did not prepare rpy files for since people seemed uninterested.

If you added the RPY files but not the art assets it's going to crash every time it tries to load an art asset, just to be sure post a screen cap of the crash report.



1. Ugly tits edit.

2. Not Rogue's body build.

3. Ugly pose at begining.


Call me when you can get a footjob from Laura. That's what I want



Footjob with claws.




As soon as an anon is willing to make new art assets.


Wait Oni makes 4k a month on this fucking game and when I opened it after 1 year practically nothing had changed?

Oh man that just makes me laugh.


does anyone have a link to a working Image zip?

the one in the github is corrupted and cannot download completely



Oni is like Akabur.



yeah, we need that fixed. i think i set the mod up correctly, but the game screams at me when it boots up, but i can ignore it.

it works fine until laura, and the game is just error after error, i assume its because i dont have all the images downloaded, but the images wont let me download all of them at once.

every time i try downloading each folder, some randomly download and some are randomly stopped with an error and it just never restarts it


File: 9c5869821ceec40⋯.jpg (182.84 KB, 997x741, 997:741, Oni you mad lad.jpg)

is he going to try to add two girls this year? at the same time?



Just started a new game, because I liked the early part of the game. The scene after catching Emma in class is broken in this version (0.982e), because she leaves almost immediately saying it is scandalous.

On my older saves with with every girl maxed out, Professor X "hmmm"-s too much in public scenes, there should not be any "hmmm"-ing after you bribe him, it is disrupting.



in my experience, you just need to make your presence known without doing anything else.






>Niger's dick

>worst girl

You won the bingo!



kek where is this from and why are two retards recording themselves playing an erotic game?



Emma is worst girl fag



That did not worked, still went away saying too scandalous. It seems bugged, because even after she went away, I could just return to class (same evening), and she is there doing it again, but after one choice in any interaction she runs away again.



ahem, then say you can forget about it, then leave. its lame, but it works



kitty is the worst what are you on about?



Rogue is worst girl



They all have nothing on Xavier. Xavier is easily best girl.



When will Xavier become available? He's been there since the beginning



Holy fuck that made my day


When Xavier discovers that Zero allows him to use his legs he becomes infatuated. Makes sense to me.

Xavier when?



His powers don't stop him from using his legs. He got crippled



in the 90s Xmen, it's his powers what makes him crippled, guess the other guy is referencing that


>Gwenpool attempts to rape you

>The fourth wall breaking so funneh

Yeah I'd shove my cock in her mouth to stop that shit, her bodysuit was really damn tight also NO FUCKING LAURA UPDATES BUT YOU DID A JOKE AND YOU CAN'T EVEN FUCK HER COME ON ONI



Is an april fools scene, download this then get BJ from Laura and she should appear, do it in the morning after inviting her over is how I got it.



If it was a holiday like Halloween or Christmas, it could have at least had some merit, give the girls scenes unique to that particular version. This was literally wasted time drawing and coding in a joke because haha April Fools. If you're gonna put in something temporary, at least make it worthwhile. April Fools is a tired holiday anyway, everyone's in on the joke


Is there any option to prevent an addict Rogue from touching your face? Other than slapping away her hands, that don't really work at all.

It would be nice to see Rogue even more desperate, maybe even running out of her cash for "serum", so you could make her do more stuff. Also it would be nice to make other girls addicted too.

After finishing Laura scenes, developer should add more scenes (more poses) for girls, instead of getting new girls into the game, expand on addict options, maybe even make some forced options. Also make the shower "private", where there is no "audience", and no Xavier spying. Also at least for girls trained for obidience, turn off them always asking to be sex friends (they already call your character "sir" or "master", anything from there is a downgrade).



This. Besides Rogue, the addiction mechanic is essentially pointless. I remember playing a modded version and Kitty does have some actions if her addiction meter is high, just asking to be touched if I remember correctly, so perhaps there's plans.

Kitty could get off on being dominated with being unable to phase away. When Laura talked about danger when her powers got turned off, and seemed to like it, I thought that could have been a new addiction feature. Laura could have a sexual thrill seeking addiction/be into pain. Or not make it about her powers, and have Laura be kinky so she wants to do stuff in public or have threesomes. Either one could work




>Also it would be nice to make other girls addicted too

>expand on addict options

Meant to highlight these, my mistake




Not into the pain stuff, nor public stuff, but an addict girl willing to do anything for a fix is kinda hot (with progress on level of desperation).

The forced feature would not need to include hurting Kitty, she just not being able to phase away while being groped, or done other stuff to would be hot. Also addict girls could be abused, because they would not tell, since they need their fix, which is our character.

Maybe danger room training could cause our character to be able to counter them pushing away, or trying to touch you (Rogue).

Though if dev would want to cater to those who are into pain, slapping ass feature could be expanded, and slapping face feature would be quite easy to add. But then game would probably need a new measurement, showing how much pain they are in.



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Tiger is for cool shit and attacking people I don't like. As for your sister she'll take my white genes anre like it


File: 3af9c46fb36ef3a⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, sexual assualt.png)



Adding to this, something that has always really pissed me off ever since replaying the game is that when you first arrive at the school and do the tour with Rogue, she asks you if she can touch you. There is NO way out of this, it's literally assault. If you say yes, she touches you. If you say no, she says "well too bad I'm gonna forcefully grope you anyway you little beta soyboy."

The most alpha thing you're allowed to do in that scene is suggest making out instead but she will only accept that if you've at least somewhat sucked up to her during the tour.

I would really appreciate if someone modded in a separate pathway to trigger the addiction with her. Just be able to deny her during the tour and then a few days later whenever you decide to touch her just have a little scene similar to the introduction with Laura.



>I would really appreciate if someone modded in a separate pathway to trigger the addiction with her. Just be able to deny her during the tour

I'd be into that



I always wondered if that phrase was born out of the "WE WAS KANGZ" meme



It's born from them being from the fucking desert, that's what most people think the middle east is, and the desert is full of sand.



Anon's anyone could mod that in, the hard part is getting someone to write the dialogue and decide what happens cause and effect. It's not hard but you pretty much have to start by saying, I want this menu option at this point and I want it to say this and I want this other thing to happen, and then ALSO for this instance write what happens if you touch later, by choice and or accident.

Once the script is made the mod can be built around it.


How much of laura is in the game yet?


File: ab38272a737a7b7⋯.png (84.03 KB, 259x230, 259:230, ClipboardImage.png)



all the text flirt options (wow cool), kissing, handjob, blowjob (looks like he just rotated a sprite), sleepover, dating, 2 outfits or something



>the hard part is getting someone to write the dialogue and decide what happens cause and effect

No its not. Theirs 2 scenarios I thought of off the top of my head. Just have her fall and you help her up "oh shit don't touch me wait wtf isnt my power working on you" or Trip into her and grab onto her like every anime protag. You could write a more elaborate story but a small detail like that doesn't really change anything in the end except for flavor


>oni voted in a fifth girl already

>isn't against adding Gwenpool as well later as she only had two sprites apparently







The fact Oni went out of his way to include a nigger dick still makes me chuckle. What do you think think he's thinking of when he's drawing and coloring those assets? The cuck probably watches too much blacked dot com



You're thinking about this too hard.


It doesn't even have to be a thought out scenario like that. This is all an anon would have to do:

1. Have the option to reject Rogue during the introduction tour. Lose some -love points, she would look sad and say something like: "Oh… sorry sugar. I guess I got too excited." After that as usual get her number if you got enough love points during the tour, either way she leaves to her room.

2. Lock out the sex menu button if Rogue was rejected

3. When choosing ANY of the flirt menu buttons have it trigger the same Rogue dialogue that's already in the game (See below). Also have it give some +love, +obedience, +inhibition points

4.Unlock the sex menu button, starts the addiction storyline as normal.

If you wanted to do more work, you could keep the sex menu button unlocked and have Rogue reject you instead saying that she could seriously hurt you. Zero could either accept that or force her into it, being successful only if Rogue's obedience is high enough. After finishing your first sex act with her, trigger the same Rogue dialogue that's already in the game, starts the addiction storyline as normal.

Here is Rogue's in-game dialogue that you could just copy, you might have to play around with the last line a bit:


"This is amazing! With anyone else I would have drained their powers and they'd be out by now."

"Do you know how long it's been since I've felt human contact without hurting them?"

"What a rush. I guess that's it then, I'm heading back to my room, you can head to yours."



Maybe he is black?



The fact Oni went out of his way to include a cracker dick still makes me chuckle. What do you think think he's thinking of when he's drawing and coloring those assets? The cuck probably watches too much bleached dot com



Maybe he is a mutt?



you forgot the option of making out during studying but you've done a decent job OUTLINING what would be needed, breddy gud but not finished




>What do you think think he's thinking of when he's drawing and coloring those assets?

probably what color to choose or what people who play his game want. white dicks for white people black dicks for black people green dicks for mexicans. it's not that big a deal



as a nigger myself i enjoy that i can look at a penis that makes me feel properly immersed. if only he'd actually update the game so it would even matter


File: b8123513fd7d639⋯.jpeg (43.68 KB, 720x539, 720:539, b8123513fd7d639cc1ff81ecf….jpeg)


Curb your autism faggot >>68067 you as well.


Do you got something against the Hulk fuccboi?

>>68076 ousted yourself, you'll never gain grounding again we don't like your kind around here.

Oni is confirmed to force his willing paypiggies for several YEARS more now and still hasn't improved/hired more coders he just keeps hiring artists to aid with workload. It's evident that he isn't stupid as he gets $4k a month and I wouldn't call him a dirty kike but he knows dollar signs when he sees them as that's why

the game will never be completed neber eber but at least we'll have fifteen girls by 2025!



anyone got a shrek with a camera?



>saging on a dead board

>facebook maymay

nigger go back to your shithole and stay there.


File: 241c835e1c89488⋯.jpg (383.47 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, f7f04e2dd8ca99c7c4c4abd861….jpg)


Am I sheezo or schizo?

Make up your mind faget here somethin relevant to soak up your gayness



What's this from?



"I can't believe my little anon is this new"




"My ass."

T. Betty.



Rogue-Like Update 4/11/2019 (any programmers in the house?)

Hey, this one's going to be all technical stuff, a call to arms to hopefully sort out a technical issue in the game, so if you aren't into that, sorry, there will be more later. :D It's also a little "NSFM."

Basically I'd like some help sorting out an issue with some of Laura's animations (no April Fools this time), and it's a computer sciency issue, so while "I might be able to figure it out myself, it'd mostly be a lot of trial and error and waste time I could be building other things, so if anyone who knows more than I do about this stuff can just realize the solution right away, that'd be great. :D

The issue is that in her BJ poses, when I load each of her animations for the first time in a given session, they load just fine, but when they are loaded again (by the player switching back to a previously viewed speed), all the various components of the animation flip out and end up all over the screen for a second before re-assembling.

My hypothesis is that this is a memory loading issue, that these are fairly large image files, and that what is happening is that while the animations continue to function in the background, the data inside them is removed from memory, and then when they're called up again, they are re-loaded into memory, but not so fast that you don't notice, and it takes a while for their proper locations to reassert themselves.

I do know that with the way I structure character images, if an animation ever starts, it continues to run on some level until the game is rebooted, so for example if an animation "starts at the bottom and goes up, then down, and repeats," then that will happen the first time it is shown to the player, but the next time it could start at any point in the animation, because it's just been running in the background the entire time. If an animation does not repeat, then it won't replay each time it becomes visible, it will only play the first time and never again until they reboot. It would be handy to have a way to bypass this, as it would make it easier to show "one time use" animations, so any suggestions there could be nice.

Ideally I'm looking for solutions that would not increase the overhead to the point that it would become unplayable on devices that can currently handle it. At minimum I'm hoping for an ugly patch that could just make these current animations load smoothly every time, but if anyone can figure out a way to force all these animations to reboot cleanly every time the game displays them, that would open up a lot more options. Ask any questions and I'll answer them best I can.

There's plenty of official Renpy documentation, here are a few that might be helpful:




It should also help to know the basic structures of the animations being used. The core image, the one that is "displayed" is a Live Composite, and then the sub-images that are called as part of a condition switch are just standard images full of "contains." Simplified example below:

Insert Laura code here



Now we have arrived.

This is the bottom.


File: ada2582ce586df3⋯.gif (1.48 MB, 256x147, 256:147, ada2582ce586df343c158f1287….gif)


haha fucking kek he finally hit a wall and can't proceed without someone who knows what they're doing jesus christ. Well hopefully he takes up some good coders and we'll get more than one update a year.



so wait, he wrote the game to intentionally utilize a memory leak? that's what this is right?



to be fair to him, it seems like renpy really fucked this up bad. displaying an animation a second time doesn't reset its timer.


This is the lower-level construct you have to use to get around the problem.



This is really bad, I can understand relying on workarounds when you can't implement very complex system, but this?



>thinking he won't dismiss the coder when this mess is fixed

How optimistic of you.


File: 3d10469f3a368fe⋯.jpg (389.46 KB, 630x870, 21:29, 3d10469f3a368fe0c6dd97794e….jpg)


No shit sherlock.



File: 2f08e8bc40367d2⋯.gif (1.59 MB, 328x271, 328:271, 2f08e8bc40367d2bd403f5fdae….gif)


shut up nigger




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You were suppose to post another gif, you fuckwit.


File: c3bba77ae0b0255⋯.jpg (60.61 KB, 582x717, 194:239, c3bba77ae0b025537d711c56c0….jpg)


Okay nigger this should hit close to home for you



I believe you are the true nigger here, nigger.




Shut up, niggers.


File: 12ec9e1742e1c21⋯.webm (2.07 MB, 640x360, 16:9, KYS.webm)


I'm a white dude and my dad never left me >>68477




I dunno, you gotta that nigger hostility.



So we shouldn't expect Oni to finish Laura for the next few months? Will it be done by summer?

This is the only game I like on this board, and there is no point in checking it every day if nothing will happen for months.

Also off topic, are the images, gifs and webms load extremely slowly for anyone else on this board, or is it just me?



That's been the case since he started


Tom Cruise and Scientology when?



yehah dude. images use to boot up fast a few weeks ago



so did ur mum


update never ever like how ur mum never loved u


God I hate Oni. What a faggot, what a tool. Just finish the game.


Tried to run game with GitHub mod, got:

File "renpy/common/00preferences.rpy", line 499, in get

raise Exception("Preference(%r, %r) is unknown." % (name , value))

Exception: Preference(u'background choices', u'modded1') is unknown.



Fixed that, now I'm getting this

File "renpy/common/00preferences.rpy", line 413, in get

raise Exception("Preference(%r, %r) is unknown." % (name , value))

Exception: Preference(u'font transform', None) is unknown.


ded game, ded life, ded ur mum



Some of renpy files were changed, so to run the mod throught renpy you have to also downloaded the renpy changed files. It has some explanation on the github but I don't know how accurate they are.

I'd suggest you either download the latest version from fag95, copy its renpy folder and put it on your renpy launcher as well. Or just clone the repo inside the latest version from fag95 and play with it.


Latest mod version, mostly bug fixes:



How do you get Mystique to like you at all?



tie a rope around your neck and cough off a chair



OK, the other end of the rope's not tied to anything…

Also, how stupid do you have to be to mistype "walk" as "cough"?


See this faggot post? >>69377

That's the post of someone not from around here. The kind of person who's best comeback is insulting grammar correction and stupid questions with obvious answers. The kind of queer forum fag shit that comes from places like f95.

Snarky bitches like >>69377 belong on the cross.



Or someone with a brain that knows what words to use and can take a second and check their words before hitting Reply.

Ya know, someone who's not retarded.



your mom you fucking nigger



Stay mad, dumbass



>>69335 what content was added?



link dont worked




ur mum tbh


bug fixes can you not read



he said mostly bug fixes you cumstain.

The irony in your fuckwit comment is actually hilarious.


so, how do i do anything with mystique? i've met raven and she only appears at the school during mornings as far as im aware. any clues to move foward would be appreciated



Why would you want to do anything with her? She's half implemented and her creator long abandoned her.



I just want to activate her, so i have everyone unlocked, it just annoys me that she exists and i have no clue how to speak to her



ur mum fuck boy tbqh famalamadingdong



Go to the training room at night I think. Just train there all day and you should meet her.



when I was converting shit to the newer versions I saw it was a random chance trigger after a set number of days, I think, I would have to look again.

I think it was 20 days but I really dont remember.




I went to the mod page on github and skimmed through the dialog page, and it turns out training room at night on thursdays (and another day, but i dont remember)

so i unlocked her, so that nice i guess


Any news when we can expect an update?


File: 2745297e2d549a4⋯.jpg (10.67 KB, 140x350, 2:5, ac59cdb76ae34ea7eb0ebedbce….jpg)


it's almost been two whole months so i say in august at the earliest




how did you find gwen?



Are you still converting shit to newer versions?



Get Laura to succ you in your room and she appears, she appears in verson g.


Did that one guy ever finish the mod that will show off their bodies in sex positions besides Rogue?



Which one do i play? Win or pc? yea im dumb



No real incentive to man, but what I have so far is in this thread.




These should all work with current versions but I don't have a reason to work on more stuff like more positions for Kitty and Emma, most important even if I did there is a crippling lack of Art Assets and in some cases only bad art assets so even if I did get positions in it's not guaranteed to look great.


look at this post and the ones associated wit hit, I pretty much wrote what needed doing but never made a patcher or file or anything, assuming that's what you were talking about >>66786



Well make a script that shows off the positions if you want I'd appreciate it.


Gwen should be the new girl, not Squirrel Gut.



Neither of them will be the next girl.

Squirrel Girl is just one candidate and there's no chance she'll win in a vote against the more popular girls that she'll inevitably be up against. She'll probably get added in eventually, but it'll be in like 2032.

Gwenpool is a joke and will probably never be in the game. At least Squirrel Girl is a dirty mutie.


why is he adding new girls already. Is x-23 done?



Right now he's just laying the groundwork for a vote to pick the next girl, not actually adding anything. Next update is supposed to finish the basic Laura stuff, apparently.



anyone see Kitty's bondage outfit in the latest mod version? cant trigger that for a long time


Guys, don't you know games as RL including - date sim, not only furries, no mmo quests, beatuful arts? Just meet and fuck, no boring quest and tons of text, but text enough so you know what is personality. I sick of lame stories and ugly art.



I know you need to learn English.



No, fuck you.





Here we go again. Gonna have some guy sperg out over non-native English speakers again.



>sperg out

I don't care that he doesnt speak english as a first language, I care that he cannot even compose a sentence in english so I don't have to use a cryptograph to understand it. That said go fuck yourself faggot.



No don't fuck me you secondary english class retard. I'd get a refund, your fucking english is trash kill yourself.


>sage on a dead board



>bumping any thread ever



How about I bump ur mums ass wit my dicc



Ur mum's ass is so fat, Thanos had to snap twice.



ur mum snapped my cockhole and got pregnant with you, you little fucking shitskin


File: ae125d19b31702f⋯.png (698.4 KB, 700x701, 700:701, igMka7f.jpg.png)


That's neither funny nor original. I'm disappointed.



ur mum is more original fuck boy



A faggot like you wouldn't know, his mom prefers real men, not retarded underage virgin niggers who can't even use real swearing words.



Shit that never happend for $5

No one here has gotten laid, you haven't, I haven't it's why we jack off to rogue's puss puss faggot


Oh Roguelike got a notice posted on patreon apparently he's almost done build probably who fucking knows



Since everyone is as lustful for new grill as me here is copy pasted from places.

Rogue-Like Update 5/23/2019

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been hard at work on the next update, I've got the basics for Laura's sex pose worked out, I still need to add some clothing for it and add in most of the animations, but the principles seem to work. I've got her romance scenes done, and am working on a few more, her room's set up to play around in, and there might be some other new backgrounds in the next build.

RavenNoodle's been working up some additional costume pieces for the game, which should provide some interesting new options. See if you can guess what.

I'll also get a sketch for Girl 5 candidate B, I have a rough version, but I'd like to polish it up a bit.



dont remind me



I have but pussy is not that important I honestly wish I was still a virgin right now





Stop it, you shame yourself.



I do not feel shame making fun of gay retards, only you do.


File: 05cd48ec43f1819⋯.png (1.67 MB, 2010x1506, 335:251, screenshot006.png)

Here's a screenshot from oni about some new feature he added



So..there's an update?





Anonymous I have installed Rouge like evolution expanded mod APK from f9zone for Android ,it s 1.05 file .After installing that 1.05gb apk,in the last when I go to my downloads ,when I was trying to install it says "App not installed" my all excitement went away.I want to play Rogue like evolution expanded mod in my android tablet.Can you help me bro ,can you give me a solution for this ,can you give me seperate apk for Android,plzz bro it is my humble request . I will be waiting for your answer in my email (tjs1966@opentrash.com).or give your Instagram account name I'll follow you.plzz bro help me.I will be waiting for your answer.The game so fucky aswm and satisfied,and fucky girls.





Bro I will be waiting for your answer in my email(tjs1966@opentrash.com) and this website took bro byeee


File: d02521d89d48383⋯.png (86.93 KB, 486x474, 81:79, 1370115650070.png)


This has to be bait. It has to be.


File: 252572c0de8b4d1⋯.png (51.63 KB, 1182x398, 591:199, Untitled.png)

Or maybe not.




based evan


bro the image which you have posted which is up right there that'my account in (f9zone) and my name is Su©ker ,but how did you find that bro ?.anyways so nay solution for this.thank Q bro for your answer

So can you give me a solution plzzzzz bro.my tab android version is 4.4.2.kernel version 3.4.67 .and another tab lenevo tab 4.I have today in both the tabs then also it is saying "App not installed".can you modify the game.for me plzz bro ,It is my humble request bro,plz give me a solution.stay touch with my e-mail (tjs1966@opentrash.com)

i will be waiting for you answer bro.It is my wish that to play the game Rogue like evolution expanded mod.byee bro



>how did you find that bro ?

You gotta be kidding me


File: 084458017bbe989⋯.png (104.39 KB, 292x203, 292:203, Burh.png)


I don't… What to even make of this. My face. I HAVE NO FACE.


File: 6055b5cc4161589⋯.png (59.49 KB, 1193x283, 1193:283, Untitled3.png)

Does this guy realize that the android stuff is unsupported right?


Bro I am very sorry for irrigating you bro.But when I tried to play in my Pc (Windows),,It worked!!, sorry bro I disturbed you.ok bro thanks.stay touch with mee.But I was silly ,I should first tried in my PC.bye bro and stay touch with my email.YOU ® ASWM B®R


File: 50a2b2e65daa015⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Really Wolf.png)


It's been awhile since I was this entertained.





Is this what lack of cognitive skills looks like? I have no other explanation



Do you not have a phone, anon?



What does having a phone have to do with being dumb?


File: 2014da8d4b6beb7⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Ask blizzard and this dev.


File: 443c81a72af6c1b⋯.jpg (225.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warcraft-3-The-Frozen-Thro….jpg)


Do you not have PC's??

Fuck blizzard, you've became Arthas …



Ah, you were quoting. I forgot about that one.

And to think that just a few years ago it was an April Fools' joke by them…


File: fc56cfcaee50906⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1029x1000, 1029:1000, fc56cfcaee509069c149ef12f6….png)


>that 53 year old boomer asking for help on 8chan



That was one of the first questions.


File: 0ae6589585aee4e⋯.jpg (136.6 KB, 793x1541, 793:1541, 0ae6589585aee4e1cfd28f98d9….jpg)



fuck off to Cluckchan or kys





This retard bumps threads by posting slashes and periods. The only non-retarded explanation I can come up with for that is that he can only speak Morse.



− ·−·−·− −·−· ··− −·−· −·−



>− ·−·−·− −·−· ··− −·−· −·−

−· −−− / ··−


··− ·−−· −·· ·− − · ·−− · −·


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



But wouldn't it be funny if the thread continued like that for like fifty posts, in Morse code only? And everyone not involved would be completely confused as to what the hell is even happening there?

We can go silly and beyond, anon!


Bro can you tell your name of your gaming pc, because I am going to purchase new one.i would be happy I you tell



I call him Donald


File: 04b5d435a059ba2⋯.jpg (39.69 KB, 600x437, 600:437, evan-is-cool.jpg)


> i lol'ed

Based Evan saving the day.


File: 793ddb2df199869⋯.jpg (137.28 KB, 847x878, 847:878, 330886_StormSketch.jpg)

Ok, here's the second Girl 5 candidate B, Storm! Or Ororo. Whichever. This one's a little rougher than the last, and sorry it took so long but I've been hard at work on the next version. I've got a lot of the hard work done, but still need to finish up the new animations, getting some images into the game itself, and some additional writing stuff.

Anyway, as for Storm, she's the oldest of the current girls, a mature teacher, like with Emma, she would be a little bit tricky to get started with because she wouldn't want to hook up with a student, although she is more of a free spirit when it comes to things like public nudity.

I'll be adding several more girls as candidates before we have a vote on which girl should be added next. Ones that aren't chosen can be added to later pools, perhaps alongside some new entries.


File: 64bd7b833c23eb1⋯.jpg (109.46 KB, 686x743, 686:743, 308700_SquirrelGirlSketch.jpg)


I wanted to start things off with a bit of a wildcard. Not a traditional X-Man, but a mutant no matter what Marvel has to say about it. For those that didn't see the previous post about this, I'm putting the 5th girl to be added up to a community vote, and before that, I want to give you guys an idea of what style I'm going for on the character, and what type of content she'd bring to the game. So, this is Doreen Green, Squirrel Girl. She likes to lick nuts and eat butts, or something like that.

She's very upbeat and bubbly, but she won't be as open-minded about sharing as some of the other girls are. The easiest route to her will be to present yourself as a very virtuous and single-focused person. There might be alternate ways to convince her to join in though.

The image above is just a sort of rough draft, the final sprite might be a bit different, but it gives a general idea of what I'm picturing. The ears are optional, the tail is not, although she can sometimes tuck it away.

I'm planning to offer a half-dozen or so different options over the coming months, as I'm finishing up on version 0.983 (which is primarily Laura content and additions to the other girls). Let me know what you think.

Is April fools joke but is also serious. That being said, if Boom-Boom is option I really hope she gets in.


File: 1fa6ec5e5075ec4⋯.jpg (19.68 KB, 407x450, 407:450, 407full-poster.jpg)


Is a bit rough but I dunno, something about the face, maybe the nose?



Up your ass.



Out of all the possible options he goes with fucking Squirrel Girl? The meme character nobody actually fucking likes. Did someone cave his skull in with a baseball bat? Did he suffer a stroke?



Again, is april fools and I don't think is serious. Storm is first serious contender for new girl.



June April's fools?


File: 4ca260aedfaf6c3⋯.png (64.08 KB, 1185x590, 237:118, Untitled.png)


Okay, was made back on may 1st but the candidate post wasn't posted to the thread so I thought I'd have candidate A along with B.



1st of May is still a month late though


I hope it won't come to Doreen. Keep it in the X Men Evo universe ffs…

Boom Boom or Ororo would be fine.



Nobody sane wants Squirrel Girl. That being said, I do hope he expands the female characters to include other characters from the comics (adapted to fit into the Evo universe, naturally).



Gwenpool was the April Fool's joke.

Squirrel Girl is a real candidate, just not one likely to actually get voted for.


Oni should add swimsuits for the girls.



I don't know…Sunset added some characters in style foreign to that of Bruce timm in something unlimited and they don't quite mesh with the others. Lets hope Oni knows what his doing…



>Gwenpool was the April Fool's joke.

Funny how it seems everyone wants her fully in the game.



She's likeable and I suppose some people just want to fuck Heather Antos.






File: 79f15eb83d58678⋯.jpg (95.5 KB, 600x849, 200:283, 1391245314831.jpg)

Anyone got a fresh download link?



Mod still works. Here's latest Oni version, that's 982g.




Thanks, but sorry I don't understand what you mean by mod still works.

Is this game more of just a foundation and you pick a mod/girl out for how you want to play?

I saw the game got updated June 4th so I figured the OP mega link wasn't up to date anymore.



The mod link is still valid. There's 2 versions, mod and Oni. Oni is original and that's 982g, mod is a collection of mods on an older version.




Gotcha, thanks.


I say old chaps, do we know what's new in this update? Does poor Laura finally has a room of her own instead of spending days in the danger room? Are the sex options fully implemented?

Is there an android version of the newest stuff so i can fap on a couch?



hey now, girl knows how to handle nuts.



isn't this from a bit ago because mine is relatively close to this update


Probably going to be end of June/Early July dor Laura but we don't know if it will be completion or not.


would it kill oni to actually finish the girls before moving on to the next one?

I mean just a bit of variation in the dialogues or the girls interacting between each other would be a great boost to the dating sim part.


File: d61a7502f26dada⋯.jpg (18.02 KB, 500x332, 125:83, bf9426ca5020671d7fa6a93432….jpg)


Hi, I am Oni I am ded. Here is pics of my new game, I am in hekcs and you fug mothgirls while laughing at niggers


File: f6c1654c9bd42c8⋯.png (37.03 KB, 320x318, 160:159, 4ad0bc014e8e6b916c14e623e9….png)


Also tropic will never amount to anything outside being an autistic meme lord.



As much as I would want her to bust my nut, it's better off we stick to only x-men or x-men evolution characters.



I'd prefer to fuck her than lose my balls but you're right about it, it should just be evolution or X-men grills.



Still sucks their's barley any good Squirrel Girl porn.




It's not like it matters, tons of girls ironically get no sexy spotlight.


Should I play the mod version or the vanilla?







The mainline game is getting an update soon(tm) but the modded has a slew of issues, they copy pasted a majority of the position and it only looks good on Rogue (Missionary), the rest looks jarring as fuck and just not right. The girls get some new clothes which has art and you can get some new stuff to fug them in but Emma has next to nothing, Kitty has barely anything and Rogue has a majority of it and most of her art "works" or at least is present for the animations, Kitty's will bug out often or be fucking weird at times.

Also the niggers copy pasted Kitty's dialogue onto Emma which is fucking jarring. In all honesty wait for the next update to drop then see if the mod picks up slack.


Is there anything else to do once you hit the point of threesomes?



fuck in every area possible including charles' study at night


File: 21be519fe4531f6⋯.jpg (903.59 KB, 1024x809, 1024:809, 646788 - Marvel Shadowcat ….jpg)

>Kitty isn't sporting her star of david necklace




Because you didn't go into her wardrobe options and tell her to wear it.


File: 4c5711f2d90062e⋯.jpg (378.4 KB, 1245x1583, 1245:1583, 1169156 - Marvel SHADE Sha….jpg)


I feel dumb, thanks.





>wanting Scotts race baiting autism






>No update on Oni's patreon since Jun 8.

>No files anywhere.

Are you talking about an update to the mod?



Someone on fag95 said it was out guess it was a dupe rip also mod hasn't had an update in a long ass while.

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