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File: 06e86d7e565bb8f⋯.jpg (428.56 KB, 2000x1440, 25:18, 3051700 - Avatar_the_Last_….jpg)



Is this still alive?Next update?


File: c571e176e488e58⋯.png (348.13 KB, 600x338, 300:169, Windex.png)


>OP doesn't even post the latest version

Oh well, nothing some Windex won't fix.



I need help. How much blowjobs can I get from Suki until it's done. She ain't giving me any income


File: 61a94a4ff93b086⋯.png (147.22 KB, 1146x1146, 1:1, question-mark-square-01.png)

Is there any NTR content yet? If any game could use it it's this game.


Who are we playing as in book 4? Mako?



Go back to Cluckchan you fucking mongrel


File: 045a385612504b6⋯.png (104.46 KB, 333x250, 333:250, Jin.png)

Last time I played I went the slave route with the earthbender girl and I remember there was a girl called Jin who I couldn't fuck. Has he added that yet?



Can't remember in slave route, but she's definitely in love route.



Yes, you can fuck her now. She thinks you're Zuko when she sucks you off but when you move her to your house you brainwash her into fucking you. She lives with you there after that



fuck's wrong with you.



wel you fuck suki and mai.


I think I should give this show a watch. This was actually really fun and I want to know these characters more in-depth. And is this Ba Sing Se place actually this fucked up with hypnotism?


I can't fuck smellerbee, all i get from her is a blowjob. How do i progress from here?



It's obviously not sexual, but yeah kinda



if your in love route later on you can save jet and then you can fuck her


I forgot how to advance Book 2, Got back from the islands, talked to mai both on the training grounds and in the shop, but now at night it says it's closed. Am I supposed to keep fighting earth fighters and just wait? I should add Ive been doing both Mai and Azula


which has more content, the love or slave routs?



Love route.

Slave routes are always shitty compared to the counterpart. They are just test rides.


File: 3786b8a29b4f0ff⋯.png (141.74 KB, 585x464, 585:464, 1a2d4eef4055acf23c957a1025….png)


You need to leave.


File: d73ee014d2b2fa7⋯.png (251.84 KB, 993x715, 993:715, suki_ride.png)


No. If you want to reach you could maybe say that there's some Netori going on but there's no NTR. Now fuck off you disgusting subhuman.





What's funny is you call Clucking, swinging and cheating disgusting. But it's in human nature to do those things. It's like a base human instinct to act on those especially for women


File: 8cbc8bde472a357⋯.png (34.53 KB, 139x143, 139:143, 8cbc8bde472a357598a5423095….png)


>It's human nature to be a Cluck



>But it's in human nature to do those things.

It's in human nature to Cluck others, not to be Clucked

For women, they just seek the best mate, one that can put them in their place, and you're only a Cluck if that's not you


File: fbe19839c408d6c⋯.jpg (28.32 KB, 500x500, 1:1, cc2168578d3a3edea6ef67bd7c….jpg)


>But it's in human nature to do those things



Cheating is pretty much human nature. I haven't been in a single relationship where I haven't cheated on my girlfriend. We're just not meant to be monogamous.


File: 64bccfbdf046f12⋯.jpg (29.06 KB, 625x626, 625:626, And they'll still bite.jpg)


File: 68a96ae946fbe0e⋯.png (359.82 KB, 500x482, 250:241, laugh.png)



>don't make fun of me!

>it's natural to be a cluck!

please tell me this is bait


File: 24b115d46047cc2⋯.gif (1.8 MB, 282x257, 282:257, 24b115d46047cc2d3388d04da6….gif)


>I'm a shit human being

>I'm ok with being a Cluck because it's human nature

>Fuck science and sociological facts!



It's not bait, you're just a faggot who doesn't understand that humans aren't meant to be monogamous. Humans carry a biological imprint of polygamy. It's natural within us. Monogamy isn't.


The one ignoring science here… is you.



>It's science because I say so

Clucks, ladies and gentlemen.



thank you, anon



Ya probably science for inbred retards how else will the dad's be able to pork their sisters while they are around?


File: b73f4ff59651929⋯.jpg (43.24 KB, 500x437, 500:437, Korra is the key to all of….jpg)

>Bughunt 8.1 is out



post the link fam



that is your experience so it means it applies to everything else. retard



No. Once more we are BIOLOGICALLY IMPRINTED towards polygamy. Within us, it is natural. Monogamy however isn't. This isn't personal experience, it's human biology.


File: 70d4314817a51cd⋯.png (1.48 MB, 905x1200, 181:240, __kaban_kemono_friends_dra….png)





The absolute state of Clucks. This is the mental gymnastics they;ll do to justify their fetish and cheating. They're not human, they're worse than furries.



Also told all y'all bitches: TENZIN and TIMETRAVEL NIGGA



Well, the game is officially over. It was nice while it lasted.



Not sure if you're upset about Tenzin, time travel or both.


He better commit to doing the entire LoK storyline or I will be pissed at just being a floating head with a singular expression.



There's also a decent chance that we'll be playing a different character in the Love Route, since just like in Book 2 and unlike in Book 1&3, the choice between Slave and Love route came before inhabiting a body.



Hopefully not. I like Pema despite the fact she is possessed(or trained) by Katara





This would be the only saving grace.

Ironic, book 4 seems to be the shittiest, just like in the actual show.


File: 12c60061d190bdf⋯.jpg (229.63 KB, 1000x1070, 100:107, training_day_1.jpg)

Backgrounds are pretty nice.


Anyone else getting a script error with the 3rd option that shows up while doing meditation training?

I'd assume yes, but since no one else bitched about it I'm unsure.



someone posted a fix on f95.


File: 6da8170a3816687⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1362x784, 681:392, dog phone.png)

>You play as Tenzin



If this includes incest (Ikki, Jinora) I'm in.



Father - Daughter incest is shit.


File: 48aeba5e2ebdcb4⋯.jpg (27.29 KB, 480x750, 16:25, korra.jpg)

Looks decent so far, but will the art get upgraded later? The character sprites seem a little… off?

Who are you guys most interested in banging outside of Korra and Pema?



it's almost as good as brother-sister. The lack of complicity we have between brother-sister is compensated by exploitation of strong unconditional love and respect. it's hot anon.



link's dead



Lin, Kuvira, Suyin, Zhu Li, Ginger, The twin(s), Ming-Hua, P'Li, Opal, Kya, Senna.

And younger would be Jinora, Ikki and the one girl Meelo liked at the end.



This is just the 0.8.1 version from earlier right? Not the new 0.8.1b Mity switched it with recently?



It's shit and disgusting. Kill yourself.



>not wanting to play as Tenzin because it's hilarious

what is wrong with every single one of you


there was brother-sister incest in book 2 with Zuko and Azula so i wouldn't entirely rule it out



>>not wanting to play as Tenzin because it's hilarious

>what is wrong with every single one of you

Personally, I don't mind playing as him, but I hope we play as someone else in Love Route, mostly because Tenzin is basically the one good character in Korra, so it's a shame to basically wipe her out of the game by overriding him.


money variable bk4_money if anyone else is feeling too lazy to grind


File: d2fb9551db7795d⋯.jpg (188.81 KB, 720x960, 3:4, d2fb9551db7795d11d4a63d72d….jpg)


>Liking old men


File: 6dc75fa33683e69⋯.jpg (122.04 KB, 947x734, 947:734, (You).jpg)


>Liking little boys


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: cb8acd05cdf3138⋯.jpg (66.64 KB, 635x476, 635:476, 440f37b1f90b0844db083e565e….jpg)


>If you like old men you automatically like little boys

I bet you like fat baldmen too.





>being retarded and going to extremes

A 20 something is the best anyways




Both of you can fuck off with your Mako/Bolin/Iroh fagshit



And instead you rather an old man, you disgusting fuck.


File: fd17b907942c5b1⋯.gif (908.59 KB, 499x281, 499:281, fd17b907942c5b1149de894c79….gif)





Give a better option then fuck boy



Fuck you faggot.

I understand and accept you though anon



OCs are fucking awful, especially when you try to somehow integrate them into an existing universe. Keep that shit to 2005 fanfictions.




How is your BnHA game going, faggot?



It's better than playing some shitty established character. Besides the OC thing worked in the slave fire route, a simple customizable dumbfuck is fine for me.



>people fell for obvious bait this hard



It is that fucked up, but in a shadow government way rather than a sex cultish way.




>old man

He's in his 30s, lol'ing so hard at how touchy everyone gets over their free porn game.



No, Pema's in her 30s. Tenzin's 50.




File: ba1054849ac6670⋯.png (193.9 KB, 400x485, 80:97, 1543798183336.png)


This is gonna be great, I'm imagining JK Simmons the entire book corrupting korra


The farthest we can get in Chapter 4 is watching her rub one out, right?


File: 7d468536584cdb6⋯.png (122.72 KB, 500x514, 250:257, 7d468536584cdb684fb9b2d171….png)




baldheaded fuck win lmao


Anyone else getting a ctd when booting up the game?


File: 34236784096f379⋯.jpg (182.44 KB, 660x440, 3:2, 34236784096f3792dd34c6ea44….jpg)

>Can't fuck your pregnant wife

>Can only get a handjob

What gay shit is this?



>surprised he can't do a homerun in the first version of a new book of 4ET

Welcome, enjoy your stay.


I don't have it, and I use this version >>70503


there a update list on all the shit to do up yet?



I'll give you a quick list off the top of my head.

-Lin handjob (2 versions)

-Besto Waifu handjob

-Meditate with Korra (4 options including playing with her hair, slapping her, grabbing her tits. Either fully clothed or in her swimsuit)

-Watch her make stretches

-Catch then watch Korra be so self absorbed she masturbates to her own body

-Spy on her in the bath

I think that's everything. If you got all that, wait for next version.


So how many months before we can actually dick Korra? Also is the love route also going to be Tenzin?



Jury's out on the first part, personal guess is September/October.

>Also is the love route also going to be Tenzin?

Personally, I don't think it will be Tenzin, maybe not even same time period considering not only is the route choice before we inhabit Tenzin, but before the spirit fucks up the timing heavily once.

I wouldn't be surprised if the love route would be both a different character and maybe a season or two later, possibly after Korra got her shit stomped in. Seems like that would be a better place for a romantic story where the player builds her back up, while season 1 is exactly when she's the most deserving of breaking in.

Plus, while based on the tone right now I doubt Mity will do Tenzin incest, if we pick up at a later date with the Love Route, then Mity could make them arbitrarily older by simply saying the events leading up to Korra getting bodied took place later.



Yeah, I'm just gonna hold off until the Love Route is live.



There are n cvck games out there, go play those. Let us have our fun too with games we like since we also deserve it, you fucking douchebag.



To be a different character requires us to be in a later season.



>Korra be so self absorbed she masturbates to her own body

Gotta love Shady.


Well, back in Book 2 the Slave Route was an OC, so for those who don't want to be Tenzin for the Love Route in Book 4 it's probably not a lost cause.



Everything in the game is NTR. The MC doesnt fucks anyone, its the bodies he posseses.

In the end girls want the guys you inhabitated, not you.

Not gonna lie, Mitty has made the best stealth NTR game in the west.


So is like 9X resistance and morality all you can do?

So you see some stretches, and two broads blow you and that's it?


File: b199be44994b633⋯.png (129.42 KB, 373x350, 373:350, Four_Elements_Trainer_awvd….png)

What the fuck are these arms?



The amount of mental gymnastics you people do always astounds me.



it goes up to Korra playing with herself. I don't exactly remember how to go below 90 resistance, but I remember spaming 'talk' with everyone untill I could buy a scroll of air bending from Shady.



He's clucking your mind, anon.



I found out after and probably hit the wall for stuff. So far meh really I really don't like Korra.



>So far meh really I really don't like Korra

Nobody does with the exception of tumblr, the rest of us just want to use her as a fuck toy.



What mental gymnastics? The body is not yours so the one doing the fucking is the body of other people. Thats basically NTR.


I loathe NTRfags



With that train of thought, is it logical to say that when a girl is masturbating herself with her fingers, you are getting NTRed by her fingers ?



I'm sincerely hoping we play as Shady in the Love Route and it turns out he really was future us the whole time.



>he fell for the b8

then again this board is so autistic Poe's Law applies to absolutely everything



wait i finally found out what happens, unren's main files bork up this version for some reason, removing them fixes it up



She is touching herself readying for you. But in 4E she would be redying for another guy.


Soo…probably around december we gonna have the slave route fi ished and around a year from now, the whole game.

This will probably be the second weg game (besides Snow Daze) that will have a decisive ending



>It turns out Shady really was future us the whole time.

Deepest lore.



How about kill Mity's annoying self insert?



>I bet you like fat baldmen too.

"B-but anon, it's o-okay if it's a j-joke!". I bet you this faggot would love to play as Iroh too, just because it would be "hilarious". Though those faggots can have their fun if love route gets a different character, better if it gets OC, Shady or protag himself or just fucking this >>70662


>Can't fuck your pregnant wife

This would the only good reason to play as Tenzin.


She bends her elbows, check your eyes, anon.


File: 98f4a52e314a819⋯.jpg (389.34 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Four Elements Trainer 2019….jpg)


Cool update, dude. I laughed a lot. Granpa doing lewd things and acting as a teen.



>not wanting to double team korra with shady




>Not having a threesome with Asami & Korra…


File: 65693feef19f824⋯.jpg (99.97 KB, 723x617, 723:617, Eouvyub.jpg)


That's the best archetype.



Is there any more progression after you got the Amon mask and lowered her resistance to 85? I cant lower it anymore….



Check if you have done everything here >>70615



It must be there as a finale or sth



something a retard would bitch about


Are there any episode guide for the show? I just seen some short clips and it looked awful and only shitty people I knew watched naruto. I am talking about show in general, not only korra. Or is it worth watching at all?


File: 771ce3348292a76⋯.png (487.5 KB, 680x624, 85:78, 3a0.png)


ATLA is worth watching regardless. All of it. It's 60 eps or so but if you watch 2 a day you get through that in a month. Korra is useless. Book 4 here is imitating Book 1 of Korra or Book 4 overall. Give that a watch if you must but don't.



>Big chocolate tits on display

>Instead his focus is on her arms

I think you might just have autism.



>not wanting to share your sex slaves is cluck shit!

>not wanting to break her and her lesbian friend by impregnating them.



fuck you, I can't unhear that now.



It's human nature to murder, rape and steal too yet we don't think of those things as good. Take your appeal to nature fallacy back to Cluckchan.


How long you think the love route would be made? And would we play as other characters besides Tenzin?

Also, I feel the choices we did in the previous books didn't mesh with this current route. In Book 3, I boned Toph. So shouldn't Tenzin and Lin be brothers and sisters? Adding Bumi being added in this family

I feel the choices we've made in the previous books should at least had some effect on Book 4. Same with Book 2 having an impact. With Azula being Zuko's wife and they would have a child that would later give birth to General Iroh.

Feel there has to be something that carries on



Only if you are a nigger. Which you seem.



>Not quite my tempo, Korra



First: Fuck off with that spacing.

Second: Love route being longer is dependent on whether or not mity intends for bk4 to be as long the show or as long as the books in the show's.

Third: Choices don't matter at the moment if they ever will.



Start at book 1 of Aangs series, progress through book 2 to end up at book 3.

Skip Korra.


Anyone know the money cheat for the air book?





File: 03fc2f94e6e74a4⋯.png (3.52 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, young Kya.png)


I hope so. If Katara went slave route then we can have Kya, but with her young version, and she becomes a professonal whore like her mother. Her dad could either be Aang or an unknown since Katar might have fucked alot of guys. Or her dad could be Sokka or Jet. Who knows



No. Katara has only fucked you as Aang(unless you have some proof besides your fantasy). She has just become extremely shameless.

Considering Lin is how she is in the show Kya will most likely be the same.



The counter argument some guy brings to that, is that Tenzin has 2 siblings including Kya who are all of different ages. (Also Tenzin is the youngest).

However, since we know for a fact our Avatar came back at least once after the whole thing was done, and since there is a pretty good chance Shady is actually us from the future…

It's hard to say until the game is finished.



And your counter is what? They are biologically by the same father.



The counter is:

1) We don't know how our Avatar went back. Maybe we're not actually shady and we re-inhabited Aang.

2) We don't know if in this canon Tenzin's siblings are all biologically from the same father. The MC's got the same skin colour and similar facial structure to Aang, maybe even same hair colour though we never saw that. Who is to say their exact parenthood isn't one of the small things different in this version.

Between every book so far heavily altering what the main characters have been up to at certain points in time, and the characters' ages too, it's a stretch to say we know for certain Tenzin's siblings are the same.



>No. Katara has only fucked you as Aang

She also has sex with Toph.



Toph doesn't have a dick. Moot point. Neither does Katara or Toph's mom.


>We don't know if in this canon Tenzin's siblings are all biologically from the same father.

We have not had her or anyone fuck a single other person despite her running around her village naked(When the men come back from fighting) covered in jizz or when we started up a brothel.

This is not that screencap edit shit that someone else tried to make where everyone is fucking everyone.

You are trying to force your preferences and fantasy in this.

>Maybe we're not actually shady and we re-inhabited Aang.

Wtf is your point here? The first kid she gets pregnant with comes from you possessing Aang. You have been fucking her in Aang's body.

Let's go on the assumption they are biologically different. We have 2 who are guaranteed to be Aang's(Bumi and Tenzin).

Bumi being made in bk3 and Katara taking a pregnancy potion that azula used on the cows so she had him before we encountered her at the end of bk2. Tenzin can only be Aangs cause he is an airbender.

That leaves Kya and the question of who could be her daddy. More than likely Aang but on the off chance her father is someone else the only person that leaves is Zuko since he is the only other person we possess in which the timing fits perfectly.

Biologically they will never be the MC's since we are a fucking spirit possessing people.

I refuse to entertain your cluck fantasies because they are unfounded horseshit.



>Tenzin can only be Aangs cause he is an airbender.

Do we even know what kind of bender our Avatar was born?

Also why are you calling what I'm saying "cluck fantasies"? I'm literally arguing against that my man.



How its a fantasy when your character never fucks but its instead the body owner? They are the ones getting their genes passed.

Seriously you vanillafags and your mental gymnastics. You are Clucks, deal with it.


Literally the only instance of NTR or to be more specific Netori in this game is the book 2 slave route where your OC gets the scene where he fucks Mai. But even that is dubious because she doesn't make a single mention of being Zuko's girlfriend in that route just like Suki isn't Sokka's girlfriend or even romantic interest in this game even though they are in the show. Now stop arguing with the Cluckposter who is just mad because he gets BTFO'd literally everywhere he goes.



Literally everything is NTR in here.

You dont fuck the girls and when you leave the original owner bodies rea0 the rewards. Nice Clucking.



No but safe to assume earth or fire.

Also thought you were trying to justify the cluck shit from before.



On the basis that when you started that you had some understanding of possession and the situation at hand.

We have been Aang/Zuko. We started the relationship and have been shown they (will) know who we are. We have been the ones to live these intimate moments which they will never have with the girls.

And if I have to possess Aang and imprison him in his mind while turning his friends and loved ones into sluts before his eyes where he can do nothing but watch all before taking over his son just mere moments before he dies and continuing my trip of carnal pleasure through time then oh so fucking be it.



>No but safe to assume earth or fire.

>Also thought you were trying to justify the cluck shit from before.

Nah I'm just saying that we have no idea how Mity will explain those characters' parenthood. It could be he'll reveal our character is also an Airbender and Shady is us from the future, and then went on to become Kya and Tenzin's dad, while also 'sort of' being the father of Katara's first kid, at least as far as Katarra is concerned since she can literally see us in Aang, so she was as much fucking Aang as she is fucking a dildo if we were to use one.

Hell, we might even be the 'biological' parents because spirit magic bullshittery where either our jizz trasncends time and space, or in Mity's world jizz is like soul energy or some shit.

Alternatively, we go back and permanently possess Aang. Maybe we split our souls and inhabbit both Aang and Zuko and start doing selfcetious threesomes or some other bullshit.

What I'm saying right now sounds like a bunch of wobbly bullshit with no basis, I know, but that's the point.

Frankly anything going one way or another right now is baseless because we're in a spirit magic time travel porn parody story about a dude possessing people throughout space and time in order to bang chicks and unlock the secrets of the universe and probably motorboat some snaketits during the ending.

Mity could introduce in the ending that actually we've been playing as Tommy Westphall this entire time, and it wouldn't be any more wrong to canon or conventional logic that Ty Lee is working with the Avatar during the events in Ba Sing Se all in exchange for the great privileges of living in his brothel while he goes off to battle crabs in the city.


We have no fucking idea how Mity is going to wrap things up, or what weird reasoning he'll introduce for the parenthood of these characters if any at all, so it's silly to already be arguing over this bullshit.

Just enjoy the tiddies and humour.

Also I'm fuckin' waiting for the Marty McFly panic scene as accidentally saving Korra will erase our existence, Mity. You better not fucking let me down man.



At least you have the mental capacity to understand. So proud of you anon.


File: e819a07bafb3146⋯.png (32.23 KB, 208x380, 52:95, suckfinger2.png)

Spoiler alert or maybe not. Did I miss the scene? Found in hacked files.


Could any of you kind people provide a link that isn't from mega? I don't want to give dotcom my info.




Thank you Anon, you are a good person.



dotcom isn't part of MEGA anymore? what is this, 2014?


File: baeb09bfb3e2f6a⋯.jpg (472.3 KB, 870x1000, 87:100, 1549960364843.jpg)

Can anyone recommend a good ren'py script reader or modifier? I'm looking to make my own game but not really sure where to start(new to coding but a decent artist) Was hoping I can look at some code from other games like Four Elements to get the idea of what I'm meant to be doing and fuck around with modding FET in the mean time. Might upload it here if I consider it okay

pls no bully



File: b7116c3111b895f⋯.jpg (50.94 KB, 720x480, 3:2, tumblr_inline_no43i7SfF91t….jpg)


Thank you friend :)



This is a terrible way to start learning Renpy.

The language is easy, follow the template that appears at the beginning of the script when you start a new project.

Make a simple and short Visual Novel with a few choices, just to learn how to position the sprites on the screen and create some choices.

Follow the official site documentation.

If you try to learn by looking at things ready you will get confused. Learn in practice by creating simple things in the beginning, and then trying to add more complex features.



That's what I was doing but I just didn't explain it very well so my bad.

What I meant by looking at the code was just me meaning that I have something for reference really and it HAS helped me a lot since I got it.

Really the only things I was having trouble with was figuring out how to make a day system work(which I've now fixed) and how to make influence work. I don't really plan on adding anything complicated past that

I do follow most things well in these but sometimes tutorials can be a bit confusing for me or just not really useful at all



Well, the code of the 1st chapter of Four Elements is a blatant copy of inspired by Akabur's Witch Trainer: you may just inspect the original game.



It's called perspective you fuckwit

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