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File: 1423154507525.png (184.37 KB, 422x233, 422:233, 2013-14_Serie_A_teams.png)


After looking at the current strawpoll results, it can be inferred that the sport most widely chosen by anons is Soccer.

I'd give it a couple more days, to see if others are willing to join on the voting, but I think we should start some serious thinking about how many people are actually gonna care/show up.

I personally think that we should create another poll, this time to let anons select which boards they're willing to support. The following boards have been selected, with two extra options in the form of /rest/ and /gamergate/. More on that later:


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File: 1425082758526.png (168.16 KB, 278x464, 139:232, 1333672692011.png)

When are teams going to be chosen for each board? I'm from /a/, and we've been having more fun with meta crossboard shit lately, so whenever it's time for us to select a team, we'll be ready.


File: 1425733124664.jpg (Spoiler Image, 23.28 KB, 250x334, 125:167, we want biz.jpg)

we want /biz/


Is there an /a/ staff currently operating? I wanna join them. Also what game are we using specifically?


>8chan Cup
>Not having all 5000+ boards represented

Oh shit, nigga, what are you doing?


There is no staff on any board, as much as people are keen on 2014 with the summer plans we will likely master 15 aest.

Make a thread on the board you want and then post the roster and contact info on a thread here.

File: 1424823437947.png (169.81 KB, 600x600, 1:1, PinoyFC.png)


/pinoy/ here, when do we start?
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imo we need a proof of concept
the /int/ thread is pretty lively, if we could get /bane/ to cooperate on a friendly, we might test whether customizing all the teams and stadium is gonna be easy


IIRC someone put it on /meta/. Dunno if HW took notice since I never saw him tweeting it.


>the /int/ thread is pretty lively, if we could get /bane/ to cooperate on a friendly
holy fuck yes that'd be dank as fuck


Which teams are match ready, perhaps you guys could arrange a friendly between teams, and start off from there.


They're still deciding on which PES

File: 1423942376497.png (1.99 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 4chan cup teams.png)


What sport or sports should we do on the side? http://goo.gl/VPgIwf

Currently I've put down:
>Professional Wrestling
>American Football


Why dont we have non sport video-games?

I would love War Thunder cup, or Dawn of war so on and so fourth, why limit ourselves to sports?


Uh, fellas, we might want to, you know, finish one competition before we start twenty different ones


File: 1424483955824.png (480.49 KB, 714x480, 119:80, 1423413879943.png)


Yeah, it's a really bad idea to try and do a billion cups at the same time.


Before merry mad went to shit I was trying to make a series involving a racing cup. Since you can easily make car skins and AI personalities for some titles, I was thinking of having a stream where I simulate some racing series.

File: 1423191881644.jpg (20.83 KB, 399x295, 399:295, monsoon memes.jpg)


Wouldn't wrestling be better suited for 8chan? 1 wrestler repping each major board, less time and effort to customize.


That would mean less characters. Even if we did wrestling, I'd want things to be set up so that each board gets a shitload of characters.


If we ever do wrestling, I can upload created wrestlers to community creations tommorw if the person filming has an xbox and WWE 2k14.


It occurred to us after we already started thinking about the soccer tournament.

We will do that, I think, but I don't really know how to distribute stats for wrusslin'


wrestling can be a side event with one avatar for each board and probably in a royal rumble
i think 1v1 match after match would get repetitive and boring

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