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File: 1438265163344.jpg (77.15 KB, 434x400, 217:200, janitor.jpg)


Adboards thread: >>2350

Current adboards list:


Make sure the aspect ratio is 8:1 (512x64, 1024x128…).

Leave your suggestions regarding the general ICup aesthetics here.


thats great anon is there a way to give him glasses?


or "no picture available" across his face?



I'll look into it.


File: 1438558978238.png (364.5 KB, 600x335, 120:67, ref2.png)

Guide to stadiums:


A bit old tutorial but still good in some areas:



Don't temper with the audience, they are not stadium specific. Same goes to for the adborads, if you want submit them to the Adboard thread.

Tools for stadium modding:

Jenkey File Explorer


Photoshop/Paint.NET/GIMP (use Jenkey's FE to export/import textures in case you can't edit .dds files)


See pic.


Stadium list:


Cotton, can /pone/ have Burg Stadium?

Also, /b/ is planing on their own.



Yeah sure just write it down when you declare.



Got it.



Oh, yeah, people have been wondering what's the limit for modding, in a sence that the viewer doesn't want to tear his eyes out when he sees the stadium.

What's your take on this?



Yeah well I guess just make it presentable.

If you wanna have 1 stadium be a clusterfuck of epic proportions, similar to halfchan's old Doompaul pitch from PES13, then I'm all for it!


File: 1438563180167-0.png (970.31 KB, 1024x563, 1024:563, 1438170574714-1.png)

File: 1438563180167-1.png (1.16 MB, 1024x563, 1024:563, 1438178688555.png)


Well, here's /pone/'s. To my surprise /b/ seems to be quite moderate.



Yeah I tested on /pone/s. The treehouse graphic is awesome!




Say, do you know someone who wouldn't mind streaming some /pone/ freindlies? Not related to the official cup. Gotta wait on Rarifag for two months.


File: 1438564090878.jpg (1.41 MB, 5681x1224, 5681:1224, stadiums.jpg)

Stadium pics.



One more thing before I go. There might be a way to change the chants and player talk. I wouldn't mind hearing REEEEEEEEEEE or something during the game.


File: 1438565022305.jpg (10.72 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1437317172799.jpg)


>There might be a way to change the chants and player talk.

>hearing REEEEEEEEEEE or something during the game.

Please anon. I want this.


File: 1438574344078.jpg (180.61 KB, 624x520, 6:5, wing nut.jpg)

So /b/ wants to use Konami Stadium as our stadium. We're going to mod it to hell anyways.


Does anyone know if the GK uniform kits are different than the regular ones? Need a template.



Same template.


Red audience is already in.


Also, added 8chan logo to /icup/ teamblocks and goal panels. Removed Say no to racism captain armbands.


Couple questions.

1. Can anyone tell me how to mod faces of the players?

2. Since I'm modding thestadium pitch, uniforms, and image thumbnail for our team do I just have to edit the graphics and send them in to Cotton or do I have to do the programming and too?



so do we have to import all the files we make or give them to someone and they import them?





I think it will be best if you handle your own .cpk file, more on that:


Or if you have an agreement with Cotton send him the aesthetics.



>mfw Error 403 Forbidden


File: 1438940707597-0.png (520.84 KB, 1366x6391, 1366:6391, Faces.png)

File: 1438940707599-1.png (475 KB, 1387x6011, 1387:6011, DLC.png)



File: 1440451863919.mp4 (1.7 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, I only need this part.mp4)

Does anybody have the original of this video?


Does anyone know if you need the PES14 stadium files to make a new stadium in 15?

If so can somebody upload the PES14 dt30.cpk and dt15.cpk?


Saving shit for reference for anyone who wants to help make more stadiums.

2014 Stadiums tutorial (using pes14 dt15 and dt30 files) https://archive.is/3NQuW

Getting 2014 Stadiums into 2015

https://archive.is/ZkY5q (or see pes15 stadiums pic)

PES2014 Magnet: https://thepiratebay.la/torrent/8934579/Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2014-RELOADED

PES2014 Serial Number Codes: http://pastebin.com/frY1k5GB

Extra tutorial mirrors: http://imgur.com/a/NBKP2


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