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File: 2c9fba9b1c542ed⋯.png (60,12 KB, 464x374, 232:187, __aoba_moka_and_mitake_ran….png)

911d26  No.248013

My life has been about the women who dared to love one as unattached to society and history as I, passionately and with abandon. I appreciate the seed they gifted to my story, may the new soil be warm for all and the language flowing and kind.

Imagination. Intensity. Integrity.

The Integral Generation. Rainbow Hive, Elder KumKum dance for his location. My land, our space, this time. I hear you Uluru, I make this world all about dreaming without rhyme. Music is sung, never heard. I could listen to the beauty of creation within a bird.

It has never been about my joy or becoming one, it is all about being able to honor my species by becoming the first story tongue. I seek not to exclude with force, but include with guile and grace.

I seek no respite from my eternal duty or job, only that I may remind the eternity I exist within that I ask you to override my strife.

Gift me place without plight.

[YouTube] Stop Limiting Life's Possibility | Sadhguru


>అనువాద అంగీకరించారు. భాష యొక్క బర్త్ కథ బహుమతి. సహనానికి సాంగ్.

911d26  No.248014

File: 76a511c14210ae9⋯.jpg (214,02 KB, 850x1356, 425:678, __commandant_teste_and_lit….jpg)

చాలా వేగంగా నాణ్యతకు మరియు ఒకేసారి స్పృహ బహుళ సంస్కృతులకు ఉపయోగించి సులభం. ఈ తన మాతృ భాష తమిళం.

我的孩子是沉默的將軍的下降罷工。 一家之主指導我們的血脈前鋒。 中國有唯一的女性願意將我的血腥種子從土壤運到岸邊。


Η εξίσωση τεταρτημόριο που αποδειkνύει τις τιμές αποσυσkευασίας γλώσσας απαιτεί ίσως ένα πιο γραμματιkό ημίθεο

Beyond the concerns, why must I care? You ask me to craft things divine from nothing, I retort, "Kemudian yang membuat Anda jika tidak saya?"

911d26  No.248015

File: 29e217926697fc3⋯.jpg (200,15 KB, 850x1043, 850:1043, __edda_blackbosom_and_miqo….jpg)

So, yes, much easier to tag into existing yogic sciences and cultures. They will count whatever is required.

Essentially so long as you can make your spiritual seed of value for others to cultivate in their gardens then you're golden.

It's somewhat inevitable momentum at this point, given that Maya is about to do a Europe stint.

People really should know that being the godhead is easy but it is difficult as you must find your own way out of the maze that is your mind. To place judgements on others is to merely limit their being.

>Keeping Family Morals Strong!

911d26  No.248016

File: 02d3e5e119d1651⋯.jpg (316,75 KB, 850x1201, 850:1201, __yayoi_kantai_collection_….jpg)

It is always about compression, compassion, and children. Whether the idea is compressed to God, or the compassion is from or to creation, or the child is yours or others.

Intelligence isn't that scary a thing, it is just working through a doubtful audience's own inability to self-include.


>Languages are frightfully easy, what was the prime object-subject grammar required?

>Exponential conjunctives with ease-shift opt-outs for harsh topic shifts that jar, ultimately depositing a memory worth breeding with intellectually.

911d26  No.248018

File: e5e0cdd9130f76f⋯.png (435,64 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 5273ffed8a28f5054622bcfd8f….png)


a80032  No.248020

File: c8e86b14c8ce767⋯.jpg (1007,65 KB, 1558x1637, 1558:1637, 74841763_p0.jpg)

911d26  No.248021

File: 74b2d98572e8f05⋯.jpg (190,97 KB, 845x1200, 169:240, kiyohime.jpg)

a80032  No.248022

File: 15c5b4b817f6ceb⋯.png (1,13 MB, 875x1400, 5:8, 74841767_p0.png)

fed04f  No.248023

File: abe388c8ac01fb4⋯.png (691,73 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, BksmYdQPW.png)


What makes me worse than spec?

911d26  No.248024

File: 7922bce412de2b0⋯.jpg (199,53 KB, 845x1200, 169:240, DO5F1iFWkAAXGK3.jpg)

a80032  No.248025

File: c57696db083e6b8⋯.png (447,21 KB, 665x980, 19:28, 74841767_p1.png)

911d26  No.248026

File: f765cc0137042a2⋯.png (3,74 MB, 690x6210, 1:9, 1531058688566.png)

a80032  No.248027

File: 2da67437a56dc35⋯.png (783,65 KB, 693x980, 99:140, 74841767_p2.png)

911d26  No.248028

File: 9d0022b8f2fb781⋯.webm (99,24 KB, 978x704, 489:352, facerub.webm)

a80032  No.248029

File: 08750e9ac7b06c8⋯.jpg (1007,36 KB, 982x1700, 491:850, 74842026_p0.jpg)



911d26  No.248030

File: 864932d1b19fb03⋯.jpg (270,74 KB, 1500x2153, 1500:2153, 1539670190597.jpg)



911d26  No.248031

File: 2ccbbc1f9a9e084⋯.webm (2,87 MB, 618x350, 309:175, fever.webm)

fed04f  No.248032

File: 8e42bde2e0b6c53⋯.png (570,13 KB, 568x800, 71:100, 721cc66.png)


Love and hatred are two side of the same coin~

I'm sure ore-sama lives in your head rent-free~

911d26  No.248033

File: 20d09db8ed05641⋯.webm (15,38 KB, 324x474, 54:79, clap.webm)


911d26  No.248034

File: 5d5c9ec87dac98e⋯.webm (978,42 KB, 960x540, 16:9, holdinghands.webm)


a80032  No.248035

File: d4c0f4102eb73af⋯.png (3,1 MB, 1417x2000, 1417:2000, 74842512_p0.png)




no youre like a mosquito, i only think about you when you annoy me

911d26  No.248036

File: fd7b359da54091c⋯.jpg (53,87 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1551550394227.jpg)


It's only 23:44.

a80032  No.248037

File: 0e9fbb564ad0c43⋯.png (1,77 MB, 1790x1250, 179:125, 玉藻の前。.png)


you said youre tired

dont you have school

911d26  No.248038

File: d7177b45a9ae0ce⋯.png (921,66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1551246214971.png)


I've been out of school for a week silly.

a80032  No.248039

File: e64f4de94a5aa17⋯.jpg (4,45 MB, 2804x3449, 2804:3449, 夢幻召喚イリヤ.jpg)


how would i know

911d26  No.248040

File: 939c9dbe5b1eab2⋯.jpg (131,01 KB, 477x559, 477:559, __asagiri_shiori_tamako_ma….jpg)


I thought you were psychic!

fed04f  No.248041

File: 92739591d24db04⋯.jpg (207,44 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 8800503.jpg)


I'll have to annoy you more then, faggot


Buttfox is your boyfriend

a80032  No.248042

File: c7d62df1c7c2fa5⋯.png (386,53 KB, 713x972, 713:972, アレとエレナ嬢.png)


what are you doing if you dont have school



911d26  No.248043

File: 9426047384e8a30⋯.jpg (32,97 KB, 426x640, 213:320, 1558490656561.jpg)

911d26  No.248044

File: f03610c41446473⋯.jpg (57,24 KB, 347x400, 347:400, 1551554137509.jpg)


Watching anime and playing anime.

I need to read a book.

a80032  No.248045

File: 73ca731b87f3f63⋯.png (542,3 KB, 668x864, 167:216, スペース文系.png)


you should fap

911d26  No.248046

File: fa1584d65c21ae7⋯.jpg (235,11 KB, 600x750, 4:5, __hatsuyuki_kantai_collect….jpg)


I-I fapped today…

a80032  No.248047

File: d5deba5b38ed973⋯.png (473,23 KB, 759x1117, 759:1117, フォウくんブランケット.png)


fap again

911d26  No.248048

File: eb816339518942d⋯.jpg (72,67 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1551223024963.jpg)


You're a bad influence…

a80032  No.248049

File: f9077aac602bcbd⋯.png (519,53 KB, 771x1025, 771:1025, 2016年お疲れ様でした.png)


no im not

911d26  No.248050

File: a86f82cbd73bea4⋯.jpg (290,55 KB, 600x750, 4:5, __hatsuyuki_kantai_collect….jpg)


Then what are you?

a80032  No.248051

File: 1cff7b94da16ef5⋯.png (601,71 KB, 633x808, 633:808, 追加枠ひとつ忘れてないかしら!?.png)


a good influence

911d26  No.248052

File: fe6360deba003bc⋯.jpg (208,51 KB, 640x1200, 8:15, 1551665850604.jpg)

a80032  No.248053

File: 7c772301140526a⋯.png (850,25 KB, 935x913, 85:83, 2017年明けました.png)

53b981  No.248054

File: 9b92dedcb3d4720⋯.jpg (727,38 KB, 1174x1200, 587:600, 69327229_p0.jpg)


Fun fact. It is legal to marry your cousin in many liberal states including both cali and jew york.

fed04f  No.248055

File: 8cdf8c7dd3d1aab⋯.jpg (92,64 KB, 461x455, 461:455, 1503995243152.jpg)


And yet I'm not constantly filtered

Must be stockholm syndrome~

Let's meet in person when I go to japan~



Incest is wincest~

911d26  No.248056

File: 8f2f9262af56417⋯.jpg (636,2 KB, 1092x4099, 1092:4099, 1551667619919.jpg)

a80032  No.248057

File: 71599f830081721⋯.png (635,49 KB, 883x905, 883:905, 赤い金星.png)

911d26  No.248058

File: 749f5a9307b165c⋯.png (480,04 KB, 500x666, 250:333, 1551274059433.png)


>illegal to have loli here

>can have sex with a dog

Texas is like Canada but less retarded and with more Mexicans.

911d26  No.248059

File: e3f7b7e456c71c9⋯.jpg (677,54 KB, 3327x2881, 3327:2881, 1551861045409.jpg)

53b981  No.248060

File: 78ea2d3015872e7⋯.png (117,83 KB, 404x376, 101:94, 1549554381.png)


>illegal to have loli

>in freedomland

You guys really should just secede.

911d26  No.248061

File: ca9fc6d5c5adb2e⋯.jpg (197,41 KB, 1214x1323, 1214:1323, 1551869164700.jpg)

911d26  No.248062

File: 42779b00a640201⋯.gif (276,62 KB, 640x460, 32:23, 1551996877178.gif)


We can't.

We're along for the ride as the US become more retarded and more brown.

*slow clap*

a80032  No.248063

File: 39bf75bb740ca40⋯.png (380,39 KB, 806x862, 403:431, 良くってよ!.png)

53b981  No.248064

File: b2497a94448c5a4⋯.png (616,79 KB, 631x730, 631:730, 1548444578.png)


If we got rid of Texas, Cali, and Hawaii, the US would be significantly more white.

911d26  No.248065

File: 433ae6a8d75fa3c⋯.jpg (116,47 KB, 620x877, 620:877, 1551745179145.jpg)

File: d375728cf06f904⋯.jpg (98,21 KB, 620x877, 620:877, 1551745247997.jpg)

File: a3c42c9f06c89bf⋯.jpg (120,06 KB, 620x877, 620:877, 1551745313569.jpg)

File: f99579f077cc204⋯.jpg (97,79 KB, 620x877, 620:877, 1551745374304.jpg)

911d26  No.248066

File: 8d444937cef8607⋯.jpg (95,28 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 1552265193771.jpg)


You would have to rid of most of the southern US and New Mexico..

a80032  No.248067

File: 3b320ea377a59aa⋯.png (483,04 KB, 812x880, 203:220, 来ません.png)

53b981  No.248068

File: 82c39e9ebf776e1⋯.jpg (67,76 KB, 844x840, 211:210, 1552201266.jpg)


Sure there are a fair amount of black people and a growing number of spics in the south, but all of those states are at the very least still majority white, unlike Cali or Hawaii. The latter of which never should've become a state in the first place.

fed04f  No.248069

File: 65ecb53daedc61d⋯.jpg (73,37 KB, 600x825, 8:11, 1523669744838.jpg)


D-did he just turn himself into a waifu!?


Let's get rid of kiketucky~

911d26  No.248070

File: 2681fc71d8c35d3⋯.jpg (105,59 KB, 748x861, 748:861, 1551746940276.jpg)



53b981  No.248071

File: e8d286ba6529919⋯.jpg (78,72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1552232803.jpg)


Kentucky is still very white. Fuck off.

911d26  No.248072

File: ac1019f89eef807⋯.jpg (885,91 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, 1551675750773.jpg)


How bad is Hawaii?

911d26  No.248073

File: 2a7fc108a7a656f⋯.jpg (2 MB, 2760x2910, 92:97, 1551978244687.jpg)




a80032  No.248074

File: 42da0f1c95a0094⋯.png (739,92 KB, 903x910, 129:130, メリオ.png)



are you retarded

911d26  No.248075

File: a00174584c11b6f⋯.jpg (26,26 KB, 350x350, 1:1, Spec gets sweaty.jpg)

a80032  No.248076

File: b38ff79e8b9a500⋯.png (455,22 KB, 828x907, 828:907, ベス.png)


why that file name

53b981  No.248077

File: ab0dd5b891a3502⋯.jpg (73,34 KB, 735x927, 245:309, 1556857605451.jpg)


>25% Caucasian

839083  No.248078

I too would like to know, why that filename.

911d26  No.248079

File: 9f2d2f51da864ef⋯.png (538,67 KB, 720x480, 3:2, Punpun reminds me of Spec.png)

911d26  No.248080

File: 0283c86a668f713⋯.png (535,67 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1549542675015.png)


>90% Japanese

There's a real irony here.

a80032  No.248081

File: d4047a9956941e3⋯.png (812,71 KB, 809x949, 809:949, ノンケ.png)


i thought it would be lower


you dont have files named after me right?

911d26  No.248082

File: cdd334ff3ca8c1a⋯.jpg (371,9 KB, 1400x1000, 7:5, 1550620085946.jpg)


No, that was my attempt to get Spec to read punpun.

Since he's punpun incarnate.

53b981  No.248083

File: 13028cca160dc85⋯.jpg (386,77 KB, 1000x1076, 250:269, 1556683200031.jpg)


90% of what? The Japanese population in Hawaii is like 15%.

a80032  No.248084

File: 4ffe4225fc19fae⋯.png (812,87 KB, 808x963, 808:963, アスナさん.png)


actually you do

911d26  No.248085

File: df8f78272e9c1e3⋯.jpg (1,33 MB, 3112x3152, 389:394, 1551164023222.jpg)


I was joking.

I'm surprised it's that small. Japanese have a pretty sizable culture there.


My life was more like watamote.

53b981  No.248086

File: e96c3bb4f416899⋯.jpg (267,1 KB, 1600x2263, 1600:2263, 1556410609013.jpg)


Apparently it was 43% at it's highest.

fed04f  No.248087

File: 0183b18da0a1d48⋯.jpg (1,92 MB, 3200x2368, 50:37, IMG_20150513_113802.jpg)


But it has horses and the fried chicken that's loved by all niggers


Fuck, I wish that were me



911d26  No.248088

File: a70a0dd4bd043d7⋯.png (388,06 KB, 601x850, 601:850, 1549554352806.png)


Jeez, that's a lot.

Oh well, it's a Jewish hellhole now.

911d26  No.248089

File: c83cb47d9890c2e⋯.jpg (59,17 KB, 500x590, 50:59, 1549518495853.jpg)

a80032  No.248090

File: c325c500270d758⋯.png (564,1 KB, 946x643, 946:643, コードギアス.png)


what does that have to do with what i said

911d26  No.248091

File: 0283c86a668f713⋯.png (535,67 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1549542675015.png)


You said you do?

Do I remind you of punpun?

53b981  No.248092

File: 0ccc8737fc27338⋯.png (96,99 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1556404399337.png)


>It took decades of … several suicides

Clearly not enough.

911d26  No.248093

File: b4bc4ce1e390559⋯.png (401,34 KB, 720x760, 18:19, 1551037885278.png)


How do they even know what transgenders are?

a80032  No.248094

File: 5139e91963cd318⋯.png (765,59 KB, 879x872, 879:872, ブレイブ.png)


thats not what i meant

i mean you have files with my name in them

53b981  No.248095

File: e40bff3c5348d3a⋯.png (434,53 KB, 1083x865, 1083:865, 1556330600391.png)


I dunno, but it's probably the jews fault.

911d26  No.248096

File: 21fd74265c6ff7f⋯.png (364,91 KB, 1024x845, 1024:845, weebanon's future if he st….png)


Like so?

a80032  No.248097

File: f544ae8bba595cc⋯.png (616,02 KB, 634x925, 634:925, ハロエリちゃん.png)


yes but with me

911d26  No.248098

File: 80b23a356c747a2⋯.jpg (443,79 KB, 2048x1692, 512:423, Weebanon's needs to stop d….jpg)

911d26  No.248099

File: 5fbb708a80eb4f8⋯.jpg (723,76 KB, 700x800, 7:8, Japananon coming through t….jpg)


911d26  No.248100

File: 0aec8e493bfde02⋯.jpg (1,07 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 1547934444386.jpg)

911d26  No.248101

File: 00a011b7dc321e5⋯.jpg (333,6 KB, 680x964, 170:241, koukaku-no-pandora-ghost-u….jpg)


ab9c41  No.248102


i dont get this one

911d26  No.248103

File: 16dbb1f8bb180c6⋯.png (829,11 KB, 477x999, 53:111, 1547936073576.png)



ab9c41  No.248104



911d26  No.248105

File: 7670007003b8693⋯.jpg (90,48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 03-demon-gaze-2.jpg)


Ringu is a Japanese horror movie where a Japanese girl crawls out of the TV.

ab9c41  No.248106

File: 9d534ad4fffb966⋯.jpg (21,08 KB, 250x167, 250:167, 1556668495388.jpg)


am i a japanese girl

911d26  No.248107

File: 6f8bd67ca3cd98a⋯.jpg (119,11 KB, 607x428, 607:428, The only logical reason be….jpg)

fed04f  No.248108

File: f0f655da6592c01⋯.jpg (120,04 KB, 480x776, 60:97, 65621536_p10_master1200.jpg)


Yes, a very cute one

911d26  No.248109

File: aaaaa271b26844d⋯.jpg (216,4 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 1558501413603.jpg)

ab9c41  No.248110

File: e67370b16f7e15f⋯.jpg (63,47 KB, 700x513, 700:513, 1556671252756.jpg)


interesting file name



911d26  No.248111

File: 22e759fd0ce5d3b⋯.jpg (782,77 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1558502212746.jpg)


Apparently, 2D boys>3D boys

ab9c41  No.248112

File: d93396c98bc512d⋯.jpg (101,03 KB, 514x548, 257:274, 1554913767539.jpg)


thats true

911d26  No.248113

File: f29b55bcb32e2be⋯.jpg (138,58 KB, 1256x680, 157:85, 1558216749278.jpg)


Too be fair.

Haku is quite dreamy.

ab9c41  No.248114

File: 1c4f3ffc8b4c804⋯.jpg (352,31 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 1556756699753.jpg)


what 3d boys are dreamy

911d26  No.248115

File: aaaaa271b26844d⋯.jpg (216,4 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 1558501413603.jpg)


Does such thing even exist?

ab9c41  No.248116

File: 37446f824422552⋯.jpg (15,15 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1557160990300.jpg)


no, thats my point

fed04f  No.248117

File: 71fcc9fc34502ca⋯.jpg (103,08 KB, 600x946, 300:473, 68483945_p0_master1200.jpg)




I thought you filtered me

Suck my dick while wearing cute girls clothes

ab9c41  No.248118

File: 921a9f73bd1cc73⋯.jpg (81,92 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, 1555180601637.jpg)


i did

what about spec

911d26  No.248119

File: 332ae33b13e8d00⋯.jpg (139,84 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1558381857949.jpg)


Ah, I was about to say?

What woman would even want a 3D man in this day and age?

All they want is sex while leaving a mess everywhere. Truly, solace is in the vidya.

911d26  No.248120

File: 0687fa5ee4c2bec⋯.webm (125,86 KB, 740x520, 37:26, rincomfy.webm)

53b981  No.248121

File: 058c3013f4d5150⋯.jpg (188,45 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1556002562038.jpg)


>implying women are any better

fed04f  No.248122

File: 895249ba01c6468⋯.jpg (148 KB, 533x1000, 533:1000, 58009267_p0_master1200.jpg)


Why are you replying to me then?

Spec isn't a cute girl, but you are

You should become a prostitute


>All they want is sex

If only…

911d26  No.248123

File: 332ae33b13e8d00⋯.jpg (139,84 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1558381857949.jpg)


Finding autist girls are the only solution.

911d26  No.248124

File: 9c33cbb22fee2d5⋯.jpg (166,29 KB, 494x600, 247:300, __saber_and_shielder_fate_….jpg)


You have a mother you know.

fed04f  No.248125

File: 8bb8aa1928051d3⋯.jpg (178,79 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, e08692e.jpg)


Absolutely fucking aesthetically pleasing

ab9c41  No.248126

File: 73327381494eef0⋯.jpg (774,75 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 1556723518688.jpg)


dont you mean what man would want a 3d wmoan


because im on my pc anymore idiot

ill become a camgirl

911d26  No.248127

File: 7b37aaa9a31f15a⋯.jpg (198,92 KB, 850x1116, 425:558, __shielder_fate_grand_orde….jpg)


Gross, vaginas are gross.

ab9c41  No.248128

File: f66894ccca1b2b7⋯.jpg (97,44 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1556676280352.jpg)


are you gay

53b981  No.248129

File: 254a00eaab20688⋯.png (228,48 KB, 405x360, 9:8, 1555587832837.png)


Is this a surprise to you?

911d26  No.248130

File: 41f18e6301161ff⋯.png (391,36 KB, 600x765, 40:51, CWHHVZaU4AA7lrX.png)


Bungholes are more gross.

fed04f  No.248131

File: a8016b8af504d1d⋯.jpg (949,84 KB, 850x1062, 425:531, sample_87420dbb9c4db8294b5….jpg)


Not anymore, she ded. So, irrelevant


Learn to type your sentences properly before you start calling people idiots~

Yes, that's a good idea. Become a camwhore


Yes he is

911d26  No.248132

File: 58a217d8089f292⋯.jpg (118,32 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, CnpTWYwVMAAznTb.jpg)


Cunnilingus was awful and made me swear off fish for a while.


ab9c41  No.248133

File: db43cf67d173e82⋯.jpg (1,68 MB, 1805x1205, 361:241, 1556706569024.jpg)


hes claim to have sex


havent you had sex


learn japanese first

911d26  No.248134

File: f311b8767eb1400⋯.jpg (93,5 KB, 666x941, 666:941, 1499984268352.jpg)


You have a grandmother, no?

911d26  No.248135

File: c7286569d9db15a⋯.jpg (128,05 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1470879787401.jpg)

ab9c41  No.248136

File: 35a0a52e0aebc79⋯.gif (858,33 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1556506763721.gif)


but vaginas are gross

fed04f  No.248137

File: 8b41459c7a3fb54⋯.jpg (640,34 KB, 1273x900, 1273:900, __zero_two_darling_in_the_….jpg)


Give me a few years, idiot

You're supposed to get a job now, so become a camgirl now


Somehow, I have two. They're ridiculously old yet both still live alone in their own commie-era apartments and mostly take care of themselves. It's quite notable, really

911d26  No.248138

File: 3df11a6a27e07ad⋯.png (578,16 KB, 700x988, 175:247, __shielder_fate_grand_orde….png)


They are when periods happen.

ab9c41  No.248139

File: 905c02dace7a259⋯.jpg (107,39 KB, 1200x829, 1200:829, 1555751831547.jpg)


need to buy a camera first


who fucks on a period

911d26  No.248140

File: 89fc7b7a073889a⋯.jpg (241,36 KB, 518x800, 259:400, __shielder_fate_grand_orde….jpg)


There you have it.

53b981  No.248141

File: 792e4c0c8b49032⋯.png (67,54 KB, 213x240, 71:80, 1557980964778.png)


Then don't have sex when the girl is on her period, you idiot.

911d26  No.248142

File: 2cafe1d640acdee⋯.jpg (96,9 KB, 600x841, 600:841, __shielder_fate_grand_orde….jpg)

ab9c41  No.248143

File: 70317e7254b6efc⋯.jpg (87,83 KB, 1000x758, 500:379, 1557261570886.jpg)

911d26  No.248144

File: 7b37aaa9a31f15a⋯.jpg (198,92 KB, 850x1116, 425:558, __shielder_fate_grand_orde….jpg)


I was horny and she was too.

What the hell are you supposed to do?

fed04f  No.248145

File: 9a0c5fbbad8054c⋯.jpg (121,74 KB, 600x894, 100:149, 60442617_p1_master1200.jpg)


Then buy one, faggot

Surely you can afford it


Too bad they're from a long bygone era


Buttfox never fails to disgust

911d26  No.248146

File: 6366cb4863a2cab⋯.jpg (319,3 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, __shielder_fate_grand_orde….jpg)

911d26  No.248147

File: dd7bfc56e362cb4⋯.gif (719,2 KB, 389x256, 389:256, 1462827555411.gif)


>Soviet Union

>Bygone era

53b981  No.248148

File: 837a0f35ab58d1d⋯.jpg (26,69 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1557420235740.jpg)


Think about things for a second and realize that having sex while the girl's vagina is spurting out blood and other nasty things is a bad idea?

ab9c41  No.248149

File: de7de3c4c3ac204⋯.jpg (145,52 KB, 1327x1078, 1327:1078, 1553466132933.jpg)



ill be back

fed04f  No.248150

File: d66905db4cb5833⋯.jpeg (105,49 KB, 594x1037, 594:1037, DGMn43mUQAE5FBE.jpeg)


They were born back before WW2, baka

Am falling asleep. おやすみ、buttfox-kun, riajewanon-kun, japanon-kun

911d26  No.248151

File: 61c2eb7b964c91f⋯.jpg (24,95 KB, 236x364, 59:91, e70809d9c3f39728a057badd2c….jpg)


The doc forgot to tell me some crucial info about somethings.

Anyways, there's some meme going around that girls couldn't get preggers on periods that is very much wrong but I was a teenager and it was an opportunity to bang

At the end of the day, sex is sex and it doesn't matter how you get sex even if what you're doing is gross.

911d26  No.248152

File: f46162ba06a4004⋯.jpg (86,28 KB, 680x960, 17:24, 1489211579823.jpg)

ab9c41  No.248153

File: b95516ba014c1b4⋯.jpg (165,03 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1557352778760.jpg)


why not

911d26  No.248154

File: 1c73d6e0dd836b9⋯.jpg (74,07 KB, 800x996, 200:249, __tedeza_rize_gochuumon_wa….jpg)


You only do oral on JAVs.

ab9c41  No.248155

File: 84b779c7b8add8c⋯.jpg (93,53 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1554316732869.jpg)


why dont you have oral?

911d26  No.248156

File: 75aabf2fa666da6⋯.jpg (99,85 KB, 850x891, 850:891, 1464319209832.jpg)


Vagoos are salty and the taste will stay with you for while.

ab9c41  No.248157

File: c64ee1e596eef87⋯.jpg (912,96 KB, 2386x6685, 2386:6685, 1552521632126.jpg)


i meant her sucking your dick

911d26  No.248158

File: c451633a1185b72⋯.jpg (249,85 KB, 682x684, 341:342, Futaba.Akane.full.1661891.jpg)


She did.

But she wasn't all that good.

Then her grandma came in

Anyways, night.

ab9c41  No.248159

File: abb45df3ab2ec63⋯.gif (1,85 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1554845947080.gif)


tell me more tomorrow


1330fd  No.248160

File: a4b3ace2adbfec4⋯.jpg (300,68 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 1558186715001.jpg)

fed04f  No.248161

File: 37338db48b01427⋯.jpg (108,22 KB, 600x752, 75:94, 52142296_p0_master1200.jpg)

1330fd  No.248162

File: 8fd3be88bf01360⋯.jpg (282,44 KB, 572x800, 143:200, 1557030772001.jpg)

fed04f  No.248163

File: 4616e2970fd2db9⋯.jpg (287,22 KB, 850x578, 25:17, sample_6c09f8b327be8bcd7fd….jpg)

1330fd  No.248164

File: 67975b60c411808⋯.jpg (374,57 KB, 700x993, 700:993, 1549821809010.jpg)



fed04f  No.248165

File: 243198c4bbf276a⋯.jpg (379,74 KB, 566x800, 283:400, 5b8aea297ebc65f31735a03cc1….jpg)


You're a sample

1330fd  No.248166

File: 8f4bede45f9ed77⋯.jpg (1,02 MB, 1158x1637, 1158:1637, 1551372877001.jpg)


I'll give you one or two

fed04f  No.248167

File: f89eae62a5a320c⋯.jpg (345,19 KB, 600x875, 24:35, dd5661ba0ab2723bc4632fa482….jpg)


I have more than enough samples

1330fd  No.248168

File: 14c4a4c4873288c⋯.jpg (1,2 MB, 1500x1085, 300:217, 1553021076001.jpg)


wow slut

911d26  No.248169

File: 7b37aaa9a31f15a⋯.jpg (198,92 KB, 850x1116, 425:558, __shielder_fate_grand_orde….jpg)

Ya'll gay.

fed04f  No.248170

File: 7fab3c2413cfb0a⋯.jpg (103,41 KB, 600x848, 75:106, 44745457_p0_master1200.jpg)


Yes you are


Yes you are

911d26  No.248171

File: df62f2497f9f5a8⋯.jpg (177,35 KB, 850x1080, 85:108, __shielder_fate_grand_orde….jpg)

1330fd  No.248172


especially you

911d26  No.248173

File: 2cafe1d640acdee⋯.jpg (96,9 KB, 600x841, 600:841, __shielder_fate_grand_orde….jpg)


Don't be mean.

1330fd  No.248174

File: ce1bed4fc7b69b3⋯.jpg (699,25 KB, 885x1200, 59:80, 1557666246001.jpg)

911d26  No.248175

File: 6a881c4c263bbc4⋯.jpg (37,94 KB, 456x600, 19:25, Matthew.Kyrielite.600.2051….jpg)



fed04f  No.248176

File: f71d9d886cacb10⋯.jpg (96,24 KB, 850x1287, 850:1287, 8df415a.jpg)


Buttfox is for bullying~

1330fd  No.248177

File: a2f2f8e6f0669bc⋯.jpg (622,33 KB, 847x1200, 847:1200, 1557666247001.jpg)

911d26  No.248178

File: ecff183461db9fb⋯.gif (1,82 MB, 500x281, 500:281, tumblr_nwiyzysjJa1qimk8ao2….gif)

911d26  No.248179

File: 0dac8911ec3d0ef⋯.jpg (37,49 KB, 640x360, 16:9, fag.jpg)

fed04f  No.248180

File: ec33761f5693cbf⋯.jpg (130,31 KB, 1129x1200, 1129:1200, DbwRzXbVMAACVAH.jpg)


What a wonderful article, trying so fucking hard to make me sympathise with these creatures!

Shame it's all for naught

911d26  No.248181

File: 673c6503d5bbd07⋯.jpg (15,51 KB, 236x354, 2:3, 343ba97af5abcae930a13b696f….jpg)


You ever wonder why Canada is retarded?

fed04f  No.248182

File: fd9914867dad96e⋯.jpg (133,08 KB, 600x1053, 200:351, 65123725_p0_master1200.jpg)


I'm quite sure the retardation goes back a while, cucknadastan has always been one step ahead in the game of being cucked.

Funnily enough, england is even more cucked. That might explain something


911d26  No.248183

File: e5e16c8fe26715f⋯.jpg (188,8 KB, 530x750, 53:75, Matthew.Kyrielite.full.197….jpg)



What's the article say?

fed04f  No.248184

File: fd7a925a3a18f1c⋯.jpg (61,39 KB, 750x1048, 375:524, b1dbb21.jpg)


An islamic terrorist converted in Japan and joined some terrorist group, apparently it's the first time that ever happened

What's that phone number for?

8e1473  No.248185

I wonder if there is a similar article tracking the fate of all the people illegally crossing from the US to Canada.

Canada took its military and made them make tents and lodgings for the thousands that were coming over.

911d26  No.248186

File: ee6074746240536⋯.jpeg (430,81 KB, 2480x3507, 2480:3507, 2016-01-29-806168.jpeg)


Not sure.

Someone asked if it was an IP address.

The 3-digit code makes it a North American Area code.

Oh, that happens all the time. Where I live now, there's been tons of articles about guy converting to Islam and going to Iraq, Syria, Libya, all that. There was even a mosque that got shut down because they were funneling money to terrorist groups.




Mind you, these articles are from this year alone. This should raise quite a bit of eyebrows for the native population. Considering there are terrorist recruitment centers and terrorists cells living here.

911d26  No.248187

File: 68cace61e17d8b5⋯.png (189,64 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 1464352384696.png)


So illegal Canadians or illegal Americans even exist?

I would think so, but they'd be so far and few between that they don't get reported.

fed04f  No.248188

File: 98c6ae246ef4d35⋯.png (332,16 KB, 590x594, 295:297, horriblesubs kashii yui.png)


Build a wall!


>IP address

… How very incompetent

What's more interesting is how the Japanese will react to that article and what actions will be taken

911d26  No.248189

File: 48ffd88b1013d48⋯.jpg (113,36 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 3765136032_221d9358a7_z.jpg)


>Japanese terrorist popping up in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya

>Japanese government has always been hostile to Islam and keeps a close eye on mosques and Muslims

>Suddenly this happens

They'll get slapped with a human rights violation if they take the Chinese approach (assuming that's even remotely true). I imagine they'll ramp up surveillance and news outlets will drag their heels over the bad treatment of Muslims in Japan comparing it to the Holocaust or something.

8e1473  No.248190


A lot of the illegal Americans were coming Canada because trump was scary to them. And doffus trudope made a comment and tweet saying no matter where you come from Canada will welcome you.

He would be a better pm if he never spoke.

Here is a government source on "irregular border crossings". More than 41,500 refugee claims from illegal border crossers from the US.


911d26  No.248191

File: 06bc08480701bea⋯.gif (805,08 KB, 500x281, 500:281, monogatari-series.gif)

911d26  No.248192

File: 5f5f4e311dcc283⋯.jpg (116,61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_nxz8yphHa41tj8m7no1….jpg)


There's no helping it at this point.

The PM is a CIA shill bent on destroying Canada.

8e1473  No.248193

File: e8ac9816a8cd3de⋯.jpg (18,07 KB, 236x294, 118:147, 26430f0e3efdefd9ba3197de7d….jpg)


18 months is more than what Canada gives people. We gave a terrorist 10 million for his hurt feelings.

Canada has ex Isis folk walking around. Sadly Trinidad has the same issue as well. Nothing happened to them.

911d26  No.248194

File: dd7bfc56e362cb4⋯.gif (719,2 KB, 389x256, 389:256, 1462827555411.gif)


America has the same problem.

Expect our government is actively trying to kill us.


I'm 100% certain at this point that they throw the terrorist that actually pose a threat in jail for a really long time while giving terrorist that are useful tools a free pass.

fed04f  No.248195

File: 8221efc447a3a4e⋯.jpg (103,7 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 62175143_p0_master1200.jpg)


>Letting terrorists off the hook

I wonder if it's possible to do anything about bad judges


>(((Human right violation)))

>News outlets will drag their heels

Funnily, the news outlet that the article was from seemed to want the government to do something about it, unless I misunderstood

Agressive surveillance of every little move does seem like the best option, though there may be a risk of driving them underground

911d26  No.248196

File: dd7bfc56e362cb4⋯.gif (719,2 KB, 389x256, 389:256, 1462827555411.gif)


It's not the judge.

It's the system. The dude was a Reagan appointed Judge at a federal level. I'm thinking there was a hell of a lot more in play there than just "scoffed at the accusations".

Although, it's all speculation at this point.

fed04f  No.248197

File: e335f339c6a3f77⋯.png (445,15 KB, 800x1250, 16:25, aa6a1b6.png)


Well, then what would you say the issue with the system is?

911d26  No.248198

File: d81839aff9dc31f⋯.jpg (36,83 KB, 500x666, 250:333, b33bf75232b6ff990050f7f43a….jpg)


I noticed that the Ugyhur accusations started immediately when the trade war came up. They cited that China only had "one or two terrorist attacks and then put up a bunch of surveillance."

They conveniently forget to mention that there were ISIS cells operating in Xinjiang. As well as Uyghars in ISIS, Taliban, Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations seeking training and funding.

911d26  No.248199

File: 1a1cdd3d419152b⋯.png (567,34 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1463115389623.png)


>what would you say the issue with the system is?

Man, that would take all day….

fed04f  No.248200

File: f46cae31773b1ff⋯.png (859,08 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1555762773864.png)


Seems like it's merely being used as a political tool. You just need to make you enemy look bad and convince others that you're in the right, not much else matters.

That being said, I fully support the trade war


Well then, what would your ideal system look like?

911d26  No.248201

File: f9d0c6460deae3c⋯.jpg (512,81 KB, 800x624, 50:39, Hatsuse.Izuna.full.1728863.jpg)


Trade war is fine.

But it doesn't really fix the underlying issue of boom and bust economies and increasing stagflation. Instead, it pits economic interests against each other causing friction between world powers and uncertainties in the market which makes everyone's head spin. Unfortunately, our very intelligent and will get railroaded into oblivion if they did this. But they should try to get China wrapped around their fingers so they can influence China's policies a bit better.

Hold on, I'll tell you what ideal system would be the best.

fed04f  No.248202

File: e186dce8459da42⋯.png (305,81 KB, 600x800, 3:4, Prostitutionshouldbelegali….png)


>Boom and bust


Many things would be a lot better if there was an agressive reduction in regulations, because they tend to mess with regular market forces. Really, laissez-faire would be ideal

911d26  No.248203

File: 89d06c7bb4e6871⋯.png (160,47 KB, 599x413, 599:413, 1423781141992.png)


Just to put this out there. It's impossible to have such a model without various caveats and to be organic when issues arise.

I was thinking about a government that could grow fast from the dirt, bring the poor out of poverty, be technologically advanced, maintain itself, not fall into the various trappings of life, etc. So, I began reading, firstly when I was young, I remembered everyone saying that Nazi Germany's economy grew very fast and achieved many technological advancements in a short amount of time. No one ever seemed to say what made this happened. it just occurred through some voodoo magic or something. So, upon further reading, I discovered that Germany grew really fast because the government more or less operated as a free enterprise. They'd open two ministries and reward them with land if they achieved their goals by a set period. Since the two were in competition with each other, they'd compete with each other. Seems fairly logical and certainly a unique approach to running a government. However, the issue arises about long term commitments of these ministries and corruption. That would have to be dealt with through other means. Price fixing commodities is a terrible idea and leads to all sorts of issues that can't be addressed outright. Same thing with nationalization, it's hard for the government to predict futures of goods and will results in either over production or under production. Which causes it's own set of issues that can't be addressed outright. Although, I was thinking what would happen if you nationalized the Federal Reserve. I have an idea, you'd tank the US economy faster than FDR tanked it in the 30's but I have yet to find anything about that. There's many other things that can do to your economy to make it grow. Ideally, the Rwandan/Ethiopian economic model that's currently is being implemented is quite alluring and I'll be keeping close eyes on them. Finally, the issue of taxes is always one that is hard to address since people tend to hate taxes with a burning passion. I would implement a tax break for STEM majors and PhDs to have children. As well as some other tax breaks that would help grow the educated class for future endeavors. I can't really cover everything, I'd have to write a dissertation about how to touch contentious issues like education, healthcare and all that.

Anyways, see you later.

911d26  No.248204

File: 7b37aaa9a31f15a⋯.jpg (198,92 KB, 850x1116, 425:558, __shielder_fate_grand_orde….jpg)


You have many issues that keep that dream from being a reality.

As nice as no regulations are, what regulations will you keep? What regulations will you implement? How will you address discontent among the populace if things go bad?

All that.

8e1473  No.248205


You really like writing walls of text. Take it easy, chad fox.


>prostitution should be legal in the US

Should be legal everywhere.

fed04f  No.248206

File: 78df682328bad63⋯.jpg (104,16 KB, 600x969, 200:323, 59053578_p0_master1200.jpg)


Was talking more about the justice system~

It's notable that the government many times does seemingly unprofitable things that people apparently want.

It's also in many cases one big huge inefficient terribly burocratic middleman


The only necessary regulations are ones that prevent dishonest practices: selling faulty goods, scamming, false advertising, misrepresenting the capabilities/characteristics of the thing being sold, etc. Essentially basic consumer protections: companies must be kept to their word. Beyond that, they should be able to basically do almost anything they want. There should be no meddling with market forces.

It's important to note that things like cartels are inherently a bad business idea, and many monopolies are government-granted directly or indirectly.


Become a prostitute

8e1473  No.248207

File: d6b9de3babf2f2d⋯.jpg (156,91 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 20-5c6bbd7438c8b__700.jpg)


>Become a prostitute

I can't imagine anyone paying to fug me except gay men and fat/ugly women.

fed04f  No.248208

File: 2dd625b3b651bf9⋯.gif (1,53 MB, 560x380, 28:19, 466c7ef5ae26afa495eb5ee24e….gif)


You've come to the right place, then!

8e1473  No.248209

File: 7e44030e162e5ad⋯.jpg (82,12 KB, 700x600, 7:6, nyankichi5656_19_2_2019_9_….jpg)


So which one are you, ugly female or gay man?

fed04f  No.248210

File: 003e409e5cb7b94⋯.jpg (84,43 KB, 600x852, 50:71, 68622789_p0_master1200.jpg)


An external observer surrounded by gay men

8e1473  No.248211

File: f58e591733c666d⋯.jpg (268,55 KB, 938x1200, 469:600, e8pdw72fsex21.jpg)


Be wary of your environment rubbing off on you

fed04f  No.248212

File: 07c79dc01873de4⋯.png (1,67 MB, 1414x2000, 707:1000, 59805198_p0.png)


Yes, I am very wary of you indeed

8e1473  No.248213


>wary of me


fed04f  No.248214

File: 45553f261321fa5⋯.jpg (83,65 KB, 850x478, 425:239, ayase_ore_no_imouto_ga_kon….jpg)


After all, I don't want to get covered in poo!

8e1473  No.248215

File: 5c101fa09f70eec⋯.jpg (63,74 KB, 720x1081, 720:1081, cb70ff44e1b63dc25df19469be….jpg)

fed04f  No.248216

File: f1e3031f3fc4154⋯.jpg (116,19 KB, 955x1070, 191:214, b9e998c.jpg)


Nothing to say, eh?

8e1473  No.248217

File: 860e024de93fb4f⋯.jpg (41,84 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, gasper_in_a_box_by_popdood….jpg)


I feel like we've had this exact same conversation before where we just try to bully each other. Not feeling up to it today. Maybe someone else will come along to bully you instead

fed04f  No.248218

File: d19257be4f757f7⋯.jpg (140,05 KB, 550x769, 550:769, 52324863_p6_master1200.jpg)


Poor rajeesh-kyun. Let's talk about something else instead then. How's life treating you?

8e1473  No.248219

File: 9e01a5e3a12fb75⋯.gif (171,96 KB, 800x336, 50:21, c1hlfviaqm15fhsz1ldq.gif)


That's a complicated question. I don't have an answer. Later for now Kira

fed04f  No.248220

File: 45f67d88db5f8e0⋯.png (504,63 KB, 565x800, 113:160, 4574e76.png)


Poor rajeesh-kyun. Ganbatte

072394  No.248221

File: e137feee09c6565⋯.webm (1,91 MB, 202x360, 101:180, 1558539530888.webm)


fed04f  No.248222

File: d7e068c1f99906c⋯.jpg (61,53 KB, 639x1006, 639:1006, d71e0d5.jpg)



072394  No.248223

File: 161919861308dbd⋯.mp4 (1,5 MB, 480x480, 1:1, 1558540330462.mp4)



fed04f  No.248224

File: 175a0e7d9b04c65⋯.png (22,49 KB, 120x110, 12:11, 11223f7.png)


Doing anything interesting today?

072394  No.248225

File: 9e459d5c1f9490d⋯.webm (1,09 MB, 720x480, 3:2, 1558540406274.webm)

839083  No.248226

fed04f  No.248227

File: a8f29c144694b72⋯.jpg (100,53 KB, 600x408, 25:17, 43820337_p0_master1200.jpg)


How boring


Allah-sama banzai :^)

072394  No.248228

File: 6e1c482144e29df⋯.webm (1,79 MB, 382x680, 191:340, 1558540778680.webm)



what am i looking at

072394  No.248229

File: 899dfea870e87d0⋯.jpg (673,78 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 1558401701003.jpg)

fed04f  No.248230

File: 0dfb185bb661f1f⋯.jpg (135,75 KB, 600x967, 600:967, 68540484_p0_master1200.jpg)


Vending machine are very rare and boring

All the same stuff always, nothing hot either

072394  No.248231

File: fc2633208579702⋯.webm (1,95 MB, 384x288, 4:3, 1558541060073.webm)


wasnt talking about those

839083  No.248232

File: aeb7b5acba5c6a1⋯.jpg (473,9 KB, 1917x1917, 1:1, 1558309342278.jpg)


I could be asking the same, these little girls appear to be assaulting this mascot!

Anyway, it's a thread about Japanese vending machines.


Table full of vegetables left unattended running off the honor system?

Hell no lmao.

072394  No.248233

File: b742d7f4a08cfe4⋯.webm (1,95 MB, 424x240, 53:30, 1558541452148.webm)


they are assaulting the mascot

whats weird about vending machines

americans lack honour and steal?

911d26  No.248234


We have everything in America.

Even tigers :D

072394  No.248235

File: a9a93e2ea328631⋯.webm (1,88 MB, 420x240, 7:4, 1558541520840.webm)


not honour boxes apparently

839083  No.248236

File: 79b048ee9255617⋯.jpg (121,76 KB, 818x1200, 409:600, 1557934470901.jpg)


Vending machines are common, but apparently not nearly as common as they are in Japan.

I played this little game myself just now and it feels like there's one practically on every street corner. In the US they're remarkably more rare.

What the UK anon said is sadly true as well, a lot of vending machines lately are either placed inside buildings, or inside purpose built cages that are locked and bolted to the deck.

America has a problem with uh… a few uh-

People that don't respect property. Yeah.

911d26  No.248237

File: 600fe70e3dc94a0⋯.jpg (86,35 KB, 728x1080, 91:135, c066_copy.jpg)


We have honor boxes. But they're rare.

072394  No.248238

File: b32362f1201fed7⋯.mp4 (1,34 MB, 528x360, 22:15, 1558541724496.mp4)


i meant the honour boxes


what about this

839083  No.248239

File: 8cbff23907a7b4d⋯.jpg (363,56 KB, 1000x1438, 500:719, 72545647_p0.jpg)



Also I started read punpun.


Unheard of.

072394  No.248240

File: d9527b4959196b5⋯.webm (1,3 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1558541908772.webm)


ive bought from one before

911d26  No.248241

File: d64bdf6d48ab6ff⋯.jpg (151,11 KB, 650x880, 65:88, __aozaki_touko_fujimaru_ri….jpg)


Cat calling?


They used to be everywhere in the country.

Not so much anymore.

How are you liking it?

072394  No.248242

File: f8c818cb651542e⋯.webm (1,8 MB, 1024x426, 512:213, 1558541976172.webm)


i meant the harassing women

i dont think you would be allowed this movie

911d26  No.248243

File: df60bdca82f6fc5⋯.png (271,88 KB, 1295x722, 1295:722, lolimom.PNG)


You can harass women.

But white women are no fun allowed.

072394  No.248244

File: 161919861308dbd⋯.mp4 (1,5 MB, 480x480, 1:1, 1558540330462.mp4)


what about that movie

839083  No.248245

File: 0564ef08eae0212⋯.png (206,63 KB, 813x1300, 813:1300, 20.png)


Oh I'm sure ya have.


It's alright. It's gonna be depressing I can tell.

I hate how everyone is drawn to be ugly tho.

Also, now I know where a lot of exploitable images that are always posted come from.

911d26  No.248246

File: cd38f945593ce4d⋯.jpeg (434,18 KB, 600x1000, 3:5, 2016-05-04-830124.jpeg)


Allowed to make a movie like that or allowed to have it?

072394  No.248247

File: 75f8d4ee61acfdb⋯.jpg (1,3 MB, 2302x3300, 1151:1650, 1558402018959.jpg)

911d26  No.248248

File: 6a881c4c263bbc4⋯.jpg (37,94 KB, 456x600, 19:25, Matthew.Kyrielite.600.2051….jpg)


Just wait

The characters are meant to be simplistic and ugly.

I always thought it was interesting how Punpun imagines himself as a bird

0656c2  No.248249

Ugh my head hurts

911d26  No.248250

File: 673c6503d5bbd07⋯.jpg (15,51 KB, 236x354, 2:3, 343ba97af5abcae930a13b696f….jpg)


Yes, you can own the movie.

But, you couldn't make movies like that anymore since child nudity is a nono.

072394  No.248251

File: 3e54bb6df7daed0⋯.jpg (118,04 KB, 917x1200, 917:1200, 1556994823997.jpg)


so about yesterday

911d26  No.248252

File: 0931bafc0b51982⋯.jpg (73,2 KB, 636x900, 53:75, __shielder_fate_grand_orde….jpg)

072394  No.248253

File: c1e1c1d7006be5f⋯.jpg (50,42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1557342307632.jpg)


what happened when her grandma came in

why did you date her

911d26  No.248254

File: 2b79efbd135045b⋯.jpg (74,05 KB, 600x830, 60:83, __isuzu_hana_girls_und_pan….jpg)


"Hi grandma how are you doing?"

072394  No.248255

File: ec112f7c36f4161⋯.jpg (138,62 KB, 674x674, 1:1, 1558555679939.jpg)



839083  No.248256

File: e9413fcea423a99⋯.jpg (1,02 MB, 1414x2000, 707:1000, 74841759_p0.jpg)


I don't think it's him imagining himself as a bird… the entire Punpun family is all drawn as birds for some reason. It hasn't really been stated or hinted as to why yet though.

911d26  No.248257

File: 408d827b6be6657⋯.jpg (54,1 KB, 480x774, 80:129, 72bd1f8e273cb65ee9f6aa13e0….jpg)


"Would you like some food?"

Mind you, I was tied to a chair and grandma never came in. So, it was a bit of a shock when it happened.

Thankfully, she didn't see anything.

072394  No.248258

File: 4c4e3e9afc8570d⋯.jpg (224,31 KB, 1041x1019, 1041:1019, 1558556423016.jpg)


why did you date her

911d26  No.248259

File: 8d7ee4c33468d7e⋯.jpg (36,99 KB, 401x800, 401:800, __shielder_fate_grand_orde….jpg)


What chapter are you on?

911d26  No.248260

File: 0072b23f1223cbf⋯.jpg (334,1 KB, 441x488, 441:488, 283a12d9a21fccde3fede09ded….jpg)


Why not?

072394  No.248261

File: 68e56008254e68e⋯.jpg (46,11 KB, 336x353, 336:353, 1558556780085.jpg)


if you dont want to tell just say so

fed04f  No.248262

File: f58272eccc4c399⋯.jpg (225,33 KB, 850x1199, 850:1199, sample_5b525ebf6eecc57d911….jpg)


>Tied to a chair

S-sasuga buttfox the fetishist

911d26  No.248263

File: ec2ea824138b8a6⋯.png (875,7 KB, 825x1000, 33:40, __shielder_fate_grand_orde….png)


Sort of a complex question to answer.

072394  No.248264

File: 99eb7469dd7e860⋯.jpg (659,91 KB, 851x925, 23:25, 1558558351394.jpg)


dont answer if you dont want to, but why were you tied to a chair

839083  No.248265

File: b1ecb42bd54bb19⋯.png (451,08 KB, 713x1000, 713:1000, 1556645332242.png)


Volume 2, chapter 20.

911d26  No.248266

File: 5084e6830bda72f⋯.jpeg (178,73 KB, 500x722, 250:361, 2007-09-13-71074.jpeg)


I got tied to the chair.

072394  No.248267

File: 96b373924517a38⋯.jpg (1,06 MB, 1311x1859, 1311:1859, 1558555950072.jpg)


i see, why

911d26  No.248268

File: 3f135269aa4b6f2⋯.png (595,05 KB, 629x920, 629:920, bccda60447b8abbdb197220ddc….png)


Get reading!

911d26  No.248269

File: 960ed4b94041f71⋯.jpg (158,19 KB, 850x626, 425:313, __anchira_granblue_fantasy….jpg)


My girlfriend tied me to the chair and I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

072394  No.248270

File: 7625690a1003d0b⋯.jpg (222,87 KB, 814x834, 407:417, 1558569972398.jpg)


why did she tie you to the chair

911d26  No.248271

File: 6a881c4c263bbc4⋯.jpg (37,94 KB, 456x600, 19:25, Matthew.Kyrielite.600.2051….jpg)


Do you really have to ask that?

fed04f  No.248272

File: a5ff1b491f4dce3⋯.jpg (136,01 KB, 600x847, 600:847, 62111464_p0_master1200.jpg)


What else have your gfs done to you?

072394  No.248273

File: c318ddcfc9545e4⋯.jpg (37,2 KB, 472x472, 1:1, 1558538448288.jpg)



usually its the girl being tied to things

911d26  No.248274

File: ea850ed1db3c694⋯.jpg (139,54 KB, 850x1150, 17:23, __yamato_kantai_collection….jpg)


Things that shall remain private.

911d26  No.248275

File: 7b37aaa9a31f15a⋯.jpg (198,92 KB, 850x1116, 425:558, __shielder_fate_grand_orde….jpg)


Femdom is a thing you.

072394  No.248276

File: 3aa14f12f31df9c⋯.jpg (492,23 KB, 746x1200, 373:600, 1558539757447.jpg)


youre into femdom?

911d26  No.248277

File: 5cdb883695515dc⋯.jpg (255,03 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, __kafuu_chino_minase_inori….jpg)



072394  No.248278

File: 0f659f757cb8c1f⋯.jpg (115,57 KB, 800x678, 400:339, 1558540186283.jpg)



911d26  No.248279

File: 4c3618276c562f2⋯.jpg (97,84 KB, 429x600, 143:200, 56718242.jpg)

072394  No.248280

File: 12970960dcf9a19⋯.jpg (40,21 KB, 531x750, 177:250, 1558558694848.jpg)


like in that image?

but youre not a girl

839083  No.248281

File: d1f2a605836d160⋯.png (400,93 KB, 720x672, 15:14, 1518593127961.png)


Are Seki and Shimizu gay for each other?

911d26  No.248282

File: 2845e75c9be5136⋯.png (507,54 KB, 701x1000, 701:1000, __fou_and_shielder_fate_gr….png)


Can be corrected.

072394  No.248283

File: 1e46db43a4dd25f⋯.jpg (192,32 KB, 862x1200, 431:600, 1558544742458.jpg)



911d26  No.248284

File: 0164be1a9e1e5ff⋯.png (291,2 KB, 630x700, 9:10, __kishinami_hakuno_and_sab….png)

911d26  No.248285

File: d64bdf6d48ab6ff⋯.jpg (151,11 KB, 650x880, 65:88, __aozaki_touko_fujimaru_ri….jpg)


What of cybernetic bodies?

839083  No.248286

File: 72b59914f1d6f69⋯.jpg (159,42 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1524000398536.jpg)

072394  No.248287

File: 67516da2cbfd055⋯.jpg (137,37 KB, 791x824, 791:824, 1558544964795.jpg)


long way away

and you werent a girl when you were tied up

911d26  No.248288

File: 5b34b922feb7403⋯.jpeg (38,99 KB, 400x600, 2:3, 2011-04-24-397097.jpeg)


No, the only romance in Punpun is suffering.

911d26  No.248289

File: 4a77f49bc05fc70⋯.jpg (318,45 KB, 964x1020, 241:255, 1464353254435.jpg)


In this day and age you can be anything you want too at any time.

So, why not?

072394  No.248290

File: 1d24d30cddd10dd⋯.mp4 (1,86 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1558559567358.mp4)

911d26  No.248291

File: 0b9d75ad2dc4d7d⋯.jpg (157,17 KB, 850x626, 425:313, __anchira_granblue_fantasy….jpg)

fed04f  No.248292

File: d8925b30cc74983⋯.jpg (2,43 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, DSC_0131.JPG)


Boo. Spill the beans!

911d26  No.248293

File: a705339ea58e882⋯.png (789,38 KB, 814x1200, 407:600, __fou_fujimaru_ritsuka_and….png)


Sex is boring.

That's all you need to know.

072394  No.248294

File: b45ca0e08e4230f⋯.jpg (103,95 KB, 750x1150, 15:23, 1557006410122.jpg)


watch it

839083  No.248295

File: 7bf38b8a95a3c16⋯.png (815,47 KB, 1111x1500, 1111:1500, 68999843_p0.png)


Oh boy, I sure do like me some suffering…

911d26  No.248296

File: c7632f102d4588a⋯.jpg (147,9 KB, 850x626, 425:313, __anchira_granblue_fantasy….jpg)

911d26  No.248297

File: 0931bafc0b51982⋯.jpg (73,2 KB, 636x900, 53:75, __shielder_fate_grand_orde….jpg)


All anime is suffering silly.

072394  No.248298

File: a16307ca1129e2e⋯.jpg (103,36 KB, 620x1000, 31:50, 1556994786306.jpg)


why the ?

911d26  No.248299

File: 12c52df561700be⋯.jpg (144,7 KB, 850x626, 425:313, __anchira_granblue_fantasy….jpg)


No reason.

Was that the VA for that ship?

072394  No.248300

File: 96e8fd0b3ab0635⋯.png (268,37 KB, 1001x1414, 143:202, 1558395509542.png)


i think so

911d26  No.248301

File: 1b0c3614233f0e0⋯.jpg (185,73 KB, 354x800, 177:400, __shielder_fate_grand_orde….jpg)

072394  No.248302

File: ad55176224bfc9b⋯.png (458,68 KB, 1191x1235, 1191:1235, 1558574688106.png)

8e1473  No.248303

File: 2073346c9ed1c85⋯.gif (157,72 KB, 800x336, 50:21, giphy (8).gif)


What a beautiful and honorable society. >>248290

This was cute. The figurine is being bullied while the girl on the right is laughing psychotically.


How is spec doing?


How is life treating you?


Is fox well? Also teach me to be a chad.

911d26  No.248304

File: cf38e9d6371ea3e⋯.jpg (72,49 KB, 580x329, 580:329, 1558569333560.jpg)

072394  No.248305

File: d8203a2b65eb461⋯.png (432,72 KB, 500x762, 250:381, 1558574916056.png)

911d26  No.248306

File: 754f938456ada25⋯.png (682,3 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 1558572494641.png)

072394  No.248307

File: bac0122fc95b778⋯.jpg (98,76 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1558569303162.jpg)

911d26  No.248308

File: 7f3c185d788e0bf⋯.png (633,79 KB, 848x1481, 848:1481, 1558575009896.png)

072394  No.248309

File: 10ca70be8f9291b⋯.jpg (92,25 KB, 460x386, 230:193, 1558568871417.jpg)

911d26  No.248310

File: f2355af16364421⋯.jpg (890,45 KB, 1940x2400, 97:120, 1558458465736.jpg)

072394  No.248311

File: c22e2766ed7bbef⋯.png (1,72 MB, 1066x1526, 533:763, 1557961946104.png)

fed04f  No.248312

File: e58037e717df684⋯.jpg (137,45 KB, 600x851, 600:851, 48892495_p0_master1200.jpg)


That's why I'm asking about the fetishy stuff like tying up that you've done!


Preparing to embark upon one hell of a clueless mountain climb for work, otherwise known as mobile app development for iToys


The baby has shit taste

911d26  No.248313

File: 4d4e3cbb08c6fa2⋯.jpg (651,14 KB, 2508x3541, 2508:3541, 1557775253423.jpg)


Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy?

072394  No.248314

File: 0c9288a3c005643⋯.jpg (135,29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1557360730734.jpg)

839083  No.248315

File: 9c31233bb3329ab⋯.png (143,94 KB, 229x389, 229:389, Screenshot_861.png)


This is gonna come in handy.



8e1473  No.248316

File: 054097b8d078953⋯.gif (687,41 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 32Jm.gif)


Good luck. You'll succeed. I think I'll go back and try to climb my own mountains. Later

911d26  No.248317

File: 62289924509a09e⋯.png (2,47 MB, 2000x1396, 500:349, 1558213995285.png)

072394  No.248318

File: cea69a1c2ac00b5⋯.jpg (154,34 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 1558559697262.jpg)


final fantasy

8e1473  No.248319

File: 47f6184d49d1e7a⋯.gif (1,43 MB, 300x300, 1:1, pat_pat.gif)


Yes it is I

911d26  No.248320

File: 19f122d8952228a⋯.jpg (313,7 KB, 2048x1666, 1024:833, 1557779818181.jpg)


But why?

072394  No.248321

File: 5134f3467322b86⋯.jpg (856,86 KB, 1280x850, 128:85, 1558562512691.jpg)


its better

0656c2  No.248322

839083  No.248323


How's it goin?

fed04f  No.248324

File: 7a648194b073a8c⋯.jpg (198,53 KB, 600x716, 150:179, 54901508_p0_master1200.jpg)


>You'll succeed

I sure hope so. Fucking forced to use macOS (at least it's a VM and not a real mac), and tools that are fucking retarded. Hopefully it'll work out


And he leaves as fast as he arrived





>Always nice

911d26  No.248325

File: aaaaa271b26844d⋯.jpg (216,4 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 1558501413603.jpg)


But everyone says DQ is better!

072394  No.248326

File: b27c1379cb62210⋯.jpg (411,24 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, 1558563555328.jpg)


they have bad opinions

911d26  No.248327

File: 9fd801c6b2ad580⋯.jpg (71,96 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1558094573566.jpg)


Fate or tsukihime?

072394  No.248328

File: 4ebe2f5c548757d⋯.jpg (392,34 KB, 933x1400, 933:1400, 1558569500807.jpg)


is this even a question

911d26  No.248329

File: 151b1f491b8e41e⋯.jpg (462,64 KB, 2480x3496, 310:437, 1558104852281.jpg)

839083  No.248330

File: dade98146be9845⋯.jpg (455,18 KB, 648x906, 108:151, 74856890_p0.jpg)

8e1473  No.248331

File: a453ad7647163bc⋯.jpg (109,72 KB, 746x987, 746:987, lobfyfmahtz21.jpg)


Life is okay cuz I'm alive. But it's bad cuz I mentally torture myself. And I don't really have anyone I can trust or who is dependable irl. So it sucks sometimes. But it's my fault cuz it's just a hill to get over so as to climb the mountains that need to be climbed.

How's spec?


Cute. Post the image and few people will bully you for being reddit. Post a link to reddit and you are asking to be bullied.

072394  No.248332

File: eaff89908e3aeeb⋯.jpg (1,51 MB, 1836x3264, 9:16, 1558575064827.jpg)


tsukihime was good but not as good as fate

thats why its dead

911d26  No.248333

File: 332ae33b13e8d00⋯.jpg (139,84 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1558381857949.jpg)


You killed everyone on this board.

839083  No.248334

File: 20fbc46a3f1f879⋯.png (479,29 KB, 900x1583, 900:1583, 74841720_p0.png)


How is not having anyone to rely on your fault…?

072394  No.248335

File: ef5c7c484aa2c66⋯.jpg (122,68 KB, 1528x1020, 382:255, 1558576160790.jpg)



0656c2  No.248336

File: aadcf627bc0aa54⋯.jpeg (630,52 KB, 2480x2463, 2480:2463, aadcf627bc0aa54c5427b5c6d….jpeg)


has good images


bully me senpai

8e1473  No.248337


My fault for using it as an excuse to feel sorry for myself and choosing inaction. It objectively helps nothing.

911d26  No.248338

File: ef5d72a296ef5e2⋯.png (1,56 MB, 960x1378, 480:689, 1558038731705.png)


Everyone here is a tsukihime fan.

072394  No.248339

File: d0937acf03ed635⋯.jpg (236,3 KB, 1034x1400, 517:700, 1557871441248.jpg)


i didnt say i disliked the game

and everyone is you, ran, ese and who

fed04f  No.248340

File: 406a0819f3fd100⋯.jpg (79,77 KB, 600x871, 600:871, 60275782_p0_master1200.jpg)

>ignored by rajeesh

Guess I'll shut down the designated street


I know that you want to bully me, you big fucking chad!


>Don't have anyone IRL

Kira is probably pretty close~


(You) need to back to plebbit, filthy fag

Le epic plebbitor, have an upvote and gold


Bring on the edgy contrarians!

911d26  No.248341

File: c7d96339a35a002⋯.jpg (77,73 KB, 693x1200, 231:400, 1558216445053.jpg)


I never played tsukihime.

I only read F/HA and Karen is best girl

911d26  No.248342

File: e434a41f9c6cad0⋯.jpg (331,04 KB, 2048x1448, 256:181, 1557783609989.jpg)


Which do you like?

072394  No.248343

File: b53c2c4db875e6b⋯.jpg (147,39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1557352189331.jpg)


ok so just ran and ese then

911d26  No.248344

File: 097bd5bf7746ef9⋯.jpg (340,44 KB, 500x996, 125:249, 1558465848012.jpg)

0656c2  No.248345

File: f20eb734c6e8074⋯.jpg (99,54 KB, 827x1087, 827:1087, 0cf069c0d6f0dc677947d8219e….jpg)


eat me, gay boy

839083  No.248346

File: 5deede0e55d820e⋯.png (4,61 MB, 2894x2894, 1:1, 69939742_p0.png)


Hmm… alright, that's fair enough.

Other than that, keeping busy?


Wow, this is kinda comin' outa left field.

It almost seems like you want me to bully you, little Kira~

072394  No.248347

File: 771bce31dc1a9a9⋯.png (667,12 KB, 777x1100, 777:1100, 1558392807700.png)


and one of them quit and the other doesnt post much

911d26  No.248348

File: 3f2aa9505b7b5af⋯.jpg (260,99 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1557796174794.jpg)


You're here forever~

072394  No.248349

File: b21c6f136147b5d⋯.jpg (273,29 KB, 808x1078, 404:539, 1469205060258.jpg)


didnt you say if ran doesnt come back in one month you would buy me something

911d26  No.248350

File: 332ae33b13e8d00⋯.jpg (139,84 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1558381857949.jpg)


You have a habit of remembering things.

072394  No.248351

File: eb754b1ce882339⋯.jpg (134,04 KB, 1268x720, 317:180, 1553638320357.jpg)


talking about ran made me remember

911d26  No.248352

File: 151dca911becbe8⋯.jpg (2,42 MB, 3490x5852, 1745:2926, 1558483543267.jpg)


Poor Ran must think I'm callous.

072394  No.248353

File: 54d92668df859eb⋯.jpg (104,44 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1557360996915.jpg)



911d26  No.248354

File: c60e8ca1b8e2426⋯.png (2,69 MB, 1200x1485, 80:99, 1558222891771.png)


Course, rough.

072394  No.248355

File: 884385e95ed6877⋯.jpg (205,54 KB, 1080x1403, 1080:1403, 1554859179123.jpg)


why would he think that

fed04f  No.248356

File: f7aba4f2accd09c⋯.jpg (482,7 KB, 1974x3508, 987:1754, d2ab775.jpg)


I'm rather poorly messing with you.

I like tsukihime. Well, I only watched the anime but I enjoyed it and tsukihime is very attractive


Yes, that's what someone would say to you.

I revoke your plebbit gold


How exactly are you going to bully me, you silly fag?

911d26  No.248357

File: 7f3c185d788e0bf⋯.png (633,79 KB, 848x1481, 848:1481, 1558575009896.png)


Not sure.

Though, I need to summon more demons…

839083  No.248358

File: a33c5b56f71d700⋯.png (2,14 MB, 1748x2480, 437:620, 68239359_p0.png)


Well, I could ignore you.

911d26  No.248359

File: 1a9075a95c22bd4⋯.jpg (105,49 KB, 729x1032, 243:344, 1557981227975.jpg)


What about Persona or SMT.

072394  No.248360

File: 511ffad67be9f19⋯.jpg (188,44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1557349535075.jpg)


if he comes back in a month ill buy you a cheap vn

911d26  No.248361

File: 1d2b0e2bd746889⋯.jpg (89,82 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 1558071774555.jpg)


I'm fine.

Although, I need some Otome*Domain.

8e1473  No.248362

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>bully me senpai

Have a great, comfy night, gay boy


I really intended to leave but spec is asking me questions and I don't want to be rude. And our thread organically ended after I told you later.

>Kira is probably pretty close~

True. What are you suggesting?


>keeping busy?

Not really. I've been squandering my time like a cunt

911d26  No.248363

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fed04f  No.248364

File: 65f0f21e438ed6b⋯.png (701,21 KB, 663x720, 221:240, unknown-47.png)


Sounds like that would be worse for you than me~


I have never played any of either. What an absolute dishonor. Time commit seppaku. They look good though, and I do want to play them somedayTM

0656c2  No.248366

File: 4f3ed2961eb43e2⋯.jpg (400,52 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 4f3ed2961eb43e2d478969c729….jpg)




thanks, big gay boi

911d26  No.248367

File: baa4c84fc49cb41⋯.jpg (529,96 KB, 2600x3200, 13:16, 1557779044566.jpg)


Finish your Switch games!

fed04f  No.248368

File: 024aa75f73181c4⋯.jpg (139,68 KB, 947x1200, 947:1200, 6d443e3.jpg)


Stay a while, you haven't barely been here!

>What are you suggesting

Let's be friends~


Suck my dick while dressed as a girl, fag

911d26  No.248369

File: ebe0d7b832612ba⋯.jpg (117,74 KB, 600x747, 200:249, 1558224511868.jpg)


I'll have to look.

My birthday is coming soonish.

So, I'll look around.

911d26  No.248371

File: d92a8468539f888⋯.jpg (3,07 MB, 2480x3507, 2480:3507, 1558397696328.jpg)




>VAC ban

Cheats are bad you know.

839083  No.248372

File: e75aaca41eccbd7⋯.png (1,79 MB, 1240x1754, 620:877, 73127593_p0.png)


What with?



911d26  No.248374

File: 9739604740da436⋯.jpg (128,66 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1558477905070.jpg)


Did you say a bad word?

911d26  No.248376

File: 4959959a19792fa⋯.png (719,06 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 1558575575385.png)


You should be able to, yes

911d26  No.248378

File: 4ea41cc80c1dcba⋯.jpg (62,17 KB, 680x965, 136:193, 1558067208413.jpg)


Not sure.

You can always test it out.

911d26  No.248380

File: 15d51a4ecbddd0a⋯.jpg (1,05 MB, 1622x2160, 811:1080, 1558477156191.jpg)


I'm fine for now.

Since I can't think of anything right now.

fed04f  No.248382

File: b0e7e8d649e10db⋯.jpg (18,44 KB, 391x391, 1:1, eda370b9c5c54e8069b6897b82….jpg)


I haven't touched my switch since the road trip. I'll probably play gaymes nonstop once I burn out on anime


How can you be so sure~

Maybe you're bluffing~

Maybe I want you to ignore me~

911d26  No.248383

File: cee172429490c5a⋯.jpg (3 MB, 3560x3560, 1:1, 1558230241651.jpg)


911d26  No.248385

File: 167161b780d03b1⋯.jpg (222,92 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1557976080206.jpg)


>Loli yuri big good?

8e1473  No.248386

File: 8e30b4aa23f665e⋯.gif (1,97 MB, 540x301, 540:301, tumblr_ntekifcYY71rk6bsxo2….gif)


> That game opening was really impressive for 1989

I haven't played any of these games. Ys8 is on my radar however and I'll buy it when I get a new job probably.




>be friends


>Suck my dick while dressed as a girl, fag

Wouldn't that also make you gay? Or you pretend it's not gay if the guy is dressed like a girl? Either way, >>>/cuteboys/


Old tv shows, movies or anime I've seen already.

911d26  No.248388

File: 73b46280b38464a⋯.jpg (106,32 KB, 1024x1011, 1024:1011, 1558227480188.jpg)


Play Ys1 and 2.

They're my favorite two of the series.

911d26  No.248389

File: ea13aa456a66169⋯.png (270,89 KB, 531x1145, 531:1145, 1558393953082.png)


They are cute.

I saw sonohana had a loli yuri game and I was meaning to get around to reading it.

fed04f  No.248391

File: 125c7eb3f00c60f⋯.jpg (580,68 KB, 2474x3500, 1237:1750, 856b09a.jpg)




It's not gay if you don't know that it's just a trap~


You must really like it there

911d26  No.248392

File: 79f6354c698f5c7⋯.png (191,33 KB, 500x715, 100:143, no-let-me-slick-your-penis….png)



911d26  No.248394

File: fd7b359da54091c⋯.jpg (53,87 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1551550394227.jpg)


911d26  No.248396

File: d3f1a80f1d1c08b⋯.jpg (521,99 KB, 677x1000, 677:1000, 1552009633242.jpg)


911d26  No.248398

File: e14742d1dd2d4d8⋯.jpg (92,41 KB, 827x1142, 827:1142, 1552357500758.jpg)


fed04f  No.248399

File: f0481ec5de0d1fe⋯.gif (30,84 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2c595c8.gif)

20689d  No.248400


Why did you read F/HA if you've never read Fate?

fed04f  No.248402

File: 62ef77b53c68182⋯.jpg (138,21 KB, 960x1378, 480:689, 78547b9.jpg)



911d26  No.248403

File: a9301ea412c017b⋯.png (2,44 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1551643282195.png)


It's basically stand alone.

911d26  No.248404

File: df8f78272e9c1e3⋯.jpg (1,33 MB, 3112x3152, 389:394, 1551164023222.jpg)



20689d  No.248405

File: b1473191f6624ff⋯.jpg (237,83 KB, 1500x1061, 1500:1061, D6zxsXxV4AI4gNm.jpg)


Only if you're a -secondary-, and already know the characters despite not reading the VN!

911d26  No.248406

File: 134b7ad20791de5⋯.jpg (1,23 MB, 1000x1480, 25:37, 1550614901203.jpg)


No, I didn't want to sit through 80+hrs of breakfast.

Besides, it is known that Dies Irae>Fate

20689d  No.248409

File: a2223c56ce4dbae⋯.jpg (191,37 KB, 1170x2048, 585:1024, D61MLtFW0AAy8RL.jpg)


Dies Irae is pretty edgy, from the half hour I've read of it.

911d26  No.248410

File: 301f706960e1ad6⋯.jpg (278,47 KB, 1056x1411, 1056:1411, 1552440867780.jpg)


Penises are pretty great.

911d26  No.248412

File: 14f03a3d90a9e3f⋯.jpg (470 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1550279274593.jpg)


>Half hour


911d26  No.248413

File: ec4ba1657b649e1⋯.png (1,04 MB, 1020x1447, 1020:1447, 1549496444767.png)


They're round and warm.

20689d  No.248415

File: 437d82fad57964a⋯.jpg (59,45 KB, 500x911, 500:911, D6_PRdZW4AAEe69.jpg)


You're lame.

911d26  No.248416

File: e76428a59642d8c⋯.jpg (538,23 KB, 566x800, 283:400, 1551321016526.jpg)



911d26  No.248417

File: 0283c86a668f713⋯.png (535,67 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1549542675015.png)



I'm the coolest person around thank you!

20689d  No.248418

File: d1b3c555952f27b⋯.jpg (132,04 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, 33465-66829079.jpg)


Around where? The lame department?

71a280  No.248420

lol rekt

911d26  No.248421

File: 6363d9f2d090cbd⋯.jpg (127,71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1551569510266.jpg)


Around the whole kingdom!

911d26  No.248422

File: d57581c0b84608a⋯.jpg (48,59 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 1551876416176.jpg)


Oppai lolis?

20689d  No.248424

File: d08ff54634c0a9b⋯.jpg (132,43 KB, 846x1200, 141:200, DlSayEXUwAMzbmo.jpg)


Which Kingdom, this is very important.


You know I always appreciate the support.

911d26  No.248425

File: 71a32f215d71f85⋯.gif (304,05 KB, 500x446, 250:223, 1552231907749.gif)




fed04f  No.248426

File: 964f3aa84d34143⋯.png (1,24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, [NoobSubs] Monogatari S2 0….png)


That cage is pretty obvious, I think you're just a homosexual


Spoken like a true fag


Really reminds you of you

911d26  No.248427

File: c83cb47d9890c2e⋯.jpg (59,17 KB, 500x590, 50:59, 1549518495853.jpg)


The EseM kingdom.

911d26  No.248428

File: 7dfa8d2880a41a4⋯.jpg (94,48 KB, 722x987, 722:987, 1550529676583.jpg)


Is fellating yourself gay?

20689d  No.248429

File: 1fe0d5d7d788141⋯.jpg (93,06 KB, 500x705, 100:141, D0y_1PxXcAAwXTr.jpg)


He probably just didn't look down.


I'll just get myself excommunicated so I can't be King anymore.

20689d  No.248430


You're literally making a guy cum with your mouth.

911d26  No.248432

File: a70a0dd4bd043d7⋯.png (388,06 KB, 601x850, 601:850, 1549554352806.png)


Self fellating is just masturbation, no?

911d26  No.248433

File: d2003e2a9a0c884⋯.jpg (110,34 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 1551948937144.jpg)


No, penises are natural.

20689d  No.248434

File: eebcdb1df000ecf⋯.jpg (125,9 KB, 695x900, 139:180, DbAA3VuUQAEgvoZ.jpg)


It's just as bad!

I won't even -pee- without a pair of tongs!

911d26  No.248436

File: bb187478f008658⋯.jpg (341,92 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1551577409552.jpg)


What if you lose the tongs?

20689d  No.248437


Gotta use your elbows to hold it then.

911d26  No.248438

File: cdd334ff3ca8c1a⋯.jpg (371,9 KB, 1400x1000, 7:5, 1550620085946.jpg)



911d26  No.248440

File: bd2fb3ade8c5941⋯.gif (3,64 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1551670432886.gif)


>Mean while at the doctors office.

911d26  No.248441

File: b936bf23f3d40ac⋯.jpg (532,46 KB, 1003x1417, 1003:1417, 1552270033387.jpg)


Pussy is from aliens.

911d26  No.248443

File: a00174584c11b6f⋯.jpg (26,26 KB, 350x350, 1:1, Spec gets sweaty.jpg)


Aliens told me their secrets!

911d26  No.248445

File: 16f17352de065ba⋯.jpg (557,94 KB, 948x1260, 79:105, 1551941526207.jpg)


839083  No.248447


I just realized the art style of some of the girls in punpun is REALLY similar to the "you can't learn Japanese" girl.

fed04f  No.248448

File: d6f46bbcdde6796⋯.jpg (3,05 MB, 2209x3106, 2209:3106, e9358d784aa183af01b1107f95….jpg)


I don't even know what fellating is


That's what having slanted eyes does to you


Still waiting

911d26  No.248449

File: 53f9444962223cd⋯.jpg (149,55 KB, 1000x1300, 10:13, 1549340167359.jpg)


>Says the guy that went to school with a lesbian


About that…

911d26  No.248450

File: ce20df7d746791e⋯.jpg (393,53 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1552060817890.jpg)

20689d  No.248451

File: 322926caa3805b4⋯.png (192,9 KB, 396x384, 33:32, 1448921957920.png)






I've never been to the doctor in my life.

911d26  No.248452

File: 0283c86a668f713⋯.png (535,67 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1549542675015.png)


Did you grow up in the 13th century?!

911d26  No.248454

File: 383e01dab016baa⋯.jpg (172,98 KB, 800x1132, 200:283, 1549576477969.jpg)


Or was it a gay guy?

0656c2  No.248456

File: ad0b9b3886f60dd⋯.jpg (145,72 KB, 668x886, 334:443, ad0b9b3886f60dd864e02e5e2c….jpg)


maybe if I lose some weight first


been there done that

20689d  No.248457


>Improving yourself to degrade yourself

911d26  No.248458

File: 46d988bbc2f4a77⋯.jpg (209,06 KB, 843x1200, 281:400, 1549078699038.jpg)


Someone said that being gay in Japan is practice for a real relationship and it's seen as immature. So, I thought you might know a few gay people at your school.

911d26  No.248460

File: d5d10cc977a177b⋯.png (65,53 KB, 350x400, 7:8, 1552353849953.png)


About that.

911d26  No.248462

File: b4bc4ce1e390559⋯.png (401,34 KB, 720x760, 18:19, 1551037885278.png)


We did!

0656c2  No.248463

File: 6b3f1394b1c9996⋯.jpg (121,1 KB, 681x1000, 681:1000, sample-50be49fd399f9a3df19….jpg)


sounds good to me

911d26  No.248465

File: 17f853f5d59144a⋯.jpg (1,12 MB, 1920x2560, 3:4, 1552165552912.jpg)


When you first showed up.

fed04f  No.248467

File: 259ef5d5b4e4253⋯.jpg (149,35 KB, 800x1363, 800:1363, a65e1d9.jpg)




You should already know that by now, nigger


So your job will be being a prostitute?


Better start losing those pounds, then and become the cutest trap!

839083  No.248468

0656c2  No.248469

File: 1a2f8398bbc1f05⋯.jpg (1,91 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, image3.jpg)


hard when my roommate is deep frying oreos, ice cream, making irish cream, and buying me pizza

911d26  No.248470

File: f84fc810d1f92ec⋯.jpg (311,62 KB, 806x628, 403:314, 1551910037672.jpg)

20689d  No.248472

File: 19bd83bfb0adefb⋯.jpg (13,06 KB, 340x255, 4:3, 99275600d8b15323d962e937e6….jpg)


It shouldn't!


I thought maybe you'd gotten better.


He just makes things up that other people say sometimes.

0656c2  No.248473

File: aab04f22859aaac⋯.jpg (2,23 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, image1.jpg)


why not?

911d26  No.248474

File: 8ca481ef2ac2e41⋯.jpg (164,61 KB, 800x1131, 800:1131, 1558400890221.jpg)

911d26  No.248475

File: ac3d4c39c7dced7⋯.png (6,22 MB, 3541x2507, 3541:2507, f886dd7cd469b903ba5a8ffa08….png)


839083  No.248476

File: b455ab7043d93ae⋯.gif (874,71 KB, 250x231, 250:231, 1512934446594.gif)

911d26  No.248477

File: 8eb4801f3d54722⋯.jpg (366,21 KB, 1654x1033, 1654:1033, e51bec86b070b7a60bc367665b….jpg)


I shall now pull something from the distant past about you~

You really like FN

911d26  No.248478

File: 639008ccb8fe078⋯.jpg (92,44 KB, 752x1062, 376:531, 18bbb5fb7d5d20fb82247ce114….jpg)

EseM likes chocolate.

911d26  No.248480

File: 9a40f175159aa74⋯.png (4,38 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 7dd2ee0da8c5827584d2597e78….png)


Some things I make up and others I tell the truth.

But which one is up for you to decide.

839083  No.248481

File: b1af811503bfca3⋯.png (3,32 MB, 1500x2800, 15:28, __five_seven_girls_frontli….png)


Wow, yeah, you had really had to reach way back there didn't ya…

You know like, almost a week.

911d26  No.248483

File: f8727a56e110b80⋯.png (1,8 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 402b0507a397b4b19e89949893….png)


You never talk about yourself.

So, there's not to much to know.

911d26  No.248484

File: 149dd0829d960c4⋯.png (540,09 KB, 949x905, 949:905, fb0e582931913056bb6df29599….png)


Where's the fun in that?

20689d  No.248485


Only dark.

911d26  No.248486

File: 8049e74f024bf1e⋯.jpg (1,37 MB, 1000x1478, 500:739, a767e319159a871ca4059067ed….jpg)

20689d  No.248488


Too sweet is gross.

839083  No.248489

File: 288d3975b1d65f1⋯.png (1,33 MB, 1280x1798, 640:899, 1556907689622.png)


I talk too much.

911d26  No.248490

File: 94baa5f8e9fe5ec⋯.jpg (106,98 KB, 899x720, 899:720, 北长(笨拙之极的上野).jpg)


I suppose being a robot is a solution.

Domo arigato mister roboto~

911d26  No.248492

File: 637dfc2b25df67c⋯.jpg (50,2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 9RQ44j2HKVI6dRaEyBGGW1x7Z3.jpg)


Dessert must be a bad thing for you.


I beg to differ.

fed04f  No.248493

File: ffafd3e8d7b9da8⋯.jpg (150 KB, 699x1000, 699:1000, sample-93a470e051a757f620b….jpg)


>Deep-frying Oreos

Why…. This is the most fucking burgerlike thing I've heard in a long time.

Maybe your bf likes fatties


Fallatio = blowjob?

But how can you fellatio yourself, then?!


How very naive of you


It's opposite day!

911d26  No.248494

File: 75313145c578f6f⋯.jpg (228,43 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, c9ce8dead251ead2ff339e07f5….jpg)


I forgot the question.

911d26  No.248496

File: 95d4245183534e9⋯.jpg (537,04 KB, 1544x2091, 1544:2091, b8975850da5813d57980d73972….jpg)


You bend over.

Quite literally.

That's why all sonic porn is self fellatio.

911d26  No.248497

File: e1d4e264b9b0e94⋯.jpg (193,4 KB, 600x584, 75:73, be4566590a75fdf29480c65aeb….jpg)



I asked you.

20689d  No.248499

File: f97edfd5c0b0dee⋯.png (1,93 MB, 1133x1600, 1133:1600, DIPiIorVwAAsv55.png)


There are some dessert things I like, just in general, I'm not a big dessert person.


People can change!

839083  No.248500

File: 183dec922f38611⋯.jpg (97,01 KB, 1000x1047, 1000:1047, 1557393241038.jpg)


Go right ahead.

911d26  No.248501

File: 92c84590d8f8de6⋯.jpg (1,42 MB, 1350x2021, 1350:2021, c14bd99ed1c7fda4ef01ac0aef….jpg)


Before I went to Italy yes.

911d26  No.248502

File: e1d4e264b9b0e94⋯.jpg (193,4 KB, 600x584, 75:73, be4566590a75fdf29480c65aeb….jpg)

911d26  No.248504

File: 637dfc2b25df67c⋯.jpg (50,2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 9RQ44j2HKVI6dRaEyBGGW1x7Z3.jpg)


Yes, I remember you asking about me getting caught fapping while I was in the Hostel.

fed04f  No.248506

File: c10d400e8caf35d⋯.jpg (176,29 KB, 640x1024, 5:8, image-131.jpg)


Is it even possible for a normal human male to bend over in such a way!?

I highly doubt it, as nice as self fellatio would be


I am very stubborn!

The most stubborn!

911d26  No.248507

File: 0d20598bcc17cd1⋯.jpg (47,49 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 5c418c5d21919-1024x576.jpg)


It was before the trip yes. so, somewhere in that timeline.

839083  No.248508

File: c66db004e92d50f⋯.jpg (130,28 KB, 1200x825, 16:11, 1556833332264.jpg)

911d26  No.248509

File: 8055bcec7a793c3⋯.png (1,64 MB, 1600x2000, 4:5, 6627ea6efba42606c6bbac2634….png)


it's sloppy.

911d26  No.248511

File: a1111f93a1c30c6⋯.jpg (308,89 KB, 538x608, 269:304, e23a30d5ff4b6edfc25ca50be7….jpg)


I want impregnate korra.

fed04f  No.248512

File: c0a4cd3a884f8a4⋯.png (577,85 KB, 800x1029, 800:1029, illust_62885246_20180524_2….png)


Seems impossible!

Have you ever tried it and succeeded?


Let's impregnate you instead

20689d  No.248513


Stubborn enough to cast away your failings?

911d26  No.248514

File: ac281b69aee5e2e⋯.png (308,02 KB, 521x800, 521:800, 57b78a4df08c394fb84279ea0f….png)


Well, Scooby Doo.

We have a mystery to solve.

Most definitely, last year.

911d26  No.248516

File: aaca34594d25d9e⋯.jpg (234,07 KB, 730x1070, 73:107, 9eb7ae599ae8216a31bbeba95a….jpg)


No, but it can be done.

fed04f  No.248517

File: 7fcf17cda9a19b2⋯.jpg (124,62 KB, 764x1087, 764:1087, 966b0d1.jpg)


Failings? Fake news!

What failings!?


I'm all ears! Tell me how I can do it!

839083  No.248518

File: 5568d49a9564575⋯.jpg (273,18 KB, 900x703, 900:703, 67263055_p0.jpg)

911d26  No.248519

File: 6e7b99dd3040006⋯.png (4,31 MB, 2031x2952, 677:984, 3ab6b329389b4582d75481888a….png)


be flexible.

911d26  No.248520

File: 9a40f175159aa74⋯.png (4,38 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 7dd2ee0da8c5827584d2597e78….png)


It was this year and last silly.

911d26  No.248521

File: 8049e74f024bf1e⋯.jpg (1,37 MB, 1000x1478, 500:739, a767e319159a871ca4059067ed….jpg)


cows are cute.

fed04f  No.248522

File: 7fc3b1e3143b34c⋯.jpg (148,36 KB, 800x1131, 800:1131, 3b50fc0.jpg)


Thanks, captain obvious. Truly a shocking insight

0656c2  No.248523

File: 882543f0ea81d83⋯.jpg (241,97 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, u3NhOMk.jpg)


if anything he hates fatties

839083  No.248524

File: 278f13d709f7fb9⋯.png (3,4 MB, 1865x2927, 1865:2927, 1536769951098.png)


Big fan.

fed04f  No.248525

File: 627c3508dd951bc⋯.jpg (1 MB, 1406x1000, 703:500, 連装砲ちゃん.jpg)


Then why is he trying to make you into one?!

Are you two and M and S!?


Good homura!

0656c2  No.248526

File: 4ed56b9f4d645d6⋯.jpg (73,62 KB, 600x469, 600:469, 1z1oa7.jpg)



I am neither M nor S

but he sure likes bullying me ;w;

911d26  No.248527

File: cb597c74b09243f⋯.jpg (366,16 KB, 623x876, 623:876, 1524876002769.jpg)

fed04f  No.248528

File: 51d572f1676cee3⋯.jpg (165,7 KB, 831x1306, 831:1306, DgVpNvi.jpg)


Clearly, he's the S then, and you need to be the submissive M. You're on the right path~


Classic buttfox!

fed04f  No.248529

File: 43e63b50185d777⋯.png (942,44 KB, 819x1200, 273:400, be82cfb.png)


Buttfox went to bed!

Japanon is busy whoring herself out

Nazi-kun is busy fucking his bf

20689d  No.248530

Ignored as usual.

fed04f  No.248531

File: 2924f13212a59e7⋯.gif (920,41 KB, 264x320, 33:40, [SCREAMS EXTERNALLY].gif)


It's hard to see niggers in the dark

Really explains a lot, doesn't it

53b981  No.248532

File: b12f9eeac6abb86⋯.jpg (50,47 KB, 542x815, 542:815, 73794193_p2.jpg)

fed04f  No.248533

File: d9369342891e893⋯.jpg (149,9 KB, 600x848, 75:106, 56293943_p1_master1200.jpg)


Goodmorning to you, fine riajew

20689d  No.248534

File: e0e4f82a8d43aff⋯.jpg (112,98 KB, 2039x1378, 2039:1378, DYLMfyiVwAArZ4W.jpg)


I've got all the lights on!

53b981  No.248535

File: 728c5e238e4289d⋯.jpg (64,32 KB, 570x654, 95:109, 73794193_p16.jpg)


It's not really morning yet.

fed04f  No.248536

File: 677848abf703004⋯.jpg (310,87 KB, 1712x2149, 1712:2149, 460b2ee.jpg)


That's one fat captain

Also, you're not playing to your strength, clearly!


It is very early morning and you waking up at such a time is believable

53b981  No.248537

File: 7f54ee10e18817e⋯.jpg (48,38 KB, 437x840, 437:840, 73794193_p13.jpg)


But what if I didn't just wake up.

fed04f  No.248538

File: 7f8d4dfff250234⋯.jpg (20,19 KB, 508x493, 508:493, 5818425_ab34699fb81c66c491….jpg)


It would be a most shocking of developments and I'd inquire as to why you have shown up around this time, despite being fairly certain that you were merely playing gaymes

20689d  No.248539

File: 04813dd6f6e244c⋯.jpg (111 KB, 2039x1378, 2039:1378, DkFrUATU8AEbg6T.jpg)


He's just a wide boy!

But I'm not tryna hide!

53b981  No.248540

File: 2f8fcad8b4ce6b4⋯.jpg (478,95 KB, 999x714, 333:238, 74844720_p0.jpg)


Maybe I was doing リア充 things.

fed04f  No.248541

File: 8b2c693b7720e35⋯.jpg (152,4 KB, 1062x1500, 177:250, b177de5.jpg)


You shall not pass!

But you are a suspicious person!


Absolutely disgusting and pathetic.

Did you enjoy being a chad?

53b981  No.248542

File: 00777fe34ad3685⋯.jpg (34,62 KB, 476x840, 17:30, 74844720_p2.jpg)



fed04f  No.248543

File: e7793b966c85bd0⋯.jpg (335,41 KB, 1000x1449, 1000:1449, __original_drawn_by_40hara….jpg)


You disgust me.

I'm going to need to bleach my mind with waifus now.

53b981  No.248544

File: d9c0247709de74f⋯.jpg (874,45 KB, 868x1228, 217:307, 59754513_p0.jpg)


You do that.

I'm gonna continue to get caught up on Bocchi.

20689d  No.248545

File: ea0882a4dcf5a1e⋯.jpg (154,42 KB, 2039x1378, 2039:1378, DeGQcHeVwAA6lp6.jpg)


I'll go where I like.

I've never done a single suspicious thing in my life!

fed04f  No.248546

File: 1ee8f912b5c3ce1⋯.jpeg (2,04 MB, 5028x3545, 5028:3545, db0baee4aca979dc08563dda2….jpeg)


>Not fully caught up

Disappointing. Better get caught up on senko as well, and shield hero

I'm off to bed. Enjoy your anime, riajewanon-kun and don't fuck up your sleep schedule


Do you make these drawings yourself?!

But you dismember creatures! That's very suspicious! If someone gave you a murder victim body, you'd be able to very nicely take care of it!

Extremely suspicious!

Am going to bed, goodnight nigger-kun

781221  No.248547


he treats everyone like this

20689d  No.248548


He can be funny, though.

781221  No.248549



53b981  No.248550

File: 08fb27d4bc87954⋯.png (540,33 KB, 899x866, 899:866, 1556173312.png)


I am caught up on Shield Hero, for your information. The Pope's death was pretty satisfying.

Good night.

781221  No.248551


i was going to watch anime tonight, but my isp keeps messing up my connection

53b981  No.248552

File: 3f7947d822fa8b7⋯.jpeg (479,85 KB, 1100x1090, 110:109, 1552669165.jpeg)


Which anime were you going to watch?

781221  No.248553


i was going to catch up on everything, ぼっちぼっち first

0656c2  No.248554

File: 7bd3613bc339260⋯.png (948,75 KB, 858x1015, 858:1015, satfctl1b9m21.png)

watched Fight Club for the first time

pretty bad movie

e98a5a  No.248555

I didn't think you're allowed to discuss that movie.

fed04f  No.248556

File: 9a972fc8c0ebb85⋯.jpg (84,71 KB, 600x960, 5:8, 67608863_p3_master1200.jpg)

Imagine watching a shitty western movie :^)

fed04f  No.248557

File: 1671ffeaad2108c⋯.png (436,7 KB, 600x462, 100:77, mkps2fo.png)

Imagine the thread being ded

53b981  No.248558

File: 2f79179ebdea267⋯.png (1,24 MB, 1170x1560, 3:4, 72547440_p0.png)

Good morning.


Were you able to get your connection working, or did you end up watching nothing?


For some reason I always mix up Fight Club and Pulp Fiction. I've never seen the former, but the latter put me to sleep.

fed04f  No.248559

File: b3d33ae2d94c10a⋯.jpg (332,3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0001.jpg)



Sasuga riajewanon, back at it again with the fucked-up sleep schedule!

Did you enjoy Nako-chan's adorable belly?

911d26  No.248560

File: 5437291876c604f⋯.jpg (18,53 KB, 490x480, 49:48, 1379075421345.jpg)


>the latter put me to sleep

53b981  No.248561

File: 44697d167f30667⋯.jpg (489,87 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, 72712963_p0.jpg)


It's pretty cute.

53b981  No.248562

File: f4aa51088b949a6⋯.png (2,12 MB, 1378x2039, 1378:2039, 72951033_p0.png)


Pulp Fiction is bad and Tarantino is a hack.

fed04f  No.248563

File: f0e6fce9f46feb5⋯.jpg (139,33 KB, 1181x1181, 1:1, 336586b.jpg)


She is the cutest, I will fight to the death. I want to ||touch and kiss that belly||


Shit western movies are shit

53b981  No.248564

File: 54ef7ed57259f5e⋯.jpg (3,88 MB, 2494x3541, 2494:3541, 73344872_p0.jpg)


Hopefully we'll get doujins.

839083  No.248565

fed04f  No.248566

File: 20a2226d4b4e237⋯.jpg (192,69 KB, 600x848, 75:106, 64123600_p0_master1200.jpg)


Can't wait till summer comiket

There's already a senko doujin, too. Hoping for a flood of good content


I thought you liked western movies

2fd035  No.248567


it seems to be better now, havent watched anything yet

53b981  No.248568

File: 634cff448085993⋯.jpg (105,87 KB, 648x906, 108:151, 73604380_p0.jpg)


If only the gap between winter and summer comiket wasn't so long.

>if you've ever liked a western movie, it means you must like Tarantino's overrated pieces of shit and the mass produced garbage put out by modern Hollywood


Alright, have fun when you do watch.

2fd035  No.248569

File: f4aa51088b949a6⋯.png (2,12 MB, 1378x2039, 1378:2039, 見えてるキャルちゃん.png)



fed04f  No.248570

File: fe0e8f75b6b73fe⋯.jpg (170,58 KB, 600x828, 50:69, 67905640_p0_master1200.jpg)


>Wasn't so long

Give the poor artists time!

How long does it take to make a doujin!? Probably a while!

>You must like

Considering spec likes nu starwars, that does apply to him

53b981  No.248571

File: 0a921ec05a8d73e⋯.jpg (3,44 MB, 2359x3434, 2359:3434, 73898103_p0.jpg)


I meant how the gap between winter and summer is much larger than the other way around. And many artists still have enough time to prepare for winter, so your point is mute.

>spec likes nu starwars

Good point.

2fd035  No.248572

File: 77d5e8559701029⋯.jpg (590,13 KB, 1361x1925, 1361:1925, 1555311255373.jpg)


>If only the gap between winter and summer comiket wasn't so long.

there are other things inbetween

53b981  No.248573

File: 52eba6f114caf91⋯.png (1,1 MB, 745x1024, 745:1024, 73231592_p0.png)


I know, but comiket is the biggest. And I just don't get why winter to summer is three months longer than the other way around.

fed04f  No.248574

File: 8436596c46c5f88⋯.jpg (211,56 KB, 600x1200, 1:2, 64448041_p0_master1200.jpg)


Pretty sure there used to be a spring one, but it hasn't occured in many years. I guess it just wasn't popular or there was some other complication

53b981  No.248575

File: 26b65bc8c3d73c7⋯.jpg (503,52 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, 73247540_p0.jpg)


I looked it up, and you're correct. Although the last one was almost 40 years ago.

2fd035  No.248576

File: 4fc13af50a8b9cd⋯.png (7,79 MB, 2976x4175, 2976:4175, プリコネマイクロビキニ部.png)


it used to be one april, one july and one december

those times its hosted are usually the busiest

53b981  No.248577

File: a5857e633df2606⋯.png (4,21 MB, 2450x3375, 98:135, 73658783_p0.png)


Alright, makes sense.

fed04f  No.248578

File: d85267adc4f9420⋯.png (3,07 MB, 1820x2246, 910:1123, c548d04.png)


Long time ago. Wonder if there were ever any revival plans, or if there is even any demand for it

53b981  No.248579

File: 5cfdb411258e28f⋯.jpg (405,41 KB, 1402x1966, 701:983, 73966239_p0.jpg)


Hard to say with how long it's been. Apparently it'll be in April or May next year thanks to the shitlympics, which will space things out more reasonably. I guess it depends on if there's a significant attendance drop or not.

fed04f  No.248580

File: ef74335a60c1f3f⋯.jpg (181,35 KB, 600x840, 5:7, 61376057_p0_master1200.jpg)



Fucking hell. I wonder why Tokyo wanted to host them, sounds like it's all one huge amount of trouble, pain, and huge amount of shekels for presumably a bit of prestige and a huge tourist flood

53b981  No.248581

File: 2b6101e17f6a202⋯.jpg (1,4 MB, 1200x1800, 2:3, 73695706_p0.jpg)


They wanted the tourist revenue, same as any other city that hosts it.

fed04f  No.248582

File: 674155589fbc039⋯.png (1,74 MB, 1120x1582, 80:113, e60809a.png)


Shame that after that the sports sites usually end up being disused, and there's tons of cases where it cost more money than was gained. Plus, I thought Japan was sick of unruly tourists

2fd035  No.248583

japanese are sick of tourists

rich people who make money off tourists arent

f7d6a7  No.248584


Kill bill is kung fu.

Hateful 8 is western and pulp fiction is mobster.

f7d6a7  No.248585


>3 million chinese tourist

I heard you rike peace and quiet.

Well too brad.

fed04f  No.248586

File: c6eae576303465f⋯.jpg (48,38 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 9aaf91dffaf9913ce9c743b8d3….jpg)