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The alimony of one man is a tragedy. The alimony of fifty thousand is a statistic.

File: eeda612a474de19⋯.jpg (32.07 KB, 530x298, 265:149, Cash Money.jpg)


>Child support (18 years)

>Student loans (10 years)

>Mortgage payments (30 years)

>Car payments (6 years)

>Tax liens (Unlimited)

What other forms of long term financial JUSTing can you think of? Have you experienced any, /just/?


File: 148e9c2785474f9⋯.jpg (40.31 KB, 959x742, 137:106, 148e9c2785474f9bff8e049a1c….jpg)

>holocaust reparations are alimony on an international scale and will likely last for as long as our very civilization does



not very long them



shouldn't have justed those jews then.



<Child support(18 years)

Well its not like money for a child is going to shit out of thin air. That's if you get JUSTed in marriage terms and now have to pay child support for the next 18 years in which that case, don't marry a whore or bitch that will fuck your shit up if you don't follow their commands.

<Student Loans (10 years)

>He doesn't join a easy military job for 4 years and gets to use his G.I bill for it.

<Mortgage payments(30 years)

>He doesn't just buy cheap land and build a nice house for under 150k and pay it off in 10 years

<Car payments (6 years)

True but there really is no cheap solution for a automobile without forking over $20k to $40k over night since not alot of people don't have that money at hand.

<Tax liens (Unlimited)

This is legit the only one I agree



>$20k to $40k

I'm assuming you're talking about new cars only, since you can get a used F-150 in good condition for less than $10,000.


Two years and some months into my Student Loan JUSTing and will be adding to it if I get lucky. Fuck my shit up.


>buying a new car


Rtards lol. No wonder you are poor.



No one did. The holocaust is a lie.



Speaking of which, reparations are the biggest form of alimony.

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