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There's no discharge in the war!

File: bcfe0a3eea7e36d⋯.jpg (638.02 KB, 640x901, 640:901, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of C….jpg)

File: 986e5975d6c472a⋯.jpg (124.59 KB, 300x410, 30:41, Red Orchestra 1 Ostfront 4….jpg)

File: d14de4810c6bd6c⋯.jpg (79.53 KB, 477x674, 477:674, Rainbow Six Siege.jpg)

File: 85a046b6edc5079⋯.jpg (131.17 KB, 600x847, 600:847, Wargame Red Dragon.jpg)

File: 39ab2a81396fe56⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 1330x1650, 133:165, Fallout New Vegas.jpg)

1dd1c3 No.481251

So we don't have multiple threads made /v/irgins asking what guns to put in their indie game or multiple threads about the HECU Marines from Half-Life let's have a cyclical thread for contained vidya discussion.

a4fee5 No.539574


Naval units were a mistake

Amphibious capabilities were not.

95c455 No.539581


I'd agree with both, I just meant that the gameplay largely revolves around a stale meta of rushing the cheapest infantry that will still do the job in and then dropping your choice or artillery/air support whoever decided to give planes unlimited ammo and repairs while every other unit has a cap on both is a retard on the enemy's equivalent to the point that actually engaging in combat or trying to control parts of the map you didn't get early on is pointless (it just opens you up to more death). The occasional meme-unit from a given faction sometimes mixes it up but really it's just samey non-gameplay.

To be fair that's mostly because the average player is an idiot and only plays the shit-tier Destruction mode instead of the superior Economy mode. Conquest is a bit better but most of the time it's entirely decided by who comes off best in the opening few minutes. It's the same flaw Company of Heroes 1 had where Annihilation was shit-tier but more popular than the actually worth playing Victory Point mode.

a4fee5 No.539587


The whole resupply thing about planes was supposed to be balanced out by their vulnerability and their price. Even a shit tier AT plane costs more than a good artillery piece, yet it can be shot down by some 10pts Strela infantry if used imprperly, while a very long range artillery piece (90pts) can stay near your FOB and be safe from any attacks as long as you relocate it.

Planes are a glass cannons, but the problem is that they really aren't. 99% it takes more than one hit for a plane to go down, which is retarded. Do you know how thin the outer hull of a plane is? They take 2mm thick Aluminium plates and dump them into acid to thin them even more, down to 1.5 to 1mm. Shit is fucked up. A plane can get utterly reked by just a 9mm round entering a vital component. There is a reason why the Soviets lost so many ARMOURED Mil Mi 24s to fucking MANPADS in Afghanistan.

Recon is also done badly. For some reason a 10 man Spetznaz group can run through the forest at 30km/h (which is basically a full sprint) indefinetly and be more stealthy than a five man team of Mot. Schützen sitting completely still for the past ten minutes in the forest? Have these fags ever been in the military? Any unit can be camouflaged, all it takes is training. Infantry sitting in ditches, craters or foxholes (which can be dug rather swiftly using entrenching tools) is basically invisible at range, unless electronic recon is used, yet a tank with thermal sights has "poor" optics? WHAT?!

13cfca No.539589


R.U.S.E. was a better game.

305519 No.539590


It didn't

70171e No.539604




>during any era

Sounds like somebody could never afford the actual top-of-the-line shooters. I guess they never shipped anything good to you.

add821 No.539629

File: 5e500ef64addda9⋯.jpg (40.18 KB, 350x250, 7:5, heliborne.jpg)

So Heliborne is a pretty fun game. The detail put into the helicopter models is pretty autistic (putting the gimballed miniguns on a huey adds the little targeting binoculars to the cockpit, some load outs change the model number of the helicopter, adding countermeasures puts flare launchers and IR dazzlers onto the helicopter's model) but there's still some pretty serious netcoding issues in PVP that need to be worked out. (you can absolutely wail on a helicopter's model, but its actually not where it is on the server, so you are actually dealing no damage and missing completely on the targeted player's screen, ATGM kills are sometimes chalked up as the target player crashing by the server) The PVE is fun. You can fly hinds and hips through Afghanistan and get murdered by 20 CIA niggers with stingers on every hilltop or get killed by a lucky RPG shot while trying to land in a hot LZ in Nam.

95c455 No.539634


Things like that are what make me think they either haven't playtested their own game or just don't care.


Yes, R.U.S.E. is just about as far as you can go in the Macro > Micro direction without reaching dumb-down levels of shit.

e9ef48 No.539635

File: 236f338907db17d⋯.png (253.51 KB, 472x410, 236:205, 1469768517806.png)


>"optimize" = shitty jpeg and low-bitrate-FMV compression and making all the audio sub-48kb/s bitrate lossy compression like Fallout 4 did

<the intelligence of Fallout 3 and 4 players

<just buy more Intel and Nvidia hardware goy

Bethesda can't even code a fucking ladder what makes you think they can optimize their fucking games correctly you subhuman. Optimization is cutting off the fat and bloat in code that makes the game run shittier and take up more space with AAA devs also throwing in uncompressed audio for "quality"; optimization is analogous to using multiplication over adding, it's quicker and you're bound to make less mistakes the more digits are added.


GoldSrc's only problem was that walking felt like going over ice, it was a solid and versatile engine that could be easily modded with tons of good games and started companies coming from f.e. Natural Selection, The Specialists, Firearms, Hostile Intent, They Hunger, Sven Coop, etc.. Source on the other hand is garbage. It's ugly as hell, netcode hasn't been updated since release, and the movement/jumping were stiff as hell.

>actual top-of-the-line shooters.

Quake and Unreal?

a4fee5 No.539653


That's the thing though. Modern day nation vs. nation combat relies just as heavily on strategy as on tactics. To properly simulate one requires the other, or you end up with something like Red Orchestra 2 where everyone high level MG gunner has an MG42, even though those were pretty rare throughout the war, or en HoI4, where you can have an army of hundreds of millions without having to feed them anything but ammo and fuel.

This is why the whole Total War series is so popular. You can manage an entire empire down to the buildings constructed in a city, and manage an army down to the level of individual hero units.

I agree that it's not perfect, and that we will never reach perfection, but there has to be a middle ground.

Never played R.U.S.E. though. Will give it a try. Any suggestion which iteration is best?

93d500 No.539670



>What is HOI3 autism simulator with mods??

7121bd No.539683

File: eced8b4e644752c⋯.jpg (24.6 KB, 720x540, 4:3, newOS.jpg)

Isn't this the time of the year steam has cheap/free shit? Well, I haven't even connected steam in a year or two

Lots of recommendations sounded good but pretty much nothing functions on my old computer. Playing some Europa Universalis 3 for the first time of anything in that genre. Fun, and autistic in that it let's me micromanage way too fucking much.

maybe I should get a new computer sometime

95c455 No.539685


>That's the thing though. Modern day nation vs. nation combat relies just as heavily on strategy as on tactics. To properly simulate one requires the other, or you end up with something like Red Orchestra 2 where everyone high level MG gunner has an MG42, even though those were pretty rare throughout the war,

Sure, though RO:OST did a better job at limiting weapons in both number and to maps set during correct years. Wargame's single-player did try to give you an element of the bigger-picture thinking by having persistent forces but the AI's only tactic is 'be given 150% as many men and attack move the back of your base' so it falls flat.

>or en HoI4, where you can have an army of hundreds of millions without having to feed them anything but ammo and fuel.

Well given that it's the most 'streamlined' game in the series that's not a surprise. Give me Darkest Hour or give me death.

>Never played R.U.S.E. though. Will give it a try. Any suggestion which iteration is best?

Just plain old R.U.S.E., there's only one and I think one DLC that is often turned off because the Japanese faction is just downright broken. I'm not sure it's even for sale any more.


Most good /k/ vidya will run on old hardware anyway.

a4fee5 No.539784


Friendly reminder to log into steam every couple of months, otherwise they may remove your account due to "inactivity". Happened to an wold WoW friend of mine.

e6256b No.539840

File: dd718290eb36d21⋯.webm (4.12 MB, 960x720, 4:3, 1453625639894-0.webm)


Only new (2012-) /k/-tier video games worth getting not already mentioned in this thread is Syrian Warfare, there haven't been many slow-paced/tactical/gun porn/realistic/thinking man military games since the the late 2000s at most. /v/ hosts Red Orchestra and Joint Ops from time to time however.


It's not, Ubisoft pulled it and Scott Pilgrim down in 2015 due to license expirations.

7121bd No.539860


thanks for the heads up

I've got games I bought 5 years ago probably that I have never even installed because no new pc

a4fee5 No.539863

File: c47d25ce4e0e467⋯.gif (328.94 KB, 500x373, 500:373, thisisnotmywaifu.gif)


>no new pc

I know that feel. Feels bad.

add821 No.539872

File: 23ab2e0ee80804b⋯.png (512.75 KB, 534x465, 178:155, glum.PNG)


>all of that work put into those guns and flavor text

>still calling magazines clips

95c455 No.539873


>It's not, Ubisoft pulled it and Scott Pilgrim down in 2015 due to license expirations.

What license is used in R.U.S.E.? I don't think there's any modern music in it.

305519 No.539889


Buy more ram :^)

768000 No.539898

File: 1a60641549c4ac0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 348.85 KB, 1000x700, 10:7, 1a60641549c4ac0af82cf289f3….jpg)

e6256b No.539900


They took it down over "military licenses".

4a71f5 No.539914

File: 20e74af95394f42⋯.jpg (556.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ss_dfa394caee01bcfe8daafd6….jpg)

How the fuck do you win in CoH2? I play as the wehrmacht, I keep losing. Whenever I play against the US or Soviets they just bumrush my guys, and I'll be forced to retreat.

add821 No.539917

File: d0a5bd2a3a1b9a6⋯.png (2.1 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, Lizardman Yukari.png)


Use the best MG in the game heavy mount MG42s to suppress everything, use the highest infantry damage in the game light mount MG42s on the grens to kill fucking everything, use best AT gun in the game, Pak 40 to kill anything that wont succumb to 8mm lead poisoning. never use pioneers in direct combat, save them for back capping

>losing to US as any faction

Shit son, you really gotta git gud.

a4fee5 No.539939

File: 2dd573aec4447ea⋯.jpg (224.24 KB, 579x818, 579:818, ABSOLUTE HERESY.jpg)




c2a187 No.539940

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

95c455 No.539976


Ah, I guess some of the American units perhaps


You play a better game.

e6256b No.539977

File: 32562937d8ad627⋯.jpg (389.93 KB, 1280x825, 256:165, 2nd Hungarian Army gun cre….jpg)


This game was free 2 weeks ago, if you bought refund it because it's a downgrade in every way to the first but the story was nice and made every Russian on the planet butthurt. You want a modern ostfront RTS play CoH 1 with Eastern Front or Men of War, particularly AS2 just because it's most popular and alive.

e18bbd No.540023

File: f41010bb6ec9890⋯.png (288.18 KB, 415x319, 415:319, 418260001.png)

when buying Wargame Res Dragon does it include all free DLC when purchased as thank you the future for the autism question

a4fee5 No.540230

File: c34bfe8205f3a10⋯.png (28.14 KB, 232x130, 116:65, constellation of the files.PNG)


Try non-retard English, please.

0c5a3d No.540233


Yes, they're automatically part of the base game.

86ac0b No.540243


>losing as Werhmacht

Have you considered that you just suck at RTS?

4e5f67 No.540352

File: 229ffef8b20a8d4⋯.jpg (27.49 KB, 618x510, 103:85, d2b78ba7df7755d68e6ebdbb15….jpg)

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2017/12/27/army-and-homeland-security-prepping-teachers-for-gunman-at-door.html

Are you people seeing this shit?

fc3fa5 No.540356


Yeah, we have a thread over /v/ trying to get the game in our hands


e003e6 No.540362


>/v/ gets it

>it's a billion dollar Postal 2 mod

677af4 No.540363


The way /v/ is talking about it, it has 40 player co-op… This may be the base for the best goddamn game ever.

93d500 No.540367


Just wait till someone decides to try it out for CNN by executing a real life one

677af4 No.540370


It would be the perfect storm.

>The gun nuts supplied and trained others.

>The gamers made the plan, and used this sim to practice with the others.

>They hired American contractors to make mock ups for live fire practice.

>They showed up in diesel trucks!

The left would have an aneurysm for not having to spin anything.

3d4b58 No.540373

File: a3d8ad2e3527d44⋯.jpg (66.67 KB, 919x720, 919:720, It's Like Mongolian Potter….jpg)


>Just wait till someone decides to try it out

<a meticulously organized 40-man team of video game and firearms shitposters from a Bhutanese sketching forum going on a rampage in a major metropolitan area

The autism would be unstoppable.

c1c69a No.540395

File: 697e55bc004838b⋯.png (5.68 MB, 1903x8459, 173:769, Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at ….png)

Insurgency: Sandstorm Singleplayer and Coop canned.


297b0f No.540402


Who could've seen this incredible turn of events coming. almost as if the Insurgency devs can't make actual, non-cheating AI and their co-op mode isn't proof of this

297b0f No.540403



>competitive firefight

>competitive 5v5 ruleset

They're unironically trying to cater to the e-sports audience. Again, almost as if Red Orchestra 2 didn't try this back in the day, and fail miserably with it's 5v5 bomb mode.

c1c69a No.540406


>They're unironically trying to cater to the e-sports audience

Insurgency already has a 5v5 competitive mode and it's pretty good. Insurgency 5v5 can fit pretty well.

93d500 No.540458


Can't wait to see that and fudds practicing resisting confiscation.

MFW when the ACW 2.0 is caused by a vidya game


BF2 128 vs 128 clan matches?

95c455 No.540466


>Again, almost as if Red Orchestra 2 didn't try this back in the day, and fail miserably with it's 5v5 bomb mode.

That wasn't catering to competitive fags, that was a modder's pet project that was added to the full game over better candidates because of drama and internal politics in mod competitions.

e6256b No.540467

File: 5392cd8092fcccb⋯.gif (647.94 KB, 350x258, 175:129, 253915721667179.gif)

File: c8ce0569e517a8b⋯.jpg (409.75 KB, 1584x2048, 99:128, 1468139947203-1.jpg)




>Red Orchestra 2 had a 5v5 mode

Top fucking wew, it's the cherry on top of that digital shit sundae.

47ee79 No.540469


Insurgency standalone was always CS for fags that didn't want to be seen playing CS. Anons were too retarded to figure it out at the time.

de3b45 No.540470


>Every fps is just CS

47ee79 No.540472


>(((Insurgency Internet Defense Force))) already at work

Standalone is a shit game played by pretentious fuckwits. Anyone that defends that trash should be taking out and shot in front of their families outside their houses.

16014a No.540473

The vidya choice in this thread makes me feel like /k/ has been taken over by leddit lately.

4b810f No.540474

File: ac58ec9a951ae19⋯.mp4 (8.29 MB, 540x720, 3:4, good day today park.mp4)


>being this fucking retarded

>still screeching buzzwords

>still bitching about Bethesda while using cognitive dissonance to not bitch at Obsidian for doing or failing to do the exact same fucking things if not worse

>sucking dick

>still crying about audio not being in nigger-tier 48kb/s mp3 because muh hard drive space muh ssd meme only holds 56GB ;_;

<whaaaaaaa why can't my core 2 duo and gt8800 run 10-years-newer games at maxxxxxxxxxx settings it's unoptimized rerererereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Also goldSRC was just a shitty knockoff of the Quake 2 engine that solved the "morphing bones" issue while keeping the shitty movement code.


>oy vey, you didn't pay shekels to use our weapon names goy

And people wonder why ARMA went the "near future with fictional weapons" route. The absolute jewry associated with trademarks.




>it's just a generic anime human female with a tail, ears, and colored arms

>the absolute length furfags will go to pretend they're not furfags


>breaking and spoilering the link

>not just archiving it

>it's a training program for them to fake another sandy hoax


>these homos can't even finish a game


95c455 No.540477


Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat > Insurgency standalone (which really should be called Insurgency 2)

I mean I don't mind Insurgency 2 for the occasional casual game of VIP or Firefight, the latter being a pretty great gamemode, but it shares nothing in common with the original mod and anyone who thinks it's realistic is retarded.

13cfca No.540478



>Military Licenses

This is funny enough why you rarely if ever see Colt weapons in modern vidya now since they were complete jews about the AR-15 series i.e. you could only have a rifle based off the AR-15 if it was made by Colt in a game.

70e2b0 No.540481


Wasn't that game going to feature a stonk kurdish womyn fighter?

In any case, Insurgency coop is terrible. It's either the attack of the cyborg rebels or fighting off the downs partizan force. **Still better than playing with the fucking brazilians*.*

13cfca No.540482


>Still better than playing with the fucking brazilians

uma delicia Texas anon.

70e2b0 No.540483


>failed to spoiler

god damn it

ill walk myself to the firing block

5ba751 No.540500

File: 8f0d51b5085c5eb⋯.jpg (81.15 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, gods plane with gods loado….jpg)

Reminder that BMS exists and you should never ever even consider giving money to the DCS devs because they all suck dick

145c63 No.540504



d387d6 No.540511


new thread >>>/v/14098183

471c5c No.540512


Texas??? God dang Britbong that's retarded enough for the spanish inquisition to burn you for heresy.

843086 No.540519

File: 6778ca624e004e7⋯.jpg (83.18 KB, 689x699, 689:699, 1463283222071.jpg)


>being this fucking retarded

>sucking dick

>still screeching buzzwords

<uses buzzwords himself

>still bitching about Bethesda while using cognitive dissonance to not bitch at Obsidian for doing or failing to do the exact same fucking things if not worse

At least NV and even 3 have been patched to run properly over the years and the middleware and graphics were still within the engine's capabilities, 4's optimization is garbage because the game at its foundation is bloated and Bethesda has been using the same glued-together engine since fucking Morrowind, have you even researched or even thought of that.

And when did I give Obsidian a pass? If you're referring to calling Fallout 3 and 4 fans intellectually inept they are, the games are full of loreholes and railroaded segments in an RPG with a pants-on-head idiotic story to boot, their reputation is prolific and discussed to death so I'm not going to explain it, there's tons of videos and discussions on /v/ about it already. Anyone who thinks they're good games shouldn't have much expected from them intellectually as with normalfags who like Top 40 and soyboys using Apple/W10.

>still crying about audio not being in nigger-tier 48kb/s mp3 because muh hard drive space muh ssd meme only holds 56GB

CoD WW2 is 90 fucking gigabytes, the average for games these days is 40-50 and not every game is open-world, will you be perfectly dandy installing a game that's 200GB in a few years if this rate continues? All of Ubisoft's games look like Playdoh smeared with vaseline in which they said if it ran like shit you should just buy a better processor and GPU, not our fault the game runs like a grandmother with epilepsy you entitled little goy it's your PC that's the problem here. Day of the Tentacle, a game from 1993 that was 14MB, got a remaster that's 2GB, why such a large jump for a point-and-click game that didn't even have 3D graphics included into it, oh yeah Double Fine is a company led by a hack who have hipsters who wanted to make the scene employed under him with only a few experienced devs left. Slime Rancher, a 3D game that runs flawlessly at >60 FPS, is almost a gig in file size and you say optimization doesn't exist and the people who want optimization are poor? Mass Effect Andromeda was bigger than Wildlands, new CoD, and Fallout 4, and it was one of 2017's biggest dumpster fires. AAA developers have gotten lazier and lazier each year hiring more inept and passionless developers by the day who cannot code to save half of their lives, the more unoptimized something is the shittier it gets.

<whaaaaaaa why can't my core 2 duo and gt8800 run 10-years-newer games at maxxxxxxxxxx settings it's unoptimized rerererereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Windows 7 Ultimate, AMD FX-8350 4.0GHz, RX 580, 8GB RAM, and 2TB HDD. Or should I needlessly spend $4000 for the latest and greatest hardware to spy on me and play shitty games.

>Also goldSRC was just a shitty knockoff of the Quake 2 engine that solved the "morphing bones" issue while keeping the shitty movement code.

<when the first thing I said about the engine was that movement was like walking on ice

10a614 No.540539

File: d61619c7cba3c41⋯.png (431.81 KB, 620x500, 31:25, 1416156135845.png)


>DCS devs suck dick

Strelok, please explain. Because I actually really like A10C and Mig 21 bis. What did they do?

3cd749 No.540623

File: ebef28cbffc8027⋯.mp4 (7.92 MB, 500x360, 25:18, bad_vibes.mp4)

>be burger gubmint

>make a literal school shooting simulator

>call it EDGE in all cap


785295 No.540685

File: 6bb8577e286fd8d⋯.png (55.01 KB, 199x132, 199:132, 5655585hrtherjheh5e41he41h….PNG)


>being objectively incorrect still

The ONLY "unoptimized" thing about FO4 was the "god rays" volumetric lighting, which many developers suck at. See: Clear Sky.

>muh loreholes

Like what, muh super mutants that are clearly explained as those in the east being a completely different unrelated sect from those in the west with the Master? "Muh Jet vs terminal entry" you've got.

>muh railroaded segments

<linear segments don't exist in every game in the series and genre/it's only bad when bethesda does it reeeeee

>muh 90 GB

Who cares? Unless you've got a data cap, which is an ISP issue not a game issue.

>muh 200GB in a few years

When games were in the hundreds of megabytes most hard drives were 2-4GB so you once again do not have a valid argument. Games also have higher fidelity and higher quality source materials, or should everything be 1997 texture and model quality because your feels and nostalgia?

>s-some bad games are l-large so


>has a shit computer

>resorts to MUH SPYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING non-sequitur meme as an "excuse" for not having a computer that isn't shit

ab9773 No.542080


>Shilling Fallout 4

Nah, fuckoff

2cae39 No.542100

Vietcong hasn't been mentioned.

d387d6 No.542107


<Like what

>Ghouls not needing food,

>LITERAL magic,

>Brotherhoodrats, Toaster Lives Matter, We Wuz Communes and shieeet, the lobotomites

>T60 power armor,

>pre-war APA,

>weapon design not making any sense, diverse

>multicultural middle-class neighborhood during food riots and martial law,

>le wacky skeletons in funi poses xD,

6d4fb7 No.542109

File: a4b84e62860b31a⋯.jpg (5.33 KB, 259x194, 259:194, dork.jpg)


>posts a thumbnail

>then proceeds to prove that he's actually retarded

785295 No.542127


>I have no argument so I'll cry shill

>not hating something = shilling



>muh thumbnail

>wwhy there not 1080p version of youtube thumbnail



<g-ghouls eating food m-means a retcon n-not trying to maintain humanity m-muh reeeeeeeeee

<m-muh magic that doesn't exist

<m-muh east coast brotherhood canonically explained to be a breakoff of the jewish "only technology for me, not for thee, filthy goyim"

<m-muh power armor is m-magically lore breaking

<muh acronym

<m-muh weapon design t-this fictional universe s-should only have real world guns b-because muh autism

<m-muh scarcity means everywhere is s-supposed to be detroit b-because 60IQ brainlet

<m-muh thing that obsidian did in NV pop culture references and being borderlands before borderlands is ok but skeletons sometimes being in a pose is b-bad REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

db970a No.542248

File: 69dd8279ee920af⋯.png (69.9 KB, 195x195, 1:1, disappointed joshua graham.png)


Even Todd Howard wouldn't shill Fallout 4 this poorly.

7787f5 No.542253


kingdom come: deliverance is the new hope

c193e9 No.542298


remember the previous fallout games with the inferior crafting system and the metric fuckload of unimmersive 4th wall breaks? gee, those games sure were great huh. now let's put together another failed attempt to boycott a franchise that no one else is doing anything with.

you brought this on yourself by being a crying faggot cunt

db970a No.542301

File: 37f37fd4261aa1c⋯.jpg (9.92 KB, 300x283, 300:283, this bait is marvellous.jpg)


>Playing Fallout

>Not for the atmosphere

>Not for the story

>Not for the characters

>Not for the dialogue

>Not for the build diversity

>For the fucking crafting system

c193e9 No.542305


what fallout 4 didn't do better in all those regards, new vegas did better.

meanwhile, wasteland 2 is even more silly, and the combat system is even more sluggish (not to mention a straight ripoff of modern xcom).

843086 No.542319



>these worthless fucking posts

>uses muh and stuttering as an argument

>actually fucking defending Sims meets Mass Effect which substitutes real locations for settlements and has a fucking dialogue wheel

Canadians and Viet/k/ong have contributed more to the board than you, here're your last (You)s you troglodyte.

f3132d No.542697

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Also, for anyone wondering

>should I buy escape from tarkov?

here's a video. And is it just me, or is that game being shilled to shit on the more normalfag sites? I mean, I know the ukrops or vodkaniggers or whoever are shameless when it comes to marketing, but that shit is something else.

752d8b No.542699

File: 8c2f914773a7153⋯.png (461.63 KB, 964x856, 241:214, 65750759.png)


Fuck off Todd.

1bc062 No.543519

File: cf5fa3c3353ea85⋯.png (14.82 KB, 327x118, 327:118, RO2.PNG)

Hey, I got some RO2 guest passes a fucklong time ago, and they've just been sitting in my steam inventory. Anyone want them? They're not the full game, but if you'd just like a quick demo before you decide on buying it, I'd be happy to hand them out.

bf43fa No.543889

File: 906aee18502338b⋯.mp4 (10.63 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Check Your Six [720p].mp4)

ab9773 No.544813

File: 3d9b1183a50e63b⋯.jpg (19.38 KB, 250x356, 125:178, S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow over ….jpg)


> I've felt it get worse and worse with each Summer and Winter break with the only reason to return is for /radcorp/

Word for word how I feel

Cuckchan/v/ is slowly trickling in and getting a foothold with their absolute cancer and the Mark the retarded Kike doesn't do a fucking thing about it besides the threads he and his cabal of vols likes.

25ac22 No.544843


What happens if/when /radcorp/ dies?

15158c No.544861


We do an ISIS and form a well-organised terrorist group. The Paki from the fighting game tournament can be in charge as Anon al-Pakistani.

d1925c No.544863


/radcorp/ doesnt "die"(Even though it technically kinda died back in 2015 due to poor administration and organization, people not really knowing what the fuck to do exactly and lack of interest/larger scale ideas.)we'll just shapeshift and focus on different, bigger and better things.

c9ea1d No.545527


Arcade or semi-sim, I'd say. Don't mind a bit of realism but I'd like to be able to jump in and play without studying the manuals for a week first.

471c5c No.545633


Warthunder??? IS russian bias real? Never played game so…

15158c No.545650


You could try Blazing Angels 1 and 2 but be warned the first one has the occasional difficulty spike.

c9ea1d No.545652



I'll have to give those a look, thank you anons.

857b99 No.545735


Shitloads of press accounts are being handed out to everyone and their dog, currently, so a bunch of kids are learning about it through streamers.

Unfortunately this results in douchebaggery including camping in bushes, camping extraction sites, and player Scavs running around shooting everything they see and making it generally a miserable experience.

a733db No.545830


The Russian bias is very much there. Just recently, there was a shitstorm over L7 APDS rounds.

>Royal Ordnance L7 guns designed specifically to reliably kill T-54 tonks at 1km out I believe

>krauts, brits and burgers get this gun and variants of it on tonks facing the T-54

>L7 fires APDS rounds, worthless HE, and a HEATFS round that fuzes and explodes midair on contact with bushes or leaves

>obviously, you'll only be using APDS 99% of the time

>this APDS can't penetrate the upper glacis plate of a T-54 at 200 meters most of the time, let alone at 1km

>players report this as a bug in 2016

>still not fixed

>players dig into the files

>the penetration of the round drops off EXTREMELY sharply when hitting armor at 61°

>the T-54's upper glacis is at 60°

>unless you're in literally perfect conditions, or above the T-54, you're going to bounce your shot 99% of the time

>only one or two russian tanks in the whole game use APDS

>the russian HEATFS and APHE rounds have jacked up penetration values and usually knock out anything they penetrate in one hit

>the APDS round has the same damage characteristics as a gen 1 APCR round used in early WW2 tanks

>players present US, brit and German documents proving that this is modeled wrongly

>devs just wave this away with some sketchy as shit Russian testing documents and ban anyone bringing it up

Other than that

>release IS-6

>it has 100mm too much gun mantlet armor

>take four months to fix this

>release ATGMs

>russian ATGMs are guided by holding your crosshairs over the target

>kraut and brit ATGMs are guided with the arrow keys

>early model tigers and panthers constantly fight T-34-85s and IS-2 mod. 44s and other shit designed to kill them

>T-34 and -85 hulls regularly bounce 88mm shells

>penetrating hits on the T-34-85's turret ring usually score no damage because all of the shrapnel gets eaten by the gun breech

>same goes for frontal turret penetrations

857b99 No.545832

File: f9503f1eadf633e⋯.gif (1.6 MB, 200x151, 200:151, moments after spotting a T….gif)


I had a T-34-85 shoot right through my gun and take out my entire crew. But then I've been blow up after my tracks getting tapped so many times I shouldn't be surprised.

a733db No.545837


Oh yeah, you reminded me.

>score a frontal hit on T-34's tracks with the tiger

>shell goes through the drive wheel

>goes through literally each and every single idler wheel and out the back of the track

>he just keeps driving right through it

3a5dbb No.545840

I have more frustrating experiences with german opponents than russian, theres no bias just bad game design.

fc6eb3 No.545842




1e6f47 No.545865




Whenever I play, Russian tanks are generally the only things that kill me.

Mostly because I can't pen them or outrun them.

f47fad No.545867


You forgot to mention the inaccurately fast fire rate of soviet tanks.

471c5c No.545874



OIkay got back on my old account and first thing that happened is that my M18 cant pen a fucking KV from the side with the APCR shell??

>Play aircraft

>Reminded why Soviet aircraft op when they have cannons in rank I

>Yak 9t one hits a B-25 I hit the cockpit and just flat out killed the crew??

>Play Soviet armored tree

>T34 1941 fucking takes 5 people to kill???

Anyone have experience with German planes? I'm unlocking tier two right now so I wonder if I should get the 109 with cannons first or the FW 120


I cannot remember the amount of rage I got as a T18. Fucking hell, my round went right through the damn KV and it didnt detonate the ammo.

8cc7cf No.545877


I haven't played WT in like three years but the 190 A-4 was a serious seal clubber.

a733db No.545924


You guys just keep reminding me of shit.

>multiple german, french and american documents state that a panther crew could reload in between three and five seconds

>the french have no reason to lie about this, since they used the panther extensively after the war

>war thunder

>panther has an eleven second reload

>russian 85mm guns reload faster

>the tiger's 88 reloads faster

>american 90mm guns reload faster

3a5dbb No.545932


Again that just sounds like retarded game design, not devs hating entire races of people.

471c5c No.545935


The only commonly found medium tank gun slower than this is the M4A3 105's reload me thinks.


I never understood why their sim battles didnt put in the realistic time for ausitimbux

>Be unlocking Tier II german planes

>BF 109 -L cant do shit and has a 1.7 BR

>Fucking russians have 20mm cannons already while I'm stuck with 2x7.92

>Russian Yak I, Lagg-3-11, LAg 3-8, Yak 2-KABB (tier I) has fucking cannons. Meanwhile I can't even pen bombers with the rank I German air def fighter.

>Get oneshot as a bomber with a 7.92 bullet to the face

>Russian SB2 fucking shurgs off 40 something rounds directly into both engines.

923569 No.546189

File: 47b1860d3ba1897⋯.jpg (8.05 KB, 359x140, 359:140, absolutely implicit.jpg)


>alt right


923569 No.546200

Tried Alpha Warz clickbait today.

It has nice units and basic logistical concept but its controls are atrocious and it's a completely shameless free to pay, even if you spend hours over it.

8004de No.546283

File: 23db0a56d03ea62⋯.jpg (120.65 KB, 901x1200, 901:1200, DSz08-yXUAEGlnr.jpg)


>caring what a fedora tipper has to say


fc6eb3 No.546287


>(((fedora tipper)))


Daily reminder that the alt-right is controlled opposition

195a14 No.546317


The term was created by a jew, popularised by CNN and other such news agencies to group the new right wing increase and adopted by jewish, homosexual and pro-zionist figure-heads. What exactly makes you think its controlled opposition???!!!!


be289d No.546705

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fc6eb3 No.546723


wrong post you replied to, pinoy?

be289d No.546725


yeah, i fucked up in posting

be289d No.546726


Didn't meant to reply to Canadian anon

fc6eb3 No.546732


PINOY, you should show who you are replying to

be289d No.546767


I wasn't going to reply to anyone, i just clicked his id number for a quick post then i forgot to erase said ID

5a5060 No.546771

File: 1630bace3ad7113⋯.mp4 (1.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1010.mp4)


They've been giving press accounts to practically any streamer regardless of how small their channel is.

It's a great game, but it's a bit frustrating early game getting sniped by some disphit using endgame gear because he got a press account. Midgame though it's quite fun since I can now buy fucking armor and weapon mods.

15158c No.546967

File: 23c9b208c02baaa⋯.mp4 (10.93 MB, 960x600, 8:5, Secret Service 2 - Securit….mp4)

Was playing some 15 year old shovelware and found this beauty. It's a shame because the first game was actually pretty good for this type of thing.

d1925c No.546969

File: 100941e63075abb⋯.jpg (38.49 KB, 600x611, 600:611, 0da34e392729879262444620da….jpg)


This gave me a stomach ulcer.

1857a7 No.546970

File: 10630679d337a1e⋯.gif (3.7 MB, 320x180, 16:9, Disgusting.gif)

15158c No.546976

File: eeb36f88ec23650⋯.mp4 (11.5 MB, 960x600, 8:5, shotgun.mp4)




The rest aren't quite so bad though he does seem to load a full 8 shells into his shotgun no matter how many you've fired: the animation isn't interruptible and you can't swap guns so this is rather upsetting.

15158c No.546977

File: c92eb746b36c1b5⋯.mp4 (8.21 MB, 960x600, 8:5, invisble_rocket.mp4)

15158c No.546978

File: eb10f4da504d657⋯.mp4 (14.98 MB, 960x600, 8:5, mp5.mp4)

This one looked better until I noticed the fairly obvious mistake.

15158c No.546979

File: 0c7ddc6f4c43b32⋯.mp4 (9.12 MB, 960x600, 8:5, handgun.mp4)

d1925c No.546980

File: 4efc730fe1d5216⋯.png (414.21 KB, 669x509, 669:509, 4efc730fe1d5216507d0278e19….png)

15158c No.546981

File: cbfecc4deca4e48⋯.mp4 (13.16 MB, 960x600, 8:5, c4.mp4)

15158c No.546982

File: fa1b7597a575f69⋯.mp4 (14.32 MB, 960x600, 8:5, wat.mp4)


And that's that, the first one is far and away the worst though. Chodemonkey let me post.

25ac22 No.546988


I know it's dumb but is there actually anything preventing this from working in a mechanical sense?

15158c No.546989

File: 57e3bd627a82141⋯.jpg (53.57 KB, 561x400, 561:400, day_of_the_rake.jpg)


It's over Leaf, the Greeks have taken your crown.

d1925c No.546990

File: 97f7071e837d619⋯.png (476.37 KB, 890x1300, 89:130, sb7ef6G.png)

25ac22 No.546991



It's an honest question you cucks. Like really wouldn't this be a good idea if your gun was damaged or something?

15158c No.546992

File: ec2ad7a820aab95⋯.jpg (260.53 KB, 850x624, 425:312, leafposting.jpg)

d1925c No.546994

File: 58a71d491701bf6⋯.jpg (8.92 KB, 255x215, 51:43, 58a71d491701bf6b9bbde0650c….jpg)


>calling us cucks

>says the person that hails from a cucked country where you can only own cucked guns

25ac22 No.546995


Can people even afford guns in your shitty country? How would you find the time in-between goat fucking to fire them?

df007c No.546996


I think I should offer to sell you a 20 gauge shotgun.

d1925c No.546998

File: 2438f8bdce9229f⋯.jpg (42.19 KB, 364x364, 1:1, 1466099825316.jpg)


>Can people even afford guns in your shitty country?

You'd be surprised how cheap shit is in the black market.

>How would you find the time in-between goat fucking to fire them?

I think you're confusing dirty spics with the arabs that live next door to you. Here in pair o' gays we just spend time dying in the sun and drinking herbal water.

25ac22 No.546999


>drinking herbal water.

We call that tea you spic. Speak English.

31dd42 No.547000

File: be8b9aa105e8bb3⋯.jpg (28.3 KB, 660x340, 33:17, PPSH with a depressor.jpg)


>Paragay is a mudslime country

Son you been licking too many maple trees.

15158c No.547001

File: 5468a18debaa5c6⋯.jpg (13.89 KB, 432x160, 27:10, ppsh_41_curved.jpg)


Truly the pinnacle of slav engineering.

I just wanted to post a silly reload animation, why does it have to lead to shitposting?

d1925c No.547002

File: 64caf5056cf9a82⋯.jpg (30.65 KB, 450x413, 450:413, 1464215204062.jpg)


No son, you don't understand. With tea you get more water than herbs. HERE YOU GET 99% HERBS.


25ac22 No.547003


Just because you can't make the tea properly doesn't mean it isn't tea.


They fuck goats in south America too bong boy.

31dd42 No.547004

File: 12c89281a3e603c⋯.jpg (397.09 KB, 1200x815, 240:163, ShotForShot.jpg)


>They fuck goats in south America too bong boy.

Now that is where you are fucking wrong son. They fuck llamas on sinking boats

d1925c No.547005

File: 2efa985b6fdfa23⋯.jpg (66.49 KB, 718x628, 359:314, 2efa985b6fdfa23d6a16dd853a….jpg)


Just because you can't shitpost correctly doesn't mean it's shitposting.

25ac22 No.547006


Llamas are just goats that think they're giraffes.

d7c3d2 No.547010

File: f275a653a0cbba0⋯.jpg (45.61 KB, 809x350, 809:350, rifle.jpg)


I don't know, I checked the black market prices today and they're incredibly expensive.

d1925c No.547011

File: 447feb02961fa0b⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 245x250, 49:50, 1466285026866.gif)


And leafs are just cucks who think they're Greek.

df007c No.547012

File: 3e4b7c9e20c79d0⋯.png (55.86 KB, 197x250, 197:250, ohlawdy.png)


Thanks Obama.

25ac22 No.547013



>Has to use Britbong memes because his shitty cucktry is so irrelevant

Come back to me when Paraguay has actually contributed something to the world.

15158c No.547014

31dd42 No.547019

File: fef378663d55298⋯.mp4 (14.8 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 15142988552780.mp4)

Well this thread is going places.

d1925c No.547021

File: 785a9382b82a5a7⋯.png (356.28 KB, 800x949, 800:949, b8b85464585911c109b6399a13….png)

File: 12cb9ee21d74f2f⋯.jpg (63.62 KB, 960x495, 64:33, b395626a52d8578129735987ed….jpg)


>Come back to me when Paraguay has actually contributed something to the world.

They have. They contribute by being hilariously terrible at everything they do; like being a landlocked country with a navy, taking on Argentina, Brazil AND Uruguay all at once, sending all your elderly, women and small children to die in battle against BRs and then celebrating that day every year or winning a war against Bolivia yet LOSING the majority of territory you fought for.

25ac22 No.547023


>Being a self-hating cuck

Fucking kikes.

df007c No.547024

File: 1378b0ec48d3a46⋯.png (326.02 KB, 1003x796, 1003:796, squishy_squishy.png)


>All this dead

I am turned on by this.

d1925c No.547025

File: 81a19457c862d8a⋯.jpg (110.79 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1452739812965.jpg)


Jokes on you,I'm not actually from Pair O' Gays

25ac22 No.547026


>Choosing to live in a shithole

That's worse than being born there.

d1925c No.547029

File: 332a173e8782e40⋯.png (252.28 KB, 1000x850, 20:17, ravenbest.png)


Reminder that Raven is best girl.


Better here than in Cucknada.

25ac22 No.547030


At least I'm white.

8a04c0 No.547031



it's this kind of uselessness that makes people hate this country fag. next time you have a dumb question fucking look it up in a search engine before you embarrass yourself and your fellow countrymen

25ac22 No.547033


Fuck off back to Vancouver with the other Asians you pretend-leaf.

d1925c No.547034

File: d1884f2f8812868⋯.png (918.33 KB, 1368x984, 57:41, d1884f2f88128687f82d018aad….png)


You sure don't act like you are. Also not an argument.

25ac22 No.547035



d1925c No.547036

File: 0c5530078028977⋯.jpg (59.87 KB, 567x565, 567:565, 1467857741134.jpg)


How to break a leaf in 5 easy posts.

df007c No.547037

File: afa4d403254c189⋯.jpg (835.26 KB, 884x1141, 884:1141, average day in Rwanda.jpg)



You should move to Rwanda. It's a paradise here.

25ac22 No.547039


>5 easy posts.

I counted at least 10 you're as bad at maths as that Greek and he's also a goat fucker so apparently it's sexually transmitted.

d1925c No.547041

File: b8bd83f16b1d27f⋯.jpg (24.74 KB, 210x232, 105:116, 1432614761292.jpg)


Keep going. Your posts are greatly improving the quality of this thread AND board in general.

15158c No.547042



At least he uses the correct word unlike the average leaf.

8a04c0 No.547043







this is what it feels like to be born in Quebec

25ac22 No.547044


Proper English helps keep us distinct from the 56%ers and anyway Common Core means they can't even do anything with numbers that's more complicated than dealing crack.


I'm not one of those (((Québécois niggers.


No fuck you just answer my question already.

1857a7 No.547045

File: 1f6acdca681f921⋯.png (155.12 KB, 500x672, 125:168, first-croatian-king-pepe-2….png)


European Rwanda here, we have faster internet and more child muggers.

ece358 No.547046

File: ee8b80e03f5c956⋯.jpg (72.02 KB, 540x540, 1:1, feels fucking bad.jpg)


>tfw no post-niggerapocalypse blue-eyed colonist gf that was forced to retreat in the jungle and devolve into a tribalist savage that hunts down niggers in a loincloth to avenge her dead racemates

Why even live?

25ac22 No.547047


>Wanting a white nigger

Another goat fucker here to ruin this thread.

d1925c No.547048

File: fd692201504cac4⋯.jpg (109.18 KB, 564x428, 141:107, 1424902586266.jpg)


Good job fucking up them brackets.

>No fuck you just answer my question already.

No fuck you cuck man. Why don't we settle this right here in the ring if you think you're so tough.

25ac22 No.547049


You just aren't telling me the answer because you don't know because Paraguay doesn't even have 18th century technology.

15158c No.547050


>18th century technology.

That would be the 1700s anon and hell computers are 20th century.

8a04c0 No.547051


>he still hasn't figured it out yet

Lucky for you, our health care system has you covered for that mental disability

d1925c No.547052

File: 0b72247636d0829⋯.gif (35.74 KB, 248x189, 248:189, 0b7.gif)


>You just aren't telling me the answer because you don't know

The answer is a lot simpler than that. Have you maybe considered occam's razor?

ece358 No.547053


>Another goat fucker here to ruin this thread.

So formal of you to announce you arrival, leaf-kun.


25ac22 No.547055


Computer doesn't count he stole it from a white person.


Maybe if we got rid of our healthcare and had proper gun laws cucks like you wouldn't survive and we'd all be better off.


Have you considered moving to a proper country? Maybe Occupied Rhodesia would be an upgrade and then you'd be among your own people.


Come back to me when your country isn't literally controlled by the (((Radical Left))).

ece358 No.547058

File: 2068853a1c94304⋯.jpg (211.18 KB, 600x857, 600:857, trudeau I did it for you d….jpg)


>Come back to me when your country isn't literally controlled by the (((Radical Left)))


25ac22 No.547059


Don't you remember this thread?>>545038

8a04c0 No.547060

File: 29604927ff69bd0⋯.jpg (29.67 KB, 695x425, 139:85, this makes the trump happy.jpg)


>Come back to me when your country isn't literally controlled by the (((Radical Left)))

How are you still this clueless? It's impressive at this point

15158c No.547061


Apparently you don't either.

d1925c No.547062

File: f8b38bd39d08112⋯.gif (353.89 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1441836637401.gif)


>trying THIS hard

The amount of asspain radiating from you is amazing. Please continue, as this is the type of entertainment /k/ needs, but not the one it deserves.

ece358 No.547063


Just curious.


25ac22 No.547064



I meant this >>545038


Fuck you I just missed a space.


Back to China.

15158c No.547065




Wouldn't they need at least 6 more seats to actually run the country though? If it's 300 seats total 145 isn't enough for a majority unless Greece uses some weird system or they're running a minority government I guess.

15158c No.547066




>The election resulted in an unexpectedly-large victory for Alexis Tsipras' Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA), which fell 6 seats short of an absolute majority and was able to reform its coalition government with the right-wing Independent Greeks (ANEL).

At least that's what (((Wikipedia))) says. Why did a right-wing party help them out anyway?

25ac22 No.547068


Because they're cuckolds.

ece358 No.547069

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>the Communists hold 53.33%


>Wouldn't they need at least 6 more seats to actually run the country though?

Yes. They actually weren't even able to form a government so they made a coalition with Kammenos' party that were considered more nationalistic and "far-right" than the majority rightwing party.

Here's a hint about Kammenos' political views.

skip to 2:22

8a04c0 No.547070

File: e9e5612a5d21879⋯.jpg (42 KB, 562x474, 281:237, would this work.jpg)

d1925c No.547072

File: 13b6fbd6cbcc23e⋯.jpg (13.52 KB, 464x464, 1:1, 1432570614735.jpg)

15158c No.547073


Needs to be a gif with the proper reload animation.


>Yes. They actually weren't even able to form a government so they made a coalition with Kammenos' party that were considered more nationalistic and "far-right" than the majority rightwing party.

That seems like a fairly uneasy alliance, surprised it's held up so far.

ece358 No.547074


>Why did a right-wing party help them out anyway?

For the same reason a great deal of traditionally rightwing people including myself voted for the commies back then. We wanted to get rid of the nepotist bipartisan yesmen tradition our boomer parents had burdened us with ever since the Junta fell plus Pascal's wager regarding syriza's claims over dropping the IMF asskissing, they did not but it's not like we had any high expectations and the voters' hands were clean since the government acted in direct contradiction to its pre-electoral promises.

25ac22 No.547075


>Made the stickman black

I knew you were a cuck.

8a04c0 No.547076


it''s depicting you

15158c No.547077


So do you think shit will change with the next election?

25ac22 No.547078


I bet you'd like me to be black so I could come satisfy your little Asian wife but no I'm as white as they come so fuck you chinaman.

ece358 No.547079


>surprised it's held up so far.

It has only helped in absolving the electorate from democratic responsibility for our national suicide.

I never liked Kammenos but I have to give him that he followed a pretty non-nonsense policy against turkroaches in his service as Minister of Defense. Silently naming the jew on the fine prints was also plus.

4edd87 No.547080

File: c6c3595668a620f⋯.jpg (181.36 KB, 1010x752, 505:376, 32445576543.jpg)

What the FUCK is wrong with Canadians, has their cuck leader subconsciously rubbed off on them or is there more estrogen in their water.

15158c No.547081

File: b5267a33a101c46⋯.jpg (31.74 KB, 562x474, 281:237, would this work.jpg)


I'm starting to see a problem with your complaint.


Well good luck anon, I hope you Greeks can fix your shit i.e. leave the EU and then we can all go retake Constantinople together.

ece358 No.547082


No. Greece is pretty fucking cucked when it comes to the (((left vs fascism))) dichotomy.

I blame Mussolini over making a false patriotic hero image out of EAM-ELAS' traitorous commies. I'm afraid that only reaching on the verge of a 2nd Ottoman Empire will snap us back to reality at this point.

d1925c No.547083

File: 721f0205d8266fb⋯.png (407.24 KB, 415x620, 83:124, 721f0205d8266fbca43e60b78f….png)


When do you intend to behave like the White man that you say you are?

25ac22 No.547084



From now on I'm only going to respond to white people.

ece358 No.547085


Thanks. But it will take a while.

15158c No.547086


All things worth doing are hard I'm afraid.


>I'm afraid that only reaching on the verge of a 2nd Ottoman Empire will snap us back to reality at this point.

If Turkey swaps towards a pro-Russia stance in the aftermath of Syria perhaps things will look up.

25ac22 No.547087


Obviously you'd just make the background black.

d1925c No.547088

File: 0861c4bce1bc424⋯.png (176.88 KB, 697x768, 697:768, 0861c4bce1bc4242c95e6e67e5….png)



>says only going to respond to white people

>immediately responds to someone he accused of being an Asian.

ece358 No.547089

File: 28ef055f388fa4a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 87.54 KB, 720x806, 360:403, alex doesn't like where th….jpg)

File: c8fbd752def436d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.47 KB, 500x594, 250:297, atrazine is helluva mutage….jpg)

File: 7d047cb508d7b50⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 668.32 KB, 1000x811, 1000:811, handsholding frog.png)

File: 613f00ef3082416⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.18 KB, 620x960, 31:48, alex jones wept.jpg)


I'm afraid it's worse than run-off-the-mill soy-derived xenoestrogens…


15158c No.547090

File: 6dc16578882a3d2⋯.jpg (32.53 KB, 562x474, 281:237, would this work.jpg)


Doesn't seem to have helped.

Can anons please meme responsibly in future and post pngs?


I believe that he actually called the other leaf (liquid leaf?) an asian though it is getting a bit confusing.

25ac22 No.547092


With a white stickman you bong retard.

15158c No.547094

File: abc35419f979881⋯.jpg (40.56 KB, 562x474, 281:237, would this work.jpg)

25ac22 No.547095


Only a pajeet could be this dumb so I'm adding you to the pile of non-whites I'm not going to reply to.

Why is /k/ so diverse all of a sudden?

d1925c No.547096

File: 7b41abd4146991a⋯.png (370.35 KB, 625x415, 125:83, 1428376507339.png)

File: dee4f658884d88e⋯.png (237.94 KB, 1190x906, 595:453, 1433705060479.png)


>everyone that's against me isn't white.

1857a7 No.547098


Brate, are you kidding me right now?

15158c No.547099

Well that was interesting but we're all apparently too brown for further conversation.

25ac22 No.547100


All the good Serbians died in the 90s.

15158c No.547101


That's a Croatian flag.

25ac22 No.547102


They're the same country anyway just more goat fuckers.

d1925c No.547103

File: 5d2aa5123b66112⋯.gif (498.61 KB, 500x258, 250:129, 1433616737890.gif)



>clearly Croatia


>same country

>also responded to someone he accused of being a pajeet

1857a7 No.547104


I mean, if you want to be objective about it, all of the good serbs died between 1459 and 1918. Now you just have quarterturks and larping Albanians.

8a04c0 No.547106

File: a049554aa1fed45⋯.jpg (66.98 KB, 500x546, 250:273, a049554aa1fed45c3746af2d52….jpg)

File: 51a9fe7f2349ca6⋯.jpg (24.38 KB, 343x281, 343:281, cyanide.JPG)


>2 hours later

>is still trying this hard to fit in

maybe you're just not internet experienced enough for "advanced" imageboards

15158c No.547107


In a desperate attempt to re-rail this thread: any game got a dumber reload than this that wasn't meant to e a joke?

1857a7 No.547110


I mean, you could argue for Dead Space 2 and 3, in which you never actually reload half the guns in the game. The plasma cutter, you just feel up the top, and a magazine ejects, and that's it. Or the force gun, where Isaac basically pulls back a handle, and nothing loads or ejects, even though the gun obviously uses some kind of battery packs. Conventional, kinetic ammo sniper rifle? Pump that bitch like a shotgun, something falls out of the bottom, that's it. Gun that shoots massive sawblades? Isaac just rips that shit in half then slaps it back together, wham, loaded.

Sure it's not as awful as that, but it's pretty bad, especially when you compare it to some of the other guns that have really well done, and satisfying reload animations.

15158c No.547111


I never actually played 2 or 3 despite having a fair bit of fun with the first game. Are they worth a shot?

1857a7 No.547112


2 is the best one, in my opinion, and 3 is not very good, but it's still a pretty fun game to go through once, bring a friend if you can, they lock away pretty important story shit behind co-op missions.

15158c No.547114


>2 is the best one, in my opinion

Will have to give it a go then.

>3 is not very good, but it's still a pretty fun game to go through once, bring a friend if you can, they lock away pretty important story shit behind co-op missions.

I remember reading about that, was it also the one that had a knock-off L4D versus mode?

1857a7 No.547115


That's 2. And that shit is apparently still alive.

15158c No.547116


That's surprising but nice to know.

15158c No.548026

File: 3f4ab1df181d195⋯.webm (5.56 MB, 960x600, 8:5, shotgun2.webm)

File: 40c842e2fcc9ef5⋯.webm (3.83 MB, 960x600, 8:5, sproing.webm)

File: 2eac051a714c5c2⋯.webm (433.91 KB, 960x600, 8:5, bye.webm)

File: 60ff6a9dd908ab0⋯.webm (2.26 MB, 960x600, 8:5, less_lethal.webm)

File: 7e6d1c6f034e4ea⋯.webm (2.6 MB, 960x600, 8:5, reload.webm)

15158c No.548030

File: e2995e51807ac39⋯.webm (622.54 KB, 960x600, 8:5, Costa_Sentava_forever.webm)

File: f15ce90b2c78329⋯.webm (2.57 MB, 960x600, 8:5, magic_taser.webm)

File: 4645a90e2de2744⋯.webm (869.05 KB, 960x600, 8:5, perforated.webm)

File: 67cc2b32ee3f594⋯.webm (496.83 KB, 960x600, 8:5, physics.webm)

File: e3a69bbd59f48b4⋯.webm (7.9 MB, 960x600, 8:5, shotgun.webm)

15158c No.548031

File: 25b1042c6de0771⋯.webm (407.13 KB, 960x600, 8:5, die.webm)

File: a8bad0cd2b51daf⋯.webm (2.83 MB, 960x600, 8:5, 5.56_weak.webm)

d1925c No.548093

File: c883d17a5836841⋯.gif (4.94 MB, 491x367, 491:367, c88.gif)

15158c No.548252

File: 2a802f7bf62a17d⋯.webm (347.61 KB, 960x600, 8:5, death.webm)

File: 2805010d692874f⋯.webm (1.37 MB, 960x600, 8:5, fal.webm)

File: 92741f952bc281b⋯.webm (1.73 MB, 960x600, 8:5, gas.webm)

File: a22c29fa1d6484f⋯.webm (624.73 KB, 960x600, 8:5, heroes.webm)

File: 1be981d7bacd51f⋯.webm (1.28 MB, 960x600, 8:5, negotiation.webm)

I'm toying with settings, other than the volume being too low this seems a good compromise between quality and size.

15158c No.548255

File: 7839f42c6f226b4⋯.webm (1.22 MB, 960x600, 8:5, 7.62_stronk.webm)

File: 279fb7b3c9b7098⋯.webm (4.09 MB, 960x600, 8:5, inferior.webm)

File: 36fc331b07d5f61⋯.webm (1015.07 KB, 960x600, 8:5, nice_shot_keep_it_up.webm)

15158c No.548258

File: 1ed9102248277a1⋯.webm (5.75 MB, 960x600, 8:5, armchair_politician.webm)

b09c05 No.548548


>is that russian

haha fuck their conscripts are absolute shit tier

five them suppressors and cool hats and all the camo you want but if they cant even learn to keep their finger off the trigger for a fucking photo op you can guess as to their combat effectiveness

5a5060 No.548802

File: 418a8299876ef95⋯.mp4 (13.13 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, videoplayback (1).mp4)

7594ee No.548831







>Secret Service

Fun little budget game. I think I still have my disc somewhere. Nice webms, anon

15158c No.548872


The first one is probably a better example of a good budget game actually (that's the third game in the 'series' though each is by a different dev).

273e59 No.548898


It's such a shame that gun porn is being wasted on another online only glorified deathmatch p2w shitfest instead of a good single player and/or cooperative tactical shooter.

Adding shitty brain-dead bots doesn't count.

5a5060 No.548951

File: d8b43dfde89caf6⋯.png (187.52 KB, 500x511, 500:511, joesue.png)




But yeah, imagine if it was a single-player game instead of a multiplayer shooter.

857b99 No.548954

File: 9a1864baebbfd28⋯.jpg (141.17 KB, 442x330, 221:165, 1319778090384.jpg)

91efc2 No.549006

Verdun is on sale on Humble Bundle with some other crap for 5 dollars right now.


6c1504 No.549030

>25ac22 is Kenneth "Smiley" Schueler

>a canadian jew






Wasn't this series from 2003? Surprising amount of detail for a budget title.

15158c No.549039


That one is from 2008, the first game is 2001 and the second 2003.

The 2001 game does one in the chamber, penetration of walls/obstacles, basic destruction and ragdolls: all impressive for a budget game at the time. Maybe I'll make some webms of that.

15158c No.549101

File: 4a3b7ccd1d06376⋯.jpg (332.47 KB, 1665x1037, 1665:1037, secret_service_in_harms_wa….jpg)

File: ab8849a8c2ef72a⋯.jpg (192.67 KB, 1673x1033, 1673:1033, secret_service_in_harms_wa….jpg)

File: e4775d763ac7d44⋯.jpg (243.19 KB, 1669x1037, 1669:1037, secret_service_in_harms_wa….jpg)

File: d267ff78b94cfba⋯.jpg (186.65 KB, 1669x1041, 1669:1041, secret_service_in_harms_wa….jpg)


From the first game.

15158c No.549105

File: 64eefa78a9551a9⋯.webm (14.62 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, jvhczr.webm)

15158c No.549106

File: 33da174f05941d4⋯.webm (15.51 MB, 768x480, 8:5, ded.webm)

15158c No.549112

File: 4c41dfafd26ef16⋯.webm (1.46 MB, 960x600, 8:5, p357.webm)

File: 7558792bac88d24⋯.webm (2.6 MB, 960x600, 8:5, wall_penetration.webm)

File: 1f9d05d9f64a97b⋯.webm (1.48 MB, 960x600, 8:5, ak.webm)

File: d5dbc4fde6a1a31⋯.webm (1018.29 KB, 960x600, 8:5, MAC-10.webm)

File: ea78404e177deb3⋯.webm (1.77 MB, 960x600, 8:5, mp5.webm)

15158c No.549115

File: fd8cc3b646eb55e⋯.webm (15.68 MB, 768x480, 8:5, lost.webm)

15158c No.549116

File: 92c129b833ff43c⋯.webm (15.29 MB, 960x600, 8:5, get_down.webm)

15158c No.549118

File: 3cf02db97818efa⋯.webm (1.53 MB, 960x600, 8:5, m25.webm)

File: e5b2a603c36f1d8⋯.webm (1.74 MB, 960x600, 8:5, DMR.webm)

File: 4e6007bf5b3b8e2⋯.webm (1.58 MB, 960x600, 8:5, fal.webm)

File: 65b503d1c51848d⋯.webm (1.06 MB, 960x600, 8:5, m4.webm)

File: 7aaeadcd241171f⋯.webm (1.74 MB, 960x600, 8:5, M9.webm)

6c1504 No.549125


>phase through gates somehow

>possibly the first game to have real ironsights

<but they're jpegs

15158c No.549129

File: 1973ab3146928f6⋯.webm (2.61 MB, 960x600, 8:5, m870.webm)

File: ee47e540ceec189⋯.webm (1.1 MB, 960x600, 8:5, 1911.webm)

File: 18a46863a9527a5⋯.webm (1.78 MB, 960x600, 8:5, g36.webm)

File: 7617b6725abd52c⋯.webm (1.56 MB, 960x600, 8:5, grenade.webm)

File: 48307178769ad20⋯.webm (2.46 MB, 960x600, 8:5, m590.webm)


Weirdly they default to being half seethrough unless you turn on a better option too.

15158c No.549131

File: 650da44b5235967⋯.webm (1.28 MB, 960x600, 8:5, uzi.webm)

File: c072676deabf9c9⋯.webm (1.33 MB, 960x600, 8:5, mp5sd.webm)

File: f3eb46d73cce7ba⋯.webm (926.06 KB, 960x600, 8:5, rpg.webm)

File: 81be2e0ce8ebe82⋯.webm (2.57 MB, 960x600, 8:5, spas12.webm)

File: ac6c9ac925baae4⋯.webm (1.58 MB, 960x600, 8:5, uspmatch.webm)

15158c No.549132

File: f58134c10ea6557⋯.webm (1.67 MB, 960x600, 8:5, wheelgun.webm)

Let me post this Chodemonkey.

b1f546 No.549164


Picture based iron sights are far easier to do than detailed modelling, it was also the standard in the early 2000s, see OpFlash.

15158c No.549169

Oh shit, I was just testing out the original Insurgency mod and it seems to correctly simulate the somewhat retarded M16 burst mode (i.e. fuck up and fire only two rounds and the next time you try you'll only get a single shot instead of three). Going to see what other autism it has.

893995 No.549187

>/k/ games

>not NEOScavenger

c1fb51 No.549201


SQUAD does this too. You can also imitate full-auto if you get it down right.

15158c No.549216


From now on all games should do it. Reminder that /v/ is going to try playing the original Insurgency mod this weekend.

857b99 No.549238


>SQUAD does this too

Yeah, and now a good chunk of the US has to deal with it since they replaced most of the M4A1s with M4s to "reflect the fact that not all units currently have the A1 as well as give them a distinct faction identity where they want to keep the fights at range" aka balance.

5ad90d No.549332


It's literally a innawoods simulator because you occasionally take a break from scavenging and trade with the native americans or go out to trade at the junkmarket to pick up whatever you need.

d06205 No.549518

Because of some unexpected shit happening in my life, I can finally play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. frequently. Already downloaded Call of Chernobyl, yet I have some doubts about which addons I should use. Already have AO3 and Outfit Addon and some others, yet I'd like to know which others are recommendable.

15158c No.549538


>DrX's Questlines

>Lost to the Zone

>Lost to the Zone LL

787281 No.549541

File: 5351e13359992b0⋯.jpeg (941.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 0B74D02E-D9A4-4370-B07C-1….jpeg)

c193e9 No.549542


>direct hotlinking to polygon.com

c8397e No.549708



>Jumping into the BR bandwagon

You lost me there

d1daa4 No.551385

File: b318a0991a072d4⋯.webm (3.5 MB, 1366x1025, 1366:1025, KwK 40 Made no Kyori.webm)

File: d4b795a5c24a45c⋯.webm (2.07 MB, 800x450, 16:9, nandemonai 6 pounder.webm)

File: 6413d5fc2c6ed89⋯.webm (4.79 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, War is Hell.webm)

Anyone here play tactical sims like Combat Mission or Graviteam Tactics?

787281 No.551434

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Who best SiegeFu?

195a14 No.551438


wasn't him that used the monkey's paw anon, still I feel your pain as well. In terms of stalker 2 I found some indie game that looks like a mix of the fallout 4 frost mod, the prey 2017 game and stalker called Desolate. Its set in an island in alternate history dishonered like world with weird weapons and tech but the actual gameplay is weird. Its like a crafting survival game but with anomalies and shitty jumpscares. Its probably shit but might be worth a torrent.

195a14 No.551441


Siege is actually less shit than I thought it would be but it seems like ubishit has been ramming more shit into it as they are looking to make it into another of their cash cows.

6c1504 No.551545


>all it takes is some weeb making faggy anime art to make someone on an imageboard like a shitty MOBA hero'd up bastardization of what used to be a respectable tactical shooter

Publishers now have a foolproof marketing strategy.


>get deported

>play stalker


15158c No.551582


Yes, Graviteam is fun but Combat Mission is I think the better game.

79a959 No.551590


Was that Shadman?

857b99 No.551753




Anyone that willingly shills Siege is either paid or desperate for non-Russians/Indians/Chinks to play with.

d06205 No.551946


At least I don't need to jump any wall in the Zone.

df007c No.552038


Tried Siege during a free weekend

Uplay basically made the game unplayable since it kept crashing when it lost connection to their shitty servers.

How do people put up with that crap?

857b99 No.552056


Poor server locations.

The shittier your connection is without dropping you from the game, the better the advantage you have. They'll be shooting at where the game thinks you are while you're magdumping them, and their death will register 5 seconds later when they're running for cover.

787281 No.553805

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If there any hotline Miami fans switch owner. You might want to pay attention to Milanoir. It’s hotline Miami built with local/online co-op in mind.

d387d6 No.553813

Metal Gear Survive comes out tomorrow.

is it worth 10 dollars real money federal funbux and 30 dollars of steamfunbux from selling boxes of trash to chinks?

459c8b No.553840

File: b58b1c0b1a73624⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.2 KB, 850x693, 850:693, b58b1c0b1a73624f6c4d5b3fd5….jpg)


It's a zombie crafting survival game using the same engine that mgsv used with the name metal gear bolted on and bits of peace walker plot get mentioned. I mean if you like zombie survival games then it's probably the most polished one out there that isn't some early access indie shit probably aaa early access.

727a90 No.553844

File: 2abb96daae4ffb1⋯.jpg (419.93 KB, 779x1000, 779:1000, 584d9574g748db.jpg)

>500 replies without mention of Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

Although it's 15yo game it has some really nice features like customizing your loadout before a mission, ability to zoom in and out from the scope, even setting a brightness on your red dot sight. You get to shoot minigun from Black Hawk, fire .50 from Humvee, shoot from Little Bird. Oh, and all your enemies are black.

31dd42 No.553862


>500 replies on a cyclical thread


Delta Force and Novalogic games in general have actually been discussed in this thread before they have just long since been bumped off.

471c5c No.553873


How are novalogic games post 99's Lighting 3

31dd42 No.553876


Actually pretty fun. Joint Ops in particular is a lot of fun. The problem is it's code which makes Slav code look well structured and logical.

7acea5 No.554034

No one has mentioned it here, but Kingdom Come: Deliverance came out a week or two ago. It's medieval /k/ and has some interesting swordfighting mechanics and good RPG elements with a nice story, although there is quite a bit of filler content there's a lot of fun to be had in the game. I wouldn't buy the game right now personally, on both PC and console there are massive performance issues and bugs. I'd wait 6 months and buy it for half price personally, also when modders get some work done since the game has a lot of strange design decisions that could be ironed out later, like combat being focused on defense exclusively due to a game feature called master strikes, polearms being very cumbersome to use as you can't carry them on your back and have to be in your hands at all times, and light armor being impossible to use since it gets damaged like melted butter and movement isn't restricted or slowed at all with heavy armor.

787281 No.554036


I remember x-plays back in the day called Black hawk down game and movie a racist.

787281 No.554038

File: bc9d412cc08860a⋯.png (2.28 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 502E61DA-FD66-4166-A22A-3F….png)

File: f8bd2c642d1872c⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 6ED04309-1FC0-498B-87D1-D6….png)

File: 421426c071301af⋯.png (4.02 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 30DA8C69-46E3-462E-8D82-43….png)

File: dc8b4a7772bb29c⋯.png (4.16 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 96AEF546-E9CE-4B80-87DB-DE….png)

File: d3fd1abe5a46c76⋯.jpeg (547.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, FC60A56B-16CD-49D3-965A-C….jpeg)


The most assuming thing about kingdom come to me is all the ass hurt from SJWs and neopagans on /pol/ and Sony circle jerkers in Cuckchan /v/ Who thinks kingdom come is bad because PS4 pro struggles to handle it”s graphic.

7acea5 No.554111


The issue is shit optimization, not the lack of power. The game is seriously badly optimized, it's a joke.

599b89 No.554114


It's like every slavic game; Ambitious, full of passion, incredibly janky.

857b99 No.554191


>shit optimization

stop screaming about shit you know nothing about

8cc7cf No.554207


>polearms being very cumbersome to use as you can't carry them on your back and have to be in your hands at all times

Isn't that accurate, though? I remember soldiers had a bad habit of cutting their pikes down to make them less of a pain in the ass to carry, to the point of sawing them in half after they sacked a city so they could carry loot more easily.

cb355d No.554210


I just see it as Medieval STALKER.

6c1504 No.554378


>t. jew worshipper

Nice honeypot filenames by the way.

787281 No.554399

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>not the lack of power. The game is seriously badly optimized

>PS4 pro

>Cry engine

It’s both

a21259 No.554427

File: 3ef0775b3a7ecc4⋯.png (247.15 KB, 800x800, 1:1, ZZC 0151.png)


None of those are issues to me really, I would not call the combat defensive either, I found it to be balanced.


I've got a PS4 pro and it runs the graphics fine with just a little bit of pre rendering for a few seconds when looking at large buildings. However the loading times are longer than I would like and the game has physically stopped allowing me to sleep, every time I try it freezes on the loading screen so right now it is unplayable.

7acea5 No.554456

File: 753e09b3b3ce7a8⋯.jpg (79 KB, 480x605, 96:121, bws-homeboy-nyte-sytes.jpg)


Stop being in denial. The game could run a lot better but it's plain and simply shittily optimized, the game was rushed to begin with, the number one outcry of most people is bugs and performance, and for good reason.


Might be, but in gameplay carrying that thing around is really annoying.


How far are you into the game? I will guarantee you that when you play for 30 hours and get max tier equipment that you will start hating the combat.

The issue essentially is that low tier enemies can be killed with single stabs and they never do anything against your attacks, while high tier enemies perfect block to master strike (counterattack on block) EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR ATTACKS, and this results in especially unfun gameplay towards the end of the game where you are essentially invincible unless you run out of stamina and get hit. Also, the equipment progression in the game is TOTALLY FUCKED. You can knock out a knight basically the second you get out of the prologue and get the best armor in the game really fast, completely breaking the game balance and allowing you to be a killing machine, and while weapons are locked behind the agility and strength stats, armor is not so this blacksmith's son can use this armor instantly.

787281 No.554458


What’s the point of buying a extra expensive console if it doesn’t improve it frame and gameplay? Is waiting for extra better graphics really worth the pierce tag?

7acea5 No.554461


It does improve both the framerate compared to default consoles, but not by a lot since the game is so shittily optimized. Far better graphics and res though.

a21259 No.554465


Probably about 15 hours.

I am already kind of finding much of what you mention but so far I don't mind it, I don't want to have to spend to much time on multiple enemies with a combat system made for 1 v 1.

The higher level ones often perfect block me and such but again, I don't mind that it makes the combat actually challenging which it would not be if every blow landed or I could chain all the time.

Being resistant to blows unless you run out of stamina is fine too, you are in full plate after all and so are they, it makes stamina management all the more important.

I went for another route and found armour in treasure chests, I don't have the best set yet but even so it's pretty good, you would only be breaking the balance for the very early stages.


I gave my old one to my brother before leaving the country to do stuff and coming back, it's not actually that expensive and it does let you run 4k. Personally I would have brought it at some point anyway even if I did not give my old one away because I like to run things as well as I can, it's all about how much one is willing to spend on upgrades like that many people won't not deem it worthwhile and I totally understand them.

7acea5 No.554469


>Probably about 15 hours.

So that's why. You'll feel it midgame at around 20-30 hours.

>The higher level ones often perfect block me and such but again, I don't mind that it makes the combat actually challenging which it would not be if every blow landed or I could chain all the time.

It's not challenging, it's plain unfair. Never being able to attack and having every single one of your attacks be master stricken is plain shit. It means you just wait in combat until your enemy attacks you so you can attack them, you can rarely if ever take the first strike to chain a combo.

>Being resistant to blows unless you run out of stamina is fine too, you are in full plate after all and so are they, it makes stamina management all the more important.

Stamina regeneration is the same in full plate and in totally unequipped, full plate doesn't slow down your strikes either.

>I went for another route and found armour in treasure chests, I don't have the best set yet but even so it's pretty good, you would only be breaking the balance for the very early stages.

I didn't even powergame until 40 hours very late game and knock out a knight, the equipment progression is unbalanced and too fast either way, you don't need top tier plate equipment to do good, I had a combination of high tier cuman and bandit gear and it worked totally fine.

a21259 No.554472


Maybe we shall see when I get there I suppose. Providing they have not patched any of it by then.

796e04 No.554473


That annoyance is the balance of the game since polearm is the best weapon, except it's really cumbersome to carry around.

7acea5 No.554492


Maybe so, but it's TOO cumbersome to use which means I will never use it to begin with. My sword, Piercer which I got mid game I have been using the entire game. There's no reason to upgrade yet, I can take out trash bandits with single stabs.

dc840b No.554493

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Defense is the primary objective with sword combat. Big surprise, a sharp anything will typically cut through gambesons, leather jerkin, or anything padded like butter. Heavy Armor isn't so HEAVY. It's just hard to get through plate because it's a sturdier material than the rest and if worn correctly doesn't slow movement that significantly, but in the game anything worn over the upper body typically slows movement significantly more than nothing worn, or just plain linen. Everything you need to know about what the combat was inspired from can be summed up in the Merkverse here written by a 15th century fencing master. The game doesn't assimilate everything in the real combat system, but it's good at following the basics of tempo, four openings, crown cuts, etc. The master strikes also aren't all included even though the game doesn't stress single combat (though it does less a great job at making fighting multiple enemies fun) they still would make combat more difficult and rewarding.

The game is playable, but for me only on low settings. Still suffering from slow rendering, stuttering and wacky NPC shit is present here too like STALKER.

796e04 No.554496


Aye, it's like bringing an AR-15 everywhere with you except without the strap, everyone is going to give you look.

The sword, axe and mace are much more versatile weapon since you can carry them around easily without attracting attention.

796e04 No.554497


Blah blah blah, I do it like a buffel, get a metal plated mace, hit them overhead over and over again, they lose strength and get killed instantly by an overhead strike.

No need for technique when you have power.

dc840b No.554512


A straight line will always land first before an oblique one. Technique is the refinement of raw strength, focusing it's power into the weakest target. Supposedly there was going to be half swording, but they decided to give it it's own exclusive combo rather than have it set as a separate way of holding the sword other than for a strike with the edge. So the combat is unbalanced because everyone fights like they're in M-1 instead of doing the historically proven techniques. They don't even have the fucking murder stroke with the sword reversed.

7acea5 No.554584


The weapon is totally pointless though, I can't carry it in cities in any way shape or form, and outside they're too difficult to find. Having short polearms would have been a reasonable midground, a polearm you can sheathe but has less range and power, obviously. Mount and Blade had a few of these, like the Boar Spear which was one of my favorite weapons despite polearms being very weak in that game.

7acea5 No.554615

File: 5227b4e660ef3f2⋯.webm (10.85 MB, 640x360, 16:9, fit irl.webm)

Anyone else noticed /v/ be more shitty than usual recently? I swear to God it wasn't anywhere near as bad 3 months ago, just braindead 4chan tier posts, fucking awful grammar, no punctuation, reddit shorthand like "kys" and far more shitposting than usual. It's been bad for years, but not THIS bad.

d387d6 No.554623


There's a mobile app that merged catalogues from 8 and cuckchan.


7acea5 No.554629


What app?

/games/ is fucking dead, the last post was 4 days ago. I don't even post about videogames anywhere but here and another super secret vidya forum I don't want to mention here.

3add58 No.554647

File: 8822a1bb90daced⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.94 KB, 708x611, 708:611, y tho.jpg)


The uninstall button, because that game's gone down the shitter at mach speed. but the placeholder Ela model is cutest grill


The phoneposter app of choice got 8ch support, so you have cuckchan pouring over. I doubt they go lower on the PPH ratings than /b/, because "like dude, 8chan is too slow XDD"

6c1504 No.554648


If you're a pathetic consolefag instead of buying a good PC, you deserve 1.2 versions of consoles.


>use board owned and run by a jew

>a fat cake devouring jew that possibly has a shadow steam account to try to avoid getting bullied online (but it doesn't work)

>with an equally jewish and retarded moderation team that "delete all posts by this ip address on board" every single time they see one post they don't like

>wondering why it's shit

7acea5 No.554653


A good PC is 600 bucks with current prices and you'll need to upgrade it in 2 years to keep up with shitty optimization. You can't fault people for turning to console with what an awful time it is to be on PC.

787281 No.554656


>Anyone else noticed /v/ be more shitty than usual recently?

Rumor has it a Neogaf mod get kicked outta Cuckchan /v/. The one that was turning a blind eye too all the soyboy meme spamming and playing favorites with console war faggoty. Now the new Cuckchan mods doing slightly better job banning Sony circle jerk threads that the last Neogaf mod encourage. Don’t mine my grammar. Drinking scotch and raw eggs. At work at gamepsot at the moment.

a21259 No.554660


I've got both but I often prefer to run games on PS4.


A high end graphics card alone costs more than that.

7acea5 No.554667


A VERY high end one sure, but a 200-300 dollar card should last you 2 years, but at the moment those 200-300 cards (1060, RX 570, 580) are going for 300-400 instead. RAM is also about twice as expensive as it should be.

a21259 No.554672


Yes it will run for 2 years or more but a 1060 won't run games as well as a ps4 pro and once you add every other cost you are spending more money on a pc that runs games worse.

6c1504 No.554694


Wrong and wrong.



Nice meme.

7acea5 No.554795


Wow you're fucking retarded. Making excuses for developers being lazy and not knowing how to make games run good and bringing up storage as optimization issue.

"Optimization" is cutting down on unnecessary CPU and GPU cycles and putting them to more worthwhile uses, clever LOD tricks and balancing visuals and performance so more people could run the game at a good FPS.

599b89 No.554935

File: 1b32c7c76ea9906⋯.png (26.43 KB, 343x326, 343:326, 1b32c7c76ea990638b89f0ca96….png)


Here's my theory.

>/cow/boys start fucking with a popular eceleb ever since he went full retard

>the tomfoolery was contained here until they start fucking with his Romanian BFF

>the Romanian starts sperging out and started linking the /cow/ board on his twitter and constantly mentioning on JewTube

>Normalfag Internet Bloodsports channels mention /cow/ and stated they "disavow" it

>Now shit tons of newfags are flooding the place because of it

I mean it's funny fucking with lolcows, but at what cost?

b714a3 No.554976


Jim, as in Metokur, also namedropped /cow/.

599b89 No.556039

File: 59dfb2a4d6c3ad6⋯.png (3.53 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2018-02-27[15-43]_108.6, 6….png)

File: 6d86ab0175d4fdd⋯.png (3.49 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2018-02-27[15-44]_108.7, 6….png)

File: 37cc0d3c84523ab⋯.png (2.68 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2018-02-26[23-25]_101.2, 5….png)

File: af89cabf23d0673⋯.png (2.78 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2018-02-26[22-50]_102.1, 5….png)

Using the SKS as a budget DMR in Tarkov is truly wonderful. I've managed to snag so much loot by sniping unsuspecting people.

Also, me and my buddies devised a devious trap:

>Largest and rarest backpack in the game is called the "Pilgrim"

>The Pilgrim only spawns on AI enemies

>Only downside is it's a bright blue color that you can easily make out from hundreds of meters

>Hatch an idea

>Grab the Pilgrim I have in my stash

>Buddies kill AI enemies that patrol one part of the map

>Place the bright, shining beacon on the AI most out in the open

>Jump into a cuckshack that has a clear point of view on the corpse with our suppressed budget DMRs

>Me and my buddy wait out unsuspecting players

>See a group rolling in down the corridor

>Me and my buddy wait them out to get into a better position

>One guy goes on the second floor, other guy starts looking around the body, third guy splits off to the left, and the fourth is lurking on the staircase

>Wait for the perfect time to shoot

>I take out the guy in one shot, buddy kills the guy looting the backpack

>Third guy starts freaking out, no idea where he's getting shot at from

>Fourth guy figures it out right as I take him out

>Third guy tries to bail, but my buddy takes him out

>A bystander tries to crawl and loot one of the corpses, but both of us light him out

>Get out with all of their gear and try it again

This game is really great despite the fucking jank.

1b7d47 No.556051

File: fff58d61dff700e⋯.jpg (156.47 KB, 1500x1037, 1500:1037, IRA4.JPG)




Were definitely trying to keep up with the constant shitposting and shills, thanks for the reports everyone, keep em coming.

4308a3 No.556053


Also a lot of /pol/fags came on here to defend Zognald after his recent announcements, which doesn't help

d5d0cc No.556064


Yea, but that's not really shitposting but moreso partisanship. Apparently on /pol/ you can't like some things Trump's doing and not others without being labeled a shill.

195a14 No.556072



Have you guys been living under a rock for years or something? Trump shilling has been a constant thing since 2017 and has only recently slowed down. It used to be you had a 75% chance of any thread on /pol/ to turn into a Trump thread with one side being retarted with shitty pro-trump arguments and the other being less overtly retarted with shitty anti-trump arguments and they would just go on and on and on t'ill the thread got deleted for all of 2017. Its the real reason for why at least half of /pol/ left during or after the election among all the other mod fuckery. Can still find a decent thread on /pol/ once on a blue moon but nowhere near the level it used to be. Also don't fall for the Trump shit, its just the same shit from 2017. Either do your own research or wait until something actually happens. If this fucking place goes down along /v/ I'l be really fucking pissed.

195a14 No.556073


Jim has namedropped a lot of shit over the years but now it seems its more he doesn't care anymore, probably cares more about his patreon money than a few dead boards. Looking at his old internet aristocrat vids and his chan vid it looks like he just lost all hope after gamergate which is sad but not unreasonable.

4308a3 No.556091


I know, /pol/ has been absolute T_D cancer since 2016, but there's a fuck tonne of them spreading over onto this board right now since it's the only place they can talk about being against gun control without being permabanned for being "anti-G-d emporer shills"

31dd42 No.556093


Reminds me how that Bomber Harris thread completely ousted a bunch of newfags who couldn't recognize a meme from /new/ or knew what /new/ was

6c1504 No.556165




From the beginning of time you've needed to upgrade hardware to meet requirements of newer, more advanced software. Only you millenial subhuman niggerfaggots seem to think this is somehow everyone else's fault but yours for trying to run crysis on a chinkpad.

a21259 No.556197


Okay So I finished it.

I noticed some do that more often particularly at the end, I find it a bit annoying but not to much, it just meant I had to feign more. I don't mind it being harder and it propably actually almost needed it when I was killing them as quick as I was anyway, I think I got a bit overpowered towards the end.

I don't mind that, the only issue I had with armour was that there was no real disadvantage to wearing plate over full mail and it actually raised your defence quite a bit.

Overall I liked the game quite a bit. The only real downsides to me was the ending, the large-scale battles not being large-scale enough(They were actually fine in game, castles were often attacked and defended by small numbers even as low as 5 people defending a castle but what annoyed me was when they say we have an army of 80 men, the cutscene has 80 men but the battle has 6) and some parts like the sleeping and fast travel being a bit too slow..

787281 No.556200


WHat do the IRA eats? That picture making me hungry

31dd42 No.556214


Exploding potatoes.

82fbbd No.556856

File: 5843f1787a7734e⋯.webm (7.9 MB, 450x360, 5:4, Call of Duty 4 Epilogue ….webm)

Is it possible to survive a shotgun shell in real life?

a21259 No.556860


If you have body armour it won't do anything. Other than that if it hits your arm you may lose it but still survive(happened to a relative of mine) but you will probably die if it gets your torso, they are quite nasty.

48dc78 No.556973

File: c38533be66ff1c2⋯.jpg (21.48 KB, 366x219, 122:73, COrcaAQ.jpg)


>that artifacting

I sincerely hope that's not your GPU melting, but with a question that dumb, I also hope it is.

Yes, of course the term "shotgun shell" is very broad as it could be stuffed with literally anything that you can fit into it. Be it rock salt or old carbide endmills encased in wax. Lethality also varies with distance, body armor worn, ect. Of course copper jacketed buckshot might have a chance at piercing armor at closer ranges, but penetration or not, you will have broken ribs and a bad day.

857b99 No.556976



You'll be leaking a little and it will feel like a thousand bees stung you, but you'll live.


Depends on the distance. 10 meters will put a hole through you and push your innards out the other side onto the floor or wall. 50 meters will put a few ~32 caliber holes in you that may or may not be fatal. 100 meters and it will sting like hell but you might live if it even hits you.


you're pretty fucked

>sabot slug

yeah you're fucked

>with body armor

Birdshot tickles, buckshot will be a punch in the gut, slugs will give you the worst stomachache of your life if it doesn't penetrate and rip you apart anyway.

6c1504 No.557017


>playing on normal

>artifacting to shit


82fbbd No.557133


It's on veteran because they only give you a minute to finish on that difficulty

f5c666 No.557138


Are you autistic?

97653a No.557141


Nigger I don't think you understand. Having your armor stop any kind of shot is equally painful. That's because smaller shot has more pellets that make up for lower individual energy. From 10 yards you can expect broken ribs if you're hit with any shot, provided your protective gear stops it. If it fails to stop it or if you have none, then getting hit with any kind of shot from that distance will spill your innards all over the wall behind you. That's because unless it spreads, and it just fucking doesn't at that range, it basically acts as a single projectile. Also 100 yards is about the maximum distance buckshot can penetrate bare skin deep enough to cause any trouble. With a slug you won't hit broad side of the Soviet Union at that range.

857b99 No.557151


Birdshot is propelled by hopes and dreams to crack clay and hit birds, anon. Have you seen results of people being shot with birdshot? They live. Their faces are full of tiny holes, but they fucking live and walk around like nothing happened. There's almost no force behind that kind of loading.

Anon was also wondering if you can SURVIVE IT. Which you can, because buckshot scatters poorly out to 100 meters.

>durr slugs are inaccurate

You're a moron. An idiot. A nincompoop.

97653a No.557166

File: 7aa10e0d7eb0171⋯.jpg (34.23 KB, 444x296, 3:2, birdshot_5_kent_a.jpg)


If you're hit on the head, then you'll probably die. From 50 yards and up, you will maybe survive if the pellet didn't had enough energy left to smash your skull open. Buckshot pellets are like 9 mm bullets, and not many people were shot in the head with a 9 mm and lived to tell it was no biggie. As for body hits, that depends on whether or not you were wearing armor. Above 100 yards you will get some bruises but that should be it. At 50 yards you'll get some nasty holes in your arms and legs but your armor will keep your vital organs safe. At 30 yards you'll get your limbs perforated to high hell and probably amputated if they get hit, if your armor is hit then you'll get some very bad bruises and maybe broken ribs. At 10 yards you gonna get broken ribs if your armor is hit, and your entire limb may blown the fuck out instantly if it's hit. At point blank range it's basically the same except there's also a chance that your armor will not be sufficient, and you'll have your abdominal or chest cavity filled with lead, ceramic steel fragments and kevlar threads. If you have no armor, then at 100 yards you'll have a whole bunch of pretty deep holes in you, possibly fatal. At 50 yards you're basically guaranteed to die from a buckshot wound, with multiple organs damaged and bleeding. At a close enough range you will die with a gruesome blood and intestines spray. Heavy leather clothing sort of counts like armor but not really, it's not very good protection. It's basically a 2nd layer of skin. The shot will go through it, but it'll feel like it traveled some 30% bigger distance than it actually did.


I don't know where this "birdshot can't hurt you" meme comes from. Must be same origin as "9 mm can't hurt you" meme.


For some reason, these meme supersonic slugs were stuck on my mind at that moment. They just go sideways right out the muzzle.

5854ac No.557586

File: b77369f186be1e6⋯.mp4 (6.18 MB, 426x238, 213:119, The ArmA Song.mp4)


the fact that any 5 seconds of that webm contains more action than 3 days worth of ARMA gameplay, and with less autistic controls too

bd56d5 No.557634

6eaa66 No.557677

File: 96c5acfb30fe033⋯.png (19.12 KB, 512x512, 1:1, infinite trips.png)

Hey, we've been hosting ARMA 3 Antistasi for >>>/v/ for a while and figured you guys might want to come along for our little persistent campaign. This is liberally copied from the thread over there, and we're usually active on Saturdays, but feel free to hop in and play whenever.

What are we playing?

Arma 3 Antistasi. We're on Version 1.8 right now. Our persistent campaign is set on the Danish island of Bornholm, where our brave insurgency is fighting to defeat evil, Russian backed government forces with the assistance of the United States Marine Corps. In order to win the support of the island's population, we must seize enemy resources and outposts, distribute propaganda, and defend against retaliatory actions by government and Russian forces as we liberate the island.

When are we playing?

There is a regular session every Saturday night, typically starting around 7-9 PM depending on player availability.

KLPQ Music Radio

In order to hear our in-game radio, you need to either install our version of KLPQ Music Radio as a local mod, or drop the music and config files into the relevant Workshop folder. Either way, you will need to do this to hear any music or interact with vehicle radio and loudspeakers.

KLPQ Music Radio (Local Mod) - https://void.cat/#8dbd12ffac3ee038b7db7e8335f969ffe463f89f

KLPQ Music Radio Files (Drop-In Files) - https://void.cat/#6ae9a0412d71c17ba4157b7ff2d92d92390eac3f


In addition to KLPQ Music Radio, we also use TeamSpeak 3 integration provided by Task Force Radio. Remember to install the TeamSpeak plugin in the mod folder to your TeamSpeak client and to join our TeamSpeak 3 server before joining the game. Details on how to install and use everything can be found at http://radio.task-force.ru/en/ for reference.

Teamspeak 3 Address:

Server Information


Password: rage

Modlist: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1265979646

Source Code: https://github.com/A3Antistasi/antistasiofficial/

f57ec9 No.557724


The Brits and decent Commonwealth nations have pretty well dumped that stuff, but Pakistan and India still have them in storage. Hell Pakistan just got rid of the last of their Lewis guns less than a decade ago (ended up demilled and sold in the UK).

ed22c4 No.557748


Is that in Lord Howe standard time or Lord Howe summer time?

074a40 No.558928

File: 3c9613240cf0bf9⋯.png (624.73 KB, 1413x1067, 1413:1067, It ain't Evan.png)

Rising Storm 2 got big patch.

Big changes tl;dr

>Recoil lessened on low caliber pistols (PM, Browning High Power) which makes them easier to use options compared to 1911/Tokarev

>Intermediate guns (M16, AK) no longer 1 hit torsoshot.

>Paper doll picture added to UI that shows where you are hurt

>Too many map changes to list

>Conquest mode changes.

>Quite a few visual changes

>XP increased for playing a whole game

And the biggest and best for last…

>Squad Leader position limited to level 15 minimum, Commander position limited to level 25 minimum.

857b99 No.558968


>>Intermediate guns (M16, AK) no longer 1 hit torsoshot.

But they increased the hitbox for the heart so it's easier to get 1-hit torso shots for everything.

>>Paper doll picture added to UI that shows where you are hurt

oh hey something they completely forgot from the red orchestra games who knew that leaving it out would be retarded

>>Squad Leader position limited to level 15 minimum, Commander position limited to level 25 minimum.

But people can still access squad leader unless someone of a higher level joins.

15158c No.559077


Welcome to modern TWI.

89140b No.559105


>But they increased the hitbox for the heart so it's easier to get 1-hit torso shots for everything.

From when I've been playing I haven't noticed getting much more heart shots than usual since the patch.

>oh hey something they completely forgot from the red orchestra games who knew that leaving it out would be retarded

It's not really like it matters unless you get shot in the leg or arms, but I agree otherwise. The damage model in RS2 needs some work.

>But people can still access squad leader unless someone of a higher level joins.

New players rarely took SL position willingly, they just got it when another SL left or got put automatically as the leader, that's really the mail issue and it fixes it.


Yeah, making overall good changes for a game that didn't even sell great.

c624f2 No.560463

599b89 No.560491

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

They've recently updated the devblog for Ready or Not, looking fan-fucking-tastic, especially that animation of the AI taking cover.


c624f2 No.560566


though lets hope The Devs won't pander to E-Sports bullshit or worse case scenario they do

e86896 No.560568


They already said IIRC that focus was on single player and COOP. The work they are doing is seriously revolutionary for tactical FPS as a genre, tech wise.

d387d6 No.560623


I bought it.

It's fun though i hoped shotgun ammo would be more varied than

>bird shot

>bird shot freeze/zap/burn

the limb damage is pretty sweet and making jumping guys helplessly crawl is really fun.

7c9a1a No.560643

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Not much

4756eb No.560662

File: 4d2deb38ad7368b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 288.7 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 4d2deb38ad7368b0499cc8e27c….png)


With the amount of gore they are focusing on, probably not.

7876b1 No.560665

File: 2f6e7d4b9027372⋯.jpg (172.85 KB, 944x674, 472:337, 3970fe7102ba025426d5d223d7….jpg)



>not much


Could you go a chicken supper, Bobby Sands?

833b3f No.560677

File: f2c282143fec731⋯.jpg (512.61 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, world of guns.jpg)

World of Guns: Gun Disassembly

It has 3d models of currently 196 different guns modeled part-by-part and animated down to each moving part.

Each gun has the ability to be field stripped, detail stripped (even to taking apart things that would be too difficult to get apart IRL), function tested and fired in slow motion with x-ray vision or cutaways.

I thought it was going to be a crappy gimmick but amazingly it's the real deal. If you want to understand how various guns actually work, you should absolutely get this game.

15158c No.560678

File: 5793373b261469c⋯.png (282.23 KB, 500x375, 4:3, papists.png)

15158c No.560679


Yeh it's pretty great, I'd suggest testing the game out for a bit with it's default free to play mode and then if you actually like it picking up the full access pack in the next big sale.

9a39a4 No.560691


As a Norn Iron lad I can say I hate Britain just as much as the Taigs. The loyalists here don't respect the UK, they're trying the piss off the Irish because it's funny.

Thanks for the free money, btw :^)

7876b1 No.560692


>the loyalists here don't respect the UK

>thanks for the free money

Spoken like a true jock, you make your country proud

9a39a4 No.560695


Took over Scotland and you put us here, you've nobody to blame but yourselves.

ab9773 No.560741

File: 044a6c68fce81aa⋯.jpg (21.92 KB, 326x302, 163:151, 044a6c68fce81aae9161939578….jpg)


You weren't lying

d387d6 No.560744


I wish i was.

I also Wish i wasn't confusing Portugal's flag with Belorussian.

15158c No.560795


Scotland historically paid the most in taxation of any UK region outside of (((London))) anon, statistical fiddling (e.g. counting all North Sea oil as a UK resource) is the main reason that's been buried. Not even an SNP/indyfag, it's just a fact. Really though London is the issue with this country and if it isn't solved in the next generation I doubt the few remaining sane Scots will have enough of a voice to prevent shit going tits up.


>I also Wish i wasn't confusing Portugal's flag with Belorussian.

Silly Monaco.

9a39a4 No.560838


>Really though London is the issue with this country

You say that like it's an unpopular opinion. Everybody outside of Londonistan hates it. They're the California of the UK.

15158c No.560857


What I meant was I blame the legitimate political issues Scotland has with the UK purely on London and not all of England, too many Scots nowadays fail to grasp that distinction.

c624f2 No.560935

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

alright guys Iron Harvest Kikestarter Trailer is out and revelead some gameplay

Place your bets on how it will tranfer to a MOBA next year

It might end up as DOW III, Dead and forgotten

d387d6 No.560940



>Polish-Soviet War

Can't wait for Soviets to be the good guys just needing bodies for dem revolushunz

Probably won't even have the Tuchachevsky's nigthmare mode where Polish army troops in the fog of war double their troop count

336f1e No.561157


You really weren't, holy shit. It's so braindead now, it's doing a double backflip off the high platform to a empty pool. Worse than I have ever seen it, arguably even worse than halfchan.

6124e1 No.561170

File: 0450673890a892c⋯.jpg (119.12 KB, 599x880, 599:880, madworld.jpg)



>Here are the first three heroes (from left to right). Anna, a Polania girl who becomes a capable sniper and symbol of resistance, Gunter, an experience warrior and legendary commander, and Olga, a Rusviet spy who operates in the shadows and is close to the Tzar.

>The land of Korwin represented by le stronk weemen

d387d6 No.561287

File: 1277a7f8c48b4b8⋯.jpeg (84.65 KB, 453x439, 453:439, mydisgustmacierewicz.jpeg)

File: b8f26c05fe4f700⋯.jpg (43.69 KB, 624x351, 16:9, 70a6fd123b703a45814b666012….jpg)

File: 910d8c92d2461b2⋯.jpg (232.36 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Punished 'Venom' Korwin.jpg)

File: 84045c66bd5acae⋯.jpg (16.37 KB, 618x417, 206:139, Usuń to, na Boga.jpg)

ffa7b0 No.561295

File: ab83f29691641d9⋯.jpg (88.16 KB, 528x384, 11:8, 9132898713242134.jpg)


>the kingdom of Yugoslavia will probably be paid DLC or some shit

>they'll probably do some shit like Gavrilo Princip becoming the monarch after being hailed as a hero or something equally as gay

7c9a1a No.561297

File: 47432315567f8b7⋯.png (425.56 KB, 422x630, 211:315, Symon_Petliura_and_Antoni_….PNG)



>Polish-Soviet War

>no Ukraine

5e2bb0 No.561302


>Wanting anything to do with people who like the collar the bolsheviks put on them.

7c9a1a No.561454


>liked the collar

>Ukrainian insurgency killed more Commies than the entire Afghan War

0e3fb7 No.561483



Some units had NVGs, some didn't. These things would make a huge difference, which could be reflected in unit price. Why are there no night battles, or any other time of day besides noon?

Rain and weather should have an effect as well as arty/plane accuracy, to the point where some planes can't even enter the AO if the weather is too bad, and some units will miss their target if it's night time because the pilot doesn't have night optics.

Laser range finders could be disabled with heavy fog and the whole game would slow down a lot more.

Weather and time of day have had a massive impact on warfare ever since Cain and Abel. WHY AREN'T THEY IN THE GAME YET?!

Oh, and Napalm bombs don't produce fires that are larger than a 4 story building. They cover an area with burnable goo, it's not white phosphorus.

On that note: White phosphorus, do you know it motherfucker? This is THE war all major nations were preparing for. I can't believe that chemical weapons are merely a debuff in the campaign mode. Allow me to douse the battlefield in chemical horrors and nerve gas, which forces me to either keep my infantry supplied with airfilters, or rely entirely on vehicles with NBC protection. And even then, those contaminated vehicles would need decontamination if I don't want them to kill all infantry around them later on.


Fucking hell. You market these games as realistic, and all you end up with is shit.


15158c No.561887

File: cf45ff142b0a599⋯.jpg (360.24 KB, 1643x941, 1643:941, delete_by_ip.jpg)

File: d0fad9272785f7c⋯.jpg (73.83 KB, 755x497, 755:497, mark.jpg)

File: dd85accebea88ae⋯.jpg (131.44 KB, 1167x363, 389:121, mhg.jpg)

File: 03f1906fcdbb1f9⋯.jpg (360.05 KB, 1655x965, 331:193, rule4.jpg)

File: 4d7ffec41858663⋯.jpg (77.79 KB, 752x431, 752:431, wew.JPG)


So Mark had another spergout and nuked a Counter Strike thread just for bullying him about Sonic. A new BO who's also a /k/ommando from what I hear just took over /vg/ and it's only 30 active ISPs away from the top 25 so maybe we can finally have an alternative to /v/.

9d0202 No.561889

Anybody here play shit like TacOps, Combat Mission, or Close Combat? I'm really into autistic simulators.

d387d6 No.561898


New co op mode came out on tuesday

>a boss, either a hungry hungry dinosaur or a chilly space squid patrol an area, and you need to carry three fat men from their point back to the start and defend them until they get wormholed away

Knee deep in the dead medical-nanomachines created zombies.

>there are explosive rounds of all calibers

df007c No.561913

File: 97301dbbd9beea9⋯.png (1.15 MB, 762x800, 381:400, glorious.png)


You should make it vidya Rhodesia.

In fact I think I'll nominate it for those hunger game things.

15158c No.561995

File: 9a5b2c1d296598d⋯.jpg (499.25 KB, 1173x1519, 1173:1519, front_page.jpg)


We're on the front page now, it's time for anons pissed off at mark to put their money where their mouth is and get the fuck on /vg/.

15158c No.562777

File: d843852594ac407⋯.jpg (135.02 KB, 640x640, 1:1, marauder_man_of_prey.jpg)

Anyone played Marauder? Same devs as 7.62 but more of a linear survival affair. Also features cannibal gypsys that are mistranslated as Romanians.

370b40 No.562965


Combat Mission is fun.

3ca28c No.563044


if you want to see slugs in action, i highly recommend Taofledermaus on jewtube. he uses and tests all manner of rare, foreign, old and new slugs/shotgun loads, and for the past year or so hes had access to a chronos high speed camera which really shows the fucky things that can happen at supersonic velocities. to all of yous that reckon slugs cant hit shit, i would like to point you attention towards his videos on the poleva slug, the taktik drive, and a few experimental slugs sent to him from people all over the world. even regular old foster slugs are accurate as hell, albeit not to the ranges that the other two slugs i mentioned are. sage because im blatantly shilling my absolute favourite gun channel, and i hope he gets a lot more support.

0fef19 No.563046


There are two ways to interpret your post and both are retarded

31dd42 No.563214


It is not a mistranslation.

15158c No.563236


Leave the Romanians alone, they've got it bad enough with being blames for what the pikeys do.

787281 No.563684

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Is Grand theft auto San Andreas a /k/ approve game?

It’s already the best GTA game



c193e9 No.564574

File: 3a3d87a4673de45⋯.png (52.47 KB, 962x662, 481:331, 1222515988268.png)

File: 4c9a61f9878a242⋯.jpg (137 KB, 737x384, 737:384, 1221502723489.jpg)

File: e1c24190a6e8ff6⋯.jpg (122.38 KB, 752x960, 47:60, 1460282835159-2.jpg)


everyone knows the best one is vice city. just kidding, it's gta5

0faf4d No.565244


you need to be more subtle with your bait

0126bd No.565264

This thread used to be active then it suddenly died. What happened?

f48bbc No.565622




There is absolutely nothing wrong with /v/ or Mark other than him occasionally being a bit of a sperg. This is unnecessary.

20889a No.565653


Theres nothing new to talk about and the shitstorm is keeping people busy

c193e9 No.565673


I spent almost a full hour looking for the gta:sa "fuck I hate niggers" comic, couldn't find it, posted what I thought was amusing. good to know at least someone shit blood and got trolled.

d387d6 No.565676

>Far Cry 5 ending is out

>Ebil bigoted Christian "Villain" did nothing wrong, everything is nuked like he foretold


i wish canada was nuked.

c193e9 No.565682

File: e9fcd7579f55b0c⋯.jpg (217.66 KB, 500x1667, 500:1667, gta sa strength of street ….jpg)


I assumed it was 2 panels and apparently skipped over it like 5 times fuck this shit.

aab272 No.565772


What shitstorm?

15158c No.565779

File: 3d155984313e3a4⋯.png (143.76 KB, 684x1634, 18:43, mark on twitter.png)


>link thread to /k/

>thread derails into discussing how gay various branches of the military are

Sounds about right.


See >>561995 but basically Mark pissed off enough /v/irgins to actually create a viable board (it's sitting around about /tg/ right now). He's also maybe having a mild breakdown. You know the usual for /v/.

a9aa23 No.565801

File: a1fa90af01679c0⋯.jpg (221.33 KB, 700x525, 4:3, where do you.jpg)


i remeber when ? /svidya/ was on the front page and then helped it fall back into obscurity after everyone migrated the first time

ab9773 No.566555

File: 94d65ac2d6cb2e6⋯.jpg (119.77 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 94d65ac2d6cb2e65585b22a9be….jpg)


>Cucknadian defending the current state of /v/


599b89 No.566562


Is Cobolt a janny on /vg/? Because that fucker's a bigger autist than Marky Mark is.

3210fb No.566567


Why should he? Mark and his hotpockets are one of the main reasons why /vg/ gained traction. Also board logs only show 4 accounts, Dr_Thrax who is the BO and 3 vols called Prince_Kassad, Malcolm_Granger and General_Downies (newest entry is 1 week old, might've been removed).

021095 No.566573



Apparently BO and vols of /vg/ are from here.

599b89 No.566576

File: 463d833d0946a35⋯.jpg (87.32 KB, 846x846, 1:1, 463d833d0946a35b8c1c413a15….jpg)



As long as that autist isn't there, I'm good.

Also I'm glad it's not like /svidya/ where instead of posts discussion the game it's just a bunch of dipshits circlejerking over how shit /v/ is.

1c4861 No.566583

File: c49d9993c734314⋯.png (236.99 KB, 567x440, 567:440, 2.png)


>There is absolutely nothing wrong with /v/ or Mark other than him occasionally being a bit of a sperg. This is unnecessary.

15158c No.566964


Don't think so but probably not.


>Dr_Thrax who is the BO and 3 vols called Prince_Kassad, Malcolm_Granger and General_Downies (newest entry is 1 week old, might've been removed).

>General Downies

Well he's not wrong.

f48bbc No.567137



/vg/ is clearly a D&C attempt and /k/ should be standing with /v/ and /pol/ on this one.


Cobalt has messed up but he's still an ok mod.



/v/ will die soon just like /svidya/ and all the other attempts to split /v/

5e2bb0 No.567143


I prefer being like Switzerland. Staying the fuck out of business that ain't ours.

1c4861 No.567148

File: 6807f2009f022d6⋯.png (96.37 KB, 346x269, 346:269, 1.png)


>/vg/ is clearly a D&C attempt and /k/ should be standing with /v/ and /pol/ on this one.

676c38 No.567151

File: f99c012490cb998⋯.png (446.97 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1451259306081.png)


Mark sticked a gamenight thread and then desticked it because muh Sonic stream that didn't give any information about anything. When people called him a retard for not making both a sticky, he decided to start banning and deleting posts like he usually does when anyone points out that he's retarded.

e27264 No.567162

File: e948941bd9ebaf4⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1200x854, 600:427, Hastings Feels.png)


>went on kiketube because bored

>watch warthunder videos


Why do people rip on others for a liking of German militarism? No one does it to those with a preference for Soviet militarism. There's nothing to be made fun of or to be ashamed about.

15158c No.567192

File: 48932e2c484f1b7⋯.jpg (127.49 KB, 640x640, 1:1, marauder_man_of_cyka.jpg)

File: e5481e36abb843b⋯.png (678.62 KB, 640x640, 1:1, marauder_man_of_blyat.png)


Alternate covers from /vg/.


>Battlefield Vietnam

Very much the forgotten game of the series but a damn good one.


It's probably just someone from Mark's honeypot trying to incite a raid, any /v/ alternative that lasts more than a few weeks usually gets taken out by a completely organic and totally not Mark approved spamfest that cleans out all of their threads.


A wheraboo, much like a weeaboo, is someone who overrates Germany's military particularly that of WW2. Merely liking it is not the same thing you have to blindly favour them in the face of evidence.

857b99 No.567204


How young are you? The terms "slavaboo" and "wehraboo" are nearly a decade old, anon.

8387c0 No.567217


>The terms "slavaboo" and "wehraboo" are nearly a decade old, anon.

What is "nearly a decade old"? I have been using the internet for more than ten years and I haven't heard of either of these until 2015. And I've been playing every more or less popular WW2 game in the meantime.

15158c No.567219


Slavaboo and wheraboo have been in use at least on /k/ for years, they've just taken time to leak out from imageboards into more mainstream use.

15158c No.567220



When I say /k/ here I'm also including pre-exodus 4/k/.

787281 No.567242

40bac3 No.567243

There's any advantage of using Weapon Gulash over Arsenal Overhaul or STCoP?

Also, I've been trying MLR a little bit.

9152ec No.567310

Just in case this hasn't been mentioned yet, Spec Ops - The Line is free on humble bundle right now. Game is worth your time and if you have played it, maybe gift a key to a warmongering politician near you.

Afaik no country on this planet has specifically barred jits inhabitants from buying and using WP on each other… God, that would be a schoolshooting that will dtay with us for years.

31dd42 No.567316

File: 04c702fdb15855e⋯.jpg (43.47 KB, 390x369, 130:123, 5769166.jpg)


Are you implying that /k/ommandos stock up on WP?

15158c No.567321


I prefer STCoP personally.

676c38 No.567334

File: eae97ab574b5e45⋯.png (79.5 KB, 273x526, 273:526, eae97ab574b5e4506765c42b96….png)


It's not WP government man, this massive stockpile is nothing but spices to make kebab a little bit better.


>Game is worth your time

Not really, it's just a railroad that happens to be a watered down version of Apocalypse Now.

40bac3 No.567388


Tried AO first, and now I'm trying STCoP. I like STCoP animations more than AO, but I hate that the DEagle uses the .45 ACP round.

I've been trying to download WG but the gay ass bandwidth limits of Mega are annoying.

15158c No.567401


>Tried AO first, and now I'm trying STCoP. I like STCoP animations more than AO, but I hate that the DEagle uses the .45 ACP round.

To be fair that's in vanilla too. Some anon also made a tweak for STCoP to make everyone more accurate and up damage to more simulation levels.

e27264 No.567408


What happened this month?

d387d6 No.567417


Something terrible.

cuckchan was injecting malicious script into site at least since december.

But they disabled V1 captcha and goolag one is needed.

5e2bb0 No.567420


You cunt don't talk about the WP stockpiles. There is tons of it sitting just under the waves on many former jap isles out in the pacific.

15158c No.567461


>There is tons of it sitting just under the waves on many former jap isles out in the pacific.

For what purpose?

5e2bb0 No.567468


Nobody ever bothered cleaning up the Pacific after happy fun time. So there are a bunch of isles that have a bunch of wartime WP and other fun munitions just sitting under the waves because lol who cares it isn't going anywhere.

e059a7 No.567584


Yeah, the DEagle in vanilla is in .45, but I expected at least a change. I mean, on AO it was .50 AE and in Misery it was on .357 Magnum.

Also why no one has ported the guns used in Misery?

cf618a No.567736

File: f090cad63df3050⋯.jpg (35.44 KB, 474x266, 237:133, arma.jpg)

What's going on?

Ouroboros Division will be hosting a session of Liberation: 1944, an Arma 3 modification where players take on the role of Allied ground forces during the Normandy landings. We've been gone a while, but we're glad to be back and want to throw ourselves at a new mission. Just so things don't get stale, the mission will only be running for a limited time this weekend; once the server goes down, we'll start setting up for something else.

Server Information

Game - Arma 3

Map - Colleville

Mission - Liberation: 1944

Address -

Password - rage

Required Mods - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=902902905

Battleye is disabled but the server will be verifying signatures; modified game folders and mods loaded other than those listed may cause you to be kicked from the server. You will need a legitimate, licensed copy of ARMA 3 to participate in this event.

We are scheduled to land this Friday at 7:00 PM EDT

15158c No.567765


>Yeah, the DEagle in vanilla is in .45, but I expected at least a change. I mean, on AO it was .50 AE and in Misery it was on .357 Magnum.

STCoP tries to limit single-use calibres compared to AO. I actually agree it's annoying and I'd like to see it changed but that's the rationale.

>Also why no one has ported the guns used in Misery?

No idea. Maybe they're tied into the weird systems Misery has and that makes it a lot of work.


Why aren't you out collecting it then?

e27264 No.567933


I've heard them before, but it doesn't mean they aren't annoying, especially when outside of imageboards.


Problem is, that's not how it's being used.

5e2bb0 No.567938


Because why would I collect something now than later? It tends to burst in flames when it comes in contact with O2

f48bbc No.568408


I can see from the lack of support in this thread and from the obvious anti-Trump threads in the catalog that the board is compromised anyway. Why have none of you made an alternative /k/?

2ee831 No.568435

File: 671bb5b23c182de⋯.jpg (55.8 KB, 576x568, 72:71, 4ndt9gufhlm01.jpg)


Because hate against Trump is absolutely and 110% valid when he betrayed all the gun owners in America and is negotiating rights away like all the others have before him. People aren't making an alternative /k/ because people here are content with the current lovable fascist strayan mod and the board isn't low quality. Everyone not being an insane /pol/ tier trumpcuck who sucks him off no matter what he may do doesn't mean that some tiny fucking board with like 500 people on it is 'compromised.'

ea7cd9 No.568453


No one cares about which politician you hate, until you present a viable alternative your whining is immaterial. I don't want to hear politics but if I were interested in that I'd want to hear about politicians you support not ones you dislike.

2ee831 No.568455


It's not about hating Trump you daft cunt, it's about keeping up to date on the gun politics of the country of the majority userbase. We're talking about Trump and many are raging against him since he was another politician that promised to be pro-2A but ended up no different. People are talking about it because it is further taking away what little rights people have. Oh my fucking god, I want to destroy the State of Leaf so much. It's like you try your hardest to be the worst possible.

15158c No.568674


>Problem is, that's not how it's being used.

Retard will always misuse terminology.

d617fc No.568689

File: a5e5f1809e2166b⋯.jpg (178.47 KB, 1200x763, 1200:763, Eesti_lipp.jpg)


>fictional country that literally took a picture outside their house and used it as a flag

>making fun of the holy leaf

412c60 No.568984

File: a96ae29ce634d2d⋯.gif (199.28 KB, 680x142, 340:71, 538.gif)


Colored rectangles still have more meaning than





3cf211 No.569875

File: e5cb8d4e9bdea85⋯.webm (1.09 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, the movies guns.webm)

9a3912 No.570095

File: 0e3f01175aa132c⋯.png (407.43 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, c39a91a9aefb576252e53e59c9….png)




>Replying to Cucknadian trying to shitpost and D&C

Slavbro please

80fa98 No.570117

File: 67f7d09ba932bf9⋯.jpeg (27.79 KB, 640x589, 640:589, a fucking igloo.jpeg)



Bait yet I respond. Balt is not slav.

f1b2f6 No.570119

File: 0ac446e0814cbac⋯.jpg (351.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, cascadia flag.jpg)


>Canadian landscape has similarly majestic view

>out of all of it he picks a fucking leaf

15158c No.571171


Estonians aren't slavs though.



aa73e1 No.571183


I'm sorry, but the sea is not above the mountains. The sky is, but that's mostly gray.

aa73e1 No.571184


Around the baltics dont eat the salt licks…

15158c No.571496


Sorry what?

d387d6 No.571546



>Around the Baltics be wary of [their] antics"

df007c No.571572


What about salty dicks now?

15158c No.571752


Could also try balts.

a7d313 No.571754

Some months ago some anon here recommended me LTTZ for CoC, yet now I my infinite ignorance I forgot to ask if I must install both storylines or just one.

Been trying LD, and yes, it was the annyoing mess I expected. Yet I haven't still tried Nardonaya Solyanka.

Been enjoying LTTZ with some addons provided by Tronex, yet I haven't still found the Doctor because I'm an idiot.

787281 No.571771

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Federal Government is so incompetent it took local militia forming a Resistance to liberate a small county from not Scientologists

Far Cry 5 confirmed to be our game?




599b89 No.571774


The game is also an adaptation of the Book of Revelations


7c9a1a No.571788


Did they try to make an ebil villain again but fuck it up and make them the good guys?

0290e5 No.571794


You already tried shilling this on /v/, Jewbisoft employee. Now fuck off.

787281 No.571797

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


> an ebil villain again but fuck it up and make them the good guys?

>Joseph seed was right about everything

>He could of saved the town from nuclear hellfire

>Joseph Seed spends the last moments of the game saving the main character by taking him to the last remaining bomb shelter

>It's up to the main character Joseph seed to rebuild society

1c4c18 No.571802


Who the fuck is playing THAT badly?

Besides that:

>joseph considered himself a sheperd

>he saves the lamb even though it was lead off the right path

>even if it means he has to sacrifice the rest of his herd

/tg/ should take notes. Fantastic way to deal with "the bad guy war right all along". He saves the "heroes" anyways, because that was what he was trying to do all along.

599b89 No.571845


No, the main villain is the antichrist.


>Each of the villains closely resemble the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (John is Famine, Jacob is War, Faith is Death, and Joseph is Conquest), Joseph in particular has a crown symbolizing Conquest tattooed on his chest and Faith is strongly tied to White Lillies.

>Every time you kill a subboss, Joseph mentions that you've "broken another seal". Tied to this, are newscasts that very rarely play when you're listening to the radio (most people apparently never heard these) that start off benign, but the more villains (and the more seals you've broken), the more dire these newscasts become.

>Once you're down to the last two seals the newscasts will start mentioning things such as "Moscow being struck, death toll in the millions" and warning everybody to seek immediate shelter prior to your final encounter to Joseph Seed.

>The newscasts also mention disastrous weather across the country and world

>Joseph explicitly refers to you as "the Lamb"

>When you kill Faith she states, "Joseph believes he's our savior, but you'll be the one who decides. You were the start. You will be the end.", referencing Revelation 22:13

>In the opening scene, you can barely make it out, but there's a TV screen in the background that has the verse "They will wage war against the Lamb, but the Lamb will triumph over them because he is Lord of lords and King of kings–and with him will be his called, chosen and faithful followers." (Revelation 17:14)

>The main villain also shares aspects of the antichrist, as he's trying to deceive people into believing he's a prophet and a messiah

>The max amount of followers you can recruit are twelve, referencing the twelve apostles

911ddb No.571868


How the fuck are they just shrugging off nuclear hellfire?

d09c35 No.571965


Damn I was not aware of this whole debacle. I had no idea tripwire were such cunts.

15158c No.572164


It's truly amazing how they went from being a mod team that made it big to selling out but there you go. I can still remember devs showing up ingame during the early days of RO2 and calling all the veteran OST players whiny neckbeards for complaining and not believing the game would be a 'CoD killer'.

d09c35 No.572168


Fuck man, that is depressing. I've seen to many good series ruined by game developers pushing bullshit to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Seeing the state of games makes me want to paint my room with my brains.

8d5dbc No.573024

File: c3e03e57fb51b3b⋯.png (612.91 KB, 1122x742, 561:371, Checkem2.png)


Basically what >>539977 (checked) said

get COH 1 with its expansions its much more balanced and enjoyable and wont make you buy 20 dlc´s for retarded (((Commanders))) and OP Anglos

5490d2 No.573027


Don't forget completely ignoring all the actual issues with the game, in particular bugs and such.

8d5dbc No.573042

File: 4eca1176c8bb5c3⋯.jpg (19.84 KB, 343x343, 1:1, Yeh.jpg)


Anon eastern europe is a paradise of legal loopholes and cheap living,you should feel proud of being a slav

i bet that you can buy a bunch of acres of real state over there and build yourself a house over there and nobody would give a damn

in most western countries you need dozens of licences and shit to do the most basic shit because the ZOG here is strong

8d5dbc No.573045

File: ee2a12cd1600a5c⋯.jpg (184.42 KB, 1002x706, 501:353, pinson.jpg)


Friendly reminder that Latin americans in this case this Based Paraguayan come from superior chad Spaniard Conquistadors

while leafs come from v i r g i n a n g l o s

8d5dbc No.573064

File: 9b89eef44eaf114⋯.jpg (20.95 KB, 298x300, 149:150, 1.jpg)

Talking about games

has any of you Streloks played this game?

its prettymuch Xcom talking about the OG one but with US paratroopers more RNG and Deadly combat actually that is what Xcom is all about after all

its a breddy good game although beware it doesn´t run well on modern OS i actually had to install a Virtual machine with Windows XP on it to get it to run its pretty /k/ by the fact that it has a lot of WW2 weapons that doesn´t usually appear in modern shooters and all that shit like the M2Carbine or distinguishing between different models of .30 Cal it also gives more importance to cover and supression than other Xcom clones

a7d313 No.573179


>implying Paraguay is an actual country

>implying Paraguay isn't filled with guarani injuns

Where's our local white argie to support this facts?

868a3e No.573182


>tfw your chad armada gets sunk by a couple of virgins

a7d313 No.573193

File: f2f163e31effe76⋯.jpg (519 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 164052223-battle-wallpaper….jpg)


You forgot the last stand of this bunch of chads against some froggies

8d5dbc No.573284

File: 9c6b5639043516c⋯.jpg (111.9 KB, 1087x1080, 1087:1080, 9c6b5639043516c311fb3c5ba6….jpg)


>tfw Britbongs needed to be carried by the weather because they couldn´t win a war on their own

>tfw the anglos have been hiding in their crapppy island for centuries because everybody knows their land army is a joke and now more than ever since now it is filled with gays Trannies and pahjeet

>tfw the only wars the anglos has ever won have been wars between themselves war of the roses and all that crap

and aganist 3rd world countries

>tfw froggies made a comeback kicked your collective asses in the 100 years war


forgive my ignorance on the matter of south american politics as you can probably tell i am a spaniard Strelok


friendly reminder that the spanish empire kicked France´s ass during the italian wars 5 times

polite saging for off topic

47e65e No.573657


I've not played it but I own a physical copy of it believe it or not. Never heard anyone else talk about it though.

868a3e No.573658


>being this butthurt

d387d6 No.573659

File: 39c88e7e2f35448⋯.mp4 (3.43 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Army_Belonging_2018_-_Can_….mp4)

File: 9dfc67f8db16f4f⋯.mp4 (2.04 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Army_Belonging_2018_-_Will….mp4)



I don't have the third one.

47e65e No.573660


>tfw the anglos have been hiding in their crapppy island for centuries because everybody knows their land army is a joke and now more than ever since now it is filled with gays Trannies and pahjeet

I know you're just shitposting but that's actually one of the few areas of the current armed forces where there isn't a huge problem you know other than being terribly underfunded and all that. It's one of the few land forces in Europe that gets regular combat experience which counts for a lot more than you might think, this is doubly true for the Royale Marines with cheese.

8d5dbc No.573792

File: bf9498678fd7cc9⋯.png (113.86 KB, 266x266, 1:1, previewfile_1255828597.png)


i was refering to that period (Late XIVth century)

brittish army (although i am the one to blame for not specifying) i am fully aware that the Britbong army stopped sucking dick since WWII

although keep in mind that all Nato members participate in (((international peace keeping missions))) the UK is unfortunateley one of the most active in that aspect


if you ever feel tempted to play it download a XP iso and virtual box to make it run smoothly because you are going to have a hard time triying to make it work on modern OS


>Pic related

15158c No.573892

Same fag, different ID (I was away from home)


>if you ever feel tempted to play it download a XP iso and virtual box to make it run smoothly because you are going to have a hard time triying to make it work on modern OS

Yeh thanks for the advice, I'll probably get onto it eventually.

>i was refering to that period (Late XIVth century)

Right my bad.

>although keep in mind that all Nato members participate in (((international peace keeping missions))) the UK is unfortunateley one of the most active in that aspect

Very true, peace keeping isn't where an armed force can get true operational experience though not to say some smaller units won't get some direct combat experience but with some exceptions it's generally not the same thing.

ab9773 No.574323

File: d8bf658fd7d9c0d⋯.png (262.43 KB, 380x538, 190:269, Portugal 1111 1.png)




More like jews

4bb488 No.574325

File: 0f4f2aad1d07540⋯.png (17.09 KB, 847x166, 847:166, Kikes.PNG)

File: bf9bbe9264ce9ca⋯.jpg (208.8 KB, 756x1100, 189:275, Bait.jpg)


the only kike here is you schlomo

I resent Anglos because their colonialism has prettymuch fucked every other european country during their entire history

Ie:fucking the Russians and allying with the Turkroaches, Ruining Natsoc Germany during WW2 Ruining 2 European empires during WW1 etc…

Sage for non-topic

ac197c No.574337


Complete revisionism

4bb488 No.574343


what do you mean?

what i said about anglos? or the fact that Spaniards expelled kikes?

dab65d No.574383

File: 034f640526ffa67⋯.jpg (76.74 KB, 640x526, 320:263, denial.jpg)

2aecbc No.574582

File: 19a02bc6cc57c82⋯.jpg (434.61 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, fgw.jpg)

I'm kinda surprised that nobody's posted anything about this meme masterpiece of a game.

d387d6 No.574585


Unfortunately Petlura was assassinated in broad daylight in Paris by an innocent jew who cried anti-semtism and got off scot-free


Why don't you tell us more?

I want to buy it, but never played M&B

2aecbc No.574587


It's warband with better graphics, better squad management and more slavs with guns. Has some cool mechanics, you can convert prisoners into your own soldiers through various means, bandits will break the quickest if you bribe, or torture them, the terrorists are hard to convert, and the other factions are vulnerable to propaganda. It's also 15$, and gets updated pretty much every week.

67d8d8 No.574588

File: 06000ced122c1e6⋯.png (392.97 KB, 800x2048, 25:64, 06000ced122c1e653e5f27a75a….png)


>British empire not being the downfall of white civilization

d387d6 No.574589


but can you build outer heaven?

and have the MGS 5 experience like in trailers.

2aecbc No.574590


You can conquer a town and build sweatshops and tourist attractions in it.

1c4c18 No.574594

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>better graphics

Why are you lying? Freeman looks like trash compared to warband.

>you can convert prisoners into your own soldiers through various means

You can do the same in the viking expansion of warband, or by installing a mod.

> It's also 15$, and gets updated pretty much every week.

<early access

2bd946 No.574632


>Why are you lying? Freeman looks like trash compared to warband.

Why are you lying, nigger? When was the last time you played Warband? The lighting is more complex, the textures are bigger and the polycount on every model is clearly larger.

506408 No.574657

File: 2ab6273a2f2f954⋯.jpg (312.74 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


>looks like trash

>compared to warband

nigger what

Are we playing the same Warband?

ab9773 No.574691

File: 5689b29a16f9e70⋯.png (870.13 KB, 600x725, 24:29, Alberto Barbosa Classic.png)


>Try to take hold of the whole Iberia Peninsula by murdering, raping and subverting whole Kingdoms

>Not jews

I wouldn't expect one of their halfbreed sons to understand anyway.



Actually waiting for that to come out of Early Access.

It looks very fun

4bb488 No.574741

File: 4906d749bd3b02d⋯.jpg (47.93 KB, 627x626, 627:626, Not triying.jpg)



>murdering kebab is bad

ab9773 No.574781


>Aragon, Leon and Navarre were kebabs

Read an history book

4bb488 No.574786

File: 883aa099b652a29⋯.png (367.05 KB, 488x351, 488:351, internally.png)


oh wait you were refering to spanish kingdoms blasting eachother and not the actual reconquista my bad then

friendly reminder that Portugal tried to put the bastard daughter of the king into the throne of castille to take hold of castille

friendly reminder that portugal helped castille during the war of the two peters

and then again if we apply the rule

Plotting and Murder = Jews

then all of europe is jewish because everyone and his mother was triying to put its retarded cousin into eachothers throne so it can take hold of that kingdom throughout the entire history

Examples of this:

War of the roses

War of the Spanish Succession

the entire existance of the HRE

Napoleonic wars

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