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There's no discharge in the war!

File: aa9e86067a643c2⋯.jpeg (103.13 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 48F18B58-E4AB-478E-A59A-C….jpeg)

41e274  No.546766

Old thread will no longer bump back up to the first page, creating a new one.

Old thread >>530956

Post last edited at

2c974d  No.646308


Just carry any modern striker fired gun. Most have reasonable trigger pulls with close to 3x the capacity of a revolver and no safety. If you buy a half decent holster safety shouldn’t be an issue. Practice your fundamentals

ef614d  No.646311

Why does the Irish sniper in "Siege of Jadotville" use the Bren instead of his Lee-Enfield to hit the man in the white suit? I know you could make an argument for faster follow up shots on the Bren, but he only loads a single cartridge in which case the Enfield would be faster.

00e532  No.646314


Brens and other vz-26 clones tend to be very accurate guns given the heavy barrel and weight of the gun itself, the japs threw scopes on theirs not a complete vz-26 clone but close enough for sake of argument.

0b1dd6  No.646317


At what barrel length on a 7.62 ak pistol do I have to start worrying about needing a booster to cycle properly? Or is that only an issue while firing in full auto?

7b73b7  No.646320


IMFDB speculates it's because the Bren has a bipod.

9e5198  No.646322


Just look how far the 358 Winchester went, now ask yourself "will an even bigger one do better"? Most likely it will be in the graveyard with the other cartridges you mentioned. Big recoil, poor BC and velocity, its only purpose is going to be something like a short to medium range big game hunting rifle. 35 Whelen is kinda in the same category, where has that gone? Impractical guns. Not as good as a 375 H&H Magnum, not as good as a 300 Winchester Magnum. A 30-06 can shoot up to 220 grain bullets with good BC, the medium offshoots don't offer much but better terminal performance at 200 or less yards.

Also I would like to see a source for your performance. 2,500 fps for a 270 grain bullet sounds unlikely, if not impossible. Out of a short AR10 barrel it will be quite low indeed, you are going to approach something closer to rainbow for trajectory. Perhaps it might have some theoretical use for -1,000 fps as an oddball subsonic? But then it would require a slower twist perhaps.

In any case, good luck making your own brass for a cartridge that was obsolete the day it was invented.

da1dd7  No.646329

This is not really /k/-related, but I have to get this off my back for once. Leftists are inheritly anti-war, as shown with their protests against ZOG's intervention of Iraq, but at the same I think leftism is what's really holding them back to know that it was less about oil and more about destroying Israel's enemies. Leftism is also the one thing keeping them acting like deranged faggots who call out ZOGbots and will claim that their degenerate ideals is what will save everyone from the ZOGbot mentality. This is exactly why they don't even know what fascism even is. They are a product of Jewish Marxist academics who are expected to fight against Zionist Jewish propagandists as if it means anything. What do you think? I posted this on /pol/ once but I kind of lost interest on their latest topics.

8ed6e6  No.646343


Leftism is cancerous and jewish, that's all you need to know about it.

04d3f4  No.646611


>Leftists are inheritly anti-war

<pull out of Korea and Vietnam

<But carpet bomb SA and Rhodesia

Are you retarded

1cfe17  No.646637

Where can I find data on CIWS effectiveness on ASMs?

6d66bc  No.646699


Is it true that the current Austrian Govt wants to break the dayton accord and allow Republika Srpska to rejoin Serbia or was that just fluff?

ad9621  No.646705

Got some questions, need some answers.

1. About to get a degree, GPA is good, also going to try to get CEH and some other stuff. Former Military Intelligence and Contractor. Need job ideas besides NGA. I have been looking all over online but mostly am brainstorming.

2. Building out stuff for a gunsmithing shed. I have the ghost gunner mill (mostly for lowers and building out tooling) a 3d printer (for printing out jigs and parts) and I am looking for Cheaper lathes and reamer and barrel tools. So far it looks like for everything to build out multiple rifles where all I need is metal will cost about 5k. I was wondering if anyone here had similar equipment or set ups or any experience doing such.

b871bd  No.646709


Join the Navy. Anything public is 100% guesswork and bullshit.

a348fe  No.646710




as an officer. No way you'd learn the truth otherwise.

1715b4  No.646722

Is there any type of universally accepted folding stock mount? What are the better ones? How feasible is using a picatinni rail that way, i.e. putting it on the back side of the receiver and putting stocks on it? Would it be too weak?

211cf4  No.646732

File: 7460c580390b2b0⋯.jpg (82.64 KB, 1024x587, 1024:587, 43937554600_e07c1b1134_b.jpg)

Why? Why does this happen, /k/?

a348fe  No.646741


Joint training events. Calm yourself and stop voting for (((people))) when they enter politics.

054e81  No.646744



Oops, I forgot to tell you anons that modern commies and leftists are only anti-war, WHEN it suits their narratives. It's a no-brainer. They would have no problem planning a genocide on White families if they had the power to do so. They think it's justified because it's payback for "muh colonialism" and "muh genocide of people of monochrome color". Reminder that they have never met these said White families in their whole lives and they usually just live in majority White communities. Too chicken shit to live in shitskin ghettos, I guess. I also don't remember the last time modern commies and leftists ever helped the White working class. They think they don't exist at all ("White privilege" and all other nonsense is their reason for it).

337d2d  No.646748


They're anti-war when the war is being waged against leftists. They're not anti-war in the pure ideological sense, some are as are some on the right, but it doesn't make them inherently anti-war.

ecf0b3  No.646749


>modern commies and leftists


>implying that this is a recent phenomenon

There exists a political cartoon I wish I'd had the foresight to save.

>The image depicts a bunch of beatniks painting picket signs.

>The caption reads: So what'll it be this week? "Get us out of Vietnam" or "Use force against Rhodesia"?

a91b57  No.646756



Isn't USN party line for butterbars going to be, "OO-RAH! CARRIER STRONK, SHOOT DOWN ALL PUNY CSMs", whether CIWS is effective or not?

e7dd84  No.646768


>Leftists are inheritly anti-war

No, Leftists are anti-war when it serves their purpose, they love war even more than NeoCons. A fine example is Lois Mench, tweeting her demands that Trump invade Russia and even advocated a nuclear strike on the Kremlin…now Mench is fucking unhinged, but so is most of the Left and they have no qualms about starting a protracted war if they thought it would get them what they wanted. Just look at ever conflict any communist regime or state has initiated, they're bloodlust is even greater than the most fringe /k/ommando, it's nigh unquenchable…why do you think they've fed over 150M into the thresher and keep going?

e7dd84  No.646770


You're more likely to calculate a ballpark figure using numbers provided for C-RAM kills.

dad779  No.646958

File: 717c6cca49665f9⋯.pdf (32.95 KB, BigBoreComparison-3.pdf)


> I would like to see a source for your performance.

>The 375 RAPTOR delivers up to 400 yard hunting performance with up to 3600 foot pounds of muzzle energy and retaining over 2000 foot pounds of energy at 300 yards in a typical hunting rifle configuration making it suitable for any game animal found in North America including Deer, Moose, Elk, Bear or Wild Boar. This level of performance is achieved using mainstream commercial components like reformed commercial Winchester 308 W brass; Alliant 1200R powder and the Nosler 260-grain Accubond.


>Since the release of the 375 RAPTOR, we have found these bullets to be the optimal based on continual testing and in field hunting performance of numerous game animals.

>Speer 235 grain @ 2400-2675 fps

>Barnes 250 grain TTSX @ 2250-2450 fps

>Sierra 250 grain Game King @ 2250 – 2550 fps

>Nosler 260 grain Accubond @ 2250 fps – 2525 fps

>Nosler 260 grain Solid @ 2200 – 2400 fps

>Speer 270 grain BTSP @ 2200 – 2400 fps

> good luck making your own brass

Because reforming 308 brass is an insurmountable task.

Anybody else ever look into big bore AR10 rifles that isn't a miserable contrarian?

211cf4  No.646969

File: e396b2a238f3637⋯.jpg (243.42 KB, 733x798, 733:798, FUG.jpg)


Here's a less pixelated version. I changed the terrain and sky color too

9e5198  No.646978


I meant a REAL source, not the company pushing a shitty new cartridge nobody will ever shoot. Good chance you are an astroturfer pushing this on various places to sell the snake oil. Without strong independent reference, this is likely pure fluff to sell uppers until it runs out of hype. Contrarian? No. Realistic. How can one squeeze that much more performance out of a 308 case considering what a 358 Winchester is limited to. Upping the mouth size and diameter won't cause an increase in power THAT great, considering what little power increase there was in 358 over 308.

This whole thing smells like horseshit.

d254d5  No.647024

Besides ricin, which other poisons are out there that are 1) delayed effect, 2) hard to detect and 3) easy to acquire/produce at home?

7e1b73  No.647033

What would the disadvantages of using an electrical trigger for a bullpup style rifle be? I dont mean the sort that use an electrical impulse to fire the round directly, more like a solenoid type arrangement, purely to get rid of the long mechanical link between the trigger and the firing mechanism in that type of rifle.

ba1736  No.647034


well obviously you would need batteries for this to work and these run out in worst times and are another crucial item to keep track off

bf5fe4  No.647036

File: 5603d08456331d6⋯.gif (686 KB, 278x300, 139:150, 1409715515115.gif)


What's a quick rundown of what really happened at the Waco Siege?

e5e892  No.647038


>ATF find out some folks have non-kosher guns

>Go to deal with them.

>Waco goes "nah, leave us be"

>ATF tries to start shit and get their asses handed to them

>ATF is triggered

>Go try to get the FBI to help deal with the bad goyim

>ATF and FBI then get into a dick-waving escalation before then deciding to go burn down Waco "accidentally"

>Pose over the ruins and dead

>Call the Waco folks a cult to be justified in killing them and so the other goyim don't see the ATF and FBI as the cunts they are

3e16a7  No.647058


smfh mostly incorrect

a348fe  No.647066

File: dde2ad6e8a87f79⋯.jpg (11.88 KB, 232x255, 232:255, 1446526683515.jpg)


>Claims it's wrong.

>Fails to post their own version.

e7e34e  No.647071


How so, Moishe?

0f0dcd  No.647073

File: cf8ec792855936d⋯.gif (1.28 MB, 250x187, 250:187, F7kxmwC.gif)

Hey fellas, what's your go to site for milsurp? Preferably older (60-80's) European stuff.

b2a66f  No.647076

File: 0e99a959572caf3⋯.jpg (236.66 KB, 1465x1183, 1465:1183, 093-01048.jpg)

File: 2dcc2fc26eb2324⋯.jpg (207.84 KB, 1458x1161, 54:43, 093-01044.jpg)

File: a032f29202f3c7b⋯.jpg (84.17 KB, 750x517, 750:517, 068-008881.jpg)

File: 551470ce08b417f⋯.jpg (203.84 KB, 1453x1175, 1453:1175, waco-shooter-ashes.jpg)


yeah, it is even worse, how else can you explain posing with corpses?

ce28cd  No.647084

File: 5e88e27fa7599c8⋯.jpg (236.74 KB, 1211x958, 1211:958, thorpe em-1 trigger.jpg)


You're introducing another point of failure by going electronic over mechanical. Batteries can die, motors can burn out or corrode, wiring can also corrode or short, and so on. The real way to "solve" the bullpup trigger is to design a trigger from the ground up to work in a bullpup, instead of adapting a regular trigger for a bullpup. The Thorpe EM-1 did this, unfortunately it was a little too complicated to be practical for mass adoption.

b0f29c  No.647086

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Superior EM-1 had a better trigger.

ba1736  No.647088



its not a fucking contest, nobody will give you gold medal for better triggerism

202ee8  No.647110

File: c157df39bd73795⋯.jpg (566.72 KB, 1280x1764, 320:441, BalearicSlinger.jpg)

File: 4667d4da1898bb8⋯.jpg (156.22 KB, 1280x484, 320:121, Slinglead bullets.jpg)

So how much damage can a sling can do to a person?

e169f2  No.647113


Depends on how good you are. 10oz stones flying at 130ft/s can fuck you up.

810cfa  No.647115



810cfa  No.647117

810cfa  No.647118

8a7aa3  No.647121




After securing a handgun and shotgun, the time has come to pick up a medium range antipersonnel rifle. The AR15 is the obvious choice in burgerland but I'm curious about something. I can get an 80% lower from PSA and build my own for cheap, or I can fork over some 1500 for the FN15. My question is: what, functionally, is the benefit of spending more money for a rifle that fires the same cartridge with the same usability than I need to?

My assumptions out the door are that

>Name brand brings with it a degree of surety of construction

>milling it myself with a jig means that it goes unregistered

>plenty of folks are just fine with building their own, so the lower threshold for failure must be extremely high, indicating a high degree of safety even if I'm the one drilling the holes

Money is a concern, but this is something that I'll be entrusting my and my families lives to. Is it worth the extra cash for a name brand?

b2a66f  No.647130

File: b93495540f2f642⋯.jpg (65.79 KB, 1380x1058, 30:23, Screenshot 2018-10-19 at 0….jpg)


vid not watchable in my country. why am I not surprised?


If you can atleast work a little with tools, I say go for a homebuild ar and invest that extra money in ammo and range time. Buying something and using it little is always wasted money, especially if you want to defend your life with that gun. Spending more money can bring you peace of mind, but you still have to shot that gun.

c2f2c2  No.647136

File: 4f5197da7d0dc4e⋯.jpg (48.49 KB, 684x384, 57:32, ak2016-concernak12-solo.jpg)

File: 3d6e16033c3dec6⋯.jpg (71.02 KB, 1486x991, 1486:991, 76543k.jpg)

File: b2ee17c3c946358⋯.jpg (42.95 KB, 600x600, 1:1, AK_12_600_lq_0001.jpg)

File: 3883a502a76e98d⋯.jpg (49.48 KB, 1000x828, 250:207, R6712_AK-47-Evolution-AK-1….jpg)

I've see like 10 different kinds of AK-12's

what's the most likely production model?

ac4c43  No.647139

File: 01ae66787e0ca00⋯.png (12.37 KB, 635x418, 635:418, lmao.PNG)



1a35e8  No.647150


>surety of construction [of a name brand gun]

>lower threshold for failure must be extremely high [for home-built guns]

One of these points is moot when you're considering a rifle that will defend your life. I wouldn't consider building your own self-defense rifle unless you've got a couple of range toy builds under your belt. Err on the side of caution unless you're comfortable with the risk.

That being said, "surety of construction" is probably the only REAL benefit to a pre-built rifle aside from convenience, and it certainly doesn't cost as much as FN is charging for it. There are several ARs from reputable manufacturers for far less money.

One more thing


Technically, unserialized. Either way, if you use this thing for home defense and end up in front of a courtroom trying to justify your actions, you'll wish you used a rifle with a serial number. Sure, what you've done may be perfectly legal, strictly speaking, but unfortunately people's perceptions of you matter; you're gonna have a much harder time with an "ILLEGAL, UNREGISTERED, MILITARY-STYLE ASSAULT rifle, with NO serial number!"

3da403  No.647159

When did the gun control meme become a thing in Europe, Canada, Australia and the US in a way? Particularly, the former ones still seem to think as if gun rights in America is "too lax" even though gun control is looming in the shadows right here. I don't know what the circumstances are for Western foreigners to think gun control is "good" and owning firearms are an "American and racist redneck obsession", all I know is Hollyjew loves it and these Western foreigners love whatever liberalism is thrown at their NPC faces, even though it was never accepted as a Western thing.

This also leads them to think "American liberals are more conservative than European conservatives", further cementing their love for liberalism and whatever they consider to be "leftist and progressive". It's not truly a European thing when you think about it. I'm not talking about foreign anons here, bare that in mind, please. I'm talking about the ones that are essentially normies/normalfags who are no better than actual robots. They may sound human but they really aren't. No wonder even (((Marxists))) hate liberals, albeit for completely different reasons, though.

b94257  No.647160


In Australia, it was 1996 with the Port Arthur false flag incident.


f44a76  No.647161

a91b57  No.647165

File: b967994d83fa2e7⋯.png (876.35 KB, 1620x1080, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: df67dc4ae97ab1b⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1945x1890, 389:378, ClipboardImage.png)


>I can get an 80% lower from PSA and build my own for cheap, or I can fork over some 1500 for the FN15

First, realize that your choices are not between "PSA" and "FN15." Much of the latter's price premium is purely from FN being an M4 contractor; they're good guns, but not 1500 shekels good. Especially if money is a concern, and you choose to go prebuild for whatever reason, the FN shouldn't be your first choice or even your tenth. Second, realize that prebuilt and 80% lower aren't your only choices, you can always go with a serialized lower, and then build part by part.

You say money is a concern, so I'm not sure I'd recommend the 80% route–even assuming you have access to a drill press free of charge, the amount you'll spend on the jig, the drill bits, and on the anodizing/coating process will more than offset the small amount you saved by going 80%. It might be worth it if you really, really don't want to fill out a 4473, and/or you anticipate building multiple 80% lowers in the future.

The price difference between building from a complete lower and getting a prebuilt is more or less a wash–for two equivalent rifles, using the same parts, the difference in price between the prebuilt and the total price of the parts individually is approximately equal to how much you'll spend in tools. If you get really Jewish about only buying parts on sale the parts built may come out ahead, but they're still within spitting difference of each other. The sweet spot where you get the most bang for your buck seems to be ~$800-900 these days.

Personally, I'd recommend going with a parts build. Putting shit together is real fun, and as long as you know how a wrench and screwdriver work you shouldn't have major difficulties doing it. For either case, you seem to indicate you want bang for your buck, so I'd suggest a gander at Aero Precision's stuff–some of the best equipment in the midrange category there.

>My question is: what, functionally, is the benefit of spending more money for a rifle that fires the same cartridge with the same usability than I need to?

That question has hundreds of potential answers. To call the AR market saturated is like saying Vancouver has a minor Chinese infestation, you've got more options than you can think of, and depending on how you spend your money they can bring you a variety of benefits. The real short version is:

-barrel: accuracy, durability if you go chrome-lined or nitride

-BCG:reliability (to a point) and ease of cleaning

-trigger: accuracy and pleasantness of shooting

-freefloated handguard: accuracy (to a point), modularity through fag-lok mounting system

That's not to say other upgrades are useless, but they're more like customization tweaks, and won't impact the performance of your rifle in any major way.


>most likely

It's not a matter of "most likely", the production model that was released last year is this one. The second of your pics is also a production model, but it's the 7.62x39 AK-15. Unfortunately, the production models look downright awful compared to the very A E S T H E T I C prototypes that were put through the initial trials (second pic).

93a586  No.647168


>When did the gun control meme become a thing in Europe

70's with munich olympics?

7e1b73  No.647171


Slings will fuck you up. The romans had a tool specifically made for pulling lead sling bullets out of bones. The bicorn bullets they used are suspected to have originally been sharp on the points which makes sense. Even the lighter clay bullets would ruin your life. Broken bones all over the place. And going by the modern baeleric slingers, you can get pretty close to archery ranges out of a sling, with comparable accuracy with enough training.

8a7aa3  No.647173



Thank you very much strelok

8ed6e6  No.647175


Honestly, likely never.

Some rifles are gonna be made, likely around 3000-5000, but they are just going to use adapted AK74.

337d2d  No.647178


Depends really. Probably couple of hundred thousand total. Other countries are getting rights to produce AK-12s as well.

bcf51c  No.647235

Are there any new production S&W revolvers that don't have the cuck lock?

ac4c43  No.647266


Thank you Russia

7c4e1e  No.647316

I will be buying a revolver soon, thank you tax return shekels. I decided on a Ruger GP100 and want to know if the match champion variant is worth the extra shekels or not. For reference, the price difference at my LGS is only about 70 bucks between the 6" SS version and the match champ.

b76ec6  No.647332

I've heard /k/ say good things about Urban Carry holsters in the past, if I'm getting one should I get the G1 or the G2?

The price isn't really an issue, I just want to know if the new one is actually an improvement.

9e5198  No.647343


Only buy a Ruger if you want cheap. The idea of spending more money on a cheapo revolver is just insane. If you buy a cheap brand, buy the cheap gun. If you are going to blow another $70 than buy a S&W.

1a35e8  No.647349


Ruger makes a fine revolver, friend; actually, a pretty good case could be made for them being the superior option (here's looking at your internal locks, S&W.)

9e5198  No.647352


Oh wow, more Ruger shills. They must have quite the program going. We conveniently get posters, one after the other, new ones mind you, >>647316 following >>647235 about internal locks and then buying a Ruger. Oh wow. its not fishy, considering that Ruger is inferior to S&W and Ruger spends all of its astroturfing time in regard to revolvers comparing themselves to S&W and lying about being better. The lower price not being good enough, they always have to find a reason to keep up the lie their guns are "just as good if not better".

Internal locks are a miserable thing, but the only time they've been known to cause functional issues is with J frames with heavy loads under certain circumstances, otherwise they are nothing more than an aesthetic problem. They might remind you of S&W's cucking to gun control, that's about it in a medium to large frame revolver. Its a poor reason to choose an inferior company and an inferior gun.

S&W has a better design, better trigger, easier to trigger job, better gun out of the box. Ruger's cast steel is inferior to S&W's forged steel (another Ruger load of horseshit), S&W's aren't as nice as they used to be with final fit, but its still not that bad and Ruger NEVER had a good trigger.

Ruger makes an OK revolver. Its not worth as much as a S&W because it snot as nice or as good as a S&W. There is a good reason the market prices are the way they are. Same way there is a price difference between a Chevy and a Caddy.

1a35e8  No.647355


Well hey, there's not a single Ruger revolver that will lock itself because you made the mistake of firing it too hard.

>cast steel vs. forged steel

Are there studies that show a statistically significant difference in durability/longevity apropos revolvers?

>better design, better trigger

Subjective. I hope you realize that.

I'm not a shill. I've just had many years of experience with both platforms and find them to be on approximately equal footing considering their price points. We're not talking about Tauruses here.

9e5198  No.647359


What durability? Outside of K frame 357 Magnums S&W only built because of strong demand back in the day by major shooters who demanded a K frame 357 Magnum, there are no S&W durability issues. K frame 38 Specials, L frame 357 Magnums, N frame 44 Magnums never suffer frame failures outside of dangerous hotloads that actually break the cylinder and not the frame. L frame is stronger than medium frame Ruger (Model 69 can run 44 Magnum, GP only 44 Special) the M29 is as strong as the Blackhawk, M27, M28, M627 are as strong if not stronger than the Blackhawk.

If we want to talk metal, forged is still the superior process. Ruger has lied and claimed that its cast steel is not only a cost saving measure, but also that its superior, which it is not and is a bold faced lie. Ruger has these heavily over engineered frames, yet are no stronger than equivalent S&W guns of the same frame size. S&W can make a gun just as durable with less engineering in its frame, so what does that tell us of the qualities of cast and forged?

Subjective better trigger? You can claim that to win the argument, but deep down you know, and everyone else knows, that Ruger makes shit triggers compared to S&W. Don't even purger yourself, even on an anonymous message board.

7c4e1e  No.647361



>everyone is a shill

wew, I'm sure all of the big gun manufacturers employ shills to shitpost on a forum with about 30 posts a day.


Can't the internal lock be removed? Is that an involved process? I was trying to decide between a 686 and GP100 and figured a GP100 + a trigger job would still cost less than a 686.

a91b57  No.647363

File: e23ab46667742a5⋯.png (143.63 KB, 1786x631, 1786:631, Ruger shills.PNG)


>I've heard /k/ say good things about Urban Carry holsters in the past

Don't know which /k/ you've been browsing, but all I've only seen consistently negative feedback about them. Bad retention and hard to draw thanks to the way you have to pull it up first, easy printing, and difficult to access sitting are all concerns I've seen.


>>647235 here, just wanted to say I'm not a ruger shill and would prefer a forged revolver if I could get one. I just read sone unsubstantiated stuff about some of their guns not having cuck locks, and as I couldn't find any confirmation on my visit of their website I asked here.

980f05  No.647364

I'm retarded and lost both springs for the buffer tube assembly to my ar15. Any sites that sell the components individually without having to pay a stupid amount of shipping costs just for some springs?

a91b57  No.647365


>both springs


Check with your FLGS, selling individual lower parts or "oops kits" is a pretty common practice because of people accidentally being retarded.

980f05  No.647374



I meant the rear take down pin retention spring and the buffer retainer spring.

a91b57  No.647391


Oh yeah, just about any FLGS will have those in stock I went full retard like yourself and flung my takedown detent spring across the basement. Don't bother looking online, taking shipping cost into account your local place is guaranteed to have it for less.

7b73b7  No.647400


There's occasionally a deal on free shipping no minimum at Brownells and some other smaller retailer that sell, but it's not worth waiting for them to happen if you actually need it instead of being proactive.

57c8e1  No.647414


How are these new ET-MP hand grenades supposed to work in terms of the selection between offensive and defensive use? I know the Germans had the Splitterring frag sleeve for the M24 but this sounds like the choice between blast and fragmentation is through the electronic fuse. The only way I can see that would be accomplished would be having a very small charge causing the frag sleeve to peel away from the grenade with the main charge detonating very shortly after. In frag mode both charges would fire simultaneously. This seems like a silly way to do it though.

1a35e8  No.647421


Yes you can remove the internal lock, and no it's not that involved. Of course, I would caution against removing any factory-installed safety device if there's a chance the firearm would ever be used for self-defense.

>GP100 vs 686

I've owned both in the past, never the Match Champion variant of the GP100 though.

- Opinion: sights on both guns are adequate, with maybe a slight edge going to the Smith. I imagine the Match Champion GP100 would beat out the 686.

- Opinion: 686 has better (smoother and lighter) trigger out the box, but after a few hundred rounds the GP100 smooths out and is just as good even if it's a tad heavier.

- Opinion: GP100 has a nicer-looking finish. The Smiths nowadays have this weird brushed texture that I can't stand, particularly on the barrel. The Rugers have more of a satin finish; as a bonus, regular holster wear actually seems to polish them and makes them look nicer.

Fact: I've put in the neighborhood of 8k rounds through each, including at least 1000 hot handloads/stuff like Buffalo Bore; the only problem I've had with either gun was the 686's guide rod coming unscrewed with the hot loads (which happened multiple times, locking up the gun pretty bad - the solution was Loctite on the threads.)

Fact: my GP100 was flawless, but I should note here that I also have an SP101 that I bought recently that was very poorly assembled; the chamber did not line up with the barrel. I cannot say whether this incident is indicative of a lack of QC on Ruger's part, but letting this gun off the assembly line was negligent. Luckily I noticed before I took it to the range. Within 5 days it had been to the factory, had the cylinder crane replaced, and was back in my hands, absolutely perfect, and is now one of my favorite guns.

1a35e8  No.647422


I would prefer a forged revolver as well, but only on principle. I treat my guns right; I feed them a hot supper every once in a while but I don't give them anything stupid hot. Because of that, no Ruger/Smith I've ever owned has had any issues relating to durability. Therefore, while there may be a (theoretical) benefit to a forged platform, I've found that there is zero (experimental) difference.

Yes, some of their J-frames are available without an internal lock - the M&P 340 & 340 PD plus a few 442 and 642 models. The J-frame is, by far, the most common platform for alleged failure of the internal lock, so it was a good move to offer these guys without it.

a2ab04  No.647499

Anyone have the gif of the furry horse and it slowly pans towards his crotch and he is just doing the ok hand?


stop resisting please comply

2c09ae  No.647625

Anyone got a copy of FM 31-36 Night Operations?

c96c3a  No.647643

/k/ doesn't feel firearm related anymore. It's all politics right now. How to fix it?

c21dda  No.647668


You smell like horseshit.

<how can a modern cartridge using modern powders and projectiles with higher bc be so much better than a round released in 1955 you must be a shill

How can you be so smart and know so much about so many things and yet, somehow, know nothing? What's next? Going to tell me to just buy a Mosin?

8b83be  No.647675


>It's all politics right now.

Firearms ownership is inherently political. The majority of the population aren't politically active unless it's a topic that impacts them personally and directly. The powers that be have a vested interest in civilian disarmament. When you own firearms, that's your property they're confiscating, your rights they're restricting, and you that's being made a criminal. To own firearms is to provide the impetus for political interest and activeness.

>How to fix it?

Post and participate in threads discussing topics you like.

f3c551  No.647687

When does the land war with China start?

e6fae3  No.647696

Why is 8mm not popular in America such as 8mm RUM?

7f785b  No.647706


Between the US and China? Probably never.

1e04be  No.647716

File: e051c0976399c61⋯.jpg (40.4 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IMG_8948_1.JPG)

Are there enough guns in the US chambered in 9x39 to justify importing it? If there are, I want one

826e16  No.647739

File: ddc6b178cac35a1⋯.jpg (41.34 KB, 640x480, 4:3, proxy.duckduckgo.jpg)

theres an M1917 Enfield at a nearby pawn shop in pretty rough condition. didnt get my hands on it but the barrel and upper look pretty pitted (didnt see any rust FWIW) and the stock needs to be replaced. ill probably go back and take a better look at it, make sure the bore is okay, etc. anyone have any idea what a decent price would be for it, andhave experience with them to tell me what to look for when i check it out again?

00e532  No.647740


AR's soon stalker.


See if the bolt is matching, also manufacturer iirc winchester and remington guns go for more than eddystone ones. If its completely beat to shit and sporterized I wouldn't pay more than 500 for it.

826e16  No.647745


definitely not sporterized, thats what caught my eye in the first place. the tag said winchester, but im holding off until i get a better look. do they go for more in leafbux or are the prices generally the same? if the bolt doesnt match should i even bother?

eef9db  No.647753

File: 94e09bb49068c61⋯.jpg (27.49 KB, 576x432, 4:3, stalkin homer.jpg)


I like varusteleka and kommandostore.

KS has a smaller selection, but some neat stuff pops up pretty often. The Austrian Paratrooper boots I bought from them are holding up to this blizzard really well. Comfy, warm and dry.

I just built a P80 Glock 19, and I need a set of night sights. Does anyone have any recommendations?

349358  No.647759



I'd call myself a tritium conissouer I buy plain vials for projects and am well aware of the rate of brightness on fresh vials and quality differences. Truglo plain tritium sights are the brightest I've owned.

eef9db  No.647760


I was looking at their TFO's. Probably gonna go for yellow rears and green front. I like the look of a single color more, but it seems like it could be useful in complete darkness/high stress situations/blurred vision to have contrasting colors.

9e5198  No.647761

File: 66b70c1b1c72754⋯.jpg (79.83 KB, 600x901, 600:901, canadian.jpg)


I'd say "what an abhorrent post" but then I saw the flag and realized it would be redundant.

0d26d2  No.647762

File: 65374d116e4936e⋯.png (1.08 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190209-180614.png)

What camo/suit is this?

826e16  No.647768



seems like it was a custom job. a prop auction listing has pictures of the tags which point to that also.

f4a213  No.647772

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



lol is that charlie sheen in hotshots? great movie

0d26d2  No.647785

File: 100640cf89343d2⋯.jpg (394.89 KB, 1600x1528, 200:191, rd-image-1-copy.jpg)


Red dawn

e7dd84  No.647787


Custom movie prop like >>647768 notes, but you can find the overalls online here and there…and Addidas of all companies manufactured a handful of parkas and shirts in the pattern. Also, this company sells repro fabric of the pattern by the yard; https://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/882919-red-dawn-camo-by-ricraynor

f4a213  No.647792


what is red dawn??

f4a213  No.647793


does it have charlie sheen?

f4a213  No.647794

File: b337cf845e4c1ab⋯.png (551.6 KB, 1143x599, 1143:599, Untitled.png)

nvm i found it

5a2eef  No.647798

Tell me about AICS pattern mags.

They seem to be the de-facto standard for bolt action detachable box magazines, but I almost don't see the point when it's single stack and you're limited to a 5-10 round capacity.

ee38f5  No.647799




Are you canuks really that cucked that you don't watch Red Dawn? Did Turd-o Castro ban it?

1db55f  No.648066

So how did Israel loose the 2006 Lebanon war to hezbollah?

605863  No.648071

File: 644c4fdcafb5911⋯.jpg (55.21 KB, 417x534, 139:178, burger military.jpg)

How much of a meme is Systema, and how are the "official" international schools?

I found out that there's a school near where I live and I figured it'd be good to learn some CQC besides 'try to bash the head against the nearest wall'.

337d2d  No.648075

File: 8a0eab495ee2b3b⋯.png (236.81 KB, 620x640, 31:32, 257f7561927029042c86a145b6….png)




How have you not heard of Red Dawn?

41a2d4  No.648117



I've been looking at them hard lately. sporterized but shooter grade guns are going for $199-$350 every day on gunbroker, don't overpay.

I've seen milsurp go for the $500-$800 range depending on condition/manf/date.

b7ca07  No.648130

File: 496ed94669223b0⋯.jpg (155.28 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, DSC03748-1000x1000.jpg)


Its looks like they took a white berezka suit and painted most of it brown, heres the digi version

7ec460  No.648172

File: cb74bfe964fe18e⋯.jpg (174.15 KB, 800x600, 4:3, bandana example.jpg)

I have noticed bandanas being worn in several pictures of contemporary Eastern-Euopean troops.

>Are bandanas really common among slav troops (or just Russian), or do I have a biased sample somehow?

>Are they common among general troops or specialized units?

>Why are they popular/common?

>What is the purpose of a bandana, especially in the environments in which these troops usually operate?

7f785b  No.648176


I'd give her the ol' lickeroo

6209f7  No.648186


Seems pretty easy to me. Probably some sort of moisture wicking fabric, so it keeps their heads cool. They also have extra material hanging off over their necks, probably to protect from sunburn.

As to why slavs usually wear them? Don't know. Cheaper than boonie hats maybe? Or maybe just a general trend among their armed forces.

3ee2c4  No.648189


It's called "kosynka" and basically you observe a pointless russcuck cargo cult/tribute to the soviet Afghan war shemaghs.

00e532  No.648215


More than one use for a bandana.


Its like you don't into giant triangles.

1e04be  No.648221

File: 1852b19f982e6e2⋯.jpg (87.65 KB, 817x600, 817:600, 21abobcat_zoom002.jpg)

I saw a beretta bobcat at my LGS for cheap; is it worth picking it up?

41a2d4  No.648225


I mean, they are adorable for being relatively useless. Under $200 it wouldn't even be a question for me, they are well made little guns.

bf5fe4  No.648227

File: 075a7f9312fc1f5⋯.jpg (163.17 KB, 630x935, 126:187, 1452562335003.jpg)



Thanks anons.

7d03bf  No.648233

File: b4e800dce61d2ae⋯.jpg (159.77 KB, 1152x864, 4:3, 21da345c431ea82e255b0b06ca….jpg)


Did that nog materialize out of the shadow realm, lured by the aroma of a musty ass 5000RU bill?

Life in moscow is becoming less appealing by the day.

1e04be  No.648236

File: ac17b0e25baed8a⋯.png (86.46 KB, 300x265, 60:53, ac17b0e25baed8a7025304effd….png)


>Under $200

Thanks, I'll pick it up when it opens tomorrow

9b2904  No.648255

I am looking to get a handgun for around $500. Currently I am looking at

>Beretta APX

>S&W M&P (2.0)

>FN 509

>Sig Sauer SP2022

>Canik TP9 series

>CZ P10

Any input or suggestions? This would be my first handgun, and I would use it mostly at a range or friend's farm. (might carry later).

a5e520  No.648263


>LBJ enacts great society.jpg

851ffd  No.648273


Life in a city is hell on Earth. Can't wait the weekend so I can go back to my village and shoot shit…

48c095  No.648279


If you want something to carry later, the M&p will have the most holster options available than the other models you listed.

4b3666  No.648282

File: bb0e8a6c1f02b57⋯.png (172.76 KB, 800x650, 16:13, M16 VS. AK-47.png)

Why are both of these "assault" rifles always compared to each other? Why not compare the AK-47 or M16 to other known "assault" rifles? Am I missing something here? Is it even necessary to pit them against each other? If so, then are differences that vast and significant? I guess so. Also I don't care about the Cold War or X vs. Y here, I'm just simply asking why this happens almost all the time. Any help, /k/?

481541  No.648283

File: 47c157428cbec31⋯.jpg (18.23 KB, 236x337, 236:337, when down syndrome and aut….jpg)


>Why are both of these "assault" rifles always compared to each other?

<Also I don't care about the Cold War or X vs. Y here, I'm just simply asking why this happens almost all the time.

9138df  No.648284


They were the service rifles of the two major powers in the cold war, for starters, used by opposing sides. That alone invites comparison. Further, they're rifles that frequently saw direct action against one another, starting in Vietnam and continuing in the middle east wars.

0f33c6  No.648285

File: f3ca5f20219637c⋯.png (676.23 KB, 750x732, 125:122, image02.png)


Because they are the go to "military style" rifles in pop culture. Normalfags lack knowledge about any other rifles, so they don't bother comparing them. It doesn't help that Ak-47s used to be really cheap, and now ARs are one of the most affordable arms on the market today.

0f8bd3  No.648297


>doesn't understand how a vpn works

>still claiming superiority despite not knowing the basics of literally anything

What is even your point at this stage?

>have fun shooting a round that no one else shoots HAW HAW HAW


>have fun reloading with impossible to find .308 brass HAW HAW HAW


wow mr. /k/ you sure convinced me i'm going to run right out and buy a mosin and start watching anime

0dd9c0  No.648298

File: c820f2e2cf4e711⋯.jpg (215.36 KB, 1188x421, 1188:421, Lebel rifle.jpg)

File: 524b650915732b0⋯.jpg (551.35 KB, 2468x738, 1234:369, french Berthier rifle.jpg)

Whats the difference between the Lebel and the Berthier?

65f824  No.648299


The Lebel has an 8 round tube magazine, and the Berthier uses a 3 or 5 round en bloc clip, depending on the gun. That's the biggest difference.

bdc5ff  No.648388

File: b8fbe95484e1762⋯.png (352.86 KB, 697x341, 697:341, FN P90.png)

Is this a good submachine gun or is it trash? Trashy gimmick, maybe? Any Belgian anon ITT to confirm its quality?

f3c551  No.648391


The general consensus is that the SMG itself is great, it's the 5.7 round itself that's a gimmick.

48c095  No.648408



Different bolts too.

a91b57  No.648410



It's good quality but also a gimmick. The P90 itself is a very good example of a PDW done right, giving you compactness, high capacity, high rate of fire, and controllable enough to keep that RoF on a defined target. The 5.7x28 round is likewise a good round for the intended role, ballistically doing everything that a PDW cartridge is supposed to do. This is even true for the non-armor-piercing FMJ stuff--in a vacuum, it's a good PDW round.

Where the "gimmick" part sets in is how 5.7x28 compares to other rounds. Again, it's not a bad round for what it is, but the performance differences between FMJ 5.7 and .22 WMR are negligible, and you can get .22 WMR for a fraction of the price of 5.7. The AP bullet is what makes 5.7 really shine and allows it to penetrate 3A vests. Since civilians can't get access to either select-fire P90s or the armor-piercing ammo, the P90s doesn't offer civilians anything that they might find in other guns, while being both more expensive to acquire and more expensive to feed than those other options.

9e5198  No.648434


No new gunpowders have changed performance in three quarters of a century. Take a look at 308 and 358 Winchester, how is their performance since the early 1970's up to today in terms of both factory and standard established handloads? Exactly the same you say? Because the limits of gun powders and pressure mean that no major changes have occurred and there are no miracles happening? That BC has almost no effect on end bullet power, bullet's shapes greatest effect on total muzzle energy/velocity is that longer bullets will eventually see less power in many cartridges because it will sink into the powder space, thus many new high BC bullets will not increase potential muzzle energy but might actually reduce it? That NOTHING of what you suggest will actually make the manufacturer's 375 Raptor numbers possible? That there is a reason why handgun/shotgun powders like Bullseye and Unique that were first made IN THE LATE 1890's are still dominant today, so much that competitors like Hogdgon make knock offs recently under IMR? That IMR 4350 is an old rifle powder, yet it amazingly isn't replaced by modern "advancements"? That cartridges are about the same power today as they were 40, 50, 80, 100 years ago because of these limitations?

The numbers for 375 Raptor are almost certainly horseshit. Until an independent source can confirm, they are not to be believed. 358 Winchester is old but its still factory and handloaded, with no major improvements in 60 years. Its pretty close to 375 Raptor, we can see that the increase in power from 308 to 358 is minor, that radical increase in power from 358 to 375 isn't going to happen because of magical powder and bullet changes that don't exist to increase the power of its brother, small cartridges. No, there is no explanation other than "We made up the numbers to sell our shitty retard idea".


Pretty much this, plain ignorance. That and constant Vietnam documentaries and shitty shows that constantly talk about the AR and Vietnam and the fact the Whizz Kids who forced the AR on the military never quit pushing their ideas, be it a gun or anything else. Also building the lie that the M16 was the western gun of the cold war when that was the FAL. Also retards love compare contrast so the Vietnam mythology of the comparisons of the two guns became a long lasting, popular meme that people never wish to let go of.


Yet the 5.7 AP can't pierce any type of plate armor. Against non armored opponents, the AP rounds just decrease terminal performance. AP rounds turn the thing into a big ice pick machine. A cartridge and bullet with one purpose that is a very niche one with little importance and rare, specialized use.

088aed  No.648468


Do you want a translation?

Reciever: 30mm x 2mm square steel box section 14.5" long

Bolt Body: 25mm x 2mm square steel box section + 20mm x 2mm square steel box section, 17.5 mm long

Bolt face insert: 10mm steel bar, 4' long

Trigger: 25mm x 2mm square steel box section 3' long

Magazine well: 1" x 2" square steel box section, 2 1/4" long

Magazine latch: Spring steel strip + modified bot

Barrel" 15mm x 3mm , steel tube / 5'8"(?) bar

Barrel collar: 25mm x2mm square steel box section + 20mm x 2mm square box section

Ejector: Modified 6mm dia(?) steel bolt

Back plug: 25mm x 2mm square steel box section + 20mm x 2mm square box section

I tried mah best. Only thing I couldnt really determine are the obvious (?)'s.

27d846  No.648646


>358 Winchester

>358 Winchester

>358 Winchester

>358 Winchester

>358 Winchester

>358 Winchester

>358 Winchester

358 is almost .800" too short to load in an ar10 without modifying the fuck out of something.

>how does a round with 30% more case capacity make heavier bullets go faster HAW HAW HAW

>Until an independent source can confirm, they are not to be believed.

It's been around for two or three years now. People have them. They use them.

Why won't you just fucking die? HAW HAW HAW I AM VERY SMART

211cf4  No.648656

What are some good books for learning tactics in the modern battlefield? Also, anything focused on urban combat? We really need a .pdf/book thread

00e532  No.648659


Book/pdf thread is pinned.

211cf4  No.648660

File: 90e31c05160f56f⋯.jpg (66.52 KB, 1023x576, 341:192, 9c90ca11.jpg)


I'm fucking retarded. I sincerely apologize

6d38f7  No.648753

File: bae9565396042f6⋯.jpg (445.36 KB, 3857x2099, 3857:2099, _1.jpg)

File: 5bf6e2253fb2b32⋯.jpg (297.75 KB, 1250x703, 1250:703, _2.jpg)

File: 2bac248caf1d2a5⋯.jpg (17.02 KB, 306x318, 51:53, _3.JPG)

File: e0faea8c783446d⋯.png (1.97 KB, 192x192, 1:1, _4.png)

AR/AK bolt face has an enclosed rim ring supporting the case head on all sides. Mauser has a good third of that rim missing. Some cheapo blowback guns have no rim support and just a flat bolt face. Desert Tech MemeDR has rim support on top and bottom, and the casing can be freely pushed out the side.

How important is rim support to the cycling and reliability of a semi-automatic rifle? Could I get away with a bolt face as wide as a cartridge base, with rim support only at the top and the bottom, as there would be no room for side support by design?

9f8b11  No.648766


You don't need rim support, just the extractor.

f4f3e6  No.648781



Now the obvious question: could you make a flat bolt face with an extractor that can take a wide variety of cartridges? Imagine a bolt that can handle everything from 5.56x45mm to 7.62x54mmR without changing anything.

1715b4  No.648784


>everything from 5.56x45mm to 7.62x54mmR

Probably not that much, the difference between these 2 is just too big. i think the extractor would either not reach far enough to catch 556 or get stuck on x54r, unless you can have the extractor seat on the cartridge in the extended position. It could move the cartridge aside tough, causing all kinds of problems.

000000  No.648807


While the engineering could probably be done (I'm thinking a very long lever-arm that could separate from the bolt proper, and would have grabbed on by the time the round is in/near the chamber) it's actually less good than you'd think.

You'll have to change the barrel, and changing the bolt to match the barrel is not really unreasonable. The two use-cases where this would be good, are poorfags who can only afford ONE eighty-dollar bolt, or people who keep several ridiculous" calibers despite the lack of compatibility with anything else (5.45, that uses .221 bullets and needs to be just a bit wider, and deeper, than 5.56).

f4f3e6  No.648825


You also have to consider the supply side: if you can design such a bolt, then you don't have to worry about manufacturing a completely new one for every boutique cartridge that suddenly gets popular. And even if that fails, you might get away with just using a different extractor for different base diameters.

0b1c76  No.648846

File: 5e468e7d2b839d8⋯.jpg (553.41 KB, 800x682, 400:341, rg-31.jpg)

just posting this because I forget which thread I posted it in

b76ec6  No.648894

Do you pronounce FAL as one word or three letters?

c2f2c2  No.648987

File: cc1184ec7a995f4⋯.jpg (6.69 KB, 385x385, 1:1, 701924m3_ts.jpg)

So finally scared enough to get something other than my CZ-75.

Kel-tec 2000 caught my eye since it folds and is easy to store hide all while being 500$. Also cause 5.56 is expensive

should I get the Glock, Beretta 92, or S&W M&P version?

Or should I get something else entirely?

324c0f  No.648995


I pronounce it "SLR"

58aebb  No.649063

File: 496992e9a3ef53f⋯.jpg (737.66 KB, 4121x1080, 4121:1080, 2069.jpg)


this anon again, except ive found a SMLE III at a LGS (pic related is the culprit). she needs to be rescued and restored they both do but only one is in the budget for me, what are the chances of bringing her back to her full glory?


duly noted, thank you anon.

7f785b  No.649064


>Also cause 5.56 is expensive

No it isn't.

09c7af  No.649077


New forestock, bands, muzzlecap. All you need given it looks as if the original sights are intact.

a91b57  No.649115

File: 05d57326a30ab4e⋯.webm (2.48 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Blood_of_my_enemies.webm)

a91b57  No.649116


>5.56 is expensive

If you can't afford to shoot the cheapest caliber on the market after .22 and 9mm you probably shouldn't be shopping for a new gun just yet.

7b73b7  No.649117


This. If it's really a problem get a 5.56 AK and shoot steel case for not that much more than 9mm.

0b626f  No.649124

File: 93eddf297f8926b⋯.jpg (43.94 KB, 500x274, 250:137, glock 33 round magazine.jpg)


Glock because happy sticks

6f26ee  No.649128


Fun fact: even when reloading by hand with more exotic and crazy loads, the 556 is still cheaper than many other rounds. Including 6.5, 224, and in some cases 45 I think.

058c65  No.649190

File: eac736283c5cbca⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 1029x4529, 147:647, (((gun control))) in a nut….jpg)

If even commies are pro-gun because of the "under no pretext" phrase from Marx, then where do these anti-gun individuals from other Western countries like the UK and Australia belong apart from the ovens and gas chambers? Are they just liberals or is there something that I'm missing here? It's not like commies being pro-gun matters anyway, once they gain power, they will gladly take away everyone's guns, but still. These stock up foreign normalfags who love whatever the fuck "social democracy" is, tick me off more than commies. I used to remember some Le American Bear memes having some odd tones of anti-gun sentiments and neoliberalism. It didn't feel like it came from /int/ at all, but then again /int/ has been known to have let in some anti-White and pro-leftist sentiments from time to time. Now that cuckchan board's not even worth giving a shit about anymore. Actually, cuckchan's a designated low energy shitposting site, now. Gotta "le ebin troll 1!1!1!1!1!1" those eeebil gnatzees, I guess.

As stupid as commies are, at least they know that they can't be anti-gun when they want their kosher revolution, those Europeans and other Western normalfags generally think (((reform capitalism))) is what saved their economy along with open borders and universal healthcare. In my opinion, universal healthcare is only good when it only benefits one specific race/ethnicity. Their NPC-tier comments are an eyesore to me on JewTube (i.e. "America has a gun, problem not an immigrant problem.", " America should give up their guns for free healthcare.", "Guns are evil and breed violence, just look at how high gun-related crimes are in the US. Dog bless bun bontrol. :DDDD", etc).

If owning "too many" firearms is an "American obsession", does this mean every single Western and non-White foreigner who also owns "too many" firearms also has an "American obsession"? Is kike propaganda from American (((mainstream media))) the reason why European, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealander normalfags are anti-gun and love arrogantly boasting about it? If we tell them that America is becoming more and more anti-gun, will they even believe it?

If not, then there is no saving them at all. It's kind of sad this is what the West is nowadays, the people either become ZOGbots or dildo-sticking degenerates. No one has a clue over what's actually happening, it's all about the "Best North Korea loves nukes" maymays and waiting whatever Hymiewood blockbuster get shoved down their throats. It's all so tiresome. Can /pol/ or /k/ effectively rewire their brains so they stop loving liberalism and nofuns?

pic related

41a2d4  No.649261


Glock for cheap 33rd mags, anything else for the $14 CZ mag catch that Keltec sells.

088aed  No.649276

I've heard if you get a CCL that police can enter your house without a warrant because they know you have a gun, is this true?

t. Midwestfag who wants a CCL

28d4a8  No.649283

Guys, did we ever have a red-team anon on board?

There was a thread on /pol/ regarding some glow-in-dark and another guy posing as a strelok with red-team experience "verified" the poster. Asking for a friend.

31db16  No.649285


>If even commies are pro-gun because of the "under no pretext" phrase from Marx,

Marx isn't pro-gun, look up the statement just before that spammed quote of his.

2a848f  No.649306

File: 706ba992c87d853⋯.jpg (45.12 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fnar.jpg)

I have an FNAR. Is there some non-invasive way I can disable the semi-auto funtion and turn my gun into a bolt action temporarily? I was thinking removing the push rods or w/e (two flat pieces that connect the bolt with the block that works against the spring and piston) and just let the gas work against the now disconnected return spring (like in pic) but I don't know if this could damage the rifle or even work. I would lose forward spring pressure on the bolt, don't how detrimental that would be.

211cf4  No.649307


why would you want to do that

2a848f  No.649308


Sometimes I want to catch the brass and not have it ding stuff where I shoot.

00e532  No.649326


If you pull the gas system out it'll just vent that gas into your handguard, yes it will turn it into a straight pull but you might burn your hands given its now venting gas that way. I don't know much about its gas block exactly but you might be able to adjust it where it just cuts off the gas.

0ca700  No.649342


a brass catcher would be easier

5e7b82  No.649389

File: 233d899de97333d⋯.jpg (9.97 KB, 800x340, 40:17, AR-15-SOCOM-16-Phosphate-C….jpg)

Hi /k/,

Im a relatively new gun owner so im just looking for some advice as to whether I fucked up or not. I was cleaning my AR15 the other day after a range trip and got a cleaning cloth stuck in the barrel. Only way i could think of to get it out was to slide something in and tap it out. I grabbed a metal wire coat hanger, bent it straight, stuck in down the barrel till it hit the cloth and used a hammer against the coat hanger to lightly tap it lose. The cloth came out and the problem was solved however my concern is did I do any damage to the inside of the barrel with the coat hanger while tapping the cloth free?

AR model is a M&P Sport 2 if that matters.

324c0f  No.649393


>soft bendy cheap metal vs hardened steel

No. If putting a coat hanger down your barrel had a chance to damage it, I wouldn't want to think what putting steel-jacketed 5.56 down it at 3000 fps would do.

e525f4  No.649395


You don't have a cleaning rod? Probably didn't do any significant damage unless the barrel was made out of fucktardium, which it just might have considering the year and general condition of the western nations.

a91b57  No.649397


No, that shouldn't be an issue. Like others have said, barrels are designed to withstand high heat and pressure, the wire in a coat hanger will be much softer than the steel.

43fa7a  No.649423


As a one off thing you're fine. In order to do damage you'd basically have to file the end to an edge and deliberately try to scratch the inside.

Just get a proper cleaning rod. Brass is preferable.

>Picture of a carbine gas length on a 14.5" or 16" barrel

This never fails to rustle my autism.

a91b57  No.649424


<14.5" or 16"

Wouldn't a carbine length system be correct for a 14.5" barrel, but a midlength for 14.5"? Although you could argue that the midlength would be softer shooting on a 14.5", carbine isn't exactly "wrong".The real thing that should trigger your autism is using a barrel shorter than 18" for 5.56.

41a2d4  No.649442


Buy an AR Style brass catcher that'll ride on the rail and flop over the ejection port. Or just buy a kid's minnow net and a 40 cent brick and set it up beside your rifle.

9e5198  No.649444

File: 1cecb8aff737d3c⋯.jpg (11.84 KB, 307x307, 1:1, 10471010_1594257257468075_….jpg)

File: 6cba0262ece76f1⋯.jpg (28.85 KB, 511x384, 511:384, 10431536_792984290743957_7….jpg)

c2f2c2  No.649487




yeah, I dont know why I thought it was, I think last time I shopped for ammo I was surprised by the prices.

41a2d4  No.649631


As always Chicago laws will be different from bumfuck Wisconsin laws which will be different from Ohio laws. But no, you holding a license to carry doesn't give them the magical authority to no-knock your house and shoot your wife and kids. The fact there's no accountability in law enforcement and they know they can get away with murder with at-best forced retirement (with full benefits of course) however does.

46f499  No.649655

File: f4d00692cc672ad⋯.jpg (23.62 KB, 350x91, 50:13, firearms_smg_sten_silencer….jpg)

The Sten SMG was cheap and easy to produce and airdropped to resistance in Norway during WWII. Where would one go to get designs for a historical reconstruction?

Bonus, what would be its modern equivalent?

00e532  No.649661

File: f51ea7e79b910d8⋯.pdf (3.42 MB, The DIY STEN Gun (Practica….pdf)



This, the only difference is modern materials are better than the shit the bongs were using back then.

>modern equivalent

The Sterling given it isn't a complete piece of shit and the fact a proof of concept was made in 7.62 that shamefully never went anywhere.

f667b5  No.649839

File: d8c2281496147fc⋯.jpg (174.23 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 122320_0.jpg)

What kind of hard plates will fit an Osprey MK II Carrier? Pic related.

fc1b4b  No.649876

File: dddbae61d06a580⋯.png (233.04 KB, 780x526, 390:263, 1444068748973.png)

PTR-91 or DSA 58?

13fe5e  No.649932


LOL. More like trying to discuss the historicity of Jesus Christ with a modern fedora fag.

00e532  No.649937


Do you reload, if no then the PTR.

0dd9c0  No.649948

Whats the best way to purify water and perserving food in a SHTF scenario?

a91b57  No.649950


> purify water

Boiling will always be available to you no matter what, which makes it "best" for a long-term SHTF. Discounting boiling, you have filtration systems and iodine tablets. I'm a really big fan of filter systems; the technology's come a long way in recent years, they've become very compact, very light, and last almost forever if you take care of them. It's a very good option, and it's probably what would be in my bag since I already have one for camping trips. That being said, if I'm being objective iodine tablets have a slight edge if you're on the move. They're even lighter, even more compact, and it's impossible for a tablet to incur a mechanical failure.

1715b4  No.649952


>purify water

Purification tablets, if there are none then gravel/sand/charcoal filter, then boiling. If needed and if you can, distill it, that's the most reliable method. Pay attention to the water sources you're using.

>preserving food

Use a fridge, live where it's cold, stock up on something that can be stored in just a dark dry place, keep your food alive until right before consumption, learn canning, use salt or honey. There are more methods for specific types of food, like if your bread has dried up, wet it a bit and heat up, it'll be almost like fresh. Recycle not completely spoiled food - recook it if not rotten, use spices, eat in smaller portions to see if you can really eat it without poisoning yourself, just like with wild berries and stuff.

7b73b7  No.649956

Has anyone done a PoI shift test on a PSA pencil barrel? I can't find anything but one accuracy test and that's 100% cold.

00e532  No.649958


Preserving food, build a root cellar and figure out which veggies will gas and kill your other ones, iirc its tomatoes that will do that.

9afbe2  No.650093

Let's say you have $5k to buy one gun. What gun would you buy if it can't be NFA and you can't use the leftover money to buy ammo?

243681  No.650106


Not on PSA, but InterRacialTV did a test like that on the Faxon pencil, and if I recall it did pretty well.

7b73b7  No.650108


What's the gun for? Are optics included? Magazine(s)? For anything practical a good (not just good enough) AR can be had for half that and that's counting optics.

I'd buy something I could flip easily and then buy a full auto with the proceeds.


There's a ton of tests on the Faxon ones. I'm wondering how good PSA's are in comparison.

9e5198  No.650120


At $5,000, I think the only, one and only, would be an MG3 semi auto, wither it be a Yugo or built by someone or if this scenario allows me to buy the parts myself. Its one gun I really want in the collection, for my own purpose and like of it, as well as it being probably the best gun a man could have if things ever get really bad and heavy combat comes your way (yes, even on semi auto). Its a cool, nice gun, its on my to buy list that I just can't justify in any way with my low income. Sure, I've stacked up a lot of guns with my low cost of living and buying good quality guns here and there, but $3-6K is the range where a broke dick money guy like me can't spend on a semi auto light machine gun that's not really good for hunting or slow careful fire at targets long range.

Would be damn fun when the friends are up to waste some expensive ammunition, in a heavy combat civil war/strife/apocalypse you can use the barrels and belts to still provide superior firepower (even better with a tripod), or keep a suit of heavy armor and ballistic protection to go Jin Roh on any nigger breaking into your house at 3 AM. You know, for aestehtics sake.

d15c9d  No.650126

Besides ricin, which other poisons are out there that are 1) delayed effect, 2) hard to detect and 3) easy to acquire/produce at home?

40d983  No.650139

I'm going to California with $8000 and a song in my heart because I want to see the country, and have time now that I've been kicked out of the army.

How fucked will I be if I have a nugget in my trunk when I cross the State line tomorrow morning?

4f8e7b  No.650157

File: 0ecdb1bf3076307⋯.jpg (125.71 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, autonugget.jpg)


It sounds like it's legal as long as it's not loaded, the trunk is locked, and you haven't managed to turn it into an "assault weapon". They've never asked me if I had a gun at the inspection station, but that might depend on which one you go through.

t. not an eggsbert

40d983  No.650237


Related question; how weird can you look before cops in California start pulling you over?

I haven't quite gotten the hang of not looking weird, and I'm driving a black Continental with deep tinted windows.

ef398f  No.650240

File: a5160b704b24962⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)

Does anyone have news on them?

43e839  No.650288

File: 6438cd4a9118b7e⋯.png (3.16 MB, 1000x1600, 5:8, millertexasshootingheroswe….png)


The dumpster is still theirs

ca2598  No.650296

File: 08722280a8eae85⋯.jpg (32.56 KB, 340x444, 85:111, 1148490216.jpg)


Last I heard is their bail was increased and the common narrative is that they were in the wrong and nobody's doing anything to get them out.

Fuck this clown world.

dbd9c8  No.650310

File: 77158ced706413f⋯.webm (7.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, whats the best.webm)

I'm thinking of getting a survival pistol/carbine combo of the same caliber, anyone have experience with carbines?

>ammo should be abundant so I can get more in a SHTF scenario if necessary, no meme calibers

>carbine should be semi-auto, don't want to rely on some lever-action cowboy shit when faced with a raiding party of disenfranchised ethnic youth

>carbine should be easily disassembled and/or have a folding stock to fit in a backpack

>pistol should probably be a revolver since it must serve as a bedside weapon and won't be used much anyways

>revolver should be hammerless and small in case concealed carry is necessary (like a nogunz disaster relief camp)

The first thing to resolve would be 9mm vs 22LR. According to Paul Harris the latter is perfectly fine at killing an unarmored target but I can see the value in having the ability to penetrate cover or shoot farther with something a little more powerful. They both seem abundant but I'm not sure if one of them is a lot more common than the other; apparently more people die from 22LR but I know a lot more people with 9mm handguns and noone with carbines. Also, I could go for a .357 so I can offset the lack of versatility inherent to using weapons of the same caliber by having the ability to chamber .38s. Do a lot of people use .357 mag and/or .38 sp? Or am I too autistic about trying to find ammo post-SHTF?

2a848f  No.650317

File: 6b4398f8fc1683b⋯.png (226.37 KB, 480x266, 240:133, 6b4398f8fc1683be8262134384….png)


Niggers in group calls for stopping power, not just lethality. If they charge, you will need each shot to knock a fucker to the ground. 22lr may kill in higher numbers in general society, but so do cars over axes.

Get a carbine that takes glock mags, and a glock.

1715b4  No.650318



No, just no, unless you really such at shooting pistols.

>22 is perfectly fine at killing an unarmored target

If you can get your shots right and are not at risk to be beaten and/or shot to death in the process.

>carbine should be semi-auto

>I could go for a .357

357 mag will give you 10mm power from a handgun, at least 200m range from the carbine and terminal performance 223 can only dream of. Allows you to reliably hunt anything up to a deer as well, while 9mm turns into a slightly faster 357 from a carbine, with almost no changes in its range of around 100m. If you go 357, pick 125gr for pistols and 140gr for rifles for optimal performance. 38 is a lot less impressive but it's cheap and common.

>Do a lot of people use .357 mag and/or .38 sp?

A few, and many of them are reloaders.

>am I too autistic about trying to find ammo post-SHTF?

No, but stocking up is still a good idea, it won't magically disappear but the demand would likely be a lot higher.

a3135c  No.650353

I've been in the mood to watch some comfy firearms videos, but I forgot one particular channel.

It was an old guy that lives like a mountain man, reloads nearly everything he shoots, and has a tommy gun.

I remember two videos, one of which he talked about finding a deer in a grove of trees, and other where he was talking about working on clearing the local roads with a road grader.

Someone has to know who I'm talking about because someone posted him here several years ago.

4f8e7b  No.650372


Not sure; I haven't been pulled over but I have a boring looking car and drive pretty conservatively.



a3135c  No.650415



That's him. Thanks.

I wouldn't have found him any other way.

04946e  No.650579

I'm getting a mossberg MVP scout on monday and need a fixed power scout scope. I'm thinking of the burris 2.75x20mm at 400 roobux, but I want to know if there are any cheaper and/or better alternatives that I should look into. Do any of you gentlemen know of any?

00e532  No.650585


I've got a Vomz Pilad that is a fixed four power on my Zastava. Its pretty solid for what I've put it through. Did have a Nikon at one point that was built for .223 and had the drop on the reticle for it, downside it it was a 4-9 iirc.

04946e  No.650621


>Vomz Pilad

Certainly a solid option were I looking for a standard mount on a rifle, that parabola sight gives me boners. Unfortunately, I'll be mounting it a lot further than 3 inches away. I need long eye relief.

6f8e8a  No.650634

File: 2c20f19802a1fa7⋯.jpeg (114.94 KB, 800x533, 800:533, Franchi SPAS-12.jpeg)

Is buying this combat shotgun worth my time and money? Is it good? Is it bad? Anything worth talking about it?

ffa850  No.650642

How can you make touch explosives and give them in a letter/package without blowing your self up to kingdom cum?

7a517c  No.650646


literally buy anything but that

000000  No.650673

If you live in a constitutional carry state, how do you take advantage of reciprocity when you travel? Do they all issue permits just for reciprocity? Is there any push for reciprocity through simply having an ID card of a constitutional carry state?

b8eb50  No.650685

File: 59aaddd8911610a⋯.jpg (147.32 KB, 912x544, 57:34, katanga gendarmerie.jpg)

File: c331547ca8ce9b4⋯.jpg (46.57 KB, 360x480, 3:4, life congo.jpg)

During the congo wars what did the white mercenaries wear? Where can I buy the uniforms at?

00e532  No.650704


Its a mix of post ww2 American and British/Belgian tropical shit. Think M1951 pattern stuff and British Khaki Drill circa 1940-1960.


I've never really dealt with long eye relief stuff.

fc1b4b  No.650707

File: 62844fdc308e742⋯.png (264.28 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1463864556356.png)

Can .357 be fired in a .38 or is it the other way around.

210e54  No.650708


.38 Special can be fired out of guns chambered in .357 Magnum, but not the other way around.

ad7e27  No.650722

File: 009491ba7a25940⋯.jpg (143.71 KB, 1273x1500, 1273:1500, Pius-X-Meme-Punch.jpg)


It has everything to do with excommunication. I'm not referring to whatever you think Evola's ideal is, but what Evola factually found throughout history, which was not always synonymous with a god-emperor type figure like you see in the eastern cultures of china and japan.

In many cases such kings were subject to clerical authorities and in many cases their dynasties were ordained through them. You don't have to be well read to understand that aristocracy is traditionally founded by the preistly class of any given civilization and that a monarch of any type cannot rule without the faithful support of said aristocracy.

ad7e27  No.650723

File: 8b6808992636208⋯.jpg (167.08 KB, 529x799, 529:799, saint-thomas-aquinas-carlo….jpg)


>"let's burn down the one church on this earth founded by God himself, because they're powerful."

>"let me quote this phrase out of context and totally miss the actual meaning behind it."

Good job. 10/10.

Btw, if you actually read Romans you'd realize government authority is supported biblically, as a heirarchal institution of man condoned by God. That doesn't means governments are suddenly superior to God and void of moral/ethical responsibilities to Him.

In truth it's those that wish to decentralize authority and democratize thousands of years of disciplined theology and morality because they think that plebian mobs have a higher degree of virtue than those like Aquinas.

44b6a6  No.650726



>respecting the kike god

Also, there's no PROOF that the Catholic Church/Orthodox Church is created by god, or that even so, it somehow be superior.

One nation, one religion, none of that universal church cancer.

337d2d  No.650728


Are you LARPing and wanting to look cool or do you want an actual good combat shotgun?

fc1b4b  No.650730


I bet the only reason people think the SPAS-12 is cool is for the stock folded up.

6f8e8a  No.650738

Can anyone explain to me why these types of people exist? First to note here, they're all whites from other countries, countries where anti-gun sentiments are accepted as the norm. This makes them think the US has a "gun problem" and owning guns is an "American obsession." It's all about the "guns=evil baby/puppy killers" nonsense for them. They're sort of "patriotic" about it. However, in reality none of them are actually patriotic in any real sense, they just think supporting their government's liberal policies is what can be considered as "country pride." In fact, a lot of them live in major cities who love the ever loving fuck out of Hollyjew movies and (((MSM))) drivel. They know next to nothing about gun-related crimes in the US, they just wait for (((US media))) and (((journalist sites))) to control what they should love and what they should hate. At the same time, they think their anti-gun sentiments are their own ideas. It's getting more and more anti-gun here, but they don't know that because of "muh school shootings." Even cuckchanners shilled for it once, I mean it was cuckchan, so it's clearly to be expected. They use the "'Murica" meme along with their nofuns ideals, but to be honest they are one of the most egotistical, liberalism-loving, kike media-consuming, soulless NPC's put there. Almost as bad as Commiefornia dwellers. What are the circumstances for them to think like this? Kike propaganda? Sure, but there's more to it than that. I want every foreign anon ITT to explain these NPC's thoroughly to me. Apparently they also think US liberals are "more conservative" than they are, as if liberalism was ever a good thing. I swear to fucking G-d they are this close to being converted to marxism.

78e95e  No.650740

File: 16e2486bd3ee307⋯.jpg (58.92 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 16e2486bd3ee307b044d61cf2d….jpg)

File: 23e6b183d98e85e⋯.jpg (108.51 KB, 521x745, 521:745, 23e6b183d98e85edf9e649d25f….jpg)

File: 71b77b5d9b54c0c⋯.png (696.85 KB, 794x632, 397:316, 71b77b5d9b54c0c5736e46c1ca….png)

File: 939b7c3ba26e668⋯.jpg (82.38 KB, 484x750, 242:375, 1537105119890.jpg)

File: b3219fe42b087a3⋯.gif (1.39 MB, 300x225, 4:3, 1543128966099.gif)


If you read the rest of the bible you'd realize that Romans is taken way out of context, many of its passages were written under pressure of authority, and the rest of the bible contradicts it, fucking leaf.

78e95e  No.650741

File: 125f18b5a43501b⋯.gif (14.49 KB, 416x416, 1:1, 1537063064186.gif)


If you weren't from a country that still persecutes Christians you'd understand that the Orthodox way is literally:

>Send priests to foreign land

>Make priests live there for a generation or two and marry into the local populace if possible

>If not make priests learn as much as they can about local culture and make that their life's discipline

>Have priest convert bible as approximately as possible word-for-word from mother tongue to the new language/culture/etc.

>Eventually get a more or less 1:1 translation of the holy book

44b6a6  No.650764


That's literally way jews, islams and other christians do it.

Until they become big enough and they force the government/population to submit to their big momma church in a distant country.


The church submits to the people, not vice versa. And the priest/clergymen pay tax like everyone else, NO privileges.

3f49d7  No.650766

337d2d  No.650770


Confederate Officer Saber, unless you're a yank loser.

a91b57  No.650771

File: 5f7d98ad8c33aff⋯.png (40.95 KB, 500x501, 500:501, abhorrent.png)



Good posts.


>t's those that wish to decentralize authority and democratize thousands of years of disciplined theology

>decentralize authority and democratize



Those are diametrically opposed things you retarded leaf.

00e532  No.650772


>not the shashka

Its like you don't want to remove kebab

337d2d  No.650775


Yanks are made from sterner stuff than a kebab. If Southern steel can cut a yank, it'll definitely cut anything else you throw at it. Too bad they're not made in Dixie and are outsourced to poo land.

3f49d7  No.650791


Which one? There's like five of them.

337d2d  No.650794


Which ever one you like.

78e95e  No.650795

File: b43eefa18e97774⋯.png (338.93 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Christ-chan_reignites_the_….png)


The church IS the people in Orthodoxy you dumb cunt.

ceef38  No.650825

File: b8a988132b75ea9⋯.png (303.53 KB, 686x888, 343:444, ClipboardImage.png)

Does any one have a copy or a link to the latest version of the Small Arms Illustrated 'Book'? The same as in pic? They used to be hosted at http://smallarmsillustrated.tripod.com/Index.htm or http://gunco-book.tripod.com/ but they've been down since 2017

44b6a6  No.650826

File: 2da5e4d7d45330d⋯.jpg (1.84 MB, 1674x1788, 279:298, Christ_the_Savior_Cathedra….jpg)


Then what are these?

Can I just come in and make it my home?

f18e5a  No.650828

>gook, leaf, burger and greek starts a theological debate


00e532  No.650838

File: d6ab2ab9f94e8c0⋯.png (927.48 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, f914f8f10c75bdc13308122840….png)


It had to happen somewhere. I mean I could talk about how the /k/ube is a physical representation of the kami of all the lost, abandoned, abused and neglected guns in the world and how /k/ needs to adopt a moral free shinto so the removal of the unclean may happen without some fuck having a breakdown due to turning what was at some point grey matter of a red into a pollock on a wall at five hundred.

44b6a6  No.650841


I hold mighty contempt for jew religion namely judaism, christianity, islam, atheism, marxism.

ceef38  No.650847


jew religion



44b6a6  No.650848


You read me.

04946e  No.650864


Reposting what I wrote in another thread.

Leftists want a solution-make nobody get hurt or die- and don't care how they do it. Ends justify the means to them; stripping the right to free speech is to them the way you get rid of hurtful words and thoughts. You ban people saying the wrong thing if they are making people you like feel uncomfortable. You ban all guns if they are making you feel unsafe because of the nightly news. Then, if it doesn't work, do more bans of however those crafty gun loving conservatives are getting around your laws which clearly should have worked except you had a blindside, so you need to ban that too. But the murder rate isn't decreasing, and they keep harping on about "rights", and this thing called the second amendment, so that needs to go too. If people are just making guns, you just need to pass more bans on however *those* people are doing it. Black on black crime is the primary cause? That's racist, I'll discard that immediately even if it's an official source, since cops are also racist. Self defense numbers are obviously a lie, men and women don't ever defend themselves with guns, and if they do they are murderers. If people keep killing each other with knives, we'll ban those too, and then ban whatever tools are used to make them, because they're only ever used by criminals. Wait, what's a lathe? What is a grinder? What's a 3d printer? Why can't we ban those? Oh well, we'll just restrict their usage and register those users of those thingys, no normal person needs one anyway.

All I had to do to write that was just think of a person, attach a goal, and then take away the ability to reason and see consequences

Fun fact, most people who are pro banning guns have never been inside a machine shop in their lives- They seriously have no idea how guns are made

Ends never justify means. This is the critical point that differs the average leftist and unthinking ordinary man from the rest of us. We can see that if you make a poor man rich by robbing the bread factory's assets, the bread factory will go out of business and the next day the poor man will go hungry. They don't. They see a rich man who won't give up his money no matter how much they plead to him to just give a little bit (read- buy him a house) and will attempt to use force to make that greedy man give up his house. They are utterly shocked when they discover that by doing that they actually made more poor people by throwing the bakers out of their jobs, and then assuage their guilt by saying the greedy bakers deserved it.

The very idea that life is inviolate without drawing first blood is unthinkable to them, since it means they can't just *do* what they think absolutely needs to be done, even if that makes them a robber, a thug, or a moocher in any other context were they not to use government force.

Any argument for guns in this manner, then, can be used for any piece of private property on earth, since guns are nothing but property to the person.

2702fd  No.650910

texasfag here

i want to buy a handgun, never owned a gun before.

Looking at a website that sells used guns (durysguns.cim)

So to buy a gun online they have to ship to an FFL

My question is, what kind of relationship do I need with an FFL beforehand? Can I just go into the pawn shop/gun store and say hey Im going to buy something online will you be the FLL for me?

If that's not what you do, can you tell me what do?

And who would run my background check in this situationl, the online gun store or the place with the FFL?

7c4e1e  No.650914


its usually best to call the FFL up and ask them what their policy is with transfers, also so you know how much they charge (pretty much no LGS does online-bought transfers for free*).

>background check

the NICS check will be done when you go in to pickup your gun at whatever FFL you had it sent to.

* I know a few LGS that do free transfers for gunbroker-bought items, I don't know why.

80f271  No.650927

File: c1734f820fb26bb⋯.jpg (17.57 KB, 300x200, 3:2, btr 90.jpg)

File: 3c3c2bcdf4d7816⋯.jpg (285.37 KB, 1200x795, 80:53, btr 70.jpg)

Really weird question Can someone live in a BTR like a mobile house? Also any anons can tell me whats it like to be in or drive a BTR

5493ff  No.650931

File: 096bbd075773c4c⋯.jpg (68.7 KB, 668x443, 668:443, btr-80 interior.jpg)

File: b8ccdb5ab6c5894⋯.jpg (102.84 KB, 800x600, 4:3, image (48).jpg)

File: a9a41c2c7a95e04⋯.jpg (94.42 KB, 800x600, 4:3, image (52).jpg)


I haven't driven one, but you could probably live in one. It wouldn't be very comfortable though, they're cramped as hell.

f063c4  No.651161

what's the best new hunting rifle i can get for $500?

so i bought an ar-15 about a month ago. it was the first rifle that i've bought, and i've found it to be a huge pain in the ass to shoot. it's not a reputable brand, but that wasn't the issue, it's just the ergonomics. i thought it was a shit gun until i asked a guy at the range, who has experience with ARs, to shoot a few rounds through it, and he was getting decent placement. he gave me some tips, and i did improve a little, but it just feels so unintuitive, and don't want a gun that i have to train a bunch with just to shoot well. the target was only at 25 yards with a 9X scope and my groups were 5". the guy was getting much tighter placement which means it isn't the gun, it's me.

i'm not sure if it's because they're more intuitive and less finnicky, or because i'm used to them and have experience already, but i think i'd like to stick with older style rifles that actually have a rifle grip and decent length. i grew up shooting WWII bolt actions so those are the ergonomics i'm used to. i never had a problem shooting them accurately with open sights even as a kid. i would find a surplus rifle, but that would be hard given where i live and i'd rather shoot something with a more common cartridge so i can just buy ammo at the store and not have to spend hundreds of dollars ordering shit in bulk online (i live in burgerland if that's relevant). also i live in a really small city with limited options for used stuff (all are pawn shops, so that's a gamble), so the biggest and probably most reliable range of options will be buying something new. i think i could maybe get $200 from this AR when i sell it, so i guess my budget is $500 although i'd prefer to shoot for $400. i already own a decent scope and rings, so that doesn't need to be factored in, but i don't have a problem using open sights if it doesn't have mounts.

so, if you had to choose a new rifle in that price range, what would you choose? action type doesn't matter, i don't care if it's bolt action, semi auto, or even lever action, it's entirely about ergonomics. sorry if i sound like a fuckin idiot by the way, but i kind of am one. i'm not obsessed with guns and i don't care to try being an expert, i just like to go out shooting sometimes

7a517c  No.651164


I'd get myself a Ruger American if I could. Either in .308 or 6.5

7a517c  No.651166


specifically the Ruger American predator

f063c4  No.651167


why the predator?

7a517c  No.651168


for $500 I don't think there's many guns that could compete with it. From what I've seen it has excellent groups

f063c4  No.651169


yes, but there are 6 different centerfire models. why is the predator the best option?

6a1bfb  No.651170


He's specifically talking about the certain anti-gun Europeans and other Westerners who are not American, not just anti-gun leftists. Like he said, they know absolutely nothing about US gun laws, they just want to feel smug about being anti-gun as it makes them feel safe from crime. In reality, it doesn't. What makes them that think criminals, who are usuallyy shitskins, would ever obey any law? Most homicides in the US are not even gun-related. They get their news and statistics from outlets that are funded by American media, which is all mostly kike-owned. While also simultaneously acting all arrogant about gun control and thinking the US has a "gun obsession." Like he also said, more guns are being taken away here, not the other way around as these other Westerners would claim.

7a517c  No.651172


I don't know man, as far as I'm aware the only differences between the models are magazine type and whether or not they come with a picatinny rail. I haven't shot any, all I know about that rifle is off the internet. Wait until some burger with more experience shows up and gives you their own opinion

9e56c2  No.651203


>train a bunch

Just get good you pansy faggot. No gun is going to override your laziness, no matter how much money you spend. You will always be a bad shot.

b00361  No.651227

Anyone else ever have a sec with a girl while she's wearing a plate carrier? Is it more tactical and faster to have condom mag pouches and do tactical condom swap or tactical hole switch? What does it feel like?

9e56c2  No.651230


Feels like you need to go back to 4chan.

41a2d4  No.651235

File: 9d3d5a705e03877⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.43 MB, 640x360, 16:9, thisisbullshit.webm)


>but it just feels so unintuitive, and don't want a gun that i have to train a bunch with just to shoot well. the target was only at 25 yards with a 9X scope and my groups were 5"

9e17ad  No.651270

File: 38b4532b9d1796e⋯.jpg (3.65 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, NoExif.jpg)


As to the rifle reccomendation, I bought myself a .308 Savage hog hunter that my lgs was trying to get rid of for $485 after tax and fees as my first bolt gun. Really wanted those iron sights and the threaded barrel. Only problems with it was the Tupperware forend was a bit bendy and the blind magazine was a bit difficult to load with an optic on top. Solve both problems with and XLR chassis. Would recommend picking one up if you can find one for <$500.

But on the more important point, as I feel most here would agree,

>and don't want a gun that i have to train a bunch with just to shoot well. the target was only at 25 yards with a 9X scope and my groups were 5".

This is actually laughably bad. I hope to god, for your sake, that this at least was standing without a rest. I recently took some friends for their first trip to the range, and the worst of them shot a 6" group at 25 yards with a c308 with irons. A cheap gun that probably weighs almost 2x as much as your AR, firing cheap steel cased ammo. You probably don't need a new gun, and I doubt it would fix your accuracy problem. What you need is to buck up, do some basic strength training, and learn to shoot what you've got.

00e532  No.651275


Sounds like you need to learn your rifle inside and out. Sandbag it for a bit, maybe get an AFG.

592a91  No.651292


>You probably don't need a new gun, and I doubt it would fix your accuracy problem. What you need is to buck up, do some basic strength training, and learn to shoot what you've got.

I've already acknowledged that it's my fault. If a different type of gun wouldn't fix my problem, then explain why I was getting 3 inch groups at 200 yards as a 13 year old with an SKS, with iron sights. I'm sorry I offended you by not liking my AR as much as you think I should, but that doesn't change the fact that I struggle to use it well. Why in the world would I keep it, when I could just buy something else that's going to be satisfying to use, instead of frustrating? I'm not a soldier who needs to prove something by using best most tacticool weapon system, I just like to shoot targets.

592a91  No.651294


Thanks KS for the recommendation though, I'll look Into it.

ef398f  No.651296

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How does this compare to uhmwpe armor plates?


That sucks. It's also a shame no journalist is following their story.

00e532  No.651317


The Argie isn't wrong though, you do need to learn your gun. I think its from the sights themselves and the AR platform is a very accurate one at that.

1e04be  No.651320

Is 4 MOA a good size for a red dot on a pistol or should I go bigger?

9e17ad  No.651333


I'm no ar guy, and far be it from me to tell anyone not to buy a new gun, but I'm just trying to give you some advice. Generally speaking if you're getting 5" groups at 25yds WITH a magnified optic, then there's definitely a problem and according to your story the gun ain't it. I can understand not liking the AR ergonomics, especially if you're using a cheap ass grip, but you should understand that there's no gun you can buy thats going to give you better results than just "gitting gud fgt." Don't let ARfags convince you that it's the best platform on the planet gifted upon us by god himself, but accept that to be proficient with any platform you need to put in your part. Feel free to buy whatever gun you feel most comfortable shooting, just take some time to learn your basics along with the particulars of whatever that winds up being.

f063c4  No.651337


>to be proficient with any platform you need to put in your part

that's the issue, i see putting in my part as a waste of time because i'm not in love with the AR enough to learn it. i'll compare it to language- i just want to communicate with people to live my life. i already know english, so i should live in an english speaking country, right? i visited japan for a week because it was different and a lot of people like it (bought an AR, a popular platform), i couldn't communicate with anyone (the ergonomics are fucky compared to everything i've learned on in the past) and i'm not so obsessed with japan that i'm going to learn the language. i could move back to america (get a kar98 or something similar), or i could move to england, or australia, or ireland or anywhere else (not the same culture and society, but i already know the language which is a huge leg up. modern hunting rifles are a lot closer in form and function to what i have used, than a modern battle rifle) and i'll be able to live a normal life (shoot with reasonable base proficiency out of the gate). i had to lose some money to learn that i just don't like shooting the AR, but it was probably worth it for the learning experience. now i know what i like, and what i don't like for sure.

anyways, i've decided i'll go with a ruger american. now it's just a matter of deciding if i want .308 or 30-06. they're the same price and i'm not sure which is more practical. i've heard that 30-06 is more versatile for reloading, but i don't know if i'll ever get into that.

41a2d4  No.651369

File: bb1e03754566b35⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 193.32 KB, 1273x1024, 1273:1024, bb1e03754566b35feea4d909ca….jpg)


You're quite literally a shittier shot than the average 12 year old girl handed an off the shelf .223 AR. You can say you were a deltasealsniper with an SKS 15 years ago all day long but you're either lying to us or yourself. If you're that shitty a shot with an inherently accurate and very low recoiling rifle then no equipment in the world will magically salvage your marksmanship.

>ruger american

Get a single shot .22 retard, then once you're at the shooting level of your average rural 14 year old think about going to centerfire.

a348fe  No.651372


>Those are diametrically opposed things you retarded leaf.

Wrong. Your own history for the first ~150 years proves that, until Lincolin fucked it up.

a91b57  No.651374


>Your own history for the first ~150 years proves that, until Lincolin fucked it up.

That's funny, I was going to use our history to prove my very point. Every time we saw an increase in suffrage, there was a corresponding centralization of power as the feds grabbed more of it. Lincoln was the first example, followed by the wahmen at the turn of the century. The more democratic a country gets the more totalitarian it becomes.

a348fe  No.651379


Interesting, because what the US shows is that the false veneer of "democracy" to create a consensus and centralise power is used by oligarchs to usurp actual decentralisation and democracy.

It's as if you believe the words people use are what they actually do.

a91b57  No.651382


>Interesting, because what the US shows is that the false veneer of "democracy" to create a consensus and centralise power is used by oligarchs to usurp actual decentralisation and democracy.

Isn't that what I just said? You're phrasing your post like you disagree with me but you don't seem to be saying anything all that different.

a348fe  No.651392


Well, the way you're talking, you're stating that democracy is incompatible with decentralisation.

I countered that centralizationists (if that's a real word) operate under a veneer of fake democracy to impose undemocratic control.

Not sure where you're getting that we're saying the same things- you're claiming that democracy is the cause of the problem, I'm stating that the problem is manipulation by oligarchs.

1715b4  No.651395

File: a39155843686945⋯.jpg (16.22 KB, 168x255, 56:85, 297cfa88f3262f71be401d36c2….jpg)


>25 yards with a 9X scope

You're doing it wrong, friend. A bigger scope won't help you shoot better at shorter ranges, only limit your FOV.


>How does this compare to uhmwpe armor plates?

It doesn't, it offers pistol round protection, probably level IIIa, maybe even less if it bends too much under 44mag. UHMWPE not only probably weights less, it stops most rifle bullets. I don't know the exact protective capabilities of the diy armor though, so if it could stop a 7.62x39(the easiest to stop from level III threats, that's assuming it is at least level IIIa and doesn't break under 44mag) then it doesn't really fit into current classification. I really doubt that though, i think it'll go through. If you're interested, try looking for similar tests using other calibers, as non +p 9mm, even from 5" barrel, can be stopped by only level IIa body armor that is considered outdated by modern standards, while 556 can have better penetration that 308 at shorter ranges, which is why unofficial level III+ armor exists, so that it stops m193 and/or m855(depends on the type of armor, the former fairs against steel while green tip is better at defeating UHMWPE).


>the false veneer of "democracy"


If you don't see how voting for others' lives fates or picking up a leader with authority over them implies centralization you're beyond help.

>manipulation by oligarchs

Fuck off /leftypol/, eat shit before we come to rape your daughters and feed the remains of their burnt corpses to your family, right after cursing everything they believed is holy and precious to them, though given that you're leftist there's no point in the last part.

f063c4  No.651397

File: 4ad9e4638a6e866⋯.jpg (52.02 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 42477101_715591305487760_2….jpg)


i wasn't shooting at short range because that's what i'd planned on doing, i was starting short because i intended to zero my scope. you don't begin to zero a scope, right after having it put on and just bore sighted, at 100 yards right out of the gate. you get it zeroed at 25 yards, and then move it back to 50 and adjust, and then keep moving it back until you hit whatever practical range you'd expect from it, or that you'd like to try shooting at. i never moved it past 25 yards because i was never able to shoot with enough precision that i felt confident in it's accuracy, and i didn't know if that was the scope, the gun, or myself. after the guy at the range showed me what he could do and gave me some pointers, and i saw a slight improvement in my own accuracy maybe i should have specified that the 5" groups were before that. afterward, they tightened up to about 4-3" which was still abysmal at that range i figured the most likely problem was that i just couldn't get used to it. maybe an aftermarket trigger would have helped some, but fuck it. i'm done with ARs. if a draft ever happens then i guess i'll just have to pack sand and deal with it, but as long as i'm a civilian shooting at paper targets, i'll just stick to hunting rifles. i have no practical need to ever learn how to use an AR properly.

9e56c2  No.651400


>shoot badly once because he has apparently never touched a gun in the last 15 years (read: he is 15 years old)

>I'm done with ARs bruh they're shit

Holy fucking shit you're an unbelievable nigger.

f063c4  No.651401


quote even one single time i've ever said that ARs are shit. link the post and copypaste the quote of where i said that.

b7ca07  No.651413


With a grouping like that I want to know if you've actually shot a gun since you were 13. Try borrowing that sks from your dad or whatever and see if you can actually hit shit before buying a new gun.

2290fa  No.651426

File: 037c6b77f95812e⋯.jpg (23.51 KB, 301x367, 301:367, spooked.jpg)



Oh shid…

45cf3b  No.651435


>you're claiming that democracy is the cause of the problem, I'm stating that the problem is manipulation by oligarchs.

Perhaps I wasn't explicit enough. These two are essentially the same thing because democracy is the perfect system for oligarchs to manipulate, because the average voter is an ADHD-ridden NPC who will follow whoever jangles the shiniest set of keys in front of her. Not only do oligarchs like this get in power through promising to give people free shit, because their terms only last a few years, they have no incentive to care about the long-run implications of spending other people's money–by the time long run comes around another election has happened, and it isn't their problem. This isn't "fake" democracy, it's just the product of giving suffrage to any sizable portion of the adult population. The US was freeest and least centralized when only the landed elite (white, landowning males) had the power of the vote.

55fa0d  No.651436


Just spend a few hundred extra and get a high quality rifle instead of settling for Ruger or Savage. Get a Remington 700, or a Winchester 70, or a Browning, or a CZ, a Tikkia, ect. I like the Mauser action myself, if I get a new rifle or a new rifle built for me its going to be CZ. In the end, for something you will own for a lifetime and possibly pass on to your grandkids or great grand kids or more, better to go all out instead of cheap out at this point.

9e0fc1  No.651446

File: 9970ca746bea256⋯.png (509.56 KB, 599x652, 599:652, 9970ca746bea2561eef28ef5af….png)


>implying Savage doesn't make perfectly good rifles

>implying current year factory r700s are any better

>encouraging the poor idiot to waste even more money

I'll give you that I would have preferred a Tikka if they made one with the features I wanted (threaded muzzle, factory irons) and in my price range, but Savage makes perfectly good factory rifles in a reasonable price range. They're nothing special and their standard factory stocks feel cheap, but I can't, in good conscience, recommended the poor idiot buy anything more expensive. He's already said he refuses to practice his fundamentals, and looking at his current groups I doubt he'd even be able to out-shoot even some cheap beater milsurp mosin. It'd be unethical to lead him into thinking, "oh if only you got xyz gun for just $200 more your groups would be half the size." With his apparent lack of natural talent and unwillingness to improve, the only rifle I could recommend him would be a .177 air rifle.

55fa0d  No.651449


Point well taken. There is a reason why there is a market for cheaper rifles, they will do most people more than fine. I read the posts about what a shit shot the poster was AFTER the post I made and was horrified. He does need to go back to basics and learn fundamentals (unless he is a skilled troll using his skills adeptly to get us all in this thread) and yes, a better rifle won't make a difference when you are that poor.

Still, you can tell a higher quality rifle. The stock trigger and bolt, the smoothness, there is something to be had.

9e0fc1  No.651455


> Still, you can tell a higher quality rifle. The stock trigger and bolt, the smoothness, there is something to be had.

There's something we can agree on. The Savage is a great budget/starter/training gun, but the bolt is quite sticky and the factory trigger safety can be a bit finicky with gloves. One of these days I'll save up enough burgerbucks and take what I've learned on it over to some premium action (probably an ARC Nucleus or maybe their fancy new Archimedes) in 300 win mag or 300wsm and have some real long range fun.

Speaking of which, anyone here have experience with any of the ARC actions? I've seen nothing but glowing reviews (as should be expected of a $1000, made to order action), but I'm still looking to hear from anyone with hands on experience who aren't paid reviewers who probably got a free sample.

7f785b  No.651507


It's obvious your just a shitty shooter, full stop. Buying a new gun won't fix your shit ,especially with one of the most ergonomic and easy to use firearms on the market today. You don't need "a ton of training", you need to learn the basics of marksmanship. If the US army can teach literal retards to use it, so can you. Stop being a dumb nigger and put some effort in.

958471  No.651521

File: 4a5feba5a1530ed⋯.png (103.2 KB, 500x455, 100:91, 1550679152631.png)

Anything I can to to modify an air rifle? Keep in mind I can't alter the trigger or barrel because that's illegal, sight and stock mods are ok

It's a cheap chink one and I want to make it more suitable for /out/ings

How resistant to slashes is a tracksuit? Can I strengthen it with metal plates?

7a517c  No.651526

File: 78eead8b0febb2a⋯.png (804.58 KB, 477x724, 477:724, 000%.png)


take the original image

6fef07  No.651529

File: a5d15154f291dd6⋯.jpg (790.63 KB, 2536x1732, 634:433, america the silenced.jpg)


>objecting to power accruing in the hands of an (((elite few))) makes me a leftist

Considering NatSoc is a centre-left ideology, and I'm objecting to the centralisation of unrepresented power (the transfer of power from local communities to the centralised state), yeah, no. You have no clue what I am talking about, clearly. Open a book sometime.


Now we're getting somewhere. So explain why the original American system of decreasing breadth of responsibility with increasing government level failed? Because that has nothing to do with "democracy" being (ab)used by the elite, and everything to do with overreach and riding roughshod over the limits put in place by the constitution.

Yes, power-hungry fuckers will promise bread and circuses to the uneducated voters, and the limited reach and power of federal government was an impediment to such candidates. Then that got thrown out the window, and here we are.

The issue isn't that average people vote, or even that voters are dumbasses (though I'd completely support the voting age being raised to 30) the problem is that the limits to government were removed, and no-one did a damn thing about it.

233c1b  No.651532

File: b796bb347f412ca⋯.jpg (25.29 KB, 339x422, 339:422, atlas fugged.jpg)


>I'd completely support the voting age being raised to 30

>implying that's the problem

>not vaginas voting

6fef07  No.651535


Yes, that's a huge issue. How are you going to take the vote away from them now?

Better have a plan to not end up with the opposing party making you look like an evil "misoginist" for doing it. Raising the age can be made to look like a positive act, restricting the vote by gender can come later.

4fa362  No.651541

File: 339fe1222485769⋯.jpg (62.42 KB, 574x187, 574:187, Virgin IMI Galil.jpg)

File: c696967a68192a4⋯.jpg (25.54 KB, 800x295, 160:59, Chad AK-47.jpg)

>>651455 (wasted)

>that flag

I just want to let you know that all of your firearms are complete and utter horseshit, Ezra Levine. Most are ripped off from better firearms which are usually European, may I remind your hooknose of that. I hope a Hamas sandnigger kills you and then uses your entrails as a trophy necklace.

t. proud anti-Semitic goy

P.S. I'm not supporting the Soviet kikes and crypto-kikes, I just really love the AK-47, that's all.

9e0fc1  No.651547

File: f63feb81a7cb1da⋯.jpg (202.84 KB, 812x1030, 406:515, f63feb81a7cb1da2a2c22265b9….jpg)


It's a vpn you sperg. I'm also the argie and one of the burgers.

7f785b  No.651556


>Don't let ARfags convince you that it's the best platform on the planet gifted upon us by god himself

But it literally is you fucking subhuman.

9e56c2  No.651591


>varmint rifle is an SMG

Shut up, nigger.

7f785b  No.651613

File: 30623f227fc2986⋯.jpg (131.8 KB, 1200x1590, 40:53, 1464586657114-0.jpg)


where do retards like you come from?

1715b4  No.651633

File: 1ee0a49f438487b⋯.jpg (95.16 KB, 1024x741, 1024:741, hhh-and-the-god-that-faile….jpg)




>objecting to power accruing in the hands of an (((elite few)))

>I'm objecting to the centralisation of unrepresented power

Such difference, much wow.

>Open a book


>limits put in place by the constitution

>the problem is that the limits to government were removed

You know that constitutional restrictions fully and federation system partially oppose the idea of democracy, right?

You can't have majority vote for something or someone and then just limit what the vote can do and change for some reason. If the restriction on voting power is required then there's certainly something wrong with the system you are praising, and i'll explain to you exactly what the problem is - the system is by design delegating the responsibility of making decisions, all or some, to either just all other voters or a person who the voters pick. The issue with that is that public opinion varies a lot and almost always primarily an uneducated one, which leads to either just plain inefficient decisions that also take away even more resources from voters that could be spent on some search and thought or, in case of indirect democracy, the spread of populism and very short-sighted policies in response to every issue that appears, which is the exact conclusion we have now - shitty leaders that only play on appeasing the public with broad claims, personality cults and very visual, blatant socialist policies that harm things tenfold after a widespread issue was littered with money in an attempt to do "anything" to fix it. Then, the issue becomes worse, or another, even greater one, emerges, as these policies serve to not fix them but to appease the worried but uneducated public, resulting in disguising or delaying the effects of it, only for the next populist to come and offer his own, direct and active way to solve what his predecessors broke. Not only that but these socialist policies demand resources, and as majority is allowing these resources to be taken from them in search of the solution, the system grows and increases its power and reach, taking away more with each cycle while sinking all these resources into the endless pit of its incompetency, control and corruption in attempts to prolong its life and disguise the actual effects it caused, showing more "unsolved issues" instead. That's not even mentioning that the system is prone to nepotism and corruption due to leader's control over the voting process, as well as his ability to influence the shaping of public opinion, especially when it becomes necessary to prolong the state's life, requiring not only the leader to do it to gain success, but all other participants as well, to secure their places and avoid retribution.

You can argue that you can "improve" or "fix" the system by increasing age, removing women from voting, allowing to vote only experts on topic of group questions, introduce other forms of federation, as well as other ways to collect the votes, pick leaders and even go to the direct democracy but the main problem will still be there - you delegate decision making from an individual to a group of people he doesn't have any affiliation with, resulting in inability to react to failures and learn from mistakes, hindering the possibility of improvement and actually changing things. You can limit the system's harmful effects so that they become less harmful and more bearable but as long as it's in place it'll still make things worse then they could be if it wasn't, even if your society is successful and has few problems now, especially since such constructs tend to grow in size over time.

Basically, every democracy and constitution supporter should be asked - what if majority votes to repeal the latter? Because this is the root cause of the problem and will always lead to an internal conflict within the system, sooner or later.

it can be argued that popular vote is not a leftist concept but it's undoubtedly a leftist tool that allows them to play on humans' worst traits to gain power and expand their influence, perpetuating the ignorance and uneducated shortsightedness that leftism strives upon.

675ccc  No.652004

What are some solid recommendations for 5.56x45 rifles?

Shamefully, I only have experience with handguns. Despite being an Amerifat.

1715b4  No.652013

File: 44bf07c9dc5b4ad⋯.jpg (186.17 KB, 1242x1265, 54:55, 8898744d87a7168488d39590b1….jpg)


Build an AR. Honestly, for burgers this is the most economic choice. You just get a lot better parts, fitting, finish for a working design than you could get for any other in this price range.

f5ade0  No.652025

How does one disarm a landmine?

1715b4  No.652036


Step on it, or make someone else do that.

675ccc  No.652040


Recommendations on guides and reliable part sources?

328e12  No.652045


If you want pretty cheap yet still decent, get a PSA build kit. It has a complete upper and a lower parts kit. Then just get yourself a lower. Black Friday is best for PSA ordering.

Cost me about $450 or so for mine.

As for putting the lower together, there's plenty of videos and guides online.

Little tip: Get a punch set. It'll help a lot for the little bitch of a trigger guard pin. Plus it'll be nice to have in case you want to switch out parts down the road.

328e12  No.652046


Almost forgot, get a rear flip up sight (and maybe front if there's no front sight) and some mags.

eefb79  No.652052


First: Get the cheapest aluminum lower you can find. Call all your local gun stores and ask their price on one and their transfer price. You can find lowers on sale online for 40 bucks every other week with free shipping, but you need to pay a transfer on them.

For the parts: Either PSA or Aero+Faxon if you can wait for sales and can build your own. https://gun.deals/ and https://www.facebook.com/Mrgunsngear/ (Yes, I know it's shitbook) help you find and follow sales. Either a: Get a PSA upper+lower kit or b: the following

>a PSA lower kit (99 bucks. Sometimes less with inferior furniture.)

>an Aero handguard+upper set when they go on sale

>a Faxon pencil barrel when they go on sale

>a mid-length gas tube and the right gas block for your barrel.

>a bolt carrier group when they go on sale

<this is one of the most important parts of the rifle, get a Brownells or Toolcraft (PSA Premium is rebranded Toolcraft. Beware their non-premium though.)

>a charging handle

>a pair of MBUS sights (PSA has these on sale for 50 bucks plus shipping occasionally)

>an A2 bird cage. All other muzzle devices are proprietary suppressor mounting points, historical repros only or give impractical shock waves. Only other muzzle device I've seen that's remotely worth it on a 5.56 is the original J-Comp and that has been discontinued in favor of a V2 with way more muzzle blast (you might find old stock somewhere I guess).

That's more work, takes longer to get the parts and more expensive. On the other hand it's a much better rifle in exchange. For magazines Mr. Gunsngear is good about posting deals on those. If you get gen 2 pmags or D&H mags they're something like 8 bucks a mag with free shipping for a 10 pack. Gen 3 pmags are slightly better, but more expensive, heavier and rarely go on sale

After you've got that worked out and practiced with your raifuru you can look into optics.


Send a remote controlled vehicle over it from a safe distance.

eefb79  No.652054

1715b4  No.652069


>a bolt carrier group when they go on sale

Remember to pick a full auto(m16) one, they have shrouded firing pin, while the semi auto version do not. Only buy the castrated bolt carrier if you're planning to put an auto sear in there.

>All other muzzle devices are proprietary suppressor mounting points, historical repros only or give impractical shock waves

That's just not true. While A2 will do the job just fine and you won't find anything cheaper there are many many other muzzle devices that do very different things, not necessary with any downsides over A2 besides cost. A2 does a good enough job of hiding the muzzle flash in well lit conditions but if you're shooting in low light or even at night(with night vision or not) then it might be insufficient, so things like B.E.Meyers flash hider(best but costly) or AAC 3 prong one(shorter, thicker, more robust than the former, costs half as much, can be bought with AAC suppressor mount, works almost as well) could be useful, while muzzle brakes and compensators offer something that flash hiders do not at all. If you have money to spare, there also are combination devices that both reduce the recoil, compensate and reduce muzzle flash, at least compared to bare muzzle. Precision armament AFAB and EFAB do all these things, being almost as good as A2 at flash hiding. You've got to decide what is more important for you - flash hiding, recoil reduction or reduction in muzzle climb. If you're planning to use it in combat flash hider is the most essential as it's the flash that gives your position out, while on the range reduced recoil could be more useful. Keep in mind that AR doesn't inherently have any muzzle climb though so with proper grip it won't rise. Or just go with the A2 and call it a day.

If you're planning to use it mainly at the range i suggest you looking at linear compensators like Troy Claymore - they make shooting a lot more pleasant by directing the noise and concussion downrange.

3d06be  No.652087

Is there a poison that has the same effect as ricin (high mortality, hard to detect, delayed symptoms) but can be applied on skin contact?

b7ca07  No.652096


go away cia

3b6c75  No.652099


Yeah, I know of one. Real deadly like.

Yer mum's piss.

47130f  No.652122


You can't use an autosear with the AR15 BGC, always go with the M16.

0dd9c0  No.652129

File: ac4c8b2867aa6c5⋯.jpg (14.66 KB, 250x273, 250:273, Mike Hoare.jpg)

How effective was Mike Hoare's mercenaries in the congo?

dadacd  No.652149

File: a3c77bf2c3c0468⋯.jpg (152.96 KB, 652x430, 326:215, M-Soldiers-1-4CJun06 (1).jpg)


As a unit? or in relation to the greater conflict?

4 Commando while highly competent wasn't enough to keep Katanga a sovereign state. But with all the (((multinational))) fuckery i doubt it ever could have been. 5 Commando didn't do much until Stanleyville. Although the Congolese would have more than likely put down the Simba, without Hoare and his men spearheading, a shitload of whites would have been culturally enriched.

8cd105  No.652208

File: 7240f807a1bbc91⋯.pdf (5.55 MB, Kalamata.pdf)

File: 65533cb1cef007a⋯.pdf (3.37 MB, SAIIA THE CONGO MERCENARY ….pdf)

faad67  No.652272

File: 91040fd8c672752⋯.jpg (140.77 KB, 1200x417, 400:139, Remington_11-48.jpg)


Just bought a Full Choke 12ga Remington 11-48 from the late '50s. Almost got an Auto 5 but it sold just before I arrived. Is it possible to shoot rifled slugs through this barrel (its smooth bore), or will I kill myself when the barrel splits? Will sawing the barrel (18"+ is legal in Canada) fix this problem?

55fa0d  No.652316


Rifled slugs, or foster slugs, are hollow and the rifled sections of them don't stabilize the projectile, they provide area for the slug to swage in a tight barrel or a tight choke so that it won't destroy the choke up blow up a barrel. They are made of basically pure lead rather than a lead alloy, extra soft for expansion but also so it will easily swage through the choke. People have put fuckloads of foster slugs through undersized European barrels with full chokes without blowing them up. Notice the lack of warnings about shooting them through full chokes. Everything I've read on the subject from shotgun experts, and from a rifle builder, have said that steel birdshot is far, far, far, far ,far worse on an old choke and shotgun barrel than any rifled slug. You are fine.

faad67  No.652325


I've been reading on this since I asked, and yeah the alarmist talking points concerned me, especially since its an older gun and steel shot/slugs are especially a bad idea. Thanks for your help.

41a2d4  No.652352


And tens of thousands of rounds of 5.56 Nato have been shot through Mini-14's and bolt guns with .223 chambers and only a handful of them have blown up. It's not a problem, right up until it is then you have at best a bad day and a fucked gun, at worst you're shopping for a new hand and set of eyeballs.

There's no reason to chance an issue and potentially redline a fine old design, or even a cheap as shit old single barrel for that matter.

00e532  No.652354


Except the Mini-14 can fire 5.56 except for the target model as per Ruger's manual. The only time old shotguns grenade is when you're running a smokeless load through a BP barrel which tend to be fragile as fuck.

f3c551  No.652355


Be aware of and adjust your friction rings sensibly. Spare parts for that are hard to find so you don't want to have an "oops" moment.

Think of it as a Model 11 or an A5 with a facelift.

55fa0d  No.652357


Despite warnings about full chokes and foster slugs, I have never once come across an anecdote about a blown barrel or choke, not even once. In the literature there is warnings that steel will cause stress striations and eventually split a barrel from too much use, or that they will iron out a cheap crimp choke. But nothing about foster slugs on either the literature or even the endless halls of the internet. The lead is too soft and the area for the relief of stress through swaging is too great. Think of all the stress buckshot, even a column of birdshot that usually expands in the bore to the size of the bore than gets sqeezed itself through the bore.

In this case it is not pressure that's the issue, just the physical stress on the choke itself. Even when steel shot completely trashes a barrel its a non hazard to the shooter. The choke will be ruined or the barrel will split and fail at the end, not blow up at the chamber.

41a2d4  No.652672


>Except the Mini-14 can fire 5.56 except for the target model as per Ruger's manual.

Chamber cast a pre-180 series Mini-14 and come back to me.


Certainly steel can cause a much more severe pressure curve on a bore, even in guns rated for it, but I've seen two older break barrels where the only failure point found was a full choke and a slug. This was several years ago and both in 16Ga so I doubt they were running steel shot through them. Perhaps it could have been a combination of some unforeseen factor or a peculiarity with 16Ga Bore/Shells, but I don't see any good reason for shooting slugs out of a full choke regardless.

00e532  No.652714

File: cf33c4ab5b72885⋯.pdf (373.23 KB, mini14-180.pdf)


You mean unicorn mini-14's, the gun that has no interchangeable parts with any other mini-14 and people pay ass over head to throw in a safe. Its a separate gun at that point and a collector item at that.

5d0001  No.652743


so hungry

f3c551  No.652753


>this specific gun with a different chamber is equal to a shotgun firing ammunition meant to be used in it

>but I've seen two older break barrels where the only failure point found was a full choke and a slug

Where did they fail and what make were they? There are common Brazilian imports that use plastic in place of steel for securing the foregrip that are notorious for breaking with even commercial loadings.

>but I don't see any good reason for shooting slugs out of a full choke regardless

Because it's safe and rifled slugs are meant to be fired through chokes. What, do you think rifled slugs are meant to be used in rifled barrels?

a6e792  No.652770

File: f8179aba021a97a⋯.jpg (274.21 KB, 1600x1071, 1600:1071, More than enough to feed t….jpg)


Go ahead and be my guest, please.

bd72bd  No.652776

Is anybody familiar with the study in the late 90s from West point about women vs men that came to the conclusion women weren't fit for combat. I cant seem to find it.

8237fe  No.652790

is there a semi-auto modern clone of the C96 Mauser?

93131e  No.652797

File: 571b0b1150f88f9⋯.jpg (36.79 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, M2 Browning.jpg)

File: dd45eb82206d61e⋯.jpg (98.49 KB, 659x392, 659:392, DSHK.jpg)

How does the M2 Browning compare to the DSHK during combat?

e9fba2  No.652799

File: 132f61e7d6439eb⋯.jpeg (46.02 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 8AE406E9-D31B-4E27-B128-0….jpeg)

File: 4ec7e18feaa643b⋯.jpeg (51.39 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 006ABB95-256C-4BA8-A736-C….jpeg)

Right now I can get Tulammo 62 grain for 189 or I can get Wolf 62 grain for 199. ( without shipping)

I remember someone saying that Wolf is loaded hotter than Tulammo, is that right?

Also does anyone know if the zinc wash on the Tula bullets, is actually softer on the barrel or is that a marketing gimmick?

47130f  No.652804


There isn't one. When I get a lathe and a milling machine I plan to dedicate my time and money into making some.

dadacd  No.652817


Wolf is just an importer, it and Tula come from the same plant and off the same lines.

8c1287  No.652820

Does anyone have the detailed screencap on stalking and murder? it was old and from 4chan.

4f8e7b  No.652822


Not exactly; Wolf may occasionally be made by Tula but for their steel cased cartridges it's usually Barnaul, Klimovsk, or LVE depending on caliber, when it was imported, etc. TULAMMO is actually made by Tula or sometimes Ulyanovsk.

dadacd  No.652827


>Not exactly; Wolf may occasionally be made by Tula

Ah, my bad then, i thought their .223 and x39 came from tula and the rest out of Barnaul

f0f8e2  No.653154

How would I go about checking a rifle and ammunition on a domestic flight?

4a5b83  No.653155



You're seriously asking here and not looking at the laws yourself? TL;DR you need to keep it in a locked, hard-sided case.

7a517c  No.653156


Not only does it offer greater firepower, but unlike the M2, you can fire the DShK from a bipod

61d864  No.653161


Good post. Don't forget the motivation of the elected elite – literally nothing in the system actually encourages them to do things beneficial to their country. Perhaps in theory, doing good things for the country should lead to higher popularity, but that theory falls flat on its face because were often, something that is good for the country is also unpopular because the majority of voters are uneducated on the topic and the opposition is always ready to spin it in a negative light.

Unless the person in power is a nationalist by nature, there is literally no reason for him to work for the benefit of the nation – his motivation to being in there is to get as much money as possible before retirement or before he becomes too unpopular and is forced out of politics.

a91b57  No.653191

File: c5ef58e7339e181⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, lysander spooner the const….jpg)


>The issue isn't that average people vote, or even that voters are dumbasses (though I'd completely support the voting age being raised to 30) the problem is that the limits to government were removed, and no-one did a damn thing about it.

You realize those two issues are connected, right? The average person who votes is just fine with the limits to government getting removed as long as those limits being removed result in more gibs going to that voter. And as long as we're on the subject of "limits on government", that's a fundamentally untenable thing for which to advocate. A constitution will not limit the federal government, because the federal government is that body which interprets the constitution, and will simply use the document which is meant to limit them as ironclad justification for its expansion; the proof of this may be found in the Commerce Clause, and the many creative ways that has been interpreted. Separating the government into branches so they can limit each other is also untenable, because they will simply collude. As there are no consequences for the different branches colluding, and a myriad of positive benefits from doing so, they will always collude and increase one another's power. Simply look at the way the court system in the US has so consistently endorsed the executive's power grabs over the decades.

The state is a fundamentally evil institution. It doesn't matter how you split it up, how restricted you make its duties, or what constitution you write for it. These things act as nothing more than speedbumps, which delay but utterly fail to stop the state's grabbing more power. The state will steal the fruits of your labor. It will permanently indebt your unborn children and all future generations to pay for its expenditures. It will conscript your sons and send them to die for Israel, and its agents will shoot your dog and burn down your ranch. It doesn't matter how you try to limit it, as long as it exists the state will grab more power over time, and that power will be used against you. The only permanent solution the centralization problem is to dismantle the state apparatus in its entirety.


Another good slavpost. do you post on /monarchy/ at all?

f3c551  No.653208



They'll also open your case to check it, so use either locks you don't mind getting cut open or a case you don't mind being destroyed.

4f94d1  No.653212


> not end up with the opposing party making you look like an evil "misoginist" for doing it


Might makes right and women and their beta orbiter soyboys have neither. The plan was always sticking on our guns until the zogbot conscription pool is limited to the later.

170ae3  No.653258

Anyone have a paint code similar to the dark green the Soviets and Russian threw on hand grenades, land mines, gas masks filters, and vehicles?

e5d01d  No.653402

File: 3229d6ea52bdfa5⋯.png (99.17 KB, 797x1036, 797:1036, All lives are sacred, espe….png)

File: b2306e49cc0d7f8⋯.png (91.37 KB, 752x916, 188:229, хoзяин мира.png)


here's an excerpt from their decalogue.

337d2d  No.653486


> Don't let ARfags convince you that it's the best platform on the planet gifted upon us by god himself,

But it is.

324c0f  No.653492


Reminder that the Australian army issued them as SMGs, not rifles.

2ab707  No.653498


Don't forget the history of assault "rifles" makes them nothing more than glorified SMGs.

The first of these was the StG 44, which was known as the MP 44 before a name change. Therefore it was a glorified SMG that influenced all other glorified SMGs to come. This would include the M16 and thus the AR 15. Therefore, the AR 15 is a semiauto SMG.

55fa0d  No.653502


International dislike of Americans has root in good reason. It ceases to be healthy patriotism and descends into wanton ignorance and "Its the best because we do it" arrogance. LeMans and road racing are stupid because the US can't build good race cars and lose, so NASCAR is the only good race (Americans won't enjoy that as internal self hating Americans are attacking it), also Stoner's designs are best because he was an American and therefore the greatest design of all time, American beer which is the laughing stock of the world is the best also, also every country on earth should be a shithole melting pot like the US because US is best at everything, ect. Americans can't even defend things they ARE good at because all they know how to do is wave a flag and screach autistic that those things, like the things they do poorly, are just automatically better cuz Murica.

I never liked French arrogance, but it comes down to the fact places like California are far worse, and when it boils down to it American in general suffers from unwarranted arrogance. Worse than the French, the American can't even be arrogant properly, they are just miserable boors about it. I don't hate America, its a decent country, or at least it was. Part of the reason why its descending into ruin, why its being overrun by hostile nonwhites, is because Americans are too arrogant to realize there ARE problems with the US, that there ARE problems with what the government is doing, that everything is so PERFECT in America we better sit down and just let things fly and not correct problems because they can't exist in PERFECT America.

Europe and Japan might yet be saved, but the US is suffering from Charles Osgood's "Pretty Good" syndrome, and the US is indeed a "breddy gud" country. Read the poem sometime. Blind ignorance is not great patriotism, but that's what the American believes. He will let thing rot to absolute and complete ruin rather than fix things, because fixing things admits there is a problem, an error, that things aren't pretty good, to admit that things are imperfect.

1af251  No.653505


M8, this country has been a shithole ever since it was founded.

The only way to fix it is to nuke it to death. Better to die in a nuclear fire than continue to rot.

To be honest, the whole world would be better off dead. Having a nice, quiet, orderly dead world is better than all the problems caused by life.

2288eb  No.653546


Well said. I've lived in a few countries and Americans (almost exclusively boomers) were always considered pretty arrogant. Most of this stemmed from their sheer ignorance of local customs and complete horror or anger that they weren't going to get special treatment - for example, visiting restaurants and being shocked that not every single one sells massive steaks, offers unlimited coffee or is open to extremely late hours.

The last American I had dealings with here refused to even tell me his name or confirm that he was actually American (had an obvious accent) for 'security reasons', yet insisted that I call and organise a taxi for him (not related to my job at all) and spent the whole time bragging about how he used to be a big buyer for Boeing.

People here also have a distorted view of the majority of Americans. They have no idea how Trump won the presidency, don't understand gun rights at all and think that Americans actually love it when they get involved in foreign wars.

f3c551  No.653596


Not a terrible price especially post-sanction.

If it hasn't been converted to AK furniture then that's pushing it a bit, but you probably won't get another deal like that for a while.

324c0f  No.653630

File: 83d848952c03b36⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1280x850, 128:85, ClipboardImage.png)


Saigas are built on AK receivers and trunnions, while Veprs are build on RPK receivers and trunnions, so they're heavier, but more "durable". I think Veprs also come stock with an ALG trigger while Saigas have a random factory trigger. If you want a heavier gun with a thicker receiver and xbox huge trunnions because you're worried about durability over time, get the Vepr, if you don't care that much about it and would prefer a lighter gun, get the Saiga.

e229b8  No.653684

Is there a reason shotgun shells use plastic for their casings instead of brass like other thoes of ammo?

170ae3  No.653695


Cheaper and lighter but mostly cheaper. They used paper before that for the same reason. Pressures are so low the support of a brass casing just simple isn't needed.

b4826d  No.653717


Ah ok, thank you. Two more questions now. What are the benefits and disadvantages of having a bottle neck cartridge?

Is there major disadvantage of using a heavy lower velocity projectile over a lighter higher velocity projectile? Especially for things like rifles.

170ae3  No.653753


Bottlenecks allow for higher velocities. Lighter faster projectiles have more penetration than heavier slower projectiles if they have similar energy.

a91b57  No.653754


In addition to what the other guy said, bottlenecked cartridges, particularly in pistols, tend to have more reliable feeding than straightwall cartridges.

c2f2c2  No.653757




all I can gather of this story is that the orange shirt guy was gonna take their matress and they were willing to shoot him over it, then it escalated and shots were fired and they killed him.

I'm assuming I'm wrong

a91b57  No.653758


Not exactly. Orange shirt kept dumping the box spring (which he calls a mattress) onto shirtless and son's property, since he didn't want to pay the trash service to get rid of it. Shirtless and son moved it back to his property the first couple times. The last time it happened, orange shirt started a confrontation, which escalated into what you saw on the video. Orange shirt also has a history of being prescribed antipsychotics IIRC.

bdd35d  No.653782


>People here also have a distorted view of the majority of Americans. They have no idea how Trump won the presidency, don't understand gun rights at all and think that Americans actually love it when they get involved in foreign wars.

Those last two parts grind my gears the most. They somehow think that when us Americans would vote, and then suddenly it means whatever the next ZOG-owned president does and likes is within the interest of American citizens, even though it fucking isn't. In reality, we have absolutely no power over what ZOG wants, and it also pisses off the same "people" I truly despise (anti-White leftists/commies) who think themselves as the one true saviors of humanity. The interests of leftists/commies is not with the American citizens, it's within the interest of anti-White non-Whites who want to replace every last White person out there. The 56-50% dwindling White population was only the beginning. Even with all that, leftists/commies still think America is "majority White" and therefore it's "racist and oppressive". I really don't get them.

Also, the anti-gun sentiments of Europe and other countries like Canada and Australia literally came from (((US media))) rhetoric. Being anti-gun is not a European trait, it's a Jewish liberal one. Somehow they think they came up with the idea and they act all smug about it, being mostly unarmed and all. Thinking being armed with even an antique rifle is an "American obsession". This isn't even a commie creation by the way, as they are surprisingly more pro-gun than your average GOP neocon, though they will gladly take away guns from Whites because oy vey muh racist cis White males. That and they will eventually turn anti-gun as their communist "utopia" keeps existing through the years. When they say X and Y is "not true communism", maybe they have a point. Albeit for different reasons.

bdd35d  No.653786


If anyone ITT is wondering about my flag, I'm using a VPN. Which might be stupidly obvious for most. If so, my apologies for posting this.

570cc1  No.653790

File: 48b9ce768bdcee6⋯.jpg (39.49 KB, 800x152, 100:19, Remington Model 870.jpg)

Is this shotgun worth buying? Is it not worth buying? This is just a simple question for you anons to validate.

570cc1  No.653796



Yeah I get that, too. However, the type of "dislike" I see is completely different from what you're both talking about. It's not even a form of hatred for Americans. As best as I can describe it, it's more or so banter through stereotyping, whether calling Americans fat and the like. Sometimes they'd even joke about Americans liking the idea of invading countries "for oil", when in reality it's just wars for Israel. Trust me, when I saw these posts from people JewTube, I realized that they are giant suckers for Hymiewood movies and tasteless JewTubers who can't get enough of those shekels.

Other times, their "hatred" for the US is just plain pathetic. It's usually along the lines of "day haz gunz and gunz are ebul babby killas and dey are all rayciss n' shiet". I don't know if it's their version of "patriotism" via supporting their nation's policies, because in the case of Europe they love the shit out of whatever the fuck "social democracy" is. All I can say is that their tone is very similar to that of your average egotistical liberal who thinks the 2nd Amendment is "outdated" or "racist" and that feminism and "progressive ideas" is what will save everyone. They love liberalism so much, they think anti-White DNC members are "more conservative than European conservatives".

570cc1  No.653797


I forgot to note that I'm talking about the foreign Western NPC's here, not the foreign Western redpilled anons here.

00e532  No.653799


If its new remington enjoy having to reblue it. If its older go for it.

332df7  No.653800

>>653799 (checked)

Thanks for the clarification, anon. Also can you please thoroughly tell me what you think about this post: >>653796? It may have some merit and credibility, it saddens a bit me how most normalfags in these other Western countries suddenly think liking liberalism (that originated from American liberals) and then claiming the US is "full of 'gun nuts', conservative, intolerant, and racist" is a act of "nation pride and patriotism". Please forgive me for the IP switch.

332df7  No.653801

>>653800 (also checked)

I'm switching through VPN's right now because I'm a bit paranoid for today. Sometimes I even post shit that sounds exactly the same. I hope you'll understand.

00e532  No.653806

File: bb8e3d55eae8eff⋯.jpg (51.56 KB, 720x416, 45:26, 984ec20be34bfabc3749ca5928….jpg)


The second part is pretty spot on. But that goes for any urban left leaning population. As a burger in leafland I can tell you the urban pozzed populace sees their own rural folk in the same light and the rural responds by being absolutely unwelcome to foreigners, urbanites to the point they'll throw pigs heads through their front window or straight up letting the injuns in the deep woods rob, rape and kill them.

In reality the only solution to these problems is blockade said cities and starve the shit out of the diversity and their handlers. God damn would that be a lovely day.

2288eb  No.653822


>They somehow think that when us Americans would vote, and then suddenly it means whatever the next ZOG-owned president does and likes is within the interest of American citizens, even though it fucking isn't

Average Europeans don't understand this. They don't like Trump because he's brass and think that Americans voted for him for his outspoken rhetoric alone. Most don't understand they voted for his anti-immigrant, America first policy. Europeans haven't, until recently, had the experience of seeing their cities and suburbs become overrun with a foreign people, speaking a foreign language, receiving public funding like America has with the Mexicans.

When Trump takes aim at Iran, Europeans see it as a manifestation of what the American public desire and not as an elected official disbanding his original promise (and pissing off his supporter base while doing so) of no more foreign wars.

There's basically a lot of ignorance on both sides, especially even on the European side. For the public to properly understand the American situation, they'd need to understand America's history better and have a fundamental understanding of Jewish social and political involvement within the United States - something that you need to actively seek to understand, as it's not going to be fed to you via mainstream news media services.

570cc1  No.653833

>>653822 (nice dubs)

I guess it all goes to show how much ZOG control over a nation can really divide European ethnicities. "Social democracy" in Europe is practically supported by (((NATO))) and the US military industrial complex, but only for different reasons. Even commies know this, but the native populace mostly don't. They think it's their government's creation. They are not commies per se, if anything they are subconsciously anti-communist. They just like some aspects of (((Marxism))), which I said before, makes them more like "reform (((capitalist)))" pinko liberals than anything else, in my own opinion. All in all, they believe that whatever form of liberalism that originated from the US is their own, and at the same time they ridicule the US for not having their form of government, so you could say this is also another form of arrogance in their part. This is where these soulless major city dwellers in Europe they got their anti-gun narratives, This is not real patriotism, arguing over which urban diversity-ridden shithole city is better ie. New York vs. London and then saying London is better and vice versa is not something anyone should be proud of. Fun fact, a lot of the "progressive" notions of the Canadian populace in their major cities originated from stuck-up, draft dodging, "All you need is love."-spouting hippies from the US who left during the Vietnam War. I've heard this from on /pol/ before, but I can't exactly call it as true, but it might be, who knows.

91dd45  No.653835




I guess the main takeaway from this conversation is that cities and the people that reside in them are shit and deserve to get glassed.

fe5de8  No.653892

Ive been hearing that sandniggers take a shitload of drugs before going into combat. Is this true or complete mumbo jumbo

7eaf8c  No.654096

File: 68ad80aa5815272⋯.jpg (139.55 KB, 640x916, 160:229, Huey P. Newton the nigger ….jpg)

File: 4337876d3ba0382⋯.png (34.24 KB, 800x536, 100:67, March for Our Feelings.png)

File: aba830db10c9b95⋯.jpg (15.67 KB, 437x228, 23:12, #Don'tLetWhoresSpeak.jpg)

File: b3954d5aad7e97d⋯.jpg (117.23 KB, 800x335, 160:67, El Goblino González.jpg)

File: 86535c0f2a2fadf⋯.jpg (254.26 KB, 799x533, 799:533, NPC's with a new system up….jpg)

Here's a recap over what goes on inside the modern left's mindset, because they only disagree over what the so-called "other side of politics" agrees with:

Do you anons remember "A March of Our Lives"? Remember how a crap ton of (((Hollywood))) celebrities and (((billionaires))) joined in with the suddenly spontaneous protests? And (((Viacom))) and (((Disney))) giving them massive support? Along with many, many other (((corporations)))? All because of a (((false flag))) mass shooting that was barely even investigated by any alphabet soup agency? I get it, Jewish control and all, but still. You know it's bad when even commie retards like Huey P. Newton in the past, along with the controlled opposition Black Panthers movement, supported the 2nd Amendment for their own entitled, anti-White chimp interests. Remember that Zionist neocon Ronald Reagan? Who supported (((gun control)))? I guess that doesn't matter with liberals and leftists anymore, and here I thought they would still call him Satan incarnate, and maybe they still do, not that it fucking matters in the slightest. Remember that Zionist cuckservative Donald Trump? Who suggested banning bump stocks? That doesn't matter to them either, because apparently they claimed to be the ones who came up with the idea first, not him, even though he said it outright himself in the fucking White House. This is why I think "Black Lives Matter" and "Women's March" is just plain pathetic. Their actions are dictated by outside causes. They act out of ignorance while claiming to be the "most intelligent". Not only that, they also think that they are somehow free of criticism. This opposition is staged right to the goddamn bone, because nobody cares about David Hogg and Emma González anymore when a (((false flag))) isn't around. "Gun reform" my asshole, more like the literal abolishment of the 2nd Amendment and the US Constitution as a whole, along with the "hate speech is not free speech" bullshit claim. At least the commie faggots came out as genuine enough to follow their own predisposed, kosher, anti-White ideas. These lemmings however? Not a single bit of anything they do is natural, just like their support for open borders and multiculturalism. If any of them had brains (which every anon here obviously doubts), they would know that open borders and multiculturalism would give (((corporations))) even more power through cheap labor. Somehow, this flies over their heads. What I'm getting at here, is that they are all too stupid to realize that they are playing by (((corporate))) hands, and of course the commie retards fall for it, too. They don't see the incoming tyranny, because it's not tyranny when it's in their favor. I don't speak for any commie retard, but I guess you could say that these "people" have become the slaves of what Huey P. Newton was talking about. Then again, his idea of slavery is the idea that Whites actually had anything to do with it. One last thing here, wouldn't the anti-gun, non-White lemmings, especially the niggers, love the idea of having a gun so they can defend themselves from "Muh racist White cops!"? What happened to that notion? Also, Michael Moore is such a hypocritical elephant seal. His basically your average Bernie Sanders voter, he only merely pretends to hate (((capitalism))). Unlike the average Bernie voter however, he instead acts out on the same anti-Russia, pro-Israel notion as Bernie Sanders does. That and both of them actually endorsed Hillary Clinton (aka the ZOG matriarch) in the end.

435c10  No.654097

Why does the Australian politicans hate military guys?

851ffd  No.654102


Maybe out of insecurity because they never were soldiers? Any politician who didn't serve atleast 2 years in the army shouldn't be taken seriously in military matters anyway.

731981  No.654126



>Any politician who didn't serve atleast 2 years in the army shouldn't be taken seriously in military matters anyway.

Many Strayans are apolitical so the politicans will never be taken serious. I rather to have military rule over Australia than to vote the useless corrupt politicans that I knew little.

55fa0d  No.654152



Depends on the cartridge, the bullet, the load. Lighter faster bullets for caliber might penetrate BARRIERS better, the heavier slower bullets will penetrate living tissue better. In a person or animal the heavier, slower bullet will penetrate better. At shorter ranges, the faster lighter bullets might shoot a bit flatter trajectory wise, but slower heavier bullets often have superior ballistic coefficient and thus less wind drag, also they have more momentum to maintain energy at longer ranges, this means they will have longer effective range and greater effect at longer range. Heavier bullets will usually have more recoil. Heavier bullets in some cartridges will start to have less total muzzle energy because the longer, heavier bullets begin to impact the capacity of the case.

In handguns, heavier for caliber bullets are usually superior. Better penetration with or without expansion is typical in handguns with heavier bullets. In rifles bullet selection is based on game or purpose, heavier bullets are selected for bigger game i.e. 200-220 grain bullets for 30-06 for big bear and moose, 168 grain for white tail deer, some people will make high velocity 110-130 grain bullet loads for varmits in 30-06 that shoot flat shorter range. Matched with bullet construction, bullet weight is matched to animals to achieve the right amount of damage/penetration. 110-130 grain soft points in the 30 calibers is inferior in every way in terminal performance, but the fact that the bullets break up in small game and cause less of a risk downrange is a plus. Match bullets are of heavy weight. Heavy weight Keith cast bullets in revolves are well liked for hunting and silhouette shooting because of their weight, high ballistic coefficient, sectional density and momentum.

As for bottlenecks, they are used for greater performance for caliber, as well as keeping cartridges shorter for shorter actions in guns. Easier to increase internal surface area and powder capacity by simply putting a shorter and fatter body behind a neck instead of simply stretching out a straight case forever. Straighter cases will get excessively long. Also bottlenecks seem to have internal qualities that work well with high pressure magnum loads. Straighter bottlenecks do have better universal performance, however, in the form of highly reduced loads and cast bullet performance tending to be better. There are feeding properties in weapons that are of value in bottlenecks, as mentioned.

d8b641  No.654284

File: eac736283c5cbca⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.45 MB, 1029x4529, 147:647, (((gun control))) in a nut….jpg)

File: b918fbf863379d7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 481.42 KB, 800x657, 800:657, b918fbf863379d734648d85fcc….png)


>But that goes for any urban left leaning population.

Not quite. There are always certain foreigners in these countries who think that being pro-gun is "only something Americans like" and they think it's "evil and stupid" so they lump it in with the "'Murrica! Fuck yeah!" fat American stereotype. These people know next to nothing about the US situation beyond (((US media)))-funded news outlets. They are just like arrogant liberals in every sense of the word who think "conservative vs. liberal" is a real thing in US politics.

Why do these foreign NPC's exist again? Why did they adapt an American stereotype that has nothing to do with being pro-gun? I used to remember "muh guns" being a common phrase back in cuck/pol/ and cuck/b/ from (((anti-gun))) Europeans as a "counterargument" against pro-gun Americans. I'd say they were also soulless NPC's. Also it seems like said phrase is having a come back in cuckchan, doesn't surprise me at all.

Here's a corresponding art from someone named "Pokketmowse" which made them think this is what being pro-gun in America looks like. I researched on the artist, she's a media-loving whore who loves making Overwatch art, and at one time it was TF2 art. Voted for Obongo twice and voted for Hillary during the 2016 elections because Zion Don is apparently a "Nazi/fascist".

d8b641  No.654286


This is also me in another IP address just so no one gets confused. I have been to Singapore once, though. I gotta say, the Chinks there really despise the mainland Chinks. Pajeet communities are a thing there, however.

0fefe0  No.654474

Is it possible to do blood compatibility tests AKA cross-matching when you don't have access to a hospital?

ba1736  No.654480


logic dictates that it shouldnt be possible but:


if this thing exists it should be absolutly possible, hell it would be even easier, to create something like that yourself

5771e6  No.654482

File: 2d8f4c953d99508⋯.jpg (3.23 KB, 230x230, 1:1, 14235.jpg)

Thinking about buying pic related SA58, but couldn't find much on pricing. Does $1,700 seem like a normal price for said rifle, or might I find it somewhere else for cheaper?

301fae  No.654484

Can I be a legal gun owner if I only went to the mental hospital in my teens? Can I hire a lawyer to help me overlook this?

2a848f  No.654487

File: 8c307d3be813190⋯.jpg (111.65 KB, 500x247, 500:247, 1397688235150.jpg)


>mental hospital

Why were you bonkers?

10dc7c  No.654489


I never was, it was just my environment which was pretty shitty that made me act weird.

I brought this point up a bunch of times but my mother made me go.

cf7313  No.654492


Funny thing about The US is that a lot of parents here will send their kids to the looney bin for "acting out", "being crazy", "questioning zionism in America (not even joking this time), "weird behavior" or (((Sluggish Schizophrenia))) >:^)

After they are put on pills and effectively calm they are considered not crazy and everyone is happy again.

63a069  No.654500


>Was it more than 5 years ago that you were institutionalized?

>Were you a minor(under 18) at the time?

>Can you say with certainty that you've NEVER been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor punishable by one or more years in jail?

>Are you a U.S. citizen or lawful immigrant to the U.S.?

>Do you refrain from taking drugs like weed, cocain, meth , heroin etc?

If you can answer "yes" to all of those questions, then it most likely legal for you to own a firearm in the U.S.

337d2d  No.654507


>Can I be a legal gun owner if I only went to the mental hospital in my teens?


>Can I hire a lawyer to help me overlook this?

Of course

c0652e  No.654515


Thank you for the load of info. I have a minor hobby in recycling and melting old electrical parts, cans, ect. If I were make my own brass, how hard would it be to make a mould for bottle neck casings of any Calibur? I've never tried anything as small as this before.

0dd9c0  No.654615

File: 278a812f1df7c32⋯.jpg (9.89 KB, 320x240, 4:3, rangefinder.jpg)

Whats a good rangefinders and binoculars that I should look for?

00e532  No.654617


Making brass isn't a process of casting, its a process of drawing out a brass slug the size of a dime.

55fa0d  No.654628


I bought the Voyager series, the base line, $1,000. You pay $700 for a regular model that I think only has "lightening cuts" in the receiver to drop weight, and in a 7.62NATO the extra weight ain't a bad thing. Check out Brownell's. I saw them for sale there for ~$1,000. Sometimes they hit the market and you can find them everywhere, other times they sell out and you can't find the cheaper version anywhere brand new.



Yes, brass is drawn into shape, never cast. In fact people who do cast brass have told me that drawn brass for cartridges is the wrong metal mixture of brass for casting, they weren't even interested in my brass that I don't reload. So, even if you do make brass ingots it may not even be the best brass for cartridge making, anyhow.

I know there is a company that specialized in super high end custom brass, they machine them perfectly and are high end, so if you made a brass ingot one could theoretically waste your time and machine a cartridge case with a lot of time and effort. Even then, the drawn brass alloy is superior for firing because you want a soft brass that will stretch and not crack with fire forming in the chamber. Hard brass is brittle and will crack under pressure instead of expand.

55fa0d  No.654629



Sorry, meant to say $700 more than a Voyager. Voyager can be around $1,000 while a regular SA58 is $1,700.

337d2d  No.654793

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Is there any retard bigger than "Lucien Black"? This nigger consistently breaks the 4 safety rules as if it was his job.

b9a380  No.654893

I know it's spoonfeedy, but: What does /k/ use for sources, for example, to determine whether such and such plane or ship in the modern era performs well enough or not? Speaking of, where can I learn more about Lockheed Martin's failures and why the corrupt Western states of the world keep buying from them?

43b133  No.654929


>What does /k/ use for sources, for example, to determine whether such and such plane or ship in the modern era performs well enough or not?

usually, you can use official government reviews of weapon systems that say if they are worth the money, if the weapon cost more than it is worth tactically, it is probably shit.

>Speaking of, where can I learn more about Lockheed Martin's failures and why the corrupt Western states of the world keep buying from them?

Just go on the companies website, see how great they are *wink*

remember the sidewinder team faked data and skewed the test results to show the missile had an almost flawless kill record (which was different than the low kill rate in actual combat)

Defense reviews usually talk about the latest systems, but searching for official studies from .gov and .mil sites will tell you about the items actual performance.

It isn't that the government keeps buying from them, it is that the companies buy anything the government wants and then become the sole supplier of that item.

797444  No.654937

I have found some old ammo from my grandpa and the primers have some rust on them. are they still ok to shoot or should i try getting rid of the rust/toss them out alltogether?

00e532  No.654940


If said "rust" looks green and is seeping from the sides that is the primer corroding. I wouldn't toss them, just pull the bullet and pop the primer out given the brass and bullet are probably fine to be reloaded again.

a3aef1  No.654972


I would shoot them one by one while waiting at least 5 min before ejecting If it dosent shoot when you pull the trigger. Other than going off when your not prepared for it nothing bad can happen worse than a new bullet.

c2f2c2  No.655013

File: 53720d2b5c5aa3e⋯.jpg (6.01 KB, 236x177, 4:3, 3667e5eb85342d211d985d2a6b….jpg)

What's the cheapest 12 or 20 semi-auto shotgun for hunting that works most of the time. I don't want a 99.99% works model.

00e532  No.655016


Birds or Bigger game? For the latter an old A-5 or one of the many clones of it.

c2f2c2  No.655276

Wikipedia changed the "Service Rifles" page where it used to tell you each countries service rifle and the year of adoption, it was really neat. Now it no longer shows that. Is there a another website that does that?

7bf84f  No.655278


imfdb has it for Britain, the US, Germany, Russia and France.

Could also just use a webpage archive to see the old wiki page.

c2f2c2  No.655292

25e556  No.655688

How does .38 Special compare to 9mm Parabellum in price and performance? Let's take this hypothetical situation: someone has a couple of .357 revolvers cut for moonclips around the house, so that all members of the family can defend themselves. But proper .357 is too much for women and chillun, so it needs a weaker alternative. But they still have to go to the range and practice with it time-to-time. So which one of these two cartridges would be a better choice?

And something related that crossed my mind: couldn't a semi-automatic weapon chambered for .375 Magnum/.38 Special work just fine with 9mm Parabellum, as long as the extractor can hold its rim, and the return spring has the right strenght?

b3d36e  No.655692

File: 55b88ac3e1de437⋯.jpg (165.43 KB, 1007x730, 1007:730, jap arrow.jpg)

File: fd98ee45c166147⋯.jpg (182.5 KB, 998x729, 998:729, mongol arrow.jpg)

File: 69d92d907b05f8f⋯.jpg (495.63 KB, 2880x1920, 3:2, modern arrowhead 2.jpg)

File: fab78c73f71d84e⋯.jpg (180.91 KB, 800x800, 1:1, modern arrowhead.jpg)

Would it be possible to make bullets go "peeew" by using something like whistling arrowhead designs?

1715b4  No.655697


They already do "frrr" instead. It's easily heard when sing subsonics, otherwise the supersonic crack just covers all other sounds, assuming you're not the shooter.

b3d36e  No.655699


But could you make them go "pew"?

1715b4  No.655700


>How does .38 Special compare to 9mm Parabellum in price and performance?

Badly. It costs more and shoots less, especially with revolvers' poor capacity.

>proper .357

There are low recoil options like 115gr, though pistols are a bad choice for them anyway. You've got to decide if its worth keeping another caliber only for them to shoot too, as this isn't the case with .357/.38. The best thing for them would probably be a semiauto 22lr carbine to scare the attacker away, or, if they are actually prepared to kill then a more powerful pistol caliber carbine would be better, even in things like 9mm. Semiauto is still preferable to power here, so unless you introduce new calibers, 9mm carbine is probably better than 357 lever action, though a carbine in a more potent round would be even better, just don't go overboard, 10mm does kick even in carbine.

>couldn't a semi-automatic weapon chambered for .375 Magnum/.38 Special work just fine with 9mm

It could, theoretically, but not only 9mm is much higher pressure than 38spl so it'll blow your gun up, but 9mm has the bullet diameter of .355, compared to .357 of 357 so it might not properly engage in rifling and so not stabilize the projectile. You can shoot 32acp in 327 magnum revolvers though.

1715b4  No.655702


Sure, get some subsonic load data, suppressor, drill a few bullets so they have similar holes and you have it.

b3d36e  No.655703


Alright, thanks.

77d091  No.655710

Two questions:

What caliber would you consider the minimum for not worrying about using full metal jackets? (this includes both handguns and rifles).

Why do people worry so much about the FG when firing black powder?. I suppose people didn't really care about that back in the day. (I don't know much about muzzle loading).

1715b4  No.655716


>What caliber would you consider the minimum for not worrying about using full metal jackets?

It depends, in handguns is the FMJ round nose, or does it have flat point like most .357SIG ones do? If yes, then probably something around 44mag, though i'd still worry about other things like weight, concealability and recoil. In rifles? I'd probably be ok with using 308, it seemed to work fine, though even ten you cannot really be sure.

77d091  No.655717


>Though I'd still worry about other things like weight, concealment and recoil

I'm asking this because if things go bad the chance of finding defensive ammunition is going to be pretty low.

1715b4  No.655721


Then either stock up or accept that you're losing in efficiency a lot. If you're not stockpiling ammo then it's impractical to choose a caliber based on FMJ effectivness, you should pick the one that is the most common in your area as it'll be the one most likely available and there's a high chance that defensive ammo(even if it's just nigger rigged soft points) would still be easier to find than ANY type of ammo that is not the most common/the one military/police uses/etc. If you're worried about that, get yourself a tool that can turn FMJ bullets into bad hollow points by removing their point. Or get some casting equipment and get into reloading, all for that common caliber, preferably, you're not getting your hands on other brass that easily either.

15e9f3  No.655724

File: 4ee4dd2ffd9be60⋯.png (29.5 KB, 860x116, 215:29, ClipboardImage.png)



Infogalactic still has the old version.

1715b4  No.655726


Actually, don't cut the bullet tip off, it might make the jacket stuck in the gun. Just get yourself basic reloading equipment and seat the bullet backwards, and you have a poor man's soft point that can still be accurate up to 200m(for rifles).

eefb79  No.655841

What's the differences between a 500 MILS and normal Mossberg 500/590?

b76e13  No.655908

Where can I find non-designer hollowpoints for sale? I just want decent ammo in quality and quantities similar to target ammo, without all the nickel plated thisandthat and marketing hype.

1715b4  No.655913


In your local gun shop, ironically. You're more likely to find some hornady or winchester ammo that performs well enough without costing a ton than some super duper ammo for tacticool warriors. For further advice in ammo selection i suggest you check out Paul Harrell's channel on youtube, he's got some great info on all that stuff.

a664e4  No.655931


Well assuming what you're looking for pistol is ammo basic bitch JHPs aren't hard to come by.

Rifle JHP can be a bit trickier.

158972  No.655934


Yes, pistol ammo in 9, .40, and .357 mag to be specific. I live in the middle of bumfuck nowhere so I was hoping for an online dealer.

c182d0  No.655962



fc1b4b  No.656068

File: 9090efe85be9eac⋯.jpg (77.59 KB, 500x511, 500:511, 1462764257258.jpg)

The consensus I've gathered is that virtually every AK manufacturer is dogshit especially Century. Which ones aren't shit preferably with fair price.

158972  No.656124

File: fa9ebe3269394bf⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.71 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 20180720_171304.jpg)


Perfect, thanks man

826e16  No.656142

File: 7d4fefac3a9397d⋯.jpg (17.02 KB, 200x242, 100:121, 132871276.jpg)

does anyone have a link/magnet to the defcad/defense distributed files? i recall seeing a dump somewhere around the time the warrant was put out on Wilson, but of course neglected to download it at the time because im a stupid bitch.

d22c94  No.656148

Is it possible to get an AK74 in the US for around $600?

d22c94  No.656151


I thought the meme was that Century was shit and everyone else was good. Century just imports them btw

a91b57  No.656154


When it comes to domestic AK manufacturers, just about all of them are shit. PSA seems to be turning that around partially, but only time will tell.

0fe258  No.656194


Sometimes you'll find one in a pawn shop for that low.

Also Palmetto State Armory unveiled their 5.45 AK at SHOT this year and if it follows a similar trend as the 7.62 model you should be able to get them for $500-600 plus shipping.

Additionally, magpul finally started shipping their 5.45 PMags.

46fd14  No.656196


found them after doing some heavier digging. please ignore.

8573c7  No.656251

File: b187dc4be184ea7⋯.jpg (273.05 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, b187dc4be184ea7070a0fa240b….jpg)

d82f94  No.656266

Hello /k/ommandos, I am setting up a range day for me and a few friends. What would i need to consider beyond basic shit (venue,safety,travel&transpo)? I also got a buddy going that Is nofuns and the most he knows is probably from vidya, i'm fronting him some ammo so he can see how he likes shooting. Do I need to make any special considerations for him? Do you guys have any other tips or shit you think would be beneficial to know?

7f3b23  No.656269

What year did Luxembourg adopt the Steyr AUG?

2a848f  No.657387

File: 7ac64d44235f999⋯.jpg (449.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 7ac64d44235f999534ea5686b5….jpg)

Grinding down FMJ to flat nose (with exposed lead) for close range combat - yay or nay?

00e532  No.657390


No. Get proper HP/SP's.


Just drill the four rules into your vidya's friends head and bring fun shit to shoot and supplies to clean it up.

43b133  No.657393


see if brownells ships a hollow point maker overseas?

It works like a hand pencil sharpener that has a drill bit in the end and makes bullets into instant hollow points (some twisting required)

55fa0d  No.657449


There is more to a good expanding bullet than wither or not the tip is exposed or a hollow point imparted. The jacket design, jacket materials, core materials matter greatly, even if the tip is opened up the rest of the jacket might be too strong to expand, or expand so poorly it will be almost worthless, some core materials like steel are obviously not going to expand well, but also the lead alloy used might affect performance greatly. Just like how a 55 grain 5.56 NATO bullet which is FMJ will fragment there are FMJ that won't expand even if you nigger rig them hollowpoint/open point/softpoint.

Look at bullet casters, they don't drill hollow points in their cast bullets, they insert a pin into the mold and cast the hollow point if they cast hollow point lead bullets. Uniformity is your good friend, grind the shit out of things isn't a nice uniform way of doing things which will lead to less then optimal results. This is also why drilling bullets to create hollow points doens't work well, many cases it does not work at all. Nigger rigging bullets to expand is a backwards way of doing things.

7812b3  No.657594


>Why do these foreign NPC's exist again? Why did they adapt an American stereotype that has nothing to do with being pro-gun?

This I don't understand quite well. It's not national pride, I can't describe it correctly at all. All I know is that they are all foreign liberals living in other western countries in big cities, just like the one who replied to you said. Can anyone who is not American ITT explain this thoroughly? I think there's more to it than what I described them to be.

>Here's a corresponding art from someone named "Pokketmowse" which made them think this is what being pro-gun in America looks like. I researched on the artist, she's a media-loving whore who loves making Overwatch art, and at one time it was TF2 art. Voted for Obongo twice and voted for Hillary during the 2016 elections because Zion Don is apparently a "Nazi/fascist".

Doesn't surprise me in the slightest at all. Everyone I know in big cities are always like this. Some of them are even prone to becoming SJW's. It's not about making fun of Americans being fat and stupid, it was about making people think "this is what American conservatism will do to you", as if they even know what "conservatism" really is. So I assume other westerners thought all Americans are "conservative, fundamentalist, racist, and gun-obsessed", especially the Canadian and British ones in Toronto and London, respectively. Therefore, gun grabbing is "good" because it "lowers crime rates".

I have a feeling these people are a relic of the past, now that Antifa and SJW-tier liberalism is becoming more and more mainstream, these types of liberals who think "hating on all religions" makes them "smarter" have no place in politics anymore. Also why are they so obsessed with drawing Overwatch, Team Fortress 2, League of Legends, and other (((P2W))) fanart?

0045e1  No.658063

File: 22c9f812733bd26⋯.jpg (3.37 MB, 4096x3072, 4:3, IMG_20190316_163329247_HDR.jpg)

Complete no funs here, decided to try and piece together my first rifle starting with this lower. Can any more knowledgeable /k/ommando who might be bored direct me to the least retarded budget upper and parts kit?

337d2d  No.658102

1eda66  No.658106

File: 6aae7c723eae672⋯.jpg (19.25 KB, 440x440, 1:1, 173-dt1012.jpg)



be careful putting a pistol kit on a lower if you don't know if it was sold as a handgun or a rifle may sound paranoid but better safe than sorry. I`ve put together uppers before i wouldn't suggest it, I`d go with something like pic related


16090b  No.658357



CBC industreis is a solid choice. Wish they stop pushing that Germastan hera arms shit.

00e532  No.658389


A sten.

4f881e  No.658413


Semi auto shotgun or G3.

Shouldn't be too hard for you to get. Failing that, you can try your old reliable, aspis and xiphos.

6b3841  No.658419

Any good AK build kits? Or do they all look like shit? Or should I buy my own AK? Looking for recommendations on all fronts that doesn't look like shit and performs well.

4f881e  No.658424

File: 7786a8edb112c7a⋯.jpg (1.73 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, sef (2).jpg)

File: 00ae6946aa9520d⋯.jpg (3.11 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, sef (3).jpg)

File: 954489b890b8018⋯.jpg (2.03 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, sef (4).jpg)

File: 0f778d92d5eb01a⋯.jpg (1.53 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, sef (1).jpg)


Do you have the tools to? If you are looking to start, pick up an AK from atlantic arms. See if you even like the gun before you start building them. It tends to be quite addictive, and lately not as cost effective. However Atlantic made AKs are nice. Here's some pics of my girl in different outfits.

6b3841  No.658430


Do I have the tools to? Not on me.

Very nice AK too. If I'm being honest I'd really just like a rifle that has a lot of "customization/options" to it, that isn't an AR-15 (I like them, but man does it just suck to see everything look like an AR-15, if you know what I mean?)

If I'm getting into it, the PM90 looks nice. Unless you, or anyone else has any recommendations?

6b3841  No.658432


Actually, nevermind. I'm just blind and found some more. Thanks though

990d86  No.658434

I have two old airrifles that used to belong to my grandfather. they havnt been shot for ~20 years. they have some light surface rust. one of them has a squib from the last time it was shot. what can i do to the inside of the barrel (wich is rifled) to remove bossible rust and prevent a squib in the other rifle? tips on removing stuck pallets are also apreachiated.

4f881e  No.658439


I recommend you check ak operators union on youtube, good info.

8f74fc  No.658657

What are the pros and cons of the alice GI mag pouches and the molle elastic band mag pouches?

7bcd64  No.658675


Understand your friend might become a complete fag upon having to actually use a firearm, even if he doesn't seem the type.

Guns from video games should only be brought in moderation lest the new shooter gets more comfortable than he ought to be


Get one used off various boomer forums. I managed to get a CAI Sporter that was refitted to be a L1A1 for $1050 with magazines and load data.

Most you can find built by other people go for around $1200-1600.


Buy a metal rod that's smaller than the caliber of your rifle and ram it back down the barrel. Make sure the gun is empty, then charge the gun and fire it in a safe direction. Get a bore snake and a bore cleaner to remove rust.

Run your posts through a spelling checker. I don't care if this is your second language.

7bcd64  No.658676

File: e277f96de46b7da⋯.jpg (27.83 KB, 351x233, 351:233, e277f96de46b7da011d9493f07….jpg)

1f35af  No.658798

>is it worth holding out for the elusive m91 mosin

Mainly just want one because my autism demands the extra 3 inches. How are they compared to your average m91/30 quality wise?

00e532  No.658799


Depends if they're Finnish Refurbs or Remingtons that have been floating around since forever and ever.

986930  No.658938

File: da136394df53bf2⋯.png (295.68 KB, 323x454, 323:454, lx3KIUX.png)

who do rpg's have the launcher and the rocket separate like my parents?

why not use the panzerfaust style before the 250

hell, why was 250 made?

is the pressures to high, making it too heavy and wasteful for it to have more metal, making it easier to just have a rocket with stronk launcher?

but why is M72LAW & AT4 in existence if not good enough strength in materials?

does it do gooder if it stronk for more range? letting small launcher for small work?

9df5ff  No.659011

Would ghost rings work on pistols, or is there a fundamental problem with this concept?

8f74fc  No.659021


RPG = usable ad infinitum

LAW/AT4 = one and done

Any questions?

a07018  No.659027


>who do rpg's have the launcher and the rocket separate like my parents?

>why not use the panzerfaust style before the 250

What I think you're asking is why does the RPG-7 not function like the PanzerFaust? The answer is it took the best of both worlds, an explosive charge to get the rocket moving, then a rocket motor to maintain a constant speed. Panzerfausts didn't have the motor, just an explosive which is why they had such a short range and high angle of attack. The soviets also liked the dedicated reloadable launcher so they could load different warheads for different targets but also had their own version of the disposable launcher concept in the form of the RPG-18 and RPG-22.

>is the pressures to high, making it too heavy and wasteful for it to have more metal, making it easier to just have a rocket with stronk launcher?

Seeing as how the Panzerfausts operated with essentially an explosive charge to lob the warhead, yes you'd need a stronger tube to tolerate the higher pressures of a larger payload and/or farther range.

M72 LAW and AT4 do not start the rocket on its way with an explosive charge, instead the motor finishes its burn before it even leaves the tube. This is why a mask is not needed on either weapon systems, and is why they can be made from cheap plastics/fiberglass unlike the older weapons of WW2 such as the Panzershreck or the Panzerfaust.


In order to get the full benefits of the sights a larger distance between the fore and aft-sights is needed. There have been stock pistols that came with ghost ring sights, but one of the main aspects of pistols is fast target aquisition, notch and post is less dynamic and overall accurate than ghost rings, but it is much quicker to use which is generally favorable for a pistol. This is also why some people don't like having a reflex sight on their handgun because without the 3 points of contact afforded by a buttstock, it is harder to line the sights up.

c182d0  No.659034


iirc some hi points had them and were fairly accurate.

bdf0dd  No.659228

What is a good, prefferably heap (or free) VPN?

170ae3  No.659346

File: dd1213ca63c36f2⋯.jpg (189.64 KB, 1941x1386, 647:462, m14linethrower.jpg)

Not a question at all, but I just found out they make line throwing attachments for M14s. I want to share the picture, but it is in no way worth a thread but I didn't see a general firearms photo thread in the catalog.

1b72a4  No.659349

Does anyone know what happened to /meadhall/? It’s been wiped.

761e3c  No.659377

File: c0efd461efc2b03⋯.jpg (48.65 KB, 518x707, 74:101, Bope.jpg)


That quote seems like it's only half true to his actual statement. Namely, the reference to "Kindness" as opposed to "modernists", which in context with what was going on at the time with various 'enlightment' era heresies being pushed as an excuse for allowing faggotry to go unchecked makes sense.

d57ca2  No.659381



I've seen this place mentioned somewhere else but I just couldn't find it. Is it some kind of a secret club?

b0ed39  No.659384



Nordic National Socialist hangout and meetup board. Of course it got shoah-ed but it doesnt matter. It was online for 2 years, enough for folks to get together.

Glowniggers and Volksverräter BTFO, again.

b0ed39  No.659385



And of course, it was ran by a baste Dutch.

b041b7  No.659386

what was the first shotgun that brenton tarrant was using? a mossberg 930 or benelli m3/m4?

4f881e  No.659417


930 tactical

1b72a4  No.659434


It was just a board, though every thread has been deleted now.


Did the BO wipe it or is the site removing “problem boards” now?

eefb79  No.659701

Do all AR gas blocks use the same roll pin or are there different sizes?

3f49d7  No.659726

How powerful are modern compound bows compared to medieval bows? How powerful would a shot fired from a compound bow with a draw weight of, lets say, 80 be compared to a shot fired from a medieval bow also with a draw weight of 80?

75afcb  No.659744

File: a5a44cceb30634e⋯.png (508.49 KB, 482x514, 241:257, ClipboardImage.png)


Well /k/, how do you outsmart a chopper?

1f35af  No.659756

File: 0de8dd8edd8efc2⋯.jpeg (75.47 KB, 1137x640, 1137:640, 0de8dd8edd8efc268db23ba95….jpeg)

>.308 ishapore

>it's got the red stripe


Talk me into it anons. I've still got spare fingers.

b13e16  No.659776

File: 27f1496ad5487da⋯.png (178.28 KB, 378x396, 21:22, b32d9c67164667d5aa87e4012e….png)

I bought a C308 at a gunshow, how fucked am I?

00e532  No.659780


Wall hanger unless you find a new barrel/receiver/bolt or get it checked out by someone who deals with SMLE bullshit.


Take it to a range and see.

0d532a  No.659788


They all use the same diameter. Some are slightly longer or shorter, but they should all work the same–if they didn't, they wouldn't be able to interface with the gas tube.

324c0f  No.659790


C308s aren't inherently bad, they just have awful quality control. If you manage to get a good one, you should be fine

25dfcd  No.659907

File: 0bd6093cac18b30⋯.jpg (18.84 KB, 548x403, 548:403, LzjD9g3.jpg)

Is 10mm a meme round? Is it worth investing in? How is it for stahppin powah, accuracy, recoil, reliability?

1715b4  No.659926


>Is 10mm a meme round?

Well, it's not called "best mm" for nothing.

>Is it worth investing in?

It's not that rare, ammo selection is alright, powerful, has options with which to shoot it, good for reloading and has interesting wildcats. Do you need it? You be the judge.

>How is it for stahppin powah

Unless you carry a 6" barrel(measured from the breech, not like they usually do) .357mag revolver you won't find anything more powerful yet concealable, retaining all the autoloader's advantages.


Any pistol round will probably shoot better than you can, and even if you're a professional shooter it still depends on the gun a lot more. It shouldn't be any worse than other similar straight-walled cartridges, shooting a bit flatter but nothing really that special. Just don't flinch.


Probably similar to a .357 magnum with hot loads and heavier bullet weights, though i suggest you trying it out first yourself if you're worried.


Again, depends more on the gun, there's nothing inherently unreliable about it. In a good working broken-in gun with good ammo it will be as reliable as any other. unless it's a bottlenecked cartridge, if you're worried about reliability, look at the quality of guns that shoot it to compare, as it'll be the most important factor. Bottlenecked cartridges tend to be more reliable because easier feeding but the previous statement still applies.

25dfcd  No.659931


Thanks. I'm thinking about getting the hipoint 10mm carbine, just doing some research on it first.

f21658  No.659950

What sleeping bag does /k/ recommend getting?

eefb79  No.659978

>Our higher headquarters deployed an experimental vehicle affectionately known as the "AssHammer" for its ability to very precisely find and fix insurgent locations. That task was usually carried out by aircraft or drones with specialized sensors, but those airframes were scare commodities and could stay with us for only a limited amount of time. The AssHammer, however, could stick with us for the duration of the mission.

What's an "AssHammer"?

eefb79  No.659980


For context that's is from an account of the Afghan war during the lateish Bush administration

4f881e  No.660014


US army cold weather sleep system. You can find them 75-150 bucks. Worth the money, for sure. Comfy and warm.

6b3cf1  No.660015


My buddies blow it up

816adf  No.660065

File: 3c67e2c514020c5⋯.png (257.47 KB, 443x376, 443:376, 1552843422.png)

I'm looking for a free-floating handguard for my Smith & Wesson M&P Sport II rifle.

What size is the original handguard of this funz and will this


or something similar be adequate?


7f785b  No.660087


Get a magpul MOE hanguard instead, lighter, better heat resistance, and more comfortable.


816adf  No.660090


>I'm looking for a free-floating handguard

>here, get this plastic snap on

wew lad


7f785b  No.660099


Why exactly do you want a free floated handguard?

9e15c9  No.660363

Explain this.

9e15c9  No.660364



4ec80f  No.660402

File: 5a68cc0f4afb5bd⋯.jpg (62.35 KB, 966x357, 46:17, 5a68cc0f4afb5bd9bae2cccc96….jpg)


>Magazine Was Already in Mosque

No, it fell out of his carrier

>The Magically Disappearing Shell Casing

No, you can see them hitting the ground and making sound by hitting the fence, 8:55 in the full video.

ec4e6e  No.660404


SIG Sauer p365 (9mm)

Did I do good?

324c0f  No.660411


It discharges if you shake it too hard and is literally made by kikes

9e15c9  No.660416


>a mag, shot out of his carrier, before he even needed to reload, dozens of yards away, even though it was the first time he entered the building and hallway.

>The casings make a sound, despite that none of them visibly hit any surface before disappearing.

Goddamn they must put a lot of soy in those bratwursts.

4ec80f  No.660417


Why are you completely ignoring the image and the post that I posted, whip out your video and skip to 6:53 and 8:55 respectively.

16f483  No.660443

File: a466bc7eb02284d⋯.jpg (213.32 KB, 800x800, 1:1, BTS-E50501.jpg)

Hello guys. Not a weapons guy but wondering what you would recommend for "tactical" clothing, specifically boots. I need boots because I'm going on a vacation for a while in Tokyo and plan on running/walking for many hours each day. I have expensive Asics Gel Kayano running shoes but they started to fall apart very rapidly as I increased my daily walking mileage.

I was looking at these " Bates Men's Usmc Lightweight Durashocks Military and Tactical Boot "



Do these look like they would hold up well? I am going to be walking mostly on smooth pavement

00e532  No.660453


Find a pair of Danner's or better yet find a local milsurp dealer.

4ec80f  No.660456

File: 90647dfeff12296⋯.jpg (268.27 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 203308_nepal-pro.jpg)


Try searching for Haix Nepal Pro™

b76ec6  No.660462

About how many acres of land should I buy if I want to shoot on it without worrying about the surrounding area being bought up by uppity assholes who will complain about the noise?

Ideally I'd also build a house on it, but more likely it'd just be a trailer.

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