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There's no discharge in the war!

File: aa9e86067a643c2⋯.jpeg (103.13 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 48F18B58-E4AB-478E-A59A-C….jpeg)

41e274  No.546766

Old thread will no longer bump back up to the first page, creating a new one.

Old thread >>530956

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3311cf  No.598047


Will was supposed to be 'with'.

df5e49  No.598335

File: 65371c88995d089⋯.jpeg (35.47 KB, 512x287, 512:287, implying kikes don't gun ….jpeg)

File: 96f3abe6fc41c2d⋯.jpg (304.06 KB, 1200x1152, 25:24, leftist ''argument''.jpg)

File: b54c7b9c8b68cd9⋯.png (1 MB, 2048x1832, 256:229, dey dindu nuffin.png)

File: c24e7953bff6123⋯.jpg (150.66 KB, 960x725, 192:145, Carlos Lacuck.jpg)

This political cartoonist is really odd, in my opinion. If any of you anons don't know, Carlos Latuff is an Arab political cartoonist born and raised in Brazil who is mostly known for his anti-Israel/pro-Palestine sentiments. He tends to act like your typical, anti-(((capitalist))), anti-White Marxist who will always be against National Socialism and fascism, even though both of said third positions are also against (((capitalism))). He keeps comparing the Israel-Palestine conflict to that of le ebil gnatzees doing the Holohoax, assuming it actually happened. All in all, he has perfectly encapsulated the the Marxist art of useful idotism.

The thing that concerned me the most about him though is that he claimed himself once to be a real Marxist, he even drew Che Guevera as a Palestinian once. Yet, he actually supports the one thing actual Marxists would never support, (((gun control))). Yes you've heard it, even those literal faggot cuckolds don't support it. They think it oppresses the working class (whom they think are all non-Whites, for some retarded reason). Carlos Latuff seems like he's just following whatever's popular in the American liberal scene, he supported the #GunControlNow Twatter movement, which of course (((coincidentally))) isn't popular right now because no (((false flag))) shootings have been made and the crisis actors are suddenly not getting any (((media))) attention. You know, I used to think leftists are actually serious when they say they are against "corporate media", but now I realize they were never that remotely serious about it because of the so called "free press" meme. As for the commies, somehow they all think the (((MSM))) is "racist, sexist, and bigoted" against the "minorities", somehow. In reality, they'd believe the (((MSM))) if it fits their "progressive" narratives.

The cartoons he made about supporting (((gun control))) is on pic related. The first one is incredibly ridiculous, because almost every major politician in (((AIPAC))) supports (((gun control))) and get funding by the billions which is over 9000+ times more than the funding the NRA gets. The second one doesn't even make sense, it doesn't convey anything specific. I guess it means the NRA is the Grim Reaper for supposedly allowing (((false flag))) shootings to happen because they sell "assault" rifles? The third and last one is basically Dey Dindu Nuffin: The Cartoon.

Can a hue present ITT actually tell me what you think about this confusing "man"? He's a literal cuckold, by the way. Last question I have here is how left leaning is Brazil, anyways?

pic related

2d3aa7  No.598340


>how left leaning is Brazil

A coworker, having a PhD in South American politics, married a Brazilian woman and through her owns/rents a condo down there. Here's what little I know:

They're full-on nofunz. Some of his inlaws who had the small, simple guns they were allowed before their "blue wave" equivalent, still have them probably – they've hinted in whispers they probably know where the gun they had is, and they don't mean which government warehouse is waiting to melt it down, they mean which closet they're keeping it in. But all of them that admit to still "owning" a .32acp handgun, say they haven't even let it out into the light of day in years for fear of losing instantly.

From a few other stories, such as the other coworker who is of Brazilian descent (still has close family ties down there) prattling on about my boss' pregnant wife needing to get a C-Section because that's how it's down in the no-fuss, no-muss land of Brazil and Americans should stop messing around with this "natural" crap, is that in answer to your question, the only plausible answer is

>all the way.

b76ec6  No.598348

Is there a /k/ guide to building an AR or should I just go to my local shop and ask them?

48600c  No.598350


If it's your first AR and don't want to spend too much, PSA often sells a bundle with an upper and a lower parts kit. Then just buy a lower. Get a punch set too because some pins are a bitch to deal with. A long hex key is helpful too for installing the grip. After that, just look up how to build an AR and follow directions.

Building an upper from parts is an entirely different beast that'd require some additional tooling. There's probably a video for that too.

2d3aa7  No.598352


jewtube used to have a bunch of videos from almost everyone, often one video per part-install, which is a little silly.

You might try a search on full30? Or just a generic web search there are still text sites out there explaining which pin goes in which hole, and it's really not that hard … for your second build ;-)

b76ec6  No.598356



I meant more along the lines of who to buy parts from, I know a lot of manufacturers have (((cut costs))) lately, but I know absolutely nothing about who's gone bad, who still makes quality products, who makes good stuff but overcharges, etc.

91067e  No.598382


BCM, Faxon, PSA, Spike's Tactical, Daniel Defense, many other companies out there.

Don't go cheap on your barrel, upper receiver, or bolt carrier. Stock milspec trigger is fine and most lower receivers around the $60 range won't blow up on you.

Protip if you're inserting roll pins and have a smaller vice or a C-clamp, you can actually use it to push the pins in place. I built my first lower without ever touching a punch set. Make sure you use a lot of masking tape if you give a shit about the finish.

3e0628  No.598398

File: 626931d1bbec272⋯.jpg (432.7 KB, 1080x615, 72:41, Screenshot_2018-08-01-11-2….jpg)

Not sure what I'm supposed to do with these. A guy dropped them (and a bunch of other stuff) off to be photographed so he could sell them, but he never came back for them nor answered his phone since.

That was 3+ years ago now.

b76ec6  No.598399


Was their blood on them, and if so, who or what did it belong to?

3e0628  No.598400


Nope, they need a tidy up though as there's rust spots on them. A guy was buying a whole heap of Sami made stuff and then was going to resell it for a higher price, but has dropped off the earth instead.

4f881e  No.598402

File: f2def0e3c31f481⋯.jpg (314.07 KB, 1038x1393, 1038:1393, Deedlit.full.1542458.jpg)


Give them to me strelok, I know the guy and I'd be happy to give them back.

00756e  No.598405


Sure, just pay the photography fee which he never did and I'll send them over.

4f881e  No.598406


Well, how much?

00756e  No.598409


$5,000USD for you because you posted anime shit

4f881e  No.598412


I don't have $5,000. How about $40 and a sad handjob.

a98672  No.598589


I love Puuko style knives with a passion, are you willing to mail it to Australia?

3e0628  No.598612


What state are you in?

7b73b7  No.598617


Barrel, BCG, and mags are the most important part of your raifuru. You'll want something that isn't a milspec crap trigger, but sub-100 RISE armament or JMT Saber triggers are fine and the differences between them and anything better are fairly subtle and not something you'll notice outside of NRA High Power. Virtually everything else is fit and finish or to taste (furniture).

Aero is good for most parts. Brownells BCG and mags have solid reputations but I've not heard anything about their other parts. PSA's Premium (and only their premium) BCGs also have good reps. Most of their other parts are merely entry level and not worth it outside of bundles, though they're a fine source for lower parts kits.

Mr. Guns And Gear gives pretty good reviews on AR parts. Rare combo of knowing his shit and actually being able to condense it into a relatively short video without missing anything. His Facebook page lists a lot of deals on AR parts and he'll note if they're good or not.

c6d37a  No.598655


QLD, in the south-east.

Throwaway email: snabblebottom@gmail.com

60c5f1  No.598665



and the trigger

60c5f1  No.598666


>sub-100 RISE armament or JMT Saber

just wait until black friday and buy the 100+ triggers at a discount.

don't go cheap on a trigger or barrel. BCG is where the real kikery afoot comes in. Those $200 BCG's and "reduced weight" cuts are pure kikery afoot. You can get NB bcg these days for $90 and you know you're not going to shoot it enough to ever see a problem.

33e375  No.598683


I'm originally from Vic. I think I'll keep these ones as they have a pretty high value around here - one of the local stores sells the bigger knife for close to $900 AUD alone.

b8c6fc  No.598758

Someone help me figure out whether or not the Springfield Armory's XD 9mm compact is any good for a carry

41a2d4  No.598768


Glock, FN, even goddamn Ruger and Taurus make better compact/sub-compact 9mm handguns than the XD. Now if they were actual HS branded and still cost <$300 that would be one thing, but now the gungrabber dicksuckers at Springfield INC have their kike mitts all over them.

7b73b7  No.598793

What was considered the reload speed for a typical, trained, solider user paper cartridges in a muzzle loader?

4f881e  No.598828


A well drilled volunteer could load in 25 or 30 seconds. A poorly drilled but experienced shooter could take more time or less time. Either one could move quicker or slower due to the adrenaline rush of being shot at as opposed to drilling.

4f881e  No.598829


Adding to that, the army said 20 second reloads for sustained fire, but you have take into the account the effect the fouling would have on reloads. A problem that black powders tended to have that makes the reload more difficult.

3d78f5  No.598893

Thinking about an AR varmint-rifle build.

What practical difference, if any, is there between having a front sight post mounted on the barrel/gasblock versus on the handguard/floattube? I've been told that barrel-mounted is better because a handguard can flex enough to throw off the front sight, but I'm not sure I buy that.

4711db  No.598934

File: ea3fcfcb555b23f⋯.jpg (61.4 KB, 728x739, 728:739, aussie police.jpg)

Doing a presentation for class on gun control. I dont know a lot about it apart from the fact that it prevents violent crimes and yadda yadda. But does anyone have a list of academic and normal website source pro gun control. I can use videos, questions, images (images dont need to be sourced).

It also needs to be about Australia, i can use other countries statistics but it has to then relate back to Australia.

678d52  No.598947


Look up the most common causes of death in Ausfailia. Look up stats between sports injuries and shooting injuries. Bring up how gangs in Ausfailia are making home built SMGs. Show diagrams for slam fire shotguns and explain how easy it is to make. Then go full retard, show them ingredients for bombs that you can purchase at home improvement stores, show them how lithium batteries can be turned into incendiary grenades.

THEN you bring up US statistics for gun deaths in places with strict gun control and those that don't. Show that it is a way for politicians to make it look like they are doing something to stem the violence but are just making it harder for innocent civilians to protect themselves. Bring up police response times and argue that your life as a property owner living a honest legal life is worth more than the thief that has more time to steal other people's shit than to find a job of their own. Then according to you're own personal taste, argue how a disarmed populace has no rights, how any government can stamp on the rights of good people when the good people are disarmed. Good time to mention that every Communist nation first started by deciding who and who could not be armed.

678d52  No.598948


Depends on the rail. Some are much more sturdy than others. And on a varmint rifle, you want a scope, something that can be adjusted to the range you're shooting within. If you're really worried about your irons shifting, get a fixed sight/gas block and a rail that accommodates it. Or you can go the false dissapator route and get a midlegth/carbine gas system that fits under your rail, and mount a front sight block at the very end (butt up to the threading) of the barrel.

4711db  No.598953


Yeah i mean, i know all this and stuff, and yeah i can find statistics and stuff. Problem is, i need like 2 (or 3?) articles or some shit with like authors who went to a university. I also wanna add some stupid videos because i don't wanna find information for 15 minutes worth of talking time lel

678d52  No.598957


Google is a better choice than /k/ for that stuff bro.

Can you debunk articles? Because if so you can use how the Brady campaign pushed for the US Assault Weapons Ban by using statistics that were skewed by very wide definitions. 25 year olds being counted as children, anything with 8 or more rounds being considered "assault weapons".

986121  No.598969

Can firearms be transported on public transit in Canada? I checked the transport regulations on the RCMP website and nothing at all there seems to imply you can't, and the city bus system's website doesn't mention guns in any of their policies either, but it seems like something that they would have been likely to ban and I couldn't find any confirmation that it IS legal either.

It would be a handgun, so it could easily (and essentially must) be stored for transport in such a way that nobody will notice and cause a scene.

1f7111  No.598973


Everything is okay with the police until they catch you doing it.

Have you considered putting it in a case, and carrying the case in a backpack? Do they have metal detectors? Do they cavity search you?

60c5f1  No.598991


>ruger and taurus is better than the XD

shut the fuck up you dumbass shill

ruger is budget shit that that splits the bill between cheap ass shit that actually works, and Taurus is cheap ass shit t hat doesn't work.

XD is on the same level as Glock, FN, blah blah polymer shit, they're all good, they all work, fuck off.

Me? P229 in .357 SIG get rekt pussy lmao

60c5f1  No.598994




0d532a  No.599220


>Yeah, expanding and fragmenting ammo is a no go for military. Btw, why aren't they using AP ammo by default, and use FMJ instead? They cannot have expanding bullets anyway, so why not at least have them excel at penetration?

They kind-of sort-of do. Mk 318 ad M855A1 are both rounds geared towards penetration, although they aren't true "armor piercing", more "cover piercing", or "barrier blind" as the tacticool kids are saying.


>Carlos Latuff seems like he's just following whatever's popular in the American liberal scene

You've hit the nail on the head. Most leftism in the first world is just social jockeying and doesn't stand for anything coherent or internally consistent. If they were capable of logical consistency they wouldn't be leftists, after all.

>The second one doesn't even make sense, it doesn't convey anything specific.

A lot of political cartoons are like that. They're not meant to convey anything coherent, but to hit a couple emotional chords with an audience that already agrees with the author.

>how left leaning is Brazil, anyways?

Pretty left-leaning, but they've got a surprisingly active ancap/minarchist movement, more so than other countries that are comparatively right-wing.

Also, there's such a thing as too many (((echoes))). If you use them too often they lose all meaning.


What's the real advantage of NiB? Nitride seems like it has largely the same effect without the possibility of flaking.


>XD is on the same level as Glock, FN, blah blah polymer shit, they're all good, they all work, fuck off.

Springfield are still gungrabbing cucks though.

>Me? P229 in .357 SIG get rekt pussy lmao

Good man. Steyr M357A1 is good as well, I like it for those memesights.

0f33c6  No.599223

File: 813246b905ddabc⋯.gif (1.35 MB, 355x219, 355:219, Holy Fuck.gif)

How hard would it be to convert one of those 6.5 ARs to 6.5 Arisaka?

What would be the best one to work with?

60c5f1  No.599224



just a smoother surface. Nitride still has a kind of rough-ish surface. NiB and Chrome are basically as smooth as glass, no joke.

>Springfield are still gungrabbing cucks

yes, they allied with the worst kind of gungrabbing liberal scum so they could shill their product in the short-term. It's indefensible, but at the same time the Croatians really do make a good gun. XD is good for those 1911 guys who want to transition to polymer because it's really like a cross between a 1911 and a Glock. Shame that a good gun is tied to such a piece of shit company. I grabbed an XDm brand new with free shipping for $299 in the immediate aftermath of that fiasco.

>Stayr M357A1

I always wanted to shoot one of those, it looks very comfortable.

52ed04  No.599233

File: f453db31fbe4be9⋯.jpg (1.88 MB, 1956x2724, 163:227, Kenshiro before the bomb f….jpg)


>6.5 Arisaka AR


defed3  No.599234


>jap with a beard


0d532a  No.599244


Any experience with the other wundercoatings? The BCG I ended up getting for my build has a DLC coating on it that's supposed to be 20 times smoother than NiB. I doubt it's 20 times more effective–diminishing returns and so forth–but it seems to perform well.

60c5f1  No.599246


just nitride and NB. Do you know the brand of your bcg?

0d532a  No.599250

File: d5044cbbc540a5c⋯.png (849.46 KB, 1909x1110, 1909:1110, ClipboardImage.png)


Iron City Rifleworks. Cryptic Coatings has the same stuff on their carriers, I believe they were the ones that brought this stuff to semi-notoriety.

0d532a  No.599252

File: 1bc3de791344fa7⋯.png (343.71 KB, 968x802, 484:401, screenshot.png)


The "black diamond" (or mystic black for cryptic) is the one in question by the way.

41a2d4  No.599259

File: d9e49b6f4ba4faa⋯.png (283.22 KB, 1266x575, 1266:575, 1468696750398-0.png)


>mot knowing japs are the only asians with any testosterone


ee75a0  No.599267


Just to let you know you need an AR that can handle .30-06 length cartridges. .308 ain't gonna cut it.

0d532a  No.599268


>AR that can handle .30-06 length cartridges

Is it even an AR by that point?

4d9644  No.599272


> Be mongoloid

> Read pic

> Mongoloids lack creativity

The lack of creativity stems from the communist Chinese suppression of culture, information, etc. They've been forcing conformity out of the fear that creativity would lead to regular Zhous subverting thier power and overthrowing them.

60c5f1  No.599275


damn, that stuff is expensive

well, you get what you pay for, so if I was you I'd be pretty satisfied.

7b73b7  No.599277


I've heard very early concepts of the AR-10 were in 30-06.

1c1772  No.599287


I wrote an essay on gun control in America and argued it was useless and got full marks from a liberal female teacher here. It's only a couple pages long but I'll post it here tomorrow and you can use what information you like from it.

8ab0f8  No.599306

Do you have any caps from militaryfags about the Superdome during Katrina storm?

0f33c6  No.599315


Would an AR in 6.5x55 cut it? I am no expert on caliber conversions by any means, but it seems but closer to the actual length of 6.5 Jap than .30-06

55fa0d  No.599338


Too long, would have to be for AR-10. 7.62x51 is too long for AR 15, so yes the Arisaka and especially the Swede would be too. Consider that the beautiful old 6.5mm military rounds had long bullets that stuck out about a mile from the front of the cartridge. Was just looking at the 6.5 Swede again, considering going back to do some more cast bullet rounds with it, saw some loads that were 3.000 OAL inches. She won't fit by a mile.

ee75a0  No.599345

File: a01bccbddaa8fda⋯.jpg (1.47 MB, 4032x2268, 16:9, 20180806_121647.jpg)


Fellows in Montana make a .30-06 AR if I recall.


Picture related. Its why my M14 in 6.5 came to not be. Now its a Garand in 7.7 or 6.5 depending if I can replace the Enbloc with a standard internal mag. I can't tell if the .30-06 is a standard 168gr pill, I don't have my measuring tools here.

7b6488  No.599346


Swedish 6.5mm is a Mauser cartridge, therefore it really is 7.92 Mauser necked down. And 7.92 Mauser is longer than 7.62 NATO, but shorter than .30-06.

55fa0d  No.599359


Interesting fact; because of a few details, the 30-06 is a truer and more compatible Mauser cartridge in the family than the 6.5 Swede. One can ream a 7.92mm Mauser into a 8mm-06 pretty easy. One can cut down a 30-06 make other Mauser family cartridges out of it if absolutely need be; however no 6.5mm Swede cartridge can be absolutely safely made from any Mauser family cartridge by shortening or necking down. It has been done, but the dimensional differences between the true Mauser family and 6.5 Swede eventually causes short case life or worse due to case head and base issues being out of order.

So, no, its not a necked down 7.92 Mauser.

be3d06  No.599365


Are glock polymer 80 lowers worth the time/money?

0d532a  No.599373


Depends. How much do you value not having to fill out a 4473, and how much do you enjoy putting things together? If neither factor matters much, just buy a complete pistol You have the option of not getting a glawk as well. If you don't like paperwork but don't have patience for building things, go on Armslist and find a used pistol you like.

be3d06  No.599377


Let me ask a better question. Are the Polymer 80 frames unreliable in any way, and is the grip angle significantly different/more comfy from a glock gen3?

0d532a  No.599391


Nothing to worry about with regards to reliability, at least as far as I'm aware. I know the grip angle is different from factory Glocks, but as I don't use them I couldn't speak to as to whether it's "better" or not. Other Glawk users seem to like it, though.

986930  No.599405

File: 70a372ea6e3f141⋯.png (58.16 KB, 679x769, 679:769, 1507551040153.png)

If I were to look down a shotgun barrel, with it pointed straight to me brain, whats my chances of not dieing?

Pic related is what I don't want to live as

0d532a  No.599406

File: 966fe8c32a5c3c6⋯.gif (961.68 KB, 171x172, 171:172, alex_jones_confused.gif)

da77c1  No.599409


One, look up 'multiple gunshot suicide'.

Two, If you want to kill yourself that's your business, but please use a method that doesn't pad out ((gun violence)) statistics. Just get an exit bag.

0dd9c0  No.599419

File: 6acc24e8d9ed770⋯.jpg (50.73 KB, 600x600, 1:1, om 14 poland.jpg)

I got my hands on a OM 14 gasmask Does the om 14 mask itself contain asbestos? Im aware that the filter does contain asbestos. Does the tube have anything harmful?

c6bfbb  No.599429

File: 6a2951cb4dea925⋯.png (136.71 KB, 655x600, 131:120, MondayMotivation.png)


Don't shoot yourself, anon. Take the gun to the range and have fun instead.

ee75a0  No.599432


Just the filter will be cancer causing. It doesn't hurt to give the mask and tube a good washing though incase said filter took a fat asbestos shit.

c6bfbb  No.599435


Hope I'm not too late.

https://www.sci encedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1359178916300258

(You can pull it up on Sci-Hub to get around the subscription requirement if you can't access it. https://sc i-hub.tw/https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1359178916300258)

This is entirely based on Australia and from a neutral source.

https://gun owners.org/pdf/2014gunfacts.pdf

This one has an Australia section. Granted it's from Gun Owners of America, it does have a link to other sources.

4711db  No.599460


Thanks you!


Forgot to mention, i'm stupid, was a project that is anti-gun control lol

86acbc  No.599667

File: a21652ef62b82d8⋯.pdf (335.17 KB, Russian Rifle Divisions, 1….PDF)


Nevermind. USACAC's website still doesn't work for me but Nafziger's orders of battle are available on another site: http://www.alternatewars.com/CARL/Nafgizer_CARL.htm

986930  No.599694



Not looking to kill myself right now

I couldn't let (((them))) have another reason

If I were to kill myself, I'd do it in a much funner way, like hanging myself off a busy freeway bridge during rushour

1f7111  No.599704


First and most important- never, ever, ever EVER show your serial number like that online, ever.

Second - looks as far apart as it is on an AUG, which is pretty gay but still useable.

Third- I'm really not shitting you about the serial number.

0d532a  No.599706


Fug, I'm retarded. Really need to stop posting sleep-deprived. Anyway thanks for the quick answer

62763c  No.599707


Good job. There's also a book by Glantz on Soviet Divisional and Corps level echlon structure during the WW2. It goes into some depth in the bridgade level but not much. If you must I can scan you parts of the book.

7b73b7  No.599718


Once you've gotten them working, they'll work. You'll have to take them back home from the range and file down some parts after the first time you shoot it (cycling issues, nothing catastrophic).

bf8536  No.599773

Where's the stuff tying Ian to antifa?

bc9984  No.599774


There is none, it was a shoop. Ian is a faggot in many ways, but not this particular one.

bf8536  No.599777


Why do anons hate him, then?

bc9984  No.599783


Because you don't need to be antifa to be a fag. Him and Kasarda made more than one video virtue-signalling in the name of lefty politics, he gets triggered whenever someone calls what's happening in South Africa a "genocide," and he blocked comments on his Rhodesian FAL video because of le ebin basement-dwelling racists meme. Also, independent of politics, the two of them have this pretentious, shit-eating hipster mentality. They've crowned themselves the "killers of sacred cows" and the most scientific and objective of the firearm YouTubers, because they perform the radically innovative test of throwing guns into a wheelbarrow and dumping mud on them.

bf8536  No.599785


>Him and Kasarda made more than one video virtue-signalling in the name of lefty politics

Any prime examples?

b85292  No.599793


A video called "race war" and another called "best guns for men." I'd link but Hooktube doesn't work anymore. There are one or two threads in the catalog on the subject, one's got "relisted with no comments allowed" in the OP, don't recall the other one.

d4f5ff  No.599811


He is a faggot voiced, ponytail wearing liberal douchebag dipshit that supports "smart" gun control.

d4f5ff  No.599812

74d11f  No.599864

File: 1c8f780bb66524d⋯.jpg (7.48 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1c8f780bb66524d0689c201678….jpg)

Recommend me some paint patterns and colors so I can bubba my p226 airshit

204e0f  No.599867


Hot pink so that your faggotry may be identified from afar.

48600c  No.599905


Learn to read. He said patterns and colors.

What the huenigger wants is hot pink with little dicks and cum spots everywhere.

31ceeb  No.599915

Is mk 318 a good round to stockpile for SHTF?

60c5f1  No.599916


>mk 318

absurdly overpriced for what it is.

31ceeb  No.599919


Any other recommendations? It's far cheaper than all the other "barrier-blind" rounds on the market, which are anywhere from 80 cents to a dollar per, whereas 318 comes in at around 50 cents per. Hornady Frontier (TAP equivalent, uses the T2 bullet) is better at 40 cents per, but as it's on the heavier side at 75 grains I have concerns about effective range.

97c8b2  No.600083

Anon suggested I post here rather than being a flaming homosexual. So yeah…

/k/ommandos - I need to be redpilled on load bearing equipment (LBE).

What kind of LBE do you recommend? Chest rigs? Plate carriers? Old school style vests? Something else?

Is it a good idea to have a water bladder on your LBE in a pouch on the back? Does this cause problems when using a rucksack?

What manufacturers would you recommend? And who should I avoid buying from?

1f7111  No.600149

File: 9db9f57108de8e3⋯.gif (1.57 MB, 288x288, 1:1, 9mm vs. ballistic gel.gif)


>What kind of LBE do you recommend? Chest rigs? Plate carriers? Old school style vests? Something else?

What are you doing?

If you're operating mounted in a vehicle and/or frequently getting in/out of one, go chest rig.

If you're required to wear body armour, wear a PC.

If you're doing both of the above, but fighting as a dismount (eg: mech inf or scout) combine the above two like here:


By mounting one to the other with fastex clips.

If you're fighting fully dismounted, use an old-school belt rig. It simply works, even if it isn't "tacticool".

It even works with body armour if you use thin shoulder straps such as the ones BFG makes:


The two major aussie kit manufacturers make similar items. I'd go SORD if you can't get BFG.

If there is no need for you to wear armour or follow unit SOPs, then maybe try a vest if you can get a cheap one. They can carry a lot of shit, but they can get pretty damn hot in Aus.

Whatever you use, fill it full of all your shit and then go for at least a 1km run, then low crawl for 50-100m. If anything snags or comes loose, move it to where it won't.

>Is it a good idea to have a water bladder on your LBE in a pouch on the back?


>Does this cause problems when using a rucksack?

Yes it can. Platatac sells a bladder that fits under the plate in your PC (if relevant) otherwise use one you can stuff into your pack.

>What manufacturers would you recommend? And who should I avoid buying from?

You're an Aussie, so I'd recommend SORD first, Platatac if they make something SORD doesen't.

You can import kit from the US or elsewhere if you don't mind paying an arm and a leg, or you can dig through surplus stores for old stuff that may be in decent condition.

Not 100% sure about all US manufacturers, but I know London Bridge Trading Co. is the absolute best (and most expensive). Crye Precision, First Spear, TYR Tactical, Blue Force Gear, Eagle Marine and Tactical Tailor are companies I've heard good things about.

Blackhawk and Condor should only be bought if you're going to sell them on to a foreign soldier for more than you paid. 5.11 has great clothes, shit tactical gear.

Why the question? Joining up? If so, don't buy anything yet, you probably won't be allowed to use any gucci gear. Wait till you complete training and get to your operational unit. They may allow you to use own gear, I'd recommend the BFG suspenders first, then other stuff as needed.

In the meantime, buy some army green bamboo hiking socks, at least 6 pairs, and a decent and non-flashy watch. You'll use them more than anything else.

d4f5ff  No.600150


It's a meme, quit wanting meme rounds.

Either go m855 or m193, you cant have your cake and eat it too with 5.56.

d4f5ff  No.600151


PSA sells them for 30 CPR fre shipping, 23 CPR and 27 CPR on black friday

055fca  No.600153

In what situation would you use 5.56 if you were given choice? What is its most appropriate use? Is it underpowered?

4cb290  No.600157


5.56 is a great cartridge if you don't want to fire further away than 300m (like in a Vietnamese jungle), as long as you have a long enough barrel. The problems with it are twofold: first of all, the US Army replaced the M16 with the M4 that has a shorter barrel, and so the effective range went down even further. The M4 really is closer to an extremely effective SMG than to an assault rifle. The second problem is that the USA has been fighting in Afghanistan for quite a while, and the average range of a firefight there is well beyond 300m, so even the M16 isn't enough there. So the problem is not with the cartridge, but that the US Army doesn't have a coherent theory for its infantry. As in, they don't know what they want from them, and so they equip them in an ad hoc manner.

195d44  No.600164

So say you fire an AMRAAM near the City of Otepaa in Estonia by accident and it lands approximately 25 miles North of the town of Tartu how high would a plane have to be flying?

d4f5ff  No.600166


300 yards max effective range,

20" barrel only, 18" if you need to save weight for health/age reasons.

Beyond 300, just get a bolt gun with a bull barrel and a good stock.

18b213  No.600177


There aren't any good piston AR uppers with a 20" barrel, anon.

4305e8  No.600194



What do you need an external piston for? They're as much memes as "DI is unreliable."

60c5f1  No.600257


there aren't any AR uppers with 20" barrels anymore, you're going to have to build.

8c286a  No.600261

File: 58eaab721e28e95⋯.jpg (13.96 KB, 400x360, 10:9, 17801.jpg)

7dace5  No.600263


I'm … sorry?

https 22mods4all.com collections/assembled-upper-receivers/barrel-length_20-barrel

https www.jsesurplus.com 20uppers.aspx

https www.bravocompanyusa.com BCM-M16-Government-20-Upper-Receiver-Group-p/bcm-urg-gov-20.htm

https www.stagarms.com stag-15l-retro-upper/

7dace5  No.600264

File: 44345f00a855634⋯.jpg (4.33 KB, 340x193, 340:193, Adams-Arms-P-Series-e15094….jpg)


I grant you none of those are piston builds, which is what you were responding to. But the length of the barrel won't matter; only the length of the piston. Any conversion kit with a 'rifle-system length piston' will work

97c8b2  No.600295


>Why the question? Joining up?

No, I'm a civilian. But I do plan on traveling abroad to get the kind of training that the Aussie government would hate its subjects to have. Nothing special, just general running and gunning.

>What are you doing?

Mostly on foot, but I will be getting into and out of a vehicle somewhat frequently. An old school belt rig might get in the way. I do plan to focus on bolt action rifles (as its what I am restricted to in Oz) and handguns, but I will be doing running and gunning as well.

So pseudo-sniper who uses a vehicle from time to time for the most part.

>In the meantime, buy some army green bamboo hiking socks, at least 6 pairs, and a decent and non-flashy watch. You'll use them more than anything else.

Will do.

1f7111  No.600369


> plan on traveling abroad to get … training

Godbless anon. Bring back the knowledge and pass it on to others.

>bolt action rifles

This guy sells MOLLE Garand pouches. If your rifle uses clips, two ought to fit in each garand pouch, depending on size.


If you use some kind of modular belt, you should be about right for your role. Don't forget to leave room for an IFAK suited to potential GSW.

Let us know how it goes. Best of luck.

74d11f  No.600378


>Removing the feeder

Low IQ gringo

You should have kept it and used it as a killing ground

Just sit in your backyard and when they come down shoot them

1f7111  No.600386



Ah, forgot to say: if you do choose a few pouches holding clips, be sure to include a couple of larger pouches that can hold many more, such as ADF issue Minimi pouches.

Also look at this post, purely for scientific study and entertainment value of course. >>597530

97c8b2  No.600501


You recommend SORD and Blue Force Gear. Have you heard of Platatac? They are a Defence Recognised Supplier here in Oz. Not sure how they compare to SORD, but their H-harnesses look good - they can be worn under armour as well.


1f7111  No.600502


Yes I currently use one of their modular belts, but SORD gear tends to be somewhat better-made and more durable.

60c5f1  No.600511


Dayum, you just fucked my shit up.

>BCM upper is $440 with no bcg or ch

man that is one hell of a kiking, so glad I built mine

97c8b2  No.600515


Now that I think of it, most of the soldiers I know use SORD. If its good enough for soldiers who use their equipment to destruction it will be more than good enough for me!

1f7111  No.600517


Having said all that, there's nothing wrong with Platatac, and is usually cheaper. I knew several soldiers who used this:


and were very happy with it. And seeing how it's on special right now, well, it'll save you money for other more expensive stuff.

There's a fair few Platatac items that are NSN'd for issue to the ADF too. For example: https://www.platatac.com/platatac-molle-minimi-mk-ii.html

a67ede  No.600525

How do I get in touch with Trump to slap massive tariffs on Sweden?

I just bought a WW2 medal from the US in an online auction, $200 plus $40 shipping. Got a letter yesterday saying its ready to pick up, once I pay the $90 import fee.

7df394  No.600529


>I just bought a WW2 medal from the US in an online auction


a67ede  No.600531


It's a gift for someone who will appreciate it. I just checked the exchange rate, and it's $99 actually.

f999a3  No.600539

I've decided to stop being a weak bitch. I've started putting on weight lately and I don't want to turn into a fat fuck again. I also want to learn how to better defend myself/fight because I'm way out of practice.

Any tips for getting /fit/ from you guys? I do a lot of hiking but I need to learn how to fight and start lifting more. What kind of gyms should I be looking into? Boxing? MMA? Jeet Kune Do?

a67ede  No.600540


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is generally seen as the best all round MMA to take, but it also depends what's in your area. One of the best BJJ practitioners I know of also trains with knives and firearms too.

Lifting is essential, as is diet. Lowering carbs if you need to lose weight is the most popular method at the moment.

39686d  No.600541


Your fault for spreading money outside the EU to be tbh :^)

Fuck this new import policy.

a67ede  No.600542


I'm not against tariffs on certain items, but I hate paying taxes on things that aren't even produced or located in Sweden or the EU. Might as well vote for F! and bring on the collapse already.

676e7a  No.600687

File: b0640e341de60e9⋯.jpg (2.68 MB, 3174x1702, 69:37, 20180810_180859.jpg)

File: c5447c10d78d196⋯.jpg (955.87 KB, 1614x1674, 269:279, 20180810_180914.jpg)

I got this dagger/knife from my grandmother's friend who's husband (who served in the European theater of WW2) recently died. Apparently she told her that I was into that kind of stuff, and that I would take good care of it. They didn't have any kids.

Anyways, it looks like a WW1 German trench dagger that has been converted into a clip point knife. Is there any documented cases of this happening in the war or did bubba get a hold of it? I had to clean quite a bit of cosmoline off of it, so I think it was converted in the field and then put away for storage after WW1. The tip (pic related) is pretty heavily bent. is there any way of straightening it without risking snapping it off?

676e7a  No.600689


Actually, I take back everything about it being converted. The more grease I clean off the more it looks factory.

94950c  No.600691


any markings?

676e7a  No.600692

File: e35e99eae305631⋯.jpg (2.47 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20180810_192347.jpg)

676e7a  No.600693



Thats all there is. It looks like someone sanded the blade pretty heavily though, probably trying to remove rust.

6dafa6  No.600779

File: a030808024fe7a2⋯.jpg (128.76 KB, 962x475, 962:475, Cluster Bomb.jpg)

Anyone know a good source for info on Russian cluster bomb sub-munitions? Globalsecurity.org only seems to cover US systems and google is just giving feels shit instead of facts.

96e4e9  No.601026

How does delayed blowback operation affect felt recoil of a rifle compared to a gas operated one?

39a7e7  No.601032


It will depend on on the blowback mechanism, but in general I believe delayed blowback guns will have heavier bolt carriers and return springs, which translates to more felt recoil.

39a7e7  No.601044

Is gunkote, cerakote, durakote, etc., alone enough to protect raw aluminum from corrosion, or should it be anodized first?

ee75a0  No.601078


Southfront might have something about them or anna news.

bb0d5c  No.601101

File: dcb0008ecb7d8e5⋯.png (639.85 KB, 800x607, 800:607, Wlk13Ff.png)

My slabside AK mag does not feed correctly. What to do, streloks? It looks like that.

4f881e  No.601116


Take apart the mag. Make sure it's clean or if there is anything wrong with the spring. You may need to clean the inside or replace the spring if its an older mag.

79ae1c  No.601129

File: 72e774ddc9babef⋯.jpg (333.15 KB, 848x1327, 848:1327, pNSpCJ0.jpg)


>It's a gift for someone who will appreciate it

You're overpaying (^:

0c57a6  No.601133


probably the mag. What kind of mag is it? Beware of the "croatian" ones.

42b2a6  No.601139

Has there ever been any recorded instances of "slow sabotage"? Is it even possible? What I mean by "slow sabotage" is something like destroying a wooden bridge with moss or crops with diseases that are difficult to detect and that once detected taking action against them becomes extremely difficult and/or futile. Where can I read/learn more about unconventional methods of sabotage?

b2b6f7  No.601143


>Has there ever been any recorded instances of "slow sabotage"?

I'd say the American public school system is a strong contender.

4f881e  No.601146

File: b11cd77fb4800d4⋯.jpg (34.81 KB, 299x451, 299:451, amazed_soldier.jpg)


A real, living human bean, fought, saw friends die, killed people, and was irreparably maimed in combat that fat zogbot could never imagine.

And all he got was this stupid challenge coin.

dog bless

a80478  No.601153


>school system

+1, but probably not what Strelok meant.


slowest I've heard of is sugar in the gasoline, or gasoline in the diesel. Or diesel in the gasoline. That will kill a vehicle if not caught, and you can be off-premises when the vehicle goes sputter-sputter,

There was the case of alcatraz escape (am I remembering this right?) where someone used an uncooked spaghetti noodle to saw through their bars over the course of years. Likewise, you could use a multi-tool to take a bite out of a concrete column, in the hopes of bringing an overpass down some decade hence – of course it would be seen before that, probably and repaired with a camera set up to find you.

It would be funny to find some useless "gunpowder" that has the same density, and will burn but only cause a squib for a normal load. If the color as well as the weight was right, you could swap out a 55gal drum at the factory, and not need any further insiders; but the ammo would be marked by lot, so a recall would be issued early on, and that would be the end of it.

The thing about sabotage, is it pretty much has to have a specific, fairly small target. "a fleet vehicle" or "the next batch of ammunition." If you want to sabotage "the food supply" you need to plan on dozens of individual strikes – make a few semis disappear, poison the fruit of a couple trees. Like sniper deaths, your goal would be a massive dose of FUD. Make everyone afraid to eat their own food, and they'll sabotage themselves for you after that.

3e0628  No.601155


I laughed, even if it is 100% true

676e7a  No.601227


>My slabside AK mag

bb0d5c  No.601264


I try swapping spring and follower, if that dont help I have nice looking paper weight that will be illegal in month. I could polish feed ramp but I dont want to alter type 1 AK after all they fucking already broke it. I hate kikes so much.

79ae1c  No.601267


>will be illegal in month


42b2a6  No.601269



I was thinking more along the lines of of this:


>potato beetle zerg rush on food supplies

>fleas infected with cholera dispersed over large areas

>yellow-fever infected mosquitoes

Crazy shit that in retrospect is just as scary as it sounds because of how difficult it is to detect once it's in place–partly due to the fact that it becomes effective over a much longer period of time than just a big boom.

62763c  No.601292

I need a new mutitool and I was wondering if the Gerber Recoil Auto-Plier was worth it for 15? Or should leatherman rev. Anyone got experience?

Also poorfag so on a budget

edfbf3  No.601294

File: b8a55b08689eea1⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 2500x2267, 2500:2267, Kappro.jpg)

I'm going to recommend this to someone. Has anything changed since October 4, 2014?

b2b6f7  No.601297


The CZ P-10c has come out, which if you're looking for a striker-fired gun for some reason is a pretty nice option, arguably on par or better than Glawk.

62763c  No.601304


Not sure if Walther PQQ can be replaced with a Star BM Or is it just my area with that many starbm's for sale?

1f7111  No.601306

File: 8440185188d5691⋯.jpg (37.55 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Halbek Device 1.jpg)

Guys, has anyone got any idea where one could find plans/designs for the Halbek Device?

Seems like a simple thing to make copies of and adapt to other platforms.

bf5fe4  No.601431

File: e8232c962ef2ec6⋯.jpg (14.91 KB, 261x247, 261:247, 1413108066601.jpg)


Not really /k/-related I guess but what did Russell do exactly besides hijack a plane and do some fancy tricks? Every time I ask I get called a redditfag or Jewish shill and I'm not quite sure why. When it happened I mostly didn't give a shit but now that everyone is worshipping him I'm curious.

62763c  No.601461


Be suicidal and scare regular goyim shitless.

c699ba  No.601470


>depressed asshole steals a plane

>does a barrel roll

>asks if it can do loops

>impresses career pilots with his maneuvering

>is on record saying that he's never flown but played simulators

>chased by F15s before deciding to crash in an isolated area when he's done

<lol what's teh big deal

c699ba  No.601471

sage for doublepost


The Star pistols have shitty extractors and magazines, either one or both can cause problems with cycling. Have fun finding parts(handfitting is required), but magazines are more common with the increased importation.

f70513  No.601473


So what IS teh big deal?

1715b4  No.601474

File: 31aee83fbb71bec⋯.png (197.02 KB, 609x548, 609:548, 65968162521f79ee66c95bf3aa….png)


I'm starting to believe in reincarnation.

bb0d5c  No.601482


Didn't her about new law that (((they))) wrote? It's even worse what EU pushed. If someone with gun license will get caught with "loading devices" larger then 10 rounds for long gun (>60cm) or 20 for pistols (<60cm) that means mandatory revoking of gun license.

bf5fe4  No.601485

File: 4df3fe73c4052b9⋯.png (170.23 KB, 453x435, 151:145, b3b81b0d3d082cbb0ef2b1f481….png)


Yeah, what is the big deal? It's not like that bulldozer tank guy who was wronged. I mean, I think it's cool, but is it really Dorner-tier?

56edef  No.601492




f33041  No.601499


What is the big deal tbh?

7f785b  No.601508

What would be the best value 1911 I could buy?

1f7111  No.601511

File: 872a507c2a431b6⋯.jpg (3.51 MB, 3900x5008, 975:1252, poorfagGunsinfographic v2.….jpg)

62763c  No.601512


We could put an M1 into the rifles section as one of those muhrica pieces Granted 750+ isn't fucking cheap

1f7111  No.601514


Key words friend:

>poorfag guns infographic

…the Garand stopped being on that list sometime in 1960.

bf5fe4  No.601520

File: cac88db0c5e2915⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.71 MB, 500x500, 1:1, ^.gif)

edfbf3  No.601522


Just like the founding fathers intended.

bb0d5c  No.601575


I would say Norinco, but they are propably expensive there, thank Clinton. So RIA, Brixia or Taurus (?)

986930  No.601599

File: 23432a3954ec02e⋯.jpg (211.7 KB, 800x1203, 800:1203, Sunspider1.jpg)

Are spring assisted stocks just a meme? Or do they really absorb the recoil?


4a5c42  No.601606

File: cd6d2c38f2f2599⋯.jpg (326.77 KB, 1950x2400, 13:16, 1911 guide.jpg)

1715b4  No.601641

Are soft/hollow point flechettes possible? If yes, how would they look like?

60c5f1  No.601652


if you're going to go 1911, just save up and buy a Les Baer, Ed Brown, or something on that level.

41a2d4  No.601658

File: 0c412286a591881⋯.png (379.76 KB, 413x570, 413:570, 1450919876299-2.png)


>No Para

>Not even a fucking Wilson Combat

>Kimber and Remington are okay

>The Colt 'frame cracking under 2000 round count' wondergun is listed under god tier

What fucking kike put this list together?

000000  No.601673


Never heard about that before. I don't know about nonstandard flechettes. But I know that flechettes deserve a thread about them because they kick ass and could probably be better developed with modern technology.

1715b4  No.601679


Yeah, i've started reading material on sectional density lately, and flechettes are amazing at flying through air, so i wonder if there's a way for them to dump all that energy in tissue instead of going right through.

c47c5b  No.601680

File: 1fc9bfea25aac98⋯.jpg (45.32 KB, 950x950, 1:1, Shot.jpg)

File: 3f380108f142231⋯.jpg (40.33 KB, 950x950, 1:1, Hit.jpg)


>to dump all that energy

Moving parts?

There was a broadhead (mostly considered a meme by serious bowhunters, but I haven't read up in those circles in a few years) that had the standard three razor blades, but they were skinny from cutting blade to spine), and on an axle. They were intended to be shot folded up, but the curved trailing end would 'catch' on the deer hide, pressing the blades out to the normal 1.25" diameter.

broadheads are VERY sensitive to wind disturbance because they're all surface area, and no weight. I would assume flechettes suffer a similar fate.

488495  No.601683



They write about a spoontip that makes the flechette yawn. Although now that I've searched it, they seem to got a new site with a new kind of ammunition: http://www.cbjtech.com/ammunition/

Also, couldn't you just make a flechette that has the same weight as a "normal" projectile of the same kind?

1715b4  No.601694


Thanks, that's interesting, but the problem is that the blades might not do much. Yeah, they'd increase would size, i.e. permanent cavity, but they do little to transfer energy and generate pressure, the thing that immediately knocks the target out. Soft points do this especially well. This still will work better than FMJ, i suppose.


That's pretty cool, but how does yawning and/or fragmenting compare to proper expansion?

>Also, couldn't you just make a flechette that has the same weight as a "normal" projectile of the same kind?

What do you consider "the same kind"? To make a flechette with the sabot out of .308 barrel the same weight as .308 might make it extremely long. Or it might mess up Ballistic coefficient, i dunno how flechettes are built beyond the fact that they are needles with find on the back.

These CBJ cartridges seem very interesting, but my understanding of sectional density, velocity and pressure functioning together is still very limited, so i don't really get how these do their magic. They do seem to push the very light 9mm(?) projectile like it would be a usual bullet, but very light for the caliber, so the velocity is built up and achieved really high, but then the bullet detaches from sabot and flies like a smaller caliber one, with a lot better sectional density. You launch the bullet like it would be a light big bore with bad SD, while it flies like a small bore one with good SD, but without extreme wear on the barrel and pressures, while going beyond what they could achieve. That's assuming it really does what it says it does.

1715b4  No.601695


Also, 3d printing might be handy for such cartridges, like non-replicable without casing polymers handy. Still makes me wonder why does such a miracle remain unnoticeable.

1715b4  No.601696

File: 9812ef8c1c0cf07⋯.jpg (34.23 KB, 560x300, 28:15, 1663-004-10744419.jpg)



Or how is that process called

7b73b7  No.601698

File: eea33492886574e⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1497x2126, 1497:2126, gunsforpoorpeoplenorebate.png)


Newer and non shit one.


Battlefield Vegas indicates Rock Island does really well for durability and is very cheap.

1715b4  No.601699

File: 248fb23a1b854fb⋯.jpg (3.79 MB, 3900x5008, 975:1252, 248fb23a1b854fb0b781f4042b….jpg)


I've got this one, how is it?

000000  No.601700


Flechettes get knocked off course easily by high winds due to their narrower structure and greater lateral surface area. Normal bullets don't suffer as much from this. This is why the gun companies and ammo companies haven't adopted flechettes.


That's why there's a need for a thread about this. Your question is already becoming too complex to answer here.

7b73b7  No.601701




1715b4  No.601703


Ok, i never knew that.

I guess i'll make a "weird ammo" thread.


k, ty

1715b4  No.601709


I've made a thread about this


7b73b7  No.601816


1: What is this helmet's name?

2: How is it? Primarily looking for something balistic that doesn't suck to wear (qualify for a division).

Looks cheaper than a PASGT+suspension upgrade and the strap looks modern.

56edef  No.601828

How are the GSG replicas? I want the MP-40 because it's coming here soon.

6d8e40  No.601897


It's from cripplechan.

f023b2  No.601933

File: bd4789018e51e23⋯.jpg (912.85 KB, 1636x1491, 1636:1491, bd4789018e51e230494122019f….jpg)

Does anyone have a working version of pic related?

1715b4  No.601937


Why not just google the dimensions? It's not like you are going to 3d print it, so why bother.

0d532a  No.601942


If you need hypothetical dimensions of parts, look up RDIAS plans instead of the lightning link. Alternatively, just buy a select-fire FCG (which is not illegal to do) and look up hypothetical instructions for modifying a semiauto lower to become full-auto.

12f3c5  No.601968


Why do people do this shit when they could just make a fucking diagram with dimensions?

1715b4  No.601971


It started when fed judge blocked defcad, so it were .stl or CAD files(and it made sense) that were posted to protest/oppose that. This is just copying the format.

bf5fe4  No.601973

File: 9558ccf8ef4a297⋯.png (102.19 KB, 255x191, 255:191, Fbi Honeypot.png)


Can't say for sure, Mr. Honeypot.

48600c  No.601976

File: a5f43198432263d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.04 KB, 600x600, 1:1, IMG_1058.JPG)


Here you go.

afc9a3  No.602006

File: bba88285ef5d354⋯.jpg (637.24 KB, 1988x1390, 994:695, 1504757917984.jpg)

File: 5b57ab8f1ff2fe7⋯.png (1007.85 KB, 1584x1242, 88:69, 1523321260713.png)

File: 52597d36cdfa18e⋯.jpg (153.57 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, post-1-0-29657100-13094409….jpg)

File: 409b4589ded6f3f⋯.jpg (38.89 KB, 640x480, 4:3, post-1-1143310025.jpg)

File: dc9448c0a7981cd⋯.jpg (83.67 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, post-1-0-04232000-13008013….jpg)

0d532a  No.602015

File: 20271bc04cd9466⋯.png (90.01 KB, 275x250, 11:10, thinking operator.png)


What if the FBI's plan all along wasn't to conduct sting operations, but to condition people to reflexively shy away from doing anything useful or productive with guns by making them afraid of sting operations?

1715b4  No.602017


Well, self censorship is the most effective censorship.

ee75a0  No.602025


The StG is a fucking tack driver and weighs like the real deal.

60c5f1  No.602027


will that even stop a bullet?

06f26d  No.602046

File: 5e355083bd4e214⋯.jpg (79.18 KB, 750x503, 750:503, cuck.jpg)

Going south to the land of the free next week.

>1. What is a good free floating 7" handguard for under $250 for my AR?

>2. What's a good bipod for my Savage Axis .308?

>3. Anything else you would recommend I purchase that won't get me arrested back home?

Namaste, my American brothers.

0d532a  No.602115


>>1. What is a good free floating 7" handguard for under $250 for my AR?

Look at either the Quantum or the Atlas handguards from Aero Precision, you'll get good bang for your buck. Not the lightest in the world but she gets the job done.

0d532a  No.602128



2A Armament and SLR Rifleworks also make some nice models under your limit, but they're more expensive. Your 250 limit isn't as low as you might think, that only rules out the toppest of top-tier handguards, and still covers lots of high-end handguards.

bf5fe4  No.602133

File: ff93df3db6f2a8b⋯.png (216.07 KB, 334x351, 334:351, night_smug.PNG)

I remember watching something on the Oklahoma Bombing and not really caring when I heard it was just a federal building. I was ~12 or so. Anyone else heard something similar around that age and felt the same way desu~ :^)?


>does anyone have a working version of pic related

>"manufacturing this part is a felony"

bf5fe4  No.602134

File: b33706f2d87f073⋯.jpg (17.13 KB, 500x327, 500:327, eh_shrug.jpg)


Although I generally don't really care about disasters. I think I tried to care even though I hated the gubmint at that time, simply because I knew I should have.

bf5fe4  No.602135

File: 57bcb0ad6a02f51⋯.gif (672.23 KB, 300x156, 25:13, Obi-Wan_suicide_mission.gif)


Mostly I don't remember.

0d532a  No.602152


Pretty sure he just meant a working version of the CAD file, and wasn't asking people to show him their unregistered lightning links. Because no one around here has anything like that, I'm sure.



I didn't really give a shit about disasters, period at that age. I knew I was supposed to but as I was a contrarian little shit at the time I didn't put much effort into pretending I did either.

bf5fe4  No.602277

File: 60c76185da3315d⋯.gif (331.12 KB, 639x649, 639:649, AuTiSTiC.gif)


3e1788  No.602345


I wonder what properties such alloy would have.

AuTi alloy was proven to be superhard btw:


a47cfc  No.602347

File: ee37a6541a4059d⋯.png (19.07 KB, 1244x1060, 311:265, Untitled.png)




I tried to make structure with 2 titanium, and 1 each of the others, but I couldn't

a47cfc  No.602348

File: b1115f50ca5f2a4⋯.png (51 KB, 1244x1060, 311:265, Untitled.png)


Oh shit its gold not aluminum.

OK how bout this.

Fucking gold.

61c3a3  No.602378


Looks unstable tbh

bf5fe4  No.602381



7b73b7  No.602393


Ones of the reason I wanted to know the name.

570a91  No.602979

Fun story, was using my friends iphone 7 which has a high speed camera built in to watch the action on my guns in slow motion. Turns out it can pick up slower bullets too, winchester underpowered 9mm got about 5 frames of bullet video to a target 5 yards away (holding phone in one hand and pistol in the other). It is interesting to see how your hand handles the recoil in high speed as well.

The problem is, seems shockwaves are enough to fuck up the iphones shitty screen connection. Screen went blank and the connector inside came desoldered. Friend was pissed. Just FYI.

c3fadf  No.603087

File: 81614c68db85337⋯.jpg (34.21 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

are revolvers popular in Russia at all? what revolvers do they commonly buy?

1715b4  No.603128


Not at all. All handguns are completely prohibited from civilian ownership, along with most of rifled barrel firearms, so they do not buy them and if they do try to get a gun, it will be a under the table makarov and rarely a TT or glock if you can get one. The only revolver that has some attention to it is nagant m1895, but it's more a piece of history than something to draw attention. Also, RT is CNN except it is directly government funded and tells more fake news than factual information.

1f7111  No.603132


> t. American with a proxy

bf5fe4  No.603138

File: 4fd2cdcf6cea001⋯.jpg (74.05 KB, 926x372, 463:186, Kenuchee_Smith.jpg)


>that image

all of my keks

1715b4  No.603139


> t. hidden flag(totally not a paid shill)

You can google the laws yourself, you absolutely cannot get any handgun through legal means.

bf5fe4  No.603140

File: 08bfd86707b7f4c⋯.jpg (45.31 KB, 800x794, 400:397, 1470559951014-2.jpg)


He's not a shill, just Australian.

fbb3e7  No.603142

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1f7111  No.603146


>implying it's any different in the EU these days or most nations

Heck I recall footage some "poor refugees" firing a pistol at a police helicopter during the last big UK riots.

bdb575  No.603304

I have a lot of videos that I think the /k/ommunity would benefit from. Should I make torrents of them? Or is there some file hosting site that would be suitable for large videos?

04208e  No.603305


Torrent is probably best

207767  No.603315

Are there any fucking yuro stores that don't do a 200% markup on everything funs related?

a91b57  No.603378


Bitchute maybe? I'm not too familiar with what its size limits are but it's basically a torrent client wrapped up in a web video streamer, which might be suited to your needs.


>no flag

Assuming you're talking about the US, short answer is "no." Except for the really large companies that have dedicated importers set up stateside, you're looking at a lot more overhead between shipping cost, customs fees, any tariffs that may be in place, etc. And since we're talking about a specialty good and not something with mass appeal economy of scale isn't really on the side of the importer either. And you mentioned funs-related stuff, which depending on what you mean by that could also be regulated by ITAR, which makes things even more of a hassle.

55fa0d  No.603386



One note I would add is how good the US folks still have it today. Watching that one Japanese doctor who hunts sitka in Hokkaido and looking at his link to a gun store and seeing the price tag on his bullets he reloads for hunting, a rifle I can buy for $600-$800 will cost someone with a rifle license there about $2,400+ equivalent, twice to three times the price for reloading components. Yikes. Plus now they are making you use shit non lead projectiles.

Watching some other small time British Youtuber and the 243 rifle he bought new, I think he paid something like $1,400 equivalent for something I could get off Gunbroker for $700. Its not just the laws that make US gun culture work well, its the fact hat powerful US dollar and lower taxes, as well as lower prices, means shooting is super cheap in the relative perspective globally.

a58d2e  No.603448


Do they have an upload policy? Are they likely to give a shit if someone were to post videos from Paladin Press?

a91b57  No.603544


Seeing as most of their userbase is people who got fed up with Youtube's censorious content policy I doubt they'd care.

60c5f1  No.603551

File: 70cfae687999de7⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, the left.jpg)



fundamentally different type of economy over there


worthless leftist/liberal cuckolds




it's not about the dollar or taxes, it's about inertia. Gun culture is not a normal economy based on supply/demand, it works more off of fudd-ism, that's why .357 SIG is relatively expensive to shoot though there's less demand for it.

We've got it good because it's one of the few things we've been able to fight for inside the shitty kiked system, so quit telling me about how I need to be grateful and keep all these other losers in mind every time I pull the trigger. I'd much rather say fuck yourself, take back your goddamn country like we're about to have to, again.

9a80d8  No.603555


The reason has less to do with strength of the dollar and taxes and more to do with economies of scale and competitiveness. The US has a much larger, more-well developed gun production market, so economies of scale plays into its favor and guns don't cost as much to make. Also, because the market is very large, comparatively unregulated, and has relatively low barriers to entry, it's a far more competitive market, which drives prices down.


>fundamentally different type of economy over there

They just don't have good access to guns, it's not that complicated.

>Gun culture is not a normal economy based on supply/demand, it works more off fudd-ism

If you don't know how economics works just say so, it's a lot less embarrassing than trying to bullshit your way through it. You by definition cannot have a market that doesn't work by supply and demand. You can have economies in which supply and demand are a little bit different–maybe demand for some goods is a little more inelastic, for instance–but you can't not have supply and demand.

> that's why .357 SIG is relatively expensive to shoot though there's less demand for it.

No, that's just economy of scale–production isn't scaled up to the degree that, say, 9mm is so the cost per unit is higher. Lower demand only implies a lower price all other things being equal. The supply side of things for .357 SIG is different as well so you can't just assume supply and demand would dictate that the price be lower.

55fa0d  No.603557



The interesting point of reference for me was the non reloading component and firearm prices. On the same sportsman shop selling rifles for 240,000 yen the price of cleaning sets, bore snakes, RemOil was the almost the same on US Amazon at the same time, if not almost the exact same with the exchange rate then. So even the small shooting sports market in Japan had non restricted items at similar prices to the mainland internet accessing 48 States US of A Americans. It was interesting, should try to find it again.

The "power of dollar" thing wasn't so much about the exact prices per se, but rather its another reason why Americans can own guns on top of other important, more important, co factors. Arguably, because of taxes and incomes, the average US person can more easily save, or even borrow, the kinds of money to buy more firearms. Not only is that rifle half of the price of UK, or quarter of the price of Nihon, the average US goober can often times find the $700 itself easier than average people in those other countries. Guns are both cheaper, and the money is easier to get, in the US on average.

Even if all worldwide gun control evaporated into a cloud of smoke tomorrow, it would not change the fact that many citizens across the globe could not afford a high quality rifle even if there were no licenses or regulations. In how many western countries are shotgun permits easy to obtain, and sometimes the finishing blow is the cost of shooting, but mostly the cost of buying one firearm, on top of the pain in the ass license and legal paperwork to buy and keep it? US people own lots of shit besides guns, partways because it doesn't wreck its own economy with insanely high taxes, this has some final effect at the end of the day when all the bills are paid and all things are considered.

9a80d8  No.603559


>On the same sportsman shop selling rifles for 240,000 yen the price of cleaning sets, bore snakes, RemOil was the almost the same on US Amazon at the same time

That's because of shit like ITAR, the Bush/Clinton import bans, ATF regs, and restrictions of the international trade of guns and gun parts. Boresnakes and remoil can move across borders pretty easily so companies can just ship them from the US, whereas with guns companies have to make everything in-house.

>Arguably, because of taxes and incomes, the average US person can more easily save, or even borrow, the kinds of money to buy more firearms.

Ah, so you mean purchasing power/high incomes. That's definitely true, but the relative strength of the dollar vs other currencies doesn't play as much a factor in that as lower taxes and regulations.

12f3c5  No.603617

How much of a fag would I be if I bought a ratty mosin and refinished it?

a91b57  No.603618


If you actually refinished and breathed new life into an old gun, not a fag at all. If you bubba it and paint it black or even worse some fucking pastel color with a children's cartoon on it you're a massive fag.

12f3c5  No.603629


BLO it is, time to rescue some mosins from the local pawn shop.

168de7  No.603699

File: 76a21f35e6754d0⋯.jpeg (110.39 KB, 920x690, 4:3, MILF_braces_for_FAP.jpeg)

What cheap indoor range ammo would you guys recommend practicing with, since my only experience so far has been with CCI .22lr minimags, Blazer Brass 115gr 9mm, American Eagle blue box 115gr 9mm, and UMC 115gr 9mm. So far, Blazer and American Eagle are an absolute blast to practice with and have fair price points, whereas the UMC I was using had been sending hot brass down my back and almost made me lose an eye to the point that I'm wearing a hat now for good measure, though honestly it could have been my Shield that was having problems with ejecting since it was sending the cases 90 degrees upwards.

04208e  No.603759


I normally just use ammoseek . com and search for who has the best price for new production stuff only, although there are a couple distributors they don't index.

9c31bc  No.603829

File: 8b8cabd8a897c04⋯.png (428.6 KB, 658x800, 329:400, ClipboardImage.png)

I just picked up a 1945 denison smock and want to wash it to get rid of the loft insulation smell, but I want to preserve the pattern and ensure that it doesn't fade at all. What would be the best way of doing this? Could I dryclean it?

60c5f1  No.603836


glad to see I triggered the /liberty/kike and his market fetishism

>b-b-but muh supply

>everything works nice and neatly just like in the textbooks mommy

sorry but that's not realistic. Much of pricing is based on how much can be "gouged," irrespective of demand/supply.

I know how economics works in a textbook, but unlike you, I also have real life experience in the (((business))) world. Gouging/usury/kikery-afoot is a massive market destabilizer, and I'm betting that the fudd culture and IQ level endemic to funz massively disrupts pricing, especially on fringe/hype products like .357 Sig.

60c5f1  No.603837


the price differential is caused by the nature of their economies. East-Asia are all mercantilist, exporting economies. They want to funnel literal garbage over here, and to do that they implement all kinds of creative ways to artificially deflate their currencies.

Once this is performed long enough, their economies will have generated enough wealth to create their own consumerism, but because they will have all the fixed assets as well, America gets fucked. See Eamonn Fingleton.

There is no "power" of the dollar, it's all a fraud.

96d132  No.603846



Personally, I suggest lesrning how to box if you're looking for real world offensive/defensive practicality. I would take the other anon's advice and learn a martial are that teaches you how to win a fight on the ground as a secondary skill, but in any realistic scenario where you are unarmed (or unable to draw your weapon) and forced to defend yourself, it isn't likely to be a 1 on 1 fight. Any street fight that goes to the ground is dangerous for both parties as A. there's an enormous blunt weapon called "the ground" very close to your heads, and B. you render yourself completely unprotected against other parties willing to join the fight and again, your head is pretty damn close to getting smashed into concrete/asphalt/whatever.

You need to learn how to win a fight standing up, then lewrn how to disengage from a stand-up fight headed to the ground, and then learn how to win the fight on the ground as a last ditch effort because you're likely to eat a boot to the face from one of your opponent's friends.

abed32  No.603851

I need a folding pocket knife. Something under 5 inches and made of a long lasting steel. Anyone have some recommendations?

60c5f1  No.603859

ee75a0  No.603860


Dry cleaning will work but you can do as folk back then did, spray it with a hose and throw powder on it. Alternatively handwash it gently in a tub of lukewarm water and very mild detergent.


Silver Bear if you aren't planning on reloading.

a91b57  No.603868


>pricing is based on how much can be "gouged," irrespective of demand/supply.

Yeah, that's called "inelasticity of demand." It's not magic, and it's not a failure of the market. Dressing it up in your emotional trigger words doesn't change that.


Same deal here, you're just substituting a word that makes you kvetch for the regular "interest rates" and pretending that makes you all-knowing and superior to all those stupid lolbergs on /liberty/. Who knows, if you try hard enough maybe they'll finally be impressed and crown you the king of all edge.


If you don't mind paying a premium, I'd go with a Benchmade Axis Lock.

678d52  No.603889


Just keep the locking surface and bar clean. Only thing to keep in mind with axis lock knives. I do love them though. Opening/closing by twisting your wrist is so satisfying.

60c5f1  No.603893

File: 41571db61b19078⋯.jpg (159.08 KB, 800x531, 800:531, DSC_05351.JPG)


>he got pissed off and googled big boy words

>"emotional trigger words"

nice salad, it's about as emotional as that Google search

but no, the price distortion caused by cultural intrusion into markets is certainly not an elasticity demand because that presupposes there will be a rational adjustment by the demand itself. Markets function more like cultures instead of rational balances.

The basic reason why you and your /liberty/ dipshits are wrong is because man is not rational, indeed you don't even know what "rationality" means, and that collapses the whole economist paradigm.

>Benchmade Axis

Axis is a shit lock, it will collapse on your hand under fast torques because the lock-bar is positioned too closely to the end of the blade tang. You want a back lock of some kind, preferably the "Tri-Ad" because of how deeply the lock bar sits inside the blade tang. That's if you value your fingers.

b57d0f  No.603927

I'm thinking about buying my first rifle and I want it to be an AR, and I would prefer iron sights on it.

Any recommendations as to which company I should look at?

ee75a0  No.603930


S&W or build your own.

7b73b7  No.603933

Other than Aero and Rainier Arms, who makes an upper receiver with a brass deflector and dust cover, but no forward assist? Looking for as cheap as I can get without sacrificing quality.

a91b57  No.603934


Ballistic Advantage do I think, but I they're also a part of Aero. All your other choices are going to be expensive billet stuff.

7b73b7  No.603936


Buy this


and have it shipped to your door.

Then call your local FFLs and ask what their lowest priced aluminum lower is, what their transfer fee is (30 something is common, but you can find lower in some areas), and what their NICS fee is (normally ~5). If they have a lower for less than 40+transfer+nics go and buy it (if they have multiple lowers, look at the serial numbers and pick one easy to remember). If it's more than that, wait a bit (every other week) and you'll see lower receivers offered for 40 with free shipping that you can have transferred to your FFL. All you need to assemble it is a punch set (~20 bucks on amazon), some thick pliers (I seriously hope you already have these), masking tape and an AR wrench (10 bucks on Brownells. You can get free shipping and money off larger orders with rotating coupon codes, buy some magazines and or ammo with it to use them.).

PSA kit has two main advantages aside from price (no 11% tax on build kits, only complete firearms): It has a midlength gas sytem and it's freefloated. The midlength gas reduces recoil while increasing lifespan. Freefloating is a huge upgrade in practical accuracy, lets you support the rifle on cover, makes it easier to mount a light (you need one if it's for home defense), and is often lighter. You can upgrade an upper from a non-freefloated handguard+front sight, but once you buy a low profile gas block, freefloat tube and front sight it will cost more money than just starting freefloated.

9c31bc  No.603942


Alright, cheers leaf

33ae28  No.603966


This looks like it'll get the job done. Thanks.


A bit out of my price range, but still sexy as hell.

33ae28  No.603967


Rational in the Austrian tradition simply means that people will choose actions that they think will make them better off based on the information they currently have. The classic example here is a tribesman doing a rain dance. He thinks it will make the drought go away because that's what he's been told his whole life, but to you or me it just seems silly.

79128c  No.604132

File: be2f6f1d56bb3b0⋯.jpg (331.74 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, c3282a782c91b8552c221579bb….jpg)

File: d9d5279ba7612ff⋯.jpg (215.87 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Blacklight-Retribution-Cli….jpg)

Has anyone else played Blacklight: Retribution? I think the PC servers are dead now, it was a while ago- I like the game, and the aesthetics of the kit were absolutely top tier. Any idea on actual functional kit that fits the same kind of aesthetic besides softshell jackets (the clothing seems to be a similar material). I've always wanted to throw together a larp-tier kit with similar aesthetics, I think the hyper-reality visor helmets are pretty slick, don't know what you'd realistically achieve with one except put maybe ir cameras in a 270 degree circle and a screen in it for a "wider" but degraded view of your environment?

12f3c5  No.604137

File: 51a991a03a54e42⋯.jpg (78.68 KB, 1100x710, 110:71, Ronin.jpg)


The only commercial product I've seen that comes close is that goofy ronin helmet, but it's not really the same. Your best bet would probably be to learn to customize motorcycle helmets and jackets/leg gear and your best source of info on that would be prop/costume making forums, not /k/. Don't give up though, if some crazy bastard managed to make protective gear with the blacklight aesthetic I'd certainly buy it or try to copy it.

why the fuck did they make the pc version play like ps4 ffs I liked that game and they killed it and we'll never get anything like it again

acea59  No.604139


Why would you need to pay transfer fee if you're buying instore? LGS jews usually only do that when you use them for shipping online orders


>NICS fee

where the fuck do you go thats this fucking hebrew?

79128c  No.604141


I feel ya

a868f7  No.604574

So, there's a sale on an optic


But all I know is that some things that look like this, go for hundreds of dollars, and this one is going for a little over thirty. I think I've heard the answer to similar questions about such, but here's my question on the item above:

Will it break if I secure it to a rifle and go shooting with it?

Will I be able to hit the broadside of a barn, relative both to not putting jack on the top rail, and vs. putting a name brand holosun or aimpoint up there.

Shooting style at this time is strictly target practice; I don't hunt and if I did it'd be with a bow because buying meat is still a lot cheaper. And I live in a pretty upscale, pacified region so no riots likely, although I'm in the suburbs not the county.

c699ba  No.604578


>Why would you need to pay transfer fee if you're buying instore? LGS jews usually only do that when you use them for shipping online orders

Some people don't suck bubba's dick whenever they walk into the gunshop, Anon.

>>NICS fee

This is a common thing if you've ever bought a gun from a store in your life. It's slapped onto the cost of the gun the case of buying it from a brick and mortar store since it's less formal.

41a2d4  No.604581


I've worked in stores all over the south and southeast and never encountered charging a nics fee, is this some retarded yankee thing?

a868f7  No.604582


NW here; NICS fee varies from $20 to $55 depending on which FFL you go to. And if you buy the store's gun, the fee is figured into their nonnegotiable price, so no extra fee. But some FFLs exist only to have a local place you can tell GunBroker to ship your baby-killer, and since those folks don't have any other income, charging tax (that goes to the state, no skimming. Never steal from the goverment, they HATE competition) and a NICS / transfer fee is how they pay their bills.

e168da  No.604607

Looking to purchase my first rifle. I want the wood aesthetic, but in a semi-auto. Huge fan of the mini-14 but looking for other suggestions.

c699ba  No.604611


You've got lots of options.

>G3 clone(CETME, PTR91) with surplus wood, magazines are stupid cheap.

>Springfield M1A(M14 clone), forget mounting a scope because the action sucks dick with precision optics

>FAL(expensive as fug) with surplus wood

>Mini-14 - old ones withe the pencil barrels are shit, new production is okay. Proprietary magazines are expensive.

>build a AR-15 / AR-10 and buy a wooden stock setprobably your best bet

>miscellaneous overpriced milsurp semi-auto the previous owner has probably stuck his dick into multiple times

829d67  No.604615

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Of course I'm in no position to recommend anything, but you should take a look at the MAS-49.

757f46  No.604623


>my first rifle.

>Wood aesthetic.


What is a SKS?

757f46  No.604625


Or even better a pretty wooden .22 (Ruger 10-22, CZ 512).

One has to learn to walk before running.



Stop advising beginners to buy:

-full size cartridges semi-autos.

-with pretty high prices (especially for surplus wooden ones).

-with wide differences in quality depending variants and states of the guns.

c699ba  No.604639


Didn't you just post >>604623 froganon?

a8614d  No.604641

File: 80a8e6d1bd2beda⋯.png (82.24 KB, 250x250, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

What would you do in the event of an accidental no knock raid on your home?

Of course you'd assume it to be robbers but what would you do later after you've already shot at them assuming you even live to tell the tale?

12f3c5  No.604643


Here's an idea without much thought put into it:

Have some sort of closed circuit camera with a linked display set up above the outside of the bedroom door. In case of invasion, your plan should be to get to the bedroom and arm yourself while using the camera to see what's in your house. If it's the police, try to communicate with them and figure out what the fuck is going on. If it's a nigger, pop the door and shoot them. Conceal the camera in a light fixture and wire it through the wall. make the display detachable or wireless and have a quick way to stash it in case you don't want't the footage used against you.

55fa0d  No.604644


Actually in cases where this has happened and the homeowner cooperates once things are figured out I don't think there are any charges. It becomes one of those "everyone agrees to forget the whole thing happened" kinda things because the law system will try to prevent a civil suit for fucking up and by law the home defender literally did nothing wrong legally. If you actually read self defense law it deals with the beliefs of the shooter and the subjective information he had during the incident that determine his culpability and eventually if he acted in self defense.

I remember a case where some Mung I believe, but perhaps not, in Minnesota had his house invaded by accident by cops and he shot one through the bedroom wall with his shotgun. Everybody cooled their shit and the whole thing ended up with the guy being cleared because from his limited point of view at that time he acted legitimately. So, do what that dood did, cool the fuck off, talk to them, get the whole thing handled from that point on calmly and cooly with full cooperation. Cool heads win battles and untangle problems. Keep fucking cool and keep observing and working and thinking.

I probalby don't have to worry about such a thing, small enough where everyone knows everyone and whose property is whose, especially in the country. Feel sorry for people who live in shitty neighborhoods.

Also because topic of wood stock aesthetic rifles came up, http://www.ironwooddesigns.com/products/fal-metric-inch.html has anyone else ordered from this company? I really am leaning towards getting a wood stock for my FAL some day, but its a lot of casho.

7b73b7  No.604688


>ask what their lowest priced aluminum lower is (a)

>what their transfer fee is (x)

>what their NICS fee is (y)


I have no idea how the fuck you got whatever the fuck you did instead of "If a<b, buy a".

ee75a0  No.604690


Bought the VZ stuff they did for my boss, hes pretty happy with it.

e66001  No.604692

How effective are flamethrowers in buildings? or are they even effective indoors at all

Also, how were the German flamethrower soldiers during WWII equipped? has there any kind of flame protective gear they wore? I imagine flamethrowers could be extremely effective in an urban SHTF situation or DoTR

c36dc1  No.604696





thanks for the responses but i gave up. Shopping online and seeing the prices in California and out of California discouraged me from buying a gun. Only affordable semi's are ar-15 types which is dislike the aesthetic of. I'l live with just my 870.

ee75a0  No.604697

File: 0070de3205b53af⋯.jpg (93.27 KB, 672x1024, 21:32, w4-1.jpg)


Flamethrowers eat the O2 in buildings and bunkers.

> German flamethrower soldiers during WWII equipped?

Thick leather coats depending if they had em or not, usually had gloves.

bbee67  No.604702


you know you can buy a funz in nevada, right?

7b73b7  No.604703


Half the point of flamethrowers was destroying pilboxes by firing into them.

1715b4  No.604738

Are there any compatible parts(including parts of incompatible trigger groups) between different G3 variants(G3, mp5/5-10, hk33, ptr32, PSG)?

In what situation would you pick what: vz58 or PTR32?

04208e  No.604744

I know /k/ gets this kind of question a lot, but here goes: as an unmotivated aspiring skeleton, I feel like joining the service will help whip me into shape. Because of that I'm considering applying for the USMC's OCS program—I do their training thing in the summer and if I do well enough, I go to OCS after I get my degree and become either an active or reserve officer in the Marines.

>lmao go die for Israel goy

My tax money's doing that already, at least this way I get something out of it. I'm also a smart enough fuck that I'd probably snag an MOS other than infantry. And I could always go reserves.

c36dc1  No.604807


what do you mean by this?

bbee67  No.604838


If you are looking at gun prices in california it follows you can travel there, if you can travel to california and buy a gun, what stops you from buying a gun in nevada?

8ba91d  No.604847


Pretty sure that in the US you can't buy a gun outside of the state you live in? Ammo yes, guns no.

(Of course, I could be wrong about this but it seems to be how it works from talking to 'murricans here and elsewhere.)

bbee67  No.604854


You can buy it but you have to have the gun shipped to a store and complete the registration there.

bf5fe4  No.604856

File: 3d1b5dbf3326859⋯.jpg (51.34 KB, 422x750, 211:375, Star Wars 40k Cosplay - Bl….jpg)


I don't mean to sound like a complete poof, but the two Hungarian YouTubers I know are really attractive (in the same way Todd Howard is attractive, you know), being that guy and Arany Zoltán.





328aa4  No.604868

File: 033fa04d6899e07⋯.jpg (6.43 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20180812_065229.jpg)

File: 87124636c4957fa⋯.jpg (3.15 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20180812_064756.jpg)


you can buy it from a private seller in nevada, like from some guy who sells you the gun out of the trunk of his car. If you want to buy some affordable firearms and go back to CA i would suggest quartzite arizona. Go there during the fall and winter and you will be able to buy a firearm from a private seller. You will also meet some pretty cool people called snowbirds. They are old people but none are fudds. I went through there on vacation a few weeks ago and it is a shitty place during the summer so only go there in winter and fall. Also in response to >>604847 you can buy a gun from a private seller but not from a licensed FFL dealer, especially if you show them your CA driver license.

I apologize for any spelling or grammar errors i made. I am phone posting.

f60903  No.604871

Hey, nogunz here looking to get his first firearm. I'm mainly just looking for something to plink/range with so I get a feel for using a gun. I don't really know shit so I thought I'd ask y'all for help. Budget for the gun itself is around $200 and I've narrowed what I want down to:



>single action (because they go within the budget range and I don't really need double action for just plinking)

>relatively long barrel, around 5+ in.

I've taken a look at the Heritage Rough Rider, and they seem promising, but I've also heard it's a hit or a miss when it comes to its quality out of the box. Any help would be appreciated.

8ba91d  No.604872

File: 0f025c3d40b054b⋯.jpg (40.82 KB, 801x327, 267:109, 0f025c3d40b054b4519e824e2d….jpg)


>you can buy a gun from a private seller but not from a licensed FFL dealer

Thanks anon. That's what I meant, not being possible to buy from an actual gunstore.

Have a pic of a rare 40mm pump-action GL from Vietnam as thanks.

ee75a0  No.604875


Save up another 100-150 and get the Pietta 1873 or look for a used Ruger Mk I.

328aa4  No.604877


Thanks. I am also a CA fag sadly so i know how things go here. It's really unfortunate I live here but thankfully my family and I will be moving to the south soon.

bf5fe4  No.604897

File: c7174647aa66d76⋯.gif (791.04 KB, 300x168, 25:14, dis_nigga_srs.GIF)


>the South

>not Alaska

How do you handle the humidity and heat? I mean, I can handle dry heat, but the South is too wet. Plus, I'd rather play "freeze to death" than "African safari to death".

000000  No.604909

I've been scanning books for the /k/ommunity using a flat bed scaner as I'm a poorfag. This sucks when the books is 300+ pages long. I've noticed that most photocopiers at public libraries can scan loose pages one after another. Would this be a viable option for /k/ommunity scanning projects? Or would it be an unacceptible security risk? I am thinking its the later.

02efef  No.604931

File: fc8ab5de8f964bd⋯.jpg (37.25 KB, 640x640, 1:1, fc8ab5de8f964bdd859fe4877c….jpg)


I actually don't mind the humidity. If there was another place in America that I would move to it would be northern Arizona like around Flagstaff or Montana. Another reason why i am moving to the south is because my family owns land down there. I am not being specific about where I am moving to in the south for anonymity's sake.

9c31bc  No.604943

File: 2e7bd1b02444c8a⋯.png (334.9 KB, 800x800, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b6813c78390ad2e⋯.png (87.1 KB, 450x450, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

7ef2c0  No.604944

I'm considering buying my first gun, what should I expect when purchasing from a gun store? Do I need to bring any information or documents? I like to plan my conversations out beforehand.

Also I live in Missouri.

1715b4  No.604949

/k/, what do you think of 16 gauge?

c47c5b  No.605019


only shotgun I ever fired, was a bolt action 16 gauge. A nice bird gun, but you'll have trouble finding slugs for it as that size has fallen into boutique status.


WAfag here; when I bought my gun (stripped LR308 lower but anyway) I needed my government issued ID (actually I used my driver's license, which technically doesn't fit that bill thanks to RealID. But it was accepted) and needed to know a bunch of quasi random information about myself - height, weight, age, address, eye / hair color – this should match your drivers license, and any other "official" place you've given these details.

They're used to differentiate the John Doe with blue eyes, who's got no record, from John Doe of the same height, and from the same county, with green eyes and a purchase-stopping record.

Blanks aren't allowed, except maybe for the SSN; I think the FFL I worked with said it was preferred, only used for the check, and as with all his stuff the paperwork was well secured and not kept online anywhere. But was still optional.

c699ba  No.605022


Decent but unloved in the 'states due to the advancement of 20 gauge. 3" loadings don't exist so it's somewhat limited to work with low-flying birds.

In Europe it's a bit more common, or so I've heard, because it's old fashioned and classy.

bf5fe4  No.605088


I figured it was family, but still.

Have you ever seen snow, anon?

02efef  No.605095

File: 4ea6f275e918d26⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.93 KB, 476x268, 119:67, 16729281_1725824524395955_….jpg)

File: 1749d6bcc0ed6d9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 498.28 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, dreamy_snow_scene_11_56289….jpg)


Of course. I love snow! I spent a lot of my younger years camping in the Sierra Nevada mountains and got to see a lot of snow. There are places in the south that snow like the mountains of Tennessee and Ozarks in Arkansas so i am not concerned about that.

b4b26a  No.605104

File: fe653defa55c515⋯.jpg (15.16 KB, 429x399, 143:133, 1452759783433.jpg)

Hi, /k/!

I'm looking for some expert advice, as a writer. I'm thinking about a situation like this: There's a bank robbery, the robber is inside the bank, the bank has glass walls (let's say they are not bulletproof, because of reasons). There are policemen outside, for like 15-20 meters away from the bank. One of them, who uses a standard sidearm, decides to shoot the guy inside.

Question: If he has incredible aim (let's say, superhuman aim), and the robber is in his line of sight, can the sidearm penetrate the glass and hit the target, causing deadly damage (headshot) from that distance?

I haven't thought about the glass' thickness or the kind of pistol/ammunition he uses.

Thank you for your answers!

0c5b6d  No.605163


For regular police ammo, chances are the glass will disrupt the point of impact. You might be able to argue a leet opr8r may know how to copmensate for this, I don't know of enough about ballistics to tell you whether it can. The glass will almost definitely reduce lethality though, especially for a handgun round. Now if you're 100% sure the bullet will go right to the brain the lethality is less of an issue, but it would still be more believable using a rifle. Bonded jacket ammo is pretty common in police-issue rifles (at least in the US), which do a pretty good job of remaning lethal through barriers like glass without changing point of impact too much.

c47c5b  No.605167


exact details of the glass would need to be decided, then considered. Or the reverse, too.


Here's what I'm picturing. If the glass is very thick, it will 'crack' and also clamp down on the bullet as it passes. Luck of the draw how it comes out, similar to a badly made barrel, so accuracy is gone. Doesn't mean you couldn't get lucky, but the cop should be penalized heavily for trying.

Or the glass is thin, and only is briefly in contact with the bullet; this is because the glass pane has completely shattered, and will take some of the absorbed energy from the bullet to send shards everywhere – the shrapnel will injure anyone too close to the glass, the upholstery will be ruined, and the cop should be penalized for trying to shoot through the glass.

If your story follows the surviving thieves, they need never know that the cop that shot their arms packer dead had to accept a transfer + demotion. If the story is following your cop, the writing should emphasize how his sergeant busted your MC's chops for this senseless endangerment.

As a writer myself, I can tell you this could be very useful still to your story, as now the fallout from his hasty bravado means he's been shifted to another beat, another district, something. and this puts him in contact with a case that's been misunderstood until his fresh eyes see it.

Or some other change-of-context useful for the story, but catalyzed by his reckless shot through glass.

Also, obligatory >shooting someone with 9mm is more of an insult than a threat.

comment has been inserted here.

56edef  No.605168

Will the Mossberg Blaze cycle subsonic? I hear a lot of semi-autos have issues with it.


But will it cycle subsonic.

bbee67  No.605172

Who sells the cheapest 80% and jigs? Is it really ceratac?


Aren't you still missing the barrel

c47c5b  No.605179


For the cheapest jig, do not use one at all.

Also, doesn't Ceratac just sell the 5D jig? Go to 5D and buy it directly! But if you're using / willing to use a drill press as a milling machine, 80percentarms, and a few others, have 'template' plate kits for about $80 that are adequate, you just have to watch the depth closely, where 5D relies on their built-in plunge depth gauge built into the jig, so it's harder to over-drill.

Having built for lowers with 5D, I can tell you under-drilling is more common, and you'll have to go back and clean those walls up of the tiny shelf that forms when you don't remove enough before going deeper.

c47c5b  No.605180


>built four (4) lowers with

Need coffee; brb installing java…

bbee67  No.605181



>For the cheapest jig, do not use one at all.

What tools have you used to replace a jig? all I have is a drill press and a 4-1/2 inch bench vise

c47c5b  No.605182


>drill press

Right, that's all you need. Well, and a way to measure pretty precisely. Have you seen the youtube vid of the 'golden gun' ? I think it may be in the .webm thread…

Using purple paint (I actually think that's a thing, just don't know what it's called) and a caliper, he marks how thick the walls need to be, and marks an oval that's known to be of a certain depth. Within that oval, drill everything out to the specified depth (don't over drill! Don't under drill! This is why jigs are preferred!).

There's another oval, just under the safety, that's less deep. Or if you started with the larger shape, the trigger area needs to be much deeper. Then drill all the way through for the trigger hole.

finally, again with calipers, measure how far down to put the three holes – safety (large, common drill bit size but I forget it now) and trigger/hammer (.156" nominally)

The jig does the measuring for you, but you can use calipers, masking tape and patience instead.

bbee67  No.605190


yes I saw that, farmcraft101 is good youtube. He has some pricey equipment in his barn.

My issue is this anon, I'm a no-funner in deep anti-funner country, so I would need an ar lower to begin with, which is why Im doing my damndest to see how far I can get away with everything I can do from procuring 80%s and later on, maybe a license, because in this shit hole, you need a license to purchase ammo, but only ammo of the weapons you have registered in your name. So I need to buy the cheapest 9mm and .223 and I'd be more or less "golden".

c47c5b  No.605201


archive doesn't want to save this, but …


Any chance you could get one of those kits down there? Even if you only got the mould and not the polymer, you could make an acrylic lower to compare well dimensions against.

c47c5b  No.605203


the measurements are online; also check the PDF thread for the Bill Holmes AR-15 file, which is actually about building a 9mm AR-15 from scratch, but as a result has the measurements needed to finish an 80% lower with no finished lower to compare against.

dc0884  No.605207

File: 099399581cb2a0c⋯.jpg (43.26 KB, 570x426, 95:71, pepakura noble 6.jpg)



I've had larpy ideas of making a pepakura Halo helmet and then adding armor to it in some way. I wonder if there's a material you could cast or easily shape that's level 3a or so.

bbee67  No.605216


Thanks, see you in valhalla after rahowa.

1715b4  No.605221

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Fiberglass and epoxy will do, though have fun working with them and forming the helmet. Weight is also an issue. Still, here ya go, have fun.

e2a763  No.605224

How do you stay sane in a world so vile /k/? What keeps your head above water when all you see is filth and corruption?

04bc00  No.605231


Hell thats pretty good, makes me think why nobody used it during ww2 since fiberglass has been produced industrially since 1932

79d3da  No.605232

File: 2dd58b2605bf72c⋯.jpg (116.89 KB, 720x960, 3:4, soviet_diet.jpg)


>staying sane

You can't rape the villing!

e2a763  No.605233


It requires specialist equipment for it to not rot your lungs. Very hard to do quickly and mass produce things. Easier to just use metal instead.

dc0884  No.605235

File: ab9e467de254b42⋯.jpg (79.15 KB, 604x499, 604:499, interdasting.jpg)

55fa0d  No.605237


The warrior's most important attribute is his self discipline. No matter how bad things get, no matter how shitty things are getting, you must never lose. If you have to retreat, do so, get ready to fight the next day, adapt and fight. When the enemy charges and things are hopeless hold ranks and keep your cool. Never lose your cool, never run, always keep in the fight. Stoics aren't beaten until they are forced into defeat, they don't give in to themselves.The true warrior can fight with zero morale because he just fights.

Keep trying to think and find ways to win, to work towards the best solution, always. Giving up means losing, don't ever accept a loss till you have no choice. Do what little you can, wait for opportunities, be prepared for what lies ahead. You don't worry about defeat when you can only think of victory.

Even if the hills shall melt and the mountains quake at the coming of the darkness, ye shall not yield but hold strong. Are things terrible, perhaps. Does it hurt to see injustice and can do little, yes. But that's no excuse to hold strong and do what you can do.

ee75a0  No.605243


Its recommended you use HV ammo with it. Subsonic stuff isn't exactly for semi-autos unless you throw a weaker recoil spring in it.

dc0884  No.605245

File: 06e3abb7111c6b7⋯.jpg (573.97 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 06e3abb7111c6b7051a8316219….jpg)


Well said.

bbee67  No.605249


I suggest you start filling bottles with morning piss exclusively.

ee75a0  No.605254


Because I do as Kenshin said. I live everyday willing to die only to survive to live another one and so forth. I'll be quite honest, when the fun decides to kick off I'm gonna have myself a very good day where every choice will be a positive step in the right direction with all the sun smiling down upon the holy work I and many others like me will be doing. Sometimes I just look at my family photo and that keeps me sane enough to realize I'll be with them in a few months time again.

bf5fe4  No.605293

File: 317ca17ec213f6c⋯.jpg (110.93 KB, 468x714, 78:119, ControlYourself.jpg)


Stories, history, and this >>605237

91067e  No.605329

Any of you have a good recommendation for a thigh/drop leg holster for a CZ SP01? I got a retention holster earlier but found that I can't really use it when wearing a plate carrier.

d9d652  No.605419

Should I join the army?

8ba91d  No.605424


If you're not black or jewish, and not a spic doing it to get citizenship, fuck no. Go USAF and live the easy life.

a91b57  No.605425


If you have a specific career you want to get out of it, like becoming a pilot or some shit, maybe. If you're doing to "improve yourself" or some shit, I can't talk because I haven't joined although I briefly tried ROTC, but a lot of vets seem to advise against it for a variety of reasons. Vid (https://invidio.us/watch?v=LKz-E3sMc3c) is one take on it, TL;DW vet says that using the service to try and solve personal problems just makes you more adept at hiding said problems and working around them.

ceaf8d  No.605550


Are we on watchlists?

7b73b7  No.605564

File: c05226b090ce8b8⋯.jpg (137.81 KB, 1920x712, 240:89, 1920px-Schnittbild.MG3[1].jpg)

Any mechanical reason stopping the replacement of the steel covering the MG3's barrel with an aluminum one?

a91b57  No.605565


Cost and availability, I'd guess.

79ae1c  No.605570


It isn't a question of "if" but of "how many watchlists are we on"

0db884  No.605615

I've never had a revolver before, but if I used one for daily carry, what would be a good way to store extra ammo? I have pockets that can fit a speedloader, but I have no idea how that would pan out or if it'd cause any problem. And is keeping loose ammo in empty pockets a terribad idea? I'm worried they'd somehow go off and shoot me in the crotch.

Please excuse my retardation.

a6d0f0  No.605623


Carrying loose ammo is basically an exercise in how fast do you think single load them, without dropping them, under stress, without the aid of a speedloader or moon clip?

A loose cartridge is not going to go off in your pocket. You'd basically have to put a nail to the primer and then hit it with a hammer. Carrying gun stuff in the same pocket as not-gun stuff is still bad practice, just not for that reason.

Even if a cartridge did go off, without containment it's basically an expensive firecracker. Still not something you would want next to your junk, but it's not going to maim or kill you.

>Please excuse my retardation.

I will do no such thing.

3c7391  No.605631


Probably that steel was cheaper at the time and changing production to new aluminium heatshields would be more expensive than just sticking with steel.

ee75a0  No.605638


With sustained fire the aluminum will melt/deform long before the steel does.

bf5fe4  No.605657

File: d0631971303d07a⋯.png (331.58 KB, 731x770, 731:770, legionary_heinrich_by_draw….png)


Depends, fellow Plebeian.

7b73b7  No.605669

Was it called "failure to obey a lawful order" in WW2 or something different?

270713  No.605713


Aluminium expands under heat, ridiculously so. I have seen ceramic screws fall out of a heated aluminum cover which expanded around them and made a bigger hole so the treads no longer held onto the screw. It loses strength as its heated, and has a tendency to buckle.

It also burns, and when it burns it outgasses toxic fumes which can kill a man with a single inhale.

It's not as thermally conductive as steel, nor is it as strong meaning more aluminum would be used for the same job.

In addition to all these problems, it's expensive, rare and needed for air force and navy.

28d4a8  No.605719

File: eac2db057567198⋯.jpeg (100.74 KB, 694x1000, 347:500, tokyo jyogakkan.jpeg)

File: 96dca61c543881f⋯.jpg (595.61 KB, 1640x1640, 1:1, canvas-backpack-rucksack-2….jpg)

Hi /k/,

I'd like some recommendations for a new rucksack that I will be using for town use and innamountains/camping. One condition that I can't compromise on is that I don't want tacticool shit with 6 gorillion MOLLE points and attachments, and so on.

Some ones I've had my eyes on are the Gootium canvas packs, but they're based out of California and don't talk about their bags being made in the US, so I'm not sure if they're dinkum.

Anyways, thanks in advance! Stupid Gaijin will never know that I'm not really a bishoujo high schooler

ee75a0  No.605721


Find an M31 bag. I'll hold enough shit for a day or two provided you know how to pack. If I recall ATF has the fucker on sale I've put one of their bags through hell and back and it still operates.

bf5fe4  No.605727

File: 6fc1dccf961a23b⋯.gif (172.33 KB, 500x506, 250:253, thinking_grill.gif)


Why do normalfags unironically think global warming will kill us? I was bored and watched a click-baity video on JewTube from Science Insider, and all it was a minute of text over footage and royalty free music. It felt mostly like fear-mongering to me, and they didn't exactly cite sources.

bf5fe4  No.605728

File: b6b66c17a192e01⋯.jpg (28.96 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, benis_oreimo.jpg)


>implying baka gaijin wouldn't penetrate anyway

a91b57  No.605730


Because it's the only thing they've ever been exposed to–their teachers preach it, the movies they watch preach it, and the shitty dystopian pop fiction novels preach it. And at the same time this saturation goes on they're being told that this has already been asked and answered in academia, and that the scientific community has reached a "consensus" on the subject. They don't think they have any reason to distrust any of these people, so they have no reason to question what they're being told.

0d4b56  No.605732

File: 49fd58133adebd8⋯.png (649.99 KB, 750x750, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3eaea8107ac394d⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Bundeswehr mountain backpack, mil-tec makes a decent clone if you can't find the real thing.

The Swiss "Salt and Pepper" backpacks are good too.

edfbf3  No.605753

File: 61d52941f60a517⋯.png (422.71 KB, 700x542, 350:271, GitS_Knife.png)

What knife is this?

12f3c5  No.605756


Probably just something the artists made up. That handle looks like it'd be really uncomfortable for non-cyborgs anyway.

7b73b7  No.605769

File: 18a4a4bb2732406⋯.jpg (67.94 KB, 800x800, 1:1, coca-cola-can[1].jpg)

File: ee999495a89c347⋯.jpg (142.78 KB, 2200x1467, 2200:1467, APRA100217C_01[1].jpg)


> expensive, rare and needed for air force and navy.

I'm talking about modern day, not when it was introduced. We literally make disposable cans and everything but the bolt and barrel of guns out of aluminimum nowdays.

Aluminum handling heat badly makes more sense though.

270713  No.605774


Oh ok.

You're right the MG3 could use an update, look up forced air cooling systems on GPMG. No barrel changes needed.

a91b57  No.605775


It depends on the grade of aluminum and the grade of steel you're talking about; el cheapo stamped or cast steel is going to be more economical than, say, 6061 aluminum for instance, and it can make sense to make basic parts out of it. You see this on the AR, shit like the safety selector switches, the mag release, and the endplate could be made out of aluminum just fine, but they use cheap steel instead to save costs.

79ae1c  No.605779


what >>605730 said and they need an abstract thrill of a looming threat yet thought of illness or eventual (not to mention untimely) death is too hard to comprehend for a normalfag that's why their existence boils down to chasing dopamine rush

bf5fe4  No.605959

File: d1f6579c92b0478⋯.png (76.29 KB, 602x652, 301:326, autismfeels.png)



Anyone else worried about and NO ONE says "sovietboo" anymore; aka slavophiles the term "wehraboo" being used to potentially stifle arguments that happen to be pro-German, in a military history-sense? I was watching this faggot Called "Potential History", and he essentially regurgitated what other people said, professors and regular YouTubers. I was worried by the amount of views he was getting, because that video has some glaring issues that either are not brought up and shot down, or brought up at all. For example, one posits that merely Germany, Italy and Japan were the only ones fighting. I did like that he pointed out that the Pacific theater was essentially a whole other war, which is what I basically think in regards to that :^)

Not really related, but this other faggot made carriers appear as if they were experimental toys and weren't seen as having any practical use, which is fucking retarded on a million different levels. Perhaps that is not what he meant, but that is how it was coming across. Either way, I also wish to warn streloks of getting your information from videos, instead of extensive reading. And, never just read. Chew on the words a bit.

bf5fe4  No.605960

File: 21fe2d26ef39b7b⋯.png (128.82 KB, 882x797, 882:797, ancientfinns.png)


lol fuck it I cann't into type today

a91b57  No.605973


>the term "wehraboo" being used to potentially stifle arguments that happen to be pro-German, in a military history-sense?

I think it's a little too late to be worried about normalcattle being against the Reich, friend. However from what I've seen it seems like a lot of the Normans are unironic wehraboos in that they've convinced themselves that Wehrmarcht equipment was on the cutting edge and had no flaws whatsoever, and it was only through sheer patriotism and love of freedom that the burgers and bongs were able to defeat those evil nazis and their mad scientists :^).

>he essentially regurgitated what other people said, professors and regular YouTubers

Yep, that's pretty much par for the course for pop history youtube, it doesn't get better. You might succeed in warning your friends and family away from shit like this, but the quicker you accept that the average normie is retarded and will believe anything as long as it comes in a pastel-colored infographic, the less frustrated you'll be.

bbee67  No.605975


> this other faggot made carriers appear as if they were experimental toys and weren't seen as having any practical use

I agree that "experimental" is what they where seen as from europe to japan, but that "no practical use" line is asinine.

bf5fe4  No.605985

File: cec55dcdfeedef9⋯.jpg (11.84 KB, 247x248, 247:248, 1465044999080.jpg)


>average normie is retarded and will believe anything as long as it comes in a pastel-colored infographic, the less frustrated you'll be.

Problem is when the average anon on this site will blindly believe some other idiot, without flashy colors.

Exempli gratia, believing a YouTuber to be Mexican based on no evidence but a claim, even though there is evidence that he's a literal snownigger meaning he's a blond-haired and blue-eyed European. In fact, recently I saw an infographic that tried to make Hyde into something he was not, based on virtually no evidence, and deceit. RWDS and 56% are two (somewhat) recent examples of forced/spammed memes, but people keep posting them anyway.

bf5fe4  No.605986


*although I don't know if the Hyde infographic was bought, I don't think so.

78a930  No.605988



You mean that one where someone tried to expose Samy as pedophile?

Best laugh I had in a while when I saw it 1 years ago. Now somebody is spamming it after Hydy is in the centre of attention again.

a91b57  No.605992

File: 5cd361ed18beb90⋯.webm (3.44 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Assburger.webm)


Sure, anons can be plenty retarded too, like when a couple streloks convinced themselves that cuckrangetv were also antifa.

>56% is a forced meme

Not at all, anons just don't know how to take a goddamn joke anymore. Autistic germs and shitposting leafs aren't forced memes either, it's just banter.

56edef  No.606028

File: e2ce23bdb03ce46⋯.jpg (752.76 KB, 1224x918, 4:3, new gun new bun.jpg)

How's Mossberg Blaze treating you my fellow leafs? No ammo limits because it's not Ruger lads.

a91b57  No.606038

Heading to Germany in a couple days, any /k/ related souvenirs I should pick up that won't get me shot before thrown out of a plane?

3d9f5d  No.606039



Not in hand baggage though.

acea59  No.606046

I finally sprung for a reloading setup, and I'm fairly confident I have all the tools I need to start. I have the dies/etc for .223 Rem and .40 S&W. I don't, however, know what powder / bullets / primers to start with. What's a good load to start with for each?

67f31c  No.606049

File: 96235f540050f25⋯.png (8.17 KB, 1155x76, 1155:76, Adeli-Masbough triple kill.png)

I came across a Wikipedia page about air victories during the Iran-Iraq War and saw this…

0d9009  No.606050

Anyone have that old war aesthetics video of the JASDF to the tune of Desired- Wake up? video doesn't seem to be up anymore.

002864  No.606052


Why would I need a knife when everyone's wearing chainmail? :^)


Thanks for sharing fam, but that's not really a question.

3d9f5d  No.606053


I consider Germany having 3 best things:

- scenery, this you cannot bring back

- technological products, but you have the same shit in the states

- quality weapon, since you can't buy guns or swords or armor, knives is it.

8b2187  No.606090

Reasonable way to build a quality Mk12 clone? Already have stripped Aero upper and lower, raptor ambi ch, eyeing a toolcraft NiBo bcg, J2 silent capture spring, Geissele 2 stage trigger, maybe a ballistic advantage 18" barrel? Fairly set on everything beyond the ch, upper, and lower, but not firm, still need a stock, hand guard, grip, brake, gas system, glass, bipod, and anything else I might be leaving off the list.

8d8df9  No.606099

File: d64eb559c610287⋯.jpg (137.67 KB, 900x390, 30:13, spr.jpg)

File: f671a0e4944bdc9⋯.jpg (95.7 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, brownells m16a1 lower.jpg)


what version do you want to clone? mod 0/1/H/ect.


>Aero lower

does Aero make an A1 lower?

if not you'll need to get one from brownells/nodakspud

bf5fe4  No.606103

File: 68cae13ba68cdc2⋯.png (319.3 KB, 799x658, 17:14, cat_alunya_autism.png)


>56% is a forced meme

In the sense that it was spammed, yes. At least on other boards. I like amerifat/amerigabear, because it wasn't shoved down my fucking throat.

Ian might not be antifa, but he is still a faggot.


Ah, really? Don't remember seeing it.

8d8df9  No.606104

File: 9e45a2566f8e10e⋯.jpg (1.4 MB, 1500x1048, 375:262, USMC-mk12.jpg)


better picture of a1 lower

8b2187  No.606114

File: f5e23f05deb591c⋯.jpg (126.84 KB, 1079x1228, 1079:1228, IMG_20180904_013053.jpg)


Yeah it's not an A1… It's going to be the biggest way mine will differ from a proper clone, just couldn't turn down the price, $119 for both parts. I'll probably go 1 or H to keep the overall weight down.

3da688  No.606129


>In the sense that it was spammed, yes

It was fun bantz and people went over the top with it. Personally I don't think it was DnC, the left can't meme and kikes would never meme AGAINST miscegenation outside Israel.

53e80d  No.606205

Is it possible to make a decently powerful rifle at home? Something that can put a nickle-sized hole in a stocky animal (bull, bison, maybe elephant) from a good distance?

8d8df9  No.606210

File: 2df9a12389be925⋯.jpg (153.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mk12 mod 1 clone.jpg)


ok lets see about a mod 1 build keeping in mind what you have

on the lower

stock: a1 or a2

grip: a1 or a2 or ergo slim

misc parts: m16a1

that was easy now the upper

barrel: 18" SS 1/7 twist

Muzzle: Ops Inc 12th Model




bipod: Harris on a knight's armament Bipod Adapter



now the scope can be one of these two

1: Leupold Mark 4 MR/T with Illuminated TMR reticle (leupold no longer makes these)

2: NightForce 2.5-10x24


scope rings: A.R.M.S. #22 Throw Lever High


holy heck these prices

91067e  No.606218

File: f6d37d8f20e41f0⋯.jpg (184.35 KB, 500x511, 500:511, f6d37d8f20e41f076f0f47f1fc….jpg)


Depends on your standards for "make" and access to shop tools. Most rifles with parts kits available can be made in a decently equipped garage shop or cheapo machine shop. Obviously with more machining skills you can make do with less… but for a first build on basically anything having the right tools and jigs for the job removes a lot of the uncertainty.

If you want to go full retard there's plans for pipe .50 BMG single shot rifles. I remember some anon dumped the entire plans in a thread some years ago and I failed to save all the images, sorry boss

7b73b7  No.606232

File: 301df7c4607ec7e⋯.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, 1:1, nofunallowedclear.png)

File: 9a7e1f55dd68b8f⋯.jpg (105.15 KB, 1068x561, 356:187, Wayne-LaPierre-1068x561[1].jpg)

File: 085d011865ad42d⋯.webm (6.09 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, nrafraud.webm)

Can someone put Wayne LaPierre's face on the robot? I suck at image editing.

91067e  No.606265

File: 016f3ab853c7800⋯.png (400.44 KB, 512x512, 1:1, REPEAL NO DEAL MY MAN.png)


Had to really resist the urge to go full Ben Garrison on this one.

4d300d  No.606283

Give me a tl;dr on cleaning/storing rifles /k/. Rn I just run a bore snake through my rifles then sensually lather them up in gun oil. Whats the proper way of keeping them healthy?

55fa0d  No.606286


For bores use a proper powder solvent like Hoppes, perhaps Butch's Bore Shine if you have money and believe its good as they say. With certain ammunition with salts, hot water may be your first step, it absorbs the salts and flushes them away, THEN get your powder solvent like Hoppes and run wet and dry patches till clean. Tear your modern auto loaders open if you have them and give them a thorough work through; your average hunting rifle like you can own in New Chinastan Colony you might want to remove the bolt of your rifle for better cleaning, but remember a lot of older style guns aren't modular and made to be completely stripped on a regular basis. If you keep using the weapon regular, finish your process with a rag or patch with some light gun oil then a drag rag or patch to protect the metal.

For long term storage I recommend Rig Universal by Birchwood Casey, I didn't know what to think of it but I've used it on my arsenal when they sit for long periods of time and it does well on them. Its a heavier grease, has a smell, but does a wonderful job of keeping even the worst rusting blue steels in tip top shape (save for our old Glenfield 22lr's, which seem to rust from odd looks or full moons). Keep some dessicant packs in your gun lockers, be sure to check on your weapons from time to time even with good humidity control and good greasing.

Almost PS, with your bore snake you should get a good bore brush, preferably bronze. If you shoot lead its a must for leading, but jacketed bullets eventually leave copper fouling in the barrel, and a good brushing every once and a while to keep things clean is a good thing. Soak the barrel nice and long then scrub with the bronze a few times, gets stuff you can't get with a jag or snake. Even if you don't tear apart your nice wooden stock hunting rifles and shotguns, do read up on your manuals, and always try to clean as much as possible. Don't over oil certain things that might attract dust and dirt to cause wear; don't under oil things that are important. I still don't like cotton swabs, but they help in tight corners on guns you shouldn't tear apart, and never forget the old patch soaked in some Hoppes with a dull screwdriver to drive it into some hard to reach places as well as every interior surface to start your cleaning of non bore parts as well, powder solvent helps to break up fowling. If you loose patience later and spray it down with gun oil to flush out the crap, the first step of using powder solvent will make the last pass more effective.

Don't let powder solvents sit on blue steel too long, they will eat rust (including your blueing) and be careful about synthetic materials on your guns that don't like your cleaning solvents and oils. Try to clean guns when hot and freshly used and the fowling hot and fresh and soft. Don't over oil the gun's exterior unless you are in moisture in which case its better than under oiling to avoid dirt attraction, and always oil your gun immediatley after it gets wet no matter how chrome lined the barrel, stainless steel the gun is, or how synthetic other parts are.

56058e  No.606288


It's that premium tacticool markup for sure, but the final product is a tried and true build that's as effective as it is attractive. Then eventually there's the cost of a can on top of all that…

60c5f1  No.606293


use Hoppe's borecleaner when you send the brush down the barrel, and let that sit in there for about 10 minutes, it basically eats all the copper foulding away. When you run a paper towel or cloth through the barrel to clean it out, that tissue should have a blueish color to it, that's the corroded copper mixed with the bore cleaner.

I'd say that's the most important thing to do because copper fouling problems are immediately and happen fairly quickly. Do that every time after you shoot the gun, regardless of the type of gun.

besides that, it depends on the gun. Don't use gun grease when lubing an AR's bolt carrier group, all that shit does is collect the residue from the fired round and gunk up the works. use a teflon based lubricant. Anything heavy and thick in that receiver is going to clog the shit up.

for semi auto pistols, just lightly lubricate the barrel, the area of the slide resting on top of the barrel, and the rails. The main area of wear on pistols is going to be on the rails. I've never heard of someone shooting a pistol barrel out, at least semi-auto.

for bolt-guns, use grease to lubricate the bolt itself, I mean the internals of the bolt. Besides that, a very light spray of teflon into the receiver is fine.

If you ever have to clean a G3, you'll find that lubricating it doesn't really matter because the action is so violent and it gets so insanely dirty, far, far, far dirtier than any DI AR-15. I guess the only way to lubricate them is to truly douse the entire receiver interior with grease, gunk everything up. Unique gun.

7b73b7  No.606415


It's impossible to tell who it is when you do it like that.

deac35  No.606431

For the life of me I cant find the video of the senator suggesting guns should be given to poor people who cant afford it.

1715b4  No.606487

File: 0167dc21606af33⋯.jpg (46.27 KB, 550x431, 550:431, GS18_21_25.jpg)

What is the handgun on the pic?

ee75a0  No.606492


A Browning Hi Power you fucking heretic.

28d4a8  No.606495


Browning Hi-Power, probably a Mark II

1715b4  No.606501

4523a6  No.606532

>received a dirt cheap 1908 7mm Brazilian Mauser

>guy who sold it to me gave me a few hundred rounds of 7x57 rimmed

>gun takes rimless

If I found a second bolt and removed/cut the lip on the ejector plate and ground down the edge of the bolt face do you think it would fire the rimmed cartridges? I'm pretty sure the magazine won't hold the rimmed, but single shot deal so I don't have this obscure ammo going to waste.

ee75a0  No.606539


No. It wouldn't work. Just get a bunch of fresh 7mm brass and transfer over the bullet/powder to them.

7b087e  No.606545


Thanks. That was my initial plan but while ordering a replacement part saw a bolt for real cheap and got to thinking about it.

53e80d  No.606568


> I failed to save all the images, sorry boss

That's a bumer, but thanks nonetheless. Would you happen to have any reliable (key word here) tutorials I could use for babby's first homemade raifu?

55fa0d  No.606709



NEVER change out bolts without checking the headspace. Get go and no go gauges to make sure the damn thing isn't dangerously out of spec and will possibly have case head separation which can be pretty dangerous. Guns arne't meant to have swap out bolts for the most part, if any. In any case Kanuckistan was right, it won't work anyway, but don't use your new bolt in any case.

I think all you did was ruin a perfectly good bolt maybe.

ee75a0  No.606737


You'd need to do more work than just a simple bolt head change to converted from a rimless to rimmed.


There was a weapons thread with some scrap metal funs and such.

eaed69  No.606893

File: 6b85cdec5ae779c⋯.jpg (117.09 KB, 1200x892, 300:223, 1532926827948.jpg)

How much would it cost to get a usp frame proffesionally fde cerakoted? Could it be done at all or do i just buy a new usp?

04208e  No.606909


>strelok can you do an internet search for me


c47c5b  No.607166

I have two questions about building a poly80 "glock"

First, do I have to match the slide to the headstamp the way you have to with a 1911 build?

…because I want to build a .357SIG, with an extended length barrel + threads for a brake. And I can't ever find a barrel I want either – they're for the short model (32?). What if I get a 9" barrel in 9mm, and rent a chamber reamer (bore & bullet selection is the same between these rounds) and ream the straight-walled chamber for the necked chamber of the .357?

Whether I put threads on the hypothetical 9" barrel in a borrowed desktop lathe, or just cut slots into it for an integrated brake, I would be happy at the resulting barrel … if it will chamber & fire.

b620f2  No.607167

Where can I find a ruger #1 manlicher stock?

7de7c0  No.607180

Why was Operation Red wings such a mind-boggling fuckup?

b620f2  No.607210

File: 62743228f56d2f6⋯.jpg (378.66 KB, 1196x1600, 299:400, 4957Aba.jpg)


WHy are these considred good for self defense since they would over penetrate?

Muzzle Velocity: 2100 fps

Muzzle Energy: 636 ft lbs

Penetration: 17.5 inches

91067e  No.607212

File: af91e7116db3fd3⋯.png (389.28 KB, 512x512, 1:1, natty fatty atty.png)


Maybe you'll like this one more, then. Not as much of a fan but it's more straightforward.

60c5f1  No.607214


dude, you're getting 1,400+ fps out of the Glock 31 barrel with that round. Just go with the Glock 31 instead of blowing yourself up.

8ba91d  No.607216


>1, it was the Navy Seals planning & executing it

>2, it was in AFghanistan

A perfect storm of a clusterfuck.

7b73b7  No.607223



7de7c0  No.607224


But I thought the navy seals were the bestest soldiers in the world :(

55fa0d  No.607226


Gimmick. Don't buy, get something serious.

8ba91d  No.607227


They claim the distinction of being the best naval personnel who ever trained as infantry.

742d7b  No.607284

File: 782d1b0f875b3a8⋯.jpeg (786.63 KB, 1800x2048, 225:256, C0BCC001-D622-4AF9-9E83-7….jpeg)

I got a new friend today

7f785b  No.607294


christ that's ugly

7f785b  No.607295


I thought it was fun tbh fam, probably my favorite sci fi/cyberpunk soldier aesthetics.

12f3c5  No.607314

requesting the 1911 tier chart, I'm going to be in the market for one soon. Anything I should look at that's under $700?

a91b57  No.607315

b620f2  No.607332


what makes good 1911s good?

e5ca7f  No.607334

I'm looking at the Sig P220s with their DAK triggers on Aim Surplus for $450. Should I get one? I already own 3 .45s

2dc7db  No.607342

I remember there was some law going around the US that prohibited the registration of firearms. I know a few states adopted it. It had a website too, but I can't seem to find the site anymore. Anyone got a link?

c699ba  No.607347


Parts fitting and finish.

Most manufacturers fuck up the 1911 by making parts fit too tightly together and require a "break-in" period of about 2,000 rounds so that the parts round out and wear themselves into proper fit.

Loose and almost sloppy 1911s like those from Rock Island Arsenal(they're Filipino) function great but leave much to be desired when it comes to accuracy, although that can very likely be blamed on the crap-ass GI sights that nobody seems to want to remove.

The brands listed in "God tier" are either made to very tight tolerances, as mentioned above, or are in the sweet spot between(though still recommend the break-in period).

The extractor can be shit as well, though it's common enough for 1911s that it needs to be considered on a piece by piece basis.

02efef  No.607792

File: 9a2bbc5e9602c48⋯.jpg (29.44 KB, 750x573, 250:191, 9a2bbc5e9602c4889a7869d1a6….jpg)

what are the magazine and handgun that are shown in this image

e76b37  No.608073

File: f36a688de8dbc00⋯.jpg (663.06 KB, 1818x2544, 303:424, .22LR Semiautomatic Rifle ….jpg)

Does anyone have an infographic like pic related, but for hunting rifles?

e76b37  No.608074


Shit, by hunting rifles I meant those of a larger "game rifle" caliber, like .243, 30-06, .270, and so on.

Polite sage.

a91b57  No.608075


I've got a P226 in DAK. It's an interesting mechanism, probably the smoothest DAO you'll find in a semi-auto pistol. There are better options out there as far as functionality is concerned in my opinion, but I like to collect guns with odd mechanisms so it's worth a pickup if you ask me.

bd0a6b  No.608099

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Has anyone ever made mercury projectiles?

1be39b  No.608108

File: 028db6e06e8fa6d⋯.jpg (14.54 KB, 201x247, 201:247, To_what_end.jpg)

7b73b7  No.608116



Savage Axis, Mossberg Patriot, Mossberg MVP if you have the mags, Howa. Don't get a post-2007 Remington 700.

000000  No.608117

Shotgun, point blank, straight between the eyes. What would be more effective, slug or 00?

000000  No.608119


and yes obviously both will get the job done, I'm just wondering which one would asplode your head more.

75fb81  No.608144


Idiots think it will be better than a fragmenting bullet and it will poison the target, but elemental mercury doesn't do that and it's actually going to take path of least resistance which will make it do less damage overall than a normal 00 buckshot.

b620f2  No.608147

File: 81cce99913148a1⋯.jpg (35.66 KB, 411x321, 137:107, 81cce99913148a111e2974d74e….jpg)

What's a good optic for a hand gun for 50-100 yard shooting?

41a2d4  No.608224


Adjustable target irons. Every red dot I know of sized for a handgun has a fuckhueg size dot.

a91b57  No.608226


Git gud enough to shoot at 50 yards before you worry too much about gear. Once you've gotten gud stick to irons, as pistol red-dots are optimized for speed (fukhueg dot) rather than precision.

b620f2  No.608232


why do bullseye shooters use optics?

fe16d2  No.608309

Not sure if I should post here or the knife thread, but I'm looking to buy a swiss army knife. What should I be looking for in terms of brands, quality, etc.

4af435  No.608312


I think those bullseye shooters are using actual scopes rather than red-dots, something which is only practical on .22lr pistols because most others have a reciprocating slide.


Victorinox is the only Swiss Army knife brand worth getting. They've got a wide variety of options, depending on your budget and what you're looking for. Do you have either of those figured out yet?

e51610  No.608386

An LGS close to me has a fucking AR-18 in its used section for $950. I've never even seen one in person until I saw it while putting some money down on another gun and mistook it for a FAL at first. Is almost 1000 freedombux worth it?

ee75a0  No.608389


See what twist rate it has, if its 1:12 you're stuck using 55gr if you want decent accuracy, also see if it uses standard AR mags. For 1k it isn't a bad price if its in decent shape.

0f33c6  No.608398


Depends on the condition. Last I checked online they are going for $1400~ so it may be a good deal.

4785bc  No.608407


Something with mechanical-oriented tools (screwdriver, pliers, etc) with a blade that's solid enough to use for anything, but it'll mostly end up being for boxes. Bottle opener is a plus. Ideally I'd want to spend around 50-70 bucks, willing to go up to 100 depending.

79ae1c  No.608410

File: b7e6f8c1855d47c⋯.jpg (26.69 KB, 560x490, 8:7, 8973488324638_celum_144735….jpg)

File: c422756c6ab92a4⋯.jpg (23.39 KB, 560x490, 8:7, 8980434878494_celum_144820….jpg)


Victorinox, probably safe to say anything else is garbage.

Evolution S17 is a good medium-sized model

Skipper is solid from the bigger ones


Evolution s17 should be 50 bucks, at least in PLN

Pic related

a91b57  No.608412

File: 232e5986ae7e53e⋯.png (880.7 KB, 1280x1120, 8:7, ClipboardImage.png)

File: eb30e226f349575⋯.png (709.52 KB, 1280x1120, 8:7, ClipboardImage.png)


Yeah, the S17 looks like it'll have what you need. The Swiss Champ is my personal favorite, at the upper end of your budget at 70 burgerbucks but she's got a tool for everything, and still compact enough for me to EDC it.

I notice you specified pliers, how important are those to you? Because as you can see from the pics, the pliers included in most Swiss Army knives are kind of dinky. If you don't expect to use pliers, or only expect to do light work with them, that isn't a problem, but if you're expecting the pliers to see heavy use I'd suggest going with either the Swisstool (Tobleroneistan's answer to the Leatherman), or a similar style tool from SOG. Same applies for the screwdriver. If you just needed a Philips and a flathead you should be fine, but if you need something a little more exotic, some models of multitool come with a dedicated bit driver and some bits for it, which is far more versatile.

54c476  No.608419

File: e1e20c8b1cbce2c⋯.jpg (20.21 KB, 560x490, 8:7, 8981234876446_celum_145184….jpg)

File: 9d5e64c7f5d0c2f⋯.jpg (20.72 KB, 560x490, 8:7, 8981239201822_celum_145182….jpg)

File: c9c6f49741e2630⋯.jpg (27.27 KB, 560x490, 8:7, rangergrip boatsman.jpg)


The swiss knives with best blades are the so called ranger grip with Wenger-type blades.

Problem there is only one with pliers and it's quite over your budget.

Also pliers on swiss knifes are not exactly the best, a leatherman is just so much better for that, simply because of the design.

4785bc  No.608423




Thanks for the feedback lads. Pliers aren't really that important (just an example of what I wanted), so it looks like the S17 is going to be the way to go. Appreciate the help.

f0f181  No.608440

Why are we not using p2p solutions like retroshare (behind VPN's and Tor) to avoid censorship? Why are we not forming networks that can interact with people internationally, and also local ones that can then take our memes and propaganda and poster them in the physical world, if need be? It seems strange that there are so many solutions to censorship, yet few people are actually using them.

c3fadf  No.608489

File: b5fb8cef829c19a⋯.png (554.65 KB, 471x717, 157:239, tacticlassy.png)

is there such thing as classy tactical.

ready to operate in an opera

3f0a4e  No.608492

Which camo pattern best for Ireland/scotland?

1715b4  No.608508

Guys, do you have a chart like these for 1911 itt but for lever actions?

1715b4  No.608509

File: da9e191848c879f⋯.jpg (38.06 KB, 800x494, 400:247, 44755744metroingame.jpg)


Also, why are there so little amount of revolver carbines? 357 magnum revolving rifle would be sweet, why only lever actions are available?

79ae1c  No.608526


I assume it's because of no proper seal that forces you to hold it in a weird way compared to normal rifle, but I'm only familiar with ball and cap revolver carbines

1715b4  No.608532

File: af47ff3f6eeb367⋯.jpg (10.24 KB, 255x191, 255:191, ca1530691925ff555da7a05f46….jpg)


Yeah, that's why i mentioned .357 magnum, other pistol calibers would do just as well, it's the pressures of rifle cartridges that is the problem. They'd be able to compare to lever actions without much effort, i suppose, and with single action simplicity they'd be not much more complex, but have good trigger as an advantage. unless you're going 30-30 or something they could fire similar cartridges, up to 45-70(are they though, with modern powder and stuff, or are they left with black powder, or their decrease in popularity is due to stuff like .500 guns or something appearing on hand cannon market?), so while lever actions get all the fame and love revolvers are only limited to handguns, mostly.

d4bb27  No.608609

File: e0af7516272416e⋯.jpg (79.08 KB, 750x642, 125:107, e0af7516272416e5710374727b….jpg)


Not exaclty a question but I got Troopiesongs - John Edmond for those who want it, will seed for awhile

a91b57  No.608613


Think I've pulled a few of these off jewtube already but I'll give it a download and seed, thanks fam.

48fbd9  No.608615



Some of the 3" slugs have absolutely crazy energy at the muzzle, easily clearing 3500 ft lbs. I dont know if any shot even comes close. Seems like thats all that would matter in a point blank scenario, though.

170ae3  No.608624




Polanon is right. Cylinder gap causing hand injury is a huge problem in revolver carbines. Also rifle calibers don't work all that well in revolving cylinders. Bottlenecked rounds cause huge issues with locking up the cylinder.

c699ba  No.608627


>Cylinder gap causing hand injury is a huge problem in revolver carbines.

Ausfag that owns three of them says it's not too bad since your arm isn't pressed up against the gap, and even then you just wear sleeves and you don't feel a thing.

>Also rifle calibers don't work all that well in revolving cylinders. Bottlenecked rounds cause huge issues with locking up the cylinder.

Because bottlenecked rounds headspace on the tapered surface of the neck, it needs to be snug against the breechface to avoid a kaboom, rimmed cartridges aside. That makes it prone to jamming the cylinder with the case mashed up against the recoil shield.

55fa0d  No.608629

The cylinder gap leads to performance loss in any case, and although revolvers can be accurate for handguns relatively because of the fixed barrels, it would be inferior to lever action or bolt action in rifles because they are more fixed. If you jam in a large cylinder from my carry revolver N frame, you can get maybe 8 rounds, tube magazine can exceed that, especially if you prefer full rifle for 357 Magnum, far less in a revolver 44 rifle that a tube magazine will exceed massively.

The ONLY advantage the revolver long gun has is that there is no extraction issue round to round for reliability. One does not have to worry about a stuck cartridge causing problems for the next round to be cycled and shot. Other than that its a completely inferior design that died a long time ago because its inferior.

c699ba  No.608633


>One does not have to worry about a stuck cartridge causing problems for the next round to be cycled and shot

Incorrect. That, too, can be a problem if a case expands rearward and gets stuck against the breechface.

24f666  No.608834

I visited the Bovington Tank Museum, RAF Hendon, the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, and had the opportunity to see some Canadian military vehicles at the Canadian War Museum runnign over the summer.

Would anyone be interested if I did a dump of some of my better photos?

742d7b  No.608839

Is .45 auto HP even necessary? I can see the argument for home defense where you want the bullet to stop moving through walls. But FMJ seems more than adequate for any application.

53e80d  No.608841


>There was a weapons thread with some scrap metal funs and such.

Would you happen to have an archive link or something?

170ae3  No.608845


I would be intersted.


Same reason for any hollowpoint. It's going to expand in a soft (read: human) target and leave a larger wound channel than FMJ. Sure you can shoot someone with an FMJ, but you could get better effectiveness out of a hollowpoint in a self defense scenario.


Just sell the ammo on GunBroker. Not a super common caliber so I'd bet somebody out there would be interested.

ee75a0  No.608846


The pinned PDF thread and this one >>555780 have them.

3cc816  No.608917

So I sort of got into a self-defense scenario.

A guy got really mad at me, he came very close in my personal space. Now, since I'm a very tall guy and he was normal, he had an advantage in that scenario. He was right under my face and I couldn't use my extra reach. I got my hand in my right pocket where I always keep my spray, I had it gripped the right way. But since he was so close he could have stopped my arm as I'd aim for his face. Plus, he had glases. Kind of small nerd glasses, not sunglasses. I feared the spray wouldn't affect him.

Luckly, I was able to back out with ease and got away walking (he seemed like he was more muscular than me and probably trained or knew a bit about fighting, which I don't).

I know the spray was supposed to work anyway, since it affects your breathing too. But since his eyes were covered quite a bit, I felt like it wouldn't work as well. Am I wrong about this, tho? If I'd have to go on and get in a fight, which would have been my best bet in that moment? A knife?

d7578f  No.608923

File: 793b9d2220e0081⋯.jpg (54.56 KB, 645x768, 215:256, 5887d18e5dcba9bb6abe8c5b57….jpg)


Canadian gun laws are made up on the spot. Make sure it's "non restricted," unloaded, have a separate locked container for any ammunition, make sure the rifle itself isn't scary, lock the gun, lock the case, and maybe you get 5 years minimum if you are caught. Pretty good laws we got here.

e331d4  No.609132

Any wars going on right now?

I need war.

9b7d7b  No.609138


Nope. World peace has been achieved.

a98148  No.609183

Why is the U.S. the only country with a normalizing trend for school shootings? This issue seems to be the backbone of leftist talking points for more gun control. My theory is that most of these school shootings are deliberate, and, are allowed to occur by our government, through selectively picking the most potentially homicidal candidate, and indirectly conditioning him into the next shooter, to make international headlines, by ignoring signs and reports of psychological distress within their candidate. Your thoughts?

481541  No.609192

File: cafec8ac64396f0⋯.png (482.16 KB, 600x600, 1:1, sam you look like shit.png)


Didn't you get the memo? Tim Heidecker got World Peace shitcanned.

9a7d51  No.609215


The Florida shooting proved that the FBI will just ignore warnings that someone is going to snap. I doubt they're outright conditioning them though, it's much easier and safer (for the FBI) to just ignore problems until they blossom into tragedies. The most I could see them doing is fiddling with background checks so the shooter of the month can get access to a fully semi automatic assault rifle with a high capacity 30 round clip.

But it's not their fault goyim Strelok, it's yours for owning a gun.

79ae1c  No.609216



We're in a perpetual state of war.


Isn't sandy hooks and one other recent shooting missing from FBI statistics, as if it didn't happen in reality.

I blame journalists for school shooters.

But also the government for creating them to pass gun seizure measures.

55fa0d  No.609234


The US also has a larger population than any other western first world country. Some would try to argue volume of guns, but we also have an issue with sheer volume of people. The more people there are the more likely a SINGLE incident will occur, and a single incident every once and a while will become a "trend".

You have the media showing the faces of the shooters, pushing them out there, making sure that every attention seeking nutjob knows his path to glory. Columbine saw an overreaction to the reaction of the shooting in which internet people, especially kids who saw their video games being assaulted, made fun of school shootings as an internet hobby, when these things become long standing common memes for years, how does this affect potential school shooters? All it takes is a little push out of a pool of enough people and you will get a certain amount of them at some point, in theory at least.

04208e  No.609235


A combination of Columbine copycats and the media giving anyone who shoots up a school fifteen minutes of fame by morbidly dissecting every detail of it.

ef7ad3  No.609308

What is the name of those elephant hunting cartridges that are just 12ga brass shells filled with rifle powder and a "normal" projectile? I remember that they have a specific name and they require extremely though guns to work, but I just can't find them.

7b73b7  No.609312


Gun free zones.

ef7ad3  No.609315

Would it be possible to import old Warsaw Pact AKs to the USA if the importer removed the stocks and called them pistols?


Turns out I just had to search for "12 ga rifle".


a91b57  No.609321


They'd probably shoot it down under the "no sporting use" category, whose definition seems to change with convenience.

c699ba  No.609326


Actual AKs have full-auto capability and can't be imported, the receivers would have to be destroyed even if they were modified.

170ae3  No.609341


What the other fellows said about machineguns and such. What occurs now is the military surplus AK's have the receiver and barrel destroyed and then are sent to the US as parts kit where companies here refit them for semi-auto and build them into functioning rifles for sale on the US market.

b620f2  No.609462

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Could the problems that made stoner 63 a bad platform be fixed today?

Picture this. ww1, walking fire, stoner 63.

Would a ww1 & Nam hybrid movie be terrible?

fbfda9  No.609463


The reason the media focuses on school shooting so much is 90% of all other gun violence is caused by their pet niggers and spics in gang shootouts. Its basically the only the only spot where anti white agenda overlaps with anti gun agenda.

170ae3  No.609485


>WWI 'Nam hybrid movie

Please extrapolate anon. I'm at half chub with the possibilities.

f899bf  No.609492


Imagine the Tet Offensive, but all day, every day, forever. Imagine half the population of mainland Asia funneling down the Vietnam peninsula in waves, only to break on the wall of entrenchments, machine guns, and artillery. Imagine gunships hot refueling on the tarmac, the Air Cavalry scrambling to provide reinforcements before a position is overrun. Imagine holding the line, just barely, against an endless, inhuman foe.

Or just make Imperial Guard: The Movie, it's the same basic concept.

170ae3  No.609521


Sounds like a fantastic time my friend.

f4f5c8  No.609524



7b73b7  No.609531

File: dbc7be97aee3fbd⋯.png (535.47 KB, 1400x792, 175:99, bg_chara02[1].png)

File: 67800f0d60d85df⋯.jpg (76.86 KB, 500x883, 500:883, Leanne3[1].jpg)

Gun ID?

c699ba  No.609535


Series 80 Beretta in .380 ACP

Likely the 84 "Cheetah" model.

ee75a0  No.609568


Isn't the M96 and the XCR just a continuation of the Stoner 63?

dc0884  No.609580


I agree, but think a good portion of them are faked like Sandy Hook. Also, lot of them are mystery meats in "inner cities" that shoot 1-3 people and the media plasters ==SCHOOL SHOOTING== in their headlines for as long as they can milk it.

f0e0a2  No.609626


Why not load mercury into hollowpoint rounds?

b00361  No.609637

So now that Cody Wilson got caught being a pedo, what happens to the 3d guns?

7b73b7  No.609640



>caught being

You mean set up as. It's a transparent fake.

68b1da  No.609657

File: af4efa1ecf3e7a4⋯.png (1.44 KB, 773x45, 773:45, hg price.PNG)

File: 919cd3a93aaddbc⋯.png (6.72 KB, 305x255, 61:51, pb price.PNG)


Mercury is 2000 USD per flask (~34kg) nowadays. For 14$ more, you can buy a whole ton of Lead. That's without taking into account the manufacturing process of the round and the eventual legal problems that such a round would entail (as you're looking to use it as a poison). Never mind that Hg amalgams to Copper, so you'd need another metal for the jacket.

All in all, it sounds like a huge pain in the ass that doesn't sound like it's worth it.



335ce8  No.609658

If I were to purchase a barreled receiver of a milsurp rifle, would I be able to assemble it piece by piece for the same price of buying an already assembled one? Or would it end up being more expensive?

a91b57  No.609660


Depends on the rifle, what tools you own already. With AKs it's almost certainly cheaper to build from a parts kit if you have the appropriate tools already.

ee75a0  No.609683


Don't forget the other shit they include into school shooting statistics like gang shootings near schools to guy committing suicide in car in school parking lot on a weekend.

986930  No.609788

File: 426014bbfadc5ec⋯.jpg (425.17 KB, 1000x994, 500:497, 792624186.jpg)

Could I use Tannerite as a power for my cases?

Like replacing the powder with Tannerite?

Thinkin' bout' thos mouse guns

4f881e  No.609814

File: 04d954f12846ba9⋯.webm (4.78 MB, 300x300, 1:1, THANOS_THANOS_YES_PAPA(3).webm)

What is wrong with the newer DSA FALs? I check gunbroker regularly but FALs seem only to get rarer, I used to see a lot of imbels but not so much lately. Same with early DSAs. Is there anything inherently wrong with the DSA rifles? I don't plan on keeping anything in a safe mind you, I use my rifles a lot and go innawoods with them. Is it reliability issues? If so, where can I find a good FAL?

55fa0d  No.609819

File: ce2917327ab3b9c⋯.jpg (111.44 KB, 1000x710, 100:71, 19477326_2365529366918968_….jpg)


You need to lay the pipe down and take a nap son.


All I can tell you is the SA58 I ordered from the company this summer has been good to me so far. Going to buy some new ammuniition soon and keep testing it, probalby a YT video to waste my time on something nobody will watch, but so far it seems to work with brass and steel cases, shoots 2.5 inch with Tula crap at 100, but you sometimtes don't know until you put a shitload of rounds through it.

I have a bunch of steel magazines on backorder from the Brownell's, so until they come the potential issue discussed elsewhere of reciever/magazine function is another thing I can't make a comment on. Came with a plastic Moses Mag that works so far, but I can't attest to the receiver working well with steel magazines until my months old order finally comes through.

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