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There's no discharge in the war!

File: aa9e86067a643c2⋯.jpeg (103.13 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 48F18B58-E4AB-478E-A59A-C….jpeg)

41e274 No.546766

Old thread will no longer bump back up to the first page, creating a new one.

Old thread >>530956

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a59065 No.565774


Fuck it, I'm doing it. No better, "fuck you" than that.

c1b0b5 No.565776


Don't forget the Stoegers that float around too.


They'll cut time down and most likely keep you from fucking up.

d8b9b4 No.565813


>There are ALICE clips bro.

Yes but virtually all modern retention holsters are made to attach to duty belts (totally wrong size) or MOLLE.

c1b0b5 No.565823


Hm, the MOLLE ones you might get by with using large MALICE clips provided they aren't the clip on to the MOLLE belt.

6bdc46 No.565833

File: d22e3d23fb92315⋯.png (183.25 KB, 1213x788, 1213:788, 0.PNG)



first of all.

>how old were you when you were first committed

>what meds were you prescribed

>how old are you now.

and what do you mean by "my case is closed"

this is the 4473 that concerns you.

read it. does it apply to you? if so, are you covered by the exceptions? if not, then you cannot legally purchase a firearm.

i made this just for you.

6bdc46 No.565837

File: d7addf3eda4a1bd⋯.mp4 (15.38 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Hey_HD_.mp4)



Also you better not be a fucking MK ULTRA school shooter. If so, kill handler then yourself please you fucking wacko.

35e9c2 No.565838

What's a good website for publishing articles on historical wars, battles, and ranging/frontier stuff? I found frontierpartisans.com which is great but its basically just a blog since its one guy. I'd like to submit some stuff so if anyone knows any websites like that one that accept submissions I'd be thankful.

6bdc46 No.565841


>Damn, that's disappointing to hear.

sorry. i mistaken plum crazy arms lower for the NFA. the QC is there but it's plastic. so it can break. the only plastic lower that is good is the cav arms.

good luck.

6bdc46 No.565846

File: 99895b9c68bea47⋯.jpg (88.39 KB, 920x518, 460:259, 13939413_847307128735582_9….jpg)

File: 7cd2fd60b0d9c52⋯.png (150.27 KB, 966x539, 138:77, hahahahahah.PNG)


purely theoretical

Alright. Besides the P90, only the X95 is capable of this conversion (which requires chopping the barrel down, and changing the gas port size). i don't like this idea because the accuracy with the X95 is so fucking bad it makes the mini 14 look like a sniper rifle.

>pic related

yeah sure you could say only nerds worry about MOA, but, seriously. 1800 MSRP and has the accuracy of a series 180 shot out mini 14. i'd rather spend my bux on nigger rigging an AUG. But the AUG's shortest possible barrel length is 14. still big enough in OAL where a traditional SBR'd gun is better.

38c2e3 No.565867

So I took my polymer 80 Glock 19 to the range, and with the hollow point bullets I kept experiencing brass to face but with FMJ I had no problem. Is it the ammo that's causing this?

295e63 No.565876


There's no reason a slightly differently shaped projectile would behave that erroneously on the back end. It sounds like the JHP's have a different weight/powder charge that's messing up the ejection pattern. Not a glock armorer by any means but I'd imagine the recoil spring could be adjusted.

38c2e3 No.565880


I know they were lighter projectiles, but I don't know if the powder loads were different. The ammo is probably at least 20 years old as well, just to put that out there.

c1b0b5 No.565900


How heavy are the bullets? Might be a case of the glock not liking lighter ammo or the ejector just hates you.

38c2e3 No.565903


115 grain.

22871c No.565914



What about an over under? What are some good brands and are they worth it? Cheers.

6b3390 No.565915

Is this 8ch going to get nuke?

c1b0b5 No.565920


Use 124gr stuff. You'll probably see an improvement.


Its up to preference really.



38c2e3 No.565921


I know that 124 grain works, when I was shooting the FMJ it wasn't hitting me in the face. I did get two failure to feeds, but that might be because it's still breaking in. Also the middle pin kept walking out on me, any reason why? I used the right drill bit to drill the hole.

c1b0b5 No.565925


See if the pin is centered perfectly.

000000 No.565974


>how old were you when you were first committed

15 man

>what meds were you prescribed

anti depressant and anti psychotic

>how old are you now.


>>what do you mean by "my case is closed"

>be me

>get inside the system

>tell therapist my problems are caused by environmental factors

>therapist realizes this as time goes on with me willingly doing the activities i was set out to do

>case got closed as soon as i got removed from the toxic environment

and thats how it went. im really more of a calm person.

A thing you should have in mind is that i visited a recruiter and i told her about this and they said they would still accept me in.


why would i kill a bunch of people who have not wronged me?

430d62 No.566022

File: c527309d677f0ae⋯.jpg (89.57 KB, 750x499, 750:499, 04960ef0e96456b04db849d1b8….jpg)

Hypothetically you decide to invest some money into firearms, not for the purpose of making money but just to hold onto your wealth assuming you don't want to keep it in the bank.

What advice do you offer?

Does ammo hold its value?

521e95 No.566036


That's probably the most retarded thing to do unless you have political ties, much like the full-auto community in the US, to ensure that your investment may only increase in value and to never decrease.

Ammunition degrades over time and does not hold value unless it's collectible(ie Gyjrojet rockets) and even then they're too few to invest in.

5b7a08 No.566076

How do you decock a pistol with no decocker?

9cc182 No.566080


Very carefully. You need to pull the trigger while keeping a thumb on the hammer so that it doesn't fall, then gently lower it onto the firing pin. Keep a finger between the hammer and the pin as well in case you drop it like a dumbass.

5b7a08 No.566098


Thanks for the info, I'll definitely practice it in dry runs before trying that shit at the range.

Question 2: Did our faggot government put an import ban on those MOLOT VEPRS? I am basically split between the Brownells M16A1 clone and copper custom's 5.45 VEPR with the collapsible stock. If it's going to be impossible for me to find replacement parts in the future then I don't even want to consider it.

9cc182 No.566106


They did, but Molot was only added to the no-no list last year, so the secondary market isn't going to be quite as dry as it is for Izhmash or anything else that's been banned for longer. If you're looking for something to shoot 5.45 out of I'm going to shill for building your own 5.45 upper, the Ballistic Advantage barrels are still on sale at Arms and Ally (https://www.armorally.com/shop/ballistic-advantage-5-45-x-39mm-performance-series-16-government-barrel/).

d0912e No.566126


Keep muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Hold slide in left hand with thumb blocking firing pin. Hold grip in right hand with thumb on hammer. Pull trigger past break, release immediately. Slowly lower hammer to half cock notch.

d8b9b4 No.566127

Anyone make IWB holsters for 1858 replicas?

157fdd No.566138

File: 40c52410a95289c⋯.jpg (27.75 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Megumin gat.jpg)

Two questions about miscellaneous licensing stuff.

1. I noticed on the NICS there's a "unique personal identification number" thing. Is there any benefit to getting one of those, and if so, how do I go about it?

2. I'm looking into getting a C&R license. Does anyone else have one and is it difficult to get, in your experience?

295e63 No.566140


Knurl a little bit on one end of the pin, or at least rough it up with some sandpaper.


>Did our faggot government put an import ban on those MOLOT VEPRS?

Sanctions were placed on the guys that owned Molot, they got sold to another company, imports started up again then the state department decided the new owners needed sanctioned too. Yet now I'm seeing Vepr models that I damn sure know weren't available in the US two years ago, so I don't know what the fuck is going on.


UPIN is given out if you were denied on a NICS check and successfully appeal it. I'm not aware of any other way to get one.

A C&R application isn't hard. The two most difficult parts are 1: Actually getting the paperwork, since only one out of every 4 orders are fulfilled, and 2: Getting the goddamn sheboons in the west virginia office to pay attention and not either 'lose' your money order or fuck up your credit card info.

5b7a08 No.566143


what is the level of interchangeability of AK parts? If I bought that copper custom vepr, would I be able to replace parts through American producers?

430d62 No.566254


You don't want it to increase in value you retard, just to hold its value. Fucking amerimutts I swear.

83dae3 No.566267

File: e173db81e0d649a⋯.jpg (13.96 KB, 501x337, 501:337, 22q-140.jpg)

File: 360c885fa8e4c14⋯.jpg (853.66 KB, 1241x950, 1241:950, obsidian-cores-blades.jpg)

Can you take prismatic blades of off a core of regular glass the same way you can take them off of obsidian?

Like say if I melted a bunch of coke bottles into a solid mass?

521e95 No.566269


Value fluctuates and, unless you want your investment to be worth less than what you spent, you should want the value to increase. That's the entire point of investing.

a5c736 No.566277


You can print the paperwork off the ATF website, that's how I did it.

d8b9b4 No.566296

Can you suppress a Walther CCP or other gas delayed pistol? Would you need a Nielsen device?

9c71df No.566327

I may not be able to own a gun myself yet (as per my previous posts in the thread), but I at least want to get into shooting, and I've been looking into the range in my area.

Is it normal for a range to prohibit shooting rifles from a standing position?

9b8856 No.566334

File: ea12159bdb04a16⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.49 KB, 333x361, 333:361, c5c26c55cf793dbd88ecfc2979….jpg)

/r/ing that one webm of "arabian nights" from alladin with a bunch of Syrian and Gulf war footage, will post dank memes for anyone who pulls through

9b8856 No.566341


Some glass seems to sort of flake like obsidian, but it will probably never follow the lines you want. Perhaps etching where you want it to break will make some early cracks for you, but my guess is that glass would not fracture predictably enough.

83dae3 No.566346

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Perhaps etching where you want it to break will make some early cracks for you

You mean like this guy does?

295e63 No.566352


>Is it normal for a range to prohibit shooting rifles from a standing position?

That's new. Is it geared toward long range shooters only or something?

2b3bf2 No.566356


Is that what they're going to ban next? Aiming while standing?

9c71df No.566359


> Is it geared toward long range shooters only or something?

It has stations for 50, 100, and 200 yards.

295e63 No.566372

File: 7e9420e2240b63b⋯.mp4 (238.07 KB, 624x352, 39:22, gay_and_stupid.mp4)


No excuse for that.

de4ae5 No.566383

what snap cap brands do you guys recommend?

87ef41 No.566453


Check out "Tank" with James Garner, too.

57a7be No.566707

So I just got an FNS-9 and it came with 3 magazines. I have found that it is quite difficult to load the last few rounds into the mags, and I've been having a hell of a time loading the last round in. Does the FNS's mags typically have stiff springs that require breaking in, or do I just have weak little baby hands?

4fdb30 No.566716


You shouldn't try to "break in" a spring by force, that's more likely to damage it. Just keep using it naturally, three less rounds at a range visit isn't going to rain on your parade too much.

4fdb30 No.566717


>Is it normal for a range to prohibit shooting rifles from a standing position?

No. Cancel your membership immediately, write bad yelp reviews, do what you can to shit on their day. Find another one.

521e95 No.566719


Generally all magazine springs will be stiff out of the box. To skip bruising your fingertips you can buy a magazine loading tool that presses down for you.

b9f455 No.566730


Take your finger pad bruisings like a man, they calluses will serve you well in the future.

b9f455 No.566747

File: e0716d4e824f96c⋯.png (38.68 KB, 643x315, 643:315, Capture.PNG)

Does anyone know of a free-float barrel sleeve like this, but for midlength gas system and handguards? Link: (http://www.fulton-armory.com/handguardfloattube12roundcmpnrasteelblk.aspx)

bae549 No.566753

File: 49d7f5d87a92dc1⋯.webm (7.51 MB, 640x480, 4:3, FN FAL.webm)

I know a guy that might be willing to sell a FN-FAL for $1200.

Is this a good deal? The gun's in good condititon. Though there's another interested party that I may have to outbid, what would be the point where it's not a good deal? He replaced the stock and grip with a thumbhole one.

ba0460 No.566757


what do you do with the blades once you make them? do you turn them into arrowheads or something?

c1b0b5 No.566760


Whats the base receiver, if its a new DSA i'd avoid it like the plague.

bae549 No.566821

File: f391073e7a78d8a⋯.webm (3.72 MB, 860x480, 43:24, right arm of the free wor….webm)


Don't know what the receiver is, but it's not recent.

Guy's had it for at least as long as I've known him, 12 years.

521e95 No.566842


"FN-FAL" is as specific as "AKM"

It could be anything. If you know it works and have fired it, it's up to you - $1200 is about the area they hover in price.

If you've never fired it, you need to know what it's built off of or you might just be getting a shit gun that he may have fired once a year for shits and giggles despite it being unreliable.

2b52a0 No.566924

File: e3657d64bb896f1⋯.jpg (293.76 KB, 1777x1331, 1777:1331, aztec-warriors-3.jpg)

File: 764a2797a7aeacf⋯.jpg (64.22 KB, 651x498, 217:166, 239platecsmall_zps7c3fe38b.jpg)

File: a5dcad2580b7480⋯.png (174.28 KB, 1080x125, 216:25, Macuahuitl_Armeria_Real_Hi….png)


They can be but they are primarily used for cutting and scraping tools. They can be used to make a sharper-than-razor-sharp knife. Prismatic blades are much sharper than knapped blades like what are typically used for projectile points or the typical flint knives and such.

I want to make a macuahuitl from scratch but I don't exactly have a ready supply of obsidian on hand.

9b8856 No.566968

File: c7abb2c9e85c554⋯.webm (2.02 MB, 640x360, 16:9, arabian_nights.webm)


Found it on /pol/, posting in case anyone else cares

9c71df No.567026


The Aztecs sure had some snazzy pajamas.

8fad0b No.567073

Is the pistol grip just a mene?

b9f455 No.567077


No. Why would you assume it is?

a872b9 No.567080


>early history is basically one big beta uprising

>invent pretty much nothing and flail culturally

>habitually sperg out at everyone for no reason

>can't into empire properly because you murder everyone in your tism fits and nobody really likes you

>go to war in pajamas because it's comfier that way

>have a warrior caste of furries who prefer animals to icky women

>war is just one big autistic ceremony

>need to give tendies to your god or else he gets grumpy

>spend most of your day lying around in your hut while normalfag slaves toil

>entire civilization get BTFO by a handful of conquistador chads

Were the Aztecs proto-/r9k/?

8fad0b No.567153


Why is it preferred over a stock grip?

0077d9 No.567156

File: b9ee65360fb1013⋯.jpg (125.76 KB, 1920x937, 1920:937, M14_rifle_-_USA_-_7,62x51m….jpg)

Any recommendations for buying a M14? Are there any cheaper clones I can look for? Everyone I've seen is $1000 and up

031f29 No.567157


You get a lot better control and it's more comfortable to hold, naturally fitting into your hand instead of forcing the wrist joints to roll forward the way a traditional style does. Also, this allows the stock to be in line with the barrel and thus the recoil impulse, mitigating muzzle rise. In a stock grip, the barrel is by necessity higher than the butt of the stock, because the furniture needs to curve downwards to create that "grip" area between the action and the stock. This causes recoil to manifest as torque as well as rearward force, and causes muzzle rise. This is especially important in weapons capable of automatic fire.

c1b0b5 No.567164


Pre ban Norincos are alright for what they are. If you can find something built from a GI parts kit.

c0b230 No.567205

Theoretically, if you made the bolt and breech of a gun out of rare-earth magnets, could you potentially create a magnetically-delayed blowback weapon?

Or hell, you could do it with electro magnets for artillery and shit, so the magnets only switch on during firing and then turn off to allow for extraction.

521e95 No.567211


Springfield M1A is crap, but the cheapest and easiest to get.

Fulton Armory builds are good.

Pre-ban Norinco are okay, but expensive because

>muh M14, muh chinese, muh import ban


The problem I can see you running into with using magnets is that they're either too powerful for the bolt to move or too weak to do anything.

HOWEVER, If you introduced a sort of piston or lever into it that uses a magnet to lock the bolt until the mechanism drops it, you might, just might, be onto something. I don't think it would work for blowback.

1c0309 No.567561

I'm writing a story and I have a question about explosives. What would happen if a 7.62×51mm NATO cartridge had the powder removed and C4 stuffed inside? Would it still fire? Would the bullet have a higher velocity? Would it destroy the gun firing it and kill the person who fired the gun? Would the bullet leave the barrel before the destruction affected accuracy?

b9f455 No.567585


Well, since primers are explosive they actually stand a good chance of setting off the C4, so you'll likely see something happen. The chamber will almost certainly explode. The shooter will probably die as well, if not from the shockwave then from the shrapnel flying at their face. I've got no clue if the bullet will leave the barrel, but if it does I wouldn't think it would be accurate given the exploded chamber. Would definitely be faster though.

5f89cf No.567593


If you can make rare earth magnets (or equally strong magnets) that can withstand that level of impact. Fuck the guns, you just solved a lot of engineering problems.



A hot charge can blow up a weaker gun, C4 will most likely kill the shooter. Not sure about the bullet but I know it will not be flying straight.

1c0309 No.567595



Alright. In the story the gun is fired remotely so it doesn't matter if it's destroyed and the shrapnel destroys some things around it. The biggest problem I'm going to have to overcome is the bullet probably not leaving the barrel or of it does, not flying straight. I'll just have to factor that into the strategy being employed.

Thanks for the link.

5f89cf No.567597


Question, are you trying to make a round penetrate something it normally would not? Cause if so I may have an idea for you.

1c0309 No.567601


Yes that is what I'm trying to do. What's your idea?

5f89cf No.567603


If it isn't too much of a stretch for them to have say two-three pounds of HE, a pipe of appropriate diameter and a bit of thick metal, they could construct an explosively formed penetrator.


af61e7 No.567604

File: 5f7695031cf6b14⋯.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1272x967, 1272:967, F9E571F6-3824-483C-B6E2-E….jpeg)

What happens if you load 6.5x39 in a 6.5x56 shell

A) superfast bullet going at very speed

B) too much pressure breaking the gun

C)something else that isnt good

5f89cf No.567608


I think you're talking about 5.56x45mm and 5.45x39mm. In the case of a 5.45 projectile in a 5.56 case, it won't work. Unless you sabot it. And then after that it all rests on the powder charge and mass of projectile.

1c0309 No.567611



I guess I should say outright what I'm trying to do. There's a guy who has mental control over a number of robots, and he's being pursued by a superhuman swordsman. The swordsman is the kind of guy who can cut light tanks in half, run fast enough to keep pace with one that's trying to get away, and dodge/deflect machine gun fire with his sword. Mr. Robot is a government project in a Captain America sort of way so he has some clout in the military.

Mr. Robot is in a military base when he gets word that the swordsman found out about him there and is on his way to fuck him up. Not wanting there to be more casualties than necessary in the base, and knowing the swordsman is after only him, Mr. Robot says "get me a fast tank, 5 rifles loaded with penetrating ammo, and a block of C4", then loads his robots into the tank and rides away. The Swordsman quickly figures this out and peruses.

Mr. Robot fires the machine guns at at the swordsman to no effect, then starts firing tank shells, which the swordsman half-dodges half-deflects-by-cutting-them-in-half. While this is happening he's taking apart some ammunition and loading C4 into the cases. When he's finished with a casing he loads it into a rifle and hands it up to the robot that's sticking it's head out the top of the tank. The tank slows down to close the distance and give a better shot, the robot fires the gun, the robot and rifle is destroyed, the bullet misses, the tank speeds back up. This is repeated, each time getting closer and each time missing, until one robot is left. This time the shot is so close that it's almost impossible to miss. With the bullet moving as fast as it is the swordsman can't dodge, and when he tries to deflect the bullet it goes through the sword. This hurts the swordsman enough that he can't move.

Mr. Robot then finishes off the Swordsman the tank's other weapons.

5f89cf No.567614


If the Swordsman can withstand the kinetic energy transfer that cutting a fucking tank shell in flight would entail, no key holing penetrator rounds fired out of a 5.56 or .308 is gonna do a thing. Let alone dodging the split shells at arms length. For a long rod penetrator, you're looking at a 9 kilo projectile going a bit over 5100 feet per second. A round of M995 5.56x45 is going three fifths of that speed and is 3.3 grams.

Add in the fact that if he is cutting that rod penetrator and it is made of depleted uranium, he is going to have fine uranium particles catching fire.

Either need to tone down the power level or amp up the response dramatically.

5f89cf No.567615


Forgot to say, flechete or canister shot out of the tank would probably be a better solution to your problem.


1c0309 No.567618



Understood. It looks like I'll have to change a few things and I'll keep this in mind.

5f89cf No.567621


Keep in mind I wasn't trying to shit on it, I was just applying my limited knowledge of physics to the situation you proposed. I write as a hobby and sometimes I go and look at the basic math of what I'm writing and try and squeeze it a cunt hair away from unbelievable. It also keeps your character's abilities consistent.

1c0309 No.567623


I understand. I ask here because I want unfiltered criticism and I'm satisfied when people provide that.

5f89cf No.567627


This, on a bolt action fifty with a special projectile, may give you what you want with a level of sci fi appropriate for the setting.


1c0309 No.567634


I want an improvised weapon to kill the swordsman. Here are the core principles I really want to keep.

>swordsman is a one man army

>swordsman is after Mr. Robot alone

>standard military tech doesn't work against swordsman because he is capable and knows how to deal with it

>Mr. Robot uses improvised tech

>swordsman can't adapt fast enough and dies as a result

I want it to be clear that even though Mr. Robot is in a tank he's outclassed by the swordsman and has to do something unconventional to come out on top. If the solution is "just use military tech that exists in the world" that kind of ruins it.

But now we're less in the realm of /k/ and more in the realm of /lit/.

ea30be No.567637


Both of the cartridges he listed do technically exist though.

f1f4bd No.567639


Mr. Robot pulls out a M2 or similar-caliber mortar and starts desperately pumping out shells horizontally from his waist a la 'Nam mortar teams. Alternatively, he takes out a jury-rigged bundle of nades, shells, iunno, anything shrapnel-producing, think a modern anti-personnel equivalent of the old classic M24 AT bundle, and the sheer amount of shrapnel overwhelms Swordsman.

1c0309 No.567646

File: 7f0ba2d06bfb77d⋯.jpg (17.78 KB, 242x237, 242:237, That's the stuff.jpg)


That's what I'm talking about. Doing it one of these ways I could also probably change it to be a couple of regular guys in a tank plus one VIP rather than Mr. Robot and his robots.

295e63 No.567653


Are you talking about Grendelski and 6.5Swede? If you use the load data for Grendelski in a 6.5x55 you'll have a rather light 6.5 load. It's just a lighter projectile and lighter powder charge. If you use the lighter bullets in a standard 6.5x55 loading you'll just have a light for case projectile so yeah it'll go a little faster.

09cc7a No.567694

Roughly how many rounds does a soldier expend in training? From basic through to advanced infantry training.

af61e7 No.567714


What if i load 6.5 grendal in a 6.5 creedmore case

d8b9b4 No.567716

If the thread is going to be on cycle, can someone edit the OP so the title is QTDDTOT? Won't show up on searches this way.

2b52a0 No.567899

File: 973611ecd966504⋯.png (388.71 KB, 405x612, 45:68, boom hammer.png)

Would something like this be possible? It doesn't look completely bullshit on the face of it like some of the other trick weapons.

5641f2 No.567902


Why not make it a slam fire, ignoring the hammer mechanism entirely?

1c0309 No.567904


It may be possible, but as presented it wouldn't work very well. Here are some nitpicks.

There's the problem all weapons of this variety have, where the user runs the risk of knocking the more fragile components out of alignment when they hit someone or something with it. This is especially a problem with an exposed hammer like that.

When the user is grabbing where the cloth wrapped section is, which I'm guessing is the designated handle area, leverage will magnify the recoil force.

The entire length of the spike can't be used because of the handle below it. The handle may work as a second spike that adds an extra wound, but it doesn't let that first wound get as deep.

It looks like the handle is just some stick. That's a bad idea. The branch of a tree is very weak compared to other parts. The ideal wooden handle is carved from the trunk of a preferably hardwood tree, coming from just outside the center of the trunk.

The way it's attached to the stick leaves something to be desired. No bolts or screws? Is it just a friction fit? Was it forged onto the stick? Also there's the ring around the handle that is the furthest down the stick. Why does that piece of metal on the right give up half way when trying to reach that ring?

2b52a0 No.567906

File: 4c2b9a5254e8062⋯.png (115.79 KB, 357x359, 357:359, Boom_Hammer.png)


Probably because Bloodborne's setting falls somewhere between the 1700s to the Victorian era aesthetic and technology wise.


I suppose I should mention too that the way it functions in game seems to be something more like a powder actuated tool with an added fire effect rather than a short barrelled gun built into a sledge hammer.

>It looks like the handle is just some stick.

The in game version looks like it's all metal. I'm not sure it they changed it in development or if that's just suppose to be a patina of rust. Of course that adds weight concerns.

67c25c No.568232

So I impulse bought a Tokarev from a LGS without really checking it out too much because I'm a retard with too much money.

I can cock the hammer just fine, but it will not release unless there is a magazine in, and if I half-cock it then it won't release at all and the slide won't budge until I cock the hammer all the way back regardless of the presence of a magazine. It also has one of those shitty import safeties rammed into the side of it.

So my question is what is the best way to function check a Tokarev?

32807c No.568249

File: c9ad7362cfda935⋯.jpg (83.41 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, PA Microdot.jpg)

File: b9c290898b8e12f⋯.jpg (64.82 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Lucid HD7.jpg)

I'm looking to drop a red dot onto a carbine for home defense and shooting under distances of 200yd. After looking online and posting earlier for tips, I've found two red dots that seem to fail under my price point of $400, the Primary Arms Microdot and the Lucid HD7. Between the two, which would offer a more robust construction (i.e. won't fall apart or lose zero like a piece of shit after only a couple dozen rounds) and be worth slapping onto my gun? Alternate suggestions would also be okay, provided they're not exponentially more expensive and within my price range.

32807c No.568250


Sorry, price point of $300, not $400. I am not the wealthiest man around.

b9f455 No.568252


I don't know much about lucid I'm afraid, so I can't speak for them. Primary Arms is the shit for budget red dots however. What you posted is probably more than adequate for your needs, the only thing I'd suggest doing is taking a look at Vortex and Holosun's offerings just in case they have something you like better. Holosun is at parity with PA (I actually wouldn't be surprised if PA's line of products was just rebranded Holosun). Vortex is slightly higher build quality but also a bit more expensive, if your budget is tight PA or Holosun are the way to go

32807c No.568256


The Vortex Venom seems like it can be obtained for under $300, but I did notice that it's a 3MOA compared to 2MOA for the previous two scopes posted. I'll take it into consideration as well, unless there's some issues with that specific model that would make the others a better choice. Do you have any advice on specific Vortex red dots for the purposes I stated earlier?

c1b0b5 No.568259


Treat it like a colt 1903/1911 and take it down and throw it back together. Its probably filthy inside.


I've got a holosun its pretty great given I'll probably never need to change the battery.

c1b0b5 No.568262


Oh and I forgot to add TT's have this odd thing with halfcock and disabling the trigger unless you cock the hammer back to full then back to half cock if I recall. Also take a look at how the importer safety works and fucking remove it.

d8b9b4 No.568265


You can stretch your budget on optics (and ammo. I bought some PPU 5.56 for less than 25 cents a round, and it would have been even less if they didn't charge Florida sales tax despite no locations in my state) by paying attention to Mrgunsngear Facebook and grabbing the 20% off Cabela's gift cards he posts regularly (they're legit, it's an offer by the company that prints most of the gift cards.). You need to setup an ebay account beforehand (Ebay, for some reason, suspends new accounts temporarily but doesn't actually make what they're doing clear.) and you have to wait a week for the cards to actually come though, so it's a bad idea if you need it urgently.

With 20% off you can actually get into some of the non-budget brands for optics.

03ea7c No.568330


> (I actually wouldn't be surprised if PA's line of products was just rebranded Holosun)

Primary Arms farmed out the production of their red dots to Holosun, so yes, basically.

9deae4 No.568417

File: 827ca659971bea1⋯.png (109.63 KB, 407x209, 37:19, guncontrol.png)

Hello, /k/, I'm currently writing a paper on the right of citizens to bear arms, when I came across this: https://archive.fo/jHQbE

Not sure if any of you have come across this before, but the writer of this article is asserting that throughout history, citizen militias have either been impotent or detrimental to nations. My knowledge of history is not too great, so I ask anons here who may know more, is the author of this article correct or is his reasoning flawed/facts incorrect?

fa6920 No.568456


My first reading / gut reaction is something like:

If you toss out the implied meaning of statistics entirely, what do you have left to defend your own views with?

And, what if you redefine 'militia' to mean every able bodied adult? Then the militaristic threats of the KKK, and the Black Panthers, can at least be opposed locally, at surprising times – the result of it, is that military coup is suddenly very expensive in terms of human life, which the cult leaders need to consider both the losses, and resulting desertions their side will face when they start shooting.

I also feel that author completely failed in proving that more guns somehow means more tyranny. If the iraqi people weren't fighting against Hussein, maybe they liked him?


>The founding fathers were wrong.

If you're going to START your dialogue, as an American, by saying the constitution is wrong … hundreds of years after it was written and during which time it was a central document through which all laws are considered … tell me again, why I should finish reading this tripe?

6bdc46 No.568506

File: db340056454c2cb⋯.jpg (118.48 KB, 600x480, 5:4, Militia-R.jpg)


>blogs written by anti 2nd amendment and pro globalist shill


Yeah no.

> so I ask anons here who may know more, is the author of this article correct or is his reasoning flawed/facts incorrect?

This faggot's entire premise relies on a fucking strawman.

>Government is not some foreign entity imposed on the people, which would only arise from a foreign country conquering the United States (not going to happen). Rather democratic government is derived from the people.

>Government is not some foreign entity imposed on the people,


Also the author is such a massive brainlet he misinterprets the 2nd amendment so hard, it's laughable.

>Yet the idea that Militias are in anyway necessary or good for a free State has no historical justification

>citizen "minuteman" militia = well regulated Militia

A well regulated Militia is basically the military/police. Well regulated is a well equipped, well trained force. Militias have been used for over a millennium as the soul body of a fighting force. Does this faggot not recall that the famed English longbowmen were militia men loyal to the state by virtue? This dumbass seriously believes that all governments since forever have employed an armed body of payed professional mercenaries. Not true. That's how you bankrupt your empire overnight.

The retard seems to believe that "unregulated" means "uncontrolled by the state". It does not. An unregulated militia is not a professional fighting force.

> A historical analysis reveals that Militias are typically the gateway to tyranny, not the safeguard against it.


>The Revolutionary War was not won by Militias, but rather the Continental Army with considerable help from the French.

Is this bitch underplaying the Battle of Saratoga?

>considerable help from the French

I like how he doesn't define what "considerable" is. Money and gunpowder, with naval and mercenary help. Forget the thousands of Americans that died during the war.

Another logical fallacy too. This retard is bonkers.

>american citizen militia to defend their homeland and ideals = MUH KKK (regardless their power has dropped considerably since WW1), MUH NEO NAZI BASTIDS (their "leaders" are literal fucking kikes), and MUH BLACK PANTHERS (a leftist KGB funded terrorist group). How are any of those comparable to American minutemen?

Stop reading this retard's work. Anyone with slightest critical thinking skills can debunk whatever spews from his BBC mouthole.

IF you wanna know how little credibility this author has. Just read this.


A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

>I’ll skip over the “well regulated” part for now as any argument for constitutional insurrection necessarily overlooks this phrase (kind of hard to stage an insurrection when you are being “well regulated” by the government you are trying to overthrow).

Well fucking regulated means fucking well equipped and trained. Do you think back then when a military general states "your military is well regulated!"

Did he mean

A.) Very well equipped, well trained, and professional

B.) Has very heavy government oversight and bylaws.

C.) I don't know what the word meant at all please rape my face.

Imagine being that fucking stupid.

From an actual non-brainlet non-blogger.


>It would be incongruous to suppose or suggest the Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment, which were proscriptions on the powers of the national government, simultaneously acted as a grant of power to the national government. Similarly, as to the term "well regulated," it would make no sense to suggest this referred to a grant of "regulation" power to the government (national or state), when the entire purpose of the Bill of Rights was to both declare individual rights and tell the national government where the scope of its enumerated powers ended.

Also Arms is short for Armament, meaning all weapons of war. Your well regulated (well equipped militia) needs the most advanced and up-to-date arms possible. As that is necessary for the security of a nation. BUT , just because there is a professional military does not warrant the citizenry itself to not keep and bear arms. You don't throw away your fire extinguisher just because there is a fire department in your town. That is what your blogger brainlet is essentially advocating.

6bdc46 No.568507




i demand a reddit edit. please.

6bdc46 No.568508


>Your well regulated (well equipped militia)

*Your well regulated military

f58531 No.568514

File: 64cbfb1856c05f9⋯.jpg (43.34 KB, 321x332, 321:332, 64cbfb1856c05f9891574cd83a….jpg)


I'm assuming your in high school because it sounds like you not only suck at research you had to ask a bunch of hyper belligerent retards on the internet questions about your own paper. first off, do not use blogs as sources. whenever you read a source you have to understand the intent of the article/paper/whatever. does this sound like these people will give an objective analysis of gun control "This is a blog dedicated to academically refuting pro-gun myths, and providing a scholarly defense of gun control”? i only skimmed it but heres some things i noticed.

>Militias were largely ineffective in our own Revolutionary War.

This is fucking retarded already. Its true the minutemen were of, lets call it limited effectiveness on the battlefield but this by no means made them useless. If it were not for the minutemen we would not have had the time or the secured areas needed to raise the continental army( often from the militias directly), the militias prevented the English from being able to simply go anywhere they pleased without consequence. we as a general rule controlled the interior and the countryside. Not only that a bunch of minutemen hobos drove the British out of Boston, that was a huge propaganda hit for the redcoats.

>Militias in the modern era have overwhelmingly fostered tyranny, not liberty.

This isn’t untrue, the vast majority of revolutions caused immense suffering, years or even generations of turmoil and tyranny and all sorts of other bad shit. But that’s a consideration of the entire world and every loosely defined militia. And think about which countries have these shitty militias that ruin everything, these are countries with know cultural history of individual rights or liberties or democracy, we are not Yemen our society and legal code is based off of the ideals of the enlightenment theirs is based off strongmen and terror. The fact we do not rely on militias for the defense of our nation is also totally irrelevant and no standing militia does not mean a militia wont exist when its needed, we have seen this constantly throughout history.

>Liberty and the degree of gun ownership in a society are uncorrelated.

So is crime and gun ownership, again we are not crackpot tyrants in Yemen fighting other crackpot tyrants in a political/religious war. On the Iraqi gun ownership think about who owned those guns, maybe they were Baath party members and that Sunnis were suppressed and poor/ unable to acquire firearms. Also they fail to mention the various militias that almost overthrew Saddam in 91' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1991_uprisings_in_Iraq

>Even if they were positively correlated, the idea that gun control leads to tyranny is a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.

I have never actually heard people say or at least genuinely mean this, disarming a population removes or reduces the ability to defend itself from wicked people which can lead to tyranny. Gun control itself is not necessarily tyranny. I wont even do the other ones cause i think I’ve made my point.

Its true that most revolutions don’t work and that ours was a pretty rare occurrence, and that most “militias” are tribal or ethnically motivated but to say that that is a reason a militia is always a bad thing or we shouldn’t have them is a vastly different country with vastly different values is kinda dumb. Hell what are they going to do shoot the militia, good luck with that champ.

Also note that the effectiveness of a militia may be that a shot doesn’t have to be fired like the bundy ranch dumpster fire. Armed citizens helped prevent the govt from doing ruby ridge part two the rancher boogaloo.

9deae4 No.568524


I'm not using the blog as research/a citation, I've got actual sources, I just stumbled upon this article during my research and wanted to see how /k/ could rip it apart, as my knowledge on the historical points he was talking about aren't all that great. I knew his arguments were wrong in a few places (like those countries with terrible "militias" not having much regard for freedom and human rights in the first place), but I thought someone who knows more than me could debunk this article better than I could. This isn't for my paper, I just wanted to see the extent of the bullshit /k/ could rip out of it, and you and >>568506 did a pretty good job.

ba0460 No.568577

So I know there are unsupervised places outdoors where people can go shoot for free, but how the hell do I find them? is there a zeemaps for this? I live in plano, texas. just north of dallas, and i'm sick of having to shell out bucks to plink with my .22 at 25 yards. there's no BLM land anywhere near me. so far as I can tell they pretty much steer clear of Texas.

f58531 No.568581

File: 4567e9f42b5051f⋯.jpg (10.46 KB, 314x313, 314:313, 1444404337529.jpg)


sorry i made a kneejerk reaction then, im so used to reviewing dipshit kids papers that have fucking youtube or some shitty blog as their source or something.

b9f455 No.568585


Drive around or find friends know the surrounding countryside. If there are any in your area look around for hilly areas or unused quarries that are off the beaten path, only accessible by some bumblefuck dirt road and aren't close to the freeway.

967322 No.568598



I cleaned it literally right before I made that post (it was pretty filthy, no rust though) and still had the problem.

Didn't think to check out the safety though.

c1b0b5 No.568615


Strange. The slide locking up is something they do at half cock. I'd take it to the range in all honesty.

521e95 No.568626


The importer safety might be an issue since the gun was not made with a manual safety in mind, yeah. Who knows what the fuck happened when they crammed it into that gun.

Otherwise it might just be the gun itself that needs to be broken in, I once handled a Tok with an immovable slide release mag or no mag it just didn't want to go down with the slide locked back.

521e95 No.568628

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>I can cock the hammer just fine, but it will not release unless there is a magazine in

disregard that I suck cocks

It's a magazine safety, OP. You fell for the Yugo affordability - see embed for the correction to your problem.

b9f455 No.568930

Is there any reason "barrel extensions," with the chamber being an integral part of the barrel, don't see widespread use outside of AR derivatives?

f295da No.568936


Gun legos are pretty specific to the needs of the military, to minimize effort at equipment upkeep.

Fuddguns are supposed to be maintained by trained professionals, anon. There's no way you could be expected to understand.

b9f455 No.568941


>Gun legos are pretty specific to the needs of the military, to minimize effort at equipment upkeep.

Sure. Having barrels be easily replaceable without the need to manually set the headspace is a pretty obvious logistics boon. I'm asking more about the corollary. Is there some practical, tangible reason *not* to make your chambers in this way?

>Fuddguns are supposed to be maintained by trained professionals, anon. There's no way you could be expected to understand.

Shitposting aside, there must be more driving this beyond fuddlore. Not all non-AR guns are fuddshit, after all. And even the fudd's argument about trained professionals could be applied to ARs as well, no?

e03f83 No.568945


>Is there some practical, tangible reason *not* to make your chambers in this way?

It's an added step that increases production time and costs that offers no real benefit to the end user. This can be a massive problem because the barrel extension may turn during the attachment to the receiver - this is common enough with the AR platform that the common solution is to just crank away at the barrel to realign it.

Now imagine adding this step to a Remington 700 when the previous method worked just fine.

The other anon isn't completely wrong about fuddguns requiring experience-guided maintenance; everything from the crown of the barrel to the sear is finely measured and tuned, and fucking with it at all can compromise accuracy or user safety respectively.

681e10 No.569046

Are Palmetto State Amories rifles any good? I found this but I am unsure what to upper to pair it with.


681e10 No.569047


Also I am building my first rifle AR. So I am knew at this.

031f29 No.569059



It should work okay, but PSA's receivers have a tendency to be rough around the edges. Specifically, the edges of some of the drilled holes. It will be less of a problem for you because everything's already put together, and it's also not a hard-and-fast rule: a good many of PSA's receivers don't have flaws at all. Either way it should go bang when you pull the trigger and will mate with whatever upper you get just find. Just be aware that you're getting what you pay for.

b4f178 No.569106

What kind of camo is good for SHTF in New England? I’ve read M-1981 Woodland is good and Flecktarn, and I’m leaning towards the latter.

0740b3 No.569156


Depends on where exactly in New England. The terrain and foliage here is quite varied. There are some dark coniferous forests where flecktarn is perfect, but there are wide meadow areas where multicam would excel.

I live in CT and my go-to kit will probably be ATACS-FG (or rather the Russian bootleg). With that said, M81 and fleck would be more than adequate based simply on the disruptive part of disruptive camouflage. Even if the colors don't perfectly match, camouflage patterns will almost always help prevent someone seeing you. My concern with those two patterns is how dark they are, but that depends on what exactly the environment around you is like, and how well you can use the camouflage pattern.

db1fa0 No.569302

File: 83922f18fe027fc⋯.jpg (4.44 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20180403_201810.jpg)

I don't know shit from fuck about Smith and Wessons, I've only owned Taurus or H&R revolvers, but i saw this beauty at my LGS for only 160 bucks, so i bought it. Thing is, i don't know exactly what it is. I tried asking the guy who owned the shop, but he told me he had no clue what it was. All i do know is that it's one of their old I frame .32 long hand ejectors.

it also has two serials? or am i just being dumb. it has a 540xx number behind the yolk but also a 3290xx number on the butt. i'm assuming the number on the butt supersedes any other number.

I apologize in advance if this is a dipshit question.

c1b0b5 No.569304


S&W Model 1902 or a 1905 by the looks of it. The proper serial number is the latter one if I recall.

c1b0b5 No.569305


Scratch that, its a 1902.

5f89cf No.569368

Someone tell my exactly why the idea I just had is stupid.

>Take T1 sized red dot.

>Add 2-3x magnification. (Obviously will lengthen/widen the optic.

>Make it Long Eye Relief.

>Or just make a small LER magnifier.

87cbc9 No.569478


What does your idea do that a flip-to-side magnifier doesn't do?

14cd92 No.569487

Is joining the Wandervogel club a good activity to get into to prepare myself for SHTF/innawoods?

95d354 No.569503

Does gang violence really make up majority of gun homocides? I only found this which says 15%.. and I am arguing with.


b9f455 No.569518


Over 60% of "gun homicides" are suicides, and the next highest chunk after that are accidental discharges. If you normalize for intentional homicides gang violence will be a lot higher, possibly in the majority.

95d354 No.569523


no 60% of gun deaths are suicides. there are 11000~ gun homocides. what % is niggers killing niggers gamg war.

b9f455 No.569532


You've got the definitions mixed up somewhat.

homicide=any person killed by a person (including themselves), either intentionally or unintentionally. What you call "gun deaths" is the same as homicides. What you want to know are the murder rates.

9f2589 No.569537

I hear glock beated the Styer GB by cheating giving out guns or something like that.

Is any of that true?

6bdc46 No.569541


they did that to american law enforcement so i doubt it's untrue.

4effdd No.569615

>Want to buy Makarov

>Find guy selling Polish one for $275 with two magazines and a holster

>Have to email him to ask for a phone number so I can call him to ask for pictures

>Old guy, very short on the phone, tells me he sent pictures then hangs up before I can ask any questions

>Notice on the listing it says money order only

>Figure that can't be right, try to call him during his business hours

>Doesn't pick up, then calls back after hours and doesn't leave a message when I miss the call

I was thinking it was just some old guy that doesn't really know how to use a computer, but this is a scam isn't it? I just want a pistol with some history to it for less than$300, should I get something else? (Other than a Makarov I mean, I'm not sending this guy a money order)

bba5d7 No.569655

File: d69a387883d4176⋯.jpg (6.56 MB, 4896x3672, 4:3, HOMEWORK.jpg)

Which one of you faggots made a thread like this way back and why again did this cease to be a thing?

75d291 No.569657


Just realized

>Less than $300

Meant less than $400, less than 300 is probably wishful thinking

efa8cc No.569672

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>less than 300 is probably wishful thinking

if there's an FFL in your area willing to do a transfer, it isn't


The mosin crate will also be selling some bulgarian makarovs tomorrow

ae9df3 No.569700

File: 82aa2569d65580a⋯.gif (248.74 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1522599220893.gif)

Is this the best upper + BCG + charging handle i can do for under 600$?(about 560$-580$)

https ://aeroprecisionusa.com/m4e1-threaded-complete-upper-16-5-56-m4-cmv-carbine-barrel-atlas-s-one-handguard.html

186219 No.569712


>polish makarov

youre a dummy and deserved to be fleeced by that retard

d8b9b4 No.569713


600 for just the upper? Are you including your optic in that price?

If you aren't, you've got way more than enough if you have the tools to assemble an upper. Grab a Faxon pencil Barrel (165), gas tube+block (30-40), Aero upper reciver (80 with all the parts installed), an aluminum mlok handguard, a Brownells or PSA Premium (only premium) bolt when they go on sale (<90) and a normal charging handle (~15) and you shouldn't break 410.

d8b9b4 No.569714


Meant break $550.

b9f455 No.569718


It's not bad dubsman, but you're definitely overpaying. The M4E1 upper is a neat idea, but for most shooters it's unnecessary, especially for a first build. The extra rigidity is only necessary if you plan on mounting a fuckton of extra shit to your handguard (and you shouldn't plan on that), and the ease of detachment only comes into play if you plan on switching out handguards or barrels a lot. The BCG and charging handle they're offering on the Aero Precision site are okay but over-priced; they're relying on people in too much of a hurry to check prices and just click the "add now" button.

>>569713 has got you mostly covered so I'll just add to what he said. Aero is the shit for upper receivers, but if you want to show off your 'tism and save a couple bucks I'd suggest going for the version without a forward assist. You save yourself five dollars, and whenever someone on the range asks you where the FA on your rifle is, you have the opportunity to spend far too much time explaining to them why the forward assist is a stupid and unnecessary meme, whose only function is a security blanket for the Army. Also, I'd highly recommend Toolcraft's BCGs, which also come in at ~90 but have the advantage of being nitride-treated instead of phosphate. Nitride is more durable and has higher lubricity.

Finally, if you really want to get your jew on don't buy this shit all at once. Pick a few reputable sites–primary arms, PSA, righttobear, Arm or Ally, and Tom's Tactical are ones I've found to be good–subscribe to their promotional emails, and wait. Whenever a site has a sale, glance at the parts on your wishlist, and pick them up if they're included on the sale. It might take a bit longer, but you'll save money.

ae9df3 No.569719



I dont have tools but I have a friend who does, i noticed your suggestion is pretty similarly priced, is there any advantage oris it pretty much the same thing but cheaper?

ae9df3 No.569720



Thanks i really appreciate the responses

d8b9b4 No.569750

Why is .303 in Imperial measures when it's British?

e03f83 No.569751


The British Empire used Imperial measurements up until the 1960s, but finalized their adoption of the metric system in the 1980s - mid 90s.

56a84b No.569752


Because we don't use the metric system

e03f83 No.569753


Some of you guys do, some don't. You're an indecisive lot when it comes to Imperial and Metric.

56a84b No.569754


The only reason people use the metric system here is in shops due to EU law. The one metric thing people commonly use outside of shops is celsius rather than fahrenheit, but that doesn't really matter because celcius and fahrenheit are just as scientifically irrelevant and meaningless as each other, but farenheit is more precise and celcius pleases the "muh numbers are neat an shieeet"fags.

Outside EU-regulated shops and shit, everyone uses inches, feet, yards, miles, pounds, stone, tons and all that, I don't really know anyone who uses the metric system unless they're legally forced to.

d8b9b4 No.569755


Assuming Aero's bolts are reliable (should be, haven't heard anything one way or the other and Aero is generally built properly), the main advantage will be your barrel and gas system. The mid-length gas system reduces recoil and parts wear at the cost of a vaguely quasi possible chance of not cycling really shit quality ammo. Faxon's barrels are the top tier and should be more accurate than an Aero (which aren't bad but not awesome), though you won't notice it if you don't shoot supported a lot. The move in twist rate from 1/7 to 1/8 may make 55 grain ammo (virtually all the cheap stuff) more effective as 1/7 over stabilizes it. The real neat thing is that by going with a pencil barrel over the standard profile saves a lot of weight.


> The M4E1 upper is a neat idea, but for most shooters it's unnecessary, especially for a first build.

Keeping the handguard consistent with the upper does let you mount red dots a little further forward, especially those without cantalever mounts.

1c0309 No.569756

File: 89b0b2db8e974b9⋯.png (276.6 KB, 469x633, 469:633, MetricImperial.png)

9a5aa6 No.569758


>but farenheit is more precise and celcius pleases the "muh numbers are neat an shieeet"fags.

Farenheit was a fucking retard, his scale makes utterly no logical sense.

"Ok so how do I make a temperature scale?

Oh I know.

0 is when this mix of salt, water and ice I just made and I didn't even recorded the precise proportion is gonna freeze and for 100 I will say the human body temperature even if I know I have no fucking way to measure it properly or that it can vary from people to people."

Wow so smart.

Celsius went: "Well the most relevant shit for humans when it comes to temperature is water, water has clearly 3 forms.

So 0 is gonna be when water freeze, 100 is when water vaporize, which I can easily observe and measure."

If you want more precise you use Kelvins, named after the fucking 1st Baron of Kelvin you limey twat.

963335 No.569859


I've wound up ordering a Makarov from Mosin Crate, it costs about $70 more altogether but at least I know he'll actually send me the gun.


What's wrong with Polish Makarovs? I always thought they all had the same Soviet magic that makes them Just Work.

d8b9b4 No.569862


0 in Celsius is when water freezes in a very specific place on Earth.

b9f455 No.569868


Fahrenheit's scale was based on what he though would be the coldest possible and hottest possible days. Which is still retarded and arbitrary because we record temperatures below 0° F and above 100° F pretty regularly even in temperate climates. However, the bong is right in that Farenheit is much better for casual use, because the scale is much more granular. It's "more precise" in that regard, because most of the time you can talk about the temperature in Farenheit using exclusively whole numbers and still be accurate enough for most people's needs, while with Celsius and Kelvins you generally need that decimal point. The Imperial system in general is like this, arbitrary and retarded for doing conversions in a formal setting but intuitive on the casual level that people use 99% of the time. It's far easier to look at something and eyeball the measurement in feet than it is in meters, for instance.

e03f83 No.569878


>Polish Makarov

Those don't exist, anon. What you are doing, however, is the equivalent of calling a Romanian PSL a Russian Dragunov.

963335 No.569895

File: b19de2a79acd452⋯.jpg (107.63 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, polish p 64 003.jpg)

File: 9e93370d91931bf⋯.jpg (198.92 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, polish p 64 001.jpg)

File: 5641d8f91486785⋯.jpg (181.53 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, polish p 64 002.jpg)

File: b438b16b8bfc81c⋯.jpg (114.07 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, polish p 64 004.jpg)

File: 3f4b8c33fed8597⋯.jpg (108.49 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, polish p 64 005.jpg)


So what, does Makarov just mean it's a 9x18 made by communists? It says Makarov and Poland on the gun.

Posting the pictures the guy sent because if it isn't a Makarov from Poland I'm curious as to what it actually is

e03f83 No.569905


9x18 Makarov is the caliber, hence "Cal. Makarov 9mm X18" and "P-64" being the model of the gun.

e03f83 No.569908


You even have the model designation in the filenames.

polite sage for doublepost

963335 No.569919



I thought P64 meant it was made in Poland in 1964 Now that I've googled it I feel silly

e03f83 No.569921


You didn't do research on it? Jesus anon, you need to get your shit together.

9ea8a4 No.569922


Polish Makarovs is just what retards or scammers call the P64 because it fires 9x18 makarov so obviously it's the same thing. The only legit makarovs are East German, Bulgarian, Soviet, and Chink.

e03f83 No.569951

File: e0292f0c3a5f17e⋯.png (502.7 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, KNOW ALL YOUR SHIT.png)

This is warranted.

773d00 No.569972

File: 389022bf14b8973⋯.jpg (758.49 KB, 1524x1087, 1524:1087, open_slide_automatic_pisto….jpg)

Has anyone ever made an open-slide pistol before?

And not in "PDW" form

e03f83 No.569975

File: 102fac2125874af⋯.jpg (202.97 KB, 1072x712, 134:89, LerckerPrototype03.jpg)

File: 3047129a2c021fc⋯.jpg (170.36 KB, 1072x712, 134:89, LerckerPrototype02.jpg)

File: 0d855b9df5aa5c7⋯.jpg (162.06 KB, 878x423, 878:423, Lerckerframe.jpg)


It's a retarded idea so there aren't any notable ones except for the Lercker which was a .25 ACP machinepistol.

773d00 No.569979


It is pretty retarded; but it would be great for a really cheap fixed firing pin pistol

Kinda surprised nobody has made one like that before

0378ab No.570196

File: c3f50c5be54798d⋯.jpg (154.36 KB, 1200x478, 600:239, APS_underwater_rifle_REMOV.jpg)

Why did the APS have such a short lifespan if fired out of water?

>only 180 shots

That can't be right can it?

5f89cf No.570198


I would guess that it was designed with the properties of water instead of air in mind. Might rely on the heavier fluid to prevent recoil from damaging the more sensitive internals. These were specialist weapons that would be languished over to keep in pristine shape.

50a77e No.570478

What rifle should I get next?

I already have an AR-15, SKS, and Ruger 10-22.

I'd like something in a different caliber from these and something that isn't covered in cosmoline. I don't want to deal with that again for a while.

b9f455 No.570483


>something that isn't covered in cosmoline

Well, you're just no fun.

You could always try an AK-74, and gain some proper appreciation for the superior SCHV cartridge of the Cold War era. Or put together an AR in a meme caliber. Or go a different route altogether and get a nice Savage bolt action to practice your precision shots.

50a77e No.570485


Ehh, I could do cosmoline I'd just rather not mess with it for a while.

f295da No.570496

File: d9003ac0dd003c1⋯.jpg (33.21 KB, 639x479, 639:479, 4060-3d7da8f1948984a500375….jpg)

File: 1f66ef87bfbab91⋯.jpg (150.3 KB, 1183x394, 1183:394, KRISS-VECTOR-GEN-II-CRB-AL….jpg)


howa 1500 in 6.5 grendel, ar-10 in 6.5 creedmore or 375 Raptor, ak47 from 80% flat, kriss vector in 10mm or 357 SIG, maybe a PSL in 7.62x54r.

I mean, it's not like there's any lack of choices in raifu, strelok.

c1b0b5 No.570506


Get an ASR, if you don't like the caliber you can easily switch it to something else.

bba5d7 No.570515

File: efa904fcd15e022⋯.jpg (105.55 KB, 600x600, 1:1, NYET, RIFLE IS FINE!.jpg)


I have the opportunity to get an m91/30 mosin nagant for $150 from a guy, but of course the original stock was subbed with an ATI one and the front sight is welded crooked. Is it too senseless to put money into restoring it's former glory over just getting a 308 Savage brand new?

333579 No.570516


Save your money. Although a Savage in .308 is very nice.

cc0f33 No.570517


To be honest, I think you'll be more satisfied with saving your money to get the savage bolt gun. Cause think, with the savage it's already drilled and tapped for a scope, it will have a nice new button rifled barrel that will most likely grant you sub-MOA groups with enough practice on your end, and best of all .308 is the most common rifle round in America next to .223 Rem, and .30-06. Don't buy a Nugget just because of the meme. The glory days of the Mosin are long gone my friend, and while they're still fun rifles, they are what they are. A simple design made for illiterate, Russian conscripts.

20a6ef No.570554


What savage do you recommand?

I don't have a lot of money, so I was looking for the savage axis (costing around 500 bucks here) but I don't know what to chose.

1539b9 No.570701

how much work will it be to get the rust of this thing?


also, did i over-bid on it? i set my max at $177 but i'm not sure it's a good deal given the rust.

e03f83 No.570706


Oil and scrubbing. Lots of scrubbing.

Also, never post live bids or sales pages for something you're going to get. An Anon put up an armslist page for something he wanted and another guy swiped it out from under him because he hesitated for hours on end.

1539b9 No.570707


i thought about that, but i'm having cold feet anyway, so frankly i wouldn't be broken up about it. is it a good deal though?

e03f83 No.570708


It's a 590 for under $200, rust or not it's a good buy.

1539b9 No.570710


good to hear.

4c68e9 No.570736

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What kind of uniform does this reporter have at 4:43?

1c0309 No.570750


Tadpole Sparse Tiger Stripe

35e9c2 No.570776



I live in the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts, and I often go to Northern New Hampshire. That’s the region I speak of.

c1b0b5 No.570781


You could just get a new barrel/mag for it.

b9f455 No.570783


At that point it's questionable whether you're actually saving money though, as you're replacing the bulk of metal parts in the gun.

1539b9 No.570785


is the condition poor enough to justify that?

c1b0b5 No.570803


That is true, but as long as the internals and receiver are intact life is good.


Since you haven't physically touched it maybe a possibility but the receiver looks decent enough. You'll be 0000 Steel wooling it for a good bit. I mean it isn't lake plant growing out of the gun bad, its just poorly stored bad.

485027 No.570814




I'm looking at AKs on Atlantic firearms right now, and overwhelmed by all the different brands and countries of origin. Can somebody give me a brief run down on WASR10s, nPAPs and other similarly priced AKs?

I'd rather get an AK than an AR because I'm a slavophile but idk if its even worth it.

db1fa0 No.570821



Don't buy unless you like a gun that'll fall apart in less than 5k rounds


Eh, about as good as budget AKs get.

I would say to honestly put just a little more down for a SAM7. You can't go wrong with it.

6378c0 No.570823


Watch Rob Ski's videos

485027 No.570826


1400 seems like a lot for an ak

cc0f33 No.570832

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> a gun that'll fall apart in less than 5k rounds

The old ones yes, but the new ones sold by Atlantic Firearms seem to be pretty tough.

485027 No.570833


He likes the wasr10 a lot it looks like

1539b9 No.570835


alright. i pretty much hope somebody buys it out from under me at this point. i was mostly hoping to be able to make a little profit consigning it to my LGS before noticed how much rust their was.

1539b9 No.570839


how much do you think i could get selling it to a gun store?

b9f455 No.570840



That depends on the gun store. Even if they won't ask enough for the rusty version, you could still profit if you go at it with steel wool for a while, it just depends how much you value your time. By which I mean, just for example, if you consider your time to be worth $100 an hour and it takes you two hours to increase the value by $150 you haven't really "profited."

8e602f No.570841

File: ad3bdba61310aab⋯.jpg (67.76 KB, 600x450, 4:3, rick harrison.jpg)


I can give you $50 for it

1539b9 No.570842


that makes me feel better, thanks. i don't value my time very high at all. i was just kinda freaked out that i had dug myself into hole here.

8e602f No.570845


I don't bid on online auctions all that much, but don't most give you the option to back out before the auction's over?

b9f455 No.570850


Not usually. If sites allowed that then people would just bid ridiculously high to "scare off" other buyers, then rescind in the last couple seconds and bid low, or any number of other shenanigans that I can't name from the top of my head. When you click the "bid" button you're making a commitment to buy the thing if you win. Some sellers have a returns policy but that's usually professional FFLs and not people selling their old guns.

50a77e No.570866

Is anyone's Royal Nonesuch's patreon and is there anyway I can get his videos without giving him money like the shill he is?

d8b9b4 No.570906

Options for a durable, accurate, non-firing (or Airsoft) AR15?




Blame the unelected unaccountable Ford and his ITAR regulatory hell for high price on guns exported from the US. The burden and hassle is so great even NATO countries have up front in their equipment solicitations "no ITAR regulated stuff accepted".

As for the gun, Mossberg and Howa also make good, cheap bolt guns that are generally similar in quality (Mossberg is by far the best if you want a wood stock instead of plastic, but beyond that I'm not too familiar with how the 3 stack up.) .

1539b9 No.570934


How can a gun be accurate if it doesn't fire?

cab79c No.570943

What are your go-to online retailers? I've found PSA, Primary Arms, righttobear, and Arm or Ally (used to be Monmouth Reloading) to be pretty good, as well as Aim Surplus for selling LEO trade-ins and complete guns as well as parts. Any other recommended ones?

e03f83 No.570945


Bud's Gun Shop is an obvious one, Classic Firearms, Atlantic is okay. I got a few parts from Brownell's but my last order took a week before it shipped.

Sportsman's Guide has some pretty good sales on guns but I've never ordered anything from them yet.

For general milsurp Varusteleka is a great choice.

Grey Shop, I've heard, is legit for Russian gear if you don't want knock-offs from Amazon - but their shit is pretty expensive.

IMA is overpriced original shit and overpriced reproductions, I'd avoid them if at all possible. They used to be the go-to place for Martini Henry project rifles and the like but their supply is drying up.

20a6ef No.570959


All right, thanks.

Still listening to any advice about what could be great to buy as a bolt .308 (on a budget, like less than 1000e in europe, so add about 300e to every USA prices).

d8b9b4 No.571015

File: 2549812be011c2a⋯.png (115.25 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 51111_Rifle_M1600-SA-Rifle….png)


Accurate in shape. Nothing like pic related.

fc5dec No.571044

File: dbf62442d055285⋯.jpg (59.23 KB, 539x500, 539:500, 5f636e9d47e64e9987de6c8409….jpg)


Ok /k/ I goofed up a bit.

I am a leaf that applied for my PAL 5 years ago. Passed the safety course no problem but was held up by a doctor who refused to sign off on my form and was denied on the basis that I had a history of depression. Since then I have completely recovered from all that teen angst I called depression and want to re apply for a license.

Is this possible?

What would I need to do to get the process going?

Am I fucked?

Thanks in advance

b9f455 No.571045


Thank you good sir, I'll keep them in mind. What do you think of Joebob outfitters? They have good prices but people seem to complain about their service being bad.

50a77e No.571050


Damn he isn't on there.

Guess I'll bump my question again.


d8b9b4 No.571064

Is there any NATO agreements for 22lr standards?

b9f455 No.571072


No, is there some reason you would expect there to be? 5.56x45mm is I believe the only cartridge that NATO is currently standardized upon. 7.62x51mm is still used by a lot of NATO countries but there's no longer any STANAG that requires this.

c1b0b5 No.571087


You're fine, the cheka will ask if you're fine if they actually bother to ask. Don't sperg and shit.


Find an old rubber training rifle. Sometimes LEO's surplus them off and shit.

e03f83 No.571199

So SAAMI rushed .224 Valkyrie into the mainstream after a massive concerted effort from the commercial industry - it was a proposal one day, now it's all the rage for some reason with nothing behind it but media hype.

Is there any actual benefit to it other than riding the wave from the get-go to push its production? You take a hit to capacity, the round is only marginally larger in diameter than 5.56, and there are more refined entries into the intermediate "DMR"for lack of a better term slot. Why is this round taking off?


Never heard of them, sorry Anon.

277c93 No.571240

What is the point of shotgun slugs, apart from adding more versatility to shotguns. I mean, what role do they fill that ordinary rifles and rifle cartridges don't?

t. shotgun-illiterate.

9e88cb No.571243


Not everyone has both a rifle and shotgun. A shotgun, despite most being smoothbore, can fire slugs accurately up to a certain distance. Slugs also have a caliber much bigger than most rifle rounds.

e03f83 No.571245


I don't know if you're shitposting or not, because you're asking what the point of a bullet is. I don't have an answer simple enough for you if you don't get it just by thinking about it.

277c93 No.571248


Thanks m8.


I'm not. I was just wondering what are the benefits of shooting one from a smoothbore shotgun when we have guns dedicated to that porpose.

cab79c No.571250

Are muzzle brakes and compensators just an obnoxious meme that make you the most hated man on the range, or do they have a practical use in small arms that aren't big-bore anti-materiel rifles?

e03f83 No.571252


The benefit is that you have one gun that can do multiple things without having to buy separate dedicated guns. The entire point of a shotgun is versatility.


The louder they are the less recoil you have, but that practicality starts to disappear when you're deafening everyone around you, spitting gas everywhere, and setting shit on fire in a six-foot radius.

Larger guns need them if you don't want ridiculous recoil but that makes them obnoxious as fuck and require doubled up hearing protection. Better to take the extra recoil after a certain point.

cab79c No.571255


That's what I figured; so most likely unnecessary on anything that fits into an AR-10 action or smaller. Thanks M8.

6f5165 No.571344

File: 0f45a9f31f9362e⋯.jpg (38.99 KB, 498x374, 249:187, ASP.jpg)

File: 58ff4e6250aca2a⋯.jpg (309.9 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ASP 2.jpg)

File: 5dfb0c1c61c22ef⋯.jpg (122.17 KB, 1191x805, 1191:805, ASP-RG-Generation-II-01.jpg)

File: c6b4038618d658f⋯.jpg (802.87 KB, 1200x960, 5:4, ASP9mm8x10.jpg)

File: 0b687641f76edcb⋯.jpg (387.9 KB, 1416x969, 472:323, Photo-3-Left-Side-Manual-P….jpg)


Some 1960's-70's US spooks pistols did I think ("ASP" it's not a standard model but a conversion of existing guns to something sneakier), but they quickly moved to some translucent panels.


>That can't be right can it?

It's not. It's probably the barrel lifespan if you're using darts out of the water, and yeah firing out steel darts will do that…

Also those have two actually type of dart ammo. Underwater and over-water.

6f5165 No.571345


I obviously meant it's what happens when you use the wrong type of ammo in the wrong conditions.

e03f83 No.571365

File: fe747c52ba4cbfe⋯.jpg (243.57 KB, 1256x685, 1256:685, pm63 RAK.jpg)


FrogAnon, >>569972 was asking about open-slide pistols, similar to open bolt firearms.

6fef59 No.571406

File: 2a1110518a4f729⋯.jpg (45.42 KB, 500x768, 125:192, 33878.jpg)

Are spetsnaz machetes a meme or are they legit outdoor/combat tools?

6d16e0 No.571440

If Ivan comes around here, thanks for the stuff man.

b9f455 No.571450

How long is it going to take until Israel denounces the Mediterranean Sea as a nazi sympathizer just so they can say they've declared war on every single one of their neighbors?

ba4d5f No.571453


They look cool, and the most important thing about oper8ing is how good you look doing it.


What did you get Strelok?

efa8cc No.571463


I got an SADF hat, scrim scarf, brundeswehr tank, and an iron on /out/ patch

6d16e0 No.571472


mtp jacket and pants which is nice since I've been meaning to get some and a tropentarn jacket

c1b0b5 No.571477

I had one of my Alice frame straps take a powder on me, anyone got a clue where I can get some milsurp/not trash replacements for it?

641e7d No.571593

File: 351a845a2761c69⋯.png (27.42 KB, 564x800, 141:200, watching you.png)

How do you spot a plainclothes cop or other spook in disguise, check if he's following you and lose him, all without making a fuss or alerting him to the fact you're onto him?

6d16e0 No.571602


start by not doing anything to make a undercover cop follow you :^)

b9f455 No.571621

File: 4c9f6630eed91c0⋯.png (166.06 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Good purchase or no?

e03f83 No.571623


Look up stories from private investigators to know how stakeouts go and how they follow a subject.

Interesting read and if you take it to heart you might not think you're crazy if the same situation happens to you.


It's decent, but apart from an autistic amount of weight savings there's no reason to pick it over a standard lower that can take an adjustable stock.

b9f455 No.571624


Every time I've used an adjustable stock I usually just pull it to max anyways, so I'm not too worried about that. Despite their rampant faggotry I found myself somewhat fascinated by the WWSD project inrange did, and I'm loosely following their autism in my own build.

e03f83 No.571626


Well in that case it should work great for you, it's about A2 length.

I tried following them, I really did, but they kept switching things up and at the final update they even got rid of their optics and switched to red dots so I kinda discarded their opinions and went on my own

b9f455 No.571627


Yeah, I think their opinions on optics (which is where they seemed to make the most changes) can be ignored as they went from PA prisms to red-dots to Vortex adjustables back to red-dots but with magnifier to a Trijicon adjustable, all while claiming a consistent design philosophy. Sage because faggots and not a question

027565 No.571648

I'm toying with the idea of getting a lever action for fun, can someone give me a few recommendations as a starting point for research to save me a billion hours of sifting through fuddlore and reviews? I'm particularly interested in hearing about shitty QA from some of the bigger manufacturers, which I hear has been a problem lately.

b9f455 No.571650


Of the bigger manufacturers, Winchester is still alright. Owned by FN now, but I don't think their quality has taken a hit to the same degree Cerberus/FG companies have.

e03f83 No.571656


Post-64 Winchester 94s are solid and go pretty cheap because of fudd rumors involving the stamped steel construction. An old Marlin 336 is a common sight as well since it and the Winchester 94 were/are big durr hunting guns.

Modern guns have safeties slapped on, some less practical than others - Rossi and the like have theirs mounted on the bolt itself and can sometimes break off. Current Marlin has gone to shit due to Cerberus now named Remington Outdoor Company cutting corners. Current Winchester is okay.

c1b0b5 No.571657

File: 6051889678839d1⋯.jpg (742.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, しゃしん.JPG)

File: f7ed43ddcc91588⋯.jpg (456.2 KB, 2048x1356, 512:339, Fuckin lever gun.jpg)


Uberti and Chiappa/Armi Sport make repro of old winchesters in modern calibers both of which are fantastic quality. Older Marlins are to die for if you can ever get your hands on one.

d8b9b4 No.571659


>check if he's following you

In a car, you can go intentionally slow at a point you're easy to pass. Normal people go around you, people following you won't.

d8b9b4 No.571742

Does the US National Guard use the M1919?

321e5d No.571759



Make 3 lefts while driving

6ccd7a No.571848

How do I get the Queenslander government to surrender some parts of Queensland to become a territory controlled by me like Jervis Bay Territory. If this is possible, then I will make it pro-gun and militia safe haven so the gun owners and veterans can live in peace. Every person will have rights to the free guns and ammos, defence of people, home and properties.

027565 No.571849




Thanks lads, gonna educate myself and hit a few stores this weekend to see what's around.

9e88cb No.571850

File: f207de1aac7d6ee⋯.jpg (83.28 KB, 720x360, 2:1, ammo-vending-machine.jpg)


Wait until your country is so infested with subhumans that it falls apart. Make your own state in the chaos.

b9f455 No.571851


>42 cents a round

6ccd7a No.571857


> Wait until your country is so infested with subhumans that it falls apart. Make your own state in the chaos.

The problem is Australia is too stable to collapse right now. Maybe I would buy the lands and increase the land size gradually. Build a gun owner membership based community and rent the houses to the gun owners and veterans only. Use the profits to fund the community to be self sufficient.

9d67ee No.571873


If you had enough money to outright buy an incorporated community and declare yourself Mayor of Whiteopia, you would also have enough money to impact governmental policy.

Just saying.

7dda13 No.571928


And spy on the politicians to gain the information in order to blackmail them to make my land economic free zone.

e03f83 No.572017

File: bf5ba1f03674f3a⋯.png (602.44 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, INR-vintage_operator.png)

Planning a 6.5 Grendel upper, how's the difference between 16" and 18"? Leaning towards the shorter barrel for the sake of being compact, but I've heard conflicting thoughts - some say that there's no significant loss in velocity until you get down to ~14.5" and others stand by 20" as an absolute must.

Pic unrelated.

b57333 No.572034


Fuck off Karl, no-one wants to buy your shitty t-shirts

b9f455 No.572040

File: 2555b3903b204be⋯.jpg (126.71 KB, 900x900, 1:1, orgasmic anime whore.jpg)


What exactly are you trying to do with it? Old Bill Alexander swore by an 18" barrel, and if you're trying to make a service rifle that can also be a DMR without changing anything I'd agree with him. If you just want a general rifle (and you already said you're going for more compact) the 16" should be plenty. Grab yourself a nice barrel from Faxon, they started producing Grendel barrels recently.


e03f83 No.572047


>What exactly are you trying to do with it?

General shooter that can reach out ~250 yards with optics - terrain and trees, when applicable, don't permit for much farther or I'd jump on the 20" bandwagon for certain.

>Old Bill Alexander swore by an 18" barrel, and if you're trying to make a service rifle that can also be a DMR without changing anything I'd agree with him. If you just want a general rifle the 16" should be plenty.

I'll probably go for the 18" then, the extra length isn't too much of a compromise for the reach in threading needles.

>Grab yourself a nice barrel from Faxon

Exactly my plan. I appreciate the opinions, anon.

b9f455 No.572048


>250 yards

Your rifle, so do what you want of course, but 18" is a bit overkill for that. 16" should serve you well even out to ~400 yards or so.

e03f83 No.572050


I'll probably change my mind later on, but it's good to know capabilities and with all the deforestation going on it's also not a bad idea to plan ahead.

4494e8 No.572167

File: 0445a909a34230e⋯.jpg (292.35 KB, 697x1000, 697:1000, Armenian SS.jpg)

How useless were the Armenian legionnaires.

c3ef95 No.572377

Gun show is in town tomorrow. Been thinking about changing out the basic hand guards of my AR. What should I switch them to? Quad rail, keymod, mlok? Also, what kind of stuff should I get to stick on my AR? What are decent prices for it all?

b9f455 No.572382


>quad rail

Shit-tier. They're heavy as fuck, uncomfortable to hold, and you won't be using 99% of the railspace.


Between the two, Mlok has shown better functionality durability tests and is objectively less gay because it doesn't look like you stuck a piece of shelving frame around your barrel. But before you splurge on a free-float tube you should ask yourself if you're planning on shooting far enough out, and with enough accuracy, that you need to freefloat your barrel. It's also a good idea to be somewhat aware of why you need the attachment points–that is, it's better to know what accessories you want to put on that you can't put on right now.

>Also, what kind of stuff should I get to stick on my AR?

This is usually the wrong question to ask. You hang as little shit onto your rifle as possible, selecting only items that are meant to fulfill a concrete, pre-specified task. If you go with the mindset of "I need to put stuff on, what should be" over "I need my rifle to do X, what's the bare minimum required to do X", you'll end up with a clunky, frontheavy mallninja-tier rifle instead of something lightweight and easy to use.

With all that being said, there are a couple functions that are pretty universally useful if this is a home defense/SHTF gun. A nice, durable flashlight is almost always nice to have. Some kind of foregrip can be helpful as well for maintaining control. Whether to get a forward pistol grip, an angled foregrip, a simple handstop, or just nothing at all is more or less up to you. Experiment with each and make a decision based on whichever is the most comfortable.

c3ef95 No.572390


I mainly want a general home defence/shtf gun. The flashlight is something i was thinking about, but then that means I need a mount for it and a handguard to attach it to. Don't know much about forward grips and how useful they might be.. I pretty much just hold onto the magwell when I fire.

What does free float really do? I'm planning to keep my range up to about 100 or so yards.

In short, i'm still a newfag when it comes to the AR. Only took it to the range once and that was a couple months back.

c1b0b5 No.572394


I never got the whole foregrip thing, I had an angled foregrip for the longest time due to how a woodstock on milsurp does its thing. With flashlights you can get ones where there is a paddle on the foregrip and will turn on when you grip the thing or you can just get a mount and toss a shockproof light on it if you're not into the whole low drag high speed operating or you could zapstrap one to the rail for maximum poorfag/slav style.

> free float really do

Increases accuracy due to the barrel not having anything touching it. You might not notice anything within 200 yards.

b9f455 No.572401


>The flashlight is something i was thinking about, but then that means I need a mount for it and a handguard to attach it to

You have a few options available. Rather than the M-Lok, one alternative is the plain-Jane plastic handguard, that comes with a length of Picatinny rail on one side for mounting lights. Or Magpul's plastic handguard, which has a few M-Lok cutouts on each side for accessories. Both should work just fine for the ranges you're thinking of, but the run-down is that the free-float will be more accurate, more versatile, but heavier and more expensive to being made of metal. The plastic handguards will be lighter and easier to install.

>What does free float really do?

When you free-float the barrel the handguard is only attached to the gun at the barrel nut, and doesn't touch the barrel at any point, so it looks as if the barrel is "floating" within the handguard. The fewer things touch the barrel while firing, the less you interfere with barrel harmonics, and the more consistent your shots will be as a result. Like the Canuck said, you probably won't see too major a difference within closer ranges, especially since you're a newer shooter. Even without a free-floated forend the gun will likely be more accurate than you are for a while.

c3ef95 No.572404

Comuple more questions and I should be good.

What kind of flashlight and mount should I be looking for and how much would they cost?

Can I just get a mount and use a cheaper flashlight from harbor freight?

ff2de9 No.572542


Just get a Ruger 10/22. Sometimes going cheaper is going to cost you more in the long run.

facee9 No.572543

File: c458e9f5f2e66e0⋯.jpg (114.9 KB, 876x657, 4:3, faggot.jpg)

File: 236df284be44d06⋯.jpg (1.65 MB, 2758x1442, 197:103, 1488.jpg)

File: 9ab71b755e312b1⋯.png (4.8 MB, 2748x2076, 229:173, 12578993.png)

Okay /b/ I got a plan, 14 students died at Marjory Stoneman Douglas Highschool and Hillary Clinton claims 88 people die from guns everyday. She is probably lying but it doesn't matter. So here is the


>Anons make propoganda with a picture of Stoneman Douglas Highschool

>Says something like "On April 20th, the anniversary of Columbine, Write 14/88 with sharpie on your arm to show solidary with the 14 dead highschool students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas Highschool and with the 88 people who die from guns everyday"

>All anons spread this to social Media sites

>Highschool anons send this to schoolmates

>Normalfags start spreading it unironically

>A whole ton of normalfags write 14/88 on their arm on Hitler's birthday

d8b9b4 No.572560



>where everything needs an upgrade and magazines costs are crazy

>not cost more in the long term

b9f455 No.572563

File: f36a688de8dbc00⋯.jpg (663.06 KB, 1818x2544, 303:424, .22lr rifle guide.jpg)


Not sure about mounts, you'll have to shop around. Just make sure you're getting something that is durable to deal with rifle recoil and isn't repurposed airshit. In general if you go for something form Magpul, Aero, or one of the established brands it won't be too bad. For the light make sure it's reasonably durable, has an easily accessible switch, and will fit into whatever mount you choose.


Pic related is a nice guideline for .22s. You'd be hard-pressed to find something cheaper than a hundred dollaridoos but you might get lucky with gunbroker or some shit. Assuming you like the way it shoots it's a breddy gud deal, RIA has a good reputation.

b9f455 No.572564


10/22s have the potential to cost more if you choose to upgrade, but they work "well enough" out of the box so it's not necessary for you to do so.

>magazine costs are crazy

Well, compared to what? Most .22 rifles don't even have detachable magazines so it's difficult to make a definitive comparison.

8e8a79 No.572585

File: d9f1925de9de2be⋯.gif (797.42 KB, 300x186, 50:31, hamcandle _1e94bf38c30a546….gif)


Holy shit.

>a whole horde of creaturas write 14/88 on their arm

>they walk out of school down and the main road while shouting 14/88

>they raise their arms showing the 14/88

721ba9 No.572596


Legit UVSR are very legit outdoor survival tools (rather than combat).

Legit ones also stopped being produced in the late 1990's AFAIK (but there had a huge stockpile so you can still find some) and this is not a picture of one.


df1a3f No.572599

Anyone have any experience with Model 1 Sales' uppers? Are they complete shit, or decent? Looking to build a Vietnam style carbine, but would like to have the ability to mount optics. Model 1 sells an A3 style upper with 11.5" barrel with the 5.5" flash hider welded on.

bd5122 No.572631

Can someone recommend me some good videos on how does military structure look like?

d8b9b4 No.572729

Anyone make white AR grip+stock?

f11d46 No.572736


Depends, Russian (sic soviet) style or the shitty american copy of the Ruskies?

Does anyone have suggestions for a AR style rifle's optic that won't break the bank? I'm a college student and I'm living on the top of the side of a hill.

b9f455 No.572747


>AR style

I assume by this you mean "mounts on a Picatinny rail?"

Look at Vortex and Primary Arms, both produce pretty good optics for the price. For the mount go for Aero Precision.

f11d46 No.572766


Yes. That's what I meant. Sorry for being sick.

Does anyone have any experience with the CMP? I wanna get a Garand but I need

the "Proof of familiarity with the safe handling of firearms and range procedures"? Does any range owner count or does it have to be a Range owner affiliated with the CMP/LEO?

d8b9b4 No.572787

File: 5e02f69cccfbe74⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1497x2126, 1497:2126, gunsforpoorpeople2.png)



>What does free float really do? I'm planning to keep my range up to about 100 or so yards.

In addition to what has already been mentioned, freefloating allows you to rest the rail on a barricade and not change where you hit from standing. This is the single most important part of free floating for a practical rifle: Any accuracy increase is of secondary importance compared to the ability to better use cover.

b9f455 No.572790


Why are there always so few revolvers on lists like this? They're almost always more cost-effective compared to autoloaders, and while they aren't my preference for carry there are genuine advantages to them.

d8b9b4 No.572794


There really aren't many good ones in the sub-300 USD market, not to mention practice ammo costs more.

2d91a9 No.572825

46a0da No.572832

i forgot to change the title, sorry, fixed it now!

d8b9b4 No.572854

What's an en bloc clip full of m2 ball weigh?

73e08f No.572862


Maybe half of a beer

0be733 No.572912


I'd like to see both.

8e602f No.572931

File: 482e8dd5a95e37d⋯.png (169.86 KB, 877x901, 877:901, PSA.PNG)

File: 8311cd10af1fcb3⋯.png (99.83 KB, 1216x637, 1216:637, SnW.PNG)

File: 61ef3e280b7f2e6⋯.webm (7.42 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Brit_simulates_being_a_re….webm)

Two questions

First, about how long will it take for AR prices to calm back down? Just compare the prices in the poorfag guide >>572787 to what they are now.

>You should've bought one before the shooting

I didn't have any money then, I barely have enough now. I just want to own a decent AR without having to live off instant noodles for a month.

Second question, where is this webm from? It's too good to be real, but I still want to see the full video.

e03f83 No.572937


>First, about how long will it take for AR prices to calm back down?

It's hard to say, panic-buyers are not predictable and scalpers are everywhere.

The poorfag guide was a terrible idea to begin with because of fluctuating prices and the market being flooded with lower-priced handguns, as well as prices on rifles/shotguns increasing.

87ef41 No.572966


>First, about how long will it take for AR prices to calm back down?

What? Don't be a moron, use your head. Why would you buy a complete PSA rifle unless it was on sale? They're running a "Daily Deal" on their FDE Freedom lower and upper separate, but if you bought both it comes out to $420. They're running a "Weekend Deal" on their M4 profile Freedom Rifle complete upper and are throwing in a Vortex Strikefire II for a total of $450, pretty good deal considering the StrikeFire II goes for around $150, get a decent lower and you've spent well with the acceptable range of "budget", but now also have a decent optic without any extra spending. The S&W Sport II listing on S&W website is showing MSRP (Manufacture Recommended Retail Price), it even denotes it under the price. You can find Sport II's all over online for $550 and you can often find them for the same or even a bit less at a LGS.




87ef41 No.572987

dd92f2 No.573011

Nofunz here. Dad in law is wanting to give me his 38 special but the copshop is full of shit and I don't have the money to buy one for myself just yet. What does /k/ think of a left hand galil and if yes/no why and how? Because it's going to cost me an entire month's salary to buy this weapon and i'd like to know if it is worth it. As a fucking white male living in this place, it's beyond time I arm myself with more than a revolver and pretend to be a sportsman because that's the license you need in order to own a rifle down here. So we're looking at 20k which is about 4 months salary and a lot of hard fucking work. I don't have a fondness to the kikes and I most certainly don't like that bullshit happening around the world but my options are limited and I don't have any other options according to guntree. So as a southpaw, what do you make of the Galil, which seems to be a copy of the Vektor, AKA R4/R5? Any tips, suggestions. My eyes want it, my wallet says no, along with this poes of a country.

dd92f2 No.573012

p.s. If I had my dreams come true it'd be an FN/FAL. AKA R1. RIP to our boytjies.

dd92f2 No.573013


We have a fuckton of Norinco pistols this side. Are they chinese because all the nogs seem to have them and they're usually of shit quality and probs copies and not even legitimate Norinco's but they're fucking everywhere and usually used by all in any capacity of service.

73e08f No.573014


Nikon makes a scope with range increments for 5.56 that might be up your alley.


SA actually fixed a lot of the problems with the Galil, so if its a civilian version of the R4/5 you're good to go. You'll learn to operate it like lefties do with RH bolt guns.

d8b9b4 No.573039

Why did Browning never make a rifle version of the Auto-5?

73e08f No.573044


Because the Model 8 existed.

b61ed3 No.573046

File: 5660a8382134fe7⋯.jpg (20.61 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 0.jpg)

File: 9e38f8fe1696754⋯.jpg (131.51 KB, 750x1122, 125:187, 01.jpg)

File: c2dbde58b9524f4⋯.jpg (985.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1gQIxXj.jpg)

File: b66fee486e1a6d8⋯.jpg (390.83 KB, 1280x855, 256:171, 03 (1).jpg)

File: 5bfcbe1d397f943⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5bfcbe1d397f94352eb3ec7296….png)

What are the gun laws in Switzerland and Iceland? What makes Switzerland such a haven for gun owners? Should I move away from the USA?

d8b9b4 No.573055


How much is that?

b9f455 No.573062



Last I checked you could own anything that didn't have a giggle switch, but carrying outside of your home or official ranges wasn't allowed unless you work in security.


According to this that's still the way it works for the most part.

73e08f No.573065


1/2 lbs. A ww2/korean load out for ammo weighed something like 5 1/3 pounds or something near that.

da69ba No.573072


Switzerland is not gun owner paradise, you are just supposed to keep your service rifle at home to be ready 24/7 to defend those big, shiny stacks of gold.

b9f455 No.573073

What are the advantages/disadvantages of clamp-on gas blocks compared to set-screw ones? Also, how necessary is 'pinning' the gas block to the barrel? Since the barrel I'm getting is nitride-treated it seems like it would chew up any tool you use to machine the outside.

e03f83 No.573075


Clamp-on gas blocks are supposedly user-friendly due to removing the dimpling process, which theoretically disturbs the finish and can result in rust.

However, there's a high failure rate in that they begin to slide across the barrel because nothing but friction is keeping it in place.

ddcaa1 No.573085

Are there any good /k/areers? Outside the military, of course, because I'm uninterested in dying for the ZOG.

b9f455 No.573091


How often does that actually happen though, especially with Loctite? This guy torque-tested a clamp-on gas block and he broke the barrel pin before he was able to get the block to move:


e03f83 No.573138

File: a03fc1c6157b07a⋯.jpg (34.36 KB, 425x340, 5:4, stop posting.jpg)


>How often does that actually happen though

b9f455 No.573140


Okay smartass, let me rephrase. Is one likely to encounter this particular failure in "regular" use of the gun? Slippage does seem like a prudent concern on the surface, but the page I linked in the previous post shows a guy torquing the hell out of a clamp-on gas block to see when it would slip, but he never got results even though he applied enough torque to break the anti-rotation pin on the barrel.

e03f83 No.573148


There are too many variables involved including parts and material quality, but having a failsafe to guarantee alignment eliminates the human element that may contribute to failure.

If a clamp-on gas block fails, it will most likely be apparent upon test firing. With loctite properly applied it decreases your chances of it failing during regular use if it doesn't slip to begin with.

8e8a79 No.573150


Well first off using loctite on the gas block will make it's thread locking ability useless after the rifle goes through a few mags even if you use the god forsaken red stuff. To sort of answer your question not a pro about the clamp on style. At least from what I've seen from pictures of some original mk12 rifles, they used a clamp on style PRI flip up sights gas block pretty expensive shit that I assume goes through better QC than the average budget part going on sale along with a hand guard that won't shroud it.

That doesn't make the clamp on style better or worse but when it comes to mk12 style rifles at least it's probably a non issue since they can just easily reach it and whip out a tool to re-tighten the screws when there is down time.

d8b9b4 No.573168

File: 3e3fb0ebe86d0fb⋯.png (209.96 KB, 620x398, 310:199, BluecAM[1].png)

How did this blue pattern style become "urban camo" in media? Is there a real pattern it is based on?

fa42e1 No.573171


I hazard naval variant ?

87ef41 No.573205

File: 2961a743953c983⋯.jpg (93.96 KB, 540x720, 3:4, neu240nqc4.jpg)

File: ffc8862cfad90a6⋯.jpg (87.31 KB, 540x720, 3:4, neu241xpj9.jpg)

File: 9a0c10757d324ae⋯.jpg (114.42 KB, 540x720, 3:4, neu252hrut.jpg)

File: 4bdbf2539a40222⋯.jpg (66.29 KB, 512x340, 128:85, Air Force Urban.jpg)

File: 5344ebbabfbdf25⋯.jpg (255.11 KB, 906x576, 151:96, Marines Urban Warrior.jpg)


The "urban" moniker is primarily from media and companies selling "tacicool" shit, but it has a kernel of truth to it. Once the Cold War wound down, it was very clear conflict was slowly starting to move more COIN, MOUT, LIC, ect… (Kosovo, Gulf War, ect) some of the branches (Particularly the Marines, Air Force, and Navy) started to experiment with various camouflage types and equipment to include experimenting with "urban" camouflage designs (Operation Urban Warrior). As >>573171 points out, the Navy took interest in some of the designs because they a fixation on the use of blue in a design.

b9f455 No.573215


>the Navy took interest in some of the designs because they a fixation on the use of blue in a design.

Is the reasoning behind such that any man stupid enough to fall off an aircraft carrier is a man who deserves to blend in with the water and not be found?

73e08f No.573236


By the time they turn the ship around you're already gone.

f59f3b No.573243



Why would navy need camo anyway?

87ef41 No.573273


One would assume, but no, the Navy for some reason thought it need to be more akin to it's camouflage wearing sister branches and distinct from other navies.


It makes sense for sailors in combat roles like EOD, SWC, combat salvage, maritime security, coastal patrol, rivierine ops, ect… when those sailors aren't attached in support, but need a uniform that's not working utilities, which is why NWU-II and NWU-I make sense, but NWU-III was just the Navy wanting to be more like it sister branches.

b13524 No.573296

1. How often should you cycle out defensive ammunition?

2. Is it ok to keep the spring in your magazine compressed for extended periods of time? I use my handgun for home defense, and plan on carrying it as well, The mag takes 13 rounds and I usually leave it full at home. That is an awful amount of time for a spring to stay compressed, but wasn't sure if that was made for that.

3. Is it ok to keep your hammerspring compressed for extended periods of time? How bad is keeping your gun cocked and locked bad for it?

8c29cc No.573298

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>How often should you cycle out defensive ammunition?

If you keep it stored in a cool, dry place it will be decades before you have to worry.

>Is it ok to keep the spring in your magazine compressed for extended periods of time? I use my handgun for home defense, and plan on carrying it as well, The mag takes 13 rounds and I usually leave it full at home. That is an awful amount of time for a spring to stay compressed, but wasn't sure if that was made for that.

I've heard there's no issue with it but Paul Harrel suggests otherwise.

>Is it ok to keep your hammerspring compressed for extended periods of time? How bad is keeping your gun cocked and locked bad for it?

I'm not sure about this one but one would assume if magazine springs get worn out after enough time hammersprings will as well. However, hammersprings aren't getting stretched/compressed nearly as dramatically as magazine springs are so they're probably a little safer in the long-term.

b13524 No.573299


I live in an area that is about go through some serious temperature shifts. It's very cold and dry right now, but in a month, it's going to get very humid and hot. I keep my rounds in my closet in their original packaging. Should I buy one of those ammo cans? If so is plastic or metal better?

8c29cc No.573301


For long-term storage? Yeah, ammo cans are nice. Plastic and metal both work just fine as long as you stick a silica gel packet in there with the ammo, and as long as you make sure both have a gasket on the lid. Metal is obviously more durable but if you're just sticking the boxes in a closet you don't really need that durability. Just to make sure, this "closet" isn't just an attic right? It's inside the climate-controlled part of your home?

b13524 No.573302


Yeah it's in my room. We keep it about 68 deg now, but summer probably 75. Can you buy sillica gel on its own? I thought you only got that in like beef jerky packs.

8c29cc No.573304



I mean if you really want to nigger-rig things you could scavenge beef jerky packs but you can buy them separately easy enough.

75aa24 No.573314

What are the main differences, benefits and drawbacks of Open bolt and closed bolt firearms?

4e310b No.573322



+ manages heat better, almost no chance of cookoff/slamfire, can handle linked ammunition, simple to manufacture

- less accurate, greater chance of firing if dropped, easier for dirt, dust, etc. to get into the action.


+ safer, enclosed action, more accurate, easier to make select-fire I think

- overheats easier, easier to slamfire, more complex to manufacture, reliability issues with linked ammo

1c2a8b No.573325


Every selfloading firearm does the same things in its cycle of operation.

>close or lock bolt

>fire cartridge

>unlock bolt

>move bolt rearward

>extract cartridge

>eject cartridge

>move bolt forward

>strip new cartridge from magazine

>feed cartridge into chamber

>close or lock bolt


The difference is the starting point. A closed bolt firearm starts with the bolt closed or locked. When you pull the trigger, all it has to do to fire is to drop the hammer or sear, after which the rest of the actions in the cycle occur.

An open bolt firearm starts with the bolt locked rearward. When you pull the trigger, the bolt moves forward, strips a new cartridge, feeds it, closes or locks, and only then fires.

All other things being equal, a closed bolt firearm is more accurate because you don't have the mass of the bolt moving around prior to firing. An open bolt firearm dissipates heat more quickly because you have more of the components exposed to open air when at rest. Furthermore, open bolt firearms are typically simpler in design and manufacture. Some select fire rifles, for instance the FG42 and Johnson LMG, try and have the best of both worlds by firing from a closed bolt in semi-auto and from an open bolt in full-auto.

In U.S. politics specifically, the BATFE has ruled that open bolt firearms are 'readily convertible' to full auto, and thus are regulated like full autos. That means if you want a replica Thompson, or B.A.R., or PPSH, or any number of open bolt guns, you first have to completely redesign the trigger group and firing mechanism to fire from a closed bolt.

fa42e1 No.573368


Also, don't forget, you might get naval infantry hordes like they did in the USSR

75aa24 No.573374

587938 No.573432

File: 7b172cf6c59ef9a⋯.png (2.38 MB, 1417x694, 1417:694, agfdfgd.PNG)

Sorry if this was already knowledge, but Steve1989 has an Ivan patch.

8c29cc No.573544

8c29cc No.573554

So I hear a lot of people say that all you need to build an AR is a punch kit and a mallet. But how do you get the barrel nut on without an armorer's tool and a torque wrench?

2eb400 No.573563


There are free-float handguads that can be tightened with a crescent wrench; they're not the more common YHM-style barrel nut that requires some pins sticking into it to 'grab on' but they're out there.

As for a torque wrench, so long as you can guesstimate when it's between 30 and 80 ft-lbs, you're fine. Of course, practice with a torque wrench to tell you what thirty foot-pounds feels like, and likewise 80, and maybe some points in between, would be invaluable in that guesstimation.

But you wouldn't need it on you the day you tighten down the barrel nut. Not sure there are alternatives for a delta-ring traditional barrel nut, but gear-wrenches might exist.

87ef41 No.573565


What's it like?

d8b9b4 No.573623


Because they're talking about buying the upper already assembled plus a lower parts kit. The real tricky part with just punches is the castle nut.

224c34 No.573642

I've had an SGE400 gas mask just in case but noticed on a recent test run that it is extremely uncomfortable. Feels like it stretches and pressurizes my eyes. I've got a fairly wide face due to russian features so my question is pretty simple. What's a good gas mask to buy? Are the israeli civilian surplus any good or should I invest in trading my SGE400 for another of larger size? What size categories are there? Am I probably just using it wrong? Can provide more info if needed.

b9f455 No.573644


Just get a new commercial gas mask instead of playing around with surplus. You know exactly what condition they're in when you get them and they're standardized so you're guaranteed to find replacement filters that fit.

224c34 No.573645



This is exactly what I bought, same site and everything if I remember. It's the fit on my face not the filters.

773d00 No.573678

What would happen if the HoverDam was nuked?

Setting: Bunkerbuster in the lake side of the dam

How bad would the damage be?

37efbb No.573739


For about 50 miles after the Hoover Dam, the flow would be contained by the walls of the Black Canyon, which is almost entirely undeveloped. After these 50 miles, the Colorado is blocked by the much smaller~28,500,000 acre-ft vs ~200,000 acre-ft Davis Dam, built with for the primary purpose of regulating the Hoover's flow. At this point, 2 things could happen.

A. Nothing. Engineers aren't stupid and are aware of the possibility that the Hoover might fail, and design with this in mind.

B. These engineers were idiots and the dam completely overflows and collapses.

Because B falls more in line with your infrastructure-hating wet dream, I'll keep going there. Should the Davis fail, all of both its and the Hoover's contents would flood the 4 cities immediately below it: Laughlin, NV, Bulkhead City, AZ, Mojave Valley, AZ, and Needles, CA. Additionally, ~40 miles after the Davis, Lake Havasu City would be at risk of flooding, though by this time the flood wouldn't be much more than a high waterline. After this is the Parker Dam, which is a larger dam built to support a larger amount of water, would halt the remaining flow.

But what does all of this mean?

Las Vegas has at minimum browned out, if not blacked out; they receive most of their power from the Hoover. It also serves a wider area but I can't be bothered to look up exactly where. The Davis is also hydroelectric, meaning even more people get to experience romantic candlelit dinners.

Beyond electrical outages, there's a BNSF railyard in Needles, as well as multiple rail and road bridges over the Colorado. Significant flooding would likely damage these.

Loss of life would be less than most would expect. Water is slow, and 50 miles is a long distance for it to travel. Flood warning systems would give residents plenty of time to evacuate, it the news or your fuckhueg mushroom cloud hadn't already got them moving.

tl;dr fucking nothing. isis stop getting your plots from call of duty for fucks sake

ecf2ec No.573740


I think it is mostly about people who heard about Vajont and thought it was cool as fuck and want to imagine something similar happening here

37efbb No.573741


my grammar is ass and I apologize

773d00 No.573742


I wounder how long it would take for the affected places to recover

And how geography would be after too


I was actually thinking about FO:NV

ecf2ec No.573744


Well read up about Vajont, man made tsunamis and shit. Cooler than your accomplishment simulator.

b9f455 No.573746


I was about to say, your suggestion is basically the exact opposite of the premise for FO:NV.

6fc2a1 No.573898

File: 70b961d695f0b9d⋯.jpg (63.55 KB, 403x879, 403:879, 71BJTCGrIyL._SY879_.jpg)

>Rusty gate connected to plywood fence covered in plaster

>Tired of rusty gate squeaking

>No lubricant

>Wasps living in the gate hole

>Find can of CLP I lost two years ago

>"Well, if it's good enough for my guns it's good enough for the gate"

>Spray a good bit on gate

>Within seconds it turns into a giant foaming mess like when you shake milk mixed with whey protein too long

>Like fermenting shit vats that got too hot levels of foam

>spills all over the ground

>Let the foam settle and spray off sidewalk to dilute chemicals on the ground

>Gate doesn't squeak now

Should I be worried about the foam? I've never had CLP foam up that badly before.

f077de No.573903


Depends, do you have good neighbors that you can count on? Are you surrounded by nigs? Do you have 100 lbs of shredded oats to live on? Are your windows barred?

73e08f No.573906


You're fine. If you got that shit on the wasps you melted them to death.

b9f455 No.573949


Slightly related, is CLP (and one-stage cleaners in general) good for cleaning, or only "good enough?" Is there a noticeable difference between it and the traditional solvent/lube combo?

8718a3 No.573953


I would say if you use CLP, run a rag of a normal lubricant through after, it helps dilute the CLP a bit.

cc8f78 No.573965

Can you carry DA/SA guns cocked and locked if they have a decocker - safety combo?

b9f455 No.574001


>decocker - safety combo

Do you mean a gun that has both at the same time Does such a thing exist?, or one that readily converts between the two like the CZ Omega? If you're carrying cocked and locked, safe procedure is to have the gun on safe while you're carrying and train yourself to instinctually disable that safety as you draw, and practice doing so a lot. If you have just a decocker on the gun and no safety, you can carry cocked and locked in the sense that no law is stopping you, but you probably shouldn't so as not to blow your unmentionables off, and just decock the thing.

b9f455 No.574003


Hmm, in that case I don't think I'll bother with CLP. The whole schtick of it and products like it is that it's a one-step process instead of two, so if I'm doing two steps anyways I may as well stick to good old Hoppe's and oil.

0378ab No.574024

Does anyone have a copy of the Cody's Lab gunpowder videos that Jewtube pulled down?

cc8f78 No.574036


I was asking in regards to beretta pistols (specifically the PX4). It has a safety that also decocks the gun when you engage it. I know you can carry the gun decocked with a live trigger, but I ws wondering on these types of guns if you can:

>engage safety/decocker

>then recock the hammer

37b0b9 No.574038

Can one of you streloks spoonfeed me the fresh fruits meme?

I assume its something to do with disguising artillery as civilian vehicles

cc8f78 No.574042


newfag at shooting. I tried CLP for post range cleaning, and I find it difficult to get carbon residue out. It's an ok lubricant, but personally I feel it works best as something that sits in your range bag until you run into malfunctions. I would argue that sticking to a good solvent and oil is a better way to go for regular cleanings. I so far like Hopps.

6fc2a1 No.574049


If it's mainly metal and made post-1990s the CLP is all you need. If it's an older gun or something wood or something expensive, you'll obviously want to treat it more delicately. CLP gets the job done just fine though and is preferable for certain guns (especially shotguns).

6fc2a1 No.574050


Also this. Main benefit of CLP is the stuff works even if you live in a tundra or stick it in an oven up to about 450 degrees.

38c2e3 No.574059

File: b16cbb78a7af8f8⋯.png (183.01 KB, 796x378, 398:189, ClipboardImage.png)

Why is it so shitty?

e03f83 No.574061



37efbb No.574126

As I understand it, a legally registered machinegun with a sub 16" barrel only requires one stamp; the machinegun stamp covers both NFA regulated items. Would the same be true of a machinegun and a destructive device? Assuming I could register it, would my 25.8mm Macguffin autocannon need one stamp or two?

8a1ef8 No.574182

In the crypid threads I saw someone say that a gun used in an existential war is most effective against skinwalkers and the like. Are there other things that would help? For example, being blessed, or made specifically for skinwalker defense.

b9f455 No.574185


>Assuming I could register it, would my 25.8mm Macguffin autocannon need one stamp or two?

I'm no lawyer, but as near as I can interpret it goes like this: A machine gun doesn't need an SBR stamp, because SBR stamps refer specifically to "rifles", and under the NFA's bass-ackwards language a machine gun isn't a rifle. The "Destructive Device" definition however doesn't limit itself to rifles, but covers two categories: "explosive ordinance" and "large bore firearms." While NFA machine guns aren't NFA rifles, they are NFA firearms, and a such would fall under "large bore firearms." As a result, you would need two tax stamps, the DD one and the machine gun one. I apologize if this sounds confusing as fuck, the NFA can be like that.

07df84 No.574189


You are correct, the 'full auto' NFA designation supersedes all others. It can't be a machine gun and a destructive device.

fac1b9 No.574204

File: 94ebf5e98258c41⋯.gif (175.73 KB, 507x340, 507:340, 1437766989013.gif)


My God, it's so sexy without having a shoulder stock. It's like it's naked.

fac1b9 No.574215

File: be41b84cec09eff⋯.jpg (292.05 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, Zastava_M12_Black_Spear.jpg)

File: 06fbce825810e9a⋯.jpg (169.33 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, 1280px-ОСВ-96_12,7-мм_снай….jpg)

File: 1644293239ee6e6⋯.jpg (57.87 KB, 872x344, 109:43, PDSHP_12.7mm_rifle.jpg)

With sniper rifles, I was surprised to find that the TAC .50, M82, all those .50 cal gals, have a rather modest barrel length compared to the Eastern European snipers that use 12.7x108mm (PDShP can be chambered in 14.5x114mm) ammunition. Why is it that the Russians are the only ones producing 30 inch+ (again, in the case of the PDShP, 40 inch+) barrels for their snipers? Are we afraid to see what the Canadians could do with it?

8718a3 No.574220


There's a laundry list of reasons.

The Russian 12.7 has a slower deflagration velocity. This means less barrel heating and less barrel erosion, but it needs a longer barrel to give it time to accelerate, and the casing is larger. Our .50 trades barrel lives in for shorter barrels, and often higher velocities.

Russians compensate for our velocity edge by using longer projectiles, giving them a bit more energy. We compensate for their barrel life for a variety of ways as well, such as lower rates of fire, easier swap outs etc.

In terms of a sniper rifle, being compact is important, since our sniper teams work as individual units they have to move a lot or they get pinned down and fucked over. Russian sniper teams work as part of sniper platoons, have to move less often, and thus longer rifles aren't a detriment.

Also the longer a barrel is, the harder it is to make accurate cheaply. If they could get away with it, sniper rifle manufacturers would go for four inch barrels, just enough to get the round to spin stabilize. IMO we have the technology to make accurate long barrels, so I think this last reason is the weakest.

b9f455 No.574222

File: 5b35af74cdfdc58⋯.webm (7.35 MB, 484x360, 121:90, Russian_Depiction_of_WW2.webm)

File: 1ec73aacd06e3af⋯.webm (5.81 MB, 484x360, 121:90, Russian_Invasion_of_Berli….webm)

Anyone have a streaming source for these webms? Looks like a parody skit from Russian TV name of the show is tip of my tongue, but my attempts to find a source just got my Katy Perry shit and documentaries.

fac1b9 No.574223


So there's really not much of a difference in accuracy between the Eastern and Western rifles? It's just a difference in design philosophy?

8718a3 No.574226

>>574223 (checked)

They have a greater range of marksman rifles in regular combat units because their doctrine demands it.

Also there's a difference in expectation and even how we measure impacts. We measure impacts by shooting a "group", and everyone here knows what a group is. Then we draw a circle over the group that encompass it, and we use that to measure a minute of arc, which are standard accuracy measurements (1 MOA = 1 inch group at 100 yards). Russians measure by probability of impact in a circle that encompass whatever they're trying to shoot. If they're shooting center mass of a person, they might be satisfied with .8 chance of impact in a circle drawn over the chest of a guy.

We're just wildly different, our militaries are some of the truly different military systems in the world, top to bottom. The cold war has burned away all other combat philosophies, or mixed them with ours or theirs.

8718a3 No.574227

tl;dr yes, they can make rifles as accurate as we can

e03f83 No.574235

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sure do, anon!

e03f83 No.574236

File: c43993f36d82c48⋯.webm (14.16 MB, 484x360, 121:90, Russian Checkpoint.webm)


It's a Ukrainian show called "Maski Show" by the way.

cc0f33 No.574242

File: 06d6a1cf6376d34⋯.jpg (39.24 KB, 531x471, 177:157, 1427305428138.jpg)


>Ukrainian Benny Hill that's focused on military parody.

It's just one of those things that you never knew you wanted until you see it.

52ef9a No.574245


> Why is it that the Russians are the only ones producing 30 inch+ (again, in the case of the PDShP, 40 inch+) barrels for their snipers?

larger case capacity

8c29cc No.574292

If I try to put my own AK-74 together from a parts kit, following Youtube videos or some shit, what kind of accuracy can I expect? What about if I sent it to a kit-builder? Are Rifle Dynamics good or an overpriced meme? Also, is the parts kit tier still:


>Polish Tantal



e03f83 No.574302


Rifle Dynamics, and by extension Jim Fuller, is likely the best in the US for AK-anything.

A parts kit build depends on your own ability and attention to detail, even if an AK only goes together so many ways. Generally building around a milled receiver gives you much better chances for a not-shit rifle since fucking with stamped steel, while unlikely, can lead to unintended bending and warping.

Romanian build kits are a bit iffy, I know there were builders who wouldn't assemble anything Romanian, mainly their PKMs, because they tend to be out of spec more often than not. Yugo is probably only low because of low parts compatibility, not sure if there's anything particularly wrong with them.

Bulgarian is top tier though, yeah, and Polish kits are a close second if you can't find those. Haven't looked for actual Russian kits mainly because of handwringers.

8c29cc No.574304


I've found an Izhmash parts kit for sale, thing is there's no barrel, and it's being sold by RGuns, which apparently has a rep for shit customer service. Is there anyone selling milled receivers? I've been having trouble finding them.

e03f83 No.574321


>thing is there's no barrel

That's pretty common, actually, since the ATF has a thing about barrels being attached to full-autos being classified as machinegun barrels and illegal to use or some shit.

It's a clusterfuck when it comes to importing parts kits.

>and it's being sold by RGuns, which apparently has a rep for shit customer service

I've heard that and probably blocked them out of my memory due to those rumors a long time ago.

>Is there anyone selling milled receivers?

They're definitely out there and typically without finish, but I don't know if there's a company dedicated solely to pushing out AK receivers. I think even Classic Firearms had a few bare milled receivers last I checked.

95b7c6 No.574326

I want a 10mm pistol for EDC. I only really see Glocks and 1911s. Are there any other good autoloaders I should consider? What about 10mm magnum? If I go with magnums I plan on handloading.

b9f455 No.574327


The Sig p220 comes to mind, but as far as I know it comes in full-size only, with no compact options. Otherwise there's the EAA Witness, which is a CZ-75 clone that I believe does come in compact variants if that's what you're looking for.

Incidentally, if you're thinking of doing 10mm for conceal carry, make sure you're that's something you'll be willing to put up with everyday. Depending on what clothes you wear a large-format pistol can be difficult to conceal, and if it ends up being too much of a hassle you might develop the bad habit of leaving your gun at home.

cfdadf No.574357

File: 8bf7d059cd4f506⋯.jpg (32.57 KB, 318x405, 106:135, [worried laughter].jpg)

File: fac63bafb1ee517⋯.jpg (101.63 KB, 550x341, 50:31, is-tape-toxic.jpg)


Not really /k/ per se but

>forget house keys

>try to break into house

>part of a window is sealed with extremely worn duct tape

>(adhesive?) powder comes off when I rip it

>think I might have inhaled some

How poisonous is this shit?

8d3f7c No.574361


you're fine

b9f455 No.574362


Unless you start huffing that shit recreationally you'll be okay.

bfaa4a No.574399

I bought my first fun the other day: a Norinco SKS paratrooper carbine. The problem is that it didn't come with a bayonet or cleaning rod. I thought I'd be able to just find one online but my stock is cut for the short blade bayonet and not the spikes that I see everywhere. Can I buy a full sized blade and have somebody shorten it somehow or should I just keep a look out on eBay?

52ef9a No.574402


how much did you pay for it?

bfaa4a No.574409


~$350 + tax I think I don't exactly have the receipt handy.

76672b No.574421

i want to buy a pistol sometime soon. i havent shot an actual gun in a very long time, 10 years or so. i dont want to spend too much as im very new to this and im not sure whats good, what i like, and so on. i looked at the poorfag section in the wiki, but a lot of the links are dead. i did do a bit of searching myself and found quite a few guns that were relatively cheap, but i was wondering if i could just get some outright suggestions.

b9f455 No.574456


Right now? Go for the police trade-in Beretta 92s, you can find them for ~300 shekels on Aim surplus and other places. Good quality gun, and because it's a police trade-in chances are it was only fired once a year during qualifications. Not sure how large the stock is so I'd advise going for these soon before it all dries up.

e03f83 No.574463


Yeah, that's one of their commercial productions. I'm not certain as to whether or not they actually came with bayonets, so if you do slap one on it's gonna have to be shortened by yourself.

Fairly certain they lacked a cleaning rod, as well.

773d00 No.574480

File: 880c0ee3564a1b6⋯.jpg (12.63 KB, 474x355, 474:355, muzzle booster.jpg)

Are muzzle boosters a meme?

Or do they actually work?

If they do work, why aren't they used more?

f47e54 No.574482


If the powder is from the tape then it's just latex.

73e08f No.574485


If the bayonet lug didn't come with a hole it was a 992r complitant gun beforfe the 95t norinco bam in 95. If it has a hole for the bayonet, good luck finding one that'll fit it, Apoloogies for spelling errors I'm shitfaced.

f58376 No.574493


Well your muzzle will certainly be boosted!

Whether or not that adds any functionality remains to be seen.

But damn man, your muzzle is boosted af.

d8b9b4 No.574495


You could start with


which is focused primarily on tiny pistols for concealed carry.

For full size police trade ins are generally nice, though primarily in 40 caliber these days (they're so common because the FBI realized it was a stupid idea last year and loads of PDs followed suit) but there are a few 9mms out there. How much are you willing to spend? Good options for under 300 (Ruger Security 9), even better for under 400 (M&P9 2.0, P-07). Under 300 is tricky.

(Someone should upload that pic to the wiki. I'm not going to make an account to do so.)

44e578 No.574501


Wikipedia have a fucking article about, Jesus Christ this board has gone to the dogs.

773d00 No.574502



Do you realize what fucking thread you are in?

The wiki doesn't tell all, reliably even, but a /k/ommando can actually tell you about his' own experience

a4516f No.574508

File: edd9138ea3d460b⋯.jpg (43.04 KB, 638x686, 319:343, 19fd9e60c8.jpg)

Would the Allies have been willing to conduct lend-lease to the Soviet Union in the event Stalin broke the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact first?

27c040 No.574513

File: c4969359ecdd983⋯.pdf (5.15 MB, Conjuring Hitler - How Bri….pdf)


You severely underestimate the amount of bullshit that was going on if you have to ask this question.


e41c6c No.574549

>be burger

>want some nice surplus SADF nutria browns

>find leaf website that sells them unissued

>know fuck all about how they fit (just right, tight, or loose)

If they fit exactly as the size on the tag/website says, I'm going to need a Medium-36to38in. shirt (I'm 38in. in the chest, fugg) and a 34/32in. pants (I'm exactly this size for jeans & slacks). However, before I drop some cash on some surplus browns all the way from Syrupland, I'd like to those of you who may have had experience with nutria browns and whether they are looser/tighter than their size indicates.

944489 No.574581


>milsurp sites using civvie sizes in place of the actual military measurements


b9f455 No.574583


The UK declared war on Hitler because he invaded Poland, according to them. Stalin invaded Poland as well and they didn't say shit to him, despite Soviet atrocities, expansionism, and living conditions all being orders of magnitude worse than what Hitler was accused of. Regardless of what you think of them personally it's more than clear that the Allies were not being honest about their motivations for opposing Hitler. The Allies would have continued lend-lease no matter what because the object wasn't to stop tyranny, it was to stop Germany, and helping Stalin would hurt Germany.

20a6ef No.574596

File: 9b6dc1434fdf965⋯.jpg (46.62 KB, 514x520, 257:260, his-slime-and-optimism-gon….jpg)


Actually, UK forced Germany to invade. Indeed, germany wanted to relink the main land to the little cutted out in 1918 piece of germany in the middle of Poland. Germany have tried very hard to find a regular solution, doing 10th of different propositions. But UK told Poland to refuse them all.

So Germany invaded Poland. Germany would anyway at the end gain its land back, by peace or by war, so UK knew what they were doing.

It's all because of the the treaty of Versailles. WW2 is a direct consequence of the treaty of Versailles, this huge humiliation of Germany.

56941f No.574599


have you tried writing a polite enquiry to their business email?

e41c6c No.574603

File: 7293ec0935925a4⋯.png (73.61 KB, 297x430, 297:430, Adolf checkem.png)



Indeed I have. I am currently awaiting a reply, but I am an impatient motherfucker. Plus, I always like to get multiple opinions about a product before I make an order.

b9f455 No.574621




So what's the most cost-effective way of getting tools for legoing your raifu together? I found this (https://www.opticsplanet.com/wheeler-ar-armorers-essentials-kit.html), is this+a punch kit overkill?

73e08f No.574631


Having all the tools ain't overkill. Its just having the right things to do it right.

b9f455 No.574636


So does that Wheeler's kit have the right things or no?

d8b9b4 No.574638

File: d7831ae23a1a093⋯.png (233.38 KB, 380x380, 1:1, shootingjacket.png)

Any instructions for sewing a padded shoulder onto a jacket?

73e08f No.574639


Its got all you'll need.


Double stitch it and use the right thread/needle if you're doing it by machine.

73e08f No.574642


Oh and if it has a liner you're probably gonna have to hand stitch it if you don't want said liner to be a tad bit bunched up.

d8b9b4 No.574721

When PSA says it's barrel is nitride finished, is that the inside or just the outside?


What material should be used for the padding?

73e08f No.574722


Stick to a material similar to the jacket, canvas with canvas and so forth. If you want to get fancy have a tiny piece of machine washable foam or a double layer of flannel between the patch and jacket.

b9f455 No.574733


>When PSA says it's barrel is nitride finished, is that the inside or just the outside?

They mean both. There really isn't a reasonable motivation for a company to salt-bath the outside of a barrel but not the inside.

bbcea5 No.574744

advanced noob question:

So, I'm looking te replace my gas block for an ajdustable one (12' supressed barrel), and my online gunsmith has most of them in ".625, .750, .875 and .936"… bore apparently?

What dimension does this refer to, and how do I check it on my AR wich one would fit?

b5551f No.574746

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What's your problematic stories with the women in your battalion? I like to know about the women in defence.

e03f83 No.574751

File: a64a54b1d8ea58f⋯.jpg (26.84 KB, 880x660, 4:3, 193385.jpg)


It's the outside barrel diameter of where the gas block is placed.

2846ed No.574819

File: 423a81bffba749b⋯.jpg (29.27 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 30221570_1921500034828775_….jpg)

I'm helping someone buy a handgun, and I so far have been able to figure out:

>they like full sized handguns

>asthetics are important

>nervous about lack of manual safety

>Seems to like thicker grip profile

Should I direct them toward trying DA/SA or striker pistols from here? They seem to really like the SA trigger but don't mind the stock G17 trigger.

b9f455 No.574822

File: 42aec62802651a8⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 2560x1608, 320:201, k-approved handguns.jpg)

File: cd6d2c38f2f2599⋯.jpg (326.77 KB, 1950x2400, 13:16, 1911 guide.jpg)


>Should I direct them toward trying DA/SA or striker pistols from here?

Well, you say they appreciate aesthetics, and personally, I've always found hammer-fired pistols (ideally with a metal frame, but YMMV) to be much purdier than polymer. Your next steps should be to figure out this guy's budget, and what caliber he wants. If he's not sure what caliber then get him to decide between large-frame (.45/10mm/.38 Super) and small-frame (9mm/.40 S&W/.357 SIG). For large-frame, show him both single and double-stack guns if you can, because even if he likes thicker grips, double-stacked .45 ACP might be to THICC even for him.

For aesthetic guns that are also robust and functional, with manual safeties, my choices for small-frame would be:

>CZ-75 series (75B, SP-01, Omega, etc)

>SIG P226

>CZ-75 Pre-B (budget-dependent)

>Browning Hi-Power (budget-dependent)

>Steyr GB (budget-dependent)

<Beretta 92

That last one is not something I'd use personally because the slide-mounted safety annoys me but it definitely has aesthetics and it's a good, functional gun. They're also pretty cheap right now thanks to LEO trade-ins.

For large-frame guns:

>CZ 97

>SIG P220

>1911 variant

Keep in mind, all of this is dependent on what kind of aesthetic your friend likes. Does he prefer railz up the ass or a more traditional look, for instance?

9e88cb No.574833


<they like full sized handguns

Check to make sure they don't plan on concealing.

<nervous about lack of manual safety

This is a sign that they have a bad mindset in regards to firearms and don't see themselves as being responsible enough to use the gun safely. It can't be fired if the trigger isn't pulled. They shouldn't see a safety switch as something that should be relied on. What they should be nervous about is having to fumble with the safety switch if they need to use it. Their safety mechanism should be a hard shell holster. It should completely cover the trigger guard, have good retention, and be hard enough that even a hard impact can't reach the trigger. It's a risk in an emergency and teaches bad habits. Safeties make more sense on long guns since they can't be covered with a holster.

>Should I direct them toward trying DA/SA or striker pistols from here? They seem to really like the SA trigger but don't mind the stock G17 trigger.

The long trigger pull of a decocked DA/SA might help to ease their nervousness. The long pull doesn't matter at the range, only when carrying. DA/SA guns also have the advantage of being able to fire again if the primer doesn't go off, which is a bonus for reliability. They might prefer it so give it a shot.

e03f83 No.574834


>This is a sign that they have a bad mindset in regards to firearms

I see this issue more as inexperience than malice.

Get someone shooting more often so they understand the tools they're working with and all safety will become second nature and not require so much intentional focus.

But then again, there is nothing wrong with a manual safety just as there's nothing wrong with guns lacking them simply because it adds an extra step - it's not that complex, and training will allow you to adapt to it. Learn your firearm and how to operate it, there's no excuse not to.

9e88cb No.574838


>I see this issue more as inexperience than malice.

That's what I meant. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

>Learn your firearm and how to operate it, there's no excuse not to.

True, it's important to practice with whatever you have.

1c08db No.574840

I asked this in another thread, but I'd like to get more opinions if possible. How is the S&W M&P10 .308 as an entry-level rifle?

1c08db No.574841


To add to this. I eventually want to go out and hunt deer, but I'm going to be spending most of my time at a range.

33268b No.574853

how would /k/ defend against a flamethrower?

73e08f No.574858



Its good enough. 150gr .308 will knock most deer down, though 168gr - 175gr stuff is usually the matchloads for getting quarter sized holes on paper. Invest in some good glass and git gud.

b9f455 No.574864


Defend in what context? If someone pops out of an alley torches you? Within the confines of moder (a)symmetrical warfare? In most cases though the answer's going to be 'shoot the buggers before they come too close to your bunkers.'

e03f83 No.574874


>How is the S&W M&P10 .308 as an entry-level rifle?

It's exactly that - entry level. Not as good as handpicking parts and putting it together but solid enough that it will get the job done.


Have to second the other anon, would need some context.

Generally, to protect yourself, you would need total body coverage and layers as well as a respirator or filter to fight the fumes.

cc8f78 No.574877

File: 5758e4c25c73390⋯.jpg (38.42 KB, 640x359, 640:359, Glock-And-Wesson-Designed-….jpg)


They aren't very familiar with handguns, but seem to gravitate to the DA/SA's in terms of style. Budget wise is in the 800s~. 9mm seems to be what he wants given the availability and cheapness of the round. As for the aesthetics themselves, he seems to flip between very contemporary 'rounded' look like that PX4 on that chart you posted.

>Slide mounted safety

Whats wrong with slide-mounted safeties? Are frame mounted ok? Finally thanks for the info, this gives me a lot more to work with.


>Check to make sure they don't plan on concealing

Are full sized handguns that hard to conceal? I have a full sized frame that's the same size as a SW5906 and while I haven't gotten my CPL yet I feel like I could conceal it easily under a hoodie or even a light jacket.

>Bad mindset

Do you have any recommendations on how to help them get over that fear? Would it be ok to have them just train with a firearm with an external safety while getting them in the right mindset?

e03f83 No.574880


>Whats wrong with slide-mounted safeties?

Racking the slide can often result in accidentally applying the safety, especially with the Beretta 92 and its fairly open slide.

Apart from that, if your friend likes a fat grip the 92FS has the fattest grip around.

And to get them used to guns, it's just practice practice practice.

Safety and understanding comes through use and repetition. After a few hundred rounds and cleaning/disassembling throughout, you'll have a good amount of comfort in your piece and other guns including those without manual safeties.

b9f455 No.574881


>Whats wrong with slide-mounted safeties?

Nothing exactly "wrong" with them, mechanically they work fine. I just find it a bit more annoying to reach than a 1911-style frame safety that sits right above the thumb shelf, which takes a lot less movement to manipulate. But that's just me, with enough practice it becomes a trivial issue.

>seem to gravitate to the DA/SA's in terms of style

>he seems to flip between very contemporary 'rounded' look like that PX4 on that chart you posted.

So if I'm reading that right, he likes the function of DA/SA but the aesthetics of "rounded" striker-fires? Those two things are kind of mutually exclusive, because the handguns that are polymer as well as hammer-fired (Like the CZ P-09) tend to have a very angular look to them.

cc8f78 No.574882


Alright, we're going to an lgs tomorrow and I'll have in get a feel for the 92s and PX4, work from there.


>DA/SA guns also have the advantage of being able to fire again if the primer doesn't go off, which is a bonus for reliability. They might prefer it so give it a shot.

I did not know that strikers could not reset themselves.

e03f83 No.574885

File: 7237ca18e354d64⋯.jpg (18.6 KB, 600x600, 1:1, px4.jpg)



The PX4 is DA/SA, by the way. Hammer's hard to see from that angle, but yeah.

b9f455 No.574886


Huh, what do you know. I guess there's a snowflake gun for everybody out there.

cc8f78 No.574890

File: 51234f67d732946⋯.jpg (119.57 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 3379015266_fb66edd221.jpg)

File: ded7c140b1a5b0c⋯.jpg (19.47 KB, 400x310, 40:31, E2022-9-BSS-LARGE.jpg)

File: b7eae0e79e28704⋯.jpg (53.96 KB, 462x355, 462:355, fnx-45_large.jpg)


>So if I'm reading that right, he likes the function of DA/SA but the aesthetics of "rounded" striker-fires?

Sorry should clarify, he likes the aesthetics of a polymer DA/SA like pic related. He thinks most strikers are boxy and ugly looking. Also, can you cerakote polymer guns?

1c08db No.574906



Awesome and thanks!

9e88cb No.574915


>Are full sized handguns that hard to conceal?

The grip is what makes it print and the barrel length is what affects comfort. The grip only matters if you're wearing thin layers and the barrel length only matters when you sit. It's a trade off. A bigger gun means you have better ergonomics, a bigger sight radius, more barrel to burn powder in, and more capacity. A smaller gun will provide you with less firepower but will be more concealable. If you're sitting with a big gun and have to fidget and adjust it, it'll draw attention. It's especially bad when you have to lean. You'll probably have to crouch instead. That might look weird under certain circumstances. It's supposed to be better for your back so maybe there's a bonus. Think about whether you'll be able to stand a work day with your gun and about the repercussions you might incur if you get discovered.

>Do you have any recommendations on how to help them get over that fear? Would it be ok to have them just train with a firearm with an external safety while getting them in the right mindset?

Have them practice and get more comfortable with shooting. One way to get used to not having a safety is to make the gun empty, rack it, and leave it that way. Maybe even carry without a round in the chamber. Check up on it after a period of time and see if it's still cocked. As long as everything is done right, the trigger should not have been pulled. This should build confidence. If you have to reholster a hot gun, keep pointed away from your body. Visually verify that the holster is empty. If possible, remove the holster, put then gun it, and then put it back on. Holstering/unholstering is when most negligent discharges happen.


>I did not know that strikers could not reset themselves.

On a striker fired gun, you'd have to rack the slide. That'll also eject the slide. On a DA/SA gun, you'll get another long trigger pull.

298f81 No.574922

File: 924310277094c99⋯.jpg (2.71 MB, 3024x3780, 4:5, IMG_5282.JPG)

I just made this on my 5-axis Mori. You guys interested in custom stuff like this? I'm good at making stuff, but I know shit about marketing.

c64abd No.574934


>my 5-axis Mori

How does it feel to be the king richfag? Although, I do want one, I like the work and the detail.

b9f455 No.574938


>I know shit about marketing.

Your best bet is to find someone who does know about it, instead of trying to do everything yourself. Consider reaching out to some podcasters or someone similar, and have them shill your website on the show, along with an affiliate link or some shit. In answer to your first question, I'd probably be interested in a bit of custom work, but only after I'm done re-establishing my collection.

298f81 No.575010

File: 40f6cc000235e93⋯.jpg (2.15 MB, 3024x3237, 1008:1079, IMG_5285.JPG)

>How does it feel to be the king richfag? Although, I do want one

I wish I had infinite Jew bux, but I'm all in on this machining bullshit. If it doesn't pan out, I'm going to have to live in a camper in the bay area, whoring out my C++ skills, in order to pay off my debts. I don't mind coding, but I absolutely hate dealing with the people who need coding done and the other people who write code. Totally fucking insufferable.

I'm going to list 10 pairs of these on ebay with a bombastic "defend yourself against the HERETIC" type of description. Should be fun.

bc7c9b No.575019


(Warning: The following advice is mostly unsubstantiated bullshit. Take with a grain of salt.)

The problem is that it's more of a marketing thing than a craftsmanship thing. Go to your local gun show, find a table selling decorative/'tactical' CNC gun parts, ask them about their business model. My money says they don't even make the product themselves.

On the other hand, you could distinguish yourself by selling products and services no one else offers. Maybe I'm a turboFudd and want a stainless, rust blued, or case hardened steel AR receiver set. Maybe I want a milled steel or aluminum A1 trapdoor buttplate to go with my wood stock. Make a slick-side flat-top upper because no one else does.

Offer commissions – customer supplies a drawing or concept, you do the CAD/CAM work, machine the part, and add the design to the catalog. It's not like it costs anything to keep the jigs and G&M code on hand, you could do single lots to order if you really wanted to.

298f81 No.575023

>Go to your local gun show

Shit, that's a good idea. There must be a bunch in the St. Louis area. I'm going to find one where it doesn't cost me much to set up a table. I think my crusader theme stuff and snap-on GP100 titanium rail should get some attention. If not, I'll switch over to full-Hitler. Who doesn't want a titanium SS paraphernalia? Head shops are another avenue I'm exploring. Maybe Hitler + weed is the way to go?

bb52f2 No.575031

I'm looking at getting into reloading and want to start with a good single stage press kit. I'm having a hard time deciding between the RCBS rock chucker kit and the Hornady lnl classic. I've heard that Hornady's powder measure is much more consistent than other brands' while RCBS rock chucker press is the better press of the 2 packs. Also I like the quick change bushings hornady has, but I'm sure i can buy that separately if I go with RCBS.

Which kit should I go with?

d5e7d6 No.575034


I would go hornady because reasons, mainly lnl is nice. But i have an rcbs turret that works very well.

Consider a lee breechlock kit. Then use the extra sheckles for components. Lee stuff just works.

298f81 No.575067

fa42e1 No.575068


I'd kill for a top level Garand replacement barrel.

601837 No.575084

Where can I get Aero AR parts if they're always sold out on their site?

b9f455 No.575089


Arm or Ally has a partnership with them now, I'd advise checking there. In general you should also check the big distributors like Primary Arms and Aim Surplus. Opticsplanet has some of their stuff too but not everything.

b9f455 No.575090

File: 27b67b952ebe4bb⋯.jpg (59.69 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Sage and Brake bore snake.jpg)

Are these a hipster meme, or is the copper brush a useful addition compared to other boresnakes?

d8b9b4 No.575095


Try to make an M1 Carbine in 5.56 while retaining the weight advantage over an AR15. Maybe let it accept stripper clips in addition to mags like some early FALs

1c08db No.575096

Is it illegal to put pistol grips back on an AR10 in California, do I have to suck it up, or do I just have to have the weapon registered as an "assault weapon"? What does that even mean?

944489 No.575099


Yeah, here's how:

Step 1) Move

32807c No.575100

I need to remove a thin layer of what is either cosmoline or some other grease from some blued steel magazines I purchased. I don't have the option of dunking them in kerosene or throwing them into the oven. What are some other methods that I can use? Materials I have on hand are cotton swabs, cleaning rags, dish washing liquid, baking soda, rubbing alcohol, water, and a kettle to boil water in.

1c08db No.575101


I would if I could and I plan to in the future, but it's just not an option at this time.

b9f455 No.575102


Get some paint thinner. Ideally you'd pour a thin layer into a shallow tub, but as long as you thoroughly scrub all the cosmoline'd surfaces with it you're fine.

c567c5 No.575103

File: f7709e2d9e2f043⋯.jpg (233.59 KB, 1280x1204, 320:301, FAST_MT_1__46018.144967006….jpg)

Call me retarded if you wish but at least answer my question. Why is this helmet even a thing? I see it fucking everywhere and I cannot see the point of using this trash. Helmets are meant for protection, but this thing is open-wide at the sides. Any fragment at the sides will immediately blow your brains out even if you wore a headset. Practically any other Stahlhelm clone seems like a superior choice of headprotection to me.

944489 No.575107


muh high speed low drag

e03f83 No.575109


The extra abrasion might be helpful, but I prefer pic-related after making an impulse buy on a weekend. Remington might suck at guns but this squeegee shit is damn good.


It's mainly to not bump your head/take indirect pistol fire because you're running around get it, because it's called the FAST helmet and you're running arou.

e03f83 No.575110

File: 93717b5e8c26652⋯.png (59.74 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Remington-Squeeg-E-Bore-Cl….png)


of course I forget the picture

186219 No.575112


standard combat helmets are heay as fuck and only officially protect against like pistol rounds. the fast helmet lest you get a decent balance of weight, protection, and utility, since you can now wear earpro/comms

b9f455 No.575115



Thanks, I'll check them out. You use them in a traditional kit then, not bore snakes?


>only officially protect against like pistol rounds

Isn't protection from any kind gunfire a secondary concern in helmets, coming after shrapnel and debris?

6d16e0 No.575118


We actually dont get most of our power from hoover, mead hasnt been full enough to run hoover at that kind of capacity for about a decade now. Any power that is made typically goes to commiefornia and small parts of arizona. Our power comes from natgas plants supplemented by 6 gorillion solar panels.

t. neon nigger

474283 No.575120


>mead hasnt been full enough to run hoover at that kind of capacity for about a decade now


6d16e0 No.575121


Drought, its not just the commies the entire southwest is being hit.

e03f83 No.575122


>You use them in a traditional kit then, not bore snakes?

They're easier to pull through the bore, so you could use it with a regular cleaning rod, but you have to run oil down the barrel first off so it drags all the crap out properly.

4f3df6 No.575164

File: eca20709f0a5f9d⋯.jpg (54.53 KB, 560x560, 1:1, Interesting kot.jpg)

Why are there no built-in concealed shotguns in the cashier stands in stores? Think about it. Some dindu comes, points a gun at the cashier, and demands money. While the cashier empties out the cash register, he quietly puts his foot in a special hole, and 5 simultaneous point-blank shotgun blasts cleave the dindu in half. Or, if you are allergic to guts everywhere, why not a taser trap?

b9f455 No.575165


1. bystanders

2. not everyone is willing to carry/shoot

3. A lot of managers/owners wouldn't want to entrust a gun to some bored teenager working minimum wage.

b9f455 No.575166


Yeah, looks like Remington's kit has some pull-through steel cables. I'll probably get a set and use them alongside a "regular" cleaning kit, as reviews seem to say Remington's copper brushes are shit.

4f3df6 No.575167


>1. bystanders

Doubt they'd stand right by the robbing dindu

>2. not everyone is willing to carry/shoot

Tell em it's a silent alarm

>3. A lot of managers/owners wouldn't want to entrust a gun to some bored teenager working minimum wage.

True enough. What about really good stores tho, like Jewelry or high-end electronics?

e03f83 No.575169

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>as reviews seem to say Remington's copper brushes are shit

They are.


>What about really good stores tho, like Jewelry or high-end electronics?

Generally in small/luxury stores the owner has a gun stashed away, vid related.

2cfd14 No.575182

File: 586cd903c30b317⋯.jpg (265.33 KB, 1000x751, 1000:751, abstract.jpg)

alright guys, i've got a particular request. i've got an 8tb and 500gb hard drive (plus maybe a few hundred gb spread across a bunch of other drives) that i can use to archive video. assuming nearly all the gun youtube channels haven't exploded yet, i want a list of gun channels or single gun videos for you guys for me to download before they actually do explode. assuming i DL a metric shitton of videos, i haven't thought where i'd upload the videos and i'd prob need recommendations for that too. not sure if this was good enough for a thread so i posted this here.

there was this guy on shit/k/ that was basically doing the same thing about a month ago but i don't think he's updated his progress just yet. here is currently all the names of the channels he currently has archived, under "First archives from 4/k/", and is also where i'll be putting my personal list of archived channels, under "New Archives": https://pastebin.com/Xqsp3hvn

b9f455 No.575184


Paul Harrel's stuff

Chris Bartocci (already dead but his stuff's on Bitchute)


Forgotten Weapons Yeah I know but the videos that are just Ian talking about some old gun are pretty comfy.

b9f455 No.575185


>Doubt they'd stand right by the robbing dindu

What if they're in line next to a dindu that suddenly pulls a gun? It's not the likeliest thing in the world but seeing as your system isn't aimable it's a giant-ass liability lawsuit just waiting to happen.

>Tell em it's a silent alarm

I meant that might work the first time but you'll probably have problems hiring new people after any incident and there's a good chance that the cashier will turn around and sue you for mental distress or something similar.

2cfd14 No.575186


all those channels (except paul harrel) were already archived by the other dude, but should i still have those extra channels for redundancy? i only ask since i feel like i should use the extra drive space for channels that weren't already archived. also, added paul harrel to the downloading list.

b9f455 No.575187


>should i still have those extra channels for redundancy?

Depends on how reliable you think the other guy is. It would also involve visiting halfchan more often (you really should stop doing that, it's bad for your health), so something to consider. As for other channels, I is AKOU on his list?

2cfd14 No.575188


>Depends on how reliable you think the other guy is.

yea, that's bothered me, but I don't think i can even make a complete redundant backup of his stuff unless i buy a few more drives and/or lower the quality of the downloads. I'd definitely be willing to do a redundant backup at full quality, though

>It would also involve visiting halfchan more often (you really should stop doing that, it's bad for your health)


>As for other channels, I is AKOU on his list?

nope. added.

897a3b No.575189


Dont archive videos that are essentially worthless in archived format, instead focus on preserving knowledge/history. C&Rsenal is the channel I'd suggest. I personally wouldn't care as much if channels that are more just reviews of products got deleted, but if legitimately educational channels/videos got removed I'd be extremely sad. Some of the videos Miles did on TFB are worth saving, the interview with the 'Nam vet, and the Video of him and his comrade talking about their firefight experiences are bretty gud and should be archived.

b9f455 No.575191


>>575188 (heiled)

I'm not sure this is really a QTDDTOT, you'd probably get a better variety of responses if you made a thread.

And a question: Does anyone have some cross-section photos of 5.45x39 ammo from Wolf, Silver Bear, and other commercial makers? I'm trying to find out if anyone besides Golden Tiger (which doesn't seem like it will import again anytime soon) replicated the "spoontip" air cavity that 7n6 uses.

6d16e0 No.575192


This guy talks about the 870 and shot sizes


This is the guy that is/was building a gunshop


There was a another channel that dealt solely with munition performance and reloading but he might have been nuked already.

2cfd14 No.575194


added C&Rsenal


>I'm not sure this is really a QTDDTOT, you'd probably get a better variety of responses if you made a thread.

i figured. i was thinking, though, of making it a general /k/ archive thread with some short youtube-dl options that people can use if they want to contribute. should i go for it or should i just make a thread detailing my own progress


added both.

b9f455 No.575197

File: 368b233cc000af1⋯.png (510.94 KB, 596x424, 149:106, Why not both edgy.png)


>should i go for it or should i just make a thread detailing my own progress

6d16e0 No.575198


Trawling through my subscription list and found a few more including the ammo guy which youtube unsubbed me from.




42c07d No.575206


It's a Mauser.

75aa24 No.575208


>I found this weapon today

Opowiedz jak.

t. nie-CIA

8e602f No.575209


Looks like a gun to me. Appears to be made of metal, surrounded by wood.

I would venture, just from the two pictures you posted, that this is the type of gun usually referred to as a "rifle"

b9f455 No.575210


It's a 3rd Reich Mauser. You have any better pictures, that show the muzzle and the rest of the stock?

2cfd14 No.575212


added 314299

b9f455 No.575218


Yeah, it's an m98 Mauser, rather than a k98k.

6d16e0 No.575220

File: e1d9181523a0f36⋯.jpg (76.14 KB, 760x322, 380:161, s42.jpg)


does it have a s/42 on the side?

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