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There's no discharge in the war!

File: aa9e86067a643c2⋯.jpeg (103.13 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 48F18B58-E4AB-478E-A59A-C….jpeg)

41e274  No.546766

Old thread will no longer bump back up to the first page, creating a new one.

Old thread >>530956

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9afbe2  No.670175

There is an outdoor range near me that is absolute shit when it comes to ammo. They don't allow any steel core ammo or even M193. I called and they said it can damage the concrete in the shooting bay, which doesn't make any sense. Are people shooting the damn ground? I asked the range officer there once and he said, "A steel core .308 will go through the berm." It's on a landfill where the mound is basically a 1/4 mile square. What the hell is this shit, /k/?



I came in second in a 3 gun with a (((Tavor))) once. There were only 25 people there. Most of them were boomers who were using Mini-14s and either irons or 14x+ scopes. I managed to get 5th with a PTR with 10 rnd mags about a month later, so they were pretty bad.

b88276  No.670181


Don’t forget to live stream.

6825a9  No.670183

File: 2d1880d00b138b9⋯.jpg (54.66 KB, 531x588, 177:196, (((Karl))).jpg)


Karl did better with a tavor than with his AR-15 in one of the 2-gun matches, but he still hates them. But that's mostly because Karl is an autist and doesn't understand the concept of assault rifles or bullpups.

337d2d  No.670193

File: 8691f465541ccfb⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1920x964, 480:241, ClipboardImage.png)


TYM is a nigger loving Obamabot, you might as well be watching INTERRACIALTV featuring Karl the Cuck and Cuck Jesus denier of white genocide. Watch Paul Harrell, Garand Thumb, SmallArmsSolutions. Nutn is autistic, he's not "warmly accepted" unless that's codeword for a minor lolcow.

337d2d  No.670194

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Another good dude that I forgot to mention is Pat McNamara, but he doesn't do long videos like the other youtubers I mentioned.

eefb79  No.670195

Whatever happened to the NRA lawsuit against the Florida law Hammer endorsed?


>recommending an open gun grabber


337d2d  No.670198

File: 0e81b84a12513e5⋯.gif (558.82 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 0e81b84a12513e5680675a4ccf….gif)



ab9d30  No.670199

How do rifle grenades work? Do they have any propellant or are they using the gun's cartridge charge instead? Do you just shoot through the grenade or do you need to use blanks? If former, how does the bullet not go through, potentially exploding the thing right in front of the shooter's face? What are the factors determining the range of the grenades within the gun? Muzzle pressure? Bullet weight? Does it have to be a rifle cartridge or will an intermediate do as well?

65f824  No.670210

Recently bought my first rifle, and before I go shoot corrosive ammo through it I figured I should double check how to clean it out afterwards. Is there anything special you have to use in order to neutralize/clean bores that've shot corrosive ammo, or will any old gun cleaning fluid and swabbing work?

337d2d  No.670211


Windex works well from what I remember

eefb79  No.670212

File: 452f3565f29182c⋯.jpg (46.27 KB, 749x665, 107:95, 301496d1328293599-rifle-gr….jpg)


99% need special rounds. There were some experiments with ones that didn't, but their failure rate was high enough they never went anywhere.

Note that the rifle grenade cartridge isn't a normal blank. If you want to get an effective range you need a special one made for firing rifle grenades. Normal blanks will work, but the range they produce may not be very safe (and the sights certainly weren't calibrated for it).

a91b57  No.670213


Before you start using your gun cleaning fluid of choice, you need to flush the corrosive salts out. If you have nothing else, either Windex or hot soapy water will work. After you've washed out the barrel (and the gas tube if this is an AK or similar semiauto), do your normal cleaning regimen.

00e532  No.670214


Just your normal thorough clean will work, just go twice as long as you would with anything with clean ammo.

20658e  No.670218


How do they manage to achieve the range greater than grenade launchers? Can self-contained grenade cartridges be designed for this purpose instead of these complications to achieve greater range than the ones using what is basically a more powerful blank cartridge? Everyone is talking about them but from what i get now it seems like a meme way to blow yourself up in an accident for the sake of hauling 2 grenades more.

30fe99  No.670224


Also Hungary. We have uran mines, an experimental reactor, and an actual reactor. Although the uranium ore isn't the best quality, but if we are making nukes then mining a bit more of it shouldn't be a problem.

00e532  No.670225


Underbarrel grenade launchers operate with a High-Low system that is pissant for range. A grenade blank has more power than the aforementioned 40mm.

30fe99  No.670230

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's up there on kikepedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rifle_grenade#Designs

And there is this blogpost that goes through them: http://benandbawbsblog.blogspot.com/2012/01/revisiting-rifle-grenade.html

Currently the French army is the biggest user of rifle grenades, and they don't need special cartridges:



>will an intermediate do as well?

The muzzle device of the FAMAS was designed to launch rifle grenades, and it's a 5.56mm gun. Although the range is smaller than with a 7.62 rifle. Also, do note that the muzzle device of NATO rifles and assault rifles is standardized as 22mm so that they are capable of firing rifle grenades without any modification:



Your knowledge is decades behind, modern rifle grenades use bullet traps so they work perfectly fine with ball ammunition.



Also, bullet-through rifle grenades are literally a ww1 weapon:




30fe99  No.670231

170ae3  No.670267


I just funnel near-boiling water down the bore before doing my regular cleaning regimen.


>There were some experiments

You mean there were multiple successful designs of the bullet trap and shoot-through variety.

5771e6  No.670304

File: 7aa00699f773cf1⋯.png (249.67 KB, 580x522, 10:9, 0d8.png)

Does anyone know what kind of .38 Alfonso Lopez was carrying in U.S. v Lopez? Everywhere I look it is just listed as "a .38 caliber handgun" and I need more specific than that.

55fa0d  No.670308


I always just flush a little bit of water through it, then make sure to swab the bore a lot with Hoppe's 9 and then oil the bore then a final dry patch.

000000  No.670316

Ctrl-f'd "strobe" here and catalog with no hits. Added a Streamlight to my home defense weapon, mostly for the flashlight mode. It has a strobe mode too. When is it tactical to use? I tried it at night and it was disorienting.

eefb79  No.670380


>Whatever happened to the NRA lawsuit against the Florida law Hammer endorsed?

Anyone know?

6fde64  No.670385

File: 5241241b7748277⋯.jpg (71.66 KB, 1024x317, 1024:317, 8f2d9c601354cf2ee799062abb….jpg)

What's a good handgun to go with my M1A?

324c0f  No.670386

File: e3084b7a065a354⋯.png (126.79 KB, 550x550, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Pic related, so you can stop buying springshit.

6fde64  No.670387

9afbe2  No.670388


muh 1911 for muh durr gun

55fa0d  No.670393


My 1911 goes well with my pre-faggotry Springfield I bought years ago. Period correct and a good gun anyway. It goes well with my PTR 91 as well. In any case, I'd say a CZ75 or High Power are also tasteful and effective arms that compliment it.

3fc8e8  No.670404

I noticed .30-30 bullets have a similar diameter to 7.62x25mm rounds, of which very few Hollow Point options exist. Would a soft-point 125gr .30-30 bullet seat in a 7.62 Tok case? Furthermore, would it be accurate out of a .311" bore, as the Tokarev has?

018b05  No.670410

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a side mounted magazine? So far I can see:

>potentially shorter overall length as the magazine can be under the trigger group like the FG42

>reduced silhouette when prone

>downward ejection is a possibility, allowing debris to more easily clear the action due to gravity (helped with the Owen, supposedly.)

>easier to reload prone

<not ambidextrous

<different manual of arms

<awkward to carry (can be sidestepped with a rotating mechanism)

<disrupts balance

What am I missing?

00e532  No.670411


Tokarev's have a .308 bore. Seating heavy as fuck bullets in the x25 case has been done to hell in back, iirc most of the heavy loadings are done in PCC's in particular AR's and a M1 carbine or two.

3fc8e8  No.670412


I thought I read that they had .311 bores, this is great news. Once I get a competent reloading set up I'll have to try this. Thanks!

00e532  No.670413


Its the x39 and x54r that have the .310-12 bore. You might not be able to fit the cartridge into the tokarev magazine though.

018b05  No.670415


There is a discussion going on in the comments here about the British government allegedly supporting the troubles in Ireland as a "Strategy of Tension". Anyone here got any good sources on that?

a91b57  No.670420


Well, one of your negatives, "awkward to carry," is a pretty significant one that I don't think can be dismissed so easily. What do you mean by "rotating mechanism?" Putting the magwell on a hinge with ~90 degrees of travel, so that the magazine rests parallel to the rifle when being carried, and is then flipped perpendicular into the fire position when in use? Not only would the mechanism itself be another potential point of failure, but leaving a gaping hole in the action like that seems like a great way to clog your gun up full of unwanted shit. It's also not the best of ideas to design a gun such that you can't walk around with it ready to fire. If you're out on patrol, and you need to mess with your magazine before your gun is ready to fire, you're going to be in some deep shit.

00e532  No.670423


Sten guns rotate like such for transport.

dfbbe1  No.670428

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


And Király's submachine guns too.

cf27f2  No.670446


Yeah, I stopped watching tym, as he's honestly fucking unbearable.

Not sure why you say nutn is a lolcow, the most trolling he ever makes is on himself.

Maybe you just misunderstand what lolcow means. Lolcows can be milked for lulz, nutn is more like a guy who already milked himself for lulz and is actually dry, and has nothing else to provide, except his 56% looking son with ears sticking out and mild signs of FAS.

43b133  No.670611


The government did not encourage the conflict, but it inadvertently prolonged it, that could be what was meant.

a91b57  No.670638

Asking here as I got no bites in CC thread:

Anyone have experience with Aliengear's Shapeshift holster system? I'm attracted to the idea of a modular Kydex shell that you can convert to IWB, OWB, paddle, shoulder, etc., but how's the quality of the holster itself? Useful, or just a gimmick?

ba5773  No.670649


Been using one for a short time now. The only complains I have is that you may need to tighten the screws on any given bit (the paddle or the holster retention). Otherwise, it holds, it hasn't broken, it fits, and the canting system works fine. They sent me the wrong allen wrench for one of their products and their customer service basically jumped on my dick instantly and was looking into sending me the right one for free.

Have an ex-mil friend who works private security and swears by them for his IWB carry, though.

tl;dr haven't had mine for long enough to judge, got it on solid recommendation, their customer service is bomb.

4f70b4  No.670680

Anyone got a copy of "Homemade C4 a Closer Look" from Paladin Press? All I can find is a shitty copy on jewtube that's missing most of the audio.

48c095  No.670706

380ACP vs 38 Special. Pros and cons?

170ae3  No.670707


.380 ACP has the potential for higher capacity in an autoloader. .38 special generally has the ballistic advantage but then six shooters. So decide if you prefer ballistics or round count.

284874  No.670721

File: 75d98225f550e72⋯.jpg (66.35 KB, 592x588, 148:147, weapon to surpass metal ge….jpg)

What kind of gun is this meant to represent?

94f68e  No.670730




Is this a /k/ flavored Rorschach test?

41a2d4  No.670738


1/3rd M60, 1/3rd DPM, 1/3rd stevens .410 bolt action shotgun.

337d2d  No.670748


Hence why I said minor lolcow not an actual lolcow. Maybe a better term would've been pseudo-lolcow

09e78b  No.670755

File: e96c4ad3ac670f3⋯.png (14.98 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


fb2df7  No.670757


Where is this from? So I can know to never buy their products, ever.

eefb79  No.670762


Ubisoft would be a safe bet.

c47c5b  No.670763


any liberal arts major, ever?


passed this on to a coworker, who is a nofuns, even. She laughed, said "atta girl!"

(insert I need dis raccoon image here, saved!)

337d2d  No.670764

File: 8a0eab495ee2b3b⋯.png (236.81 KB, 620x640, 31:32, 257f7561927029042c86a145b6….png)

With beniszuela collapsing, how hard would it be to get some strelo/k/s on a boat and take over one of their islands?

c47c5b  No.670765


they're still in the middle of a warzone right now, and when they're not, everyone will be angry and over-hyped about all they've lost, even if most of that was time, food, and time when they had food.

So I personally figure it will be a very short lived occupation followed by large boatloads of angry locals. But I'll wait for others to chime in from their armchair.

ba5773  No.670768


Whether or not they've got it maintained and their people are trained, their Navy was reasonably well-equipped. Dat oil money. If you weren't careful, you'd get blown out of the water, and by blown out, I mean they'd just need to ram you.

319607  No.670800

Is anyone making new cetme mags?

c47c5b  No.670819

File: c4106fdd89ae104⋯.png (10.62 KB, 293x180, 293:180, Draft4179.png)


According to wikipedia, the CETME adheres to STANAG, draft 4179, thus accepts the same mags that the M16, et al, rely on.

Maybe just a new follower for your PMAG? You should at least see if it snaps into place / drops free.

ddea86  No.670872


If you want durable, please don't ever use bates.. I've seen so many guys have the soles crack in half

337d2d  No.670876


>Do these look like they would hold up well?


>I am going to be walking mostly on smooth pavement

If you're not going to push them hard then that should be fine. They are not very comfortable. Get some of the civie Danners instead, Danners make very nice and very quality boots.

324c0f  No.670878


Think he might mean cetme C

77cefd  No.671055

File: 6e05efa3a07b3dc⋯.jpeg (64.85 KB, 480x667, 480:667, tactical.jpeg)

Requesting a recommendation for a nogunz

I live in an apartment and don't want to shoot my neighbors through the walls if there's a home invader. I haven't used guns very much but I'm pretty good at aiming quickly as long as the gun isn't heavy, although I can't handle recoil very well at all. Assume that I can buy anything short of full auto (in terms of legality). Also once I get familiar with it I'm just going to put it in a sock drawer until I need it, so it should be able to last a really long time without maintenance.

77cefd  No.671056


On second thought the penetration thing is probably unnecessary, the walls are made of bricks.

fb2df7  No.671058


>the walls are made of bricks

The only thing bricks stop are hollowpoints and buckshot.

Anyway, just get a shotgun and train with it. Grab a mossberg 590

41a2d4  No.671061


Go find a place to shoot and rent/borrow your buddy's guns and shoot the hell out of them, then when you are actually proficient get a 20ga pump or a 9mm carbine. Handguns for home defense is such a goddamn boomer meme.

77cefd  No.671062



Ok thanks, what makes pump action preferable to semi automatic? Are they more reliable?

c182d0  No.671074


A pump in the hands of someone experienced bar any flaw of the gun itself will work 100% of the time with whatever load you cram in it. Semi-auto shotgats tend to be really finicky with the food you feed them. If you're gonna get a pump gun learn it well enough where you aren't short stroking it.

ba5773  No.671087


Consult Lord Harrell on the merits of the 20ga shotgun. He has a multitude of shotgun videos.

c2f2c2  No.671093

File: 249d5001f66ec8b⋯.webm (1.12 MB, 700x360, 35:18, BoomerMosin.webm)


I would also like to see this

41a2d4  No.671140


There are trade-offs to both. Semi-auto has better recoil management and there isn't the possibility of a short stroke with an inexperience shooter like with a pump, but on the flip side many designs are especially vulnerable to failing to eject/failing to feed when not held properly tight, similar to the issue of limp wristing a semi-automatic handgun. Less expensive semi-auto's, especially in 20ga require differing amounts of shots to break in to 100% reliability, which you may or may not want to mess with.

Pump actions have no method other than weight and buttpads to mitigate recoil, but they also don't care about the charge of the load. You can run everything from 000 magnum to #1 low recoil and it won't cause the gun to fail. On the flip side that feeding and ejection is dependent on you. If you fail to pump it far enough back to eject the empty and load the new (short-stroking), then you'll have an issue. Pumps also tend to be much cheaper than semi-auto's for the same quality. You can get exceptionally nice pumps for the $450-$650 range, whereas that's just barely into semi-auto territory.

a1e096  No.671141

File: cf266ea5328f323⋯.jpg (33.27 KB, 412x600, 103:150, 1437508474995.jpg)

Give me a list of gun laws for each state.

eefb79  No.671222


>low barrier penetration

>low recoil

>no legal issues

5.56 AR. Repeatedly tested by multiple agencies (military, FBI, larger police agencies, loads of independent tests) to show terrible barrier penetration, especially with defensive ammo. Has the least recoil of anything I'd trust to stop a man efficiently.

6bc782  No.671241

Why is it for double barreled shotguns there's no real famous/namable ones like regular shotguns are?

e260f7  No.671249


There were quite a few of them in Britain during the 19th century, because they were the ones doing most of the development. But then double-barreled shotguns became such a commodity that there is no one associated with them. That is, every manufacturer of hunting weapons can offer a plethora of different models, and even the cheapest ones work like a charm. A 12 gauge commblock rifle is just as good for the average hunter as a 12 gauge Holland & Holland covered with hand carvings and gold inlays.

99393b  No.671299

Say i was playing Minecraft with my ptr91 and i wanted to put https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/HK-G3-HK-91-3-Position-Navy-Trigger-Group-Complete-106p209.htm on it. What changes would I need to make on my crafting table? Would it be easier with a different hk91? in minecraft of course.

324c0f  No.671300


Because they're all the exact same

337d2d  No.671394


AR-15 with HPs. Maybe an AR pistol.

eefb79  No.671399

File: 146c3362a3ff519⋯.jpg (446.78 KB, 800x800, 1:1, aiseriouslyhopeyoudontdoth….jpg)


>Browning Superposed isn't nameable

826e16  No.671408


just fucking google it you low-effort faggot, i know of two websites that have all that info compiled but im not spoonfeeding your lazy ass.

anyone know of a reliable source for bulk medical supplies? i dont trust alibaba because >putting your life in the hands of the chinks, but if someone has more experience with it im open to suggestions. although ive considered ordering gauze/alcohol pads from them, how could you fuck up those? ive heard that the theres some thai sites that sell safe antibiotics too.

eefb79  No.671424

Has anyone tested a modern helmet against melee weapons (sword, mace)?

c2f2c2  No.671434

File: b41f6b5d411fb48⋯.png (430.58 KB, 642x359, 642:359, Capture.PNG)

how much of a difference does a suppressor make with super-sonic buck/birdshot from a hunting shotgun?

also is a crossbow a good thing to have for SHTF? I dont know if they last a while or need repairs frequently.

c2f2c2  No.671439


also has /k/ ever made an info image for gardening now as well as during SHTF?

0ca279  No.671446


> I dont know if they last a while or need repairs

Both versions exist, although I couldn't tell you which is which per se. Consider getting a stick bow; recurve or english longbow; neither need repair until the string breaks. They're not compact nor "high powered" but it's literally just one spring, launching a tiny stick.

570cc1  No.671472

File: e1684f1b2a16d49⋯.jpg (149.81 KB, 720x1011, 240:337, pol crosspost 1.jpg)

File: 403d064ceaf1523⋯.jpg (145.76 KB, 719x1016, 719:1016, pol crosspost 2.jpg)

File: 20b018a76a38037⋯.jpg (102.04 KB, 719x477, 719:477, pol crosspost 3.jpg)

File: 6a74cc427c3fc65⋯.jpg (169.11 KB, 720x1061, 720:1061, pol crosspost 4.jpg)

This is a crosspost of mine from /pol/ but I just I think this is sort of worth talking about. I've encountered these types of European normalfags before, the ones who think religion is bad but en masse Third World immigration is good and "racism" is bad. They claim to strive for advancement in technology.

They're usually worshippers of liberal secularism and "social democracy" but I have never expected any of them to become "woke af" once they realize Israel lobby proxy governments in the US, UK, and other Western countries are ruining the world. In this, it's all because of the Anglos and the Anglo Americans in the US/UK government, but never the Israel lobby.

They're rather ignorant over the American situation, as well. Whether it would be the reason why people voted for Trump only to betray his own voters or the complete lack of knowledge on the Israel lobby and what it has done to the US through the years. Worse yet, is that they still think Americans have any actual power on whoever they would vote for. They would never truly seem to understand what it's really like to live in a multicultural society like the modern US. German normalfags tend to sound like this, at times.

Even Brits and other European normalfags sound different from this. Honestly, I've met Iranians and Russians before, and oddly enough they're more welcoming and friendly than they are. I'm not demonizing Europeans here, these are just my own experiences. A lot of Americans fed up by anti-White racism and misandry from their own countries tend to live in Russia for the women alone.

I don't even know if Germans actually like Southern American culture and the culture of its neighbouring states because I find it weird how he specifically wants most Southern states to be spared from the destruction, among others. Usually, I don't mind these types of Europeans at all, because they are all particularly irrelevant in the political scene as leftism has a much stronger sense presence than this form of European liberalism which has the "more enlightened than thou" kind of attitude.

Even among commie circles, these Europeans exist. They usually want people to start "peaceful revolutions" instead of violent ones. They are often ridiculed as "liberal pacifists".

Any answers on this matter, /k/? I would be very grateful if European anons ITT explain this to me in full because I'm confused why this could happen. Just check out "Fungus Speaks"' comments on RT, it could give you a lot more insight on this.

fb2df7  No.671479


Mate, you are trying to analyze why retards have retarded unpatriotic ideologies. It all boils down to "ooga booga me want money and car and lots of dopamine, ooga booga a singer I like says racism is bad ok. praise gommunism. ooga booga borders are stoopid, they are invisible lines haha. Also god is stupid and fake and I am smart".

That's it. That right there is the peak of left-wing brain thought process. In their entire existence since the dawn of time their brains have never managed to process something better. Why? Because they're retarded. As simple as that. No point in analyzing anything. They are retarded people who only seek quick dopamine release and a sense of self-validation and "equality".

To look further than simple selfish lust, to want to create a great nation that has conquered all opposition, to want your people to look like you and to live healthy is something only a few strive for. We can tame the masses to follow us of course. The masses are by default dumb monkeys, just like the leftist parasite in your images.

cb6cfc  No.671481


Just to add a single point: these retards might have high IQ, and they can be even capable people. Nonetheless, they are still spineless idiots who can't think for themselves, and paradoxically that's why they can only think about themselves.

e9ddac  No.671492


A good chunk of europoors are beyond ignorant of anything that goes on within America. The retard in the screencaps is a prime example, if you told him the aftermath of deporting/removing all the minorities in America would make Switzerland look like a violent shithole in comparison he'd probably stick his head in the sand because statistics are unthinkable if they're going against what has been crammed into his head.

Honestly it isn't worth your time giving any attention to such retards and if you do, its best spent putting their head in a toilet bowl then waiting til the flailing stops.

b27f65  No.671494


"Only death can cure stupidity".

- Japanese proverb.

1a89d7  No.671496


I'm yet to meet a leftist who is either not a double digit IQ retard or one that read atleast one book about politics besides the works of Rousseau, Marx or Lenin.

2c454e  No.671499


>works of Rousseau, Marx or Lenin

Based, Ogre! You are the first person I've seen to ever identify Rousseau's rightful place next to Marx as the brain cancer that's killing the West.

e9ddac  No.671500


Most of them don't even understand what they're saying let alone being able to comprehend why it doesn't work.

af11fd  No.671506


Excellent insight, my northern friend. Here's a bit information about this retard if you don't know by now. He dislikes "mainstream America" but actually likes "non-Mainstream America". "Mainstream America" is the one that is built on bigtech companies, skycrapers, GMO-ridden "food", and "neoliberal capitalism", by which be stated. Which is odd, because he likes California of all things. Maybe only the rural parts of California? I'm not so sure.

What he means by "non-mainstream America" by which he instead likes, are the distinct cultures that you can find in Dixieland and other states nearby. The ones that are not romanticized by Hollykike. He's even stated that the reason why poor Southern "hillbilly counties" exist isn't because of "stupid racist rednecks", but because, in his own words, "the people there have been chased down to poverty by Congress". It amazes me a European normalfag has stated this. As I've said before, are there really Europeans out there like this guy that are actually interested in Dixie and Texan culture?

So, it seems like he doesn't see America as a nation, or a collective of people. He sees the word as describing an "un-culture" that has forced into the world via kike-led globalization and an "offshoot to Anglo imperialism". If that's the case, then why is he defending homosexuality, Freemasonry, Satanism, and embracing Atheism? He can't possibly be stupid enough to think the EU invented all of this. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, despite RT's anti-EU stance, this guy is pro-EU as all balls. And I mean pro-Article 13 and whatnot. He's anti-Bolshevik, though.

Also, if he thinks hating on Jews, Satanism, and homosexuality is an "American mentality", could this logically also mean that Arabs in the Middle East and even conservative Orthodox anti-Zionist (not anti-kike in a general term) Muslims who are in the West also have an "American mentality"? Of course not. This statement is what made me facepalm the most, to be honest.

P.S. Sorry for the IP switch if it happens. I hope you'll understand.

2b5dce  No.671510




Indeed. They just recite whatever bullshit mass media/social media wants them to believe. Not that the same doesn't apply to conservatives in most cases. The most laughable about them is that they seem to believe that they could defeat liberals in a democratic (and therefore in an inherently liberal) way, but they just keep giving up ground to the left during the governance of the state, unavoidably becoming leftists themselfs in the process. I have the suspicion that todays conservatives are leftists in disguise.

2c454e  No.671535

File: 410787c169ad11f⋯.png (112.37 KB, 220x326, 110:163, Shrek_(character).png)


potential etymology is from "Ούγγρος"

2c454e  No.671536


>Also, if he thinks hating on Jews, Satanism, and homosexuality is an "American mentality", could this logically also mean that Arabs in the Middle East and even conservative Orthodox anti-Zionist (not anti-kike in a general term) Muslims who are in the West also have an "American mentality"?

Can't be emphasized enough.

09e78b  No.671588

File: ccca0d0de603991⋯.png (148.21 KB, 1762x537, 1762:537, ClipboardImage.png)

Does anybody here have experience with tactical training with private companies?

eefb79  No.671590

Could an 9MM AR that takes Scorpion Evo mags be possible? Would it need a proprietary lower?

43b133  No.671603


If you use a standard M4/AR15 type lower, you can just get a sleeve/insert to use different mags. idk if one exists for that type of mag, but you could 3D print or find a way to make one out of wood/metal/plastic

43b133  No.671604


You should be more specific, are you asking about available training, or if anybody has taken it (are you trying to glow?)?

c47c5b  No.671606

File: 0e877d1bac302c4⋯.jpg (39.54 KB, 920x690, 4:3, TFB_2018-3-14.jpg)


I mean, its been done.

e9ddac  No.671621

File: 93c724be5c30974⋯.jpg (80.65 KB, 589x640, 589:640, 1364195085911.jpg)


Its standard stuff according to a friend of mine, as in you can learn it on your own if you've got the space and time. Though if you're looking to be a step above a rent-a-cop training for your resume ensure the shit you're doing is actually relevant.


Europoors genuinely interested in various subsets of American culture? Yes. People like the twat your talking about, no. I find it hilarious that they don't understand that America is like Germans, that they have their own little cultures and various dialects depending on the region, i.e Bavarians, German Switzers, Swabians, etc etc.


Mismanagement only leads to one place. We've seen it many times before in history and sure as hell will probably see it in short time soon.

41a2d4  No.671661

File: 660348de5808597⋯.png (512.87 KB, 489x439, 489:439, 1470222122613.png)


If you want an AR PCC, get a regular AR PCC that takes $10 glock mags.

570cc1  No.671684


Here's another question. Why do certain German and other European liberals/leftists have this kind of mentality? Can a German here actually explain this? I've encountered some of them before, too. Most of them live in major cities.

eefb79  No.671687


I know and actually have one. I'm just curious as to if it's possible make one. For one, they're actual subgun mags (double stack, double feed) and, unlike Colt/Uzi, can curve.



eefb79  No.671689


What's the origin of this image anyways?

56b216  No.671701

Have anyone attempted to smuggle the guns to Australia from Papua New Guinea?

0f33c6  No.671776

File: e12c5469e03dc81⋯.gif (243.88 KB, 560x315, 16:9, christening.gif)

Anyone got information about those new production Mateba Unica 6s that were supposed to be out by now?

I checked the official site, and it seems they hired someone retarded to redesign it.

dfb953  No.671786

File: d4d68a0992b051a⋯.png (1.92 MB, 3872x2232, 484:279, farming for retards.png)

File: df9a6251727625a⋯.jpg (564.92 KB, 1080x3225, 72:215, regrow plants.jpg)


Found these here, haven't tried them yet

43b133  No.671789


Last I heard they were 1 for 1 repros, but basically not available in the US, as nobody had actually filed paperwork to import.

Their web page IIRC this is is, is also fucked up


43b133  No.671791

File: c703cdd9acb5320⋯.jpg (155.9 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, mateba unica 6.jpg)

File: a4bfdb89fcca971⋯.jpeg (180.92 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, unica 6.jpeg)



Looks like their website just changed, here is their current price list, but the picture on the right is their current model in black

4b7f37  No.671818

Would it be sufficient to shoot a screw of type DIN 933 / ISO 4017 M4 35mm (3.57g) with 183.284m/s (59.9634J)? The screw is 4mm in diameter and 35mm in length. Another question: Are nails better projectiles than screws?

af73ad  No.671826

File: f935a85bef5a423⋯.jpg (107.52 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: d2dafa2becac0c4⋯.jpg (84.66 KB, 800x600, 4:3, carabine-issc-par-222-crus….jpg)


Does anyone here have any experience with the Troy PAR 308 and ISSC PAR 222?

They are the only 2 AR15-like pump action rifle that I know of and I want one of them because it's tricky to have a real AR15 in my country.

Any recommendation?

e9ddac  No.671827


It'll be like a flechette.

>Are nails better projectiles than screws?

Which looks more aerodynamic.

4b7f37  No.671834


>Which looks more aerodynamic.

I think the nail, but screws should rotate in flight, which should increase precision? Or is the nail's head enough to stabilise it? Should I hammer the head from the side, so that it becomes more like a fin? that would increase its aerodynamics.

e9ddac  No.671842


First off, how are you projecting your projectile. With standard projectiles out of a gun, the projectile engaging the rifling imparts spin upon said projectile. Given you're talking about a screw/nail I'm assuming you're shooting this thing out a barrel, you probably want to look into sabots.

c47c5b  No.671844


that would only make sense if the thread's rate matched the twist rate of the barrel, or if shot from a smoothbore, of your intended / ideal twist rate. Which btw, is way, WAY slower than a woodscrew or sheet-metal screw.

Or there's the sabot angle.


Myself I've been toying with the ballistic implications of tool-steel rods cut into full wadcutters, and loaded into intermediate cartridges, or a wildcat like the .357 auto mentioned above a ways.

e9ddac  No.671876


Been playing with the idea of putting a hardened bit in the core of a 5.56. Wonder what something like that will do at a speed of 3200fps will do to a target.

55fa0d  No.671913



Be mindful of the steel being used. The wrong softer irons will mush, yet the harder steel alloys might just fragment if too much force/velocity is applied. There is a certain art to the steel core projectile.

e5554e  No.671942

File: 7eebf5426a9b7d9⋯.jpg (31.09 KB, 452x427, 452:427, Colt_Navy_cylinder.JPG)

Is it possible make a "cap-and-ball" revolver that instead of caps uses pyroelectric ignition? The igniter would replace the hammer, and the nipples would be replaced by what are essentially electric primers. The problem I can see is that the igniter might not generate a big enough charge to set off the powder.

4b7f37  No.671944

File: 821e6328bda0713⋯.png (7.68 KB, 456x236, 114:59, ClipboardImage.png)


>First off, how are you projecting your projectile.

I was thinking of having the construction as in pic related. It's not yet refined, I still need to figure out how to hold the projectile in place before shooting.

Of course, as it is, the nail would face a little downward, as the nail's head is bigger. Is this a problem, or will it stabilise from the air resistance of the nail's head?

If I flatten the nail's head, it would obviously be straighter in the barrel, but it could make the the nail asymmetric if I am not careful.


I don't think that a sabot is applicable to a nail or screw.

If the current construction plan is no good, I was thinking of shooting the nail like an airgun does, but that would also be complicated, as nails are probably not constructed with sufficient precision to guarantee no air gaps.

bdc5ff  No.671946


Can a kraut like yourself actually explain this to me? Since the RT commentator is a kraut himself: >>671472 Like I said before, I have sort of met European types like these. But as strange and out of place in politics as this kraut poster. It sounds and feels like a German National Socialist trying to come out so bad (since said kraut poster hated the Bolsheviks, "Society imperialism", and the "Anglo-American empire") but instead of becoming redpilled, the kraut poster is being held back by some pro-fag, pro-Atheist, pro-open borders, pro-"science", pro-"advancement", pro-"Enlightenment" understanding of the world. Which is what I call "European social liberalism".

bdc5ff  No.671947


*"Soviet imperialism"

4b7f37  No.671948


Yeah, that's typical German propaganda. Germans in general know they are a puppet to the USA, and hate the USA for that, but on the other hand, they are so guilt-ridden about the 666 gorillion that they cannot bring themselves to consider the role of the jews in this or consider that race maybe does affect how humans behave / their intelligence. The indoctrination is almost perfect. You think you are woke (USA world government), but cannot ask yourself certain questions. In Germany, there are still people who claim that there are confirmed lampshades and chairs made from jews. When you ask them whether they can trust the "survivor jews" that told them this crap, they get angry (I am the bad guy for doubting the poor traumatised jew). And people on one hand know they are getting swindled by the government, but on the other hand, they trust the stream media (AfD = Nazi, Nazi = bad). This non-stop anti-patriotism/nationalism propaganda even held me back for years from going full 1488, until I found out that the holocaust is a fucking lie on /pol/.

4b7f37  No.671949


>stream media

mainstream media, obviously.

4b7f37  No.671950


The German green party even uses the "FCK NZS" badge on their campaign posters. We have reached levels of globohomo infestation that are hard to imagine. Even boomers will tell you that in a few generations, Germany will be brown, and they don't even feel anything when saying that. And when you get triggered by this, they ask you whether you are a nazi. If you say yes, then your opinion will immediately discarded (because here, we don't talk to nazis. An AfD politician was beaten to near-death with a wooden plank from behind, and other parties' politicians even praised the act).

bdc5ff  No.671968

File: 1e18e1b20e051db⋯.mp4 (1.05 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, DOITSU NO KAGAKU WA SEKAI ….mp4)



Still though, it amazes how the RT kraut poster despises the Bolsheviks and somewhat understands that the Allied Powers have destroyed the Third Reich and murdered many innocent German civilians and is even patriotic about German technological advancements. In the end, he sees the USA as a proxy and an offshoot of "Anglo imperialism", which is technically Jewish as all hell ever since the British Empire. He sees the US government as being dominated by Yankees (meaning Anglo-Americans in his own terms).

He even blames the creation of Israel on Anglos and Anglo-Americans in the US government, which kind of sounds better than the typical far leftist narrative that "Hitler helped the Zionists to create Israel". Even though Lehi considered the German National Socialists of old as "Jew haters". (((They))) only wanted Palestine for themselves, and no one else's. Including the Eternal Anglos that once occupied Palestine. But just like you said, the RT kraut poster is being held back by social liberal and muh Holocaust guilt trip narratives.

bdc5ff  No.671970


>*amazes me

Sorry about the missing grammar. Also, it's very interesting to see how this RT kraut poster actually liking Dixie and Texan culture. As the former is usually demonized as some backwater swamphole full of "stupid racist inbreds". Then again though, if he hates "mainstream America" but loves "non-mainstream America", then why does he like California? It doesn't exactly make sense to me.

4b7f37  No.671974


People don't take much time for introspection (me included, I guess). Here, we need best sellers that tell you how to find yourself, because it is no longer known to the general populace how to be happy/proud (I do not know whether the concept of "finding yourself" is even valid). And all those books do is give bullshit advice on how to reassure your slave morality and still feel somewhat good about yourself.



324c0f  No.672006


>far leftist narrative that "Hitler helped the Zionists to create Israel"

Literally never heard this before.

4b7f37  No.672041


Visit /pol/ and you'll see it from time to time in shillposts

0ca279  No.672044


I can't personally ever imagine a literal nail being a good projectile. It will be difficult to stabilize during acceleration (not just sitting waiting to be fired, but when it is fired it will immediately go catywumpus) and have aerodynamics expressly designed to throw the projectile somewhere, anywhere, but where it was pointing a second ago.

Cut the head off, and make a tiny spear-thrower. That should work, albeit not well.

4b7f37  No.672056


hmm, I take it nail guns are not accurate either then?

e9ddac  No.672087


You need something that'll catch with the spark, iirc BP and smokeless will not ignite from a spark so you'll need some sort of nitrocellulose paper.

af73ad  No.672124

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Check the comments too

ffba67  No.672128



this is the best I've seen on electrically igniting gunpowder. Another thing to look at is priming with super-heated air. It just replaces the firing pin with a small cylinder and plunger.


c6afa6  No.672184


So they think it's a fake? I can't really assess its veracity.

I looked at nails and screws online, and I could not find any information on the diameter of the head, only of the shaft is measured. On top of that, the heads seem to be produced with insufficient precision: They have bumps and dents, and I fear that this makes them unusable for air propelling using air pressure. Also, it is hard to find out what nails I need for a given pipe diameter (the smallest I could find had an inner diameter of 5mm).

Can anyone tell me whether screws/nails are still usable for air pressure launching? Are there industrial norms where I can look up the dimensions of the nail heads? I couldn't find any (except one for the US, but I think that it wouldn't apply to German nails/screws). Also, is there a difference in the precision of nail heads and screw heads?

If screws/nails are no good for air-based propelling, then I guess I'll have to create a system similar to a crossbow. I'd have it as follows: To the left and right of the groove, I'll have a 20J spring each. Those are connected by a steel rod/plate, which acts as the bow string. It has to be pretty strong, as it has to withstand a pull of around 160kg concentrated on a small area. The same goes for the trigger. Wood will probably not suffice.

a71f1d  No.672232

File: aed246b9427b389⋯.jpg (51.38 KB, 535x903, 535:903, DreyseNeedle.jpg)

File: 64f93b36f09eacc⋯.jpg (50.63 KB, 842x497, 842:497, tanegashima - hayago.jpg)


>nitrocellulose paper

In that case, could you make a Dreyse-like cartridge? That is, put the projectile in a sabot and glue a cylinder of nitrocellulose paper filled with gunpowder to its back. For rifles you could go full weeb and make some kind of a modern hayago. Although I'm mostly thinking about an idiot-proof cap-and-ball revolver to circumvent some laws and give people a means to defend themselves introduce people to the joys of blackpowder without some of the safety issues.


Sounds like going full electric without a battery or nitrocellulose paper is too much of a hassle then.

000000  No.672340

I picked up this camo jacket in a thrift store because it looked neat but now I'm wondering if it's an actual military jacket. From my own research the pattern looks similar to ERDL, but some shapes look a bit different from examples I've seen.




>the colors are a bit faded but there's a zipper in the collar hiding the hood, which has the original colors





>label mentions "nato size" and "winfield mfg. co."


>the liner isn't fully connected


>left shoulder has black bar on epaulet (I think for a warrant officer) and trident patch similar to 97th infantry (although not blue)


>right shoulder also has same epaulet


I'm obviously not "woodward" or affiliated with US army. Is it illegal to wear this in public? Is it legal but impolite (at least more so than wearing any camo)? Should I remove the insignia before wearing? They seem sown pretty solid, dunno if it would be easy to remove without damage.

Also sorry if it's a stupid question or a very well known uniform - I"m not really a milsurp guy and don't know much about this stuff. And sorry about the catbox links, I don't trust the admins of this site with my ip and they block image uploads for tor.

337d2d  No.672359

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Is it illegal to wear this in public?

Lol no

>Is it legal but impolite (at least more so than wearing any camo)?

Sort of but if you look young chances are people will know that you just bought it at a thrift store, but just to make sure remove the name tapes, rank, and patches so you don't get bothered by some boomer vet crying about "stolen valor" or some dumb shit like that.

>Should I remove the insignia before wearing?

Probably, you didn't earn them. However even if you don't it's not illegal. What is illegal is trying to comp some free shit or discounts by saying you're a vet.

It's just a regular GI issued field jacket, also you're small as fuck if you're using small regular. That rank is 1st LT I think, the reason it's not shiny is to prevent some sniper from popping the brass's head off.

c2f2c2  No.672402

File: be079c97955fd90⋯.jpg (13.59 KB, 500x144, 125:36, fusil_SG_542.jpg)

File: 329332b6a1fb419⋯.jpg (31.78 KB, 650x238, 325:119, policedays5.jpg)

has anybody here ever gotten the chance to shoot a sig 500 or 700 series rifle chambered in 7.62x51? how was it?

75254f  No.672429

File: c6631d9f19ebd20⋯.jpg (89.22 KB, 819x960, 273:320, wehrmacht animu.jpg)

What's the name of that experimental German grenade from ww2 that was basically just a block of explosives with a fuse?

3e7508  No.672438


The Nipolit grenades? Please don't tell me you want to make Nipolit rifle grenades. Austro-Hungarian autism is too much for this world.

75254f  No.672443

File: 05c9222b859d148⋯.jpg (5.4 KB, 239x211, 239:211, NIPOLIT_handgranate.jpg)


It's too late!

<combined hand and rifle grenade

>the body is a rod of nipolit

>head fuse for the hand grenade function is screwed into the top

>a tail section for the rifle grenade function with fuse and bullet trap is screded into the bottom

For extra fun the nipolit shouldn't have anything else cast into it. Instead spray a mixture of glue and nanothermite to the body, and maybe glue a cardboard tube to the outside to act as a cover. Although nanothermite seems to be kind of a sci-fi material for now.

75254f  No.672444


Although, truth to be told, I really don't know if there is even a thermobaric weapon that doesn't need a secondary explosion to ignite the scattered fuel. That's why I'm looking at nanothermite, as it might work.

e9ddac  No.672447


Range toy, they really don't like dust.

44e163  No.672467

File: 2d96edbb7f59c7e⋯.png (5.16 KB, 250x92, 125:46, index.png)

just how pozzed is the us army and ROTC?

5a125f  No.672469

File: 262630ea319205a⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 4571x3411, 4571:3411, women2.jpg)

acdf50  No.672472


Every branch of the military is a pozzfest now.

Easy pickings and looting when collapse happens.

75254f  No.672475



After some searching I've found what I'm looking for: metal augmented charge. It's a single-stage totally not thermobaric because that's evil warhead used in the hellfire missile. It's basically just layers of aluminium powder and explosives, and it doesn't need a secondary explosion. Now I just need the money to finance the R&D for metal augmented nipolit.

c2f2c2  No.672476


really now? I would've assumed they could handle some abuse because of it's internals.

8d4566  No.672478


ROTC was a great way of getting out of gym class in high school. If you get a good officer running the thing the shitkids that refuse to follow instructions and ruin it for everyone get thrown out within the first nine weeks. Then it's just chilling in the classroom, doing PT and wearing an uncomfortable uniform once a week.

a866a9  No.672481



Wouldn't the spicnigs sell everything in exchange for crack cocaine before someone gets to liberate the equipment?

0c0f90  No.672590

File: 39c3af309089fd3⋯.png (15.07 KB, 640x200, 16:5, ClipboardImage.png)

What do you guys think of the design?

The barrel is inside the pipe containing the spring that pushes the air. Both ends of the air chamber are sealed (brown). The air is pushed by a metal ring (green) that tightly fits around the barrel and reaches the air chamber's walls. The projectile is stopped by a nail or something blocking the entrance of the barrel.

Things I am considering right now are that the air push must stop just before the projectile leaves the barrel, as otherwise, the air pushing from behind will rotate the projectile if it does not leave the barrel 100% straight (which it never does). This means that the volume of the barrel and the air chamber need to be about equal. Also, the part of the air chamber that contains the spring needs to have some holes, so that air can enter from behind and no vacuum is created. I could do the same to the far end of the barrel, to reduce the pressure just before the projectile leaves the barrel, so that it is not thrown off course so much.

Since I saved space by having the spring go backwards, the recoil is to the front.

0c0f90  No.672592


Of course, the trigger and loading mechanism are not included, as they would make the diagram too complicated.

e9ddac  No.672593


Yeah, half an hour on a dirt road and that fucker didn't feel like working right. Accurate as all fuck though.

a4db1e  No.672627

Let's say that a friend of yours is approached by Chinese intelligence requesting minor local military defense secrets (confidential-ranking) in exchange for a rather hefty reward, how bad would it be for his country to accept? Is there a chance that this info will end up in roaches' claws for an even heftier amount of shekels or would it only jeopardize local ZOG's anti-chink planning?

064206  No.672641


How would this friend know that those approaching him were Chinese intelligence?

a4db1e  No.672647


Because they did not seem to understand moe-moe kawaii speech.

55fa0d  No.672734


Traitors are hanged, always have, always will. And this is always the correct approach. Betraying your honor and rank is a dishonorable act and worthy of cutting your guts open or hanging yourself from a tree. If you don't have the bravery to kill yourself in shame, whomever you betrayed should treat you worse.

If you don't like the system, honorably quit and leave. If you betray the trust you have been given, fuck you.

a4db1e  No.672735

File: def9826c10bd846⋯.jpg (37.24 KB, 326x244, 163:122, zogbots.jpg)


Fair enough but under that reasoning:

>implying not our entire military are traitors to their people simply by bending the knee to (((NATO))) in an alliance with the roaches

>implying that does not apply to every White country's military

f5b71e  No.672738

File: 029398d1d47350c⋯.png (25.45 KB, 1280x1138, 640:569, Strafbataillons.png)

File: 54c88e048bef795⋯.jpg (106.22 KB, 1112x634, 556:317, Dirlewanger.jpg)

How effective are penal battalions? Do they make good cannon fodder? Are they effective in combat?

f79dbf  No.672739

File: be1475df388b185⋯.jpg (87.17 KB, 1350x850, 27:17, Jeep Wrangler.jpg)

Thoughts and opinions of the Ruger TM Wrangler TM?

206bd1  No.672742

File: 665a5bd8c7fee38⋯.jpg (107.76 KB, 800x576, 25:18, Bundesarchiv_Bild_146-1971….jpg)


You should narrow the subject a little bit, and maybe give us a theoretical situation. But generally speaking, in this day and age cannon fodder of any kind is not that good. Even if you don't value their lives at all, their equipment will be expensive if you give them anything more than a rifle and a uniform. But infantry without even radios is in a terrible disadvantage. And you also can't trust them to call in artillery and air strikes, and giving them armoured support is also a waste. At that point they are only marginally effective in a city or a forest, but those are also the perfect places to slip away. It's not that you should have a force of l33t oper8ers to tacticoolly operate against numerically superior forces, but your soldiers have to be competent enough to fight as part of a combined arms formation, and motivated enough to deal with the consequences of war.

55fa0d  No.672747



As much as I hate commies, I'll give the answer they had which is "who fucking cares". Penal battalions are more about wasting human life than combat effectiveness. Fuck, I think the Russias actually literally used them to walk across minefields to clear them. There is a difference between cannon fodder expendables and political prisoner disposables. The question is never "did you accomplish your objective" because you weren't supposed to survive. If the unit was mauled up or wiped out, well, that WAS the objective.

cffd98  No.672755


Ruger generally makes a very nice revolver. Haven't heard anything bad about this new one but then it's not been out for a while.

fb2df7  No.672793

File: 411638ac37ee91b⋯.png (61.22 KB, 827x485, 827:485, Bodies.png)


>Fuck, I think the Russias actually literally used them to walk across minefields to clear them

If you only knew how bad things really are

c2f2c2  No.672836

anybody have that hk chik-fil-a pic? it for some reason doesn't come up using 4 different search engines

7c63b0  No.672859

File: 0fa815df0d6c11f⋯.png (103.3 KB, 1082x508, 541:254, cute girls doing cute thin….png)

File: 127380efd81e191⋯.png (418.26 KB, 1806x787, 1806:787, weebs utterly btfo in a si….png)

File: 9e8c556964e67b4⋯.png (68.64 KB, 1817x253, 79:11, weebs are cucks.png)

Is this true? It's related because I know what you guys are.

fb2df7  No.672860


Shalom /tv/

c2f2c2  No.672864

File: 534a70028a6adcc⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1266x720, 211:120, Ecuador dragon ball.png)


anime is so popular now to the point that you don't need to ask if its gay or not, the answer should be right in front of you.

especially you brazil.

your neighbors governments fucking stream anime.

a4db1e  No.672870


Is the second image implying that (((Hollywood))) somehow has deeper and less repetitive dialogues than weebshit?

e131e4  No.672872


/tv/ is consistently the worst board on this site.

13af0f  No.672894


What's /k/'s opinion on Monaco?

fb2df7  No.672897


Irrelevant. They have no military, so we have no opinion on them. They have enough money to build their new motherbase but choose to be France's turbocucks instead

679488  No.672898


The only good /tv/ poster is a dead /tv/ poster. Where do you think most of the worst shitposting on this whole site comes from?

69c6b6  No.672900

How is dry-firing bad for your weapon? I just got chewed out for it.

41a2d4  No.672902


Dryfire is only an issue if it's a rimfire gun, or some oddballs like CZ-52's with cast zinc firing pins, that doesn't stop retards from saying it's the worst thing in the world to do though. It never fails to amaze me what some mall ninja or boomer fucks get their panties in a twist and a safety brief boner over.

My all-time favorite moment was when the hands-off part owner of the gunsmith shop I worked in decided to come in to the workroom one day and lose his shit because a stripped, barreled action was pointed 'In the general direction of the front end'.

337d2d  No.672903


Depends on the firearm. Modern firearms it's alright you won't break shit. Older firearms it's a big no no.

a4db1e  No.672921

File: 4cea30a1a68f04c⋯.jpg (30.27 KB, 736x490, 368:245, fly low hit hard - Copy.jpg)

File: ffb71ac5b877553⋯.jpg (184.27 KB, 1107x1600, 1107:1600, it ain't gonna lick it sel….jpg)

File: e9a0bff5625d524⋯.png (771.11 KB, 610x813, 610:813, fun times - Copy.png)

Question towards fellow gyroniggers.

Does anyone else notice there's widespread learned helplessness propaganda regarding the state of our military capabilities? I mean while most other countries constantly and exaggeratedly propagandize how STRONK they are there's next to zero attempts from the media to praise the armed forces as anything more than borderline martyrs and there's a widespread defeatism of (((inexplicable origin))) and constant kvetching about "the sad state of our armed forces", mostly by exaggerating our lack of personnel and logistic issues, and the cliched "t*rkey is a regional superpower" and "if turks charge in I'l get a plane ticket for Brussels".

If I had not made my own research in no way would I have guessed that:

>we are solidly in the top 15 of global military powers in terms of military readiness (suppose Canada and Australia could soon and easily outgun us if they needed to go to war)

>we are EU's 6th largest military (outsizing even Germany)

>we have EU's biggest terrestrial combat vehicle fleet

>our military is largely comparable to the current militaries of economic powers like the UK, France. Germany, Italy and Spain

fb2df7  No.672928


Anarchists and leftists are the ones who spread defeatism and cuckery. If you want things to change then vote for Golden Dawn. Without them things will only get worse. Reminder that the turks are currently stealing our oil because the commie government and their jewish masters don't want anything bad to happen to the goodest of all muslim goyim. Turkey has become USA and Israel's greatest ally. LARPing as enemies but are actually working together.

Putin the fucking gorrila kike nigger is giving them S-400s.

We are alone. Nobody will help us. We must bomb the fuckers to extinction.

6414a7  No.672929


Why don't you show off a little more?

Show some fancy equipment, have some military parades, or televise some military ads to show strength.

Ask Russia for fancy stuff to piss off NATO and the EU for the lulz.

fb2df7  No.672931

File: a7ef151957f04ec⋯.mp4 (1.54 MB, 480x480, 1:1, six trillion shuffle.mp4)


>Why don't you show off a little more?

pic related

1ab328  No.672936

Did another mass shooting happen?

Why is someone DDoSing 8ch again?

28d4a8  No.672951

File: 03b940110fb8395⋯.jpg (88.22 KB, 800x800, 1:1, miltech IIIA.jpg)

Are these cheap Chinese plates any good? Asking for a friend.

fb2df7  No.672952


Among the cheapest out there but surprisingly does what it says.

a1e096  No.672977

Why the fuck didn't France trek further into Germany during the invasion of Poland.

c2f2c2  No.672978

looking for a rifle that doesn't need to be accurate but will shoot no matter how bad I treat it even if I shoot nothing but shitty ammo. would something like the SLR106-21 fit that bill? I feel like magazines might become a problem with that though.

a4db1e  No.672997

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>We must bomb the fuckers to extinction.

>mfw our current military dogma is a perfectly valid genocide attempt since we deal with expansionist brutes relying on mindless aggression, subhuman-wave tactics, suicide bombers, child soldiers and fear of their superiors ordering them to their deaths

12f93e  No.673016

File: 4e822894ed177a7⋯.jpg (99.81 KB, 640x480, 4:3, M1917_revolver.jpg)

What's the name of that typical Hollywood technique when you pull the trigger of a single-action revolver and then just keep cocking and releasing the hammer with your weak hand?

b94257  No.673020



a83998  No.673090

I was surfing the catalog and I noticed a thread with the subject "attacking infrastructure". Transformers seemed to be a point of interest and I thought to myself what would be the most effective way to take them down? I suppose shooting it with a high powered rifle (ex. 7.62x51) or straight up blowing them up with a powerful bomb.

e9ddac  No.673110

File: 41a8b939882de98⋯.jpg (6.48 MB, 5152x3864, 4:3, DSC00088.JPG)


7.62x39 is more than enough, its what the guys in commiefornia used when they fucked that substation(?) up.

337d2d  No.673130

File: 2b2416bed7f8a3e⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

The Texas House just passed HB 2286 which deregulates suppressors and it would prevent Texan law enforcement from arresting Texans for owning a suppressor without paying the tax stamp. This is great and all but I can't find anything about the Texas Senate having a similar bill, any fellow Texasfags got more info on it?

61da39  No.673147


They will be able to hunt the pests silently. Qlder gun owners are trying to convince the puny pollies to legalise the suppressors so the hunting efficiency increases.

337d2d  No.673193

File: 1a9ed2a1a1555a5⋯.gif (2.59 MB, 412x304, 103:76, 1523499836019.gif)


I realize that, I'm asking about if there's a Texas Senate equivalent.

eefb79  No.673208

Were there 1903 and 1917 rifles that were built for civilian sales before WWII?

e9ddac  No.673215


Yeah, the Pattern 14/17 was an exceptionally popular design, as in Remington continued to make them as the Model 30 after the first war.

eefb79  No.673236

I'm looking for a used 870 (or Mossberg 590, but deside the point right now) from before the QC went to shit. Anything to look for aside from a barrel that isn't marked New York?

e9ddac  No.673237


The date code which incidentally on the barrel and with a prayer the barrel is original to the receiver. Newer guns tend to have a lack luster finish and make use of polymer and MIM parts if I recall. You're looking for a gun which date code is pre '09.

eefb79  No.673239


>with a prayer the barrel is original to the receiver.

Do shotgun barrels get replaced that often, much less with barrels from older guns?

e9ddac  No.673241


Depends really. I've seen a Wingmaster receiver with 18" barrel and furniture that I can tell has been in the trunk of a police car for most of its existence. If the barrel has been switched its usually due to the previous barrel being a fixed choke instead of the wonders of modern barrels with interchangeable chokes. Though if you're after your standard door opener a good chance the barrel hasn't been fucked with.

7d6f5b  No.673246


Good luck finding something like that. Let me know if you do

41a2d4  No.673265


Generally, shotgun barrels don't get headspaced when you change them, so yes people change them all the fucking time. I've seen idiots buy a 12ga with a fixed choke barrel because it was $20 cheaper then pay $150 for a new barrel and honestly think they were saving money.

e9ddac  No.673268


Vz-58 in .223. Can use AR mags with a converter.

fc91c8  No.673286

Can I bring the experienced pro-gun newfags here? I see that the /k/ quality needs the morale boosts.

3d0afb  No.673289


Exercise caution and common sense.

324c0f  No.673307


Like the canuk poster said, 5.56 czechpoint VZ-58

a4dde1  No.673308

2a7984  No.673332

I'm looking for a new digital scale for weighing powder for reloading. I've gone through no less than 3 different digital scales, all are varying degrees of shit. I've tried: Hornady 750g (extreme shit, constant drift even after warming up for an hour), Frankford Arsenal 750g (also drifts, though not nearly as bad as Hornady), and a cheap chinesium Zilink scale (which is, surprisingly, both the cheapest and best digital scale I've used thus far, but it too still has noticeable drift even with warm up).

I also have an old RCBS mechanical scale that I use when all else fails, but I really want a nice, accurate, consistent digital scale. Even if it costs a bit. What's the best option?

337d2d  No.673333


As long as they lurk a good 1 year.

55fa0d  No.673338


I bought the Frankford Arsenal Platinum and plug it into the wall. Better than the cheaper battery only scales you can buy. Way more consistent and seems to stay calibrated without issues, unlike the others. If you plug it in you can leave it on all day. It seems to be in tune with my RCBS 505 balance beam scale. Since I bought the Platinum I haven't been looking for a different one since.

It seemed to work fine enough for small charges of fast burning powder for my 375 H&H cast bullet project, where I wanted to make several batches of rounds with different powder charges and I didn't want to constantly reset the mechanical scale. I still use the mechanical for a lot of rifle load work when I have the charge figured out, but I woudn't mind using the Platinum for a lot of rifle loads either.

8ae08d  No.673426

File: 332682ff54fc27a⋯.jpeg (127.34 KB, 1155x1155, 1:1, AB8338D9-2A25-45F6-8A8C-7….jpeg)


What model of vest is this? I know it’s Polish, but I don’t know what plate fits in it.

8ea4f7  No.673432

>>673333 (QUAD CHECKED)

b1f65d  No.673438

Why the fuck are international shipping rates so high? I was going to buy a Rhodie flag off fireforce ventures for $20 which seems reasonable for such a meme item but the shipping would be $60 CAD.

0d532a  No.673477


Check that you have the cheapest option selected; when I tried to order something the default shipping was 40 but one of the other options was half that. I would guess that it's because Fireforce is still pretty new (2016), and still pretty small. They probably deal with mostly with leafs, and don't have enough US orders to work out a deal with shipping companies to get the price down.

c182d0  No.673498


Call/email them. Shipping calculators are fucked.

788f48  No.673547

Have anyone used CENTURY ARMS INC

VZ 2008 SPORTER to hunt the animals?

7bcd64  No.673606


The spring and air chamber don't seem to do anything. What's making the barrel go forward once the projectile's fired?

For that matter, what's this supposed to use- bullets? flechettes? rolled up dollar bills?

If the simple version of the diagram can't explain how each part works in conjunction with one another it's time to get a bit more complex.

7bcd64  No.673607



Sorry, I'm retarded and didn't read your earlier posts. This is supposed to be the "barrel" of a crossbow, I suppose.

b00361  No.673704

I want NVG's, tell me what I need to know and how to get them cheaper.

e247e7  No.673710

File: 1984a4de5567dbe⋯.png (1.6 MB, 665x914, 665:914, Führer.png)

Any of the polacken here still have those documents about amerimutt zogbots being forced to take circumcision as a part of their (((training)))? Especially during WW2?

Turkmutt and other spergs stay off, you protruding shitskins

324c0f  No.673712

Best 5.56/.223 bolt action rifle for hunting? Looking to get a rifle for muntjac, preferably one in 1:7 so I can run heavier pills in it. I'm mostly looking at semi-premium manufacturers like Tikka/SAKO, but I'm not really sure what the differences are between all their models.

578c59  No.673714

File: ed82a9cc6a21048⋯.mp4 (6.97 MB, 450x360, 5:4, Hwhite_nationalism_of_hwhi….mp4)

File: 1583e0905f1256d⋯.jpg (796.66 KB, 818x4910, 409:2455, 1583e0905f1256ddd88570a84a….jpg)


>adult men

>country supposedly built around liberty

>adult men with guns

>they get their cocks mutilated with no questions asked by jews

I have those.

e247e7  No.673716


Yes, thank you. Can you put up a link or a pdf?

c6b486  No.673725

File: dc2958e963d906e⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1267x2048, 1267:2048, Screenshot_20190514-194034.png)

Just bought a GP WASR 10/63 with <700 rounds through her, 460 rounds of Wolf ammo, 3 steel mags, a 3-mag pouch, and a soft case for it. All together for $750. Good or nah?

000000  No.673761


My understanding was logistical issues and lack of preparation to badly summarize it.

Fuck messages were still transported by motorcycle instead of radio.

000000  No.673762


I cant even get an AK here for around 700-750. Damn good deal. Congrats anon

173b94  No.673772

File: 96bd0dd4705e159⋯.jpg (78.29 KB, 719x492, 719:492, DSA Kike Enoch.jpg)

File: fb65b4ab6269691⋯.jpg (95.84 KB, 719x628, 719:628, DSA Kike Enoch 2.jpg)

This is a crosspost of mine back in /pol/, but I guess /k/ anons might find it interesting:

Not so sure why Kike Enoch of all people went from a pro-Israel anarcho-capitalist shill into a full on "anti-Zionist" (not anti-kike) far left socialist member of the DSAUSA. Was this always his endgame? To always be an opportunistic shit that switches his political position whenever he wants to? Now the "Le Ebin NazBol Gang XDDDD1!1!1!1!1" worships him on Twatter. This includes Dicky Spencer, who also changed his political position because Tulsi Gabbard and Ilhan Omar are somewhat relevant, now.

56fab5  No.673773



>adult men with guns

>they get their cocks mutilated with no questions asked by jews


b7b9f9  No.673775

File: 52456c5db141f2e⋯.png (500.03 KB, 1024x1022, 512:511, .38 Special Winchester Q41….png)


I'm terribly sorry, but my knowledge of firearms and warfare is not sufficient to answer this question about an e-celeb faggot who has nothing to do with /k/!

5df667  No.673783


>acutally thinking Mike Enoch is now part of DSA

Please refrain from breeding.

0d532a  No.673786


Kike Enoch isn't DSA, but he is nazbol, which is even worse. He's an 80-IQ opportunist that couldn't retain a first principle to save his own life.

b27f65  No.673794


Being anti-zionist is cool now and makes bucks so he jumps shit.

b1f65d  No.673899

What is the point of the buckle on Ivan's imported waxies?

e9ddac  No.673901


Same as any other boot with buckles. To keep shit out of your boot and to keep your pants tucked in.

fd97da  No.673903


Assume that you are a LARPer that wears boots as every day shoes. How big of a fashion faux pas is it to tuck your pant cuffs into your boots, outside of tan boots and jeans?

c02074  No.673916

Looking for a link to an old writefag fiction, where the MC sees gun spirits, he is gifted an old revolver as his first gun which he restores.

cda230  No.673929

File: 79ed139cee8fcff⋯.jpg (36.75 KB, 474x352, 237:176, ETA terrorists.jpg)

File: a072f8275868ed1⋯.jpg (391.98 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, IRA.jpg)

Anyone know where I can find solid information on terrorist and counter terrorist organisations from the 1970s? Searching for CTs just brings up video games or only the most recent information, and searching for terrorist groups i can get some information from, but things like their uniforms, weapons,etc can be tricky.

So far i've just got loads of info on the IRA, crown forces and the UVF, and am currently looking into other european terrorists like the ETA and RAF. I know terrorists dont wear a standard uniform but I guess I could just pick something from one of their propoganda pics.

e095a7  No.673931

c02074  No.673936



e9ddac  No.673964


Depends on the pant and boot. Honestly you're probably looking for a pant when tucked in ends up folding on itself giving the appearance of bloused.

000000  No.673976


Probably not what you're looking for, but "Days of Rage" is a good source on the Weathermen and the various other hippypinkonigger terrorist groups from that era.




Damn newfags need to get off my lawn.

What the fuck ever happened to A-10 writefag, anyway?

7d03bf  No.673980

File: 699844b6a52c8f6⋯.png (65.56 KB, 748x351, 748:351, FAMAS_Bolt-gr.PNG)

File: 3a3bc80ace1514e⋯.png (82.66 KB, 528x320, 33:20, poo.png)

File: 876afb38c9a3fa7⋯.png (111.3 KB, 683x320, 683:320, usa #1.png)

I can;t sleep and grammar can wait. Now it is FAMAS time.

Carrier is on the long arm of the lever via a cam, bolt is on the pivot axis of the lever, and the entire BCG hooks into a locking shoulder right before the magwell via the short arm of the lever.

When the gun fires, bolt starts to move back and the fulcrum of the lever with it, since short arm of lever is stationary to the receiver locking shoulder, lever pivots, and throws carrier back with a force proportional to the lengths of the lever arms.

Bolt them cycles under residual pressure == residual pressure fills internals with fouling.

If the pressure curve is too steep, residual pressure might be too low to cycle.

If it is too shallow, the action might open to dangerous pressure, rupturing extracted case and fucking the rifle to shit.

Solution – extend the carrier lever cam lengthwise, so that the short arm of the lever only unlocks once the carrier has travelled a significant portion of its length. The cam might have to be made steeper and the lever arm ratio greater – so that the bolt face backs only moves a few millimeters, flinging the carrier back, then stops until the carrier travels the length of the cam, then the residual momentum of the carrier cams the lever out of the locking shoulder, and drags it along with the bolt.

Rather than using residual gas pressure, use momentum of the carrier to cycle the action. The travel of the carrier without the influence of the lever acts as underlug for residual rpessure to drop.

Since bolt remains locked via lever into locking shoulder until freed by carrier, you can think of it as a sort of short stroke gas piston actuated tilting bolt action, where the piston is the bolt face.

7d03bf  No.673983

File: c642d3df42a0f7f⋯.png (3.27 KB, 1000x200, 5:1, dong.png)

File: 3f771db85823af0⋯.png (12.4 KB, 1000x156, 250:39, nugger.png)


No fouling, no problem with preemptive extraction, mangled cases, need for fluting, and a more permissive energy envelope for different ammo pressure curves. Only problem is this shit puts all of the stress on the lever so that;'ll need some beefing up, plus the logistics of it like how will the bolt fold into carrier under returnm spring etc

Ok second problem is ejection cause you need to switch shoulders when shooting around corners and such or else you have to stick half of ytorself into the line of fire until you can fire back

Kel tec rdb solved this issue. Delay ejection until after you drag the empty casing back and over the magazine, then shit it out downwards into a hole behind the magazine. Extractor in the bottom six o clock on the bolt, ejector is a rod type fixed to rear trunnion going through a hole in the bolt face at 12 oclock as it cycles back. Maybe put a sliding dust cover over the poop chute so it only opens to plop one out and then closes.

Problem number three is the ugly chargiung handle.

Here is my thunk – bolt carrier has a tube up top like an ak bolt carrier, and the recoil spring is housed in ti and its a real long one like a fucking Ultimax or something.

The front of the receiver is basically just a fucking tube, and the top segment of it has a cutout and the charging handle is basically a smaller plastic tube that goes over the recoil spring tube of the carrier like a condom, and it has a springloaded charging handle dingus like a G36 and when you flip that dingus left or right, it locks into the carrier. Usable to bash rifle into battery or mortar stroke it. Also can pull the dingus back and there are notches cut in the sides of the handguard to lock the bolt back, slap it up like a reverse HK slap.

No last round bolt hold open or any other gay shit.

If you need to mount tacticool shit like lasers and lights, mount them on sides. Top is for an optic and that's it.

Problem four is when rifle doesn't shoot and you need to look inside. Since it ejects downwards and behind the mag what do you do?

Here's a thunk – there is a big fucking viewing hole above the chamber, and there is a sliding dust cover over that hole. And that dust cover is connected to the plastic charging handle condom. So when it cycles the dust cover stays put, but when you pull the charging handle back administratively, it presents a full view of the working bits so you can get your dickbeaters inna her and maybe fix the problem, and this works great with the bolt hold open notch.

3d5c6c  No.673987



Please, more autism. I need it.

73378b  No.673993

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Kel tec rdb solved this issue. Delay ejection until after you drag the empty casing back and over the magazine, then shit it out downwards into a hole behind the magazine

Actually, S&W already came out with this system in 1940, just in an extremely retarded format. Still, it should be enough to demolish Kel-Tec in the courtroom in they want to play this game.

73378b  No.673995


>there is a big fucking viewing hole above the chamber

I've been thinking about a similar setup in the last few days, and I realized that if you put a hole on top of the receiver anyway, then you can take one more step towards infinity, and add a charger guide to the system.

I should really read through a post before I answer.

3d5c6c  No.673996


>charger guide

If the optic is mounted forward in a scout rifle fashion, the sun can get behind you and wash it out according to the scout rifle fans.

73378b  No.673997

File: f1e710886bb1d29⋯.jpg (632.93 KB, 1928x1090, 964:545, sks_bullpup.jpg)


That's not a problem on a bullpup.

a63e1b  No.673998


I didn't think that through, you impress me yet again.

73378b  No.674001

Realistically speaking, how would a Hi-Point tier straight blowback 9mm Parabellum pistol fare in military and law enforcement service? Also, is there a secret to that pistol being able to handle +P ammunition, or is it just the sheer mass?

55fa0d  No.674025


That is the beauty of straight blow back, simple blowback. Even the Tommy gun had aspirations for improvement with other parts to improve its cycling, then they realized "Fuck it, we can skip an expensive part if we just add more mass to the bolt" so they did. I've heard of civie Uzi owners shooting 9mm +p+ out of their guns without modification (then again its the internet, watch out) because the bolt and system are so beefy they can easily handle it without problem. My closed bolt UC9 Uzi has a big ol chunk o iron for a bolt, and if anything it has cycling problems with US SAAMI spec non +p ammunition, she likes it hot. I've put pretty warm 255 grain SWC handloads through my closed bolt Tommy gun and even 300 grain cast fuckers without any issue. One thing that's huge with non NFA tax stamp semi auto Tommy gun shooters are EZ Springs to lighten the bolt pull, meaning standard GI springs could probably handle 45 +p. I should get after that as a reloading project….

Simple blowback is reliable and versatile. Its worked before, it could work again. The issue is, there are guns that are lighter because of the bolt mass issue, and that alone has helped to usher in a new era. Also, is the MP5 not still the best option?

e9ddac  No.674029


It just the mass as the other guy said. I've fired +P+ out of a Chiappa M1 and got holocausted due to the bolt cycling way too fast.

73378b  No.674036

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I just wonder why didn't simple blow back pistols became the norm during the Cold War. It's not like the laws of physics change, and metallurgy doesn't really affect anything in this system (other than the springs). Finns even had vid related. So why Hi-Point is the only company doing what armies should have done decades ago?


I take you mean that the unburnt powder shohad you a bit. But what are the effects on the gun? On one hand slamming a chunk of metal into an other chunk of metal isn't a good thing, but on the other hand it's just two chunks of metal, so they should be able to take some abuse. Assuming that one doesn't care about the hellfire coming from the gun, would the bolt or receiver crack eventually if one fires too hot ammunition for too many times?

c02074  No.674039


honestly anon i could remember when I read it last and thought it was older. I'm doing that alot latey, I think it's the velocity of events in the last few years that is skewing my perception of time.

55fa0d  No.674041


As I mentioned, as militaries especially became very concerned with weight issues, the blowback was the first to go because it needs to be weighty and hefty to work. Other designs can be reliable and lighter, that was enough to kill the simple blowback for major use. Also, heavy bolts and slides create problems, when you fire an Uzi or Tommy for example you can tell that the bolt slapping around moves the gun around on rapid fire more than the meager recoil of the pistol round. Lighter slides and bolts have the potential for having easier control of the weapon (although some might argue that the heavy slide on a pistol might help bring it back to zero after recoil). They simply want lighter guns and call the simple blowback simple old technology.

As far as cycling too fast, not only is burning gas a big issue, so is catastrophic failure, or better put, the fucking gun blowing to pieces in your face. If the gun cycles at the wrong time the high pressure and cartridge powder burning means that there is a weak point in the compression/pressure area that is the unlocked breach, and what happens if you have 30k+ PSI and a weak open spot where the chamber starts to come open? Not only does the case burst, but the lack of control of explosion can mean that the weak spot becomes a place where the gun will start to blow apart and the chamber will explode. Like a slamfire on a floating firing pin gun if the cartridge isn't full chambered, KABLOOEY and the fucking thing explodes badly. Both conditions can literally be fatal.

On the delayed roller blowback H&K design, if your bolt gap is out of spec too small, the only problem is shitty function and jammy working, I think that's an issue with Century C93's not cycling brass with other issues. Bolt gap too wide? The roller delay will be too short and the cartridge will still be under dangerously high pressure as its being extracted, leading to failure that can hurt the gun, destroy the gun, or injure or kill you. Chamber pressure and cycling timing are serious, serious business.

b85338  No.674082


I just wonder why didn't simple blow back pistols became the norm during the Cold War

They did though, kinda. Soviets and their subjects used makarovs, along with several other straight blowback pistols, including even 7.62x25 and 9mm models later on. During the war Germans had Walther PP/Ks. There also was the 9mm ultra, which is basically 9x18 makarov for EU/US tooling/specs.

As for 9mm straight blowback there are problems, it's either weight of the slide and so heavier recoil(and heavier gun, obviously), heavy recoil spring that makes gun harder to use or a lighter slide that slams hard into the frame leading to loss of durability and still a sharp and heavy recoil.

0236c0  No.674108

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>as militaries especially became very concerned with weight issues, the blowback was the first to go because it needs to be weighty and hefty to work

But that's wrong, your baste Uzi is one of the stereotypical straight blowback weapons of that era. And even today we have modern straight blowback submachine guns like the Scorpion Evo. I'm familiar enough with the subject to know about the history and development of submachine guns, my problem is with pistols. E.g. vid related needs a ridiculously stiff recoil spring and an overcomplicated system to bypass it. But then we have the Hi-Point that doesn't need any of that. Now look at this page:


According to it the weight of the bolt of a 9mm Parabellum blowback weapon should be ~0.77kg. The empty weight of the Hi-Point is 709g. (Of course that page might overestimate the necessary weight.) And the Hi-Point is a closed bolt weapon, therefore it can't even rely on advanced ignition. And I doubt that it's the metallurgy that makes it work, because the slide is literally pot metal with steel inserts. So this is why I can't get a grasp of this, and going on about the Thompson doesn't help me understand it any better.


>straight blowback pistols, including even 7.62x25 and 9mm models later on

Could you give me some examples? Searching for blowback and pistol at the same time only gives me an endless list of links to airshit sites.

1bc639  No.674123

Did the different material properties of UHMWPE compared to steel prompt changes in design or would the geometry have remained the same were a new generation of steel helmets rolled out?

1bc639  No.674124


Also, why is that modern body armour is intended to stop bullets rather than fragments considering the latter has been the dominant killer since the Great War. Do antibiotics, quick clot, tourniquets etc make fragments less dangerous?

a4c50c  No.674126


>So this is why I can't get a grasp of this

It's likely a safety measure, as the site is probably intended for open bolt SMGs and/or automatic fire so safety requirements might be different, with cookoffs and fire rate not being a problem. Also margin of error is probably included similarly to how some people mill out the slide in their pistols and manage to not end up without a wrist for a while. HiPoints also getting cracked slides is not that uncommon, be it either from using +p ammo or just wear.

>Could you give me some examples?

Well you clearly know about Stechkin APS which is straight blowback. There were several others but they didn't really get any widespread use, possibly only used as a reward weapons and potentially among some secret special units. Here's several:


It's actually convertible and came with 2 other barrels, which might be fully double stack.


This one is something like a simplified stechkin but the details and specs are unknown, just as the reasons for it being forgone.

there also was the Baltiets pistol that was a blowback pistol that was designed during the world war but there's little info on that and only 14 were made back then, with communist politics several times over any technical details so I'd not hope to discover anything special about it. It is claimed to function well at -30 since that's what t was that time and they designed for, and it had 7.62x24 single stack mag.


It's not that different to matter since helmet geometry is a lot more dependent on ergonomics. Also most helmets today are made of kevlar/aramid, not steel so given how UHMWPE is similar to those but laminated layers instead of woven it's unlikely to change anything compared to the helmets we already use.


Because military is stupid and paper pushers followed the impenetrable plates the size of a paper sheet meme. Since ww2 artillery fire has been the leading cause of causalities, outclassing small arms several times for all these years with the gap between those still growing. And it's not like modern bullets are in any way more dangerous than fragments - they are slower, icepick the same way, a bit bigger but lack the wounding mechanism all the same way. Using vietnam flak vests would unironically be a superior life preserving option than strapping two big ass 4kg plates to an already extremely over encumbered soldier. IOTV is a bit better than just a plate carrier but it's even heavier and still has lots of retardation, like still putting those heavy ass plates in there and while sides of torso, neck and shoulder protection is welcome it's held but a weird quick release system that is a pain to assemble, heavy and results in gaps between the parts that even that old flak vest didn't have, and it's not even remotely a gold standard, modern tech can offer numerous improvements over it, both in terms of small arms and fragmentation protection.

1bc639  No.674129


>modern tech can offer numerous improvements over it, both in terms of small arms and fragmentation protection.

Would you be interested in starting a thread to discuss this further?

69db6e  No.674130

Are there any good books on fighting with one-handed axes? Is it sensible to fight using two axes at once?

69db6e  No.674133

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Is it sensible to fight using two axes at once?

Apparently it is not really more effective for double-edged weapons. For single-edged weapons like axes, it seems harder to get a high attack speed with only one hand, as you can't just use the backswing to attack (at least not with high effect, as it has no edge).

93ef4a  No.674143




You should probably find someone better.

https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=rQsODZWUvtw for instance

55fa0d  No.674164


>an axe instead of the universally superior sword

Whew, kids today.

41a2d4  No.674176


Sure the sword is arguably superior as a pure weapon of war, but a hatchet/tomahawk is infinitely superior in a SHTF/innawoods scenario. Just look at the western expansion on the American frontier for a recent example of that.

55fa0d  No.674180


Since you make a valid point on why you are carrying it (same thing with e-tools), that its primarily not a weapon but a tool, let me counter with this to the original question asker >>674133 , you can say "I'm prepared to fight with my e-tool or hatchet" but why would an innawoods fellow ask about fighting with TWO of the same tool, when he's going to be saving weight by carrying one? If you are going to take two such things for combat, why not carry one hatchet and one sword? One not one e-tool and one sword?

And as an addendum to the question and not the poster so much, remember that our great ancestors on the shield walls fought with spears primarily. Remember your bayonet on your rifle, it will serve you well like the spear did your ancestors. Then and after the sword was the better backup weapon, along with the mace in many instances. The modern obsession with axes and e-tools has valid roots ONLY in >>674176 talks about, they are not the end all or be all hand to hand combat.

And again, you want to be a REAL Viking following in the footsteps? You can't claim such till you master the spear. Put your wood splitter away and learn the weapon that actually won battles.

0236c0  No.674185

File: 06ea75e83adaba2⋯.jpg (130.81 KB, 575x800, 23:32, Bundesarchiv_Bild_101I-204….jpg)


>Put your wood splitter away and learn the weapon that actually won battles.

But artillery is quite good at spitting wood.

48d4db  No.674197


We've had 2 threads on body armor not that long ago, you can probably try to dig them out.

d92d73  No.674237

I saw a psychologist twice as a 16 year old due to edgy teenage bullshit and a mother with Munchausen syndrome by proxy. I applied to the military not long after and was rejected on those grounds (I told them the truth about the psych vists). Since it has been a number of years now and I have my shit together, would I have a chance at getting in to the infantry? I figure any high-speed-low-drag type shit is out, eh? Could I spin it as "Nah, I was never depressed, it was just my mother being abusive." or will they see through/not like that? Could I skip the country to Australia or the UK and not bring it up? Would they work that out in the security clearances?

024dd0  No.674238


I had trouble applying for the ADF with a history of depression.

Not sure if you are allowed to appeal, but I appealed with a letter from a psychiatrist saying he's interviewed me and I'm perfectly 100% fine.

I mean, I wasn't and if anything it worsened aspects of my mental issues, but it might work for you regardless.

28d17d  No.674239

I would like to get my passport so if I am ever struck with a good hit of "wanderlust" I can travel, you know? I need someone to certify that I am who I am and I want to get my roommate to do it. How can I justify getting my passport without actually having any hard plans to travel? Traveling overseas is a pretty big deal here for obvious reasons so having your passport is a bit more unusual. The government won't ask why I want it but my roommate might ask a few questions, you know? I was thinking I could just make up some bullshit about wanting to travel without having any hard plans.

1650da  No.674240


Ahhh, didn't think of that. I'll probably reapply without appealing and keep that as a card up my sleeve. Thanks.


Waaaaayyyy overthinking it. Make some travel plans and have them fail to materialize. Make sure you are regularly using all your clothes, boots, bags etc so you know what works.

4f881e  No.674241

File: 464c923e98e0c70⋯.png (42.06 KB, 900x540, 5:3, 464c923e98e0c704bd5b600355….png)


Are you cunts interrogated over this shit on the reg? Over here it's basically just another form of ID. What fucking business is it of your roommates? Tell him to get fuckin' bent and mind his own business like a good fucking cunt with manners does. If they really wanna know just tell them you wanna deep dick some cheap Latin sluts in mexico because slant pussy doesn't cut it anymore.

5ae516  No.674243


It isn't the government that is the issue, it is my roommate. We are pretty friendly and I don't want him asking any questions out of curiosity that I don't have good excuses for. I think I'll just talk about traveling but keep it vague, say I'm not sure about region etc.

4f881e  No.674246

File: febe09524039d08⋯.jpg (19.9 KB, 500x491, 500:491, d3d06bf84bc8e0e59449ba9edf….jpg)


Here is a novel idea, if he asks if you have any plans, just tell him, "Yeah nah cunt. 'eh figured I'd get it so I can go travel sometime and not have to worry about it last minute, you know? Juss' incase I feel like rootin' some fuckin' chinky poofters." To which he will likely reply, "Bloody oath you fucking bogan cunt, good on yah. I always knew you was a fuckin poof, glad ye finally gone an' admitted it."

788f48  No.674250


I like the way you said.

cb78f9  No.674255


Wouldn't a birth certificate suffice? What even?

d233a0  No.674260

File: a959eff28b89e39⋯.jpg (224.05 KB, 467x573, 467:573, a959eff28b89e3999e96303a84….jpg)

What handgun is good for beside-my-pillow carry? My current one is a Glock 19 unchambered but loaded magazine.

c96c3a  No.674268

I once read a few manuals on some things, but they're long gone and so is my memory.

If I ever need to clean out blood, what do I use? How do I wipe the residual DNA that might stay? I remember there were a substance for that, quite a common one by the way

48600c  No.674275


Obrez :^)

8e3d2f  No.674290


I believe hydrogen peroxide works.

6090d8  No.674293

File: 406b7585c768e68⋯.jpeg (34.07 KB, 488x488, 1:1, GUEST_3fbab1ed-da9f-460d-….jpeg)



You simply need to ruin the molecules with some liquid oxidizer.

0d532a  No.674298


Concealment isn't an issue with bedside guns. So go for something with the largest gun you can hold comfortably, chambered in the most powerful round whose recoil you can handle. .357 SIG or hotter 10mm are nice choices. I'd prefer 9mm Dillon over either but 1 dollar/round isn't practical for most people.

fc0098  No.674308


Get a decent 22 and shit tons of ammo. I got a WASR (7.62) as my first rifle but that's just because I'm a retard. Good AK, but I should have gotten an AR, and I still am, but yeah.

483786  No.674351

I bought a P320 X-Carry recently. I was curious of any anons here know of any other RMRs that use the same mounting as Sig's ROMEO1 RMR since that thing is a rip-off.

e9ddac  No.674371


If I keep firing that +P+ stuff it'll wear the springs down faster provided it doesn't grenade the gun after sometime.

06e124  No.674375


Blowback is a kinetic system. Anything that affects kinetics is going to affect whether your weapon is going to function.

A bullet which is a bit heavier or lighter than what the gun was designed for? Failure to fire.

Propellant which is a bit stronger or weaker than what the gun was designed for (temperature affects this greatly)? Failure to fire.

788f48  No.674377

Is it true that Ozarks

788f48  No.674378


I meant to say “is it that true Ozarks is full of ex-military and ex-cop guys?”.

ee22fd  No.674379

File: ad55840fc5779e2⋯.jpg (79.77 KB, 791x1024, 791:1024, Target.jpg)

Accuracy autism question. I know that pretty much everything you do to a barrel changes the point of impact. Do you think if, for instance, I put a suppressor on a gun and the first shot landed on the top green dot, and then tightened the suppressor in 1/8 turns, and made shots at every 1/8 turn, do you think they would land where the other green dots are … approximately?

7bcd64  No.674382


Pretty sure suppressors don't have rifling.

I've fucked up mounting flash hiders and muzzle brakes on my ARs by overtightening and it doesn't change the point of impact so much as it changes the recoil impulse. With a suppressor, I would assume it wouldn't change much (maybe a microscopic change due to the muzzle being slightly longer/shorter??) and definitely not what you posted.

8e3d2f  No.674385



The point of impact might change ever so slightly but nothing like that. You would probably see a greater shift in grouping size.

It's more of an overall barrel harmonics question like how different types of ammo can get different points of impact.

096db3  No.674386


Putting a suppressor on makes a very large change in point of impact, usually several MOA at least. A couple reasons why: you're putting a lot of weight on your barrel which affects harmonics, and suppressors in particular increase the pressure of the round.


As for the original question, while it might affect POI a bit due to shifting the weight slightly, its unlikely to be anything predictable.

41a2d4  No.674394

File: 98293e877b75c42⋯.png (187.37 KB, 456x342, 4:3, 98293e877b75c422de315e5307….png)


>bought Sig-jewsa

>wants not to be ripped off

Wew lad.

b7e699  No.674397

How do you clean stripper clips? Is it really as easy as boiling them in some water and then hitting them with CLP?

eefb79  No.674405

Does the US Navy have a term for crew members refusing to go along with barratry?

7bcd64  No.674408


I was saying that tightening the suppressor wouldn't change the point of impact in the way he'd described by comparing it to the muzzle devices I've erroneously installed in the past.

ee22fd  No.674421

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




I'm trying to account for all of the variables that effect the point of impact with a suppressor.

1)I know that they usually add about 15 fps of velocity (embed related).

2)Using a crush washer or shim, as opposed to using loctite or teflon tape to secure the suppressor on the threads, can significantly shift the POI (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DW_LwEyjHo related) since it preloads torque on the barrel.

3)Of course adding the weight of the suppressor will pull the end of the barrel down, and with it, the POI.

4)The other variable that I'm trying to map out is the POI shift due to the baffles not being perfectly concentric, which I can't find the video for right now. The guy said that if the baffles aren't even on both sides, one baffle can create lift similar to air passing by an aircraft wing. It would suck if the suppressor was positioned to where it "lifted" the bullet downwards. So I'm thinking I might be able to track or test the POI shift for this variable if I turn the suppressor and shoot it incrementally. The guy who explained this effect was a manufacturer who said his suppressors compensated for this effect by using a slightly larger bore. I'm gonna go with a silencerco 46 on a .30 caliber rifle, so I'm not sure how much of an effect it will have.

e9ddac  No.674464


Just some CLP. They aren't complicated things, make sure that oil doesn't get on your brass though. Bad things might happen in that case.

ad452d  No.674501



e9ddac  No.674516


Cheap NV isn't a thing. You can gamble and throw one together with parts off of Ebay. Honestly I'd just spend the ~3,000 and have a complete working unit.

55fa0d  No.674532


Its the real reason I've put it off for so many years. I want a good set, could probably even use it to shoot varmits at night here in the hills, it would be useful even if nothing war or catastrophe ever happens. But its a high tech thing that really keeps costing big money, you hope that the years go by and the tech really makes leaps and bounds and the old shit gets way cheaper, but the competent shit costs real money. Poaster asked a good question, I'm curious about cheap NV too, but it just doesnt' seem to be the reality that ever comes to fruition.

1ecdd1  No.674533

File: 71a82b647aafa84⋯.jpg (22.2 KB, 551x551, 1:1, golf-ball2.jpg)

Has anyone used the golf ball launcher as linear comp? Seems linear comps are basically just acoustic wave guides and the NcStar is the biggest. I don't live in a free state so I can't get suppressors and am trying to reduce the decibels that reach my ears as much as possible.

168de7  No.674535

What's a good pistol-light you guys recommend for a CZ SP01 since all I have so far to consider is a TLR-01 or X-300.

41a2d4  No.674537


Thermal is where the real advancement (In lesser cost, simplification, etc) is happening. Handheld imagers for <$500 and phone accessories for $199? I'm betting we'll see solid rifle thermal optics under $1000 in the next 3-5 years.


I've got a TLR-2 HL G on mine, it's exceptionally nice, and I've got a ton of Streamlight products with no complaints.

e9ddac  No.674538


Gen II+ stuff isn't anything to snuff at. The cobbled together set I have has served me well enough.


I use mine as a grenade launcher It doesn't really change the sound. Try doubling up on the ear pro, i.e. plugs and muffs or find a


There already is a mini-thermal sight around 1000 they're pretty fucking rad for anything under 200 yards, only concern I have is it only uses one ring.

ed6420  No.674604

Where can I go to do proper research on getting a new rifle? I want to make an informed purchase, but am just not knowledgeable enough when it comes to all of the different benefits of each different rifle. Also, any recommendations for a guy who only has a .270 hunting rifle and a 9mm handgun? Was told to get anything in 6.5mm Creedmore, or maybe 223. Also was told to get military grade since "it's all milled the same exact way." idk. Thoughts? Thanks!

ad56f7  No.674613

Let's say I have to shoot at someone taking cover with a car. Will a full metal jacket in 45 automatic penetrate both doors? Also are rims bullet resistant like the engine?

ad56f7  No.674614


The 45 automatic is coming out of a pistol not a long gun.

000000  No.674628


Start by asking yourself "What am I going to be using this for?". Answer that and maybe we can have a conversation.

Milspec is milspec. It means it matches the requirements the military sets for their rifle in their environment and intended purpose. No more, no less.



TL;DR: Cars are bullet magnets and offer little to no protection beyond mobility.

RIP Buick.

ed6420  No.674635


I'm looking for something for protection, something that can protect me and my property for a greater accuracy/distance than a pistol or shotgun, but that doesn't have the slow firing speed of a bolt action. I'm also looking for something, should shit hit the fan, that I can rely on.

c47c5b  No.674639

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> the slow firing speed of a bolt action

Real simple. Stop being a fudd.

e9ddac  No.674643


You're gonna want an AR then. They're basically lego so you can build them however you so want, 5.56, .308, .30-06 and the list goes on.

a3aef1  No.674655

so i bought a cetme parts kit and im just wondering if a g3 or like variant barrel is the same as a cetme barrel?

55fa0d  No.674661


AR15 is a fine choice for 5.56, but you can't put a 308 or 30-06 in it. If you want a 308 than get a real battle rifle like a G3 or FN FAL.

55fa0d  No.674662



How do Gen 2+ and thermal on a head mount work with an ACOG?

b94257  No.674663


Are there issues with AR10s?

c2f2c2  No.674664


which is better as a precision rifle? PTR91 or SA-58?

321e9a  No.674670



AR-15 in 5.56, especially due to the SHTF requirement. In a SHFT scenario, common and available parts and ammunition trumps all. They are fairly simple to build, but there are many good and cheap ready-made options too.

ed6420  No.674671




Thanks guys!!! I appreciate it!

e9ddac  No.674674

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They should.


I'm speaking the pattern itself has been adapted to fucking everything. Video related.


Problem with the common AR-10 you find is they're just a scaled up AR-15 and generally don't have a set standard when it comes to parts.


With my dinky ass red dot its fine provided the sight isn't set on the brightest setting. No clue on using a thermal with it given its gun mounted with a crosshair.

55fa0d  No.674675

File: 1e2689d8ae36816⋯.png (9.27 KB, 651x382, 651:382, battlerifleaccept.png)


There is a reason why two designs dominated the world and the AR 10 did not. Look into the AR 15's own history, lots of politics. But beyond all that, let's consider the main and prominent reason for not choosing the AR10: the fact that there is no real standard AR10 and parts are not interchangable. G3/HK91's are virtually completely swappable, the problem with FN FAL's is the whole inch/mertic shit, but again parts that work between guns. So, you can choose between two major rifles that were battle proven commie killers with stellar service histories and common parts, or you can choose a gun that was discarded by the world and often has no interchangeable things to it.

I don't like the AR-15, yet I bought one in case of civil strife, 3rd world war, end of the world, because of one reason only, its current commonality means there are endless parts and STANAG magazines. That's sensible. In the battle rifle realm, even the M1a is a vastly superior choice to the AR-10 because of the same concern, common parts and builds. Promoting an uncommon and fucked up gun when there are three better choices in the market right now is unsound and just plain bad advice.

Also "I only bought an AR10 cuz murrica and only guns I knowz ar AR15 and AK47, so I bought an AR10" People who own them are either super serious for a particular reason, or they are hayseeds that are ignorant dumb fucks who don't know any better. Best thing about AR10's during an emergency in militia serve ups would be "Your not a real battle rifle guy, are you sparky, put that way and grab your AR15 like the rest of us".


In the same vein of what he said on the issue.


That's a hell of a good question. Between stock rifles from both manufacturers, I'm not sure if one can be crowned superior over the other or not, I think the individual accuracy of rifles out of the box may vary more in the same production more than against each other, or your SA-58 might be a jewel and shoot great and you might buy a more of a lemon PTR and get a bad impression.

PTR-91 at least makes a heavier target model, https://ptr-us.com/product/msg-ptr-106/ that might be a step up in the right direction, although I don't think they claim it to be a H&K PSG. DSA seems to take more pride in the fact they still make FAL's and that they do lightening cuts on the receiver to drop it by 3/4 of a pound and that they put rails and shit on the front as options, I've never seen a accuracy oriented version.

Otherwise I think its more luck of the draw, both rifles are capable of accuracy, both can take optic mounts just as well, both triggers are both hated and loved for their hard pull (some might prefer the wall of the HK, or the hard pull of the FAL), and you dont' know what kind of gun you have until you handload rounds to maximize accuracy or find a factory load that your particular gun and barrel likes. Both my PTR and SA 58 will shoot 2 MOA with the right loads off the bench.

So to end this tl;dr I don't know.

a908d7  No.674706

File: f331d578f7e9966⋯.webm (3.96 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 15582663395870.webm)

Can anyone explain what the fuck is happening here? I mean beyond powertripping faggot cop shooting an unarmed guy scared shitless and crying for his life for failing to comply perfectly with all of his retarded demands simultaneously.

18ae76  No.674718


Worth the buy for a S&W MP15 Sport II at $450 for a first time Aye Rgh - 15??? It seems really good priced and iirc S&W ar's are alright.

18ae76  No.674719


Murder is what happened.

fd9b6d  No.674720


It's a powertripping faggot cop shooting an unarmed guy scared shitless and crying for his life for failing to comply perfectly with all of his retarded demands simultaneously.

290c79  No.674722


manlet to boot

324c0f  No.674724


Didn't do the hokey cokey properly.

eefb79  No.674726

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yeah, that's about what they go for. It's considered an OK starting point.

Do considering buying this


and this


About 20 bucks cheaper (12 after you buy a magazine), it's freefloated (more accurate and you can brace against barriers without fucking up your aim), less heavy, easier to attach accessories to (if you're intending to use it for home defense you want a light), better BCG and has a non-cucked lower (this is primarily a principles thing, but it also makes it lighter and ensures full trigger compatibility).

You could actually save even more and get a lower build kit+lower instead of an assembled lower.



That saves you a buck, but gives a nicer trigger and furniture.

To assemble it you need some basic tools and a bit of effort. See this video. https://vimeo.com/261505861

55fa0d  No.674727


I think the cop is about scared shitless, listen to him scream hysterically. He's practically nuts. Screaming at other officers, he wasn' just power tripping he was fucking TRIPPING. He never had the mentality to be in combat or as a police officer, wrong mentality.

337d2d  No.674732

File: 43000d5bc893be1⋯.png (251.23 KB, 2164x918, 1082:459, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b30fe64207d7fb6⋯.png (402.08 KB, 640x428, 160:107, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4f53bc3bcba0a06⋯.png (515.2 KB, 428x640, 107:160, ClipboardImage.png)

File: efc4758af819201⋯.png (752.72 KB, 960x640, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 483854d9deecdd1⋯.png (421.57 KB, 428x640, 107:160, ClipboardImage.png)


So you have Cop A giving the orders and he's an asshole (he didn't even go to trial and kept his pension) and completely got this blubbering retard, who's probably a little drunk, stumbling and shit. Then Cop B see's the blubbering retard reaching for something and gets wasted. People assume that the retard powertripper giving commands and the retard who wasted the guy are the same person but they're not. It's unfortunate that the powertripper giving commands didn't go through the same legal shit that the triggerman did, but that's just how the state goes.

b00361  No.674764


I can change the Barrel Shroud if I want and put a Magpul one on it right? That one looks okay..

eefb79  No.674782


If you're starting from the M&P15 Sport and want to freefloat the barrel, you need the following parts

1: new handguard

2: picatiny front sight

3: low profile gas block

Which work out to pretty expensive compared to just getting an AR with one installed by default. It also requires removing the front sight, which I absolutely can not recommend if you don't have the tools and ability to assemble a lower parts kit (and you shouldn't go for a prebuilt AR if you do).

If you just want to add a magpul handguard, that is relatively easy and requires no special tools. A magpul handguard doesn't freefloat the barrel though, it just makes it more erogonomic and easier to attach lights too.

b00361  No.674786

I end up getting a different upper, this one.


But kept the rest, so I do like all the matching magpul like how I always wanted, its stainless steel which im indiffrent on the look. But I read and talked to someone that was telling me free floating is better, but as for a first AR it inst that important? I mean I just want to have a fun rifle to fuck around with, but in the end its a rifle I wanted. I cared a lot for aesthetics and I just wouldn't have been happy with the upper you suggested no matter how hard i tried. I noticed after I bought it, it didn't have rear sights cause I was gonna buy one with a carbine length gas tube or something with a black barrel but someone told me to get the mid length instead and this was all they had. No bad, but I rather get the carry handle, kinda expensive…. but hey, I just really cared for having a budget-y rifle but I ended up getting all the aesthetics I wanted included.

e9ddac  No.674800


You can cerakote the stainless.

337d2d  No.674810


>But I read and talked to someone that was telling me free floating is better, but as for a first AR it inst that important?

Depends, are you going to own more in the future? If so then yeah you'll be fine for a first raifu. If you're only going to get one AR-15 to go to hell and back then free float is your best bet. Also the guy who told you to get a mid length is right, that's where the industry standard to moving towards to. Hell you can even get a dissipator upper, get a BCG from PSA and then get a BCM gunfighter charging handle and you got a kickass first rifle.


41a2d4  No.674814


6.5 Creedmoor is such an utter meme. Inferior in performance to .260 Remington, but guaranteed popularity by the $1 billion+ dollars Hornady has sunk into the advertising.

c2f2c2  No.674826

where can I download this ar/k/ that people speak of?

a1e096  No.674828

File: 64ea6035ca562e8⋯.jpg (435.31 KB, 1184x888, 4:3, Greek soldiers at Afyonkar….jpg)

Can a Greek tell me how they lost the war of 1922, there isn't any (easy) info on this war regarding tactics and strategy.







I have a feeling I fucked up saving these magnets.

c2f2c2  No.674829


jesus, those scare me

they're all to the same file though right?

a1e096  No.674830

File: 8a9fb599fdb3d44⋯.png (15.53 KB, 560x407, 560:407, 1426988710097.png)


There are multiple /k/ libraries that I don't keep track of, this is the Murdercube one and there's >>>/pdfs/1335 too if you don't want to download shit blind. The best collections are the ones you make yourself anyway.

bd2aef  No.674839

File: e5921388aee94bb⋯.gif (455.25 KB, 256x256, 1:1, me right now.gif)


I have a feeling that German dude on RT, who at first may seem mislead and confused on today's politics because of pro-EU news outlets, actually might be just an /int/ or /pol/ anon who is forced to hide his power level by resorting to use some of his old, liberal, bluepilled narratives as a disguise. Otherwise RT will just keep deleting his comments for "hate speech". The thing I don't get about this though, is that why WOULD you need to go back to sounding like your old, bluepilled self when you can just sound like you're sort of redpilled with a little bit of "political correctness" at the same time on RT? I mean, "The antifascists are the new fascists." is boomer-tier as all hell but I'll take that than "LOL, who needs marriages and families when you have feminism and abortions! I really hate White males and their toxic masculinity." Abortions for niggers and shitskins is fine by me, though."

Then again, European anons still sometimes tend to be bluepilled at heart instead of truly embracing the madness that is this clown world. I don't know why. Same goes with some Canadian and Australian anons on /int/ and sometimes, /pol/. Have these "redpilled" newfags always been this close and devoted to liberalism or am I missing something here? Because I'm pretty sure liberalism was never fully embraced in Europe. Modern like and "social democracy" in Europe literally came from the US. Yet somehow these foreign normalfags (not anons) think the US is "against" it. Also, can someone please tell me where these foreign liberals got their arrogant, Atheistic "all religions are blind superstitions" tone? Where do they even think Paganism came from? Aliens?

4535ed  No.674891


Awesome, I'll consider it after I put it togeather and see how it looks.


Yeah I saw that one.. it was cool looking, but for my budget I felt like not getting a separate BCG and BCM. It would have been more than what I wanted to pay for.

Should I shoot brass or steel? I heard you can save a lot with steel enough to even have replacement parts for what wares out, and still have tons of left over cash if you were to buy brass.

1663ca  No.674898

File: 4d9df3e96bebde9⋯.jpg (17.32 KB, 575x377, 575:377, trijiconMRO.jpg)

I am looking picking up a Trijicon MRO at some point. My main question is whether I should go with the red dot or the green dot. What I've read about why some would pick green is that it is easier on the eyes, has better clarity, and better in low and high light (works well when paired with a weaponlight). The green is also said to be better for those with some degree of color blindness or older eyes. The 575nm shade of green used in the MRO is said to stand out against green foliage. One drawback for green is that the battery life at setting 3 is 1 year versus 5 years with red. Cost of green is around $34~ more than red.

My eyesight is good, eyes are still young and no colorblindness. Use with a weaponlight and the green's supposed clarity are the only reasons I see in justifying buying the green dot for myself. Should I go with green or stick with red?

ebc7c5  No.674903

Well, I took the ASVAB and apparently did good enough that the Navy wants me for their Nuke program (if my bad eye and colorblindness is ignored). But what would you over that? And why?

a4dde1  No.674904


TL;DR - Communism.

We were roflstomping the turks, even capturing Ankara was just a matter of time. But then Lenin supplied the turks with gold, millions of rifles, ammunition, artillery guns, clothes and even food. At the same time, Greek communists were sabotaging our supply lines and stopped relaying official orders to the front. This meant that the turks were suddenly capable of arming millions of angry roaches, soviet-style and zergrush us, while we had no idea what was going on because supplies stopped coming and nobody answered the radio and letters. It was a logistical chaos.

That cost us not only a humiliating defeat but also thousands of civilian lives. The descendants of those commies are still out there, and we'll kill them all in my lifetime

0d532a  No.674905


I have good eyesight myself, and in my experience green dots are still noticeably quicker to pick up than red, especially in bright daylight. If you can justify the 30 bucks I say go for it.

eefb79  No.674909


I've got a Vortex that offers both. Never felt much of a difference, but I never used it that often beyond a square range. I'd note that green is far more common in environments than red.

337d2d  No.674910


It's not too much more, but it's up to you at the end of the day. Steel vs Brass it depends on what your rifle likes. Mine hates steel so I just spend the extra 6 cents per bullet and buy brass. Chances are you're not going to shoot out your barrel either way.

a1e096  No.674940


And what about Britain and Italy's piece in the pie.

2d874b  No.674942


If it is anything like American cities, the fact that the police will not be able to help you because it takes 20 minute to get from the station to your house. Also there is just something wrong with quite a few metropolitan cities. I don't know what it is, but when I was in NYC, London, Toronto, and a few others I can't remember which, I just feel like something is off. I've never felt it in Nashville, Rome, Philadelphia, or Paris (even when the riots were still happening, I didn't even feel an inkling of that kind of dread.) Mybe its just bottling up that many human beings in that close a proximity screws with our psychology.

7014f8  No.674960


Kek. They try to throw as many recruits at nuke as they possibly can, as the drop out rate from A school is quite high. Not to mention the horrible attrition rate of nukes in general. Its a very shit job(s) to actually do. There are some upsides of course, but have realistic expectations about what you'd be getting into if you choose to persue nuke.

f08b39  No.674963

If you live on a military base , can you still own NFA items?

000000  No.675040

There was a book posted in one of the threads and now I can't find it.

It was the memoirs of a western statesmen who had lived most of his life in China, in which he details how and why the Chinese are soulless insect people.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?

And while I'm at it, does anyone have the Chinkrunes copypasta that's supposed to make ChiCom brains implode by the sheer cognitive dissonance? A translation would be nice too, if I recall correctly the first few lines are about Tienanmen Square.

610c43  No.675041

a4dde1  No.675043


>the Chinkrunes copypasta that's supposed to make ChiCom brains implode by the sheer cognitive dissonance?

You mean this one?

动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门

000000  No.675045



You are wonderful people; thank you.

1997b7  No.675047

File: 62923d4b951270a⋯.gif (3.77 MB, 483x556, 483:556, 1551422484373.gif)



Also comes in chibi form if you want it.

b0bfce  No.675057


is there a free copy?

7bcd64  No.675096



I have this in paper format; if you'd like I can scan it for you as a PDF tomorrow.

000000  No.675098

ca2598  No.675129

File: bc37848c99ef0b1⋯.gif (902.08 KB, 400x328, 50:41, merrygoround.gif)

What options are there for an Amerimutt that wants to one day work as a PMC, but doesn't want to join the ZOG for the necessary military experience?

French Foreign Legion?

Begin the arduous task of applying for citizenship to another country that would allow me to join their military?

6439ac  No.675155


>anything NATO related

>not kiled

Spend more time to train your mind first mutt

Learning to make IED in minecraft > cleaning toilet for ZOG

ac6bdf  No.675181


FFL is an interesting option, but prepare for an arduous discipline, day and night, shit pay, and five years taken from your life.

See >>671588 pic related.


In order to join a private military he needs to have experience in the armed forces, especially special forces or SWAT cops.

e9ddac  No.675200


Or a retarded amount of tactical courses and evidence of buttfucking Ukrainians.

8390fe  No.675207

Dailymotion embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Mods deleted my original thread

The Papua New Guinea island of Bougainville:


"A 2013 United Nations survey of 843 men found that 62% (530 respondents) of those have raped a woman or girl at least once, with 41% (217 respondents) of the men reported having raped a non-partner, whereas 14% (74 respondents) reported having committed gang rape. Additionally, the survey also found that 8% (67 respondents) of the men had raped other men or boys.[8] "


"The conflict was described by John Momis as the largest conflict in Oceania since the end of World War II in 1945, with an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 Bougainvilleans dead. "

"n September, BRA militants attacked a PNG army camp at Kangu Beach with the help of members of a local militia group, killing twelve PNGDF soldiers and taking five hostage. The incident was the largest single loss in an operation for the PNGDF during the conflict.[44] The following month, Theodore Miriung was assassinated."

"Meanwhile, the conflict continued until 1997.[48] There were approximately 800 PNGDF and 150 "riot squad" personnel deployed on the island by this time, while the BRF probably numbered around 1,500 men. These men were armed by the PNGDF and operated mostly in a "home guard" role, with only a small number involved in patrolling with the PNGDF or in directly involved in the fighting. BRA strength was estimated at around 2,000 men armed with around 500 modern weapons (mostly captured or bought from PNGDF or "riot squad" personnel) and several thousand World War II vintage or homemade weapons."

Vid related is The Coconut Revolution

8390fe  No.675208

File: 48e2dfe2eb671f5⋯.png (10.4 KB, 493x486, 493:486, BougainvilleBukaandNeighbo….png)

File: 3a745d6c9dc2292⋯.jpeg (26.94 KB, 351x254, 351:254, francisona1988.jpeg)

File: 376b49a81162a2a⋯.jpeg (24.23 KB, 352x235, 352:235, pangunaminesworkshop1997.jpeg)

File: 74a97b48c855039⋯.jpg (17.76 KB, 320x254, 160:127, 6a00d83454f2ec69e201a3fd22….jpg)

File: 56af2a089f3edd3⋯.jpg (178.5 KB, 834x667, 834:667, type9625mmbougainville1995.jpg)

ec2419  No.675212


The thread wasn't deleted, it apparently just got sacrificed to the alacrity daemon.

a08481  No.675213

File: 7df6ff9552f5ecb⋯.png (311.73 KB, 1827x857, 1827:857, hoihoi_next.png)


It looks like the site is going down again. In the last few days most of the pictures refused to load properly, and now this.

c13ac6  No.675218

File: 2eaab530565c916⋯.jpg (64.04 KB, 630x630, 1:1, no_heroes.jpg)


>Posting closely guarded secrets and deep lore revealed years after the fact to other boards

e9ddac  No.675220


God bless Hoihoi.

a4dde1  No.675223

File: e693df7ee16a59e⋯.jpg (91.68 KB, 694x714, 347:357, 1424097863011.jpg)


>Mods deleted my original thread

No I didn't

c13ac6  No.675241

File: 3afcbcabf4a63c7⋯.jpg (90.48 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 3afcbcabf4a63c765e65f91a22….jpg)

4f881e  No.675250

File: e6091906b18e6c4⋯.jpg (2.14 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, sfdff.jpg)

Traded my $700 ak and gear for a S&W 627 performance center 5" with some speed loaders, ammo, and a bianachi holster. Gonna try and trade it for a PTR or some higher end AR. That said, if I cant trade it for what I want I'll keep it. How is it anons? The trigger feels nice and it looks good, but I don't really care about revolvers much. Playing with the sped-loaders and dumping the bullets out is fun, and 8 .357 shots will stop a cultural enrichment from feveral treyvons and maybe even a giga deyshaewn. I just know

>Modern S&W

and that's about it. Red pill me.

f3c551  No.675255

File: 30212246d7d45b8⋯.jpg (156.23 KB, 1038x576, 173:96, stucc1001-1038x576.jpg)

Are there any resource for rifle stock design?

Mainly the theory and principle behind making one and features, all I've found are "This is a mannlicher stock, it lichs manns" or half-assed "I like this one is better than that one" blogposts.


People don't like the Hillary Hole, thinking that it can somehow engage itself and fuck your day / life.

Apart from that it's solid.

c73bd0  No.675256


Do you remember the thread post? ill check the log, cant find any deletions on the log other then temp bans for people posting outside QTDDTOT.

e9ddac  No.675258



It 404'd, I was gonna fix it but I forgot how and proceeded to drink.

e9ddac  No.675259


American rifleman had a write up on stocks

4f881e  No.675266

File: 9f1b9d3bc6903bc⋯.webm (12.87 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 9f1b9d3bc6903bc6242592c09….webm)


Had no clue what the fuck a hillary hole is, so I learned something today. Looking further, it seemed like the issues came with the recoil of a .44 that said, this trade for the PTR seems to be looking good. So we'll see.

c73bd0  No.675272

File: 5825826d65318ff⋯.png (261.89 KB, 547x558, 547:558, Is_the_weed_on_the_show_re….PNG)


Hah, okay m8.

Make a new thread but make sure its properly done this time.

28d17d  No.675277

Hypothetically, how would improvised flamethrowers (like the K patterns) be best employed in a revolutionary war?

4f881e  No.675278


Drive up in a van, slide open the door, torch some fags, drive off.

e9ddac  No.675280


No Mr.BO, I'm a fucking drunk if you value your life don't touch my handloads.


>enemy has fortified position

>torch them out or in the very least cause a fuckhuge smoke storm to operate around

b00361  No.675282


Have a formation of 6 men in a line, forming 6 rows. You stand in the back of the formation. March up to the enemy formation. They act as your meat shield. Once you get close enough you light them up with your flame thrower.

Now if it's a M113 flamethrower, just slap that thing on a wagon or horse and fire that baby. It had a range of 200m.

c2f2c2  No.675293

File: 2385c542556c57b⋯.png (1.16 MB, 989x523, 989:523, flaming ring of fire.PNG)

is reloading subsonic rounds difficult?

is it true that subsonic rounds can use flimsy suppressors because they're not as pressurized?

also are there instances where the best muzzle attachment on a modern rifle is nothing?

e9ddac  No.675299


>is reloading subsonic rounds difficult?

No, follow the book.

>is it true that subsonic rounds can use flimsy suppressors because they're not as pressurized?

If a round going at 1100fps is going to destroy whatever you're using as a can I can guarantee you something going under 1000fps is going to as well.

>best muzzle attachment

Depends what you're going for and what you're using.

d8b910  No.675341


The issue isn't strength, it's stiffness, and stiff materials are often brittle.

Think about what a suppressor is - multiple short 1/4 inch barrels, lined up in a row perfectly, each minibarrel so well machined that it provides a gas seal, and yet the thing is stiff enough that if you bang it around it won't immediately collapse or fall out of alignment. Each barrel is spaced out by a sack of empty space meant to capture some of the gas produced by deflagration, convert the kinetic energy into thermal energy, and not explode or degrade the stiffness of the suppressor.

If you're fine with a low rate of fire, didn't care about reliability or re-usability, and you were fine with being audible at 2 miles instead of 3 miles, you can make a suppressor out of a fucking pop bottle. The only reason you use stiffer/brittle materials like steel or aluminum is if you're looking to improve performance.

55fa0d  No.675367


I have an old 29-2 and two new S&W N frame revolvers. The fit on the 29-2 is masterpiece, the newer ones are far, far, far, far harder. Double action and single action in the older Smiths is something to behold and love, the newer ones not so much. Don't expect old S&W trigger quality without al little work. Also, HIllary hole problems are seen mostly in J frame revolvers that are more affected by recoil because of light weight. Beefier N frames should be fine, and there are ways of having the internal lock dealt with if you fear it failing on you.

a2ab04  No.675371

File: 05264e11038e9c5⋯.jpg (2.69 MB, 4128x2322, 16:9, 20190526_141233.jpg)

File: c487a10ca06b9fa⋯.jpg (3 MB, 4128x2322, 16:9, 20190526_141036.jpg)

File: adeb892c0435815⋯.jpg (3.67 MB, 4128x2322, 16:9, 20190526_141021.jpg)

Hi /k/, I fucked up. I think I tried to disassemble my M48 bolt without the safety lever upand when trying to remove the cap the firing pin went forward after trying to twist it. Is it fucked up for good or how can I undo this?

e9ddac  No.675383


Pull back and reset the bolt, its gonna be a bitch to do.

65f824  No.675385


Use the edge of a table or something to pull the lug at the rear of the bolt bolt back, and once it's far enough back, flip the safety to the middle position to keep it there.

a2ab04  No.675388



Fixed it; on my computer now so excuse the different id.

a2ab04  No.675389


Didn't think it would not change. wew

4f8e7b  No.675428

File: 5a1d2f09d5c898e⋯.png (247.9 KB, 800x533, 800:533, ClipboardImage.png)

It's not normal for Carcano follower springs to break if the magazine is left loaded for a couple weeks, is it?

e9ddac  No.675429


Sounds like the part was just tired if it broke. They're easy to replace iirc.

3c02f2  No.675441


What speedloaders are those? They kinda look like 5 Star loaders, which I've had an interest in trying.

c2f2c2  No.675445

File: 5a88f1ef2e46f86⋯.jpg (68.3 KB, 804x500, 201:125, 63793.5000.jpg)

these things good or naw?

b00361  No.675446


I want to be audible at < 0.5 miles.

45de50  No.675450

Bought a lever action a while back that holds 10 shots. I've jammed it twice after loading it full up with the first shot somehow shaking a cartridge enough to send it backwards, behind the loading gate, and into the lever mechanism region. What would be causing this? A bad/wrong spring in the tube? A poorly fenced loading gate? Loose screws, or what? I don't think I absolutely need 10 shots, and 8 doesn't seem to reproduce the issue, but it annoys me to see such a obvious issue in quality.

e9ddac  No.675451


Let me guess, a Marlin? If so make sure the loading gate screw is tight.

653686  No.675456



Don' have time for dat!

176111  No.675459

Did dedicated vehicle mounted flamethrowers use pressurised gas tanks like the infantry equivalents or did they compress their own air?

d8b910  No.675543

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


then you want an overbuilt supressor. subsonic ammo is no panacea, it just eliminates the sharp supersonic crack.

45de50  No.675548


It's actually a winchester 1873 clone (chaparral). The loading gate seems to be less capable than the originals looking at a few videos online. I'll pull it apart here tomorrow and take a look to see if it's loose or something. Thanks for the insight.

e9ddac  No.675568


Compressed nitrogen yes.


Might be the doohicky that keeps the rounds from going back not being able to hold a full load back.

45de50  No.675576


I pulled the face plate off, and took a look with it loaded. There's a lot of lateral play in the brass elevator. I could almost pop a round out around the tab on the inside loading gate, so I can easily see how a shockwave would rattle a couple things just enough to have a shell get shot back into the lever mechanism area. Not sure what's to blame still, but I'll give a pass to the spring. The screw for the loading gate was tight, and the tab on the gate seemed undamaged, so either the elevator is out of spec, there's supposed to be a piece blocking a portion of that off (pretty sure that's not the case based on the teardowns I've seen), or it's just poorly contstructed. Thought maybe my cartridges were an oddball size, but other than being aluminum instead of brass, there doesn't seem to be a difference in any of the other brands I've bought.

c2f2c2  No.675590

File: 38f61cb27dab70d⋯.jpg (176.13 KB, 1200x774, 200:129, 1185776468_preview_gopnik ….jpg)

what are some of the more common firearms that Russian civilians are allowed to have and do? pistols, rifles, shotguns, ect.

videogames make it look like its all veprs and makarov's.

e9ddac  No.675602


Shotguns, then rifles after X amount of years. Trauma pistols too, but I'm not so sure on that.


Might be worth while finding another spring then.

c4b616  No.675604

I want a decent holster for a CZ-75 SP01, I don't know shit about them and figured one of you goys would have a good suggestion. I'm not looking for a dedicated conceal carry holster, just something I can use when training with my handgun at the range.

48600c  No.675605


How about you blow your fucking brains out?

e9ddac  No.675608


iirc the M12 holster that holds a M9 will hold a CZ-75.

c2f2c2  No.675610

File: cd370c4d10ceb66⋯.png (668.39 KB, 602x602, 1:1, main-qimg-f6246da2e108d6c2….png)


I should've clarified better, I mean what specific models of firearms.

for example in pic related there's a plethora of different types.

e9ddac  No.675612


Baikal stuff primarily given its dirt cheap, couldn't give an idea on model due to most shotguns tend to look the same, though there are AK's and SKS's they've converted into smoothbores that use some goofy cartridge slug. Though the Russians upstairs say its easier to buy shit off the black market and that tends to be whatever you want provided you have the cash.

000000  No.675680

Besides the two or so books in the old murdercube megafolder (Ragnar's Detonators and Kitchen Improvised Blasting caps), does anyone know about any other guides to reliable DIY blasting caps?

a5cd1d  No.675707

File: bbfb55111826a55⋯.jpg (65.33 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, bbfb55111826a5523d6ad2360c….jpg)

Can anyone recommend a good balisong that won't fall apart after 30 mins of flipping but also isn't hundreds of dollars for what is basically a dangerous fidget spinner/box opener? I'd like to spend 50$ or less but if you highly recommend something a bit pricier I'm all ears

41a2d4  No.675711


Find a custom kydex guy and have one done. Shouldn't cost more than $65, Otherwise I've heard good things about Aliengear, but my experience with their CS soured me on the company.


SP-01 has a much blockier foreend (Patterned after the CZ-97), and a full dust cover rail, I'm pretty positive it won't fit in an M9 or even M9A1 holster.

e6aef6  No.675724

File: ef14579ed80ba95⋯.jpg (66.93 KB, 636x621, 212:207, ef14579ed80ba95fc68a79ff3c….jpg)


Anyone know what happens to fire arms after they are permanently confiscated by law enforcement? I am asking for a friend.

76d59f  No.675725

File: 086d0503c6221ce⋯.jpg (787.36 KB, 1300x550, 26:11, serveimage.jpg)

337d2d  No.675726

File: 512cb79e80e96c8⋯.png (401.15 KB, 456x660, 38:55, ClipboardImage.png)

e9ddac  No.675732



Occasionally they get auctioned off to FFLs for department funds.


Ah, I know the plain jane 75 fits into a M12. Now that its been mentioned I do recall some czech company that makes holsters for those guns.

000000  No.675825

Can a pipe bomb be mixed with ammonium nitrate for maximum damage?

If ammonium nitrate has to be sealed so that it doesn't oxidice, which means direct contact with fire will be impossible since fire needs oxigen to combust, it's necessary to trigger it with a primer? Which would you guys rec?

4e3bcc  No.675836


destroyed, auctioned or stolen by a proactive cop.

77d091  No.675866

Are aluminum magazines good enough or should I always aim for steel? Asking about g3 type magazines in particular.

77d091  No.675867


Muzzle breaks are gay unless you're shooting something like a 50 cal.

42a0de  No.675868

File: f7a30154fbf50b1⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1497x2126, 1497:2126, 8k guns.png)

Hey, /k/. I've checked the wiki, but it's only 14 pages and hasn't been updated in years. Forgive me if it's over and done with (or there are other resources I've missed), but are bullpups truly a meme? Do they really have no benefits over a traditional rifle, or are there at least a handful that can be measured 1:1 against popular rifles in various categories? I had my eye on a FS2000 until I saw it had been discontinued. I'm after a starting point/guide to acceptable bullpups (if any), in the same vein as pic related (which I'll repost for the sake of a small contribution to others) Thanks for your time.

4feb1c  No.675875


They're shorter and handier while having a full rifle length barrel. Go see how 5.56 is velocity dependent to tumble.

This is at the expense of left or weak if you change the ejection side handed shooting, trigger quality, aftermarket, and reload speed. They are often rear heavy, generally cost more to buy and pretty much every bullpup that started design wise as a traditional rifle sucks.

8f40c2  No.675897


Bullpups have one benefit, and that is shorter overall length without giving up barrel length/velocity. The downsides, among other things, are: getting gassed in the face, shit trigger, ejecting right next to your face. good bullpups eject downward, though.

If size is your absolute biggest concern, bullpup may be for you. If not, its a meme with some interesting pieces to play with.

9b2904  No.675898

should i get the psa ar-15 for $512 after tax and ffl? i need an entry level ar-15

337d2d  No.675899


Why is it costing you $512? Kits cost 280 bucks at the cheapest and a lower is around 30 bucks at the cheapest.

9b2904  No.675900


im buying it assembled for $450, tax, and transfer fee

9b2904  No.675901


it also comes with magpul furntiture

337d2d  No.675902


I think you should build your AR, it'll save you some money and you can buy a decent optic.

9b2904  No.675903


ive already got an optic, but this one comes with magpul mbus rear sight and 1 30rd mag

8f40c2  No.675904


PSA's QA is either incredibly hit or miss, or absent altogether. When everything is fine and within spec, they make great beater rifles. That said, all of my dealings with their stuff have involved a call to their customer service (missing parts in an LPK, for example). They do have good customer service, and they will fix whatever is wrong free of charge.

I'd still recommend an m&p sport, but PSA will probably be fine, too

337d2d  No.675905


There's kits with magpul furniture, and with free floated rails as well.




Not sure what barrel length you wanted. However I do recommend a mid length gas system if you're going for a rifle and not a pistol build. Unless the 100-150 bucks savings is not worth the one maybe two hour time to assemble the lower.

41a2d4  No.675914


Aluminum mags will work, but can be much more prone to damage than a steel mag. When aluminum mags were .99 cents and steel $35+ it was a no brainer, but the prices have sort of stabilized. Personally I have some aluminum I got for next to nothing for my range mags, and steel for my Gear/Go bag magazines.

55fa0d  No.675917

What is a cheap yet worthy combaty style optic for my FAL with dust cover rail? Budget ideal is ~$200, don't want to spend too much on a secondary rifle in my arsenal, don't want complete dogshit on it either. Suggestions for both close up low power and longer range optics are appreciated.

41a2d4  No.675925


>combat style optic

>not dogshit

>under $200

No. Step it up to $350 and you get into entry level Eotech's, Primary Arms and Vortex Prism Sights, and Leupold and Vortex 1-4 and 1-6x scopes.

337d2d  No.675926

File: 39b8ad852bc8fe2⋯.png (96.95 KB, 362x492, 181:246, 39b8ad852bc8fe226fbf561ebf….png)


Under 200 bucks? You're not going to get something that's going to last long unless you get used. Just stick to irons and save up bud.

55fa0d  No.675927



I figured as much. I always hold out that maybe with advances in tech that decent quality shit eventually gets into super cheap territory, but on optics that's asking too much. After spending the big money for my ACOG 4x for my PTR91 main rifle, I'm getting to the point of flinching on extra purchases for secondary guns. So its either go big or stick with iron, I'll stick with iron.

To go with this question, I'm going to throw an old scope on that FAL and see what kind of groups I can really get with some better handloads, maybe I'll make it more a marksman gun than general GI rifle. I can't find old leather FAL cheek rests, does anyone have a source for those? Or barring that, what are good cheek rests or risers without changing out a whole butt?

576822  No.675935

File: acd5475a226db52⋯.jpeg (89.74 KB, 1030x1200, 103:120, #1 nigger killer.jpeg)

Crosspost from /pol/ because no one replied to it, yet:

How are leftists and Marxists supposed to be "anti-capitalist" when they love and worship money more than anybody else? They're one of the most materialistic people I've ever met. Are you telling me they all used to be hippie liberals who thought the yellow hammer and sickle inside a red backround flag looked cool? I mean, geopolitics-wise, they're alright on that. Pro-BDS and all. But come on, how is anyone going to take them seriously when their social views are very destructive and are perverting all cultures as we know it? Their only arguable accomplishment in politics is radicalizing non-Whites for a potential race war against Whites. To me, they're just rootless cosmopolitans pretending to care for abstract terms like "the people".

Not only that, parasitism is one of the many traits of leftists and Marxists. As for the anti-White, non-White Marxists, especially the Black ones, I see them as mere puppets to the far left and are completely foolish and very baseless on their arguments, if you ask me. They're paper tigers, too. For all the times they type that they will kill all White people one day, on their iPads on Twitter no less, they do absolutely nothing and stay unemployed after they graduate with their useless social studies degree. I don't speak for these said fools per se, but the way that Black Marxists religiously defend abortion to a T, baffles my very comprehension on them.

Roughly 75% of abortions are done on non-Whites, which are mostly Blacks. So why are they defending abortion? They can't possibly be doing it for their own Black interests, because it seems nothing more than feminist and leftist interests to me. For all the times they hate and want to kill "crackers", they would never want to kill the same "crackers" and non-Whites who are perpetuating the #1 nigger killer in the US, as my infographic is titled as such. They should be considering abortion as "eugenics and White supremacy created by the White devil", if you go by the leftist language, but somehow they're not considering it as such because of feminism. It's all so tiresome.

8d5437  No.675936

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Why are retards who just want gibmedats are too retarded to have a coherent world view?

Maybe because they are retarded?

337d2d  No.675937

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


194943  No.675986


Nothing like a full load of 00 Buck to the legs to make a guy with a little shield feel stupid.

51432a  No.675988

File: 78c2b23b9faa046⋯.png (419.41 KB, 800x800, 1:1, tmpr3sightwithcomponents.png)

Anyone have experience with Burris' t.m.p.r 3? Thinking about one for a new ar build since the modularity tickles my fancy, but user reviews seem mostly nonexistent.

I've been pretty satisfied withe Burris in that past with a mtac 1-4, rt6, and fastfires but haven't used any of their prisms.

c2f2c2  No.676017

File: 347d5708c041735⋯.png (605.1 KB, 622x640, 311:320, New-Fishing-Vest-Fishing-P….png)

are fisherman vests a good cheap alternative to rigs?

c2f2c2  No.676024


ignore that, found a good rig for really cheap

9c2405  No.676108

I just ordered a rifle online for the first time. I chose an FFL that was already registered with the seller. I've never actually bought something online. Is it just like a standard purchase once I get to the FFL? Check ID, run BG check, pay fee, done? State is NC. Thanks.

362378  No.676134


Yes, that's basically it. Its usually best to call the FFL first and talk to them before ordering to make sure they don't have any bullshit fees. Some LGSs charge more for the transfer fee if they carry the gun instore, for instance.

42a0de  No.676140



>Bullpups have one benefit, and that is shorter overall length without giving up barrel length/velocity.

Interesting, thank you.

>The downsides, among other things, are: getting gassed in the face… ejecting right next to your face

And that's why the FS2000 caught my eye. Forward eject and all; figured I'd bypass that problem.

>good bullpups eject downward, though.

I do like the P90, too. But really if I have to spend an extra grand to get a product that can match a regular rife, I may as well not, I guess.

>shit trigger

Is this simply a function of the physical difference in the firing mechanism? I would have thought this could be adjusted.

d4cd36  No.676141

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Is this simply a function of the physical difference in the firing mechanism?

It's because, as that other anon said, most bullpups started their life as a traditional rifle with a hammer, and they just put the grip forward and added a mechanical linkage. And that linkage simply ruins the hammer-fired mechanism. Of course you could just make it striker-fired and then the problem is solved, but that simple solution seems to be too simple for most firearm designers.

7d1106  No.676143


Why not just ammonium nitrate as the filler? Hell, throw some aluminum in there for some extra zip.

b00361  No.676160

VA Shooting.

724791  No.676165

File: 0808f21fef4ff69⋯.png (313.84 KB, 600x600, 1:1, xzDd4.png)

Looking for advice from other Leafs. I just got my state-mandated SKS and I can't help but feel the laws on where exactly we're allowed to discharge are really vague.

They say anywhere on crown land but what exactly does that refer to? Do any of you fags have experience just fucking off into the woods and shooting? I don't trust Canadian cops to read the law right so I don't want to risk it.

e9ddac  No.676166


Get your local hunters synopsis, it'll tell you where and where not to blast. Most woods are fine, just make sure your backstop is a backstop without bipedal things you aren't intending to hit behind it.

954e4f  No.676192

Where is the cheapest and best place to get knives?

0ca279  No.676205



a warzone


A skilled blacksmith's workshop

0d532a  No.676213


Which one of those do you want more, because you're not getting both.

954e4f  No.676217


Aw shit. Okay how about the best? And I mean the best as in get my money's worth.

7ca338  No.676231


>Additionally the blast "leaked" between the balls, reducing their velocity.[1]

>The second change was to use a poured plastic matrix to briefly contain the blast from the explosive, so that more of the blast energy was converted into projectile velocity. After a number of experiments, the engineers settled on Devcon-S steel-filled epoxy to hold the balls in place. With this change, the velocity improved to 3,995 feet (1,218 m) per second.[1]

Could the same principle be used in a shotgun to get rid of the wad? Kind of like a wax slug but the idea is it holds together in the barrel and comes apart in the air?

c2f2c2  No.676240

File: 21778fd9d3ecc8c⋯.jpg (36.8 KB, 900x540, 5:3, 19650-DEFAULT-l.jpg)

How well does a sig556xi run cheap steel cased .223?

55fa0d  No.676243


What makes your idea better than a traditional wad? What is wrong with modern plastic wads that obturate the bore and keep the shot contained to obtain a certain pattern? What is the real advantage you are trying to obtain?

7ca338  No.676245


I don't know. I was just wondering if there would be a benefit. I suppose it could be made more volume efficient.

efbe18  No.676261

File: a84511008b60733⋯.jpg (119.32 KB, 900x663, 300:221, grips.jpg)

File: e9a3c9ec4f7700f⋯.png (195.3 KB, 600x450, 4:3, attachment systems.png)

Picatinny, M-LOK, or Key-mod?

no fore grip, angled fore grip, vertical fore grip?

d10fba  No.676263


>Picatinny, M-LOK, or Key-mod?


M-LOK is also easier to manufacture, and it doesn't look like a row of deformed penises.

28d4a8  No.676265

File: 73f5e3921483ef8⋯.png (363.7 KB, 546x616, 39:44, 1557384984495.png)

I would have asked /out/ if it weren't so dead, but what are some good quality tents for the price. Looking at at around ~$250, and I don't mind surplus.

In fact, I'm looking at the French F1/2 "Commando" tent, but I'd appreciate any help.

55fa0d  No.676266


As a shotgun reloader, one thing you see is that there is more than enough case space for what you are doing in standard length shotgun shells. In fact, many cartridges with many loads have a problem with filling space with extra wads to get the correct load height to get a proper crimp. I've been fucking around with 10 bore light loads for fun, years ago, and I had to stuff mountains of wads into 3 1/2 inch cases to get the 1 1/8th ounce loads or even 1 5/8th lead classic duck loads to come up to height. But that's a bad example…. still, many standard 2 3/4 inch shells in 12 bore have s lesser, but similar issue with plenty of space for wads to protect the shot and extra buffer if desired. We end up with a limit of weight payload instead of lack of space in most cases.

Some old schoolers will take shotgun cases that are getting frayed on the mouth and cut them down and use as a shorter case. There is reloading data from sources for this, 2 1/2 inch, even down to 2 inches I believe, for those cheap enough to desire to reuse those cases until they absolutely cannot. We see how much volume we have when we can cut down the shell and still fit a decent amount of shot into them.

So, do you wish to shorten the current standard 12bore/gauge shell to make a smaller shell with the same payload, keep performance while fitting more shells into a tube, shortening the action? What is the cost factor between simple plastic wads and the matrix you mentioned? Interesting topic at the very least.

337d2d  No.676275


M-LOK. As to what grip, depends what you're doing.

e9ddac  No.676279

File: c2f7a1e4892126c⋯.jpg (438.79 KB, 1008x567, 16:9, BW.jpg)


Those french tents are alright if you smack all the seams with sealant to keep the inevitable dew out. BW zelts are fine if you don't mind creepy crawlies, dirt and the weight of them.

e9ddac  No.676282


2" and 2 1/2" shotshells are still a common thing in bongland.

43d880  No.676325

Does anyone have suggestions for a strelok with a fucking knee injury? I managed to be a complete dipshit when I was younger and I can't walk correctly with one knee How am I supposed to backpack if my fucking knee dislocates every other move? IF it helps I tend to dislocate my joints easily, as in fucking tugging on my shoulder will dislocate it.

They told me I have arthritis but I don't believe that

e9ddac  No.676326


Rehab and knee braces.

7ca338  No.676331


>So, do you wish to shorten the current standard 12bore/gauge shell to make a smaller shell with the same payload, keep performance while fitting more shells into a tube, shortening the action?

For a tube fed shotgun sure. I was thinking of instead keeping the current length and reducing the diameter for the sake of box magazine feeding. Reducing the internal space required would help either way though.

Maybe switching to an all steel case at a much higher pressure would be the way to go there though, especially considering the reduction in shell radius would be tiny if all you did was eliminate the wad. Does the wad put a limit on internal pressure?

>What is the cost factor between simple plastic wads and the matrix you mentioned?

No clue. Wikipedia says it is an epoxy resin in the M18 Claymore so it should be pretty cheap provided it works in a shotgun too. It should consist of dumping the projectiles into a mold, pouring in the resin and then dropping the whole thing into a shell.

55fa0d  No.676332


Objectively, the larger the bore the better. Shot patterns better the less it is constricted, big buckshot prefers plenty of space to flow down a tube. 10 bore is arguably superior to 12 bore for even 00 buckshot, hell one could try to argue that its better for steel or lead BB birdshot. Narrowing the diameter has its share of problems. Also keep in mind how pellets stack in the case, 00 buckshot can sit three abreast in a 12 bore case, 000 buckshot sits two when crammed in. Start to shrink the size of the bore and shell and soon you won't be able to properly fit 00 buckshot at all. 20 gauge uses #1 buckshot (all US nomenclature again) at biggest in magnum handloads, you almost have to go back down to 410 before you gain that kind of universality again. If you want a 00 buckshot shotgun, you pretty much have to stay 0.729 12 bore.

Pressure was never really an issue. Regulatory bodies keep shotgun pressures low because of old guns, gun chokes, and mostly because shotguns have large barrels they like to keep thin to keep them light. One could easily build a 20, 12, 10, ect. shotgun that could withstand huge pressures from a shotgun shell, just that you will need one huge heavy fucking barrel. Even a 20 gauge barrel is about the same bore as a 600 Nitro Express, and what kind of barrels do they have? They aren't just heavy for recoil (which they should be) those big bore rifle barrels end up being naturally heavy because they are just big fucking barrels. Make a higher pressure shotgun loading you will need a heavier barrel and thus a heavier gun.

So you have some serious considerations for your smaller bore-high pressure matrix shotgun theory.

1e85e4  No.676333



And a shitload of meth

e9ddac  No.676346


I personally wouldn't recommend that.


I wonder if you took the aus mans idea of shot suspended in a resin, then added smaller shot to the normally empty spaces that you'd get decent performance.

c2f2c2  No.676347

File: efb9389d2295eea⋯.png (638.31 KB, 623x799, 623:799, Untitled.png)

how the hell are you guys finding these insane deals?

>motherfuckers finding vz.58s in 5.56 for $300

>cheapest i can find it is $1000

>motherfuckers finding cz-sp01's for $400

>bought mine for $600

e9ddac  No.676352


Its called browsing your LGS, getting to know the folk and giving them your number for when neat things come in.

c2f2c2  No.676356


well fuck man, I thought I was on good terms with my dealer, he's always been really helpful and we did swap numbers and he answers my questions a lot even though he has costumers that purchase way more expensive stuff than me. I just want a fucking gun that can shoot steel cased .223.

I really hope he hasn't been ducking me.

e9ddac  No.676367


An AR will shoot steel case well enough as will a Mini-14. Lucky gunner did a test with steel stuff and AR's which is an interesting read.

a4346d  No.676391

If you were to try and make camouflage clothing yourself using tie dye methods like shibori, what patterns would you go for? (I know this is environment dependent.)

48600c  No.676457

Are handgun bayonets actually viable or only a mall-ninja gimmick?

e9ddac  No.676459


Anything that doesn't give a repeat.



000000  No.676549

Going to exchange my gun for cash to a person I've never met before.

what can I do to make sure I dont get mugged?

000000  No.676633


Perform the transaction in a well lit, well trafficked public place.

It's generally good practice to keep gun and ammo (if any) separate. Otherwise someone might decide to put the latter in the former and leave with both for free.

0f33c6  No.676675

File: d560836b7c1c3cd⋯.jpg (92.53 KB, 669x668, 669:668, save him 432sd.jpg)

Any tips on buying a Tantal?

I am mostly finding Century Arms Tantals made in '93. Is there a way I can tell by serial number if it has a 5.56 barrel instead of a 5.45?

Should I just keep looking until I find one of the Atlantic Firearms Tantals?

I am finding a shitload of them on Armslist. Never used it before but I heard about scams on there. Anything I should look out for?

6d66bc  No.676685


Reverse image search any of the images you see on a listing to see if they are posted elsewhere. Very common scam to steal the image and then lie.

fb283f  No.676738

Couldn't you use noise-cancelling technology as is used in headphones to make drones completely silent?

0ca279  No.676744


>noise cancelling is like jamming radar

>just add more noise, and suddenly no one can hear anything

You should study how noise cancelling works. To wit, it only works inside headphones.

000000  No.676751

Why did Japan not attack Russia in ww2 after capturing Guadalcanal in 1941?

>japan attacks russia, axis wins, "Wunderbar"

>japan attacks russia, allies still win because isolationist America takes the offensive on Japan, but Communist Russia is so destroyed that communism doesn't have nearly the effect that it would.

c2f2c2  No.676820

I cannot find the vz.58 cheaper than $1200 for the life of me.

is there anything cheaper that fits the bill of a SHTF 5.56 that can use ar mags and run steel ammo well?

I just don't want something I have to baby. I see guys at the range that baby the fuck out of their ar-15's that just use them as short range - range toys and not even for long range precision shooting (which I would understand babying for something like that). They only shoot like 10 rounds out of it cause they refuse to use cheap ammo and don't want to hurt their baby. Later in life I'll probably get a precision rifle .308, but it won't be something I use to shoot targets 20 ft away.

should I just give up on 5.56 and get a 7.62x39 ak?

d29dfd  No.676823


This is the main reason why Germany lost, lack of pincer movement from Japan.

I think it's because the different motivation between the Jap navy and army.

Jap army wants the navy to be water buses to transport them to Manchu and attack China/Russia.

Jap navy wants to dominate SEA and Australia.

c2f2c2  No.676828

fuck it, im gonna stop being a poorfag about it and just get an xcr

d41291  No.676829

File: 18078b27574ce39⋯.png (512.79 KB, 1824x456, 4:1, Screenshot (472).png)

What rifle is this?

d41291  No.676830

File: 0fd91565e362b53⋯.png (892.52 KB, 1697x898, 1697:898, Screenshot (475).png)

File: 446e89f11f80f6e⋯.png (648.34 KB, 1645x854, 235:122, Screenshot (474).png)


Another angle and it appears to fold right after the trigger guard.

I'd look it up on imfdb but they don't have a page for this show.

5b9bad  No.676849



82760c  No.676879

41a2d4  No.676914



Yep, Gen 1 Kel-Tec Sub-2000 with an AR style scope and a mocked up heavy barrel.

a96941  No.676920


Just fly higher and have a better camera.

915c8e  No.676924


Because Ribbentrop-Molotov was in direct violation of Anti-comintern (Bōkyō kyōtei)

d41291  No.676970




Thank you for the ID.

588207  No.677083

File: e6d68a0c9df7980⋯.jpg (23.87 KB, 640x426, 320:213, 1.jpg)

Why are 20 round magazines so good looking?

588207  No.677084


This only includes straight ones not those ugly curved 20 rounders.

51432a  No.677085

File: 2521cb1234fb773⋯.png (836.86 KB, 1022x578, 511:289, YeMOg84.png)


That's because Eugene was one swag motherfucker.

fd4d7b  No.677104

File: 0450b26bcdc4be0⋯.mp4 (3.09 MB, 320x240, 4:3, One of Stoner's Last machi….mp4)

826e16  No.677108

whats the process like to pin a mag? im stuck in Jew York and i want to be a good goy for my first AR.

9b1b1b  No.677111

File: 0d739885c6878fa⋯.jpg (18.87 KB, 235x373, 235:373, 154715153329.jpg)

Someone redpill me on the efficiency of explosives vs guns, I see many wounded by IEDs but not many killed. Maybe if it was a settled up fatman like McVeigh many kills can be gathered, but at the time of dealing with moving targets it seems like bombs are like fishing with a spear.

d29dfd  No.677113


Explosives are better offensive weapons.

Guns are better defensive weapons.

If you want a lot of damage, stick to explosives.

c2f2c2  No.677126

File: 962cbf1aaac0bf0⋯.jpg (92.97 KB, 450x300, 3:2, ImRunningOutOfLaughingImag….jpg)


>tries saying an entire speech but THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD

337d2d  No.677132

File: 7b3aace4426fa78⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1122x1450, 561:725, ClipboardImage.png)

Is there anything more cringe than the Punisher skull?

4df96f  No.677133

File: 3ea094731c25096⋯.png (86.57 KB, 558x851, 558:851, Jesus Christ.png)

>What is it like to battle the US military in armed conflict?

b871bd  No.677134

File: 473179e773f80bd⋯.png (284.9 KB, 878x800, 439:400, ClipboardImage.png)

c2f2c2  No.677136

would a welding/modifying general thread be a bad idea?

1f21f9  No.677141

Is it legal to mail the bullets to the US houses?

0481b4  No.677153


You can get bullets or ready to fire ammunition delivered to your doorstep in the US. Although I believe some states like Commiefornia make you ship ammo to an FFL.

48600c  No.677154


Is any of that anywhere near legit or is it some boomer makinng shit up?

48600c  No.677157

Thinking of getting a shotgun sometime later. Is a vepr a decent enough shotgun or should I look for something else?

1f21f9  No.677172


Can I sell the bullets online from Australia and have them mailed by someone in US?

c47c5b  No.677241


Hey, before this scrolls away completely, did you ever get your .webm? I've got a slow day in front of me, could probably convert it for you.



I appreciated everything about that video. Including watching his random speech getting drowned out but the gunfire.


I'm slightly sure ITAR prevents ammo or gunpowder from crossing sovereign borders without boatloads of paperwork. So, lead weights might go but not live ammo. Although yes of course, outside commiefornia you can buy from a shop in maine and they'll mail you the green-tip straight to your door. But it does mean:


as above, pretty sure that won't fly.

72dec9  No.677244


I'll give you hint. It's titled Jesus Christ.jpg

Hang around any American Soldier for more than five seconds and you know how much posturing it is.

55fa0d  No.677270


Well, I'll check your dubs if nobody else will. Also, western propaganda is getting as bad as Soviet propaganda was.

5903c8  No.677273


100% legit, all americans are heroic aryan cowboys who know no fear, have t-bone steaks as their MRE's and their combat gear includes two bandoliers, one with shotgun shells the other with .500 casull for their side-arm revolvers

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average age-adjusted height for American men 20 years and older is is 69.1 inches (175.4 cm), or 5 feet 9 inches tall

48600c  No.677277


Ah, my mistake. I seem to have mixed up the nip version of americans with actual americans again.

5903c8  No.677278


Happens to me all the time.

c51348  No.677279

Can any anon reccomend me a shit optic (preferably one on weaver rails) that I can put on a 10/22? I was thinking to get the same airshit holo sight that Tarrant used because it seemed to do the job. Scopes would be fine too. Any cheap, shit optic for my cheap, shit rifle.

e9ddac  No.677280


Browning Buckmark, decent enough that it still holds zero after being on a shotgun, a couple of rifles and being dropped multiple times. They're like 50 dollars.

1f21f9  No.677290


Why not?

7d5940  No.677298

/k/, what is the best footwear for rucking in muddy New England?

eb9599  No.677300

Do any of you steloks have any experience with Jard trigger groups or firearms?

c47c5b  No.677303


The ammunition you speak of, is currently in Canada, right? And you're wanting to sell it to to Americans?

So, the live ammunition would have to cross a country's border?

Now, Wolf Ammo does this all the time. It can be done. With paperwork. And money.

Once its in the states, yes you can sell it state-to-state, not too many places restrict that. But crossing that sovereign boundary requires more concessions than an extra postage stamp.


I've uploaded the video-in-german, if anyone cares. I don't.


0bbc68  No.677345

File: 990f52ecfa3a2a4⋯.jpg (2.13 MB, 4032x1108, 1008:277, 20190606_225829.jpg)

I recently bought a Type 53 nugget carbine. Came with everything in pic related, plus the original butt-plate for $400. It is all matching except for the bolt.

I've got two questions. First, was this a good deal? I believe that it was, which is why I went through with the purchase. Secondly, what is the general quality of these guns like? I have heard mixed things, ranging from them being the same as M44s, to them being time-bombs. Any input would be helpful.

1f21f9  No.677354


The ammo I wanted to sell is in USA and I live in Australia. Selling the ammo in Australia is not easy to do so I wanted to sell the Ammo in USA from Australia. Offsite online ammo shop for the yanks with no paperworks or whatever it is.

e9ddac  No.677383


Should be fine, the recoil is a tad bit stout so you should get used to that.

337d2d  No.677395


The can is worth 200 in and of itself, so you paid around 200 bucks for a gook nugget that doesn't look too beat to shit. I guess you could do worse, it's not a bad deal but it's not an amazing deal either.

4f5ef3  No.677406

a4dde1  No.677452

File: 591a8557a4bb99f⋯.jpg (258.4 KB, 569x800, 569:800, __hirasawa_yui_k_on_drawn_….jpg)

Is there any company making impact-protection balaclavas? I'm trying to find some but no luck.

e9ddac  No.677460


Don't think so gyro bro.

8db08e  No.677468

Any advice on how to practice long distance shooting, as in, getting out to 1000 yards, and passing it with the goal of 1760?

>rifle/glass/gear recommendations

>techniques to study and practice

>dry firing techniques

Right now I'm shooting a T/C 308 With some old 8x Nikon glass my dad left me, I can put 5 rounds in a 5 inch group at 300 yards. Any advice is appreciated.

1f21f9  No.677471


I only found this but I don’t know if that’s what you exactly wanted. It is expensive and the price is $60.00 CAD/$39.83 EUR.


e9ddac  No.677520


Handload, bed/free float the barrel if you haven't already.

826e16  No.677523



make sure you check your headspace. me and a buddy bought some from the same batch (all matching too) and my headspace was fine. his was not and was splitting shell necks. nothing crazy, it wasn't going to blow up in his face or anything, but he definitely needed a new bolt.

0ca279  No.677525


I look forward to seeing more answers, as I'd love to make 1,000yd shots – even half that. But the "local" range is 2hrs away and only allows for 300yd shots.

Where on earth do you even *find* a place/way to shoot from that far away? And what would /k/ say is the minimum magnification? Have any here *made*it onto the paper with a 3-9, at that range?

Good question /k/omrade – guns are for reaching out and touching a target from nowhere near them.

fa4cdd  No.677553



also very interested.

is 3-in-one oil a good substitute for CLP? they smell exactly alike so they have to be the same, right? all I could find on a cursory search was a bunch of boomers saying it's not good but didn't give any reason why typical fucking boomers.

0ca279  No.677563


3-in-1 for bike chains is a disaster. It attracts (dissolves? Adheres better to? Obviously not a literal dirt-magnet but…) dirt quickly, has low thermal AND pressure limitations, and evaporates under use, leaving only that dirt we spoke of earlier.

If you're seriously poor, I'd sooner recommend 30w car oil than 3-in-1, which was engineered for sewing machines used by old ladies, and can also reduce the squeak your bathroom door's middle hinge makes. Not sure what the third use is, but if there's pressure or temperature in play, don't use it there.

fa4cdd  No.677589


well that's true of bike chains but application on a firearm is a different story. talking about bikes specifically, grime attraction is fine in a dry, clean environment like summer but disastrous during wet, salty times like winter.

properly taken care of guns don't have to deal with that though. I shoot mine enough so that they stay neither fouled not sitting (clean) long. that being said, point taken on its thermal and pressure applications. do you know what sets CLP apart from 3-in-one specifically that makes CLP more applicable towards gun usage?

I'm about 10 beers deep so sorry if my wordage isnt the best.

c2f2c2  No.677607

So most of us here have gas masks for SHTF but the real question is, when would we be using them? main 2 scenarios I can think of is military using tear gas or similar riot control measures. Or your /k/ neighbor gassing the block for whatever reason.

I can't really see something on the scale of ww1 gas even though im sure the military has volatile concoctions stored somewhere.

a4dde1  No.677608


Not exactly what I was hoping for but good enough. How come D3O haven't made any balaclavas? You'd think it would be possible with the current tech to make one that is lightweight and provide protection against punches and even smaller blunt weapons around our jaw, nose and temple.

0ca279  No.677618


>grime attraction is fine

Did you forget that DI guns like the AR poop where they eat?

> what sets CLP apart from 3-in-1, specifically?

My understanding was that CLP wasn't a "product" so much as an idea

One that has often failed to find balance, as the 'c' tends to step on the toes of 'l' leaving 'p' out in the weather while they fight.

My preference is to separate the functions. Clean with WD-40, wait for it to dry, add ALG go-juice to the contact points. YMMV, I'm still new to actually being able to think about _shooting_ not just hoarding ammo.

6edbf1  No.677629


Uh, that’s a good question. No idea why they haven’t created that yet. I think it is a great idea because nobody want to be potatoes for the rest of their life. I think you might be able to receive less damages if you sew the shock absorption gel sheet into balaclavas.

4118aa  No.677634

Planning on getting a reloading kit, ingot pan, and bullet mold for a .38/.357 and .410 shotgun. Am I better off going used, or new? What's the best brand name/model that offers all the basic features without charging an arm and a leg? I've heard that tire balancing weights are a bad idea if you want accuracy, and to buy only pure lead and mix it with…something till you get the right hardness. In a .357 is that really gonna matter since 100 yards is more or less your max accurate range? Is it worth getting a few different casts for different grains, or just getting 158g and keeping things consistent? What does 128 offer over 158?

826e16  No.677645


>Did you forget that DI guns like the AR poop where they eat?

i did, but that doesnt really make a difference. ARs like to run wet, its not going to matter what you put in there, its gonna get gunked up. if anything, grime attraction would be a positive as it would clean easier. fouling for the most part isnt escaping since its a closed system so having a nice gummy (relatively speaking) oil to catch all that shit would be good.

that being said, if 3-in-1 doesnt effectively clean that mess out then its not very good. CLP has done very well by me for the past 10 years so i keep using it, but if i can get the same cleaning quality for a third of the price because its not the (((name brand))), im going to do that. though, if its a distinctly inferior product (i.e. what you say is true about 3-in-1's thermal and pressure limitations), then im not going to use it.

also you should use a bore solvent rather than WD-40 for your cleaning step if you want to keep your steps separate. i understand the logic of the separation, i just dont do it.

826e16  No.677671



changed some of my search parameters and kept reading and found someone wrote WD-40 (manufacturer of 3-in-One) and they responded that 3-in-One doesnt contain solvents and is non-detergent. so it doesnt sound like a good substitute. im starting to think that youre right in regards to separating functions.

c182d0  No.677672


When it comes to the ingot pan I'd go used, new for the bullet molds and dies because then you know for sure your shit isn't scratched to shit on the inside. For cheap range/plinking ammo wheel weights are more than suitable, but when going for accuracy I'd personally go with a proper lead mix. With that being said, go ahead and get multiple molds.

ee22fd  No.677677

File: 8d732f44a520038⋯.png (265.63 KB, 526x880, 263:440, 308 Performance at 1000 Ya….png)

>more energy at 1,000 yards than a .45 acp at point blank range

>more velocity at 1,000 yards than a .45 acp at point blank range

Would the hollow point expand tho?

b331bc  No.677678

File: 173140cc0937e38⋯.jpg (33.2 KB, 687x483, 229:161, cartridges.jpg)


>a rifle cartridge is more powerful than a pistol cartridge

What's the point of that post? .45 ACP has the same base diameter as .308. Now look how much longer the later is. That difference means it has more than twice the case capacity.

ee22fd  No.677680


The point was the question.

0ca279  No.677698


So, to be more direct, you're asking if a .30-cal 168 FMJ would leave a bigger exit hole through a brick of ballistic gel at 1,000yds / 539ft-lbs than a .45-cal hollow point would impacting a mated brick of gel a foot or two away at 471ft-lbs.

My question to that, would be would you like an apple, or an orange?

2a7984  No.677704

File: 26f8dc11a42b5d5⋯.jpg (46.58 KB, 300x300, 1:1, texas tacticool.jpg)

File: e2e4758185066bc⋯.jpg (13.71 KB, 225x300, 3:4, texas cringeical.jpg)

File: 6f27ce2fc514283⋯.jpg (24.7 KB, 300x225, 4:3, lane 5.jpg)


hold my beer

4f881e  No.677709

File: 508864e3f5522d3⋯.jpg (67.96 KB, 500x1000, 1:2, sfsf.jpg)

I'm sure some of you fags noticed Kocayine got shoahed again. Here is all of his shit.

https://archive .org/details/20150820.OperacijaOluja95.dMK2pUiOr74/20130622.Defenders_of_Sarajevo.XJJ2YllICu4.mkv

4f881e  No.677710

File: f52e7fd715e2cd7⋯.jpg (59.32 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 1824160_0.jpg)

File: a134df3d9bb2940⋯.jpg (11.54 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images (1).jpg)

File: a7b8983caeb8da8⋯.jpg (24.75 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 575380_1.jpg)




Usually adorning some fat national guard faggot or generic republican queer that starts an out of touch political waffling with, "I'm not a racist, I have black friends, dems are the real racists…"

ee22fd  No.677722

File: 98c65a35a655d4e⋯.jpg (301.28 KB, 1250x1344, 625:672, cartridge_chart2.jpg)


Just wondering if the .308 would still have enough energy to expand at 1,000 yards.

337d2d  No.677724

File: 01b483d12a94646⋯.gif (3.49 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 01b483d12a946467c27a71518d….gif)


>that chart

337d2d  No.677729

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

31°47'02.0"N 106°33'29.9"W

There's a good hill top around 1000 feet from that coordinate. Would be a damn shame if someone minecrafted them.

82ad4d  No.677732

File: 56009e836fd772b⋯.jpg (470.27 KB, 1250x1344, 625:672, huntin.jpg)

ee22fd  No.677736


Saved lel

e9ddac  No.677762


Sounds like he got bit by the slide a few times. You should be fine without them if you aren't a turd.

c2f2c2  No.677776

File: 4f80a06ad65c5f2⋯.png (172.42 KB, 400x262, 200:131, 0e9c274352d3e536cc157d99d6….png)



>wait a minute that cartridge…

0a9536  No.677786


>Melonated Labia

4f881e  No.677970


>Monon Aabe

eefb79  No.677983


>using rimfire on leftists

Would have been funnier if you had it start at 223

3dc4f3  No.677985


>doesn't know Greek letters

>it's a mutt

Not a surprise.


Small cartridges are underestimated like hell. With a proper gun you can deliver a hail of bullets with next to no recoil. Dindus and antifas aren't likely to wear body armor.

bbee67  No.677992

Suggestions for an online military surplus store? I can't use Varusteleka because they won't ship to a P.O, Box.

0481b4  No.678000


I like Mike's Militaria and SwissLink. Kommandostore is still okay as well. They don't have the widest selection, but they'll occasionally have weird stuff no one else does. Where they really shine is their new reproductions of surplus gear.

bbee67  No.678001


thank you slav bro

4f881e  No.678006

File: 48cc390ae97de9d⋯.jpg (13.96 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download (13).jpg)


>doesn't know I'm shitposting

>it's an indonesian

Whiter than you muhammed

de3d76  No.678054

is armscor a good brand for ammo? im trying to find cheap 5.56/.223 ammo that has brass casing

e9ddac  No.678055


Its alright. PMC is another alright one. Personally don't mind the remshit stuff in the bucket.

9b2904  No.678059


i think i might just end up buying some american eagle instead. same price per catridge, but i can get it delivered for free and not have to go to a store

e9ddac  No.678060


Their brass is great if you're reloading

5ee962  No.678090

Does anyone have the /k/ recommended movies/tv guide? Getting deployed and need stuff to throw on a hard drive.

b23440  No.678106

What would happen if the capitols and major cities of every single country got nuked?

Also, why is it that the longer I hang around /k/ and 8chan in general, the more I want to kill people?

I want this shitty world to collapse already and turn into a free for all slaughterfest.

337d2d  No.678175

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I want this shitty world to collapse already and turn into a free for all slaughterfest.

0481b4  No.678179

What's the lethal range for 6.5 Grendel? I see lots of posts about people running steel at 1000 yards, but how far out will it reliably incapacitate a man? A deer? An elk?

3bebd2  No.678189

Is there a gun that can end my degenerate desires without ending my life?

c47c5b  No.678191


scalpel, or bible, are both better choices for that. Guns just leave a hole that wants to be filled with more. Sometimes the hole gets infected though, turns bad. Has to be cut out, evil-dead style.

Filling a hole with a chainsaw doesn't really reduce your degeneracy, just makes it harder to pull a trigger. Never ending cycle, you see? Read your bible; God may help your soul. /k/ is a magical place, not a spiritual place, if you see the difference. And magic is as the sin of rebellion. I think, maybe I'm remembering it wrong.

Let me know what you find. Answer all our questions.

f3c551  No.678196

File: 98ea2874f9fb7d7⋯.jpg (124.35 KB, 1920x573, 640:191, PhotoContestBanner_1920x57….jpg)



a4c50c  No.678201

Why is burst/automatic fire bad for suppression when the weapon designed primarily for suppression(i.e. MG) is used almost entirely in full auto?


Depends entirely on your standards which are primarily subjective. For modern military doctrines usually 22lr after going through some arbitrary amount of armor(usually some unspecified steel) is ok. Do you want to incapacitate the man immediately? Do you want to wound the man enough that his life is in danger and requires immediate medical help? Do you want to theoretically be able to kill your target on occasional lucky shot to the eye while other shots in non-vital areas like ones not being arteries/heart/nerve system are expected to only cause minor distraction for the expected time of combat?

Hunters have more strict standards as they can lose the game and/or talk some weird speak about muh ethics, though they don't really have standards for humans, for obvious reasons. For deer the lowest acceptable cartridges for a standard lung shot are 357mag(1250ft-lbs) or 30 carbine(~1000ft-lbs, commonly more like 950) from rifles, though handgun hunters might have it lower. These standards are for pretty close range(50-100m) though, and with a properly selected ammo. Humans are generally considered similar or slightly smaller than deer sized game and when fighting them you may find it acceptable to take 5mins to bleed out instead of >30secs or instant incapacitation and when they fight back you can simply shoot them again so the acceptable threshold can be lower. Usually if you can get good ammo then energy is a pretty good estimation of "killing power" and the one that legislations that don't list specific cartridges commonly use.

For elk do your own research, i dunno.

4cba75  No.678260

Not weapon related, but does anyone have a copy of the Fuhrer Cake recipe?

bbee67  No.678262


they have cheap nigger prices!

bbee67  No.678263

000000  No.678271

What are you faggots shooting nowadays?

how's your aim?

have you timed yourself?

How are you handling yourself?

staying healthy?

0e0862  No.678275


>Why is burst/automatic fire bad for suppression when the weapon designed primarily for suppression(i.e. MG) is used almost entirely in full auto?

Because machine guns are usually belt-fed and have a whole team of people to bring belts to the battle. E.g. the official TOE says that in a team there are 4 members, 3 of them has 7 magazines for 210 cartridges, and a belt with 200 more cartridges. Then there is the M249 gunner with 4 belts for 800 cartridges. Obviosuly all the belts are for him. So out of the 2030 cartridges 1600 are for the light machine gun. And the M249 can take the magazines too (in theory, in practice it's far from reliable). In other words, according to official doctrine ~80% of the ammunition is for the M249, and the gunner needs 8x more ammunition than a rifleman.

>burst fire

There are usually three reasonings behind its existence, and I disagree with all three of them.

<to limit ammunition wastage by limiting automatic fire

If someone can't use automatic fire efficiently (either due to his lack of skills or because the weapon is not suited for automatic fire) then he will still waste ammunition in burst mode and he'd be better off with semi-automatic fire.

<to increase hit probability

The theory is that a bunch of projectiles hitting in a controlled pattern are more likely to hit the target. Project SALVO and all of its predecessors and sucessors tried it, and they never managed to make it work. And they started in the 1950s and the programs were running even in the 1990s. Decades of research, more arcane ideas than what we could come up with, and it was all for nothing.

>to penetrate armour

The AN-94 is the best example: it's overcomplicated for what it is, and yet you'd be better off with a self-loading rifle designed for a bigger cartridge (e.g. .338 Lapua Magnum).

ca69f7  No.678276


>Story about the cake but no recipe for the cake

Did they remove the recipe from the article at some point?

4f881e  No.678278

File: c19e9a18238d57c⋯.jpg (192.66 KB, 602x620, 301:310, 1462777696746.jpg)


>Left out at night for hitler like a naughty schoolboy

Cute. I was expecting inane schizophrenic drivel, but got surprisingly wholesome facts about uncle Adolf. What I would not have given to protect his smile and die for the Reich.

48600c  No.678295


>haven't shot in months

>aim is kinda ass

>never timed myself

>not too well

>not really

Probably should go to the range again, but yeah, i'm fucked.

f3c551  No.678305


>The theory is that a bunch of projectiles hitting in a controlled pattern are more likely to hit the target. Project SALVO and all of its predecessors and sucessors tried it, and they never managed to make it work.

Project SALVO worked within reason, the problem was with ammunition costs overruling practicality and because individual marksmanship was still butting heads with that proposed doctrine - hence the M14 being adopted and the M16 being sabotaged through both cost-saving measures and "muh M14".

Duplex ammunition worked well enough that it was seriously considered, double-rifles were thrown out as soon as possible, and flechettes were a massive disappointment, but that's generally where the discussion ends.

0e0862  No.678306


>hence the M14 being adopted and the M16 being sabotaged through both cost-saving measures and "muh M14"

The M16 was adopted because it was perfectly fine for jungle warfare, much better than the M14, and they kept it as an interim solution until one of those projects delivers a rifle that can somehow make even a conscript into a marksman. As far as I know the whole thing with the powder and the lack of cleaning kits is just your typical US Army retardation, not some kind of a sabotage to save the M14.

868971  No.678323


>an apple cake strewn with nuts and raisins

Closest thing they get to describing the cake in question. They don't mention the type of tea he preferred either.

0481b4  No.678331


>As far as I know the whole thing with the powder and the lack of cleaning kits is just your typical US Army retardation, not some kind of a sabotage to save the M14.

There's some truth to this actually, but it sounds like anon is conflating M16 kikery with AR-10/FAL kikery. During the adoption trials for what would eventually become the M14, the guys running the trials sabotaged the FAL and the AR-10 whenever possible, while having three different specialists constantly babying the M-14 to keep it running.

337d2d  No.678334


Yes and no. US Army sabotaged the M16 by using different powder, no cleaning kits, not training to clean the rifles. As for the FAL kikery, that was an Army Colonel that fucked over everyone by not only the .280 British but also not adopting the FN FAL.

94422c  No.678391

File: f785ceaf703818b⋯.jpg (237.61 KB, 2300x1847, 2300:1847, 100792_X45K3D.jpg)

Is the Taurus G2C any good? I've heard mixed things about it

48d4db  No.678411


So the main factors limiting full auto suppressive fire is ammo amount and mag size? I.e. it's preferable to extend those few mags you have with slower single aimed shots over greater amount of time for at least some suppression rather than spending everything in a few seconds and getting stuck? How important is the MG role anyway? Does it do anything that several trained marksmen cannot in most situations that don't include fighting communist hordes/zombies?

eefb79  No.678414


Taurus is shit. Spend a bit more and get an EC9S so you have a gun that actually works.

ffba67  No.678415

I'm planning to build a CETME in .358 Winchester. Is this stupid?

41a2d4  No.678419


Objectively good for the money. Glock style trigger/breakdown and runs sig 226 mags. Factory sights are shit, get tritium sights as fast as possible.


You obviously have never worked in a shop that sells both. Despite selling a roughly equal amount of each, we send back 5-6 times as many EC9s to Taurus G2c's. The revolver's/1911's are still solid, but Mayodan's QC has taken a hard hit lately.

1d4659  No.678436

I have some 1” SCH 80 steel pipe and end caps rated to 3000 PSI. There’s no chance a black powder muzzleloading shotgun made from this could explode, right?

63d9df  No.678440


.338 is where its at.


Find a copy of lymans blackpowder reloading, has pressure tests in it. 3000psi is pipebomb levels iirc.

4f881e  No.678443

File: a0231daa72f3323⋯.jpg (110.51 KB, 800x800, 1:1, LS-999-000-2320-31-2.jpg)

File: f12c374c7f8dabc⋯.jpg (2.18 KB, 275x183, 275:183, download.jpg)

File: 0e9f82a8b1882b0⋯.jpg (485.52 KB, 2456x2716, 614:679, 9f71045d5d2653bab2caaa42eb….jpg)

Moving to a 5.56 platform, should I go with Lancers or PMAGS, and why? I heard Pmags are better than lancers, then I heard Lancers are better than PMAGs, on and on. PMAGS are cheaper, but Lancers look better for sure. What do you guys think, what do you know? If it makes a difference, they're going in a Tavor SAR.

>inb4 jew gun

I was gonna buy an RDB but found this tavor for $700 with optic.

d452ac  No.678473

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Watch vid related. tl;dw is that the French managed to suppress entrenched Maxims with a firearm that had a RoF of 240 shots/minute, overheated after a few hundred shots, and had a magazine that holds less than 20 cartridges. Of course they also had rifle grenades to quickly take out the suppressed machine gun nest, so they didn't have to keep up the firefight for that long.

09c7af  No.678529


I'd just go with the pmags.

473a0c  No.678537


I have older PMAGs that won't seat inside the magazine when fully loaded to 30 rounds

the Lancers I have do however. I would assume newly made PMAGs don't have that issue but I don't have any experience

with them, Lancers also have metal feed lips if thats something you care about.

5903c8  No.678539

File: 50fe4f4d8ee1968⋯.png (85.57 KB, 1097x450, 1097:450, vvjSSBQ.png)

2a7984  No.678561


I have many of both, both work fine. I prefer pmags just because they are much easier to load with stripper clips the spoon is wobbly on lancers but stays firmly in place on pmag.

337d2d  No.678566


Lancers have metal lips, if you think that's worth the extra money go with lancers. If not go with pmags, they'll both do you fine.

51432a  No.678569


surefeed/surefeed E2 master race

c2f2c2  No.678581

File: 1789c80a9b15ff8⋯.jpg (61.86 KB, 404x396, 101:99, f3b2315cb96bcd4a024bafc6a2….jpg)

What optics are you guys running for 2-gun?

0481b4  No.678604


M3 PMAGs will do you just fine. ETS magazines are arguably better than both but a little more expensive.

fbfd50  No.678606


Thanks anon, I went to confession, will probably read from the book today.

(I still plan on using a chainsaw this summer to release my testoserone fuel storage)

4f881e  No.678619

File: 4f162bb6e5aa1c1⋯.png (107.68 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, pic_TAR21_1305.png)






Thanks for the input streloks. I think I'm just going to go with the PMAGS, they are not as cool as the ETS or Lancers, because muh clear mags, but the fact I can get them for $8 at PSA kinda seals the deal. It'd probably be wise to stack cheap, stack deep, before getting what I think looks cool. They also have ammo on sale, so there is that too. Any tavor fags wanna learn me about her quirks? I never really looked into them as I am an AUG/FS2000 kinda guy, but it would have been retarded not to pick it up for the price.

48600c  No.678620


Her stock scratched up my cheek and she blew gas into my face. Did not enjoy.

You should've saved the money and used it towards an AUG.

4f881e  No.678621


That's what you get goyim, it's to remind you of the 60 gorillion

337d2d  No.678623


I hear they gas you, oy vey. But for 700 bucks that's a pretty damn good deal.

48600c  No.678626


Good thing I didn't actually buy one. Only tried a friend's. Still sucked.

Not a fan of bullpups anyway, save for maybe an AUG or a Groza

Now I have a k98 with three waffen marks to keep the juden away.

2a7984  No.678633

File: 317d92d782a1377⋯.png (52.36 KB, 635x689, 635:689, problem solver.png)


How the fug did "yeet cannon" get more votes than problem solver?

Next round of voting starts June 18th

337d2d  No.678634

File: 4a16383413640b8⋯.jpg (31.69 KB, 523x521, 523:521, 1470782647609.jpg)


>save for maybe an AUG or a Groza

>a Groza

337d2d  No.678635



5903c8  No.678636


What the fuck is a "yeet"?

Is it another invention of judeo-negroid culture on par with dabbing, twerking and ebonics?

337d2d  No.678637



Niggerfied version of yeeyee, I think.

fbfd50  No.678646




You guys just got YEETed on!

>makes you wonder what the world will look like when zoomers turn 50

"Aw geez Harold, you took my walker!"

"Sorry, not sorry Doug, you just got YEETed on fam. I'm gonna dab my way back to the nursing home now"

6931f4  No.678654


I might actually buy one if Problem Solver wins, purely for the memes. As long as problem solver is written on the slide.

a4dde1  No.678659

File: fd9e3350f8e6299⋯.jpg (114.72 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, D2SQjG_W0AUBqIA.jpg)

Burgerland is giving us 30 ΑΑV-7Α1s for free. Are they any good?

4f881e  No.678667


Yeah, they're alright. They don't have the best protection but they are essentially just armored landing craft. Think like a modern LVT, good for moving troops between all your islands with a modicum of protection and good for light infantry engagement, but don't expect it to be like a Bradley or something. It's for moving troops across water and a bit inland. All they have is an M2 and a Mk19, so unless it's a pickup truck, don't expect anti vehicle capacity. Unless you gyro niggers strap some tow missiles or something to it.

4f881e  No.678670



Adding to my other post, they are essentially just big m113s. Same armor and such.

a4dde1  No.678676


>Unless you gyro niggers strap some tow missiles or something to it.

We strapped ZU-23-2s on old BMPs so I can see that happening

ffba67  No.678690


.338 federal doesn't make me smile as much, and .338 win mag wouldn't fit the bolt face.

I was originally considering 45-70 auto like pheonix arms did, but I wasn't willing to turn the rim down for every shot. (because brass-mangling roller-delay)

I considered doing Grendal using some PTR 7.62x39, but I didn't have a good magazine solution. I looked at 22-250, but don't want a pinned and welded barrel getting worn out in ~2k rounds.

I currently don't have a big bore rifle, so .358 win it is. it looks like it will do most of what I wanted out of 45-70, but with less hassle.

0ca279  No.678695


>so .358 win it is.

I lost track of the narrative. Have you looked at 45 RAPTOR ? Pretty much 762NATO brass made into straightwalled pistol brass, shoots pretty much like a 45-70, I think.

4bccbc  No.678706

been looking for a scope for my ar-15. itll be nothing more for at the range, so i really dont want to spend more than $50 on it. im just kinda bored of my MBUS sights. been thinking of the simmons truplex for around $40. any recs?

337d2d  No.678709

File: 6c2f11c2757d6df⋯.jpg (83.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 6cc9483dc240c0191804ac3d85….jpg)


>any recs?

Save up money and get a 400 dollar optic.

4f881e  No.678712

File: e3612efa0fba7ce⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, breaking-news (1).png)

2a7984  No.678713



conserve your shekels for a primary arms micro advanced red dot at about $120-150 usually. or what >>678709 said if you must have a variable power scope.

4f881e  No.678714


I recommend a Monstrum P330-B Marksman 3X Prism Scope, you can find them for like $80 and they are pretty solid. They also look nice, built tough too.

a4dde1  No.678724

File: 31beca67c4f503c⋯.gif (217.71 KB, 600x600, 1:1, yek.gif)

5dbe0c  No.678902

Just moved to a slightly rural area with a creek for a backyard. I would like to get a lever action rifle to handle varmints. I’m weighing my options between .45-70 and .30-30. Keep in mind, i’m not going to spend Winchester money on one. Looking to stay reasonably priced so I can keep saving for other guns. Main uses will be for wild hogs, deer, coyote, and possibly alligators. Anyone have any experience or recommendations? Looking at Marlin and Mossberg right now, but the Mossberg’s seem to have a pretty shit rep.

72dac8  No.678912



>varmint gun

>.30-30 v .45-70

For everything you want to drop, a .357 would do comfortably, and would get you more rounds in the mag tube.

If you're dead set between the two of them, go .30-30. Hope you're planning on getting a reloading setup for it.

ffba67  No.678924


Yeah, I looked at 45 and 375 raptor, but it was a little more obscure than I wanted to go. Plus I found a good deal on a .338 win barrel and jumped on that. I can post pics when it's done if there's interest.

c2f2c2  No.678952

Why did fn go from a left side charging handle with the FAL to a right side charging handle with the FNC?

b8277d  No.678969

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Does anyone know what earplugs are the ones shown in the video?

c2f2c2  No.678970

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

funny thing i found was embed

>if you like guns but live in noguns japan theres 2 things you can do

>either visit/move to Guam

>or watch this youtube channel of Japs that live in Guam and own a lot of guns

Guam apparently has gun laws similar to Illinois

c2f2c2  No.678971


wtf it reformatted my post with reddit spaces

4f7cc3  No.678980


Already have a S&W Model 19 for .357mag needs. The main reason for those two calibers is the possibility of going hog or deer hunting. That and absolute overkill for whatever I need. I do plan on eventually getting into reloading, just have to make the space.

41a2d4  No.