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There's no discharge in the war!

File: aa9e86067a643c2⋯.jpeg (103.13 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 48F18B58-E4AB-478E-A59A-C….jpeg)

41e274  No.546766

Old thread will no longer bump back up to the first page, creating a new one.

Old thread >>530956

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537daf  No.630920


Thanks for the heads up on the Redhawks. I personally like the aesthetics of Smith and Wesson way better anyways. I hope they have the 629 in ~8inch barrel offerings simply because it's not like I plan on ever conceal carrying such a gun save maybe in the car.

41a2d4  No.630922


>If you are thinking hunting, always a revolver because of inherent accuracy issues

Just like bolt action vs semi rifles, semi auto handguns can be just as accurate as anything else, it just takes a lot more effort to get it there.

>Outside of combat the real and perceived advantages of auto loaders diminish greatly, hunting with an auto loading pistol at longer ranges (then again handgun hunting at longer ranges is an ethical question in and of itself)

Depends on what you define as longer ranges. Most non-serious shooters consider 25 yards to be long range with a sidearm, whereas someone that knows their gun and ammo well and practices regularly wouldn't be uncomfortable at 100yds with a modern service caliber or magnum caliber. Unless you're Elmer Keith, then you shoot however far away you want with a single action .44mag and divine wind guides your round to the target every time.


>29/629 is all finish, blue iron vs. stainless steel.


Are you sure about that?

>Ruger triggers are just plain worse

Speaking as someone that generally despises most of Ruger's revolver design choices (Over complicated internals, push button release, shrouded instead of heavy barrels on the newer guns) The current production Redhawks have better out of box triggers than the 629's, as much as I hate to say it, same with the GP100's vs the 686's. Modern S&W is easier to do a trigger job on though.

79ae1c  No.630954

What are some comfortable handguns and firearms in general for people with huge hands

e74287  No.630955


Interestingly enough I have the same question. My fingers are very long.

79ae1c  No.630956


>wanted to buy a cattleman ball and cap

>got to hold it

>literally felt like a tiny baby gun despite firing .45 lead balls

maybe I'm more suited for mortars, artillery and melee combat? (^:

e74287  No.630957



Those little carry trays for the shells feel like they are made for handlets.

41a2d4  No.630959



People always complain about the pull length of a CZ-75, especially from double action. I've never had a problem, despite not having huge hands for a man, but it might be something to look into. Double stack 1911's are also another good one people whine about being 'too big'. Revolver wise it wouldn't be too hard to fabricate a larger wood or even hard rubber/plastic grip, especially for an old cap and ball or single action army design.

4f881e  No.630969


Beretta 92 if you can get one. Big fat grip, nice and comfy to carry when I fly my UFO.

f92524  No.630976


Blue iron in the rough term, not actually iron. Also about auto loaders, yes, big money and time and parts can do a lot for an auto loader, he seemed to be asking about off the rack in general guns and not a custom. If you want a combat style auto loader in 10mm that can shoot with an off the rack revolver, you better be talking to a gunsmith and not an internet anon gun board. An un-tuned bolt action rifle can do incredible things that an auto loader needs double or triple the money to compete with. You want a Glock that can compete with a $300 surplus Model 10 that's been shot a bajillion times you are going to have to put more than a little time in, takes parts and skill.

Anybody who wants to have a range gun for more serious handgun shooting should keep 50 yard bullseye in mind as a standard. If you are considering single shot accuracy as something you want to work on, 25 yards is a starting point and 50 yard is where the men start to diverge from the bois. Start getting good at that range and the choice of ammunition and gun will start to print and perhaps be noticeable. If you have a 7 MOA combination it will take a bench vice rest to guarantee bullseye hits on a competition target, something better to try to land in the center every time.

My newer S&W's have much heavier triggers that I don't like. Maybe Ruger is improving and they are closing in out of the box quality at some point. But, you are right, S&W is easier to clean and work on and even replace the trigger or do a trigger job on. Even if they ain't as good as they used to be, the general design is easier to improve upon or modify than others.

00e532  No.630979


Man, it can't be as bad as the gas cans that let two people carry it at once. They're literally built for schoolgirls.


If I recall those guys were part of the leaf armies giant reservist corp and if you show anything right of Mr.Marx you're basically out of a job.

3f0ca5  No.630982


>.308 for sidearm, and .308 for submachine gun.

Just combine the two and call it a personal flamethrower.

79ae1c  No.630983


>They're literally built for schoolgirls.

do you have the PSA poster that went something like?

>guns are bad for kids due to not having hands large enough, mortars build teamwork and maths

4f881e  No.630991

File: 32d5c2300d32959⋯.webm (11.64 MB, 640x360, 16:9, phronima.webm)


I wouldn't know anything about that, you'd likely know better as a fucking leaf, but with the commie bashing and floppy slotting remarks, I could have been fooled. Regardless, not spoiled for choice when it comes to Rhodesian kit, so it is what it is. I just know that new york times did a hit piece on them and a few quit for fear of it ruining their professional career, and given the current state of things, it's hard to blame them. Glad they are still up and running though, despite that.

00e532  No.631003

File: 3b8660fc5a18a88⋯.jpg (198.46 KB, 1280x978, 640:489, crew.jpg)


From reading their faceberg shit and asking a friend being associated with evil right wingers is grounds for being removed. I don't really know shit about leafland other that its a fucking lawless and backwards.



4f881e  No.631009

File: a2e668234e83658⋯.webm (4.44 MB, 320x240, 4:3, k.webm)


I feel as though it could only improve it was lawless and backwards. Too many laws is Leafistan's problem I would assume. I pray for the day that the /k/ube will deliver us from this civilized hell, to let the sulfur of our barrel smoke choke the life from those who oppose the monolith. Until then, we must prepare the sword for kalki. Paramilitary death /k/ult when when?

a91b57  No.631011

File: e23ab46667742a5⋯.png (143.63 KB, 1786x631, 1786:631, Ruger shills.PNG)



RIA makes a breddy gud doublestack 10mm 1911, nice price too. Besides that your offerings for 10mm are kind of limited. Glawks and Sigs, Colt Delta Elites if you hate money, Dan Wesson 10mm 1911s if you hate money but like quality.


Yeah, there are durable commercial bags out there, but they aren't cheap if you don't want them to be heavy.


>former RLI runs the show

Hell yes, will have to check them out.


S&W definitely has the better quality, but god damn those gay-ass locks.



Second on the CZ-75 series, I have long fingers and it worked great for me. A doublestack Sig 226 in a fat caliber (.40 or above) works as well. If none of those are cutting it for you, consider getting some overmolded grips so that the gun fills your hand better.


>NY times did a hit piece on them

That's high fucking praise, I'll be sure to throw them some shekels now.

f84bb9  No.631013


I'm fine with the weight of my surplus bag. I only use the commercial bag when I'm in a tent camping with people that refuse to camp without all the modern comforts of living.

0f33c6  No.631016

File: e6507596458146f⋯.png (423.43 KB, 651x583, 651:583, Taters get baked.png)

>5.45 and dies brass exists

>No bullets or even casts for bullets I can find

Even if I got all that shit, how viable would non-steel core 52 gr 5.45 be?

On a semi-related note, are tantals worth the money the are going for now?

0ca279  No.631018


Brass does not exist. Neither do bullets.

The dies exist, and there's a particular caliber … .221 fireball? That can mostly be worked into shape but it's enough different that it splits on the second reload, so online sources say.

The bullets are .221; 556 bullets are .224; if you just shove those in, you'll be swaging every bullets with your barrel, which I shouldn't have to tell you will wreak hell with … well, everything. But accuracy and barrel life for starters.

I have a 5.45 barrel too … I'd love to reload it, but this side of the iron curtain, it just can't be done. Let us know if you find differently of course!

170ae3  No.631019


Going to need a source for this gloriousness.

a91b57  No.631023


No import AK is worth the absurd prices they're going for now. It's gotten to the point that if you want a "good" 74, you may as well just get a high-end custom order made in the states, by Ordinance, Krebs, or similar; they're still slightly more expensive but the cost difference is way smaller than the quality difference for the time being.


>Brass does not exist.

I've seen it out there. Don't remember what site, and it was like a dollar a case, but someone's custom making it.

0ca279  No.631024


>import AK

Maybe he's building an AR? My 5.45 is an AR. Just, mind the matching bolt, as there are two "standards" out they and they're not interchangeable.

2d6037  No.631026

0ca279  No.631027


>formed from a more readily available case

It won't hold up; it's not 5.45.

4f881e  No.631028


The Beast (1988)

acb871  No.631029





f92524  No.631031


Hmm? If the proper forming dies were used and the proper brass was started with, its entirely possible the brass is usable, brass forming is a long standing tradition in reloading, especially with obsolete or extremely obsolescent cartridges. Keep in mind cartridges like 25-06 and 35 Whelen were wildcats long before becoming standard cartridges. With the right tools, dies, know how, it can be done safely. The process may shorten the life span some in theory, but they should hold up a few reloads. I'd be more concerned with looser tolerances in an autoloader shortening case life or over aggressive resizing bigger threats.

1ab29f  No.631032

I didn't want to make a hunting thread so I'm posting here.

I have not hunted in well over a decade when I was a child with my father. But recently I've been heavily into firearms and want to shoot at more than just paper. I don't care for deer meat so I don't want to hunt deer. But coyotes are a real problem in my area, Northwest Pennsylvania. Figured I could do my part to reduce the population and maybe try my hand at tanning and leather working.

What are the best rounds for small game hunting? And what are good brands or outlets to get good gear from? Not looking to spend an exorbitant amount on clothes but I don't want to go out there in jeans and a jacket. Need some kind of concealment, right.

2d6037  No.631035


>I don't care for deer meat so I don't want to hunt deer. But coyotes are a real problem in my area, Northwest Pennsylvania.

I've used an AR15 to hunt coyotes in the midwest, so I think one should work fine for you.

>What are the best rounds for small game hunting?

.223 should be fine if you're not going for anything bigger than a whitetail and aren't planning on going past 300m

>And what are good brands or outlets to get good gear from?

Midwayusa.com has a lot of clothing on sale if you don't want to go to a local store and try stuff on.

6c5040  No.631065


I planned to use my are built. Sorry I should have clarified. I meant to get specific about which grain and tip would be best. I assume hollow points would be a bad idea. My goal here to is to maximize fur quality. I plan to make things and learn how to leatherwork. But my first kill needs to be perfect. Either gonna hang it or make a radical as fuck scarf.

Also thanks I'll check out Midway. Just get what has decent materials or what? I have wool liners and stuff I'm basically looking/asking about quality for price options.

6c5040  No.631067


Sorry for auto correct. More like auto eject yourself amirite.

>I planned to use the AR I built. 18" 1/7 twist melonite lined I believe. It's not chrome I know that

1715b4  No.631079


>I meant to get specific about which grain and tip would be best. I assume hollow points would be a bad idea

Hunting bullets are usually heavier and are expanding(HP/SP), though use of hard cast bullets is not uncommon. If you want to preserve the skin of the animal these are probably the way to go, but don't use the fucking 556 for deer - it requires better shot placement and can fuck all your materials real good. Best choice would be slow and heavy hard cast bullets like 45-70, though anything not extreme velocity dependent will do so feel free to pick 308. Unless you really want to add as many variables to your first try as you can, i recommend to just pick some commercial hard cast hunting ammo like buffalo bore. Or be even less autistic and ask some actual hunters or at least gun shop owner you'll be buying the ammo from for advice instead of relying on info on anonymous imageboard.

6c5040  No.631080

I'm hunting coyote, and gathering information from multiple sources. Geeeez. A store owner or single Hunter is going to give me as much information and bias as you are.

1715b4  No.631087


k, then soft points from ar would be fine, less velocity dependent rounds might be better, as mentioned above. Pick a varmint load and you're good to go. If you want it to be "perfect", shoot it first to see how it flies and adjust the sights and keep the distance short, though don't expect it all to go that way, do not build plans around that and save yourself from pain of failed expectations - you can always try again, best get good results than terrible because you strived for perfect.

00e532  No.631108


Depends on how urbanized they are you might actually have to set up a bait pile/blind. As what to shoot them with, use whatever they're fucking yotes.

00e532  No.631110


Lee custom makes 5.45 dies.


Think more like Russia, laws but people selectively choose to follow them.

170ae3  No.631214

Do we know of any streloks that have been v&? What were they arrested for, and what was the outcome?

a91b57  No.631217


No one who does or has done illegal shit is going to post about it on an imageboard.

170ae3  No.631226


I'm not relying on whoever got arrested just coming on here and telling me. There are secondary and tertiary sources of information.


2d6037  No.631227

File: 48b7cdb557da5e2⋯.webm (7.84 MB, 640x360, 16:9, kommando Shooting.webm)


Only ones I can think of are those who went to mess with some blm people and got arrested after they defended themselves

00e532  No.631239


An Ausfellow here had spent some time in a walled prison for making shit that goes boom. Got a lighter sentence due to no evidence of malicious intent with his chemistry fun.

ca2e9a  No.631258

Do all 8mm 98 pattern mauser use the same firing pin? I need to replace the firing pin on my Turkish mauser and the closest thing I can get to a replacement atm is a m48 firing pin.

4f881e  No.631260

File: ccde3b77360438c⋯.jpg (67.01 KB, 489x486, 163:162, dfthxftghcfg.jpg)


If its a Model 38 Turkish homebrew with the long action but small ring , you should be able to fit a std. 98 pin. If is a updated 1903 Turk then probably not.

000000  No.631264

Anyone have any experience with https://russianarmyshop.eu ? Trying to work out if they are a reputable site or not.

e74287  No.631285


Never heard of them. There is https://grey-shop.ru/ though, which some UK anon recommended to me.

478891  No.631402


Greyshop is legit, I got a bunch of IRPs from them and they were pretty fast to boot.

e110d3  No.631696

File: 80543635dc29fd5⋯.png (62.93 KB, 1574x390, 787:195, ar build v2.PNG)

Thanks for all the feedback, you guys are great. I've decided to go with several of your suggestions. Here's my updated but still WIP build sheet. I'm still considering various triggers and lower parts.



>Aero complete uppers

Convenient but I want a 20" barrel with 1/8 twist.

>Armaspec SRS Recoil Spring, 5.6oz

I like it, but is H3 the best choice for what I'm doing? I'll have to read up on buffer weights.

>Strike Industries Receiver Extension

Yeah that's much better than what I had picked.

>Strike industries stock

They look nice, but I'm upping my weight limit to 6.5lbs and going with a Magpul PRS.

>Are you committed to >6lb weight?

I've upped it to 6.5lbs dry but I will go no further if at all possible.


>Gas tubes don't usually cost that much.

I'm seeing prices ranging from $9-$20. At what point am I getting ripped off or is a gas tube a gas tube is a gas tube?

>Radian charging handles go on sale pretty often for ~$65-70

Yeah I'll probably go with a normal one, it's not set in stone

>Grab a MBT trigger from LaRue tactical; they're pretty cheap right now and from what I've heard are decent.

I'll go with that for now. I'm still looking but that's a pretty good deal.

>Do you want to use a regular A2 flash hider? What sight setup do you intend on using?

Some ricer shit that behaves like an A2 purely for aesthetic purposes. Don't try to convince me otherwise.


>Norgon ambi mag release or the Master of Arms Volkscatch

$100+ for a mag release might be a bit much for me to justify, but I'll consider them if I can't find anything comparable.

>Faxon barrel + Gas block combo

This is perfect, thank you for showing me this

>Raptors are good, but imo the Sintercore Tripwire is even better. Cheaper, too.

muh weight reduction


You're right, I will. I just wanted that spacegun aesthetic. I handled one recently and I'd be better off bubba'ing a nerf gun shell for a stock, the thing was so flimsy.

>Carbon fiber

Undeniably good for low weight but I'd have to make too many cuts elsewhere


>Pls explain charging handle meme

Weight reduction :^)


>Nigger just get an anderson, only like 4 companies do the forgings

Metallurgy isn't the only factor to consider here. Also the matching Aero parts will look nice.

>$120 for a shitty thumbhole stock with bad reviews

Yeah it was stupid idea, so instead I'm going with a $200 stock with rave reviews

>Wasting all this money on bullshit only to cheap out on a meme-coated budget BCG

Fine I'll go with an extravagant meme-coated budget BCG to round things out

>$100 for a buffer tube

Yeah that was dumb

>Someones been watching too much inrange, what benefit are you expecting out of this?

Guilty, and I just prefer the to have the buffer system be all one part and not reliant on a tiny retention pin. Also, no sproing. I just don't like sproing

>Meme charging handle For what reason?

Weight reduction :^)

>Overall: Consumerist Paypig memegun/10

Guilty again, but it'll still be a damn nice rifle


>Why are you getting the nut? Isn't the whole point of the M4E1 upper that Aero handguards will attach directly to the upper?

I believe it comes with the nut regardless, I'll have to double check if I even need it.

e110d3  No.631703

File: 1fd18788b4a70da⋯.png (62.88 KB, 1581x387, 527:129, ar build v2 electric booga….PNG)


And I just noticed that i fucked up my totals.

a91b57  No.631706

File: ae62d317e6014ee⋯.jpg (103.23 KB, 540x960, 9:16, muh meme rifle.jpg)


>but is H3 the best choice for what I'm doing

You'll do just fine with the regular buffer.

>$100+ for a mag release might be a bit much for me to justify, but I'll consider them if I can't find anything comparable.

Yeah, it's not really necessary, especially if you're not disabled with left-handedness.

>muh weight reduction

Sintercores are also lighter (you might be interested in this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1I6Qb6kAJjChEJ56qhznv2291c5UHRDyNXuSXGObumqM/edit#gid=2033901686). However the owner pulled them from his website to rework the design, so if you're buying this shit in stages you might want to put the charging handle on the back burner so you have a ful breadth of options when the time comes.

>Undeniably good for low weight but I'd have to make too many cuts elsewhere

Care to explain this? You're already going for a $200 stock, paying $230 for a stock that's also a buffer tube might actually save you money. Not to mention weight, and cool points–if you want to make an ultralightweight paypig meme rifle, nothing gives you the spacegun aesthetic like a CF stock, pic related.

>I believe it comes with the nut regardless, I'll have to double check if I even need it.

IIRC when I was looking at Aero's handguard on their website, they had a menu option to select whether you get the nut for "regular" uppers or the M4E1 upper.

7b73b7  No.631711


>20 inch

>gunner profile


a91b57  No.631715


Modern AR barrels are well-enough constructed that even a lightweight profile 20" can achieve a little over 1 MOA with a good shooter and bolt. So if you want a lightweight rifle that's meant to shoot 5.56 the way it's meant to be shot, out of 20" of barrel, it's a good choice.

170ae3  No.631718

I feel like a set of weights would be cheaper than a low-weight build at this point.

4de7dd  No.631725

Thinking of getting a new complete upper for my AR.

Any decent ones with 20 inch barrels that won't cost too much? Don't want to get something that cost more than how much I got and put it together for. ~$450

Also, do you need a different buffer assembly if you're going from a 16 inch to 20 inch? Or is that only if you go from 16 to 12 or less?

fc1b4b  No.631847

File: fae63d44640c6d2⋯.jpg (259.46 KB, 530x1000, 53:100, 1441915095642.jpg)

Does anyone have the documentary of the midlife crisis dads joining a PMC in Afghanistan and they work with the Islamic version of Mr. Assburger.

d1991c  No.631866

File: dfabbc2ebe35b38⋯.png (726.75 KB, 678x452, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

Any opinions on this picture?

4f8e7b  No.632125

File: fa724126f8c451b⋯.jpg (212.93 KB, 876x720, 73:60, Screenshot_20180412-180232….jpg)


No, but I do have this screenshot. It's probably in the archive.

a91b57  No.632126


Posted earlier in the thread: https://www.aeroprecisionusa.com/m4e1-556-20in-rifle-complete-upper

>Don't want to get something that cost more than how much I got and put it together for

Good luck, you generally pay a slight premium for convenience and labor. The difference is usually less than what it costs to get the tools you need, though, so if you don't plan to have more than one AR it's still a good deal.

a9a850  No.632127


>only on person has hearing protection

>no bags or load bearing equipment

>only one sidearm

>only three people have hand protection

>nobody has head protection

>nobody has torso protection

>most of them are wearing completely inappropriate clothing

>most of them are wearing inappropriate footwear

>rifles of different calibers which would make logistics more difficult

>judging by their physiques, none of them have exercised a day in their life

>nigger wearing high-vis pants to alert his Islamic brothers to the presence of the white devil

>total failure to meet grooming standards

Honestly, this reminds me of the dumb photos I'd take with friends as cadets. The kneeling fag with the glasses looks like he at least put some thought into killing people once, so I rate them 2/10. If this was an attempt to make a paramilitary or otherwise militant organization look imposing, they failed.

4f881e  No.632131

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Here you are gentlemen, in all of their retard glory. I feel like we could do a better job, with our lust for war alone.

ea0561  No.632135

Where should I buy a Rhodesian flag?

a9a850  No.632142

ea0561  No.632145


I'm aware of them but they're currently out of stock. I figured someone here might know where I can find one for the best price.

7b73b7  No.632151

What's a good youth stock for a Mossberg 500/590 that doesn't cost a quarter of the gun?

ea0561  No.632168


Why can't you cut down a regular wooden one?

00e532  No.632169


Rhodesiawassuper has em.

ea0561  No.632179

Why didn't spoon tip rounds catch on?

1715b4  No.632180


They don't offer that much beyond good yawing which could be useful but is less efficient than fragmentation or expansion. It could be used to allow fragmenting bullets like M855 to yaw and actually fragment but it's not done because army is stupid. Other than that, there is a good example of non-fragmenting tumbling round - 5.45x39mm with 7N6 bullet - it has empty space in the tip under the jacket that compresses when hitting the target and allowing the bullet to tumble. It performed pretty well but was replaced by an "enhanced penetration" round for different reasons. I don't know how spoon tip bullet shape might affect their flight but if it does it might be just another disadvantage. It might also be more difficult(or just different for current industry) to machine with common copper-jacketed bullets. H&K does have such bullets for their MP7 though, but that's probably because of "expanding ammo" prohibition to the militarizes that would be the only ones who could find it proper use but they are military so just laugh.

So, TL;DR: tumbling is good but soft point is better so why both.

2b418a  No.632210

File: b391f985841f864⋯.gif (898.5 KB, 487x560, 487:560, animu_pepe_hammered.gif)

Are type 1/2/3 garand parts interchangeable? If not which is a best?

170ae3  No.632218


What the hell PMC takes retards like this, will they take my fat ass, and how do I contact them if so? Just knowing how to operate an AK seems to put me at a skill level above most of these boomers.

7b73b7  No.632283


>wood stock

>not costing a quarter of what the gun does

a801bb  No.632296

File: 9c8f9850845ef37⋯.png (992.49 KB, 1044x864, 29:24, (((gun control))).png)

I sense that Western normalfags really, really love nofuns as if it's "sensible and progressive", and their form of "patriotism" is centered around leftist narratives like accepting rapefugees, multiculturalism, homosexuality and feminism. Other times they'll just say gun control is "good" because having lax gun rights is a "gun-toting and backwards American thing to do", other times equating it to "muh racism" and "muh school shootings". Worst case scenario would be the Canadian normalfags and the British normalfags in capital cities, they blatantly love liberalism and leftism to a T, to the point were they think the US population and US politics is majority "right wing and backwards racist". Why did (((they))) do this, again? (((They))) used (((American media)))) as a means to push it into the West but the lemmings fell for it. Now said lemmings are implying as if gun control narratives aren't common in US politics.

Pic related, but it's inaccurate. I highly doubt Australia is still 94% White considering the shitshow that is modern politics today.

ea0561  No.632305


>Gun Ownership: 0%

Simply wrong.

a9a850  No.632306


Correct. Gun ownership has been on the rise, and there are at least 14.5 civilian-owned firearms per 100 people. That isn't counting the further estimated 250,000 illegal firearms circulating in the country.


Unfortunately, the contractor rush has subsided. Security contractors still work in Iraq and Afghanistan like that British company which just got their building raided by the Taliban, but in nowhere near the amount of numbers.

013d04  No.632314


>That isn't counting the further estimated 250,000 illegal firearms circulating in the country.

So much for "If we ban firearms from citizens, we will all be safe and sound in our nation, unlike those trigger-happy racist bigots.". When will (((they))) learn? No seriously, it's bad enough that lemmings like these exist among people of European ethnicity. I mean, how is (((gun control))) a part of Europeanism in any way? It reeks of Jewish "modern New Yorker" bullshit, that's what I think. AIPAC politicians support it and yet leftists who claim to "hate Israel and Zionism" (only because of "Muh Israeli Jews are not real Jews, they are White racist colonialists!!!") also support it.

a9a850  No.632335

File: ef805b771a66cae⋯.jpg (100.31 KB, 815x718, 815:718, beaten.jpg)


Funnily enough, the most common argument used to support the legislation in Australia is that gun-related suicides and homicides decreased, which they did, but knife-related homicides and hangings compensated for that decline. Hell, it hasn't even stopped mass shootings, as we've had several of those in the past few years as well (Brighton Siege, Osmington, Lindt Cafe Siege, Wedderburn, Hunt family murders, etc.) and since there's almost no way they could make the legislation stricter in terms of who can own a gun, and how it's used, stored and transported, they're now trying to limit magazines sizes (5> bullet/shell limit) and get rid of lever-action shotguns and pump-action rifles. It's even more galling because you're allowed to own semiautomatic rifles in New Zealand and they don't have a problem with firearms whatsoever, while Sudanese, Nigerians, Somalis and biker gangs are running around Melbourne and Sydney with slamfires, black market handguns and homemade SMGs.

e7355f  No.632342

Can I hypothetically use a 5/8" Lock washer in place of a crush washer?

41a2d4  No.632344


You can hypothetically do anything you want. Depending on the exact use it might go mechanically pearshaped though.

e7355f  No.632349


Pearshaped? I'm assuming you mean it'll malform somehow. I'll just have to order crush washers.

0d532a  No.632592


Yes, JP and other companies actually sell a lock washer for this exact purpose, so that you can easily time muzzle devices, and replace them without getting a new crush washer.


Pear-shaped is a catchall idiom for malfunction or fuck up. I think >>632344 was just saying that, in general, going outside of specs or doing something the manufacturer didn't intend can cause fuckups on firearms, as that potential exists for any mechanical device. However, as the only thing a lock nut/crush wahser does is time the threads of a muzzle device, you're not risking any kind of major mechanical failure.

0d532a  No.632601


Nevermind, I see you said lock washer and not lock nut, which is what I meant when talking about JP's stuff. I'm less certain about the lock washer (isn't the crush washer technically a type of lock washer?), aren't you losing the ability to time the muzzle device in the desired torque range?

c699ba  No.632605


I smushed a lock washer under my AR's flash hider when I was putting it together. I think my crush washer was a lemon, because it just wasn't crushing.

7f785b  No.632820


You may have had it on the wrong direction.

7f785b  No.632821

What would be the best scope to put on an AR-10? I was thinking and SWFA SS fixed 10x42.

I've heard of the reverse recoil impulse on semi-auto rifles and airguns and want something that can withstand it for a while.

7b73b7  No.632825


What's your price ranged? You can go stupidly high on optic price. You could go several thousand dollars on a thermal optic or a few hundred on a vortex/primary arms

51af9f  No.632880


There could be a lot of different answers to that, depending on your price range and what you want to do with it. Although a fixed 10 power wouldn't be my first answer for any of those, any particular reason you suggested that once?

e74287  No.632881

File: 9013701c3ae9ea3⋯.jpeg (592.18 KB, 3264x2448, 4:3, it looks like an ass.jpeg)



c47c5b  No.632901


the .308 is good for longer range. Also being longer to accommodate a bigger cartridge, it's got some real estate to work with.

Here's something I saw recently. It's on Amazon so take this offer with a grain of salt, maybe some cayenne for flavor, but


No idea who that is. It has a 50mm front for less light lost, and a first-focal-plane reticle so the holdover marks have the same end-result meaning regardless of zoom level.

c39c48  No.632973


>that file name

It looks more like a scrotum. Did you make the Grinch a eunuch, you sick bastard?

ea0561  No.633001

Are HK style diopter sights usually adjusted for range in combat or are the sights left on a certain setting and guessing used for compensation?

309a68  No.633020

Anyone have the info for the socal meet up? I thought I capped the info but I guess not.

7b73b7  No.633030

File: cd07f02fd58dfb4⋯.jpg (1014.97 KB, 2272x1704, 4:3, aks-74u_8_of_8[1].jpg)

What's that thing above the charging handle and in front of the rear sight on an aks-74u?

9f889f  No.633036

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>MK6 helmets are useless against 9mm 155grain

03a242  No.633038


It's an overtravel stop, since the AKSU-74 has a hinged, not removable, top cover.

03a242  No.633040

File: 15de4c496d77078⋯.png (40.16 KB, 646x249, 646:249, brit explains uk events.PNG)


Ah, that wonderful British tradition of quality military-issue gear….

It goes hand-in-hand with everything else they have done since 1914…

e74287  No.633049


Depends on the kind of combat you are in. At longer ranges with low intensity you will have enough time to adjust and aim properly.

If the enemy is right on top of you, you use your gun instead of fiddling around with it.

f164d7  No.633070


It's an old as fuck nylon helmet, what do you expect?

7f785b  No.633072


>the .308 is good for longer range.

Not really, It's anemic past 500 yards IMO and that's as far as I plan on shooting it.

>that link

>24x magnification


I never should have asked here tbh, you didn't even answer my question.

bda9cb  No.633090

Does Ruger or S&W make the better $500 black assault rifle of rapedeath and dead niggers?

0d532a  No.633109


They're basically the same from what I remember, just pick the one with your favorite gimmicks.

03a242  No.633127

File: 0cb677bccd9c9eb⋯.png (64.91 KB, 596x351, 596:351, self-defense in the UK.PNG)


It's supposed to be kevlar or similar, and at least splinter-proof, and it's only from the late 80's ffs. Unless you left it out in the desert sun that whole time, it should at least stop 9mm.

337d2d  No.633145

File: 8675f82dbaa426d⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1066x800, 533:400, ClipboardImage.png)

Will it be any good or a complete failure?

6fdb27  No.633338

Does anyone have a download/torrent/whatever of Magpul Dynamics Art of the Precision Rifle? Or can you recommend other instructional videos?

7b73b7  No.633348

File: 4e6848484c62eb1⋯.jpg (218.88 KB, 896x811, 896:811, BicycleBersaglieri2[1].jpg)

Could bike infantry be combined with paratroopers (men jumping from planes with bikes)? Has anyone done it?

04bc00  No.633369


Why paradrop bikes when you can paradrop IFVs and Churches?

1215d1  No.633381

File: ab4a7dc4b28a812⋯.png (348.89 KB, 777x536, 777:536, ClipboardImage.png)


Like so?

42cf7a  No.633382

File: 129daf10f3f7ea1⋯.jpg (44.29 KB, 430x403, 430:403, east germany.jpg)

File: 7cf9e3b428d6780⋯.jpg (7.9 KB, 576x145, 576:145, SKS.jpg)

How does the Romanian SKS compare to the East German SKS? Also out of the warsaw pact countries what surplus is considered cheap?

d287dd  No.633385


East German SKSs are the highest quality variants by a significant margin, and also the most rare and expensive. They're basically unicorns. Romy SKSs aren't bad quality, no worse than Russian ones, but are also pretty uncommon. There's no such thing as cheap surplus anywhere these days, I'm afraid.

edaae2  No.633392

File: ed2ab5a7e2b8ea2⋯.jpg (57.29 KB, 432x343, 432:343, 070809_para_1.jpg)


The US has tried it, although since you don't hear much about it it probably wasn't as effective as conventional means of deploying paratroopers.

1e85e4  No.633394

>leave for a week

>board lost almost 100 UIDs while I was gone

Did I miss a happening, or did the BO cuck out?

42cf7a  No.633400


>There's no such thing as cheap surplus anywhere these days

Dark times we live in

132162  No.633401


>There's no such thing as cheap surplus anywhere these days

I got my swede mauser for $35.

Nobody wants them here.

c699ba  No.633402


>lost UIDs

I would have thought we'd gain a lot more since halfchan is leaking every few weeks and post quality consistently drops with their arrival.


You guys aren't as commercialized, though, so it's understandable.

Our price hike in milsurp also dates back to the great merchant handwringing of the 2008 election where absolutely everything went up in price. Had it not been for that, or possible other "scares" we'd still have $70 Mosins, $300 crap AKs, and sub-$500 German Mausers.

2a848f  No.633426

File: 1bf3085c2382dc9⋯.jpg (26.31 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ruger.jpg)

I realize it can't be that feasible since nobody is doing it, but what would it take to enable full auto fire from a 10/22? Could it be made open bolt with a fixed firing pin and custom sear?

00e532  No.633431


If I recall, you need to mill out a bit of the receiver, modify the trigger group for a f/a sear. There was a pdf on it ages ago, I can't find it right now.

7b73b7  No.633459

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>nobody is doing it

What now? Plenty of videos of dealer convert/pre 86 ones.

c46259  No.633513

File: 912a1edeb4bbc73⋯.pdf (1.07 MB, Ruger 10-22 Rifle Full Aut….pdf)

File: 4fcdcb2d07567e7⋯.pdf (3.72 MB, Ruger 10-22 Select Fire Fu….pdf)

File: ad79ddd00275071⋯.pdf (1.65 MB, Ruger 10-22 Exotic Weapons….pdf)


I got three PDFs for you.

42cf7a  No.633724

File: f729a1418184bb2⋯.jpg (86.57 KB, 762x543, 254:181, Britbong No 69 grenade.jpg)

File: 9316a69f86a96f7⋯.jpg (33.44 KB, 372x275, 372:275, Vodka m1914 grenade.jpg)

How do impact grenades compare to regular grenades?

d19cc8  No.633730

File: 8eb40d778989eef⋯.jpg (65.4 KB, 637x400, 637:400, 36M Vécsey.jpg)

File: ab1ad0dcc319ead⋯.jpg (8.36 KB, 257x196, 257:196, 42 M Vécsey.jpg)


I take you want to ask if grenades with impact fuses are deployed in a significantly different manner compared to grenades with timed fuses. I can tell you this much: before ww2 the Hungarian army developed the 36M Vécsey kézigránát, which had a simple impact fuse. It was perfect for close quarter battles, because it instantly blew up, giving the enemy no chance to react. And it couldn't roll back from hills, which is also a positive. The problem is that they were dangerous in forests, where they could detonate upon hiting a branch. And they were useless if you couldn't throw them with enough force to activate the timer, e.g. you couldn't just let them drop from a building, or into an open hatch of a tank. For this reason they developed the 42M Vécsey grenade, which had a timed fuse. They were used together, and the soldier had to think about which one was better for a given situation. But most of the time either works, so it's really not that much of a difference.

04bc00  No.633735


Italians used them until '90 so i guess they cant be that bad

0d26d2  No.633820


I'm not linking the PDF directly but here's the murdercube archive there's 2 how to on there I think


ea0561  No.633901


Quite sometime ago we had a thread about the ideal political system (the canadian parliamentary gangbang thread) which is where I think these phone screencaps are from. Do you have any suggestions for further reading in English on Hungarian Feudalism? It reminds me quite a bit of Dune.

ea0561  No.633902

File: d3c2a0171613e41⋯.png (669.57 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20170716-092006.png)

File: 429e06a90239e07⋯.png (556.65 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20170716-092013.png)


Forgot screencaps

2aacc8  No.633908



It gets better.

>The popes and the kings are constantly at each other's throats about who has the right to nominate bishops in a given realm.

>The kings think it is their right to decide since it is their realm and their land.

>Rome thinks it is their decision since all power comes from God, so the Church has the final say

>Even emperors are excomunicated because of these power struggles

>Excommunication in medieval times is a very serious thing

>Meanwhile the Árpád dynasty of Hungary freely practices its right to nominate church officals, Rome doesn't really mind

The system worked because the Árpáds had a lot of prestige. Seven members of the dynasty were either canonized as saints or beatified and two of them are recognized as saints by the Orthodox Church. It's one thing to rebel against a king, but to rebel against someone who is a descendant of Attila AND a Charlemagne-esque Christian paladin monarch is the kind of different matter that can get you sliced into four parts that were sent to the for corners of the realm to remind all about the price of treason. This literally happened. Also, an unusually high number of the Árpáds died in battle; whenever there was a war, the king was in the thick of it.

The choice was either being ruled by a harsh, but ultimately benevolent king or being seriously, utterly fucked up by him. And so, the kingdom endured. When you picture an Árpád king, imagine the mixture of King Arthur and Attila the Hun.

e409d6  No.633910

File: c11f41d9df15e5c⋯.png (608.84 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 6a70c0f152f334243bc9259309….png)

is hunting with slugs the cheapest option for hunting in regards to ammo? I want to get into hunting and I want something big thats also cheap

e409d6  No.633911


should've mentioned boar and deer are whats near me

02efef  No.633914

File: c2169ade8b33c1e⋯.jpg (36.25 KB, 624x624, 1:1, flagguy.jpg)



Interesting. I desire to know the answer to this as well. Also to add on to this question, do you need to get a rifled barrel for the shotgun you are using? Pic semi-related

e409d6  No.633915


I'm assuming a rifled barrel is cheaper in the long run since rifled slugs appear to be more expensive. I don't know what slugs are good for hunting though

e409d6  No.633919

File: 501a1603121e026⋯.jpg (11.61 KB, 490x120, 49:12, photo_USH_L.jpg)


cause I'm looking for something like the ultra slug hunter which apparently is out of stock everywhere and ammo to go with it. That's only if it's a cheap yet practical option

f634f1  No.633922


>Do you have any suggestions for further reading in English on Hungarian Feudalism?

I wish, but this is something that even most Hungarian historians ignore, as they are usually too caught up in a few centuries to see the greater picture. The best I can do is to recommend three Hungarian books:

>Györffy György: István király és műve

This was written in the 1980s, but it's still the best introduction to the age of king Stephen, the creator of this system. You get to to learn how and why an alliance of Eurasian nomads built a Christian kingdom that.

>the works of Joó Tibor

Written in the 1930s, they have bits of unfounded theories here and there, but they give you a rather unique perspective that was unfortunately completely forgotten once commies got into power.



41a2d4  No.633967



Rifled barrels are memery of the fuckiest order. You can only shoot Sabot slugs through them, which are subcaliber and pricey as fuck. Proper rifled slugs to be shot out of a cylinder bore smoothbore can be had for .75-1.25$ a round depending on whether you're willing to order online or have to buy in a store. Rifled slugs out of a proper shotgun are a solid 50-75yd stopper.

If you're looking for just the cheapest possible per round to put meat in the freezer handloaded with handcast lead in a .357 or .44mag, or factory 7.62x39 soft points are all going to be .30cpr or less.

f072ce  No.633986


You do understand that the "rifling" on a "rifled" slug is there so the slug can swage itself through a choke, and that it does NOT impart any spin on the projectile, right?

f92524  No.633997


Using recycled lead, one can kill a deer with a hand cast bullet for $0.10 a piece. I used a bullet I cast myself for deer, loaded round was $0.16 a piece, with big 330 grain bullet and 1,720 fps average and big boi 2,200 ft.lbs. of energy. Some people will try to go with a lighter load and save a few more cents. Smaller the deer, the less power/bullet you might want. Then again, does a $0.50 factory bullet in 308 become that much of a cost burden considering everything all in all?


It doesn't seem he implied that the rifled slugs spun and were super accurate due to spin. He just stated that they were good enough for 80- yards deer hunting, which they are if you can get a foster slug that works with your gun, and that if you don't hunt any further than that is a rifled barrel and sabot slug REALLY that superior? There is a reason why rifled foster slugs still exist and persist despite high end sabot slugs and high quality rifled shotgun barrels.

cf3132  No.634011

Are there any good sources about early 20th century european gun laws? One question I'm wanting an answer to is if any other european countries had better gun laws than Germany post '38 pre '45.

Also, do any current european countries have better gun laws than the aforementioned period?

a9a850  No.634112

File: f90e8b77619fc6a⋯.jpg (123.71 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, not my rifle.jpg)

Hey /k/, I recently bought a Howa 1500 chambered in .223 as a cheap target shooting rifle, but a family friend wants me to go varmint shooting hares and foxes on their property. I was wondering, is it worth spending a few extra cents per cartridge to buy .204 180 AUD per 100 rounds, compared to 150 AUD for .223 and should I bother installing a floorplate so I can fit magazines on it? It would double the capacity, but it would also cost a couple hundred dollars with the magazines.

41a2d4  No.634114


You do understand that the only reason sabot slugs exist is retarded states that forbid rifle hunting? A rifled barrel slug gun is like a bump stock or a pistol 'brace', it's designed to skirt rules put in place by retarded politicians, it's objectively inferior to anything purpose built for the same role.



I'm kind of confused. .204 Ruger and .223 Remington share a case, but are different projectile sizes. If you can get it to chamber, shooting a .204 down a ,223 bore means the projectile won't hit the rifling, so it won't stabilize nor spin, as well as letting powder blowby the bullet itself, leading to an inaccurate and underpowered projectile.

>should I bother installing a floorplate so I can fit magazines on it? It would double the capacity, but it would also cost a couple hundred dollars with the magazines

Does Magpul import? They do fairly cheap AICS pattern mags now.

a9a850  No.634119


>I'm kind of confused.

I have a Remington 700 chambered in .204, from when I first got my license and nearly bankrupted myself on funs, but the question was more about which would be a superior calibre for varmint hunting. On paper, the .204 seems like a superior round, but I'm not sure if it's worth the extra money.

>Does Magpul import?

Doing private imports is kind of a nightmare, and everything firearm-related is heavily taxed in Australia, so cheap is pretty relative.

708a27  No.634121


> and should I bother installing a floorplate so I can fit magazines on it?

I personally don't see the utility. With a bolt action varmint rifle, you'd be lucky to get a follow up shot anyway, so it's not like capacity matters all that much. Not unless it's a convenience thing, but I'd just as soon carry loose rounds and single load.

00e532  No.634131


.223 is fine on those targets. If you really want to have fun find something in .22-250.

42cf7a  No.634173

How much of a mess was the austro-hungarian army during ww1?

461088  No.634174

File: 802af28a396ac6a⋯.jpg (114.99 KB, 640x640, 1:1, LeBackpack.jpg)

I decided to put the Y style straps on my Czech M85 backpack but dont know what this hook goes to,any ideas?

fcb3e9  No.634175


It's designed to be used with a belt you wear around your jacket. You hook it to that.

461088  No.634176


Thanks breh,I suspected it would be for some kind of belt,any Idea what kind/model though?

fcb3e9  No.634180


That I do not know, sorry. But if it's like the Czech m60 or the NVA sturmgepäck it should work with any waist belt.

461088  No.634182

File: 6ed0adcff6b6005⋯.jpg (686.73 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, LeBackpack.jpg)


I'll just use it as a backpack like this for now(the Y-straps are way more comfy than the stock ones).I'll probably just leave the "belt hook" dangling or just put a bit of tape on it to stop it from moving

b686a9  No.634184

File: 5d2dbc001dec2c4⋯.png (59.64 KB, 1000x775, 40:31, 42796.png)

About to pull the trigger on an FNS-9C, is there any thing bad about FNH USA as a company I should know about? Any shitty dealings or bad business practices? All I've heard so far is that their customer service kinda sucks, but that's okay.

490359  No.634213


This shit is as oversimplifying as that image trying to prove Northern Europeans being the most important nations in the world by counting only post-1400 personalities.

0d532a  No.634223


They're alright as companies go. The parent company in Belgium has been nationalized, whether that's good or bad is up to you. Aside from that, just keep in mind that as a civilian customer you're last in line after a whole bunch of militaries and police forces. Like you already pointed out, that implies bad customer service, and if you ever need to buy replacement parts while they're fulfilling a contract, good luck.

a3ac5e  No.634227

Why do people think German weapons are good when all they do is take credit for the work of others?

f92524  No.634232


You boys got the CETME from Mauser engineers who designed the StG 45 during WW2 for Germany as the forerunner, when the Germans selected the G3 they were just getting their own design back. The first bolt action, the needle gun, came from Germany, almost everyone copied the Mauser design globally and even today its the standard for bolt action rifle design. Germans built the first submachine guns during WW1. Who came up with the all around machine gun in the MG34 and MG42? How many nations still use the MG3 today?

Credit for the work of others? Other than the fact they are using Eugene "Retard" Stoner's AR design, ONLY TO WIN US MILITARY CONTRACTS, for their latest batch of rifles, please elaborate who the Germans just don't invent any guns on their own?

a9a850  No.634234

File: b051255650ebc57⋯.jpg (75.39 KB, 226x342, 113:171, Failed Leadership Check.jpg)


B-but Cei Rigotto… Muh OVP 1918… You suck! I'm taking my Bushmaster PMV and Owen gun and going home!

809cf9  No.634236


>Eugene "Retard" Stoner

I don't like the AR-15 either, but the AR-18 is a pretty good system, and the Stoner 63 is a great idea that simply didn't work out so well. Besides, we don't know who did what on those weapons, so praising or cursing him, and only him for the AR-15 is the truly retarded thing to do.

f92524  No.634246


Just acting in kind with the kinds of attitudes and belligerent mannerisms of those who threw every single firearm overboard because "muh Murrican" AR-15 is best gun because Whizz kids say so. AR-15 isn't the worst, but the way its come to success is. Also I do like the AR-18 better, but don't say that because that contradicts the decisions made by the boys in the office.

Also the modern "gun culture" that tries to deify people. Stoner and Kalashnikov were brilliant engineers, but there is no reason for some of these modern sub cults to praise them the way they do. You are further right, teams of engineers built many of the things we love, to give credit to one or two Superstars is ridiculous.

Think of such obtuse measures as tilling up hardened ground so that reason may soak in.

c699ba  No.634247


They've been using the AR-18 bolt for everything since the G36.


Germany's too poor to make anything unique.

65cf7d  No.634273

File: f8a6a2583687e7f⋯.jpg (200.11 KB, 1159x746, 1159:746, Kraut space magic.jpg)


>Germany's too poor to make anything unique

>what is the G11

Krauts have more than their share of problems, but don't lack in either money or ingenuity. The issue is kraut autism means that ingenuity can never be paired with practicality. Instead, it exclusively produces overdesigned monuments to the 'tism that more resembles a Rube Goldberg machine than a real machine.

1715b4  No.634284

Which design do you like more: AR18 or FN FNC?

c699ba  No.634295


>>what is the G11

Too expensive to produce in large quantities, as Germany is too poor.

9b2506  No.634322


>just watched Demolition Man today

Is this the fucking phaser gun?

41a2d4  No.634355


After the wall fell the BDR had the choice of completely rebuilding east german infrastructure and civil facilities from the ground up, or getting the G11 to a point they could mass produce it. They chose the less expensive option.

c699ba  No.634357


And Germany's still too poor to afford even the new, cheap-o HK rifle.

8db77d  No.634367

Are there any revolvers chambered in bottle necked pistol cartridges?

c699ba  No.634397


The only one that comes to mind is the BFR chambered in .30-30 Winchester.

Apart from that it's not the most efficient to produce due to consistent headspace being tricky so they're very few and far between.

2c8591  No.634561



4721b7  No.634594


Traitors mean americans who fucking hate americans, and there's a lot of them here, even on /k/.

And what fucking repercussion? I don't see americans taking their guns to kill the govt, or kill Trump. They just shitpost on the internet.

I have no loyalty to Trump and I call him out of his anti-gun bullshit on the regular, what makes me mad is that kikes will never acknowledge his good deeds, and will actively try turning his good deeds into bad via propaganda campaign.

2d6037  No.634600

File: be309b814466120⋯.mp4 (7.39 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ain't_I_Right_-_American_A….mp4)


>Traitors mean americans who fucking hate americans

I can hate people who are considered americans by teh government and be a patriot I don't consider commies to be American

f92524  No.634604


That's the whole point and why the US was doomed the very moment it gave up its Angl-American European Christian identity. it was over. The biggest problem of the big tent is that when there is enough diversity there is no identity and no one REALLY belongs. Keep opening up the values and one day there is no identity, you get bullshit like "Fresh off the boat immigrants are the Most American Americans in existence" (an idea many US political machines pushed since the early 1800's pitting new European immigrants against old ones), bullshit like "Unions built the country, labor is America", "Progressivism came from America and from New England, it is the truest American movement, you aren't American if you aren't of this political way of thinking", "Socialism is American because of unions and progressivism", ect. Also the myth o the melting pot and the most American thing there is is self division and internal conflict.

Therefore one day you get people saying that illegal alien Alejandro is the truest American, a melting pot person yearning to breathe free in land of opportunity wanting to assimilate and bring blessed diversity somehow at the same time, destroy un-American racism (even though the same people who say the melting pot is American claim America is a racist country), and the old European stock that turned the iwlderness into a first world superpower are racist anti-Americans.

That's why there is real hope for Europe, if the nations of Europe come tot heir senses they may throw out the foreign invaders and reclaim their homelands and maintain their nation. America, the US has little left of its identity, has no nationhood or even the scarps of nationhood it once had, once it begins to fall apart and fail nothing will fix it short of very drastic hardcore actions.

Hating other "Americans' gets easy when it becomes a hollow label with no meaning slapped on everyone and everything, especially anti-American things that are trying to ironically destroy what was the strongest sense of Americanism.

d2da54  No.634609


And I don't mean those commie fucks, I mean americans, red-blooded americans, and those anti-americans hate them too.


Christianity is a fucking plague of the world, but the american identity is still a thing, it needs to be protected.

41a2d4  No.634632


.256 win mag and .22 rem jet. Both basically a .38/.357 case necked down. Somewhat popular for a few years back in the late 60's early 70's. S&W made the model 53 in .22 rem jet, and Ruger made a single shot 'revolver' based on the blackhawk in .256, and I believe a tiny amount of actual blackhawk's chambered as well.

f8fd2b  No.634670


And I ask again, how exactly do I destroy threads? Explain to me.

And trivial shit? Withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and Syria are trivial shit? Holy shit.

And no, I have never ever attacked people for pointing out the harmful things Trump did.

>YOU and the likes of YOU are the reasons the bumpstock ban happened

What in the holy of fuck, how is that even possible?


I have no problem with you being anti-Trump, but if you hate everyday red-blooded americans, then there's no hope for you.

>When will the northen gooks finalize the solutions on you, our miscreation?

Holy shit, this faggot thinks he created South Vietnam, and nope, the faggots in the North are too poor for that shit.

7b0bda  No.634681


I mean everyday red-blooded americans who love guns, love liberty and freedom.

>America is a failed shithole that fucked over the world and that's in desperate need of a nuclear war so it can die with whatever table scraps of dignity it has left.

The word of a demented mind.

It's clearly as hell that the now common narrative is hatred against America, it's not the jews anymore, just America.

fc0cda  No.634696


Fuck that blackpill down your threat.

You are trying to goad people into killing white instead of jews.

07af4f  No.634770

Getting ready to pull the trigger on a cheap AR, should I buy PSA or Ruger?

337d2d  No.634772


Depends on what you're looking for. Both are fine.

337d2d  No.634773


Communists are not even human, let alone American.

2d6037  No.634775


Ruger has better customer service if you care about that sort of thing

79ae1c  No.634781


>You are trying to goad people into killing white instead of jews.

some mysterious mix of white, negro and spic of varying proportions.


>red blooded liberdy lubing amerganz :DDD

Nice boomerpost

07af4f  No.634787


The reason I ask is because I've read a ton of negative reviews about the MPR (should have specified) but at the same time there are a bunch of people who say it's the best rifle for the money, with the CHF barrel and 2 stage trigger. It's nice to have the warranty.. but I don't want to buy something that I'm guaranteed to have to use the warranty on in the first place.

07af4f  No.634788


Also, it seems like most of the issues are with people using steel case ammunition before the rifle has broken in, but that's not the only issue I've seen posted.

287a7b  No.634801

File: e140a9c725f7274⋯.png (87.18 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, Falkland islands.png)

File: a662a006ccee7d0⋯.png (164.35 KB, 2000x1200, 5:3, Sark.png)

What are the gun laws like in the Falkland Islands and the Channel Islands? (Jersey and Sark)

2c8591  No.634861

File: deb251e899a3cdf⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1000x665, 200:133, ClipboardImage.png)


Jersey is basically the same as the US in terms of what they can get, legal semi-auto rifles of any caliber, legal semi-auto pistols of any caliber, legal semi-auto shotguns, no mag restrictions on anything, no real specific import restrictions, so they can still get real Russian-made AKs and Swiss-made SGs like the UK. Jersey has the best gun laws of anywhere in Britain. The complete opposite of New Jersey really.

I have no idea about the Falklands and Sark though, I know Guernsey is pretty much the same as the UK.

2e80f8  No.634869

Do you customize a s&w revolver or does it just work out of the box?

f92524  No.634871


They ain't as good as they used to be, but they will work fine out of the box. I'd say an old S&W, like my M29, doesn't need a trigger job the way it is, but a newer one you may really think about, considering S&W's are the easiest to work on. Remember that a minor trigger job, like a kit or some light work might really improve it overall. Keep in mind too much trigger work to lighten it will eventually cause lighter primer strikes that may affect how certain rounds will perform because of primer brisancy. Be careful doing too much work yourself, in some cases you will easily make things worse. I've seen people on the Youtube who have roughed up things they tried to polish, you can easily damage things or bring them out of spec.

If you aren't shooting competition, a stock gun is probably OK and light work is best if you do.

00e532  No.634884

File: b8f206e1219cd37⋯.jpg (325.8 KB, 1200x1792, 75:112, innadesert.jpg)


I think the best way to deal with the piece of trash is to post trash cans at it.

bfef14  No.634930


Report it for ban evasion

1715b4  No.634971

What style of mag release is better - AR-style button or HK style paddle? Is button mag release harder to manufacture?

b3c9ae  No.635063


They're both just a latch and a spring, right? I wouldn't imagine one is all that harder to manufacture than the other. I have more experience with button releases so I prefer them, but I can see the advantage of the paddle as it's natively ambidexterous, and because of its position harder to accidentally engage.

41a2d4  No.635115


Paddle tends to be simpler, though they're both pretty simple, and lends itself well to modification. It's also natively ambi, and if positioned right can be hit with the trigger finger during mag changes.

Button mag release can be faster, but it usually requires a mag catch higher on the mag, so like on the AR15 if you have a modular gun you are restricted in cartridge to whatever will fit in the standard magwell.

I prefer pretty strongly a paddle mag release. All of my mag fed long guns use them, and a rock-in lock mag just seems more secure and reliable to me.

c699ba  No.635117

File: a7e120cfad4ae7b⋯.jpg (82.48 KB, 880x660, 4:3, ak mag.jpg)

File: 9119970585755e5⋯.jpg (42.11 KB, 1155x1155, 1:1, ar mag.jpg)


Both have pros and cons.

With a button release, you can shove the magazine straight in though in a stressful situation you might not know if it's fully inserted and locked. It's also harder to seat a loaded magazine with a closed bolt.

With the paddle release, you have to rock the magazine in which can be troublesome - the M14 is notorious for being a bastard even when you're used to it. Polymer magazines also typically suck ass due to the tight fitting necessary for operation, like AK pmags.


>but it usually requires a mag catch higher on the mag

With a paddle release you need two locking surfaces, one in the front and one in the rear. Typically the front portion locks right into the receiver and the rearward part is quite low for the purpose of stability, and the AK and AR magazines have almost the exact same placement distance.

>so like on the AR15 if you have a modular gun you are restricted in cartridge to whatever will fit in the standard magwell

Anon I don't think the type of magazine release is the part of the design that limits ammunition selection

41a2d4  No.635127


>Anon I don't think the type of magazine release is the part of the design that limits ammunition selection

The mag release is a crucial part of the magwell design. I don't see any way the AR15 magwell could work with a different release unless you added some weird transfer bars. You'd have to shorten it to use a rock in paddle mag type, then it wouldn't be an AR15 magwell anymore.

c699ba  No.635131

File: 42710d8d3624f57⋯.jpg (271.15 KB, 800x600, 4:3, download (1).jpg)

File: 5f1a436aac9985d⋯.jpg (502.68 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, download (2).jpg)

File: 8a322bc7bf7def5⋯.jpg (83.42 KB, 450x304, 225:152, download (3).jpg)

File: 21200dd2aea0ae5⋯.jpg (30.92 KB, 640x360, 16:9, download (4).jpg)


You realize that you have the same issues as rock-in magazines, right?

There are adapters when you need to use smaller calibers or different magazines in general.

1715b4  No.635168


What about MP5 with paddle mag release? It doesn't require rocking the mag, just pushing it in afaik.

7a9f40  No.635172

If I made an AR pistol with not only a set of canted sights, but canted a foregrip and stabilizer to align with them, would that be legal without papers?

b7ca07  No.635177

c699ba  No.635206


It's not as obvious because of the deep magwell, but you do have to rock it back to lock it in place.

1715b4  No.635221

File: b6512307508acdc⋯.jpg (40.54 KB, 800x800, 1:1, ER-MP5-200-MAG.JPG)


Ok, but can you make a notch on the back of the mag that would lock against a paddle without rocking the mag in place, so you get both the ergonomics of the paddle release and the polymer mags and ease of reloading of button-style? Kind of like a notch in the side of the mag in the button mag lock but it's on the back side of the magazine, kind of like the notch on the pic related but bigger for more secure lock.

c699ba  No.635226


It's an issue of clearance, there's not enough room for the magazine to be seated like that. The leverage to ease insertion and the snug fit are the main bonuses of having a paddle release.

The MP5(and the G3 series in general) and the G36 have made it as subtle as possible, but without connecting the paddle to a button release you'll still need to rock the magazine into the locked position to avoid it flopping around.

1715b4  No.635228


Thanks, i kinda get it now - if you're using metal mags and a gun that doesn't have bolt hold open then paddle release might be a good idea, but if you're the other way round then button release might be better. So if you're going with the most "modern" design then it's probably easier to use the button mag release and customize the controls, possibly adding paddle if you like its ergonomics.

>you'll still need to rock the magazine into the locked position to avoid it flopping around

Isn't there a ramp on the top of the notch that paddle end catches on and locks it in place? Why can't you just push it straight in so that the mag pushes the locking lever to the side and it then just locks in place? Is there something that stops you from doing that in the current mags?

Also, how do polymer mags compare to steel or aluminum ones in general? Price, weight, reliability, ease of use, personal preference?

c699ba  No.635233

File: 3a17aaeaca78f67⋯.jpg (107.59 KB, 900x616, 225:154, 1374534762186.jpg)


>Is there something that stops you from doing that in the current mags?

It's likely to do with the size and/or curvature, since older SMGs were set up like that. Though it's still harder to seat them on a closed bolt, so it could also be a deliberate change based on that.

>Also, how do polymer mags compare to steel or aluminum ones in general? Price, weight, reliability, ease of use, personal preference?

One of the more obvious bonuses of polymer magazines is that they don't bend, they wear and break. It's easier to diagnose problems that way rather than steel magazines set to a different specification, and aluminum magazines can have bent feed lips that prevent proper feeding in any rifle.

1715b4  No.635236


So this type of mag lock seems to be an outdated version of button-style release, internally, and so the latter should be used if so desired? Or should it only be used in designs that want paddle ergonomics while remaining button-style internally?

c699ba  No.635239



It's all personal preference, which is why there are people who dislike straight magazine insertion for rifles/SMGs and people who dislike rocking in magazines.

As long as it works as intended there's no objective problem.

1715b4  No.635241


Well, there are some objective advantages and downsides, like magwell accepting the mag at any angle and without changing the direction of the push or leverage when insertion against a closed bolt, so i want to understand these things in more detail, as there's a lot less info and less attention in general on magazines and their construction, even though they are a very important factor of a firearm and can largely impact things as reliability, up to the point of making the firearm inoperable.

b3c9ae  No.635360


What about the Walther and HK pistols with a paddle release? You don't need to rock those into place, and the magazines drop free.

2a848f  No.635361

File: 441025b5949ec8b⋯.mp4 (553.46 KB, 640x400, 8:5, Gondola mind palace.mp4)

What song is this?

1715b4  No.635364


That's soundtrack to the game Bastion by Darren Korb. Good taste.

860c2a  No.635379


Why not. It has no stock, no vertical foregrip, and the barrel is a legal length for a pistol. What about that makes it an sbr?

c699ba  No.635395


That's a heel release and locks over or near the bottom, so it's entirely irrelevant.

07711b  No.635398


>aiming for body armor

you point it at the face and neck newfag

b76ec6  No.635445

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Does anything other than this video remain of this series/show? Is this all there ever was? Is there some public access archive in Winnipeg I need to track down to discover the rest of Trevor's knowledge and instructions on preparation? I want to survive Cataclysm.

7be0a6  No.635587


>Is there some public access archive in Winnipeg I need to track down

Someone here already tried to tack down the rest of it, from memory the letter he got back was something to the effect of "get fucked".

de064f  No.635659


So the solution is not a daring expedition to discover the lost treasures of Winnipeg, but an elaborate heist to liberate Manitoba's gift to the world from the undeserving hands that clutch it?

8089f6  No.635709

Every time I shoot my Mossberg 590 with the bayonet affixed, the recoil throws it off.

I take it this isn't normal?

ac44f8  No.635717

Does a .30-06 hollow point cause more tissue damage than both a 20 and 12 gauge slug?

1715b4  No.635725


depends on the hollow point in question and on the barrel length - 12 gauge equals 30-06 at 24" barrel at ~2900-3000ft-lbs so out of shorter barrel it'd have less. If hollow point expands correctly then it can probably match the diameter of the slug - then they'd be somewhat equal, though slug might still cause a bit more damage as it doesn't need to expand. So, 20 gauge is weaker unless we look at different barrels while 12 gauge equals 30-06 from their standard barrel lengths, though 30-06 would have a lot more range and might penetrate less depending on the bullet used - soft points are generally preferred with rifle cartridges unless it's some premium chad ammo where advanced technologies can offer something in addition to general performance.

887b4e  No.635769

File: acf60b6896c0a27⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.06 KB, 680x510, 4:3, a2d617d5b8b4ec83ef7fe4fd67….jpg)

What's your fair price for a sporterized and rusted to shit tikka mosin? I found one at lgs and might take it off their hands for 200. It's not my first x54, and seems like a decent choice to modify.

b76ec6  No.635770


I wouldn't touch that gun, it looks so rusted I've begun to hallucinate figures appearing in the corrosion.

41a2d4  No.635780


From what I've read it's decently normal. The bayonet was really put on as an afterthought, and mostly a crowd control device. That said, I bet some careful fitting could secure it properly, I just haven't bothered getting an M7 or M9 to try on my 590 when I've got a trench gun project going.


Depending on exactly how/what was sporterized, I'd probably offer $150 for what's basically a barreled action to me.

dc20c7  No.635854

File: 81e330365f985bb⋯.png (2.26 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Revi.png)

File: 981f4de1482a203⋯.jpg (96.39 KB, 600x796, 150:199, yi2vuwgnrvk01[1].jpg)

Why were cockpit sights on most german WW2 fighter aircraft mounted off-center?

887b4e  No.635863


Just the front end of the stock being chopped off. Sights, crown, and action are in good condition. Rifling looked 50% but i'd have to scrub it for a better idea.



To see the rwy center line?

0971ba  No.635865

What is the best 20 gauge slug for self-defense? Any good expanding/hollow point slugs in 20 gauge?

0971ba  No.635867

What is the best and highest capacity .380 ACP pistol that is less than $600 in price? Also, is .25 ACP Hornady superior to .22 LR Velocitor and Stinger? Are there any good .25 ACP pistols? I'd also like to ask if there are any good, high capacity .32 ACP pistols.

ac44f8  No.635874

What is the most reliable and effective box magazine fed 12 gauge shotgun?

6d66bc  No.635875

b92c36  No.635876

Are there any good 7.62x39mm and .30-06 hollow points? If so, elaborate. I'm also wondering what the best .380 ACP hollow point is for self-defense. I've heard about .380 ACP Federal Hydra-Shok JHP ammo yet there have been criticisms about its penetration, so is it still worth it?

Does the .380 ACP outweigh 9mm in a self-defense scenario because of its lower recoil?

c699ba  No.635878

a2d3a9  No.635902

Why guns?

3843f6  No.635903


Hello yes this is guns

dc20c7  No.635904

File: 6c5f9bafac0ff39⋯.jpg (283.86 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Bf109f4_cockpit.jpg)

File: 398c4ba2b15219a⋯.jpg (678.06 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, fw190d9_cockpit_09.jpg)

File: 6420dc67b639789⋯.jpg (69.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Zero cockpit kike thunder.jpg)

File: 0e4620af80f214e⋯.jpg (618.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Ki-84_cockpit.jpg)

File: a9ad86b8f7815dc⋯.jpg (119.1 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, war_thunder__spitfire_cock….jpg)


It could also be due to some weird ammo indicator placement autism inherent to german aircraft design philosophy, though strangely enough the nips also have off-center sights on some of their planes even if they're are bulky as fuck while virtually all allied fighters of the time had centered sights.

3843f6  No.635914

ust throwing this out there, physical contact is battery. Assault is when you're afraid they're going to hurt you battery is when they actually touch/hurt you. So why aren't they called battery rifles?

b3c9ae  No.635929


They'd only be battery rifles if their intended purpose was to be swung like clubs at the enemy. The G3 was a prominent battery rifle in the Cold War.

255b7b  No.636019


Do you actually think I'm French? Besides, this is a question and answer thread, not a question and question thread.

62763c  No.636119

Apparently Ohio legislature overrode a veto on shifting the burdern of Proof in self defense onto the prosecution.

(((Kasich))) said the bill "made not sense" somehow his "red flag laws" do

Does that mean that "self defense" in Ohio is dead as an affirmative defense and now requires the prosecution to prove otherwise?

Can we go shoot nigs as long as it's in the dark alleyways and claim self defense after a verbal exchange?

Can the feds fuck this up with "muh interstate commerce?"

9658bf  No.636142

File: c5801a4a639fc64⋯.jpg (10.55 KB, 425x425, 1:1, pepper.jpg)


I want to test pepper spray in my face, to man up and know what it's like (so if someone spray me in the street, I'll be more ready).

How much time should I keep the liquid on my face? Do I rinse immediatly? (in the street, I would not be able to do that immediatly so…)


79ae1c  No.636143


the point of testing is to learn something in a controlled environment.

Contact a friend who's a medic or a cop, and talk with him to set it up in a way you won't hurt yourself more than expected.

1ff4ff  No.636158

Does anyone have that photo with the caption "bump stock in one image"? I was also wondering if any of you have a bump stock diagram of its components.

013d04  No.636238

File: eac736283c5cbca⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 1029x4529, 147:647, nofuns in a nutshell.jpg)

Alright /k/, let's talk about this for a moment. I have been seeing this pattern ever since I knew what the internet was, it's a pattern among Western European, Australian and New Zealander NPC's thinking the idea of supporting (((gun control))) is "sensible and civilized". They take it as a badge of honor compared to gun rights in the US, or at least what they perceive it to be. As gun laws in America is shifting more and more to UK-tier, these said foreign NPC's are still implying gun rights here is "too lax".

This is the part that ticks me off the most. It's the part where they will say having no (((gun control))) at all is "stupid and backwards". Etiher that or they will just say owning a firearm in your home is a "racist, backwards, gun-toting American thing to do". When did this sentiment start in the 20th/21th century? After WWII? I know for a fact that New York Jews have been supporting anti-gun legislations ever since 1910. It was never popular in other Western countries. I'd say the reason why these anti-gun sentiments is present in other foreign nations is because it's fueled by news outlets with ties to US (((mainstream media))).

I also know for a fact that city-going Western European, and especially the British ones love (((liberalism))) a whole lot. They call it "social democracy", that's all. From my own experience, they are the most critical of US gun rights (and of course they don't know how similar present US gun rights are to theirs nowadays, they just eat up the next (((false flag))) mass shooting incedent in the US). Even the Australian NPC's are willing to admit that they enjoy whatever freedom of firearm ownership they have, even if it gives them a flimsy makeshift pea shooter.

So what gives? Why are they so numerous in normalfag circles? How can you even properly debate these lemmings? They're literally worse than communists, in my opinion. Because as blatantly retarded as commies are, they don't support (((gun control))) either. But only because they don't want shitskins disarmed, they would disarm Whites in a heartbeat if they were ever given power. Then they will disarm their shitskin "comrades", anyway. Actually you know what, I take it all back, nothing's worse than commies. Except for kikes of any political flavor, of course.

e14dcb  No.636246

I'm a bit new to the /k/ life, looking to start my collection pretty soon. Was thinking about having a pretty normie tier rifle to start, something gun laws won't sperg at as an excuse to start lowkey howrding ammo, what's the consensus on .357?

To me it seems really versitile, I haven't had the opportunity to hit a range since I was a kid but I remember lever action being fun as shit. That, plus them looking really sexy and seeming pretty solid for small game, that's where my heart is kinda set right now. Only gun I've got right now is my shitty little .22 plinker from when I was a kid, can't really do much with that, where is the best place to start looking? What are some good recommendations as far as lever actions go? I figure Winchester is probably a meme, Marlin any good?

9658bf  No.636387


Then teach me, because I have no one to teach me anything about this.

My "controlled" environment is either my bathroom, or provoked niggers in the street.

Should I wash off quickly after? Now may time?

1715b4  No.636389


Just spray a bit in your room, like one tap of it and you'll get what the thing is. Just do it, you won't die. If it gets in the eyes, wash with water like it's written on it.

61d864  No.636391


>in your room

fuck no. Do you have any idea what a bitch it'll be to vent that shit out afterwards? Do it outside, on a balcony or in the garden or something.

3dfc1e  No.636397

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Go watch all of this guy's videos.

1715b4  No.636402


In any of his rooms, including bathroom. I'm not saying about outside because i've had the experience - my dad fucked up and sprayed some from a small spray in his pocket, very little but it was pretty hard to breathe in there for about half an hour, and that was just a bit. Outside he might fuck it all up and not feel anything and spray it in his face and eyes afterwards.

9658bf  No.636422

File: bc4f76c023bee81⋯.webm (3.82 MB, 460x500, 23:25, testing-pepper-spray.webm)


You're right to say that inside, that may not be a good idea. Now, that's pepper spray, and not gaz, so that's different. But I sprayed a little bite in my bathroom last day, and yeah, there is a little bite or it going in the air, and I have to ventile it.

My question was should I let in on my face, or wash it off immediatly after with water?

In video related, they seem to keep it and not wash it so I don't know. That's the same orange thing I have.

1715b4  No.636425


Well, if you want it that much - try it out and decide if you want to wash it off right away when you feel it. Just check out if there are any risks on the box and DO NOT try to get it in the eyes. Otherwise, it probably won't cause any permanent damage, nor would you trying to claw your own eyes out. Good luck, crasy masochistic strelok.

1715b4  No.636426



Fuck, i hate letters

7b73b7  No.636429

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>already have a 22

Get an AR. Get this before the best sales of the year end and we have a Democrat house subjecting guns to crazy price fluctuations



Paul Harrell is good, but he already has a 22 rifle. Should have embeded this

1077a2  No.636519

File: a89ff540516c4cc⋯.jpg (316.71 KB, 1277x718, 1277:718, gaki.jpg)

What kind of gun is this? Where can I get one?

857c95  No.636557

Is knock-out gas a real thing or just more Hymiewood wankery?

And if it's real how do can make some?

0d532a  No.636570


It's real insofar as there exist gases that will knock you out when inhaled. It's a meme in that, for them to work properly, you need very precise dosages depending on the weight and characteristics of the guy you're drugging, and how long you want him out, otherwise it just becomes poison gas. Pumping gas into a room like in hollyjew will inevitably lead to an overdose and probable death of whoever's in the room. There's a reason operating theaters have one or more specialists dedicated to making sure that anaesthesia is being applied in a safe manner.

7b73b7  No.636598

How loud is a railgun compared to a traditional naval cannon? Cruise missile?

dbd69e  No.636684

I have a couple pistols chambered in .357 and 9mm and I want to pick up something in .45 ACP. I find myself drooling over 1911s but should I consider something else? What would you gents recomend?

608ed1  No.636692


To piggyback off this guy, what do you look for in a 1911? Any tips in general on 1911 buying?

00e532  No.636704


RIA makes an alright one for the price, does have a break in period.

608ed1  No.636706


Is it worth spending some extra for a Colt?

00e532  No.636731


Depends if its in your budget for such things. Three hundred rounds at the range ain't much.

41a2d4  No.636762



RIA, single or doublestack both are great. Ruger if you absolutely have to buy american. Springfield's are half brazilian, colt's are overpriced and outside of a few boutique guns underperforming, remingtons are made on shot out ex-para tooling by drunk monkeys in Huntsville, and Sigs or S&W are highly questionable QC in addition to not actually being 1911's.

608ed1  No.636771



Thanks guys

508b57  No.636778

File: 3699b7173d0dff0⋯.webm (6.09 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Audio.webm)

c699ba  No.636821


>Any tips in general on 1911 buying?

The fit of a 1911 determines reliability. A proper, working 1911 will always have slide rattle - high-end 1911s will have little to none when you receive it because everything is cut closer than specifications call for and require a very long break-in period; the break-in period is when parts begin to wear out during the operation and cycling of the gun, beating away excess to make just enough room for the gun to work without binding or dragging. Until then, malfunctions should be expected.

On the other end of the spectrum, RIA, among other low-budget names, is known for more sloppy-fitting slides - this means cycling will not be impeded, but sometimes there is too much extra slack and proper ejection and feeding will be a problem instead. Sometimes there will be a break-in period out of the box for these, but it usually calls for examining individual parts, like the recoil spring or the extractor, for possible replacing.

GI sights suck ass.

If you have to replace any internals, it's going to require another break-in because, as mentioned before, it's made to a certain specification that may not necessarily match that of the guns current state while cycling.

7 round magazines are cheap, but 8 round magazines are the new standard. Don't cheap out, but don't buy the most expensive - 1911s are picky with magazines too, and you might find a particular brand cycles with no issues while another, usually crappy GI mags, is absolutely terrible. The good thing is that 1911 magazines are cheap, so you even can get an Ed Brown for ~$30.

a38c55  No.636840

How do you find a good range? I've only been to one, and it was indoors. It was alright but they didn't allow cameras and that's one of my requirements. Is this a normal thing at ranges, to ban cameras? How do you determine which ones are better than others? My state has a few unstaffed outdoor ranges but there's a high chance of niggers. I'm willing to drive an hour or two to get to fuddland if this would significantly improve the experience. Also, the ones I've looked at are mostly 100 yards max, but I eventually want to shoot at 1000. Any tips?

0d532a  No.636850


The better ones are generally membership-only. And they're not always called ranges, but sportsmen clubs or something like that. Check out their websites for pictures of the range and what rules they have before going in person.

608ed1  No.636851


Thanks for the info, the rattle of the gun is something that the guy at cabelas was saying I should look for. The RIA one they had there had iirc a cast brass sear that was prone to breaking and the slide would have cracks where the slide lock would catch. IDK if that was just him trying to get me to buy the more expensive one or not.

923c4a  No.636863

File: f7a9441e7936c0e⋯.png (3.44 MB, 1632x1224, 4:3, glowsight0.png)

File: 3b95342b5b78bec⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1224x1632, 3:4, glowsight1.png)

>find this after not knowing where i put it

>never got around to looking for it, stuffed in the box the gun came in, stuffed in back of closet

>was looking for it for over a year



c699ba  No.636868


>The RIA one they had there had iirc a cast brass sear that was prone to breaking and the slide would have cracks where the slide lock would catch. IDK if that was just him trying to get me to buy the more expensive one or not.

RIA uses lots of cast parts, though the majority of pistols do not suffer from parts breakage, much less the slide cracking. People do tinker with RIA pistols to get them running reliably on the first try no matter the condition, though, so there are plenty of guides on ditching the cast bits for better parts.

This guy has a somewhat decent rundown of what can be done - http://www.ktgunsmith.com/RIAM1911A1.htm


Not a question, but 10/10

b76ec6  No.636885

File: 52026e0c9ec3738⋯.png (47.44 KB, 293x246, 293:246, happy.png)


Oh man, that's fucking great

1ab29f  No.636899


Not him. But you should find a safe place with a safe backstop, empty your gun and magazine, and practice dry fire drills. Specifically pertaining to your question you should be practicing your target acquisition.

You should grab your rifle, sling it of your shoulder or hold the grip and handguard, pointing down in a low ready position or a rested position. Stand (safely) naturally with the rifle.

Now. Note your current position. If necessary, adjust your stance as you

Pull the rifle into your shoulder, bring the barrel up an on target. Make no adjustments. Where is your sight picture? Close? Way off? How does the rifle feel in your shoulder? A lot of these adjustments are going to be the difference between a fast target acquisition.

Practice from whatever positions you plan to shoot from, and do it from a non ready position. EI it doesn't matter how you look down your sights from a shooting bench. Because it is the least compromising and least important and least difficult way you'll shoot a rifle.

It's important to note that you shouldn't be making many if any adjustments after you bring your rifle up. Your goal is to always end up shouldering and raising your rifle in a manner that the sights align every time. It comes with consistent practice over a long period of time. After 1000 rounds of good practice you should be getting off your first shot in under 2 seconds. And from there progression slows.

But focus on a perfect shoulder above all else, because you'll always make your aiming adjustments for your sight picture with your front hand and your body together. You'll raise and lower with your hands, and pivot your body for lateral movements.

Honestly though, it's super important to remember that every single person is different and while general guidelines exist, you are you and whatever helps you perform the best is what it best for you. Unless you plan on going to war, you need to just experiment and find what is most comfortable and long term most efficient.

1715b4  No.636906

What's the golden rule of scope magnification, i.e. which one to pick for what range? 1 per 100m? 50?

f42ed9  No.636909


>over 6 gorillion sight systems in use

you can't make this shit up

00e532  No.636914


Man that is blunt enough to bash a mans brains out six times over.

1715b4  No.636923

Is it possible to make a 2 piece receiver where its inner part would use sheet metal and outside frame is made out of polymer? That way it could be pretty durable and robust while not having problems with dents, being easier to handle and possible even lighter(would it or sheet metal negates the advantage?). Are there any guns that use something similar?

c699ba  No.636924

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Basically the XM8 and the G36. They're bulky and transfers heat very poorly, leading to thinner parts of the polymer melting with sustained fire.

Dragunov had a similar idea ages ago and submitted his MA rifle with a fiberglass receiver, the bolt riding along the steel top cover. Of course, that will get hot as fuck in short order as well, especially since the grip is part of the receiver and is made of the same material.

1715b4  No.636925


>2 piece receiver

That's not what i meant, 2 material frame receiver would be more appropriate. Something tube-like similar to G3 but with thinner metal and polymer support around it, so that it's nicer to touch, can be easier shaped and doesn't dent.

1ab29f  No.636926


1715b4  No.636928


Thanks, but what is a better design of a receiver then? Stamped steel can dent and render firearm inoperable, polymer receiver easily breaks and melts, machined ones are heaviest and most expensive and combined ones are limited to plastic over sheet metal, right?

c699ba  No.636932


>Stamped steel can dent and render firearm inoperable

Can, but even crap AKs have a sturdy enough design to prevent irreparable damage. Not to mention they're riveted/pinned to both a front and rear trunnion to keep it in shape with the safety lever reaching across to prevent warping.

Really the best improvement would be thicker steel, and it wouldn't have to be much.

>polymer receiver easily breaks and melts

Pretty much.

>machined ones are heaviest and most expensive

Milled steel is heavy, milled aluminum isn't. Though steel is also tougher.

Production costs would be similar for both, though.

>combined ones are limited to plastic over sheet metal, right?

For now.

There's no best, there's just what works for specific designs.

1715b4  No.636934


>even crap AKs have a sturdy enough design to prevent irreparable damage

True, but special equipment is often necessary to repair it. Might as well stock up some plastic receivers and replace them when needed.

>milled aluminum

Aluminum has a pretty rough surface though, so it'd wear faster than steel and make action less smooth. Coating choice is also more limited, even if needed less than it is for steel.

>For now

What other possible combinations can there be though? Fiberglass or carbon fiber for even lighter weight? I can't think of any other, except for maybe aluminum hull with steel rails/insert.

>There's no best, there's just what works for specific designs

So for full fun either cheap stamped or expensive machined steel and for something that's unlikely to be used for suppression plastic for throwaway rifle or plastic/sheet metal combo for lighter weight and toughness. The only problem with the latter is heat management, right? Otherwise, it doesn't dint, is lighter and costs around as much as stamped metal. How much of a problem is it with current rifles using the tech? They all use short stroke gas piston that is the least heat-inducing one.

c699ba  No.636943

File: 6ad12a2e4d0d0ca⋯.jpg (56.69 KB, 500x317, 500:317, download.jpg)


>The only problem with the latter is heat management, right?

Yeah, that's the main problem, and while the short stroke gas piston is a great way of avoiding excess heat, the close bond of steel and polymer with no radiator or cooling system(air or otherwise) ensures that it's still going to bake after a few magazines.

A polymer coating or something like


okay let's go full retard and just put a coating of bed-liner on an AK receiver or some shit

you know that bumpy crap that prevents you from scraping up the metal

0d532a  No.637025


For hitting minute of man it's about one power per 100 yards. For hunting small game, hunting with 5.56 (shot placement), bench rest target shooting, etc., you'll need to go higher.

09df56  No.637038

File: 8078de50fcded2b⋯.jpg (202.72 KB, 1920x680, 48:17, revolving_rifle.JPG)

Would a revolving rifle with the Nagant mechanism be an effective autoloading rifle, on par with lever and bolt actions? Since the Nagant mechanism forms a gas seal, the problem of gas leaking from the side of the cylinder gap would be eliminated, and the user could then get a proper grip on the stock without needing to worry about having their hand blown off.

5395e3  No.637041

File: a072f8275868ed1⋯.jpg (391.98 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, IRA.jpg)

Anyone know what weapons where in use during the troubles in the 1970s?

2d1d0a  No.637042

Handheld transceiver question: As an absolute novice, I'm having a hard time seeing value in one Baofeng over another. Is there a 'best, most useful model' around $40-$100, and is it the UV-5RA or the 82HP? Are there any good PDFs associated with the hobby?

d66fc1  No.637044


you'd get the same effect just by having a verticle foregrip, but short answer is yes. Long answer is there wasn't much of an issue in the first place since the main scare was from the days of cap and ball where you could have the cylinders all go off in a catastrophic malfunction that would blow the users hand off.

2958cd  No.637046

File: f8378bb0cea5afd⋯.jpg (98.55 KB, 627x575, 627:575, 7.62x38comparison.jpg)


Does the gas seal work with normal ammunition?

00e532  No.637050


No. It vents like every other revolver.

36616d  No.637051



Means semi-auto. The word you're looking for is 'repeating'.

To answer the actual question, 'yes' in that it could be made to work, 'no' in that it would not have any benefit over existing designs apart from cool factor.



There's a 'Streloks Guide to HAM Radio' floating around somewhere, check /hamradio/. Else look for a copy of the ARRL Technician's test book.

337d2d  No.637056

File: 60cd3ee081b54b3⋯.png (277.04 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6131118aef5f581⋯.png (470.03 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

How does the ATF get away with such obvious entrapment?

e7355f  No.637081


What's wrong with it?

7bcd64  No.637086


That's a polymer80 glock lower. It's like an 80% build for an AR-15; you usually can't sell it to other people unless it's got a serial number and a bunch of other bullshit.

7f785b  No.637090


You can't sell it through a private sale? If that's the case then the guy just may not know, and someone should tell him.

7f785b  No.637091


The more expensive ones may have a higher transmit power or longer battery life.

6d66bc  No.637092


82hp and uv5r are dual band with the 82hp having more transmit power. Get the uv 5x3 because it gves an extra band and is newer.

4f881e  No.637110

File: b22f9b9200cccda⋯.jpg (504.04 KB, 1390x782, 695:391, qyvqun5qs8o11.jpg)

File: e892cde996692b7⋯.png (127.87 KB, 790x366, 395:183, ptr-91_gir_rightside_white….png)

Is the narrow hand guards melting on the g3 an actual concern or fuddlore? Should I invest the money on a set of the wide ones?

7f785b  No.637118


I doubt you'd ever get it hot enough to melt the handguards. Also this is coming from someone who has never heard of this issue before, or even shot PTR91/C308

1715b4  No.637134

File: 147d437a01ff230⋯.pdf (695.52 KB, HAM.pdf)


Check out the revolver thread, we've got lots of discussion on this topic.




No, unless it's a MG version. Only then it might be possible, though i doubt it. Invest only if you think it fits your hand better but it's fucking ugly compared to the narrow one.



Isn't it that you can't do the stuff "for a living" so one-time is ok?

7bcd64  No.637138



You can sell one-offs but it's really vaguely worded and mostly boils down to how pro2a/gay whoever you're buying/selling to is. Also varies by state. Trying to sell homemade firearms without being listed as a manufacturer or something is just inviting trouble.

c699ba  No.637140


>Isn't it that you can't do the stuff "for a living" so one-time is ok?

Not if there isn't a serial number. Even homemade shit needs at least something scratched into it, legally speaking.

df18b7  No.637300

I'm looking to get myself my first AR-15. Are PSA rifles still a good value?

0d532a  No.637310


If you're planning to buy a complete rifle instead of build (don't build with PSA lowers, holes are sometimes drilled in the wrong place), PSA isn't bad. I wouldn't say the best value, as there are some slightly more expensive rifles that get you a lot more bang for your buck, but PSA rifles will go bang every time you pull the trigger and won't explode on you. If you're more interested in price/performance ratio instead of just the cheapest thing on the market check out Aero Precision and Ballistic Advantage.

ca2598  No.637339

Not sure if it warrants it's own thread so I'll ask here. Are there any armed forces in the world still worth joining? I'm American and really want to be part of something greater, but I shudder at the thought of joining the ZOG. I heard the French Foreign Legion might be worth taking a look at, but I have no idea what sets them apart from other alternatives.

Should I look to join a militia instead? If so, what should I look for? I'd rather not just join Bubba's band of misfits that just goes skeet shooting on the weekends (although that does sound a tiny bit fun.) Any advice would be appreciated.

0d532a  No.637360


FFL really isn't better than anything else, and I believe it's also full of niggers. You could always try joining the Reserves or National Guard, you get the training and cameraderie you think you want, but instead of fighting for the ZOG you go play soldier in the woods once a month. There's still a chance your unit will get deployed but it's not very high.

337d2d  No.637367


The law is very vaguely termed. A prosecutor with a stick up his ass would try to throw the book at you. Plus it's all about the "intent" of the guy who created the firearm.

857c95  No.637391

File: 9e32666f93358d0⋯.jpg (22.09 KB, 500x404, 125:101, squarsemi.jpg)

Anyone got a copy of this in a legible size?

050898  No.637403


I'll join and then invite you, anyone else? need to rank up lf recurts

a1cf4e  No.637432


Will whites in SA win in case of a civil war against niggers or it`s going to be Rhodesia 2 :Electric Boogaloo?

c699ba  No.637433


Considering the use of communist warlords to take out Rhodesia, SA would likely be wiped off the map if the EU caught wind of a scuffle.

I don't want to be a pessimist but I can't see a "humanitarian effort" not happening in response to that.

099bc0  No.637498

Can /k help me out. I'm a nodev trying to make a tactical sort of game. In order for it to make sense as much as possible, I'm interested in simulating the effective range of weapons. Does anyone have any charts or graphs that will show me the effective range, penetration capability etc of pistols, rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, SAWs etc?

c699ba  No.637526

File: ffb8136b1d659cc⋯.png (39.44 KB, 1017x526, 1017:526, download.png)


Effective range is difficult to measure apart from assumptions based on velocity, and bullet drop is also pretty hard to find information on outside of target shooting forums.

Look up the guns you want on wikipedia or equivalent, keep in mind the barrel length and caliber. Look up "X caliber ballistic chart barrel length", X being the caliber you're searching for and leave barrel length as-is because generally those charts will include multiple anyway, pic related in the case of 9x19mm.

It's also going to be heavily based upon types of ammunition, so keep that in mind depending on how autistic you want to get.

1715b4  No.637559

Is there any point in designated marksmen role if your service rifle is a battle rifle?

cc425b  No.637568



1715b4  No.637571


And? The purpose of DM is to extend the effective range of a fireteam so if their range is already sufficient this role doesn't have much place. It became widespread specifically because of the use of "intermediate cartridges" like 556 so if they'd be changed for something with more range the role might die as well.

312b57  No.637600


>I'm interested in simulating the effective range of weapons.

>effective range


It means different things depending on the exact semantics or who you're asking. It could be:

>the range at which an average marksman can be expected to hit an appropriate target more than half the time

>the range at which the projectile goes from supersonic to subsonic (this causes it to 'wobble' and then re-stabilize, throwing off its trajectory)

>the range at which the projectile slows to a point where its energy is below a threshold deemed 'lethal'.

>the absolute maximum distance the projectile is capable of traveling over level ground, usually with the barrel pointing up at about a 45 degree angle

099bc0  No.637614


Yeah thanks, I've learned this just now. I'm at the point where I need some sort of single book or text that contains consistent measurements. At the moment, I'm basing things off the point at which an average soldier should hit 50% of the time definition, which works well for my ballistics model. But I'm happy to adapt to anything that lists a whole bunch of weapons in a consistent way. Right now, I'm missing a lot of info on the point past the 50/50 Effective Range. Like what is the point that your average soldier has no hope in hell?

c699ba  No.637618


In theory you wouldn't need a designated marksman if everyone is equipped and trained to be one, but it depends entirely on the arbitrary standards put in place via doctrines.

If soldiers are forced into close quarters and urban environments, there will be a benefit to a designated marksman due to having at least someone focused on more precision work than dumping a mag with suppressive fire.

In the battle rifle's ideal situation, open and rural areas, it would largely go to waste assuming everyone has vaguely reliable optics in the current year.

1715b4  No.637620


Thanks, i was just rethinking the concept of 6-6.5mm general purpose cartridges and used battle rifles as a comparison, as their range is very similar and they differ only in CQ capability which is not relevant to the role of extending squad range. What i was thinking is whether there's a need in a special role of a sharpshooter when all the squad is limited mostly by their sighting tools and skills as they are using the same ammo a sniper probably would(aside from match grade/specifics).

bd32cd  No.637626


If they are not a bunch of bumbling retards, then they will figure out on their own that it's better to have their best shot do the precise work. It's the same as the role of a grenadier in an army that uses rifle grenades: in theory every rifleman is a grenadier, but in practice it's better to give most of the grenades to one or two man who will act as the squad's grenadiers. So in a section that uses battle rifles (with optics) and rifle grenades you'd have a go-to man who acts as a marksman, and an other man who acts as a grenadier, even though everyone in the section is issued with the exact same weapons.

c699ba  No.637627


Like I said, it depends on doctrine. Cold War Russian doctrine for the SVD, for example, made it more of a shoot and scoot rifle that was also used for harassing fire to cover retreat.


That's a fair point, Hungary. People do overlook squad-level jobs pretty often.

1715b4  No.637628



Ok, thank you guys. I never thought that modern doctrine would allow such autonomy. I was more thinking in terms of "if issuing 1-6 scopes with these rifles is there a point in giving one of them a more expensive 1-8 or even 3-12 scope for that role or that's unnecessary". I understand that different doctrines exist but i was also wondering about the effectiveness of these decisions within these doctrines and results of them when confronted on similar terms. It also helps that modern military doctrines are not so dissimilar in regards to small arms, at least from my understanding(5.56 and 5.45, 308 and x54r, weapons too, even their design trends).

bd32cd  No.637629


>I never thought that modern doctrine would allow such autonomy.

Even during ww1 the French literally gave a bunch of self-loading rifles to an infantry company and just told the officers to give it to the men who will use them well. And that was also how Germans and Russians issued self-loading rifles and scopers during ww2, if I'm not mistaken. What I'm speaking about is nothing compared to that. Also, a basic instinct of every mentally sound man is to be useful for their tribe, so men will naturally try to find their own niche in their group.

>I was more thinking in terms of "if issuing 1-6 scopes with these rifles is there a point in giving one of them a more expensive 1-8 or even 3-12 scope for that role or that's unnecessary".

Scopes make objects appear bigger (by limiting the field-of-view, but that's not important here), so if we are extremely theoretical, then shoorting at a target 1200m away with a x6 scope is the same as shooting at a target 200m away with a x1 scope. It's hard, but hardly impossible for a good shooter. But if we take a step towards reality, then we can already see two great problems: wind drift and the arching path of the projectile. With an automatic rifle you can try to overcome the first one by walking your fire towards the target, which is a valid tactic (just not very elegant). The second one is even greater: 200m is still close to point-blank range even for an assault rifle (although it also depends on the sights, look up how the iron sights of the AK are set up), so you can just aim and shoot. At 1200m you have to get the distance correct, otherwise you will completey miss the target. Aim like if it was 1100m or 1300m away, and you just wasted a cartridge. Therefore what you need is not a better scope, but a very flat shooting cartridge and a range measurer.

1715b4  No.637633


Thanks for the insight, i guess that's why military hasn't turned into even greater shitshow yet.

>shoorting at a target 1200m away with a x6 scope

Well, it could be an x4 scope if we decided to cheap out so there's that. That could make an issue more severe. It seems like the need for DM role depends on how far a fireteam range is below the maximum range of common small arms.

>Therefore what you need is not a better scope, but a very flat shooting cartridge and a range measurer.

Well, range measurer is built in most good scopes so that's not a problem and 6mm cartridges are as flat-shooting as you can get, so if there's no specific need to extend the range with what's already on hand then such role(as being pre-defined, not self-organized) is unnecessary and additional investment in it is too. Maybe in an afghan-type of terrain where long shots are easier it could make sense to do that but otherwise it seems like it doesn't or at least not to the point that it'd matter. I was also talking more along the 800-900m range, not 1200. Still beyond the comfortable power of the probably scope but not a problem that'd require anything special to be dealt with given the probability of it happening.

a7962c  No.637639

What are some good, pocket holster brands? Bought gf a g43 and there are too many offerings for it. Something with good retention and a hard shell. Is alienware any good?

dd1103  No.637642

File: c18004a448abd7d⋯.jpg (156.05 KB, 780x1024, 195:256, Saddam iraqi soldiers.jpg)

How effective was the iraqi army under saddam before and after the iraq war?

857c95  No.637663

Memes aside, what is the average lethality of .22 ammunition applied against unprotected flesh? And how does it fare against armor?

04bc00  No.637672


>what is the average lethality of .22 ammunition applied against unprotected flesh?

What .22? LR or Magum?

In any case .22 is just as lethal as any other pistol round on short distance

>against armor

It will fail to penetrate, and i doubt it will be able to even break ribs (0.22 magnum with rubber tip will break bones just fine tho on unprotected targets)

1715b4  No.637677



It punches small holes that are, if placed right, lethal. You'd get something similar if you got shanked with a stiletto or a nail. 22mag does a bit more damage but it's nothing special either and getting shot with anything isn't very good for you. 22mag can penetrate soft body armors, maybe even IIIa, i remember Paul Harrell did a video on this so you can watch it.

bf5fe4  No.637785


What was that one video where the troops were evicted people from their homes?

62763c  No.637831


Hm.. Survivalist weapon?

676e7a  No.637860

05f801  No.637883

Not trying to datamine but where do streloks like to shoot? I can shoot in my yard but 50 yards at most and only from pretty specific places. Gun range seems like a step down because even less mobility and the ones near me are rulecucks (no rapid fire, no draw training etc.). Do I make friends with a farmer or something?


Pretty goddamn lethal with hp and good shot placement against unarmoured, any armour worth wearing will stop .22. At close range 22lr 36g hp expands beautifully. The tactics of using .22 against armoured combatants would be interesting, they would still have to stay down and move as if it were any short range gun. You can't just hope to get hit in the vest and not in the neck or balls. Laying down hundreds of rounds would be almost as bad as 5.56 for anyone trying to move. Assuming they are in range of course.

Disclaimer: I don't know shit about tactics.

736ca0  No.637889


I can't help you but, what are the rules for shooting in your yard? Where in burgerstan can you do this? Obviously it depends on your local laws but how do you find places where it's legal to shoot in your backyard?

0d532a  No.637892


There's a lot of open space in the burger Midwest, being able to shoot in your yard, or in a wide-open space near your home, is pretty commonplace. Actual laws on doing this vary by state and municipality, but if the boolits aren't leaving your property and the report isn't loud enough to neighbors to be considered "disturbing the peace" you generally won't get shit from the cops. There are exceptions due to local laws, for instance in my faggy hometown it's illegal to discharge a firearm within city limits.

7b73b7  No.637896


DeSantis. Galco.

05f801  No.637897


In my state you have to be outside of city limits and be 500 yards from another house, my neighbor isn't that far away but he is nice and I shoot with my back to our houses. I shoot into a hill as well. I have a lot of dense forest on the land i'm on so sound really doesn't go that far.

Really it's on the shooter to determine if it's safe, outside of cities there are no designated "you can shoot on these properties" laws. There are plenty of parks and stuff where they make it clear you can't shoot though.

aa7b75  No.637910


Fuddlore. This shit never happened with anything but the early prototype versions that don't have a thin aluminium cover on the inside.

7b73b7  No.638106

What's the bug fix mod a newcomer to Shadow of Chernobyl should use their first time?

31155f  No.638116


Zone Reclamation Project.

Other than that, your first playthrough should be vanilla.

7b73b7  No.638121


Thanks. Told a friend to play the game and totally forgot what the standard mods were.

2ab254  No.638122

What should I load in a shotgun? Buckshells or slugs? Which ammo type would give me more options in combat/hunting?

6e8727  No.638131

File: 8e0f929eaa5b764⋯.png (120.77 KB, 250x418, 125:209, question.png)

Why are short barreled rifles and short barreled shotguns class 3 firearms? Aren't shorter barrels less dangerous? I was interested in getting some sort of sawed off and birdshot shells for self/home defense to minimize overpenetration but it seems this would be a pain in the ass to buy. Should I try and get one anyways? What would be a good gun for a novice in a small apartment with no kids/animals? I'm in AZ so anything goes.

Shotguns seem appealing due to the aforementioned overpenetration problem as well as the ability to use nonlethal ammunition like salt or beanbags but I would need it to be small so an 18" barrel is not going to work. I'd really like an automatic SMG and rubber tip rounds but I assume that this would be even more difficult to legally buy.

ca39a3  No.638133



When is the next article arguing against racism going to be released?

337d2d  No.638134


Because of antiquated laws passed over 80 years ago to deal with the mafia gangsters, which did nothing to deal with the mafia gangsters.

c699ba  No.638138


What >>638134 said. They couldn't bust gangsters for anything so they made their guns illegal. They tried a blanket ban, but could only get away with permits - they also tried to ban pistols along with it, but everyone and their mother was packing at the time so nobody would stand for that.

b13e16  No.638140

File: 39f90f2a6e2d3fa⋯.jpg (22.97 KB, 736x420, 184:105, d874e660fe94226d03de13d9b0….jpg)


Because of lawmakers making certain guns used by mobsters illegal so that way they can prosecute them and nobody ever bothered to change them. If you want a very blatant example of it, look up the Lebman 1911, it's the reason you can't put a foregrip or a stock on handguns.

6e8727  No.638223




I see, so in my use case would it be worth it to try and get a class 3 or should I go with something else?

337d2d  No.638225


>get a class 3

Why do you want to get a class 3 license? You know you can just file a Form 4 and get a NFA item. Or even better, just get a pistol rifle with a shockblade or arm brace, though careful with that because if you doing that as a workaround against the NFA is illegal.

337d2d  No.638227


Totally forgot to answer the second parts

>as well as the ability to use nonlethal ammunition like salt or beanbags

Don't bother, they're for police riot control not some private citizen. Not to say you shouldn't be able to own it, it's just useless to buy them and use it.

>I'd really like an automatic SMG and rubber tip rounds

Are you underage? You're not getting an automatic firearm unless you got a good couple thousand lying around. Again, rubber bullets, okay for riot police, absolutely retarded for a private citizen to use for self defense. If I remember correctly someone got successfully sued for using that non-lethal garbage on a home intruder, maybe it's fuddlore. If you concerned about over-penetration, get an AR-15 with hollow-point rounds. The round was practically made to dump all its energy in the intended target.

6e8727  No.638322



I had just assumed you'd be in less legal trouble for incapacitating an intruder with nonlethal rounds than you would be for killing them. The pistol rifles I've seen (and the AR-15) are way too big for me to carry around. I'm not underage and I can afford an automatic firearm.

1715b4  No.638342

How durable are lever action rifles? I've heard that they weren't used much along bolt actions because they were less durable, is it true and if it is, how much of a concern it is?

337d2d  No.638407


Just get some conceal carry law insurance. If they're too big to carry around why are you going about a SBS or a sub machine gun, just get a pistol at that point.

af4b1b  No.638411

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I think this is the best answer you can get. But the short answer is that they have lots of fiddely bits, and that's never a good thing for a military rifle.

8ca11f  No.638440


It'd more be something to put in a backpack without it sticking out too much.

337d2d  No.638455


You're not going to shoot up a school are you?

0f33c6  No.638459

File: 30a77a72110785a⋯.jpg (16.17 KB, 600x221, 600:221, aks74u.jpg)



>Looking into SBRs/SBS

>Can afford to drop $9k-$40k+ on a machine gun

It is also worth checking out your local laws on the matter. I have heavily considering going through the trouble of making pic related in my shit state, which would require me have a C&R license. Every state handles NFA shit differently.

>Pistol carbines/Something along the size of a short barreled AR is too big

That pretty much puts you into the category of Mac-11/10s and Uzis. Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but that also means you have to get a second NFA tax stamp to put a stock on either of them if it was not registered with on already. It might be worth it to just register a semi-auto pistol and slap a stock on it.

57053c  No.638486


If I wanted to I'd just use something big with a yuge magazine and assemble it in the bathroom.


I'd be fine with a 9mm without a stock, the reason I was interested in rubber bullets earlier is that I'm more looking for a deterrent than something lethal. In fact the only reason I want it to be automatic is for covering fire, so a Mac-11/10 would work just fine.

41a2d4  No.638503


>Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but that also means you have to get a second NFA tax stamp to put a stock on either of them if it was not registered with on already

Full auto/MG Classification supersedes SBS/SBR classification, also suppressor classification in the case of an integrated design. For example a registered MP5SD only requires a single stamp even though it qualifies as a suppressor, SBR, and an MG.


> I'm more looking for a deterrent than something lethal.

It's a gun. Even fucking .22short can be lethal in the right circumstances. If you're not comfortable with the idea of taking human life in defense of yours then don't waste your money, cause when the time comes you won't have the balls to pull the trigger.

57053c  No.638516


Well I don't always expect to use it in life or death situations, I figure the most likely scenario is some unarmed nigger breaks into my apartment and if I kill him with a gun I could get into trouble, this shit has happened before with firearm and dog owners.

8f9e09  No.638520


You're getting in trouble no matter what since

A. You took offence to a "poor disenfranchised youth" "visiting" you for reparations.

B. You're likely white.

No matter what you do, if you don't let him steal everything from you and rape your girlfriend or wife, then you'll be in legal trouble.

Welcome to the jewnited states of muttmerica.

007b13  No.638573

I remember seeing the top of a barrel engraved or etched so that either sunlight or heat wouldn't distort the iron sight usage.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?

00e532  No.638581


Long story short, floppies get slotted. Do not feel for the criminal for he has no respect for your and your life you shan't have any for his.


Sounds like the whole deal with the vented rib on shotguns.

73ba91  No.638652

File: 1312b4be148fb01⋯.png (22.92 KB, 300x193, 300:193, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone here have any experience with this?

How does it compare to all the newfangled space age wonder chemicals?

c699ba  No.638660

File: 9fe29e58dc1429d⋯.jpg (336.45 KB, 1086x610, 543:305, download.jpg)


Some pistols have serrations along the top of the slide to help counter glare, yeah.

5c51e5  No.638668


I use it on my AR and pistol, 7/10 it just werks. You could probably get a deeper clean if you paid for some high-end chemicals from G96 or something, but for the price it's real good for what you get.

73ba91  No.638672


So, as a cleaner….ok.

Since, on their website, it says it's the original CLP, do you have an opinion on the L and P?

Lubrication and Preserving part?

c39092  No.638678

File: 858535900a45432⋯.png (197.48 KB, 782x790, 391:395, question.png)

are there any good and fun air rifles you lads would recommend? Nothing too expensive, just for shooting beer cans and pests

367c63  No.638694


In my experience it works pretty good for lubrication, about as good as WD-40, and it's non-toxic so I prefer to use it over that. I'm sure it works pretty well for preservation but I'm not sure since it forms an emulsion with water instead of repelling it. They even say you can mix ballistol with water to form an emulsion for cleaning to make it go further but I'm not sure I would do that.

ba118e  No.638766

File: 149f4404f2f434d⋯.jpg (8.13 KB, 474x316, 3:2, picrelated.jpg)


I had one of those air guns you have to pump 8 or 10 times per shot when I was a kid, crossman I think. dirt cheap and pellets would punch through spray paint cans no problem. I killled some rabbits for my grandpas farm with it. I know air guns have advanced since then but that thing never died after 10 year old me put 50,000+ shots through it. I think it died because I took it apart and couldn't get it back together.

cf2376  No.638911

Would you work as a security guy for if I pay you one bitcoin daily?

56edef  No.638919


I grew up with a Ruger Air Hawk, it's a lot heavier and has more recoil than a .22, so it was good practice before I got my first real gun.

1d2e6a  No.638956


It's not bad as a lube too. Plenty slippery but a bit runny, not perfect but certainly good enough. For protection, I haven't seen any rust or problem spots on my guns yet, but I'm also pretty careful with my guns and store them in a controlled area so I couldn't tell you how much of that is from the Ballistol.

6c5040  No.638981

File: a68fe48921d127a⋯.jpg (345.16 KB, 1052x2280, 263:570, Snapchat-2078007456.jpg)

Babbys first time at 200 yards. This was my second group, first group above that but first shot was about 3 inches high.

Did I do good? Looks like I'm about an inch or two high on my zero but if I bring it down it negatively affected my 50 yard zero.

04bc00  No.638983


This looks pretty bad, please train little bit more

56edef  No.638991


Only if he was using magnifying optics, otherwise it's pretty good.

74ede8  No.638997

Is there any place to get ISIS memorabilia, they are gonna get killed off soon, so it would be a shame to not grab a flag or something cool before they finally do die off. I doubt it as people are probably keeping stuff as war trophies, but still would be cool to have.

04bc00  No.639001


Look up PKK/Rojava fighters on the internet

Some of them sell loot like IS minted coins

7b73b7  No.639002

I see a surplus VEPR stock and forearm and they look neat. Will they fit other AKs?

980f05  No.639034

File: fdd4eb797da50f1⋯.jpg (363.05 KB, 2592x1944, 4:3, what i want for christmas ….jpg)

Every individual marksman should have an anti material weapon of some kind in their arsenal, just in case. I'm investing towards my first one and probably wont make another firearms related purchase until I buy one, or decide the bang isn't worth the buck. My minimum standard for one is that it needs to be able to defeat most forms of bullet proof glass with a single pull of the trigger. How much over kill would a 50 cal. fmj projectile be and is the m82a1 platform a superior choice for it?

00e532  No.639047


Get an HS .50.

d92319  No.639272

File: 9819312c042f1dd⋯.png (132.41 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Is there a goyish version of this?

41a2d4  No.639459


Straight cut maybe, slant cut no.


There's something like twenty brands of those, not every single one can be jewish…

>remembers even HS Produkt is having CAA make their gear now

Fuck. Maybe swipe a Glock loading tool from somewhere?

795b83  No.639472


I hate to admit it but the best one is made by kikes

7f785b  No.639707



Mark serbu sells a single shot .50 for about 1k.

6b6ffd  No.639811

Saw some posts the other day referencing nuggetfest and project homestead, but now I cant find the thread.

Can some anon help me out? I apologize for being retarded.

2d6037  No.639841

File: a806f12bdef6be0⋯.jpg (34.56 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 5f43b0df8d9fd481d54981686f….jpg)

For all you frogs; what are the French terms for things like trigger, safety, magazine, bolt, barrel, stock, charging handle, etc. there's a girl from Strasbourg who wants me to take her shooting and I want to be as helpful as I can

76710b  No.639863

Any good gun websites besides 8/k/, world.guns.ru and thefirearmblog?

038d5c  No.639942

I want some cool shortie AK before (((EU))) ban comes in effect in my ZOG state. What to choose, /k/? AKS-74U, M92 or Saiga MK106 in .308? I already have bunch of 5.45 mags and no gun in this caliber. Saiga is most expensive and M92 cheapest.

3f0efe  No.639982


Personally i like 7.62x39 in shortie AKs, and my M92 has worked fine for the couple of thousand rounds i have put through it.

170ae3  No.639987


AKS-74u is pure sex so it gets my vote.

038d5c  No.639989


I liked the look, but fingered one in shop - finish was poor and and it's heavy - it weights more then AKM. Also I already have one AK in 7.62x39


And it's most compact. Could put one in backpack and nobody would know

58894b  No.639995

Can you nigger rig together bullets that are smaller than your barrel, as a method of hiding what type of gun was used for a given prank? Like using .22 bullets from an AR15 to make it look like you used a Ruger 10/22.

337d2d  No.639997

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3d4066  No.640005


I think he meant to put a different spec calibre into a different spec barrel. I mean 5.56 is just 22lr. And yeah it is possible too, as long as the casing properly seals it off.

2d6037  No.640007


>I think he meant to put a different spec calibre into a different spec barrel

I don't think you'll get any reasonable accuracy or reliability if it's in a semi-auto unless you use some sort of sabot.

58894b  No.640009


That's pretty neat and fits my criteria. But I should have specified different bullets since .22LR and 5.56 are indeed the same cailber.



Maybe something along the lines of a metal bullet encased in sand or something, that would disintegrate after leaving the barrel. Because if you're doing this sort of thing barrel life is probably the least of your concerns. Accuracy is probably the biggest problem here.

678d52  No.640033


No no no no no.

>Fire desired bullet out of proper gun.

>Retrieve slug.

>Continue this till you get a slug that is undamaged apart from the rifling cuts.

>Load round into a sabot.

>Load sabot into larger caliber bullet.

>Shoot saboted subcaliber round at higher velocities with proper accuracy.

170ae3  No.640041


>LEO finds the sabot

>Plan becomes obvious

Try a chamber adapter with the same/similar diameter projectile perhaps. Or just get your gun paperless, do the deed, and melt the fucker down.

7b73b7  No.640065

Do you address a Brigadier General as "general" or something else?

4f8e7b  No.640066



Some of the cartridges that can be used in the Medusa have bullets that are too small to engage the rifling I still want one that would take every .45, and it may not be a good idea, but some people supposedly fire live 7.62x54r cartridges in Steyrs made for 8x50r as part of the process of making cases.

1bc8fb  No.640067

File: e1df2d956df05f5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.1 KB, 256x128, 2:1, 1452895045046.jpg)

Could an adapter for STANAG mags be made for an AK-101 that would simply attach to the magwell?

7b73b7  No.640070


Unless the AK-101 does something weird to the basic design of mags/receiver, absolutely should be possible without major work. A few types of 5.56 AK have such adapters and the only reason they aren't more common is AKs, especially non-7.62x39/5.45 ones, are minimal parts compatibility across makers already.

00e532  No.640119


To chime in on making 8x50r and the updated 8x56r is that x54r headspaces correctly in those guns.

dc8ea4  No.640147


In regular conversation it's always the "core" rank. Lt Colonel is just Colonel, brigadier general and major general are General, Rear Admiral is Admiral, and so on. You could also just say "sir."

170ae3  No.640173


Firing x54 in an 8x56r would be a bad idea. Now people will fire x54 cases with a primer and some bit of powder without a projectile to fireform them to 8x56r size which is fine, but I wouldn't put it past somebody to "directions unclear" that process.

d8d745  No.640220

I've encountered Forgotten Weapons and InRange channels on youtube and I kind of got hooked on them and am very much enjoying their videos. Are they a source to be trusted, or do they have any biases I should be aware of? Since I'm new to this whoel gun hobby, I have no idea whether they are to be trusted or not. It seems like reddit is in love with them, which is kind of a red flag for me.

cfbf75  No.640221

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Is this bait? Anyway, Forgotten Weapons is mostly fine, but InRange TV is extremely biased. Vid related is a good example: this piece of shit they dare to call an innovative firearm is the result of those two nincompoops making frankenguns in PowerPoint of all programs. And Ian and Karl praise it to high heaven, so they are either retarded, or were paid off.

d8d745  No.640223


No, it's not bait. I was never into guns until I discovered that channel. From some searching around, it seems like these two are unironically Satanists, so another big red flag for me.

cfbf75  No.640227

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That is Karl, and he actually seems to be the problem here. He started commenting Ian's videos quite a while ago, and they were living close to each other, so they branded together. And that's how InRange TV came to be. Now, I don't know how to put it into words, but from what we can gather Ian is not a strong character, and so Karl can just "manhandle" him into doing shit. And Karl is an attention-seeking LARPer who likes to pose as various characters, from l33t hacker to ironic satanist. And he is very opiniated on various topics, even though his opinions are oftentimes questionable. So you should watch Forgotten Weapons without too much worry, but not InRange TV. Instead of the later you should watch other channels, e.g. C&Rsenal.

Also, people like to argue if they are leftists or not, but I think that Ian is just too soft to hold any serious convinctions, while Karl, as I said, is a LARPer who wants attention. He literally drives a Kübelwagen and dresses in German ww2 camo, but has no problem shouting about shooting da ebil gnadzees. It's just a can of worms people here like to open whenever these two are mentioned.

d8d745  No.640232


Interesting. Looking back, it's kind of obvious how much Karl speaks over Ian. I do remember Karl being associated with some l33t haxx0r stuff and how I failed to find anything significant.

f3c551  No.640267


Forgotten Weapons - Sure, it's a great reference. He's gotten more used to speaking these days and have much more shooting experience to provide a better perspective on guns he does fire, as well as the interesting points on ambidexterity. I can see how some find his voice a bit grating but there's some neat shit and he typically keeps things interesting.

InRangeTV - Like >>640227 said it has some serious problems - that's your tl;dr.

Karl is a special case; I've seen him described as a guy that gets into a hobby specifically to be better than you. He made a video about his "workout routine" that was so absurd and unnecessary that people thought he was joking.

He's worked in information security which he shorthands as INFOSEC constantly - yet he has little to no grasp of the internet itself.

He's done cowboy action shooting as well as national match shooting - but his manual of arms using antique guns is similar to a teenager learning to jerk off and his description of marksmanship and obliviousness to reloading for it results in borderline Wikipedia knowledge - he said he didn't reload in a past video, but now he's claiming to be getting into it, likely for the purpose of attracting viewers interest.

He knows the mud tests draw controversy, as any sane person does, but he plays it off as no big deal to further incite anger - I assume, anyway, he's definitely autistic enough to lack comprehension of common disagreements - and misconstrues arguments as "Well what if"s on many similar topics not specifically related to mud tests.

He's very fucking annoying when it comes to anything tangentially-related to Ian and he's dragging him into some very poor situations, though it's not hard to see that he envies Ian's popularity when he tries to push his own position as "Gun Satan", the nu-Satanist LARPer he is.

79ae1c  No.640276


Paul Harrell has a lot of good technical advice.

2145f9  No.640283


I find it's best to have Ian at 1.5x speed.

745148  No.640325

How do convince European, city-going NPC's along with the Canadian and Australian variant that (((gun control))) was never something the West ever supported until the (((central bankers))) came along? They take it as a badge of honour as it they think it makes their countries "safer". I mean who cares about crime statistics being concentrated among majority non-White cities in the US which mostly has nothing to do with gun-related crimes, just let good ol' Professor Goldbergstein to fix this problem.

Apparently owning a gun to them is a "racist backwards redneck fat American" thing to do, and not to mention their undying love for Hymiewood blockbusters (i.e. whatever (((Marvel))) comes up with). They still think the US is majority European decent and to them, these people are "racist". (((Gun control))) is literally fed through their heads via news outlets that are funded by US (((MSM))), that and "free press and independent news sites" like The Cuntington Post and The Young Roaches. This would mean that these lemmings are following something they shouldn't, but it lead to claim it as their idea anyways.

How do you win an argument against these types of NPC's? From my personal on JewTube, they almost never reply. Which signifies that they are all normalcattle scum who are concerned about whoring around their Instagangrene and Faceberg accounts. I would also like to know if you foreign anons here ITT have also dealt with your own NPC's I've mentioned before.

P.S. I may have posted this similar question before, but the reason why I'm posting a similar one again is because the last ones only got replies from other US and Australian anons, and not much else from any other. However I did manage to get one Hungarian to answer my question, which surprised why they also have strict gun laws, too. I'd expect UK-tier gun laws to be in the UK only, and not mcuh anywhere else. Even Australia's gun laws are more lax.

824ad9  No.640418


Because Onkel Adi laxed gun laws therefore guns are bad. Thank you huwhite bruda.

fa4a67  No.640419

File: 62a7a1af38a9db4⋯.jpg (66.6 KB, 450x735, 30:49, Godfrey de Bouillon.jpg)

How common was it for commanders to actually take part in combat instead of just give orders in the days before firearms?

583573  No.640427


You don't. What you're trying to do is the equivalent of discussing the historicity of Jesus Christ with a medieval serf.

3a3b7a  No.640469

File: c9a0a71dcbfc886⋯.png (198.39 KB, 907x840, 907:840, big think.png)

How much would a SAR 4800 with a 16" barrel be worth? Guy is offering 1600.

00e532  No.640512


> SAR 4800

They're huehue built guns. Sounds like he chopped the barrel due to them coming in only in 20 and 18 inch barrels. I'd say 1600 is a fair price though try to get it down a hundred or so.

cad381  No.640657

File: a0ab7d7b5f67ed2⋯.jpg (11.79 KB, 600x600, 1:1, adcor-1.jpg)

ADCOR makes a bcg with a plastic female hygiene pad stapled to where the ejection port is. Supposedly it keeps shit out like a dust cover, wipes the gunk on back edge of the port when cycling.

I could get one for cheap off a friend, and I have an upper without forward assist or dust cover mount. Is it worth it, or should i just get a cheap standard bcg off the market? Will the plastic assscraper break, fly off the ejection port, and kill my dog? Does it keep out the dirt or is it just marketing talk?

170ae3  No.640660


I have never seen an AR-15 in the continental United States fail to fire due to ingress of foreign debris without it being caused by some retard doing a mud test.

a91b57  No.640666


Unless you're planning to wipe your ass with your bolt carrier there is no reason to have something like that. Just get a regular BCG with nitride or your memecoating of choice instead of solutions looking for problems.

52aacf  No.640671

File: 55b874e71b7e857⋯.jpg (38.23 KB, 736x494, 368:247, Ac-130A.jpg)

What does the crab marking on this side of the plane mean? Saw it at Wright-Patterson.

170ae3  No.640672


The six things next to the door? They're camels. Could be kill marks of some sort. Also odd trying to find the site listed in that watermark takes you to a Google Maps of a location in Hamburg, Germany.

43fa7a  No.640683


Let others beta-test.

Just get a normal nitrided carrier and a little lube and you'll be fine. It's best to pay for a solution when you actually have a problem.

I personally recommend ALG go juice. It's nontoxic, doesn't gum up over time (like other bio-lubes/cooking oils), it stays around, is extremely slick, and is also very thin so large particles of shit aren't nearly as prone to sticking. Decent in freezing temps too, though I doubt it could handle past -20F

b7e699  No.640701

File: 20a96b4b0544f2f⋯.png (432.39 KB, 600x262, 300:131, Lolife_side.png)

How stupid would it be to try to recreate the Lolife from Metro Last Light? I don't think it would be too hard would it?

00e532  No.640702


Looks like one variation of a chechen borz.

f3c551  No.640703


Depending on the caliber sure, you could make a cheapo blowback.

If you intend to make it a .44 like in Last Light I'd give a resounding "no"

1228b2  No.640730

How do you think an ambidextrous hand grenade should work?

What do you consider an acceptable level of safety?

170ae3  No.640745


It's based on the Mauser M1906 pistol so it's feasible.


Make it so you can shift the spoon from one side to the other, put the pull ring at the top of the fuze. Or delete the spoon altogether depending on if you're okay with that safety wise. Could also just have a spoon with leaves on either side that you could hold down just one to prevent it going off, but then it's going to be more complicated and failure prone.

da3464  No.640757


>Apparently owning a gun to them is a "racist backwards redneck fat American" thing to do

The gun debate has become so big, so propagandized, and so omnipresent that it's very hard for people with no exposure to guns to view them as mere objects. They see guns nonstop in media, but never associated with normal people, so guns become a sort of cult item distinct from real life. Most don't consciously think in terms of "baby-seeking assault clips" the way we joke, but subconsciously there is a definite perception of guns as something inherently evil, as malign instruments of death. Before you can start trying to convince NPCs (which is a problem in its own right), you'd have to tear down that prejudice first.

The only reason I was able to become pro-gun myself was because of things like Forgotten Weapons. Presenting them as historical artefacts and mechanical devices helped break the mystique and thus the demonization. That wasn't what turned me pro-gun on its own, but once that change in perception happened the fearmongering and contradictory anti-gun arguments started to crumble.

Of course, that could only work on people willing to watch (and actually watch, not just look at) a 20 minute video about history and the workings of mechanical devices, and even that little is beyond most normalfags. Leading them in with the right video can help to a limited extent; Ian's videos on shitty Chinese knock-off guns might be a good choice, since they provide both some humour value you don't need much knowledge of guns to pick up on, as well as incentive to better understand guns so you don't feel "left out" of the rest of the joke. Given how much NPCs dislike feeling excluded from the group, that might be effective at helping to convince them to keep watching. It still wouldn't be enough for most though.

980f05  No.640889



Some of those .50 BMG AR uppers out there are selling for around $200 more than the serbu. That is still considerably less expensive and as far as I can see, with the right barrel length, it keeps all the ballistic advantages of any dedicated platform like the HS .50. The only downside is i'd have to change out the trigger mechanism to properly strike .50 BMG primers, though not sure if the inverse applies to 5.56 with a .50 trigger mechanism.

Speaking of ar uppers and .50 BMG wasn't there some legislation that could possibly mean i'ld have a deadline to get one or be forced to buy it through an FFL?

d2fc54  No.640895


>wasn't there some legislation

Arbitrary ruling by the BATFE says they're firearms now. And because they had previously been told to knock it off with the open letters, they just sent letters to each manufacturer of said uppers individually. It's still up in the air, legally.

dc8ea4  No.640921


>It's still up in the air, legally.

Funny, that's how I'd describe the entirety of the constitution since 1877.

348e43  No.641087

File: 34dea1f6a343a74⋯.jpg (95.68 KB, 754x500, 377:250, cain & abel.jpg)


>Excommunication in medieval times is a very serious thing

Excommunication is a serious thing period.

The Gregorian reforms were specifically targeted at preventing kings from electing the bishop of Rome after gross misconduct from a garbage HRE appointed Pope. That was basically the point in which the vatican outlined it's ability to depose and threaten rulers via excommunication.

The best form of government is one that thrives in accordance to divine virtue, within the realm of divine law, and maintains the time tested traditions of the nation it inherits, which amounts to what we would call today clerical fascism/clerical caesarism/clerical monarchy.

If you read evola you'd find that in every ancient civilization, including nonwestern ones, the authoritarian ruler (no matter what specific government he ruled through), was considered syononymous with the divine or considered divinely ordained to his position of power. In the case of the Roman monarchy they even went so far as to periodically affirm his virtue within the relm of their pagan gods during his rule. If he failed such a test he would be dethroned.

348e43  No.641088


This, Krauts aren't stupid people, but their intelligence only manifests in making things more complex which becomes a huge problem in mechanical engineering (and honestly most fields).

0dd9c0  No.641115

Weird question but how would underwater firearms work on land? Would they work or not?

170ae3  No.641121


The few underwater guns that exist do work on land but suffer accuracy issues. The only effective solution found so far is the use of dart-like ammunition that is stabilized through its movement through the water. No water, no stabilization, loss of accuracy.

4facb0  No.641126


The concept of Evola's that you describe has nothing to do with excommunication, and is in fact totally antithetical to it. Evola's ideal has the king as the pope, not being subject to him.

aa95da  No.641128


The fact that the church has the balls to be above government is what makes them wicked.

I'm no christian but even Jesus said Render what belong to Caesar upon Caesar.

The international, centralized Church is cancer and the vandals should have burned it down.

e409d6  No.641174


don't forget Ian and south africa. He is a very weak man.

337d2d  No.641176

File: 4ca3ba993e62cd0⋯.jpg (356.07 KB, 2656x1620, 664:405, 4ca3ba993e62cd0b464767174a….jpg)


They're leftist retards, so if you care about that type of shit don't watch. If you want no nonsense technical babble with some dry humor watch Paul Harrell, if you want humor with some technical stuff on the latest and greatest tacticool stuff watch GarandThumb. Really the only reason to watch FG is because Ian the Gun Cuck gets his greasy little hands on really cool, rare, and inque firearms and that's about it. Everything InRangeTV does you can find other channels that do it better and with no bias so there's no real reason to watch that heaping pile of dogshit.

f18e5a  No.641177


The head of the church and the state should be one and the same. The moment you start secularization religiousity starts losing its importance and influence among the population while the state loses a solid moral background in enforcing its laws and will on the people. Sorry if my English is broken, as a magyar chicken farmer its hard…

7b73b7  No.641179

Aluminum barrels suck in rifle calibers. Would non-steel barrels for a 22lr be fine?

da0f62  No.641180


>They're leftist retards

No they're not. You're just being a pissy little bitch because they wouldn't let you shit up the comment section of their Rhodesian gun videos with a bunch of "nigger nigger nigger" keyboard diarrhea.

da0f62  No.641181


Get a rifled liner. They're not that expensive.

337d2d  No.641182


Yes they are. As to "not letting me shit up the comment section" I unsubscribed because of the H9 shilling primarily, don't regret it at all.

da0f62  No.641188


Calling everyone not in the alt-right a leftist retard is like a commie saying everyone right of Mao is literally Hitler.

As far as the hats and other gear goes, they wear what surplus is available and fits with the theme of the video. If Ian is covering a Soviet SMG he's going to do it in an Ushanka. When they did Fingolian funs they wore Fingolian attire.

And he's not wrong about the "white genocide" in SA either. If Malema and Zuma had their way there would be a genocide, but there isn't one happening yet. There are no government death camps, no cattle cars packed with white families, no gas chambers or carbon monoxide gassing vans. This is still the "Kristallnacht" phase: encouraged theft, property destruction, mob violence. I don't like where it's going but there's still a ways to go before Auschwitz 2.0

481541  No.641192

File: dde009f897db1ec⋯.png (28.73 KB, 847x320, 847:320, Capture.PNG)


>And he's not wrong about the "white genocide" in SA either. If Malema and Zuma had their way there would be a genocide, but there isn't one happening yet.

Gas yourself you slimy kike.

00e532  No.641194


Ian got mad at me for pointing out that Vickers was wrong about Rhodesia, i.e him calling it an apartheid like Israel and South Africa. Over that debacle I opted to not let him touch some of my oddball forgotten shit.

9a9333  No.641198

File: 015de2e4c42da87⋯.jpg (136.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, confused_chink_animu_girl.jpg)


>chambers or carbon monoxide gassing vans

b7e699  No.641205


And how stupid would it be to attempt to do .44 Magnum?



Aren't they satanists too or something?

b7e699  No.641207


Also if /k/ hates their channel so much I'm surprised someone hasn't used their autism powers to hack their youtube and email and use it to delete it from the face of JewTube.

b13e16  No.641351

c2f2c2  No.641469

Are signal jammers a good thing to have in case of SHTF?

a91b57  No.641477


Not useless, but it's situational. Put your money towards ammo, guns, food and other stuff before you put it there.

170ae3  No.641478


VFG and a stock, if he ain't a Fed he's fucked.

c2f2c2  No.641775

File: 717de253c9873dd⋯.jpg (114.21 KB, 506x940, 253:470, Malevich142.jpg)

Whats a Russian youtube channel thats like polenar tactical or garand thumb?

816adf  No.641854

File: 69a4dbe6aa8a107⋯.jpg (4.58 KB, 300x300, 1:1, shitty chink shovel.jpg)

I'm looking for a good, simple trench shovel.

Amazon, Ebay, and any (((search engine))) is shit.

Looking for something similar to pic, however made in a non-shit tier country or company and that will last me a long time inawoods.

Thanks in advance.

ff940c  No.641858


Look for a Russian e-tool. I used to have one (until I lost it quite some time ago now). They are cheap (especially here, in Poland, we got a lot of cheapo russkie milsurp shit here, but I'm sure you can find something inexpensive in cannuckland), reliable and literally multi purpose. You can dig shit with it, you can sharpen one side to chop shit with it, hell, you can use it as a weapon, too (works like a hatchet, especially if you sharpen one side). I'm sure you could even use it as a goddamn frying pan, too. Never failed me, never broke, I probably lost it when I was moving houses a couple years back.

225812  No.641860


>There are no government death camps, no cattle cars packed with white families, no gas chambers or carbon monoxide gassing vans. This is still the "Kristallnacht" phase: encouraged theft, property destruction, mob violence. I don't like where it's going but there's still a ways to go before Auschwitz 2.0

You don't know what genocide is, do you?

5004d7  No.641873


>muh gas chamber myth

00e532  No.641874


ATF makes a clone of kraut ones like that both in non and folding. Varusteleka has BW surplus as well as genuine Finnish surplus ones for less than 35.

168de7  No.641957

File: d85f8a7a8bacc07⋯.png (41.44 KB, 341x277, 341:277, 789654312654789.png)

I'm getting a Yugoslavian M48 in a couple of days with some leftover cosmoline on it since the gunstore that was selling it cleaned what they could and I wanted to know your guys' thoughts on it. Any tips you can also give would be greatly appreciated since this is my first milsurp rifle that I bought and I'm looking forward to starting a collection of milsurp rifles to pass down to my kids one day and I fucking hope they don't melt them down into some dumb steel coffin because I'll come down as an angry spirit to put them in it if they ever do.

c09043  No.641971

I'm looking for a compact pistol for CC. I'm hard set on striker fire but other than that I haven't made up my mind. Considering a. Sig P320, or Beretta nano/APX Carry (they're the same gun with different slides) I've got a decent discount off of wholesale with Beretta, but it will take a while for my order to go through, and I could get the 320 for around $500. I've got access to an FFL who is willing to sell me anything for dealer cost plus background check and tax.

c09043  No.641972


Thoughts on what? How to clean it?

Disassemble and soak/scrub everything but the furniture with mineral spirits. Once all the parts are clean go over it with some CLP and give everything a nice coat of that shit. For the furniture I think I just wiped off all I could, then went at it with CLP. I didn't mind the tackiness, and once I took it out shooting a few times on hot days and wiped it down as I shot it went away.

168de7  No.641974


By thoughts I meant how did you like the rifle, was it pleasant to shoot, any troubles you had that I can prepare for when I take it through its paces, what ammo to use/avoid if possible, etc.

00e532  No.641994


As long as you're not shooting turkshit, serb MG ammo or something someone pulled out of Africa you're fine. Most factory 8x57 is underloaded due to shitty unconverted turk shit grenading with turkshit ammo. I would honestly advise getting into handloading for that cartridge.

b0ca1d  No.642019

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Is this a good way to stick it to the ATF Would this seem like a good use of muns?

9c603f  No.642032

File: 6d990bfc3faaa00⋯.jpg (22.98 KB, 250x159, 250:159, X300U-A-2T.jpg)

Hey /k/, how many of you have lights on your tactical rifles/pistols? Is it nessecary to have a light on both, or is one more important? I found a good deal on the SF X300 ultra, but thought I'd get some thoughts on the topic before I bought it.

0f33c6  No.642034

File: aa1fc5a70e1f1c5⋯.png (376.44 KB, 640x467, 640:467, 0soocnxtuea21.png)


So is this made for cucked countries that ban semi-autos, or are have we seriously given up hope and started to engineer ways around a US semi-auto ban.

f18e5a  No.642069

Are we already safe from the gookmoot takeover?

2cafac  No.642072


I really, really hope it's for cucked countries. Even Canada doesn't suck that bad. Though not for a lack of trying…

00e532  No.642078



They explicitly say its for international sales in shitholes.

64002b  No.642244

>>639877 and >>638569 from the futuristic thread reminded me about something.

That stuff they're wearing looks pretty bulky but isn't military technology and doctrine generally shifting towards mobility > protection in the coming years or does that only count for vehicles?

609199  No.642264

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The current trend in infantry is to completely ignore decades of research and centuries of experience about human anatomy, and saddle them with way too much equipment that is distributed in the worst possible way. A suit of plate armour is literally lighter and less demanding on the wearer than what modern soldiers wear. It's overall better engineered too.

609199  No.642267

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Contrast that video with this. An average human can carry about 20-30kg for a long period of time, and ideally most of that weight is carried on the hips. This is true about that plate armour, and also about the equipment of the average ww2 soldier. It's because basically every army used a belt with suspenders to carry pouches. Then in 70s and 80s someone had the bright idea to switch to vests, because they can carry more pouches. It's true, but the weight is carried by the upper body instead of the hips, and so it's a lot more tiring. Also, that additional space encouraged everyone to give more equipment to the soldiers to carry, so they also exceed that limit of 20-30kg. The armed forces of the USA literally crippled thousands-upon-thousands of people by making them march around carrying too much weight.

1715b4  No.642271


>The greatest threat for a modern soldier is to collapse under literal thousands dollars worth of heavy technological equipment

What a time to be alive

038d5c  No.642272

Any good bag or backpack that is suited to carry short rifles and machine pistols with few spare mags?

00e532  No.642282


How short we talking, like OAL of said gun?

7db165  No.642288



Excellent points to be made known. Plate armor was incredibly well designed, incredible protection, well engineered for weight and maneuver. The grandest of hand to hand armor, a technological marvel. In history many heavy infantry and heavy cavalry fought each other to a standstill, and with the end stage steel plate armor it was easy enough to get into battle and have men retire form the field exhausted rather than wounded, insomuch that it was even more so then than before. If the firearm had not come along it would be dominating battles today. Masterpieces of form and function.

The firearm eventually became too powerful and could overcome the best armor they could produce, and the other negative was that plate armor became heavier and heavier to match the bullet. The Swedes began the first real modernization of the army back in the 1600's many would say, the dropping of armor wasn't just to make the infantry quicker and more manueverable, but also because as gunfire replaced fast firing bows, it became less and less useful. Certainly we see how armor persisted longer, cuirassers and the like did very well in the cavalry for some time later. The centralization of nations also played a roll, more mercenaries and conscripts and less house soldiers, larger armies, meant that armoring troops in high tier armor was expensive just to have them mowed down by a cheap lead ball fired by another cheap conscript.

But beyond whining about the perhaps early demise of glorious steel plate armor, its interesting to see the de-armoring of troops during the old period and the re-armoring of them now under certain doctrines. I think the argument for armor today is the fact that it can and will stop the most powerful standard mustket rounds of today (by muskets I mean modern battle rifles), which is the main reason to consider them. I think the other part is that maneuver of infantry has changed in importance, its a long time since switching to 10 foot pikes instead of 16 foot, that reducing armor for mobility to fight against the tercios, and the modern way infantry crawl and fight and pin each other with gunfire.

I think the current idea is that unarmored infantry don't gain much advantage of maneuver that actually brings a combat advantage in modern "leap frog' warfare, and that armor that keeps soldiers not simply alive, but keeps them in battle even after solid enemy hits to the chest vitals does bring a combat advantage of value. Break the young man's joints and bones, but keep him alive in battle and he's better off not taking a bullet to the chest and dying and returning home with joint injuries. Staying in the fight is more important than maneuver. That armor has always been a combat advantage and we can afford to produce enough to arm the regular infantry. Even if it does not protect like good knight armor, universally, it protects like old Roman heavy infantry armor (helmet, torso) to keep soldiers in battle to keep fighting. It certainly has its merits, even if it has its share of issues.

As a end and side note after a long post nobody will read, I don't like the current vest trend either, I think its kinda bullshit. Stocks out so far forward it interferes with the individual's ability to maneuver and move his weapon and equipment around, it puts 100% of the weight on the fucking shoulders. I still have my rig as a traditional belt and suspenders because it works and shares the weight. I'm not the biggest fan of the new trend.

609199  No.642300

File: cfd22ca0d54f21c⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 1500x1640, 75:82, german_loadout_ww2.jpg)


The point I want to make is not really about armour, it's only there to illustrate that today they really have no idea what they are doing. Basically ww2 German infantry equipment was better designed than what we have today, simply because they carried all the weight on the hips and didn't go overboard. Even if you have a plate carrier, it's extremely retarded to use that to carry the pouches. And in that video they actually give him a second vest over that. The US Army had something potentially good going on with the ALICE gear, but instead of improving that they just thrashed everything in favour of vests.

a91b57  No.642307

File: 706aacf8874f3e3⋯.png (3.42 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


So battle-jackets like picrelated are a bad idea?

ec2f0e  No.642308

File: 90a579116f640b5⋯.jpg (138.87 KB, 733x798, 733:798, 1438036835111.jpg)


>it's only there to illustrate that today they really have no idea what they are doing. Basically ww2 German infantry equipment was better designed than what we have today

Pretty sure if this was true for current doctrine every single military in the world wouldn't be using LBE on the shoulders. Modern equipment has it's ups and downs. Modern doctrine for superpowers does not use regular foot infantry anymore. The entire worlds army's are completely mech/mot by now

038d5c  No.642313


Folded AKS-74U or Zastava M92 (50 - 55cm)

609199  No.642318

00e532  No.642324


If we're talking bag, then a M6 Bazooka bag would probably work pretty well if you don't mind magazines rattling around. As for a backpack I know varusteleka has one that is around 50cm long.


As a guy who has that sort of webbing the weight tends to sit more so on the shoulders than the waist where the belt sits.

170ae3  No.642335


So wait, how does it work? Does the trigger pull the bolt back and it just slams home like some fucked up retard open bolt? Is that what I'm seeing?


Nobody seems to know if there was any truth to that from the start or not. I'm backing up a bunch of shit just in case though.

a91b57  No.642336


It's double action, the trigger pulls back and cocks the hammer each time. Which means it isn't semi-auto.

1715b4  No.642343

File: a43c319e44984ae⋯.jpg (103.9 KB, 799x548, 799:548, SITES_Spectre.jpg)


So you basically only need some part of the rifle to be manually operated and not the whole mechanism? It does reloads using some kind of automatic mechanism so is it treated like a fully semiautomatic assault weapon? If that's not the case, is it possible for strayans to get this beauty with the disconnector removed?

00e532  No.642350

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They got some oddball thumb action thing overthere already.

5395e3  No.642359

File: 05358b5c63a9a25⋯.jpg (32.46 KB, 541x223, 541:223, lmg11.jpg)

File: fe95b66237d4592⋯.jpg (23.06 KB, 489x276, 163:92, g11pdw1.jpg)

File: 6605a90556bd0f5⋯.jpg (76.27 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, AK LMG.jpg)

File: 188bcb402e1295b⋯.jpg (24.65 KB, 650x475, 26:19, welllrod.jpg)

File: c98aaac0b9c7989⋯.jpg (628.69 KB, 2501x1662, 2501:1662, QSPR.jpg)

any higher quality images of the LMG11 out there? would a caseless ammo pistol be usefull? Whats the quietist gun in existence?

1715b4  No.642364


>would a caseless ammo pistol be usefull?

Yeah, why not. It could even somehow recoil lighter because of the lack of ejection.

>Whats the quietist gun in existence?

The one that doesn't shoot. Or the Ots-38 or QSPR with the gas cutoff rounds, amusingly, revolvers, or PSS with the same round, or just subsonic 22lr suppressed

1715b4  No.642371


Damn, they just need some open hammer blowback guns.

bf8a0b  No.642459

File: c9b158bd6499ae5⋯.png (259.39 KB, 720x1440, 1:2, WhimBum.png)

File: 1768b7625f7cfe2⋯.png (162.39 KB, 720x1440, 1:2, guns are bad 'mkay.png)

File: b8ad289f06a475d⋯.png (470.14 KB, 720x1440, 1:2, 'entertainment'.png)

File: f2cf250f3fb970d⋯.png (539.97 KB, 720x1440, 1:2, 'entertainment' 2.png)

File: 4113567b1e4a0b5⋯.png (458.48 KB, 720x1440, 1:2, 'entertainment' 3.png)


Here's one faggot complaining about a nigger wanting to shoot down a SpaceX ship by calling it "Dos' r aliens!" from a "Daily Dose of Internet" compilation video. He equated the nigger to all Americans (I'm talking about the ones of European decent here, because apparently in the current state of ZOG, virtually anyone can be an "American").

Said he is "terrified" of them because muh ebil guns. So far the replies are all the same stereotypical banters, so no harm done but it still makes my blood boil somehow. Also I didn't skim through all of it so I want at least anyone ITT to tell me how the reply section actually looks like, I'll leave a link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzI9vsWGQlM&t=59s. It really irks me how their level of humor revolves around liberal capitalist degeneracies and 9gag/Plebbit maymays. Is this their way of living now?

Pic related.

6a85e7  No.642460


>Treat Jew Better by Rucka Rucka Ali

Isn't that guy an Israeli yid living in the US who went on to the "centrist side of politics" along with Sargoy of Mossad? Really makes you think, huh? I mean hot damn, these Zioshit kike-apologist normalfags are cancerous as all hell.

00e532  No.642463


They got DA revolver carbines over there.

609199  No.642483

Are the barrels and projectiles for 9mm Parabellum and .357 Magnum freely interchangealbe, or is it the kind of thing that works but should be avoided?

52ed04  No.642486


The diameter of a 9mm Parabellum is .355, so it would be fine out of a .357 barrel. Not so sure about forcing .357 through a 9mm barrel though.

00e532  No.642494



Its possible to use .357 158gr lead in a 9x19. You just end up with a slightly heeled bullet. Mind you a 158gr bullet doesn't leave much room in the case itself. 147gr is pushing it as is when it comes to case space.

ebbfb0  No.642856

If your gun explodes such as by blocking the barrel or using a faulty/severely damaged gun, how much damage will it do to you?

bac144  No.642858

Would wadd cutters function well for bottle necked cartridges such as 357 sig?

3bfeec  No.642860


That really depends, a barrel obstruction in a .22 is going to be less lethal than a 10 gauge. It's like asking how much damage a car crash will do to you.

00e532  No.642861


Depends where it decides to grenade if it does in the first place.

aae054  No.642866


I've seen an ambo get called on a guy because he used a faulty handload that sent the bolt into his shoulder. So it can fuck you up pretty bad.

a91b57  No.642867

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Like others have said, it's going to depend on what the gun is, how powerful the ammo is, and what/where the point of failure is. With pistols the chamber is right above the hands and with bullpups right below the head, whereas with rifles it's between the hands and away from the body. More powerful rounds will obviously have a bigger boom. If kaboom is because of a blocked barrel, if the blockage is closer to the muzzle, kaboom will be (slightly) less severe. If there's a relatively weak "escape point" for all the explosive energy, and it doesn't create any shrapnel, kaboom can be survived with only minor injuries. For instance, in this vid, and in a lot of other AR-15 kabooms, the thing that ruptures is the case head. Because a lot of the gas can escape through that rupture, pressure doesn't build up in the chamber, and kaboom is relatively mild.

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