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There's no discharge in the war!

File: 9ecb0f3e5df97ce⋯.jpeg (112.67 KB, 943x589, 943:589, really now.jpeg)

fd0314  No.621123

>SDF can't conquer the remaining 2.5 square centimeters of ISIS territory for months on end

>burgers unwilling to give much support beyond botnetting and political posturing ever since Assad managed to grab Bukamal

>Russia pulls out of 5 ceasefire+protection deals regarding Afrin back in january

>Kurds deny all of them as the purveyors of global democracy will surely aid their greatest proxy warriors against any insect incursions

>The Roach invades, burgers do nothing

>Afrin falls into Roach hands within a month

>Kurd gorilla warfare still ongoing there

>SDF decaying internally as incompetent Arabs with no promise of American gibs can't capture the last bit of ISIS territory

>burgers still do nothing outside of rambling about fighting ISIS and protecting democracy or some shit

>Russia negotiates angry Roaches into not liberating Idlib in exchange for a DMZ

>Deir ez Zor military council Arab "soldiers" still haven't captured the last few ISIS villages

>ISIS counterattacks and drives them off the Syria-Iraq border, burger air support is nowhere to be seen

>King Roach shells border towns and is beginning to hire TFSA niggers for an operation east of the Euphrates

As retarded as the DFNS may be I can't really see them side with the US any longer if Erdogan goes through with an invasion of the Syrian Kurd "mainland".

How does /k/ expect this shitshow to end?

Personally I expect the YPG/SDF owned territory to descend into its own civil war if they don't side with Assad at some point in the near future, the Arabs there only remain docile through US financial injections and would be more than willing to change sides once those dry up.

156657  No.621124

I don't really care man, I'm just eager to watch mode videos of turkroaches getting ambushed and slaughtered. The entire middle east could go extinct tomorrow and I wouldn't care.

8fc63d  No.621140

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


We would lose the single greatest source of slapstic/k/ comedy, commonly known as the middle of the sandbox.

156657  No.621151


There will always be conflicts around the world. Civil wars, holy wars, cartel wars, you name it. We will never run out of footage. If the east disappeared, Africans would take their place and post videos of jungle combat and nigger genocide.

80942e  No.621179

>Turkey invades SDF-held northern Syria

>Arabs in SDF start infighting and joining Turkey's militant groups

>USA does nothing

>Kurds realize the truth behind "never trust a burger"

>beg Assad for help like they did in Afrin

>Assad laughs as he crosses the Euphrates and exterminates every Kurd in Syria

>high fives with king roach as the final stronk empowered womyn sniper is taken out

>new talks held to determine just how much Syrian clay Turkey has to hand back because Turkroaches gotta be subhumans

Also, ISIS just released a new video detailing just how badly they mauled the SDF. They can't be doing too poorly if they can still produce media content.

40f159  No.621249


>Also, ISIS just released a new video detailing just how badly they mauled the SDF.

Link the video please.

c823a5  No.621284


This with English subtitle please.

8fc63d  No.621287


But all that footage will be halfway competent fighters killing each other, not this mess of fun and gore.

db820c  No.621298

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm jelly

62aa62  No.621469


We’ve run out of internet funds, you’ll have to use your imagination.

8fc63d  No.621495


>ywn mount a ZSU-23-2 on your Toyota

Why is life so unfair?

f67a32  No.621739

File: 1f3ed576e17fd27⋯.jpeg (108.25 KB, 665x459, 665:459, 2EC799F8-1649-4E8C-AAEA-D….jpeg)



>halfway competent

65e5ed  No.621778

File: c0f659827dbeffc⋯.jpg (82.31 KB, 1189x706, 1189:706, What the fuck is this anon….jpg)


>slapstic/k/ comedy

>Not slapstick /k/omedy

786671  No.621893

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f67a32  No.621901


>ywn mount an 88mm flak onto your scooter

Why is life so unfair?

80942e  No.621904


>ywn mount a 105mm cannon on your segway

Why is life so unfair?

f67a32  No.621906


>ywn mount a 80cm railway gun to your bicycle

Why is life so unfair?

80942e  No.621907


>ywn mount Mallet's Mortar to your pogo stick

Why is life so unfair?

95e52a  No.621918


>ywn mount a DIY Soviet anti-lmao relativistic nuke cannon to your dick

Why is life so unfair?

8fc63d  No.621919


>adding another k, when there is already a k in there

That would be as bad as "Kriegs/k/hronic"


>ywn shove a tactically relocated star to disrupt the orbital motion of their home planet and throw them out of the habitable zone up your ass

95e52a  No.621937

File: f3aac02d3526873⋯.jpg (107.34 KB, 848x480, 53:30, 1486111445164.jpg)


>ywn build a highly militarized e/k/umenopolis with giant particle accelerated antimatter surface railguns on your balls

db820c  No.621944

File: ab7362d7bd36da0⋯.jpg (82.33 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 130426360356.jpg)


>ywn own a semi-automatic rifle and your own private firing/training range/course

796303  No.621953


>ywn be an asshurt german that spams variations of "americans are mulattos" all day every day despite multiple bans up your ass

f67a32  No.621954

File: 2a54ac66465d492⋯.jpeg (50.79 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 323363B4-C071-4978-9263-7….jpeg)




Of course the kraut had to resort to muh dik ass an balz shieeet.


Pic related.

8fc63d  No.621961

File: c171db87c375417⋯.jpeg (36.74 KB, 768x512, 3:2, serveimage.jpeg)

File: 4cdaf31b351c2d2⋯.jpeg (45.55 KB, 893x581, 893:581, serveimage0.jpeg)

File: 593323722491d5e⋯.jpeg (400.69 KB, 1900x1913, 1900:1913, serveimage1.jpeg)

File: e59c446be4319a2⋯.jpeg (66.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, serveimage2.jpeg)

95e52a  No.621993

File: 45f1db037d1acbb⋯.jpg (167.87 KB, 700x676, 175:169, smug nitori.jpg)


>ywn be a gook getting paid to spergue with said "german" all day only to get yourself and your fertility permabanned

To get back on track since the bread is veering dangerously offtopic, SAA Idlib offensive fucking when?

It should take the Tigers 2 weeks at most to reach Idlib city and crash the province with no survivors.

80942e  No.622009


Sure, the SAA could easily pull off another Deir ez-Zor blitzkrieg, but NATO will commit airstrikes against them along with Israel after another falsified chemical weapons attack. Moreover, Turkey will probably backstab them to protect their militants and stolen territory. As such, they're taking the slow route and slowly nibbling away at Idlibistan with tightening DMZs. In my opinion, the real disappointment is their fumbling around in the desert playing grab ass with ISIS.

7678ab  No.622026


So how can Russia get rid of them?

c15134  No.622106

>How does /k/ expect this shitshow to end?

Another 4000 years of constant warfare, infighting, pillaging, and rape.

fbdf63  No.622109


It’s a tactical retreat to draw out ISIS from the Euphrates and into the dessert where American Drones can carpet bomb them. Tactical Retreat =/= Defeat.

80942e  No.622110

File: 5039f9feb59bc6a⋯.jpg (38.68 KB, 548x172, 137:43, full retard.jpg)


>sandstorm grounds US jets

>ISIS takes advantage of this fact and storms your positions

>50 of your men get butchered

>a dozen get captured and tortured to death

>you lose several towns and villages

<nuh uh it wuz stratorjy n sheeeit

>this happens again multiple times in the same year

<trast mi guis itz jeanyes tactorks

Maybe the Kurds are just shit fighters and were entirely reliant on the USAF for every inch of ground taken, which is why 90% of Raqqa and everything else east of the Euphrates is rubble. Just a thought.

fbdf63  No.622114

File: 54ca6646159c82d⋯.png (136.87 KB, 481x528, 481:528, Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at ….png)


Lol no. Half of the ISIS fighters were just carpet bombed. Besides the Kurds while pretty bad at traditional warfare are masters are guerrilla warfare, which is why the Turkish army is being blead dry in Afrin. If the Kurds were utter shit, America wouldn’t ally with them, because only good and smart people are American Allies.

95e52a  No.622115

File: b7004957c3b0548⋯.jpg (110.01 KB, 814x1000, 407:500, 13249872791.jpg)


>draw out ISIS from the Euphrates and into the dessert where American Drones can carpet bomb them

How in the fug do durkas survive for so long in barren desert environments?

There are still some ISIS goatfuckers hiding out in the Syrian desert west of DeZ which consists of 99% sand and not much else, how do they get access to food and water?



Isn't the DezMC made up of mostly Arabs?

80942e  No.622117


>Lol no. Half of the ISIS fighters were just carpet bombed.

You do realize this has already happened three times this year, right? Also

>188 airstrikes in 1 week

How assblasted can you be that your proxies are getting their asses kicked?

>Besides the Kurds while pretty bad at traditional warfare are masters are guerrilla warfare, which is why the Turkish army is being blead dry in Afrin.

Yeah, except they really aren't. A handful of FSA getting KIA each week isn't exactly putting a dint in Turkey's plans which is to take Manbij by next year, and it seems like they'll pull it off too. You might as well say that ISIS is bleeding the Kurds dry in Raqqa.

>If the Kurds were utter shit, America wouldn’t ally with them, because only good and smart people are American Allies.

Ah, I see that you've pulled a masterful ruse and realize the Kurds were ZOG's proxies of last resort. 7/10, you almost convinced me you were a boomercon.

87d624  No.622154

File: fd637b644705f89⋯.webm (231.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, bait_(2).webm)


>because only good and smart people are American Allies.

I was hooked until that…

e5e05d  No.622181


>calling a rout a "tactical retreat"

First of all, considering the distances involved, that's a STRATEGIC retreat. Second of all, a bunch of people fleeing for their life is not a retreat, it is a rout. Third of all, drones can't carpet bomb, it's why they suck.


1. America only admits 1/3 of the terrorists in Syria are terrorists. America treats the other 2/3rds as freedom fighters, and is funding their reign of terror.

2. Russia has like 1000 sorties per month over there since the war started, calling 188 strikes as "carpet bombing" is a fucking joke.

3. The Kurds aren't good fighters, it's just that the Turks are absolute shit fighters. Turks have been shit at fighting since the dawn of their civilization, they just managed to stumble on a byzantium where their military was all dead from a failed invasion, half the population was dead from plague, and the remainder was starving due to famine. This is literally the only reason Turks are even on a map today, otherwise they'd be some sandistan that only shows up in bad Steven Seagall movies.

e5e05d  No.622182


Even the loneliest desert has some town. They just shack up there, rape the unwilling, and drink their well water until they have to leave. Western analysts are basically retarded, they think ISIS is pitching a tent in the middle of nowhere because they keep forgetting that ISIS is basically a bunch of gangbangers.

d572dc  No.622189

File: 80562db61a2c65d⋯.webm (2.46 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, What could go wrong.webm)

Speaking about IS, here is webm i made today from one of their recent propaganda movies.

Ebin, just fucking ebin.

95e52a  No.622193


But all of the desert villages they could use are under government control, we don't really hear much about them getting pillaged.

Are ISIS bribing Officers/forcing civilians to cooperate/trading stolen artifacts on the black market for food/stealing goats or is the CIA supplying them by air?

d572dc  No.622194


>Are ISIS bribing Officers/forcing civilians to cooperate/trading stolen artifacts on the black market

Consider this factors

IS are mostly local tribals, arabs are well known for the corruption. Arab tribal communities stick together and help their own tribes.

Considering this factors come to your own conclusion

6280c5  No.622197


Bashing in rounds with a rubber mallet ain't that dangerous.

d572dc  No.622198


That doesnt sound like a sound of rubber mallet

More like he is pushing rounds with a steel one, unlikely to detonate round but still not quite safe

6280c5  No.622199


Just the sound of the empty belt rattling around. I've done a similar thing with virgin 8mm belts before

d572dc  No.622201


Well then if thats the case i stand corrected. Guess the webm is not so funny now

80942e  No.622222


First of all, they threaten to kill any local tribal leaders and government officials that don't comply with them. Secondly, they assassinate or publicly execute all of them that are belligerent. Third, they have a history of kidnapping people and holding them at ransom. Fourth, there was a theory that ISIS was receiving direct materiel aid from the US forces at Al-Tanf, who are purportedly there to protect (((refugees))) but militants somehow keep filtering out of there.

80942e  No.622223

File: f1e51f39f8108d2⋯.png (395.24 KB, 680x680, 1:1, satania laff.png)


These digits will feed me for days.

fbdf63  No.622225


If the Turks are shit fighters why are they a NATO member?

87d624  No.622228


So the US can use their airbases to bomb the strategic installations of Russia that are completely out of reach otherwise, save for ICBM strikes.

Turkey is a land aircraft carrier. In fact there even was even provision to Turkey membership that if they were to be attacked by anyone else but the USSR, NATO countries aren't liable to help them.

ac48e9  No.622229


Why would they not be even if they were? An ally is an ally.

f67a32  No.622288

File: f9ba061830c9a8d⋯.jpeg (21.05 KB, 320x272, 20:17, 6A190645-6878-4458-9190-F….jpeg)

>>622222 the Philippines

How the fuck can you niggers let such a get go unchecked for this long?

8ed7be  No.622315

File: b2fce856b449d04⋯.png (332.75 KB, 729x1416, 243:472, moderate islam graph.png)

File: a68e088059e2e20⋯.jpg (177.58 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, moderate muslim.jpg)

File: 51b02329fc6123a⋯.jpg (102.52 KB, 720x645, 48:43, moderate muslims.jpg)

File: d9ccd5225f1326f⋯.jpg (60.44 KB, 310x232, 155:116, moderate-muslim.jpg)


>muh reign of terror

Isn't it more likely that the population just shares their wahhabi views? It's not like sunni extremists just sprout from the ground you know.

d572dc  No.622318


>1st pic

>1.39 billion people think that wife should obey husband

>748 million thinks that death is good punishment for adultery


156657  No.622319


Technically they are not wrong. They are stupid goatfuckers who want to take over the world, but when it comes to family matters they are indeed right. Wives should stay in the home and whores should be executed on sight.

8ed7be  No.622320


This. The main reason Maniots were largely unconquered by Ottomans was because they were arguably more strictly patriarchal than mudslimes themselves.

80942e  No.622330

File: 932e732fdfd56de⋯.jpg (59.85 KB, 354x361, 354:361, autistic finn checks em.jpg)

>>622288 (checked)

You're not so bad yourself, leaf.

147825  No.622373


You will always have african bush warfare and chinese ant colonies.

d572dc  No.622559

File: 0ac20a43eef3e83⋯.webm (6.77 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, isis tacticool.webm)


But they will probably never make ebin full HD drone shots or battle footage

35e56e  No.624570

Apparently HTS and SAA are shooting at each other for the nth time in North Hama, yet no one seems to care.

db820c  No.624617


Idlib zoo never ever

156657  No.624619


Are there any PMCs actively fighting these guys? And if they do, how can I join? Life is really fucking boring around here.

35e56e  No.624727

File: f254cf73c0bc420⋯.jpg (154.52 KB, 497x850, 497:850, hakase_blue_laugh.jpg)

File: c260bc6c6a09e72⋯.jpg (515.12 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, bashar-assad-syria-laugh.jpg)

File: 808c4640ccf3829⋯.mp4 (4.74 MB, 640x360, 16:9, tidus_laugh_remix.mp4)

File: f46f6ad7d98ab5c⋯.webm (995.34 KB, 480x320, 3:2, 5_webm_laugh.webm)

File: 0e6700cc0cf489a⋯.jpg (14.38 KB, 552x367, 552:367, everything one needs to kn….jpg)

80942e  No.624728


Yes, but half of them are Russians and Ukrainians who are bored of Donbass, and are paid a pittance. The other half are American special forces who are pretending to be mercenaries pretending to be Kurds. Also, you're a few years too late to get in on the action.

4d0789  No.624731


Had not Mavri Krini been fighting along SAA for the last few years?

156657  No.624732

File: e2c618fb3605d89⋯.jpg (102.84 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 1457581435361.jpg)


>Also, you're a few years too late to get in on the action. Also, you're a few years too late to get in on the action.

Jesus fucking Christ, then what the hell am I supposed to do? There's nothing keeping me here. Life is mundane, repetitive and if I died tomorrow in a car crash I wouldn't be remembered by anyone for anything.

Are all PMCs out there truly cucked? Is there NOBODY hiring green retards who are willing to get shot for pennies? What about Ukraine then? Is knowing Russian required?


>Mavri Krini

Ποιοι και τι είναι αυτοί? Πως μπαίνω και πόσο πληρώνομαι? 800 ευρώ τον μήνα είναι αρκετά

db820c  No.624734


Well there's really no-one actively fighting those guys anymore, as the last ISIS pocket in Homs desert(?) in Syrian side of Syria got rekt, and kurds are too incompetent to deal with their own ISIS/CIA/Mossad-pocket.

156657  No.624736


>NatSoc LARPers just barely less degenerate than anarchists

Nigger I'm asking for proper PMCs, not skinheads who have no idea what Nationalism is all about. I'm not searching for a shitty criminal group. Unless these people will pay me to fight shitskins then I'm not interested

4d0789  No.624781


They do it for free.

The are anarcho-nationalists that gained some traction after GD went mainstream and they split paths.

4d0789  No.624783


I am afraid we are out of other options, anon. Natsoc frogposter that don't need to overcompensate with degenerate thuggery is very a narrow niche in our cuntree.

156657  No.624819


So my last option is to get 5 years in the frog foreign legion and then try and get a legit PMC contract?

3135b9  No.625685


Seems burgers might soon stop being such great allies to Kurds.

What's the YPG gonna do without American air support and funding?

3135b9  No.626323

Roaches are removing some of their surplus durkas from Afrin.

1419af  No.628086

>Syrian rebels throw Chlorine at civilians in Aleppo city, injuring over 100

>Russian and Syrian air forces resume bombardment of greater Idlib

>Final Idlib offensive soon

I wonder how (((they))) will spin this one in favor of the US.

80942e  No.628088


Certain media publications are already saying that Assad gassed his own citizens in Aleppo because he's an evil dictator and the rebels never had chemical weapons. Just ignore material evidence to the contrary which has been presented in the past.

1297df  No.629024

Yids are throwing shit at Syrian Air Defences.

cfe814  No.629052

File: a905566b18d351b⋯.mp4 (411.52 KB, 400x224, 25:14, 1068278217251962880_106827….mp4)


Nah they shot a bunch of cruise missiles doesn't seem to have hit anything though.

A cool video on why you need short range (Tor) and point range (Pantsir) missiles…

3bb6fc  No.629066


Did they try to pass of textbook chlorine gassing as sarin again? That was absolutely on the nose lies by the entirety of the US media.

bc4577  No.629310


South Africa might kick off in a year or two, but then again it might not.

fe886c  No.629377


>>748 million thinks that death is good punishment for adultery

Unless its a dude. Which is stupid.

fe886c  No.629381


>Fourth, there was a theory that ISIS was receiving direct materiel aid from the US forces at Al-Tanf,

Bruh, they received direct material aid when the Iraqi Army was ordered to abandon massive amounts of war material so that ISIS could pillage it.

4d0958  No.629468


Don't forget when resupplying those commie kurds on the turk border all those airdrops somehow magically landed on ISIS.

12eeee  No.629470


>How come Assad hasn't gotten rid of them yet now that the S-300 is operational?

War is hard and logistics is even harder, it takes months to prepare for offensives.

d572dc  No.629472


>Iraqi Army was ordered to abandon massive amounts of war material

More like Iraqi Army was made of poor conscripts and sunni officers sympathizing with IS

What happened in Iraq wasnt a order from higher up, it was just a gigantic route because of unproffesionalism and inherent flaws of Iraqi army. Not to mention that IS was in Iraq from 2008 or even sooner so they had both logistical and ideological base for their "uprising".

What it took to defeat IS in Iraq was literally Shia militias formed after Iraqi elections where pro-Iran shia party won

80942e  No.629473


>SAA approach America' premier militant training facility with mechanized column

>Americans launch airstrikes just like they've done in the past

>F-35 gets shot down by S-300

>America humiliated

>Iranian, Labanese, Turkish, Iraqi, Syrian, Russian and Chinese laughing can be heard from orbit

>America launches invasion into SAA-held territory

That's the reason.


No, they just said that the militants couldn't possibly have chemical weapons and Assad must be behind it all because he supposedly gassed Aleppo before.


Can't allow that pocket on the Euphrates disappear, leaf. They'll do anything it takes, including bombing their own prisoners of war we know this happened because IS was laughing about it via Amaq, their news media outlet which were captured because (((coalition))) jets were grounded during IS latest major offensive. Again.


>Not to mention that IS was in Iraq from 2008 or even sooner so they had both logistical and ideological base for their "uprising".

They've been there since 1999, but only really became important when Osama gave al-Zarqawi funds to start a militant movement to fuck with America in 2004. The real reason they came around at all is because Saddam Hussein knew that America was going to return, so he created the Fedayeen, introduced a more Sharia-compliant legal code, and opened Iraq to more radical Sunni teachings.

>What it took to defeat IS in Iraq was literally Shia militias formed after Iraqi elections where pro-Iran shia party won

It should be noted that America only really intervened after these movements began to retake land from IS, all while bitching about the Shia militant groups (now legally considered state militia by Iraq), the nature of demographics in democracy and Iraq's new ties with Iran.

d572dc  No.629474


>jets were grounded during IS latest major offensive. Again.

Ive noticed that sandstorms and IS offensives go hand in hand

In fact in almost all cases where there is no air support IS mops the floor with everyone save for Deir ez-Zor pocket of course

d35782  No.629476


>Unless its a dude. Which is stupid.

In theory at least, women adultery and man adultery are punished the same.

In practice of course the man is the third cousin thrice removed of a powerful guy and the women is a rape victim.

bec9fc  No.629595

File: 22d3b772e7602a1⋯.mp4 (2.51 MB, 424x600, 53:75, 02_フランちゃん体操第二.mp4)


How come Assad hasn't sent some TF commander+a few mechanized columns to cross the Euphrates and clean up the pocket with Russian Air Support even if all it does is get the (((SDF))) to clear it out first so evil Assad doesn't infringe on sacred Kurdish territory or some shit?

How hard could it be?

80942e  No.629601


That was the intent, before the Kurds miraculously seized everything east of the Euphrates (except for a few small towns) in a matter of weeks after the SAA took DEZ despite still besieging Raqqa at the time. America's so desperate to split up the country that they've bombed tribal militia forces that crossed the Euphrates, killing a couple dozen of them. They then proceeded to claim that they killed 6,000,000 Russian mercenaries who were looking to topple democracy in Syria by seizing oil wells from American special forces. All the while, American media cheered and tricked the American public into thinking they could kill Russians and get away with it like Israel and Turkey have. In essence, it's safer for Assad to take Idlib at the moment, wait out the Americans and let Erdogan spook them with his promises of deploying TAF to kill all the innocent (((Kurds))) in Syria.

bec9fc  No.629609


I'm just curious what kind of retarded excuse the JewS would cook up for providing unironic direct air support to ISIS, the SAA doesn't need to capture the pocket just advance in far enough to make the K*rds shit themselves into doing it for them anyhow bonus points if he does it 1-2 weeks prior to a T*rkish invasion of Manbij/Kobane.

bec9fc  No.630163

File: dbac5e6c5995875⋯.png (7.16 MB, 1836x2673, 68:99, Hajin pocket map.png)

How would you go about solving the issue at hand, /k/?

5e91b2  No.630167


>>F-35 gets shot down by S-300

Did not it return to base though after being hit by a "stork"?

d54b07  No.631419


Americans would just bomb them, like they did before, saying they were "concerned about the safety of their Kurdish friends" (this literally happened several times). Assad is now concentrating on cleaning the desert of ISIS and preparing to liberate Idlib from Al-Qaeda & friends. With Kurds, it's probably the easiest to just wait for them to enter a civil war

62386f  No.631436


Well first of all you would have to deny the airspace for Americans, then, you'd have to ask Iraqis if they would be so kind as to let Syrian Arab Army to drive through their territory and use Khutaylah river crossing. Then start pushing northwards.

That is ofcourse assuming that Idlib zoo has been dealt with somehow.

fe886c  No.631779


>it was just a gigantic route because of unproffesionalism and inherent flaws of Iraqi army

Would you rather run away at 13mph or drive away at 45mph until you run out of gas? The vehicles they left werent strewn across the desert, they were left there.

80942e  No.631783


The Syrians and Iraqis already signed an agreement which allows both sides to operate up to 20km (if I recall correctly) in the other country's territory. This was done primarily to combat IS, but would serve just as well for clearing out the Kurds.

956e51  No.633498

File: 72c50f9e675c485⋯.jpg (301.63 KB, 1004x1500, 251:375, __kaban_and_shoebill_kemon….jpg)

King Roach is threatening to crash Syrian Turdistan with no survivors, burgers have threatened to cut ties with FSAniggers over this.

Will the madman go through with it?

How much longer until his TFSA goonsquads turn their backs on him?

80942e  No.633501

File: b54c4c02387c3e8⋯.jpg (135.16 KB, 696x522, 4:3, Wrong Country.jpg)


The FSA is primarily getting its funding and support from Turkey at this point, and he's the only stopping them from getting destroyed by Assad, so America's threat is an empty gesture. Of course, what they're really saying is that they'll bomb them into oblivion if they hurt their pet mountain Jews, because they're not going to start a war with Turkey over this but need someone to let their frustration out on.

956e51  No.633502

File: 327dae0b9de2dc4⋯.jpg (35.89 KB, 680x582, 340:291, smugtae.jpg)


I'm somewhat curious about the long-term prospects for T*rkey and its conquered Syrian territories.

Will they kick out the TFSA at some point?

Those niggers seem to be a drain on resources for the most part, they can't administer their territories for shit on top of needing regular bailouts by Turkish police/army from turdsurgents and themselves.

That said the mental gymnastics employed by the Cuckalition in regards to Roach ambitions are funny as always, they're now calling the SDF a "temporary ally" whose alliance only extends to US support for "defeating ISIS" and nothing else.


TFSAniggers will likely recieve some form of direct support by the Roach army though.

Would the Coalition really go as far as risking friendly fire incidents with one of its NATO "allies"?

They did jack shit when TFSA goons supported by Turkish Leopards+F-16s overran some SDF territory north of Manbij back in 2016.

80942e  No.633507


>I'm somewhat curious about the long-term prospects for T*rkey and its conquered Syrian territories.

Turks have always been opportunists, and Erdogan epitomizes that national characteristic. I can imagine he plans to keep what he's taken, and will try to skim as much off the north of Syria as he can. He might be willing to sell it back to Assad down the line, but that's dubious. In other words, he's the lesser or two technically three, but the Gulf States gave up a while back, the (((US))) wants to cut Syria in half, while Erdogan just wants a few tiny slices.

>Will they kick out the TFSA at some point?

They're grossly incompetent and their morale has been in the gutter for years ever since ISIS raped them so the actual Syrians will probably just give up fighting when the time comes.

>they're now calling the SDF a "temporary ally" whose alliance only extends to US support for "defeating ISIS" and nothing else.

The schizophrenics in charge of US foreign policy have been vacillating between "We'll never leave! Assad must go! Democracy in Syria!" and "We'll go when ISIS is gone. Promise." for more than a fucking year.

>Would the Coalition really go as far as risking friendly fire incidents with one of its NATO "allies"?

Depends how closely they're working with the Turks. If there's an actual risk of killing Turks, they won't do anything, but they might float another "500 dead Turks and 37 destroyed Leopard II's from F-35 strafing run!" if they're feeling particularly butthurt.


>Turkey is by far the most dangerous party of the region

I don't know if I'd go that far. Turkey's unlikely to go all in for some mountains in northern Syria, but they'll definitely fuck around with the US. The thing is, the more reluctant the US is to let go of their pet mountain Jews, the closer Russo-Turkish relations get. For all his grandstanding, Erdogan realizes Turkey is an impotent country and America tried to remove him in an "entirely democratic and not in any way whatsoever related to the CIA" coup. For that reason alone, he's content to minimize his territorial ambitions to appease Russia and Iran, which is why he deserves the title of King Roach.

9ed202  No.633518

File: e2bc60c7b00d03c⋯.gif (270.13 KB, 445x354, 445:354, remove kebab during sex.gif)


>roaches being the lesser evil in any conflict

Not even if it's turkey vs israeli zombies driven by beezelbub and his bitch Muhhamad themselves.

d54b07  No.633526


FSA terrorists are all funded by Turkey at this point anyway. US only keeps influence around Al-Tanf (and Kurdish territories but that goes without saying). There's also HTS (Al-Qaeda) which gets funded by Sauds (and is constantly clashing with FSA as a result), but those won't participate in the attack anyway (might start shit in Idlib while Turkey is busy elsewhere, however)


>I'm somewhat curious about the long-term prospects for T*rkey and its conquered Syrian territories.

Turkey has been replacing Afrin's Kurdish population with the families of FSA terrorists. As such there will be majority of population that has a reason to hate Assad and love Turkey. Erdogan is likely planning to either directly annex the territory or set up a puppet state.

>Will they kick out the TFSA at some point?

No, they'll simply stop funding them after they stop being useful and tell them to lay down arms and become peaceful citizens of Turkish Syria, or it's the jail for them (or alternately just GTFO seeing as how FSA is mostly foreign mercenaries at this point anyway)


>they'll bomb them into oblivion if they hurt their pet mountain Jews

Roaches will simpply embed army personnel among them so that USA can't bomb them. USA knows relations with Turkey are massively more important than Kurds ever will be


>For all his grandstanding, Erdogan realizes Turkey is an impotent country

On the contrary, Turkey is in a position of power, since it controls the Bosphorus. If Turkey actually flipped sides and joined Russia (something Erdogan knows he can do and Russia will welcome it), it would be a tragedy for NATO – Russia would have uncontested control of the Black Sea, meaning NATO would lose one of the key attack vectors as well as face the possibility of Russia sending attacks from there. There's also the matter of turkish military strength being one of the largest in NATO, which would severely tip the scales of power should they flip sides.

Essentially, Erdogan knows he holds a massive bargaining chip that both parties really want, and as such can use it to get his way, even though he's just the king of roach people.

cd3369  No.633527

File: 0550de4fb7cdfae⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1484x1757, 212:251, icare-aux-ailes-brulees.jpg)


Every country in NATO funded Isis (through the "moderate groups", that transmit the money/weapons to the real forces). Turkey was just an american puppet, like Saudi arabia is. Obviously, pretty much everyone are Israel puppets.

The head of Isis were the old head of the Irakian army (who all aren't even muslims), who were under Sadam, who was an american puppet, before the US betrayal. Nearly all of the money from heroin production which belonged to the CIA black budget through Afghanistan went for Isis. The head of Isis, Al Bagdadhi, was in the Guantanamo prison just some time before joining Isis. Some of the schools forming Isis fighters are in Kosovo/Albania, in NATO bases. It was on american soil before, it was even called the "school of assassins", and Obama confirmed in the past that "moderate" attackers were trained here. These same "moderate" are healed in Israeli hospital. Russia/Iran since the beggining ask the USA to specify who is Daesh and who is moderate. They obviously never did, for the simple reason that they're all the same thing.

I'll not even talk about GLADIO, and the Stay Behind operation, that explains everything about terrorism in europe/USA. It was communism before, it's islam now.

To still believe that arabs have any power, is being the most blinded and the most ignorant retard ever. It's like the Sykes-pickot agreement never happened. And there is no country in the world that truly regained independance after colonisation. Each time, just look at who controls the economy, and to who belong the central bank. It's like not knowing shit about how the USA installed the dictators in each arab country. It's not knowing that the Saudi Arabia are directly protected by USA, in exchange of being puppets (and by extension, Israeli puppet. For exemple, the company whose job is to secure the muslim pilgrimage is an israeli security company).

Everything is fucked, and muslims are being killed, anihilated in mass since 40 years now. Israel (and therefore USA) is basically doing another holocaust, a real one this time. And it's not the end. When the third world war will go off, Israel plan to kill most of what it can around itself and expand and conquer the whole region. Iran will fall, everything will fall.

Never ever have arabs been so much killed in history, never ever have islam been so much hated ever.

USA/Israel are comiting the biggest crime ever in the region. And they're using it to build Isis and Al Quaida. Just imagine what kind of fucked up level of evilness you need to set up such a plan.

The third temple is near.

9ed202  No.633531

File: 5dedecde7f1c7cb⋯.png (351.21 KB, 720x509, 720:509, car of peace.png)


> never ever have islam been so much hated ever

Nigger, you serious?

cd3369  No.633537



956e51  No.633540


Yids will go extinct from congenital diseases alone if they genocide everyone but themselves.

9ed202  No.633564


>implying GLADIO did anything wrong

Other than that what are you trying to imply?

0de469  No.633755


or at least it says it does. Just goes to show I was right when I said Turkey had massive influence in this and that nobody gives two shits about Kurds

c66d7a  No.633766


They don't, unless Kurds somehow render the bosphorus uncontrollable by Turkey.

Kebab civil war when

0de469  No.633816


Syria is his fucking country, he doesn't have to meme anything. The only reason SAA isn't already on the border, defending territorial integrity of Syria, is that Kurds still LARP as muh Rojava and refuse to let SAA in, hoping uncle Sam will win them independence.

0de469  No.633822


It's not a "would" question when they already did trust burgers unconditionally.

956e51  No.633913

File: 23f0220025258c7⋯.webm (3.86 MB, 824x720, 103:90, no_help_beyond_this_Cross….webm)


But Burgers will be leaving soon, they even gave the Turks the locations of their bases to avoid friendly fire incidents in the coming Kurd cleansing Op.

Kurds may be low IQ subhumans but I don't think they're so retarded to trust an "Ally" that doesn't want anything to do with them anymore.

At least Assad can now seize the Oilfields in eastern Deir ez Zor with relative ease.

0de469  No.633946

File: b17d74610501981⋯.png (14.86 KB, 682x173, 682:173, ClipboardImage.png)


>I don't think they're so retarded to trust an "Ally" that doesn't want anything to do with them anymore.

Yeah, but it's a bit late for that, ain't it? It's too late to lose trust in someone AFTER he stabbed you in the back

>At least Assad can now seize the Oilfields in eastern Deir ez Zor with relative ease.

pic related

755718  No.633996

File: a2a806022277274⋯.jpg (68.84 KB, 747x717, 249:239, a2a80602227727427b0ef5af35….jpg)

America is taking credit for the work of Russia & Syria for defeating US mercenaries.

956e51  No.634000

File: 6a3c14943665426⋯.webm (60.37 KB, 600x486, 100:81, snickering_smugshark.webm)


When will the CIA and Pentagon start fighting each other on US soil, I wonder?

e00b8c  No.634001


You need to remember that the Turds of Syria were rather well treated by Syria with fair representation and a degree of local autonomy and where allied for years against the takfiri before the US send boots on the ground.

Now sure the Turd extremists of the younger peshmergas were lured by US promises of independence but most of the traditional PYD politicians knew better to trust the US and were in a "wait and see position".

Now that they realize that "Duh" there is no way the US are gonna back Turdistan over Roachistan when push come to shove they will simply revert back to be part of the Syrian state that will be going federate most likely.

e90578  No.634007


They do it's all done on a bureaucratic front.

0de469  No.634046


I'm pretty sure Kurds will try to negotiate concessions since they feel they're in some sort of power position, which will simply lead to Assad saying "no", turks attacking, and Kurds unconditionally surrendering to SAA in exchange for protection. How will Assad kick Roaches out, however, that I don't know.

5adbc0  No.634160

File: 7ea329b9b4ffe6d⋯.png (305.57 KB, 575x523, 575:523, puffy.png)


>bureaucratic front

Lame and gay.

Can't we somehow convince Lockheeb to incite a terrorist insurgency on US soil for even greater profit?

They could wipe out the alt-right Nazis while getting taxpayer money fo dem shoddy aid, reconstruction and of course smart COIN weaponry R&D programs without having to send US troops to some far off middle eastern shithole with limited TV/Fortnite coverage and copious amounts of Russian hackers.

80942e  No.634166


>Can't we somehow convince Lockheeb to incite a terrorist insurgency on US soil for even greater profit?

Not until we've all gone to war with Russia and possibly China. The US has to do something with all those troops they're pulling out of the Middle East, and the Boomers want a cushy retirement, not some nasty civil war.

ea2b5a  No.634345

>SDF suddenly calling the SAA the "symbol of Syria" and that protecting Syria's borders is of national interest

Eh, at least Roaches don't get to annex any more territory that way.

0de469  No.634374


They've been doing it in Afrin too.


>roaches appear


ea2b5a  No.634459

File: 3977c184d14a2cd⋯.jpg (363.32 KB, 1132x1062, 566:531, Kurdo.jpg)


Only this time the roach isn't already pillaging their farms and raping everything into the ground.

d572dc  No.634466

File: 3fe1727d1f5af94⋯.jpg (81.39 KB, 567x720, 63:80, kurds.jpg)


classic k*rds

34d4c0  No.634539

File: e42f9c64726cec0⋯.png (334.21 KB, 800x358, 400:179, ClipboardImage.png)


>turks upset at being attacked by nomadic groups

e00b8c  No.634556


Threadly remember that the last person to trust the kurds were the armenians…

156657  No.634613

File: b20bf05ce595a82⋯.png (223.68 KB, 858x468, 11:6, 1.png)

File: 0219d82d8cf55cc⋯.jpg (48.24 KB, 816x624, 17:13, 1456254234004.jpg)

File: fbb33c0d2c7ed0b⋯.png (21.5 KB, 759x598, 33:26, 34.png)

File: 18afc77672dbd50⋯.png (762.79 KB, 1608x892, 402:223, 7.png)

File: 4512a390a1c36f9⋯.png (256.21 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, stay mad.png)

This is now a roach-hating thread

d572dc  No.634709


lol butthurt k*rd

141ec1  No.634713


Is this a turk in Poland?

2980f6  No.634742


Probably. For how much "Pride" they have in their "People" they all seem to want to leave Turkey at the first chance.

48778c  No.634749



I hate Kurds as much as Turks pretending that the communist variety of sand people is better then the neo ottomans is laughable

62386f  No.634750

File: f344ab78fc7dca6⋯.jpg (227.16 KB, 503x886, 503:886, syria kurd things 4324.jpg)

File: 433baf8fcc1e1ef⋯.gif (1.69 MB, 360x300, 6:5, afrin syria kurds getting ….gif)

156657  No.634755


Isn't Poland like 20% Turkish?

0de469  No.634756


there's only 2000 turks in Poland according to kikepedia. I think you're mistaking it with Germany

a76341  No.634757


Poland is rightfull turkish clay

156657  No.634758

File: f13a11bd6992500⋯.webm (15.87 MB, 854x480, 427:240, pkk-launch-assault-on-tur….webm)

d572dc  No.634763


Poland is about 40% Turkish my friend

62386f  No.634843


>that music

I couldn't watch it for more than 4 seconds, and because of their seemingly unlimited retardation combined with absolutely horrid taste in music, I do not wish to see a single living kurd in my life.

When and if I end up leading a technobarbarian terrorist-faction, I will declare holy war of eradication on any organization using that piece throughoutly overused aural abuse.

ea2b5a  No.635271

File: 7951ae422173dbf⋯.jpg (90.63 KB, 1266x905, 1266:905, FWeXJc5a.jpg)

Should the SAA manage to prevent Roach benis from entering Kurdish homeland would the Roach consider grabbing parts of Idlib as plan B?

They did set up a number of outposts near the frontlines there some months back.

0de469  No.635295

File: b7c567726e97391⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1034x601, 1034:601, ClipboardImage.png)

Kurds just returned some clay to Assad in exchange for helping them protect Manbij from roaches

3fa817  No.635964


Now they said they'll return all of Manbij to the SAA.

124083  No.635966

File: 041650fbb897a4c⋯.png (405.63 KB, 1293x655, 1293:655, Battle_of_Aleppo_twin_sieg….png)



>Kurds joining forces with Assad to kick out a foreign aggressor

Where did I see this before?

3fa817  No.635972


That Kurd enclave did jack shit other than grab some territory from softened up rebels during the 2016 Battle of Aleppo.

0de469  No.635985

File: 4ba77807473407e⋯.png (5.25 KB, 342x115, 342:115, ClipboardImage.png)

Now this is hilarious

3fa817  No.635995


This makes me wonder wether or not former rebels forcibly re-recruited into the ranks of the SAA have come to terms with that fact that Assad won.

0de469  No.635999


I don't think they care, tbh. Most of them got forcibly conscripted by the terrorists or were in it for the money. It's why Daraa fell as easily as it did. Actual terrorists then got arrested (despite any reconciliation deals) and gassed, so I imagine what's left aren't any brave revolutionaries fighting for a higher idea.

34d4c0  No.636092

File: 6872c07b4300c71⋯.png (58.93 KB, 610x341, 610:341, ClipboardImage.png)

3fa817  No.636253

File: cb800dd00f039af⋯.webm (2.66 MB, 720x480, 3:2, megaman smug select.webm)


>Assad does a better job at military multiculturalism than Israel&their golems

125534  No.636283



It's worse than that and hilariously no one wants to admit it (which is the reason why the MSM skimmed over Daraa events).

The guys that were here for a paycheck fucked off and will now pretend to be syrian refugees.

The guys that integrated the SAA by entire companies are the infamous FSA… the actual "moderates rebels".

After years of civil wars, years of batshit insane takfiris running around beheading people (mostly moderate rebels), the guys that actually rebelled to have more freedom and democracy have REALLY realized that, well, Assad was better that whatever the West was promising.

Assad has managed to regain it's full legitimacy as the leader of united Syria, which is what led to a snowballing effect in SAA advances.

The main reason of the SAA early troubles was that they had, smartly, only mobilized "safe" units, the few republican guards regiments, some of the airborne, etc… And volunteers militias.

Despite the SAA being an army geared toward mass mobilization with deep reserves and a lot of "cadres units" meant to shape up with conscripts, military servicemen, and reservists.

Most of the SAA units were consigned to their barracks for years as they would have to mobilize a lot of personnel that were deemed unsafe politically to use.

It resulted in a tremendous lack of manpower in for the government forces, amplified by the size of fronts, despite the fact that the army should have been able to crush ISIS or the FSA on paper.

This changed after Deir Ez Zor and culminated with Daraa, once a lot of FSA companies surrendered, you stopped seeing basically only the same couple of regiments EVERYWHERE (meaning they had to move from one place to another which is what they were doing) and seeing more and more regular SAA regiments.

Add Russian OMLT and refurbishing (they've shipped them a lot of modernized T-62, 152mm guns, AA, etc) and the SAA really went from a handful of Assad's loyalists (largely from the Alawites minority) to an actual Syrian army (with everyone in it).

Which is also why the Turds are acting all meek all of a sudden.

What better way to cement a national army than against a common enemy that want to carve up a piece of your country (especially the part where the riches are*)?

*Turkey can keep the borderland if they want more mountains with batshit sunnis so much.

3fa817  No.636288


>Most of the SAA units were consigned to their barracks for years as they would have to mobilize a lot of personnel that were deemed unsafe politically to use.

Didn't it also have something to do with large numbers of SAA being highly incompetent or is that MSM propaganda cooked up when Rebels managed to capture the Artillery College during the Battle of Aleppo/ISIS recaptured Palmyra.

052f7c  No.636290


Hope we get some good footage out of it

Anyone got any more syrian fighting?

80942e  No.636294

File: 1eb37d81ee32fbb⋯.jpg (8.4 MB, 4122x2437, 4122:2437, Ilja_Jefimowitsch_Repin_-_….jpg)


It honestly deserves some kind of painting, similar in nature to the Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks.

>Kurds wailing that their dream of stealing land from half a dozen countries was foiled again

>butthurt US forces gritting their teeth about gassed babies thrown out of the incubators

>French forces acting tough, trying and failing to prove that they can replace the US forces

>Syrian Arab Army ripping down traitor's flags and putting up posters of Assad while locals cheer

>Russian forces pointing at Americans and loudly laughing at them while drinking heavily

3fa817  No.636307

File: 38dd8b4baae8e94⋯.jpeg (300.42 KB, 1463x2048, 1463:2048, DvmyRfcWkAEZKIx.jpeg)


Don't have any footage but came across this intredasting picture.

0de469  No.636309


>six gorillion different factions

Now wonder there's constant infighting

3fa817  No.636311


If I recall the entire Syrian Rebellion outside of ISIS and Nusra was composed of some 150 recorded factions.

586ca8  No.636344

File: afc19dfdf2a22e6⋯.png (1.04 MB, 746x929, 746:929, ClipboardImage.png)

So whats /k/s prediction about the fight in Manbij?

Since >>636092 says that russian forces are there, Putin could legitimately go to war with Turkey once the first russian soldier gets killed. Because the roaches are in Syria without Assads permission, the other NATO countries aren't even obliged to help them in any way.

Also how are the burgers and foreign legion I didn't even know that the french had soldiers in Syria at all going to react? Doesn't sound like they're going to have much more time to safely pull out before the fighting begins.

986669  No.636346


Just because they aren't obliged doesn't mean that they won't. If a Russian soldier does get killed, probably Russia will start acting aggressively toward Turkey and see how NATO and the US respond. Probably NATO will say something like "We deplore the actions of Turkey and Russia in Syria" or "We express serious concerns about Russia's actions in Syria and demand that the UN lead an investigation into the alleged killing of a Russian soldier by Turkish forces" all of which will amount to a rejection of Russia. Turkey is a useful ally to NATO and they won't let them fall away without a serious reason to abandon them.

471260  No.636348


Manbij is protected not only by random Russian MPs but several decently-sized SAA contingents on top of Burgers that haven't left yet AND random Frog advisors, trying to pull an Afrin there in its current state would be akin to diplomatic suicide on the part of the Roach.

I can however imagine him sending his trusted moderates into Kobane and northeastern Syria should Kurds fail to reach an agreement with the SAA in time, if that doesn't work out he could just do a quick land grab in Idlib as a fallback option under the pretense of removing internationally recognized terrorists from Turkey's borders or some shit.

586ca8  No.636353


Well NATO won't be able to outright go to war with the russians, or they'd risk half of their members to break away. Can't say about the brits and scandinavians but french are already fucked enough with the yellow vests to descend into civil war for that and the vast majority of middle-european citizens aren't going to accept an offensive war against the factions they support. Almost entire right here supports Assad while the left roots for the kurds.

0de469  No.636356

File: 858c4bf3f3797e1⋯.png (38.98 KB, 610x936, 305:468, ClipboardImage.png)


more importantly most of NATO has no army to speak of – not enough men to even defend their own borders, military hardware in such a state that most of it would be more dangerous to its users than to the enemy, and a populace that is absolutely unwilling to get conscripted, and even if it was, what are you gonna do with people who've only seen a gun in the movies and and who never got into a fistfight in their lives? Pic related.

125534  No.636357


>Didn't it also have something to do with large numbers of SAA being highly incompetent

It's not necessarily incompetent (though they're still arabs) as much as due to not mobilizing those bases were defended by the skeleton crew forming the backbone of the unit (officers, necessary NCOs and POGs) and whatever men men they knew they could count on.

Even for the siege of Deir Ez Zor that was the base of the 17th Division the men defending it formed under a sole regiment (with later reinforcement of a republican guard airborne brigade) so you had a fairly gigantic base with stocks to arm maybe 20k men defended by a couple of thousands initially.

This is what led to the patchwork of the Syrian map, in a lot of places they had enough volunteers to defend the bases (sometime for years) but not really do anything else and in other places they didn't even have that but overall only a few fell.

The problem is that every time a base fell you had lots of military hardware for the jihadi to go around. Which wasn't that much of a need since the entirety of eastern Europe is still pretending that it's normal for the gulf countries to buy enough surplus guns and ammo to pile up to the moon but explain how ISIS got so many tanks.

125534  No.636360

File: b1dd43c826109cb⋯.jpg (394.27 KB, 1620x2214, 30:41, ganQaa6.jpg)


Turkey and Russia were in tense talks yesterday the photos speaks for themselves.

Someone is gonna get raped.

Also the Turks aren't gonna attack Manbij. If they do they will attack east of the Euphrates.

d572dc  No.636362


>Putin could legitimately go to war with Turkey

Are you a brainlet or what?

b243dc  No.636364


>not enough men to even defend their own borders

Against which imaginary enemy?

0de469  No.636366


Any? Half of them probably wouldn't be able to defend themselves if the Swiss guard in Vatican decided to attack.

586ca8  No.636367


Even a german parliament report acknowledges that the Turks are waging an offensive war in Syria. So yes unless I am a brainlet, getting attacked by a foreign aggressor while helping an allied country on its own soil warrants a war declaration.

http://archive.fo/Swah6 Only english source I found was (((Jerusalem Post)))

0de469  No.636369


>implying any of that matters

USA doesn't give two shits about international law, and NATO does what US says. If Russia went to war with Turkey, you can bet US would sprint to defend it with the rest of NATO in tow, and wouldn't give a single shit about whether Russia was in the right or not. Putin knows this so he's not going to attack Turkey.

586ca8  No.636371


And if the russian intelligence agencies are atleast semi-competent he should also be aware that our normalfags aren't going to accept such a war. I don't know what the general population in burgerland thinks but the majority of europeans will most likely refuse to fight.

Also since Trump was just preaching about not being the world police anymore it would most likely just cause even more political instability in the US. Assuming there isn't "someone" who wants exactly that to happen of course

d572dc  No.636372


Why would Russia attack Turkey?

Russia did nothing when Turks shot down their airplane over Syria, Russia wants to maintain the best possible relations with Turks no matter the cost, they will do anything to pull them further away from NATO, be it trough economic means (join economic projects like Akkuyu nuclear power plant or "turkstream" gas pipeline) or even military hardware deals.

>So yes unless I am a brainlet, getting attacked by a foreign aggressor while helping an allied country on its own soil warrants a war declaration.

It didnt when Turks shot down Russian airplane and it wont now even if Turks bombed a hounded of Russian troops

0de469  No.636376



But Austria isn't in NATO. I can assure you there's plenty of people in Eastern europe who would be happy to go to war with Russia, since they're still angry about the whole USSR thing (just look at Poland). Many would oppose it, but there's no way they'd actually start a civil war over it. That being said, not like their participation would matter much, as the US has enough military on its own to go toe to toe with Russia.

It would most likely be a limited war conducted exclusively in Turkey and surroundings, which Russia would lose because

>invading a country that's basically entirely mountains

586ca8  No.636379


Turks claimed that it violated their airspace back then and that they didn't know who the plane belonged to before they shot it down. Good amount of people and countries believed them, but that was 3 years ago. In the meantime several faked incidents like the gas attacks made more and more normalfags know that everyone is desperately trying to paint the SAA and its allies as the bad guys, with everyone opposing them the good guys.

Turkeys public image was also heavily dirtied in that time. The faked coup in 2016 and arrests of western journalists are good examples for that.

Finally everyone knows that russian have ground units there, they can't just claim in was an accident if it happens.


Austria is a partial member of NATO, our neutrality only exists on paper or when its convenient for our politicians.

d572dc  No.636380


You are missing my point, Russia didnt even slap the Turks in the wrist back then and it woudnt do it now if something similar happened.

Russia wants to have Turkey as an ally and its trying to coerce Turks into their team.

586ca8  No.636381


I see, sorry about that.

But in that case it would be interesting to know how Assad will react. He can't really protest against them fucking his country with a stick since he would've probably be already dead without them in the first place.

25950d  No.636407

File: 7b721d3c1df6d86⋯.png (144.83 KB, 480x300, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)


>once the first russian soldier gets killed

That happened already 3 years ago.

0de469  No.636410

Turkey cancelled the Manbij offensive.

4a62e2  No.636446

Putin allying with turks and fucking Assad up would be one of the top 10 anime plot twists.

/pol/ would be a heatwave.

4a62e2  No.636448


Roaches being roaches once again.

471260  No.636761

Durkas are shooting each other in Aleppo countryside to kick off the new year, nobody cares.

d54b07  No.636790

File: cf85228949db9b9⋯.png (1.77 MB, 995x695, 199:139, ClipboardImage.png)


They already grabbed some clay from each other. It's pretty funny since the ones winning are Al-Qaeda, meaning they're just giving Assad more pretext to purge that shithole, since the various non..agression agreements did not cover HTS.

6fa0fd  No.636792


I guess now we know where all those surplus M-16s from Israel went.

0de469  No.637020


>tfw it escalated into an all-out war between jihadists

feels good

471260  No.637023

Kurds appear to be gradually pulling out of Manbij.

471260  No.637281

File: 0d65efd9ca0fde5⋯.png (533.74 KB, 1269x767, 1269:767, Idlib's great durka war of….png)

HTS is destroying the last remnant of legitimacy moderate Syrian Rebels didn't even know they still had so hard even Turkish PMCs are getting involved.

Are these clashes part of a master plan by Erdogan to annex all of Idlib under the context of securing Turkey's borders from internationally recognized Terrorist threats?

6d1484  No.637304


>… he should also be aware that our normalfags aren't going to accept such a war.

Anon Normalfags don't matter when it comes to war, since they are a bunch of spineless cucks.

They may loudly proclaim they are against the war and the government, but in truth they are conformist who rely on sucking the systems dick to survive and belief the mass media wholeheartedly.

Take the Green Party in Germany for example, they were born from the Hippy/68er and Eco movements of the Cold War.

Their bread and butter is preteding to be for world peace, environmental protection, world understanding, multiculturalism and hating everything that has to do with the military, weapons, war and hunting and the USA. They openly shill for the discrimination of german soldiers in the public life, calling them murderers.

Yet when 9/11 happened and the USA called for war against Afghanistan, the entire leadership of the Green Party folded without protest and supported the deployment of German Troops to Afghanistan.

Since then they have continued to repeatedly vote for the extension of the deployment of German Troops in Afghanistan and other countries around the world.

Every time there is a new civil war started by NATO they publicly talk how Germany now has to show responsibility and join the war effort.

And yet they still pretend to be the old 68er/Eco/Hippy/Pacifist of the past that hate German Soldiers and the Normies still continue to vote for them.

Pacifistic tokenism is more important to Normalfags than anything, they will pretend to be against war and for world peace while they are strangulating children with their bar hands for their ZOG leaders.

If US/NATO wants to go to war with Russia, they will just pull some atrocity propaganda from their ass and the Normalfags will follow them to war like sheeps.

e90578  No.637308


I'm glad we don't have PR but the Greens managed to get into local government in the most pozzed city in our country and well look for yourself.


03d1e0  No.637313


This. Acceptance is normalfag's nature defining trait.

62386f  No.637323

File: d3177832a15ec03⋯.jpg (398.25 KB, 1210x1344, 605:672, it's like im being cursed.jpg)



>our normalfags aren't going to accept such a war.

Normalfags in the west are completely okay with having their own children raped and beaten repeatedly if it means that they get to virtue signal and boost their own ego.

What makes you think these same people wouldn't be more than willing to thrust their nations into war and having other people killed if the perceived authority figures (media, officials etc) tell them that it's a good thing, and that they will be better people if they support the war?

e90578  No.637325


Because the economy is now god and normies prostrate themselves before it as the beginning and end of all arguments?

0de469  No.637330


>Are these clashes part of a master plan by Erdogan to annex all of Idlib under the context of securing Turkey's borders from internationally recognized Terrorist threats?

No, it's ex-Al-Qaeda desperately trying not to get the ISIS treatment and to win favour with its masters (Saudi Arabia and Gulf states) to get more funding. Turkey hates them because they're the last group in Idlib that's not their proxy.


>economy is now god

No, media is now god and it tell normalfaggots that economy is what's important, despite the average normalfag having no clear idea of what the hell economy even is. Want proof? Consider how often normalfags protest in favour of shit that wrecks economy… in the name of fucking economy. Shit, the migration crisis was pushed as "migrants will work to pay your pensions, it'll help the economy :^)" at the outset and normalfags ate that bullshit hook, line, and sinker.

e90578  No.637334


When is Czech, Poland and Hungary going to fence off the rest of Europe and leave everyone to their fates?

0de469  No.637352


the sooner the better.

e90578  No.637401


fair play.

9b6f06  No.637411


When our politicians start valuing our nation more than their pockets.

e90578  No.637425


You could always demand to leave the EU and pull the plug on their pension plans.

00e2ba  No.637444


Just like the UK am I right?

UK demanded to leave, yet now we are here.

The population does not control the government, it's two separate entities, sheep and shepherd.

0de469  No.637789

File: ca326ee903849ad⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1050x607, 1050:607, ClipboardImage.png)

HTS just raped Turkish proxies near Aleppo

0de469  No.637806


Apparently, HTS won. The Al-Zinki movement lost all of its clay and its remaining fighters are negotiating a retreat into roachlands, where they'll probably dissolve into one one of its gorillion proxies

be0d89  No.637821


If the Turks get their ass handed to them then are there political entities would would use it as an excuse to take over Turkey?

0de469  No.637826


no, because NATO would step in to save roaches.

I hear SAA is already moving soldiers to Aleppo to prepare for an offensive now that those evil, evil jihadis achieved such a victory

d572dc  No.637830


>I hear SAA is already moving soldiers to Aleppo to prepare for an offensive now that those evil, evil jihadis achieved such a victory

What a 🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾coincidence🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾

471260  No.637839

File: 05a3ccfd7c040a6⋯.webm (8 MB, 960x540, 16:9, if.webm)



HTS also destroyed an SAA tank near Aleppo or something.

Great northern Hama Aleppo offensive part 547: Long-overdue crowdfunded preorder release when?

b702b6  No.637857

File: 756a2762e670c57⋯.png (787.12 KB, 1400x1400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Reminder Poland managed to fence off the damn Black Death in the 1300s.

471260  No.638123

>Zenki ded

>only Ahrar left to oppose Hayat Tahrir al Sham

How much longer until all of Idlib is under immoderate rebel control?

0de469  No.638258


They keep advancing too – after Zenki died like a wet fart, HTS seems to have went

>"well this was easy"

and is now preparing to storm the NFL HQ at Maarat an-Numan.

6994b2  No.638259

File: 1adaecf5f2b5d72⋯.webm (689.14 KB, 400x300, 4:3, [laughs_in_Spanish].webm)

80942e  No.638266

File: 8e8f72ee21cdf35⋯.jpg (24.84 KB, 366x380, 183:190, what are you doing.jpg)


>HTS clears Idlib of all Turkish-backed groups

>SAA move into Idlib because HTS isn't covered by the ceasefire agreement

What are they thinking?

471260  No.638277


>mudslime jihadists


471260  No.638315

File: 102fba61c878135⋯.png (240.52 KB, 1202x1961, 1202:1961, Syrian rebel subreddit.png)

This is what Syrian Rebels in CY+4 actually believe.

d572dc  No.638318


I unironically think that some of HTS top brass is infiltrated by Syrian inteligence agencies (before the whole civil war Syrian Inteligence Agencies were a big thing and were pretty efficient)

Moreover we have all the possible reasons to suspect that Assad covertly can support HTS and other jihadi groups, give them weapons by proxy, give them intel on more "advertisement friendly" rebel groups etc.

d54b07  No.638344


>Internationally designed as a terror group


>nobody bothers sending money anymore to a lost cause, Sads don't seem to care anymore


>Both turkey and the regime agreeing you need to be eliminated


If they do nothing, they'll get fucked sooner or later anyway, likely with the help of the other groups. So they're taking out their enemies while they still can while growing their ranks (a lot of the defeated faggots join with them afterwards), probably hoping that if they can control Idlib, they can be a player again with Sauds giving them more money and maybe even achieve some diplomatic cover. They won't, of course, but it's something they hope for, at least, plus getting more land will make it easier to defend later on. In essense, they had a choice between 100% certain slow death and a gamble that assures 99% quick death. They picked the gamble, hoping that somehow they'll manage to survive this (in reality, they hope to get more dosh so that the leaders can bribe their way out and retire, but that's not told to the common grunt).


>that amount of denial

I love how they're shitting on YPG. Turkey entirely co-opted the entire "revolution" and repurposed it into a tool of Kurdish genocide, which is hilarious.

72fe0a  No.638350

I don't like Kurds based on the fact feminism infests their ranks. Good for a rapin but otherwise useless

d54b07  No.638352



it's worse than that. The majority of Kurdish forces are composed of unironic communists

d572dc  No.638366


>Turkey entirely co-opted the entire "revolution" and repurposed it into a tool of Kurdish genocide

And thats a good thing

d572dc  No.638367


Its even worse, dare i say it they are…


0de469  No.638741

File: 594b987a94db838⋯.png (8.57 KB, 349x151, 349:151, ClipboardImage.png)


f12d01  No.638744

File: 7a5f30edbbd26fc⋯.png (629.21 KB, 842x967, 842:967, Idlib 7th january 2019.png)


Now the only question remaining is how much of Idlib T*rks and their proxies will grab for themselves.

78aece  No.638745

File: c4de9132bfe869d⋯.jpg (164.3 KB, 1138x784, 569:392, c4de9132bfe869d6bcf0d661b7….jpg)


I have lived in a Kurd populated area for about 5 years. Every weekend they would burn tires and the smoke would darken out the windows. Not to mention that their jobs are either pimping women or selling drugs. Funniest thing is a Kurd guy that told me, they would fuck their own daughters before sending them off to marry. I have also heard about a custom in Kurdish villages: When a group of boys hit puberty, they sneak up into a barn and take turns fucking a donkey. They truly are subhuman inbred monkeys.

d572dc  No.638747


Just watch how NLF scrambles and fractures to join strike some agreement with SAA now

0de469  No.638748

File: 411bd52f1702b84⋯.png (2.47 MB, 898x1024, 449:512, ClipboardImage.png)


>literally every single source uses a different map because nobody can untie the idlib clusterfuck anymore


>Now the only question remaining is how much of Idlib T*rks and their proxies will grab for themselves.

Zero, probably. Turks moved their shit towards Kurdish areas, so they won't have any troops stationed there for an offensive into idlibstan. By the time they redeploy (if they even bother to do so), Assad will likely have already cut them off from the Aleppo front


Kurds are just a degenerated, less successful cousin of the roach.

d572dc  No.638749

File: e0a9651607be827⋯.png (2.09 MB, 898x1024, 449:512, 411bd52f1702b844733cfed017….png)



0de469  No.638750


Nah, most of NLF are faggots who trekked to Idlib from various reconciliation deals, already choosing not to rejoin the government once (likely because they know they did enough vile shit against their countrymen that no amount of reconciliation will save them from the rope). Most of them will likely either suddenly find out they actually love HTS and can't wait to join it, or try begging for a corridor to Afrin in exchange for surrendering.

d572dc  No.638752


NLF still has some leftovers from "FSA" and more "moderate" so id say some reconciliation with SAA is still possible

In my opinion next week will go like this

>SAA gears up even more for offensive

>HTS gobbles up most of clay, NLF and Ahrar mostly fracture and submit to HTS, some small leftovers will hold out and HTS will siege them

0de469  No.638754


it'll probably come down to how quickly HTS can take Maarat an-Numan. Zenki getting obliterated in less than a week while NLF did fuck all couldn't have helped the morale much, so I imagine that if NLF capital falls quickly, the rest will be demoralised enough to just give up.

f12d01  No.638755


>Turks moved their shit towards Kurdish areas, so they won't have any troops stationed there for an offensive into idlibstan.

They probably won't use "Turkish" troops, these guys >>636307 should do fine with a bit of air support considering the skills and organizational talent of their opposition this time around.

The SNA/TFSA also shares a direct border with the rest of rebel-controlled Idlib, they could start grabbing clay by bribing the remainder of the NLF/local HTS with Kebab and monthly salaries+free Kurdish girls any day if they wanted to.

d572dc  No.638756


Turkish backed rebels are paper tigers without Turkish support

Low morale, low training, low on equipment, low on population support, low on intel

No way they can even try to attack HTS

f12d01  No.638759

File: 6075d773b5f5ff4⋯.jpg (1.89 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, racetoalbab.jpg)


>TFSA trys to grab HTS clay

>HTS does a better job at defending their territory than Kurdish mongrels did in Afrin, Turkish PMCs can't gain much ground

>Suheil al-Hassan swoops in from behind and crashes the entire province with no survivors in a matter of days thanks to Intel gained from secret reconciliation deals with former NLF embedded in HTS

I want to see it happen, but am somewhat skeptical given that there are already a number of former HTS, Ahrar, probably even ISISniggers among the ranks of the TFSA.

d572dc  No.638763


I just cant wait for the reaction of the "west"

Who they gonna support now when there is no more "moderates"

12eeee  No.638767

File: 4ff2ed96af53cb9⋯.jpg (31.27 KB, 415x601, 415:601, DvB58mbXgAAFyjI.jpg)

0de469  No.638787


Syrian civil war is the biggest redpill on international politics one could ever hope for. Shame normalfags ignore everything about it

8b922c  No.638812


I'm just glad the good guys win.

80942e  No.638817


Look, I've been following the news on this since 2013, and I know what's going on. Assad blew up every school in Aleppo, ten times (!) and gasses babies with Novichok and shot democracy! He only pretended to hand over his chemical weapons, but secretly didn't. He was only able to win against ISIS and the moderates because America intervened to save the Kurds, a poor, oppressed minority group of moderate feminist Muslims. If only he allowed the Arab Spring to elect the Muslim Brotherhood, this wouldn't have happened, but he's an unelected dictator which naturally makes him evil. Trump's betraying America and our Kurdish allies by abandoning Syria to the hands of this evil madman.

f12d01  No.638846

>Erdogan threatening to gas Kurds for the 6 millionth time

What would burgers do if he were to accidentally one of their peacekeeping military advisors?

d572dc  No.638849


>Syrian civil war is the biggest redpill on international politics one could ever hope for.

Its really not, you could say the same about Iraq-Iran war because "international community" switched sides there too. You could say it about lots of conflicts where "international community" switched sides.

The point is ordinary people dont give a fuck, they dont care and dont learn from events like this.

Its only a "redpill" for people who already are interested/have at least basic knowledge about geopolitics and realpolitik

d572dc  No.638852


Probably sweep it under the rug. Turkey is too important of a ally to NATO to anger them. Any hostile action from USA would lead to Turkey getting closer to Russia (even if it was only Turkish bluffing to put more pressure on USA) and USA cant have that.

53921f  No.638870


True dat. While Europeans are busy rebelling the establishments, mutts can only shill agaisnt them and jerk their .22 rifles thinking about the never going to happen day when they will shoot the pigs.

fuck off muttspammer

That was a merciful (you)

1fb019  No.638885


Hopefully nothing and get the fuck out of the Dustbowl.

0de469  No.638903

File: c54827b3a825dbb⋯.png (1.08 MB, 616x698, 308:349, ClipboardImage.png)

Is NLF even fighting?

f12d01  No.638905


I guess they've resigned themselves to their fate.

d572dc  No.638906

File: 863a17ee2edc576⋯.png (206.24 KB, 816x580, 204:145, Untitled.png)

File: 087e21549b366a8⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1183x603, 1183:603, just hama my shit up.png)


>SAA and HTS dabbing on "moderates" together


8d58ae  No.638909


Normalfags eat all of the shit the media spews out right up.

For fuck's sake, the #1 source on the conflict for most normalfags is literally just a tailor sitting in his basement in Coventry.

0de469  No.638948

File: a9338b70263ad71⋯.png (4.75 KB, 342x84, 57:14, ClipboardImage.png)

Those fucking jihadis can't even kill each other right, what the fuck

f12d01  No.638949


They probably ran out of ammo/hashish and now have to spend 2 weeks procuring some for their next offensive.

0de469  No.638957

File: 36bd7eff60e7376⋯.png (6.22 KB, 357x112, 51:16, ClipboardImage.png)


If that's the case, SAA really shot itself in the foot there.

62386f  No.638966

File: 7fe31f25adb607b⋯.jpg (23 KB, 511x329, 73:47, syria and why united natio….jpg)


Remember this UN cease-fire agreement?

0de469  No.638985

File: 16e1210549d5822⋯.png (10.38 KB, 365x164, 365:164, ClipboardImage.png)

150723  No.639041



Wouldn't hash be haram as fuck?

80942e  No.639048

File: 21e04cde43f0141⋯.jpg (64.61 KB, 650x405, 130:81, arton183123_ae242.jpg)

File: 300cc0581f25641⋯.jpg (61.8 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, isis-captagon-drugs-syria.jpg)


You'd think so, but every militant in Syria is already high as fuck on Captagon, so I don't think they really care that much.

0de469  No.639054



most of the snackbars that blew themselves up in europe regularly drunk alcohol. They don't care since if they die in glorious jihad, all such things are forgiven, so they're free to do dope all day as long as they die explosively.

a0704d  No.639112





You guys have never been to Afghanistan?

f12d01  No.639213

File: dc1071454d30772⋯.jpg (935.69 KB, 2511x3000, 837:1000, idlib.jpg)

>Ahrar ded

Guess that's it for the "rebels" then.

0de469  No.639251


Jesus christ, what is that "moderate" enclave in Aleppo? Nobody else lists that. Does every map maker out there just make an educated guess at what belongs to who?

As for NLF, they've been doing nothing but let themselves get fucked in the ass. Is HTS that strong or has NLF always been just a paper tiger?

d572dc  No.639252


I think that morale plays a big part in all this NLF defeats

0de469  No.639322


I'm sure it played a big role in Ahrar dissolving, but surely any force that has at least some manner of relatively serious military capability ought to be able to do SOMETHING. So far, the most active part of NLF has been civilians, since they've been demonstrating against HTS practically every day, as though anybody actually cared.

f12d01  No.639339


Arab rebels don't rebel unless they're paid, jihadists or both.

>inb4 Turks get tired of the TFSA/pisses off the Saudis or some shit while cutting SNA salaries too early so TFSA join+invite HTS over and rout surprised roaches in the process, forcing a combined Kurd-SAA force to liberate Afrin clay from terrorist threats

Shitposting aside how expensive is Afrin's upkeep for the Turkish state?

There's an active insurgency there and the puppet occupying farce are incompetent retards requiring regular bailouts from Roach police/military forces so it can't be all that cheap.

0de469  No.639427


I've actually heard a theory that Turks are tacitly approving HTS taking Idlib, since they haven't even condemned them yet. If HTS eliminates turkish proxies and Assad swoops in, Turkey will be able to leave Idlib shittery behind without losing face before its jihadi mercs. After all, they would have done what was promised – they protected their proxies from Assad. Not their fault the proxies were too shit to protect themselves from HTS :^)

f12d01  No.639589

Turds want to join SAA for the purpose of liberating Syrian clay from Turks.

0de469  No.640108

File: 3c2dc5a7730abf9⋯.png (537.5 KB, 552x408, 23:17, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 959d8779bcf6a26⋯.png (496.99 KB, 549x414, 61:46, ClipboardImage.png)

Hajin before and after freedoms

47be03  No.640110

So Israel just attacks Syria again, no retaliation, no word from Russia.

I think anything Russia says about their missile is a big fat lie.

0de469  No.640114


Israel's been attacking Syria throughout the entire war, using Lebanon's airspace to do it, and nobody really reacts to it because muh greatest ally. The only time anyone (except Syria, naturally) did anything to kikes was when Russia sold Syria S-400s despite kike kvetching, but even that apparently took a lot of diplomacy.

47be03  No.640116


Syria is not muh greatest ally of Israel, there is nothing stopping syrian AA to shoot down israeli airplanes.

0de469  No.640117


I just told you, Israeli airplanes attack from within Lebanese airspace.

47be03  No.640118


And that gives them immunity? Fuck.

Warfare master right there.

0de469  No.640131


>And that gives them immunity?

No, it's just that Syrian anti-air doesn't happen to be stationed in Lebanon.

47be03  No.640132


What is the effective range of S300?

How can the israeli fighters hit Syria with their missiles in Lebanon airspace yet the syrians cannot strike back.

4d0958  No.640133


Its kikery at its finest you gook. You'd be starting an incident if you shot an aircraft down over another airspace. I don't think anyone wants another leb war again.

0de469  No.640134


IIRC kike tactic is approach through lebanon airspace, fire rockets, and immediately turn around and hightail it outta there (I think they started doing this after Syrian AA actually shot one of them down over Golan). Syrian AA usually has its hands full with intercepting the missiles (they're getting better at it, at least). The range of Syrian S-300 is 250km, but they only have a few of those, with the bulk of their AA being older systems, such as S-200 that dates back to USSR, which have little to no chance to shoot down israeli upgraded F-16.

I also imagine Syria is reluctant to shoot into Lebanese airspace if it can avoid it.

b04e0f  No.640135


>what are cruise missiles

If anything the fact they're firing from Lebanese airspace means that the S-300 is working as intended, previously judean F-16s were flying around Damascus, Hama and elsewhere with near-impunity until they "accidentally" a Russian military transport.

0de469  No.640137



As for WHY you'd want to avoid shooting inside lebanon, it's not that the Lebs would mind you shooting down a kike plane, it's that these AA rockets frequently lose their targets and just fall down and explode wherever, and Lebanon sure as fuck would mind if stray SAA rockets started bombing their cities.

0de469  No.640140

I should also add that the S-300s seem to work, since the last two kike attacks caused no deaths.

47be03  No.640293




As said, it seems the kike have found the high ground again.

An attack where the enemy cannot fight back, that is smart.

166c27  No.640311


So why doesn't Russia dump all of their old missiles that will soon need to be decommissioned due to age?

b04e0f  No.640433

File: bd2fbe188f8a0a2⋯.jpg (136.25 KB, 960x1080, 8:9, I_don't_know_who's_jewing_….jpg)

>US wants to cooperate with Russians to prevent Roaches from raping Kurds

And you thought this conflict couldn't get any more clownish.

47be03  No.640437


This is just an excuse to delay the withdrawal.

Though I hate to see that now the roaches are hailed as a good guy because everyone hates the US and tyhe kurds.

Roaches are one if the main founders of the war, now they occupy Syria AND now they get to decide Syria's future. It also shows how despite all the talks, Russia is toothless against roaches.

4d4f44  No.640443


Everyone is toothless against the roaches, because they're playing America and Russia off one another like divorced parents. Right now, Turkey is what Ukraine could've been if it wasn't populated by inhumanly corrupt retards.

47be03  No.640444


Better be Ukraine than fucking roaches.

The turks are genetic abomination, a future sight of the human race if we keep mixing.

d54b07  No.640450


I have no idea, to be honest. Do you have any data on what kind of missiles those are and how many of them they have?


>Though I hate to see that now the roaches are hailed as a good guy

Fucking where? Everyone hates the roach. The only good thing to come out of them is bullying kurds enough to try strike deals with Damascus

47be03  No.640451


I browse RT and there are many "anti-imperalist" dicksucker who feels that it is good that US gets out so that Iran, Russia & fucking Turkey can decide Syria future.

There is so much rage in my heart.

d54b07  No.640454


>browses Russian propaganda for Russian normalfags

>is surprised they're retarded

I browse my local news and in the comments, I see normalfaggots declare their undying love for Israel and absolutely retarded opinions on how everything is the fault of Palestine. If I let normalfag retardation get to me, I'd probably be frothing at the mouth with rage every day.

If it makes you feel any better, the moment Russia realises it won't manage to convince king roach to leave NATO, this bullshit will cease and russian normalfaggots will shit on roaches all day.

47be03  No.640457


Yeah, RT is really just russian propaganda at the end of the days, they would cheer if Putin kills and jails protesters but smear if Macron does the same to Gilet jaune despite both being sign of civie discontent against corrupted government.

I just hope they realize how toothless Putin is when the roaches outplay him.

d54b07  No.640458


Every news network is propaganda, no exceptions. The key is to be able to extract the truth from them and discard the rest.

>they would cheer if Putin kills and jails protesters but smear if Macron does the same to Gilet jaune

Putin reconquered some clay for Motherland, which shields him from most criticism, while all Macron did was take selfies with niggers and raise taxes. Of course the french fry is less popular.

47be03  No.640459


You mean Crimea? By getting Crimea, they lost the whole Ukraine.

Though it is funny seeing all the RT shitskins crying tears about how they need the ruskies because the nazi Ukraine gonna genocide them and crucify their babies.

Wonder if they really believe that?

Truth to be told, I used to support the separatists but when time passes and I found out Motorola & Givi both got bombed, I finally figured out that the entire conflict is shit, both sides are shit. The ukies should get their shit together and throw down both the EU and Russia.

d54b07  No.640461


>By getting Crimea, they lost the whole Ukraine.

They took Crimea AFTER the (((putsch))), not before.

>Wonder if they really believe that?

Normalfags believe anything they're told by the media.

>The ukies should get their shit together and throw down both the EU and Russia.

Unlikely. Ukrops desire nothing more than to get into the EU. Hell, half their fucking country already is in the EU on work visas and the like.

47be03  No.640462


Crimea is their bragging point.

There is one group of ukies that are against both the EU and Russia.

>National Corps favours restoring Ukraine's nuclear power status and nationalising enterprises which were Ukrainian SSR-owned when Ukraine gained independent in 1991.[4] The party wants Ukraine to break all ties with Russia (diplomatic, trade and cultural ties).[4] It is against Ukraine joining the European Union and against Ukraine joining the NATO.[8] It wants to create the "Intermarium Union" with Baltic and Black Sea nations (to include Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, etc.[8]).[4] The party also advocates expanding the right to bear arms and initiate public discussion about restoring capital punishment for treason and the embezzlement of excessive amounts of government funds by officials.[4]


Hope they do not get cucked.

d54b07  No.640463


>There is one group of ukies that are against both the EU and Russia.

Yeah, and they'll never actually get in power, just like all the other right-wing parties in Europe. Ironically, this party would likely get support from Russia, as it's prefferable to border an independent country that hates you to bordering an US proxy

47be03  No.640464


They would support JUST to D&C.

Russia, like US (Israel) & China, exist to destabilize.

d89f94  No.640465

File: 37afe0dc23713ae⋯.jpg (47.48 KB, 358x358, 1:1, not sexually confused look….jpg)


>and cultural ties

So basically commit cultural suicide?

d54b07  No.640492


>This party is natsoc and based

<but supporting it is D&C


In any case, I doubt anybody's gonna form intermarium with ukrops. Over here in western slavlands, we still remember ukrops massacring Poles, Czech, Slovaks and others around Volhynia. There's also the matter of Poles wanting clay back and the status of Ruthenia.

ab4b6c  No.640493


>Poles wanting Clay

Shouldn't they be bothered with hwite russia more than the Jewkraine?

d54b07  No.640496


I think they're bothered with both, but it's easier to take clay from ukrops than from smaller Russia

673073  No.640517


Well cultural suicide kind of expected when they want to break apart from the EU only to make their own version of it as if that were to be a solution to anything.

62386f  No.640523


Nor to mention that if you use civilian air traffic to mask your own F-16's, SAA isn't going to do shit since apparently shooting down civilian aircraft is frowned upon.

d54b07  No.640526


Yeah, it pretty much comes down to kikes using kiked tactics that anyone else would get shat on for, but they get a pass. It's just easier for Syria to intercept the missiles and minimise damages than fo all that international shit.

On the plus side, it means Israel can only bomb a fairly limited part of the country.

c32772  No.640547


I for one welcome the partition of the meme country called Ukraine.

4d0958  No.640561


Everyone around them does. It'll be one of the great happening this century. Have no problem with lemburg going back to poland. Maybe they'll remove salo eating rats this time around.

63de6e  No.640581


Do you know what D&C means? When natsoc is one of the most disliked ideologies in a country you want to destabilize, you support the natsoc party, just the same way the Soviets supported commies across the world in the 20th century.

05596b  No.640765


Yids admit to supplying Syrian rebels.

d54b07  No.640842

File: 2c03298843b4d56⋯.png (500.83 KB, 752x779, 752:779, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm the moderate now!

7912ab  No.640934


In Islam it's ok the break the laws of Islam as long as it serves Islam in the long run.

Additionally for jihadists they are exempted from following the laws of Islam, as long as the duration of the war they are fighting in.

On top of that, if breaking the law of Islam involves murdering unbelievers/heretics and stealing their shit, its the fault of the unbelievers/heretics for enticing the honest muslim with their disbelief.

So said by the prophet of the sandniggers himself.

05596b  No.641086

File: c539daf92154592⋯.jpg (168.15 KB, 1200x1037, 1200:1037, Dw8uDLSWoAAEjEP.jpg)

>Erdogan wants to annex create a 20 mile wide demilitarised buffer zone in Northern Syria

>burgers seem fine with this

>Some Frogs want to erect a no fly zone there to protect K*rds from Roach air attacks in addition to providing them AA equipment

How come Kurds haven't come to an agreement with Assad yet?

d572dc  No.641089


As long as west will wave sausage before k*rds they wont submit to Assad

Only when west abandon k*rds they will turn to desperately join Assad and reunite the country

6eb321  No.641108


Man, at this point, the US should get out ASAP.

Let the ruskies deal with the turks and divide Syria.

f09bd0  No.641120


>exterminates every Kurd in Syria

Wont happen. Kurds are one of the thnic groups in the region that don't have genociding the Alawites, Druze and Christians on their list. They aren't loved, they aren't liked, but they arem't actively genocidal, so cooexistence is possible and easy.

d54b07  No.641217


Reminder that Kurds participated in the Armenian genocide

80942e  No.641228


They're also pissing off everyone in the regions they're occupying by trying to brainwash kids into believing their clusterfuck of an ideology and tutoring them in their pidgin Persian.

d54b07  No.641249


Pretty much. Kurds are unironic supporters of islamic gommunism. They're like the roach's retarded cousin and deserve all the shit thrown at them and more.

05596b  No.641262

File: fe2866ce1b43b21⋯.mp4 (1.59 MB, 640x352, 20:11, Deniz Fırtına - Minbicteki….mp4)

Some Durka durka'd himself in front of US soldiers in Manbij.

d54b07  No.641322

Kurds just agreed to hand over the border to Turkey, the cucks.

05596b  No.641360


They're really going for that transnistrian Kosovo vibe, huh.

62386f  No.641361


What a joke. Could have atleast tried to provoke Russians and Americans to shoot at each other.

05596b  No.641523

Brunf is continuing to pull ZOGbots out of Syria while TFSAniggers are preparing to distribute T*rkish car license plates in their area.

05596b  No.642553

Kurds blew up a Bus in Afrin killing 3 civilians.

05596b  No.643056

File: 3ca80d8e1abe3a0⋯.png (663.88 KB, 1267x1635, 1267:1635, 1442479352190.png)


What did (((they))) mean by this?

d4cfe9  No.643059

File: c0276e65cc8e786⋯.jpg (89.03 KB, 900x600, 3:2, fuck off iran israels got ….jpg)


Well, look here bud, I know you Germans struggle against your leebansrome instincts, but foreign countries ain't just got the right to enter foreign countries, alright? Israel ain't never invaded a country which don't deserve it. Iran is assisting an evil dictator, because the eyeatollass are equally bad hombres. That Assad fella's been promising land to the Iranian terrorist army so they can attack Israel. Ain't no way any good American will allow our greatest ally to be attacked by some radical Mudslime. Iran needs to take their aloha snackbar forces and fuck right back to Tehran. Iran knows they can't fight Israel like men because Israel never lost a war so they gotta use proxies like cowards. That's why we gotta shut down their Shia Crescent before its too late.

d90fa7  No.643061

File: 76f8085d405c726⋯.gif (1.54 MB, 360x203, 360:203, amerigan bear clapping to ….gif)

751798  No.643063



samefag is the same faggot

d90fa7  No.643064

File: 024a2ec5e1aca6d⋯.jpg (97.51 KB, 963x568, 963:568, burgerclap eagle vs aussie….jpg)


Cry more, burgerblob.

d54b07  No.643067


You laugh, but you do not know the pain of the majority of your country unironically thinking Israel can do no wrong. They directly converted their hate of muzzies into love for Israel since "Israel bombs and kills all those fucking mudslimes! They're the best!" It doesn't even matter what the kikes do. If Kikes started literally holocausting Palestinian in death camps, normalfags would rush to defend them and point out how the Palestinians deserve it because they're all terrorists because Hamas is literally Hitler.

53921f  No.643078


Is this the new muttposting?

it is very effective at making people hate mutts

and kikes

The replies are savage though, kek. The moment merimutts run out of money to give… tsch tsch…

2327a9  No.643084


Boomerposting predates muttposting by decades.

ca3979  No.643101



This is what the muttspammer wants.

They are yids who hate America, and want americans to suffer.

803b60  No.643104


>one of the smallest eagles of the world

Not anywhere near being true regardless of how you define "eagle" Bald "Eagles" might actually not be true eagles depending on definition, plus it's roughly on the same weight class as the WT Eagle that is mostly length and wingspan:


>The bald eagle has a body length of 70–102 cm (28–40 in). Typical wingspan is between 1.8 and 2.3 m (5 ft 11 in and 7 ft 7 in) and mass is normally between 3 and 6.3 kg (6.6 and 13.9 lb).[5] Females are about 25% larger than males, averaging as much as 5.6 kg (12 lb), and against the males' average weight of 4.1 kg (9.0 lb).[2][9][10][11]


>The female wedge-tailed eagle weighs between 3.0 and 5.8 kg (6.6 and 12.8 lb), while the smaller males weigh 2 to 4 kg (4.4 to 8.8 lb).[2][5] Length varies between 81 and 106 cm (32 and 42 in) and the wingspan typically is between 182 and 232 cm (6 ft 0 in and 7 ft 7 in).[2][5] In 1930, the average weight and wingspans of 43 birds were 3.4 kg (7.5 lb) and 204.3 cm (6 ft 8 in).[6] The same average figures for a survey of 126 eagles in 1932 were 3.63 kg (8.0 lb) and 226 cm (7 ft 5 in), respectively.[7] The largest wingspan ever verified for an eagle was for this species. A female killed in Tasmania in 1931 had a wingspan of 284 cm (9 ft 4 in), and another female measured barely smaller at 279 cm (9 ft 2 in).[7] S


80942e  No.643105

File: 716e5d9d8558ab9⋯.jpg (68.76 KB, 662x393, 662:393, Right Proper Shitposter.jpg)


>wedge-tailed eagle is the largest of all the eagles and will attack marsupials the size of an adult human

>bald eagle is smaller, weighs more and is a lazy opportunistic piscivore

So, what you're telling me is that their national animal is obese as well? It's like pottery.

80942e  No.643107


Oh, and people don't even know whether it's an eagle or not, just like nobody knows what race your average Amerimutt is. It's sort of amazing how perfectly they fit together.

53921f  No.643111



Truly, only the Ausman can show us the way of the sick bantz.

805c92  No.643116

File: 9baae4122df9e41⋯.jpg (27.29 KB, 355x362, 355:362, [continued clapping].jpg)

7146f7  No.643123


Why can't Canadians make good shitposts like this?

53921f  No.643125


On the contrary, I believe the collective hatred of ethnic Europeans towards you, the kikes and the mutts has been the greatest unifier for us since the mongols, the turks and the commies.

12eeee  No.643147


>Hell, if you can't beat the jews, act like them.


c6cd07  No.643158


Yes, this is also the second wish of the muttspammer/yid, he wants the european to fight against american and then destroy the while population worldwide (America & Europe having the most white people).

What a sickening plan for a sick person.


An actual yid, why act like a jew, you are already one.

53921f  No.643187


>then destroy the while population worldwide

When did anyone here say that? You have to be "white" first. I don't think anyone consider north african and Arabs to be huwhite!

654b1b  No.643200

File: 54608c9070b30a3⋯.png (421.75 KB, 680x400, 17:10, ClipboardImage.png)




Where are you lads getting these maps from? Very cool stuff.

d54b07  No.643219


I get one from https://globaleventmap.org/ and the rest I usually get from south front

52c339  No.643241


The weasel word is on again, and yes, egyptian/north african used to be white.


Why can't you say white, yid?

05596b  No.643314

File: 60212f96a0d6302⋯.mp4 (11.69 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Mekut - .@brett_mcgurk - '….mp4)


>burgers straight up admit their second greatest ally was shipping war materiel to ISIS

So this is what it looks like when an aging Empire slowly loses its hegemony to Alzheimers.

1027f1  No.643372


Weird, I thought Turkey was based anti-imperialist country and Russia's greatest ally?

80942e  No.643494

File: c939fff1a6f39b1⋯.png (540.9 KB, 1192x953, 1192:953, mark.png)


>I thought Turkey was based anti-imperialist country

They've been dreaming of restoring the Ottoman Empire since 1919.

>and Russia's greatest ally

The roach has never been anyone's ally. What are you talking about?

63c2ef  No.643502

fbdfff  No.643503


Only a burger wouldn't understand that agreements based on circumstance and common interest are a thing.

You guys have a binary mind "either you do everything we say, even when it's fucking retarded, or you're against us."

That's why everyone call the US imperialist and it's not a compliment.

Turkey is a NATO country, as long as they are they will never be China, Russia or Iran allies.

That doesn't mean you can't have agreements with them, especially when they stop being good little vassals to the US.

63c2ef  No.643504


I'm not a burger, I'm a vietnamese.

My point is that the leftist retards who hail Turkey as le based anti-imperialist country for siding with Russia simply because they are now waving anti-US flag, despite them KNOWING beforehands Turkey's involvement in Syria destabilization is only less deep than Israel.

803b60  No.643508



I missy Syrianon ;_; F

150723  No.643510


They were france's ally

b935af  No.643514

File: bc504b0cf2301b9⋯.jpg (634.58 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, aquila.jpg)


This is superior to both.


because I love birds :3

63c2ef  No.643515


Why is it so smug?

803b60  No.643518


The wedge-tailed is a species within the Aquila genus.

80942e  No.643525

File: 7740a03e89a3072⋯.jpg (4.58 MB, 3648x2432, 3:2, Neophron Percnopterus.jpg)

File: 61b9e081fe92193⋯.jpg (307.64 KB, 1024x630, 512:315, Pharaoh's Chicken.jpg)


>he's still in the Aquila phase

This is a Syrian thread, so take a gander at this Syrian actually, Egyptian, but they can still be found there beaut.

05596b  No.643790

File: 0523ff0510fb793⋯.png (101.56 KB, 698x616, 349:308, kurded.png)

K*rds move to take the last square millimeters of Is*s territory.

f65335  No.643808

File: 467d71e98bdcdec⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.54 KB, 630x315, 2:1, Neophron Percnopterus.jpg)


Have a rare Neophron on me, Aussie

0de469  No.643849

What do you think will happen? Will Assad actually start cleaning out Idlib, or will roaches block that approach with (((diplomacy)))?

05596b  No.643870


Assad clearing out Idlib might happen if Kurds are retarded enough to go through with the absurd buffer zone plan.

05596b  No.644099

File: 55439058393cc63⋯.jpg (114.15 KB, 1037x613, 1037:613, Dxs6VYyWoAA5ToT.jpg)

File: 40a5ab1c4b0f8c8⋯.mp4 (4.31 MB, 220x400, 11:20, Mzahem Alsaloum - Before s….mp4)

Kurds are holding some strategic meeting with the SAA, ISIS is holding on (((somehow))), the Jewnited Arab Emirates want to protect Kurds for some reason and information has come to light regarding some former spokesperson for moderate rebels in Al-Tanf getting expelled 6 months ago due to an uncontrollable urge for Pizza.

0de469  No.644489

File: 457d8b4aa85672b⋯.png (1.31 MB, 944x715, 944:715, ClipboardImage.png)

>Roach airstrike kills two turds in iraq

>turds go protest at a roach base there

>things get rowdy

>roaches open fire at protestors

>protestors actually storm and capture the fucking base

>roach troops captured and handed over to peshmerga

>roach HQ and their tanks, humvees, guns, etc. either stolen or set on fire

Fuck, I hope there'll be more info about this. I want to know how the fuck did a bunch of demonstrators manage to capture a military base

48de2f  No.644506


>I want to know how the fuck did a bunch of demonstrators manage to capture a military base

It's manned by roaches.

Turks are worse than arabs at actual warfare, always have been. The only reason they had an empire ever is because they had a fucktonne of horses and managed to spread themselves through abandoned regions of an empire dying of famine, plague and multiple decades long wars. And the only reason they kept their fucking empire for any length of time is recruiting foreigners to fight for them, either as mercenaries or slave soldiers.

0. Finn

1. Nordic, Germanic, Slav

2. Anglo, French, Jap

3. Greeks, Spaniards, redskins

4. Chinks, Street shitter, LBFM

5. Arabs

6. Turks, Niggers

Remind me if I forgot someone, but that's the basic rank.

b5dd79  No.644544


I want to contest this Leaf Anon, I'm having a hard time seeing anyone being worse than Arabs, even the Niggers couldn't possibly be worse if the Toyota war is anything to go by.

2e0600  No.644547



There are a HUGE number of different kinds of niggers. That's part of the reason they're always killing each other over there. You can hardly justify lumping them together when you split whites and Orientals up into subgroups like Germanics and Chinks.

Though I don't know anywhere near enough to suggest how to go about splitting them.

c3b908  No.644574


Niggers are niggers no matter where they come from. They shouldn't exit at all, atleast not outside of Africa.

4ccd71  No.644577


>that unimog

Poor thing. First it was exported to turkey, and just when it thought it could serve it's true purpose in the war, it got burned out for no reason.

05596b  No.644617


You forgot Abbos and Pacific Island Asians.

48de2f  No.644618


Abbos are pacifists, they have no ranking. PIA are ranked with LBFM which is everything from Indonesia to Samoa.

0f3a49  No.645640

File: 01ede67dfe2522a⋯.jpg (80.51 KB, 832x868, 208:217, the anger has escalated.jpg)

File: a0343be8be2c1eb⋯.jpg (121.67 KB, 1097x617, 1097:617, DyQgov_WsAMoaXy.jpg)


>large numbers of ISISniggers surrender, civilians flee the last tiny remnant of Caliphate territory en masse

>Kurds retreat

How is it possible for any organized military force to be so incompetent, I do not understand.

0de469  No.645960

File: a8c3fbb00552c30⋯.png (780.73 KB, 555x581, 555:581, ClipboardImage.png)

>"Whoops, we did it again :^)"

t. Kurds

part of besieged ISIS managed to flee the pocket after the successful counter-attack

430afb  No.645964


I'd say the easiest way to split them would be coastal niggers vs sub-saharan niggers. Really there's three or four major ethnic groups that all nigger subgroups spawn from:


>"Afro-Asiatics" ("Sandniggers")

>Niger-Congolese ("Bantus")

>Nilo-Saharan ("Sub-Saharan")

>Whatever the fuck the tiny population of Madagascar is considered (they're a mix of French, South Asian. and Bantu)

Basically if you're referring to a North African country, it's almost always an "Afro Asiatic." They've got some ancient European history mosty muddied by Sandnigger and Nigger genes, but they're the closest thing to a proper civilization in Africa so I'd rank them around a 5 on your list. The majority of Africa is "Niger-Congolese" E.G. "Bantus" and they are the African equivalent of Chinks. They've destroyed/genocided/raped most of the ancestry of Africa/are mostly responsible for the slave trade. I'd rank them as a 6 because they were only able to accomplish anything by being scum that sold their brethren out as slaves for munitions with zero regrets. Nilo-Saharans are what most people think of when they think of Africans, and they're where you get your "we wuz kangz" memes from. The Nilo-Saharans make up a very tiny portion of Africa due to being genocided by the Arabs, "Afro-Asiatics," and Bantu, so I guess they'd be like Abbos and fall under a 6 (or perhaps they deserve a rating of 4 for being able to survive against all those odds?). The Khoisans are the only Africans worth mentioning as they'd probably fall under a 3 or 4 on your list, except they're largely nomadic and "peaceful" (by African standards to the point where the other African races make fun of them and call them "those who pick things up" as an insult to their ancestry). Then again if we want to discuss niggers and their ability to hold land/defend themselves, we also have to discuss other racial outliers like Slavic Arabs, Mongolians, and such.

430afb  No.645965


Fuck, meant for >>644506

fb7b2f  No.645971

File: 61bf52fddfa199f⋯.gif (910.05 KB, 418x421, 418:421, 61bf52fddfa199fab5c33f8950….gif)



I find it hilarious that the border they worked so hard to erase is what¡s kept them alive these last few months

0f3a49  No.646161

File: 958af13766a1083⋯.jpg (55.94 KB, 600x737, 600:737, to_what_end.jpg)

>Durkas try to sneak into Al-bukamal

>SAA notices, kills them

>Decides to shell at the remaining Durkas on the eastern bank of the Euphrates

>Burger aircraft destroy an SAA artillery piece in response

3e51e4  No.646164


Because United States is Israeli puppet and the jews can't allow their pet middle east destabilizing force to be hurt.

0f3a49  No.646178


Hasn't ISIS served its purpose though?

What's the point in keeping them around when Venezuelan commies/refugees are about to take over their role as the designated cause of Western Military+Humanitarian/Welfare expenditure for the next decade or so?

13635c  No.646180


>Hasn't ISIS served its purpose though?


syria still doesnt belong to israel

426e6c  No.646222


No see, the Jews fear the Venezuelan because Venezuela would take war funding from Israeli coffers if the US focused there instead. It would also give the US an alternative oil source rather than the Saudis which would fuck them hard as well by giving the US bargaining power to leave the Middle East (or at least tell some of the sick fuck "allies" there to get their shit together since we wouldn't have to rely on them).

0de469  No.646261


>implying jews will not control the entirety of venezuela after the coup

You are so naive

3e51e4  No.646265


Keywords "middle east". They want arab countries at war with each other so they are weak, that way Jews can displace them out of their own lands without much fear of ferocious retaliation they could otherwise expect.

0f3a49  No.648296

Yids blew up an evil Iranian former hospital on the Golan border.

b6fcbb  No.648359

File: ebb5e3417283031⋯.jpg (70.63 KB, 500x613, 500:613, ebb5e34172830314c8f07d4ef6….jpg)


>niggers can't be worse

You're right, because they know how to make their guns shoot harder, which means they'll kill their enemies more efficiently

0f3a49  No.648485

File: a32de5141ed7591⋯.png (999.26 KB, 1041x611, 1041:611, ClipboardImage.png)

How will Baghdadi and friends get out of this one?

62386f  No.648488


Haven't americans evacuated him to Afghanistan already?

0f3a49  No.648489

>>648488 (checked)

He might be dead already for all it's worth, Blumph just hasn't declared him as such yet.

If he's still alive then he probably doesn't want to risk losing his cushy retirement paid by American taxpayers by getting himself involved any longer, recording and sending some inspirational speech to his remaining non-insurgent fighters in Baghuz Fawqani could get him easily niggered assuming he isn't glowing himself what with ISIS' propaganda and media distribution networks having been buttblased to oblivion.

He'll probably hang around in some Iraqi village for a few years before US Speshul farces crash an unmarked stealth helicopter into his mansion, drag his corpse out of the wreckage and declare victory.

2dca39  No.648491


Niggers are worse.

Chadian could beat arabs because Chad army is essentially an old school colonial army.

Like pre-WWI old school, with white "advisers" (instead of officers) at basically every levels that know full well the strength (and limits) of auxiliary troops and aren't even trying to make them into NATO style army, just shape them in a decent combat force based on local tribal warfare traditions.

Change their horses/camels for pick ups, their single shot muskets for ATGM, force them to train properly and understand the new weaponry, adapt their old tactics to the new gear and all you did is turn an obsolete raiding force into a modern raiding force.

And since they still largely use their old traditions, just in a modern setting, they can take pride in it and therefore accept the training so much more easily.

It took A LOT of actually smart french officers (brought on by a lot of failed colonial forces) to turn Chad into a semi-sustainable semi-independent military actor.

ecf8cf  No.648494


>inb4 they manage to cross the bridge

0f3a49  No.648495


The Coalition will have to destroy more than one artillery piece for that to happen.

17b431  No.648497

File: 2628701ee375323⋯.jpg (142.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, f4d75484fb8a32ad2ff7c23c5f….jpg)


>Nords above frogs and anglos

b879f2  No.648498


>norse and anglo separate from germanic

890eeb  No.648593


When did non-Anglo Germanics won a war?

890eeb  No.648595


Sauce me up, nigger!

48de2f  No.649401


Turks lost to arabs all the time, as did Niggers.



>prime jelly

The only time UK ever did anything of value was when it was led by a German royalty.

b879f2  No.649414


Except the royalty hasn't actually led since 1642, and even then, I was just pointing out that Norse and Anglos are a type of Germanic people, not separate from them.

0de469  No.649416

e90578  No.649417


>It took A LOT of actually smart french officers (brought on by a lot of failed colonial forces) to turn Chad into a semi-sustainable semi-independent military actor.

I can't help but feel the resource could have been better spent elsewhere.

890eeb  No.649435


You're beautiful.

17b431  No.649440

File: afc183d5a9d648d⋯.jpg (621.11 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Elizabeth-I-of-England-kin….jpg)


>The only time UK ever did anything of value was when it was led by a German royalty.

You always know someone knows nothing about Britain when they think the victorian era was our golden age

890eeb  No.649454


>when they think the victorian era was our golden age

How wasn't it?

890eeb  No.649455



Nevermind, just saw your pic and I agree. Still it's kinda telling that both your most exalted periods were while you were ruled by vaginas.

b8f29c  No.649489


The victorian-era of Great Britain already showed the signs of the future decline and the possible disintegration of their colonial empire (woman as a ruler, letting the Workers Party to form, the whole "business-oriented" colonization, a kike as a PM, etc.).

t. knower

0f3a49  No.649509

Kurds seem to have more or less captured the last square femtometer of the Yidslamic State's grand Caliphate if recent tweets are to be believed.

Press S to shit on its grave.

Which group would be likely to provide the next casus belli for US/NATO humanitarian military interventions/aid in the mideast?

d90fa7  No.649510

File: af89fbbf8841bb8⋯.png (59.33 KB, 768x629, 768:629, accurate depiction of al-A….png)


You mean other than Assad destroying Syria's last hospital for the 87th time?

0f3a49  No.649516


Well someone needs to occupy those hospitals before they can be destroyed in a well-coordinated jewish media extravaganza, the WMD excuse is getting so old even the BBC admits the Douma chemical attack was a stageshow.

b879f2  No.649533


>even the BBC admits the Douma chemical attack was a stageshow


0f3a49  No.649543

File: 687f5ea203aee70⋯.png (341.56 KB, 980x551, 980:551, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6de0c3dcc3b078c⋯.png (356.42 KB, 980x551, 980:551, ClipboardImage.png)


Apparently this, though the guy's twitter has gotten (((protected))) since then and I haven't managed to snag any archives.

He was also shilling the pro-rebel narrative at the time the attacks happened, so there's that.

ecf8cf  No.649726

File: 371234fdfec7d4a⋯.png (40.78 KB, 132x132, 1:1, Khorne_mark.png)


Venezuela is probably the next target. Gotta keep the wheels turning.

0f3a49  No.649993

File: 7ea852dfc453a35⋯.png (2.86 MB, 2048x1152, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

The Caliphate has never looked better!

43e75f  No.650010



The kurds have served their given purpose.

Now the hunter becomes the hunted.

ecf8cf  No.650031


Look at that! An entire fuel truck and so many vehicles! I am sure they could blitzkrieg their way across all of Iraq and Syria if they wanted to, they have proven what they are capable of already.

Surely pulling US troops out of Syria right now would be a disaster and lead to the deaths of millions of Kurdish allies and friends, and allow Bashar, Babygasser, al-Asssad to re-institute his reign of terror.


0f3a49  No.650648


Remaining Coalition members have decided to withdraw from Syria.

43e75f  No.650650

0f3a49  No.651237

It is said that Burgers are planning to leave 200 token goys behind in Syria while Yuropoors will station around 1500 men there for an indeterminate period of time, presumably to protect poor Kurds from Erdogan and Baby-gassin' Rebel-bashin' Assad on top of securing the great and powerful Tanf Republic for all eternity.

0c7920  No.651291


200? I can't believe trump's only leaving 400 troops in Syria. ISIS is sure to return with only 800 troops out there. What even is the military value of a mere 1500 troops? 2000 troops isn't even enough to fill a turkish whorehouse. Why are we only leaving 3000 troops?

0f3a49  No.651313


>What even is the military value of a mere 1500 troops?

To serve as a diplomatic deterrent for bad goys and a magnet for good goy proxy "terrorist" paid by lockheeb, IMI and their Saudi frens.

Shouldn't be hard for the next Democratic Presidernt to re-justify a greater US military presence in Syria in the face of Iranian proxy terrorist aggression against proud feminist soldiers of color protecting gender western values on Syrian soil while simultaneously blaming Trump.

ecf8cf  No.651462


>keep 200 troops there

>land planes from time to time

>offload equipment

>board ISIS

>fuck off

You gotta get those CIA employees out of there somehow.

756d03  No.651879


The UK wants to hand out Terrorist loicenses to Hezbollah.

62386f  No.651889


Can't the satans synagogue hand itself a terrorist loicence?

d54b07  No.651967

File: c7c03492dd8be16⋯.png (10.59 KB, 228x477, 76:159, ClipboardImage.png)


Gotta love the narrative surrounding Hezbollah. "Oy vey filthy terrorists who want to shoah the chosen!"

I have a friend who lives in Lebanon. Hezbollah acts as a completely normal political party, participating in elections, buying billboards with slogans, all that stupid bullshit, and the only military shit they did in years has been either fighting against ISIS/moderate headchoppers in Syria and Lebanon (for newfags, Lebanon did have an ISIS and Al-Qaeda problem for a while, although not too severe) or kept kikes in check at the border, since Israeli secret services plant spying devices on the Lebanese side of the border all the fucking time, among other provocations. Essentially, all they do domestically is run in elections and act as the informal army of Lebanon, since the actual army has its hands tied by the fact the PM is literally a Saudi puppet and thus cannot engage kikes and wasn't even allowed to drive out ISIS until after SAA and Hezbollah did all the heavy lifting.

The reason why Bongcucks are intensifying their shit is because Hezbollah has been strenghtening politically, especially after last year's elections. See, due to various shittery in Lebanon, the elections before that were back in 2009, with new ones being postponed again and again until 2018, meaning the parliament was divided according to the 2009 situation even nine year after the fact, with nobody really sure how the public opinion shifted in that time with the civil war in Syria and all. In 2018, in the new elections, Hezbollah and parties sympathetic to it achieved a large victory in the elections, gaining many more seats in the parliament while the cucked parties shrunk, eliciting a lot of autistic screeching from kikes as they realised the population of Lebanon, despite their subversion efforts, is growing more and more anti-kike.

d54b07  No.651972


to elaborate on the picture

>Free Patriotic Movement = the largest christian party. Lebanese President is part of it.

>Future Movement = sunni muslim, but (((progressive))). Led by a Saudi puppet who is also the PM because biggest sunni party. Was the biggest party in Lebanon after 2009, lost that position to FPM.

>Amal = largest shia muslim party, the speaker of the parliament is from it. Has very good relations with Hezbollah.

d54b07  No.651975


and in case anyone cares about the other parties

>El Marada = maronite militia

>SSNP = you should know who they are if you've been lurking these threads. Wants to unite Lebanon with Syria.

>Azm = actually, I have no fucking idea who these guys are

>Lebanese forces = christian militia that still has PTSD from the Syrian occupation

>PSP = druze commies

>Kataeb = maronite militia, used to be part of Lebanese forces

c2d2be  No.651986




Sounds like more real politics than what we have in the West.

be0896  No.652063


Lebanon politics are a nightmare.

First they have a fairly smart system from when the french left, which is a polytheist division of power.

President is a Maronite christian, prime minister is a Sunni Muslim, parliament chairman is a Shia Muslim, vice prime minister and vice parliament chairman are Eastern Orthodox Christian and the seats are split 50/50 between Christian/Muslims, then proportionally awarded between regions and the 18 (!!!) religions.

Which gives you this:

Maronite Catholic Christians: 34 seats

Sunni Muslims: 27 seats

Shi'ite Muslims: 27 seats

Eastern Orthodox Christians: 14 seats

Melkite Catholic Christians: 8 seats

Druze Muslims (kinda): 8 seats

Armenian Orthodox Christians: 5 seats

Alawite Muslims (kinda): 2 seats

Armenian Catholic Christians: 1 seat

Protestant Christians (kinda): 1 seat

Syriac, Latin, Assyrian and Chaldean Catholics, Syriac and Coptic Orthodox Christians: 1 seat

And that right there is just the rules on how the thing works, meaning that for the government to actually work well each groups has to form broad cross-religious consensus, with the three guys on top each having a veto power.

It's high level cat wrangling.

e90578  No.652068


All that effort and you can't even tell the difference.

82f56b  No.653296

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What do, /k/?

0de469  No.653300


Import the poor things to Germany, of course. Sie shaffen das!

2171a1  No.653307

File: bbc16c4b572df04⋯.gif (794.81 KB, 245x168, 35:24, 1435891586030-0.gif)


see how well they can swim

4d0958  No.653311


Napalm them. Its the humanitarian way or just feed them veggie omelet MRE's until they commit suicide.

2171a1  No.653333

File: 7c41782861089c3⋯.jpg (231.89 KB, 1194x1196, 597:598, disgusted_logos.jpg)

>>653311 (checked)

>or just feed them veggie omelet MRE's

now that's just excessive

46a905  No.653363

File: 025054487ff2698⋯.mp4 (572.32 KB, 640x352, 20:11, Baghouz ammunition storage.mp4)

File: d1049e990486ad6⋯.mp4 (776.11 KB, 636x360, 53:30, Baghouz.mp4)

File: ecca1833b6c8faf⋯.mp4 (4.16 MB, 640x352, 20:11, Baghouz2.mp4)

File: 757aaf5ccd4ff19⋯.mp4 (583.9 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Baghouz3.mp4)

File: 931cce68c35f69b⋯.mp4 (1.12 MB, 398x224, 199:112, Baghouz4.mp4)

46a905  No.653367

File: 207222b45cfabbb⋯.mp4 (793.35 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Baghouz5.mp4)

File: 6017b064b03d294⋯.mp4 (2.26 MB, 400x226, 200:113, Baghouz6.mp4)

File: 088ee6d77b59b0a⋯.mp4 (520.57 KB, 220x400, 11:20, Baghouz7.mp4)

File: 754122613777f96⋯.mp4 (366.09 KB, 636x360, 53:30, Baghouz8.mp4)

File: cdad033944761a6⋯.mp4 (1018.7 KB, 320x564, 80:141, Baghouz9.mp4)

46a905  No.653374

File: 319edb2bdf7a5ef⋯.mp4 (3.7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Baghouz10.mp4)

Last one

27ff5d  No.654526

File: 8a9328b2750b74c⋯.jpg (24.72 KB, 440x332, 110:83, memri tv.jpg)

>Donarudo Drumph proudly proclaims he'll leave 200 ZOGgoys behind in Syria which is great for securing peace and stability in the mideast etc. etc.

>then he rants about T*rkey buying evil Iranian S-400 air defence system from Russia

>now Erdowahn rebukes Zognald by saying he's not an eternal goyim slave to US interests, then proceeds to express interest in purchasing an S-500 at some point in the near future

I don't know who's supposed to be baste anymore.

27ff5d  No.654838

File: b28babaa13b7dbf⋯.png (765.02 KB, 1278x720, 71:40, confused_dog_girl.png)

>Burgers threaten to cancel F-35 sales to Turkey should they go through with the S-400 deal

What could they have possibly meant by this?!?

913eb8  No.654850


Erdogan is a 100 IQ mastermind in a country of 70-80 subhumans fighting against rotting corpse of The West puppeteered by jews. He is sending his army and african volunteers all over western europe, but being the incredibly clever mastermind that he is, he's sending them without weapons or uniforms under the guise of immigrants or refugees, if he decides that he wants an actual war for whatever reason he'll just smuggle those in to all the turks already in Germany, France etc. after they've familiarized themselves with area; otherwise they'll import their families and outbreed the natives, maybe doing a genocide later to solidify their majority.

3d8277  No.658721

File: 01871339a712a72⋯.png (909.73 KB, 1451x3126, 1451:3126, burgerfucker.png)

In an act of true Patriotism, the US has decided to station 1000 ZOGbots in Syria long term instead of a mere 200.

0de469  No.658740


not even surprised. Wish Assad finally attacked Idlib

d17633  No.658810



That's spoopy.

6e64bb  No.658843

any moves made by Kikes to accelerate greater Israel? Like anything new to throw Assad under the buss and install Trusted kike Shabos into their Government?

1fedb7  No.658852



>there was only going to be 200

>1000 soldiers are nothing

>10000 are minimal, most are just logistic anyway :^)

>40k? What are they going to do lol

>we need to send armies to get rid of arab nazi commie ASSad!

Muttxtinction when?

Amerimutts and (((anglos))) are the true plague o this earth. They are kikes.

3d8277  No.658891

File: 4889f18cf34283b⋯.mp4 (2.66 MB, 198x360, 11:20, homo_multiculturalis.mp4)


The m*tts will go extinct once the number of skilled white men has declined to the point they are no longer able to maintain any semblance of advanced infrastructure.

6e64bb  No.658895


Hezbollah are mostly Muslims Right? What specific sect are they and do they follow the teachings of Mohammed (child marriages, Taquia and other shit) or Actual "Moderates" who don't blow up other nations/taking over them through Deception?

052f7a  No.659358


Because the ZOG need a highway to filter Muslims into the Eurozone. Just look south eastern Euro politics. Bulgaria has a literal political party exclusively for turks.

052f7a  No.659360


They're shiites, so they have a different structure of authority on who is and isn't an authoritative voice, and they just so happen to be mostly descended from people who were forced to convert hundreds of years ago by the saracens. People forget that most Syrians and Lebanese aren't actually arabs

49fc9f  No.659392


Wasn't this species supposed to go extinct in the Late Pleistocene?

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