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File: 56987917cee9929⋯.png (8.03 MB, 3812x2160, 953:540, 0234.png)

9d0e7a No.3738

Finally, you're free!

Up until now, you have lived in a boarding school where you ended up after your parents died. Despite the name, it was more like a prison than a school, they didn't let you do anything, and you could only leave the building with a supervisor. You had to attend boring lectures, where they told you things nobody cared about – well, other students seemed like they care, but why, you never figured out. You couldn't make any friends as everyone was busy with their own weird things. In short, you hated the whole place. But that's the past now, as you successfully managed to escape.

You have 1204 credits, your school uniform, and nothing else. You ripped of the school's badge and other easily identifiable components from your uniform, so people won't recognize you instantly.

You'll have to find some job quickly, if you want to stay alive. Since you have no better idea, you go to the Guild. You stand before the door. You start to have second thoughts, but it's too late now. You take a deep breath, and go inside.

A Guild attendant meets you. "Hello. How can I help you?"

9d0e7a No.3739


>You'll have to find some job quickly, if you want to stay alive

>Banner at the top says "Maybe starving would be better"

That being said, aim to get a job at the Guild, if possible by using whichever skills you couldn't show during school. Cover shouldn't be blown too fast.

9d0e7a No.3740


Ask for a job?

9d0e7a No.3741


>>Banner at the top says "Maybe starving would be better"

>Never Ever here

it's getting even better

Anyway, you should probably be a bit more exact, like what would you say and do.

I'll wait until a few answers come in and chose whatever is the most popular.

9d0e7a No.3742

File: 42d34f13c91609e⋯.jpg (135.2 KB, 631x607, 631:607, IMG_0778.jpg)


Which nation are we even in?

What skills are we proficient in?

Check the job board posting, see if there's anything simple like a gathering quest, because God knows what our current fighting abilities are and we might just end up killing ourselves.

9d0e7a No.3743

I think I'll use the very clever "OP" name from now on, since my ISP likes to change my IP every few days…


>Which nation are we even in?


>What skills are we proficient in?

You're like a level 1 character. Your school wasn't the best preparation for this, so probably whatever you chose, you'll suck at it. For now, at least.




You look at the job board posting, but it only has an "Enter your Guild ID and password to continue" prompt. You don't even know what is a Guild ID, let alone have one.

You walk to the attendant's desk.

"H-Hello. I'm looking for a job. At the Guild. I'm good at… uhm…"

But before you could even think about what you're good at, you're interrupted by the attendant's laugh.

"You want to work with the Guild? This is gonna be a joke, right?" The attendant tries to make a more serious expression, unsuccessfully. "You look pathetically weak. Can you even fight? This is not a video game! Kids like you should be at school."

Wow, that was rude.

9d0e7a No.3744


Insist by affirming your will to work, either "to actually do something for the city" or by simply telling your parents are dead and you have no other way to have enough money to live (partial honesty, but hey, it may work).

Also, isn't there bureaucracy work at the Guild ? That might be a better fit for a scholar-type character.

9d0e7a No.3745


If we tell them our parents are dead, they'll most likely send us back to that boarding school and back to square one.

Insist, firmly, but politely, everyone has to start somewhere, and that we'd like to know how and where to begin.

9d0e7a No.3746



"Listen, I'm not here because I have nothing better to do. I'm here because I need money. I'm sure the Guild has a suitable job even for beginners like me. Everyone has to start somewhere."

"Well, if you insists, I'll tell you the rules. If you want be a member of the Guild and work for us, you'll have to complete a little quest." The attendant picks up a tablet to show the details. "Here is Virtua Forest, you'll have to go there, and kill 10 Dogoos. They're pretty basic enemies, so anyone who wants to be a guild member should be able to deal with them easily. Based on your performance, a body of Guild members will decide whether you can become a member or not. Any questions?"

9d0e7a No.3747


You have an objective. Now go get those Dogoos as is your life was depending on it.

Oh wait, it does.

9d0e7a No.3748

File: f2df65916e21904⋯.png (560.14 KB, 711x679, 711:679, Blanc, head, sad.png)


Wait, do we even get a weapon, or are we going to punch these Dogoos to death? Also ask if we need to bring proof of their demise.


Ask what 1200 credits will get us, in terms of weapons.

9d0e7a No.3750

File: 7bf10edd3c93911⋯.png (6.5 MB, 3812x2160, 953:540, 0213.png)


"OK. Or wait, do you know a place where I could buy some cheap weapons?"

"You don't even have a weapon?" asks the attendant disdainfully. "I heard that the weapon store in the shopping center of Planeptune has a sale on entry-level weapons, they're selling them for 1000 credits each. I hope your next problem won't be you don't have 1000 credits…"

"No, that's fine. Also, do I have to bring a proof of demise?"

"No, we have a monitoring system set up in Virtua Forest, we'll see you."

"Thanks, bye." and with that you turn around and leave the building.

At least you no longer have to deal with that annoying (and a little bit creepy) attendant. You really hope when you become a Guild member, you'll get a different supervisor… Anyway, since the most direct path to Virtua Forest is going to the center of Planeptune, then continuing west, you don't even have to make a detour to the weapon shop!

After 15 minutes of walking, you arrive in the shopping center. A shop has a big "SALE" sign with a "Every basic weapon 1000 credits" description, impossible to miss. You walk in the shop.

"Welcome to biggest weapon shop chain in Gamindustry, how can I help you Sir?

"I see you have a big sale on weapons. I want to buy on of these 1000 credits weapons."

"No problem, just take a look around here Sir. We have a very big selection of weapon types, I'm sure you will find what you're looking for Sir!"

"That's how you treat a customer" you think and start looking around.

Note: this is like a class selection, you can choose any kind of weapon provided it fits the setting, and it's usable by a normal human. So don't try to turn into a cyborg, you'll have to ask Nepgear for that. Whatever you choose here will likely be final, so choose carefully. If you send me a weapon type, the MC will pick it up from the shelf and try it, you'll need a second confirmation to actually choose it.

9d0e7a No.3751

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



God knows how many melee heroes we have in comparison to bow users.

9d0e7a No.3752


You go to the ranged weapons section, and pick up the on sale bow. It's a simple bow made from wood. Even your weak arms can easily draw it, so the arrows you shoot will be slow and weak. The bow comes with a set of low-quality wooden arrows. There are better bows around, but they're too expensive.

"Sir, do you want to test your weapon before buying it? If yes, please follow me."

The shopkeeper leads you to a room with a few shooting targets. You pick up an arrow, draw the bow, shoot – and miss. And miss the second, and third time. Fourth time you finally hit the edge of the target. Your aiming needs some serious practice.

9d0e7a No.3753

File: 40b2508efdf1f7b⋯.png (255.11 KB, 665x574, 95:82, Am I retarded.png)


All things considered, a 4th shot actually hitting something is good.

Have we considered the fact if we could somehow use magic?

9d0e7a No.3754


>Have we considered the fact if we could somehow use magic?

Do you want to use magic in addition to archery (like some Neps have magic SP attacks), or magic as a main profile (like Rom/Ram)? In the first case, it possible, but not now, in the second case, just ask it and the MC will check out the magic section of the shop.

9d0e7a No.3755


Ah so it's possible for us to learn magic eventually.

I'd prefer maining Bows and have a sub of magic for magical arrows.

That's my opinion on the matter.

9d0e7a No.3756

File: 0d1522707fc8bf0⋯.gif (803.26 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, nep_in_your_face.gif)

Hmm, anyone? I really wish to play with more than just one anon. (Even something like "bows +1" is ok, if that's your opinion).

If there's no reply in the next few hours, I'll go with the bows.

9d0e7a No.3757


The idea sounds fine to me. Should he survive that far, I really want him to acquire a variation of the Magic Missile spam from D&D to compensate for the reloading times of the bow while keeping it for stronger shots, though.

9d0e7a No.3758


You transmute your quiver so it produces an endless supply of non-magical ammunition, which seems to leap into your hand when you reach for it.

On each of your turns until the spell ends, you can use a bonus action to make two attacks with a weapon that uses ammunition from the quiver. Each time you make such a ranged attack, your quiver magically replaces the piece of ammunition you used with a similar piece of non-magical ammunition.

Any pieces of ammunition created by this spell disintegrate when the spell ends. If the quiver leaves your possession, the spell ends.

Soon we'll blow up Dragons in one turn

9d0e7a No.3759

What about guns? A pistol or low caliber rifle would be a good place to start plus the worst we would have to do is deal with recoil.

9d0e7a No.3760


You go to the firearms section. You look around, and find single pistol for 1000 credits. It's a 9mm semi-automatic pistol of dubious origin. Hopefully it won't explode in your hand…

You take it to the shooting range. You load the magazine and fire. Since you lack experience (and nobody even told you how to fire a gun), you had a bad stance, and the recoil managed to you hit your head with the gun. Ouch. The fact that you completely missed the target is completely irrelevant for you now.

9d0e7a No.3761

So, votes? I'm pretty sure >>3757 is with bows, what about >>3759 ?

Alternatively, tie breaker?

9d0e7a No.3762


>>3755 is with bows too, so I'd suggest going with the majority.

9d0e7a No.3763


Oh, crap, I forgot about we have two anons for bows. So bows then.

You decide to go with the bow you originally tried.

You go to the counter to pay.

"Thank you for your purchase, Sir! If you're looking for some items that might help you on a quest, check out the item store across the street. Here, take this coupon, it'll give you 5% discount on a single item."

"Oh, thank you. Bye."

"Goodbye, Sir!"

You stash away your bow and arrows, and leave the shop. You're not sure if you want to buy anything else, but you figure there's nothing you can lose by checking out the other shop, so you cross the street and check the price list.

Small Healing Grass - 50 credits - restores 50HP (you have 75HP now)

Healing Grass - 100 credits - restores 100HP

Nep Bull - 100 credits - restores 30% HP

INT Booster - 200 credits

STR Booster - 200 credits

Leather Bracelet - 150 credits - VIT+3

Leather Armlet - 150 credits - VIT+2 MEN+3

There are many other items, but you don't have enough money to buy them. You have 204 credits. Should you buy anything?

9d0e7a No.3764


Two Small Healing Grass and go with these. The rest is too high and you may need an extra bit of money should the worst happen.

9d0e7a No.3765

File: 1d05c77ba52e342⋯.png (86.32 KB, 249x232, 249:232, shitpost.png)


Two small healing grass, please tell me we know how to use these at the very least.

9d0e7a No.3766

File: 890d054292f8c83⋯.jpg (153.38 KB, 761x656, 761:656, barrier.jpg)


Hey, MC is not retarded. Completely.



You go into the shop and buy two Small Healing Grasses. Since you had the coupon, you only had to pay 47+50=97 credits. Fortunately the Small Healing Grass comes with a short user manual, so you know how to use it.

You arrive at Virtua Forest entrance after 20 minutes of walking. There is a big sign next to the dungeon entrance: "Warning! Monster infected area. Keep out!". There's also a small barrier, but you could easily avoid it.

9d0e7a No.3767


Go ahead, but be careful. You need to kill those Dogoos, but that doesn't mean that you should rush and charge in.

9d0e7a No.3768

File: 4e3bd11438c44ec⋯.png (847.65 KB, 984x1296, 41:54, WhitePurple.png)


Check the surroundings if there's any huge damage indicating a threat that shouldn't even be here.

Like giant claw marks or anything trampled.

9d0e7a No.3769

File: 5de7dac2254c7d6⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, shot0003.png)



You go around the barrier and carefully check the surroundings. The path is covered by dense grass, which suggest there weren't many people walking here recently. A squirrel runs away as he notices you. Everything seems peacefully. Nothing out of the ordinary.

The path comes to a bend. You peek around the corner. There's a big clearing, with a bunch of ordinary blue Dogoos around bouncing and lazing around. This is the first time you see a living Dogoo – so far you only seen them on pictures. There's a single Dogoo nearby, a pair of Dogoos to the left, and much more a bit further. In the distance you see a Dogoo that looks much bigger than the others – maybe it's the boss.

Upon further inspection, you see some bones scattered near one of the trees. Since you're not an expert on bones you can only guess, but based on their size, they're from a bigger animal. Or maybe even a human!

It looks like the Dogoos still haven't spotted you.

9d0e7a No.3770


Observation must be the key for this first battle, considering how weak our MC is.

Pick a place where you can attract one Dogoo only, aim carefully and shoot it, focusing on it until it's dead. Then select the next one, make your move and so on until you have killed enough of them. Don't forget the drops, as you'll need proof.

Also, avoid those that are too close to the big one, and avoid the big one too of course. You may even want to place yourself so that missed arrows don't attract its attention.

9d0e7a No.3771

File: c25338962d8a53d⋯.gif (11.13 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Angeling.gif)


We don't actually need the drops as proof of demise, but we'll definitely need the drops to get some extra credits in.


Do we not have stat allocation for our first level to put everything into dex

Also scout to see if there's a dogoo that's isolated from the others and take potshots.

9d0e7a No.3772

File: 763a6a3326d6be8⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, victory.png)

I hope you'll enjoy this 9000 hours in paint tier image I just drew for this special occasion.


I don't really want to do things like stat allocation. I'm not autistic enough for that.



You pick the single Dogoo nearby. You silently move along the edge of the clearing to get as far away from the other ones as possible. It should be enough to kill it without attracting the others.

You concentrate harder than you ever did, aim at the Dogoo, and shoot. But it's still not enough, you miss it. Unfortunately it notices the arrow sticking into the ground just next to it, turns around and also notices you. As quickly as you can you draw another arrow and shoot. Since the Dogoo is much closer now, you successfully hit it, dealing about 40% damage.

The Dogoo is pretty near, and manages to attack you before you could shoot again. Some acid jelly splashes onto you. It's not exactly dangerous, more like irritating, and you loose 3HP.

You shoot again. Since the Dogoo is only a meter away from you, aiming is not an issue. Your arrow disappears in the jelly body, dealing about 35% damage. The next shoot should kill it. But first the Dogoo attack again. You try to dodge it, but it still manages to deal 2HP damage.

Now this should be it. You draw the bow, shoot, and finally kill the Dogoo. You're surprised to find out that upon dying, it disintegrates into some blue pixels before completely disappearing. Since you don't know about monsters dropping various items, you are not disappointed by the fact that this particular Dogoo didn't drop anything. But you managed to earn 1 XP and 2 credits. It's not much, but better than nothing.

There are two Dogoos nearby. They're pretty close to each other, so attacking one will likely cause both of them to attack back. Alternatively you could try going deeper in hope of finding another lonely Dogoo. The big one is still far away.

9d0e7a No.3773

File: 7041faacb774ed4⋯.png (165.23 KB, 303x311, 303:311, 10 Int.png)


Take both of them down, hopefully it doesn't devolve to us getting raped

9d0e7a No.3774


Yeah, if we're lucky we should be able to kill one before it reaches us.

Do we have any melee weapons at all?

9d0e7a No.3775

File: 2692eea6cd1486a⋯.png (424.03 KB, 615x369, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Pretty sure we only have our bow and arrows with us, but when worse comes to worse, we can use the arrows like a dagger to stab them in melee range.

9d0e7a No.3776


Yeah, we only have our bow and arrows. Close combat will be a bit jerky.


You aim at the Dogoo to the right because it seems a little bit closer. You fire the bow, and you critically hit – the other Dogoo, dealing about 65% damage. As you suspected, both of them started to charge at you.

You fire again, now targeting the left Dogoo, and miss. Maybe you should have aimed at the right one this time too. Since you react a bit faster this time than on your first time, you manage to shoot a third time before they reach you. You kill the left Dogoo, even if just barely.

The alive Dogoo is now close enough to attack. It deals 3HP damage. You attack back, but since bow is not that effective close range, you only deal 30% damage. The Dogoo attacks, but you successfully dodge it! The Dogoo crashes into the ground, causing about 5% damage to itself. While it tries to get up, you can get a better stance than before. You attack and you manage to deal 40% damage.

The Dogoo launches one last, desperate attack. You're not prepared for this, and it critically hits you! You loose 5HP. You're also covered in Dogoo jelly. You try to remove it, but it opens another window for the Dogoo to attack. You loose another 2HP.

Since bow is unsuitable for this kind of short range combat, you just take one arrow, and stab it into the Dogoo. It finally kills it. The familiar blue pixel cloud appears. But this time instead of completely disappearing after a few moments, an item remains on the ground: one piece of Dogoo Jelly. You don't know if it's useful or not, but you place it into your inventory, just in case. You also gain 3XP and 5 credits.

Looks like you killed the Dogoos in this area and you have to move further in. To the left there is a gang of four of five Dogoos. To the right, there's a single one. In front of you, you see a path that probably leads to the big Dogoo.

You now have 60/75HP, 114 Credits, two Small Healing Grasses and one Dogoo Jelly.

9d0e7a No.3777

File: 2e6d967ef8ab469⋯.png (92.67 KB, 332x383, 332:383, Don't talk to me or my wif….png)


I'm going for the left, because I've played too much D&D and I'm ridiculously paranoid about single enemies out in the open. We have healing items and we can at least somehow go in melee.

Are we skilled enough to fire and run?

9d0e7a No.3778


>Are we skilled enough to fire and run?

Not really. Unless a 95% miss rate don't bother you.

9d0e7a No.3779

9d0e7a No.3780

File: e518c0a706b96ca⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1440x810, 16:9, NeptuniaReBirth2 2015-12-2….png)


You decide to attack the big group. You have to move a bit closer, since you can't shoot that far. You aim at the nearest one, shoot, and miss. How you missed with so many Dogoos around is a mystery, but it's not the time to think about that. You quickly draw another arrow, shoot, and hit the Dogoo. You deal 1HP damage. What the fuck?

You only freeze for a moment, but it's more than enough time to get surrounded by the Dogoos. Escape now is pretty much impossible. You try to defend yourself, but you don't have any protective gear and these guys look much stronger than the other ones, easily dealing 20-30HP damage per attack. You desperately start shouting and you try to call for help, but there's no one around.

One last hit and loose your balance and fall to the ground. You're now completely overwhelmed with Dogoos all over you. Their jelly-like bodies can easily reach under your clothes, even your private parts. One Dogoo jumps on your face, turning the world blue and blurry, also blocking your breathing. You start coughing, as the slime body starts flowing into your mouth, continuing down your throat. The world slowly fades away…

You see a light. In the light you see your mother. Next to her you see yourself, as a little child, happily playing with your handheld console. Your father is currently working, so you could live happily. Everything was nice and happy, until your mother died in a disease. Your father couldn't overcome the loss of his beloved wife, and started drinking, first only occasionally, but it quickly became a habit. He became aggressive and irresponsible, he beat you many times, but you kept silent. You knew if you'd tell anybody, you'd likely get separated from your father, and you would end up in an orphanage.

But it didn't last long. Due to being always drunk, he couldn't do (neither care doing) his job properly, he was late many times, and caught sleeping multiple times during work, before they finally fired him. That was the last blow. He knew that without job they'll take his children away. He couldn't stand even thinking about it, and he hanged himself one night. You see your dead father, hanging from a rope, just as clearly as you saw it many years ago.

Your life went downhill after this event. The Planeptune officials decided that the school, whose name you don't even want to remember, will be a good place for you. They transfer you to the school, they open the big main gate before you, and you go inside. First everyone looked nice, but as the officials finished the paperwork and left the building, the horror began. Maybe because of your background, maybe because you were a newcomer, but everyone saw you as a little hopeless guy, that they can use to vent their frustration on. And beat you whenever they felt like it. There was a big kid who used to steal your sandwich, then sometimes even beat you. You secretly started to exercise so you could fight back, but you forgot to consider that the teachers are against you too. Next time when the kid tried to steal your sandwich, you hit him back. He started to cry, a teacher quickly appeared out of nowhere, and punished you. When you cried, nobody gave a shit. Another time one flunked you at an exam, even though you knew the answers. In short, you always lost.

A whirlpool of bad memories start to emerge. You wanted to assimilate, but they didn't let you. You were made to believe that you're a worthless little failure, whose only purpose is to suffer. You hear a laughter. It seems familiar. The shape of a woman is appearing in the clouds. You have seen her. Oh, yes, it's the Guild Attendant. But now she's a bit different. She seems younger. She has a long, black hair. And an even more maniacal laughter. She's wearing a school uniform full of bloodstains. In her right hand, she holds a knife. The blood is still dipping from it.

"Hahaha, here you are! I'm finally going to kill you, you little piece of shit! Hahaha!"

She raises her hand, ready to strike with the knife…


You wake up in an unfamiliar room. It's a pretty plain room, with minimal furniture. The sun is shining through the window in front of you. You see a girl sitting on the ground, fiddling with her phone. She has long brown hair, with some kind of green hair ornament. She's wearing a bit oversized blue coat. You're still not completely recovered from the shock, when she realizes that you're awake.

"Oh, you're awake? Finally. What the hell were you doing in such a dangerous place? You had a death wish or what? You'd be Dogoo food if I weren't nearby to hear your shouting."

9d0e7a No.3781

File: ac33cd8b5a07bed⋯.png (527.13 KB, 416x638, 208:319, ClipboardImage.png)


>You deal 1HP damage.

Fuck are these Metal Dogoos

Ask the girl if she's the one who saved us and thank her for that, tell her the reason why we were there was because we accepted the quest to dispatch 10 Dogoos as an initiation for the guild.

9d0e7a No.3782


"You were the one to save me? Thank you."

"Stop the flattery, and tell me what did you do there", says the girl, clearly not in a good mood.

"I-I… went to the guild, at Planeptune… and asked for a job. The attendant told me that I have to defeat 10 Dogoos at Virtua Forest if I…"

"You're lying!" the girl interrupts you.

"B-but, I…" you try to defend yourself, but your whole mind is still to fuzzy after the recent events to say anything meaningful.

"We stopped sending new candidates to Virtua Forest at least a month ago, when those viral Dogoos appeared."

"Viral Dogoos?"

"Yes, due to some unknown phenomena, Virtua Forest is now swarming with viral Dogoos. But unlike other viral monsters, they look like normal Dogoos, they're just much stronger, making them especially dangerous. The only indication is that they like to gang up in groups more than normal Dogoos. Anyway, you want to tell me you're a Guild candidate?"

"Yes, I think."

"Then who's your assigned partner? Where is he?"

"My assigned.. what?"

"Your assigned partner!" she says in a clearly pissed off manner. She moves closer to you. You can see the anger in her eyes. One bad move, and she could execute you right here. Or maybe do something even worse…

"I'll ask again, but don't try to feed me that bullshit again. Who are you? And what were you doing in Virtua Forest? We even barricaded the entrance and put up a big warning sign."

9d0e7a No.3783

File: f88bac3d6332422⋯.jpg (60.54 KB, 500x500, 1:1, IMG_0929.JPG)


Do we remember what the guild attendant looked like? Tell IF we can return to the guild and you show her that person who assigned us this death wish.

Obviously she'd be gone by then but it'll buy us some time

9d0e7a No.3784

File: 6220c6319042789⋯.png (338.35 KB, 1020x1020, 1:1, 1457637455562.png)


"I-I'm not lying! I just went to the guild building. Inside I was greeted by a woman who looked like an assistant. She had…" You try to remember how the Guild Attendant looked like. To be fair, you thought she is just a generic nameless NPC, so you didn't pay to much attention to the details. "She had long, greenish hair, ponytail style. She's not particularly attractive… Listen, I'm not sure if I can describe her properly, but we could return to the guild and I could show her…"

"No, you just stay here. The doctor said you'll need to rest for a few days, so we'll have to figure out something else. Didn't that woman have any unique feature or trait?"

"Hmm…" you try to remember her. "She wore an interesting necklace. It was made from some kind of shiny red material. I've never seen anything like that before. Oh, and she had a terrible laughter!"

IF reaches for her phone again. You can't see what she is doing, but her expressions quickly bounce between angry, annoyed and surprised. You don't dare to interrupt her.

She starts to murmur to herself so you can only make out some phrases. "Hmm.. the description… that creepy woman… She was on duty… yesterday…"

"Okay, listen." The sudden increase in her volume made you jump. "I have… something to check now, I'll be back right away. J-Just stay in your bed, and don't try to do anything stupid, understood?" and with that she rushed out of the room before you could even respond to her.

It looks like you're now alone in the room.

9d0e7a No.3785

File: 9d39e912272a789⋯.png (266.26 KB, 407x433, 407:433, ClipboardImage.png)


Check ourselves, before we wreck ourselves.

How injured are we? Do we have many bandages on us? Do we still have both our eyes, arms, legs, feet, etc.?

9d0e7a No.3786

File: 83c119f6a8c0558⋯.webm (11.96 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ifmeetnep.webm)


webm marginally related.

You lift the blanket to check yourself. First thing you notice is that you're naked, except for the enormous amount of bandages applied to your body. Whoever did it must have a great obsession for bandages. You even have bandage on your dick!

You can't really tell how injured you are, because bandages cover everything, but even small movements hurt badly. Apart from that, you seem fine – you can move both of your legs and arms, fingers, even though you quickly give up playing with them due to the pain. There's nothing unusual with your vision or hearing.

9d0e7a No.3787


Well I mean, if we're still in the room, probably check what's in the room, is our crappy bow still with us?

9d0e7a No.3788


Check around, with getting back your belongings being the priority.

9d0e7a No.3789


Check how the bandage is on our dick

Is it just a gauze cover, or is it actually wrapped around

9d0e7a No.3790

File: e1f7850c485e978⋯.jpg (42.36 KB, 500x500, 1:1, e1f7850c485e978a15be0b108d….jpg)


Geez, I gotta be more careful what I write next time..

Anyway, you check dick, and it's wrapped around in bandages, just like almost every other part of your body.



You start to inspect your surroundings. Unfortunately the room you're in is very plain and there's not too much around to inspect. The room has empty, featureless white walls. In front of you there's a window, to the left there's a closet. To the right you find the closed door, that the girl previously used to rush out, but there's nothing else worth mentioning.

"No, there's something missing…" you think to yourself. You start to look around the bed. "Oh, here it is" you find a nightstand next to your bed, with your beloved(?) bow on top of it. With great pain you manage to crawl closer to it, so you can open the drawers. The upper drawer contains your arrows and 114 Credits. The bottom one has two Small Healing Grasses and one Dogoo Jelly. Looks like your items are safe.

9d0e7a No.3791


Looks like you have everything, and since everything is accessible, it shows that you aren't in danger, which means that you are actually here to recover.

The best move might be to stay for recovering a bit, taking the opportunity to recollect your memories and to prepare for the incoming talks with whoever is responsible for the bandages and/or brought you here.

Oh, and find a name for your bow, it's your waifu after all.

9d0e7a No.3792


If this bow will be our waifu does this mean we won't need to buy a new one and instead we will be able to upgrade her to the maximum level?

9d0e7a No.3793


Exactly. You can also upgrade the quiver, with things like auto-refill and boosts for the arrows.

9d0e7a No.3794


Name our Bow and Quiver, Jesse and James.

9d0e7a No.3795


Unwrap dick bandage before an erection occurs

9d0e7a No.3796

File: 23979deac2af7dc⋯.jpg (685.6 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 23979deac2af7dc478c5587af2….jpg)


If you wish…


You reach your dick and try to remove the bandages. It's tightly bandaged, so it's not easy to remove it. The fact that every movement hurts, does not help you. After some fighting with the long bandage, you manage to unroll it from your dick. It looks pretty normal compared to what you have gone through, even though it hurts too.


You move back into a comfortable position and relax. You also have time to think about the recent events. That attendant is bugging you. Why did she want to kill you? Did you meet her previously? She wouldn't send you to almost certain death if she only met you in the Guild. You try to remember if you ever meet someone like her before, but to no avail. Maybe she is somehow related your school, and this was their revenge for escaping the school? Just thinking about it made you shiver.

You've been sleeping for you don't know how long, but all these thinking made your head heavy, and before you realized you fell asleep. You didn't have any weird dreams this time though.

You're woken by noises coming from the direction of the door. Shortly the girl with the blue coat opens the door. You look at her with sleepy eyes.

"Kaori… That bitch…" she murmurs while entering the room. "Hey, I'm… Oops, sorry, did I just wake you?"

"No, I was already awake" you say out of chivalry, but your body language tells a different story.

"I brought some udon for you… but if you want to rest, I'll leave now."

To be fair, the last time you eat, you were still in your school, so you're pretty hungry now. The girls places the bowl of udon on the nightstand, and she's about to leave, unless you do something quick…

9d0e7a No.3797


Ask her for details, if she has any. Outside of that, eat and rest.

9d0e7a No.3798

File: 54dfd8e5d80faca⋯.jpg (143.48 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, CP0v2DpUcAQgzmc.jpg)


"Hey, um, Miss, about that attendant at the Guild…"

"Oh, I haven't introduced myself yet" the girl interrupts you. "I'm IF, a member of the Guild. And you?"

9d0e7a No.3799


Introduce yourself, plain and simple. And expect her to already have some information about you, including the circumstances leading to your attempt to join the guild. I'd suggest to be honest with her, despite the risks and the fact everyone else will probably go against this idea.

9d0e7a No.3800


This is going to be a meta question, but should I/we come up with a fancy name for the MC or just call him Anon or something like that?

9d0e7a No.3801


This is your story, so I'd suggest you choose. Either is fine for me.

9d0e7a No.3802


Anon sounds fine

9d0e7a No.3803


Yeah no point hiding anything from her we're in bed bandaged up hopefully she doesn't suddenly send us back…

9d0e7a No.3804



I hope with being honest and not hiding anything from her you didn't mean that the MC should brag about how he escaped from the school, considering he was careful not to mention it at the Guild.

"I'm Anon, nice to meet you."

"So about yesterday… I'll have to ask you first, what do you know about Kaori?"


"She was the attendant you talked to at the Guild."

"…I've just met here there. I don't think I know anything about her."

"Hmm.. didn't you have a quarrel with her?"

"When I told her I wanted to work at the Guild, she started to laugh and insult me, like I'm weak and I should go back to school. But I politely told her I'm serious and everyone has to start somewhere. Then she just sent me to Virtua Forest…"

"Before that, did you do anything that would warrant it?"

"I don't think. I just walked into the Guild and looked around."

"Sigh, looks like I'll have to do more investigation to find out her motives… Anyway, she didn't turn up to work this morning, and her home was empty too. I tried to follow her traces, but it looks like she already escaped to Lastation. I've sent a few Guild members to Lastation to search for her, hopefully they will find her shortly. But at least you should be safe here for the time being. Anything else?"

9d0e7a No.3805


"Nothing else worth mentioning"

Ask her where you can train

9d0e7a No.3806


This. It can be useful to go back to your objective of joining the Guild and to begin working as a member.

9d0e7a No.3807


"Um… Where could I train more, so I could join the Guild?"

"I like your determination, Anon, but you will really have to rest for a few days. The injuries the Dogoos made are no joke, you would just wreck yourself. So please, don't do anything stupid. We will figure out something in the Guild after you recovered. OK?"

9d0e7a No.3808


Ask her who bandaged/gave us medical attention so we can thank them

9d0e7a No.3809


"Who bandaged me and gave me medical attention? I'd like to thank them."

"Oh, that was Compa, a friend of mine. She had some errands to run, but she'll come here a few hours later, so you can thank her personally. I hope she's not feeding Nep-ko with pudding again…"


9d0e7a No.3810


Well unless we feel unsafe here let's just use this time to recuperate

Actually let's ask how we can pay her back for rescuing our sorry behinds

9d0e7a No.3811


"…how could I pay back all the stuff you did to me, I wonder…"

"Well, if you can become a Guild member, that's more than enough for me. We're short of competent recruits lately, and with all the mess Arfoire is making, we need every hand available. We're…"

*BEEP-BEEP* IF is interrupted by her phone.

"Oh no, what's this again?" She takes her phone to read the message. "Crap, looks like I'll have to go back to the Guild. Compa should be here shortly. Oh, and take this" she reaches to her pocket, and takes out a purple device. "It's not the best console out there, but should be enough to prevent dying from boredom."

Wow. You're at a loss of words. All you can mutter is a simple "T-Thank you".

IF is actually blushing a bit, but you're too astonished to realize it. "Don't mention it. Bye" she says, just before leaving the room.

Your school only had a few, very old consoles, and you rarely had a chance to play with them. You don't even remember the time you last had a handheld in your hand. This is like a heaven. You power up the console, and check the game list. It has a lot of games, most of you never heard about, like Minecart, Inupara, Date A Hive, The Idoldisaster, GTN VII, Sword Art Offline: Adjective Noun, Dream or Alive 7 Minus, Finally Fantasy XXV-8, and so on. But since you're still pretty tired and hungry, you turn off the console, eat your udon and go back to sleep.

When you wake up, the time is already around sunset, since the sky has turned into orange. The door is open, and you can hear noises coming from outside. Looks like somebody else is in the house.

9d0e7a No.3812


>someone is there

Pretend to sleep

Wake up when we feel they're near

9d0e7a No.3813


Wait no cancel that check surroundings as best as we can

9d0e7a No.3814


You look around in the room, searching for any changes or anomalies. You check the nightstand first: the console and bow is still there, the plate from which you ate the udon is missing. You don't think that you can peek into the drawers quietly, so you skip that step. The door is open, but from the bed you can only see wall on the other side. You don't notice any changes on the closet, or any new objects in the room.

You start paying attention to the sounds. You hear sounds like when you move not too heavy things from one place to another. It ends, then you start to hear footsteps. The volume is increasing, so the other person must be approaching. However it stops before reaching your room, and now there's a silence, at least for a short while.

9d0e7a No.3815



9d0e7a No.3816



Hmm how? Quietly under the blanket or start shouting "Help! I'm being attacked by an Ancient Dragon!" or pick up the bow and throw it at the open door, or jump out of the bed and run around just to realize you can't jump out of the bed or… I don't know, I'm out of ideas.

9d0e7a No.3817


Quietly under the bed

Make some noise to attract whoever is there I'm sure it's no one dangerous

Call out to them with a hello

9d0e7a No.3818

File: aa10a3e0684df85⋯.png (209.89 KB, 474x578, 237:289, 1462591119407.png)


That brief silence made you nervous. You're shaking from fear. What if it's a bad guy, who's just planning how to kill you. Or maybe a dangerous monster managed to break into the house. Or it could be the school principal, preparing his net, so he could catch you and take you back to the school!

No, it can't be. You have your bow… No, it's not just a bow… it's Jesse. And James, your quiver, hidden in one of the drawers. You can defeat anyone and anything with them – except anything stronger than a basic Dogoo, but you don't let that little detail destroy your mood.

You hear footsteps again. This time the person is leaving. This might be your last chance. You take all of your courage, and you call out the unknown person.

"Hello! Is anybody there?"

The footsteps speed up and a few moments later a girl appears in the door. She looks like pic related.

"Oh, hello. You're finally up, Patient-san? Or maybe I should call you Hero-san?"

"H-Hero? How?"

"I heard you escaped your school just so you could defeat the Huge Viral Dogoo. It's so cool. Sugoi desu~!"

"That's not what I… W-What? How do you know about the school escape part?!"

"Iffy told me. I don't know the details, but she had to go back to the Guild because of that… But worry not, I'll take good care of you desu!"

9d0e7a No.3819


Your character now falls in love with the cute nurse and can't look back.

9d0e7a No.3820


You can only look at Compa, your angelic Nurse. She is the only thing in the world that matters, when you see her everything is calm and you feel like you're in heaven. When she leaves the room, every second feels like a miserable eternity, your life lack any meaning, until she returns, and brings back the joy of life.

You're so obsessed that you don't even realize when the Planeptune forces surround the building, capture you and transfer you back to your old school. There an angry group of teachers and students lynch you, dig a hole in the yard, and dump your dead body into it.


Just kidding. And no, I'm not the BAD END anon

9d0e7a No.3821


Nice one.

And I know you're not him, since you're not me.

9d0e7a No.3822


If she's the one who put all the bandages even on our dick like that I'd be extremely worried

Don't actually ask her about that

Just thank her for taking care of your wounds

9d0e7a No.3823


"You were the one who take care of my wounds, right?"

"Yes desu! I'm Compa, a nurse student. You were badly wounded, but I bandaged you, and you should be able to get back to fighting in a few days."

You don't really share the enthusiasm Compa have right now, but you hope she is right. Laying in bed all day is not really your thing.

"Thank you… for all you have done."

"Thank Iffy, not me, she was the one rescued you from the Dogoo horde."

9d0e7a No.3824


Well not much we could do but recuperate

9d0e7a No.3825

File: ce133695ce8cf97⋯.webm (2.59 MB, 176x144, 11:9, x.webm)


I like how calm is everyone. Let's spice up things a little bit.

"I think I'm okay for now. Could you leave me alone please? I'd like to take a rest."

"Of course. Just call me if you need something desu. I'll be nearby." says Compa before leaving the room.

In the dark room, you try to relax and sleep. Everything is quiet and peaceful, yet you seem to have a mysterious bad feeling that something terrible will happen. You have no idea what's causing it, it's like a sixth sense, you feel it without any rational explanation. However you're tired enough to fall asleep quickly, despite all your worries.

You're woken by some noises again. Compa walks into the room, with an obviously worried face. She holds a mobile in her hand.

"Aichan wants to speak with you, desu~."

"O-OK." you say a bit hesitantly, since you're still half asleep. Compa sets the phone to hands-free mode.

"Hello, Anon, can you hear me?" you hear IF's voice from the phone.


"Sorry to disturb you at such an inconvenient time, but I've received some problematic news. Yesterday, a student at Sakura High School failed to turn up at the morning lecture. Since the school couldn't find the student, they reported the case to the Planeptune authorities today. The student is called Anon Ymous, and the visual description and photo given by the school… well, it matches you. It was you, Anon, right?"

9d0e7a No.3826


Fuckin mentally panic

9d0e7a No.3827


Tell her the truth and explain your case. I think If might understand, but you can ask for her support since you really don't want to go back there.

9d0e7a No.3828


We should probably tell her that we will explain everything face to face and not on the phone

9d0e7a No.3829


>start writing the next post

>fall asleep

>wake up, there's a new reply

So, um, this is like a compromise between what I already wrote and your suggestion…




"And I guess you don't want to go back to your school, right?"


"Could you tell me why? What happened there?"

"Well, I'd rather tell it face to face than…"

"Me too, but we don't have time for that." IF interrupts you. "I'm pretty sure the Planeptune authorities will find our current hideout by morning, if not earlier. And if they do it, it's game over for you. So, could you tell us why should we help you?"

Looks like you have no choice. You're still too weak to do anything on your own, thus your only chance if the girls really help you. Again.

You start talking how everybody hated you and treated you like a piece of shit, how you dislike the place, but you don't get too far in your explanation.

"That's horrible desu." Compa interrupts you. "We can't let that happen!"

"Sigh. That cannot be helped." says IF. "Compa, can Anon walk?"

"I don't think so. He would need to rest for at least an another day…"

"We don't have that much time. We'll have to move to an another hideout this night…"

"But that's impossible desu…"

"We don't have a choice! At worst we will carry him like the last time. Compa, make Anon ready for the trip. I'll be back in about 30 minutes. Understood?"

"Yes…" and with that IF hangs up the phone.

"Um, so you heard Iffy" says Compa while walking next to your bed. "I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not, but could you try and stand up? I'll catch you if you're about to collapse so it should be safe."

Compa's words are not exactly convincing, but you don't have a choice. First you sit up in the bed. It was a bit painful, but not unbearable, at the morning even moving your fingers hurt more, so whatever this nurse did to you, it helped you recover.

Before you could continue you notice that you're still naked, save for the bandages. And Compa is a girl. Your school wasn't coeducated and they almost never let you out of school grounds, so this is a new experience for you. You start panicking as you have no idea what to do.

9d0e7a No.3830


Tell her to turn over and put enough clothes to save your dignity, even though she probably already saw everything. Then ask her for help for the rest, since you might be a bit stiff because of the pain, and move out with her.

9d0e7a No.3831


Um, you don't have any clothes nearby (or at least you don't know about it). Should we ask for some clothes then?

9d0e7a No.3832


I thought there were some nearby, my bad. Ask for some, then.

9d0e7a No.3833


Ask for some clothes

Caring about whatever left of our dignity isn't important right now

9d0e7a No.3834



"C-Could you get some clothes for me before that?"

Compa looks a bit surprised. "Clothes? Why do you want them now?"

"Ehm…" She doesn't make your job easy. "You know, I'm, um, still naked, and…"

"Maybe you're shy too? You weren't shy when I bandaged you."

Ouch. She says with such an innocence, that either she's a brilliant actor or she truly doesn't understand the problem here…

"Um, you know, I was passed out then… but the time is tight, so could you please stop arguing and give me some clothes?"

"You're such a needy boy. Unfortunately the Dogoos completely ruined your clothes, so I can't give you that… but I'm sure this house has some clothes desu" and with that Compa started to walk toward the closet.

She opens the left door. What you can see from the bed is that it's completely empty, save for such a thick layer of dust that you could make it out from the bed. She opens the right door. There seem to be something resembling clothes on the second shelf, but Compa just murmurs "That's not good" and closes the doors.

"I'm gonna check the other room, I'll be right back" she says, before leaving you alone in the room.

So it looks like these girls stripped off your clothes, probably already dumped it, but forgot to get new clothes for you. And now you'll shortly have to head out. It's going to be… interesting… in a not too pleasant way, as far as you're concerned.

Finally Compa comes back with a troubled face. "There's a big problem, Anon. It looks like there are no clothes in this house, except that one in the closet."

"And… what's the problem with that?"

Without saying anything, Compa opens the closet, and shows you the clothes. It looks like a standard blue sailor outfit schoolgirls usually wear. It looks like a complete set: it has the blouse, the skirt, even socks. There's no pantsu, you pervert.

9d0e7a No.3835


You have no choice.

Put these clothes, as it actually is a nice cover since the person searched by Planeptune authorities is a man, not a woman. Bonus points if you can use your bandages to enhance your disguise.

Then follow Compa to safety.

9d0e7a No.3836


If we ever had the notion of wanting to cross dress in our life this is the one time to do it without anyone judging us for it

I'm unsure if we should hope for it to look good on us or not

9d0e7a No.3837

File: 100e5bc1866a78e⋯.png (622.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, shot0001.png)



After some considering you say "OK, I'll take it."

"But Anon… this is a girl's dress…"

"I know, but do I have choice here? Plus this way authorities are less likely to recognize me…"

"OK desu. But it's still weird to wear girls' clothes…"

Compa leaves you so you can put up the clothes. It feels weird to wear a skirt… especially since you don't have your boxers… you really hope you won't have an erection… Since the room lacks a mirror, you can't really check if it looks good on you or not, but it's not important right now. You ask Compa to come back.

"Wow, Anon, you look… weird?"

Is this a compliment?

"Now, it's time to try to get up."

You put your feet on the ground next to the bed and try to get up. A loud "Ouch!" is all you manage to achieve. This is not good.

Compa reaches her hand out toward you. You accept the help, grab her hand, and try to pull yourself up. Your stiff body actively refuses, but you grab the hand harder. You're a bit worried that you would hurt her, but she bears the ordeal without complaint. She is probably stronger than she looks like. Finally you manage to stand up. You release Compa's hand and try to stand on your own. Success!

Crazed from the previous success, you try to walk. You raise your right leg – and immediately you lose your balance and fall onto the bed. Ups.

"Hmm, I think we should wait until Iffy arrives. I'm going to pack our stuff."

Compa gets a bag and puts your stuff into it, since you probably wouldn't be able to carry it. You make sure she don't forget anything. She leaves the room to pack some food for the journey.

You're only alone for a few moments thought, as IF arrives just as Compa leaves the room.

"I'm back! Are you…" says IF, but she immediately ceases as she notice you in the room. "Jesus, Anon, what are you doing? …But at least that way, it's less likely anybody will recognize you."

"We didn't have any other clothes in the house desu~." Compa storms back into the room.

"Oh crap, I forgot about it with all this shit going on. Sorry Anon, we'll get you some normal clothes. So, um, are we ready to go? Can Anon walk?"

"It looks like he can stand, but he'll need some help with walking."


They help you stand up. Left of you is IF, right is Compa, you lean on the girls' shoulders, as you head out. It's the dead of the night outside, the road is completely empty. You turn right and start walking out of the city. Apparently IF knows a hideout somewhere in the wilderness. Hopefully you won't be attacked by a monster.

Walking with two cute girls next to two – any man would be extremely jealous of you, because they don't know the pain you have. Every step is harder than the previous, the pain blurs your vision, you don't even know if you're still walking or just the girls dragging you. You only left the house 5 minutes ago… or maybe it was 2 hours ago? You completely lost your sense of time.

"I… I… I can't… Please… Stop…" you start to beg.

"We're almost there. Hold out." replies IF sternly.

"No… Please… I'm… dying…"

"Iffy, please. I'm tired too." says Compa.

"Sigh. Look, there's a big stone, we could sit on it and take a break."

Sitting down, after having been dragged around for so long, feels fantastic. Well, as fantastic as possible in your current condition anyway. Compa gives you a cup of water. IF is fiddling again with her phone.

Break time is over too soon. You continue your journey in the forest.

Finally, a small wooden house appears between the trees. Your target! You reach the door, IF takes a key from her pocket and opens the door. The girls drag you to the bed. Ah, finally, a comfortable place. You fall asleep the moment you hit the bed.

You wake up in a wooden hut. Unlike the previous house it looks like it only have a single room. You see Compa in the corner, apparently cooking something. She didn't notice you yet. Your clothes were removed again, and it looks like your bandages were also replaced with a lighter one. You want to check if she bandaged your dick that horribly again, but you can't really move your arms. What the heck? After some struggling you figure out the solution: someone tied your hands behind your back.

9d0e7a No.3838


Are we gagged? If so mentally panic

If not check whatever surroundings we can

9d0e7a No.3839


Ask Compa.

9d0e7a No.3840


Random crazy idea #25879 I should have kept to myself, AKA why didn't the girls care to bring clothes to the hideout. In an alternative dimension far, far away…

"Mhhmmmhmm" you try to call Compa, but the gag in your mouth prevents you to produce intelligible sounds. You start to panic and throw your body around, just to realize not only your hands are tied together, you're also tied to the bed. Anyway, the ruckus you made was enough to get Compa's attention.

"Oh, you're up, Anon? I forgot to administer the next portion of propofol, my bad. Don't worry, I'll put you back to sleep."

"Mmhhmggmhghm mgmgfhhghdhsmmh mgmgmfmf!!"

"If you want an answer, you'll have to speak more clearly…"

"Mgdhshjdj mmfmgmgmhjfmfjfk mfmdmfdmg mgfgmhkf dmfg!"

"You're so stubborn and stupid." She picks up a big syringe and approaches you. "Here you go."

"Msdjhfhfhf mfhfg mdfg fhj!" you try to protest, unsuccessfully. You're tied up, so she can administer the next portion of propofol without trouble.

"There you go. You'll be sleeping again in a few moments. Hopefully such blunder won't happen again and you'll wake up in our underground pleasure center desu."

"Mghsh mmfhh mmdmgmh…" the world already starts to fade.

"Did you think we saved your ass just because of goodwill? You're so stupid Anon… You'll have to pay back all the kindness… Don't worry, we have our methods, even…"

The drug finally manages to knock you out. When you wake up again… it looks like you're standing. You're chained to the wall, completely naked, and you no longer have bandages. You're still gagged. You're in a big hall or something like that, it has no windows. You look around. There are other men and women chained to the wall around you. Just where the hell are you?

In the middle of the room sits a woman. It looks like IF, but she's not in her usual clothes. She is in some black latex clothes. She sits on a chair. No, it's not a chair. It's a man on all fours. Next to them someone, also on all fours, pleasuring IF's right foot.

"Mmamfdmgmfh mfmgmdmgdm mgmfmmfgmg!" well, you still can't speak due to the gag.

"Oh, Anon, finally awake?" IF stands up and walks toward you. Now that she's closer, you can inspect her. The latex clothes clovers her body, except that there's an opening around her pussy and nipples. The suit also have a fire motif on her side. "Welcome to the miserable life you're going to live from now on. Maybe you should have stayed at the school, dumbass." She grabs your dick and starts to play around with it.

"Mamdmfmdgmg smfmfmgmmgmfjdh mgdmghsjakd jdjfdhfs sddsdmfsddsmdsh!!!"

"Oh, yeah, Compa told me that you appear to be very talkative. I'll remove the gag, but first I'll have to tell you the rules." She starts to play with your balls. "Man, Compa told me you have the best quality semen we've ever seen. I'll make sure to save it for special occasions."

"Mahshdfh hfsmhd mhshhkd mfmfgj!"

"Oh, you're starting to disrespect me?" She picks up an object, it looks like a wooden ruler. "Take this!" and with that he swings the ruler and hits your already erect dick."


"AKOSDFSFSLLFLDSALLDKFDLGKL!!!" all you can say as she hits again. Your face is already covered in tears.


"Haha, I think that will be enough." She grabs your chin. "This is what you get if you try do disrespect me or any of your masters. Understood?"

All you can do is nod, still crying from the recent abuse.

"Good. Now, just to give a short introduction to you. You're now a property of me and Compa. You no longer have free will, you're our sex slave. You have to do unconditionally whatever we or any other master or mistress command. Fail to do it, and we will punish you. Understood?"

You nod again, since you have no choice.

"I knew you're not stupid, hope you'll do as you promised. Since you're only here for our own pleasure, we will sometimes beat and punish you even when you didn't do anything wrong. Well, that's life. And back to speaking. Generally you can't do anything, except if we explicitly give permission. Thus, if you want to say something, you'll have to get permission first. If I give you permission, you'll have to speak with due respect, unless you want a good punishment. Understood?"

You nod again.

9d0e7a No.3841


>post too long

"Well, let's see whether you really understood. Try to scream or say anything, and you won't forget this day." and with that she removes the gag. Finally you can close your mouth and suck the excess saliva that was about to leave your mouth.

"Fufu, you'll get used to having saliva all over your body due to the gag, don't worry. Just to test you, how do you address me? Speak, you worthless scum!"

"Um, IF?" you say hesitantly.

"Wrong!" and she slaps your face. "Try again!"

"Lady IF?"

"Wrong!" and an another slap is in order. "It's better but not enough. Try again!"

"I-I don't know…"

"Who gave you permission to tell me anything other than my name?" and you receive another slap. "Well, it looks like you're not that intelligent after all. If you want to address me, it's Mistress IF, the Wind Walker of Gamindustri and the Head of the Guild. You better remember it!"

You would never figure it out on your own. This woman is crazy.

"Oh, and an advice. If you don't want to end up like after the Dogoo incident again, you better not touch yourself or try to do anything that could sexually stimulate you or others without permission. OK?"

Technically you could speak, but you're not sure if you're allowed to speak or not, so you just nod.

"Great. As a little reward…" she touches your lips with her finger. "There you go. Lick it."

Hesitantly you open your mouth and accept the finger. That short introduction was enough to prove you that resistance is completely futile right now. You start licking her finger. It has some fluid on it… is has an interesting taste that you couldn't really describe. It's a completely new experience for you.

"Do you recognize this taste?"

You shake your head.

"Well, I guess you never had a woman before. But don't worry, you'll have plenty of chances now." As you look down you realize IF's still fingering herself with her other hand.

"That will be enough for now", and with that she removes her finger from your mouth. "Now I'll leave you hanging for a bit here, to get used to the atmosphere. There will be a party tonight to celebrate the capturing of you. It'll be a very painful and degrading experience, I can assure you. Oh and before I leave…" she places back the gag in your mouth and secures it. "I don't trust you enough yet. This way you won't be able to make a commotion". Now she picks up some tweezers. "Just to get used to living here…" and she puts the tweezers on your nipples, then on your arms, before moving down to your balls. "Maybe this will be enough… or perhaps you already want more?"

You viciously shake your head.

"Too bad. Well, I'll come back later." and with that she turns around and start moving away. She orders the two slaves in the center of the room to follow her. They diligently follow her, on all fours, of course. She waits until the slaves leave the room, then slams the door. Looks like you'll have to get used to your new life…



No, we're not gagged. What to do then? Check the surroundings or just ask Compa?

9d0e7a No.3842


Do both check if our feet is tied as well

9d0e7a No.3843

File: 7a2733fe9e8c732⋯.jpg (43.55 KB, 428x487, 428:487, 1438027110715.jpg)


You try to move your body and legs. It looks like only your hands are tied together and otherwise you're free.

You look around the house. It's much more lively, probably because they had to cramp everything into a single room. There are actually multiple beds in the house, but the others are empty. There's a bookshelf to the left, but it's filled with unrelated things, like a candle or clock, and only has a few books. Next to it there's a closet, and a small table. In the corner, there's the bag that Compa used to carry your stuff. You don't know whether it still contains your stuff or not, and it'd be too far to check even if your hands weren't tied together.

Across is a little kitchen-like corner, where Compa is still cooking something. Next to the kitchen is the entrance, and something that looks like a mini armory: there you can see a few guns, a sword, a spear, two claws, and also some healing items. You're looking for Jesse and James, but you can't even find a bow, let alone them.

You were so immersed into the mini armory that you didn't notice when Compa turned towards you and her voice "Good Morning. Finally you're awake?" completely startled you.

"Oh, um, yes… Thank you… But Compa, I have a question…"


"Why are my hands tied behind my back?"

"Because you were a bad boy, Anon. So I made sure you won't do that again."

"Bad boy? That again? What are you talking about?"

"You shouldn't remove your bandages too early, Anon. That's dangerous desu."

Remove bandages? Oh shit, is she talking about when I fixed the mess she did to my dick?

9d0e7a No.3844



9d0e7a No.3845


Don't get an erection whatever we do

Do not get one

9d0e7a No.3846


Tell her it was necessary and that anyone else would be scared with a surprise dick bandage. Then expect ONE MORE BAD END.

9d0e7a No.3847



"B-But… geez, Compa, that's not how bandage a penis… Anyone would be scared with a surprise dick bandage."

"Don't be scared, I'm a professional desu. You'll be fine."

Sigh. That won't work.

"Okay, I promise I won't touch the bandages. So, would you untie me, pretty please?"

"I know your type, Anon. You'd mess around with the bandages as soon as I would leave you alone for a minute. Sorry, I can't let that happen desu."

"B-But it's not…" you're out of ideas what to say.

"Enough of that topic. Breakfast is almost ready."

9d0e7a No.3848


"And how am I supposed to eat with tied hands ? You're gonna do what, feed me like a baby or what ?"

9d0e7a No.3849


She is a stubborn woman and we're in no position to argue

Accept our fate and ask how we're going to eat with our hands tied behind our back

9d0e7a No.3850



"And how am I supposed to eat with tied hands? You're gonna do what, feed me like a baby or what?"

"Don't worry, Compa will take care of you. Here you go, it's ready."

Compa puts a few plates onto a tray carries it to your bed and sits next to you.

"Now let's start with the soup." She reaches for the bowl with the soup. It has an interesting color.

"What's this?" you ask.

"Eggplant soup. Now open your mouth, Anon."

9d0e7a No.3851

File: 037adde0ead96ac⋯.png (193.58 KB, 300x300, 1:1, compashocked.png)

File: e313601f5e5805d⋯.png (507.31 KB, 506x593, 506:593, iffyisgivingup.png)



Why does everything have to get so weird with you guys. IF and Compa are adorable, not lewd BDSM masters

9d0e7a No.3852


Resign to our fate

It might actually be good

9d0e7a No.3853


That's why I started with "In an alternative dimension far, far away…", they are not the Compa and IF everyone know and love. I though someone would freak out over it, but it was too much fun to write it and I didn't want to keep all the fun to myself. If you don't like, just skip it, it's not part of the quest. There's a reason I spoilered it.

But yeah, things usually go weird around me pretty quick. I don't think I can do anything about it.


You accept your fate that you're going to be fed like a small child. You diligently eat the soup and everything else Compa made for you. It actually tastes pretty good, it looks like she's really good at cooking. At the end, you also receive some pudding from Compa.

"It was a feast" you thank the meal.

Compa goes back to the kitchen to do the dishes. You can't really do anything other that watch her. No, that's not true. You try to secretly untie yourself, but you can't reach the knot. Without extra equipment it's probably impossible to do anything.

"I have to go back to the clinic, take care of yourself. IF will check you later. Bye Anon."


Compa leaves the building. You hear the sound of the key turning in the lock.

You're now alone in the house.

9d0e7a No.3854

File: c00275d1553b987⋯.jpeg (61.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 87aa1c0024d75d3946a13ee0f….jpeg)



>Tolerable ever

I'm here to tell you that it's fucking DeviantArt tier shit

9d0e7a No.3855


Realize with our hands tied behind our back how do we go to the bathroom

9d0e7a No.3856


Well, I hate to break the fourth wall, but we couldn't really move to the bathroom previously… But Compa is already gone, so you'll have to come up with something (or wait for IF).

9d0e7a No.3857


OK, in the meantime I realized maybe I should have given some opportunity to interact before Compa leaves, my bad.

I can offer a retcon back to the point where Compa is still doing the dishes.

9d0e7a No.3858


Ask her how are we supposed to go to the bathroom with our hands tied like this

9d0e7a No.3859


I mean if IF will return in less than an hour this wouldn't be a problem but we just ate and we haven't exactly had a chance to go to the bathroom recently

9d0e7a No.3860

File: 47dad81532a3337⋯.jpeg (108.6 KB, 724x1024, 181:256, 2013-06-13-586413.jpeg)



Let's try again then.

You accept your fate that you're going to be fed like a small child. You diligently eat the soup and everything else Compa made for you. It actually tastes pretty good, it looks like she's really good at cooking. At the end, you also receive some pudding from Compa.

"It was a feast" you thank the meal.

Compa goes back to the kitchen to do the dishes. You can't really do anything other than watch her. No, that's not true. You try to secretly untie yourself, but you can't reach the knot. Without extra equipment it's probably impossible to do anything.

"I'll shortly have to go back to the clinic desu." tells Compa. "Do you need anything before I leave?"

"Um, actually yes… How am I supposed to… you know, go to the bathroom with my hand tied behind my back?"

"Oh, you have to pee? I have a solution!" She turns around, and a moment later she's holding a string like thing in her hands.

"What's that?"

"That's a catheter desu. It'll only take a second to insert, so no need to be afraid." and with that she start approaching you.

9d0e7a No.3861



9d0e7a No.3862

File: eda132438432da1⋯.png (80.05 KB, 350x190, 35:19, thus memed zarathustra.png)




Been awhile since I stopped by but Wew.

9d0e7a No.3863

File: ad2537864680bea⋯.jpg (161.06 KB, 850x884, 25:26, Blueheart3.jpg)


Oi, I feel responsible for this shitshow now, so get online you nerd. You asked me for input on this thread and now I've got it.

9d0e7a No.3864




9d0e7a No.3865

File: 5ab269467adffcb⋯.png (922.39 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, BlancVert.png)

Are we kill

9d0e7a No.3866


I mean the current course of action right now is to just accept this, we can't really say no, she's too stubborn for that

9d0e7a No.3868


She reaches your bed, lifts the blanket, and reaches for… well, your dick. You try to not think about what's she doing or what's going to happen next, as Compa frees your dick from the bandage's captivity and retracts the foreskin a little to insert that long tube. You expect something horrible will happen, but it's a false alarm. It's a weird feeling, but not that unbearable that you previously thought. It looks like she knows what she's doing.

After some fiddling with the catheter, that you couldn't figure out why was necessary, she finally attaches a bag to the end of the tube and hangs it on the side of the bed.

"There we go" says Compa with a big smile. "You should be OK until the evening. Do you need anything else?"

9d0e7a No.3869


Time to just sleep

ad082a No.3870


"No, I'll be fine."

"Okay, desu. I'll go now. IF will check on you later. Take care. Bye."

Compa leaves the building. You hear the sound of the key turning in the lock, leaving you alone in the house.

You try to sleep, but all you can do is turn from your one side to another (but even that is complicated by the feedback the tube gives you) and stare at the ceiling. After all, you didn't really do anything in the last two days other than sleeping. Looks like your strength is slowly but steadily recovering.

The house is still empty, and you're getting bored.

e5bd29 No.3871

File: ffc5cd2de6e9411⋯.jpg (40.35 KB, 319x290, 11:10, IMG_1038.JPG)


Play some vidya games unless we didn't bring it, then at that point just think about what happened to us recently

ad082a No.3872

>IDs fucked up again

Thanks Codemonkey, I guess.


Um, your hands are still tied behind your back. Plus you don't really know where is your console.

e5bd29 No.3873

File: 9e3af11421f3faa⋯.jpg (132.81 KB, 560x560, 1:1, IMG_0781.JPG)


Hope IF gets here soon so she can untie us

ad082a No.3874


You just lay in your bed, like a stuffed doll that can't do anything other than sitting in one place. You just look around, counting the seconds, but nothing happens, save for some birds chirping outside.

To save yourself from boredom, you start checking out the bookshelf to your left. There are two books on the first shelf, three on the second, only a single one on the third. The fourth shelf has… one, two, three, four… did you count that book? Crap, you're not autistic enough to count the books even, though there's only about 10 or 15 books on the shelf. The clock shows 3:15, completely unrealistic. It has probably stopped, but you can't easily tell it since it lacks the second hand. You also see some unknown glowing stuff on the third shelf. You can't tell if it's real or you're just seeing things, but you lost one sanity point anyway.

Hoping you won't see weird things there, you turn to the other side. You can see a shotgun, two small pistols and a few things that looks like firearm parts, but since you have never been a gun maniac, you don't know their uses. There's also a sword, but only a wooden one. You probably couldn't cut your ties with it even if you could manage to grab it. Next to it you see an iron claw like thing. If it has sharp edges, maybe you could free yourself if you could reach it, but it's too far away.

You lay back in your bed, staring at the ceiling. You start thinking about your old school. Maybe it wasn't that good? No no no no no, that's impossible. But at least you weren't attacked and done whatever they done by a group of Dogoos. Or tie your hands behind your back while leaving your naked so they could insert a big catheter into your dick. You're about to lose another sanity point, unless you find a more pleasant topic quick.

Fortunately, just a few moments later, you hear some noises from the outside. You can only hope it's IF, and not some bad guy or a monster, because you're completely defenseless. The door opens and IF steps in.

"Hello Anon, I hope you're all right. Do you need anything?"

e5bd29 No.3875


"All well and good aside from the fact I'm tied up help"

ad082a No.3876

File: 7c84973e2aca9d3⋯.png (574.45 KB, 686x959, 98:137, if.png)


"All well and good aside from the fact I'm tied up… Could you please help me?"

"You're… WHAT? Just what the hell is going on?!"

"Compa tied my hands behind my backs…"

"Oh, it was Compa then. Why did she tie your hands?"

"Um… Why do you need to know it? Just untie me already!"

"Compa can take extreme measures when dealing with injuries, but they're usually very effective. Also, she is pretty stubborn so you better not mess with her work. You better have some good story why should I ignore your nurse's judgment."

e5bd29 No.3877


The bandage on my penis was too tight and causing pain so I had to remove them

ad082a No.3878


"The bandage on my penis was too tight and causing pain so I had to remove them…"

"I-I see…" she tries to say something while blushing heavily. "But… I-If you value your life you better not mess with Compa's bandages, even if they mummify you… So… Now I'll have to spoon-feed you, or what?"

e5bd29 No.3879


I don't think it's been that long since Compa fed us right? Also with this catheter that saves IF the awkward problem of us needing to pee

e5bd29 No.3880

File: 31798b946a1e011⋯.png (758.65 KB, 1115x1220, 223:244, Compa, RB, transparent.png)


All awkwardness aside

Ask her if she has any news and ask what do we do now with the situation concerning the fact we're wanted

ad082a No.3881


"So, do you have any information about the current situation and that I'm being wanted?"

"Um, yes. Actually the Planeptunian authorities surrounded our previous house at 5:35 this morning. I've submitted a complaint to the Basilicom, but it'll probably take months before they do anything with it. Until then, you're a wanted man in Planeptune. I'm sure you'll be safe here for a few days, but presumably the safest option is going to another nation until the problem settles down, even though the trip will be risky. So I hope you'll be able to walk shortly."

e5bd29 No.3882


According to Compa how long should my recovery take?

7bc923 No.3883


"How long will my recovery take? Did Compa say anything about it?"

"Compa said she hopes you'll be able to walk in one or two days, but that was before we dragged you here. That certainly didn't help in your recovery process. So don't do anything stupid and you'll be able to leave that bed shortly."

e5bd29 No.3884


Ask her what the nearest nation would be to travel to

7bc923 No.3885


"What is the nearest nation I could travel to?"

"What were you doing on geography classes? *sigh* It would be either Lastation or Leanbox. I guess you don't know anything about their goddesses, do you?"

Well, they did tell you something about lands and goddesses and things like that back in school, but only briefly, before they went on praising our great goddess. What was her name? Something like Problematic Heart? No, that wasn't it. Anyway, since you thought you'll have zero chance of ever meeting her personally, you didn't pay too much attention to it.

"Hmm, no?"

"*sigh* I'm not going into details, because it would take ages. Choose Lastation if you're looking for a steampunk nation with a tsundere goddess, choose Leanbox otherwise. I could tell Vert to care of you while you're there."

e5bd29 No.3886

File: 811a660ea1153dd⋯.png (54.2 KB, 350x274, 175:137, El Verto.png)


The fact that she knows someone in Leanbox personally by name, sounds like a better idea, besides, being hosted by a tsundere sounds like it would be an exasperating experience.

7bc923 No.3887


"Then I'll choose Leanbox, I think."

"If it would be that simple… Listen, first try to recover a bit, because it won't be a walk in the park. We will talk about it later."


"Good. I've bought some food so you won't die from hunger. Initially I thought I'll just leave it next to your bed, so you could eat it whenever you want it, but it's going to be problematic with your tied hands" and with that she sits on the side of the bed, next to you. "I don't want to hear any funny remarks while I feed you, understood?"

e5bd29 No.3888


"Thank you very much. I appreciate it. Really."

Then talk about Leanbox and ask what kind of nation is it

7bc923 No.3889

File: 19c947304e67537⋯.jpg (2.29 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, 8139d48d5097914fd28c4fbd5f….jpg)


"Thank you very much. I appreciate it. Really."

IF started to feed you, just like Compa did not too long ago. You're not exactly hungry, but since your hands are still tied together, you don't really have a choice. Compa's food was better, it tastes similar to packaged food that you can buy at any shop in the city. During the feeding IF's phone beeps once. She picks it up and reads the message. You can only see a slight emotion on her face, but she's not exactly happy. She continues feeding you like nothing happened.

"Thank you for the meal" you say after finishing.

"Good boy, you didn't fuck it up. There's a situation at the Guild, so I'll have to go back there… Do you need anything before I leave?"

"Well, I wanted to talk about Leanbox and…"

"After I return, I'll answer your questions. Just sleep or play some games until that."

e5bd29 No.3890


Is there a TV here, can she turn it on and hand us the remote because we can't play games with our hands tied up like this

44e374 No.3891


>Is there a TV here

No there's no TV here. Just like before, you probably won't be able to sleep either.

e5bd29 No.3892

File: 19978573fddc6b3⋯.png (129.49 KB, 472x415, 472:415, ClipboardImage.png)


Force self to sleep because what else is there to do, also we'd need the sleep to get our proper rest

44e374 No.3893


IF leaves and you're alone again. You close your eyes and try to sleep, but nothing happens. You check the clock, but it still shows 3:15 – now you're sure that it doesn't work. Unless you come up with some stupid idea, this will be a long and boring experience.

e5bd29 No.3894


Check if there's anything interesting within our field of vision. A line of ants, water dripping, anything that moves repeatedly.

44e374 No.3895

File: 091c36a92515421⋯.jpg (2.18 MB, 2550x2037, 850:679, house-fly-illustration_255….jpg)


You look around to check if there's anything interesting nearby. There's a small crack on the side of the bookshelf, but that's not really interesting so you continue looking around. Finally, you find a small fly on the wooden sword, just sitting there. Actually you haven't seen a fly in a long time – they're pretty much nonexistent in the modern, urbanized Planeptune city. Only if you could somehow poke it, that would probably make a good show…

However, there's no need for that. Maybe it realized you're staring at it, maybe it just got bored in the company of the sword, it took off and started flying around. First towards the nearby bed, continuing to the bookshelf, just to turn around and fly above you, landing on the wall for a momentary break. A few moments later it's already flying towards the kitchen, back to the bookshelf, turning around and taking full throttle towards the window.

Bam! It smashes into the glass and falls to the ground. Did it die already? No, after a short pause it takes off again and tries to fly through the window again, and again and again and again and again… You lost count how many times did the fly try to fly through the window. However, while watching this scene a miracle happened: you actually fell asleep!

You're woken by the sounds of Compa entering the room.

"Hello, Anon! How was your day?"

e5bd29 No.3896

File: 8efac7360cc0fdf⋯.png (80.3 KB, 182x268, 91:134, ClipboardImage.png)


"Well I just watched the fly movie, it was a window smashing experience"

44e374 No.3897


"Well I just watched the fly movie, it was a window smashing experience."

"Um, okay… Are you hungry? It's almost dinner time. Or maybe you want something else?"

e5bd29 No.3898


"How long before these bandages come off? And what can you tell me about Leanbox? IF asked me which nation I would prefer to seek asylum."

44e374 No.3899


"How long do I have to wear these bandages?"

"Um, I wanted to check the bandages after dinner. You should be OK soon."

"And what can you tell me about Leanbox? IF asked me which nation I would prefer to seek asylum."

"Leanbox? Iffy would be better suited to answer this question desu. She travelled much more than me around Gamindustri. It's a nice nation with a lot of green… Oh yeah, Iffy is on good terms with Vert, so maybe she could help you if you go there. But why do you want to go there desu?"

e5bd29 No.3900

File: 2c3fa09df1035d5⋯.png (151.22 KB, 386x386, 1:1, Noire Screaming.png)


IF said that it might be dangerous to keep staying in Planeptune with the authorities hounding me. The nearest nations here would be Leanbox and Lastation, and apparently Lastation is commandeered by a tsundere … and that sounds like an exasperating experience.

Also what's for dinner, your cooking is really good, I'm looking forward to it.

44e374 No.3901


"IF said that it might be dangerous to keep staying in Planeptune with the authorities hounding me. The nearest nations here would be Leanbox and Lastation, and apparently Lastation is commandeered by a tsundere… and that sounds like an exasperating experience."

"So you want to leave us, after all we did? I'm sad desu…"

"Ehm, it's not that… just, like I said, staying in Planeptune is dangerous."

"Excuses, excuses. Anyway, that tsundere you're talking about is Noire, right? She's a good person too, no need to be afraid, unless you're a bad person."

You decide it's better to quickly change topic, before the conversation becomes even more awkward.

"So, what's for dinner? Your cooking is really good, I'm looking forward to it."

"Thank you. I've brought ingredients to make some great futomaki desu."

e5bd29 No.3902


"Is there anything I can do to help? I don't want you to be the only one doing something."

307fd5 No.3903

File: 2bccaf5ae2f0ccf⋯.jpg (51.45 KB, 460x640, 23:32, 1417912605409.jpg)


"Is there anything I can do to help? I don't want you to be the only one doing something."

"You are the patient, desu. Your job is to recover as fast as possible. Compa will take care of you. So unless you have any objections I'm going to prepare dinner now."

e5bd29 No.3904


Make small talk while she's cooking in the kitchen

Ask about Planeptune because we've never really learned how Planeptune is due to us being stuck in that school

307fd5 No.3905


"Thank you."

Compa goes to the kitchen corner and starts to unpack her baggage.

"So, um, could you tell me something about Planeptune?"

"Tell you about Planeptune? What are you interested in?"

"Anything. I was confined in a school for years where they didn't tell a thing, save for some bullshit."

"Hmm, OK, so where do I start. Planeptune is one of the four nations in Gamindustri and it's the most technologically advanced desu. It is presided by Purple Heart… or rather, I'd have said that a few month ago…"

"Why? What happened?"

"Hehe, I met Nep-nep. I hope you'll meet her someday too."

"Nep-nep? Who is she?"

"Her real name is Nepupu… Netupun… Nyepu… Netupu… Nepnyu… Sorry, I can't pronounce her name, that's why I just call her Nep-nep desu~. But you probably know her as Purple Heart, the goddess of Planeptune."

The goddess of Planeptune? Now that's something even you heard of before. She's supposed to be the ruler here, right?

"Wait wait wait! You're telling me you know the goddess of Planeptune?"


"Jeez… Couldn't you, you know, put in a good word for me?"

"It's not that simple desu."


"She has amnesia."


"Yes. She doesn't remember anything before she stuck into the ground…"

"Stuck into the ground!?"

"Yes. She fell from the sky, like a shooting star!"

So our goddess fell from the sky, crashed into the ground and forgot everything? You're not sure if it's just a nightmare or maybe just Compa went insane, but your chit-chat ended with it. You just quietly watch Compa as she prepares the dinner. Fortunately it's almost ready, so the awkward silence only lasts a few minutes.

"The dinner is ready!" She places the futomaki on a plate and brings it to your bed. "There you go. Have a good meal!"

"Um, thank you, but…"

"Oh sorry I forgot you still can't use your hands. Don't worry, I'll take care of you" and with that she starts feeding you. Again.

The food is delicious, like the last time. Actually you don't remember eating such tasty futomaki before, not even when you still had your parents. Considering that until a few days ago you've been eating that horrible school food – heck, even eating a stone would be more pleasant than that – you're at the edge of having a foodgasm. Add the smiling nurse to the mix, who clearly enjoys that there's someone she can take care of and you're not sure whether you will survive the encounter or not. But at least you'll die happily if you don't.

However, you manage to survive the dinner.

"Um, Compa."


"Thanks for the meal. It was, like, the best food I ever eaten."

"Don't exaggerate desu. Oh yeah, I know…" she runs back to the kitchen to pick up something from her bag. "I've managed to save this cup of pudding from Nep-nep, do you want to eat it?"

29d240 No.3906


Do we even know what the fuck pudding is

307fd5 No.3907


Yes, you're not Neptune

29d240 No.3908


Yes please, and thank you.

307fd5 No.3909


"Yes please, and thank you."

Compa walks back to your bed with the pudding. You open your mouth to accept the first spoon of it. The taste is… OMG, that's some fantastic shit. Human words can't describe it how fantastic it is. You eat the whole pudding in no time.

"That was… fantastic! I never ate such delicious pudding. Did you make it yourself?"


"You're some… genius or angel or food wizard or I don't know…"

"You're exaggerating again Anon… But thank you. Unfortunately I don't have any more. Every time I make pudding, Nep-Nep turns up in a few minutes and eats it all…"

"Don't worry Compa. I'm full so even if you had another I couldn't eat it…"

For a few minutes both of you just sit here, quietly. You still haven't recovered completely from the sensation that the dinner and the pudding gave. Compa looks like she's thinking of something.

"Okay, Anon", Compa finally breaks the silence. "I'm going to check your wounds now, so just lie down on the bed and relax, OK?"

She immediately removes the blanket, rendering your naked body completely visible, before you could do or say anything.

29d240 No.3910

File: 14780e05ef372dc⋯.png (631.18 KB, 910x1430, 7:11, Compa, Vert's Towel.png)


Let Nurse Compa do what she needs to as embarrassing as it is, lest she adds more bindings to our hands.

307fd5 No.3911

File: fbdcb2a0906c411⋯.png (775.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, compa8.png)


You quietly watch as Compa begins to work. First, she starts to unroll the sheer amount of bandages from your body, like if it was some kind of present for her. It's not easy as the bandages are wrapped around your body, but she handles it without problems. When there's a place she can't reach, she just grabs your body and places it into a different position, like if you were just a lifeless dummy.

With the bandages removed, she can finally start inspecting you. You're delighted to see that the wounds are mostly healed by now, there are only a few small scratches right now.

"Looks much better now. I think I'll only need a few band-aids now."

She runs off to her bag and comes back with a pack of band-aids and starts sticking them to the wounds: one, two, three, four, five, … you give up counting at 15. Compa places one on every wound, even microscopic ones. After about 40 or 50 she stops. You can see a sense of accomplishment on her face.

"There you go Anon. And don't poke them." Like you could do anything with them, with tied hands. At least your dick is free from bandages, so you don't have an urge to do something with it. "I'll also have to check if you can stand or not, so tell me when you're ready."

29d240 No.3912



> At least your dick is free from bandages

There is a God truly. Also our legs aren't bound right? So I guess let's try to stand up, unless our physical constitution is that weak right now.

307fd5 No.3913

File: d9bdc0a7f3c0336⋯.png (613.59 KB, 722x1107, 722:1107, compa_and_if_commission_2_….png)


"I think I'm ready…"

"Already? Okay, just a minute." Compa hurriedly collects her stuff then returns to the side of your bed. "Anon, do you still remember how to stand? Or do we have to start from zero?"

Oh my. "I-I think I'll be okay, thanks."

You put your feet on the ground and try to stand up. If your lack of strength wasn't a big enough problem, your hands are still tied together, so you can't use them to help you stand up. Plus that plastic tube is still hanging out from your dick.

Compa notices the problem and helps you stand up. Laying in the bed you almost completely forgot your wounds, but now they hurt again. Fortunately it only hurts a little, so it's not a big problem. Compa picks up the bag connected to the end of the catheter, so it won't impede you in walking. She grabs your left arm and she says "Good. Now we'll try to walk. Can you do it?"

"I-I… I hope…"

You try to raise your right leg. The world suddenly becomes less stable and you would probably lose your balance if Compa weren't holding you, so you quickly drop your foot to the ground.

"That won't work desu. You're supposed to move forward…"

"I know, I know."

You try again, a bit more carefully. This time you don't lose your balance, so you manage to successfully step forward. Since this is not the most stable position to stand in, you quickly raise your left foot and step forward with that too. Before you realize, you're already walking in the middle of the room (with some help from Compa).

Suddenly, you hear a noise from the door.

"I'm ba…" says a familiar voice, abruptly interrupted. "J-Just what the hell is going on here?!" IF stands in the door, blushing heavily, trying to look away. "Couldn't you, you know, put on some clothes? This is not the bathroom." Looks like IF is in a pissed mode right now. "And why is his hands still tied together? This is not a prison Compa. Hell, even prisoners have better living conditions…"

"But he would mess with the bandages if I would untie his hands desu."

"Don't be ridiculous."

"Also he didn't really had objections, so I thought he's fine with that."

"What? You think he's fine like that?"

Now both of the girls look at you. Compa looks with an unusually worried face, like a small kid who did something wrong. She doesn't say a word, but her eyes beg you to say something positive about her. IF, on the other hand, is still angry and she's expecting answers from you.

29d240 No.3914

File: 90d007dff47c334⋯.png (76.39 KB, 208x207, 208:207, Ploot Head.png)


"What do you want me to say? I needed a way to go to the bathroom while my hands were tied. Since I was bedridden for a couple of days she wanted me to try and walk to see if I still can. Also weren't my clothes completely ruined by the dogoos? I'll put on some clothes once I find whatever I wore last time and my hands get untied along with this catheter… Compa did a good job in tending to my wounds all the same."

307fd5 No.3915

File: c6022a2d47d73a8⋯.png (156.34 KB, 377x331, 377:331, unknown.png)


"What do you want me to say? I needed a way to go to the bathroom while my hands were tied. Since I was bedridden for a couple of days she wanted me to try and walk to see if I still can. Also, weren't my clothes completely ruined by the dogoos? I'll put on some clothes once I find whatever I wore last time and my hands get untied along with this catheter… Compa did a good job in tending to my wounds all the same."

IF is at a loss of words. It's not the answer she expected. After a bit of hesitation, "F-Fine, call me when you're finished" and she runs out of the house, slamming the door as she leaves.

"Ai-chan!" shouts Compa trying to stop IF. In the heat of the moment, she quickly extends her hand towards IF, completely forgetting that she holds the end of your catheter in it. The sudden yank from your dick – and the great pain immediately following it – made you lost your balance. Since your hands are still tied behind your back you can't use them to break your fall, you smash into the ground like a sack of potatoes. You lie on the floor helplessly, every bit of your body is hurting and you're sobbing.

"Oh, Anon, sorry, are you OK?" Even Compa lost her composure, as she desperately tries to make sure that you're alright. "This is not good. Sorry, anon this may hurt a little."

You try to resist, but with all the sobbing and tied hands you're completely defenseless. She fiddles a bit with the catheter, then with a sudden movement he pulls it out. "AArrrghh!!" It's like if someone impaled your dick on a steel rod. Your vision is a bit blurry, but you can catch a glimpse of the catheter before passing out. You're pretty sure that what you saw on the tube was blood…

You wake up to some cold water sprinkled to your face. You're lying in your bed again, but your whole body hurts – especially your dick, it feels like it's burning. Compa is next to you, IF is a bit further in the room – looks like she came back, with an even worse mood. Compa gives you a glass of water. "Please drink it."

You take the glass. After the recent events, you don't even realize that your hands are no longer tied. You just mechanically drink it while Compa continues.

"After that accident with the catheter, you may have internal bleeding. If it's the case, you need quick medical treatment, as the consequences can be fatal desu. However, I don't think I could give you that with the equipment available here. You'd have to be transferred to a clinic…"

"… And you can probably figure out what would happen then, as you're a wanted man." IF interrupts the speech. "Compa, could you confirm if he has internal bleeding or not?"

"We could wait until he can piss, and check if he pisses blood or not, but it'll take some time…"

"That may be too long… Anyway, Anon, it's your choice. I don't want to turn you in unless you agree to it."

29d240 No.3916


Would it be possible to journey to either Lastation or Leanbox at short notice for medical attention?

307fd5 No.3917


"W-What about… Last…ation… or Leanbox… go there… clinic…" You can only manage to say words in your current state of being, but IF understands you.

"Are you crazy?! That's a different landmass! Unless you can fly, just the preparation to go there without the authorities noticing you would take days. We're in the middle of nowhere. Frankly, you can call yourself lucky if we can get you to a clinic in Planeptune in time."

(Help, I want to replace >>3916 with someone who doesn't actively try to kill the MC)

29d240 No.3918

File: b9a47bc580fb8f7⋯.jpg (204.01 KB, 1280x1440, 8:9, Rei Jiseijou, HDD, glare.JPG)

File: 08f22d2f1b06149⋯.png (9.92 KB, 255x128, 255:128, ClipboardImage.png)


(Hey man I'm not actively trying to kill the MC, but I am definitely playing this like a D&D game)

"I don't want to go back to that school, but I'd rather live right now and be able to try again another time"

So can we make the journey to a clinic

This captcha sure is spooky

307fd5 No.3919


"I don't want… to go back… to that school… but I'd rather live… right now… and be… able to… try again another… time…" You still can't talk continuously due to the pain.

"Okay Compa, lets get moving." The two girls lift you and place you on an improvised stretcher, and begin carrying you. "Ambulance can't get in here, so we'll have to carry you to the nearest road."

"Th… ank… you…"

The stretcher is pretty hard and not pleasant to lie on it, but compared to your other pains it's nothing. Since you're already half passed out, you don't really comprehend what is happening around you. After you don't know how many minutes or hours, you finally arrive at something that looks like a parking place. An ambulance car is already there. Before you realize, the ambulancemen take care you, placing you on a real stretcher in the car. You steal a glimpse of a teary Compa before they close the door and the car drives away.

"Will he be okay desu?"

"Don't worry. I'm sure he can take care of himself…"

You wake up in a hospital room. Your memories of the car trip and what happened at the hospital is completely fuzzy. You're in a bed, apparently you're also on infusion, and you're surrounded with futuristic machines. Speaking of your state, you feel much better than last time, at least if you don't try moving.

You look around. It looks like you're alone in the single bed room. You can see iron bars in the window, probably to keep whoever inside the room inside. There's a small nightstand next to your bed, a cupboard and a closed door.

29d240 No.3920


Is it morning or is it night time? Are we bandaged, clothed? Naked? Which arm is the infusion attached to? What do the walls look like? White and sterile, or grey and uncaring?

f488c2 No.3921


The sun is shining outside, you can see the blue sky outside, but nothing else. Looking around, you find a clock above the door. It shows 10:15.

You check yourself. You wear some plain white shirt and trousers. Under the clothes you have two smaller gauze attached to your upper body. The infusion is attached to your left arm.

The walls are white, the whole room is clean and tidy – there's not even a single molecule of dirt or dust in the room. If you smell the air, you can still smell the odor of disinfectants.

29d240 No.3922


Watch the clock tick down to whatever countdown we have. And be wary for any sounds especially the door opening.

If it opens, pretend to sleep, unless there's a security camera here then, there's no point in pretending.

f488c2 No.3923


You check the room for security cameras, but you don't find any. Of course, it doesn't mean that there are none, there could be hidden cameras.

Just a few moments later, you hear some noises from the direction of the door. You quickly lay back and pretend to sleep. You hear the door opening and footsteps approaching your bed, while a man and a woman are talking with each other.

"So, here we go… Shouldn't he be awake?" asks the man.

"Well, according to the plan… he should have woken up about 3 minutes 49 seconds ago."

"That's odd. Check the vital signs."

You figure if they check the machines they'll realize that you're simulating, so you just open your eyes, like if you were woken by the voices. Two people are standing in front of your bed, probably a doctor and his assistant. You decide to quickly check the clock, now it shows 10:18. Damn, they're pretty precise.

"Oh, good morning, Anon" you hear the voice of the man. The voice is dull and monotonous, you're probably just another random patient he doesn't have to give a crap about. "You were passed out when you arrived yesterday, but based on the report and the quick health check we had no choice but to operate you. Your condition looks stable. Your complete recovery will take two or three days. Since you're a wanted man, the authorities will take care of you after that." In the meantime the assistant walks next to you to remove the infusion. "You should be able to eat normally, so you'll receive lunch at 12:11. You shouldn't try to leave the bed on your own today, use the call for assistance button and wait until a nurse arrives. I'll return to check you in the afternoon, at 15:53 if everything goes according to the plan." By the time he finishes his monologue, the assistant also removed the infusion. They both silently turn around and start walking toward the door.

29d240 No.3924


>had no choice but to operate on you

Is our penis gone

f488c2 No.3925


You quickly lift the blanket and clothes tho check your penis. You see a small hole. Is it gone? No, it's your navel, you need to check lower. After correcting your little mistake, you're now looking at your magnificent dick. It looks like they tucked a small tampon in the hole at the tip of your dick.

29d240 No.3926



0b28bb No.3927


Check if we have any of our personal belongings here on the small table

f488c2 No.3931


You check the nightstand next to your bed. There's nothing on top of it. You open the upper drawer, but it's empty. You check the lower drawer. You find the handheld console IF gave you.

0b28bb No.3932


I hope it has a game in it, guess we'll be playing for a while and hope IF or Compa decides to visit…

e7abe4 No.3933


Press the call button and check how long it takes for the nurse to arrive. Say you have to go to the bathroom as an excuse (and to check the place out).

f488c2 No.3934



You press the call button. You don't have to wait too much, about 15 seconds later a nurse arrives in your room.

"Hello, how can I help you?"

"I have to go to the bathroom."

"I see. Just a minute." She starts typing something on her tablet. The machine next to you beeps once just as she finishes with her tablet. "Okay, that's done" she says while walking next to your bed. "Do you need help with standing up?"

You're not exactly sure, so you just try to stand up. You still can't stand up on your own, but you only need a little help. It's much better than it was yesterday. The nurse begins to guide you to the bathroom.

You expected you'll leave the room, because from the bed you couldn't see that there's an extra small room behind the cupboard. The nurse guides you there.

"The doctor said that the first time you urinate, it might contain a small amount of blood. So don't be alarmed if it does, it's normal in your situation. However, if you still urinate blood the second time, you should immediately tell us."


You enter the bathroom, closing the door behind you. It's a small room, but you have everything: a toilet, a small shower, a sink and the required little things like toilet paper, soap and so on. Compared to what you had in your school back then, it's like you somehow ended up in the distant future.

You go to the toilet. The nurse didn't say what should you do with the tampon in your dick, but it's in the way, so you just throw it in the trash can. You try to piss, fearing a little what will happen. At first a reddish liquid appears, but it quickly changes back to the more usual yellowish color. Finished, you wash your hands and leave the bathroom. The nurse guides you back to your bed.

"Can I do anything else for you?"

"No, I'm okay."

You lay back in the bed. The nurse fiddles a bit with her tablet a bit, the machine beeps again, and she leaves the room. You're now alone, again.

You decide to try the console. Since you don't know any of the games, you just randomly pick a game. You pick Inupara. It looks like it's a VN. You didn't play much VNs before, because back in the school you only had a few boring, school approved VNs. The VN is about a man who opened a patisserie and ended up with a bunch of doggirls around him. But before you could get to the lewd parts, you hear the door opening again. A nurse brought your lunch. You check the time, it's already 12:11. She places the food on the small table and leaves you.

0b28bb No.3935


>this food will never be as delicious as Compa's cooking

Gulp it down

f57c51 No.3936


Since you also have the charger of the handheld, you connect your handheld to the charger, then you begin your lunch. The food is, of course, much worse than what Compa gave you yesterday, but it's actually not that bad. You quickly eat the soup and the ramen like thing. Back in your school, you would have killed for food like this…

There's still a lot of time before the doctor comes back to check you. You feel a bit sleepy after the lunch.

0b28bb No.3937


Go take a nap

What's the worse that could happen, I'm sure we won't suddenly wake up back in that school

e7abe4 No.3938


We need to see what the nurse types into the tablet in order to make the machine beep (assuming it's an alarm). Does the console have a camera? Is there something reflective we can place on the nightstand (like the console's screen when turned off), or maybe one of the futuristic machines is really shiny?

0b28bb No.3939


I'll bet you that it most likely is a locking system, or maybe we're just being paranoid and it's actually just a log system that is just really, really noisy.

f57c51 No.3940


(No camera, it's an old model. But how would a reflective material help us? The nightstand is next to the bed, so even if you put a mirror on it, you wouldn't see much more than you can see from the bed.)

f57c51 No.3941


You lay back in your bed to take a nap. After the recent events you're still tired a bit, so you only wake up when you hear some noises from the door. You quickly open your eyes. It's the doctor entering, this time alone, with a tablet in his hands.

"Hello, sorry for being late."

(If you want lure the doctor, do it now…)

0b28bb No.3943


"So what was the diagnosis and treatment when I arrived here?"

f57c51 No.3944


"So what was the diagnosis and treatment when I arrived here?"

"Um, that's an interesting story. I don't know what the hell you did before you got there, but you had internal bleeding in your urethra and we found foreign bodies in your urinary bladder."

"Foreign bodies? What kind?"

"They were too small to identify… But I think I can show you the X-ray."

The doctor walks next to you while fiddling with his tablet.

"Here is it. Do you have any idea how they ended up in you?"

You're not a doctor, but you can still identify your dick on the X-ray. More importantly, it looks like you're looking at a web browser, the page is hntp://intranep.midori-sakura-hospital.pl/alotofrandomcharactersyouwon'tremember… Midori Sakura Hospital. It's a famous (and very expensive) hospital in Planeptune. How the hell did you end up in here?

"So, any ideas?" the doctor interrupts your train of thought.

"Well…" you pretend to carefully examine the X-ray while looking for other clues. "User: tanaka053" you read in the upper right corner. "Patient: Anon Ymous. Classified. Clearance required: L3 or PC-26794-73X."

0b28bb No.3945


Kidney stones? Have these foreign bodies been removed?

f57c51 No.3946


"Kidney stones? Have these foreign bodies been removed?"

"Are you trying to insult me, Anon? You think I wouldn't recognize something so obvious?"

"N-no, sorry…"

"Back to your question… We removed them, they looked like small plastic pieces. The laboratory is still investigating it, so I can't say anything about it right now."

0b28bb No.3947


We'll be allowed to know what they are after it gets investigated right?

Also what color were the plastic pieces?

f57c51 No.3948


"Will we be allowed to know what they were after investigation, right?"

"I hope so. We have never encountered anything like this before…"

"Hmm… What color were the plastic pieces?"


db7ccf No.3949


Am I relatively stable right now, or do I still need more bedrest?

143499 No.3950


"Am I relatively stable right now, or do I still need more bed rest?"

"The signs given by the monitoring systems are okay, but I need to do a few more checks before I can give a definitive answer."

He picks up his tablet, and starts fiddling with it. Since the screen is facing the doctor, you can barely see the screen. Apparently he navigates to a screen titled "Patient monitoring" and a few touches later the machine beeps again.

"So Anon, would you please try standing up?"


You try standing up. This time you manage to stand up without help. The doctor first ask you to walk around, then to do some simple exercises. You're still weak and it hurts a bit, but at least you can move normally now.

"Good. Very good. You can return to your bed now." You sit back in the bed, while the doctor is furiously typing something on the tablet. "First I thought your recovery will take two to three days, but you're recovering much faster." The machine beeps again. "If your recovery continues like this, you may be released tomorrow."

db7ccf No.3951


Are we allowed to have visitors, or is our bounty disallowing it

143499 No.3952


"Are we allowed to have visitors?"

"I'm afraid the authorities won't allow it."

db7ccf No.3953


Acquiesce our current situation, but hope for that tiny speck of light that maybe if that Compa girl and IF chick really knows the Goddess of this Planeptune nation, we'll be allowed out

(cry inside)

dd0248 No.3954

While doing this >>3953 ask the doctor if we can have some minor healing items. Then hide them for use later.

143499 No.3955


"Could I get some… healing items?"

"Something is wrong?"

"No, just in case…"

"But you're in a hospital under 24/7 monitoring. Why would you need it?"

db7ccf No.3956


D-don't I get any medicine after being released or will I be here until I'm more than 100% healthy

143499 No.3957


"D-don't I get any medicine after being released or will I be here until I'm more than 100% healthy?"

"You won't be more than 100% healthy, since that is impossible, but I'm sure you'll be fine by tomorrow. I don't think you'll need additional medicine after that, but I'll check you tomorrow at…" he starts fiddling with his tablet again, probably to look up the time. "At 8:11. You'll get my final answer then."

db7ccf No.3958

File: 1d20829caa556e7⋯.png (187.25 KB, 600x461, 600:461, ClipboardImage.png)


T-thanks doc

Ask him if we can walk around our small room, or anywhere else for that matter

143499 No.3959


"T-thanks doc. Uh, can I walk around somewhere on my own?"

"Hmm. I see you didn't have any problems with walking… First you're not allowed to leave your room, because authorities wouldn't allow it, so it's out of question. Now, if you want to walk around in the room, that's possible, but the current monitoring system doesn't work if you leave the bed. So if you want to walk around, I'll have to get you a portable monitor, if that's okay."

db7ccf No.3960


That's alright, better than me just wiling in bed all day

143499 No.3961


"That's alright, better than me just wiling in bed all day."

"Okay." He starts typing on his tablet. "Since I'm already late from the next patient, my assistant will bring it to you in a few minutes. So, do you want anything else? I still have a lot of patients to check on so I'd rather go."

db7ccf No.3962


That's all, I wouldn't want to be the cause of someone's pain

58b568 No.3963


"That's all, I wouldn't want to be the cause of someone's pain."

"Okay, see you later."

The doctor leaves your room. You start to think about what do next, but before you could make up your mind, the door opens again and the assistant enters your room.

"Hello, Anon, you were the one who asked for a portable monitor, right?"


She walks toward your bed with a small device in her hands. She asks for your right hand, you comply, and she fastens a watch like device to your wrist. It's plain black, it has two buttons, one on each side, but other than that, doesn't seem to have a display or any component capable of showing feedback.

"Is it too tight or loose?"

"No, I think it's all right."

"Okay, then I'm gonna run a few tests." She picks up her tablet and start typing on it. The machine next to you gives two short beeps. "Look like it's working. Oh, and don't remove the device, because that would trigger an alarm."

"Uh, I won't."

"There are two buttons at the sides of the device, can you see them?"


"Good. Now press both of them at the same time."

Hesitantly, you reach the device with your other hand, and press the buttons. The device immediately starts emitting a loud, siren like sound. The assistant touches a button on her tablet and the sound stops.

"Great. You can use this if you need help while being away from your bed. Understood?"

"Yeah. Thanks."

"See you later." The assistant turns around and starts to leave the room, just to stop midway and turn back. "Oh, the dinner will be ready in about 10 minutes, so don't wander off." Finishing her sentence she turns away again and finally leaves the room.

cfe82e No.3964

File: 8643e50048870bf⋯.png (178.43 KB, 640x384, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)



>"There are two buttons at the sides of the device, can you see them?"


On a more serious note, time to explore whatever little we have of our room

58b568 No.3965


You get out of the bed to explore the surroundings. You go to the cupboard and open it. It's empty. There's noting in it. You close it, and continue looking around. The bathroom is still behind it, since you were already there, you don't go back there.

You check the main door. It doesn't have a knob or handle or anything. Now that you think about it, every time the assistant and doctor left your room, the door automatically opened when they went near. However, it doesn't seem to do anything when you go near it. Maybe it's locked or you have to trigger it somehow.

Time to check the other side of the room. Now you can check the machine from the front. It has a lot of displays, displaying continuously updated graphs and numbers, even though you don't understand most of them. After amusing yourself for some time, you decide to check out the window, however you're interrupted by a nurse entering your room. She brought your dinner.

cfe82e No.3966


Eat the dinner I guess, surely this isn't spiked with sleeping agents

58b568 No.3967


Since your room lacks any chairs, you sit on your bed to eat your dinner. It's not a big portion, so you finish it quickly. It was a standard hospital food, it doesn't warrant further discussion. You leave the tray on the nightstand, thinking about what to do next. If this goes on, they'll send you back to your school tomorrow.

cfe82e No.3968


Is there any place we can somehow escape, or is it completely sealed, we know we have a monitoring system, but all the same

What of our belongings?

58b568 No.3969


>Is there any place we can somehow escape, or is it completely sealed, we know we have a monitoring system, but all the same

Well, we have a door that we don't know how to open, a window that we didn't really check, and walls otherwise.

>What of our belongings?

You still have your console and money, your other belongings location are unknown (for you).

d2fc6e No.3970


Let's go check that window

And we find out we're on the 6th floor

58b568 No.3971


You stand up and walk to the window. You open the window and inspect the iron bars. They're solid and they're securely embedded into the wall, you probably won't be able to bend or remove them with the tools available for you. But it doesn't matter, as looking down you realize you're somewhere on the 10-12th floor. The ground is covered by grass, there are a few paths and benches scattered around. However, you can't see anybody down there, probably everyone returned to the building to eat their dinners.

The small garden is surrounded by an uninteresting wire fence, there's a forest behind it. You notice a white object hidden in the leaves of a tree. It looks like a sign. The letters on it are pretty small, but still readable:

"Anon, call me. IF.


d2fc6e No.3972


Scramble for phone, call number

58b568 No.3973


You desperately start looking for a phone, you even recheck the drawers and the cupboard, but nothing. If there were a phone in your room, you'd probably noticed it before, so the lack of result is not surprising. You even check your console, but it's a console, not a mobile phone. The only thing you can use to call anybody is the nurse call button next to your bed, but you can only call a nurse with it, not IF.

d2fc6e No.3974


Call for nurse, ask for phone

76a4a2 No.3975


You go to your bed and press the call button. It only takes about ten seconds until a nurse arrives, but it feels like an eternity.

"Hello, how can I help you?"

"I'd like to, um, make a phone call?"

"Phone call? Hmm, I don't think that's allowed…"

"Please!" you say while trying to make a pitiful face. "I-I want to…" You're desperately trying to come up with something that would melt her heart, or at least make her ignore the rules. "To… talk with my mom. I couldn't talk with her since I ended up here and she must be…"

"Okay, okay. But don't tell anybody, otherwise I'll be in trouble…" She walks to your bed and gives her cellphone to you.

"Thank you."

Fortunately you were smart enough to remember the phone number, so you just enter the numbers and press the call button.

*BEEP* you hear the ringing tone from the phone. Come on IF, pick it up. *BEEP* Are you sleeping?


"Ah, hello, it's me, Anon."

"Oh, finally, thank god you're alive. Listen, I don't know what the hell is up with you, but it's impossible to get to you. They even classified your files, so I don't even know where the hell are you other than probably in Midori Sakura Hospital, right? Do you know your room number?"

"Yeah, the hospital is correct. But I don't know my room number. They didn't even let me out of my room."

"Do you know how long will you be there?"

"The doctor said they'll probably release me tomorrow."

"TOMORROW!? Oh, crap… Where are you talking from now? How did you get a phone?"

"A nurse was kind enough to lend me her phone…"

"I don't trust it… Okay, listen carefully.

When the sun is high,

The dragon roars to your right,

Ahead is the light."


"You're smart enough to figure it out. See you tomorrow. Bye."

Before you could say anything, she hangs up. You give the phone back to the nurse thanking it again and promising you won't tell anybody. You sit still at the side of your bed, reflecting on what IF said for a few minutes before moving on.

c55004 No.3976


Is she gonna fucking bust in with her motorcycle holy shit

ea64cd No.3977


I'll go hazard a guess, and she'll bust us out during transit at high noon. She'll make a distraction with dragon sounds or something, then we have to use that to escape.

Or she'll just fucking summon a dragon let's go

76a4a2 No.3981



It's nice, but what should our MC do before going to sleep? It's 18:27 currently, so there's plenty of time.

ea64cd No.3982


Continue to watch outside of our window

76a4a2 No.3983


You walk back to the window to see if there's anything interesting happening there.

There's a single patient sitting on a bench, enjoying the fresh air and the nearing sunset. However, the patient's peace doesn't last long, as a nurse appears. You can't hear their conversation, but apparently the nurse is not happy with the situation. After a short argument the patient gives up and walks back to the building with the nurse.

You continue looking around in hope you'll find something interesting. The sign with IF's phone number is still out there. You see a few birds flying away. A small animal runs through the garden, but otherwise nothing interesting happens.

It's getting darker and darker outside and you finally give up watching when it's too dark to see anything.

5bba41 No.3984


Check monitoring systems if anything changed during night time

76a4a2 No.3985


You check the monitoring systems. The graphs look pretty much identical to your eyes. You check the numbers: you have 70 HP now. There are other displays, but they're all turned off. They're either unavailable when using the portable monitor, or they do not want you to know it…

5bba41 No.3986


Just 5 HP away from being full health, check bathroom, go pee or something

76a4a2 No.3987


You go to the bathroom to take a pee. Nothing interesting happens. Even though you lack 5 HP, you do not feel it. What you feel is that you still not completely regained your strength, which will be problematic if you have to fight tomorrow.

After finishing with the bathroom, you check the monitoring system again. Your HP is still at 70. You need a bit more rest to recover that points, like a good sleep.

5bba41 No.3988


Well atleast we don't need to worry about peeing for a bit, guess one final check under the bed then let's go to bed

4ea89b No.3989


You check the room for anything suspicious, you check even under the bed, but you don't find anything (not even dust). You lay down on your bed and a few minutes later, you're already asleep.

Even if you had any dreams, you already forgotten it by the time you open your eyes in the morning. The sun is nicely shining outside, you even hear some birds chirping. The clock above the door shows 8:07, the doctor should be here in a few minutes. (He said he'll check you at 8:11.)

5bba41 No.3990


Check outside

4ea89b No.3991


You mean outside the window?

4ea89b No.3992


(I'll go with my assumption, I can still issue a correction if needed.)

You go to the window and check outside. The ground outside looks wet, apparently there was a rain during the night that you didn't notice. Because of this and the still early time, you only see a few people lazing around outside. However, the sign with IF's telephone number disappeared.

5bba41 No.3993


Yes, sorry, the window


Rain huh, I hope no one suddenly called IF …

Wait for the doctor I suppose

4ea89b No.3994


You wait for the doctor to arrive. Fortunately it only takes a few moments.

"Hello, Anon, I see you're already up. Let us start with the check." You comply as the doctor runs some routine checks on you – he checks your throat, if you can still move your arms normally, and things like that. This hospital has cutting-edge technology, but it looks like nothing substitutes the good old human staff.

"Well, I think you're ready to go. You'll be picked up at 11:00 by the authorities, so make sure you're ready by that time. An assistant will bring your breakfast and clothes shortly." The doctor stops for a moment, thinking for a while. "Yeah, that's all. Any questions before I take my final leave?"

5bba41 No.3995


Have you figured out what those pieces of plastic were

God if that was the catheter from last time fuck

4ea89b No.3996


"Oh, the plastic pieces. Actually the Planeptuinan authorities are also on the case, and they confiscated them as evidence. It looks like they were part of some medical device, but I'm afraid I can't tell you anything else until the police investigation is done."

5bba41 No.4000


Oh okay, I guess let's just wait for something to happen

4ea89b No.4001


"Well, if there's nothing else, I shall take my leave. I hope we will meet again, in a more pleasant situation."

"Heh, I hope so. Goodbye."

The doctor leaves and you're alone in your room. You walk back to the window and continue looking outside. About five minutes later, a nurse enters your room with your breakfast and your clothes. The breakfast is a bog-standard toast with butter, eggs and some coffee. You quickly eat it before checking out the clothes.

Yes, it's your school uniform. A brand new one, it's still in the transparent packaging. They probably want you to wear it, even though every bone in your body actively tries to resist even the idea of wearing it. You look away from the clothes to calm yourself a bit. You check the time, it's 8:48 – you have a bit more than 2 hours until leaving.

5bba41 No.4002


Take the uniform out of its packaging and check all its pockets

4ea89b No.4003


It's disgusting, but you have to do it sooner than later, so you open the packaging, without thinking too much about it. It contains pants and a shirt. Since only the pants have pockets, you put the shirt away.

You check the pockets, one at a time, but they're all empty, you can't find a single thing in them. You almost conclude your investigation, when you notice there's something different in the front right pocket. Upon closer inspection it seems there's an about 4x4 cm square, where the fabric is a bit stiffer and thicker, but you're still able to bend it without problems. It looks like there's something in the fabric that you can't remove or inspect further.

154c38 No.4004


Must be some sort of tracking device. Gotta take that out sooner or later.

Check the time, what else is there

4ea89b No.4005


You check the time, it's 8:52. You check the package if there's anything you missed, you find a pair of socks matching the color of the pants, but there's nothing else. Your shoes are somewhere else.

154c38 No.4006


Check the shoes, sole of the shoes, beneath the shoes etc, I mean what else are we gonna do?

4ea89b No.4007


We don't know where are the shoes (it's outside the room).

154c38 No.4009

File: 777c985bc010b4d⋯.jpg (37.47 KB, 665x574, 95:82, Am I retarded.jpg)



Anyway continue to observe outside

074841 No.4010


You go to the window to stare outside. The garden is slowly getting filled with life, as various patients emerge outside. There's a pair of patients sitting on a bench, talking to each other, a different patient in a wheelchair, guided by a nurse. You notice two men standing next to a table and playing table tennis. You're not sure that the table is a proper table tennis table, but it don't seem to bother the players. They're having fun, unlike you. Sigh.

Suddenly a nurse enters your room.

"H-Hello, Anon, since you're leaving shortly, I'll take your portable monitor if it's not a problem."

"Uh, OK."

The nurse fiddles something on her tablet which causes the large machine to beep three times in a row. You quickly look at the source of the sound, it looks like she powered down the machine completely. She takes the device off your wrist.

"There you go" she says while also picking up the tray which used to hold your breakfast. "I see you already opened the package. Your leave is programmed at 11:00, so make sure you change clothes and collect your belongings by that time."

"I will. Thanks."

You check the clock, it says 10:03.

154c38 No.4011


Can we see the sun clearly?

074841 No.4012


Yes, the sun is clearly visible. The weather is nice, there's only a few small clouds here and there.

154c38 No.4013


Observe the outside is there anything amiss? Something that looks really weird?

074841 No.4014


You turn back to the window and continue observing the outside. You check every corner of the small garden, but you can't find anything out of the ordinary.

154c38 No.4015


So we're not tethered to this room anymore due to the monitoring system

Uh… shit I'm clueless

Anything we haven't checked?

074841 No.4016


Shit, should I write my own quest? We have a little less than one hour to change clothes, collect our belongings, and do whatever we want to do before leaving the room. And hope IF shows up sooner than later.

Maybe try to do something with that mysterious thing in our pocket, or just wait.

61a65b No.4017


Rip that thing out of that pocket

Do it now

074841 No.4018


You pick up the trousers and look at the pocket. Since you lack proper tools, you just try to tear out that device like thing with your hands. As the trouser is made from a durable material, you struggle with it for some time, but you manage to rip out that device and now you're holding it in your hand. It's still inside the fabric, so you don't acquire new information about this device.

The time is now 10:09. What should we do with the ripped out device (and with our remaining time)?

097db7 No.4019


Examine the device

What clothes are we wearing right now?

c00c36 No.4020


After a bit of struggling, you manage to rip out the device from the cloth. It's a white square shaped device, without any marking on it. You go to the window to check the device in sunlight, but you can't see anything. You probably won't gather much information without going destructive.

You're wearing the clothes given by the hospital when you arrived – a white shirt and trousers.

12e6ee No.4021


Check socks and shirt even if it doesn't have a pocket something might be attached anyway

c00c36 No.4022


You thoroughly check the socks, but you can't find anything in them, so you move on to your shirt. After a bit of investigation, you realize there's something in the back of the shirt, similar to the one in your pocket. However, before you could continue your investigation, you're interrupted by some unusual sounds from the outside.

You walk to the window and check the surroundings. You see drones and helicopters in the sky, circling around the hospital. The patients disappeared from the garden, instead it's filled by soldier like people. You hear some sound from the door, you turn around, but before you realize what is going to happen – FLASHBANG! By the time your vision and hearing returns, you're already surrounded by several SWAT members, pointing their guns at you. Any kind of resistance is futile in this state, so you just remain frozen.

"Evidence secured" you hear from the behind of you. Without any kind of warning, a SWAT member quickly grabs your arms and handcuffs you. They also quickly put a bag on your head, disabling your vision, then they violently start to drag you around. You have no idea where are you or where are you going, even if you try to say something, they either don't hear you in the noise or simply don't care. After a long ordeal, they finally let you sit down. Looks like you're in a vehicle now, since the world started moving. You're not exactly happy with your situation, but when you try to voice it, you're rewarded with a bash to your head with a heavy object, violent enough to knock you out.

You wake up to a slap to your face. The bag is still on your head, so you can't see anything. When you try to move, you realize both your hands and legs are tied, probably to a chair. You can hear some quiet noises in the background. It's like… something is exploding? or at least some metal machine making loud sounds in the distance.

"Okay, Anon, question time. First, what is your affiliation with Overlord Momus?"

097db7 No.4023


With who? I don't know any Momus nor any Overlord, I wouldn't have a reason to lie, you know I can't fight back

c00c36 No.4024


"With who? I don't know any Momus nor any Overlord, I wouldn't have a reason to lie, you know I…"

You receive another slap before you could finish your sentence. This one was much more powerful than the previous, the ache will continue for at least a few minutes.

"Don't play the dumb, kid! We have evidence that you're one of the messengers, spreading the worship of the Overlord. Plus the way you dissected that tracking device, you must have a connection in the hospital too. So, come on, speak if you want to leave this room alive!"

097db7 No.4025


Ow. I don't have any idea who this Overlord is

0cb339 No.4026

File: ab4ffa6883031b4⋯.png (471.21 KB, 657x720, 73:80, ph_crop.png)


"Ow. I don't have any idea who this Overlord is."

"Still playing the dumb? Fine. Then let's see how you like this."

You feel some kind of pad being attached to your chest. And another. You don't know what are they, but you have a bad feeling.

"There you go."

"Ouch!" you can't do anything but shout as electricity runs through your chest. "Ouch!" you receive another slap.

"Please, stop, I really don't know anything!"

"I told you to!…"

The man suddenly stops speaking. For a moment, there's a complete silence.

"P-Purple Heart-sama, what are you doing here? Did you finish your rampage?"

"I just wanted to take a little break" you hear a woman's voice from behind you. The way she's speaking, it's mature and maybe a bit arrogant, but it's also very soothing to listen to. "I'll continue playing with him, you can leave."

"O-Okay, but I beg you, Purple Heart-sama, please don't kill him, we need him."

"I told you to get out. Or maybe you want to receive some of my… service?"

"N-No no no…" you hear as the man runs away.

You don't know what's going to happen, and you're too afraid to say or do anything. Fortunately you don't have to wait long, as suddenly… LIGHT! You need a few seconds before your eyes adjust to the new light conditions. You're in a room, with plain concrete walls, tied to a chair, and a woman is standing before you. Actually, it's more like she's floating! She has long, lilac hair, with an interesting purple-black suit. You don't know where, but you're sure you have seen this figure before. The name sounds familiar too…

"Hmph. They have no idea how to extract information… I guess they didn't show you this."

She shows you a video. In the video you can see yourself talking among a group of people. "And the CPUs had no choice, but to retreat and give way to the great Overlord Mumus. You all shall fear the Overlord Momus and the Monsters it created, helping him to destroy Gamindustri once for all." You don't remember doing anything like this, yet the video clearly shows you, the voice is exactly like yours.

"So, um, what was your name? Any?" she says while getting closer and closer to you. Normally you would probably run, she's just too gorgeous for you to handle, but there's no escape. She's so close that her body almost touches yours. You quickly check yourself, just to realize that you're naked save for your boxers. You can't see but you're sure that a bulge is forming there too… "Yeah, so Any, what do you know about this Momus guy?" With a quick move she tears off the pads and the connected wires and she starts to tease your chest with her finger. "Why do you want to destroy us, hmm?"

097db7 No.4027

File: 031316efaf2e6a8⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Where did this footage come from, we've been in the hospital for the past day or so, when was this made?

0cb339 No.4028


"Where did this footage come from, we've been in the hospital for the past day or so, when was this made?"

"Hey, it's me who's asking the questions, not you, smartass! But maybe this will help you remember" she says while slowly moving her finger towards your lower regions. "You know, this video was taken about two weeks ago on a night, when you silently escaped your school's dormitory as usual, leaving a dummy in your bed so nobody would notice that you're missing. Hmph, you're much smarter than you look."

No, no, no, no, no. Someone went completely crazy in this room, either you or this woman. Despite the events of the last few days, you would surely remember doing something like this, right? Plus escaping from the school was almost impossible, you only managed to do that once. Just how did she come up with this nonsense?

"Mphh, it looks like you still don't want to remember it. So let me help you."

She lowly moves her mouth next to your ear, so you can hear her whisper.

"Two years ago, you met Conversation, a messenger of Overlord Mumus. She told you the story of the great Overlord. First you were bewildered, but a few days later realized the greatness of his plan, and started to have regular meetings with Conversation. About two months later she agreed to guide you to the Overlord, so you can become a messenger too." All of a sudden, she raises her voice, and almost shouts into your ear: "Now repeat!"

You look down, you see a tent down here, with her finger almost touching it. "Wawawawa, at this rate she's going to rape me" you think while desperately trying to figure out your next move.

c3b9f2 No.4029


Two weeks?! I haven't been out for more than one!

Who are you, this isn't normal

0cb339 No.4030


(She said that you escaped from your school for a night, and that you did that multiple times, so that two weeks shouldn't matter. Of course this is, as far as you know, bullshit.)

c3b9f2 No.4031



That's some codswallop right there, who are you even

0cb339 No.4032


"That's some codswallop right there, who are you even?"

Upon hearing your words, the woman takes a step back. "Pathetic" she sighs to herself. "You useless piece of shit!" she shouts while delivering a huge blow. It was so large, that it sent you flying, crashing into the wall. The impact was large enough to break the chair into multiple pieces. You hurt all over your body and you're bleeding at various places.

"You don't even deserve to die by my hands!" you hear as the woman starts to leave the room. "I'm going to destroy everything, hahahahahaha!"

That voice, it's something different. It still comes from the same woman, but it sounds like a completely different person. And that laughter at the end, it's the same as a crazy evil villain from a bad movie would make as she executes the final steps of her evil plan to take over the world. When you heard it, it truly frightened you for a moment.

Even thought you could probably untie yourself now, you lack the strength to do anything, so you just lay motionlessly, hoping something will save you. A few minutes later a man appears, unties you, and since you can't really stand up in your current condition, drags you around the building, just to throw you into a room similar to a prison cell. All you can manage is to crawl to a futon like object in the corner before passing out.

When you wake up, you're still in that room, alone. You check yourself, you're covered with bruises, and moving still hurts a bit, but at least you can stand up. The place where you slept is covered by bloodstains, you were probably still bleeding when you passed out.

You check out the room. It doesn't have a window, only a small door with an even smaller window on it, but even it is covered, so you can't see what's outside. The room itself is very plain, it has a toilet, a tap next to it (but the sink is missing), a low quality futon in the corner, and that's all. You can see small holes in the walls everywhere, you can also find some metal anchors on the walls, ideal to secure a rope or chain to it, so you're pretty sure this room used to have more equipment.

c3b9f2 No.4033


Check self, HP remaining, items and then eye surroundings, since moving is painful

Oh boy what kinda mess did we somehow stumble in

0cb339 No.4034


You quickly check yourself. You still only have your underwear, and 49/75HP. Your items are gone. Since the room is almost empty, there's not much to check here.

You slowly walk to the door. Considering the damage you received not too long ago, you're in a pretty good shape – of course it hurts a bit, but nothing like after the Dogoo incident. You check the window and the edges of the door, in hope you'll find a hole large enough that'll allow you to see what's outside, but to no avail. The only thing that you can confirm is that there's light at the other side of the door.

Well, this is what happens if you mess with things that you're not supposed to mess with…

c3b9f2 No.4035

File: 7041faacb774ed4⋯.png (165.23 KB, 303x311, 303:311, 10 Int.png)


Oh boy we're fucked like a D&D game, our Dungeon Master has fun trying to figure out how to continue the story

Any possible way to peek through the door?

0cb339 No.4036


Hey, I know how to continue the story. Unless you do something really unexpected…*

You check if you can make one of the little holes bigger. To your great surprise you find out that the window on the door isn't locked, even a light touch is enough to open it slightly. You carefully open the little window. There's a small corridor out there with heavy metal doors along the wall. Even though it looks like a prison, you can't see any guards at all.

You check the other doors, but their windows' are closed too. Based on the fact that you didn't hear a single sound from the outside since you woke up, you're probably alone.

c3b9f2 No.4037


Open door

0cb339 No.4038

Dice rollRolled 2 (1d2)


You know, let's try this dice roller. If it rolls 1, the door is locked, if 2 it opens.

0cb339 No.4039


You gently press the door, and behold! It actually opens. You don't know if it's a joke, or part of some other evil plan, so you just stay in the door and check the outside. The corridor is empty, you're the only person there, you see a few cells to your left, and much more to your right. There's a big door at the right end of the corridor.

c3b9f2 No.4040


Using the dice roller could add in an extra spice of uncertainty and fun for things like this

199b65 No.4041


Check for any noise since I'm sure the door made some noise, unless it didn't but still double check. If it's generally quiet check the big door, examine it

0cb339 No.4042


You hear some noises from the direction of the door, like two men are talking, but it's really quiet. You freeze for a moment, getting ready to jump back into the cell, but the noise source seems stationary. Apparently they didn't notice you yet.

c3b9f2 No.4043


Are we still bleeding? Leaving a trail or are our wounds bandaged/closed?

81f4b2 No.4044


>Are we still bleeding?

No. The wounds are not bandaged, but they healed enough to stop bleeding. Don't pick them.

c3b9f2 No.4046


Sneak close enough to hear the conversation properly

81f4b2 No.4047


You slowly sneak to the door. It's a solid door, so you can stand next to it without risking being discovered. The door is a bit rusty, you find a small hole that you can use to peek through the door. You see two people, sitting on a chair and talking to each other. Both of them wear black clothes and both have a rifle.

You start paying attention to their talk. Apparently the man to the right broke up with his girlfriend, and now they're planning how to kill the ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend, then rape the ex-girlfriend. They're arguing about what to do with the girl after raping her. Simply kill her? Simply confine her in a cell, so any guards can rape her whenever they want it? Amputate her arms and legs and turn her into a living sex toy?

You take a step back as you can't stand listening to their speech anymore. Just where did you end up?

c3b9f2 No.4048


Check surroundings, any other door?

81f4b2 No.4049


>any other door?

There's at least a dozen other cells on the corridor, each having it's own door, but nothing else.

c3b9f2 No.4050


No other door looks as imposing as this one?

81f4b2 No.4051


The others look like standard cell doors.

c3b9f2 No.4052


Do those doors have any way to see inside of them? If so check each one if it's relatively silent

c3b9f2 No.4053


By relatively silent I mean, will the act of peeking in cause noise, if not, go right ahead, if so fuck it don't

81f4b2 No.4054


I hope I won't regret this…

You turn around to check the cell doors. Well, at least the ones where the windows are open, because you do not want to risk making any sound.

You check the first room. It's very dark – the lighting is off, and only a small amount of light can enter in the small hole. You see a lot of debris is the room, looks like the roof collapsed.

You go to the next room. It has a chair in the middle of the room, with straps for the arms and legs. It also has a peculiar device next to it. Now that you think about it, it's quite similar to the images you saw in the history book next to "electric chair".

Let's check the next room. There's a big table in the room, with a skeleton tied to it. Did they tie a man to the table and left him to die?! Also, you can see suspicious looking syringes, a saw, scalpels, an ECG machine and table with a microscope in the corner. Huh.

Time for the next room. You're not sure if you really want to see what's inside, but you take a deep breath and check out this room too. You see another mostly skeletonized corpse in the room, next to the wall, except that his arms are missing. When you look up, you realize where their arms went: they were chained to the wall. The decomposing arms could no longer support the weight of the rest of his body, so his arms simply got torn off. As a cruel joke, they also even hanged a keychain in front of him. He would only have to grab it to achieve freedom, but of course the chains didn't allow it. You can also see ropes, cuffs and ball gags scattered around the room.

You hesitantly go forward. The next room… well, it's empty, and that's a little relief. Only the four walls, nothing else.

There's one room remaining. You look inside. The sight in front of you took you off guard. There is a girl inside, naked, blindfolded, ball gagged, sitting on a wooden horse. Unlike the previous people, she may be still alive, even thought she is completely motionless. You take a closer look, it looks like she's still breathing. She's still breathing, it's not just your imagination, right?!

c3b9f2 No.4055

File: f2df65916e21904⋯.png (560.14 KB, 711x679, 711:679, Blanc, head, sad.png)


Do we somehow recognize this girl? What's her hair color? Check if the door is openable.

81f4b2 No.4056


You do not think that you've seen this girl before, but the blindfold and gag covers a big portion of her face, so you're not sure. She has shoulder length black hair.

You try to open the door (as quietly as possible), but it's locked. You'll need a key to open it.

c3b9f2 No.4057


Is her door key near us? Like it's just hanging by the side?

Or maybe it fell to the floor

81f4b2 No.4058


You start looking for a key, around the door, on the floor, but to no avail. There's no key here.

But you remember there was a keychain in a previous cell with a few keys on it. You walk to the door and check the lock, fortunately it looks like it's unlocked. You're a bit worried about making unnecessary noises by opening the door and that you'll have to walk next to a skeleton to grab the keychain…

c3b9f2 No.4059

File: 4dea025af8dc917⋯.png (610.77 KB, 863x752, 863:752, ClipboardImage.png)


Fuck it open the door, we'll just die if we chicken out, we'll die if we get caught, we die all the same.

c3b9f2 No.4060


Carefully open the door though, even if the results will all be the same, there's that slight glimmer of hope

81f4b2 No.4061

(Note: due to IRL shit, don't be alarmed if updates become even more chaotic or completely nonexistent in the next two weeks. Especially around this weekend…)



You quietly open the door. You walk in, and stand before the skeleton. After a short reflection, you detach the key ring from the end of the chain. You turn around to leave the room, quickly checking whether there are anything else in the room that could be useful. Maybe the ropes.

You close the door behind you and walk back to the girl's cell. There are multiple keys on the keychain, and since you have no better idea you start trying the keys one by one. In a situation like this, the correct key is always the last one you try, and this time is not an exception. But hey, at least the last key opens the door.

You quietly walk next to the girl. First things first, you confirm that she's still breathing. It's a bit of relief. But you also notice a faint humming sound. She also has a vibrator inside, but she doesn't seem to give any reactions. Is she OK?

c3b9f2 No.4062


Is she gagged in anyway? Check if she has any external wounds, bruises or what not, but don't touch her. She might wake up and freak the fuck out and scream.

81f4b2 No.4063


>Is she gagged in anyway?

Do you read what I'm writing here? Yes, she is gagged & blindfolded.

You check her – actually not that bad – body. There are a few small bruises here and there. However, her ass is filled with reddish lines, looks like someone gave her a whipping not too long ago. Her hand are tied behind her back, probably to prevent her escape.

c3b9f2 No.4064


Sorry. Anyway, she's breathing, there's a vibrator inside of her, doesn't look too bruised, and she has a pretty nice body (apparently).

Investigate her room.

81f4b2 No.4065


You look around the room. Originally that was a normal prison cell like yours, with a bed, a sink and a toilet in the corners, but they put extra equipment in that room. The room is filled with devices used to torture people – ropes, chains attached to the walls, cuffs, rolls of duct tape, some candles, vibrators, dildos, whips, a long plastic tube. You can also see some shreds of a girl's clothes, probably her clothes, but they're no longer in a usable condition. You find some scratching on a wall: "HELP ME", "MONSTERS", "JUST KILL ME". That last one has a deep red color, maybe it's blood. The handwriting is different, so they were made by different people. Is this girl one of the authors?

c3b9f2 No.4066


Check outside again, see if the guards are still chatting or if things are too quiet, staying too long here without checking for possible problems would kill us

912314 No.4067


You go back to the end of the corridor to check the guards. The first thing you hear is a loud laughter, they're now telling jokes to each other. The guard on the right acts and speaks like he's a bit drunk, even though you don't see any bottles around them.

c3b9f2 No.4068


I suppose we're safe for a couple more minutes of snooping around the girl's room. What does it smell like? Bloody?

c3b9f2 No.4069


Dank? Smells like it was recently 'used'? Anything here that can be used as a bludgeoning weapon?

912314 No.4070


It smells like chicken. Also, is it just me, or these requests are getting weirder?

You go back to the girl's room and sniff the air. It's a bit dank, like an old cellar, mixed with scents coming from the sweaty girl.

You also check the room for anything that could be used as a bludgeon weapon. The closest thing you find is a wooden rod with cuffs attached to the ends.

c3b9f2 No.4071


It's when the desperation and cluelessness strikes when playing D&D atleast we could roll Insight

Well hopefully the rod looks sturdy enough, nothing else that could be somehow used as a weapon?

Fuck it what's the worse that could happen, wake up the girl, slowly remove that … vibrator out of there and rouse her, but without removing the gag.

912314 No.4072


>nothing else that could be somehow used as a weapon?

Not really. (Hint: check the room with the medical equipment.)

You go to the girl and slowly remove her blindfold. She shows no reaction. You gently shake her. She opens her sleepy eyes, looks at you, genuinely surprised, but a few seconds later she closes her eyes again and goes back to sleep.

Now you try to remove that vibrator. It sounds like a simple task, but you have no idea how to insert or remove a vibrator… The fact that the wooden horse makes it hard to reach her pussy doesn't help you. You have to slightly lift her to remove the vibrator. You just grab the wires and try to pull it out. This move provokes a little moan from the girl, but her eyes are still closed. You successfully remove the vibrator, covered in some kind of fluid. You just turn it off and throw away, while trying to avoid touching it as much as possible.

c3b9f2 No.4074


There's a room with medical equipment?

Check the other rooms, see if they're unlocked.

Girl must've had her mind broken-in already…poor thing.

912314 No.4075


What did I say at >>4063?

You go to the room with the chair, and unlock the door with the key. Inside you find a chair, and a machine that probably wasn't used since a long time, but at least the text on the machine confirms it was an electric chair. Otherwise, there's noting interesting in the room.

You go to the room with the medical equipment. You use the key to open the door, then go inside. In front of you is the table, with the skeleton tied to it. Upon closer inspection you see that some bones are missing from the ribs. Uh.

You look around the room. You see some saws, big knifes and smaller scalpels on the wall. There are some rusty machines here too, you don't recognize most of them, other than what seems to be an ECG and EEG machine. You also find a shelf with syringes and small bottles. Many of them are unlabeled, or have undecipherable labels. You find a few bottles that look like some kind of toxic and a bottle of chloroform.

c3b9f2 No.4076


We got any cloth? To use for the chloroform.

Grab the knife, do they look sharp enough to warrant as a weapon?

912314 No.4077


>We got any cloth? To use for the chloroform.

You open the drawers, where you find some small white clothes, about 15x15 cm in size.

>Grab the knife, do they look sharp enough to warrant as a weapon?


c3b9f2 No.4078


Search the otherwise empty room, could be something there inconspicuous.

912314 No.4079


You mean the room with the electric chair?

c3b9f2 No.4080


>"You hesitantly go forward. The next room… well, it's empty, and that's a little relief. Only the four walls, nothing else."

c3b9f2 No.4081


That empty room

912314 No.4082


You go to into the empty room. Even inside the room, it looks empty, just like your own room. Only the futon is there, nothing else. In your last desperate attempt, you move to the futon, and lift it. Under the futon, you find a few pages.

You pick up the pages. The first one is about an "operation", but you can't read its name because you don't know the kanji. The text is full of obsolete and ancient kanji characters, making it hard to read, but it's about a special prison for… you can't figure it out other than it has something to do with a goddess.

You flick through the pages hoping you'll find something more easily understandable. At the bottom of the stack, you find a hand drawn map. It looks like a map of the prison, or at least a part of it.

(This is the place where I should post an image of the hand drawn map, uh. Try to live without it for a few days.)

c3b9f2 No.4083


Does it look like there's a feasible way out without going through the guards?

e8528d No.4084


>Does it look like there's a feasible way out without going through the guards?

There are multiple similar looking corridors on the map and without a "you are here" dot, it's not easy to figure out where are you exactly.

However you see a tunnel starting from one of the cells. If you're in the same corridor, that should be the cell… where the ceiling collapsed. Huh.

c3b9f2 No.4085


Investigate the collapsed room, can we even enter, what can we see from there?

e8528d No.4086


You go to the collapsed room and open the door. The ceiling has collapsed, so the room is filled with debris and dirt. It's pretty dark inside – you find the damaged remains of the light on top of the pile. If you can trust the map, the entrance should be at the opposite side of the cell, but it's impossible to get there right now, you'd need a machine, like an excavator, to clear out the room.

c3b9f2 No.4087


Anything in the room we could somehow use?

e8528d No.4088


You start to wade through the big pile of garbage. You find a lot of useless junk, like parts of a concrete wall and some very short sections of electrical wires. Under a bigger concrete block, you find a small and dirty teddy bear.

c3b9f2 No.4089


Squeeze bear to check if there's something inside of it, but either way take it with us I guess.

ebbcd0 No.4090


You squeeze the bear, but you don't feel anything unusual in it. There's a small hole in the back of the teddy, you check the inside of the bear, but you only find the usual filling inside. On the label of the bear, you find some hand drawn letters: Yumi.

c3b9f2 No.4091


Go back to the room with the girl and call her Yumi

ebbcd0 No.4092

File: ea9143d879c3dd1⋯.png (120.61 KB, 2480x3508, 620:877, map.png)


(Tada, here is the map!)


You go back to the room with the girl and you call her Yumi. She slowly raises her head and looks at you with confused eyes.

c3b9f2 No.4093


"Is that your name, are you Yumi?" Show her the bear

ebbcd0 No.4094


"Is that your name, are you Yumi?" you tell the girl. She's a bit surprised of your question and stares at you, like she doesn't understand the situation.

You show her the bear. At first, she shows no reaction. *Sigh.* You're about to give up, when suddenly something happens.

"Mnnhnhhh mfmmpnnfhh mhhpmpnm nnmffph!" the girl tries to say – or more like scream – something, but the gag prevents her from forming intelligible speech. She also tries to move closer to you, but with tied hands on a wooden horse, it's a lost cause. A few moments later, realizing she is unable to do anything, she stops and starts to weep quietly while looking at you with pitiful eyes.

c3b9f2 No.4095


Can she move her head?

"Do you recognize this bear? Just nod if you do, I don't want to risk you suddenly screaming. Calm down I'll take off the gag from your mouth, if you promise not to suddenly scream"

ebbcd0 No.4096


"Do you recognize this bear? Just nod if…" you couldn't even finish your sentence, before she started nodding.

"I see. I don't want to risk you suddenly screaming. Calm down, I'll take off the gag from your mouth, if you promise not to suddenly scream."

After a bit of thought, she slowly nods her head, while her eyes are fixed on the little bear. She's still weeping a bit, but otherwise she calmed down.

c3b9f2 No.4097


"Alright, I'll remove your gag and untie the ropes or cut it if I can't untie it."

ebbcd0 No.4098


"Alright, I'll remove your gag and untie the ropes or cut it if I can't untie it."

You step behind the girl and remove the gag.

"T-Thank you… Thank you for making me remember… even if it hurts…"

Huh? What's the meaning of this?

You continue and untie her hands. She quickly moves her hands in front of her to look at them, then she grabs her right hand with the left to make sure it's really there, not just an illusion.

"Tommy… Give me Tommy, please."


"He is my little bear. Please, I want to hug him."

You pause for a moment, but since you don't think there's anything wrong with giving the bear to her, you carefully place the little teddy in her hand. She grabs it and presses it to her chest.

"I'm really sorry, Tommy. I've failed you." Her weeping gets louder, so you have to shh her. "S-Sorry, I'm a good for nothing slut, a sex slave. No, I even failed at that."

c3b9f2 No.4099


Excuse yourself for a bit, check on the guards are they still busy with themselves or

ebbcd0 No.4100


"Um, I'm going to quickly check the guards, don't do anything stupid, OK?"


You go back to the end of the corridor to check the guards. If it wasn't obvious previously, it is now: they're both pretty drunk. The left guard is singing a song, while the right one is trying to aim at a bottle with his rifle. Realizing he's too drunk for that, he just drops his weapon and starts to speak nonsense.

c3b9f2 No.4101


Well that settles that. Let's chat with the girl, ask her name.

ebbcd0 No.4102


You walk back to the girl's room. However as you open the door, you freeze completely from the sight. The girl is still holding the bear with her left hand, but with her right hand she's rubbing her clitoris while trying to ride the wooden horse. You just stay in the door, staring at the girl, without the slightest idea of what to say or do, until the girl notices you.

"Oh, welcome back… Wanna join?"

c3b9f2 No.4103


Uh, no, I just want to talk for now.

Who are you, how'd you get here, do you want to get out of here

ebbcd0 No.4104


(Sorry for the wall of text, maybe I should write pastebin stories instead of this.)

"Uh, no, I just want to talk for now."

"…" she suddenly stops and just looks at you.

"What's the problem?"

"I think I shouldn't do things like this in front of people, right? But it feels so good. And they always restrain me and deprive me of any pleasure so when finally they decide to… oh, sorry, I was carried away. I have no idea what is wrong and what is not anymore, so just stop me if I want to do something weird. And yeah, did you want to ask anything?"

"Just the basic things, like who are you, how did you end up here…"

"If you ask questions like that, that means you're not one of them, right?"


"The assholes who guard this place and try to turn every attractive woman into a living sex toy…"

"No way!"

"Okay, but in exchange you'll tell your own story too. I don't think I've seen a male prisoner before…"

"Uh, of course" you say while sitting down on an unidentifiable object that could be used as a chair.

"So, I'm Yumi, a high school student. Or rather, I used to be a high school student… Anyway, I met a guy named Taro. He was very cool and nice person at first, we started to hang out, and stuff like that. But as our relationship deepened, he also started to become abusive. Only little things at first, like slapping my face, but it slowly became more and more serious. I broke up with him when he wanted to whip me while having anal sex… How many times did he do that since then… *sniff*" A drop of tear runs down her cheek as she continues talking. "He wasn't happy with my decision, but he accepted it. We didn't meet afterwards. It looked like it was finally over. However, about two months after the break up, one night when I was going home, at a dark corner, 4 or 5 men attacked me. One man covered my mouth so I couldn't scream, while the others held me in place. They used a syringe to administer some kind of drug – I don't know what was it, but I passed out in like 5 seconds. When I woke up, I was already here, completely naked, tied to a wall, gagged. And since then, I'm a sex slave here, only existing to satisfy the desires of them – if they want it. Everything else is painful boring agony… You really don't want to know what I went through while being here."

"I-I'm… sorry…"

"Don't worry, it's not your fault. But hey, could you help me a little?"


"This device, I think it's called wooden horse, but I'm not really sure, they do not really speak to us, they only give commands… And we're not allowed to talk, not even with the other hopeless sex slaves… So anyway, could you help me get off this thing? It's difficult even when you can use your hands, so you can imagine when they're tied behind your back, it's impossible."

"Sure" you say as you give a helping hand to the girl.

"I really didn't talk since I got here, which was… I don't know, maybe 3 weeks, maybe 3 years ago. You lose your sense of time when you're in an underground building where day and night doesn't exist – save for the time when you're blindfolded. So just stop me if I talk too much, will you?"

Yumi is now standing on her own feet in front of you. Unexpectedly she extends her arms and quickly grabs you into a hug. "Thank you" she says.

"Enough about me. Would you tell your story?"

"Um, yes." You tell her how you escaped from school, your adventure with the guild, Compa and IF, how did they remove you from the hospital and your interrogation scene.

"That's weird. I've never heard about anything like that happening here."

"The next time I remember waking up in a cell, just the other side from yours."

"And how did you get out?"

"Oh, that was easy. They forgot to lock the door."

"Pfft. They have to do something different, and they fuck it up bad."

"Why is it different?"

"You know, when a girl arrives, they start a long and painful torture to break her mind. They keep her in a small cell closely guarded until she can think of nothing but how to serve them. After it's done, they could give the keys to the girl and command her to stand in front of the entrance, she wouldn't try to escape."

"Horrible. But there's one thing I don't understand. Why can you talk to me normally? You didn't go through this process?"

"I did go through it. I think it's due to my Tommy. When you first appeared, I didn't even realize you're someone I haven't seen before. That vibrator, the rope cutting into my skin – it's like when you do something you like and you completely forget about the world around you. You could have untied me, tell me I'm free to do anything, and the response would be something like 'I only want to serve you and do what you order me to do'. But when you showed me my Tommy, I started to remember my previous life. It's still fuzzy, and I'm still not exactly sure if I love or hate these people here. Or I will be able to have a normal sexual intercourse after this…"

ebbcd0 No.4105


Man, this is going to be difficult…

"This will be probably a though question for you, so make sure you take your time before answering. Do you want to get out here?"

"Um… part of me says of course, part of me says I'm fine here. I don't think I'll be able to live a normal life afterwards. Plus the other girls here, even if I barely know them, I'm afraid what will happen to them if I escape."

"Do you think they'll torture them if we escape?"

"Who knows. I don't think anyone managed to escape from this place. I've only heard of one girl who managed to commit suicide. But if we escape, I'm pretty sure they would become angry, and if they're angry, they're more abusive."

"But they would become angry even if a single person escapes, right?"

"Probably. And I guess I can't persuade you to stay here until the end of your life, right?"

"Yeah. Sorry, but I won't stay here."

"I see" she says, reaching for her vagina again. "Sorry, but I can't stand this normally, turn away if you don't want to see this." She starts rubbing her clitoris, but with much more vigor than before. "Please, give me that ball gag."


"So I don't scream too loud when I orgasm."

"Is it really necessary?"


You pick up a gag from the floor, wiping it with your hand before handing it to the girl. She quickly fastens the strap behind her head, so she only has to pause masturbating for a few seconds. You end up watching as she orgasm right in front of you. She removes the gag, so she can lick the love juice off her fingers.

"So, you've seen me. Would you be able to support an emotional wreck like me, or would you just dump me as soon as you had your first chance? Because in the latter case, do not make an effort to save me. And please do not lie to me, my life is miserable enough even without it."

c3b9f2 No.4106


I'm sorry, I have my own plate of problems, I've told you my share of problems from me escaping my school, my life's already uncertain, wouldn't want you to suffer through things like that.

My main concern right now is to escape.

c3b9f2 No.4107



If I were able to escape, I'd see what I could do to be able to rescue and rehabilitate you somehow.

ebbcd0 No.4108


"I'm sorry, I have my own plate of problems, I've told you my share of problems from me escaping my school, my life's already uncertain, wouldn't want you to suffer through things like that. My main concern right now is to escape."

"Your problems, huh? The lightweight bullying you received back in your school? Or having two girls helping you? Or the prospect of you may end up in a luxurious prison? Do you have any idea what I went through?! Of course, you don't. She was right… you guys, you're all the same…" She starts crying, but she continues. "Do you know how it feels when you're surrounded by unknown horny males, you're naked, tied, gagged, so you can't escape or even call for help, you're their plaything, a device they can use to relieve stress… or just torture you for their amusement… A living machine, whose only use is the 3 holes it has, and the funny reactions it gives when you torture it… Every hour, every day, every week, until the end of time… or at least until they decide you're no longer needed, when they'll just get rid of you… I could strip that underwear from you and give you a small demo of what it feels like to be restrained and dominated, but even that would be only something like 1% of the whole experience…"

She stops for a while, thinking. You figure you should say something to cheer her a bit up.

"But listen, if we were able to escape, I'd see what I could do to be able to rescue and rehabilitate you somehow."

"Like how? Throwing me into a hospital where psychiatrists will analyze me all day and night? Thanks, no. Just go, and save yourself, you egoistic scumbag. I'll just die here, sooner or later, but who cares. They can easily replace me. I have zero value."

c3b9f2 No.4109


"Guess that's that then, I want to get out of here first and foremost. If you don't want to help, fine, I'll leave you to your devices. I'd rather die trying than rot in a cell like this."

Phew, harsh lady. Well that's outta the way I guess. Are the guards still drunk to high heaven? We still have our knife and chloroform?

c3b9f2 No.4110


Wait scratch that, ask who this she is before leaving

ebbcd0 No.4111


>who this she is

Yumi or the girl who originally said all the guys are same?

c3b9f2 No.4112


The one who said all the guys are the same

ebbcd0 No.4113


"Who is this girl? Who said all the guys are the same?"

"She's my classmate and friend. Or actually used to be… She was always near one or more guys, until she had a few bad experiences… But nothing like my case, haha."

c3b9f2 No.4114


You know where she is? What's her name?

ebbcd0 No.4115


"You know where she is? What's her name?"

"Her name is Sakura, and I have no idea where is she. Probably still back at school, unless… Better not think about it. I haven't heard any news from the outside world since I was taken here."

c3b9f2 No.4116


"I see. Alright I plan on getting the hell out of here while both guards outside are still drunk to high heaven. Do you want to join?"

ebbcd0 No.4117


"I see. Alright I plan on getting the hell out of here while both guards outside are still drunk to high heaven. Do you want to join?"

"Looks like I won't receive a proper response. *sigh* But it's probably still better than dying here, provided you have a real plan."

"Real plan?"

"Just because a few of them are drunk, it doesn't mean all of them are drunk. And if we are where I think we are, it'll be difficult to get to the exit without being detected. Since almost all of them carry powerful rifles, that would be fatal…"

c3b9f2 No.4118


Seems like there is a security check point according to this map, and the tunnel is currently caved in

Who knows they could all be drunk and busy all at the same time and we can just waltz outta here

ebbcd0 No.4119


"Seems like there is a security check point according to this map, and the tunnel is currently caved in. Who knows they could all be drunk and busy all at the same time and we can just waltz outta here."

"Are you stupid? There's no way they're all drunk, they're not that dumb. But what tunnel are you talking about? I don't know any tunnel here. Would you show me that map?"

c3b9f2 No.4120


Yeah sure, here's the map

c3b9f2 No.4121


Oh yeah, there are things written on the backside there too I think.

ebbcd0 No.4122


(No, the backside is empty. If you mean the archaic text, it's on a different paper.)


You show her the map.

"Let's see, where are we… Do you know it?"

"We must be in the second cell from bottom left in one of these corridors, but I'm not completely sure which one. I hoped you would know it."

"Sorry, I was blindfolded, maybe even drugged when they dragged me here… Wait, you said guards, where did you see them?"

"At the end of the corridor."

"And how many guards were there?"


"Then I'm pretty sure it's the middle one. Usually there are two guards at the end of the middle corridor and one at the end of the corridor which is on the right in this map. To go to the exit, you have to go down the stairs, go through the big hall… And there's always a bunch of people there… To the 'security checkpoint'? Oh I know, there's a big door there with a very complicated locking mechanism. I don't think we stand a chance there."


"Trust me, it would be a suicide. But what was the problem with the tunnel? If we're lucky, we only have to take out a single guard to get there."

c3b9f2 No.4123


Where is that archaic text, also check where the tunnel is according to the map

c3b9f2 No.4124


By that get the paper with the text.

ebbcd0 No.4125

File: 787b1b9ec09fef6⋯.png (178.53 KB, 2480x3508, 620:877, map_b.png)


(I figured it's probably simpler if I just annotate the map image than trying to describe it with words.)

"Um, I also found this text" you say while you give it to Yumi. "It's filled with a lot of archaic kanji, I think, so I couldn't read it, maybe you should give it a go."

"I didn't read anything since I ended up here, so my kanji knowledge is not in the best state… But let's see. It says Operation… rainforest creature… I have never seen this kanji, but this is probably a name of someone. Let's see the text…"

She quietly inspects the paper for a few minutes.

"Ah, sorry, I'd need a kanji dictionary to read this. It's either a very old text, or the author deliberately filled it with archaic and not commonly used kanji characters."

c3b9f2 No.4126


So do you think they have alarm systems running here, or could we freely kill those two drunkards outside and take their guns

ebbcd0 No.4127


"So do you think they have alarm systems running here, or could we freely kill those two drunkards outside and take their guns?"

"Alarm system? I have no idea, but I wouldn't risk it. You said they're drunk, they'll pass out in 30 minutes, if not earlier. The bigger problem is the lone one I suspect here, we need to find a way to known him out. What items do you have?"

c3b9f2 No.4128


A knife, chloroform, some cloth

ebbcd0 No.4129


"A knife, chloroform, some cloth."

"This is a big knife, it may come handy. Where did you find that chloroform?"

"In a room full of various medical equipment."

"Could you lead me there?"

c3b9f2 No.4130


Yeah, sure, wonder where the hell this place is

c3b9f2 No.4131



Also do you know who Purple Heart is? Along with Overlord Momus?

ebbcd0 No.4132


(You were the like 10 minutes ago, you still remember it…)


You lead Yumi to the room. Or at least you try to, as she has problems with walking at first.

"Oh, crap. They usually drag us around on all fours like some kind of lowly animals, and this is the result, that you can barely walk. Ouch, my legs."

"Are you OK?"

"Yeah, I just need to walk a little and it should return to normal, I think."

"So until your legs recover, do you know who Purple Heart is? Along with Overlord Momus?"

"Purple Heart… she is the CPU of Planeptune, dummy. Were you living under a rock for the last few thousand years, or what? But I never heard about that Momus guy."

After a bit of trouble, you arrive in the other cell with Yumi. Without questioning, she starts to look around the bottles and syringes. Unlike you, she seems to understand the undecipherable markings on them.

"I think this is what I'm looking for" she says while holding a syringe in her hand.

"What's that?"

"I'm pretty sure this is the drug they used to knock me out back then. It's much faster any anesthetic drug known to mankind. It says super anesthetic here. Well, the code number of anesthetics, but it's the same thing."

"Huh. How do you know all this stuff?"

"I was planning to become a medicinal chemist in my previous life, so I know a few things about drugs…"

"Wow. I never had such high hopes, yet I failed it…"

"This is going to be an awkward question, but could you lend me a little space in your inventory?"


Every living creature in Gamindustri possesses a magical inventory, where they can store stuff, and it will follow them anywhere without having to carry them. Nobody knows how it works or why are they there, but it's a pretty convenient phenomenon.

"So, um, every time they give us water or food, they put a special potion in it, which will prevent us from opening our inventory for about a day. Probably to prevent us from smuggling things. So, pretty please? Only until the potion's effect wears off."

c3b9f2 No.4133


It's more of a general statement on what part of Planeptune is this, assuming we're still in Planeptune.

Also what we have a magical inventory, how the hell do we open that

c3b9f2 No.4134

File: a45fc33fe356e9a⋯.png (171.59 KB, 339x339, 1:1, Tarnation.png)


Guess let's try to imagine opening a magical inventory

ebbcd0 No.4135


Well, Yumi's guess is just as good as yours…

(You already used that inventory, that is where you keep your knife and all the stuff you found.)

c3b9f2 No.4136


Well I never thought about it that way, I guess if there's room, I mean why not…

What else is actually here in our magical hammerspace

ebbcd0 No.4137


"S-Sure, I don't have much stuff in it anyways."

You open your inventory. They removed all of your belongings when they dragged you here, so you only have what you found after waking up in your cell: the knife, chloroform, some cloth, a few pages, and the keychain.

The girl places the syringe in your inventory.

"Um, could I also put a few other bottles there? There are a few things here which I want to analyze later…"

"Go ahead."

Yumi places a few bottles in your inventory.

"Thank you. So, what's next?"

c3b9f2 No.4138


Don't think there's anything else important in that room with the electrical chair, nor the collapsed room, nor my room, actually let me double check the room I was in, I did literally just waltz out of there.

ebbcd0 No.4139


You walk back to your cell and look around again. But it's empty, you don't find a single thing. You lift your futon to check under it: you find another paper.

You pick up the paper to examine it – fortunately you can read it without problems.

"We proudly inform our prison guards that starting March 1, your uniforms and equipment are equipped with a small location tracking device. This way if a prisoner tries to steal your equipment and get away, we will be able to easily track him down. This is a temporary countermeasure until we solve the negative effects of location tracking chips implanted into the body we discovered on subject 23 and 97. G.S."

c3b9f2 No.4140


Well there went that of nabbing their gear, atleast we saw this beforehand, but why is it under my futon?

And who are Subject 23 and 97…

c3b9f2 No.4141


*idea of nabbing their gear

Also, does Yumi know anyone with a G.S. initial

ebbcd0 No.4142



>but why is it under my futon?

(Maybe the guard who dragged your ass here dropped it accidentally, and due to a little blow of wind, it stuck under the futon… Or you just ask too many questions.)

You show the paper to Yumi, asking if she knows anything about the subjects or G.S.

"I only know a few numbers. I've once met prisoner 115 and 161. My number is 137" she says as she shows her right wrist. You can see the numbers 137 tattooed there. You quickly check your own wrists, but you don't have any numbers.

"It's odd. I thought everyone gets a number when they end up here. Maybe they had different plans with you."

"I don't know if I should be happy or sad about that…"

"About G.S., it doesn't look like a normal name to me. Hmm… oh, I think I know it!"


"My ex talked about a guy named George Smith a few times."

"What kind of name is that?"

"I think he is a foreigner from a distant land. Unfortunately I don't know much about him, I never met him, and my ex didn't want to talk about him. All I heard from him is 'Sorry babe, I'm have a meeting with George Smith right now, we will talk later'… So maybe he was the one who corrupted my ex? Maybe my ex is a victim too, just like me? I never thought of this possibility…"

c3b9f2 No.4143


Well, since we found this in my room, let's check up on the guards for a quick glance and go back to the electric chair room. Unless Yumi feels like we should get on with the escaping.

ebbcd0 No.4144


You go and check the guards. The guy on the left is already asleep, the right one is still awake, but not for long. You let Yumi take a quick look too.

"Oh, I know the right one. He is a real asshole. He will pass out in 5 minutes, then we can go."

To pass time, you go back to the room with the electric chair.

"I wonder why is this thing here" says Yumi. "They would never chose such a human way to kill someone. But it looks like they haven't used is since a long time, so maybe it's just an artifact of the past."

You check around the room a second time, but you don't find anything.

c3b9f2 No.4145


Five minutes huh, check collapsed room, this is where I found your Teddy

ebbcd0 No.4146


You go to the collapsed room.

"So, this is where I found your bear."

"Here?" asks the girls surprisedly. She starts to search the pile of debris, until she finds a very small – about a 1x1cm – piece of cloth. It's a pink striped cloth, similar to what is commonly used on panties.

"I'm pretty sure we could find a lot of interesting items under this pile… but we lack both the necessary tools and time. I'm going to pick up a few smaller rocks, then we can go. I'm pretty sure both of the guards are asleep by now."

c3b9f2 No.4147


Huh, is the door to the guards even open?

ebbcd0 No.4148


(You never tried to open it.)

c3b9f2 No.4149


Well this is pretty awkward, well we have a key anyway, let's try to open it.

ebbcd0 No.4150


You walk back to the door. Just a quick check through the hole reveals that both guards are asleep now. You try to open the door when Yumi interrupts you.

"Hey, the preparations!"


"Open your inventory, I'll take the chloroform and the syringe, you should wield the knife. Remember, there's probably an extra guard to the right that we will need to knock out."

After making sure you're both ready, you try to open the door for real this time. You pull the door, but it only moves a few millimeters before it gets stuck. It's closed. You pick up the keychain, you slowly insert a key (the one you think fits the best) to keyhole and turn it. You hear a faint clicking sound – you unlocked the door. You pull the door and open it, just a few centimeters wide at first, and use the gap to check outside. The two guards still sleep soundly.

c3b9f2 No.4151


Look around for a third guard see if they're in sight

ebbcd0 No.4152


You look around but you only see a wall to your right. You'll have to move forward to see him.

c3b9f2 No.4153


Are the guards sitting around a table? Is the table normal, is there a switch someone could possibly press to put this whole place on high alert? Check the floor, anything somehow unusual? Are their rifles close to them or far away from them? Are they armored, or do they look armored or just wearing black clothes?

ebbcd0 No.4154


The left guards is laying on the floor, while the right one is sleeping in a chair. They wear normal clothes, you don't see any armor on them. You see a rifle laying on the floor just next to the foot of the sitting guard. You're pretty sure the left guard had a rifle too, but you can't see it.

There's a table in the middle. From this distance it looks like a normal table, but you'd have to go closer to properly inspect it. The floor is the same as in the corridor and cells.

c3b9f2 No.4155


If we haven't given Yumi the chloroform and syringe, do so, then wield the knife, and sneak in the room

"So with this knife should I kill them or will you just knock them out, I mean I don't want to overstep my boundaries here."

13dc31 No.4156


"So with this knife should I kill them or will you just knock them out, I mean I don't want to overstep my boundaries here."

"I'll try to knock him out with this drug, hopefully it will work. I'd leave killing him as a last resort option – if someone comes up and sees a guard next to a pool of blood, he'll immediately know something is not OK. If he only sees a sleeping guard, he'll pay no attention to it. That could buy us precious time. Anyway, I think the ideal solution is that you grab the guard, holding him stable while making sure he doesn't scream or tries to call for help, while I quickly administer the drug. It should kick him out in a few seconds. Unless you have a better idea."

c3b9f2 No.4157


Let's get on with it then.

13dc31 No.4158


You both quietly sneak into the room, closing the door behind you. The guards are both sleeping deeply, so they give no reaction. You walk next to the wall, until you reach the opening, where you peek out. The third guard is there in the distance. You check around, but you don't find anybody else, and since guard doesn't look in your direction, you quickly go through the opening to the room with the stairs. To your right you find a door with a "STAFF ONLY" sign, this is probably the door with the question marks on the map. It's a solid door and you can't find any gaps or holes that you could use to peek through the door. You might be able to open it with your keychain, but it would be very dangerous.

You continue until the second opening. Unfortunately, the guard is facing the corridor with the cells, so he would probably notice you from the corner of his eye, if you would try to go through the opening. You quickly try to think of your options: you could just wait until he turns away, you could try to distract him, or just quickly jump out and try to silence him before he has a chance to call for help.

c3b9f2 No.4160


Jumping him would be too stupid… I don't have anything to use as a proper distraction…

Wait for him to turn away.

13dc31 No.4161


You decide to just wait. With the knife in your hand, you check Yumi. She has the syringe in her hand, ready to deploy. Fortunately the guard gets bored of watching the lifeless door, and a few moments later he turns away.

This is the time! You signal Yumi, and you both sneak behind the guard. Having no better option, you use your hand to cover the guard's mouth, in case he wants to yell for help, while holding the knife next to his neck, ready to cut it if he tries to do anything stupid. Yumi quickly jabs the syringe in his upper arm and administers the drug. Just a few seconds later, the guard's muscles loosens then he falls asleep. You lay the guard on the ground, quickly checking the other two guards, but they're still asleep. You're about to move forward, but looking at Yumi you realize something is not right.

"What's wrong?" you whisper.

"H-He is my ex…"

"Um… Come on, let's leave him here."

"But… Couldn't we save him?"


"I know he is a good person, he was just manipulated… He would come back to his senses, we just have to drag him out of here…"

c3b9f2 No.4162


Normally I'd agree, but he's wearing guard gear. Unless we strip him bucknaked, his entire suit will be a red alert to our presence. Plus, since he is a guard he might even have sensors inside of him, just beneath his skin to track him, also wouldn't it be weird if one of their guards went missing…

It's too high of a risk, but if you think he's *really* worth the risk…

13dc31 No.4163


"Normally I'd agree, but he's wearing guard gear. Unless we strip him bucknaked, his entire suit will be a red alert to our presence. Plus, since he is a guard he might even have sensors inside of him, just beneath his skin to track him, also wouldn't it be weird if one of their guards went missing…"

"I don't think he has a sensor inside. Remember, they stopped inserting chips even into slaves because of negative effects, they would never do that to their own men. Heck, it's more plausible that I have one…"

"What? You have a chip!?"

"I don't think, but who knows what they did to me when I was unconscious. Also, they will probably notice he's missing, but they'll also notice we're missing, so it doesn't change much."

"I see. It's too high of a risk, but if you think he's *really* worth the risk…"

"Yes, I think."

"Fine, what now?"

"Can we open that door?"

You quickly check the door. Unlike the previous one, it has a little window on it. Since you see nobody in the corridor, you try to open the door. It's locked, but you unlock it with the key. With the help of Yumi you drag the body to the corridor, then you shut the door, locking it.

"Man, we will die if we have to carry him like this" you say while looking around the corridor. It's very similar to the previous one – without looking into the cells, you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Yumi checks a few cells through the small windows. You hear an "Oohh" when checking the third cell.

"What's it?"

"Um, a little confession time… I only gave him a small dose of this drug. If I don't give him some more, he will probably wake up in a few minutes. That way we don't have to drag him all the way, all we have to do is to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid. I have a few ideas how to accomplish it, even though you probably won't like them…"

c3b9f2 No.4164


Please don't do anything lewd. I'd rather he wakes up when we're out of here.

13dc31 No.4165


"Please don't do anything lewd. I'd rather he wakes up when we're out of here."

"I actually have no idea anymore what counts as normal and what as lewd… Do we have anywhere to go after we escape? Do we even know where are we?"

c3b9f2 No.4166


A working phone would be nice. If I can remember… +1-62-849-714

If we're lucky.

13dc31 No.4167


You search the guard for a mobile phone. In his right pocket, you find a small flip phone.

"Let's hope a phone call won't set off any alarms…"

You open the phone. The clock says 0127, damn it's pretty late. Hopefully IF won't mind. You type in the numbers, +1-62-849-714, then press the green button. You only have a single bar of reception, but it has to be enough. *BEEP* you hear the ringing tone. It's working! You just hope IF will pick up the phone, at this time, from an unknown caller. You hear another beep, then another, then another, when suddenly…

"Um, hel… who is t… s at this tim…" the signal is pretty but, but you can still make out the words of a sleepy IF.

"It's me, Anon."

"An… n?! Than… od, whe… are yo…?"

"I have no idea, in an underground prison like place, about to escape from it… Next to it is a dungeon."

"Do yo… kno… he nam… of t… dun…eon?"


"I see… You sho…d try to… go t… guil… ffice, mos… dung…. ons have on… earby…"

c3b9f2 No.4168


Wait. If this is a dungeon entrance, would this be a guild office? … eh I must be thinking too oddly.

Well, anyway, IF said to head to a guild office, since most dungeons have one nearby… would you happen to know the name of this place?

13dc31 No.4169


"Well, anyway, IF said to head to a guild office, since most dungeons have one nearby… would you happen to know the name of this place?"

"They only call it 'our turf'. Other than we're probably in Planeptune, I have no idea, sorry."

c3b9f2 No.4170


If we're still somehow on the phone with IF guess tell her that we'll try to go to a guild office. This place has only been referenced as 'Our Turf' also some Overlord Momus whoever that is.

Right let's try to get to the underground dungeon.

13dc31 No.4171


"This place has only been referenced as 'Our Turf' also some Overlord Momus whoever that is."

"Ove…ord M…mus? We jus… efea…ed it yes…erda…"

"So that thing is real?!"


"And where was it?"

"At th… mai… quare… of Pla…eptu… On… he surf…ce."

"And we're deep underground. That doesn't help much. Anyway, we will try to get to a guild office."

"Okay. Be… ref…ll. I'll ge… mov…ng as so…n as I r…eive new… rom a gu… ld offic…"

"Thanks. Bye."

Time to get moving. Oh, but the guard.

"So, what are we going to do with him?"

"Check the tunnel entrance first. Make sure it's accessible before we do anything with him."

"All right."

You walk to the second cell door. It's closed, so you have to unlock it with your key. You open the door and look around. The first thing you notice is a desk with a chair in front of you. If the map is right, the entrance should be behind the desk. You move the chair out of the way and look under the desk. Behind the desk you see a wooden board. At first you would think it's part of the desk, but as you touch it you realize you can slide it, revealing the small tunnel behind it. It's pretty low, narrow and dark, so you'd have to go on all fours, but hopefully it leads to freedom.

"So the tunnel is there and accessible" you say while returning to Yumi.

"I see. I do not want to cause more trouble, so just go ahead and leave me the keys. I'll deal with my ex and go after you. Or just try to make sure they don't notice that you're missing for at least a few hours if I fail. It was my choice after all, I do not want to bother you."

c3b9f2 No.4172


"Alright, good luck Yumi, I'll do my best to come back for you if it comes to that. Let's meet up in the guild office if you're successful. How long should I wait before I panic and try to get back here?"

13dc31 No.4173


"Alright, good luck Yumi, I'll do my best to come back for you if it comes to that. Let's meet up in the guild office if you're successful. How long should I wait before I panic and try to get back here?"

"Don't come back, unless you manage to find an army on your way. You won't be able to fight them alone."

c3b9f2 No.4174


"I'll make sure to get an army then, heh, I'll see you on the other side."

Alright let's go through the tunnel, and hope to not die.

13dc31 No.4175


"I'll make sure to get an army then, heh, I'll see you on the other side."

With this you part from Yumi and start to crawl into the tunnel. You hope it really leads to somewhere, because it's so narrow that you wouldn't be able to turn around. Also, it's not just really dark, it's completely dark, without a light source you have to orient yourself by feel. You have to crawl like this for what feels like an eternity, when you finally notice a dim light in the distance. You start to crawl toward the light.

Some metal bars block your path, similar to what they usually use for vents. Peeking through the holes you see a path among large reddish rocks. To your left you find a small bridge leading to a concrete underground building, maybe that is the real entrance to the prison. The bridge crosses over a pond of… lava!? To your right you only see rocks.

c3b9f2 No.4176


Is it really hot here or no? Are we naked

Let's get out of here first, by that I mean get to a place where we can stand up right.

13dc31 No.4177


The air next to a pool of lava is of course hot, but not unbearably hot. You have your boxer briefs, but nothing else.

You grab the bars. They're only loosely secured as a gentle push is enough to detach the cover. You crawl out of the tunnel, and place the cover back. You don't want some passerby to notice that secret tunnel until Yumi escapes.

To your left, you see the big entrance. It has a sign next to it, which reads "⬆ Depths". To your right you see a long path, with a monster in the distance.

13dc31 No.4178



omg that emoji

c3b9f2 No.4179


I bet we didn't even bring the bloody phone with us nor did we think of bringing it

What does the monster look like

13dc31 No.4180


>I bet we didn't even bring the bloody phone with us nor did we think of bringing it

(Hey, it has a tracking device in it. Probably.)

>What does the monster look like

It's a reddish monster, but you would have to move closer to check it properly.

c3b9f2 No.4181


>(Hey, it has a tracking device in it. Probably.)

Fair enough

Alright let's move in closer and not aggro it,

13dc31 No.4182


You move toward the monster. Fortunately there are a few bigger rocks at the side of the path, so you can hide behind them while checking out your surroundings.

In front of you see a big Ancient Fire Dragon. It could easily crush you with a single step, you wouldn't stand a chance against it. Currently it's blocking the path, you probably can't sneak around it.

You see a small path with a dead end to the left.

c3b9f2 No.4183


Dead end it is, let's see if there's something there

13dc31 No.4184


You walk the path to the dead end. You look around, you only find rocks and an old alarm clock. It shows 8:35, but it's still ticking, so it's probably working.

c3b9f2 No.4185


An old alarm clock…? Examine it but before that check surroundings if something or someone could be near.

13dc31 No.4186


You look around, but you don't find anything or anybody else. Even a dungeon is mostly quiet at this time.

You inspect the alarm clock. You figure out how could you set the alarm time, but you don't test it, lest the dragon notice you.

c3b9f2 No.4187


Does the alarm clock look like it has anything out of the ordinary?

13dc31 No.4188

File: 2bc6d3903fb1379⋯.png (2.99 KB, 220x94, 110:47, index.png)

(This captcha… WTF)


You inspect the alarm clock further, but you don't find anything unusual. It's a normal analog alarm clock, you had a similar one back in your school.

c3b9f2 No.4189


Guess let's take it with us, but turn off the alarm setting, wouldn't want it to ring randomly.

13dc31 No.4190


(You're not making my life easy, you know that?)

You take the clock (the alarm is already turned off) and walk back to the road junction. That big dragon is still blocking the way.

c3b9f2 No.4191


Hey man you put down an alarm clock the player will be curious as fuck why it's there

The big dragon is active and awake yes? I guess let's had to the "⬆ Depths" since I don't want to even try aggro'ing that thing

13dc31 No.4192


I guess we view things differently…

You walk toward the "Depths" building. It only has a single room, with an elevator and stairs going down. You also see a few caution signs, like "Proceed at your own risk!", "This is a monster infected area", "Mobile phone service is unreliable in the depths, you won't be able to call for help!".

c3b9f2 No.4193


"So one monster or a dozen…?"

So the alarm clock was in the dead end, is the path to the dead end somewhat of a walk?

Well anyway, take alarm clock, put it back in the dead end, turn the ringing on, set the alarm 2 minutes from now. Then we hide, and hopefully the dragon will hear that alarm ring, get distracted from it, and then we can go through the path he was blocking.

13dc31 No.4194


I was half-expecting you will want to go down the stairs. I'm a horrible person, I know…

You walk back to the dead end with the clock. You set the clock a few minutes in the future, place it on the ground and quickly make your way back to the rocks you used as a hiding place previously.

Now all you have to do is wait. You don't even know if the alarm works or not, so you can just hope. Without any other time keeping device you can only guess the remaining time. Now, how should we pass the time?

"Bzzzzzz" you hear a sound from the dead end. The alarm works, even though it's a bit quieter than you thought.

But fortunately you're not the only one who noticed it. The whole world shakes as the dragon starts to walk in the direction of the sound. You wait until the dragon is on the path, then you quickly move forward. You can already see the exit of the dungeon, it's only a few meters ahead.

After exiting, you look back. You see a sign next to the entrance: "Neo-Geofront Dungeon" (and the usual caution signs). The path in front of you ends in a junction. You read the signs in front of you, to the left: "Planeptune 5 km", to the right: "Guild 0.5 km". Next to the road there's a big and dark forest.

c3b9f2 No.4195


"How convenient everything here is named."

Does the sign look like it was tampered with, god only knows they could've been switched around.

If not let's head to the guild, hopefully they don't mind the fact we're half naked and let us use a phone.

13dc31 No.4196


You walk to the signpost and check it. There was a notice stuck to the pole, but it was torn down, you can only read the headline now: "WANTED". There was a photo underneath, but now you can only see the hair of the person. Short, black hair. It could be you.

You check the back of the signs. The fasteners used to fix the signs in place are all rusty, it doesn't look like anyone meddled with it recently. Also, looking at Planeptune's direction, you realize that the night sky is a little bit brighter in that direction. There ought to be something big and shiny there, like a big city.

Having no better option, you start walking in the direction of the Guild. It should be about 2 am, so it's very dark outside, only the moon gives you some light. Walking on an unknown road in this condition is not easy, that half kilometer feels like an eternity.

You're almost ready to give up when you notice a light in the distance. You walk toward it, revealing a big "Guild" sign and a small building under it. It's similar to the one you entered right after escaping from the school, hopefully this will have a nicer attendant.

This half kilometer was much more taxing than you thought, you can barely stand when you reach the door. You grab the handle, open the door and stagger inside. A Guild attendant meets you.

"Hello. How can…" her words stops as she looks at you. Suddenly she jumps in front of you, materializing a big sword in her hand, "State your business, weirdo!" she shouts at you.

c3b9f2 No.4197


"Yes, I know I'm only in my underwear, there is a good reason for that but for now I require a phone, I need to phone a friend because I got attacked, and just barely survived."

13dc31 No.4198


"Yes, I know I'm only in my underwear, there is a good reason for that but for now I require a phone, I need to phone a friend because I got attacked, and just barely survived."

"A friend? What kind… oh wait." She picks up her phone and starts to fiddle with it, like she's looking for something. "Is it possible, that you're… Anon, perchance?"

"Yes, I am Anon…"

"Why didn't you start with this? Sorry I didn't recognize you…" she says while the sword disappears from her hand. "IF already emailed about it… but I didn't expect someone in this bad shape. But no time to talk, let's call IF quick. I think she wrote that call her 7th number if we find you…"

"7th?! Now many phone numbers does she have?"

"I personally know about 9. But I'm sure she has a few that only her closest friends know…"

You noticed that she carries multiple phones with her, but you never realized she has THIS many.

The assistant enters some numbers, and after a bit the other side picks up.

"Hello, it's Nao from Geo. … Yes. … No, it looks like he's alone."

Hmm, maybe you should tell them about Yumi and the guard.

c3b9f2 No.4199


"Please mention to her that Yumi stayed behind so they wouldn't notice I'm gone too quickly, which is why I'm alone right now."

c3b9f2 No.4200


Also yes the guard too

13dc31 No.4201



"Please mention to her that Yumi and a guard stayed behind so they wouldn't notice I'm gone too quickly, which is why I'm alone right now."

"Yumi, guard, too quickly, what?… Okay, take the phone and talk with IF, I don't know the context so I have no idea what's going on…"

When you pick up the phone, you hear the familiar voice of IF.

"Hello, Anon. So how many people do I have to rescue other than you?"


"And they're not with you right now. Where are they now?"

"I don't know. Hopefully they already escaped from the prison and they're on their way to the guild."

"*sigh* I'll pack some searchlights too, it's pretty dark outside. Do you know where is the prison?"

"It's inside the Neo-Geofront Dungeon."

"So it's nearby. How do I recognize them if I stumble upon them while going to the guild to pick you up?"

"I think if you find a naked woman with a naked man, that's probably them."

"…What!? This turned weird really quick… are you all right?"

"I'm not sure anymore."

"Just great… Anything else I should be aware of?"

c3b9f2 No.4202


"The girl's name is Yumi, the guard was her ex-boyfriend, I can tell you more about the place once we meet up, it's a bit of a story to tell. Oh and there's an ancient dragon blocking the way to the prison actually… so they may just be stuck there…"

c3b9f2 No.4203


Ask the receptionist if they have a towel or something just to cover ourselves

13dc31 No.4204



"The girl's name is Yumi, the guard was her ex-boyfriend, I can tell you more about the place once we meet up, it's a bit of a story to tell. Oh and there's an ancient dragon blocking the way to the prison actually… so they may just be stuck there…"

"I guess I should check the dungeon before going to the guild. I should be at the guild in 10–20 minutes, do not move anywhere. I would like to have a few words with Nao… and see you soon."

"Okay, bye."

You give the phone back to the assistant. "Yes… yes… okay… bye" is all you hear before she hangs up.

"She will be here shortly… Just take a seat here, I'm going to find some clothes. We should have one of the right size in the storage room…"

"I was just about to suggest that…"

You sit down in the sofa while the assistant disappears behind an "employees only" sign. It's very comfortable, and you're tired enough that you fall asleep almost immediately.

You feel a little hand in your own right hand. Your eyes are still closed, you only hear the sounds of someone crying quietly. "Why?… What did I…" The voice sounds familiar, yet you can't identify it.

c3b9f2 No.4205

File: ac3f02f38f78d64⋯.png (403.51 KB, 697x642, 697:642, Which Nep.png)


Do we feel anything else on our body? Or just the little hand? If so, probably open eyes slowly, hopefully we're still in the guild…

13dc31 No.4206


Now that you think about it, you were definitely sitting when you fall asleep, but now you're lying. You also feel a little soft weight on your body, like you're covered by a blanket.

c3b9f2 No.4207


Let's keep our eyes closed for a bit more, see if they continue to speak

46872f No.4208


Quickly check if our anything is tied up, then, if nothing is tied, listen for a bit to see if we can figure out who it is. then sit up

13dc31 No.4209



As far as you can tell, you're not tied up. You don't want to move too much though, as you have a gut feeling that it may scare off the weeping person.

You continue listening to the voice. "Where did I go wrong? Why did you do this to me?… I'm a horrible person… Just why?…"

You heard Yumi speaking while fighting with tears, it's definitely not her voice. IF? No, she has a sterner voice. Plus she's really strong willed woman, she would never do something like this. The guild attendant? No, she barely knows you, why would she do it? Who else could be it? Maybe Compa… IF could have brought her… but she has a higher and a bit more worried voice. No, you still have no idea who is she.

c3b9f2 No.4210


Open our eyes, what do our elf eyes see?

Does the voice sound like Purple Heart, the one that took us to the brig in the first place?

46872f No.4211


Get up.

a206f6 No.4212


(Now what the hell should I do? Just opening the eyes would advance the story, and I think opening one's eyes is a part of getting up, so I'll just go with it…)


No, she's not PH… you want to be raped, or what?

You open your eyes. You see a big blue coated girl, with a leafy green hair piece… No way…

As you realized this, you unconsciously gripped her hand slightly. Only a tiny little bit, but it was enough for IF to notice. She quickly looks at you, realize you're awake and probably heard all of what she said…

"I-It's n-not what… Geez." She quickly stands up and starts to run out of the room.

You want to shout something that would stop her, but as you sit up you notice that Yumi is sleeping peacefully next to you. It would be a crime to wake her up…

46872f No.4213

>> 4212

I'll be more specific in the future sry. but yes sit up and open your eyes is what I meant

anyway Let's look around the room without waking Yumi up. More specificly we should see if her ex is in the room and/or what time it is.

c3b9f2 No.4214


Look around without standing up, what can we see, or is it just darkness?

Glad things are looking up, now to somehow fuck it up

a206f6 No.4215

File: 9e4760a7f8ec190⋯.png (173.22 KB, 270x360, 3:4, Histoire_by_saint91xtreme-….png)


You look around, checking your surroundings. You're in a small bedroom with pink colored walls and a few toys scattered around. The room is illuminated by sunlight through a window, so it's already daytime, even though you can't find a clock to tell the exact time.

You start looking for Yumi's ex as you don't notice him first. You find him sleeping on the floor, next to Yumi. He's covered by a white blanket, so you can only see his head.

You hear a sound from the door. It opens slightly, and a mysterious create floats in. It's like a miniaturized girl sitting on an open book. Did you go insane and start to see things that aren't there?!

The mysterious creature notices your concern, and begins to speak quietly.

"Please don't be alarmed, I'm Histoire. Let's go out where we can speak without waking them up."

c3b9f2 No.4216

File: 0a9034589446991⋯.png (6.65 MB, 3812x2160, 953:540, 0305.png)


Uh, okay. Guess let's go with Histoire. Do we have clothes on? Well I'm sure someone put clothes on us.

Let's introduce ourselves.

46872f No.4217


Follow Histy.

All in all though magic book fairy is the most logical thing you have encountered recently, split between SWAT, Sex dungeons and little miss stockholm book fairy is welcomed.

Also ask her about momus, and if there is any info about our our and Yumi's captors

a206f6 No.4218


You quickly check under the blanket – you're still only wearing your underwear.

a206f6 No.4219



(Oh, fuck, what the hell happened to this thread, I'm going to explode)

c3b9f2 No.4220



Take blanket with us as cover. Also like what >>4217 said, ask her about this whole event.

What you thought it was just me still?

a206f6 No.4221


You try to take the blanket, but you realize that you only have a single blanket shared with Yumi.

I'm just used to a different kind of pace, and contributor count…

c3b9f2 No.4222


"Histoire, do you have some extra clothes for me, or a towel, or any kind of cover? I'm still in my bare essentials here…"

46872f No.4223



a206f6 No.4224



"Histoire, do you have some extra clothes for me, or a towel, or any kind of cover? I'm still in my bare essentials here…"

"Due to my build it would be problematic for me to carry them here. But the bathroom is just across, you should find a set of clothes there. I won't look, I promise." Finishing the sentence, she starts to float out of the room.

c3b9f2 No.4225

File: 72631dfe90ab4c6⋯.png (26.86 KB, 128x128, 1:1, gyaa.png)


Let's get changed

46872f No.4226

This has been the best time we have woken up yet. no bandage dick, no hospital cell, no interrogation room, and no sex dungeon. With clothes that we can wear on standby.

c3b9f2 No.4227


It really is

a206f6 No.4228



As you open the bathroom door, a mysterious purple whirlpool appears, sucking you in before you could do anything. When you wake up, the first thing you realize is that you can't move your arms and legs, and you can't see anything either… No, even I have a heart, I just try to hide it.


You get out of the bed and start to walk toward the door. The sleep helped a lot, but you're still in pretty rough shape, you can still find blood clots on your legs. It's not surprising the walking was so taxing yesterday.

When you leave the room, you see the floating Histoire, looking in the other direction.

"I'll wait in that room" she points to a room in front of her. "And feel free to take a shower, I heard you were pretty beat up when IF-san found you."

You enter the bathroom. Encouraged by Histoire's words, you decide to take a quick shower, since you're all sweaty and dirty, and you didn't have a good shower in the last few days.

After finishing, you feel like a new man; apart from a few scratches along your leg, you look fine. You also find the clothes placed on a shelf, pants and T-shirt of different size. You don't have much choice, you only find a pair of jeans that suits you, but you can choose between a red and a blue T-shirt.

46872f No.4229


red, or we could go shirtless either works

c3b9f2 No.4230

File: 18963bf8dc5ca97⋯.png (612.69 KB, 775x519, 775:519, ClipboardImage.png)



46872f No.4231


Due to this info coming to light I change my vote to blue

We already have bad luck as it is. We don't need to tempt fate here

a206f6 No.4232



You pick up the blue T-shirt. Before leaving, you take a quick look at the mirror to make sure you look good.

You walk in the direction where Histoire pointed previously, and stop in front of the closed door. Histoire is supposed to be inside.

c3b9f2 No.4233


Knock politely, because knowing our karma, barging in would end us in the brig being molested.

c3b9f2 No.4234


Please tell us we wore the T-shirt and not just picked it up

46872f No.4235


Agreed, more so because our character is not a savage

a206f6 No.4236

File: abe0b7a48c6c90d⋯.jpg (42.09 KB, 385x312, 385:312, facenep.jpg)

File: 6fef265c9639b6e⋯.jpg (533.18 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 1437297878866.jpg)


(First pic related)



You knock on the door.

"Please come in" you hear the voice of Histoire a few seconds later.

You open the room and walk inside. There you find not only Histoire, but also a girl. She has long purple hair and she wears a sailor uniform, similar to what high school students wear.

"Hello, I'm, um, Nepgear, Neptune's little sister. Nice to meet you" the girl introduces herself, a bit hesitantly.

"Umm, I-I'm Anon… But who is Neptune?"

"You probably know her as Purple Heart", Histoire interjects, "CPU of Planeptune. I'm sorry to bother you with such a topic just after you woke up, but we need to talk about your school. Is it all right if we do it now?"

46872f No.4237


First thing is to ask if neptune is always a BDSM queen, then answer questions about our prior school, in exchange for knowing as much info on the group that kidnapped us, as well as momus

c3b9f2 No.4238


"Wait… Purple Heart?? I-I … she interrogated me, told me to say things, before I was tossed in that prison beaten and bruised… oh god I never got out in the end …"

a206f6 No.4239

File: c0f59a1a66ab24e⋯.png (441.5 KB, 1101x1468, 3:4, 1461579713434-4.png)



"Wait… Purple Heart?? That BDSM queen? I-I … she interrogated me, told me to say things, before I was tossed in that prison beaten and bruised… oh god I never got out in the end…"

For a moment, they both stare at you, completely confounded.

"O-Oneechan… Oneechan would never do that!" Nepgear freaks out. "What the hell are you talking about?!" You can see the burning rage in her eyes, ready to detonate any time now. Uh-oh.

"Please calm down, both of you. Anon, are you sure she was Purple Heart? She can do stupid things, but I can't imagine her doing that… Did you notice anything unusual during that encounter? When did it happen?"

46872f No.4240


"Well her voice did change when she said, and I quote 'I'm going to destroy everything.'

And then she let out a generic B rate action movie villain laugh. Though I don't know her enough to know if thats off at all." Other then that she tried to make me confess to being an agent of someone named 'Momus.' She even doctored a video that showed someone who looked exactly like me talking to a group of people about overthrowing the CPUs. Though I can assure you I am at worst ambivalent to the CPU's. Never in my wildest dreams would I think of overthrowing them"

Longer post but considering the situation the more info given the better.

a206f6 No.4241


"Well her voice did change when she said, and I quote 'I'm going to destroy everything.' And then she let out a generic B rate action movie villain laugh. Though I don't know her enough to know if that's off at all."

"Was it a long, irritating laugh or just a short one?"

"The former. The kind of laugh that can make you shiver."

"I see. Anything else?"

"She tried to make me confess to being an agent of someone named 'Momus.' She even doctored a video that showed someone who looked exactly like me talking to a group of people about overthrowing the CPUs."

"Oh my. This is merely a conjecture, but it's possible that you met the fake Purple Heart created by Arfoire. Or maybe even Arfoire herself disguised as Purple Heart."

"Arfoire? Who is her?"

"That's a long story. Listen, I'd like to return to this topic with the others around, as it has great significance. But I can assure you, we have no intention of hurting you."

46872f No.4242

"Thank goodness, anyway do you know anything of the group that kidnaped me? Oh and where I am now. I fell asleep in a guild hall now I'm here"

46872f No.4243


I forgot the >>4241

a206f6 No.4244


"Thank goodness, anyway do you know anything of the group that kidnapped me? Oh, and where I am now? I fell asleep in a guild hall and now I'm here…"

"The kidnapping… sorry, but simply too many unusual things happened in the last few days, so we're still trying to process all the information we received and figure out what happened. But if the other guy you rescued was really a guard at that place, he could shed some lights on the recent happenings. About your second question, you're in Compa's apartment."

"Really? It's a very nice place…"

"You were sleeping so deeply that IF couldn't wake you up and had to bring you here asleep. But now, please, could we get to the main point? Your school. There's going to be a lot of paperwork with that and Nepgear is already overwhelmed…"

c3b9f2 No.4245


"I see. What do you need from me for the paperwork?"

46872f No.4246


"What do I have to fill out adoption papers?"

a206f6 No.4247



"I see. What do you need from me for the paperwork? Do I have to fill out adoption papers?"

"A-Adoption?! N-No, there's nothing like that…" says Nepgear in a flustered voice. "And it's me who's going to do the majority of the paperwork not you, so don't worry…"

"That's good to hear."

"So, um, about your school. IF submitted a complaint about it. With the Basilicom's current capacity it would have taken months to process it… But Neptune, after she regained her goddess powers, she went to the Bailicom and instructed the staff to look into it immediately… And you just mocked her previously, you, you i-idiot!"

"Please, calm down Nepgear-san!" Histoire tries to calm down Nepgear. "It's not the time for this."

"I'm sorry, I didn't know she was a fake!" You tried to say something that would help her calm down, but it ended up more like an excuse.

"Anyway, here are the results." Nepgear takes a deep breath before continuing. "Anon, your school's permit is revoked with immediate effect. Multiple members of the staff is under investigation, the director is now in custody. We're in the process of finding new schools for the former students of the school."

c3b9f2 No.4248


I … see. T-thank you for looking into my predicament, and for taking care of me. I have no idea how to repay this, and what would this mean for me?

46872f No.4249



"Also I would like to see the real purple heart if possible. I would like to see the differences between the fake and real one if possible."

a206f6 No.4250



"I… see. T-thank you for looking into my predicament, and for taking care of me. I have no idea how to repay this, and what would this mean for me? Also, I would like to see the real Purple Heart if possible. I would like to see the differences between the fake and real one if possible."

"Uh, I don't think that's possible right now. We had a battle yesterday, and she still hasn't returned… But back to the topic, normally this would mean, since legally you're still a minor, that we would have to find a new school for you. Alternatively, hmm… Histoire, are you sure it's all right? It should be oneechan's authority…"

"But we don't know when will Neptune return, and we should put an end to this issue as soon as possible. So just think about how would Neptune decide in this situation…"

"I see… I'm sure she would be on the same opinion… So, Anon, as a CPU Candidate of Planeptune, I can grant you an exception from that rule, to join the Guild instead. IF said she's happy to mentor you until you become a proper member of the Guild."

"But please chose wisely, Anon" you hear the voice of Histoire again. "Just because you were unsuccessful at your previous school, it doesn't mean you should give it up and go to the Guild. Based on my observations you're pretty smart, you have potential, it's just that the methods that they used at the previous school were completely wrong. Also, life as a Guild agent is very dangerous."

46872f No.4251


"… I want to work for the guild. I may have gone through hell for the past few days, but some good came out of it. I uncovered some form of underground kidnapping ring, Save a girl who was trapped there, and managed to successfully sneak past an fucking dragon. Was I scared shitless at times? Yes. But minus the fact that I kept waking up in a worse situation then I last went to sleep in, I didn't hate every moment of my journey."

c3b9f2 No.4252



"And since I'll be under the tutelage of IF, I'm sure everything will turn out well."

46872f No.4253

>>4251 >>4250

"Also I got to meet some great people. I have made more friends in the past few days then I have for the entire duration of my unwelcome stay at that school. Plus I hear the guild needs some more help anyway. "

a206f6 No.4254




"… I want to work for the Guild. I may have gone through hell for the past few days, but some good came out of it. I uncovered some form of underground kidnapping ring, Save a girl who was trapped there, and managed to successfully sneak past a fucking dragon. Was I scared shitless at times? Yes. But minus the fact that I kept waking up in a worse situation then I last went to sleep in, I didn't hate every moment of my journey. And since I'll be under the tutelage of IF, I'm sure everything will turn out well. Also, I got to meet some great people. I have made more friends in the past few days then I have for the entire duration of my unwelcome stay at that school. Plus I hear the Guild needs some more help anyway."

"So it's decided then."

Nepgear starts to wade through a lot of papers, stamp a few of them, write something on others, occasionally stopping and asking Histoire for help. About a minute later, you receive a page titled "Declaration". "Please read it and make sure it's OK."

As any legal paper, it's a bit long and complicated, but it technically boils down that you're exempted from compulsory education. Your legal guardian is also changed to the Guild, which is as far as you know, pretty much equals to being able to do what the hell you want, as long as you keep working with the Guild. (You read stories about young men choosing the Guild instead of school on the internep, so you should take that info with a grain of salt…)

"Yes, it's OK."

"Good. I still have a few errands to run, so I'll catch up to you later."

You leave the room with Histoire.

"Are you hungry? Compa made a lot of breakfast this morning."

"Compa's hand made breakfast? Of course!"

"This way please. I'm going to gather the others, so we can start to untangle this mess…"

You sit down and start to eat. Even though it was made hours ago, it's still delicious.

End of Chapter One

That's it guys, for now, this thread is already at 500 posts. I'm going to take a break now, 5 months is a long time (even with the half month hiatus), it's been fun, but it also takes time to write all these responses and come up with insane ideas.

Actually this is the first time I do a quest. I saw the two quests on /nep/, I enjoyed them, but they both died, and since nobody tried to do a quest afterward, I decided to give it a try. So feel free to shoot any (constructive) criticism at me, hopefully it won't make me such depressed again. Or just comment on how insane I am.

To be continued… (provided there's interest)

c3b9f2 No.4255


I had a feeling this would be the end, which hopefully continues

Ya'll better continue this, I'm already emotionally invested

46872f No.4256

File: 258c632e1d4b272⋯.jpg (54.75 KB, 512x512, 1:1, u5N7GvNX.jpg)


Fuck yeah continue this, this was fun as hell. I just wish I joined earlier then this. You go get some rest and we will be waiting with baited breath.

Till next time people

a206f6 No.4257



Are you two the fucking same person, commenting almost the same time twice in row?

c3b9f2 No.4258

a206f6 No.4259


I hope. But you were just too suspicious.

c3b9f2 No.4260

File: b9a47bc580fb8f7⋯.jpg (204.01 KB, 1280x1440, 8:9, Rei Kiseijou, HDD, glare.JPG)

File: ca64cbdec4431be⋯.png (154.35 KB, 411x369, 137:123, Rei, insane.png)


Why would I be suspicious, I'm a good boy

46872f No.4261

I can assure you we are two entirely separate entities.

6818b6 No.4264

New thread


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