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File: 2d1bf594625e536⋯.jpeg (116.49 KB, 747x980, 747:980, Chemical McCain.jpeg)

9b9954 No.1033603

Mattis said, "This military facility was a Syrian center for the research, development, production, and testing of chemical and biological warfare technology."

The second target was a chemical weapons storage facility west of Homs, which Mattis said "was the primary location of Syrian Sarin and precursor production equipment."

Mattis said the third target "was in the vicinity of the second target" and "contained both a chemical weapons equipment storage facility and an important command post."

dda3e8 No.1033888

Trusting the plan!

Given that Iran is under the influence/control of the Cabal + Clowns, it would seem that this strike is really to draw out Iran, and isolate Iran separating it from Russia.

The chemo weap depots struck could easily be clown black opp/AQ/Hezbollah/ facilities.

1da680 No.1033922


Nice digits, but I think the important thing is the 'important command post'.

The chem depots are also a solid move.

e9e611 No.1034160


US airstrikes planned with Russia via 'hotline'

http:// phuketnews.easybranches.com/story/us-airstrikes-planned-with-russia-via-hotline-273584

fffa81 No.1034274

Pretty awesome, huh? Blowing up our tax dollars half way around the world sounds like the "Art of the Deal". Consider this doubling down on the trillions we have already wastes in the ME. After all, we are only protecting our borders and constitution, right?

I sure hope that once Assad is gone they can get a Rothschild Central Bank established. Than those Syrians can enjoy the freedom of Federal taxes, aka debt slavery to further the agenda.

2a7d9d No.1034279

Stop being distracted by QNigger, the kikes are walking us right into war and this board is being filled with obvious spam made to look like we support war.

1da680 No.1034364



Posting it in every thread doesn't make it more convincing.

The strike is over, go on a smoke break and figure out your next plan because this one didn't work out in your narratives favor.

fffa81 No.1034389


They want war. If you hadn't noticed, the West has a sovereign debt problem that will go nuclear as the Euro Federation begins to crumble, Brexit, Catalonia, etc. Might need a currency reset, SDRs anyone.?

fffa81 No.1034421


Interesting insight. What exactly is my narrative?

2874c1 No.1034439

https:// www.tmsi.com

Mind control while you sleep. applications end April 15 2108

c484eb No.1034737

Golan Heights

Genie Energy


ea78dd No.1034739


I just know I am very sad right now and I know I am not alone.

"There's a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part! You can't even passively take part! And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels…upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop! And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!"

dda3e8 No.1034922


ahhh…yes, of course, the "command post"–agreed. I like the plan even more now

dda3e8 No.1035002


Genie Energy is big

https:// www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2013/02/israel-grants-oil-rights-in-syria-to-murdoch-and-rothschild/

dda3e8 No.1035316

No Name is connected to + ++ +++

All converge in Syria (Genie Energy).

And Syria is truly the "client state" of Iran

ac6375 No.1035440

File: b31c01f2ceaefd2⋯.jpg (266.26 KB, 747x980, 747:980, CHEMCAIN.jpg)

I like this one better…

dda3e8 No.1035443

File: 09b97dea609d862⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 2448x2448, 1:1, IMG_20180414_002053 (3).jpg)


This WL's tweet says it all

Genie Energy

072d2d No.1035969

Is this sparrow Red?

https:// www.cia.gov/library/center-for-the-study-of-intelligence/csi-publications/csi-studies/studies/vol-58-no-1/red-sparrow.html

9bd2bf No.1036125

File: 9f6c0a12fdcfbff⋯.png (15.6 KB, 577x119, 577:119, McCain_Syria.PNG)

No name seems to be pretty happy about this

1da680 No.1036190


John McCain saying nice things about POTUS should be a major red flag.

John McCain only says things that help John McCain

fb28eb No.1036311

https:// www.reddit.com/r/greatawakening/comments/8bxljn/i_think_i_found_the_keystone/

Trying to get this to Q.

Trying to spread some ideas/research. Thanks!

c11c5f No.1036414

https:// www.reddit.com/r/greatawakening/comments/8bxljn/i_think_i_found_the_keystone/

https:// www.reddit.com/r/greatawakening/comments/8bxljn/i_think_i_found_the_keystone/

https:// www.reddit.com/r/greatawakening/comments/8bxljn/i_think_i_found_the_keystone/

c11c5f No.1036424


Anons ?

We have more than we know.


c11c5f No.1036435

File: 7d80681460ff472⋯.jpg (40.64 KB, 715x402, 715:402, STARGATE.jpg)


The Battle for the Stargate?

f0e8bf No.1036722

9941d9 No.1036725

Mouaz Moustafa was Live on Fox News…

f0e8bf No.1036743


Thats why im here

saw him and cant seem to get on the bread

8c652c No.1036878


unless the act of SAYING is what benefits NoName, not what he is saying.

You know, lying, the thing he did his entire lifetime.

dda3e8 No.1036960


This WL's tweet says it all

Genie Energy


Exactly– Mount Zaphon

Texts discovered there in the 1920s, including the Baal Cycle, showed its residents considered the peak of Mount Sapan (Akkadian, Ugaritic, & Phoenician: Ṣapānu) to house the lapis and silver palace of their storm god Baʿal (lit. "The Lord") and his sister ʿAnat.[7] Baʿal is now often identified with Hadad and his variations understood as local cults. The form Baʿal Zephon was worshipped widely: his temple at Ugarit held a sandstone relief dedicated to him by a royal scribe in Egypt and the king of Tyre called on him as a divine witness on a treaty with the emperor of Assyria in 677 bce.[8]

It appears in the Hebrew Scriptures as Mount Zaphon (Hebrew: צפון‎).[6][n 1] In ancient Canaanite religion, Mount Sapan was sometimes accounted as the home of all the gods, not only Baʿal and his sister. As Mount Zaphon, it appears in that role in the Hebrew Scriptures' Book of Isaiah, along with the Mount of the Congregation.[12] From its importance and its position at the northern end of Canaan, it also became a metonym[13][14][15] and then the word for the direction "north" in the Hebrew language.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jebel_Aqra

dda3e8 No.1036980


Here's the Cannanite God, ruling from Mount Zephon (the Mount of Congregation):

Baal-zephon or Baalzephon, properly Baʿal Zaphon or Ṣaphon (Hebrew: בעל צפון‎; Akkadian: dim Be-el ḫur.sag Ḫa-zi; Hurrian: Tšb Ḫlbğ),[1] was the form of the Canaanite storm god Baʿal (lit. "The Lord") in his role as lord of Mount Zaphon;[1][n 1] he is identified in the Ugaritic texts as Hadad.[6][7] Because of the mountain's importance and location, it came to metonymously signify "north" in Hebrew;[8] the name is therefore sometimes mistakenly given in translation as Lord of the North.[n 2] He was equated with the Greek god Zeus in his form Zeus Kasios and later with the Roman Jupiter Casius.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baal-zephon

dda3e8 No.1037063

File: d1861abefdc2616⋯.jpg (134.93 KB, 620x459, 620:459, Jerusalem-Photo1.jpg)


Clearly the mount of all mounts, which is Mount Zion, in Jerusalem is of the highest importance to ++

dda3e8 No.1037174


>Mouaz Moustafa just tweeted re: Fox interview

https:// twitter.com/SoccerMouaz/status/985051065212198915?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Etweet

dda3e8 No.1037198

File: 3d995ab80df01a1⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 2448x2448, 1:1, IMG_20180414_032121 (2).jpg)

f7f1e2 No.1037787

File: 78d56a839548602⋯.jpg (241.63 KB, 750x436, 375:218, 20180414_023257.jpg)

8b3f3a No.1037809


This is nice synopsis/review of the book. Thank you for the link.

362c79 No.1037833

File: 78b3c5984f8291e⋯.jpg (778.64 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180411-093659….jpg)

File: 759fe8930985bb7⋯.jpg (563.07 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180414-025409….jpg)

Also check this out… who advertises theyre going to attack before striking… unless they want to warn them for some other purpose.

8b3f3a No.1037886


I'm feeling much better about the entire situation than I was when it was announced. I've shifted from fuck more of the same old neocon shit to there being a legitimate greater good–even though the public explanation was either partially or entirely misleading.

Playing Poker with Putin on this is way too Risky. POTUS wouldn't have rolled the dice with Ivanka out of the country. Everything was evan'd, Russians signed off. Wray was in the middle east and personally confirmed whatever intelligence was gathered was forensically solid. He came home, reported his findings or the analytics were done here. Strike Launched.

What the primary target was, exactly, isn't so clear. The British and French role in the attack also isn't clear. Does this mean May and Macron are on board or just fulfilling a NATO obligation. I'm going to watch May's disposition and language carefully when she speaks about it.

53856b No.1038038

File: 5eb2f54179e89c4⋯.jpg (59.54 KB, 483x498, 161:166, Asskick.JPG)

fffa81 No.1038500

I know you poor souls want to believe that this announced attack was actually an attack on deep state assets, but have you really thought that through?

1. Occam's razor

2. Trump brags about how much he has reduced Isis. Why not bomb deep state and say it was Isis? Remember, Isis is a creation of the Triangle Club.

3. How do you get UK and France to go along with just bombing DS targets? What Club controls UK and France? What is May & EU media narrative regarding Russia + Assad?

4. Remember a year ago when the exact same thing happened as a means for Trump to prove how anti-Putin he is? What got hit by those missiles?

Critical thought, deductive reasoning, logic are necessary if you intend to know the truth.

7bcda9 No.1038616

It’ s been so long, in fact not in any living people’s lifetime in the USA, since we’ve had an honorable President. Because of this

, we don’t trust one that time and time again proves his genius, gift at straltegy and psyching out his enemies. Please, just sit back, breathe, watch him work. I’ll be the first to open my mouth, just like I did with Ovomit, if I think he’s really screwing us over on purpose. He chooses great leaders to work with and makes the opposition show their true colors. Just look at Alex Jones last night. Please Trust the plan, trust Q, our military, our God in Heaven. Use discernment, pray for it and then eat your popcorn in à reclined position.

fffa81 No.1038693


"The timing of the aggression coincides with the arrival of OPCW mission to Syria to investigate the alleged chemical attack in Douma, and mainly aims at hindering the mission's work and preempting its results," it said in comments carried by state news agency SANA.

This makes sense. What doesn't make sense is Assad gassing his own people when he is winning his war and USA announcement of anticipated pullout. Remember the prior Dutch investigation into Assad gassing his people? What ever came of that? ;-)

332674 No.1038695


There is also the matter of Brexit _ if May falls and Corbyn gets in, Brexit is over. The commies take Europe with the UK arm in arm. I will be honest, I do not understand France getting involved, Macron is Rothschild - maybe the anons here can help with that!

This is more complicated than just an attack. I do not have the sau ce to hand but Iran is backing Hezbollah is South Damascus, Putin with Russian soldiers on the ground, supplied the intel and co-ordinates to Trump and Trump gave May an ultimatum to get on board or suffer the consequences.

The list of invitees for the royal wedding went out this week, POTUS and May are not on the list.

Q quoted POTUS decline this week, I believe there is a connection.

God bless all the work you do, I am but an old Britfag foot soldier.

fffa81 No.1038742


Nice to see an intelligent comment. I hope you are right, but hopium has always been part of the psy-op. Remember "hope and change" turned out to be "more of the same".

332674 No.1038756


I am with you anon, but I cannot give up hope, it is all I have left! Europe is seriously fucked!

fffa81 No.1038761


I consider AJ a dis-info Capitalist. However, as a result of your post, I did watch a short of his video. Seems he might be a bit more unhinged than usual.

fffa81 No.1038782


I hear you. Thank the unelected commission at Brussels for much of that. Cracks are showing up all over.

fffa81 No.1038833


Also, unclear why you refer to yourself as a stale British cigarette. The stereotype is old Brit with a pipe. My attempt at humor….

e62dcf No.1039257

File: b42acc774164c80⋯.jpg (956.77 KB, 1200x1804, 300:451, 2 Wolves.jpg)

We're at the point of no return with all this now. May as well see it through. No belly aching. Keep the faith. We were at a fast roll to darkness before DJT. The alternatives were not acceptable; so we need to keep at it, stay focused, and continue to move forward.

e62dcf No.1039352


Amen. Sounds like a good idea.

2874c1 No.1039432


Her father was John Ashcroft and she was directly involved in ritual abuse and passed around by her own father in the Satanic rituals. Sarah Ashcroft.

7bcda9 No.1039493



Unhinged is an understatement. He was enraged. As if Trump just took out his people. Is he a black hat wearing a white hat costume?

2874c1 No.1039722


Not everyone is bad.

6afa0c No.1039970


So we destroyed No Name's stockpiles and he's happy about it?

Seems legit.

6afa0c No.1040036

File: eef56027d87737d⋯.jpg (96.02 KB, 888x499, 888:499, IMG_5142.JPG)

91369f No.1040081

So, what we "know".

Someone framed Assad with chemical weapons deployment, again.

Rumor is it's the MI6 / CIA (who would be thick as thieves after their FISA issue).

Trump repeatedly stressed we're ONLY going after chem weapons locations and their command posts.

Putin doesn't appear to have thrown a real freak out or retaliation so far (again).

The USA planned this with Putin to allow him to withdraw his troops and minimize casualties. AGAIN.

So we only wounded three people, with 150 some missiles.

Who did we actually blow the fuck out of? It couldn't have been Assange's troops, they've been celebrating how "pathetic" we are for not killing a ton of civilians all morning in a square.

Something smells like political theater that went after what we wanted to go after (the ability to FF chem weapon attacks) with the blessing of Russia.

91369f No.1040125


Temporary setback to him. He's happy that MUH WAR IN SYRIA is getting airtime. Public opinion vs private opinion. He enjoys the show currently. Someone's going to have to replace those cruise missiles sooner than later. That's why he gets so giddy at how "overboard" trump does things.

3138ce No.1040504

File: bdc468d151a851f⋯.jpg (180.92 KB, 1600x419, 1600:419, aluminum tubes stock pile ….jpg)

3138ce No.1040590

File: a8e42475e65ef36⋯.jpg (72.46 KB, 906x370, 453:185, ALUMINUM TUBES FOR EVERYON….jpg)



Stock Pile Aluminum Tubes TODAY!

You are not safe. Brainwashing On GOING


a13a11 No.1041953

you guys are all fucking looneys believing in a psyop story full of lies it is not about left vs rigth it is about globalists vs free people you are lead in a riddle like the dog chasing is own tail>>1033603


e6f6dd No.1043227

File: 31a00039ae3209a⋯.jpg (51.47 KB, 700x394, 350:197, white-helmets.jpg)


https:// www-m.cnn.com/2015/05/21/health/white-helmets-profile/index.html

White Helmets formed in response to 'barrel bomb' attack and are ordinary people

White Helmets are allowed to work in areas controlled by ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra


Muhammad Hallaq – Director of White Helmets

Kerem Kinik – President of Red Crescent


Received Oscar for Best Documentary Short – 40 minutes produced by NETFLIX

Dissenting review: film is biased, exaggerated, and one-sided


Purpose - area destabilization to ensure intervention by foreign interests (US, UK, Russia, etc.)

https:// steigan.no/2016/12/what-happened-to-the-white-helmets/

James le Mesurier founded White Helmets in Istanbul, Turkey in 2013

Former British Officer and former Olive Group mercenary

White Helmets receive $100 million in USAID

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQUoGSzVbVU

Syrian comedian exposes funding and al-Qaeda affiliation with White Helmets.

“the REAL Syria Civil Defence exposes NATO's White Helmets as Terrorist-linked Imposters”

High ranking British and NATO Military Intelligence operation without opposition

White Helmets stormed real Syrian Civil Defense facility – killed rescue workers; stole medical supplies, equipment, uniforms and vehicles

http:// yournewswire.com/white-helmets-hollywood-propaganda/

White Helmets replaced the Syrian Civil Defense

White Helmets posted a video “saving” people was video of “Mannequin Challenge”

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQL3rX6xWRg

White Helmets not to be found after ISIS-held town liberated, East Aleppo

Survivors stated White Helmets are part of al-Nusra

https:// apfeurope.com/2016/05/white-helmets-propaganda-stunt-exposed/

White Helmet films and photos debunked as old or faked events

https:// www.veteranstoday.com/2016/11/22/busted-syrias-white-helmets-the-cias-secret-weapon-to-aid-isis/

“Mannequin Challenge” video removed from the White Helmet online site


East Aleppo 'barrel bomb' attack and White Helmet 'rescue' is a False Flag event


White Helmets used an old bomb crater to stage a photo op of ruined medical supplies that were destroyed by a smaller charge

cover-up that allowed ISIS to enter Syrian Army held territory without a fight


White Helmet files

e6f6dd No.1043246


Of course it's about Globalists. Buzz off, troll.

8098a4 No.1043473


It's about GOOD vs EVIL - more than you could possibly understand if you can only think about globalists vs free people. True anons know this. You have a LONG ways to catch up!

bc9568 No.1043628


Sure thing war and religious nigger. Bomb, bomb, bomb…, bomb, bomb, Iran. You, Q and John McCain can go fuck yourself. Through actions and words you stupid fuckers are a neocon psyop to anyone who doesn't worship at the alter of phony fucking religions. Fuck you and your WAR!

bc9568 No.1043686


This whole thing on 8chan was a project to draw out the most hardened patriots in America. Anyone defending Q is at this point a useful idiot or flat out a paid war nigger of the military industrial complex.

Bomb, bomb, bomb…bomb, bomb Iran! Words spoken by John McCain AND Q. Go fuck yourself Q.

1708a2 No.1043900

Trust the plan? Are we zombies? All we know is that we bombed Syria and they didnt gas their people, it was a FF.

Q need to answer why this was done… trust is earned, not free!

Iran next, wtf!

What good whould that do? This sounds like HRC talking…

I think Q got a diffrent agenda than the poeple of the US. Remember Q is military.

We the people need to think for our self, dont buy everything he say as right and true.

This move was BS and stink of Deepstate.

b607a2 No.1044126

Syrian can mean it was in Syria, it does not specify if it was Jaysh Al Islam or government

619972 No.1044156

File: 76dba625ad9e268⋯.png (409.61 KB, 1222x587, 1222:587, deepstateassets.png)


>This move was BS and stink of Deepstate.

Deep state assets were hit.

bc9568 No.1044331


Took 6 months but now it is obvious. Q is a fucking John McCain waterboy and Trump is now obviously compromised. Knowledge is not evil Q. Go fuck yourself Q. War nigger Q is the new name.

0a1144 No.1044599


Why isn't anyone pointing out the CGI jet.

1708a2 No.1044703


I dont say it could not be like you say, just saying trust is earned, not free.

We have to watch and see, not be blind.

Q´s plan might not be our plan in the end.

I only trust what I see… and yes, I dont belive in god.

bc9568 No.1044731


The fuck they were. The deepstate is in charge no matter what Q says and they fucking know it. Trump and Q have been knocked back on their heals ever since Trump won. No offense out of him period.

146dd1 No.1044807


Q seriously needs to show us proof that they attacked (((them)))

bc9568 No.1044883


Not with this crowd. All Q has to say is "Do you believe in coincidences?" and these stupid fuckers melt into submission. The answer is YES Q, I believe in coincidences you stupid fucker. They happen everyday to everyone you psyop piece of shit.

146dd1 No.1044991

File: a8e5181cbcad798⋯.png (40.77 KB, 720x345, 48:23, a8e5181cbcad798e17ff854767….png)


This is the only kinda proof we have that Q may have warned Syria/Assad.

0a1144 No.1045039


What if our attack on Syria was in response to the chemical attack in Salsbury, UK?

Attack in Syria was destruction of Deepstate ISIS Headquarters?

Kerry said 100% of chem weapons removed from Syria in 2014

Deep [State Department] set up ISIS command post in place of Syria's chem weapons research facilities.

The very facilities we just bombed.

b607a2 No.1045370

File: a6b276307179e2d⋯.jpg (90.83 KB, 500x709, 500:709, 1a3a26cd8b92e638c09a4d98f9….jpg)

I spent half my career as a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, explosives specialist. The other half as intel. The munition shown as evidence would have been used as a sarin delivery system, but not a chlorine delivery. The munition showed signs that it was not used by blown in place. Sarin however would leave traces of it everywhere. Chlorine would not. As Chlorine is a gas. Sarin is more that of like and oil. Sarin, would get anyone sick if they are not in MOPP. See Japan's Sarin attack (https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokyo_subway_sarin_attack) in subway. Hospital personnel treating the wounded had to be treated for chemical exposure. The attack in Japan was delivered with sandwich baggies and dropped on the floor. But it still had more injuries than this so called attack. If it was weaponized the whole town downwind would have been dead or injured, with all emergency personnel seeking treatment as well.

The other side of this is, Jaysh Al Islam, Al Nusra, and the so called moderate rebels. The MSM has reported years ago that these moderate rebels were in all actuality Al Qaeda. I know this because I had to explain to a "Friend" why the US would not support the Wahabists going to fight Syria. I later found out, which everyone knows now, that Obama & Hillary were actually funding and training the "moderates." Jaysh Al Islam has been known to have chemical weapons production sites in and around Homs.

In Mad Dog's and GEN Dumford's speech, they say first that they want to defeat ISIS, how are these airstrikes against Syria defeating ISIS? He then states " by ANYONE using chemical weapons," and then to "deter and prevent the use of CWs."

I'm just putting this info out there for a discussion. It's all unclass and open source that I have put out there. I will help decode info, but since I recently retired I will not speak of any ops that I have professional knowledge of. I'm sure you autists can figure shit out pretty easily.

e62dcf No.1045817


I believe I heard a news report that ISIS was launching an opportunistic offensive in connection with the airstrikes, and the Syrian Army overwhelmed them. Is it possible that this was a sort of "collaboration" to weed out ISIS? Destroy DS assets and influence? No Russian assets involved in US-UK-Fr attack? Dumbed down, shallow pool talking points in the MSM?

fdd3ed No.1045826

File: b686748fef9b274⋯.jpg (43.92 KB, 480x359, 480:359, 28efjt~2.jpg)

DARPA False Flag Operation 100%.

dd0d61 No.1046354

Who is Peter Thiel?

How close is he to Trump?

What's his relation to palantir?

Does palantir data mine Facebook?

What is the "bridge" Q keeps referencing?

Could it be the way all these companies connect your data to the deep state computer system?

Do they have an AI system in place to manage the data?

Do The elite like transhumanism?

Merging mind with machine?

Do they have secret technology and suppressed knowledge about psychology and ufos?

What tech are they feeding the AI?


Could an AI be smart enough to sway mass public opinion?

Make websites on its own?

Create videos with seamlessly stitched faces?

Have a profile on you and your psychology to know how to 'handle' you without your knowledge?

Do they have free energy tech?

How many more unseen advanced technologies are they using on us?


Your beloved friend

aa5430 No.1046982


You make some extremely important points. I found it encouraging that Trump had said they were going after who did this, but I don't recall him naming Assad by name so I figured it was another chess move meaning he'd go after who was actually responsible regardless of what their last name is.

2d491c No.1047184

showers ….. I can think of 2 possibilities

rain and meteors.

we already had rain

Lyrids Night of April 21/22 Sets around 2 a.m.

43a128 No.1047352


Or missiles raining down on the targets.

d11a09 No.1047411

Do we know the makeup of the missiles that were deployed? Trump said they'd be "smart" so wondering if they had the latest technology to avoid being shot down.

620034 No.1047437


playing an audio book while you sleep is a great way to study for a test

620034 No.1047553


sounds like a friend of #TYLER

dda3e8 No.1047682




Excellent map– POTUS hit Hezbollah's " important command post", which Mattis mentioned in his statement as the 3rd target.

619972 No.1047763

File: 6cbecc80552d385⋯.png (959.02 KB, 1300x1290, 130:129, 7ecc1d66597383ab862dc4c35c….png)


Trump is playing an excellent game of deception. Telling the media one thing but doing the opposite. The targets are deep assets not Assad assets. But he's got everyone believing it was the Assad regime that was the target. With every strike like this. McCain and others and their assets (chemicals and otherwise) are getting crippled left and right. Soon, they won't be able to perform false flags. Unless, they get actual outside help from foreign governments. Namely Germany. Let the game proceed.

c96476 No.1048084

File: 59a201f00f2d477⋯.png (650.72 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-15-00-5….png)

Potus never tells plans = Barking dogs don't bite.

Top Dog. Mad Dog. Mil Dogs go silently and swiftly for the jugular. End game.

c96476 No.1048110

File: 2c5c46630eb9b26⋯.jpg (532.46 KB, 1072x1415, 1072:1415, Screenshot_20180415-005457.jpg)



1to go

&by1 we mean many

We R winning


Who's the big dog now


c96476 No.1048159

File: c14287bb85e4d2a⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180208-011518.png)

We don't say his name

Gas drop


We R Winning

Q Intel best

POTUS plan perfect

Bye bye DS

Hellow the real America

c96476 No.1048229

File: 17dda057ea0438b⋯.jpg (585.77 KB, 1078x782, 539:391, Screenshot_20180415-011857.jpg)

Give a shill a saw today!

c96476 No.1048234

File: 3f5cdbb0d2348e2⋯.jpg (720.1 KB, 2896x2896, 1:1, 20180415_011823.jpg)

Before and after


c96476 No.1048297

File: 914a6f93b82503f⋯.jpg (641.16 KB, 1049x1472, 1049:1472, Screenshot_20180415-012706.jpg)

Iran is Next

c96476 No.1048436

File: 3e314959305cc4a⋯.jpg (484.05 KB, 2896x2896, 1:1, 20180415_014226.jpg)

POTUS Always on top

Bye DS

Bye HC


We love Trump!!

c96476 No.1048444

File: e9ca443b90f697f⋯.jpg (156.93 KB, 671x843, 671:843, Screenshot_20180415-014305.jpg)

Like I Said

Trust The Plan

c96476 No.1048451

File: 1c2a9943321b283⋯.jpg (412.76 KB, 1080x1237, 1080:1237, Screenshot_20180415-014327.jpg)

Because Our POTUS Says So…

c96476 No.1048527

File: 9dbd3d98b6c3851⋯.jpg (300.78 KB, 1080x730, 108:73, Screenshot_20180415-015236.jpg)

You People are Stupid


Watch some Marie

ec3d27 No.1048550

My wife and family are scared that WWIII is on the close horizon. I believe this Syria strike is to set an example not to fuck with chemical weapons and deter from this Great War. Who’s right #17?

f23660 No.1048748


Hey retarded TRS faggot


The world's been dropping tens of thousands of bombs on Syria for over a decade

Kill yourself and fuck outta here Russian apologist

5db8b7 No.1048987

File: 537537aaf685412⋯.jpg (607.21 KB, 1920x1355, 384:271, brush-1313548_1920.jpg)


exactly !

wheres Q Q+ Q= post about

Rotshield ?

Banksters that control our money debt and FED

Where is their stance against WS and petrodolar money control by US trough USM

Nowhere to be seen . Syria attack proven Q DJT are a other side shills to distract us from Globalist cabal>>1038500

e62dcf No.1050604

File: 12a847851e344dd⋯.jpg (22.88 KB, 480x440, 12:11, zyclon.jpg)


Some possible evidence of Chlorine of German manufacture? They're good at making killer gases.

e62dcf No.1050661

File: 20bfab355306cb1⋯.jpg (93.11 KB, 707x451, 707:451, einstein 1.jpg)


If history proves anything, it's that the next war will always be on the horizon.

fffa81 No.1050742


Great way to memorize what they tell you and then parrot it back. Poor method of developing deductive skills.

fffa81 No.1050774


What if theory of relativity was already known, and not deduced by the "brilliant Jew"? What if energy can be described using the same equation regardless of energy delivery means? What is the equation for momentum?

fffa81 No.1050809


What is the derivative of momentum? What is the equation for kinetic energy? How long do you suppose basic energy equations have been around?

fffa81 No.1050845


This comment is worth reading.

fffa81 No.1050881


What if McGraw Hill was headquartered at Rockefeller Center?

fffa81 No.1050909


They want Scientists smart enough to create "smart" missiles. The rest of you, just smart enough to set up a Facebook account.

7b8b07 No.1050945

File: b686748fef9b274⋯.jpg (43.92 KB, 480x359, 480:359, 28efjt~2.jpg)

Trump is just showboating.

75ecce No.1052162


I was referring to "when" and the missiles.

We didn't use Rain on the last one did we?

2d3af1 No.1052894


How did ISIS/Al-Queda get their hands on a research facility?

2d3af1 No.1053004

File: 8acd71009eeb221⋯.png (74.74 KB, 728x140, 26:5, Capture2.PNG)


Did Assad know about these? Why didn't he get rid of them?

How did the rebels/jihadists get their hands on research labs?

777c81 No.1053439


Worth thinking about, and further research.

If true, then anyone in the Cabal could be identified with a blood test / DNA analysis.

That has some interesting implications.

2d3af1 No.1053887


why would Assad let them put it there?

bc9568 No.1054452

QAnon McCain seems to have disappeared since being called out as a war nigger.

674601 No.1054942

File: 5c558b47210776a⋯.png (312.33 KB, 778x400, 389:200, ClipboardImage.png)

I did some professional digital imaging analysis on this photo and want to share it with the group.

73b8fd No.1055354


Ol’ Shitstain McCain

bc9568 No.1055375


Q post Number 1, October 28th 2017.

Oct 28 2017 14:33:50 (EST) Anonymous ID: gb953qGI 147005381


Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM EST on Monday - the morning on Oct 30, 2017.

Oct 28 2017 15:44:28 (EST) Anonymous ID: BQ7V3bcW 147012719


HRC extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am. Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated. Proof check: Locate a NG member and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major cities.

Fuck you Q, you don't know shit!

e9352c No.1055394

File: f6c4dff740f9c53⋯.jpg (34.2 KB, 420x329, 60:47, 28fxop~2.jpg)

Matti's is just a old SoyBoy.

e9352c No.1055417

File: 4d144a07ab13390⋯.jpg (39.13 KB, 469x337, 469:337, 28f9wf~2.jpg)


That was the fake Q , faggot you don't know shit.

1d88c0 No.1056093

Q if you're real get Trump to say the Earth is flat.

We all know it is…

2f6d3a No.1056539


Confirm RFG.





I have everything.

They deserve to know the truth.

Not just crumbs.

Full disclosure.

UVA events.

Catalina bunker.

Costa Rica bunker.

Virgin island bunker.

Oklahoma bunker.

ME bunkers.




Space launch?

Below not above.

More videos.

All videos.

Watch the sky.


ae1aa5 No.1056755


What is this? I would know more.

2065a1 No.1056903


McCain, Pelosi and others (it has become a talking point) want the whole plan from DJT and the military. They are not going to get it.

bbc9b1 No.1056935


Tesla or Tungsten?

2065a1 No.1057081


Comments appreciated.

2065a1 No.1057336


Yes. Good points. Sauce is long gone but an MD wrote that, even with chlorine gas (vs sarin), their "rescue" efforts looked staged. FF. Also, POTUS definitely called out Assad by name, much to my dismay.

43a128 No.1058528

After the missile strike on targets in Syria, it is harder to make an effective argument in support of Trump. Even Alex Jones is very critical of it and thinks that Trump is compromised. Is this low point in perception necessary? Does it have something to do with "Sparrow Red"?

2874c1 No.1058556


Rothschilds own the FED and claim the debt. But you know something, only HRC would have surrendered our country politically. Xi didn't expect her to lose.

06f2b0 No.1058741

File: 20392dd9124f5ad⋯.png (411.56 KB, 800x445, 160:89, FBLLHC.png)

File: a8a4361b5e4af72⋯.jpg (44.82 KB, 480x360, 4:3, tarmac.jpg)

277ec6 No.1059909

File: 552e5f22c902111⋯.png (525.2 KB, 619x737, 619:737, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at ….png)


277ec6 No.1059927

File: 552e5f22c902111⋯.png (525.2 KB, 619x737, 619:737, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at ….png)

973fe5 No.1060219


Digits confirm. The photo of that jet is a fabrication.

277ec6 No.1060292

File: 552e5f22c902111⋯.png (525.2 KB, 619x737, 619:737, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at ….png)

277ec6 No.1060320

File: 552e5f22c902111⋯.png (525.2 KB, 619x737, 619:737, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at ….png)


why the f is noone picking up on this freakin tweet wake up

973fe5 No.1060336


This piece on ZH supports your statements with sound analysis of exactly how unsound the situation is.

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-15/luongo-trump-done-mattis-won

Been praying, digging and redpilling since October, but I can no longer trust the fucking plan.

277ec6 No.1060350

File: 552e5f22c902111⋯.png (525.2 KB, 619x737, 619:737, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at ….png)


u r fd in the head if u dont see this pray harder anon

973fe5 No.1060461


Seeing is not the foundation of rationale or belief, anon. Confirmation bias often manifests in visual perception.

Do you think we landed on the moon because the event was 'seen' by people across the globe?

Why should anyone care about "HRC LL " in a DJT twat at this point? How does that Capital Letter Code have any relevance or meaning ianymore, particularly now that the US has bombed Syria based on a CW FF for the second time in 12 months?

277ec6 No.1060655


Moon landing is fake, that is obvious DJT and Q are real, that is also obvious. Get out of here you are not on the autistic spectrum, not by a long shot.

277ec6 No.1060673


you are also emotional this is not good for you either. Help the cause or just leave this to people who know what they are doing. And Pray more, for real.

d731e0 No.1061049


So bitter…where’s the trust???

d731e0 No.1061165


Did q give us a “genie out the bottle”. ? Drop…?

d731e0 No.1061169


A beauty

d731e0 No.1061200


None of it matters reAlly if in the end we trust tHis plan…

d731e0 No.1061331

http:// triumphpro.com/bs-8.9.14-access-denied-the-cia-pedophiles-drugs-prostitution-and-mind-control.pdf

4f404a No.1061670

Q, how far does rabbit hole go down here in S{vs76ers}FL? DWS? sheiff ISREAL? all bad things happen down here. can the popo 305/954 be turned? can leathervets and doughboyvets in PD be turned? I need answers. we have been lied to. OIF OEF based on lies! 911 lie. all lies not true. many friend lost. only truth is goyim blood spilled for kike gain. I need to do my part. expose them even if i am made to be crazy. smelly here. God Country Corps

94a47b No.1062244

File: 9d365524bcae197⋯.jpeg (96.49 KB, 750x752, 375:376, QvAJ.jpeg)

332674 No.1062696


Black humour is always appreciated anon!

78c586 No.1062807

what exactly is even happening here ? Is there still any real explanation as to why 'qanon' keeps posting in a cryptic way ? To recruit you ? To do what ? Join ? So you can do what ? Make sure nothing really keeps changing ? Join another secret society ?

609c38 No.1062903


sky green lightning

609c38 No.1062908


to save the world anon

7ab9c7 No.1063240

clowns in armenia knew about Q and were searching for traces of him online before Q came to anons??

0eefff No.1063466


Would imply Q group has a compromised asset or is being monitored.

Q group may or may not be aware of this, and may in fact use same for advantage.

5ed6b5 No.1063712

Ppl Who Flip Flop Obviously Havent been riding the Train since 2015.. Just wanted to say Hello and now Im seeing double and waisted a couple of hours and I have paper due today by midnight. Thought I found a good guy and he turned out to be a fraud go figure.

how do I know when q comes on or when to go to that other ridiculous site I don't get other than I probably let yall in my computer… This is not my permanent computer so if ya want to know everything I am open book No shame in my game & I am Fearless

5ed6b5 No.1063778

Get this I am w/ACT 4Am& I just so happened 2get suspected MB person in my little town 4 a landlord hahaha

b1190c No.1063981

China debt at least twice of USA. USA debt now large enough the interest us greater than military spending. DJT loves debt, military spend, wants weak dollar but dollar will rise as last man standing. Stock market decline temporary correction. Cash flees euro zone, negative rates, ecb only buyer of bonds. DJT cant stop it, maybe slow it down. DJT is zionist buddy of Netanyahu, building military, still better than HRC. At least CL personals, Back Page, NK defuse and some jobs back to states.

f182ed No.1064722


Russian Jews (read atheists)…sheesh…

Don't forget the sister…

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_Wojcicki

Ever wonder how his family got exit visas during the height of the cold war when educated people were desperate to leave eastern block countries?

0baf55 No.1065065


How can Q & group not be aware, if he is the one giving us heads up?

0baf55 No.1065221

Think like Q clues collectively. It's bigger.

McCain, McCain Institute, with NTI.org practically next door, all innocent looking out for the world, with its school and online library, tracking nuclear and chemical weapons for greater good?

No, more so to control and instigate, FF, military ops in countries of their chosing, destruction of their chosing. They have a command center conglomerate. McCain is like their general.

They leverage kill boxes. It's their signature mark. then they sit back and watch bombs fly, while they attack the politics of it.

Genie is for money, but they got busted in their own end games.

0baf55 No.1065265

Follow the money into NTI. Such good fellows, bet a lot of federally controlled settlement funds went there.

0baf55 No.1065377


You sound like an Armenian shill.

It may seem like Q is leading everyone along, but that is the way it has to be, it has to be organic. Maybe that hurts your brain, but why jump into the dark side?

Lots of jumpers on the threads, distracters, implants. Easy to identify.

ea78dd No.1066027

Any experiments on blowing up chemical weapons and its affects on surrounding areas? Its a joke, get it?

2d3af1 No.1066327

How do we know the chemical weapons facilities are ISIS/deep-state owned? Did Assad know about this?

b1190c No.1066440

Hey Q,

Being that the latest Syrian fake gas attack was staged by USAID and friends, what was the point if blowing up those missiles? Did the MIC need some more tax money? Did DJT need to show how tough he is and so willing to waste money on other countries problems? I know it wasn’t a secret routing out the moderate terrorists, because DJT could have just dropped the bombs and claimed credit for killing Isis. Surely you understand why we question your true motives?

b1190c No.1066581



Also, how many more years until we see some of the criminals arrested and punished? Last time I checked, every last one was free. Yes, I have seen resignations, but that could also mean get while the gettin is good. Standard protocol when insiders have info regarding business direction. What about the foreign interference into a democratic process? Are you guys going to tackle AIPAC, Israel? You know, you still haven’t written a thing about the biggee - 9/11.

ea78dd No.1067472


Reading from a Teleprompter to bomb "chemical plants" in Syria was super bad optics. You will notice the board has all but been abandoned.

2d3af1 No.1068153


>The chemo weap depots struck could easily be clown black opp/AQ/Hezbollah/ facilities.



LL = Lois learner?


What software is that? Don't recognize logo in top left corner

333886 No.1068676

File: eeea8c08adc5ac6⋯.jpg (32.02 KB, 480x695, 96:139, 30713224_2161802120504212_….jpg)

946bfd No.1068957

File: ea0fd08ca77cb06⋯.jpg (56.28 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 28ibp5~2.jpg)

Trump will take McCain down on a treason charge.

38f409 No.1070177

File: f9f208429a8ac5d⋯.jpg (337.01 KB, 1000x620, 50:31, hefner_part_1_photo_10-e5d….jpg)

The Judge that is overseeing the Cohen/Trump Case

That Doxed Sean hannity Today,

Is a George Soros Shill

Over saw the wedding,

She was also a Play boy Bunney for

Heffner - Judge Kimba Wood

a57cb9 No.1070631


It doesn't matter if Q is a LARP or not. Actually if it is - good for them. This is stuff we should be doing and thinking about anyway. We The People are supposed to be running this place - not some covert governmental agency.

Best thing that has happened since GEOTUS took office is that everyone is now involved…its hyper but it is good. I think that America thrives in chaos - apathy is death

4ae3c4 No.1070765

File: 2c270f6a36724ed⋯.jpg (133.92 KB, 475x623, 475:623, MEME2018-04-16-08-50-15.jpg)


4ae3c4 No.1071281

File: fc644f45a38c790⋯.jpg (179.9 KB, 720x432, 5:3, MEME2018-04-16-09-35-15.jpg)


946bfd No.1071362

File: 750aebf2b716db6⋯.jpg (47.59 KB, 470x396, 235:198, 28ipxp~2.jpg)

When will the Song Bird be taken into custody…

e1fbe8 No.1072419

File: 7666f4352f3eb46⋯.png (1.38 MB, 2054x1284, 1027:642, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at ….png)

Looks like he is getting help from HBO to help polish his image.. funny this comes out right now.

http:// deadline.com/2018/04/john-mccain-documentary-hbo-kunhardt-films-1202365228/

e1fbe8 No.1072665

File: 704b1af76c36b09⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1358x1316, 97:94, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at ….png)

File: 8646c33b37c97c9⋯.png (2.02 MB, 2062x1102, 1031:551, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at ….png)

File: 53df90a5aaa9a7d⋯.png (95.68 KB, 926x658, 463:329, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at ….png)

File: 198b7f8e82f24b7⋯.png (780.58 KB, 928x1354, 464:677, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at ….png)

https:// www.yahoo.com/news/cancer-stricken-mccain-stable-undergoing-surgery-002411449.html

Oh that poor thing..

3795d1 No.1073393

It would appear No-Name scampered back to Washington DC for 'surgery' to get a cover story in place:

https:// www.yahoo.com/news/senator-mccain-undergoes-surgery-treat-intestinal-infection-225919595.html

619972 No.1073395


Hope he's suffering

3795d1 No.1073434

Oooops! It wasn't Washington DC. He scampered back to his home state of Arizona for the 'alleged' surgery.

619972 No.1073440


Even he can't trust anyone in D.C.

936bd8 No.1074601


Is Q Rex? Rex and his pilots? WTF are you doing? We don't survive like BATS do, so WTF? With all this at your disposal, you'd think you could help, but no! Revenge you're giving to me. Unless flames under moves you. Famine takes very little time to do its evil.

adfc71 No.1076590

File: 228d61f60e169dc⋯.png (302.6 KB, 1325x1064, 1325:1064, Screenshot-2018-4-17 https….png)

wayback machine is filtering isishq soon we will not be able to recover why isis is isis

83c27f No.1076668

Thank you to Q and all the annon White Hats for what they are doing for freedom. How is POTUS's food being protected? And Air Force 1 refrigerator renovations? Who oversaw those? It can't be coincidence the video of HRC reading the passage from F&F book during the Grammy's broadcast, about POTUS fear of being poisoned. Prince Rogers Nelson ("Prince") was murdered via his food being poisoned April 2016. No such thing as coincidences! PRN's murder continues to be covered up. Uncovering his murder will further expose the dark truths about Hollywood, the music industry, politics, & Deep State. Could the White Hats / POTUS look into PRN's murder? As a global icon, Prince is a unifying figure and force, and POTUS intervening to unearth the Truth about his murder and bring to justice the perpetrators will not only endear POTUS the world over, but also bring much unity to our very divided society. Thank you Q.

VISIT: www.justice4prince.com

WATCH: https:// www.facebook.com/abigail.noel.7/videos/1566517523469671/

START @ 50:06

END @ 1:39:22

619972 No.1076770


>How is POTUS's food being protected?

Probably why he eats a lot of fast food. His enemies never know where he's going to eat.

23b303 No.1077559


https:// lovetruthsite.wordpress.com/2018/04/17/why-syria-is-there-something-deeper-going-on/

48eaa1 No.1078547

File: 4d144a07ab13390⋯.jpg (39.13 KB, 469x337, 469:337, 28f9wf~2.jpg)

bfe35f No.1079451

Q, will you please respond to the atmospheric spraying program? Please! we live on a little farm in northern new england and havent seen the sun but three times since Nov 5. can you please tell me that you and POTUS are on board with this? 1000 thank you if you respond. Our family and farm are depending on you!!!

b82389 No.1080263


Well that explains why the military persisted so long in trying to promote the "ISIL" acronym

9f8886 No.1083372

File: 2511740369d5256⋯.jpg (25.7 KB, 364x263, 364:263, 28kf5v~2.jpg)

McCain is a asshole.

f6e87e No.1086159


I want to trust the plan but that bothers me too. Why has Q never mentioned 9/11 and bringing justice for those killed in that FF? It's worrying.

5b5f9c No.1086984

Anons and lurkers be patient,

3cdb52 No.1089927

File: 00223c2c2105632⋯.png (298.1 KB, 1069x689, 1069:689, 1.png)

File: b59951c8a2d1e45⋯.png (177.6 KB, 832x593, 832:593, 2.png)

File: 01ad842b15cc6ac⋯.png (4.85 MB, 2880x5654, 1440:2827, 3.png)


Board of Directors of Syria research facility hit by Trump (April 13) include Gov. Brown, Moniz & others


https:// www.puppetstringnews.com/blog/board-of-directors-of-syria-research-facility-hit-by-trump-include-brown-moniz-turner-admiral-mullen-buffet-and-others

"All these people should probably be arrested for treason and supplying terrorist groups inside of Syria."


Info on NTI:

http:// www.nti.org/learn/countries/syria/

0a1bb7 No.1090404


The link is still not clear. Yes to NTI based in DC. They purportedly work on anti -proliferation stuff, which is a good thing. I've yet to see a link showing the facility that got bombed was a place where black hats conduct nefarious ops. And no, I'm not a damn clown. I'm trying to figure this stuff out right along with everyone else.

f22c0a No.1094849

File: 90194b500ac5552⋯.jpg (83.56 KB, 500x614, 250:307, 28nnvo~2.jpg)

5108d5 No.1097072

File: 1508252f9d8694c⋯.jpg (15.39 KB, 300x168, 25:14, jefferson.jpg)

It's past time.

da4379 No.1098877

File: b66559d3192ceac⋯.jpg (86.33 KB, 500x641, 500:641, 28nm3d~3.jpg)

bb25d7 No.1113127

Syria missile strike - message. No CW ever again. No matter who used them.

Coordinated with Russia. Low casualties.

Assad will win and be replaced. Objective is to end war.

Arab spring mistake on many fronts. Syria pays price.

Trust the plan.

af8293 No.1113968

File: 639f6dca6786443⋯.jpg (80.1 KB, 736x413, 736:413, 639f6dca67864437870a734317….jpg)

No Name with his home boys

fffa81 No.1114220

Good News!

Moderate terrorists have caught the 9/11 Mastermind! I thought it would have been some Jewist, but they double dog swear it was a Muslim! Wow, I did NAZI that coming.

f32178 No.1114285

File: c26eeff77d8c82e⋯.png (33.6 KB, 155x116, 155:116, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// oilprice.com/Energy/Crude-Oil/The-Billion-Barrel-Oil-Swindle-80-Of-US-Oil-Reserves-Are-Unaccounted-For.html

0b1e8e No.1122925

File: 7c26106587ff043⋯.jpg (52.03 KB, 612x260, 153:65, its-a-trap.jpg)


All true… but…

0b1e8e No.1122947

File: 7c26106587ff043⋯.jpg (52.03 KB, 612x260, 153:65, its-a-trap.jpg)

https:// pjmedia.com/homeland-security/isis-threatens-satanic-cnn-universal-studios-hollywood-nasa/

All true… but…

2874c1 No.1122997


https:// www.linkedin.com/in/wendywasserman

c7e71b No.1123243

Is this the main message board to post a message to Q?

0b1e8e No.1123349

File: 2e34db8e1f3b8b8⋯.jpg (17.52 KB, 624x312, 2:1, Syria air defence.jpg)

What makes a good movie?

https:// www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/syria-reportedly-only-fired-2-air-defense-missiles-during-the-us-strike-and-then-fired-38-more-blindly/ar-AAw4abv

https:// www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/russia-says-it-told-us-where-in-syria-it-could-bomb/ar-AAw7afH

2874c1 No.1124509


Video and audio with confessions may over come conspiracies.

f0a025 No.1125726

File: 83068c237363e19⋯.png (27.81 KB, 999x512, 999:512, Capture.PNG)

File: 86d99a40fc5df10⋯.png (228.14 KB, 1311x518, 1311:518, Capture1.PNG)

File: df6a8e3619ff7ec⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1917x988, 1917:988, Capture2.PNG)

Found something interesting for the No Name effort.

In Nov. 2016, there was rumored to be an NSA tweet verifying Pizzagate. Info here:

https:// fellowshipoftheminds.com/2017/12/13/nsa-tweet-pizzagate-is-real/

(Pic is also related).

You have to admit it sounds a lot like Q.

I pasted the string into a duckduckgo search, and the first hit was this website:

https:// clinton.media.mit.edu/podesta

In a matter of about a minute, I came a cross an email referencing a huffpo article that can no longer be found…but the text is posted in its entirety at wikileaks:

https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/31623

Good stuff.

edc8b1 No.1127290

WPl 0vwwequipment

0eefff No.1128074

When was non name last sighted?

Maybe it's time to start demanding a picture to prove he's still around.

9dfa3b No.1129240



Yes . . Were it not for the subject matter, this would be just barely short of hilarious.

It was nice, not hearing from his dumb ass for a period of time. Figures he would stick his big jowls up out of the hole to comment on this.

My disdain for that POS can't be verbalized.

3795d1 No.1129280


Q told us he was in Syria right around the time the chemical attack happened. Then, shortly after that, there is a picture of him leaving an Arizona hospital. They were wheeling him out after 'intestine surgery'.

Almost for sure, he was trying to make it look like he wasn't in Syria.

3795d1 No.1129292

https:// www.inquisitr.com/4869025/john-mccain-hospitalized-for-emergency-treatment-for-intestinal-infection-identified-as-diverticulutis/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+google%2FyDYq+%28The+Inquisitr+-+News%29&utm_content=Yahoo+Search+Results

5aadb8 No.1134193

Can't believe some of the people on here. You had 5 min Q&A with Q and you ask about bloody 911, energy weapons and whatnot. Clowns.

The fight is now. Concentrate on what is happening now. The future is fantasy until we get there. The past is gone. Covered up and deleted.

936bd8 No.1135037


The past is gone on a timeline, but the cycles of time are always accessible. Even objects are part of cosmic matter/energy. That even death can be reversed. Planets that have been destroyed restored.

896b47 No.1135330

Can't find the 2nd amendment thread anymore.

https:// papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3124326

Can someone get this study and make it accessible for everyone!!! Very important.

896b47 No.1135386


Yes yes, I know. Photons are not particles but a fluid in which the waves propagate. It's a density field.

Time is an illusion created by the mind because it requires two separate memories. What is death? Does anyone remember being born? No. You are speaking from within time. There is only now.

0eefff No.1135849

So a petition from AZ citizens demanding photographic proof that noname is still sentient may be in order.

936bd8 No.1135950


It's even more solid than people know, the energy fields. Time here is an illusion but a long one. But people ask about 9/11 because it's fresh in their minds still. It seems like lifetimes ago. But not everyone recalls it like that. When a victim is suffering, the effect is always the same. There's no time there. So that's why Q had gotten those questions.

I wasn't at ground zero that day, I never heard the dread tones until much later when the deed was already cemented in time. The harsh edges of the structures, the confusing multitude of concrete and steel, the aspect of never sleeping peacefully is what I would never subject myself to…that's the way it would be for me to live in such a massive city. It didn't always seem that way though. I was different then. Before 9/11.

Something changed and it wasn't time itself but an energy that seemed to change it.

74d86b No.1136215

This is so completely fake people. Think about what you're doing with your time and who's you're trusting. You're trusting yet another president. Why are you not doing something meaningful? You could opt out of the hierarchy. Stop voting, stop banking, grow your own produce. Don't trust them, trust yourself, it begins at home.

edaa7a No.1136321



Very true. Something did change. It's very weird going through the mental repetition of believing an explanation of the event and confusion about it. It happened for some reason we will never know for certain.

In a way it reminds me of being a child, and someone suddenly changing the rules in a game.

2874c1 No.1136391


go away

0faf55 No.1137319

File: 4260ba0a507bb6f⋯.jpg (69.1 KB, 480x430, 48:43, 28ugky~2.jpg)

Meme for twitter.

c390fa No.1137499

Sure it was. Kek

This was nothing more than mil bombing for Trump to prove hes all hard n sheit.

9fe183 No.1138737



Maybe this will help. Not the who but the what.


Twin towers symbolize matrimony.

Traditional values under assault.

Who suffers from this assault?


Easy to distract and lead astray without the pillars.

New symbol, single and cold. Cynic. Selfish.

See how it is connected in time to what happens today.

What we are fighting for.

c711fc No.1141934


Nine-eleven as a mass ritual.

They even pushed that picture of the hanged man falling from the tower to signify the completed work

298836 No.1142892

Most of this humanoid truffle is disgusting

fascists included


0eefff No.1143782

Mayo statement on divirticulitis surgery was first medical update since Dec 17th.

Meghan "goes home to AZ" . plans to return to TV Monday.

No indication yet on if any family attended weekend Soros-funded Noname institute annual meeting.

HBO announces docudrama.

Tweets vague.

http:// www.king5.com/mobile/article/news/nation-now/with-her-father-hospitalized-meghan-mccain-goes-home-to-arizona/465-4d0bed16-907f-477e-8e1e-43a86a32c8c7

28c2ee No.1163938


Why did you not provide any link?

It does not matter what Mattis said or things. Where´s the beef?

The points you have made are simply NOT TRUE. The facilities were vital for ASSAD to fight ISIS. By striking, the U.S. is actually supporting ISIS.

There is no plan. Trump struck Syria with no evidence. Without the approval of Congress and the U.N. Trump has become a war criminal.

Evaluation of Trump Policies - Syria and over-seas

https:// www.endchan.net/aaanwopros/res/446.html

61080f No.1172497

Q seems to be sharply pro-war-ish, and I'm pretty anti-war, that said, I still support the efforts to knock out human trafficking (I do not, however, support the undemocratic warmongering).

That said, he keeps saying 'learn our comms', so here's my rundown of what I think it means (would be nice if Q would confirm):

CLAS -> Classification

CLAS +3 -> Classification above top secret (3 is 'top secret', +3 is 'above top secret)

CONF -> Confirmation, may also be 'confirmed' or 'conference', but confirmation is my bet.

APRIL SHOWERS -> Airstrikes/Missile strikes (in April)

AWAN -> Possibly Airforce W____ Army Navy (I don't know what the W could stand for).

C_A -> CIA

SA -> Although Saudi Arabia is mentioned, Q is referring to Saudi Arabia's financing of the Clinton Foundation

Define Kickback -> Where a person receives a benefit/bonus/profit for selling goods/services. In this case, Hillary Clinton receives money from Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia receives free/discounted weapons from America, which it then sells on to wartorn countries.

RED/GREEN -> Green light, red light, or basically yes/no.

Sparrow -> Russia (I think?)

CLAS - Sec 11A P 2.2 -> Classification Security 11A (not sure what 11A means) Page 2, section 2. Likely refers to a classified document of some sort.

GOOG -> Although people point out it means Google (which is technically correct), it refers to Google stocks, which In-Q-Tel originally invested in. Is this where we, then, get the word 'Q' from?

61080f No.1172600

Iron Eagle -> F-15/F-16, Airforce

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_Eagle

Comms always uses a third degree reference. First->Second->Third. Iron Eagle->Film->(about)Airforce/F-16s.

Something about an airstrike, I'm guessing?

Trump & Co MUST publish intel *concretely* (none of that Iraq WMD garbage) proving Assad was responsible for chemical weapon strike, or otherwise is going to lose support of everyone, myself included.

UK retroactively holding a vote is unacceptable and not democracy, and will get roasted.

Kickbacks also fall back to missile producers, at $2.3 million a pop, any justification to waste expensive missiles is going to get support. Eglin airforce base kickbacks.

Good guys can turn bad, and I ain't trusting no Wizard of Oz or the Wicked Witch of the West.

7d0893 No.1174448


Key in the statement of missile attack = important command post."

VERY important command post. Syria/Russia on sudden surge sweeping out remaining opposition forces since. Coincidence?

295e90 No.1176047

https:// www.nytimes.com/2013/11/24/arts/television/as-the-world-turns-interrupted-by-kennedys-shooting.html

19b2d5 No.1178071


When [It] Begins those pretending to be on the team will expose themselves……

we hit deep state targets in Syria &

info-dummy looses his mind like never before, and has been selling anti Trump WW3 bullshit ever since.

Though William Cooper exposed Jones ages ago FBI propped him up all pretty.

Jones brought the image of the"crazy conspiracy theorist" to the truth movement…..

think about that……

look at his Y2k broadcast.

NR's melting down all over the USA.

Russia has launched 15 nuke missiles at us and y2k bug has taken down our defenses…..

He goes on like this for hours all while wearing a terrorist mask and screaming like an idiot.

I've always considered Infowars n Jones at best 30% truth 70% BS fear mongering lies.

08bbf4 No.1179477

Get Educated Gentlemen.

On Point

by Austin Bay

April 24, 2018

"Time to Fix the Flaws in the Deceitful Iran Nuclear Deal"

https:// www.strategypage.com/on_point/2018042422629.aspx

718e4d No.1179606

It is useful to review when, how, by whom we were drawn into this Middle Eastern mess. I tried to spread articles like these far and wide back in the day, but it mostly fell on deaf ears. Hind site, however, is closer to 20/20. One seminal thought with which we all hope Q/Potus agree: U.S. and Israeli interests are not identical. They often collide, and when they do, U.S. interests must prevail. http:// www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/whose-war/

http:// ifamericaknew.org/us_ints/nc-pilger.html

https:// www.foreignpolicyjournal.com/2011/11/19/sanctioning-syria-the-long-road-to-damascus/

08bbf4 No.1180218

I wonder when the folks at www.strategypage.com are going to wake up to the effects of Qanon? Will they stay away because it's to risky of a "conspiracy"? Will they even make mention of Q?

401e5f No.1181820

File: fc179b77851dd05⋯.jpg (73.02 KB, 1024x525, 1024:525, 1524657955092m.jpg)

RIGHT NOW as you sit here and LURK, shill or provide redpills; there is a shadow war going on.

>20090 sealed inditements and growing

>low tier turpin family trafficking rings

>now moving to midtier allison mack space children rings

>soon the high level podesta's and pizzapeddlers

The good guys are setting up the final stages now!!!

Will you be prepared? Will your family be ready?? When the news lies and says there is a coup???

>prepare your minds and hearts

This IS SPIRITUAL!!! it is a cosmic war between good and evil!!!

Remember religion is mans attempt to connect with GOD

>you want a relationship with God like Mr Terry Davis


https:// youtu.be/4px_vlTWYcI

>red pilled allison mack sex cult Quick Rundown

This channel is OURGuy!!!

>not monotized , no donations allowed

>non jew non chink

>all tradition and deep philosophical redpills

This is the place, when he had 100 subs THEY ALMOST SHUT HIM DOWN for parkland shooting exposing the Beast system involved…

Help spread the message, help destroy the AI worshiping Science Control freaks and help expose the pedo-satanist system!!!!

>again prepare your families the happening is upon us

So be aware

>pedos brings exposed, look out JAYZ

Mass establishment systems being taken out as you read this

>a massive inner shadow war between agencies and inside our gov

One group will detain you and another will set you free ALA ZAQ infowars boy.

Good WILL defeat evil

https:// youtu.be/IIwL42DPFV4

>YouTube worships AI satan and Google is the enabler

https:// youtu.be/3UW-EXS0eZE

>Syria SMASH TV!!! spiritual warfare

Wake up!!!

fc03c0 No.1182956


55 minute mark

ties UN NWO Alien agenda

Holy Shit what year was this

fc03c0 No.1183797



fffa81 No.1186658


Antifa flag is not Nazi, it is Communist. National Socialists are those beat out the Jewist Communist influence. FFS, learn history!

b0f75d No.1187926

File: bf539ecc5541726⋯.png (55.01 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, bb7.png)

Anybody notice that the Netflix move Next Sunday bears a striking similarity to the untold story of muhammad? Very interesting make by Netflix.

7c63b9 No.1188519

File: ba8983367fdcbb4⋯.png (115.54 KB, 1181x315, 1181:315, the truth.png)


I can assure you "Q" disagrees with you on that point.

78c586 No.1189714


we're all still waiting

and Q himself just bumped a post he made that says 60% at least must remain private - for humanity

I could troll over it, but essentially anyone saying that is basically announcing they can't be trusted. It's exactly what a bad actor would tell you while they're cheating you. That's thinking logically.

b8b521 No.1192392


Preserve The Union

Trust The Plan

60% simply speaks to the depth of the WW evil and unbelievable truth. It is a start on the right path. Would you prefer 0%


537286 No.1192729


BASED neoconservative talking points. Q is truly our greatest ally

537286 No.1192737


Communists R the real Nazis

Dems R the real racists

Neocons R the real patriots

Israelis R our greatest allies

Trust the plan


537286 No.1192744

File: ac17f6ff3903d02⋯.jpg (100.19 KB, 750x400, 15:8, union-is-dissolved.jpg)


>Preserve The Union

I'll pass.

2eacff No.1192968


What the guys running Q are saying by that is that (supposedly) the crimes committed by the so-called "cabal" are so heinous and the corruption originating from them so pervasive in the system that the public being made aware of this would destroy all trust in the government and its institution.

The truth however, is that the overwhelming majority of the contents that will not be disclosed is not criminal in nature, but would threaten the "special relationship" between Israel and the United States.

The swamp is not being cleaned. They're simply changing their strategy. Hillary&Co. are a scapegoat, a bone for the dogs. You are being pacified and groomed for war.

2eacff No.1192981

Here's another fun fact for you: the recent publicised arrests of actors involved in a "sex cult" and "human trafficking"? They were being led by a holocaust revisionist/ holocaust denier.

2eacff No.1192989

The US military is espousing civic nationalism out of pragmatic considerations. In the short term, this strategy is guaranteed to succeed.

2eacff No.1193011


The "cabal"/the "elite" (with Hillary as its face) will be propped up as a common enemy. They're just a scapegoat but people are simple. This will work (for a while).

Study kabuki theatre.

2eacff No.1193021


They're in on it. This is a game. You are being groomed.

2eacff No.1193026

It doesn't really matter whether you trust the plan or not. The seed has already been planted.

2eacff No.1193030

This is all for now. Remember: global detente & Israel. These are the keys to everything. Everything else is kabuki.

537286 No.1193050


To succeed at what? I don't share the same goals of the traitorous Jew-owned mercenaries known as the US military.

2eacff No.1193197

File: 8514a8238f9888e⋯.png (2.26 MB, 1283x1547, 1283:1547, __mdr_girls_frontline_draw….png)


You are irrelevant. For the US military, civic nationalism is first and foremost a solution to a security issue. Think like a state (jew). A jewish-nationalist Israel needs international clout. A US engaged in civil war cannot provide security.

Civic nationalism in the US will significantly lower the possibility of civil wars on US soil. The military knows this because they have seen it happen for decades within their own ranks, where blacks and whites fight shoulder to shoulder. All you need is a common enemy.

fffa81 No.1193792

Mossad is not an ally. Israel created by Roths. Learn history!

Why does Antifa Flag look like NAZI flag? It didn't until a few days ago.

Apparently, in this instance, good guys infiltrated to make harder for MSM to portray Antifa as good guys. Libbies are fiercly against anything Nazi, but they love Ashkenazi lies!

9c8804 No.1194697

Q must be right on Russia Syria


April 25, 2018: Russia is hustling to carry out some damage control in Syria after two embarrassing defeats. First, there was the loss of several hundred Russian military contractors during a failed February attack on American and Kurdish forces in eastern Syria. In April there was the U.S., British and French attack on Assad chemical weapons facilities with 105 smart bombs and missiles. The Syrian air defense system, using recently updated equipment, failed to stop any of the incoming missiles, all of which apparently hit their targets and did so nearly simultaneously. Russia later admitted it did not use its S-400 air defense system in Syria because the incoming missiles, as per previous agreements, avoided all Russian facilities. Russia still insists that the Syrian air defense system shot down a lot of the incoming missiles but has not provided any proof. Such proof would be easy to locate and display if it existed, but it doesn’t and Russia is left insisting that its S-400 system, which it recently sold to Turkey, could have shot down the incoming missiles. Meanwhile, Russia says it is sending some S-300 batteries to Syria to upgrade the Syrian air defenses and that these would also knock down incoming missiles. It is uncertain when the S-300 systems will arrive in Syria, or whether they will be sent at all.

The fact remains that Russia had a chance to demonstrate the effectiveness of the S-400 and refused to engage. Finally, there was the event that triggered the American led missile attack and that was the frequent recent use of nerve gas by the Assad government. Russia denies this is happening but the UN investigators are convinced and this puts a bad light on the Russian effort in 2013 to avoid Western air attacks on Assad by guaranteeing that the Assads would dismantle their chemical weapons facilities and account for all their chemical weapons so they could be destroyed. The continued use of nerve gas and other chemical weapons by the Assads shows the 2013 Russian guarantee to be worthless. Russia says it is all part of a NATO plot to discredit Russia. Despite the confrontational situation leading up to the missile attack and its aftermath (Russia insisting the gas attack was staged by Britain) the Russians and Americans kept their liaison channels open and active. Some with Russia and Israel.


537286 No.1196171


That's why we will never allow civic nationalism. Agitate

4a01c3 No.1196388

File: f366d57e7694a5d⋯.png (662.55 KB, 998x666, 499:333, __ump45_and_ump9_girls_fro….png)


That only works if you have friends in the right places. High + Low vs. Middle. Do you have a patron? No. Guess why.

There are recent images from Antifa events floating around the web where attendees (plants) are "caught" sporting a flag that resembles the German battle standard from WWII. Ask yourself – why that choice?

Hint: it's a double signifier. One is a distraction. Wrong thing to ask: "would it have the same effect were they to use a flag that resembles various communist ones?"

You're guarding against the wrong methods.

4a01c3 No.1196413

"An ally can turn" ←- this is about Germany.

Pakistan is next, after Iran. (Indirect strike against China & Germany. Feint left, punch right.)

bdb7f7 No.1196424


Looks like another Friday drop.

537286 No.1196483


>That only works if you have friends in the right places. High + Low vs. Middle. Do you have a patron?

We don't need a patron to polarize people and drive wedges between them. That is one of the only things we actually have power to do ourselves. And the left is our ally in this (and they have plenty of patrons). Every university is our ally in this. Every foundation. Every SJW. There is far more power behind division than there is behind unity, and that's actually a good thing for us.

4a01c3 No.1196609

File: eaf2d35f4a9148b⋯.jpg (368.09 KB, 919x1300, 919:1300, __z_62_girls_frontline_dra….jpg)


>the left is our ally in this (and they have plenty of patrons)

You mean, the patrons that are being neutralised as we speak?

Think: >>1188519 (You already know the name of the guy in charge of the operation – P.N.)

4a01c3 No.1196634

This is your chance to change sides. Take it.

You were played like a fiddle.

4a01c3 No.1196665

File: 0b673f56abee36d⋯.jpg (805.31 KB, 1200x1500, 4:5, __mosin_nagant_girls_front….jpg)


^ for the W.N. retards.

Pic related. (See hat.)

537286 No.1196806


>the patrons that are being neutralised as we speak?

That isn't happening. All universities still operational. Tides fund, Ford foundation, Rockefeller foundation, etc. all still up and running fine. Identity politics is only growing.

4a01c3 No.1196976


>That isn't happening

You are misinformed. You don't need to close down the universities to neutralise the "un-constructive" pole within them.

>Ford foundation, Rockefeller foundation

These are Dinosaurs. You are fighting yesterday's war.

4a01c3 No.1197021

> Identity politics is only growing.

In the long run, identity politics in the US is inevitable; with or without the current players still in the game. Not now. Not soon.

4a01c3 No.1197061

Which is why .gov will grow increasingly authoritarian over time. (Note how the Chinese model is viewed with admiration among the ones in the know, even though China is viewed as a rival. Why? Necessity.)

537286 No.1197071


You asked for patrons and I gave them to you. The foundations are still an important arm of power today.


Yes now and yes soon. Because we will continue to hammer it every day. And there is nothing you shit bags can do to stop it. After a time, people will accelerate to drone warfare and racially targeted terrorism. Again, you won't stop it.

4a01c3 No.1197103


If that's what you wanted then, boy did you back the wrong candidate.

It's ok though. Incontinence is a defining characteristic of the lower castes. We understand.

537286 No.1197114


I didn't back any candidate, dumbass. Stop presuming things

4a01c3 No.1197149


You're a foil. It does not matter what you in particular did. Most people like you flocked to Trump. That is what's important.

Talk about a "miscalculation"?

537286 No.1197211


Yes, I can see that. If you look at the alt kike, like daily stormer or TRS, they are completely trumpcucked.

But radicalization is still possible, and there are still plenty working to polarize people.

296785 No.1199155

File: d22ac1a5d0e8954⋯.jpg (595.48 KB, 1061x1500, 1061:1500, __zas_m21_girls_frontline_….jpg)


I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. You're in for a lot of disappointment. And by a lot I mean "Christ have mercy" on the people in your position.

537286 No.1199652



bdb7f7 No.1199896


I don't know, I also thought she just meant type "keywords" into wikileaks search box. Try it.

537286 No.1199979


Come on nigga, don't leave me hangin

0b8830 No.1202899


What a pile of BS. Even the rebel-friendly Syrian Observatory reported that at least 65 missiles were shot down - and of course the media failed to report that, even though they usually quote them on everything.


Mattis is lying through his teeth that none of the missiles were shot down, but at least he was truthful enough to admit back in February that the US has no evidence for any gas attacks by Assad:


0b8830 No.1203137

Let's combine some dots:

Fact: Israel (Mossad) and SA were involved in 9/11.

Fact: Israel and SA want a US war against Iran.

Fact: POTUS takes steps towards worsening relations with Iran.

Fact: Q never mentions 9/11 or the Mossad.

Fact: Q claims that Iran is a member of the cabal, while Iran is in fact one of the last countries without a Roth Central Bank.

Fact: Iran never started a war and never attacked Israel. Hezbollah may be partly a terrorist organization, but their main goal seems to be the defense of Lebanon against Israeli expansion.

"Trust the plan" seems a lot like "Don't do anything". Now, I hope that I am wrong, but it seems that POTUS has been more or less neutralized by the deep state.

The sealed indictments seem to be real (though then again, the deep state may also be able to create false ones to throw off patriots with Hopium).

d16e0b No.1203372


We are witnessing a pincer tactic used by the globalists whereby the middle class of a society is squeezed by pressure from above and pressure from below.

The radical street mobs like Antifa are pawns, shills and dupes working from below and funded by an oligarchy of elitists operating from above to turn our limited national government into an unlimited one.

Similarly, so called terrorists are the pawns used to provide pressure from below at the international level with global government being the ultimate goal. World peace can only come through world law, they say, while holding their sabers in one hand and dangling an olive branch in the other.

296785 No.1203675


Sealed indictments.

537286 No.1204443


Oh, that bullshit. I thought you has some real info.

537286 No.1204495


Mattis is a closet homo. Fags are always adept at lying.


This is why I have been saying that Q is a military intelligence psyop. The evidence all points that way.

fffa81 No.1208087


"Q is MI psy-op"

What? no fucking way dude, no fucking way! Wait, maybe….

Boom! Did you see it, hear it, boom?

Who loves a good movie? Who sits on the sidelines as Rome burns? Bread and circus?

aeca6d No.1210348


muh concerns

muh complaints

muh shill

aeca6d No.1210389

aeca6d No.1210399

File: 6b3351cb4ff105a⋯.jpg (28.39 KB, 337x238, 337:238, tokyorose.jpg)




tag team shit posters

think tokyo rose

good for korea happy day

aeca6d No.1210418

File: 39a6f39d6b19809⋯.jpg (7.06 KB, 252x200, 63:50, minime3.jpg)




more tag team bullshit artists

aeca6d No.1210433

File: 4aae3c690127448⋯.jpg (18.73 KB, 275x183, 275:183, clown3.jpg)




tag team shills thick in here now

aeca6d No.1210448

File: 6fa3a66076aecff⋯.jpg (11.1 KB, 225x225, 1:1, clown14.jpg)


>I spent half my career as a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, explosives specialist. The other half as intel.

sure you did

tell us what to do science guy we lub you

aeca6d No.1210460


ah a real anon

so many shills

so littletime

aeca6d No.1210471




more real anons

dont lurk more

aeca6d No.1210474

aeca6d No.1210482

File: 6ab756f28a3d252⋯.jpg (6.13 KB, 264x191, 264:191, monty1.jpg)

aeca6d No.1210492

File: 6ab756f28a3d252⋯.jpg (6.13 KB, 264x191, 264:191, monty1.jpg)


> it is harder to make an effective argument in support of Trump

aeca6d No.1210524




4am talking points all over the board

aeca6d No.1210543


shills everywhere

anons know in a great movie the hero is always doomed

until he isnt

aeca6d No.1210570

File: 0d3eab3649c944f⋯.jpg (7.19 KB, 264x191, 264:191, monty3.jpg)


>The swamp is not being cleaned.

24cc84 No.1210590


Such low effort shills too. I guess that's what happens when there funds start drying up.

aeca6d No.1210602


are you noticing fuckery with the posting times?

aeca6d No.1210629

more winning!

Salem Media, owner of the influential conservative outlet RedState, froze the site on Friday and dismissed many of its writers.

Bloggers were locked out of their accounts – some just temporarily, while the cuts were made, and others permanently.

Erick Erickson, who founded the site 13 years ago, and left in 2015, tweeted about what he called the "mass firing" on Friday morning.

"Very sad to see, but not really surprising given Salem's direction," he wrote. "And, finally, after all these years, they've turned off my account."

Multiple sources told CNNMoney that they believed conservative critics of President Trump were the writers targeted for removal.


24cc84 No.1210653


I haven't noticed anything. Any examples?

bdb7f7 No.1210784

Regardless of this cleaning of the corrupt, some are being allowed to walk away. I don't know the nature of their crimes, but if any had knowledge of child and human trafficking or crimes linked to murder, should they be allowed to walk? Further, we really don't gain our power back. We are being guided to vote for who we think will give our freedom back, but we still get blacked out memos and extended deadlines before we receive documents from JFK files to protect murders. We know the truth. Our own government killed a president and are trying to kill another. I don't see how we don't fight against our politicians and physically remove them from office with these shenanigans to go on. We cannot do it through judicial means. They wanted to bring us to our knees of surrender by disarming us and flooding our government with illegals and the goal still stands. They sold out our government and our military to weaken us to invasion. This are not light matters to pump people and they get let down and keep going "you have more than you know." Of course we have more than you know" when your the person writing the sentence with the complete file. I am excited at what I see with arrests happening, but I am not excited by the leaders who ran our country in the whole for decades and experimented on the American people and world like lab rats. Am I little selfish about this? Yes! How should we the people feel being stolen from, poisoned, intentionally infected with diseases, etc. Democrats talk about reparations, I talk about the nation being made whole by taking back our wealth from the world which our politicians so freely gave away and lived off of. I don't want any lectures anymore about the President didn't have to do this. No Soldier who joins to protect his country has to die for his country like I choose to. But I did join and expected to perform my duties to the law. I don't have an excuse I didn't have to do this. Once you choose to do it, you take on the responsibility of the office and judged accordingly. So in closing, in my career as a NCO, I was ordered to stand down Commanding Officers and Post Equal Opportunity Rep to not report a sexual assault by a civilian against one of my Soldiers to civilian authorities. So do we let people connected to murder walk. Whose heads will be down in shame. I don't care. I see the contrast building in the public eye between treatment of DJT and HRC. I also the pressure building for another false flag. Will these false flags be exposed to the public for what they were? LIKE SPELLED OUT SO THEY DON'T HAVE TO GUESS. THAT CHILDREN OUR USED AS PUPPETS?

c2e9b7 No.1212883


ANON, first, thanks for your service. I'm a two-tour combat vet myself. (Off-subject, but I am hoping once assets are seized of the entire Cabal network, we veterans will have reparations made to us for volunteering…then being sent to wars on behalf of a criminal empire, while believing that we were there for defense of our nation and her People…the Great Lie. So many of us came home with "issues" for the Great Lie). Let me say this, this war to bring down this entire Syndicate has to be fought on about 50 different fronts, simultaneously…setting up the enemy for a systemic, one-time, enormous fall. It doesn't work any other way. These bad people, regardless of the US Constitution legitimately feel that they are the rightful owners of the land, the gov, and the People (like Monarchs of old). Therefore, the rules we have set for ourselves to live by, do not apply to them as OWNERS. What MAGA, Q, The Great Awakening, Draining the Swamp, etc., is about, is a VAST, multi-pronged attack on their holdings of power and influence. Until they are rendered completely impotent (no more money, no more Deep State agents, no more military enforcement abilities, no more propaganda arms, no more foreign power allies), then the war is literally just setting the system up for one enormous fall. And, unless it is done correctly and completely, the US Constitution (and the idea that We The People are self-governing with TRUE Liberty) is still just the rules we set for ourselves and THEY still do not have any obligation to it. It's why people like Mueller can get away with raiding Cohen's office. The true rulers have OK'ed that violation of the Constitution. So, they have to all be put down at one time. They have spent centuries developing their system of hidden rulership. It will take a great effort and time to bring it down. It is my belief that POTUS, Q, and the rest of the Patriots involved have a grand plan to hand the true power of the US back to the People. And from that point on, we MUST be prepared to install safeguards against the possibility of infiltration again. I am choosing to trust the Plan. After all, if it fails, these BAD people are going to PUNISH all of us for what they see as a rebellion to their power. I do not say this lightly, but I believe that their executions are not out of order for the vast human suffering they have perpetrated on the entire world.

69bf3d No.1213055


I agree. The rule of law has been thrown out and this is a one time shot. We are removing slush funds, NK, Syria, Iran, China, Ru, or any other nation our elected officials have created artificial wars with because our IC has blackmailed them or they are just pure evil. This "you have more than you know" does what? Does he want us to write a book? Scream and holler on twitter and keep calling the crooked who wanted to assassinate our president names? The multi-faceted fronts, as you say "if this fails" screams to me be prepared to fight combat style because I will not lie down to these sadistic fucks. I trust the plan, but the obvious slapping Americans in the face day after day defies logic of any reasonable person to withhold their anger. We can vent and trust, but we don't need to be mocked with what I think many have thought. There was a phone hub and with all the tech geniuses involved in the scheme it would be the easiest to figure access to a central account. I surmised this months ago, but was blown off of course because it was too obvious. This is what I notice too. People complicate shit to losing sight of the objective. God bless all souls and protect those suffering at the hands of evil in this time of struggle. Amen!

3724d8 No.1213243

File: e3e25aa3908a83a⋯.png (2.13 MB, 1308x1543, 1308:1543, 1524839509538.png)


Not bullshit. You shall see.

0b8830 No.1214374

Can someone explain how the deep state would have "assets" in a Syrian government lab in Damascus?

I don't know, this whole "Iran and NK are deep state assets" and "when we bomb Syria, we bomb deep state assets" sounds like BS to me.

Is there ANYTHING to support those claims at all?

ec2305 No.1214606

File: bfab86d363f1d69⋯.jpg (54.8 KB, 458x605, 458:605, 298g46~2.jpg)

1ba14d No.1214720

File: dec4b3c1d98f04d⋯.png (87.63 KB, 452x591, 452:591, psa.png)

69bf3d No.1214756


I think he is a decoy keeping the dirtbag lawyers in a box who can't cause havoc while huber and IG, Watnick (?) are dirtbags. The funny thing about it all. The whole system is corrupt, so he is taking the least shit sandwich and playing the game. Someone fucked up so they had to do a raid on Cohen or some shit. But who knows, Cohen seems to be connected to some other evil shit.

69bf3d No.1214772


Disregard. huber, ig, and watnick are hunting the dirtbags.

4c2e9e No.1217993

File: e36c429edf87c6a⋯.jpg (37.45 KB, 640x360, 16:9, collapse area.jpg)

File: 22ab40c15b84053⋯.jpg (50.26 KB, 675x450, 3:2, tunnelrats.jpg)


Let's analyse for a moment.

Sept. North Koreas facilities AND TUNNELS "collapse"

The site that reportedly collapsed is just one part of the sprawling Punggye-ri complex that's believed to include a series of tunnels, some of which burrow below other mountains.

Citing commercial satellite imagery, the North Korea monitoring website 38 North observed late last year what it described as "significant tunneling operations" at a portal that has yet to be used.

The site also reported some recent unusual activity at the site, but concluded it was too early to say if it was related to current political developments.

About 3 to 4 months later, MSM is fed this info while WW III is pushed, but the clown site was already taken out. These articles are a "tip of the hat" to the ones who did the dirty work in NK.


Pentagon officials for years have warned that North Korea has thousands of tunnels and bunkers beneath its surface, some hundreds of feet deep and possibly used to hide troops and chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld at his 2001 confirmation hearing called the North Koreans “world-class tunnelers” who “have gone underground across that country in a way that few nations have done.”

The tunnels are so far below the surface that they likely would be safe from most missiles and bombs dropped. Any military action against North Korea would include an attack on the tunnels, officials told NPR.


A third airstrike targeted a storage site for chemical weapons equipment and a command post, both of which also were located near Homs.

"A COMMAND POST" = clown command in middle east.

And notice what comes after…

"None of our aircraft or missiles involved in this operation were successfully engaged by Syrian air defenses, and we have no indication that Russian air defense systems were deployed," McKenzie said.


And many reports state that only a couple of Syrian air defense missiles were fired during the actual attack. The remainder of the air defenses were fired AFTER the attack was over. For theater.



Like N Korea… the clown command post had to be taken out first.

e04612 No.1218318


absolutely brilliant anon. I agree we're hearing this stuff AFTER it's already happened. for obvious reasons.

3724d8 No.1219095


>this whole "Iran and NK are deep state assets" and "when we bomb Syria, we bomb deep state assets" sounds like BS to me.

Because it is.

959e88 No.1221859

Q you loose credibility when you side with the white helmets

proven false flag


2205f9 No.1223118


The missile strikes were right on target.

b10233 No.1224858


"None of our aircraft or missiles involved in this operation were successfully engaged by Syrian air defenses"

That's a lie. Even the rebel-friendly Syrian Observatory reported that at least 65 missiles were shot down by the Syrians:


"A COMMAND POST = clown command in middle east."

Why would there be a deep state "command center" in territory controlled by Assad and Russia?


Because the missiles were fired outside the reach of the Russian defenses.

447623 No.1232605

Wake up people: Trump is a (((neocon))). MAGA = Make America Israel's bitch again.

006ad1 No.1257050

File: b8c131473b45bf1⋯.jpg (666.46 KB, 1200x1500, 4:5, peoplearesick.jpg)

File: d52993c8cb228ea⋯.jpg (238.66 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, peoplearesick_2.jpg)

ff2f2e No.1257592

File: ee093c94480ecb0⋯.jpg (2.6 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_8123.jpg)

File: 1fcb322093959a6⋯.jpg (1.8 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, Page 1.jpg)

File: aceb1420e4cf4e0⋯.jpg (2.6 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_8125.jpg)

File: 8a92656d414df01⋯.jpg (2.8 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_8126.jpg)

File: 4d06adad3424468⋯.jpg (2.51 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_8140.jpg)

Newfag. I bought To All My Children As The World Turns. I included some images from Lt Colonel Bo Gritz deposition on November 23, 1992. John Kerry, Chairman Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, burried the deposition. Forgotten POW's, Operation Red Bull

fd87a7 No.1259209


Recent events pretty much confirmed this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Trump is dancing to Netanyahu's tune.

f903e9 No.1263142

I'm starting to believe that Q is just a way to keep those of us who shouted "Lock Her Up" busy and distracted. Instead of demanding justice, we are endlessly waiting on things to "break." March Madness, April Showers, BOOOM, text messages (redacted), MOAB and yet, Obama, Hillary, Schumer, Pelosi all just continue their lying and fund raising. The wall isn't built, no arrests, just "trust the plan." Pelosi admits to going to NK, but apparently it isn't enough to spark any real movement. MZ testifies, does nothing, gets nothing, just pays off everyone and walks free.

We keep getting promises of Justice, but nothing happens. Yes, NK is a really, big deal. I am stoked, but that doesn't put Hillary or Obama behind bars. That doesn't convince people of the evil that is present. Hell, it barely moves the needle for POTUS' approval (which is sad.)

I'm starting to believe this is just a distraction for those of us that look beyond the MSM. How hard would it be to release the picture of Obama or leak a video? Instead, this feels like a treasure hunt where one hint only leads to another hint and never the end.

57e4a0 No.1263559

Q and Anons,

I don't want to drop too much unless Q approved, but this all makes me sick. About the year 2004, maybe 05, I sent info to the Clowns that I had great belief that AL Qaeda was hiding in NE Syria, and that weapons, etc, was being smuggled in via the Euphrates, which runs through Iraq. We were in Iraq looking for WMDs remember? So, that was the 1st and last time I ever gave Intel to Clowns. This whole time I have been 100% accurate on info. When Intel wasn't acted on all this time, I felt I was either wrong for the 1st time, or it was a Clown op and I spooked them with what I knew.

After reports yesterday, I searched for who was director at that time. There's another guy, but this link just shook me to the core. You might want to save this offline. Brennan, Bin Laden, Bush, FBI, Secret Clown group, coverups, a plan of where to send Bin Laden vs capture and kill. I'm just sick. 05 director has some Bush secret society connections too, but look that guy up and it's all open source. I feel vindicated, and mad that this clown or another must have erased my lead about Syria way early on. Now I am so sick.


bdc3df No.1263589


Stop LARPing.

0453e8 No.1266758


Then gather you things & leave! I wouldn't want to depend on you to have my back… because things don't happen on your personal time plan, you're whining? How old are you?

03e77e No.1267113

Questions from a Norwegian patriot to Q.

Plans for the Norwegian globalists?

Jens Stoltenberg, Erna Solberg, Gro Harlem Brundtland and the rest?

The Norwegian part in the Libya war was illegal under Norwegian constitution.

The war was started at Jens Stoltenberg’s home, via phones to set it in action.

But the law say you must du such decisions only by voting in the Storting (parliament).

Stoltenberg got the job as NATO boss.

Even tho he was a outspoken pacifist in his younger years.

Norwegian parliament gave millions of $ to Clinton Foundation.

Still gives millions of $ to Soros.

They give away Norwegian freedom to EU even tho the people voted NO!

The first part of the constitution states "The Kingdom of Norway is a free, independent, indivisible and sovereign kingdom.

Its style of Government is restricted and hereditary monarchical.”

Gro Harlem Brundtland betrayed the people before the voting and signed a EU deal.

She got high pay job internationally.

Will Norway be freed from this evil people?

Thank you and God bless!


92cda5 No.1267242


Ever notice how countries that don't have nukes get CIA'd?

Ever wonder how USA can give billions every year to a country that did not sign the non-nuke proliferation treaty, aka Symmington?

Ever wonder how Q can be anti-Rothschild, yet whole heartedly support the terrorist country Roth's created?

I see what is going on, and it does not match what I am being told.

Boom? Hitlery indicted last year?

Ever wonder why Larry Siverstein and 9/11 are not part of Q's discussion?

Ever wonder why Q only "reveals" conspiracy that is already well known?

What I see is Commies vs Zionists.

I would like to trust the plan, but what I see is ZOG at work.

Foreign collusion, isn't that what Aipac is?

d33112 No.1267629

Lots of Snopes "fact-checking" has popped up in the last 24 hours quelling rumors that EG was killed yesterday (30APR) … is there any legitimacy to these rumors?

Usually if Soros-funded Snopes is "fact-checking" a story, it's trying to get ahead of the narrative…

8ba9a5 No.1270222


This is right on the money.

fb62c3 No.1275741


>it doesn't matter if we're following a massive lie

>we should totally keep following it

Holy fucking shit.

d11cb9 No.1275951

File: c33462c10d39794⋯.png (156.2 KB, 325x328, 325:328, ef964c7c3a18bcbe4ddf61408c….png)

"Michelle Wolf"

I hate Trump's white dick.

f77c39 No.1276069

File: 8ab0b74cac8552d⋯.jpg (82.68 KB, 898x1024, 449:512, 009.JPG)

File: b0adb687a88b5f6⋯.jpg (145.85 KB, 736x588, 184:147, 020.JPG)

File: 69b017b7594ebcb⋯.jpg (67.59 KB, 620x463, 620:463, 032.JPG)

File: d59e13378740d14⋯.jpg (46.57 KB, 375x500, 3:4, 070.JPG)

File: d59e13378740d14⋯.jpg (46.57 KB, 375x500, 3:4, itsallsotiresome.JPG)


ewwww. polite sage.

2eeb0f No.1281188

File: bbf0ce7f5267477⋯.jpg (92.04 KB, 640x876, 160:219, DcN9MPuXcAAzhp2.jpg)

b5d4be No.1282397


d4fc75 No.1301006

>>1298368 prev

This group and others spread lies on line about JW's. Please research carefully before forming an opinion.

785c4c No.1301020


IDK… Syntax was too consistent to be multiples. I also wondered why if, "they" were lovers, did they never get closer in text. (if you know what I mean). Makes me think .. Male/Male. The Lisa texts never seemed… female / emotional.


f798eb No.1301223

In addition to CEG kriminal ref of PP

PP shell=[A]fa[x]ys inc?

AF too headed mon_star?

PP=AF bored of D?

PP AF's 1/only cust? Sweethart pricing?

who is GG to AF?

who is GG to GBP via [Sarah]fim?

what is t[h]ef[t]/13_1801[2]?

what makes ht a felony?

what is conspiracy?

what is racket_earing in AZ?

what is regen med? tiss[ue] engineering?

would invention that enabled b valuable to PP re stem cells?

enough to steel it?

even if it it meant withholding low-cost life-saving Tx from cancer patients?

what is felony murder rule?

could someone with no name block investigation/prosecution?

These creatures are dumb

ed30c5 No.1316871

Here’s a theory

>>No-Name is already dead

>>MSM is ‘keeping him alive’ to tie lose ends

>>Saying he doesn’t want to have Trump at funeral. - as if he had a say

>>Watch CNN, all MSM give giant coverage when it is official

0453e8 No.1317840


And Poppy B. Maybe he's gone too but won't be announced until if benefits them.

64902d No.1319240


I've thought that for weeks.

No pictures AT ALL since December. For a guy that lives to hogg the spotlight, that's unusual.

Also note nonams (and others in his fam) are drunks.

Noname drinks vodka, so he doesn't reek. Or should one say REEEEEEEEK.


When the NYT says he's "working every day and rewarding himself with a glass of vodka every night", that means he's sloshed Hillary-style 24x7. Guess losing elections can do that, although there's long history with both:


MSM would call anyone else out for being completely MIA for half a year while claiming they are "working every day"

Twatter should be hammered for proof he's not croaked.

#picturesorproof or something

64902d No.1319277

File: d0df9467bdca911⋯.jpg (10.21 KB, 365x273, 365:273, ST_TheMenagerie.jpg)

File: 15a5d93f19204b9⋯.jpg (151.89 KB, 1024x814, 512:407, captains-pike-kirk-1024x81….jpg)

File: 1dcd2ba26b3145f⋯.png (526.17 KB, 640x480, 4:3, star-trek-111-01.png)

Somebody shop noname in Pike's chair

f1c510 No.1319979


>Somebody shop noname in Pike's chair

Leave Pike out of this. he was a great man.

64902d No.1320848

File: ebec33c853df21a⋯.jpg (21.82 KB, 400x300, 4:3, davros-dalek-resurrection-….jpg)

File: 2da9c74f0405856⋯.jpg (69.04 KB, 466x700, 233:350, DAVROS N DALEK.jpg)

File: 866821a322fa399⋯.jpg (44.02 KB, 500x683, 500:683, Davros-Doctor-Who-Dalek-Em….jpg)


Pike was a good man. Thinkin more about the "BOOP" level of communication, which noname may be incapable of at this point…

I'd say Davros, although Davros was sentient. Had Soros' eyes too…

Who were the most evil villains in history? I'd bet they'd map pretty well to the current swamp & banksters

Who was

de8876 No.1321714




1da0fc No.1322819

Here’s a theory

>>No-Name is already dead

>>MSM is ‘keeping him alive’ to tie lose ends

>>Saying he doesn’t want to have Trump at funeral. - as if he had a say

>>Watch CNN, all MSM give giant coverage when it is official


9360da No.1324455


My guess he is going to try to fake his death.

64902d No.1325481


For all anyone knows he's left the building and Soros bought his twatter account and is ghostwriting his book.

9230cf No.1326413


96089b No.1326711

But that's a Lie. It's like saying Iraq had WMDs.

Q is a NeoCon, probably Kushner.

Good things don't happen. Ever. Anyone selling you hope is a liar. Why would there ever be hope?

Ashes and Echoes

fe7afb No.1326805



The comments are interesting but the article has significant ridiculousness as well as a few salient points.

cb7232 No.1335574

Think the Syria bombs were for covert nuclear program Khazar Bibi was recently revealing in preparation for dragging US back into 'Israel Bouncer' mode… a la 911

cb7232 No.1335580

File: 93dba0fab88afcc⋯.jpg (573.6 KB, 1011x828, 337:276, 2018.05.06.213844.screensh….jpg)

File: 2f04d4c9d37fe94⋯.jpg (66.19 KB, 254x314, 127:157, 2018.05.06.064601.screensh….jpg)

File: 507f57c3b9906e5⋯.jpg (363.93 KB, 709x638, 709:638, 2018.05.06.181638.screensh….jpg)

File: 2f723dc16fe35ba⋯.jpg (918.83 KB, 1325x646, 1325:646, 2018.05.07.101802.screensh….jpg)

Israel is LAST because it was 1st. Find a seal, flag, or coat of arms that doesn't borrow from the Rothschild(DemonChild) origin. They will be few in number patriots. We're warring in ideas, but it all leads to the Biblical Spiritual war

4c0600 No.1336179


Jesus Christ, Americans are so retarded.

ab8f31 No.1345053


Indeed. Some are. People who make outrageous generalizations tend to be retarded, too.

913060 No.1345147


No, we just had nasty videos and Satanic symbols. Remember, somethings Q cannot say.

913060 No.1345194

>>68 POTUS took control of negotiations with Iran. No other nations have power bc new sanctions will shut down foreign trade to Iran or trading partners will be sanctioned too. Iran will have to reveal the deal, what the plans were, and will denuclearize or the people will revolt. Iran is screwed.

7c5205 No.1371107


Any company can be either partially or fully seized when national security warrants so, especially in current SOTU.

Think police seizing a vehicle.

Easy to do.

7c2d7f No.1374133

File: fed2e0a2a6dd93d⋯.png (11.99 KB, 255x243, 85:81, 29738161c23413d927406e1c17….png)

Helps to actually pay attention to the crumbs.

What is the white hat OP in simple form but WW global housecleaning. And goes without saying it links to politicians globally, not just in DC.

Where is the concentration of military rats and paid clown driven third party contractors, terror cells and black op rebels?? What are they reduced to? What is "Iran's Next?"

Why is it bad that Israel is targeting Iranian black op facilities, bases, rocket launchers and ammo dumps, wherever they are located? Why are all allies condemning Iranian/black op attacks against Israel and no one is condemning Israel?

Because they are on board? They are housecleaning? The entire Middle East is being freed. The world. Why shouldn't that include Israel? Why? Do you think Israel has been given the opportunity, like the rest of the world, to be freed from captivity? Because according to Trump and Q this is a WW operation.



Notice the Iranian lawmakers were the ones burning the American flag in their chambers while the Iranian people tweeted thank yous to Trump. Do side by side comparisons. THEM v. ?Facilities or civilians?

This is why we are safer. They have already declared their desire to obtain weapons of mass destruction. They plot to destroy us and their motto is "Death to America."

This makes it even clearer:

RE Iran's weaponry:

"An inter-continental missile is not needed to blow up Jerusalem. It is needed to blow up New York."

John Hagee, CUFI

And 5/8 Q Post RE POTUS (who stands with the Iranian people) on taking control of Iran:

"…Today, w/ pending sanctions and military action(s), POTUS will gain more ammunition / intel against THEM."

So who is THEM? Where do They hide and have their shit? What military action(s)?

Sounds like everything is on target to me. Those whining and talking shit are not with Q.


A lot of THEMS will soon face Justice.

Stay focused. Avoid going out in the weeds. The whole world is changing.

peace & blessings

7c2d7f No.1374308


Watch all of those countries fold on Iran. They already know it. Not so powerful without our money. Haha

Watch the EU collapse. EU is THEM too. One of their biggest operators.

Gorging on the world citizen's money.

Herding all of us, WW, into a [kill zone]

Good movie. Get the popcorn.

Thanks for the heads up Q.

Citizen Brexit.

cbb631 No.1375441


Oh, you have no idea.

7c2d7f No.1381835


If they seize it, it also goes into receivership and they get to appoint a new CEO and make its business decisions. I would hope that would include gutting it's spy tech and putting an end to censorship and bridge softwares and all the other shitty things they do. So I hope you're right. But at the moment, he's in the middle of getting sued for billions, so maybe they'll let that run its course first. hahaha Q did say something about collapsing under the weight of its own illegal activities.

1b7ad2 No.1382037

I wonder if McCain has been a plant for deepstate his entire carreer? He was the only one not to serve time for the keating 5 scandal.

He has an extremely checkered past that would have sunk any other politician.

cf9948 No.1408691

I hate McCain's guts. I can't STAND looking at that son of a bitch McCain's mug in that pic every time I log on and yes I filter it every time.

6e0426 No.1419043


Same here…

130946 No.1435427


You are on target. The six point star, is the symbol of AstherROTH and Moloch. Roths changed their name to that symbol, assigned it to Israel, Red Cross, then Hitler made both Jews and Christians wear it as a sign of shame…

In their burnt sacrifice





The truth is important.

9d34eb No.1460821


Makes sense to me. To simplify, they are masters of the divide and conquer game. In a hyphenated word, they are anti-humanity.

25cba1 No.1461494

File: 58cf6f553f961af⋯.jpeg (1.8 MB, 2592x1944, 4:3, freedom trail.jpeg)

Dear Q,

Was Amazon (arm of the crime syndicate) used to destroy mom and pop businesses in America by unfairly using tax payer dollars (discount by Crime Syndicate inside of USPS for near free shipping) to create an advantage for Amazon to have super low prices in order to wipe out American business and drive us all further into slavery/poverty/food stamps? And did the Crime Syndicate then use their puppets in Seattle government to add an employee tax so that the Crime Syndicate had an excuse to close the new plant being built in the Seattle area, when in truth they really couldn't afford it now that they had to pay for shipping?

God bless the Earth, the children of the Earth and God Bless bless the great Universe divide and all her inhabitants residing across all of the planets in all the solar systems in every galaxy! Long live freedom, long live peace! Death to the cabal! Death to the New World Order! We want heads, and we will accept them with or without scalps!


25cba1 No.1461626

File: 58cf6f553f961af⋯.jpeg (1.8 MB, 2592x1944, 4:3, freedom trail.jpeg)

Let all the good peoples of the earth know that our deliverance from evil and our salvation is here. The United States Military, lead by DONALD JOHN TRUMP, assisted by PATRIOTS IN OUR INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES from around the world and by the militaries of the world and by our brothers and sisters in RUSSIA and VLADIMIR PUTIN, we know that you are our friends, our true brothers and sisters, we know the Cold War was lies for profit by the crime syndicate in both the United States and in the Joseph Stalin (New World Order Puppet and Adolf Hitler's Puppet Counterpart) communist USSR, we know the crime syndicate murders all the children of earth for profit, we see beyond the lies propped up by the FAKE A$$ SH*T MEDIA, we know the media is all fake news, we look forward to embracing our brothers and sisters in Russia. We look forward to embracing all our brothers and sisters from all around the world whom are crying out for PEACE with every breath. Our prayers have been answered by the infinite CREATOR, the heavenly host is here above, they protect us while we take back our freedom, how could we ever truly appreciate our freedom if we did not bleed for it ourselves! WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! YOU ARE THE ONE YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! GET LOUD, MAKE IT RAIN, IT IS POURING BEAUTIFUL CLEANSING SALVATION ALL OVER THE WORLD OUTSIDE!!!


25cba1 No.1461784

SHORT WORD FIRST: Destry, aka FreeWill, at Nesara News Blog and COMMS SECRETARY for THE National Assembly CALL, has been thrown in jail (kidnapped again, the last time was for 139 days for driving without a drivers license (first offense) because he renounced his "citizenship" as a corporation, and because the Jural Assemblies are forming and he manages the NESARA NEWS websites as well as www.national-assembly.net. Please ask Q and Trump to pull him out and get him back to work helping the STATES ORGANIZE THEIR JURAL ASSEMBLIES in taking back our freedom as guaranteed by ARTICLE 1 in the BILL OF RIGHTS, the right to peaceful assembly!

#Q anon says to ORGANIZE, the best way to do this is to reform your Jural Assemblies, so that you can appoint representatives and erect a Continental Congress, so that we may redress grievances, and dictate instructions to to the militaries and patriots of the world.

You can do that by joining the National Assembly Call, recreate history with us just as our forefathers did and join the rolls and ranks of patriots from around the world as they reform their true republic form of governance that was quietly stolen from us in the dead of night. The National Assembly Call, by way of the Michigan Jural Assembly, can be joined by emailing your




TO: comsec@national-assembly.net. (Note outgoing emails all being blocked, must call in to the Thursday call)


Register in the forums and introduce yourself so your state coordinator can connect with you.

Forums: https://forums.national-assembly.net/index.php

Join our Conference Call EVERY Thursday evening: 6pm Pacific – 7pm Mountain - 8pm Central – 9pm Eastern

First hour is assembly business - Second hour is general discussion

Call Number: 1-712-770-4160 Participant Access Code: 226823#

National Assembly Call website powered by the communications secretary aka "Freewill" at Nesara News Blog, if you would like to contribute to support him, you can find his paypal button on Nesara News Blog, he is a mechanic and a father and spends nearly all his personal money share on the greatest cause for the rest of us, I personally find him to be the most deserving and best investment of your generous consideration, I personally know that he has sacrificed greatly for our freedom and at significant cost, from jail time (kidnapping), to hard earned change. http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/


comsec@national-assembly.net and we will guide you in forming your own republic form of governance as soon as we have taken back the United States of America from the hands of the evil crime syndicate. We will come for you, we will liberate you!

#Q anon @ https://qanon.pub/



25cba1 No.1461865

File: 58cf6f553f961af⋯.jpeg (1.8 MB, 2592x1944, 4:3, freedom trail.jpeg)

Authors Closing Note:

So many have suffered, so many have died, for hundreds of years, the crime syndicate has perverted many horrible atrocities against us, DO NOT SEEK FAME FOR THIS MISSION, DO NOT SEEK RICHES FROM THIS MISSION, if yer a full timer and this is how you put food on the table, so be it, but do not detract, betray, or distract from "Q" and "Trumps" message, provide the source:


One last and most important note: Donald John Trump and the military need us now more than ever! Whomever Trump says to vote for, do it! If Trump says to vote for a democrat or an independent, find peace in knowing that TRUMP KNOWS BEST on how to slay the beast! Yes, it is true, our whole government was/is rotten to the core (f*cking military arm of the crime syndicate), the multi party system was only purposed to divide and conquer, but know that God the great Creator is with us, and he sent "The Word of God" to us to pave way for the second coming of our savior. If Trump says, "Vote for that one, I like that guy/gal." Know that God has just told you who to vote for to secure your freedom!



6f4b8e No.1462982


why was i getting an address blocked message from my ESET NOD32 antivirus at

qanonposts.com? seems like there is some funny business going on there…and the posts are not updated…

6f4b8e No.1463005

File: b159d8fc463924a⋯.png (178.97 KB, 1440x694, 720:347, screenshot.png)

8e7b88 No.1467605


try qanon.pub

9fef14 No.1473285

Q I know you read every post, please help me out here I've been reading your past drops. The ones you said we weren't ready for. Are we even close? Please confirm. Thanks.


313296 No.1473593

did u get it ?

8afb52 No.1474001

File: 4d184bba5a25183⋯.png (316.28 KB, 1080x1577, 1080:1577, Screenshot_2018-05-19-19-2….png)

9fef14 No.1474146



471b06 No.1475177


Just want to shout out my respect to you. Thanks for your work- Visited blue bird, well done.

bde52a No.1476547

'Important Command Post' means Underground Bunkers with evil inside them.

bde52a No.1477018

Respect. Great work. Eyes just opening, appreciate all the great work done here.

cb5694 No.1486907

No Name's bio, maybe some things you never knew

https:// www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/make-believe-maverick-20081016

d802fc No.1534540

File: 2c77092e4eb8a4d⋯.png (103.3 KB, 667x623, 667:623, RU CH-Forecast.png)

File: 8b415fc8f75b367⋯.png (172.71 KB, 531x643, 531:643, RU CH-Handshake.png)

still ignoring the Elephant in the room I see…



(Forecast 5/21 >>> Handshake 5/24)


7b3f30 No.1557252

File: 71dedeadca5156f⋯.png (230.76 KB, 1242x1307, 1242:1307, IMG_8435.PNG)

File: 2fa4084ccc967ee⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_8439.PNG)


we are not winning yet when there is this much ignorance still flowing. she actually thinks reparations or legitimate. ok thats fine. bring all people who were slaves in confederate south to me now. i will give you your reparations. any of you previously slaves in your life? any please. any alive… anything. wait how about this. which of you had a mother or father that was a slave? just let me know which of you had a mother or father who was a slave? hmmm none? bummer. the democrats are to blame for this division and ignorance. that is why i am here. to save idiots and to save children.

a79653 No.1557355



7b3f30 No.1557368


black people should be demanding reparations from the dnc only. they have robbed them of their future countless times.

a79653 No.1557443


They need to NOT ask for reparations and recognize Jew Zionist (The EVIL side) were and are THE enemy… Dig dig dig… ALL THE SLAVE BOATS WERE OWNED BY JEWS…. JUST saying….

7b3f30 No.1557503


you need to give up the jew zionist thing. praising good jews (jesus) will bring much more glory.

a79653 No.1557539


Depends on how deep you go down the rabbit hole brutha and I've gone DEEP and still digging. Understood, stay POSITIVE. Please forgive.

7b3f30 No.1557575


just remember,

a third of the angels from

heaven are bad. do you think humans are any different….

a79653 No.1557605



NOPE think same. Was it all the Jews who had The Christ crucified…. NOPE. PRAY!!!

7b3f30 No.1557758


i pray the lord protects you and your family. god bless anon

7b3f30 No.1557952


bro calm down we get it. "you're with her". get lost.

380add No.1560606


Yep total fgts.

f35517 No.1562696

Hello to that fight 4 Truth .. 1st post, really trying to catch up reading, yet this Web is GINORMOUSE! Take SongBird Mccain here.. seriously FN take him! SLIMEY!

Started out meetN Q (THANK YOU!) disgusted & Warrior made for Cabal PizzaGate! PUKE EVIL!

With Q knowledge will led to Others & Knowledge far & away! Thank you AllIntellect

McCain has web coming from every spore of his being, shyt they all do!

I'm joining y'all fight for Us as ONE! I believe we will win this one! A gracious gift of mine is reading and shyt have I been reading!

I put alot 2gether in my dome but this Evil is Slick & Slimey. I will do my best to share what really might help in our FIGHT!

…2 Elders I greatly aporeciate kindly suggestions!.. I do feel as if I'm in a movie!

SongBird McC wifey w/OpSmile acquires Chorl (Chlorine) within said foundation? Prob not difficult for slimey Cindy!

If I may ask for small comfirmation before I try spewing too much?! After all as "Conspiracy theorists" are we not all crazy?!

… McCain meeting building (1 of them at least), it has Dept of State seal? The plaque may read "General" so may that be Secretary General?

.. unable to see post anywhere referring so plz do tell if there is!

The banner that was translated to read something of "Reception"..

My eyes tell me there is a logo underneath of 2 waves of water… anyone?

….to continue again….

6fce9b No.1591458


>Trump and Q have been knocked back on their heals ever since Trump won.

nothing has changed since trump. jew world control apparatus still intact. those caravan 3rd-world non white kids have been processed and placed in homes to receive us citizenship to further undermine the white demographic. trump made all that happen. he's a joke.

f1efb1 No.1591537

>>1591458 You are a jew hating shill.

6fce9b No.1591572


>All Q has to say is "Do you believe in coincidences?" and these stupid fuckers melt into submission.

Q is a jew op. Always has been. These silly Q jew cultists unmask themselves whenever they respond to a post that critiques the jews. Every time. It's so obvious.

6fce9b No.1591585


Right on cue. Thank you for proving my assertion.

f1efb1 No.1591829

>>1591585 you live your life around hate.

f1efb1 No.1591846


you literally have never read one page of bible. please continue to speak against israel. we cannot help you against god.

f1efb1 No.1591875


genesis 12: 2-3

proverbs 17: 28

6fce9b No.1591963


> you live your life around hate.

there you go again. Using all the standard jew tactics. btw. Jesus is my Savior. I have all the help I need.

a79653 No.1592623

Shills will be shills botnoid. "Is English your second language blah, blah, blah".

3ff35b No.1593459

>>1591963. please tell opinion on israel. entirety

f201d4 No.1595676

File: d7b677214e43e6f⋯.png (182.15 KB, 1066x752, 533:376, IMG_8565.PNG)

6fce9b No.1619460


Reparations for what and from whom?

714caf No.1623140

File: b375a68d3532413⋯.png (219.36 KB, 1242x810, 23:15, IMG_8634.PNG)

File: c1e12b7ef402cab⋯.png (176.12 KB, 1242x1196, 27:26, IMG_8645.PNG)

File: 6c40f36d85e5c07⋯.png (110.91 KB, 1242x916, 621:458, IMG_8646.PNG)

File: d4673ebfec1cb91⋯.png (116.87 KB, 1242x727, 1242:727, IMG_8649.PNG)

File: af6da7d45f3de74⋯.png (146.58 KB, 1242x633, 414:211, IMG_8653.PNG)

6fce9b No.1624813

File: 79d9c02bfa083e6⋯.png (32.86 KB, 591x364, 591:364, negrification_destroys_civ….PNG)

Negrification: The process of societal degradation as manifested by the exaltation of all things relating to negro "culture".

f03455 No.1633157

File: 86d80a9f2cbaab3⋯.jpg (73.19 KB, 566x528, 283:264, kkk.jpg)

2106e1 No.1646351


aa92f7 No.1646747

File: 1086818808c82f8⋯.png (182.54 KB, 1162x803, 1162:803, IMG_8705.PNG)

7477fb No.1650053

File: b8d4821a654d805⋯.png (212.42 KB, 1174x801, 1174:801, IMG_8713.PNG)

6fce9b No.1654171


So many statements in that Q post just reveal more evidence that Q is, and always was, a jew op designed to push more multiculturalism onto whites. Q is a marxist. Q is the swamp. Q is a jew.

b585e5 No.1654201


Somebody's glowing.

921318 No.1656449


lets hope you dont have a career in analyzing intelligence- your hatred for jews numbs your intelligence.

6fce9b No.1658100


> your hatred for jews

There is no ethnic group that is filled with more hate than the jew.

a3e94a No.1659155


go cry somewhere then. go find a place with like minded people. (try hell)

6fce9b No.1659255


> go find a place with like minded people. (try hell)

Thanks for the free advice but I'll stick around here. And you should know that since Jesus is my savior I wouldn't be welcome in hell. God has reserved that horrible place only for those that reject Jesus - like jews.

a3bf27 No.1665652


great let us learn together. start here:

numbers 24:9

genesis 12:1-3

romans 9:6

zechariah 2:8

isaiah 41:11-12 43:1-28

a3bf27 No.1665708


do you think all jews rejected jesus? do you think all gentiles accepted jesus? did the sermons jesus held that converted 1000s of jews never happen? you are committing some of the most disrespectful sins to god when speaking ill

of jews and israel. ask for forgiveness as it took unbelieving jews/romans/pharisees to complete God's will and crucify jesus.

701dd7 No.1665810


Hey Paid Shill, you are revising history. The world has not been dropping bombs on Syria for a decade. Bump off the board– you don't belong here, as your either a paid shill or just another ignorant and disingenuous nutter

6fce9b No.1672892


> you are committing some of the most disrespectful sins to god when speaking ill

>of jews and israel.

Quite the opposite.

e8290d No.1673699


you are right. i just read 7 verses that refute but what does the bible know… dont be demish

6fce9b No.1674172


>you are right.

The guy says it's a sin for the goyim to be disrespectful to a jew. That's classic talmudic jewish supremacy.

e8290d No.1680927

File: 846bd6627442a83⋯.png (289.35 KB, 1242x955, 1242:955, IMG_7542.PNG)

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