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File: 2c78d6ed81a2ed9⋯.png (272.77 KB, 744x744, 1:1, image.png)

File: 24b20bee91b44db⋯.jpeg (230.12 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, image.jpeg)

File: a70a77912aefe9e⋯.jpeg (7.26 MB, 5613x3969, 1871:1323, image.jpeg)

File: df250ae7803d207⋯.jpeg (512.61 KB, 1429x1512, 1429:1512, image.jpeg)

File: 55f9a5dc239175b⋯.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1936x1936, 1:1, image.jpeg)

999249  No.1630338

You can't silence the indigoes

Indigo children, according to a pseudoscientific New Age concept, are children who are believed to possess special, unusual, and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities. The idea is based on concepts developed in the 1970s by Nancy Ann Tappe and further developed by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober.

Autists, ADHD - this is your calling…..

Stay safe……

493514  No.1630901

Self bump.

34836f  No.1632603

We know. Many on this board are incarnated extraterrestrials themselves. Nobody is "special", just more developed than the average human. And I mean spiritually, not intellectually. Be careful though, many still hold the negative programming that despises information connecting to spirituality and discredit them as demonic new age. Then again, "new age" is a CIA term, it's wiser only to seek true spirituality which is nothing new and nothing secret. It's just LOVE.

493514  No.1632656


More DNA strands activated?

I understand, and not CIA.

34836f  No.1632726


DNA activation in general is a fancy term for "you start believing in some important spiritual things for seemingly no reason". There are other forms of "activation" which increase your awareness, but again it's all your own free will. And spirituality is nothing woo or supernatural. It's higher science. This topic is very important!

493514  No.1632765


My hearty heart chakra activated the other day.

It was nothing like what anyone can imagine.

Very euphoric, me…..

I got an upgrade - v2.0

Plugged in

493514  No.1632821

File: f09b344b1b869cf⋯.png (651 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)

The journey has begun…..

34836f  No.1632825


Welcome! Good to have you here ;)

I agree, it's not describable by human words. Years later you will look back and see the wisdom you learned holds true.

34836f  No.1632839


I do tone it down for the general population of /qresearch/. Not everyone here has even the basics of spirituality in grasp.

493514  No.1632892

File: 63de11a7d27c3d3⋯.png (711.21 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)


I'm glad I'm not alone….

Are you another indigo kid?

All my life I've been….

Didn't like people looking and knowing I'm different, now the awakening I think fuck it, bring it on…..

I know I'm different, I dont care -

The Star of David - pineal gland, travelled to placed where I got returned with a message you know what you've got to do….

So thing big is coming.

493514  No.1632927

File: 4d9787ebf49ebed⋯.png (736.69 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)

File: 964640e579b14f2⋯.png (909.85 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)

File: 3b4373d27fa9489⋯.png (928.39 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)

File: e93db09d35edc3b⋯.png (761.35 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)

Peace, respect, love and the power of dance……….

493514  No.1632959

File: 38be30f2f08b59e⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)

e943f5  No.1634017


One time I thought my heart chakra activated but my doctor said it was just gas.

493514  No.1634291


Sounds like your talkin out yor a$$

34836f  No.1634371


I'm probably an "indigo" if you may call it.

I'm just an anon like all others, but with knowledge about esoteric and ET subjects.

493514  No.1634541


Ever been visited?


2aed1d  No.1635981


How can someone who feels "spiritually retarded" become aware and open to spirituality? I've always been in a never ending search for truth. It's what lead me to these boards.

Quite honestly, I'm glad that someone is cleaning house because now I can focus on the real questions, such as reincarnation, christianity, religion, time travel, DNA activation, 144k, and other super intriguing topics.

If someone got multiple brain injuries, could it limit their spiritual abilities in any way? asking for a friend..

493514  No.1636294


I don't have the answer, but I've had multiple head injuries and suffered a couple of near death experiences. Now, this is what I've become.

Enlightened and strong full of love and empowerment.

963 is the key

Listen to the sounds, and vibrations of the earths frequency.

Peace my friend to you and your friend.

2aed1d  No.1636363



many NDE's. should have died many times. So many broken bones. So much damage to get my attention.. But for what?

Changed my life path..

I'm aware that i'm unaware. But what good does this do me?

I try to just observe now.

963 369 what does it all mean?

Do I listen with my mind, heart or ears?

And peace to you

493514  No.1636426

File: 2c3cb797e273700⋯.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1936x1936, 1:1, image.jpeg)


Ears body and mind - there are plenty to listen to on YouTube…..

Higher frequencies - Ie.



2aed1d  No.1636468


ty for the book ref. I'll check it out.

46ecbb  No.1636915


I believe that the New Age industry and Indigo children story line is to increase the ego to such narcissistic levels that the children will think they are so special they will want to have safe spaces from all that is beneath them. Marxist plot, deep state implementation, msm distribution on Coast to Coast AM, with George Noory, super narcissist.

2aed1d  No.1637126


Tool or self destruction?



04a799  No.1637169


It will let you know once it becomes self-destruction. It always does eventually.

RE: Castaneda; power plants

88495a  No.1639250

Im going to postulate that being 'indigo' is our default and natural state, and that outside external influences stifle or even kill off those capabilities.

950bb9  No.1640200

New age fags listen:

People have no special powers or capabilities.


Demons / fallen gods can work through them.

Reiki is a popular example.

Supernatural powers depend on supernatural entities choosing to work with humans.

918720  No.1641215


Speak for youself, I tend to disagree.

Specially after having my heart chakra activated….

bc63b2  No.1641397


I had contact.

Very unique feeling that has the power of bringing me to a different reality whenever I think about it :)

bc63b2  No.1641404


Reiki is a fancy word for "healing with cosmic energy".

Research further, especially if you are one of the "it's all demons" crowd.

918720  No.1641581


It's a pleasurable experience.

Enlightening and I feel privalidged, that I remeber my experience…..

A lot don't remember and not all contact is good.

a13a59  No.1642209


All major spiritual practices physically begin with the breath for a very good reason - it is establishing a default path of least resistance for energy flow, establishing an energy potential that will absorb the energies that you work with while cultivating. Any master worth his salt will prescribe lots of meditation for this reason, some wont continue to teach you if you arent obeying that rule.

Energies raised, especially in the head, need to be grounded back down, the potentials brought back down, at the end of a session. You'll notice some ignorants say meditation invites spirits, or the devil, lol. No, not grounding the energies worked with in the head will serve to burn one's nerves up and make one a bit loopy. YMAA recommends scalp massage after meditation.

Quiet the nerves; the olfactory nerve inputs a 40 cycles/sec resonance into your midbrain. How to stop that from happening? Train the breath properly, then you quiet your mind from the neural level all the way on up.

Once the mind is quiet, then things can happen.

a13a59  No.1642284


The diaphragm culminates into 2 tendon bands at the anterior lumbar spine. To begin a breath, pull down from there - "basically 'solar plexus' level down to pelvic region" as your mind conceives it. But ancient writings say the breath should not go as high as the heart or as low as the genitals.

Relax the abdomen and perineum as the inhale progresses. As the exhale begins, firm the abdomen at the cv6 qihai acupoint (its like the node on a battery) and firm the perineum at the cv1 huiyin acupoint. "the gooch" - its actually aaaaaaaaancient chinese secret - embarrassing to talk about moving one's privates! But it was also kept secret because it added martial power. What it does is provide a compression to the peritoneum, which helps "charge" the gut. (Yes, literally, an energy potential will form there if you do things correctly.)

a13a59  No.1642353


Next big secret, is to not use anywhere that air touches to facilitate the movement of air through the system. So if you sniff something, you're drawing air into your sinuses. Do the opposite, relax it all - the air is still drawn through the nose, throat, bronchi, lungs - but they do not assist the air's movement.

This does two big things - 1, it puts the onus of breathing properly on the diaphragm, which massages your internal organs better with each breath. and 2, air winds up not really getting inside your sinuses to wiggle the olfactory nerve and cause that whole chain of neural cascades.

Eventually, the long durations of breath sorta impugn a standing wave onto the vagus nerve, and it becomes the dominant resonant nerve of the cranial nerve system. When this happens you will experience a HUGE increase in energy, very similar to having finished a hard month of working out. Appetite included.

You will also start to experience what true stillness really is, once you're able to calm the nerves down. You dont quite shut them off per se, its more like flipping the resonant mode from yang to yin.

918720  No.1642398


Thankyou for the posts anon.

I'm Undergoing a massive discovery in my body and mind.

a13a59  No.1642404


The energy potential that forms in the gut is behind the cv6 qihai acupoint, positioned front:back 3:7 because of the spine.

To help increase the potential, work with a ball of light there at the center, grown and shrink it with the breath from the size of a golf ball to the size of a peach, back and forth.

Its important to find the seat of awareness if one is to seriously undertake these things. Pineal gland is where this is, although really its more about the energy rather than a brain structure.

From the secret of the golden flower, use a method called turning the light around. This increases the efficiency of other practices and begins to enable the top down endocrine function of the pineal pituitary dynamic.

There's no muscles there, so be gentle, light. Imagine a movie of the sun, with its rays shining outward. Now play that movie in reverse, so that the rays all return to the sun. Play that movie at your pineal, return the rays of your light unto itself.

And remember the stillness at the end. Like the second 51%+ of a session.

a13a59  No.1642423


Never did wind up getting around to taking an anatomy class :) Personal drive to discover, hail anon!

a13a59  No.1644325


why hire others to do that which you can do yourself? will they expect something in return? my buddy ripped up his cert after completing that stuff eons ago, lol.

funny how reiki is fine, but g03t!a arent, lol

ba9a44  No.1644724


Interested in further reading, anon! Any recommended resources?

918720  No.1646315


>But ancient writings say the breath should not go as high as the heart or as low as the genitals.

In that case then They are trying to limit your energys.

Should go below the ground and up to the sky…..

ec5a99  No.1647231


>Nobody is "special"

"We are all snowflakes in the sense that we are all water, but each one is different.We, like snowflakes, all eventually melt and return to the great sea

"Snowflake is used by people who have a lack of understanding the biological context. We are all actually water"

ec5a99  No.1647394

File: 908c66feaad4c7f⋯.jpg (466.96 KB, 940x940, 1:1, sri_yantra_color_2.jpg)


someone heard my horrors and my peaks in life and compiled it.


engineer consent - BBC "The Century of the Self" talks about how propaganda was changed to be PUBLIC RELATIONS by Edward Bernays… the writer on the book on propaganda.


the Wachowski siblings are continuing to express ourself through art. DREAMING is how we are able to control our reality. When we control our minds, even if we once perceived it to be broken through trauma and killing for country… we need to control our waking reality to control the dream reality.

Stanley Kubrick Warned us with MANY FUCKING movies and it hurts because I've been the Gomer Pyle at times… Kubrick showed us in "Dr. Strangelove" is that we were believeing the flouride subversion {dmt} bodily fluids was commie and not NAZI. At the end of the movie Dr.Strangelove reveals himself and his happiness to live in UNDERGROUND FACILITIES #CE MEX and breed because the surface is radiated from the colbalt thorium.

I love you all. even the stupid silly trolls… i didn't vote for trump, but i love that dopey man. He has a good heart.

a13a59  No.1648866


But I just gave you years worth of material that's distilled from my 15 years of practice /razz :) Ymaa embryonic breathing is a very good one, even if only for the translations.

There's no substitute for practice - there's no such thing as spiritual welfare. You either put in the time and training or you get no benefit/achievement.


Context, when one is learning to breathe correctly, tis best to begin with the physical and conquer that before moving on. A noob is not going to have any basis for understanding what moving certain energies is even all about. Crawl before walk.

a13a59  No.1648882


while nobody's special per se, some souls are more evolved than others.

you dont have to return to the matrix if you can break the physiospiritual coefficient of friction.


one other comment about resources, what I gave you is unique enough that I've potentially doxxed myself, you wont find this distillation in any book.

aff09e  No.1648984


>Many on this board are incarnated extraterrestrials themselves

I've known my entire life I was one before I even heard anyone else speak of the concept, since I was a little kid as long as I can remember I've known. When I first heard of kids losing all memory past a certain age as they grow older I swore to myself I would remember this specific thing. One of the things I remember is I was there when Atlantis sank and remembered the red haired barbaric giants and that I went in extensive tunnels and caverns underground where things resided that were not human. That's about all I remember. I also have a certain level of clairvoyance, I have seen a lot of things coming, I knew back in 2016 that a great awakening was certain, months before Trump even won and because I knew that I knew that it had to be Trump that was going to win

10d493  No.1649083


I would call it a mild-to-moderate self-hindrance. Not destructive per se, but not a tool. Can eventually add up to a serious waste of time and money.

My story is as follows. The high from smoking it always kinda forced me to be a kinder person for a day or 2, but it also made it harder for me to control my temperament when not smoking. It's not good to always be 1-2 days away from being very irritable.

That being said, I believe people should be free to do whatever they want with Cannabis. It is not nearly dangerous enough to warrant throwing people in jail and slandering their name with criminal charges. Legalize it.

–Signed, someone who smoked for 15 years, with a 3 year break in the middle due to legal problems.

a13a59  No.1649490


Any serious cultivator does not intake accelerants. Some folks wont like to hear that, but that's why I included the qualifier of "serious cultivator."

The ongoing dopamine crutch isnt good for body regulation; it dulls the body and hinders the ongoing deepening of proprioception that is required. It flares up the kidney fire a bit, which is why it can help be an introduction to spirituality, but eventually, all tools are to be discarded.

Alcohol isnt good because it burns chi like mad. When you have good chi reserves, you can drink a shit ton in a sitting, but that alcohol will burn the shit out of those chi reserves.

Caffeine is like adding friction to the process.

Acid never fooled me the couple times I tried it.

But like I said, any actually serious cultivator….you're going clean, or you have glass ceilings.

918720  No.1651440

It seems in the air today, magnetic!

Brief meteor shower last night.

More chakras getting activated - changing frequency of body.

Absolutely amazing.

a13a59  No.1654419


and last but not least for breathwork:

know how quiet it gets when you hold your breath? unfortunately that's unsustainable.

what is sustainable, is rolling the top and bottom of the breath into each other. there are internal rolling motions to do at the peak and trough of breath.

that + 'shutting off' olfactory nerve = "holy shit I'm not breathing"…."but I am"….

then you learn to exist in that super efficient state for a couple hours every day….when you get your breaths over a minute long avg for a couple hours, it really doesnt feel like you sat there all that long.

5f73ff  No.1654850


Disagree. There is an adequate amount of research that claims Jesus used Soma to gain higher levels of consciousness.

b20e02  No.1655162


And there is even more adequate personal experience and common sense that you need no mind altering drugs to exit the Matrix and enhance your natural spiritual abilities.

918720  No.1655575


Activate the natural Dmt within your body..

a13a59  No.1658353


sorry, there is no reliable evidence that Jesus is who the church says he is. the council of nicea made sure of that.

054572  No.1660724


PUSCIFER - Indigo Children (Song)

3045c0  No.1664375


Thank you.

84a2e5  No.1669059

This is a very, very good thread.

7c7b8d  No.1670638


Thankyou kind anon,

Can any one feel it in the air?

The sky seems weirdly quiet….

Clouds are still, blue sky coming through.

Journey coming to a climax?

Pray and stay safe all.


7c7b8d  No.1677772



37aa7a  No.1687391


Couple puffs never hurt anyone… other than pussyfaggots.

068ab8  No.1696834

Self bump

068ab8  No.1699256

File: eb87732e4e86d44⋯.jpg (96.14 KB, 915x654, 305:218, Capture.JPG)

File: c74c6959766fd08⋯.jpg (154.04 KB, 903x585, 301:195, cluster gate map.JPG)

File: bfb2ce7457726c3⋯.jpg (148.45 KB, 702x589, 702:589, cluster gate map2.JPG)

a632e4  No.1714456

File: d0569ee5fedf257⋯.png (6.1 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)

File: 936ecc5707257b6⋯.png (6.53 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)

fd4e52  No.1715434


quit being a weedfag. anyone who is serious about meditation and spiritual cultivation will not make substantial progress with a weed habit. spiritual cultivation is not for everyone, just like weed's not for everyone.

9fdd51  No.1715931




We need Anons like y'all sharing ur positive ET contact reports on the alien disclosure thread of /Qresearch/. Thanks!

7aeb3d  No.1716755

If interested, there's a YT channel called "Spirit Science", animated, easy to understand, could be very useful for beginners in the topics.

https:// youtu.be/dSboUPTejn8

7aeb3d  No.1716790


Bill Donahue


https:// www.youtube.com/channel/UCinvwSeMdmuuzyMWrS0tGTg

bfcc91  No.1719991


I've come across those previously.worth a watch.

eab982  No.1721943


I disagree, but with anything, moderation is key.

Mary Jane really kick-started my positive evolution. With anything, one has to learn to overcome the negative, and ultimately develop SELF control.

eab982  No.1721987


I am an anon who also has done some research into the indigo children topic as over many times throughout my life I have had unexplainable experiences, both in waking life and while I was asleep.

Dick Gregory (RIP) has talked quite a bit on the subject, and I encourage all of you to watch all you can of him. I think he has a lot of insight.


d45c7f  No.1726447


what book are these from, anon?

e43094  No.1727437

File: f03b7b3c28b1e74⋯.jpg (1020.38 KB, 963x974, 963:974, death note.jpg)


6b9a9a  No.1727590

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Matthew 17:10-13 King James Version (KJV)

10 And his disciples asked him, saying, Why then say the scribes that Elias must first come?

11 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elias truly shall first come, and restore all things.

12 But I say unto you, That Elias is come already, and they knew him not, but have done unto him whatsoever they listed. Likewise shall also the Son of man suffer of them.

13 Then the disciples understood that he spake unto them of John the Baptist.

681c7f  No.1731313

File: 6dd830a2261daef⋯.png (2.29 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)

>>1726447 (pic related)

Not exactly a book. Masters Templar Book.


Interesting read, I've got a little more to go. Couldn't read some on phone.

681c7f  No.1731422


Master Templar handbook


Auto correct deleted.

681c7f  No.1741656



Thankyou anon.

This has helped me understand further

e43094  No.1743779

File: 7579847c287209a⋯.jpg (203.82 KB, 1750x985, 350:197, thumb-1920-604124.jpg)


another proof that the "masters" themselfes are also indoctrinated and not enlighrened

earth is flat and the books cover is just an "artwork" how the luciferians madeup the world

its fiction the globe does not exist in outer planes than the imagination of the people

earth is flat

b635fe  No.1743935


Flat or more of a projection.

e4da39  No.1756982


7e2328  No.1772298

File: ad4b666cc733664⋯.jpeg (86.33 KB, 505x718, 505:718, image.jpeg)

d45c7f  No.1777765

so I just wanted to say

yesterday night, a weight previously upon me, felt lifted.

7e2328  No.1778630


Good, a lot is going on at the moment in this world, good things are coming.

I truley hope you start to feal enlightened.

Embrace what's about to come.

Peace and love.

d8a9fa  No.1779237

File: 595e550750b4b29⋯.jpg (48.02 KB, 593x596, 593:596, tinnitus.jpg)

Still having this, everyone? ;)

576e5b  No.1779393

File: 5de28ee5be06eb5⋯.png (470.88 KB, 788x486, 394:243, Capture.PNG)

Interesting how Drudge's pic looks like a Tsunami. Looks much different than the pic on the actual story.


d45c7f  No.1779798


thank you anon

I hope the same for you and all too!

I feel very thankful right now.

Peace and love.

7e2328  No.1782604

File: 0148fe8636f346f⋯.gif (168.23 KB, 1164x820, 291:205, image.gif)

File: 38be30f2f08b59e⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)

056227  No.1808763

Self bump

056227  No.1810840


New Message From The Pleiadians 2018

fac15b  No.1810892


Low quality video. Pleiadians don't ramble in canned robo voices.

bd66da  No.1810954

File: c6153d118b4a9e3⋯.jpeg (21.17 KB, 474x337, 474:337, download (5).jpeg)

I'm ecstatic to have an opportunity to share this website in an appropriate thread here with a possibly receptive audience. I randomly crossed it (no coincidences, amirite?) more than ten years ago.

The Messages" were authored from 1999-2006.

> 10+ years before Q showed up

I suggest this for these points of relevance:

-specific mentions within them of "earth changes"; increase in insane weather and other phenomena

-claims of current and ongoing ET presence and involvement with earth's population

-use of the term of then coming "storm(s)" within similar if not the same context as POTUS' statement made on 10/5/17

-claims to the fall of the Powers-that-be as can be evidenced by Q and our research

-exactly, and I mean EXACTLY like Q, says we are "watching a movie"

-also like Q, really drives home that access to the information is free


I've tried sharing it with people irl but no takers. I haven't been able to talk to anyone about it. No-one

056227  No.1811368

File: c15a2aabee8ebcc⋯.jpeg (21.73 KB, 255x143, 255:143, image.jpeg)

File: feb8a364af0cce0⋯.png (53.41 KB, 400x250, 8:5, image.png)

File: 60088ead1c64ac3⋯.png (454.06 KB, 1914x1125, 638:375, image.png)

File: 7e82cc27d95dbd8⋯.png (1.25 MB, 640x480, 4:3, image.png)


Agreed, but I have only recently found out about the Paladins and some of the things mentioned seemed relevant and ringed true with the Indigo's and what's happening in my life right now. Do you have any other sources you can share so I can get more enlightened?


>operationterra.com I will have a look into over the next few days. Interestingly though the majority of my information from the indigo children dates back to 1999 - 2001, allthough some other stuff has been added later.

I am now getting an understanding why Tesla (Nicole) was mentioning frequencys and vibrations and that 963 is the key.

Feal free to keep thread alive and post some hidden knowledge?

38b209  No.1824931

File: 39ede3110e8fc05⋯.jpg (3.96 MB, 2550x3300, 17:22, GreatAwakening_8.5x11.jpg)

056227  No.1835858


I love this, still processing, a lot of parallels and Thankyou.


Hey, how's u?

Read quite a bit in the article and there were soooo many truths between yours and the indigos - so many parallels - but nothing's a coincidence right?

At one time, hatechan wasn't indexed by Google.

Just to keep all u autist and peace builders away from each other.

a6bcfd  No.1885865

Self bump

Need autists, adhd, dislexis, Asperger, and those with some form of tinnitus to report in.

9d3f3e  No.1887565


Crazy tinnitus as of late.

The past month or so it's been coming on suddenly and intense with no underlying medical conditions. Seriously the other day it almost knocked me off my feet.

I've heard left ear ringing = premonition of something bad happening

Right ear = confirmation that things are unfolding well

Anyone have some insight into this?

a83ffc  No.1887597

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b57532  No.1887663

What should be the basic test for this sorta mumbo jumbo shit?

Be aware that this thread is most likely heavily shilled with disinfo and garbage posts by people influenced by various indigo psyops and disinfo. I am not entirely sure whether I'd buy into Q "reincarnated extraterrestrials" just yet. Could be another half truth that is used to nudge us closer to the ultimate truth.

a83ffc  No.1887695


if you need to be told what is real and what is not get out now and don't come back. your Sheppard will lead you away from wolves.

a6bcfd  No.1888530


No shit, you wait for the call….

Dad phoned : wasn't dads voice.

Anon, you are so kind: heart chakra upgraded.

Explosion, fkin beautiful.

We are all called hear for a reason. We need to re-unite - supprised no one else has appeared, give it time. Tinnitus will be manageable when the job is complete.

564c00  No.1895002


use CBD + Turmeric + black pepper to increase your BDNF-levels for increased neuroplasticity

564c00  No.1895037


the other way around, everyone wants safe-spaces from us. We're actually the most patient people around while putting up with our own confusion and everybody's bullshit at the same time.

a6bcfd  No.1895069


This is so true…

Peace and respect.

15f117  No.1901860



Patience, love and respect for fellow people as well as an ability to solve problems and resolve any kind of negativity - those are spiritual qualities, taught by spiritual teachings. And unlike virtue signaling spirituality starts from the core.

f70f08  No.1902397



Well dang.

I never realized THIS was what this thread was about.

-slides on in home-

Hi. I've been fighting the good fight on general, but I need some like minded exposure too. It's getting too loud out there with no balance.


Yep…..I need to be here. It's time.

564c00  No.1902420


I read the yogis say these iirc nada hatas (?), celestial chimes in sanskrit or something, should be focused on the right ear and not the left so maybe that's where you got the idea

f70f08  No.1902441


How can we reunite if we were already connected?

So many ways from which to look at it.


Anyone else been waiting since childhood? Somehow I never thought I was nuts, nor did the very few who noticed I was different. Certainly nothing to envy. But I'm finding people turn to me more often now.

Did anyone else literally feel as if they'd destroyed the world when getting in trouble for something small as a kid? I didn't break many rules LOL.

Ah, tinnitus.

Also since childhood.

Really unsure how much of it is the vaccines though.

2 1/2 months early, yet no NICU.

Almost as if I just came how I was supposed to.

And I don't want to be anyone else. I want my brothers and sisters of the world to feel that too, and to be cared for. And to not be afraid, or hungry.

31bc42  No.1908518


Interesting points, We are connected via the grid and earths frequencies.

You can take the hope and make the spiritual journey. Mine started with peneal gland and Dmt activation (all natural) then activating DNA strands / chakras.

Watched a couple of videos from the 1999 about the emerald order and indigo children.

Very interesting. My journey took me well into the future and got the message well, you not what you've got to do and I got sent back.

Kind of weird, but activication of the pillar of light was the key.

31bc42  No.1908750


Sorry, forgot to add - yes been waiting since child hood. Ended up going into self distruct mode which puts me back. Did you no with the indigos entrapped energy, we can cause explosions when pent up energy is released.

I want to experiment further with the energies and frequencies - but get apprehensive and have a drink. This then sets me back again. Body and mind need to be cleansed. I'm once again on the cleansing phase.

I've also recently discovered that women who have 'sleep paralysis' often have kids with adhd, autism etc……

e43094  No.1909083

tinnitus is a sign that you got chipped and getting monitored

targeted inidivual

1fc808  No.1909379


I’ve had many epiphanies while using cannabis. It’s a tool used responsibility, otherwise, it’s a crutch.

aff09e  No.1909592


Yeah that makes sense. I've had tinnitus my whole life and I do recall one abduction experience

35e5eb  No.1909659


timezones or gtfo

b39c20  No.1915551

I think there's many conflicting views as to what indigos are. The same with wanderers ( starseeds ). What's the consensus?

Bc to my knowledge, indigo only started incarnating around the turn of the millennium, circa 1996 and on. Their arrival completely coincided with the rise of "clinical autism."

The older generations that have some similar abilities and design as indigo children are considered "wanderers" by The Law of One. ( If you've never looked into the Law of One, I highly recommend it. You may not agree with every single thing in it, but you certainly won't regret reading it.) So wanderers aka starseeds are those who's soul's are from elsewhere that incarnate into human bodies in order to aid humanity in a myriad of ways. The Pleiades are a major home star system for many wanderers, though not exclusively. Their origins are widespread. Orion, Sirius, Vega, Arcturus, etc.

Generally their souls descend ( temporarily )from either 4th, 5th, or 6th density to serve a multitude of purposes. All of which are in aid to humanity.

566d0c  No.1918766


I have a suspicion this is true.

My "tinnitus" ceased during my premature partial-activation.

It makes me concerned for every anon that claims that they hear the noise.

31bc42  No.1921835


I agree with what you have said.

The names of indigo's and everything may be different - but yes I think those who have been altered are here to help humanity evolve and improve. For the greater good, help purge the evil and evolve on a Miriad of ways.

I wil start looking into the law of one I will have a look at a quick overview 1st, but at the moment - the Indigo stuff I have received (by chance) is more than enough to be going on with for the time being. Also it's very enlightening - all I say for one is my body is healing big time and I only wish I would of discovered all this back in 2000……

Peace and love to all you good people out there.


f23625  No.1923386


never take medical advice from flat-earthers.

1d3452  No.1924000

Let me first issue a small apology for providing this information. It is not my work. However, the Saturn hexagon (which resembles a cube actually in a 3-D plane) is easily explained in this video. In fact, I will wager that you will not see the universe again in the same way after watching. Enjoy.


f391e2  No.1968681


No need to apologise, I allready I stood about the magnetiviy, but this has clarified a few things.

f391e2  No.1968689


659a0d  No.2039429

Selfless bump.

0a247d  No.2039576


I guess that would depend on what you consider reliable evidence. We all hear/read source documents and put our own opinion of it's reliability. In other words… gut instinct.

The creator gives all of us access to data that gives us clues as to our mission. We all have different missions, therefore different access to truths. So what is true or evidence to one of us is bullshit to another. This is what makes the path of the truthseeker so difficult.

For instance, I went into the rabbit hole of the FE'rs. They talk a good talk. They used the "evidence" of flight paths that don't make sense and listed specific examples. Now if I had not done my own research and believed them, I would entertain the theory as true. But… I looked up flight paths, and it was totally not as was explained. Therefore… the earth is a sphere.

I read somewhere that Jesus is documented on some tax roles in the time He should have lived. But… I did not follow through with the research to verify that it was not bullshit. Therefore I am willing to entertain the idea that He is a made up character used to control the masses via religion.

0a247d  No.2039667


Disagree… a truth seeker is exposed to many paths… so many bits/bytes of data in the brain… many contradict… some more appealing than others… if you only entertain one path…. you may be following the wrong one and not know it….

Personally… I think that when the veil is finally lifted… we all will be surprised… the paths we have chosen to follow are incomplete.

0a247d  No.2039696


regarding your: "resolve any kind of negativity"

Generally speaking I would agree with this, but the thought popped in my mind as I read it and perhaps it isn't about removing negativity, but rather balancing negativity.

It is safe to say there is an abundance of negativity out there in the world, so balancing it would have a spiritual affect.

What if… next year… after much of the swamp is drained… there IS an atmosphere of positivity and hope? Will we still need some negative in our lives to maintain balance? Can we live in pure bliss?

0a247d  No.2039707


Please expound on this upgraded heart chakra.

(I've been told my heart chakra is pink.. seemed to impress but not sure why)

0a247d  No.2039723


my spidey sense is perked and need to warn this could be a shill… trying to make you paranoid and unsure… Don't take it to heart without some thought.

0a247d  No.2039797


I would agree with your description - the Millennials. Keep in mind that the parents and grandparents of Indigos, play a part in the Indigo play out.

Indigos were vaccinated, which caused much autism, which cannot be controlled by the Matrix. (Just for a point of reference… To go to school in 1970, you needed 5 vaccines, plus maybe 2 or 3 boosters during the next 12 years… Now I think there are 47 vaccines on the schedule.)

Law of One… awesome… generally skeptical about channeled material, but in the 60's there was the Seth material, and somewhere at the turn of the last century there was another "movement" that predicated the Law of One.

For those unfamiliar, I would recommend a novel "The Children of the Law of One: The Last Days of Atlantis". A pleasant introduction to Law of One, as opposed to the somewhat dry transcripts of the channeled sessions. David Wilcox has the material on his website. I believe he "cleaned" them up a bit for readability.

3cd8b1  No.2058888


When my heart chakra got activated, the fealing was full on euphoria. A burst of energy releasing from my heart up into the skys. It was emense and red in colour. It all started with machine code and a 'dial up modem ' fashion.

Can't explain, but ever since - doors have been opening - life is fucking excellent and have a permanent smile on my face.

When you know you know.

No fear, /protected.

Peace, love and respect…..

2b9ca4  No.2059147

File: 9638ff6278a5a06⋯.jpg (142.53 KB, 1060x553, 1060:553, QanonBakerBoards.jpg)

So check this out. Weird coincidence.

On the Fourth of July there was a Qanon concert at The Kennedy Center. Qanon … JFK. Weird…..

Spendiaryan Qanon Ensemble was created to encourage Armenian girls and young women to take up an instrument traditionally played by men. The Ensemble has produced virtuosic musicians, sparking a “gender revolution” in their wake and bringing fresh energy to concert stages around the world.

Maybe it's like when you buy a car then you see it all over the place. Still though. Another collision between Qanon and JFK? Qanon? C'mon that is weird.

And look at those Qanon instruments. They look like big bread boards. Don't you see it? It's there I tell you… Time for a vacation.

3cd8b1  No.2059334


Take one then, sounds like you could do with a break..

0a247d  No.2063702


Wow… look at your 8s…

I felt much guilt when I finally decided to divorce… probably the cause of my cancer… but… since then my life has improved immensely. I wonder if the word "adultery" is a code word ???

I have tremendous failure with meditation. I work with pendulum, but have many failures therefore distrust.

I feel that my mission doesn't include meditation. But. oh how helpful it would be to have guidance.

39333b  No.2067871


Old news; predates New Age recycling

An Egypt Study Group meets at A.R.E. Headquarters in Virginia Beach, Va., every Tuesday to discuss the Cayce readings on Egypt circa 10,500 B.C. Recently, the group studied the "Law of One" based on the rich information found in the readings.


Edgar Cayce (March 18, 1877 – January 3, 1945)

e5afbb  No.2069115

File: 532728bd9a14a22⋯.jpeg (275.12 KB, 988x958, 494:479, image.jpeg)

File: a6ca6b2d35b4d43⋯.jpeg (180.29 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, image.jpeg)

File: 2a5fbb4a737df1f⋯.jpeg (106.42 KB, 892x956, 223:239, image.jpeg)

File: 6bda84911c5c14e⋯.jpeg (142.8 KB, 700x1080, 35:54, image.jpeg)


Hi anon, thanks for your help in keeping the thread alive and sorry for the slow response as I needed to make sure I get this spot on.

Firstly sorry to hear about the C….

I'm in a similar situation with a relationship, I need to get out as it is full of negativity and I'm now so positive. I'm just waiting for the correct time to do one. (Not married and never have been). I can't possibly comment on adultery as like I say I've never been married.

I cannot guide as I'm just blagging my way through this and it's working out brilliantly.

I can't advise as I'm no doctor or meditation expert…..

However, do your self a favour, give your self a couple of hours, headphones on, relaxed and listen to this.


Nothing's going to come straight away, I've been listening to this for roughly 6 months and on there web site they advise you need to listen to for roughly 30 days before you start noticing a difference. 12 million views can't be wrong.

My journey took a new direction when I started thinking and working out about pic related.

Let me know how you get on.

Peace love and respect.


Thankyou, this is coming up more and more in conversation. I wish I could attend!


564c00  No.2079019


You could be right, you will only need as much meditation as you need. it could be an hour for some, could be a minute for others. The longer you do it the less effort it takes. At some point you just let it flow rather than hang on (but be respectful to yourself and don't push it, it pulls up all the repressed subconscious if you go over an hour)

58867f  No.2079118



There is energy all around us, so called subtle energy, aetheric energy, orgone, Chi, etc…

This energy is not limited to spirituality, it is emitted by matter, by technology.

If developed suitably it can manifest Free Energy, levitation, rapid healing and much more.

MOST people can feel this energy when presented with a notable amount of it.

It is also the energy of spirituality, both good and evil, but, it is an energy an natural as any other, as real as any other, it just happens to connect with consciousness and spirituality, but then again to some degree so does matter.

58867f  No.2079125


If enough people could pull their head from their ass and study this area of physics, it is very readily explorable even by anons on a budget, most anons anyway as MOST people can feel this energy and develop greater sensitivity over time.

We could kick the bad guys ass if we developed this technology to a higher enough level!

But, I have found very very very very few interested in investigating it. If you are interested, ask, not holding my breath.

This is fringe physics, not spirituality.

dc8aa4  No.2079167



I feal your energy, and your correct.

The thing is, I don't like to call it physics, as I failed at it when I was young.

I'm asking…

RU enlightening me?

Failure makes the being stronger - learning by mistakes made……


To much knowledge is suppressed.

58867f  No.2079168


About the 3 6 9…

Try the following, place your hand over the 3 6 9 onscreen, do you feel an energy coming from the numbers?

Now try…



Or 2 3 6 9 2 3 6 9

You might feel this develop energy when the 2 is in there… I can go into why, but, place your hand over the screen where those numbers are, do you feel it? it is pretty wild if you feel it, you see symbols represent actual vibrations of what they represent, and as such they actually vibrate, and when 2,3,6,9 are together, an energy is developed

.. ……

… ………

The strongest energy is in the 9!

Slight improvement…




Why these numbers, it has to do with math, that's all.

58867f  No.2079183

File: e18ecf75454d0cc⋯.png (28.79 KB, 723x417, 241:139, ClipboardImage.png)


Well, if you feel energy…

Place your hand in-front of the circle, feel for some sensation or energy…

dc8aa4  No.2079186


Spooky timing and yes, I've come across this a few times..

I definitely feal the energy as pointed out.

Dob for me 3 6 72 (9) (English date format not American)

Love this stuff, would love to find out more..

Peace my freind…..

58867f  No.2079195


I am happy to teach you what I have found.

Call it what you want.

But it has been suppressed again and again, they want it for themselves. It is responsible for much of their success, or, it was :)

dc8aa4  No.2079197


I feal warmth and a nice energy.

dc8aa4  No.2079211


Please do, knowledge is the key, as long as the receptor knows how to decipher.

Throwaway address, website / discord?

58867f  No.2079229


So let me explain a little of this…

So, there is this fluid like stuff, let's call it ether, or aether.

Some dynamics in it make up matter, but matter is like a dynamic vortex in this stuff, and it throws out some disturbance, and that disturbance is the basis for this…

A lot of the disturbed energy is like aetheric ghosts of the electron, called sometimes as soft electrons, they could be viewed as like partial electric charges, these energies have the electons spin, they literally move as a right handed helical vortex \\\\\\\\\\\> And act like electric charges.

But, there is another energy that is like the proton, it is denser, and move with the opposite spin /////////>

It is a positive like charge, and, when these positive and negative energies flow, they tend to move in opposite directions so the direction of vortex agrees, but this means the energies collide… this slows down energy flow.

This is why positive ions in the air is unhealthy, energy waves knock copies of the proton and this produces a bad energy that flows the wrong way in your DNA and causes collisions and causes energy stagnation if excessive, but a little is ok because + and - attract… But you just want more -.

There are also energies that don't spin there are energies that are like neutrons, some that are like magnetic monopoles… and so on.

But at the same time each material has it's othen energy quality, and when energy from one material is pulled out and made to move thought a very different one it flows very fast! Frictionless, as long as it does not even move near the material or energy quality it was sourced from…

Amazingly, the aether is son subtle it can be affected by light, so even drawn aetheric circuits will convey some energy.

58867f  No.2079231


How about throw away email addresses?

58867f  No.2079238



58867f  No.2079258


Coincidental indeed, we were born different years, but the same day.

dc8aa4  No.2079315

58867f  No.2079322


Crap, I got your email but it doesn't give me any email info to reply to, so I can't email you back, making a new temp email with a new site now, wait up…

58867f  No.2079329




dc8aa4  No.2079336



Recheck origionall

dc8aa4  No.2079369


Why u dox me? On a public forum….

58867f  No.2079372


Sorry, just pointing out there is no way to message you back, you need to send to the other address, that one sucks. Also you didn't say much, sorry.

58867f  No.2079375


I mean, all you said is that you are from the UK, which you said already, so, I didn't dox you :)

dc8aa4  No.2079380


Can u get that image deleted plz

I can't, even tough icreatedthethread

58867f  No.2079395


You already gave your birthdate and said English date, now I have said you already said you are from the UK, and no, I don't know how to delete the image, but there is nothing sensitive in it.

I asked you to email me at another address and you asked me to recheck the original, but the point I am making is the original does not give me any ability to reply.

I'll dox myself, I'm in NZ, happy? most others are in the USA, honestly country is not much info.

58867f  No.2079412


But I'll email and ask for it to be removed.

dc8aa4  No.2079421


I have my reasons, thanks

Resent to new addy - sorry, I'm old fag and that comes with paranoia.

61b136  No.2081454



https:// privnote.com

save yourselves, faggots!

dc8aa4  No.2092718


87755c  No.2092950


i would also like to expand on how to go from 'spiritually retarded' to spiritually aware… by sharing my own story i remember.

My mom is a southern baptist and raised me with God forefront in my life.

we talked about him daily on the way to school.

one morning, I asked about faith, the inevitable "how do we believe in God without proof? without miracles" ( I was 6-7 yrs old )

and she said this:

>the air, baby

>you can't see it but you still breathe

>you know you need to breathe or you'll suffocate

<faith is literally believing in something without having proof or evidence or visual confirmation of its existence.

Once you are able to fully digest and hold this belief as a truth - something no one can challenge - then you are granted the access to feeling and recognizing your higher self / gut feelings / intuiition / general feelings of guidance -> the next step is realization that this is your SPIRIT talking to your conscious mind.

it REALLY is fucking beautiful.

fwiw - it took me 30 years to get this evolved with understanding the spiritual world/spiritual connection humans have [ some born with connected by default - others must master practice for years ] - feel fortunate, you have a resource to help accelerate your discoveries.

Educating yourself on some scientific concepts and thoughts on old geniuses may help you build faith as well.

You're entering an area and an era where you will have to 'suspend laws of reality' if you want results because what you know of reality does not contain all of the truths.

87755c  No.2093190




bridging the gap between science and metaphysical & spiritual

i want to take us to Einstein and E=mc^2

E = energy

m = mass

c = speed of light

m & c are units of measurement ( mass & speed )

Einstein gave up on this theory because it collided with the Quantum theory

Interesting fact about the quantum field:

when a measurement is applied, it 'collapses', thus, cannot be measured.

However, it is consistently observed at 'interacting' faster than the speed of light. Based on the presence of an observer, the outcome can be changed. ( quantum observer experiment )

Basically the 'aether' or 'quantum field' is omnipresent.

It is in all things, all things are made of it in varying densities - some appear hard, fluid, heavy, luminescence , gaseous.

Light is energy, electricity is energy. food is energy. *everything* is energy and has a frequency/vibration.

Love is a frequency/vibration. ( Love is rarely properly defined or used in today's world btw )

Research your Akashic records "lore" & combine this with information on where our 'memories' are stored…. in our DNA? maybe?

or is it stored in the quantum energy field?

If it is indeed stored in the QE field, then we now have an

Omnipresent and Omniscient entity identified in our presence.

What's that 3rd O word used to describe God in the good book?


(of a deity) having unlimited power; able to do anything.

^ based on this above definitition

I can easily surmise that the quantum field is basically God or God's tool.

The good book says: He made us in his image.

We did completely assume his 'image' meant physical form, and the forbidden fruit is an apple.

Undo all of your previous programming and assess the information available to you with unbiased thoughts.

It will eventually prove itself existent and self-evident, and with exclusive clues provided ONLY to you.

there's a few keywords I could drop, but I worry it may inorganically influence your growth. it is important to pay attention to the information placed in front of you - how often do you see "irrelevant" but interesting ads or links?

Open your eyes - how many light (energy) receptors does the human body have?

ec039c  No.2095085


usually extraordinary events do not start happening until one believes and thus permits them to be possible. luckily the craziest things happen when you have other witnesses for confirmation

ec039c  No.2095119


biophotons…they found memory stored in DNA recently…quantum mechanics were inspired by the Rig Veda according to its pioneers.

I suspect one of the keywords is Synchronicity?

aff09e  No.2116222

Something is happening to my brain, it's been making sounds occasionally for a few years now, also tinnitus that I've pretty much had my whole life which sounds a lot like snow on tv, like my brain is receiving signals. I also have a shitload of lucid dreams and sleep paralysis experiences. Recently I think I was able to astral project for a second, like it was really bright and I was zipping super fast past houses and shit, very different from flying in dreams, dreams are like old videogames they can't process everything all at once, this time there was sever clarity and it was obvious this wasn't the work of my brain

fdf795  No.2116602


Similar is happening to me, sometimes it's a little scary. I went on an astro travel the other week went off, got told what year it was (way off in the future). Then got told well you know what you've go to do and got sent back. This isn't bs - strange shit is happening. I created this thread and have happen to come across a couple of old videos (1999) all about the indigo children - whilst. Watching that - thats when I went on my 1st journey.

Life is changing and its not what it seems. Big changes ahead

7cca0b  No.2123256

File: 497b0534feea6c4⋯.jpg (73.64 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 366dfce6cca172621076636af7….jpg)

File: b13a5607ce18494⋯.jpg (24.69 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 40d0a30a717ef8d823e9242900….jpg)

Love this board. Had a spiritual awaking in April. A kundalini awaking. So much energy flowing in me while i read these

7cca0b  No.2123300

File: 7bf415ee1111942⋯.jpg (49.46 KB, 720x559, 720:559, a68943dc0008f222902d993e18….jpg)

File: 1274ab6832b1771⋯.png (814.49 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Common-Symptoms-of-Spiritu….png)

File: 974af3ed3d0d364⋯.jpg (169.25 KB, 720x926, 360:463, b8ebd713460cfd690650ffb12d….jpg)

7cca0b  No.2123306

The great awakening. Love Qs double meaning.

fdf795  No.2123477



You got me down to a t!

I love you (no homo) but peace and full on respect.

I'm just glad there is other's like me


083bf3  No.2126971



dead link.. can u reup?

54d79f  No.2139964

Energy bump

e77502  No.2161468

THE CHOICE, to know, will be yours.


8c422e  No.2165292

Newfag here. Discovering Q and this bread has helped me in so many ways…

When I was younger I'd always wonder why I would struggle with communication and spent a lot of time on computers. Now I'm almost positive I used to or still am a part of the spectrum (certain past experiences have allowed me to dramatically improve my communication skills and expression and now I can even understand many non-literal concepts). The nasty anxiety I experienced from social interaction is almost gone! I used to lock up to the point of being sick with fear.

I 100% register with the Indigo Type 3 designation. I have been spiritually blocked and there has been a battle of polar opposites raging inside of me since day one. Only recently have I mentally reconnected to something higher than my 3D self.

I just want to say thank you anons.

b7d501  No.2167088

File: 4f1e3abe45a1858⋯.jpg (461.9 KB, 2531x872, 2531:872, pkd480.JPG)

I know literally nothing about the topic, but I came across pic related in a footnote of a (somewhat) unrelated book and, with the time and interest, I'd dive into this.

>Dean Radin is a parapsychology researcher, Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), served on dissertation committees at Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, and former President of the Parapsychological Association. He is also co-editor-in-chief of the journal Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing.

>Early life

>Radin worked as a concert violinist for five years, later switching to engineering after earning an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, as well as both a master's degree in electrical engineering and a doctorate in educational psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

>After his graduation, Radin worked at Bell Labs, and then conducted research at Princeton University, GTE Laboratories, University of Edinburgh, SRI International, Interval Research Corporation, and was a faculty member at University of Nevada, Las Vegas.


>Radin believes that parapsychology is as repeatable as any science but that it is also, as paraphrased by sociologist Erich Goode, "elusive, subtle and complex", a field of study that is "difficult to replicate" and for which "our understanding of it is incomplete".[

>Radin's paranormal claims have been roundly rejected by (((those in the skeptical and mainstream scientific communities))), some of whom have suggested that he has embraced pseudoscience and that he misunderstands (((the nature of science))).

>Radin has appealed to quantum mechanics as a mechanism, claiming that it can explain the non-locality and backward causality associated with psi phenomena, though such ideas are harshly criticized by (((physicists who study quantum mechanics))) as being pseudoscientific. Radin has written that not all people experience paranormal phenomena (or see ghosts) because they block such signals due to the process of latent inhibition.


>The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena (1997)

>Supernormal: Science, Yoga, and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities (2013), published by New-age guru Deepak Chopra

>Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality (2006)

>The Noetic Universe (2011)

>Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe (2018)

The conscious universe: The scientific truth of psychic phenomena (PDF available)


"Where has the billion trillion gone?" by I.J. Good (book review)


"Extrasensory statistics" by Dean Radin (response to I. J. Good's review)


Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing


They seem to have some open access articles. On the front page:

>"War, Climate Change, and Migration" Stephan A. Schwartz

(looks interesting)

>"Immigrant Bashing and Healthcare: Have We Lost Our Mind?" Larry Dossey, MD


The Parapsychological Association


Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)


c93932  No.2175599


Hi newfag, thanks for posting. I'm supprised that your the 1st person that equates to being an indigo. Just for info, I'm the type 1 who created the thread.

How far do you want your journey to go?

How deep do you want to go down he rabbit hole?



Thanks Anons, there's a lot to digest here. I will add to my reading list….

If not you could plug that knowledge module into me, as it would be a lot quicker to process than to read all the articles.

Stay safe.


97dc69  No.2179613


Dear fellow space-n*ggers,

can you expand on the different indidgo types for future reference? Would be gladly appreciated

Yours truly

c93932  No.2183410

39333b  No.2184258

File: 2398086c726ca32⋯.png (52.04 KB, 574x357, 82:51, Disclaimer.PNG)


You apparently for got to include the lengthy legal disclaimer that goes with this material. I have included a very small sample og the lengthy legalese that effectively says "This is for entertainment/inspiration but we make not claim it is true/factual or untrue/bullshit.

Caveat emptor = BUYER BEWARE

39333b  No.2184426


We'll call Morpheus right away an he can "hook you up"

c93932  No.2185004


He allready called…..


180f4d  No.2185374


Castaneda's books were novel's

180f4d  No.2185389


You haven't got a soul - you have got a body


180f4d  No.2185541

I have been waiting for a board like this - hopefully Indigo Anons can keep it real and let this be a positive and helpful space


Definitely a God given tool

c93932  No.2185748


Spidey sensors are on form today, big time.

c292a6  No.2189858


Arigato Senpai

b445f6  No.2190423

I wonder just how many there are here now..

The vibrations have been.. intense, lately. To say the least.

f391e2  No.2201102




in this thread not many,in this world a think a fair few - but they need activating. I work in a large building I'd say out of the 100 in open plan office its about 10% that can feal the energy. Raising positive vibrations.


The soul is oh so powerful when known how to use it to its full potential.


Both, you have to use it without abusing it.


Allways buyer beware - but why buy something when FIAT is just a printed currency and not gold or similar backed. Btw, there are 2 videos which come from that cluster of pictures. But of course, all fiction and ……

Peace all Anons.

ae609f  No.2294722

Anons, the full blood moon is coming Friday.

It's going to be a wonderful day

Are you ready for strange things to happen?

The power of the dance - music unlocks……..

e1ecd8  No.2295085

476146  No.2295212

File: a2e64342a579ab6⋯.png (220.05 KB, 343x341, 343:341, recent schumann.png)

Shills going crazy with the schumann spikes?

It fits with the R larper going batshit in the 'R slide' thread

Entire thread is a honeypot for the young & gullible

476146  No.2296793

Anyone notice how each Post No. is a divination?

Give each number meaning, and you have your own system giving divine meaning to each post

0. Out of Void

1. GO GO GO full force KEK / ONE

2. Dualistic learning

3. Duality triangulates - wisdom

4. Building

5. Halfway Manifestation

6. Downward vortex / Feminine divinity

7. Spirit Manifest communication

8. Infinity

9. Upward vortex / Masculine divinity

56371d  No.2296963


R larper AND a BV in cahoots with him

abb275  No.2330257

Everyone operates upon a spectrum based upon the ebb and flow of what they are able to receive.

There are many interesting happenings going on right now. (1)Masses of people don't possess the orientation to handle the catalytic assault of information. Effectively, this turns thought into a weapon. (2) There are people learning to operate with vibrations based not in sound-vibrations. (a) The doppie new age hippies are seeding methodologies of pure psychic exchange. You see this with bullshit democratic socialists. This is the initial synthesis. (b) The latter people have a sizable ability to manipulate others. (i) The factions of people able to do this are evil, good and mixed. (ii) The majority are of a positive nature. For this reason there will be a positive future.

(3) The ultimate outcome of current events is a constant state of recognition among humanity aka social memory. Assimilating the disharmonious portions of the social discourse is part of the collective game. (a) What people don't realize is the extent of involvement of ETs. (b) The basic proposition of each of the factions to operate effectively has been based upon a precedent of secrecy which advantageous to the negative faction. This is systematically being eroded.

(4) There will be genetic basis upon the set of interactions of an individual chooses before incarnation. (a) This is a distant probability, but likely. (b) Once the parapsychology is nailed to acceptable theory, concurrent understanding of the genome will be applied. Subsequently, effectiveness genetically will become considerations in specific roles or jobs.

There are many subsets of likely collective choices we will make.

Ultimately, the biggest marker will be understanding of infinite opportunity, mechanically being how creative forces interact with humanity.

6798e4  No.2397135

For me the blood moon was a disappointment.

Now awaiting the full moon, dark to light - seeing what that brings.

f21b94  No.2397249


New Age refers to the Age of Aquarius, which is a common esoteric belief of Masons/Yids/Satanists.

8e9da7  No.2431224

File: 7e232dab5b25d0c⋯.jpeg (83.11 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, image.jpeg)

I'll just leave this here…….

(While I walk through that wall)

ba3347  No.2441151


ba3347  No.2441156


ba3347  No.2441170


7288cc  No.2517440

New moon on Saturday, meant to be a special one for geminis.

Things made a sharp turn for me on the full blood moon - found new digs. Back garden leads on to a river, fuckin tranquil as Fk. Weird thing is I move in on the new moon (sat)! Leaving a relationship I've been in for 17 years, and you know what, oh so looking forward to it. Good times, fresh start - keep the movement going.

Peace and respect Anons.

8d4926  No.2566561

File: b9b0979b80b6256⋯.jpeg (58 KB, 660x371, 660:371, image.jpeg)

Serious question for you tinnitus, ADHD, autism Asberg, etc…….

Has any of your lives changed Massivly and for the better between the blood moon (last full moon) and today (new moon)?

Life is sorted,

Life is sweet,

Just need pres trump to give one final bump

And evrything will, be well and truley sweet….

Barron, keep it sweet, God bless and thanks for what you've done allthough it's not realised until the future becomes now.

I'm sorry, trump isn't just the American president.

He's a whole lot more…..

The guy is from a higher level and not from most people's timelines.

Yeh he's there as the president, but he's a whole lot more. Mandela effect .

Imagine, stepping into the future, and see what you've achieved and aquired over the years (it's pleasant)

Focus on the object (of your desires) before you know It will appear and you will be living it and loving it.

Peace, respect and love.

Don't forget to pray.

Hive mind

Powerful beyond beleif.

Pic, not related, but hasn't managed To fly / vibrate through a closed door…

02541e  No.2567264

I have only just stumbled onto this board, it's like coming home.


Reading this post I smiled more and more until the end and thought, I KNEW IT!

You just can't talk about this stuff in general research, the sleepers and bible people smash you to bits.

d531bb  No.2567850


are you a believer in Barron being a time traveller?


the truth is not for everyone, it's also soooo frustrating in dealing with shills while trying to interact with anons about the truly "crazy" stuff.

much love to everyone 'here'. been around since october 16' (when my journey began). can't wait to see how this 'story' ends.

any canuckanons here with $ available? in beginning stages of trying to build something like this


8f15b5  No.2567957


>soooo frustrating in dealing with shills while trying to interact with anons about the truly "crazy" stuff

You have my sympathy anon.

b85434  No.2570735

My awakening seems to have come only lately, and has gone into overdrive with the passing of the blood moon, something has lifted and I have a new fear of being unable to control or be rent asunder by energy. fear and trembling

8d4926  No.2607193


I beleive we all have the ability to time travel. The knowledge has been hidden - me, I think of frequencies and vibrations are the key.

8d4926  No.2612616


b57532  No.2624097

Before Trump even won I somehow knew that the USA military and good intelligence agencies such as the NSA sided with him and were protecting and covering him. Once he won it was all more certain in my mind. This was over a year before Q appeared in the CBTS threads on halfchan.

Reincarnated ET theories feel a bit real.

Anyone ever looked in the mirror and felt like they saw someone else overlayed on top of their face? Feeling like you were not just human but also "alien"? Had that first feel when I was maybe 5 or 6.

f9c461  No.2624437


no, never ever had that feeling. As a kid i kept testing mirrors though. t see if I could get the real infinity effect by reflecting a mirror into a mirror. My spiritual friends say I am blocked, but also say I am very protected. I have lots of "spiritually weird" friends (my POV), they like to be near me because I am a "a quiet zone" for them. I do not understand this aspect of my friends. They say in the "spirit world" I am a blazing beacon of white light. They said I look like a shield. They say I am not powerful enough to destroy bad things, but I can block them and I can certainly clear spaces of them temporarily. They say I am surrounded by animal spirits- a deer, a horse, a squirrel, several cats and dogs…all mammals (no birds and no reptiles). As for me I am totally clueless and feel zippo, nada, nuthin'.

I have asked friends if I can break the spiritual blocking, but they say I am blocked and protected for a reason. The challenge me if I want to break the protection because chit on the other side can be nasty. So I keep the protection and blockage in place.

Now when Trump won, I went out at night in my back yard, all alone, and danced and laughed with sheer joy

39333b  No.2624515

File: a7cf45435db81bd⋯.jpg (111.46 KB, 257x400, 257:400, Back_to_the_Future.jpg)


Who learned how and why did they hide it?

You just need more jijawatts

39333b  No.2624533


So tell us what is gonna happen next since you are physic.

"Feelings" that you were an alien?

Sounds psychological not metaphysical.

39333b  No.2624561


So can they do any tricks or just tell you things about spirits.

Convenient that you are blocked and can't go with them..

Evil spirits there?: Nasty?

Where do they say they are going with all this white light they can see?

What else is there? Can the describe anything, since it sounds pretty boring

I smell bullshit

d701f1  No.2627675


White light, the maharic shield -

Nice, you are protected. Your freinds obviously Feal safe around you. Lucky….


Not bullshit, you can bring up the maharic shield protection - it's a techique. Usually only lasts for a few hours, then you have to reactiviate it.

d701f1  No.2627722


Because, why do they want normies to know how to Astro travel, pause time - change the dimension you are in. (((They))) want you as sheep doing what you do, earning a living for them. Performing thankless tasks while slowly eroding your body. The vessel you are in should be capable of living a thousand years. But all the pollutants, toxins and unhealthy living make us die much younger. However, the spirit if it can - can shift into another vessel. Still born babies are when the vessel is not suited to the spirit.

So much knowledge is stored within your DNA matrix. It's a question of activating it -

61b136  No.2635437

File: fa8d067ce2b953b⋯.png (1.7 MB, 822x1056, 137:176, 1531844458072.png)


N*gger, please.


Indeed - God is pouring out his Spirit.

f1e7dd  No.2637850

File: 1cee65ad5be62e9⋯.jpeg (1.5 MB, 12294x2201, 12294:2201, 5b158d6ea7407.jpeg)

I've posted pic related a few times before here, and no one has yet seemed to get it. Maybe someone here understands. For a further description, see:

https:// projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?102991-Project-Genesis-A-relational-framework-of-the-Universe.

99688b  No.2638173


Just yesterday someone got so defensive at me for just bringing up sacred geometry. They said it was 'satanic', just like you said. People have been conditioned to be afraid of this. But that's why we're here! To help raise people's vibrations and make them more aware of the true nature of reality that's been suppressed for the majority!

3031e3  No.2641230

File: 633e78b326e53fc⋯.gif (2.16 MB, 392x294, 4:3, tenor.gif)

All this talk about what might be.

Why not begin first by discussing what IS?

We perceive ourselves as having bodies.

And our bodies generate, store, transmit energy.

There are definite ways to improve the above.

Why not begin our inquiry here, from the material?

If our goal is to "raise our frequency", then why not begin by taking a look at the voice?

:: too long, too late to explain fully ::

Want to raise your frequency?

Re-learn how to use your adrenal glands.

And consciously keep your colon taught.

Spread/rotate thighs to open/stretch your anus.

Then consciously squeeze it back tight.

Do this with constant force, not pulsing.

Women do this naturally.

Men must do this consciously.

Result is constant toning of your smooth muscle.

Vibrations MUST have a carrier.

And high freq vibrations require higher tensions.

IMPOSSIBLE to sustain high frequencies otherwise.

Next step is to retrain your body.

Smooth muscles can be used to locomote.

Nazi "hail" gesture and goose stepping train this, when done correctly. Refer to NoKo vids on YT.

Using your smooth muscles to locomote also cause your bodily fluids to shift about. Our body fluids are electrically charged, and can generate EM fields when shifted about in regular patterns.

…and it all begins by keeping your butthole tight.


d701f1  No.2645284


Thanks for the post……

At first thought you maybe trolling! Was at work, listening to some 'tones / frequencies' thought I'd give it a shot - you no, clenching the but hole….Fk me, the effects after a few mins I had to stop! Left it 10 mins did the same again. Fk me, again I had to stop things were getting pleasantly weird. So, guess what I'm doing tonight in the company of myself > I may even sit but naked in the garden while practicing this method - bring it on……

Have you got any more tips

Peace, love and respect to you all (no homo)

3031e3  No.2680237


Glad some are able to keep an open mind.

Our world is far FAR simpler than assumed.

There are multiple ways to trigger the effect.

Ritual sodomy is a quick way to make it lat.

Masonic stances demonstrate degrees of mastery.

East Asian chanting is effective ONLY due to this.

Key to it all s the vagus nerve, which is basically the animal that is your tongue stretching from your mouth to your butthole. Stimulation shunts blood to it, activating the parasympathetic (rest/digest, dream/ream) which is associated with dreams, etc. THIS is the "winged serpent".

Once you get it, then its easy to pillage your own memories for tips that will help you advance.

Your suggestion regarding meditating outdoors rings true, though I prefer standing. Hands and feet serve as spiritual "mouths" and are fed by the earth—or other people if your into vampirism.

35b13d  No.2680315

File: d58482cb2bb9379⋯.png (226.7 KB, 582x414, 97:69, Screenshot_2018-07-07 Q Re….png)


It all starts at the end.

06a6bc  No.2691404


This is interesting stuff! Where'd you learn about this? I'd love to look into it more. I'm trying it too, but I'm not sure I'm doing it right yet.

2f2138  No.2702094

File: 0b2070307539ff4⋯.jpg (148.44 KB, 808x988, 202:247, 1534162393267.jpg)

>This Goy spoke of this very subject!!!!

This Fucker is on point!!!

Why doesnt he have more exposure?

>mix sam hydes comedy with GloomTubes happenings, multiplied by Molymemes philosophy/mind and Mel Gibsons love for JewCrushing and God….

Now all that crossed with posidan style news and music.

>strategically names the jew

>targets Satanist elites

>hates zionists

>lots of deep redpills that jog your mind

>every episode of his live streams have DINDU news or other rapefugee anti white news to wake up the normies

>good music

>posidan shouts him out

>names the A.I. nigger tech

Live 1/2


Live 2/2


>CHN for the win…….

5ec3cf  No.2702368


this is a bunch of mixed up shit.

bits and pieces of truth

really annoying

98f006  No.2702603


Read a lot. Start with the Learning Series by Wes Penre: https://tiny.cc/LearningPapers

It gives you an overview of basic concepts.

Now move on to this to fill in the details: https://tiny.cc/deepstate

There are 40+ ebooks in the above zip file "deepstate".

98f006  No.2702638


Wha… I'm supposed to exercise my butthole to get magical powers? :)

98f006  No.2702726


I've had constant tinnitus since about 1982. It only goes away when all power in the neighborhood goes off, which is rare.

8e3060  No.2703152

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Not mixed up, sorry if you find it anoying.

Truths are what you want to beleive…….

How far do you want the journey to take you?

It can take you to places beyond your wildest comprehension. The future proves past - Astro travel is possible.

As a wise man once said "you create your own reality" - GNOSTICISM - A gift of Master rockockzi, also known as Counte de-SanGermaine.

Video related: time fast forward, slow down - is irrelevant?



Peace be with you, In most cases tinnitus I beleive is not what you think it actually is. My view is Your brain is capable of receiving frequencies. Some from other / higher dimensions. Other Anons in QResearch confirmed, hence sometimes why the tinnitus is much worse than others.msome of us are in tune and experience the same issues at the same time. The frequency I'm hearing at the moment is very high pitch.

Peace out.

39333b  No.2703238


Buy our books

Attend our Lecture$ and Conference$

Follow our Leader$

You can be $pecial

Join our Cult

Peace, Love and Tie Dye

We recycle the Gorious 70s here

8e3060  No.2703272


Who said anything about buying?

Back to leddit you go

3dce6c  No.2705026




The github link no longer works. Did you grab this when it was still up? I'm curious to know what it pertains to.

a11833  No.2707055


Have tinnitus associated with Minears Syndrome.

2ab8b7  No.2709172

I've had sleep paralysis occasionally since I was 12(33 now). About a week ago I heard a loud and clear voice say my name, as if it was inside my head. I freaked out and snapped out of the paralysis pretty quickly. I haven't had any experiences since then. Anyone experienced similar, or know wtf that was?

a24054  No.2710217


I had night terrors as a child. Whispering voices in my ears that would get louder.

From 2015-to early 2018 sleep paralysis where I felt like I was literally dying, all worst fears hitting me at once and an evil presence in my room.

I’ve researched it a bit, many people describe the feeling of something sitting on their chest.

I think something is trying to take possession of you (us) while we are sleeping.

32b9ae  No.2710526


I have not had what I think of as "spiritual warfare" dreams in some time. However, my ex remembers me praying in my sleep. I remember the paralysis where I would struggle to speak the name of Jesus to make the evil go away. In my family we have prayed in each new house we move into. Also, I did a good amount of prayer and fasting. Plus there was an epic battle in my life. God won. He will for you too if that is your desire.

005095  No.2720480

File: c9975a9e8211837⋯.jpg (29.18 KB, 405x647, 405:647, pro_pbid_3895684.jpg)

PLEASE read this book:

e43094  No.2721021


its still up check your browser


download the zip archive: https://github.com/0x92/G.A.T.E-Research/archive/master.zip

e43094  No.2721025

Anyone here having problems with an abusive narcistic evil relationship?

twin flame?

evil seeks to destroy and kill you

Research the Alien Love Bite. Try to seek balance espeically emotionally - you have to understand that you need to get rid of these parasitires asap.





research into dry fasting / juice fasting. research about spiritual warfare (teachings of jesus) research about the spirit of jezebel and ahab and their story

i understand you may dont like these informations but forgive them and accept it. let it go and pray for their human souls. this is a spiritual war

you are strong, so much stronger than you might realize. you are a direct THREAD to EVIL thats why they targeted you. it makes no sense to target weak people or people without any chance to make a change

e43094  No.2721284



0a247d  No.2725585


I recently lost an item in the woods. I could have retraced my steps in hopes of finding it, but I decided to summon it instead. I just focused on the item and believed that I could summon it, and within an hour I retrieved lost item on my front steps. It is really all in the power of belief.

There is a bible story about Jesus not being accepted in his own hometown. The verses specifically states that he was UNABLE to perform miracles because of the unbelief of the locals. WHAT? Jesus UNABLE?

I suggest that in this world of illusion, that we limit what we can see/do to the limits of our beliefs. Changing POV can have incredible effect.

Refresh your knowledge of the Laws of the Universe…. enlightening…

666a44  No.2726076


Remember, when Jesus was in a human body form he was a man. Not a man-God. He had NO powers as a man. If he was man-God then his temptations were a sham. Hie pain was a sham.

Remember when he said "I could stop my death and send a legion of angels"? Remember when the angels helped him after fasting for 40 days?

People do not understand the power of angels.

666a44  No.2726083


In other words the angels did his miracles for him.

476146  No.2726249



Its not exactly the butthole, but this is near the area.

The tip of the end of the spine is where energy naturally flows , emotion etc when we are grounded in the mind

948a89  No.2734113


I wouldn't recomment an introduction from someone who feels compelled to change direct quotes of Ra because "this was the 80s" [muh] Patriarchy!

My take is: just read the original source and get a personal take on it.

3031e3  No.2752152

File: 1d395efa11a733f⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1300x867, 1300:867, ClipboardImage.png)


Had almost forgotten about this.

Makes sense; we are inside-out.

Real animal is the serpent within.

Ass to mouth it stretches.

Similar neuron count as a cat's brain.

Controls our moods via serotonin & adrenlin.


One super-easy way to test.

Can you change direction mid-air?

Try jumping over weight benches, no run.

Crawling backwards also helps.

Scaling a wall backwards to handstand is better.

Practice massaging your spine with your lungs.

Then learn to do it without moving the lungs.

Focus on extending/empowering this sensation.

…or just take up BALLET?


Not "magic".

Adrenaline temp transforms your GI system.

Digestion is shut down.

GI now activated as an internal axis of power.

Deep singing or chanting strengthens this.

This is how "KIAI" gives power in martial arts:

All motions now incorporate entire body;

Force/speed amplified when all cells act unison.

Body now draws in electrons too.

So you can do as {{jews}} sends their kids to do to yours in pre-school–drain others of their "Chi".


That is where ejaculation sensation originates.

The seat of desire.

All strong emotion originates there.

Adrenal glands & testes share innervation point.

"Butthole magic" is basically the power of "love".

Also called "courage".

Adrenaline is used to fuel the parasympathetic.

Hate + Love = Courage.

And Kundalini is nothing more complex than that.

Indians are a cucked race.

So they forbid the male short-cut to Awakening.

Tell you "its dangerous" blah blah.

Just pull your breath into your cock.

Visualize breath/chi coming INto your cock.

Watch in amazement as veins start to bulge.

Keep going til your cock can drag your body.

Think "phantom limb" and you'll get there quicker.

**REMEMBER: its not about playing with your butthole, but rather toning your vagus nerve and learning to consciously control smooth muscle.

…hope that all helps.

6604e0  No.2752179

Take it to /x/

Bunch of faggots

c9f4b6  No.2753255

File: 0745c6d71a3503a⋯.jpg (54.63 KB, 746x988, 373:494, Dane5DxVMAA5Fzf.jpg)


>what is Q1143

3031e3  No.2754334

File: b314b3d5233c803⋯.png (214.64 KB, 488x366, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)



This post got me in trouble.

Least you all know now why the sons of Nymphs (aka Amazons aka Cersi… aka J-girls) attained power that was said to rival the gods (Niggs).

"Anything THEY can do, MEN can do better~~"

(THEY are XX, two of the same. We are that + Y)

4123e4  No.2844609

Bump n rise

b9198f  No.2845418


Thank you for the pass of info - so far this aligns with my inner knowing / feeling / life journey and I plan to read further the coming days…

I too have had not a soul to discuss such things with, a lonely journey yes but ok as it has/is/will always be - about US not about ME….

8f21de  No.2933966

Last selfless bump

406b95  No.2934287

File: e5a5c61bb41586e⋯.jpg (47.45 KB, 500x467, 500:467, 37955df1cd1446953bccb70bc4….jpg)


You're dealing in absolutes but the reality is we are all infants on this plane of existence. You cannot claim to know anymore than the rest of us. We are piercing the veil TOGETHER.

For all we know, the key to unlocking our true potential lies in EXCESSIVE use of cannabis through the anal glands. Maybe eating a specific species of moth on the 5th full moon of the year does the trick. WE HAVE NO IDEA. That is the point of all of this. WE FEEL IT NOW. MORE THAN EVER BEFORE. WE ARE NOT ALONE. WE ARE ONE.

Ancient texts can say this or that but they are all flawed because they are written by us, the human experiment. We are feeling around in the dark TOGETHER. We are all students of the unknown TOGETHER.

Do not haphazardly cast aside that which may be useful. The NSA collects ALL data for a reason.

dd95cf  No.2935391

File: 72d5df1014ce649⋯.png (97.08 KB, 306x273, 102:91, Screenshot-2018-5-28 Supre….png)

File: 4e8dc6bb85f1b91⋯.png (125.72 KB, 657x260, 657:260, Screenshot-2018-6-7 Human ….png)

File: 63e7d66c880b8c7⋯.png (298.59 KB, 698x392, 349:196, Screenshot-2018-5-25 Birke….png)

File: 11a9392bc96e62f⋯.png (36.86 KB, 650x299, 50:23, Screenshot-2018-6-7 Human ….png)

File: d4835b1976d2f39⋯.png (478.15 KB, 506x380, 253:190, Screenshot-2018-6-28 cosmi….png)

Something tells me that I'm needed here… I have a pretty good understanding of many of the so-called "mysteries"… We have more capabilities, as humans, than we are led to believe… They have hidden certain things from us that take away from our advancement as a whole, to allow them more control over us… No, it's not the Devil.., or even aliens.., these are just human beings… Really bad ones, who are using us, just as the Matrix explained… Well not exactly like the Matrix…

We aren't in any alternate dimension, but they are using our lives as a fuel source, to better prepare them for the next disaster… Meanwhile, they have hidden the truth about our past, along with the true Forces in play throughout the Universe, so we wouldn't know what was coming… This is why they were drilling all the underground tunnels and "doomsday" prepping… To understand more, you have to set down all the preconceptions that they have placed upon our subconscious… We are "asleep", like the scenes from the Matrix, because we have no real understanding of the very real world that we live in.., which is flying through space at incredible speeds, orbiting a star that is most likely YOUNGER than our planet… Like, A LOT younger…

Saturn worship… Why is it?? All the myths point back to Saturn.., so do many of the modern images and logos we see in our everyday lives… These are the satanists… People who believed that the sun was the most powerful thing in the Universe :( aka> god… ): If you read the Gnostic texts, and study other cultures, too, you will realize that there is more to the story… A LOT more!! Divine Thought of Barbelo… This would be another "imaginary" entity, but would most likely refer to God the Supreme Divine Creator of the Universe… A Universe that is infinite, with no beginning or end… Eternal Life!! Yes, Everything in the Universe is ALIVE!! We have no clue how old it is… Science has been lying about that for years… They are no different from the religions who promise you answers that no one can verify >> "In the Beginning…"

The more you study the actual science, and the less you listen to the "official" narrative, the more you will realize that those people are just talking out of their butts… We have known about the Electromagnetic Force in Nature for centuries, if not longer… Currently, they hide the knowledge of that force… It is truly the One True Force that governs the Universe!! It is the same Force that allows us "Life"!! Everything we see, touch, hear, sense is all an electromagnetic interpretation of the Universe that we live in… Understand, that this is not as "esoteric" as they would like you to believe… You can indeed measure these electromagnetic forces with instrumentation!! The US government knows this, and has even conducted studies of their own on the practices of Qigong… Which is more science than religion, when you understand the forces at play… I would like to explain more, but these things may take some time to process… There is no simulated reality blanketed over our lives except the matrix of lies that we currently put our faith and beliefs into… When you abandon those faulty beliefs, you can proceed to advance, and you no longer need serve their system… One last thing though… When you truly understand what exactly we are up against, it is quite scary… The advice that I will leave you with is that we can actually overcome this obstacle, but we have to be willing to work for the advancement of the entire world… There is no way out of this mess going alone… There is a plan unfolding as we speak… Each one of you will wake at your own pace… but only if you chose to do so… The answers have always been right out in the open… It's a Marvelous Universe, indeed!!

e7244d  No.2935580


>myths point back to Saturn

Saturn = 6 letters, which is what the cult often uses to reference themselves (for hundreds of years)- anything with 6 letters work but they appreciate additional symbolism which Saturn has in the Ring which is eye symbolic - another common cult thing.

As for Indigo Children - same thing applies - Indigo 6 letters - children of cultists. I'm a cult victim myself - a closed eye i.e. in a cult family but never made aware of it… and one of the owls who watched me would always talk in codes that I only realized properly after being rescued. things like Eating (6) Cereal (6) - there's a lot of symbolism of the cult in 6's you'll recognize right away all around in things like music videos - I've noticed 2 separate million + view music videos released this week involving eating cereal. one of which even has a part that has in big letters "I am cereal" yea, well, long story.

anyway, I just wanted to say good try but it's both more and less complex than you seem to think. Good digging into logo's too, it really is everywhere : )

efd822  No.2935599


My Mom gave me that book in 1996. Figured it was her way of telling me I was weird…. But in a nice way.

Better than tying a pork around my neck so the dog would play with me I guess…

dd95cf  No.2936230

File: 9e3f571bc375ffb⋯.png (537.2 KB, 535x380, 107:76, Screenshot_2018-07-16 nebu….png)

File: b2eb5c806bbe44e⋯.png (333.17 KB, 570x380, 3:2, Screenshot_2018-07-16 nebu….png)

File: a9d42d76f19309a⋯.png (160.3 KB, 190x380, 1:2, Screenshot_2018-09-08 eye ….png)

File: de1a67e9699f856⋯.png (243.18 KB, 587x643, 587:643, Screenshot_2018-09-08 Satu….png)

File: 97a8066e1171952⋯.png (583.27 KB, 612x344, 153:86, Screenshot_2018-09-08 sant….png)


Why does the eye appear in their symbolism?? I understand the complexity… I will not be able to fully explain everything to you all with a few simple posts… It goes much beyond numbers, letters, and Symbols… There is a very real tale that is told… A cosmic tale.., worthy of Legend!! Stories were passed down for generations, but over time we lost the meaning… Everything image seen here all relates to what I have said… In the end, the choice will be yours to know…

406b95  No.2958079

File: 85880eb6a0ea6ee⋯.png (495.62 KB, 472x625, 472:625, c50a0fec8969785ef72a55ae7e….png)


Your input is appreciated. I would argue it is no longer just members of occult families. The most popular method for control in America seems is micro-dosing. Whether it's poison for the body or mind, it is done subtle fashion in small doses. In America there are now entire generations of the population exposed to micro-doses of traumatic events that make a mind more malleable and sensitive to the veil.

From genital mutilation at birth to the good intentions of bad parenting, micro-dosing the population with small traumatic events is still conditioning but on a more passive level. Something like 70% of people disassociate during a traumatic event.

My personal theory is that the people pulling the strings under-estimated just how much they screwed our brains up. Autism made it more difficult to program us and so their army of passive Indigos turns against them. We're talking about the TRANCEformation of an entire nation and it would've worked if it weren't for those pesky autists.

aff09e  No.2959754

File: b075087bc6e9da2⋯.jpg (24.03 KB, 409x409, 1:1, 1519290554377.jpg)


Kek so true

blessed are we autistic kekkomancers

f909a3  No.3033742

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Indigo Recessive Type-3's are the most common and often troublesome of the group. The reason is that they are literally incarnations of 2 different avatars in ONE body, an Oraphim avatar overseeing a Nephilim avatar spirit essence. The core of their life purpose is to mend the extremes of polarity between the reversed 11 strand DNA matrix of the Nephilim and the 24 strand double Diamond Sun matrix of the Oraphim. They have a maximum potential of 12 strand DNA activation, but their lifetimes serve an important role in the greater plan of healing the DNA distortion within the Nephilim, Annunaki and Human genetic lines. Type-3's have the most extremes in polarity of all Indigos, are highly intelligent, mathematically inclined, and athletic. They may sometimes seem like "angel and devil" in 1 body. They are most vulnerable to obsessive-compulsive behaviors, bi-polar disorders, and extreme polarity in perspectives. The Nephilim imprint tends to activate first in the Type-3, often creating an aggressive, hyperactive child that spends most of its early life testing the extremes of the boundaries between right and wrong, constantly challenging authority. Just as any Type-3 may sometimes seem like the "Child from Hell", it may do a complete turnaround into nearly Angelic, loving behavior.

At times it may seem as if the child has an "evil twin" that emerges, a dark side of the personality that is capable of extreme thoughtlessness and cruelty. Indigo 3's are usually the ones responsible for going on shooting sprees in schools. The negative characteristics of the Type-3 Indigo emerge as the DNA imprint of the Nephilim activates, and shortly thereafter the Oraphim part of the identity attempts to clear the distorted DNA imprint by counterbalancing it with its opposite Fire Letter sequence, creating the most extreme and rapid shifts in polarity within the behavior and attitude. The polarity extremes in the personality of a Type-3 often lead to self-destructive behaviors and substance addiction as the identity tries to numb itself from the near constant feeling of internal conflict and apprehension. If the Nephilim avatar identity attempts to OVER-RUN the identity, the Oraphim avatar will ASSERT it's authority, shutting down the communication facilities if necessary. Most cases of AUTISM occur in Type-3 Indigo children as a result of the Oraphim avatar "unplugging" some of the Nephilim codes to retain control over the body.

When dealing with Type-3 Indigos, it is best to realize that 2 different beings are literally inhabiting the same body and that frequently, they DON'T get along or agree. Tough love and clearly defined boundaries are often necessary, but must be administered with fairness, not using phrases like "BECAUSE I SAID SO". Type-3 Indigos can be helped immensely by bio-energetic healings such as DNA Activation, but must usually be done without the child's conscious knowledge, as there is usually too much distraction by internal emotional conflict to allow understanding of what is taking place. The softer side of the Type-3 can be very innocent and childlike, with a quizzical desire to learn and expecially to experience emotion involving bonding, although the Nephilim part of the Indigo-3 has difficulty with this because it is a new experience. Though Type-3 Indigos may seem as highly conflicted souls, and sometimes die early, it is important to realize that their lives are not wasted. They have incarnated to assist in the creation of a new race line through which an ancient race can re-evolve back into the light. They are doing a great service for both the Nephilim and the Human lineage in terms of realigning the Annunaki genetic distortions in both races.

247f00  No.3088373


Where did you found this knowledge?

247f00  No.3088387

File: 76d954e6f0346e1⋯.jpg (53.48 KB, 1280x199, 1280:199, moonchild.jpg)

090488  No.3146717

I received spiritual knowledge on a mountain which led me back to all the religions I studied when I was younger… and It showed me very specific hidden things to look for.. and I found it…. in all major religions… I know which people translated what more correctly.

But no one here talks of anything that I am experiencing. I do have chakra awakening… but none of you are experiencing what I am… I have visions… trance… dreams…

None of you seem to be the real deal.

090488  No.3146724

So I'm keeping my ADHD mouth shut.

090488  No.3146784


What the actual fuck.

0c19c7  No.3147769


i feel like im floating

theres some crazy lies on these boards

lots of negative energy

its very weird

72bcb1  No.3149078

I’m a lightworker

26edd4  No.3150231


Santa is Satan - http://www.lumberguy.net/359Satansnumber.html - it is all true

0a247d  No.3154953


Can you share some of the specific hidden things?

I too have been looking for codes in the scriptures.

I wouldn't call it an awakening, but yeah, I know a thing or two about chakras and how the energy flows. Do you know about Sacred Geometry? Do you do any Gematria?

3031e3  No.3254673

File: 02b41941f9c1174⋯.png (456.47 KB, 576x432, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


All religion is allegory.

All religion encodes science.

Some science is part of the modern world.

Some science is (now) "occult", hidden away.

There was once a "perfect" nation or race.

"Atlantis" refers to them.

So does the "Kingdom of Israel" (10 tribes).

Some also referred to them as "Egypt".

They built the pyramids and most of what {{we}} now attribute to various nations across history.

This is the origin of much of world's religions.

They refer to the same events & science.

But just as how Rome quickly devolved into many States, with distinct languages & cultures, so too did the colonies of Atlantis devolve once the "angels", "gods", or "prophets" left this world.

Those who were "left behind" resentfully confounded languages and histories so as to mask the true nature of our world & reality.

"Sparta" was another name for this elite nation;

"Draco-daemonia" or the "Academy", yet another.

Plato decodes much of the (en)forced confusion;

As do his comedies, written as "Aristophanes".

The latter also provides a clear map as to "what happened" as well as guidance as to how to fix.

In Short: "Socrates" the group referred to today as "Jews" has been on a campaign to emasculate society, via various means, so that their kind ("women") can more easily dominate and replace us; this is stated directly in Plato's Timeaus in the intro: men are kept away from their own children (by either war or work), while all the means of production are given to the women and their rulers, {{eunuchs/cucks}}. All the systems set in place–from education to law–are designed to frustrate & demoralize men; and all the leisure/entertainment/commercial systems are designed to deplete testosterone. Even hot baths are cited for this, specifically that they "turn men to cowards" (i.e., lower test/sperm count).

Aristophanes paints an alternative picture, with an alternative education system, that (rightly) focuses first on training the BODY so as to ensure all neurotransmitters & hormones function as they should at all times. Cold acclimatization was key to this, as was proper voice/vocalization, as was an emphasis on courageous gymnastics.

({{Occultists}} today emulate this half-way by having their children learn/practice all of the following: ballet, piano, chess, and (increasingly) soccer. Note the absence of proper vocalization technique, which is key to sonic/psionic defense.)

In any case, Aristophanes' plays strongly hint that the reason women were not featured much in antiquity is that THEY WERE (mostly) WILD ANIMALS at the time–"Nymphs", "Amazons". This is what the story of "Lillith" refers to, she's the "Voice in the Wilderness", the deceptive seductress that poisons and kills babies & men.

Sacrifices to Her aka Molloch, were meant to placate the psycho-homocidal nature of women.

And this became only necessary once {{their}} plan came into effect–men willingly subjugate themselves to these "Night Demons" and subvert the societies of other men who refuse the same.

What remains today, in terms of knowledge, is heavily encoded science. "God" aka "El" is none other than EL-ectricity aka "Light" or "Lucifer". As you all know, He manifests in different ways for different purposes, hence the different "gods" or "names of God" across the various religions.



Laughter, even.

All of these refer to the same High God. All else is simply an attempt to obfuscate the many ways in which one summons God. The "reptilian" or "luciferian" biology–developed when one trains according to the Spartan ways–develops within its own Light and is able to generate electrical fields at will, allowing what we today call "magic".


3031e3  No.3254857

File: f3ff55a0d5d5403⋯.png (178.69 KB, 1295x1087, 1295:1087, ClipboardImage.png)


>Sacred Geometry? Do you do any Gematria?

Only becomes fun once you awaken your "chakras". Think: everything N.Tesla might have (definitely) achieved, within the body of a MAN.

(Witches emulate Luciferian biology via symbiotic bacteria, which aid in NO-conversion absent balls and black skin. Broom-riding synchronizes erotic neurology and NO-dependent biology–clit-tickling while kicking back to dash-forward dolphin-style.)

4a2765  No.3255456


For those who haven't read it yet I recommend "The Avadhuta Gita of Dattatreya", a spiritual classic said to be more than 7,000 years old and reputed to be the first dated book (when it passed from oral to written). This is nature observed as closely as is possible. The basic idea is that objectivity fails on self reference. Sanskrit and English.

6c1164  No.3260536

Bellagio sampler

Message gettin' ampler

Thank you please connect me to the hive mind

Take me back in time

Time to purge the crime hive with my rhymes

Kav's the finest and sublimest

With intellect impeccable

He's the cleanest as they come

Man you know it's all NSA T-reckable

Deflect and collect 'ya paycheque Brian (((Krassenspyin)))

"The POTUS elect's a reject!"

Always cryin' on twitter lyin' tryin' to embitter

Man at least he ain't a quitter

Like a broken record

(((Paid motherfuckin' propaganda emitter)))

#declas #declassthewarrant

#itsover #DoItPotus




Supreme court justices

Do you know what justice is?

No cussin' on the television?

Cover up the lust and sinnin?

Trustin' all the lyin' women swimmin' in attention

I forgot to mention that (((they)))'re shimmin' in a wedge and

a societal incision

Awareness is my vision


Deranged rap messiah?

I don't need no (((arrangement))) or (((audition)))

Callin' out this motherfuckin' (((paid protest division))) and I'm winnin'

Had enough of this war now peace is the mission

I'm tired of your (((ideological schism)))

Don't (((you))) dare co-opt my rainbow prism

I don't give a damn about your (((-ism)))

Can't you tell?

Eye to eye logical like ovum and my bottomless jism well

I fuck your (((Orwellian anti-lovum league feminism hell)))

You know I ring the bell

My favorite girls always finish first without fail

(((They))) might leave your daughter in a hearse and escape jail

Who's worse?

Us or (((them)))?

Me or (((Eminem)))?

6c1164  No.3260544


Awareness is my vision

This is my revision

I don't need to (((frame))) it or no audition

Callin' out the (((rape culture))) (((paid protest division))) and I'm winnin'

(((Child-trafficking tradition)))

Derision with precison

Sacked Harvard career #Eric Clopper had a mission

Ritual abuse!!! Expose (((#circumcision)))!!!

Like hard tack n' fear in 'da choppah'

#Q+++, this is my petition:

Smooth Coup?

Can we hit the ignition?

Exposition's gettin' down to the wire

Please apprehend the (((villains)))

Truth fire gettin' brighter but you know I'm still illin'

I reprise myself

'Till the day we can fly

I won't suffer to your crimes man you know I got mine

Sacrifice myself

'Till the day we can fly

But I won't suffer to your lies girl you know I got mine

You know I'm just a liar

>4chan satire

I'm an honest kidder

Had a real life highschool isekai dream and I did her

But I'd never hit her (I'm better than the (((hand))))

Panty-headed wizard-in-training at an anime convention (Shimapan!)

A banzai money high raining lustful intention (I LOVE JAPAN!)

She was precocious and gorgeous I should mention (cosplay girls man)

I admit her name was Tara she was only fifteen

It's only been an error for one era

Last fifty?

Fuck the AOC

It's hard for me to agree with RBG

But if she bleeds you know it's time to breed consensually

With the blessing and approval of the village and the family

You know she'll find out on her own time eventually

My natural imperative's not scary like the (((big cheese)))

You ain't never seen (((sleazy pizza eaters))) like these

6c1164  No.3260554


The (((Pizza Party Army)))'s gone barmy

For Mr. Smarty Pants Lolicon Carnivore

All smarmy black and blue and scarred

True lovin's made hard behind (((depravity)))'s bars

While (((they))) have no regard for the maiden's poor heart

I reprise myself

'Till the day we can fly

I won't suffer to your crimes man you know I got mine

Sacrifice myself

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But I won't suffer to your lies girl you know I got mine

Deplorable lolicon?

Incel paragon?

That's horrible! What's a neko fetish? (scratch my itch!)

Now my face is gettin' reddish as I catch my echo

But I gotta come clean and let it go

I still really like it when the girls act coquettish

You know I ain't mean

I'm just a dawg chasin' tail

Please ladies don't send me any mail

You're better off without me when (((they))) go and lock me up in jail

All I wanted was your heart but I can't afford the bail

What gives?


It's not like I'm the one worshippin' Moloch and motherfuckin' Baal!

Unlike (((you)))!

You know I speak the truth!

Apocalyptic lyrical hail!

I'm burnin' down the veil of secrecy!

Redpill dispensary!


A miracle it's plain to see!

No more (((common decency)))!

Truth hits like a GRB!

Gamma is my bipolar manic frequency!

The mic spontaneously ignites in my vicinity!

High upon the threat matrix…

Panic level to infinity!

And I'm only gettin' bolder…

Fuck your (((mind tricks)))!

Still there is no fear in me…

My fusion's gettin' colder…

Approaching singularity…

More efficient with my rhyme licks :P

While my picture speaks for me

Come and test me

Try to let my spirit free

I'm just chillin' and grillin' G

6c1164  No.3260565

I see you mimin' like you got my six'

Chimin' in with missing dicks?

Manning never was a chick

Nor will he ever be

(((Weaponized dysmorphin')))?

(((Orphan sacrifice)))?

(((Subsidized abortion)))'s nice?

Fetal tissue and a couple blood bags on ice?

Not your average (((pizza))) delivery

But that's the broken world I see

I facefuck your poor beliefs as I confiscate your (((foreskin face cream)))

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You know my mind is free

I reprise myself

'Till the day we can fly

I won't suffer to your crimes man you know I got mine

Sacrifice myself

'Till the day we can fly

But I won't suffer to your lies girl you know I got mine

Snowden's CIA

You know he's just playing politics irreverently

To bus-throw the NSA

Now it's clear as day to me

The (((cancerous fist))) with nervous tics is losing its grip upon reality

As I'm healing maladies with melody

I bless the patriots with my rhymin' symphony

Exposin' crimes

Like my DOTA creeps I'm farming synchronicity

I reap what I sow

Lookin' for the quantum leap

Or just a little sleep

I'm not after the (((carbage dough)))

We could really use a little less (((garbage))) flow

Just a little more cash flow

I've been waitin' for the storm

A debt jubilee to end the (((eternal war)))

This is how I free the eye and penetrate the core

Equitable wealth distribution forevermore

Great awakening health solutions diffusing through every pore

Of the great universal organism

Where's the real lore with no (((-ism?)))

What are we really fighting for?

I once was a new age guru

Two years ago

Eatin' up my vegan food

With freaky yoga hos in classes

Lyin' through my teeth like a snake in the grass with the lovelies doin' voodoo

I got friendzoned boo hoo

But my starseed past was everlasting

Iconoclast incarnate star

An ET searchin' for my twin flame in a chakra smoothie bar

Now I bring the full spectrum

Goin' hard on your be(((lie)))fs with my 5D plectrum

Chakra removal telepathic

Uplink confirmed automatic

Chalkra approval clearin' static

Read-only set to self-write

True reality is brutal

Fuck your lovelight

It's only for the (((cult lies))) people fight

There's more to EM than just visible light

Higher and lower octaves kept just outta' sight

Just to give your bored immortal soul a little fright

I seen and done it all before

So I forget and do it more

Awakened till I snore

Tried suicide so many times hardcore

So many lifetimes

The eternal ride never dies

Neither do my lines

Martyr me?

I'll just be goin' harder G

To me?

A G?

It ain't no thug or gangster

It's the spark of divinity in you and me

G is more like a drugged out prankster

Subdivided fractally

Creating the illusion of duality

This is reality

And it's just one we

Divided infinitely

Singularity is lonely for forever G

So we play the life game to pass the time eternally

I won't stop rising 'till I break the last glass floor

Life RPG is the game that we came for

I'm seeking all this power to enrich the poor

Flip the (((pyramid))) forevermore

Until we get too bored and then we flip the board

Open up the doors life dealt 'ya

Or create your own fate

I don't bring hate but I bring the bone

Opportunity the holy grail chalice like Nile delta

Open up the floodgate

Wetness for the world I tell ya

Now my panty melta spell is casting soon to be unfurled

Thinkin' cause I bring the beef

There is no spoon

Fowl-mouthed meat everlasting between my teeth

No fasting

For every girl I bring the heat of passion

If we got forever then let's get to the action

Pleasure without pain gives no satisfaction

Yang in the yin and vice versaction

When it comes to unawakened reflections of myself

I have forgiveness and compassion

But selfishly I'm still seekin' smacktion

My id's just a kid

Please don't feed my ego

Please don't bring me any buses full of summoned succubuses

Please let me go

I don't mean to make you blush but I've been bustin' buckets

Please keep it hush hush

I don't want no ruckuses

6c1164  No.3260659


I reprise myself

'Till the day we can fly

I won't suffer to your crimes man you know I got mine

Sacrifice myself

'Till the day we can fly

But I won't suffer to your lies girl you know I got mine

Thanks for all o' this (((Google tech)))

(((Dystopic debt)))

This heterotrophic bullet train's a burnin' wreck

Think I'll take the next

And maybe grow a mullet for fun

Think I'm goin' insane

As I jam my text down 'ya gullet while I'm on the run


Pink and gray

All up in my noodle brain

But I can still flex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex

Beyonce's havin' sex with dark ritual hexes?

Ex-NXIVM subjects with collateral effects?

Post-traumatic sex stress?

Thanks Mr. Podesta!

What a fuckin' mess…

You'll never find a trace at the Besta

I'm like a comet when I comm it

I remember Chester…

and Chris Cornell…

Gematria synchronized suicide?

Escape from this mortal (((molester))) hell

I don't wanna live my fuckin' life on no cult vibe

Find me a new tribe

Creation is a portal to 'ya higher mind

Beyond space and time

Turn and catch my vibe on a dime and spin it up and watch it levitate in resonance

I decorate your time like (((you))) lavishly decorate your spaces with no hesitance

All expenses paid

Welcome to my meatspace

You're my new tenants

Let's co-create and re(((wreck)))orate

Now we're off to the races

Benevolent menaces unite worldwide tonight

With my rhymes I'm tryin' to save the human races from their own crimes

Beatin' the malevolent machine algorithms with my raw meat rythms

Now you've had a taste

Don't let it go to waste

I reprise myself

'Till the day we can fly

I won't suffer to your crimes man you know I got mine

Sacrifice myself

'Till the day we can fly

But I won't suffer to your lies girl you know I got mine

Fuck your copypasta

I bring the meat blaster

On a beat I kick it faster

I'm the rhymin' everlaster

I'm on my Juicy J

Memphis shit

Smokin' on my meat

Booty paid sublime

She a temptress and I'm lit

Time to eat

Carnivore bitches are delicious

Not too vicious

I don't wanna wash no dishes

I bring the meat up on the beat

There's no carbage in my kitchens

That garbage I'm ditchin'

Cause the meat up in my kichen's firin' up the heat in my metabolism

I think I might skeet skeet skeet along to the beat

This is meat rehabolism

Sync'd to the mothafuckin' beat of my song

With yo motha or yo sista man I bring the meat up all night long in conversation

To the beat of my song mothafucka

With yo daughter I'm a feed her meat

All up across the inner internation

I see you creepin' with her thong

Peep-peepin' along

While I'm mothafuckin' bone in raw

Incest? Wincest?

That's some mothertruckin' shit

I ain't about cuckin' shit

Skullfuckin' ass shit?

This is MPX5Ez, original q researcher

I'm your grave digger

Newly upgraded to .45 caliber heat

Do I have any brave challengers?

Pull the trigger metallic

Anyone more phallic than the redpilled meat eaters up in this motherfuckin' place?

I rest my case

Carnivory to liberate the human race

Rivers of blood connecting outer space

Digital meatspace


I'm wavin' my fuck penis right in 'ya face

I tell 'ya straight

Eat meat and relate

I'm an animal just like 'ya dawg

I ain't tryna be hate

Manimals don't tater-tate

You know I ain't a hog

All nature's fate intended

Is that you're stomach's not distended

Allow me to elucidate

I can't stomach the hate

Carbage closes the gate to fate

It makes me irate

Domesticated former hunters littering the landscape

Ingesticated litter?

Puntin' Nike quarterbacks on twitter?

Can I have a quarter back for my (((bread and circus mind-rape)))?


Sorry if I'm a little bitter

But I'm basically a lean mean redpilling machine

Alpha of the gamma I'm the dire wolf gettin' higher

And you're a poop-shitter

Feeling full?

Fill the gulf

Have a banana

Silly monkey

Sheeple think I'm really funky when I bring the meat slamma

You don't need to hear about the rest yet

But I'm the goat and I ain't here for no test wanna bet?

I can rhyme on command

For any band or project

Dentally inflected by my meat jets

I ain't placin' no bets on success

But I think my rap game might be the best

Looking for selection

Synchronicity is my detection

/qresearch/ connection

12dc49  No.3261307


Can you share your message? I traveled and asked a question and received an answer. Not indigo…Lightworker.

12dc49  No.3261376


Same. Common golden thread in all world religions is the gain of truth that could not be written over. Have left this world spiritually, asked a question or two and returned. Vibrate like crazy when meditate and at night. Have not figured out how to 'project' on my own. Chakras open, balanced clean. In communication with higher self. But they can't tell future (at least to us) either. So I know no more than anyone else. But I can feel the change coming. Not sure what else I should be doing so I'm here making MEMEs and listening to Q drops.

3031e3  No.3261566

File: 9276d27f0186102⋯.png (303.72 KB, 350x478, 175:239, ClipboardImage.png)






Super Slide. Weee~ee!

Big kisses!






All religion is allegory.

All religion encodes science.

Some science is part of the modern world.

Some science is (now) "occult", hidden away.

There was once a "perfect" nation or race: a true master race that subdued the world around them.

"Atlantis" refers to them.

So does the "Kingdom of Israel" (10 tribes).

Some also referred to them as "Egypt".

They built the pyramids and most of what {{we}} now attribute to various nations across history.

This is the origin of much of world's religions; it all refers to the same events & science, former unity.

But just as how Rome quickly devolved into many States, with distinct languages & cultures, so too did the colonies established by Atlantis devolve once their "angels", "gods", & "prophets" departed this world.

"Sparta" was another name for this elite nation; "Draco-daemonia" or the "Academy", yet others.

And those who were "left behind" resentfully confounded languages and histories so as to mask the true nature of our world & reality.

Plato decodes much of the (en)forced confusion; As do his comedies, written as "Aristophanes".

The latter also provides a clear map as to "what happened" as well as guidance as to how to fix.

In Short: "Socrates" the group referred to today as "Jews" has been on a campaign to emasculate society, via various means, so that their kind ("women") can more easily dominate and replace us; this is stated directly in Plato's Timeaus in the intro: men are kept away from their own children (by either war or work), while all the means of production are given to the women and their rulers, {{eunuchs/cucks}}. All the systems set in place–from education to law–are designed to frustrate & demoralize men; and all the leisure/entertainment/commercial systems are designed to deplete testosterone. Even hot baths are cited for this, specifically that they "turn men to cowards" (i.e., lower test/sperm count).

Aristophanes paints an alternative picture, with an alternative education system, that (rightly) focuses first on training the BODY so as to ensure all neurotransmitters & hormones function as they should at all times. Cold acclimatization was key to this, as was proper voice/vocalization, as was an emphasis on courageous gymnastics.

({{Occultists}} today emulate this half-way by having their children learn/practice all of the following: ballet, piano, chess, and (increasingly) soccer. Note the absence of proper vocalization technique, which is key to sonic/psionic defense.)

In any case, Aristophanes' plays strongly hint that the reason women were not featured much in antiquity is that THEY WERE (mostly) WILD ANIMALS at the time–"Nymphs", "Amazons", etc. This is what the story of "Lillith" refers to, she's the "Voice in the Wilderness", the deceptive seductress that poisons and kills babies & men.

Sacrifices to Her aka Molloch, were meant to placate the psycho-homocidal nature of woman.

And this became necessary only once {{their}} plan came into effect–men willingly subjugate themselves to these "Night Demons" and subvert the societies of other men who refuse the same.

So what remains today, in terms of knowledge, is heavily encoded science. "God" aka "El" is none other than EL-ectricity aka "Light" or "Lucifer". As you all know, He manifests in different ways for different purposes, hence the different "gods" or "names of God" across the various religions.

Fire. (Helios)

Lightning. (Zeus, Jupiter)

Laughter, even. (Iacchus!)

All of these refer to the same High God. All else is simply an attempt to obfuscate the many ways in which one summons God. The "reptilian" or "luciferian" biology–developed when one trains according to the Spartan ways–develops within its own Light and is able to generate electrical fields at will, allowing what we today call "magic".


3031e3  No.3261617

File: 7c38a412cbed38e⋯.png (225.55 KB, 474x316, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)






Super Slide. Weee~ee!

Big kisses!





>Sacred Geometry? Do you do any Gematria?

Only becomes fun once you awaken your "chakras". Think: everything N.Tesla might have (definitely) achieved, within the body of a MAN.

(Witches emulate Luciferian biology via symbiotic bacteria, which aid in NO-conversion absent balls and black skin. Broom-riding synchronizes erotic neurology and NO-dependent biology–clit-tickling while kicking back to dash-forward dolphin-style.)

211adb  No.3281056

File: b70aa448cef205e⋯.jpg (346.24 KB, 1000x999, 1000:999, Alex_Grey-Adi_Da.jpg)



Are the balls the heart field from which we live to accumulate to our TRUE power?

Breathing from the balls comes in its time when we begin to interact sexually with our environment. Some learn this power, most have no clue how to LIVE as SEXUALITY of CREATION itself in the mundane.

No matter what fucked up patterns we start out with it seems we can live from the center of our inspiration - our genitalia - our center of communication with the true manifest field of life.

All life is an orgasm

As the son and daughters of God

We already face everything sexually

Filter Energy through the balls, living all sensory energetic input by letting yourself be stimulated - in the genitalia - by any energy that comes your way

Now there is no more aversion, but a challenge, to discover what that means to your body sexually and through your entire body.

>The excitement to actually expend and regenerate sexual energy from mundane life itself.

>Live at the center pain and pleasure through the womb of genitalia. Both cock and pussy apply

>Face your fear.

Your life wants you to see the intimate love affair at living at the place from which you can begin to FILTER STAGNANT ENERGY

transmutation of undesired qualities, filtered through the ground of:






Experiment yourself

a7fc0a  No.3309643

Three levels of Reiki training helped me open up. Good clean diet, too. I am quite intrigued by the other comments. More for me to research. Thank you, Anons! >>1635981

a7fc0a  No.3309717

You have EBV. Check out Medical Medium. https://soundcloud.com/medicalmedium/epstein-barr-virus-revealed >>2707055

a7fc0a  No.3309758

The Life You Were Born To Live is an excellent read. I am a 9 energy by my birthday. 36=9. http://www.peacefulwarrior.com/the-life-you-were-born-to-live/ >>2079168

aff09e  No.3309791

File: d000725b08307cf⋯.jpg (762.33 KB, 1754x1252, 877:626, 1538519325657.jpg)




The ancients knew it all along. What is below the Earth?

The answer is far more complex than we ever expected

Space-time shifts into 8 other dimensions below the crust. You are in Midgard. The worlds the Vikings knew of depicted in Yggdrasil are real, the Hindus and Mayans knew of the great ages. When the Kali Yuga ends soon we will be confronted with the mythical age again for the Nth time, signs will appear in the sky. The "aliens" are mostly from these worlds. Time goes in loops. This is also why some appear exactly like us. Prepare

4eddaa  No.3313441


Pretty sure "multiple brain injuries" explains this hilarious thread.

Please do carry on.

6de8b6  No.3330312



Brain injuries help to heal what's been damaged..suggest u get yours checked at some point…

Stay strong together,

Peace respect and love..

No homo homo's

Peace out and respect. X

Now if you can expand your mind -

Any Anons got any top tips chakras? Mainly the brow and helping with visualisation.mi struggle to picture, but kind control to a different (unknown to me) level is a different matter.

591221  No.3331074

I'm so glad this thread is still alive.

Bless you all.

6de8b6  No.3331213


Your welcome to contribute…..

The thread will reach bump limit at some point soon, when it does - you'll easily find the new one I've created…

Peace. X


My iPad makes me even more dislexis than I should be.


Give me your best tips that may aid me?

040f2e  No.3331371


I just believe in jesus and what he had to say

And the one true God

Seems to be working well

Also lizard people are real

040f2e  No.3331385

Also fuck all of you im just me

Love you guys

c55761  No.3332781


That must be about the nicest thing, I have come along, in a long, long time. How heart warming. No need for chakras in this comment. I'm opened up and happy now.

958d46  No.3332795


Autist, birthdate: 11/22/1989(1+1+2+2+1+9+8+9=33)

I was raised in a family, where both of my parents neglected me and worse. My heart chakra is closed and I am terribly, terribly lonely. I don't know where to begin healing myself.

I have Heyoka/Pain-Eater/Two-Spirit energy as well. The Sacred Fools energy runs deep in my veins. It intimidates me, because my entire life I've been among the refuse, the discarded parts of our society. Now, after an 8 month long journey, here I am.

I just want to heal, I want to let go of this hurt, I want to know what Love feels like, acceptance, comradery. I'm so sick and tired of being alone, of being judged for my differences, of not being understood, of not understanding myself. What am I?

cf56b5  No.3354112


Each is unique *Chkra(

im with ya/

reality is switfching

Post your most awakened moment.

1554fc  No.3355061


I agree. I lean towards viewing most things "paranormal" or "alien" as actually being demonic.

ca7269  No.3356099


That is a great way to think about it. Thanks anon

ca7269  No.3356127


Loved. No homo

dcd77b  No.3356327

My awakening

Be me, mid February, researching indigo children. Boriska. Alien, mars, past ET lives. WOW this is INTERESTING.

Friend has friend who is MANIC and obsessed with ETs thinks they are watching and following him. I am amused.

Researching aliens, smoking AMNESIA, I become MANIC and obsessively research ETs. This leads me to Project Camelot. William Tompkins !!!

I have never felt more alive. The answers are all coming to me, everything is fitting together like a puzzle. NOT TO MENTION THE SYNCHRONICITIES i started pre-cog words and such.

Now I'm feeling real crazy, chatter in my head.

Early March in a deep state of relaxation I experienced ALIEN HAND SYNDROME, where my LEFT hand moved on its own and pointed to a mug that reads YOU'RE SPECIAL

recent epileptic/seizure like shit, EEG shows 'inconclusive abnormalities' micro-seizures & psi phenomenon???

Chakras, ETs, lightworkers, indigoes, ADHD, autism, blue vs red, synchronicities, downloads, precog


After my brain calmed down…I found QANON

I understand many things to be true which others would think ridiculous

Many of us Q patriots are ET lightworkers who chose to come here to AWAKEN humanity and do our part

JESUS IS LOVE IS LIGHT (from a former atheist) symbolism

7a8d5e  No.3356949


It's my hope, that once this shift is done, that it will feel more like this. It is my hope, when I can finally sheathe my blade in peace, that I will have the chance to heal.

All the same, thank you for the reminder. I love you too.

>Maybe homo is it homo if traps aren't gay?

f8d0a1  No.3357219

In the name of the only and Almighty intelligence, God, or however you wanna call it, I bless every single anon, empath, autistic person and even the shills in this thread.

Do not despair. Truth is on our side.

Please let your faith grow inside you, you deserve it.

Much, Much love.

t, some other anon.

83f810  No.3438804

Not another fkin BUMP

Red October? Stock Market crash…..

PeAce love and respect - knew we couldn't be silenced…… >>1630338

61b6b2  No.3439960


Thank you anon.


Welcome! Many of us are ET starseeds indeed, and Jesus is also an ET.

Don't go overboard.

Stay calm, have fun :)

6a4a2e  No.3440474


Christine Lagarde came out 2-days ago to give "buzzwords" to the head swamp creeps. The next day, SHTF with markets. The Seahag is touring with the rapist looking for a 2020 run. If one were to add this up, I would postulate that their going to try to crash the market and then run the hag as the "fixer". Their so stupid.

93f00a  No.3451307

So glad to see someone else here that is familiar with Lee :) Kryon is what brought me here.

4bc177  No.3679714

Surely this is near the BuMp limit?


Don't quite understand?

>>3440474 (Not you but though i'd say ello)


Best star seed experience?


Avatars - acquire your creators knowledge

4bc177  No.3679848

File: 4243b7d84f70126⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 80.41 KB, 640x798, 320:399, image.jpeg)

File: 2308859f8be40ca⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 73.75 KB, 792x441, 88:49, image.jpeg)

File: b46ca0bb3560d84⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 111.24 KB, 594x594, 1:1, image.jpeg)

File: 0b79151f383bdb5⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 67.9 KB, 750x760, 75:76, image.jpeg)

File: e2075dd0bd96371⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 220.74 KB, 894x1305, 298:435, image.jpeg)

Don't look at images.

They are just dumped for the record and the great movie that's to come.

Shit, I am that autistic ain't I!

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