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July 2018 Transparency Report
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File: 5a2b01fb77991cb⋯.png (965.83 KB, 800x800, 1:1, q-construction.png)

193587  No.1667382

QResearch Meta

Meta thread 1 has filled up. Board Administration issues will go here now.

While the catalog is down, you may use this space to link to the current bread.

Today I laid down the first few bricks to create new static pages for the /qresearch/ board.

There is still so much to be added, and like hell I'm going to refuse help from the community. This is your board after all and you should be part of it's construction/renovation. It's time for /qresearch/ to be more than just a catalog. I'd like anons to input any ideas they have for any of the pages, wether it's graphical, textual, etc. Be aware that your ideas and suggestions will be reviewed by other anons. Expect harsh critisizm as you would anywhere else on the board. Also, feel free to post using code tags to produce monospace output as you see can see in the next post. Also, I won't be here every hour of the day so expect delayed responses from me sometimes as well.

Boards are restricted to 10 static pages each. There is no rename funcion for the pages and the delete function isn't working (says I don't have permission), so I'll have to check with CodeMonkey to see what's up with that.

Two markup methods are available. HTML5 and "Infinity".

HTML allows the following tags:

a[href|title],p,br,li,ol,ul,strong,em,u,h2,b,i,tt,div,img[src|alt|title],hr,h1,h2,h3,h4,h5 (As seen in welcome.html, rules.html, contact.html)

"Infinity" is the same as what is used in posts. (As seen in qposts.html and notables.html)

I use infinity markup in the qposts and notables page so I can easily just copy/paste from the breads to their pages.

I will be constantly deleting unrelated posts to keep this thread easy to use.

Oh and do help me with my shitty HTML5 code. I have no idea what I'm doing.

Post last edited at

138fe7  No.1667640

Proposed draft of "Baking Bread" text.


Infinity markup.

Please be aware that a section for "Procedure" exists, but is not complete owing to the points presented therein.

Please modify, correct, or change as needed.

Thank you for your consideration.

193587  No.1667734


bakingbread.html updated for previewing. Will change as I/we go through it. Thanks anon.

d33350  No.1667797

This is excellent. I've been here since December and this pulls a lot together. You've inspired me to go back to "How to Bake" and give it another study. Dang! Maybe I'll be a baker yet! Well done, BO. Thank you.

ea2fef  No.1667823


They are obviously allowing only filtered and not full HTML. Do they allow CSS? I would be glad to help if I can. I have never done any baking here, but I am a web developer by trade.

193587  No.1667831

File: 8401771f880c317⋯.jpg (15.3 KB, 301x102, 301:102, n-screen-sys.8ch.net-2018-….jpg)

Also, semi-related to this bread, is that the banners system has been fixed by CodeMonkey. I'll accept banner submissions in this thread. They need to be related to Q/POTUS/GreatAwakening. They will replace the supid default one we have at the top there (Pic related).

(Below text copied from the banner settings page)

File size must be lower than 500 KB and dimensions are 300x100 exactly.

You may upload up to 300 custom banners per board. (I guess they randomly rotate between uploaded banners)

Allowed file formats are .jpg, .png, and .gif.

193587  No.1667887

File: b2164ee07c28779⋯.jpg (259.09 KB, 2380x945, 68:27, n-screen-sys.8ch.net-2018-….jpg)


Yup definitely filtered. Hardly any tags available, so we'll have to make do with what we have (Limited space too, the body of each page is pretty narrow, probably optimized for mobile). I haven't tried implementing CSS since theres only one text field. Pic related is what I see when editing.

My bad, markdown (By parsedown.org) is also available. I have 0 experience with that. I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer.


I'm glad to hear that, anon. We'll have all the instructions you'll need to become a pro baker here in no time. I'm also going to be working on creating a short instructional video to help teach new bakers. I'll post it as soon as it's complete.

6759a3  No.1667913


BO, you might want to correct

>There are over 30,000 federal level sealed indictments on standby.

it's over 35,000 now

>>1655290 The total is now 35,000 sealed indictments

774e89  No.1667985

File: f6d5ef5be0d82ab⋯.png (560.53 KB, 1000x1308, 250:327, pepe newfag.png)

File: 89877cf03c7a6fc⋯.png (1.21 MB, 928x1264, 58:79, pepe top bunk.png)

BO, An Anon had a good point about linking newbs to this board.

Is there a way to give them a separate url?

one that doesn't contain "Qresearch"?

Anon was alluding to a memes breaking the

'we don't talk about qresearch rule.'

193587  No.1668124


Will change. Thank you.


Yes. Link them to Reddit or something. The pages we're setting up are not being created to bring more people here. They are internal, and are for anons who are ALREADY here at this board. We want to either get them to fuck off or sit back and let the big boys work while they learn chan culture.

Post last edited at

3c903d  No.1668948

What topics does Q talk about the most? This means they're important. At least one banner for unity, one for love, one for re-reading crumbs, one for autism, etc…

2bab9c  No.1669283

Action page: listing actions anons can take for redpilling and to affect legislation, educational/political events they can attend and promote, volunteer opportunities on campaigns, etc. Broken down by state and region. Taking it to the Streets

069f1f  No.1669941

File: c254a3660866eb0⋯.jpg (193.58 KB, 1600x868, 400:217, IMG-20180608-WA0002.jpg)

File: c11a8c539d045d2⋯.jpg (195.42 KB, 1600x868, 400:217, IMG-20180608-WA0003.jpg)

Hello BO. Thank you for the work you do here. It can't be easy but hopefully you are enjoying it. I hate to make more work for anyone but I have what I think is an important suggestion. Hopefully I found the correct place to post this message. I believe organization is very important. I'm thinking we need 51 new categories (Breads?). 50 of them ASAP for the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. (1 for each state.)(A place to put memes, organized by States.) Like 50 separate meme ammo dumps for Anons to access quickly and easily for localized pre election strikes. The other one (#51) could be a place to begin placing memes pertaining to the 2020 Presidential Election. Attached is a pic that could go into #51. It is likely the only copy showing POTUS actually can be relied upon at 3:00 AM. There was only a fraction of a second when all 3 hostages were visible with POTUS at 3:00 AM before the clock changed to 3:01 AM. Also, FLOTUS being in the PIC is a bonus. I'm sure you must recall during the obama and Killery era when they used political ads to convince people they were steady hands that would be there for the country when the emergency 3:00 AM phone calls come. And then they NO-SHOWED for Benghazi!

e29d4c  No.1671032

Qlibrary: a place for books, pdfs and other assorted works. 📚

Qpedia/Qwiki: an interconnected overview of notables and their relations, including footnotes.

886d8a  No.1671763

File: df04ae1441a9ae6⋯.jpg (57.88 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Banner5.jpg)

File: 0098ce2b64d3b60⋯.jpg (29.05 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Banner4.jpg)

File: 75c7a1de1c42994⋯.jpg (15.95 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Banner3.jpg)

File: 4fcb3f4e47e9ad0⋯.jpg (28.21 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Banner2.jpg)

File: a0a0730377114d5⋯.jpg (27.34 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Banner1.jpg)

I can haz banner submission? : )

886d8a  No.1672307

File: 4a0f27109be8b55⋯.jpg (23.48 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Banner7.jpg)

File: ce6b78707eb6698⋯.jpg (23.22 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Banner6.jpg)

: )

e07f8d  No.1672640

quick suggestions:

1. The currently active qresearch thread should always be pinned at the top of the 1st page right after this new thread. Many times you have to scroll 3/4 of the way down the page to find the active research thread. Maybe a code can make that happen automatically ?

2. Please, PLEASE, keep McCain's pic off the titles on the main page. I hate that rotten sumbich and can't stand to look at his ugly face.

That's all for now, thanks. :)

7b65ba  No.1674429


Good idea.


Those will probably be on the Resources page. That page will have external links for things like that.



Noice, added.


I think it would be more organized to just create a public dropbox with 50+ folders, that way we wouldn't have to bump 50+ threads off the catalog. Many of the archivists still access the older breads. We could have someone set that up and knead it into the dough. That way it can be accessed from any General bread.


Neither of those are related to the static pages.

1. The General bread is not stickied as it would telegraph the moderators availability to the shills. It also means so many more reports coming in when the moderators are AFK, and more uneasyness. You don't even have to scroll down if you use the catalog.

2. McCains pic was uploaded by another anon to create a McCain related bread, which is only on the first of 25 index pages, not on any "Main page". The thread is important, as it is active. Just because someones face triggers you, doesn't mean I'm going to censor it.

069f1f  No.1674854


Sounds good (50+ Dropbox folders accessed from General bread). Thanx for reading the suggestion. I would help do it if I could but I am not very computer savvy. Currently just using small smartphone to follow since November. A bit of a struggle but it's worth it. Was just thinking there might be a QANON movie made some day if this all pans out. Executions could be the final scene😂

0cca89  No.1675620


coupla typos on the newfag page:



Our job in it's beautiful

Our job in its beautiful

0cca89  No.1675686


ok some hypernitpicking, while i'm at it

hoping this is useful to you :)


standby. There


landscape. More

c553ca  No.1675958


Hillary Detox Board

Mental Health Resources

Truth Doctrine

Ex Snowflake bonding board

"Safe Space" away from

Weaponized Autists

Cocern Fags live for this type of shit!

They can lurk for hopeless folks.

When this all blows up, A Big Blue Wave of Shell-Shocked Tech Tards will come and sniff us out. Drawing from my own personal experience I cannot wait to smush my Obama Worshipping Sister's face in a big ole pile of…FUCK YOU, I tried to warn you Q was Real. Now on your knees and beg Kek to forgive your PussyHat sins.

United We Stand Is The Plan

and I don't know what Q Crew has planned maybe a Eutopia of forgiveness.

But the world we live in now says a challenge for both sides may hit after everything settles in.

Qarmy has been in defense mode for so long it will be a test of character to relate to such a Naive bunch.

Like Heards of Tasty Sheep coming into the Lions den.

Maybe an Altar for them to Kiss Our Asses just for fun.

I humbly submit my board idea to my fellow Anons, if off base let it Rip!

7b65ba  No.1676412




Oh yeah those were supposed to be line breaks.


I don't get what you're proposing to add to the pages.

e07f8d  No.1680527


1. Ahh ok, I get it on the pinning of the current QR thread, makes sense.

2. Nah, I didn't mean you should censor a pic of "his name we don't mention" just because of me. His pic doesn't really trigger me, I just can't stand his traitorous guts.

ea1b0b  No.1685293

I can't get deep in this now, but I wanted to mention an idea I had. GLP will put up a page that you have to scroll down to the bottom and click a link to access the main page. Having to scroll down something like the newfags page before entering the site would place information in front of their eyes and get them to maybe read, even subliminallly. It could be a permanent fixture, with a secret coder ring link at the top of the page oldfags could click directly through.

4c4dcb  No.1688012

B.O, we can't thank you enough. For everything. You own the tavern that the colonials meet in.

I think you have static pages pretty much covered for now. Static pages should be META- very little should be static. Static pages are just one page of information that doesn't change and rarely needs updated. So they shouldn't take place of a thread when a thread will do the job. I'd think super carefully on if we need more at all. And hold those in empty ones reserve because the war is not over and there may be a need for one we can't foresee yet.

Static pages are not thread topics so I disagree with most suggestions so far.

I think the currently suggested pages are just threads waiting to happen and we can make threads happen any time. For example, a static page for concernfags wont keep concernfags off the general- they'd get no attention.

Spotting and DEALING with shills, concernfags might be a meta. "MIGHT" since that's really just a thread as well and there is one. Depends on if we get more. but really, there aren't as many as there used to be, their money seems to be running out for CTR. There's a few hardcore DNC thugs, and plenty of JIDF still. But the Brock types are much reduced over the last few months.

>>1685293 entry page is great if that's even possible. The normies will come and we'll have to limit them reeeeeeeeeeee because they will wreck the board, change its culture, if they get to be too many and bring normie culture with them. If we allow the flavor of the board to change, it definitely will impede the work. Maybe even the reason we were chosen might disappear. They shouldn't be here. They can NOT handle it and they bring negativity, being offended and a determination to change board culture. I don't think concernfags or shills will ever be a real problem but 'as-a-womanfags' and 'you-should-change-your-immature-chan-culture-to-suit-us-fags' sure will be. This must remain the clubhouse with the keep out sign. or it will become tumblr and the effort will fail. There is too much at stake to give a single inch. If you don't like it, leave. Over and out.

>>1671032 a Qpedia would be meta and could also house the Qlibrary. but I wouldn't put notables in it since notables are potentials, not concrete. Since a static page has to be hardcoded html, and a Qpedia would need updating frequently, its probably not feasible. Table.

>>1669283 ACTION PAGE. Now this is a meta. And it wouldn't need updating, it would be permanent information. Phone numbers to congress and state reps, hashtags to use.

A list of Automated tools that automate our outreach so we can be at work here and still be pumping info to normies without even trying

Tweetdeck–fast retweeting. FREE

Grouptweet–15 days free trial to retweet any accounts you want, round the clock! It works so well I got the paid service after my 15 days was up- I rarely tweet manually any more- my tweets go out automatically with every new #qanon update

IFTTT—triggers actions to happen on time of day or one of a million any other triggers. So your twitter can tweet an image every hour, or retweet all of POTUS' tweets or your facebook can update any time X happens. Your social networking happens AUTOMATICALLY once you set up the triggers/actions. FREE

These are invaluable tools and we'd reach many more people than we can manuyally, meaning fewer would have to come here to see what is going on.

Banners! what an opportunity! 300 banners in rotation can contain plenty of shorthand information for oldfags and normieeeeeeeees alike. 'Dont talk to shills' Normies get out reeeeee, as well as Q tidbits, morale boosters etc. Ill work on some.

Again, thank you BO!

4c4dcb  No.1688083

P.S. Just walked onto the catalog and noticed new threads that have nothing to do with anything. Catalog sliding could be the new forum sliding. I'd wonder if there's any way to restrict the making of new threads, but its probably better to keep them off the general.

a46fd9  No.1694233

File: 729358f0615239f⋯.jpg (39.6 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Banner8.jpg)

Here's another

7b65ba  No.1696241


I plan to make this the META thread once the other one is filled up. I think I'll also be combining the Welcome, Rules, and Contact page too. NO worries, static pages will be permanent fixtures. Most changes will likely be in syntax, context, etc. The additions I want to add to the welcome page won't be appended, but combined and shortened to keep the message as clear as possible. I know I'm always all over the place when writing up paragraphs so it helps when others are helping to edit.


Catalog sliding = forum sliding. I've recently changed the settings to require at least 500 characters in the OP to create a new thread. Hopefully it helps. I snapshot and delete shit threads regularly and post the snapshots in the General when I'm done.



18ed10  No.1697738



I got another idea about an entry portal to the site. You could tell newfags to read their page to find a link to the site, and put the link somewhere in the copy, posted in some kind of cryptic way without obvious hypertext, like a rabbit standing next to a rabbithole, saying "Come join us!"

a4fa4d  No.1698933



I concur with the Huge Thanks to Board Owner for running the Tavern! Having spent much time in colonial era taverns and feeling the patriot spirit(s) that still inhabits many of them, it is a wonderful thing to see that spirit rising once again in our nation and spreading out to the world around us. Godspeed, Patriots!

Some ideas:

QAnon ACTION Page - main page would give overview of objectives and overall plan of action and organizing strategies. Could be updated for current focus/current event issues where action is needed. For graphic of the title, envisioning the c in action superimposed over a cool Q graphic (maybe the flaming one would look good?)


Media/Social Media - contact info for all MSM and Social Media. (Also contact info for major sponsors/advertisers?) Current hashtag campaigns, memes, videos to share. Also anon's idea of links to automated resharing would be great here. Create AQTION ALERTS with links to share on social media.

Legislation - links to contacting legislators, federal, state, and local pinned. Summary of upcoming legislation and actions needed with contact info for specific, relevant legislators/agencies. (federal page, individual state pages)

Political- listing of upcoming important races and nominations, background info on candidates/nominees. Listings for volunteer/job opportunities on campaigns, info/links on electoral process and volunteer/civic action opportunities–poll watching, etc. (federal, individual state pages).

Events- forums, seminars, marches, rallies, concerts, fundraisers, etc. Info and links (national, regional, state)

Not sure about the tech aspects of being able to break it down into smaller subpages for state and local. Maybe listings by "so many mile radius from your zip code" option, if that's possible.

a4fa4d  No.1699213


Oh, yeah P.S. one more. How could I forget? Maybe the most important action…PRAYER! Could list Q quotes on the importance of prayer, Scripture that Q has emphasized, Lord's Prayer, and other important prayers. Anons could also add their own prayers for others to pray in unity and share for others to pray, as well. God bless POTUS, Q team, Patriots, and all Good People everywhere. Thank You, God! Amen. <3

78766e  No.1714477

Is it possible to get a text-parseable/data-scraping friendly format on a given thread (perhaps even RSS, Atom style)? Something like:

name<delimit value>subject<delimit value>date<delimit value>post<end of line/post delimit value>

The reason I ask is because it would allow anons to keep easy-to-reference text only archives of individual threads, and would pave the way to searchable indexes.

Downside is it'll make it easier for bots (duh) to scrap, but I'm hoping the archive/searchability/cross-referencing overrides this downside.

Something like a 'text-only' version of a thread.

Or even deliver it in JSON format if you're feeling JavaScript friendly.

74a79f  No.1717298


I've got all the JSON you need + ATOM/RSS on Qanon.news. What exactly are you looking for?

I'm currently working on the big bread search.

78766e  No.1720871


>What exactly are you looking for?

Well, nothing specific at the moment (the link you've provided only covers Q posts - I can get that on qanon.pub), but I mean all posts/threads created on the board in general.

I saw the quest for searchability so I figured making the individual threads easier to parse text-wise (I'm talking plain text period - not even the post borders or image loads), so eventually it'd be easier to metadata/keyword posts to search.

Also, be nice to have anti-duplicate post/anti-spam research thrown in, but at the moment I'm only asking about possibilities, I don't really have the time schedule to commit.

I'd rather say, continuously store posts in an SQLite database in a simple format and then later get some idea for processing that data for insights, than wait until I get an idea and not have the data to search.

78766e  No.1720913


Reddit a censorship shithole.

Post up details to TTDDTOT if you haven't got a thread home for it:


74a79f  No.1722712


You can get far more than just Q posts on my site. I built up a whole API around the JSON I've archived. The Q posts are an easy filter once you know the tripcode you are filtering on. I did the Q post page just to do it.

Qanon.news is an archive of the JSON from here. Here's a list (in XML) of all the breads I've got archived (#358 - #2167)



In the codefag/quest for searchability thread there are a couple other guys that took the database route and have search available if that's what you are looking for.

The big problem you have is threads rolling off the catalog. Once they are gone, so is the JSON. Without the JSON you will have to build page scrapers to get posts/data you need.

https://8ch.net/qresearch/catalog.json == https://8ch.net/qresearch/catalog.html

bc8876  No.1723268

File: 0f851fe53d24c71⋯.png (142.05 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 85EF170E-DB5C-4F4F-83F6-AC….png)


Hi BO - any chance you might know if these are legit? They’re on qanon.pub…looks like from /pf/

ecd2e2  No.1725834


Perfect. This is the kind of post I've been waiting for. Some text to work with. Thanks anon.

1de272  No.1726669

Has anyone asked who RR met with in Canada.. FVEY present…

d1a3d0  No.1727034

"Will you brave the depths of the unknown with bravery and courage? " it's a bit much. brave the depths with bravery?

probably want to reword that. brave the depths with boldness and courage… fearless courage… you know

d92764  No.1727059


Mind a bit of nit-picking on this one? Didn't change much other than some structuring and a few words here or there. First impressions are everything as it's said, and I figure more improvement is always welcome on that front.

Welcome to the Global War

You are now entering the mind of Patriots worldwide, and to our fight we welcome you. Since late 2017, Q Clearance Patriot, more commonly known as Q, has tasked us with compiling events and evidence of the world-changing circumstances that have, and have yet to transpire.

We are anonymous; We are your friends, your family, your co-workers, and strangers alike. Just like you, we knew there was something wrong with the world around us. Like you, we had a desire for our world to achieve peace. And like you, we found ourselves here in the forefront of information warfare. We stand for truth, will you join the fight? Will you brave the depths of the unknown with bravery and courage?

Know that the corruption that you are about to unravel is not the fault of any one person. The pervasive systems of evil being unveiled and dismantled here have pitted us against one another since before your birth. Be strong, stand together, and stay united. We are with you. Together we are unstoppable, united we are invincible!

Show no fear, as now is the time for We The People to make our final stand in this battle between good and evil! Love shall prevail!

May your thoughts be clear, your wits be sharp, and your heart be strong. For in this digital age, the mind is the battlefield, and it can be your strongest ally or the greatest enemy.

4c4dcb  No.1729783


appreciating on the new welcome/doorway page more than I can say

the work must be protected

378e98  No.1730170



There is a thread for it do please do repost there. Maybe redditors working on it will find our thread. Even 4/pol has been struggling to maintain a post about it (deleted/moved/banned) so direct everyone to the working thread here. PS. An anon had a breakthrough.


proper threads=more focus=less slide=more gets accomplished

17fd7f  No.1739559

File: 89f39e6f423f359⋯.png (63.89 KB, 411x140, 411:140, banner4.PNG)

File: 2c3653b1f15d7e2⋯.png (54.93 KB, 414x145, 414:145, BANNER3.PNG)

File: ff94628f677835f⋯.png (40.56 KB, 297x99, 3:1, ban2.PNG)

File: d0bb0ff4120fcdb⋯.png (91.48 KB, 414x137, 414:137, banner5.PNG)

c297ff  No.1739598


2nd para, 5th sent edit:

We stand for truth. Will you join the fight?

3rd para, 5th sent edit:

Together we are unstoppable! United we are invincible!

c297ff  No.1739896



2nd section edits --

1st para:

We are happy you joined us. However, you need to be aware you are entering a Free Speech board.

2nd para edits --

2nd sent:

There is no one lurking behind the scenes to decide for you, what you should see and shouldn't see. (no comma)

7th sent:

Everyone has a guaranteed right to Freedom of Speech. (removed but)

11th sent:

If you do read something you don't like, then remove it from behind your eyeballs yourself and move on. (removed and, and a comma)

Last sentence:

We do not care if you are offended. We don't want to hear about it. Do not tell us if you are offended. (removed but, split sentence, added)

3rd para edits:

5th sent:

The game of identity politics is not played here. (removed because)

7th sent:

8chan is different than the rest of the internet.

You will probably feel shell-shocked. (removed extra words to keep tone and voice consistent within the page/passage)

c297ff  No.1740236


Purple section edits:

1st para:

2nd sent: Be gracious, and recognize you have a lot to learn. LURK! (fixed sentence splices)

3rd sent: That means read, and read, and read, and don't post until you have good reason to think some people on here might actually wish to read your hot take or lulzy meme. If you aren't contributing in a meaningful way, reconsider your post. (edited for structure and communication for newfags)

6th sent: The chit-chat is for anons that have already earned that status via diggs. (status misspelled)

last sent: Remember that /pol/ was here before any of you, and Q came to /pol/, not the other way around. (removed extra space)

3rd para:

1st sent:

This is a political research board, a war room, whose occupants likely have a higher-than-average level of intelligence. (added hyphens)

2nd sent:

You have little to teach the anons who work here, but they have much to teach you, if you just LISTEN. (replaced and with but, removed contraction -- keeps all present tense)

4th sent:

If that's too hard-core for you, take it to Reddit. (added hyphen)

5th sent:

Don't presume to dull the edge of these warriors; they'll skewer you before they let you interfere with the fighting force they've created.

(fixed sentence splice)

4th para:

5th sent:

Recognize that the culture of the boards, and of warriors, is metaphysically male.

(added commas)

7th sent:

Women and SJW's have claimed every damn corner of the world, but this one is OURS. (removed you, subject understood, and it is more direct/powerful this way. Also fixed sentence splice)

06dc5d  No.1741659


"Once they are gone, so is the JSON."

Which is why I'm hoping there's some way to automatically store/obtain/push out a copy of the thread data (IE JSON) to an external resource/database. Thread sliding is likely to become a major issue later down the line so this is likely going to need to be near real-time.

Retroactive web scraping is a pain because any unexpected format or tag changes can throw out a web scrape, and if it being borked goes unnoticed, that's corruption.

So my proposal is either:

1) Site pushes update to a database (even a simple SQLite database), or if that's too much infrastructure modification

2) Site sets up something that clearly indicates a thread change (like 'last modified' timestamp or hash) which some tool can periodically read to detect a change, and then download

So something like, a thread index list (thread name, thread link, last modified/updated/change).

On each thread, JSON/plain-text/atom/RSS feed.

So every time thread changes in the index, you scoot to the thread and update own database with a copy.

Filtering out the endless 'thank you baker' and meme posts in research threads would then allow researchers to dig through to the meat of the bread.

Q is clearly trying to build a 'big picture' with overarching references (he seems very eager that people lay out his posts in a way that prove he predicted the events so it's easy for newcomers to discover - which I'd agree with).

At the moment, we have a vertical timeline of Q posts, but they're without context.

What we need is a horizontal timeline (more nature to human perception), left-to-right, oldest to newest, with Q posts, and real-world events directly above it parallel, for example:


Real world: …|…………NK Singapore summit

Q:….Singapore Photo…………Other Stuff

You get the idea. I think I get where Q is going with this - he needs us to lay out the proof we've already seen in a way that other people can *easily* see.

That's where the JSON stuff might come in handy. Because we could also tack on when specific threads were created with their key discoveries.

Maybe I should draw up an example UI.

74a79f  No.1748954


I like where you are going.


Can't really do a timeline with all the posts. We should be around 1,652,951 posts in total now.

What we need HERE is a single thread with a collection of news/real world events that's relevant to the research going on and a way to date it/relate it back to a single topic or thread.

We're almost there. Check the timeline API and timeline.js. Come to the codefag thread so we don't keep shitting up this one.


61cf2c  No.1763852

Is is possible to have a text-board only? (/qtext/)

some anons like digging texts more

6b6e73  No.1769088


It is possible. Feel free to create one.

17fd7f  No.1769146

File: 62baaa00f43ce96⋯.png (141.74 KB, 428x167, 428:167, boomq.PNG)

6b6e73  No.1769155



Wrong size for banner.

17fd7f  No.1769187


Crap, too big?

e58f94  No.1769226


This him?


17fd7f  No.1769332

File: 473407853e1bb58⋯.png (34.51 KB, 300x98, 150:49, trust2.PNG)

File: 6f401ccb6e2ba07⋯.png (58.03 KB, 297x97, 297:97, boomq.PNG)

Try this again, hope it's right

17fd7f  No.1769363

File: b898bc653affe8b⋯.png (58.32 KB, 300x101, 300:101, boomq.PNG)

3rd times a charm

6b6e73  No.1769434



All wrong size again. They must be 300x100px exactly.


This is a thread for board construction. Not discussion on digs.

17fd7f  No.1769470


Ok, didn't know it had to be that exact, thanks for the info, sorry for messing the bread up in here, i'll post more when i'm sure they're right.

17fd7f  No.1769591

File: 45db9a757a6b31c⋯.jpg (8.2 KB, 300x100, 3:1, b2.jpg)

17fd7f  No.1769680

File: cd84c3fc1aa53dc⋯.jpg (8.84 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner4.jpg)

File: 1a69c946452b57c⋯.jpg (9.64 KB, 300x100, 3:1, hrc.jpg)

File: 5b2356181308242⋯.jpg (7.92 KB, 300x100, 3:1, trust2.jpg)

17fd7f  No.1769802

File: 62d6c81735df2c3⋯.jpg (7.95 KB, 300x100, 3:1, MS.jpg)

17fd7f  No.1770178

File: f846a58879f80a6⋯.jpg (9.38 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Trumptrain.jpg)

File: 3bcb4feba8ba0fd⋯.jpg (10.18 KB, 300x100, 3:1, WWG1WGA.jpg)

d92764  No.1770662

File: 8bd4c0d700a11a0⋯.png (62.01 KB, 300x100, 3:1, BANNER - Bottom to Top.png)

File: 33a51533f1811ba⋯.png (55.96 KB, 300x100, 3:1, BANNER - Everything is Pla….png)

File: 18da807a9fd3333⋯.png (57.88 KB, 300x100, 3:1, BANNER - Hunted.png)

File: e572161ef12ae35⋯.png (59.61 KB, 300x100, 3:1, BANNER - Light a fire.png)


Made a few in this style a while back.

fd8a92  No.1772848

Will you anons who insist on posting porn please consider the damage that this is doing to this cause – or is this the intent of you Deep State people infecting the work? I'm telling my friends about Q and the incredible work that this network on the Qresearch boards is doing. However, when they start researching and go to the Qresearch boards on 8Chan, they are appalled at the porn posted as am I. These porn posts coupled with the advertisers of Japanese sex toys that I see on almost every page where the imagery looks like little girls destroys the credibility of the movement as many people simply will never come back to view the incredible work done to bring down the Deep State and the child sex trafficking ring. To many of us, porn is just as reprehensible and just a few steps behind the child sex trafficking. Can you try to understand this connection? Porn coupled with the Anime characters used to advertise sex toys where the characters look like little girls with breast implants is not a combination that makes a respectable and confidence building first impression. Q has asked you incredible anons/bakers to prepare proofs for the normies. Many normies, especially those whose belief in God is the foundation of their life, view this porn as evil and destructive. Please, all of you wonderful people who are doing this incredible work to save our country and stop this sex trafficking, please find a way to clean this up. Perhaps someone can develop another avenue, such as Qanon.pub, where his posts are all clean and viewable to the general public. Please make this site at least PG-13 rated and accessible to the millions of good people who view porn for the evil that it is as this country desperately needs their support.

If WWG1WGA means anything, please clean up the boards so that all can go there.

6b6e73  No.1773531


I have no control over the ads placed on this site. I've explained many many times now. The ads are catered to the other users of the site (Not QResearch board). Ads have been keeping 8chan alive for all of us to use, so just leave it alone. Use an AdBlocker if you absolutely can't stand them. The porn posters will never stop posting porn just because it triggers you, so you'll have to toughen up, be an adult, and ignore them like the rest of us. If you can't do that, please consider using another platform to collaborate with others.


I'll add the second and fourth one as not too much context is needed for them. Thank you.




There ya go, good size. Added.


Third pic added.

af5885  No.1778320



I'll double down on your suggestion, Anon. Unfortunately there are guys who don't even make a connection with the fact that the females (and males too) in their own families are being harmed by porn, sex trafficking, kiddie porn, rape cartoons, etc…………If Q himself/herself/themselves requested the removal of this junk, only *then* might we see some action…….

17fd7f  No.1781836

File: 6fe4f3688624ffc⋯.jpg (8.14 KB, 300x100, 3:1, AK47.jpg)

File: 34eb9ccc7ef8d19⋯.jpg (7.06 KB, 300x100, 3:1, neverthought.jpg)


Thanks BO, glad I finally figured that out, feel like a dummy : /

17fd7f  No.1782034

File: 83c84e6ef38da98⋯.jpg (10.03 KB, 300x100, 3:1, KAG.jpg)

File: 1fac115948601e1⋯.jpg (7.48 KB, 300x100, 3:1, LDS.jpg)

File: 16168c82fd0f76e⋯.jpg (12.54 KB, 300x100, 3:1, WinningBigly.jpg)

272b94  No.1786975

1) sep research page for normies that can be linked on internet, but does not link to reg research page; 2) easier guidelines for navigating; 3) filter function to find previous anon posts. Thanks

f87d28  No.1786988

File: 5329c4305b97ee6⋯.png (90.21 KB, 1242x545, 1242:545, IMG_9445.PNG)

File: 0b425f7a7b4864d⋯.png (96.34 KB, 1094x436, 547:218, IMG_9452.PNG)

File: 2aa4baa0d0a88e1⋯.png (34.84 KB, 605x205, 121:41, IMG_9497.PNG)

File: 5d5581eb8aa43cc⋯.png (56.36 KB, 1242x417, 414:139, IMG_9498.PNG)

File: 312a471dc0ccc60⋯.png (182.37 KB, 1242x552, 9:4, IMG_9524.PNG)

f87d28  No.1787107

File: 92a2bbdb380fd3e⋯.png (108.1 KB, 1242x577, 1242:577, IMG_9430.PNG)

File: 1c79354337edf43⋯.png (79.22 KB, 1197x520, 1197:520, IMG_9459.PNG)

File: 4f9b7efddb856e1⋯.png (49.29 KB, 1164x407, 1164:407, IMG_9530.PNG)

0bb44e  No.1793877

File: 7b51862efec6995⋯.png (205.47 KB, 1242x420, 207:70, IMG_9576.PNG)

5c03ce  No.1796238

good read they were going to lose billions


f87d28  No.1796728

File: d29137bb924ccd5⋯.png (35.19 KB, 938x318, 469:159, IMG_9593.PNG)

f87d28  No.1796799

File: cbbf097abbbba5f⋯.png (51.2 KB, 1194x391, 1194:391, IMG_9596.PNG)

f87d28  No.1796831

File: 08b7ad2f53e7f22⋯.png (46.76 KB, 1116x358, 558:179, IMG_9599.PNG)

>>1667382 updated Q for more shadow

99302d  No.1797518







If these are banner submissions, none of them are the correct size. 300x100 only.

f87d28  No.1797657


if you feel they are good enough to correct then I will edit….up to you

1e00bf  No.1800977

File: 914dce2c88261b4⋯.gif (504.46 KB, 245x199, 245:199, 5971a4ff3cda668fad435c8904….gif)


Feed DOWN after this…

99302d  No.1802311


Yeah, I like them anon.

f87d28  No.1802694


post many tonight then. your efforts are much appreciated. wwg1wga

62c3c0  No.1802774

space force?

earth is flat. put your prejudices aside, do research, and use logic.

earth is flat and run by luciferian baby eaters is what puts 99% in the hospital.

9d3a0b  No.1804323

File: e88381a91428dd3⋯.png (88.32 KB, 1476x470, 738:235, yellow.png)

BO what do you think about the idea of making it so that Q's posts (and only Q's posts) are highlighted, like in the Javascript? See pic.

The recent CSS updates are fantastic, and I think this would be a good addition to them

069f1f  No.1804503

Hello BO,

Keep up the good work!

I'm thinking maybe we should have a place to put a big fat stack of memes pertaining only to that long list of colluding journalists media personalities.

For example:

Hello I'm Mika Brezinski and I colluded with people to stop President Trump because I don't want him to expose the fact my father smuggled weapons into Pakistan.

9d3a0b  No.1804688

File: edd785767abc48d⋯.png (60.43 KB, 1038x501, 346:167, Also.png)


Also could be good to include posts by you or anyone that responds to you. Very useful feature

0a7c76  No.1804905

File: 1a3388eb986289c⋯.jpg (18.84 KB, 441x157, 441:157, Q moon.JPG)

MOON - Self illuminating local body that can NOT be landed upon.

SUN - Self illuminating local body - same size as the moon

STARS - Local - not light years away. Possibly angels.

PLANETS - Not planets or globes.

f87d28  No.1810510

File: bc743b237a2dc97⋯.jpeg (10.18 KB, 300x100, 3:1, fullsizeoutput_76a.jpeg)


300x100 size test

f87d28  No.1810636

File: 88cdf3b5dbf5636⋯.jpeg (15.83 KB, 300x100, 3:1, fullsizeoutput_7a1.jpeg)


300 size test

9c1564  No.1811741

File: 3bb89734cd8cab2⋯.png (70.53 KB, 840x600, 7:5, Q example UI 1.png)

File: 49675fbd3c5265d⋯.png (70.38 KB, 840x600, 7:5, Q example UI 2.png)

My UI image post appears to be missing.


>"Can't really do a timeline with all the posts."

I don't propose all of them, but in terms of Q display, most relevant (or ones that set the context).


Protip: adblock (then donate).

Second protip: block images.

If BO wants to be clever, two birds, one stone: text-only mode would remove the above images.

f87d28  No.1812897

File: a1756e524e5e58f⋯.jpeg (22.91 KB, 300x100, 3:1, fullsizeoutput_80f.jpeg)

f87d28  No.1813063

File: 9d8102278cecee6⋯.jpeg (13.58 KB, 300x100, 3:1, fullsizeoutput_81c.jpeg)



ef1893  No.1816392


Dangerous shilling here!!!…….shout this type of stuff down.

Justice for all those guilty of crimes.

Love and Light for those duped. More than a few of the anons on this board were once duped as well.

ef1893  No.1816462


It's beyond me why the red post number does not match the one displayed when I hover over it. hmmm

069f1f  No.1816581

File: f5fac87bae5caf9⋯.jpg (358.5 KB, 1382x1081, 1382:1081, IMG-20180619-WA0002.jpg)

File: a5e21e8c1e8884b⋯.jpg (522.95 KB, 1393x1032, 1393:1032, IMG-20180619-WA0004.jpg)

File: 5460cf85e3bd5c0⋯.jpg (463.73 KB, 1314x1200, 219:200, IMG-20180619-WA0003.jpg)

Hate to nitpick but I noticed a few things on the welcome page that might be tiny errors. Maybe not.

-clearance patriot should be capitalized?

-watergate should be capitalized?

-misspelled word status?

f87d28  No.1816641

File: d1cefa1d41674ba⋯.jpeg (22.57 KB, 300x100, 3:1, fullsizeoutput_85e.jpeg)

f87d28  No.1816769

File: 2c921b2fc6a4f59⋯.jpeg (19.92 KB, 300x100, 3:1, fullsizeoutput_86c.jpeg)

f87d28  No.1816782


disregard this post

f87d28  No.1816923

File: d076ac45e361893⋯.jpeg (10.24 KB, 300x100, 3:1, fullsizeoutput_86f.jpeg)

f9f083  No.1818294

Pic is Mars from Elon Musks space car?

f9f083  No.1818570

File: eb84150ad8a0e18⋯.png (1.87 MB, 591x1280, 591:1280, 80c801f860d96abe70d6e6697c….png)

Mars from Elon Musks space car?

f87d28  No.1819041

File: 648f5cd2a465b04⋯.jpeg (20.17 KB, 300x100, 3:1, fullsizeoutput_8a5.jpeg)

e4d047  No.1819565

File: 138b2417bcfe9aa⋯.jpg (71.86 KB, 1350x468, 75:26, 20 6-19-18 viva-le-resista….JPG)

File: 38f71ab6964cc19⋯.jpg (143.75 KB, 1403x883, 1403:883, 19 6-19-18..vivaleresist.JPG)

Newfag here. Operation complete, no longer a lurker. Looked for a post on Q post 1558

LP as in an old way to get music?

One interpretation of Space[X] could be finding target online where the intel cld be found. Generation X, we used myspace. I haven't even thought to see if it exists anymore. What if that is a place where comms are being exchanged? Define Viva Le Resistance? Does that need defining? We know what the Resistance is - trying to take down our President.

If the exchange where comms is happening is sheltering someone at the top - how might that data be exchanged? Going back to LP - random search of how do where do we get our music led to


Then… scrolling down — VIVA Le Resistance!!!!!! I AM THE FRENCH BASTARD!!!!!! w/ link to http://www.myspace.com/deadcryforblood

Following that you end up on what looks like dark web myspace, and if you type in Viva le Resistance in the "Welcome to Myspace. Just start typing to find music". So I typed in, you guessed it, Viva Le Resistance. & got to a page where there were a lot of album covers w/the same title. Maybe we need to dig there. Except, now I try to go there and get errors in loading… Page Not Found

Newfag here again.. I don't know what the heck to do know about this thread next.



If you type in Viva Le Resistance in the que you get "Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Republican"

d8c67d  No.1820833


ello newfag, you be wanting Q Research General #{lasted 4 digit batch number here} as opposed to here /qresearch/Board Construction where you posted.

LP = Lisa Page

and 8ch etiquette (did we all learn the hard way?) is not to put anything in the name fields

nope, not even if ye believe it's easier to find a topic like Viva Le …

interesting finds by the way and again, welcome aboard

d2ad33  No.1820850



017333  No.1822057


Picture of a Red Rock / Mountain through a car windshield. Round blur is steering wheel, curve is dashboard.

f87d28  No.1822553



f87d28  No.1822849

File: 372cc427882de30⋯.jpeg (19.31 KB, 300x100, 3:1, fullsizeoutput_8e8.jpeg)



Do not use any of the 300x100 pics I have submitted yet. been playing with resolution. High Def TEST**** I will update all other submissions and post multiple in single posts once perfected.

Thank you Brother ANON

f87d28  No.1823138

File: 8b53ee7483d1c17⋯.jpeg (24.56 KB, 300x100, 3:1, fullsizeoutput_8fa.jpeg)

f87d28  No.1823341

File: 553ca1fbd016492⋯.jpeg (19.81 KB, 300x100, 3:1, fullsizeoutput_912.jpeg)


hd testing 300x100

f87d28  No.1824555

File: a6303a642c95258⋯.jpeg (13.56 KB, 300x100, 3:1, fullsizeoutput_968.jpeg)


final 300x100 testing

f87d28  No.1825061

File: f2de9f9237ba994⋯.jpeg (19.96 KB, 300x100, 3:1, fullsizeoutput_9d4.jpeg)

>>1667382 last 3x1 test

f87d28  No.1841967

File: ece1b05a16ab740⋯.jpeg (25.38 KB, 300x100, 3:1, fullsizeoutput_ac5.jpeg)

>>1667382 this is last test for 300x100 banners. i think i got it…… top writing new style/ bottom old style

f87d28  No.1842792

File: 8510d8df647b01f⋯.jpeg (21.6 KB, 300x100, 3:1, fullsizeoutput_b76.jpeg)

File: a18ecc072eae0ec⋯.jpeg (21.19 KB, 300x100, 3:1, fullsizeoutput_af9.jpeg)

File: 3b54e2a0c692bab⋯.jpeg (20.55 KB, 300x100, 3:1, fullsizeoutput_adf.jpeg)

File: a6303a642c95258⋯.jpeg (13.56 KB, 300x100, 3:1, fullsizeoutput_968.jpeg)

File: 2993a021371da76⋯.jpeg (25.85 KB, 300x100, 3:1, fullsizeoutput_aa2.jpeg)


1e00bf  No.1843492

File: c1c5491e410eedc⋯.png (19.38 KB, 463x419, 463:419, Q&A.png)

Native Americans For Trump Birthday Celebration

Sat, June 23, 2018, 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT



7202ad  No.1843806

File: 6a122a8395c7446⋯.jpg (56.63 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2clsle~2.jpg)

Peter Fonda FU

f6ace8  No.1845741

File: afb3f5c7afe2512⋯.png (362.48 KB, 945x884, 945:884, Capture.PNG)


ICE Doxxer

3032a8  No.1845823

Posting here too.

Posted about too many pins/stickys forever ago and now it's even worse. If new people show up, they won't even see a general thread. I doubt most will know about catalog right away. My thoughts on it.

"Letters of Gratitude" - Doesn't need sticky, but it's sentimental, I get it. It can stay.

"TTDDTOT" - Stay/Good

"Memes", "Advanced Memes", "Side By Side" - None of these absolutely need a sticky. Suggest combining them all into one sticky, make it cyclical. If you really feel you need a shit tier meme thread and a 'good' thread, then at least combine side by side and advanced memes (whatever those are?). Highly suggest 1 cyclical thread.

"Q Proofs Forge" and "Q Proofs" - Hard to avoid these, could be combined if Q proofs was moved to its own board (like Q's board) or using off site hosting.

"meta" - is fine. could be cyclical

"Board construction" - this is meta. Combine with meta.

Criminal referral and sex trafficking arrests are questionable as stickys.

Redpilling support doesn't need to be a sticky.

"How to archive a website offline" - Could be changed into a welcome FAQ/landing page. Put common terms/things to know/etc for people.

Less stickys lets the board flow more normal. Lets other threads show up on the front page of non catalog, so people are more likely to discover or post in them.

73a867  No.1850047

File: d439776faa140fd⋯.png (6.31 KB, 503x103, 503:103, Capacity Alert - 2018-06-2….png)

>>1847940 (Q Research bread #2328)

1) The Welcome to Newfags page should also include your recommendation to use the catalog rather than the index pages to reach the various threads.

Note, however, sometimes the catalog page is down (under revision? under attack?) and the only way I can reach the latest research thread is by wading through the index. Maybe that alternative should also be mentioned in the Welcome.

2) I LOVE the new banner memes! These should help to subconsciously prime newfags and normies to concentrate on research rather than shitposting.


>>1696241 (this Meta page)

>>1688083 (this Meta page)

Lastly, the box notifying repliers that the thread is full should rephrase the last line. Perhaps "Please go to the most recent bread" would work? Or "the newest" or "the latest"? That would help alleviate the problem of numerous unwanted nuisance threads shitting up the catalog.

BTW, keep up the good work, BO! We are immensely grateful for all the cat herding you do.

b8297f  No.1850627

''Reposting from wrong meta thread.

BO/BV, the Henry Case self-doxxer is back on Memes24. Have reported several of his posts for whatever action you wish to take.


9c1564  No.1851044


Maybe the line (after 'to.') should read:

"Please search for another thread to post in, or failing to find another thread, post your own."

Optionally with disclaimer text like "If relevant to Q." or "If substantive".

Do you think we should have a 'Directory enquiries' thread? TTDDTOT is revealing a niche that newfags don't have a specific place to ask obscure or off-beat questions, and although there's a newfag guide thread, it in the form of 'information to read' rather than 'specific person(s) to ask'.


9c1564  No.1851135


Maybe for the non-stickied threads, a stickied locked 'super thread' that has links direct to the latest of each type (EG proofs, memes, even TTDDTOT, etc).

So what you can do is have a 'READ FIRST' thread that then contains a list of named/explained threads, which can then be bookmarked, and then used to free up the stickies?

That way you can unstick, and the usual posters can route through the superthread, and the normies can be pointed to the superthread. Kinda like a 'sticky notables', maybe?

99302d  No.1853877

R, if you're here, can you summarize the point you made about the bakers and what we need to do about the issues we have with them?

6759a3  No.1854219



ok, I'm here, I'm not sure I want to have this discussion in a public forum as some of the tactics I'd like to discuss haven't been used yet and I don't want to give bad actors ideas.

We've discussed a few solutions measures that might help cut down the clown bakers.

We can deal with the occasional baker's goof, but I'm not talking about that.

I'm talking about bakers who remove things, put in links that don't lead where they should.

The notables section is the most readily corrupted with non notables and often omits valid notable posts.

How much is incompetence, how much is just a different editorial taste & discretion and how much is deliberate muddying of the water is hard to tell because I cannot certifiably tell one baker from another.

But since you've been collecting notables I think you may have seen evidence of what I've long suspected.

What would you like to discuss?

99302d  No.1854649


Yup. Notables are garbage. Many of them literally are endorsements, yet the breads state that they're not. I don't know what we could do for bakers to identify other bakers other than something like designated baker signatures. We don't have anything like that right now, but in a way, some bakers kind of do leave signatures ("Eat shit, shills" baker, MetalBaker). It's one idea, but it would probably be seen as name/famefagging if not executed properly.

I don't want to hire bakers on to the staff because it would be insane to keep track of so many anons who would have administrative capabilities.

Right now, bakers will remove notables if I ask them to, but that isn't efficient at all.

What would be good is if we could encourage bakers to collaborate with each other at /comms/ regularly. As though a part of the baking job, which it should be. I really don't know, since my only experience with baking is doing E-bakes in the early AM when doughs are left orphaned.

I could make some kind of announcement, and direct bakers to a designated bakers thread on /comms/ for "Baker News, Methods, and Rules". I dunno.

Post last edited at

6759a3  No.1854975


I allowed trips at /comms/ so we could positively identify each other. That need for positive ID is only needed under a few conditions.

So far I've only had Jack & Chris (I think you know the two bakers I mean) come and have any discussion.

Collaboration of the bakers is something that might lead to that dreaded baker's union death spiral we witnessed before.

My suggestion is to allow the bakers to use trips so that the general population of anons can positively ID which baker is baking which loaf. I'd suggest using BAKER as the generic name allong with a ## secure trip.

Bakers can go to /comms/ to practice using trips, then request you put the trip on your whitelist.

I'd bounce ideas off of the baker Jack burton that anon has been baking since forever, I recognize him and chris from before the exodus. I did not bake back then but the style of antiFungalLeaf baker's accolytes rings true with them both.

I really don't have much else in the way of ideas, I believe that allowing bakers to recognize each other as well as be recognized will allow the general population to choose in a way not currently possible

How many bakers do you have now? a few dozen? keeping a whitelist of trips could be a hassle if it gets too long, but a a few dozen shouldn't be too much trouble if it helps get the breads back to tasty with full nutritive value instead of these that seem filled with sawdust.

As for directing bakers to /comms/ only a few seem inclined or capable? I can't gauge the level of imageboard savy very well with some of them

direct away, I'll deal with the influx if and when it happens

6759a3  No.1855005


I need to amend

>So far I've only had Jack & Chris (I think you know the two bakers I mean) come and have any discussion.


any discussion on baking philosophy

one anon and I chatted a bit about the baking instructional vids he was making and posted.

and a few have test baked or asked a single question. but I think I've had fewer than 50 posting IDs in total

6759a3  No.1855157



two more ideas

bakers would not be required to use trips, and the ones who tripfag would need to be careful to not cross the line into tripfagging.

second idea

we can try to foster a group of notables collectors. add another layer of redundancy to make sure things don't slip through the cracks.

the only problem with team collection is that making sure it gets posted is still up to the baker.

6759a3  No.1856666

some interesting discussion in #2238 about my question

I posed it clumsily

but even though the new baker did a good job baking #2239 I have to wonder when the 1st post is


we'll see how the rest of the bread goes but I think I know this baker and his work in the kitchen is not to my taste so I'm not a fair judge in this case

just as the BV tripfagging and abusing that position of authority rustled many jimmies at one point in the past the baker occupies a similar albeit lesser position of authority and can use it subversively

I see our current problem being similar to the red marble demo that you and I discussed once upon a time.

00e8c1  No.1860205

File: 0ecef0bbc73f928⋯.png (50.34 KB, 436x291, 436:291, ClipboardImage.png)

d74616  No.1869332


In the other thread you posted about creating a script to run that would turn our box into a research machine. Could you please do so, or tell me and the others how to optimize our digging, and which tools we should be using?

948bb8  No.1871985

File: c0e592458747010⋯.png (490.46 KB, 1438x1462, 719:731, Screenshot 2018-06-23 at 0….png)

File: 498834a7bd23189⋯.png (1.64 MB, 2852x1522, 1426:761, Screenshot 2018-06-21 at 2….png)

File: 593c4fc58f9ca32⋯.png (65.23 KB, 1924x216, 481:54, Screenshot 2018-06-21 at 1….png)

You guys still have my main IP banned:


When the fuck are you gonna clear the ban? It's been worked out with BO. Should I use a trip so you everyone knows it's me, or what?

I have gone into depth about why HenryCase is apropos, so… Clear the fuckin' ban so I can multi-task FFS. Besides, I don't like having to fill out a new captcha all the time.

948bb8  No.1872119

File: 6d6bc3e2d64219c⋯.png (5.12 KB, 74x58, 37:29, Screenshot 2018-06-23 at 0….png)


bdeb43  No.1872180


stop tagging your photos famefag

9bad4e  No.1877995

BO, filters has fallen off of the board and I cannot find it in the archives to update the link (I'm guessing this is because archives don't have june yet?)

9c1564  No.1878762


Admin, is it possible to add an additional field, called a 'secret field', that only the admin can see?

If you can do that, what you can have is bakers who are given their own PGP, which they then insert into said secret field. It's not fame or namefagging because it's hidden, and admin can confirm quality.

Any bread without the PGP confirmation (admin knows valid PGP list) knows it's a bunk baker. Because it's hidden, clowns can't copy.

On the other side, what you also want to do is make it so EVERY bread is signed with a CRC hash of the PREVIOUS bread. This creates what's known as a 'chain of authenticity' (blockchain uses this).

For a bread to be accepted, it must:

1) Supply a valid PGP key in the secret field

2) Supply a valid CRC hash of the previous bread

3) Must be a CRC hash of a VALID previous bread (previous bread must not also be garbage)

4) Bread not be garbage itself

If a bread fails quality checks, the PGP key is revoked.

I also STRONGLY recommend having a thread noting which notables get removed (if you think it's strategically sound): noting what they remove will draw more attention to it which is exactly what the clowns DON'T want to happen.

6177ca  No.1879142


WOW. Great suggestions from both of you. Rock Stars.

6177ca  No.1879313


This guy's work is incredible. So much info on just one site. Apparently, he designs sites like this for a living, and did a Q site on his own time/dime because he is 'passionate' about it. We're all in this together, even if this wasn't generated from here. He relies on digging for info here, and we can appreciate summarized info from his work. https://public.tableau.com/profile/nerothehero#!/

9c1564  No.1880199


Apologies, missed your post (thanks for other anon referencing it).

Depends what you're aiming for regarding research. There's nothing 'out of the box' that will work straight away, but a lot of technologies that will make things a LOT easier. Strongly recommend a Linux OS as you can install most of what I can suggest easily that way.

Web Scraper:

Python (2.7) + Mechanise library + Beautiful soup

(Note, Mechanise is basically a 'pseudo-browser', used to Mechanise browser testing. Can be used to build web bots)

Highly portable mini-database (piggyback the web scraper onto this by making form submissions via mechanise to the PHP database):


If you don't have a dedicated web server, you can either use XAMMP (available on all OSes but is a dev library and thus not 'secure') or if on Linux, install php then run:

php -S localhost:8000

(8000 can be any port. When connecting it's simply localhost:8000 in the browser)

Will need to be restarted every time the machine is rebooted.

Database viewer (portable):

Waterfox + SQLite Manager

SQLite is largely the 'poor man's SQL', but it has the advantage of being OS agnostic, highly portable, very universal, and compatible with many web libraries due to it's open source nature.

Online archives:

archive.org (responds to legal notices and will takedown)

archive.is (does not respond to legal notices)

Encrypted, ultra compression (AES-256), cross-OS, open-source:


If you want to start getting some REAL power under your belt, grab Mirth:


(It's an interoperability engine that uses 'Rhino' [Java and JavaScript hybrid] - it can connect to HTTP pages, read/write to databases, talk with different systems. A bit complex to learn but VERY powerful. Works on any OS with Java. Open-source. The very newest requires you register your details.)

Mirth works best on Linux. Want to get more insane? It's Java can call the Linux terminal. You could literally have a HTTP form that pipes commands to a Linux box.

You will need to be a programmer to tackle any of this. I don't have any tools specifically designed for 8chan that work 'out of the box'. I can give advice and code snippets if you need help, although everything should already be documented online.

9c1564  No.1880292


You probably have me confused with someone else. I don't have any Q sites up. If the person you're referring to (regarding scripts) is a site owner then that's someone else, and you'll have to ask them.

I do have a broad array of knowledge on various subjects, and have shadowed shills for a long time. The fact I'm still alive should probably tell you something.

6759a3  No.1880650


> that only the admin can see?

that path can lead easily to the dreaded baker's union

If the baker's can't use it, and the general population can't use it puts the entire burden on BO & BVs to make sure that bakers aren't clowns.

Seems to me it's that way now…

Most anons can recognize a few of the bakers by style & the graphics they post.

Doesn't everyone feel better when the baker with the Jack Burton (Big Trouble In Little China) avatar is baking… why is that?

Could it be they know that baker and his record? They know that the quality of baking is assured.

Why do the BO & BVs along with Q have tripcodes? Couldn't they do their jobs and post just the same without them?

IF any kind of ID is used for bakers it cannot be secret and work to it's intended purpose.

Whitelist trips for bakers, the bakers that want to use trips will and those who don't won't. See how that shakes out. BO can always edit the whitelist and remove the trips if it does't work out.

as for the blockchain method of authenticity… nice idea but the custom of using pastebin for the dough allows nearly the same level of security for the dough's authenticity.

9c1564  No.1881285


>it cannot be secret

You obviously didn't read my post. If it's not secret, clowns copy - which is exactly what's happened with Q. Secret field for bakers allows bakers to verify they're legit without being granted any powers.

Only clown seeking to copy a tripcode would demand it public. And also there's nothing stopping both a private and a public tripcode, for what it's worth.

And as if to prove a point (to the deep state intelligence) that even when I namefag I still can't be identified, my name carries a tripcode. Which anybody can copy. And post under my name.

I'd use my real name to prove my point even further, but lets just say I've got a bit of a reputation in intel circles and I'd rather the realisation dawn on them slowly.

>puts the entire burden on BO & BVs to make sure that bakers aren't clowns.

Which as you admitted is already happening. So this doesn't actually change the status quo. There's no such thing as a 'public secret' that 'can't be copied'. If there is, better contact Sony because the copyright lawyers would pay you a small fortune.

9c1564  No.1881341

Securing against BO being single point of failure is another problem unto itself, but the way I see things, BO already is the single point of failure as they hold near singular board control.

However, that will be easy for us to tell - BO allows poor quality bread to manifest. Q jumps ship.

So there is coverage from both sides, from what I can see. BO can validate bakers, bakers can validate BO (based on what bread is being accepted/rejected).

Public tripcodes already a thing. Don't seem to be working to stop imposters, so a new solution is required (and I agree with BO's concerns about not handing out power to possible clowns).

589e69  No.1884179

File: fd64df1f6c451cc⋯.png (70.66 KB, 597x200, 597:200, FPP.PNG)

589e69  No.1884187

File: be5363e992a5470⋯.jpg (8.83 KB, 300x100, 3:1, FPP.jpg)


posted wrong size

6759a3  No.1889926


>You obviously didn't read my post

I most certainly did read it


>Admin, is it possible to add an additional field, called a 'secret field', that only the admin can see?

>If you can do that, what you can have is bakers who are given their own PGP, which they then insert into said secret field.

secret field.

please outline how you intend to keep it secret?

I'm not impressed with your knowledge of how all this works, quite frankly you've shown you don't so instead of appealing to authority and saying stuff like

>my name carries a tripcode.

not in Qresearch it doesn't unless you are Q, it's the only one allowed

>I've got a bit of a reputation in intel circles

brag some more why don't you

>Only clown seeking to copy a tripcode would demand it public.

how are tripcodes secret?

the hash that is entered to generate the tripcode is secret and that private and known only to the anon using the tripcode and it is what cracking Q's trip is all about.

The current level of security on the single # tripcode allows it to be hacked. So far as I am aware the ## tripcode is far less vulnerable. I do not know why Q uses the single # instead of the double ##, except for the fact that the single # tripcode works on either 4ch or 8ch to generate the same output.

6759a3  No.1890414


I'll try to put this in a way that is understandable, that's not always easy for me.

I see it working as follows

Bakers that want a trip can go to another board on 8ch and generate a ## trip

Then they make a request that their trip (for example Rusty !!uoLnJpgdTQ )

be whitelisted. From then on when they offer to bake if the bakers wants all will without doubt

know which baker it is. Still anonymous, since you cannot figure out who I am from anything

posted. All that changes is instead of referring to WorkFagBaker or NightShiftBaker

or EatShillsBaker there will be a trip that POSITIVELY identifies which baker is which.

This will allow a more educated choice of handoffs. I've seen and I think you've seen

baker's graphics used by bakers other than the ones known by that graphic. And we've

all seen new bakers fails in strange ways that don't really seem like mistakes as supposedly

different bakers keep doing the same things

Try it BO, at this point what is lost if this idea fails?

a little embarrassment?

the chore of entering and having to remove the whitelisted data?


Seriously, what is the great harm of whitelisting a few tripcodes so anons can intelligently discern one baker from another?

Do you fear a baker will famefag? Tripfag? What???

Much effort is put into baking and much depends on quality tasty & nutritious loaves from the /qresearch/ kitchen.

Will you continue to allow the dilution of the digger's work with sawdust filled bread, and vacuous notables?

If the baker and the anons cannot tell one baker from another it leaves the handoff to a random choice (not quite truly random, but close).

In the red marble demonstration the random variable (red marble) equates to our unknown


If you do not remove that random variable you will never achieve better quality no

matter what you do.

IF your aim is to increase your own workload and continue to allow lousy loaves then by all means continue.

You must admit you couldn't do your job without the trip, the BVs would be hampered without it and Q would have a very hard time accurately conveying the crumbs without verifiable ID

Now I think it's time you admit that the bakers need some level of verifiable ID.

With a trip the general anon population can hold bakers accountable.

Try it, what do you have to lose?

9c1564  No.1891451


>I most certainly did read it

Then you'd already know tripcodes are copyable and ergo not a solution.

>secret field.

>please outline how you intend to keep it secret?

IE not displayed in the forum.

You see the password for file and post deletion?

That's secret, correct? You're honestly not going to appeal to 'security by obscurity is no obscurity' are you? If so, can I have your house address?

If you mean from a technical standpoint - see that HTTPS in the top left? End-to-end encryption. I submit through form, ends up on the website - ideally stored encrypted, salted. Admin has a copy (being BO can already see things we can't).

Now if your argument is going to be an appeal to omniscient state powers (to which I retort 'don't let perfect be the enemy of good'), the surveillance state would have to run the risk of exposing themselves doing the mid-transit intercept, which would have explosive implications by themselves.

If your issue is with the trust in BO, their reputation rides on bread quality. If BO is already compromised, *they wouldn't be agreeing to a measure to help reduce fake bread*.

This seems like a false concern to me. And there's nothing to say a baker can't acquire more than one private key (the key isn't to identify them: the key is to say 'this is a baker who passed basic training').

>not in Qresearch it doesn't

And yet, there it stands, in my name.

Not in the same format as Q, but it's again to prove a point that even if I lay a sufficient tracking marker on my own head, it serves zero guarantee that I am that person. This is intended as a jab at the deepstate.

>how are tripcodes secret?

>the hash that is entered to generate the tripcode is secret

You're talking about a secret only one person knows. This isn't a shared secret. I'm talking about a code or key that says to the BO 'hey, I'm not a comped clown'. Clowns can generate tripcodes a dime a dozen, and as said, anyone can copy or share it.

Only thing stopping someone copying what I've put in the name field is social etiquette. Which shills never have.

So, to rephrase, we're talking two different secrets here.

- You're talking about a secret only the baker knows in order to generate the tripcode, which the end result they then make public. The public can copy this end result (or the deepstate can intercept the password mid transit).

- I'm talking about a shared secret only the baker and BO knows *between them* that *isn't* made public. This greatly reduces the copy-pasta attack surface (remember: the problem trying to be solved is impersonation).

The latter secret can't identify the baker uniquely (so a login is out, as is an email, or any sort of 'true id'), so if it's some sort of hash code that's entered into a secret field (sent to the webserver on submission encrypted, stored encrypted, only viewable by admin account), a baker can either opt to use whichever code they want, or if generally posting, no code at all.

There's not going to be a perfect solution to this.

Bearing in mind you're advocating public tripcodes that you just said weren't allowed, so how does that work?

9c1564  No.1891590


Unique ID is a possibility, but my concern is bakers want to remain anon. So the codes (rather than the names) should be what is whitelisted. Anon baker goes to training, passes training, gets link that expires to generate code - code stored as valid, they keep a copy of that code, enter it on the first post of the bread in the secret field.

Bread made is inspected - as long as it remains good quality, tripcode remains valid. If the bread is really bad, tripcode invalidated, baker clown has to waste a few breads finding out tripcode is invalid and then has to go back to school to get a new tripcode.

The idea being clowns can't just walk in and bake bread, they have to earn their dough first.

6759a3  No.1891983


OK, now I see, you haven't run a board here and do not understand how this works

I'll start here

>but my concern is bakers want to remain anon.

Do they??? how many post with unique graphics? how many have names they answer to? (metalBaker, EatShillsBaker the baker who posts Jack Burton pics etc…)

>So the codes (rather than the names) should be what is whitelisted.

that is exactly how it works.

you put your secret hash into the name field like so DonutBaker ## giberishPassPhrase nobody but you sees the DonutBaker ## giberishPassPhrase (unless someone is looking over your shoulder when you enter it).

What everybody sees is DonutBaker !!zJ6xvqFWXw

see >>>/comms/1427

go to /comms/ and try it using the DonutBaker ## giberishPassPhrase in the name field and you'll get the same results.

The part that is secret is giberishPassPhrase and IF you do not tell anyone then nobody else can duplicate that tripcode.

If you go to /pol/ or /metatech/ or any other board and use that passphrase you'll get that tripcode.

The BO of /qresearch/ copies the !!zJ6xvqFWXw and pastes it into a 'white list' '' and then that tripcode can be used on /qresearch/.

If the baker wants to use it they can, if they want to post as anonymous they can, it's all up to them at that point.

>Anon baker goes to training,

cannot have many restrictions or it will end up down the same path as the baker's union, but ya, I'd like to see the prospective baker select a tripcode at /comms/ and post a well formed bread in the practice area before they request their trip be whitelisted by the /qresearch/ BO

>The idea being clowns can't just walk in and bake bread, they have to earn their dough first.


and that is exactly what they are doing now I do not know if it's truly clowns or just incompetent newbies

Never attribute to malice what is more easily explained by human error


once is happenstance

twice is coincidence

third time is enemy action

Which leaves us at BOs mercy to solve this conundrum. I've presented my thoughts over the last few months and BO is seeing an escalation in problems just as I predicted. I wish I was wrong, I wish there was another answer, but right now having ID for bakers is needed. Of course it will cause other problems, some of which are easy to prevent and some we just won't know about until we hit 'em.

But to keep the quality of the bread high and shut down a majority of the attacks on bakers it's time to do this.

6759a3  No.1892128


upon further reflection I think baker's trainer should go like

the neophyte baker should;

go to /comms/ get trip & do practice bake

get trip whitelisted

let current baker know that neophyte baker wants training.

BAKER on duty allow neophyte to collect notables & post said collected notables between post 690 & 710

BAKER on duty also collects notables and does so without showing what is collected and has choice of using neophyte or his own or combination in posting next bread. This collection of notables seems to be the real problem and this method would allow the neophyte to act in real time without having an effect on the bread. If the neophyte does well then handoff can occur. If neophyte does poorly coaching can be done next bread in comparing what BAKER collected and posted in new bread vs what neophyte collected.

I think most anons would happily go along with a plan like this.

The veteran bakers probably shouldn't have to go thru this but it might help show some of the problems. The KEY point is that all would know which baker did what.

9c1564  No.1893625


>Do they??? how many post with unique graphics? how many have names they answer to? (metalBaker, EatShillsBaker the baker who posts Jack Burton pics etc…)

I'm not familiar with every baker, so my assumption is based on the format of 8chan's qboard being opposed to email addresses/namefagging (which leads me to believe they prefer privacy, which is a great trait).

You can certainly add a name to a tripcode/hash/id if you want, but I'm no Mark Zuckerberg, if I can work around datamining, I will. I understand some people prefer anonymity because their life might very well be in danger. So having a 'faceless ID' would be a way to solve that.

Once you add a username you're entering the 'username/password' login territory, though, and I absolutely LOVE 8chan's no login format.

If the bakers like self-IDing, let them. Just making sure the fundamental proposal is privacy orientated.

I'll try out the tripcode jazz. See, I hashed mine off-site and simply reuse.

>I wish I was wrong, I wish there was another answer, but right now having ID for bakers is needed. Of course it will cause other problems, some of which are easy to prevent and some we just won't know about until we hit 'em.

ID is the only way to go for now as it prevents impersonation.

Over the shoulder (or screen logging) can be thwarted with 'blank' areas that show nothing. Key logging and audio interpretation are possible to thwart but my anti-keylogging designs aren't yet public.

I expect 'deeper infiltration' by clowns (usually they target admin, use social engineering, buyouts, exploits, you name it, the fuckers are dirty). Expect DOXing and real life harassment.

The trick is to make sure you have so much monitoring shit that it's 'high risk' for them to use those tactics. They have to burn exploits to gain access - if those exploits are then ID'd and patched, they can't reuse them.

Likewise with informing people as to their social engineering tactics. You're all still in the 'early stages' of infiltration. There's 'board splintering' and 'group division' tactics to be made manifest yet.

Q's pretty smart, he's kept in all inhouse and shuns division, which thwarts 'board splinter' (where a segment leaves to start up a new site because the main one is accused of being XYZ thing) and 'group division' (where you waste time fighting each other rather than the enemy).

Deep level infiltration is where the real party starts. They will play along for a while (likely to be enacted on the whole bread thing) gaining trust, all the while very slowly introducing small errors or erroneous data.

It will eventually boil down into a war of resources, and even technological skills. That's further down the pipeline and they haven't gotten there yet.

You're going to want to start 'hiring' bread verifiers (non-admin) who can go through each bread on a granular level to check it's not slightly altered, but the real issue is how do you determine they're not comp'd? Triple redundancy?

One wall at a time. Baker ID verification and previous bread hashing first.

We might be able to do tools for automated bread link checking or some such, but we need to identify how the breads get compromised to build counters for it. If we can document discovered compromises, easier for people to know what to look for.

6759a3  No.1894300


>I'll try out the tripcode jazz. See, I hashed mine off-site and simply reuse.

of course you re-use the giberishPassPhrase that is how you get the same tripcode each time. (tripcode is the part that shows in your post the !!zJ6xvqFWXw part)

>my assumption is based on the format of 8chan's qboard being opposed to email addresses/namefagging

you keep conflating ideas anon

Your assumption is based upon poor understanding, it is very clear you do not understand

the e-mail field has absolutely nothing to do with tripcodes

tripcodes cannot be used to dox you. You can think of a tripcode as a secure, repeatable from bread to bread user ID. We already get a user ID automatically in each bread yours is ID: 9c1564. The J.TrIDr3ESpPJEs you use is NOT a tripcode. You are entering it into the name field.

you don't need to login to use a tripcode

>ID is the only way to go for now as it prevents impersonation.

no shit sherlock! that is exactly what a tripcode does

9c1564  No.1896607


You appear to be going off on a salty tangent purposefully misinterpreting my arguments - is that an attempt at provocation I detect there?

I hope you're not a clown advocating against the secret field because it'd make it harder for clown to play 'pretend baker'.

9c1564  No.1896631

> The J.TrIDr3ESpPJEs you use is NOT a tripcode. You are entering it into the name field.

Actually, the TrIDr3ESpPJEs part is a tripcode, which uses DES.

Like I said earlier, hashed off site (IE not on 8chan), but as a provocateur you don't read my posts.

6759a3  No.1897369

File: 089cf95a8d4a169⋯.png (45.76 KB, 703x350, 703:350, whatIsTripcode.png)


>Actually, the TrIDr3ESpPJEs part is a tripcode, which uses DES.

While TrIDr3ESpPJEs may be a tripcode somewhere else it is NOT tripcode on the chans

A tripcode

>pic related


Here on 8ch a tripcode has at least one ! at the beginning

for example the ones given in the faq



1. By simply entering a name in the Name field. This is not secure, since any other poster is able to use the same name;

2. By entering one # character and a password in the Name field. Adding #example to the Name field would generate !KtW6XcghiY. This is reasonably secure - however, with increasing GPU speeds, these tripcodes may be cracked in a few days by a dedicated attacker;

3. By entering two # characters and a password in the Name field. Adding ##example to the Name field would generate !!Dz.MSNRw9M. This is quite secure, but it relies on a secret salt on the server. This means the code will not work on websites other than 8chan;

9c1564  No.1901374

Blasted captcha thing wiped my post. Total re-edit :(


Yeah, I noticed the tripcodes were crackable (you might have noticed my tripcode in the comms area was 'OlcPsstCIA', which was a regex brute force coupled with some insane luck - the Psst was a bonus. Don't ask me what Olc stands for).

Any decent attacker will have a rainbow table, so rehashing using the same algorithm won't offer any additional protection (because it's a recursive lookup).

Apparently, different chan boards use different tripcode hashing methods (apparently?). So maybe you might be able to improve yours with additional complexity.

I noticed 8chan uses PHP. You might want to look into mcrypt - it offers AES support, and Shift_JIS has been around for some time now. You can also further increase security by increasing the length of the tripcode (every extra letter is a new power).

My crappy laptop barely gets 7k/ps hashes, but I imagine a bitcoin miner dedicated to the task could get a 1.5 gig/ps in, and an NSA supercomputer with a dedicated chip for hashing (assuming they also store the results for fast lookup), well, I assume by the way the NSA/deepstate trashed the previous board they might have already been working on breaking tripcodes for some time.

Once I return to work after vacation I can post up some AES encryption functions (mine use a temporal salt which means if they get delayed [EG intercepted] in transit they don't decrypt properly - also serves as a timestamp verification process because it's timestamp of when item was received + password).

Or you can write your own if you think my code might be backdoored. Full disclosure, it's AES-256-CTR with NoPadding, meaning it is vulnerable to oracle attacks (but it was the only setup that would play nice with Java and a HTTP sent JSON object), so I'm relying on the assumption you guys will add other hashes to it.

As AES etc might return non-ASCII (or non-printable) characters, it's always a good idea to Base64 encode the output.

You'd probably need to coordinate/double-check with Q if this is something Q approves with, especially given it'd change his tripcode so it'd have to be coordinated anyway.

(Personally I'd prefer an XOR'd OTP but it's hard to make those things useable.)

6759a3  No.1903407

File: 6e9a8b56066be7f⋯.jpg (105.77 KB, 620x856, 155:214, Dale-Gribble-Was-Right.jpg)


ThanQ for the banner graphics, I've put a couple of them at /comms/



and from >>1889755


Q bakery>>1889755



These are very much appreciated.


feceb3  No.1903666


No problem. WWG1WGA.

6759a3  No.1905436



The baker occupies a unique position. Some anons think it's a simple matter of copy / paste, and for the large part that is exactly what the job of baking is, but that is not the totality of the position. If you think the baker's position doen't come with the potential for herding these cats in specific directions you couldn't be more wrong. Via strategic choices offered by editorial discretion the subtle influences of bread title and notables will have influence on a certain portion of the anons and have influence on the perception of the /qresearch/ board by the public and MSM. This influence will be greater or lesser depending on the anons involved. The influence will be detected and known by some and will have actions that are completely undetected and subconscious on others. I think you recognize the fact that bread title and notables can either reinforce or destroy momentum. Think on this, which anons will be most easily herded by these techniques.

Never attribute to malice that which can be more easily explained as accidental

Once is happenstance

Twice is coincidence

Third time is enemy action special cause

or as my favorite guru of systems analysis says

Anything more than 3 sigma from the norm is due to a special cause

Due to naiveté many assume that just because a baker is capable of baking they should be allowed to bake, that everyone should be given a chance.

If you study the factors that sabotaged the occupy Wall Street movement you'll come across a thing called the 'progressive stack' .

Take a look at how that helped bring that movement down.

'''I'm not saying any of the bakers are clowns, I am saying that some of the bakers don't do an adequate job.

We've come to a point where the need to vet bakers is becoming very obvious.

Are you going to do something about it BO? or are you just going to allow the continued dilution of our efforts?

I know you've seen the effects of bad bakers and I'm not just talking multiple bakes.

I think you've noticed the vacuous notable collections posted by some bakers as notable.

I think you've noticed the change in 'feel' of breads after certain bakers.

What can be done about it?

Do you think the qualities of those bakes is always purely due to differences in taste or by accident & incompetence?

Then we need to instruct bakers so that their editorial discretion becomes a bit more refined.

Only you can truly tell if the same bakers are making the same errors over and over.

Ultimately YOU the BO is going to have to decide if you'll let just any anon bake or if you'll have to take the position of newspaper owners of the past and vet as well as instruct your bakers managing editors in the policies required for this project.

I can tell the solution I offered is distasteful to you by the lack of conversation on the subject. I have not figured out a method to positively ID bakers that cannot be easily subverted other than the one that is built into this platform for this VERY REASON. I see you haven't found a solution either. I hope you'll find a solution you can live with before we get too far off the rails if that hasn't happened already

I heard something today you should think about

Laws are the restrictions that free us

9c1564  No.1906324


May not be relevant, but Occupy Wallstreet was a George Soros funded action, which meant it wasn't a natural grassroots movement to begin with, so there might be more than one attributable cause to it's failure.

BO will have to weigh in on baker solution, fundamentally I'm just a tech guy, I don't have 8chan's history under my belt, and there's a lot of variables to consider.

It might be that undisabling tripcodes is the way to go (besides improvements to make it less suspect to brute forcing or guessing), and whatever problem that disabling them was meant to solve could be readdressed using a different manner.

I suspect disabling the tripcodes was an effort to prevent Q impersonation. Depending on the complexity of the board, you could add some JavaScript so if the name of the person is 'Q' and the tripcode is from a valid list of known Q tripcodes, it highlights the tripcode in a sort of green, and if not, either blacks out or marks it as red (so Q impersonators literally glow/stand out).

Any other name just gets 'normal' tripcode highlighting.

6759a3  No.1909806


nice debate on the question early this morning






37c7e3  No.1911624

The Vatican has a worldwide media blackout on this, and the arrest attempt a week ago.


b40e93  No.1914522






Fixed. Thank you.



This can only be implemented in userscripts and cannot be set as a board default by me.


Yes. You'll have to wait for the June archives to be released.

I'll get to the posts regarding bakers soon, just hopping around between threads right now.

a567ef  No.1914772

295a91  No.1914870


6759a3  No.1924801

File: be913a755d72282⋯.png (74.53 KB, 1424x657, 1424:657, filterPostThread.png)


that filter post isn't in bread #1897 as it should be

>pic related


6759a3  No.1935860


I just ran into a situation I'd like to bring to your attention.

While I was baking there was a push effort for a slide link that appeared in #2434. I didn't add it to my notables list.

I handed off

then I find that the baker had added it to my notables list. look at notables from #2435 & #2436 under the #2434 section.

I brought it to the baker's attention in #2437





then in #2438 I again brought baker's attention with humor & science


in #2439 I attempted to re-direct any sincere sliders to the proper thread for that topic


and got

>>1935387 from a Nasim poster

This topic is normally backed by new age crystal wearing spiritual types who know very little other than pop-sci versions of the phenomea called Schumann resonance.

This doesn't feel like those kind of folks BO, please check this out.

something rotten in Denmark and it ain't herring!

856434  No.1943992



FF we couldn't thwart?

6759a3  No.1944270


the baker.rusty e-mail is kaput!

no longer useable

589e69  No.1952603

File: 261d7c92d4aceef⋯.jpg (7.02 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Space.Force.jpg)

File: ef50cecc02a6b98⋯.jpg (10.32 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Suicide.Week.jpg)

485228  No.1956184

File: 0554794260aea19⋯.jpg (214.26 KB, 2900x528, 725:132, RobertLudlum1.jpg)

Robert Ludlum: The Bourne Identity

bdcdd1  No.1959869

Board number needs to be changed!


Should be #2469 not #2449.

Could you edit it, please?

8833f8  No.1962853

File: 5e9afc043869ff1⋯.png (38.38 KB, 300x100, 3:1, magahatwwg1.png)

File: 618036b100643c7⋯.png (46.15 KB, 300x100, 3:1, stand.png)

File: 857b8342f6b7739⋯.png (67.78 KB, 300x100, 3:1, magabanner.png)

File: e65fce8d9a8256a⋯.png (55.25 KB, 300x100, 3:1, magapic.png)

File: b546de16029fe2a⋯.png (33.43 KB, 300x100, 3:1, WINNIN.png)

>>1956312 more 300x100 banner submissions. thanks>>wwg1wga

8833f8  No.1962881

File: dd8b5f9ff57c39a⋯.png (41.07 KB, 300x100, 3:1, TWININ.png)

File: 0a4419254511f8a⋯.png (54.72 KB, 300x100, 3:1, WINNINSTILL.png)

File: 2456027ccbff4c0⋯.png (18.25 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Qhair.png)

File: 3f74476a6c62e5d⋯.png (61.01 KB, 300x100, 3:1, next iran.png)

File: 57a4e21f553eba1⋯.png (67.93 KB, 300x100, 3:1, BUSTEDTRUSTED.png)


more 300x100 banners thanks>wwg1wga

6b1b29  No.1963111


the poster in


does not point where it says

it points to https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html

you can use


to check it

037d55  No.1965925


The permaband you put on the Nasimfags permabanned any use using Puffin browser. Please be advised. Now no iOS poster can post

037d55  No.1965967

File: 4ea973c7403b8ff⋯.png (196.63 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 56F0A987-D63F-49BC-9FA1-37….png)


Hey sorry. Pic related

b19a8f  No.1970183

File: 694f7ef05c4ec30⋯.png (70.91 KB, 776x657, 776:657, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-06….png)


Hey BO, hope this is the right place to ask this, but I believe I may have been wrongfully banned and I was wondering if you could please review the situation and confirm/deny.

I value my voice here and if I've done something wrong I'd like to know what so I can avoid doing it again; however, the reason given wasn't very informative and I don't see that I've violated any rules: https://8ch.net/qresearch/rules.html

Ban applied approximately 1 hour after I dropped some info I dug up about Freemasonry for the first time, and moments after I posted it the second time. Just prior, discourse had fallen to /b/-tier due to some normalfag female who racked up more than 20 shitposts, derailing the thread onto the topic of her sex. Thought that might be worth mentioning, FWIW.

6b1b29  No.1974384


>regarding bakers soon,


4 days it's been up, up to 180 votes, always ran 4 to 1 for baker ID. very much a need to start discussion(s)

how will this be implemented?

in re: Baker's ID

I find famefags repugnant but I also believe we need a method of BAKER ID

I needed to say that upfront to help understand how I came to this positon and where I think we should go from here.

How can you properly chastise a baker if you don't know which one is which?

we need some standards for notables, several have been posted including a good (imo) graphic

holding bakers accountable for their mistakes is the 1st step in helping bakers improve

we all have room for improvement

any suggestions would be appreciated.

The way I see it the TC should be used for;

handoffs & baker to baker verification

marking the dough (the only bread post I'd mark with my TC)

answering questions in the bread that require a baker's authority (should be rare)

the same TC will be usable at /comms/ and we'll use it there to grow and learn our craft

If not baking it should be used for 1 (one) post to notify others that a baker is available. This should be the 1st post a standby baker makes, all others should be anonymous

Reasons for immediate removal from the whitelist should include but not be limited by;

using the TC on any other board than /qresearch/ and /comms/ unless OK'd by BO

repeated offenses without improvement

subversive activity ~ sabotaging breads ~ spreading lies ~cooperation / collaboration with clowns & shills

being voted out by strawpoll of the general population of anons (poor discernment / critical thinking skills might be a reason)

I would suggest the following procedure for new bakers

go to /comms/ https://8ch.net/comms/catalog.html and generate a TC by posting at /comms/ with ## yourSecretPassPhrase then bake at least one practice bread using the TC

I think good training would be doing a parallel bake with the BAKER posting the bread as is normal and Apprentice posting at /comms/ at an agreed post count. (680) Timestamps tell all.

The Apprentice baker should gather the current dough along their own notables list and Q posts and at post count ? post the 'real time practice bread' at /comms/ complete with original bread title just as if it were a real bake at /qresearch. Gather dough, monitor bread just as if you were baking, but post the bread at /comms/ as if it was the real thing and do it in real time.

The time stamps will tell the tale.

If the first post of your practice bread is prior to post #680 in the real bread you lose points.

If your last post (the dough) has a timestamp that is after post 730 in the real bread you lose points.

If you copied Baker's notable list you lose points.

Make a game of it. See how well your posting times match up.

See how well the quality of your bread titles and notables labelling holds up.

In a bread where a baker an apprentice is taking the final exam the BAKER should announce 'training bake' and not post 'notables found so far' lists and give no hints to the Apprentice. Baker should keep notables list private until posting in bread.

For the final exam the quality of the bake along with the timestamps will be the exam.

btw I do not think I automatically deserve a TC, I know there are several bakers who are better than I am.

dd7163  No.1979421

File: c9b38aa1e4d9473⋯.png (27.67 KB, 300x100, 3:1, madegreat.png)

File: 34e1a02db54237c⋯.png (43.69 KB, 300x100, 3:1, maga.png)

File: cc3ae0666e138ef⋯.png (20.81 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 45.png)

File: 66bd2cda2b0d335⋯.png (28.38 KB, 300x100, 3:1, seal.png)

File: 53e705f6e300802⋯.png (69.86 KB, 300x100, 3:1, RODdy.png)


more 300x100 banner submissions. thanks>wwg1wga









827333  No.1984354


Please please forgive the newgagginess, but when I get to the end of a thread, how in the world do I find the next one? Seems I just always have to wait for Q to post again and then follow the qanon link to the new thread here. I beg!

827333  No.1984357



Ugh…newfagginess*… see?

827333  No.1985487

File: 6daea3c674f7e55⋯.jpg (42.99 KB, 592x388, 148:97, BfRoRSUIMAAMWXO.jpg)


Slap urself back to the top of the page and smash that lil return button, you can see the new notables/q-posts/errything else there by scrollin down, or go to catalogue to see the latest posts by any anon.

b24d2c  No.1987647

File: 707d09c96552f01⋯.png (28.37 KB, 300x100, 3:1, redpilled.png)

File: 09057dd3b638f0b⋯.png (45.5 KB, 300x100, 3:1, rodthestar.png)

File: 64c6978f62e715d⋯.png (20.2 KB, 300x100, 3:1, qgrey.png)

File: 0f8d3f04fe4c281⋯.png (68.91 KB, 300x100, 3:1, truecollusion.png)

File: 8d7b50e1eff17c6⋯.png (83.39 KB, 300x100, 3:1, farmsgoall.png)

hi BO


more 300x100 banners submission. THANKS>wwg1wga

b1b581  No.1988501

File: 74b12fbb18e34d4⋯.png (70.6 KB, 300x100, 3:1, constructions.png)

File: b759cb25fdd753f⋯.png (74.91 KB, 300x100, 3:1, buildthatwall.png)

File: 4d4ea2da8039dcc⋯.png (50.13 KB, 300x100, 3:1, winnerdef.png)

File: 4706c4c7785b387⋯.png (50.81 KB, 300x100, 3:1, qplus.png)

File: 26d2dec755f4f03⋯.png (65.63 KB, 300x100, 3:1, qflag.png)


more 300x100 banner submissions. THANKS>WWG!WGA










3e1eae  No.1989308

File: c51babfd5c811dd⋯.png (59.13 KB, 300x100, 3:1, everywhere.png)

File: cb0b2b4e9c0e57f⋯.png (82.22 KB, 300x100, 3:1, weplanned.png)

File: 034a483cda59a4b⋯.png (21.24 KB, 300x100, 3:1, pissonantifa.png)

more 300X100 banner submissions THANKS>WWG1WGA












0a80a7  No.1989460

Phrase on the Welcome page reads:

"Will you brave the depths of the unknown with bravery and courage?"

Suggest changing to, or simular:

"Will you brave the depths of the unknown with fortitude and courage?"

Or maybe 'strength' or 'honesty'. Something to replace the duplicate 'brave' and preserve the nice cadence. o7

ea1425  No.1991156

File: 394eab329645c33⋯.png (95.12 KB, 647x211, 647:211, Capture1.PNG)

File: f99e9ddf9232b2a⋯.png (4.04 KB, 784x63, 112:9, Capture.PNG)

I just wanted to say that, if you're not going to be banning anyone, then it is critical that you put up a disclaimer explaining that we have been plagued by shills from day one—and offer evidence, as well. There have been -several- times that I have told close friends and family about what's going on here—each of them would have been worthy contributors, and each of them took one look at the boards and dismissed it. That's exactly why we have shills here in the first place–to discredit.

I understand your dilemma, and I agree with how you are handling it. There is no good solution, and I think it's better to err on the side of free speech–people need to get used to it again, and learn to shrug things off.

That having been said, however, what the shills are bringing to this board are not honestly held opinions, but rather weaponized propaganda. I empathize with the former BV—I would have been tempted to take the same path. But I think you made the right decision–perhaps the BV can start his own board and run it to his liking; diversity of method can teach us all. In the meantime, since there is no reliable way to differentiate between propaganda and opinion, and since the banning of propaganda only brings more accusations of censorship, and since Q has stated, and the evidence has borne forth, that we are plagued by bad actors, I think a warning up front is absolutely required.

When things finally go down and people are scared, will coming to these boards make them any less afraid? If you're a Jewish reporter, are you going to write a story about how Q and his crew are really trying to make the world a better place? Or are you going to start running in the streets and spark riots because you think that if you don't stop what's coming, you're going to end up in a concentration camp? If the shills were as hateful toward handsome, studly men as they are toward others, I would definitely be stirring up riots myself ;)

In the past, when we've had "visitors," the shills either left or were wiped from the board in an instant (pics related, from general #1856). I hope to God that they do the same thing when the Storm hits, because if they don't there will be no solace for people here whatsoever. I know all of you are familiar with the difference between clean bread and infested bread; it's like night and day.

If there is some way that I (or we) can help, please let us know. The post count thing is good, but I can think of at least earnest poster that exceeds that whenever he's on (T—-anon). I don't think it would be too hard to correlate FE and Joozdiddut with certain time frames and posters. I've certainly noticed that they come in groups and push the same an agreed-upon topic.

<As a side note, I don't think there's any argument now that Mossad has played a role in all this, and likely Netanyahu as well. I don't see how anyone can extend blame to all Jews, given that the CIA and four out of the last five US Presidents were central to all of it as well–if the blame goes to all Jews, then it goes to all Americans.

ea1425  No.1991265

File: 013a1d31e4cc735⋯.jpg (913.63 KB, 2126x3000, 1063:1500, 'Appreciate_America_Stop_t….jpg)


Fuck, nvm. I just saw the "welcome" thread for the first time–I thought it was something else.

Just found this graphic, I think it makes a nice addition; it shows that the idea of sedition and foreign propaganda are not exactly a new phenomenon–we've just fallen so deeply into it that we've become enveloped by it.

It comes from the Wikipedia article on "5th column"

6b1b29  No.1997557

File: 562ba9301185f3c⋯.png (120.58 KB, 856x541, 856:541, BOinstructions.png)


we can see how well your 'BVs have been instructed'

is working out

GREAT example right out of the gate

As if you didn't just have a GREAT example of how well someBVs follow your lead

6b1b29  No.1997927


I don't give a tinker's damn about TCs although denial of the choice is a form of censorship

my information will stand or not and the mask of 'authority'

will not change it's truth

what I do care about are the subtle slow poisons I see in the breads

a bad baker is obvious to all

a subversive baker isn't

an anonymous subversive is impossible to eliminate

How would you feel if the master chef at your favorite

restaurant denied you the knowledge of who cooked your meal?

'it was an anonymous cook'

it's the only eatery available and there have been poisonings in the past…


I pray a solution is found

60fa48  No.2002570

More copy-pasta threads, attacking the bible as man-made. They must be right, there's two duplicate threads! /sarc



60fa48  No.2002746


Hi newfag.

Bookmark the catalogue:


Look for a bread with the same image and an R: number below 750.


Remember, democracy isn't just voting, it's also action.


If I might offer a contrary insight?

Mil-int run boards often practice censorship as a way to mitigate dissent and to artificially slant the opinion. Twitter is already doing that to you, and shills *will cry foul* over censorship because it silences their propaganda (but then again, so will legitimate people). Shills have absolutely no qualms for censoring you, even if you have reservations about censoring them.

That said, the freedom of speech versus weaponised propaganda debate has been one that has raged on for many years on conspiracy theorist boards, and what you're treading is not new ground. I will say this - I was such a ruthless debater and investigator I drove shills away in their dozens.

There's two things shills cannot tolerate that exists in any normal environment: exposure of their wrongdoings (EG valid refutement to arguments that seem plausible, and outing when they are up to no good), and running the risk of being identified in real life or exposed in a deep op.

The latter is profoundly more dangerous to them because it runs the risk of exposing their employers to a shit ton of bad PR - they will much rather play it safe and *avoid a board entirely* if they think the risk of being ID'd is high.

The latter is not viable on Qboards, so the former has to be adopted: a process of continuous vigilience against subversive behaviour, which must be publicly exposed and identified where possible.

You have a strategic advantage in that your posts carry IDs representative of the poster's IP: this can unravel entire slew of sock accounts. You merely need to associate different IDs via copy-pasta spam posts, and then parse for the IDs and mark them as possible shill posts (with greater scrunity applied to their content).

Eventually you will force such propaganda posting underground, which solves your more immediate problem. The other issue is solveable with baker IDs - even if no enforcement action happens, verification of content quality serves as a bulwark against impersonation attacks.

(Impersonation attacks gives you a free pass legally speaking, though - because you might not have posted whatever it is that 'you' said.)

827333  No.2004211


Thank you! Found your post accidentally on the research page, and yes, thanks, I think I've finally figured it all out.

Re: your reply to another anon ( >>1991156 ) I'm very much enjoying it here, and I do love the lack of filter, because it makes it so much easier to spot the shills and plants. (The muhJews folks and the revolution now! types are such ridiculous sore thumbs. At least the flat-earthers are rare and inoffensive.) Anyway… it's nice to know that someone's wasting their time and money.

That said… you know how Board Owner and Q and such have pulsing IDs when one scrolls to their posts… maybe the same could be applied to posts by clear disruptors… like a SHILLALERT or something.

827333  No.2004249


P.S. The "muhJews" are the folks that post the hooked-nose cartoons, right?… if not, I meant those guys. The raving anti-Semites.

28eccd  No.2007219

Did I miss the Q q&a?? Or has Q not done it yet.. Been busy past week

f82633  No.2010489

File: 1910072de2196d4⋯.jpg (15.46 KB, 300x357, 100:119, 300px-Mitchellhenderson.jpg)

6b1b29  No.2011275

File: e231aaa54d9f052⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1491x243, 497:81, badActorsJune26.png)



I have another suggestion.

BAKER ID is dead

While evaluating why I was adamant on this subject I've boiled it down to

1. baker to baker ID for hand offs & tag team baking

2. verification of authorship

tone of post & other clues (graphics etc…) have served well and I believe will continue to be useful for point #1 above and verifiable BAKER ID (prestige ID was a brilliant way for you to name it when you consider your abhorrence of TCs for the board) The poll was almost meaningless as we both know if the baker's themselves didn't want to try that experiment.

ah well… back to the drawing board…

so we come to item #2 in that list which is equally important if not (from my perspective as archivist) more. There may be a workable solution which will get me off your back on this.

I propose that periodically (at least once per week, preferably once per BV shift) that a series of collected screenshots from an admin screen be taken of each bread's title post showing the last half of the baker's hash.

The example I've provided of our conversation from a week ago (I still wish to collaborate on that subject with you or your staff).

these graphic postings will constitute a public log of which baker baked what bread.

64bc5e  No.2016531

Copy-pasta threads:



Hi, I'm Troy McClure, and you might remember my thread from that other thread that looks exactly the same!

ea4537  No.2029873

The picture you posted Q..That would be Ben Rhodes i believe. It was the blue shirt..now if im right just what the hell is he doing in Hong Kong?

Post last edited at

f828cb  No.2032854

Was told to post my "complaint" in here, and it's not a complaint.

BV side

BV fired baker for leaving out notables.

BV is obviously trying to protect the bread by ensuring

legitimate notables submissions are submitted.

Baker side

The baker in question left out many notable submissions,

a practice which up until a few weeks ago, was acceptable.

The baker in question did miss a couple PlaneFag notables however

(traditional notable in their own right)

however they corrected their mistake in the next bread.






(post that i was told to put into meta)

Not trying to get in the middle of this, but it use

to be part of a bakers job to discern what was

notable and not.

BO Specifically told Bakers to be aware of

groups coordinating to get their notables in

the bread. The last month i've seen bread notables

go from 10-15 per bread, to 20-30. I understand

the board evolves and some breads there

really are a shit ton of notables, but its a slide

to things that are actually notable to include

news some newfag found on drudgereport

or zerohedge.

Some bakers bake light, some bakers bake heavy.

Anons have a fucking problem with a bake,

they can just repost their same shitpost

when a new baker comes on.

Having newbakers is great, but this bake

by democracy comes with the responsibility

of an executive (the baker) to keep the bread

free from excess bullshit. I haven't read

through the notables the baker decided not

to include, (i'm going to now) but to see an "anon" reposting a

fucking laundry list of supposedly missed-notables

seems like an agenda to me.

Would like to hear


opinion as well.

Not trying to start shit in anyway, BV is clearly fulfilling their mandate (protect bread ensuring bakers are legit),

Baker was trying to protect the notables

from what they considered not notable.

Both parties were/are trying to do the right thing, and now there is

conflict and we probably lost a baker. That is the only reason

i bring this situation here.

Maybe this conflict is unavoidable and so uncommon that

they do not merit attention, that is not my decision to make.

I support whatever decision you and the BV's think makes

the most sense.

f828cb  No.2033079



I guess baker was a shill.

6b1b29  No.2033441


>we probably lost a baker.

would not be the 1st time a neophyte baker does a poor job and leaves rather than learns from the mistakes and tries to improve.

1af3b5  No.2034044

File: e3dda287eb88b6f⋯.png (162.7 KB, 1242x425, 1242:425, IMG_2201.PNG)

File: 57c30fb97bcffa9⋯.png (61 KB, 2099x735, 2099:735, IMG_2215.PNG)

File: 3382cff2deae33f⋯.png (32.13 KB, 1242x424, 621:212, IMG_2223.PNG)

File: cd80af85b32dd85⋯.png (39.12 KB, 1242x420, 207:70, IMG_2224.PNG)

File: e3102b1b3b20145⋯.png (35.46 KB, 948x499, 948:499, IMG_2237.PNG)


BO >

in case ever needed. i will make banners for these also. WWG1WGA

6b1b29  No.2036334

why do you allow namefagging like the AFLB ?

but at the same time you won't allow TCs…

and you've got a triple ### (the most secure, set up after Q by CM)

one is anonymous and easily forgeable (was that really AFLB???)

the other allows verification of ID across breads & boards

I truly wonder what your reason is for blocking it here… where only you, your staff and Q need it. super secret special club ?

Is there any logic or is it just your personal feelings

could it be you don't want us to track the subversion that's been going on?

cb7809  No.2037165


0f4c21  No.2040120


It's about 41,000 now.

6b1b29  No.2041019


I've come to the conclusion that BO (8bit) doesn't care too much about accuracy of the information posted. He's just happy it's the most popular board on the platform.

The increased traffic is making sure the real gems slide right by and aren't noticed.

I've been keeping the archives and the overview isn't good, shows patterns of subversive activity

Ever wonder why the Best Of Bread didn't work for long here on /qresearch/?

no easy way to review past notables lists…

or is there?

64bc5e  No.2044031

Copy-pasta threads (now with spam!):



Advise deleting them both. Literally just someone spamming the q letter. Seems troll-ish.

64bc5e  No.2044495


Seen this issue of definition of terms causing friction in corporate environments.

The best way to prevent Baker/BV conflict over definitions is to have clear, in-no-vague-terms definition of what constitutes a notable.

From a standpoint, we could get philosophical over 'what is a notable' and wage words to time immemorial - which is where conflict will creep in.

You might have a too broad category (is 'useful to know' the same as 'notable'). For me, research quality in conspiracy forum boards breaks down into several categories:

1) Useful (a link to something that backs up a claim - alternatively you might call it a citation)

2) Insightful (a logical breakdown of something that offers insights that cannot be gleaned - isn't factually supported, but is logically valid and sound)

3) Collation (a collection of individual pieces of evidence, EG a group of links, which when combined gives a bigger picture of a whole)

4) Analysis (a collation of evidence that is then analysed to give additional insight and meaning to it, perhaps pull it together)

5) Original research (a person explicitly goes out in person to acquire the information, or requires they obtain and then analyse data into some format, EG planefags, FOIA requests, on-the-ground reporting. The format might not be suitable for reading by a novice)

6) High quality research (a person uses original research to achieve a series of breakthroughs and new discoveries that lead to potent evidence or clues in a case)

7) Finalised research (research utilising all of the above is combined, with cruft filtered, as many citations added as possible, and pre-emptive counter-arguments to skeptics added, in a clear, easy-to-access, reasonably easy to read format)

To me, if you said 'this is notable', I'd expect maybe from 2-3 upwards, or maybe 1 if the link was potent. If I was publishing, my idea of 'notable' would be 3 and above. 5 upwards, a person earns my respect (not that means anything).

I think your main issue is notable is extremely broad definition, and very opinionated. My idea of 'obvious' is another person's idea of 'how the fuck'd you work that shit out?'.

I think I info-dumped a ton of collated links about facebook spying (all unique links to unique aspects), minus any summary (much to everyone's rage) because if I added in titles the post would have ran out of space. From what I recall, there was a fight if it was deemed notable (due to sheer number of links) or not (due to lack of summaries).

I think also 'who has final judgement' might need to be decided regarding notables permissibility in general, so there's no conflict of power.

But I encourage you all to cooperate. Remember, part of the subversives' goal is to get admins to hammer innocents - if BVs are pressuring (innocent) Bakers, then their strat for division is working. Beating subversion requires progressive improvements to security over a period of time.

Spending more time observing to get a feel for a person, and then highlighting their unusual behaviour (rather than threatening), works better as it offers group immunity to a set of tactics. By saying 'why is X doing this?', you force everyone to confront - and the subversive to explain - the nature of the action. You can only commit an 'accident' so many times before you're deemed incompetent or untrustworthy.

Best way to get a liar to hang themselves, give them more time to talk and more subjects to talk about. They always provide the rope of a discrepancy eventually.

19cb5f  No.2050492


I really value your response, and it is extremely

comforting to see your grasp of the particulars is not just

intellectual, but experiential. I am not interested in

getting philosophical about notables either (slide IMO).

Your guidelines of what constitute notables are spot on.

i would encourage you to share them in the main board.

I also believe having "clear definitions" will mitigate

the vulnerabilities we both have addressed.

"a well educated populace being necessary to the defense"

Seems ever more appropriate as the board continues to grow.

This info shared from your trip means way more than just some anon.

"no one is above another" is a nice thought, but I think we both

know who's trips get more (you's) just on general principle.

Again, not a huge deal and it is rare (first time i've witnessed)

to see BV having to step in. But raising the issue

does give us the opportunity to better define what is notable,

giving NewFags better guidelines of what they should be looking

for, and further limit the filths opportunities to divide.

appreciate your time brother.


d5a8f6  No.2052854


is anyone around to bake? Seems we have no baker.

32c872  No.2052866


I'm here anon, but not qualified to bake.

1fd588  No.2052875


I can bake. Was wondering that myself.

Came here in hopes to encounter anons discussing. clamBaker

df034d  No.2052893


You are doing an easy-bake, anon?

86bd9b  No.2052896

The catalog is busted. Need CM intervention please!


1fd588  No.2052917


>The catalog is busted.

Yep, got flood error when try to post new thread, says try again later. Tried again, just hung up. Refresh showed no new thread. -CB

f798a6  No.2052921

where is everybody

32c872  No.2052928


A few of us turned up here, looking for new bread or baker. Seems like there's a catalog problem. CM help needed.

1fd588  No.2052930

File: 91c1ec31db09cee⋯.jpg (35.35 KB, 862x215, 862:215, FloodError.JPG)


Tried again, got the first error again, see pic.

70cd47  No.2052936

Q general stuck at 684 replies

32c872  No.2052940


Crap. How to contact CM (BO or BV) ??

df034d  No.2052949


CM is on twitter I believe.

1fd588  No.2052988



>Q general stuck at 684 replies

Noticed that. That's worrisome. Seems more went wrong than what the flood error said.

If we don't hear from BO/CM I'll try again to bake new in an hour. Usually bake all night, I'll be up.

>>2052940 I have twatter, I can post an SOS to CM but don't know his @.

70cd47  No.2053014

File: a4a25e3b718279f⋯.png (26.18 KB, 669x172, 669:172, ClipboardImage.png)

There looks to be a link to his twatter on the bottom of the home page of 8chan

5aab52  No.2053017

Hi, kekbees here postnig from another device. I was banned while trying to ebake. #2590 because no new bread ever came up in the catalog.

The ban message said a new bread was established. I still do not see a new bread; This device is not used for 8ch.

Please help.

1fd588  No.2053030


BO's email:


I'm putting SOS on twatter now, someone want to email BO?

df034d  No.2053034


here is CM # on twitter: https://twitter.com/codemonkeyz

Need someone who belongs to twitter to contact him.

5aab52  No.2053041



Thanks. I saw no way to appeal the ban in the ban message either… I'm probably just going to go to bed and let the ban expire by itself..

Oh well.

1fd588  No.2053045


on it. just logged on to twatter.

1fd588  No.2053054


Go to bed baker, it's my shift, I'll take it. I don't think you were banned, something weird is going on. -CB

70cd47  No.2053070


This is apparently the new bread posted at the bottom of 2589

5aab52  No.2053072


Ok, so it's that way for you too?

I'll check back in in the morning to make sure we're all set.

Godspeed all!

bbb43e  No.2053873


New bread?

5aab52  No.2054082


Report: Clicked on link at the top of this thread to go to bread #2591

Was presented with a login page.

543612  No.2054109


My bad. Fixed.

5aab52  No.2054137

File: bb9c1505ddcbbf1⋯.png (70.21 KB, 429x163, 429:163, abandonallhopeyewhoenterhe….png)


Site didn't pick up the changes.


Cleared all caches

used alternate browser


Still presents a login page.

5aab52  No.2054142

59edda  No.2054342

Catalog not updating.

34c7bc  No.2054543


>Catalog not updating.

Same for me still in UK.

d5a8f6  No.2054734

Seems we're still having problems.


Can you please leave an update for us here?

59edda  No.2054744


It's already been reported.

When CM gets to it, you'll know.

7c39a4  No.2054837

Crazy things

Does not seem to be affecting 8/pol/

Which is now

A shitty board.

2b05ed  No.2055064

File: ed0bd4c05833e4f⋯.png (655.6 KB, 1903x976, 1903:976, screenshot-sys.8ch.net-201….png)

File: 6974c2d5419754c⋯.jpg (72.89 KB, 798x418, 21:11, hhkjhk.jpg)

Issues are known and reported.

Currently doing what we can to get things functional if it's something on our end.

The empty(locked) ebakes will be removed shortly after this post.

Attached is a screenshot of the state prior to deletion, for sake of transparency.

What a ride this is :)

Post last edited at

a8d71d  No.2055469

File: b6ba2d229b2dd57⋯.png (214.11 KB, 839x1200, 839:1200, IMG_2595.PNG)


Hi BO. dont forget many new nice 300x100 banners if needed in this thread. THANKS FOR HARD WORK


4c3c9d  No.2056889

File: baedac963b89fba⋯.jpg (5.32 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images (1).jpg)

File: d3661dc4073656c⋯.jpg (5.68 KB, 207x244, 207:244, images.jpg)


Is this the CEO of Douche Bank, John Cryan..??? Heading to western pacific kindergarten? He also resigned recently

32885b  No.2059195

Thread claiming Q board is comped but doesn't provide any evidence:


Admin warning: any action conducted on the thread will be used by the shill as 'circular proof' that the board is censoring dissent despite the claims having no factual backing in the thread itself.


"Trump campaign's digital team outperformed Democrats at every level"

- David Brock, Media Matters:


32885b  No.2059227


Please do a security audit check. It could be someone remotely banning them using permissions they did not obtain legally, and this could be symptomatic of an incoming hack/attack.

Remember: they can't hack anything if the system is disconnected from the internet.

ee2d82  No.2068479

File: 4c8b4ae17230b58⋯.png (220.48 KB, 694x750, 347:375, ObsidianOrderBadge.png)


>but experiential

8, nearly 9 years worth of conspiracy forums experience to be exact. Qboard isn't too much different - although you seem to have more democrat shills on here than mil-int ones (like you'd normally find on a conspiracy forum).

I imagine whatever I advise on shills will be out of date, as they are continually evolving their tactics, and the realm of automation is getting to a level that a lot of people find it hard to distinguish (or believe) a poster could be a bot.

>But raising the issue does give us the opportunity to better define what is notable,

Your end goal is to set up a series of approximate rules to follow that, if a shill were to follow them, basically meant they couldn't do whatever malicious activity they were doing - which means they either break the rules or toe the line.

The breaking of a rule should serve as a flag for further scrunity/investigation. Newbies will trip it, veterans won't, but shills will trip it continuously.

Essentially, it's a war of resources - your end goal is to make it so a paid (or even volunteer) shill has to expend more resources than a good guy does. Strategically speaking, if you're fighting head to head versus a paid shill, you are already at an advantage (they cost money - you don't).

Volunteers wear out, and can even flip sides (because there's no money in it for them). And automated software is commercial, it costs money (I strongly suspect it is licenced but can't prove it) - and it's possible to homegrow your own automated tools.

Essentially, you want to build a system where it's very easy to expose a shill, costs them a lot of time, money, effort, technology to avoid and requires substantial manpower. The more shills you draw in, the more you're drawing away from other areas.

Media Matters only has a few hundred people, and I suspect a volunteer base, for shills. I've seen experiments with automated posting technology, but they're not as advanced as mil-int. As these seem to be your primary opponent, your best goal is to open up multiple fronts on them and exhaust their limited resources.

Remember, they're taking on the Republicans, social media and the Republican voting base, as well as swing voters and undecided voters, so they appear to be fairly overstretched.

(They're the ones most likely muddying up your bread because they're the ones worst affected by it.)

You could always fragment the bread - force them to engage multiple resources rather than one singular one. But it isn't for me to dictate as I'm not admittedly familiar with 8chan culture.


"Trump campaign's digital team outperformed Democrats at every level"

- David Brock, Media Matters:


ee2d82  No.2068610

Oh, you have another tactical advantage against shills.

Shills are classically 'punch clock villains'. So come a time of day, they clock out. To work 24/7 would require overtime pay or quite the zealotry (the latter more seen in Zionist or religious related elements, especially volunteer shill groups, although I've seen a few military types who genuinely believe the garbage that they are spewing who continue to post outside of hours).

Some organisations try to focus their shills to engage you at the 'major' time of day - when activity is at it's peak (so they're the most effective). Individuals who are highly effective at combating shills sometimes gets assigned an 'arch-nemesis' (so to speak) - a single shill whose sole job is to try to discredit that person specifically (more of a mil-int thing).

Shills I find often either operate within American or Israeli timezones. Sometimes you'll get British or Russian shills, but the latter are antagonistic to the the other three and tend not to pose a direct problem.

The trick here is to have an irregular sleep/work pattern. Normally shills will try to use your timezone or place of origin to pin down when you'll be on (with a usual 9 to 5 bias), and then shuffle depending on your habits. I'd drive them batshit insane because I'd engage at all hours of the day - morning, evening, midnight, 5am.

If they can't cover you with one person, then they try to up it to rota shifts - so there's at least one shill on at all times. But this means you're effectively consuming 2-4 shills rather than 1 assigned one.

You can force them to waste more resources by engaging when shills aren't on (or least active) so they have to effectively find night-shift cover or additional individuals to cover 'out-of-hours'.

Knowing when the shills will be on is also a good way to focus your admins - so start monitoring what time of day they turn up in force, and then try to have more admin volunteers on standby for when they do turn up to clobber them.

You can also build automated tools to automatically identify or flag classic shill behaviours by periodically scanning a forum or borad (which is ironically the same system design they use to flag up threads to attack), which makes administration faster. Think about how YouTube censorship works (automation) and then apply the same idea to a flagging policy.

Shills use scripts, and will usually use the same talking points for a few months at a time, so they can be recognised pretty easily. They can't deviate naturally because they have to stick to whatever's on the program, and the script is only as good as the garbage writers who write it. They might have a Q&A folder for common retorts.

Copy-paste spam of the same negativity (the Goebbels approach) is a very prominent sign (especially if it's emotional or lacks facts). One anti-gun advocate copy-pasted the same shit in many different gun-related threads, in a historic incidence on another forum.

They have all sorts of limitations. Imagine shills as employees who don't have the intellect to effectively argue and need to be told what to do, and all the limitations that stem from that (work breaks, vacations, lack of knowledge, inability to visit third party porn sites due to corporate filtering policy etc).

d0c52d  No.2072305

Is this the new Q research board because the other one has a bunch of fuckery going on over there

90e97e  No.2072423

Catalog is Locked

There is no general!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

df034d  No.2072888

Research page is down. Anyone with a twitter account please contact Code Monkey. Link: https://twitter.com/codemonkeyz

872130  No.2073052


He has been notified

70d90c  No.2073429

File: dd143d050155ba6⋯.png (275.85 KB, 728x436, 182:109, guano.png)

3154b8  No.2073470

File: 14e4c6d674737e2⋯.jpg (271.83 KB, 1066x1062, 533:531, Screenshot_20180511-214215.jpg)





90e97e  No.2073534


So 8 Chan GA hacked and locked?

It is about over make your choice.

872130  No.2073640


I'll have the veal piccatta.

295a91  No.2073732

Catalog doesn't appear to be updating. :(

295a91  No.2074825


Somebody with a Twitter account *did*. ;^P

295a91  No.2074992


I'd guess Codemonkey is unavailable this weekend, and 8bit is somewhere away from keyboard at the moment.

bf1665  No.2075052

File: 57804cae250a045⋯.jpg (36.65 KB, 564x564, 1:1, 83b278aac3f2563aa0821acd59….jpg)


I have no idea what's going on. Been chasing chasing chasing sometimes I catch and sometimes I don't. Right now I'm lost again.

295a91  No.2075201


Post a viable link to the thread, please.

c8d713  No.2075259

r/greatawakening has been compromised: REPEAT r/greatawakening has been compromised! The site is controlled. Repeat : The site is controlled

fd5552  No.2075708

Can anyone provide a link to bread after 2616? Thanks got not sharing!

7afdec  No.2076146


very top of this bread now links to 2618

c8d713  No.2076804

Walking away from the Q game. You lemmings can jump off the cliff, better take a parachute. Fuckery afoot

c8d713  No.2076845


YES r/greatawakening is compromised. You have your head in the sand or do not participate. Legal suit comes no down the pipe.

748b49  No.2076879

Been out all day. What happened to the board? No breads?

c8d713  No.2076905


Comp’d and r/greatawakening too

748b49  No.2076944


What do now?

d0c52d  No.2077288


I tweeted them and asked why they had a pedo symbol on their product I wont buy it now!

b67898  No.2078154

File: 4de4afe83b9935f⋯.jpeg (143.53 KB, 892x500, 223:125, 629D7F4E-59CE-40CC-A238-C….jpeg)

File: 86d8f55f70f527d⋯.jpeg (1.51 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, 7C13B42C-7AF2-4E37-B155-4….jpeg)

ee2d82  No.2079443

Like I said BO I would, here's a copy of the PHP encryption functions (modified for public consumption) I wrote for work (the work we do has to be open-source anyway, and this is a variant of my own work):


Give it a gloss over, don't have to copy it if you suspect something is up (if any anons spot any flaws please inform me as it would likely impact work - I'm aware of the data authenticity issue presented by AES+CTR+NoPadding and that's a problem for me to solve at a later date).

Also, I was mistaken earlier when I said this would be potentially vulnerable to Oracle Padding attacks (that's CBC, not CTR). It doesn't use padding, so it's not: it's vulnerable to malleability attacks (so some data authentication layer has to be added somewhere).

I left notes in the paste code.

You can likely easily implement DES or some other algorithm.

Oh, this also has the time-based salt for the encryption I was talking about. This makes in transit interception difficult because if the message is delayed, it doesn't successfully decrypt, which gives an 'obvious tell' it's been intercepted.

You could in theory juggle it around so it has seconds level precision, but due to network latency, it only has minutes level precision (and no timezone handling). Also, probably could do with being a UTC timestamp rather than a local one.

Oh well. Hope it helps.


"Trump campaign's digital team outperformed Democrats at every level"

- David Brock, Media Matters:


c8d713  No.2080305

FAGS you better help out over at r/greatawakening there is something wrong. Pro-Q supporters are being attacked, banned, and baited. The MODS are out of control.

8690d3  No.2082566


Not comped at all, and I don't see how (((you))) could claim that without access to the server AND a brain. It's a cloudfare caching issue.

748b49  No.2086275

What the deal? Board all screwy again

2784da  No.2086662

File: 2340b294215294a⋯.jpg (598.41 KB, 640x4048, 40:253, 1 startpage results.JPG)

File: 855dc1960f7e949⋯.jpg (609.54 KB, 640x5142, 320:2571, 2 bing results.JPG)

File: 83625118932e87d⋯.jpg (2.67 MB, 640x14366, 320:7183, 3 :qresearch:welcome.JPG)

[reposting my meta feedback from the general thread]

I just wanted to drop some (positive) feedback for the BO, BV, and anyone developing the /qresearch/ mobile platform.

I hate my phone and never phonefag, but I was afk and impatient to read the CDAN blinds so I had to find /qresearch/ on mobile. This was my experience.

>search for board on startpage (pic 1 related)

>/h8chan/ isn't in any results

>top results are /r/greatawakening, qresearch.org, and qarchives.ml

>search for board on bing (pic 2 related)

>lower results for /r/greatawakening, /qresearch2/, and /qresearch2gen/

The goal of steering normies to secondary sources is definitely working

no doubt with the unwitting help of search engine censorship

>finally find it; click; taken to landing page

>https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html (pic 3 related)

If we're bracing for an influx of curious normalfags, the /welcome/ page is perfect.

(Cheers to the anons responsible.)

My only trifling suggestion: change


>Enter QResearch if you are ready to participate.


>Enter QResearch if you are ready to participate lurk and learn.

(There should be an emphasis on lurking to learn the culture and avoid being bullied.)

3bc976  No.2090443


I wish to know this ass well. WTF is goin on?

df19c5  No.2091263

Where has everyone gone? Where are we organizing? When will the board be fixed?

98a102  No.2091367



How do we find the next breads? Like when this one hits 751. Cant find it by going back to the catalog

138fe7  No.2093496






138fe7  No.2094287






9effc6  No.2097442


Board screwed up?

6b1b29  No.2098318

6b1b29  No.2099122

36b729  No.2100722

File: 146efa245b5ce31⋯.jpg (655.42 KB, 1080x1615, 216:323, 1531191963715.jpg)


df4fdc  No.2102259

File: 7a51ea65efb08e5⋯.png (92.51 KB, 908x307, 908:307, Bush.png)



Can't believe we missed something released in 2006, in a hush-hush tone. Autism never fails, but who would have thought they would be so open about it? Such is life.

99f9ff  No.2103242

File: cf8704ed910a799⋯.png (126.48 KB, 421x296, 421:296, Potter Polygamist.png)

"Those who scream the LOUDEST."


4a8178  No.2104001

File: 8dbc8c6725b9a0f⋯.jpg (51.81 KB, 640x480, 4:3, AP_18191040159510.jpg)

I think this is the picture that will define this moment in history.

Trump is winning, but the war is taking a toll, both in pain and the blood of those who have fallen. The nomination of Brett Kavanaugh was by no means a given, and to have even made it to here is a near miracle.

Trump, the old lion has fought for this moment, and his relief is palpable. Kavanaugh, a younger man, recognises the fear, and fatigue in Trump's eyes, and though to even to offer help to such a man is almost unseemly, grasps the offered hand and nods back, 'Where we go one, we go all'.

d8ecc0  No.2104538

File: ca9974f8e523d5c⋯.png (42.91 KB, 647x889, 647:889, communicate-pepe.png)



Confirmed, link to fukken bread #2648 is missing, or bread isn't made

98a102  No.2104586

cant find the bread

a2ea60  No.2104600

File: 091eb202163ef25⋯.jpg (53.91 KB, 645x612, 215:204, trump storm 1.JPG)


Very good summation. Your words and this photo made me cry. I cannot begin to fathom the pressure on his mind and heart every second since even before he took office. Please continue to pray for him and everyone standing beside him in this great battle. God Bless you President Trump, keep you safe, healthy and strong minded. #WWG1WGA

6f4656  No.2104621

And it would be helpful to know where the INDEX is.

b456db  No.2104637

b456db  No.2104650

File: c83812fda4f7bde⋯.jpg (18.99 KB, 194x255, 194:255, 0a5cb86bd93d2c4e41b9621c91….jpg)

b456db  No.2104662



d8ecc0  No.2104669

6f4656  No.2104673


The index to all of 8ch? not practical. No index to just this board?

Changing the link system didn't help either. I hope this gets resolved soon, or I'll have to depend on - - - wait for it - - - Tracy Beenzzz!!!!

af160d  No.2105887

Test. Post via iOS 11.4.

bb3c39  No.2106284

File: 8c8ed92d59447d2⋯.jpg (66.68 KB, 308x308, 1:1, peter chan.jpg)



222611  No.2107207


where the hell is the current bread???!?

222611  No.2107232

I can't find current bread ANYWHERE.

Even made my own emergency bake to confirm that it was still possible to post in the index. It is…. flood detected… however, my emergency bake is no where to be found. UGH

6e8dd6  No.2107244


Looks like we need a baker that knows wtf they're doing. This one is an obvious shill, didn't even know about the catalog issue!!

6e8dd6  No.2107253


Add a period/full stop in to avoid the flood warning anon.

98a102  No.2107293

File: 797bf4af0bfc6f5⋯.jpg (64.14 KB, 768x433, 768:433, download.jpg)

98a102  No.2107299

It,s 2:21e/1:21c where is the current bread?

222611  No.2107345




long time anon step up for ebakes once in a great while I know the catalog/index is having severe issues.

Other anons are reporting internet outages nationwide so I don't know if someone got cut off or what ever.


I didn't want to avoid the flood warning. I wanted to confirm that posting was working and it was a problem on my end that I couldn't find my bread.

336cc4  No.2108806

How do I use index on iPhone? Apparently WWG1WWGA IS FUCKING BULLSHIT

128e3d  No.2109287


Better off just trying to read this on a real computer, just trying to bring up a bread tends to give my phone browser a stroke

0b5467  No.2109747

63c019  No.2110327



No clicky. Not secure.

5cac32  No.2110530

Yesterday there were 3 threads going on Qs photos. Anons were making LOTS of progress on the one called "Qs photo was old…?" Now it's just gone. Can't get in the index. Why was it dropped?

It had the digs on. CIA infiltrator clowns are here. Ridicule me if you want, but it's true, and not just since the catalog problems. Server cache my ass.

Please put back that thread.

5cac32  No.2110583

File: f395c2a8c44f8a3⋯.jpg (10.36 KB, 190x255, 38:51, 054b6376a509caf34186a8c1fc….jpg)


This guy says problems are intentional to keep the Normie's out. What kind of BS is that when we need them to come as they like to explore truth and get redpilled.

Just like Q warned.

fc7c20  No.2110624


using "tiny url" tool would help, no?

5cac32  No.2110633

File: 4e9c6c63c11d50c⋯.jpg (11.82 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 066280ef4d30819aea8ac968f3….jpg)


This judge, being so young, will fight on long after some of us oldsters pass.

1c7bad  No.2110635

Can anyone help with directing me to the index?

c592aa  No.2110644

Does anyone else realize how weak this is?


1) Post each one of the New Bread Links in One Place… then

2) Inform your team WHERE THAT ONE PLACE IS!

3) Once the Catalog is fixed, it will be self evident.

Alternatively, just post new bread at the end of each fricken loaf…?!!! Anyone?

5cac32  No.2110729

File: e6ea032da7b090a⋯.png (12.74 KB, 250x250, 1:1, f9fea602cab4312a995130dccf….png)

….no technical support????????????

Index use to be easy to find….

204405  No.2110801

Qest.us Has Created A Link To Latest Bread


Bookmark this to go straight to latest bread

ec0295  No.2111496

File: c98c9d96a32d8df⋯.jpeg (19.02 KB, 337x350, 337:350, OhSheeeitWTFuDOING.jpeg)

File: 381923b827e2200⋯.png (61.18 KB, 450x340, 45:34, oldFAG.png)


>I ain't clicking that shit

d014e6  No.2111833

Present for you all,

Portable catalog user javascript. shows the most recently active boards in a select in the upper left corner.

function navigate() {
var target = document.getElementById('dythreads');

if (target && typeof target.value != 'undefined') {
function browse(url) {

var response;

var x = new XMLHttpRequest();
x.open('GET', url, true);
x.onreadystatechange = function() {
if(x.readyState === 4 && x.status == 200) {
response = JSON.parse(x.responseText);

var target = document.getElementById('dythreads');

var bread = response.posts[0];

var opt = document.createElement('OPTION');
var txt = bread.sub;
if (typeof txt == 'undefined') {
txt = bread.com;
if (txt.length > 40) {
txt = txt.substring(0,39) + '...';
opt.innerHTML=bread.no + ' - ' + txt;
opt.value="/qresearch/res/" + bread.no + ".html";


function refresh() {
var url = "https://8ch.net/qresearch/threads.json";

var target = document.getElementById('dythreads');
if (target) target.options.length=0;

var response;
var x = new XMLHttpRequest();
var thread;
x.open('GET', url, true);

x.onreadystatechange = function() {
if(x.readyState === 4 && x.status == 200) {
response = JSON.parse(x.responseText);

function process_threads(board) {
var now = ~~((new Date).getTime() / 1000);

for(var i = 0; i < board.length; i++) {

for(var j = 0; j < board[i].threads.length; j++) {
thread = board[i].threads[j];
// only show threads modified within the last 30 minutes
if (now - thread.last_modified < 1800) {

browse('https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/'+thread.no + '.json');


var target = document.getElementsByName('postcontrols')[0];
var div = document.createElement('DIV');
if (target) {
= 'z-index:10;'
+ 'top:20px;'
+ 'left:10;padding:1px 3px 0 3px;'
+ 'position:fixed;height:20px;width:406px;'
+ 'display:block;'
+ 'background-color:white;border:1px solid black;'
+ 'border-radius:3px;';

var threads = document.createElement('SELECT');
threads.onchange=function() { navigate();};
setInterval("refresh();", 60000);

9d7fd6  No.2111993


05c8bc  No.2112105



I'm posting a link to where the current number should be…


05c8bc  No.2112114



d014e6  No.2112655

Updated version of javascript mini-catalog with bread-finding color.


d014e6  No.2112680


ignore that link, use this instead


98a102  No.2113363

So the Seth Rich witness today was fake and gay

d6c353  No.2114495

I wrote up legal suggestions on how to prosecute shills in clown college thread (as an indirect response to an image from a poster where they appear to be asking on Trump's behalf how viable it is to prosecute shills using treason - and I proposed alternative methodologies), and fucking hell did I get a shit ton of aggressive posts trying to delegitimise the comment from what are clearly shills shitting pants over getting their balls ripped legally.

They're on the offence (no surprise) and are now attacking TTDDTOT (also no surprise), trying to use the presence of a namefag as 'proof' I'm a shill (where-as the namefag is there to demo I'm not separate or multiple posters - something they're trying to accuse of in vain).

Admittedly rather entertaining watching them freak out. If you want a primer on shill behaviour, go eyeball clown college and TTDDTOT. The golden part is I'm accused of being 'subversive' on TTDDTOT even though it's basically an off-topic thread and there's absolutely nothing to derail or subvert (which is why I've made it my homebase so crappy accusations like that can't stick).

It's entertaining, albeit if it wasn't for the fact I've seen such rampant hostility from shills opposed to having their activities legally curtailed before.

I imagine there's going to be a targeted harassment campaign against me now, which is par for the course. I hope this isn't related to the catalogue freeze issues.

d6c353  No.2114524


I like this code. Looks like it could be turned into something powerful.

What are it's licensing requirements? Public domain? Open source? Copy-left? Creative commons? Paid?

I'd love to pull it apart and potentially reuse it. If I ever get time in my worklife.

59edda  No.2115645


And you expect 1 baker to handle all this?

Especially when the board gets to moving as fast as it does at times?

Your creating more problems than your curing.

59edda  No.2115650


>Baker duties are not that difficult as it is simply posting the current bread within the thread.

This guy apparently has never baked before.

d5a8f6  No.2115929


I 100% agree with this. It is creating extra There is nothing wrong with using the index. Attempting to recreate another index is confusing at best. Forcing baker to go back and add a bread link is stupid. Clicking on a notable does the very same thing.

While inconvenient without the catalog, changing the board as it is now is unnecessary. The animechick, articlefag, Leafyfan is the only one pushing this. She's found another way to try and divide the board and just create dissention. That is her only purpose now. Be aware and fight her. While banning is almost useless, it can be disruptive to her. Once she gets her way, she will find another "issue" to create more of the same. This bitch does more harm to QR than all others combined. I sincerely hope BO/BV do not let her win.

d5a8f6  No.2116019


There is not literally 9000 threads. Makes it no easier than the current index. You are pushing to create more work and it's unnecessary.

If it's so hard to find, why do we have all these anons posting?

The board works fine as it is. Just leave it alone.

f855a9  No.2116264

lmao look at all the chaos a simple board error made. incredible.

505f67  No.2117108


it should be MIT, but I'm not going to dox myself with it.

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


67a8be  No.2119841


Its DDOS. If it says 100% just refresh and it will be there.

67a8be  No.2119860


You're free to have a techy friend review it for you. Honestly it says in the javascript box not to trust 3rd party sources.

67a8be  No.2122096

This version -only- provides the current/recent bread.


67a8be  No.2122347



modified to exclude a shill thread :/

5ecc82  No.2127710

File: 3242851fb1e066f⋯.jpg (7.09 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images-233.jpg)

J.TrlDr3ESpPJEs is an infiltrator and fraud


>"I hope it isn't related to the catalog issues"

No. It's related to exposing your sorry ass. Cover blown. But he likely has knowledge on the origin of "the catalog issues."


>"And this is the point where I reveal my identity and you guys go batshit crazy"

Glowing NAMEFAG shill

Claims personal connections to Potus, Q, starts shit posts and threads. SETS UP fuckery comments as an OP — I am Thoth; AMA crap; Q is a larp crap; is Potus going to start a war? And other such crap by using multiple "personality" ids that have saturated this board for months.

Sets up fuckery, circles back to answers his own fuckery.

Keeps J.TrlDr3ESpPJEs for namefagging: "i am a genius."

Does this:

- injects doubt, division, crazy psychotic psyopic crap and jew v. jew hate, for the Normie's who visit.

Claims I'm the shill because he is exposed. He is a Leninist atheist Clown Shill running a sophisticated operation.

He gets paid to shit up the board.

He has a bot company.

03128d  No.2129674

Can someone please being me up to speed with what the actual fuck is going on in here? I thought I'd found my feet again after the Catalog got FUBAR'd but now I'm completely lost.

3d43ad  No.2129815

Shit looks stuck again. Damn, they mad

6343f3  No.2131648

File: 054d83a1d40e0ee⋯.png (128.58 KB, 256x256, 1:1, DA8UKUtWAAIiG-1.png)

File: 522368b3a4bfc5c⋯.jpg (9 KB, 339x149, 339:149, images-248.jpg)



This guy or bot or AI handler, needs to be investigated as the origin of fuckery, back to the Storm.

If he is anyway involved in the administration of this board, he is inserting disease infected fuckery. If you don't investigate him, that will prove this board has been compromised. And, as a patriot, I will let everyone know it is.

06f530  No.2132415


Thank you. Wasn't looking for personal info, just legal assurance. I'd likely end up mangling the code anyway.


>J.TrlDr3ESpPJEs is an infiltrator and fraud

I refute such accusations, and accuse you of being a shill trying to discredit me. I shall systematically dismantle your arguments in a logical manner (plus provide evidence as I had anticipated this arising).

>Claims personal connections to Potus

False. I claim to have had policy ideas that I've proposed used by Trump. That by definition is not a 'personal connection' and this constitutes a distortion of my statements and thus a falsehood.

I've provided evidence that strongly shows this is the case, and will do so again at the end of this post


This claim that I've made this statement is false because I've demonstrated in TTDDTOT I do not know Q's identity. Please link to the post where I made the claim I know Q personally.

>starts shit posts and threads.

This is a vague statement with no specifics and I call bullshit.

>SETS UP fuckery comments as an OP

Same as above. Vague, and therefore bullshit.

>I am Thoth; AMA crap;

I used !sage on Thoth which means I did not bump the clearly garbage thread, which refutes this accusation. I was attempting to expose it as garbage with a series of well known refutements.

>Q is a larp crap;

Closest I've said to this is Q is possibly a psyop (as in, a fully funded operation), or a genuine neo-conservative, and not a LARP which is the realm of trolls. I refuse to believe anyone truly knows what Q is and my posts were speculative. This is a misrepresentation.

>is Potus going to start a war?

My only war related comments are opposition to Syria strikes (with no democratic vote) and the support of an uprising in Iran as hypocritical (America does not want foreign influence in their country, and I'd argue neither does Iran).

>And other such crap by using multiple "personality" ids that have saturated this board for months.

BO or BV will be able to confirm I've only ever used this above 'name' and I do not post 'multiple personality'. This is an outright false accusation, and I am quick to point out it's easier to sow discord anonymously - which a state you're presently in.

>Sets up fuckery, circles back to answers his own fuckery.

Vague and bullshit accusation. Define 'fuckery'.

And now the slamdunk evidence (I have no issues identifying myself) that I am not a shill, that your statements are false, and that you are, in-fact, the shill. My forum, with posts spanning from over four years ago, including… research on shills:


And evidence of policies, ideas, etc either being used, stolen, or ahead of the outcome of events:



>This guy or bot or AI handler, needs to be investigated as the origin of fuckery, back to the Storm.

Again, 'fuckery' is a vague and bullshit accusation. Your accusation is so vague you don't even know if I'm a person, a robot or a handler of robots.

Do you think a robot could write this verbal bitchslap to you? Do I fucking write like a robot? You didn't even fucking conduct any anti-robot tests you useless fuck.

>If he is anyway involved in the administration of this board, he is inserting disease infected fuckery.

False accusation, again, see above - the evidence will be damning.

>If you don't investigate him, that will prove this board has been compromised. And, as a patriot, I will let everyone know it is.

That sounds like a threat to the BO and a threat of slander at that. Nice use of emotive terminology 'a *real* patriot would cast this man out'.

I mean, lets flip this shit on it's head:

What proof of my wrongdoings have these shills actually fucking presented?

No links.

Some vague fucking statements with wild guessing and unsubstantiated claims.

There's a reason I designed my name in this particular way and have used it consistently as such - because I predicted such attacks on my credibility as a shill (I didn't do it for 'fame' because the name is unintelligible by itself - I'm using it for protection).

The first letter is the first initial of my name. The dot separates the tripcode. I've kept proof I'm a veteran tinfoil hatter in my name since the very start. You don't get very far by not being paranoid. Furthermore, it wholly refutes the 'multiple IDs' aspect as I always post under this name, which any BO can confirm. Or indeed, anyone.

Now scuttle off shills.

I've been fighting your ilk a lot longer than Q was a thing.

06f530  No.2132632

And I'm using the term 'tripcode' colloquially, before anyone jumps down my throat. It's not a literal 8chan tripcode, but it is text from a hash using a different algorithm that is more secure, less likely to be broken, and cannot be intercepted in transit to 8chan.

You know, the usual precautions of a conspiracy theorists.

a35e28  No.2132957


af8377  No.2133068



This is so fucking lame, I hope Q picks another platform

af8377  No.2133133

File: d25c8963873d97f⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1317x666, 439:222, michleeisbigger.PNG)


af8377  No.2133209


There is none

1d5201  No.2133280


BO, could you add to top of the bread, a link to this thread, and tell bakers to post the new bread link on this thread.


Going through the index does not work well( i at this momemt cannot find the current bread, and last post in current/past breads is from hours ago.

The last bread i found

>>2132044 has no links to next bread.

( you must also tell bakers to always have a link towards bottom of bread, that links to next one.

Otherwise , you are leaving many people, lost and unable to find the current thread.

Even anons who are some of the full time memers/workers on here.

Sucks spending an hour trying to find current bread.( it wastes peoples time)

Whoever made the future past bread thread( that was a good idea, because it is on catalog, low post numbers, and makes finding current bread easy,( when the bakers post the thread links there)

If you could put something in the top( instead of look in index, maybe put link to that thread, where current bread links are posted)

4c374d  No.2133570

STILL no direct and easy way anywhere that I can find to get from the last bread to the next bread.

I am not a fucking whiz kid on code or anything like that.

This is shameful that NO ANON that can explain how to get from a bread that failed to show the next bread to the next bread shows that we are a bunch of faggots that have not one shred of organization for true anons.

Shameful, really. Fuck it.

Until I see something somewhere on index that shows how, I will just keep my 308 loaded for any schmuck that comes down my driveway looking to be aired out.

a05f29  No.2133657



af8377  No.2133663


It's intentional, they have fucked us from the inside. THE BO and BV

a05f29  No.2133951

NO UPDATE from CodeMonkey on twitter….WHAT IS GOING ON?!

877c85  No.2134125



At least you admit to some garbage fuckery. You have a purpose for garbage and all your other fucked up shenanigans.

Inside job.

Where's your paycheck from?

a05f29  No.2134176

is it really hard for one anon to link the new bread into here? ffs

3dc452  No.2134278


You have no excuse.

There are literally two scripts linked that will do it for you in this very bread anon and as well as the qest.us/qcatalog which links directly.

3dc452  No.2134283


scroll up faggot.

a05f29  No.2134334


to where? jeeze man. I'm just tryna locate the bread? can't you just link me the new bread?

6a38c1  No.2134410

a05f29  No.2134459


really appreciate it anon

6c4685  No.2145714



6c4685  No.2145774



a05f29  No.2145943

06f530  No.2146431


Yelling 'not vague, very specific' in all caps without giving specifics isn't a retort, asshole. It isn't even anything specific, and how is calling everything I write "fuckery" specific. I can call your shit fuckery, doesn't mean anything.

And the fact that is all you can say in response is proof positive you didn't have anything specific of substance.

Trying to twist my words into 'admittance' when a refutement was made (classic shill strawman argument tactics) with no acknowledgement to the refutation - such as the !sage on the Thoth posts - just shows you're here to attack me baselessly.

Regardless, my job is done, your attack was discredited, I supplied evidence and reasoned, calm arguments to backup my assertions, you did not, and from an optics point of view, is sufficient for the audience to realise what you're saying is bullshit.

06f530  No.2146474

Guys, please calm yourselves.

Q is evidently extremely busy.

As previously deduced (and I know how you have this bullshit mantra about no revealing Q's identity but here it's important), Q is Trump, and Trump is presently on a multi-stop tour of Europe (NATO/Germany-UK-Finland).

Trump is shoring up support for Brexit in the UK which is necessary to deal a decisive blow against the EU, reducing America's outgoing costs regarding NATO.

We have not yet seen the end of the Strzok saga or the Mueller probe, and it is too early to draw conclusions. Strzok guilt is implied by his refusal to answer questions - that alone should let us know what we've known for ages is the truth.

Please remain calm. If Q is indeed Trump, after Trump has finished his diplomatic whirlwind whistlestop tour (a very important one, I might add), I imagine Q will resume posting.

Lets be patient. Worst case scenario we spin this off into our own movement to end corruption in politics, but lets wait and see, shall we?

abb397  No.2147114


That is your supposition. Or do you have proof of who is Q? You have already been outed on here..

5ed89b  No.2147661


Q is not an insider, deal with it. Just a bunch of scammers. Q was never real. The DEEP STATE HAS WON using its agent Q.

1fbfe5  No.2148190

File: e149073acdf6cef⋯.png (13.4 KB, 255x175, 51:35, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ae29bbf015a8dc8⋯.jpeg (71.42 KB, 1050x590, 105:59, EA5FF427-7A54-4C8A-A9A3-8….jpeg)

Srange that all the indictee names have “vich” in their names. How strange….

aea98b  No.2149132

Uncertainy is ever a problem. Suggest: Not ddos, so something is making it go wonky. Use multiple tools to check the caching system. Architecture may not reflect someone exploiting your systems actively; especially if they mimic right. Play smart. Play safe. Go Team. ~ EtS

295a91  No.2151403

Several slide threads created overnight Friday / early Saturday morning?

d8678b  No.2151672


Mee too…

1e4699  No.2153026

This is about HHS not mandatory reporting about the safety of vaccines.


https://icandecide. org/government/ICAN-HHS-Stipulated-Order-July-2018.pdf

abb397  No.2153224





ICAN, led by Rk, jr, saving the children from unregulated vaccines!!

1d3492  No.2153585

RKjr. yes, they also killed his father. his name begins with R.>>2153224

>https://icandecide. org/government/ICAN-HHS-Stipulated-Order-July-2018.pdf

5a943e  No.2156972

File: 7acc944f7a36a2f⋯.png (361.31 KB, 2410x448, 1205:224, bike camping.png)


Rlarp Baker here

where do you guise lurk besides the main Q thread?

the Rlarpfags are curious about the random bike in the forest post

they would love an IP hash history

bread #2369 ID ebc00d >>1880528 pic related

duplicate post on the Rlarp thread

5a943e  No.2158488


in one sense that doesnt make any fucking sense. i just commented on another thread from my phone. but since the phone got on to muh wifi my post was given the same ID as all my other posts on the computer

so i dont know what side of the coin you are coming from

doesnt matter

an IP Hash history is a search input and a result output, nothing more, nothing less. it is data. nothing more nothing less

5a943e  No.2158736


Rlarp Baker here

can we establish some protocols so as not to encourage R on the Q, draw attention to R on the Q, but also hash R on the Q, what comms are good?

Rlarp is going on to page 5

i dont want to make IP hash requests on active Q breads

e08bc2  No.2160054

File: 0198a4fca5756ff⋯.jpg (10.15 KB, 194x259, 194:259, images-348.jpg)

File: 94240d4920a1c34⋯.png (15.71 KB, 220x229, 220:229, images-3.png)


You are a fucking bullshit artist with no creditability. You do change ids and you play your little games all over the side posts. To just say, uh auh, oh no I didn't, is no proof at all. Even in your own posts, you tell how to do it. You want high numbers on your personal id because you a namefag. You saturate the side threads posting to yourself, and you start shit threads under various Ids, just to agitate the base, sow doubt, and distraction that screws with newbies' ability to receive a clear message. There is no light in that.

I will always defend Q and Potus, so your subtle jabs at Q, Potus, to incite division and waste people's time has not gone unnoticed. And you traced my id reposted my post in a separate thread, using your anonymous handle, so you knew damn well I wasn't a shill.

You own words from one of your many of endless novels, Clown College, Vol. 8500 (sarcasm) which is pure babbling bullshit, describes you to a tee:

> "Shills always have a specific, discernable agenda, or a very obvious goal."

You're probably some gamer with three monitors going to pump that much shit into this forum.

Funny, your post count took a dive.

Babel all you want

Not listening

967098  No.2161526


Q. Is not a single person. Q is many individuals that have Q security clearance. Oh and also are the good guys.

20d5c8  No.2162016

File: 460a2cb48e114c3⋯.jpg (461.18 KB, 1000x752, 125:94, USS_Enterprise-D,_TNG_Seas….jpg)


Patriots are the life force of the Rebellion.

Starship Enterprise carries Qanon, the crew and Q the Captain.

efe0bb  No.2162760


You may be experiencing maga overload bro. I dont know about all that craziness but if it was true I know I wouldnt be ridin' in Biden's. Boom.

1fbfe5  No.2170601

Is son of a “vich” redundancy in Russian names?

fae308  No.2177945


TTDDTOT has the details.

Shortstop: photos from AF1, Marine One. AF1 restricts who can go to the front. M1 has even less room. Trump's wife wasn't included on NK trip and Donald Trump Jr uses 'Trump Force One'. It's not an SS agent because USSS are always referred to in third person.

Either Trump or high ranking politician. No other politician is this media savvy. Also referred to a 'twitter phone' (who uses twitter?). Furthermore, Q goes silent whilst Trump is in negotiations, which is what you'd expect if Q was Trump.

Seriously, it's not that hard to work through, and there's no need for that level of hostility. Just because you haven't worked through the evidence doesn't mean everyone hasn't.

fae308  No.2178040


>You are a fucking bullshit artist with no creditability.

Firstly, it's spelled 'credibility', secondly, that's an ad hominem. Accusing me without proof is akin to a witchhunt, and I thought you were against such things?

>you start shit threads under various Ids

You have yet to supply any proof of these accusations despite my refutement, and if you notice, since publishing a link to my forum, all the other dissenters have gone quiet because they've read what I've written and know I am not a shill.

The fact you insistently refuse to review the evidence provided, constantly present childish ad hominems, overly rely on meme spam and haven't refuted the counter-arguments, whilst accusing of 'shitposting' in an antagonist manner but without providing any examples makes you the grade-A definition of a shill.

It's pretty easy to contrast my consistent, calm and thorough refutements to your antagonistic behaviour.

Now, do you have any proof to backup your claims or is this just a witch hunt?

(If I'm truly multiple IDs, why are you only responding to nametagged posts? Where are these so-called 'other IDs'?)

ac1343  No.2178630

File: 0ffeaaba29b48a1⋯.jpg (6.29 MB, 3000x5700, 10:19, journalists.jpg)

Look closely at the names and faces of these journalists. This year, all of them will be fired. Some will be prosecuted. Some will be jailed. They are responsible for the gravest abuses of journalistic ethics in history.

fae308  No.2179014


Now that, I look forward to.

Be sure to 'close the door' after they've gone by adding the appropriate transparency laws. Couple of suggestions:

1) Requirement for the declaration of any foreign, political or agency funding source.

2) Requirement for public disclosure (similar to advertising laws) of any 'vested interest' sources, for example, if they receive information from something like Media Matters, a known Democrat outlet, they must publicly disclose that the story is based on or influenced by such information.

3) Requirement to disclose anything that might present a vested interest in the discussion (EG wife works for a political party) or might bring into doubt the integrity of the discussion or reporting (EG personally knows the person being interviewed, has a shareholder stake in said company, so on and so forth).

I don't anticipate they'll be more honest, but it lays the groundwork to make prosecution over dishonest practices easier.

2a32c3  No.2188190


i have an opsec issue

possibly a large one

that i do not want others to see. only you


2b05ed  No.2188260


BO does have an email in use if you wish to send a private message.


Hopefully you can sort whatever-it-is out! :)

Or, if you think a BV's help is enough you can reach me at:


Good Luck in any case, Anon!

2a32c3  No.2188271

will email BO

thanks for the link

nothing personal against you, i just know him better

2b05ed  No.2188291

File: c3434f609f5e56b⋯.png (371.65 KB, 540x636, 45:53, c3434f609f5e56b939b4806c20….png)


Ofcourse! Understandable :)

Again, Good Luck!

f3aa18  No.2191873


Anon, this is an incredible eye-opening meme. I recommend re-wording the sentence "The American people are unaware … that Trump is illegitimate and not genuinely working for the betterment of the country and our foreign relations." It reads as though Trump is illegitimate and anti-American.

017333  No.2204759


It would be interesting to see these journalists grouped by graduating university. Is there a specific university or group of universities that fail to teach any ethics?

d46a23  No.2206311


just follow the money







c5d0fd  No.2206784



This. The Trump is illegitimate will just trigger cognitive dissonance.

d5de53  No.2211285


BO / BV,

Can you please have a look at the "Fraction check-in" thread when Time permits.

"Thoth" psyop, again.





Verbal diarrhea.

It was once said, that patriots would not have seeds of discord sown against them.

Based on your own Free Will, after reviewing that thread, I would request that you lock it.

As you did with the previous "Thoth" thread.

Thank you.

092922  No.2212443

File: 67482f2103fc7eb⋯.gif (1.37 MB, 200x200, 1:1, IMG_3534.GIF)


c45d14  No.2223032


Journalists are already trying to pretend the DNC/Hillary Clinton was a 'victim', trying to point to Russians as a distraction.

For some reason, they all appear to have highly selective amnesia whereby they forgot that Hillary Clinton:

A) Had a private server for government purposes, which is illegal and breaks transparency laws, and

B) Had classified documentation on said private server, breaking espionage laws

DNC were the suspects, not the 'victim', but the whole 'forget-me-not' angle is being played again the private email server by saying HEY LOOK OVER THERE, RUSSIANS!

c45d14  No.2223122


Namefagging has been explained and it's purposes aptly demonstrated twice, namely, a defence against hostile shills trying to accuse me of underhanded subterfuge or 'multipersonality' garbage. It's also an extremely good tell for when someone has a bad argument because it's the only thing they can complain about. ; )

Nor is it 'overlord' or a 'dictatorship' - because, besides having no power, I might also point out, you're also telling people what to do (making you a hypocrite?). Everyone can freely suggest, it's how democracies work. I've made no threats, no-one is under any obligation to fulfill any of them and anyone can ignore them at any time if they so please.

Not interested in power, either. People in power who do a good job have to be relatively neutral and professional. I prefer to be openly critical and vocal, so the two are diametrically opposed.

My words and evidence should serve as sufficient means to convince people. I have no need for a sword or hostilities.

c45d14  No.2223186


Forgot to ask, what's the plan regarding the R stuff?

It's admittedly a hard read, what with Q not posting, but it strikes me it's an attempt at a 'counter-current' within the Q boards by first trying to pull parallel and then, eventually, forking off.

My thoughts is if R is as legitimate as is claimed, R should surely have a separate board? My concern is it's an attempt to distract or divide baker resources between R threads and Q breads, and now that its on it's 6th thread.

If left too long and it spreads further, the idea of shuffling R to it's own board might be highly opposed, at which point Q resources must compete with R resources in a domain where attention, visibility and time is a precious resource.

Thoughts? I refuse to believe I'm the only one raising eyebrows at it.

196392  No.2231986

File: a07f099cb17b04d⋯.gif (232.8 KB, 300x100, 3:1, IMB_SoKpuO.GIF)

File: f00e55f8214c627⋯.gif (391.49 KB, 300x100, 3:1, IMB_Vw98ll.GIF)

File: fe9bef6bdae05e0⋯.gif (520.11 KB, 300x100, 3:1, IMB_RdWh8m.GIF)

File: 7898f62c938b932⋯.gif (422.27 KB, 300x100, 3:1, IMB_Sv1fwn.GIF)

File: a4dd0c8f2af7df4⋯.gif (1.91 MB, 300x100, 3:1, IMB_iiywPB.GIF)


300x100 gif banner

09b6c3  No.2252913

File: efa79fcebea7252⋯.gif (18.26 KB, 300x100, 3:1, IMB_6r6DN1.GIF)


update to this gif banner.

a76985  No.2256320

File: 14aeeee849e72ed⋯.gif (601.53 KB, 250x224, 125:112, IMB_f3LY6R.GIF)

f1efdd  No.2257571

File: 6e06c18270beaf7⋯.png (239.41 KB, 1364x731, 1364:731, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 71401e79c08b294⋯.png (124.44 KB, 1353x594, 41:18, ClipboardImage.png)

==BO== or other knowledgeable anons

I filtered a pornshill this morning and as soon as that happened my threads got all messed up. Pic related are what index and research general look like. For some reason I can only see ebot's posts on research general and almost no posts on other threads. Am I doing something wrong? FWIW I've been fucking with the clowns like mad recently. I made some R posts in /Rresearch/, was I banned for that?

278973  No.2278870

File: 946d0045ef6c1ab⋯.gif (1.11 MB, 300x100, 3:1, IMB_yvjXxE.GIF)

File: 6c582ea6500a782⋯.gif (524.13 KB, 300x100, 3:1, IMB_jRW74F.GIF)

File: 356cc47effe07c9⋯.gif (433.55 KB, 300x100, 3:1, IMB_ZqeirR.GIF)

File: 67d046bfa713584⋯.gif (369.62 KB, 300x100, 3:1, IMB_XbM1Qi.GIF)

File: fe156264f72fa1d⋯.gif (225.18 KB, 300x100, 3:1, IMB_7oITSc.GIF)



updated a few 300x100 gif banners

66320a  No.2282171

File: 2294df8a5560c82⋯.gif (223.3 KB, 300x100, 3:1, IMB_1ZfP48.GIF)

File: e31217e391aa59c⋯.gif (653.4 KB, 300x100, 3:1, IMB_1j0M44.GIF)

File: e2ef1ec6d5cb975⋯.gif (663.2 KB, 340x131, 340:131, IMB_67NoLr.GIF)


a few more updated 300x100 gif banner

66320a  No.2282240


size correction for 300x 100 gif

66320a  No.2282253

File: 586949ebf219500⋯.gif (437.31 KB, 300x100, 3:1, IMB_11vIY8.GIF)


size correction

22e388  No.2290115

File: 7b5a4b52d53cc24⋯.gif (695.98 KB, 360x141, 120:47, IMB_5JHT47.GIF)

File: 8174281ea0c8288⋯.gif (497.2 KB, 200x200, 1:1, IMB_047ZjS.GIF)

File: 453c4cc108e4cd4⋯.gif (371.44 KB, 318x178, 159:89, IMB_mhnyTw.GIF)

File: 41b7ce473fe8cd9⋯.png (250.65 KB, 1242x770, 621:385, IMG_4010.PNG)

22e388  No.2290205


im not following

7bd19b  No.2295862


Also what about the BV that was obviously LARPing in


f1228f  No.2298204


new Q & A thread


2b05ed  No.2300145



What you say rings of truth.

Who is friend? Who is foe?

Time will Tell, soon we'll know.

I wonder, I wonder, oh silver bells sweet:

just who could it be, that you've all longed to meet?

9f1d76  No.2304359


9dcd07  No.2353578



please delete my stupid self dox post and then this one


9f1d76  No.2357940


That's the truth and I'm not even the BV that fucked up, I am the BV that posted the post in your thread.


We locked the R threads, screaming about getting censored and pushing for censorship is pretty funny though.

cc1acd  No.2357985


they're shills, who fucking cares

you censor gore/CP for THE SAME REASON


their only goal is subversion and discrediting

I want the BV who deleted that to tell me why my real meme and side by side were deleted

its fucked up and what anon thought would happened

but muh porn right

9f1d76  No.2358094

File: aa72145eaa6ab2e⋯.png (10 KB, 364x146, 182:73, jfk_jr.png)


JFK Jr. is a legit dig. Fuck off kike.

c6ae93  No.2358972

File: 0bacc58a66ba3e1⋯.jpg (74.65 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, paul_atreides__dune__by_at….jpg)


You think we remember your single post out of the tens of thousands that were deleted faggot?

13527e  No.2381050

File: 2a0716813dd75de⋯.png (194.57 KB, 699x1073, 699:1073, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)



I just learned EVERY TripCode & UserID used by Q Points to a Book. Can Bakers create a doc so all can find and read the books?

https:// rooak.com/every-tripcode-userid-used-by-q-points-to-a-book/

7d6b4f  No.2384499

File: 3a1a8271fe5bb28⋯.jpg (294.5 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, IMG_20180731_232944.jpg)

What an incredibly, insanely, wonderfully wild ride this has been! The Second American Revolution: The Great Awakening!

I've been with you and POTUS the whole way, Q. I never doubted for a minute!

With your help, and the help of so many Autists and Anons, and the support of all the great Americans who also stand with Trump, I have done my best to spread the word and red-pill the masses, and holy crap do I see people waking up!

I see the fog in my wife's eyes clearing more and more every day. She gets it now! It's incredible! I got so sick of her and everyone else thinking I'm crazy, or I'm a gullible Conspiracy Theorist, no matter how much they love me. Wisdom makes a man very lonely sometimes, and I've never had the chance to interact and work together with such brilliant, devoted people before I stumbled into here…the Last Bastion of free thought and speech and intellectual discourse on the internet! I've learned so much! I feel like I gained 10 levels!

I wanted to tell all of you how much you mean to me, and how impressed and inspired I have been by your methodical diligence, your crude but razor sharp wit, and your love for truth, POTUS, Q, and this great country!

And Q, I am truly honored, in more ways than I can explain. Thank you for sheparding us through this troubling time, and for being so patient with us when we screw up or just don't "get it". Your love and devotion to this country and to our valiant, selfless leader shines through your every post.

Hats off to you all

4c4dcb  No.2384959


Unfortunately, the person who made the google sheet has locked it and disabled the ability to download or save it. So it can't be copied.

We can look at it, and that's all.

You can't even copy and paste the list of books into a personal 'reading list'. We also can't double check the work or do more digging on it. I understand they did a lot of work on it, but at this point, nobody else can benefit.

This makes it highly suspect. At the least, its a person who doesn't want to share–which is not very anon!! at most, they don't want their work inspected too closely by anons.

If an anon is up to it, they'd have to manually type the list of books one by one to make a reading list.. and if one of us wanted to confirm the digging, we'd have to redo it all from scratch.

110d76  No.2395109

You guys need to REALLY consider banning the nasim worship crowd.

Considering what Sarah Sanders had to say about POTUS not wanting to be around groups that incite violence, well, that bitch went into yahoo and started firing rounds!

Where I come from we consider that violence, and not something to be worshipped like some of the anons are doing.

With those anons help, MSM is going to come in here and see that shit and tie her directly to us, and then promote it out as proof of 'our violent nature'…you know that's how MSMs work.

Why give them the chance?

b85d53  No.2417603

hey BV/BO

I think the meme26 (and subsequent meme#) and side by side threads should be pinned

the meme stays up, but the side by side always falls really low on the catalog

I think they should be pinned like the Qproof thread


0aa331  No.2420256

I a mildly disappointed to see the admins deleted my Q-branch thread, especially given I wrote the code for the HK bot specific for usage by 8ch in order to detect shills (I notice substantially more threads are weighted to sink since posting).

Given the code was intended for anons and wasn't legally viable for paid-for shills (it was only passive post analysing tool), what gives with the deletion of the thread?


0aa331  No.2420987


Firstly, you couldn't 'install' it. It was code, not a binary. You'd have to, at the very least, compile it.

The libraries on Debian/Devuan are only available from pre-approved repositories found in standard releases. BeautifulSoup and Mechanize are both very well known python libraries. How can you use python in any practical manner and not install a library?

Secondly, it's not an 'AI', it's a bot. A bot is a program that does a generic automated task. An AI learns. You had the code raw, right there - if you think it has a backdoor, point it the fuck out. It's classification system, as described inthread was a 'series of if-else statements'.

I've posted other bits of software (Tumbler Pigeon, the PHP AES encryption code) because, newsflash dummy, I'm a programmer. If you don't understand the code, it's of no use to you anyway (idiots need binaries, programmers need code).

If HK bot had a backdoor, you literally had a copy of the code (required for python) to prove it. All I see is censorship. The bot's goal was a client-side implementation of a thread classification tool that could be potentially expanded to read posts.

(And if you're truly worried about backdoors, stop running JavaScript on any CPU that hasn't patched Spectre or Meltdown.)

0aa331  No.2421216

File: f76890aa0208db6⋯.png (66.45 KB, 852x519, 284:173, HKBotExample.png)

And lets just flip the argument, lets go with the assumption I'm a shill (which must be the assumption if you deleted the thread because you must have thought I had ill-intents - not even R got deleted that fast).

Why the hell would I give anyone on here actual viable functional code (and not a binary) if:

A) There are other programmers who could easily point out if it has a backdoor or not (it's literally only 151 lines of code), shorter than a news article - a backdoor that, if demonstrated, which would supply ultimate and undeniable proof someone was trying to backdoor the Q movement, or

B) If the bot actually worked and didn't contain a backdoor (why would I hand it to you guys if I was a bad guy and I knew it worked?)

At a minimum level, even if we assume it's backdoored, it has to supply a minimum level of functionality, IE it has to do what it's stated to do or it'd raise suspicion. Why would I, if I was an evil shill, give you a functional forum bot? Potentially, you could have just removed hypothetical backdoor… and then you'd still have a bot.

You could have literally asked any programmer if it was legit. Or written your own from scratch using it as a basis.

Instead, I get a removal and no explanation, and programming is not a zero cost fee. It might take seconds to remove, but you're essentially removing days of work and discouraging any other future investments.

If you're banning any software, then please state is explicitly rather than allowing programmers to waste their time on ungrateful people. Thanks.

1bb07d  No.2425128

File: b5c14c66babd5cb⋯.png (14.18 KB, 1161x104, 1161:104, n-screen-mail.cock.li-2018….png)


We are trying to keep the amount of pins to a minimum. Please bump your thread if it is falling.

39909b  No.2427689

File: c233fa3e0be00ee⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, q-subversion.png)

Operatives on 4chan are trying to associate Q with anti-Semitism.

23f992  No.2435160

The main research page is not updating again!!

c5083f  No.2444094

The great awakening is more that just corruption in politics and religion. Everything that we know, everything that we have learned is a lie and must be learned again but learned the right way, through experiments conducted without bias, prejudice with results that can be reproduced reliably. No one here is claiming to be the Messiah. Quest for truth is reserved for man alone not for God.

a32fd1  No.2483477

File: a559ec37bc3b671⋯.png (233.82 KB, 507x484, 507:484, !cid_2AF4C61988DC492393CB0….png)

I tried to fix the 404 deleted thread but to no avail. This one:


Newsweak / Great Awakening cover thread. Can you help?

Thank you for your time.

f7fbf1  No.2501776

How comprimised are the reddit mods? had a post deleted so I was writing a post on Q1813 when i suddenly got bbanned from GA… I cant be the only one and there are a lot of anons om there being effected by hand picked info

f7fbf1  No.2501845


I made a post this morning just to get people to think and have a discussion. The post had about 30 comments fairly quickly then a mod came in and took it down for rule #3, does not support the cause.

I want to make it clear I understand why the rules are there and they are crucial to making sure this board stays in tippy top shape. But these mods have an enormous responsibility when deciding what people do and dont get to see. Discernment is an absolute crucial factor and needs to be used properly to identify if something is truly harmful or spam.

Now my post being taken down is not important but it got me thinking about how often this is happening. I have seen a lot of fellow Patriots talking about this happening and having a backup in case things go to shit here. I think this needs to be addressed so we have a backup.

eafc5c  No.2507766

>>2501845 use www.archive.org

datachains stop censorship - and it's almost out…

ffe208  No.2513799


Where you listed

Q-Killing the Mockingbird

someone needs to remove

the quote marks in the middle of https://''www

Didnt know where to put this

hope this is correct


efb438  No.2516288

Reminder to anons that this thread is for META issues only. Please take off-topic discussion elsewhere.

b503f5  No.2518451

File: 538feb190773173⋯.png (25.5 KB, 195x202, 195:202, why.png)

Why is this thread bumplocked?

efb438  No.2518626


Bumplock removed.

b503f5  No.2518706


Thank you BO.

I understand the concern about this. It's really a hard topic to talk about. If you&mod team really think it's a sore thumb on the catalog we can rename it to something more family friendly like "Space Force and possible disclosures". But I hope the OP Mockingbird doesn't dictate the terms here :)

2543d2  No.2527936


Qanon has reached escape velocity and preparing to release its payload

Excellent read - more details at link below



Welcome to the show. The Washington Post is leading the unhinged Media Establishment attack on the QAnon story. In just a few days over a dozen anti-QAnon articles have been published by the Washington Post alone, each getting more manic and deranged as the desperation becomes all the more obvious. And more will follow.

Does anyone else believe in QAnon?

Yes, but it’s not clear how popular it actually is. Joseph Uscinski, a University of Miami professor who studies conspiracy theories, said by phone that QAnon remains a “fringe” belief held by “a very small number of people”.

Of course journalists couldn’t then help but admit they were alarmed to see more than a very small number of people were packing out the Tampa rally, advertising Q.

This is QAnon: a niche, right-wing cult that has emerged from the recesses of the internet and is now packing out Donald Trump’s rallies.

Journalists who knew of the group were alarmed to see the number of placards and T-shirts emblazoned with the letter “Q” visible in the raucous crowd cheering the US President in Tampa, Florida, on Tuesday.

“We are Q,” read one sign.

“Where we go one we go all,” said another.

The Tampa rally was the catalyst for the media to begin acknowledging QAnon and subsequentley publishing the backlash articles against Q and those who have been researching (the Anons). As the BBC rightly admits (see below) ignoring the QAnon story now would be deemed irresponsible, as the Q interest is huge, not just a small number of people.

Whitney Phillips, assistant professor of communication, culture and digital technologies at Syracuse University, says that media outlets need to be careful they are not drawing more people into conspiracy theories.

She says "if a particular conspiracy only exists within a particular community, all reporting will do is amplify that concept so that more and more people are exposed to it."

Phillips acknowledges that "at this point, not reporting on the story (of QAnon) could be framed as being irresponsible, because it is happening and people are responding". However, she argues that conspiracy theories "don't occur in a vacuum" and warns that even articles debunking theories can legitimise their ideas.

"Not only do these individuals tend to follow mainstream media coverage very closely, they tend to cater their messages to maximize media exposure," she says. "They love it when they're in the news."

Certainly Q - whoever it is behind the messages - is lapping up the attention. In recent days Q has posted links to media stories and has claimed the coverage is "right on schedule". On Thursday the account published a new message:

"Welcome to the mainstream.

"We knew this day would come."

BBC have also drawn attention to the fact that more people are now being exposed to QAnon, exactly why all the articles have such a sinister, negative slant. Media outlets do need to be careful – but they have already failed. Nevertheless they will continue to use herd mentality technique, playing on individuals’ psychology – creating a fear of being the Other. This fear of being ridiculed, laughed at, of being different from the herd is why such strong wording has been used in all the articles in the past week

ee3bf0  No.2530058

File: 059cbfad3187aa3⋯.png (88.21 KB, 300x100, 3:1, F-22_Q.png)

874814  No.2530497


In case this has not been posted yet:


Q !A6yxsPKia. No.125 📁

Aug 9 2018 19:36:23 (EST)

[Past 24hrs - Nunes Attack]


































Coordinated effort to silence/remove?

Notice a pattern?

Echo chamber conspiracy?



U.S. Air Force B-52 [Precision Bombs].


a5e4c6  No.2531021


well well well I'm here for my first Qdrop. (((They))) cannot stop themselves from coordination.

45 is literally a Western Cowboy movie hero he fits all the archetypes. Good vs Evil. Right vs Wrong. Town(USA) experiencing Existential crisis.

He's a gruff gunslinger that the people don't necessarily love but that comes in to solve the problem for the people who will want him to leave town when the job is over.

Traditional attempts to solve this problem have proved insufficient.

He is our PATTON.

Think Sophocles.

Think Curtis LeMay

POTUS is a WESTERN ARCHETYPAL HERO. The tragic western hero. :(

Just know we will never forget, 45. We will always appreciate you.

707f64  No.2531298


Fuck off.

0946d9  No.2533439

Pretty important mark-up request for BO.

Not sure if BO can make changes to html/css or if that's a CM thing but need a small and easy UI fix for mobile viewports (or just a general change to the webpage specifically)

Are we able to get a radio button toggle for auto updating posts AT THE TOP OF THE THREAD. It's a struggle to post on mobile because you are constantly fighting server download, CPU use, and a small time frame to scroll to the footer to turn off auto update.

Auto update means the page is constantly :

a) expanding in height, meaning the footer goes lower and lower compared to the viewport, meaning it's a constant struggle to scroll down to it on high activity threads.

b)having to download more data, resulting in a small but compounded load time that takes time out of the 10 seconds I have to turn off auto update at the footer.

c)requiring CPU usage to load the new content which soft bricks the device as it passes into the webpage more formatting and content. This hang lasts longer depending on how much extra content is displayed.

All of these aspects lead to posting on mobile being disgustingly delayed due to excessive time spent hanging as CPU is used to display new data. With auto update on, you can expect to hang for 5+ seconds every 10secs, giving <5secs to scroll to footer and press auto update off.

My suggestion is adding the <div> that contains the radio button and update tracker to the top of the thread (above or below the posting forms) so that while typing/trying to post, we can easily access the ability to prevent abhorrent soft locking of mobile devices.

025917  No.2539913


if you want to, read the "Basics"

let us know if there are errors, especially on those dates and boards in the when/where section

thanks, link here:





(latest pdf at the bottom)

0b30b7  No.2542130

File: 76ce767a9dc002f⋯.png (695.4 KB, 1200x638, 600:319, 412.png)

Who is 412 ?

Expose !!!

18bc49  No.2544809

My posts were apparently deleted. Just curious, why?

2543d2  No.2545710

File: 85240c0301a8208⋯.png (5.96 KB, 644x65, 644:65, Meta.PNG)


Maybe because they were posted in the wrong place?

Or are you "special"?

4a5798  No.2551846

Q said:

>Tripcode compromised.

I did warn you the Tripcode was breakable. Very easily so.

Why do you think I published the AES PHP encryption example functions? AES is stronger than SHIFT_JIS.

Can be found in this thread under a pastebin. You can use it. Or not. Doesn''t bother me either way.

And don't think re-hashing twice will work (applying encryption twice actually weakens, which is why there's DES and TripleDES but no 'DoubleDES').

PS: Cryptocurrencies are all about breaking hashes. Doesn't the name of the Bitcoin inventor basically translate into 'Central Intelligence'?

Stay safe.

Obsidian Order: Ahead of the Curve.

PSS: Don't censor my shit next time, as it could very well be important. Thanks.

4a5798  No.2551874


I can categorically state that this board (if it uses the same tripcode system as comms) definitely uses SHIFT_JIS and not DES.

It's easily possible to get a fixed 3 character match on a lightweight, outdated machine. Most cryptocurrency hashes are solved to 8 characters, and yours is a mere 7. Put 2 and 2 together.

My advice is to double the hash string length at a minimum. But increasing encryption hashing complexity will also bring extra demands on CPUs. In reality, your tripcode length shouldn't be capped at all.

56668a  No.2551980

Hi all, newfag here. I just put this up on the r/greatawakening reddit and wanted to share it here as well. I found something interesting regarding the pastebin note about Q's tripcodes. The author claims to not be an "info sec" expert but the method used to crack the tripcodes suggests it required a significant amount of time and knowledge to accomplish. Let me share my thinking with you:

1) The author claims to have used hashcat to crack them but hashcat alone cannot accomplish this. Hashcat is a very fast and popular cracking tool, but it requires a legitimate hash. As the author stated, the tripcode is the final 10 digits of the DES hash created from the password. Since it is only part of the hash, hashcat would be unable to crack this, you'd need the entire hash to do it.

2) The author was able to determine the salt. Adding salt to a hash makes it harder to crack, but no amateur would be able to figure what characters are used to salt the hash.

3) So what would it take to actually crack tripcodes? As far as I can tell, you'd need a tool that would take the password you're testing, create a properly salted DES hash and then compare the last 10 characters to Q's tripcodes. When a match is found, you've got the password. Hashcat will not do this for you.

Conclusion- The author or group behind the post obviously went through a lot of effort to crack the tripcodes and is no amateur, even though they pretend to have little "info sec" knowledge. I don't see how the author could've used hashcat to crack the trip codes, since cracking part of the hash will NEVER give you the password- a hash is all or nothing. This is easily testable- create an MD5 hash of the word "password" and try to use hashcat to crack it and it'll crack it in no time. Now, try cracking just the last 10 characters of the hash and see what happens. Answer- nothing, and this isn't even salted. The author is correct that DES is a very weak encryption algorithm, but the explanation of how the trip codes were cracked does not add up.

Post last edited at

56668a  No.2552166


Fuck my newfagness. I didn't realize it would include my email in the post. Good thing I created that email specifically for this. I'm guessing there's no way to remove it??

eafc5c  No.2552672

>>2552166 u known bye key-strokes anyway - and bio-field - know THAT one?

eafc5c  No.2552676

>>2551874 hey Captain; what about the Quints ?

c8750a  No.2554463

So… Ive been reading about the Q stuff for a short while, just before the [attempted] deplatforming of stephan molyneux and batshit crazy AJ who if im not mistaken have reportedly touched on the Q WAYCISS WHITE WING CHONSPRACEHHH &before the MSM went thermonuclear hitpieces on q followers, i got two questions so far for any uhh bakers..

Both SA and 5ey get mentioned alot so im curious if anyones been able to link the diplomatic spat between canadas peoplekind and KSA siezing assets with either 5ey or POTUS executive order on asset siezure of human rights abusers and if HRC ran to NZ to inform her 5ey lackeys of the storm? Sorry if its been discussed cause the timelines are hard to follow for a newfag.

222611  No.2557358

catalog busted?

df4fdc  No.2560157

File: 064907e4c749406⋯.png (914.34 KB, 1311x1216, 69:64, Screen shot at 2018-08-11 ….png)





9752e5  No.2560639


Check out hashcat mode 16000. It's built in now.

56668a  No.2560883


Well shit, there goes my theory. Didn't know they added support for it.

647fc5  No.2561667

May I break some bad news?


>2) The author was able to determine the salt. Adding salt to a hash makes it harder to crack, but no amateur would be able to figure what characters are used to salt the hash.

Publicly speaking, it's known (according to some sources, and I wish I was taking the piss) that the salt is "LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL" or letters to that effect. Even disregarding this, there is literal Python code out there for brute forcing the tripcodes (it's how I got my tripcode on Comms with the word 'PsstCIA' in it). The code isn't optimised, but on my trash machine I get 7k hashes a second (which is roughly on par with that of cryptocurrency hashing).

I modified the base code that was published, but I still have the (modified) copy if you wish to look at it. I was looking into ways to optimise the search space, and had a hypothetical idea on how to greatly shorten the time, but the problem was my idea could apply to all hashes… everywhere. So I'm opting to keep silent on that. Lets just say it could throw a spanner in the works into encryption as we know it.

>I don't see how the author could've used hashcat to crack the trip codes

Likely via brute force using a sufficiently high powered machine. You can rent shit tons of CPU (or even GPU) power these days.

Also, you have a double problem: you only need the *last* 10 characters of the hash. Which means, from a technical standpoint, if I have two (hypothetical) passwords, one called 'passA' and one called 'passB', and lets say passA creates a hash 20 characters long and passB one only 10 characters, *so long as the last 10 characters match, they appear, for intents and purposes, the same*.

So, say passA produced:


And passB produced:


Because both have the same last ten letters, it will appear the same (because we ignore everything before the 1). That is to say, your hashing tripcode system has a *very high collision rate* (IE it's possible multiple different passwords can still produce the same last number of characters).

So this man doesn't have to get the same pass as Q… he merely needs to find a pass that gets the same tripcode as Q.

This is why your tripcode length should be *uncapped* or at the very least *extended*.

2543d2  No.2562113



What you described is apples & oranges

Shift JIS (Shift Japanese Industrial Standards, also SJIS, MIME name Shift_JIS) is a character encoding for the Japanese language, originally developed by a Japanese company called ASCII Corporation in conjunction with Microsoft and standardized as JIS X 0208 Appendix 1. 0.7% of all web pages used Shift JIS in February 2018, a decline from 1.3% in July 2014.[1] JxZNCI

The Data Encryption Standard (DES /ˌdiːˌiːˈɛs, dɛz/) is a symmetric-key algorithm for the encryption of electronic data

Encoding and encryption are not the same,

ASCII is also an encoding,

A cryptographic hash function is a one -way hash function which takes an input (or 'message') and returns a fixed-size alphanumeric string. The string is called the 'hash value', 'message digest', 'digital fingerprint', 'digest' or 'checksum'.

I see that Q's tripcode is 12 ASCII( UTF8) characters. That would be a 96-bit binary number/

How many permutations can one have a a 96-bit binary number?

2^96 = 79,228,162,514,264,337,593,543,950,336 total different values

Brute-force would require (worst case) that every combination be tried.

How much computing power would be required to calculate that number and compare it to the encrypted version for a match?

Megaflops are a handy measure (i.e.million floating point operations per second)

A simple estimate is to take the max permutations (above) and divide by 1,000,000,

Do the math before you tell how easy that would be

My guess is you are a programmer but not a mathematician?

6efb92  No.2566498


please read:


in reference to >>2551601

well i see clam completely succeeded in defaming my character yesterday and i was none the wiser. posted only 1 side - lies - in a bread i was not around for, drumming up drama after promising to drop it last week, for no reason. no one ever complains about my bakes. we're supposed to be about results here, right? not opinions? i neglect my personal/professional life and prioritize my time here as a baker bc nothing is more important to me than this movement. i step up and do my best here, just to get shit on by a baker with an agenda. BO admits he wasn't around for the baker drama. the baker drama is the whole issue. the rest of it is irrelevant at this point. and yet he makes a conclusion based on clam's literally false claims. i must applaud his/her mastery at spinning this into one wild narrative though. it's incredibly impressive.


if you're around. i know you have little respect for me. but i work here too. i don't bake "once in a while". with the exception of last week, i baked every day. night shift and day shift. 2-6 breads at a time. it's not rocket science but it's not easy either. i know no one gives a shit about muh feelings but this sucks.

i never get a chance to explain my side. i have logical arguments too. i have proof too. i just don't give a fuck enough about this to keep spamming bread with it every chance i get like clam. he already promised to drop it, for the sake of the board and brought it up again. what good does it do to create doubt in our bakers? he has done this with other bakers before. it's always perfectly well sauced. but there's always a spin to everything that is said. MSM-like spin. idk what else to say. i don't want to stop baking. i love serving this community. idk what clam wants. what is the end goal here? to get me to stop baking? to get me banned? i didn't even bother reading all the criticism bc nothing new is ever said no matter what logical rebuttal or explanation i offer. the same argument gets repeated and hammered into anon's brains in multiple breads when i'm not around to defend myself. i find it days later when i search for it. i've explained myself before in a lengthy post but i don't want to be an attention whore and you have better things to do with your time i'm sure. i'm anonymous 99.999% of the time on here except when someone mentions me by name. i don't call myself fm baker anymore or avatar fag and yet i'm an attention whore. damned if i do, damned if i don't. fuck this. i'll post this in the meta thread in case you're around, but if you are, i'd appreciate it if we could have a truthful short discussion. i am sorry again that this is even an issue. i keep trying to put it to rest but clam won't let it go, literally obsessed.

1bb07d  No.2566557


I just don't really like you after the shit you stirred up. However, it was a while ago and I know that you have contributed positively so I am not opposed to you baking.

So what's your side of the story anyways?

6efb92  No.2566613


can i just direct you to the long ass post from a million breads ago? i was defending myself from someone who was accusing me of being a satanic witch so a lot of it is irrelevant to this but much of it is

i'll find my other responses to clam as well but here's the start and i apologize again a million times for wasting your time. i understand why you don't like me. that's fine. just hear me out.


6efb92  No.2566658


to be honest i'm really fucking embarrassed of that post bc of all the emotion in there but it's the truth. i haven't had time to fucking formulate logical responses to all this like clam has been doing so i have to go back and find it and i barely even remember what the issue was

another femanon was femfagging (NOT ME) - and clam said something to the effect of femanons only lurk her which pissed me off bc i bake - so i showed the screenshots of me in notables - didn't say i was baker - just wanted to show i contribute and left it at that. i didn't start the argument (another femanon or actually might have even been 2 were arguing) i just put in my two cents and they agreed with me. i left after a couple posts and next time i baked clam started harassing me about it. it wasn't a big deal. maybe a total of 10 posts between 4 people were exchanged on this and i'm probably overestimating. it didn't slide the bread. and yet clam became obsessed bc later on someone jumped in and attacked him - again, NOT ME - check my hash

that's what i remember but i will find the sauce and post screenshots even though all of this is embarrassingly petty and ridiculous

6efb92  No.2566679

File: b6c3ed725d0bb32⋯.png (881.64 KB, 2400x1034, 1200:517, Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at ….png)

File: 543508b1259d530⋯.png (110.42 KB, 2284x288, 571:72, Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at ….png)

File: 858bb94e0464a8f⋯.png (56.95 KB, 1162x234, 581:117, Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at ….png)

File: 88d149008c65abe⋯.png (126.89 KB, 1438x536, 719:268, Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at ….png)

i didn't even respond to those 3 supportive replies

i just left - look at my post count

not to mention it was 4 in the morning - slow ass night shift - complete exaggeration by clam

6efb92  No.2566696

File: db7baaac9d025b5⋯.png (69.8 KB, 938x322, 67:23, Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at ….png)

File: 5189eebb22e39e5⋯.png (154.54 KB, 2294x474, 1147:237, Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at ….png)

File: a62e3f4b2b2c6f1⋯.png (118.31 KB, 2250x288, 125:16, Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at ….png)

File: b6b94a7b73ae770⋯.png (287.06 KB, 1046x562, 523:281, Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at ….png)

clam attacking me

me responding honestly and maturely

clam attacking me again

someone supporting me

1bb07d  No.2566772


You're right. Someone was impersonating you.

Still reading.

6efb92  No.2566788

ok this is what happened - not completely faultless here but also not fucking satan like clam claims

>>2387319 - newfag shill says you guys are weird

>>2387378 someone femfags

>>2387393 someone else femfags

(i probably kek a little that there are so many femanons in one bread and troll by posting a baker boy)


>>2387437 clam says

>Even if femanons lurk, the culture dictates they stay Anon

>even if they lurk

after baking multiple breads and busting my ass and its 4am clearly that pissed me off - especially bc clam had attacked me about something else and we made peace over it and he starts up again

i say this:



>>2387486 someone responds with the OBVIOUS - i'm fucking anonymous all the time and was 100% anonymous for months - i never fucking said HEY IM A GIRL!! i just doxxed myself and had the fucking misfortune of having boobs

>>2387547 i respond here - the post that freaked clam out

and already posted screenshots of the 3 femfag responses

AND THAT WAS THAT - i left!!

clam responded to me afterwards


and i was defended when i wasn't there and clam was attacked by other anons and this is probably why he has fucking lost his mind:


>Let me take a wild guess - this is Hitler clambaker right?

Who the fuck do you think you are? What a power-tripping twirb.



>>2387911 - moldy clam

literally all of 3bb84f is attacking clam in this bread and people are supporting

that's it

if people mention me by name i respond bc who gives a fuck - it's literaly 2 posts per bread once a week

is that a crime? that's attention whoring? i stop the whole fucking bread by saying i love you too?


6efb92  No.2566809

File: f1fb0d4497174e5⋯.png (104.33 KB, 1428x312, 119:26, Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at ….png)



1fd588  No.2566813

>>2566658, >>2566788, >>2566772

Bread 3009 tag-teamers/femfag defenders

>27fe51 (FM admitted was poster)



6efb92  No.2566843


i wasn't fucking "tag-teaming" for the love of god

i just responded to another anon. what happened afterwards i was not a part of - 8 posts in a bread at 4 in the morning and i'm a tag-teaming shill? jesus

and BO

the article shit was insane you're right. in retrospect i looked like a lunatic. idk i literally thought we were on the verge of some kind of breakthrough or something and felt a lot of urgency - was only concerned with replying to posts (got TONS of responses) and didn't even pay attention to my post count– but 1000 posts is definitely an exaggeration - i remember i had 40 another guy had 40 and that was the most in one bread .. mightve been another one like that (again in the middle of the night when a lot of post counts are high) but in subsequent breads the discussion wasn't as insane - then i moved to the bantz thread with a few posts - you keep lumping me with the other article fag and in one bread there were 3 of us so combined maybe a shitton of posts but still

anyway, clam's ENTIRE ARGUMENT is that i am an infiltrator right? that's the whole reason for all this?

i'm CLEARLY NOT. so what the fuck is the point of doing this? like i said i don't cause any trouble and my breads are fine so why is this happening? what is clams problem?

6efb92  No.2566855

also it looks like my screenshots of my notes app explaining everything don't show up on the site anymore so here it is even though it's embarrassing af.. some random anon was asking me questions and i responded instead of ignoring bc it was right after i doxxed myself and want to make sure everyone knew i wasn't a shill – as if a shill would go to all that trouble but whatever here it is since it's too long:


6efb92  No.2566867

i also saved a folder with screenshots showing support for organizing in public (which was my only goal with regards to doxxing) - would not have done that if i didn't have support

here's a imgur link with compiled screenshots from what feels like a million years ago and is no longer relevant now that we are mainstream


1bb07d  No.2566935

Now that I'm a bit more caught up on the drama and have stage 4 cancer from reading everything, here's what I think:

>the article shit was insane you're right. in retrospect i looked like a lunatic.


#3009 ID 525b3a

This one still annoys me, and has not contributed in any way to date.

#3009 ID 3bb84f

Their post history shows that they have only ever been in that one bread, unless hopped IPs. Haven't seen them since.

Some of the other threads… I'm seeing other femanons claiming to be FMbaker. Different IPs. I know 2 of yours: Your Macbook and your phone. None match. Very cringey though.

>1000 posts

I'm including random chatter in that number over a span of many breads during that general time period.

Alright, well we all look like children arguing about this today. E, you did annoy the fuck out of me, but you owned up to it and I haven't seen you shit up threads lately. C, you've become one of the top bakers here in such a short time, educating new bakers and tripling all other bakers hours, but this whole issue is getting stale now, we have way bigger fish to fry. I'm being a complete faggot for even participating in this whole thing.

The whole thing was cancerous. I'm done wasting energy on this. E has stopped with the cancer campaigns, and both of you are getting attacked by anons taking sides. I've never worked at a place where I liked all my coworkers, but if we can all put this behind us, say fuck it, improve ourselves, etc. I'm all for it at this point. I don't even know what to say anymore.

6efb92  No.2566992

File: e4c2e818a5699de⋯.png (155.02 KB, 960x946, 480:473, Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at ….png)


thank you for taking the time to read through all that BO.

i had no idea people were impersonating me, what the fuck. i hope they're not baking..??

and yea we do all look like children. for the second time, i would love if we dropped it. but that's all up to clam.

C – you put in crazy hours and even though some anons disagree with your take on what's notable sometimes, i can tell you're not a shill bc you care so much about making breads comfy for autists which comes across as being a hard-ass but i get it. i respect you despite all the fuckery, as i've told you before.

i am not an autist - i am good at recognizing what is important and what is not + doing the copypasta magic that is baking, which is why i'm here most of the time. other than that i don't give a shit what anons post as long as good digs are happening. i consider baking a service oriented role not an authoritative/leadership one so i don't feel qualified to tell anyone what's chan culture and what's not. whereas you really care about the culture and defend it adamantly, which i respect.

when i kept getting attacked i thought it was your sole mission to malign bakers and cast doubt etc because it's clear no CIA/infiltrator shill would ever do what i've done but that doesn't totally make sense in light of the above

so don't know what the issue is/was, C, but again, totally willing to put it behind us. wwg1wga right? unity not division?

i am all for improving ourselves: me, i won't respond to anyone who uses my name again, will stay out of the femfag debates, will control emotions as best as i can

i've actually never experienced anything like this at a workplace but this isn't an ordinary workplace - we all deeply care about this and that makes a huge difference.

thank you to both and i'm sorry for all the inconvenience this drama has caused

1bb07d  No.2567005


Apology accepted.

Post last edited at

1fd588  No.2567035


Thanks BO

>I'm being a complete faggot for even participating in this whole thing.

No, it's part of leading orgs. The part every true leader (the kind that just want results, not attention) hates, but it has to be done.

>E has stopped with the cancer campaigns

This is not entirely true, but I will let future behavior do the telling.

>both of you are getting attacked by anons taking sides

Yes, to continue the debate without obvious resolution does great harm to little benefit

>if we can all put this behind us, say fuck it, improve ourselves

The best prescription, always.

>I don't even know what to say anymore.

I'm sorry man, I really am. I think you do a great job. I played bad cop so you could stay good cop, for the good of the order. You stuck your neck out for me, and you shouldn't doubt your instincts on that. Your instincts to call it at this point are also good.

>C, you've become one of the top bakers here in such a short time, educating new bakers and tripling all other bakers hours

TY. This was my goal. I wanted to set a high standard for everyone to emulate, of quality and service, and I wanted autists to know their efforts were valued, worthy of sacrifice in bakers. It was for morale as much as format. I didn't do it to famefag (believe me, as much joy as QR has brought, has brought much suffering too kek) but to provide the frame. I'm here under guidance, it's just the future-proves-past kind (remember my work history: defense). No comms w/these guys in 8yrs, but the 4yrs of frontloading I had were clear: protect the autists, protect the culture. But I'm still a free agent, an anon, so I make lots of mistakes. Bc I really am an autist, that's why they picked me, and thus given to impatient reeee'ing. Will try to better.

6efb92  No.2567151

File: 4b46e7fbc2d4a7b⋯.png (127.63 KB, 1616x336, 101:21, Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at ….png)


>This is not entirely true, but I will let future behavior do the telling.

can you please tell me what you're referring to? you have also accused me of being part of the no boobs shills when in reality i posted once saying i'm glad BV banned nudity and later on admitted i understand the free speech aspect of it - no campaigns. either way, i'm entitled to my opinion. i'm entitled to free speech..

i can be a faggot like all humans but i'm not comped and it seems like that's what you keep implying. just between us - bc BO is done with this and i don't blame him-- you have to admit i'm not a shill right? you have never once criticized my bakes, and have actually complimented them at least once. no one has criticized my bakes while many have criticized yours. searching the archives for "clam" you can see that very quickly. so what would you like to accomplish here? do you want me to stop baking or stop posting completely or what? i'm not here to have my "behavior" monitored and policed.. that's the beauty of an anonymous board.. we are being attacked every day by shills and clowns who manufacture consent and divide us - this is not important by board standards and is even more cringeworthy if you take into account the giant fish we have to fry in the real world.. people are being killed every day..

not to mention BO has confirmed that creepy faggots are impersonating me - i don't even know whose behavior you're watching so closely but i suggest you expend that energy in more worthwhile endeavors like digging and baking

it's extremely easy to impugn someone's character on an anonymous board - even with "sauce" but only BO can see the hash history and he has much more important things to do than play mediator between bakers. this is childish on all levels.

>without obvious resolution

i'm glad we can have a mature conversation here instead of shitting up the bread - across multiple breads/days/UIDs - much easier to resolve and i did suggest that a week ago - see below. i thought this was resolved last time BO spoke on the matter and i consider it even more resolved now so any future mention of this outside of meta thread would be inconceivable to me at this point. (i will find it if you do though. like i mentioned i monitor the archives in case anyone threatens me after i doxxed myself which is why i keep finding your posts).

you didn't respond to me, just BO, so i'm giving you the opportunity to do so now, baker to baker.





as for your last paragraph.. i know it wasn't addressed to me but.. are you suggesting Q team chose you to be a baker...? do you realize the implications of that..?

thanks for your time..

1fd588  No.2567269


Am baking now, and also don't want to continue to argue when BO said we should stop. I simply reserved judgment on your no longer causing dissent, saying future behavior would tell. Why did I say that? Because I've seen you say you would stop doing certain things, such as promoting self-doxxing, then continue to do them later, but just more quietly. I don't have the screen cap handy, but prolly saved it, can provide if BO wants. It was during a bread after the first time I called you out, while you were baking. You said ppl shouldn't worry so much about self-doxxing, that you'd done it yourself and nothing bad had happened. Then someone replied "Eneda??" and you replied, "shhh, bae…" (I assume you meant me)… "is watching." And yes, I was. And I will continue to. In fact, I hope more anons take to watching their bakers to protect against baker impersonation (which we apparently have had) and other fuckery. We have clowns in our midst, as per Q ("infiltration"), and if we don't defend our territory with vigilance, they can do a lot of damage ("internal disruption"). Don't even think my fellow anons don't watch me like hawk, we both know they do, bc I put a massive target on my back on a number of fronts. But if you're on the up, as you say you are, and as I know I am, then we have nothing to worry about. I don't fear the light, never have.

Listen, I will respect BO's decision that we bury the hatchet, and will certainly stop all public arguments as I agree it only hurts the board at this point. But any indications I see of you doing behaviors that I think are destructive to our work here, I will post on Meta or email BO. I don't do peace for peace's sake. I do truth for truth's sake, and peace thru strength. The only peace I ever strike is on the understanding that peace ends the moment I determine someone's using it as cover to hurt me or mine. That's a hard won lesson, and it's served me well.

I spent an entire night helping you become a better baker, in good faith, and in exchange you promised to respect our traditions. Your going back on that on bread 3009 betrayed a trust that won't be easily won back. I'm willing to give you the chance, but I'm no cuck. So don't try to manipulate me with insults, pity ploys, or threats to hold what I love hostage with drama. And if you ARE fooling BO and these good autists, don't think you'll be able to do it for long. They don't need me to point out truth. They're experts in their own right, they just don't have eyes on the same way I do, bc it's not their primary mission, as it is mine. If I've come to the conclusions I have of you bc of your mistakes of youthful passion, just own them and try to do better. You don't have to say anything to me, just do the work privately and prove by your actions, it's your journey not mine. Believe me, I've been there. But you won't be able to bully me into endorsing your past, present, or future behavior by demanding it on threat of calling me Hitler or any other names. Any endorsements I give are earned, based on merit. You bullied BO into giving you a clean slate. Out of respect for him, I openly grant you have one with me as well. But if you want MY respect, you'll have to earn it. Short of that, if you want to stay off my shit list, toe the line. THIS line:


This is not a game. Either grow the fuck up or go somewhere better suited to your doing it.

6698e4  No.2568317

File: 1152e82fa1c3871⋯.png (168.2 KB, 705x649, 705:649, Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at ….png)

Paid VPN ban right now.

a1e017  No.2568687


This is a ban from /v/, not from us, there's nothing we can do about it.

e60d5b  No.2570009

File: df36162348e1660⋯.png (2.87 KB, 664x25, 664:25, BV.png)

Why did you delete all my posts from #3242 BV?


0f8a86  No.2570017



Q, this is awesome!! The links you provide are not shadowbanned, so it's getting great coverage!! I am scrolling through the comments, laughing and following all of the Q followers! I just broke 1000 followers.. so tough to get traction.. but it's easy with your links that you post.. WWG1WGA

6efb92  No.2570259

File: 13af775c38628b5⋯.png (146.55 KB, 1398x280, 699:140, Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at ….png)


no, i said bae bc Q was posting. i wasn't referring to you.

and like i explained above to BO i don't think it's a big deal if i respond when my name is mentioned - it's 2 posts in a bread of 751

i respond with my honest perspective when the doxxing issue comes up and usually no one even responds to me. it's the truth and i tell the truth. i didn't "promise" anything to you that night you were helping me. i'm sorry you got the impression that i did. just bc you helped me bake doesn't mean you have the right to comment on my free speech. free speech above all else. that was the whole reason we got nudity back on here. because free speech is paramount to our mission. your respect doesn't mean as much to me as my freedom. i am not and have never threatened you. you're the one that's threatening me and continuing to see everything from a warped perspective, assuming it is objective truth.

no one appointed you as an authoritative figure on here. you have taken on that role. you don't make any decisions. this is not a hierarchical organization. we are all supposed to be equal. so it is not up to you to say what is subversive, what is against the mission, what traditions must be upheld, which "behaviors" are problematic etc.

not only do you keep confusing your personal, subjective opinions with objective facts, refusing to see that your perception creates the reality you're observing, but worse you keep threatening my free speech just to uphold those opinions and beliefs. that is not how things work around here. i would love to quote the welcome page for you - see pic. that is the most important tradition.

if you read something you don't like, if you are offended, as you so clearly have been, that's your problem, not mine. especially when it causes no damage to the board.

just because you repeat "infiltration infiltration" doesn't make it so. we must defend our territory. we must also discern between threats and non-threats.

i am not a threat. i am not doing any damage to the board. you can keep telling yourself i am and repeating the same arguments about infiltration but it's clear i am not a clown. not a shill. not doing damage. anons have more important things to do, as i have exhaustively stated dozens of times.

i did not bully BO into doing anything. i posted my screenshots, my sauce, my side of the story. the facts. you selectively posted half-truths that support your opinion and have bullied me and BO into giving this non-issue any credence. this has been and continues to be a baseless witch hunt.

my "problematic behavior" is not a threat. since so much attention is being placed on my behavior how about we shine a light on yours?

you routinely keep important notes out of notables despite multiple anons nominating them. if you understood your role here, you would realize you are no different and no special than anyone else for being a baker. you are 1 anon, 1 vote. i rarely disagree with anons when 3-4+ find something notable. you often do. your argument is always "no sauce", despite the fact that anon theories, hypotheses, and digs are perfectly fine in the notables especially if they are labeled as such. notables are one of the most important aspects of this board because they allow anons to pick out what is important and continue working from there. when you leave important things out, it hurts the movement much more so than me responding "shh

to an anon"

instead of realizing that your opinion is 1 opinion out of many, you leave things out. that's why anons complain about you. that's why so many have said you're comped, you're a clown, you spend all day on here, you don't handoff to anyone, etc etc. i never called you hitler. another anon did. all claims have been made against you by countless anons from the time you started baking end of june, not 1 person with an agenda. before you baked here you had a whole "trust the clam" campaign to prime anons to trust you but the behavior i've described is much more subversive than anything i've done.

6efb92  No.2570264

what else is subversive, in my opinion? pitting anons and BO against bakers. you have had issues with P&L in the past, not just me.

you pretended to be another anon when you asked me those questions and repeatedly harassed me across breads. you didn't own up to the fact that you were cb even though it was clear it was you. you referred to yourself in the third person as "the questioner" to make it seem like you had more support than you do. that is dishonest and highly concerning.

what else is problematic for someone who apparently takes this so seriously? drinking 3 glasses of gin while you're baking. taking it as a compliment that anons complain about you by immediately writing off any justified opposition as the work of clowns. you are not self-aware. you love to point fingers but if anyone says anything about you it does not compute. you're not a perfect baker. i've seen you fuck up the bake, leave things out of notables, miss the announcement, etc on slow night shifts when there is no reason for you to be scrambling.

to summarize:

-policing anons' free speech

-ignoring anons' calls for notables and leaving important things out - especially things that relate to pedogate (difficult to sauce) or spreading the movement to the larger public (also impossible to sauce)

-harassing and stalking bakers when they are baking

-harassing BO, even after he made his decision, breaking your promise to drop it

-pretending to be someone else in order to justify your witch hunt and manufacture consent

-withholding vital information in formal complaints to BO, omitting truth aka lying

-purposefully being divisive and distracting, putting your agenda above the mission while claiming to defend the mission

-claiming to be a "chosen baker"

-avatar fagging with clam photos and making a slogan for yourself before becoming a baker to brainwash people into trusting you

-going back to previous bakes when you're supposed to be baking

-drinking on the job

i ask myself, why? what threat do i pose to you? because i'm the only one who refuses to let you bully me? why/how can you be tripling other bakers' hours? are you paid to be here? paid to make sure notables aren't too threatening? paid to attack the handful of bakers that are dedicated enough to work here because they are easy targets?

this is not a game. you know exactly what you're doing. and you're really good at it. too good.

i don't believe your bullshit about offering me a clean slate, so i'm not going to lie to you and say i am offering you one. these are the facts as i see them. you can continue to watch me and i'll continue to watch you. but you will not bully me out of baking. you will not bully me out of being here. you will not infringe upon my free speech.

i hope BO sees this and takes it upon himself to search for "clam" in archives as i have. it is highly illuminating.

59b21c  No.2570318

File: 101532fd3385e34⋯.gif (2.14 MB, 480x300, 8:5, PleasedWholeBee.gif)


That may have been me modding from mobile sorry for the error i was trying to reply to a post and accidentally hit delete.

a1e017  No.2570426

File: 96109188a5df029⋯.jpeg (7.14 KB, 275x183, 275:183, housefire.jpeg)


>It was just an error

Pic Related.

59b21c  No.2570505

File: b999b00b2344f1d⋯.jpg (6.75 KB, 312x162, 52:27, download (33).jpg)

e60d5b  No.2571645


[D*] happens. All good friend, don't sweat it :)

457619  No.2577988


Is the catalog stuck?

Latest bread shows #3252 with 466 replies.

76adaf  No.2578137

Something weird is going on. No new main breads are popping up.

3252 is the last one I can see and the catalog seems to be stuck. Doing a search for 3253 doesn't bring up the next bread either.

581e22  No.2580716

i take it cat's down again ?

ee1ae7  No.2580827

Catalog is down for this anon….


Save this link anons to go to EVERY CURRENT BREAD

ee1ae7  No.2580838




ee1ae7  No.2580847

Something fucky is going on…

HTTP does NOT have an S but it keeps posting here with one!?

9cc59b  No.2580852


noticed pictures have expanded then minimised without my involvement last day

9cc59b  No.2580855

ie browser glitches

9cc59b  No.2580860

anyhow , just thought to mention cos of the timing etc , next couple of days be careful what you click on , bet they have doxx traps set in the event of something like this

1fd588  No.2580992


Cat still down. Baker (cb) here, currently spotting new baker. DM'ing CM now, will put update in globals that we've done that.

6ee26b  No.2585089

BO/BV Catalog not working, 3:25 pm Monday, EST

2784da  No.2585244


>BO/BV Catalog not working, 3:25 pm Monday, EST

Same here.

Bread #3261 says 668 replies but it's at 751.

Where did CM say to report further issues? /sudo/?

dc7026  No.2585425


Confirmed also. Also, possibly relevant here, possibly not, point to consider:

8ch.net/pol/ is having a HUGE problem right now with some AI bot / organized attack against anything pro-q. Attack is ongoing, at least the last 24 hours. It may have started earlier than that but I didn't notice until I began posting.

In case anyone jumps between here and there, try posting anything pro Q. It's coordinated right now I think because half-chan /pol/ is dying (because of same reasons), and people are heading there first. The bot is destroying any debate from anyone pro q, and all posts smacking of anything pro q are deleted.

4chan /pol/ is also under a MAJOR attack, which was driving people to 8ch, and 8pol moderators are coordinating with some bot right now ( https://sys.8ch.net/log.php?board=pol , search for "Deleted all posts by IP address in a thread" instances.). If you are wondering what triggers deletions, try posting something pro-q in ANY THREAD and see what happens. You will be alone. and you will also be alone on 4pol. both places were always worse about that than here, but being entirely alone like that is NOT NORMAL. and now this board is down. That means all sorts of /pol/ peeps are without a home right now. Major shenanigans happening. Maybe that is related to here, maybe not.

e3d302  No.2585454

File: e0a452dd483a48b⋯.png (248.95 KB, 1568x571, 1568:571, TM.png)

File: 2e81d24d2fb8690⋯.png (73.73 KB, 1309x402, 1309:402, ToastMaster2.png)

File: ed43ce785d05579⋯.png (93.87 KB, 1349x313, 1349:313, Toastmaster.png)


Problem getting to latest bread? Use this user javascript, ToastMaster. It places Toast Icons in the top left corner of your screen which represent the latest breads. Just click to go to latest bread. Refreshes as soon as new bread is created, no matter where you are on 8chan. Just copy the code into options > user js.


ee1ae7  No.2585488


Do not put an s after http

Go to every fresh bread with this link

2784da  No.2585576


I'd already lurked my 2 years on /h8pol/ when Q dropped on /cuckchan/ and there was an immediate operation to ((shut it down)). Anyone would get ostracized for entertaining the legitimacy and threads were immediately anchored or deleted.

On one hand I agree it's dangerous to put your fate and hope in someone else's hands; but ((they)) immediately and effectively alienated what could be our most powerful ally in this fight.

/h8pol/ has been shit for a while, but the blatant anti-Q astroturfing has turned me away forever.


>using java

thanks anon, i'll just reluctantly use the index

e3d302  No.2585753

File: 073c6db2910915d⋯.png (180.61 KB, 1024x482, 512:241, ToastMasterWorking.png)


It works really well anon. JS :)

dc7026  No.2586440


Actually you may want to keep an eye on it just now. For instance, see this meta board: https://8ch.net/pol/res/11622450.html#q12002467 . They are (supposedly) planning on not banning folks / deleting threads for participating.

fdc645  No.2588678

Is there a problem on Q research right now? I cannot see any of the breads after #3261 on the catalogue.

318513  No.2588759


wondering the same


Frozen @ 751

fdc645  No.2588810




Anon, you can get to the newest bread using this address. Thank goodness I read the posts here and found that, because I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms from not getting my nightly Q fix!

9661e6  No.2588822

Hello? Looks like catalog's down again (???). The same "Man of Steel" bread has been at the top for hours. Can't get to any other breads except via the index.

df4fdc  No.2592463


This is funny. Chuckled for a bit. You are either a true newfag, or the world's second greatest troll, after GEOTUS.

b54839  No.2599513



This board is getting totally screwed (putting it mildly). When I post a link which starts with h t t p the code here adds an s to make it h t t p s. Not all sites work with the 's' added and whoever has coded this site to do this needs to change it back to whatever it was before, where one could post an h t t p link without it being altered.

I have alerted codemonkey to this but with his lack of timely communication on things I am not going to hold my breath.

7bcf9a  No.2605950

Non-meta posts removed.

This thread is for META (Administration/Board/Site) related issues only.




Be advised: External links to 8ch may be unsafe, especially if you're using http (not https). /QResearch/ staff do not support the use of these websites and we strongly advise against using them.



This has been addressed many many times now. For security, all http links will automatically wordfilter to https for added security. It has been this way since the creation of this board.

Post last edited at

84b32e  No.2611838


Hi BO,

Sorry to bother you, but I've kind of doxxed myself with a bad copy paste on this thread:

Trudeau Digs Anonymous 07/31/18 (Tue) 13:43:21 694fc2 (34) No.2372810

Post # No.2600305

Direct link:


Any chance you could remove the post for me?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the trouble.

0ae539  No.2641566



This caught my eye


Concordat of 1854

Through this treaty, Guatemala gave the education of the Guatemalan people to the regular orders of the Catholic Church, committed to respect the ecclesiastical properties and monasteries, authorized mandatory tithing and allowed the bishops to censor what was published in the country.

For which he received


2543d2  No.2641734


Why didn't they teach themselves like other civilizations:

Why didn't they have any written history, stone only statues.

Should they have left them to their pagan ways (like the Aztecs).

What is a missionary?

Where did your ancestors learn about their religion?

What did they invent for mankind?

52f2fb  No.2643248

File: 64d4fc474923a18⋯.jpg (156.88 KB, 501x585, 167:195, Shlomo Shekelstein.jpg)

Holy shit! Q predicted this!

Yes goys take it in the ass like a goodboi slave away for those shekels.

52f2fb  No.2643260

File: 510ea897b84370c⋯.jpg (92.74 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Shlomo Shekelstein $$$.jpg)

hi guys Shlomo here, just wanted to say you're all horrible Nazi's, bigots, misogynists, racists, homophobes, Islamophobes, and paedophobes.

I love communism, it killed so many white people and goyim, I have pictue of Stalin inside my Talmud, he is a hero! I love watching on GOYED.com white genocide amatuer homemade porn.

52f2fb  No.2643277

File: 969b2ae04e5b0d6⋯.jpg (188.18 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 1532314607277.jpg)

2543d2  No.2646561

File: c067c17a46a19ba⋯.png (123.59 KB, 255x244, 255:244, Butt hurt salve.png)


Still butt hurt since that old man took your girlfriend.

Guess you will have to go back to midget porn

0a5f7a  No.2646628

Who's who on the internet:


Never looked at a general list of the highest traffic (apparently) sites is a purely data-driven site. Lots of unfamiliar names. May be worth a bookmark, may not. Just found it interesting.

2543d2  No.2646745


Except it doesn't measure traffic.

It measures down time or problems as reported to them by users coments.

Not very meaningful, and likely fake

98eae9  No.2648829


We want to help the good guys save lives and bring healing to children of abuse and trafficking. There are lot of corrupt orgs. out there. What are the good ones that actually help children that we can give to. We the people want to help and have a part in this!

Please let us know and we will do something. We want to fight this war not only with TRUTH, but with LOVE, and COMPASSION!

Thank you :)

2543d2  No.2648887


Learn to think for yourself.

I doubt that they keep lists of the "good guys".

Not their job

2e1949  No.2650157


>My guess is you are a programmer but not a mathematician?

12 character output, but the password input, to my knowledge, is only 7 characters long for input.

So you might want to rework your maths there.

And yes, SHIFT_JIS is encoding, and DES is encryption, but it's irrelevant what you use if the input and output lengths are too short.

You also sidestepped the comment about Bitcoin verifying hashes to at least 8 characters on SHA256. Or the part about not needing to explore the full cryptographic attack space (you're likely to crack the code within half of the probabilities based on statistical averages).

Also, as much as you cite ridiculously high numbers, Q's tripcode has been cracked, twice now. So I'm guessing your numbers don't add up?

Not putting faith in a tripcode I know can be broken.

Want the python code? Only needs a high performance machine. I'm sure you can optimise it.

2543d2  No.2651288


Or perhaps someone has access to that very high powered processing

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: 462c9a No.11045052 📁

Dec 15 2017 01:03:02 (EST)

Being advised to update code.

Serious hardware being used to break.

4 is not secure.


That is consistent with my math (and I know the common thinking re: cracking within 1/2 of possibilities). My conclusion is still that it is sufficiently strong to preclude " some hacker" from cracking it as was the common thinking expressed here. It appears that Q has used longer passphrases (the one he used here comes the pain where exposed some trying to use it).

None the less, is is apparent that his trip code lasts for a reasonable long time, and he has it under control, so I wouldn't sweat it too much considering what Bruce Schneier had to say on the matter of SHA-1 being "adequate" for situations where "collisions weren't an issue. He specifically referenced use in digital signatures where that was more critical.

Q apparently doesn't share your viewpoint and has more that a few experts close at hand.

213e64  No.2651989

File: 2978d03f42d6d0d⋯.png (372.13 KB, 640x816, 40:51, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ee8639762756225⋯.png (23.69 KB, 303x240, 101:80, ClipboardImage.png)

was looking for the brooch….

found this…

seems like hillary really was a a provider…

9f7c64  No.2653640

Q can you confirm/deny if there is a white horse?

do you know who the ancient [GR] the band of thieves who once brought down this great country?

9f7c64  No.2653742

Q can you confirm or deny?

is Trump the White Horse?

2543d2  No.2653802


The answer would seem to be in Revelation 6:1-2, but is don't think Q was the author.

You may need to go back to the source for confirmation.

Do you have a phone number or an email for him.

I think the author posts here on Sundays and may be may be willing to do Q &A

2fe7c4  No.2654389


No doubts on serious hardware, but the cost on CPU processing hashes has fallen greatly (largely due to Bitcoin - intentional if you think about it), so you need not 'buy' hardware so much as 'rent' (see prior arguments).

Once you have sufficient hashing power, it's simply a case of time, and luck. It's months between cracks, so the brute forcing must start as soon as the new tripcode is deployed.

>None the less, is is apparent that his trip code lasts for a reasonable long time

A couple of months is not a 'reasonable long time'.

And that timeframe is only going to drop as CPU power efficiency and costs drop. Heck, ASIC for DES I imagine is possible.

A hash should last on the order of decades. It's worthless if it doesn't.

>so I wouldn't sweat it too much considering what Bruce Schneier had to say on the matter of SHA-1 being "adequate" for situations where "collisions weren't an issue

SHA-1 is broken, hence why even most websites are on SHA256.

And if it's SHA-1 rather than DES, the time (and power) required to crack is even less:


>Q apparently doesn't share your viewpoint and has more that a few experts close at hand.

…The end result? Getting his tripcodes cracked several times, even extremely recently, *after I warned that the tripcode was not sufficiently secure*.

You can act smug, high and mighty about your dodgy numbers, but lets face it, your tripcode has been broken several times in less than two years. Rather than excusing the failings, you should actually fix the problem, which is a *really easy problem to fix* (IE insufficient length).

Unless of course your entire intention is for the tripcodes to be crackable, then what worth do they possess as verifying the origins of someone's message?

If Q doesn't want to sit on his hands whilst you dilly-dally, he can always sign his messages with a PGP signature.

There are a lot of ways to mitigate impersonation that are readily available. You just want to maintain the status quo. 8chan needs to not rely on early 2000s security practices, because your enemy isn't some kid in a basement, it's agencies with supercomputing systems a dime-a-dozen.

bd1fc9  No.2654972

Can Q confirm Kofi Annan was Cabal? Suspicious death?


bb189e  No.2655397

Just fyi.

23:10 08/18/2018 (AEST) - did search for "Donald Trump", applied filter "today" on Youtube.


MSNBC x countless

some Vietnamese mob - shitloads

CNN x a few


RT did a couple

Farkin Hell, more Vietnam, are Chicom using the slaves??

More Vietnam x shitloads.

anyway, better minds than mine might find links.

f8eee5  No.2657131

File: 02554dced95d12e⋯.jpg (14.12 KB, 118x203, 118:203, tree.jpg)

am I allowed to make comments or ask questions here?


f8eee5  No.2657596

File: 4bef810a28348ee⋯.jpg (4.66 KB, 258x83, 258:83, code1818.jpg)

Q saw what you did last week, though it very clever/cheeky. I have no doubt you know what I am up to, in order to move forward here is what is required, IF you think it is the correct path.though small, you know how invaluable I think this is. thank you for your help and dedicated service –

a1e017  No.2658298


2543d2  No.2658455


I'll bet all the other third -graders thought that was really funny

b31b16  No.2659606

File: ad4126a41c89d91⋯.jpg (138.07 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, AP17066538270965.jpg)

File: 37a94281cec4cc6⋯.jpg (7.66 KB, 238x212, 119:106, nnnnimages.jpg)

File: f74d759e2eed352⋯.jpg (32.82 KB, 480x323, 480:323, 982013-533-183125-1.jpg)

File: d6a68ebda068673⋯.jpeg (333.92 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, Walter Scheib3.jpeg)

Trump with Moved Picture of HRC in the White House Kitchen

Walter Scheib White House Chef with BC..Picture in the background of JOK?…Trump had HRC picture to the Kitchen and Here is BC and Walter Scheib in this exact same spot.

Found this interesting..White House Chef found dead off Trail near the Bulldozed NM Muslim School Shooter Terrorist Camp back in 2015

TAOS, N.M. (AP) — Searchers have found the body of a former White House chef who had been missing for more than a week after going hiking in the New Mexico mountains, authorities

said. The body of 61-year-old Walter Scheib was found Sunday night near a hiking trail in mountains in the Taos area, the New Mexico State Police said.


Question: Why was Scheib Murdered? What was he really cooking in that White House Kitchen? What was Scheib really doing in Taos NM? Will it forever be remembered as HRC's Kitchen?

2543d2  No.2661534


Have Hillary make us some sammiches

2fe7c4  No.2662076


Only if the questions relate to administration.

Just to reiterate: if newfags need a place to ask questions, drop by TTDDTOT:


It's basically a giant 'off-topic' thread that for some reason I try to keep on topic, so it's ideal for test posts, questions, queries, postulating theories, or acting as a little public notebook for your links.