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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 746ca7eadc04b60⋯.jpg (321.91 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, _QRESEARCH_MAGA.jpg)

d5706c No.208084

Spread the wings of Liberty and take flight!!









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f4b666 No.208105

Unrelated, but I was in a nice restaurant and saw a dish that looked really good until Insaw it was actually served with walnut sauce. Got queasy.

0794ec No.208111

Can we ease down on the 95% useless posts? Also creating a meme for every single scrap of information is pointless, few of you understand how memes work.

6bc634 No.208112

File: 64a84562ec2b7bf⋯.jpg (710.67 KB, 574x5508, 287:2754, Operation JA.jpg)


http:// archive.is/ubx6y

913048 No.208130

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳


Hope no FF during POTUS speech

e4fbc2 No.208131

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/29/18 (Mon) 23:22:36 No.81



cb32fd No.208132

File: 057fcfbfcfa26f0⋯.png (3.08 KB, 369x95, 369:95, jg.PNG)

new Q

011837 No.208133

File: 8df43dd3f751188⋯.png (9.51 KB, 371x102, 371:102, Screenshot 2018-01-30 at 1….png)

f3da1e No.208134

As in the helicopter? Someone being extracted?

4d5871 No.208135

I'd really like to see Mueller turn on the swamp before SOTU, that would be ideal

f81def No.208136

File: c93f183bd5a5508⋯.jpg (11.29 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 0133c842f25b57dccf84d4bf24….jpg)



loosing you nerve?

job well done

b05f55 No.208137


38731e No.208138

File: a7a5b0604e17668⋯.png (98.57 KB, 1111x304, 1111:304, 2018-01-30 Q 00-22.PNG)




5b45e5 No.208139

File: 6c55f7fbd07ee01⋯.jpg (115.47 KB, 600x800, 3:4, geotuskillscunt.jpg)





God be with us all.

3dc898 No.208140

File: 58c9a9174c721ca⋯.jpg (42.85 KB, 423x562, 423:562, 58c9a9174c721ca7d4bf1e09e2….jpg)

b05f55 No.208141


What's that mean?

fab27c No.208142

Plane fags do yo thing!!

3a0b31 No.208143



cb32fd No.208144


4d5871 No.208145


Tonto jump on it!

0efbc3 No.208146


Thanks baker

efbc7e No.208147


I have a "Friend" who would like these on the list.





d5706c No.208148

File: 6671e881ae9970f⋯.png (37.37 KB, 445x263, 445:263, speedy-gonzales-A.png)

6fd606 No.208149



Feels like someone may have just pooped a little

61d1dd No.208150

Apache HTTP Server

this is what Q is talking about i think

5d3ca4 No.208151

New Q

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/29/18 (Mon) 21:22:36 No.81



4eb10f No.208152





dimensions of flag set by an EO

is this referencing an EO

one of the [3] missing??

011837 No.208153


Apache's are 2 seater attack helo's. No room extraction. I think a Delta force op can strap in on both sides but still.

dfc581 No.208154


Boeing AH-64 someone being killed

7ac289 No.208155

google senator Apache - McStain

21362a No.208156

File: 155ec642cabd914⋯.png (2.15 KB, 300x86, 150:43, ClipboardImage.png)

cd40d5 No.208157


https:// www.reuters. com/article/us-california-helicopter-crash/u-s-army-helicopter-crash-in-california-kills-two-soldiers-official-idUSKBN1FA02W

018bc4 No.208158


Kemosabe jump on it!

5447ca No.208159

File: 8c4537e01161c60⋯.jpg (266.53 KB, 1262x1035, 1262:1035, fd7a8f96das8f756d7.jpg)


f3e52d No.208160


Naaa, you wouldn't use old-school gunships for that.

885c48 No.208161

File: ecd5872fd25d5d1⋯.jpg (64.12 KB, 480x480, 1:1, IMG_20180117_155648.jpg)

4706cf No.208162

"There's no rules to an Apache when it comes to fighting. The bottom line is if you're my enemy, I'm going to kill you." - Alan Tafoya, Jicarilla Apache/World Champion Knife Fighter

38731e No.208163

File: 59a0ce126e8dd59⋯.png (1010.62 KB, 1111x1541, 1111:1541, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171112_Sign….png)


7bace3 No.208164


Go back to reddit with your spacing and weakass semantic argument

d4486e No.208165


Does look identical.


310 x 163 3kb = old


new = 2.65 KB, 310x163, 310:163

I don't know how atm.

ba6eda No.208166

File: 29d9433a699f3dc⋯.jpg (166.93 KB, 650x814, 325:407, IMG_1268.JPG)

Apache = Geronimo ?

9b2ff9 No.208167

AH-64 Advanced Attack Helicopter

cb32fd No.208168

File: 84d95f998c9d187⋯.png (947.65 KB, 792x541, 792:541, roto.PNG)

38731e No.208169

File: 311c9f414b289a2⋯.png (259.2 KB, 888x468, 74:39, FREEEDOM.png)

File: 611884ba3310940⋯.png (171.1 KB, 888x468, 74:39, FREEEEEDOM.png)

e304b5 No.208170

Cuomos Red Pill moment with Pelosi: "It is hard for the american people to have faith in anybody in this city where we are right now is out for the truth and not out for politics. I can understand why they want it all released congresswoman, they say you know what we can't trust you guys, let us read it, let us figure it out, you can redact names, you can make it safe enough for us to look at it because they say the same thing about you, the russia investigation theres no collusion, you guys are pushing the ball for political advantage to styme the president. The talk about this memo like it should have been in the raiders of the lost ark. KEK.

5447ca No.208172


Um, those aren't for extraction…

38731e No.208174

File: 0abbbf3672eb13f⋯.jpg (250.26 KB, 600x431, 600:431, POTUS premiere.jpg)

not mine/repost from last bread because LOOK AT IT

4d5871 No.208175



14ff8c No.208176

File: 1b89e53ce00d102⋯.png (36.16 KB, 798x252, 19:6, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at ….png)




375a6a No.208177

whos JC?

1e90cf No.208178


I dunno. I spent a couple hours the other night trying to find a missing/404'd EO. Went back as far as whitehouse.gov would let me. Found nuttin.

f3da1e No.208179

Geronimo apache airplane. Someone planning an escape?

396135 No.208180


That format was so YOU could understand it.

002f51 No.208183


Probably N/A, but most websites run on apache server.

375a6a No.208184

Nevermind its Comey I'm retarded

2d8278 No.208185

If I was a helicopter I'd be an Apache.

011837 No.208186


comey. pay attention.

fab27c No.208187

c96f82 No.208188

comey LUR MOAR>>208177

cb32fd No.208189


Depends what you're extracting, legs,arms,heads

ce4559 No.208190


>Jeff Sessions(JS) versus Rod Rosenstein (RR)

>Only 6 Democrats did NOT vote for RR…

>What does this tell us?

>Practically all Republicans voted for JS and RR.

>What does this tell us?

>Am I misunderstanding this?

Everyone thought that RR was a good guy?

375a6a No.208191


Yeah my bad started getting sleepy

4b7bfa No.208192



57d408 No.208193


https:// www.mc cain.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/apache

5447ca No.208194


Touche! Extract from the mortal plane perhaps.

32bf67 No.208195

File: 8a297b5f022e03e⋯.png (804.26 KB, 1800x900, 2:1, Comey_Q_mic_drop_translati….png)

0efbc3 No.208196


I don't think anybody was thinking that

3a594f No.208197

File: 30c241a32112a2b⋯.gif (449.95 KB, 500x224, 125:56, tumblr_lrwsncsj1S1qlbrak.gif)


still here brother

913048 No.208198


Maybe they taking out mcstain

187c05 No.208200


Learn your history faggot. I know this stuff and I am English.


998073 No.208201

For possible FF, use Future proves past. What were real targets of past FF?


9/11 - SEC violations/Debt

OKC - Whitewater investigation documents

Where are items relevant to this case located? CF server? HRC files? 7 Dwarves or NSA data? What possible targets would you be looking for to get rid of evidence related to this?

Think in their view. Since we are in league with many, they can't eliminate the information, but they don't know that.

cb32fd No.208203

Was anyones nickname Apache?

018bc4 No.208204


I'm Big Bank, I am the Chief

I got a lot of raps but I'll be brief

I never need a horse I like to chill

So I, drive up in my new Seville

My Tribe went down in the hall of fame

Cause I'm the one who shot Jesse James

Pound for pound, I will never break down

(Big Bank!) No sir, I don't mess around

6bc634 No.208205

File: becbfe513f03ad5⋯.jpg (306.23 KB, 763x1603, 109:229, Apache Info.jpg)

2a8a4b No.208206


Consensual/consequential/nuff said. We watched it in rt.

Sorry for your luck.

Filtered you fuck

ceaff1 No.208207

Near of the Purple Moon, be careful.., BE CAREFUL.., it's a IMPORTANT DATE!

803188 No.208208


Ground support

f4d996 No.208209

File: 63bc334a23e5118⋯.png (619.88 KB, 869x611, 869:611, SOCOM3.png)

File: 163eb2aeb6e2782⋯.png (636.46 KB, 897x622, 897:622, SOCOM2.png)

d4486e No.208211





5e2b7e No.208212


Could = Operational Go Code. Command for someone. Could have been the sequence of American flag + APACHE. w/ Q signature = Command.

2d8278 No.208213

Time for Op Scorched Earth Q.

1dc0bd No.208215

File: 988d6f7ee282902⋯.jpg (45.9 KB, 509x466, 509:466, 05c6cbb5fc94b882ff9a99e778….jpg)

Who wants to roleplay 7 of 9 with me?

You get a free spandex suit.

803188 No.208216


Room for pilot and a gunner

0efbc3 No.208217


That is what I am thinking

885c48 No.208218


Jesus Christ

5d3ca4 No.208219

The AH-64 Apache is made by Boeing in Arizona.

219878 No.208220


Is Q pointing back to this old crumb, implying that this is the week that US is at risk?

5447ca No.208221

File: ae992308c4a2016⋯.png (88.77 KB, 673x461, 673:461, Trump_ftw.png)

File: 83b32d1e1ebc78b⋯.jpg (124.51 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, 118ef2d5fbd656abf2edab6d72….jpg)

File: 174a8fce5d61ce5⋯.png (317.4 KB, 750x394, 375:197, df8sad7f8ds9f79d8sf7ds98f7….png)

File: 0570f7ea71314ae⋯.jpg (50.75 KB, 654x438, 109:73, ads7f86ds87f6a7d8sf6df78b.jpg)

File: e06b2c26c2a7270⋯.jpeg (169.89 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, fa789df6a78sd9f6das8f7d6b.jpeg)

b05f55 No.208222


I didn't say it's wrong. Just looks gay as hell. Can't change that.

ccf6d8 No.208223

Apache in this context anons is most likely code word for other actors or reference for Apache server software. Don’t overthink.

f9049c No.208224

Did anyone notice all the Sirens during Hannity?

b64118 No.208225


I think it is a code word launching a counter strike on known sleeper cells that McCabe just activated. Go get em guys…(and i mean guys….no pussies or trannies on these teams)

3025c7 No.208226



5447ca No.208227


Another eye of Ra reference?

913048 No.208229


Can’t sleep at night Lynn?

70d4ae No.208230

Apache Time … lets do this!

6bc634 No.208231

File: d6eb3fec59cf715⋯.png (26.35 KB, 614x87, 614:87, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at ….png)

2dafd3 No.208233


Well that solves that, thank God for Q.


Custer's Last Stand

bd9380 No.208234


another factoid, Prince Harry was an Apache pilot, though I doubt this has anything to do with Q post.

b7fde4 No.208235

Speaking of false flags, last time Q posted the flag pic was the same day the NYT/Clowns article on Q-group and preceded by Q's hidden message:


1e0d5c No.208236



5d3ca4 No.208237


I wanted to join the military to fly the Apache. Always loved the way they looked with the sun behind them too

c100db No.208238


noo look for planes with an apache callsign

e8008f No.208239


Best guess on RR, trying to play both sides and going to be crushed.

0efbc3 No.208240



fab27c No.208241

If APACHE=Taking them out then let's go!!

f3da1e No.208242



f3e52d No.208243


I'll play, but only if Jeri Ryan is already inside the free spandex suit you're offering.

f4d996 No.208244

File: 67efbee52c44201⋯.png (712.69 KB, 1043x502, 1043:502, Great Awakening Eye.png)

File: fcd0c5076e3182e⋯.png (769.13 KB, 1045x547, 1045:547, FreeYourMind3.png)

File: 59e8f81eb0c7a8e⋯.png (769.24 KB, 1045x547, 1045:547, FreeYourMind4.png)

7bace3 No.208245


Whatever. The point is our country has major rule of law problems and until it's is reestablished, I'll fly the flag upside down in distress. If you have a problem with that, idgaf

5b45e5 No.208246

File: 50dad029128bfe0⋯.jpg (131.15 KB, 749x500, 749:500, traitorousbitches.jpg)




Was most likely a go-code for someone reading this board.

OP is in motion.


f81def No.208247

File: a9dca848ac0c8cd⋯.jpeg (7.32 KB, 259x194, 259:194, kirk.jpeg)


Gotta pass on that, Seven.

dfc581 No.208248

APACHE is upper case, meaning direction or command, questions are always upper and lower case so this is not a question to us but a directive

57d408 No.208249

Need planefags looking for Apache callsigns etc ASAP.

41f328 No.208250


Look for Trump tweet with Apache in it

f4d996 No.208251

File: dfa7d9790b4f40f⋯.png (779.99 KB, 1295x1020, 259:204, Hammer Drop.png)

70d4ae No.208252


Kill_Chain activated then, for God and Country

d4486e No.208253




d132af No.208254

For god and country, Apache, I say again, Apache!

205a83 No.208255

File: 6f1a71c14830133⋯.png (269.6 KB, 505x433, 505:433, UnSafe-Place.png)



749a0f No.208256

File: a525edb34d115d1⋯.png (289.74 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-01-29-23-2….png)

File: 33c3d0a762f26d3⋯.png (299.26 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-01-29-23-2….png)

Information mapping software! I found this last night.

http:// cassandra.apache.org/

I think we use this for Q drops, it will be the map!

c4e5c3 No.208257


1dc0bd No.208258

File: 702a2f9cd890553⋯.gif (408.71 KB, 300x211, 300:211, 7-of-9-Star-Trek-Voyager-s….gif)


I'm just playing around, FRIEND.

913048 No.208259



bd9380 No.208260

File: e59926d9942d657⋯.jpg (68.62 KB, 750x500, 3:2, Comemes.jpg)

File: a3c845a55635a20⋯.jpg (63.95 KB, 750x500, 3:2, Wishes.jpg)

File: 1c9c75e50a3350c⋯.jpg (67.94 KB, 700x500, 7:5, Microphone.jpg)

File: 57352f7e7a6f03c⋯.jpg (91.71 KB, 749x500, 749:500, Slap.jpg)

e9c587 No.208261

File: c6c0ba0a144b5e6⋯.jpg (154.81 KB, 1191x752, 1191:752, apache.JPG)

this might be related unless Apache is also a movie title.

396135 No.208262


Well have fun with that glow fag

c84ffb No.208263

File: 670c6539ff2bbe8⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.png)

dfbe4d No.208264


sounds like you're looking to dox, eh?

32bf67 No.208265


Top Kek

thanks for the repost - I missed it

fb72c2 No.208266


Why do you care if we all want to follow a LARP? You seem awful concerned. How about you fuck off.

0c57a7 No.208267


Seriously, if it's a larp, why do you care what other people do with their time. They aren't bothering you, are they?

5447ca No.208268

File: 08f88b670de5db1⋯.jpg (34.04 KB, 620x390, 62:39, fas7d8f6a8s7df6a87sdf6s7f.jpg)

bd9380 No.208269

File: 84c5371afc4481c⋯.jpg (96.05 KB, 750x500, 3:2, WishAndy.jpg)

File: 889755e919c569c⋯.jpg (28.36 KB, 480x360, 4:3, WishAndy2.jpg)

12a6b7 No.208270

File: 5fff790f34e0f8f⋯.jpg (93.02 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Perspective.jpg)

With posts Q[77-80]

Found Contractors = Media prev Q post

Possible play (40%) RR gone RR = Red line

New DAG will have auth over RM. Politically(40%) feasable to fire.

per Q RM is asset/cover(?)

RM ordered for U1/ leveraged? genuine loyalty now? Q [posts 25/35]

Found Flag directs us back to Freedom Stringer

Clever Anon noticed Q's last post JC tweet suggest threat/FF

Q's post is TRUE Flag

Good Teamwork Anons




618524 No.208271


Imagine you standing there and a helicopter rises up from behind a building you think you are safe in.


b64118 No.208272


Geronimo = Bin Laden

Apache = Soros? McCabe? = catch a bullet?

3025c7 No.208273


So think like they think.

If you can't hide something that's seen, kill all those who've seen it?

ed037b No.208274



Bin Laden?

5d3ca4 No.208275



e8008f No.208276


She got Obama elected to the Senate when her divorce was leaked, causing Obama's opponent to drop out.

Airhead. Pass.

513103 No.208277


That’s what I was thinking.

3fb177 No.208278

File: 90845737bc51a32⋯.png (114.33 KB, 454x838, 227:419, Screenshot from 2018-01-29….png)


underrated. geronimo was, in fact, an apache

ba6eda No.208279

I saw 7 APACHES-64 in the sky today… very rare if ever see them around

d5706c No.208280


got 1 more in me then , all yours

0a77c1 No.208281


No "APACHE" callsigns world wide at this time.


5447ca No.208282

File: da1bd415c959424⋯.jpg (111.33 KB, 750x745, 150:149, 3bf44e200e24f644e4aa6fc9d4….jpg)


41f328 No.208283


FFS. Even is Q is just a LARP connecting the dots, you HAVE to appreciate his skill for it and his value to us. Q could be AI for all I car—Q has opened my eyes.

38731e No.208284

File: 29a8f13a6b841da⋯.png (428.98 KB, 1111x805, 1111:805, 2018-01-30 Q APACHE.png)

comey tweet =


Q =



0c57a7 No.208286


6 seconds! I'm slow on the keyboard.

2d8278 No.208287

Just wanted to point out these idiots are so freaked out about their comms being overheard they chose to meet in a SCIF hahahaha!

6bc634 No.208288

File: 0c254c8d9b4cef8⋯.png (38 KB, 545x322, 545:322, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at ….png)

13ed27 No.208289

APACHE also a web server kek

7bace3 No.208290


Maybe I'll get banned. Then my best recourse might be do it IRL at a federal building

5447ca No.208291


Kek - well, I only mention bc I was just thinking about 7 of 9 the other night - and whether Jean Luc had his borg implant on the same side… She's a babe though

ba6eda No.208292

APACHE = black-hats gonna get scalped!!!

095ef9 No.208293

File: 5f265797397a76d⋯.png (14.09 KB, 640x382, 320:191, uniom.png)

File: 69706bec293de23⋯.png (122.36 KB, 1583x1964, 1583:1964, unia.png)

File: 836f658ac252e82⋯.png (386.78 KB, 1583x5381, 1583:5381, unir.png)


State of the Uniom

pics related

018bc4 No.208294


How bout you go back to "your" reality

.. Or hows it said around theae parts .. Fuck Off

998073 No.208295

Apache - relevant Geronimo lines:

40,000ft. v. necessary to understand [US]/SA/global events.

Paint the picture.

Decrease altitude (we will not fly that high again).

Higher the altitude greater the [risk] of conspiracy ST.

AH-64 Ceiling - 21,000ft. ←-Threat level

5b2022 No.208296



Single word response. APACHE.

This reminds me of a challenge/ response password. This Q post might be Q authenticating himself.

1e90cf No.208297

File: 105b1b8dc7357f3⋯.webm (5.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, LSB Comp.webm)


>Does look identical.

Sure does. Only thing I can think of is PNG allows for configurable compression levels. Or they're just trying to see how autistic we really are.

396135 No.208298


Do you hear that Lynn?


They're coming for ya, Lynn

913048 No.208299


Could be meant for someone OTHER then us.

ed037b No.208300


or helicopter crash.

https:// www.military.com/daily-news/2018/01/22/army-identifies-soldiers-killed-apache-helicopter-crash.html

a7b17e No.208301

File: dccff12eb2070c9⋯.jpg (56.34 KB, 376x406, 188:203, 5713ea4529f31_240169n.jpg)

Any military patch fags wanna chime in and help?

40c5ff No.208302

File: 1fffeeafd6ee404⋯.jpg (62.16 KB, 1200x676, 300:169, adamschiff.jpg)

File: f81f3a602d9d3df⋯.jpg (201.38 KB, 1200x676, 300:169, sheep_awakening.jpg)


KEK I loves me some pepe .

2dafd3 No.208303

File: b39257c50730c62⋯.png (1.32 MB, 913x609, 913:609, Jimmy Evil Eye 2.png)

File: 92cd70b019062a7⋯.png (380.02 KB, 700x394, 350:197, Jimmy Evil Eye.png)

File: a3b7bace51bae45⋯.png (446.98 KB, 848x477, 16:9, Jimmy Scared.png)

File: 36c7f19dddd1cba⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, Jimmy Smirking.png)

Meme batter y'all…

e9c587 No.208304


great recap anon

38dc31 No.208305




b64118 No.208306


Apaches are short range and rarely have flight following due to low level training. You won't find them on radar follwing planefag sites.

4eb10f No.208307


I was looking too

maybe GEOTUS is signing EO's as shit is going down

Q posts about real time then

past proves future

a6fb7b No.208308

In 19th-century confrontations during the American-Indian wars, the U.S. Army found the Apache to be fierce warriors and skillful strategists.

57d408 No.208309

File: 09d039767d62156⋯.jpg (42.97 KB, 481x466, 481:466, MEMOS.jpg)

396135 No.208310


Go for it.

See you in the funny papers.

3025c7 No.208311

File: 720f53858dd1472⋯.jpg (337.46 KB, 750x725, 30:29, f18b3a9c72d4a13b29e0934fac….jpg)

When Schiff hits the fan

c4e5c3 No.208312

corporate sponsors including Alibaba Cloud Computing, ARM, Bloomberg, Budget Direct, Capital One, Cash Store, Cerner, Cloudera, Comcast, Facebook, Google, Hortonworks, HP, Huawei, IBM, Inspur, iSigma, LeaseWeb, Microsoft, ODPi, PhoenixNAP, Pivotal, Private Internet Access, Red Hat, Serenata Flowers, Target, WANdisco, and Yahoo. For more information, visit http:// apache.org/

dfc581 No.208313

Maybe to keep pressure on FBI to prevent them from attacks on other friendlys

Operation Apache Snow was a joint U.S. and South Vietnamese military operation during the Vietnam War designed to keep pressure on the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) units in the A Shau Valley and prevent them from mounting any attacks on the neighboring coastal provinces.

b7fde4 No.208314


The same post that had GERONIMO

803188 No.208315


Has anyone been heart attacked yet- that was q on Saturday.

6bc634 No.208316


Anon, would you briefly explain what you are doing? TY

f81def No.208317

File: fe98f9a91025895⋯.jpeg (6.02 KB, 200x252, 50:63, sh6.jpeg)

Q makes a drop and leaves

I feel like…

a) toilet

b) tool

c) anon

e) all of the above

f) none of the above

g) something else - please be specific if so

5b45e5 No.208319



We are seeing PATRIOTS vs DEEPSTATE/(((globalists))) REAL TIME.




70d4ae No.208320


Hussein tried scorched the earth on his way out.

Now he's going to find out what it *really* looks like when the entire Earth is scorched to eliminate the transnational traitors' nests.

Global reach, global power.

5e2b7e No.208321


Agree with you. See my earlier post about Command.

e9c587 No.208322


maybe "apache" is the way of saying operation "geronimo" is completed.

7bace3 No.208323


Whatevers. Get back to digging faggot

618524 No.208324


Relax its nothing.

Its the same file.

Posted on 4chan shows one thing, posted on 8ch shows something else.

005afb No.208325


And Yale's Skull and Bones Society are supposed to have Geronimo's skull in their clubhouse, for whatever that might be worth.

513103 No.208326


There was one that said something about

For God

For Country

_ ]_y <<20 blank spaces

Sorry, not on my laptop so can’t look it up.

dfc581 No.208327


Shit there is an operation Apache Snow II against Taliban

913048 No.208328

c2fc8b No.208329

So 50 days / 1month 19 days between

11.12.17 when Q first posted Stars & Stripes and today’s 29.01.

So a 911 in there

396135 No.208330

File: 7d7da5b4b4d76a5⋯.png (77.44 KB, 320x180, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



002f51 No.208331

e96571 No.208332


This is a coded list of people. 43 are confirmed good except 27-1? its somehow mapped to rod rosensteins confirmation vote. I don't think its going to be as abstract as we're considering.

cd40d5 No.208333


to avoid confusion, DoD fights seldom use existing nicknames for its own flight callsign.


Falcon 1 = F-16 Falcon callsign Falcon 1

3025c7 No.208334


Want him to kiss your forehead and say goodnight, sweetie?

5447ca No.208335

File: 16f6e60094db2b1⋯.jpg (77.41 KB, 640x621, 640:621, 10478151_673609656051239_1….jpg)


HAHAHA - It's only ALL OVER Twitter, shitstain! Your cankles are glowing, Hillary!

b64118 No.208337


Fuck off schill. Better get your go bag...teams on their way...

84faf9 No.208338


B) tool

My autism is lacking compared to other anons.

a7b17e No.208339

>Its a phony memo

>but it hurts national security

>but its fake

>but its GOP brainwashing

>but democrats need to leak a rebuttal

>eventhough its fake

>it can taint the fbi

>but its fake

>we need to resist

f81def No.208340

File: f3a01003da55eb9⋯.jpg (3.71 KB, 125x120, 25:24, 1495684728084s.jpg)

38dc31 No.208341

APACHE = you're f_cked

618524 No.208342


4ch doesnt have the compression and ability to save the exact same file like 8chan does.

Also 4ch files go through a cleaning process before being posted

bda0a0 No.208343

File: 99970485e4a6dbd⋯.png (2.12 MB, 1280x800, 8:5, unknown.png)


Q,here, have an off topic hi res tay tay pic as a token of my apperciation

fb65eb No.208344


Circling Camp David and Raven Rock

2d8278 No.208345

This is SURVIVOR Real Time. Stupid people are trying to Out Wit and Out Last the U.S. Military. It ain't even a fair fight.

dfc581 No.208346

During the 14 hour operation, Marines engaged in a four hour firefight, and at least one friendly was wounded.

The name Apache Snow is in reference to a 1969 Army and Marine operation in the A Shau Valley of Vietnam. The intent was to disrupt supply lines to enemy forces and ended in the taking of Hill 937, which became known as “Hamburger Hill.”

f4d996 No.208348

File: d621310800c0e70⋯.png (728.71 KB, 960x502, 480:251, What Is Hidden.png)

e96571 No.208349


Geronimo was bin ladins code name

12a6b7 No.208350


… look up operations?


84faf9 No.208351



7ac289 No.208352


Yes! D

13ed27 No.208353

BOOKER (D-NJ) VOTED NAY he was doing MSM rounds all day spreading bs that firing mueller would be a constitutional crisis

ccf6d8 No.208354






Slide on filtered shill. Slide on. GTFO

018bc4 No.208355


No you're not .. You sliding .. Now get your ass back to halfchan and argue about something you care about like being tranny , hating jews or some other nonsense

00ec06 No.208356



cb32fd No.208357


Shouldn't you be looking for a job now?

e9c587 No.208358


im well aware however Q ended a post with "Geronimo" before

f4d996 No.208359

File: 29a3b74c2461179⋯.jpg (91.31 KB, 896x665, 128:95, Party of Traitors.jpg)

998073 No.208360

Read the Geronimo drop again.

40,000ft maximum threat level.

Apache flies at maximum 21,000ft.

Threat level is slightly above half. Risk is real right now.

5447ca No.208361

File: a7732c53f0d68a8⋯.jpg (269.2 KB, 1338x694, 669:347, f9ad8f7ads98f7sdf98asd7f9a….jpg)


5b45e5 No.208364

File: b76b4c5a6f36b39⋯.jpg (92.35 KB, 1080x542, 540:271, generalmattis.jpg)



Shills coming in heavy tonight. I can feel them growing weaker and more desperate just like the 'left' in the last year or so.






187c05 No.208365


That's from the 20th January, over 9 days ago. I don't think that is what the APACHE post is referring to.

I thought that it is referring to Geronimo, the Apache native. The name is also used as a rallying cry in an attack.

Another Anon came up with the same thought….

5e2b7e No.208366

Now wouldn't it be interesting if APACHE was OBAMA…………Top target.

0c57a7 No.208367


Your time must not be very valuable either. You're wasting a lot of it here tonight.

12a6b7 No.208368




Everyone filter this psyop. Im going to get icecream and gestalt a minute

f4d996 No.208369

File: 59e6e504a924078⋯.png (802.58 KB, 975x540, 65:36, Might Python 1.png)

1a6a99 No.208370



APACHE is an open source software. They have a program called QPID. Probably off mark but just expanding my thinking.

5e87b6 No.208371

File: 9c78193dc4ff1ce⋯.png (33.36 KB, 973x226, 973:226, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)


Antarctic Plateau Anisotropy Chasing Experiment

216955 No.208372

File: c93d23f3532cff1⋯.jpeg (134.7 KB, 720x671, 720:671, AC3A5B46-6EBE-4C70-8734-9….jpeg)


84faf9 No.208373



Another top AUTIST!

41cbb4 No.208374


Why are you’re dates and times wrong

ce4559 No.208375


Lynn It's past your bedtime sweatheart.

5e2b7e No.208376

1db7d4 No.208377


Interesting yes!

2a8a4b No.208378



Rebel Yell

moarmoarmoar moarmoarmoar

3fb177 No.208379


>tfw i created a meme

2dafd3 No.208380

So this all begs the question now, anons…are we Team McCabe just a little bit? Like if he wants to, as the TP article put it, "torch" some things?

Also…mega was realllllly a larp…kek…

803188 No.208381


It’s only a flesh wound.

e304b5 No.208382


>Q makes a drop and leaves

>I feel like…

>c) anon

Many R's referenced the public outcry of the #releasethememo so on that alone it was worth it.

50a9cc No.208383

The Classified documents they viewed tonight was "C" the same class that Hilary was emailing. Top Secret Material

f81def No.208384

File: fe98f9a91025895⋯.jpeg (6.02 KB, 200x252, 50:63, sh6.jpeg)



Only an autist would answer as such

you get a kek

ce55c0 No.208385


Kek omg

84faf9 No.208386

b64118 No.208387


Callsigns are permanent based on squadron. The number is usually assiged to a specific pilot. Formation numbers are also allocated.

Ex: Squadron 123 - Shithole, CA = SHOLE69…SHOLE is permanent sq callsign….69 is assigned to fuckface mcgillicutty

1a6a99 No.208389



bda0a0 No.208390


you werent posting em. I have a discord channle dedicated to your meme, my dude.

011837 No.208391


Can't into timezones?

b88fb8 No.208392

File: 9be0207a9828a92⋯.jpg (58.65 KB, 897x653, 897:653, 1396797742973.jpg)


a7b17e No.208393


"Jun 3, 2014 - Apache helicopters remain in storage six weeks after the Obama administration announced their release to the Egyptian government."


e7579c No.208394

File: 17b944e977f93d4⋯.jpeg (164.98 KB, 890x762, 445:381, Jesus Dinosaur.jpeg)


Hey Russian Bot, learn English!

>your knowledge has not been gained.

Lol, they're not sending their best lads.

b745bc No.208395


Love it!

2d8278 No.208396


They weren't viewing anything. They were plotting. Q asked why those ""contractors" were allowed into a SCIF which would only occur if they had clearance.

1a6a99 No.208397

115261 No.208398



5447ca No.208399

File: 583ada45adeedce⋯.jpg (43.54 KB, 403x537, 403:537, 10177981_10152091721068182….jpg)



bd9380 No.208400

File: 73a01c0a0fc682f⋯.jpg (70.1 KB, 848x477, 16:9, Sleepers.jpg)

File: a62ee1e350f2f4c⋯.jpg (91.95 KB, 749x500, 749:500, Useful.jpg)

187c05 No.208401


Ok. Sorry that my response to your post was a bit harsh.

1e90cf No.208402


That program calculates the average LSB (Least Significant Bit) of each block in an image. It's a method of detecting changes to images imperceptible to the human eye. The slightest changes to the visual image result in noticeable shifts in the graph. Top is the analysis of the original flag Q posted 2017 11 12, bottom is today. Showing that while the file sizes are different, the image itself is identical.


Quite relaxed, thanks. Just quashing the debate I know shills will try to spam for days.


Filenames are irrelevant and both files have no EXIF data.

f4d996 No.208403

File: feeca6ed8dba626⋯.jpg (163.54 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, Trump Inaguration.jpg)

a6fb7b No.208404

Simple meaning ……. Apache is A Warrior ….In 19th-century confrontations during the American-Indian wars, the U.S. Army found the Apache to be fierce warriors and skillful strategists.

5d3ca4 No.208405

No idea if this has anything to do with anything.

Apache Storm


Storm is to real-time stream processing what Hadoop is to batch processing. Using Storm you can build applications which need you to be highly responsive to the latest data and react within seconds and minutes, such as finding the latest trending topics on twitter, or monitoring spikes in payment gateway failures. From simple data transformations to applying machine learning algorithms on the fly, Storm can do it all.

fbe6f7 No.208406

File: 2f48ebe63ca432d⋯.jpeg (257.73 KB, 1242x918, 23:17, CAEED082-66C7-4E02-B453-5….jpeg)

9fcb4c No.208407

File: 854b662255df294⋯.jpg (21.07 KB, 182x268, 91:134, beg.jpg)




Beg (2011)

1h 30min | Horror | 2014 (USA)

Beg Poster

Jack Fox, a burnt out detective, is being forced into early retirement, as the worst serial killer since the Boston Strangler begins a killing spree through the streets of Salem. When … See full summary »

Jack Fox, a burnt out detective, is being forced into early retirement, as the worst serial killer since the Boston Strangler begins a killing spree through the streets of Salem. When detective Steve Ryan moves to town with his family, Jack is torn between a life of retirement and sanity or helping rookie detective Ryan in his quest to solve these killings that are haunting the people of Salem.


The plot summary was written by anon.

http:// www.imdb.com/title/tt1327699/plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl

3fb177 No.208408


feels good man

224d40 No.208409


also a server type

dadb68 No.208410


Good find anon

Could be:


d9cc40 No.208411

split screening…. watching netflix 300 Spartans on Russian VPN and watching the thread go by.

A battle going on in both. Oddly appropriate for the night.

e9c587 No.208412


its believed to be kennedy's skull. (was his nickname//SS name) make sense since george H W bush helped kill jfk.

913048 No.208413


Hmm interesting

48df99 No.208414

File: dd0ca1a80c5126e⋯.jpg (74.87 KB, 456x500, 114:125, vmaq2-001b.jpg)

5447ca No.208415


Yeah - already filtered that asshole. Love to call them out though.

dfbe4d No.208416


Good Great observation

dd32b7 No.208417


I just think of Elizabeth Warren any time an Indian is mentioned.

187c05 No.208418


Not one smile amongst them. Jarrett may have the beginnings of a smirk though…

c84ffb No.208419

File: bf2d00e6425469a⋯.png (67.45 KB, 255x170, 3:2, b39257c50730c621dd2f5eb78c….png)

7ac289 No.208420

d4486e No.208421


Appreciate the video overlap.

It's something different. Just don't know what.

06f536 No.208423


>No one know about it.

Yet, here you are.

513103 No.208424


What about the one with 20 blank spaces before ]_y

018bc4 No.208425

File: c3518d000ebd5d8⋯.jpg (9.59 KB, 290x174, 5:3, download.jpg)


f81def No.208426


technically web server software

dfc581 No.208427


Its just the web server software, it can be on many diff types of servers.

84faf9 No.208428


Nice work!

ba6eda No.208429

File: d4601137fd703a1⋯.gif (194.54 KB, 800x600, 4:3, IMG_1675.GIF)


d759df No.208430

File: 3850121439d8c8e⋯.jpg (110.21 KB, 864x864, 1:1, What_a_Ride.jpg)

I think… I am starting to get a idea of how Q sold his idea to his superiors..

Q - Sir..the chans played a big role in the election.

T - Really?

Q - Yes sir. An they are among your most patriotic supporters.

T - How?

Q - They seem to be able to create narratives that have a great effect on culture, through memes. Could be a great weapon against the MSM if used properly.

T - Yea Barron is always laughing at those.

Q - I think they could be useful in a year from now *nod, nod*

T - Okay, well.. since its a unsecured board, everything you drop cannot be done in a official capacity and you have to sign off with your team on the timing of what is dropped and how it is presented.

Q - Don't worry sir… it will look just like a larp. No way to actually officially confirm anything, except through "coincidences."

T - And flush some rabbits out of some holes, if it takes off and operators start looking in, trying to figure out what we are up to.

Q - Yes sir.

T - Make it so.

Sorry for the fan fic. Just working out how this crazy idea got formed in my head. After doing this for several months you start to forget how OUT OF THE BOX this whole cockamamie plan really is! And whats even more crazy is…


2aa152 No.208431

Apache helicopter spots Obama coming out of his cave in Pakistan lol

919bf4 No.208432


That's it. McCain lives in Apache County, Arizona

fbe6f7 No.208433

File: 1f40fb3593de2fc⋯.jpeg (224.16 KB, 1242x918, 23:17, 1C601C00-9C36-4EC7-B55F-F….jpeg)

e8008f No.208434


Coming from Q, whose mentioned the US Mil I don't know how many times…Apache = the Heli

161350 No.208435


Comey is giving orders. He is the real deal. One of the more evil people with a high rank in the canbal. Maybe Soros' bishop or maybe even higher, because Comey always seemed like a cold bastard while Soros is jolly at time. The highest ranks in the Illuminati are all cold evil bastards. He is Catholic so likely part of the Jesuit/Vatican organization. The people who hold public positions are all puppets. The real powers would not appear to be in positions of power in the org, so a civilian like Comey could be that.

Anyway, all speculation aside, this is a guy who has not backed off, he tweets tradecraft style messages and this one seems to be a clear order, which has been picked up by the Resistance/Antifa.

Interesting data point. They chose Resistance not Revolution. In a revolution the people have a hope of winning. In a resistance the people are fighting against the enemy to return their previous overlords to power.

Many Illuminati call us sheep. Rockefeller liked to call us serfs. Comey calls us small people, perhaps that is the Jesuit style? As always they are satanists. They let us know what they intend to do with us. If we relent, then they smack us down. So, WILL WE ACCEPT THIS STATE OF AFFAIRS NOW?

Don't ask Q what to do. It is nice when he gives insight and guides our plans, but we need to take actions without orders. If some anons want to meme a call for Rosenstein to help get that memo unclassified and published, then why not? It still puts focus on RR and his actions.

5b45e5 No.208436

File: 6d0505059b6964c⋯.jpeg (18.26 KB, 474x474, 1:1, REEEEEEEE.jpeg)


Guarenteed the bitch ain't smilin no more.

Fucking sandnigger bitch whore needs a lesson.

2dcd30 No.208437

File: 76f6fac5868fb59⋯.jpg (141.86 KB, 1029x579, 343:193, 222.jpg)

Take the blackpill.

dfc581 No.208438

Hey CNN, funny we don't care what you think, it's coming, your jobs will soon be obsolete

2a8a4b No.208439


Ill take your Apache and raise you a

CHESS- Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions

5e87b6 No.208440


Accelerator for Physics and Chemistry of Heavy Elements

5d3ca4 No.208442


It was the Apache that brought in prisoners during Bin Laden . It was funny watching them in the air going as slow as they could walking dozens of prisoners in.

f81def No.208443

File: ab2cd17ed46a60d⋯.jpg (3.5 KB, 250x180, 25:18, 1498096057029s.jpg)


may I suggest pic related


it is one or the other

1e412f No.208444


That’s what I saw too

cb32fd No.208445


You guys are prob shitting worried by now, sad that you guys are prob stuck in the middle, oh well fuck off

48db4b No.208446

File: e1d435abdd06e2d⋯.png (245.36 KB, 1353x473, 123:43, huh.png)

coincidence with so many movie references?

fd1c99 No.208447

File: bd212e0a103ebb6⋯.png (486.23 KB, 999x669, 333:223, ClipboardImage.png)


REAL TIME: [7] Congressional members + [3] Senators + [2] former O-senior officials + [4] OUTSIDE CONTRACTORS [NO C/TOP/SENS-LEVEL CLEARANCE] @ SCIF [DC-CAP].




an article from The Last Refuge talks about how Adm R became aware of abuse of the "about queries" regarding FISA-702s. And the fact that FBI was "sharing" the raw data with FusionGPS. Wonder if FusionGPS was going the in SCIFs? Long article but lots info.


https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/01/11/the-doj-and-fbi-worked-with-fusion-gps-on-operation-trump/

161350 No.208448


Not only that. Geronimo was an Apache, and we all know what it means to shout:


Q loves double meanings…

b64118 No.208449


What brought you here? Why do you care? Why won't you fuck off? Larp or not, why do you care? What are your qualifications? So sure, dox yourself genius…

dfc581 No.208450


Ha expensive walk

005afb No.208451


Would not be surprised if they had Kennedy's skull, but the Geronimo claims go back far before the assasination. Geronimo's decendants even sued Skull and Bones over their claim of possessing the skull.

ce4559 No.208452

File: 1211ff7d89708e9⋯.jpg (14.62 KB, 460x259, 460:259, 180116125628-cory-booker-1….jpg)


bda0a0 No.208453

File: cc5e29019b8acb8⋯.png (70.55 KB, 255x185, 51:37, 98d25a96f3de0b5c591e7e40b8….png)


e8008f No.208454


Exactly….well said.

919bf4 No.208455



McCain - Apache County, AZ

5ec325 No.208456

Wakefield, MA, Jan. 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Apache® Software Foundation (ASF), the all-volunteer developers, stewards, and incubators of more than 350 Open Source projects and initiatives, today announced ApacheCon™ and supporting events for 2018.

For two decades, ApacheCon, the ASF's official conference series, has brought forth the latest developments in ubiquitous Apache projects and emerging innovations through hands-on sessions, keynotes, real-world case studies, trainings, hackathons, and more. Apache Roadshows are smaller, focused, regional events that highlight "Apache Way" principles and select Apache projects.

ApacheCon attendees stay informed by:

Learning how it's done. From technical development to leading community-driven projects "The Apache Way";

Discovering upcoming innovations. Tomorrow’s technology today is undergoing development at the Apache Incubator; and

Connecting with the people behind some of the most widely used projects in Open Source.

ApacheCon and Apache Roadshows

"ApacheCon showcases dozens of Apache projects, from ideation to deployment, presented by some of the best technical minds in the world," said Rich Bowen, Vice President of ASF Conferences. "Our sessions are aimed at a broad audience, from seasoned professionals to novices who want to learn what's new and how it all fits in to the greater Open Source ecosystem. We're proud to bring together Apache users with the projects and communities that improve their work and further their careers."

ApacheCon North America will be held 24-28 September 2018 in Montreal, Canada. Event details will be announced in the near future; updates will be posted at https:// twitter.com/ApacheCon , http:// apachecon.com/ and the ApacheCon mailing list (sign up for updates by sending email to <announce-subscribe@apachecon.com> ). For Sponsorship opportunities, contact Kevin A. McGrail at kmcgrail(at)apache(dot)org.

The 2018 Apache EU Roadshow will be colocated with FOSS Backstage in Berlin 13-14 June. The Roadshow is free of charge to FOSS Backstage attendees and will feature an Apache Lounge, 2 Apache Devrooms with two full tracks, a shared Apache/FOSS Backstage Devroom with presentations and workshops, plus places to program, network, and relax.

c100db No.208457


They don't ALL fuck kids.

Some people don't play with their food.

e8008f No.208458


Why would Q talk about web servers?

3a594f No.208459

File: fefd7d9cc20a455⋯.jpg (23.29 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 7f85347e882f64f0599812eb34….jpg)


sounds good post your current past in the next bread

b88fb8 No.208460

>> 208441

Your concern is noted. Please fuck off, now. Thank you.

d4486e No.208461

I'm going to read the bible for a bit.


618524 No.208462




bd9380 No.208464

File: 058c7271370c384⋯.jpg (68.52 KB, 750x499, 750:499, Blade.jpg)

018bc4 No.208465


Wrong fuckin anon Pelican .. I didnt say shit about security .. Again Fuck Off

1919f9 No.208466






Literal: Apache heli


'go' code,

codename of an op /ourguys/,

codename of an op (((theirguys))),

a codename of a person or location,

a codename to alert/activate (((theirguys))) sleeper cells.

d2e895 No.208467

File: ad16be9e1df4060⋯.png (340.78 KB, 634x480, 317:240, cOMEYS.png)

THIS is the Comey - APACHE connection!

The crime that haunts James Comey: How the former FBI director and his brother were held hostage as teenagers in their New Jersey home at gunpoint by a deranged rapist - who has NEVER been caught

Decades before James Comey became director of the FBI, the teenager and his younger brother were held hostage in their home by a deranged rapist who targeted teenaged babysitters – and who has never been caught.

The ‘horrifying’ incident, which Comey said haunted him for years, resulted in the hasty arrest of a local construction worker who had multiple alibis and was later let go by a grand jury.

First, the investigation caught the attention of Tom Brown, Jr., a local ‘tracker’ who claimed he was taught how to follow wood tracks by an APACHE shaman. Brown claimed that footprints and other traces of disturbances in the woods near Comey’s home – including hair strands and fragments of clothing – led to a house owned by the sibling of a man named Bruce Ader, Sr., a 39-year-old construction worker.


Comey is on the left in photo

f81def No.208468

File: 7b3e0d226d13348⋯.jpg (8.22 KB, 255x149, 255:149, 27292b4afeb60a0e359a4e03e6….jpg)


>Some people don't play with their food.

3fb177 No.208469


>why would Q talk about web servers

<we've got your emaaaaaiiiiiiiiilllllls

06f536 No.208470


Military op against Comey/cohorts

a393e3 No.208471


In that cast Best Fucking Larp in the history of Mankind…go fuck yourself shill

2a26dc No.208472

File: 78aa21f0cdfcaa5⋯.jpg (534.76 KB, 1596x1019, 1596:1019, BanCannonsOverdrive.jpg)

Whew lads, love the smell of gunpowder in the air.

Refresh your page for a more Patriotic experience

c100db No.208473


With activated sleeper cells. There could be a bunch of them….

0fd036 No.208474

File: 11447b4b8898f82⋯.jpg (25.08 KB, 500x466, 250:233, FB_IMG_1517291043828.jpg)

File: 3bd656926fdf283⋯.jpg (38.59 KB, 960x639, 320:213, FB_IMG_1517291052145.jpg)

File: 937e13c538936e4⋯.jpg (90.83 KB, 1795x1875, 359:375, FB_IMG_1517291059550.jpg)

ba6eda No.208475


The tallest weed…

Gets pulled First.

2dafd3 No.208476


Oh there's no symbolism in that at all, anon…

Moving along…nothing to see here…

*end sarcasm kek*

Good catch though, anon, seriously. What could it mean?

73862d No.208478


Far less pelican shit lying around now. Thanks!

f81def No.208479

File: 013cce086888d15⋯.jpeg (6.53 KB, 180x184, 45:46, 3304598456980304934530454….jpeg)


>post your current past in the next bread

what are you guys baking?

a855fc No.208480


ooo that was pretty spicy my dude. pew pew

d6b8ae No.208481

File: ee872de3cc2b7a5⋯.png (740.42 KB, 942x1032, 157:172, ClipboardImage.png)

Ben Swann was suspended from CBS46 today.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is the SOTU.


Pic from 2017.

21362a No.208482


Or is that where the data dump will be?

a86018 No.208483

File: e3b20d363612c71⋯.jpg (83.23 KB, 698x207, 698:207, 1-29-2018 11-43-37 PM.jpg)

84faf9 No.208484


Thank you.

No doubt they would want to pull off a FF tomorrow anyway bc of the SOTU.

70d4ae No.208485


The shills and trolls are freaking out now, begging Lucifer with magical "Q is LARP" affirmation posts. The occultists think they can change the reality of the storm now battering the foundations of the D.C. cabal if they weaken our morale.

Desperately front-running the SOTU isn't going to help them. It's all really happening and their war against the republic is futile.

dfc581 No.208486


how about the British MI that was spying from the NSA?

00ec06 No.208487


THAts exactly how I read it, anon. We’re over the target zone and jumping.

bd9380 No.208488

File: ae1391c7ad972e5⋯.jpg (69.33 KB, 750x499, 750:499, Weed.jpg)



ccf6d8 No.208489


That was my thought for that reference. Private email.

018bc4 No.208490

File: 7da9afaa6d9d058⋯.png (10.22 KB, 255x143, 255:143, d7daa06ce617926b06a7d28933….png)

dbb4a8 No.208491

File: 824cd77e70d18d5⋯.png (960.44 KB, 958x537, 958:537, ClipboardImage.png)

going through all my saved pics from WAY early on pol cbts. this one was interesting. Looks like this person made a few others let me know if you guys have seen these, or want to see them. don't have the thread #'s or anything just saved them directly from the boards as it was going down looks like saved 11/10.

38731e No.208492

File: f7f33379032f5f2⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_pepeCrumbs_PleasePray.png)

f81def No.208493


awesome meme

748e2a No.208494

Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake Are Selling Native American APACHE Holy Lands For Their Own Personal Gain

http: //ishouldbelaughing.blogspot.com/2015/06/senators-john-mccain-and-jeff-flake-are.html

3b5861 No.208495

File: 59ef44eff33bc7c⋯.png (573.37 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180130-003826.png)


Lol so do i 🤣🤣🤣

But do u think he could be referring 2 this?

f3da1e No.208496

>>208466 Maybe we're overthinking this. Maybe Apache is meant to be literal. The dictionary meaning of the word is a violent street thug. A new type of leftist uprising that we haven't yet seen?

161350 No.208497


By their fruits shall ye know them.

This is part of the process of breaking free from propaganda and manipulation. You do not need trusted experts to tell you what is true. You can learn to see it for yourself.

True trusted friends will ask questions that help you open your own eyes.

c349e8 No.208498


I feel that the price is right with this one!!!

Why did Kerry go to Antarctica? Do they ahve a base there?

2a8a4b No.208499


Is that schiffhole back in DC for SOTU?

dfbe4d No.208500


Yes inDeed!

06f536 No.208501


looks fake

c84ffb No.208502

File: 115476c25d2af22⋯.png (59.09 KB, 255x144, 85:48, 92cd70b019062a797cc08c0e00….png)

9d8056 No.208503


I definitely thinks Comey sends veiled messages in his tweets. Most apparent in response to POTUS's 'F_I' in tatters,' comment. JC responded as did many of his minions in DOJ and tagged each other with messages they seemed to say, 'we are not talking. we stand united,' etc. Yates, Holder, clapper, brennan, and other clowns.

5de57d No.208504

File: b2b1a8ea625cfde⋯.jpg (59.51 KB, 960x638, 480:319, IMG_0651.JPG)


"Apache" is af slang for snafu Boeing e-4 go up

e96571 No.208505

https:// www.c-span.org/video/?c4660943/rosenstein-confirmation

have we watched this? i think its related to Freedom_

c96f82 No.208506

File: 2f00289e7932f63⋯.png (590.09 KB, 611x464, 611:464, ClipboardImage.png)

3a594f No.208507

File: 17079f162d1ee20⋯.jpg (55.06 KB, 634x414, 317:207, 294324F000000578-3106594-i….jpg)


hmmmm got some of that shire weed to spare Wang?

d5706c No.208508

File: 64456a20ab7f800⋯.png (751.13 KB, 720x720, 1:1, meme magik 2.png)

2aa152 No.208509


Must be stopped.

9fcb4c No.208510

File: dc74d876acc2962⋯.png (15.52 KB, 1138x254, 569:127, beg.png)


Pic related [BEG] marker?

Burned out detective … killing spree … THREAT???

7ac289 No.208511

48db4b No.208512

File: 8fec85f7c15c732⋯.png (478.3 KB, 1657x505, 1657:505, comeyTheWeasel.png)

updated this

faf9c0 No.208513


In the Mark Walberg movie, Lone Survivor, Apache helicopters provided cover for the larger transport helicopter.

6bc634 No.208514

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


His nickname is The Cardinal. "Mr. Comey heard there was a vacancy in the trinity, and he applied."

He had his sights set on SCOTUS. Pompous prick.


c01556 No.208515

Dear q and anons

Thank you so much for allowing me to participate in real change. If I have been able to add anything to the coming awakening, it makes my life more complete.

If popcorn didn't cause shooting abdominal pain, I would have a bucket the size of Hitlery's vanbulance right now. If alcohol didn't cause "", I would gladly toast a future full of renewed hope.

Now let's watch those Clowns DANCE.

70d4ae No.208516


Good find anon

bde88e No.208517

File: 76bdeaae9863665⋯.png (287.9 KB, 652x745, 652:745, bnm.png)


hey guys

https:// www.military.com/daily-news/2018/01/21/2-dead-apache-helicopter-crash-california.html

00ec06 No.208518

Anons, have we received word whether today’s actions change tomorrow’s SOTU meme mission? I have a team I need to notify if so.

0efbc3 No.208519

nice. Best evidence yet of spiritual/emotional trauma abuse/manipulation. Train them up when their young>>208467


cd04b4 No.208520


Fucking beautiful. Patriotic fine art.

35e9f9 No.208521


This article may be relevant

Apache PDFBox Command-Line Tools: No Java Coding Required


d6b8ae No.208522

File: 3463d2ad0a43eaf⋯.png (1.24 MB, 654x999, 218:333, ClipboardImage.png)

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/29/18 (Mon) 21:22:36 No.81



950e53 No.208523

File: a259f9d4fd077fd⋯.jpg (157.22 KB, 798x950, 21:25, LDR noose.jpg)

9d8056 No.208524


they can't communicate without being monitored unless face to face or out in the open and cloaked

f81def No.208525

File: dcea2595065201f⋯.jpeg (9.19 KB, 331x152, 331:152, 39889483498945634533092.jpeg)



I'm sharing

something funny about this stuff

e7bc38 No.208526

File: 187abd35f50afa4⋯.jpg (70.61 KB, 1114x422, 557:211, 7600.JPG)


British Airways flight inbound to London squawking 7600 - no radio comms

b64118 No.208527

IF APACHE is a go code, then Q wants it to be overt. This board is the chess board. If Q wants to launch covert teams, it won't be coded from here…discrete comms with teams. If sleeper cells were activated, most likely they have been monitoring chatter here.

Hope you evil fuckers burn….fuck you

bde88e No.208528


>https:// www.military.com/daily-news/2018/01/21/2-dead-apache-helicopter-crash-california.html

happened on Jan 21, 2018

2c7199 No.208529

File: 0e11926f8ffb26a⋯.png (491.66 KB, 675x798, 225:266, DoD 1-29-18 9 pm PST.PNG)

6bc634 No.208530

a393e3 No.208531

https:// inhabitat.com/apache-protesters-john-mccain-is-a-traitor-for-selling-holy-land-to-foreign-mining-company/

f06df1 No.208532

File: e3e1e281631db0d⋯.jpeg (127.49 KB, 750x725, 30:29, DAF0E8C1-EF71-4D0A-BDD3-B….jpeg)

Q is my V Day Date ❤️😍❤️

e9c177 No.208533


Nice!! :)

161350 No.208534


No, you are overthinking it. Comey showed his hand, he is a high ranked person in the evil cabal. He gave his people and encoded GO! order.

Then Q gives his people an encoded QO! order.

Q's people would be some "operators" but also us. We have a job related to the events and what will go down tomorrow. Memes need to be prepared, and messages need to be put out that disrupts the nice neat picture that we know will be delivered at 4am EST.

84faf9 No.208535


Domestic attacks

9a268a No.208536


That happened last year, after he did a pizgate feature. Think they stuck him behind anchors' desk when he returned after his little "vacation".

38731e No.208537

>>208212 >>>208217 >>208277 >>208299


>Review post happenings.


<Crumbs not only for /pol/.

<The silent ones.

<Others monitoring (friends and enemies).


>Snow White.

>Godfather III.


83939e No.208538


New on GA #81


Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/29/18 (Mon) 23:22:36 No.81



3fb177 No.208539


if there's a connection there, it's not immediately obvious to me, anon

5d3ca4 No.208540


Has to be media that went in to make sure of their talking points tomorrow.

bda0a0 No.208541



51ccdc No.208542

Apache is a film, 1954, Geronimo escapes, goes back to homeland….

4706cf No.208543

"The Ndee, better known as the Apache, are several related tribes found primarily in the American Southwest. A stubborn people, they are well known for their struggles against the various governments that attempted to impose their will on them. "

396135 No.208544

018bc4 No.208545

File: 383fc5d4a18b4a4⋯.jpg (55.08 KB, 620x413, 620:413, xzzta.jpg)

84faf9 No.208546


I think this is most likely the case.

4eb10f No.208547

File: f06ada396b264fb⋯.png (228.68 KB, 837x589, 27:19, Screenshot 2018-01-29 at 9….png)

File: 7caf4631fe38491⋯.png (1014.16 KB, 816x812, 204:203, Screenshot 2018-01-29 at 9….png)

File: 206bf0b4e964f31⋯.png (686.76 KB, 719x742, 719:742, Screenshot 2018-01-29 at 9….png)

checking out JC twitter

seems odd this photo was "built" for posting

usually a person posts a photo direct to Twatter

mentions Newfoundland (cod)

notice "ago" top left of right photo

seems odd, searched "ago newfoundland" see pics

ring any bells?

83939e No.208548



aa31d1 No.208549

File: 4720a473652dd89⋯.png (654.88 KB, 778x916, 389:458, ClipboardImage.png)



https:// www.armytimes.com/news/your-army/2018/01/22/army-identifies-2-soldiers-killed-in-apache-crash/

9b2ff9 No.208550

Comey,s last tweet on 1/2418

Anything hidden clues there?

Russia threat should unite us, not divide us: “It’s not about Republicans or Democrats. They’re coming after America, which I hope we all love equally… And they will be back, because we remain…that shining city on the hill, and they don’t like it. “ Me (Senate Intel 6/8/17)

3a594f No.208551

File: dc316ba2049bcc6⋯.jpg (15.69 KB, 250x310, 25:31, 1200218-0burton.jpg)


doing some stuff that helps but is total faggotry. please don't make me talk about discord

c2fc8b No.208552

The Chinook was descending on a noisy battlefield where Apache helicopters and a C-130 gunship had been buzzing overhead for three hours, alerting Taliban fighters. Planners selected a landing zone that had never been used before. The Chinook had no Apache escort, as did the Ranger team that enjoyed the element of surprise when it touched down hours earlier.

https:// www


c3289c No.208553

Lots of good ideas re: APACHE

Any consideration to the suggestion of CodeTalkers?


5b2022 No.208554


How often does a comms failure happen with aircraft? Any emergency redundancy system they could use to report a problem?

Also good watching, keep us posted.

91a455 No.208555


No coincidences …an anon brought the trauma up earlier today

365473 No.208556


Code talkers were Navajo

f81def No.208557

File: 50d2aee5f388061⋯.jpg (3.72 KB, 250x187, 250:187, 1496353852618s.jpg)

5b45e5 No.208558



Remember, Q wants us to PREPARE the public for the #memo and #SOTU

MSM narratives MUST be CRUSHED.

1e90cf No.208559


So get this… the SHA256 hash of the original (2017 11 12) is the 8chan generated name for today's. Which implies it was the same image uploaded. I think 8chan had to have increased the compression after upload (PNG is lossless) - how else could that happen?


7ad209 No.208560

Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/21/18 (Sun) 14:06:20 No.47

Will SESSIONS drop the hammer?

1 of 22.

#Memo shifts narrative.

#Memo reinstates SESSIONS' authority re: Russia/ALL.

#Memo factually demonstrates collusion at highest levels.

#Memo factually demonstrates HUSSEIN ADMIN weaponized INTEL community to ensure D victory [+insurance].

#Memo factually demonstrates 'knowingly false intel' provided to FISA Judges to obtain warrant(s).


▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/29/18 (Mon) 23:36:24 No.78

Narrative shift.


Nation on alert.

Firing RR = block Mueller.

Firing RR = set up to firing Mueller.

Firing RR = Red line.


What was the Senate conf vote re: RR?

Why did RR [BEG] Ryan to block the FISA MEMO from Congressional review/further advancement?

REAL TIME: [7] Congressional members + [3] Senators + [2] former O-senior officials + [4] OUTSIDE CONTRACTORS [NO C/TOP/SENS-LEVEL CLEARANCE] @ SCIF [DC-CAP].




Q told us Sessions will in-recuse himself from Russia matters after the release of the memo. The "Narrative shift" is MSM saying firing RR is the red line and will call for impeachment. If that fails to gave favor, that will cause a major FF. Like MAJOR FF.

2e0dcd No.208561



6bc634 No.208562


Thank you! Very interesting.

6e156a No.208563


damn, good catch.. what's happening Thurs in Phil?

bd9380 No.208564

File: 55e5b911dc7fcaf⋯.jpg (77.61 KB, 750x500, 3:2, MyFault.jpg)

File: ca3f41a60300616⋯.jpg (91.48 KB, 764x500, 191:125, Listen.jpg)

File: 952ce6b9c41ac5d⋯.jpg (48.72 KB, 750x500, 3:2, Shit.jpg)

bacbcf No.208565

File: 6c939a4eab8088d⋯.gif (584.42 KB, 500x205, 100:41, rggif1.gif)



We getting down with some devil lettuce?

5447ca No.208566

File: 543f7a3d5f5c40e⋯.jpg (153.06 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, sf789g6s7d8g6sfd78g6sdfg.jpg)

70d4ae No.208567


I'm sure the #ComeyCabal players are being tracked with the best DARPA tech, even if they try to meet Hillary at her remote command post in the woods.

161350 No.208568


Except that nobody knows what secret messages Q has already delivered to his secret teams. It may be something like "be prepared in case we need help Mon eve. If I send the word, you know what to do. X Y Z etc.".

And Apache may be only one of several words that could have been given. They don't know how many teams are there (lots) or what actions they are doing now. So there is still a lot of surprise.

350632 No.208569

File: ec3603a2f87085f⋯.png (3.68 MB, 2038x1336, 1019:668, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at ….png)

dfbe4d No.208570


file name -




5c05fe No.208571


it's real and there was a second pic with a little resistance symbol in the middle.

He put Tzuday because of Sun Tzu. intentional misspelling

bda0a0 No.208572


>squawking 7600

Bruh i googled this. forrealsies?

ed037b No.208573


n a speech Friday at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, D.C., Defense Secretary Jim Mattis warned elected leaders of the consequences of not approving a federal budget.

"Without a sustained budget, ships will not receive the required maintenance to put to sea; the ships already at sea will be extended outside of port; aircraft will remain on the ground, their pilots not at the sharpest edge; and eventually, eventually ammunition, training and manpower will not be sufficient to deter war," he said.

38731e No.208574

who writes the 4ams?

38dc31 No.208575


oh damn.

f81def No.208576

File: d631f8e62dbd12c⋯.jpeg (8.89 KB, 202x249, 202:249, 3343176329823474383765894.jpeg)

d759df No.208577


No shit! Big time!

Anyone calmly and politly claiming they are just trying to help snap us all out of a collective fantasy obviously has not been paying attention for the last several months)!

No more sounds like someone who has just looked over the data enough, to use in as a pathetic attempt to fuck with our heads.

The only question left is…Why do they care so much!? Their compassion for the quality of our free time is so overwhelming! lol

84faf9 No.208578

File: 6b9fb9d49c46af5⋯.png (160.65 KB, 1080x470, 108:47, Screenshot_20180129-235705….png)

"They are coming after us.

I hope we are all on the same plan still.

They can't get us, they will never win."

ce4559 No.208579

Do we have a thread discussing the history of the memo? when and why it was first mentioned? How long have people known about the memo? Why is it being discussed now instead of then? Who originally had knowledge of the existence of this memo? I just want a clear story/timeline to explain to the normies.

5447ca No.208580

File: 46c472048116dff⋯.jpg (17.8 KB, 363x310, 363:310, 1320529223886.jpg)



a799d8 No.208581

Has RR been fired yet?

f3e52d No.208582




5b45e5 No.208583

File: 87cf5b792006cbb⋯.jpeg (20.3 KB, 474x515, 474:515, ne conjugare nobiscum.jpeg)



Airport? Trains? Mass shootings in malls? Subways?

We need to kill the MSM narrative before it even begins.



c349e8 No.208584


Looks like he already knows what a cockmeat sandwich tastes like..

005afb No.208585



350632 No.208586



https:// nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2017-5638

a393e3 No.208587


https:// www.facebook.com/4thcabcarson/posts/1603415483073835

6bc634 No.208588

File: ee9caaca87d7b76⋯.png (99.47 KB, 501x527, 501:527, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at ….png)

70d4ae No.208589


The context is Hillary's poisoning message, specifically designed to elicit applause at that moment.

bd9380 No.208590


Interesting to know, thank you. Will meme appropriately

faf9c0 No.208591


This may be it. Maybe that crash wasn't and accident.

2dafd3 No.208592


Ummmm…from the stringer thread…nothing to see here…

http:// www.nytimes.com/1979/01/07/archives/david-d-comey-dies-at-age-44-active-in-environmental-affairs-two.html

ff6222 No.208593

They are already pushing out the Soros protest links to the media sites on Fuck book, they are getting the trolls ready for what is about to come down the pipeline. If today's outcry from them is any indicator, they are gonna lose their shit when RR is fired.

f480f3 No.208594


Classic status. Bravo motherfucker.

7bace3 No.208595



b88fb8 No.208596


Good question. From what I can tell, RR's blood is in the water. Coming soon.

5b45e5 No.208597


Comey you little whore.

Fucking BITCH.

Typical ex-HSBC banker (((globalist))) pawn turned 'fbi director'.


ceaff1 No.208598

Thursday?.., This has to be warned at all costs…, there is to post and to warn to the people!

8f9959 No.208599

File: 3547861bae4b633⋯.jpg (112.49 KB, 810x452, 405:226, Media_Propaganda.jpg)

9d62e8 No.208600

File: 92cbcef6118a100⋯.png (129.73 KB, 823x220, 823:220, telecom-markers.png)

re-posting from a few breads ago

Marker Theory

Imagine you're a puppet master and you'd like to make 1 of your puppets dance the hokey pokey during the SOTU. Now if you have 1000's of these puppets under your command, the odds are you'll be employing layers of middlemen handler-puppets. You wouldn't call the puppet directly. Instead you'll call a specific handler, and that puppet will pull the right strings, and your order will go down the chain until the last puppet gets the msg. It's just the way pyramids are layered.

So here's the thing, you can't make your puppet dance, if your key handlers are comp'd or taken out. Your power depends on your communication network. And it's not so much the tech side of comm, but the handler to puppet links/connections through which a puppet relies on instructions. Once you cut these strings, the puppet might still be loyal, but will find themselves in tactical disarray.

This control system sure looks similar to the telecommunication Markers (pic related).

pic sauce https:// en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Marker_(telecommunications)

Back in the day these telecom-markers were used to connect calls via a direct circuit.

I believe the telecom-markers might be the analogy for Q's markers.

What if each confirmed marker represents that a particular handler & redundant subs have been neutralized, and thus all the down-line puppets' strings are cut?

And likewise what if a mention of a marker without confirmation might be related to the bad actor/s who are still able to pass on info, but are the subject of drops/ops?

f3e52d No.208601







3a594f No.208602

File: 59a7da0c5fb6a63⋯.jpg (46.62 KB, 847x369, 847:369, nanowrimo_jack_burton_Sele….jpg)


it helps

b64118 No.208603


It means the 16 were careless and didn't care about protocol or who had TS/SCI….they have VIDEO of the people going into the SCIF. How did they know specifics….they can SEE them.


2dcd30 No.208604

File: 5188b0d477eafb7⋯.png (176.29 KB, 236x429, 236:429, box.png)


>After doing this for several months you start to forget how OUT OF THE BOX this whole cockamamie plan really is! And whats even more crazy is…



You'll always be successful if you think outside the box.

350632 No.208605


Following Equifax breach, FBI issues flash alert for Apache Struts flaws

https:// www.scmagazine.com/fbi-is-warning-businesses-to-patch-flaws-that-lead-to-equifax-breach/article/697879/

018bc4 No.208607

File: 10e2951949df173⋯.jpg (53.84 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 2988fa21d5644a05093fd0c5ea….jpg)

7bb1d9 No.208608

File: e1f6d9d878c7e29⋯.png (309.54 KB, 589x377, 589:377, popcorn.png)

38dc31 No.208609


Tallfag will probably stop twatting poetry, cause of code_B_reakers

5b2022 No.208610

File: 371fcf168ccdfd4⋯.jpg (2.17 MB, 1440x2960, 18:37, Screenshot_20180130-010029.jpg)



e9c587 No.208611


has "Q" on top.

e047b5 No.208612

Earlier this month, a bipartisan 239-173 majority of the House of Representatives passed the text of the Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act (H.R. 986) as an amendment to a Senate bill amending a 2010 law regarding APACHE tribal water rights (S. 140).

84faf9 No.208613

File: 048fd13b35a1599⋯.png (149.42 KB, 1080x401, 1080:401, Screenshot_20180130-000012….png)

"No one gets 187'd if you keep your mouth shut."

b4781c No.208614


You fags realize the filename of Q's flag?!

> FREEDOM_. jpg


f263bb No.208615


Lots of potential keywords there.

A-Team go?

Come from everywhere

9/11 pain & turmoil

Produce call of duty prop

Hold the new found land (Antarctica?)

06f536 No.208616

Beware of a 'You Lie' distraction at SOTU for a 'heart attack' weapon attack?

216955 No.208617

File: 170da8a2c8439c3⋯.jpeg (195.89 KB, 750x735, 50:49, 14709BF6-E069-4E10-B2DC-7….jpeg)

257ba1 No.208618

Guys… Trees are blowing over outside! Are we in the STORM?

1e90cf No.208619

5447ca No.208620

File: 6be164710f68315⋯.jpg (141.91 KB, 1080x1149, 360:383, s89dfg7sdfg987sdfg98d7fg.jpg)

f81def No.208621

File: bd57ee400f62373⋯.jpeg (5.39 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 3109846348734587y599534.jpeg)

12a6b7 No.208622


SCIF at DC Capital

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sensitive_Compartmented_Information_Facility

Contractors in a secure room at the capital?

How does that happen?

previous Q post listed media as contractors. these would have to be different; theyre not seriously going to let media into SCIF

misunderstood before.

Why would RR be concerned over FISA unless connected to Foreign Agent or Abuses?

RR Conf nearly unanimous… the people against him (6) included blumenthal[..] booker[…] gillibrand[…]Harris[…]

Im not sure what to make of this; anon reported that he was seen from a video feed laughing as left the WH.


We should review the Freedom Stringer and also look at Q posts 25 > 35

The future is proving the past. These posts are referenced way back but the afforementioned time is approaching.


Tick Tock

Are we out of time? 'When' is it Midnight?_X

e3ccfc No.208623


Exactly!! They are frenzied!

5d512e No.208624

File: 8927a39fe7b5138⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 954.39 KB, 1638x948, 273:158, 1489170536145.png)

File: d0d14c23d4bc082⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 120.09 KB, 534x401, 534:401, 112489170341582.jpg)

Someone else has been active

https:// twitter.com/Evan_McMullin

c349e8 No.208625


planephonefagging? next level anon kek

3b5861 No.208626


Where's the departure/ arrival on flight supposed to be from/to??

bda0a0 No.208627


that a good or bad thing. Im not a PLaneFag

bacbcf No.208628

File: 55ecba253115822⋯.jpg (11.13 KB, 236x217, 236:217, bubblesdecent.jpg)

ba6eda No.208629

File: 724173ce6dec0df⋯.png (156.21 KB, 382x402, 191:201, IMG_1674.PNG)


dadb68 No.208630


Q team likes movie references. Any fitting summary to this?

5a6a82 No.208631

File: 76d6b8f1bf94969⋯.jpg (52.15 KB, 502x353, 502:353, MuhMeMo.jpg)

350632 No.208632


Rosenstein was nearly unanimously confirmed by a vote of 94 to 6. You're missing the point….lurk moar.

d759df No.208633



I think you are on to something Anons.

Its incredible the way these people communicate with each other. Code, innuendo mixed in with subtle phrases and personal history.

a393e3 No.208634


http:// www.carson.army.mil/4id/unit-pages/cab-4id.html

2dafd3 No.208635


Excellent analysis, what I've feared for a while…

And he studied religion and chemistry in college…fits perfectly, doesn't it?

5447ca No.208636

File: 13b259670cff5cb⋯.jpg (74.91 KB, 684x960, 57:80, a78df6s78df6s8d7f6sd78f6.jpg)

3a594f No.208637

File: 4cb710c661a1d68⋯.jpg (8.55 KB, 211x238, 211:238, images.jpg)


we get marching orders from the board. not the y0utube linked server

b88fb8 No.208638

File: c3c057406a41f1c⋯.jpg (15.85 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 23ljcm.jpg)

3fb177 No.208639


that was last thread. the apache drop distracted from that

f3da1e No.208640


Soros and the Clowns.

1a8335 No.208641

Let us pray.

>Psalm 5

Listen to my words, Lord,

    consider my lament.

2 Hear my cry for help,

    my King and my God,

    for to you I pray.

3 In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice;

    in the morning I lay my requests before you

    and wait expectantly.

4 For you are not a God who is pleased with wickedness;

    with you, evil people are not welcome.

5 The arrogant cannot stand

    in your presence.

You hate all who do wrong;

6     you destroy those who tell lies.

The bloodthirsty and deceitful

    you, Lord, detest.

7 But I, by your great love,

    can come into your house;

in reverence I bow down

    toward your holy temple.

8 Lead me, Lord, in your righteousness

    because of my enemies—

    make your way straight before me.

9 Not a word from their mouth can be trusted;

    their heart is filled with malice.

Their throat is an open grave;

    with their tongues they tell lies.

10 Declare them guilty, O God!

    Let their intrigues be their downfall.

Banish them for their many sins,

    for they have rebelled against you.

11 But let all who take refuge in you be glad;

    let them ever sing for joy.

Spread your protection over them,

    that those who love your namemay rejoice in you.

12 Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous;

    you surround them with your favor as with a shield.

e5f225 No.208642


BerenSTEIN… still loving this timeline!! Shadilay!

bda0a0 No.208643

File: 021a1053349bc59⋯.jpeg (160.79 KB, 1177x882, 1177:882, 41fc3550a0a4ba77b6733678d….jpeg)

c3a7ed No.208644

Warren. Contractors journalists. Getting ahead or at least trying.

55ce1c No.208645

With regard to the bracketed numbers [7][3][2][4] in Q's earlier post…

5 US Code 7324 prohibits political activity while on duty. McCabe has been under investigation for political activity (campaigned for his wife while on the job) violating the Hatch Act.

Q might be referring to this section of code since it was used to officially fire McCabe.

b58454 No.208646

File: dc17035c26e0d57⋯.jpeg (104.77 KB, 1242x1340, 621:670, 9C315FC4-52D4-4160-AB2F-C….jpeg)

9a268a No.208647

File: 74e78decacc4cda⋯.jpg (166.02 KB, 1024x552, 128:69, aibor7.jpg)


Everyone I know is brainwashed by them. Say Hannity/Dobbs are too "biased" for POTUS because of hearing nothing but confusing "discussion" otherwise.

f81def No.208648

File: 63c2db49807a236⋯.jpeg (8.88 KB, 198x255, 66:85, 159893287230909823234.jpeg)



c84ffb No.208649

File: 32b4ebc43104711⋯.png (122.54 KB, 294x272, 147:136, poodle.png)

aea0df No.208650

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7ad209 No.208651

If RR was unanimously approved, that means even Reps will not want him fired. That will give Senate the necessary votes to Impeach.

84faf9 No.208652

I got to believe the other weird tweets from Clinton's and others are signalling too then.

e96571 No.208653


Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing

https:// www.c-span.org/video/?424989-1/deputy-associate-attorneys-general-testify-confirmation-hearing&start=9746 watch blumenthal

513103 No.208654


“That shining city on the hill”

1e412f No.208655


Shows why he’s a sicko. Demon possessed

002f51 No.208656

File: cab1c1d2f907e82⋯.png (64.02 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 5845ccf80b2a3b54fdbaecf6.png)

5a6a82 No.208657

File: 38bf8babc944d1d⋯.jpg (52.88 KB, 502x353, 502:353, MuhMeMoReeeeee.jpg)


Now with extra FoNt OpTiOnS Reeeeee

5b2022 No.208659


Me again. I'm not a planefag. Most of the flights that would have flown over London are spinning around too. I have no idea what I'm doing, it may be nothing, or maybe the flights are being redirected?

bd9380 No.208660

File: 552333bc2395534⋯.jpg (74.13 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 23ljet.jpg)

e36843 No.208661


yes. Fusion imo

e047b5 No.208662


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Five Native American tribes with reservations in New Mexico and Arizona are among 15 nationwide being added to a federal program for accessing national crime information databases.

New Mexico tribes added to the Tribal Access Program include Mescalero Apache Tribe, the Pueblo of Acoma and Zuni Tribe while those in Arizona are the Colorado River Indian Tribes and the Yavapai-Apache Nation.

The Justice Department announced the additions Tuesday, saying they allow tribes "to more effectively serve and protect their communities by ensuring the exchange of critical data."

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said the program provides tribal governments with access to helpful information such as criminal background records, outstanding warrants, and domestic violence protection orders.

Rosenstein says that information helps solve crimes and makes communities safer.

5447ca No.208663

File: ea3d69b8621d87f⋯.jpg (90.36 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, das7f89s0dg7s.JPG)


Wow - Diarrhea in all CAPS - KEK

e9c587 No.208664


maybe he means the meeting today when schiff talked to the media. they seemed to guide him on questions.

b82879 No.208665

I think it means if POTUS fires RR it equals media narrative will be he is being fired to block Mueller, or to set up firing of Mueller (as in obstruction of justice in the RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA fake PROBE), and has crossed the red line (means a figurative point of no return or line in the sand, or "a limit past which safety can no longer be guaranteed)

Firing RR = block Mueller.

Firing RR = set up to firing Mueller.

Firing RR = Red line.

Post last edited at

f81def No.208666


insider humor

f480f3 No.208667


This anon gets it.

96c775 No.208668

Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ) is bowing out after one term as chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.

"A moderate Republican in both his politics and temperament, Frelinghuysen was first elected in the 1994 GOP wave that put Republicans in control of both chambers. He hails from a New Jersey political dynasty that dates to the late 1700s. His father, Peter Frelinghuysen, served in the House for two decades."

"Public service is an incredible way to turn your convictions into something that serves the greater good and to do it alongside people from every walk of life and background," Frelinghuysen said.

What a fucking pantload from a goddam legacy congresscunt crook.

www.yahoo. com/news/powerful-gop-appropriations-chair-frelinghuysen-retire-165002148–politics.html

5a6a82 No.208669


Deus Vult Brother, Deus Vult!

ba6eda No.208670



06f536 No.208671

Hillary just discussed poisoning POTUS yesterday

Could they put something at the podium at SOTU?

161350 No.208672


I hope by now that we realize it will take generations to clean all this stuff up completely. We need an army on covert operatives and they need to learn some tradecraft to communicate in a secure way. Encryption is not the way, as we have seen with the Clowns owning SecureDrop via murder, and Snowden's Clown crew compromising the Signal app.

So, Q is teaching us how to hide messages in multiple separate information streams that can only be decoded by someone who knows where to look and when. And what to look for like the time sync stuff. The Soviets have done this for decades with their numbers station sending out a stream of seemingly random numbers from Center. Agents in the field know which days and times to write down the numbers and decode them with the pages of an innocuous book. This is like a one time pad. It cannot be broken short of finding the agent (very hard to do) and torturing the secret of the book and the dates/times to listen.

Remember, this is a liberation of the whole world from the globalist Illuminati. We cannot afford to leave a nest of them anywhere because they will make more mind control slaves, recruit more bloodline famliy members with the right genes, and do this all again. We cannot attack them based on genes, because like all wealthy and powerful people, they have spread those far and wide.

32bf67 No.208673

File: 6aacedc30fd97e0⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1800x900, 2:1, Pepes_Popcorn_State_of_the….png)

5d3ca4 No.208674

File: 7d4ecc2403715f9⋯.jpg (38.57 KB, 452x500, 113:125, Greer Apache Sunrise Saloo….jpg)

Veterans Support Party!!! No Superbowl Sunday!

Greer Apache Sunrise Saloon and Grill from 4 to 5 february 2018


84faf9 No.208675

So what is going to happen with RR and firing Mueller then? It's their red line? What's our next move?

5447ca No.208676

File: 2ff5f9c6ce2cb0f⋯.jpg (101.9 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 617813c50fc9e21f7cf9d28bdb….jpg)


Q is a TEAM. KYS.

fedc94 No.208677


It’s says ago as in posted 8 minutes Ago.

It’s From Snapchat. You oldfags gotta get with the Times.

365473 No.208678


Apache anon w/ e-mail address is NOT anon. They are namefag nonanon.

f2878a No.208679

File: 3c67533d3dffc17⋯.jpg (40.17 KB, 518x391, 518:391, watchitburn.jpg)

c349e8 No.208680


oohahahaha fuck me anon, great find!!!!

f81def No.208681

3a594f No.208682

File: 2bccd957b148b22⋯.jpg (79.47 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, big-trouble-in-little-chin….jpg)


newfag factory is going well btw

b64118 No.208683


You have a very good command of the Q map. Go get em anon. Safe to assume one of the videos that will come to light is the 16 people on video and they are ALL in trouble..

d1ec90 No.208684


I wanna snuggle up. No gag!

6bc634 No.208685


Her body language during his statement was so childish!!!

d1ec90 No.208686

018bc4 No.208687

File: 33255047c1d4377⋯.jpg (12.79 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 09bf414f2262c32c9510cf525d….jpg)

a393e3 No.208688


Ivanka wasnt on the trip to Asia

365473 No.208689

Lose the e-mail address, newfag.

bda0a0 No.208690

File: 43d874cb4afcae4⋯.jpg (37.38 KB, 640x500, 32:25, 43d874cb4afcae411fecc873ba….jpg)


Click the post number, Newfag.

aea0df No.208691

File: 15cdffb1d6b38c2⋯.jpg (115.66 KB, 800x1202, 400:601, jackyl.jpg)


pay attention niggers.

1f448a No.208692


read the rules nonanon

5c05fe No.208693

File: 0062f568d495bb4⋯.jpg (126.21 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 23ljho.jpg)

File: 8d23dc5fe793d2a⋯.jpg (152.39 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 23lcud.jpg)

b82879 No.208694


I think it means if POTUS fires RR it equals media narrative will be he is being fired to block Mueller, or to set up firing of Mueller (as in obstruction of justice in the RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA fake PROBE), and has crossed the red line (means a figurative point of no return or line in the sand, or "a limit past which safety can no longer be guaranteed)

Firing RR = block Mueller.

Firing RR = set up to firing Mueller.

Firing RR = Red line.

1919f9 No.208695


>Russia threat should unite us, not divide us:

Present united front, stay in line

>“It’s not about Republicans or Democrats.

traitors in both parties are in danger of exposure & consequences

>They’re coming after America

We are in serious trouble

>which I hope we all love equally

Which I hope you all realize that if even one talks, we're all going down, so keep protecting each others' asses.

>And they will be back

Investigations into us ongoing - they will not be dissuaded.

>because we remain

Investigations & Swamp draining continues because we have our cells all over. Activate them when necessary

>that shining city on the hill

ref: capitol, capitol bldg, congress

>and they don’t like it.

they despise us and consider us their mortal enemy

-my translation

002f51 No.208696

File: 828a5525ae5588e⋯.jpg (88.71 KB, 400x400, 1:1, thats-greasy.jpg)

1c67fb No.208697

File: 2e16207e832dd64⋯.png (28.29 KB, 429x334, 429:334, 11 12.png)

File: e02cd768cac2e22⋯.png (59.46 KB, 614x255, 614:255, 1 29.PNG)

Q just posted,


Geronimo was an Apache

(BL 9/11)


The last time Q posted a flag he also wrote:

Also on 11/12 Q wrote:




Is there something to this? Coincidence?

4eb10f No.208698


odd that geronimo was code for Os_ma bin La La take down… [by c_a]

749a0f No.208699


If so… i found geranimo

f90c29 No.208700


That's really frickin' difficult to read. I'll have to pass. Thanks for the seizure, not.

d9cc40 No.208701

Let us read a Psalm.

It seems appropriate for this dark night.

Psalms 91

1 He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High, Who abides under the shadow of the Almighty,

2 He is saying of יהוה, “My refuge and my stronghold, My Elohim, in whom I trust!”

Their safety

3 For He delivers you from the snare of a trapper, From the destructive pestilence.

4 He covers you with His feathers, And under His wings you take refuge; His truth is a shield and armour.

5 You are not afraid of the dread by night, Of the arrow that flies by day,

6 Of the pestilence that walks in darkness, Of destruction that ravages at midday.

7 A thousand fall at your side, And ten thousand at your right hand; But it does not come near you.

8 Only with your eyes you look on, And see the reward of the wrong ones.

9 Because you have made יהוה – My refuge, the Most High – your dwelling place,

10 No evil befalls you, And a plague does not come near your tent;

11 For He commands His messengers concerning you, To guard you in all your ways.

12 They bear you up in their hands, Lest you dash your foot against a stone.

13 You tread upon lion and cobra, Young lion and serpent you trample under foot.

Their friend; with the effects of them all

14 “Because he cleaves to Me in love, Therefore I deliver him; I set him on high, Because he has known My Name.

15 “When he calls on Me, I answer him; I am with him in distress; I deliver him and esteem him.

16 “With long life I satisfy him, And show him My deliverance.”

96c775 No.208702


>Firing RR = Red line

This will be some kind of ultimatum/warning from dems/msm/libtards.

"If Trump fires Rosenstein, then we're going to get really really really mad. We're might even stomp our dirty feet in a Trump hotel."

350632 No.208703



Seems to be a Dense Bread, Baker…let's try to lighten the loaf next batch :)

c100db No.208704


maybe codemonkey updated libpng.so

f2878a No.208705


When did Kennedys start to be Gingers?

e7bc38 No.208706

File: a2d42f1c1c68d15⋯.jpg (94.76 KB, 724x480, 181:120, Brit_Airways_7600.JPG)



Brit Airways squawk 7600 from Bucharest, Romania to London

Circling to land

alt 8000ft

b88fb8 No.208707

File: 80ebd362803eaac⋯.jpg (123.39 KB, 888x500, 222:125, 23ljik.jpg)

f81def No.208708

File: b60bf4e3c851167⋯.jpeg (6.4 KB, 263x192, 263:192, 3905905986747948798098409….jpeg)


Really? That sounds like a good thing.

c2fdf4 No.208709


I think Q is saying to make memes like this with the flag and #APACHE and maybe #Comey

He is telling us to make #APACHE trend

dc763d No.208710


What if Apache relates to the region of activity? In your comment, that would be the American Southwest. Do we need to be looking there specifically?

12a6b7 No.208711






161350 No.208713


Isn't that a reference to Rome? As in the Vatican?

84faf9 No.208714


So what's the next step then?

018bc4 No.208715

File: d5b46f0a063bed1⋯.jpg (87.89 KB, 634x634, 1:1, 36F12AAB00000578-3727106-i….jpg)


Kek!. My pic from earlier

c2fdf4 No.208716

File: 557827b56a55cb1⋯.png (644.12 KB, 1525x639, 1525:639, 2018-01-29 21_13_30-(22) _….png)


Forgot this

f480f3 No.208717

dadb68 No.208718


I think still Cl0wns. Sleeping Pill Rejected, OP Mockingbird FAILED just indicated to me that the public wasn't believing the shit anymore, not that the operation was actually take out.

618524 No.208719


96c775 No.208720


Lots of gingers in the Kennedy family.

Most are darker red.

They're micks.

5b2022 No.208721

File: 819b1d967dcaf54⋯.jpg (1.89 MB, 1431x2050, 1431:2050, SmartSelectImage_2018-01-3….jpg)

File: 770d84142be8d65⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 1429x2076, 1429:2076, SmartSelectImage_2018-01-3….jpg)

File: 7e8d3c9ed4412a6⋯.jpg (1.81 MB, 1434x1987, 1434:1987, SmartSelectImage_2018-01-3….jpg)

File: ca957611cac2313⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 1422x2035, 1422:2035, SmartSelectImage_2018-01-3….jpg)

Can any planefags tell me if it's normal for flights to avoid London like this?

4bc44e No.208722


so they can effectively prevent RR from being fired

c84ffb No.208723


Chicago? Sears tower?

32bf67 No.208724

fedc94 No.208725


Do you really expect anyone to read this massive wall of ignorance all in caps?

f3e52d No.208726

Why are you faggots ignoring this?

Has this already been solved?






9e03f8 No.208727


Very good, Patriot.

5447ca No.208728

File: 9c9cb5365629180⋯.jpg (29.69 KB, 606x437, 606:437, e6c0b263f0bf814eae5c28ed83….jpg)


Skull & Bones claims to have the skull of Geronimo – coincidence?


f2878a No.208730


I guess I'm not use to seeing one so blatantly ginger. The soulless part I get

ba913d No.208731

File: fef9d4f7a848288⋯.png (399.22 KB, 418x366, 209:183, meme14.png)

80a610 No.208732





bda0a0 No.208733

File: 52fcd339a038028⋯.png (288.85 KB, 569x370, 569:370, 295292959525.png)


click the post number, cunt.

c2fdf4 No.208734

File: 557827b56a55cb1⋯.png (644.12 KB, 1525x639, 1525:639, 2018-01-29 21_13_30-(22) _….png)

I think Q is saying to make memes like this with the flag and #APACHE and maybe #Comey

He is telling us to make #APACHE trend

686b18 No.208735

File: 697b9c247153109⋯.png (12.76 KB, 424x319, 424:319, Screenshot-2018-1-30 Q.png)

Need discussion on that real time info dropping

ff6222 No.208736

Firing RR = block Mueller.

> If RR is ousted, that leads to Mueller being blocked from finishing

Firing RR = set up to firing Mueller.

> This leads to the firing of Mueller

Firing RR = Red line.

> This is the swamp red line.

2aa152 No.208737

Anybody else get a bad feeling from the flyeaglesfly shit with the eagles advancing to the super bowl without their MVP QB.

There's also the whole patriots vs eagles thing going on.

This game is also in Minnesota.

9b2ff9 No.208738


BOSTON = shining city on the hill

President Ronald Reagan referred to the same event and image on the eve of his election in 1980:

I have quoted John Winthrop's words more than once on the campaign trail this year—for I believe that Americans in 1980 are every bit as committed to that vision of a shining "city on a hill," as were those long ago settlers …

These visitors to that city on the Potomac do not come as white or black, red or yellow; they are not Jews or Christians; conservatives or liberals; or Democrats or Republicans. They are Americans awed by what has gone before, proud of what for them is still… a shining city on a hill.[4]

40c5ff No.208739

File: 909fb325d2ab616⋯.jpg (118.77 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, shill_xterm.jpg)

dcb933 No.208740


Dr. Corsi just quoted you on the live feed

https:// www.


748e2a No.208741



4489ef No.208742


Movie Apache starring Burt Landcaster. Though his tribe has surrendered to the whites Massai refuses to do so and conducts a one man war against the intruders and some of his own people.

f2878a No.208743


is there bad weather? Sometimes they do that when the weather is bad and they can't land yet. So they go into a holding pattern

5447ca No.208744


Most of us already don't like that RINO, mebbe? Yeah, I saw it.

f7b031 No.208745


new here?

6bc634 No.208746

File: fbaeb1136c6b3d1⋯.png (36.34 KB, 821x119, 821:119, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at ….png)

1c67fb No.208747


today 1/29/2018

1 / 2+9 = 11/ 2+0+1+8=11






9/11 /1

2dafd3 No.208748

Wait, so did pelicanfag get anything right? Wasn't Jimmy's name in there somewhere?

Also (not pelicanfag-related):

http:// thefederalist.com/2017/05/17/former-attorney-general-on-comeys-integrity-jims-loyalty-was-more-to-chuck-schumer/

http:// nymag.com/nymetro/news/politics/n_9353/

80a610 No.208749


Q posted the flag pic before too, on Nov 12

bde88e No.208750

File: bd95f9b66dca36a⋯.png (375.25 KB, 505x501, 505:501, download (4).png)

51ccdc No.208751


in a early q post on 4chan? he said geranimo

d4dc69 No.208752


https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=EzgbcyfJgfQ

213b2f No.208753

File: b11361a4034cfb2⋯.jpg (55.71 KB, 925x596, 925:596, t1.jpg)



618524 No.208754



3025c7 No.208755



bda0a0 No.208756

File: 62c9a5250634887⋯.png (280.17 KB, 443x574, 443:574, gimmedatdick.png)


say the retard who cant post link.

bd9380 No.208757

File: 4d1b28e00bb2850⋯.jpg (47.94 KB, 660x405, 44:27, 23ljnj.jpg)

96c775 No.208758


Does that mean Q can see me fapping to her on my computer cam?

ff6222 No.208759


St Paul is also a city on 7 hills.

> Let's see if anyone gets where I'm going with that

365473 No.208760


WX in London Atm is 40's a fair. Not a WX issue.

aea0df No.208761


why is that even a relevant question.ppl so desperate theiyre bringng this nigger out

1db7d4 No.208762

f2878a No.208764


did he give him credit?! Probably not

3fb177 No.208765


>not filtering the pelican

>reading the pelican posts


5447ca No.208766

File: 75afba816173799⋯.jpg (13.53 KB, 467x350, 467:350, bc1b31c81634db6a0a25503cd8….jpg)


{sigh} hashtagfags. Can't wait till it's past your bedtime…

e96571 No.208767

https:// www.c-span.org/video/?424989-1/deputy-associate-attorneys-general-testify-confirmation-hearing&start=9746

Watch this 2:38-2:44 Blumenthal, who was one of 6 democrats to not vote for him, is asking him what he would do if he knowingly had false evidence.

365473 No.208768


…as is Rome

4489ef No.208769


movie titles (signatures) are also capitalised. Apache starring Burt Landcaster.

748e2a No.208770


why philly???

I KNOW it's short for Philadelphia

2e0dcd No.208771


JA hint?

70d4ae No.208772


Underrated insight. Learn the comms, in case the cabal uses sleepers for a Samson Option. Most attempts to do so though should be intercepted in real time.

b88fb8 No.208773


Good job.

fedc94 No.208774



b82879 No.208775

I think it means if POTUS fires RR it equals media narrative will be he is being fired to block Mueller, or to set up firing of Mueller (as in obstruction of justice in the RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA fake PROBE), and has crossed the red line (means a figurative point of no return or line in the sand, or "a limit past which safety can no longer be guaranteed)

Firing RR = block Mueller.

Firing RR = set up to firing Mueller.

Firing RR = Red line.>>208689

5f9f93 No.208776

File: 9e77e9af28a7528⋯.jpg (15.2 KB, 255x189, 85:63, 9863dd2a9e6bead0a0eee327e3….jpg)

7d950f No.208777

So the 4am narrative changes to: firing RR is an attempt to block Mueller and/or is a setup to firing Mueller and/or crosses a red line.

We also have 16 (7,3,2,4) black hats meeting in a SCIF in DC without proper clearances.

6bc634 No.208778

File: 3cb73801c47d4a4⋯.png (70.17 KB, 887x194, 887:194, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at ….png)

dfbe4d No.208779


Walking distance from Loop Capital/Fed Reserve Bank/Board of Trade (financial center)

f3e52d No.208780



Maybe what?

I was watching Fox when the reporter said it.

I ask again,


d2e895 No.208781





Here's a better article with more detail about that night – the guy they arrested for the rape was innocent…


The story of the Comey boys and the Ramsey Rapist imparts another lesson, one that has never been fully reported and that James himself may not know. This accompanying lesson began two days after the break-in, when a civilian volunteer who the police would describe as a “woodsman” and tracker set to following the gunman’s trail through the area that the small army of searchers had trampled.

The woodsman was 27-year-old Tom Brown, Jr. and he would later say that he had acquired his expertise from a wandering Apache shaman scout named Stalking Wolf. The tale as told by Brown was that Stalking Wolf had been 20 when “a vision sent him away from his people” and “for the next 63 years he wandered, seeking teachers and learning the old ways of many native peoples” until he encountered “a small boy gathering fossils in a stream bed.”

“He recognized that boy as the person with whom he would spend his final years, and to whom he would teach all he knew,” Brown would later attest. “That boy was Tom Brown, Jr. Tom became the recipient of not only all that Stalking Wolf had learned during his travels, but the distillation of hundreds of years of Apache culture as well.”

“Brown played an important role, he did a very excellent job for us,” Allendale Police Chief Frank Parenti subsequently told the press.

Tom Brown Jr, the Apache guy, now owns this: www.trackerschool.com/about/about

80a610 No.208782


Q posted US flag pic on that day too. Nov 12 and today. I think we’ve got something here!

ad84f5 No.208783

2011 World Economic Foundation CTO was Brian Behlendorf, one of the lead developers of the Apache HTTP server.

https:// archive.is/ySKV7

Whether or not Q was referencing this guy, I have no idea if he is a friendly, hostile, or neutral.

8d0d0c No.208784


Lose the email. Bad guys here.

bd9380 No.208785


careful, they (shills) might be trying to drag us back into the Philadelphia Expriament BS from last night

885c48 No.208786

File: e196be78c18e259⋯.jpg (20.39 KB, 255x255, 1:1, IMG_20180129_171920.jpg)



dc763d No.208787


That is awesome. LMAO!

b64118 No.208788


Yep, Q team has is letting them know they have their codes…

dd19ef No.208789


After the president mockingly called Sen. Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas" at a Navajo Code Talkers event….

5447ca No.208790



84faf9 No.208791


So what is our counter narrative?

dcb933 No.208792


that is how I see it.

Q does not imply firing of RR. Implies it would cross a line too far

396135 No.208793


Don't know yet. Digging

5c05fe No.208794

File: 3cb24bd498f0089⋯.jpg (144.92 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 23ljrb.jpg)

File: e237246b2bbb716⋯.jpg (117.96 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 23ljop.jpg)

f2878a No.208795


Aww, you must be a soulless Ginger too. GROSS

61996c No.208796


Those are the traitors meeting right now in secret, plotting against Trump, and involving people who do not even have clearance to attend high level meetings. Q letting them know that the good guys are aware of everything going on.

1fe15d No.208797

https:// www.trumpisnotabovethelaw.org/event/mueller-firing-rapid-response/search/

Heads UP–this link on Twatter minutes ago

f872d6 No.208798


That Apache helicopter went down on 1-21-2018.

40c5ff No.208799

File: 6634630d43359e6⋯.jpg (107.93 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, shill_xterm.jpg)


revised version, bigger hashtags.

b88fb8 No.208800


That is great on so many levels.

5b2022 No.208801

File: 499a57e548f9d1a⋯.jpg (661.55 KB, 1287x2109, 429:703, SmartSelectImage_2018-01-3….jpg)


weather looks clear.

84faf9 No.208803


So what is /ourguys/ next step and what is our counter narrative?

2e0dcd No.208804

File: dfec71edb9aa3d8⋯.png (218.44 KB, 368x485, 368:485, ClipboardImage.png)

06f536 No.208805

Ginger = RED RED

No souls

748e2a No.208806


Ah yes, true that was a shit storm

kid in Philly

Was looking for sauce on why

b88fb8 No.208807


Much better. Awesome.

f90c29 No.208808


Do you think the Q team will be there? ;)

5447ca No.208809


TY, anon! Wasn't sure anyone picked that one up - glad to see my work is getting out.

e7bc38 No.208810


burning fuel

on final approach at this time

f2878a No.208811


Oh shit, good call!

c349e8 No.208812



Sounds like MK Ultra programming right there!

40c5ff No.208813


That is good! I love it .

96c775 No.208814


Is that you, Jimmy?

Going for a sympathy play, are ya?

Don't care if some nutjob assfucked you as a teenager.

You're going to jail.

2dcd30 No.208815

File: 00661eec0831f1d⋯.jpg (108.45 KB, 497x755, 497:755, fort_apache_the_bronx_ver2.jpg)


I get lost in The Bronx sometimes.

f3e52d No.208816




Good on you, anon! ;)

Let us know your findings!

ad84f5 No.208817


> Lose the email. Bad guys here.

Another idea: get a new email account that you only use for these discussions, and use it if you want to collaborate offsite. There are free services out there like protonmail and tutanota.

3b5861 No.208818


They shouldn't b allowed to leave SCIF building unless its in cuffs! How would these cowards EVER b able 2 explain y they were in there to the American ppl?

b64118 No.208819


Agreed. This is not a game, and yet it is…

66f766 No.208820


1 of 22 members of conservative coalition related to immigration that goes against President's agenda. FAIR.>>208780

b88fb8 No.208821


yw. It's a keeper.

4eb10f No.208822

51ccdc No.208823


this was the 666th reply on this board

dfbe4d No.208825


>What do you think?

Better yet, why do you want to know?

f2bf57 No.208826



2d8278 No.208827


Tanto blew the lid on Benghazi the other day.

ed037b No.208828

File: 077ab571c45912f⋯.png (351.68 KB, 766x801, 766:801, happening2.png)


note the reference to Rod striking as well…..

bacbcf No.208829

File: 24d09b35745d878⋯.webm (94.85 KB, 360x360, 1:1, bubbles.webm)

c84ffb No.208830


Right, and then they have a WTC Bldg. 7 misshap.

018bc4 No.208831


Just Schiff tryna distract us .. Tells us shits going down.. Has no proof

f81def No.208832

5447ca No.208833

File: 225442f6a640f67⋯.jpg (20.85 KB, 409x309, 409:309, 11402931_829515450488790_5….jpg)

6bc634 No.208834

File: 0f07aa91378981a⋯.jpg (473.63 KB, 1400x2600, 7:13, oadkv2ybb5d01.jpg)

Found on plebbit

2dafd3 No.208835


Tom Brown Jr. is an American naturalist, tracker, survivalist, and author from New Jersey, where he runs the Tom Brown Jr. Tracker School.

Tom Brown Jr.'s Tracker School is located in New Jersey. Most classes offered by Tracker School are held in "Primitive Camp", which is located in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Brown_Jr.

Pine Barrens = Black Forest?

2dcd30 No.208836


Everyone on the leaf east coast who didn't grow up there are "from away." Lots of planes redirected to Newfoundland on 9/11.

5b2022 No.208837

File: 80f9112ad8c91e4⋯.jpg (1.85 MB, 1439x1965, 1439:1965, Screenshot_20180130-011804.jpg)




This flight invalidates my theory.

I'm going to attribute this to my own lack of knowledge. Will try to stay in my lane for now.

955ac8 No.208838

Take President Bush and his father, throw in a legendary Apache chief, strange rituals performed in the dead of night in a building named the Tomb, grave robbing, and a secret society of elite students called Skull and Bones.

http:// abcnews.go.com/US/story?id=3299671&page=1

748e2a No.208839


please lurk more

I am asking WHY not what

1f135b No.208840


Following the surrender of Geronimo, Massai, the last Apache warrior is captured and scheduled for transportation to a Florida reservation. On the way he manages to escape and heads for his homeland to win back his girl and settle down to grow crops. His pursuers have other ideas, though.

dcb933 No.208841


thought 1 of 22 is the russia investigation (1st of 22 investigations)

d6b8ae No.208842


Rod and the (pedophile) Ring?

bd9380 No.208843

File: 88b8e0d9dd0ae69⋯.jpg (61.68 KB, 889x500, 889:500, 23ljv7.jpg)

6bc634 No.208844


Oh!? I missed it, have to check it out. Thx

618524 No.208847


From Here





ad84f5 No.208848

>>208726 1 of 22 what? I wasn't watching that show.

3025c7 No.208849

File: 0078a8ee618b254⋯.jpg (65.78 KB, 845x450, 169:90, Wee.jpg)

ff6222 No.208850


A rock will stand on seven hills.

d5706c No.208851

File: fb56b66cd12230a⋯.png (381.5 KB, 570x427, 570:427, damper dough in oven.png)


link ~750

e7bc38 No.208852

File: 3e624dc76744ee5⋯.jpg (82.55 KB, 692x486, 346:243, Home.JPG)


Rounding the bend to Final Approach

descending to land

6e156a No.208853


dubs - something to look at

f81def No.208854

File: fdf20ba380d674f⋯.jpg (5.14 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 1509952142867.jpg)


this is why i am number 2

84faf9 No.208855

So we can't fire RR but what if he is found guilty per the memo? Then what?

96c775 No.208856



These scumbags are letting outside contractors view intel in order to carry out ops so that the scumbags can be kept out of the loop.

Plausible deniability.

Dems completely weaponized the intel services.

3b5861 No.208857


Wow awesome!! Great find

5447ca No.208858

998073 No.208860

rehashing and thinking.

Geronimo post says 41,000ft max threat level for conspiracy (Potus danger)

Apache flies at max 21,000ft, so threat level is midway.

Double meaning, Comey target. When he was held hostage as a kid, a tracker named woodsman who was taught by an ousted Apache, found and identified the wrong man. Taught Comey a lesson to "never call someone guilty until you mean it."

I'm guessing he didn't really learn his lesson.

33388b No.208861


Geronimo was the chief of a band of RENEGADE Apaches

d6b8ae No.208862

Trump Twitter DDOS?


b7fde4 No.208863


I feel like either the NFL is rigged and Q knew who would be in the Super Bowl, or we are truly dealing with some precognition. SPOOKY.

>4th quarter, Patriots.

>We fight together.

f3e52d No.208864


Find some footage of Lindsey Graham on Fox, Shannon Bream's show, last night around 10:20 EST.

ff6222 No.208865


RR will strike the Ring. Somehow that make way more sense than rod from God's talk.

b88fb8 No.208867


I think you're onto something anon.

#ActivateTheSleeperCells With Comey's face. That might help to get ahead of the narrative on the event of a FF.

8d31f1 No.208868



Why are there only 16 people meeting now, but there were 19 meeting on Jan 18th… Who are the three missing conspirators? What happened to them?

"Jan 18 2018 20:16:41




What [19] people are currently meeting in a 'safe' room [heavily guarded]?

Why did everyone leave their phones/all other electronic devices in Room 239?"

ed037b No.208869


Renegade = Obama

70d4ae No.208870


Brenden Dilley said Norfolk is a FF watch area this week. US Navy is doing security exercises on all bases, may or may not be due to the intel.

b64118 No.208871

File: cb268029e70cbe3⋯.png (532.78 KB, 844x1200, 211:300, image.png)


Geronimo = Apache = Skull and Boners = Bush takedown….probably not, but at least i'll have sweet dreams tonight. Thank you Q!

e9c587 No.208872


1 guy was shot dead by cops today. they think terrorism related.

161350 No.208873


Yes the NFL is rigged. It is owned by the Illuminati and is part of the game they are playing with each other.

2d8278 No.208874


Crowdsource The Truth YT

dcb933 No.208875


If Q as insights, he probably implies RR is not guilty per memo, so can't be fired without crossing a red line.

Or that after the memo release, it would cross the red line to fire the guilty RR

66f766 No.208876


This is what they were talking about on the news. The Federation for American Immigration Reform. FAIR …. He is 1 of 22 …. "now 32" he said.

dadb68 No.208877

dfbe4d No.208878


>Find missing [3]

ba913d No.208879

File: d01fa30301749b2⋯.png (386.94 KB, 427x355, 427:355, meme34.png)

ed037b No.208880


is RR our guy?

1f135b No.208881


The wisdom of Q. That single post on an anonymous board in the furthest reaches of the Internet prevents a civil war.

6bc634 No.208882


Great, ty!

a5c5d2 No.208883


revised date: 9/11

d2e895 No.208884


get lost useless kike

c349e8 No.208885


I want to take Geronimo's skull back to the Apache's.

c81156 No.208886

Sleeper Cells Activate? APACHE?

2c7199 No.208887

File: 50c7c8e3f47e29f⋯.png (154.41 KB, 955x423, 955:423, RosensteinMaryland.PNG)

File: 60d685fcea55df0⋯.png (85.41 KB, 774x587, 774:587, RR vote.PNG)

50a9cc No.208888







618524 No.208889


d5706c No.208890

File: b62314221323ece⋯.png (466.92 KB, 600x450, 4:3, damper done.png)

c81156 No.208891


Did not see sleeper cells activate coming at all

9fcb4c No.208892


Anons could demand it.

d1ec90 No.208893



dfbe4d No.208894



b2e964 No.208895


Looks like Q was directing us to that post…

[US] [risk] [th][is] [W][e][e][k]

Seems like this week is the risk of false flags that Q was warning us about. Be careful out there ,Anons

d9cc40 No.208896


And they say Q doesn't post

c349e8 No.208898


damper bread!!!

885c48 No.208899


Yup. I've been non stop at Maxipad and her dilutional supporters.

1c67fb No.208905


Hmm, several Apache tribes spread about and later put on reservations, they were tough warring Indians.


Reservations about the Apache?

Another anon pointed out the Skull & Bones link, secret societies.

With the date today translating as 9/11 1 backwards makes me think 9/11 link with OBL code name Geronimo. Also, don't see any other Apache posts by Q, YET ALSO ON 11/12 this:

Nov 12 2017 12:52:34



ID: /jAm9Qi+


Patriots don’t sleep.

40,000ft. v. necessary to understand [US]/SA/global events.

Paint the picture.

Decrease altitude (we will not fly that high again).

Higher the altitude greater the [risk] of conspiracy ST.

Many cannot/will not swallow.

What is No Such Agency - Q group?

Who has clearance to full picture?


SIS is good.

+++Adm R+++

What agency is at war w/ Clowns In America?

How does POTUS shift narrative?

(New) Age of Enlightenment.

80% covert.

20% public.

What has occurred over [th]e last several months?

C-info leaks?

Operations (think SA + ???)?

CNN sale?

What co’s rec large cash injections by Clowns In America (public)?


Who does [i]t hurt?

Who control[s] the MSM?

Primary objective from beginning: POTUS discredit MSM.

[W]hy is this relevant?

How is information transmitted?

How are people inform[e]d?

Why was Sarah A. C. attacked (hack-attempt)?

Why was Op[e]ration Mockingbird repeated?

Why was Jason Bourne (CIA/Dream) repeated?

Think social media platforms.

Who are the Wizards & Warloc[k]s?

What council do the Wizards & Warlocks control?

Think Snowden (inside terms dropped).

Alice & Wonderland – understood.

Snow White – understood.

Iron Eagle?

Godfather III?


Everything has meaning.

Disney is a distraction.

Senate & Congress = puppets (not all)(power shift).





1b0b44 No.208908


Q on RR = Necessary disinformation for the glowfags watching?

1fe15d No.208909


Rallies being set up nationwide if that happens per this link.



ff6222 No.208910


Not sure, even if he flipped I don't think I would ever call him /ourguy/

b88fb8 No.208912


She makes it so easy. Kek.

Carry on brother.

4534d6 No.208913

Where's the little /BITCH/ who was talking shit to /planefags

6bc634 No.208915


We've been warned twice now about a FF.


d2d494 No.208917


Ricin. But that needs ingestion. I mean it could be in the air. It could be rubbed on a door. Hes protected is all we know.

If they can hear everything they are aware- right Q?

d2e895 No.208918


you may be right

a7aad4 No.241555


Heads up Anons!!!

Zaq was on InfoWars this evening. FF coming at SB on Sunday!!!!!

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xsniUhbBPQ&t=195s

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