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>>2405112 Active Shooter reported at Mercy SW Hospital in Bakersfield CA

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>>2403887 Newfags: Check the sealed indictments in your juristiction

>>2403880 Alternate theory on DOS (Dominus Obsequious Sororium)

>>2403825 , >>2403861 NXIVM's Allison Mack of the "Dominus Obsequious Sororium", breaks silence

>>2403653 OH MY GOD it's HABBENING

>>2403744 , >>2403775 Hannity takes the lash to Acosta

>>2402964 , >>2402989, >>2403007 (pb) Lori Klausutis died violently in Joe Scarborough's office

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>>2402949 , >>2403049 Say hello to the newest member of the New York Times' editorial board

>>2402892 Common Sense Media, Tom Steyer's Organization. Dig

>>2402875 /ourgirl/ Sarah Sanders fights back against CNN

>>2402859 , >>2402944 , >>2403009 Daily Caller tweets the QAnon vid cover but fails to report the truth

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>>2402519 Maxine Waters hit with FEC Complaint

>>2402510 , >>2402499 , >>2402560 , >>2402599 Past QPost: Rothschild Owned & Controlled Banks

>>2402509 Why did Obama Admin repeal Smith Mundt Act? (Propaganda Act)

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>>2402191 Past QPost on FISA

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>>2402175 Pompeo: “No Rationale For US Tax Dollars” For Pakistan’s IMF Rescue

>>2402144 New York Man Charged With Theft of General Electric's Trade Secrets

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>>2402116 Hot: New Great Awakening covers

>>2402094 Pennsylvania - Diocese Names 71 Pedophile Priests And Blames Bishops

>>2402092 UNREDACTED Portion of James Wolfe Indictment

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>>2401636 HOLY NOTABLE: Did this just happen? CONFIRMED !! >>2401784 , >>2401785

>>2401605 Acosta on Facing ‘CNN Sucks’ Chant at Trump Rally

>>2401532 Past QPost on Saudi, 9/11 and Bin Laden

>>2401507 CEO resignations list

>>2401497 Past QPost: Reporters who colluded with the HRC campaign

>>2401469 , >>2401590 Red Pills on Saudi and Obama

>>2401462 Mueller Passes 3 Cases on Illicit Foreign Lobbying to Prosecutors in NY

>>2401447 Red Pill Video: Red Cross Cash In Crates

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>>2401413 Required listening for newfags: Eric Prince (Blackwater) interview

>>2401306 Rob Reiner threatens POTUS with violence

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File: 68a74d09e065de7⋯.png (45.42 KB, 590x262, 295:131, IMG_2505.PNG)

64657c  No.2405275

File: 1d88f64330a3a66⋯.png (629.6 KB, 1545x701, 1545:701, RedPill.png)

c0b623  No.2405276



867820  No.2405278

Do you remember the feeling of helplessness when a jigsaw puzzle is spilled on the dining room table?

Do you remember starting to look for corner pieces with a sense that the challenge ahead was insurmountable?

Do you remember when a small portion of the puzzle became clear and you could see it reflected on the box the puzzle came in?

Were you amazed as slowly you picked up pieces, carefully analyzed them and determined where they might fit?

Do you remember not forming an opinion, but setting them aside close to where you hoped they would fit? Do you remember others telling you that you had it wrong? Do you remember not caring and knowing that searching was the key and that right or wrong you would persist and eventually prevail?

That is what is going on here.

Anons who have carefully analyzed and evaluated tiny pieces of the puzzle are gathered here helping one another put the pieces together.

Some have spent decades looking at small niches.

Together we build a map of reality that alone we could not do.

What we are experiencing together is that the solved puzzle is bigger than we can imagine.

Those of us who have been at it for years have come to the realization that distinct areas of research are intertwined with others.

As we link them together we are convinced that the puzzle is bigger than we can imagine and that the image it reflects is pure evil.

Some of us are into economics and finance. We know the evils of fiat reserve currency and the incredible power we give to those we allow to print money out of thin air. We have studied central banking, free markets, the Bank of International Settlements and we know that the a web of bankers own all the corporations through the board of directors which they sit on.

Some of us analyze politics. We know that the left and the right are two wings of the same bird of prey. We know that no matter who is in power the State goes stronger and our liberties are further eroded. We know that the bankers own the politicians and that division is an illusion.

Some of us are philosophers that understand Hegelian Dialectics. We understand how propaganda works and how we are intentionally divided in order to generate consensus.

Many of us know that through control of our monetary system, our corporations and our politicians war is waged. Bugaboos are created and inflated in order for funding to flow so that corporations can profit.

What we have all come to realize is that the MOCKINGBIRD MEDIA has handed us the wrong box to the puzzle we are solving. We know that they want us to believe the puzzle is complete without trying to piece it together for ourselves. We understand that they are not the fabricators of the puzzle but they are the ones handing us a false picture to work on.

The individuals here have set that false map aside and are no longer wasting time trying to put pieces together according to the image they are broadcasting.

We are the ones looking at the individual pieces of information, considering them carefully and piecing them together into a new image. We step back, look at the big picture and then continue picking up the pieces and carefully considering where they should go.

Karl Rove once said that the WH creates its own reality and if it doesn't like the reality it created it spins a new one.


From this point forward we the people, the individuals are collaborating to form our own opinions. Building a picture of reality which is authentic and ours. We don't care that others are working off a different map. We don't even assume there is a map.

This makes us invulnerable.

Spin if you must.

Weave if you can.

Spontaneity is what you are seeing here.

In order to benefit you must be able to look at the complex pieces of the puzzle and place them in the appropriate place in your own mental map.

Welcome to the new media.

Welcome to the new reality.

Think logically and trust yourself.

Spoon fed no more.

c0b623  No.2405279


baker needs a drink or 3

00b005  No.2405280


OK you get a you on this one

05b36d  No.2405282


That was a quick bread.

Barely got to butter it.

More like a shortbread cookie.

0fc1a6  No.2405283

File: 5b48232bc26db78⋯.png (900.56 KB, 1250x621, 1250:621, dough.png)

File: 7232b1ed5609239⋯.png (361.88 KB, 540x686, 270:343, pepelove.png)

>>2405274 (fukken ebot)





e3f120  No.2405284

File: be0945d291b790a⋯.jpg (16.99 KB, 244x255, 244:255, TEXT.jpg)

d10884  No.2405285

File: 3a4429c1bce1331⋯.png (7.47 KB, 267x189, 89:63, Theory.png)

I have posted this in 6 breads but it keeps getting pushed off the table before my brothers and sistas can respond. I'm going to keep posting it until I get an autist response. It might even go notable if a few or the regulars put their formidable thought into it. I'm constantly amazed at the level of thought from legit autists. Glad I've learned how to identify them rather quickly. The problem is, I get to reading and always too late!

Please don't let this trigger (((You))).

Mueller's investigation = Collusion → Obstruction → Conspiracy

What if all this research Q has been giving us has been in preparation for Mueller's investigation morphing to the conspiracy phase? If so, our research catapults him far ahead in the game.


23e678  No.2405286


D.Plorable • 2 hours ago

It's never going to LA. This whole thing is a sick joke. It took Jerry's Green Mafia 3 tries to find a consultant who would cough up the numbers they wanted. Later they hired a Euro guy who had built the longest tunnel in the world to study going through the Tehachapis and he told them it could not be done. (earthquake faults). Next they hired another consultant to figure out how to slow down the train after it comes out of the tunnel they can't build.

I know a property owner 1/4 mile from the path where it was supposed to go through Merced. The transpo-crats breezed into town to announce they would not be buying through eminent domain (Iike they had done in Fresno) they would just offer people loans to relocate (like the gas station by the freeway that has no viable business unless it's next to the freeway). Some businesses closed, some moved, yet a few developers came in and built from scratch though right in the path of the train's supposed route. (BTW the transpos who were in charge quit and scattered, probably because they do not want to be around when this whole thing collapses.)

They told Merced the train would come in 2023 no make that 2025 then 2029, Last word was it's not coming at all! Meanwhile they already blew billions prepping and building the "train to nowhere" though that is a bit of an insult to Bakersfield. But that is the con, they say they will build from Fresno to Bakersfield and then figure out how to link it to the rest of the line.

They could have already built something along the Altamont or Pacheco or both corridors and done a great deal of good for the massively overloaded transit routes already in place. I leave it to readers to contemplate as to why; certainly it has something to do with the growth and property value explosion that would result.

8d716c  No.2405287

So you are new here huh. Heard about it here or there. Thought you would take a peek. Ya. That nagging feeling you have had your whole life. That itch you can't scratch.

Did you look at the board and go "Holy fuck!" They are out of their ever loving minds. Every conspricay you could ever imagine. All tightly rolled up with faggots and niggers. (Anon lingo. Freedom of speech something or other. Nod and smile).

Are you thinking "Holy fuck! Where do I start! Pedos, reptilians, clones, Jews, Mocking bird, masons, Jesuits, ETC! No don't start here.

Learn what is being done to you first.

GMO Foods





That will alert you to deception. The further you go the more patterns will appear to you. You don't have to agree with any it. Just ask yourself the question. What do you want to KNOW. What do you think you know?

And what are you ready to discover.

684a20  No.2405288

File: 014fcd84c72a6f7⋯.png (855.54 KB, 1166x691, 1166:691, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)

Bakersfield incident pic

ac1646  No.2405290

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


9a8729  No.2405291

File: a60e5c2ebf0cf2f⋯.jpg (140.66 KB, 712x506, 356:253, a60e5c2ebf0cf2f036647af364….jpg)

TYB, delicious bread

1c578f  No.2405292

NOV 21

Identify symbolism (Owl / Y).

Which performers/celebs supported HRC during the election?

Who performed during her rallies?

What jewelry and/or tattoos present?

What other events do they attend together?

What does HRC represent to them?

What celebrities have owl / Y head symbols?

What politicians have owl / Y head symbols?

What powerful people have owl / Y head symbols?

What powerful groups have owl / Y head symbols?

Why are they worn/shown openly?

Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.

MSM role?

Push conspiracy theory.

Social media role?

Push conspiracy theory and institute new rules allowing for ban.


The graphic is key.

Re-read graphic (ex: what family did Soros replace (Y)).

Part II – How were they ‘adopted’ into the cult (as children).

What were they provided for obeying and staying silent (brainwashed)?

All that you know to be right is wrong.

The ‘cult’ runs the world.

Fantasy land.

The world is fighting back (& destroying the cult).

20% public.

80% private.

The world would otherwise collapse.

40,000ft. v. (again) and need to decrease altitude to avoid ‘conspiracy’ label.

Was necessary.


For God & Country.


346fb7  No.2405293

File: e1705deebcd39c5⋯.png (533.43 KB, 705x726, 235:242, Screenshot_2018-08-02 Suzi….png)

File: 48ccd5ef40f7c16⋯.png (782.72 KB, 705x622, 705:622, Screenshot_2018-08-02 Suzi….png)

Free Julian

cf7833  No.2405294




Can we change this statement below,

>"The Official Stance of QResearch and its Honest & True Members is that we are in NO WAY to ever take legal matters into our own hands, using threats, intimidation, violence, or any other means to usurp the KNOWN Chain of Command."

Into this simpler version here?

>/Qresearch/ does not condone violence or the incitement of violent acts against any groups and/or individuals.

89c7ff  No.2405295

File: a97d3865f1c7af7⋯.jpg (531.29 KB, 1040x1021, 1040:1021, 1533182480067.jpg)

4e1e95  No.2405296


It says 'planet'.


bcb583  No.2405298


Since yesterday

aafc55  No.2405299

File: e38f5be4814d541⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1545x701, 1545:701, ClipboardImage.png)



new bread pic?

a6d93e  No.2405300

>>2404841 (lb)

>>2404716 (lb)

No, not good at all. Lots of unnecessary, and indeed dishonest, emphasis on "outlandish theories".' Get the fake shit out.

Some HUMAN write a real one, and don't be shy.


7e339a  No.2405301

Please stop sucking MSM cock and think logically. They won't report on anything truthful here or anything that sounds good. Yall are dumb as fuck.

f6a1e4  No.2405302

File: c8ba3e287ae5b47⋯.jpg (80.09 KB, 626x596, 313:298, fin.jpg)

TY Baker

867820  No.2405303

File: 9dc55d462dd9a13⋯.jpeg (160.47 KB, 904x872, 113:109, thank.you.baker2.jpeg)


bread was flying by. Stopped to write a post. By the time I posted it was in the 700s. So glad I didn't shit the bread.

TY Baker.

c2ed2f  No.2405304

>>2405082 (lb)

The owls are not what they seem.

9a8729  No.2405305


Vote yes

05e81c  No.2405306

File: 873fbe9dbc66f17⋯.jpg (196.19 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, chappie.jpg)


Dont shit in the dough, Chappie!

84dd33  No.2405307

File: eed8b487229f9f2⋯.jpg (115.65 KB, 795x1024, 795:1024, 2e51f3b47feb4ed0e0775d2ac3….jpg)

File: 1a5cd61e24764fa⋯.jpg (101.42 KB, 540x809, 540:809, IMG_0463.jpg)

File: 7f4a1b362a37c91⋯.png (352.06 KB, 615x769, 615:769, Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at ….png)

File: d9e7640dc53f653⋯.jpg (531.05 KB, 1440x1809, 160:201, Screenshot_2018-07-04-15-5….jpg)


Thank You Baker!! Here's my all star lineup for you!!

c0b623  No.2405308


yea i'll change it

1c578f  No.2405309

NOV 22

USA vs.

Necessary to cut strings from foreign bad actors.

Necessary to form WW alliances to defeat.

Think Merkel is a coincidence?

They are puppets.

They are weak.

They are scared.

80% dark ops necessary.

20% public for justice.

The stage must be set.

Have faith.


d6f929  No.2405310

File: bff392b4b2424be⋯.gif (1.4 MB, 500x281, 500:281, laughing 1493340724316 (1).gif)

File: 722e785ff1604b8⋯.gif (687.67 KB, 500x337, 500:337, Laughter.gif)

>>2405262 (lb)

you're fucking hilarious, thanks for the comic relief

take your HBP meds

73678d  No.2405311

File: 502fdaaeb7e149a⋯.png (8.37 MB, 3240x3240, 1:1, D8CCA9FC-BEF9-4719-A3C6-63….png)

464412  No.2405313



a67c2e  No.2405314

File: df23597fb4e3d9b⋯.jpg (44.58 KB, 474x376, 237:188, DWQoGmuUMAAvcGC.jpg)

For newfags

b4b97b  No.2405315

File: 0396d3582eeaa72⋯.jpg (98.69 KB, 500x625, 4:5, 26qnag.jpg)

Dual-Citizen jews have been destroying our nation for many decades.

Jews are the deep state.

End dual citizenship, and deport the traitors to Israel.

a6a58b  No.2405316


fake moon

7f1171  No.2405317

File: 82abca98041a4ce⋯.jpeg (6.69 MB, 4713x3142, 3:2, admiralrogers.jpeg)

File: 99bb903314374b5⋯.jpg (2.06 MB, 2634x2191, 2634:2191, 1527030069743.jpg)

File: 664ba09c743dd04⋯.jpg (10.51 KB, 276x183, 92:61, download.jpg)

What a time to be alive, to witness the downfall of such an evil society that has brainwashed the masses. These events unfolding will be the greatest story ever told, and you can help push it along by researching Q posts from the beginning.

64a32b  No.2405318


You red dit.

c2b352  No.2405319

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Clinton's Body Count?

USA's most Prolific Serial KILLERS…

Bill and Hillary Clinton!

11893c  No.2405320

>>2403494 (PB)

Possibly missed notable

324a80  No.2405321

File: 5cb2f37aa7a929f⋯.jpg (93.38 KB, 671x876, 671:876, Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at ….jpg)

File: 04f880e4f2736b3⋯.jpg (132.18 KB, 1613x950, 1613:950, Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at ….jpg)

File: 8932b7307de5659⋯.jpg (120.6 KB, 1595x876, 1595:876, Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at ….jpg)

File: f31227871c5a05b⋯.jpg (315.21 KB, 1588x873, 1588:873, Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at ….jpg)

HEY Press Fags!

This is a great story.

It proves who the DNC email leaker really is.

Spoiler Alert! IT"S NOT RUSSIA

Ask yourself why you can't touch it, then #WalkAway

a88cb4  No.2405322

I think Dan from Cincinnati is still 2 breads back wondering why no one is posting anymore.

bcb583  No.2405323

File: 3c62f35d321ef09⋯.png (25.15 KB, 420x751, 420:751, ClipboardImage.png)

NEW here?


684a20  No.2405324



More concise language = better

867820  No.2405325


Ahahahaha… well deserved. Too much wine. Thanks anon. And to the newfags, thats a gif. You should click on it.

346fb7  No.2405326

File: 6d57248b2265411⋯.jpg (416.75 KB, 878x1079, 878:1079, Clip020.jpg)

c76bf4  No.2405327

File: 836f0768ffb0121⋯.jpg (5.97 KB, 255x143, 255:143, f5de4d14e0008212ce9989695c….jpg)

7335be  No.2405329


I like it… usually I would TLDR it… but it read easily

b6ba4e  No.2405330

File: f4a74cc1345609d⋯.png (259.03 KB, 579x489, 193:163, ClipboardImage.png)

Dan Reynolds, ladies and gentlemen.

1c578f  No.2405331

NOV 22

Why are China & Russia communist S/closed?

Can you find an owl / Y there?

Was this to prevent evil from entering?

Was this to protect their children/people?

Why was BO shamed during trip to China, SA, other locations?

How was POTUS hosted?



Fantasy land.


3b3739  No.2405332

File: e40b172628c3e7c⋯.png (504.95 KB, 620x625, 124:125, acacostaosta.png)


f1f2b7  No.2405333

File: f6dfcfcd28a98ac⋯.gif (2.99 MB, 252x263, 252:263, too_much_text_girl.gif)

d6f929  No.2405334


Thanks baker, have a drink for me too when you get through

a6d035  No.2405335

File: 0befb65104b8602⋯.png (47.26 KB, 590x262, 295:131, IMG_2506.PNG)

9f533d  No.2405337

File: 4063720a4fce18f⋯.jpg (85.42 KB, 600x338, 300:169, alive.jpg)

The FEAR of the


Q is inside (((THEM)))


e3c494  No.2405338

File: 5fae2d32bbcf72c⋯.png (1.72 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 5A617662-4F8F-442E-92D8-0C….png)

File: 48183284387cd9f⋯.png (330.26 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, EE78CCE9-3CF6-44EB-95A1-F8….png)

File: aa4f91c3f007bfd⋯.png (374.44 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, E3E3B5DD-5837-48CB-B753-FF….png)

File: 0c3364f0ee9f732⋯.png (295.42 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, A370AE38-6D00-4E19-A35B-3E….png)

File: e1b5bead8008fb9⋯.png (298.16 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, D0396188-0D72-4D71-A40B-CF….png)

Beginners Guide to Calling Bullshit


48fcca  No.2405339


Go out on a limb here…if legit, guessing it was done with a 3d printed gun

e4da75  No.2405340

File: 76b7c1b3f30fe01⋯.png (376.01 KB, 641x716, 641:716, Beria1.png)

File: a8760adc4eb12e8⋯.png (249.84 KB, 1458x738, 81:41, AntifaschistischeAktionKom….png)

File: 6eea39e106c44fa⋯.png (803.28 KB, 789x400, 789:400, AntiFaschistischeAktionKPD.png)

File: 15bbecf58de187e⋯.png (453.71 KB, 799x515, 799:515, AntifaschistischeAktionKom….png)

File: a7f8508192eb952⋯.png (219.73 KB, 441x584, 441:584, Beria.png)

I wonder why the jewish television networks never tell you about these communist fuckwads? Hmmm. Must take a brain surgeon to figure it out.

cf7833  No.2405341

File: 316dc0658e697e9⋯.gif (1.03 MB, 234x280, 117:140, 316dc0658e697e9c9190d42024….gif)

0fc1a6  No.2405342

File: d4c29166ba4354f⋯.png (292.66 KB, 500x499, 500:499, ClipboardImage.png)

member this is a research board

comfy comfy

all the shills seem to have gone away for the night

977d00  No.2405343

CA fire bug caught 7/27. Not sure if it was picked up on. If so disregard.


64a32b  No.2405344


Kill self and stop back for approval.

c2ed2f  No.2405345

File: 9e8fda24b331da6⋯.png (11.19 KB, 582x106, 291:53, reply.PNG)

a6d93e  No.2405346


No, stop emphasizing stereotypical "conspiracy theory" lingo. It's not helpful to us.

Frame things in ways that require the least that is unfamiliar and alienating.

be74ce  No.2405347

File: 69ee9d9a267a91f⋯.jpg (35.51 KB, 640x389, 640:389, puppet_hand.jpg)

File: 20bb0751b776270⋯.jpg (35 KB, 640x389, 640:389, puppet_shhhh.jpg)


(sorry for repost anon… didn't realize how close to end of bread i was)

0ef2ec  No.2405348

File: 9e580c767043b90⋯.jpg (27.34 KB, 489x325, 489:325, Schopenhauer-Jules-Luntesc….jpg)


I still would like 100%…

2fc9ac  No.2405349

File: a7d36d6c70b9015⋯.jpg (6.74 KB, 255x170, 3:2, fc45ef5efd12fbbe.jpg)

>>2403984 PB


d10884  No.2405350



07a520  No.2405351

File: aa16ab5b3806f77⋯.jpg (8.66 KB, 255x255, 1:1, diggingche.jpg)

>>2405183 (Last bread)

>What if all this research Q has been giving us has been in preparation for Mueller's investigation morphing to the conspiracy phase?

Conspiracy to do what, exactly?

Conspiracy, as a legal issue, must have an underlying crime.

What is the underlying crime to Mueller's conspiracy?

Answer: their is none. There is no underlying crime.

It's not illegal to meet with Russians (or any other foreign national) in a hotel room.

When the leftards are finally told this as Mueller shuts down his investigaton, they are gonna slit their wrists.

I can't wait.

c3b211  No.2405352

File: 914185af17378f1⋯.png (2.47 MB, 816x1056, 17:22, Bush Crime Family Tree - W….png)

File: 297f70931167fe9⋯.png (2.47 MB, 816x1056, 17:22, Bush Crime Family Tree - W….png)

File: 4839c248f6cee57⋯.png (2.47 MB, 816x1056, 17:22, Bush Crime Family Tree - W….png)

File: 934b3666f075186⋯.png (2.47 MB, 816x1056, 17:22, Bush Crime Family Tree - W….png)

Bush Crime Family Tree.


7e339a  No.2405353

In like 1500 this board turned into reddit lmao

178233  No.2405354

>>2404634 lb

>Sorry if i got anyone's hopes up, the real "journalists" wil be here soon tho.

Look at you fools, "Real journalists", as is those unicorns existed.

Those whores will come here, pretend they're our bestest friends, then write their articles to make us look like crazy conspirators. It's what they do. It's all they do. Have you learned nothing here?

All a "journalist" should receive here is a contemptuous dismissal. We are the real media now, start acting like it you fawning asshats.


At least some anons are still thinking.

843219  No.2405355

File: c2a15ae87a02a6b⋯.jpg (85.33 KB, 1312x880, 82:55, body snatchers.jpg)



gif or gtfo

dbbc8a  No.2405356

Has anyone read the Giza Prophecy?

c42ed3  No.2405357


!ytterp si ehS

64657c  No.2405359



I made that for newfags, nor for bread replacement.

ff77b8  No.2405361

File: e9f18e3b65df38e⋯.gif (428.91 KB, 960x1191, 320:397, e9f18e3b65df38ec95148c6524….gif)

1c578f  No.2405362

File: b8df7afc3f0fce8⋯.jpg (687.07 KB, 2080x1544, 260:193, 1511372030331.jpg)

NOV 22

Who really controls NK?


a6d93e  No.2405363

File: 330289378aec18b⋯.png (2.62 MB, 1413x4414, 1413:4414, ΒΟςΟΜΡ.png)

07a520  No.2405364

File: 26c7c7c1479bbf9⋯.png (363.43 KB, 519x649, 519:649, beaut2.png)

File: 1e503d4f9236955⋯.png (905.14 KB, 575x954, 575:954, ClipboardImage.png)

Thank you Baker.

325f5e  No.2405365

Did we ever find the case Judge Nap referenced on Fox and Friends about Rosenstien exonerating Manafort???

1c578f  No.2405366

NOV 22


Iran Deal.

Why is this relevant?

Re-read drops re: NK / Iran.

(Y) What does it mean to be covered in gold?

Which couple was photographed covered in gold?

The public release was a mistake.

Who released the picture?

Who has all the information?

(Y) What does it mean to be covered in gold?

Can you locate one other pic w/ Y head covered in gold?

What does this represent?




e4da75  No.2405367

File: c1539e0568248bf⋯.png (174.92 KB, 1515x891, 505:297, WhoWantedWWII.png)

File: aac6c14afa84c1c⋯.png (152.58 KB, 1512x863, 1512:863, WhoWantedWWII2.png)

Eat shit kikes.

Anti Trump kikes.

Satan's little helpers.

d6f929  No.2405368

File: 9475ebaee35f2d0⋯.jpg (9.74 KB, 255x151, 255:151, laughinginputin2.jpg)


Again, I AGREE

pic not really related

64a32b  No.2405369


Post it.

3d20d1  No.2405370

File: b200e8342a10ab8⋯.png (413.96 KB, 2002x1909, 2002:1909, trumppaint.png)

anons i think we now know what the bizarre Q drops were about last night.

by bring up steyer and wikileaks pedophilia…. it forced the "media" to go full out "discredit" mode. i mean the drop specifically told us how big and how much money the steyey operation has.

so Q used trump's favorite tactic…. make a "mistake" and force the MSM to cover it wall to wall

summary: Q's drops last night tricked the 4am reliant media into covering Q across all platforms giving us MILLIONS of EYES


2f6d24  No.2405371


im still waiting for that 3d printed gunpowder

346fb7  No.2405372



LOL - Spooky SynchroNICEty

b70f6a  No.2405373

It's impossible to be here 24/7. Please think for

yourself and use common sense.

716f2c  No.2405374


fires all around me.

Calif. is burning.

these people ARE sick.

11893c  No.2405376

File: 0f3ec8d1cfbcfa5⋯.jpeg (558.4 KB, 2208x669, 736:223, D88D448A-877C-4860-95F7-9….jpeg)

File: aa95369239a8ba8⋯.jpeg (786.58 KB, 2208x484, 552:121, 9CAD62A0-CBF4-468E-A0CA-E….jpeg)


Here’s the pics

Someone knows where the bodies are buried, Dershowitz’ prostitutes and sex robots.

0fc1a6  No.2405377


no, we don't have comped mods that turn this into a safe space or namefag


2d4c1f  No.2405379

File: 9e35f068a2a2a94⋯.jpg (147.03 KB, 730x548, 365:274, 1_1_7_1_3_3_IMG_201707 (19….jpg)


1c578f  No.2405380

NOV 22

Ancient Egyptians considered gold “the skin of the gods” – specifically the sun god Ra – and often used it to craft objects of spiritual significance.

Why is this relevant?


f1f2b7  No.2405381

File: 3341273938798d7⋯.jpg (56.82 KB, 500x645, 100:129, patton pointer.jpg)

7335be  No.2405382

File: e719b8e9592a929⋯.png (358.55 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Not_a_Conspiracy_Hillary_c….png)

mmmmmmaybe being called a conspiracy theory means we are right

867820  No.2405383


You fucked up anon. Where's the GiF I deserve?

c0b623  No.2405384


i usually don't comment on baker girls but damnnnn

db4c42  No.2405385

File: 3ea0f6724df9db9⋯.jpg (65.91 KB, 307x400, 307:400, 20180801_223458.jpg)

Blessings for the Baker! Fresh bewbs direct from in house <3

2e6878  No.2405386


Ahhhh, the Browndoggle. Many, many people need to go to jail for this.

e4da75  No.2405389

File: 6eaba7f913f23bf⋯.png (180.1 KB, 1513x590, 1513:590, FakeNews1.png)

File: d9556cb160586ad⋯.png (186.99 KB, 1506x360, 251:60, FakeNews2.png)

File: 1c2adf836fcb172⋯.png (172.79 KB, 1515x482, 1515:482, FakeNews3.png)

Tough shit you fucking kikes.







c76bf4  No.2405390

File: decee4bc0826da3⋯.jpg (49.16 KB, 560x382, 280:191, hive-mind_group-think.jpg)

File: eceb649798da1dd⋯.png (195.93 KB, 562x516, 281:258, Screenshot_2018-08-01 Q Re….png)



thats weird not only the time stamp but the content and the complete random unrelatedness of all 3 posts

0ef2ec  No.2405391

File: 61ef11d8333e4d3⋯.jpg (54.97 KB, 731x1024, 731:1024, 1341838663_aliens_sml2.jpg)



c2ed2f  No.2405392

>>2405122 (lb)

>potential for violence

Yes, from her side.

81915f  No.2405393

File: 91bde2a9a273fd7⋯.png (2.88 MB, 1231x1221, 1231:1221, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5cd8a87f292a450⋯.png (493.34 KB, 750x500, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

you guys see this shit last bread

>>2404735 ←-

464412  No.2405394

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

346fb7  No.2405395

File: 1f27aaa648b2280⋯.jpg (618.41 KB, 1919x1053, 1919:1053, Clip019.jpg)

9b6615  No.2405396

File: 88077bbbd56ed83⋯.png (105.04 KB, 968x498, 484:249, Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at ….png)

Guise, I just thought about this. About a week ago I got an automated telephone message from Lara Trump POTUS' daughter in law inviting me to the rally in Wilkesbarre.

It came thru on my landline and I scrambled fast to get the info. Then I logged in online and claimed my tickets. (One of them has two Q's, kek).

Then I started thinking about pic related. I have been following Q practically 24/7 since 10/28. And my landline is connected to ISP.

Did any other anons get a phone call inviting you to a rally?

0fc1a6  No.2405397

File: cc9bea9391c1dd4⋯.png (71.56 KB, 510x332, 255:166, ClipboardImage.png)


you're good

9465f9  No.2405398

File: 7fa45543fedc4cb⋯.png (356.86 KB, 452x520, 113:130, 860dd362-ebfd-ded3-83f4-10….png)

E Pluribus Q

a6a58b  No.2405399

File: a902c7031e38e2f⋯.png (345.29 KB, 784x410, 392:205, keith_r.png)

72b85d  No.2405400


Strange isn't it?

Any idea why we have more dream lucidity ?

It has to be something behind the scenes. Something very very big. Energy is shifting. The Blood Moon was almost like a blur.


I always thought this whole Galactic Federation of Light narrative was Disinfo as well….

My thinking is that basically evening is "habbening" at once, like a multiverse I guess you would say. All for the first time, and I am playing it out. Certain things are left as like "Golden Eggs" or Keystones within Life that help you get to a place of happiness and knowing.

Sometimes, as crazy as this is, I even question my own reality to the point that I wonder if the past is true or if I was just dropped into a strange timeline in which my own perception is the only real one and everything else going on around me is the first "go round."

Keystones etc…………. I think that dreaming and the "unconscious" as Jung would say is extremely important to completing the question of self.

I really just want to be nice to others and understanding.

Very curious if any of you have suggestions about diet. I got into a conversation with an older friend recently and he was telling me he believes that ingesting bad meat, or "negative energy" from factory farmed animals etc is directly transferred to you, which I found very interesting because it isn't a concept I had really thought of before but really does make sense to me now..


Or what if everything is happening on different levels or I guess "Dimensions" for the first time all at once.

Like I said before and we are only left with "keystones" to navigate through life?

We can choose our path.

Very much like a game, 2018 Skyrim lol.

A Karmic plane upon which we are judged for our eternal life?

cd3740  No.2405401

File: f6cbb1457f133b3⋯.gif (4.07 MB, 270x480, 9:16, giphy.gif)

Too fun tonight

e3f120  No.2405402

File: 9988799d46dd8f4⋯.jpg (94.04 KB, 560x372, 140:93, STAR.jpg)

684a20  No.2405403


Probably a white dude with a 3D printed gun, QAnon shirt, MAGA hat and a Pizzagate bumpersticker

Anons, we must be PREPARED for FFs

2fc9ac  No.2405404

File: cdd717a6779839d⋯.png (18.11 KB, 456x244, 114:61, Q#525.png)


OK with 7/10.

d6f929  No.2405406

File: 5a5bbafdf61c456⋯.png (199.68 KB, 630x668, 315:334, ATCQ False narratives of t….png)

File: 019a8b64b261c03⋯.png (14.71 KB, 1024x106, 512:53, Break_The_MSM.png)

File: 892eb1457cd6ef6⋯.png (87.09 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Break_The_MSM_Lies_Q.png)

File: 5158e3b30c4e8c0⋯.png (67.61 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Break_the_MSM_One_Nation_U….png)

ac1646  No.2405407

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c7ba99  No.2405409

File: 7a6576be641e87c⋯.jpg (121.13 KB, 1200x887, 1200:887, 5acd22167e652.image.jpg)

File: 987a64bd86076c7⋯.jpg (181.03 KB, 2000x1125, 16:9, ct-spt-houson-astros-donal….jpg)


>every "17" POTUS tweet:


a6d035  No.2405410

File: ca3c1e373ef43c3⋯.png (61.7 KB, 590x288, 295:144, IMG_2507.PNG)

6a2528  No.2405411

File: d74af56112d91e7⋯.png (568.39 KB, 668x644, 167:161, Drudge re BB re Milano 8-1….PNG)

File: b29fed1bae10390⋯.png (51.83 KB, 532x623, 76:89, BB re Milano 8-1-18.PNG)

Alyssa Milano: ‘If They Fire Mueller, We Take to the Streets’


1c578f  No.2405412

NOV 22

3 sides form what shape?

Expand your thinking.

Re-read crumbs.


64a32b  No.2405413


Do you post this weekly or what? Same story modified a little bit.

bc4084  No.2405414

File: 8e9697c66529ad7⋯.jpg (93.92 KB, 604x790, 302:395, 3f6e0ff6bab014eedf1d23ed85….jpg)


It has actually slowed down since this afternoon.

Boobs for Victory!

Boobs for the Baker!

da27ea  No.2405415


You are a beauty!

23e678  No.2405416

>>2405386 The point I am trying to make, and I am feeling defensive, is that Californians are not all the same. Lots of us see through this stuff.

0fc1a6  No.2405417

File: 4c7bdeb583fa09d⋯.png (70.28 KB, 513x326, 513:326, ClipboardImage.png)


you're good

(inb4 anymoar tits, you're good)

1c578f  No.2405418

NOV 22


Where did it end up?

What was the purpose?

Who was suppose to win the election of 2016?

Why was the Iran deal kept from Congress and placed at the highest level of classification?

Meaning, a United States Senator could NOT review the deal but other foreign powers could.

How much money was hand delivered by plane(s)?

Why in cash?

Where did the plane(s) actually land?

What was the cover?

Who paid for BO to attend Harvard?

Why would this occur pre-political days?

Who was the biggest contributor to the CF?

The graphic is the key.

Why does the MSM push conspiracy w/o investigation?

Who controls the MSM?

What does the word 'conspiracy' mean to you?

Has the word 'conspiracy' been branded to mean something shameful in today's society?

The world cannot handle the truth.

This pill cannot be swallowed by most.

Risk in painting this picture.



81915f  No.2405419

File: e0e8199fadcdf47⋯.jpg (173.45 KB, 1000x518, 500:259, 1509472153622.jpg)


graf anon if you are still here i got another version original if its better

aafc55  No.2405420

File: 4fb1da1b3d88f79⋯.png (137.62 KB, 1161x420, 387:140, ClipboardImage.png)



oh wait.

50db02  No.2405421

This bread is off to great start.

c3b211  No.2405422

File: cbc803c4a170ad1⋯.png (5.12 MB, 1588x1124, 397:281, The_Conspiracy_to_Rule_the….png)

The Conspiracy to Rule the World.


2196fe  No.2405423


If you are new you may have recently seen someone or an article talk about “The QANON CONSPIRACY”

Well let’s ask a question. Is there a conspiracy theory that someone is posing under Q?


There is factually a person or group of people posting as Q with a secure tripcode for 10 months now. That is a fact.

Now you must ask yourself about the information contained in the posts. We won’t tel you how to think or feel about any of it like the MSM are trying currently. So welcome, enjoy your stay, don’t post, consider the evidence and MAKE UP YOUR OWN DAMN MIND!

843219  No.2405424


Yup, I checked out his latest vid twat and he is a bullshit LARP'r.


c1b580  No.2405425


reminds me of that Simpsons episode….

e4da75  No.2405426

File: 5f8edd4c88638a0⋯.png (30.95 KB, 1208x444, 302:111, CofC.png)

File: 67a89ffd1b388d3⋯.png (106.74 KB, 649x919, 649:919, CofC1.png)

File: e4895eed2915b13⋯.png (108.49 KB, 926x901, 926:901, CofC2.png)

File: 2beff860f6f2349⋯.png (102.14 KB, 586x935, 586:935, CofC3.png)

File: 1c088c5143fb588⋯.png (99.03 KB, 579x921, 193:307, CofC4.png)

Irrefutable proof against the jews.

2f6d24  No.2405427

File: 626fa19cb80b6c1⋯.png (74.49 KB, 255x171, 85:57, 1533183509922.png)

8d1667  No.2405428

Someone pull out that HRC speech from way back about the "Vast Right wing conspiracy" to Discredit BC and play on a loop.

10f3d1  No.2405429

Hey I have an idea.

Lets all write a 4000 character summation of qresearch and nominate each one for a global notable. That way we will ensure that everyone gets a participation badge (gold star), no ones feeling could potentially be hurt, we won't require any safe zones, and everyone can simply spend their time reading the global notables.

c76bf4  No.2405430

7e8fb2  No.2405431

File: b689151af64b82a⋯.png (158.37 KB, 1242x716, 621:358, IMG_4900.PNG)

File: 59caec276574a7f⋯.png (397.49 KB, 1242x953, 1242:953, IMG_4909.PNG)

File: 2f67629072557a8⋯.png (290.03 KB, 1242x811, 1242:811, IMG_4910.PNG)

File: 78b791668610783⋯.png (237.53 KB, 1242x827, 1242:827, IMG_4911.PNG)


i will meme for my country.

a0e67b  No.2405432

File: 5af55e1a55b7c5b⋯.jpg (36.32 KB, 500x250, 2:1, 2f4vuu.jpg)

dbbc8a  No.2405433

File: 975511ba6ede514⋯.jpeg (619.47 KB, 704x1051, 704:1051, 6768DDCD-FF1C-4080-9240-6….jpeg)

fb80ff  No.2405434

File: 3cef480e86378bd⋯.png (199.53 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Gold Star Research checker.png)

File: 289c8b6c2a5936a⋯.png (253.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, You get a Gold Star Checke….png)

b6ba4e  No.2405436

File: 44d2d8d7d863f45⋯.gif (209.21 KB, 250x263, 250:263, PEPEDIGITAL.gif)


>I still would like 100%…

#MeToo kek

Technically, this work is being paid for with public funds (unless I'm mistaken).

7e339a  No.2405437


Maybe but they're is some incredibly faggy people here that still think the MSM is their friends

71c895  No.2405438

File: 88672abf1ec69e4⋯.jpg (668.19 KB, 2928x2656, 183:166, Drink for tired Baker.jpg)


ThanQ Baker.

3b3739  No.2405439

File: d1f3a18f4234ed9⋯.png (503.82 KB, 621x621, 1:1, checkemcosta.png)

Check 'em bitches.

9465f9  No.2405440

File: 0c2f4df077118fd⋯.jpg (115.86 KB, 710x982, 355:491, 0c2f4df077118fdf02ec044c16….jpg)


more like take to the street corner. work it, work it, own it, alyssa.

bc4084  No.2405441


Fuck off. I wrote it. It's a gentle introduction written in direct response to the 4 am talking points.

Let's see you do it, asshole. Go.

d6f929  No.2405442


9 months

346fb7  No.2405443

File: 8c65b2c7f77f09f⋯.jpg (366.44 KB, 1120x1041, 1120:1041, Clip_11.jpg)




Getter stranger by the moment!!

867820  No.2405444

File: 80c70d76e11b4b4⋯.jpeg (174.74 KB, 608x592, 38:37, meme.pepe.love2.jpeg)


There it is.

b70f6a  No.2405445



c0a2ee  No.2405446

So much boobage Q is bound to show up for another round.

69a97b  No.2405447

File: 24b70542a73ac11⋯.png (2.67 KB, 140x50, 14:5, 24b70542a73ac113a780051b90….png)

File: 24b70542a73ac11⋯.png (2.67 KB, 140x50, 14:5, 24b70542a73ac113a780051b90….png)

File: 24b70542a73ac11⋯.png (2.67 KB, 140x50, 14:5, 24b70542a73ac113a780051b90….png)

File: 24b70542a73ac11⋯.png (2.67 KB, 140x50, 14:5, 24b70542a73ac113a780051b90….png)

File: 24b70542a73ac11⋯.png (2.67 KB, 140x50, 14:5, 24b70542a73ac113a780051b90….png)

For those doubting Thomas anons:

Undeniable proof of top level cabal leadership structure and mechanisms for compliance.

This is why Israel is saved for last.

Additional sauce in links provided.


4548b7  No.2405448

File: 00a2c728d0465f3⋯.jpg (357.19 KB, 794x931, 794:931, U1_20pct.jpg)

d10884  No.2405449

File: cf4dc956fafa72d⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 2359x3686, 2359:3686, Clinton Body Count.jpg)


Clinton Body Count.

I think 3 more have happened since this was made.

dea0ac  No.2405450



Welcome to /QGoneWild/ !!!

69c964  No.2405451

So …let's see if I've got this right

Q and the plan start getting media attention

Normies do some research while the media does our work by talking about all of these "crazy"

conspiracy theories 24/7, thereby implanting these ideas into the minds of msm viewers.

Then we get a major happening….one Q predicted….this legitimizes Q and the "crazy" theories look less crazy. This is how the masses will be prepared for what is coming

d35f6a  No.2405452

I posted on the wrong bread! I have been gone a few days and wanted to share what I saw today but it ended up in a moldy bread! I saw a car stopped at a red light durectly in front of me during a STORM with the license plate Quechan!

b3a1f8  No.2405453

File: 5954877dd594398⋯.png (503.47 KB, 1055x664, 1055:664, 2018-08-02_00-18-29.png)


2c9f3d  No.2405454

File: 4ef11f43d98b05a⋯.jpeg (192.99 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Bewbs.jpeg)

64a32b  No.2405455


Thanks. Will review.

325f5e  No.2405456

File: 8238e24ae2a9989⋯.png (56.09 KB, 627x360, 209:120, sh.png)

684a20  No.2405457


Bakersfield Hospital shooting from local news:


23e678  No.2405458

>>2405425 Farts.

a6a58b  No.2405459


what is his evidence for the double pyramid?

2d4c1f  No.2405460



Uhhh thanks but that ain't me kek. I've got dangly bits. Lets just say that it was sent to me :)

c0a2ee  No.2405461

NOV 22

Rizvi Traverse Management.

Happy hunting.


e4da75  No.2405462

File: 0b979c3e74d6e42⋯.png (102.96 KB, 569x921, 569:921, CofC5.png)

File: 52b6471edfe49a0⋯.png (97.84 KB, 587x944, 587:944, CofC6.png)

File: 57c7e52f51bde89⋯.png (101.17 KB, 572x924, 13:21, CofC7.png)

File: 3ed340cbfab02df⋯.png (102.16 KB, 584x947, 584:947, CofC8.png)

File: 0d7d4d0ef7ea423⋯.png (104.12 KB, 573x916, 573:916, CofC9.png)

I mean it really bothers them but it is still irrefutable proof against the jews.


c97de1  No.2405463


Are you FarmGirlAnon?

Plz sez yes…

07a520  No.2405464

File: f778bab4227d969⋯.jpg (27.51 KB, 400x400, 1:1, admirinpepe.jpg)


Anonboobs are best boobs.

Thank you, anon.

00b005  No.2405465


You cut to much off the top

4aca50  No.2405466

File: 029d1540115a4b2⋯.jpg (333.55 KB, 800x600, 4:3, gamergate.jpg)

File: bd88071eee16ed2⋯.png (99.82 KB, 832x671, 832:671, gamergate1.png)

File: 5497dc7f477906f⋯.png (146.97 KB, 636x557, 636:557, gamergate nternal democrea….png)


( • )( • )

464412  No.2405467

10f3d1  No.2405468


Did I hurt your feelings? Sorry about that. The truth hurts sometimes.

c2b352  No.2405469


PUKE…Just lost dinner

9b6615  No.2405470


I did post about the phone call the day it came thru. But it was just now I remembered that Q drop. Sorry. Don't mean to attention fag. But it did kinda weird me out as no one else as far as I know got a phone call.

a67c2e  No.2405471

File: 691a8d3e971ef75⋯.jpg (16.48 KB, 255x255, 1:1, DYd7CyzU8AA0d1U.jpg)

File: 2a11fd7a79bda9b⋯.jpg (60.56 KB, 960x832, 15:13, DWlnlNkU8AAg4jc.jpg)

File: 4a78386f800d90f⋯.jpg (76.01 KB, 960x931, 960:931, DWlnllXVAAAC0c3.jpg)

be74ce  No.2405472


7/10 is referring to plane crashes, no?

6f07e5  No.2405473

This is the best part of the movie. Around now several of the trapped bad guys are starting to turn on each other because the spotlight is getting to closer and the heat is closer. Nothing like your enemies doing the grunt work for you, all for a shot to stay alive and to be the only lobster that makes it out of the boiling pot.

Shine more light! These creatures are more afraid of the spotlight and being in the publics eye then they are of the heat coming from the Feds and MIL.

4548b7  No.2405474

File: c9e902d3681edc2⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, USSF_WWG1WGA.jpg)

bc4084  No.2405476

0942ee  No.2405477


Whats your opinion of broccoli?

a6a58b  No.2405478


kek! f-in savved

a6d035  No.2405479

File: fad91a06688214a⋯.png (64.52 KB, 590x314, 295:157, IMG_2508.PNG)

1b831e  No.2405480

File: 321de64c443c5a1⋯.jpg (55.09 KB, 477x564, 159:188, 1423018507591.jpg)

Friendly reminder to the media that the Age of Pisces is nearing its end.

What are the traits of the zodiac sign, Pisces? Self-sacrifice, imagination and illusion. Piscean people have malleable minds that can absorb feelings and thoughts, which makes them particularly susceptible to emotional manipulation.

Does this sound familiar in a period of time where Hollywood and the media have been used as a weapon to shape the public's perceptions? Where literature and theater were used before that? Where books are burned and history is rewritten to support a narrative?

Well that time is coming to an end. The strength of the illusion you attempt to press on our collective consciousness is fading as we move toward the Age of Aquarius.

What are the traits of Aquarius? Information, independence, freedom and independent thought. As the illusion fades, people are also starting to think for themselves and yearn for revolution more every day. Good luck continuing to promote your lies.

f1f2b7  No.2405481

Bakersfield PD feed


(SWAT?) searching hospital for active shooter.

Doesn't seem to be a lot of comms about situation on this channel. Must be on a tactical channel.

ab1a90  No.2405482

>>2402806 pb

THIS***THIS*** We have visitors

Boomers, don't miss THIS

c0a2ee  No.2405483

NOV 22

Can’t wait for the green light.

Teams on standby.


dbbc8a  No.2405484

File: 7d22b66dde4bb3b⋯.jpeg (356.83 KB, 1884x1514, 942:757, D5EC4AA8-8950-4067-8E9B-2….jpeg)

2f6d24  No.2405485

File: 0d458398206cc1a⋯.png (619.26 KB, 1350x629, 1350:629, pepevs.png)

2a274b  No.2405486



e4da75  No.2405488

File: ba07b63d5181aa2⋯.png (66.9 KB, 578x579, 578:579, CofC10.png)

File: 0f47c7e496fd803⋯.png (105.8 KB, 555x460, 111:92, ChannelH.png)

File: b81dca0724572a2⋯.png (1.07 MB, 862x878, 431:439, CBTBD.png)

File: 4a12fd194244524⋯.png (851.59 KB, 870x650, 87:65, CBTBD2.png)

File: 4a2f4be274d9cac⋯.png (495.72 KB, 587x280, 587:280, CBTBD3.png)

Bonus pictures.

05b36d  No.2405489


710 upside down is OIL

b6ba4e  No.2405490

File: f31fcb4e73604b4⋯.gif (712.47 KB, 720x780, 12:13, pepekekgodgif.gif)


>Yup, I checked out his latest vid twat and he is a bullshit LARP'r.


I take it as a response to Isaac Kappy's videos…notice how quickly Dan Reynolds' LARP falls apart…compare that to the traction Kappy is getting (and keeping).

This is pyschological warfare.

50db02  No.2405491

31e276  No.2405492

File: 1b27c501627827e⋯.png (109.04 KB, 411x304, 411:304, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)


f25706  No.2405493


It's a Y-head long term Illuminati tier symbology. It's all over around you and those 'in the know' know about it. Look up the Y head mask parties of elites etc

775ca3  No.2405494


Its not just his reporting, even his cufflinks are fake and gay.

4548b7  No.2405495

File: 87032fa573f463b⋯.jpg (1.53 MB, 3292x2188, 823:547, D5_Takedown.jpg)

c3b211  No.2405496

*Night shift, the best shift*

c15465  No.2405497

Thinking about hitting the Delaware rally…gotta hit the craft store tomorrow.

772120  No.2405498

File: bc34ffb7c8a9dd7⋯.jpg (138.12 KB, 1242x1486, 621:743, maddog.jpg)


Don't think it is PS?

Future proves past

867820  No.2405499

File: 8f4057f0687fe25⋯.png (7.33 KB, 255x175, 51:35, meme.pepe.hug.png)

2d4c1f  No.2405500

File: 6ea79feb24a2367⋯.jpg (54.43 KB, 374x548, 187:274, 6ea79feb24a2367b49d1d2e003….jpg)

f1f2b7  No.2405501

File: 40c7f640c6e82bc⋯.jpg (94.88 KB, 600x738, 100:123, Night sight.jpg)

be1f32  No.2405502


I'm pretty sure Feinsteins husband made a bundle off this.

I would guess Pelosi did too.


California native here, living in the tyranny of the majority. Democracy yeah!

9465f9  No.2405503

File: 527cad7b37c629b⋯.png (240.04 KB, 500x499, 500:499, 527cad7b37c629b5c8556f818d….png)

c3cc05  No.2405504

File: f370ab6f6a6c592⋯.jpg (1.94 MB, 4800x6000, 4:5, OWLS are the good guys.jpg)


owls not to be confused with OWLS, dark to LIGHT

c2ed2f  No.2405505



This is AntiFungalLeafBread, our resident troll. Ignore him,

33ecd3  No.2405506

File: 85171e3ada506b6⋯.jpg (381.36 KB, 1416x591, 472:197, pepe arrival.jpg)

b4b97b  No.2405507

File: b67b0bdf5d053e8⋯.png (610.52 KB, 992x563, 992:563, Posting-28F02-Rabbi-suckin….png)

Jews claim that mutilating penises is a "godly" act, and it is "hygienic."

Maybe if they stopped fucking little boys and girls in the ass, and they refrained from fucking farm animals, it would be easier for them to keep their peckers clean?

It is a disgusting, degraded act that should be outlawed in ALL civilized countries.

c0a2ee  No.2405508

NOV 22

$4.9 billion in government subsidies.



0fc1a6  No.2405509

File: a6787d35436505d⋯.jpg (90.54 KB, 752x501, 752:501, msm3.jpg)


still like FOX though, its tolerable

and Q has hinted their on /ourside/ NOW

not disputing their neocon globalists mostly

the rest are neolib marxists.. globalists

ab1a90  No.2405510


>>2402806 pb

THIS***THIS*** We have visitors

Boomers, don't miss THIS

4c890c  No.2405511

Jews are like everyone else mostly good people.

Anyone who disagrees on this board a contradicting Q's actual messages, thus exposing themselves as shills who are only here to divide and trick newbies into believing Q followers are "racist", in the desperate and vain hope to stop the exponentially growing freight train.

I can control the minds of stupid idiots by having them reply to me trying to contradict Q's message. They are really really stupid. Must not have been breastfed as babies. Cognitive development caused by a lack of crucial nutrients.

50db02  No.2405512

File: e3eb8bdf78189f1⋯.jpg (100.22 KB, 960x539, 960:539, seemnice.jpg)



a6a58b  No.2405513

File: d5e05415c4051cf⋯.png (531.63 KB, 800x800, 1:1, meme_truth_badge.png)

6f6952  No.2405514


Go and enjoy the rally. We never seem to decompress and enjoy certain moments.

fb80ff  No.2405515


Nice cuffs Jim, very classy with a touch of elegance.

01a5c0  No.2405516

File: 0f8a66f7de3eea1⋯.png (176.79 KB, 900x1063, 900:1063, giggity.png)

511534  No.2405517

File: 9dfa6ce5f553dd7⋯.png (721.06 KB, 941x1177, 941:1177, 1500482673808.png)

c7ba99  No.2405518

File: 2e63d3976c9e74f⋯.gif (280.46 KB, 400x388, 100:97, 1523414353698.gif)




oh man im loving all these Q tits

c0a2ee  No.2405519

NOV 22

Rizvi Traverse Management.

Very important.


9465f9  No.2405520

File: bbb302a270d0a26⋯.png (76.92 KB, 899x599, 899:599, 314b4692-2339-10c5-761a-4e….png)

File: 2232b99fb3d948d⋯.png (210.77 KB, 796x581, 796:581, 7185b582-6963-e6a6-94b8-49….png)


>California native here, living in the tyranny of the majority. Democracy yeah!

2e6878  No.2405522

File: 4ecc94518dfbbb5⋯.jpg (138.43 KB, 1241x720, 1241:720, newsom-5.jpg)


The majority do. We just are not allowed to speak openly and our votes mysteriously disappear. The Red Tide is coming brother.

b70f6a  No.2405523


Wanna smell my finger?

0ef2ec  No.2405524

File: 5f7c2b9cca60297⋯.jpg (96.44 KB, 1400x933, 1400:933, YT4UKUY6ICQU3D6DBJ7EEIKKTE.jpg)

c2b352  No.2405525

File: c2a94f0cf330353⋯.jpg (222.79 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, ThumbsUpBrotherAnon.JPG)


And more will come in the meantime.

Soon NO more…

c0a2ee  No.2405526

NOV 23

Why did BO scuttle the shuttle program?

What is SpaceX?

Expand your thinking.


2a274b  No.2405528


You wont let this go will you? You keep bringing up 3d printed guns. Do u know anything about them and the software and all?

72b85d  No.2405529

File: 04df7a325f7ab32⋯.gif (479.5 KB, 540x371, 540:371, Shia-Labeouf-Dancing-Russi….gif)

0fc1a6  No.2405530

File: a36ac0a2c1da0b5⋯.gif (990.87 KB, 200x200, 1:1, KAG.gif)


843219  No.2405531

File: 156145674ed06f6⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 300x150, 2:1, i'm scared.gif)

503d67  No.2405532


Among other things, it's the date of the attempt to shoot POTUS out of the sky with a missile.

a0e67b  No.2405533

64a32b  No.2405534


Sorry since I heard it the first time I drew down on ya. WWG1WGA. Trump doesn't need to find people for his rally's, he has more outside than inside!

7e339a  No.2405535



That wasn't bait

You were serious?

Lmao you're a funny nigger

dea0ac  No.2405536

File: fee8a4d220f3a38⋯.jpg (145.97 KB, 900x588, 75:49, cbmbmid1.jpg)

Circumcision = Old Covenant

Blood of Christ = Middle Covenant

Make Your Own Covenant.

6a2528  No.2405537

File: e0c8919ebea70f1⋯.png (68.15 KB, 640x399, 640:399, Dr G re CNN Q 8-1-18.PNG)



e4da75  No.2405538

File: 4a283803aeab2b9⋯.png (288.46 KB, 1075x899, 1075:899, TheBigLie.png)

File: 4d4b9189f32223a⋯.png (109.65 KB, 1438x779, 1438:779, TheBigLieTechnique.png)

File: 9f56d111e7bf640⋯.png (88.51 KB, 658x800, 329:400, TheJew.png)

File: 3f329d05bf84c9c⋯.png (28.88 KB, 675x265, 135:53, TheJew2.png)

Hitler was so evil he explained his theories in completely acceptable terms. In other words there were no fucking secrets. He told you the truth and that was that. You were either a grown up or a fucking faggot that couldn't accept it because you were brainwashed by jews in america. Pfft.

64657c  No.2405539

File: 81ee48b3f705c74⋯.png (69.36 KB, 270x147, 90:49, ClipboardImage.png)

Get these tits into ya faggots

c2ed2f  No.2405540


I tolerate.

I neither condone nor accept nor embrace. I learned the hard way that gays and bisexuals are untrustworthy.

8d1667  No.2405541

Going to bed anons

Anyone wanting an idea for a graphic.

List of anomalies since 11/1 that clue you in Q is not bullshit.

Airport "fire" in ATL

SA purge

Other airport lockdowns

Trump tower fire(s)

HRC home Fire

Plane crashes

Military plane/chopper crashes

Diverted AF1

Missile DEFCON1

Missile in WA

R going in front/behind Trump

NK Peace summit

Lights blinking at Trump conference

Makeover at WH & Trump at NJ golf course

CA Fires 2017 & 2018 + Canadas

Missing Sub


I know there's a lot more…add to it.

Things that make you go hmmm this is not a game. These are events that are VERY rare…and they happening like mad.

bc4084  No.2405542


I'd hit that.

01a5c0  No.2405543



Gorka you sly pooch you….

381265  No.2405544


Sarah, is that you? ;)

0942ee  No.2405545


They prolly want to tank the cast too now that they all came out in support of this sicko. Not spending my bank to see it

2caa94  No.2405546


No. I do not believe it was an actual case, but an investigation in which RR chose not to prosecute.

324a80  No.2405547

File: 13890968e058688⋯.jpg (248.34 KB, 960x1616, 60:101, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at ….jpg)


Libtards violently attacking Libtard cities is the best red pill there is.

dbbc8a  No.2405548

File: 219fa539befac93⋯.jpeg (27.29 KB, 255x194, 255:194, 9C17621C-BA29-4A1A-BF1A-A….jpeg)




❌Patriotesses make the Dough Rise❌

8ac078  No.2405549



ac1646  No.2405550

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a6a58b  No.2405551

File: fb5bac280af1bbd⋯.png (22.89 KB, 840x160, 21:4, FBIanon3.png)

07a520  No.2405552

File: 65a4340ffbc645e⋯.gif (10.5 MB, 600x338, 300:169, boom.gif)


"We take to the streets. And when I say 'we', I mean me and my private/armed security guards."

Fucking stupid cunt wants to start a civil war and then let other leftard idiots take the piss.

05b36d  No.2405553


3D printed guns, banned or not.

Black market will provide.

Ask the NXIVM crew about that.

Or anyone in Chicago

a42949  No.2405554

File: 85f78b207af3ef6⋯.jpeg (71.51 KB, 654x336, 109:56, 955F0236-C46C-4A2A-A894-4….jpeg)

File: 1f6119a5f03cb62⋯.jpeg (45.67 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 45479475-661F-438F-8C0B-5….jpeg)

File: e5358a83832f9b6⋯.jpeg (131.29 KB, 500x784, 125:196, F5D6C3F2-04FD-47EB-B4E3-2….jpeg)

File: 10bcaf682324b76⋯.jpeg (86.33 KB, 500x527, 500:527, C39F07CE-513D-4FBA-8F97-9….jpeg)

File: 834e8b3b4f352a8⋯.jpeg (121.5 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 8266FA45-579C-4B3B-942B-C….jpeg)

51bb6d  No.2405555


smarty pants girl

wait till I get my hands all over you

516773  No.2405556


I love ur posts. Only reason I stay up this late.

ab1a90  No.2405557


>>2402806 pb

This is my favorite part of the movie. Remember Dallas? *THIS**

c1b580  No.2405558

File: ac756fb450fe58d⋯.png (668.05 KB, 728x722, 364:361, aab794e501dc5b0fbb09cb97ae….png)

9465f9  No.2405559


How do you know the target of the missile wasn't Pyongyang, designed to start a war with North Korea while their leader was travelling to Singapore? An easier target than a flying plane?

ad4493  No.2405560

File: f5bdc81ce840b73⋯.jpg (36.78 KB, 520x390, 4:3, DrunkDan.jpg)

File: d1c9f28ce73f5eb⋯.jpg (52.91 KB, 1209x411, 403:137, DanHorn.JPG)


>I think Dan from Cincinnati is still 2 breads back wondering why no one is posting anymore.

He's got a lot of questions to answer about his promotion of binge drinking and his association with sketchy children's advocacy groups.

11893c  No.2405561


This has been on the REEEEEEEsit soros sites for a while, also for Rosenstein. Got traction on plebbit after JJ talk of impeaching RR

ce2734  No.2405562


I always wonder if aliens are cokd. I mean, they don't have hair and never have clothes…

c76bf4  No.2405563

File: 4130d65e96df555⋯.jpg (13.64 KB, 255x242, 255:242, pepelaugh.jpg)

e4da75  No.2405564

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

db4c42  No.2405565

846a5f  No.2405566


CNN now has Q Derangement Syndrome.

381265  No.2405567


You're not wrong.

c7ae97  No.2405568


Sounds like a pedophile to me. Talking about embracing youth and how it’s not sinful. Fuck this guy and his gay ass band

bc4084  No.2405569


I loathe AFLB.

c7ba99  No.2405570



>(One of them has two Q's, kek).

post a picture!

64657c  No.2405571


Uncle Eugene, is that you?

178233  No.2405572

File: c3867aa39256538⋯.jpg (66.26 KB, 824x529, 824:529, Capture.JPG)

c0a2ee  No.2405573

NOV 23

NK _ SpaceX.


b70f6a  No.2405574

Anons appreciating ladyboys :)))))))))

bb4892  No.2405575

It has taken me over an hour to get to the board. No way that "Web page is unresponsive" for over an HOUR!

464412  No.2405576


octahedron. this guy explains it a lot better than I can. this is the best explanation I have seen yet though that checks of all of the boxes. Youtube killed this dudes channel back in May completely out of left field with no warning. This also explains the flat earth psyop in my mind which is designed as a trap for truthers. The one thing that flat earth cannot explain is the observance of star trails. They rotate one direction in the northern hemisphere and the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere. Personally I think NASA is fake and gay and there are way too many phenomena that convex spinning ball earth cannot explain. We are not moving and this concave model presented in the video makes the most sense in my mind.

2f6d24  No.2405577


ok so the hollywood producers are mostly good people your logic is broken,nigger.

a03577  No.2405579

File: ee1abc4dad234b4⋯.jpeg (105.69 KB, 552x500, 138:125, 897A24FB-6C2A-40AE-8B0B-1….jpeg)

File: 7b72a9ef36c3799⋯.jpeg (191.57 KB, 992x919, 992:919, 1037F1C3-A412-4B13-9735-0….jpeg)

File: 25bec491aedd195⋯.jpeg (77.73 KB, 367x507, 367:507, 10505BC6-DDDB-450F-81CE-1….jpeg)

File: 5a2a21066ca24f4⋯.jpeg (192.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 9A3F47C2-7088-460D-9C9A-2….jpeg)




4c890c  No.2405580


aaaaaaaand a stupid moron took the bait. See? I can control these idiots like playdoh.

Mossad = clown individuals.

They do not represent millions good people you mental lepton.

01a5c0  No.2405581

File: 21b1c966d0cd87f⋯.png (219.37 KB, 500x388, 125:97, Q chek.png)

07a520  No.2405582

File: bc6b21d491b66ff⋯.png (793.08 KB, 593x861, 593:861, ClipboardImage.png)


Amen, brother.

ac1646  No.2405583

File: 97b6b6c1ccecb5c⋯.gif (407.99 KB, 498x373, 498:373, 35854712_10213882195303641….gif)

File: de5732c121e55d7⋯.gif (1.3 MB, 438x438, 1:1, 32457477_2069804019713749_….gif)

File: c7fda3d635c3be2⋯.gif (1.22 MB, 680x680, 1:1, 1477755482049.gif)

05e81c  No.2405584

File: 37fb15c65f36174⋯.jpg (240.71 KB, 1000x942, 500:471, Band of Anons final.jpg)

96c13e  No.2405585


doxx yourself ?

b6ba4e  No.2405586

File: 341a73740b75376⋯.gif (1.81 MB, 341x376, 341:376, FEINSTEIN GIF.gif)

7335be  No.2405587

File: 9c778ddddccf1ea⋯.png (111.98 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, attention_press_fags.png)

867820  No.2405588


Cognitive dissonance is going to make it hard for them to turn on Mueller.

If Mueller exonerates they're going to have to rethink their whole frame.

That's how you really break the Overton Window.

Let them become emotionally involved and vested.

Then shatter it.

Here's to Mueller being a white hat and blowing all of our minds, but destroying theirs.

ff8149  No.2405589

File: ca8160c1fe0361a⋯.jpg (21.79 KB, 255x230, 51:46, 10cbfd98d1375e41b7008ba9d4….jpg)

File: 682a1dc4d3cd715⋯.png (487.49 KB, 850x625, 34:25, It'sNotAboutTonnage.png)

e4da75  No.2405590

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9465f9  No.2405591


>Among other things, it's the date of the attempt to shoot POTUS out of the sky with a missile.

And the missile was shot on the morning of June 10, not July 10.

0fc1a6  No.2405593


should I change my meme????

a03577  No.2405594

File: 23ed8e07b9022ec⋯.jpeg (61.7 KB, 600x350, 12:7, 8FF5D40B-4AB9-4098-9031-E….jpeg)

File: 3c17e97b06988d9⋯.jpeg (71.71 KB, 800x440, 20:11, 7821F436-2AFA-4304-8D8E-4….jpeg)

File: 853d2f04d41b289⋯.jpeg (66.72 KB, 512x384, 4:3, F9641DE6-4572-43F2-A648-5….jpeg)

File: 138599ad9b3f752⋯.jpeg (68.73 KB, 512x353, 512:353, BD08EEB9-6143-43FE-A910-8….jpeg)

File: afd55e4465b71a4⋯.jpeg (271.15 KB, 1200x960, 5:4, 72DF6570-1D25-4B4B-9EC3-8….jpeg)

70042b  No.2405595




niggers can't into per capita

c0a2ee  No.2405596

NOV 23

What is FB?

Spying tool?

Who created it?

Who really created it?

Nothing is what it seems.


dbbc8a  No.2405597





a boat powered by a motor, especially a recreational boat.

2e6878  No.2405598

File: 0e98b50a227dd6f⋯.png (114.22 KB, 572x644, 143:161, ClipboardImage.png)

c0b623  No.2405599

300 post lonely notable

>>2405492 Disney: James Gunn Won't Be Reinstated

this notable wants friends :/

81ae67  No.2405600

So did the SJW BV ban nice looking boobs now?

Only ones in this bread are fat lop-sided nasty looking boobs.


f6a1e4  No.2405601

File: 4e4ac5a8147ba4a⋯.jpg (1.93 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, oban_bar.jpg)


Have a scotch on the house.

2a274b  No.2405602


Amazing, thanks!

c0a2ee  No.2405603

NOV 23








99960a  No.2405604

REMEMBER Q's words:

"Trolling is fun"

Next rally an Anon needs to wave a big sign saying "CNN is for morans!!!!"

05e81c  No.2405605

File: 51491497ad1a3e9⋯.jpg (342.32 KB, 1424x1036, 356:259, space force 3.jpg)

File: 0f3f7ac57342ca7⋯.jpg (152.08 KB, 1187x593, 1187:593, car in space dream to real….jpg)

File: 25974074680b706⋯.jpg (135.29 KB, 805x483, 5:3, united states space force ….jpg)

ffb090  No.2405606

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Seeing as all the MSM is crying 'conspiracy' about Q right now and screaming that their reporting is fair and un-biased, why not get into the comments of their YT videos with links to videos that expose their staged script news reports. This clip (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pL1zwMtz_Ho) is short and succinct enough to show it. Reality is that normies either don't know or just don't think they're being controlled to the point that they have been.

related: CNN talking about their reporting and how unfair it is that Jim Acosta was heckled at the rally, e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Df9otRwkWMc and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izTvCAhfFGE

The ginger cunt went on to say that "this is what happens in authoritarian societies" and that the WE are "repressing free-speech and repressing the rights of the media".

Here is another video to use which shows staged media events: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHDDQVZ-A98

7335be  No.2405608

File: c840c731a5c1438⋯.png (113.05 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, attention_MSM.png)

10f3d1  No.2405609


Very serious. Nope not bait.

We have breads for everything else.

Soon we will have global notables slapping ourselves on the back for how good good we can write global notables.

Perhaps change the name to qglobalnotables !

940e83  No.2405610

File: 192ea5032865440⋯.jpg (1 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Galactica's_top_side.jpg)

File: eecab084b103d77⋯.gif (1.85 MB, 245x138, 245:138, sosayweall.gif)

7e339a  No.2405611


It doesn't matter

Fox is still centralized info

One of the things Q is doing is decentralizing the spread of information

Information is power

We the people need the power

We the people don't have power if the info is being run through gatekeepers first

c0a2ee  No.2405612

NOV 23


Unclassified setting.

Monitored and analyzed in RT.

Future answers past.


bc4084  No.2405613



50db02  No.2405614

File: e2b5eb0bd2b357a⋯.jpg (163.39 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, born.jpg)

a03577  No.2405615

File: 01941c621220c92⋯.jpeg (789.01 KB, 2000x1378, 1000:689, F5D23FE9-7EAB-4D04-8EAF-C….jpeg)

File: a01dc964c38ba51⋯.jpeg (193.44 KB, 720x721, 720:721, 5CC4621E-537F-40CF-8D6A-D….jpeg)

File: 2663f7ceb34f3a2⋯.jpeg (137.66 KB, 600x477, 200:159, BDDFF017-AB06-4AE7-8414-A….jpeg)

File: b3752438fe3cc01⋯.png (75.64 KB, 500x334, 250:167, ABD4BEC8-6436-4699-8F4E-9E….png)

File: 27dc819144d4d40⋯.jpeg (99.77 KB, 500x804, 125:201, 422942C5-7D85-4B3C-B56C-3….jpeg)

9330a6  No.2405616


> Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds Admits to Trolling in Latest Twitter Video

Hahaha, no.

Tries to "hide in plain sight" with smirking arrogance, and sees that Anon don't fuck around.

We have the measure of him.

He was busted.



05e81c  No.2405617

File: 302b0d53b19ad4a⋯.jpg (169.99 KB, 1000x827, 1000:827, james gunn pedophile of th….jpg)

07a520  No.2405618

File: e35284ebbc53315⋯.jpg (344.25 KB, 1772x954, 886:477, Jet Pic.jpg)

4aca50  No.2405619



c0a2ee  No.2405620

NOV 23

What news broke?

American contractors where?

Hanging from feet?

Re-read dumps.

Why is this relevant?

News unlocks map.

Expand your thinking.


8b01a6  No.2405621

File: 62adec6be1483ff⋯.jpg (148.32 KB, 626x576, 313:288, PeacePepeQek.jpg)


It was really rough earlier… No shit!!

2a274b  No.2405622


Violence frame 8 chan shill

c0b623  No.2405623



bce01e  No.2405624


> a web of bankers own all the corporations through the board of directors which they sit on

That is one thing that many people just do not understand. They think of ownership as owning the shares, not owning the control.

But it's true. The means of production in the USA are all controlled by one group of people. Call them what you will, but this is the basis of Communism. Where one party of people, controls everything and centrally plans what will be produced and by who.

The USA is a Communist state.

MAGA is a program that moves the USA away from Communism, and towards free enterprise.

e5155d  No.2405625


What’s R going in front/behind DJT refer to?

a0e67b  No.2405626


We've got a drunk one here.

e3f120  No.2405627

File: e2e21125a93bac7⋯.jpg (21.45 KB, 235x254, 235:254, 2f4wbh.jpg)



>CNN now has Q Derangement Syndrome.

c2ed2f  No.2405628


Lots of those crowdfunding sites were used for laundering sex and drug money too, which is why the "games journalists" freaked.


When you see any word with a reference to or a sound-alike of your posterior, it means freemasons. "Go along with the narrative, we're hoodwinking people." They all knew these women were never really harassed. Many were prostitutes and some were drug dealers.

c0a2ee  No.2405629

Thank you Watchers. Very smooth sailing right now.

bc4084  No.2405630

7e339a  No.2405631


This is either bait or you're retarded

dea0ac  No.2405633

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e3c494  No.2405635

File: 61abb522b6d704e⋯.png (2.56 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, BE34EA84-BD6B-4523-8708-5A….png)

File: 05c2761775c12ad⋯.png (1.53 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 38D3E796-5E43-4C5F-899A-EE….png)

File: 79062f93babd33f⋯.png (1008.92 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 6857A383-525B-412B-B25B-87….png)

File: f0733f2ba478972⋯.png (1.12 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, FD6371D1-908F-42D4-BC86-B7….png)

File: 5f75916d0d45159⋯.png (704.02 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, F67617A6-B679-46AE-AD2C-B0….png)

BHO makes endorsements public in USA TODAY.

See the list of 81 candidates you DO NOT want to get elected.


1d9ac8  No.2405636

An idea anons: since we know the MSM is working on a false flag to discredit the Q movement, why don't we get ahead by running a campaign of our own?

#blameQ would be a start… meme ridiculous fakenews type headlines "Qanon theorists runs over 11 puppies in hit and run accidient"

or even a spinoff of #thanksobama

that way when they finally do their fake and gay op, we can co-opt it and diminish its impact.

8b01a6  No.2405637




Sorry, wrong tag…

0fc1a6  No.2405638

File: ce79d594345efc1⋯.png (40.4 KB, 377x302, 377:302, ClipboardImage.png)

81ae67  No.2405639



Didn't he kill his wife? Who sang that gay ass butterfly or firefly song?

00e483  No.2405640


Agree with this criticism re: overemphasis on THEORY, and "conspiracy theory" verbage. However, it does position these negative tags as the opposing claim around which our position, the counter-claim of FACT-BASED, is presented—presented more or less accurately. I also think we can do better, but this write-up is much better than having no statement of purpose now that we've entered media-eyes-on phase. Autists always have many irons in the fire, we get to things when we get to them. And we can count on anons like you to call out imperfections for future improvement, so TY.



Thanks for looking out.

Hold the line, fren.

Truth will out.

b06cdd  No.2405641


LAanon here - can't wait for the day we can proudly sport Q in public. Sadly, the current situation keeps so many of us quiet. That doesn't mean we aren't here digging along side you though.


f1d2b0  No.2405642


I have a theory about Canada's lib govt. I think they have been instructed to destabalize the country in the hopes that the US (which bad actos fear they have lost competely) will be made vulnerable via a rioting/fighting neighbor.

The gov't in Canada has been, from what I can see, instructed to destabalize the nation socially/politically. They are doing it a few different ways:

1 Encouraging massive illegal immigration

2 Embracing know terrorists and setting them free in the streets

3 Massive rise in taxes (carbon coming)

4 And finally a threat to ban entire classes of firearms.

Canadians are funny people. Pretty quiet but they are sort of America light and have their limits. I think that when you take issues 1 through 3 then compound them by taking guns away that it will create enough anger to destabalize the country politically.

If they are successful the Libs could potentially call the UN etc for help which brings foreign troops into the country and on the US' doorstep as a result.

An unstable neighbor is bad for POTUS right now and certainlly bad for Canada.

Some major dirt needs to drop on their PM and his chronies soon or I think we are going to have a problem within the year. Hopefully they get their next election right.

626b57  No.2405643

File: 4466ac17964b149⋯.png (209.06 KB, 384x375, 128:125, ClipboardImage.png)


How's this?

72b85d  No.2405644

Any theories why that Imagine Dragons dude put out those videos?

Sort of to taunt Kappy clearly….

But, why is Kappy gaining steam and seems fairly honest and true?

I watched Kappy's first video, and I'll admit he comes off pretty genuine.

But, then again he is an actor.


51bb6d  No.2405645


thank you

a03577  No.2405646

File: 27843f494c09321⋯.jpeg (3.14 MB, 3836x2560, 959:640, F9746070-BEA5-4C4F-B11A-9….jpeg)

File: 8690b447a7d57d5⋯.jpeg (75.39 KB, 1006x674, 503:337, 2E9A0B58-F6CB-4802-9443-B….jpeg)

File: 583dcf7ddaa316c⋯.png (685.83 KB, 799x1011, 799:1011, E7A51A05-84E5-4E1B-9894-46….png)

File: 2257ae47d499d56⋯.jpeg (154.29 KB, 500x701, 500:701, D58599C3-769E-48AD-A84F-F….jpeg)

File: 063326869129c36⋯.png (356.12 KB, 565x536, 565:536, 01EF9B6E-9EF2-440A-9F0D-28….png)

cf7833  No.2405647

File: 2a31bb49a8b8803⋯.jpg (30.7 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 5b61e88629a1eba2bffa559b30….jpg)


You realize the meaning of Tits or GTFO right?

Basically it is saying that you identified as a femanon to gain attention, then by posting your tits it only proves the point that you are an attention whore.


2196fe  No.2405648

We’re ready for the next drop Q!

d6f929  No.2405649


Welcome to reality, you should try it in 3D

07a520  No.2405650

File: 336c1b5b66624ca⋯.jpg (52.7 KB, 736x552, 4:3, flageagle.jpg)



Yea right, only one …

4548b7  No.2405651

File: 9ebf0c5821a6fef⋯.png (945.2 KB, 717x449, 717:449, YankEm.png)

99d229  No.2405652

File: ad1b69d9896e22c⋯.jpg (301.82 KB, 727x576, 727:576, handlewithcare.jpg)

0942ee  No.2405653


These reporters are gonna have to lurk for months before they try to report on the Chan. Hint the info here is layered.

Chances of you getting it right … right out of the gate is a crap shoot at best. You need to go back journalists.

If it's a race to see who's guessing right first … you prolly should get off the track. Your just gonna need lots and lots of stitches.

c76bf4  No.2405654

File: f9c0f92406efcca⋯.png (17.27 KB, 737x169, 737:169, Screenshot_2018-08-01 Blac….png)

https:// www.blacklistednews.com/article/67461/us-likely-to-prosecute-julian-assange-as-an-asset-of-russian-military.html

ac1646  No.2405655

File: d2e5f6ea4780adb⋯.png (293.44 KB, 428x708, 107:177, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)

File: 0928b830c2bc387⋯.png (185.99 KB, 474x682, 237:341, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)


71c623  No.2405656


She threatens to take to the streets about every other month. Trying to get some attention is my guess.

37b8ed  No.2405657

At In-Q-Tel, Painter’s work focused on identifying, researching and evaluating “new start-up technology firms that were believed to offer tremendous value to the CIA, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and the Defense Intelligence Agency.” Indeed, the NGA had confirmed that its intelligence obtained via Keyhole was used by the NSA to support US operations in Iraq from 2003 onwards.

A former US Army special operations intelligence officer, Painter’s new job at Google as of July 2005 was federal manager of what Keyhole was to become: Google Earth Enterprise. By 2007, Painter had become Google’s federal chief technologist.

9465f9  No.2405658


>These reporters are gonna have to lurk for months before they try to report on the Chan.

They've been here all along.

0fc1a6  No.2405659



or mil court for that matter

4e1e95  No.2405660


That might be more effective if it was spelled correctly.

c7ae97  No.2405661

File: 38233d8aa2fbe68⋯.jpeg (98.07 KB, 724x482, 362:241, 260EF1B4-6AFE-419F-A90F-7….jpeg)


Yep, it is so hygienic (pic related). They’re definitely not just making up excuses to sexually abuse infants

05b36d  No.2405662

Did Blacklist Anon disappear?

72b85d  No.2405663

Strange isn't it?

Any idea why we have more dream lucidity ?

It has to be something behind the scenes. Something very very big. Energy is shifting. The Blood Moon was almost like a blur.


I always thought this whole Galactic Federation of Light narrative was Disinfo as well….

My thinking is that basically evening is "habbening" at once, like a multiverse I guess you would say. All for the first time, and I am playing it out. Certain things are left as like "Golden Eggs" or Keystones within Life that help you get to a place of happiness and knowing.

Sometimes, as crazy as this is, I even question my own reality to the point that I wonder if the past is true or if I was just dropped into a strange timeline in which my own perception is the only real one and everything else going on around me is the first "go round."

Keystones etc…………. I think that dreaming and the "unconscious" as Jung would say is extremely important to completing the question of self.

I really just want to be nice to others and understanding.

d9ec49  No.2405664


Not who you're talking to, but in my opinion it works this: There are good Muslim people, but that doesn't change the face that virtually all the terrorists are Muslims and it doesn't change the fact that Islam is what causes them to be terrorists.

Most Jews are not in the cabal. But the cabal, or at least factions of it, are mostly Jewish.

Maybe we can say 70% of the Jewish population are good people.

But that doesn't change the fact that 95% of Hollywood Jews are the "synagogue of satan."

If you grew up around Jewish people, you'll know most of them are just your average blue pilled leftists.

d64ef6  No.2405665

File: 4320d067afd12cf⋯.jpeg (603.5 KB, 3300x2550, 22:17, prayer-to-st-michael-the-….jpeg)

a03577  No.2405666

File: 45ecea3b86ed97b⋯.jpeg (89.02 KB, 736x922, 368:461, 1B2467BB-107B-4C9C-9779-D….jpeg)

File: ad9286af2e19c22⋯.jpeg (190.05 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 52D5840C-D47F-46B8-BA18-7….jpeg)

File: 5686670dcc50fd3⋯.png (198.14 KB, 795x789, 265:263, B823D2F1-38E1-4B02-8792-FC….png)

File: 041c7bc42b25c01⋯.jpeg (40.55 KB, 552x393, 184:131, 9B285D7A-585C-4B8F-9F90-F….jpeg)

File: 1f734ee24d60c58⋯.jpeg (177.81 KB, 640x845, 128:169, BF8BF5F1-894E-4EE2-8C6B-E….jpeg)

4548b7  No.2405667

File: 8622d17f6b89c8f⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 3080x1540, 2:1, clapper.jpg)

01a5c0  No.2405668

File: 4dd884f5b6e2826⋯.png (332.38 KB, 1887x470, 1887:470, ClipboardImage.png)

KEK! Silent Executioner. Here's the article:



9b6615  No.2405670

File: e1d14d37a26a851⋯.jpg (31.48 KB, 639x457, 639:457, Triple Dog Dare.jpg)

ac1646  No.2405671

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9f533d  No.2405672


must be a walmart

oh well

4f7397  No.2405673



dbbc8a  No.2405674



7.25 is now 7.47

a6a58b  No.2405675


have also been looking into the idea of stationary earth

Jake the Asshole has good videos, including proof that FE was a psyop (a NASA employee comedian was hired to do it, and then claimed it was a work of fiction – he freaked out and posted a video saying this, and then deleted it)

fe2f5b  No.2405676

Why so few replies to..


05e81c  No.2405677

File: 71ee9f943f97675⋯.jpg (96.03 KB, 960x640, 3:2, imagine faggots.jpg)

381265  No.2405678

File: bec1d2b7bc4b260⋯.png (279.64 KB, 904x590, 452:295, Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at ….png)

File: 28d0337632120b8⋯.png (163.86 KB, 1263x636, 421:212, Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at ….png)


This might be Erie County, NY is fu*ked up:



c15465  No.2405679

So whatever "volunteering" means, I went ahead and checked the box while grabbing myself a ticket for the Delaware rally.

This should be interesting, considering how rabid blue Columbus is.

d42e1e  No.2405680

Q…What's up with Ruth Ashcraft and Isaac Kappy?

2c9f3d  No.2405681


I don't buy swag. I remember when it was given away for free as promotional items…

Now people pay so advertise?

aafc55  No.2405682

File: 0ed4860363b7e20⋯.png (323.24 KB, 384x375, 128:125, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7f31aa072d50ce8⋯.png (153.93 KB, 474x380, 237:190, ClipboardImage.png)

0942ee  No.2405684


Correction…they are gonna have to lurk for years and years then.

64a32b  No.2405685


shopped all day every day.

e3c494  No.2405686



W Alexia O-Cortez Memes ;)-

a03577  No.2405687

File: 6f7a9fc966f5526⋯.png (274.62 KB, 1500x1148, 375:287, 4D5F95CF-B3CC-48FD-9C56-70….png)

File: e978c60c1c0b982⋯.jpeg (66.43 KB, 747x535, 747:535, 0C9564E3-958F-499C-9E53-8….jpeg)

File: 9f38de2a5132771⋯.png (923.71 KB, 974x1372, 487:686, 994449AA-E8F7-48A2-A00B-B3….png)

File: 45507e97cadcc16⋯.png (672.45 KB, 800x655, 160:131, 228B9BDA-A42D-4C79-B748-76….png)

a67c2e  No.2405688

File: 4407b88acda608d⋯.png (178.24 KB, 658x407, 658:407, 4407b88acda608da3dcde13062….png)

A classic

05b36d  No.2405689


Bad publicity is still publicity.

The truth always shines through.

bcb583  No.2405690

File: 509e7c27cc695f7⋯.png (725.69 KB, 653x802, 653:802, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 38b0aa615b122f9⋯.png (25.12 KB, 421x750, 421:750, ClipboardImage.png)

Should we not put something like this in global?



Documented PROOF:

10,000+ pedophiles arrested world wide so far, enormous dark-web child porn sites shut down. Lots more coming this is just the no-name low hanging fruit!


3800+ CEO resignations world wide, only 132 have a new position.


Why ANONS are here, pic 1.

Sealed Indictment list pic 2.

/Qresearch/ does not condone violence or the incitement of violent acts against any groups and/or individuals.


976f91  No.2405691


Post your perfectly symmetrical and anatomically correct body parts before you judge..

b4b97b  No.2405692


Judaism makes Satanism seem like a reasonable religion by comparison.

They All need to be deported.

20f9d5  No.2405693


I agree, yes GOOD bread MAN

64a32b  No.2405694


At least you tried.

df1cb4  No.2405695


>Satan is Christian


10f3d1  No.2405696


Heaven forbid I have a different opinion from you faggots.

Heaven forbid most of even read it.

I know most of us would not nominate it for a global notable even through it was very nicely written.

It gets better, they wanted a "vote" on it.


ec913a  No.2405697




Have YOU read it? Whats da prophecy?

11893c  No.2405698

File: f7cdfcb7d7590d9⋯.jpeg (732.18 KB, 1242x1257, 414:419, 52E0992B-B8AD-4645-9431-D….jpeg)

(((Post 2405462))) gets no (You)

Filter and do not engage. Most here are woke on JQ, myself included. Obviously this is a (((shill))) they send in to discredit. Note how WaPo made sure to add racism and antisemitism.

50db02  No.2405699


It isn't your night, pops.

Go to bed. Young folks are here now.

d6f929  No.2405700

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is what mind control looks like

There is no greater [current] threat to the American people than the FAKE NEWS MEDIA.

4c890c  No.2405701

I can control stupid anti-Q shills so easily.

I just need to point out the trivial fact that most people are good people, and then casually mention this is true for people of any ethnicity, including Jews.

This makes the shill's deformed brains react with a predictable response, of typing predictable words about millions of people they have never met and most of whom are better people than the shills.

It's like they're barely human. So deformed and predictable.

62c172  No.2405702


If we accept less, are we not just accepting a two-tiered and secretive system instead of holding our government accountable?

a6a58b  No.2405703


think mirror

381265  No.2405704


*This might be WHY Erie County, NY is fu*ked up.

0fc1a6  No.2405705



I'm gonna save that, member that shit

the Pfags weren't happy

4548b7  No.2405706

File: 5cda93bde5c20e4⋯.jpg (1023.69 KB, 1440x1724, 360:431, KeepYourDictator.jpg)

08b6f3  No.2405707

File: d2d015f23384c36⋯.jpg (3.91 MB, 2550x3400, 3:4, the_world.jpg)




14 Jan 2018 - 12:17:29 AM













4, 10, 20

a03577  No.2405708

File: 930f8c615b26a2a⋯.jpeg (139.08 KB, 500x1142, 250:571, A96324A0-CD2C-4678-8537-5….jpeg)

File: 315666573af3b63⋯.jpeg (122.66 KB, 968x606, 484:303, 5E2156FA-D424-43AE-9D93-8….jpeg)

File: 5b25088a9a26dbf⋯.jpeg (112.02 KB, 924x960, 77:80, 333500D5-E2FC-4169-B31B-3….jpeg)

File: 146b7dacbc119ea⋯.jpeg (125.04 KB, 854x421, 854:421, 02CB88CB-9792-45CB-991E-7….jpeg)

File: 4730bdb922e70af⋯.jpeg (122.49 KB, 560x560, 1:1, 726BF1E8-6148-48C3-A133-7….jpeg)

1bd1b6  No.2405709

File: 4ab17954c341a18⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Khan!Q.png)

8d1667  No.2405711

File: b1fd444fb27848a⋯.jpg (397.97 KB, 600x403, 600:403, catch.jpg)



ac1646  No.2405712

File: 6ee0f657704bdfc⋯.png (177.1 KB, 425x326, 425:326, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at ….png)



05e81c  No.2405713

In-house bewbs are the best bewbs!

Dont forget the buns though

Sincerely, anon

37b8ed  No.2405714

File: 4f47e5a97f2501a⋯.png (142.61 KB, 1155x644, 165:92, Capture.PNG)


Here anon. More Rosneft shebangs.

Rosneft will bring Muelller and May down along with Clinton.


c2b352  No.2405715

File: 705cadff252572c⋯.png (141.12 KB, 410x303, 410:303, Iama dumb ass cunt.png)


They all know their days are numbered.

They think they can just buy time…like thinking that there will be a BLUE wave to save them.

LMFAO…Niggers be exposed mother fuckers.

bcb583  No.2405716


Shit pics came out back to front!

626b57  No.2405717

File: f11e3131e1477f4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 313.57 KB, 564x376, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


Go back to faceberg faggot

81ae67  No.2405718


Not all chicks are 200 pounds with lopsided tits & the urge to get as much attention as possible because they are gross trash

2caa94  No.2405719


I did for Nashville.

I had filled out a DJT poll on the website and gave it my #.

64a32b  No.2405721


Satan believes in God. He knows the world is his and God controls everything. He plays a game with us.

a03577  No.2405722

File: 7a40582109ea12e⋯.jpeg (268.58 KB, 1200x1075, 48:43, 00728CD8-07DB-41F4-81F7-3….jpeg)

File: 81e8b168f8bfaaf⋯.jpeg (316.53 KB, 741x1200, 247:400, 8CB33875-5E6D-4DBB-AAE9-3….jpeg)

File: 28268a1f3dcccc4⋯.jpeg (144.02 KB, 930x1060, 93:106, 02FBEE82-0661-422D-802B-1….jpeg)

File: fe7bff561bc8f54⋯.jpeg (179.96 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 78A2CF6A-DF23-4E5E-86DC-F….jpeg)

File: 11afaf6080449a2⋯.jpeg (81.16 KB, 551x314, 551:314, 2583709D-1AE8-4C19-8A3C-E….jpeg)

2988da  No.2405723

File: 5d4b7f01432f90d⋯.jpg (92.35 KB, 816x660, 68:55, fisa.jpg)

Dumbfag newfag back again regarding NWO

The only logical conclusion I can come to is Nuclear World Order? Sum of all fears reference, NK, disarm, etc.

Don't know what the digs on that have been though.

0f8b58  No.2405724

File: 269985c951b451e⋯.jpg (3.21 MB, 1836x3264, 9:16, 2018-08-01 03.13.37.jpg)

File: 1ae5aeacc0d859f⋯.jpg (22.52 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 2018-07-31 20.59.25.jpg)

File: 068c9a0b8be533a⋯.jpg (104.12 KB, 450x295, 90:59, 2018-07-31 20.06.30.jpg)


Hope you got a chuckle from that one KEK

bc4084  No.2405725


I like to think of them as qresearch's USO.

9330a6  No.2405726


Probably just another lemmingfag, but complicit all the same.

e4da75  No.2405727

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hey you live in such a free country that a video has to be shown to you in a differentt language because the dems and cucks are that mad about it.

Fancy that?

72b85d  No.2405728


Break it down as easily as possible please!!!!?

4f7397  No.2405729

File: 562accfbd7d9e8b⋯.png (786.14 KB, 726x579, 242:193, neomfins.png)

2a274b  No.2405730


Best of the best 👍

0fc1a6  No.2405731

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

is it odd I want to listen to this song every night shift?


be74ce  No.2405732


Trudy won't finish his term. His handlers are growing tired of him.

He's great when he's on script (drama teacher after all)… but an absolute trainwreck when off it.

c2ed2f  No.2405733


Go ahead and have mine. I use a VPN…

9465f9  No.2405734

File: 0f6ed33b370b90f⋯.png (222.04 KB, 476x267, 476:267, fd515cc5-1c86-a549-a463-81….png)


>"we have your ip"

don't worry, ip will be fine

81ae67  No.2405735


How embarrassing.

They sure as fuck don't represent the majority here. They are fat pigs.

658bab  No.2405736


Jews are the most brainwashed people on earth. They do most of the crime but convince themselves…..that "they didnt du nuffin"

Their leaders keep them brainwashed so they always have them as a tool. If you put the control of a country in the hand of a minority the minority always has to depend on the power sturcture to survive or they will be taken apart by the natives. Assyria learned this. Rome learned this Britian learned this. The Jews learned this. They ride the tiger and cant get off without being eaten.

Good luck.

a43664  No.2405737

File: e7936d443819f55⋯.jpeg (124.45 KB, 1242x1126, 621:563, AE1CCFBC-C1C0-4590-B208-1….jpeg)


The violent anon attacked me w this.

-he hit you with it?-

No! He just started typing!!

c0b623  No.2405738








thanks for the drinks anons and bakers <3


Only 2??

let me know if i missed anything!

>>2405492 Disney: James Gunn Won't Be Reinstated

>>2405635 Hussein Endorses 81 Puppet Candidates

4548b7  No.2405739

File: 3c35319be695d4d⋯.png (588.88 KB, 1692x902, 846:451, lyre.png)

2f6d24  No.2405740


define good anon.

a03577  No.2405741

File: 26a8e4ae63c933b⋯.png (284.84 KB, 480x415, 96:83, 3AA11B53-2A41-474B-A178-F7….png)

File: ab5d4c15cb8ffba⋯.jpeg (112.67 KB, 675x534, 225:178, 31C8B912-24E6-4C49-A266-4….jpeg)

File: 7df2148b44b19e0⋯.png (778.65 KB, 809x743, 809:743, 2C2661AD-165C-466A-B432-5C….png)

File: 7a990ffab3e20ca⋯.jpeg (20.6 KB, 306x254, 153:127, DBA71AEA-40D6-4B48-9DE5-7….jpeg)

File: 320d4a04ac03938⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1466x1150, 733:575, 830E2AB8-0EA5-457E-AA77-88….png)

9b6615  No.2405742

File: f2cfb058d3ec9f3⋯.jpeg (168.35 KB, 652x500, 163:125, Circle 9 Round 2.jpeg)


Lurk moar faggot.

7e339a  No.2405743


Nigger bring that gay shit to reddit. They'll accept your faggotry and even suck your cock!!!! Whoa!!!! Now fuck off loser.

05e81c  No.2405744

File: b6f5074d3dfb07c⋯.jpg (111.35 KB, 780x577, 780:577, james gunn around these pa….jpg)

c1bb83  No.2405745





Public disclosure.

Impossible to defend.



“Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.”


0ae00c  No.2405746

File: 7a1e613fad49425⋯.png (134.47 KB, 400x388, 100:97, ClipboardImage.png)

Oldfag… Been around here for a couple years now…(4chan before here) and on earth for many a decade. Finally realized something. I have never wanted to be a part of something with strangers. Never felt I belonged or even felt a togetherness with my fellow Americans.

Until now. God bless you POTUS. God bless you Q.


Love you all (except the shills.. fuck right off)

64a32b  No.2405747


Read the Bible Anon.

1bd1b6  No.2405748

File: 92625fe1570761e⋯.jpg (130.92 KB, 492x670, 246:335, 051509_hulk_loves_titsv.jpg)

4c890c  No.2405749

a0e67b  No.2405750


You sound like a Hollywood agent.

4548b7  No.2405751

File: b0e7e3f6aed44b4⋯.jpg (316.75 KB, 1540x1138, 770:569, Kuru.jpg)

File: c0afd889051eaca⋯.jpg (347.77 KB, 1438x775, 1438:775, OzyFest.jpg)

be74ce  No.2405752

07a520  No.2405753

File: 30cb34cb8007197⋯.jpg (233.22 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, catonlap.jpg)


Disney is skeered to lose the few family customers they have left.

Pedo shit is indefensible.

e3c494  No.2405754

178233  No.2405755


>These reporters are gonna have to lurk for months before they try to report on the Chan

That's too much like actual work.


>They've been here all along.

Doubtful. Spooks, yes, reporters? Not so much.

a03577  No.2405756

File: 62374e03151297f⋯.jpeg (211.47 KB, 799x800, 799:800, D217DD04-FB3B-41B1-9FB4-8….jpeg)

File: 25d3bf050ee84d9⋯.jpeg (76.92 KB, 720x960, 3:4, C687E6A1-860B-451C-856F-1….jpeg)

File: f9c6c110a6f6bc1⋯.jpeg (214.23 KB, 1024x760, 128:95, 2CA46833-A3E6-41CC-91EA-5….jpeg)

File: 40041b449bc7db3⋯.jpeg (99.31 KB, 540x627, 180:209, 249DF58B-DBC8-48F6-8A84-2….jpeg)

File: 1529aeaad73ad77⋯.jpeg (201.72 KB, 823x1684, 823:1684, CABB6A2D-0F45-49B0-B4C9-4….jpeg)

cf7833  No.2405757

File: 5ac894a13c91190⋯.png (359.47 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 5ac894a13c911908cfb1d4cb7c….png)


>young folks

What the actual fuck?

c15465  No.2405758




607361  No.2405759

File: 0cc132c013d3d7a⋯.jpg (86.72 KB, 931x524, 931:524, 00crossing delaware.jpg)


Its time

c76bf4  No.2405760

File: 6a6e347827518c8⋯.jpg (21.16 KB, 207x254, 207:254, punisgvvef.jpg)



10f3d1  No.2405761


Nice try. Been here from 4chan.

Try again.

14eaf2  No.2405762

File: 225a4ca44eb2516⋯.jpeg (10.72 KB, 255x172, 255:172, 15c84b6a80f041006a201a132….jpeg)



you dont understand

i want them tracking me

i got threatened with

"using a frequency to control me"

on fucking runescape lmao

its pretty funny man im sure that was a legit shill

bring it on shills

db4c42  No.2405763


We're like femanon bosom buddies haha

827ca1  No.2405764



I've wondered the last few years what sun tzu would do in an age of instant information world wide.

I believe the man who wrote the art of war would quickly understand modern technology in warfare. These are just adaptations over time. Quickly he would be brought up to speed.

Mass media and the Internet would be an entirely new paradigm to him. Inconceivable to an ancient person.

If the media is an air force that whacks from above, go underground. Build tunnels. This is where anons come in.

we are witnessing a perfect master of sun Tzu in action

This is exactly how sun Tzu would deal with modern media and the Internet. It's so brilliant. It's so beautiful to watch I get tears.

One person at a time we are waking up

Behold , we are become Q's anons, destroyers of tyranny

With love for all anons , for q team and potus, for all Americans and liberty lovers WW, from Canada. WWG1WGA

a6d035  No.2405765

File: 0130e4096546135⋯.png (75.72 KB, 590x340, 59:34, IMG_2509.PNG)

69c964  No.2405766

I almost went to bed

05e81c  No.2405767



4c890c  No.2405768

[20] = In 20 days?

Please be so!

bce01e  No.2405770


>GMO Foods





In Russia, GMO foods are banned. Sweet things have a lot less sugar. Things like cakes and candy bars are still tasty but they have a range of flavors because they are not loaded with sugar. Russia tries to make as many of its own pharmaceuticals as it can to be free from the multinational cabal companies

If they can do it, and have a thriving economy at the same time, then we can too!

05b36d  No.2405771



just understand marketing.

7335be  No.2405772

File: e8c415983c537b2⋯.png (39.66 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, attention_MSM_qanon_pub.png)

2a274b  No.2405773


"Unprecedented" these goddamn words.. always a monumentous word..

The bird took a miraculous first flight.. no it hopped up onto a nearby branch..

324a80  No.2405774

File: 0a43c1719685558⋯.jpg (265.89 KB, 1030x1874, 515:937, Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at ….jpg)

f3130d  No.2405775

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

We're Qoming for you CNN, CBS, MSNBC, all of you.

We know what you did…

We have it all.

JFK watches over us with the heart of a lion and the combine intelligence of 10mm autist's.

We see all.

We hear all.

Full Control.

Just Give it UP[MSM]


64a32b  No.2405776


Don't worry fag. We are all in the same 'ol situation.

bcb583  No.2405777


Was Tucker right can it be released to him to read live?

3d20d1  No.2405778


i think he said to delete the steyer stuff because that info probably would've left them conflicted… "we want to discredit Q… but right now the steyer stuff is highly visible"

so Q said delete it

the perfect bait


8b01a6  No.2405779


Old 51+ Boobs here, can't help with the cause, and if I could I would use a VPN & 3 rubbers

a0e67b  No.2405780


Yep let them kill themselves. No need to push.

11893c  No.2405781



37b8ed  No.2405782


I knew you 'd be back for boobies!

c0b623  No.2405784

#3033 Notable Bun

>>2405492 Disney: James Gunn Won't Be Reinstated

>>2405635 Hussein Endorses 81 Puppet Candidates

8c18ea  No.2405785


it was probably Nunes that texted Tucker after the segment.

2e6878  No.2405787

File: 27ca9c143b4a484⋯.png (65.58 KB, 791x361, 791:361, ClipboardImage.png)


He came out asking for money, got called out, realized that raising money would discredit him, then sent this tweet.

I'm still on the fence, but, I want to believe.

f75126  No.2405788

File: 8de507d05a6ba4e⋯.png (289.54 KB, 466x443, 466:443, 8de507d05a6ba4e8cfefd909a1….png)

08b6f3  No.2405789



Thank you Q

Thank you Patriots!

Thank you POTUS!


99d229  No.2405790

For newbies on this board - this opinion is not representative of the whole. >>2405736

a5e362  No.2405791


their game is literally to shill whatever they want to complain about here, then write an article about it. Pathetic.

a03577  No.2405792

File: 446c5a0c1c49332⋯.jpeg (37.33 KB, 236x386, 118:193, 982F3300-F65E-4BE1-8C09-1….jpeg)

File: 8eef4e4d99cebb8⋯.png (852.38 KB, 900x489, 300:163, 34D005C5-4AB2-4600-A501-DC….png)

File: ab99685bd93f02a⋯.jpeg (128.12 KB, 1053x711, 117:79, 852573D5-C3F6-469D-B570-8….jpeg)

File: aea8cce588828cd⋯.jpeg (392.06 KB, 2092x1535, 2092:1535, C3CA3F75-309B-4FCD-8514-3….jpeg)

File: 81b993b629bb111⋯.jpeg (113.98 KB, 487x417, 487:417, 658A3498-162F-471E-81C4-7….jpeg)

72b85d  No.2405793


The Art of War

Sun Tzu?

6f6952  No.2405794


"truth is SO precious, its surrounded by so many lies".

Ty, Q

8cb661  No.2405795


Never have I wanted to read 20 pages more. Bring It!!

24f422  No.2405796


Media Trap

9465f9  No.2405797


Nunes Urging Trump to Declassify 20 Pages in FISA Warrant Signed by Rosenstein

f79481  No.2405798

Hello anons, my name is Jim Acosta, and I'm a reporter for CNN. I was wondering if any of you could PM me your name and telephone number for an interview. I'd like to get an anon's take on this alt-right Q character. How long has Q been the leader of the Nazi movement?

78f1bf  No.2405799



a79349  No.2405800



20 eyes on the FISA? Nice! Maybe this will help push this to DECLAS.


867820  No.2405801


A fascist state which is a form of socialism.

Corporations run the government.

Banksters own the corporations.

Perpetual war means perpetual funding.

The goal being to starve the world of capital growth and funding.

And yet what we're sharing is the hope that this situation will be over turned.

Amazing that it is even a possibility.

Thank you POTUS. Thank you Q. Thank you ML. Unbelievable.

bc4084  No.2405802


Understood. Looking forward to seeing the rationalizations behind it.

Loving watching the 4am points repeated. Down to the same language.

That's unprofessional, even for propagandists.

8d1667  No.2405803



Ha..That was my meme (but didn't post it)…awesome.

I hit the 9999999 too.

4c890c  No.2405804


[20] = 20 day countdown?

bce01e  No.2405805


Yes please. Much better!

976f91  No.2405806

File: 41fcb82031b8eaa⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Boom.jpg)

5f563d  No.2405807



I knew Tucker had a role to play… Q… leak da shi

05b36d  No.2405808



They're all using T's instead of Q's

so they can push their agenda without being shadowbanned.

c0b623  No.2405809

#3032 Notable Bun

>>2405492 Disney: James Gunn Won't Be Reinstated

>>2405635 Hussein Endorses 81 Puppet Candidates

8fa287  No.2405810


[10] [20], what happens in [4]?

14eaf2  No.2405811


20 fisa warrants ?

or 20 days

2e6878  No.2405812

File: 29bfa5c09b5cddb⋯.jpg (245.9 KB, 1200x878, 600:439, Napoleon001.jpg)

0fc1a6  No.2405813

File: 61913d630c4cf4f⋯.png (13.65 MB, 5435x2781, 5435:2781, FOXsidebyside.png)

SideBySide on the FOX crumb

like this one a lot

716f2c  No.2405814


What exciting times! Thank Q

9f533d  No.2405815

File: de2d33ce2773cf2⋯.jpg (98.3 KB, 504x622, 252:311, Yip-Man-Photo.jpg)


Ip Man!

Wing Chun!


71e3c8  No.2405816


Boom! I should get a prize for posting Tucker Nunes first! jk

2caa94  No.2405817


20 pages, dumbass

a03577  No.2405818

File: 365c655c1464d08⋯.jpeg (60.53 KB, 474x314, 237:157, B794A94C-60B4-43A5-B94F-4….jpeg)

File: bec187ef14bc0a0⋯.jpeg (153.23 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 42DCC6CC-523F-4722-AEBF-1….jpeg)

File: 8d9fc4379e1ffe0⋯.jpeg (236.38 KB, 1140x642, 190:107, 29D9C28C-F4E0-406A-82B3-C….jpeg)

File: c6323d7499485d8⋯.jpeg (465.83 KB, 1485x2227, 1485:2227, D75743D2-9131-4633-B853-2….jpeg)

81ae67  No.2405819


Seriously though. By the way these breads have been flowing tonight, I bet that will be in the next one & anyone who says it's fucking gross will get attacked for it lol.

01a5c0  No.2405820


"Impossible to defend" ref: Tarmac recording?????

DARK to LIGHT??????

70042b  No.2405821



>20 eyes on the FISA?

No, 20 years until public disclosure.

1d9ac8  No.2405822


Q, can you stop the coming false flag in our names? Should we be ready for PR battle?

64a32b  No.2405823


20 in killbox. It has moved up from earlier. I like that.

9beb74  No.2405824

File: 5237be2597e2809⋯.jpg (12.46 KB, 286x160, 143:80, david b.jpg)

David Bugliari.. Why is his name ringing a bell..

7335be  No.2405825

File: bc203a046008076⋯.png (263.02 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FISA_FIVE_origianal.png)

72b85d  No.2405826


I know I need to.

I really have a hard time with it though.

05e81c  No.2405827

File: 0c562d42e018817⋯.jpg (528.39 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, night vision night shift.jpg)


Late night Q!

They are destroyed, no doubt about it

c15465  No.2405828


Nobody texted him necessarily…it was prearranged to make them shit themselves and give POTUS the chance to DECLAS.

They could also threaten a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the FBI and DOJ.

a6a58b  No.2405829

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

f1f2b7  No.2405830

File: f37a1d99301dd36⋯.jpg (468.59 KB, 1280x1279, 1280:1279, initial ‘Q’ – archangel Mi….jpg)

File: e1f01e5dd97e97f⋯.jpg (146.3 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, PP.jpg)

File: f8e8c65aec9e567⋯.jpg (135.03 KB, 900x750, 6:5, READTHEBIBLE.jpg)

37b8ed  No.2405831

File: 148c0c68f272d17⋯.png (101.68 KB, 660x530, 66:53, FAKE NEWS FIGHTS OVER Q.png)

File: a9eae1dfbf2dd9c⋯.png (68.43 KB, 668x502, 334:251, FAKE NEWS Q FIGHT CONT.png)

They are fighting over you boss!

3f767b  No.2405832


almost +200 UID's per bread..

since, Tampa Rally..

f79481  No.2405833


Are brackets like echoes? Brackets = evil cabal people?

7e339a  No.2405834


>reddit spacing

>hello fellow 4 channels


0fc1a6  No.2405835

File: 8785ff00a790fd4⋯.png (35.56 KB, 378x260, 189:130, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8bf2e9683af331e⋯.png (14.26 KB, 377x204, 377:204, ClipboardImage.png)

other [20] markers

33ecd3  No.2405836

File: b8980a83ba2d932⋯.png (28.08 KB, 763x432, 763:432, q-tube.png)


d6f929  No.2405837

File: 3aff4d39c5910eb⋯.png (200.71 KB, 615x583, 615:583, ClipboardImage.png)

072e50  No.2405838

File: 016cf38134f744a⋯.jpg (202.58 KB, 1024x980, 256:245, 1527953931130.jpg)

>watch national nightly news LH

>Qanon mentioned with huge Q logo

>Immediately followed with Pgate shooting story

>then followed with AJ lawsuit over SH

381265  No.2405839





5f563d  No.2405840



Dont trust

05e81c  No.2405841

File: c41bc7440b20766⋯.jpg (129.31 KB, 899x703, 899:703, vietnamese soldier with pi….jpg)

1bd1b6  No.2405842

File: b6e683b772e2d21⋯.jpg (94.19 KB, 527x762, 527:762, b6e683b772e2d2165b1087bdc9….jpg)

d9ec49  No.2405843


Well, I'm a Christian, so if you get me too far into it I'll tell you there's no good people naturally, only God alone.

But in the context I was talking about, I mean ignorant to what we're redpilled on in regards to the JQ and just living their lives normally. But I will say most Jews I know have a Jewish preference, and there's a sort of auto-kinship there like they all went to the same college or something. But I don't have a problem with that in and of itself. Most people favor people who are like/similar background/similar demographics to them.

4548b7  No.2405844

File: e6b7f4b102fc76f⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1102x734, 551:367, ACpaper.png)

940e83  No.2405845

File: fb5f320136ddc11⋯.jpg (9.72 KB, 255x151, 255:151, 9475ebaee35f2d00515fc77a03….jpg)

325f5e  No.2405846


Since you first sucked your mothers Cock you Commi Nigger..

11893c  No.2405847

File: a0acd4161f09973⋯.jpeg (32.41 KB, 612x487, 612:487, A6254BF7-9CF4-4918-B576-C….jpeg)

File: 182335bdd72e3de⋯.jpeg (130.72 KB, 356x289, 356:289, CC68DA75-920D-4AC6-AB47-B….jpeg)

File: b2520301cd9eeb4⋯.jpeg (35.83 KB, 312x236, 78:59, 48910D0E-48AE-48E6-B782-1….jpeg)

40aab8  No.2405848

File: 52f9430c1bdfc0b⋯.png (366.42 KB, 610x342, 305:171, ClipboardImage.png)

a03577  No.2405849

File: 2ade809378e485a⋯.jpeg (107.24 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 6692E7DB-667E-41A2-89D2-7….jpeg)

File: a2a743ff4138d36⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1111x741, 1111:741, 9B4455A5-A003-4057-9BBB-2F….png)

File: 89b6907de9c5949⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1111x741, 1111:741, 9C90EECD-9983-4534-9E4A-99….png)

File: e0ebfc36a2290e3⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1111x741, 1111:741, 033C049E-C0D7-41E9-9F8D-8C….png)

File: 63d1266324166b3⋯.jpeg (142.99 KB, 700x692, 175:173, 99E0A262-1E75-432D-91F8-1….jpeg)

f1f2b7  No.2405850

File: e3e5bb379b6f6da⋯.jpg (51.19 KB, 885x516, 295:172, acosta.jpg)

bce01e  No.2405851


One of these things is not like the others

One of these things just doesn't belong

81ae67  No.2405852


That fat bitch don't care. Reddit and the whales have arrived.

You can tell by the way they push their fat rolls together to make their boobs look bigger lol

516773  No.2405853

File: cd9e7ccc621a050⋯.jpeg (270.06 KB, 1242x997, 1242:997, F4C72C4F-C1A5-4FD9-8AC3-B….jpeg)


Love it Q. Streisand effect. These people are stupid.

10f3d1  No.2405854


As I stated the truth hurts.

a67c2e  No.2405855

File: 94092dee69a0444⋯.jpg (221.8 KB, 1024x1020, 256:255, DZZnJiZUQAAfkx1.jpg)

a42949  No.2405856


Q team welcome


Ready for declas FISA

We know implications


Highest levels government officials

a6a58b  No.2405857

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


whoops corrected link here

e1014f  No.2405858

File: cf5c8716034a93a⋯.jpg (565.39 KB, 1605x1151, 1605:1151, TRUTH BELONGS TO THE PEOPL….jpg)


>There is no greater [current] threat to the American people than the FAKE NEWS MEDIA.

8d1667  No.2405859

File: 76e064849c2fcea⋯.png (765.84 KB, 720x720, 1:1, most interesting black mem….png)

File: be0ccb4b0914ea5⋯.png (334.11 KB, 600x381, 200:127, mostinteresting memo.png)


I like


Q posts right as I'm about to go to bed. No sleep for anons. Can't wait for it.

178233  No.2405860


Was expecting declas in July, but August will do.

fb80ff  No.2405861


Public disclosure of FISA in 20 days?

fcd4e1  No.2405862


20 pages Nunes wants DECLAS DoItQ and POTUS

37b8ed  No.2405863

File: 606ab302e1e9330⋯.png (50.07 KB, 596x435, 596:435, Capture.PNG)

a5e362  No.2405864


>“Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.”

Yep, this is what I thought was happening. While they ruin themselves shitting bricks, POTUS takes a vacation.

0fc1a6  No.2405865

File: a7de933160a708c⋯.png (11.76 MB, 5561x3448, 5561:3448, MApic.png)

/ourguy/ or NOT??

8b01a6  No.2405866


Makes baking hard, for real… An act of love

190c74  No.2405867


Deport them to GITMO

3b22cc  No.2405868


>Dersh fucks robots


Maybe that was the deal Trump gave him.

64a32b  No.2405869


Its a book that is timeless. Read and understand. Be one with yourself and God.

443d2b  No.2405872

File: becd2a76f841f19⋯.jpeg (151.48 KB, 750x747, 250:249, 1 post less.jpeg)

bcb583  No.2405873


Those who know can't sleep!

7335be  No.2405874



Barack (2)

Obama (0)


0ae00c  No.2405875


Fuck off Acosta. You whining little twat. What do they have on you that you would debase yourself daily?

867820  No.2405876



It cannot be stopped.

4c890c  No.2405877


Hahahahaha,I just reeled in another stupid anti-Q racist shill.

Is it really this easy?

9465f9  No.2405878


That was a good friend of mine. :-(

a03577  No.2405879

File: ac6d83c73152fdc⋯.jpeg (294.36 KB, 634x798, 317:399, FA1737EC-9129-4443-A686-C….jpeg)

File: cdd5c1d4ddb5237⋯.jpeg (46.87 KB, 400x550, 8:11, 44E419F3-BD7E-47CB-8B7C-B….jpeg)

File: a837ba56c8ac6e2⋯.jpeg (157.33 KB, 948x960, 79:80, 3D2542B2-0F8D-4345-BDF0-0….jpeg)

File: 6f6c39d142bbc8f⋯.jpeg (84.5 KB, 457x546, 457:546, 4C89E69D-B7EE-4D9A-BBC3-5….jpeg)

File: 87a77e676a7bff6⋯.jpeg (74.59 KB, 400x387, 400:387, E015A34D-17CD-4007-ABDC-3….jpeg)

608846  No.2405880


Saggy boob attention whore.

37b8ed  No.2405881

[22] deltass from Q and POTUS.

f79481  No.2405882


Is that supposed to be an answer?

d6f929  No.2405883


Please don't post that garbage next to a Q post as though they are the same, especially not a 4 10 20 post

8d1667  No.2405884

File: 6b5f2b9ed774f42⋯.jpg (56.41 KB, 621x621, 1:1, acosta flag fox.jpg)

File: 348ab0675c9621e⋯.jpg (58.44 KB, 621x621, 1:1, acosta flag lock her up.jpg)

File: 095b10015355919⋯.jpg (58.32 KB, 621x621, 1:1, acosta flag trump.jpg)

f1f2b7  No.2405885

File: 35ec76ed8621f13⋯.jpg (72.68 KB, 550x295, 110:59, This Is CNN.jpg)

05e81c  No.2405886

File: aec8c346902c92c⋯.jpg (338.51 KB, 890x828, 445:414, devin nunes grab the popco….jpg)

81ae67  No.2405887


That is some sad fucking reality if you think that's how things are.

Holy shit. The whales are multiple in here tonight

b4b97b  No.2405888

File: 1b288983d7bbb08⋯.png (579.1 KB, 702x395, 702:395, expel 010.png)

It is always someone else's fault.


4548b7  No.2405889

File: 1690c268f0c6653⋯.jpg (491.74 KB, 1558x1130, 779:565, WindowsOfEvil.jpg)

ac1646  No.2405890

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Wild Night Moose


b9211f  No.2405891


Go to his site:

https:// www.tomatobubble.com/index.html

Not a https:// site.

just www.

00e483  No.2405892

>>2405647, >>2405699

Yup, we got big trouble.

C_A nigger trouble.

Lads, it's not about the bewbs.

We want you to have bewbs for days.

It's about maintaining the environment

that Q came here for so we can MAGA.

It is a culture that shames genderfagging

bc femming has been made into a weapon

by our (((enemy))), designed to subvert

clear-thinking in the WARRIORS that would

otherwise protect their nation and civilization.


This is not a game.

a6a58b  No.2405893


I don't think so

c5dd2e  No.2405894


Welcome newfag. Please lurk moar before posting.

37b8ed  No.2405895

damn laggy board!

[2] delta between Q and POTUS.

05b36d  No.2405896

2 delta

99d229  No.2405897

The 20 pages that Nunes wants unredacted. >>2405745

f34263  No.2405898

File: cd026ee4843dd19⋯.png (83.96 KB, 762x430, 381:215, ClipboardImage.png)


two minute delta

9330a6  No.2405899




bcb583  No.2405900



Call anytime!

fb80ff  No.2405901



They become more of a joke each day, and normal people see it.

be74ce  No.2405902


dance hall days?

a03577  No.2405903

File: df8fb3e364e911d⋯.jpeg (101.69 KB, 1000x730, 100:73, 1420E0AF-6712-4EB9-BBEC-C….jpeg)