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File: 537b3e405d1253f⋯.png (2.73 MB, 924x898, 462:449, 54ea969aa0c680e476b37b1293….png)

24d452  No.3979794


>The universal sentiment of the Freemasons of the present day is to confer upon Solomon, the King of Israel, the honor of being their first Grand Master. But the legend of the Craft had long before, though there was a tradition of the Temple in existence, given, at least by suggestion, that title to Nimrod, the King of Babylonia and Assyria. It had credited the first organization of the fraternity of craftsmen to him, in saying that he gave a charge to the workmen whom he sent to assist the King of Nineveh in building his cities.

>That is to say, he framed for them a Constitution, and, in the words of the legend, this was the first time that ever Masons had any charge of his science. It was the first time that the Craft was organized into a fraternity working under a Constitution of body of laws. As Nimrod was the autocratic maker of these laws, it necessarily resulted that their first legislator, creating laws with his unlimited and absolute governing power, was also their first Grand Master.

We're going back, way back, to where this all began. Join us as we trace from the beginning to today, and identify the symbols throughout the ages and how they show the rise and fall of nations time and time again.

This time we discuss the "NEW WORLD" Order, not to be totally confused with the "New World Order". There's something pretty important being hidden about the New World. It just doesn't add up.

Some questions to ponder, add your own:

1) Vikings are now acknowledged to have discovered North America. They called it Vinland. They had colonies there for generations. Official narrative blames local Climate Change for their disappearance. DID YOU KNOW: The Vatican had an officialy Bishop in Vinland in 1121. Think about this. When did we discover America?

2) Ok, look at DNA Haplogroups. You can CLEARLY see that most Natives came from the same Haplogroup that lives in Siberia. This bolsters the "Siberian Indian Americans" theory! Except, perhaps it could bolster a different hypothesis: Tartaria owned North America. Discuss anomolies from Native American lore, tie it into the symboism of the world.

3) Did the so called Conquistadors 'conquer' New Tartaria? Look up the original Mexico City. It was as glorious as Venice. Somehow, it was destroyed and turned back into a lake. Why? What a horrible loss to archeology.. Perhaps they couldn't cover up this destruction as well as they did the others? Perhaps a few buildings got left standing and still hide amongst us today?

4) Does the Louisiana Purchase still subtly affect politics today? Some argue that the whole deal was illegal since Napolean didn't really own the territory to sell it. He basically stole it from the Spanish, which once got it from the French. Why was the Louisiana tract so darn big to begin with? What was actually going on "in there" before it was bought by the USA? Could Spain or France claim it back?

5) This is about where the sordid history of Haiti starts. Knowing Haiti today requires knowing it then. What's the most 'ancient' facts we can find about this place? Why was it so important then? Why today? Is there a continuance between then and now?

5) Could this connect with the Civil War? Was it an attempt for monarchies to be installed in America, under the excuse that half of America was a stolen monarchy to begin with. The rest of America gets conquered by the Kingdom of America, afterall the American government is that of rebels and revolutionaries, not valid for this world. Why did Russia help the North against the South's help of England and France?

And many other questions! The above hopefully inspired some thought.

The purpose of this thread is not just to answer these in isolation, but to show connections that tie it ALL TOGETHER.

If you can, please provide exact dates as much as possible as it would be cool to eventually compile a Chronology of this timeline.

Formerly Nimrod World Order


Archived: http://archive.is/NyPBc

Formerly Nordic World Order


Archived: http://archive.is/mob16

133430  No.3981573

File: 070d1a54c5acb72⋯.png (230.62 KB, 1976x152, 13:1, Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at ….png)

2 oldest standing structures in Mexico are pyramids dedicated to sun and moon, no?

Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan

Pyramid of the Moon, Teotihuacan

6eb7e0  No.3989061

1. We only recently learned that the Vikings colonized North America, and are told the rest of the world never knew of it till 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Except, the Vatican had an official Bishop of Vinland in 1121AD. What? Apparently he eventually left the Church to go live amongst the natives!

2. If you believe mainstream chronology (more on this later) then you know that Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the world in the 2nd Century BC. If he was that good at math, it's pretty obvious to look at their modern map and realise that the Mediterranean is a small sliver of the Earth's surface!

3. Surely, a seafaring culture might be tempted to explore? The Phoenicians ruled the seven seas for a thousand years, the traded trinkets to humans, royal purple eye to bronze alloy. But, where did they get the tin they needed to make bronze with?

4. Several "ancient" tin mines were discovered near Lake Michigan.

5. Very few cultures sailed beyond the Pillars of Hercules. Iberia is Ancient Spain, was conquered by the Carthaginians (who were the Phoenicians). On the south west region, a mysterious place called Tartesso existed, a trading culture way richer than it should be. Could this have been the Phoenicians launching port to the America's?

6. The Muslims conquered Spain early in their history, and held on to it for hundreds of years. After the crusades finally weakened their empire, the Vatican finally endorsed a Christian invasion which occurred in many phases. Spain was finally fully "liberated" when they finally conquered the south. Guess the year! 1492. What did they find there?

7. Christopher Columbus was in Spain for years trying to get funding for an expedition to India. His brother Bartholomew was in England trying the same. Suddenly, Spain agrees to fund him. Did the Spanish Catholic monarchs recently learn (from the newly conquered South) that there was vast and bountiful lands out there, and thus let Columbus go find the other side of "India" all the sudden, even though they turned him down for years prior?

8. John Cabot was some failed merchant from Venice with limited experience in navigation. Yet King Henry VII (7) gave him letters patent to claim lands to the West for England. Cabot plopped an English AND Venician flag in North America in 1497. By the way, say Venician again. Now say Phoenician. Did Henry choose Cabot because he was relatively obscure and he wanted to explore without much noise?

9. The "official" rule was if you claim a new land, it extends to the entire connected land mass. At this point, Columbus only actually discovered the Carribean. SCANDAL! Did England just Trump Spain? Does England jointly own the America's with Venice?

10. Not on my watch! Says Spain with its unrivaled navy, backed and endorsed by the Holy See. The Pope splits up the new world between Spain and Portugal, England is not impressed. Henry the VII tried to stop the political marriage of Catherine to his son who would become Henry VIII (8). Yes, that one. History books tell us she couldn't produce a male heir which led to Anne Boleyn and the Church of England breaking from the Vatican. How romantic. What bullshit. Perhaps he had his male babies killed so that Spain wouldn't have an heir on the throne? The Schism with the Pope was because he wasn't being allowed to explore the new world.

11. It's around here, in 1534 that the Jesuits form as a Catholic response to the Protestant Reformation.

12. Queen Mary was Catherine's child, thus tried to restore Catholic rule and relations with Spain. Of course, English loyalists who knew what was at stake had to get Elizabeth, Anne Boleyns child, on the throne. The Spanish tried to assassinate her many times throughout her life to no avail. In 1558 Elizabeth finally wrestled the Church from the papacy forever.

13. In 1559 she revived and expanded the navy. Before this she endorsed "Pirates" like Sir Francis Drake to rob Spanish ships full of new world gold, and also explore (he made it all the way to California). At last England could freely explore without needing the Pope to approve, but Spain still ruled the seas and had developed a huge stake in South America.

14. By the way, look up exploration missions of this era. Notice how England stops exploring for a HUNDRED YEARS?! Now you know why.

15. England had a claim to North America, but to secure it they needed to earn it. They had to defeat the Spanish at sea. The circumstances of how she sunk the Spanish Armada is curious. The seasoned and skilled Spanish commander randomly died and is succeeded by some amature. Bad weather fucks them over. Elizabeth DECIMATES the fleet and barely looses a ship. I suspect some epic revenge spying and sabatoge happened. Now England ruled the ocean, and soon after the East India Trading Company is born. Go look up their flag.

52fd6d  No.4003149

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

VIDEO: The tragic (yet often beautiful) story of Osiris, Isis and Set




Set=Planet X



NOTE: Please reference Saturn and "polar configuration theory" posts in previous thread (V2) to understand what this is about.



52fd6d  No.4003191

File: 738997a53aaa6d6⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1423x1080, 1423:1080, Osiris Isis.png)

File: 66bf6ba467f59b5⋯.jpg (195.08 KB, 736x1219, 32:53, tower.jpg)

File: d322f38d1a4ce7e⋯.jpg (291.8 KB, 488x700, 122:175, 287_l.jpg)

File: 9a84bdb81235a93⋯.jpg (43.65 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1534507703118.jpg)

File: 826327164b0195a⋯.jpg (140.19 KB, 1024x913, 1024:913, 1782 Seal.jpg)


E pluribus unum

>"Out of many, one"

>13 pieces of Osiris

>13 colonies in the new world

(((Freedom is the best choice)))

52fd6d  No.4003204

File: 7df674c3f8d45a3⋯.jpg (74.39 KB, 518x285, 518:285, great-seal-horus-hawk2.jpg)

File: f43154f4be04f93⋯.jpg (726.02 KB, 1600x1115, 320:223, Ra Horakhty.jpg)

File: db08bc420512e31⋯.jpg (366.92 KB, 790x1125, 158:225, 1534476196330.jpg)

File: 0744b40b0487ba6⋯.jpg (91.95 KB, 700x566, 350:283, 1541483249250.jpg)

File: 7c9192828d1cfe1⋯.jpg (992.81 KB, 1205x1609, 1205:1609, 1534489751858.jpg)

059f59  No.4005608

Couldn't figure out the best place for flat earth discussion so hear will do because flat earth is a major part of this satanic deception.

If you've been following qanons breadcrumbs for flat earth this guy has a flat earth model consistent with the breadcrumbs/book of Enoch/Bible descriptions and observable reality - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIhBO2DTHgQcW033kebPnpyWfmlPtgdVy

529d3b  No.4011132


Hey thanks for posting! Great images please post more.

I've been deeply reading Fomenko lately.

This might blow your mind, but it's actually possible that the "ancient" Egyptians weren't ancient and still thriving up unto the age of discovery.

There is a famous temple in Egypt that has a horoscope depicted therein. When you calculate the alignment it is reflecting, the best fit is from the 1400s AD!

I've been intrigued at how many Phoenician relics look downright Egyptian…. Perhaps they actually WERE the Egyptians afterall. Perhaps they didn't disappear at all. John Cabot was a Venician/Phoenician/Egyptian who claimed North America.

Now you know why USA embraces Egyptian symbols, it was claimed by them.

376898  No.4011529

File: 7c97bd1d7f23454⋯.jpg (252.17 KB, 767x930, 767:930, Worlds_in_Collaging_Velike….jpg)


So, just want to state my presence now that we got the new thread… I'm an OG Saturn Anon, but I kind of showed up late in last bread.. but I've been posted up mentally on this concept for awhile now… I recently came across what feels like a breakthrough in understanding this polar configuration!! I think it's important to keep the current ideas in the discussion, but I'm trying to explore other angles, so to say…

I gotta work on some parts of the visual presentation to better express what may have happened, but I'm really excited to say that I have some pretty good supporting evidence to add to the work of many brilliant minds who have already contributed major pieces!!

I've been a huge fan of the Polar configuration in that it seems to present a logical explanation for the symbols and archetypes.., however the one thing that I've been struggling to find is any evidence of this happening elsewhere in space… While I realize that we are still in the early stages of planetary discovery, I still think that observation will play a critical role in a logical explanation… If we had a polar configuration scenario here within our solar system, then it has to be happening somewhere else in space for us to observe… Here's the best part :) We don't even have to travel outside of our solar system!!

What if I told you that the same celestial mechanics that allowed for a "polar configuration" with Saturn can be observed right here from Earth?? You don't even need a telescope!! Now.., I'm going to work on my presentation, but I want to leave you all with the clue that was my Eureka moment :)

Why does only one side of the moon face Earth??

How rare is this phenomena, just within our solar system??

How may this apply to some of the features on Mars??

What stands out in respect to Mars' magnetic field??

How does that correlate in regards to terrain??

Cross reference features from Mars (North/South) with features from the moon (Near/Far-sides)…

What is a "Right-Hand Rule"??

Apply [current]..

What is a "New Spin"??

I'll be contributing more to the general conversation in the weeks to come ;)

Peace and Love, everyone!!

800a82  No.4015245


The deception is that hell exists. There is no "below" on a sphere. Hell is a mind space in the now. Hell is alienation from goodness, truth, and beauty.

529d3b  No.4021119


One of my main objections to the PC is that it seems so absurd that such an event happened within living human memory.

But lately I'm beginning to question our collective memory.

Why was history fabricated in the middle ages? We have literally not a single writing from before then. Absolute earliest is allegedly 800ad. Stone is nice but etchings can't be dated.

Thunderbolts goes on at length about cave art depicting the PC. I think some cave art is fake, but those that are real are far more recent than claimed. Go ahead, go PAINT on rock and come back 10,000 years later. The best painters of the renaissance, using the best materials, suffer from their works deteriorating.

So, let's argue that the PC happened. About 2000 years ago. Most of the world would be ruined. Humanity would have to live underground during the intersolar transfer (giant cave cities exist). They would write their depictions of the PC for future generations to remember.

The mythos of it would be remembered silently in pharaoh crowns. Those who know for certain this happened long for a day to return to Saturn at all costs. Maybe the Climate Change hoax is a convert means of funding technology that could sustain our atmosphere during a realignment back to saturn?

After almost 1000 years of waiting for rescue, and forgetting why they needed rescue, humanity suddenly realized it had no idea what history was, and set off to create a reasonable chronology.

This chronology is almost certainly a fraud. Now you know why.

529d3b  No.4072623




We're going back, way back, to where this all began. Join us as we trace from the beginning to today, and identify the symbols throughout the ages and how they show the rise and fall of nations time and time again.

Diggers got Dig. Get in here!

Shills, Flat Earth Fags, please fuck off



Part 3 Version 1


>>2710856, >>2711453, >>2953600 - Book READ The Curse of Canaan - By Eustace Mullins

>>2003005, >>2011231 - Astarte (goddess worship) and feminist movement?


>>2481406 - 8:40mins - Germanic Barbarians Phoenician link to Germanic tribes and Vikings. Strong Link

>>2684194 - Phoenician / Canaan DNA dig. They "Rule over the multicultural blob"

>>2622953, >>2690765 - Alternative history Mormons. David and Solomon Pharaohs (Hyksos occupation of Egypt, Seqenenre story, Orsirus, Hiram, Jesus, Etc…?)


>>2481694 - Video Saturn could have been sun at some point in the past. The primEVIL sun. The Bull of heaven.

>>2481406 - Video Saturn the Sun. Pagan connection to holidays to Saturn. Sunday is Saturn-day. according to video. Romans and Israelis claim to be from Saturn or children of Saturn. Child sacrifice to Saturn or and El or Moloch.

MOAR SATURN, >>2482007, >>2482219, >>2482336, The cosmic wheel could be Saturn., >>2482524, Barry Knows, >>2483037, from ancient knowledge to modern popular culture.

VIDEO - From Video Holy Mountain (1973), >>2483319

VIDEO - , >>2483393, >>2483437, >>2483458, Symbols of alien sky. MOAR Saturn discussion. Long Videos TLDW

>>2484006 - Interesting connection to different light wavelengths from lights from Saturn sun.

>>2484254 - Jupiter link

>>2484361 - Saturn vs. Jupiter

>>2492331 - Saturn theory in response to Anon.

>>2496597 - Saturn related to Phoenicians and sacrifices to Moloch


>>2483501 - Apron dig


>>2490455 - Anon claim it's Sirius not Saturn

>>2490640 - Moar Sirius

>>2490687 - Sirius linked to human trafficking - no sauce :(


>>2490498 - Focus more on esoteric suggests an anon.

>>2907602, >>2910975 - Hermetic Principles

>>2954276 - Sophia. The original knowledge or wisdom?


>>2491459 - Weaving Spiders dig - related to NWO.

>>2491652 - Ancient Aratta-Ukraine [oldest civilization?] - Alien? Cone shaped head

>>2493191 - Response to Giant question, Electric Universe, Sirius.

>>2592427 - An anon trys to summarize., >>2593288

>>2661998, >>2666691 - Baphomet digs, VIDEO

>>2592594, >>2668767, >>2668767 - Why so much war / destruction in Middle East?

>>2640552 - Video Problems with Religion. Stories

>>3030525 - Audio book. Irish Wisdom… Related to Phoenicia?

>>3684734, >>3684739 - It's all Goddess worship silly.

3cfb41  No.4085309

Is Narnia based upon somewhere real?

Does this place have symbology here there and everywhere?

Stone owls, inveted pentagrams, Mr. Tumnus's

Wooden carvings of Royal Symbols and an erect unicorn penis.

Who is Roger Cashmore?

Does he have any important ties to CERN?

Where was he fired from?

Does the Hellfire club still exist?

Has it been rebranded as the Phoenix?

Is it a coincidence that the colors of the 'Lima' flag are the same as those of the place where it now exists?

The more you know = NBC

What is an anagram of NBC?


Brasenose College.

Do you believe in coincidences?


e1ab22  No.4129278

File: 7d280fc0d91d15a⋯.jpg (110.63 KB, 492x508, 123:127, sam.jpg)

File: 90c3d75077596b7⋯.jpg (213.65 KB, 800x440, 20:11, Columbia.jpg)





Big connections here




>So I lied to you. The Phoenicians don't really exist. It was a name given to them by their competitors in Greece. The name essentially means "Purple" and it was given to them because of their monopoly of purple dye. The official story is that they started in Phoenicia, which wasn't actually a nation just a collective of city-states and wasn't really called Phoenicia either. They then spread to Carthage (modern day Tunisia), and expanded into Iberia (ancient Spain). And then Rome crushed them in the third Punic war and raised them to the ground and the world hasn't seen them since. Ha ha ha! Alternative ideas is that they started in Ireland, went to Sumer and started "civilisation", expanded to Canaan, expanded to Egypt, destroyed the world with the Bronze Age Collapse, ruled the Mediterranean seas, built mines all over the world, expanded to Carthage, expanded to Spain, probably were the Goths that eventually destroyed Rome (ahh! You thought you won, silly Romans?), founded Venice, were the Templars, are the Freemasons, built the Spanish Armada, "discovered" America, sunk their own Armada and started the East India Trading Company, sparked the American Revolution, the French Revolution, sunk the Titanic and were behind all world wars. These people are not linked by race, but by ideology and symbols, and I hope you'll join me tracing their symbols back to the beginning and up to the present.

>The Phoenicians didn't exist. They were the Canaanites.

Side note: I thought the freemasonry myth is that Hiram from Tyre, Phoenician, lead engineer and constructed for the temple. He was then murdered, so the story goes but more of analogy for keeping secrets.

<Why do they leave their symbols? EGO?

Connections to the Phoenix.

Connection to Atlantis?

9407d4  No.4129744

File: f54bcdbe6237afb⋯.jpg (69.2 KB, 500x596, 125:149, WWG1WGA JFK Q.jpg)

"POPPY" BUSH 41 #McCAINED! 🗽JUBILEE!! #Good4Hymn! Patriots Alliance Timing. Q

Indeed, Military Justice is being SERVED!!

Live shoot: Godfather movie funeral??🔫🎥 👍

NAZI FUNERAL ¿FISA DECLAS? Would not be surprised at All if the MARINES showed up to Show their "RESPECTS" 🔫#44GITMO #ClubGITMO🌴


4456db  No.4151830

This man is very knowledgeable,travels throughout europe pointing out the symbology. Stated the royals//masons/Jesuits all come from phaironic line, then swiss Templars, who were nazis, who still run the world.

Check it out:


He also does daily videos as he travels on his other yt channel, "central intelligence agency".

He's fascinating and very interesting.

4456db  No.4151894

4151830 cont from last post: correction: video posted is from his "central intelligence agency" yt channel. Other channels he has are "giureh" and "chatzefratz"… this guy is a wealth of info..

529d3b  No.4184378

File: 49498e81e68405f⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1566x899, 54:31, fomenko.png)


554d3d  No.4184896

File: 0baf86b315e2099⋯.jpg (70.74 KB, 480x272, 30:17, flag_country - Copy.jpg)

Was looking into Tartary as a curiosity. Until the flag came up. The flag of the country having an owl on it.


15467a  No.4190078


I have been on that site for the past couple of days and it offers much insight for an alternative perspective on history much of which seems extremely plausible to have occurred.

Something I have noticed that St. George slaying the dragon could in fact be a griffin.

Griffin = Half Eagle/Half Lion, Eagle rules the sky and Lion rules the land; symbol of Tartaria

It could also be the case that the half-man/half lion "sphinx" in Egypt is really a griffin. And (((they))) altered the sphinx to fit (((their))) narrative.

So we really know who built the pyramids/sphinx now.

As for the owl it is nocturnal bird that can "see in darkness"

JK Rowling Harry Potter series' includes the main character joining Gryffindor and an owl for a pet. The main villain Lord Voldemort is spoken of as (((he who must not be named))).

Sound familiar or just another coincidence?

She also studied the classics.

Slightly off topic but the Pugachev Rebellion 1773-1775 occurring during the time of our American Revolution 1765-1783 is also a strong indication of what was happening around the world.

At the time of Pugachev's execution he was 33. (((Coincidence)))

Also, Q Post 566 states: Make sure to learn Russian. This could be one meaning.

I hope fellow anons will be able to help sort this out.

529d3b  No.4197455


Has anyone read this yet? If you've read this and it DOESN'T blow your mind, read it again.

Fomenko does this repeatedly. Showing how chronological reigns of kings literally match the same sequence and lengths of rules in other kingdoms later on.

Biblical Kings = Roman Kings = Byzantine Kings

What does that mean?

It means Rome never actually happened. It was a fiction, a phantom past, a reflection of Byzantine history replicated backwards through time. Not once, but many times!

Perhaps in those days, local rulers wanted to have a nice legacy to claim power from so they just copy/pasted from a rich history elsewhere. No one was smart enough to notice or care. The rulers didn't care about plagiarising, they only cared about their little chunk of the world and not about what people in 2018 would think about it.

When the enlightenment happened, all these smart idiots got confused and didn't notice that they were basically the same stories, slightly modified, over and over again. They just made a joke that "History repeats itself".

What does this have to do with Q?

Think about it.

If the Roman pagans.. the dastardly Phoenicians… weren't from 400BC but actually from 1200AD (give or take)……….

That means those ancient cults weren't ancient at all.

And it makes the claims of Freemasonry make a LOT more sense.

c8ab7c  No.4200049


Very Interdesting…


for audiobook

Not the best voice to listen to but I ain't got time to read all that!

529d3b  No.4200551


Yeah I started with this, and it was ok. Thing is, you really do need to focus when reading it. I have it on my phone and I'm abour 350 pages into it now. Things REALLY get good finally about 300 pages in.

The reason being is that Fomenko is a SERIOUS researcher. He's not a blogger. He's not a sensationalist. He's a legit academic and spends a LONG time outlining his methodology. I skipped over a lot of that.

Here's a few bookmarks from the pdf you might want to check out though, note I'm using the text page numbers not the pdfs:

Page 95: Shows how the eclipses in ancient historical texts match PERFECTLY to the conditions only in the 1200's, which means these "ancient" battles were medieval!!

Page 135: Revelations was written in 1486AD based on Astrological Zodiac precise matching.

Page 167: talks about how the books of the Prophets in the Bible actually reference the Revelation and must precede it and not predate it! WHAT-THE-FUCK

Page 238: Reviews a few ancient maps and shows that it's absurd to think these are ancient. We basically don't have maps older than 1200

Page 294: The good stuff, actual comparisons of timelines and where the replications happen.

This is about where I am so far. Just looking at this index is exciting as it shows what I'm about to read:

6. The general layout of duplicates in


the textbook by Scaliger-Petavius”.

The discovery of the three basic chronological shifts 320

7. The Scaligerian textbook of the ancient history glued together

four duplicates of the short original chronicle 321

8. The list of phantom “ancient” events which are phantom duplicates,

or reflections of the mediaeval originals 323

9. Identification of the “ancient” Biblical history with the mediaeval

European history 328

10. Our hypothesis: history as described in surviving chronicles only begins

in ca. the X century a.d. We know nothing of the events that took place

before the X century a.d. 333

11. Authentic history only begins in XVII century a.d.

The history of the XI-XVI century is largely distorted.

Many dates of the XI-XVI century require correction 334

12. The radical distinction of our chronological concept from the version

of N. A. Morozov 334

13. The hypothesis about the cause of the fallacious chronological

shifts in the creation of the history of antiquity 336

13.1. Chronological shift of a thousand years as the consequence

of the fallacious dating of Jesus Christ s life

529d3b  No.4200583

Think about what this means, if all history is BULLSHIT until 1500…..

When did we discover the New World?



a72737  No.4202353


>And it makes the claims of Freemasonry make a LOT more sense.

newfag here, could you expand on these claims a bit for me?

dd1ef9  No.4202607


Complete nonsense. Utter nonsense. Hilarious nonsense. Did I mention that this is nonsense? Who would fall for this?

529d3b  No.4202915


You likely are just coming across this theory for the first time, haven't read a single one of his proofs, and are just shocked at the idea.

I was too.

Then I read it.

529d3b  No.4203062


Well their order claims to go way back to the building of Solomons Temple and even back to the building of the Pyramids. I never took such a thing seriously because that would mean they kept intact as a coherent secret society for 3000-5000 or way more years.


But if those events happened in the past 500-1000 years, sure. Makes sense.

The Freemasons and the Jesuits are likely the ones perpetrated the fake history.

https://ancientmistery.weebly.com/history-is-fake.html (this website seems to be a good intro to this whole rabbit hole)

I don't think the fake history was done ON PURPOSE. But it was conveniently exploited. Any real histories of the ages prior were burned as heretical in the great book burning of the middle ages.

The Catholic Church would keep a copy however, they're all in the Vatican Secret Archives.

529d3b  No.4241161

File: 8e4fa4efe5e1420⋯.jpg (732.08 KB, 1920x1004, 480:251, 1920px-Sun_Pyramid_05_2015….JPG)


>Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan

The Pyramid of the Sun is the largest building in Teotihuacan, believed to have been constructed about 200 CE,[6] and one of the largest in Mesoamerica.


So you're telling me these SAVAGES built a monument almost as impressive as the Great Pyramid, and it was in 200CE?

Yet the Great Pyramid was made in 2600BCE? Or some think that was just a repair job, and it was built much much earlier?

………Or was it much much more recent? Could these folks and the Egyptians and all the other similar world wide monuments be from a civilisation that flourished about the same time?

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