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We discuss about virtual male characters. You are supposed to use kr in this index.

File: 5f513e4fc488f71⋯.jpg (151.33 KB, 400x600, 2:3, For announcement.jpg)

388f8e  No.196

We know you guys may wonder why koreans are here

All of us deeply interested in virtual male characters such as shota, femboy or yaoi stuffs

However, these tastes are usually shut out from other Korean communities

Some people even report us because they hate us too much

This is the reason why we're here

We hope you to understand that you are recommended to use ko in this thread

+) Photos or comments about real-life characters are also deleted

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01de98  No.200

i think most of 8chan users have similar reason

775361  No.206

One thing unrelated to the board itself. We have one gookanon telling us shit about South Korea being not exactly the most fun place to be in during the Park impeachment thing, largely in respect to the government being extremely corrupt along with cult-like groups trying to control everything. Would you guys be interested in providing further detail on it? (keeping the question as vague as possible in case there is something worthy of mention)

It is interesting to hear about but having information from only a single person isn't exactly reliable. If not in this thread then maybe on /pol/ or a specially dedicated dump board?

775361  No.207


>We have one gookanon telling us shit about South Korea being not exactly the most fun place to be in during the Park impeachment

What I meant with this part is that he told us about everything going on during the Park impeachment, not that it was a bad thing. Apologies if my writing is confusing.

0be35b  No.208


not interested in and not much idea about the political issues, in my case

f10546  No.222

Welcome to 8chan!

388f8e  No.225


Thank you for your warm welcome!

0be35b  No.226

File: 9150ad8539a7a81⋯.jpg (5.34 KB, 259x194, 259:194, aaaa.jpg)


omg real?

0be35b  No.227


gonna fap with this tonight

71507d  No.228


관리자님 충성충성 ^^7

775361  No.372


That's a shame

daecff  No.373

File: 3539a46c64be5c2⋯.jpg (224.48 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, the entire gay community.jpg)

4bcd0c  No.381

because everything is censored/protected behind a wall and you need proxies or some shit

i saw it happen to minus 8

608d2a  No.389

Is it true you need government IDs to register on websites?

b3ed3c  No.397


yes almost big websites need that

608d2a  No.407

File: 13aaa55ffeb35c3⋯.png (11.84 KB, 698x246, 349:123, 767687.PNG)


God, fuck that. Welcome to 8chan!

b3ed3c  No.408


thanks bro :)

0be35b  No.409


775361  No.424


Care to name a few examples of sites that require it? For example, do you need a government ID to register on YT?

2ba739  No.437


I can't assault what does 'YT' means, but like Naver and Daum, most of major portal sites require government ID for register.

71507d  No.441


Korean have one's citizen number and all of most Korean web sites need it. government uses it and easily find out who did something forbidden. that's why we are here.. :(

608d2a  No.553


By YT he means YouTube.

By the way, Board Owner, to capcode, follow these instructions:


Also, read the FAQ in general:


f7186a  No.557

Also check out the user options in the top right.

775361  No.568


Well if that is the case then I would recommend not talking about the site openly for everyone to see (for example, posting links to it on social media), since that could very easily end up getting the government doing everything they can to stop people from being able to visit it in South Korea. The site has a fairly shit reputation within western media, where the image is that everyone on the site is a rapist that jerks off to child pornography and wants to genocide all of the women on the planet, and so letting a feminist cult that is drunk on power know that it exists would be counter-productive because they WILL believe the media on it.

775361  No.569

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Forgot embed

6d9b23  No.571

File: 611b6082beb237d⋯.gif (320.4 KB, 500x357, 500:357, lain.gif)

File: 4629f7874425a8b⋯.jpg (37.62 KB, 552x538, 276:269, SuoremeGentleman.jpg)

So, I am simply curious. Is this community mostly men or are you all the Hanguk equivalent of Japanese fujoshi (girls who get off to Yaoi)?

Further, what is the culture in Hanguk like surrounding this? I know that in Nippon a large sect of the otaku community are filled with fujoshi.

May I ask as well how many of you use other boards on this site such as /v/, /pol/ /a/, /co/, etcetera? Are people even allowed to create yaoi manhwa outside of the districts wherein creation of pornography is allowed?

I thank you for acknowledging my humble inquiry.

b3ed3c  No.585


Almost Koreans in this board don't know other boards so they may not use them

and in Korea, pornography is not allowed we just make them in undergraound

4aeffb  No.623

File: 255ff75beed313c⋯.jpg (55.51 KB, 640x960, 2:3, yall-need-jesus-house.jpg)


Okay, I get it … 소년 means boy, while 논연 means discretion. Clever.

(익명 just means anonymous)


Nice trips


>not exactly the most fun place to be in during the Park impeachment thing

A friend celebrated with great joy when Park was finally done in, but she's not a talker so I'll never understand why.


Are you for fugging real?! Aish, that's some serious UK-tier monitor-and-control. Welcome to e-freedomsland

775361  No.682

File: 1370c024a735dc6⋯.png (657.78 KB, 1685x1604, 1685:1604, Majestic 8 update 1.png)

File: 87b042d867bb0ff⋯.png (250.01 KB, 1591x877, 1591:877, Majestic 8 update 2.png)

File: 9612deca3d5139c⋯.png (179.25 KB, 1433x396, 1433:396, Majestic 8 update 3.png)

File: ceb20fd187314a1⋯.png (594.66 KB, 1763x1631, 1763:1631, Majestic 8 update 4.png)

File: c59e0614260dcc1⋯.png (217.12 KB, 1534x1046, 767:523, Majestic 8 update 5.png)


>A friend celebrated with great joy when Park was finally done in, but she's not a talker so I'll never understand why.

From what I have heard people were extremely happy and I was pretty damn glad about it too. The sentence was written weridly, what I meant is that he told us about South Korea and the things he told us were fairly depressing. On the "during the Park impeachment" thing, what I meant is that he told us about these depressing things from before the impeachment because it was relevant to the things going on during the impeachment, not that the impeachment was depressing.

6d9b23  No.700

File: f88eaf85f9f2f7a⋯.jpg (45.91 KB, 720x713, 720:713, 0cecd5ac5e9347098932e00362….jpg)


Thanks for answering a few of my questions, hanguk anon.

May I ask one more?

Can you guys please branch out onto the rest if the site? We're being overrun with retarded liberals and dumb American teenagers.

You guys seem pretty chill, it would be an improvement.

Also, what anime is popular in Hanguk? Is some of it banned for its content? I've read a few manhwa and found them rather good. Are there any obscure but good ones a Canadian wouldn't know about easily?

b3ed3c  No.774


We will try to get close to whoever comes to this board.

Korean animation is mostly for children, so the majority of teenagers watch anime in Japan or America.

The Korean government has been limiting obscene and violent cartoons.

And now almost Korean cartoons are provided by cartoon websites.

It is cheap, simple, and make it easy for creators to make money, and readers also can enjoy reading various cartoons

a52cc4  No.818

Shit sounds fucked up in terms of internet freedoms in SK at the moment. Everyone enjoy your stay over here!

65d853  No.1006


Care to post some cartoons?

b121ae  No.1007


In Korea pornography is illegal. cartoons should not be cruel and not obscene.

Otherwise, they can be punished or prohibited.

Particularly, pornography is very very strict.

608d2a  No.1020


Wait, pornography in general or just cartoon pornography, like loli etc.?

dbbfe7  No.1074


What is meant is cartoons, not porn. I am pretty sure most people understand by now that owning porn in South Korea is punishable by death.

71507d  No.1077


in Korea, it is prohibited by law to post virtual character's pornographic and general pornography on the Internet. In particular, the Law on the Protection of Children and Youth in Korea does not discriminate against fictitious boys and girls. We enjoy virtual pornography without aiming at real child pornography, but Korean law does not distinguish it. So we had no choice but to come out of Korea.

9d57f6  No.1116

성 유대인이되는 것을 언제 중단 하시겠습니까?

5c9d29  No.1118


It is getting smaller and smaller :)

6d9b23  No.1122

File: dd62c31448672d5⋯.webm (814.31 KB, 640x360, 16:9, dd62c31448672d56bb83d21a8….webm)

Would any of you here care to take place in a tradition of this website? On our board for videogames every year one of us streams an awful game called Uncommon Time.

The game is made by a stupid feminist who wrote it very poorly except for one character beloved by /v/. It's become an in-joke and a tradition.

An anon will be streaming it sometime soon.



I thank you again for answering our questions. Stay strong, Hanguk, someday you will be able to view porn in peace!

a30d54  No.1187


Unlreated but I was watching Battleship Island with a friend and noticed the movie depicted Korean men drawing and dealing cartoon pornography with the Japanese. Found it odd they would add that in. Polite sage.

e0b5c7  No.2669

Oh man, I was excited to see this board as a way to help me to learn Korean but the subject matter is a bit off-putting to me. Oh well, I'm probably to old to be converted.

474b0b  No.2672


yes thats right. the film is probably the story of the 1940s and 1940s. It is not relevant to Korea's current legal system, and it is not relevant to Korea since it is the Japanese rule of law. By the way, I am very sorry that you saw the movie. Because it is highly regarded. Almost all of the scenes in the film are totally inaccurate.

474b0b  No.2673


the true is, You're not old enough, this board is crazy. Don't worry about it.

040fc3  No.2879

American here. I'm sorry for what our cancerous culture did to you, but it wasn't a decision made by our citizens. I guarantee if it wasn't for American involvement beyond halting the tide of Communism, you wouldn't have half the censorship and nanny-state bullshit. I don't really know what would be best for your people right now, but I do know that it's going to be hell for you folks in the near future.

Best of luck.

a8eefa  No.14259

File: 82a2b5ec3eb7725⋯.jpg (173.63 KB, 726x1200, 121:200, 1511732731749.jpg)

Where does the Board title /sonyeon/ come from?

81fffb  No.14260


sonyeon mean young boy

a8eefa  No.14261


Thanks, was curious.

ac35b9  No.23072



bfa64d  No.23179

File: 59a07f98e23c40c⋯.jpg (18.54 KB, 236x694, 118:347, 913e14b0c96a053572d8995855….jpg)

oh cool, I was wondering why everyone was speaking korean and stuff

welcome! or something

2c3abf  No.23180


Thanks! What's more I like your picture!

95f2fe  No.38362


afb69f  No.38366



bfa64d  No.38381

File: 256d634969b8239⋯.png (98.74 KB, 320x224, 10:7, ClipboardImage.png)

File: eca7d4512ec46f9⋯.jpg (9.64 KB, 236x348, 59:87, eca7d4512ec46f9c6f70203cc7….jpg)

File: b9cda420e479dc1⋯.png (144.8 KB, 400x234, 200:117, ClipboardImage.png)


oh that's Quark from nonary games

he's cute as heck

lost all my pics a while ago, need to rebuild my quark collection

sometimes I lurk but I can't speak korean, so I can't contribute much

7b559b  No.39327

Japanese here, I know this is a board for yaoi/shota but it's the most active korean board.

What do they teach you about Japan in school and the media, do they teach you to hate Japan?

What about the Japanese invasion of Korea to prevent the Russian invasion?

From what I've been taught it was done mainly because if Russia had Korea they would invade us next, we also abolished slavery (43% of the population were slaves) and helped the country out by building infrastructure (Korea prior to Japanese invasion was one of the poorest countries at the time excluding places like Africa)

3880f1  No.39335


If a robber did not rob me because

a thief stole my wallet, should i appreciate it?

ADMMIT IT. You guys didn't for us, but only yourself.

b91971  No.39380


I was more interested in what you were taught, I know most Koreans hate us.

>If a robber did not rob me because

a thief stole my wallet, should i appreciate it?

Awful analogy

Either Russia invades you

Or we invade you

We turned Korea from a poor country into a rich developed one and abolished slavery too.

We did have our own motives like protecting ourselves from Russia too

1d1c5a  No.39394


>I was more interested in what you were taught, I know most Koreans hate us.

absolutely not, dont trust your nation's fucking shit media, and our shit neither. most of us were not taught sth like 'hate japs' things, and i know japanese also were not either.

b91971  No.39396


Most Koreans I've met had a negative perception of Japan and the polls said the same.

I'm not talking about being taught things like "hate japan" but more "Japan did bad things in WW2/Korean occupation" etc

7606e5  No.39398

Don't you know about the war crime?

Or just ignore it?

1d1c5a  No.39399





7606e5  No.39400

이제 정신승리 들어가려고 영어 포기해버리죠 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

번역기 돌리기 귀찮은 챈붕이들을 위해 얘 말을 정리해주면

1. 마! 나그가 철도도 깔아주고 마! 느그 윗동네랑 마! 싸움도 하고 마! 다했어! 그니까 마! 내가 막! 느그들 내장에 소금부어 죽여도 좀 참아야 할거 아잉가!

2. 그 시대에는 다 그랬음 ㅎ

b91971  No.39401


theyre exaggerated, there were korean soldiers committing war crimes in the phillipines in the japanese army, everyone committed war crimes, our only crime was losing


I'm not sure of the specifics of the railway.

If we didn't invade the russians would have, I believe they would have been worse.

We built lots of infrastructure and got rid of slavery.

Korea as a country benefited from Japanese rule

7606e5  No.39402

I'm tell this again,


(And you keep saying about trains. They plunder rice with the train.)

7606e5  No.39403

And here's a reason some korean hate japan : They did not regret the past and do again if there's chance.

b91971  No.39404


We had our own interests in mind but if we didn't invade Russia would have.

Russian rule would be worse.

>plunder rice with train

We did do that but we improved your infrastructure a lot.

>They do not regret the past

Do I regret the entire past? No

Do I regret individual crimes some soldiers did? Yes

1d1c5a  No.39405


저 일본어는 나임 힝힝 전혀 그런 뜻 아닌데 힝힝

7606e5  No.39406

Why so sure about Russia?

They just want port can use in winter, and they are busy in that times.

So they were possibly not that bad. LOL

b91971  No.39407


Russia would have invaded Japan after

1d1c5a  No.39409






7606e5  No.39410


Wow! You don't like invasion! We have a common!

7606e5  No.39411

Why are you so scared of Russia? He could better than America. LOLOLOL

7606e5  No.39412

Russia could *HELP* japan… what a shame…

cb3e37  No.39801


>However, these tastes are usually shut out from other Korean communities

>Some people even report us because they hate us too much

[citation needed]

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