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File: c6ad7061d2dc878⋯.gif (261.38 KB, 300x306, 50:51, c6ad7061d2dc8781743df6d6e2….gif)

f60f01  No.1614[Reply]

reminder that we're in the hunger games tonight at 8pm EDT


if you p'toks aren't cheering, you'll be stripped of bloodwine for the next month

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facaa7  No.27248

File: 171f3da9c50b581⋯.jpg (93.76 KB, 705x530, 141:106, dukat 5.jpg)


Memes, the other boards would miss us if we didn't enter.

File: fa043babc472548⋯.gif (280.57 KB, 500x383, 500:383, DzAn6WC.gif)

77791a  No.2[Reply]

Accepting banners here

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77f66b  No.27123

File: 81ad2ddb31ed792⋯.gif (465.17 KB, 300x100, 3:1, pretty-hearts.gif)

File: 5d354be2bb0b3c8⋯.gif (497.3 KB, 300x100, 3:1, pretty-on-the-skins.gif)

File: 4e18c6fc4e59410⋯.jpg (134.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2018-02-11_21-43-01.jpg)

2dc6be  No.18500[Reply]

>> Hail from Captain Pike sir

It's the Enterprise

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a02963  No.27284


The only thing I want Kurtzman and Orci to write are resignation letters, followed by suicide notes.

a02963  No.27288


>I remember in particular nichelle nichols and the other female cast of that era basically DEMANDING that they make the skirts shorter.

On a related note from another franchise, did you know that Slave Leia's metal bikini was included at the request of Carrie Fisher herself? The original production plan involved a tattered burlap-sack-robe sort of outfit, but Fisher wanted to show off as much skin as she could get away with in a "family" movie and insisted on a skimpier outfit.

a02963  No.27290


Stranger Things is mostly ripped off from a 2010 movie (released in some places in 2012) called "Beyond the Black Rainbow", made by the same director as the recent "Mandy". Early 1980's setting, secret remote psychic research facility, creepy paternal doctor obsessed with an imprisoned young girl test subject whose name can be shortened to "El", "El" telekinetically killing people during an escape, a portal to another realm where eldritch horrors manifest, etc etc.

If you're not into slow-paced moody minimalistic horror, it's not for you. But if you're the kind of person who loves a slow-burn creep-out you'd like it. (And the music is FUCKING FANTASTIC.)


38fb42  No.27298


>On a related note from another franchise, did you know that Slave Leia's metal bikini was included at the request of Carrie Fisher herself?

…and once Kennedy became the CEO of LucasFilm she banned the Slave Leia merch.

b820fd  No.27304


I honestly wouldn't mind seeing him show up in a good trek show. It could be used to explain a lot of the weird psychology of Spock's relationship with his father and even just the contradictory nature of his dad's behavior in general.

File: ed49bea0902b915⋯.jpg (9.66 KB, 236x180, 59:45, 7fcbed1776a654f89b912feaf6….jpg)

7d6d36  No.25046[Reply]

I thought we gonna have a thread like this. Buckle up for my hot takes:

- most of the dialog on ST is really clumsy and I find this to be irksome. While there are certainly good monologs, dual exchanges in ST always feel awkward and awfully infantile. It's like every character is constantly in exposition mode and the audience is never required to pick up on clues.

- Let's be honest, besides very fee exceptions like "The Visitor" most of the non-story episodes of DS9 are a snoozefest and filler. There is also zero exploration despite the station being situated next to a wormhole carrying them to the other end of the galaxy.

- despite being a boring movie, ST:TMP was the most Trekish movie, especially with its aesthetic.

- there is never going to be another "real" Trek series, ever. DS9 and even VOY despite its flaws were the last ones. This is because of the industry. Shows these days are all about "personal drama", superficial core issues, Chinese fortune cookie wisdoms in dialog form, massive pressure to have the ratings after season 1, constant SJW quota fullfullment, fast pace so the consumerist audience doesn't get bored. The only chance ever for another decent Trek series would be a completely independent project, non-profit, with crowdfunding. However, you'd catch Aids nonetheless due to the retarded Trekkie community, which would have the main influence over the show.

- post-First Contact uniforms are the best ones. DS9 would be way more enjoyable from the beginning if Avery Brooks shaved his head and got that uniform from the beginning.

- Also, Avery Brooks is a horrible actor.

- despite being left-liberal in tone, there are plenty of episodes that are quite American with neoconservative undertones. In the Pale Moonlight is basically a justification for a false flag to start a war. Old Klingons resemble the Japanese. ST VI was about the end of the Cold War with the Klangs selling out their own country for a Pizza Hut like Gorbachev.

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f5935f  No.27183


He was a utopian socialist, sure, but he wasn't full Bolshevik. Looking at some episodes of TOS you can see he didn't like the commies because muh freedoms, muh nuclear war. Basically he was a hippy.

375649  No.27204


absolutely but hippies were the tool of the down fall of western society.

2633ac  No.27205


if it wasn't, it should have been. can't be too prepared when dealing with mongols.

c02d36  No.27302

All Trek has good & bad episodes even Voyager.

Voyager had plenty of good episodes such as Deathwish, Living Witness, Tuvix, Riddles, Future's End, Scorpion, The Killing Game, Year of Hell, Equinox, Think Tank, Dark Frontier, Blink of An Eye, Flesh and Blood, Repentance, Q2, and Author, Author.

Year of Hell should have been a movie.

d0ef4a  No.27303


I think that VOY has the best and worst episodes. It's makes the series average out to being the third best because the good episodes in other series are much better than their worst ones whereas all VOY's bests are counterbalanced by ones that are terrible to the same magnitude.

File: 1a883bcece92280⋯.png (692.5 KB, 960x720, 4:3, standby.png)

e7f834  No.27151[Reply]

If fags haven't seen already it's a thread where a season of TNG is rewatched where a brief review is given of each episode and a small dump of reaction tier images and webms are made. Feel free to join in and shitpost. Also if you have any requests for scenes you want webm'd make them here.

Rating Scale

Since fags asked for me to give a rating on an episode when giving an overview here's my rating scale before there is autistic screeching, well more so than usual.

Ratings Explained:


Truly awful and do yourself a favor and avoid watching an episode with this rating.


Bad episodes that while you could suffer through there is no real need for you to put yourself through such torture.


The pass mark. Decent episodes that are okay but you really won't be upset if you miss them.


Good episodes that are worth a watch. There is not really any reason to avoid them.


Truly great episodes that you must watch.

Previous Threads:

Season 1 Thread: >>25320

Season 2 Thread: >>26012

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e7f834  No.27295

File: 8397392b5846de3⋯.webm (2.8 MB, 960x720, 4:3, Picard Gets Swole While W….webm)

File: f8fd01c24968b27⋯.webm (1.96 MB, 960x720, 4:3, Surprise Redshirt Removal.webm)

File: 39fc4035b229b04⋯.webm (8.05 MB, 960x720, 4:3, Crusher Crushed.webm)


Picard punching a man before transporting off a ship was nice. The rebels all need purged despite raising good points. Should have used gas. Except for that booty.

0a59ad  No.27296


Are you fucking serious? The Defector is one of the masterpieces of TNG. It's a goddamn 10/10.

>That they weren't able to immediately identify that it was a high ranking Romulan Admiral.

What, do you think the Romulan military updates Starfleet with its personnel records on a regular basis? I have no problem with believing that Starfleet officers couldn't identify Jarok from appearance and voice alone. Hell, maybe they don't even have any communications recordings of Jarok due to his underlings handled direct communications during his military campaigns. Maybe Starfleet does have records, but they're from many decades earlier. Voices and appearances age, even for long-lived Romulans. Either way I find it quite believable that they couldn't positively identify him until the Romulans formally made a diplomatic protest identifying him by name.

>Like how Federation ships don't patrol the equvialent of the Berlin Wall in Space yet Klingons can get there in a jiffy. Speaking of the Klingons there's a scene at the end of this episode where everyone is "Oh yeah shit, the Klingons exist" as if they had all forgotten.

During the episode, there's several lines about messages to and from the Klingon government. This sort of thing is called "subtlety". It's meant to make the attentive viewer think throughout the episode "Why are they talking about Klingons?", followed by an "Oh!" during the reveal.

Also, why do you suggest Starfleet doesn't do patrols? Are you forgetting the fact that the Enterprise was within spitting distance of the neutral zone during the opening?

>Were Romulans dumb enough to think if they went to war with the Federation that the Klingon Empire would sit idle?

No, but I think they didn't factor in the depth of the alliance with regards to joint military activities during peacetime. You'll note that before the season one finale, the Romulans were rather isolationist, and soon after the events of this episode, the Romulans start all sorts of shady shitPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

a25610  No.27299


>Episode 7 - The Enemy



The bit where the Romulan says Geordi would have been killed at birth in his society for being defective gave me a feel.


>Episode 8 - The Price



The Ferengi who buy the wormhole end up stuck in the Delta Quadrant in a Voyager episode called False Profits.


>Episode 9 - The Vengeance Factor




>Episode 10 - The Defector




>Episode 11 - The Hunted




>Episode 12 - The High Ground



@24:40 Data mentions the Irish unification of 2024 as an example of terrorism being successful, and because of that, the BBC refused to air the episode. It didn’t air on the U.K. government’s station until 2007, though it did air on satellite and cable (sometimes with that reference cut). Imagine if he said the same thing about Islamic terrorism. Finn scores points when he tells Dr. Crusher that by supplying the Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

a25610  No.27300


That redshirt looks pink, what software do you use to encode your .webm files? Also what was the source?

c870f7  No.27301


>The bit where the Romulan says Geordi would have been killed at birth in his society for being defective gave me a feel.

I always thought it was interesting that the Federations technology is so advanced (impossible physics etc.) but their biotech didn't seem to keep pace. I guess the Eugenics Wars plays a large part of why that is. It's interesting to think that there's an alternate universe where Bashir is still retarded. I'd rather watch that version of DS9 because instead of using beta pick up lines on Jadzia he'd probably just run up grinning and grab her tits.

File: c11b24b676f71bb⋯.jpg (43.09 KB, 496x311, 496:311, on the bridge.jpg)

059374  No.25853[Reply]

>already had a black captain

>already had a female captain

>already had a black female slightly transsexual captain

Frankly I'm not sure we have anywhere else to "boldly go" here. Maybe it's time to move on and diversify another franchise? I hear James Bond is hiring…

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31af11  No.27264


She's a slav.

f03a4a  No.27273


>Slavic robo-waifu who wants to be impregnated over and over again


42c774  No.27274


>dumb bitch who wouldn't muff dive for her husband gave us Obama

9c8598  No.27279


>an episode where someone starts experimenting with borg tech (just the cybernetics and nano tech, not to hive mind) as a form of human augmentation, as it's not outright banned like gene based technology, and the federation going full on pitchfork welding racist Luddites over it could make for an interesting basis for plot

This was actually the backstory to the antagonist of the novel "Federation". Long story short, it was written before the movie First Contact, and was about Zefram Cochrane before, during, and after the first warp flights, when most of Earth was living under various fascist police-state regimes at war with each other.

There's an insane military leader named Colonel Thorsen who thinks that Cochrane's warp engine can be turned into a sort of "erase everything within its spacetime bubble from existence but leave no radioactive fallout" bomb, ideal for clearing battlefields that his own troops would have to march through later. Cochrane thinks it's impossible to build such a bomb, but wants to get the hell out of dodge anyway because Thorsen's the kind of guy who would happily torture Cochrane and his friends to force him to work on it anyway.

After WWIII and the defeat of his regime, Thorsen's pissed. He wants to use said imaginary bomb to bring back the past glories of his defeated nation. But Cochrane is nowhere to be found, having escaped into intersetellar space after having deliberately filing a fake flight plan, all to escape Thorsen. Thorsen's obsession with getting revenge on Cochrane before Thorsen dies leads to Thorsen using nanotechnology from a race called the Grigari to extend his life.

It's like being slowly Borged, but without the hive mind aspect. Biological tissue in direct contact with Grigari nanotech gradually dies off, so layer after layer of tissue is replaced by nanomachines until nothing organic is left of the body and all you've got left is an insane computer-facsimile of the original person's mind driving a robot body. (Imagine Lore, but without any self-control whatsoever.) Kirk notes that the technology has been outlawed in the Federation.

a000de  No.27297


>Kirk notes that the technology has been outlawed in the Federation.

This particular coput annoys me more than any other in the series. Are we really expected to believe that genetic engineering and all manner of other highly beneficial goodies are just not practiced because of a law? At least DS9 tried to address this somewhat with bootleg autismo doctors on Earth.

File: c50669e59d95dfc⋯.jpg (63.16 KB, 742x546, 53:39, The_Image_in_the_Sand.jpg)

a450a4  No.23468[Reply]

How stupid is the idea of the Prophets?

I mean its the perfect example of writers throwing in stupid ideas to make them look alien, in the end they(writers and the Prophets) only look retarded.

>pleasure what is this

>Time what is this

>Destroy him! Or he will destroy us!

>death what is this

>pleasure what is this

its really hard to imagine anything existing without the concept of pleasure and pain.

>Time what is this

If you don't understand the concept of time you are defective.

>Destroy him! Or he will destroy us!

>death what is this

The literal fuck?

1) if you understand the concept of stooping to to exist you understand death. do your retarded

>death what is this

Makes you look retarded

2) HOW? Are you implying you the Prophets can not die?

Rating 10/10 on the absurdity pure TV bullshit.

50 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8a0eac  No.27256


Paper Moon is pure scifi and is the only time Ezri is likeable.

44627c  No.27259

File: 80c442a8fa162c3⋯.jpg (31.86 KB, 480x320, 3:2, tr-116_480_poster.jpg)


Are you fucking kidding? This episode is 1000x better than the boring "nog being a cunt" episode.

22885f  No.27260


I don't even remember what she did in that episode.


That was a very interesting episode but I can't bring myself to call a dyke haircut likeable.

8a0eac  No.27270




Boring? it was an examination of what it means to live in reality, set in a well established arc for a secondary character. Sorry that classic Science Fiction is too boring for you

8605c1  No.27276

File: eecd0502be4ec5c⋯.jpg (25.83 KB, 640x480, 4:3, JKCJd.jpg)


>That was a very interesting episode but I can't bring myself to call a dyke haircut likeable.

Hey, ain't nothing wrong with a cute lil' reverse-trap. Especially when she's hiding these under her uniform.

File: 054125755e61c43⋯.gif (2.01 MB, 285x213, 95:71, 43b.gif)

bba2e0  No.26894[Reply]

Did they ever explain away Barclay's fuck fetish holodeck programs featuring Troi and Crusher or is that the deep dark incident no one brings up?

15 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

750a64  No.27006


>Shouldn't you be able to partition one holodeck into countless sub-holodecks

Normally, but this holodeck was running chrome.

f35d1e  No.27014


I want a meta-circular holodeck that can do some crazy shit.

cf8c0b  No.27017



FUCK guys, this is why I love this place

1090e8  No.27267


>You might as well just directly ask the computer to make the holodeck malfunction

I thought that command had been macro'd to the 'on' button?

84a766  No.27275


>You might as well just directly ask the computer to make the holodeck malfunction and destroy the ship.

It's like a zen koan. "If someone deliberately tells a holodeck computer to create a holodeck malfunction, is it actually malfunctioning?"

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6bed3c  No.26728[Reply]

ITT "villains" who did nothing wrong.

95 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

26b31d  No.27265


The only flaw Dukat has was his pathological narcissism.

614abf  No.27266


Now come on, this is untrue. He stole a guy's wife and fucked her and cheated on his own wife. But all heroes have flaws.

327f32  No.27268


>He stole a guy's wife and fucked her and cheated on his own wife

Firstly he was a long way from home on military service, and there is a long history of military officers needing to take a … personal assistant to see them through such stressful and lonely assignments. Secondly, if they hadn't included that sort of weakness in his profile he'd have been a pretty unbelievable character - and I rather like the Tora/Garak storyline.

1ba8a8  No.27269


This tbh, military men on long campaigns can play a little looser with the rules. Odysseus' marriage was seen as one of the most perfect in existence because of his wife's constant rejection of her suitors, despite Odysseus himself getting sum fuc on his way back.

2e6143  No.27272


It is NEVER okay to fuck a guy's wife without killing him first. The whole Iliad is based on that. Adulterers were serious shit. Remember this was in the time when 'alphas' got their shit pushed in by the numerically larger number of angry 'betas' and had to respect marriage

File: c38b15903e33e8b⋯.jpg (213.39 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, Terran_Empire_flag.jpg)

File: 46d19a50c2bb66f⋯.png (128.57 KB, 928x336, 58:21, borg-comic.png)

File: ade53d226369451⋯.jpg (25.75 KB, 560x235, 112:47, star-trek-insurrection-02.jpg)

268282  No.25474[Reply]

This evolved from a response to a thread that I decided to make its own thread because of how extensive it is.

Why the federation is absolute shit and terrible in all possible ways.

Long live the glory of the Terran Empire.


> fix the Federation

Impossible the federation is systemically fucked and only worked because of plot armor.

Replace it with the Terran Empire, however its no longer the federation.


>Kick out all the xeno trash.


I like the way you are thinking.


1) See


2) Ignoring ST writer ideology making the federation work and trying to portray the Terran Empire as bad (despite the fact that the main federation has more insane juntas then the mirror universe; hell Mirror-Archer was a die hard patriot who only wanted to help the empire and serve it, he got a little greedy by not giving the command of the magic future ship to the idiot who was wrong and tortured him.Its not his fault that his personal whore was a corrupted power hungry bitch and poisoned him and took over the future super ship) as possible we move to the next point:

[To be continued]

20 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2f15aa  No.26369


>I Interrupt your attempt at spin doctoring and simply say this we see humans constantly die in SF the red shirt is a meme at this point. We see star ships explode and star ships annihilated by hostile empires like the Borg incursion and the Dominion war.

Humans die sometimes therefore they are oppressed minorities? That's your argument? You didn't actually address any part of how Starfleet officers are clearly seen as very respected and elite people by anyone who meets them. Knights and lords died in battle far more often than serfs, does that mean the serfs were really in charge? This argument is absurd.

>Lets look at other minorities lets say whites in south Africa

…And if you go just one generation back you can see that same minority being the ones in charge.And it's no as if the dindus took power by force, they just made a ruckus until the whites felt guilty enough to voluntarily abdicate.

>The Jewish control seams to be fading

I want to live in your fantasy world.

66fa33  No.27107


>I want to see the statistic for the entire UFP

Your grammar is awful and you spell like a total tard - this doesn't exactly inspire confidence in your argument. "Statistics” and "data" are irrelevant anyway because it’s a FICTIONAL universe; data in this instance means whatever the writers wish for it to mean and this can be changed at any time. You're idiotically trying to apply scientific principles to a fantasy.

We get it, you like licking boots. But do you know what's funny? The Terran Empire is purpose built to represent inefficient fascism rather than simply representing fascism. Their "dog eat dog" mentality is ridiculous and has no connection to real life fascism. No ideology, no matter how far left or right, has promoted betrayal as a virtue because it isn't in any way functional. Even Nazis understood the value of loyalty, comradery, and love. By defending the Terran Empire, you're basically revealing yourself to be nothing more than a wigger who has no real understanding of far right ideology beyond the idea that you might get to hurt others with impunity. Propagandistically, you’re doing the work of your enemies for them.

7737f9  No.27118


>Knights and lords died in battle far more often than serfs

This is absurd. There were far more conscripts on the battlefield than knights or nobility and nobles were more valuable as prisoners to ransom. I want to see your source for this nonsensical statement.

c62ce0  No.27119


>Why is it shit

It's not, the political structure and policy mechanics of the UFP were left purposefully vague so that people can't argue over the minutia, it's supposed to be perceived as a positive force in the Milky Way galaxy and if you disagree that's probably you projecting your personality onto a nebulous narrative construct.

aa3671  No.27271


I like you. Have a (you), and have a nice life.

File: b9afb88cd3f9e31⋯.jpg (157.32 KB, 1080x1967, 1080:1967, Screenshot_20181014-120040….jpg)

cff602  No.27240[Reply]

Why aren't you learning Klingon? What are you even doing with your life?

5e2dc0  No.27241

File: d677e4766feb2dc⋯.jpg (38.51 KB, 640x350, 64:35, bing-klingon-translator.jpg)

Sounds cool, I'm in.

Post your username and I'll friend you - we can have a strek group and curse at each other in Klingon.

0075d4  No.27246

The text does have an interesting look to it. The characters are unique but writing a gook in it would be tiresome.

f6144a  No.27261

if i can't even bother learning an actually useful language, why would i bother with this one?

File: 819e0cb40b4c95e⋯.jpg (152.22 KB, 880x660, 4:3, 3a20a7493bb1ba1fdde5374e50….jpg)

60b5f6  No.24786[Reply]

So I recently finished rewatching Amok Time, and I recall hearing Spock explain to Kirk that the pon farr is part of an ancient tradition that comes even before the time of Surak. This got me wondering about the Romulans, whom we know left Vulcan during the Time of Awakening. Is it possible that the Romulans still wrestle with the pon farr, and that they might retain some of the same Vulcan traditions for dealing with it? What else do the Romulans and Vulcans continue to share in common with one another, in terms of culture and tradition, if anything at all?

5 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

891fcf  No.27197


>Fug, what did they do now?

suicide bomb their own ships

46717c  No.27219


Uh no, the Vulcan species represents Chinese, and the Romulans represent Japan.

You're a fucking idiot.

ec21de  No.27227

File: 926055c5bf4794f⋯.png (297.8 KB, 1070x880, 107:88, 1486702416773.png)


>vulcans = chinese

>in the late 60s

wew lad

>romulans != romans

>even though the name was obviously chosen for this reason


46717c  No.27229


And klingons are kurds, and ferengi are french.

8c825e  No.27230


Were the chinese even really on the social radar in the 60s?

File: a63a87b6ad5f738⋯.jpg (645.97 KB, 1920x2401, 1920:2401, patrickstewart-oscar2018.jpg)

6f2129  No.25487[Reply]

Looks like Picard is returning in a brand new Star Trek series. However, isn't he old as FUCK right now? He's 78 and could literally die any minute. I don't see this series going very far. Plus, with the latest introduction of the pozzed Odyssey series, it's safe to say that any new St series will be pozzed as well. After all Picard is just another Trump-hating celebrity who would agree to anything that involves subverting the science fiction we all love with some queer revisionism.

105 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7d522d  No.27198


>Star Trek: Destiny

>Hey, you know that last show we did?

>Remember how it shared an acronym with Sexually Transmitted Disease?

>For our next show, let's continue that theme.

I'm half convinced it's a deliberate in-joke among the production staff they chuckle about as they exchange


in the studio backlot.

ae6579  No.27199


Actually now days we call it "Star Trek: Infinity", because the word Destiny upsets people.

dcb8b5  No.27200

File: 3a2b44dd70d9cb1⋯.jpg (77.89 KB, 692x530, 346:265, DS9Laugh.jpg)

a8059a  No.27221


I want this to happen for real.

852883  No.27225


>the owner of star trek since its inception doesn't determine canon


File: 38bbc813050ebe3⋯.jpg (262.47 KB, 2500x1667, 2500:1667, STDS9.jpg)

cde215  No.24796[Reply]

I never got the chance to really watch DS9 i remember like 5 episodes I watched these where:

<The one with the gambling aliens who teleport the officers into a game

<The planet of the warriors who fight and never die

<Lots of Ferengi episodes

<The holodeck episode where Sisko as a fictional James Bond like character gambles to prevent his death (the safeties where of) and talked to this James Bond like villain that he is on his sides and preses the button on his dooms day weapon to destroy the (fictional holodect) world. This pauses the villain and the rest of the crew has time to rescue Sisko

<The trip to Risa episode

<Some dominion episodes

So I decided to watch it from start to finish.

I was thinking S1 will be boring like watching paint dry.

There are some crazy episodes in S1 however its a handful of good episodes between mediocre ones.

I'm in S2 and the mix is some hood between loads of pointless and even boring ones.

Why are there so many episodes that are simply boring or uneventful.

02x10 Sanctuary

looks ok and is entertaining to watch however what even was the point of this episode?

Some aliens show up, they can not be understood by the universal translator (this could be a great idea for a episode however the translator translates them on its own = waisted opportunity).

The aliens are different.

These aliens are nasty.

They delude themselves based on some stupid old prophesy that Bajor is their homeland or place to go or something.

They want to go to Bajor.

Bajorans say NO.

one kid steals a shuttle or something for a unknown reason the shuttle has some defects and he explodes himself over Bajor on accidence.

The episode ends.

There are to many iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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5d6196  No.27208

File: 87c5a45311144b4⋯.webm (693.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SQL hunger.webm)

File: 52e2b1899362841⋯.jpg (11.38 KB, 347x346, 347:346, database.jpg)

File: e5a5447b07b616c⋯.jpg (9.5 KB, 220x220, 1:1, database-parts-220x220.jpg)


So I have a lot of reports to give however first of I need to get some advice form you guys.

You see while creating my project and getting familiar with datatables I learned actual SQL (Real database programing language for real databases).

And I’m itching to get my SQL knowledge used in some project.

I have SQL hunger so to say.

The only problem is that by making my records in SQL I would lose some of the advantages that I have in datatables while gaining other benefits.

For example I would lose the ability to insert images into a table the variant of SQL I’m using is not permitting me to use image in itself.

Another thing I would lose is hover to see text.

So no spoiler text an no yellow note summery.

So I have 3 choices

1) Start using SQL databases

2) Don’t use SQL databases and use datatables

3) Merge together datatables and SQL

You see I have heard of a possibility to use datatables to access a SQL database to display in datatables.

Should I try to use option 3 ?

I can think of a way to simply insert HTML into the fields of a the SQL database and then have datatables use this text in itself thereby gaining the full functionality of datatables and SQL best of both worlds with no downsides.

What do you think guys?

The watching DS9 project was something to test my skills and I will not abandon it.

I wanted to watch DS9 from start to finish and I will finish it.

I don’t think that I will switch to a SQL database the datatable has to much data in it already.

So I will finishPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

682779  No.27212


I think you're a special kind of autist and I love you.

5cb7ee  No.27214

File: c1b729b623f1fe3⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 435x326, 435:326, c1b729b623f1fe3cf40f50cc1d….gif)


>> Separate tables for every tag

What? Wouldn't it be easier to have one "Tags" table with each tag being an entry. With a primary key it would be easy to add them to the episode review.

5d6196  No.27217

File: 8bba1158cec8031⋯.png (4.69 MB, 1616x5309, 1616:5309, normalize.png)

File: af0d083979a8a3d⋯.png (168.6 KB, 474x626, 237:313, mg_databases_big.png)


I suggest you learn about relational databases this book is good, no seriously give it a look(yes even I was skeptical about it "The Manga Guide to Databases").


This process is named database normalization.

>Wouldn't it be easier to

1) This is a hobby project and I'm itching to test out these ideas.

Once more its a semi useful test if I fuck myself over its learning experience and I made something semi usable. This is practice for the real world.

2) I want to experiment with joins and multiple tables and SQL stuff on things that are important and not stupid test examples

3) Ignoring the SQLite (my flavor of SQL that I use) has a HARD limit of Maximum Number Of Columns = 2000.


>The default setting for SQLITE_MAX_COLUMN is 2000. You can change it at compile time to values as large as 32767. On the other hand, many experienced database designers will argue that a well-normalized database will never need more than 100 columns in a table.

The documentation itself says:

> On the other hand, many experienced database designers will argue that a well-normalized database will never need more than 100 columns in a table.

>well-normalized database will never need more than 100 columns in a table.


I think I need to clarify this. I have difficulties naming the things(I used to talk about my listing as a database etc) I'm doPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

5d6196  No.27218



I think I create a meta thread about myself and how Star Trek influenced my personality and massively contributed to who I am today.

File: 19ed5918c4b5fc9⋯.jpg (258.4 KB, 700x608, 175:152, nimoy-ellison-shatner-circ….jpg)

eb1d05  No.24775[Reply]

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fd2ce4  No.24916


Dang Koenig predicted Discovery.

a90145  No.26357

File: 5869817eb5ba55d⋯.jpg (32.61 KB, 600x315, 40:21, shaka.jpg)


>last of the great Science Fiction masters.

it makes me shudder when you say it like that.

an entire genre, for all intents and purposes, extinct.


a90145  No.26358


>fuck that pretentious faggot.

i dont blame him one bit for being like that

the man made a living by writing scripts for movies/shows etc in hollywood. he had to be a real prick otherwise the hollywood jews would never have paid him.

ec0539  No.26391


in it's place we're left with something I'd like to call "fiction science" where creators have no idea what a book even is let alone how to write a show anything other then mass consumption grade fanfiction

0fac2d  No.27206

File: 49d7cc536a50e64⋯.jpg (78.87 KB, 1200x677, 1200:677, Dgz3ToHUwAAysVC.jpg)

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