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File: 0099fc3db886b29⋯.jpg (323.05 KB, 1103x761, 1103:761, Map.jpg)

d5301a  No.10899

Welcome to the land down under. The land of Oz. A strategic country in the Asia/Pacific region.Young and free????

d5301a  No.10917

File: 663256fbcba0b97⋯.jpg (63.33 KB, 1966x358, 983:179, AU Q.JPG)

Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/06/18 (Sat) 16:03:28 c9daa0 No.8039

How much did AUS donate to CF?

How much did SA donate to CF?


Why is this relevant?

What phone call between POTUS and X/AUS leaked?

List the leadership in AUS.

IDEN leadership during Hussein term.

IDEN leadership during POTUS' term.

Who controls AUS?

Who really controls AUS?


Why is this relevant?


d5301a  No.11110





Over a 10 year period (2006-2016) Australian taxpayer-funded contributions to the Clinton Foundation was over $88 million.

The aid was stopped after the 2016 US election

Saudi Arabia donated between $10-$25 million since the foundation's creation

d5301a  No.11391

Transcript of POTUS' call with AUS PM:




Turnball had told the Australian people about the call.

"I've only said three things about the phone call with the president: Firstly, that it was frank and forthright. Secondly, that he gave a commitment that he would honor the refugee resettlement deal entered into by President Obama. And thirdly, that he did not hang up. The call ended courteously."


In the actual call (via transcript)Turnball pushed the issue of the refugees. The tone from the call was MT was desparite to off-load the 2000+ refugees to USA based on a deal with Obama.

MT: We know exactly who they are. They have been on Nauru or Manus for over three years and the only reason we cannot let them into Australia is because of our commitment to not allow people to come by boat. Otherwise we would have let them in. If they had arrived by airplane and with a tourist visa then they would be here.

DJT: I think it is a horrible deal, a disgusting deal that I would have never made. It is an embarrassment to the United States of America and you can say it just the way I said it.

To date these refugees are still on Manus and Nauru. On Manus they have been evicted from the Australian gov facilities and attempts to relocate to the PNG facilities have proven extremely difficult.


d5301a  No.11607


Head of State

>Queen Elizabeth II

Governer General (Queen's representative)

>Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC


Prime Minister

>The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP

Deputy Prime Minister

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport

>The Hon Barnaby Joyce MP

Minister for Foreign Affairs

>The Hon Julie Bishop MP

Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment

>The Hon Steven Ciobo MP

Minister for Finance

Special Minister of State

(Vice-President of the Executive Council)

(Leader of the Government in the Senate)

>Senator the Hon Mathias Cormann


>The Hon Scott Morrison MP

Minister for Women

Minister for Revenue and Financial Services

Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service

>The Hon Kelly O’Dwyer MP

Minister for Defence

>Senator the Hon Marise Payne

Minister for Defence Industry

(Leader of the House)

>The Hon Christopher Pyne MP

Minister for Home Affairs

Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

>The Hon Peter Dutton MP


>The Hon Christian Porter MP

Minister for Jobs and Innovation

>Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash

Minister for Resources and Northern Australia

>Senator the Hon Matthew Canavan

Minister for Communications

Minister for the Arts

(Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate)

>Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield

Minister for Health

>The Hon Greg Hunt MP

Minister for Rural Health

Minister for Sport

Minister for Regional Communications

>Senator the Hon Bridget McKenzie

Minister for Education and Training

(Manager of Government Business in the Senate)

>Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham

Minister for Social Services

>The Hon Daniel Tehan MP

Minister for Human Services

Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Digital Transformation

>The Hon Michael Keenan MP

Minister for the Environment and Energy

>The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP

Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources

>The Hon David Littleproud MP

Minister for Regional Development, Territories and Local Government

>The Hon Dr John McVeigh MP

Minister for Indigenous Affairs

>Senator the Hon Nigel Scullion

d5301a  No.11896


Dame Quentin Bryce 2008–2014

General Sir Peter Cosgrove 2014-

Prime Ministers

Kevin Rudd 2007-2010

Julia Gillard 2010-2013

Kevin Rudd 2013

Tony Abbott 2013-2015

Malcolm Turnbull 2015-

Deputy Prime Ministers

Julia Gillard 2007-2010

Wayne Swan 2010-2013

Anthony Albanese 2013

Warren Truss 2013-2016

Barnaby Joyce 2016-

d5301a  No.12867

File: 6fa44bcd02b165a⋯.jpg (108.38 KB, 1239x643, 1239:643, gillard clinton.JPG)

Global Partnership for Education

Gillard donated $300 million of taxpayers money

Abbot via Bishop donated $140 million


World Bank plays a major role in GPE as trustee and grant supervisor.

Open Society Foundations helps fund GPE



Julia Gillard

Appointed chair Feb 2014 for Global Partnership for Education

On the Board for beyondblue (mental health org) Dec 2014

A key speaker in 2013 with Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Al Gore in Washington DC for the Centre for American Progress (CAP). CAP was founded and until 2014 chaired by John Podesta

d5301a  No.13018

File: e3fd91aaca21673⋯.jpg (17.88 KB, 455x211, 455:211, getup.JPG)



GetUp is an independent campaigning community made up of over one million everyday people working together to build a fair, flourishing, and just Australia.

Australian left-wing political lobby group.[1] It was launched in August 2005. It relies on donations from individuals, organisations, unions and community groups for funding.


Donations received include

Minax Uriel Pty Ltd for the late Norman Rothfield Peace and Justice Fund

Avaaz Foundation

Oak Foundation


Avaaz receives donations from Soros funded Open Society Foundations


d5301a  No.13048


"it looks like Trump is attempting to freeze the assets of just about person or any entity who or which has been involved in serious human rights abuse or corruption. As it relates to the Australian Swamp, it looks to be just about anyone who has held a senior political or bureaucratic position in recent history and who has been “playing in the trough” may regret their previous activities."


d5301a  No.13075



Australia is now the fastest growing country in the OECD. With the country adding a new overseas migrant at a rate of one every two minutes and 20 seconds, the population is set to hit 25 million within months.


"We have for a significant period of time said that there is an issue with overrepresentation by African youth in serious and violent offending as well as public disorder issues," Acting Commissioner Patton said.

c306b6  No.13331

julia gillard went before parliament and basically delivered a sermon that a writer from jezebel would be proud of


32422a  No.14398

File: 136c1ab0f85ce07⋯.jpg (129.31 KB, 876x774, 146:129, GetUp Phil Ireland bio.JPG)


GetUp Chairman Phil Ireland is in the thick of Soros-related organisations world-wide. Pic related - from GetUp website

32422a  No.14426


Great summary anon. Someone's been beavering away - waiting for this moment!

791650  No.14458

Hussein/HRC (& many more) must be terrified!

Ahmadinejed talking.

Where did ALL that money go?

How many planes?

Where did the planes land?

Why were Clowns/private contractors escorting?

Why cash?

Why offshore cash?

Why wasn’t Congress notified for approval?

Where did the bank wires originate from?

Coincidence all donations to the CF terminated post defeat?

What did AUS/UK obtain in exchange for all that money?

Where do majority of Rothschilds reside?

Why is Hussein traveling the globe and visiting major financial institutions?


Who are the Muslim Brotherhood?

Who is AWAN?

Who is Huma?

Who is VJ?

Who created ISIS?

Who controlled ISIS?

What was the purpose of ISIS?

Who is MS13?

Why were known MS13 members released after capture?

Who controls MS13?


Hard to swallow.

Watch the news.



791650  No.14462


So just what did Australia and the UK get for its money?

And who got it?

791650  No.14475


Could it be the Rothschilds that control Australia via the Reserve Bank of Australia?

08aa6e  No.14493


Pyne when he was treasurer stated on public radio that it was better for Hillary to win because they'd get the TPP.

d5301a  No.14516


Julia Gillard got prime position as chair of Global Partnership for Education

Julie Bishop was angling for similar outcome but was halted by the Trump win

32422a  No.14524

Julia Gillard stopped tweeting on 14-Dec-2017

On both her verified accounts - personal & GPfor Education

d5301a  No.14542


Have a look at the big 4 banks as well


HSBC Custody Nominees, J P Morgan Nominees Aus Ltd, National Nominees Ltd and Citicorp Nominees Pty Ltd have shareholder ownership far out weighing the mum and dad investors

d5301a  No.14546


That's very telling. Looking at her a/c she posts quite regularly up to that point

32422a  No.14740

b25f59  No.14851

Oz is so infested with the globalist satanic cabal and have no means to overcome them, there's very little hope for them.

Good people doing what they can although the odds are heavily stacked against them.

1f4a99  No.15033


I'm hoping Turdball has a nice cosy spot for him in Gitmo. They are running an insane "Inject your children with Toxic Poison" campaign for quite a while now

791650  No.17789


But what did Australia get for the money it dished out….

We know Gillard got a cushy job, but what did Australia get? NOTHING comes to mind.

The F-35 deal was part of the 'reward' for Australia participating in the MH370 scam.

791650  No.18033


Yes, Turdball is a friend of big pharma, no doubt. But the benefit he gets personally for helping them take our money and lives has not been established. No Gitmo for him yet

791650  No.18080

Q raises two questions re AUS:

1. Who really controls Australia? and

2. What did Australia get in exchange for the money it paid to the CF?


3f6a9b  No.18442

File: e9ffe2ae0b2b77c⋯.jpg (39.29 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 971657_10151752994791789_8….jpg)

Perhaps you fellows are not aware, Australia lost its sovereignty in a CIA backed coup. You can't blame us for doing what you say. The last fucking time we tried to do what WE wanted you had our democratically elected PM replaced by the CIA asset opposition leader.

Then you took our guns

And now wtf ?

Can we have our country back now???

791650  No.18526


But he could have his funds seized if he is involved in the corruption….

791650  No.18536


You mean we the joey in the CIA's pouch!

3f6a9b  No.18725

File: fc042edf90aaeee⋯.jpg (54.18 KB, 800x586, 400:293, a3h2uegdgj7iexlvtz5c.jpg)

Late term abortions - come on down

After birth abortions - ask our ethics committees

False flags and gun buy backs - cheers guys!

Police state and legal entrapment

Welcome down under!

Who was Obamas grandmother?

What was Nugan Hand Bank?

Does the CIA run Australia?

What is the CIA's relationship to NK?

Does Australia have diplomatic ties with NK?

7910ce  No.18777


MH370 search resumed yesterday. Relevant?

791650  No.19919


Yes. Relevant as a distraction!

791650  No.19943


And this time they will find something that will make that trip to Diego Garcia appear to be a conspiracy theory….

7910ce  No.19995

>>18777 >>19919


20 high-skilled employees of rothschild company dead/missing. Possible NK nuke engineers?

b5def6  No.20219


From Day 1 of MH370, DG has always been my "conspiracy theory".

Very easy to rip off a few chunks of the plane & throw them along with a few bits of luggage, into the GD lagoon for a year, to grow sea shit - then dump them on a beach on the other side of the Indian Ocean.

08b3e7  No.22059


hoping that the story circulating about 9/11 and other aircraft is not true, but in my gut I feel sick as a maintainer to know how bag the MSM gets the facts fucked up every time they cover any disappearance of crash…the video from Thomas Paine today makes things seem more controlled externally and WL & snowden seem a lot less like villains in all things released thus far.

08b3e7  No.22084


thin-thread info sharing?

791650  No.22123


Sorry M8 but I have no idea what you are asking

08b3e7  No.22148


in other word he is dick?

08b3e7  No.22201


look up the documentary, General Hadden chased William Benny out and then sent the dogs on him and other retired NSA patriots for political cover for the cult!!!

791650  No.22370



1248b0  No.22397


You betcha. Probably a filthy satanic deviant to boot.

7afa95  No.22499

Successive New Zealand Governments have funded the Clinton Foundation's flagship initiative and continue to do so despite it being under criminal investigation.

Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) accounts for almost two thirds of the Clinton Foundation's annual income and was, until recently, vice-chaired by Chelsea Clinton with Bill Clinton serving as a board member.

New Zealand's ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade was near the top of a list of donors alongside the World Health Organisation, Save the Children and the Rockefeller Foundation. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was one of CHAI's biggest donors, as was the Australian government, which donated more than $US25 million to the organisation.

New Zealand's donation to CHAI is worth $13.7 million.

The Clinton Foundation facilitated the distribution of watered down HIV drugs. Pharmaceutical company Ranbaxy, who partnered with CHAI, plead guilty to seven felonies in relation to the adulterated drugs and had to pay a $500 million fine.


0ce32b  No.22612


Well I hope they include NZ since we have been targeted as well and our Obama/Hillary loving ex PM resigned out of the blue when Hillary lost Sold his $20 million dollar home recently.

0ce32b  No.22670


Yes CIA/Deep State control the Aus Gov and Not sure now or not the NZ Gov also. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_sociopol_opalfile.htm

0ce32b  No.22713

>>22499 They should freeze Keys assets in Hawaii the UK and Leigh NZ.

0ce32b  No.22754


Supposedly access to Hillary if that was while she was head of state. Maybe some perverted stuff too.

0ce32b  No.22800


Diego Garcia the Stolen Nation.

0ce32b  No.22833

0b17c0  No.24117

Do a youtube search for Pinegap Christopher Boyce. He makes it quite clear who has a lot of power here. I had also heard that our GST was enforced by the banks and the CIA, the vote was rigged.

791650  No.24228


There was a tweet out of JG's account today

791650  No.24236


Heard from who?

791650  No.24241


For $88M I'd want a whole lot of perverted stuff

0b17c0  No.24365

It was a video that i watched a couple of years ago. I think it may have been on a vid on our constitution.

I also know that US contractors built a huge underground bunker/shelter concrete lined not too far from Boddington Gold Mine about 5 yrs ago. Boddington Gold Mine is owned by Newmont. I am not sure if it is related. They did not require necessary permits for moving the heavy equipment and machinery was to be dropped off at a location away from the bunker. It was mean't to be top secret. However, one of the guys that hired a machine to them drove to the bunker and had a look around. These guys were armed. He asked them what they were doing and one US guy said they were building them all over the world. People were paid cash for their involvement. I have a friend with a plane and he flew over the location of the bunker and it cannot be seen from air at all now. Most people in this town know it is there but don't know what it is there for.

791650  No.24423


I often wonder amount the number of small earthquakes around Australia, and in particular around the area you are referring to, are not some how related. We had a far higher number in 2017 than in previous year

b5def6  No.24458


Saw that. Cheers.

b5def6  No.24475

File: c0ce5cad957f6be⋯.jpg (103.36 KB, 703x882, 703:882, MichaelSmithNews1.JPG)

Article from MichaelSmithNews

Comments? Believability? Don't know this guy at all…

Pic related: Beginning of article

Full article here:

http:/ /www.michaelsmithnews.com/2018/01/formal-complaints-to-the-fbi-regarding-suspect-australian-taxpayer-donations-to-the-clinton-foundati.html

f00064  No.25360


They might be looking into whether they have any US bank accounts or other assets they can take under the EO.

a9f994  No.25475

What was NBN really for? faster speed cheaper internet.

A No

Mr Teal and Mr Kushner own Palantir this is control network to monitor you Mr Teal in NZ right now organising connection to USA .

We are screwed it run by AI>>18080

227ced  No.30072

>>24117 Our GST was put in place by Kissinger. Barry Smith did a video of a talk he did and he states he was called by a source at IRD who told him Kissinger was there to help introduce GST.

227ced  No.30105


Did you know they found Michael Hand hiding in some small town in the US still working for the CIA.

0557bd  No.30267

Cisco Technologies are pushing huge investment into turning Australia into an IOT playground.

They are dumping huge levels of tech on the ground.

0557bd  No.30306

File: 73dcae1182e84b0⋯.jpg (29.14 KB, 377x361, 377:361, turnbull.jpg)

It is also worthwhile to bote the sudden liberal parties coloured brand shift the past election:

Note the colours are strikingly close to the EU colors and I would predict this was a precursor to pushing for Australia to become an EU member through the backdoor if UK gets reabsorbed with another referendum

c55493  No.30314

Israel controls Australia. Catch up on Brendan O'Connells youtube videos . I have spoken several times to Brendan and my gut feel is he is a good guy. He is a hot head but when you understand what he is and has been up against is is understandable.

c7f867  No.30668

Why does MT's wife have big interests in medical cannabis in Australia?

791650  No.30803


Wow, back to the issue at the core of this thread - who really controls Australia? Ty

791650  No.30828


The writer states he has been asked to provide the FBI with further and better particulars….

But who asked him (one of his mates) and why?

It reads as if this is a formal request for more info, but I have my doubts…..

25febd  No.30849

So Malcolm Turnbull Oz PM sends motherload of cash (how much? hundreds of millions?) to Iran in exchange for Obama deal to ship Nauru and Manus Island detainees to USA. the deal that pissed off Trump…

what a fucking idiot. hope this comes out mainstream.


I venture Assange is HOME in Oz with his mother and son Daniel at a US airbase for protection in exchange for silence about the deal and misappropriation of Oz funds.

Malcolm was GOLDMAN Sachs CEO…

791650  No.30855



791650  No.30887


Where did you get the info that Turnbull sent cash to Iran?

791650  No.31055

File: 32e9e05fad83504⋯.png (149.42 KB, 673x704, 673:704, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at ….png)

File: 73f53fa97456510⋯.png (47.15 KB, 688x284, 172:71, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at ….png)

File: 3f1f4e4c6df59a4⋯.png (179.24 KB, 700x736, 175:184, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at ….png)

Some background on Australia's donations to the Clinton Foundation (and others)

388cea  No.31459

Who really controls Australia?

Same people that have been controlling the USA. The cabal.

If you take control of the USA, you can have control of Australia. That's why there's Aussies in here backing Trump so hard. It's a puppet state, so if you want real change, you effect change in its master. We need our guys to BTFO the traitors and consolidate control of America. There will be some pushback from the cabal controlled UK, and the Chinese who have been buying up aussie assets, but they won't win.

791650  No.33460

File: a8422ec0f3080d8⋯.png (652.9 KB, 1685x291, 1685:291, 291017CFinvest.png)

We are told to re-read the crumbs.

From what I read, Australia donated more to the CF than any other country.

Need to dig to understand what Obama did just before he left office that may have benefitted Australia.

Or has this been determined and I have just missed it?

791650  No.33506

File: fea9bef9e2cf260⋯.png (249.22 KB, 759x729, 253:243, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at ….png)

Was this what Australia got for its $88M - an agreement to take the refugees from Nauru and Manus that Trump could back out of?

791650  No.33547

File: 893b77a6e092df9⋯.png (158.5 KB, 779x802, 779:802, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at ….png)


The right to mine Iran?

b6491e  No.38645

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