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File: 65cb9cc256c763e⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1201x826, 1201:826, red pill scripts.png)

4b1e96  No.17943

Need help waking up friends and family? Scripts inside to help you get your friends & family to start questioning, get the ball rolling without experiencing the complete shutdown and refusal to listen any further.

DO WHAT WORKS, stop doing what doesn't!

Use what you like, leave your own for others to use.

NB: I did not write these, another anon did but they are very, very effective.

4b1e96  No.17947

Was the Clinton Foundation used for money laundering?

Who can you tell?

Very little went to any good causes?

Where the vast majority go?

Was it used to accept and give bribes?

How can we tell?

Did donations change after Trump was elected?

Why would donors stop after Trump elected?

Were donations bribes?

Why does McCain have a foundation?

Where does that money go?

Where does it really go?

Why was McCain photographed meeting with the head of ISIS and their PR?

Why did McCain Foundation pay towards making ISIS videos?

Why was a studio in the UK used?

Why was Kim Kardashian attached by ISIS in Paris when the UK PR firm was exposed?

Why was the attack covered up?

Why did the UK get involved with the creation of ISIS?

Why did the UK and McCain Foundation want Syria destabilised?

Was it for a pipeline route?

Was it for drug and human trafficking?

Was it for money?

How many people died?

Why did McCain help fake ISIS for money?

Why does McCain hate Trump?

What does Trump know about McCain?

4b1e96  No.17957

Do politicians accept bribes as gifts and donations?

Do Democrats do very well out of bribes?

How can we tell?

Why is the wealth of vocal anti Trump politicians so much than when they enter office?

Why is the wealth many many times their salaries before tax?

Why can no Democrats account for their massive increase in wealth?

Do Democrats engage on bribes on an industrial scale?

Why do they hate Trump?

Drain the swamp?

Term limits?

Why would Democrats hate trump for stopping their bribes?

Would they make up stories and fake news to keep their bribes?

Do they want to keep receiving bribes?

Why do Democrats care more about their bribes than about the people who elected them?

Why don't they want term limits?

Do they serve the people?

Are they doing the job they were elected for or taking bribes to get rich?

Why are so many Democrats worth so many times more than what they receive as salaries?

Why is no one stopping the bribes?

Do they investigate themselves?

Is Trump trying to stop them taking bribes?

Why do Democrats hate Trump?

4b1e96  No.17968

Why was Trump called racist when he employed more people of colour that most have met?

Why would help African Americans get senior positions if he is racist?

Why does that make no sense?

Was it a narrative?

Were they afraid Obama would go to jail for crimes?

What would the African American population do in Jan 2017 if Obama was arrested?

Was it a narrative?

Why was Trump compared to Hitler?

Why isn't he called Hitler now?

Because it doesn't make sense?

Jerusalem embassy?

Why was the narrative first pushed?

In case he locked up lots of corrupt politicians?

Why would they be worried?

Why would they want to label the President as racist and Hitler?

In case he locked them all up straight away?

Noe he is seen as not racist or Hitler, do those labels work?

Why did he wait a year gathering evidence through an independent non partisan body?

Why did he wait for the labels he first got to die away as nonsense?

What happens when a years worth of independently gathered evidence surfaces?

Can they use the fake news labels twice?

Will that work?

Why is Trump a genius?

4b1e96  No.17983

Why do Democrats support late term abortions?

Why kill a baby when it is viable?

Why specifically support this?

Do viable babies need their organs?

Is there a massive shortage of organs for transplant?

What is special about newborn organs?

Do they grow into full size healthy organs?

Are late term aborted babies using their organs?

Are they special because of lower rejection?

Are partial birth abortions used for spare parts?

How much do they cost?

Where can fresh baby organs be bought from?

Why is Planned Parenthood selling organs?

Who is paying?

Customers around the world?

Rich customers?

Why do Democrats want to keep late term abortions?

Who funds Planned Parenthood?

What is special about African American partial birth abortions?

Keep the population down?

Less rejection chance?

When was Planned Parenthood caught selling viable baby parts?

4b1e96  No.18014

I want to share are method I used in some rare cases (this is somewhat aggressive);

- find out the core belief of your opponent

- find out the weak spot

- use your higher knowledge/wisdom to compromise the weak spot

- use irrefutable facts

- stick their nose in it (like a cat)

- watch them get angry

- know the seed has been planted

(they will try to disprove you but wont be able to)

< this is the strategy for hard-coded normies.

Also works if you wanna red-pill fast and are willing to take casualties along the way.

Translation: this method may lose you friends.

4b1e96  No.18046

Why was NORAD running an exercise involving crashing planes into buildings on September 11 2001?



Why were so many planes originally said to be hijacked?


How many planes were involved in 9/11?

How were calls made?

Did all planes hit?

Where are the bodies buried?

What hit the Pentagon?

Why did POTUS Tweet about no commercial crashes in the US during his first year?

What does POTUS know about 9/11?

Did he lose friends and business colleagues?

Did he lose friends?

What happened before 9/11?

Unusual trades?

An audit announced?

Missing trillions?

Why doesn't the narrative for 9/11 make sense?

Who has access to all classified information?

What did POTUS promise would happen when he became President?

Does POTUS keep his promises?

What will be hard to swallow about 9/11?

Will the country stand with those who caused 9/11?

With the people who profited?

Was there a training exercise in London the morning of 7/7?

Where did the idea come from for a terror attack to win government support?

Who was Prime Minister?

Who ordered the death of Dr David Kelly?

Why did Blair help?

What will happen to those involved in 9/11 and 7/7?

Where will they bury the bodies?

4b1e96  No.18070


Was it possible to make mobile phone calls from planes back then?

From several miles in the air?

From ground level?

At reduced altitude?

Is it possible some were made?

Is it possible any were later faked?

Is it possible evidence of that exists?

4b1e96  No.18081

Many people have a topic that leads them to all this.


Find out which politician they dislike.

Bring it here and we can practice a redpill script for DURING the storm.

Practice now sure.

You will all be of massive benefit both now and when they bring the rain.

There is a flood coming.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius anons

ee763d  No.18940

Re: 9/11 redpilling Ive found that WTC7 is a good starting point. Here are some good questions to bring up.

Did any planes hit WTC7?

How many steel framed high rises have collapsed before/after 9/11 due to office fires?

What is the max temp an office fire can burn?

Is it possible for a steel framed building damaged by sporadic debris/fires to symmetrically collapse into it’s own footprint?

What offices/vaults were in WTC including the basement?

A good red pill resource is www. Ae911truth.org and their youtube.

09e5b9  No.19191

For a visual thread, an anon previously posted this: https://imgur.com/a/DTeK7

4b1e96  No.20582

Who is Researcher and California Activist Deborah Tavares?

What threats to citizens and infrastructure has she been warning about?

What did she discover about ++ Rothschilds ++ and California Electric and Gas companies?

Why would a sovereign nation allow an external entity and foreign people to take ownership of the nations electrical and gas grids of their own land?

What would this compromise?

What dangers and threats could this pose to the nation? To the citizens? To the property and home owners?

Why is the electric and gas company under investigation for the fires and complete destruction of thousands of homes and structures in October 2017 in Northern California and December 2017 in Southern California?

Who owns the Electric and Gas companies in the areas of these fires?

Why do Rothschilds own so many of the Electric and Gas Companies in California and other areas of the United States?

Why do the United States not own their own Electric grid and Gas companies?

Why has this compromise been allowed to occur?

Who are the dangerous "helpers" that come in after the fires? After the floods? After the hurricanes?

Who are buying up the homes and properties after the fires for pennies on the dollar?

Are foreign buyers allowed to buy up large areas of these American properties and do they receive perks for doing so?

What is geo engineering? What has Harvard and congress recently been proposing regarding geo engineering for the US?

Who benefits for California to maintain years of drought?

Who owns the water? Who owns the Electric grid?

Who benefits if California Governor Brown declares an area no longer sustainable for human habitation? Who benefits from the destruction of thousands of homes in California and Houston and Puerto Rico?

What does "owning the weather" mean?

Why did the US Military declare they would "own the weather by 2025?"

Who owns and controls the US weather today?

Who really owns and controls the US weather today?

Who benefits when the president declares a state of emergency for States experiencing a natural disaster?

Why does Governor Brown believe so many more disasters will come and the president will no longer be able to continue to send aid to all the states affected by disasters?

Who really controls the weather?

Why did California Governor Brown declare the total destruction of homes and regions "our new normal?"

Why did he say we can expect more and more fires and floods and earthquakes for the next decade?

Who controls the weather?

Who controls the direct energy weapons?

Who controls Haarp?

Who can create earthquakes as a weapon?

Who can create droughts and storms as a weapon?

Who can create fires as a weapon?

Who benefits from "sustainable development?"

Why did Governor Brown leave his state of California during the largest fire in California history to attend the Paris Climate meeting?

Why did Governor Brown state he was more than a state leader that he was really a global leader?

On day 3 of the Thomas Fire in California how did Governor Brown know the fire would continue on for a month?

What are Direct Energy Weapons?

What does a house and car look like after a fire was started in them using direct energy weapons?

What are Microwave Weapons?

Why are Smart Meters being looked at as a link to the fires in the homes in California?

What does modern war look like today?

What are EMFs and Radio Frequencies? What are electro magnetic pulse Weapons?

What are the modern war weapons that can be used discretely?

Can weather and fire be powerful Weapons of war?

What does war look like today?

Why do Americans believe a war is not happening on their soil?

Deborah Tavares Critical World Events Jan 3, 2018 - The Power Hour



34975a  No.21317


Aren't most of these public utility companies like Southern California Electric publicly owned thru listed shares of stock? Investors typically buy such shares for a very steady dividend, a low risk thing to own because you know that business will continue and earn a regulated rate of return. It would be surprising for one owner, say Rothschild, to accumulate a very large percentage of one of those companies.

I am not saying they haven't, but it would be unusual.

They are strange companies though. Recall Enron's game-playing with California electricity prices. I believe some of those utility companies knew what was going on but did nothing about it, maybe management was even paid off.

7e77f4  No.25465

In my experience it is important to distinguish between 'redpilling,' 'going down the rabbit hole' and 'the great awakening'.

The red pill is fundamentally about "waking up" - which is to say that it is fundamentally empowering (although it will often feel scary and disempowering at first - think Neo when he first wakes up).

The most important parts of the red pill are:

* Stop giving your sovereignty and freedom of thought away to some "authority" (e.g., the MSM, academia, political leadership, etc.)

* Start learning how to take responsibility for your own thoughts and perspective - come to understand the basis of your own perspectives and ideas; learn how cognitive biases work and how to avoid them; learn how to establish confidence (or lack thereof) in information to build a more and more accurate model of reality

* Begin to build that more accurate model by doing the work and learning who you can reasonably trust to actually help you - without giving away your sovereignty and responsibility.

In this context, the red pill should be information that they can (and likely actually will) check for themselves. It doesn't have to be profound. It might be things like "eating fat is better for you than eating carbs" or "fiat currency is created out of thin air as debt". Something that they care about (for their own reasons) and that they can confirm (in their own way) with only a small amount of doing their own research. Direct first person (lived) experience (as distinguished from third person information) is a *great* redpill.

Once someone begins to take back their sovereignty and enters onto the path of 'empowered responsibility', they have been red pilled.

7e77f4  No.25471

Once someone has woken up and begin to take responsibility for their own map of the world, they will being to be capable of the journey down the rabbit hole.

Most people here know that this journey is not easy - it is scary to realize how much you've been lied to and deceived. It is even more scary to realize how many different stories are out there - each with their own vigorous advocates (which religions are luciferian these days?).

Moreover, as we know, much of the information on the other side of the rabbit hole has been tainted or planted or both ("conspiracy theories") *precisely* to punish people for going down the rabbit hole.

No-one wants to be the raving lunatic on the outside of "everybody knows". No one wants to claim Y when everyone else things X. In particular, no one wants to be *revealed* as foolish when they claim Y and then discover that they made a mistake (often by putting their faith in something rather than taking full responsibility).

It is unwise to push people into the rabbit hole. When they aren't ready, the well founded fear of being an outcast and a fool will lead to resistance and will slow down their progress on the path. It can even kick them back into the Matrix.

You can lead a horse to water, you can't make him drink. The rabbit hole should only be delivered through crumbs, hints and invitations. And it should be taken slowly - spelunking is a dangerous hobby. As we have seen these past few months, many of the deep dives down the rabbit hole are a distraction - it is easy to get lost down there in the depths.

But, the path of sovereignty will inevitably lead down the rabbit hole. And the better you get at learning how to distinguish between fact and opinion, between clarity and clarity, between deception and truth, the better you will get at diving down the rabbit hole and coming back up with a better map of reality - to share with everyone else who is trying in good faith to make sense of their world.

7e77f4  No.25477

At last we come to the great awakening.

I know, we all want people (particularly the people close to us) to "wake up" and understand what is going on. We want it to happen quickly. In fact, given what is going on in the world, we *need* it to happen quickly.

A lot of us also want vindication - to have been proven right. Lets not pretend otherwise. It takes a lot of time and attention to reclaim your sovereignty and going down the rabbit hole is painful and alienating. So we want it to have been worth it - we want to have our risky venture out of the mainstream to have been vindicated. Fair enough - that desire needs to be given its due. But lets distinguish ego and (petty) self-righteousness from a healthy desire to get confirmation that your compass gives true north. The great awakening isn't about our ego.

This thing is going to take some time. Each person will take their own time waking up, taking responsibility, building their map and joining other people in good faith trying to make sense of the world.

It might take a while and there is no good in trying to force it. If someone is just beginning to get their legs under them and you start pouring stories about pedovore cabalists on their consciousness, you are as likely do do harm as you are to do good. Step by step. Patience. As the Marines say: "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast."

Of course, the world can and often will force it! And things seem to be moving fast. More and more of the dark truth below the surface is being brought into the light. More and more people are taking the red pill and building their maps. This helps.

It is scary when your world view is shattered. Even scarier when you wake up to much of what is really going on. The whole thing is too big. Too deep. No one can do it on their own. This is why it is so important to find other people who you can trust to help.

This is the great awakening.

* The Matrix beginning to break down - making it harder and harder for people to stay in delusion. Shoving people out of their dogmatic slumber.

* And good people, taking responsibility for their personal sovereignty, looking, learning, sharing in good faith the maps that they have discovered and built. Making it easier and easier for people to step out of delusion and into responsibility.

fb0e18  No.26440


Excellent points in these three postings anon, this is indeed the great awakening. I would add this, apologies if you pointed this out elsewhere: those of us at the vanguard of this Great Awakening bear an added responsibility. We are setting the tone, emotional, intellectual and spiritual, for those who will awaken after us, and in many ways because of us. We each will process intense negativity as we awaken – after all, we are attempting to clear our Earth of the vilest, most despicable evil that our species has produced this past 12 millennia. If we do not process our own intensely negative reactions and feelings towards this darkness sufficiently those who follow us will absorb this too, and it will make their own awakening all the harder. If collectively we do not process this negativity sufficiently, collectively we will collapse under the weight of it, and we will fall right back to sleep as a species. My suspicion is that this has happened before, and here we are again. This may be our last chance; we may not get the opportunity to awaken again. This cabal must be destroyed, completely – and the only way to do this is to thoroughly leave their negativity behind. They will see justice, but if we pour our negativity onto them in the name of revenge, closure, making ourselves feel better, we are merely transferring their vicious negativity to ourselves, and on to those more vulnerable currently sleeping masses who will follow us. Our focus should soon be primarily upon creating a far better world than the one we have inherited, and that intent will spread. Stopping those who oppose that is critical – watching them personally destroyed is not. That violence, as the basis of a better world, is delusional, it has never worked historically, and it never will. Our new world should be built on understanding, justice, and love – hatred and revenge must be transcended as an historical curiosity of a barbarous past.

b4ba2f  No.26787

Hatred is a family value. More precisely, it is a natural response of good to evil. It is a psychological byproduct of that interaction. We can no more eliminate hatred than we can eliminate sore muscles or running out of breath. The most we can do is eliminate the causes of it, as we identify them.

The other thing we can do is to understand it and spread understanding. By understanding it, we become able to master it, rather than it mastering us.

Focusing on "hatred" and setting its elimination as our goal would violate that principle. By going to war against an innate, immutable element of ourselves, we effectively shift control over ourselves to that element, and by extension to whomever/whatever can define – or redefine – it for us.

The whole should always rule its parts, not vice versa.

Aside from that, I agree very much with the above posts.

936429  No.26833

Anyone actually tried any of this?

My family & friends treat me as an outcast for being truthful about such world events. People simply don't want to "wake up" or be "red pilled". They want comfort and convenience. Anything that makes them uncomfortable is seen as a threat. If this wasn't true TVs wouldn't sell, and people wouldn't watch them.

Face it, some people prefer truth over comfort, (most) others prefer lies and comfort over truth. People who prefer truth will "red pill" themselves without any help from you.

You can try this "red pill" bs if you want, but don't say you were warned.

Reality is a bitch, and the bitch burns. The people you think "love you" don't. They "tolerate you" which is something entirely different. If you can handle being "red pilled" about your friends and family's true feelings towards you then, by all means go ahead and "red pill" them.

Want to do something that ACTUALLY works??

Say a prayer, and leave a question in their head during a conversation - leave the rest to God, and go about your own business. You'll thank me later. Less effort, with more results.

fb0e18  No.27143


Interesting points anon, and I largely agree. I do not know if you were replying directly to my posting above because at no point do I suggest that we should focus upon hatred and set its elimination as our goal – I entirely agree with that point, and it is entirely consistent with what I wrote. My experience is that hatred is a toxic (and yes, natural) emotion that is forged as much by perceived helplessness/powerlessness in the face of intolerable negativity as it is caused by intrinsic situations/activities. Full understanding and processing the causes of hatred, in all relevant dimensions, permit that emotion to transmute into less toxic emotions. What is futile and counterproductive is allowing negative emotions such as hatred to take the lead in our established public reactions to evil and crime, and we have to guard against that, our future depends on it. That is the place of fully considered and relevant justice. Hatred will dissolve when appropriate if we proceed accordingly; if we do not, we will fix hatred, and its toxic counterparts, as a deep feature of the society we intended to be an improvement on what has been. Consider the ‘success’ of the French Revolution, particularly The Terror, for a clear historical example of this process in action. Falling into that error would indeed be a case of the parts dictating the whole, which you rightly reject.

b4ba2f  No.28648

This is a reply to post 27143 above:

Agreed in full.

(FTR, I'm still kind of a newfag around here, so I'm not quite sure how to quote/link/reply correctly. Sorry.)

93e842  No.31051

File: 5934e027d2a23eb⋯.png (39.95 KB, 488x206, 244:103, Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at ….png)




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