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File: 14f96b8e9daa06f⋯.jpg (105.4 KB, 1250x650, 25:13, 14f96b8e9daa06fbcbb108a3e5….jpg)

cfc012  No.2372

This thread will include ALL POSTS from SOROS Thread from /cbts/

All posts will be included

If you build it, Q will crumb

cfc012  No.2376

SOROS W&W!J/2AeUTICM 11/26/17 (Sun) 10:12:15 99b19d No.1367

>Post research, news, links, etc. of all things George Soros, Open Society, related NGOs, and people / company connections.

>If your research involves multiple topics, be sure to cross-link in appropriate threads.

>Try to stay on topic and only post relevant things. Keep /cbts/ clutter-free!


cfc012  No.2377

BidenIsAPedo!!9oKPqzXkIQ 11/26/17 (Sun) 10:41:28 bb2f97 No.1429

This should be all you need for Soros and Open Society- provided by EU Q


cfc012  No.2378

File: 349a8a34244a4da⋯.jpg (62.64 KB, 960x642, 160:107, 1.jpg)

Anonymous 11/26/17 (Sun) 12:08:01 eea2db No.1574

Here's one

cfc012  No.2379

Alex Soros donations Anonymous 11/26/17 (Sun) 18:45:06 4bf34d No.2644

$3.5m to Harry Reid PAC


cfc012  No.2381

File: bd910d9a6b3c96b⋯.png (363.44 KB, 666x1057, 666:1057, 2.png)

W&W!J/2AeUTICM 11/26/17 (Sun) 19:18:46 99b19d No.2758

Remember this guy (who worked for Soros) got taken down a few days after Soros donated $18 Billion to the Open Society?

cfc012  No.2382

Anonymous 11/26/17 (Sun) 19:33:22 5c30d8 No.2796


>How did Soros replace family ‘y’?

>Who is family ‘y’?

cfc012  No.2383

Anonymous 11/26/17 (Sun) 19:49:21 4bf34d No.2859



cfc012  No.2384

Anonymous 11/26/17 (Sun) 19:54:22 4bf34d No.2879

See >>>/cbts/2855 Alex Soros

cfc012  No.2385

Anonymous 11/27/17 (Mon) 11:23:32 41787c No.4960

This Soros and Pelosi Trump derail party in Cali fundraiser


cfc012  No.2386

Anonymous 11/27/17 (Mon) 20:31:34 4cf9c1 No.6350

Soros about himself:

“I fancied myself as some kind of god …” he wrote. “If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me in trouble.“ When asked by Britain’s Independent newspaper to elaborate on that statement, Soros doubled down: “It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.“ http://www.disclose.tv/news/george_soros_i_am_a_god_i_created_everything_i_control_america/138587


cfc012  No.2387

Anonymous 11/27/17 (Mon) 21:45:56 000000 No.6566

I found this article. Did Soros pick off the Rockefellers one by one?


cfc012  No.2388

File: 06bd025de1cae99⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, 3.png)

Anonymous 11/28/17 (Tue) 14:28:39 ffe1e9 No.8301

Plus cnn. The final plus?

cfc012  No.2389

Anonymous 11/29/17 (Wed) 08:05:35 3b541f No.10310

>>>/cbts/1367 (OP)

My 2016

“Gold is always a safe haven at times when risks for investors are escalating. It’s better to sit out turbulence with gold,”.

This is the standard remark from most economists when it comes to gold. But earlier this week we saw Soros taking a whopping US$264 million bet on gold by buying this amount of shares in the !!!! Canadian gold miner!!!! which is effectively increasing his stake in the company by 1.7%.

>did i see someone talking about a major merger with Canada Gold mine and another big company????? i cant find the post, i was phone fagging at the time


Rothschild investing in gold for crypto currencies away from us dollar


While China is cracking down on cryptocurrencies , probably in an effort to sheild itself from the above two influences in the market?

sept 2017


Please note if countries started trading away from US petrodollar, America as you know it would collapse.

cfc012  No.2391

File: 11900b459915d68⋯.jpg (203.56 KB, 940x605, 188:121, 4.jpg)

ParallelAnon 11/29/17 (Wed) 12:48:15 df4e67 No.11285



I went looking for (((Alex Soros))) - low and behold, he has a cover story for his whereabouts…he's conveniently filming a movie about abolishing capital punishment…his friend (((Ed Zwick))) is conveniently filming this movie, and conveniently put Alex in a role…where he's in prison. Can't make this shit up…https://www.instagram.com/p/BcD2C7YDfIf/?hl=en&taken-by=alexsoros

Remember the pic of the Hotel Sacher Alex posted where he wonders which flag will fall first? He posted a new pic of it with these comments:

"Before heading back to the #usa, I had to make one last stop in Vienna, and remarkably all flags are still standing! This despite the challenges all five face today! #vienna #austria" https://www.instagram.com/p/Bb75pvzjnx8/?hl=en&taken-by=alexsoros

cfc012  No.2392

Soros Unmasks Himself Anonymous 11/29/17 (Wed) 13:44:27 3629a1 No.11540



cfc012  No.2393

Anonymous 11/29/17 (Wed) 15:16:38 7263fb No.11857

Daily reminder Soros thinks he's God.

Fucking Kike.

cfc012  No.2395

File: f352e3be05c7361⋯.png (175.79 KB, 1179x718, 1179:718, a1.png)

File: b4d34adf2791e26⋯.png (384.19 KB, 1167x731, 1167:731, a2.png)

File: 36bff2cc99b74ce⋯.png (180.68 KB, 1159x724, 1159:724, a3.png)

File: bf1a34da01d6123⋯.png (206.48 KB, 1154x729, 1154:729, a4.png)

NegativeFeedback!pLAglmb73I 11/29/17 (Wed) 15:26:36 47e270 No.11886

>>>/cbts/1367 (OP)

dumping article

http:// www.mrc.org/special-reports/executive-summary-george-soros-godfather-left

> http://archive.is/6uZBH

cfc012  No.2396

File: 7a2fa7a90da5e18⋯.png (378.51 KB, 1171x722, 1171:722, b1.png)

File: 42b3e48cceaa643⋯.png (360.88 KB, 1168x733, 1168:733, b2.png)

File: 366d4c215833240⋯.png (381.01 KB, 1157x733, 1157:733, b3.png)

File: a11bcb58605a100⋯.png (379.97 KB, 1158x728, 579:364, b4.png)

NegativeFeedback!pLAglmb73I 11/29/17 (Wed) 15:35:39 47e270 No.11921


cfc012  No.2398

File: aaf8714baa7fec5⋯.png (349.37 KB, 1155x731, 1155:731, c1.png)

File: b5ccc5f4c0b4540⋯.png (347.83 KB, 1178x724, 589:362, c2.png)

File: 95f60e69148e0be⋯.png (304.82 KB, 1160x724, 290:181, c3.png)

File: 93a4ab1304e2c2d⋯.png (353.12 KB, 1165x733, 1165:733, c4.png)

NegativeFeedback!pLAglmb73I 11/29/17 (Wed) 15:36:13 47e270 No.11922


cfc012  No.2399

File: b7ba8de6ea245af⋯.png (352.6 KB, 1159x734, 1159:734, d1.png)

File: a08dcd58b0037b3⋯.png (369.28 KB, 1205x728, 1205:728, d2.png)

File: c713adecd64e6eb⋯.png (351.17 KB, 1165x734, 1165:734, d3.png)

File: c88213659cb4c92⋯.png (321.2 KB, 1145x704, 1145:704, d4.png)

NegativeFeedback!pLAglmb73I 11/29/17 (Wed) 15:36:36 47e270 No.11925


cfc012  No.2402

File: 1599806752fccb9⋯.png (363.99 KB, 1192x728, 149:91, e1.png)

File: 0d2dca708bbfe71⋯.png (171.67 KB, 1157x733, 1157:733, e2.png)

File: f783360b748cadb⋯.png (312.09 KB, 1213x657, 1213:657, e3.png)

NegativeFeedback!pLAglmb73I 11/29/17 (Wed) 15:37:50 47e270 No.11932


cfc012  No.2403

Anonymous 12/03/17 (Sun) 13:22:37 fb26a6 No.28991

Very interesting article linking Soros, Rothschildes and the former head of the Saudi secret service via a big private bank called the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) which dispanded in 1991.





cfc012  No.2405

Anonymous 12/03/17 (Sun) 13:30:00 4d219e No.29025


Anon figured out who Y was. How did Soros take him down?

cfc012  No.2406

Fighting against Soros -Macedonia Anonymous 12/03/17 (Sun) 16:54:10 5b387e No.29730


cfc012  No.2407

File: 489a96962be136b⋯.png (50.32 KB, 198x138, 33:23, aa1.png)

Anonymous 12/05/17 (Tue) 21:35:46 554ea6 No.41414

Mc in trouble to explain Soros money

"The executives of the McCain Institute for International Leadership refused to reveal how much money in donations the Institute has received, according to a report by The Daily Caller New Foundation Investigative Group."


cfc012  No.2408

File: 921e2830eb6ac92⋯.png (471.23 KB, 803x467, 803:467, aa2.png)

Anonymous 12/05/17 (Tue) 21:39:29 554ea6 No.41429

"McCain followed orders from his multi-million-dollar-donor, George Soros, to help Liberal Democrats construct the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Bill that exempts News Media, but regulates Conservative, pro-life and Tea Party political speech."


cfc012  No.2409

File: 9c0a7973b58faaf⋯.png (68.03 KB, 301x154, 43:22, aa3.png)

Anonymous 12/05/17 (Tue) 21:46:08 554ea6 No.41453

"So not only did McCain’s own organization and his campaign manager benefit from Soros’ cash, but McCain’s chief legislative issue was defended using money from the financier they are now deriding."

"Soros, the man Rick Davis believes funds “baseless left-wing projects” has not only funded McCain’s own organization (we don’t know how much over $50,000 he gave), but also portions of Rick Davis’ salary."


cfc012  No.2410

File: aa9cf1042e2edd7⋯.jpeg (103.8 KB, 982x575, 982:575, bb1.jpeg)

File: 5a3bd5c5aa9150b⋯.jpeg (217.31 KB, 1495x841, 1495:841, bb2.jpeg)

File: 87dd9abdb618fe8⋯.jpeg (122.88 KB, 1501x846, 1501:846, bb3.jpeg)

File: bc6924f2f344f6e⋯.jpeg (221.27 KB, 1778x985, 1778:985, bb4.jpeg)

Anonymous 12/05/17 (Tue) 22:05:54 dcabc2 No.41549

Soros up to his eye balls with the Atlantic Council and the Ukraine coupe also the Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election on the DNC’s behalf. Dig anons.

cfc012  No.2412

Anonymous 12/06/17 (Wed) 07:06:34 fdd93e No.42546

n..n..nooo, I thought McMaster was /ourguy/


A retired CIA officer reportedly working with Blackwater founder Erik Prince to pitch the White House on a global, private spy network which as we reported yesterday would allow the White House to circumvent and counter "deep state enemies" within U.S. intelligence agencies, is said to have made the stunning claim that National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster worked with the NSA to perform surveillance on Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump, Steve Bannon and others, according to a report in The Intercept.

“[Maguire] said there were people inside the CIA who joined in the previous eight years [under Obama] and inside the government, and they were failing to give the president the intelligence he needed,” said a person who was pitched by Maguire and other Amyntor personnel. To support his claim, Maguire told at least two people that National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, in coordination with a top official at the National Security Agency, authorized surveillance of Steven Bannon and Trump family members, including Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. Adding to these unsubstantiated claims, Maguire told the potential donors he also had evidence McMaster used a burner phone to send information gathered through the surveillance to a facility in Cyprus owned by (((George Soros.)))

Brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant these fucking guys they're doing it

cfc012  No.2413

File: ec1c63faa91ae14⋯.png (9.63 KB, 657x76, 657:76, cc1.png)

Anonymous 12/06/17 (Wed) 16:47:53 554ea6 No.45175

Refuse Fascism, a group funded by Soros, is attempting to pull the Democrats away from working in the interests of the United States, according to The Daily Caller. Back in July, Refuse Fascism released a statement that said the US is bullying and demonizing Kim Jong-un, and needs to reconsider. The statement urged the need to “stop thinking like an American,” and “start thinking about humanity.”


cfc012  No.2414

Anonymous 12/06/17 (Wed) 18:37:11 417d6f No.45853

Several conspiracy websites say George Soros died last year and his money was donated to charity to hide his death.

Can anyone verify he is still alive?

cfc012  No.2415

cfc012  No.2416

Anonymous 12/07/17 (Thu) 08:07:46 d9461f No.48645

I suspect that Soros isnt the third leg of the pyramid but misinformation. Most likely the third leg is non western and based in Asia, related to south korea.

cfc012  No.2417

Anonymous 12/10/17 (Sun) 15:21:24 58b0ca No.68294

McMaster connection, sending surveillance to Soros

Seems to be well-sourced:


cfc012  No.2418

Anonymous 12/16/17 (Sat) 04:11:19 f36b33 No.107213


I still believe the 3. leg, or godfather, is Henry Kissinger! He's the last surviving founding member of Bilderberg and has been orchestrating strategy from behind the scenes and out of the public view.

608b83  No.2421


That plus must have meant something bigger, does this mean if CNN goes..Soros goes?

608b83  No.2425


I also thought that Soros is a big player but not as big as some, and some we probably have no idea about. (never heard of them)

4eb57e  No.9159


I think Soros is just a puppet of the Rothschilds and I am convinced that the pyramid is this, because the SA purge got rid of one side remember….

Saudi Arabia

Rothschilds (House of Windsor/Coburg & Commonwealth countries)


9cb3a7  No.35653

>Soros takes orders from P.

>You have no idea how sick and evil these people are. >Fight, fight, fight.

>Day of days.

>Game over.


Soros takes orders from P[ope]

/_\ = King of South [House of Saud], King of North [Pope], King of Taxes [Rothschild]

8c635d  No.39300

File: 709568ee1d6f0e6⋯.jpg (48.43 KB, 696x464, 3:2, zaev-696x464.jpg)

Soros may/not still be alive or may/not be in Gitmo but his DS cabal and GMO impants are destroying.Macedonia, which goes unnoticed in the West – even by the patriotic movements. Calling Q: we need you in Macedonia!


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