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File: 3e008b0c13420aa⋯.jpg (4.02 MB, 1937x2582, 1937:2582, 2018-01-11_17.08.31.jpg)

a74c02  No.34220

Q is with POTUS [Awakening]

Alphabet is with you ALL THE TIME!

Co (opted)


Pro(fessionals) never unify!

I am not Q or Alphabet (just in the soup)


who would be afraid of Anons?

brush your haters off!!!


This is your space.

11 [love you ALL]

a74c02  No.34222


Apologies for disrupting your space.

I admire your spirits.

I encourage you to follow the path Q started you on.

You'll reach a greater field eventually, and he's been damned considerate to not flat out tell you what's going on. However, he did pray with/for you though… Perhaps you should brace yourselves for an impact that will touch your very souls, if not put you face to face with your very on demons.


1338ad  No.34223

File: 063ca1a584e467e⋯.jpg (104.42 KB, 650x488, 325:244, fe5.jpg)

bba04d  No.34259


Remember the 80's, before all the Chem?



And a slew of assassination attempts [1981]

4852a4  No.34264

Met the Fox(es)

PA of course…


What's up with Univ. Pitt?

707027  No.34308

Yeah maybe Q is with POTUS but the new BO has a soft spot for niggers.

7fb590  No.34358

what if Q is one of your so-called n+ggers?

what if your mama is sleeping with one?

3f136b  No.34377


Nigger come is all colors, shapes and sizes. Your a nigger too. My mom doesn't sleep with niggers, she has more respect for herself than that.

7fb590  No.34387


oh, you're a troll. nevermind, as you were

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