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File: 58c6edc9075a4bd⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1998x1359, 222:151, TheStorm.jpg)

6451e7  No.37894

The Storm General #43: Legit Version.

26cf26  No.38219

PamphletAnon is a nice guy.

2eb6b9  No.38223


Yes he is. Q should have never left this board.

(But that is because a fake Q took-over his account and is preventing him from posting).

20f0c2  No.38228


It's because of heavy allergic reactions to ANY forms of famefagging, due to past experiences. And also because of some interview that was done, which could lead to another bookdeal, which could lead to another ego-takeover.

It's us vs them (the Cabal), nothing else really matters, you can either help or detract, that's all.

20f0c2  No.38231


I have been here through the whole thing.

I watched the migrations and the events leading to it closely.

CBTS BO noticed a change in IP's, which, coupled with lack of knowledge about how even insecure tripcodes work and how hard it is to crack one (very hard, especially the last character), prompted an ego "don't fuck with us" reaction, leading to Q's prompt leave first to 8pol then here (he needed a place to stay until everything was stabilized). Check >>>/greatawakening/5

As for what is fake and what is real, what is "current Q" and what is "past Q", I cannot answer this for you. You must make the effort yourself, there is a lot of information out there. No spoonfeeding.


Commendable initiative. It fits with the general narrative, so be careful not to divide everything. We need to function as ONE.

7f82c4  No.38239


Probably some cabal agent trying to get us off their back is all. Fail.

b6d550  No.38316


Excellent links. Let´s do it Trump, end the clowns in America.

f30691  No.38352


5841ef  No.38393


board volunteer there is an obvious


deleting good stuff from bread then filling it up

with spam afterwards

caught in the act and banned me for calling him out

633f17  No.38394


Thanks for warning us. So we got two Q research clown nigger boards now = Q research and Q research 2 clown niggers. How about we start out own Q research board, what do you say?

7e759a  No.38437

I like legit versions.

a3ef10  No.38511

File: 46878fd1f57a69b⋯.jpg (59.76 KB, 800x421, 800:421, us}corp2.jpg)

The U.S. is still a British Colony under a corporate charter>



Source: http://www.civil-liberties .com/

The United Nations has taken over all member nations

https://govbanknotes.wordpress .com/2017/07/04/the-united-nations-has-taken-over-all-member-nations/

Gemstone University Playlists: https://www.youtu


Introductory welcome talk: https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=1Mn-j7fAyFs (15.4 min)

How it all fits together; part one of seventeen parts: https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=ZmesrdLTDTU (36 minutes)

ee5458  No.38512



7c2149  No.38514


True and no longer a Republic, but is an oligarchy. It is and has been under secret martial law and military rule since the U.S. Civil War, which never ended. It is under Maritime law or law of the sea, thus. All Federal courts do not function under the Constitution, but rather under maritme law. You have no rights, only priviledges.

All American´s bodies belong to the bankers - they created a TDA account in your name when you are born and you become not a citizen of the US, but a citizen of the corporate D.C. All are slaves of the British colony and of the Vatican. The Roman empire is the Vatican. Muslims, Catholics, all serve the Vatican the the murderous black Pope teams of the Jesuits.

9e4c73  No.38678

Watching will form an opinion on this change with evidence and time.

9e4c73  No.38679

The odd part is that all research boards removed or pushed out of the catalog.

To me that is a huge flag

e7b0c5  No.38680


Are you serious? They are no longer listed? Only the Q-research board is listed? If so, that means that 8-chan itself is hiding the truth and pusing this fake Q thing!

a3ef10  No.38760

File: 7627d77db166396⋯.pdf (5.69 MB, the-great-american-adventu….pdf)

OK you Anons, I am taking your red pill to the next level. I sincerely hope you have appreciated the bits an bites I provide from time to time. Now its time for the big picture.

a3ef10  No.38764

https:// youtu. be/zgcW6Hzn46w

f051cc  No.38783



Thank you for the document and video!

Document is excellent!!

Is the video connected and made by the same author?

3f0268  No.38798


Excellent PDF file!! Thank you!!

>Is the video connected and made by the same author?


Is the video connected and made by the same author?

3f0268  No.38799

3f0268  No.38800


Freeing Humanity from the Banking Cartel: Karen Hudes Consulted by Trump – Patriots for Truth


Who is the Fake Q? – AIM Truth Bits


1172ab  No.38809

Keep walking Johnny Walker.

3f0268  No.38827

We are back.

Do not believe current Q.

Our account was hacked.

We lost access to our account.

Current Q is MK#UL[tra]

Do not trust Sessions.


d8b982  No.38828


Of all the Q larps this is one of the worst

883eb8  No.38829


herp a derp my name is Q #Matlock

ddbce5  No.38830


go fuck yourself…. You're not Q

91ffa6  No.38831


We are all Q.

41872e  No.38832


Shut up Tracy

3b1237  No.38833

Uhhh you know Q's trip password is known….

8a82d1  No.38834


Get fucked.

82fe32  No.38835



Derpy derp derp.

Fuck yourselves.


e55f74  No.38836


WOW, thank you Q!!!!

e55f74  No.38837



You are lying.

e55f74  No.38838


That was posted by the creator of Q.

Now kill yourself kike.

e55f74  No.38839


True, since Q has beem comped, we are all Q now.

e55f74  No.38840




All of you are going to hell for propping-up a fake Q. Current Q is a larp. Legit Q tells the truth.

b2ee15  No.38848


Hey Q!! We don´t believe the current fake Q on Q-Research. He has been fully exposed by AIM videos, website and info.

ee61f5  No.38853

Where is Q?

ee61f5  No.38854


Hi, David!

f9018a  No.38886

Q on 8 chan truly hacked what now?

ef4c76  No.39103

Clowns attached bannedfromqresearch board?

c66464  No.39106

File: 8d65487d6af80ad⋯.jpg (251.08 KB, 636x424, 3:2, laughwoods.jpg)

Hi The Storm

e7863e  No.39128

e7863e  No.39134

db2076  No.39152


c7e192  No.39175

File: c3d39b559fed1f3⋯.png (60.04 KB, 629x239, 629:239, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5351c6572c403f6⋯.png (107.72 KB, 1694x294, 121:21, ClipboardImage.png)

>>Patriots are in control.<<

f3753a  No.39183

L= 12

12 days starting with the 11 is November 22

Who was assassinated?

Let the unsealing begin.

Let the DEC[L]AS begin.

Let the WORLD witness the TRUTH.

We, the PEOPLE.



If no one ask POTUS the Q, Q should call a press conference

273f6f  No.39184

RSA crack imminent.

734253  No.39288


/vqc/? They have been looking a bit abandoned and bedraggled over there. Kinda sad that Chris tossed his trip code out. That was the best larp EVER.

2c6848  No.39299

Saw this about TEN Days ago:



I calculated, "Oh, about Feb 12,

the weather will be really BAD.

If the NWO does an EMP Event,

we'd be really SCREWED ! "

Well today in my efforts to relocate that Vid, I came across this one instead:

Watch "Live Coverage of Major Winter Storm Maya/Nadia, Freezing Rain Threat, Heavy Snow, Heavy Rain" on YouTube


This man's radar seems to indicate that

CHICAGO will be Encased in Ice on Feb 12.

(Well, Detroit, too.)

Another Vid (which I can't find) explains that U N Peacekeepers are already stationed in the Chicago area.

And another Vid (can't find it either) explains the a FEMA execution camp has existed in Chicago for a few years now (Next to Lincoln Park ???)

So, Tuesday, will the NWO wage another Battle on America ?

¡ Always Remember Paradise, CA !

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