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File: 0db84d3d6ac8893⋯.jpg (123.86 KB, 1621x912, 1621:912, Q - WWG1WGA.jpg)

4ff025  No.39168

Hello fellow Patriots and Autists! I have come here to ask a question. I just completed what I think is a potentially very useful document. I am a historian and have traced the origins of the leftists and the deep state from after the civil war until today. The problem is it's pretty large 11,000+ words). Is there a place I can post it so that other anons can read it? Thank you for your help in advance.

4ff025  No.39169

I want to show how the cabal and the deep state have worked together to fundamentally transform America. The research that was done was extensive and I uncovered a clear pattern of progressive leftists using the government to enslave us and take away our liberties. I also wanted to show how the Democrats have used blacks and other minorities ever since the civil war. These people are sick and evil! They must be stopped and I believe by uncovering the truth and spreading the word will awaken so many more people to our cause. I've contemplated making it into a video so it would be easier to digest, but that would take some time and I feel things are getting pretty urgent. There is a storm coming VERY soon. This story needs to be told! Thank you in advance for your help.

e5c30d  No.39170

Thank you so much for the advice. I put it up on Mega.nz. I hope that anyone who reads it gets at SOME knowledge from it. I wrote it in honor of Q and all anons working with him. Please share it if you feel like it should be shared. I KNOW there are going to be some things that are shocking and inspirational in there. By the way, I included at the end a link to a Go Fund Me page. I hit a rough spot at the moment and any help any of you could provide would be very welcome! I do hope to put all of this in an expanded book. The funding would help that cause.

Here is the link:


e5c30d  No.39171


e5c30d  No.39173

After hours and hours of careful, painstaking research, I have written an essay that breaks down the inner workings of the Cabal and Deep State from the Civil War up to Vietnam. My exhaustive research uncovered the Communist plot in conjunction with the unions to have revolution in America. I also discovered the line of RACIST moves the left has made under each and every Democrat administration. You will also read of the push the Republicans had for womens suffrage going back to 1857 and how the left stopped it until 1920. Sixty-three years later! The left calls us racist and sexist, After reading this you will KNOW that those label mean NOTHING. Because we have ALWAYS been on the side of what's right and good about this country. In this article you will discover the REAL reason we lot Vietnam. I'm currently working on part 2 which will bring us up to the present. However this first part will shock you. It will amaze you and it will disgust you. You will be angry at times but you will also be inspired I believe. The hidden forces of this country must be exposed for all to see. In order to win this fight, we need all the information we can get. I think this article puts all the pieces in place and shows why things REALLY happen the way they did. For the complete essay Click Here: https://mega.nz/#!z6giiS4J!lQ4IRF2LnA0AYR_RNcevLvp2Uqfw4GIPi6Dkdj4VWW8

PLEASE consider sharing this amongst your friends and neighbors, especially anyone who is a minority. They MUST know how they have been USED! I thank you.

e5c30d  No.39176

Hello, I want to ask your council as people of the Coming Storm what I should do in handling what recently happened to me. I was told if I wanted to reach a larger audience for the essay I wrote, I should try posting it on Voat as the community had moved off of Reddit due to censorship. So, following the advice, I created an account there under the screen name Liberty1776. I posted the link to the essay download on mega.nz there. This brought a swift and fierce response from some members that completely shocked me.

I assumed the board was comprised of the same sort of people that are here: people who not only love liberty and what this country stands for, but also have a passion for learning about how to restore our country to what it was and how the forces of the Deep State and Leftists of both Socialism and Communism have brought our country to where it was under Hussein.

I started off by getting some complimentary feedback for my work as well as many thanks, which were not necessary but welcomed. I thank those members from the bottom of my heart.

Then, I started to receive messages I assumed came from leftists who disagreed with me. I tried to be very respectful to these members and answer their concerns in a respectful way. I even wrote to one seemingly intellectual fellow who appeared seemed genuinely interested in having a dialog, so I responded to each of his criticisms and insinuations that the RIGHT was actually where Nazism came from. You can read it here: https://voat.co/v/GreatAwakening/2786356.

Then things took a turn for the worst. I started to get some anti-semitic replies and then some racist ones and then some that were so disgusting I'm not going to justify them by even linking to them here. Then someone released my name there. The comments were spread over the Greatawakening, QRV, and theawakening boards. I have no idea how many people might have been chatting off the boards but I have to figure things got ramped up from there. I assume once my name was released my address was passed among people in the real world, because at the home where I am staying there was a message spray-painted on the garage door that said "n*gger lover". I'm sure that it was person of the left that did this because as we know, the left is home of racism and has always been. I spent the day cleaning it off, and I did not inform the authorities but I did make a record of it.

I am just completely shocked and hurt by this and I'm not sure how to respond. I do believe you should turn the other cheek; however, I was also raised not to say the things people said to me…EVER! So, I ask what should I do? I am not in the best shape mentally, so my gut feeling to is just to go away and shut up. I feel like I should have never done this. I have been criticized for putting a link at the end of my essay to my Go Fund Me page. I explained that it wasn't in my nature to EVER ask for help and took a lot. I'm very desperate, but I'm not THAT desperate to endanger my safety and the safety others I love. Please let me know how I should go forward; any advice would be welcome. Thank you and God Bless! WWG1WGA!

261b91  No.39194

Don’t take it personally. Vota is a cesspool of bottomfeeder, wanna-be Nazis. Delete your or the gofundme link and don’t bother with that site.

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