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File: e2d6e5e49fa1c33⋯.png (477.31 KB, 697x713, 697:713, 20190515_223614.png)


Previous thread >>15981


Has she made that 'hiding' video on Patreon private? I can't seem to find it on my playlist.



seems that way


Fresh thread, fresh thoughts. Atleast I hope so



Hope so too



It should be okay if we refrain from talking about certain subject for atleast until the end of the month.



That's too many days tho. Is it possible?



In my view the more you talk about that subject the better you feel and will be able to forget about that subject quickly.




this month is literally vacation from him



OK will do best to avoid talking about that subject. Let's see if that gonna make any difference.



atleast I prepped myself for this, since I don't constantly have to wonder who took the newest photo etc. doesn't really help since I still wonder who takes them now


and however all the 'weird' things have happened to her when the subject was away as you can remember. okay enough of this shit.


File: f15220cb9bb7980⋯.jpg (38.36 KB, 694x527, 694:527, 60761934_798512720534708_5….jpg)

>Had a dream where i helped her with a video and we were best friends and made plans to go to the movies after filming the vid.



Stop it. Don't think about it. You're not supposed to think about it. It's not like she's rubbing it in your face. if she did I probably couldn't deal with it



Think positive. It's just a coincidence that both bought the same t shirt.



that's what I think at the moment.


File: e3fbfbcb1a77568⋯.jpg (47.17 KB, 992x558, 16:9, fuck.jpg)


tfw havent had any dreams with her in it for a long time



I need an honest answer. Do you still think they are not in a relationship?


File: 90792559c649281⋯.jpg (65.99 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, DhI3eGPV4AA1oTl.jpg)


I don't fucking know. She certainly doesn't behave like one in a relationship. Still I don't know.



It's ok if you still don't know. With time everything will be more clear.


File: 1817aede50186d2⋯.jpg (62.81 KB, 640x693, 640:693, age of men.jpg)




Hi everyone. I'm actually the one dating Erin. Me and her read this thread every day and laugh. We like seeing your reactions when we mess around with her Instagram and youtube. Well I have to go now, Ewin is begging me to eat her for the third time today. Yum yum in my tum!


File: fa88c864b131201⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 335.47 KB, 453x604, 3:4, 1930793_54756264376_9003_n.png)


haha u liar, i know this because I AM the one dating Erin, we do not read this and laugh, we feel sad. Btw her pussy is really tight and wet and despite her lips she gives great blowjobs. Proof: Me and Erin



wow you’re a cute couple I wish you all the best



thanks we are very happy :)


File: 23b7f664d3c3010⋯.jpg (57.86 KB, 390x390, 1:1, cheeseburger.jpg)


Nice try, but that image is clearly photoshopped. Here's a real photo of us. Erin's pussy tastes better than cheeseburgers!


File: 9aaf328f015c074⋯.jpg (39.9 KB, 381x636, 127:212, d4dff14b20855b9d32c062027c….jpg)


Have a meme


File: 895cfa310b9eb5a⋯.jpg (120.37 KB, 793x796, 793:796, iz24svupniz01.jpg)


And you.


File: f2296edbdc4e951⋯.jpg (180.32 KB, 1743x2625, 83:125, 6c7c782d7328be4a0f72a30e3a….jpg)

If Erin was a D&D character, what class/race would she be?


File: 3622949ca93438b⋯.png (104.27 KB, 300x300, 1:1, PJERIN.png)

hey PJ here


File: 44e85fb4225a0b2⋯.jpg (59.55 KB, 838x533, 838:533, Erin-kill-u-1.jpg)


( ͡°Ĺ̯ ͡° )


File: 2a4d98bab778f74⋯.jpeg (53.62 KB, 500x483, 500:483, 89999DB3-9DD1-410D-8762-7….jpeg)


probably a druid but I dont know what race

elf too tall, human too basic etc


are you whoring yourself again for cheeseburgers Randy?


no polacks allowed in this thread



File: 738e2ab4fb67ce5⋯.jpeg (976.66 KB, 1242x1995, 414:665, 51354439-29D0-42A1-9FA5-4….jpeg)

We are on a dangerous course even when I know where this is coming from.



What a bizarre argument.

Conceiving a kid is an active act, and carrying it to term is a passive one.

Being around somebody who needs a transplant is a passive act, and choosing to give up blood/organs/tissue is an active one.



I think this is about the new Alabama state's legislation in which you're forbidden to abort the child even if you get pregnant by rape.

And you can bet what is her take on this. I mean it's understandable why she would 'highlight' this but I'd hate if she became like another friend of mine


File: 8305728c741daf5⋯.pdf (74.6 KB, 261.full.pdf)


Statistically speaking, rape-by-pregnancy is a non-entity. I know that's mean to say, but I firmly believe that the law should ban abortion, allowing very few based on such cases.

Notice that every article related to the Alabama legislation will say 'even in the case of rape or incest'. Why lump incest into the mix? Is it not an active choice to fuck your own brother?

Alabama's legislation already allows exceptions "to avoid a serious health risk to the unborn child's mother," for ectopic pregnancy and if the "unborn child has a lethal anomaly."

It's saddening to see the reaction of girls who would probably never have an abortion themselves, knowing how closely tied it is to depression and suicide (especially later in life when they've had another kid and the regret truly sets in). Meanwhile in Europe and Vermont they're discussing 'post-natal' abortion. pdf related. it's a quick read.

Erin's argument here truly disgusts me.

>ok, well it can't survive on its own, so I shouldn't be forced to support it

<a 1-year old can't survive on its own either, can we kill that? How about a person in a coma?



I knew she was in the favor of abortion through her okcupid profile only. All libtrards shares the same opinion as of hers. Why can't they fucking avoid getting pregnant I'm the first place using contraceptions?

Also, I looked at that reddit profile. That guy posted that comment on /Atheist sub reddit, so it tells she's an Atheist too.

Actually she said it herself in that clothing haul video that she's not Christian and mentioned the same thing on okcupid as well.



In few other Republican state like Ohio as well.


I'm not against abortion myself, however it shouldn't be carried out on too light reasons. The usage of birth control should be encouraged more too.



>I'd hate if she became like another friend of mine

If by that you mean farthest left of left wing politics, then I'm afraid to tell you she's actually belongs to the same group.



That might be, but so far she hasn't flooded my feed with constant shilling of lefty politics and anti-right movement. I can tell you it gets on your nerves eventually.


She got inspired by ruby and stated posting political shit too. Just couple days ago we discussed that she's doing the right thing by refraining herself from talking about politics. Lol


File: 582fefd3ac611ef⋯.jpg (115.76 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ad8bd4a9.jpg)


And to be fair if that ever happened I'd probably snap at her and get myself blocked



So far she hasn't said anything HERSELF. Just cited some random fag. This might change though.



"my body my choice"

I hope she is getting lots of hate messages on that post. She would not dare to share something like that ever again.

People consider her pure soul and Angel and what not, but she is OK with killing babies.



What do you think? Most of her fans are like her. If anything they'll just give her a pat on the back.

I was talking about hate towards her couple days ago, and while there wasn't any reason back then, now there would be for someone.


She could take this to the next level and reactivate her twitter, start posting all kinds of far-left shit there and then delete all the "wrong" opinions.

Okay I think it's better to stop this and not give her ideas. I bet soon she'll start joining ruby's double gay dates too.


File: 500667b85c5c8fd⋯.jpg (100.56 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, omg.jpg)


> hope she is getting lots of hate messages on that post

You're disgusting. Wanting your waifu to get hate, you should be ashamed. If you don't like her values then you don't like her as a person. You just project what you want onto her when that's not actually her.

>OK with killing babies.

If you think that all abortions are killing babies then stop masturbating because you're killing millions of sperm that could be made into a baby you sicko


All these skewed Christian morals, is this /pol/?

She isn't alt-left kek. Being left doesn't automatically make you alt-left but you guys are alt-right which is just as bad as alt-left.


ur actually retarded if you think its ok to be forced to keep a baby if you get raped or get raped by a family member



Ty ^ u ^




>All these skewed Christian morals, is this /pol/?

It is now! Not really. I kinda like how emotions are running high here once in a while.



I wouldn't want to keep a retarded baby either. Am I a monster?



As much as I love politics :/ , I like cute ASMR girls and talking about how cute they are better. Plus these dudes are just shaming Erin for her own actions based on their own personal religious values. These are also the same people who are probably racist and hate other peoples religious values yet still push their own onto others kek.

>like how emotions are running high

lol. I guess but this is just the same shit you see on /asmr/ all the time.



>lol. I guess but this is just the same shit you see on /asmr/ all the time.

Yeah but I don't visit that place.



No, its a full-life commitment



This is more controversial but while most women get abortions around 4-6 weeks in, abortions can still occur at 24 weeks (this is VERY rare and the cut off is usually 12 weeks). You can tell if a baby has something like Down Syndrome at week 15 so it is possible to still have an abortion legally. I guess it's a little more controversial than regular abortion and also after week 8 of pregnancy the embryo is officially called a fetus so some people refuse to do abortions after that time.

I wouldn't call you a monster, but some other people would maybe lol. But if you read parent testimonies it seems like a lot of them have some regret which is a bit sad for the parent and the child.

I agree with >>16544


Fair nuff


File: 95b063964e72f5f⋯.mp4 (2.81 MB, 854x480, 427:240, 6dfdb764.mp4)


Yeah, I bet every single parent would rather have a healthy child. Deep down they know it.

Yep, I sound like Mengele right now. See you in hell


File: f42fbc0bcdd59d6⋯.png (137.82 KB, 820x665, 164:133, o.png)


If the parents have the means (money and time) to raise the child then it is their choice ultimately and that is probably a good thing because otherwise the children would probably be grossly mistreated and suffer horrible lives.

We can think it is maybe mean but at the same time we are also going further with genetically modified babies and soon parents will just create whatever baby they want so it's not much use getting upset about it now. In the future humans will most likely be born "perfect" and even things we have now like birth marks, droopy eyelids, etc. will be nonexistent.



I want my Android body asap.


File: 22b6ffb15369804⋯.jpg (229.81 KB, 500x569, 500:569, m.jpg)


Same, I want to be able to quickly switch genitals depending on my mood.

Also not having to sleep/eat would be nice.


File: 547998228aa096f⋯.jpg (48.42 KB, 620x337, 620:337, 235815-header[1].jpg)


>Same, I want to be able to quickly switch genitals depending on my mood.

I wasn't even thinking about that possibility. However I would miss eating and sleeping.



>I wasn't even thinking about that possibility

Probably good, means you are pure kek.

Vag oral feels better and lasts longer but penetrating with penis probably feels better than being penetrated. Best of both worlds.

I think that being able to sleep and eat would be nice but also it should be necessary. For example you can taste how yummy a burger is but you don't need it to live.





File: 9c4843e8a194925⋯.png (71.14 KB, 657x800, 657:800, 58b79aca.png)


yeah, benis in bagina is enough for me. but imagine if you could fuck yourself

I would probably just eat like always because I love tasty food


File: aea2510e9cedd62⋯.gif (180.68 KB, 500x280, 25:14, g.gif)


For some reason how you type is so precious.

"Go fuck yourself" would turn into a sexy command in the future lel.

> just eat like always

I see what you mean. Apparently eating alone/skipping meals ups your chances of getting depressed so good call.



>For some reason how you type is so precious.

lol thanks I guess

this sounds weird but I haven't really felt much aroused lately but this talk now kinda made me activate again. plus Isabelles body is fucking sexy

catch ya later


File: b13a3cd347d5f33⋯.jpg (54.67 KB, 500x281, 500:281, yup.jpg)


>kinda made me activate again.

*Chokes on pringle* lmao that was sudden but good for you man. Low sex drive periods are annoying, especially when you need some hardy stress relief. Have a great time

>Isabelles body is fucking sexy

Hey it's you lol. Your dedication to Isabelle is pretty impressive.



File: 2434204851ec6a4⋯.jpg (13.51 KB, 474x473, 474:473, ehehehehe.jpg)


I have always said man's healthy when he's little horny.

I'm not the original isabelle lover, but looking at her newest photos just got me going okay bye


File: 722b20e2ab8c860⋯.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1242x2120, 621:1060, 75141121-443D-472A-9044-F….jpeg)

Our master detective



LOL he must be on cloud nine right now. He is the favorite patron of her.

What did he suggested her tho?


File: 914c6350e9c6822⋯.jpeg (212.1 KB, 1242x492, 207:82, 07EACF47-C4E5-427F-9C99-6….jpeg)


I gotta say that’s pretty decent find



Yep, his detective work is not bad by any means. But if I were her I'd be skeptical about him. It's a clear sign of unhealthy obsession. He's doing his best to impress her. But I'd give it to him for not posting anything that would make him look flirty. He doesn't even post comments praising her appearance. His hard work has paid off and he's now in the good books of Erin.



I genuinely think he's harmless and just wants to be in her good books. I don't know what's his endgame though



Yeah, I also think the same. If he had any other intentions, he would have tried it by now. It's been 2 years and he hasn't changed the way he comments. Maybe he's just a genuine fan of her and her work.



or maybe he'll get big-headed now since she has acknowledged his existence and tries to act like a janitor of sort for her LOL


I kinda expect for some Wightpants 2.0 to happen too because he set the example on how to get in her 'favor', except that time the guy isn't just a genuine harmless fan and proceeds to spill the beans everywhere



Actually she has acknowledged his existence(not in that level) many times before. His comments have gotten most hearts among any. His suggestion was also incorporated in the pippet whistle video and she gave credit to him and others in the description of that video.

But if he'll try anything smart, it'll not take her long to start ignoring him. And I don't think he'll make that mistake.



that would be really dumb from him

but ngl it would be also really fucking hilarious too

erin posts pic of her with a dress on and he'd go "You look very sexy in that gown ;)" and poof, all his years effort gone like tears in the rain



It will only take few clicks for her to block wightpants 2.0

Also, it requires too much dedication to be be like him. Don't think a non genuine fan can put that much effort to get in her good books.



Haha. I'm really interested in knowing a bit about him. Like where he's from, his profession, age etc. He's really a rare Breed. I'm sure if Erin will post a porn video of herself, then also he'll not sexualize her.

The world needs more people like him.



yes non genuine fan would start cutting corners at some point, and it'd expose his intentions. Best way is ironically just to be yourself and hope she likes you.

just don't be the wikiguy


File: 4a55cd64d6f1db9⋯.gif (1.09 MB, 480x270, 16:9, yii.gif)


I would like to hear if he has ever lewded Erin at all. Surely he has even once?

I wish I had a video from Erin undressing herself for shower. That'd be my gilded treasure.


File: 165d1a5cd319dc0⋯.png (177.11 KB, 699x836, 699:836, Screenshot_2019-05-16-23-3….png)


I can feel you. My wish very simple. I just need a JOI video from her.



where is this from?



Fuck yes please.



She posted that on insta story in the morning but deleted it in 2-3 hours



lol I thought it was way older than that



she has really sexy face/expression on, can't really explain it but I just know



Yeah, I know. She has the expression of "fuck my face please"



idk man, she just looks cute, tired cute



I dont understand why she keeps deleting stories and deleting and reuploding insta posts, is it thirsty guys or self concious?



probably this but I can't help how smexy she looks



A bit of both



not just stories but real pics too



It's just because of the mascara and the tired look.



I bet she thinks she looks terrible in that and imo she looks unnecessarily hot. No wonder that story didn't last long there.

I wonder how easily she blocks thirsty fags.



Yeah, probably

Why dont you give it a try?



Yes, give it a try.




I don't dare to do that.


Actually I lied. That pic was on her instagram way back in March 2017.

Don't @ me.


File: 859be1f0f40eab4⋯.png (395.81 KB, 530x492, 265:246, indi.png)


you little shit



ez bait, fell for it tho


File: f361eb9cb8035c2⋯.jpg (55.47 KB, 458x700, 229:350, f361eb9cb8035c2ab839d09868….jpg)

same, I had a feeling that it was from her earlier days but fell for it anyway




This is one of the worst fallacies pro choicers use. It really makes no sense: refusing to donate blood or organs won't kill anyone, abortion will.



You think that if a pregnancy will kill the mother, the mother should still go through with it? I myself don't really like this argument either but at the same time it does have a bit of a point in the sense that in some cases (rape for example) the woman did not consent to having a baby grow inside of her and therefore should not be forced to hold it.

Men just don't understand how difficult pregnancies are and how damaging they are to woman as a whole. Your vagina gets torn up literally, your body loses so much calcium and resources that you can lose teeth, death is a real possibility…

But people like you don't care about that.



Also pregnancies kill thousands of women a year. In industrialized societies 1 in 4,100 women die in pregnancy. It's not just something women want to go through if they don't even want the baby or had no say in it.

Abortions will kill an embryo, not a fetus or a baby. Refusing to donate organs/blood can kill people since the line to get certain organs is so long sometimes that the only possibility of getting one before death is from an acquaintance.

Drop her and leave :3c


>>16595 Dont bring this shit up again

Do you think the Ruby collab will be released this weekend? If we're lucky we'll get two videos this week


File: c5b9a541be4fdd5⋯.png (693.91 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, c5b9a541be4fdd5a1389b59b55….png)

yep this argument is pretty much settled already


unless she starts to play with her habadashery script now atleast one video should come out


File: ce0d31f0eca2531⋯.jpg (95.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, yes.jpg)


She looks so good in that pink wig!

Also look at all the stuffies in the background that's so comfy.


File: f054902a73159b0⋯.jpg (33.54 KB, 630x630, 1:1, sad.jpg)


It's the cutest pic ever and I don't understand why she deleted it so fast


I should get to sleep since I'm tired af but I love teasing myself with tingly asmr videos because they work best when I'm tired af. Next level stupidity I guess.


File: 933e22edf02d40b⋯.jpg (13.31 KB, 268x268, 1:1, 268x0w.jpg)


I wish I could sleep, Ive been fiending Erin way too hard lately and its giving me anxiety and insomnia


File: 743d13936a718fb⋯.png (654.96 KB, 726x514, 363:257, nooh.png)




Just try putting your head on a pillow, close your eyes and imagine doing something fun with her. Maybe you'll have a nice dream with her in it ;)



Nah that just makes it worse. It will pass in due time, once I realize how fucking retarded and pathetic it is



I'm sure she doesn't mind it as long as it's not completely overboard.


File: 181ca25178b6b0b⋯.jpg (6.63 KB, 205x240, 41:48, despair.jpg)

got massive yikes now because I started reminiscing my saddest moments from the past

great flashbacks. well good night anons.



Nah I got self restraint, dont worry


>tfw she started following Iiskin_dol

She’s like the russian equivalent of Erin.

also so fucking classy



Did you know her already?



yes but I never bothered to follow her until now

also she has a shop where she sells her handcrafted stuff, I think that gave me the idea to recommend the same for erin


Man, I'm really missing her. It's been close to 4 weeks since she has uploaded a proper asmr video.



I have never really got proper tingles from her videos



I've had them, but its very rare. Only about 3 of her videos gave me the tings



Same, but they relaxing nonetheless particularly her roleplays.

Also, I remember, her 2nd willow witch gave me tons of tingles everytime I used to watch it. Specifically the hex removal part. Don't remember how many times I have watched that part.

But the main reason why I'm missing her is I just want to see her face.



Might get something this weekend hopefully



+ 2nd Willow witch, herbologist and the rain ramble video gave me tingles



Which ones? she'd incorporate more personal attention in her roleplays to make them tingly. The pippet whistle was the worse one in terms of tingles for me.



I lied. I got really good tingles from her Yuletide and the recent Bridgette vid



>>16627 This

The vampire makeup video also gave me tingles, among other things



that also gave me /tingles/


I have started to stalk what/who she likes. The fuck's wrong with me.



Same bro, I dont follow them or anything but I always look at her likes etc. As long as you realize its kinda fucked I think ur ok. It will pass.



it doesn't affect my life in any way but I still watch them just to see if she's active or not idk it's stupid



Then its completely fine.


it was worst when I just stayed inside and couldn't think of anything but her constantly, lol.


File: c2b290962335738⋯.png (149.39 KB, 500x375, 4:3, cb2ce454.png)

All's good as long you don't interfere with her life/start posting weird shit on her frontpage ^_^

how's everyone doing


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


And it's really weird TBQHF.



Yeah that was.. interesting. On one hand im glad they didnt talk because I dont like Rubys voice, on the other hand I love Erins voice.

Maybe this was the trash content she was talking about.. atleast Erin looks cute af, oh well


Side-note: Ruby seems more autistic then usual in this video. Hopefully episode 2 will atleast have some good sounds.

Anyway the other collab will probably be better since its Erin producing it


File: c6b283775cc67a5⋯.jpg (98.25 KB, 745x466, 745:466, feature-glue-sniffing-open….jpg)


WTF did I just watch?


I think Erin will stay off social media for a bit to avoid bad comments, she probably thinks this is trash aswell but is just too nice to say so


Hard to watch. The personality doesn't come through the character for me. I liked the mermaid video but this one's hard to watch.

Could be because i'm still raging over the abortion shit.



That's what I was talking the whole time that Ruby is fucked up and her content is weird af and that Erin should not collab with her, but you guys were there nothing wrong with her, she is an artist and all.

Now there's 2 more collab videos left and I'm 100 sure they will be similar like this one only.


Hope Erin will not upload these kitty videos on her channel.



These videos are of ruby's style so she should let her to upload all the episodes on her channel only.



I made this comment without actually watching the video, but it wasn't that weird as I made it sound to be. Erin made the video worth watching. Her actions and behavior didn't look weird.



Started watching and there was no sound at all for the first minute and a half and almost skipped the whole shit. That was really weird.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Yepyep she’s trying some new techniques and wasn’t satisfied with the result.



It’s decent if you only focus on Erin. She seems to have a ’purpose’ there



I like how close she is to the camera owo

You can almost count her freckles.



Tbh I didn't see any problems with her earlier camera and mic. Just like her I also prefer low fi setup. I don't like videos where the audio is too crisp with no white noise. It really feels weird. Don't know who influenced her to change her way.

Did she mention what camera and mic she will be using now?



I could almost smell her breath. Instant stiffness. Guess this is her motive with the new setup from hereon.



are you one of her patreons? Someone said that too how she prefers the old mic setup

personally I have no opinion as of yet, I’m listening to this on my shitty laptop so it doesnt make any difference



No, I'm not her patron. Many people don't prefer studio level setup when it comes to asmr. The silence really feels awkward.

I haven't seen anyone commenting negative on her setup, but don't know who she wants to please. I hope she isn't going to use one of those pointy long mics that gibi uses. It's too crisp and I also don't like binaural audio.



maybe she will use the old mic when filming outdoors, who knows. I’ll give my judgment after her first proper video with that new setup and she hasnt told what cam and mic is in question.


And I don’t know if she wants to please anyone, people just want to upgrade their rig occassionally.



If she came any closer I’d squeeze her nose >;)



I know man. She wants to be updated with technology. I'm so fucking negative all the time. I hate myself.



I dont think anyone here is doing perfectly but I tend to try to find always something positive atleast from her posts

Cheer up


File: d84770da24eba65⋯.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1242x1770, 207:295, 3FDADB17-FB71-460D-91E7-9….jpeg)

why cant she stop being so cute?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's coming boys…





Ikr, vimeo?? And its gonna be behind a paywall? I mean its understandable but wtf



And what is SIVE? Is this like AVRIC? Trying to rebrand ASMR?



I have no idea.




what the fuk is this


She insta deactivated the comments



were they open at start?




did you get to read what people commented?



Comments were open when I posted the vid here 10 mins ago, lel. Wish I'd read them.



Wait I still have them, old tab is still open! Hmm..



Some people where excited. Many people where confused and pissed as why its on vimeo and behind a paywall, thats about all i read



Well, I'm kinda confused too. She has never done anything like this before.



Yeah, just excited people and a couple comments about it being disappointing for being on demand. BusyB kissing Erin's ass near the top too ^_^



Yeah same. I swear its Ruby. Like I understand u want money from your work and sure its well deserved. But since Erin got so fucking many patreons I dont think its her idea, but maybe what do i know.

But why VIMEO? Couldnt they atleast put it on youtube red or whats the deal. Maybe its some lewd shit



Which i wouldnt mind namsayin but still..


File: 2833e7f9c037041⋯.jpg (632.94 KB, 620x622, 310:311, Largest-collection-of-gard….jpg)


Erin is going premium lads. Better pay up for the top tier GNM content now. Momma needs some new gnomes, and Hobby Lobby ain't no charity.



I don't think it's her idea at all. Also what's the pricing going to be like? If it's something absurd like 10-15 dollaridoos then fug dat.



What if it's $29.99, but you get to see some brief tiddies, 2n4 style?



Big yikes


I mean someone will probably leak that shit so what ever


Btw the comments on Rubys video is still up, not many of them tho



For that price I should see some premium ass too.


File: 563cbcba5f01310⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.68 MB, 448x334, 224:167, dea57800768f9161ba4688192f….gif)


That's the $100 platinum package. Full pasty ass pf Erin and Ruby, but PJ will be standing in the background winking at you the entire time so you can't masturbate.


File: 933e22edf02d40b⋯.jpg (13.31 KB, 268x268, 1:1, 268x0w.jpg)


While PJ also calls you a faggot in full binural for the entire time.

Id still jerk it tho.



Yep, they always get leaked. I'm just not sold on this whole thing at all yet.


File: bf4139be4b7afbc⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.14 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (7).jpg)


Impressive, your drive is strong


Trailer made me hard tbh gentlelads. I might pay if the price is reasonable. I really hope this video is as sapphic as it suggests.


File: 55fc78d606c9614⋯.jpg (122.54 KB, 747x611, 747:611, erinandruby.jpg)

inb4 this shit is going to be behind a paywall too then.



Better share then for us poorfags then


No doubt it will be.




>Better share then for us poorfags then

of course


was about to fap before bed but my drive took 180 degree turn back tbh


This exact behavior is why /asmr/ exists.

Riding off the coattails of a veteran whose hard work and craftsmanship. Taking advantage of her friendship to make some money. Shame on you, Alex.



I would get literal cancer if she hanged with her only because of that reason. I try not to think that far yet though.



I never liked her so I didnt pay her any attention. My impression is that she is demented though




I'm not that blackpilled about it. Anybody would be lucky to engage with Erin's mind irl in real time. But I seriously doubt after putting out Babblebrook, Erin decided she needs to be payed up front for her content. Obviously Natureflight, whose goal is to 'make it in LA' would be money hungry.



Funny thing is people are more willing to pay when they are not actually charged with up front.

I don't believe Erin will charge for her own content ever. She would have done it already.



I'm a 5$ patron of GNM. I support her because I love what she creates.

But i'm not gonna buy a fucking asmr video.



neither am I

I can buy a handcrafted trinket for $20 or similar from her but paying for a video that I don't even know if it's going to be good or not is over the line.


The "ASMR For Kids" is clearly an attempt to try to tap into the "kids" market of youtube, which get insane amount of views, so this is the natural progression.




I feel you bro


don't get me started on the "for kids" stuff.

It's as creepy as spiderman/elsa.




what have I missed? t. dinosaur



I haven't got acquintated at all on ths "Asmr for kids" but I give an educated guess that it's basically ten year old girls tapping on various things while grown ass men comment how cute they look.



Really weird and creepy (almost fetish-like) "Kids" videos that was a big on youtube some time ago.


Kids like loud and colorful shit, its like crack for them. Also they rewatch the same video over and over again. Which is why these videos gather a mass amount of views.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That refers to Natureflight's series of creepy ASMR-lite videos that she claimed were for children to enjoy. The kitten collab was one of them, actually. Embed.


Look up "elsagate" on youtube. hundreds of unrelated youtube channels started producing videos; live action, animation, claymation, puppets… they would all feature really popular characters like Frozen's Elsa or Joker, Spiderman etc. And after a few minutes of innocent sketches the characters would start acting out sex, drugs, murder… you name it.

It wasn't a robot chicken type thing marketed towards young adults, these videos were designed to lure in young kids through autoplay etc.

My own baby sister got caught watching one of these. It's pretty traumatizing shit for a young mind.


File: d1ce92f31e50e3a⋯.png (566.34 KB, 760x447, 760:447, itsaysyoureafag.png)


What the actual fuck. Day has't even started yet and it's already ruined.

Also that video was creepy as fuck, which would probably be a good thing if it wasn't marketed for 'kids to enjoy', and instead was some David Lynch tier surrealistic shit


File: fcae3158bdcdf29⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.69 MB, 4000x2403, 4000:2403, c66d15b8903db945eb5ac90d11….png)

And before the immoral police accuse me of being an incel, I'm not trying to draw any tangible connection between natureflight and elsagate. It just gives me the same eerie vibes is all.



Man, what's with this one anon who drags this thread to a place of negativity and hate every day. Hating on Ruby, hating on Erin, why?



I've never hated on Erin in my life. I'm open about my dislike of Natureflight, because I believe she's a bad person.

We're reacting to the news that content we've been waiting a while for is gonna be behind a paywall. Piss off.


Ive never hated Erin either, and most likely wont ever hate. And it’s not hating if you like to question things. If you want to see nothing but praise just go to r/asmr.




So you're not the one who called Erin a slut or all the other names after you found out about PJ? Or call her a libtard because of her political views, or call Ruby fucked in the head, or call her gf an abomination because of how she was born?

These threads used to be a rare nice place on here. Now it's just /asmr/ 2.0. I miss the old days. Bring back Pinoy Anon!

I think it's funny you Orbit Erin. She hates people like you.



Nope, I'm indifferent to PJ.

I'm pro-life, but I've not called Erin any kind of 'tard.

I don't like Natureflight or her girlfriend. "because of how she was born"? nah. That's you strawmanning because you're desperate to paint me a racist or some shit.

I've been posting since thread 1.

You're the negative, hateful one.


I'm literally shocked. If the vimeo videos would be intentionally lewd then I'll have no other option than to drop her. And this is coming from a guy who has followed her religiously for 2 years. I mean lots of things have happened in the past few months related to her which has made me depressed, but i can't deal with lewd Erin. I will fap to it but she will be not be my waifu. In fact I'll erase the word waifu from my dictionary.



What makes you think it'll be lewd?



I said that based on reading the posts of you guys. But As far as I know Erin, she won't do anything lewd.


Erin will definitely provide the password to access those paid vimeo videos to her patrons. It's ruby idea, but Erin is not greedy.



Erin has already made movie length and quality videos and made it access for free to her viewers on YouTube.

It ruby who's done something of this caliber for the first time and decided to put the videos behind pay wall.



And tbh I don't blame ruby for doing this. I mean she doesn't have too many patrons nor gets too many views in her videos so she wants to make maximum out of those videos. It's other thing that Erin would be the one who would have put more effort in editing and all between the two.



And I like the fact that Erin disabled the comment section for that video. This shows she cares about her viewers opinion. If she was really greedy then she wouldn't have given a fuck about people complaining about keeping those videos behind pay wall. She did what ruby asked her to do as I'm sure it would ruby's idea to do collab videos with Erin.


That being said Erin should be careful into not doing anything to lose respect in front of her viewers just for the sake other asmrtists. Btw, didn't I say that Ruby is just using her popularlity? But you guys are they are good friends even better than Isabelle. Smh



I agree with that fully. Also regret what I said about them. However nothing irreversible has happened yet



>nothing irreversible has happened yet

What do you mean?



I got little offended by this. You know she’s better than that 😕



Ruby hasnt pulled her completely in the gutter yet.


File: 373ade2bf1c7a3a⋯.png (31.55 KB, 715x266, 715:266, Screenshot_2019-05-19-13-0….png)

This guy is all over Erin and ruby's video showing his retardness. It's not like they have put all their content behind paywall. It's just two collab videos which would be a dream project for Ruby as they have put shit ton of effort and time and she just want to make some profit out of it as like I said earlier, Ruby has around 30 patrons and also doesn't get many views in her videos.

He's just a troll.



That's very harsh, don't you think. It's just the two collab videos and since it's ruby's idea to do collab, Erin is doing what ruby is purposing to her. Erin also wants her to make some profit and I'm sure Erin will give some of her share to ruby because not many of ruby gonna pay for the videos.



I’m overreacting a bit now dont mind me. Chances are the videos are well made and worth the money, however I’m still not paying for them. She has fans that do, and I can just acknowledge it by saying those aren’t for me.



>I’m still not paying for them.

Really? I was relying on you guys. If I had the money I'd have paid, but even $10 is a huge sum for me. Aren't you interested in seeing the content?



is that on ruby’s channel because he cant comment on Erin’s video?



It's on Erin's antique shopping video. He has also posted few other hatred comments their as well. Just look the newest comments on that video.



Apparently so. Inb4 it gets blown out of proportion on reddit too



I’m pretty broke now so nah I doubt it. if it’s less than 5 bucks I might consider it but we have no idea of the price



Why Can't people take it as a patreon exclusive video? Literally every YouTuber makes patreon exclusive videos, but people don't have problem with that. Some people opt for it, some people don't. So don't know the need of blowing it out of proportion in her and ruby's case.



And it's not like they were talking about these collab videos to her YouTube subscribers for a long time and suddenly decided to put them behind paywall. Non of her YouTube subs had any idea of these collab videos so don't know why they're so disappointed and hating on her.



Im mainly annoyed by the fact that they think it was only Erin’s choice



I’m just afraid she wil get unnecessary hate out of this on every platform she is on

speaking of unnecessary things, it’s too fucking hot outside



What's the temperature there? It's 38°Celsius here.




Jesus. Do you live in Australia or something?

It’s like 25 celsius here and I’m already burning



No. Not in Australia. Also in coming days in June it reaches 45°C here. One can literally cook omelete on a cars boner.


Lol.we starts wearing winter cloths at this temperature. I envy you, you're living in such a cold country.



Car's bonet*


File: d6c745f547562b8⋯.png (462.01 KB, 678x549, 226:183, uhhuh.png)


last summer was exceptionally hot too since it reached 33-36 for like 2 months straight. I prefer 20c or little less. Autumn is the best season imo.




And I thought finland is a cold country with snow cover throughout the year. I was so ignorant lol.



Summers can be extremely hot and winters extremely cold. From one extreme to another ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


will erin post anything with her new equipment before that collab video, hmm..


File: 3a0cb712ecc7264⋯.jpg (24.83 KB, 591x336, 197:112, ok.jpg)

Personally I don't think it's wrong for artists/YT creators to get paid for the hard work they put into videos. The trailer for the video looked like it was really well made and the quality will be great. You don't have to buy it if you don't want to spend the money lol what's the big deal.




How do people like you live with such a negative mindset. Every day must suck : o



I'm usually never that negative. Don't know where that came from.


File: 04c4d777b78c87e⋯.mp4 (833.55 KB, 640x480, 4:3, UWUUU.mp4)


I hope so



File: 72c343f3be90615⋯.png (297.08 KB, 620x352, 155:88, uwu.png)







Don't think so because people will bombard her with vimeo related questions.



I'd be happy with some more patreon videos too, atleast people won't bombard her with q's on those



Agreed! She should make at least one patreon exclusive video for the lack of uploads on YouTube. Also, patreon is a fixed source of income for her, so she should make something to keep them stick around.



Also it would be wise to post a proper asmr video on patreon with the new setup so that people can give feedbacks.


File: 68dab4410cf943d⋯.png (92.79 KB, 746x512, 373:256, b5fc5eac.png)


no need to worry about them not sticking around, she would need to do something incredibly stupid to get rid of us


I'm craving for more really badly



>she would need to do something incredibly stupid to get rid of us

You're right. They sticked around even when she took that 3 months break. This goes to show how much people love her content and value her talent.


File: 796352c12e02dae⋯.gif (1.92 MB, 300x100, 3:1, 796352c12e02daeed42e9bc5d3….gif)


I gotta say she dropped a bit of patreons during that period, but only handful of people asked what she was up to back then


File: dac301ce78218dc⋯.jpg (127.03 KB, 1080x1025, 216:205, 59720859_407554860083070_4….jpg)

how many of u identify with this post?



Sure bud

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