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File: fbd720ba8d85e15⋯.jpg (98.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, gold honey brown eyes.jpg)


I like Gibi too!

previous thread



File: 40b6a52c844b3bd⋯.jpeg (133.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, A973593A-3750-49DD-954C-C….jpeg)


Hell yeah. New Gibi thread.



I want to cum down that long neck so bad. I want to struggle to reach deeper with my short dick as she taunts me with tongue movements, and some light tapping™ on my balls.


File: 0f944894297182a⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 97.46 KB, 340x238, 10:7, FalseDenseAmazontreeboa.webm)


Sorry m8, your tiny dick will never reach the bottom of the Gibi well. Hold her head down, thrust your hips forward as far as you can, try and reach your cock down her throat like it's a hand searching for lost change under a car seat… but it's just out of reach. Imagine the frustration of knowing ywn feel the grip of her voicebox milking the tip of your boner.


Gibi is very okay


The fuck is this and why is the other thread locked? Bruh..


But for the person who asked what gibi talked about with dating a lot of guys:

She dated her brothers friends yea. And she said it’s a TABO but she also had crushes on other guys while loving Ben. Loving someone and be like „OMG what a cutie“ are 2 different things and Ben just seems like he was doing everything right. she IS a lewd, kinda weird and sometimes (after the sun goes down lmao) a kinda bit mean person but that’s how most of us are. But besides that I think the way she is, thinks and what she does is pretty awesome as someone to live with. I STILL WANNA K OW HOW SHE LIKES TO FUCK. if she would not be fam friendly Se would be one of the hottest but that’s only bc we know that’s never gonna happen and IF we want something then it’s what we can’t have! That makes it like a literal desire to know. Besides the mom, lady, beautify I just allways see that bitch in her face. But let’s just enjoy her whispering and jearking off to it and THEN falling asleep. Best thing ever.


This thread is off to a good start.


Gibi is fucking based.


I think the other thread reached its bump limit.


This post was fairly sweet and wholesome until it took a sharp right turn out of nowhere halfway through.


Gibi posted a Tiktok in character as Daisy on her Twitter account and it awoke something inside of me.



File: d151705445828d8⋯.mp4 (700.28 KB, 202x360, 101:180, hit or miss girl bakugou e….mp4)


Cute! Link her tiktok account. I also have this saved.



Yea I know sorry :/

But I had to I mean there is not a person or anything where you can talk/write about that so. It was the creep in me. But if you want to hear something wholesome my friend gibi uploaded her vlog on her second channel.


File: 393025973c25032⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, A0699553-84C6-4D37-B464-6C….png)

File: 9089a8ddc0922bf⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, 9F5D890D-1B50-4491-9241-4D….png)

With more or less makeup gibi is straight up a goddess. Btw at the beginning she wears that one white top she had on in the collab with asmr G L O W and it’s kinda belly free with choker and…..omg why is she so fucking HOT! I‘d like to see that full outfit but she is a beautiful slim tall women! Tolerant and lovely. How can you hate on her just bc she is fame, makes money on YouTube and promotes gays/lesbian/trans? Besides that everyone has characteristics we don’t like she is just amazing in so many ways and I’m glad that you (who ever made that thread) likes gibi too!



Take heart, anon. No need to space your letters on G L O W or spell her name with a zero. On /tingles/ we don't word filter the name of every random girl we don't like into some sort of racial slur. /tingles/ is a board of peace and a bully free zone. I love Gibi too. She's a good person.



Here you go, anon. Enjoy.



Don’t worry, anon. I understand. I’ll definitely check out that vlog on Gibi’s second channel.



Gibi is a beautiful goddess. She is literally the perfect woman. You are both very based and Gibipilled.




Wait….did I just smile bc of what I read on 8chan? Nice to hear thanks for letting me know! Now I feel less bad/weird.

And no I’m not gibi pilled I just follow a pretty cool and beautiful girl on social media and spend more time with her on my screen than with my ex gf‘s….at least it feels like it lol



I just watched the vlog on Gibi’s second channel and it was too damn cute. The skit was funny.



HOLY FUCK the left picture. Does someone have gif of the couple of seconds in the vid?



fuck me. I meant the right one…


Wow thx for that idea. With an iPhone you can screen record it and then make a gif! Omg I’m gonna jerkoff to that like 10000times. No playing back just non stop that fucking insane lewd looking kinda pink sensual skin face with these insane cute eyes. They look small but super cute. She is just way to attractive. But don’t post it here. Just do it for your selfs.


File: a7154cefb80dd16⋯.jpg (683.43 KB, 1538x2048, 769:1024, 1535885244614.jpg)


everyone gets crushes even if they 'love' someone and are with them long term. it's nice to think otherwise, but Gibi is probably a boring fuck who barely ever sucks Ben's cock


>>21322 Boring? Haha. She is so entertaining just on the internet what do you think what fun you could have in person with her. As soon as Ben comes in she laughes and makes fun.

Who cares if she sucks dick. I mean I’m an absolute perv! But i would rather chill all day with her and be happy to have someone with me that is understanding, kind, funny, that kind of best friend that is allways there for you, allways kinda hustling, sweet, absolute mommy and knows how to present her self besides being a groomed person. Everyone should have a person like that on his side. Treat that person with respect. Let that person rage, discuss things, cry, be happy. Gibi also is allways happy about everything and enjoys her life to the fullest. Making her videos, going on cons, going to concerts and she also said she knows she is just lucky that people want to watch her content. She also is not perfect i bet 99% of us could not life with her (what is absolutely okay) but she’s still is an incredible person. And fucking someone like that is just the top thing about that all. I mean you can’t compare having sex with the person you love to anything! The person you want to touch, you want to hear, you want to be with, you want to talk to, you want to look in the eyes, you want to touch. Wow fucking a hot girl wow….amazing. Nah. But the problem is the ASMR gibi is so_____sensual. That kind of girl where you wanna have some playful shit going on like 1 hour before the sex even starts like sensual as fuck. Damn why is it so hard to talk about her without going in that sexual shit.


File: e90c61b1bed868d⋯.jpg (106.96 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, e90c61b1bed868d803fb50675f….jpg)


>Damn why is it so hard to talk about her without going in that sexual shit.

because women are terrible but imagining fucking the hot ones passes the time. gibi on video might be nothing like what she is like in real life. in asmr vids, frivvi fox seems chill, ave you watched her twitch streams? she is loud and obnoxious and annoying as fuck. so we can enjoy her content and imagine banging her but how she is in real life we will never know



So true. Never imagined saying that BUT if someone is basic it’s frivy. Her asmr is 90% the same is seems for me. Licking, kissing, and yea….kinda sucking „_„ and yes I find her person in her streams like so extreme annoying but that’s why I don’t watch them. Her kissing videos once (long time ago) were so good but just gibis whispering tops everything!


File: 54bd205957afc36⋯.jpeg (124.69 KB, 1080x1078, 540:539, E67C6261-BFCD-4B82-9DEA-E….jpeg)



Gibi is always really funny and entertaining in her Twitch livestreams. She has an awesome personality.



>Gibi is probably a boring fuck who barely ever sucks Ben's cock

They are together for how long? 4/5 years? No way there is still passion. She travels a lot, meets men who are way more succesful than him, better looking, its not going to last.



Have you watched Gibi’s Twitch livestreams? They’re still very much in love. I’m happy for Gibi and Ben. They’re a cute couple.


>Gibi squeezing her breasts while smiling at the camera in her new video



File: 3e3cf90ee51951b⋯.jpg (38.2 KB, 750x721, 750:721, 2ywK7etC6Xl7hQAMmWqaMg.jpg)


>this post without a link and timestamp


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 31607399c5ad85e⋯.mp4 (131.08 KB, 854x480, 427:240, gibi.mp4)


File: eb770e3185e24e8⋯.gif (1021.43 KB, 500x281, 500:281, explode.gif)


>the dark hair

>the glasses

>the mischief in her eyes


I've never even watched Bobs Burgers, but Gibi dressed up as this character is amazing.



Sometimes i just wish her camera would be like 5-10cm more down. Also in her valentines video her boobs in that turtle neck top look so fucking cute. You can see her full bod in it in one of her piano streams where she wears it and I was about going crazy thinking she wears this in an asmr video. Tadaaaa no chest in her videos :( i could never imagine saying such things but that scene is just to cute and funny. If I would imagined gibi making a rolepla where she does that I would be like omg that would be so hot but never happen. Now that it came without me even thinking about it I don’t know. I think if gibi would have done that in her mouthsounds video or her feel good asmr video omgggggg i thing I would literally pass out. But (don’t kill me) I don’t find it that extreme hot. It’s more like lol how cute while finding it sexy.


when you say she 'grabbed her breasts' what you really mean is she grabbed her padded bra - bitch is flat as an ironing board


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Gibi just took another personality test and scored maximum alpha dawg CEO. I always feel depressed when I get insights into her real personality. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but she's so different. ASMR can mislead you into thinking any girl is calm, quiet,and introverted.



>bitch is flat as an ironing board

And I would lick every inch of her flat chest.


No surprise. Her family is wealthy and they trained her to be a successful alpha elite. I noticed when I watched her WeebCon vlog the other day, she was arm wrestling members of her cosplay troop, even arm wrestling the men. (She did this same thing during the Reese Cup meeting!) I bet she is absolutely vicious when she gets angry, a side of her that she will keep hidden from us because it would be bad for business.


File: 1cf0d3f322e3c85⋯.jpg (71.06 KB, 1080x1297, 1080:1297, 1531525883778.jpg)


>Gibi just took another personality test and scored maximum alpha dawg CEO

i dunno it does it for me. her being more gentle in her vids but dominant elsewhere - wonder if it extends to the bedroom


gibi is secretly a tranny



>And I would lick every inch of her flat chest.

Same tbh. As long as the nipples are perky, I'm torqued af ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

>I noticed when I watched her WeebCon vlog the other day, she was arm wrestling members of her cosplay troop, even arm wrestling the men. (She did this same thing during the Reese Cup meeting!) I bet she is absolutely vicious when she gets angry

You know I think you're right. I've met people like this. She probably has a fiery temper. Remember that story she told about the guy who stole her iPhone but she mad ehim pay for it? She left out the details. I bet she went fucking ape shit on that dude and came down on him with the wrath of hell. I kind of like girls who are scrappy and want to push or arm wrestle or whatever, because I'm pretty big and can easily put them down. I like it when a girl thinks she is in charge and then I show her what the reality is, heh. I could throw Gibi's scrawny ass halfway across a room or carry her up the stairs to my room under my arm like a duffel bag ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


>i dunno it does it for me. her being more gentle in her vids but dominant elsewhere - wonder if it extends to the bedroom

Well apparently she's pretty adventurous and is the first to try new things. Valuable traits when it comes to sex.



Bet you'll need a 10 incher to please a woman like that.


File: c8ea986bed31934⋯.mp4 (10.57 MB, 640x360, 16:9, gibi rap theme.mp4)


Gibi would please you with her 10 incher.


File: 419a7e1d72b2ca9⋯.png (653.66 KB, 782x447, 782:447, 753CC917-7318-4D24-8A39-11….png)


Gibi became the most popular and relevant ASMRtist on YouTube by being an extremely dominant personality.


She obviously commands respect everywhere she goes.


Do you think she engages in power play with Ben in the bedroom?


Could you please remind me when she told the story about the guy stealing her iPhone? That sounds familiar.



Idk how to mark a text but 100% true licking every single inch of her flat chest! Who cares! Just touching her skin would be awesome. Also I’m not so sure if I should shar that, but I can make ya‘ll a bit hungry ;)! I got a video or I know the video where gibi has her bra on, with a XXL top and leans forward and you can look in there like in a book. So cute her small tits omg. A white bra. I just wanna Touch her bc i know i can’t. At least i‘d like to meet her some day. Just be a classic good fan!



which hole would you claim first?


I love Gibi so much. Just seeing her face fills me with a feeling of warmth and joy, though there is also a sadness in knowing that I will never have someone like that in my real life. I have pretty much given up on women at this point, so for me she essentially serves the role of virtual assistant, like in that movie Her. I dread the inevitable day when she transcends the physical realm, and I have to settle for the lesser ASMR ethots.


File: 7d8465d4ee1e891⋯.jpg (84.1 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, gibiofficial_65902429_1481….jpg)

File: 11c58510c95a1bd⋯.jpg (90.75 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, gibiofficial_66772728_2468….jpg)


I'm about to violently assault my penis. Somebody call the cops.


I was just browing around a bit on tingles does someone know why Ben was hanging out with the other ASMRtists but Gibi didnt seem to be there? Seemed a bit odd.



Uhmmmm…..actually claiming none, but sex I’d use the normal way. Also if I could claim anything it would be kissing her. But I bet if anyone had the chance, and would do it, it would be odd. It’s always what you can’t have that you desire, especially if it’s about a girl.


He was there as a manager! Funny thing, my reaction was a bit like: his fiancé is one the most popular asmrtist and is not in this section.. HOW? lol but yea. She said she does not have the time for that because she is so much behind with her work. One more thing showing how independently she is!



First of all YES MAHHDIIIIIICK!!!! She looks so HOT with that short hair wig oh my. And omg you said that so fucking funny hahahahahaha good one. If you wanna give me your address? ;D


File: 43fc54e3d82fe57⋯.png (539.27 KB, 478x602, 239:301, 1487644601251.png)


if i could only choose one, personally i would go for the mouth so i could facefuck that gorgeous face


File: c6b283775cc67a5⋯.jpg (98.25 KB, 745x466, 745:466, feature-glue-sniffing-open….jpg)


Sure sweetheart PM me


theory - daisy videos are gibi attempting to integrate the shadow


File: fd2ca3f7294d156⋯.jpeg (178.2 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 4493A7B3-F131-4533-B532-1….jpeg)

I’ve been thinking about something. What do you think is the biggest controversy with which Gibi has ever been involved? She seems like one of the few YouTubers who has barely ever gotten herself involved in some kind of drama. The closest thing I can think of is the Betterhelp incident from last year and she emerged from that mess completely unscathed.



>He was there as a manager!

thanks for the answer but what does manager mean in this context? what does he do for them?



Ben manages Gibi. He went there on her behalf.

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