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File: 4b2f52d79ef69ec⋯.jpg (150.08 KB, 934x1401, 2:3, Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai….jpg)

File: 8e8d854c14271dc⋯.jpg (454.28 KB, 1517x2160, 1517:2160, Hi Score Girl.jpg)

File: 1ab58336ee53ced⋯.jpg (129.09 KB, 353x500, 353:500, Golden Kamuy.jpg)

File: 5b72a27058e108e⋯.jpg (209.88 KB, 959x1507, 7:11, Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san.jpg)

File: fc773b32afd4ae1⋯.png (317.48 KB, 1073x1537, 37:53, Kengan Ashura.png)


Last one is autosaging.

I'm posting some of the currently ongoing manga I think everyone on /a/ should at least check out.

>Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen

>Hi Score Girl

>Golden Kamuy

>Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san

>Kengan Ashura

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Its a same, i mean let a good series, end good after a good run, stop trying to milk it faggots, learn something from Junji Itou! short, and on point with in 20 something chapters, Tera had what? 200 chapters? just let it GO! a good series had its run, don't ruin it by listening to Editor damnit, Mangaka use your heart, start fresh.



Can i kindly know the source anon? much thanks.


File: 11575a5523ea8ef⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 352.47 KB, 533x664, 533:664, mamagohan.png)


Gal gohan.

Pic possible future of the series? (Sorry for 3D.)



...Searching around a bit, it seems the elevens have made a program about gyarus learning to cook for their spawn called mamaごはん.


Could a kind anon recommend a downloader? The two groups I have been following have both shut down/restricted their sites and now upload exclusively to batoto.

File: 8916f8d9d002461⋯.mp4 (8.06 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ymir Titan Transformation ….mp4)


Why isn't anyone talking about this? The last episode was amazing.

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When I found out that the entire series was basically The Village: Jews v Aryans Edition , I could not stop laughing. It is the most ridiculous thing ever and I am still perplexed as to how someone can begin a series so strongly and fuck up this badly. I mean all he had to do was make it a basic humanity fuck yeah story and everything would be great. And yeah, everyone is Titans and Ymir is killed offscreen.


Know Your Meme has a somewhat up-to-date list of the surviving cast.



File: 14dd8d96fd4e050⋯.png (463.96 KB, 686x716, 343:358, eternal victim amirite.png)

File: ddb0e4c18ded8d5⋯.png (603.93 KB, 854x872, 427:436, every human.png)


File: 9089c8c10c553bb⋯.jpg (160.65 KB, 579x800, 579:800, smug wriggle.jpg)


Almost everyone is alive. Thank you for that.



>Sword of the stranger

Just have a movie night if you want them to watch that.



Oh my fucking (((G-D)))

File: 14e311ab6af447d⋯.jpg (115.58 KB, 500x574, 250:287, aiko.jpg)


Most tragic girls that didn't deserve all the shit that they got.

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File: 8ce5d73c55e9475⋯.jpg (50.6 KB, 400x611, 400:611, 7779444_p0.jpg)

She deserves the happiest life ever, to smile and laugh every day, and be cherished like the most precious thing in the entire universe.

by me possibly


File: 9eab043173777c9⋯.jpg (36.4 KB, 427x406, 61:58, asuka smug 01.jpg)


>by you

Sure, after all, I suppose you can't get anyone better.


File: 2e7a0f405f5fd19⋯.jpg (179.87 KB, 728x1020, 182:255, 18.jpg)

File: 3517dd818680323⋯.jpg (606.14 KB, 1456x1013, 1456:1013, 22.jpg)

Just read all of punpun over the course of 3 days. What a wild ride.

I wish I gave more time so I could remember clearly all the conversations, but it seemed mostly just the author's idle thoughts with little bearing on things.

The most important aspect seems to be how Punpun would deny himself anything and everything that might inconvenience others to the point where he checks himself out of reality as much as possible. He doesn't talk, he doesn't act, he constantly apologizes, and generally wants to be as insignificant as possible. That is, until he inevitably breaks down and the darkest, worst parts of himself comes through. His dad references this when he says that he regrets never teaching Punpun to be selfish at times (although it's ironic that Punpun checking himself out of reality is selfish as well).

Later, when Punpun gets together with Aiko and they kill her mother, he finally ditches his timid disposition and goes completely the other way, which eventually kills Aiko.

This is a cautionary tale of autism. He took everything seriously, but was too much of a coward to follow through with his seriousness, leading him to hate himself who's wanted to be murdered by Aiko since Elementary school for not doing something near impossible.

Also, I noted that Punpun's father was living in Kagoshima while Punpun was in Middle School, so when Aiko asked again at that time, he definitely could have made it happen that time. But he was a coward who wanted other people to be happy at the expense of himself. He didn't want to stand up and fight for himself, for his own slice of happiness because it would inconvenience others. This is juxtaposed with after his breakdown where he beats a guy for littering and wanting to suicide with Aiko. It's the complete opposite where his own morals matter most above anyone else's suffering.

So yeah, I agree with OP. Aiko didn't deserve all the shit she got. Yeah, she was useless and just waited around for someone to come save her, but so did practically every other character.


Pray tell, what's the point of her character then? For 2/3rds of the manPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



I read it two weeks ago in a few hours, it still has me mindfucked and feeling like shit.

Why didn't he just cum in Aiko like she told him to a baby probably would have saved her from committing suicide.


File: 1e74adbff3acf52⋯.jpg (228.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, kuma miko tokyo machi.jpg)

File: 8a5af87fe9701be⋯.png (801.11 KB, 756x768, 63:64, 1468887319584.png)

File: 00bdc3369fdf10e⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, internet saito.png)

File: 1e74adbff3acf52⋯.jpg (228.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, kuma miko tokyo machi.jpg)

File: 4b1ea390e2f8cbe⋯.jpg (84.32 KB, 752x768, 47:48, kuma depressed.jpg)


>Most tragic girls that didn't deserve all the shit that they got.

File: e43382a511162fe⋯.png (444.78 KB, 468x600, 39:50, ya na Kao Sarenagara Opant….png)

File: 8bed68114fbeb2f⋯.png (2.46 MB, 1890x905, 378:181, preorders jul17-mar18.png)


Always read the guide before asking questions: http://buyfags.moe/

What are you buying, what's on preorder, what are you looking foward to, what are you hoping for? Any and all anime related merch welcome. Got stickers, patches, paintings or something else? Show them off!

Previous thread can be found at >>676919 New thread at page 10 or 300 posts

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File: da7e89b07bc0057⋯.jpg (52.06 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 19400038.jpg)

File: 2a2efc36dee04ca⋯.jpg (48.87 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 19399902.jpg)



Preordered. God damn she looks amazing and I love that outfit the song is alright.



Got that one on preorder. Absolutely love it.

I really wish Histy would get a figure though. Neptune and Histy are my top two favorite Neps.


File: bd9a3c945196203⋯.jpg (112.25 KB, 773x1024, 773:1024, Next.jpg)


>but I would rather get one of Nep, Purple Heart, or Vert.

The V-II figure for Purple Heart is probably my favorite one for her.

>But it seems they don't like Vert or something.

I would have thought they would have a figure for her for the last game that came out, are there any new character polls that have her really low? I remember one in 2016 that had her at a decent rank.



I had an older cyclone 10, it was good, but a bit big and unwieldy. That one looks much slicker. Never tried any different inserts though.

File: 2e94b040109aa78⋯.jpg (216.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_4.jpg)

File: 4d5180b5961ef7b⋯.jpg (305.92 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_5.jpg)


Old thread is autosaging.

No new chapter this week, Hori is either sick or working on something big. Next episode will cover the rest of the tournament fights, not sure if it'll conclude the tournament entirely though. There was no Bakugou in chains so we'll have to wait and see.


>To me it looked kinda like when you start a jet up, all the heat focusing to a small intense jet.

>The ice pillars looked like they acted like cooling towers so Todoroki didn't fucking explode or something.

I'm pretty sure that was exactly it, Todoroki focusing all of his power in his hand for a massive burst attack and mitigating the overheat with his ice power. Makes me wonder what his father's upper limit is with his fire powers considering he has no way to cool off.


>Can they possibly make the protag more of a carpet crawler?

>He manages to be a bigger cockmuncher than any other i've seen on the genre of animation known for having pillowbiters of the highest caliber

Deku's only a pushover when he's not in hero mode, it's something he has to work to overcome but it also is a strength of his that he is a bit emotional and willing to show it. As was once discussed in a gender bender thread on this board, Deku should've been a female protagonist. The rest of the cast can stay as is, but femDeku would've really aligned with that personality. Then again, maybe we'd miss a lot of the themes that HeroAca carries as pointed out in the last thread by this/these anon/s:








238 posts and 73 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: f6cf213d3e4d5dc⋯.jpg (20.97 KB, 210x200, 21:20, cmb_chars_3dads.jpg)


>We will never have a classic dad presented as a good parent.

HOLY SHIT, i just realised how bull shit are all male parents represented in the most Shonen manga, only exception i EVER found of Strongest Disciple Kenichi, will it kill some one to show a good father figure? and that also . . . .wait, there is an exeption, well three exceptions.



>but realize through the process that while he might be a better fighter, Deku is the better hero.

well that sums it up, Katsuki is not lame like Sasuke was, he is strong, but in his own aspects, Deku on other hand, will always be better Hero, its onvious.



I love the massive core.

Your drawing really shows off the gator characteristics well.


File: 1ed969aea50a235⋯.png (1.45 MB, 951x1030, 951:1030, George_Joestar_(Anime).png)

File: 27a16c95ab35cea⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, Minato_Namikaze.png)

File: d7cc3736171a388⋯.png (404.4 KB, 900x1000, 9:10, colo_isshin___bleach_397_b….png)

File: 2b09b48657f2f2b⋯.jpg (107.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Shokugeki_no_Souma_01_Soum….jpg)


There are plenty of good dads in Shonen, it's just that story calls for the hero to be a nobody in the beginning, so they are usually either orphans or have mysterious origin stories. Or the parents need to be away somewhere to not get involved in the plot.






I'll try and get time to do a hatless version later today. I wanted to do one where she's lazy/non-responsive from not being hot enough too, or all drowsy from waking up.

File: c026c5560ca6921⋯.png (230.54 KB, 640x958, 320:479, 000_1496122764.png)



how the fuck is he less than a 100 kg?

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Cross-eyed back stabbers.


File: f875d23287a72f8⋯.png (269.27 KB, 640x958, 320:479, dropout-tomo-chan-wa-onna-….png)


What are we gonna do on the bed?



This is how he can get sempai to fight him in berserk mode


File: 11ce07f5e686268⋯.png (233.23 KB, 708x534, 118:89, Screenshot - 24_12 003.png)

Leaked preview of the next chapter.



All I want is for these two to actually do something so Tomo can fuck off for being a pussy for so long.

File: 2abbb796b11db9d⋯.png (246.51 KB, 827x1300, 827:1300, Fire Punch.png)


Truly, he was Fire Punch

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Post last edited at



I'm willing to believe there was some sort of delay.


We have two new chapters folks, why is nobody asking the important questions such as

>will Agni finally get laid?


>will he rape the lippiercing chick?


I can't tell if he's still a regenerator or not.


Agni will fuck his "sister".


Any time this comic takes a step forward it takes two steps back, what a retarded clusterfuck.


Did Agni's arm regrow a bit after his regeneration powers were brought back to him?

File: 924a71305876973⋯.jpg (297.39 KB, 960x1706, 480:853, __diana_cavendish_and_kaga….jpg)


Final PV is out for a while now, comes out tomorrow, the hype is real


It's time to doki doki no waku waku motherfuckers!

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File: 113b9d0236b8c59⋯.png (51.59 KB, 302x190, 151:95, nakano.png)

I just realized something.

Who the fuck had the idea of shitting out animes in 10 bit color but with 4:2:0 chroma subsampling?

Who the fuck had the idea of shitting out animes in 10 bit color while all anime still has visible compression artifacts?

Better color precision is nice and all but wait until more important things that take less bits aren't the problem anymore, and after that wait until more than 2 people start actually having monitors with over 8 bits of color.



This should be its own thread.





> As for the TV series the only thing stated so far to be the producer's decision is dropping Andrew as a romantic interest, which was probably for the best

That's a shame, it would have been cute.



I assumed she is some sort of clairvoyance teacher.



It's magic.

File: 517ad8fd6d70f93⋯.jpg (53.95 KB, 322x322, 1:1, burnout (2).jpg)


Hey /a/, what was the moment you realized that you're a complete empty shell of a human and anime is one of the few remaining escapes you have left?

15 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 2e27d52f40a9d07⋯.jpg (94.93 KB, 413x413, 1:1, 1470086591877.jpg)

Work, eat, sleep, fap. The daily grind of your average wageslave. Anime, vidya, manga, and various buyfag stuff keep my interest though and at least give me something to talk about. Actually conversing with people at work, they don't really have much to talk about. So much for going out and living your life. Maybe the people saying that are just projecting that they can't do just that to the extent that they want to.


File: 919380a7ff12aa3⋯.jpg (26.6 KB, 400x295, 80:59, playing LoL.jpg)

Nah, I'm good. Life is just fine.

pic unrelated.



Dear, /a/non, the common mistake people do is they treat anime as it is for people who have no hope in world, i'd say anime rather gives me hope and hope gives me anime. (Re:Zero Flash backs, Proud Enough)

otaku shit gives me readon to live more every day, i feel like /a/ gives me reasons, /fit/ made me actually go out and jog, so i feel fucking worthy of dropping loads to hot hentai chicks (its complicated but holy shit it works) they all made me consious of how much the anime, manga and otaku life style is by our sides.

if it was not for this, can you all imagine a world where we all give up? and then fucking what? world is filled with Yaoi and Feminism? fucking hell no, as long as i have even an ounce of energy, i'd live more and more.


File: 1ef69afd9b348b9⋯.png (774.39 KB, 852x480, 71:40, [Doremi].Non.Non.Biyori.Ep….png)


>So much for going out and living your life.

I don't understand this either. How is talking about Football and how that girl who walked by was cute (No, she wasn't) "living your life"? I go out with co-workers to bars and this is all that's talked about. Everyone is boring and they play up boring stories so they can seem like they're interesting. Every drinking experience with them will lead to you all with a glass in your hand saying absolutely nothing. You could start talking about anime, but nobody shares your tastes or knowledge so it's meaningless. Only if you find those rare anons out there can hanging out have any meaning.

this >>700287 is more "living your life", but it takes time and money not afforded to your average wageslave to get there.


File: d6b41d1dd5d8ee6⋯.jpg (26.77 KB, 449x710, 449:710, 1450379964848.jpg)



It's more like it fills me with life than distracts me from it. If I didn't have anime, then I really would be an empty husk.

But then you have to wonder if you're just a vessel for genki cute girl energies from a fictional universe. But then, which world would you consider more real? Are we just the idle observers of those lives thought up by some guy in another country, while we shuffle around aimlessly waiting for another chance to see that other world to give ours any meaning? Just what is living? 2D characters seem to live fuller lives than any of us, while we're just surviving long enough to see those characters live. Are they the actual source of our essence at this point, charging us like old batteries? Are we really just catalysts for them to live? Which of us are the real ones using the other in the end? They possess us with their cute smiles so their existence can have meaning while we take in that smile to live another day. What a fucked up relationship.

File: 00ac366d6931f1b⋯.gif (1005.29 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 7p3e2WCM0VEnm.gif)

File: 70ed0dfda0678de⋯.jpg (412.66 KB, 1280x1831, 1280:1831, 0001.jpg)

File: e1a6d7577f1f011⋯.jpg (321.68 KB, 1280x1804, 320:451, 1.jpg)

File: 0c36cebd6f4345c⋯.jpg (318.44 KB, 1280x1809, 1280:1809, 001.jpg)

File: 505a00faa608248⋯.jpg (322.45 KB, 1280x1807, 1280:1807, 01.jpg)


65 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



if he loves you then why does he fuck your waifu and make you watch?


File: b9befaf6104814c⋯.jpg (461.75 KB, 1280x1818, 640:909, 1.jpg)

File: 420e24d8cf1895d⋯.jpg (578.73 KB, 1132x1600, 283:400, 3.jpg)

File: bcf008c4921e8fe⋯.jpg (666.88 KB, 1280x1787, 1280:1787, 4.jpg)

File: c474364bcbcff7f⋯.jpg (462.42 KB, 1280x1812, 320:453, 5.jpg)

File: d660dcd6b466285⋯.jpg (246.46 KB, 1280x1814, 640:907, 7.jpg)



Had to get clever with tags but I found it.

>[Sanbun Kyoden] Sayuki no Sato


There's a sad end and a happy end.


>there's no baka tag


File: e622888a5b4e5a5⋯.jpg (387.44 KB, 1064x1500, 266:375, 30.jpg)

I just spent an hour trying to find a manga I lost. It was about two sisters, on of which was a loli. They decide to switch boyfriends (Loli dated a fat guy, the other girl dated a guy with a big dick). There was never a continuation. I thought it was done by Meme50, but I was thinking of a completely different manga. And sadpanda has no partner swap tag, so I can't find it at all. Anyone know what I'm talking about?



This one has a bit more of a buildup than usual doujins, but it's still ultimately the same.

File: e3a1800ed12b7ec⋯.jpg (160.57 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, FUCK.jpg)

File: f22cd7c79912ab2⋯.png (2.21 MB, 1280x1400, 32:35, 20 volumes of pure sasuga ….png)

File: a58825bdeb042bc⋯.jpg (142.78 KB, 580x649, 580:649, Commander Enri.jpg)


Let's have an Overlord thread.

Also, for the people who have read both the Yen Press and Skythewood fanfic, what differences did you notice?

130 posts and 50 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



He even says how Shalltear was much stronger than him in terms of pure power, and he only won because of tactics and pay2win.



>Have any of you had autistic dreams

Autism? On /a/? Never!


So Ainz has the empire, dwarves, lizardmen and frost dragons under his bony thumb. What's next? The Elves?


File: 792036727c7bcb9⋯.jpg (305.79 KB, 774x1100, 387:550, remonster-7531717.jpg)


did you say elves?


File: 6897af1e22dfc8b⋯.jpg (18.14 KB, 374x347, 374:347, But That Is Lewd.jpg)


i am a classy man, i want her to rape my cock with her pussy, hit me, rape my dick some more, force her tits on my face, choking me with them, and throw some money on my tired bruised body, some silver coins would be nice.

File: daed4636dc0e7cb⋯.jpg (217.39 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, shuumantsu loli heaven.jpg)


Stuffing lolis' faces with butter cake.

167 posts and 61 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.








File: 4f990d0177fdcaa⋯.jpg (211.24 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, American lolis.jpg)

File: 27a8dcbfbafd984⋯.jpg (190.83 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, how i want to die.jpg)

File: 46eb1b7847bd1b4⋯.jpg (172.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, sadder.jpg)

File: ee0644bbac0340a⋯.jpg (258.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, forget you ever met me.jpg)




File: a510cc859c215d7⋯.gif (676 KB, 500x281, 500:281, a510cc859c215d7439841d5175….gif)






YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


3DPD, but Japan gotta have their stage plays

188 posts and 164 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1b995e57a0d7915⋯.jpg (53.95 KB, 640x361, 640:361, DDPUHoWV0AAa3DI.jpg large.jpg)


Some japanese poster put it perfectly.


File: 90159213332d3a5⋯.png (209.93 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, happy day.png)


File: a1d48f328ea2957⋯.jpg (322.2 KB, 507x800, 507:800, 62069049_p0.jpg)


I told you sourpusses.



File: 43abe02d914f9d3⋯.jpg (99.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1352910539320.jpg)

File: fbda26f31bdc9a0⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 1680x2400, 7:10, やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。.jpg)


Was the title a trendsetter for LNs? The first volume came out in 2011, and I can't really remember any older franchise to have a similar title.

And before we start it all, just remember: the second season of the anime is a terrible adaptation for several reasons. If you are a plebeian who didn't read the LNs, then you should listen to the opinions of your betters.

8 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: d8f1a3aa3853a0c⋯.jpg (573.68 KB, 997x2121, 997:2121, 8man's suffering.jpg)


Any time, Hitler. But might as well react to what he wrote. At one point Hachiman describes Yukino as dry ice: touching her is painful and it scars you, because she is so harsh. Now, for most people she is indeed like that, because she is a perfectionist with big dreams and she just can't be arsed to consider the feelings of others. MC is the opposite, as he tries to just quietly walk through his life to the grave without stepping on anyone's toes. So indeed, their personalities aren't compatible. But they don't say that love is blind for no reason: for about a year they were forced to spend a considerable amount of time together, and neither of them have any social life or even actual friends. And they are teenagers filled to the brim with hormones. I think it's kind of like how people in arranged marriages statistically report more satisfaction with their situation.

Now, of course our boy has a choice between her and at least two more girls, but he deliberately doesn't make a move on any of them, because he is a prisoner of his old traumas. Yukino doesn't make a move either, and Yui doesn't want to confess to Hachiman because she knows that Yukino has a thing for 8man, even though Yukino also tries to suppress her feelings. And Yui could easily make him her boyfriend if she wanted to. So that leaves Iroha, but for her he is a second option behind whatshisname blonde guy. It's actually Yui and Yukino's sister who are pushing the two towards each other, and against their wishes. Without those they'd just graduate and go on their separate ways.


File: ac4ce25eb01ee2e⋯.jpg (433.32 KB, 1440x2436, 120:203, IMG_20170626_215815.jpg)

Great, congratulations, I can't even discuss about anime here anymore, that's perfect.

I'm done with this place.



Posts are getting deleted randomly. Same thing happened in the LWA thread. Anon reposted it word for word and nothing happened after that. It ain't the meidos.


File: 2b4a452b9b62dab⋯.jpg (188.52 KB, 869x555, 869:555, Bullshit.jpg)

Okay, let me state the obvious, Yukinon is a fucking cunt, and author is abusing his power by giving her plot weapon, this was deleted too many times but whatever faggot, I'll try infinite times, this all is not tumblr, a majority HATES Yuki, a MAJORITY does.

>Perfect, pretty, only because the "Story Says So", fans don't feel same way about her, basically new Chitoge.

>Has no redeeming quality, Hachiman lacks himself.

>Same as 8man, treated way too differently somehow.

Notice the bias, author's lame idea of just because I am edgy, I should date a freaking edgelord, is just sad. I mean I love 8man's life and way, but seriously? When he just derails from thoughts to just compliment her, I call that bullshit, the author is not being objective. Heck if it has to be like that I'd rather have him end with Iroha, at least she is trying to have him, and he has most of his dignity near him, viewing her as just one normal person, why can't he treat Yuki in similar fashion?

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Notice how all bans are "Pro-Yuki", weird.

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