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File: d098088ba3793b5⋯.webm (4.03 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, DS (2).webm)

10d98c  No.42511[Reply]

Do you love cumming in your diaper, too?

Can we get a diaper-cumshot-thread going?

Squirts are ok, too!

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6386f9  No.76585

File: e0ab400216158e1⋯.webm (4.65 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, dhjd.webm)






whats this?


888115  No.76673


It's one of the shady 300MB rars hosted on shitty filehosts no one bothered to download. It's probably in your best interest not to touch that.

43eeae  No.76716


What was she saying?

That may be the best messing video I have ever seen, except I dont like people sounding super distressed like that, even if I know its fake.

Where can one find videos like this where there is an audible, (preferably very wet sounding) mess that lasts more than a fraction of a second. Like I really love when it takes a while for it all to get out.

43eeae  No.76717

I personally love the act of cumming in my diaper while wearing it. Its something to do with just being able to unload into it without having any cleanup or having to think about it or do anything to catch it. Something about it all being contained inside I think.

Unfortunately, wearing the diaper while that happens makes it basically impossible to get anything meaningful on tape.

f36493  No.76973


any happy ending in this?

File: 474e569c1fe54d8⋯.jpg (206.29 KB, 749x744, 749:744, 474e569c1fe54d86c8edff93c8….jpg)

5de4e4  No.70101[Reply]

All in the title, erotic abdl hypnosis cap and drawings only

Other ways to mental regression or potty training loss can work to , but cap and pic only

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661a76  No.74206


ok that just went from cute and hot, to some fucked up noncon sociopath crap in a matter of few sentences, good job

90e9a5  No.74260


Thanks? I thought it was kind of a sweet ending. It's not like anyone actually gets hurt or memory wiped.

666a19  No.74487


Totally understand. I pinged you in the OC thread for something new :)

a579a8  No.74726


Gonna suggest a parent teacher conference where it slowly flips from being about the daughter to being about the mommy.

64589e  No.76972

File: e792f953980c928⋯.png (1.74 MB, 2700x2000, 27:20, AnnaBrainDrain.png)

File: 3acf345a8442a5e⋯.png (1.35 MB, 2500x4000, 5:8, HypnoHermione.png)

File: 2ad29ad85181a0b⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1980x1317, 660:439, Jasmine_02.png)

File: 1c78150eacff292⋯.png (446.37 KB, 980x1524, 245:381, Nurse_Joy_FA.png)

File: e92a84706b1d5b7⋯.jpg (386.13 KB, 1076x1519, 1076:1519, 1.jpg)

File: 92a1d976e028b42⋯.jpg (344.79 KB, 1075x1518, 1075:1518, 2.jpg)

File: 55b9de0c810257d⋯.jpg (360.71 KB, 1075x1518, 1075:1518, 3.jpg)

File: 1970f96c1fedd31⋯.jpg (335.05 KB, 1075x1518, 1075:1518, 4.jpg)

9daecb  No.47845[Reply]

The other thread hit the bump limit

C93 starts tomorrow, the preview for Scandalous Act 9 was posted on twitter.



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b495cd  No.76832


It's on sad panda, translated even. Just search ranma and diaper

d57bab  No.76844


If youre referring to Ex Hentai, I did search there. 5 items come up, none of which is what I'm looking for.

d57bab  No.76845



Quick update. I just double checked. I did find it in a collection of H material with a cover I didn't recognize, so that's why I didn't notice it at first. But it's not in English, and I can't find an English collection on that site.

b495cd  No.76873


I may have been wrong, because I can't find the English one now either. I've definitely read the English translation - someone once bothered to typeset it and everything.

It's standard baby stuff though. Kasumi's their perverted baby sitter and they're pretending to be babies. There's nothing more to it than that.

d57bab  No.76956


I know I remember. I was just curious because I remember enjoying it back in the day, more for the characters than for the actual scenario or writing.

File: 6028489f9a1559b⋯.png (801.58 KB, 850x679, 850:679, Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at ….png)

8289dc  No.76617[Reply]

Hi, fellow anons.

tl;dr: I came out about being a DL to my girlfriend, and she's into it.

I've been dating this girl for almost half a year now, and things have been hot and cold between us. Generally, though, our relationship is pretty good and we're becoming more and more comfortable with each other.

The other night, we ended up having a conversation about our kinks after sex. I'm a DL, and I found it very difficult to tell her that. I was scared that she would see me differently, not be into it, shame me for it, or even break it off with me. So I was very reluctant to have that conversation. She eventually wore me down though, and I told her that I get off to wearing diapers sometimes.

I was actually surprised by her reaction. She asked me if I used them, and of course I said yes. She paused for a moment, and then said, "… that's hot.". Then she told me that sometimes she likes to use pacifiers, and that she used to keep baby food in her fridge for herself. She even showed me a diaper pin keychain that she used to keep on her keyring. She's never worn them herself, but would be willing to try and is totally okay with me wearing them when I'm with her.

I'm so glad that we ended up talking about it and that she ended up being into it. I've got to be one of the luckiest guys in the world to have, by random chance, ended up with a closet AB as a girlfriend. I'm excited for our future dirty adventures.

I guess this thread is for ABDL relationship success stories. I'd like to read if any of you have had any luck like this.

28 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

aa6c2d  No.76891


I'm hoping to start with bedwetting, and then try 24/7 stuff. Well see anon! It's the damndest thing too, because she is this tiny little 5'5, 100 pound girl who swore she was only a sub and didn't have a dom bone in her body. Now here we are. Life is a funny thing sometimes.


I was the only one wearing, and it was a thinner diaper to begin with. So we just loosened the tapes and pushed it out the way. It was the hottest shit ever when she started to tease me about the crinkling while we were fucking. 11/10 will do every night for rest of my life.

a6f0fa  No.76894


>11/10 will do every night for rest of my life.

don't do that, it's ok to be happy about finding someone but don't obsess over the fetish or the relationship will slowly turn hollow

aa6c2d  No.76906


I did word that pretty bad, but I didnt mean literally every single night. I'm just a little excited because of how things are going. It's not becoming the center of the relationship. It's just adding on to it if that makes sense. I do get what you mean though. Keep my feet in reality.

f6b2b4  No.76910


Post paci pics

fe6217  No.76949

File: d2423d70066a8e5⋯.jpg (23.5 KB, 400x400, 1:1, dlmoonlight.jpg)


Sorry we don't do face pics I think the only one I have thats shareable we use as our avi on insta

File: 5e02c3f294752a7⋯.jpg (123.8 KB, 1024x725, 1024:725, _commission__bulma_s_conve….jpg)

File: 1fb21929ddedb3a⋯.jpg (51.47 KB, 752x1063, 752:1063, _commission__peni_parker_b….jpg)

File: a85b6d7c2f08636⋯.jpg (59.25 KB, 849x941, 849:941, _commission__frapman_by_xj….jpg)

File: 1c1c194a33c34c6⋯.jpg (130.82 KB, 777x1029, 37:49, _patreon__january_reward_f….jpg)

4b692e  No.76935[Reply]

Anyone have some Messy/wet alts, tumblr only pieces, or patreon exclusive of art of xjio's art from before her tumblr got removed?

File: 194781544c6b613⋯.jpeg (174.58 KB, 912x600, 38:25, 1_mQy4SMuUcRGbg3G40zQh8Q.jpeg)

e89614  No.71081[Reply]

Did you ever wear diapers as a kid past potty training? Did any of your friends or relatives wear? Did you face any abuse by parents or caretakers? I was abused by my narcissistic personality disorder mother who constantly punished, mocked, and gaslight me for no other reason than to feed her own ego.

118 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

01416a  No.76423


Can you share some stories?

How many people knew you were wearing diapers?

How did you feel about wearing diapers as a kid / teen? Did you like them at all?

41b741  No.76437


Your story sound somewhat like mine. After being potty trained, there was a box of Pampers left over in the closet. Being a silly little kid, I'd pull them out and play with them. Got caught in the act more than once. So mother gave them to a friend with a baby. I was sad/mad about her doing that. Guess my diaper fetish went all the way back into early childhood.

0eddf3  No.76486

I had 3 brothers growing up, one older and 2 younger. They were spaced such that I had access to pull ups and diapers until about 6th grade, so I would take them with some regularity.

Starting from the top, I was potty trained only a little late, but I showed signs even before then. One early memory was my mom asking whether I wanted to wear a pull-up or diaper to the mall, and I picked the diaper. I remember I was in pull-ups until shortly after my 4th birthday. But pretty much as soon as I was out of them I wanted back in. There were a couple instances where I messed or wet myself on purpose, but never outside of the house that I can recall. That stopped pretty fast when it didn't work, and I was “successfully” potty trained by the time I went to kindergarten.

Summer vacation after kindergarten is when things picked up. There was a time we walked to a local park, and when we got back my older brother and his friend made me hide in a tree with them for reasons I don't recall. Up there, I couldn't hold it anymore and completely soaked my pants. I went inside out of embarrassment, and tried to hide my soaked pants. But my mom found out the next day and asked us about it. I told her the truth, that I had tried to hold it but had to hide in the tree, and she never brought it up again. But that did set the justification in my mind to keep trying to get diapers.

Soon after, I began sneaking some of my younger brother’s diapers. He must’ve been 2-3 at the time, and a couple of times I took them openly with him around. I stopped doing /that/ when he suggested at dinner that I should wear diapers because the laundry was going. But still. We had a babysitter over the summer, and one day she caught me sitting in the high chair with cheerios on the tray, and asked what I was doing. I said I was playing a baby or something, and she asked if that included wearing a diaper. I admitted yes. She wasn’t going to tell my mom about that last part, but my older brother was in the next room over and blurted it out later. My parents probably suspected this was going to be a pattern, because the next day when we were going out they asked if I was wearing a diaper.

Naturally, I got more secretive after this, but Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

72886f  No.76887

I wasn't fully potty trained until I was 5. I always knew I was late to potty training, but didn't realize just HOW late until I was in my teen years.

There was nothing obviously physically wrong with me, but for whatever reason I immensely struggled to get through a day without peeing myself. I didn't really have any problems with #2, but just always seemed to struggle with pee.

Apparently my parents originally tried to potty train me at a normal age (I don't remember that), but it just didn't take. I remember not being able to start kindergarten when I was supposed to because they had rules about diapers, so I was always a little older than most kids in my grade. I tried to start on time and remember it being very stressful because I felt like there was a ton of pressure on me to not have accidents anymore, which I ultimately didn't accomplish.

749681  No.76915

I got out of diapers at a normal age the first time around (3-ish, I think) but continued to have frequent accidents through elementary school. In retrospect, I'm not entirely sure why–partly, I think it was a nervous thing about being afraid to use public bathrooms but partly I remember having problems starting to leak on myself a little as soon as I really knew I needed to go.

My parents put up with it without that big of a fuss until after my little brother was born, around when I was finishing the 1st grade. After that, I guess the stress of a new kid wore their patience thin, and my mom started threatening to put me in my brother's diapers if I kept doing it. (In retrospect, this was probably just a scare tactic at first? I wouldn't even have fit in them, probably. But little kid me took it 100% seriously.) Unfortunately, that made me get better about hiding my wet clothes when I had accidents but not so much about actually avoiding then.

So, middle of 4th grade, my little bro is almost potty-trained, and my mom gets called to school to bring me a change of pants. She goes to get clean underwear from my dresser and finds like half of the pairs there are stained from where I'd stashed them in the back of the drawer after accidents.

Cue 9 year-old me having a crying fit in front of the school nurse, after my mom showed up with a pack of Pull-Ups instead of my underoos.

I ultimately ended up wearing Goodnites to school after that up until the 8th grade, with only occasional breaks in between. At a couple points mom got me full-on youth diapers, but they only really got used for bed/long trips.

File: 25f37ed01054a32⋯.jpg (386.63 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 1508554794.moorph_hallowee….jpg)

11b08d  No.69880[Reply]

I used to have a very open fetish friend who was into tabletop RPGs a lot. We had fun creating spells and magic items that would fit our respective kinks into a classic game (at the time, it was D&D 3.5). I recently found our old file and some of them were kind of fun:


>When cast on a protective garment, this spells increase its size by doubling the amount of padding. This will usually make the garment quite puffed and unweildy, but also doubles its absorbency. This spell can be cast several times on the same garment, doubling its padding each time.

>Incoherent Babble

>The target of this spell becomes unable to speak coherently, producing instead slurred speech and babbling vaguely ressembling baby speak. It makes very difficult for others to understand them or take them seriously while under this spell. Effects last for one hour.

>Curse of Dependency

>This spell targets two separate beings, one "master" and one "slave". Whenever the "master" urinate or defecate, the "slave" will do so as well without being able to resist. They will continue to do so, even if their bladder or stomach are empty, for as long as the master does, the spell creating more matter if required. Only the master may decide to willingly end this curse.

For extra cruelty points, turn an actual toddler into the master.

And one item:

>Pacifier of Time-Out

>This pacifier is large enough to fit into an adult mouth, and decorated with s subtle padlock motif. Once inserted, it makes talking almost impossible for the recipient, and prevent aggressive gestures like biting or spitting. Only the person who has inserted the Pacifier of Time-Out into a mouth may remove it, and no other force (neither subtle nor blunt) will be enough to do so. If a person puts the Pacifier into their own mouth, they are free to remove it freely.

Feel free to make your own, whaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

43 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

83ae83  No.72985


That was awful. Both in idea and execution.

d7a2f2  No.73161


Thanks, didn't know you could post .pdf on the boards.


I had reworked it as a kind of roulette game for myself, it was fun but kind of hard to lose.


Yup, too much good content gets lost, I try to save everything I can, thanks for the contribution.

90fc19  No.73166


there is, its on ararchive.com somewhere

3749a8  No.73983


Here's a dungeon to be ran in D&D 3.5, it's designed for someone's OC dragon and it's horribly balanced, but the concept is nice.

5edc9c  No.76908


I'm currently in a game loosely based on these rules, and it's pretty great.

File: 7c94459bd1dfdea⋯.jpg (102.32 KB, 817x979, 817:979, Scary poopy spoopy spoopy ….jpg)

13b7e6  No.61800[Reply]

Nintendo abdl thread, send good immages

40 posts and 102 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bd01ea  No.76059

File: 1cecf0c85315e88⋯.png (116.38 KB, 570x783, 190:261, Untitled7-3.png)

File: c1e8373e654bf66⋯.png (148.17 KB, 715x859, 715:859, Untitled2-3.png)

File: e812586ca7ea0b2⋯.png (193.33 KB, 847x822, 847:822, Untitled8-1.png)

bd01ea  No.76060

File: 1cecf0c85315e88⋯.png (116.38 KB, 570x783, 190:261, Untitled7-3.png)

File: c1e8373e654bf66⋯.png (148.17 KB, 715x859, 715:859, Untitled2-3.png)

File: e812586ca7ea0b2⋯.png (193.33 KB, 847x822, 847:822, Untitled8-1.png)

efb89a  No.76063

File: fb57fc658721f16⋯.jpg (18.22 KB, 480x360, 4:3, IMG_0499.JPG)

c660c4  No.76073

File: 167f63081b2c757⋯.png (613.02 KB, 1024x1458, 512:729, smb__abdl_edition___zero_s….png)

2f37b9  No.76869

File: 0bce0722cf18454⋯.png (793.25 KB, 1980x1212, 165:101, Daisy_FA_02.png)

File: 68bebe4da3fc385⋯.png (867.81 KB, 980x1632, 245:408, Samus_FA.png)

File: cdc6581d1841d53⋯.png (24.13 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 2000A8A1-7AD1-4ABC-B4B7-EA….png)

c1f9a3  No.67451[Reply]

We’ve had a lot of Marvel content this year, i haven’t been able to find any diaper art though. Give me the best you’ve got

19 posts and 42 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

dca1ac  No.73477

File: f7e382cb1d9e49d⋯.jpg (266.8 KB, 750x935, 150:187, 1542073058190.jpg)

a39e3d  No.74428

File: cfc4bcd0ae19df0⋯.png (1.66 MB, 792x1224, 11:17, iuytvcs.png)

3138d1  No.74709

File: 188bbed293ba3d2⋯.png (603.14 KB, 1588x2373, 1588:2373, Spider_Gal.png)

a513db  No.76181

File: f5934dd27ba6b0d⋯.png (245.29 KB, 1024x855, 1024:855, __commission___black_cat_b….png)

f7789c  No.76868

File: 19599e46b49e8c2⋯.png (283.22 KB, 980x1310, 98:131, Mary_Jane_FA.png)

File: 8be33462ebea49a⋯.png (318.95 KB, 1780x1196, 445:299, peni1.png)

File: 7477bde184adb4c⋯.png (361.29 KB, 1780x1196, 445:299, Peni02.png)

File: 1f20baf0b993796⋯.jpg (18.32 KB, 233x352, 233:352, article-1339943-0C89460B00….jpg)

36a7b2  No.76789[Reply]

It seems there is a massive amount of beggars and people who want content, but refuse to give anything in return. If your looking for content this is probably the last place to look just due to the piece of shit people who beg for content. I have posted on this board over the last year and when I ask for items in return get spit in the face. Beggars you can all fuck off and drink bleach.

4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

8ad919  No.76834

>thinking there is honor amongst content thieves

How did you get to be this retarded? Seriously, OP. Think about what you just posted. Revaluate your life.

299972  No.76836


I agree with this so much. I hate that LoLmonkey guy and how he holds onto to rare shit like Yukisplayhouse vids or all the hot Jap vids. Didn't he used to demand money for them? Shit, at least you had a chance of getting them if you gave him $10, but then he only uses gigatribe, that place that only pedos use. We, guess I ain't getting any hot Jap porn…

f22fe7  No.76840

Yeah this place is riddled with nihilistic and excuse making vegetables.

Do you have an acc over at Emp?

5d477f  No.76848


Fuck off tfmonkey.

You're the biggest beggar on this site.

71c2f0  No.76850


>95% of ABDL porn is complete trash that doesn't come close to turning me on, so YMMV.

Yeah, this. Especially all the videos.

File: 789c41c378759b0⋯.png (1009.91 KB, 1650x2550, 11:17, 1472043177079.png)

44edcd  No.76070[Reply]

So we've done a couple of these in the past. Basically post any fantasies you can think of that apply some sort of ABDL scenario to a large population, whether that means you have a secluded hippy commune of sissy diaper slaves or you have an elaborate fantasy world with extensive worldbuilding surrounding how there's a master race of diapered elves.

If you don't already have a globalization scenario in mind, I thought I might make it a game by throwing some conditions at you guys to generate ideas.

1. You can make a magical wish that must apply to yourself as well as part of the human population. Can only be up to 80% of the human population, or you can choose to only have it affect a certain subset, such as men, women, blue eyed people, etc. Wish can only affect people's minds and bodies, not the planet itself or any objects. How does it play out, and how do you accomodate for the unaffected people with your wish.

2. You are allowed to establish your own country, where once people become citizens, you can legally inflict whatever diapered fuckery you want on them. However, people must immigrate to your country willingly and you must be upfront with what sort of ABDL stuff you will do to them there. How do you convince them and what will you do?

3. You can create a personal fantasy world, but your building blocks are the tropes and cliches from the worst ABDL stories you've ever read. Would you still do it, and what would that world look like?

16 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

44edcd  No.76723


Yeah a surprising amount of globalization stories end up being sissy focused for some reason.

3211fb  No.76735



I'm usually into femdom/sissy stuff, I just figured some of you would like a change of pace from the usual. There isn't a whole lot of maledom diaper scenarios.

Which sucks because I've thought of ones that would be pretty hot. (I've said it before and I'll say it again: why is there nothing with 50's housewives in diapers?)

39df95  No.76740


Hmmmmm I wouldnt mind diapered housewives. Could be nice. Also anyone know any good femdom stories?

8911b0  No.76744

I always had an idea for a short story about a shadow corporation that would secretly regress the world's wealthy to keep them young, as well as, turn cheating spouses or unruly teenagers back into toddlers and babies.

44edcd  No.76818


I really liked the discussion about diapered 50's housewives in that other thread.

Does anyone have that archived? That was good stuff.

File: 2998eee728e438d⋯.jpg (48.87 KB, 760x570, 4:3, c22kedbp8r9z.jpg)

3a6756  No.76546[Reply]

Reddit recently reached new heights in faggotry with the recent drama. I can't help but to enjoy watching.

Anyway what's the worst thing you've seen on reddit? Worst thread? Worst picture? Worst drama?

19 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

57de65  No.76775


There is a hierarchy even among the degenerates.

3bccdf  No.76796



4e78ef  No.76798

File: 05ca36fc8e0749d⋯.jpg (790.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, triple digit comission, th….jpg)

Don't know/Don't care what's happening on reddit, but I'll post the worst thing I've seen recently.

Somebody spending 100$+ on this commission. Hell, it's perhaps even in the 150$+ range.

c29979  No.76806



>being a neocon

3110e9  No.76809


This has always been, and still remains, one of the worst "artists" of our time. Time and time again my opinion of him is validated.

File: 95be6efe1b007c7⋯.gif (1.75 MB, 332x332, 1:1, tumblr_p08cxrelLu1wem0gto1….gif)

3a0c2d  No.48668[Reply]

The entire catalog doesn't contain a single thread for posting girls in diapers, except maybe the tumblr one, but still. Post anything as long as it's a woman in diapers. Also post good sources for content

>ld-ba tumblr

270 posts and 449 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c6ece1  No.76257

File: 5e8a3590d5551ef⋯.jpg (63.22 KB, 500x749, 500:749, tumblr_ngtxq3flLx1shdjlno1….jpg)

File: a5b6973c7886c62⋯.jpg (74.04 KB, 500x749, 500:749, tumblr_ngtxp08jLQ1shdjlno1….jpg)

File: 50384f01d872c7d⋯.jpg (254.26 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, tumblr_m356ckzmK81r20il2o1….jpg)

File: d9ba7d235db37d9⋯.jpg (149.63 KB, 1224x765, 8:5, 975694617.jpg)

File: d9ba7d235db37d9⋯.jpg (149.63 KB, 1224x765, 8:5, 975694617.jpg)

84eaa8  No.76280

File: a0ac3afd2932998⋯.jpg (96.24 KB, 540x720, 3:4, tumblr_plympw7k231w4orrl_5….jpg)

File: dd1aac45153cf3d⋯.jpg (72.2 KB, 540x720, 3:4, tumblr_plymq0hy051w4orrl_5….jpg)

File: 7da2478fadff1f4⋯.jpg (39.77 KB, 540x405, 4:3, tumblr_plymq3e4cx1w4orrl_5….jpg)

File: 557cfa1a998effe⋯.jpg (606.86 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, tumblr_pm0ccnHpyx1w4orrl_1….jpg)

File: 1a5ede3e6a481f8⋯.jpg (395.31 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, tumblr_pm29hxEL9F1xathwco1….jpg)

c38e5f  No.76325


That first pic is cute. She should do some more innocent stuff in addition to poopy buttshots.

84eaa8  No.76357


She should get better diapers too. Not necessarily the over the top ABDL ones, since those aren't as see-through and designs can be iffy, but medical ones with the stripes are meh-tier. All-white is best imho.

24a522  No.76747

File: 316be30c8317efb⋯.png (666.11 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, n3rh41yt9je21.png)

File: bfefe008c7ad2f6⋯.png (691.66 KB, 640x916, 160:229, 3euht3mmjwb21.png)

File: d7a353d768d7c32⋯.png (662.1 KB, 640x962, 320:481, BelleDelphine.png)

Some edits of Belle Delphine (pretty sure she is very into ddlg anyway)

File: 65d4582fac11e5c⋯.jpg (116.2 KB, 758x777, 758:777, IMG_20180905_202409.jpg)

f5d205  No.73565[Reply]

video request thread, starting with this

100 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

93c553  No.76496

Hi. Has anyone seen videos of "Ageplay After Dark"? They look good but I haven't come across one so far.


5382e4  No.76508


I bought a couple and tossed them. Dude is creepy as fuck. Comes across as a fake dom and dude bro. I guess he used to be with Adrianna but he was abusive and she dumped his ass.

9e0dac  No.76705


is it that dominic king guy? he always seemed like a dick. i looked at the screenshots of the guy, but i don't recognize him from any other videos. i figured he would have been in some of her diapered online vids at some point.

cee6ba  No.76719

bd3093  No.76733

Does anyone have Ella's Punishment from Pampered Penny? I found two other ones with Ella Nova here:



File: 7f54c5f7b3acb1c⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1080x1669, 1080:1669, Rick_and_Morty_01.png)

File: e36cbe8734b8cd2⋯.png (1.68 MB, 980x1507, 980:1507, Rick_and_Morty_02.png)

File: 013887dc03c706f⋯.png (1.62 MB, 980x1508, 245:377, Rick_and_Morty_03.png)

File: c361768e2bf6e1e⋯.png (1.95 MB, 980x1508, 245:377, Rick_and_Morty_04.png)

File: 87a7b067f226571⋯.png (1.85 MB, 980x1508, 245:377, Rick_and_Morty_05.png)

09a176  No.55818[Reply]

Here you go fellow degenerates. Patreon leaked images just for you!

139 posts and 50 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

16e8f0  No.75281




Is there, or should there, really be any other use fort fetish comics? I mean, really…

8d8f5f  No.76682

Any new pics?

7f7eef  No.76683


Nope, it's done. Finished.

97e49b  No.76694


For real?

110316  No.76710


No. It is just on a hiatus for now. If you check the comments on the yiff.party page PoS said that he has an ending in mind but he does not want to spoil it for now.

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