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File: 194781544c6b613⋯.jpeg (174.58 KB, 912x600, 38:25, 1_mQy4SMuUcRGbg3G40zQh8Q.jpeg)

e89614  No.71081[Reply]

Did you ever wear diapers as a kid past potty training? Did any of your friends or relatives wear? Did you face any abuse by parents or caretakers? I was abused by my narcissistic personality disorder mother who constantly punished, mocked, and gaslight me for no other reason than to feed her own ego.

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2ef36d  No.75152


go to bed skidoo

0c56bc  No.75164


I take it you have a lot of difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy. You just described horrifying child abuse that would have sever traumatic repercussions. There is no modern mental health facility that uses straight jackets, this is strait out of the 1950's… even then butt plugs and pacifier gags weren't a thing. What would the therapeutic use even be for these?

b2d5bd  No.75177




Hilarious samefag.

c3e433  No.75294


That was one of the hottest thing I've read.

Can you please post more? Especially about the abuse in the mental health facility.

How are you doing today? Have you recovered from the abuse? How's your life going?

b2d5bd  No.75298


I can't tell if you are that seriously retarded or if it's bait.

File: f61d278c981fb06⋯.jpg (421 KB, 660x605, 12:11, goodnites.jpg)

7e5a43  No.72672[Reply]

Anyone have any embarrassing "wet the bed".

I had a youth group lock in and soaked my good nite. I threw it in the trash a d the next morning a couple of guys were talking about finding way "giant pull up". Made me cringe so fucking hard. Now it just makes my duck hard

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49b17c  No.75155


About half way through, 2 things happened fairly close together. First, we slowed way down. Remember how I said the second section wasn't THAT much harder? That's true. In fact, most of it is about the same or even easier than the first section. Except for this one little segment about 100 feet long. That segment is actually pretty hard, and pretty nerve wracking. You have to stick your leg down and in towards the rockface to find a fairly small foot hold, and it is much lower than you would expect it to be. ESPECIALLY if you are a tiny 11 year old. Like all the kids in my group. On top of that, there are not really any good hand holds to hold on to in that spot. Its mostly just smooth rock that you kind of just have to wrap your abdomen on to keep hold of it. The problem is that if you don't have long legs, (so basically, all 11 year olds) it is almost impossible to reach the foot hold while remaining stable on the smooth rock. You kind of have to take a little "leap of faith" (you don't actually have to jump or anything, more like a controlled slide) On top of THAT, because of the odd shape of the rock here, the sturdy, unyielding re-bar was replaced by heavy steel cables secured into the rock. Still just as safe, but it doesn't feel as comfortable.

Anyway, we slowed way down because the first kid in our group had reached the hard section. The kid in front was pretty confident, especially for his age, so I wasn't too worried. The more timid ones who might have some trouble were all in the back where I could coach them through if I needed too, so slowing down wasn't a problem in and of itself. Unfortunately, slowing down had some other effects that I hadn't thought of. After hanging in roughly the same spot for about 5 minutes, having hardly moved more than 10 or so feet, Jake backtracks a bit so he can make his way over to me, leans his head in close to mine, and quietly and shyly says "Anon? I need to go to the bathroom…" I ask him if he needs to go right now or if he thinks he can wait for a bit, and he said something like "It's not an emergency yet, but I don't think I can hold it for a really long time". Not really having any other option, I just tell him to keep holding it and that he can go use the bPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

49b17c  No.75156


Anyway, some period of time goes by and Jake is now close enough to see the hard section. (it's around a sharp curve, so you cant see it from far off) Now, Jake is a somewhat timid kid, and having time to think about something scary like this isn't doing him any favors. I had also noticed that he had been squirming a little bit every so often for several minutes now. Nothing super obvious other than maybe grabbing himself once or twice, but since I was already aware of his "situation" I noticed it. As he got closer to being next to go into the hard part, he tapped me on the shoulder and whispered "Anon, I REALLY need to use the bathroom now." Not really sure what else I can do, I tell him to just hang in there (no pun intended) for a little bit longer. I also tell him that once we get past this hard part, we will almost be at the end of the section, so he wont need to hold it much longer. He leans a little closer to me and says (even quieter than before) something like “I’m afraid that I’ll get really scared on this next part and pee my pants…” The way I saw it, I could respond in one of two ways. The first would be to explain what happens IF he has an accident, and try to figure out how to do damage control while involving as few people as possible. This would be the way to go if I thought he had a good chance of actually wetting himself, but might make him resign himself to his fate. The second option would be to try to convince him that he wasn’t going to have an accident. This would be the best option, so long as he doesn’t end up peeing himself regardless. I ended up going with the second option, telling him that as long as he is actively thinking about holding it, he wouldn’t have an accident due to being scared. (This was just a quickly thrown together theory, but he didn’t seem to be super desperate to pee, it was just the combination of needing to go fairly badly coupled with the fear and the fact that he felt trapped on the wall without any way to get to a bathroom. It was clear that he really needed to go at this point, but I didn’t think that it would be a pants-wetting emergency yet if he was just walking around on firm ground) I continue trying to keep him calm and encourage him up to the point where he goes out onto the hard part, at which point I start giving him pointers on where to Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

49b17c  No.75157


Now I know what you are all thinking at this point. “What the hell, this anon has been telling this long, drawn out story that has CLEARLY been leading up to this poor kid wetting himself while climbing, and now you’re telling me that he actually managed to hold it after all and nothing came of it?” Well, to be honest, you are partially right. Mostly right, in fact. Jake never did end up having an accident, but the story doesn’t end there. (almost done though)

So anyway, we get to the bottom of the wall and are back on firm hard ground, and I ask if anybody wants to take a break or go use the bathroom before we move on to the next one. None of the kids except Jake raises their hands. I tell them that they can move on to the next section, and that I can go with Jake and then we will catch up with them later. (another adult had showed up at this point, so I was able to let them keep climbing) As the other kids start ascending the wall, Jake looks at me and says “I actually don’t really have to go that bad anymore, can we stay with the group for now?” Now I’m not a parent yet, but I feel like I understand the frustration of having younger kids a little bit more after hearing this. I try to convince Jake that he should just go now, but he feels pretty confident that he can hold it long enough to finish the next section. At this point, I am convinced that if he goes up that wall before going to the bathroom, he will absolutely end up having an accident. Eventually, I just tell him to try to go behind this bush thing (it was like really tall grass of some sort). After both the other adult and I promise not to look and agree to keep watch to make sure nobody walks up and sees him, he agrees. I turn around, and a second later Jake starts saying that he cant get his fly undone with the climbing harness on. Thinking back to the youth protection training that all adult leaders take every 2 years, I recall that the BSA has some very specific rules about what I can and cannot do to a kids pants. Fortunately for me, (and him) a few seconds later he manages to get it figured out on his own. A couple seconds after that, I hear the tell tale sound of a pee stream hitting the ground. Then it keeps goinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

49b17c  No.75158


Jake’s (apparently enormous) bladder now empty, we make our way up the wall to catch up with the rest of the group. This section is overall a bit more challenging, but its got some really cool scenery to it. (There is a part where you crawl along a kind of narrow ledge that goes behind a small waterfall, which is REALLY cool) There are some pretty tricky/scary parts though, (again, especially for an already timid 11 year old) but nothing as hard as what was in the previous section. There are more moderately hard chunks in this section as opposed to one really hard part in the last one. (In fact, the crawling part was actually harder for me to do than it was for the kids, as, being smaller, they were able to fit on the ledges better than I was. Let me tell you, the feeling that you could just roll off the edge of a cliff at any moment is pretty unnerving) At one point just after we had passed one of the moderately unnerving chunks, Jake leans over to me and quietly says “Thanks for making me go to the bathroom before, cause I would DEFINITELY have just peed my pants if you hadn’t” Not really sure how to respond to this, I just say something like “yeah, no problem”. A couple of other times while on the wall, he again comments to me, saying some variation of “I probably would have just peed myself if you hadn’t made me go before” (after completing some tricky or particularly nerve-wracking chunk) Even after we got off that section of the wall and were back on the ground, he still commented several time on how he “would have peed/wet his pants” or “would have had an accident” if I hadn’t convinced him to just try to go even though he didn’t think he really needed to go that bad at that point. He also asked me if I thought anyone ever had peed themselves while climbing, and I told him that I was sure it happened every now and then. (I know for a fact it had happened at least once at a summer camp I had worked at for a while, as I had a friend who worked at the climbing tower there)

Anyway, That’s the end of that story. I am pretty sure I have some others, but I’m sick right now and don’t want to make any promises. Sorry about taking forever to write this down by the way. I kind of forgot about it for a while and it was sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

5451ad  No.75297


That was a fucking long story for nothing.

tl;dr: a kid needed to go toilets and peed behind a bush.

File: 5d600c58827208a⋯.jpg (165.19 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, fa2593c73a2d56ab9a1149fabe….jpg)

572c8f  No.75226[Reply]

My collection of videos -> http://v.ht/diaper

1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

07dc7a  No.75268


it goes to saff

to make things worse he used filespace.

anyone wanna upload to mega.nz please

da3b83  No.75274

File: 2fcfe5f431c7eaa⋯.jpg (14.86 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1275792707750.jpg)


Why the fuck are saff users retarded and think Mega never works?

1f21d3  No.75277


they're all in third world countries with shit computers that'll probably blow up if they opened mega

e20cef  No.75293


hey now, I uploaded a few things on mega, but a kgb abdreams commie shut my shit down so that's done, not going through the trouble of making yet another free mega account with no strings attached

3127a9  No.75295



The premium sites get you cash if you get other people to sign up for premium, so that's an incentive for retards to use them, because everyone else will get annoyed by the garbage service and some will eventually get pressured into buying premium.

File: bd1dc56a3af7568⋯.png (792.93 KB, 1228x868, 307:217, 1.png)

File: 9a379621998a2b5⋯.jpg (470.53 KB, 760x1080, 19:27, 1eeab7b6608bef75ea4a0c37d5….jpg)

File: ab170f9e8534d0e⋯.jpg (478.75 KB, 760x1080, 19:27, ab170f9e8534d0eb5cfb3df904….jpg)

File: a66d6cf54f2a0f1⋯.jpg (219.94 KB, 494x800, 247:400, b9b3c715f62c15fad1aeb9ef28….jpg)

File: 4ff4fc26dba8fe4⋯.jpg (340.09 KB, 1046x1224, 523:612, 4ff4fc26dba8fe4feee0d8bce3….jpg)

8179cd  No.73937[Reply]


I know it's probably the peak of depravity for normalfags, but post your favorite 2D diapered lolis ITT.

88 posts and 103 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2c119d  No.75288

File: d315bd93b3da6d4⋯.png (1.03 MB, 957x1276, 3:4, 72753054_removed.png)


Oh, that would be wonderful. Maybe upload it to exhentai or somewhere too.

I actually just spent a few hours writing code to remove the watermarks from one of his images. >>75283

f93608  No.75289


Exhentai sounds solid. This guy's stuff is really really hot to me. The girls are absolutely adorable and he does occasionally do uncensored stuff

02d365  No.75290

Does liking this thread make me homosexual or heterosexual?

2c119d  No.75291


If you want to lewd lolis, you're heterosexual.

If you want to be a loli and get lewded by one of us, you might be gay.

f93608  No.75292

anons have asked, and this anon has delivered.


Now if anyone has an up to date rip of Ckato's fanbox that'd be pretty fuckin' great

File: 37275713d7ba753⋯.jpg (115.26 KB, 693x869, 63:79, 00a4e855733f80a6cd16ef3f4f….jpg)

61c4d4  No.75286[Reply]

Bojay thread

File: 945b0d2cb97850c⋯.jpg (177.15 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, IMG_20190112_173548.jpg)

35a5d4  No.74521[Reply]

Old one hit bump limit.

I've been here for a bit and haven't commented on meetups.

I'm in Alabama and am a switch boy that likes boys. I love taking care of cute little babies or being babies.

I'm really good looking according to a lot of people and have my own place and some equipment.

I'm 30.

29 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0416b6  No.74952


>posting your face

Do you have a death wish?

3edcdb  No.75077



you ever meet baby rebecca?>>74551

f3c538  No.75165

28 / M / Tucson, AZ / Straight

132257  No.75273

23 / M / Madison, WI / Bi/Curious

Looking for anything, Kik: Romantix95

3461d7  No.75285


Had to look them up as I wasn't sure but I don't think so.

File: e82c38ed8f86940⋯.jpg (110.85 KB, 1194x667, 1194:667, 75680.jpg)

67033a  No.68441[Reply]



what you are doing is wrong!

It can out a person and destroy her life

so she / he'll never produce this awesome content again!!

Reposting is okay as long as it stays on their platform,

but PLEASE don't post stuff from tumblr outside of tumblr!

And ALWAYS credit the creator!

Please don't remove the watermarks, since it devalues the days of work that go into a photo-shoot!

28 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3f87c1  No.69384


I'm going to assume you don't remember the name of the most famous abdl tumblr blog that existed, nor does anyone else

jesus fag, roleplaying even when the topic is being an asshole, that's a whole new level of desperation right there

508580  No.69390


whats stuck in your urethra today?

it was


ed5fb3  No.69453


Who gives a fuck, they're all sluts and bitches anyways. They just want money, it's a total sham. I hope the "industry" if that's what you want to call it, burns because of stealing

9e1056  No.69458

>open image


>paste into blank file

>author has one less image in his pocket now

If you don't want your stuff stolen, you make watermarks.

7c397e  No.75283

File: 4d91cd9d7316039⋯.jpg (588.23 KB, 957x1276, 3:4, 72736100_p0.jpg)

File: 09abdbd1521af93⋯.jpg (738.6 KB, 957x1276, 3:4, 72753054_p0.jpg)

File: 6d57f6005ec46d5⋯.png (127.58 KB, 2400x800, 3:1, watermark_plot.png)

File: d315bd93b3da6d4⋯.png (1.03 MB, 957x1276, 3:4, 72753054_removed.png)

Speaking of watermarks.

We have the first two images.

We plot some graphs.

We do some math.

And we end up with the fourth image.

File: 8447a78ce37d9d3⋯.png (9.6 KB, 1000x373, 1000:373, patreon_logo.png)

21b48d  No.69252[Reply]

Didn't realize the old thread hit the bump limit, so here's a new one.

Updated PrincessPottypants Patreon archive (https://mega.nz/#F!JKYGyQaS!x8gIfJfmLk0itnO90N36lw)


>October/November folders in one-offs/series

>Additions to Helping Mommy, Old Times Sake, Slumber Party, and The Transformation for Multi Month captions (The Transformation's addition is a short story, included via epub in both the multi month folder and stories folder, with the caption text included)

>New stories The Professor, Hippolyta's Long Night

>Updates to The Magic, The Pendant, Other End of the Rainbow, Valeries Education

>Conclusions of Welcome to the Dollhouse and The Reunion

I'd like to note that The Reunion has a really good climax, but a fucking terrible ending (it felt a lot like Most Magical Place on Earth). Both felt out of nowhere and are pretty inconclusive. Oh well.

96 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

206da5  No.75201


Checked yiff.party?

I am looking for this https://www.patreon.com/ABDLCheeks but it's not on there

7a0ab0  No.75214

File: c42bd4b52b41451⋯.jpg (269.26 KB, 1200x897, 400:299, 251053.jpg)


as a fellow soap patron, i honestly can't wait until this game is fucking done.

i hate it, i hate the premise of it, i hate the fact that it's a patreon thing that i get emails about.

I don't want the game, i don't want to see the game, i want to see soap doing what soap does best; drawing things, usually diapered.

>i think soap's artwork will get better when he's done working on the game

>pic related

724167  No.75223

File: e871644cb59fea2⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1980x1475, 396:295, Gwen_FA_03.png)


I like that he took a chance at making his game, but I do agree with you that I could care less about how it ends now. I've ignored everything about it since Chapter 2. But, I'm also happy he's gonna finish it. I think it will actually be the first ABDL game that has a full beginning, middle, and end. It felt like a real game, it had original ABDL content which was the main focus of the story. That's leaps and bound ahead of every other shit 75% incomplete ABDL game out there. But I do agree with you, I give my money every month for the art, not for the game.

8ee193  No.75237


Didn't see abdl of spank or treat or the new biweekly build

866876  No.75282


>I think it will actually be the first ABDL game that has a full beginning, middle, and end. I

rip lawfrim or whatever it was

File: 7f54c5f7b3acb1c⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1080x1669, 1080:1669, Rick_and_Morty_01.png)

File: e36cbe8734b8cd2⋯.png (1.68 MB, 980x1507, 980:1507, Rick_and_Morty_02.png)

File: 013887dc03c706f⋯.png (1.62 MB, 980x1508, 245:377, Rick_and_Morty_03.png)

File: c361768e2bf6e1e⋯.png (1.95 MB, 980x1508, 245:377, Rick_and_Morty_04.png)

File: 87a7b067f226571⋯.png (1.85 MB, 980x1508, 245:377, Rick_and_Morty_05.png)

09a176  No.55818[Reply]

Here you go fellow degenerates. Patreon leaked images just for you!

135 posts and 48 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

efc658  No.75101

Anymore to this comic yet>? Also it should be uploaded to exhentai.

1cdcc1  No.75110

File: c2a2a6827178cd5⋯.png (1.82 MB, 980x1508, 245:377, Rick_and_Morty_32.png)

File: b95f7e455b7d581⋯.png (1.96 MB, 980x1508, 245:377, Rick_and_Morty_33.png)

Here's the completed versions of the two WIPs that were posted.

257e90  No.75114


>mommy have to do the clean up

>mommy have to

>mommy is babby confirmed

e709dc  No.75118


Pretty sure he is french.

16e8f0  No.75281




Is there, or should there, really be any other use fort fetish comics? I mean, really…

File: 8560c2a228b4c6c⋯.jpeg (90.44 KB, 700x300, 7:3, 870029B5-A79B-49E5-B3AF-E….jpeg)

7ed13a  No.66792[Reply]

Backstory: 18(almost 19)male. Still live at home after graduating. My mom found a few packs of pink abdl diapers in my room.

She didn’t throw them out yet. She is pissed. She wants me to write a letter telling her how I can rectify this.

One funny anecdote: she said “how do we deal with this disgusting habit? Do I make you wear one around the house?How proud would you be then?” Obviously I said nah but its funny how religious and out of touch she is lol

66 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1e7b53  No.75149



3eeac8  No.75161

ceedce  No.75166


Pretty sure that line is saying not to think, talk, or reason like a child more than saying it's a sin to wear a diaper.

30adfd  No.75176

"So you like diapers huh? Well you're not leaving here until you pee a whole carton of diapers"

f2969b  No.75279


Make it a crate and we have a deal.

File: 47bce667dbb5cb1⋯.jpg (49.31 KB, 985x656, 985:656, 47bce667dbb5cb128965385282….jpg)

062f43  No.75189[Reply]

Old one hit bump limit.

6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

0f61b7  No.75253

how can I manage a high sex drive. I'm getting distracted by DL thoughts all day

7e42c2  No.75257


How high are we talking about here?

d505d8  No.75261


Well, you're cute!

d505d8  No.75264

Do y'all have any tips for soaking as much of a diaper as possible before it starts to leak? I point my penis down and try to tilt my body if I'm standing/sitting while I wet, but I still end up starting to leak once the diaper (Safari/BetterDry) is wet enough, even if the back 30% of it is completely dry. I know it's a common problem. Any tips?

655cb1  No.75278


Frequent, gripping scenarios that pop up every half hour or so

I don't want my thoughts to be centered around this, only when I find its appropriate I don't mind. It spoils my focus

File: 5aecf05f6b78c01⋯.jpg (59.96 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 20180727_170921-e153294098….jpg)

File: 1dffb8ceaf703fb⋯.jpg (78.34 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 20180727_170948-e153294101….jpg)

239647  No.75213[Reply]

So I just bought my first Cloth Diaper because I was kinda sick of running out of my disposables and having no money or having to wait till my next pack came in. I'm not sure what to expect. Do they hold wetness well? Good for messing? How do they feel after long term wear?

I bought the dotty diaper company pink cloth as pictured above.

LINK: https://www.thedottydiapercompany.co.uk/product/pink-cloth-diapers-4000ml/

4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

2eec36  No.75265

File: c4c31695fed6739⋯.jpg (61.31 KB, 1024x907, 1024:907, 7MM_White_HW_Snap_-_Front_….JPG)


Well I ordered the pair in the pic based on your suggestion to get some from changing times diaper co. Glad I checked here first.

7eb3b4  No.75266

The other option besides cloth like that, is going for pocket style cloth diapers. They use a waterproof outer layer made of PUL, and have a pocket you put an absorbent bit into.

I have one with little plastic snaps, rather than velcro. Velcro can kind of become a nightmare in the washing machine. I got mine from https://www.snap-ez.com/product-page/small-snap-ez-adult-regular-rise-pocket-diaper and have their inserts as well.

be41c8  No.75270

So I was thinking of purchasing a cloth diaper like op linked but I was intending to use one as a cover? Does anyone else do this and does can it work like that? I just thought it would be a cheaper way to double up.

2eec36  No.75272


Not a bad idea but you gotta know that sucker is pretty thick, kinda made for waddlin'. It would also hold the diaper underneath really close and tight to ya. No room for saggin.

c5e8f5  No.75276


I just started doing this and I love it. Really help keep me feeling cute when wearing something like a northshore megamax which are hyper absorbent but have an obnoxious logo.

But yeah like >>75272 points out they make you waddle like a duck and keep you snug as a bug.

File: e92a84706b1d5b7⋯.jpg (386.13 KB, 1076x1519, 1076:1519, 1.jpg)

File: 92a1d976e028b42⋯.jpg (344.79 KB, 1075x1518, 1075:1518, 2.jpg)

File: 55b9de0c810257d⋯.jpg (360.71 KB, 1075x1518, 1075:1518, 3.jpg)

File: 1970f96c1fedd31⋯.jpg (335.05 KB, 1075x1518, 1075:1518, 4.jpg)

9daecb  No.47845[Reply]

The other thread hit the bump limit

C93 starts tomorrow, the preview for Scandalous Act 9 was posted on twitter.



241 posts and 129 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

90556b  No.75168


Do you have any interest in translating coccos stuff?

a33fa8  No.75208


nah art is too wierd for me

b4f21f  No.75212


So I’m not the only one put off by that art…

d2b4af  No.75217


Absolutely not, it's bizarre. Getting and translating the last Scandalous act on the other hand!

5bb5d7  No.75269



I gave up on cocco forever when they made a comic that had nothing but three female characters in it and by the end, between them there had been four phalluses.

File: 4c2f92a69d35e05⋯.png (310.71 KB, 598x393, 598:393, Anotação.png)

5a14c7  No.67571[Reply]

someone have recent content of abdreams ????

120 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1a5dbf  No.75124

Sent a message and didn't hear anything, so I'll try here. throw_away_email@email.com, thanks!

771bdf  No.75160

I'll bite.


e3e389  No.75232


you do realize that anyone can just view that mail right ? this kind of defeats the purpose of hiding the link.

you can create a permanent anonymous mail with protonmail. it does not require a phone number or existing email to register.

4191ea  No.75260


Can you please send the link to naturevalleybars@airmail.cc

b98e53  No.75267



Thanks for the heads up, I used ProtonMail here.


File: 65d4582fac11e5c⋯.jpg (116.2 KB, 758x777, 758:777, IMG_20180905_202409.jpg)

f5d205  No.73565[Reply]

video request thread, starting with this

69 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

932ef4  No.75218

e7f549  No.75229




Thank you!

fd0964  No.75243


The video is right here mate


a24b8b  No.75259


Seconding this. Willing to see if I can fulfill some requests for DG content.

172011  No.75262

A bit unrelated, but does anyone have a working fboom leech site?

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