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File: 1411240670137.jpg (457.45 KB, 853x1280, 853:1280, This is what we like.jpg)


"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."
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Yes I'm sure playing the role of a wrinkly old fart really gets the ladies wet.

File: dcac565ff6d1a14⋯.png (811.16 KB, 836x647, 836:647, tumblr_ofrhputyoH1v920tjo1….png)


Anyone have one of these?

How well do they fit?

Would they hold up through the night?


Come on. Anyone?


What are these things?


There was an anon that bought one, basically they allow you to convert regular baby diapers to pull-ups. Can't remember if they said they were good or bad though.

File: d2e199255f312f4⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 410x390, 41:39, abdreams.gif)


Because onesies are cute as fuck.

I would have posted more but this is all I got after a HDD failure.

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Source on that first pic with Meg? What episode or context please? thanks can't find it.



Haven't watched Family Guy in years, but I remember one episode where the Nerdy Jew Blackmails Meg into dating him. Could it be from that?



The episode (had to look it up) is called 8 Simple Rules For Buying My Teenage Daughter, basically Meg ends up dating the son of the pharmacist to pay off Peter's debt to the pharmacy. The scene is where Meg has to try and put the guy's pyjamas on. Can't find a clip but really you're not missing much


File: ac0073a5a8e17f3⋯.png (107.01 KB, 1069x748, 1069:748, fc_2011___char_kigu_by_sto….png)

File: 613873700d6cebf⋯.png (141.39 KB, 1066x750, 533:375, fc_2011___fav_game_by_stor….png)

File: 002a3c3d05e3b97⋯.png (135.11 KB, 955x837, 955:837, fc_2011___friendship_is_ma….png)

File: c3beccfeb0f8c3d⋯.png (114.03 KB, 1060x753, 1060:753, fc_2011___kigu_pets_by_sto….png)

File: 41f1c95abb5573a⋯.jpg (80.82 KB, 522x651, 174:217, g0750.jpg)



stop trying to make me a babyfur!!! it's working

File: e897b22b53d2e8f⋯.jpg (34.31 KB, 514x800, 257:400, l_4011f877b5bc4d9c8dfab20d….jpg)


Old bread: >>32920

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i dont have thoes videos , im asking to see if anyone has them







Unfortunately I don't have them. I'm just asking if anyone here has them and could put up a mega link for them :)



anyone have Tara Tainton clips? She pulls them from the streaming sites petty quickly when they go up.


File: 931bc03b98d8dbc⋯.jpg (561.54 KB, 1000x627, 1000:627, toys-r-us-store.jpg)


Apart from diapers, pacifiers, and baby clothes, what helps you regress? Toys? Cartoons? Kids foods? I find that when I regress I unironically like kids stuff and desire to play with toys like legos and action figures

When I'm not regressed I enjoy many kids cartoons because apsergers reasons, but when I am regressed I can enjoy things like Dora the explorer

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as well as to find my page, of course



Please post here when you add more.



posted parts 5 to 8 just now


I figure I can ask this here as it's somewhat related.

Does anyone know where I can find cute summer pajamas? I've got footie pajamas but they're fleece and it's too hot now to wear them, but I still want to wear something cute to bed.



Second this, god damn, they are sleeping on the market for these. I resorted to unstitch one of my sleepers and cut the pieces into lighter fabric.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What do you think of this video?


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Yeah pretty much. Star takes the brunt of the criticism, and he doesn't dig into the horrendous lolcows, autists, and pedo run sites of our past.



Someone needs to tell Jim about the YABDL Fetlife drama.



… which government might that be???



Did he ever do a proper ABDL video. or was it just this toddlergirl drama?

File: 983034ec67af4d0⋯.png (20.83 KB, 1051x173, 1051:173, autism.PNG)


old thread is 404

found this on r/abdl, why does every cancer fan base crossover with this fetish. We have a surplus of autism as is

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Wow, that's fucked.


>People are already walking around in just underwear there, so another kind of underwear being displayed there won't hurt.

It's just inappropriate to subject non-consenting people to your fetish. It doesn't matter how many other people are doing it. Especially at a 'child-friendly' event.


Oh mannn I enjoy seeing that YABDLs have been crashing and burning and getting worse. After my break-up I figured Fetlife and YABDL was a good way to try to meet new people and potential relationships, wanted to check out their 4th of july party, asked questions about what to expect, what to bring, mentioned that I wasn't worried about vetting because that's never a big deal unless you're actually problematic (which I'm relatively sure I'm not, lmao)

Got totally lambasted and blown to pieces by every person there, creator included, and when I said that there was no information available (because there wasn't, save for previous years packing lists) I was called stupid and lazy and when the thread was asked to be closed, the mod said they were keeping it open so I could "continue to make a fool of (himself)"

Still see notifications of people I follow posting there and it all looks rage inducing. Fuck that group.



Got screencaps or a link to the thread?


File: f4bad3c2924a3db⋯.jpg (114.51 KB, 720x960, 3:4, lFRNjEM.jpg)

https://www.reddit com/r/ABDL/comments/6jqq87/i_was_in_the_chicago_pride_parade_and_i_need_to/?st=j4f8grkv&sh=5e18c0b1



This. The abdl community in general seems to have some serious mental health issues. This fetish is a fucking weirdo magnet. /r ABDL seems to have exchanged alot of the weirdos for sjw snowflake types, whilst forums like adisc or dailydiapers keep some of the more degenerate kinds(The ones that literally can't even complete a full sentence without sounding like complete trogs.). This is why I can't see myself ever actually trying to meet up with fellow abdls.

File: f5d5dcf82e423b0⋯.jpg (112.79 KB, 894x894, 1:1, HNI_0021.jpg)


I have been looking for alot of art of characters I would like to see in diapers and I get basically nothing. The picture shown is of a character from watamote,a show I really like, in a diaper and this one of the only pieces of art of her on the internet.

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I actually want to see more messy art of her due to there being only one piece of art.



Waiting for the day someone draws that.


File: dc576ee79fe3ac3⋯.png (65.85 KB, 600x675, 8:9, tomoko.png)



Just thinking about it brings back the good old days of the halfchan /d/ threads. Before the Exodus, and /aco/ split, and needless infighting about western artists.

Looking at the past with Rosecolored glasses, I guess. Better to move forward.


File: cf6c5950f671ec8⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1277x900, 1277:900, tumblr_os5tngKYNf1r5jxbso3….png)

File: a8f5edfd6bb8c44⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1277x900, 1277:900, tumblr_os5tngKYNf1r5jxbso2….png)

File: 675eedf492f49d5⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1277x900, 1277:900, tumblr_os5tngKYNf1r5jxbso1….png)




This is better than average for Merunyaa.

File: 0264d29c5db7152⋯.jpg (3.86 MB, 3724x1800, 931:450, the_diaper_games___by_blac….jpg)

File: 15e48ff8b2281b3⋯.jpg (934.2 KB, 2329x1800, 2329:1800, the_diaper_games____part_2….jpg)


Old thread >>1782

A few recomendations:

The Diaper Games by Aika:


Written by the creator of trap quest, this ongoing story sees two estranged friends forced to compete with each other in a game of diaper humiliation.

Wearing the Pants is a Privilege by Cowkites:


While almost everything by this author is great, this one is probably my favorite. A man is sissified and humiliatedby his girlfriend after making fun of her.

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Sarah decided Martin wouldn't mind if she cleaned his penis for him, and he wasn't going to be having anymore orgasms if she had anything to say anything about it. This was his last chance and he was happy to take it. First he uncrossed his legs, but he kept playing with the boat. Then he leaned back, onto his elbows so he was lying down, and watched Sarah. She smiled at him. Then he did something unsettling. He started to giggle, as if she was tickling him. It began to feel more wrong when his body hair started to thin out. This hairy man was looking more adolescent with each tug. Martin dropped his jaw and tried to sit up, staring at Sarah all the while with a big dopey smile. He grabbed the side of the tub, as if he was trying to bring himself closer. He took a deep breath in and his pelvis tightened up. "Ahfffffffffvvvvvv!" As he made his cumface, the span of his shoulders seemed to recede, and filled into his cheeks. Sarah took the wash cloth off and leaned on the tub. Martin lied back down, propped up on his elbows and burst into laughter. Sarah took a moment to collect herself, and watched Martin staring at her with his big dopey smile as he caught his breath.

Sarah looked at the wad floating around the bathwater and decided Martin had enough naked time. She fiddled with his toe. "You're pruning. We better get you out before you turn into a raisin."

He didn't respond. He didn't understand. He didn't care. She put his hand under his head. "Come on, sit up."

Martin understood the push, and sat up. Martin put his hand on the edge of the bathtub, and stood his feet up so he was in a squat. He stared at the tub for a moment. What Brianne hadn't told Sarah was that when Martin's age reduced, the Simplicity would still hold his mind back the same amount of time. With the mentality he had as a toddler, Martin was baffled as to why the tub wall would stand so low. If he didn't need to step on it to climb over, he wasn't sure what he had to do. It was good he took a moment before he figured out he could step over it, because he emptied his bladder into the bathwater.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.












Nice enough story, but couldn't you have posted it on something like pastebin so it's easier to follow?



I LOVE IT! Can't wait to see more!



You're right, I could have. I've set up an ello page for it, and will post the rest there. Thank you for the suggestion, dividing it was a hassle.




I like it so far as well

File: 7b2b3fb264a3888⋯.png (580.32 KB, 1280x1011, 1280:1011, 84e6a9238c6e8b392a0ad995e5….png)


Have not seen any threads specifically for hynotism with diaper messing and such so i thought why not make one

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File: 1a90a5238791d05⋯.png (229.65 KB, 1280x1255, 256:251, 1465115957170-1.png)


File: eb19cfc79834d42⋯.jpg (184.69 KB, 500x750, 2:3, tumblr_oqja86kvy31u5sinbo1….jpg)

File: 2acbd6e55b40d34⋯.jpg (475.48 KB, 1080x715, 216:143, tumblr_oqymgsyjmf1u5sinbo1….jpg)

File: 2cbd7cdc127fa59⋯.jpg (305.43 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, tumblr_orwj86YmEd1u5sinbo1….jpg)

File: e97cd8e458c312f⋯.jpg (335.13 KB, 1120x800, 7:5, 08393fe9d2552aab3ce4a7c2e3….jpg)

here is my collection =)


File: 28b7bd1ba94093b⋯.png (416.24 KB, 1045x660, 19:12, tumblr_oqjqupd21P1uudi5vo1….png)

File: 7aa6dbb85f2e725⋯.jpg (135.59 KB, 897x673, 897:673, babyhood.jpg)

File: ae6c8aba943acd8⋯.jpg (361.12 KB, 1187x800, 1187:800, 62aa9e52500111aab91704b01c….jpg)

File: f03395d20a17b97⋯.jpg (234.58 KB, 478x640, 239:320, tumblr_oqd7tamADe1u5sinbo1….jpg)

File: 51b822aad2c3d8a⋯.jpg (495.41 KB, 800x1080, 20:27, tumblr_oq0db6IOk91u5sinbo1….jpg)


File: bdee8319aafd9c3⋯.jpg (370.15 KB, 1280x829, 1280:829, tumblr_ofcedvMCDR1vilwlyo1….jpg)

File: a13e90672bd938c⋯.jpg (290.77 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, tumblr_ofcctbcD5Q1vilwlyo1….jpg)

File: acfdb896e6aecef⋯.jpg (63.58 KB, 550x358, 275:179, diaper_witch_captio-8794.jpg)

File: 18b79424d745764⋯.png (1.13 MB, 2000x720, 25:9, 7d7a089d4df043b622fc234d69….png)

File: fb053013054c3ea⋯.jpg (260.04 KB, 500x666, 250:333, tumblr_on4ozjpMO51u5sinbo1….jpg)


File: f492f84d5144c92⋯.jpg (363.99 KB, 1011x1280, 1011:1280, tumblr_ok9ipfrzM11vjh1uto2….jpg)

File: f82398b4beef79d⋯.jpg (292.8 KB, 800x953, 800:953, fd4834306781f6a1b8249201f4….jpg)

File: b71abb7abbe325a⋯.jpg (249.3 KB, 1067x800, 1067:800, 7553ed562dcff46fa466bb72b3….jpg)

File: 1b410f8e704bf47⋯.jpg (212.53 KB, 1050x800, 21:16, 99ecba80ba29e075a9de57c194….jpg)

File: 46e7dceb45e1203⋯.jpg (45.43 KB, 250x375, 2:3, tumblr_nzo9v60udp1s06h2po6….jpg)

File: 56566daf67d0b07⋯.png (128.73 KB, 644x910, 46:65, 001.png)


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Volume 1 comes out on July 20, at which point you could import it from Japan.



>hand holding

At this point I don't even wanna jerk off, this shit is 2pure.



so you're saying we should buy it, but not have it shipped to our country.

…like we should buy it as a gift and have it delivered to someone that lives in japan.

I like it!



come on anon, don't hold out on us



It literally just has zipped versions of the images I already posted in a different thread. Either spend the ~10 minutes it takes to download them yourself manually, or write a script to automate the process.

File: a5299013315e8db⋯.jpg (105.36 KB, 512x912, 32:57, AUUAFBKI0U72ROORV33HTVT3JT….jpg)

File: 886a8d312c85048⋯.jpg (99.49 KB, 512x912, 32:57, GDREME0GABMBJA67SIQGJ2OPIR….jpg)


Came upon this site that can colorize sketches in just a few seconds, and does a pretty decent job of it about half the time (other half it just colors things randomly and looks like shit).


Thought I'd share two Sketchman comic panels I put through it that turned out really well.

Would be interested in seeing other sketches put through, but I don't have anything saved.

7 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 9858829d14ba809⋯.jpg (68.96 KB, 614x512, 307:256, NHG1YGEEJQ70W9V51WS67M6GEB….jpg)

File: b7232e8a223701f⋯.png (90.43 KB, 1024x853, 1024:853, poopy_pants_on_deck__by_th….png)

And that's the last of them.


File: 707263fe4bf83bd⋯.jpeg (34.55 KB, 408x680, 3:5, C17_9_LUoAA19eY-1.jpeg)

File: 0fece7e3c7cda14⋯.jpg (97.68 KB, 512x853, 512:853, NYBD8YK149LCLV8WTGG5YA3VVF….jpg)

File: 86532b7f5ed9f74⋯.jpg (118.4 KB, 1200x933, 400:311, DBDWEmRVYAEA9AQ.jpg)

File: 02ca2778f7a4caa⋯.jpg (111.08 KB, 658x512, 329:256, LB34XKK728NS898ECECV8PV2CT….jpg)

Some more coloring.


aaaaaand this thread went the way of the autist



In what way?





File: 1451363942418.jpg (194.91 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 040030335377-1p.jpg)


Comiket 89 starts tomorrow and Act 6 of Scandalous by Atelier Lunette will be coming out. Sadly, to my knowledge, no one ever translated Act 6.

Is this the case or does it have an English translation? If not, anyone up to it?

221 posts and 103 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 59d071f925036fe⋯.png (93.99 KB, 400x460, 20:23, baka_early.png)


They're by far the best way of sharing content.


I'm visiting Japan this week. I had some extra time so I went to a couple of doujin shops and managed to pick up Scandalous 8 and the new trap doujin. I'll scan it when I'm back home. It's much better than the previous trap doujin.



And the art doesn't stop coming either. There's a new Sisters comic on the way now:



File: 38c91d4e5c5b7f0⋯.jpg (79.74 KB, 560x420, 4:3, Bib.jpg)

File: 10e405b18fe2878⋯.jpg (92.91 KB, 560x420, 4:3, Joker.jpg)

File: bc55d5e60bb14ff⋯.jpg (170.32 KB, 317x450, 317:450, Milk.jpg)

File: 5d3ade34fc58746⋯.jpg (108.21 KB, 426x600, 71:100, Doujin.jpg)

Can somebody try to scan/buy these doujinshi? Four of them involving Diaper/Infantilism and it quite sad that nobody scan them yet



JOKER by 虹色百花


ミルクぴゅっぴゅのお時間でちゅよ? ~ヤレちゃう! オトナの保育園~(2)





File: eea94c9088815a2⋯.jpg (93.96 KB, 600x600, 1:1, NISSAN.jpg)

NISSAN FAIR RADY Z by 三毛にマゲ need to be scanned due to Diaper Fetish




File: a47101c02b75fed⋯.jpg (794.13 KB, 1100x981, 1100:981, tumblr_oa1k5n5hc21tw3dolo1….jpg)

File: f8ed849750e2ec5⋯.jpg (488.28 KB, 898x966, 449:483, tumblr_odueeqbbVW1tw3dolo1….jpg)

File: 7f052a48e5013b5⋯.jpg (669.48 KB, 1000x1035, 200:207, tumblr_o37by53TMR1tw3dolo1….jpg)

File: ee06272fa4ac2c8⋯.jpg (831.41 KB, 900x1532, 225:383, tumblr_nrsyzb3N8C1tw3dolo1….jpg)

File: 8b182ecf25c9709⋯.jpg (704.32 KB, 1052x1100, 263:275, tumblr_nmhbubIKsN1tw3dolo1….jpg)


I really like this artist, how about you guys? I don't suppose anyone out there has any her of patreon stuff?


Seconding this.


I quite like her but she releases new stuff on her tumblr so infrequently nowadays


That art is kind of shit. It's an aesthetic opinion, but I find all of those characters deeply unattractive. It's exactly what I'd expect from a female artist on tumblr.



>I quite like her but she releases new stuff on her tumblr so infrequently nowadays

Thus is the cancer of Patreon. Why bother releasing stuff for free at all when you can get paid for it….even though you built up a fanbase by doing precisely that.

TL;DR, thank Patreon for creating a giant bubble of bait and switch.



Patreon will be a lot less popular once the taxman wakes up to the existence of the internet.

File: 1462600933006.jpg (732.67 KB, 1050x1680, 5:8, hypnosis_02_clean_by_sketc….jpg)


Last thread is saging, there hasn't been a lot of new material out there but I still think we should keep an active thread around.

So, something awesome happened two nights ago.

I went to bed with my paci, plushie and diapers listening to Sleep like a babyboy from mylittlelullabye and left on queue Babypants aceptance, regressed arousal and bedwetter to loop during the night.

I woke up in the middle of the night, holding my teddy, lying on my side with pressure building in my bladder (the file playing on that moment was regressed arousal) because I was afraid of leaks I switched position and changed to lying on my back then I simply let go. It was an AMAZING feeling.

I think I want to start a new routine doing the exact same so I can duplicate the result and even improve it :D


you should look for files in WarpMymind from wohermiston, he usually walks you through that sort of scenario.

253 posts and 45 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I had to stop listening to Obedience and Crying for exactly that reason. It is one of the most powerful effects I have experienced from self hypnosis, and began to affect my day to day life and truly change my personality in a way nothing else has. I wish I could pursue it further but it would ruin my relationship with my Mommy, who is a excellent domme but not so much of a caretaker.


I thought I might be having an emotional crisis actually, files aside, good to know that it was most likely the influence I was receiving nightly due to some unexpected training on my part. Just like the, potty training nights, training not associated to sexual gratification seems to be the one I can experience easier.


Thank you for commenting your experience anon, would you mind sharing a couple of things that changed in your behavior during the time you listened to the file?

Anyway, I hope you can experience the nicer and cuter side of things with your mommydomme



Oh not just when I listened to the file. Some things linger today. I literally never cried at movies or television shows before training with that file. Now I tear up at the stupidest shit.


I've got little accidents, i'm looking to trade publicly for baby clothing or staying wet! ♥


I'm way into Hypno stuff, anyone got a good site for POV pictures or something? Not as into bed wetting as I should be, closest thing I've found is a maniap from HypnoHub, and even that's just calling the viewer baby. http://hypnohub.net/post/show/47122

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