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File: 9a73c72c4dedec4⋯.gif (2.16 MB, 503x373, 503:373, running to adults 2.gif)

File: 02140bb81c03764⋯.png (4.15 KB, 145x189, 145:189, tropical cutie.png)

File: 6082091644da457⋯.gif (3.16 MB, 503x373, 503:373, 6082091644da457a823f5e07df….gif)

File: f3bb08409cceecb⋯.png (2 MB, 1962x4595, 1962:4595, 839513cc353328ba1ea6f2a05c….png)

5f1096  No.31931

Main development thread for Sim Loli

IRC channel: #simloli on irc.rizon.net - webclient link: https://qchat.rizon.net/?channels=simloli (but it's advisable to use your own client since the webclient isn't too great). Remember to wait for a while sine you won't get an instant response.

5f1096  No.31932

File: ab277e4f8a75af7⋯.gif (880.87 KB, 489x364, 489:364, kinder_flash.gif)

File: 793fe55e08503fe⋯.gif (161.66 KB, 489x364, 489:364, dress_flash.gif)

Also I can't seem to delete any of my posts in the old thread, and it hit the post limit, so I can't make a post there to link to this thread.

As for progress, have a quick teaser of some flashing scenes. I'll elaborate them layer, but I just wanted something quick to show off the art.


Just wait. There was that much of a wait between the other versions basically. Well, 8 months from 0.1 to 0.2 then a long time from 0.2 to 0.3


Yeah, I'm pleased with his work. He can do it a lot faster than I could too - I would spend like 12 hours on a single naked pose... mostly just changing the face for like 11 hours since it always looked awful, even after getting help from others. I can draw bodies but not faces.

3f214f  No.31934

Holy fuck Anon you're still alive. I remember your thread since I fucking started 2nd year in college.

70e296  No.31964

File: 43b67cbe4c1fb3f⋯.png (162.11 KB, 393x446, 393:446, 1464474714482-0.png)


Mr. Lolidev, I heard rumors about you long ago but only recently discovered this board. You're making the game I've been waiting ages for. Godspeed to you.

527031  No.31970

welcome back, lolidev. is the original thread bumplocked? I'd prefer you continuing from there if it isn't

736628  No.31972


>Just wait

just what actually prevents you from releasing a new build?

seriously people don't care if it's "incomplete". besides, it would help catch some bugs


>is the original thread bumplocked

it is though

527031  No.31974


>it is though

yeah sorry. It's 750 now and that thread is at 751

fd7a37  No.31977

Its a great game so far, though I would tone the police presence down a tiny bit so you aren't running into a cop every two seconds and so it doesn't look like the town is under martial law without even a single girl missing. The heavy police presence seems to be impacting performance as well. I have a computer with RAM in the double digits and a high end CPU and GPU, we're talking the top of the line Intel 6th gen CPU and an Nvidia 10 series GPU, but there are occasions where the FPS in the game drops to the obvious single digits and options become essentially unresponsive due to lag keeping choices from registering.

70e296  No.31978

File: 03a9090ed9449f5⋯.png (486.97 KB, 704x802, 352:401, 1517283736801.png)


Something's wrong with your computer, dude. You could run this game on a calculator.

fd7a37  No.31979


Its not my computer, I run much more graphically intense games at a solid 60 frames on a consistent basis. This one does run smoothly most of the time, but does have occasional issues and it always slows down after a certain amount of time, around the 5pm mark on the first day in game. It seems to coincide with loli NPCs bunching up and getting stuck in some places as well as when I get six cops on screen all at once trying to kill me when they shouldn't even know I did something since I was never seen in the act of kidnapping, raping, or molesting. Yes, I am well aware that the police mechanic is working as designed in terms of not having to be caught in an illegal act, it just gets annoying when my health drops in seconds with little chance of escape.

fd7a37  No.31980


Oh, also forgot to mention that only the game slows down. I can minimize it and everything else runs at full speed while the game is active.

70e296  No.31981


I've never had that problem. Are you sure you're running the latest version?

c85aad  No.31982

If anyone's wondering - I"m reading the threat often, I just don't want to rapidly reply to comments and would prefer to bunch up a bunch a long with a progress post as to not hit the bumplimit too fast.


Did you graduate yet?


It is, and for some reason it isn't even letting me delete previous posts of mine, so I can't even make a post linking to this thread...

I didn't even know /agdg/ had an absolute post limit. I knew we had a ~300 post bumplimit, and it hit that bumplimit when I posted the demo (it got like 250 posts in a couple days..), but I figured the thread would continue onward on its way to page 15 (it's only on page 6 now) instead of getting completely locked at 750 or whatever posts.


>just what actually prevents you from releasing a new build?

It's actively missing content that was in the previous build due to refactoring the scheduling system in anticipation of some new features (see >>31370 and >>31523 and >>31651 and >>31536)

Also, if I release too often the updates feel meaningless.


Nah, there are certain things, especially in that demo that can be intensive like the path calculation. I've hopefully mitigated a lot of it now, but it's certainly not that light since I simulate the entire town at once (on purpose). If it's a gigantic issue I could approximate events outside the player's area and only process exactly what's close, but I'd rather do the entire town.





>Its a great game so far, though I would tone the police presence down a tiny bit so you aren't running into a cop every two seconds

Are you a cuck?

If you enable NTR in the fetish menus, it increases police presence by about 100-fold just fyi, so that you're constantly cock-blocked by cops.

Also if you play as certain darker-skinned players the police will be more hostile than normal, since y'know it's an accurate simulation

Also on nvidia GPUs as discussed extensively in the previous thread >>26682 there's weird slow-downs which seem to happen especially on high-end machines.

fd7a37  No.31983


I do have the ntr option enabled, but had no idea that was what it does. I'll disable that then since and see if the lower police count helps me at all. The fact that I have an Nvidia GPU might be the cause of the single digit FPS slow downs, I wonder what's causing it to react so poorly to them.

70e296  No.31986


Every board has a bump limit, it's in the site's code. 750 is the max.

70e296  No.31987


I mean post limit, fuck me.

fd7a37  No.31988

I've got a crash to report that happens when taking a kid to a more private area and bringing her to orgasm during your "inspection." It happens when you switch from being doctor to patient and it doesn't give you any chance to interact. It crashes as soon as you offer to switch roles. It is somewhat random as in it doesn't always happen, its more like every three times you go through that specific set of interactions.

fd7a37  No.31989


Oh, forgot to mention this is in the current latest build, just mentioning it in case it hasn't been reported so it can be looked into for next release.

d43e44  No.31990


>I simulate the entire town at once (on purpose). If it's a gigantic issue I could approximate events outside the player's area and only process exactly what's close, but I'd rather do the entire town.

What the fuck, you're just wasting resources for the hell of it, the house and school doesn't change place so you should be caching those paths at the very start, you could also cache how long does it take to finish the path so you have an accurate position by function of time, anything that's far enough from the player should only check if enough time has passed to finish its path then teleport, the simulation will stay correct, I don't remember the game being multithreaded so wasting cpu time before you implement everything is pretty bad, I liked how it can run on old machines.

c85aad  No.31992


>he went out of his way to go into an obscure menu to NTR himself and then complains about it after



I fixed it 2 months ago (I believe, depending on where the crash is you're experiencing, but there was a crash in dialogue near there). That gitgud is not mine and is not maintained by me. It was just someone mirroring stuff.


I am caching the paths, just not in the current build. It's part of the new schedule system mentioned in >>31982

And the paths were 90%+ of the time anyway (they're calculated asynchronously on a separate thread and don't stop the main thread, it's just NPCs will sit still while calculating).

Non-schedule-related paths are not cached since those are sporadic.

>you could also cache how long does it take to finish the path so you have an accurate position by function of time, anything that's far enough from the player should only check if enough time has passed to finish its path then teleport

I am. It's in the other thread. That was the point of the scheduling refactor, to enable teleporting. However that was more for time-advances.

> I don't remember the game being multithreaded so wasting cpu time

The main loop is on a single thread, but pathing is calculated on separate worker threads.

fd7a37  No.31997


I'm aware the git isn't official, I didn't get it there except to try it and see if they made any improvements, there weren't any I could see when comparing the two, so I deleted that and went back to the latest official build. As for the crash, I wouldn't know if it was fixed since this is my first build of the game. It just happens pretty often, too often to be a coincidence. It happens right on the transition between being the doctor and being the patient, the very moment you select the option to do so. Now, it does also randomly crash as well on occasion, but that is totally different and is probably my machine not playing nice with the game, as usual. This one, the interaction crash, is fairly consistent, though.

70e296  No.31999

When you impregnate lolis in this build, are the babies always female or can you make shotas?

5cc750  No.32000

Just chiming in to say I'm glad this game has some semblance of an actual name, now. Not very imaginative, but at least it's something.

bd4aee  No.32013

I don't actually see a way to play it...

000000  No.32014


You can get it here https://gitgud.io/Stuffedgame/SimLoli/

Can't wait for the update. I'll try to mess around with the profiler with the new version and see if I can find what causing so many problems. I noticed at 3 pm I get like 0-1 fps.

fabeac  No.32032

>>31992 Getting error 'Error (Uncaught exception occured:

Runtime interpreter error: Cannot compare String to non-String, or cannot compare uninitialized values) on line number 25 in file std::cerr)'

Thing is, I at a glance can't find anything wrong with the code in there. With version 0.3.2 btw

b440c4  No.32033

Is there a patreon?

How can I support this game dev?

7641ad  No.32042

Has anyone built this using Visual Studio 17? The nested subdirectories are giving the IDE fits. My build has over 500 errors, most of which are not being able to find a header file that are nested three levels deep.

e4424a  No.32043

File: 1a7756b66e9f8d4⋯.gif (1.62 MB, 489x373, 489:373, pee_wip.gif)

WIP peeing scene.


> It just happens pretty often, too often to be a coincidence.

It's not a coincidence. My bet is it's one of the crashes that I fixed in there 2 months ago. It happens if you get a bossy girl that demands to be doctor in the first place too or not? (they are less common). Either way, any dialogue crashes aren't really worth looking into for your time right now since they've likely been fixed anyway.

>but that is totally different and is probably my machine not playing nice with the game, as usual

Check the failedasserts.txt file after a crash and see if there's anything there. If there is that could help.


Only females. Or maybe some are male (XY chromosome), but they are still basically female in every other way.


It's had this name for the entirety of the project. Long before I posted about it anywhere.


Yeah, I'm 99% sure that's the one I had fixed 2 months ago.


Right now, no. The game violates patreon's ToS anyway.


I develop it on that. I always address includes as relative to /src/. You need to put /libs/ and /src/ as include directories.

If you were already doing that, then it's also possible you are running into a Windows issue when a file path has more than 256 characters - are you storing the game somewhere already in a deep file hierarchy?

70e296  No.32044


>Only females. Or maybe some are male (XY chromosome), but they are still basically female in every other way.

I'd like to see shotas at some point in the future, for no other reason than because it'd be cool to start my own personal race from scratch.

fd7a37  No.32049


On checking failed asserts, there was one line.

>Failed assertion (!path.empty()) on line number >48 in file rc\Pathfinding\Path.cpp

80f2e3  No.32054

Is it planned at some point to have accurate reactions from lolis that are taken to your basement by force? It irks me how lolis act like nothings happened after waking up in my basement, or after being wakefully dragged there.

d5af1c  No.32055

A bit of an off topic, but would you consider returning back to era games? Your skills will be very welcome. Also I'm sorry for making it look like you're unwelcome there.

t. idiot who insulted you

5f3f1f  No.32056

File: 737ecfd32377a60⋯.jpg (41.31 KB, 453x455, 453:455, b4c3fcb88c08e21d7118dbb6e5….jpg)

Interested in how you structure your codebase, do you use something like an ECS? The more detail the better, satiate my autism pls

b440c4  No.32061


>structure your codebase

Are you first year CS student or what?

0cbc0f  No.32063


i know i'm being relentless, but why won't you just open your repo?

b976da  No.32064


Can't you just fork it and then merge request?

2639f2  No.32065

File: b8c49136ade0e6e⋯.png (112.12 KB, 1131x477, 377:159, 1534448047731.PNG)

Can we get more police? Because this is clearly not enough.

7641ad  No.32068


No police would be a nice option. ENF would also be nice

ddc1e6  No.32070

File: 210aa51567ed06e⋯.png (24.17 KB, 1327x293, 1327:293, 1534491057337.PNG)


09d8f5  No.32072

dd stand for daddy dom, not for dad-daughter

831715  No.32073

File: 9b508b757190658⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 489x373, 489:373, anim_demo.gif)

Okay here's some exploratory work on adding animations into the game. Thoughts?


It's been discussed numerous times, likely even in the old thread (>>26682) somewhere. I don't want to add in shota sex due to it doubling art / writing almost. Also it's Sim LOLI not Sim Shota. I did however bring up the idea of having them as non-molestable but still semi-interactable. This is for stuff like selective breeding. You could get a loli/shota to have sex for breeding purposes (since the player's DNA is fixed). Although if I do this, it'd probably be a pretty big disappointment for a lot of people if they impregnate a girl and then end up with a shota...

I even thought about allowing lolis to mate with lolis, but that kind of throws realism out the window.


Likely unrelated and leftover from something else then I guess, since that is 100% unrelated to anything happening in dialogue.




era games? I'm not sure what you are talking about. Is it a general on 4chinz? I only remember posting on /dgg/, AGDG, /jp/'s OC drawthreads, /weg/ regularly, and /stg/ less commonly, and I think /hgg/ once.


No, I don't use ECS. You can find (outdated) source code in the (not mine! a mirror of the Christmas demo) gitgud there.

I general I've got an Entity base class, which can be broken up into things like Car, NPC, etc.Within these they can have their own states, like for NPC a NPCState, although I only use this for very broad-phase states. For the actual AI a given state might have a behavior tree that controls how it acts.

Every Entity lives within a Scene typically. I have a network of Scenes (like game levels, rooms, etc) contained within a World.

In general though I don't use a tonne of inheritance and try to keep the Entity subclasses very general. NPC handles every single NPC, and only their state determines how they behave differently, plus whatever Drawables get registered (likely by the states) to the Entity.


The police count depends on how many crimes have been reported. If you go on a crime spree you'll have a lot on your ass.

The levels are:

No notoriety: 3 cops

Some crimes: 9 cops

More crimes: 23 cops

Lots of crimes: 42 cops

Of course, if you enable NTR mode you'll be cockblocked and get 100 cops all the time.


Pretty sure it would get reported for violating the ToS on the website I'm using for it.


ENF = Embarrassed Naked Female?

Do you mean a mode to make the girls naked? Or do you mean to change the AI so they act more embarrassed?

Or does ENF mean something else?

caf226  No.32074

File: ba1f0e74f686dcf⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 415.91 KB, 489x373, 489:373, anim_demo_optimized.gif)


I don't know what you're using to make the gifs, but I was able to losslessly compress it to ~30% of original size. Took about 10 seconds using FileOptimizer on the '9' preset. Would help load times for anons on 250K internet like me.


caf226  No.32075


On another note, it might help you out with game assets as well. Additionally it'd cut your upload time, too

fd7a37  No.32076


The crash coming right on selecting that could be just coincidental timing that just looks like it happens because I went through that specific set of steps to get to that specific interaction, not sure.

ed143d  No.32089


Fuck off it's called sim LOLI not sim shota

421eec  No.32090



56488a  No.32091

File: 602da6ab1c0b12f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 10.79 KB, 811x500, 811:500, Screenshot (30).png)


>pussy and anus no longer visible when they're on all fours

>blue penis

otherwise, neat

ed143d  No.32093


Kill yourself

4dc615  No.32095


Wait, the "newest" update is from half a year ago or am I looking at the wrong thing here?

70e296  No.32096


>I did however bring up the idea of having them as non-molestable but still semi-interactable. This is for stuff like selective breeding. You could get a loli/shota to have sex for breeding purposes (since the player's DNA is fixed).

That's exactly what I had in mind. I for one would very much like to see it.

41b773  No.32097

File: d9df7e8eae23d8c⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.46 KB, 256x192, 4:3, h3P96eV.gif)

File: ecb1a3327af0cfd⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 506x368, 11:8, fade 4.gif)

Alright, I cleaned up the fade-in transitions between portraits. Thoughts? Also refactored the animation system to allow more freedom like partial animations (you can see that with the insert one stopping halfway), out-of-order frame execution, non-uniform frame length etc. It's all now in a JSON file so you'll be able to add new animations/etc without touching the .exe This will also reduce filesizes since we can re-use frames by changing the JSON instead of duplicating in the .png. I guess later I'll also make a insert-to-thrust transition animation that starts midway so it doesn't magically reappear outside when you start thrusting for the very first time.



I use licecap to record. It shouldn't have any impact on the game filesize since it's all .png saved with other programs.


Like I said, there was a crash in that area fixed that happened randomly in the reverse-doctor route (where she tries to pleasure you). I'm pretty sure that's it.


I think he wants them for the purpose of more freedom in terms of selective breeding, since otherwise you've got 50% of the DNA fixed as your own. (I clump up replies until I have some progress to post alongside them. He replied ( >>32096 ) in the meantime, confirming this)


>pussy and anus no longer visible when they're on all fours

This (1st pic) was an alternative animation considered for doggystyle.

b1e187  No.32098


That's not loli's ass on that animation, that's a fully sized grown woman's ass.

fd7a37  No.32099


Actually, I just got one in the reverse doctor as soon as I hit cum, but this one is definitely random since I have done that action before without a crash. I'm staying away from the other one for now and just doing what I know hasn't crashed on me consistently yet.

852759  No.32112


>This (1st pic) was an alternative animation considered for doggystyle.

Both are not that great.

99b3f0  No.32114


>Pretty sure it would get reported for violating the ToS on the website I'm using for it.

Isn't gitgud's whole appeal that they're just some anons who have zero rules?

70e296  No.32115


Zero rules =/= loli-friendly. Just look at the mods on halfchan, or here for that matter.

2bea07  No.32118

New version when

72f06f  No.32123



725ec3  No.32132

File: b21501e5de51029⋯.gif (1.71 MB, 491x374, 491:374, dungeon edit now.gif)

File: 9a73c72c4dedec4⋯.gif (2.16 MB, 503x373, 503:373, running to adults 2.gif)

For dungeon editing, I'm not sure if I should stick to the mouse/GUI based interface (1st gif related).

Someone suggested removing the GUI interface and having the player walk around the cell manually adding/removing squares ala minecraft/etc, and manually dragging lolis (or asking them to follow you) in between cells.

What are your thoughts on this?


-more personal investment into your dungeon

-more gamepad friendly

-would gel better with existing controls


-more tedious

-GUI is already partially implemented

-GUI be more convenient for a way to open up the NPC status GUIs

Also, you probably won't be carving out massive dungeons or anything, so the tediousness might not be too significant.

I'm not sure if it would go into some freeze-the-world editing mode or keep it fully in-gameplay either.

Also for more context, here's some more normal gameplay (2nd gif). There's an Action Chooser you can pop up (Q on kb/m, or Y on gamepad (although you can rebind all controls)) which has 2 categories: Actions, Items.

If I do dungeon editing without a GUI, I could do something like having 3 root-level choices:


- Choose (picks which one you'd be currently placing, would bring up a list menu like in the GUI)

- Place

- Remove

* Excavate:

- Dig out

- Fill in

* Floor

- Choose (would bring up a list menu)

- Set

I could also have a dedicated edit-mode with its own custom controls instead of reusing the action chooser though.

I could even keep both, and have the mouse GUI for marking areas to be mined out by slave-lolis or something, but let the player do it himself to do it faster (or to save whatever negative effects on morale/etc that forcing lolis to dig their own dungeon might have).

I totally get that it sounds tedious, but I feel like the player also might not be digging up that much of the dungeon. I mean think about it, for each cell you build you'll need to kidnap loli(s) for it, which takes quite a long time already.


It was meant for the middleschooler (11.5-14yo) only, not the kinder (3.5-7.5) or elem (7.5-11.5).


Just stop worrying about it.


Well, I can add in an option to swap the blue for the player's skin tone too.

70e296  No.32133


>Someone suggested removing the GUI interface and having the player walk around the cell manually adding/removing squares ala minecraft/etc, and manually dragging lolis (or asking them to follow you) in between cells.

I like the interface the way it is.

>I'm not sure if it would go into some freeze-the-world editing mode or keep it fully in-gameplay either.

I think keeping it fully in-gameplay is pointless unless you want to make editing the dungeon take a realistic amount of time, and I think that would be too cumbersome.

fd7a37  No.32135


Yeah, the crashes don't affect much right now, so its not really that big a deal. Anyway, for the question of GUI vs no GUI, I'd stick with the GUI just because it is already partly implemented and it is already kind of easy to work with, plus it means no real mechanical change as far as how the player operates the game from outside to the dungeon.

ed0176  No.32139

Any release coming soon?, I need it pretty please.

fd7a37  No.32147


December last I heard.

b45673  No.32159

You are a legend anon, keep it up!

000000  No.32164


May i give a couple Suggestions?

X-Ray Option: You know to see hot part of the creaming, especially the womb thing

also anal or deepthroad

Taking picture: that would be like the trophy, depending on the action , a Higher quality picture of the scene, and face.

Like for blowjob a picture of the girl sitting with for example , semen on her breast/tummy, and one of the face that depending on mood/emotional situation would be, Smiling, neutral, crying , scared , of with a devilish smile and tongue out.

same for sex scene but adding also Ahegao, or sleeping from exhaustion.

those picture should be saved when used said option and kept in the save.

keep the good work boy.

also the game seems like it has turned in something completely different so far, art and gameplay seems so damnt good that i beg you to post the glitchiest update, but give us one, December is too far away.

70e296  No.32165


I think he was planning on making it possible to produce porn. That'd be a cool way for the player to make money at any rate. Maybe you'd get requests for certain types of scene through the internet and get bonuses for fulfilling them.

ed143d  No.32166


To add on to suggestion, I'd like if we could get a job at the school could lead to some school specific scenes too

70e296  No.32167

I guess now's a good time to butt in with an idea that's been floating around in my head. It'd be cool if cumming in lolis replenished your health. It would make the gameplay more interesting and add extra lulz as well. You could have it that way from the beginning or make a quest or something to unlock it.

78e29d  No.32168

File: 79dc96c6e24446b⋯.jpeg (41.18 KB, 500x500, 1:1, police.jpeg)

61c6d4  No.32221

Anybody got any gameplay

08695b  No.32224

File: 44a7b0e21034841⋯.gif (3.92 MB, 491x374, 491:374, sleep in bed.gif)

File: a985ecd3a705eb6⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 7.34 KB, 512x192, 8:3, tP6raMa.png)

Working a bit on post-kidnapping stuff again. They'll now actually sleep instead of just staying up 24/7 after you kidnap them. I'll make them interact with other things you put in the room too (ie bookcase, tv, etc) later. 1st pic.

Although I think I need to work on the dialogue for post-kidnapping to make them be scared/defiant/etc at first.


>X-Ray Option

Been considered. The artist did mock up a more close-up insertion picture as well, see pic 2.

>Taking picture:

Already existed. See the previous thread for a gif of it. I had also already added the functionality into dialogue as well, and had partially-implemented a posing/modeling type of scene. There's no ability to do it in general scenes though, since then you'd have to handle the loli reacting to it, etc. The posing/etc scene was meant to be one way to produce pictures to sell/put out for pedo cred/money on the internet once I bring that back. While not implemented, a video functionality could also be done later, but that would be very low priority.

>December is too far away.

But it's the perfect time to release! It's when all the lolis are happiest. I suppose Halloween is probably a close second though.


Yes, I was. I've mentioned it quite a few times before.


Something specific like this is not planned. While a 'disguise' system was considered in relation to the suspicion system (think the Hitman games), ie dressing up as a janitor to get into the school during school hours without suspicion. I already have a zoning system relating to the suspicion system, and the school is a differnet one, and furthermore the bathrooms of each gender are different (ie going into the wrong gender one is suspicious), the teacher's lounge is different, and the janitor's closet too. The working as a teacher thing sounds complicated, from a realistic gameplay perspective too. She would know who you are, etc and you'd get insta-v&.


There's already a bandage item anyway that could be used to do that. Sleeping could be made to do that too I guess. Plus, it's a stealth eroge anyway, not an action one. If you're getting shot at, you're probably fucked anyway.

ed143d  No.32228


Since suggestions were being thrown around how about the ability for the player to break into homes at night and molest lolis in their sleep?

465f00  No.32238


The animation is ok, but it needs to be the first in a series. Like this is him getting started and he needs to pick up the pace. A good fucking animation has an impact to it. Not an even cycle, but a thrust and then a recovery. Think almost like a teardrop shape. It's a quick sharp movement followed by the rounded out recovery before going back into the sharp movement.

f6300c  No.32239


The alternative for doggy is a lot nicer considering it at least allowes you to see something, but >>32091 still has the best perspective for it.

cb011a  No.32240


>You know to see hot part of the creaming, especially the womb thing

Why would you suggest an unrealistic animu trope in a game where the dev has gone to an autistic amount of detail to simulate (certain aspects of) reality?

70e296  No.32241


I think we can reach a compromise here. How about adding an xray feature but keeping the creaming realistic? Instead of shooting up into the womb it would just spray into the cervix.

7e8c3c  No.32252

Any possibility for some more dominant lolis? After all, some of them can be rather precocious, and the older ones might just know what you're going for and be interested, too, or seek you out.

5e0ecf  No.32261

File: b96698d9940d417⋯.jpeg (4.17 KB, 188x164, 47:41, 4ed1d74cfaf1de8f553a833d3….jpeg)


Because myfetish>reality, duh.

ba2562  No.32265


Jesus fucking Christ there is no breaking point in this game is there?

fd8073  No.32282

How do I download the game?

ebbb85  No.32283

Wow, I just skimmed through this thread and the previous thread, and while I have little idea of how the sim works, lemme just praise the whole team for committing to such an intricate endeavor for two years. Same question as last guy - where can I try out the latest available version of your ambitious project?

Please continue this hidden gem. Had no idea I needed this.

000000  No.32286

Any chance for a new release pre-xmas?

6b4a69  No.32296

File: fae85dac27b2556⋯.jpg (224.98 KB, 837x1200, 279:400, 017.jpg)


I for one support this idea

760b92  No.32299

File: 2f754f475bc9751⋯.jpg (75.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, pirate_lolis.jpg)


I just want to help the lolis. Be the lonely old man who just wants to help, but gets ostracized for being "weird", then ends up getting lynched.

00b306  No.32302

File: c27f64ed3fc851c⋯.jpg (63.01 KB, 471x595, 471:595, lolipat.jpg)

Headpatting feature when?

483f1b  No.32316

This is gonna be my best christmas ever

e65b5f  No.32355

hey lolidev, have you considered any late/end game content and mechanics?

It would be real cool if, once you manage to abduct/and control a big enough number of kids, you'd gain enough power and influence to affect your local city and make things easier for you

For example, becoming an important and rich member of your community let's you organize parties and gain easy access to new kids (read: rich family kids)

Becoming a politicians let's you modify laws on a local or federal level

I know you are not making an economical game, but this kind of thing serves to enrich the acess and variety of children, and the things you can do with them

A simple obedience system where you tell kids to rob their parents and bring the money to you would be awesome

1fd7ef  No.32356

>punch option in abilities

Are you planning on adding ryona scenes?

I would hope so

fd7a37  No.32358


That would make sense, at least for when you take them by force.

efe77f  No.32368

File: 1e08155b10f043b⋯.gif (156.62 KB, 382x192, 191:96, indecent-english.gif)

File: 8e0729c6e22b7b5⋯.gif (143.22 KB, 382x192, 191:96, indecent-french.gif)


You need a better way to manage your dialogues, and with localization...

This was a quick example based on your game using convrs and fluent. Some other libraries are probably more suited for your game though.

Also pardon my shitty French.

1d4377  No.32421

File: 0bf2404ea7d0d30⋯.mp4 (263.07 KB, 640x358, 320:179, Sadness.mp4)

>mfw lolidev got vanned

ce3ffd  No.32431


holy shit, is this true?

63ba87  No.32435

File: b7e46b0ed995b1f⋯.gif (340.38 KB, 500x405, 100:81, dGDxNhR.gif)


S-surely he jests

a1c8e9  No.32436


Very funny.

c57965  No.32437

File: 5379743fe6304d0⋯.gif (8.33 MB, 491x374, 491:374, punch and tie.gif)

Well I added in some small features in the form of punching (for the purpose of lowering their resistance). Pic related.

I also decided to finally give the rope item a subdue feature, so it's not simply throw/drop as it was before. Pic related too.



The punch action never did anything before (it was planned but scrapped), but I recently added in an actual animation and code for it, pic related. It's mostly just to get them to stop resisting though. There won't be any dialogue scenes with violence like that.


If someone adds art for it. It seems like it would be quite low priority.


This has been brought up several times before (see >>31394 and >>31375 and >>31373 ). I've used king of localization string ids before (on other projects) and I just don't like the idea of using them here.

1) Having a bunch of text-string-ids like that makes it more difficult to read/write the dialogue scripts (without making a special editor for it).

2) It would be a lot of work to translate everything anyway, and at this point you could just run through all the files and translate it yourself and have a different /dlg/ directory

3) I really don't care for adding in other languages. English is already universal enough for eroge. (Japan has enough loli eroge as it stands)




Check >>32014 for an old version someone mirrored.


Don't get your hopes up.


I don't want anything too crazy.

>becoming an important and rich member of your community let's you organize parties and gain easy access to new kids (read: rich family kids)

This sounds incredibly specific and not worth working on before a boatload of other features, plus would be too fragile to actually be reasonable (in terms of your house of cards falling apart), without removing all realism.

>Becoming a politicians let's you modify laws on a local or federal level

Also pretty unreasonable, at least if you mean any kind of wide-sweeping relevant rules (ie age of consent lowering/abolishing).

>A simple obedience system where you tell kids to rob their parents and bring the money to you would be awesome

Well, most of the interactions were to be planned post-kidnapping in terms of this. It could be a possibility and wouldn't be too hard, but it would definitely be a very low priority thing if it's ever implemented. For sources of income I plan it to be largely passive + production of porn/etc to sell online. I'm not sure if I want to have prostitution/renting or it might just become brothel simulator: loli edition. I think I will have a trading website though for buying/selling girls, ie offering better incentive to procure specific girls, and to train them too. Who knows though. I want the rest of the game more finished first.




Everyone says it after any period of inactivity. This joke has been made hundreds of times. I don't break the law, so you won't have to worry about me.

ebbb85  No.32453

He lives!

If you ask me, an update from you on Christmas day would be enough of a gift. Even if it's just to say hi and that you're still working on it. No need to show, tell is fine. Like meeting up with a friend who didn't bring a gift, doesn't matter, just them being there is pretty cool, too.

3d6f03  No.32476

I just wanna play with the new graphics tbqh

08695b  No.32503

Also, I've been working on it pretty regularly since that last post (although before that post I took a break for a bit due to life being busy), it's just I've been working on the save-load code. Now more stuff is saved when you save the game. I really hope I can get save-load 100% done by Christmas, that'd be nice! I'm sure there will undoubtedly be issues though.

For the programmers reading this, I found variadic templates/macros pretty nice for automating this too. You can just pass in all the fields (or methods) in and it'll auto-serialize it, but then can also auto-deserialize it by extracting the return types of those methods then calling the constructor with those types (or setting the fields explicitly if a struct). Works for 95% of cases, and you could always just implement it the old way I was doing with an explicit serialize() and deserialize() otherwise.

cf26e7  No.32506

Damn, I wish my coding skills weren't shit so I could help with this. :(

Anyways, I think focusing on the save/load system is a fantastic idea, since it basically changes the game from demo to actually playable. But the real kicker is that with ppl being able to play and save/load, the amount of feedbag and bugreports you can get increases dramatically.

Keep up the great work!

cf26e7  No.32507

lol i mean feedback xD

41868d  No.32515


Not to say some feedbags wouldn't be useful either.

ed143d  No.32624

Guess the Dev is dead or arrested

70e296  No.32625




He's been gone for much longer spells than this.

1a4efe  No.32633

File: 9a5adf724d19719⋯.gif (5.55 MB, 490x379, 490:379, bored.gif)

Just went through the doctor scene. Adding in more doubt. Gonna make trust factor into it, which can be increased by talking to her, giving her stuff, etc. That part isn't done yet though.

I did make it actually check if you're outside though. There's a privacy check now. So you can't just talk to her again outside (or inside if anyone's watching) and have her play doctor in public. Also she'll get bored if you take too long to lead her back. The amounts in the gif have been sped up to show it, in the actual game it'll take like a minute for her to get bored. I'll probably later make it be a function of her trust + personality.

As for the demo what I have as high priority is:

1) Save-load

2) More build-up before sex

3) Some more work into the stealth system

4) Optimizations (half did a precached schedule system to reduce pathing hits, but it was buggy, so I'll have to fix that...)

5) Animations (artist is working on these)

70e296  No.32634


Looks great. Are you thinking of making age a factor in trust and personality? I think it'd be cool if older girls are less trusting but have longer attention spans.

a486ea  No.32637

Dice rollRolled 17, 13, 8 = 38 (3d20)


>As for the demo what I have as high priority is

As for demo it would be really nice, if it would be actually released. So people would be able to report bugs or performance issues (which weren't unnoticeable).

instead of handwaving us new and cool features for a year.

b821d1  No.32659


Damn. Harsh, but I agree.

f728ba  No.32682


Release a demo for the love of god, throw us a bone here. We've been essentially begging for one for months.

fd7a37  No.32686




Agreed, a demo would speed up the bug hunt exponentially as there would be multiple pairs of eyes on the hunt. It would also stop the begging for a while and give us a better idea what the game will actually be like with these new mechanics. As it is now, all we have to do is either ask a girl to strip, have her follow us with no time limit or police issue, rape her on the spot, or drag her away quickly. Not to mention the slow down when every girl gets out of school and starts talking all at once and the random crashes that have now happened on multiple computers on my end at least.

352100  No.32688

File: a2e9d32be5561bb⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 500x281, 500:281, pls stop bully.jpg)


>Telling a loli her breasts and cunny are terrible

You fucking monster.


>Also on nvidia GPUs as discussed extensively in the previous thread >>26682 there's weird slow-downs which seem to happen especially on high-end machines.


I just discovered this and after reading the fourth image in the OP was intensely interested.


>It was meant for the middleschooler (11.5-14yo) only, not the kinder (3.5-7.5) or elem (7.5-11.5)

Just how small do the lolis that have art get?

c642c2  No.32691

File: e53fa55c77c759c⋯.mp4 (321.74 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Monster.mp4)


>how's that?


>you can bully the lolis now

Goodstuff lolidev.

1a3261  No.32694

File: 10f32993bf9b669⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 26.11 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, YRJ0BlC.png)

File: e4fea79c9f126e7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 24.05 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, W1Fra9i.png)

The artist is working on some BJ poses and soon to be animations. How do these look? Or this missionary animation?

Current work is re-enabling that pre-computed schedule system mentioned before (hopefully a lot better performance, outside of that weird nvidia shit), and I'm also adding a little bit of post-kidnapping-specific stuff, like having her ask questions about where she is, why, etc.

When the artist finishes the bj stuff I'll redo some of the bj scenes to take advantage of it, and maybe add in a bj training scene post-kidnapping, instead of just having the play-doctor one.

24 hours is not enough time in a day when you work full time.



I'll get a subset of people to test it first. Otherwise it'll just be like 4000 extra disappointed people.

>a demo would speed up the bug hunt exponentially

If only it sped up bug-fixing exponentially too.


>Just how small do the lolis that have art get?

Well, they all get art. It's just that the toddlers (0-3.5) only have 1 pose and 1 scene, and only since the babyfuckers in the last thread demanded it. There's the full range of scenes for the 3.5-7.5, 7.5-11.5 and 11.5-14 girls.


Are people that interested in it? I mostly put it in as a joke option, but if you guys want I can add in bullying options more.

70e296  No.32696


>The artist is working on some BJ poses and soon to be animations. How do these look? Or this missionary animation?

Looks mighty good so far.

85421b  No.32699

File: 2f34b0d91bf37e3⋯.jpg (75.71 KB, 470x410, 47:41, Delicious.jpg)


>I can add in bullying options more

Please do, they're comical.

>How do these look?

They look great.

>the toddlers (0-3.5) only have 1 pose and 1 scene, and only since the babyfuckers in the last thread demanded it.

Will they ever get more poses and scenes?

e9a8a6  No.32700

Hey dev, thx so much for continue working on this game, I was worried it was dead, this game development looks amazing and all, however giving some attention to this one key element I think is important for a lot of the fans who are waiting for this game, the impregnation/birthing is a major fetish for a lot of players and being able to breed a girl with her own sister/daughter, have her give birth to it, and then be able to raise and train that new daughter with the mother is a major fantasy that I sincerely hope you consider giving some attention/love, u said u only have 1 scene for the 0-3 age but if u could expand that, that would be game changing for a lot of players, being able to grow your harem by impregnating and breeding and birthing new girls is a must have for some players and having scenes and mechanics for that would be awesome, thx and keep up the good work

52a751  No.32701


what's the eta on another demo?

abff76  No.32703

I have been looking at an old thread for months now and I though the project is dead. Should've checked the catalog but to be honest, agdg's catalog has always been uninteresting to me.

Anyway, glad I checked it out though, It's good to know this thing is still on the works.

22074c  No.32704

File: 266968f5d33dca1⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 479.53 KB, 503x365, 503:365, missionary.gif)

File: f4b5aeed0252744⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 898.8 KB, 503x365, 503:365, post-kidnap-talking.gif)

Here's (1st pic) the missionary. There's full animations for middleschooler and kindergartner too. It all works. Thank you, artist!

There should be BJ animations done by the demo too.


Here, this one's (2nd pic) for you (also I mentioned I was working on it in >>32694 ) It's still incomplete though, but it's a start.


>Will they ever get more poses and scenes?

Unlikely. Maybe a few. They're not the focus.


Read the thread... it's been mentioned like 10 times.


You can already breed and impregnate and all that. You just gotta wait until she's 3.5 to do most sex scenes on her. You can still cum on her before then.You don't need to be able to fuck her before then do breed her - she won't be fertile until 12 or so anyway. Also for the birthing part... I don't believe the actual act of birthing sexualized is a major fetish. Impregnation and stuff, sure. But the birthing act? Based on the loli porn I've seen I do not see this.


Yeah the old thread hit the bumplimit and I couldn't delete any of my old posts, so I couldn't post redirecting to this thread...

9b07e4  No.32707


>Unlikely. Maybe a few. They're not the focus

Even if they're very last priority i'd still like to see more of them at some point, my compliments to the artist, those animations are really good.

70e296  No.32708


>I don't believe the actual act of birthing sexualized is a major fetish

It exists, but it's not one of the most popular fetishes.

fd7a37  No.32713


It would speed up bug fixing in a way, though not directly. By increasing the rate at which bugs are found and documented, you eliminate the time it takes to find more bugs by however many bugs you find out of the total that are actually present. Then, with the time used to find bugs freed up, you can focus on fixing the documented bugs. It doesn't get rid of the time it takes to do the work toward the fix, just the gap between fixes, as you can go from one fix straight to another instead of find, fix, find, fix, and so on in that order.

1d572b  No.32719


hey lolidev,long time fan. Say, are there abuse options for the lolis? Are you plannign to put anything like that in it? Not just holding down, but straight up punching/beating/causing serious damage for them. Is it something you are considering putting into it? It fits perfectly.

ac0300  No.32723

what day of December will be released?

fa77f3  No.32730


Looks great so far! Nice work.

Though I'm hoping you might later add sex animations for the actual sprites. Maybe also have your own character be able to take his clothes off too and have it be shown on his sprite while he's on top of a loli. Could also be implemented to have them be scared of a naked man chasing them or something.

e9a8a6  No.32731

will you add a family tree thing that you can view as you grow and breed your harem? Something that you can click and see, so you can see how far your harem and lineage has come over the generations as you breed your daughters and daughters over and over again? I really have a intergenerational breeding fetish and having a viewable family tree would be amazing to see

70e296  No.32732

File: 7caadbd6436613b⋯.png (77.97 KB, 290x287, 290:287, njk.png)


You downloaded CKII with all the DLC just so you could play as a Zoroastrian, didn't you?

f1a6e8  No.32735

holy shit the game is still rolling, glad to see that keep it up fam

d1b1e0  No.32740

Goddammit guys, stop with the fucking fetishes...

Let the man make the game fucking PLAYABLE before you expect your obscure icecream dildo incest bullying cancer fetish to be served to you in game form on a silver platter...

1c0d7c  No.32741

File: 5b73689757ebace⋯.jpg (91.02 KB, 1024x1008, 64:63, 04bf644c362ac23428998bd2ff….jpg)

08695b  No.32743

File: bfd00dad88acaa2⋯.gif (1.94 MB, 503x365, 503:365, distracted.gif)

Okay, well that schedule pre-caching stuff mentioned earlier is at least fairly workable now.

It caches them all, and then when they need to follow a routine they just path to the nearest node in the precomputed route and start from there. It precomputes schedules up to a week ahead. Hopefully there's no bugs but I imagine there will be.

Although this one I know why it does that (easy fix), but was still amusing. You can distract the lolis with noise (running or throwing candy/cans/etc) and they just resume their lesson in the hallway after.

The artist also did the BJ animations/art. I've integrated it into the game, but I'll leave it as a surprise for the demo. Did some code changes too to give more control so you can change face/etc mid-animation and have it start where it left off.

In terms of the other stuff in >>32633 3) is definitely scrapped as I said earlier (for the demo). 5) is going along very nicely. The core animations are all done. 4) I'm working on right now. The hard part I think is done, it'll just be ironing out some issues now (I hope...). 1) Is... like it mostly works but there's bugs. Hopefully it'll be playable. Right now it fucks their AI so they just stop moving once you load though. I'll need to look into that. 2) I guess I could reserve a full day for this and see what I can do.


I'm aware it exists - I just don't think it's worth putting in effort:reward-wise. You already have birth, although it's just a non-sexual baby-appearing-from-pregnant-mother thing.


Finding the bugs isn't the bottleneck right now...

But yes, I will do a small-scale release prior to the 0.4 pre-alpha


Christmas.It's been mentioned multiple times.


Consider it low priority, but I won't rule it out either. I'm gonna work on making it so you can actually play the game long enough without crashes/bugs for that to happen before putting in a feature like that.

ac0300  No.32744


Sorry, I had not read the thread well!!!

I am anxious

fd7a37  No.32745


Not much longer before release day, I just hope it all works out for both you and the players and that the release is fairly stable.

5783d4  No.32746

lookin forward to it!

70e07f  No.32748

Will there be a option to mind break lolis?

70e296  No.32749


I'll gladly volunteer to write dialogue for that.

<What's your name?

>I like waffles!

93bbfe  No.32750

File: a94e5d35f728b58⋯.jpg (238.9 KB, 695x816, 695:816, 2305103 - Avatar_the_Last_….jpg)


>leave names if you have them

ed143d  No.32754


Fuck off

08695b  No.32756

File: 497be93e3cf875e⋯.gif (1.22 MB, 503x365, 503:365, saveload.gif)

File: 4c464d4b9f747ea⋯.gif (2.74 MB, 503x365, 503:365, school.gif)

Hoorah! Save-load seems to be at least superficially working. I went down and I think I've got almost all the persistent Entities save/loading. The only exceptions are the traffic controllers (but I did get the traffic lights) and stuff, but those don't matter since NPC-driven cars will remain disabled for this demo. I'm basically gonna spend most of the next 9 days ironing out bugs and adding in a little bit of dialogue (like realistic reactions if you talk to her after abusing her). That and integrating whatever the artist gets done during that time.

Also to the All the Fallen people who might be reading this, to address some comments in the thread:

1) The lag is oddly mostly on high-end nvidia graphics cards. (1080, 970, etc). Someone might be volunteering to look into it before the demo, so something might come out of that. Otherwise, well, I don't have a graphics card like that.

2) That guy (AllName) who talked about seeing "real girls" and saying it's "really crossing the line" is a moron. Those were not even in the game. It was a picture inside my code editor of AnnieC and one of her friends... it was very clearly not part of the actual game. It was just a picture of Visual Studio (my code editor) with a picture of her face in one of the tabs, since I found out you could open web pages from within the IDE, so it was some URL back from when /hebe/ existed. Completely SFW too.

3) To Akisohida, the text-explosion is one known source of lag, yes. It's been mitigated my limiting how many messages will be shown at once.


Calm down man.


Don't get your hopes up.


In the demo? Probably not. Later on? Yes. There's already hope/trust/fear variables too. When her hope gets super low, it increases the willingness checks.

e68a96  No.32758


Oh you're active in ATF? Should've checked that forum...Then again its ATF. Not alot of good things happened the last time I was there.

Btw, out of curiosity, Did the issue with AMD cpus addressed? Its the main reason why I couldn't play the demo from last year.

fa77f3  No.32760


So no hope for sprite sex animations like Violated Heroine? I love that game.

Also, take your time with the release date if you need it. I can wait a bit more until it's ready.

1c9ba1  No.32763

"Consensual" anal sex for the next build?, The lolis are gonna have more dialogues per situation?

304e09  No.32767

If there is one thing I hate more than Canadians it is smug asa Canadian pedos.

563c46  No.32768


t. assmad Canadian antipedokike

304e09  No.32769


The sad thing is he's a pretty good programmer

fd7a37  No.32771


I never do get my hopes up, not this early at least. Good to hear that the speech lag will hopefully be dealt with, that seems to be where most of my issues were happening lag wise.

14562b  No.32773


As an anal fetishist I would also like to know if there were options for consensual anal sex, even if it had more strict requirements than vaginal. Actually since that would be more realistic I think I would prefer that

e65b5f  No.32775

I'd like to pust a humble suggestion that there should be a couple more faces for high arousal and high fear

If you assault someone, their face tends to depict more than a general frown, even more when you start taking their clothes off, it's kinda offputting

I'd say the same for looking embarrassed or in-love, but it's only a minor complain, the artist is fair game

if the artist agrees, and wants some inspiration, look up ahegao, or the already mentioned ENF

that's the good shit for all fetishists based on reaction of the girl

14562b  No.32777


I also really like this idea, would give it more a sim feel since there would be more accurate reactions to your actions

1c9ba1  No.32779


Just 3 days for release, I want a lot of anal loli :D

1c9ba1  No.32786


Actually I want that realism too, I hate see hentais where the anus is just another vagina

e37458  No.32787


Seconding this notion

4a463f  No.32788

File: 49dc6e3b13f39bd⋯.png (8.08 KB, 672x671, 672:671, vag ass chart.png)


No, I don't have an account. Someone random dude posted it there after finding it here. They did the same on lah.li and even said it was an RPGMaker game... (It's written in pure C++) which was funny since when someone said they could't run it (they needed the MSVC++ redistributable DLL) they were told to download the RPGMaker runtime, which of course did nothing.


>So no hope for sprite sex animations like Violated Heroine?

Do you mean like mini ones? Nothing is planned. There's animtions in the portraits like in >>32704


I'll try to get it in. It'll use the same animation, but for doggystyle it's kind of ambiguous anyway.


Vaginal >>> Anal



We're talking about lolis though. Loli vaginas are far tighter than loli anuses. Chart related.

14562b  No.32789

File: eea39d0faa4e2d8⋯.png (43.99 KB, 210x328, 105:164, crumbs.PNG)


Where are you finding this information?

70e296  No.32790


Lolidev is a bright guy, I trust him.

d37512  No.32791

File: c850e1fe387ab84⋯.jpg (30.9 KB, 620x382, 310:191, excusemewtf.jpg)


>>>Trying to use RPGMaker Runtime on a C++ game

fa77f3  No.32793


>Do you mean like mini ones? Nothing is planned.

That's OK. I like the mini loli sprites also being shown naked when you strip them, so I'm fine with that.

The portraits and their animations look great! A big upgrade from the first iteration.

Oh, and I agree: Vaginal all the way for me.

98ef3b  No.32794

Will a future version of the game allow you to perform cunnilingus/anilingus (and more foreplay in general) on the lolis? Apologies if this has already been answered, the ability to kiss them during and not during sex would also be appreciated.

e65b5f  No.32795


>Do you mean like mini ones? Nothing is planned. There's animtions in the portraits like in>>32704

Yeah, sprite porn is some good shit, with proper movement animation, it's really erotic

how about giving more faces for pain/fear and pleasure?

000000  No.32803


google scholar is pretty good search engine for trying to find exact data, combine that with libgen and scihub then you've got access to all the sources that are out there (almost all)

1c9ba1  No.32806

File: 60120c7fffe9b61⋯.jpg (41.3 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 2346523452345.jpg)

Today is the day <3

9ac1c1  No.32808


>We are waiting, go on...

0c43ee  No.32810

It's not coming, is it?

3b5a29  No.32813

He said christmas, not christmas eve.

ed143d  No.32814

Christmas is cancelled go home folks

0c43ee  No.32815


>I-it's ok anon, he never said which Christmas either.

1c9ba1  No.32816


>Christmas.It's been mentioned multiple times.

0c43ee  No.32817


He DID say Christmas, but never WHICH one.

14562b  No.32818

File: a59c14fa1f0b817⋯.jpg (194.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

f16401  No.32820

File: 6303eebd0990665⋯.png (350.1 KB, 569x629, 569:629, 6303eebd0990665aa06b5ba0db….png)

This entire thread for the past 24 and future 24 hours.

14562b  No.32821


Well I was just making a joke, but everyone else does seem to be either complaining or complaining about the people who are complaining.

4fc325  No.32830

File: f7da367d5890ff7⋯.jpg (39.16 KB, 350x467, 350:467, fffffffff.jpg)

>>32810 I swear to god I better get my loli rape game this christmas or I will fucking shoot up a school. Pic related.

8ae121  No.32831

File: f3ab22ca581af5b⋯.jpg (396 KB, 1500x1101, 500:367, stock-photo-fbi-agent-work….jpg)

4fc325  No.32832


let's be honest, they were watching this thread from day one.

And half of them are secretly waiting for release.

4db8fb  No.32833


but let's be real here for a sec

nobody paid a goddamn cent

we have no right to complain whatsoever

that being said, xmas isn't even over yet

as a software developer myself, I know the struggle with deadlines and bugs, and features you wanted implemented before the release

14562b  No.32834


I don't know... Even if you didn't give anything if someone promised you they would do something and failed to do it you would probably be upset.

1c9ba1  No.32835

ed143d  No.32836

File: 5a204f45fb13d80⋯.png (17.89 KB, 539x384, 539:384, 273340d1b42d5a95f044b050e3….png)

Um is this a glitch?

1053a3  No.32837


>revealing your ip on irc

why it cannot be uploaded to gitgud?

inb4 use a vpn

2cdcd0  No.32838


No, it's clearly intended. Lolis are creatures of the void.

000000  No.32839


I can't get on that irc using tor ;-;

ed143d  No.32840


Same glitch, game closes on me once you cum. Seems to be a problem only with light skinned girls, dark skinned girls don't crash the game but still have visual glitches.

ed143d  No.32841

File: 0f98966ebc6e09e⋯.png (25.37 KB, 492x339, 164:113, b2e60ce6e4c5c65cc030875f54….png)

02bf2d  No.32842



>agdg's programming

c8598d  No.32843

Same problem here as well. Crashes sometimes when doing other things as well. Though at least the framerate is much better these days

2cdcd0  No.32844

MSVCP140.dll is an error because of some missing Visual Runtime? I'm using some random laptop I found in the house yet it seems to have all these installed already.

000000  No.32845

While we are posting problems, I had one where I went up to the northern west part of the map, and it appeared on the mini map that all the lolis were going up there, but no lolis where (this was far enough out to where the dirt texture becomes bright pink/missing). All the lolis where in school, so I assume this was just the way the map was handling keeping track of them all

ed143d  No.32846

Another problem is that the lolis after you play doctor with them, react act as if you had raped them and run away screaming for help. Also if you take them to the dungeon and you force yourself on them they freeze and you are unable to talk to them again

ed143d  No.32847


Not to mention every loli I've met always want to be the one in charge when you play doctor.

ed143d  No.32848

Game also crashes during doggystyle

1c9ba1  No.32849


>Pre Demo

Sounds like a new less buggy demo is going to be release soon... maybe.

04faa1  No.32850

great stuff

interacting with babies makes me crash. anyone else get this?

14562b  No.32851

I can't even play the game, soon after I press start it crashes

2cdcd0  No.32853

Game crashes for repeated actions, game crashes from movement, game crashes from too many inputs, game crashes when you save, game loads but crashes, game crashes when it crashes.

2cdcd0  No.32854

It's better looking than before though, so that's great.

08695b  No.32856








So I can release a demo today but I think it will be quite buggy, as you can see from the pre-demo build I was posting on IRC. We could also consider this as a pre-demo test and then hopefully have the demo out before the end of the year, giving me a few days to try and iron out this mess. I really thought I'd have time to do this before Christmas, but the week prior had a few unexpected interruptions.

Also, the art for cum is pretty borked. In some poses it still uses the old stuff, and in others it doesn't exist. Should I disable cum/blood entirely for the demo or leave it like this? Hopefully the artist will appear and we can fix this. There's also some issues on dark-skinned girls with a few pixels on the neck being the wrong colour - you don't notice it before the skin colour code since it's almost the same as light skinned girls, but with the pallete-swap it doesn't get swapped.


You can already perform cunnilingus on the lolis in the current dev-build, so that will be available during the demo.


>how about giving more faces for pain/fear and pleasure?

Already in to an extent, just not in sex yet.


I'll bake that DLL into it later when it's a more stable build. Otherwise, download it from the Microsoft website. It's the MSVC++ redistributable.


Rape or consensual?


Wait 15 seconds or so. It's calculating all the pathing for the normal NPC routines then caches them, which should lead to better performance than the 0.3 demo.


I'll look into it. I can't say I've interacted with a baby since the last demo so it's entirely possible it's broken.


It was meant to be released today, but I'm not sure if that'll happen. Maybe I'll just do daily releases and try and fix stuff as I go.


Yeah that's on the list of bugs I was going to fix for the demo. It's because it's still considered a crime. Freeze as in what? Just say get away from me only giving you an option to rape or leave? If so, that's not a bug - however if you mean freeze as in they just stand there and you can't even open up a dialogue menu, then it's not intended and I'll need to look into that.


I have no idea about that. It shouldn't display that... either way, I'll get around to the crash bugs first.


Yeah the build you guys are playing is not a stable demo release, it was just something I released in the IRC before I released a demo so that people could find bugs *before* I released it as a demo. The performance increase is due to a few things, mostly due to caching the hell out of static-geo pathing grids + caching all paths used for daily routines.

24afe1  No.32857

File: 9c25b3265fbedea⋯.jpg (48.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


>So I can release a demo today


24afe1  No.32858

0cfff5  No.32859


>It was meant to be released today, but I'm not sure if that'll happen

If you decide not to release the demo today to iron out the bugs first I can wait.

>Should I disable cum/blood entirely for the demo or leave it like this?

Better borked than non existing.

>Just say get away from me only giving you an option to rape or leave

Are you planning to flesh this out more at somepoint? Such as giving the lolis and the player more actions/dialogue?

2cdcd0  No.32860


About that dll. I just forgot to install x86 2015 by mistake.

2cdcd0  No.32861


>Freeze as in what? Just say get away from me only giving you an option to rape or leave?

Freeze as in, you need to wait quite a long time to talk or can't talk at all, unless you change their position, punch them, etc.

You also can't interact with them if they're tied.

000000  No.32862


Many thanks anon-san~

35fcba  No.32863


it's dead

9262d2  No.32864

man... I'm already too late..

bd614a  No.32865

fugg pls reupload asap

7dc901  No.32866




just checked the irc, dev says he's gonna post a new build in a few hours

3e5455  No.32867



don't worry you're not missing out on much. That build is worse than the last one, aside from the new art.


Can't you just setup a github project? That would really be the simplest, best way. People can always get the latest version there. And someone with c++ knowledge can actually contribute. And if you don't want that, just ignore the pull requests...

042e86  No.32871

Are we getting a new demo today?

e0e300  No.32872


I'm not sure github would be willing to host this kind of content.

But if you just meant any git server, yeah that should work.

000000  No.32873


pushed to be between now and new year

042e86  No.32874

File: f7647b1d5e9eba1⋯.gif (178.78 KB, 440x248, 55:31, 1430527774254.gif)

08695b  No.32875

File: 3369b34863c6c8c⋯.png (17.52 KB, 512x384, 4:3, walking off screen.png)

New build:


Remember it's just a debug-ish dev build that was not meant to be posted outside of IRC - but since you guys found it/it was leaked anyway, I might as well start posting them in the thread too.

Also it doesn't compile on GCC right now due to some stuff in Utility/Vector.hpp since I was using some non-complaint behavior with respect to template specialization without realizing it, but I don't have time right now to figure out how to work around it.

Fixing some issues now:

-Quicker scheduling computing. I made it async now - hopefully that won't cause bugs. (this one's weird - it was much faster, but then suddenly slower, didn't have time to investigate tonight)

-Undoing some things that were just set to one specific thing due to me debugging stuff (ie hair was set to all long, purple in parks, ages, etc), lack of cops/adults. Adults/cops haven't been enabled in a while so who knows how buggy they are.

-Consensual sex doesn't result in lolis telling adults about you. (not tested)

Okay well I found the issue >>32845 was talking about. Dunno why it happens.

Also to the ATF guys:

>I don't wanna bag on the guy's development process too much, but there are some things I saw in this version that make me wonder just how sloppy the code is. Like I saw tons of dialog path bugs this time around.

It was a pre-demo DEBUG build. The code for dialogue is also entirely separate from the main game. Main game is C++, dialogue is loliscript, and any new dialogue hasn't really been tested much as I was working on fixing other stuff.

>it seems like the game gets less stable with each update.

You're comparing a proper release compared to a "let's zip my current dev build and put it on IRC for 2 people to help me find bugs".

>Even choosing the same dialog options in the same order with the same girl did not seem to always yield the same results. :/

There's some RNG in it to spice it up.

> hes recoding always the whole game every year

What? There's been some minor reworks, but only ever 1 complete re-write, and that was in the first month or two of development.

There was a lot of re-working though between 0.2 and 0.3 demos though.

>Park's tiles don't load up

This was on purpose. I was debugging something with park generation so I made the park grass tiles that tile to make it easier. It's also the reason the parks have trees around them (since I needed to differentiate it from fences from houses).

>girls panic for help after playing doctor

Will be fixed before today's update (which won't be a proper release, just another pre-demo one).

>pathfinding display crashes game


>Takes 1 minute to load game after making world

It shouldn't. I'm on a quite old low-end computer and it's about 20 seconds. I just made the scheduling async so this should help. What are your specs?

>older girls with bras will not remove

In what pose? In what scene? Seems to work for me.

>no hairstyles besides ponytails

Yeah, that's not a bug, that was again something I changed on purpose to test something then never reverted.

>cops and pedestrians are missing.

Also due to testing. It's literally a debug build that I quickly zipped.

>while fps is betterish, the game lags randomly when playing doctor.

That's... weird? At what part does it lag?

>-That stamina bar means nothing. You run REALLY fast too.

Yeah, in debug builds you always have infinite run. It's a pain in the ass to test it otherwise.

>-May just be me but the girls are also always demanding to be the doctor and not you. Been trying and never became the doctor.

Another thing I had just set to happen so I could debug BJs.

>-You can also go through fences when you run.

Yeah, also you run really fast in debug builds, to make testing easier. That build was not meant to be leaked beyond the IRC.

>-When they pee themselves when they break into your house it seems you can't interact with them sometimes.

Gonna need more exact repro steps for this.


>Are you planning to flesh this out more at somepoint?

Of course. It's just there right now to block out the other interactions, since it's weird if you rape a girl and she just acts like nothing happened. It was a last-minute addition to the demo last Christmas but I didn't get around to fleshing it out yet.



It's 24-hour hosting. I'll upload a new demo every day I think fixing whatever I can.


I have a private git repo. I don't make it public since it'd just get taken down for violating the ToS or some shit like that.


Yeah, there's still a little bit more time for Christmas in Alaska! Would've been released in California time before midnight too if I didn't compile it for release this time.

04faa1  No.32877

thanks for the quick update. great stuff

still get a crash when trying to flip babies onto their backs

777638  No.32879

How about a mega™ folder wich will contain every zip of updates?

14562b  No.32882

Also I noticed that when playing as a African character a bunch of cops are instantly spawned and they are instantly hostile, I was under the impression that they were supposed to be only slightly more hostile to dark skin characters not kill them on sight levels of hostility.

ed143d  No.32883

Any way to have missionary sex without actually forcing them?

69b115  No.32884

I realize it's a rough build

But is SAVE supposed to work? It don't do nothing for me.

Also, I hope this camera/compooter eventually comes into play.

08695b  No.32887

Bugs fixed:

-time-skip doesn't cause girls to be frozen with 200L bladders.

-Toddlers no longer broken

-Can't spread legs anymore when in doggy.

Will upload another build at the end of today with these + the other fixes.


Nah. These ones I'm releasing in the past days are not proper demos, just stuff to bugtest before a proper demo. As I've said before, they were only meant to be in IRC, but since people were leaking them anyway, I might as well post them here too.


That feature is working as intended. Same goes for NTR mode in the fetish options menu. Think of it as social commentary or something.




In the build you're playing no, but I'll for sure get that in before New Year's, don't worry.


It doesn't pop up with anything telling you you saved. It just saves. Then when you re-open the game you can hit LOAD on the main menu. I just tested it. I don't get why people are saying save/load don't work.

If you can't save/load - please tell me what happens. Does it crash? Are some things not saved? Is it broken in some way after you load?

ed143d  No.32889

I want to be able to kiss the lolis

69b115  No.32891


When I hit load, it shows the state when it saved and immediately barfs. It doesn't write anything to the console.

If I hit Debug, it says "Unhandled exception in SL.exe [4512]. (Other stuff about not having JIT debugging)"

70efe7  No.32892

File: 408a67e1f78797d⋯.jpg (43.92 KB, 634x464, 317:232, presents.jpg)

I know that xmas is over, but assuming a random anon like me had quietly been making some... changes to the game... Would you people still be interested in some delayed xmas fun? Just curious...

de8092  No.32894


Yessssss plssss

fa441d  No.32895


What kind of changes?

cc4e4f  No.32896


I dont know if I'm retard or if this is a bug... But how do you unequip items? I cant seem to do it no matter how many keys i smash, and there doesnt seem to be a way to map that in the menu.

32f63c  No.32897

it crashes every time you select a girl, in this "transfer" thing, if there's at least one girl locked in the cell

framerate drops once inside the school and never seems to get better

neighboring girls fly into your house right after starting a new game (not really a bug)

other than that ram usage is pretty stable

1c9ba1  No.32898


Consensual anal please~

08695b  No.32899

Today's dev build is here:


Bugs fixed:

-Body not appearing in middle schooler bj.

Feature added:

-Consensual missionary

-Consensual anal

-Pressing backspace will undo the last action used, which is useful if you want to talk to them again. I'll add in a long-term solution for this later.

Also more responses to ATF:

>Is the Dev going to work with someone who has actual training in coding?

I am a professional software engineer who has worked at some very prestigious companies. I'm not some random dude who is just trying to code a game without knowing anything. I need more help writing dialogue / art than I do with coding. Right now I still have to do all the dialogue scripting myself, but I do have an artist for the dialogue portraits - but not for the overworld sprites.

>faces n blowjob scenes dont render on older girls

If you mean the body part of the face, and not the expression (eyes), then this is fixed and will be in tonight's build.

>So this game now opens two windows when you play this now? did it do that before.

Yes, debug dev-builds have a terminal to display debug output/logging to.


>Also, I hope this camera/compooter eventually comes into play.

Also, you can press P to view all photographs you took. Adults won't be shown though since they don't have portraits. Press Backspace to exit that menu.

The computer will later. You used to be able to use it in the 0.1 and 0.2 demos but not in 0.3 or this one. I need to redo the internet stuff.


When the artist does a kissing face I'll add in a scene for it (and when I have time and aren't fixing crash bugs).


Hmm, weird. Is it reproducible? It doesn't seem to happen for me. Like if you start a new game and save, then try and load it, does it work? I do know that very rarely (like 5%) it can break due to the run-length-encoding I was using for tile serialization being buggy. I'll put in something for the next build to save the exceptions to a file.


That's in the build I am posting right now.


>it crashes every time you select a girl, in this "transfer" thing, if there's at least one girl locked in the cell

probably. I haven't looked at that menu in forever. I'll do that later but it completely slipped my mind.

>neighboring girls fly into your house right after starting a new game (not really a bug)

Yeah to use the toilet probably lol. I mgiht keep it in as a 'feature' for now, but eventually I'll add in a zone-privledge thing so they won't go into random people's houses to use the bathroom.

>framerate drops once inside the school and never seems to get better

That's worrying. Anyone else experience this?

1c9ba1  No.32900


>That's in the build I am posting right now.

Omg, that is the fastest request delivery ever :0

000000  No.32901


Hey, sorry for my comments about your programming ability over on the ATF thread, it had flown over my head that these are dev builds, and have been lulled into a false sense of stability with renpy shit. again, so sorry

5f0877  No.32902



OP, I've made some chrismas themed graphics and dialogue, I can just edit it into the newest version if that's cool with you. Obviously you can also use the stuff I've made. I would provide a changelog. It's purely cosmetic.

04faa1  No.32903


i couldnt seem to interact with someone in my dungeon after consensual sex and consensual sex didnt produce a baby after timeskipping a year

rape let me interact afterwards and did produce a baby

baby interactions work great thanks

9895af  No.32906

Not sure if this is for everyone, but urination seems to be one of the things that tanks FPS. There will be hundreds, if not thousands, of times that the girls will pee all at once which probably overloads the entire game which causes it to start chugging. At least that's what happens on my end.

5f110a  No.32907

Why does spreading the lolis legs make her completely nude while still giving you the option to take/rip her clothes off? Don't have the art for it yet? Also doing anal with a loli on her back is just vaginal. (which is not all bad considering it allows you to do vaginal with the lolis that are "too tight")

>pregnant sex/rape when

5f0877  No.32909

File: c98f1ad2554fb0b⋯.jpg (31.96 KB, 480x360, 4:3, santa.jpg)

Merry delayed Xmas anons!

Santa has got a present for you!

5f0877  No.32910

File: e6abd3428c0bd24⋯.png (84.3 KB, 1024x798, 512:399, 1.png)

File: 6cf18f4261283af⋯.png (58.36 KB, 1024x798, 512:399, 2.png)

File: 54be83373077971⋯.png (57.96 KB, 1024x798, 512:399, 3.png)

File: eefc5d91d7fcc14⋯.png (84.22 KB, 1024x798, 512:399, 4.png)

File: 3df6015e4f95d14⋯.png (88.53 KB, 1024x798, 512:399, 5.png)


Santa presents: the sim loli Xmas special edition!


- It's christmas my anons!

- Play as Santa.

- Put lolis in your sack.

- The elves will try to stop you!

- Ho Ho Ho!


000000  No.32911


kek, nice mod anon

8be0d1  No.32912

Should really make an easy mode or something where there are zero cops. Those fuckers are annoying.

04faa1  No.32913


i use the van

controls arent that bad

000000  No.32914

weird bug, happened in both last 24 dev version and this current dev version, if you kidnapped a loli and put her in your basement, and before waking her, you save. On reloading that save, you won't be able to wake up the loli without crashing

5f0877  No.32915


Btw, I forgot to mention, it's based on the latest dev build from 3hrs ago and the link is only available for 24hrs. Santa out.

8be0d1  No.32916

File: 192ab18cb2619fa⋯.png (29.18 KB, 1026x801, 114:89, buggy.png)

Got a weird bug, i saved and loaded after a crash, and the Dungeon editor is gone, and i also can't interact with the loli's cell door.

04faa1  No.32917


saving and loading works?

31c516  No.32918


Oh hey, it's funny to see this being developed here. I'm the anon from that /g/ thread a while back who advised you to add an AST node to loliscript for choices.

Out of curiosity, how well did that particular suggestion work out, a couple years of active development later?

042e86  No.32919

Is there a way to remove actions?

I don't like to have "grab" instead of talk as the default use of "E"

895715  No.32920

how do you perform consensual sex?

895715  No.32921

The game slows down to an almost unplayable rate before even 1 in game day passes, I suspect due to the lolis accumulating ungodly amounts of urine despite them constantly urinating.

Beside the dialogue/interaction with the lolis, what does this feature of NPCs needing to urinate bring to the game? What is the purpose? Immersion? From my perspective it really seems more of a hindrance at this point than anything. Would it be possible to add an option to disable it or perhaps remove it altogether.

330f0e  No.32922

This is the Game of Year, Next Year, and years after. You are doing Gods work. Please dont let this die! If you need help, open the game up for modding and im sure the community will help.

fa441d  No.32923


Some people are into watching girls pee, as well as the embarrassment of such.

fa441d  No.32924

How do you actually get to consensual sex of any kind other than playing doctor? Also, faces tend to disappear for the image after cumming in their mouths.

04faa1  No.32925


consensual sex in the dungeon

fa441d  No.32926


I've yet to get anyone to stay inside the dungeon. I'll bring them down, but there's only the normal interaction as if they were outside, and then they just run through the bookshelf as if it doesn't exist to get back outside.

895715  No.32927

Will loli pregnancy and pregnancy sex be a thing?

Also, I cannot perform Talk with the girls after time skip or after having sex. Is this a bug?

9895af  No.32928

So, more stuff I don't think is working properly. Not sure about some, but others are very likely unintended.

The girls for example will NEVER reach the bathroom in time so now there is giant yellow spots in every bathroom there ever was. They also enter YOUR house to urinate in the basement before pissing off again and I don't think that's intentional.

The girls are also just permanently panicking after having been taken to the dungeon and I cannot speak to them properly. The prompt shows up, but I need to mash it for random amount of time before the game actually let's me interact with them.

Finally, regarding how urination works, wouldn't it be better to place a max cap on how much they can carry and make it so that they fully empty their bladder in one go? Having several dozen instances of 10-40ml out of an ungodly 1,300ml+ per person all at the same time is bound to fuck up any processor unless highly optimized.

8be0d1  No.32929


Yeah im pretty sure the dungeon is broken, the girls just walk through the cell doors and bookshelf.

9895af  No.32930

Girls are averse to sleeping or just really good at sleep walking since they'll just run around at 3am pissing down everything in sight rather than sleeping.

08695b  No.32931

File: 34ac400cdb197a2⋯.gif (2.67 MB, 503x373, 503:373, trick or treat.gif)

Regarding the urine lag:

I'm pretty sure it's not the urine, but just the fact that it's displayed to the debug console. Ironically printing text to a console can be slower than handing complex collision detection, rendering, etc, as it's a system call.


lmao nice job. I do have a Halloween functionality implemented (but disabled, pic related). I plan on having a few holidays in the game but they're on the back-burner as very low priority.



close the door BEFORE putting them down. yeah. I should have disabled escaping for the demo, and I should make them recalculate paths if there's something new blocking the path though as a long-term fix.



Pregnant sex would be whenever the artist would want to do it. I personally don't care for it. Plus usually only lolis around the age of 12.5 or so can get pregnant, as that's the median age of menarche. There's some genetic variance of a bit + a -2 to +4 variance for extreme nutrition differences as well.


>I'll bring them down, but there's only the normal interaction as if they were outside

That's... weird. It said press E to put them into the dungeon right? There is one way to get into the normal outside tree, but you'd have to already handle their barrage of questions about the dungeon, and then choose to ask about them. And even then if you re-talk to them you still get the "order naked" and such stuff.


It's more convenient. I mean it's just sugar over a switch/case with a fork() in the switch condition. Same amount of lines of code, but much prettier to read/write.


Read my last post. You can press escape/B/whatever is assigned to 'back in menu'.


Oh yeah, I knew Dungeon Editor was gone during save/load, and was planning to fix it a few days ago, but then I got distracted with some crash bugs. You should be able to interact with it, I remember coding that... but either way I'll look into it.


>also enter YOUR house to urinate in the basement before pissing off again and I don't think that's intentional.

Been answered before.

>The girls are also just permanently panicking after having been taken to the dungeon and I cannot speak to them properly. The prompt shows up, but I need to mash it for random amount of time before the game actually let's me interact with them.

This is known and will get fixed eventually. Since you can just hit it a few times and it works it's a bit lower priority than game-breaking or crash bugs, so there's a chance it won't be fixed on the final demo on New Years Eve, but it's possible Ill fix it before then - depends how simple it is.

485979  No.32932

if you have girl near the the cell door and outside of cell *and* do timeskip, girl is locked inside a cell and you can't open the doors

girls seem to lose all trust if you've used "grab" or "subdue" on them (i.e to relocate them), even after you've build trust.

Can't get "consensual" scenario to trigger, even when in a dungeon, even after seemingly building trust

girls doesn't seem to remember if they've "captivated"

pregnancy probability is commented out

timeToOvulation() would've been nice

scripting is undocumented

default timeskip of 24 hours is too annoying, especially at night

time is flowing too fast during talks

cops are little girls (is this another social commentary?)

ed143d  No.32933

Any plans to add other sex positions like cowgirl for example?

fa441d  No.32937


Yeah, I found them sleeping in class in the middle of the night once.


Ah, closing the door first works. Although as soon as I open the door to step outside, even if I close it immediately, they can run straight through. I take it the path is just determined when they start running, so the bookcase just isn't seen as a barrier for them?

Also, when ordering them to be on all fours and putting your penis inside of them, there's only the option to rub her chest, or leave, and no amount of rubbing will get either of you off. The thrust option vanishes after the first time you use it in that case. Missionary seems to work fine, though. Also, loading a save just makes the game crash a second after it loads in. I've noticed a few cases where faces will disappear when cumming inside a mouth.

Some of the lines of text go by too quickly to be displayed on screen, much less read, such as when you ask their name. I once saw a flash of something about their mommy said something before it went to the 'you seem nice enough' line. Even with a lower(very much so) fps from using a nvidia card doesn't make them visible, just skipped.

08695b  No.32938

Sorry guys, didn't have enough time due to a high workload to get anything done on the game tonight. I'll try and get some bugfixes uploaded tomorrow.


>Can't get "consensual" scenario to trigger, even when in a dungeon, even after seemingly building trust

The "Get Naked" one is the "consensual" sex.

>pregnancy probability is commented out

Should be 100% for the demo, right? Ain't nobody got time to wait for ovulation (in a demo).

>timeToOvulation() would've been nice

Meaning what? Have the player be shown that data up-front? Where?

>scripting is undocumented


Here you go. There's partial documentation if anyone wants to contribute.

>default timeskip of 24 hours is too annoying, especially at night

Yeah well when I wrote it hourly timeskip wasn't a thing. It will be later since now with precomputed schedules I can teleport NPCs to where they 'should' be.

>time is flowing too fast during talks

It should flow at the same speed regardless of everything. Dialogue used to pause time (but with some non-pause for every action you do), but then I removed that for some reason.

>cops are little girls (is this another social commentary?)

Uh.. as in they have girl names? I think they're technically IN CODE little girls, but in-game they should appear to be adults. This was mostly since it was easier, but also since it's funny. I'll make them adults eventually, but there's no male names yet.


Eventually. It also depends on what the artist wants to draw.


Yes, I mentioned before they don't check paths after computing, and that long-term I will fix this.

I'll look into the thrust thing.

The text is likely since you're using a mouse. There's a bug in the GUI code where sometimes it double-clicks on things like that. For now try and using keyboard or gamepad to navigate dialogue.

4658f9  No.32941

How do you actually build trust with them and how long does it really take?

4f67be  No.32942



Could you please upload these again? It says they're expired, thanks

fa441d  No.32943

If you wait for a toddler to grow up, the game just closes. Or if you'd at any point used chloroform on her to move her(notably, you can interact as if they aren't asleep when a toddler, but they are out when grown up a bit), after selecting the option to wake them up, the game will close. In both cases, the last line on the debug console is something about assertion failed, and drops a text file with the contents "Failed assertion (toAbort != children.end()) on line number 65 in file iors\followschedule.cpp". (yen sign instead of backslash due to locale settings, that shouldn't be the problem)

dd6128  No.32945

can som one upload the game again i miss it did not have my computre

93bc74  No.32946

File: a90519336058a23⋯.png (4.71 KB, 248x191, 248:191, 1546017597849.png)


2bb95d  No.32947

File: 4c5df1854f428b5⋯.png (185.63 KB, 248x191, 248:191, turnedHerIntoANigger.png)



7f4d5b  No.32948


Never you cancerous fuck

a4f6d2  No.32950

I'm thinking of translating this game into Spanish after a more stable version comes out, but I get a little problem, in Spanish the letter Ñ is used but in English it is not. When I translate a dialogue with this letter, the game omits it. Is there the possibility of adding this letter to the game?

d44e83  No.32951

Okay here's the December 28th dev build:



-Lolis shouldn't path through things, even if they previously calculated a path through it (ie doors closing).

-The Dungeon Editor is properly serialized now. Well, it was before, but I mixed up world-space and tile-space, so every time you saved+loaded its location would multiply by 16...

-Fixed the dungeon door issue. Turned out I was serializing the CellDoor...but then also recreating it when the dungeon itself was serialized, so you'd end up with 2 celldoors right there, which would then effectively do the opposite ie open then instantly close.

I even had a comment like

// TODO: wtf is this shit? why is this here? why is this not a button callout????????????????

from a while ago lol, which would've avoided this situation (plus given a little popup box.

-You can now rub her breasts and can continue thrusting.

-No longer can do missionary anal in rape. (Art is clearly vaginal only)

-Girls no longer accumulate urine for this demo only until I can iron out that crap.


The trust system isn't really implemented much right now. Later on you'll have to talk with them more to get them to trust you, but right now it doesn't do much. I want to make it so you have to work your way up to sex (outside of rape), but right now you can pretty much do it all at once.


Sí, sería una posibilidad güey. Ya no estoy seguro si me gustaría tener tantos idiomas porque uso mis propias letras de sprite. Está ubicado en resources/img/foonts/default.png, aunque tendría que escribir más lógica para manejar las letras de accentos. Por cierto deberías esperar hasta el juego es completo antes de traducir mierda.


Will look into for a future fix later.

ca9ff2  No.32952

File: 644846d1169173c⋯.jpg (32.3 KB, 600x683, 600:683, Assburger.jpg)




I don't understand.

82eacf  No.32953

File: 66896209dfdb56d⋯.png (166.07 KB, 495x702, 55:78, lolitime.png)

5783d4  No.32954


I noticed the front of her dress is a tad bit elevated, if you know what I mean...

7f4d5b  No.32955


Someone is trolling a thread on the other 4chan and bringing it here. Basically they edit dicks onto everything in a thread that hates futa.

895715  No.32957

can you make the dick match the flesh color?

04e513  No.32961

Tonight's build:


Bugs fixed:

-No longer crashes if you disable portraits and there's an animation (who would even disable them? then again I had to work on this in public, which is why I disabled them...)

-Fixed crash when you cum inside their pussy in consensual sex (introduced in one of the recent builds)

-Fixed crash mentioned in >>32914

-Grabbing a loli again no longer resets her questions and makes you go through answering where she is, what you're doing, etc again if you had previously kidnapped her.

-Fixed crash mentioned in >>32943 which is actually even more general... just skipping to any weekend would cause that to happen. Just happened that if you skip 4 years to get a loli out of a baby, that it becomes a weekend.

-Removed debug terminal.


Press backspace or B on gamepad or whatever back in GUI is bound to. This was added in the last demo.


This is fixed in the current demo.


Not in this demo but I mentioned earlier I'd do it eventually.

ac0300  No.32962

When you tell him, you are my new slave. the game freezes.

000000  No.32963

4ffca7  No.32965

The pee scene appears so be skipping dialog.

40d850  No.32966


Correction, it only skips when i use my mouse but it's fine with the spacebar.

7c69db  No.32967


Link doesn't work, or am I being a complete idiot?

7c69db  No.32968



And, I replaced the end with 7z

26dc01  No.32970

Insane slowdown (usually at night?) fix eventually? First day or so seems to run pretty well and then it's all downhill from there.

12b82e  No.32971

does this even compile for anyone besides dev?

f75fa7  No.32973


I would like to see more formulas on the school chalk board please.

ed143d  No.32979

Do you plan to ever add threesomes and maybe foursomes?

0c836c  No.32982

Sorry no demo tonight. Here's a re-upload of the other one:


Just so you can still download it until tomorrow, which I guess will be the official 0.4 release? It doesn't feel ready, but I gotta put something out in 2018!



What happens? I downloaded it and it extracts and runs fine. Which stage does it fail? What error do you get when running sl.exe? Or can you not extract the 7z?



Yes this happens with every scene. It's something I wanted to have fixed for the 0.4 pre-alpha demo but didn't get around to it.


I mentioned earlier that it doesn't work on GCC. I don't know about clang. It used to compile but I didn't test it on GCC for a few months, so a recent change broke it with Utility/Vector.hpp.


Doesn't seem to happen for me. I do however notice the AI gets pretty broken though.


It's possible, but it'd be a low probability. It would depend on what the artist is willing to draw too, plus probably some issues with having it in layers if it's all being animated and stuff... sounds like a lot of work. MC-Loli relations are the probability.

fd7a37  No.32983

It seems to be pretty stable with this latest release and the content looks pretty good as well. I would like to note that certain elements of the sprites disappear when doing certain actions. Cumming at all makes eyes disappear and talking to a girl in the dungeon fails to load the sprite at all. Other than that and the usual slow downs, at around 4am this time and probably my card since it is one of the affected brands in that one known issue, I see no real blatant problems. I do seem to be getting an awfully high number of assertive girls, though. Every single one either is too old or won't be the patient when using the play doctor sequence under the learning about girls action.

fa441d  No.32984

Looks like hair still disappears on some girls when you flip them onto their backs.

Also, if you wait for toddlers to grow old enough to talk, their line about where they come from still talks about their grandparents coming from where you are from, even if that can't be true.

8d7d0e  No.32985


chloroform doesn't seem to wear off after using it, and seems to break the game when the npcs are waking up. Failed assertion (!status->isSleeping) on line number 950 in file \src\npc\stats\soul.cpp

fd7a37  No.32986


OOh, forgot to mention that I've had at least one instance where I got a girl who didn't want to play doctor in public, but turned into an assertive, I want to be the doctor, type when I had her follow. Not sure if that is supposed to happen or if assertive types are supposed to only be found among the girls willing to play doctor right where you ask to.

48bf3c  No.32987


> It used to compile but I didn't test it on GCC for a few months, so a recent change broke it with Utility/Vector.hpp.

<why. what's with this all abstract-template-generic-metaprogramming shit?

what kind of ide and compiler do you use? should i use VS?

Happy new year.

0c836c  No.32988

Okay, I guess here's the 0.4 release. Whatever bugs I fix I'll batch into a bigger 0.4.1 and release it in a week or two or whenever I have time, unless they're super game-breaking.

Fixed a few bugs mentioned here + wrote a tiny bit more doctor stuff.


Hope it works!


I used VS2017 to compile it. I'll get it to work on GCC when I have time though. Probably not for this demo but maybe a minor update like 0.4.1 or something.


That's fine. It's different. There's a check on dominance level for demanding to be doctor. Playing in public has more to do with her age/gullibility and such. You can check resources/dlg/playdoctor if you want (.dlg files can be opened in any text editor.)


> I do seem to be getting an awfully high number of assertive girls, though. Every single one either is too old or won't be the patient when using the play doctor sequence under the learning about girls action.

It happens when dominance > 0.2

I ran it twice and here is what I got from the lolis:

dominance: 0.185618 0.486389 0.192485 0.0120623 -0.0357748 0.139887 -0.165599 0.0391012 0.354093 -0.028542 0.30058 -0.194316 0.0341726 0.323178 0.161967 0.275891 0.127955 0.203243 -0.478485 0.461746 -0.0984436 0.49765 0.316144 -0.123392 -0.439712 0.233364 -0.264279 0.35182 0.180781 -0.0378653 -0.148905 0.0228809 -0.288785 0.406966 -0.142283 0.30911 -0.0577783 0.107614 0.0225605 0.0102007 0.0996186 -0.190761

avg of 0.0752895

dominance: -0.47583 -0.3934 0.0130388 -0.393629 0.0307393 -0.211086 0.146815 -0.206722 0.21313 -0.0334554 0.271221 0.371351 0.218898 -0.000221252 -0.20045 -0.0761654 0.238201 0.438033 -0.320188 0.0358968 -0.452956 -0.276471 -0.289441 0.175746 -0.00365454 -0.0854276 -0.288479 -0.228847 -0.0897765 0.179973 0.0375906 0.0591974

avg of -0.0498865

Maybe you just got really unlucky? Can anyone else comment on this?

>Cumming at all makes eyes disappear

in BJ? Should be fixed now if so. No time to test though.


Fixed the not wearing off part. Will look into the other error at another time, maybe part of a 0.4.1 release.


>why. what's with this all abstract-template-generic-metaprogramming shit?

If you want to see template fuckery, look into Parsing\Binding\AutomaticFunctionWrapping.hpp


>Looks like hair still disappears on some girls when you flip them onto their backs.

If by this you mean missionary pose middle schoolers with short hair, then this is fixed. I didn't notice any issues with the others, but it's possibly I'm not looking in the right place.

>Also, if you wait for toddlers to grow old enough to talk, their line about where they come from still talks about their grandparents coming from where you are from, even if that can't be true.

I'll replace it with something more dynamic later, but for now I just removed the talk option entirely from captive girls.

48bf3c  No.32989


i don't understand, i've followed the manuals, it compiles (with sfml2.5), yet it gives me linking errors.

cc2058  No.32991

Well, now the lolis are coming to me easier than ever. As in, they keep coming in my house and down into the basement on their own.

8be0d1  No.32992

File: 42fb96db6fb8e83⋯.png (33.23 KB, 1025x798, 1025:798, glitch.png)

It seems the game always freezes when you tell her she's a slave.

0c836c  No.32997

To the people from ATF:

>This is 0.4 release from the 8ch thread, uploading for posterity since the download disappears after 24h over there.

No they don't. Those were only uguu.se posts. This one is permanent (and it had a download counter, which is why I used it... oh well I guess ATF counts those too, but still). And plus with the one I link here I can update the file, whereas the ATF one you'd have to manually do it every time I do, giving people out of date versions...

>i wish the xmas special would be in all future updates as a toggleable cuz thatd be pretty great

It's a possibility. I could always add the santa outfit as an option if someone gives me animations for ALL his actions.


Oh, depends what kind of linking errors. SFML? Sim Loli? If you're building with VS, you'll need to put both src/ and lib/ as additional include directories.


Oops. I was gonna fix that before this release, but I guess I forgot. Just uh, don't select that option, it was already reported. I'll fix it in the 0.4.1 since I bet it's a quick fix.

973996  No.32998

is there no way to place down doors?

Building in the game is not very efficient, you end up making more mistakes, clicking through menus that sort of thing

Few things i would like to note - i think this game would specifically benefit from being able, while interacting with npcs to state "use nearby item" - of some descript, i.e toilet, bed, so forth.

I also feel like there is a huge lack in terms of conversation variety, or at least they all end up functionally being the same

I've noticed that a lot of the items and "abilities" seem mostly useless.

its good to see this updated though.

fd7a37  No.33000

Just a heads up in case this hasn't been reported, just got the hair disappearing on hand job. The girl was a fourteen year old asian of chinese heritage who let me be in charge, just saying in case NPC type is helpful at all.

4d1b77  No.33001

get an 0xc000007b error when trying to launch. Am I just an idiot and doing something wrong?

fd7a37  No.33003

Hitting the tilde key, the one to the left of the 1 key on the top of the keyboard, crashes the game after bringing up what looks like a dialogue box in game.

9a6905  No.33004

opened the last archive thread and got scared for a bit since no updates... nice to see this is still alive, hope you have a great new year!

40d850  No.33006

Why are the lolis not rapeable in the dungeon?

8c07a4  No.33007

Another thing, why is vaginal not an option in missionary when you use force? (can only rub) but anal is (which is vaginal)

fd7a37  No.33012

Just abducted a couple of asian sisters, Japanese specifically if that has any bearing, and saved after stripping them to underwear. I tried saving, but now the game crashes as soon as I try to load the save.

db691c  No.33014

I wish you'd make a mother NPC who would whore out her own daughter.

That'd be great. I know I'm a fucking degenerate.

51d176  No.33015

pregnancy system is fucked,

i did some math. if one would want completely rng-based preg chance, it will virtually never happen(!).

i'm trying to think of better one

000000  No.33018


I agree with this sentiment, would be hot deus~

65debc  No.33021


You have about a 10% chance at peak ovulation. You just have to fuck a lot to stack your chances.

a20ca8  No.33025


>Yea, but you gotta remember, this game is made on 8Chan

It's not made here, I just post here since it's more permanent than 4chan and won't ban me for posting NSFW pics.

>whats up with this town? It has more police than citizen ...

You wanted to get cucked, and you got cucked. What are you complaining about? (either that or you started committing crimes)

>I like the concept but for some reason the game runs worse than star citizen on my pc

What specs? Is it a recent nvidia card? Please list your OS + GPU.

>I'm a little uncomfortable with the black girl option being called the n-word with a hard r, but other than that this game is fine. Idk, maybe I'm just being a prude :P

This is only in the code. That Gallery is more of a debug feature than anything - it likely won't be in the final game. It's there for me to test art. I just happen to refer in code to the enum for skin tone as Nigger, ExtraNigger, GiggaNigga for the 3 levels of blackness. Well and I guess Tropical if you count that one as black, but that was meant more for Pacific Islanders. AFAIK it doesn't call you a nigger anywhere in the actual game outside of that testing menu ("Gallery")



Oops. Didn't realize by cutting out the overworld talk option I was also cutting out rape. Fixed.


Oops, should be the other way around. Fixed. I modified the wrong file before.



It should be 100% for the demo. But yeah, just as in IRL, sometimes you need to cum inside her like 20 times first. Thank God it isn't 100% IRL or I'd have a son further detracting from my dev time.



Sure could be hot, but über-specific stuff like this isn't really a priority right now. The priority is to get a core gameplay loop finished


Surely it tells you more than just 0xc000007b ... right?


Can you tell me what's in failedasserts.txt?


Hmm, that should only be available in debug builds. Lemme remove that I guess? It doesn't crash for me though. You sure you didn't type anything weird into it? I can make it crash by doing like eval 5+++3 or weird shit like that. (Although really I should fix the damned parser so it instead throws a syntax error)


Which hair style did she have? Pigtails? Long? Short? Seems to work for me, at least in the menu.


>is there no way to place down doors?

Assign rooms -> add room.

>Building in the game is not very efficient, you end up making more mistakes, clicking through menus that sort of thing

Yeah I don't think it's been touched since the 0.3 demo.

I did consider removing it entirely though (the menu) and making it more real-time hard-work like minecraft by having your character dig out individual ones and walk around to place stuff. It'd take longer, but could make you feel more personally attached to your dungeon.

>Few things i would like to note - i think this game would specifically benefit from being able, while interacting with npcs to state "use nearby item" - of some descript, i.e toilet, bed, so forth.

Could be considered, plus also a 'follow me' and 'stay here' command, depending on their obedience.

>I also feel like there is a huge lack in terms of conversation variety, or at least they all end up functionally being the same

Yeah for quite a few things it's just 1 response written yet.

>I've noticed that a lot of the items and "abilities" seem mostly useless.

They are. The candy/chocolate/lollipop is useful for distracting lolis sometimes though.

8d4bcb  No.33026


When I talk to lolis and go "i want to learn about girls blabla" --->"what do you know about boys" ----> "ask about other stuff", nothing happens, it just reloads the same dialogue again.

Sometimes it crashes after closing the gallery, still trying to reproduce it.

When generating the city, then going to player settings, after coming back the city is gone and needs to be regenerated. Kinda clunky.

93bc74  No.33027

the performance starts fine but it becomes unplayable slow after some time.

fd7a37  No.33028


I didn't type anything, it never gave me the chance. It crashes right after the box comes up. Her hairstyle, the chinese girl's, was long. I didn't pay much attention to it except when it suddenly went poof, so I can't tell you much more on that. Failed Asserts: "Error (please put an empty msg("") call after unused forks for now until this is fixed.) on line number 824 in file ialogue\dialoguegui.cpp"

973996  No.33032


Thanks for the efficient response, and the clarification that it adds doors automatically, will help a lot.

I do agree with 2d building vs an editor, in terms of mc/starbound/terraria, even MTAP - would work out great

You speak about the game loop design being unfinished, i think thats a problem solved semi/easy by adding a goal, to you as the player, keeping you engaged, such as keeping your lolis alive in the basement, i.e needing cash to buy food which on the timer's clock could be used as a simple integer resource, and the cash is also almost already in the game, so basically adding "supplies" - as an interactable for purchase at the $ location. For something like 5 or 10 - obviously at that point you'd need to either use the pc or a location as a "work at" location, and generating income, you already have the event and interact system down so this would be quite the quick addition.

Do you need any help with the c++ code? You seem proficient, but i am a developer. If you could use some help.

e465b3  No.33033

Any interesting content is planned?

Like dogs, horses, shotas, futas, torture, guro, etc?

db691c  No.33034

How about scat, vivisection, male pregnancy, reverse pregnancy, nipple penetration, and ntr?

ecb1e2  No.33037




a20ca8  No.33038


>The game runs poorly because it isn't optimized at all, hence why it is a pre-alpha concept.

Actually there's a fuckload of optimizations in place. I do spatial partitioning structures for most collision detection, a lot of caching for it, like with the pathfinding, which is also spread across multiple threads.

But there's some weird shit on certain hardware. Like it runs fine on a 5 year old laptop with integrated graphics, yet someone on a 1080 / i7 can have issues. I don't know if it's a SFML issue or a driver issue or some combination or maybe I'm doing something weird with OpenGL.

That and weird bugs. Probably why >>33027 said it starts fine but then gets awful later. I'd need to reproduce this in a profiler to find the cause though.


>When I talk to lolis and go "i want to learn about girls blabla" --->"what do you know about boys" ----> "ask about other stuff", nothing happens, it just reloads the same dialogue again.

Yeah, the "ask about other stuff" was meant as in change the subject (ie general chat hub). I could change the wording if it's ambiguous.

>Sometimes it crashes after closing the gallery, still trying to reproduce it.

Gallery is a debug testing feature. There's ways to make it fuck up in there if you use it wrong and I don't care that much to fix it as long as it's mostly functional. Its primary functionality was to test out art - I just included it in there so people can try to do dress-up if they want. I mean if it crashes, you're not really losing anything, unlike if you're in-game. Any changes you do there could be redone in like 15 seconds.


That failed assert is probably from something else though, or it'd be a crash not just missing hair. I should make that error show which file it was in.


C++ dev? Some help would be appreciated.

>You speak about the game loop design being unfinished

Well it's not just the design perspective, but also the coding and polishing (bugs) part. When I made that comment I was just meaning that I want the core of the game done before entertaining a bunch of small things like what was suggested. Scope creep n shiet.


No. The only ones there's would be shotas, but not fucking them, just having them exist in the world so the world makes sense if you advance 40 years.


How about you contemplate suicide?

bfd61f  No.33045


Can you add some kind of option to have them follow you without the whole "Play doctor" thing?

e65b5f  No.33046


sounds like a feature to me, anon

btw, is there a way for me to play this game in win xp 32 bits? asking out of pure desperation

it's bad not getting updates, but getting them and being unable to play is worse

e65b5f  No.33047

<Peter Molyneux brainstorming.jpeg

sex, whichever the hole, is made a minigame like super deepthroat, where you move your dick in a close window to the female's art

you decide how fast and strong your penetration are, and it's reflected on her face/feelings and in her vaginal/anal/mouth damage

Sounds like a good way to both give the player more control as well as a system to build the relationship with the loli over time

will you be the uncaring, rough dude, or the dude that treats the loli well and takes his time with them, so penetration becomes easier and more pleasureble for them?

like, how hard can it be to code this? would require animation, dunno if art guy knows how to animate, but you can probably even get code from that game I mentioned, it's open source and has been moded to death

70e296  No.33048

File: 6ec7c5997264938⋯.png (588.32 KB, 555x622, 555:622, To be a man you must have ….png)


>How about you contemplate suicide?


e0e300  No.33050

File: 55cae5818d82404⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 400x300, 4:3, 312651351651.gif)


>male pregnancy, reverse pregnancy

Is the second one un-birthing or something else?

I'm confused, curious, and honestly a little scared to learn more about your degenerate mind.

e65b5f  No.33051


it's probably not worthy anon

54f633  No.33055

So i download the game and it runs fine but for some reason the text is backwards, is there a fix for this?

6d81d2  No.33056


Oh yeah, I forgot about Windows XP. This happened with the 0.3 pre-alpha last year too. I can make the 0.4.1 update support XP agian.

But honestly, why the actual fuck are you using Windows XP in 2019?


>how hard can it be to code this?

Well, depends how physicsy you'd imagine it.


Yeah I had thought about that before. It'll definitely get implemented eventually.


Backwards? Not upside down? Well I think I know what's happening. You're the first to report that! Some people had upside down text due to how the textures worked in SFML and/or OpenGL (I render the text to a texture upon changes for quicker displaying of non-changing text), but I guess it's possible for it to be mirrored in that direction too. I'll make it fix it that way too...

70e296  No.33057


>Well, depends how physicsy you'd imagine it.

My gf has a super tight vagina, so I know the difficulties that come with it. Lubrication is the #1 issue- if her pussy isn't wet enough, your dick won't go in, no matter how hard you push. I imagine lolis probably have a hard time getting wet enough on their own, so eating them out or using lube should be a must for most of them. Getting the tip in is really the hard part, once the whole tip is in it's easy to penetrate her all the way, provided she's wet enough.

Bottom line, I don't think there needs to be a whole lot of physics involved, just a simple equation to decide when you can go from rubbing to tip inside to full penetration.

000000  No.33058



since you've already got most of the statistics you need, you could do the work to determine the percentage a phallus(lets just assume the guys dick is always going to be the same size) would need to break into a tight pussy and slide it between the ages as it gets easier or harder(pussy muscles). Then from their determine how much the viscosity of various lubricants (pussy juice, adult spit, kid spit, sex lube, machine engine oil) will effect the penetration and give the appropriate buff. maybe also take into account how much force can be applied, (and a cutoff for where extreme 'tearing' happens at ages going up calculated from the stuff like tightness). while we are at it, maybe a 10% chance or 5% chance the dick pops out during rape

9fc8b3  No.33065

Your code dealing with associations is busted.

Try eval loli:associate("sex", "pleasure", 100.0)


eval loli:association("sex", "pleasure")

The former just doesn't work and the latter crashes the game. Anything in the game checking associations as expected crashes the game too.

I also get a lot of crashes when saving/loading playing on my laptop. I think there's assertion errors when serializing/deserializing but I haven't tried too hard to get the game to build yet.

54f633  No.33068


>Backwards? Not upside down?

Yeah sorry, it's upside down.

639355  No.33069

After you open the photos screen, you can't close it.

9fc8b3  No.33070

File: 93c2f4442c285fb⋯.png (185.05 KB, 1882x808, 941:404, Capture2.PNG)

File: 7ccb769cc93b64e⋯.png (47.1 KB, 1027x804, 1027:804, Capture.PNG)

i'm the developer now

it's actually insane how slow this runs without optimizations but I don't really feel like profiling it. There's memory corruption going on somewhere because some of the crashes are nonsensical. This one in particular is accessing a desk that doesn't exist but the loop is bounded so there doesn't appear to be a sane way that the index could get out of range. The only explanation I can come up with is that sfml is smashing the stack under certain conditions.

042e86  No.33071

File: f1c0ffe5c9e1975⋯.jpg (296.35 KB, 1280x881, 1280:881, 1432600599629.jpg)

000000  No.33072

simloli dev, please ignore atf, only retards are posting about their retardation and niggerish low IQ

2bb95d  No.33073

File: 371aae6ac1a36c2⋯.png (87.95 KB, 1016x788, 254:197, 2019-01-08 21_26_55-Game- ….png)

File: 1b7d1d6300a597c⋯.png (50.02 KB, 1006x789, 1006:789, 2019-01-08 21_28_40-Game- ….png)

Have some weird bugs, if I drop candy, every girl who sees it freezes in place, if I throw candy, they will run to it, but once it stops moving the lolis will stop moving towards it. Not sure what is fleshed out with this or what is bugged.

a639ec  No.33074



have you managed to compile and run it with SL_DEBUG?

It compiles for me but crashes on startup

6b8deb  No.33077

To the ATF retards:

Where in the actual game does it say 'nigger'? The only place I can think of is in in the debug gallery test menu since I directly mapped enum names to strings to save time building the menu, which isn't even going to be in the final game anyway. I already said this.

Also there's both consensual and non-consensual for general stuff, just the 'consensual' vag/anal sex requires you to kidnap her. Later on there will be alternative methods to get her into your basement, don't worry.



I already have calculations similar to that factoring in when you can penetrate or not, based also on force. I was talking about it sounded like you wanted to be moving the dick around with the mouse or buttons or something instead of it being controlled by dialogue.




Crashes how? Do you have those SFML DLLs in the directory the .exe runs from? Are they for the right version of your compiler? (If there's a mismatch it won't work). If it's not that, what is the callstack?


I'll look into it later.

9fc8b3  No.33078

File: 7c4e4e7cb56f074⋯.png (72.17 KB, 1020x791, 1020:791, based.PNG)

fce9bc  No.33079


Could you make a quick tutorial on how to import the game into vs2017? thanks in advance.

9a54fc  No.33080


i did include sfml-xxxx-d.lib , SL_DEBUG definition, and i have chosen to "just" build a debug version.


unless you were were to "build" SFML by yourself, it won't do shit since SFML does not have binary release for visual studio

e65b5f  No.33086


>Oh yeah, I forgot about Windows XP. This happened with the 0.3 pre-alpha last year too. I can make the 0.4.1 update support XP agian.

that'd be great dude, thanks

>But honestly, why the actual fuck are you using Windows XP in 2019?

Tried other ones, and this is by far the most comfortable one for me. I'll have to change eventually, but I'm trying to delay that as much as possible


>I already have calculations similar to that factoring in when you can penetrate or not, based also on force. I was talking about it sounded like you wanted to be moving the dick around with the mouse or buttons or something instead of it being controlled by dialogue.

I'm the one who suggested this, not him

I just think it would make fucking the lolies more tasteful and satisfactory/less repetitive. But you're the coder, so you'd know if the relationship from effort/neatness is good or bad

e65b5f  No.33087


oh fuck, I'm laughing so much

How modable is actually this thing

b8089a  No.33089


>Wangblows XP

Nice to see other anons still using the last good version of Windows NT. Windows 7 was the last tolerable version

87c617  No.33100

I'm really sorry guys for not getting the 0.4.1 demo out. I'm really fucking busy with work unfortunately. Fuck January.


I don't hate you nor am I upset by you guys being offended. You're simply just acting silly by getting bothered about a word used in a debug-only menu in a game where you literally kidnap and rape children.

Also it should only have a tonne of cops if you enabled NTR mode. And if you did that, you wanted to get cockblocked anyway, so you got what you wanted.

Also yes, I need more info about the lag to figure if it's related to it being an nvidia 10-series card or if it's something else.


I see you noticed the DNA::EyeColor enum.



>SFML does not have binary release for visual studio


There's multiple Visual C++ ones. Just make sure you get the one that matches your VS.


Dialogue is basically completely moddable. His red eyes were not an art-edit - they're in the game, just never generated. There's also cyan and black ones but you won't see them in this demo. The art is all 100% editable too. And you can even add in more dialogue art and refer to it from the dialogue code. No need to modify anything in the C++ executable. Only if you need to add extra functionality and expose data that isn't already would you need to do that. Most common stuff like modifying a few variables (fear, etc). Sex interface, removing clothes, changing pose, etc is all exposed to the loliscript (ie moddable).

I mean you could even mod the insides of houses, they're all saved as JSON files. I tried to externalize as much as possible to make it more data-driven.

To modify any dialogue shit, just look into resources/dlg/ and open in your text editor of choice.

The art is in resources/img/.

there's stuff in data/ as well which can do stuff like change colour swaps (if you don't like some of the skin tones... I guess if you really wanted to you could replace all of those with the skin tone of your choice if you want a *visually* racially uniform game. (genetically they'll still be pulled from all the pools and with names from them too). Although I guess you could change the names in data/nationalities too. The skin/eye/hair swap colors are in data/genetics/.

Although since you have the full C++ course code, if you want to recompile it, you can do basically anything you want to it.


Aren't you worried about security running Windows XP? And hell, don't you run into this kind of shit all the time with lack of support?

c2974c  No.33102

File: 461ccf8a65b4077⋯.jpg (14.28 KB, 240x320, 3:4, 137593505136.jpg)

>tfw decided to check out ATF

Forumfags are a sickening bunch.

fa441d  No.33104


I'm pretty sure it's not just 10-series cards. My laptop with a 960M also has the lag when run on it, but not when running on integrated(intel) graphics. I also have a computer with an older nvidia card, so I'll try on that a bit later and see.

9fc8b3  No.33106

File: 41f31b1a781d7e0⋯.png (5.63 KB, 779x106, 779:106, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….PNG)


I get a lot of lag with a gtx 9x0 (cpu goes nuts). My laptop with intel hd graphics runs it fine. haven't tried to see if my custom build suffers the same issue but it probably does


It's very moddable. The worst parts honestly are there are just some calculations that seem to make no sense and sometimes just flatout can't seem to generate thresholds in the script files. Also build times are a little rough but that somewhat comes with the territory of developing in C++.

Like check this out though. Figuring out how to reach a certain willingness here is a nightmare. I am pretty sure most of the values checking willingness in the game are impossible without editing the thresholds themselves (fear is clamped between -1 and 1 for example and the same is probably true for love and trust) but that's probably excusable by love and trust not being manipulable at all.

The only things I really don't like are some of the macros but that's mainly just me complaining.

14562b  No.33107

File: 77a3b584b305a0d⋯.png (225.45 KB, 351x263, 351:263, oh....PNG)

So I found out about this game from All the fallen, and it may be because I was skimming most stuff, but I'm pretty sure I'm missing something based on the recent replies. Guys on here seemed to have some kind of disagreement with people on ATF and I have no idea what it was about.

639355  No.33109



14562b  No.33110

File: 407e91bdfab6aa5⋯.jpg (42.5 KB, 495x373, 495:373, 72568610.jpg)

000000  No.33112


>being this new to an image board

Go home and come back when you're at least 18 years or older

afac44  No.33114


Probably the couple of faggots in there virtue signalling how bad the use of nigger is in a game about kidnapping and raping little girls.

000000  No.33115


Pussies also said they didn't like the rape!

14562b  No.33116


Seems more than a bit asinine to get mad over that, and isn't it only said by the cops that are supposed to be racist?


I also don't see the point in getting pissy over content that can be avoided easily, in fact you can even turn it off.

d4a585  No.33117


>So I found out about this game from All the fallen

That explains the namefagging.

b8089a  No.33122


>Aren't you worried about security running Windows XP? And hell, don't you run into this kind of shit all the time with lack of support?

Not that anon, but the muh "security" updates meme is just microshit propaganda to sell newer more botnetted versions of their OS. With a bit common sense (autism) you'll never get your system full of aids. And if your software drops support of XP for no good reason, like not using newer windows features like WASAPI or whatever, instead just because microshaft dropped support - so let's just copy them, it just shows how much of a nigger you are.

8449e7  No.33126


>>being this new to an image board

>Go home and come back when you're at least 18 years or older

>Gatekeeping this hard

Must be tough being massive cocksucker.

000000  No.33127


Someone has to deport these criminaly low iq niggers from posting inane crap.

000000  No.33128


you're using TOR also, kudos. that said, why be such an ass? image board culture is cancerous, yet you're acting elitist about your cancer. idek what AllTheFallen is (sounds like an edgy hangout) but it'w probably not worse than here, objectively speaking.


you should be using TOR if downloading shit like this. I'm surprised at how many non 0 IDs are here. the image board culture is typically very conformist and negative to anybody who isn't thoroughly indoctrinated into their cult and lexicon. they're a bunch of niggerfaggots as they would say.

87c617  No.33129

Could mp4ss from ATF let me know if he was on one of those cards, or if this is unrelated lag possibly related to his overly-active anti-virus or something?







Can you guys please stop being asshats? You're acting just as bad as the guys from ATF who got their panties in a bunch.



Yeah it seems to be exclusive to 9xx or 10xx series nvidia cards from what I can see. Someone in the ATF thread mentioned that if you run as admin it can eliminate lag - can you guys with the 9xx or 10xx cards try this and tell me if it does?


Yeah, sure, the thresholds might not get hit. This is because it's still very pre-alpha and half the factors can't be changed yet. It's more of an issue with the thresholds than the equations IMO. They'll all need some tweaking once the game is more complete.

e0dc6c  No.33132

File: 9340953723bd8d8⋯.mp4 (852.28 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Laugh.mp4)

File: 1cb244b0b619265⋯.jpg (276.97 KB, 1006x1707, 1006:1707, STOP.jpg)


>but it'w probably not worse than here, objectively speaking.

661ef4  No.33133

File: e2ef3a3141d1d49⋯.jpg (100.21 KB, 1010x571, 1010:571, Funny.jpg)

File: f60fe8ef6bb9ea4⋯.jpg (84.7 KB, 1013x1024, 1013:1024, Funny2.jpg)

File: 907800eef60b4a0⋯.jpg (156.43 KB, 1022x1260, 73:90, Funny3.jpg)

File: c9f6d29994d27b2⋯.mp4 (1.41 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Serious.mp4)


>but it'w probably not worse than here, objectively speaking.

1f8a3d  No.33134

File: 1292a3a73792171⋯.jpg (79.08 KB, 1080x655, 216:131, Fun.jpg)

A bonus because I'm having fun.

>the anon who made lolimon is a staff member on atf

The more ya know.

000000  No.33135


You should have which staff member was making lolimon because in context with that pic makes the person who is outside of the loop think it is Vistarrr instead of Ulithium_Dragon

btw people who are making lolimon on atf are credited on the lolimon page.


- Ulithium_Dragon: Art Design, Sprite Work, Animations, Coding, Map and World Building, etc.

- AgeplayF1: Art Design, Map Building, etc.

- 000 Tragic Solitude: Coding, App Design

- CynderQuill: Art Design, Animations, Sprite Work, etc.

- Miss Nessa: Project Manager, Writing

- Everyone else who have contributed to this project, and any assets included that were made by various other artists.

That being said, there are plenty of anons such as myself who post over there, maybe frequently like some I know or less frequently like some I suspect.

ad999c  No.33136

File: c0584e8bb87bfa9⋯.jpg (47.91 KB, 492x449, 492:449, 14.jpg)


>That being said, there are plenty of anons such as myself who post over there, maybe frequently like some I know or less frequently like some I suspect.

I'll never understand why, but atleast they have a nice booru.

000000  No.33137


>using the word "toxic" to describe anything other than poison, pollution, or chemical waste

I fucking hate these people.

fa441d  No.33139

Hmm, it might raise the framerate a couple fps, but not as much as using the intel chip, and lag between inputs in conversation doesn't seem to change with admin.

When I get a chance, I'll try it on my computer with a 745 and see if it is only those.

fa441d  No.33140


Meant that for >>33129

fa441d  No.33143


Right, so having tested on an older nvidia card, it ran just fine there, so it is likely on 9xx and above cards.

381152  No.33144

File: 9debe7d81ca6c53⋯.gif (419.2 KB, 500x288, 125:72, AromaticRipeGangesdolphin-….gif)


>it just shows how much of a nigger you are

Dont bully lolidev!

000000  No.33145


Some people are meant to be bullied.

c85e7b  No.33153


Well here you go, might a well post the fixes I had made, since I don't think I'll have much more time to work on it soon.

I fixed the stuff already mentioned being fixed, plus a few other stuff.

-Hopefully save/load crashes will be fixed. Fixed an error in the run-length-encoding for tiles when there were exactly 128^n for some n in a row.

-Disabled more urine stuff for the demo

-(HACK!) reset AI for offscreen NPCs during hourly updates, which should help with them being 'stuck' (cops still get stuck though idk why)

-Chloroform now runs out

-You can now tell kidnapped lolis to follow/wait (although it might not work - works on non-captive ones...)

-Some other shit probably

fa441d  No.33155


You should consider having an option to go back if they decide that they don't want to play such childish games like doctor, rather than rape being the only option (or a broken option that just ends the interaction if you have it toggled off)

5ff5f7  No.33156


Load/save in the dungeon is still broken. Does the game export a crash log anywhere?

760b92  No.33157

File: 9c8d9f97c8a3d87⋯.jpg (2.04 MB, 1969x1493, 1969:1493, english_rape_spoonfeed.JPG)


What was the word?

760b92  No.33162

File: 9a7e44593a3b176⋯.jpg (65.83 KB, 582x582, 1:1, Karen_ha_lol.jpg)

File: d3935b50d4e44fb⋯.jpg (24.33 KB, 374x279, 374:279, karl_marx_wew.jpg)


Ha wait, never mind. Just your average autistic nigger faggotry.

000000  No.33163


It did not work on captive one saddly. I just noticed but every candystore had a dollar sign associated with it on the map, are you planning on a money earning job there or simply a place to buy more sweets?

e65b5f  No.33170


>Aren't you worried about security running Windows XP? And hell, don't you run into this kind of shit all the time with lack of support?

Not really, I have so much 'old' software to use before I have to resort to newer ones. Also, my craptop can't play modern games anyways, so I dont care

I dont particularly care about security, If I'm not on a list already, I won't be for this game. Which is ironic, because I'm not even into illegal shit at all, this game is legal here

000000  No.33171


If your craptop can't run newer os's then I'm sure most people can understand - though not really because then you should run like a bare bones linux os and just run your windows programs in vm or something

e65b5f  No.33172


>though not really because then you should run like a bare bones linux os and just run your windows programs in vm or something

Not gonna lie, I know how to handle myself on windows xp, but I think I'm pretty illiterate when it comes to OS and technology in general

000000  No.33173


kek, it's not something to worry about really, changing things up is always going to make you feel retarded (I do this constantly and my retardation is almost the front and center thought through out the entirety of learning something). If you don't have any secondary computer incase you fuck up, then I would say don't do anything you feel uncomfortable with. But if you do, then you have almost nothing to lose and should defiantly try it out. I've got a old craptop that windows bugged out on, tried out various linux OS's on it, and am now learning how to run a website and chat server on it. Having disposable hardware such as a rapeberry pi comes in handy for this stuff

e65b5f  No.33174


nah man, I love learning and trying new stuff, I'm actually a very curious person

It's just that I've never entered the /g/entleman's world and it looks like there's a whole new world if you combine coding/IT/hardware knowledge-buying/OS personalicing etc.

I actually kinda depend from this laptop, when I had to format it years ago it was one of the most saddening days of my life. Years work down the drain, and I know I won't be able to recover stuff from that time

Nowadays, I have a digital hoard much bigger than I had then, so unless I do some heavy back-ups, no way I'm meddling with the OS that let's me enjoy my highly categorized folders

e65b5f  No.33175


btw, t lolisim anon

It starts on win 32 xp, but the letters on the menu are butchered, missing pixels and barely readable

when creating a new world, the gam crashes

26dc01  No.33177


good, it's what you deserve for running on windows xp, faggot.

c06c47  No.33180

File: 4152b7f29b8bcf4⋯.gif (9.15 MB, 528x229, 528:229, giphy.gif)


>bare bones linux os and just run your windows programs in vm

A complete dumbass giving pc advice to a 60+ yo who uses XP. Top lulz.

000000  No.33184


s-sh-shut up

27af96  No.33193

File: bd10436d3c81b9e⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 623x466, 623:466, candy menu.gif)

Well shit, somehow that dungeon door becomes locked shut again sometimes with save-load, even though I thought I fixed it. I'm not sure why it happens now, but I'll look into it later.

To the ATF guys:

Both of you guys (for and against the racist words), you're making yourself look dumb. You're saying nigger way more than I ever did. Also, the character is a racist? Where does it show the word racist in the actual game? The only thing I can think of is in a debug menu which is not a part of the actual game, as I previously mentioned. Just get back to talking about fucking little girls.

And on that topic, as for the how to fit inside, the fingers required is not absolute. And furthermore, if she can take 2 but not 3, then you should try fingering her for a while then letting her rest for a few days, and every day or week try doing it more. It will slowly stretch her out. It won't be instant. There's a system where if you go a bit above how much can fit, it will damage and stretch her, but the further you go up, the ratio of damage:stretch increases. Damage is slowly repaired (but for now there is no reason not to damage her lots - later on it'll result in her being sad/hurt/etc towards you) and some temporary stretching is added to permanent stretching every day. It doesn't just depend on age either. There's a genetic component as well as some other stuff, like pubertal progression. However, as the nutrition system is only partially implemented, there's not really any way to influence puberty (if you starve or overfeed her she'll enter it earlier or later, but that's impossible to do right now).


Okay I'll look into it. It's weird since it works with the non-captive ones - but unfortunately that would be weird without some trust checks, so I didn't put them in. If you want it in your game personally, just edit resources/dlg/main_hub_links.ls (any normal text editor will do - ie vim, emacs, notepad, etc... but not word processor like Open Office, MS Word, etc. it's basically like a .txt file, you can rename it to one if you want, edit it, then rename it back to .ls) and add in a

line somewhere in there.

As for the dollar signs, those are attached to any shop. You used to be able to go inside of the shops, but I changed how buildings work for the 0.3 pre-alpha. Before it was all hard-coded and now it's externalized into JSON files with a level editor available in the Settings menu (in debug builds only), but I never got around to making the insides of stores again. Maybe in next year's demo I'll focus on the dungeon aspect, and get the stores working so that you can buy food/etc for your lolis. I'm not sure yet though. Here's what it used to look like though.


Is it consistent? It depends how it crashes, really. Check failedasserts.txt in the root game directory. Make sure it was from the most recent crash and not from earlier. Do you have to do anything, or is it crashing even on quickly saving? Or only when you wait longer? Did you edit the dungeon? I tried about 15 times without any crash, until I edited the dungeon to have an invalid layout with respect to doors. (ie place doors down then later remove some ground around it to make it lead back to the main hallway) Then you get

Failed assertion (rcar == RoomCreationAttemptResult::Success) on line number 53 in file sl\src\home\dungeon.cpp
. I couldn't seem to get it to crash in save/load by just doing it normally without touching the dungeon.

Either way, I will fix the dungeon and make it remove doors/rooms as soon as you fuck up the dungeon layout I might be redoing how the dungeon works anyway later. Maybe sooner if I decide to focus on that aspect for the 0.5 demo.

000000  No.33198


Will be looking forward to the demo you put out next year

3d949a  No.33199

File: 999313558b798fa⋯.png (29.22 KB, 1025x769, 1025:769, Dungeon Door.PNG)


First off, this is shaping up to be a fantastic game. Thank you lolidev for putting your time into this.

Second off, When I load a save game, my dungeon cell door doesn't appear to work, and I can't find the way to remove / replace the dungeon cell door. It's entirely possible I'm retarded, but I cannot seem to find a way to place new doors for new rooms in the interface.

Attached an image so you can see that it appears to "open" inthat there's a thicker bar on the right where the open door normally sits. but the bars are still closed and I am unable to pass through.

In terms of what I have done in game, very little. I started a new game. Saved the game and tested it would load. Then I kidnapped a loli, brought her to my dungeon and put her in the room. saved the game and re loaded it without changing anything in the dungeon.

Upon the reload the cell door would "open" but not clear the closed door state. so the closed door remains.

3d949a  No.33200


I did a bit more testing as well, It appears that if you enter the dungeon and leave. whether a person is in the cell or not doesn't matter. If you've entered the basement of the house at all, and save at any point. the cell door bugs out.

I tried a new game where I never entered the basement, was able to actuate the door fine.

I tried capturing a person stuffing her in the basement then leaving and saving. Door fails to actuate.

I tried just starting a new game, enter dungeon then leave dungeon without actuating anything, saving outside. reloading the save and the door fails to actuate.

27af96  No.33201


>Second off, When I load a save game, my dungeon cell door doesn't appear to work, and I can't find the way to remove / replace the dungeon cell door. It's entirely possible I'm retarded, but I cannot seem to find a way to place new doors for new rooms in the interface.

Read the first sentence in >>33193

fec038  No.33202


I did say I was retarded didn't I?


1c385d  No.33204


Failedasserts is giving me this:

Failed assertion (tag == found) on line number 230 in file n\binarydeserialize.cpp

Strangest thing is, It's now almost completely stable. Bit of an odd one but the only change now I can think of is I switched my graphics card from AMD to Nvidia a few days ago.

06b8ce  No.33206


I found a workaround for this.

If you place a wall at the spot where the gate is in between saves, so before you save you place a wall there and after loading the save you remove it again, the gate will continue to work.

While this is basically making use of one glitch to fix another, it does work and keeps them working.

I simply just always have a wall placed there unless I need to enter it and place it aghain once I leave.

753375  No.33208

how unstable is this for u guys? Like i crash when i chose most options. I cant save or load without crashing. When i play doctor and take the penis route it crashes. Most routes except the most basic first choices lead to crashes. Is this how it is for everyone or is mine just crashing more often than normal?

a534ec  No.33210


I get pretty frequent crashes. the output log frequently has issues regarding deserialization. but I've also seen alot of errors like:

"Failed assertion (rcar == RoomCreationAttemptResult::Success) on line number 53 in file sl\src\home\dungeon.cpp


ac9999  No.33217


I get crashes every now and them but with frequent saving this is actually quite do-able.

I do have the problem that at some point in a save it will crash no matter what and I have to create a new save. I do not know if it's because of something that I'm doing or the save just get's overloaded.

The last time I had this crash happen it was a failed assertion in src/NPC/LocationPathCache.cpp at line 24 (ASSERT(fromTarget);)

What happened to the gitgud repo? As someone who studies software development and game design I'd love to see the source and see if I might be able to provide some help in the development.

587b61  No.33218


>As someone who studies software development and game design I'd love to see the source and see if I might be able to provide some help in the development.

Isn't the full source code in the demo in the /src/ directory?

Also, no offense, but I hope you mean studying in your own time, and not studying game design at an actual school.

ac9999  No.33219


>Isn't the full source code in the demo in the /src/ directory?

Yes but without the version control system I cannot submit improvements and/or fixes once I find them.

>Also, no offense, but I hope you mean studying in your own time, and not studying game design at an actual school.

I do study it at my college but it's a side course as we need to pick one next to our main course. I learn most game design at home by myself though.

753375  No.33228

Failed assertion (tag == found) on line number 230 in file n\binarydeserialize.cpp

got this error. any clue what it means? >>33193

Also i can click the save button and it saves and generates a save_game_test file. However whenever i click load in the main menu it crashes. no loading or anything just crashes on menu. Running win10 with intel dedicated graphics.

753375  No.33229


also got this error.

Failed assertion (lowest) on line number 184 in file c\dialogue\scenario.cpp

2e91ae  No.33241


hi I love you and your game :)

ec654a  No.33252

Is there an way to set over dlg clothing from the loli

753375  No.33282

Failed assertion (lowest) on line number 184 in file c\dialogue\scenario.cpp

when going the sick dick route

0da4de  No.33316

Don't let this thread die :(

5f8ae3  No.33317

Let this thread die, as pedos should.

efc153  No.33329


>Bumps the thread

5f8ae3  No.33331


>Doesn't understand what sage is

efc153  No.33332


>doesn't know he didn't sage

5fc545  No.33338

Oh no it's dead

c00348  No.33341

File: 0d9a57fdbb89263⋯.jpg (113.8 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 0d9a57fdbb892637ed2a53ad6e….jpg)


lolidev vanishes sometimes

d1b1e0  No.33378


why does that guy have a carrot?

c73c7e  No.33380


to lead captured lolis to safety, of course.

d0ee77  No.33449


Sorry for being a newfag and asking stupid questions, but I want to make sure. Is this the latest version? I have been browsing the thread and see pics of people doing things in game that I can't seem to do. Are there any other forums to keep up to date with this?

42c09e  No.33473


Yep, this is the absolutely firtst focus of development

d0ee77  No.33477


Has the dev abandoned it? He hasn't posted since .40 which was a couple months ago. It really needs an update to add some sort of affection/trust system, it would really take the game to the next level. Something like being able to build a loli's trust to the point they willingly go to your home without having to kidnap, then further building the trust to be able to have sex without it being forced and of course if kidnapping them their affection levels would build a sort of stockholm syndrome, where they begin to love the PC even though he kidnapped them.

It also needs more work on penetration. The idea of having to break the loli's hymen and loosen them with a finger before being able to penetrate is a really great idea, but it doesn't seem to work properly(unless I'm retarded if so please explain, because I can't seem to get past 2 fingers, they don't seem to stretch beyond that point). This same feature also has to be added to anal.

Finally, there seems to be a system in place where they get more skilled at giving oral/handjobs by being able to teach them, but the actual stats don't seem to be implemented yet. All these features above could turn this into one of, if not the best Loli game ever made. Of course it's buggy as hell and crashes a lot(also suffers from stuttering and short freezes), but first all of the systems should be put in place, then bugs can be ironed out, because adding more features will just add more bugs anyways, as long as it's stable enough to run and save that is enough for now.

7a03f1  No.33481


>if kidnapping them their affection levels would build a sort of stockholm syndrome, where they begin to love the PC even though he kidnapped them.

That sounds like a neat idea, but only if it's by chance that the loli you kidnap ends up developing it over time, rather than it happening to everyloli you nap, similar to how there's a chance to come across a dominant loli.

feeb28  No.33488

bump for lolis

0521bb  No.33494

The game is really slow for me and crashes every chance it gets. Is there some step other than downloading the latest version and playing it that i'm missing?

e02152  No.33504


i'd love to be able to compile it without visual studio.

and whole pregnancy system needs a complete rework

9ab32d  No.33551

Bump because I hate niggers.

000000  No.33582



Also is it the simlolidev that is posting in the 4chan /stg/ thread or a pretender/preacher

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