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File: df5d86f36d1de43⋯.jpg (90.6 KB, 645x912, 215:304, DQ7mZLyUEAAJz6h.jpg)



/ara/ is a board for all things “MILFs” (Mothers I'd Like to Fuck) and similar archetypes of older women. Mature women is the name of the game. Mothers, Wives, Teachers, Bosses, and Christmas Cakes are just a few examples of what is cherished around here!

This is the new Meta Thread, the place where all issues, questions and concerns about the board should be discussed. The rules can be found here [https://8ch.net/ara/rules.html], but I will post them here as well:

♥ Follow the 8chan Global Rule to the letter. Nothing considered Illegal in the United States of America!

♥ Threads and content posted must be related to mature women.

♥ No real women or real pornstars. They are offtopic, and better suited for other boards like >>>/milf/ or any of the more general porn boards like >>>/wx/. 3D animation is of course allowed though.

♥ Please check the catalog before creating a new thread, as duplicates and topics deemed too similar may likely be moderated.

♥ Onee-san (Older Sister) types are okay too, but they should really give off that older woman vibe and perceived aged should be more significant then the average older sister.

♥ Fanart of Futanari, Furries and Western Cartoon milfs are also okay, but majority of them are best kept in their respective pre-existing threads.

Not rules but posting advice:

♡ Just because the image is straight shota, has age/size difference, sports women with big breasts or wide curves doesn't mean it's “milf”.

♡ Attempt to have threads with adequate titles and provide enough substance for it to be worth it's own thread.

♡ Threads created just for requests/sauce/source are discouraged, or at least have one thread to account for all requests and sauce

Any major rule change will be notified with a new post here as well as the OP edited. I may change/remove/add to the rule list whenever I see fit, so make sure to check the rules often if you are unsure at any given moment.


Changes to the Board Settings:

>re-enabled flags

>added board announcement bar

>added rules page

>turned on public board logs (for those that want full transparency)

Moderation: Deleted 2 threads (each had 0 replies), one post in the SFW thread, one post in the Face on Ara Boobs thread and another in the MILF-ification thread that were all likely created by bots.

From the years I've browsed this board generally anons always were good with little to no moderation, so the current proposed ruleset only really exists to cover my bases for egregious circumstances. Threads that seem to be duplicates and content posted by spambots I know I will probably clamp down hard on, otherwise things should be smooth sailing.

One only aspect about this board I really want to draw attention to is the blogposting-like threads:





There are a few threads like this that seem to all be very similar in structure and the posts they attract, usually marked by mostly blogposting and less about image dumping content. Just curious if the rest of the users find this okay? Or would you prefer future threads like this to be consolidated to a single thread (like the /ara/ Feels thread)? I don't really mind either way but the abundance is something I noticed is all.

Thoughts and comments are appreciated.


Last minor thing:









These images seemed to have 404'd and it doesn't seem possible to restore them.


File: 28935d09f016194⋯.jpg (267.1 KB, 649x915, 649:915, 66880310_p0_master1200.jpg)






it's terrible that beautiful images like these got 404d ;__;


i think that those blogspoting threads are ok. i can distinguish between the topics of them. it might be a bad idea to group such diverse content in a single thread.

it could be better if these things could be pinned on top to avoid repeating these threads. this can works because there are only 4 of them.

just my oppinion.


File: 4c8993a206557a9⋯.jpg (563.6 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, 71419375_p4_master1200.jpg)


i just checked a backup folder of that thread and i noticed that 404'd pics were there.


Nice, new board owner!


You should clean up some broken threads and delete the clutter of duplicates and shitposts.


I just wish this board was faster. I'm otherwise satisfied with the users and content here. I think the board's too slow right now to really do anything about blogposting if it remains relevant to the purpose of the board, but I remember some anons getting into off topic /pol/ or /leftypol/ shit. I'm not opposed to politics but it's the one thing in this board ever posted that hadcno significant overlap with milfs.

Speaking of overlap, I'm glad to see the continued acceptance of shota and non-eastern content. I know there's people who dislike both, but I think by now ara and straight shota go very hand in hand, just because of how mutually additive both fetishes are. (I also made the original /ss/ thread) The only exception is when people specifically want younger female characters, but other boards exist for that. I also think that allowing curvier characters, even without having milf traits, to be posted can help gateway more people into ara character archetypes and bodies, which just helps the board's culture overall.




Stop spamming your gay ass cult, kike. Not cumming won't give you any super powers nor cure your depression.


File: 16a02634fb61caf⋯.jpg (110 KB, 773x952, 773:952, 231fc9ad7538e560fac66181ad….jpg)


File: 5cb7e9a78263818⋯.jpg (86.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

I miss the good old days when MILF stood for "mentally ill ladies I'd like to fuck".


Question: I think I get the obvious implications, but can anyone with this fetish explain why so much SS has females with nearly-gargantuan tits and ass? I am intrigued with the them generally but when I was a boy--as today--I would find that unappealing sexually. Big knockers and womanly hips are fine but so much of this genre hentai just pushes it into the realm of the grotesque imo.



>intrigued with the theme*



If you still have them, I wouldn't mind if they were reposted in those threads.


>broken threads

Which thread specifically is broken? Every single thread has worked for me, and I checked every single one.



Glad to see there's someone in charge. Though, there's more than 1 rule and meta thread in the catalog. It was great that this board got the advertisement.


I love otafuku aras.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



To make it short, it's because women appear much larger than they really are to boys. Furthermore, exaggerated curves is a quick way to visually indicate maturity. A lot of people into /ss/ are also into size difference featuring larger women. People go overboard on the sizes however because there isn't really a hard brake on something like fetishes.


File: 493d1a31cadadb1⋯.jpg (105.17 KB, 971x887, 971:887, DwUCwkjU8AQ2hO-.jpg)

File: ff73dd286927ea4⋯.png (438.77 KB, 1254x780, 209:130, Thread.png)

Thread >>7960 (that I will delete soon due to being meta stuff outside of the Meta Thread and to free Catalog of clutter) pointed out how the [Watch Thread] feature was seemingly disabled. Finally getting time to look it over, it seems that in the Stylesheet customization for the board's default CSS theme a lot of the UI was hidden, likely an attempt to free clutter that was not pertinent to the board itself or probably not that useful for the average user, like the [Nerve]/[Cancer] buttons.

Here seems to be the code of stuff that enables this stuff to be hidden:

/* Hide useless file information */
p.fileinfo :not(.unimportant){
display: inline;

p.fileinfo > a:not(.chx_RISLink)
{display: none;}

.intro a {display: inline !important;}

a.watchThread, a.showallThread {display: none !important;}

p.fileinfo .unimportant a:link {display: inline;}

a.hide-image-link, p.fileinfo small {display: none !important;}

.faq-message.unimportant.hint {display: none;}

/* Hide posted edited message */
div.post_modified {display: none;}

/* Hide announcement */
.announcement {display:none;}

/* Hide useless menu items */
#filter-menu-hide.post-item, #filter-menu-add.post-submenu
{display: none !important;}

.hash_unix.hash_h {display: none !important;}
#grab {display: none;}

.nerve, .cancer, #nerv-center {display: none;}

This just seems to be for the board specific CSS. Attempts to edit this has proven unfruitful, but this may be due to my technical incompetence. There is a way around this however. All you have to do is go to the [Options], go to Theme and click "Yotsuba" in the drop down menu to get a similar theme but with all the extra stuff including [Watch Thread]. I never noticed any of this since viewing the board logged in Board Owner/Volunteer mode (sys.8ch.net/mod.php?/[Board]/) this stuff are enabled by default while regularly viewing it's not.


BO, while you're at it, can you change the css so the top boards thing follows you as you scroll down?



Just change the position to fixed instead of abolute



Attempted it but in my opinion it looks awful. This is due to the fact that apparently instead of a solid background color behind the text it's completely transparent when you start scrolling down so the Top boards text all clashes against anon's posts.

(Also I think I figured out why I couldn't update the CSS, it seems I have to close my entire browser to really see any results).



Then add a background, just like all the other boards.


.desktop-style div.boardlist:not(.bottom) {

position: fixed;

background: white;



That works on my end.



How do i code format? never used it



.desktop-style div.boardlist:not(.bottom) {
position: fixed;
background: white;



strangely, no update on my end



But it works on mine



Now it works for me. Now I just need the color codes for the border and shadow that Yotsuba had and it will look fine.

.desktop-style div.boardlist:not(.bottom) {


File: 547d1a5806a40b2⋯.png (141.99 KB, 627x642, 209:214, cooking mama.png)

Finally able to get the Watch Thread and Show All Posts options back in, so I will be deleting that other thread. Outside of fine tuning the Top Board list ( >>7986 ) I won't be doing any other edits to the CSS for the foreseeable future.


File: b6760099d207e51⋯.jpg (500.63 KB, 752x1063, 752:1063, 1470378817802.jpg)


Uh mods ban the retard shilling his own imageboard

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