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Fuck off we're full
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File: a041d6c94f7aa50⋯.jpg (29.81 KB, 520x292, 130:73, abo.jpg)


My family have been going through family trees to find out more about our heritage, all we really knew was French and American. Last night it was discovered that my Great, Great, Great Grandfather was a half cast.

So I'm a fuckin abo now cunts, what's the first thing I do to take advantage of it?


Also the flag is Canadian because VPN.


Sniff petrol. Yow now have immunity so why not.



ork engineering

public drinking


I was thinking more like 2% interest home loans, free taxi rides.etc.



Claim a part of canada as aboriginal land


you know that boong genetics start to wear down after like 3 generations right


Can only get centrelink benefits if you're 1/14th abo iirc



1/16th cunt



its crazy enough to work


You can get away with rape


Kill yourself


Neet king?



Don't you have to get recognized by a tribe? That means interacting with abos.



Bribe them with a goon bag



> French and American

i'd be more worried about that than the black fella bit



I'd be more worried about how much his family travels about.

Seems pretty jewish to me …



I'd keep a lid on it, anon, and never mention your inferior genetics in polite company. ya fucken coon


apply for as many NEETbux as you can get


File: 72d0198697a0082⋯.jpg (68.21 KB, 549x549, 1:1, 11355114_1617015161892010_….jpg)

I unironically know half castes and light aboriginal people that act 10x as respectable than the white cunts i've seen on imageboards.



Wow !!

You sure put us in our place m8 !!!

I shall now change my life and stop loathing filthy fucking niggers,worthless shitty boongs and stinking lazy fucking pajeets.

I may even become a muslim.



> 10x as respectable than the white cunts i've seen on imageboards

>on imageboards

Well people aren't exactly on their best behaviour on an image board




If you can do the maths for this then you are not abbo.



Nah, cenno does the maths for them.



t. Boong


how didn't any one sniff you out as an abo? they have such a distinctive smell. even the passably white ones.

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