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Fuck off we're full
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File: a8cda18a018d456⋯.png (580.59 KB, 555x965, 111:193, pr.png)


“No Chinese Allowed” signs seen around universities in Melbourne

>According to the local Australian Chinese media publications Melbourne Today and Melbourne WeLife, anti-Chinese posters have been plastered around prestigious universities such as Monash University and the University of Melbourne.


which one of you did it?


Loose as fuark



probably would have been funnier if we could read the posters, but nvm

pro taiwan posters would probably become best banter


They said there was a Japanese character, thus it was done by a poor Chinese speaker, then said it was done by something like Google Translate.

What could it mean, cunts?



If you read what the gooks are posting about it they tell you it was done by somebody who speaks moonrunes and that the translation is fine/good.


How does putting up stickers and flyers exactly stop this vermin from coming here? Oh, it doesn't, but so brave anyway.



The most important thing in keeping a dam from bursting is stopping that first leak of water from coming through, because after that a failure becomes much harder to stop. These blokes have shown that the dam can crack, expect others to start doing things in the wake. Momentum is built by seeing others working toward the same goal.

and no ASIO I don't plan on doing anything of the sort



The dam has already burst but it's Australians who are drowning, posting up wing dings on A4 doesn't do fuck all, it'll be forgotten about by tomorrow meanwhile another couple thousand chinks arrive by plane.

Our problems can't be reverted, just gotta ride that tiger until it's taken its course.


File: 63ffd75832f5643⋯.png (48.74 KB, 442x676, 17:26, daily china.png)


This is literally an international incident. The chinese communist parties official newspaper has reported on this, as well as their facebook page which has 38 million followers.

The Chinese foreign minister held a press conference over it. These guys are absolute fucking madmen.

Google Antipodean Resistance and check the last week. There are literally hundreds of news articles about it from Chinese sources and many in English from Jew York Times and Daily Mail.

It could have potentially done millions of dollars in damage at these universities if it deters Chinese students from enrolling. Either way it has made many chinks super butthurt.

How can you not be stoked about it? This is the funniest prank I've seen in awhile. It solidifies Aussies as the #1 IRL shitposters.



I hope this will have the effect the Cronulla riots did and deter the chinks from coming here for a while.

But personally I find the African niggers and the Muslims to be a bigger immediate problem. I don't fear for my life when I see a group of Chinese walking toward me in the street.



LOL, it's facebook mate, as in it doesn't matter one little bit, social media is trash.




so what? if this is was passes as a victory then we really are fucking doomed.



>Our problems can't be reverted, just gotta ride that tiger until it's taken its course.

It's nihilistic faggots like you that got us to this point in the first place.


Remember when those attacks against Indians occurred back around 2009?

>THE number of Indians applying for visas to study in Australia has plunged dramatically, heightening fears for the nation's $17 billion international education industry.

>The latest Immigration Department data, for the period from July to October 31, shows a 46 per cent drop in overseas student visa applications from India compared with the same period in 2008.

>The figures come as India seethed over the murder in Melbourne on the weekend of Nitin Garg, stabbed to death as he walked through a Footscray park on his way to work at Hungry Jack's on Saturday night.


I'm not saying go out and start sticking street shitters and gooks or to do anything illegal, but if more people jump on board with this kind of thing shitskins might just start to get that they're not welcome and enrollments might start to drop, or better yet we get another Cronulla like we could've had in 2009 if people had been better organised.

So either get on antipodean-resistance.info, send them an email and start pranking, or if you think you can do something, get out and make your own Prank Patrol. Bottom line, get out and do shit (but nothing illegal ASIO)



It's called being realistic and understanding that posting up flyers is nothing more than impotent rage that achives nothing. This mess has to run its course, it became the only option after the loss of WW2, nothing to do with nihilism.



It's called being a defeatist faggot. Go hang yourself.



yeah nah, run for your local council if you want to actually do something constructive instead of pulling stupid pranks that achieve zero, the rest of your stuff is ad hom which is actually a good example of nihilistic thinking.



>achieve zero

Did you read >>135956 ? Also that so called meaningless faceberg or w/e page has 33 million likes and that will have an impact on some of them choosing to go someplace else and not here.

>run for your local council

>he's so much of a good goy he thinks running for your local council will do something



>millennial who thinks facebook likes have value



I'd say that letting 33million gooks know they're not welcome here has value.


File: e5418468fd95ffb⋯.jpg (261.92 KB, 1600x1003, 1600:1003, laughing.jpg)


>tfw he thinks his impotent raging on facebook will stop us coming to australia and buying up everything



If a bunch of pajeets finding out they're not welcome stopped them coming I'm sure it'll also stop some chinks and thats more than any politician local council member has done.

Also what a shock the nihilistic faggot whos done nothing for his race has gook pictures saved.


Ever gook you stop coming here is a ~$40,000 blow to the Jewish run universities. Advanced SIEGE tactics


File: f249cd86c5a5342⋯.png (901.29 KB, 674x896, 337:448, cbdnews.png)

File: f4858330540a43b⋯.png (833.9 KB, 637x902, 637:902, cbdnews2.png)


I was gonna effort post but why bother? What kind of white person goes around calling other whites a "nihilistic faggot"? Like I said, it's importent rage because nothing you do is making an actual difference.



>What kind of white person goes around calling other whites a "nihilistic faggot"?

A good white man who's going to call you out on your bullshit of "do nothing and wait to die".



You're not a good white man when you fail to understand that sometimes there is no play, no move and a sickness must run its course. This "do something, anything" is childish thinking.



Forgot to add that attacking people who disagree with you is even worse than childish, its counter-productive.



Fuck off cunt, he's right.

You're a weak coward and your logic is defensive faggotry.



>i'm so smart because i've given up because im a giant coward

Look how far WN 1.0 has come to now.

It's also not like our current situation mirrors situations in past no not at all.

I never said "do something, anything" but it's sure better than being a worthless pos kike controlled fag like yourself who's just waiting to die.



I agree, only violence against the subhumans will stop them from invading. We need to have more Cronullas on a monthly or weekly basis so the subhumans get the message. Every time we have violently attacked the subhumans in the streets, they have stopped coming here for a period afterwards. We scared them off. A permanent level of violent attacks on the subhumans will keep most of them too afraid to come here.


File: cd4e06505e14257⋯.png (203.1 KB, 600x600, 1:1, cd4e06505e1425742faeb0f0dd….png)


Attacking defeatist losers who would rather blindly trust in the cycle of history than do anything to hasten it along isn't counterproductive. Defeatists are almost as bad as traitors.



It's not defeatism, it's called zugzwang.


File: 31ed7d43b0cd04e⋯.jpg (72.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, TurnBerg.jpg)

You expect a new group to suddenly start a race war?

It's a publicity stunt is all.














thought I'd point this out: read all the shit coming from this poster - this is subversion, it's not some defeatist faggot it's a shill.

They're in other threads too. This was happening last year as well, probably related to the endless shilling on /pol/ but possibly some other group, either way that's very clearly what this is.



It's a communist. I recognize the typing style of /leftypol/.


Monash is probably Melbourne's major university for foreign students. It's a fucken joke. All of those places should be filled by Australians.



He's right though.


>reee everyone who doesn't share my views is a leftypol communist reeee



>muh race

You're not doing anything for your race by being a fat useless sack of shit NEET and not having any white children.



hey again. Why are you even bothering with this? this isn't /pol/ it isn't auspol, it's just a random Australia based imageboard which was once made famous for having lots of pics of Adelaide women shared on it.

Why even bother?




Isn't your nappy getting full? Might need to take a break there buddy! :(




Been posting here since that day :^)


wanna huff its contents?






>nigs and sand nigs are a bigger problem

Aus is a chinese colony and the filth are so smug that they don't even need violence they just take your jobs, houses and land. If there is to be a race war, it will be against the chinks.


File: 83149bd840e728f⋯.jpg (157.51 KB, 960x775, 192:155, polBTFOhard.jpg)

File: 9cc29738ec4f8c7⋯.jpg (374.74 KB, 1242x1178, 621:589, pol1.jpg)

File: d95ee78f6bee11d⋯.jpg (134.02 KB, 950x1024, 475:512, pol2.jpg)

File: 62b7a369602b3a5⋯.jpg (929.03 KB, 2452x2839, 2452:2839, polcretins.jpg)

File: 85fe93743c39c25⋯.png (32.91 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, polcucks.png)


Back to /pol/, sub human foreveralone Autist.



>ywn be so butthurt about trump winning an election in another country that doesn't affect you, beyond the already improving australian dollar, that you migrate from reddit to shitpost on a board that gets maybe 100 people visiting a month

Kill yourself.

If you absolutely must stay, stop double spacing like the filthy redditor you are; it's really jarring to read.



>>ywn be so butthurt about trump winning an election

Who are you talking to? I'm not butthurt at all about him winning, it's hilarious watching you retards get duped by that con artist and at the same time watching SJWs and hard leftist lose their shit because of a pussy grabber. It's a joy watching both sides foam at the mouth and tear each other apart.

> that you migrate from reddit to shitpost on a board that gets maybe 100 people visiting a month

Le go beck 2 plebbit maymay. Stop trying so hard to fit in you faggot. I've been posting on chans since 07, long before you kid.



> I've been posting on chans since 07, long before you kid.

2007 is when the cancer arrived. GTFO faggot.



>Back to /pol/, sub human foreveralone Autist.

All these assumptions. Go back to the home, schizophrenic.



I bet you dont even remember old /b/ kid and I bet you think trollface is the proper name.



>07newfag projecting again

Didn't you get banned on /r9k/?





Nice meme, you double digit IQ sub human /pol/cancer kiddy. I've been posting here for a long time and you never knew and I will continue posting here and there's not a single thing you can do about it :^) in fact, one of my threads is quite lively.


Been posting on chans long before you, kiddo.




I haven't had a friend in years and have been friendless most of my life, I just got lucky with the gf thing and met a fellow autist like myself.

>You proved the exact opposite. If you can get a girlfriend you can get a regular life.

Wrong, I already proved I'm more robot than you, see >>193585

And by the fact I'm Autistic, that automatically excludes me from a normal life, not even mentioning my shitty upbringing.

>Not just a normalfag but a newfag as well.

Been posting on chans since 07, try again kid.

>/pol/ doesn't have a rule that it's a right-winged, ethno nationalist board but everyone knows that it is.

I'm not an right-winger yet I still post there anyway, funny how that works!


His post wasn't worth responding to properly.


Exactly, cyborgs ARE a thing and it's very easy to go back and forth between being a borg and a robot.

see >>193585

Really makes me think, you type the same and use the same gay fucking emoticons and references to MUH 2007




>goes to all this effort to dig up an old post

>is a /pol/tard

>is an /r9k/ virgin

w e w lad, get a life and stop being so butthurt.


cry more kid and you cant ban someone with a VPN. im posting in the other threads too and none of you have caught on yet, that goes for r9gay too :^)



>use the same gay fucking emoticons

Literally what? This :^) ? Rofl..



>cry more kid and you cant ban someone with a VPN. im posting in the other threads too and none of you have caught on yet, that goes for r9gay too :^)

ah yeah, we did actually, you've been called out here and in the other thread





Hahah, you fucking retard. You got banned on fucking r9k, you deserve a fucking medal. Even on the board of rejects you are not wanted. Fucking lol. You should probably kill yourself now.


File: 6424a4c6dce2540⋯.gif (31.43 KB, 356x200, 89:50, triggered.gif)



>Hahah, you fucking retard. You got banned on fucking r9k, you deserve a fucking medal. Even on the board of rejects you are not wanted. Fucking lol. You should probably kill yourself now.

Calm down mate, I think you're taking this whole image board thing a little too seriously. Maybe you should get outside a bit more and stop basing your perception on what you read on /pol/, it might settle you down a bit and lower your blood pressure.


Why am I still posting on both boards then? Lmao…your little secret club has been infiltrated by le guy with le gf and who post on le reddit :^)







No Chinese people are allowed to enter this area. If you enter unlawfully then there is a possibility of arrest, prosecution, and deportation.



Chinabros and Indians are based af though.










Calm down kid…


No, boomers and Liberals ruined this country with their selfishness and their economic mismanagement.




Micks are sub humans, who cares…they dont contribute anything. They just get drunk and fight all the time plus they are manlets and gingers.


File: 3a028b7d177fc49⋯.jpg (54.63 KB, 436x495, 436:495, =◡=.jpg)

>tfw actually know the lads that did this

they're neetsoc retards but still strewth lads



What? How would you know that? And I'd disagree, you can see they're not by taking a gander at their twitter.


File: 395e44ff1835599⋯.jpg (600.6 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, flamethrower-china.jpg)

>put out press releases about your troops burning uighur rebels alive without thinking twice about it

>2 pieces of plain a4 paper with moonrunes on them put up on aussie campus


Daily reminder that the Chinese, like all non-whites, are not our friends. We don't get to bring friends.



Fucking somalians are more our friends than chinks. Chinks are not human or beast, but rather a disease. They are as bad as jews.


Colleges are racist as shit when it comes to Chinese people at Harvard the population of Asians has only moved .3% over the past 50 fucking years that why chinks have to work so fucking hard to get in



>Colleges are racist

Lol no. Are you a retard?

Besides, it's fucking good thing to not let those cunts in. Chinks don't 'work' hard, they cheat and exploit hard. Maybe Harvard is just a little better at screening out the cheaters than other colleges.


File: ba85f0ca1ccdb1d⋯.png (13.28 KB, 210x240, 7:8, images.png)


>>Chinks don't 'work' hard, they cheat and exploit hard

it's true, also they make the worse doctors in this present universe. IF u have a health problem or a serious one, goto a chink doctor for help, u may as well become your own doctor or kiss ur ass goodbye because that's how much of a fuck they give when it comes to saving lives, particularly yours.



>they make the worse doctors in this present universe

>have a splinter stuck deep in my finger

>go to the GP to get it taken out

>doctor ching chong is the only one available

>sticks syringe in my finger

>pushes it all the way through and out the other side

>squirts anaesthetic all over my leg

Thanks doc.




to be fair


is more or less correct as far as the USA goes.

Their chinks are very different to our chinks.

Best comparison is international students.

The USA and UK gets their really smart people - top universities like Harvard, Oxford, etc. They're getting the cream of the urban population and people who migrated decades ago would have been similarly high quality.

We get the hoards of rich dumb ones, the ones whose grandparents were basically bandits, whose parents moved up in station via the communist party and got rich by using their political connections to succeed at business.

ie: stole, cheated, and bribed their way to the top.

We get the malignant genetic trash of China that unfortunately happens to be cashed up because communism turned the social pyramid on its head.

fun game: try call random chink students "nongmin" and see how they react



I think they still get the full spectrum of Chinks as well (of course nobody is allowed to discriminate too much), but yeah at the elite level like at top unis etc it's definitely much more noticeable than here.

Letting that many Chinks into our uni systems (across the west) was a monumental mistake. Why we had to turn over all that knowledge to them almost within the space of one generation is beyond me. Only two things happen, they either take it back home with them or replace us here.



>Why we had to turn over all that knowledge to them almost within the space of one generation is beyond me

They pay full fees up front.

It's basically the govt whoring out the institutions generations of Aussie taxpayers already paid for.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>all these /leftypooftah/ image macros

fuck offff cunnnnnt we're fulllllllll



Boomers and liberals in particular are mostly ex-protestant kosher crumpets, and their social and financial mismanagement has caused this shitfest. The rum rebellion will occur again.

Englishmen are too cowardly to fight, they're too busy converting to Sharia.


File: 0f520fa6ff48516⋯.jpg (50.4 KB, 682x449, 682:449, d7e2ffba614b7e210128df4d53….jpg)


Lol Melbourne is fucking done. 150 years of struggle and suffering and unique character scrubbed clean in a couple decades by shitskins who showed up after all the hard work is done "just because they feel like it" and have corruption money from being communist party members



I know, I meant it rhetorically. I mean they've cleaned us all up, whether Aussie, Yank, Pom, you name it. Any local character to that knowledge, like the way it evolved and was passed down through generations, all just fucking pissed away like that.


If this is deterring these opportunistic rats from coming here and buying more of our land I'm all for it. The problem is already far beyond fucked and its laughable that they are butthurt about it, if there were a group of westerners trying to set up shop in China like they do here they would lose their shit and force them out any way they could, we welcome them and they don't even learn fucking English just go straight to their communities and begin exploiting real estate and the like asap. Why do we have to be such a whore country to the highest bidder, it shouldn't be nearly as attractive and lucrative as it is but when you completely stop giving a shit about your countries future this is what happens, we are literally swamped with this shit


File: 7919174433657ed⋯.png (47.02 KB, 950x573, 950:573, chinese_subhumans.png)

File: e79bb8106a17515⋯.png (757.2 KB, 800x5132, 200:1283, chinese subhumans 2.png)




Astagafirullah, those pork-eating heathens are truly the worst






There's a little story from chink land where 100+ residents nested in some apartment complex, had a light blew in their only elevator. After a number of years of riding in darkness the residents finally decide to do something about it, so they all got together held several meetings. Not a single chink broke, they believed it wasn't there right to replace a $3 dollar light bulb and refuse to pitch in for a joint effort which would cost them a few cents.

It's not like these chinks were poor either, majority were high-middle class who'll have weekly gambling losses 100 times greater than cost of the bulb.


File: c5789ad99db2f48⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 890.98 KB, 480x256, 15:8, Shovel Dog 2 Chink Shovelf….mp4)


Ay, I know that story. You glanced over a detail though.

The reason none of them broke was because that if a single chink took responsibility and fixed something once, then he'd always be responsible for fixing it.



Argh, I've been caught out with this.

The problem when fucking Australians do it to someone, they'll 'mission creep' and push them into being responsible for a lot fucking more.

>hurr you were doing the leaf litter burn offs?



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