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Fuck off we're full
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File: ecd8821952ca1f8⋯.png (19.4 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, Flag_of_Western_Australia.….png)


WA Liberal Party members have passed a WAxit motion for a committee to examine if the state could become financially independent.

"It doesn't just go to the GST. We send a significant amount of revenue in the form of income tax … capital gains tax, superannuation contributions' tax all goes to Canberra.

The motion was passed 89 votes to 73.



<WA Builds a Trumpian Wall>

WA: Oh Shit. The Abos are still in here.



Part 2 of the plan is to deport our abos to victoria



Can they just go to Melbourne and not Victoria


WA posters bring more content to the neet general than any others

We can't tolerate this slackness any longer



Agree, eastern states neets make no content. We need our fair share of gbp's


I think the Victorians would happily accept the abos considering how progressive they are.



That's the plan m80, fuck them over with their own PC'ness



It's already happening. We're going to destroy ourselves pretty damn fast. Faster than anyone has really realised. There's still a push for shooting up rooms in Richmond for druggies that shouldn't fucking be there. The homeless problem only gets worse as we redirect funding into welfare and poor infrastructure. Suburbs constantly expand but the houses are filled with muds.

I think people are going to start going insane here. Hell, it's already happening with what they put up with. This isn't a rational state, at least not towards the city. The madness is in so many people when they're willing to ignore the decay and promote the degeneracy destroying us. We're gonna end up back the way we were in the 90's. Or devolve into hardcore surveillance and police patrols, most of which will end up being comprised of Indians because they're pushing right the fuck into law enforcement roles.



>Indian cops



dont leave we need you dutch niggers



>Indian cops

Excuse me sir, we have reason to believe you haven't been shitting in the street



Only so you can rape our piggy-bank

We haven't enough gold-mines for all these City-poofs and their chemsex monies



> In 1997-98 Commonwealth excise collections on behalf of the states and territories were approximately $2.4 billion, which grew to approximately $3 billion in 1998-99.

Prolly run the state on tobacco excise alone






As a nobody who lived in Radelaide and moved to Smellbourne because I'm a sadomasochist - the abos will be a welcome change from the other shit-skinned creatures. Abos get instantly arrested here because jews forbid non-subservient-sub-human tenancy.


Can Queensland have Annschluss with you fags and create an Australian confederacy



Fuck off we have monk and I


>cunts trying to balkanise Australia



>we keep our money

>poofs in Vic and NSW don't get to vote against our supreme will

>comfy isolation

Anyone disagreeing with this is a salty Queenslander wishing they could do the same




read ayn rand faggot



>called to a violent domestic abuse situation

>hello I am to be speaking

>excuse maam u r very beuatiful

>shoe vergana

>poos in driveway

>sells both drivers license information om deepweb



nobody reads jewish propaganda here, faggot



I think we just need to put more pressure on the east, because we'll need the army in the next few years.

THOUGH, it could be an opportunity to prepare our own army and take the easterners government out, wiping the country clean.

But at the cost of civil war and torment.


File: 3b751e6188d2f3d⋯.jpg (20.28 KB, 500x328, 125:82, 1491978137226.jpg)


This Australia Day bullshit is fucking irritating. Australia literally was not a concept until Europeans came into the picture.

There were no first Australians until Europeans defined "Australia", prior to that they were various warring tribes with no concept of a Australia, it wasn't even a thing at that stage.

Therefore, the European "invasion" was literally the establishing catalyst of Australia as an actual thing.





File: 890854d3ac1850d⋯.jpg (40.75 KB, 354x398, 177:199, serves him right.jpg)



poland wuz kangs when we had jews



you mean you were a third world shithole even during the middle ages? good to know



stfu you fucking fat stupid burger



>what is a proxy

typical subhuman pole



i hope you all end in prison for hate speech fuckers



I hope merkel forces your country to take in brown people



All manufactured.

>The voices for changing the date just seem to be getting louder

>and to demonstrate this here is some vox pops from a bunch of white people because we don't know any actual Aboriginals.

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