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Fuck off we're full
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File: 000063c2e27c60e⋯.jpg (269.39 KB, 819x1158, 273:386, 000063c2e27c60ec9b8945ac4a….jpg)



>"We have a chapter in most major cities in Australia, and while we don't discuss numbers, we're sure we have more recruits than you'd like us to have."

>"If they've gone through the training and they're building this mentality of conflict and being able to carry weapons or firearms, and being able to use self defence, then it just takes something to trigger some sort of violent act.

>They are about violence and hatred. This is not about expressing an opinion or participating in a civil debate. This is about killing people."

They got a fucking article of the leftie den of filth known as ABC.

Guys are they Australia's American Nazi Party?


They did it guys, all the asians, indians, muslims and gays are packing up and leaving Australia as we speak because they were intimidated by a bunch of larpers in the woods.


>strict youth age limit

>do nothing but spam posters

>not even great at spamming them

I've been doing this shit for years and didn't need a group of edgelords to do it with. The cutting out of older membership sets my kikedar off like crazy, like they don't want people who are wise to the kikes tricks to be involved. I might be wrong but they have a certain gefilte stink about them.

Call me when they are bashing muds, nips and the rest of the trash.

They are doing more harm than good with the shit they post too, it only appeals to those already on their side and appears hateful to normies and offers no source.

>stop the fags

a simple, 'Vote No' would have had way more impact and not painted them as edgy larping faggots.



"Fags" is a very American term. I don't approve of its use here.



You're probably a fag then m8



Faggot has more impact than poof.



Oh hi boomer.

>"I've been in the movement for years!"

Yes? And what have you done?




Im 30…



Hmm, wow I can see in your 3 decades you've accomplished so much! So proud.

When's your one man reich coming around? We've certainly been waiting.



and what have you done other than live off your parents?

I have a group of NS gun owners I have built up and train with. That alone puts me light years ahead of you kiddo.



>NS gun owners

OH I remember you! Yeah, I don't see any international news about your org lol.

Have fun larping that you're making a difference.




>first time mentioning it

>remembers me

you know shit kid and it's a sad reflection on who is the larper here.

Again, what have you done other than leech off others?

I guess you are just an asshurt APfaggot



call them fairies



yeah the age limit thing was a bit funny but the common zeitgeist is that the boomers sold our birth right to the gooks so maybe that plays into it.. maybe, i dunno


You can tell it was drawn by an imageboarder since it appears to incorporate the "Blacked hand on head" meme.



Stop with the negativity if you have nothing to add.



Perhaps it was on 4chan then but I distinctly remember someone else whinging and boasting about his little gun club that accomplishes nothing a little while back.


Mate, point to the positive posts in this thread.


File: f1fd5e571088ade⋯.jpg (113.66 KB, 762x464, 381:232, varg-vikernes.jpg)

Fuck throwing posters up

We all need to learn from varg and get a nice rural home setup and a wife and children

Get the money then make it happen somehow

Just stick around while the rest of the world goes to shit

There is nothing salvageable about western civilization we just need to wait out its collapse

Oh fuck I just realized will the internet still be up? Fugg :x



Stop posting this colossal faggot



> a wife and children

This is the tough part.


>uses swastika flag

into le trash it goes. as much as i can appreciate the fact that they actually coloured it blue, it still doesn't change the fact that its a symbol of another country's nationalism and our ancestors fought against them.

also putting up posters and acting like fags themselves does nothing to help. engaging in local politics, getting elected to council positions, proposing legislation and ensuring your people are getting the best outcome is what makes a difference. this is all just daft shit. they have the idea of where they want to go and what they want, but they have no idea how to get there.



Please elaborate how a national socialist could EVER get into parliament with today's system.

Have you learned nothing about what happened to Pauline?




you mean the woman with control of the senate and whos polling shot through the roof after her burka stunt the other week?


Answer the question faggot, what have you done other than leech off people?



>control of the senate

How many times has she had this.. and pissed it away?

Nothing's different with PHON around, LARPing 15 year-old.



wrong, go away dixienigger

poofter is a more elegant and graceful insult, faggot has little to no relevance in this land



>butthurt from peace windmill because his braindead ancestors convinced themselves to 'fight for Mother England'™



They wouldn't even have to get elected. Just having a natsoc party at all would help move the overton window. plus as a registered political party it would be harder to get them labelled a terrorist org.



>Have you learned nothing about what happened to Pauline?

If she can have such success, there is hope of surpassing her with someone better.



Aussie Nat-Slave-to-the-State-Socs have a long history of being shot in the face by their own, though.


way too much of a larpy fringe group to ever amount to much tbqh

they'll probably either fall apart due to the infighting these groups are prone to, or they'll get busted by the feds and the establishment will make an example of them


hanson was a civic patriot at best. her actual "success" only happened in the 90s anyway



>poofter is a more elegant and graceful insult

You sound like a colossal gay-cunt yourself.




learn how to insult people, skidmark



no need to get personal shit-cunt



>Not knowing gay-cunt, shit-cunt, dog-cunt, etc

Fuck off, you dumb-cunt.



Well, you know what they say, revolution is a spectator's sport, coward.



>just sit alone in the woods

>please don't form league of shadows groups to plunge us into hard times and clean away the cancer



>a wife

They no longer exist in my country.



Stop hyphenfagging, you gay cunt.


Why is everything to do with Australian politics so boring and inert? Even our skinheads just put up posters and leave it at that



Because they aint skinheads? Acting like skinheads in current year is a great way to get your group banned.



they are nazis, they're well aware of the kikes. you can see that on their twitter page. they put up pro-hitler stickers a while ago.


yeah, i don't like how american culture is rubbing off on us. for example the left is now trying to push black lives matter shit here by making it about boongs.


i don't like that hanson has gone from being anti-asian to just anti-muslim. sure it could be bullshit to appeal to normies, but asian legal immigration is a bigger immediate threat than the 2% muzzie population


File: 5547213db7c16dd⋯.png (535.05 KB, 794x596, 397:298, pepe.png)


I have changed my mind about these guys.

I love their website and bio.

I love what they are doing.

I hope they make as many boomers butthurt as possible

Plus make lefties butthurt

I support everything they are doing

Of course I didn't change my mind about the rural living and wife thing.


File: c554661ca8d3575⋯.jpg (16.14 KB, 200x290, 20:29, 1974 winnie.jpg)

Is anyone a member of a Australian political party?

Is anyone considering joining a Australian political party?

Has anyone established a group that could become a Australian political party?

These are the first questions that need answers.

Those three options are the beginning




i've been thinking about joining one nation. my plan was to try and move them to the right until they can openly advocate restoring the WAP and deporting/gassing shitskins.



If you have enough people join a party and actively participate in the policy making and election of candidates there is no reason that cannot be done!



If antipodean resistance for example can organise a discreet membership increase of a chosen political party in a branch that is ripe for such a thing that parties policy platform can be shifted. Someone with a little knowledge of structure and voting rules of the party in question

could design a strategy to do just that.



They should be more worried about the massive malfunctionals that join up to every one of these things and fuck it up.

>AR proves it's not just a one-hit wonder

>Dazza the Methhead joins

>Dazza brings his mate Ken the Shelia Basher

>Ken calls over his housemate who just got out of Prison

>Dazza, Ken, and Phil decide the group needs to go Curbstomping chinks instead of that faggot poster shit.



Yes you have to have a few people you know ell and refine a recruiting method..Not just grab anyone to start the founding party.

A good informal interview process would be a good way I reckon. You ask lot of questions and listen to the answers then check up on them like you would for a job interview.



In a way, Scientology have kind of got the method down for weeding out the undesirables, got it to scale, made it persistent, and not rely on high turn-over of grunts like regular crime does. That a number of the organized anti-imm groups have come from religious orgs is another suggestion that the basic layered-access-cult system is a way of doing it… perhaps.



Leftwing groups have modeled themselves after the Scientologists.



And the scientologists modelled themselves after goatfuckers



Oh hey, just making a suggestion, so, like, Rightwing groups don't self-destruct a week after forming when a butthurt 3rd-in-command spreads a lie about the Leader of the group having a Jewish great-great-great Grandparent. Like always fucking happens.



Oh hey, so like,what is, like, a like you know,massive like, faggot like you , like doing here anyway ?



>a simple, 'Vote No' would have had way more impact and not painted them as edgy larping faggots.

This is why you silly old cunts need to leave everything to us young lads.


This may be unrelated to the topic but i figure this is probably the right place to ask

Do you need to be 100% pure white to join the antipodean resistance or is being a born and raised australian enough?



>Do you need to be 100% pure white to join the antipodean resistance or is being a born and raised australian enough?

can't wait to hear the answer to this tough question


Hey guys this may be unrelated but can I join antipodean resistance if I'm Jewish? I love Australia and think western culture is superior to all others and hate Islam with every fiber of my being.



pedophilia =/= child molestation

learn it morons



Spot the pedo


File: 90dc326c97bc5ef⋯.png (4.01 MB, 1920x2800, 24:35, comic brasil vs poland.png)




>implying pedos shouldn't be culled




kys nazi



It is but Fag is used a lot in the Modern Australia Vernacular



Fuck off Kid didler



>flaczkinigger defending pedophiles

and this is why balts will always be superior to slavs



go back to pol



File: 6b115a0d097af9a⋯.jpg (54.89 KB, 612x1024, 153:256, 6b115a0d097af9a6b295edf5cb….jpg)


kys jew






>hah I said cunt I am so ocker bogan true blue




you just copy burgers


Let's not pretend Antipodean Resistance aren't ASIO/feds



Stay mad, sadcunt.


File: 00cb676d33f439a⋯.jpg (59.68 KB, 545x578, 545:578, C-2DlnTXYAAseCr.jpg large.jpg)


Annual kvetching report is out, the AR boys make a BIG portion of their screaming.

Oy vey!


Fuck up cunt, you have zero evidence of that and you're harming their group as a whole because of making such baseless claims.



So ASIO are White Nationalist…That's a good thing right?




What's a Polish jew doing here anyway? Go over to /israel/



it's just some proxyfag



>implying im a Jew




Get out of my country you filthy jew


File: 5bd9c9849461c62⋯.png (106.53 KB, 150x343, 150:343, safran.png)


..and kikes.



Any ASIO bros here tonight? \

and what the fuck we doing about the Chinese when will we see Mass deportations??


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 7eb5e7c88cb8f60⋯.jpg (46.25 KB, 594x402, 99:67, Pierce-and-cat.jpg)


What's your plan of action? People like you criticise groups just starting out, you have not a clue of the process needed to start a revolution.


Normies are never going to vote for Nazis, whether you like it or not. They see Hitler and swastikas and immediately shun you forever. They will remain a tiny, irrelevant, powerless fringe organization until they die out from lack of interest.



mate i honestly don't think they ever plan on running in an election, which i see as a very good thing.

the elections we have now were never designed to work in our favour.

there needs to be other plans to bring about the solution.


File: e0dd1b1cae6ff8b⋯.jpg (46.16 KB, 590x525, 118:105, 1466339126158.jpg)


When the TVs turn off and the food is no longer on the super market shelves, people will turn. But I'm sure you're very much successful in your computer chair, gut hanging out and writing useless posts on 8chan.


File: 2c5e8dfc868577b⋯.jpg (287.32 KB, 657x681, 219:227, bait.JPG)

Redditors took the bait again


File: 74f5019e12c892f⋯.png (73.26 KB, 453x500, 453:500, 26bce1c97d922594c2ade51654….png)



Cripes, redditors are so fucking stupid.



what bait? this isn't subtle ok2bwhite stuff where they look bad for shitting on it, this is validation of the 'altright' boogeyman in australia




Also known as "limp wrist faggotry". What is labelled as "bad" by the media is actually what is very much good for us, faggot. So own up to the boogeyman! It's who we truly are!



so much virtue signalling, i wouldn't be surprised if they printed it themselves


File: 79a115e73211efc⋯.jpg (939.53 KB, 3702x4603, 3702:4603, 79a.jpg)

File: 956875879488cc5⋯.jpg (84.09 KB, 960x468, 80:39, pedo straya.jpg)

File: 9f863232db567de⋯.png (61.43 KB, 656x659, 656:659, apex mts ambush melb cops.png)

File: e12afd3fe98a6b9⋯.png (591.69 KB, 1173x1162, 1173:1162, oz jew multi.png)

File: 4d03a6adcfca541⋯.jpg (343.24 KB, 624x810, 104:135, rotherham.jpg)


>Also known as "limp wrist faggotry".

the 'limp wrist faggotry' that was iotbw was a nationwide 'redpill' that manipulated the (((media))) into outright telling audiences that being white isn't okay

this poster here>>176201 is tagwar level bullshit that does nothing more than out yourself and legitimize the mobilization of state forces against you, before you even outed your enemy or change anyone's mind.

> What is labelled as "bad" by the media is actually what is very much good for us, faggot

this isn't a fucking race with nigger-x to be infamous on the news

if this was an islamic poster calling for beheading of santa, does media coverage help or hurt the islam? if muslims owned up to being terrorists, does that hurt or help them?

>So own up to the (altright) boogeyman! It's who we truly are!

asio pls



The state will do whatever best serves them whether or not they can legitimize it to the useless lemmings. If you're a threat to them they will go after you, your propaganda approach may only accelerate it or delay it.

If a movements propaganda is weak and limp wrist in return they'll attract weak people, but if your propaganda is uncompromising, upfront, projects a strong image and goes on the offensive rather than harping on about things

like "white geNOcide" then you will attract those strong uncompromising people you need to form the core of an organisation. An organization with quality, dedicated and radical people will trump an organization with more numbers made up of lower quality people. The time for mass movements has passed.



Okay, you've made a couple headlines, so has AR. What's the next step in your master plan? Oh wait, you can't garner public support because there's no group to turn to after.

"It's okay to be white" = "W-we're not bad, p-please stop whipping us, jews"

Meanwhile AR is making headlines, getting antifa to piss themselves, having chinese have aneurysms and telling jews to fuck off and die. Pretty easy to see who's alpha and who's chad.



why dont you like chinks?



the fuck are you talking about retard?



have you just never met any chinks or something? they're soulless yellow jews. horrible to be around, no manners, awful screeching "language" that makes me want to take a claw hammer to their head, their spawn are just feral animals on two legs, make the world worse just by existing, basically some kind of ant-locust hybrid wearing human skin. plus they buy up all the damn baby formula to send to their relatives back in china because everything in china is made of poison.

i wish china was still actually communist, because then they'd be trapped in their shithole country starving to death or getting executed by secret police, instead of being allowed to spread and ruin things for everyone else.



because they're flooding this country, is that too hard to understand?


File: c5789ad99db2f48⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 890.98 KB, 480x256, 15:8, Shovel Dog 2 Chink Shovelf….mp4)


I wonder why…?



Spend 5 minutes in their fucking company and ask that again.


File: 98ebd6fecccba48⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 2.5 MB, 624x360, 26:15, young chinaman's pheromone….mp4)


I worked at Chatswood for a few months and let me tell you, the only time a chink smiles is when he's told he has a discount.






He he he all according to burger.

Translator's note: Burger means most delicious food IRL.




Fucking hell, chinks are subhuman scum.






chinks scoop up sewage that contains waste oil along with dead animals and whatever else and cook it down to extract the oil/fats from the slop, the oil is then sold to food stalls and used to cook food which is sold to consumers.



watch some of the videos posted itt and see if you think that chinks are still humans



you really are the worst and most ineffectual shill I've ever seen



im pretty sure he is the cuck from adelaide who is fucking a pajeet woman



no he's just a pole/kike, they get triggered at the thought of white people surviving



check statistics you fucking tinfoilhat moron



I just have to wonder what he's trying to do by constantly coming to this board where no one gives a fuck about what he says. Is he being paid or something? Or perhaps he's just a weird autist jew?



This board is intermittently targeted by shills, it started last year during the US election, they kept popping up posting their shitty canned "anti-alt right" and anti pol memes.

Shills were all over even the most obscure imageboards in 2016 but this board seems to have ended up on a target list or something and they keep coming back.

It might not paid shit though, it might just be a few losers on an IRC channel somewhere.



lol wut. It's the /aus/ been-here-for-yearrs regulars taking a piss on the /pol/tards who think they are TrollMasters by posting how NatSoc they can larp.



/aus/ has always been very /pol/ and right wing. You weren't a 'good old regular. Stop pulling the wool over everyone's eyes.



>hello fellow /aus/ regulars, I too enjoy posting on this imageboard



>lol wut.

>It's the /aus/ been-here-for-yearrs regulars


Either a ASIO fed or a fag redditor.



lol wut



"faggot" is a very elegant metaphor. Fuel for the fire of God's wrath.



Youre not very bright




How do the media possibly keep falling for that? LOL


File: 5c18017a71aefbf⋯.jpg (203.14 KB, 802x854, 401:427, 1512388326490.jpg)


Really activates my almonds.



really low effort stuff on their part, remember a year ago when they were actually half decent at D&C?




Bathurst is a smaller town so the postering is initially picked up by local media, then other media outlets pick up the story and run with it.

Perhaps they think its more harm to AR to drop their name and expose them rather than censor names or not run the story at all. AR's posters are good and factors like the swastika help increase the chance of media attention.

http://www.westernadvocate.com.au/story/5146418/our-say-australias-good-sense-will-always-prevail-over-extremism/ This was a follow up to their original article after they copped some slack from people complaining about them spreading AR's material, name dropping, etc



Mate it's pretty obvious to anyone who actually understands this conservative consciousness. Feds have larped as nazis and KKKs in the US for decades, they're as out of touch as a bunch of office drones reading through old reports that "the youth like graffiti" and "they like that white people exist so we'll throw in a swastika"



Kill yourself faggot




yeah no shit false flags exist dingus, antipodean resistance aren't real



AFP and ASIO use drones and informants to watch them practice MMA and archery and camping etc. in various rural areas



They're real and they're exactly who and what they say they are. People involved in other nationalist groups are just loath to talk about them because they're a bit of a magnet for attention for the authorities.

Originally the Jews told the media not to report on them, then when they found a way around that every journalist who'd spent half of 2017 itching to write about "True Blue Nazis" blew their load over the camping trips.

The tactic then changed from "AR is small and irrelevant please journalists don't report on them" to "AR are potential terrorists and their group is growing rapidly oy vey shut it down!"

Word is they are under pretty intense pressure from the authorities now but the left has barely touched them and it drives those cucks nuts.

If you're young and keen for their kind of thing you might as well consider joining them while you're young enough to get away with shit, especially considering Australian antifa are too chickenshit to go after 16/17 year olds beyond dobbing them into their parents.



Joining a "group" like this is one of the worst things a racially conscious White can do. Getting yourself on a watch list by LARPing in public won't get rid of undesirables and just gives fake news more ammo to bash whites for thinking of themselves as a group.

There are better things planned…


i dont give a fuck about pedos, im pretty socially liberal tbh. and if some fags wanna suck cock why should i care? i just want to keep getting my maccas and welfare. let them be fags as long as its not in my house.



>Getting yourself on a watch list by LARPing in public won't get rid of undesirables and just gives fake news more ammo to bash whites for thinking of themselves as a group.

LARPing in public is something more moderate, 'patriotik' groups do.

AR hasn't gone to any rallies, they've done banner drops, postering, stickering, bushwalks and camping trips.

The rest of your post indicates that you simply don't understand what their propaganda is aiming to do.

Moderate, poor opsec groups operating on mainstream social media sites are the ones that'll get you straight onto watchlists and get you approached by ASIO for the old "tell us if you encounter anyone who talks about violence" chat.

If you get involved in something like AR and get caught you will be in the shit but mere involvement is less likely to get you on lists than involvement in groups that operate in ways that allow ASIO and State/Federal police to effortlessly see their internal communications and who all their members are.



>racial consciousness

nice spooks you have there mate



AR is real, it's just run by spergs who are close to Jim Saleam and the Australia First Party. Anybody with a brain can tell you why that's bad news.


People from AR have literally bragged that anyone not on an AFP watchlist is "doing it wrong".

Their methods ultimately amount to not much more than GLR-esque trolling. If you think that's funny or cool, or you're a legit neo-nazi and not some other reactionary/fascist offshoot with a but more subtlety and nuance, then go ahead, but you're going to end up dealing with people who have loose lips (either in AR itself, people from AusFirst, or various other who are loosely affiliated).

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