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Fuck off we're full
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Happy New Year, you miserable cunts. Enjoy the goon! IRC channel: irc.rizon.net #/aus/

File: 012657051b38cd2⋯.jpg (25.44 KB, 495x297, 5:3, 15012795945712.jpg)


>work 37.5 hour weeks from afternoon to night

>don't watch talmudvision

>apparently a whole lot of shit happened

>be a filthy foreigner who wants to protect 'Stralian values

Where do I go to kill homosex abominations? Please tell date and time.


What the fuck are you even talking about


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

> couldn't have the vote finishing on a doomsday prediction


> It's intellectually flawed to argue it's OK to deny rights to a group of people because some of their campaigners annoy you.

> Denies Norks the atom bomb

> Denies Refugee's entry

> Denies it's the right of a man and woman to get married and produce offspring

> Denies Children the right to have both kinds of parent

> Denies Soldiers should obey foreign laws

> Denies that W.A is allowed to secede

> Denies that granting special rights is the same as denying rights


Where's the debate about Straight same-sex marriage?

Is being gay some sort of requirement?


Gay sex doesn't produce any offspring so how is it relevant to the right to raise children?


> Eddie B. and his mothers, Claire and Neroli. Picture Gary RamageSource:News Corp Australia

> Eddie’s message was that his family was just like everyone else.

> Shaking but determined to get his message out, the teen said: “People who know my family know there’s nothing wrong with us.”

> “We play soccer in the winter and we volunteer for the surf club in the summer.

> “I have two parents. They love me and they love each other.

> “All couples and all families deserve the same respect and value.”

> The teen has travelled to Parliament House before to raise concerns about the impact a public vote and national debate would have on his family.

brave kid/ probably a questionable decision by the parents(/-s)

> do i really have to argue with an 11 y/o though yes voters..? Don't you have someone a bit more mature hiding somewhere?

At least if they were two straight mom's he'd have some understanding of his biological dad?

I mean, the dad he doesn't have is probably still out there somewhere

The difference is in the controversial teaching of the 'no dad / two mums' and vice versa


The fact is, marriage is inherently linked to a specific biological process that by nature requires a certain coupling of both gender, and it is probably not the place of an 11 year old to tell me otherwise



Everyone has the right to marry a member of the opposite sex. That's equality.


This. Marriage is for reproduction.


Why should I have to gay marry another man when it's not for sexual reasons? I just want some pajeet to give me money for residency, I don't want people going around saying I suck dick or anything.



You'll marry pajeet and his smelly cock and you'll like it you filthy homophone


fuck off we're full



i could say the same to you pedo enabler





Heres the ultimate australian politicians situation:

>repeat this process until australia atones for existing

>ceremony starts by acknowledging the indigenous owners of the land

>one white woman and one black man are filmed in the act of fucking on live tv in front of every school in australia.

>The conceived children are split up then given to the most pozzed lesbian couple and most pozzed gay couple around

>they are then sent to the strictest sharia school > routinely molested by every adult in power around them

>shipped off overseas to fight for "terrorists" (read mossad funded mercenaries)

>they are all forced have 20 black and 20 chinese children

>given full baby bonus and a sheesha bar to run when they are 16.

>Meanwhile any straight white people are forced into homosexual relationships with chinese bankers

>the ceremony ends when they finally sell the entirety of canberra (the final block of land left owned by the australians) to some chinese developer to build another plastic apartment building abomination.


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